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k an- K X-, ., ur-,,.., ' Hg Q , , , A , -V - .15 V V - " I y., ,. LV V 1-,--4-.1 ... .. 'W "7" f u- , .. 'z " "" Lk4 M' ." '1f f: ""'P'7'2f l " "' "ff 'fq--, " W U ' VY if' 5-' 'f ' 5 it .,-.f V V, .' 1 -M, 'IH V , V i , -:,fgJ . . ".'..- fue' 31,-, m,-.4 ' SV-V. U., i ' , ' ,1 4 -nz J' 'f ' Q " ' ' 9, 1 tg 54 1 A . .-Q , I V. 1- 1, . ., ,,.. . .f- V,: .i 9-Jr' ,Ir V-L 4,-5,-,.,i , . - 'if - 'iijf . 4. X, ax -," " ' ' nz . -' A , 5. V v..V. .V ,, V, 1 , ,-' .,Vx ' A 11. 5.- m5 V' I L FV- 'f' :gn ,. ,. ,V. V eV -. 45 A .,,, ., 4 4- f 1 x ... 3. ' V '. cl ,,, .124-will 2 ll , z.-er -- . 4.- w , ,. . ,W , . ,v.. 4 ,J V ,gi - 9 : - . af: ..,"v w V -V V 5 - .1 , K V .u 5 Zh.. V f . V , ,v an H 7, V ' , , ,.. V '7 , . ,V AA, V nh, X w V L 1 .V . eV-. , u V Qian.-,,d . ' ua, ,,. V.V 'ff-5 -, V VV: VI+" -Vw 1 ki ', ' V 'HI V.:f'-,:.. . : 11 - '.g5,, ,, gg..-s.1,'. 3 , ., I 5. . I 1504. fn ' ' -" Q' . f pg :fn ,, ' -3--L - '1 - 5 , Vg ,gf lurk- V V 2 -V -..-"3.--gif,-L-X.'vV -fj1r1.' ,V11',m-'W ' ' -- " :amnVm--f f ms'-"ff-V'-F" 3 ' ' ppl,-.4 -' . . :.' -V "1 T Q Ii , 4 . 5 ."..., ,,. ' LH L4 , If I, K -. . 5 I... 1: H' - ,,..e.iI J , ,. gd ., --g ,-sh 1, 1- , -J: .q - . . . ' 1 ,, , -, . 11 ' . ,f-fif 5: W' u- . - U . I, x '- 'f ,Q .. ,J 'GL' 1 1 vu, Ja ,152 ' ' elf' .' ff. new - E F ,gi M I , . . ---f . 1 ' ' af ' 1: -..: ,Q -.Ez-15:9- VW: fl - S321 -a 1- '1 ' 425 ' ff 1125- ' ',',,5-f- ll .'-in' T .V , : .' -,'Q 'Ev ' 4'qf,T,5 'f ' .. W., v ,H ,. .. , ' '..: ' ' .4 x i N, " A V 1 ' , . 1 A. 1 Fr , 'H ' Ya 'f ' pk! FH .J"' Lt ,, , . .. 35, 4 .4 ,F ' xi., UI.. 4 ' 1 iw Q ,-1, , va ...js -Az! 11: 4 5. - . .' . - r. uw ' . " .': ' 1' - ., +V- - 45, -4.!'ff , s 'H ri:.:-Q.-- T -2-' - -. THE THIJJFI :asa ,,.,.ff1 5 1 . .1.H,.,Z A -ff we , ,,1,.1-,N,,3,--"vp, , -W if N, -.., '-'18-,... A , mf..- ffg. , Nm -, ,J , 5 it lg Y ,.,r7v7"1vgk 5,,.,.,,,...,.w...w,f-.Q-..d.A ,..w...,. fl' V Mf1f, "Tiffin fr 'K I 1. ., - -I1 mL4Tfn1.'1fis14Qff-2:-? ff-Mmegf 1Q,r5fI7,'3,." ,41'1w'f5'i3-k2L,,,--Y ,W - - 1,,.,.,y.vf . M 4. ..,-V l fbi., .L 5,vu,f,,,.a..,..xmL.1,,x.:.n:.QL..,,L1.....xlrslv..,S.'L.-A,.W f , , mv TN , . , Q. 'f ' - :gnu m , A .Lg msn -1, ,aww-J 4 - N 'Q , fu f'ifiv-uv-ggjhw W 5 Q . ., ' V, 3m..........A ' -f. K- wif-xzfyg ji ,L i WI-igw U if ,, K ftz' . fvggal' 'Sw Lf M f, ' . I 'H ' ,X I X f fa 1 'Sm H'-mu 'gli' ----.- ,-----pr jk.-......Q...-at L. .- 1, ,W wr m ' V: we 3 . f -P A an 5 A ? Il EI ffm! SI Il , :Sul '- ' i " 355 I2 SI v ,.,,,,,,A V -- ' 1. mn .. 4 .... lex gm K .,,.'- , ' -,,'N- W" T: kk.. . , vm' A X W , X ,iq ,v, , 'LL' jiVf,,k,Lx.M'LL :MQ K- W' ' ' QA.. ,K +,,, .. PUBLISHED BY THE SENIUH ELHSSES 5U THUYHIIIH SCHIJUL COOLVILLE OHIO 1 9. Q- ,, wr x IIIEIJIIIFITIIJ TD Oar XZIJAEWJ and fkfbefs, as an 62'f9!"655l'0!? of' ow aifeya ffyyafec'z'C?- Non for Me' many Jacrzftes Hjfffb bam made ,oosszbfe our Jcboof X176 wffh aff! of 175' joyw. Hffo fo our fifcczffy cabo 55116 DUOPKCU! Z?7'6fe55fy fo heya as acbzleue our many goals' and also maffe 21615 ,MMM ffm ai, pass 4'bc'fz'f FFICULTY :N f.. , fa ff- X Y I 1. an L , 2 ' '74 x-, . J ' ' R6 qf- X f' ' Q 1 ' 3 OTIS R. KIRACOFE Local Superxntendent MAJEL C. KIRACOFE WARREN G. WINTERS Busmness Educahon Socxal Studxes VIRGINIA EDDY Englxsh and Literature Physlcal Education NILE O. BARNETT Scxence and Mathematxcs MAXINE WHITEHEAD JESSIE P. JEFFERS Musxc Home Economlcs 1 , ww N 73 ,+I GERALD O. BIBBEE CLYDE E. STOUT Coach Vocatxonal Agrxculture Physmal Educatxon 4 RAY STRICKLER GILBERT E, COEN HATTIE K. ALDEN Grades 5-6 Carihage Horkmgport Grades 7-8 Grades 4-8 FLEDA MALONE ROBERTA HUMPHREY FREDA FABER Grades 1-Z Grades Z-3 Grades 4-5 ff' X Qs X Mya. ELIZABETH POTTER MARGARET HUNTER NITA DILLINGER HELEN CALDWELL Carthage Carihage Carthage Hockingport Grades I-Z Grades 3-4 Grades 5-6 Grades 1-4 5 EHHIJUHTES 6 'L.,,,,,,. BASCIL N. WINES F.F.A. l Basketball Manager Trojan Sta!! Freshman Reporter "Damsels ln Dxstress" -qw' DOTTIE LOU BRANDEBERRY 4 . N... Y Class Presxdent 4 County and Local F. H. A. President 4 Trojan Staff F.H.A. I-Z-3-4 Glee Club l-Z-3-4 Ensemble 3-4 Cheerleader l-Z-3-4 "Damsels in Dxstress" 4 Orchestra l-Z-3-4 ELIZABETH ANN BRYAN Belprc 1-3 Glee Club l-3-3-4 F. H. A. 3-4 F. H. A. Secretary Glee Club Pl'ESldl'l'lf 4 Trojan Staff 4 Class Vxce-Presxdvnl 4 X-Ray Staff 4 Q.-Q52 BARBARA LEE mxvxs . Class Secretary 3-4 ,, fa Trojan Staff 4 J F. H A. l-Z-3-4 .. Glee Club l-Z-3-4 A Orchestra l-A-3-4 Ensemble 3-4 W' Cheerleader 1-g 3-4 ni ' ' "j "Damsels ln Dlstree-ss" 4 X-Ray Busmess Manager 4 Z I-Z-3-4 4 1 4 WANDA CRAVVFORD Glee Club Orchestra Ensemble F. H. A. F. H. A. Treasurer Class President X-Ray Edxtor Trojan Staff "Damsels xn Dxstress" xv: Life--Hn, 'l'OlVllvl Y TAYLOR A lZ3 F. F. . F. F. A. Treasul er Class Treasurer T1 ojan Sta!! F. F. A. Basketball "Dz1msel51n D1stress" .. we DONNA CONNALLY Columbus F. H. A. Glee Club Orchestra 7 l Z Z-3-4 4 MAR Y JO COGAR Gassaway Glue Club Ol rhvratra Clase- Secretary Boo:-ah-rs Club Student Cuum-xl Class Reporter Trojan Staff X-Ray Art Friltor RAY HALL F F A OTIS WADE ALLEN F Orchestra DamselG ln Dxstress RONAI D CHAPMAN Basketball Track Boys Glee Club Class Presxdent Baseball Band "Damsels ln Dlstn-ss" 4 Trojan Staff 4 X-Ray Sports Edxtur 3-4 MAR Y LOIS DIXON l F. H. A. l-Z 3 Z-4 Orchestra l-Z 3 Z Glee Club 1-Z 3 l-I Llbrarian l F. H. A. Vlce-Presxdent l F. H. A. Treasurer 1 Ensemble 4 "Damsels in Dxstress" Z-3-4 Trojan Staff CAROL GILLIAN Glee Club l F. H. A. I F. H. A. News Reporter l Trark l Senhnel l X-Ray Assnstant Ed1tor 4 "Damsels 1n D1stress" 4 Physical Educatxon l-Z-3-4 FRANCES BRUMMAGE Glee Club 1-L Track l "Damsels an Dxstress' 4 I A A 8 1 4 NETTIE BARNHART Glee Club l-Z-3-4 P.H.A. 1'2'3'4 JEAN FAREN F H A Glee Club ' Damsels ln Distress" 5 MAYNARD A. CLARK Track Z "Damsels m Distress" 4 Y w F.H.A. Glee Club Track LOUVA BISE X . YY YYY wt l-Z-3 l-3 1 Z 3 'Ma Www F.H.A. Track NORMA JEAN ICE THERMAN DEETER Basketball Track 3 Damsels lh Dxstress. 4 DORSEY BURKHAMMER Basketball F. F. A. Track F. F. A. Vice-President "Damsels m Distress" 9 Z-3-4 l-Z-3-4 Z-3-4 4 af M 1 z D .L if Q gt '47 Senior Memories ln September, 1946, thirty-six,Freshmen entered Troy High School. During the year the class was well represented in various activities. Early in the year, we had a class party in the auditorium. During our Sophomore year, we were again well represented in school activities. At Hallowe'en, we enjoyed a party held at the home of Mrs. Alden, our Advisor. Our Junior year was highlighted by the Junior-Senior Banquet. The formal banquet was built around a Spanish theme. The gay decorations included a wishing well, Spanish balcony, false ceiling of crepe paper streamers and the "Farewell Seniors" waswritten 'with silver stars on blue crepe paper which gave the impression of the message written in the sky. A Eleanor Broughton, of Dorset, England was a member of the class during the fir st semester of our Junior year. At the end of the year, we went on a week-end educational trip to Columbus with the Seniors. Now twenty-one of us are nearing our goal as Seniors. In sports, we have been well represented throughout our four years. This year two of the var sity basketball players, Ronnie Chapman and Dorsey Burkhammer represented our class. Manager of the team was Bascil Wines and cheerleaders were Dottie Brandeberry and Barbie Davis. Several girls have been in the Glee Club all four years and six members of our class are four-year members of the orchestra. Mickie, Mary Lois, Barbie and Dottie are also in the Girls' Ensemble. Several girls are members of the F. H. A. and some of the boys are members oftheF.F.A. All Seniors have helped sell Christmas cards to raise funds for the class. We also did our share at the Fall Festival which raised the funds for our new movie projector. Now as Seniors, we are collaborating with the Juniors to publish the 1950 Trojan. All have helped to make it a success, many being on the Trojan Staff and other helping to finance the publication. We are also hoping to make a trip to Washington D. C. with the Juniors in May. Our Senior Class play, "Damsels in Distress," was presented in April. We are proud of our class and its accomplishments for the past four years. We have enjoyed working and play- ing together and are sorry that our good times together are coming to an end. However, we must smile and remember that this is "Not the end, but the beginning!" Class officers are: President Dottie llrandeber ry Vice-President Betty Ann Br yan Secretary Barbara Davis Treasurer Tommy Taylor Historian Mickie Crawford Class Advisor Mr. Kiracofe Motto: "Not The End, But The Beginning" Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flower: Red Rose 10 As The Years Roll By One warm day in the month of August, I was walking through the woods when suddenly I spied a queer book sticking out of a hollow tree trunk. Upon further examination, I found it con- tained the names of my classmates and what they would be doing in the year of 1960. On the first page appeared the name of Dottie Brandeberry, our class President. She is spending her spare time planning and decorating old houses. The second page bore the name of Betty Ann Bryan. She had made a name for her self as an opera singer. She has given up the stage and is raising a happy group of youngsters. Otis Allen, after years of selling pencils has made a fortune and he and Mary have settled down to a life of leisure. Nettie Barnhart runs the Korner Kitchen. Louva Bise is one of her many waitresses. Frances Brummage is a famous horse trainer for Republic Studios. Dorsey Burkhammer, the boxing champion, has put his gloves away as he is ready to re- tire. Ronnie Chapman, disappointed in love, now owns and operates the local movie theater. In the current picture, Donna Connolly is the star. I see this is her last picture as she is going to marry her high school sweetheart Tom Taylor, who is now a bull fighter in Mexico. Jean Faren is a nurse in a large Cleveland hospital. Barbie Davis is a famous ballet dancer and is now on vacation in Coolville. She is a happy old maid. Carol Gillian is now head coach of a girls' basketball team. Her latest game was at Madison Square Garden in New York. Ray Hall, Hockingport's old bachelor, is making his living by piloting an airplane. Norma Ice has gone to the West where she and her husband tend thousands of sheep. Maynard Clark and Therman Deeter operate a huge machine shop in New Jersey. Jo Cogar has finally achieved her goal as an artist. Her paintings are known the world over. Bascil Wines, our class "joker" is now taking the place of Jack Benny. His programs are heard three nights a week. Mickey Crawford is ---- but the rest of the page is gone so we will have to wonder as to her fate. IN MEMORIAM a member of Edward McG1one Class of'1950 ll Senior Alphabet A is for alphabet, our names are all here Lest we should forget our classmates so dear. Allen, or Otis, first we will call Let he, with his trumpet, be leader of all. B is for Betty with black shining hair A nice friendly girl with nary a care. C is for cheerleaders of which we have two Sweet little Barbie and gay Dottie Lou. Smiling and peppy a jolly good pair Cheering their team they were always right there. D is for Donna with lovely brown tresses Neatness and promptness her daily life stresses. E is for Mrs. Eddy, our home room teacher so grand We think she's the best to be found in the land. E's also for everybody, that's all of us And we love one another, tho' sometimes we do fuss. F is for Frances who likes horses and fun As gay and exciting you seldom find one. G is for Gillian, Carol, that is For beauty and sports she sure is a whiz. H is for Hall, our good-natured Ray He teases us girls the live long day. I is for Ice, our Jeanie so cute and quiet Her figure's just right, she doesn't need to diet. J is Jean, Faren this time She is jolly and talkative, we think she's just fine. K is for Kiracofe, our Advisor, and also his wife Their kindness to us we'll remember all through life. L is for Louva, another classmate. A nice quiet girl, with us she's first rate. M is for our Marys of which we have two. Also for Maynard so friendly and true. Mary Jo has talent in writing and art Mary Lois takes her sewing and music to heart. N is for Nettie the fairest of all She plans to be married before next fall. O1 we exclaim when Dorsey appears With those muscles and smiles he has nothing to fear P is for pests, our teachers declare We know 'tis true, but what do we care? Q is for questions our teachers do ask To give the right answer has been a task. for Ronnie our basketball star He's studious, no doubt he'11 go far. S is for Satan who tempts us to cheat Not us, for we know 'as we sow we shall reap.' 12 T is for Tommy and Therman as well Two more boys who really are swell Tommy in Ag is really a whiz Therman is happy when driiving a Liz. U is for us, the whole twenty-one Many tributes of praise and honor we've won. V is for victory our goal for twelve years, And now as we reach it our eyes fill with tears. W is for Wines and Wanda called Mick Without them we know things never would click. Mickey is graceful and pretty indeed While Bascil's good looking and the friend we all need. X Y and Z in Algebra we found And just left them there, didn't need 'em around. The alphabet ended, our roll call is done So Farewell, dear Troy High, and Good Luck Everyone. Senior Will We, the Senior Class .of 1950, believing we possess sane minds and sound bodies,.with four years of hard work behind us, deem it necessary to make our last will and testament, thus leaving the stepping stones, that we have found useful in our journey, marked for the students who follow. LEGACY HEIR Otis Allen Teacher killing ability Glenn Criss Nettie Barnhart Shortness Bessie Little Louva Bise Dottie Brandeberry Frances Brummage Betty Ann Bryan Dorsey Burkhammer Ronald Chapman Maynard Clark Mary .To Cogar Donna Connolly Mickey Crawford Barbie Davis Therman Deeter Mary Lois Dixon Jean Faren Carol Gillian Ray Hall Norma Ice Tommy Taylor Bascil Wines Office girl ability Good grades Eyebrows Personality Muscular Figure Chemistry ability Car ldriving ability Her "Red" Piano playing ability Late hours Impish ways Smoking habits Sewing ability Talkativeness Cute remarks Gal teasing Quiet ways Manipulation of a gun His wink 13 Margaret Kennedy Betty Holman Jeanette Henderson Marie Moore Donald Russell Mr. Barnett Leo Powell No one Dorothy Blackburn Jane Bryan Colleen Nickoson. George Bise Louise Gill Maxine Vineyard Myrtle McG1one Ivan Creeger Sarah Guthrie John Humphrey Alvin Pierce MO NSN MBE MSN ZWBN mQ2H5 HO m0 mm:-Him Huwmgqa rmwmn H3250 ,p:Jg:O5 UNWSHQ Ozm 5:05 HD H040 mgmrgm ymghixczw Z-NJN ram mrgzwgws MNHBOH It lb A EH-Wngw dm I All 'X :IC 'xl 2230 mmqauwl XQQOQ 0007 Mvelnm WMS- M5500 Organ m0CmNs-:Q Egggwmm I FOSS mwmnw O. HA- Srggm HWNWEDW bf-M35 mOH:w0NHv- NP: mOmgmm I' 1 V I l I i L UNM? swgmgw gimhli ' I 4 I i I! 'I 60:5 wwwimmvmn-H! 50:40 awlgsdgm HOW' so med HI-0w:0 609012. 20 201501 'I' I It I! x 5 2091! I xmwsmdl N E ' MSODVHNBHWSQ I WMHUWHN UNSW WH0WEwH'-N vlwxml EHHRWDP ENQDQ HHNWOEWH S505 ww Wm mxggbm slain H040 rg: OH Z-WOEN OHNSAOHQ mmgi RE: FW: H2320 H00 555.0 -Z:-T 'RO- I I I llll l 'HNHFDW mawsw N I I I HSN:-vihw I1 gpiwmgwl-H70 MHEHOOM mud NWO mxmuvi HO UOVG FOHw0m ZW! BWSEUWQO xwaigsi UNH-U! I I N ' I xomuwm Oi IMHO mqoiig I l'4 1' I was. mga! HSOOAWQ Dwmim DWR:-W M-has HNHHQH mOCm0Ha2u2- 'I I 'X I I 0:0256 HNNWQWIW ill N Q IX MVHZWWQ mmhnhnmpuei COE.-W GO-HECS! 25203 mag -H650 QOH! 8033! Hiwwn HO 0042-58. :N bgabmgm HSWHQ HO OOWWH HNOBWB-:O WOFOOH UH-Nessm :mgwii OQOH0mwmn OE 2-Na WGSESOM mgagm HUM-09052-.M gen! D585 OODHOBHNQ ,Wham mgspw Ogm MWHBQHOHWQ ,EMO HNW: mea: HWHEBW Owmmzum x0-Madam mhz ZF:-W0 bhqnmm FWS MRNZUNE' -HO zaumnw mgmgm ONHOH 05:95 nag H556 gm mslgu mW:-Q TOM H530 HLEHWENM X X Nazism HUHOMOMRODWH ZOHBN H35 H00 Ogg :wOv.m: 2.055 mgda .H-O :WEL Jaan HAONvwDm Em MQCOHEOQ 9 UOHMO! wgHEgWB50H 5: BSWOHQM :mwlwl mann Nga-A HJOQWQ -N Q 550-MOH mwspw WEBSH- -H-O:gm magnum 0:5 g HO wawgm gmvsgd OHNHW 5 HU-Og .HNFM snr gg.: mp MQBSINH WHWHEWRQ H5853 A bzngmwh 00:10 MUHWOSOEW l mapgm HNO530 OSWMVBWB 90 ms.: 7026 UWMW0-avg .N Q Q -N Q My GOWN: 2600 'I It magnum X I -HHGOF 652159: U022. F05-gm mgaagm MDFOOH mad! X QHQOH I mag 63835 N I N L HGNMQU-pn .HO UN ww! TF: wwmrmcw :E mga maawsmw Q .N 4:-mips :Or UOw 030:2- X N Nl N -O50 WHS bmlwiau-0 X I V! HOBQQ -HNQHOH HN: .unsung HOHOF UOBDW .HIONHT-SV I whxigmn E y QOOQ mmfsmuism 'N I I l l OOO-5:0 JEANETTE HENDERSON Glee Club F. H. A. Pep Team Class Vice-Presxdent Class Secretary Ensemble F. H. A. President "My Soldier Girl" Trojan Staff IVAN CREEGER Class President Basketball Track Baseball Trojan Staff 5I GEORGE BISE Basketball Track Baseball Clas s Vice-President l-Z-3 l-Z-3 , 3 1 3 Z-3 Z 1 3 BESSIE LITTLE Glee Club F. H. A. Class Secretary F. H. A. Program Chairman JANE BRYAN Belpre Student Council Secretary GAA President "Aaron Slick From Punlun C rick DOROTHY JEAN BLACKBURN mf' Club pl H- A. Ensemble Glee Club Orchestra Pep Team Trojan Staff 5 as , SHELTON DALTON ALVIN PIERCE j ,S Basketball 1 z Track 1-3 I " . ' Track l 2 "Aaron Slick Fran Punkln Crick" 3 'FQ Baseball Basketball Manager l-Z-3 nn. Ngws Repo,-fer News Reporter 3 A " Class Treasurer Trojan Staff 3 ...Q Q .- DOLOR ES ELOISE BAKER F. H. A. Glee Club .+ PAUL MCPHERSON Trojan Staff PAULINE CHALFANT F. H. A. Glee Club "Aaron Slick From Punkm Cr1ck" 3 J1- DONALD R USSELL. F. F. A. ,Basketball Class Vice-Pres1dent 1-Z 3 Z 2 WAYNE LYONS Vocational Agriculture F . F. A. Class Treasurer F. F. A. Basketball BILLY YEATER COLLEEN NICKOSON F. H. A. Glee Club INEZ CLAIRE PULLINS Glee Club F. H. A. F. H. A. Reporter 16 l-Z-3 1-2-3 3 MAXINE VINEYARD F. H. A. Glee Club MYRTLE F. H. A. F. H. A. Historian Glee CIQ Orchestra Libranan MCGLONE. F. F. A. ROBERT GIBBS F. F. A. Basketball Class Historian MARLIN GAINER F. F. A. News Reporter I-Z-3 3 Z "Aaron Slick From Punkm Crick" 3 I N I 3' 1-Z-3 Z BETTY HOLMAN 1 Glee Club 1-2-3 F. H. A. I-Z-3 3 MARIE MOORE l-Z-3 "Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick l-Z-3 Glee Club 3 F. H. A. 1 CLIFFORD KIMES F. F. A. 1-Z-3 F. F. A. Reporter 3 F. F. A. Basketball Z-3 Baseball 3 B aseball B asketball Track CARL HOLBERT 17 MARGARET KENNEDY F. H. A. 1 LOUISE NULL F.H.A. F.F.A. Music WILBUR BEHA Voc ahonal A gr xc ulture GLENN CRISS Glee C lub 1-Z-3 Z 1-Z-3 "Aaron Slick From Punkm Crick" 3 SARAH GUTHR lE Glee Club JANICE SHOVER F. H. A. Glee Club 3 A l-Z-3 F. H. . F. H. A. Pxamst 3 "Aaron Shck From Punkln Cr1ck" l-Z-3 18 LEO POWELL F. F. A. F. F. A. Secretary F. F. A. Basketball JOHN HUMPHREY F. F. A. F. F. A. Sentinel F. F. A. Vice-Presuleni F. F. A. President F. F. A. Basketball "Aaron Slack From Punkm Crxck l-Z-3 3 Class History In the fall of 1947, forty-four students from Lottridge, Hockingport and Coolville gathered at Troy High to begin their high school career as "Freshies." We organized our class and elected our officers for the following year. . As Freshmen and Sophomores, we participated in all school activities such as Glee Club, F. H. A., F. F. A., basketball and track. As Juniors, we again gathered at Troy High, eager to learn. Several of our class have left and several have joined our class. We now have thirty-three members. Ivan Creeger, Joe Dalton, Carl I-Iolbert, George Bise and Donald Russell have helped to score basketball victories for Troy. Alvin Pierce is manager of the team. Jeanette Henderson and Jane Bryan are members of the Pep Team. Margaret Kennedy, Jeanette Henderson, Alvin Pierce, Joe Dalton, John Humphrey have helped to make up the scholarship team from this school. On December 14, we presented a play "Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick" which was 3 huge success. The cast was made up of Jane Bryan, Myrtle McGlone, Sarah Guthrie, Marie Moore, Alvin Pierce, Glenn Criss and John Humphrey. The play was directed by Mr. Winters. With the Seniors, we are publishing "The Trojan." CLASS OFFICERS President Ivan Creeger Treasurer Joe Dalton Vice-President George Bise Historian Jane Bryan Secretary Jeanette Henderson News Reporter Alvin Pierce Advisor: Mr. Winters Class Colors: Green and Yellow A Class Flower: Yellow Rose Motto: "What We Are To Be, We Are Now Becoming" Prophecy of Class of 1951 J Today, I am sitting in class as my mind wanders ahead to l96I. I will try to relate to you what I see even though some of the visions are not very clear as the dinging of the teacher's voice keeps breaking into my thoughts. Ivan Creeger is coaching football in a college in Iowa. Jane Bryan is an airline stewardess for the TWA Airlines. Dorothy Blackburn is the private Secretary for the Governor of Ohio. Joe Dalton and Carl Holbert are representing the United States in the Olynipics. Jeanette Henderson is a dress designer in New York. Donnie Russell is selling used cars guaranteed to run Kdown hilll. Maxine Vineyard is happily married and is living in Hockingport. Alvin Pierce and Glenn Criss are running a chain of hardware stores. John Humphrey is the County Agricultural Extension Agent. His secretary is Sarah Guthrie. Clifford Kimes is a traveling salesman for a brush company, No doubt he has got the "brush-off" more than once. George Bise is the owner of a big food market. I see he still likes to eat. I9 Bessie Little is the owner of the Coolville Night Club, where Marie Moore and Colleen Nickoson are entertainers. They sing with Myrtle McGlone's All-Girl Choir. Robert Gibbs is the author of many of the wild west stories that now flood the news-stands. Leo Powell is a bachelor and still lives near Coolville. Paul McPherson is a radio announcer for WLW. We can turn him off now. Janice Shover, who is as quiet as ever, is a salesgirl in a dress shop in Columbus. Betty Holman is a model for a large advertising firm in Chicago. Margaret Kennedy and Louise Null are operating a lunch stand in Torch. Wayne Lyons is a motorcycle cop in Los Angeles, California. Wilbur Beha is driving a midget auto racer and is a huge success. Marlin Gainer is running h large chicken farm. Dolores Baker is happily married and is living near Lottridge. Inez Pullins and Pauline Chalfant are nurses at St. Joseph's Hospital. Robert Null is running a taxi stand in Coolville. Billy Yeater is the editor of The Athens Messenger. He has written several books in his spare time. We, the Seniors of the Class of 1951, as hereby signed, bequeath our personal abilities as known in high school to the following: Dolores Baker Ivan Creeger Jane Bryan Margaret Kennedy Dorothy Blackburn Myrtle McGlone Jeanette Henderson Marie Moore Betty Holman Maxine Vineyard Inez Pullins Donnie Russell Sarah Guthrie Pauline Chalfant Janice Shover Carl Holbert Leo Powell Joe Dalton Wilbur Beha Robert Null Robert Gibbs Marlin Gainer Alvin Pierce Glenn Criss Clifford Kimes John Humphrey Colleen Nickoson Paul McPherson Bessie Little Billy Yeater Louise Null George Bise Wayne Lyons her silent attitude his athletic ability Belpre boy friend regular attendance slim figure care-free disposition saddle oxfords black hair eyebrows bluejeans personal appearance short stature musical ability blonde hair shortness his manners F. F. A. jacket witty sayings his car his height farming ability bashfulness way with the women his 'curves' smiles F. F. A. Leadership cuteness talkativeness long hair bicycle chewing gum short haircut motorcycle 20 JoEllen Kiracofe Ray Midkiff Mary Ellen Maxine Doherty Mildred Kimes Jean Davis Kay Walden Yvonne Henderson Judy Washburn Harriet Wine Fleda Kimble Joe Owens Joan Clark Rosie Nutter Louise Gill Freshman Class Russell Creamer Kermit Clark Larry Kiracofe Paul Blake Lowell Thompson Charles Gibbs Johnny Taylor Glenn Reed to anyone Bill Dunfee Jean Brummage Richard McGlone JoAnn Shaffer Dick Gillian Mr. Kiracofe Otis Chutes Arnold Smith miyaw U-m30w9Om 0952 NSMEUEM 2-:sam N05 MEHUNOM I il ,On Nh-8,:UQ 'HBHOQUM M302 1 H ' gmgmmm HUGO? ram FSU NACE -LHOHUQ I .SAUMUH H0013 hdggm HBNU win I 3:0 Bdsm' wnsgmrm HUAUNU :H HUMNHHUHEDI hazy' M9000 I WOEIWVHIMVHOHNMAWN X msigm Ov MEOU 0HgY0W5Om I V952 rgazm H:9a0EP UENNE :Mm wasdm UHHBUMDOHIH I! ?Hda0MU0m 093 CH .axdm WUHOHOQ wasdm E-:HHNE GNMUTSUUHH grads OUHUFH E34 1 -aw WEPIQ H052 -33.6 VHUSHH i mammdhkdnsm gsm -:Hema :dn MEAEOO 0:30W.D0m HOOAUW Awnm MO Hdmuaznm E25 H0706 UUENH mmvam 32512 I 0932 N yHdH0hU0m NAZOH Fgezmmm ESOHOQ M5569 IUHDQDM-Hx -EH H236 HMO-Sam swam 0531! 2 mmvm V MEQNUM H252 ?Sa0hU0w USU N gMEdOm ,Him CUHULSHOHOE gsm HWSUNAUHOHOE OOHHUHNO ENONAA 0533 HOOAUW mdangw m5wM0A VHOEU 302 so ,NMA :DZ H-HUQOM WEMOHHV Ogg 0m:OAkOOnH Evgmuzm UZHNEMH Nmpeo QNUAOM 20,03 mn-MEM 022302 NAODBOU tOAm :Nawaz Elsa msn-AH xi MVUTENE WWUUSMN3 :NH :sz 0290-A wg?-HMM. ESUSZOAW HUUESA-Ed Budd Oiuszdnk GOmH0gmUE Imam. gbw NMEMMVOQ g kwskdm HOHOHBFW Hswgmdm WUHHWWU H3262 wvdgm Ham mgdwdvq Em :gUEgU0'H OEMMU 20254 HUMUOHO C55 mihwmmm il .gpm VHUMHH I PWHEOAD 2356 VOOU GOSNQ nawzgm Bbw mamdvg N 'I mictdh E H2E2Um mahdsgadm ,Ura EACH wi WMUHMB wmgzg N I my 'Swim Eng? H602 QOWOVHUMZ cvvzmm magwmwm A I MUSHHNE UHMIYUWSOHW 559 :VU-IEW! FORUM-R62 L MCFMDNA HOAUNUH mUmFmOlmUm 060m 1 H362 Wham H-Omhgavm OKUEWUH In MEM-rm 5HNm0k0Um X mW?0mD0m andy- N 0-802 Urals! MCEMOM ! ' H0-A0608 3M30W:Om JUMBO N 235610 UE-DMM Uagmgzm OB HOHUgUdm ENAU-52 :NIH 02m UMMUVHU sdnuswmdm l wggzdm V UUHUHUM UUMAI HHUBOHIH :NO Ocda mgggm HWES-HH Wmvhzq IVAOOU EVOU Buena :Fam MEEHMM HOHUAUNQ 03630312 B250 :Wham O0-A misw-:N EUEHNE to HOaU?sm5 0532 NAOAES Q 052002 05952 wiedvkpgn N mmghvnm mmgmgm Desks, adam :gram UGMHA OESWNAW SEGUQ N :OSSEQ UW OH Wg-00m N0 Z ABQ ESM was cm. UNDEHELHSSFIEN fi ,Al"t"Vwa'Zln xi7,svSE"r'5 s3'?,!g-i5Qx1.g I 3' V gl, A E. an S 1 ' ' i ,f 'x -ou -fr ' .NJ Q5 pil Q. 'f gals 1 I-'QQ 999 do QYAW' 5q.g1 - 454 051' ,, D ima , f 73 .35 SSQ1 1 Wk fffofg fr- '. fb D 'Q n, 0 00 Q11 X x00 o n N H l 1 ' Q P Z f ' 'X . hx. D l I .1 9 , -. 1 ' 'V v, v ' ' f fi i I 5 , I .X :Q 5 , 1 f-- 4 14' f fr 7 .SS K . 55 ' I rx 1 14 kb 15.4 Y, ' S ls I 1 Q' -rib.,-0 -'fffs - Y .7 o 0' o"'Xo r'f' '10 1 E y .. , 4,3 1' g JI Q-Q3 .534 K . if ZZ FIRST ROW: Left to right-Julia Washburn, Shirley Shover, Joan Parsons, Judith Anne Archer, Janice Kay Walden, Fleda Kimble, Jean Annon, Betty Lou Guess, Arnold Smith. SECOND ROW: Beulah Griffin, Aladme Smnett, Edith Sams, Peggy Norman, Jo Ann Shaffer, Louise Gill, Lois Galbreath, Jean Davis, Jean Collins, Paul Blake. THIRD ROW: Lowell Thompson, Larry Kiracofe, Dick Gillian, Joe Owens, Charles Gibbs, Bobbie Murrey, Ray Nhdkiff, Mr. Barnett. ABSENT: Charles Bond, Clarence Hayes, Harriet Wine. The Sophomore Tidings In September, 1948, thirty-four Freshmen were eager to begin their fir st year in high school. They came from Coolville, Hockingport, and Lottridge. That year there were no addi- tions to our class. In the spring, three of our members, Larry Kiracofe, Fleda Kimble, and Jean Davis took scholastic tests at Athens, but didn't place. ' In 1949, there were twenty-eight of us gathered in the Sophomore room. Four of our members withdrew before the term ended. At the Fall Carnival, we sponsored the Fortune Teller's Booth, Penny-A-Pitch and Guess Your Weight. The money that was earned helped to buy a new movie projector for the high. school. We are proud to have so many of our boys on the basketball squad. They are: Lowell Thompson, Larry Kiracofe, Bobbie Murrey, Arnold Smith, Charles Gibbs, Joe Owens. We are sure they will develop into fine players. Also on the pep team, we have two members. Lois Galbreath and Jean Davis. Several are members and officers of F. H, A., F. F. A., Glee Club, and Orchestra. Most of our F. H. A. girls are on the cast for a play, "Judy Takes Over" to be sponsored by the F. H. A. Three of the girls, Jo Ann Shaffer, Jean Davis, and Anne Archer are members of the girls' ensemble formed this year. CLASS OFFICERS President Jean Annon Treasurer Fleda Kimble Vice-President Jean Davis. News Reporter Beulah Griffin Secretary Joan Par sons Historian Anne Archer Colors: Red and White Flower: White Carnation Motto: The main thing in life is not to win, but to participate. Class Advisor: Mr. Gerald O. Bibbee Z3 Advisor: N. O. Barnett FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: ABSENT: Left to right-Ronald Vandall. Arthur Tucker, James Ford, John Taylor, Ellis Chalfant, Ronald Lmclcome, Kermit Clark, James Parr, Richard Bean. Charles Davis, JoEllen Kiracofe, Garnet Kimble, Joan Clark, Mildred Kimes, Dons Weekley, Nancy Doherty, Betty Thomas, Alice Yeager, Mary Alice Allen, James Birbeck. Vonme Allen, Bernice Pullins, Patsy Willard, Millie Bowers, Luella Allen, Wanda Dennison, Ruth Smxth, Yvonne Henderson, Shirley Gamer, Delores Sams, Richard McGlone, Glen Reed, Raymond Shields, Otis Chutes, Kenneth Null, Delores Jean Brummage, Nancy Davis, Kenneth Lamp, Russell Creamer, Howard Dunfee, Mr. Clyde Stout. Seldon Johnson, Frankie Seese, Santford Cozart, Maxine Doherty, Hazel Nutter, Rosle Nutter. Freshman History In September, 1949, forty-six Freshmen enrolled in Troy High School, coming from Coolville, Carthage and Hockingport Grade Schools, to begin their four years' voyage towards that coveted goal, graduation. At our first class meeting, we elected the officers as follows: President Ruth Fortney Vice-President Anita Kiracofe Secretary Richard McGlone Treasurer Arthur Tucker A few weeks after the beginning of school, Ruth Fortney moved to Chester, Ohio, and Anita Kiracofe, who came to us from New Zealand to spend a short time, moved to Argentina, South America with her parents. They we elected John Taylor, President and Joan Clark, Vice-President. All but a few of the boys and girls joined the F. F. A. and F. H. A. and attended the annual Christmas Party. We were represented on the basketball team by Russell Crearner, Glenn Reed, Richard McGlone, Kenneth Null, Leroy White, Howard Dunfee. The two newly elected cheerleaders for this year were members of the Freshman Class, namely: Joan Clark and Yvonne Henderson. 24 Grade School News "We will work while we work And play while we play That makes everyone happy and gay--" A little good morning song Mrs. Whitehead taught us, seems to fully express our way of life in the primary room. Living and Learning Together is our motto--so together we are glad we can report a happy progressive-and sagfying learning experience during the year 1949-50. Mrs. Fleda Malone is our teacher. The second and third grades, with Miss Humphrey as teacher, began the school year with an enrollment of fifteen in the second grade and thirty-one in the third grade. The children took an active part in the Christmas Program and P. T. A. Program. Other special days have been observed in their own room. Pupils in both grades are interested in their studies and are making much progress in their school work. The school year 1949-50, found the fourth and fifth grade room with an enrollment of forty- eight. We are a busy bunch of boys and girls. Besides our lessons, we collect sales stamps, sell seeds, and do whatever we can to earn money. The proceeds from such is being used for the purchase of an electric clock for our room, some school supplies, and for our social functions. In January, we furnished entertainment for the P. T. A. by singing three songs and giving two short plays. We plan to have a picnic dinner on the Friday before school is out and invite our mothers to participate. Mrs. Freda Faber is our teacher. The fifth and sixth grade room has been improved this year by the installation of new lights, new window shades and a new bulletin board. The pupils have given two short plays, one for the Christmas assembly and the other one of a patriotic nature was given at the February meeting of the P. T. A. We believe we have some good basketball material for coming years. The seventh grade started the year with an enrollment of thirty boys and girls. During the year, Sarah Pyles moved away, leaving only twenty-nine. We were also sorry to lose Mr. Toth at the end of the fir st semester, but now we have Mr. Bibbee as a full-time teacher. Our boys are trying hard to help develop a good Junior High basketball team. In September, the eighth grade enrolled twenty-four members. Within a few weeks, Edith C-ole moved away, but a little later Cleda and Theda I-Iapney joined our class. Heidi Hooveen spent a few days with us, before journeying on to Florida. At the beginning of the second . semester, Glenis White from Chester enrolled so that we now have twenty-five members., The seventh and eighth grades have been following the custom of having their social activi- ties together. Mrs. Virginia Eddy is class advisor for the eighth grade and Mrs. Kiracofe, for the seventh grade. Z5 ff? ff' if-if FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOUR TH ROW: ABSENT: FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOUR TH ROW ABSENT: FIRST ROW: SEC OND R OW: THIR D R OW! FOUR TH ROW ABSENT: First and Second Grades Elmer Harvy, Eddie Weekly, Carl McPherson, Gene Stover, John Johnson, Jerry Kimble, Dennie Guy Beam, Wilber Dixon, Don Putman, Lowell Brewster. Donna Webb, Bonnie Wines, Betty Galbreath, Ina Merrill, Verble Matheny, Dianne Clark, Vicki Simmons, Sonja Deem, Donna Goodwin, Betty Kelly, Dora Boyd, Joyce Ritenour. Terry Piatt, Bobby Staten, Jerry Clem, Myrna Rogers, Sandra Shanks, Leota Sinnett, Beverly Chapman, Paul Gorrell, Bobby Brandeberry, Lee Ethridge. Delbert Moore, Lowell Baily, Walter Randolph, Carl Lee Beckett, Carl Allen, Teacher, Mrs. Malone. Jack Deeter, Leatha Grace Bibbee, DeRonda Hogue, Nancy Pullins, Richard Wilson, Carol Tracewell, Ruby Hilton. Second and Third Grades Artie Yeater, Bill Barnett, Allen Williams, Billie Seese, Kent Cervone, David Galbreath, Leon Gillian, Eddie Kapple, Sammy Sams, Larry Hopkins, David Lockhart. Roberta Horton, Virginia Johnson, Shelva Scott, Betty Lou Gorrell, Dora Jean Miller, Bernice Moore, Mary Lou Allen, Barbara Sue Brown, Judy Dawson, Dianne Butcher, Terry Root. Rheta Cody, Mary Buchanan, Diana Russell, Marlene Warner, Marteena Ahart Carolyn Deeter, Norma Emrick, Barbara Kaye Harvey, Ruth Ann Stone, Phyllis Russell, Linda Null. Georgianna Cunningham, Donnie Simmons, Wendall Sinnett, Tommie Kelley, Charles McDaniel, Dickie Shanks, Clayton Johnson, Jimmy Putman, Ronnie Epling, Glenn Blake, Lynda Sue Henry, Teacher, Miss Humphrey. Joe Crites, Dick Bailey. Fourth and Fifth Grades Gary Ritenour, Glen Baker, Bill Shover, Glen Shover, Gary Wildman. Lary Russell, Ernest Creamer, Jay Harper, Gary Griffin, Clyde Randolph. Margaret McPherson, Shirley Smith, Georgiana Humphrey, Arlene Pullins, Becky Bryan, Sharon Sams, Carole Mercer, Joyce Cubbison, Donna Cunningham, Rita Minerd, Roberta Weekley. Kenny Wines, Sheila Clark, Florence Foutty, Ruth Clark, Margaret Griffis, Billie Buchannon, Janet Huffman, Ann Baily, Nancy Wildman, Shelva Brown, Patty Emrick, Annetta Robinson, Sue Pierce, Denver Shover. Jerry Hopkins, Jeffrey Nutter, Charles Stone, Bill Null, Ray Jones, Clarence Robinson, Franklin Eddy, Warren Gorrell, Edward Putman, Gary Russell, Teacher, Mrs. Faber. Charles Mayles. 27 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW THIRD ROW: BACK ROW: FIR ST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIR D ROW: BACK ROW: FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: BACK ROW: ABSENT: Fifth and Sixth Grades Left to right-Charles Holman, Carl Scott, Robert Pierce, Ronald Seese, Roy Pullins, James Russell, Lary Epling. Vivian Randolph, Isabella Birkbeck, Nellie Kapple, Gladys Murrey, June Kimble, Janet Heck, Jean Kimble, Patricia Murphy, Patricia Creamer, June Dixon, Shirley Seckman. Mary Ford, Frances Cunningham, Ruth Sinnett, Janice Russell, Wanda Matheney, Bonme Stone, Donna Gillian, Constance Bryan, Janet Thompson, Eleanor Washburn, Betty McCutcheon. David Gorrell, Philip Rogers, Brooks Harper, Benny Deeter, Jimmy Eddy, Dennis Creeger, Ramon Hapney, Lowell Marshall, Robert Barnett, Mr. Strickler. Seven th Grade Larry Henry, Virgil Smith, Gary Brown, Earl Guess, Eugene Randolph. Phyllis Cody, Carol Simmons, Patricia Weekley, Carolyn Baker, Delores Mercer, Phyllis Kimble, Mary Lou Rupe, Edith Putman. Howard Moore, Kenneth Deeter, Betty Miller, Mary Jo Smith, Bernice Blackburn, Rachel Bowers, Charlotte Scott, Thelma Putman, Kenneth Cowdery Jack Deeter, Mr. Toth. George Founds, Harold Ford, Danny Heck, Denzil Beha, Harlan Kiracofe, Dor sel Vineyard. Eighth Grade Mildred Hayes, Cleda Hapney, Patty Humphrey, Alice Griffis, Jean Merrill, Helen Hart, Charlotte Lamp, Betty Washburn. Eugene Putman, Charles Weekley, Donna Clark, Theda Hapney, Virginia Gibbs Gregory Chute, Earnest Barringer, Mrs. Kiracofe. Leonard Russell, Bobbie Martin, Bill Davis, Roger Hornsby, Robert Griffin, Ralph Wigal, Melvin Tanthorey, Billy Jo Murrey. Ernest Simmons. Z8 X FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW! FOURTH ROW: ABSENTt FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: ABSENT: Clyde Baxls, Gary Bean, Marvm Pullms, Ronald Vagelsong, Clarence Nutter, Dxck Holbert, Ronald Bond, Don Jeffers, Howard Willett. Betty Shsher, Janet Beyler, Shxrley Annon, Patty Ba1ls, Erma Jean Balley, Beulah Boggs, Mary Lou Snodgrass, lrxs Lorrame Cogar, Sue Parfxtt, Nora Jean Parsons. Olwe Hall, Helen Cozart, Ruby Cremeans, Patty Starkey, Fonda Dennison, Murriel Nutter, Dessxe Nickols, Mrs. Dxllmger, Teacher. Don Hawk, Dale Welsh, Danny Bernard, Ronald Wxlllams, Charles Taylor, Gareth Dennison. Jan Fortney, Howard Wmllxams. Vnrgxl Metcalf, Archxe Cole, Dorsey Lawson, Eugene Wmland, Leon Snodgrass, Curtxs Bean, Alvm Adams, Harold Metcalf, James Pullms. Don Prnce, Shlrley Beyler, Shlrley Coen, Phyllxs Chalfant, Nita Tucker, Phyllxs Halbert, Nma Tucker, Delores Kxmble, Ralph Bernard. Leslle Brummage, Beverly Nxckonson, R113 Starkey, Julia Parfxtt, Jaumta Nutter, Grace Midkxff, Mary Pullms, Ronald Denmson, Gxlhert Coen, Teacher, Mr. Coen. Kay Hawk, Dwxght Welsh, Buford Blake, Carl Kumble, Dons Sampson, Lowell Boggs, Bob Clem. Alvm Depov. 30 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOUR TH ROW: Pearl Tucker, Garner Bond, Larry Annon, Donald Guthrie, Ronald Nickoson, David Cogar, Russell Casteel, Harold Nutter, Gene Cremeans, Elmer Cole. Margaret Windland, Donna Grace Boggs, June Jeffers, Marjorie Fortney, Wilma Balls, Freda Pullins, Stella Kimble, Carolyn Hart, Helen Kemper, Ruth Ann Slisher, Lorene Baker. Marvin Gilbert, James Bernard. Christine Guthrie, Sharon Shaffer, Shirley Dennison, Mary McCutcheon, Janet Bean, Doris Welsh, Ronald Williams, Edwin Holbert, Lewis Cozart. Earl Tucker, Joseph Graham, Roger Stephenson, Billy Cole, Larry Casteel, Delbert Nutter, Elza Pullins, Jr., Vernon Cremeans, Elizabeth Potter, Teacher. Theron Dennison, Charles McGuire, Herbert Parsons, Jr., Erwin Cole, Robert Tucker, Kenneth Bean, Scottie Burdette, Lawrence Medealf. Lee Parfitt, Reta Allen, Edna Cole, Larene Jeffers, Virgene Jeffers, Nina Fortney, Carolyn Sampson, Phyllis Cremeans, Ida Sampson, Dona Bailey. Cardie Kimble, Betty Casteel, Alma Nutter, Mai-garet.Gill, Barbara Montle, Sandra Price, Ruth Bernard, Dorothy Holbert, Patty Annon, Judy Bond, George Stevens, Billy Bond, Herbert Tucker, Jackie McGuire, Larry Chalfant, Neil Niggemeyer, Larry Williams. 31 - I Carthage Grade School Carthage School's total enrollment is one hundred and fifty, which is the largest in its history. Although the classes are larger than usual, they are progressing normally. Included in our extra-curricular activities for the year are: ball games, Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Program, Christmas entertainment and operetta. Our Fall Festival was a success from the financial standpoint. We cleared approximately S170.00, This money has been used for payment of postage on films, which amounts to from 50.40 to S 1.00 per week. We have also purchased a folding screen, a microphone, material to make a set of six swings, a number of baseballs, a catcher's breast protector, a mask, shin guards, bats and many other articles including a twenty per cent payment on a set of boxing gloves, All of our entertainments are attended by a large number of parents and friends of the community. We are very proud of the interest manifested by the people of the community in their school and its activities. Our operetta was entitled "Magic Bean Stalk" and was held near the middle of April. We consider our programs very educational for the students and will endeavor to make them entertaining for everyone. Therefore we would like for each of you, who read this short summary of school activities to feel that you are personally invited to attend all of Carthage School's entertainment. Hockingport School News The two years since our last Trojan's publication have rolled around very rapidly but they find us a happy group of fifty-one boys and girls--fsixty-four, last yearj in grades one through eight. Last year, seven left us for high school. This year two more hope to reach that goal. Though small in numbers we've had big hopes and ambitions. Some have been realized: some not. But that's life and we believe it is better to fall a bit short of a high goal than to reach a low one. To obtain some equipment, we have sold seeds both years. Our picture commission added a little more to our funds. These have been used to buy playground equipment, rainy-day games for indoors, and, best of all, a school flag which we proudly display on all good days. We have also made contributions to Red Cross, T. B., and C. R. O. P. Several programs have been given--Christmas, patriotic, Riley day, etc.--with nice audiences each time. The main interest, of course, has been our day by day work. Much of our program material has been integrated with our daily work. We have very much enjoyed our Reading Circle books and other reading materials made available. "Current Events," "Open Road for Boys," and "Nature" magazines come regularly to our reading table. Health projects have been stressed in all grades and absences from sickness have been rare, With few exceptions our attendance has been very satisfactory. As a last day celebration in '49, we visited the museum and other points of interest in Marietta and had a picnic dinner in the park. We hope to celebrate in some similar way this year. 32. 11 4 FRONT ROW: Left to right-Norma Sams, Bonnie Ice, Patty Smeeks, Pearl Sams. SECOND ROW: Shirley Heiney, Bernice Hall, Joann Wilson, Janet Rockhold, Freda Snider, Bernice Sams, Carolyn Boyd. THIRD ROW: Alfred Chutes, Jefferson Massie, Victor Chevalier, Bobby Shields, Raymond Meeks, Carroll Kimes. FOURTH ROW: Jack Sprouse, Keith Massie, Donald Shields, Charles Ice, Fred Hall, Eugene Sams, James Wright, Alvin Chutes, Mrs. Alden. FRONT ROW: Joan Ice, Joan Hannamon, Ethel Doherty, Doris Cowdery, Bill Chevalier, SECOND ROW: Billy Maxwell, Milford Kimes, Dallas Heiney, Junior Doherty. BACK ROW: Billy Joe Spronse. Jackie Cowdery, Charles Road, Barry Halsey, Bobbie Sprouse, Donald Cowdery, Sharen Shields, Mary Little, Leroy Smeeks. Evelyn Doherty, Judith Osburn, Vickie Simpson, Geneva Chutes, Janet Doherty, Dons Heiney, Donna Maxwell, Joan Doherty, Jeanne Massie. 33 T.! VlI!E n 1 5 N 3 ' ' , ff' ,f 'WL-'--':'4jl" V si 7 'ff If J ' M Q , f' Q 2 5 ' 'f K J , 42: 4 l 3 gr' X Y 1 ' e j' N 5 xx 1, I O i ,Y I Q I ' ' I 1 3' A f X if s I ff f J , -1 ' I ' .f ., V 4 A3 v M , W . R if il-K S ff KJ , my " THE THESPIAN " FIRST ROW: Ellis Chalfant, James Ford, Kermit Clark, Ronald Lincicome, Ronald Vandall, Johnny Taylor, Arthur Tucker, Charles Davis. SECOND ROW: Larry Kiracofe, Paul Blake, Clifford Kimes, Johnny Humphrey, Leo Powell, Dorsey Burkhammer, Tommy Taylor, Richard Bean, Raymond Shields. THIRD ROW: Lowell Thompson, Joe Owens, Charles Gibbs, Wilbur Beha, Otis Allen, Otis Chutes, Kenneth Lamp, Kenneth Null, Bob Gibbs, Ray Hall, C. E. Stout. FOURTH ROW: Glenn Reed, Richard McGlone, Wayne Lyons, Ray Mldkiff, Howard Dunfee, Bobbie Murrey, James Parr, Marlin Gamer. ABSENT: Seldon Johnson, James Parr, Frankie Seese. Future Farmers of America The Troy Chapter Future Farmers of America began the 1949-50 school year with forty members. Since then, Bill Vineyard has quit school and Leroy White of Chester has entered The following boys were elected officers for 1949-50, and will serve until May, l950' President John Humphery Secretary Leo Powell Vice-President Dorsey Burkhammer Reporter Clifford Kimes Treasurer Tommy Taylor Sentinel Paul Blake Advisor: C. E. Stout The officers attended an Officers' Training School at McArthur in September. A pro- gram of work was set up in October. New members were initiated and new project programs were elected. A total of 2.2 productive projects and 2.3 improvement projects were elected per member. ln November, the Chapter sponsored a Pest Hunt with prizes being given to Tommy Taylor, Ray Midkiff and Dorsey Burkhammer, for turning in the most points. The prizes were 58, 55, and S3 respectively. There was a total of 3,227 pests killed in the contest. A basketball team was also organized and played successfully with the other F. F. A. Chapters in the county. A joint Christmas Party was held with the F. H. A. in December with eighty-one per soiris present. Activities for the remainder of the year, consist of selling Certified Hybrid Seed Corn and Vitality Garden Seeds, sponsor a safety program in assembly, have a skating party, have talk by County Agent, and Soil Conservationist, enter Parliamentary Procedure Contest at Albany and all district contests, sponsor a Father and Son Banquet, send a team to State Dairy and General Livestock Judging Contest in June, and show numerous exhibits at County and State Fairs. 35 FIRST ROW: Marie Moore, Myrtle McGlone, Jean Davis, Lois Galbreath, Mary Jo Cogar, Louise Gill, Wanda Crawford, Donna Connally, Sarah Guthrie, Nettie Barnhart. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Whitehead, Jean Collins, Beulah Griffin, Fleda Kimble, Jeanette Henderson, Jane Bryan, Inez Pullms, Dorothy Blackburn, Dolores Baker, Betty Holman, Colleen Nickoson, Maxine Vineyard, Barbara Davis, Dottie Brandeberry, Mary Dixon, Julia Washburn, Shirley Shover. THIRD ROW: Anne Archer, Kay Walden, Peggy Norman, Jo Anne Shaffer, Joan Parsons, Pauline Chalfant, Louise Null, Betty Guess, Edith Sams, Aladine Sinnett, Jean Annon, Jean Faren, Betty Bryan, Janice Shover. FIR ST ROW: Donna Connally, Charles Gibbs, Wanda Crawford, Dottie Brandebeny, Barbara Davis, Mary Dixon. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Whitehead, Ray Midkiff, Ronnie Chapman, Otis Allen, Jane Bryan, Myrtle McGlone 36 Future Homemakers of America At the first meeting of 1948-49, the Troy F. H. A. elected its officers and Club Mothers. Troy Chapter was hostess to the Albany Chapter in February. The Junior Homemaker Degree was conferred upon the eligible candidates from both chapters. Those from Troy re- ceiving the degree were: Jean Annon, Anne Archer, Catherine Cole, Jean Collins, Jean Davis, Lois Galbreath, Louise Gill, Beulah Griffin, Betty Guess, Fleda Kimble, Peggy Norman, Edith Sams, Aladine Sinnett, JoAnn Shaffer, Louise Vineyard, Kay Walden, Judy Washburn, Harriet Wine, Jean Faren, and Eleanor Broughton from Dorset, England who was a member of our chapter until February, 1949, when she returned to her home. At the State Meeting held at Ohio State University in April, Dottie Brandeberry and Barbie Davis received the State Homemaker Degree. Mary Dixon, Wanda Crawford, Jeanette Henderson attended as delegates and Miss Jeffers also attended. The first Ohio State F. H. A. Camp was held at Camp Muskingum near Carrollton, August l5-20, 1949. Approximately one hundred and fifty girls attended. Dottie Brandeberry, Jean-ette Henderson and Miss Jeffers attended. The first 1949-50 meeting of the F. H. A. was held on September Z9, with Jeanette Henderson, Ex-President, presiding. At this time the formal initiation was given the new mem- bers and the new officers were installed. Enrollment in the club is forty-two. Dottie Brandeberry, County President, presided at the County Rally held at Amesville on October 5, 1949. Approximately four hundred and fifty girls were present. The bracelet award ceremony for outstanding project work was presented by The Plains and Ames-Bern Chapters. Those from Troy receiving bracelets were: Jean Davis, Kay Walden, Anne Archer, Lois Galbreath, Peggy Norman, Betty Bryan, Fleda Kimble, Sarah Guthrie and Jean Collins. Ribbons were given to the following Troy girls for runners-up: Nettie Barnhart, Bessie Little, Louise Gill, Judy Washburn, Edith Sams and Aladine Sinnett. The Athens County Official Board was announced with Dottie Brandeberry and Jeanette Henderson named as Troy's delegates. So that more girls could attend the National F. H. A. Convention for 1949, it was decided to have four regional meetings. The states were divided into four groups. Ohio being in the Central Region, the meeting was held in Columbus, July 12-14, 1949. Approximately one thousand two hundred members from thirteen states attended. Troy's delegates were: Dottie Brandeberry, Jeanette Henderson and Miss Jeffers. At this meeting, the National Officers were installed and the American Homemaker Degree conferred. 'Glee Club and Orchestra The Girls' Glee Club is composed of girls from the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. There are thirty-nine members. The girls sang in the Thanksgiving assembly. They also sang Christmas carols to the aged and sick in the community. Nine of the girls participated in the District Music Festival, which was held in Gallipolis in November. The Orchestra, which is composed of thirteen boys and girls also played in the Thanksgiving assembly. The Orchestra combined with the Girls' Glee Club gave a joint con-- cert in April. 37 FRONT ROW: Left to right-Bessie Little, Jeanette Henderson, Nettie Barnhart, Inez Pullins, Betty Bryan, Dottie Brandeberry, Barbara Davis, Mary Lois Dixon, Myrtle McGlone, Jean Davis. SECOND ROW: Beulah Griffin, Edith Sams, Peggy Norman, Alice Yeager, Ruth Smith, Patsy Willard, JoEllen Kiracofe, Garnet Kimble, Joan Clark, Yvonne Henderson, Nancy Davis, Sarah Guthrie, Anne Archer, Louise Gill. BACK ROW: Mild: ed Kimes, Doris Weekley, Janice Shover, Judy Washburn, Aladine Sinnett, Vonnie ABSENT: Allen, Fleda Kimble, Jean Collins, Mary Allen, Jean Brummage, Millie Bowers, Delores Sams, Kay Walden, Lois Galbreath. Harrie! Wine, Miss Jeffers, Advisor. The F. H A. Creed We are the future homemakers of America. We face the future with warm courage, and high hope. For we have the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes, homes for Arnerica's future. Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair. Homes where truth and love and security and faith will be realities, not dreams. We are the Future Homemakers of America. We face the future with warm courage and high hopes. The Purposes of The Organization To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking. To emphasize the importance of worthy home member ship, To encourage democracy in home and community life. To work for good home and family life for all. To promote international good will. To foster the development of creat1ve,leadership in home and community life. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. To further interest in Home Economics. Motto: "Toward New Horizons" Colors: "Red and White" Flower: "Red Rose" 1948-49 OFFICERS 1949-50 OFFICERS President Jeanette Henderson President Dottie Brandeberry Vice-President Mary Lois Dixon Vice-President Barbara Davis Secretary Barbara Davis Secretary Betty Bryan Treasurer Wanda Crawford Treasurer Mary Lois Dixon News Reporter Dottie Brandeberry Historian Myrtle McGlone Parliamentarian Sylvia Dobbins Parliamentarian Jean Davis and Historian News Reporter Inez Pullins Club Mothers Mrs. Lillian Henderson Publicity Chairman Jeanette Henderson Mrs. Wynona Marshall Club Advisor Miss Jessie P. Jeffers Club Advisor Miss Jessie P. Jeffers Club Mothers Mrs. Norma Brandeberry 38 Mrs. Lillian Davis nrnml s D . I if Wg? I xx-.L YI R 'ee Q ' NK .V -' 1 I P m 3 , I X5 ... .J 1 f .: A EK Q 1 f N- 11 ,..,m,, I lRl0li1n-wus'--. - I My l If - A 0 w ,.,. ' gpvv' "mf TROJHNH nnsxfrnnu FIRST ROW: Lowell Thompson. Ivan Creegex , Joe Dalton, Ronald Chapman, Carol Holbert, Dorsey Burkhammer, George Bise, SECOND ROW: Coach, Gerald Bibbee, Bob Murrey, Arnold Smith, Joe Owens, Charles Gibbs, Kenneth Null, Howard Dunfee, Russell Creamer. THIRD ROW: Alvin Pierce, Manager, Richard McGlone, Donald Russell, Larry Kiracofe, Glen Reed, Bascil Wines, Manager. During the past few years it has become evident that Physical Education is essential for every boy and girl. Our aim is to develop clean sportsmanship and a love for play and competi- tive games. A boy who is a clean Sportsman will be a clean-cut individual in any work of life. To be a clean sportsman is to be an honest Sportsman, and to be an honest sportsman is to be an individual who is an asset to his country and community rather than a liability. If we can accomplish this one aim the cost of maintaining athletics for our schools is well paid for. In the past year, we have endeavored to maintain our standards as high as possible in baseball, basketball and track. In basketball, we were handicapped to a certain extent because of the lack of height in the players and when Coach Bibbee blew the whistle that grouped his boys around him for the beginning of the season, he was faced with the prospects of having the smallest team in Athens County. Only one varsity man, Ronald Chapman, returned from last year's team. The other four varsity men were Joe Dalton, Ivan Creeger, Dorsey Burkhammer, and Carl 'Holbert. On the reserve were, Lowell Thompson, Larry Kiracofe, George Bise, Donald Russell, Arnold Smith. Subs for these boys were, Russell Creamer, Glen Reed, Bob Murrey, Charles Gibbs, Joe Owens, Richard McGlone, Kenneth Null, Bill Dunfee. Leroy White, who hails from Chester, joined the team during the second semester. The managers were, Bascil Wines, who has been manager for four years, and Alvin Pierce, who has been manager three years. School spirit has been kept at a high pitch by competent chedrleaders and pep team. There are four cheerleaders this year. Dottie Lou Brandeberry and Barbie Davis, who have been cheerleaders for the past four years are cheering for their last time this year. Joan Clark and Yvonne Henderson were chosen as cheerleaders this year and will continue as cheerleaders throughout the next three years. The pep team, which is something new at Troy this year, consists of Jane Bryan, Jeanette Henderson, Jean Davis, Lois Galbreath, JoEl1eZ0Kiracofe. H IEIHSEHHLL FIR ST ROW: Ivan Creeger, Joe Dalton, Ronald Chapman, Lowell Thompson, Geox ge Bise, Larry Kiracofe. SECOND ROW: Gerald Bibbee, fCoachj, Dorsey Burldxammer, Arnold Smith, Joe Owens, Carl Hulbert, Glen Reed. ' THIRD ROW: Russell Creamer, Clifford Kimes, Raymond Shields. This being our first year in baseball, we were faced with the difficulty of starting a new sport and therefore we were not in the winning column, but were well pleased with the progress made. The players and positions were as follows: first base, Ivan Creeger, second base, Carl Holbert and George Biseg third base, Clifford Kimesg shortstop, Ronald Chapman and Joe Daltong catcher, Larry Kiracofeg fielders, Lowell Thompson, Glenn Reed, Arnold Smith, Dorsey Burkhammer, Russell Creamer, Joe Owens, Rayrnond Shieldsg pitchers, Joe Dalton and Ronald Chapman. THE ATHENS COUNTY TOURNAMENT 1949 The top picture on the opposite page was taken immediately following the victory of the Athens County Champions of 1949. The boys from left to right are as follows: Herschel Moore, Jack Baker, Coach Paul Halleck, Leslie Cole, Clair Creamer, Burl Crawford, Ronnie Chapman and Ivan Creeger. The bottom picture is an example of the enthusiastic spirit of the crowd aroused by cheer- leader, John Aiken, who is also Mayor of Coolville. In the basketball season of '49, the Troy Basketball Team held fourth place in the Athens County League and was looking forward to winning the County Tournament. The tournament began on the night of February ZZ. The team consisted of Leslie Cole, Clair Creamer, Burl Crawford, Jack Baker, Ronald Chapman, Ivan Creeger, Herschel Moore and Coach, Paul Halleck. They played their first game with Waterloo at the Athens High School Gymnasium and won by a score of 53 to 27. Their second game was played with The Plains and the Troy High Team won by a score of 47 to 27. The third game was with Jacksonville-Trimble. This game was the most exciting of the year and Troy won by a score of 38 to 34. This was the final game of the tournament and gave Troy the Championship of Athens County and also qualified the team for entering the Southeastern District Tournament. We played our first game in the District Tournament with Racine but were defeated by a score of 51 to 53. Nevertheless it had been a very successful season for the Troy High School team. 41 UJE lllIN! v 42 CllC'6'l'1L'lll1L'fS LEFT TO RIGHT: Yvonne Henderson Dothe Brandeberry Barbue Davm Joan Clark SIIHIJIJI. FUN iswvx-ffl? -X ,Y x ,2 Iv Well., no cheating todcluif 44 A F f B X K 4 Senior Play Cast Senior .Play Cast FRONT ROW: Left to right-Mrs. Eddy, Director: Jean Faren, Mrs. Guppy: Mary Dixon, Mrs. Meeks: Barbie Davis, Pam: Dottie Brandeberry, Gerry: Mickie Crawford, Aunt Eustacia: Carol Gillian, Natasha: Frances Brurnmage, Stage Director. SECOND ROW: Bascil Wines, Shelby: Ronnie Chapman, Jimmy: Maynard Clark, Braymer: Dorsey Burkhammer, Ethelbert: Therman Deeter, Bill: Otis Allen, Mike: Tommy Taylor, Stage Director. FRONT ROW: Left to right-Alvin Pierce, Uncle Wilbur: Glenn Criss, Aaron Slick: John Humphrey, Clarence Green: Mr. Winters, Director. SECOND ROW: Jane Bryan, Gladys May: Marie Moore, The Girl in Red: Myrtle McGlone, Sis Riggs: Sarah Guthrie, Mrs. Berry. Junior Play Cast 45 FRONT ROW: Left to right-Bob Gibbs, Paul McPherson, John Humphrey, Mr. Winters, Director. SECOND ROW: George Bise, Joe Dalton, Ivan Creeger, Carl Holbert, Alvin Pier: e, Glenn Criss. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Blackburn, Jeanette Henderson, Jane Bryan, Marie Moore, Bessie Little, Sarah Guthrie. BACK ROW: Inez Pullins, Betty Holman, Colleen Nickoson, Myrtle McGlone. HDRIBBLER "DEAD EYE HERE GOES! I'LL SCORE 1, W. swf Vu., 1 ar 'ia vi ,V ,Q X ,2 T WO POINTS l'LL STOP 'EMI DOTTIE'S FLOP" SHOOT "BREAK" MULE TRAIN: compm-:TE cxncu:---ALMOST 47 wHo's RIGHT? wx-1o's WRONG? wx-xo KNows?: LOVE? LOVE!-LOVE N .44 B' 1 fry Qti, x- .kl- A wg 2 , , : Q K A 3, 5 Pi, Q. - , V b j, Mg, ,xg!Q ' 9 4112 v It I , ,. ,Q pi W K K - t ' 'S 15, Z, ,- .. LM 2'- Sm gg A 0, 6 N, + 3, 1 Q 'yz u N b Tom TWINS 'gy , KU fam .M Qui: .. 1.1. . - WHOA. MISS AMERICA sx1PP1Nc srumr HALL ' wHERE's THE DRIVER ? --PALS" "DIZZY DAMES" 48 HNNUHL STH F F FRONT ROW: Left to right-Jane Bryan, JoEllen Kiracofe, Jean Davis, Ronnie Chapman, Dottie Brandeberry, Barbie Davis, Betty Bryan, Wanda Crawford. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Kiracofe, Mrs. Eddy, Ivan Creeger, Mary Dixon. Dolores Baker, Mary Jo Cogar Jeanette Henderson, Robert Gibbs, Mr. Winters. THIRD ROW: Wayne Lyons, Alvin Pierce, Bascil Wines, Carl Holbert, Tommy Taylor, Donald Russell ANNUAL STAFF Editor-In-Chief Assistant Business Manager Assistant Advertising Managers A ssistant F eatur e Editor A ssistants Art Editor s Layout Manager Assistant Sports Editor Assistant Senior Class Editor Junior Class Ed.tor Sophomore Class Editor Freshman Class Editor Photographers lu-lwoIr::::f:u ' F L ua..-,lualm-any Advisors: 49 Ronnie Chapman Brandeberry Barbie Davis Betty Bryan Alvin Pierce Robert Gibbs Carl Holbert Mickey Crawford Jeanette Henderson Dixon Cogar Bryan Bryan Cogar Dottie Mary Lois Mary Jo Jane Jane Mary Jo Ivan Creeger Bascil Wines Tommy Taylor Dolores Baker Jean Davis .ToE11en Kiracofe Wayne Lyons Donald Russell Mr. Winters Mrs. Eddy Mrs. Kiracofe HIJVEHTISINII ! H20 JL467 x fx ' 7 D K. s f 3 W x V -Q. ff' 3' V 'W E X f - mfff ff ff am vnwe pause dual Pefr'e5lwes.fu 1 O. F. SARSGN STORE CHAPMAN BROTHERS GENERAL STORE DRY GOODS - SHOES - FURNITURE - HARDWARE PITTSBURGH PAINTS WALLPAPER - GROCERIES - MEATS COOLVILLE, OHIO WHITE FUNERAL HOME FEED MIXING AND GRINDING SERVICE We are Prepared to Grind Your Grain, Mix Your Feed to Your Own Formula or Help You with a Formula to suit Your Individual Needs. We Carry a Full Line of Ingredients, Distillers Grains, Gluten Feeds, Oil Meal, Bone Meal, Meat Scraps, Alfalfa Meal, Charcoal Minerals. A Full Line of Milk Feeds, also Complete Line of Tuxedo Feeds for A11 Stock. Both Spring and Winter Wheat Flour - Let Us Serve You. EARLY and DANIEL CO. Don't Gamble Chicks poorly fed, poorly started will prove a losing investment. You are sure millions of other Tuxedo feed winners. Growing All-Mash. You win because all that a chick needs for health, growth and development is in every bag of Turedo Starting and Growing All-Mash. The vitamin content of every pound of Tuxedo and have them in the class with is guaranteed. Put your chicks on Tuxedo Starting and Growing All-Mash in every bag of Tuxedo Starting and Look for the Vitamin guarantee. COOLVILLE MILL SMITH CHEMICAL CO. Use a Guaranteed Fertilizer Smiths' Sacco Brand is Fully Guaranteed Each bag is tagged, is guaranteed to drill properly and to contain full strength. Be sure to Use This Extra Quality Sacco Brand Fertilizer Get It At COOLVILLE MILL The Peoples Banking ond Trust Co. BELPRE BRANCH LOWELL BRANCH Belpre, Ohio Lowell, Ohio MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MARIETTA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF H. A. Cole Lumber Co., Inc GENERAL CONTRACTING HARDWARE - BUILDERS' SUPPLIES - MILLWORK PHILCO APPLIANCES - RUBBER AND ASPHALT FLOOR TILE MYERS WATER SYSTEMS - LENNOX FURNACES PITTSBURGH PAINTS TUPPERS PLAINS, OHIO PHONE COOLVILLE 71li Boll Electric Compony George R. 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