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k urn o §0E3© o® £o, 950 Published by Student Government Association STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Troy, Alabama THE PALLADIUM of Troy, Alabama St Q Sa U2 Sa S t e G0 Kfc ££ ( ? . w wr ; ° ;;? i ;i s « ££ » p- tr- Ct. n the ?he l s i ns ! « e «e Stfe, 4tf h Ue ••:e J t Put »o, s e J Pe U ?W _° ' °.f si. aa i: i 4 £ 6 S. is : o t? ,! e w ?ta ° H ( i: •Hh Ar fo, ■e s QTe, 50 -O; « L o, ; O 7 C 3 3d «a -5 „•■ o- °o2 ' t V £ J-e a . °o % - i c " e ' ' W ° W e r . i s. e s io« V Op •:e £ se o p e acfe ojf " ie its i£ e fl?5 7?° :? S tf e . ° i " £« he n.n is pQ £ Sq o; Jr ie nt " h fl2e o -4.r flit i ' e fl?6, « e y. ooo;_ u . 9 ' ®s ' 8 e? St S?V ®0 Cfc °i Co ' -i -- « i »e • t it+? e t 0$ It tt 2 = V ■° u 5: ■3S ° e . ' o; 3- ■Ue fi]Q (V, - it - ' £ - . H§ i-e 2-- Sh C 2 : . t} iat tij. e h °OJc i la tlf. s S ° ct -t °-F if] 9 3 Sty it " ?•; o - : ' in i £00 6 . . . THE DIRECTORS TE CHER S Funded G adi u at es ■om± n - TRo Z, C °llEG u g?3 out tly Of pri c °lle rile at e ged sToup thi- i: 9 ted :f yoixn- Point and . the T- lei sicb chan Th ' cent e y i. of So ' ■ ce- U-SC 01 of ed, or nat The iei V ii opet scov oonti Kent ed of cult- ural when Plied ace 20th h alf , Cent UTjr ar ; ent ur y Uni: ■les, --- e Was fcore ; ubs 3 ?an } ° san °pen 3 S -:: or ttanjr Uert eiT fflore r °tttig worl sets s r.v ln lh92 iv-- 3 eon- Ii ta? --:: :: virr thr °u o h the iO p rs Pared tift- for -ar s or win lose a to£2i ( no iv = l nin. " J vriXX the: care? :::■ mat advent ulat " e f Qr ions h ar j ose all ood ish 6 tc our ±?50 - r aduate ; " e sid Sj nith, --: s ■- ■•■■■••■ ' ■::.«. ..■■.■■. STATE tEACHBRS 1 FOUNDED ,W TR OY, ALABAMA . orS of«i eennftr ' !a r Seniors m ftv y ears The next fifty « ineM ° . „ t event- „ „„, «» »•»• " " ' :;, «. ris» -tt " » " n ' Ar.pd years ox . n0 wlea-g e nntegnw ' will 01 vows of ? aX our sl . .. nv years are «y sin cereiy TVie next fif Yours very G. K- Dean Boyl The following mes- sage written by a stu- dent for the Palladium of 1925 expresses so beautifully the t that I would like to give that I quote it here in part: " All :rea institutions j as all strong i n : ivf iuals , have their particular ideals and philosophies. The Troy State is not an exception to this truth. . The educated man in the r_ar_ with 2 ert air- subtle, spiritual qual- ify is. ake i lalm in adversity, ■ when alone, in his dealings, sane in the fullest meaning of the word, ir all affairs if his life. It is pleasant tc thii lucat 11 man s.i ieg a hater if hypoc- risy and sham, -usess- ing a keen anc sympathy, evid sing an attitude if toler- ance and a spirit of simplicity and hopeful- ness feelir that the ' lerg- ; f :lirgs is vanity i:ilg their depth is jc . Such are the. ideals and philosophies of this institution. I feel that th same ideals are alive at Troy State today. We have grown greatly in the number if students, buildings in our physical plant, offerings in our curriculuu . unber on the faculty since John Broxson wrote the afore-mentioned message. Yet the cali- ber of our students and the ideals for which they strive have not changed thrc the years and are valued equally high today at Troy as of 1925. Ver;- sincerely, Shown with Miss Powell: Mrs. Minnie Farris, Secretary (at the telephone ) Mrs. Lucille Davis, Secretary (seated) A ie Mae Powell, Dean of Students STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Sponsor Miss Annie Mae Powell (inset picture) President Bill Sanford (extreme right) Vice-President L. B. (Tex) Williams (extreme left) Secretary-Treasurer Max Lane (Center) Mm KENEDY STEPHAN BALLARD WILKES TJRAPP Book II . . . THE CAST B v Martha F. Collins Hartford Secretary-Treasurer B.A. in English Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; Troy Playmakers — S e c r e t a r y; F.T.A.— Secretary; I.R.C. John H. Chalker Dothan President B.S. in Music Band; Choir; Class President Annie R. Lane Graceville, Florida Vice-President B.S. in Music Band; Choir; Vice-President Co- Wed Club; F.T.A.; Vice-President of Senior Class. SENIOR STUNT £ Ct f mm v s n 1 Wk % 7»c t ia 4 k Hellen Allday Elba B.S. in English Mawk Arnold Fairhope B.S. in Music President of Shackleford Hall and Business Education Club; Member S.G.A. Executive Council; F.T.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. Editor of Tropolitan and Pallad- ium; Secretary of S.G.A. ; Member of Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A.; Choir; Band; Troy Playmakers. Juanita Austin Andalusia B.S. in English Mrs. Tera Byrd Averett Enterprise B.S. in Elementary Education Member of Troy Playmakers; Kappa Delta Pi; I.R-.C; Alpha Psi Omega. Member of Kappa Delta Pi. Rudet L. Bailey Slocomb B.S. in Social Studies Member of Kappa Delta Pi. Radney L. Barton Andalusia B.S in Elementary Education Charles H. Brooks Tallassee B.S. in Physical Education Member of Physical Education Club. George Blue Barber Prattville B.S. in Social Studies President Religious Council; Vice- President Pace Hall; Assistant Edi- tor Tropolitan; Who ' s Who in American Colleges; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Psi Omega. Tommie Sue Blount Geneva B.S. in Business Education Member of I.R.C. and Troy Play- makers. Jeanie Ruth Cannon Tallassee B.S. in Elementary Education Maid to Miss Homecoming; Junior Class Beauty; Maid to Miss S.T.C. Cherrie Louise Carr Dothan B.S. in Elementary Education Gerald G. Cobb Lockhart B.S. in Biological Science President Specs Club; Member of Presidents ' Council. John P. Chism. Jr. Reform B.S. in Science President of Brotherhood; Member of B.S.U. Council and Specs Club. Geraldine L. Cobb Dothan B.S. in English President of W.A.A.; Member of Palladium Staff; Kappa Delta Pi; Presidents ' Council; Business Ed- ucation Club. € Lois A. Commander Slocomb B.S. in Elementary Education Member of Kappa Delta Pi and FT. A James M. Cow rt Troy B.S. in History and Social Studies Herbert B. Conneli Notasulga B.S. in Physical Education President Pace Hall; Member " T " Club; Presidents ' Council; Plaved Football. Basketball and Baseball. William Albert Ci mbie, Jr. Dothan B.S. in Science losiFA Dean Ozark B.A. in English President Baptist Student Union; Member Kappa Delta Pi; Specs Club; Religious Council. Francis Mason Evans Brew ton B.S. in Social Studies President Alpha Psi Omega; Sec- retary Kappa Delta Pi; Member Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. William K. Farris. |r. B.S. in Biological Science Member of Specs Club. Francis F. GlLLEV Cantonment, Florida B.S. in Science Me s Specs ub and B.S.U. Ersei Gract Evergreen B.S. in Elementary Education Bi F.T.A.; I.R.C; Photog- rapher tor Palladium and Tro- politan. Member of Specs Clubs; Club. Executive Council; Physical Education Ethl : l L. Dixon Milton. Florida B.S. in Elementary Education Member Kappa Delta Pi. Samuel W. Etheredge Ozark B.A. in History and Social Studies Member Kappa Delta Pi. Horace K. Franklin Lockhart B.S. in Social Studies |OSL : PH GOPW IN Ozark B.S. in History and Social Studies Member of Student Council and Kappa Delta Pi. Athella P. Gracey Troy B.S. in Music Illa Mae Hagler Louisville B.A. in English William J. Harrison, Jr Hartford B.S. in History Kappa Delta Pi. i Frederic M. Harper, Jr. Elba B.S. in Business Education Minor in English Aubrey G. Hicks Phenix City B.S. in Physical Education Football ' 46, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49; Baseball ' 4 . Anne Hayes Earl R. Hilyer Enterprise Phenix City B.S. in Elementary Education B.S. in iMath Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A.; Choii " T " Club; Football ' 46; Cheer- ' 48, ' 49. leader ' 49. John F. Herron Mary Howell Columbus, Georgia Bakerhill B.S. in Mathematics B.S. in History Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary-Treas Secretary of Kappa Delta Pi; Sec- urer Specs Club; Dramatics Club retary of W.A.A.; Tropolitan Staff Tropolitan Staff; Band. ' 48, ' 49; S.G.A. Executive Council. Ernest H. Jacobs Jessie M. Hornsby Ariton New Brockton B.S. in Music B.S. in Science Band; Choir. James B. Jenkins LaG range, Georgia B.S. in Science Football ' 48, ' 49; Physical Educa- Haston W. Johnson Doth an B.S. in Mathematics Kennith R. Johnson Lockhart B.S. in Social Studies. James M. Johnson Dothan B.S. in Music Kappa Delta Pi; Whos-Who; Executive Council. o Doris E. Jones Brundidge B.S. in Elementary Education F.T.A. MnrcHEL L. Kennedy Phenix City B.S. in Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi; Physical Educa- tion Club. Mrs. Donnie M. Lashley Ashford B.S. in Elementary Education Jane A. Leverett Brundidge B.S. in Elementary Education F.T.A. William T. Ming. Jr. Graceville, Florida B.S. in Physical Education Sara D. Kennedy Andalusia B.S. in Mathematics Kappa Delta Pi. Jerome F. Klein Fairhope B.S. in Social Studies ER.C; Tropolitan Staff; Kappa Delta Pi; Class Editor. Max H. Lane Graceville, Florida B.S. in Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; Sec- retary-Treasurer S.G.A. Execu- tive Council. Mrs. Maedell E. May Webb B.S. in Elementary Education Ira Charles Mitchell Auburn B.S. in Physical Education Edward M. Moore Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin B S. in Physical Education Member of Kappa Delta Pi; P.E. Club; Band; President Married Vets Club; S.T.C. Officials Club. Billy D. McCollough Elba B.S. in Science Pres. Kappa Delta Pi; Member Presidents ' Council; Specs Club; Hall Monitor. Faye Marie Motley Chancellor B.S. in Elementary Education Member of F.T.A. John -D. McDurmont New Brockton B.S. in Science ' , p Harry H. McNeil Dothan B.S. in Physical Education Elizabeth G. Newman Frisco City B.S. in Social Studies Kathryn Mixson Skipperville B.S in Elementary Education Member W.A.A.; Choir; Pep Club; F.T.A.; Reporter for I.R.C. Walter Hayes Nolin Graceville, Florida B.S. in Physical Science Member Kappa Delta Pi. |S ? Wallace M. Nolin Graceville, Florida B.S. in Physical Science Member of Kappa Delta Pi, Specs Club. [ohn T. Parker Columbus, Georgia B.S. in History Joyce C. Payne Ariton B.S. in Elementary Education Member F.T.A. Co- Weds. Kappa Delta Pi; i i • m Jene William Owens Ozark B.S. in Physical Education Joe H. Payne Ariton B.S. in History and Social Studies Member I.R.C; F.T.A. Reba Wilene Payne Skipperville B.S. in Elementary Education Vice-President Specs Club; Mem- ber Kappa Delta Pi. f t Mary Jo Peacock Betty L. Reeves Ramer Union Springs B.A. in Mathematics B.S. in Physical Education Member Kappa Pi; Student Coun- Secretary of Freshman Class; Kap- selor; House Council; Atheneum pa Delta Pi; Secretary of P.E Club. Club; Member of Religious Coun- cil; F.T.A. Thomas J. Rountree Pinckard William D. Sanford B.A. in English Bessemer B.S. in Physical Education Editor Tropolitan and Palladium; Member Who ' s Who in Ameri- President of S.G.A.; Editor Pal- can Colleges; Kappa Delta Pi; ladium; Who ' s Who; Kappa Del- Dramatics Club; Alpha Psi Ome- ta Pi; Business Manager of Palla- ga; I.R.C. dium. Martha D. Sapp Dothan B.S. in Elementary Education President Troy Playmakers; Sec- retary-Treasurer Alpha Psi Ome- ga; Who ' s Who; Business Mana- ger of Tropolitan. Mrs. Katherine K. Sasser Brantley B.S. in Social Studies Kappa Delta Pi. Edwixa Skinner B.S. in Elementary Education Band ' 4 " - ' 49; Member of F.T.A. Mary L. Stewart Brundidge B.A. in Social Studies Kappa Delta Pi; of F.T.A. Vice-President James R. Sudduth, Jr. Roanoke B.S. in Physical Education Janice Trammell Clayton B.S. in Social Studies Vice-President Kappa Delta Pi; Miss S.T.C. ' 50; W.A.A.; Tropoli- tan Staff. Leroy Vickery Ashford B.S. in Music Sabie E. Saunders Slocomb B.S. in Elementary Education Vice-President F.T.A.; W.A.A. ' 47, ' 50; Kappa Delta Pi; Y.W.A. ' 47- ' 50. Ennis Sellers Georgianna B.S. in Social Studies Vice-President and President of Religious Council; Tropolitan Staff; Playmakers; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Psi Omega. Carolyn J. Sport Dozier B.A. in English Treasurer of Kappa Delta F.T.A. Carrie S. Stewart Brundidge B.S. in Elementary Education Luther E. Threadgill Troy B.S. in Music Kappa Delta Pi; Band; Choir. Band; Dance Lonnie D. Valentine, Jr. Andalusia B.A. in English Assistant Editor Tropolitan; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who; Play- makers; Alpha Psi Omega. Robert C. Walters Troy B.S. in Music Choir; Band; Dance Band. Johnny C. Walker Clio B.S. in Social Studies President Sophomore Class; Presi- dent of Religious Council; Member F.T.A. Lomax B. Williams Greenville B.S. in Social Studies Kappa Delta Pi; Sports Publicity; Tropolitan Staff; President Junior Class; Vice-President S.G.A.; Choir; Favorite of Junior Class. Guv H. Wilkes Eufaula B.S. in Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi; Football; Physical Education Club; President of Wes- ley Foundation Club. Hubert William Jones Brewton B.S. in Social Studies President Kappa Delta Pi; Member Alpha Psi Omega, Troy Playmakers; Sports Editor 1949 Palladium. Charles K. White, Jr. Troy B.S. in Physical Education Mrs. Lynne P. Wilson Troy B.S. in Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A. Sara Wright Eufaula B.S. in Elementary Education Senior Class Favorite; Kappa Del- ta Pi; B.S.U. President; President Member Elementary Branch of F.T.A. Justo Perez Ganzalez San Sebastian, Puerto Rico B.A. in Social Studies Member Tropolitan, I.R.C. Calvin Conrad Merrill Dozier B.S. in General Science Frances Julene Gothard Clayton B.S. in Elementary Education Secretary F.T.A.; Member W.A.A.; Kappa Delta Pi. Kyle R. Leverette Brundidge B.S. in Mathematics Member Kappa Delta Pi Thelma C. Farmer Headland B.S. in Elementary Education Charles Brewer Webb B.S. in Natural Science James Durwood Finlayson Inverness B.S. in Physical Education LATE COMERS at Brlce Bass Bill Bryant Raygene BL ' RKETT Jane Bassett Franklin Cannon £ ar Jean Carroll Ada Martha Gene Cardwell c Lamar J ' ' DeLoach D J o Robert V Daniel r e» Earl r . «• ft ( Martin- Green m- Millie DlSMUKE Roy M. Davis r j Doyle GO! I I N Preston Farrish Billy Farmer Mrs. Martin Green Jimmie Harrison George Hataway Griffin Howard Ray Hargrove Mrs. Kathryn Hardy Roy Grouby Harbison JOHN Johnson Marbelle Jones LATE COMERS Dave Kress Ann- Kelly Lacy- Powell £ i Robert Sherrill [rby JlMMY Kellv Elizabeth Riley Perry Nichols Robert Newman AURELIA Rasmiw-n I 1 ' ' Bennie Price LeRoy Price Robert Paul James Rhody Peterson James Soles Hubert Sasser Leonard Riley James Sulliva Jean Tew James Reeves Rosemary White Jack Farrar Cecil Stokes Floyd L. Miller William Bishop ■ • ■ Jh» STUDENTS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN THE ANNUAL w. FROSH Adams, J. Adkins, J. Adkinson, Barlow, B. Barnes, G. Barnes, J. Bedsole, J. Blackmon, B. Blair, I. Bradford, C. Brantley, C. Birdwell, D. Britton, W. Bruner, B. Brown, Al Brown, G. Brown, J. Bryant, H. Carr, H. Carter, G. Chisholm, J. Clark, A. Cleveland. T. Cobb, J. Cross, D. Cruse, F. Davis, A. Davis, H. Davis, R. Dees, C. deVore, R. Dozier, J. Easely, W. Easterling, J. Edwards, D. Ferguson, N. Flowers, K. Galloway, B. Garvin, B. Golden, S. Goodwin, R. Goza, W. Gross, M. Greene, J. Grimes, J. Guilford, L. Griffin, T. Haire, S. Hamil, C. Hammond, K. Harber, R. Harrell, A. Harrigan, B. Henderson, E. Hewett, G. Hilyer, C. Hinson, B. Hollis, B. Holley, R. Hornsby, L. Hornsby, S. Houston, J. Huggins, M. Hughes, B. Hughes, J. Hughes, T. Jackson, J. Jordon, C. Fordan, F. Kirby, F. Knowles, J. Lambeth, R. Lane, J. Lindsey, J. Livings, B. McClain, T. McCurdy, J. Martin, H. Mason, P. May, G. Melton, C. Mixson, R. Moody, K. Moriarty, R. Murphy, B. Murphy, C. Newton, J. Newton, W. Odenheimer, G. Oswald, S. Page, D. Pate, L. Payne, J. Phillips, T. Peterson, L. Petty, M. Price, V. Prince, P. Pritchett, C. Reeves, D. Reynolds, J. Richburg, M. Riley, G. Rockwell, D. Segler. D. Sims, E. Sirman, G. Smith, C. Somerset, J. Still, J. Tatum, E. Tatam, S. Thomas, G. Thompson, G. Thompson, W. Turley, W. Uptagraft, R. Vandiver, J. Vinson, B. Wade, R. Wagoner, M. Walker, G. SOPH. Murray, L. Lawerence, C. Ledbetter, J. Lisenby, J. Little, J. Little, R. Long, W. McKiben, H. McNair, C. Miller, M. Morgan, R. Moriarty, E. Murdock, B. Murphy, H. Robin, N. Norton, J. O ' Grady, L. Pena, R. Pena, R. Phillips, T. Pierce, J. Weston, B. Williamson, R. Williamson, R. Womble, M. Popwell, R. Pouncey, R. Prince, W. Richburg, J. Redden, W. Sandusky, C. Sasser, J. Seav, H. Smith, J. Symth, O. Smyth, P. Stockly, S. Stokes, J. Teal, J. Taylor, J. Thames, M. Thompson, O. Tindol, B. Todd, G. Todd, T. Vickers, E. Vickery, L. Walker, R. Waller, P. Ward, J. Watson. C. West, W. JUNIORS Adams, C. Adams, M. Anderson, J. Andrews, V. Braxton, D. Brown, G. Bragg, M. Blankenship, J. Black, W. Black, R. Bell, G. Bedsole, P. Bedsole, E. Barlow, O. Banks, B. Cabanis, J. Calhoun, A. Calvin, T. Carr, H. Conrad, J. Cowen, O. Crook, B. Crook, L. Daniel, A. Davis, C. Davis, H. Dawsey, R. Dennis, R. Dawsey, R. Dragoin, P. Drake, C. Edgar, C. Enfinger, J. Fain, E. Farmer, B. Folsom, C. Fowler, J. Gallaway, H. Gill, S. Grouby, E. Hardy, D. Hataway, G. Ivey, H. Johnson, H. Hones, H. Hones, J. Kennedy, A. Lasseter, O. McFadden, M. Mcintosh, E. McQueen, D. Majors, S. Malone, R. Matheson, C. Miller, H. Mixon, M. Motes, M. Norman, A. Page, G. Reeves, M. Ren f roe, D. Rhody, J. Riley, E. Robins, F. Young, H. SENIORS Abies, A. Alford, R. Amnions, C. Anderson, K. Andrews, R. Avinger, K. Bedingfield, R. Byrd, W. Cayton, P. Childers, E. Chilchers, N. Crocker, J. Curtis, M. Driggers, J. Duke, J. Garner, L. Griffin, J. Gurley, J. Hamer, G. Johnson, O. Jolley, W. Jones, J. Kirkland, M. Kirkland, S. Knotts, J. Lacey, J. Long, J. McDougal, D. Mims, O. Norman, G. Newman, G. Owens, G. Sharpless, S. Taton, I. Toole, S. Terry, N. Wyatt, K. Young, G. Youngblood, M. 9 °dSu M 0fi Vice-President Raygene Burkett Georgiana, Alabama - « 4 v y President David K. Motherway, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama tyu«ti to4 fe Secretary-Treasurer Rosemary White Troy, Alabama WINNER OF 1950 STUNT NIGHT RIBBON % « fa»U6% o • tit Eleanor Andrews Alice Arnold Lynn Atkinson o ? ft. Mary Ann Baker Orene Barlow Elaine Bedsole Layton Bond Buddy Bosargc ; i Lamar Bowden Marianne Bowdoin Grady Brackin Charles Brewer Kathryn Brooks r Carolyn Brown Marion Brunson Alene Bryan Sybil Cain Floyd Carr tyu U0X4, Charles Cox Alfred Daniel Imogene Davis « Asa Dudley 9 Yvonne Dykes .y George Farris Kathrine Farris Fred Eddi 7 Jane Carter Wynell Chapman J. D. Chesteen Mary Alice Clark Ann Conway Jewel Elliott J. T. Elmore John E. Franklin Marshall Free tyct Ua%6 Rubye Gay Harry Golden Julene Gothard Helen Greene Jeanne Grissett r jgflK k 1 1 V 3 or i Floyd Harmon John Harper Grace Helms James Helms Leon Hilyer f ft Brunise Holladay Lester Horn Harriett Howard Caryl Huck r .it- , i r . Walter Hudson Harper Jackson Chester Jacobs Harold Johnson Daniel Jones Carl Jones r Ivan Jones Gene Lee r « ». i tyu Ua%4, Joyce Jones Teddy T. Jordon Jack Knowles Betty Lee Patsy Lee Dorothy Leverette Danabel Linton Alfred H. Lipscomb Hubert McCall, Paul McCrary, Jr. Maurice McCollough John McEachern Margaret Mason John W. Mathis Joyce Middlebrooks Homer Meeks Annie Lou Meadow: A It a Moore ficittC CUU 14 George Nix Joyce Nolen Sarah Poole Carolyn Phelps lames Porterfield Betty Ransom William Rasmussen Evelyn Reid I Carroll Roney Elva Rhodes Mack Rooks James Rose- Mae lean Sanders Donald E. Schmitz Bernie Sheppard Betty Lou Smith ccttiwi4 Jean Taylor jfNp} I Miriam Walls Darance Ward Martha Wilkes Rex Williams Norman Yance ■yr L- W President William E. Goss Tallassee, Alabama So fi£onto ie4 Vice-President Henry F. Taylor Troy, Alabama Secretary-Treasurer Gwendolyn Dixion Autaugaville. Alabama ::•---_. A Sophomore Class Wiener Roast — Porch Dance SPRING QUARTER S $A mmne Mary Lou Plant Brantley Barnette o Doris Ward Bruce Lone Earlene Moore Evanell Carmichael Lebron Pugh June Ketchum Thomas Nichols Jane Benton Peggy Hurst Lawrence Gafford Betty Jean Clark William E. Goss Betty Sue Smith Sarah Nell Sanders Bartlett Carter Joyce Deuel Frank Scott Ruth Dean Jean Kelly Gene Layton r •i ± Louise Moorer Sam Williams Betty Dowling I c m u n Rebecca Scarbrough Kenneth Jacobs Jane Knowles Max York •v fc ML mm J Jane Jernigan v I r . ' ■ . J r 1 w Rose Parks Cecil Langcuster Loyce Springer Charles Howell Joyce Springer Gertrude Spurlock Jack Healey Helen Bradshaw Wade Page Sally Thompson Safe4$m ne6 Gwendolyn Dixon J err y Walker mwumtl ,-Sue Vollmer Maton Browder Anne Hamilton 1 4 v: f? Jerry Spann Bonnie Kate Everage John McGinty Mary Lois Sellers fc. Am ' ¥ Mary Alice Reardon Adoffious Ward Betty Henderson Gene Elliott Bobbie Wasden Kathleen Salter Darrell Witherington Winnie Cutchen William Stabler Mavis Moseley John Moseley Mary Cowart Earl Fordham Elaine Woodham So fiAom ie4 SHOWN Othel Adams John H. Allen Harry Anderson demons Booker Frank Boswell Borothy Bozeman Bennie Booth Earl B. Brown Richard Brown Russell Buffkin Edd Caldwell Patsy Cameron Earl Campbell Doyle Carpenter Asa M. Carter HotCivaifcioh Louis Croxton Henry Cumbie Billy Davis Bruel A. Davis Glenn Davis Earl Dennis Gary Dorrill Lamar Dunn James Gorum Willie Gibson Virginia Goss Jack Graves Douglas Griffin Margaret Griffin Dot Grimes Ulay Grimes r ■ Gerald Commander Timmy Hardy Clinton Harris W. H. Harris Evans Hartzog Earl Helms John Horn Perry Huggins Murray King fit etc James G. Edwards James R. Edwards Morris Eiland Tommy Floyd John Flournoy Sarah Folmar William Freeman Edson Smith ft. BStNT WHLN PICTURES Robert Childs C. J. Jenkins Jerry Clark Malon Collins Voncile Copeland Lunie T. Crews C. M. Crook William D. Lee James E. Hughes Julian Jacobs Carl Johnson Nellie Joiner Clyde Kelley Homer Kinsual Noel J. Koger Charles Langford Roy Andrews Guy Walton • Vice-President George Gilbert f o • Secretary and Treasurer Joyce Anderson It happens once in a lifetime " RATS " letAtnen v? |x Altmyer, Joan Anderson, Joyce Andress, James R mH Arnold, Elsie Barber, Betty Bates, Mignon Beasley, Joyce Billy, Emma Bond, Tarlton Bosque, Pablo Bostic, Joel Boyd, Bobbie Brabham, Emily P oo n n i 1 Brown, Alice Brunson, Martha Buckner, Barbara Bullock, Jill Burke, Janette Byrd, Emmett Camp, Jean Cauley, Jewel Causey, David Chambers, Anna Chance, Fred Cherry, Betty Coker, Lois B. Colon, Manuel Couch, Zaba, Jr. ic meK Cross, Mary Culbreth, R. Danford, June Dansby, Leon Dean, Mona Dozier, Mary N. Duck, Betty J. Duvall, Budd Faircloth, Ray Farrar, Billy 1 •2 ii Cowles, Milly Cox, Janice Crenshaw, F. ( f fiH Farris, Dorothy Fay, Majorie Foster, Carolyn Freeman, Carolyn Gilbert, George Grant, Ruth Grantham, Sue Green, Agnes Green, Billy Greene, Betty Greene, Eugene Greene, Lowell Griffin, Earl Hall, Alice Harmon, Kathryn rte Ameet Hattaway, Joe Hattaway, Nell Henderson, J. R. Hendricks, Anne Herring, Robert Hill, Raymond Holland, Jack Horton, Clifton Howard, Paul Hudgens, John Hart, Joan Hart, Jane Hattaway, Eleanor f% " S £5 .O (p CS ) v ft £tffe § ' . r » rv Huggins, Louise r « Hughes, Billy % 1 Ivey, Mary Lou w Jeffcoat, Joan Johnson, J. r Johnson, V. Johnston, R. Jones, Billy King, Charles . Kirkland, Otis J3fe Klarpp, Juanita H| Langley, Mary A. Leslie, Doris 9 Lindsay, Bryan McBryde, Fredine Martin, Elinor May, William Meadows, Eunice Meadows, Jasper Merrill, William Mims, Janice Money, Jean Moore, Betty Moore, Elizabeth Mosley, Myra Murphy, B. A. Murphy, C. M. Myers, Billy ft , it ., " Li r ) £ O f I C Nichols, Betty Norred, Frank Oakes, Osie B. Paulk, Charles Perdue, Faye Plant, G. H. Presley, Aileen Prestwood, Julia Rainer, F. W. Raley, Alex Rawlinson, O. Reddock, Tim Riggins, Sally Robinson, M. E. Saunders, Wayne ?%e46meH, Slone, Denney Smith, John Snell, Ann Snider, Lynwood Standley, Jane Stephenson, Merle Stewart, Mary Straughn, Yvonne Stroud, Gene Sulima, Barbara Searcy, Fred Shellnut, Noel Sketoe, Peggy r fS 1 1 M % - ■ Sullivan, Guy Tanton, Ollis Taylor, James Thomas, Ben Thompson, Waymon Tillman, Bernell Tillman, Donald Tisdale, Abbie Wade, Peggy Walker, Mary C. Ward, Bobby Ted Ward, Winston Warr, Betty Watkins, Bill Watson, Joseph led mett Watt, Gertrude Weston, Margaret Whiddon, Louise Whigham, Don Williams, Robert Winningham, Lois Yearby, Sam Zigler, Douglas AB»NT WHEN PICTURES £Z64£tut tUC , NOT PICTURED Adams, John O. Adkins, John Adkinson, Warney Barlow, Billy Don Barnes, Grady Barnes, John Bedsole, James Blackmon, Betty. J. Blair, Ivey V. Bradford, Charles N Brantly, Charlotte Bridwell, David G. Britton, William B. Bruner, Bill Brown, Agee M. Brown, George P. Brown, James J. Bryant, Hugh Jr. Carr, Herbert F. Carter, George W. M.Jr. Chisholm, M. John Jr. Clark, Alex B. Jr. Cleveland, Thomas H. Cobb, James Cross, Duanne Edwin Cruse, Fred Jr. Davis, Alcus W. Davis, Hilda Elizabeth Davis, Fort Dees, Charles deVore, Ralph Dozier, " Jack Easley, Winfred A. Easterling, J. C. Edwards, Davey L. Ferguson, Norman P. Flowers, Katherine Galloway, Billy Garvin, Betty Joyce Golden, Sara NOT PICTURED Goodwin, Richard Goza, Wayland Gross, Mar) ' Grimes, James Guilford, Louise Griffin, Thomas Haire, Stokes Hamil, Charles Hammond, Kenneth Harbor, Ruth Harrell, Allen Harrison, Betty Jo Henderson, Eddie Hewett, Gerald Hilyer, Curtis Hinson, Bobby Hollis, Bobby Holley, Robert Hornsby, Louie C. Hornsby, Susie Nell Houston, James Huggins, M. Francis Hughes, Bobby- Hughes, James Hughes, Thomas R. Jackson, John W. Jordon, Clay Jordon, Fred Kirby, Faye Knowles, John Jr. Lambert, R. J. Lane, James E. Lindsey, Juanita Livings, Bill Lunsford, Anderson McCain, Thomas McCurdy, Johnnie Martin, Harrison Mason, Peggy Mason, Joe. P. May, George Melton, Cleburne Mixon, Rex Moody, K. P. Newton, James Newton, Wallace Odenheimer, Gwen Oswald, Sam Page, Dora Pate, Lucille Payne, John Phillips, Thomas Peterson, Linda Price, Virgil Pierce, Paul Pritchett, C. D. Reeves, Donald Reynolds, Jake Richburg, Mary- Riley, George Rockwell, David E. Segler, Douglas Sims, Elbert Sirman, Glenn Smith, Clifton R. Somerest, Jimmy Stewart, Leonard Still, James Tatum, Edward Tatum, Sherrall Thomas, Geraldine Thomaston, W. W. Thompson, Glenn Turley, Wallace Uptagraft, Roy C. Vinson, Bobby- Wade, Richard Wagoner, Marvin Walker, George Waters, Lois M. Warren, Daniel S. Whitfield, L. B. Whitehurst, Thomas Wiggins, Carlos Wilson, Charles Wise, Fonteil, H. Wise, Martha Wyatt, Rudolph Youngblood, Joseph Zorn, William E. s4 td S (fcodfafe PALLADIUM STAFF Sponsor Miss Annie Mae Powell Editor and Business Manager Bill Sanford Assistant Business Manager Fred Eddins Associate Editors Joyce Deuel, Carolyn Freeman, Joyce Middlebrooks Sports Editors Asa Dudley, Bud Duval, Bud Farris, Tex Williams Feature Editors Jane Carter, Jean Sanders Organizational Editors David Motherway, Otis Kirkland, Billy Goss, John Chalker Staff Members Carol Huck (Art), Ragina Johnson (Art), E. F. Shepherd, Tommy Rountree, Robert Sherrill, Roy Harbinson, James Taylor, John Mozely, Ersel Grace (Photographer) 1950 PALLADIUM to v - yi v M £ ' o ° " % it ive A. aa " £o ' Se ?° ivtf tvtfv A ft 1 - " - ptf Xtee W?? 1 r gs jrt)BO° STAFF Tes ittian lAaiY Aon a " ' " Butkett , c : • - - . p j llliu- 1 FARMAR -------- STEPHENSON Book IV . . . FORMAT - mmM9i Mrs. Violet Ervin, Mrs. Olivia Rainer, Miss Mary Vic Mauk, Mr. G. A. Stephenson, Mrs. G. A. Stephenson, Mr. Robert Walters. LANGUAGE DEPT. c f. SCIENCE Dr. Fraser, W i 1 k and Farmer ft BIO-SOCIAL Professors Atkins, Forrester and Farmer SM w h %u PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT EDUCATION Dr. George Boyd Miss Olivia Elder SUMMER SCHOOL WORKSHOP Miss Smith Miss Ingram s t; I SfiV m PUBLICITY Mr. E. S. Carothers Mr. Blue Barber Minnie Farris, Dora Davis, Martha Rose, Betty Sheppard, Helen Steen, Charles Norris, Rita Morriarity, Frances Davis REGISTRARS OFFICE Mr. Hiram Davis Mrs. Lucille Sawtel Mrs. Betty Shepherd Miss Bess McCain V BUSINESS OFFICE Left to right, standing Mrs. Helen Steen Mrs. Francis Adams Seated : Mr. R. E. Thaghard Mr. Charles Norris OUR FAVORITE CLASSROOM THE CANTEEN CANTEEN STAFF Ray Sport Emmett Kirkland Emma Hodges r % m W - V K — K m BOOK STORE Mrs. Hubert Rose and Customer, Ada Collins POST OFFICE Mrs. Robert Chambers - : " Tm Miss Mary ich Nurse MlSS % » B. Scales Mrs. Aurie V. Grimsley Housing CAMPUS WORKMEN W. H. Winfield, Luther Winfield, E. E. Williams, Joe Bragg, Robert E. Lee I - ' A A hKtttn! M t . The Secretary IP ' - — flUMHIi ♦ fi m f I LSS -eS 4 JW fovfotr m Tr CLASS SOPHOMORE Mary Lou Plant " Country " Howell FAVORITES Lonnie D. Valentine Martha Davie Sapp Doyce Wallace Mordecai Arnold Opal Mims Tommy Rountree Blue Barber to o .-: ' i Maurice Johnson Martha F. Collins Bill Sanford " Tex " Williams A fflf l EPPili ' ' ■ ' , " ' ' . ' ■ ' F kS3§$£ ' I P : ' ' " ' ■■ ' ■ ' ' JH|! £i -3 H 1 ' - 1 B h , fl EflH ;-, j%k B |SS MISS HOMECOMING Rose Parks crowned by Dr. C. B. Smith ' if 1B8H fe ' ' liii 1 a ■ B H 1 VI 1 1 i • • ' , Dr. C. B. Smith, Miss Pearl Gellerstedt and Mr. Roy Jeff- il coat view the picture presen- ted to the College by Mrs. F. Hi 1 J IJ pi M. Gracey. 1 eG Ktfl ' i 1 i ■ .a MISS COLLEGE APPRECIATION DAY Betty Jean Clark Miss College Appreciation Day and her attendants Alice Hall, Rosemary White, and Lois Commander SWEETHEART of PACE HALL Betty Jean Clark CHRISTMAS DOLL DREAM GIRL of THE SHACK Orelia Rawlinson DREAM GIRL of THE BARRACKS Betty Jean Duck MISS S.T.C reigns over The Valentine Dance Carol Henderson, Jack Barnett, Miss S.T.C. — Janace Tramell, Dr. C. M. Farmer, Hershel Huner v ».■;.. " " : ' • . iMil ) ve $ ■ t 3s CO o MRS. KATHERINE HARDY crowned by j u „i 0r ( .. David Motherway FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Grimes, Virgin Bitty Goss, Goss, Alice Hatt, •GoGo H ly er ' M„gare t M«on MAJORETTES Betty Reeves, Jane Bassett, Katherine Stubbs, Pat McCullough, Alice Arnold, Betty Doswell, Carolyn Freeman Master of Ceremonies Tommy Rountree Best Dressed Couple Glen Adams Betty Jean Duck SADIE HAWKINS DANCE Daisy Mae Earline Moore Lil ' Abner Doyce Wallace BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Mary Gross, Elsie Arnold, Martha Frank Brunson, " Sis " Robison, Sally Riggins AjV 1 oC ■ rr Arsenic and Old Lace " ' Golden m% mam Jimmy, " Pride and Prejudice ' O 1381 ■V5 T.TT 5 ' - ' £ mm ft ••••. ' iiini i ii i mi j E=1 mi u hhi i i 1 5otf£ F . . . SIGHT AND SOUND CREWS di ' 1(1 I PACE HALL WOLVES William Ming; B i 1 1 G o s s, Sec ' y-Treas.; George Hata- way; James Jones, Pres.; W. A. Cumbie. PACK LEADERS SHACKLEFORD HALL FLIRTS Jimmie Harrison; Helen All- day, Pres.; Sara Wright, Sec ' y- Treas.; Grace Helms; Martha Collins; Janice Trammell; Patsy Lee; Opal Minis. MARRIAGE COUNCIL % SPECS CLUB MOTTO— " We see things " First row: Betty Reeves, James Soles, William Farris, George Farris, Josafa Dean, John Bibb Second row: Jasper Meadows, William Stalber, Bobby Andrews, Dr. Farmer, Jewel Elliot, Wilene Payne, Mary Alice Hall, Gerald Cobb, James Stallworth Third row: Don Jacobs, Lyle Garner, James Helms, Cecil Stokes, Fred Eddins, Wallace Nolin, Walter Nolin, Robert Siperly OFFICERS President Gerald G. Cobb Vice President Wilene Payne Secretary and Treasurer Lyle Garner MEMBERS NOT SHOWN Carol Jones Wilson Byrd John Smith Francis Gilley W. A. Cumbie Hershalle Daye James Duke Bill McCulIough Darence Ward Ralph Johnson Laurence Gafford Preston Farris George C. Nix Ann Hamilton Tom Robins The purpose of the Specs Club is to further interest and under- standing in the field of the natural and physical sciences Y.W.A. Lylc- Garner, President Faye Kirby, Vice-President Betty Dowling, Secretary Sara Wright, President Frances Sullivant, Secretary Dr. Clyde T. Ammerman, Pastor Advisor J. P. Chism President BROTHERHOOD First row, left to right: James Brown, J. P. Chism, Bobby Henderson, Rudolph Culbert, Bobby Anderson, Donald Tillman, Emmett Byrd. Second row: William Bishop, Kenneth Jacobs, James Helms, Gene Elliott, Adolphus Ward. Third row: John Lindsey, Malon Collins, Rudet Bailey, Alex Raley, Ted Jordon, Emmett Kirkland. l M •%■ m M Mr. Collins Advisor 1 3: Front row: Betty J. Duck, Pub.; Marjorie Fay, Presby.; Lyle Garner, Bapt.; Josef a Dean, Sec; John McEach- ern, Arr ' t. Back row: Homer Meeks, Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints; Betty Reeves, Episco- pal; Peggy Hurst, Pianist; George Gilbert, President; and Lester Spencer, Methodist. «{ Seated, left to right: Grace Golden, Shirley Davis, Nina Golden, Ann Lane, Eloise Mc- Neil, Martha Jane Ballard, Betty Johnson, Catherine Bass, Minnie Farris, Margaret Martin. Standing, left to right: Helen Steen, Sue Ander- son, Lenore Lane, La- nelle Walker, Frances Motherway, Helen Har- mon, Ronnie Norman, Mildred Barton, Mabel Harris, and Jane Byrd. Not shown: Mary Creswell, Jane Daniel, Martha Farrish, Jimmy Ruth Gurley, Barbara Parker, Betty Smith, Virginia Green, Frances Sullivant and Jean Nash. % Carlos Bassett, Pres.; David Kress Vice-Pres.; Betty Reeves, Sec; Wil liam Min , Treas; James L. Jones Reporter. 4 " v y Left to right: Lawerence Stubblefield, Harry Golden, Jerome Klein, Noel Koger. Second row: William Rassmussion, Joyce Middlebrooks, Martha Collins, Ellen Solomon, Athella Gracey, Tom- mie Sue Blount, Richard Enfinger. Third row: Farris Smith, John Mos- ley, J. B. Taylor, Jack Creswell, Otis Kirkland. James B. Rhody. and Hu- bert McCall. IS Miss Thelma Goodwin, Sponsor Martha Davie Sapp, President Doyce Wallace, Vice-President Ellen Solomon, Secretary Martha Collins, Treasurer pSi OW£ G Miss Thelma Goodwin, Faculty Dir. Fran cis Evans, Director Martha Davie Sapp, Stage Manager Miss Thelma Cates, Sponsor Joyce Ledbetter, President Elva Rhodes, Sec. -Treat. k Wf®W u B Leon Hilyer, President Carlos- Bassett,-V ce-Pres t eut Asa Dudley, Secretary Mitchell Kirkland, Treasurer NEW MEMBERS Seated, left to right: Erlene Moore, Janice Mims, Peggy Sketo, Mary Lois Sellers, Jerry Thomas— Vice Presi- dent. Louise Whidden, Orene Barlow, Carolyn Brown, Ellen Solomon — President, Mona Claire Dean. Left to right: William Merrill, Rob- ert Walters. Gwendolyn Dixon, Her- man Carr, Jean Teal, Jerry Walker, Julia Prestwood, Jack Knowies, Eli- zabeth Robinson, Evans Hartzog, Rose Parks, Grady Brackin, Gale Smitherman, Maurice Johnson. Mary Xell .Dozier, Homer Meeks, and Mrs. G. A. Stephenson, Director. ASS °CUTlON A First row: Jean Money, Emma Billy, Yvonne Dyke, Dot Farris, Mar- jorie Childs, Sabie Saun- ders, Geraldine Cobb. Second row: Betty Smith, Sue Stuart, Betty Reeves, Anne Hamilton, Orelia Rawlinson, Jimmie Harrison, Sally Riggins, Carolyn Phelps, Mary Alice Reardon. Top row: Julene Gothard, Kathleen Brooks, Janice Richardson. Betty Moore, Lois Winningham, Bonnie Kay Everage, Mary Howells, and Lois Commander. fiit fsr- » TROY WAVEMEN, com- posed of music majors from State Teachers College and directed by Grady Brackin. STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE CHAP- EL CHOIR, Directed by Professor G. A. Stephenson. HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT CLINIC CHOIR, Directed by Dr. James Baar, Professor of Music Education, Chicago Musical College. lC e ° " ; ■ THE NEW FOOT Standing today as the by the public spirited towns ipl ' ■£ m ■ L A Fuller H. Brooks, Jr. Assistant Coach B.S., Appalachian State, ' 47 M.S., Peabody, ' 48 Ansel E. Alford Assistant Coach West Georgia, ' 46 Troy State, ' 50 Asa E. Dudley Athletic Publicity J.S., Troy State, ' 51 F. G. McCollum Head Coach B.S. Auburn, ' 34 John McEachern Student Manager, Football B.S., Troy Si ate, ' 52 L. B. " Tex " Williams Athletic Publicity B.S., Troy State, ' 50 1 ft % James Gurley Student Manager, Basketball B.S., Troy State, ' 50 John E. Watters Student Manager, Baseball B.S., Troy State, ' 52 Ted Franklin sweeps end against Jacksonville in Homecoming game. TEAM RECORD Troy State Union University Troy State 25 Southwestern (La.) 48 Troy State 6 Pensacola Navy 12 Troy State 10 Stetson University Troy State Jacksonville State Troy State Austin Peay Troy State Florence State Troy State Howard College Troy State Livingston State Troy State ... Florida State z X .«. c= pq _rt c pq _ Q u £ .S «j .a 15 " 3 £ I if o £ w _- E -g rt 3 O — rt 3 I § CO i o c 3 rt sc Q - .25 c if .n 1 o pq W _ : X c " U t " o o H — c H 2 Q u " c " 3 u u == 2 5 „ _ y. ju Id u - s co o j?. Q 3c c g O cc o JQ 1 c - •g s o pq ■ — X .» i jQ p " Q U-S U - : tJ " c " 3 3 s £ _o £ _ ' — H CO JZ X X | ■fi J CI O H o o U 1 -_ ' — £ ij " i TJ 3 | -VpiOV R£D Carlos Bassett Tackle Jack Healy Back Wave 4L ' j fc, Allen Harrell Back Chase Riddle Back Little All-America All-Conference J. D. Chesteen Guard Charlie Cox Back Cecil Langcuster Guard Guy Wilkes End Bartow Jenkins Center i -ED v M Bill Sanford mm Gene Norman Back Back F - i Spencer Davis Guard Captain Kenneth Avinger Tackle All-Conference Ford Taylor Back James Perkins End Charles Sandusky Center Johnny Kries End Stanford Toole End Mitchell Kirkland Guard Ted Frankli Back Shelby Searcy Back John Terry Guard All-Conference Paul Cayton Tackle Mack Rooks Back James Hollis Center Jim Beavers Back p - G0 - tvAve Carol Roney Guard Ed Tatum End J. T. Elmore Jackie Davis Back End Johnny Norton Dewey Ren f roe Guard Back All-Conference l Joe Seymour Aubrey Hicks Sam Williams End Center Back TROY STATE BASKETBALL SQUAD The Red Wave cagers are shown here with coach and manager. Standing, left to right: Mack Rooks, Raygene Brurkctt, Leon Dansby, Ray Barrow. Front row, left to right: Jim Gurley— manager, Leon Hilyer, Junior Jones, Ollis Tanton, Bill Williams, Charlie Cox, Buddy Brooks— coach. Not pictured is Harvey Murphy. •I v 1 ,_ J- m« _ ■ ' , ,i . .. i |!nmi »i 1 r £ % U • ... te 1 Jn ' fc ks ' v A Ollis Tanton Leon Dansby Charles Cox Bill Williams Captain Harvey Murphy Leon Hi Iyer Alternate Captain Raygene Burkett O ■ a ; Junior Jones Mack Rooks ■w. I 7 $ I S ' J 2 z «s s ■ s Clay Jordan 1 A ■i Bill Farrar X i Leon Hilyer Captain Charles Howell m i Bernice Sheppard Eugene Green Bill Green Lawrence Gafford ' Leon Dansby Tim Red dock j 5 », .Wlii h( jK,.i • «i " i Sam Williams Wayland Goza Bill Myers SOFTBALL 1 WRESTLING JL GOLF TUMBLING PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD SHIRLEY Troy, Ala. FOR SMOOTH DRIVING PIKE COUNTY MOTORS SHELL OIL PRODUCTS U. S. TIRES i Troy, Ala. at WcfiMfy Mmii. Troy, Ala. GOOD FOOD and RECREATION FURNITURE 4 APPLIANCE CO. Troy, Ala. at Mary ' 5 Place Good Food Southern Hospitality WELCOME TO EVE RYONE Troy, Ala. DEPENDABLE SERVICE MARY- LEE MOTOR AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY Sales — Service Case Farm Machinery Oldsmobile Cars 214 N. Three Notch Troy, Ala. " " %£2«« DOTHAN, ALA. BANK WITH US To MAKE PIKE COUNTY A better place in which to live TRUST CO. MEMBER Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. late S Values -At- MOTES Troy, Ala. y£5 O ' CONNOR QUALITY FOODS at Troy, Ala. Fair Dept. Stor £ Offers Reliable Quality Merchandise of The Good Brands and Will Appreciate All Business Given Us. fine clothes f fait STETSON HATS CHAMP HATS PHOENIX SOCKS WEYENBURG SHOES WEMBLY TIES d 58 Court Square — Phone 101 — Troy, Ala. t-tar For Savings SHOP THRIFTY IN ' 50 S W- TROY PRINTING CO. Since 1906 M.N. DODSON, Prop. Commercial and Social Printing and Engraving Phone 215 — Elm St. Troy, Ala. HELLO We Do Appreciate Your Business Quitman Pharmacy Phone 1003 Troy, Ala. E VI £ IS OUR FIRST THOUGHT SALES and SERVICE 1013 — Phone — 1014 Troy Ala. CADILLAC 3 rsA WESTERN AUTO OCtCo %£ % RADIO AND BICYCLE REPAIRS Auto Supplies and Accessories E. M. HOLLIS, Owner Davis Tires and Tubes 2 Troy, Ala. It ' s DRIVE-IN Bar-B-Q Hamburgers Chicken The Basket NORMAL AVE. — SERVICE AT 0YADS Barber Troy, Ala. ifMH. ney . . . TO GREATER VALUES O ' NEAL BROTHERS TROY, ALA. CONTRACTOR Troy Alabama Savage SASH — DOORS — MILLWORK WOOD SPECIALTIES Troy, Ala. 5tV L te Brundidge Highwa $UPEk 5EWICE at Thrifty Buys For The Quality Wise NORTH THREE NOTCH STREET TROY ALABAMA At Your Ud(P fufei kab£ ? IN TROY 11 b o r i s t FOP FURNITURE CO. AT JITNEY JUNGLE COMPLIMENTS OF GOODW a £ ' MURPHRE£ ' CONTRACTORS Troy, Ala. Kelly RECAPPING MOTOROLA RADIOS LEONARD REFRIGERATORS B. F. GOODRICH TIRES— TUBES 316 E. Love St. Phone 446 Troy, Ala. FARMERS! Use Your OWN Credit System National Paul E. Mozley, Sec.-Treas. Room 16. Carroll Bldg. Troy, Ala. Compliments of HERE,r s C A .L. BOYD APPLIANCE C Q and $ ?yd £ £ BOWER ' s e f otMAN JOHNSON Photographers BRANTLEY BROTHER 65 West Court Square TROY, ALA. (Sh Troy, Ala. un % ?W COTTAGE CAMP TROJAN TERRACE TRY OUR Compliments of Two Fine Drug Stores tdDkff 3 CO. HOBBs Candy Company WHOLESALE Tr °y Ala. fl.£. HICKMAN GROCERY N. 3 Notch Troy Ep 3 1 Years Serving The Students and Teachers of S T C OY Compliments of FARMS TROY Compliments of C I TV ELECTRONICS SHOP BILL SIMS, Proprietor Compliments of 71 Court Square TROY, ALA. Feminine Apparel Phone 864 TODAY AND TOMORROW Our record of Sixty-eight years of service to this territory and successful operation, is evidence that our bank — today and tomorrow — is a good place to bank. FIRST FARMERS £ MERCHANT5 NATIONAL Troy, Alabama ANK U A WEREMcs ffaidurabe fa Shelf and Heavy Hardware Paints — Toys Gifts — Sporting Goods Phone 76 TROY, ALA. Compliments of pAN ' AM CAFe TROY, ALA. Compliments of HARVEYs Compliments of TROY ' S LEADING DEPT. STORE studios and m, Phones 1630 — 791 Dothan, Ala. Compliments of of Your Ca efe Can BIBB GRAVES HALL %«. For Your New HOME — SCHOOL — STORE MITCHEL AIR CONDITIONING Summer comfort from the heat and relief for Hay fever sufferers. " ELECTRI-GLASS ' That amazing new discovery in electric heating — costs less to own and operate than coal, oil or gas heating systems. Dependable electrical work engineered for each individual requirement whether HOME, STORE or INDUSTRIAL PLANT. LIGHTING FIXTURES A wide variety for every need. ANDR 531 Elm St. Phone 413 Troy, Ala. Call for— WES. JAMES BILL 7cufl n-mcuU SCHOOL ANNUALS » ■■ ■ — y_r - k - «• -» SKILLED CRAFTSMEN — MODERN EQUIPMENT and 35,000 SQUARE FEET OF FLOOR AREA are combined to produce FINE SCHOOL ANNUALS for 1400 schools in twenty-three states y S pw i| TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY O. Box 597 DALLAS, TEXAS 6320 Dent m H Hi Km jPngjffiuj MM H MrSSi $ ■ Sffli ■ dpi H Bin Wfflmm wRBm V S H H hh Km HUH

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