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THE T950 TROJAN Second Edition Presentedby TROY TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS QJ'3 LUCKEY OHIO LEMOYNE OHIO FOREWARD The Annual Staff of 1950, together with the faculty and the student body take pleasure in presenting the second volume of "The Trojan", an annual for the com- bined schools of Luckey and Lemoyne. DEDICATION We, the Annual Staff and the student body of Troy High School, take pleasure in dedicating this 1950 Trojan to Bill Sanders, our janitor, as an expression of our appreciation of his unheralded efforts in helping to make our school clean and beautiful. His plants, both on the school grounds and in the little red flowerpots throughout the building, have done much to make our school attractive. TROJAN STAFF Editor ..... Assistant . . Business Manager . Assistant . . Production Manager Assistant . . Photographer . . . Athletic Reporters Special Features . Music Eliitor . . Classes .... Senior Prophecy, , Senior History . . Senior Will . . Class Reporters: Freshman . Sophomore . . Junior . . Senior .... Club Reporters: Booster Club Science Club Jr. High Pape Typists ..... Pee Wee's Barber Shop Stony Ridge, Ohio I' . . Delores Hazel . . Phyllis Brick . . Maxine Haas . . Carol Jean Rolf . . Ruth Brueggemeier . . Joann Schroeder . . Jim Haas . .Robert Winters . . . . Donald Caris . . . . Arla Christen Mary Ann Nollenberger . . . . Theone Buch Mary Ann Nollenberger . . . . Gay Van Camp . . . . Theone Buch . . Delores Hazel . .Patricia Caris . . Shirley Hagg . . Helen Snyder . . Russell Welling . . . . Shirley Rife . . Geraldine Faykosh - . . . . Elaine Hazel .Second Year Students Ernsthausen Dairy Pemhervi lle, Ohio CZ 9 L, Q , Lf V ID 5215- QEEEYYSN N-5 ::::::E. Q6 TROY TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS LUCKEY LEMOYNE BOARD CDF EDUCATION H51-bgrr Mygfg Joim Kurfess Max hiking l mi Alvin Hoelgep Edson Hazel Orville Becker HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY - LUCKEY Nnharr Nchard lxnxsely Uoyce Fil lie Sei lu-gnret Smith E Nui X Richard herrv Helen Holfes --., FACULTY FACTS Richard Knisely: B. Ed. University of Toledo. Freshman Sponsor. Business and social studies. Margaret Smith: A. B. M ry Manse College. Sophomore Sponsor. English and connercial. Doyce Filiere: B. S. Bowling Green State University. Junior Sponsor. Science, basketball, and baseball. Helen Rolfes: A. B. Toledo University. A. M. Toledo University. Senior Sponsor. Latin, mathematics, and English. M. C. Hanely: B. S. Toledo University. University of Michigan. Superin- tendent. Physics. Martha Seal: B. S. H. Ec. Ohio University. Home economics, English, and girls' physical education. Richard Berry: B. S. Bowling Green State University. Industrial arts and football. Jennie Hobart: B. S. Kentucky University. Missouri University. Music Niedermeier's service Station ALESI MEN's wEAn a DRY CLEANING 10 Stony Ridge, Ohio woonvnttz. OHIO GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY LUCKEY M16 9 Y Sig E5 Inns Gephu-z 'I J -R A " f flag , 'E,'g.'3 gf' - fx swf? 4 g, , W wkfibsi 152 5? Mabel Brom FACULTY FACTS Kathryn Busdeker: Diploma. Bowling Green State University. First Grade Janet Smith: Diploma. Bowling Green State University. Second Grade. Mary Crocker: Diploma. Bowling Green State University. Third Grade. Irene Gephart: Diploma. Bowling Green State University. Fourth Grade. Mabel Brown: Diploma. Bowling Green State University.' Fifth Grade. Frances King: Diploma. Western College. Sixth Grade. JACK'S SERVICE STATION Gib's Barber Shop 12 Moline, Ohio Luckeyv Ohio FACULTY - LEMOYNE Pearl Falls , , IA-lm bciuxlre Harvey Ya i lnr NNW Imrz Swartz Janv SM-Jay Peryle Metzger FACULTY FACTS Lelia Schulte: Diploma. Bowling Green State University. First and Second Grades. Peryle Metzger: Diploma. Bowling Green State University. Third Grade. Pearl Falls: Diploma. Bowling Green State University. Fourth Grade. Inez Swartz: Diploma. Bowling Green State University. Fifth and Sixth Grades. .lane Seeley: A. B. University of Connecticut and Bowling Green State Uni- versity. English and Social Studies. Harvey Failor: B. S. Toledo University. Science, Mathematics, and physical education. Gl'OV6r'S Welding Shop Conold Drug Store 14 Luckey, Ohio Phone 3183 woodville, Ohio 4, 652 ffl XI X WNV "K -Q I' 'rx 1-4" 5.1 if 3 XX ,M if Eimm Paul Baker Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1, 2,35 Class Play 3,45 Class Officer 1,25 Track l,2,3,4. Lloyd Dierker Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1, 2 3,45 Chorus 45 Track 3,45 Class Play 4. Dale Layman Chorus l,2,45 Class Officer 1,25 Band 3,45 Class Play 4. Dudley Welling Football l,2,3 4' Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Baseball l 2,3,45 Chorus 1,25 Class Play 3,45 Track 3. Russell Welling Football 25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Chorus 1,2,45 Class Play 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,35 Class Officer 25 Journalism Club 4. Harold Hoelter Football l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2, 3 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Class Play, 3,45 ana 1,2,3, Journalism Clu 1,25 Chorus l,2. Harilyn Coy Chorus 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Journalism Club l,3,45 Class Play 35 Class Officer 45 Librar- ian l,2. Theone Ruch Majorettes l,2,3,45 G.A.A. l,2, 3 45 Class Play 35 Journalism Club 3,45 Librarian 1,25 Class Officer 1,2,3,4. Gay Van Canp Journalism Club 3,45 Class Officer 1,3,45 Class Pla 35 G.A.A. 1,35 Chorus l,3,4g Eand 3,35 Orchestra 3,45 Librarian 2, . Mary Jacobs Chorus 1,2,3,45 Journalism Club 2,3,45 Class Officer 2,3,45 Cheerleader 1,25 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Class Play 4. Lavon Bihn Chorus l,3,45 Class Play 35 Band 1 3,45 Orchestra 35 Class Officer 1,25 Journalism Club 35 Librarian 1,2,4: G.A.A. l,2. Delores Hazel Majorettes 1,2,35 G.A.A. l,2,3, 45 Journalism Club 3,45 Chorus 1 2,3,45 Librarian l,2,35 Class Play 4. Marilyn Ruswinkle Chorus 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 4, Librarian 4: Class Play 4. Shirley Rife Majorettes l,2,3: Chorus l,2,3, 45 G.A.A. 1,2 3 45 Class Play 3: Journalism Club 3,43 Librarian 2,3- Maxine Haas G.A.A. l 2,3,4: Chorus l.3.4: Class Officer 2: Journalism Club 3,43 Band 1,35 Majorettes 4, Class Play 45 Librarian 3. Ruth Brueggeneier Majorettes l,2,3: Chorus 1,2,3, 4: G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Journalism Club 3,45 Class Play 4: Cheer- leader 3,4. Mary Ann Nbllenberger Chorus l,3,4g Journalism Club 3,4: G.A.A. l,2,3g Band 1.3,4: Orchestra 1,35 Class Officer 1, Librarian lg Class Play 4. Elizabeth Haas Band 1,3,4g Chorus 1,3,4g Class Officer 23 Journalism Club 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Librarian 3. SENIOR HISTORY Twenty-one members were enrolled in the class of '50', in their Junior year. The play, 'Grandpa's Twin Sister', in which Harold showed his dimpled knees when he played the part of a Scotch lad and Russell showed his becoming figure when he play the part of an elderly lady, was presented this year. The seniors of '49' were given a formal dance by this class on May 16, 1949. In the senior and final year there were eighteen members in the class. The following officers were elected: President ----------- Theone Buch Vice President ------ Marilyn Coy Secretary ------- --- Gay Van Camp Treasurer ----------- Mary Jacobs Reporter ------------ Russell Welling The outstanding features of this year were the play and the chicken supper. The special features of the year were the Baccalaureate services by Reverend Figge on May 21, at the Salem's Lutheran Church, Ckmnencement on May 23, with Dr. Carter as the speaker, and the class trip to Washington, D. C. Glauser's Greenhouse f LANDWEHR FUNERAL Home I Fresh Flowers AMBULANCE SERVICE 20 W0odv111e,ROad TGYTOF 4594 Pnons 2802 Lucxsv. Onto SENICR CLASS WILL Paul Baker, will my strength to Dick Samson. Lavon Bihn, will my nickname 'Shuffles' to anyone who drags his feet. Ruth Brueggemeier, will my cheerleading ability to next year's cheerleaders. Marilyn Coy, will the remainder of the box of Kleenex in my locker to Jim Helm, with regrets that Russell is leaving. Lloyd Dierker, will my athletic ability to Royce Ruch. Elizabeth Haas, will the editorship of the paper to Joann Schroeder. Maxine Haas, will my size to Margaret Greulich. ggipres Hazel, will my poetic ability to Mary Lou 1 . Harold Hoelter, will my studying habits to Danny Hecker. Mary Ann Nollenberger, will my blond hair to Helen Snyder. M ry Jacobs, will my short hair to Martha Mallery. Dale Layman, will my physique to Charles Albright. Shirley Rife, will my laugh to Ruth Samson. Marilyn Ruswinkle, will my ability as accompanist for chorus to Joan Miller. Theone Buch, will my ability to stay awake in history class to Bob Dierker. Gay Van Camp, will my ability to catch the bus to any- one who can run fast. Dudley Welling, will my ability to stay home nights to Jimmy Ford. Russell Welling, will my talent as a trumpet player to Roger Ernsthausen. EII1I12lT,'L B. BPOCKSGKGI' Nollenberger Equipment Co Shoes - Furniture International Fam Equipment G E 8: Philco Appliances Truck 6 Service Luckey, Ohio Stony Ridge, Chic Phone 61 S 21 SENIOR PROPHECY While shopping in Toledo, I met Mary Ann, and was I surprised! We hadn't seen each other for sometime, so we decided to have lunch together. We talked about our old classmates, and just then in walked Paul Baker for his lunch. You know he is a 'copper.' He had just been checking cars a- long the street. He said he was resigning from the force and was going into business for himself as a detective. You know he always did want to be a 'private eye.' 'Ohl by the way, Gay, Lavon Bihn phoned me the other day to ask if I would take care of Junior over the weekend, since she and her husband have been invited to New York by Mrs. Ballard, the former Delores Hazel. She is having a party and all the socialites will be there. Lavon tells me Delores will be wearing the famous 'Ballard Diamond' that everyone is talking about.' 'I also heard Ruthie B. is giving up her position as a private secretary and is going to marry a famous bandleader.' 'I received a letter from Marilyn Coy this morning and'she wants me to get in touch with all our classmates of '50'. She is inviting all of us out to her 'Lazy L' Ranch in Texas, for a class reunion and a week of fun. Isn't that grand of herl' 'Pardon ne, Mary Ann, but did you know that the Reverend Lloyd Dierker and family are leaving for Boston, where he has been assigned to a new par- ish?' ' 'Liz really keeps herself busy, doesn't she? She invited me to Chicago, and I had a very nice time. She took me to all the points of interest. You know, ever since she won the Pulitzer Prize for the best editorial of the year, she has been interested in newspaper work. Now she owns one of the largest newspapers, The Chicago 7?ibune.' 0WEN'S JEWELER Schroder Floral Co. 22 wooov u LLE . OHIO Pemberville, Ohio 'That reminds me, do you remember how well Maxine liked sports? Well, Liz tells ne Nbx won several swinming titles and is teaching her small daugh- ter to swim. Though her days are well occupied she somehow finds time to drive her green Cadillac over to the stadium and pick up her husband, who, they say, is one of the most promising Rookie pitchers of the year.' 'Was I ever thrilled when I saw the sequel to The Great Lover, starring Handsome Harry. It certainly is amazing to think that Harold Hoelter, one of our own classmates, is the idol of thousands of movie goers.' 'I think our class has turned out exceptionally well. Look! Here's Mary Jacob's picture on the cover of this magazine. Isn't that a lovely gown she's wearing? I suppose you know she has been chosen 'Cover Girl of the Year.' 'How about some music, Gay? Just a second. I'll put a nickel in this Juke Box. Here's a good one! 'Sycamore Sam' by Dale Layman and his 'Smoky Ham Boys.' 'Say! I noticed in the Messenger that Shirley Rife and her husband have been vacationing in Bermuda and are going to stop in Luckey for a few days on their return to the 'Windy City.' 'I almost forgot to tell you! Theone is giving up her position as head nurse at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, and is moving to California with her husband and two little red-headed boys, where they have bought a new home in Beverly Hills. 'By the way, Marilyn Buswinkle is giving a piano concert in the Peri- style in the Art Museum tonight. Innediately after the performance, she and her manager are leaving for Paris where she will begin her European tour.' fCbntinued on next pagej Compliments of George W. Henning 8: Son Luckey Hardware Hbne Building Phone 3131 - Luckey Plumbing d-Heating Everything for Fhrn 8'Hbme St ny Ridge, Ohio 23 'They tell me Dudley is headed for the altar for the fifth time. lt's rather strange but he just can't make up his mind. It seems that every time the minister begins the line, 'Do you take this woman---?' Dudley gets cold feet and backs out. Maybe this will be the real thing. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.' 'Well, they always say 'once a hunter always a hunter,' but I rather doubt that. Russell's wife tells me that the other day when Russ was hunting he saw a peculiar little black animal with a white stripe down its back. Anyway, Russ thought it looked harmless, and saw no reason to waste a shell on it. Creeping up behind it, he grabbed it by the tail. Well, anyway, Mrs. Welling says Russ has sold most of his hunting equipment, and now has re- sorted to a new and quieter hobby--collecting rare perfumes.' 'Well, Mary Ann, here it is four o'clock already. I'll have to be go- ing. My husband and I have to practice our new dance routine again before we go on stage tonight. Our manager says that if the people like us well enough we'll go on Broadway. Oh! by the way, how have you and Dick been making out with your new transcontinental truck line?' 'Swell, Gay. Business has been so good that we have to buy two new trucks and hire more help. I have ridden along many times and it really 1S an interesting ride. It has been lots of fun talking over old times, hasn't it?' 'Yes, let's get together again soon.' 'All right. What about two weeks from today?' 'That's all right with me. Goodbye.' 'Goodbye.' Leonard Miller GENERAL CONTRACTOR - BUILDING Movsn 24 wooov4LLE. OHIO Luckey, Ohio COMMENCEMENT Troy Township Schools May 23, 1950 8:00 P. M. Processional ---- -------------- Sc hool Orchestra Invocation ---- ----- Pee v. J. G. Johanssen Grace Lutheran Church Salutatory ---- --------- De lores Hazel Trunpet Solo ---- ---- R ussell Welling Valedictory --- ------------ 'Iheone Buch Music ------------------------- High School Chorus accompanied by bhrilyn Huswinkle 'Fairest Lord Jesus' 'Alouette' h 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' Address -------------------- Dr. Rolland G. Carter Collingwood Methodist Church Toledo, Gxio Presentation of Class -- --- Supt. M. C. Hanely Presentation of Diplomas ------- Mr. Herbert Myers Benediction ----------------- Rev. J. G. Johanssen Recessional --------------------- School Orchestra Music under the direction of Mrs. Hobart mm.scni1a Livestock National Gypsum Co Over a Quarter of a Century Dealers MANUFACTURERS OF in the Save Territory GOLD BOND PRODUCTS Stony Ridge. ohio Luckey, Ohio r ulyf, 5, f M6 ' ' l Wlrlf-x . . 1' ' ' . " ' 1.4 agi?g' N 'X "' 1 :mx sr, Wfibm V- ' K f F ' V 6 E' Li ' 9. Hit 5 , b , F-W N in W' hair K.. mir . Q1 Q x,,,aS?SSmKeg,1-wf ff-'X , 'N ' fl' -' w g Q K 3 ,. Rin rw ,Q . M W-mf Hamid H. 11 -MMMMH-Q X 3' ., , Nm V W 32' . , fs- X I-Russell W. ' M1053 HQ WK ifH1:xiwLhH. nf' Mary Ann N Dudlvy Pr, imtia EL. i X I s nm, lavon E. Xxrlores H. .4 N S: fs :J is QW 25951 .Y P Qezzww, if V w 'KP HM: Ray Ford, Paul Searcy Bob Dierker, Donald Caris, Jim Thompson, Frank Schulte, Frank Knieriem. SECUVD ROW: Mr. Filiere, Margaret Samu, Helen Snader, Phyllis Brick, Doris Rothenbuhler, Dick Samson, Bernard Samson, Bob Winters, Jim ecker. HIFIOM RUN: Joann Schroeder, Ruth Marsh, Doris Bookenberger, Carol Jean Rolf, Naomi Brinker, Mary Lou Bihn, Evelyn Dierker. ABSENT: Ruth Samson. JUNIORS The following officers were elected this year: President ------------- Phyllis Brick Vice President -------- Carol Jean Rolf Secretary ------ -- Donald Caris Treasurer ------------- Frank Schulte Reporter -------------- Helen Snyder There are twenty-three in the Junior Class this year. Our class play, Grandad Steps Out, was presented on November 10. The class sponsored a dance December 17. We received our class rings this year. The Junior-Senior Ban- quet and Prom was given on May 5. Domus PAcxmc MEAT MARKET GECBCIE H. TAYIDR 81 SCNS Qlldlitil Heats R.F.D. lalbridge, Ohio Direct from pac ing house to you Bonded and Licensed Livestock Dealers 2047 Wooovn.Ls ST. PH. TA.- 2886 Dealers in all kind: of livestock 29 TCP R081 Danny Becker, Lloyd Musser, Roger Ernsthausen, Donnie Thornton, Harold Searcy, Ted Clinton, Walter Jordan, Teddy Barber. SECEND BOW: Jim Woodruff, Janice Hacker, Mae Oestreich, Maxine Leking, Margaret Gruelich, Nancy Nollenberger, Marilyn Miller, Royce Ruch, Miss Smith. BUFIUVI RGW: Grace Jacobs, Eloise Dierker, Anita Haas, Shirley Hagg, Jane Bookenberger, Barbara Elvey, Norma Hazel, Arla Christen, Patsy Mxsser. SOPHOMORES The following officers were elected this year: President ------------- Mae Oestreich Vice President -------- Nancy Nollenberger Secretary-Treasurer --- Daniel Becker Reporter -------------- Shirley Hagg The Sophomore class had twenty-six members in attendance during the year. At Christmas time Betty Mortimer dropped out leaving us with twenty- five. The important events of the year were the Freshmen Initiation and a class party on Armistice Day. E. H. Knieriem, Painting Interior 8 Exterior Paper Hanging 30 Pnonz LE, a4.R 'IOP BOW: Jim Ford, Joe Helm, Edna Spradlin, Florence Miller, Carlrol Baker, Marilyn Hoelter, Walter Holtmyer, Charles Woodruff, David Kopp, Willard Brinker. . SECCND BOW: Jim Helm, Dick Eilert, Ronnie Shook, Donna Welling, Harold Briggle, Rosco Crispen, Walter Jacobs, Jim Haas, Patty Caris, Shirley Brinker, harles Albrig t, Mr. Knise.y. H'II'IUv1 RUN: Bertha Cupps, Iona Gottschalk, eanne Urban, Joan Miller, Nola Dean Kinker, Ruth Snyder, Viriginla Keller, Cathryn Evans, Kathryn Hasel, Martha Mallery. FRESHMEN The following officers were elected this year: President ------------- Florence Miller Vice President -------- Joe Helm Treasurer ------ -- Marilyn Hoelter Secretary ---- --- -- David Kopp Reporter -------------- Patty Caris The enrollment of the Freshmen Class this year is thirty-two. We are very glad to have two new pupils in our class this year. They are Willard Brinker from Nebraska and Bertha Cupps from Michigan. We have had two class parties this year. William Harmeyer Luckey Food Inckers Trucking H0 t Po int-Appl iances-May Tag Luckey, Ohio Phone 2835 Home Freezers 31 'IU9 ROW: David Jacobs, Jerry Lucas, Jack Chancey, Norman Knepper, Ronnie Webb, Lowell Baker, Kenneth Knitz, Ronnie Marsh, Lyle Snyder, Dick Veler. SECIND HON: Arlene Rife, Arlene Miller, Helen Tracy, Bett Carr, Geraldine Faykosk, Elaine Hazel, Norma Walker, Janet Jensen, Doris Ruswinkle, Shirley Spradlin, Mr. Failor. Tumi HJW: Sam Musser, Mary Anna Maulbetsch, Janet Recker, Ronnie Melcher, Joan Marsteller, Jim Emmitt, Jack Oats, Betty Bihn, Alvin Swartz. EIGHTH GRADE The following officers were elected this year: President -------------- Joan Marsteller Vice President --------- Sam Musser Secretary-Treasurer ---- Da vid Jacobs Re orter --------------- D ick Veler There are fifteen boys and fourteen girls in the Eighth Grade Class. A Get-Acquainted-Party was given for the Seventh Grade on October 14, 1949. On December 22, 1949, the Junior High had a Christmas Party. In the afternoon we all went caroling around Stony Ridge, Lemoyne, and Luckey. We borrowed Mi1ler's and Recker's trucks to go in. The Farmers' Savings Bank 32 Stony Ridge, Ohio 'IOP ROW: Freddy Baker, Roberto Rivera, Ronnie Hayward, Harold Frost, Wallace Dierker, John Kurfess, Dale Ruswinkle. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Seeley, Mary Ellen Leking, Elwood Marsh, Ronnie Hazel, Darrel Hanley, Lloyd Albright, Howard Bookenberger, Betty Elvey, HJTIIM ROM Barbara Carr, Marlene Miller, Nancy Crispen, Gayle Gallaher, Shirley Jacobs, Mary Lou Kirk, Arlene Grover. SEVENTH GRADE The following officers were elected this year: President. ------------- Fred Baker Vice President -------- Nancy Crispen Treasurer --------- --- Marlene Miller Class Reporter -------- Wallace Dierker The enrollment, of the Seventh Grade this year is twenty-one. D'-'meld fBUtChl Petersen Prudential Insurance Co. TRUCKER OF LIVESTOCK Irvin T. Jacobs - Agent PHONE MOLINE 8541 MOLINE. OHIO Phone Luckey 2785 33 TU9 KN: Ra mond Kohring, Connie Oestreich, Joan Rothenbuhler, Gerald Ernthausen, Con nie Baker, Elaine Ruswinkle. SEQND FUW: Patty Finn, Dorthy Nehls, Mary Ellen Schroe der, Janet KOPPI Anne Swartz, Mrs. Kina. HJTIUI1 KIM Marl n Busdeker, George Jensen Perry Emmitt., Alice Clinton, Dianna innix, Lola Evans, liathleen Neifer. ABSENT Curtis Juergens, Ernest Nagy. SIXTH GRADE The Sixth Grade has twenty members. Eleven had perfect attendance for the first semester. This year we have started a safety club. Its aim is to increase safety on the playground and on the highway. The patrol boys, Marlyn Bus- deker, Gerald Ernsthausen, George Jensen and Curtis Juergens, have taken turns directing the children across the road. Other members of the club have spent much of their free time playing group games with the younger children. Eisenhour Appliance Store Cbmplinents of RADIO. TELEVISION. RErRIssRAToRs. v SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS MARY JACOBS- TED CL'NT0N ASHERS FRED CHAMBERS. RUTI-I MILLER LUCKEY, OHIO FLORENCE MILLER. JIMMIE Fono 35 36 l FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES - LEMOYNE TOP ROW: Carolyn Wagoner, Carolyn Alexander, Rita Grabenstetter, Thomas Lucas, Rex Knepper, Edward Schulte, Paul Faykosh, Norman Klink, Carl Hanely. RUN: Mrs. Swartz, Gerald Keller Howard Searc , Kenneth Woodruff, Richard Mackllng, Richard Hazel Reymundo Rivera, Joel Sandwisch, Richard Bihn. THIRD ROW: Norma Goodman, Kathleen Baker, Ruth Bookenberier, Catherine Spradlin, Patsy Bookenberger, Joanne Kirk, Nancy Sandwisch, Shirley Ho er. BOTTOM RUN: Keith Bihn, Freddie Haar, Glen Haas, Clement Johns, Edward Brough, Earl Hagg, Gene Haas, Larry Hofer. AEENIE Thomas Alexander. The Fifth and Sixth Grade enrollment for the year was thirty-four pupils with twenty-two in the Fifth and twelve in the Sixth. Of this number there were eleven girls and twenty-three boys. We have read Reading Circle Books for this year, celebrated the holidays at Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day, with parties, joined the Junior Red Cross and took part in several programs, so we have been busy and happy. FIFTH GRADE - LUCKEY 'IOP RON: Jimmy Kinker, Paul Oestreich, Lyle Evans, Robert Camp, Marion Tracy, Roger Radeloff, Freddy Burkholder, Dale Hacker. SECOND ROW: Robert Baker. Danny Nehls, Donna Jacobs, Frank Camp, Janet White, Carol Hoelter, Janice Dierker, Jack Austin, Barbara Brockseker, Miss Brown. BUITUM RUN: Suzanne Jacobs, Jane Abke, Linda Evans, Ronnie Decker, Clyde Fiebelkorn, Carol Hannan, Bobby Filiere, Tomy Hasel. The enrollment in September was twenty-eight. Anna Mae Jennings was with us until November when she moved to Bradner. Kay Eberhart and Joe Gloria also withdrew in December and moved to Toledo. Nine pupils had perfect attendance. They were: Barbara Brockseker, Janice Dierker, Linda and Lyle Evans, Thomas Hasel, Carol Ann Hoelter, James Kinker, Daniel Nehls, and Roger Radeloff. DEWEYS ELECTRICAL SHOP Barnes Motor Sales Lemoyne, Ohio 404 Lime Street Phone 10-A Woodville, Ohio 37 hm FOURTH GRADE - LUCKEY g Jud Gambill, Karen Philli s, Donald Caris, Darrell S ahn, L le Samson, Gerald MQTI FY Jimm yKurfess. SEQEND ROW: pMrs. Gephart, Joyce Burkholder, Mzrtha Heise, Ellen Jean Dierkaheide, Faye Gephart, Dale Kohring, Bi ly Dahne, Bobby Willman, Lester Poggemeyer. BEHTUM BOW: Linda Crispen, Mary Ann Minnix, Mary Camp, Danny Ford, Allan Schulte, Paul Gephart, Kenneth Caris. In September thirteen boys and nine girls enrolled in the Fourth Grade. Pupils having perfect attendance for the first semester were: Linda Lou Crispen, Daniel Ford, Judy Gambill, Faye Gephart, Paul Gephart, Martha Heise, James Kurfess, Gerald Miller, Karen Phillips, Lester Poggemeyer, and Allan Schulte. Our room joined the American Junior Red Cross and contributed generously to the March of Dimes. We had parties at Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine's Day and Easter. The Fourth and Fifth Grades presented the play, Strutter, the Turkey, at the November meeting of the Mother's Club. FOURTH GRADE -- LEMOYNE TOP BOW: Kay Zimmerman, Janet Thornton, Charles Franz, Diane Ward James Motter Margaret Hartman. SEIIIWD HOW:. Mrs. Falls, Marvin Wagoner, Judy Sandwisbh, Robert Marl ste ler Raymond Obermyer, Lois Veler, Ruth Veler. BOTHUM RCW- Duane Hanely Agnes Rollo, George Hanely, Patty Marsh, James Haar, Thomas Linke, Sally Sandwisch,'Warren Tienarend. The Fourth Grade has an enrollment of twenty-one pupils, eleven boys and ten girls. During the year we have generously supported 'The March of Dimes' and 'The Red Cross' and we are all members of the 'Junior Bed Cross.' Decorating our room in keeping with the various seasons has been one of our special delights. We like to see our school room look neat and cheerful. We have had three parties in our room: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. We would like to express our thanks to our Superintendent, Mr. Hanely, our Principal, Mr. Failorg and our parents, for the loyal support they have given us this year in our school activities. Zip's Bakery 8 Coffee Shop Cbmpliments of Decorated Cakes for all occassions JoHNsoN'5 HATCHERY Woodville, Ohio Srouv Rinse. Oulo 39 THIRD GRADE - LUCKEY TOP ROW: Jerry Baker, Dennis Welling, Phyllis Brinker, Beverly Ann Grover, Roger Burning, Jan Heise. SECOND RUN: Carol Rife, Crystal Albright, Jim Abke, Bobbie Austin, Richar Stebel, Judy Jacobs, Gene Burkholder, Miss Crocker. 'IHIBD HGV: Susan Decker Glen Ruswinkle, Bonnie Spahn, Nedra Jacobs, Robert Eilert, George Carr, Jennie Henchen, Sandra Hansen, Larry Hayward. The enrollment in the Third Grade this yeariwas twenty-two, twelve boys and ten girls. Pupils having perfect attendance for the first semester were: Crystal Albright, Phyllis Brinker, Jan Heise, Judy Jacobs, Carol Rife, and Richard Stebel. The Third Grade enjoyed several parties during the year. They were at Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter. THIRD GRADE - LEMOYNE TCP BOW: Alura Weber, Karol Zimmerman, Emily Johnson, Tommy Thornton, Gerald Shook. SEGIWJ FUN: Mar aret Bowen, Mary Knepper, Beverly Plovell, Tommie Haar, Nellie Faykosh, Junior Klink, Biqlie Lucas, Mrs. Metzger. 'IHIFD RUN: Merlin Hamen, Jennie Mae Myers, Jennie Sandwisch, Judy Nollenberger, Patty Alexander, Sharon Rollo, Ellen Haas, Neil Larson, Catherine Kirk. The happy school year began with fourteen girls and seven boys in our grade. We have been having good times along with our school work. We have heard the stories of Heidi, Heidi Grows Up, Heidi's Chi ldren, Mazli and Elsie Dinsmore, and enjoyed them very rmch. Our grade contributed to the March of Dimes to help some boy or girl walk again. We know it helps. Two girls and one boy have a perfect attendance. THE EXCHANGE BANK OF LUCKEY Charles Snyder Member of Federal Reserve System and of General Insurance Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Stony Ridge, Ohio 41 SECOND GRADE - LUCKEY 'IDP RUN: John Brueggemeier, Barbara Poggemeyer, Roberta Jacobs, Judy Jewell, Lynn Vestal, Joe Brockseker, John Jacobs, Bar ara Mock. SECUVD ROW: Mrs. Smith, Raymond Huswinkle, Philip Clinton, Paul Brick, Lowell Hawkins, Joanne Dierksheide Robert Richey Jimmy Brick, Ed und Miller. THII-D BOW: Jeffery Kosmo, Jimy Hansen, Mike Van Camp, Marlene Hanely, Dennis Knitz, Marilyn Witker, Philip Scott, Kenneth Jacobs, Alma Grace Grover, Myra Jean Minnix. Our enrollment at the beginning of the year was seventeen boys and eleven girls. Karis Kay Jennings and Henry Gloria left us at the end of eight weeks. We had four new pupils this year. Nhrlene Hanely from North Troy, Janes and Paul Brick from Toledo, and Jeffrey Kosmo from Lorain. Parties enjoyed during the year were a Halloween Party, a Christmas Party, a Valentine Party, and an Egg Hunt at Easter. Our room was one hundred per cent enrolled in the Junior Bed Cross. We took part in the March of Dimes Campaign. We enjoyed watching and taking care of the Aquarium in our room. FIRST AND SECOND GRADES -- LEMOYNE 'HP ROV: Mrs. Schulte, Joy Matter, Mary Schroeder, Billy Sandwisch, Tomy Newton, Judy Becker, Danny Wilson. SECIND ROW: Matthew Fa kosh, Marilyn Alexander, Joanne Rollo, Alice Kirk, Edna Mae Franz, Ruth Searcy, lsynn Maas, Melvin Camp, Billy Bowers. 'IHIPD HW: Ronnie Ameling, Mary Jean Spradlin, usan-Hanely, Judy Alexander, Terry Plovell, Ann Jones, Kay Nollenberger, Marcella Hartman, Ricky Bowers. There are twelve boys and girls in the First Grade and twelve boys and girls in the Second Grade. Bonnie Ameling, Lyrm Haas, and Tonmy Newton, have been present every day this year. We all joined the Bed Cross and gave to the March of Dimes. Everyone read all the Beading Circle Books. Jacobs Meat Market GREEN EQUIPMENT CO. Fresh 8: Smoked Meats Fsnsuson Tnacrons h IMPLEMENTS Luckey, Ohio Phone 2121 PEMBEHVILLE. Omo 43 'IDP ROW: Mrs. Buadecker Arthur Biker, Janette Weddell Cheryl Lehman, Kenneth Rife, Rosalind Fiebelkorn, Sharon Oeatreich, Alan White, Danny Swartz, Linda Mae Jewell, Tommy Kurfess. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Patterson, Teddy Swartz, Carol Sue Burkholder, Jenel Hannan, B enda Gambill, Ronnie Britt, Jud Baker, Tony Spahn, Gary Chnode. THI D BOW: Maria Melchior, Carol Albright,,Roberta Wiliere, Vivian Camp, Sandra Rolf, Carol Sue Busdecker, Susan Heise, Sharon Bihn, Joyce Austin, Donna Lee Schulte, Jane Decker, Pauline Fife. ABSENT: Donna Mae Willman, Suzanne Reamsnyder. FIRST GRADE - LUCKEY We had thirty-five boys and girls in our First Grade at the beginning of the year. Darlene Jennings moved to Bradner and Cheryl Lehman to Pemberville leaving the First Grade enrollment at thirty-three. At the November meeting of the Mother's Club, the First Grade presented the play, The Pumpkin Pie. They were dressed as characters of Mother Goose. All the room recited sone poems that they had learned. The First Grade won the Five Dollar Award for having the most mothers join Mother's Club this year. 'Insure in sure insurance' HELM INSURANCE AGENCY 44 PHONE 2892 LUCKEY. OHIO I X nz 4- QW X l iij imis Q fi 1 M Qlfmiw 'KP RON: Mar Jacobs, Theone Buch, Charles Albright, Bob Winters, Jim Thompson Dick Samson, Donald, Caris, Mae Oestreich, Mary Ann Nollenberger, Gay Van Camp, Jeanne llrban. SECIIQD ROW: Miss Smith, Shirleyhllife, Marilyn Hoelter, Florence Miller, Joan Miller, Shirley Brinker, Kathryn Hasel, rtha Malleziy, Patty Caris, Anita Haas, Arla Christen, Marilyn Miller, Maxine Leking, Marilyn Coy, elen Snyder. ETIUA KW: Naomi Brinker Eloise Dierker, Ruth Brueggemeier, Mary Lou Bihn, Joann Schroeder, Elizabeth Haas, Del- ores Hazel, Phyllis Brick, Maxine Haas, Carol Jean Rolf. ABSENT: Donna Welling, Ruth Snyder, Carol Baker, Nola Dean Kinker, Edna Spradlin. JOURNALISM CLUB The Ink Blots Staff and the Annual Staff were joined together to form the Journalism Club this year. The Ink Blots was put out by a staff which was choosen by the Journalism Club. The paper was published once a month at the cost of 354 a year and 54 an issue. The Annual was done this year by the J. D. lesher Company and the pic- tures were taken by Bill Wonders of the Dickens Studio. It decided that we change a little from the old style of annual and start out '50' with a new and different type of annual. The Luckey Farmers Exchange Assn. Compliments of Farmers Supplies, Grain 8 Coal Edith Baker Luckey, Lemoyne, Wbodville Lemoyne, Ohio Phone 1-A 47 INK BLOTS STAFF Editor . . . Assistant . . Business Nhnager . Production Manager Rewrite Editor . . Assistant . . Exchange Editor . Grade News Editor Art Editor .... Sports Editor . . Assistant . . Class Reporters: Senior ..... Jxmior .... Sophomore . . Freshmen . . . Elizabeth Haas Joann Schroeder . .Mary Lou Bihn . . Shirley Rife . .Marilyn Coy . .Jeanne Urban . .Helen Snyder . . Theone Buch . .Phyllis Brick . .Donald Caris Charles Albright .Russell Welling . . Helen Snyder . . .Shirley Hagg . .Patty Caris The Luckey Lumber Co. Luckey, ohio Phone 2I9I ---- r w TOP ROW: Ruth Brueggemeier, Helen Snyder, Bob Winters, Roger Ernsthausen, Lavon Bihn Danny Becker, SEATEDg Margaret Samu, Marilyn Buswinkle, Barbara Elvey, Miss Rolfes Anita Haas . LIBRARIANS Books added to the library this year include the 1949-1950 Ohio Pupils Reading Circle Books for all the grades, Lincoln Library of Essential Infor- mation, several dictionaries, bound volumes of the 1949 issues of The Beader's Digest and The National Geographic Magazine, some biographies and some fiction. C. H. BETTENBROCK The Limelite ELECTRIC AND PAINT Srons Your GOWN'-mitY Theater Pemberville, Ohio Phone 1291 Woodville, ali!! 49 TOP HOW: Patsy Musser, Norma Hazel, Arla Christen, Mae Oestreich, Carol Jean Rolf, Evelyn Dierker, Ruth Brueggemeier, Joann Miller, Shirley Rife, Marilyn Coy, Theone Ruch, Edna Spradlin. SECUND ROW: Delores Hazel, Naiomi Brinker, Mar ret Gruelich, Helen Snyder, Joann Schroeder, Maxine Leking, Marilyn Hoelter, Shirley grinker, Patty Caria, Marilyn Miller, Carol Baker, Donna Welling. BOTTOM HOW: Shirley Hagg, Mar Jacobs, Maxine Haas, Eloise Dierker, Jeanne Urban, Elizabeth Haas, Anita Haas Bertha Cupps, Noladean Kinker, Jane Bookenberger, Barbara Elvey, Grace Jacobs, Janice Hacker. BOOSTER CLUB At the beginning of the year the following officers were elected: President ----------- Ma rilyn Coy Vice President ------ Elizabeth Haas Secretary ----------- Helen Snyder Reporter ------------ Shirley Bife There were thirty-six members in the Booster Club this year. The main activities of the year were selling refreshments and tickets at baseball and football games and playing basketball games at noon. For these activities the girls received as awards: bronze, silver and gold pins, letters, and cer- tificates. Chrysler-Plymouth Sales 81 Service Stony Ridge Garage 50 Phone Lemoyne I2-Y TCP RON: Marlene Miller, Betty Bihn, Dick Veler, Jimmy Emmitt, David Jacobs, Ronnie Hayward, Freddie Baker, Dale Ruswinkle, Lloyd Albright, Mr. Failor. SECCND RUN: Joan Marsteller, Norma Walker, Doris Ruswinkle, Arlene Rife, Shirley S radlin. SEATED: Janet Becker, Mary Anna Maulbetsch, Geraldine Faykosh, Betty Carr, lilelen Tracy, Janet Jensen, Arlene Miller, Elaine Hazel. ABSENF: Nancy Crispen, John Kurfess. JUNIOR HIGH GAZETTE The Gazette this year strived to publish the paper and to inform you with the news of the school. The staff was elected as follows: Editor ...... Elaine Hazel Feature Editor . . .Richard Veler Assistant .... Marlene Miller Assistant ..... John Kurfess Other editors and assistants of material were: Janet Becker, Mary El len Leking, Janet Jensen, Betty Bihn, Helen Tracy, and Nancy Crispen, David Jacobs, and Dale Ruswinkle. The Reporters were: Joan Marsteller, Arlene Miller, Shirley Spradlin, Mary Anna Maulbetsch, Norma Walker, Doris Rus- winkle, Jimmy Emmitt, Betty Carr, Geraldine Faykosh, Ronnie Hayward, Lloyd Albright, Freddy Baker. , , ,5K'Ff'5 BEAUTY SHQP D. D. Gnoss PACKARD SALES Speczalzztng sn Helene Cufrtzs Pemanents llolirw, Ohio Pwowe 2 LENOYNE. OHIO MOLINE LU.8221 TOLEDO TA.4095 'KP RON: Mary Ellen Deking, Mary Anna Maulbetsch, Joan Marsteller, Janet Becker, Arlene Rife, Arlene Miller, Nancy Crispen. SECOND RUN: Marlene Miller Betty Bihn, Helen Tracy, Betty Carr, Geraldine Faykosh, Elaine Hazel, Norma Lou Walker, Janet Jensen, Doris Buswinkle, Mr. Failor. THIRD RON: Lloyd Albright, Dick Veler, Johnny Kurfess Jimmy Emmitt, David Jacobs, Ronnie Melcher, Darrell Hanely, Alvin Swartz, Howard Bookenl berger. HJTIUVI ROV: Dale Ruswinkle, Wallace Dierker, Freddie Baker, Ronnie Hayward. SCIENCE CLUB 'Ihe Science Club elected the following officers this year: President . . . . . . . . . David Jaco s Vice President. . . . . . Dick Veler Secretary-Treasurer . . . Janet Becker Reporters ..... . . . . Geraldine Faykosh, Betty Carr This year the Science Club engaged itself with two projects. One of them covered soilless gardening and the other dealt with magnetism. A spring outing was the big social event of the year. L. H. Hurrelbrink Groceries and Meats 52 Stony Ridge, Gnio dump: President ------- Mrs. John Kurfess Vice President - Mrs. Donald Schulte Secretary --------- Mrs. Lester Coy MOTH Mothers ' ERS' CLUBS Club -- Luckey Treasurer ---------- Mrs. William Dahne Program Chairman --- Mrs. Walter Jacobs Social Chairman ----- Mrs. Ralph Eilert September: Reception for teachers. October: Speakers, Mrs. Ort from Lutheran Welfare and Mrs. Nerja Kanzan, a Displaced Person from Fremont. November: Thanksgiving Program by the first six grades. December: Gxristmas Tea. Christmas in Story and Song. January: Joint meeting with Lemoyne. Speaker, Mrs. Amos Conn: United Nations February: Almteur Show March: Piano Solo by Marilyn Ruswinkle. Speaker, Miss Virginia Crockett: Speech defects in school children. April: Speaker, Miss Adeline McClelland of Cerebral Palsy Center. May: Tea and Book Review. Mothers' Club -- Lemoyne President ------ Mrs. Herbert Myers Secretary ----- --- Mrs. John Marstellar Vice President Mrs. Dewey Zinlnerman Treasurer --- ----- Mrs. Norman Hamen September: Teachers reception October: Book review: 'Ihe Big Fisherman. November: Annual card party and bake sale. Floral arrangements by Stanley Schroeder. December: Christmas program January: Luckey and Lemoyne-Luncheon. Mrs. Amos L. Gunn, guest speaker. February: Teachers and pupils entertain. Smith's Cafeteria tour. Swiss Steak Supper and Bazaar. March: Easter Program April: Slides of Mexico May: May Day and picnic lunch. Conplinents of Compliments of 54 Luckey Mothers' Club Lemoyne Mothers' Club A L C2- W Mmm BUGW Er-nnnhuusen mm mum, Yoyee Itch Donald Cans Bernlrd SQIM Lloyd Xixsaer Harold Ybelter Jim 'lhampsrm Hubert. Winters Hay lord FOOTBALL SCORES Although the Troy football team lost their last three games they won the first five to win the Wood County six man football championship. They were beaten only by Bradner, Jackson, and Green Springs. We hope that next year they will have an even more successful year. Opponent Waterville Bloomda le Wayne Risingsun Name 0 Briggs . Helm . Helm . Albright . Eilert . Kopp . Crispen . Ford . MIISSCF . Huch . Caris . Ford . Sarrson . Thompson . Winters . Knieriem D. Welling H. Hoelter H J J C R D H J R. Erns thausen L R D R B J B F We 27 59 33 59 19 13 6 Pbsition Center Halfback End Halfback Quarterback End Center Halfback End Halfback Quarterback Quarterback Center Halfback Halfback Halfback End End End They 8 REIDRD FOR 1949-1950 Opponent We They Grand Rapids 40 19 Bradner 14 39 Jackson 26 33 Green Springs 35 52 Year Award 9 Numeral Numeral Numeral Numeral Numeral Numeral Numeral Numeral 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 11 11 ll 11 11 ll 12 12 Certificate for letter Certificate for Letter Letter Certificate for Letter letter Letter Certificate for Letter Certificate for Letter Certificate for Emblem Certificate for Letter Certificate for Letter Garl Samson Panberville Elevator Assn. Your future Farmers Oo-operative 5eI'ViCe Statiflfl Luckey, Ohio Phone 2791 59 Authorized Dealer 60 First Team TOP ROW: Royce Buch, Paul Baker, Dudley Welling, Russell Welling, Mr. Filiere. SEATED: Bernard Samson, Bob Dierker, Harold Hoelter, Lloyd Dierker, Donald Caris, Bob Winters. D Reserve Team TOP ROW: Mr. Berr , Royce Buch, Lloyd Musser, Donnie Thornton, Roger Ernthausen, Walter Holtmeyer. SEAlED: David Kopp, J0e Helm, Dick Eilert, Jim Ford, Jim Helm, Charles Albright. 61 fiohrart N Lnbv-rs Bernard Samson imbr-rt Die-rker Harold Hwfltex' Paul linker Lloyd hiurkcx YS: lvormld lnris iluilvs HMI I mj- BASKETBALL RECORD The 1949-50 basketball season was a very victorious one. The Trojans won twenty out of twenty-three ganes which is a very good record. They won the league championship for the seventh consecutive year. In the Wood County Basketball Tournament they were runners-up being defeated by Jackson. They then went to Fremont for the District Tournament. Troy defeated Lakeside in the finals giving them the right to go to Toledo to play in the Regional Tournament. Troy was defeated by Leesville there. This ended another successful season for Coach Filiere. Robert Dierker made all-county first team and Harold Hoelter made all- county second team. Lloyd Dierker received honorable mention. In the District, Harold Hoelter and Robert Dierker made the first team. Lloyd Dierker made the second team. Bernard Samson and Donald Caris received honorable mention. The co-captains for next year's team are Bernard Samson and Robert Dierker. Record for 1949-50 CIYIMMMU' WF THEY CYUWIWWVT WE THEY Pemberville 56 34 Risingsun 47 32 Olney 59 49 Tiffin Calvert 46 43 N. Baltimore 35 27 St. Joe 34 35 Lake ' 58 24 Bloomdale 65 36 Webster 78 34 Wayne 59 46 Woodville 68 54 Bradner 44 21 Walbridge 41 40 Liberty 53 S2 Pemberville 41 19 WKXJD CIHIVTY 7CH1WVAWHUVT Trojans 70 Weston 20 Trojans 48 Pemberville35 Trojans 41 Risingsun 39 Trojans 21 Jackson 37 DIS7RICT'7ULHAMMENT Trojans 42 Bisingsun 26 Trojans 52 St. Marys 46 Trojans 46 Lakeside 39 REGJCWML TULRNAMENT Trojans 40 Leesville 48 Martin Rolfes Luckey Garage 'Truck Lines Chevrolet Sales 8 Service Luckey, Ohio Phone 2781 H. H. WILLIAMSON, PROP. 63 5 STANDINGg Robert Rivera, Ronnie Hayward, Kenneth Knitz, Jack Chancey, Ronnie Webb, Lyle Sn der, Harold Frost, Mr. Failor. SEATED: Lloyd Albright, Jack Oates, Johnny Kurfess, Wailace Dierker, Sanmy Musser, David Jacobs, Darrell Hanely. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM 'Ihe Junior High basketball team had a good record this year. They won seven out of eleven of their season's games. By virtue of Troy's winning the County Junior High Tournament last year, the 1950 tournament was held here this year. There were eight nights of games. Troy was defeated in the tournament by Pemberville. Compliments of Stony Ridge Lumber 6 Supply Co. 64 Stony Ridge, Ohio Phone Lemoyne 60-R JUNIOR HIGH RECORD SEASJN 'S RECORD TPOY 22 Pemberville Troy 41 Glenwood Troy 21 Perrysburg Troy 29 Walbridge TFOY 25 Glenwood Troy 32 Pemberville Troy 27 Walbridge Troy 8 Bradner Troy 7 Perrysburg Troy 16 Woodville Troy 19 Milton JUVIOR HIG' TUURNAMENT Troy 17 Pemberville JUVIOR HIG1 LQJAD Roberto Rivera Ronald Hayward Kenneth Knitz Jack Chancey Ronald Webb Lyle Snyder Harold Frost Darrell Hanely David Jacobs Samuel Musser Wallace Dierker John Kurfess Jack Oates Lloyd Albright National Highway Garage 1 Comphments of Chevrolet Sales 8: Service BRUSH BERYLLIUM Lemoyne, Ohio Phone 5-R Luckey Ohio TUP HOW: Honald Shook, Harold Briggs, Jim Thompson, Dudley Welling, Robert Dierker, Donald Thornton, Harold Hoelter, Bob Winters, Mr. Filiere. SEATEDg Dick Eilert, David Kopp, Joe Helm, Lloyd Muaser, Lloyd Dierker, Donald Caris, Jim Haas, Dick Samson. BASEBALL Sixteen boys came out for baseball this year. The following is a list of the players and the positions they played. Dudley Welling - Outfield Dick Samson - Oxtfield Bob Dierker - Catcher Lloyd Misser - Pitcher - Outfield Harold Hoelter - Infield Harold Briggs - Outfield Lloyd Dierker - Infield - Pitcher Ronald Shook - Outfield Bob Winters - Infield Dick Eilert - Outfield Donald Thornton - Outfield David Kopp - Outfield Jim 'lhompson - Outfield Jim Haas - Outfield Donald Caris - Infield Joe Helm - Oltfield MOLLGAARD FUNERAL HOME Woodvil le, Ohio 66 Phone 2811 CHEERLEADERS Varsity Cheerleaders: Patsy Musser, Ruth Brueggemeier, Evelyn Dierker, Arla Christen Junior High Cheerleaders: Arlene Rife, Marlene Miller, Janet Becker. 67 . iw Tw: pl. 1, A I V VM-A W . ' Q fat 1-W b ., "' s 1 9 N, L I 1 A .4 'Z ,Q , X U. . SLFFPY' WAIT TOLL lZ'lE READY WIHDIESV CUWGIRL' 'KAV7' MAVFY' 2 3 f 5. ' ff f ,. ,T 'uk V W, I Q ' 1 ,.5 kgs , I A M- ' , . X A ...J TNHLE, HRX' Q: X I . Q - h - Q is 5 V f , S 4 A t ' ' 51 - 68 Qwslh-cusv' Pvwnun' HANDSXMS r Aww, 4 nm' mr R x G NME Y Vu num as wr mm cmrs-ff ,www wa mis ww- wmfwsm wr wa 1 BAG! RUN: Joy Motter, Mary Schroeder, Billy Sandwisch, Tommy Newton, Ruth Searcy, Judy R0CkCF, Danny WilS0n- MIDDLE ROW: Janet Becker, Edna Mae Franz, Matthew Faykosh, Marilyn Alexander, Joann Rollo, Alice Kirk, Lynn Haas, Melvin Camp, Hay Bowers, Mrs. Hobart. SEA'IEDg Ronnie Ameling, Mar Spradlin, Susan Hanel , Judy Alexander, Terry Plovell, Ann Jones, Kay Nollenberger, Mlarcella Hartman, Rickie Lowers. TOY BAND - LEMOYNE This band is composed of the entire first and second grades. Janet Becker was the accompanist. The group played five numbers for the Christmas program. They were: l. Matches 2. Christmas Waltz 3. Christmas Song 4. Paul on the Hillside 5. Jingle Bells Hunrnel's Nation Wide Compliments of Groceries 8: Meats J. George Welling Store Psuaznvlue. Oulu Paoue 47 Luckey, Ohio 71 FIRST GRADE TOY BAND - LUCKEY 'DOP ROW: Janette Waddell, Tony Spahn, Ronnie Britt, Tommie Kurfess, Cheryl Lehman, Sharon Oestreich, Rosalind Fiebelkorn, Alan White, Danny Swartz, Kenneth Rife. SECLND ROW: Joyce Austin, Arthur Hiker, Garry Canode, Jude Baker, Vivian Camp, Susan Heise Brenda Gambill, Sandra Rolf, Carol Sue Burkholder, arol Sue Busdeker, Mrs. Hobart. THI D RCW: Teddy Swartz, Jenell Hannan, Linda Mae Jewell, Pauline Rife, Maria Melchior Jimmy Patterson, Roberta Filiere, Jimmy Hahn, Donna Lee Schulte, Jane Dicker, Carol Albright, Sharon Bihn. This toy band was composed of the entire First Grade. Joan Miller was the accompanist and Theodore Swartz was the drum major. The band played five numbers for the Christmas program. They were: l. Polly Put the Kettle On 2. Bouncing Ball 3. Waltz 4. Christmas Song 5. Jingle Bells SECOND GRADE TOY BAND - LUCKEY TOP ROW: John Brueggemeier, Barbara Poggemeyer, Joanne Dierksheide, Lowell Hawkins, Dennis Knitz. SECLND RUN: Mrs. Hobart, Roberta Jacobs, Judy Lowell, Lynn Vestal, Joe Brockseker, John Jacobs, Barbara Mock, Raymond Ruswinkle, Philip Clinton, Paul Brick, Marlene Hanely. SEATHJ: Robert Hiche , Jimmy Brick, Jeffery Kosmo, Edmund Miller, Jinmy Hansen, Mike Van Camp, Alma Grace grover, Myra Jean Minnix, Marilyn Witker, Philip Scott, Kenneth Jacobs. This group is composed of the entire personnel of the Second Grade. Joan Miller was the accom anist and Kenneth Jacobs was the drum major. The band played four numbers fror the Christmas program. They were: 1. The Bold Soldier Boy 2. On the Bridge 3. Reap the Flax 4. Dutch Dance MOL I NE BEAUTY SHOP wil'QJr-Sllar-Grill PERMANENTS Pemberville, Ohio PHONE 8452 MOLINE. OHIO The nlace where young folks meet 73 INSTRUMENTAL GROUP - LUCKEY TUP ROW: Robert Filiere, Ronald Decker, Jack Austin, Gerald Miller, Darell Spahn, Jim Kinker, Danny Ford. SECOND ROW: Jim Kurfess, Joyce Burkholder, Martha Heise, Fa e Gephart, Danny Nehls, Clyde Fiebelkorn, Lyle Samson, Alice Clinton, Mrs. Hobart. THI D ROW: Carol Hannan, Dorothy Nehls, Suzanne Jacobs, Carol Ann Hoelter, Billy Dahne, Freddie Burkholder, Marion Tracy, Allan Schulte, Kenneth Caris. This is made up of two distinct groups-the Junior Group and the Begin- ning Group. The Junior Group is composed of: Daniel Nehls, Ronnie Decker, Allan Schulte, Alice Clinton, Clyde Fiebelkorn, Dorothy Nehls, Suzanne Jacobs, Carol Hannan, and Freddie Burkholder. The Beginners Group is com- posed of: Bob Filiere, Jack Austin, Darrell Spahn, Jim Kinker, Daniel Ford. Gerald Miller, Lyle Samson, Kenneth Caris, Marion Tracy, Faye Gephart, Joyce Burkholder, Martha lbise, Jim Kurfess, Carol Hoelter, and Bill Dahne. Both of these groups played several selections for the Spring Concert. INSTRUMENTAL GROUP - LEMOYNE STANDING: Howard Bookenberger, Marlene Miller, Duane Hanely, Eddie Schulte, Kenneth Woodruff, Dick Hazel, Howard Searcy, Mrs. Hobart. SEATED: Lois Veler, Agnes Rollo, Kay Zinnnrman, Marvin Wagner, Ruth Veler, Janet Thornton. This is a mixed group composed of three varying classes. Marlene Miller plays first violin with the orchestra at Luckey. Dick Hazel, Howard Searcy, and Howard Bookenberger are all studying violin for the second year. The next group is composed of Janet Thornton-flute, Ruth and Lois Veler, Kay Zirmnerman, and Agnes Rollo-clarinets. The girls met on Mondays for class instruction. The remainder-Marvin Wagoner-snare drum, Eddie Schulte, Kenneth Woodruff, and Duane Hanely-trumpets-met on Fridays for group instructiom Central Mills, Incorporated General Office Dunbridge, Ohio Welling'-9 wnfectionefy Phone Luckey 20141 Luckey. Ohio 75 I , --W - --1 SENIOR BAND -- LUCKEY TDP ROW: Florence Miller, Donna Welling, David Kopp, Jim Ford, Bernard Samson, Dale Layman, Ray Ford, Danny Recker, Ted Clinton, Dick Samson. SECUVD RUN: Mrs. Hobart, Lavon Bihn, Joe Helm, Russell Welling, Roger Ernsthausen, Marilyn Miller, Arla Christen, Gay Van Camp, Mary Ann Nollenberger, harles Albright, Jim Helm, Martha Mallery. SEATED: Joann Schroeder, Helen Snyder, Joan Miller, Mae Oestreich, Maxine Leking, Jeanne Urban, Nola Dean Kinker. Elizabeth Haas, Dick Eilert, Marlyn Busdecker. The personnel of this group is: trumpets-Russell Welling, Roger Ern- sthausen, Dick Eilert, David Kopp, Marlyn Busdeker, Jim Helm, Donna Welling, and Joe Helm, trombones-Ted Clinton and Daniel Recker, baritones-Ray Ford, Jim Ford, and Dale Layman, sousaphone-Bernard Samson, C melody saxophone- Charles Albright, .oboe-Florence Miller, bells-Martha Mallery, clarinets-Joan Miller, Nhrilyn Miller, Joann Schroeder, Helen Snyder, Lavon Bihn, flute-Gay Van'Camp,.p1ccalo-Arla Christen, bass drum-Mae Oestreich, snare drums-Maxine Leking, Dick Samson, Jeanne Urban, Nola Dean Kinker, and Elizabeth Haas. The band played for the Basketball Tournament at Bowling Green, for the Spring Concert in March, and on Memorial Day. SENIOR BAND - LEMOYNE 'IDP ROW: John Kurfess, Darrell Hanel , Ronnie Webb, Shirley Hofer, Carolyn Wagner, SECIND RON: Mrs. Hobart, Richard Mackling, Alvin Swartz, Richard Veler, David Jacobs, Kathleen Baker, Earl Hagg. THIRD RUN: Eddie Brough, Arlene Grover, Marlene Miller, Elwood Marsh, Kathryn Spradlin, Clement Johns, Freddy Baker. With few exceptions this group is composed of students who have been hav- ing group class instruction but one year previous. The Fourth to Eighth Grades: Dick Veler, David Jacobs, Ronald Webb, and Alvin Swartz, are eligi- ble to join the Senior Band at Luckey next year. This Band played several selections at the Spring Concert given in Luckey in March. The remainder of the group is: alto horn-John Kurfesi, Fred Baker, and Caroline Wagoner, Bb soprano saxophone-Arlene Grover, E saxophone-Eddie Schulte and Dick Mackling, clarinet-Clement Johns, bass drum-Elwood Marsh, snare drums-Marlene Miller, Kathryn Spradlin, and Tom Alexander. LUCKEY BLOCK AND TILE CO. HUTSON'S GARAGE Steel Windows 8: Cement MARATHON SERVICE Phone 3185 Luckey, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Phone 2731 77 TOP ROW: Suzanne Jacobs, Marilyn Miller, Ray Ford, Danny Becker. SECCND ROV: Mrs Hobart, Marilyn Ruswinkle, Rona d Decker, Danny Nehls, Roger Radeloff, Gaxy Van Camp Arla Christen Florence Miller, Martha Mallery. SEATED: Connie Baker, anet Kopp Maxine Lekingy, Nancy Nollenberger, Ted Clinton, Mary Ellen Schroeder, Patty Finn. ABSENT: Marlene Miller. ORCHESTRA The personnel is as follows, first violin-Nancy Nollenberger, Connie Baker, and Marlene Miller, second violin-Patty Finn and Janet Kopp, violin B- Mary Ellen Schroeder, cello-Ted Clinton, baritone-Ray Ford, trombone-Daniel Becker, flute-Arla Christen and Gay Van Camp, clarinet-Marilyn Miller and Suzanne Jacobs, trumpet-Daniel Nehls, Ronald Decker, and Roger Radeloff, oboe-Florence Miller, bells-Martha Mallery, piano-Marilyn Ruswinkle, drums- Maxine Leking. Donovan Restaurant 78 Wooduille, Ohio TCP RUM Mrs. Hobart, Edna S radlin, Ruth Snyder, Nola Dean Kinker, Marilyn Buswinkle, Mar aret Samu, Carol Jean Holi: Evelyn Dierker, Ruth Brue emeier, Joan Mil er, Mary Ann Nolfenberger, Gay Van Camp, Frank Schulte, Jim Thompson, Tay Ford, Frank Knieriem, Dick Samson. SECIND HOW: Delores Hazel, Barbara Elvey, Margaret Greulich, Ruth Marsh, Mary Jacobs, Russell Welling, Lloyd Dierker, Roger Ernsthausen, Maxine Lekin , Marilyn Hoelter, Doris Bothenbuhlerp Dale Layman, Lavon Bihn, Shirley Rife, Phyllis Bric , Marilzn Miller. 'IHIRD RUN: Bertha Cupps, Maxine Haas, Shirley Hagg, Jeanne Urban, Eliza eth Haas, Dick Eilert, Ronnie Shook, Jim Helm, Jane Bookenberger. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Kellar, Donna Welling, Cathryn Evans, Joann Schroeder, Naomi Brinker, Martha Mal ery, Katharine Hasel, Anita Haas, Patty Caris, Shirley Brinker, Maril n Coy, Florence Miller, Carol Baker, Iona Gottschalk. FIFIH RON: Jim Haas, Roscoe aispen, Danny Becker, Jim Ford, Harold Brig s, Bob Winters, Ted Clinton, Joe Helm, Charles Albright. ABENT: Marilyn Thornton, Tlhth Samson, Bernard Samson. CHORUS We were very glad to have a mixed chorus this year. The boys were a little reluctant last year to join, but we are glad to say there were twenty- two boys in the group and forty-five girls. Marilyn Buswinkle was the accom- panist. The group sang four numbers at the Christmas Program, three numbers at our Spring Concert, and three numbers for Colmnencement. The tenors and altos spent extra time working on their parts and have shown marked improve- ment. J. H. Bowen Ed. Fortlander General Merchandise General Merchandise Stony Ridge, Ohio Phone I2-S Luckev, Ohio Phone 2801 79 'KP RON: Robert Baker, Jimmy Kinker, Raymond Kohring, Gerald Ernsthausen, Janet Kopp, Mary Ellen Schroeder, Janice Dierker, Alice Clinton, Elaine Huswinkle, Carol Hoelter, Joan Rothenbuhler, Connie Baker, Janet White, Ann Swartz, Patty Finn, Kathleen Neifer, Diana Minnix, Donna Jacobs. SECGYD RUN: Mae Oestreich, George Jensen, Dorothy Nehls, Freddy Burkholder, Roger Radeloff Jack Austin Ronnie Decker, Darrell S ahn, Dale Hacker, Marion Tracy, Paul oesueich, Marlyn smdecker, Mrs. Hobart. mlm bow: Judy Gambill, Joyce Burkholder, Suzanne Jacobs, Linda Evans, Fa e Gephart, Mary Ellen Dierk- sheide, Lola Evans, Linda Crispen, Karen Philli s, Carol, Hannan, Jane Abke, Barbara Brockseker, Perry Emmitt. HIYIU1 Rm: Carol Rifle, Susan Decker Jennie Henchen, Judy Jacobs, Nedra Jacobs, Crystal Albright, Larry Hayward, Clyde Fiebelkorn, Lester Pogge- meyer, Jimmy Kurfess, Allan Schulte, Tonmy Hasel, Danny Ford, Danny Nehls, Bobby Eilert, Ly e Samson, Jan Heise, Bobby Filiere. OPERETTA The operetta 'Santa's Vacation' was presented December 29th by more than sixty students from grades three to six inclusive. Santa wanted a vacation and when he took it, the Elves and Fairies were very sad. However, it all came out well in the end. Mrs. Santa was played by Dorothy Nehls, Santa by Gerald Ernsthauseng the Sandman by George Jensen, and Mother Goose by Connie Oestreich. There were large choruses of Elves, Fairies, Trees, and Moonbeans and six very lovely dolls-Carol Rife, Jennie Henchen, Judy Jacobs, Crystal Albright, Nedra Jacobs, and Susan Decker. Nancy Nollenberger and Mae Oestreich played the piano for the final performance. 80 OPERETTA CAST Operetta- ----- -------------------------------------- San ta 's Vacation Given by permission of Lorenz Publishing Company Accompanists---- ---- -Nancy Nollenberger, Mae Oestreich, and Maxine Leking. . Characters Santa Claus- ------- ---------------------------- - -Gerald Ernsthausen Mrs. Santa Claus- ---- ------------------------------------ Do rothy Nehls Elves ------- ------- ------ A l lan Schulte, Ji Kurfess, Lester Poggemeyer, Robert Eilert, Clyde Fiebelkorn, Daniel Nehls, Larry Hayward, Bob Filiere, Tom Hazel, Jan Heise, Lyle Samson, Daniel Ford. Fairies ----- ----- K aren Phillips, Judy Gambill, Joyce Burkholder, Faye Gephart, Linda Lou Crispen, Jane Abke, Ellen Jean Dierksheide, Carol Hannan, Slzanne Jacobs lpla Jean Evans, Linda Evans, Barbara Broclcseker. Dolls ----- -------------------------- K ewpie Doll-Crystal Albright Majorette Doll-Susan Decker Japanese Doll-Nedra Jacobs Italian Doll-Jennie I-Ienschen Gingham Doll-Judy Jacobs Old-Fashioned Doll-Carol Rife Sandman -------- ----------------------------------- -Ge orge Jensen Mother Goose ----- ---------------------------------- C annie Oestreich Oxristmas Trees-- ---- -bhrlyn Bxsdecker, Marion Tracy, Roger Radeloff, Paul Oestreich, Jack Austin, Ronald Decker, Curtis Juergens, Ernest Nagy, Dale Hacker, Darrell Spahn, Freddie Hlrkholder. Moonbealm ----- ----- A lice Clinton, Janice Dierker, Janet KoPPv Anne Swartz, Mary Ellen Schroeder, Patty Finn, Joan Rothenbuhler, Janet White, Carol Ann Hoelter, Kathleen Neifer, Elaine Ruswinkle, Connie Baker, Deanna Minnix. Compliments of Colplibents of Sugar Ridge and Dunbridse NORMAN ERNSTHAUSEN Elevators Lackey, Ohio Phone 2154 81 Maiine Haas, Anita Haas, Theone Buch, Bertha Cupps. MAJORETTES This is the smallest group of majorettes we have had for a long time. Betty Mortimer left school at Christmas and Delores Hazel and Ruth Bruegge- meier both have given up the work. The girls appeared with the band at the tournament, at our program in March, and on Memorial Day. VIC'S IDEAL INN Food and refreshments Shuffle board and television 82 LUCKEY, OHIO DO YOU REMEMBER? The night we lost the Wood County Tournament? The day Elizabeth came to school with her eyes swollen? The day Shirley got stuck in her study hall seat? When nearly every school was closed except our because of floods? The week Miss Smith wasn't at school? Mr. Knise1y's eighth period study hall? The loud shirts Harold, Russell, and Red wore? The hard time the Inks Blots staff had in getting the paper out? When Marilyn Coy wasn't kidding or cracking a joke? The night we took the District Tournament at Fremont? How quiet it was the week Bob Dierker lost his voice? When the magazine salesman took Theone home? When there weren't two or three couples sitting together in the gym at noon? H w crowded it was the night of the Senior Chicken Supper? When nearly everyone tried to snitch a handful of popcorn 7th or 8th period during the Junior High Tournament? The Russian dance Harold Hoelter and Maxine Haas attempted to perform? L. J. MEYER AND SON Electrical Hiring and Repair lark RIDGELY MOTOR SALES Kelvznator A Universal Appliances DESOTO-PLYMOUTH SALES-SERVICE LUCKEY. OHIO PHONE 2642 PEMBERVILLE. OHIO PHONE 37 ANNUAL LESHER TH! J D. LESHER PRINT FREMONT, OHIO E

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