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% teppa Delta Pi V=5S sgl-ss plans Banquet, ,taitiafwnfeb.V1 Kappa Delta Pj. d Its , nUy for education inUiaU on annual ban t oy n Walter Harrison. D e 1 FUty-nme new pie - lfc» tlated 3 Elected on a basiso pledges are select leade rsh.p 1 quet js of KaP Stude ed to John Roberts V er, Dea ' Verdie I fery Bra james H Carl ' de. Elmer C Lucile R Ethel L. W ' dliam rett, Tho G Gatlin, UP S. Gr O ' Neal He by. J° sepl Lane, Jean .■■PtW t, Major 0.-— - s H. W° z Edward M- " f Louis R. 5 CMrtf Morgan Scott gcatbrough, J MiU on C « T " Hen y D S ' S .Smith, ., H f n,y Fl . ancc s B. a r Ts ReUe Stokes Fjan Uvan ,Wid am . .v Mr.oit. « h Wad Wl u V.,..n Mjdrew a P le Teachers j ohn R. WW D. £ lwdm0n ' r Andrews, John Wilmer G- a» v-«K in preparauo; w(i Fehru Class - £, " £ • »- pothan has name comm pearhorn, » " FloriI la-. John and " ' be D d C one around a terspersed v, dh lbe walls of the a Music for the provided by JeK Troy Wavemen is becoming one ular dance band of the state and . , a Featured Dot White, with Mitchum. A special me Club wiU be. c diate lutureto for Mi ss STU tions are ma- ' .election of - candidates wi For detaile ments for th Bi y Lloyd pointed MoU Stringer, 1 Charlie Not edu d P ro prof. L ' County j; Mrs. ounty E. Jef froy City merman, | Church, L eacher at Blue Bar- Troy Mes ddlebrooks Methodist larry Har- Brundidge 1 -. partment ol ..« Teachers M V ' .u £SSt G .pess 09 ' wl several «- " ' reaching , experience m V prof. Wilkes The .While at Coluj reSclence ot «•« worked on the Sophon 1 Bl ar7W«. A chapm an. ( J fol - m s , lon oo I ned well. Mrs. Sara i pearl B . I P m ch iSopn present! Kay. H js ddox, simgi James Und t „ Rutherford. WW h( . n ,„n. Qt cWtl g t °« + " " SSSSL Neal — ftS— eore ro ley n. l vf c r ir " — | treahman ---rTj UaniU line » 1949 PALLADIUM DEDICATED TO The American School Teacher, upon whom rests the great responsibility, and to whom is given the great privilege of educating our American youth, was chosen for the dedication of the 1949 Pal- ladium, because Troy State Teachers College is engaged in producing American School Teachers and they, next to the children of the world, are the greatest interest of this college. Chosen to represent the American School Teacher for the Palladium, was Miss Loraine Hamil, who retired last year from the Troy State Laboratory School Staff when she had taught for 50 years, 43 of them at Troy. With Miss Hamil here are Mrs. Jean Moore Long, who is now a school teacher herself, and two of the young Americans whom they have helped to live and learn according to our American ideals. PRESIDENT TERMS 19481949 RAWER YEAR Any time we desire to study our progress it is interesting to look back, around and ahead. It is interesting to do that now at Troy State Teachers College. A fair appraisal, I think, would conclude that the years since the 1946 fall session have been the richest, most vital and most interesting period in the history of the college. Each year has been better than the preceding, and of course 1948-1949 is a banner year, so far, from every standpoint. Next year, 1949-1950, looks good from this point in space and time. A new, beautiful, commo- dious building is under construction and a new dining room is in the blue print stage. Curriculum of- ferings are being expanded and improved. Students who have been on the campus since 1946 are to be congratulated on being here during one of the most creative periods in our institution ' s history. C. B. SMITH President Dr. Charles Bunyan Smith, under whose expert guidance Troy State Teachers College has become a modern school and one that ranks among the top ten teachers colleges of this nation. Indicative of his progressive leadership is the constant effort to improve the curriculum of the college and the vast physical growth of the school. DEANS STRENGTHEN BOND BETWEEN STUDENTS AND ADMINISTRATION The four deans of Troy State strengthen the bond between the students and the Administration, and promote close cooperation on all matters. They hear the comments and complaints, compliments and questions of the students. It is through them that the students make their wishes known, and it is to them that the students feel free to go with problems of school, love, and life. Dr. G. R. Boyd, above, is Dean of the College and Head of the Education Department. Miss Lucille Garrett, upper right, is Dean of Students. Miss Florence Marks, right, is Dean of Women, and Professor Auxford Sartain is As- sistant Dean and Head of the His- tory Department. THE FHULn Top: ALWYN JAMES ATKINS, Core Program and Biological Science . . . MARTHA JANE BALLARD, Art . . . ELIZABETH PRUETT BLACKWELL, English and Spanish ... J. WHILDEN BLACKWELL, English and French . . . LUCILLE K. BOYD, English. MARY ENZOR BYNUM History Right: THELMA K. CATES, Librarian . . . VIRGIL LEE COLLINS, Mathematics. Below: OLIVIA ELDER, Sixth Grade Critic Teacher . . . ROBERT HUGH ERVIN, Psychology . . . VIOLET GROSS ERVIN, Piano . . . CURREN M. FARMER, Science . ... M. B. FLEMING, History. ei THE FACULTY Top: JAMES A. FRASER, Science . . . NINA RUST FRASER, English . . . FRANK M. GRACEY, Art RUTHELLA SPRAGUE GRACEY, Art . . . HARRISS HARVIL, Education. OPAL HARVIL Fourth Grade Critic Teacher Left: FOY INGRAM, Second Grade Critic Teacher . . . EMMETT KILPATRICK, English and Foreign Languages. Below: MARY H. LOCKRIDGE, English . . . MARY VIC MAUK, Music . . . MILDRED MONTGOMERY, Director Pace Hall . ANNETTE SHACKELFORD PARKS, Assistant Librarian . JAMES HIRAM PATRENOS, Music. THE FACULTY Tcp : OLIVIA K. RAINER, Music LUCILE B. SAWTELL, Associate Regis- trar MARTHA SEALE, Dietitian MYRA SEGARS, Mathematics . . . MARY ELLIS SHULER, Health and Physical Education for Women. OPHELIA SMITH First Grade Critic Teacher Right: ELIZABETH M. SORBET, Business Education L. LEMAR STEPHAN, Geography. Below: LENICE V. STEPHAN, Special Assistant in History and English GILBERT A. STEPHENSON, Music MARGARET STEPHENSON, Music . . . SARAH JANETTE STOUT, English and Speech . . . MARY IDA WOOLEY, Science. IMtA STUDENT GOVERNMENT PROMOTES SHIEST AFFAIRS All student activities on the Troy State campus are planned and carried out through the Student Government Association. Made up of three officers, the Executive Council, and the Presidents Coun- cil, the S. G. A. serves the students by providing an cpportunity for the students to practice good citi- zenship, active cooperation, and participation in groups and as individuals. Officers pictured above are: Ollie Baker, Vice-President; Charles Norris, President; Miss Florence Marks, Faculty Adviser; and Mawk Arnold, Secretary-Treasurer. THE PRESIDENTS COUNCIL The Presidents Council, composed of all student organization presidents, and the chairmen of standing committees, acts as the coordinating agency for all student activities. Members pictured here are, Back Rcw: Joyce Ledbetter, French Club; George Jackson, Town Group; Walter Harrison, Kappa Delta Pi; Billy Lloyd, Specs; Billy Goss, Freshman Class,- Howard Pelham, Pace Hall, Mawk Arnold, Pal- ladium,- Herman Scott, " T " Club; " Tex " Williams, Ju ; or Class Second Row: Jack Solomon, Alpha Psi Omega; Weldon Smart, I. R. C. ; c rances Beck, Cheerleader Captain,- Opal Mims, W. A. A., Ernest Bazemore, F. T. A. ; Jimmie Ruth Milton, Shackelford Hall; Harry Howell, Health and Physical Educa- tion Front: David Watson, F. T. A. ; Blue Barber, Religious Council; Charles Norris, S. G. A. ; Erskine Key, Tropolitan,- Sue Grimes, Pep Club. THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Executive Council is the policy forming and legislative branch of the Student Government Association. It is composed of one representative for each thirty students residing in each separate liv- ing unit, including those students living in town. These representatives meet twice monthly to consider all problems that affect the stadents as a body, discussing and enacting legislation to make any changes in campus situations that can be handled by the students. All campus elections, expenditures of Stu- dent Government funds, election of faculty advisers, and the primary ratification of amendments are supervised by the Executive Council. r $ r- - - . n Executive Council members pictured here are: Standing, left to right: Maurice Johnson, Philip Gracey, Bobby Gwin, Myrus Stokes, Mawk Arnold, Wilson Byrd, Ollie Baker, George Jackson, James Horn, Miss Lucille Garrett, Dean of Students,- Ma Lane, Miss Florence Marks, Faculty Advisor; George Maddox, Charles Stringer, James Commander, Jimmie Ruth Milton, John Adamson . . . Seated: Joe Newton, James H. Mozley, Joyce Middlebrooks, Margaret Mixson, Ernestine Smith, Charles Norris, Student Government President; Mary Ann Strawbridge, Evelyn Trawick, Grace Helms, Grace Martin, Hazel Roberts. CLASS OF 1949 LARGEST l HISTORY Leaders at Troy State Teachers College for the past three and four years, the Seniors of 1949 now go out into Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and o her states to lead the youth of our nation. With the graduation of the Class of 1949 more teachers go into the field that have ever left Troy at one time before. On the following pages the seniors are pictured, with their names, home towns, degrees, major subjects, and officers and club memberships listed. Candidates for degrees by August of this year, though not all pictured here, total more than 160 students. SAM MEEKS President MARY PRICE STEPHENSON Vice-President EARL HUTTO Secretary-Treasurer c r l 9 JOHN ROWE ADAMSON, Brundidge; B.S., Ph sical Educaticn Major; S.G.A. Executive Council ' 48- ' 49 . . . WILMER GLENN ANDREWS, Ozark; B.S., Social Studies; Student Speaks Forum ' 47-48, International Relations Club ' 46- ' 47 . . . JAMES A. ANNERS, Mt. Willing; B.S., Science OLLIE B. BAKER, Fitzgerald, Ga. ; B.S., Math; Vice-President S.G.A. ' 48- ' 49 ; President Dramatics Club ' 47- ' 48 ; Specs Club; F.T.A.; Alpha Psi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi BYRON H. BAREFOOT, Tennile,- B.S., in Elementary Education, History; Troy S.T.C. Band ' 37- ' 38. ILA MERLE BARNES, Atmore, B.S., English JOHN T. BASS, Andalusia; B.S., Elementary Edu- cation; F.T.A. ERNEST D. BAZEMORE, Columbus, Co.; B.S., English; F.T.A. President ' 48- ' 49 ; Vice- President Pace Hall ' 47- ' 48 ; Sports Editor Tropolitan ' 47- ' 48 ; F.T.A.; Dramatics Club; Football ' 46 . . . FRANCES LENORA BECK, Brantley; B.S., English; Head Cheerleader ' 48- ' 49 ; Dramatics Club; Choir,- Pep Club; K appa Delta Pi . . . JOHN B. BEDSOLE, Samss n ; B.S., History; Student Speaks Forum ' 47- ' 48 ; Kappa Delta Pi, Dramatics Club; Golf Club; F. T. A. JOHN BLACKSHEAR, Hartford; B.S., Social Studies DEAN B. BLANKENSHIP, Alexander City; B.S., Social Studies; F.T.A. VERDIE LEE BOOMER, Troy; B.S., General Science,- Specs Club; Choir; F.T.A. ANNETTE HARRIS BOSWELL, Troy; B.S., Elementary Education, F.T.A.,- Kappa Delta Pi. JOHNIE SUE BOSWELL, Hartford; B.S., Physical Education; Vice-President Pep Club ' 48- ' 49 Women ' s Athletic Association; Band; Physical Education Club; F.T.A. PAUL BOSWELL, Hartford, B.S., History and Social Studies; F.T.A. . . JAMES LAMAR BOUTWELL, Troy; B.S., Science, F.T.A.; Golf Club; Physical Education Club . THOMAS RAY BOUTWELL, Troy; B.A., Social Studies; S.G.A. Executive Council; F.T.A. . . . JOHN N. BOWDEN, Blue Springs; B.S., History and Social Studies R. GEOFFREY BRADFORD, Carrabelle, Fla. ; B.S., Music; Wavemen Dance Band Leader ' 46- ' 49 ; Concert Band; Choir; Kappa Delta Pi ... . EVERETT HOLT BRIDGES, Columbus, Ga. ; B.S., Mathe- matics . ROBERT BRONAR, Alford, Fla. ; B.S., Physical Education; Athletic Officials Club; Physical Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi. JAMES HARLAN BROWN, Geneva; B.S., Biological Science; Athenaeum Club; Specs Club; Kappa Delta Pi MARVIN M. CARLTON, Tallassee,- B.A., Social Studies; " T " Club; I.R.C. . . . MYRA CARTER, Luverne; B.S., English; Secretary B.S.U ' 46- ' 47 ; Secretary Y.W.A. ' 46- ' 47 ; Treasurer Choir ' 47- ' 48; Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi ' 48- ' 49 ; Band; Dramaics Club . DOROTHY M. CATON, West Virginia- Troy; B.S., Social Studies . . . NEIL R. CHILDERS, Milligan, Fla. ; B.A., History; I.R.C; Kappa Delta Pi . . . GLEN E. COCKROFT, Andalusia; B.S., Mathematics; Specs Club; Kappa Delta Pi. 1 4 JAMES WILSON COMMANDER, Hartford; B.S., History and Social Science, Executive Council ' 49; I.R.C. ' 47- ' 49, Kappa Delta Pi WILLIAM ATKINS CRUNK, Tampa, Fla.; B.S., General Science; Kappa Delta Pi; Golf Club . . . JAMES FRANK DANIELS, Honoraville,- B.S., Biological Science and Physical Education,- Specs Club, Vets Club; Physical Education Club; Golf Club DONALD ROBERT DEARBORN, Silverhill; B.S., History and Social Studies,- Dramatics Club; F.T.A.; Cheerleader . . . SAMUEL SWENSON DIXON, Jay, Fla.; B.S., Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi; I.R.C. WAYLAND G. DuBOSE, Elba,- B.S., Physical Education,- FT. A.,- Physical Education Club; Golf Club; Football; Southern Golden Gloves Heaveyweight Champion ' 48. WILLIAM SHELBY EZELL, Troy ; B.S., Physical Education; " T " Club, Football; Physical Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi EDWIN NORRIS FLEMING, Munson, Fla., B.S., Science,- I.R.C.,- Specs Club; F.T.A. DORIS FOSHEE SHIRLEY, Red Level; B.S., Science, Kappa Delta Pi; Athenaeum Club; W.A.A, F.T.A. ZURLENE FRANKLIN, Rutledge,- B.S., English; Choir Treasurer ' 46- ' 47 ; Dramatics Club, Tro- politan Staff . THOMAS LESTER GARRETT, Castleberry,- B.S., Physical Education; Vice-President I.R.C. ' 47- ' 48 ; " T " Club, Kappa Delta Pi . MYRT.E GARRETT GATLIN, Bay Minette,- B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi WILLIAM CECIL GORDON, Jay, Fla.; B.S., Social Studies, Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class; Kappa Delta Pi JEANNE GOODMAN, New Brocton; B.S., Elementary Education: W.A.A.; I.R.C.,- B.S.U.; Band; Choir; F.T.A. £ ft e . - Zf s4r M Wm PHILIP SPRAGUE GRACEY, Troy ; Post Graduate in Mathematics and Education; Kappa Delta Pi RICHARD C. GRANTHAM, Ozark, B.S., Science; Kappa Delta Pi WILLIAM F. GREGORY, Rutledge; B.S., Elementary Education . MARTHA SUE GRIMES, Elba; B.S., Social Studies,- President Pep Club ' 48- ' 49 ; Specs Club; W.A.A.; Executive Council; Cheerleader,- Palladium Staff ' 47- ' 48 ; FT. A. GEORGE NELSON HAMER, Columbus, Ga. ; B.S., Physical Education,- Secretary " T " Club ' 47- ' 48 ; President Sophomore Class; Football 2 years . . WALTER W. HARRISON, Lanett; B.S., English; Presi- dent Kappa Delta Pi ' 48- ' 49 ; F.T.A.; Golf Club . O ' NEAL HENDRICKS, Columbus Ga. ; B.S., Mathe- matics, Kappa Delta Pi; Specs Club JAMES P. HORN, Lanett; B.S., Social Studies, I.R.C.; Golf Club; F.T.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Physical Education Club; Executive Council. LEON L. HORNSBY, New Brocton,- B.S., Science; F.T.A.; Kappa Delta Pi . . WILLIAM FARLEY HOWARD, Troy ; B.S., Science,- F.T.A. HARRY HOWELL, Graceville, Fla. ; B.S., Physical Education,- President Physical Education Club ' 48- ' 49, Vice-President Physical Education Club ' 47- ' 48; Vice-President Sophomore Class EARL DeWITT HUTTO, Ozark; B.S., Business English Education; Secretary Sen- ior Class,- Sports Editor Tropolitan ' 48- ' 49 ; Kappa Delta Pi; Dramatics Club; F.T.A. GEORGE W. JACKSON, Columbus, Ga. ; B.S., Mathematics,- F.T.A.; Executive Council; President Town Group Stu- dents ' 48- ' 49 . . JOHN W. JACKSON, LaFayette; B.S., History and Social Studies, Kappa Delta Pi; I.R.C.; Dramatics Club. rs n o £ !ft ft £1 £v JOSEPH RICHARD JOHNSON, Brantley,- B.S., Science,- IRC, F.T.A.; Kappa Delta Pi JANE CAROLYN JOHNSTON, Brundidge ; B.S., Elementary Education; FT. A. CALVIN DAWS JONES, Verbena; B.S., Physical Education,- " T " Club; Physical Education Club . . . FLETCHER SANDFORD JONES, West Bay, Fla. ; B.S., Social Studies,- Kappa Delta Pi; Executive Council; F.T.A. RICHARD CARL JONES, Deland, Fla.; B.S., Biological Science; Vice-President Specs Club ' 47- ' 48; Specs Club ' 48- ' 49 SIDNEY F. JONES, Cottonwood; B.S., Social Studies,- I.R.C.; F.T.A.; Executive Council CAREY EARL KELLY, Clanton; B.S., Physical Education; Vice-President Physical Education Club ' 47- ' 48 ; " T " Club JOSEPH LYNDALL KELLY, Clanton; B.S., Physical Education; " T " Club; Physical Education Club; Officials Association ERSKINE C. KEY, Dothan; B.S History and Social Science,- Editor Trcpolitan ' 48- ' 49, Associate Editor Tropolitan ' 47- ' 48 ; Editor S.G.A. Handbook ' 47- ' 48 ; College Pub- licity Staff ' 47- ' 48; Vice-President Pace Hall ' 47; Executive Council ' 46- ' 47 ; Secretary Westminster Fel- lowship ' 47- ' 48 ; Reporter I.R.C. ' 46- ' 47 ; Dramatics Club; Alpha Psi Omega,- Kappa Delta Pi; Choir,- F.T.A.; Student Speaks Forum. WILLIAM K. LEWIS, Troy, Withdrew to reenlist in Marine Corps ROBERT R. LEWIS, Atmore,- B.S., English, Secretary-Treasurer Pace Hall ' 48- ' 49 ; I.R.C; Kappa Delta Pi DANIEL ANGUS LIPFORD, Marianne, Fla., B.S., History; F.T.A , I.R.C. VESTER BURT LITTLE, Troy; B.A., Elementary Education; F.T.A. BILLY EARL LLOYD, Columbus, Ga. ; B.S., Physical Science,- President Specs Club ' 48- ' 49 ; Choir; Band; Kappa Delta Pi. MARY NELL C. LLOYD, Enterprise, B.S., Elementary Education HARVEY JOE LOWERY, Tallassee; B.S., Social Studies,- " T " Club; F.T.A.; Physical Education Club; Baseball ' 47- ' 48 ; Football ' 46 . . . CHARLES ROY McCALL, OpD: B.S.. Physical Education,- Football; Golf Club; Physical Education Club; " J " Club GERALD WALLACE McDADE, Montgomery,- B.S., English; Choir ' 46- ' 48 ; Physical Edu- cation Club ' 48; Pep Club ' 48 WILLIE JEAN McGEE, Billingsley; B.S., Elementary Education,- F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Y.W.A. EVERETTE McGOWiN, Troy,- B.S., Physical Science; Specs Club ' 46- ' 49 . . FAYE HOLMES MADDOX, Andalusia; B.S., Physical Science,- Secretary Specs Club ' 46; I.R.C. GEORGE W. MADDOX, Columbia; B.S., Social Studies,- President Pace Hall ' 47- ' 48 ; Mayor of Trailer Village ' 48- ' 49 ; Cheerleader ' 47 . LUTHER C. MANWARING, Montezuma, lnd. ; B.S., So- cial Studies; F.T.A. . LILLIAN MEADOWS, Goshen,- B.S., Elementary Education,- Secretary W.A.A. ' 47; Magazine Representative B.S.U. ' 47; Y. W. A; Specs Club; F.T.A. SAM MARTIN MEEKS, Dothan,- Senior Class President; Athenaeum Club President ' 48- ' 49 ; Report- er Specs Club ' 46; Reporter Dramatics Club ' 46- ' 47 ; Reporter Athenaeum Club ' 47; Kappa Delta Pi; Tropolitan,- Palladium,- Alpha Phi Omega Advisor; Band; Choir; Library Staff . . . PRENTISS D. MELDER, Andalusia,- B.S., Social Studies, Music; Drum Major ' 47-48; Secretary Vets Club ' 47; Librarian,- Choir ' 48- ' 49 ; F.T.A. . ELLEN MARIE MILLER, Orion,- B.S., Music,- Vice-President Religious Council; Sec- retary-Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi; Choir,- Band; Who ' s Who,- Y.W.A. JIMMIE RUTH MILTON, Gen- eva; B.A., English; President Shackelford Hall ' 48- ' 49 ; Organization Editor Palladium ' 48- ' 49 ; Assistant Editor Tropolitan ' 48- ' 49, Secretary-Treasurer Alpha Psi Omega ' 47- ' 48; Dramatics Club I.R.C.; Kappa Delta Pi; Choir,- Band,- W.A.A.; S.G.A.; Executive Council, F.T.A. C5- fS Of NEAL JENNINGS MOSELEY, Luverne; B.S., Physical Education; " T " Club; Vets Club; Physical Edu- cation Club; Football ' 46- ' 47 ; Basketball ' 46 . . JAMES HAMMOND MOZLEY, III, Andalusia; B.S., History, Music; Dance Band; Concert Band; Kappa Delta Pi; Executive Council . . ED C. NALL, Florala,- B.S., Physical Education; " T " Club Treasurer ' 47; Physical Education Club; Golf Club JAMES EDWARD NEELEY, Verbena; B.S., History; Vice-President Kappa Delta Pi ' 48- ' 49 ; Vice-President F.T.A. ' 48- ' 49 ; Golf Club; IRC. CHARLES WEAVER NORRIS, Mt. Willing; B.S., Mathematics and Science; President S.G.A. ' 48- ' 49 ; President Junior Class ' 47- ' 48 ; Specs Club; I.R.C.; Vets Club; Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A. . . DORIS JEAN ODOM, Munson, Fla. ; B.S., English; F.T.A. CHARLES CLANTON O ' NEAL, Destin, Fla. ; B.S, English; Secretary " T " Club ' 48- ' 49 . . . DALLAS TED PARKER, Ozark; B.S., Social Studies; I.R.C.; F.T.A. . ELIZABETH WOOD PARKER, Luverne,- B.A., English; F.T.A. HENRY GRADY PARSONS, Mbrbury; B.S., Physical Education; Physical Edu- cation Club; Alabama High School Athletic Association; Central Alabama Officials Association,- F.T.A. HUBERT CECIL PATE, Ashford; B.S., Social Studies, F.T.A. JAMES HIRAM PATRENOS, Apalachicola, Fla.; B.S., Music; Band; Choir,- Dance Band; Alpha Psi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A.; Vets Club; Religious Council; Dramatics Club; College Music Faculty . HENRY FRANK PELHAM, Graceville, Fla.; B.S., Social Studies, " T " Club; Golf Club WILLIAM HOWARD PELHAM, Chipley, Flq. ; B.A., English; President Pace Hall ' 48- ' 49 ; Secretary Sophomore Class ' 47- ' 48; Chairman S.G.A. Social Committee ' 48; Dramatics Club; I.R.C.j Alpha Psi Omega; French Club; Tropolitan,- Kappa Delta Pi. £ cy BONNIE LOUISE PENN, Dothan; B.S., Elementary Education; Specs Club; W.A.A.; Pep Club . . LEONARD E. PLATT, Georgiana; B.S., Physical Science; F.T.A. . CHARLES MERVIN POUNCEY, Grady; B.S., Physical Education; F.T.A. . JAMES EDGAR REEVES, JR., Hartford; B.S., Physical Education; Golf Club; Football Officials Club; F.TA. ; Basketball " B " Team ' 46- ' 47 . . . JAMES RHOADES, Troy; B.S., Social Studies; Band ' 46- ' 49, Trcpolitan ' 49; Vets Club . HAZEL ROBERTS, Skippersville; B.S., English; Dramatics Club; I.R.C.; F.T.A.; W.A.A.; Pep Club; Band; Choir,- S.G.A. Exe- cutive Council; Secretary I.R.C. RODERICK DONALD ROBINSON, Apalachicola, Fla. ; B.S., Music; Business Manager Choir ' 47, Band; Orchestra,- Dramatics Club; Kappa Delta Pi . . . PEARL BARNES RUTHERFORD, Andalusia; B.S., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi i. . HERMAN LEO SCOTT, Prattville; B.S., Mathematics; President " T " Club ' 48- ' 49 ; Physical Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who . BEN T. SHEPPARD, Columbus, Ga. ; B.S., Biological Science; Specs Club; I.R.C; " T " Club; F.T.A.; B.S.U. . . . BETTY ANDER- SON SHEPPARD, Troy; B.S., English; Co-Weds,- F.T.A., I.R.C. . . . MARY ELIZABETH SIMS, Troy; B.S., Ele- mentary Education; Business Manager Tropolitan ' 47; Kappa Delta Pi; Tropolitan ' 45, ' 46, ' 48, ' 49; F.T.A.,- Band ' 45- ' 46 ; Dramatics Club ' 46- ' 47 ; Spanish Club ' 45 . . . WILEY J. SIRMON, Dozier,- B.S., Science . THOMAS WELDON SMART, Troy; B.A., Social Science; I.R.C. President ' 48- ' 49 ; Secretary F.T.A. ' 48- ' 49 ; Band ' 48- ' 49. ©wffc ERNESTINE B. SMITH, Latham; B.S., Elementary Education; Corresponding Secretary Kappa Delta Pi ' 48- ' 49 ; W.A.A.; I.R.C.; Y.W.A.; F.T.A.; House Council JACK W. SMITH, Slocomb; B.S., Social Studies; Student Speaks Forum ; I.R.C. . JAME5 FERREL SMITH, McKenzie,- B.S., English . JACK PAYNE SOLOMON, Luverne; B.A., English; President Alpha Psi Omega ' 48- ' 49 ; Assistant Editor Tropoli- tan ' 47- ' 48 ; Secretary Dramatics Club ' 47- ' 48 ; Band; Choir; Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A.; I.R.C. JAMES LAMAR SPEAR, Lanett; B.S., Physical Education; " T " Club; Physical Education Club . . MARY PRINCE STEPHENSON, Brantley; B.S., History, Social Studies; Vice-President Senior Class ' 48- ' 49 ; Secretary- Treasurer Shackelford Hall; Kappa Delta Pi; College Life Editor Palladium ' 47- ' 48 ; Who ' s Who; S.G.A. Executive Council; Dramatics Club; Choir ; Tropolitan Staff. MYRUS RELLE STOKES, Slocomb; B.S., Mathematics, Specs Club; F.T.A. CHARLES PRESTON STRINGER, Columbus, Ga. ; Kappa Delta Pi; Executive Council ' 46- ' 49 ; Vice-President Specs Club; Busi- ness Manager Palladium ' 49 JAMES ELMER TAYLOR, Elba,- B.S., Science MARY JANE THOMSEN, Brewton; B.A., Social Studies; Secretary Dramatics Club; Secretary I.R.C; W.A.A. . . LUTHER ERNEST THREADGILL, Troy, B.S., Musk; Dance Band, Choir,- Concert Band; Kappa Delta Pi . . . LOUIE FRANK TILLERY, Cottonwood; B.S., Science; Kappa Delta Pi; Dramatics Club; Specs Club; F. T.A.; Physical Education Club THOMAS EDWARD TOWEY, Mobile,- B.S., Social Scinece,- President Vets Club ' 46- ' 47 ; I.R.C; " T " Club; F.T.A.; Kappa Delta Pi WILLIAM LEE TRUSSELL, Tallassee; B.S., Physical Education; President Physical Education Club; Captain Football ' 48; " T " Club; Basketball; Execu- tive Council. LAURA GRAY TURNER, Wagar; B.A., English; President Sophomore Class ' 46- ' 47 ; Secretary-Treasur- er Spanish Club ' 45- ' 46 ; Tropolitan Staff; Dramatics Club; I.R.C.; F.T.A. . ELIZABETH ANN WADE, Clanton; B.S., Mathematics; Kappa Delta Pi; W.A.A. DAVID ALTON WATSON, Florala; B.S., Mathematics; Secretary-Treasurer Specs Club ' 48- ' 49 ; Kappa Delta Pi; I.R.C.; Executive Council; Who ' s Who . . . WILLIE CLINE WILLIAMSON, JR., Fort Deposit; B.S., Social Studies; Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A.; Golf Club; Physical Education Club; Officials Association . ANNIE MAUDE WOOD, Selma ; B.S., Physical Education; President W.A.A. ' 47- ' 48 ; Vice-President Shackelford Hall House Council ' 48- ' 49 ; Secretary Physical Education Club ' 48- ' 49 ; W.A.A.; Pep Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Who ' s Who In Ameri- can Colleges and Universities . CLIFTON MOTES YOUNGBLOOD, Ansley; B.S., Science; Specs Club; F.T.A. . . . ROBERT MURRAY YOUNGBLOOD, Troy; B.S., History and Social Studies; Kappa Delta Pi. THE JUNIORS Pictured below in front of Graves Hall are the Junior Class Officers. LOMAX ' Tex ' WILLIAMS DOROTHY DAVIS . . WILLIAM C. GOLDEN President Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President CLASS OF 1950 Below, Left to Right; Top to Bot- tom: Albert P. Abies, Robert W. Alford, Charles L. Ammons, Ray Andrews. -am, S V. fs? t it Arnold, Mordecai R. Barber, George Blue Bean, Erchel P. Burkett, Vernard M. Cannon, Jean Carnley, Louise Cobb, Gerald G. Collins, Martha F. Connell, Herbert Cumbie, W.A. Jr. Curtis, Virginia Davis, Lucille R. Davis, Spencer P. Day, James R. Dixon, Ethel L. Easterling, William Evans, Francis M. Farrar, Jack K. Franklin, Horace Godwin, J. L. Gracey, Athella Grouby, Edward A., Jr Harris, Ann Harrison, William J. Hicks, Aubrey Gene Hicks, Lila Ruth Hilyer, Earl R. Johnson, John Ottis Knotts, James E. Lane, Max H. Laney, Jeanette Leverette, Jane Allen Lewis, Robert M. McFerrin, Major G. Martin, Grace Mims, Opal o Moore, Edward M. Nichols, Mary Grace Nolin, Wallace Nolin, Walter u Parker, Elvin E. Powell, Lacy E. Ray, Jack Redmon, Leon A. Riddle, Charles L. Riley, Robert M. Roling, C. F. Ryals, Elouise Marcia Ryland, Myriam M. Salters, Wiley Saunders, Charles Scott, James F ?5 d o cy Norman, Haywaid Eugene Owens, Conrad A. Owens, Gatha A. Owens, Jene W. fa f5 o o Smith, Sam C, Jr Soles, James H. Spivey, Nellie G. Stanton, Joe W. Steele, Henry D. Sullivan, Frances Sullivan, James R. Sullivant, Frances Taylor, Edward E. Tharpe, Hugo Thomas, Grady Thomasson, William C. Turberville, Henry D. Valentine, Lonnie D. Wallace, Doyce Ward, Sherwood Rex Wasden, Emma Ruth Wiggins, Evelyn Graves Williams, Lomax B. Willis, John R. THE SOPHOMORES (LASS OF 1951 By the aid of the photographer the Sophomore Class Officers survey the campus from atop Graves Hall. Left to right, they are: Raygene Burkett, Vice-President; Ann Harris, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Mary Shuler, Faculty Advisor; and Johnny Walker, President. First: Allday, Helen Bailey, Rudet Beasley, Faye Second: Beasley, Margaret Bedsole, Paul Black, Walter C. Bosarge, Andrew Third: Bowden, Lamar Brooks, Charles Brown, Carolyn Bryan, William B. Fourth: Burgins, Clyde R. Burkett, Raygene Bush, Ellis M. Fifth: Byrd, Benjamin Max Byrd, Johnnie Valvin Byrd, Wilson Eugene Sixth: Canant, David Glenn Cannon, Franklin Cardwell, Gene J. Carr, Floyd, Jr. Seventh: Carroll, Jean Causey, Edward Cayton, Paul Chalker, John H. Eighth: Chesser, Richard K. Chesteen, J. D. Childs, Eugene W. t First: Clark, Harry Gene Cobb, Geraldine Cobb, Laurah Second: Collins, Ada Martha Commander, Lois Cook, Alice Jean Cope, George S. Third: Cope, William R. Cowart, James Culbreth, Betty L. Culbreth, Winton W. Fourth: Daniel, Robert C. Davis, Alonza Dean, Josefa Fifth: Deloach, Smith Lamar Derieux, Robert P. DeWitt, Wendell Sixth: Dismukes, Millie Doswell, Bettye Dudley, Asa E., Jr. Dupree, Mary Helen ? ■ ffl Seventh: Durden, Jacquelin Evans, Leland Ezell, Madge Fain, Earl H. Eighth: Finlayson, James D. Fitzgerald, Donald C, Jr. Gaither, Donald S. » First: Goodwin, Charles Gothard, Julene Grace, Ersell Second: Grant, Huey F. Green, Martin T. Green, Virginia Griffin, Billie . Third: Griffin, Jane Gwin, Bobby Hagler, Mae Hargrove, Ray H. Fourth: Harper, Fred M., Jr. Hayes, Anne Hayes, Joe Ben Fifth: Helms, Dorothy L. Helms, Grace T. Henderson, Daniel Lamar Sixth: Hilyar, Leon H. Hogan, John C Horton, Nora Howard, Griffin Seventh: Howard, Norma Harriet Howell, Mary Jacobs, Ernest H. Jinright, Dorothy H. Eighth: Johnson, James M. Johnson, Judge H. Johnson, Mary Evelyn First: Johnston, Betty J. Jones, . Carl A. Jones , Joyce Martin Second: Jones , Travis C. King, Betty King, Kenneth King, Wayne Fifth: McDougal, Gearge F. McNeil, Harry Hubert Marsh, Mary Jo Sixth: Martin, Margaret Templeton Merrill, Conrad Metcalf, Ruth Mixson, Margaret eventh: Morgan, Roy W. Motley, Faye Newman, Robert A. Newton, Joseph W. Eighth: Nix, George Carol Parker, John T. Payne, Wilene First: Penry, Doris Pleas, Annie Ruth Price, Bennie C. Second: Price, Lester Primm, Max Reddoch, Aubrey Reeves, Betty Third: Reeves, James H. Riley, Leonard Robins, Thomas B. Rooks, Mack A. Fourth: Rountree, Thomas J. Sanford, William D. Sapp, Martha Davie Fifth: Sasser, Shaver, Jr. Saunders, Sabie Eunice Sawyer, Earl Ray Sixth: Sheppard, B. F. Simmons, Henry Steagall Skinner, Edwina Smith, Oscar D. DA fe r 4 i , Seventh: Spigener, Leon W. Spurlock, Ollie Bell Starling, Harold Glenn Stewart, Carrie Sue Eighth: Stokes, Jackson W. Neal, Leola Styron Suddeth, James Richard, Jr. Ik i Sullivan, James Morgan Swann, William D. Taylor, Henry F. Taylor, Marjorie L. Tew, Jean Thompson, Gloria Jean Thompson, Marian L. Tice, Dorothy L. Trammell, Janice Vickers, Leroy Walker, Johnnie C. Ward, John M. Whatley, Virginia M. White, Rosemary Whitehurst, Edgar E. Wilkinson, Mildred E Williams, Doris Wright, Sara Edna THE FRESHMEN CUSS OF 1952 Mary Ann Strawbridge, Vice-President, stands at left as Jane Carter, Secretary-Treasurer, and Billy Goss, President, sit at the right. Jchn H. Allen Top Rcw: Left to Right: Allgood, Joyce Andress, Betty Andress, Thomas Atkinson, Lynn Ausbon, Williar Autrey, William Barlow, Orene Second Row: Bedsole, Elaine Belcher, Samuel Curwood Bell, Gene Bibb, John Boling Bond, Leighton Bradley, Ramona Third Row: Bragg, Merle Brake, Bonnie Jean Brooks, Kathryn Brown, Jchn Mark Brown, Richard R. Fourth Row: Brown, Wilbur T. Brunson, Marion Bryan, Doris Surke, William John, Jr. Byrd, Jane Taylor Fifth Row: Cabaniss, John Cain, Sibyl J. Calhoun, Ann Carter, Jane Chancey, Helen Sixth Row: Chapman, Wynell Childers, Bruce B. Childs, Robert Ellison Clark, Betty Jean Clark, Dorothy Bette Seventh Row: Clark, Jerry Clark, Mary Alice Clearman, Charles Commander, Gerald Cowart, Mary Eighth Row: Crews, Lonnie T. Cunningham, William G. Cutchen, Winnie Ruth Dailey, Bruce Dassinger, Martha « aa Top Row, Left to Right: Davis, James L. Dean, Ruth Dixon, Gwendolyn Dodd, David P. Dorrill, John H., Jr. Dowling, Betty Dragoin, Peggy A. Second Row: Dykes, Yvonne DuBose, Cherry Eddins, Fred Eliott, Lois Jewel Elliott, Nettie F. Elmore, John T. Etheridge, Raymond L. Third Row: Farris, Katherine Fleming, Eloise Fclmar, Sarah Fowler, James E. Free, Marshall Fourth Rcw: Freeman, Moses N. Gafford, William L. Gantt, Louise Garrett, Mary Lee Garrett, Faye Fifth Row: Gibson, Willie D. Goss, Virginia Goss, William E. Grace, Juanita Grantham, Perry Sixth Row: Grimes, Dorothy Gripton, Cather ine M. Hale, Mildred Hardy, Dewey D. Hardwick, Charles Seventh Row: Harmon, Floyd Harper, John B. Hditzog, Evans Healy, John f Helms, James A ' Eighth Rcw: Helms, Mory ■ Samh Ni-ll ■ Holladay, Brunise Top Row: Left to Right: Horn, Jon Hurst, Peggy Ingram, Grady Jacobs, Donald Jernigan, Jane Johnson, Alligene Johnson, Harold Second Row: Johnston, Mary K. Jones, Hubert William Joyner, Clara J. Kelly, Jean Kirkland, Emmett Kirkpatrick, Lyle Knowles, Jack Third Row: Knowles, Jane Kress, George D. Lacy, Charles B. Ledbetter, Joyce Lee, Anne Fourth Row: Lee, Betty M. Lee, Gene Lenzen, Micheal E. Leverette, Dorothy J. Lillard, Sue Fifth Row: Linton, Danabel Lisenby, Robert H. Lowery, Densby McCall, Hubert McCollough, Maurice Sixth Row: McDaniel, Alyne McDuffie, Ellison McEachern, Johnson L Martin, James L. Mason, Margaret Seventh Row: May, Billy Meadows, Heyward L. Meeks, Homer Middlebrooks, Joyce Moorer, Louise Eighth Row: Morgan, Jackie Morris, Barbara Morris, Rual W. Morrison, Alice R. Mozley, Donald J. ft 3 Jhta WL k ftifc » O. a £) First Row, Left to Right: Murdock, Betty Jo Murphy, Harvey F. Nelson, Jean Nichols, Thomas Nolen, Joyce Paramore, Edward E. Paramore, Willie Earl Second Row: Parks, Rose Paul, Robert M. Peterson, Irby Clyde Phelps, William Pierce, Carolyn Plant, Charles E., Jr. Plant, Mary Lou Third Row: Poterfield, James Poole, Sarah Pouncey, James Rex Pugh, Lebron Reid, Evelyn Fourth Row: Rhodes, Elva Rhodes, James H. Rhodes, Mary Bell Rhody, James B. Rice, Leon Eudon Fifth Row: Richardson, Janice Richburg, Joe Riley, Elizabeth Robinson, Harold Rountree, Reba Sixth Row: Slater, Kathleen Sanders, Clarence Hugh Sanders, Horace E., Jr. Sanders, Jean Sanders, Sarah Nell Seventh Row: Sasser, Carroll Sasser, Hubert W. Sawyer, Maxine Hayes Scarbrough, Rebecca Schmitz, Donald Eighth Row: Seaborn, Sally Ann Sellers, Ennis G. Sellers, Mary Lois Shepherd, Thomas G. Smith, Betty Lou Top Row, Left to Right: Smith, Edson G. Smith, Madelyne F. Smitherman, Wilda Gail Soles, Jack Corbitt Solomon, Marion Ellen Solomon, Sara Thurman Speigner, Gary Gene Second Row: Springer, Joyce Springer, Loyce Spurlock, Gertrude Stanley, Marion J. Stephens, Sam Ralph Stewart, Jean Elizabeth Strawbridge, Mary Ann Third Row: Strickland, Gerry M. Strother, Juanita Stubbs, Mary Catherine Summerlin, Samuel C. Taylor, James J. Fourth Row: Taylor, Jean Taylor, Jesse B. Thompson, Ira W. Thompson, Owen L. Till, Alton G. Fifth Row: Till, Falton C. Todd, Foy G. Todd, Thomas C. Trawick, Evelyn M. Vickery, C. B. Sixth Row: Walker, Jerry Walkee, Theresa Walls, Miriam Elouise Ward, Darance Weston, Billy Jo Seventh Row: Whatley, Robert Whigham, Don Whigham, Norman B. Whitehead, L Benton, Jr. Wiggins, Evelyn V. Eighth Row: Wiggins, Lonnie Williams, William Eugene Williamson, Ralph Wocdham, Carrie York, Maxwell Ray ■ r B + ad ELM K mWWW a M f % O C Q. Cj ( ?5 w BIBB GRAVES HALL 946 it housed barracks. c u l the Plementary training department of the Kilby HA beiow, cogens ,ho _ lobc J Seta - J „ elemenlory ,eoche, S do Co , lege . y Th« l.b School ■■ " « ' £ Siachers. Mawk Arnold Editor Jack Knowles . Associate Editor Charles Stringer . . Business Manager Mrs. Mildred Montgomery Faculty Advisor THE PALLADIUM STAFF JEROME KLEIN Class Editor BILL JONES Sports Editor JIMMIE RUTH MILTON Organizations Editor LONNIE VALENTINE .... Feature Editor ELLEN SOLOMON . . . Circulation Manager OPAL MIMS Women ' s Sports TOMMY NICHOLS .... Photography Editor ATHELLA GRACEY Art Editor THE STAFF BACK ROW: Sarah Poole, Tommy Nichols, Harold Johnson, Lonnie Valentine, Bill Jones, Sam Meeks, Martha F. Collins, Geraldine Cobb. SECOND ROW: Opal Mims, Athella Gracey, Betty Margaret Lee, Lynn Atkinson, Betty Jean Clark, Barbara Morris, Mary Helms, Nellie Grace Spivey. FRONT ROW: Mary Helen Dupree, Carolyn Pierce, Jimrnie Ruth Milton, Ellen Solomon, Evelyn Reid. FEATLRES Right: A typical room in Pace Hall. Place of study, play, and " Bull Sessions. " Pace Hall is the Men ' s Dormitory. It was erected in 1947 and opened that summer. The scene at left is taken in the lobby of the dormitory. CLASS ' .V ANN WOOD - SENIOR BEAUTIES I A w J JEAN CANNON -JUNIOR JEAN THOMPSON - SOPHOMORE II II I! I! MARION STANLEY - FRESHMAN i: K 1 1 TIES FAVORITES HERMAN SCOTT, upper left, is a Senior from Prattville. He has starred on the football field for the Red Wave the past two years, was " T " Club president, member of Who ' s Who, and Kappa Delta Pi. His major is mathematics. ELLEN MILLER, upper right, is a Senior from Orion. She majored in music, was a member of Who ' s Who, Kappa Delta Pi, and Vice-President of Religious Council. LOMAX " Tex " WILLIAMS, Greenville, was presi- dent of the Junior Class. He got the name " Tex " from his cowboy boots. OPAL MIMS, right, came to Troy from Newville. She is president of the Women ' s Athletic Association and served as Women ' s Sports Editor for the Palla- dium before being chosen Junior Class Favorite. FAVORITES RAYGENE BURKETT, Georgians He is Vice-Presi- dent of the Sophomore Class and a member of last season ' s varsity basketball squad. ROSEMARY WHITE, left, is a native Trojan. She has been a member of the college choir and band for her two years at the College. JEAN KELLY, upper right, is from Headland. Jean was voted most popular girl in her senior class in high school, and is continuing her winning ways at Troy. DAVE " Ox " KRESS, left, is a newcomer from Newark, New Jersey. " Ox " was a promising tackle on the 1948 Red Wave football squad, and a high scorer in the intramural basketball league. ' -. I Mi 1 |j SUMMER DOIN ' S Left: Spanish social Left: Swing yore padner Below: Fourth of July dance n i» r C-C Hill III College Appreciation Day Precedents Galore Trailin Above: Third place went to our industrious athletes. Right: Mr. Key, distinguished Editor of THE TROPOLI- TAN, maintains that they " Also ran. " His evidence is presented here. HOMECOMING Homecoming! When Chef Sartain gets into his I old khakis and makes up a barbecue that can ' t be beat this side of heaven! And when everybody puts his best bib and tucker to wind up the day with the dance! 4 A J -- ABOVE: Coronation of Annie Ruth Pleas and Marion Stanley as Barracks Dream Girl and Sweetheart of Pace Hall respectively. They are being crowned by Mimi Clower, last year ' s Sweetheart. BELOW: Cornation of Bi I lie Compton as 1948 Cotton Queen. HISS TROY S. T. C. Miss S. T. C. reigns over the Valentine Ball annually. This year Miss S. T. C. was Mrs. Annette Harris Boswell. The campaign for Miss S. T. C. was unusual this year in that both finalists in the all-student election were married. Virginia Tatum Spurlock was the runner-r DOROTHY WHITE BRADFORD Miss S. T. C. of 1948 Pictured below is Miss S. T. C. of 1949, Annette Harris Boswell, with husband Paul behind. WHO ' S WHO II AMERICAN DAVID WATSON OLLIE BAKER . CHARLIE NORRIS Below. ED NEELEY . . . JIMMIE RUTH MILTON O ' NEAL HENDRICKS . Florala Fitzgerald, .Ga. Mount Willing Verbena Geneva Columbus, Ga. UNIVERSITIES MD COLLEGES ELLEN MILLER Orion MARY P. STEVENSON . . . Brantley ANN WOOD Selma Below: HERMAN SCOTT Prattville BILLY TRUSSEL Tallassee WAYLAND DUBOSE Elba SHACKELFORD HALL SHACKELFORD HALL-Center of campus social |if e _gj r | ' s dorm. At the left a group of contented students talk and sing after " chow. " Right: One of the rooms where £fc the girls sleep, study, hold " Hen Parties, " and hang their souveniers. WRIGHT HALL -COLLEGE GYM Below: Troy State ' s own trailer camp— where many of our married couples live. - II HP i I i%A Above: Inside one of the Apart- ments. Almost like home. These Barracks might not be so much to look at, but- Enjoying the party? Just another Shackelford lobby party. DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS! Let ' s look at things from the other side, now. TOWN?! Campusology 432a Someone call a taxi? ' One of the evils of college, REGISTRATION Chow Hounds. Inc. w3| Jack (Ugly chile) Smith Band decoration! Dramatics at Troy State " Young ladies at Troy don ' t yell out windows! " Waiting for something? Hmmm-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m- Huh! Would you push her? See the next exciting issue of THE PALLADIUM! IN! II 1 l IT I II S KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is a nationcl honorary society in education. The purpose of it is to encourage professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to edu- cation. The Zeta Gamma Chapter was formed on this campus on May 18, 1946. OFFICERS WALTER HARRISON President ED NEELEY Vice-President ERNESTINE SMITH Corresponding Secretary ZURLENE FRANKLIN Recording Secretary MYRA CARTER Treasurer FIRST ROW: Earl Hutto, John Jackson, Richard Grantham, Leon Hornsby, Ethel Dixon, Glen Cock- roft, Blue Barber, Leon Redmon, Myrus Stokes, Major McFerrin, Zurlene Franklin, Frances Beck, Myra Carter, Charles Riddle, Lucille Davis. SECOND ROW: Charles Conter, Jimmie Ruth Milton, Faye Maddox, Myrtle Gatlin, Professor W. T. Wilkes, Phil Gracey, David Watson, O ' Neal Hendricks, James Day, Richard Jones, Ollie Baker, How- ard Pelham, Bill Trussell, Herman Scott. THIRD ROW: Jack Solomon, Frances Evans, Miss Lucille Garrett, Dr. R. H. Ervin, Dr. Emmett Kil- patrick, Doris Shirley, Miss Mary Wooley, Regal Willis, Pearl Rutherford, Ellen Miller, Sam Meeks, Ernest Threadgill, Geoff Bradford, Ann Wood, Opal Mims. FOURTH ROW: Weldon Smart, Bill Crunk, Mawk Arnold, Bill Lloyd, James Patrenos, Henry Steele, Fletcher Jones, Max Lane, James Commander, C. D. Carlile, Farrell Smith, Don Robinson, Sam Dixon, Harlan Brown, Ed Neeley, James Horn, Charles Norris, Walter Harrison. THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club, endowed by the Carnegie Foundation, has as its purpose the fostering of increased interest and understanding of foreign peoples and countries. Its chief aim is to help promote good will toward those other lands. OFFICERS WELDON SMART President WILLIAM EASTERLING Vice-President RUTH DEAN Secretary WILLIAM RASMUSSEN Program Chairman AUXFORD SARTAIN Faculty Advisor FIRST ROW: Opal Mims, Martha Collins, Laurah Ccbb, Ann Calhoun, Lois Commander, Yvonne Dykes, Faye Beasley, Mary Helen Dupree, (standing , Betty Sheppard, Jeanne Goodman, Jimmie Ruth Milton. SECOND ROW: Marion Stanley, Betty Margaret Lee, Mary Jane Thomason, John Jackson, Ruth Dean, Weldon Smiar, Miss Martha Jane Ballard, James Commander, James Horn, Vernard Burkett, John Bibb, Joe Newton, Jack Solomon, Charles Norris. THIRD ROW: William Rasmussen, Jackson Stokes, Charles Saunders, James Day, David Watson, Clarence Newsom, Alton G. Till, Falton E. Till, Ed Neeley, Erskine Key, Floyd Carr, Howard Pelham. TROY PLAYMAKERS The Troy Playmakers is a dramatic club whose purpose it is to develop dramatic talent and the art of acting, to cultivate a taste for the best in drama, and to unite the talents of the students. OFFICERS MERLIN CASEY President GENE LEE Vice-President MARY JANE THOMSEN Secretary-Treasurer SHOWN ABOVE: Howard Pelham, Martha Davie Sapp, Jimmie Ruth Milton, Ollie Baker, John Jackson, Ed Neeley, Myra Carter, Erskine Key, Jack Solomon, Zurlene Franklin, Blue Barber, Mary Jane Thomsen, Louie Tillery, Ernest Bazemore, Merlin Casey, Earl Hutto, Mary Lee Garrett, Gene Lee, Tommy Rounfree, Francis Evans. NOT PICTURED: Donald Dearborn, Charles Land, Martha McCartney, Regal Willis, Jack Smith, Frances Beck, Hazel Roberts. ETA SIGMA CHAPTER of ALPHA PSI OMEGA The Eta Siqma Cast is a member of the national honor fraternity for dramatics, Alpha Psi Omega. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in dramatics, aid other organizations partici- pating in dramatics, and reward persons for worthy participation in dramatics. Cast Director: Jack Solomon; Sub-Director: Francis Evans,- Secretary-Treasurer: Martha Golden SHOWN ABOVE: Francis Evans, Jimmie Ruth Milton, Erskine Key, Howard Pelham, Zurlene Franklin, Jack Solomon, Merlin Casey, Ollie Baker, Martha Golden, Regal Willis . . . NOT SHOWN: James Patre- nos. FRENCH CLUB The French Club was organized this year with the aim of furthering interest in the study of the French language and encouraging correspondance with French-speaking students in other countries. JOYCE LEDBETTER President CAROLYN PIERCE Secretary SEATED ABOVE: Joyce Ledbetter, Marion Stanley, Mr. J. W. Blackwell, Horace Sanders. STANDING: Jack Knowles, Jack Solomon, Carolyn Pierce, Betty Jo Murdock, Jackson Stokes, Samuel Ethridge. THE SPECS CLUB and teS SPKS C ' Ub " to " « " » " — « " " -demanding in tne fie ,ds of na tura l MOTTO.- " We See Things ' OFFICERS BILL LLOYD . CHARLES STRINGER DAVID WATSON President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer ette mSL1° MsMa W . ' ' M ° " L ° n,J ' D ° Vid Wa ' SO " ' Charles Norrh, Sam Meeks, Ever. CoJ l o°TJ! :° n " f Dr ' Jt " " M A - F — W " ™ W O ' Neo , Hendrick,, Ge,a,d THIRD ROW: Professor W T Wilkes Ml n™ n r- i . . Vernard Burkett, Louie Tillery, Dr. C J 1 Farmer C l r " Y ° Un 9 blood ' yrus Stokes, NOT SHOWN: R,cHard .ones, Jim SuHivan, Brown, Ben SHeppard, Li.hon Meadow, WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Athletic Association provides opportunities for every woman in the college to partic- ipate in organized games and activities. It strives to create a spirit of good sportsmanship, to pro- mote the health of the students, to create an interest in play, to provide recreational activities, to serve as a link to various national organizations interested in sports and recreation. The Troy Chapter became a member of the National Athletic Association in 1939. OFFICERS OPAL MIMS President FIRST ROW: Virginia Green, Jewell Elliott, Lois Commander, Sabie Saunders, Opal Mims, Betty Reeves. SECOND ROW: Mary Howell, Janice Trammell, Bonnie Brake, Janice Richardson, Jeanette Laney, Alligene Johnson, Johnnie Sue Boswell, Ellen Solomon. THIRD ROW: Louise Moorer, Ann Lee, Sarah Nell Sanders, Jean Cannon, Julene Gothard, Evelyn Trawick, Gwen Dixon, Jane Griffin, Geraldine Cobb, Mary Helms, Frances Sullivan. CH EERLEADERS Seven cheerleaders, one for each of the letters in RED WAVE, are selected by the studet body to lead the cheering section at football games. BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy Grimes, Russellville,- Billy Goss, Tallassee, Ed Grouby, Prattville; Jean Thompson, Troy. SE7COND ROW: Mary Helms, Clopton; Gwen Dixon, Autauguaville. TOP ROW: Frances Beck, Head Cheerleader from Brantley. W A VETTES The Wovettes aid the cheerleaders at football games by giving organized support to the cheer- ing section. SUE GRIMES, President; ELLEN SOLOMON, Vice-President; EVELYN TRAWICK, Secretary. FRONT ROW: Ellen Solomon, Opal Mims, Jane Knowles, Bennie Price, Jean Cannon, Jane Carter, Nellie Grace Spivey, Geraldine Cobb. BACK ROW: Mary Nell Rhodes, Evelyn Trawick, Sue Grimes, Joyce Allgood, Danabel Linton, Betty Doswell, Virginia Curtis, Sara Solomon, Betty Margaret Lee. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB HARRY HOWELL President TAY GREENE ANNE WOOD Secretary VIRGINIA GREENE Vice-President Treasurer FIRST ROW: Jeanette Laney, Opal Mims, Ann Wood, Jonnie Sue Boswell, Harry Howell, Jane Grif- fin, Betty Reeves, Grady Parsons: Canine is Jackie " Turp " Spear. SECOND ROW: Franklin Cannon, Herman Scott, Jim Finlayson, Raygene Burkett, Richard Jones, Gene Owens, Ed Nail, Ivan Jones. THIRD ROW: Paul Cafon, Joseph Kelley, James Reeves, Louie Tillery, Bill Trussell, James Spear, Robert Bronar. FOURTH ROW: Carey Kelley, W. A. Cumbie, Robert Riley, John Adamson. T " CLUB Membership in the " T " Club is granted to men who have earned a letter in one of the major intercollegiate sports— football, basketball, and baseball. OFFICERS HERMAN SCOTT President SHELBY SEARCY Vice-President CHARLES O ' NEAL Secretary TAY GREEN Treasurer FRONT ROW: Bill Trusell, Ed Nail, Herman Scott, Charles O ' Neal, William Ezell, Charles Riddle, Herbert Connell. LEFT LINE EXTENDING BACK: LaMar Bowden, Spencer Davis, Frank Pelham, Tay Green. RIGHT LINE EXTENDING BACK: Marvin Carlton, Shelby Searcy, Carlos Basse ' tt, Joe Lowery, Otis Johnson. NOT PICTURED: Ivan Jones, Grady Hicks, Gene Clark, Leon Hilyer, James Spear, Mitchell Kirkland, Kenneth Avinger, Paul Caton, Stanford Toole, Harry Howell, Charles Cox, Jimmie Beavers, J. T. Elmore, Asa Dudley, Gene Burkett, Charles McCall, Gene Norman, James Sullivan, Mack Rooks, Ted Franklin, Johnny Kreis, Carley Kelley, Fred Hatfield, Calvin Jones, Tommie Garrett, George Hammer, Aubrey Hicks, Eearl Hilyer. THE TOWN GROUP The Town Group was organized to afford off-campus students full representation to the S. G. A. and to form a closer bond between off-campus and on-campus students. OFFICERS GEORGE JACKSON President JOHN LOCKWOOD Vice-President JOYCE MIDDLEBROOKS Secretary I Im I A CO- WEDS OFFICERS JEAN MOORE President MARGARET PLATT Vice-President BETTY SHEPPARD Secretary The young married women on the campus organized the Co-Weds to provide themselves with a social organization in which they might discuss mutual interests and enjoy group recreation. FIRST ROW: Bobby Anners, Betty Sheppard, Gerry Spear, Ivey Childers, Ethel Dixon, Bobby Parker. SECOND ROW: Sarah Harrison, Margaret Piatt, Mildred Horn, Roberta Bass, Lois Commander, Jean Moore, Gerry Strickland, Doris Shirley. NOT PICTURED: Margaret Jones, Cloyce Blackshear, Katherine Smith, Kafherine Harmon, Mavis Mosely, Vivian Andrews, Evelyn Boutwell. SHACKELFORD HALL HOUSE COUNCIL The House Council is the policy making body and governing unit of the dormitory. SEATED ON FLOOR: Jacqueline Durden, Representative; Miriam Ryland, Representative; Mary Price Stephenson, Secretary-Treasurer; Betty Culbreth, Representative,- Ernestine Smith, Representative,- Opal Mims, Representative. IN CHAIRS: Jimmie Ruth Milton, President; Grace Helms, Representative; Martha Collins, Represen- tative,- Ann Wood, Vice-President. PACE HALL HOUSE COUNCIL The House Council functions as the regulating unit of Pace Hall and seeks to promote smooth re- lationships among the residents of the dormitory. SHOWN ABOVE: Myrus Stokes, Monitor,- Mrs. Mildred Montgomery, Director of Men ' s Housing- Bill Trussell, Monitor,- Howard Pelham, President; Maurice Johnson, Monitor, Blue Barber, Vice-President- Joe Newton, Monitor, Bobby Gwin, Monitor; Robert Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer,- James Mozley, Monitor ' THE TROPOLITAN The Tropolitan is the student newspaper, edited and written entirely by the students as a free time activity. It is published every two weeks, bringing the news and views of the students to the subscribers among the friends and alumni of Troy State Teachers College, as well as to the students and faculty on the campus. PICTURED ABOVE: Seated Around Table: Blue Barber, Assistant Editor, Travis Jones Assistant Editor; Jimmie Ruth Milton, Assistant Editor, Erskine Key, Editor-in-Chief; Tommy Rountree ' Associate Editor; L. D. Valentine, Assistant Editor,- Dr. Emmett Kilpotrick, Faculty Advisor. FIRST ROW: James Rhoades, Athella Gracey, Ellen Solomon, Laurah Cobb, Mary Helen Dupree Martha Davie Sapp, Nellie Grace Spivey. SECOND ROW: Earl Hutto, Sports Editor; Ernest Bazemore, Marion Brunson, James Patrenos Tom Todd, Carolyn Pierce, Martha Collins. ON CABINETS: Opal Minis, Elva Rhodes, Janice Trammell, Mary Howell. I CONCERT BAND CLARINETS Rosemary White Ernest Threadgill Geoff Bradford Grady Brackin Joe Richburg John Chalker Owen Thompson Annie Ruth Pleas Henry Steele Grace Martin Harold Jacobs Hazel Roberts Betty Culbreth Jean Goodman Tommy Nichols FLUTES Lonnie Valentine Glenn Starling Homer Meeks BASSOON Herman Carr PROF. G. A. STEPHENSON OBOE Jack Knowles ALTO HORNS Grafton Asher Weldon Smart Ann Kelley Leola Styron FRENCH HORN Bobby Helms SAXOPHONES Prentiss Melder Norval Steele Jack Farrar Bill Cope James Mozley Alvin Alexander CORNETS Lacy Powell Maurice Johnson Bill Howard Bill Mitchum Howard Quattlebaum Myra Carter Jimmie Ruth Milton Heyward Cole Tom Todd Jean Sanders Benton Whitehead TROMBONES Don Robinson LaMar DeLoach Evans Hartzog M. V. Freeman BARITONES Jimmie Patrenos ' Lonnie Wiggins Rose Parks W. C. Taylor TUBA Charlie Confer Billy Lloyd Director PRENTISS MELDER Ed Moore Ellison McDuffie BELL LYRE Ellen Miller Grace Nichols Mary Co wart Betty Jo Murdock PERCUSSION Robert Walters James Rhoades Edwina Skinner Jim Vickery LeBron Pugh MAJORETTES Betty Doswell Betty Reeves Jonnie Sue Boswell Ann Harris Jane Griffin Ruth Metcalf Drum Major CHAPEL CHOIR FIRST ROW: Frances Beck, Rose Parks, Lucille Davis, Sarah Poole, Alice Morrison Mary Cowart, Grace Martin, Gerry Strickland, Wynell Chapman, Athella Gracey, Mary Price Stephenson, Grace Nich- ols, Bettye Doswell, Allyne McDaniel, Gwen Dixon, Zurlene Franklin, Nellie Grace Spivey, Betty Lou Smith, Louise Gantt, Jean Sanders, Dorothy Jinright, Annie Ruth Pleas, Kathryn Brooks, Ellen Miller. SECOND ROW: Jimmie Ruth Milton, Alligene Johnson, Patsy Lee, Myra Carter, Betty Culbreth, Doris Penry, Gail Smitherman, Martha Davie Sapp, Rosemary White, Jane Carter, Ann Hayes, Jane Knowles, Rebecca Scarbrough, Helen Chancy, Carolyn Pierce, Millie Dismukes, Dorothy Leverette, Mil- dred Hale, Sue Lillard, Yvonne Dykes. THIRD ROW: Gene Lee, William Cope, Maurice McCullough, Leonard Conway, John Chalker, Maurice Johnson, Homer Meeks, L. B. Williams, James Rhodes, Jack Farrar, Mordecai Arnold, Doyce Wallace, Leroy Vickers, Kelly Strickland, Ernest Threadgill, Herman Carr, Bobby Helms, James Porter- field, Glen Starling, Harold Jacobs, Robert Walters. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Rountree, James Cowart, John Lockwood, Geoff Bradford, Lacy Powell, Don Robinson, Charlie Confer, Grady Brackin, Floyd Carr, Billy Kilpatrick, Jack Knowles, James Patrenos, Prentiss Melder, Conrad Merrill, Jerry Walker, James Pouncey, Erskine Key, Steagall Simmons, ONie Baker, Billy May, Marion Brunson. NOT PICTURED: Mary Nell Rhodes, Joyce Allgood, Jean Goodman, Ellen Solomon, James Peacock, Carlton Kennedy. The Chapel Choir is under the direction of Gilbert A. Stephenson, Head of the Music Department. Mrs. Violet Ervin is Organist; Miss Mary Vic Mauk, Pianist. TROY WAVEMEN DANCE BAND The Troy Wavemen Dance Band, under the direction of Geoff Bradford, is organized within the music department. This band plays engagements off the campus in addition to playing for most of the college dances. FIRST ROW: Jimmie Patrenos, piano; Sterling Snellgrove, guitar; Grady Brackin, Tenor Sax; Geoff Bradford, Alto Sax ; Ernest Threadgill, Alto Sax; James Mozley, Baritone Sax,- Dot White, Vocalist. SECOND ROW: Charlie Confer, Bass,- Jim Vickery, Drums; Don Robinson, Trombone,- LaMar De- Loach, Trombone; Bill Mitchum, Trumpet; Don Fitzgerald, Trumpet; Lacy Powell, Trumpet. INTER-DENOMINATIONAL RELIGIOUS COUNCIL The purpose of the Religious Council is to promote tolerance, understanding, and Christian fellow- ship through interdenominational activities, to act as a connecting link between the churches of Troy and the students of the college, and to sponsor religious services on the campus. SEATED: Ellen Miller, Vice-President; Blue Barber, President; Bill Goss, Secretary. STANDING: Gene Lee, Grace Nichols, James Patrenos, Sam Meeks, Betty Reeves, Jacqueline Durden. ATHENAEUM CLUB The Athenaeum Club is composed of students who are members of the library staff. It seeks to pro- mote interest in literature and library methods. Secretary-Treasurer SAM MEEKS President BETTY KING Vice-President DOYCE WALLACE REPORTER . . FIRST ROW: Rosemary White, Margaret Mason, Gwen Dixon. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Phelps, Joyce Ledbetter, Emma Ruth Wasden, Betty King. THIRD ROW: Sam Meeks, Miss Thelma Cates, Doyce Wallace, Harlan Brown, Jack Knowles. FIRST ROW: James Rhodes, Paul Boswell, Annette Boswell, Carolyn Johnston, Lillian Meadows, Frances Beck, Zurlene Franklin, Mary Price Stephenson, Leon Hornsby. SECOND ROW: David Watson, Milton Smith, Elizabeth Sims, Bonnie Penn, Jonnie Sue Boswell, Har- ry Howell, Ann Wood, Glenn Crockroft. THIRD ROW: Dr. G. R. Boyd, Fletcher Jones, James Shirley, Bill Crunk, George Jackson, John Lockwood, Geore Maddox, Geoff Bradford. FOURTH ROW: Prentiss Melder, Earl Hutto, Myra Carter, Ernestine Smith, James Horn, Betty Shep- pard, Walter Harrison, Eloise Ryals, James Commander, Hazel Roberts, Sue Grimes. FIFTH ROW: Ernest Threadgill, Charles Conter, Herman Scott, Ashley Hutchinson, Jeanne Goodman, Leonard Piatt, Doris Shirley, Ellen Miller, Cline Williamson, Mary Nell Lloyd. BACK ROW: Don Robinson, Hubert Pate, Ferrell Smith, Weldon Smart, C. D. Carlile, Mitchell Shirley, Joe Lowery, John Bedsole, Robert Riley. NOT PICTURED: Wilmer Andrews, John Bass, Verdie Boomer, James Boutwell, Thomas Boutwell, Burman Caton, Donald Dearborn, Sam Dixon, William Ezell, John Golden, Eulalia Holston, Bill Howard, Joseph Johnson, Sidney Jones, Charles Knowles, Cha les Land, Robert Lewis, Gerald McDade, Faye Mad- dox, Jean Odom, Frank Pelham, Ben Sheppard, George Smith, Sam Smith, Virginia Spurlock, Jane Welch, Helen Wilkes, Brozene Wise. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMER I C A The Future Teachers of America is organized for the purpose of giving prospective teachers op- portunities to become more familiar with their chosen profession, make studies of teaching procedure and professional attitudes, and have contact with educational leaders. OFFICERS ERNEST BAZEMORE President JAMES ED NEELEY .... Vice-President WELDON SMART Secretary DAVID WATSON . . Chairman, Group A FIRST ROW: Myrus Stokes, Edwin Fleming, Marvin Carlton, Jimmie Ruth Milton, John Jackson, James Reeves. SECOND ROW: Prof. Harris Harvill, Grady Parsons, Ted Parker, Carey Kelley, Ernest Bazemore. THIRD ROW: William Thomasson, Charlie Pouncey, Charles Norris, Harry Strickland, Luther Man- waring. FOURTH ROW: Bill Trussell, Howard Pelham, Ollie Baker, Jack Solomon. SPORTS Troy Is Awarded Trophy Honoring Calvin E. Kilpatrick This trophy was awarded by the Drs. J. O. and J. H. Colley in honor of the late Calvin Kilpatrick, of Opp, who was killed in a traffic accident November 22, 1947, while returning home from a Red Wave victory at Fort Benning, Ga. Each year in the future a smaller likeness of the trophy will be presented to a member of a Red Wave varsity team in a major sport. It will be presented on the basis of character, scholarship, lead- ership, and athletic ability. This is an honor to be sought by all strong, intelligent men of athletic ability who will attend S. T. C. in the years to come. BUDDY McCOLLUM Head Coach and Athletic Director BUDDY BROOKS Basketball Coach SAM SMITH Baseball Coach JOHN LOCKWOOD Assistant Football Coach SHELBY SEARCY Halfback BILL TRUSSELL Quarterback — Captain CARLOS BASSETT Tackle MACK ROOKS Fullback TROY WINS OPENER OVER UNION This being the first game of the season, no one at Troy expected the Wave to make a good showing, but the team jumped over the scrimmage kinks and edged past the Union Bulldogs 15 to 6. In- strumental in this victory were RH Sonny Queen, LH Ted Franklin, and RH Coot Chesser. In the line RG Toy Green and RT Ox Kress were oustanding. WAVE OUTPLAYS S. L. I. BUT DROPS TILT Here the Wave ran up against one of its larger brothers in the SIAA, and came away on the short end of a 26 to 19 score. The Louisiana Bulldogs had expected to run up a big score, but Troy surprised them with its spirited play, and even scored first. This was perhaps the best game played by the Wave all season. Righhalf Coot Chesser was the hottest thing on the field for the Trojans. MARVIN CARLTON Halfback FUZZY HOWELL Quarterback JIM BEAVERS Halfback PAUL CAYTON Tackle TROY TAKES UNDERMANNED CADETS The undermanned Cadets of Marion Institute came out with a split T formation which ran up an early score on the over confident Red Wave. Eventually Troy ' s vaunted offense got underway, though, and rolled up three TD ' s giving the 19 to 6 victory margin over the Cadets. WAVE DROPS TILT TO AUSTIN-PEAY The unbeaten Governors came down seeking revenge for de- feat at the hands of the Wave men in 1947. They ment home on the long end of an 18 to 7 count. The varsatile Sonny Queen was the spark of the Wave. RED WAVE LOSES THRILLER TO JAX The Wave, after having lost two games, sought to get back into winning ways by ending the winning streak of the Gamecocks, but came away with the short end of a 25 to 13 score. Troy led 13 Ml TURP SPEAR Guard JIM SULLIVAN Guard ENNIS SELLERS Tackle HERMAN SCOTT End U, DEWEY RENFROE Quarterback » CECIL LANGCASTER Guard to 12 until the final two minutes of play when the North Alabamians scored two quick touchdowns to sew up the game. The Wave still had a chance to score when the count was 18 to 1 3 as they marched to the Jacksonville 12 where Williams intercepted Renfroe ' s pass. In a few seconds the gamecocks scored again when Smith intercepted another of Renfroe ' s passes and galloped 50 yards for the final TD. HOMECOMING SCRAP COPPED BY TROY In this game the Wave turned the pigskin warpath to its home camping grounds for the annual Homecoming game. The apposition was furnished by the capable Tigers of Livingston who turned in a whale of a ball game before losing 14 to 0. The offensive minded Wave had to rely upon the good right arm of Quarterback Lucky Renfroe to pull this victory out of the bag. Troy scored both its touch- downs on aerials and Renfroe added both extra points from place- ments. RICHARD CHESSER Halfback KENNETH AVINGER Tackle CHARLIE McCALL End Mfii ■■HH JOHNNY KREIS End GENE NORMAN Fullback T. ELMORE Fullback WAVE OVERWHELMS ST. BERNARD The Red Wave, which had been running hot and cold, found itself in this game. The team could do no wrong as everything went off like clock work and the Saints were overwhelmed 32 to 0. Troy suf- fered a less when Righthalf Sonny Queen received a severe eye injury that put him on the shelf for the rest of the season. Hurt previously in the Livingston game was regular Lfthalf Franklin, so at this point reserve halfbacks Carlton and Chesser came into their own. Due to their remarkable play they are known as the Cinderella Twins. " ONION " DAVIS Guard— Alternate Captair MITCHELL KIRKLAND Guard TED FRANKLIN Halfback " SONNY " QUEEN Halfback CARLTON VOTED MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Max Moseley, Sports Editor of the Montgomery Advrtiser, is shown presenting the Most Valuable Player Trophy to left halfback Marvin Carlton, senior from Tallassee. This trophy is presented annually by the Enzor Theatre in conjunction with the Troy Quarterback Club, to the Red Wave player voted most valuable by his teammates. WEST GEORGIA SWAMPED BY WAVE The Wavemen jumped on the Braves and did nit let up until they had scored a 33 to 7 triumph. Instrumental in the victory was Gcathead Carlton, player. Chesser also turned in a good game. ho was later selected as the team ' s most valuable TROY PULLS ' BAMA BEES ' STINGER The ' Bama Bees ' rolled into Dothan as heavy favorites to sting the Wave into defeat only to have the Cinderella Twins, Carlton and Chesser pull their stinger out 6 to 0. FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES SCALP RED WAVE The Seminoles, still from a 36 to 6 pasting they took from Troy last year came into Dothan ' s Wire- grass Stadium with blood in their eye and submerged an overconfident Wave 20 to 13. Carlton, Chesser, and Cox stood out for the losing Wave. TROY DROPS FIRST POST-SEASON GAME TO JAX Some 7,000 fans saw Troy drop its first post-season game to Jacksonville in the Paper Bowl in Pensacola, as the Gamecocks scored in the first, se :ond, and fourth periods to subdue the Wavemen 19 to 0. The punting of Carlton and Norman was the highlight of Troy ' s play. o CO CD h- o o u_ LU CO LU h- Ql LU co O D 0) O CO E 2 3 O CQ Q ?= 6 v O- X ? ' s CQ O o « Si p -§ • °- 2 » LU " D CO - C 2 J " y co t 5 5 .ST. a » I LU 6 Q.Z f 5 - 1 - _Q 15 » _S o £ 0) D 3 X 1 • c-° E HI o .. •- n - ? D U -Q .. - c O e z i -D • o c o -r, c .E o o O) -Q E 8 S3 Lt! U co CO .« O O «? o o r CQ u JJ CO - -6 " .. O 3 lu -Q £ X n u .- D -3 " 2 X ui » o - o x o .. U -D 2 o » D .- c E a co U .. _. o ■5 .9- I s 3 O D 8 t LU " D O " o J = o c 3 -S _o a -o p 8 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD The Troy State hoopsters are pictured here with the coaches and manager. Standing, left to right: Sam Smith, " B " Team Coach; Carlos Bassett; Lyndon Robinson; Chase Riddle,- Buddy Brooks, Coach; Raygene Burkett; Junior Jones; Bill Williams; Junior Wilson; Buddy McCollum, Athletic Director. Kneeling, left to right: Asa Dudley, Manager; Jim Gurley; Mack Rooks,- Bobby DeRieux,- Bill Trussell; Leon Hilyer,- Charlie Cox; Tommy Garrett. ■ THE PLAYERS At Left: Grady " Junior " Wilson Columbus, Georgia At Right: Thomas " Junior " Jones Frisco City, Ala. JONES VS NAVY Junior Jones attempts a field goal here against Pensacola Navy. The Red Wave dropped the tilt by a score of 53-47. A close game all the way, Pensacola surged ahead in the closing moments for their win. Garrett paced the Red Wave by sinking 1 markers. At Left: Charlie Cox Clanton, Alabama At Left: Bill Trussell Tallassee, Alabama Below: Mack Rooks Marianne Florida At Left: Leon Hilyer Phenix City, Alabama HILYER SINKS ONE AGAINST AUBURN Leon Hilyer goes up to sink a shot from the corner in the game against Auburn, Feb- ruary 10. Auburn ' s height led the Plainsmen to 69-44 victory over the Wavemen. ' At Left: Bill Williams Columbus, Georgia Be low: Chase Riddle Columbus, Georgia At Left: Tommy Garrett Castleberry, Alabama RIDDLE NETS ONE Riddle drops one through the hoop as Troy came through to wallop Craig Field in a free scoring melee. Everyone -got a chance to play in this contest as the Wavemen amassed a total of 76 points while the Craig Field quintet was netting 59 markers. At Left: Raygene Burkett Georgiana, Alabama Below: Bobby DeRieux Birmingham, Alabama TROY STATE " B " SQUAD Pictured above is the S. T. C. " B " team, sometimes called the " Pink Ripples. " Standing, left to right: Gecrge Cope, Gene Clark, Coach Sam Smith, Jack Cash, Harvey Murphy, Buck Solomon, Frank Tenewitz, Gene Layton, Winton Culbreth, Johnny Horn, William Zinser, Jack Burke. WILLIAMS PULLS A FAST ONE Here Bill Williams, speedy cagester from Columbus, shoots his underhanded crip shot as Troy handed the Jax State quintet a thrilling de- feat. This 62 to 61 win fur- nished sweet revenge for the Wavemen who had already suffered one defeat at the hands of the Gamecocks ear- lier in the season. l Gt ? A E m } I8M 3$ hzM «» TROY STATE BASEBALL TEAM Pictured above are the men who represented S. T. C. on the diamond during the 1948 season. Standing, left to right: Sam Smith, Coach; Herbert Connell, If; Gene Norman, p-lb; Bill Screws, c,- Ken- neth Cobb, C; Leon Hilyer, 3b; Tommy Bass, cf; Bernice Sheppard, p-of; Doc Bowden, 2b. Kneeling, left to right: Buddy O ' Neal, Manager,- Hubert Sellers, 1 b-of; Grady Hicks, p,- Bobby DeRieux, ss; Gene Clark, p ; Harry Strickland, p; Joe Lowery, rf. These men wound up the baseball season with 16 wins and 13 losses but they won a majority of the intercollegiate games they participated in. Centerfielder Tommy Bass led the sluggers with a sea- son ' s average of .350, closely followed by Norman and Cobb with .349 and .343 respectively. THE RECORD Troy 6 Tuskegee 14 Troy 3 Florida State U. 2 Troy 4 Geneva 6 Troy 13 Livingston 12 Troy 5 Livingston 8 Troy 2 Livingston 8 Troy 17 Livingston 1 Troy 17 Marion Military 6 Troy 5 Blakely, Ga. 11 Troy 12 Marion Military 6 Troy 4 Enterprise 7 Troy 12 Eglin Field 5 Troy 18 Marion Institute 2 Troy 12 Spring Hill College 7 Troy 18 Marion Institute 2 Troy 5 Spring Hill College 8 Troy 1 Troy Pros 8 Troy 5 Pensacola Navy 4 Troy 13 Brundidge 7 Troy 11 Pensacola Navy 3 Troy 11 Maxwell 7 Troy 9 Eglin Field 8 Troy 4 Standard Roofing Co 1 Troy 8 Headland Semi-Pros 21 Troy 6 Spring Hill College 3 Troy 5 Florida State U. 6 Troy 3 Spring Hill College 4 Troy 1 Donaldsonville, Ga. 5 Troy 2 Maxwell Field 9 Pictured above is T. I. Springer of the Runts, bsing tagged by Bobby DeRieux of the Steelers, as these two leading contenders for the Intramural Fcotball championship battle it out in one of the final games of the season. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE ENDS IN THREE-WAY TIE STANDINGS TEAM W L Steelers 6 1 Runts 6 1 Rockets 6 1 War Eagles 4 3 Pee Wees 3 4 Green Wave 2 5 Wildcats 1 6 Bobcats 7 Pet. .857 .857 .857 .571 .428 .285 .142 .000 The above standings are for the regular season ' s play. In the playoffs between the teams tied for first place the Runts downed the Rockets by a closs score in the first game, only to be overwhelmed by the Steelers in the final Championship game. This year Intramural football turned out to be very in- teresting and competition was keen throughout the league. The League was under the direction of Gerald McDade this year. The following boys were mem- bers of the Championship Steelers: Bobby Riley, Doc Bowden, Bobby DeRieux, Grady Hicks, Ottis John- son, Billy Williams, Leon Hilyer, John Terry, Ed Childers, Manager Herbert Connell. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL ATTRACTS MANY Thirteen teams turned out to compete for honors in the Intramural Basketball League this year. These students who took the trouble to walk over to the gym were amply rewarded by getting to wit- ness many closely contested games. As this Annual went to the printers two teams, the Steelers and Longhoms, were sharing the top spot with the Steelers having an advantage because they had played mere games. Leading the scoring parade was Frank Tenewitz, of the Draftdodgers, with 130 points. His nearest rivals were Jack Creswell, Queen 7 cagester, and Gene Norman, Hoopster star. LEAGUE STANDINGS TEAM W L Pet. TEAM W L Pet. Steelers 11 1.000 Shortsnorters 5 7 .417 Longhorns 8 1.000 Queen 7 3 6 .333 Apartments 6 2 .750 Alleybats 3 6 .333 Hoopsters 5 3 .625 Double A 1 6 .143 Boiled Eggs 6 4 .600 Hotshots 8 .000 Eightballs 7 5 .583 What ' s Its 9 .000 Draftdodgers 6 5 .545 In the Dicture below Gene Norman of the Hoopsters is shown sinking one that proved detrimental to the Hotshots. It was this same type shot that made Norman a top contender for individual scoring honors. WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS SOME LEAP, EH? GOING UP AFTER IT WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS SPORTS SLANTS H ■ 1 r T S3 m | A f UJ X k . 4 X » Dramatics, Ain ' t It? And on our right we see Miss S.T. C. of 1967, and her Campus King! It Pays To Advertise And... . . It Will Pay You To Read Ou r Ads X PAN-AM CAFE 5 Always Full of Troy State Students • REGULAR DINNERS J .- SHORT ORDERS JENKINS Pan - Am Chef Delicious Fried Chicken and Steaks Telephone 9169 501 South Brundidge Street QUALITY DOORS AND SASHES HENDERSON, BLACK, and GREEN MILL COMPANY BUILDERS SUPPLIES AND COAL 100 SOUTH MARKET TROY, ALABAMA PLEASANT FOLKS TO DEAL WITH We are proud of our size, standing, and services — but prouder still of the spirit that marks our relations with customers and friends. You ' ll find us pleasant folks to deal with — sincere, friendly, and cooperative — eager to serve the interest of our community and the welfare of its people. First Farmers Merchants National Bank TROY, ALABAMA TROY BILLIARD HALL Weddings Portraits Holman Johnson Photographer Rooms 34 and 35, Folmar Building TROY, ALABAMA Phone 746 Commercial Oil Coloring McGARITY MOTORS, Incorporated Authorized Ford Dealer and Service PHONE 720 TROY, ALABAMA JOE. T. VAN SERVICE STATION TEXACO GAS AND OILS ENZOR THEATRE Congratulations To The Senior Class BRUCE and JONES Dry Cleaners Pick-Up and Delivery Service Phone 505 TROY, ALABAMA YUKON ' S BEST FLOUR Sold By Henderson-Black Grocery Company TROY, ALABAMA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS From ALABAMA WAREHOUSE COMPANY TROY, ALABAMA Fall In Line With All The Other Nice People Come To McLeod ' s Drug Store TROY, ALABAMA Johnston ' s Grocery And Market THE FRIENDLY GROCERY Corner of Madison and So. Brundidge TROY, ALABAMA LOOK HERE FIRST! PHOTO ALBUMS . . . SCRAPBOOKS JEWELRY . . . STATIONERY COLLEGE CANTEEN Laundry And Toilet Soaps FOOD, MUSIC AND FUN! LOOK HERE FIRST! - DELIGHTFULLY DIFFERENT r , , , , ' , " , ' ' ,, ' ' ' , ' - ' ' , ' ' ' ' ' « ' ICE CREAM Pasteurized Homogenized At A Reasonable Price DAIRY PRODUCTS E " »C CRIAM SP be S£ + iH s ARCADIA DAIRY i ( UcecbA Grade A Raw Milk — Cream , bb£ bbbPt ' - 5 . ::::, — " - Lady Borden Ice Cream comes fresh as it ' s Chocolate Milk — Buttermilk frozen, ready to dip out of its distinctive, Bur- gundy-colored pint package. At your Borden Ice Cream dealer ' s. PHONE 939 LADY BORDEN Ice Crea m TROY, ALABAMA FIT FOR A GOLDEN SPOON Stevie Claus! They Call That Pulchritude! Send It To — GREENE ' S CLEANERS TROY ' S OLDEST Deliveries or Cash and Carry Phone 38 TROY, ALABAMA Anything and Everything You Need For Your HOUSE FURNISHINGS WOOD FURNITURE COMPANY Troy ' s Leading Home Furnishers For Over 70 Years 72 North Court Square Phone 1 80 BRANTLEY ' S GIFT SHOP GIFTS OF DISTINCTION TROY, ALABAMA Thirty Years Serving S. T. C. STUDENTS - FACULTY And The People of Troy And Surrounding Territory THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT CITY DRUG STORE " On The Corner " Phone 61 1 TROY, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF THRIFTY STORES TROY, ALABAMA C AND S MOTORS SALES - STUDEBAKER - SERVICE We Service Any Make Cars And Trucks TROY, ALABAMA EAT DON ' S PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES Fresh Daily HOBBS CANDY CO. TROY, ALABAMA ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES and PAKE-STEPHENSON, INC. APPLIANCES Sporting Goods WILLIFORD PLUMBING Athletic Equipment HEATING COMPANY Toys Phone 290 TROY, ALABAMA 14 COMMERCE STREET GAS SUPPLIES MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA and APPLIANCES Phone 2-1908 -2-1909 THE TROY MESSENGER | Compliments Of (Every Evening Except Saturday and Sunday) HARVEY ' S NEW STORE THE TROY HERALD J - J - J . J . J . J . . J - J . J - jrj - J - J . J . J . J - J - J . J . J . J . . J . . J . J . J -_ - J - J - J - J .. (Sunday) . - TWO HOME TOWN PAPERS j When You Think Of The Best In Drugs, Think Of SERVING S. T. C, TROY, and i i BYRD ' S DRUG CO. PIKE COUNTY | 81 North Court Square TROY, ALABAMA PHONE 298 j . j j J VISIT MARY CHEVROLET One- Stop Service TEXACO SERVICE STATION for WASHING, LUBRICATION, POLISH North Three Notch Street W. A. MAY GREEN Frank Rosa, Manager ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Serving You Since 1903 23 South Court Street MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Phone 3-0224 SHOP AT ROSENBERG ' S TROY ' S BEST Everything In Drygoods Byrd-Watters Drug Co. WALGREEN AGENCY Alwa ys At Your Service Phone 922 Troy, Alabama Wilkerson ' s Gifts CHINA GLASSWARE STATIONERY GREETING CARDS IN , Kemewwesi PaA cjxm » (lememkeA, PateiCfCm » flemembeA. Pan za n GRADUATION I sM% oday a _ we are printers of the yearbook of your school. Tomorrow as you seek your future in bdfithe professions, industry 83 and commerce we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printings and Lithography Ypl you will need in the pursuit of your career. «U W««E?? Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. li iUt lied Wuku Cfte Qaragon Qreste MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA m

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