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I 'N' www h N- '. ' 1" I :iv--, 'P . -- " r .- -Y ig: a P Q- '- i 5. ' A ,' 1 I li . 'M - V I ' 0:,4 - Irv -.-y ---I I . ' L lt. - Q4 'jk .',.'. 5' .v I Q 'V -el V v - , J A' , -T is . . Q ' -uh , I , ' ., A 4 :. - - . . '-U A, 1 1 ' ' - 4 l ' " . 'r f ' ,LN U ' - . L -V ..1 ' 9, A, U . ' ., . ' - V ' x . , .. - 4 -4 3 9, V ., f Q 41 Af 43' 5 .65 ff. F ' G C iff 'A u :FIC N16 P-8 F - . QA KT' ' y. I ..l I 19, . v 1 N ' 1 -N 0 f I ,n l n f x I I I O l -ll-. . P .X ' iff ' 4 r. at P1 - ' 5 . P U ' n- u .5 . or I A. 'WI . l I. w n 1 X 1 "V Ry 'A' 'I ' I, D, I :flux it lim .N "'N - 'Q - ' . . Q ' I , - . - . " 'I t '- I N ' 4 Amt' . L 'T 4v.', LI".' ' YQ... V 1 n '- ' 'Vx' W' I .dl V I f JI L 4 -' l , X' I f. ' F14 fig! Q 3' ' " ' 4 " 5,1 4' ' :- -.4 . ,. Q ' , Y ' . ' -'O if "L,-1"A,3t.-L Q x S ' 0 I Q Q 1., .3 s 4 . nt'-lf f . v 1,9 l '.r '1 'S Q J , QA 4 1' 1 . 1 'r, , K : 15:1 955' , ' .' .' ' ,K .. ,:" tx. X Ia - , ,Ugg . ,glut ' T . ,' f fl N ," - 1 1 0 I' . - C Q , . 0 fy' ' .411 .O 1' 5' ' 'C-A 4 u s 5 'Q .. ' , s 'x 'I 'Q N . 1 1 A v' Q, 1,6 '. .W .Aj , ,V 1 1 . 4' ' .104 ' x ' 'Z 'Q 5-'A Q - L t su tt ' 03:2 I " . 1, 5. . '1 - . -2 if 8 . ff. U ,,!.4,:" :-' .-" ' 'A+-N' ' - I.-"...,l. I wl- -Q ' ' ' 'W' - -. .', al, fw 1 who 'UAA 1 14 5 Q N 4 1 -LT - Q .wA.f'..x2..Snb1,.Lh.i , . JIJ I '. .4 ffl." Q I 4 ...f ":',v51 ',b.' . 1.1! -A q l' 4 xx nl 1' X THE fmL4fAn1U MA K ISSUED BY I Q. STATE NORMAL SCHUDL muy, ALA. F k 5, 7'E72 fl ni pn ' 3 1 UICADO SOLEMNLY and reverently we dedicate this issue of our palladium to those gal- lant men among our former students who dur- ing the past year have given their lives for human liloertj on the fields of Europe. Some went after weeks of suffering from wounds or disease, some suddenly in the tumult and fury of the fight, and some in the perilous flight of the battle plane-all alilre entitled to the admiration and gratitude of the world. "Far from their home, far from their native shore, They sleep in death and dream of wars no more Page Ihrce -. I l ,,, , 1 iee. p,:a'fHE pfxufiniuiifie jf-.MES ASBURY BOSWELI. Class of l9ll james Asbury Boswell was horn in Pilce County. Alabama, Nlareh 5, H5883 received his early education in the common schools, graduated from Troy Slate Normal School in l9l l. lle taught successfully in the schools at Brewton, Monte- vallo and Eufaula, resigning his position at the latter place in l9I7 to enter the army. He was commissioned as lfirst Lieutenant alter a period of training at Fort Oglethorpe, and was assigned to the camp at Columbia, S. C., for sometime as instructor. From there, with Company A, Wlst lnfnntry, he went to France. Later he was transferred to Company D, and was in charge ot that company, as Captain in the Champagne offensive, when, in an attack on the Bussy Farm, he received wounds which caused his death, September 25, l9I8. lle was buried near Yer, dun, Crave No. 345. P. L. Miller, Colonel, 57lsl Inf., U. S. .-X., in writing ot Captain Boswell's death, said: "He was a splendid leader and never failed to inspire courage in his ofheers and men by his personal disregard of danger." -4 p , t-rits .mLL,x.o.i.uiifi lm-.- -......--.- -...-. N- - W ----- -..-...-.?...k -vs . ---YN 5-7, 3 FRANK RAVENSCROFT lViCCAl.l.. Class of l9l-I Frank Ravenscroft McCall was born at Union Springs, Alabama, March l. l890. His education was begun in New York City and completed at the Troy State Normal School in May, l9l-4. ln the following August he enlisted in the U. S. Army and was at once assigned to Columbus Barracks. Ohio, where he was entered in the school for clerical training. lmmediately thereafter he was attached to the Coast Artillery Corps and sent to Fort Moultrie, S. C. For about a year he was in the Canal Zone, during which time he qualified as an expert radio operator. Later at Fortress Monroe he further pursued his radio studies and sailed for France in july, l9I7. He received rapid promotion and was recognized as one of the most forecful and elhcicnt of the younger officers, A few days after the armistice was signed Lieutenant McCall was stricken with influenza, which developed into pneumonia. and he died December Ci, I9I8. Page four P Q ' i i I 44.1 Page five ,- ,,, ,r ...L , ce e irlrritrp,uL,iniUmi fl., , ,, 4, ,WN W-, ,. R.-Xl.l'll DORINLXN filuss of f9,.2 Ralph Dorman was horn in Clayton. Alabama. Feliruary I4. ll'59l. lle en- tered the Troy State Normal School in IQUS and graduated in l9lZ. lle then taught three years at Cairo, Georgia. ln the summer of l9t5 he was awarded the Georgia scholarship to the George Peabody College lor Teachers at Nashville, at which institution he received his A.M. degree in I9l7. He enlisted in the army in August, l9t7, and was sent to Camp Gordon. within a few weeks he was made Regimental Sergeant-lxlajor ol the 3l9tli lleavy Field Artillery, ln the spring of l9l8 he entered t'ie Third Ulhcers' 'liraiining School ol ,-Xrtillcry, rind qualified for a commission. llc died of an operation at the Base Hospital. May 10th. while his regiment was entraining lor foreign serxice. Cv Q-i.,,,..,e,Q,'. , M ' Q -gin .tg pug: ' " I . if fx, ff' A -- is ff?-Y, QT: . , -1' :-mix-ilfvgilei as l it . A ffl: f ' ' 1 " l J f t ! :fa -.Viv fl -1-' .LET--W LQL'--i-Tl,f" gb 'NX "3- FL- ... , ,- , W -. V 7 V ' . Q g I ALBERT HANSFORD COWART Albert Hansford Cowart was born December 30, l89l. He attended the Troy Normal School for a few years, later going to the Alabama Polytechnic lnstitute. at Auburn, and from there to the New York Military Academy, preparatory to entering West Point. At the age of 2I he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Philippine Constabulary, in which branch he served three years, resigning to accept a position in Calcutta, India. As soon as the United States entered the Great War, Lieutenant Cowart went to France and volunteered in the famous Lafayette Escadrille. ln due course he was commissioned a First Lieutenant, and because of his skill and intrepidity as a flier he was made head pilot in the great training camp at Samur. On the night of May 3l, l9lS, he was killed in the historic city of Tours. lt was dark and stormy, and an accident to his engine compelled a rapid descent and a Awreclc. Lieutenant Cowart was buried with military honors in the American Cemetery at Tours. 5 9 S O B-Q 4 ,X Q Ll, . I - Page seven -1, we ,V--X P1 3-,' - ' ' 2 ff f ' V A f - ' ' " in , . '--A-fn ----'4-41 ' A W ' "see-"-"""'-11 , rs s at lffilisp-42125919 P13 PIZYTON V. DEESE Peyton V. Deese enlisted in the National Guard lrom Dale County, june 26. l9l6. Alter several months of service on the Mexican border he was made a Lieutenant of Company G, lCi7th lnfantry. and sailed with that unit to France in the winter ol l9l7. He saw active service on various sectors of the western front in France, and in the hattle of Chateau Thierry. on july 28, l9l8, he received the wounds from which he died on the 7th of the following September. Lieutenant Deese was a student in the Troy Normal School during the session of l9Il-IZ. being a member of the junior Class. He was twenty-eight years of age when he died. A' .M 5 ?Q Irie. D,-X......-ll XDJUJJ -. fJ as e H WALTER S. RICHARDSON Class of 1917 Died in France of typhoid fever, January 27, l9l9. NOTE.-Among the hundreds of splendid young men who have been students with us we apprehend that there yet may remain some whose names should be recorded' here, and we have delayed publication for sometime hoping to complete this roll, and we trust our friends will find it so. If, however, any name has been omitted it will be a source of very poignant regret to us, for it is equally to them, as well as those named and pictured here, that this book is dedicated. And Page nine sux, ,F ,Q 965m .rx , A af I. .A V- fzze ,x a,fifw.F,'f , Z..,1' i, ,, f:,'1'f5.f,j"-""""""""""""'7"'T'T"I -v ,fn "' 'if Y ,f,!.q.:'..sf v.f.." vigil. U ' H xv , V .vs-" -,L-"" L,--"' J' ."' 'A N 1 lime Uifl. L Day after day till weary quite and worn, They stood upon a tree-crowned ridge one morn, And The saw below them flashing in the sun waters of a noble river run. Fair was the prospect, thrilling every scene, The Howing river and the valley green, The stately oaks o'erarching spaces near distant glades where fed the furtive deer. While circling all the panoramic view, The dim horizon slept in hazy blue. Long gazed the chief while ranged about him stood His tired band beneath the sheltering wood. Then his stern features softened with a smile, His watching warriors drawing near the while. "Land of my dreams," he cried, "here let us restg No more enslaved, no more to be oppressed, Here shall we dwell, here shall our children play About their mothers through the summer's day. Our men and maidens in the moonlit glade May sing and dance with none to make afraid: There by the stream the broad and level field With summer rain shall corn abundant yield, The hills give flesh, the noble river fish, . And fowls the woods-what more could mortal wish? Food, freedom, love, and all that we hold best, but this is not a volume or morauzing despite mis roreworu. ine ,, i if reader will find a little school history, a bit of dallying the muses. ii, , some innocent pranking with pen and pencil, some caricatures, some .ly il fun and a little nonsense now which all of us relish except such as may X' N1 have been christened with vinegar by nature. X' Such as it is we send it forth. To some it bears information of i xii value and interest, to others it will serve to while away a few idle i A ' minutes and be forgotten, while others will preserve and cherish it for ,' l man years, a souvenir of man sunn memorials and familiar faces l Y y Y i W of life's springtime days. I r l X , M 'fn 0 Q l sf .0 0, Jigyssjtfq ,. i 'f :FQ 4 - PQS 0154 9 -g Sb, 2' QEZEBE'-Godiva' 4 V ' -140-.-2--ww' If rg I ke! w?gQ2SgL i ' I ll , I it ll ll' fx 'w,, U L . , dc: ., If W 'Aj' f .P 2 ' K :hifi . Xi .. no gag! Q "-7. . - - Em- A-JZ: -7 f ,ss Qvfffw- Q. .---. - e e e f e -e -f .ss 'X:u'?c:'.?'?T,'-"1:'Lg ':7"""""'- , .sv ,uf D --- .- um A M f ,., Lx ,. fx , 'Q ,A an - af t " -3. . f' s- f i1fi1-'is ,241 c vg Vg , ,,UtL,g,. 1:L".t"..""j',.-".'fg',i- ,V K , t,t..fl15.-I?ALLAf2.l,Qifl,i t 1 C iilf' 1 L ,wh A-RR 1 Riff' W -13 WALTER S. RICHARDSON Class of 1917 Died in France of typhoid fever, January 27, l9l9. NOTE.-Among the hundreds of splendid young men who have been students with us we apprehend that there yet may remain some whose names should be recorded here, and we have delayed publication for sometime hoping to complete this roll, and we trust our friends will find it so. lf, however, any name has been nrn-MAJ .A ....ll L. ,. I' . , . r Alabama---A Legend Once upon a time back in the vanished years Long ere Desoto and his buccaneers First trod our woods and climbed our mountains bold, Chased the fleet deer or searched for glittering gold, A stalwart Chieftain, beaten in the fray, Led his worn band along the forest way Till they should come, their weary journey done, To some fair land toward the setting sun. Day after day they wandered hopeful on, Their arrows struck the lightly bounding fawn, They gathered haws and luscious muscadines From thorny bush and purple-loaded vines. And heard at night beneath the spreading trees The sleepy soughing of the wayward breeze. The shivering screeching of the ghostly owl, The panther's scream, the wild wolf's lonely howl. Page ten Page eleven fr ' l I L., .,, ,,,,,,,, ,, ,V ,, ,,, , .e ,.7 ,,..,, Y...?-,,. Y. Y ,-521111-if-i is-if -Q We , D A, sg'-13 I r .i 4-' i '- Day after day till weary quite and worn, They stood upon a tree-crowned ridge one And The F air The The saw below them flashing in the sun waters of a noble river run. was the prospect. thrilling every scene, flowing river and the valley green, stately oaks o'erarching spaces near fl'l0l'l'l, And distant glades where fed the furtive deer. While circling all the panoramic view, The dim horizon slept in hazy blue. Long gazed the chief while ranged about him stood His tired band beneath the sheltering wood. Then his stern features softened with a smile, His watching warriors drawing near the while. "Land of my dreams." he cried, "here let us rest, No l1'l0l'C enslaved, l'lO m0t'C to be oppressed, Here shall we dwell. here shall our children play About their mothers through the summer's day, Our men and maidens in the moonlit glade May sing and dance with none to make afraid: There by the stream the broad and level field With summer rain shall corn abundant yield, The hills give flesh, the noble river fish, And fowls the woods- what more could mortal wish? Food, freedom. love, and all that we hold best, 'Tis Alabama! It is here we rest!" ff is-if Vi V H' 'iii if-'i'iZjil5lLi jQf1..T'YY , Y Alabama---lts Settlement and Early Schools LABAMA, as a first magnitude star in the brilliant galaxy of the States, celebrated its first centenary in December of this year. In that time it has passed through crises of experience ranging from eras of glory to those of sorrow, but none that savored of humiliation or shame. It would be a task of pleasure to tell the story, romantic and inspiring as it is, of the days of her pre-statehood, from the legends of her early dawn to the time in December, I8l9, when she became the nineteenth in the great sisterhood, but space will not permit. It must suffice to record briefly the story of her statehood only, and of that only its relationship to the great national and world evolution in education. The year l8I9, like those years which immediately preceeded and succeeded it, saw a steady westward current of immigration, chiefly from Georgia, flowing along the new- made highways, often opened by the axes of the incoming pioneers themselves, but largely following the trails of the Indians. These pioneers almost always traveled in groups of several families, covered ox wagons carrying their simple household belongings, while their livestock were driven by the men and boys. They carried their flintlock rifles needed for self-protection. Reaching a section of the wilderness that appealed to their fancy, the immigrants stopped and usquattedf' that is, built rude cabins and began opening up "patches," or little fields, on the public domain. ln time most of them "entered" these lands, that is, acquired a title to them from the Government. And so the pioneer home was established. Naturally the question of schools soon arose. The more progressive members of the neighborhood united in erecting a pine pole hut, with a "stick and dirt" chimney, at some ccnvenient place. A teacher, of generally very little qualification, was secured and the work of training the young frontiersman began. The methods were very crude, and the curriculum limited. They used a udefinern for spelling and committed the words to mem- ory. They sang their geography, and used slates and pencils for their "figuring" They sat on backless, split-log benches and drank water from the spring nearby. The teacher often chewed tobacco, sometimes drank spirits, and was not always tidy. There were no women teachers. The one indispensable article of school furniture was a well-seasoned switch and it was very often in requisition. It would be interesting to further recount the school conditions of those primitive years when Alabama became a member of the sisterhood of states, but space forbids. We have to content ourselves with the insertion of two pictures of the Alabama school architecture- l8I9 and l9l9. Page tw h K , ,rf 'J 1-mg: QALLADJUEJ? x ' I V5,-L I s aw Virus mfmcfl H pnme ,Z 'fc wlui Niall HTPQ Cftges Lf F IS .nu 1 75.1. "-N1 Lx .- 5 , X' l . in , THE DAL.LADlUIfl , '..J', ' ., , f x - Y- V .----.W V........-... c. ., ., , ,3 . 9' fail 17 EJ" 1 1 fm 1- W . L, , ' -. Q f . , jg :'Lgj'gTs is --T, I f maj , ,7.x . :f. "'L- f-, A ee Sie . - M f ,gqaif 1' s fgfgqiifif A ' .f7iQte affizflfii ' e f :-T if? 'nf .f .. f ,T-ff 1. , .t - . 4' U . Q file . se g: -.1-s f. fe 1 of .L ,gil ', -,-H 1 3 7 -,:,.f ' Q.,f ., .:f' V 41, fl' sill:-X-? w',sjT53" '- 19-I9 ' Historical to the spring of I9l2 may be found in a previous number of the Palla drum published in une of that year The purpose of this paragraph is to supplement the former sketch with the outstanding points of growth since that date. Necessarily the statement will be brief-the form of a chron- icle. HE outline history of the State Normal School at Troy from its inception I. CHANcEs AS TO Poucnas The most conspicuous change of policy during the past six years has been the pro- fessionalizing of the work of the school. This was done chiefly by eliminating all purely academic work and increasing the pedagogical requirements for graduation. In order to emphasize real normal training, drill work for State examinations was abandoned except during the summer quarter, and such purely cultural subjects as voice training, hand- painting, and instrumental music were dropped from the course in l9l5. At the same time such practical subjects as home economics and home-making were added. Another marked advance in education in Alabama was the adoption by the Board of Trustees on March 7, l9I 7, of an all-the-year session for the Class A Normals. This step was in accord with the purpose of these schools to professionalize the teaching force of the State by affording those actually teaching during the regular session an opportunity to go to school during the summer, when they are usually not engaged. These changes immediately resulted in the recognition of the character and worth of normal training by the Legislature and by the various educational factors of the State and so popularized the work of the school that it has since been impossible to supply the de- mand lor its graduatesg and, where formerly it was the exception to hear the normal schools commended, at present the condition is just the reverse. The Legislature of I9I 5 restored to the Cilass A Normals the right to issue, through the State Board of Examiners, lirst grade teachers' certificates to their graduates, and school authorities are beginning to demand normal training as a prerequisite to employment as teachers in their schools. Page fourlecn rw Y A10 HX 1- ,QE C1145 wi, " L, "TX, :Y 4 . ...?,?l't'HE.' DAL.LADlUIf1, y QW, ,, X"'Q,Tj-1'-'-f,flf,1 Qjjfg , ,. .,ffll':.i llfxii ""'.1"'. E- .LQQQI el. .lg 4 , 3 II. CHANGES IN THE PERSONNEL OF THE BOARD Since l9I2 Messrs. john D. McNeill, john B. Weakley and Robert B. Evins have severed their connection with the Board of Trustees, being succeeded by Messrs. R. L. Glenn, W. C. Black and W. P. Feagin, respectively. Mr. Glenn died in l9l6 and was succeeded by Mr. M. M. Striplin. Governor Henderson succeeded Governor O'Neal in l9I5 as ex oficio President of the Board, and Superintendent Feagin became ex officio Secretary in l9l4 in place of Superintendent Willingham, who resigned the State superfn- tendency to become President of the Florence Normal. In like manner, Superintendent Dowell became Secretary in l9I8, taking the place made vacant by the resignation of Superintendent Feagin. In January, l9l9, Governor Kilby succeeded Governor Hen- derson and is now the President of the Board. The Board at present consists of Governor Thomas E. Kilby, Superintendent Spright Dowell, and the following appointive members: W. W. Lavender, Centerville: Chas. S. McDowell, Eufaulag Will T. Sheehan, Montgomery: W. C. Black. Troy, M. M. Striplin, Florence: W. P. Feagin, Montgomery. Under this head it seems appropriate to mention the deaths of the Hon. O. C. Wiley, who for many years was the efficient chairman of the Board of the Troy Normal, and of Capt. L. H. Bowles, for several years its excellent secretary and treasurer. It is a source of satisfaction to the many friends of Capt. Charles P. Rogers of Letohatchie, another former member of the old Troy Board, to know that he is still active at the advanced age of 87, and cherishes a lively interest in the welfare of the School which he served so faithfully for many years. III. THE FACULTY Of the Faculty of I9I2, President Shackelford, Professors Pace, McCartha, Cowart, Wright and Boyd, and Misses Darby and Hamil remain. Miss Gardner, after a long term of efficient service, in july, l9l8, sought rest and recuperation through retirement from active work: Prof. McKinley resigned in January, l9l8, to accept a position at the University of Alabama: Miss Luther resigned in I9l4 to become Principal of the Conecuh County High School: and the elimination of the departments of expression, voice culture, hand-painting, and instrumental music severed the connection of their teachers with the School. With the exception of Mrs. Kate Folmar. who died in l9I5. and Miss Allie Rymer, who is doing work with the American forces in France, the teachers of the subjects abandoned are still living and teaching in Troy. Others who have been members of the Faculty at some time since l9I.Z are Misses Alma Hall, Erin Trotman tMrs. Heltonl, Lucile Key. Nan Barksdale tMrs. Millerl. Martha Sproull. Elizabeth Gorton fMrs. Lesterl, Myra Segars, Caroline Smith, Marv H. Miller, Mattie Paul. Clara Pitts, Lucy Dickinson, Clare Rogers, Mrs. VV. R. Lancaster, and Prof. W. B. Speer. Misses Hall, Key, Segars. Smith, Paul and Rogers, and Mrs. Lancaster taught in the grades: Misses lrotman, Sproull and Miller taught home economics: Misses Key, Gorton and Rogers taught public school drawing: Misses Page Mlecn L X ,rx M TQL. gigs-- . Lg . . QQg4L1-.1, LQ 0 -0 , f O 5 A.. .J -.-,L,,,L,,,.,-,,,-AMW, 7,7 V Y Y V AQNWW ig Barksdale and Dickinson taught Englishg Miss Pitts taught methods and directed the practice work in the Model School: and Prof. Speer taught manual training. While teaching in the grades, Miss Segars and Mrs. Lancaster also assisted in teaching the higher classes-Miss Segars in mathematics and Mrs. Lancaster in English. The present faculty is found elsewhere in this volume. IV. THE SCHOOL PLANT During the year l9l5 the material equipment of the School was greatly increased by the erection of a handsome and commodious dormitory for girls, at cost of approxi- mately 550,000.00 This three-story brick building, of classic architecture, was erected on the southeast corner of the original site, thus forecasting the definite abandonment of the magnificent plans for the Greater Normal described in a former issue of the Palladium. The plant now consists of the Main Building, the Library, the Manual Arts Build- ing and the Dormitory on the original site, and four lots just purchased and lying just across the street to the east of the original site, altogether with a present estimated value of Sl 50,000.00 V. GROWTH OF PATRONAOE The increase of enrollment from 258 to 444 in the normal department in six years shows a steady and healthy growth-a growth all the more satisfactory when it is re- membered that entrance and graduation requirements were raised during the period, several popular departments were eliminated from the course, and that the War drew away prac- tically all young men. Another gratifying feature of the enrollment and showing its widening influence is the fact that approximately 05 per cent of the students enrolled are non-residents. VI. IVIISCELLANEOUS Pomrs Besides the subjects already treated there are many minor points of interest in the record of the work of the Institution, such as the beginning of regular publication of the quarterly bulletin in March, I9l4, the revision and standardization of courses of study and the adoption of a uniform series of textbooks for the Class A Normals in I9l5, the launching of a campaign of public education upon the nature and functions of normal schools in 1917, and the placing of the School at the disposal of the United States Gov- ernment in I9I8 for use as a training place for a unit of the Student Army Training Corps. While all of these are interesting school notes, it is sufficient for present purposes merely to mention them, except the Student Army Training Corps, which receives spe- cial treatment as another page of this issue of the Palladium. Ei.. . 1 .. - . A, ..l'a.x. 1- Page sixteen -ma ,mLLAD1Uff1 X X is ii? Sf Q QF? 9 THE DALLAD1 U M EDWARD MADISON SIIACKLI-QFORD, A.M., LL.D. Prcsiclcnl U x J L T5 76. 'N . ,Af -,Af .f'fN ..l.4- . x il THE DAL.LADJ U M . f'. ,. .Q u '.,, Acum 1 y 2'- .V 1,2 ual xx., 4 X 1+Jffr'a, v -,','?'?3 gbfllg ' fx 'e 3 ." -. , .es . 1 .L'- 1 . - p L -. N. ' . A 'valtfif ' .ff-'.'f , f 4 'AV 1 - ' r. .x 1'-, 7 -1 - Qs fi' , .f,' -v-. W ,.. xr . n ,. . ,.', , g" ju ff- , .. ., . -' ,I-' '! .3 Af -'l "'?.v- " f 4,' A KWH A Qgpr Page lmcnly-one ..- . .G THE DALLADJ U M 3 hw. 'l ,f or HENDERSON HALL T 56 '1 E G 2 G 5 - f-, F' . :i 'Ii13 PALLAD JU ffl SN D IOYS Fi l- -Nm W W.-- I till!-'.,PAL-M5331 U 4215-1 I Senior Class CARRIE AUTREY MACEDONIA, ALABAMA. "1lII10llYl1 Vritir- Pallmlm S.-vivly. 1"1" . I. CLERAH ETTA COLQUITT TITUS, ALABAMA. l'z1lhnun. JOHN ALFRED BROXSON SAMSON, ALABAMA. GIZldSt0IIA'l Sm-vre-ta1'y Y. M. I". A. 1917-153 Prnsinlvnt Glmlswm- Su- L-iety. Sumnu-r 'I'm'nx, 1SI1xg As- sistant in I':4Illl'1lIIHll, ITIIN-154. HORTENSE CAPELL LOUISVILLE. ALABAMA. 1'nlImun. OsslE FRANCES BARNES DOTHAN, ALABAMA. Gl:uISI0l14-. Lols CONNELL NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 'K. Ii. KL" Sn-c'l'n'l:ll'5' "K, K K." , I I I A J Page Ilvcnly-four rf - . fp' A Ei- . ....... X . .ff THE: QALLFXDI U JY1. 'f ' f' f-"-"W 'E-' "- ' H" Pagc lm:-nlp-Mc Senior Class ELIZABETH CAMPBELL FITZPATRICK, ALABAMA. uf-mgun lmpsg "D, D. D. 1" Val- 'mung S1'l'l'l'Hll'y Valhoun Suci--U. 110151 l'n-sid:-nl Y. XV. U. .L 1!41N- ltug Vim--1'n-si-IMI! Svniur Vluss. M IRIAM COWART TROY, ALABAMA. l'. ol' 11 f'1uh: film- Vlulv. MARY 0LlN'E COPELAND TROY, ALABAMA. Dirty 11024-n Vlulr: IHISRVIUKIII I'r-um, 151153 HI:-.A Vluh, SARAH FRANCES DILLARD MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA. i':1111nun: "K. K. KL" Pzellmlium 411111, 11015-19. F. ELOISE CARROLL TROY, ALABAMA. Dirty In-zn-n Vluhg task--h. - . - . . I 1 lll lv-nm, 1.l1.-g l.l.--- llulng AXQSISLIIII n l-Inulixh. EDWARD FOYL DuBosE . TROY. ALABAMA. Vulh-run: l'. nf ll, Vinh, S-:L un ill-.Xllllfi l'ullmun Qnvlf-lx 1 I 1 1 X1 Xx 4. A . x .,'f . 'Lf Y - MVN .-2.-.--.., A Y. L ....-. . ,rr V I 'III3 ml .I. ADIWUELIA ,p "V lxw II '. .X , . V-- V.V,7 -. LL--. ---L . - - -. ..-L - .. .-. - .-.-.--,, .. L3 CL, L -.Y- .L.LLL...-,, .....--- . L.- - . Senior Class LUCILE ALMA DAY LOACHAPOKA, ALABAMA. KHHKISIUIIB, BATTIE VIRGINIA EIDSON COFFEEVILLE, ALABAMA. 'lllholllll PI'IIplIet Seniur Vlass: l'. K. nl' K. K. K.: Assistant III Il:IllIIIII:1Ii1-s: I':III:IIliIIIII St:Ir'f. MARY EMMA DELONY OZARK, ALABAMA. "ilIhOl1IlC SI-mu-l:II'y Sf-ninr C'l:Iss: I'I'v:ISIII I' fullllllllll Snf'iI-ty. MYRTLE FAIL CAMDEN, ALABAMA. Dirty Dum-II VIIIII, ALMA ELNORA DUKE ALLEN, ALABAMA VIRGINIA FRANCES FAUST OZARK, ALABAMA. A li, flllllll SI-I-I'--I:II'y Y. XY. l'. .X.. ' NIIIIIIIII-I', llbl N. I Page twenty-six A A f f. 1-A-X. " ,-Mxx ' 1- f V " 'f ' ' N A Affl1l5D2M,D1UE1BA? B ,fm A A -wg-1111 "'AA1111f1'I1A-1ff1f 931 gl milf , Semor Class -J 1 , . Q.. I.. I , 1412! A .N MYRTIS LUCILE GRANT DOTHAN, ALABAMA. '1 llir 4'nlh4-un Sm-i--ty, BERTHA Howl-11.1. ,. OZARK, ALABAMA. ,rf 1jlzulSt'vl1c. JESSIE HARPEIK HERBERT. ALABAMA. 'uVimnnn. 'l.ll'llSlll"l' Y. XY. l1'lN'lf'. VIVIAN CAITHER TALLASSEE. ALABAMA. .mll14Illll. I. ul Il. 1Illlv1 Hllwu-I Illlvl-h1l4'lm'IX' twmx-st, IND: lmf- , lullll Sm-nrty, liflx. .Whig Tassuz HARP:-LR HERBERT. ALABAMA. BOBELL HILDRETH New BRocx'roN, ,xL,xuAM,x ,- pl"- Pugc lmcnly-.scvcn 7 N ix 53 - Li 3lTfiJE.,P4L!?JgJ4?l,lf I A A 3 Senior Class l I THOMAS HERMAN HEATH PIGEON CREEK. ALABAMA. Iilaelstum-3 P. of D. Vluh: Vim- 'I'I'siIlvIIt LHHQISIIIIIU Suri:-ty, lllltl: l'I'vsi1lI-III Glaclstmme Sim-ig-ly, 11l1Ng l'I'I-sid:-III Scniur Class. ANNIE MAE JONES ATMORE. ALABAMA. 'IIlhIIuII: Vhaplain C'allIOuII SII- :'iPt5': P. Ol' D. Club: Assisumnt in English. NELLE JONES TROY, ALABAMA. I', uf D. Club. LOvIE KILOORE TROY, ALABAMA. l'. Ol' D. Club: GIUQ l'lulI. l l I JULIUS GUY JOHNSON PIKE ROAD, ALABAMA I 'zlllmuni I'. uf IJ, f'lIIlr2 'l'I-s-:Is- ' ll'l'l' Senior Vlussz l'zIIlaIliIIIII Staff. I WILLIE MAE LAWRENCE I RAMER. ALABAMA. l 1'ullIIvuII: Sl'lli0l' Vlnss l'Iwl. 1 4 I I Page lmcmy-cighl ff - Ar. ag f F fn ' -A , ,--'H-XX ., - , ir Y 1 .y A A fL1fi1E,2A,LELQADJ,LlJ?l Senior Class HELEN LINDSAY HEADLAND, ALABAMA. T'alhuun: in-l:u.:1m Impsg lr, Lx, ll, rl't'ilSlll'Pl' Villllllllll Suqn-ly, Itoltv' Dirty Duzcn Vlulm. MATTIE MIDDLETON ROY, ALABAMA. 'nlhnunz N. Al. li. S.: Assisxaml in vlvlllmls. SAM MORGAN BRANTLEY, ALABAMA. :l?lflSt0lll'I Frm-siflcm Hlaulsx-mv Qnvivly. ITIIS. LILLIE MAE MCINNIS MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA I, ul IJ, illlh. l EDITH EDNA Momaow SUMMERFIELD, ALABAMA. Hlzulsl-vm-. JANICE DIXON MARTIN CLAYTON, ALABAMA. Vlllie' lilaulslvlnf- Fm'iv'U. lf'lN A W 1 Page llvcnly-nine ,-.,L-,E -. M. , . . -L 1, .- ,L,.,,,,,..... ,fx 'E , . . .- N , 5. "ff--.f "'-ff! A IN fig:f::f::':g:?Qf E ,5,.f.ff' l""IEE'fl".-1'.f4?.l1l.'AI'AiMY.Tl -' 'ME DA...,' I 'XDJUM 1 f L .ML- -. ' -..-... H ...Y , E - ff", QT, . -Q -, -. Senior Class LOUISE OWENS ENTERPRISE, ALABAMA. f'llHlGIllll1 llc-lagun Imps: D. D. D,: l'n-snh-nt Stury-'l'vlling I.vz1,2uL-, 1!I1N3 I'x'u1wh1-Z .Iuniur Vlaxss. 11017- IN: Pr--si-I--nl Villllllllll Sm-in-ty. 1019: I'r.-shlf-nt Allah-liv Vluh, 1!I1!l: Imwyn-1' Svnim' Vlzxss: Palla- lium Staff. FRANCES MERLE PIERSON ENTERPRISE, ALABAMA. lllzlflstrvxvi Svc-rvtary Glaulstonc 541011-ly, 19131 Aihlvliv Club. OUIDA OWEN TROY, ALABAMA. P. of D. Clulv. ANNIE RAE PIERSON EYTER"RISE, ALABAMA. fllznlslmmf-: Uclzlpzml lmpsl 'l'r--z1s- urw-1' lilzulslune Suciety. 10181 Ath- I-'llv Vluh: Secretary Glzulsi-mv Su- vi.-ly. 111193 Gloe Cluhg Assistant in Iliswry. LUCIA PORTER DOTHAN. ALABAMA. f'2llllHllllQ D. D. 17. MYRTLE PEARCE URIAH, ALABAMA. f'alhuun: N. M. li. S. Page lhirly I Page lllfrly-om' P, , aff" 13. Q- - -- .- .. A ' ' Senior Class 5 .f EVA ALICE RIKARD PETERMAN. ALABAMA. - Pnlhoun: X. M. B. S. ANNIE MAE SALTER BANKS, ALABAMA. fllmlslnnf-. WILLO MAE SIMS UNION SPRINGS. ALABAMA. Xu'v-l'r-Asn!--nl Vnliwun Sm-in-ty: Vzxllmuni Uvlzuzon Impsg D. D. D9 ' Xin--I l'l'9Hll'Ill X XX 1 X ' 54'Ill1II' Hlslurmll. LOUISE SNYDER CLINTONVILLE, ALABAMA HIZIIYSIIIIH- f f MARGARET L. STILLWELL . HURTSBORO. ALABAMA. I 1'2lHI1IIlll. EMMA BELLE STROUD UNION SPRINGS, ALABAMA. Vzllhmlnl l'. --I' lI.1'IuH-jlllp. I'llllA 'A , ff!-X ' , , XL , ,--'X-7: A I Am . ' ENE'-,LI24!gLLflr2Ji-lilixffff, A , I I I I Senior Class CLYDE SHANKS BANKS. ALABAMA. VIIIIIIIIIII. VIRGINIA THOMASON MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA. ":IllInIIII3 fVll'l2lglII1 lmpsg II, lr, lI.g ' N JIIII' Se-I'I'vl:II'y 4':IIhuIIII Sm-ivtyi I", UHZ-'Il. ANTOINETTE SANDERS TROY, ALABAMA. l'. I-I' U. Vluh. CULLIE TEAL CLAYTON, ALABAMA. Milllllllllll Vi:-I--l'I'I-sich-III l'zIllwuII S4-I-i--Iy, WIN: S--4-rw-tary Y. W. 4'. I ll Ill I ll IIII .ML Assistzuul All Iv I- C--In II I4 SANDY TEAI. CLAYTON, ALABAMA lulllllbllll. DIzLI3I.A TEAL CLIO, ALABAMA. .....l...,.. ,, v "' ""'- 7" '--- vi: sf 'Yr 1-I Page lhirly.lIvo LL., 11, fx A, ,FEA , -,,. I ... -. ,, -' GX flax" , '--fffxyl ,, , PA A' LH'Ii1E.PALLALI2JQI2ljII Cfitffif ,lflrrjffi : '2T7?gTji' T ,WJ .A V Senior Class LUCY WALTER SNOWDOUN, ALABAMA. lIiIly IIIIZI-II VIIIII. LLILA MAE WATSON CAMDEN, ALABAMA. 1ZI:IIlsIIIIIIg, Senior Class CLUSTIE BARR BANKS. ALABAMA. 1':IllI'-IIII JENNIE BLAIR CLAYTON, ALABAMA. l'2lHl'lllll MARX' BIRD DISMURES PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA. lIl:IIlSluII-Ag ,XIIII-'II' l'lIIII, MILDRED HOLLIS BANKS, ALABAMA CANOE. ALABAMA. HARRN' E. RODGHRS BRADLEYTON, ALABAMA. FRANCES M. WIIIQIIAN HEADLAND, ALABAMA. VIIIIIIIIIII. ll IV. Il Puqc' Hlil lv-lhrvv if MARGARET W. MCLENIJON X!! JP -ZX Agfa QQ., 'I' -Lx on JN. 7 'x -f" E-.. .Rf x L-- . Rh- S " - ' - . - , X" e 'I:-icigigfzig-L1 I aff 1 If A ,, I 1. ., .II. , ,, X sfiif ' "' , ' ' 'f L ' .Le .Ifg,I.,gige .,5, - I ,..l I. y A,f,,f,y,:,fL2... ."-'tz-a.:- I -J ' ' I -ll WW- A14 .,...1- ' .I .r- I' I It -" ' - -' ' - "1 '3- Senior Class Roll Colors: Black and Gold Flower: Black-eyed Susan Molto: "True Worth is in Being, Not Seemingf' HI-:ATI-I, HI-:IIMAN . . CAMPBELL. ELIZABETH . DzI.oNY, EMMA . . . JOHNSON, GUY .... LAWRENCE, WILLIE MAI: EIInsoN, BATTIE . . . SIMS, WILLO MAI: . . OwI:Ns, LOUISE . . OFFICERS . . . . . . . . President . V ice-President . . Secrelary . Treasurer .. ...Poel . . Prophet . Hislorian . . Lawyer Pale fflinly-JGIII' iiitIflg.5l3i . , e I .f"'.....ii...'-' 7 7' W. . History of the Class of I9 I 9 N the afternoon of September IO, l9I 7, the train pulled into Troy, loaded f with eager searchers after knowledge. When they stepped off the train, there was a queer look upon the face of every one until the beaming countenance of "Uncle Bob" was seen, the comforter to all in trouble. Il lil I-le led them joyfully across the railroad to their home for the com- ing two years. It was there they spent a miserable night. seeing no one they knew. The next morning, they arose with the frightful thought of having to make their appearance before the faculty. But before going through this ordeal they were given grits and bacon as a stimulus. They were then taken, one by one, and their minds examined with a microscope to :ee if there was a single trace of knowledge. After the examination, with wondering and wandering minds, they were presented to the president. When he put on his spectacles and spoke, there reigned a sudden silence in the rooms. Having registered, they passed to a class room, where they were presented with yellow paper and pencil. One glance at the board, a scratching of heads, and all began work. They really proceeded most successfully until those frightful pedagogy questions made their appearance. It was then that every one put down his pencil with an amazed look. For nothing like it had ever been seen before. But they learned that every one grows by mental shocks, and you may bet that these sixty grew quite a bit before this was over. When this day drew to a close, there came a great sigh of relief for they had met many discouraging, although not impossible, ordeals. Many miserable nights and days followed. The rusty minds were given a good polish- ing each day. Since they were so rusty, it took many. many scrubs with psychological brushes and trigonometry powders to make them shine. It was then that the rusty minds began to shine as the aluminum pans and pots in Miss lVliller's kitchen. These poor mortals thought they had struck bottom in junior year, but when at the beginning of the Senior year they had to tackle practice teaching, they found that they had gone only a short distance. "But one never knows what one can do until one tries." They tried manfully and succeeded. It was not until the middle of the Senior year that the faculty learned that they had been teaching geniuses unaware. It was during this time that the superintendents visited the College. One by one the sixty appeared with a dignihed look and signed their war- rants. Nly, the compliments! And how big they did feel. This latter half of Senior year surpassed anything the College had ever beheld in the exhibitions ol mental brilliance. And since the class has proved its value and its worth in times of stress, they congratulate the College upon having had the opportunity of molding such superior minds. 1 age thirty-live ,-'X ...A:.-- .,.i .-- ,. .- -Wg. . A..........-.K,...., 3-2- I , I 3 Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class of the State Normal School, Troy, Ala., May 27, l 9 l 9 E.. the members of the Senior Class of the State Normal School, Troy, Alabama, being moderately sound in mind, and comfortably so in body, with the exceptions of several worn convolutions and clogged fissures, a QQA few gray hairs and wrinkles, gained by much research work done ln manuals and examinations stood on Trig, do hereby make the following 0 0 disposition of our goods, effects, chattels and belongings. I SECTION I. CLAUSE I. We, the Senior Class, will to the juniors the honor of having reserved seats in chapel, the privilege of going to town twice a week-with a clear conscience: the dignity of eating at the Senior table, under the ever-watchful eye of Mrs. Smith, and last, but not by any means least, the opportunity of teaching, once only, before Pro- fessor Wright. To the Sophomore Class we will our places under the hall light on third floor where they may study for Trig exam undisturbed until three o'clock in the morning. To the Freshmen, the babies of our school, we will our see-saws, on which we have had many enjoyable rides: also the privilege of playing blindfold and other interesting games in Ped classes. SECTION I. CLAUSE II. To Dr. Shackelford, our honored President, we will our winning smiles, hoping he may make daily use of them. To Miss Dickinson, we will a year's subscription to the new periodical, "Why Shakespeare Should Not Be Taught in Normal Schools," edited by the Senior Class of l9l9. To Prof. Wright, we will a modern "Utopia," where everything is done psychological- ly. This land will be found in various sections of the State of Alabama, where the "Brown Mice" of the l9l9 Class of Seniors will be presiding over ideal one-teacher schools. To Mrs. McCall, we will a studio where she may trill, warble, and "la, la, la," to her heart's content, never seeing or hearing of a "monotone" To Prof. Cowart, we will a Senior Class that never giggles and never makes a mis- take in English. To Miss Pitts, we will an "App.C.P." stamp, so she will not have to keep up with a bottle of red ink. Page thirty ix ,- W n, ji -!,"N5h!" vfxxw ', , ,N .IT s .. - t l.E3',-2Ai1LfXD1UIfl lllQrr-gf?--..s.f f-, g 5 ffeiffgfff To Prof. Pace, we will the excellent grades made by this year's Seniors, feeling that he will ever keep them as a light to encourage him, as he treads the arduous path of a Math teacher. To Miss Miller, we will a picture show which Seniors never attend, so that she may look at the picture undisturbed. To Prof. Speer, we leave funds to purchase a megaphone, that other classes may not have the difficulty of hearing him that we have had. To Miss Rogers, we will our lip sticks, eyebrow pencils, and paint boxes, to assist her in her art work for the coming year. To Miss Segars, we leave the following geometry proposition: Given an isosceles tri- angle, ABC, with Angle A equal to a diamond ring, Angle B equal to a preacher, Angle C equal to the girl. To prove: How long it will take all three angles to come in con- tact, if they revolve about a man as an axis? SECTION II. CLAUSE I. Herman Heath, Sandy Teal and Vivian Gaither will their S. A. T. C. uniforms to the S. N. S. as relics. Ossie Barnes, feeling that she will no longer need it in the teaching profession, wills her gift for flirting to Louise Wwds. Sarah Frances Dillard and Lois Connell will their "Snappy Stories" to Ruth Stringer. To Mrs. Smith, Battie Eidson bequeaths her guitar, hoping that, having one of her cwn, she can fully appreciate the sweetness and beauty of its music. "Jessie-Tessien Harper wills her mischief-loving disposition to Margaret Till, hoping that the latter may be more successful in escaping Mrs. Smith's watchful eye. Lucile Grant wills her ability to chew the largest wad of gum, in the loudest possible manner, for the longest length of time, to Estelle Calloway. We, the Seniors of the State Normal School, Troy, Alabama, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, given under our hand and seal on this the twenty- seventh day of May, 1919. Signed by: SENIOR Ci.Ass. Page thirty-seven ' A . N I i"' ' . THE-' .. Senior Class Prophecy ELL you about it? Oh, I just don't know what to say, Louise, only that it was beyond anything that I ever hoped for. It was wonderful- grand. Oh, it was great! Well, if you will quit popping questions at me and quit pinching the blood out of my arm, I will try to tell you just how it happened. When I was coming up here in September I stopped with my uncle in Montgomery, and while I was there I met his brother-in-law who was a young captain at Taylor Field. Captain B. told me that he would carry me up in his plane if I would let the doctor do some stunts to me. Afraid? No! Why, I knew that the stunts couldn't be much worse, if any, than all of those crazy things that Prof. Wright used to do to us in Ped: so I marched right in, and thanks to Prof. Wright I passed, and the captain said that I might fly. I climbed in. and Captain B. followed, telling them that we would be back some time soon. Oh, those next few seconds! I was moving-going up, up, up. Louise. that ride was wonderful! Speed? Great goodness, I didn't know any- thing could go that fast. We flew and flew, but finally Captain B. said we were going to stop. Then he tried to stop the machine, but it was some time before he succeeded. He told me then that he was an inventor and had just finished a new motor, and that we were trying it for the first time. He said that he had tried to make it the most powerful motor that had ever run. We finally landed on a beautiful grassy plain, and right near I saw the greatest crowd of people I ever saw anywhere. As Captain B. had no idea where he was, we decided to go up and see what the attraction was and the name of the place. When we drew nearer we stopped and gazed-the people were dressed so strangely. I had never heard of any styles like these. Finally, we decided that the people were harmlessg so we went nearer, to see what was holding them spell-bound. What do you suppose I saw? Well, there on a beautiful lawn with the woods as a background, I saw a number of girls dancing. I can't tell you about it, but the sight v as wonderful. Fairies describes them better than anything I can think of. I, too, was soon standing with my mouth open. Where had I seen that tall, sylph-like form of the dancer who was plainly the leader? Somewhere, but I couldn't think where. Suddenly I realized that we went up there to ask where we were, so I gently touched the arm of a young woman standing near me. "Will you please tell me who the leader is?" She turned and gazed at me just as we had gazed at themg I suppose it was the same reason-style. Finally I repeated my question and brought her to earth again. "The leader? Why, don't you know the world's greatest aesthetic dancer, Madamoiselle Lucile C-rante?" I suppose I looked my ignorance, for she continued: "I thought every one knew her." I wanted to know more, for really the dancers were wonderful. "How long has she been dancing?" I asked. Page llnrly eight , ,""s ,r --. f"x . ' , ' x , 1 , - V- . -H, ' ' '-N., A . .7 .. . fs..-.L.......- . 4 .ati ift1i5DALL3XDliUif1fi fe .ese - i "Let me see-she appeared in l92l fNineteen Twenty-one? What did she meanfil and this is l9Z9g she has been dancing for eight years, and now she and her most apt pupils are touring Italy." Italy! Sure she was crazy. I turned then to Captain B. who had been listening. and he wore the happiest expression I have ever seen. I began to think that maybe it was I who had gone crazy. Maybe the trip had affected my mind. But he said: "Oh, can't you see?" "See what?" "That my motor is a success. That it goes far beyond even my dreams. Don't you know that we started East--" "No, I didn't know it." "--Well, we did, and you know that in going East we naturally gain time, and here we are in Italy in I929! Why we have even passed Time himself by ten years! This is the greatest thing yet. I am going to name it the Duplexus Quentiplusf' "Let me get this straight," I said. "This really is l929. and this really is Italy- Well! That settles the question of speed and those styles." Our attention was again turned to the dancers by the loud applause. Madamoiselle Lucile Grante was returning for the second encore: and. lo and behold. Louise, it wasn't any Madamoiselle Lucile C-rante at all, but old Lucile Grant. I began pushing my way through that crowd, and really I didn't have much trouble, for when the people saw me they gave me room. Lucile didn't recognize me just at first, but when I said, "Will you please hush!" she knew me. She led me back fhere her girls were and asked me if I knew any of them. Directly one grinned and started toward meg of course I knew that grin. it was Elizabeth Campbells just let me tell you who was in that crowd of "most apt pupils": Hortense Capell, Clerah Colquitt, Bobell Hildreth, Nell jones, Annie Mae Salter and Frances Whigham. We had a grand time, and I learned where nearly all of our classmates were. In a joking way, I asked if the S. N. S. had produced any more dancers like themselves. You can imagine my amazement when Lucile said: "Yes, instead of the names Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle we now see Mr. and Mrs. Sam Morgan." And, Louise, who do you suppose Mrs. Sam Morgan was? Ossie Barnes! Yes, Louise, and there were two more. The Harper twins had succeeded to the Dolly twin's fame. We talked of these for some time: then Elizabeth asked me if I had heard of the latest scientific discovery. As of course I hadn't, I asked her to tell me about it. She said, "You know the great scientists of l9l9 thought they had something won- derful when they found that they could get gold from sea water, and they had, but our scientists now are just about ready to give to the world the formula for getting gold from sea breeze. What are their names? Why you know them-Piggy fonnell, Margaret Stillwell, Virginia Faust. Vivian Gaither and Sandy Teal. 'lihey have the largest laboratory in the world." You know Prof. Wright always said that we grew by shocks and, Louise, it was true-I was growing. Wh5', instead of reaching Prof. Pace's waist. I know I would have reached his shoulder. You know my greatest ambition, so I asked for more shocks. I got them. Bill Lawrence and Clyde Shanks have progressed from their old sleight-of-hand tricks, that we know, until they surpass Houdine. Clustie Barr and Annie Mae jones always said Page lhirly-nine ' J F B . X I .' 3--- .Y .a they were going to Vassar. Well, they are both maids there. Guy johnson is presi- dent of a negro insane asylum, and Mariam Cowart of-a one-teacher school down in Pike County. As they didn't know anything of the other classmates, they suggested a trip to Lon- don to see the scientists. It dawned on me then that I was supposed to be eating rice and raisins at S. N. S., but since I was growing tall I didn't want any rice and raisins. Any how, they told me that one could make the trip in two hours. We took an air-jitney and I grew another inch, for there at the wheel sat Foyl DuBose! We asked him if he knew where any other seniors were. He said that he would show us one in a few minutes. It wasn't long before we came to earth, and right near we saw a number of tents. Foyl told us to follow him. He led us to one of the largest tents over which was the sign Curiosities. We entered this tent, and Foyl led us over to one side where there was a table filled with everything good. Ir made me hungry to smell it. Behind this table sat a little man going through some very peculiar movements. Cigarette fiend was what I thought of, but as he didn't have any cigarettes around, I asked Foyl what he was. This is what I heard: "Do you remember Prof. Wright's theory that some day people would live, not by eating but by smelling food? I suppose you also remember how Mr. Broxson always tried to do everything that Prof. Wright did? Well, he is at it yet, and this is he, living that theory about smelling and just raking in money." He looked so pitiful that I told them I was ready to go. We really did reach London in two hours, and in a short time we entered that won- derful laboratory. We had a regular class reunion right there, and I learned where nearly all of the seniors were. I asked Piggy if she knew where Sara Dillard was. She said, "Yes, and lots of the others, too." "When we hnished at Troy, Sara, Willo Mae Sims, Mary Olive Copeland, Janice Martin, Cullie Teal and Lucia Porter formed something like a union. They pledged themselves to teach until their certificates expired and during this time to spend just as little money as they could. Then at the end of this time they were going to put all of their money together and found an orphanage for boys between eighteen and twenty-one. I had a letter from Sara just a few days ago, and she said that the orphanage was very suc- cessful and that they were happier than they had ever been." She said that Lucy Walter, Eloise Carroll, Bertha Howell and Mattie Middleton were knitting all of the wool they could get into sweaters, helmets, wristlets and noselets for the next war. "War? What countries are thinking of war?" "Not any, but they love soldiers so much that they want to be prepared." I asked Sandy where DeLela was. He looked at me and said, "Well, you are behind. Don't you know that DeI..ela il eal will probably be the United States' next President?" My ambition was realized then, Louise: I was as tall as Prof. Pace. I said, "Sandy, do you mean to tell me that meek little Delsela is running for Presi- dent?" "Yes, I do and she is running fast, too. Why just let me tell you who are making stump speeches for her: Emma Delony, Annie Rae and Merle Pierson, Carrie Autrey. Lucile Day, Louise Snider and Myrtle Pierce, who are the suffragette leaders in America today. Of course she will be elected." All of this and only two married: so I asked if none of those poor things ever married. Page forty r- K . ."'X '- ,ffw - - 1 ,J ee - a aeee ',,,.,.-.,l.1L .Y .W - - ,,' - C f f AL H -,,,,,.,,., , . ,,f...--. . "L4f fL'l'f' .f'-.- . ,, i WITH! PAl+LADJ.UIfJ. s ,fre f' e 1 ff 111gjgsgiejiffiiffli iff 'E 1' f"e Ts, "Yes," said Virginia, "A few. Lovie Kilgore was teaching an illiteracy school and fell in love with one of her pupils. Edna Morrow and Miss Scarbrough loved the same man, but Miss Scarbrough got him, so Edna is slowly dying of a 'broken heart.' " "There is Antionette Sanders," spoke up Mr. Gaither. "She and Lula Mae Watson loved two men, but they were killed in the European war. They believed that these men entered the bodies of black cats, so Antionette and Lula Mae have a home for black cats. They will give any price for a black cat. They want to be sure to rescue their lovers, so they buy all they find." "Oh, no one has mentioned our president," I said. "Oh, Herman? Why he is president of Montevallo with Miss Duke as his able as- sistantf' "Helen Lindsay and Virginia Thomason are getting rich on some concoction that they have made. They claim that you can be a typical brunette one day and a typical blond the next. Virginia stays in the window one day and Helen the next, as advertise- ments. You know people can stay together so long that they finally look alike. Well, they pass as one person now." You know every large school always sends out a number of missionaries, but we had only two, Lillie Mae Mclnnis and Ouida Owens. Not a one out of the dormitory, but I knew there wouldn't be. So did Mrs. Smith. "And you? Oh, Louise, I just hate to think about that. I could almost kill you. I was so nice and tall and just as happy as I could be. but you know there is a limit to growth, just as there is to everything else. So when I heard what you were I couldn't get any taller, and it was such a shock that it had to affect me in some manner, so it just made me shrink back to my usual height. Oh, my luck! What were you doing? Well, some man had just completed the "phono-movie" and yours was the first voice reproduced. This man had long admired you on the screen, and once he had heard you speak, he thought what a great help your voice would be to your picturesg so he made this machine just for you. Men had been trying to make a machine like that for a long time, but as they did not have your voice to inspire them, they were unsuccessful. Now, you have made me think of my fate, so I must go and have a big cry. No! I am not going to tell you of my return trip. Q 1 ff Q2 '-Lf' I , g :L-4' 2 . Qrtaiaifia faifitf "1 sf nh. Page forly-onc 1?- A , s an 4- , 'fl l t eees 1 Senior Class Poem ln days to come when evening dies and lengthening shadows fall And thoughts and fancies turn again to days long past recall, l'll see the faces loved of old, depicted line by line, And greet again in memory those old classmates of mine. The picture then will brighten and clear hefore my gaze, And joyous voices ring again the songs of yesterdays, The old time jokes, the old nick.-names, the dreams, the plans, the fears, And all the thronging interests of all our college years. And so amid the toils and cares of all our future life When clouds are dark, and paths are dim, and heavy is the strife, The thoughts of those I knew and loved, the friends off former years, Shall like sweet songs hid me rejoice and charm away my fears. W. M. L.. l9I9. L -- Page forty-two q 15.11-2 A , - ma ,wx L L.,-m1 U m TEN I -" , - f" ' - ' W f ' , 'V 3 Page forty-three 7 -' ' 5 :Wifi , 1 X I. 5 542260 If-0 . 5 9 V .X XTX y . v 9.9: 29 'Tl' em QQ is 0' 12: ' SS l - 9 1 A 9253 ' qt' : V XXX l' N , - NXXXX QM " M Q ' ff!! . x V 1 1 4 , 1 ! , I I ,xxx X I ' 1 f L.As3-I' - p 1 V W 1 ' x y X fa" ' ul 3 1 f f ' I .ligv twklfx V 1 X4 5 xr' 5, 1q'H,X I W-. 2-4 ? N In S! 2 if i. vu-xl + ?E?.. T 3 1 IME DALLADJ Ujjl "" forfy-f age foflp-ffm' ' THE DALLADJ U M 5" QQ ,Qin Wg-, Q Lgg g1,l'fLQ, ' ' Q , ' f'QfQ,'2', Q, f- , g - ,- AF Q13 I L - ,Q fax, - i:'f "" 'E'-E5 if' ,gin ' ' E, L, " Y "g,.,,1,,g ig,:pf1,j1t,x. .1511 I Eg I - I ,.I r g 1, ffj, -1f3p.p.e1',,-'FZQJ ,gf 1311. ,l,1X...' ' ADJUMJ Qi Q-'AIT - Ah- -'--- H' ---ff-' 'E -f f 4--vw-'-nik i FCT7 T F 'C P A ,Bw UHIOI' Class OFFICERS COLLINS, VIRGIL . . President HIGDON, VIDA . . . V ice-President TOWNSEND, ADDIE . . . .. Secretary INGRAM,LUSU ....... . . . Class Poet YOUNGBLOOD, BOBBIE LEE . . Class Prophet ,JI MEMBERS BEATY, MELLIE BARNES, MINNIE Lou BRUNER, MERLE BRUNER, ERNESTINE BULLINCTON, W. A. BLAIR, JENNIE CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH CALLAWAY, ESTELLE COLLINS, VIRGIL COLQUETT, SEALE COOK, CARRIE ELLEN Cook, WILLODENE CRAWLEY, ANNIE LAURIE DILLARD, MRS. ELIZABETH DISMUKES, MARY BYRD CILLIS, MILDRED GELLERSTEDT, ELIZABETH CASEETT, MATTIE LoU GLENN, CORANEIL GRIFFIN, MELBA LIART, RUBY HIcDoN, VIDA PACE HIXON, LOIS INGRAM, LUSU JOHNSON, VERA BELLE JONES, MARY ALICE JETER, M. L. KILPATRICK, SUSIE LONG, ERNESTINE MCRAE, MARIE MORROW, MATTIE LENE MCCALL, RUTH MCLEAN, CARRIE BELLE MITCHELL, REBECCA PALMER, EUNICE PAYNE, LAURA PHILLIPS, BESSIE PHILLIPS, MARY JANE QUICK, ANNIE Lou RIKARD, LETA ROGERS, BETTIE ROGERS, SUSIE REYNOLDS, MAUDE SCOFIELD, FANNIE I. SHAW, FANNIE Lou SKINNER, WILLIE BELLE SMITH, BLANCHE SMITH, OLIVE SMITH, PEARL STANFORD, MARGARET STRINGER, RUTH THORNTON, MAMIE 'TlLL, MARGARET TOWNSEND, ADDIE TROTMAN, LUCY TURNIPSEED, NADINE W'ALLER, EMILY XVINDHAM, FANNIE LoU WHIGHAM, EUNICE WALDEN, JUANITA WALL, .IESSIE WATERS, BEATRICE WARREN, BLANCHE WEAVER, VIDA WVILLOUGHBY, PAULINE NVOODS, LOUISE YOUNGBLOOD, BOBBIE LEE Page forty sIx '-fi' . Q P- 0' A THE DALLADJ UVM I I 5' ,,,,..... L 1 hw , , 1 - if A .. ' ' ss? - I W mmwl wwf mf-F ! M jj V' .f i V L-Ji, X, . Q I, 1 X f , X 1 X 1 . f M X 1, Q A .-'VL A 'Z ," f .4 IIW MORE W N A f , 1 1 gx - "X THE DALLAD1 UM - ,A , , ,, M x C.. Y i-Hi. . - ii.--.Y-.,,,- ---..,., .., .-,. g..,- ,. :WS Page forly-cfghl -A 3 , 4.7 A - I ,.. ' I Y V"f?i. .?iif!f, I, T119 FALL,-ADJ Llylg I, A ' for A-fe-go Sophomore Class Roll OFFICERS MARTIN. ANNIE LALIRA . . .... ..... P resident GRIIvIEs. ORMOND . . . . Vice-President HOWARD, VIVIAN . . . . . . Secretary DUBOSI-1, LOLA . . . Treasurer MEMBERS AMASON, CoRA A. BARRow, GRACE BAILEY, MARY BEALL. E.s'roRA CADE. Tommz CAMERON, LoLA . CARowAY, GERTRUDE CASEY, ALINE CI-IANDLER. BELMA COWART, LETTIE CULPEPPER. OIIERA COWART, WILLIE Lou DoNALn. FRANCES DUBOSE, MARCUS DuBosE. LOLA Page forty-nine FOLSOM, AMANDA FOLSOM, MATTIE CLOVER, HELEN GARREIT, JANIE BELL GIVENS, WM. H. CRIMES, ORMoNo HAM, LOIS HUBBARD. LAURA GAINES HIXON, EVELYN HOLLOMAN, TIIELMA HoLLINcswoR1'I-I, BERNARD HOWARD. VIVIAN Hurr. MARY KATE JOHNSON, W. C. JETER, KUMI KING, WILLIE LAMBERT. MAMIE LORD, FLETCHER LECOMPTE, EFFIE LAWSON, VERA LAWSON, Es'rIIER MARTIN, ANNIE LAURA MoRRow, LILLIE MAE MCARTHUR, JENNIE. MCCARTNEY, E.s1'HER MCQUEEN, CLARA PARTIN, BERTA REEvEs. ANNIE SALTER. MA1'rIE Lou SMILIE. MILTON THOMASON, LILLIAN GX ,Q 'NIL J' . , ive s rg e if-5 35 iff g 1 "T3l"l 1 : 1 V -Fgif 'JZ 1 ,Y . if i:3'Eg,:Qy5f pq -I.: 1 'I 5: I., ly I I tx -I l I xl-I I 35.1 .7,g3::.S,..L:... .-"UN l I 1' J' J I """-., '.."'lu if R- AJ, ..., I , ! Y V i V Y i U Y' .- :1 .l f i ff i i r W r '-X i, .LY , , f ' f X. I , , - , V - , , W College Sophomores The Freshie sighs and sighs But we-we only work And groans, "Oh, might I soar And wish we could he more To those superior skies Than just a barbarous Turk, Of the College Sophomore!" Or a College Sophomore. But the -Iunior's ill at easeg He hurries and worries galore And trembles in his knees, "Who will catch me?-Sophomore!" And the Senior only frets And dreams of Clays of yore, The year he ne'er forgets, VVhen he was a Sophomore. But we-we're a happy band As we push through Learning's cloors Marching on toward Senior land- We College Sophomores. Some day we'll reach that goal, Then we will have to part, Know all of wisdom's lore, Perhaps to meet no more, All knowledge swallowed whole- A thought that breaks the heart Once a poor Sophomore. Of every Sophomore. A!qo."'-- ' M. K. J.. l92l. Page ffly c :'-I X ' NJNA 5' : 'X ws f C, ,l NBQX - ' X N , .J-Q :4 ,- ..:'s:-z - ' -1 - ' ' -ef-f z' x u 1 " Il N w gf' " N N ,.,.a., 4. Q - l x fI15Pf3QQi3D J! 1'1 E-ig, Page filly-I , C3725 "', i,f " ' ..i:14ZlfT:gi?:1?'.'lZLgiI.'1-il K 4,1 31 f A x .fff"2 vL:?Qi3g, - I .-s x . I J' 11.4. DA....,' ' 'XD1 U 111 gl! I .. A ' ,cfs ,- 'f"f.l', ' -H - ' Y , "-AQ'.'l,!.l'l.-: 1'-,-A ", i cliff T KL AA A 'iiyft A ' I Args A Yf ft: Freshman Class Roll Colors: Old Rose and Black SHIPMAN, MILTON Mollo: "Perseverance Wins." OFFICERS WELLS. DEwEY .... WYRosDIcK, MINNIE . PATRICK, FLAY . MEMBERS BECKHAM, BERTIE BRABHAM. AMORETTE BEASLEY, ANNIE BU1'rs, JEWELL BAKER, ROXIE BRooKs. EVA GRACE COLQUITT, H. L. CREEL. NATALIE DAvIs, JOE Tom DUBosE. AGNES DYKES. CLARA ECHOLS, MAURINE FUQUA, JOHN D. FUQUA. MAUDE Page Hily lhrcc GODBOLD, BETTIE Lou HOFFMAN, INEZ HIXON, EULA HULEN, ANNIE JOHNSON, JOSEPH LANE, RUBY NEAL LAwsoN, LoLA LAWSON, SALLIE LAWSON, HERscHEL McKEE. CHARLES MCLAIN. EDMOND NORTON, RUBY ORR, INDIA M. PIERCE, Fov PATRICK. FLAY Flower: Pink Rose . . Prcsidenl . . Vice-Presidcnl . . Secretary . Treasurer SHIPMAN, j. MILTON SCARBROUCH. RABURN SPEARS, ANNIE LoRA SHARPE. LILLIAN THROWER. MY'RTl.E TURNER, Lols TOLLISON, LENA WELLS, DEwEY WILLIFORD. ADDIE LEE WYROSDICK, MINNIE WINcARn, MITTIE MAE XVINCARD. MAYME WILSON, MINNIE WINDHAM. RUTH t + 'Qii' G .Sz if iliygfk.. ..,,, ., 1, Y V it Y ,V ' H --:4 , 1-T-.aims ilfIiT-3'-n --D'-""' ' - T iff - I.. X -I Q-Hi .rg 5LE.,,l5........ yggigggggxgsxni U if AM, The Freshie Speaks They call us "rats," and they laugh at us, They try their best to pick a fuss, But we are wise, and we know our place, And we know we're in to win the race. We'll do it too, despite their jests: We'll prove to them that 1DC'GfC not pests. What though we do look rather green, To see as well as to be seen, Were they not once the same as we? Ah, what "forgetters" these mortals be! Perhaps they've forgotten the years gone by, When they were timid, and awkward, and shy. There are some who remember the bygone days, When the upper class-men had curious ways: And if we're not as wise as they, Perhaps we shall be some future clay. And then we can laugh at the ones below, Anal say, "Ah dearies, we never did so!" .rf Page ffly-four I ?315pfxLLAn1UEj ,M by J f . I I ik f ' ' T I I RA f 1 X 1 3 , 'L '14, , W f W f Y ,., ' W 1-J V fi- I.,-.1.LLk-'V Q .. A.. AJ-.. K WV K v iw D ,-+fji,, LFELL LLL L....vE-,S,,.-LLL .-.QL 1 ,,,, ... ' lj '-1. f '.1:gf L11 ia 'ua 'Q 11, I - I lg IU aff il-. gig IL:,gI ,lim I ifffh -LD ANDERSON, JOSIE BAXTER, PAULINE BROWDER. LUNA MAI' BRUNSUN. IDA BYRD, ALICE COOPER. ETHEL COOPER, LILLIE CONNER, ANNIE CROWLEY, ELIZABETH DEES, OcTAvIA EILAND, LEOLA EVANS. LENA IIARRIS. THOMAS I-'EAc.IN, CHRISTINE FERGUSON. ZADIE Special Roll MEMBERS FRANKLIN, SARAH GRIFFIN, XKYERBIA GUYER, MRS. ERNEST l'IALl-LS, lvAN HAYES, BERTA IAURST, GUTHRIE lNc.RAM. AUSTIN IVEY, LOUIE JONES, GERTRUDE MAHONE, MARGIE MILLER. XIERA MING, JOSEPHINE PATTERSON, DAISY PEAVY, BESSIE PETERSON. MARY' PHILLIPS, ALICE PICKETT, KATIE PRITCHETT, AMANDTINE ROBERSON. EULA SMITH, LEAH SOLOMON, HELEN SPEARS, EMMA NVARD, LILLIAN WILKES, ETHEL XVHITE, ,IESSIE WIHITE, OLLIE WILSON, CLEOPATRA WILSON, RUBY NELL WRIGHT, IRENE Page fifty sIx I . F, 91 E THE PA-LLAD l U M Q 7 4- 1 f If R , f ffff f' 5 0 oggkaa 2'-bnneg A ' x ' ii . ,X x ' ' N - X x, X jk xa D -l."': -- o .., Y X, Z1 fl 1 1 Z VR 4-x , -- ' -f 'fdlx . 'THEI' PALLAM Hifi WR 1 ---,--..,..--,-,-L,--.--- ,---.,,?-..i.i.- .. .. ,,---.,,, N, E 3 ROI D, jAIwIEN BROWN. JEWEL FOLMAR. NXIILSON BIBB, jR. IVAULIQ. ANNIE MELL COLIJTIIWAITE, MELMOTII BI.NTI,I.Y, MARY BOWILRS, .'Xl.llE CARROLL CARIJWLI I., lfvI1I,YN I Al'l.K, l,I,vv I I OWI-.RX CDI-K ll FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Grade I IIARRIS. CASPER HENDERSON, JULIA HAI MOTT, ADALEEN IVICNEAL, BILL PANHORST, HENDRICIQ ROS!-INBERC, LEON Grade II KFRN, MARIIIA l.OWP.RY, RUIII l'ANIIoRs'I', QEOROI1, -IR. RAINER, l.O:s IQOGFRS, jAuNI'I'A SMART, XYELIJON SACKS, IIERMAY, jR. XYOOD, MARGARET XXBILEY, Ol.IVER C. XY,Il.l.IFORD, BENTLEY SLLMAN. I'N.l.lZABE'I'H SMART. 'IYHELMA XX IIIIE, l".I,IzAaEI'II XVII,RERsON, THOMAS XX'RlGH'l', HELEN Page ffly-vigil! I THE WXLL-iXDI U PI Cn-, ..'."g,QAIQ'.' 'Q Q, ' ' ' 'gI'."'...l ""' 'D' ' .4 N "H li Ilona, Iihrrm C'ol,m1,xN. XX',u :LR THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Grade III I Ifuuusox, QLLORGI, XI1I.r1on. IXIANI Kiwi.: Xxn, jmu. IR. I'r,mcl. Iimn I'RugM,xx. I'u I I Sxlxwn. IAMIQX Grade IV XIARROI 1. jul mx In Rxlcwxx, Iflu n QIARIJWII 1. ILIIIIII Kxox, bu Known. IIIIIX IXIM, I,.,xRlr I IARLIN. IXIIARY NI: Nl Al. Imax I Il Am, Inns I'n1uUx, CQAMPIIIII age' fIfIl,JAlIIIH 'I'l4oM.,xs, I-'mm II XXIIIIII. Im XX'um XX IILIIURII, .Xxxn In Ihzvn. .Xxxu IQXIIIR FIIN1.-KN. jwux Fl ml lm., I IL 4.14 IM NI XX mu. IIHHII vs 'Q A ryf, B71 'K X 'H I - , f J 'III5 DAIILADI --4--A- - vf --A-----l.-i-.--.--4-W.. YV- . ,v.3 IiRAxTI.EY, juI.IA I5uNTI.IgI'. CATHERINE BAIIQOUQ, SARAH MILI limb, ALILE CIARROII, IRIS CQIIAPMAN, LEONORA ER ISAAIIINNIQ, MARY E,I.I1AIaI. I II IIROL IQ, XXVILI IAM Km IIRAN, CAROI YN I :II MAR, ILIIIA Kxox I IIxIII,Rs0N, Rlc IIARII FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Grade V IfAUIIIc, BERNARD HEATH, I-QTIIEI. IIARVILI. DANNEl.I.I' KILPATRICIQ, IQAIPH IVIURPHREE. 1-XLIIE C' IVIIMHLNILR, CRAIE I Grade VI MIIRPIIRLI1. INIIARY SL MLIRPIIRIQE, XK'II.IIAM MOI'I', QERIRUIII, fJl.HLIRN. INIARCARI I' I'IIfRil1, CI I nr ARROI l .E li F, Owns. JAMES I.0WERY, DOROTHY 'I'ROTMAN, CLENNIE SMITH, PERM' XVRIGHT, CLALIDE IQIYHS, ISIN SWAIN, VIL'l IA SPIIR. IQVILI YN XVAITI,Rs. l"RANc'I1s XYRICIIT, IXIARIF Page' sixly ugm' .xixlv 'IHEI DALLADJ U Id C . -..,-- ,-,..Y,. - - - -, . -,...., ,.i.....--.-. - 'D QQ 'nf -A Sl-'.YlfN'I'li GRAD!-A Grade Vll How, M,xRc,,uug1 llmmxf, I..fxrx1.-.N SL mmf Rl lx, l'.L'l .-x COl,l.lN5, l"l,0RRIlx ISU I In jLRx1c.Ax, .-XNNIP I Imxzxnxf Sl ,nu lxc,. Kill IDR, lion 15, ljsrn. In N'lL'RPmur, Run lxummvxux. Huw Srwnm. XXAI :uc FD Lf-zvf0'l!Il . fa . N' l - V r J X-I l - .f'l2':1 .L-'iv'.-.fl l 5 I I . P l I . 1""v ""'-A,-L'- ,433 ..-. .MH -71.12 1,5 - , ...1 ,, no i Y mfg, i " - f-fail -- A e A e e s as - -32 An Anniversary Song I Of all fair states, O fairest state, We pay thee homage nowg Our happy hearts we dedicate, Allegiance we avow. Dear Alabama, mother blest, God lead thee all the days, And may thy coming hundred years Be crowned with love and praise. Of all dear states, O dearest state. We love thy fields far spread, From northem hills to southern sands, Thy sunny skies o'er head. Dear Alabama, mother kind, God bless thine ev'ry part, Bestow on thee his bounteous care On us a grateful heart. O Alabama. reverencecl long, Thy children know thy fame, Thy schools would pay thee honor due, And laud and praise thy name. O Alabama, mother ours, God bless thy schools today, God make them worthy to be thine, And keep them thus for aye. L. S. l., l'920. Page sixty-tho ' Pal! lixlw lv ,. ma QALLADJ um ff H--Y-.-4-......4,VQ ,Vg- . - , ,Y -'.f".IQl-,,.g-f,, , if x Q-, - THE DALLADJ U M I f :H 4 r .H u j. A. Bnoxsox . . . X'lVlAN CAITHER A S.-mm Tam . Ymcu. COLLINS . GUY jonxsox . HU1.l.1NcTorv, VV. A. Brzoxsox, j. A. Coulxs, Ylncu. Duliosn. I-'ow Cnrufn, XIIVIAN OFFICERS Mmm!-Lks CRIMES, QJRMOIND I IEATH. IIERMAY INQRAM, Avsrlx louxsox, -IOSEPH juan. M. l.. jourvsorv, GUY . . Pr Q'.Xi11L'Hl , . frm! Inu'-Pr'csiJc'rll ,Sltfillll I Ili-PlL'Xl11L'I1l , .... . Swcrvlurp . ll'L'L1AlH' I IN1cCARTHA, DR. IX1cKr.E. CH,xm.5s MORQAN. SAM 'Iil'Al. S,xNm' NYM 1 s, Dawn' Q. l.. aixly-four THE DALLADI U M N 3 lei? ' fy! v 9,44 ff, gi""' Tm' f Q- 'Q' A " I ' -I-53: ,311 ::,g'x?s:Q11.jeia If . 147' ' I X5 .:f:g,':?x 0-,-1-",q:1Qv',' ' 'L '1 4,,:2':'I:3fg? Q' 'I - I gy yi . ggi, I' V ' Pl r ,' 1 F' ' . r Q W K 3 '- 3 I . L Il ' . . P f ' 5 - I '-'4 0 . , , . I . - I 1 I-1 nr In Q .vm-111 I XXIIIIU NI-In bm 4 11: III I I.-'Xl x 'IINNIF I IARl'I,I! l1..w-I I UL INI 5 CAI-XINI I Nuns: X lsmlxxx I xl Rl x xx I Ill wr III L xwwr II I lrllrimnmy , N XX IIIIJ NIH FIMN 'N I IN, A,---xx A 1 ir ,--fx , . X THE DALL QXDJU'M .A .rx ' ,. A A?-H A A LTI' A A A E V ' I ,RE.,,,,..,, .ig I .III 1' 5: D ,Y I I ,X-Dj U xl-I , fi-,f5V ...:.,.. .A.. U A--4""" I il J' -I II IU..-' J.. - I .. Y W A - - ,Y if f Y A, K.: all -..- E A I A E- ' -33 CL, AUTREY, CARRIE BARRow, GRACE Burrs, JEWELL ' BLAIR, JENNIE BEATY, MELLIE COLQUITT, CLERAI-I Coon. CARRIE E. Coon, WILLODENE CAsEY, ALINE CONNELL, LOIS COLLINS, VIRGIL CAI-ELL, HoRTENsE COWART, MIRIAM CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH CRAwroRD. ELIZABETH DILLARDI DUBosE DUBosE DUBosE SARAH FRANCES FOYL l.I0LA AGNES DELoNEY, EMMA DAvIs, JOE ToM EIDSON, BATTIE FUQUA, MAUDE FUQUA, jol-IN D. FAUST, VIRGINIA GRANT, LUCILE GRIFFIN, MELBA Page uxly seven .L Calhoun Society Roll 4 NIEMBERS GILLIS, MILDRED GELLERsTEDT, ELIZABETH GAITI-IER, VIVIAN GRIMEs, O. HUFF, MARY KATE HAM, LOIS HOLLINCSWORTH, BERNARD HIGDON, VIDA HILDRETI-I, BcBELL HARPER, TESSIE HARPER, JESSIE HART, RUBY HULEN, ANNIE JOHNSON, W. C. JOHNSON, GUY JOHNSON, VERA B. JONES, ANNIE M. LINDSAY, HELEN LECOMPTE, EFFIE MCQUEEN, CLARA MCRAE, MARIE MCLEAN, CARRIE BELLE MoRRow, LILLIE MAE MIDDLETON. MATTIE MCCALL, RUTH NORTON, RUBY OwENs, LoUIsE ORR. INDIA MYRTLE PORTER, LUCIA PALMER, EUNICE PEARCE, MYRTLE PATRICK, FLAY RIKARD, LETA STRINGER, RUTI-I SHARP, LILLIAN SHAW, FANNIE Lou SMILIE MILTON STROUD, EMMA B. SIMS, WILLO MAE STILLWELL, MARGARET TOWNSEND, ADDIE TI-IoMAsoN, VIRGINIA TEAL. CULLIE TEAL, DELELA TEAL, SANDY THROWER, MYRTLE TURNIPSEED. NADINE TOLLISON, LENA WI-IIGI-IAM. EUNICE WHIGHAM, FRANCES WINGARD, MAMIE WI-IITE, OLLIE Woous. LOUISE XVALDEN, JUANITA YOUNGBLOOD, BoBBIE LEE 7-1, 4 THE DALLADJ U M ,J Wg-X' if f-" 1. ,ff :glff L X2 2 Al A 'A A-:A-25124 A I ML-. QA' .I .ADI Um f , in-f.c:::.-j,:TL41,-- 7 L- - f rp -. -'W f, K f'LA' 'E' 'A"" ' " W " " .'f' " ' " ':""" ' ' L13 BARNES, OSSIE BRABHAM, AMORETTE BROXSON, j. A. BEALL, ESTORA Bnooxs, EVA GRACE BAILEY, MARY CAMERoN, LOLA CowART, WILLIE LoU COPELAND, MARY OLIVE CADE, TOMMIE CRAwLEY. ANNIE LAURIE CARAWAY, CERTRUDE DAY, LUCILE DICKINSON, MISS LUCY DYKEs, CLARA FOLSOM, MA1TlE FOLSOM, AMANDA FARRIS, T. j. GODBOLD, BETTIE Lou GILLIS, MILDRED CASSETT, MATTIE Lou Page surly nmc Gladstone Society Roll MEMBERS GARRETT, JANIE BELLE HALE, IVAN HOFFMAN, INEZ HOWELL, BERT!-IA HIXON, EULA HOLLOMAN, THELMA HEATH, LIERMAN INGRAM. AUSTIN INGRAM, LUSU JETER, KUMI JOHNSON, JOSEPH KING, WILLIE KILPATRICK. SUSIE LAMBERT, MAMIE LAWSON, ESTHER NIORGAN, SAM MCCARTNEY, ESTHER MCARTI-IUR, JENNIE McKEE. CHARLES MORROW, EDNA MARTIN, ANNIE LAURA MARTIN, JANICE PAYNE, LAURA PIERSON, ANNIE RAE PIERSON, MERLE RocERs, BETIIE ROGERS, SUSIE SPEARS, ANNIE LORA SMITI-I, BLANCHE SNIDER, LOUISE SALTER, ANNIE MAE STANFORD. MARY SALTER, MATTIE Lou SCARBROUGH. RADURN TILL. MARGARET THOMASON. LILLIAN WEAVER, VIDA WILLOUGHBY. PAULINE WARREN, BLANCHE WEl.LS. DEWEY WYROSDICK. MINNIE WATSON, LULA MAE THE ILLXLLADJ UM V63 Reel, White and Blue Clee Club Lu w TRUIMAN Mu :mum Gll.l.lS I-,1 IIABEQTH CEl.lLRs'rE1rr MARY O1 :VE COPELANIJ Sum. Ku Puma K Mun' lim: EH SOPRANO MNRTLE l7Al1. Lum' WAL'rER Vmcuxm IfAus'r :XNNIE LAURA MARTIN L1l,1,l,xN TIICDM.-NEON ALTO l,ovu1 KJIQURIE Mmmm Cownuu' .AIDDII-1 Rum li.-mms, l'iunist Nlm. K.'X'l'P1 Mr'C,xl,1.. lbirfrlor MRS. l5l1.1.Y KUNCE Iilolsz CARROLL ICMMA BELLE STROUD Louisa Woons .-Xrwxni IIA! PIERSON Luna jorsss Page .seventy ' THE DALLADJ U M r,,, Q-h,,,, Y,-.,-,.,,,,, -,..-. ,v fi P-1 P. 0. D. Roll Orrin 1.115 GLY jouafox Bldxxcm. XYRRRPA l.ovlr. Humour-. .-Xxxn. Mu, joxnf .-Xx'l1uw.11r. S-.xmkx N1lRl.KM C'owxRI PMRI Sr-11111 l7.Mx1x Bill! SIRUVII U1 1 fm KARRH-. :XUIRIX XIIXIXX llxlxmlx XIII! lf xr lfml Dulimm I ll umm I ll XIII Nl ll x Un Yum llu.n ugc Msvvrlly - mu' , .ri,11fi-.1f.-3.5LLsi5i U JSI! j f Mi V ir 1.LL.. W , V-Y 1 t, I - "3 Review of a P. of D. Member Well here I am and lll try for Cuy's sake My, what a good crowd! l'm glad that l came. To look much impressed and at least keep awake. That face is familiar, but what is her name? Hes awfully handsome what a pity he's shy- What beautiful dresses Bill and Nell wear! But his so called jokes are dreadfully dry. I wonder if Emily bleaches her hair. Gaither's talks are so tedious, prosy and long, Vida says he even thinks dancing is wrong. At the last meeting Blanche sang through her nose: l wonder if Herman could ever propose. Oh, here come the jokes! l must listen with care, Hasn't Foyl DuBose the most wonderful hair? What jokes! I wish someone had been asked to sing. Look at Carrie! I believe that's a new diamond ring. Oh why doesnt Guy bring his jokes to a point? just listen to Antionette. l know they must hate l ve sat here so long every bone's out of joint. To have her begin when it's getting so late. Why theres Miriam Cowart-what a beautiful They say Lovie Kilgore's dancing's divine, al' But l don't really believe it is better than mine. How pretty she d be if she were not so fat. The program is linishedg the roll book is closed: Ouida's calling for duesg that will wake those who dozed. l must feel in my pocket-l've only a dime: Look at those boys-they do have a good time. The aisle is so crowded we'll have to go slow, And there's Annie May gone off with my beau. And there's Milton Smilie. waiting to see, What his chances are to walk home with me. P. S., l920. Page seventy-two fx. ' ' A" A l-f?-fri1f.mLLAD1Um. l fg. gigQ':i-ilyggi:f:f: K . V--V Krazy Kat Klub Flower: Cal-lail Col fnr' x: Black and XY'hllv Alollo: Keep Your Klaws Klean and Kalvlm all You Kan Drink: Kalsup. Place of zllccling: Back Fence, Post C-5 OFFICERS K. K.. "Pixma" DILI..-mu P. K., "Plum" Coxxn ll T. K.. "l',x1sx"' l:.llJs0N UPIGCYH CONNELI, "CYP" XYa,xvr.R "I':xxu," Du I .uw "l'nm-1 1 nw' :ax L x T. K.. "l,ATH" EIDSON nlg0liHIEu CASE! "'l'mn" U-mm "DfXDD1"' fflbsox uxltlllllku Du 1 ,um "GINGER" CLUEST "Q'oLslx" llrxm Page .xcvcnly-three Y 7-" lf -,E -s fx .-fxxr ' ,..!X -IIII3 DALLADJDDD E4 A D. D. D. otha: "Never Trouble Trouble, Till Trouble Troubles You" Flulver: Firellax I7,xL'I In YYDILI oL'cIIIII l'ANNIl.l.7 SHAW HI'.I,I1x l.Ixm,-II' l.UUlSE Owrim I-QI IIABLTII C'AMPIII1II 14lIll.' "XXX, try our best to make II HOT For those wlm after us will trot." MIQMBI-QRS X'IRClNIA 'I'IIoIvI,xsorx l4RANll-LS XVIIIQIIAM XX'II,I,o MM: SIMS l.L1cIA PQRTIQR RUTH SYRINCI-QR Ifuxu Ig PM Mm l,LIcIl,1,E GIMNT DLI .IQI A TIZAI. C III l.lE I LAI, Page sevcnly-four ., - fig? e . .. E I or E . A ' ilk -I-11 5' Jig .U I .XD-I U N,-I . 2-,gi-1"' . I ,J J' ' J "hu ""f'I,:f :I-" -I, V V ' V i V Y i Y ' ' i ,ik '.7. President OFFICERS LENA GRAY TOLLISON . ...... . . . LoIs HAM .... . . . Vice-President MAUDE FUQUA . . . . Treasurer MEMBERS ANNIE BEASLEY JEWELL Bu'rrs AMoI:E'rrE BIIAEI-IAM CLARA DYKE5 AGNES DuBosE SIXTEEN MAUDE FUQUA JANIE B. GAnnE1'r LILLIAN Tl-IOMASON Lois HAM RUBY NORTON I-'LAY PATRICK HIGHEST AME ITIONS Annie Beasley-To have pretty dresses. Jewell Butts--To be a housekeeper. Amorette Brabham-To be an old maid school teacher Clara Dykes-To be an orator. Agnes DuBose-To have any other color of hair except Maude Fuqua-To have an unlimited amount of beaux. Janie B. Garrett-To raise chickens. Lois Ham-To cook for a good looking man. Ruby Norton-To smile at a soldier. Flay Patrick-To be goddess of beauty. Mattie L. Salter-To marry a rich man. lndia M. Orr-To leam to patch. Willie King-For "leap year" to come. Lena Tollison-To have brown eyes and curly hair. Lillian Thomason--To get out of the dormitory. Leah Smith-To be popular. Page seventy-he MA1'rIE L. SAI.1'En INDIA M. Ona WILLIE Kms LENA TOLLISON LEAI-I SMITH red. FA, -rn QALLADJIEEI I W MOTTO I WHLN Dun EIITERFLRL3 WITH Pmsuaf, FORSAKE DUTY'9 -9 ix KV iv-rf. XX VIRGINIA momsou HELEN LIND5AY L 1 ,LLOISE CARROLL ELIZABETH GELLERSTZDTQ LUCY WALTER MYRTLE FAIL IVIARY OLIVE COPELAND LAURA PAYNE LUCY TROTNAN ELIZABETH PACE BESSIE PHILLIPS MILDRED GILLI5 IX Q, L LN ,X fl' - X :Sk J . '- --.if I K - Q .K Q L - , L, . Ak I 2 - ff 4- ,- V J X! Y . L T 4 Vw-h-.-- W-W ,..,V q ff? gr 'fi-gm! -3 7 I Page .seventy K I ., fin ,---., 'r ,frx ff' if 'wr 1 1'f ,3 ' 'f J! ,- 'x:N f'J' fi , ,D V 'W-...-.i.lL- :.4-,,,. .-p ,g,--,QL,.,.i1,,..' f iz- -.Ms K V Vwi,,,M1,,,-,,:.::j:'. ':,1,:i':i::T4tL1,T'ggkQ-iii. - l 1'HE DAL.LAD l LJ MW QS In H 1 x 571 5 D S aw -' "" ,K xx H J! ' :fx ,gf MGVTG N ' v Mgcgfonjeaso Do QU You CHN HND ll 'Q , x EUNICE QJMQJIK J Get QMS wah L1 , ,I X FHNNJU Skqwgj gum f f x QQNEQEWIS.. No? To 'Que Cwmpubgpws ' i XX Lug., lwgmmk-d Qmsswwmsg zi- Ml RJUH1 mgfnllg, K we Qfle PU c3aNncEfVMpx1,,,,g4 Qu FL.- M9fRON JCVCD ww X f.muR,n'Q,5NE . STJEJISHP M pq 'Xe'W'EmQQR+hUL L , L'TH3 gDA.Q .L,IXDI'UI5T ,,,,,,, ,,..,,,--, g,-.....,. -v Aw ,, Wi, .,- -L..........,1.ii...-- -L-, - Y- i- ....,,., Z.. Ti.-.....-..,- ,..---.-L.-- Y, 'fwfs " ' K '?t""""N sA2M5LE5LL'M MOTTQL 'keep CLEAN" C I Oc CUPRTION .V- SOA P, DRLNA P bamum HELEN L ANNIL f-LAL PIKVDON Scrwssmc. vmumn mormon WILLO MAE .SIMS CHIIF bU4'IRBiRf' CHUARDMN v 'l"'1F'I'hT frurw ELIZABUH CAMPBELL O LLARE ROGERS O LOUISL OWENS Page .seven A FLOWER, fy-fighf I THE DALLADJ U Id Page :evenly-ninr LOUISE Ovvrxxs MIRIAM Cow,-.RI A Human l'A1.Mr,R MMTIE NIIIJDLEION . Yum IWIICIJUNJ A GUY jonmox . Louisa XX'oons KUMI JEIIER BATTIL lflrmsox . , A SARAH Fame Ls Du 1 ,um Vmcu, COLLIN5 , l.,-.LvR,x cl.-NINl'.N llunm l.ll.l.1,xN SHARP , , Annual Staff 1,411 . 'l55l7l ,IWW un N31 5x1 nf xx. .Wm 1 I r 1 v 1 1 Q 4 6 L C L 5 1 C luv! :uh um Ulla fuh mlk mix lxlfn mh lyllxx hw LN Mu 77 K 0 COL. E. S. BENTON LT. A. L. SHULER Our S. A. T. C. Venture The State Normal School, anxious to do her "bil" in the great war, obtained per- mission of the authorities at Washington to organize a unit of one hundred for educational and military training, to begin work October l, l9l8. Untoward conditions caused a delay of a few days. A short extension of time was granted and on the Sth of the month we regularly began the work with one hundred stu- dents enrolled in the corps. Major S. D. Freeman, a retired army officer, was in command, with Lieut. A. L. Shuler as his aide. An apartment house for barracks and a hall for an armory were se- cured. Soon after the organization was completed Major Freeman was relieved and Colonel E. S. Benton, of Nashville, also a retired army officer, placed in charge, Lieu- tenant Shuler remaining as his aide. The work was soon well organized and was progressing satisfactorily when the armistice was signed and orders came to muster out the unit, which was done on the T . lth of December, l9l8. A few of the young men continued in school, joining the regular classes, others went to various camps to continue the military part of their training, but most of them went to their homes. So the S. A. T. C. venture became a thing of history. Page eighty S i fx .-s 'f' LZ - X xfi.iffN:':.' ' -f f.i-X 4 ' aiiffi' ,f Q57 ' f I if-T F217 ff 'T .gi-1' f - Y' Z. . TIL.-f QALLADI Um fJ - f O". 'E I e'E'Efi E 'QA . 'f""i ALLEN, WM. R. . . Montgomery, Ala HICKS, ZELL C. . . . Ceorgtana, Ala ALLRED, j. M., . . . . . Troy, Ala HARBUCK, M. G. . . . . Hurtsboro. Ala ANDREWS, OSWOLD . Ozark, Ala HAYNEs. EUGENE E. . . Headland. Ala ANDREWS, NOEL . . Ozark, Ala HIGHTOWER, M. CULLEN . . . Troy, Ala ANDERSON, FRANK . . . . Troy Ala HEUSTESS, U. L .... . Andalusia Ala BARROW, FRED . . . Evergreen, Ala HELMs. LEROY . . . Greenville, Ala BRUNER, OLIVER G. . Ft. Deposit, Ala. HEAD, Lucius P. . . . Omega. Ala BREWTON, E.. . . . . Andalusia, Ala JACKSON, FONDA . . Montgomery, Ala BAITCHMAN, ITTLE . Townley, Ala JACKSON, LAWRENCE . . Red Level, Ala BROWN, GEORGE . . . . . Troy, Ala JOHNSON, C. W. . . McKenzie. Ala BLUE, HENRY P. JR., Union Springs, Ala JUDGE, PEYTON . Montgomery, Ala BYRD, LUNY . . . . . . Ozark, Ala KELLEY, FRANK . . . Headland, Ala. BROOKS, Tl-IOS. E. . Rutledge, Ala LYNN, WALTER S. . . . Troy, Ala CI-IADwICK, S. H. . . . . Seale, Ala LYNCI-I, W. OTIS . . . Elmore, Ala CHAMBLESS, JAS. E., Birmingham, Ala LORD, FLETCHER . . . . Troy, Ala. CIAIANCELLOR, M. L. . . . Troy, Ala MANNINC, WM. BUIPORD . Enterprise, Ala CHATFIELD, R. . Montgomery, Ala MOODY, CECIL . . . . Uniontown, Ala CUNNINGHAM, CHAS. . Evergreen, Ala MARSHALL, H. C. . . . . Banks, Ala CULBRETI-I, l. R. . . . Gordon, Ala MATI-IIs, M. CLYDE . . Rutherford, Ala CASSADY, O. G. . . . Ft. Deposit Ala MORGAN, j. ROBERT . New Brockton, Ala SLARK, EMMETT . . Clayton, Ala MARsIAIALL, AMOS l. . . Collonwood, Ala. COE, RAYMOND D. . . . Slocomb Ala MITCHELL, CERA S. . . . Headland. Ala COOK, HARRY E. . Montgomery, Ala MERRITT, ERNEST G.. jr. . Hope Hull. Ala. CI-IEssER, L. V. . . Andalusia, Ala. MCBRYDE, JOE PETE . . . Troy, Ala. DAVIS, lVAN R. . . Tuskegee, Ala. MCKETHAN, W. N. . . . . Alpine. Ala. DAVIS, ALBERT E. . . Pine Level, Ala. MCCULLOUCH, j. DEWEY . . . Hosford Fla. DUNLAP, ALVIN . . . Georgiana, Ala. MCCALL, Hum-I C. . . . . Opelika. Ala. DUBOSE. DICK . . . . Troy, Ala. MCCRIFF, CLIFFORD . . . Columbia, Ala. FOSTER, MAX E. . . Slocomb. Ala. MCINTYRE. OTTO A. . . . Herbert, Ala. FosIIEE, HORACE . . . Red Level, Ala. NEWTON, LESLIE l. . . Sloeomb, Ala FAIRCLOTH, MACK E. . . Wallace, Ala. PITTMAN, L. CLYDE . . . Banks, Ala. FOREHAND. AMOS l. Ft. Deposit, Ala. PARKS. R. BRICKELL . . . . Troy. Ala. CALLOWAY, SAM . . . Brundidge, Ala. ROwE, C. DEWEY . . New Brockton. Ala. CRANTHAM, H. A. . . Evergreen, Ala. ROY, W. D .... . Dealsvillc. Ala. GIBSON. HERMON . . Slocomb, Ala Roc.ERs. Tuos. W. . Birmingham. Ala. GAITHER, VIVIAN . . Tallassee, Ala ROGERS, JOHN B. . Birmingham, Ala. CISSENDANNER, EVAN . Pinckard, Ala RAMSAY, SAM . . . Brundidge, Ala. GRAHAM, JAS. B. . . Evergreen, Ala REESE, A. F. . . . Gcorgiana, Ala. HAIN, REGINALD, ....... ROIEAR. FRED C. . . . Pensacola, Fla. HARDY, PAUL . . Tallassee, Ala RAY. JAS. Bl.-AKELY . . Geneva, Ala. l"l0RTZOG. HORACE . . Andalusia. Ala SHIRLEY. VBALTER L. . . lxlary Ester Fla HEATH, T. HERMON . Greenville, Ala SANDERS. M. . . . Evergreen, Ala. HAwKtNs, ,IERRY V. . Ft. Deposit, Ala SUMMERLIN, BRADY . . Luverne, Ala. HARPER. LYNWOOD L. . . . Elba, Ala STEPHENS. R. lltI.I'oN . . Troy, Ala. HOWARD. H. H. . . . Goshen. Ala STRENOTII, AUliRl1Y' iliallassrr. Ala Page etghly-one ' -Y V , . 'fx V . . AATFIJEAADALLADJADHVT S1-QINNER. j. PEAVY STRICKLAND. LEROY SUDDUTH. HENRY SMITH, Russ . . SHEHANE. AUSTIN SMITH, ARCHIE . SUBLETTE, M. A. STANEIELD. S. D. SELLERS, jacx E. TATUM, VVM, L. . R... gh., .X . . Troy, Ala. THOMPSON, GEORGE . Hurtsboro, . . Ozark, Ala. TEAL,ALExANDER, . . . Clayton, Birmingham, Ala. TOBIAS, GAYNO . . . Montgomery. . Slocomb. Ala. WIILSON, GRADY l... . . Troy, . Brundidge, Ala. W1LLxAMS. EUGENE . . Troy. Montgomery, Ala. WALLER. SAVELLE . . Dickerson. . Pensacola Fla. WALLER. WM. l..0L'lE . . Centerville, . . . . . . WVADSWORTH, A. R. . Montgomery, . . Banlcs, Ala. WOOLFOLK. JOHN C. . Montgomery. . . Banks, Ala. WATSON. juuus j. . Chestnut. I M ,f S ' -1: 5 Z" E Q SS. laE.SA Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala. Ala Page clglsly llvo C l - ' I I X . Q13-.??fX5QfWJ U 14 vt ,il Nzgza . 4 ,71 'L , .I .nr ny - 'l li BENJAMIN S. COPELAND . , . Class ol I9l5g Lf S. A. Ll.oi'n Cunris Wana . . . . . Class of l9It'5g Lf S. A. jsasri B. jouxsow . . Class of l9l8g Lf S. A.. A. li. lf. l"R,'tNcls M. fXDAMS . ..,, U. S. Naval Acacleniy XY"1l.i.l,xM M. lluciirns . . Class ul l9l5g L7. S. A.. A. li. lx joins B. Hum '... . Class of l9l-lg U. S. A.. A. lf.. lf. L" f f LT. XVILLIAIVI XX'i'MAx Owsxs . . , . S. A.. A. I.. l . GUI' Honor 0 iliroy Normal is proucl of its Honor Roll as exenipliliecl in its gallant sons who answered tlie countiv'H call to enter the great world conflict hctwcen .iutocracy .incl clo- mocracy. ln all the long list wc have yet to hear of a single slaclwr among thorn. Many of them arf- now returning to their country and their homes, crowmfcl with laurcls and tht- Pugc eighty-llirrr Rx C CH 'iCi. .C"1C' ".i.C.'.f, Q V F THE DALLADLUMF F ' V -w-----V-- --Y-- - .-A- MMV.,-,..., ,X j..-tmizs li. CHr:ATiiAM. j R, . . Class of l9l6g U. S. KENDRICK PARKS , Class l9l3g U. S. A .ALBERT j. Wii.i.i.xMs . . Class of l9l3' RALPH VV. Cow.'xRT . Class l9l0g U. S. A LT. lluoii AD,-.Ms . Class l9I3g U. S. A join: Howano CREW , . Class of l9l3 lgr. ELGIN C. COWART Class l9l3g U, S. A LT. ROBERT CiEl.l.F.RSTEDT . . . . U. S. A.. A. E. A F A F F A F F gratitude and love of their countrymen. Others there are who will come no more-those who mfide the supreme sacrihce and joined the ranks ol the Hunreturning brave." We greatly regret that we have no complete list of these heroes, living and dead, that we might print it lor rtlerence ol alter times, but we hope yet to be able to do so, and help, though in :i small way, to perpetuate their honored memory. Page ciglily-foul I 1 ugh! 'fm mLLAn 1 UM fil'Q'.'iQfYif,'i1f1 QQ ,, - , ,- 'VY-xx fx A THE DALLADJ U M W, .--...f- . . . . .,,.,,,,, , , , .A , A - ff Q1.i-iff.. ' ' iii "df " 1" g'-'-' "g"-"M" 'H ' " 'rin "1,1'-'ax' -',', -.' 1,1 v v ,- ,-: :rf ' - -1 gg qu- s-,-.-. ,-Q. ,- - . - . 1 - - - . . . , .- :r.1Z-Zw1L2'2:-.+'-r" iii . . : 2 . . . :I--. A-'-223'-. srl'??.1?546i2S"f-5253 E ,A.uNA,4 .. . . ,.. ,. .... .. .... . ..-- M, 'Mn 'ls l 'hh I 4 M 'IL511' 1 R'n':"511" 3 50.119 nm' -.A,"n 1105" '44 ln. Nufw xc' 01' I A :hu ' QA: , ll. Oh ,. AH A .0 Q A - I H -144 4 , is s 4 a r A A A ,-gn ,agus-,A l.l.l M4 n nv., 4 ' s 14,4 'Jo ai 1 . :l:A'a':- 'u 'afavlff nh I,,a'.',u ',",,h::,A' uh fu.. pu ,Q bn' :Ha A N'-'A ' ".s45'v'n :N H H ' - J a-.-,. 1 ,,...-.5 ' . ',..-. Y ffm:-" " SCD 417 - 2-sf X - " ' ' ' .Y - 142-, A ,AQ-"-v Y '-' v .f ?' . The Faculty fAs the Students See Theml DR. SHACKELFORD: Nicfgname: . . llfotto: . . Amusement: . Favorite Book: . PROP. PACE: . Nickname: illotto: . . . Amusement: . . Favorite Book: . Pzzor. MCC,-.RTi1A Nickname: . . flffolto: Amusement: . Favorite Banff: . Pnor. Cow,xRT: . Niclfnamc: . ilfottoc . . A muscmcnl: . Favorite Hook: Pnoif. VURIG1 IT: . Nickname: , .lfottoz . , Amusement: . Favorite Banff: . . "just a worcl more." . "Shack" . Do others before they do me." . Finding fault." . "Adam Smiths Political Economy." A4 96 64 . "Third period rise." . "Downer." . "As a man thinlceth so is he." . "Reading The Advertiser in class and chapel." . "Wentworth and Smitlfs 'Trigf N 91" 96 ,F . "An empty can will rattle." . "Doctor," .- . Through the ages one unceasing purpose runs, And the thoughts of men are widened with cess of the suns." . A'Work." . "Literary Digest." 95 95 P6 . "Help me, Cassius, or l sink." . "Colonelf . "Put every thing in its proper place." . "Making people blush." .- . The Scientific American." JF :F 95 at . l presume so." . "Dimples" . "Make others worlc while l play." . Watching you sweep or see-saw." . "Dewey's llow We 'lihinlcf' 'ig the pro- Pagc eighty-six Ol: fix Q f -" :vi . .- f'Qiif-gzm faffff- 5. ' 1 Q-31l,1i'f 359. ff, .rig ' t ll Irie. .3A....' I ,'XD1UyJ r. r 'ff-11-1 'of-f - ' f fe2f1if1f3i'5m-fi?31" A 1-4-2 r""' " 1 2 ' ' T Q ' PROF. SPEER: . . 'l suppose so." Nickname: . . . "Shorty," Motto: . . . . . 'Talk so every one can hear you." Amusement: . . . 'Arguingf' Favorite Book: . . 'Deadwood Dick." 55 'Y' 96 Miss Pirrs: . Nickname: Motto: . . . Amusement: . Favorite Book: Miss DICKINSON: Nickname: . Motto: . . Amusement: . Favorite Book: Pnor. Born: Nickname: . Motto: . . . Amusement: . Favorite Book: Miss Mii.Li:R: Nickname: . Motto: . Amusement: . Favorite Book: Mas. MCCALL: Nickname: . Motto: . . . Amusement: . Favorite Book: Miss Rocsns: Nickname: Motto: . . Amusement: . Favorite Book: Page eighty-seven B just a word to the practice teachers." Lieutf' Do everything promptly and in order." i "Writing 'App. C. P.' in red ink." . . Anything just so it is by Buggs and Kauffman." 55 3 3 Let's have quiet, please." . ."Lady Macbeth." All work and no play makes students bright." . . Assigning long lessons." as . . Shakespeare's Principal Plays." -95 95 PF . . just in one minute." Fessor Joe." . . To do things right and right now." . . Running the Movie Machine." . . All of them are his favorites. PF 3 96 . "l'll meet the sophomores the lirst period after dinner . . "Cook" . . "We may live without poetry, music or books But civilized man cannot live without cooks." . . Having the big table moved. . . "The Boston Cook Book." 96 '15 3 . "Girls! Sing!" . "K-K-Katy." . . "Sing and the world sings with you." . . Singing Do-Ra-Me's. . "The Army Song Bookf 96 96 96 . "Thats pretty good." . "Claire" . "Work with your hands and not your mouth." . . Making something. . . Nobody Knows. hlsqb D94 f"-.' , -,, I 77 ' X ' 5' '2.-v,-,.,,1' igzifif',.L7iAj?,Tfil. . . e if?lgfilijall-AM.I?J.fQ f i, Little Awful Influenza fWith apologies to "Little 'Orphant' Anniefj Little Awful lnfluenza has come to our town to stay- He makes the chills run up your spine and takes your strength away. He puts a cold up in your head and makes your chest feel tight, And gives you such a fever that you cannot sleep at night. He upsets your poor old stomach: puts a misery in your back: Makes your head ache like the dickens: gets your nerves all "out oi whackgu Gives you earacheg makes your nose bleed and runs up your doctors' billsg Makes you spend a mint o' money on old castor oil and pills. And you have to be so careful when you're able to be about, For you'll surely take pneumonia if you don't watch out. He runs your fever up in "G," and makes you cough and sneeze And when you try to walk, you feel unjointed at the knees- He takes the "pep" out of your life and makes you feel so blue You think the fires of torment can'l be any worse than "Hu." And if you turn the cover back he'll give you tons of cold And make you feel exactly like you're ninety-two years old. He makes you look so pale and bad, and leaves you skinny, too. And so hollow-eyed, you scarcely recognize yourself as you. O, he's worse than mumps or measles, typhoid fever or the gout And he'll make you buy your tombstone if you don't watch out. CLARE Rooms GD Beware Of Mrs. Smith. when you are whistling in the halls. Of Miss Rembaugh, when you try to transfer part of your supper in your pocket from the dining hall to your own room. Of Prof. Cowart, when you "fergit" and say "aint" Of Prof. Wright, when you are making tatting in class. Of Dr. Shackellord, when you enter Chapel one minute and sixteen seconds late. Of Dr. McCartha, when you forget to come for your Literary Digest. Of Mrs. McCall, when you must giggle in music class. Of Miss Miller, when you are chewing gum. Of the girls, when you receive a box. Of Prof. Boyd, when you "forget what doors are for." Of Everybody, when it isn't your day up town. Page eighty-eight FK ,i"'X Fw If , x , ,,- .- h , EVIHE ,vALL,xD1U ff1 C iY-- f -f-... ,..f .i.......-,..,,. , D Page cighly-nim F fy .tix H5435 - 1'-' " 'C' "Gl'a - w. 'WVFF' .lk 6 t ,'---- i fu l,,l-i-- -Q ,Mmm ,WMV-,v,,,,vq,,,-,i-MAA bdf, . A- C., ,D An Address to the Cong Here's to you, you noisy nuisance! You have called me in the morning You have done your very best When you knew I could not wake, To arouse me from my slumbers, But you called, and kept on calling, From my calm and peaceful rest. Till my sweet repose you'd break. You have called me When you knew If l told you what You would only Yes, you've called me down to breakfast When l still was in the bed. Yet you seemed not to regret it- Brought demerits on my head. You have called me down to dinner Which was nothing more than hash, And l guess you really giggled When l could not eat the trash. in to sausage You have called me down to supper l wanted cheese. When lld rather see the train, l wanted, But l came in and ate raisins, ring and wheeze. Hoping they would help my brain. You have also bade me study, When l really wished to dance. Yes, you've told me to get quiet Ere l made Miss Rembaugh prance. You, who ring both late and early: You, who seem to think it fun When you see us, hot and panting. Trying to get there on the run. Don't you exer have compassion Yet, we love you, little faithful. On us as you see us go Love you more than we can tell. plodding down the endless stairway For on Friday night, what's sweeter To what fate we do not know? Than the Moving Picture bell? A. R. P., I9I9. Page ninety kk A fn'- . " ' ft ff .24 1 s. .i . glWI1iEfPlQl3I33iDT2l1tl rf' fe ru Imagine Imagine Virgil Collins tall, Page ninety-one lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine Imagine lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine Imagine lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine lmagine Professor Pace quite small. jenny McCartha a stick, "Prater" when not slick. Helen Lindsay with coal black hair Eunice Palmer when she'll take a dare. Cullie Teal not trying to boss, Lucia Porter with nothing lost. Margaret Till with pep. Janice Martin with out a rep. Alma Duke making a blunder. the Harper twins asunder. Emily Salter very big, Mrs. Smith dancing a jig. Louise Woods talking like a Quaker. joe johnson an undertaker. a dormitory girl not a peach, Prof. Speer without a long speech. Mary Bailey without a curl, W. C. johnson with a girl. gentle reader, these dreams all true. And you will accomplish what l can't do. Then, lastly, imagine the ages-the eons of time- lt would take for me to learn meter and rhyme! we 6 friig-5 pauaftoiiiii t ,A,, ,g,.IfQi', ,, ,, ,W ' , .,Q,.-..-'1--f,.,... -- .,-,, Q, , f',,,f , ,,, KI.. .. -,Ql".".'d'f',., ' T -llillna Q...f"M'Af'f"f'i'-s- H" W " ' 7 K ' 3 The Discovery of America ' CRETOLDJ NCE. upon a time, 'way back in the Minus Ages, there was no United States of America-think how awful not to have a dear old U. S. A.! -4' That was a long time before Uncle Sam was born and there were no ma stars or stripes either-well, perhaps, there were a few stars here and there cb up in the sky, but there were no stripes at all, not even in Sing Sing prison. Q5 Nobody had ever been to Coney Island or seen the Statue of Liberty or the Board Walk-or anything. But one day Chris Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy, so they say, but "they" are all dead now and can't prove itg so, judging from the way he had of finding out things for himself most people now believe that he was born in Missouri. Anyhow, Chris wanted to invent something, so he invented how to dis- cover things, and one day he decided he would discover America. But he realized that would ,take money, and he had spent his last nickel the day before at the picture show- Chris never could resist Charlie Chaplin. So there was nothing to do but see if some of the Kings and Queens wouldn't help him out. So he trotted all over Europe and inter- viewed every King, Queen and Jack on the continent. At first his efforts failed-they told him they had given the last cent they had to the Red Cross or Y. M. C. A. Fund or had bought War Savings Stamps: in fact, they gave him every excuse they could possibly find in the Encyclopedia Britannica. This might have disheartened Chris if he hadn't cut his teeth on a rubber ring and absorbed so much of it into his system that the harder he was hit, the harder he would bounce back. He kept on until he became such a bore that finally Isabel reached down in her stocking and gave him a dime and told him to "beat it." Chris then invited some of his best chums to go with him on his little week-end trip: so they hauled out his old i492 model, and in their haste they even forgot to cable the Indians they were coming. They got to America early next morning before the Indians even had time to put their clothes on, but the current was off and they couldn't turn on the lights, so it didn't matter much. Chris and his pals made so much fuss out there on the water's edge, singing, whistling and giving college yells that they woke up old Chief Miglity-Few-Clothes. Reaching under his pillow, he got out his Hash light and turned it full on Chris' ship. Now, the old chief had never seen a ship, and he and his squaw finally decided that it must be some wonderful new destructive bird, and old Squaw Mighty-Few-Clothes got scared and wanted to turn on the anti-aircraft guns, but the old chief was a member of the Audubon Society and wouldn't let her do it. Now Chris and his pals hated to happen in on the Indians unexpectedly before break- fast, so they strolled around to the Wigvvam Club and ordered drinks and sent a few Page nmcly Iwo f. ."' ex h , ,I-fs, 27 , fi picture post cards to the folks back home. In the meantime, Squaw Mighty-Few-Clothes had reached under her pillow and got her vanity box: combed her hair with a cockle-burr: put on her best feathers and beads, prepared a hasty meal and 'phoned Chris that she was sending the Ford down for him and his party and would expect them up to breakfast. Chris accepted instantaneously as he was one of the hungry sex and had heard of Southern hospitality before. s The mealxwas rather disappointing, but the squaw apologized and explained that she had to Hooverize like everything and this was wheatless and meatless day, and, as it was also fuelless day, she had to ccTok it on the firelessxcfboker and had even ordered the meal byf-wireless telegraphy, so as to save wire for the soldiers at the front. Of course, Chris didn't understil all this Transatlantic politics, but he wisely kept silent and hekaed himself to the axle grease, which, the squaw explained, was war butter. After the finger bowl and soap course, they retired to the sun parlor and played "They're Wearin' 'Em Higher in Hawaii" and few other national airs, on the victrola. But Chris preferred art to music, so Chief Mighty-Few-Clothes carried him out to see his rare collection of handlpainted sign-boards. These greatly interested Chris and from them he learned many strange facts about this wonderful new country he had dis- covered. He learned what made Milwaukee famous, he learned that C-a-s-t-o-r-i-a 's pronounced "Harmless"g that cold coca-cola is 5 cents everywhere. He found the so u- tion of the labor question in "Let the Cold Dust Twins Do Your Work" and was touched by many such appealing little sentiments as "Keep To The Right," "Keep Off The Grass," etc. The Indians were very much impressed with Chris and his party-so much so that they named Columbus, Ohio, for him right away and invited him to come back and plant some colonies, but Chris told them he didn't know much about planting things as he had never studied agriculture, and he preferred to join the Forty-Niners' Club and search for gold. It was with great reluctance that Chris finally parted with Chief and Squaw Mighty- ffew-Clothes, but he wanted to cruise around the neighboring islands a little, in time to get home by Saturday night for sanitary reasons. When he got back home he told so many wonderful things about the land he had dis- covered that it became quite a fad to run over here for the week-ends, and almost over night America became a famous summer resort. Finally all the best Europeans left home and began coming over here in such great numbers that they wore a beaten track across the ocean upnn which no grass has grown from that day unto this. Page ninety-three W" A I SL mg DALLQXD C -g..QQ,Q CEL. -Q - , ,i-L-,Ll'-' , -.-,- -...- wav--. V J DOMESTIC SCIENCE C 'JC G I E. VT. 5 'C 1 Ns O Z F A , -V a .3 Page ninety-livr YS' U .5 'J -'r A. E135 " ., . if ?TIIfDlL OIQQYDJOUN' f .., V. Saw. L .. .C ,L ......, K' ' W W ' """' Y"F'D"" 'H' "Y ' ' 'hh' "FFF DWDM " Q3 Alumni Roll CLASS OF '88 CORLEY, MRS. KITTIE .,.. ........ . . Dothan, Alabama DARBY, CELESTE ....... ........ . . Troy, Alabama DELANEY, MRS. EMESA QLOCKEJ . . . . Greenville, Texas MURPHREE, DR. JAMES ..... ........ . . Troy, Alabama CLASS OF '89 "'ELDRIDGE, LI-:ILA . ........ . . Troy, Alabama CLASS OF '90 KCOLLIER, KATE MARSHALL. ........ . . Trov, Alabama DARBY, JOHN KEY .... . . Ashford, Alabama FELDRIDGE, GEORGE . . . . . Oakland, California HANCHEY, JOHN W.. . .Pratt City, Alabama HARTWELL, ANNIE BELLE ..... . Lownclesboro, Alabama JACKSON, BETTIE ......... . . .Cincinnati, Ohio JOHNSTON, MRS. FLORRIE fBRANTLEYJ . . . . . Troy, Alabama WEBB, MRS. VIRGINIA QCHAMPIONJ ........ . Birmingham, Alabama CLASS OF '91 ADAMS, MRS. DELLA CHUDDLESTONJ ........ . . Polytechnic, Texas BLAN, KATIE ......... . Troy, Alabama JFBRADLEY, MRS. FLoRIDA CTATEJ . . . . Troy, Alabama FREEMAN, MRS. IRENE QPILLEYJ . . . . Troy, Alabama HANCHEY, MRS. WILLIE fBLANJ . . . . Troy, Alabama HILLIARD, C. WESLEY ..... . . Dothan, Alabama JOHNSON, MRS. PAUL CLEEJ . . . . Ensley, Alabama LANE, LIZZIE ........ . . Troy, Alabama LANE, MRS. W. R. KBRANNENJ . . . . Butler, Florida "'McLURE, KANNIE ....... . . Troy, Alabama PEARSON, MRS. SUE QPIERSONJ .... . . Sylacauga, Alabama ROBERTSON, MRS. MINNIE CWILLIAMSJ . . . Lloshen, Alabama SESSIONS, MRS. DELLA fHOLLOWAYJ . . . . . Ozark, Alabama SMITH, MRS. BESSIE fCOLLlERJ . . . . . . Troy, Alabama MTHOMPSON, MRS. JULIA QBELSERJ . . Montgomery, Alabama WATSON, JOHN ........ . . . Cameron, Texas WILLIAMS, LEILA ....... . . San Antonio, Texas WRIGHT, EDGAR M. . . ....... . . Troy, Alabama CLASS OF '92 CAPPS, CHARLES F. . . ....... . West Point, Mississippi CARLISLE, OSCAR . . . . . Dothan, Alabama CENTERFIT, MAGGIE . . . Montgomery, Alabama CENTERFIT, ININEE ..... . Montgamery, Alabama l'iUl.l.ER, WILLIE MAE ..... .Montgomery, Alabama MCLURE, MRS. l-'LoRA CMOOREJ . . . . . Troy, Alabama lVlUl.KEY, OSCAR W. ...... . . . Geneva, Alabama ,"PHILLIPS, P. ........ . . . Florala, Alabama SILER, JOE FRANK ....... Col., U. S. A., A. E. F. THOMPSON, MRS. LENA fCHADWlCKJ . .... Troy, Alabama WHITE, MRS. MATTIE KWRIGHTJ . . . . . Troy. Alabama ""Deceasecl. Page ninety-six . W AIN . -,I -K -'ff 1 725:-iilf ' . J' ' f5:'j-iff:-4 Qf,'fgi'Qffi'5"3'-'-'Til -1--'g',Li?fIf' A I 'T I .- "'-"'MTmiii'-TTT l-'i A ' ' ' J l ' I . it Iris-,J-Al-LADI' JL. 5 ' L . i i. ggi: 1 """gggT'af:iLE CLASS OF '93 ADAMS, MRs. CLYDE QMINCHENERJ ......... . . Troy, Alabama ABBOTT, MRs. CLARA fSILERJ . . . . . . . . . . Stamps, Arkansas TBOYD, H. D. ........ . . Troy. Alabama CENTERFIT, VALERIA . . Montgomery, Alabama CHAMPION, DELILAH .... . Birmingham, Alabama GRIFFIN, W. E.. ....... . . Troy, Alabama PACE, MRs. SARAH KCOLLIERJ . . . Troy, Alabama PEAvY, MRS. lANlE fGRlSSE'lTEJ . Atmore, Alabama PERSONS, MRs. MABEL CKNOXJ . . . Bessemer, Alabama ROBERTSON, MRS. GUSSIE . . , . Bessemer. Alabama TOWNSEND, SALOME . . . . . . .Tucson. Arizona WHITEHURST, W. F.. . . . . .... . . .Dallas, Texas CLASS OF '94 COWART, MRs. CLUSTIE KLEWIS, . . ...... . . . Troy. Alabama GARDNER, L.. D. ......... . . Montgomery, Alabama GARDNER, MRs. HENRIETTA KWILEYJ . . . . Montgomery, Alabama GRANT, MRs. LAURA fTURNIPsEEDJ . . . . Troy, Alabama HARMON, C. E. ....... . . Dothan, Alabama HILL, JOSH C. ........ . Andalusia. Alabama HUBBARD, MRs. SALLIE CWILLIAMSJ . . . . Troy, Alabama MCCRELESS, W. A. ....... .... C entral, Alabama STEWART, MRS. KATE KMCLEANJ . . . . Hope Hull, Alabama TSTEWART, FRANK ........ . Anclalusia, Alabama TURNIPSEED, MRS. SAM QTURNIPSEEDJ . . . . Troy, Alabama WILLIS, MRs. GEO. B. QLAMARD ......... . . Arlington, Texas CLASS OF '95 BLACK, M. L. ........ ........ . Hartford, Alabama BOWERS, MRs. TINY QIONES, . . . ...... . . Troy, Alabama TCONNELLY, MRs. MARY fGlLCHRlSTl . . .... Alabama CARTER, A. ........ . . Troy, Alabama MARCHMAN, R. L.. . . . . Newton, Alabama MCLEAN, MARY ...... . Hope Hull. Alabama MOORE, S. A ........ . Elkmont, Alabama PRUITT, MRs. WYCHE fGREENE, . . Midway. Alabama SAFFOLD, MAUDE ...... . Woodlawn, Alabama SEcARs, WILLIE BELLE ....... . . Troy. Alabama SIMPSON, MRs. MINNIE fBRANTLEYl . . . .... . . Troy, Alabama WILLIAMS, MRs. LUTIE KWILKERSON, ......... . . Troy. Alabama CLASS OF '96 TBAXTER, LUCINDA j. KGRAYDONJ . ........ . Luverne. Alabama CARROLL, MRs. BETTIE QDUKEJ . . . . groyi xfmabama CRAWFORD, TERRELL j. ..... A lar . a iama CHAMPION, CRIssIE ....,. Birmingham. Alabama TFREEMAN, MRs. MAGGIE fDUKE, . Glenwood. Alabama GELLERSTEDT, PEARL ........ . . illzroy. ilalbama HAMIL, LORAINE .......... . . roy. a ama HUNDLEY, MRs. MAROARET QMCCRACKENJ . . . Lockhart. Alabama HOWARD, ANNETTE ......... . Tuskegee, Alabama HORNDEROER, MRs. E. P. ....... .... . -Alabama TJONES, MARY ...... . . . Troy, Alabama WALL, O. C. ....... . Nvetumplca. Alabama WOOD, MRS. ,IULIA fBOWLES, . . ...... . . Troy. Alabama CLASS OF '97 BENTLEY, MRs. MATIIE CWALTERS, ...,..... . , Troy. .Alabama BIccERs, L. GARLAND ...... ...,.. . , Dothan. Alabama BLEDSOE, -IOHN B. .... . . "'Deceasecl. Page nmely-aeven . Xvarrenton. Florida ' A I lt ka ' 'BX A - ,ffiiif -. ,. . ig....,....--....Q:.f3fF:llLi?iii'R ' . , llilflpfxl-QLQl.LU'l, ll 1 . ,Mit-. L If . Y. HL-- , DARBY, MRS. JULIA fjl-IRNIGAN, . . DARBY, MCLEOD ....... ELDRIDGE, FRANK ,..... ELLISON, MRS. COLLIER QHOLLANQ . FLEMING, EMMIE ....... HINTON, MRS. LILLIAN CCLARKJ . KNOX, MRS. MITTIE QBOWLESJ . . MCEACHERN, MRS. MATTIE CFLEMING MINCHENER, BEN E.. . . . . . MOODY, MRS. ILoNA fCAMERON, . OWENS, MRS. JOSIE CKINGJ . . . PIERSON, DAISY ....... PETTYJOHN, MRS. MARY CLILESJ . TPI-IILLIPS, j. D. ...... . WVATKINS, j. M. ...... . AVERYT, KITTIE ....... BALLARD, EUGENE ...... BALLARD, MRS. ADELLE QMCCAUGI-IJ 7 CRAVEN, MRS. MINNIE C. QMURPI-IREEJ DOSTER, MRS. MABEL fCOWARTl . CODSEY, MRS. MATIIE fWlLKERSON, CROGAN, L. T. ...... . KNOWLES, MRS. MATIIE CTI-IOMASJ MoNK, W. F. ....... . MCGAUGI-I, INEZ ....... NICHOLS, MRS. ADDIE fROLLlN5, . TNORTON, C. F. ...... . NORTON, MRS. MARY fMCGAUGHJ THROWER, MRS. LUTIE QBEARD, . AVERYT, AGNES . BATES, JULIUS T. . BURNS, LATONA .... BURNS, ELLA ...... BLAN, MRS. ETHEL fBARRJ . . CARLISLE, HORACE C.. . . CHANCEY. A. P. .... . CLARK, MAUDE ...... Cosa, LUCILE ........ ESPY, MRS. BESSIE fHOLLANJ . . HILDRETH, A. L. ...... . LESLIE, MRS. ALICE QMINCHENERD . LETr, FRANK M. ...... . MCCARTHA, C. L., jk.. . . . . MEANS, j. T. ....... . RUDOLPH, ETHEL ...... SMITH, MRS. NETTIE QBEASLEYJ . STRATTON, FLORENCE ..... TURK, MRS. DR. KMAYJ .... WHITEHURST, WILLIAM . WILEY, OLIVE ..... AUCUSTIN, MRS. SALLIE fPURLOWJ CARROLL, EVA ........ Cosa, WILLIAM P. ..... . FORD, A. SIDNEY . . "'Deceasecl. 1 ...... CLASS OF '98 ,QA Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CLASS OF '99 . . . . . . .Walnut Grove, . . University, Alabama . . .Beaumont, l'exas Alabama Alabama Alabama Florida Alabama Alabama Alabama Carolina Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama . .West Palm Beach, Floricla CLASS OF '00 . . . Tuskegee, Alabama . . . . Dothan, Alabama . Birmingham, Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . . . .U. S. Army . . . . Troy, Alabama . . . . Ensley, Alabama .Pleasant Hill, Alabama . . . . Eutaw, Alabama . . . Beaumont. Texas . Woodlawn, Alabama . . . .Dallas, Texas . . Troy, Alabama . Birmingham, Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . Montgomery, Alabama . . Washington, D. C. Page ninety-eight Lll fn'- A R- ffff' fill , , F, 'C ' i""'C ' ' 'M X -"I 7f'f,f3?f' 24" 'l r I 1 l' l .5-J' .' . , ll l'Tl.:. .JAL L ,tnluift Y ff 9. ff' R. 'C . - . .f'Ef:Ti'lif ,.. rT'i:4 ff T . Q T , T' ,. Q ' R T 'ti --f'1G"f.i -3 HEATH, MRS. METTA fOWENS, . . . . . Montezuma, Georgia SAWTELLE, MRS. LUCILE QBLANJ . . . . . Troy, Alabama SEGARS, MYRA ............... . . Troy. Alabama WRIGHT, MRs. MARY T. CHENDERSONJ ........ . . Tgoy. Alabama CLASS OF 'OI BRYAN, WM. W. . . ........ . . Tifton, Georgia COWART, BERNICE . . .... .. . . , Troy, Alabama QFDAY, ARTHUR . . . .Sardis, Alabama DOSTER, JAMES -I ..... . . . . University, Alabama JOHNSON, ABBIE ......... . . Troy, Alabama KNOX, MRs. CHICORA QMCCARTHAJ . . . . Troy, Alabama ORGAIN, MRs. RUTH fORUM, . . . . . Nashville, Alabama POWELL, MRs. RosA QPRATHERJ . . . . . Troy, Alabama PIERSON, MRs. LUCILE fCARROLL, . . . Montgomery, Alabama STOUGH, KELPIE .......... . . . . Vinila, Oklahoma WILEY, JAMES M.. . . . ........ . . Troy, Alabama CLAss or '02 BEARD, JOHN F. ..........,..... . West End, Alabama BRYAN, MRs. MAMIE fCOWLlNG, . . . Glenwood, Alabama CHAPMAN, MRs. ETHEL QCORLEYJ . . . Dothan, Alabama COSBY, L.. .... ' .... . .Perryville, Alabama CRENSHAW, C. E.. ....... . Montgomerv, Alabama DANsBY, W. j. .....,.. . . .Butler, Alabama DUNWOODY, MRS. LENNA fDENNY, . . . ,Columbia, Alabama DYIcEs, REUBEN O. ....... . Wetumpka, Alabama FERGUSON, E.. L. ........ . West Green, Alabama MILLS, MRs. LENA QPETREYJ . . . . . Petrey, Alabama SMITH, MRS. JAMES KMIZELLED ........... , , , Ozark' Alabama YOUNG, MRs. ANNIE fWlLLlAMSJ .......... . Montgomery, Alabama CLASS OF '03 BARR, MRs. ANNIE MAE fALLlSON, ......... . . Troy, Alabama HOLLIS, TYRE j. .......... . . , , Butler. Alabama MARCHMAN, MRS. ELEANOR QPARISHJ . . , Nawlom Alabama MCKINLEY, VIRGIL P. ....... , Unlyeyglty' Alabama McLEoo, MARQUERITE ...... , , Marlon Alabama MOORE, ARCHIE ..... . . Almcre, Alabama MOXLEY, MRS. INA KBECKD . . . Brantley, Alabama SELLERS, C. C. ..... . . ,Monlgommyl Alabama STODDARD, WM. H. . . ......... , , Luvernel Alabama CLASS ot-' '04 BAKER, CHARLES ....... ........ , Andalusia' Alabama BOOTH, MRS. MAMIE KWEIRD .... . . . ,Prallvlllel Alabama "'CHADWlCK, MAE ......... . . . Seale, Alabama GRAHAM, MRs. ANDERSON fWALTERJ . . . . Prattville, Alabalna HALE. T. .......... . Bay Minnetle, Alabama HoLMEs, HILLARY H. ...... . . Daphne. Alabama MCLEAN, DANIEL . . . . Headlancl, Alztbama MORROW, H. M. .... . Summerheld, Alabama PALMER, E. C ....... . . , Elba, Alabama PEARSON, CORA ....... . Florence, Alabama POLLOCK, MRs. LENA fBECK, . . . , Cushion, Oklahoma PARKS, MRs. MARY fWlLLIAMS, . . . . Valdosta, Georgia RUSHTON, MRs. ELEANOR QMILES, ......... . .Rama-r, Alabama CLASS OF '05 UADAMS, LILA ......... . . . , .... . . Midway, Alabama E.NzoR, FRANKIE ......... . . . . . . Tray, Alabama l'-ARRIS, MRS. Lou ELLEN KMCLURED . . . Birmingham, Alabama "Deceased Page nincly-nine 1' . V ,M........l..-L. Q.-lr-' .NX V ,. X. fd:-. Q3 Ch-, -- L FREEMAN, BERTA . GREENE, lVlAUDE . . FHERLONG. j. H. . . . XMCFADDEN, ROBT. H. . MCMURPHY, MRS. MART RADFORD, GUSSIE . . STOUCH, LEILA . . . SELLERS, OLIN H. . "WILLIAMS, COLEMAN . XXVILLIAMS, LINDSAY . BRUNSON, wllLLlE MAE CROWE, XVILLIAM A. . DAVIS, MRS. MILDRED DARDEN, MRS. IDA M. . HARRIS, GEORGE A. . . LowE, MRS. CORA fWHl MCDAVID, -llMMlE . . HA QHAMILJ fBRClWH, TEJi . FMCDANIEL, MRS. NELLE fBRlTTAlNJ . MOORE, SCHMIDT . . SMART, MRS. ONYX QDOUGLASJ . . SMITH, NELLIE . . . UPSHAW, H. L.. . BEARD, ROBERT B.. . COWART, MRS. CLENNIE QLAWRENCEJ . DANNELLY, CLARENCE M.. . . . DUNBAR, MRS. MABEL C ELLIS, L. H. . . . . GANEY, j. S.. . . HARRIS, R. L. . . xl'lALL, ALMA .... HOWARD, C. H. . . . WRIOHTJ . HELTON, MRS. ERIN CTROTMANJ . JENKINS, E. W.. . . LANEY, E. j.. . . . MCLURE, JOHN R.. OZIER, XV. C. . . . ROGERS, ZACK . . REYNOLDS, G. C. . . . SEOARS, CHAS. C.. . . SMART, MRS. BEN fl-'O SHAW, LESLAY P.. . WHETSTONE, SADIE , . WILSON, CLEMISE . WILEY, j. l.AMAR . . Rfili. ADT, MRS. LEONE fCARROLLJ . . BOWDEN, CIROVER C.. BOZEMAN, W. O. . . . CURTIS, j. AUBREY . DOWl.INC, SAM S.. DAVISON, ROBT. l'. . . CLASS OF '06 CLASS OF '07 CLASS OF '08 l:.NZOR, MARY' l.. ..... . . l'lANSON, MRS. IiI.IzAIIE'rH QWHITTINOTONJ . . llUDSON, j. IQ. ....... . llUDSON, MRS. IRENE QGRANTJ . . +IJ..fQmI. . Roanoke, Alabama . Crystal City, Texas . Runville, Alabama . .Ariton, Alabama . Atmore, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama . . Vinita, Oklahoma . Auburn, Alabama Havneville, Alabama Montgomery, Alabama Georiana, Alabama . . Troy, Alabama Pike Road, Alabama . Healing Springs, Alabama Monroeville, Alabama . jacksonville, Florida Hinson, Florida LaFayette, Georgia Tuscaloosa, . Dothan, . Mobile, . Eufaula, . U. S. A.. . . Ensley, Montgomery, . . Troy, Columbiana, Talladega, Liule Rock, . Midway, Wetumpka, . . Troy, . Slocomb, . . Ozark, . . Troy, Birmingham, . Butler, Brundidge, . . Troy, Abbeville, Dadeville, Montgomery, Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama A. E. F. Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Arkansas Alabam. Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Florida Norfolk, Virginia . . Albany, Georgia . . . Elba, Andalusia, . . . Trov, Alabama Alabama Alabama . . . Stark, Florida ...Troy, Ackerville, . . . Elba, . LaPine, S. Army Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Page one hundred ,A , f ..- an A. A U L-'2."" 1. ii.. .-J'L,.-.1'i':1': .'LI'.T-g.i '. .. ' r l --I -. sf" ll ma .JA I .I .ADIUVI I, AL.: -fa'lT?'M.11.ff fgflim' F . W C114 '.f:I:iQr.Q1.-.., FL' ""'-""""""h""-'J' W ' ' F FFWFF ','f.-l3 JACKSON, H. F. ....... . . Selma, Alabama KYZAR, L.. OSCAR ....... . . Tallassee. Alabama MCCALLA, MRS. RUTH QTHIGPENJ . . . Sylacauga, Alabama PIERSON, T. C. ........ . Birmingham. Alabama PIERSON, W. W. ......... University, North Ca oli PATTERSON, MRS. LU OLIVE UONESJ . . . . Dothan, Alarbanlli IQICE, MIS. MXETICE f-IUSTICI-L, . . . . . Prattville, Alabama corr, RA . ......... . P llvill . Al b SOLOMON, MRS. RUTH fSHACKELFORDJ . . . Flufauil, Algbgxg ?HOMPSON. MIA A. ........ . Louisville, Kentucky OWNSEND, AMIE ....... . Prattville, Alabama WEAVER, B. F- ..... . 'l russville, Alabama WIDEMAN, CERTRUDE . . . , Cenlral, Alabama YORK, MRS. ANNA QIONESD . . ........ , Monroeville, Alabama CLASS OF '09 BRANTLEY, MRS. JULIA CWILEYD . ...... . . Troy, Alabama BROWN, MRS. ANNIE L. f-IONESJ . , Hlmlsvillah Alabama CHAFFIN, NELLIE ....... . Birmingham, Alabama CARTER, MRS. CARRIE CMCBRYDEJ . . , l-larlfaral, Alabama DowLINc, ANNIE LoU ...... , , Tray, Alabama ENZOR, MRS. NONIE CMURPHREEJ . , , Tray, Alabama FULLER, ESSIE MAY ...... . Roanzfke, Alabama GELLERSTEDT, LAWRENCE L. .... . , Troy' Alabama KERSH, MRS. RUTH QHARMON, .... , , Troy' Alabama MCKINLEY, MRS. MARY EMMA fKEY, . . University, Alabama NALL, LELA .......... . . Troy. Alabama SPARTIN, REX E.. ....... , N hv Al b PEACOCK, FLORRIE ...... , , 'lsrtia Algbgzllg 5055. MRS-WLILMAN UVIILLSJ - - . Fremonl. Alabama EYNOLDS, . . ..... l , Cl' , Al ba SHEPPARD, LEVERTE . . . , Hanaravlllli Alabama WILSON. PAULLIN . . . . Andalusia. Alabama WORTHY, NoRMA . ........ . . Troy, Alabama CLASS or 'IO FBLACK, JAMES H. . ..., , , BELSER, BYRDIE ........ BOYD, SALLIE LEE ........ BOSWELL, MRS. SALLIE MAE fCLARKJ . . BRANTLEY, JOE KIRVEN ....... CANON, MRS. MARY fBUTLER, . . . COWART, RALPH W. . . . . DILLARD, JOHN FULLER . . DYKES, KATE ..... DORMAN, LEwY . . . FOSTER, C. T. .... . . GREENE, ANNIE B. ......... . KEY. LUCILE ............. LANCASTER, MRS. EDDIE LEE CSHACKELFORDJ . MCKIMMIE. LULA BELLE fLATTUlLLE, . . MCKINNEY, C. W. ........ . MARY, MRS. KATE fBARl'J . . . . SMITH, SUSIE MAY .... SHEPPARD, GRACIE V. . . . STARLINC, .IOSIE . . . SUTHERLAND, R. H. ...... . SWIFT, SIDNEY ......... THOMAS. MRS. DELPHINE fFEMlNEAR, . WARD. FORREST S ........ "Deceased, Page one hundred one 3 . . . Troy. Alabama . Pilce Road. Alabama . . . Troy. Alabama . . . Troy. Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . Yves! l"oInl, Georgia U. 5. Armv. A. E.. F. . Montgomery. Alabama . . Slocomb. Alabama . Caslleberry, Alabama . Cordon, .xl'llJ3m.l . . . Elba. Alabama . . Troy. Alabama . Xvclumplca, Alabama . . Asbforcl. Alabama . , Banks, Alabama . . 'l-roy. Alabama . . . Ensley, Alabama . Honoravillc. Alabama . . Troy. Alabama . Brewlon. Alabama . . Troy. Alabama . Auburn. Alabama , . Buller. Alabama 'I . Ffrii' it , PT: .., , - A- - 1 ' p't,...g....A1Q,iig-p iw J' F ,r Y ,..1L- . . . . .--.,., 1 U I as Wi I 'I f' :JA LI.1IDI -.-....Yi....---J -- i . TBOSWELL, j. ASBURY ..... BOWER, MRS. LOIS KPRESLEYJ . . BoSwELL, MARY Lou ,... BISHOP, BERNARD T. .... . BLACK, MRS. IDA MAE QHARMON, . CARTER, j. T. ........ . DRISCOLL, MRS. ETHEL KJONESD . HARPER, OREN F. ..... . MARTIN, GENIE ...... PAUL, MATTIE . REGISTER, DORA. . THOMPSON, ARA ....., TAYLOR, MARION ....... THIGPEN, MRS. HELEN QSANDERSD . WHALEY, LESTER ...... WHAl.EY, ELLA MAE .... BLACK, PETER C. .... . BORLAND, ANNIE ....... BUTLER, MRS. LIzzIE fCO0PER, . . CDPELAND, LEE H. .... . COWART, MARY D.. . . . DICKINSON, j. O. . . DICKINSON, R. H. . TDORMAN, RALPH . FARRIS, JAMES M.. HICKS, EFFIE A. . . JONES, PEARL. . . LUCKIE, W. V.. . MCKNICHT, O. E.. MULLINS, LEWIS A. . PAUL, ETHEL . . . C gTL:i..-QT. ' ...L " L. . ..- T , , . ' .. 'jlfifj CLASS OF 'II . ..U.S.A.,A.E.F, . . . . Roy, Alabama . . Brewton, Alabama . . Marianna, Florida . . . Troy, Alabama . Montevallo, Alabama . McCullough, Alabama . . Herbert, Alabama . Wetumpka, Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . Daleville, Alabama . . Troy, Alabama . . Opelika, Alabama . . . . Brewton, Alabama . . . . . . New Brockton. Alabama . . . . . . . . . Clayton, Alabama CLASS OF 'I2 . . . . . . . . Troy, Alabama . Dothan, Alabama . . Brantley, Alabama . . Troy. Alabama . . . Selma, Alabama . Enterprise, Alabama . .Montgomery, Alabama . . Clayton, Alabama . Birmingham, Alabama . Dothan, Alabama . . Elba, Alabama . . Chatom, Alabama . .Grove Hill, Alabama . . Newton, Alabama . . . . Troy, Alabama . . . . .U. S. Army RISER, ARTHUR F.. . REID, VIOLA M. . . . . SCDFIELD, j. FRANKLIN . . SMITH, GEORGE H. JR. .... . SCHULTZ, OLA ....... SPRADLEY, MRS. MARY B. fWILSON, . , TRIMBLE, MYRTLE ........ TIPTON, CHARLES , . . . . WHALEY, ANNIE PEARL. . ADAMS, HUGH . . AVANT, CLAUD F ...... ANDERSON, VIVIA ...... BENNETT, W. R. ....... . BENNETT, MRS. PEARLA KMOORE, . . BROCDEN, HIRAM j. ..... . CLARK, COLLIE ...... CREW, JOHN HOWARD . . CHAPMAN, RoE . , . COWART. ELCIN .... ldEATH, GUY ...... HAMIL, PAULINE QEFURDD . . INGRAM, JOSIE ..... MCCUIRE, JULIA . . . PARK, jULIA M. . . +DPl'PdSfd. CLASS OF 'I3 White Oal: Springs, Alabama . . . . jasper, Alabama . . . St. Louis, Missouri . Brundidge, . . TI-oy, . LaFayette, . Andalusia, . . Troy, . . U. S. Army, . Brundidge. . . Daleville, . Evergreen, . Evergreen, . Andalusia, . . Ocala, . . Elamville, . . Russellville, Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama A. E. F. Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Florida Alabama Alabama . U. S. Army, A. E. F. . New Orleans, . .Montgomery, . . . Gantt, . Notasulga, . . Marion, Louisiana Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Page one hundred two Page one ', ,551 2 in " .1 i If""'v - -XVT5' E l I 1 l f lx I . I, . If v... , . aa 64,..zgf'f.,5,,,x.fiF. MA J Alf-Tl . .. J- Uma QALLADI Uijgl - ,X '- L E-Law 1 A A A fa" 'ik pi: PARKS, KENDMCK l , . . Luverne. Alabama PANNELL, LOVDIE .... . - Central. Alabama SLATON, EVERETTE . . . . . Florala. Alabama THAGARD, RAYMOND E.. . . . Brantley. Alabama SHINE, VINNIE I. ........ . Red Level. Alabama STALLlNGS,MA1TlE ........ Pigeon Creek, Alabama STEPHENSON, MRs. GLADYS fHILTONJ . ..... Alabama WADSWORTH, RUTH ........ Eelecrie, Alabama WILLIAMS, ALBERT J. ...... . Birmingham, Alabama WHALEY, DAVID . . . . . . Troy, Alabama ZOCH, LUCILE . . . ....... . . Eclectic, Alabama CLASS or 'I4 BOYD, BESSIE . . . . . .... . Birmingham, Alabama BRAswELL, JULIA ..... . . . Troy. Alabama CARTER, ARTHUR P. .... , . Ensley, Alabama CORCORAN, LILLIS fHALLJ . . . . Troy. Alabama DORMAN, CARL ..... . Claylon, Alabama DowLINc, NETTIE . . . . Dothan, Alabama ELLIS, MARY BETH . . . . . . Holt. Alabama FREEMAN, ALLIE CLAUDE . . . Nolasulga, Alabama GARY, FLOY ..... . . Comer, Alabama HEUSTESS, JAMES W. . . . Montgomery, Alabama HUNT, JOHN B. ....... . . . Clio, Alabama KING, MINEOLA ....... . Hope Hull. Alabama LEwIs, MRs. JULIA CMURPHREEJ . . . Montgomery, Alabama McPHERsoN. RUTH ..... . .WashingIon, D. C MYERS, OSCAR G. ...... . Carrollton, Alabama BMCCALL. FRANK RovENscRoI'T . . U. S. Army. A. E. F. MITCHNER, LULA CDORRILLJ . . . . . . Troy. Alabama OZIER, JAMES ....... . Monlgomery. Alabama PEAcocIc, MARGARET . . . . . Troy. Alabama PITTMAN, MARY BEA. . . . Dothan, Alabama RUMPH, EFFEL . . . . . Perole, Alabama SELLERS, JAMEs B.. . . Camden. Alabama SNYDER, L. EARLE ....... . Dadeville, Alabama SELLERS, ROBBIE Li. ........ . . Ramer. Alabama STANLEY, MRs. HELEN fSTEPHENSONJ . . . Lockhart, Alabama TILL, W. BREWER ........ .Montgomery Alabama VAUGHAN. JOSEPH T. . . .h . . . . Birmingham, Alabama WELDEN, O. KYLE . . . . Eclectic. Alabama WHITE, ELIZABETH . . . . Selma. Alabama WAUCH, MARGARET F. .... . . Mathews, Alabama WILLIAMS. CLINTON li. ...... . . . . Luverne. Alabama COUCH, MRS. MAGGIE fWHITEJ .......... . Jacksonville, Florida CLASS OF 'l5 BARKER. ANNIE li.. . . ....... . Auburn, Alabama BRANTLEY, WILLIAM ll. . .... . Troy. Alabama BENTDN, JACK K. . . . . Dolhan. Alabama BRYAN, WM. HARPER. . . . . Daylon, Ohio COWART, BEssIE .... . Perole. Alabama CDPELAND, BENJAMIN S.. . Foley, Alabama Cox, HELEN ..... . . Elba, Alabama DuBosE, W. COPELAND. . ,,.. U. S. Army DICKEY. IDELLE .... . Snowdoun, Alabama GAY, J. HENRY . . . . . . CI-nlral, Alabama HARWEl.I., RUBY . . . . Ramer. Alabama HALL. l"lI-ILEN ..... . . James, Alabama l'lUCHES, WILLIAM M . . . . . Ozark. Alabama "Deceased hundred lhree 1 T-K fn, . M LL. AJ. L L .. . , .............-..I I iIH3TDALLAr5JiEf.I' JAMES. SARAH B. . . MAUR. MARY VIC. . MCLURE, ROY . . . . OwENs, PERRY S ..... PRITCHETT. XYERA QSNYDERJ . RAINER, KATHRYN .... RAY, RUFUS ..... RUMPH, MAY BELLE . SHAW, PHARES B.. , . SANDERS, LANcELoT M.. . SKINNER, PIERCE S. . . . STALLINGS, INA . . . TUCKER, BERNARD D, . XVHALEY, FRANK . . . XVHALEY. EPSIE LEE . AGEE, BEATRICE . . ATKINS, ELIZABETH . . BAYLES, ARTHUR E. . BLACRSHEAR, TOM . . . CHEATHAM, JAMES E., JR. . . CHRIETZBERG, BERTHA . . CLARK, ROLAND H. . . DAVID, GLENN . . . DICKINSON, PAULINE . FORRESTER, DELLA . . C-ELLERSTEDT, MARGARET . C-ARY, ANNIE L. . . . . C-RANTHAM, HENDRICK A. . . HALL, BESSIE HARRIS. . . Hooc, MRS. ARKIE QSENNJ . KIRKLAND, BESSIE KATE. . LATTUILLE. NELLE . . . MELTON, OKLEY W.. MCKINNON, ANNEWILLE . MCKINNON, ONYX .... MCLURE, JOSEPH .... OWEN, MRS. CENUS CDENNYJ PITTS, MIc.NoNNE ..., PERDUE, CLYDE ..... ROCKETT, RUSSELL R. . Ross, DEDIE .... SANDERS, WINNIE D.. SELLERS, OTIS A. . . SOMERVILLE, HERMIONE . STUCKEY, XXIALTER j.. TODD, LILA .... TOMPKINS, MARIE . WVEST, NELL .... B'OUNGBl.OOD, RUTH . BAKER, BEN H.. BISHOP, Mll.IJREIJ . BOYD, llEl.l'QN. . . Bl-Ll.l., OLA PAULINE . . BARNETT, CBERTRUDE . BRADLEY, MARY . . . BRASSELI., JIRDIE . . x'DOC63S0l,l. CLASS OF 'I6 CLASS OF 'I 7 .L . Elmore, Alabama . Troy, Alabama . . Atlanta, Georgia . Brundidge, Alabama . Letohatchie, Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . . Perote, Alabama . Columbiana, Alabama . . Mobile. Alabama . . . Troy. Alabama Piegon Creek, Alabama . . Eclectic, Alabama . . . . U. S. Army . Troy. Alabama Sweet Water. Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . Monroeville, Alabama . Headland, Alabama . . . Opp, Alabama . . Eclectic, Alabama . Dozier, Alabama . Talladega, Alabama . Dothan, Alabama . Webb, Alabama . . Troy, Alabama . . Comer, Alabama . Casllcberry, Alabama Bay Minette, Alabama . Red Level, Alabama . Pine Level, Alabama . Birmingham, Alabama . . Tallassee. Alabama . . Washington. D. C. . Chancellor. Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . . Milltown, Alabama . . Eufaula, Alabama Union Springs. Alabama . . . Gordo. Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . Cottonwood, Alabama . Aliceville, Alabama Shady Grove, Alabama . . Dothan, Alabama . . Stockton, Alabama . . Headland, Alabama . . Tallassee, Alabama . Clayton, Alabama . Comer, Alabama . Brewton, Alabama , Brewton, Alabama . Troy, Alabama . Troy, Alabama . Elmore, Alabama Page one hundred four -1,.. .- o A of A A 5 f ES A . is-75' 3 I - r ...I l. X ITT, . 3. '5' ' , , , ll Irlr. JALLADJ Uyl fs I f A, -' f"155-:'f'5":i9'EEEfi'EE -. be-'ffife-ef 'E It f 'Q L. ' C,-.-......"'ia-::l'QfI.C-Lffff "4 T"fl'f'i'I....l."'Q -'..Q '- .. ,- "fi BURKEIT, ERNEST G. . . . Butler Springs, Alabama CLARK, MATTIE . . . . . .Ozark, Alabama CoE, MRS. JOHNNIE . . . . Ashford, Alabama CLAYTON, NoRA . . . . Troy, Alabama CROXTON, MARY . . . . l..aPine, Alabama CROXTON, NANCY . . . . . Lapine, Alabama COULTEQ, SUE ELLIOTT . . . . Columbus, Georgia DoucLAss, MARcuERIrE . . . . Selma, Alabama DEAN, MARY ..... . . Arilon, Alabama DAVIE, HARRIETT . . . . . Clayton, Alabama EMMONS, LILLIE BELLE . . Monroeville, Alabama GEoRc.E, BEALL W. . . . Three Notch, Alabama HAMMACK, JOSEPH j. . . . U. S. Armv, A. E. F. HILDRETI-I, HUBERT . . . Montgomery, Alabama SELMS, IRIS! L. . . . . . TClio, Alabama OWARD, ARGARET . . . . roy, Alabama HANIcs, MARvIN A. . . . .... U. S. A my HARRISON, NICHOLAS W. . .. . Planrersville Alabama i0RDAN, TXFZTTIE .... . Greenville, Alabama oRnAN, M. . . . . . . Dozier, Al b JACOBS, ERNEST V. . . . . Ariton, Algbgzg WNG, ZW QIEZ . . Union Springs, Alabama oosER, . . .... . . Abanda, Alba LEATHERWOOD, MA1'I'IE . . . . Braggs, Algbaiiig MCLEAN, MARY .... . Clio, Alabama MCRAE, ERCELL ..... . Clio, Alabama MARTIN, ELINOR ..... . . . Seale, Alabama PARKER, MRS. DORA fHAYNES, ..... New York RODGERS, OZEMA .... . . Tallassee, Alabama "RICHARDSON, WALTER S. . . Midland City, Alabama SMITH, NORMA .... . . Speigners, Alabama SMITH, CHARLES B. . . . Brantley, Alabama QTEVENS, CELYDE . . . Clio, Alabama ANDERs, ARL .. . . . . Troy, Alb SANnERs, WILLIAM M. . . . . . Trey, Algbzaizi STEELY, I-li.EA1'I-IIEL . . . . Clayton, Alabama EARCY, ARVEY . .... . . Claylon, Alaba SELLERS. GERTRUDE . . . . Werumplra, Alaba:: Fi-HOWS, MRS. BESSIE QCARTERJ . Carnegie, Oklahoma YE, LAURELEI ..... . . . Ozark. Al b TI-IoMAs, NORMA M. . . . Wetumpka, Algbgzg THOMAS, MAGGIE . . . Halchechubbee, Alabama TOWNSEND, ENA . . .... . . . . . Troy, Alabama CLASS or 'IS AaERNA1'I-Iv, LENNIE . .... . . . . Milllown, Alabama 'ARNoLn. RALPH . . . . Claylon, Alabama AYREs, MARGUERITE . . Omega. Alabama ANDERSON, VERA . . . . . Troy, Alabama ATKINSON, JOHN H. . . . . . U. S. Army BRANTLEY, MARGARET . . . . Banks. Alabama BUFFINGTON, ANNIE . . . Caslleberry. Alabama BISHOP, WILLIE ..... . . Comer, Alabama BROWN, MRs. CLARA BELLE . . . Ozark. Alabama BYRD, VIOLA REaEccA . . . Cofgi Springs. Alabama CLANAI-IAN, ELMER . . . . iberlown, Alabama COOK, lNEZ .... Summerfield, Alabama CORKER, ERAH .... . . Eufaula, Alabama CADENI-IEAD, DEssA MAE . . . . Girard, Alabama CI.AY1'oN, NOLIE .... . Elba, Alabama "Deceased IG one hundred he F I l U I THE ,'9AL.LADlUJxfl if i .. 'I " - I f -f I,-,,,,.,,,.,,.,,LL,. ,NEW , -W ,. .. 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STABLER. ALMA . . SIMS, lVlYRTl.E . . . 'I'IHIwEA1'r, LOUISE . CLURNIPSEED, LILLIAN TIIONIAS, JOSEPH EUGENE . . 'l4R0UTMAN, LULA . . . WARR, LLOYD CURTIS . WEAVER, LEI.A MAE . XVALKER, l.EILA . . . ,, ,,A-N I,-' ,ll .l,....t. T 1'-+"'A'1 . . Troy, Alabama . Coffeeville, Alabama . Pine Level. Alabama . . Prattville. Alabama . . Ozark, Alabama . Eufaula, Alabama . jasper, Alabama . Columbia, Alabama . . . Ozark, Alabama . . . Ozark, Alabama . Pine Apple, Alabama . . Clayton, Alabama . Aliceville, Alabama . . Troy, Alabama . Troy, Alabama . . . U. S. Army . Brundiclge. Alabama . Dothan, Alabama . Dothan, Alabama . Ozark. Alabama . Elba, Alabama . . Troy, Alabama . . Brewton, Alabama . Montgomery, Alabama . Fitzpatrick. Alabama . Montgomery, Alabama . . . Clio, Alabama . . Troy, Alabama . . Tallassee, Alabama . Birmingham Alabama . . Brantley, Alabama . Sylacauga, Alabama . U. S. Army, A. E. F. Smith's Station, Alabama . Georgiana, Alabama . Bruncliclge. Alabama . Troy, Alabama . Clopton, Alabama . Letohatchie, Alabama . . Ramer, Alabama . . Shorter. Alabama . Myrtlewood, Alabama . . . Troy, Alabama . Fitzpatrick, Alabama Forest Home. Alabama . . Milltown, Alabama . . . Troy. Alabama . Fitzpatrick, Alabama . . Bolling. Alabama . Bay Minette, Alabama . Heaclland, Alabama . . Selma, Alabama . Lynchburg, Virginia Page one hundred six ,r" 1 F Page one hundred sewn ffi13PfX5iffBDJUAf'1 J. nom-QRT s'rr-QPH1-gxsox uL'Nl'Ll' non" EEN! SCN n u co mm-av .13 ' Q ' -4:3 1 X. , D Q V51-1vxx,V ' ' """'vTf Qvvu -'a 5,1- .xx-4: .s -f o ' 1 ,'.7 ' 5 1 F I 4- . Y 1, , .- v. I- -. I 'I g x Q h 0.5 ' .,4 , 1 45-.' rv ' x V- . I v .Q -5' l. : .Q -V Q . V. -. V. . ' 1 A A. -. 4 4 . ' at ,A Q "2 , A.. 4. ' O s . , ,-,.- - .,, v. 4'- . ,Q -o 9. I4 ' , , 5 A K- , -. ' 1 Q ' .1 '1 " I . . , .. , I . - und. 1 ! '-'.' . z . . ,v 5 ' . ' ' -Irv n' .1 ' " - ' '7 ,I 5 2 ' 1' I . V ,ix o -'91, -rg. ' , VL 1 - 1:4 V I l 9 v V r . , . .. 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