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Hg' f wwf AY wr, -H' gag- N ,JA-35 'F' U. Jw 5m THE 1951 TROJAN Third Edition Presented by TROY TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS QJQ LUCKEY OHIO LEMOYNE OHIO FOREWORD The Annual Staff of 1951, together with the faculty and student body take pleasure in presenting thethird edition of "E Trojan", an annual for the com- bined schools of Luckey and LeMoyne. DEDlCA1?lG Nf We, the annuh1Q staff, together mm ltm guuaen: body, uake in aqaiqatmg ,g1:rg15,.p.j1.ssue frrdgan' to -xr. Dojce, Pi11ere,L ig groat1yA appreciate his splendid coaching5 his companionship and goqd mg. 4, Editor TROJAN STAFF Assistant Editor - - - Business Manager ------ Assistant Business Manager Production Manager ----- - - Phyllis Brick - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Shirley Hagg - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Carol Jean Rolf - - - - - - - - - - Marilyn Miller - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Joann Schroeder - Patsy Musser Assistant Production Manager - - - - -------- - - Photographer ---- ---- Athletic Reporter - - ---- Art Editor ----- - Assistant Art Editor - - Pictures Rewrite Ed1ta'- - Senior Prophecy ------ Senior History ------ - And with the Jeanne Urban Patty Caris Marilyn Thornton Noladean Kinker Ruth Snyder Joe Helm Mae Oestreich Doris Bookenberger Anita Haas Jane Bookenberger - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dick Samson - ------ "" BOI'naI'dSl.mS0n - - ----- - - - Ted Clinton - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Patsy Musser - - Bob Dierker - - Bob Winters - - - - - - - - - - - - Florence Miller - - - - ----------- - Mary Lou Bihn - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Dick Samson - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bob Winters able assistance of the following: Ray Ford Doris Rothenbuhler Helen Snyder Marilyn Hoelter Joann Miller Shirley Brinker Margaret Samu Evelyn Dierker Margaret Greulich Ruth Marsh c Q TROY TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS LEMOYNE LLICKEY 1 Herbert Meyers BOARD r rr OF EDucATloN jpg N. N gl. Orville Decker President John Kurfesa Clerk Max Leking Alvin Hoolter Edson Hazel W x HIGH SCHGCL FACULTY Helen Rolfes Martha S931 an Richard Berry ig, 0 Merlin Hanely ' Doyce Filiere Superintendent Principal , '15 All' L...- Jennie Hobart Richard Knisely Margaret Smith sin fi' N!!!- Jane Seeley Harvey Failor LEMOYNE 7th Grade LEMOYNE am Grade Kenneth McClary LEMOYNE Sth Grade GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY r 'R ' iff' X N, n .a W ,dis 1 r. n .,., - in v..X e A' ii W is d Xi Xf,x- jfx Frances King LUCKEY 6th Grade i MPS - THOIHDS 011 virginia Wilkowski LEMOYNE 5rd and 5th Grades LUCKEY 5th Grade 'mage Pearl Falls LEMOYNE 4th Grade QV Mary Crocker LUCKEY 3rd Grade Irene Gephart LUCKEY 4th Grade 'Whwl 1-.alll ji, . a.. ls I Lelia Schulte LEMOYNE lst and 2nd Grades Janet Smith LUCKEY 2nd Grad6 Kathryn Busdeker LUCKEY lst Grade ky . ,!OIZl0lfif XX? X 1 J . O fu, fag' no zgphn 7 r lg, ., K f ' :Q W fv , CV' gl' Lag 4. 1 Y ..., ' V' ' I bbqr A y .mf - PQ' M " 1 'lf- ROBERT DIERKER Class Play 3 Journalism 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,5,4 Track 2,3,4 HELEN SNYDER Vice-President Class Officer 2,3,4 Class Play 3 Journalism 2,3,4 Girls Chorus 2 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Librarian 2,3 Orchestra 2 Band l,2,3,4 Mixed Chours 1 ., s , FRANK SCHULTE Class Officer 3,4 Class Play 3 .4 Mixed Chorus 5 Basketball 1 K Y?iiQ?Qms1gfsf- 4 .:-mxsgil . sr ,wx 4 .W aa - , . sais 5 'rs wwf H Q x X Q 3 , X Q l QQX 1 rbki gi PAUL SEARCY Class Officer Class Play Q 'TV fa f Nl' SENICJRS - l95I fs MARY LOU BIHN Secretary Class Play Journalism G.A.A. Girls Chorus Class Officer JOANN SCHROEDER President Class Officer Class Play Journalis G.A.A. Gi rls Chorus Mixed Chorus Librarian Orchestra Band 3,4 3,4 2 2 l,2,4 4 5,4 l,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 2,4 1,3,4 1 2,3 l,2,3,4 PHYLLIS BRICK Class Officer Class Play Journalism Girls'Chorus Mixed Chorus 3 5 2,5,4 2,4 l,3,4 N f 8 DONALD CARI S Class Officer Class Play Journalism Librarian Fbotball Basketball Baseball Track BERNARD SAMSON Class Play Class Officer Journalsin llixed Chorus Librarian Band Fbotball Basketball Track 3,4 3 3,4 4 1,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 l,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 4 1 4 3,4 4 2,3,4 2,3 2,3,4 2,3 DORIS ROTHENBUHLER Class Play Journalism Mixed Chorus Girls Chorus 4 4 1,s,4 2,4 E 15,1 xiii? 5 ar M nb, MARGARET SAMU Class Play 5 Mixed Chorus 1.3.4 Girls Chorus 2,4 Librarian 3 ifiii ..4A VLWA ghg jhiggi . . 1 4 44 -o4 f M4 DORIS BOOKENBERGER Class Play Journalism G.A.A. Girls Chorus Class Officer 3 4 2 2 l I a RAY FORD Class Play 4 Journalism 4 Mixed Chorus l Orchestra 3 Basketball l,2,8 Football 2,3,4 Band l,2,3,4 ROBERT WINTERS Class Reporter 2 Class Officer Class Play Journalism ldxed Chorus Librarian Football Basketball Baseball Track 3,4 1,2,3,4 3,4 3,4 2,3,4 l,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 Fiat RUTH MARSH Class Play Class Officer Journalism GIAOAI Girls Chorus ltlxed Chorus 4 l 4 2 2 3 RUTH SAMSON Class Play 3 Girls Chorus 2,4 Mixed Chorus l,3,4 Librarian 3 RICHARD SAMSON Class Play 4 Class Officer 1,2 Journalism 1,2,3,4 Mixed Chorus l,3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Baseball l,2,4 wil WPYFV EVELYN DIERKER Class Play G.A.A. Girls Chorus l xed Chorus Cheerleader 4 l,2,5,4 2,4 1,2,s,4 5 CAROL JEAN ROLF Class Officer 3 Class Play 3.4 Journalism 5.4 G.A.A. Girls Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 1.3 NAOMI BRINKER Class Play Journalism G.A.A. Girls Chorus Mixed Chorus 4 3,4 1,2,5,4 2,4 l,3,4 JAMES RBCKER Band 2 Track 2,5,4 JAMES THOMPSON Class Play 4 Class Officer 2 Journalism 4 Mixed Chorus 5,4 Librarian 4 Basketball 2 Baseball 2,3,4 Track ' 3,4 Fbotball 2,5,4 FRANK KNIERIEH Class Play lixed Chorus Football Track 4 3,4 3,4 3,4 SENIOR HISTORY SOPHOMORE CLASS President........Robert Winters Vice Pres1dent.....Helen Snyder Secretary............Ruth Harsh Treasurer..... ...Jim Thompson Reporter............Paul Searcy The year nineteen hundred and forty-eight was kind of a mixed up affair because of the consolidation of the Lemoyne and the Luckey Schocds3'the boys and girls were very busy getting acquainted. Two class parties were held during the year. One was a Hallowe'en party held at Jim Recker's and the other was held in Dierker's barn. JUNIOR CLASS Pres1dent.........Phyllis Brick Vice President..Caro1 Jean Rolf Secretary..........Helen Snyder Treasurer.........Frank Schulte Reporter.........Richard Samson Ah! Guess what? We all passed. This meant we were almost as impor- tant as the Seniors. Of course we all thought we were just as important, but the Seniors didn't. The first big event this year was getting ourcdnss rings. We were really the big wheels then. Of course, we still had a lot of things to do. Among them was our play 'Grandad Steps Out' and we can't forget our two dancers. But the most important event was the Junior-Senior Prom. Boy! did we have a good time. We had to work a little harder than usual, but it was fun. We decorated the gym and tried to keep the Seniors from seeing it, but of course there were some who just wouldn't be kept out Jerry and his Rhythmaires were hired to furnish the music and our mothers were good enough to cook the dinner for us. Everybody came in his best bib a d tucker and even the teachers looked nice CI'm just saying th1s,ofomnsd SENIOR CLASS President.......Joann Schroeder Vice President.....Helen Snyder Secretary.........Mary Lou Bihn Treasurer.........Frank Schulte Reporter............Bob Winters Well, we finally made it! We were Seniors. We were as high as we could go in high school. Right away we began thinking of our class trip, even though it was nine months away. To earn money to go on this trip we did various things such as having a scrap drive, two dances, a chicken supper and our play nEverybody's Getting Marriedn. While getting ready for graduation we had 'a million and one things to don. We had to get our pictures taken, had to order our gowns, our invb tations to commencement exercises, and had to decide where we were going on our class trip. We still had a group of twenty-three boys and.g1xls who were going to finish school and be proud to do so. sENloR WILL Q We, the Senior Class of Troy Township Schools, in the year nineteen hundred and forty-three do hereby declare this to be our last will and U - tament in as sane a mental condition as can be expected. I, Mary Lou Bihn, will my ability to go steady and still have a good time in school to Patsy Musser. I, Doris Bookenberger, will my supply of well-chewed gum to Jim Sabo. I, Phyllis Brick, will my bottomless desk to anyone who can use lt. I, Naomi Brinker, will my American Government seat to Janice Hacker. I, Donald Carla, will my football ability to Ted Clinton. I, Evelyn Dierker, will my school sweater to Jane Bookenberger to wear in the American History room. I, Robert Dierker, will my basketball ability to Shorty Briggs. I, Ray Ford, will my car-polishing technique to Charles Albright. I, Frank Knieriem, will myt:rother's turtleneck sweater to Willard Brinker. I, Ruth Marsh, will my ready blushes to Katherine Hesel. I, Jim Rocker, will my driving technique to my brother, Danny. I, Carol Jean Rolf, will my lost tennis shoe to anyone who can find it. I, Doris Rothenbuhler, will my blonde hair to Noladean Kinker. I, Bernard Samson, will my ability to nshootn baskets to Ronnie Melcher. I, Richard Samson, will my basketball managership to next year's manager. I, Ruth Samson, will my attendance job to whomever has a first-period study hall. I, Margaret Samu, will my typewriter to Arla Christen. I, Joann Schroeder, will my ability to get along with Mr. Knisely to whom- ever needs it. I, Frank Schulte, will my treasurer's job to the treasurer of the Senior Class of '52. I, Paul Searcy, will my curly hair to Roger Ernsthausen. I, Helen Snyder, will my much-used inky shirt to Nancy Nollenberger. I, Jim Thompson, will my speed to Walter Jordan. I, Robert Winters, will my nickname 'Brownie' to Dick Veler. President, Senior flass SENIOR PROPHECY It is the year 1961. The occasion is the grand opening of the new Starlight Theater in Luckey. The movie 'The Farmer Takes over the East' is being shown, starring Plowalong Spade. Plow- along is the former Jim Thompson of the Graduating class of '5l.' Jim is also appearing in person tonight, so the Civic Club has planned a huge receptmn for him at the Legion HB1 in the evening. It seems that' most of the class is here. Looking over the crowd we see Naomi Brinker. Naomi, now Mrs. Hehman, is operating a successful beauty shop in her own home. Look over there--isn't that Frank Knlerlem? He has taken over his father's business as a painter and decorator. Coming down the aisle is Bernard Samson. He has worked him- self up from fuling gas tanks on a part-time basis to V1ce-Pres1- dent of the Standard Oil Company of Ohio, and walking with him is another former part-time worker who has made 'good.' Donald,or "Red", Caris has just completed the establishing of another meat market. He now has stores in all but five states. The usher just handed us a telegram from Bob Dierker. 'So ry, will be rather late. Have important game.' Bob plays profession- al basketball with the Minneapolis Lakers. Seated five rows ahead is one of the few bachelors left in the class--Frank Schulte. Frank is the head mechanical engi- neer of the Ohio Department of Highways. We see that Helen Snyder has also found time enough to come to see her fellow graduates. She is the private secretary of Robert Bunyan, Price Administrator in Washington D. C. With her is her husband, Paul Searcy. Paul says he is letting Helen be the SENIOR PROPHECY CONT'D man of the family and is taking life easy, but he really is the president of a cedar chest manufacturing concern. We see that Joann Schroeder is also here. She has made quite a name for herself as a columnist. She has a column in the Blade new for young wives, 'Be the Boss.n Joann 1sn't married herself as yet. Over there is Dick Samson. Dick now has gained national rec- ognition as an orchestra leader. He and his twenty-five-piece orchestra are now touring the country and are playing in Toledo this week-end. When he is not busy with his orchestra, he can be seen with his camera on his shoulder, preparing to photograph the scenery. Bob Winters, who is sitting beside Dick, is still pole-vault champion of the thuted States. He expects to go to Europe and take part in the Olympic Games. We haven't seen Jim Recker come in yet. I read in the paper yesterday now chief that, because of his daring and his steel nerves, he is test-driver for the Ford Motor Company. Isn't that Ruth Marsh over there? She is making quite a ca- reer of her marriage. She has two darling little twins, Frankie, Jr. and Hank--Csometimes called nHank1e.'D We see that Ray Ford still likes working in garages. He now supervises the National Highway Garages in Ohio. It seems the Dierker family has quite a line of basketball players. Evelyn is playing with the Arkansas Travelers, the all- girl baskethnl team. Her team is to be featured in the news-reel tonight. SENIOR PROPH ECY CONT'D I believe that is Phyllis Brick coming in. With her family and her new job,I dxdn't think she wand be able to get here. Phyl- lis has just accepted the posudon of Assistant Director of dm Tb- ledo Museum of Art. Here comes Ruth Samson and Margaret Samu. They have stDl re- tained their high-school friendship and are living in Cleveland in a cozy apartment near the lake. They are both working as private secretaries. Isn't that Doris Rothenbuhler sitting in the front section? Doris is operating a novelty shop here in Luckey and she also has two branch shops in towns farther south. I haven't seen Carol Jean Rolf yet, but I read in the paper yesterday that she is instructdng a class on 'How to Drive in Five Easy Lessons.' Maybe her present class needed six. There are Doris Bookenberger and her husband. They have a dancing school in Toledo are are providing quhz abit of competi- tion for the Arthur Murray Studios. I believe that is Mary Lou Bihn coming down the aisle now, 1sn't it? Doesn't she look stunning in that new stewardess uni- form. Is she with Trans-Atlantic or Pan-American Airways? Oh, we'd better be quiet nowg the lights have just gone out. Th0I'9'S P1owalong's picture on the screen. Just hear the crowd cheer! After the movie we'l1 have to hurry right over to the Le- gion Hall and congratulate Jim on his success--and then we can also find out if all we've heard about our other classmates is true. QAM U-..M.,.,w . X j ,, M94 pf, vita ' M , yn--Aww' if A Ryan., il Wi K 'Nu-of wyw 533'-f , . fQq-xrxfxvx : ' V: i K ' N Y F If I ggi X X743 A-1 Egg Sagas vi ' U x. ' QW? li. wa' Top Row: Second Row: Bottom Row: Top Row: Second Row: Bottom Row: Top Row: Second Row Bottom Row JLINIORS James Woodruff, Walter Jordan, Donnie Thornton, Roger Ernst- hausen, Ted Clinton, Royce Ruch, Daniel Becker. Miss Smith, Grace Jacobs, Marilyn Miller, Eloise Dierker,Nancy Nollenberger, Mae Oestreich, Margaret Greulich, Janice Hacker. Shirley Hagg, Jane Bookenberger, Anita Haas, Arla Christen, Maxine Leking, Barbara Elvey, Patsy Musser, Norma Hasel. SOPHOMORES Dale Jacobs, Joe Helm, James Haas, Kenneth Aspacher, David Kopp, James Sabo, Roscoe Crispen, Carrol Baker, Marilyn Hoelt- er, Florence Miller. Virginia Kellar, Cathryn Evans, Katherine Hasel, Donna Welling, Iona Gottschalk, Noldadean Kinker, Marilyn Thornton, Martha Mallery, Patty Caris, Joan Miller, Shirley Brinker, Ruth Sny- der, Mr. Knisely. Walter Holtmeyer, Charles Albright, Ronnie Shook, Dick Eilert, Harold Briggs, Willard Brinker, James Ford, James Helm, Jeanne Urban. FRESHMEN Alvin Swartz, James Emmitt, Jack Oates, Norman Knopper, Walter ganarik, Kenneth Knitz, Ronald Webb, Charles Woodruff, Jadk ancey. Richard Veler, Samuel Musser, David Jacobs, Ronald Belcher, Betty Carr, Helen Tracy, Elaine Hazel, Mary Minarik, Geraldine Faykosh, Miss Rolfes. Joan larsteller, Betty Bihn, Janet Jensen, Arlene Rife, Mary Anna Maulbetsch, Arlene Miller, Doris Rusvinkle, Norma Walker, Janet Becker. EIGHTH GRADE - LEMCDYNE Top How: Second Row: Bottom Row: - f 4 l 1 Ronald Hazel, Larry Blair, Wallace Dierker, Ronnie Hayward, Howard Bookenberger. Mr. Failor, Lloyd Albright, Fred Baker, Mary Ellenlmking, Bar- bara Carr, John Kurfess, Dale Ruswinkle. Arlene Grover, Betty Elvey, Shirley Jacobs, Mary Lou Kirk, Shirley Aspacher, Nancy Crispen, Marlene Miller. SEVENTH GRADE - LEMOYNE 41 Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Bottom Row: Q ,XE ffm xl u-...J Tom Alexander,,Rex Knepper, Eddie Schulte, Harold Frost, Genih Ernsthausen, Elwood Marsh, Raymond Kohring, Curtis Juergens, Norman Klink. Mrs. Seeley, Connie Baker, Kathleen Neifer, Norma Gooduan,Bar- bara Minarik, Connie Oestreich, Joan Rothenbuhler, Shirley Hofer, Carolyn Wagoner, Janet Kopp, Mary Ellen Schroeder. Deanna Minnix, Barbara Neidhardt, Mary Neidhardt, Anna Sabo, Dorothy Nehls, Patty Finn, Ruth Bookenberger, Anne Swartz,Ixla Evans. ' Marlyn Busdeker, Clement John, Dick Mackling, George Jensen, Paul Faykosh, Joe Sandwisch, Perry Emmitt, Ernest Nagy. I Ak in-..., ,,. 7 'sf Top Row: Second Row: Bottom Row: Top Row: Second Row Bottom Row: Too Row: Second Row Bottom Row: Absent: SIXTH, GRADE - LUCKEY f v ,ffm ca J James Kinker, Roger Radeloff, Robert Camp, Lyle Evans, Tracy, Fredrick Burkholder, Frank Camp. Mrs. King, Paul Oestreich, Carol Ann Hoelter, Janet Linda Evans, Judy Conant, Janice Dierker, Dale Hacker, Decker. Robert Fillere, Thomas Haseg, Clyde Flebelkorn, Robert Daniel Nehls, Barbara Brocksfker, Carol Hannan, Suzanne J'V 1 .,.:' 'f 1 ,-' , fp f 1' ' .. , . , 1-., -Cf '-- . .ff -..Q n if SIXTH GRADE - LEMOYNE Marion White, Ronald Baker, Jacobs. Houard Searcy, Donald Hadding, James Schultz, Tommy Lucas, Gene Haas, Eddie Brough, Earl Hagg. Mr. McClary, Kenneth Woodruff, Joe Gloria, Gerald Keller, Dick Hazel, Glen Haas, Freddie Haar, Larry Hofer, Dick Bihn. Joanne Kirk, Kathleen Baker, Rita Grabenstetter, Faye Howell, Carolyn Alexander, Patsy Bookenberger, Nancy Sandwisch. FIFTH GRADE - LucKEY Gerald Miller, Judy Gambill, Donna Jacobs, Karen Phillips, Darrell Spahn, Donald Caris, Jimmy Kurfess, Faye Gephart. Mrs. Wllkowski, Dale Kohring, Martha Heise, Joyce Burkholder, Ellen Jean Dierksheide, Lyle Samson, Jerry McCoy, Henry Conant, Lester Poggemeyer. Martha Neidhardt, Paul Gephart, Allan Schulte, Mary Camp,Idnde Crispen, Billy Dahne, Danny Ford, Mary Anne Minnlx, Nancy Sabo, Kenny Caris. Bobby Willman I ...IWW Top Row: FIFTH GRADE - LEMOYNE George Hanely, James Haar, Warren Tinerand, Dennis Shook, Thomas Linke, Raymond Obermyer. Second Row: Marvin Wagoner, James Motter, Kay Zimmerman, Janet Thornton, Diane Ward, Robert Marsteller, Charles Franz. Bottom Row: Lois Ann Veler, Ruth E1LNlV616P, Sally Sandwisch, Agnes Rollo, Absent: Top Row: Judy Sandwisch, Patty Marsh, Margaret Hartman. Mrs. Thompson. FOURTH GRADE - LUCKEY Gene Burkholder, Larry Hayward, Jennie Henschen, George Carr, Robert Eilert, Bonnie Spahn, Kathy Whetsel. Second How: Mrs. Gephart, Glen Ruswinkle, Richard Steble, Susan Decker, Nedra Jacobs, Judy Jacobs, Jan Heise. Bottom Row: Jerry Baker, Dennis Welling, Roger Berning, Phyllis Brinker, Top Row: Second Row: Bottom Row: Beverly Grover, Carol Rife, Crystal Albright. FOURTH GRADE - LEMOYNE Neil Larrson, Merlin Hamen, Tommy Schultz, Larry Hadding, Myron Klink, Jerry Shook, Tommy Hear Mrs. Falls, Dennis Lund, Judy Nollenbergezg Mary Knepper, Emily Sue Johnson, Alura Weber, Margaret Bowen, Ellen Jean Hass, Tommy Thornton. Catherine Kirk, Nellie Faykosh, Karole Zimmerman, Sharon Rollo. Jennie Sandwisch, Jenne Mae Myers, Beverly Plovell, Pattyalex- ander. Top Row: Second Row: Bottom Row: Absent: Top Row: Bottom Row: Absent: Top Row: Second Row: Bottom Row: AbS61'1t1 THIRD GRADE - LUCKEY Jeffrey Kosmo, Paul Brick, Joe Brockseker, John Brueggemeier, Barbara Poggemeyer, Lynn Vestal. Miss Crocker, John Jacobs, Judy Jewell, Rosalie Whetsel, Hay- mond Ruswinkle, Joanne Dierksheide, Roberta Jacobs, Jimmy Han- sen. Barbara Mock, Alma Grace Grover, Marilyn Witker, Edmund Miller, Mike Van Camp, Kenneth Jacobs, Myra Jean Minnix. Philip Clinton, Marlene Hanely. THIRD GRADE - LEMOYNE Mrs. Falls, Danny Wilson, Melvin Camp, Billy Bowers, Tommy Thornton, Billy Sandwisch, John Schultz, Tommy Luca!- Philllp Scott, Catherine Hadding, Joy Motter, Ann Jones, Mari- lyn Alexander, Edna Mae Franz, Judy Becker, Ronnie Ameling. Terry Plovell. I SECOND GRADE - Luclcnav Tommy Kurfess, B enda Gambill,,Dennis Knitz, Kenneth Rife, Bobby Richey, Linda Mae Jewell, Danny Swartz, Rosalind Fiebel- korn, Sharon Oestreich, Alan White. Mrs. Smith, Carol Sue Busdecker, Roberta Filiere, Carol Sue Burkholder, Susan Heise, Arthurv'R1ker, Sandra Rolf, Teddy Swartz, Judy Baker, Suzanne Reamsnyder, Janelle Hannan. Pauline Rife, Mary Melchor, Donna Lee Schulte, Carol Albright, Jimmy Hahn, Tony Spahn, Earl McCoy, Sharon Bihn, Vivian Camp, Janette Weddell. Donna Mae Wilman, Lowell Hawkins, Jane Decker. FIRST and SECOND GRADES - LEMOYNE ,F ,.-... mlm. Q cnulte, Joanne Rollo, Ruth Searcy Mar S h d V , y c roe er, Lynn Haas, Margaret howell, Alice Kirk, Marcella Hartman. Second Row: Ricky Bowers, Burton Linke, Oliver Haddinf B t 5, e ty Jane Smith, Larry Minarik, Kay Nollenberger, Larry Sandwisch, Garry Canode, Judy Alexander, Susan Hanely. Bottom Row: Bobby Bill Alexander, Janet Jones, Vernon Jones, Danny Sergpnt, ' J d u y Motter, Jimmy Recker, Joyce Sandwisch, John Haar, Sharon Hagg. FIRST GRADE - LUCKEY Top Row: Russell Camp, Richard Camp, James Ernsthauson, Ralph Loomis, Glen-Baker. Second Row: Geannette ,McCoy, Jo Jacobs, Ronnie Britt, Tommy Britt, Jimmy Patterson, Ra'y,,Brocksnh,midt, Lee Baker, Alfred Nehls. Bottom Row: Ethyl Heintz, , 4, Diann Hansen, Ruth Jensen, Carol 63am Kohring, Nancy,fEmm1tt. Sherrie Soahn, 'Q Sally Slotterbeck. Absent: Jerry Main EMM E-I EW :IIN H DO YOU REMEMBER how DO YOU REMEMB R the it in her hands? DO YOU REMEMBER this year's attendance record improved over last year's? day Florence Miller lost her Latin book?--and found DO YOU REM MBER the mania that Marilyn Miller had for rechecking all her Law Tests? DO YOU REM MBER how the plaster fell off the wall in the Commercial Room? DO YOU REMEMBER how cold it always was in Mr. Kn1se1y's room? DO YOU REM MBER if Norma Hazel ever spoke with a loud voice? D0 YOU REM M ER the first day Martha Kaser came to our school? DO YOU REMEMBER the day Donnie Thornton did so much talking? D0 YOU REMEMBER the number of seventh period classes that weren't held because of football games? DO YOU REMEMBER when Royce Ruch was on time coming to school? DO YOU REMEMBER when Shirley Hagg was so shy? DO YOU REMEMBER when the lockers were all cleaned out in the halls? DO YOU REMEMBER when Grace Jacobs continually kept losing her billfold? DO YOU REMEMBER when Mrs. Seal was so busy over Christmas Vacation, making her new green gabardine dress? DOHYOYQREMEMBER when Phyllis and Ruth M. first wore their diamond rings to so oo . DO YOU REMEMBER how night in order to ge DO YOU REMEMBER DO YOU REMEM ER when DO YOU REHEM ER DO YOU REMEMBER basketball game? when DO YOU REMEM ER when DO YOU REMEM ER when how eager the girls were late the Annual and Newspaper Staffs used to stay at t everything done? how bad everyone felt when we lost the Tournament? Donna Kaser first came to this school? to play at noon? Mr. Knisely brought his little daughter, Linda, to a O Paul S. made three cedar chests in Industrial Arts? Margaret Samu asked for her root beer well done? LIBRARIANS Top Row: Miss Rolfes, Donald Caris, Bob Winters, Daniel Rocker- Bottom Row: Hernard Samson, Jeanne Urban, Donna Marie Wduing, Shirley Hagg, Jim Thompson. BOOSTER CLUB Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Bottom Row: Carol Jean Rolf, Shirley Hagg, Naomi Brinker, Norma Hazel, Eloise Dierker, Geraldine Faykosh, Mary Minarik, Ruth Snyder, Noldadean Kinker, Janice Hacker, Margaret Greulich, Mae Oes- treich, Marilyn Miller. Helen Snyder, Jane Bookenberger, Donna Welling, Patty Caris, Joann Schroeder, Grace Jacobs, Carrol Baker, Maxine Leking, Marilyn Hoelter, Shirley Brinker. ' Mary Anna Maulbetsch, Arlene Rite, Arla Christen, Janet Reck- er, Barbara Elvey, Doris Ruswinkle, Arlene Miller, Joan Mar- steller, Betty Bihn. Anita Haas, Joanne Miller, Elaine Hazel, Jeanne Urban. JUNIOR HIGH GAZETTE Top Row: Second Row: Bottom Row: Freddie Baker, Mr. Harvey Failor. Arlene Grover, Ruth Bookenberger, Mary Neidhardt, Mary Lou Kirk, Shirley Jacobs, Mary Ellen Schroeder, Barbara Carr, Shirley Aspacher, Shirley Hofer, Carolyn Wagner, Dorothy Nehls, Norma Goodman, Patty Finn, Dale Ruswinkle. Betty Elvey, Mary Ellen Leking, Connie Baker, Marlene Miller, Ronnie Hayward, Janet Kopp, Nancy Crispen, Connie Oestreich. JOURNALISM CLUB Top How: Second Row Third Row: Bottom Row: Absent: Ted Clinton, Bob Winters, Donald Carla, Dick Samson, Joe Helm, Ray Ford, Jim Thompson, Walter Jordan. Martha Mallery, Donna Marie Welling, Marilyn Thornton, Florence Miller, Ruth Marsh, Doris Bookenberger, Naomi Brinkezg Margpret Greulich, Mae Oestreich, Norma Hazel, Patsy Musaer, Barbara Elvey. Doris Rothenbuhler, Anita Haas, Jane Bookenberger, Jeanne Urhuy Rolf, Marilyn Hiller, Eloise Helen Ruth Snyder, Carol Jean Dierker, Nancy Nol1enberger,,Shir1ey Brinker, Joan lillen Ruth Snyder, Quvel Baker, Miss Smith. Shirley Hagg, Phyllis Brick, Mary Lou Bihn, Arla Christen, Joann Schroeder, Maxine Leking, Noladean Kinker, Marilyn Hoelter. Bob Dierker. .4 ORCHESTRA - LEMOYNE Top Row: Bottom Row: 7'-"1 Mrs. Hobart, Arlene Grover, Dick Mackling, Dorothy Nehls, Mary Ellen Schroeder, Gerald Ernsthausen, Larry hofer, Clement Johns, Agnes Rollo, Lois Veler. Kathleen Baker, Marlyn Busdeker, Janet Kopp, Patty Finn, Cauue Baker, Marlene Miller, Howard bookenberger, Howard Searcy. SENIOR BAND Top Row: Second Row: Bottom Row: Danny Rocker, Jim Ford, Bernard Samson, Ray Ford, Ted Clinton Ronald Webb. ' Mrs. Hobart, Joann Schroeder, Helen Snyder, Marilyn Miller, Donna Welling, Dick Eilert, Roger Ernsthausen, David Jacobs, Davin Kopp, Dick Veler, Jim Helm, Alvin Swartz. Arla Christen, Florence Miller, Patty Carle, Noladean Kinker, Jeanne Urban, Mae Oestreich, Maxine Leking, Richard Charles Albright, Martha Mallory. Samson, MIXED CHORUS Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Bottom Row: Jim Thompson, Frank Knierlem, David Jacobs, Bob Winters, Joe Helm, Willard Brinker, Ted Clinton, Roscoe Crispen, Bernard Samson, Richard Veler, Harold Briggs, Dick Eilert. Daniel Recker, Mrs. Hobart, Rutn Samson, Margaret Samu, Jeanne Urban, Joann Schroeder, Pnyllis Brick, Naomi Brinker, Jane Bookenberger, Margaret Greulich, Nancy Nollenberger, Marilyn Miller, Jim Haas, Dick Samson. Noladean Kinker, Ruth Snyder, Florence Miller, Martha Mallery, Arla Christen, Maxine Leking, Marilyn Hoelter, Barbara Elvey, Doris Rotnenbuhler, Mae Oestre1cn. Elaine Hazel, Joan Miller, Anita Haas, Doris Ruswinkle, Arlene Rife, Ronnie Shook, Charles Albright, Jim Helm. ' s GIRLS CHORU Top Row: Second Row Third Row: Bottom Row: Ruth Samson, Margaret Samu, Katharine Basel, Cathry11 Evans, Jane Bookenberger, Naomi Brinker, Geraldine Faykosh, Mary Min- arik, Ruth Snyder, Noladean Kinker, Margaret Greulich, Mae Oestreich, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Nollenberger. Mrs. Hobart, Phyllis Brick, Joan Miller, Anita Haas, Elaine Hazel, Jeanne Urban, Donna Welling, Joann Schroeder, Carrol Be- ker Maxine Leking, Marilyn Hoelter Shirley Brinker Patt Carls. ' ' I Doris Rotnenbuhler, Helen Tracy Arlene Rife A 1 Ch Janet Rocker Barbara Elve D, 1 R ' r 8 risten' Joan Marstelier, Betty Bihny, or s uswinkle, Arlene Miller, Mary Anna Maulbetsch, Florence Miller, Martha Mallory Norma Lou Walker Virginia Kell J t ' marilyn Tharnton. HP, ane Jensen, Iona Gottachalk, JUNIOR HIGH BAND Mrs. Hobart, Dick Mackling, Fred Baker, Marlyn Busdeker, Kath- leen Baker, Karole Zimmerman, Earl Hagg, Larry Hofer. Bottom ROW? Eddie Brough, Dorothy Nehls, Arlene Grover, Elwood Marsh, Mar- lene Miller, Kay Zimmerman, Lois Veler, Clement Johns. BEGINNING BAND - LEMOYNE Y . Q I . 1. :I I ff I gba ' +2SQ'ES'i . J. , 'i-'fi Q..'.g Q w ...Q 'Rift 's Top Row: Mrs. Hobart, Janet Thornton, Bob Marsteller, Gerald Keller, Tommy Schultz, Merlin Hamen. Bottom Row: Margaret Bowen, Warren Tienerand, Junior Klink, Charles Franz, Gerry Shook, Alura Weber, Diane Ward. JUNIOR and BEGINNING BAND - LUCKEY Top Row: Faye Gephardt, DlPP6ll Spahn, Jim Klnker, Roger Radeloff, Ron- nie Decker, Lyle Samson, Gerald Miller, Danny Ford, Danny Nehls, Joyce Burkholder. Second Row: Hrs. Hobart, Suzanne Jacobs, Judy Gambill, Clyde Fiebelkorn, B111 Dahne, Dennis Welling, Jan Heise, George Carr, Gene gurkholder, Allan Schulte, Richard Stable, Susan Decker, Carol annan. Bottom Row: Kenneth Caris, Bob Filiere, Carol Hoelter, Fred Burkholden Nedra Jacobs, Jim Kurfess, Judy Jacobs, Martha Reise. -W SEVENTH and EIGHTH CHORUS Top Row: Thomas Alexander, Rex Knepper, Ed Schulte, Harold Frost, Ger- ald Ernsthausen, Elwood Marsh, Wallace Dierksr, Larry Blair, Raymond Kohring, Freddie Baker, Norman Klink, Johnny Kurfess, Ronnie Hazel. Second Row: Mrs. Hobart, Barbara Carr, Mary Ellen Leking, Connie Baker, Kathleen Niefer, Norma Goodman, Barbara Minarik, Connie Oes- treich, Joan Rothenbuhler, Shirley Hofer, Carolyn Wagner, Janet Kopp, Mary Ellen Schroeder, Nancy Crispen, Shirley As- pacher, Marlene Miller. Third Row: Arlene Grover, Mary Lou Kirk, Betty Elvey, Shirley Jacobs, Deanna Minnix, Barbara Neidhardt, Mary Lou Neidhardt, Anna Kao Sabo, Dorothy Nehls, Patty Finn, Ruth Bookenberger,An Swartz, Lola Jean Evans. Bottom Row: Curtis Juergens, Lloyd Albright, Marlyn Busdeker, Clement Johns, Dick Mackling, Paul Faykosh, George Jensen, Joe Sand- wisch, Perry Emmitt, Ernest Nagy, Howard Bookenberger, Dale Ruswinkle, Ronnie Hayward. MAJORETTES Top Row: Absent: Noladean Kinker, Doris Ruswinkle, Norma Hazel, Anita Haas, Mary Anna Maulbetsch, Janet Jensen, Ruth Snyder. Norma Lou Walker. OPERETTA - LUCKEY Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Bottom Row: Lyle Evans, Mary Ann Minnix, Martha Heise, Barbara Brockseker, Linda Evans, Janet White, Danny Ford, Robert Poggemeyer, Bobby Eilert, Bobby Filiere, Janice Dierker, Judy Conant, Carol Han- nan, Jennie Henschen, Karen Phillips, Judy Gambill, Faye Gep- hardt. Joyce Burkholder, Ellen Jean Dierksheide, Judy Jacobs, Dennis Welling, Larry Hayward, Jerry McCoy, Lyle Samson, Ronnie Deck- er, Freddie Burkholder, Carol Hoelter, Jim Kinker, George Carr, Gerald Miller, Dale Hacker, Paul Oestreich, Nedra Jacobs, Sus- an Decker, Carol Rife, Nancy Sabo, Mrs. Hobart. Richard Stebel, Crystal Albright, Jan Reise, Jeanne Dierk- sheide, Barbara Poggemeyer, Donna Lee Schulte, Myra Minnix, Gene Burkholder, Mike Van Camp, Roger Berning, Joe Brockseker, Alma Grace Grover, Judy Jewell, Susan Jacobs. Marion Tracy, Roger Radeloff, Jimmy Kurfess, Danny Nehhg Allan Schulte, Kenny Caris, Dale Kohring, Tommy Hasel, Darrel1Spahn, Clyde Fiebelkorn, Frank Camp. TOY BAND - LUCKEY Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row Bottom Row Nancy Emmitt, Lee Baker, Ruth Jensen, Carol Jean Kohring, Deann Hansen, Ray Brockschmidt, Jimmy Patterson, Cissie Fairchilds, Phyllis Carr, Thomas Britt, Ronald Britt. Daniel Swartz, Tommy Kurfess, Brenda Gambill, Dennis Knitz, Kenneth Rife, Robert Richey, Linda Mae Jewell, Rosalindlqobel- korn, Allan White. Florence Miller, Carol Sue Busdeker, Roberta Filiere, CarolSue Burkholder, Susan Heise, Arthur Riker, Sandra Rolf, Judy Baker, Suzanne Reemsnyder, Janelle Hannan, Mrs. Hobart. Freddy Swartz, Ethel Heintz, Sharen Bihn, Tony Spahn, Junior McCoy, Carrol Albright, James Hahn, Donna Schulte, Maria Mel- chor, Pauline Rife, Vivian Camp, Janette Waddell. Jo Jacobs, Russe11Canm, Sally Slotterbeck, Richard Camp, Ralph Loomis, Glen Baker, Jeannette McCoy, Sherrie Spahn, James Ernsthausen, Alfred Nehls. TOY BAND - LEMOYNE y Top Row: Second Row: Mrs. Hobart, Joanne Rollo, Ruth Searcy, Lynn Haas, Margaret Howell, Alice Kirk, larcella Hartman, Mary Schroeder. Ricky Bowers, Burton Linke, Oliver Hadding, Betty Jane Smith, Larry Hinarik, Kay Ncllenbergerg Larry Sandwisch, Garry Canode, Judy Alexander, Susan Hanely. Bottom Row: Bobby B111 Alexander, Vernon Jones, Danny Sargent, Judy Rotten James Becker, Joyce Sandwisch, Joh ny Haar, Sharon Hagg, Ann Jones. .WMM ff fif W7 YA f 4 FOOTBALL ROBERT WINTERS DONALD CARIS Co-Captain Co-Captain Harold Briggs Roger Ernsthausen Charles Albright Frank Knieriem Royce Ruch Ray Ford Walter Jordan 8 5 J-4 'vu 'uw 'N 1: ht it i . 1 3 X 'A v Y .Caffe sign 1 5 ,natgii 591. - fy S V huh i, ,Mfg xgg. ?,.-i,4,.,'Y T .y wqwngvx vYXVmf' g'wJNqM,,,: kfzgifgy '-'Mg -f X A BJ' 'V " L. 5, .5 , 1. .bit 4"'n,'3fgm, '53 A H fm ' A M, K , Q05 A , an C . ,yr vga . L V , '9- f.. i . .au BASKETBALL Robert Dierker Donald Thornton Bernard Samson Robert Winters R1chard Eilert Joe Helm Donald Carla David Kopp Royce Buch JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Y M 31 ES 21 Top Row: Mr. Berry, David Jacobs, Walter Holtmeyer, Kenneth Knitz, Ted Clinton, Harold Briggs. Bottom Row: Jim Helm, V Dick Eilert, David Kopp, Walter Jordan, Jim Ford, Kenneth Aspacher, Charles Albright. Walter Jordan Kenneth Aspacher Jim Ford SPORT FOOTBALL Season's Record Won 4, Lost 5 Troy Bloomdale 52 Troy Wayne 6 Troy Risingsun 53 Troy Grand Rapids 27 Troy Bradner 25 Troy Jackson 34 Troy Green Springs 31 BASKETBALL Season's Record Won 15, Lost 3 Troy Pemberville 54 Troy Olney 44 Troy Woodville 34 Troy Lake 31 Troy Gibsonburg 55 Troy Webster 61 Troy Oak Harbor 45 Troy Walbridge 43 Troy Pemberville 22 Troy Rislngsun 42 Troy St. Joe 46 Troy Bloomdale 56 Troy Wayne 34 Troy Bradner 35 Troy Liberty 57 TOURNAMENT Troy Lake 40 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Season's Record Won 14, Lost 1 Junior H1 Pemberville 47 Junior H1 Glenwood 10 Junior H1 Bradner 19 Junior Hi Woodville 26 Junior H1 Perrysburg 24 Junior Hi Webster 55 Junior H1 Haskins 52 Junior H1 Olney 27 Junior Hi Perrysburg 26 Junior H1 Pemberville 21 TOURNAMENT Junior Hi 48 Webster 17 Junior Hi Bloomdale 25 Junior Hi N. Baltimore 30 Junior Hi Cygnet 16 Junior H1 Grand Rapids 30 NEWS AWARDS The following have received Gold Footballs and Certificates for let- ters: Donald Caris Jim Thompson Robert Winters Ray Ford The following has received a Gold Football and Letter: Frank Knleriem The following has received a Cer- tificate for Letter: Royce Ruch The following have received Letters in football: Charles Albright Harold Briggs Walter Jordan The following have received numerals: Kenneth Knitz Kenneth Aspacher Jack Chancey The following has received a Letter for Managing: Dick Veler Water Boys--Marion Tracy and Robert Eilert. The following have received Gold Basketballs and Certificates for Letters: Robert Dierker Robert Winters Bernard Samson Donald Caris The following have received Letters: Joe Helm Donald Thornton Royce Ruch The following has received aNumenM: David Jacobs The following has received a Cer- tificate for Managing: Richard Samson The following have received Letters for Cheerleading: Joann Miller Jeanne Urban Anita Haas Elaine Hazel BASEBALL Top Row: Bob Winters, Royce Ruch, Walter Jordan, Jim Ford, Jhm Thompson, Jim Helm, Ronnie Shook. Jack Oates. Jim Haas. Ronnie Webb. Bottom Row: Coach Filiere, Joe Helm, Donald Caris, David Kopp, Dick Eilert, Kenneth Aspacher, Harold Briggs, Kenneth Knitz. Absent: 'Bob Dierker. A TRACK 32 if 9 Top Row: Coach Filiere, Ted Clinton, Donald Thornton, Roger Ernsthausen, Jim Thompson, Jim Rocker. Bottom Row: Royce Ruch, Frank Knieriem, Bob Winters, Walter Jordan, Jim Helm. Absent: Bob Dierker. CHEERLEADERS L Anita Haas, Joann Miller, Elaine Hazel, Jeanne Urban. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL and CHEERLEADERS Top Row: mr. Failor, Tom Alexander, Ronnie Hayward, Gerald Ernsthausen, Wallace Dierker, Johnny Kurfess, Norman Klink. Second Row: Joe Sandwiscn, George Jensen, Curtis Juergens, Richardmacklmg Bottom How: Paul Faykosh, Janet Kopp, Shirley Aspacher, Lloyd Albright. E? 4.- R, fa Y A, 01" f Mx 'Nr 4-,xg -u-q-"" -4 i if v-.1 ga 'F .. M v,,,h W, ,YNVA W, W .....----1' ,gn ' a , gf ' Q X. k W xiii if E.. F1 ' lUE SQLJTE iMfU 7'fKOY TOWNSHP SC HOOLS TElKlHUE WWE PRWHHPLHS Q UVVFREEUYNU HVUJ EUKQQ ,W ,, we f12 f,QaIs1E115+nuPm, ip X 'W' swf? X fxxx N Nga iw, X X MW if 4 Q wi X amwiwf ww Mwwmf 'Fr' 5' 1,77'x'J ff, 'WX f v 1, mama .fbfxmffni f f55if549 Nw QA mmf: X 'N 'G 'L Q MQW f X MW fi ,f V zz, D ,Qi 1..1 3 W1,n, ,, - xsxgfd TIL 4 , , V :Ma X mm Hmmm SPM mm PERISH FK ED Cl-UXMIBEKS MARY JACOBSALEJEKY GOETZ. 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A ,- .-x ri 94 H GMRS is X X Z-I wsoovms Rom TOLEDO, Qmo TAYUDR 4634 LUCKEYIWCNHEKS CLUB September October: November: December: January: February: March: April: May: l President- - - - Mrs. Chester Baker Vice President - - -Mrs. Alvin Swartz Secretary- - - - Mrs. Doyce Filiere Treasurer ---- - Mrs. William Dahne Program Chairman - - -Mrs. Robert Kurfess Social Chairman- - - Mrs. Elmer Schroeder EVENTS Joint Reception for the Teachers. Mrs. Rae Barber: Talk about Turkey. Country Fair: Discussion of Modern and Old Fashioned Mothers led by Mrs. Mallery and Mrs. Elmer Christen. Play "Goodwill Toward Women": Silver Tea. Luncheon: Joint Meeting with Lemoyne Mother's Club: Book Review by Mrs. Elmer Hobart. Tour through Art Museum CCancelled because of bad weatherl. Program by teachers and students of the first six grades. Movie. Book Review: Mother's Day Tea. 1 f 4 1 y . " x , A P , ' J k x g V ,A UH 5 , V. . .14 1 1 ,. 2' 1- -. 1 X 'ax ' Vs' 1 sv. i- . -fy., at v . l - -1 I . THE 1. D. 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