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. ff 'I IIE VI,9I1If7 FI IQOXIAN I I SE,If'EN'III EDITION I 'DRESENTED BY GY-'LUCKEY VILLAGJE HIGH SCI-IOO IIICIIEII, IIHIU Fo KWA KD The annual staff together with the faculty and student body take pleasure in presenting this l9L7 edition of WThe Trojah.N we hope that in future years, as you look through this book, you may relive your school days at Troy-Luckey. DE,DiCA'HON We, the annual staffg together with the student body, take pleasure in dedi- cating this issue of NThe Trojann to Mr. Doyce Filiare. For the past five years Coach has led our teams to victory. This year his hours of toil and effort were rewarded by the splendid record of his championship basketball team. His com- panionship throughout the years has been greatly appreciated. I - fe- -M ---A UTHE 'FKOJANH STAFF Editor ---------- """' Business Manager--- """"'-" Production Manager--- Assto """"""" Artist ---- """""" Snaps Photographer--- 0 """"""" Special Reporters: Athletic Reporter-- """"""' Music Reporter--- """""" Class Reporters: Senior --------- Junior ------- Sophomore ---- Freshman ------- Eighth Grade ---- Seventh Grade--- Club Reporters: Booster Club ------- Home Economics Club Commercial Club ---- Typist ------- - ---- English Critic ---- Advisor ---------- -Charles Kurfess Joanne Oestreich ----Rolland Huss ---Merlin Miller ----Wilma Witker - ---- Helen Urban -Gretchen Snyder -Doris Holtmeyer Donald Oestreich ----Roy Christen ---Russell Ruch ----Bill Loomis ------Norma Kopp Kathleen Kurfess ------Norma Kopp ---Ernest Slater --Zoe Ann Wilson -----Marilyn Coy -Joann Schroeder ---Maxine Leking -Margaret Musser -LaQuitta Walker ----Grace Emmitt ---Imogene Broka -Ernestine Roach -Charlene Hutson ------Lena Young -Margaret Musser -----Miss Rolfes -----Mrs. Shaw A DJWPH 5 T Fi AT MDN AW! ,ff U if' CC'fQf?fF52-:V John Kurfess Lewis Christiansen H. G. Helm Pres. V. Pres. Clerk Ray Kimmel Max FACULTY FAC T S L. 3. Doren: B. S. Bowling Green State, Ohio State, Ashland College. Principal. Seventh grade sponsor. Social Science, history and football. Helen Rolfes: A. B. Toledo University, A. M. Toledo University. Freshman sponsor. Latin, mathematics and English. Callajeane. Ollendorf: B. S. Bowling Green State. Eighth grade sponsor. Home economics and English. Dora Shaw: B. S. Bowling Green State. Senior sponsor. Commercial. Doris Bringman: B. S. Bowling Green State. Junior sponsor. English and girls' physical education. Doyce Filiere: B. S. Bowling Green State. Sophomore sponsor. Science, industrial arts, .basketball and baseball. Mabel Brown: Diploma. Bowling Green State. Fifth and sixth grades. f ' Mary Crocker: Diploma. Bowling Green State. Third grade. H Treva Miller: Diploma. Bowling Green State. Fourth and fifth grades. Janet Smith: Diploma. Bowling Green State. Second grade. 4 Kathryn Busdeker: Diploma. Bowling Green State. First grade. Jennie Hobart: B. S. Kentucky University, Missouri University. Music F Neal Crafts: B. Fd., B. Eng. Ohio Northern, Ohio State, Toledo University. Physics. Neal Crafts Helen Rolfes Dora Shaw Mabel Brown FfXCUL'fXf eva Miller Doris Bringman L. R. Doren Janet Smltn geane Ollendorf Jennie Hobart Kathryn Busdeker Mary Crocker Joyce Filiere 3-qw XM 4421 if rx' xx fxxp N DEJWQMQ5 If Q HEPCW9 f X fwfr if fl cv 7!4 ,. ffiffi-N! XXX' gg V ,.Z4Q5f1ffjwfV x swf -L. . . 4 ..-A... sg CHARLENE HUTSON College Preparatory "1'm all the daughters of my iather's house-and all the broth- ers, too." Chorus .,...... Class Officer .... Booster Club ,.,, Commercial Club Class Play ...... Annual Staff . , . Paper Staff ..,. Librarian .... .,..l,2.3.4 .. ..,, ...... ...4 ...3,4 ...Z,4 .,,3,4 .,,l,3 lOHN HANNAN General "Teach me to live, that I may dread the grave bed." Basketball ..,,,. Football . , . Baseball . . Chorus , .,...,. . Class Officer .... Commercial Club Class Play ,.... as little as my ,......,l,2,3.4 .....l.2,3 ....l.2,3,4 ,...l.2,3.4 .. ....... 1,3 .... ...4 ...,3 ...vs ,- .v 4 b , se- ::.. . -- ---rv' .... . - if-.sf ,,,,.,. , Edt is "I'.'Y'?lQE - W, iw . .. ' , i w . , . M ...Q ,-I. . i i ' , ,,.-Nwwur -. --.,:v"' Q, , ,..,,M,,,. .. , , , ':H.f .f if :'. .- F' .,,.f25:.,-,L-,-A.m...,,.,1X,Fr., ..... -.-. ,.,..,., . . 5: .2 , :wg .- 5. f -.iv-3. - my , if-'Qtsi?5if?g3s1-f fsfffgifiliizf-isrigwii-:ff , A wi:'f'3ff . ffwfcgargg-'5W'5'r51w'Y ts.: Qgvs....L5.,. 225421 ' ' ' A f f f 225253 ' . , W Nw' .VUQQEQI wig 1 A. we ...ef 5 .:2.Q,. , FN ' fgzw-3 irrfff gsm. ww 1- A , ,-..1:z'.,.f..f.1, ff , -'Am -f lx?-if Q: .Y fs M V,-,kgzfr Q . - - A 2. 92 M-Sfsfgwzsrs ' I Q-Tiififl .72 3910 , 5 ,Q .5 2:1 35123 IMOGEN E BROKA Commercial "Sing We for love and idleness- naught else is worth the having." Band .....,.......,.,.,. 1. 2, 3. 4 Orchestra . , .... 1. 2, 3. 4 Chorus ...... .... 1 . Z5 3, 4 Class Officer .. ..,.... .4 Cheerleader ..... ......,. 2 , 3 Booster Club .....,. ..,, l , 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club , . . ,..., . . .4 Class Play ..,.,,.,. ...... 3 Paper Staff ........... , . . .3, 4 Home Ecomomics Club ..,.... 2, 3 Annual Stall .......,.. ..,. 3 .4 BOLLAN D HUSS General "l am a lover and have not found any thing to love," Basketball ..,,.,. ..,, l , 2, 3, 4 Football .,,, ,... Baseball . . . .... 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus . .,.., .... l , 2, 3. 4 Class Officer . . ,,,. . . . .Z Class Play ..,. .,,,, 3 , 4 Annual Staff . . . .... .3, 4 DONALD OESTREICH College Preparatory "People say that lite is the thing, but I prefer reading." ' 1 Woodvllle ......... ........ Orchestra , . .... 2, 3, 4 Chorus ...,.... ..., 2 . 3, 4 Class Officer .... .... 2 . 4 Commercial Club . . . . . .4 Class Play . .,... .,.... 3 Annual Staff ..,, ..,. 3 , 4 Librarian .... .... 2 . 3 NORMA KOPP College Preparatory "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." Orchestra ......,.. . . .l, 2. 3, 4 Chorus ,........ ..,l,2,3.4 Cheerleader ..,.. ,...... 3 , 4 Booster Club ,...... . . .l, Z. 3, 4 Commercial Club . . ....,.. .4 Class Play ...... .... 3 .4 Annual Staff .. .... 3,4 Paper Staff .. .,.. .4 Class Officer .. .... .2 CHARLES KURPESS College Preparatory "l make the most ol all that comes -and the least of all that goes." Basketball , .,..,........ 1. 2. 3. 4 Baseball ,.......,.....,. l, 2. 3, 4 Band ,.....,. .... 1 , 2, 3, 4 Orchestra . . , .,.. 1, 2. 3, 4 Chorus ......... .... 1 . 2, 3. 4 Class Officer ...... .... l , 2. 3. 4 Commercial Club .... ....,.... 4 Class Play ...,.... . , ,3. 4 Annual Staff . , . . , .3, 4 Paper Stat! .... ..., 4 Salutatorian MARY HELM I College Preparatory "Good humor, good nature. ready lor fun." Band ......,..........., 1, Z, 3. 4 Orchestra ...... .... 1 , Z, 3, 4 Chorus ......,.,.. ..., 1 , 2. 3, 4 Booster Club . , .......... 1. 2. 3. 4 Commercial Club .... ...,..... 4 Class Play ,,...... ..... 3 , 4 MARGARET MUSSER General "This busy world and I shall ne'er agree." Sylvania Burnham .. , .,... . ,l Chorus .,...,..... .... 2 .3, 4 Booster Club .... ..... 2 , 3, 4 Annual Staff ,...... ......, 4 Paper Staff , ,......... .,... 4 Home Economics Club ..,.... 2. 4 Commercial Club ..,.., ..... 4 Class Play .......... . . .4 GRETCHEN SNYDER College Preparatory "As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life." Band ,.,.....,...... ...,.. 3 . 4 Chorus ......,... ,... 1 , 2. 3, 4 Class Officer ,,.... . ..,,,,,. 1 Booster Club .....4...... 1, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club . . . .,... . . .4 Class Play ..,,... .....,. 3 Annual Staff ...,. .... 1 ,3, 4 Paper Staff . . .... l. 3. 4 Librarian .... ..... l . 2 Valedictorian -...W-. V. . ERNESTINE ROACH College Preparatory "If they can take it, I can." Band. .. ..., .. .... l,2,3,4 Orchestra . . ..,. l. 2, 3, 4 Chorus .,.... .,,, 1 , 2, 3. 4 Class Officer ,. ...,..... .3 Booster Club . . . .... l. 2, 3, 4 Class Play .. ...... 3,4 Annual Staff . . . .,., .3. 4 Paper Staff . . ..... 3,4 WILMA WITKER College Preparatory "Blushing is the colour of virtue." Band ......,...........,..,. 1, 2 Orchestra . . ..,.,... l, 2 Chorus ....... .... 1 . 2. 3. 4 Class Officer .. ..,..,. ,3 Booster Club ..,.. .... l , 2. 3, 4 Commercial Club . . . . . . . . .4 Class Play .,.... .... 3 , 4 Annual Staff , . , , , , .3, 4 Paper Staff . , .... 3, 4 Librarian . , . .,.. l, 2. 3 HERBERT SAMSON General "It's happy goes as lucky goes." Basketball .....,.4..........., 4 Football ....4 Baseball . . . . . ,4 Band ...,.. .... l Chorus ..... .... l Class Play ,.. ...,4 LENA YOUNG Commercial "I hate nobody: I am in charity with the world." Chorus ............ ...l, 2, 4 Commercial Club . . . . , . . . .4 Annual Staff ..,,,. ..,. 2 , 4 Paper Staff .......... .,.. 3 .4 Librarian ........,........... 4 Home Economics Club ....... 2. 3 Class Play T ,,........ .,.. 4 WARREN MUSSER College Preparatory "The best you get is an even break." Sylvania Burnham .,...,.. 1,2,3 Baseball ..,...... ...,... 3 Class Play ....4 PAUL WELLING General "He is timid, he is shy, but there is mischief in his eye." Band .,.........,......... 2, 3. 4 Chorus ..... ..... ..,.. 3 . 4 Paper Staff . . . .... .3, 4 Class Play , . , ..... . . ,4 I SENIOR HISTORY V FRESHMAN YEAR President ---------------- Charlene Hutson Vice President --------------- John Hannan Secretary ---------------- Gretchen Snyder Treasurer ----e----------- Charles Kurfess Sponsor ---------------------- Miss Wirick In the fall of l9L3, sixteen students took their places as Freshmen. The big event of the year was in- itiation, The girls dressed in boys' clothes and the boys wore girls' clothes. Lilly Camp withdrew from our school in January. ln April Margaret Musser came from Sylvania Burnham High School to join our class. During the year we had two parties: a hard-times' party at Hutson's in the fall and e Freshman-Sophomore party at Roadside Park, in the spring. We had another at Roadside Park during the summer. W SOPHOMORE YEAR President- ----- --------- Donald Oestreich Vice President ----------' Charles Kurfess Secretary- -------------------- Norma Kopp Treasurer-e-- --------------- Rolland Huss Sponsore-- --------n---------- Miss Wirick .When we started back to school as Sophomores,Don- ald Reynolds had moved to North Troy. Norman Crispen, 'from Bowling Green, and Donald Oestreich, from Wood- ville, joined our class the first day of school. Our first task was to initiate the Freshmen. A party was held in Huss's basement in December and another at Roadside Park in April. We had a party during the summer at Roadside Park. JUNIOR YEAR President ---------------- Charles Kurfess Vice President --------------- John Hannah Secretary ------ --------- Ernestine Roach Treasurer ------------------ -Wilma Witker Sponsor ----------------------- Miss Arndt When we returned to school to claim the title of Juniors, our class rings were waiting for us. One of SENIOR HJS T OKY the highlights of the Junior year was our play, NThe Groom Said No,H which was given on November 20 before a full house. Norman Crispen withdrew during the year, making our enrollment sixteen. On March 2 the Juniors sponsored a dance for the high school students and the Alumni which was well attended. The Junior-Senior B nquet was held in the school auditorium on May 17. Decorating in blue and white we used as our setting a garden. An orchestra from Waite High School played for the dance which followed the dinner. SENIOR YEAR President ---------------- Charlene Hutson Vice President--- ---- ---- Charles Kurfess Secretary ------------------ Imogene Broke Treasurer -------------- -Donald Oestreich Sponsor ------------------------ Mrs. Shaw Class Flower ------------------- Carnation Class Colors-- ------------ Blue and White Class Motto ----- ---- WOut of the Harbor, into the Deep.N As Seniors our class of sixteen members started to school on September 3. Marlyn Rolf withdrew from school and Warren Musser joined our class. A movie screen was given to the school to be used with the new projector. In the fall, the Seniors had a box social at Kopp's. In November we went to Toledo 'and had our pictures taken by Leone Studios. we received the pic- tures just before Christmas. we sponsored a chicken supper on January 3. For entertainment two one-act plays, movies, a magic act, songs by the Senior girls and a monologue were presented. On March 8 the Seniors sponsored an invitational dance. Since this dance was such a success we sponsored two more. One was held April 12, and the other May 16. On May 2 the Juniors entertained us with a very nice banquet. On May 14 we held our last school party which was a roast at Husys. After the roast we spent a social hour in their base- ment. We completed our high school days by having Baccalaureate on May 18 and Commencement May 22. On May 23 the class, accompanied by several members of the faculty, left for a trip to Philadelphia and Wash- ington, D. C. CLASS vw. We, the class of l947, in'the town of Luckey, the county of Wood, and the state of Ohio, being in as good mental condition as usual, do hereby make this, our last will and testament, rendering void and of no avail any former will or wills that may have been pre- viously made by us during a period of temporary opti- mism. The individual bequests are as follows: Margaret Musser wills her typing speed to Alma Neifer. Paul Welling wills his quietness to the Freshman girls. Holland Huss wills his basketball shoes to anyone who can fill them. Gretchen Sn der desires to leave her mimeoscope artistry to Ernest Slater. ' Charles Kurfess decides not to will anything he has to anyone. He may need all of it himself. Wilma Witker entrusts her lengthy and patient hours of worF on the'NInK Blotsn to Joanne Oestreich. Charlene Hutson wills her shortness to Maxine Leking. Herbert Samson wills his lengthy telephone calls to Toledo to anyone who can make use of them. Norma Kopp leaves her cheerleading ability to her next year's successor. John Hannan chooses to will anything he has--ex- cept his nurse from Flower Hospital--to anyone. Ernestine Roach bequeaths her pleasing laugh to Marilyn Ruswinkle. Mary Helm, after some hesitation, wills hez'blonde curls to Bill Loomis. Warren Musser wills his airplane worktable to his brother, Norman. Imogene Broke wills her pretty blue eyes to Rus- sell Ruch. Donald Oestreich wishes to leave all his head- aches and hours of work to the photographer of next year's annual. Lena Young leaves to Junior Tracy the remainder of her tablet. We, the Senior class, will our boxful of crepe paper and decorations in the commercial room to the Juniors. Signed by ef-Zu Jwulfv SENICDK PKOPHECY Time: 1957 Place: INS Newsroom, Radio City, New York Come on in, folks, and watch the news bulletins go by. You may see some that interest you. St. Louis: Early this morning one of TWA's lar- gest liners crashed 12 miles east of here. Miss Char- lene Hutson, stewardess, proved a heroine as she ad- ministered first aid to the injured, although suffer- ing from shock and bruises herself. New York City: The United Nations has just award- ed a contract to the Samson Construction Company to build the new International Administration Building here. Mr. Herbert Samson, president of the company, announces the building will be completed by October. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Institute of Technology has just announced the appointment of Donald Oestreich as professor of electronics. Mr. Oestreich has recently become internationally famous for his development and research on a new type of radio. ' Madison Square Garden: Last night the Toledo Jeeps, sparked by Forward John Hannah, won the World's Professional Basketball Championship from the Fort Wayne Zollners, 68-64. Hannan scored 29 points. Philadelphia: Miss Lena Young, secretary to the president of the Pennsylvania Railroad, announced this morning a reduction in the freight rates of the rail- road. Miss Young, who is in charge of all finances, reports the road did a booming business last year. Denver: Miss Wilma jWitker, secretary of the Wo- men's Clubs of America, in'a speech here last night, urged women to become more active in national affairs. Miss Witker spends her time in traveling throughout the country talking to women on their civic duties. Toledo: Yesterday at a dairy sale here, Mr. Paul Welling sold 35 cows at auction. The average price of these cows was 3625. Mr. Welling is a vice pres- ident of the National Holstein Association. simon ?IiO?HECY Washington: Representative Charles Kurfessx serv- ing his first term in Congress, aroused wide-spread interest with his speech in the House yesterday on Military Training and International Cooperation. St. Petersburg: Rol Huss, star first baseman for the Boston :Red Sox has just signed his contract for this season, according to the Red SoX's general mana- ger. His salary is rumored to be S80,000. New York: At the annual National Art Show held here last night first prize went to Miss Gretchen Sny- der for her multicolored painting, WRainbow Forestn. Miss Snyder has been offered 330,000 for her painting. Baltimore: Yesterday morning, Dr. Philip Morgan, assisted by Nurse Margaret Musser, performed for the first time in history an operation on the spinal chord According to Miss Musser, a long-time advocate of such operations, the patient is on the road to recovery. San Francisco: For the first time in its history San Francisco has a woman at the head of its schools. Last night the mayor announced the appointment of Miss Mary Helm, as Superintendent of Schools. Columbus: The governor of Ohio this morning an- nounced the appointment of Miss Norma Kopp to the State Health Department. Miss Kopp will be in charge of health activities in the high schools in this state. Chicago: At the annual banquet of the American Medical Association here last night, Nurse Ernestine Roach told of her work as nurse in the slums of the nation and proposed plans for improvements. According to reports her talk was very well received. Detroit: Chief of Police Warren Musser announced last night that he is on the trail of who kill- ed Michigan's Attorney General last week. He predicts he will have his man in another two days. Cleveland: Tickets are sold out for the opening of the New York Philharmonic here tonight. Soprano soloist, Miss Imogene Broka, will be making her debut here this evening. , 4 Aiwf ff. lg' P if on Cuz 'Q Gre is Peggy Q QW My 1, A gb My E9 Ak W We 2 fi ,E if He If sf ,iqu V .-,. . - 4 Huss No rm Lena Imy Warren Doc E5ACCALAUIQEA'fE, Zion Lutheran Church May 18, l9L7 Prelude--- ------------------- ------ Mrs. Marian Hasel Organist A Processional Hymn- ------------------ NHoly, Holy, Holyn Vespers ----------- ------ ----------- tPastOr Responsive Reading--- - ----- - ---Congregation The Scripture Lesson ---- - ----- ----- -Pastor Anthem --------------- - ------------ Choir Hymn--- ------------------------------- Congregation HStand Up, Stand Up for Jesusu Sermon ---------- - ----------------------- Rev. Otto Weiss HChristians in Continual Combatn A Text - Ephesians 6:10-17 Closing Service-- ------------- -- ----- -- - ----Pastor Benediction ----- ----- -- -- -- ------ Pastor Recessional Hymn -------------------------- Congregation HLove Divine, All Love Exoellingu PoStlude---- -------- --+---- ---------- Mrs. Marion Hasel COMMENCEMENT Troy-Luckey Village School May 22, 191.7 X H Processional ----- WFestival Marchn--+-School Orchestra Invocation ------- ------------------- Rev. F. W. Figge Salem Lutheran Church Salutatory --------- ------- f ---------- Charles Kurfess Clarinet Solo --------------------- ----Ernestine Roach ' UCsardasN Piano accompaniment --------------- Mary Helm Musical Reading ----------------------- Charlene Hutson NThe Dayn Valedictory ------- ---------- '---Gretchen Snyder Address ---------------- C ---------------- Mr. Fred Klagg Dean of Boys, Waite High School Music ---------------------+-------- High School Chorus WBig Brown Bearn--Mana-Zucca nMy Buddyn--Donaldson USleepH--Lebieg W Presentation of Class ----- -------- Prin. L. R. Doren Presentation of Diplomas ------------- Mr. John Kurfess President of Board of Education Benediction ---------------- + --------- Rev. F. W. Figge Recessional -------------------------- School Orchestra NScarlet and Grayu 'Music under the direction of Mrs. Hobart K4 XP-' f'fi"!f'N' ,Lf 55135, N J H. ,',,. .htz -.,4LzI" Q 133:34 x .,V'.b4"'-.,zA'. ""'L Q 'Fix ' 4 lx . A x -, ' L . 1 - 1,..,,y-L1 !,1:r:1: -.1.f-21-.1 I ':- -.-.-:.:1 -1+ 1 rg, ,3:7:g:g:,:g'4,.'.g.g.g2g',-gig11.75..-:3:1::4,-f:1:f'1:71:1 1:3:1":f:5:'."' -:2:f:f:ff5'?.g.51iRft:f1f.1:.4 -' j5.,Esggigzgsz:'l':g5fg5E.5E5g:'--Q-315113: .::,v3.-51.31453 -.1.,.3.,,.,,3.5 ,:.g.:.:.,.3.g gms-. :-:-:-:-'-5'-z-.-1-z-Lf-1-p-:-::4:,:,.: 3,,f5:.1.:3.1.: 4 Seated: HelenfUrban, Doris Holtmeyer, Grace Emmitt, Eliza- beth Young, Joanne Oestreich, Alma Neifer, Dolores Kinker. Standing: Mrs. Bringman, Roy Christen, Merlin Miller, Rus- sell Ruch, George Rife, Ernest Slater, Bill Loomis. JUNIOKS President- ------------------------ + ---- Merlin Miller Vice President-- ------------------------- Helen Urban Secretary-Treasurer- --------- ------- -Doris Holtmeyer Sponsor----- ------ - ---- ------------ ---- Mrs. Eringman On September 3, 1946, fourteen students enrolled in the Junior class. On the second day of school, they were delight- ed to receive their class rings. Mary Langell withdrew from school during the second six weeks. Two assembly programs were given during the year. The first, a Christmas program, includedi Christmas customs in other lands and the origin of many of ours. Mr. Fred Chambers was the speaker at the second one given in March. The play NKay Beats the Bandn was presented November 7. To complete an eventful year, the Junior-Senior banquet was given on May 2. This was followed by a Junior invitational dance on Saturday night, May 3. igeatedfiEZoeAnhniWilson,iDeloreswHannah,-Earlene Myers, Katha leen Kurfess, Geraldine Carr, LaQuitta WalKer,Ellen Christen, Bonnie Kopp, Elaine Helm. Standing: Dale Bockbrader, Richard Crispen,Erederic Brinker, Franklin Jacobs, Elaine Oestreich, Keith Fleming, Glen Wel- ling, James Borcherding, Mr. Filiere. "' 5 'N r r" f' vb CMC'1'.ff,JMfD1i L 5 President ------------------------- Elaine Oestreich Vice President -------------------- Kathleen Kurfess Secretary ---------- ---------------- Franklin Jacobs Treasurer -------------------------- -Delores HBHHBH Sponsor. ----------- --------------------- Mr. Filiere The Sophomores now have nineteen members in their class. Donald Hotmer withdrew from school in September. ' Initiation of the Freshmen was one of our first activi- ties, which was happily done. Our other activities for the past year have been a class party at Roadside Park in the fall, and two assembly programs, Rev, Jonanssen was the speaker at the second one which was a religious program at Easter time. ' Seated: Marilyn Coy, Shirley Rife, Delores Hazel, Ruth Brueggemeier, Betty Jacobs, Mary Jacobs, Theone Buch, Natalie Wilson. , Standing: Miss Rolfes, Dale Layman, Russell Welling, Harold fe Hoelter, Dudley Welling, Lloyd Lierker, Norman,Musser. Absent: Marilyn liuswinkle. N " f" r r' f-'I I lr' X ..v fjiiqfilxf Ll W President ---------------- ---- ------------ Dale Layman Vice Pres1dont---------- ------ --1 -------- Theone Buch Secretary-Treasurer----- -------- -- ------ -Mary Jacobs Sponsor---e ------ -- ----------- --- -------- Miss Rolfes The Freshmen have fifteen members in their class. We were initiated by the Sophomores at the beginning of the year. Our class took the Ohio State ?syohological Test in the fall. Two class parties were held during the year: a Halloween party in Dierker's barn and a Wiener roast at Roadside Park. A Thanksgiving program was given for the first assembly. Reverend Weiss was the guest speaker at the second one in April. Seated: Naomi Brinker, Evelyn Dierker, Joann Schroeder, Doris kothenbuhler, Margaret Samn, Carol Jean Rolf, Ruth lSamson. l Standing: Miss Ollendorf, iichard Samson, Ray Ford, Robert lierker, Lonald Caris, Bernard Samson. Absent: Charles Eaker. fjf'il-Ylj fbr ,X s f eL',Q.l.V,l J' QJJQJ' UL President ------------------------ ---Carol Jean Rolf Vice President ------ -- ---------- - ---- Richard Samson Secretary-Treasurer -------- of ------------ Ruth Samson Sponsor--- --------- - -------- --------- Miss Ollendorf The Eighth Grade has thirteen members this year. In Oc- tober the class had a Halloween party at Richard Samson's. In January we were in charge of the assembly program. We gave a short play, HLO the Gaunt Wolfn. Rev.f Figge was the guest speaker, A .. X Helen Ruth Snyder, a member of our class who is confined in the Grippled Children's Home in Toledo, is recovering from polio. We hope that she will be with us soon. X .gp Seated: Marilyn Miller, Grace Jacobs, Patsy Mnsser, Jean- nean Wilson, Arla Christen, Mae Oestreich, Janice Hacker, Martha Rife, Maxine Leking. Standing: Mr. Doren, ,Teddy Barber, Walter Jordon,' Roger ' Ernsthausen, Robert Tracy, Lloyd Musser, James Grubs, Royce Ruch, Eloise Dierker. X . e SEVENTH GRADE President ------------------- ------- James Grubs Vice President --------------- ----- Mae Oestreich Secretary-Treasurer ------------- ,---+Lloyd Musser Sponsor -------------------------------- Mr. Doren I H . The Seventh Grade has seventeen members. During the sum- mer Rae Myers had moved to Toledo and Bobby Aspacher to Bowl- ing Green. We had a Halloween party at the home of Mae Oestreich. we presented two assembly programs during the year. The first one, which was held in February, included a playlet, WThe Feb- ruary Hall of Famen, and several numbers by a Seventh Grade band. Rev. Eversole was the speaker at the second one held in May. The girls took part in the style show given for the upper six grades, D VN .1 -,' ,.r...,a...,,...a-,...., ...-. .,..,,,,.. ....,-. A. ...U .,f..,....... -ev.. , - , -or -- 4- ......................4.,...,. . A-YYY.V-4- --A.--M -- V l Q KA D 5 51 1 I V X V,. X X ,..l.x'A ff 5X 1,71-A I WA'Vfff'3X..-f!fx XXV N ff X ' X, M '- ,K 'X 1' If X tty! "N f X 'll M' 1' Q5 7 X T.i7'??N x , , , , - .l ..,, 2 f X X N fx, 1 'X ' L? f 1 g izg W fd f , S ff ,ff fqtg. -EI-'zjf' I' -5 F T., "A' f'.- S -L . .'f1f:-1- -' First row: David Kopp, Roscoe Crispen, Dale Jacobs, Dick Iilert, Charles Albright, Jim Helm. Second row: Cathryn Evans, Shirley Brinker, Martha Mallery, Katharine Hasel, Jeanne Urban, Florence Miller, Patty Carla Top row: Miss Brown, Walter Holtmeyer, Noladean Kinker, Carrol Baker, Marilyn Hoelter, Joan Miller, Lonna Marie Welling, Jimmie Ford, Joe Helm. SIXTH GRADE The enrollment for the Sixth Grade was twenty in Septemf ber. ' Pupils with perfect attendance during the first semester were Charles Albright, Carrol Baker, Shirley Brinker, Richard Eilert, James Ford, Katharine Easel, Martha Mallery, Jeanne Urban, and Donna Welling. We had the usual parties at Halloween, ,Christmas, Valen- tine and Faster, each time joining with the Fifth Grade. Nearly all the pupils 'have read the required number of Reading Circle books. We were pleased to receive the prize money three times for having the largest attendance at the Mothers' Club. We purdhased pictures for our room with this money. L... . , Seated: Barbara Amos, Arlene Rife, Janet Jensen, Norma Walken Shirley Jacobs, Doris Ruswinkle, Arlene Miller. Standing: Mrs. Miller, Kenneth Knitz, Ronnie Webb, Berry Carr, Helen Tracy, Sam Musser, David Jacobs, Ronnie Melcher, Miss Brown. I FIFTH GRADE In September nine girls and seven boys enrolled in the Fifth Grade. Pupils having perfect attendance for the first semester were Barbara Amos, David Jacobs, Janet Jensen, Ronnie Melcher, Arlene Miller, Sam Musser, and Doris Ruswinkle. We had two teachers this year. In the morning, Mrs. Mil- ler taught us arithmetic, geography, and language. In the afternoon, we went to the Sixth Grade room where Miss Brown taught us reading, history, spelling, and health. For the April Mothersf Club meeting we helped the Fourth Grade give the play, HThe Easter Egg Rumpusf. Nearly all of us read the Reading Circle books for this year. We enjoyed making the booklets NOur American with the Sixth Grade. , Seated: Mrs. Miller, Barbara Carr, Mary Ellen Leking, Arlene Grover, Marlene Miller, Nancy Crispen, Mary Rae Kimmel. S' I Standing: Ronnie Hazel, Freddie Baker, Robert Jones,Johnny Kurfess, Dale Ruswinkle, Lloyd Albright, Larry Myers, Wallace Dierker, Ronnie Hayward. Absent: Elaine Ruswinkle FQ QKJLXXDE In September seven girls and nine boys enrolled in the Fourth Grade. Jack Chancey withdrew in September, and Ro- bert Jones withdrew in March. ' Those pupils who had perfect attendance for the first semester were Lloyd Albright,Freddie Baker, Wallace Dierker, Arlene Grover, Ronnie Hayward, Ronnie Hazel, Mary Ellen Lek- ing, Marlene Miller, and Dale Ruswinkle. We had parties with the Fifth and Sixth Grades at Hal- loween, Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, and Easter. For the April meeting of the Mothers' Club we presented the play NThe Easter Egg Rumpusn. ..........wL ,,.. . , - -,l,... 2 H First row: Marion Tracy, Robert Camp, Curtis Juergens, George Jensen, Raymond Kohring, Perry Emmitt, Marlyn Bus- deker. Second row: Loleta Uilson, Hermina Brinkmeier, Deanna Min- nix, Janice Dierker, Lola Jean Evans, Anne Swartz, Patty Finn. Third row: Miss Crocker, Gerald Ernsthausen, Dorothy Nehls Connie Oestreich, Joan Rothenbuhler, Janet Kopp, Mary Ellen Schroeder, Kathleen Neifer, Lyle Evans. Absent: Connie Baker, Ernest Nagy. T H IRD CJK A DE The Third Grade enrollment in September was twenty- three. Hermina Brinkmeier withdrew in March and entered Gibsonburg school, and Ernest Nagy came to us from Wood- ville. Pupils having perfect attendance for the first semester were Connie Baker, Marlyn Busdeker, Lola Jean Evans, and Hermina Brinkmeier. 'We enjoyed our Halloween, Christmas and Valentine par- ties, and the Easter egg hunt with the Second Grade. The pupils presented a play, NNorthwind Loses the Bat- tlen at the April meeting of the Mothers' Club. First row: Frankie Camp, Clyde Fieblekorn, Jackie Austin, Dale Kohring, Daniel Nehls, Freddie Baker, Tommy Hasel, Bobby Filiere, Dickie Korn. Second row: Donnai Jacobs, Anna Mae Jennings, Carol Ann Hoelter, Jane Abke, Suzanne Jacobs, Linda Evans, Barbara Brockseker, Carol Hannah, Kaye Ellen Eberhart. Third row: Mrs. Smith, Donald Caris, Dale Hacker, Roger Radeloff, Jimmy Kinker, Freddie Burkholder, Paul Oestreich, Lyle Samson. ' anions swag The enrollment last September in our room was twenty- six. Theodore Rodriquez withdrew in October. Those having perfect attendance for the first semester were Paul Oe- streich, Tommy Easel, Bobby Filiere, Freddie Burkholder, Bobby Baker, Jackie Austin, Anna Mae Jennings, Carrol Ann Hoelter, and Kaye Ellen Eberhart. We had a Halloween, a Christmas, and a Valentine party. At Easter time we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with the Third Grade, ln April all the grades put on the program for Mothers' Club. We gave the play, HThe Faster Bunnyk. We enjoyed our Trumvue and films which we bought with the money given us by the Mothers' Club for having the most mothers present at one meeting, ,., . ,4 .V Seated: Lester Poasemeyer, Linda Lou Crispen, Mary Camp, Karen Phillips, Judy Gambell, Linnie Amos, Joyce Burkholder, Martha Heise, Kenneth Caris. Standing: Mrs. Pusdeker, Richard Stebel, Gerald Miller, Jimmie Kurfess, Darrell Spahn, Billy Dahne, Danny Ford, Allan Schulte, Paul Gephart. Absent: Ellen Jean Dierksheide, Mary Ann Minnix, Robert Willman. F V f"' r N H final GIJQAUL The enrollment in the First Grade was twenty. Gerald Miller was the only pupil with perfect attendance. A reading lesson demonstration was aiven at the October meeting of the Mothers? Club. For the April meeting the grades presented a spring program, The First Grade gave the play, WThe South Wind and the Flowersn. Some new books for our library table were purchased with the money won for having the most mothers present at their April meeting, We have enjoyed feeding the birds and watching them eat from our feeding trays. We had a Halloween, a Christmas, a Valentine, and an Easter party this year. f v l I -rf, K., W-ff DO YOU REMEMBER The day Rolland got sick? How much fun we had at the school dances? Those good old bus rides? The time Bob Dierker didn't look before he shot? When Norma got her hair cut? The night we won the County Tournament? The wonderful Athletic Banquet we had? When Russell Welling couldn't whistle? When Walter Jordan played Abe Lincoln in assembly? How nice we looked in gowns at the Christmas cantata? When Russ Buch didn't haveiat least three girls at a time? Why George spent so much time in Bowling Green? When we could afford to eat in the cafeteria? Our long faces after the Gibsonburg game? How much we miss Helen Ruth's bright smile? How Helen struggled with the piano in chorus? p How much we enjoyed listening to the world series? - When the girls in shorthand Knew how to spell? When John Hannan was young enough to take his nap in the afternoon instead of in the morning? Those nice comfortable days when we had an hour noon? When chewing gum was legal? The good old days when Elaine Helm traveled in a Buick? l 'I-fx-ff J,-X1 ' LL JQ5 'A 5.-f . ' :-.-!,.'. .3 K :. ,5.,.,:,, Af 1. X, 253 4f'T"f,f I X 5"'m 2 -,fd ' W f lf, 1, f W fbif X? iff!! R2 I 4 l 2 K x -..., 1 frm' u if .ff J 0 w l J. Tracy Rush R. Huss K. Fleming H. Samson D. Welling H. Hoelter G. Rife FOOT BALL At the beginning of the 1946 football season ten boys, five of whom were lettermen, reported for train- ing. With the new coach, L. R. Doren, and Captain Russell Ruch at the head we had a fairly successful season. Although we lost five of the seven games played, we outscored our opponents by 31 points.' During the season Russell Welling was manager, and Joe Helm and Ray Ford served the team as water Lllllhoys. DATE Sept. 13 Sept. 20 Sept. 27 Oct. A - Oct. ll Oct. 18 Oct. 24 TOTAL PLAYERS R. Huss H. Samson R. Ruch B. Loomis M. Miller G. Rife K. Fleming J. Tracy D. Welling H. Hoelter 1946 SCHEDULE OPPONENT WE THEY PLACE Eradner 8 28 Here Monclova LO 20 There Waterville 2O 2l A 'Here Wayned s A4 O Here Risingsun 6 8 There Bloomdale 8 l2 There Clyde I ,lg 20 There lAO lO9 . . l9L6 SQUAD S POSITION GRADE AWARDS E LO Certificate HB ' A Letter QB 3 Certificate HB 3 Certificate HE 3 Certificate C 3 Letter HB 2 Letter WE 2 Certificate E l Emblem E l Letter VARQVW CHF F Ria FADFRS ' Norma Kopp Mary Jacobs , ' Elaine Helm N Helen Urban FKMAFLICC fl K,lANAff.'l'fFJC' R. Welling, R. Ford, W. Jordon, R. Christen Mr. Doren , Mr. Filiere Joe Helm 1 x R. Crispen Q Q- H. Samson L. Dierker C.QKurfess ' Q R. Ruch J. Hannan B. Loomis H. Hoelter R. Huss G. Rife Miller OPPONENT Monclova Woodville Wayne Pemberville Lake Webster North Troy Olney eSGenterburge Sguad: J R H C R B M G K R H D L R OPPONENT Monclova Woodville Wayne Pemberville Lake Webster Olney Centerburg BASJQETBALL Varsity Season's Record m QEBONENT WE .LY 59 to, ' Haskins SE 25 L5 3O ' Monclova 63 L3 44 23 Webster 64 37 L2 28 Lake 33 28 39 26 Bradner 58 53 53 27 Walbridge 59 33 62 22 North Troy 67 10 L8 - 28 Olney L9 39 53 me 9 23 vfaibaidge E 22 at 258 TOTALS: WE ' 898 THEY 540 NAME POSITION YEAR AWARD Hannan G A Certificate Huss C A Certificate Samson , G 4 Emblem Kurfess F A Certificate Ruch G 3 Letter Loomis' F 3 Certificate Miller F 3 Certificate Rife G '3 Letter Fleming F 2 Certificate Crispen T G 2 Emblem Hoelter C 1 Emblem Welling F 1 Emblem Dierker G l Emblem Welling F 1 Emblem Reserve Record WE THEY OPRONENT WE 27 24 Haskins 24 38 20 Monclova 36 41 11 Webster 34 25 26 Lake 2A 51 12 Brainer 42 31 ' 12 Walbridge A1 18 16 Olney 31 L5 18 Walbridge 38 TOTALS: WE 5L6 THEY 291 THEY ll 20 21 7 20 17 22 34 X w fxf'fF'fP"w Dflntl Dr -L TOURNAMENTS Wood County Trojans 25 Lake Trojans 46 Jackson Trojans 38 Pemberville Trojans 24 Olney TOTAL 133 X fi District T Trojans 26 Bradner Trojans 43 Elmore Trojans 35 St. Marys .TOTAL 104 Regional Trojans 35 Gibsonburg TOURNAMENT TOTALS Trojans 272 Opponents 219 YEARLY TOTALS Trojans 1170 Opponents ,759 The 1946-L7 Basketball season will long be'remem- bered in this community. This year the team, ably coached by Mr. Filiere, won the League, County and District Championships. With a record of 24 wins and only 2 losses this year's team went farther in tour- nament play then any previous Troy-Luckey team. Few teams in Wood County have matched their feat. Much credit is due to Coach Filiere for his excellent work with this championship team. Captain John Hannan and Bill Loomis'were named on the All-County Team. Hannah and Holland Huss were named on the All-District Team while Russell Ruch made the second team and Loomis the third team. Hannan was named on the All-Regional Team. Both HBHHBH and Huss made the second team in the state. K V2 , 'Q +L 5 wif ' x , R. Huss G. Rife H. Samson H. Hoelter R. Ruch M. Miller R. Welling K. Fleming L. Dierker B. Loomis J. Hannan D. Welling C. Kurfess J. Tracy BASEBALL Schedule Date Opponent We - They Where Apr Pemb erville 9 6 H Apr St. Joe 3 2 H Apr Webster 7 7 H Apr Olney T Apr St. Joe T May Webster H May Lake H May Walbridge H May Pemberville T May Olney H May Bradner T May Woodville H Sguad Name Position Year John Hannan P-lB A Rolland Hussv P-lB A Herbert Samson C-OF A Chuck Kurfess OF A Merlin Miller SS 3 Russell Ruch 3B 3 Bill Loomis C-OF 3 Keith Fleming 2B 2 Dudley Welling OF l Russell Welling. OF l Lloyd Dierker OF l Harold Hoelter F-lF l Since we have football at our school in the fall, we cannot enter the County Baseball Tournament which is held at that time. The results of the games played this year are printed above. Of the games played we have won two, tied one, and lost none. Several of the games were canceled on account of rain. JUNIOR 1-HGH BASKETBALL The Junior High basketball team, coached by Mr. Doren, played a schedule of five games during the sea- son. Of these they won three. By virtue of Troys winning the County Junior High Tournament last year, the 1947 tournament was held here. Their first two games in the tourney were deci- sive wins over Lake and Risingsun. The team ended a successful season in a thrilling game with North Troy, losing by one point in the final seconds of play. SEASON Troy 2l North Troy 27 Troy 27 North Troy 36 Troy 44 West Millgrove 18 Troy LO West Millgrove 14 Troy 30 Woodville ll TOTAL 162 Opponents lO6 WOOD COUNTY TOURNEY p Troy 39 Lake 10 Troy L2 Risingsun 13 Troy 17 North Troy 18 TOTAL 98 Opponents Ll YEARLY TOTAL 260 Opponents 147 NAME POSITION GRADE B. Samson . F 8 D. Samson F 8 D. Caris C 8 R. Ford G 8 R. Ruch G 7 W. Jordon G 7 L. Musser F 7 ' R. Ernsthausen C 7 T. Barber F 7 muon mea-1 r First row: B. Samson, R. Buch, T. Earber Second row: L. Lmsser, J. Grubs, B. Ford, R. Samson Third row: Mr. Loren, W. Jordon, D. Caris, 5. Ernsthausen JUNIOR H165-I CHEEIQLEEXDEKS Gerol Jean Rolf Arla Christen Joenn Schroeder - Gzif H+ ..,,, Z: -- , , Hiya 4 Ln 4.1 3' 5, 5 . . . ' ' --. ' ff. ' A 55 if H1 V W M9 -1.213 w if Af, - w W ,W 1 " I ' 1' 1.1133 X QW SQ X ACT l W 'H E5 xyw, Eg j?l,gQ? X ,X CF is 'f V JY X 1 Qi .NNE I, X , 1 2 , A ",:",,"'-f First row: Wilma Witker, Charlene Hutson, Joanne Oestreich, Charles Kurfess, Rolland Huss, Helen Urban, Gretchen Snyder. Second row: Maxine Leking, Joann Schroeder, Mrs. Shaw, Norma Kopp, LaQuitta Walker, Donald Oestreich, Russell Rush, Miss Rolfes, Marilyn Coy, Doris Holtmeyer, Zoe Ann Wilsons Third row: Imogene Broka, Lena Young, Bill Loomis, Merlin Miller, Ernest Slater, Roy Christen,Ernestine Roach, Kathleen Kurfess. T HE KMOJA N The annual staff, together with the cooperation of the faculty and student body, are responsible for the publishing of this yearbook. Pictures for NThe Trojann were taken by Leone Studios of Toledo, and the lithographing and the binding was done by The J. D. Lasher Printers of Fremont. llxlfpllf-N-Q' nf 4 lx in ceq fan Editor ---- Asst. ---------- Business Manager--- Asst. ----------- Production Manager--- SiAsstg-- ------ ---- News Editor--- Assts """' Artist ----s--- Asst. ----------- Special Reporters: Sports Reporter ---- """"" Fashion Reporter--- """"" Jokes Reporter--- Class Reporters: Junior-- ------ - Sophomore ---- -- Freshman -------- -- Eighth Grade ------- Seventh Grade ------ Club Reporters: Booster Club ------- Home Economics Club Commercial Club ---- English Critic ---- Advisor---- ---- --- ------Wilma Witker Joanne Oestreich ----Paul'Welling -----Bill Loomis - ---- Ernestine Roach Fi- -IHGIEH Urban ---- ----Charlene Hutson -----Grace Emmitt -Gretchen Snyder -----Ernest Slater ------Russell Ruoh ---Merlin Miller ---Imogene Broke ---- ----Dolores Kinker ---Charles Kurfess ---Ernest Slater -- - --------- Zoe Ann Wilson ----- --------------Marilyn Coy --- -------- Joann Schroeder ---Maxine Leking --- ---- Margaret Musser ------ ---LaQuitta Walker ----Grace Emmitt - ------ -------- Miss Rolfes ------Mrs. Shaw First row: Ernestine Roach, Charlene Hutson, Joanne Oe- streich, Wilma Witker, Russell Ruch, Helen Urban, Gretchen Snyder. Second row: Imogene Eroka, LaQuitta Walker, Joann Schroeder, Mrs. Shaw, Lena Young, Miss Rolfes, Dolores Kinker, Elizabeth Young, Grace Emmitt, Ernest Slater. Third row: Maxine Leking, Norma Kopp, Bill Loomis, Merlin Miller, Charles Kurfess, Paul Welling, Zoe Ann Wilson, Mari- lyn Coy. rg! p 1 f,fH,N nlnkblctsn, the school paper, was published every six weeks by the staff appointed by the faculty. The last edition was published entirely by the assistants, who will become the regular staff next year. At the beginning of the year, the staff decided to charge three cents a copy. This money was used for materials needed to publish the paper, The paper, which was mimeographed, was eight pages long and contained items of interest to the readers. J I K First row: Zoe ann Xilson, Natalie Wilson, Charlene Hutson, Mary Helm, Helen Urban, horis noltmeyer. Second row: Delores Hannah, Imogene ,Broka, Mary Jacobs, Norma hopp, Darlene Myers, ilaine Helm, LaQuitta Walker. Third row: Shirley Life, Theone huch, Margaret Musser, Ger- aldine Carr, Elaine Oestreich, Gretchen Snyder, Grace Immitt, Alma Neifer, Dolores Linker, Mrs. Eringman. Fourth row: Ruth Brueggemeier, Lelores Hazel, Marilyn Coy, Illen Christen, Joanne Oestreich, Kathleen Kurfess, Yilma Either, Zrnestine Loach, Bonnie hopp. r H- rr ft r 5905 Lili wiufj HBe a booster, not a booerlu nl President -------------------- ------------- Norma Kopp Vice President ------------------- - ----- Imogene Broka Secretary-Treasurer--------- ---- --- ----- Wilma Witker 'These awards were given: five certificates, eight let ters, four gold pins, five silver pins, and eight bronze pins Seated: Betty Jacobs, Darlene Myers, Elaine Oestreioh, Alma Neifer, Bonnie Kopp, Elaine Helm, LaQuitta Walker. Standing: Geraldine Carr, Margaret Musser, Delores Hannan, Miss Ollendorf. V l l F' F' 'J , 5 ' "' P HCJ-Mn .f3QQNQlvilQ.b CL Us BUSY FINGERS President ----------------------- ------- Bonnie Kopp Vice President ---- ---- ------ ---- Darlene Myers Secretary ------------ --m-- --------- Elaine Helm Treasurer ------------- -------- Elaine Oestreich Sponsor ---------- - ---- - ------------- Miss Ollendorf The club had a dinner in the cafeteria before their Hal- loween party. 'The Seventh and Eighth Grade girls were our guests at a Christmas dinner. Our April meeting was held at Bonnie Kopp's. We attended a style show at Lasalle and Koch's in the spring. First rowg' John H8HH8H, Norma Kopp, Doris Holtmeyer, Charles Kurfess, Wilma Witker, Grace Emmitt, Rolland Huss. Second row: Donald Oestreioh, Imogene Broke, Elizabeth Young, Gretchen Snyder, Alma Neifer, Dolores Kinker, Mrs. Shaw. Third row: Charlene Hutson, Mary Helm, Margaret Musser,Joenne 5estreich, Lena Young. fnxyxlf',X r' Jo,AefL ,U 9 President -------------------------- --Charles Kurfess Vice President-- ---- - ------ ---- -----eloris Holtmeyer Secretary Treasurer ---- ----- ----- ----- P-Wilma Witker Program Chairman --------- f- -------- ------ Norma Kopp Sponsor---n---- ------------------------- ---Mrs. Shaw At the heainnins of the rear the enrollment of the club 1. M D Q' J Q numbered eighteen. From time to time though, some were sus- pended beoeuse of low grades. Meetings were held the first Tuesday Evenini of eooh month ot the homes of various memhers. The regular business meeting was followed by reports, e soeiel hour and refreshments. Seated: Delores Hazel, Theone Ruch, Lena Young, Ernest Slaten Merlin Miller, Doris Holtmeyer, Bonnie Kopp. Standing: Marilyn Coy, Miss Rolfes, Zoe Ann Wilson. I LIBKAIQIANS X Some new books, fiction and non-fiction, were purchased for the library this year. I These included the 1946-L7 Ohio Pupils' Reading Circle books for all the grades. 1 Many pupils have read the required number of reading circle books to earn diplomas or seals. Q The American Legion Auxiliary presented our library with a DOOKQ It is the UFireside Christmas Storiesn by Edward Wagenknecht. , Sammy Hobbs ---- Otis Reynolds-- Clyde Blackwell Junior Brownley Mr. Scroggins-- Mrs. Scroggins- Mrs. Brownley-- Katinka -------- Honey LeVere--- Bunny LeVere--- Sunny LeVere--- Tickets--- MaKe-up--- Managers-- TAILSPIN SAMMY SHNl0R PLAY Cast ----A daring young man-- A young lawyer-- ---------A business man- - ----- Charles Kurfess --------Warren Musser -------HerbertrSamson A fresh young man ------ --Holland Huss ----------A timid man--- -----A domineering woman ---------Paul Welling ------Ernestine Roach faint-hearted woman- ------- Norma Kopp -----A hired 5irl-----f------- ----------A dancer------ ---------Another dancer- ---------One more dancer -........... .....-...-.........-.......-...........-...-.- .---..--. Margaret Musser Charlene Hutson -----Lena Young ------------Mary Helm Gretchen Snyder Imogene Broke ---Donald Oestreich, John Hannah Before Mr. Brownley died, he hid the plans to his new invention, When their lawyer finds them, Tailspin Sammy flies the plans to Washington so that he can get the patent before Blackwell, an oily business man, who has stolen the duplicate copy from the Scroggin's boarding house. 1 KAY BEATS THE BAND Kay Meredith ------- Judy Meredith ----- - Lois Andrews ------- Steve Woodward Tom Nolan-- ------- - Madeline Ross ------ JUNIOR PLAY Cast Youthful and vivacious Her tempestuous sister -Kay's best friend ---- - ---- Band Leader------ --Steve's pal --------- A week-end visitor ---- Phil Hunter ------ Has a girl-shy complex-- Bessie Trotter----Meredith's housekeeper- J. G. Ellison ----- On an unexpected visit- Miss Denny--- ---- ---- History teacher----- Tickets ---------------------------- Elizabeth Young Stage Managers --------- -Bill Loomis, Ernest Slater - ---'--- Helen Urban --------Alma Neifer -------Grace Emmitt ------Merlin Miller -------Russell Ruch -Doris Holtmeyer -------Roy Christen --Dolores Kinker -----George Rife Joanne Oestreich Kay and her mischievous sister, Judy, receive the charm- ing, unexpected Madeline Ross who arrives for a visit. To prevent the meeting of their boyfriends and the captivating Miss Ross, Kay and her chum, Lois, break a date, using as an excuse that Kay has a business appointment with Dudley Har- vard Smith, and even find a stranger to introduce as Mr. Smith. Events prove the stranger's identity and give a hil- arious ending to the play. , I JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQ2UE'f May 2, 1947 MENU Tomato Cocktail Mashed Potatoes Baked Ham Vegetable Jello Salad Hors d'oeuvres Rolls Rainbow Delight Coffee PROGRAM Invocation ---- -------- ---Doris Holtmeyer Welcome ------ ------ ------- Helen Urban Response ------ -------- Charlene Hutson Toastmaster--- - ---- Merlin Miller Song --------- ----- - ------ Junior class Toast ------ ------ ---- ------ Mr. Kurfess Songs--- -- - --- ---Junior girls Toast--- ------ Mr. Doren The gymnasium was decorated in rainbow colors. After the dinner, dance music was furnished by a pop- ular dance band, NTDS Promenaders,N from Toledo. A'rHnf:f1c sfxmcuzw A The annual Athletic Banquet, sponsored by the Luckey Civic Club, was held in the school auditor- ium on April ll. The dinner was served by the Mothers' Club. MENU Fruit Cocktail Swiss Steak Corn Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Coffee . Cake with Whipped Cream PROGRAM Introduction of Toastmaster ------ if -----. Fritz Mallery Harold Trout Pres. of Civic Club Trumpet Solo --------------------------- Russell Welling WSerenadeN Old and New Football Captain -------------- Russell Ruch Awards -------------------------------- - ---- L. R. Doren Music -------------------- Fritz Mallery, Charles Austin ----- -------------Irvin Jacobs, Harold Hutson V Hwy Own United Statesn HOld McDonald Had a Farmn Old Basketball Captain --------------------- John Hannan New Basketball Co-Captains ----------------- Bill Loomis --- ----------- Merlin Miller Awards --------------------- --------- Doyce Filiere Music ------------------------------- Led by Mrs. Hobart Introduction of Speaker -------------------- Toastmaster E. M. Hole, Athletic Director, Wooster College Dismissal -------------------------------- Fritz Mallery YF ,ig NX CALENDAR September First day of school Juniors receive class rings Booster Club receive G. A. A. awards Election of class officers Cheerleaders elected Election of Red Cross officers First Booster Club meeting Library opens Fire drill Football game with Bradner A Mothers' Club reception for faculty Freshman initiation Football game at Monclova Football game with Waterville October First issue of'WInKblotsH Juniors select class play T. B. patch test given in first grade Cafeteria opens ' 1 Teachers' assembly Football game with Wayne Sophomore party at Roadside Parkx Mothers' Club meeting Junior farewell party for Mary Langell County Teachers' Meeting at North Baltimore Football game at Risingsun Seniors select invitations Commercial Club skating party at Perrysburgg Senior pictures taken at Leone Studios in Toledo Freshman party at DierKer's ii Football game at Bloomdale T Grade cards , Fire drill T. B. X-rays taken at Rossford High School Football game at Clyde Northwestern Ohio Teachers'Mecting. -No school Eighth Grade party at Richard Samson's First basketball practice Band plays at Gibsonburg in Halloween Parade L3 15 NJXI1-PNMJ I-' I-'I-' IO!-' l6 22 23 25 26 27 29 3 A 6 8 9 lO 12 13 17 18 19 20 26 27 CALENDAR November Seventh Grade Halloween party at Cestreich's Local Prince of Peace contest A Seniors select caps and gowns Sophomore assembly Junior play, NKay Beats the Bandn Armistice Day. No school Mothers' Club meeting Killion individual pictures taken --Eicre drill so C --Fire drill J 7 7 7 J --Senior box social at Kopp's --First basketball game at Monclova --Paper drive --Four movie projector demonstrations --Freshman assembly --Basketball game with Woodville Grade cards --Basketball game at Wayne December ---Basketball game at Pemberville ---School purchases a Bell-Howell movie projector Freshman and Senior Physchological Tests ---Basketball game at Lake Senior name cards arrive --County Prince of Peace Declamation contests at Cygnet and Pemberville --Begin half hour noon --Basketball game with Webster f Upper six grades assemble with Mothers' Club to hear readings given by Mrs. John Kline --Home Ee. Club Christmas party 1 --Basketball game at North Troy --Junior assembly --Senior pictures arrive. Leone take annual pictures --High School Christmas Cantata and Grade Christ- mas Operetta, nChristmas In Mexicon --Basketball game at Olney Christmas parties. Dismiss for vacation --Basketball game with Centerburg f --Basketball game at Haskins 2 3 6 '7 8 9 lO lL 16 17 20 22 24 27 28 29 30 31 bw 5 Nh OO'x1 I-'f-'i-' -I-XF-'O 19 2O CALENDAR January Sc ool resumes No chool. Ice storm Senior Chicken Dinner No school. Still ice! More ice! No school Basketball-game with Walbridge No school. Ice again! School resumes. Movies x --Basketball game with Monclova --Basketball game at Webster Mothers' Club meeting. Movies Exams --Exams Basketball game with Lake --Basketball game at Bradner Second semester begins --Basketball game with Walbridge. Grade cards Leone Studio take remainder of annual pictures --Movies Infantile Paralysis benefit game with North Troy --Commercial Club meeting and party at school with Alumni members as guests --Booster Club games and dinner after school Magazine sales begin. Mock trial by law class --No school. Sleet storm , --Still no school. Basketball game with Olney ' f February School resumes Movies Basketball boys guests at Father-Son Banquet, St. John's Lutheran Church, Stony Ridge County Teachers' Meeting at B. G. Dismiss at 12:30 Basketball game at Walbridge Drawing for County Basketball Tournament - County Tournaments begin Mothers' Club meeting Basketball game with Lake at B. G. Basketball game with Jackson at B. G. --Basketball game with Pemberville at B, G. Drawing for Junior High Tournament 21-- 22-- 25-- 26-- IO CD ON!-X OOQ f"!-'Y-' NPO 13 lb l7 18 20 21 25 26 27 28 1 2 A 7 8 9 'I CALENDAR February fCont.5 Movies Basketball game with Olney at B. G. Won County Championship! Drawing for District Basketball Tournament Basketball boys guests at Grace Lutheran Father-Son Banquet County Board Meeting. No cafeteria Basketball game with Bradner at Fremont March Seniors select class play. Movies Basketball game with Elmore Juniors and Seniors attend court case at B. C. Basketball game with St. Marys--District Winners! Senior dance Junior High Tourney begins at Luckey --Junior High basketball game with Lake --Junior High Tournament V Election of football and basketball captains --Regional basketball game with Cibsonburg at B. G. --Junior High Tournament --Junior High basketball game with Risingsun --Junior High basketball game with North Troy Robbedl No school --Junior assembly. Junior High finals ' --Movies 9 --No school. Bad weather --Movies A --Take first group of annual pictures to Lesher --Mothers' Club dance and box social April ---Sophomore assembly. Home Bc. Club party at Kopp' ---First baseball practice ---Good Friday. No school ---Senior invitations arrive ---Grade Easter program for Mothers' Club I Faculty dinner for basketball boys at Maumee ---Freshman assembly X A CALENDAR Agril Ccont.J Movies. Athletic Banquet Senior dance Select valedictorian and salutatorian Movies. First baseball game with Pemberville Baseball game with Fremont St. Joe I Maumee Valley Hospital nurse talks to Junior and Senior girls for recruiting nurses Advance home ec. class attend Cotton Show at La- salle's Northwestern District Journalism Association Con vention at Bowling Green State University Home economics girls'.style snow Baseball game with Webster Movies k Baseball game at Olney. Eighth Grade Testsi Movies. Baseball game at Fremont St. Joe May Baseball game with Webster Junior-Senior Banquet Junior dance X' Seventh Grade assembly. Baseball game with Lake Baseball game with Walbridge Baseball game at Pemberville Movies. Last issue of paper Senior play, NTailspin Sammyn Freshman party at Roadside Park Movies. Baseball game with Olney I Senior party at Huss's Senior dance Baseball game at Bradner Baccalaureate Senior assembly Baseball game with Woodville Final exams Final exams Commencement Last day of school Grade cards Seniors leave for Washington, D. C. MGT HE KS' President Vice President ---- - Treasurer Secretary CLUB EVENTS --Mrs. Stanley Eberhart -----Mrs. Lester Miller --Mrs. Emmit Brockseker ---Q--Mrs. Elmer Jacobs Program Chairman ---- - ---- Mrs. John Kurfessp Social Chairman ------------- Mrs. Harvey Helm September October: November: December: February: March: April: May: Reception for teachers. Entertainment by Ginny Wood. Kontak. Group singing led by Arthur Program given by girls' A-H Club under the direction of Mrs. Sheldon Snyder. History of the local LHH Club was given and in- dividual projects were displayed. The girls were' presented with their certifi- oates. Mrs. Vera Lowrie gave a talk on Brazil: She told of the historical background, folklore and parent-child: relations both here and there. Christmas tea. Christmas music was furn- ished by Mrs. Norman Ernsthausen and Mrs. Marcus Welling. Mrs. John Kline of Toledo gave readings to the mothers and thetmgh school students. Miss Helen Meyers, Red Cross Worker, gave an interesting talk on her experiences on War Bride ships and conditions in Europe. Valentine Tea. Square dance and box social. Music for dancing furnished by the Artz Orchestra. Children of first six grades presented a program of playlets on Easter and spring themes. Spring Tea. Mrs. Rana Boycheff, a native of Bulgaria, gave a talk contrasting life in Bulgaria and America and had a display of Bulgarian handwork. Xilxffif' JXJ . ' s 4,-r2"" Xfy' X 4g.KQf'N v7 wtf f X? ,vw " SE N KDIQ BAND First row: Mary Helm,Jeannean Wilson, Natalie Wilson, Ernese tine Roach, Gretchen Snyder, Helen Urban, Ellen Christen, Joann Schroeder, Marilyn Miller, Joan Miller, Florence Miller Second row: Imogene Broka, David Kopp, Richard Samson, Ray Ford, Roger Ernsthausen, Harold Hoelter, Paul Welling, Rus- sell Welling, Jimmie Ford, Dick Eilert, Arla Christen, David Jacobs, Qhird roy: Mrs. Hobart, Glen Welling, Merlin Miller, Russell Ruch, George Rife, Charles Kurfess, Bill Loomis, Roy Christen, Zoe Ann Wilson, Charles Albright., MUSICK This year there were forty-five members in the toy band. Tommy Hasel was the drum major. Mary Helm accompanied them when they played for the Christmas program. When the beginning instrumental work was started in the fall there were thirteen members. After Christ mas, however, Larry Myers who played a cornet, dropped out. Marlene Miller and Dale Ruswinkle played the violin, Jeanne Urban and Maxine Leking, snare drum, Lloyd Musser, bass drumg Ernest Slater, both snare and bass drum and cymbals, Teddy Barber, Bb soprano saxo- phone, Walter Jordan and Dale Layman, cornetg Mary Rae Kimmel, Eb alto saxophone. There were only five members in the junior band: Joe and Jim Helm, Donna Welling,Helen Tracy and Ronnie Webb. They all played the cornet. The first of March the junior band and beginning band, with the exception of the strings and junior high students, were put to- gether in one group. Then the first of May they were all joined together in one big band to play regular band music. The new members in our senior band this year were David Kopp, Dick Eilert, David Jacobs, Jim Ford, 3rd cornetg Charles Albright, C melody saxophone, Jeanne Urban and Maxine Leking, snare drum, Ernest Slater, cymbalsg Joan Miller and Florence Millen 3rd clarinet. This spring we are losing six Senior members: Charles Kurfess, alto horn, Ernestine Roach, lst clarinet, Gretchen Snyder, 2nd clarinet, Paul Welling, 2nd cor- netg Imogene Broke, drum, and Mary Helm, bells. The public appearances of our band this year were as follows: Kll in the Halloween parade at Gibsonburgg C25 at the finals in the County Tournament, C35 in the Memorial Day parade. For Memorial Day the songs they play will be: NOver Theren-Overature, NClory, Glory, Halleluiahn, WTenting on the Old Camp Groundn and a march. p. Our chorus consisted of sixty-two members this year. We gave a cantata entitled NMusic of Bethlehemn the night of the Christmas program. The solo voices were: 'soprano, Kathleen Kurfessg alto, Ernestine Roach, and baritone, Charles Kurfess. The accompanist was Mary Helm. We also sang three numbers for Com- mencement. C Front roy: Helen Urban, Norma Kopp, Donald Oestreich, Roy Christen, Ernestine Roach, Delores Hannan, Natalie Wilson, Zoe Ann Wilson. ' Back roy: Kathleen Kurfess, Mrs. Hobart, Mary Helm, Merlin Miller, George Rife, Russell Welling, Roger Ernsthausen, Charles Kurfess, Imogene Broka. QKCHEST KA There are several new members in our- orchestra this year. Kathleen Kurfess took Mary Langell's place at the piano. Ernest Slater played the drums and Bonnie Kopp, the bells the second semester. Ellen Christen played with us the last eight weeks replacing Roy Christen in 3rd clarinet and moving Roy to lst clarinet. Six of our members graduate this year: Charles Kur- fess, alto horny Ernestine Roach, lst clarinetg Imogene Broka, drumsg Mary Helm, bells, Norma Kopp, violing and Donald Oestreich, 'cello. Our orchestra made three public appearances: the Jun- ior play, the Senior play, and Commencement. 'M I CHRISTMAS IN M E X ICO GRADE OPERETTA Given under the direction of Mrs. Elmer Hobart Troy-Luckey School Auditorium . Thursday evening Dec. 19 at 8:00 Given by permission of the publishers, Myers8:Carring- ton, Redwood City, California Accompanist--- ------------------- ---- Helen Urban Cast of Characters Santa --------- ------------------ ------ Dick Eilert Father --------- -------- Jim Ford Mother -------- - - - ---- 4--Joan Miller Pedro ------- ----- ---- -------- Marlyn Busdeker Carmen --------- ----- --- ----------- Barbara Amos Elena ------------- ---Mary Ellen Schroeder Petra ---------- --------- Johnny Kurfess Maria ------------ --- - --------- Loleta Wilson Angels ------------- -- ---------------- Suzanne Jacobs --------------- ---------f-------------Jane Abke Chorus of Neighbors ----- Shirley Brinker, Patty Caris, Joe Helm, Donna Welling, Roscoe Crispen, Charles Alf bright, Noladean Kinker, Alvin Swartz, Ronnie Webb, Arlene Grover, Betty Carr, Helen Tracy,Shirley Jacobs, Barbara Carr, Ronnie Hayward, Ronnie HazeL Elaine Rus- winkle, Jim Helm. Orchestra Chorus ----- Marilyn Hoelter, Florence Miller, Martha Mallery, David Jacobs, Kathryn Hazel, Jeanne Urban, Arlene Rife, Norma Walker, Patty-Finn, Ronnie Melcher, -Janet Jensen, Jim Emmitt, Mary Ellen Leking, Dale Ruswinkle, Doris Ruswinkle, Nancy Crispen, Mar- lene Miller, Mary Rae Kimmel, Gerald Ernsthausen, Con- nie Oestreich, Kathleen Neifer, Anne Swartz, Connie Baker, George Jensen, Dorothy Nehls, Lola Evans, Janet Kopp, Joanne Rothenbuhler. Stage Managers ----------- ---- David Kopp, Dale Jacobs the five hildren K GRADE OPEIQETIA First row: Johnny Kurfess, Barbara Amos, Jimmie Ford, Dick Eilert, Joan Miller, Marlin Busdeker, Mary Ellen Schroeder, Loleta Wilson. Second row: Jane Abke, Patty Finn, Martha Mallery, Jeanne Urban, Arlene Rife, Arlene Grover, Katharine Easel, Janet Kopp, Anne Swartz, Lola Jean Evans, Dorothy Nehls, Marlene Miller, Kathleen Neifer, Suzanne Jacobs. Third roy: Helen Urban, Marilyn Hoelter, David Kopp, Joe Helm, Florence Miller, Janet Jensen, Joan Rothenbuhler, Norma Lou Walker, Doris Ruswinkle, Mary Ellen Leking, Nancy Crispen, Connie Baker, Mary Rae Kimmel. Fourth row: Dale Jacobs, Ronnie Hayward, Ronnie Webb, Roscoe Cris- pen, Gerald Ernsthausen, Jimmie Emmitt, Ronnie Melcher, David Jacoba George Jensen, Dale Ruswinkle, Jim Helm, Ronnie Hazel, Charles Al- bright. Fifth roy: Shirley Jacobs, Cathryn Evans, Barbara Carr, Noladean Kinker, Walter Holtmeyer, 'Betty Carr, Helen Tracy, Donna Welling, Patty Caris, Carrol Baker, Shirley Brinker, Alvin Swartz, Connie Oestreich. 4. A -ur ..-- .i,,,.,-......f- -af-...,..... -. 3.1,-1.."l 2 . ' ,JUNIOR BA ND Mary Rae Kimmel, Mrs. Hobart, Helen Tracy, Donna Welling, Jeanne Urban, Jim Helm, Joe Helm, Ronnie Webb. EES I NNI NS BA N Db Eanee Grabs, Maxine Leking, Lloyd Museer, Larry Myers, Alvin Swartz, Walter Jordon, Johnny Kurfess, Dale Layman, Dale Ruswinkle. cl-lows .First roy: Jeannean Wilson, Arla Christen, Imogene Broka, Evelyn' Dierker, Margaret Samu, Richard Samson, Janice Hacker, Marilyn Miller, Grace Jacobs, Ruth Samson, Doris Holtmeyer, Ernestine Roach, Ellen Christen, Mrs. Hobart. Second roy: Ruth Brueggemeier, Shirley Rife, Grace Emmitt, Delores Hazel, Marilyn Coy, Norma Kopp, Maxine Leking, Elaine Oestreich, Geraldine Carr, Joanne Oestreich, Delores Hannan, Bonnie Kopp, Lena Young, Zoe Ann Wilson, Charlene Hutson. Third roy: Helen Urban, Kathleen Kurfess, LaQuitta Walker, Elaine Helm, Mary Jacobs, Wilma Witker, Gretchen Snyder, Doris Rothenbuhler, Roy Christen, Roger Ernsthausen, Lloyd Musser, Dale Layman, Dudley Welling,Keith Fleming, Margaret EMussero Fourth row: Alma Neifer, Glen Welling, Russell Welling, Charles Kurfess, Donald Oestreich, Russell Ruch, Rolland Hass, John Hannan, Paul Welling, Merlin Miller, Ernest Slater, Bill Loomis. Darlene Myers, Ruth Erueggmeier, Delores Hazel, Alma Neifer, LaQuitta Welker, Shirley Rife, Theene Rush 'x m,wf'-'- f N iXf'l.f"lJ xjlxi if Y E, ff There were only seven drum majerettes this year. We were sorry to lose Mary Jacobs and Elaine Helm. The girls were their new uniforms to the finals of the Wood County Basketball Tournement. Between the two games they marched en the playing floor end saluted while the hand played the USta1 Spangled Benneru. X 1 They marched with the hand in the Halloween Parade at Gibeonhurg and in the Memorial Day Parade at Luckey. TOY BAND First Boy: Carol Hannan, Linnie Amos, Suzanne Jacobs, Jane Abke, Tommy Hasel, Mary Camp, Linda Lou Crispen, Ellen Dierk- sheide, Karen Phillips, Mary Ann Minnix. Second roy: Mary Helm, Darrell Spahn, Judith Gambell, Linda Evans, Joyce Burkholder, Donna Jacobs, Martha Heise, Anna Mae Jennings, Kaye Eberhart, Barbara Brockseker, Carol Ann Hoel- ter, Frankie Camp, Jackie Austin. Third row: Roger Radeloff, Bobby Baker, Jimmie Kurfess, Richard Stebel, Danny Ford, Paul Gephart, Kenneth Caris, Billy Dahne, Lester Poggemeyer, Gerald Miller, Allan Lee Schulte, Mrs. Hobart. Fourth row: Donald Caris, Freddie Burkholder, Dale Hacker, Dale Kohring, Bobby Filiere, Dickie Korn, Bobby 'Wil1man, Clyde Fieblekorn, Danny Nehls, Lyle Samson, Jimmy Kinker, Paul Oestreich. Fflifflliiaik SIGQHTS Walter Jordon going through cafeteria line twice. Miss Rolfes thinking that itls a little too warm in the math room. Merlin comfortably seated at the library desk. Mr. Doren at the movie projector. Wilma and Charlene begging the reporters to get their l news for the Nlnk B lotsn in on time. Roy with a camera in one hand and a towel and a lemon in the other. T Q The bottom of Mary Jacobs' desk falling out. Everyone looking particularly sleepy during tournaments. Ernest having an entirely different opinion on the sub- ject. p ,, Donald typing extra practice material. Mrs. Shaw eating an apple. Rain at our football games. Mr. Crafts cleaning up the physics lab after the students have left. The Junior-Senior English class up 'till one o'clock the night before book reports are due.' The Juniors planning their assembly the day they were to give it. Theone finding something to laugh about in everything. The history students reciting brilliantly. The boys on the right and the girls on the left when we have movies. Mr. Doren's variety of ties. DXXEIQH 3E1VlENT5 25 X- . . X. ' X X X X-X S i1,. Q t .1 I X x.,,., 1 K 1 , . -: .:, . , XJ! fi-,155fZ':f.,". Li--V ff -' ff f J f W X f f w J Qiiiifgj EUE SOLUTE-EROO"L.LJEKEEAALLOOE SCHOOL TEOEHIOO THE LDRIOCLPLES UE EREEOOEO ELOO GOOD Emzemsnnp A XX Lum Ezfefsuom SHOLL Om fl Raw FRED CHAMBERS RUTH MILLER ERNESTINE ROACH .IEANNE TA KELLER GRACE EMMITT CHESTER CHAMBERS ROY CHRLSTEN MARY LOU VAN VORHIS Qmmmfgmmffmhmffimrms , 1-E AND INK!bTbfL vga: if Lip lj ' QD TO THE C L f5x5 l f1 Cf ? QW THE MES 5 ENGER l 'INSURE IN SURE IN SURANCE' HEUU lU3URQHCE QBEUEH PHGNE 2 601 LUCKEY, O?-HO insuran We place your which are HAH your insurance protect to protect you IOOZ. The following are the compan companies, that are represen pany represented by this age when you are in need of thei allnAP rated and when you ar over and see you through. Connecticut Fire Insurance C Hartford Fire Insurance Co. Northwestern National Fire I American National Fire Insur New York Underwriters Insura National Liberty Insurance C Glens Falls Insurance Co. Buckeye Union Fire Ins. Co. Continental Insurance Co, American Surety Co. Fidelity M Casualty Co. Aetna Casualty M Surety Co. Buckeye Union Casualty Co. American States Insurance Co Preferred Accident Insurance Glens Falls Indemnity Co. Hartford Livestock Insurance Ohio Farmers Indemnity Co. Michigan Millers Mutual Fire Western Surety Co. Atlas Assurance Co. ce in companies rated and when you need ion it is on hand ies, which are all stock ted by us. Every com- ncy is ICC? behind you r services. They are ein trouble they take o. ns. Co. ance Co. nce Co. o. Co. Co. Insurance Co. mmwousq Qmsfm arm smavaci GN ALL MAKES RADKD5 -f-- WAS!-XERS REFR!GERfWOR.S . EUVUPLETE UUE UF ELEETRIEQL HPPLlQUCE5 SHERVVIN VVILUAMS PAINT U30-KDR'Ui ZUBI VLUJCEUQIZSIL CDKHUGD UUJCEEKEESB' GELYAEMXGEIIE H fa. w1Lw-MSDN F WREQKER saravm .-M1 cerwwm Rwxnazame ff?-4VEN,f12CDgE-,T-7 ym'--' mom 2701 umm of-1:0 V NOW VV? ,KUCKE V5 , X11 5 LUEKE9, OHIO UQQUBEE UQU lik. XUQUUWAYRIN CUUWPLEVHEUTS UF 4 ' Ui UF THUEVLUCKEH MLLUBE SCHOOL IIEIIIIIIS PIICIIIIIG IIIIIISE mmf mm, UIIIU PI-IGIXIE , PERRYSBURG 4-4369 WHOLE S FII E II VE3 TOC!! DRESSED MEF-IT III EE I ,R , If Fw , Q7 U, EEEIEETXMUCDEP IKXSSSSIQI. GRAIN QEEDS FEED FERTIIIYER' BUILDERS SUPPLIES REIXIBERVILLE, CHIC LUCKEY GARAGE CHEVKQLET SALES H H VVXLUAMSON PROP w Qfaffbii-JQLISE FRESH S X f VJ P' ELOVYLKS Af3fffSTRY UV HQWff'?5 VVQQDVMLE RQAD ICLEDQ CWC WWLQR 4684 HQTHSQHUMD G3E1QQ'uEHatiHs SEGHH RIDGE, GHEU M MDCK fwwfff LICENSED AND NG YARDAGE OR 'BONDED AGENCY' C Qfv1Mf55fOfv C HARGED EEEUIHG GHEEEE EGH GHEE EGE HGGG, GHEEEE, GHEVE3 HHH SHEEP GGHGHE EVEHH HHH EPEHCDNEE EEEEMCDEYNEE 50-AEK You WON 'f GET A E LJ NX ST E E PX HE P E' if 'U E if 'EH 1 l JG AND ' as 0 BULL EBCDEB IDLE W IINEENQI BUICK SIIIIIIIIIII3 IIIIU IIIEIIIIIIE IIIL IQIIIIJS UE BUIIS I3 EIJIIIII HIIIIIIIUQIIE EPEMBEIQVIEIE, OHIO gfgg-',Ef,1,'2E5 Dfgwfffsz ELEQNIQ .sump SETQTQQ Ifmswvf, 01410 IHIIUIIE IU-II "BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU BUT- NOT TOO BI TO KNOW YOU IEIE IIIEIIIEIIIEIE SIEIIE ISHIIIQ SEIIIIIIEIE IIIE EUIIIIIIJIIIIEI EUR IIEIIIILII IIIIIE IQI CEIIIIIIIEI MEMBER OE E D. I. C. FEDERAL RESEIQVE SYSTEM JEIVIWIIIGS GFIIQX-IGE EIUIUIIIUIIVE IIEIDIIIIIS BUIIEI-EEIIEIER IIJUIII4 SPIIQH PEIIIIIIIII3 TEXACO G!-I5 AND OILS IDHQNE Q731 LA NEW E H K FUNEKALEMDNM QVUBULQUEE SERVICE PHONE LUCKEX O!-HQ mmmwgmwmaai Qmagww 'gf-':-'lt-'rr I-'T' CAKf ffg? : BREAD A GMWQD MXL xl R BJQQ VLf",fX,,,fS Ivl Di N fjs AUUD5HggCE ,,NXMw WWYM L, ,Ji I llxfxi., juli .HND MCFX PHQNE LE MQYNE be-S, STORM HUGE, UHIU PHCQNE 2542! LLICKE3, WU .l.,-....-,,,.-,A- .,., -,-,-...-.,.....,,.,,A,,. ,.,,,,. fm 3-.3 :gg-rg 55:53. :gg g , gs?:5.I: 3:3152 ,.g-: ,gg 'zgfgz-. A,-13.3. f:f:35:: - :xg :,.,c,:-: .,:g'-:2. 1:-viz' MIS: 45752, 57737.31 :':5:5.f:- 431'-L' '-:-,-1:3 3:5-515: 'lfjflgf '-:-:Ig g.g.g:-" 1:-.-:Ig :2E1519r. 'E1:2if:2. 523525 :ffffiff "E::53f fffffifj 2533? 215555 355755 ':5:':PI 5:1:1:'51 ':'."':5: . 'WT' f'3'2'2 'f J 'fxfzil xjff Stiff- 52-'1'5:- swofs-fufafxffmff GE AND P!-HLCO Apwxwcfs uulcumcmfnmufn pf-some 2521 MUCDEHN cgmmacmm IILUJCIIUQEIEYK SAW MXUELU. ALL KINDS OF HARDWOGD LUMBER PHONE 298i LUCKEY OHIO CUUWPLIVUEUTS UF MEN TER AND WOL FE HUTHURIZEU FURU UEHLERS PHQNE Q78 IWELU EWU USED LIMS ,DfMeffQxff,4z g Qfffw SCHRCDDER FLQPXAL Qofwxnwxlv' f' '1'xl9IHAi"M'lJj FLORAL ossnems GRCWERS OF 'POT PL R T3 KJ jx! 1 .J J. :IJ J F PW FN fd Lil' FLOMIERS if VEGETABLE PLANTS PHOVE lo fi? J f mf PEM3ERvaLLt, CHIC CECDMEUDELU MLP Iii US CDU J H BOWEN GENERAL STORE STUHH RIUEE, UHIU 01151-my wx K sc Gulf SERVICE swfofv IR . f ff R CJKCJCLKELD lCE, CREAM LUNCH CANDY ROU EE QCD TRACY ROAD W M A UWM rf-ff FQR K5 JELUELER RESMURAN 7 Xfvfix-E H0 JW E rj-Q3 l CEQCKS fd iff' :i?"2l7g2if5 L0OlxQD k X 'TTS 'C' U I PEMBER vu EE VVOODVXEEE Q!-HO .. . ,. .,....,, J ,. - . .f .V zz..-'fs-mn. 1. 1 - ff 1: '- ' '. . .-- 1-1 H- ' ' 11 1' wnmzf-' E113-':?:E12:"v 11' .mliikziiikiziz .n 1: Ez' 'Ez limi LUUCHES GUUU CUFFEE x 3TEQ? UEUM REU HUTS HEFRESHWWS UP QM KIUUS LUCKEY Q!-MQ NATIONAL EIIGIHVIXAY GIARAGE CIIEVRULEI SE-ILES RRR SERVICE HERVV-LILIIEI IIIRECRER SERVICE PI-IOIVE 5-R LEMOYIVE, OI-IIC SWS QLQLIIII SIIIP I EPUICDIQIEE Q IEMQYNQ QI-HQ NEIDERIVIEIR SERVICE STATICJN LI 5, muff QQ WQIVV RIDGE Q1-110 mm TIRES mm TUBES IIILIWIQILS ERSI RITIIIERLI CIIRRCIIII5 ANTI QUE 5 GLASS LAIVIR5 FURNITURE EIIIRIRE EILILISE IISIICIUIE ZII SIULIV RIEICE Tl-IEQIFIY KILES PHQIVEY LEMQYIVE 35-R , HELLO QOTO SOLES OOO SEHXHEE GENERAL REPAIRING CHKYSLE K YJLYMOUTH PHOOE ZH! LOCHEH OHIO QLDMLUDELUMLLEALUQ EDU THE UHIO HOOHOTE O SOPRLO COFOPOOO VVQODVIEEE, Of-HO OWOOOFOUORERS OF LHOE O UVOESTOOE PRODUCTS OEOLER5 IO COOL-HEEOE3 EEVOEOT OOOOOIOO RLOSTER E, G. BAEEGUR CGMRANY OULEOOHO EOOSSOEHUSETTS CLASS names AND Laws REPRESENTATIVE COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS E L WALLACE DLQLOMAS-PERs0x1AL CARDS P 0 Box I2 s CLUB LNSLGNIA razops-HES TOLEDO OHIO MEMORIAL PLAQUES 7071-I ANNIVERSARY PROOEOTIOL IOSUHOOEE OOVOPOOH !RV!N JACOBS, AGENT WE EEJEWERS SEMUGS SWK mow Rfoef, we EUEEHBER UE EEEJEERQE DEPOSIT IUSURQUEE EUEWREUIUE1 RE? GEL VE MO EGR 34 E E5 PEMBERVILUQ O!-NO . PHONE 37 QUEHUHZEU UESUTU-PEHEUUUEH SEIEES QUE SERVICE wmpmvnum mm GQHEEXSXIQIEEQSY mm Qcucuwmman momma Ummm EEEE1l'1IUB,TQiEUR!HG, mms CEUTHHWB Purmswnmlss PHONE 2592 VVOODVIEEE, CHO WEJRIEWE BEQUEE4 SI-EU? AEE TYPES C'FE1EAU'IY WQKK mem Qf-N0 PHONE Qzff ,, , ,, ,, W-,V . r R!VERSMX DMMW UUHLVVJ INNR9 PRODUCTS HOMOC1EN!lED i5,JERSEY MLK " -" r 41" r 4 CKEfXM'BU flfii-liz CAEAM BUTTEMfllLK PHQNE Qwx VVOCDVMLE Qwfo Uf N 'I-'-P 'f:- 1 A-iz-' - r:..x X fqfky fjvQ3fDfDvUuw3Q ,f VX x'wfEA1P'l T0 GNE YCDU SEs2vnCE" 1 'X A 5 fi ff WU fx f v if cw X w C I , Lf!! X Cf J ff D HXGHVWW 532 BEEK WYNE, F0095 DA N C ,l N FIEEU HEISE PROP. .U-' , ,Q . CARLCARDCBY LIVE s'fQcE1ELLxuEEE LOCAL AND LONG DLSTANCE SA FE AND EXPEKLENCED HANDLLNG UDLHGDLQLLL OFFICE RESIDENCE LELUUQUE 5U-Q GLNUU 7458 CHWRYSLEPL A A PLYMQUTH SLOW? LQLEL GQRQGL SHLE5 - SERVEEE STONY RXDGE, O!-HO PHUHE3 F LEKXNG STUVN RIDGE QU-H HK, PAPENHAGEA! RES. SLOW WEEE Sfwf L? HEUHQUSER HQTEHERIES HCOOD LUCK' CHICKS Pwowf 29 Pfmefkvfnf owfo E5 we is El 4:Q.Q:,1: -5:25325 555' TE: 4325223 2Effl:I,2 'gq:1:5: 'E:l:f: : .4 ,,-.-: :iz-514: :':'7-: 321:15 fiigff A 2ezezsE'a , 2:12522 -7555 :asiazp 4.1.-:-: 'gfgg '.gg.g" 3.31153 I-'-:gg 14:-:-'-' 'zsisfiz usa? af:-:egg fs-2151: 'iss was 1-'mf' 3255 :sans 92.3542 --S fra: f-2: -fzylsza UYOUK FA Milf! BAKBEIC' mmfivmfms UF x a UQ1UfXLlTY FAJQM ?KODUC'ISU PERIMSBURG, GIBSUETBURG, GNU BEUUQ, UHIU CONGBaTQLnTIONS, CLASS OF 19471 Since you will now be tackling thermue serious problems of life, we are ready to help you. 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Suggestions in the Troy Luckey High School - Trojan Yearbook (Luckey, OH) collection:

Troy Luckey High School - Trojan Yearbook (Luckey, OH) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Troy Luckey High School - Trojan Yearbook (Luckey, OH) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Troy Luckey High School - Trojan Yearbook (Luckey, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Troy Luckey High School - Trojan Yearbook (Luckey, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Troy Luckey High School - Trojan Yearbook (Luckey, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Troy Luckey High School - Trojan Yearbook (Luckey, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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