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'II-IE 'I 942 SENIOIQS PRESENT UIIHIIQE UUQQDIMXRI SECOND EDITION I' lwffv VIII xff 'IIf"I 'fd'IfNOI IiQ!"'.. MXL ..Jm.f3. I' -QIV bvru J LUCKEY QHIQ I We, the Senior Class of l942, present thisg the second annual of Troy- Luckey Village High School. We hope you will cherish it, and that it will adequately record the many happy events of our high school days. The 1942 annual of Troy-Luckey Vil- lage School is respectfully dedicated to Mr. Rider, our class sponsor and school superintendent. His untiring efforts, his loyalty to the school and community, his generosity, and good will truly deserve Commendation. The Seniors take this means of ex- pressing their gratitude. f' . X' N, .-rx J ff? fx ' 45? -3 IX H WM! For twelve long years we Seniors Have entered this doorway of Troy, The memories it brings to us Will remain with each girl and boy. Board of Education G. V. Huss, Presidentg C. H. Rolf, Vice President H. G. Helm, Clerk John Hoelterg John Kurfessg I. T. Jacobs N V f A 1 2 l " Eugene H. Rider, Supt. Standing: Lawrence E. Swantusch, Mary Crocker, Mabel Brown, Margery Tavernier. Seated: Jennie Hobart, Dora Mackling, Veron S. Amos, Helen Rolfes, Rebecca Wiriok. -.4.luua1-........ H - x f - H rfXCULff MXC fa. E. H. Rider: B. S., M. A. Bowling Green State, Ohio State, Toledo University, Ohio Northern. Superintendent. Senior class sponsor. Teaches industrial arts. V. S. Amos: A. B. Oberlin, Toledo University, Bowling Green State, Colorado University. Teaches English, mathematics and social science. Coaches football Helen Rolfes: A. B. Toledo University. Freshman class sponsor. Teaches English, Latin and mathematics. Dora Mackling: B. S. Bowling Green State. Teaches commercial subjects and social science. L. E. Swantusch: B. Ed. Toledo University. Coaches basketball, baseball and track. Sophomore class sponsor. Teaches science and physical education. Rebecca Wirick: A. B. Wittenberg. Director of dramatics. Junior class sponsor. Teaches home economics and English. Mabel Brown: Diploma. Bowling Green State. Teaches fifth and sixth grades. Mary Crocker: Diploma. Bowling Green State. Teaches third and fourth grades. Margery Tavernier: Diploma. Bowling Green State. Teaches first and second grades. Resigned March l6, 1942. Kathryn Busdeker: Diploma. Bowling Green State. Substituting in first and second grades. Jennie Hobart: B. S. Kentucky University, Missouri University. Teaches music. jk? 1, A Qgrffxxdwfmftimg SQHHEUES JOE LOOHIS "Seeing the root of the mat- ter is found in me." College Preparatory GLEN LANDWEHR "Don't fudge according to the appearance." College Preparatory Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Hixed Chorus 3, 4: School Paper StaE 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2: Football 2, 3: Librarian 4: Commercial Club 4: Class President 4: Football Han- ager 1: Class Play 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4:' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 3, 4: Class Vice- President 2, 4: Class President 3: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4, 4: Track 2, 4: School Paper Stai' 3: Librarian 4. A ARDITH SPAHN "Her voice was ever low, . gentle and soft." General Course Home Economics Club 3, 4: School Paper Stai 3, 4: Class Secretary 4: Boosters Club 3: Class Play 4. LOWELL SAMSON "I know a trick worth two of that." General Course Mixed Chorus 3, -4: Boys' Glee 'Club 1: Basketball 3: Baseball 3: Class Play 4. sniff' I' , 4,4994 ,ff"fpf'T, Y 'J 'f H flailing, ix' "WI a. BETTY SWARTZ "Merry as the day is long." College Preparatory Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Class Treasurer 4: Basketball 2: Mixed Chorus 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: Commercial Club 4: Class Play 4. CORNELL JUERGENS "A dimpled face is a joy for- ever." ' Commercial Course Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3: School Paper Stall' 4: Com- mercial Club 4: Class Play 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 1. GERALDINE WELLING ' Work eight hours, sleep eight hours-that leaves eight hours for love." College Preparatory Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Boosters Club 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: School Paper Stall' 1, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 4: Commercial Club 4. an Q rv- I-X CLA:,:, J-Hr, IOM In the fall of '39, thirty-one freshmen took their places in the large study hall to begin four years of work and fun together in high school. Most of us had an aim to strive for. Before the year was over, we lost Esther Jacobs. This started a decline in our at- tendance which somehow never stopped. We had a great time during our initiation, and, on the whole, our freshman year was a good beginning. At the opening of the sophomore year Jack Jennings entered our class to make thirty-one of us together again, eager to plan the freshman initiation and show our authority. At last we were boss over someone! What an achievement! To put a damper on our spirits we- lost two more members, Mary Young and Joan Soles. When we finally revived from our sophomore whirl, we awoke to find ourselves juniors. Imagine that! We soon began to realize that we were in the midst of a large task. With a great deal of team work, we success- fully put over our junior play, HBo1ts and Nuts.W In an early American Indian atmosphere we enter- tained the seniors at the annual banquet. The men's quartet from Bowling Green University furnished music. After the banquet we went to Toledo to see a stage show But again that dark cloud hung over us. This time more than ever, for we knew five of our classmates were leaving us. Anna Tracy and Lester Jacobs quit school, Jack Jennings moved to Edgerton, Joe Young joined the C-C-C, and Jean Aspacher moved to Gibsonburg. Then came the fall of '41, We were seniors at last! Marietta Fausnaugh entered our class to make twenty- five members, but before the first semester was over we had lost Lois McCrary and Fern Soles. We gave two plays, nThe Great Ben Allahu and WThe Antics of Andremw Ordering our rings, gowns, invitations and the like played a big part in our senior year. Leading up to the climax of our high school life was the Junior- Senior Banquet, which we all enjoyed. Then came that for which we had been striving, our Baccalaureate and Commencement. ,4,,., MARIETTA PAUSNAUGH "Better three hours too soon than a minute late." General Course Home Economics Club 49 Booster Club 4: Class Play 4. ' LOWEN MEYER "Look not thou down, but up." College Preparatory Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 43 Class Play 3, 4, 4: School Paper Stah' lg Librarian 4g- Class Vice- President lg Orchestra 45 Football Manager 3: Track 4. JQNE KURFESS "We easily believe that which we wish." - Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 Commercial Club 4: Class Play 43 Librarian 4: School Paper tall' 4. ROBERT YOUNG "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no libs." General Course Basketball l, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 43 Band 1, 2: Boys' Glee Club l, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4. MARTIN CHRISTIANSEN "I'll .speak in a monstrous little voice." General Course . Baseball 1, 2, 3, '43 Boys' Glee Club 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Class Play 4, 4. VIVIAN RIPE "To a young heart awry- thing is fun." Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Class Play 4. RICHARD HANNAN "There's light enough for wot I've got to do." Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 45 Baseball 1, 2: Basketball Manager 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 133 Boys' Glee Club 2: Class Play 4. LOIS JACOBS "I am sure oare's an enemy to life." Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2g Basketball l, 25 Booster Club 3, 4: Commercial Club 4, Class Play 3, 4. SENIOR PIQOPHECY -Time: 1952 Scene: The home of a Luckey citizen. He is sitting in his easy chair reading the night edition of the Luckey Gazette, published by Marcena Michel. The reader ngtgces the following articles about the seniors of A . Cornell Juergens, Yankee shortstop, was the princi- pal speaker at the basketball banquet at the high school last night. He will leave tomorrow for the Yankee spring training camp in Texas. June Kurfess, private secretary of Mayor White of Toledo, was seriously injured at 6 p. m. last night at the New York Central crossing a mile south of Moline on Route l99. Her car was hit by the Blue Streak, the newest addition to the streamlined fleet of the New York Central. She was taken from.the wreckage by Glen Landwehr and taken to the Toledo Hospital by a Landwehr and Son ambulance where she was treated by Dr. Joseph Loomis. iDr. Loomis reports that her condition is favorable. Richard Hannan, engineer of the train, was to be questioned today concerning the accident. Geraldine Welling, certified public accountant, left for Cleveland yesterday to testify in the embezzlement trial of the Ajax Company. Doris Partner, principal of the local grade school, reports an increase of 17? in the enrollment in the first six grades this year. The Creative Beauty Salon will reopen next Saturday after having been redecorated and equipped with noise- less dryers. Lois Jacobs will continue to operate it. Martin Christiansen, building contractor, is erect- ing a new home on Eddy Street for Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bockbrader. Mr. Bockbrader is a pilot for the Trans- continental Airlines. Delores Ruch, Transcontinental Airlines stewardess, is visiting with friends and relatives in Toledo this week. MARCENA MICHEL "Pm all the daughters of my fatbefs house. And all the brothers, too." College Preparatory School Paper Sta! 1, 2, 3, 4g Li- brarian 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 25 Cheerleader 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 4: Class Secretary 1, 25 Class Vice-Presi- dent 35 Class Play 3, 45 Basket.. ball 25 Commercial Club 4. DONALD JOSEPH "As he tlzinketh in his heart, so is he." College Preparatory Band 1. 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Class President 1, 25 School Paper Stai 2, 45 Commercial Club'45 Class Play 3, 4. LOIS MILLER "PII tell the world." Commercial Course f Booster Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 45 Basketball 1, 25 Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 45 Class Play 3, 45 School Paper Stah' 2, 3, 45 Class Secretary- Tressnrer 35 Band 35 Librarian 4. DORIS PERTNER "The fair, the chaste, the Ill!- expressive she." Commercial Course Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Booster Club ,3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Commercial Club 45. School Paper Sta! 45 Class Play 4. KENNETH BOCKBRADER "1 only ask for information." General Course Baseball 1, 25 Boys' Glee Club ll, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Class Play 4. CAROLYN JOHANSSEN "Blushing is the colour of virtue." College Preparatory Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Drum Major- ette 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer l, 25 Cheerleader 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Basketball l, 25 School Paper StaE 2, 35 Class Play 3,45 Librarian 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 4. PAUL KURFESS "Handsome, winsome, game- someg and then some." College Preparatory Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2 3 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Class Play 4. DELORES RUCH "Lust said, soonest mended." College Preparatory Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Basketball 25 Cheerleader 35 Booster Club 3: Commercial Club 45 Class Play 3. H f r r 1 H X smllow iolgi,-vpfiicf Word has just been received that Mr. and Mrs. Lowen Meyer are the proud parents of twins. Mr. Meyer is an electrical engineer for the Pan-American Construction Company in the Panama Canal Zone. Robert Young, owner of Young's Restaurant, returned home this morning from a six weeks' vacation in Florida. Marietta Fausnaugh, head waitress, has been managing the restaurant during his absence. Betty Swartz, county health nurse, will give first aid demonstrations throughout the schools of the county next week. She will be at our school on Thursday afternoon. The Troy-Luckey Village Mothers' Club will meet on Thursday afternoon in the school auditorium. Carolyn Johanssen, nurse in the Toledo Health Department, will be the guest speaker. Lieutenant Lowell Samson stopped at the home of his parents Tuesday evening on his way from Chicago to Fort Knox, where he is now stationed. Ensign Paul Kurfess arrived home today from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station at Chicago for a month's furlough. Ardith Spahn will launch her annual tour of cooking demonstrations Friday night at the school auditorium. It will again be sponsored by the Ohio Gas Company. Lois Miller, who has had charge of the soda fountain in Smith's Cafeteria for several years, has quit her job. She will be married next week. Donald Joseph, outstanding local pianist, yesterday signed a long-term contract with Sammy Byrnes and his orchestra. Vivian Rife established a new speed record in typing yesterday when she typed 150 words a minute to win the annual typing contest held in Washington, D. C. Follows ing the contest she was offered a position with Du Pont in Philadelphia. CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of Troy-Luckey Village High Schools Lackey, Ohio, in the year of nineteen hundred fortyutwo, will our brilliant and intellectual minds to anyone who wishes to take the responsibility of possess- ing one of them. Lowell Samson entrusts his card playing tricks to Donald Schmeltz. Ardith Spahn bequeaths her letterwriting technique to Marie Brinker. The numerous hairbows which Geraldine Welling wears are willed to the junior girls. To the up and coming cheerleaders, Red and Mickey will their ability to catch rides to the 'basketball games. Robert Young wills his girls to anyone who can take them away from him. Delores Ruch desires to leave her ability to give quick answers to Lowell Hanely. After due consideration, Vivian Rife bequeaths her Hoosier dialect to Iota Evans. Cornell Juergens leaves his ability to shoot baskets to Lyle Myers. Marcena Michel wills her red knee socks to Esther Miller. Lowen Meyer bequeaths his excess height to Luther Samson. 1 Lois Miller wishes to give her small feet to LeRoy Stewart. The much-chewed gum of Betty Swartz is willed and be- queathed to Violet Schudcl. Donald Joseph entrusts his ability to Hswing itn to Harley Jacobs. CLASS WILL Doris Pertner wills her shyness to Lois Samson. Glen Landwehr, the speed demon of the senior class, gives his walking gait to Gene Hannah. V Joe Loomis cautiously entrusts his technique with the feminine sex to Clyde Tracy. ' Martin Christiansen wills his soft voice to Donald Miller. Marietta Fausnaugh wills her southern accent to Robert Hanmeyer. Richard Hannan wills his tardiness to Eileen Barber. June Kurfess leaves her quietness with Rosemary Fortlander. The long tresses of Lois Jacobs are entrusted to Kathryn Jacobs. Paul Kurfess bequeaths his chemistry technique to Dale Grubs. Kenneth Bockbrader wills his expressions to Marvin Moenter. Carolyn Johanssen unwillingly bequeaths her auburn locks to Joyce Baker. Aitestz ' I f ' No ary Public President enior Class Secretary io Class ff'-A' A f 'ci xg xi? xii Masses HHCMZH Juniors Top Row: Robert Harmeyer, LeRoy Stewart, Iota Evans Kathryn Jacobs, Lois Samson. Second Row: 'Miss Wirick, Gene Hannan, Lowell Hanely, Dale Grubs, Clyde Tracy, Donald Miller. First Row: Marie Brinker, Joyce Baker, Esther Miller, Eileen Barber, Violet Schudel. Sophomores Top Row: Mildred Hutson, Ruth' Kopp, Harley Jacobs, Donald Scnmeltz, Luther Samson. Second Row: Mr. Swantuscn, Glen Reamsnyder, Leon Bock- brader, Joe Carr, Marvin Moenter, Wayne Samson. First Row: Lyle Myers, Vera McCrary, Donald Stewart, Joanne Huss, Rosemary Fortlander. Absent: Patricia Reamsnyder. 1 1 1 w w 1 4 4 4 5 I 4 1 I a 1 J MW. , i I-HGH SCHOOL NQTES JUNIOR JANGLES Flower--Talisman Rose Colors--Red, White and Blue Motto--HIT we rest, we rust.N President ------------- Esther Miller Vice President -------- Eileen Barber Secretary-Treasurer ----- Joyce Baker Reporter ------------- Violet Schudel Sponsor ----------------- Miss Wirick This year the junior class has one new pupil, Iota Evans. This makes our enrollment fifteen. We have participated in all the activities of the school. We had two parties this year--a weiner roast at Road- side Park, and the party the boys gave for the girls, the winners of the junior play ticket-selling contest. The big event of the year was our play, WFixit In- corporated,H presented on February 5 before a large audience. On May 15, we entertained the seniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet. SOPHOMORE SALLIES President ------------ Donald Stewart Vice President ----------- Lyle Myers Secretary-Treasurer ---- Vera McCrary Class Reporter ---------- Joanne Huss Sponsor --------------- Mr. Swantusch The sophomore class now has an enrollment of sixteen Anne Welling moved away and Mildred Hutson of Newton Falls and Glen Reamsnyder of Webster joined us. Our class has taken an active part in music, sports and clubs. In' February we had charge of the chapel program. The boys gave the one act play, WPutting It Across? Reverend Veler of stony Ridge was the speaker. In the fall we had a Weiner roast at Ruth Kopp's. Then at Christmas a party was enjoyed by all at the home of Donald Schmeltz. HIGH SCHQOL NCJTES FRESHMAN FANCIES President ------- Shirley Ann Dierker Vice President ---- u ----- Robert Evans Secretary-Treasurer ----- Ruth Miller Class Reporter -------- Nancy Kurfess Sponsor ----------------- Miss Rolfes With two new students, Eileen Reamsnyder and Jean- netta Hoyt, our enrollment is sixteen. On Thursday and Friday of the first week of school we had Hour days.N We had a Weiner roast in October and a Christmas party with a gift exchange at Chambersh The freshmen presented the play NFor Dear Old Dalton for their chapel program in January. Reverend Rickel gave an interesting talk on school spirit, We sent valentines and letters to some of the boys in the service. JUNIOR HIGH HIGHLIGHTS EIGHTH GRADE President ------------- Jane Bringman Vice President -------- Mary Harmeyer V Secretary -------- f--Virginia Jacobs y The eighth grade has two new pupils, Illa Evans from Webster and Patricia Miller from Panama. We had a fine time at our Ha1lowe'en party at John Deuble's, SEVENTH GRADE President-- -------------- Norma Kopp Vice President- ---- -Charles Kurfess Secretary-- ------- --Q--+John Hannan The seventh grade had their first class Hallowe'en party, at the home of Paul Welling.r party, a Y Top Row: Keith Freshmen Rife, William Wilson, Elmer Miller, Florence De Marco, Jeannetta Hoyt. Second Row: Mis Christen, Gen Nancy Kurfess. s Rolfes, Chester Chambers, Arthur e Ruch, Mary Carr, Mara Christiansen, First Row: Ruth Miller, Shirley Ann Dierker, Robert Evans, Eileen Reamsnyder, Corinne De Marco. Top Row: Marlyn 7th and Sth Rolf, Richard Jacobs, Frederick Samson Paul Welling, Lena Young, June Kinker, Jane Bringman, Virginia Jacob Third Row: Mr. s. Amos, Rolland Huss, John Deuble, Wil- liam Kurfess, Donald Manoylovich, John Hannah, Marian Bockbrader, Wi Second Row: Mab lma Witker, Jack Biler. el Bauman, Illa Evans, Cpal Rife, Gloria Reamsnyder, Robert Hotmer, Charles Kurfess, George Young, Rose Manoylovich, Gretchen Snyder. First Row: Herb meyer, Frances Mary Helm, Ern ert Samson, Annabelle Jacobs, Mary Hare Urban, Imogene Broka, Charlene Hutson, estine Roach. Absent: Norma Kopp, Patricia Miller Top Row: Donald Glen Welling, lores Hannah, Christen. Third Row: Miss Junior Tracy, Jacobs, Gerald Zoe Ann Wilson 5th and 6th Hotmer, Delores Kinker, Darlene Myers, Dale Bockbrader, Robert Dierker, De- Alma Neifer, Lorraine Roach, Ellen Brown, Frederick Rife, Russel Ruch, Harold Carr, Vincent Lopez, Carleton ine Carr, Bonnie Kopp, Kathleen Kurfess, , Theodore Reamsnyder, Merlin Miller. Second Row: Ernest Slater, George Rife, Doris Holtf meyer, Grace Emmitt, Elizabeth Young, LaQuitta Walken Walton Jacobs, First Row: Roy Franklin Jacobs, Dale Brinker. Christen, William Loomis, Keith Flem- ing, Elaine Helm, Helen Urban, Gene Reamsnyder, James Borcherding, Frederick Brinker. I '1 i 1 S 1 1 I 4 Third and Fourth Top Row: Ruth Lopez, Alfonso Lopez, Theone Ruch, Dud+ ley Welling, Dale Layman, Martha Rife, Donald Caris, Juanita Lopez. Third Row: Miss Crocker, Lloyd Dierker, Delores Hazel, Charles Baker, Harold Hoelter, Jacquline Minnix, Rob- ert Tracy, Doris Rothenbuhler, Marilyn Coy. Second Row: Mary Jacobs, Shirley Rife, Naomi Brinker, Betty Jacobs, Marilyn Ruswinkle, Natalie Wilson, Eloise Dierker, Carol Jean Rolf, Helen Ruth Snyder. First Row: Evelyn Dierker, Joann Schroeder, Ruth Sam- son, Richard Samson, Ray Ford, Bernard Samson, Ruth Brueggemeier, Bonnie Hutson. Absent: Gerald Miller, Mary Miller, Russell Welling. First and Second Top Row: Ronald Webb, David Kopp, Jimmie Ford, Richard Eilert, Robert Aspacher, Wallace Dierker, Charles Al- bright, Lyle Evans, Dale Jacobs, Joe Helm. Third Row: Miss Tavernier, Cathryn Evans, Jeannean Wilson, Royce Ruch, Betty Carr, Maxine Leking, Janice Hacker, Rae Myers, Roger Ernsthausen, Walter Jordon. Second Row: Grace Jacobs, Alice Heesman, Arla Christen, Marilyn Kay Miller, James Grubs, Walter Holtmeyer, Pedro Lopez, Helen Tracy, Donna Marie Welling. First Row: Carrol Baker, Katharine Hazel, Nola Dean Kinker, Joan Miller, Patty Caris, Shirley Brinker, Florence Miller, Jeanne Urban. Absent: Theodore Barber, James Helm, Marilyn Hoelter. Cafeteria Charles Austin, Mrs. Eckert, Mrs. Wilson. I ELEMENTARY ENUG1-lTENMEN'f These pupils had perfect attendance for the first semester: First and second grades: Shirley Brinker, Charles Albright, Patty Caris, Betty Jane Carr, Lyle Evans, Jimmie Ford, Katharine Hasel, David Kopp, Donna Marie Welling and Arla Christen. Third and fourth grades: Naomi Brinker, Marilyn Coy, Harold Hoelter, Ray Ford, Doris Rothenbuhler, Ruth Samson, Bonnie Hutson and Eloise Dierker. Fifth and sixth grades: Dale Bockbrader, Geraldine Carr, Ellen Christen, Robert Dierker, Franklin Jacobs, LaQuitta Walker, Bonnie Kopp, Glen Welling, Roy Chris- ten, Grace Emmitt, Ernest Slater and Helen Urban. In October the fifth and sixth grades had charge of chapel. Reverend Johanssen was the guest speaker. The second chapel was in charge of the third and fourth grades. Reverend Kaeding was the speaker. The first and second grades presented a Thanksgiving play at the third chapel program. In October achievement tests were given and our school again made an excellent showing. We were 8757: above the county median. The following Christmas program was presented by the lower six grades on December l8: Old King Cole's Christmas---- ------- First and Second Just Before Christmas --------------- ----Intermediate The Star Drill -------------------------- Intermediate The Junior Red Cross sent boxes of candy to the boys from our school in service. Valentines were made and sent to the children at the Juvenile Home in Bowling Green. Miss Tavernier was the first and second grade teach- er until her resignation in March. Mrs. Busdeker, the former Kathryn Moore, substituted the rest of the year. KQC - ---. - -,- v-qv ii MW? 74 XJ gklfiififmffi Q 11119412111 , ,,A ,,,, , ,.,, Senior Band Top Row: Corinne De Marco, Gene Ruch, Richard Hannan, Donald Joseph, Carolyn Johanssen, Joe Loomis, Donald Miller, Chester Chambers, Charles Kurfess, Florence De Marco. Third Row: Illa Evans, Elmer Miller, Robert Harmeyer, Dale Grubs, Mara Christiansen, Paul Welling, Keith Rife, Lowen Meyer. Second Row: Joyce Baker, Esther Miller, Wilma Witker, Nancy Kurfess, Joanne Huss, Arthur Christen, Vivian Rife, Geraldine Welling, Iota Evans, Lois Jacobs, Gloria Reamsnyder, Rosemary Eortlander, Lois Miller. Front Row: Jane Bringman, Mary Harmeyer, William Wilson, June Kurfess, Betty Swartz, Paul Kurfesa Doris Partner. Absent: Glen Landwehr, Patricia Reamsnyder. Orchestra Pianist: Donald Joseph Standing: Gene Ruch, June Kurfess, Mrs. Hobart Seated: Carolyn Johanssen, Betty Swartz, Donald Millen Nancy Kurfess, Arthur Christen, Mary Harmeyer, Iota Evans, Geraldine Welling, Richard Hannah, Joanne Huss, Joe Loomis, Marie Brinker, Paul Kurfess, Delores Ruch, Dale Grubs, Lowen Meyer. Absent: Glen Landwehr, Norma Kopp MUSE SENIQR BAND The senior band this year consisted of thirty-eight members. In October, they participated in the Tomato Festival at Bowling Green. The band marched in the parade in the afternoon and gave a concert in the even- ing. This was the first appearance for our twirlers, Corinne and Florence DeMarco. They furnished music for the Mothers' Club chicken supper and for one session of the county basketball tournament. The band will march in the parade on Memorial Day and then say good-bye to these thirteen seniors: June Kurfess and Betty Swartz, snare drumsg Geraldine Welling, lst clarinet, Lois Jacobs and Vivian Rife, 2nd clarinet, Richard Hannah and Doris Partner, alto saxophoneg Paul Kurfess, mellophoneg Lowen Meyer, lst trumpetg Donald Joseph and Glen Landwehr, tromboneg Joe Loomis, sousaphonegand Carolyn Johanssen, our very charming drum majorette. JUNIOR BAND At the beginning of the year, the junior band con- sisted of thirteen members. There were two beginning groups with six and eight respectively. However, at the beginning of the second semester these three groups were united to form a fine group of twenty-seven. The following pupils are in the junior band but are not in the picture: Kathleen Kurfess and Harold Hoelter, alto horns, Theodore Reamsnyder, cymbalsg Merlin Miller, trumpetg and Lorraine Roach, cornet. TOY BAND The toy band is composed of all the pupils in the first and second grades. James Helm was the drum major again this year. This group played several numbers for the Christmas program and several for the program at the Christmas party given by the Mothers' Club. MUSIC ORCHESTRA The orchestra, composed of twenty-one members, has the following instrumentation: three lst violins, Carolyn Johanssen, Betty Swartz and Marie Brinkerg two 2nd violins, Delores Ruch and Norma Kopp, two lst clarinets, Nancy Kurfess and Geraldine Wellingg three 2nd clarinets, Joanne 'Huss, Iota Evans and Arthur Christeng one bass viol, Gene Ruchg one trombone, Glen Landwehrg one baritone, Donald Miller, one piano, Donald Joseph, one drum, Mary Harmeyerg one bell lyra, June Kurfessg one lst trumpet, Dale Grubsg one 2nd trumpet, Lowen Meyer, one mellophone, Paul Kurfessg and two alto saxophones, Joe Loomis and Richard HEHHEHQ This group has' played for the junior play, the Christmas program, the assembly in charge of Miss Mackling, both senior plays and the Commencement, JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS ' This year the choruses have been divided into two groups. The junior high chorus is composed of thirty members. Mary Louise Harmeyer plays the piano. The chorus sang at the January meeting of the Mothers' Club and rendered' several' numbers at the Christmas program. SENIOR HIGH CHORUS L The senior high chorus is composed of these.fifteen seniors and juniors: four sopranos, Carolyn Johanssen, Marcena Michel, Geraldine Welling and Iota Evansg four altos, June Kurfess, Lois Miller, Esther Miller and Joyce Bakerg seven baritones, Joe Loomis, Glen Landwehr Lowell Hanely, Lowell Samson, Kenneth Bockbrader, Martin Christiansen and Dale Grubs. Donald Joseph is the pianist. The chorus sang at the first meeting of the Mothers Club, for the Christmas program and for the junior play. Drum Majorettes Florence De Marco, Carolyn Johanssen, Corinne De Marco. Junior Band Top Row: Robert Evans, Marvin Moenter, Marlyn Rolf, Donald Schmeltz, Wayne Samson, Russell Ruch, George Rife, John Hannah. Second Row: Mary Helm, Roy Christen, Ruth Kopp, Ernes- tine Roach, Ellen Christen, Delores Hannan, Glen Welling, Mrs. Hobart. Bottom Row: Zoe Ann Wilson, William Loomis, Imogene Broka, Harley Jacobs, Donald Stewart, Darlene Myers, Natalie Wilson. - Absent: Theodore Reamsnyder, Kathleen Kurfess, Harold Hoelter, Lorraine Roach, Merlin Miller. Toy Band Top Row: Ronald Webb, David Kopp, Jim ie Ford, Richard Eilert, Robert Aspacher, Wallace Dierker, Charles Albright, Dale Jacobs, Joe Helm. Third Row: Mrs. Hobart, Cathryn Evans, Royce Ruch, Rae Myers, Betty Carr, Maxine Leking, Roger Ernsthausen, Janice Hacker, Walter Jordon, Jeannean Wilson. Second Row: Grace Jacobs, Alice Jane Hessman, Arla Christen, Marilyn Miller, James Grubs, Walter Holt- meyer, Pedro Lopez, Donna Marie Welling. Bottom Row: Carrol Baker, Katharine Hasel, Nola Dean Kinker, Joan Miller, Shirley Brinker, Patty Caris, Florence Miller, Jeanne Urban. Absent: Marilyn Hoelter, Theodore Barber, James Helm. T OY BA N D vig -if 1 9 5 ,ix r Q is-:J A Q' P'9'X,, 3 511' tl 4 1 I X Y 3 S S 5 y ,n ,J ,so u i Q.. f . .M 1 1 , ' Qy I Q J UNIQIQ BAN D Senior High Chorus Top Row: Joe Loomis, Donald Joseph, Marcena Michel, Carolyn Johanssen, Geraldine Welling. Second Row: Mrs. Hobart, Lowell Hanely, Martin Christ- iansen, Lowell Samson, Kenneth Bockbrader, Dale Grubs. First Row: Lois Miller, June Kurfess, Joyce Baker, Esther Miller, Iota Evans. Absent: Glen Landwehr. Junior High Chorus Top Row: Keith Rife, William Wilson, Elmer Miller, Charles Kurfess, John Hannah, Rolland Huss, Marlyn Rolf, Third Row: Opal Rife, Rose Manoylovich, Shirley Ann Dierker, Ruth Miller, Illa Evans, Gretchen Snyder, Gloria Reamsnyder. Second Row: Mrs. Hobart, June Kinker, Marian Bock- brader, Florence De Marco, Wilma Witker,. Corinne De Marco, Jane Bringman, Lena Young. First Row: Annabelle Jacobs, Imogene Broke, Mary Har- meyer, Virginia Jacobs, Ernestine Roach, Charlene Hutson, Mary Helm. Absent: Patricia Miller, Norma Kopp, Eileen Reamsnyder. Boy Scouts Standing: Mr. Rider, Robert Evans, Harold Carr, John Hannan, Glen Reamsnyder, Gene Ruch, Arthur Christen, LeRoy Stewart, Rolland Huss. Seated: Ernest Slater, Keith Rife, William Wilson, Richard Jacobs, Junior Tracy, Russell Ruch, Theodore Reamsnyder. Absent: Clyde Tracy, Chester Chambers, George Rife, xv Ah J. Home Economics Club Top Row: Miss Wirick, Violet Schudel, Lois Samson, Kathryn Jacobs, Mary Carr, Shirley Ann Dierker, Ruth Miller, Ardith Spahn. First Row: Jeannette Hoyt, Florence De Marco, Mildred Hutson, Marietta Fausnaugh, Eileen Reamsnyder, Cor- inne De Marco, Ruth Kopp. Commercial Club Top Row: Miss Mackling, Gene Hannan, Robert Harmeyer, Cornell Juergens, Geraldine Welling, Joanne Huss, Iota Evans. y Second Row: Betty Swartz, Marie Brinker, Joyce Baker, Esther Miller, Vera McCrary, Lois Jacobs, Eileen Barber. First Row: Doris Pertner, Marcena Michel, Vivian Rife, Donald Joseph, Lois Miller, June Kurfess, Rosemary Fortlander. Absent: Glen Landwehr, Delores Ruch. Booster Club Top Row: Nancy Kurfess, Esther Miller, Iota Evans, Mara Christiansen, Marcena Michel, Geraldine Welling, Vivian Rife, Joanne Huss. Second Row: Miss Wirick, Marietta Eausnaugh, Lois Miller, Lois Jacobs, Doris Pertner, Vera McCrary, Ruth Kopp, Jeannette Hoyt. First Row: Eileen Barber, Betty Swartz, Rosemary Fort- lander, Carolyn Johanssen, June Kurfess, Mildred Hutson, Eileen Reamsnyder. Absent: Patricia Reamsnyder. W X Paper Staff Standing: Geraldine Welling, LeRoy Stewart, Frances Urban, Joanne Huss, Nancy Kurfess, Doris Pertner, Ardith Spahn, Robert Harmeyer, Violet Schudel, Donald Joseph, Lois Jacobs. Seated: Lois Miller, Miss Mackling, Marcena Michel, Cornell Juergens, June Kurfess. Librarians Standing: Esther Miller, Joe Loomis, Joyce Baker, Lowen Meyer, Mara Christiansen, Donald Joseph, Mar- cena Michel, Marie Brinker, Eileen Barber. Seated: Nancy Kurfess, Lois Miller, Miss Rolfes, Glen Landwehr, June Kurfess. Junior High Basketball Standing: William Kurfess, John Hannan, Robert Hotmer, Charles Kurfess, Mr. Rider. Seated: Richard Jacobs, Rolland Huss, Frederick Samson, Marlyn Rolf. Pl' CLUBS HOME Economics cum The HSnippy Snappy Stitchersn is composed of four- teen home economics girls who have adopted the motto, WAS you sew, so shall you rip.N Meetings were 'held once a month. The following officers were elected: President ----------------- Ruth Kopp Vice President ------- Violet Schudel Secretary -------------- Ardith Spahn Assistant- ---------- Jeannetta Hoyt Reporter --------- Marietta Fausnaugh Assistant ------------ Kathryn Jacobs COMMERCIAL CLUB The HStyli-Typen, organized by Miss Mackling after the first six-weeks' period last fall for honor students in the commercial department, has twenty-three members and meets every month. The club sponsored two skating parties. Our last meeting was an outing at Pearson Park. These officers were elected: President ------------- Donald Joseph Vice President --------- June Kurfess Secretary-Treasurer ----- Vivian Rife Program Chairman ----- Marcena Michel Assistant --------------- Lois Miller Reporter -------------- Doris Pertner BOOSTER CLUB HBe a booster, not a booerln The following officers and captains were elected: President---Carolyn Johanssen Vice President---Betty Swartz Secretary-Rosemary Fortlander Candy Sellers---Esther Miller Vivian Rife Selling Ticket Reporter ---- June Kurfess Softball---Gerry Welling Volleyball ---- Iota Evans Basketball---Lois Miller Hikes ----- Marcena Michel Betty Swartz The Boosters were defeated by the Alumnae this yearg but watch out, Alumnae, there's another year coming! T i ANNUAL STAFF Editor ..,...........,.............,..,.,,,.....,..,.....,,..,......................,......................,. ...,....,................ M arcena Michel Assistants "'----'A-'---- Business Manager A'A""-4""' .......,...,.,.,....,........ i s..4s,s,,s,,.,s.s.,..s...,4..,.....ssss.. Production Manager "'QA""" W' .,... ...,.........,...........,.......,..,. Calendar .............,...,.. Humon ,........,...,..,... , Athletics --A'ww--L4--"- ........,.,.,... Arg ................. Specials ......,..,....,.... Typistg. .......,...,... . Ad-Vj-SOI-3 ..., -. ., ,... i WWMWCarolyn Johanssen P a ul Kurfe S S MMmRiehard Hannan mWWWCornell Juergens MWtmGeraldine Welling .mWWMMWMRObert Young mMWKenneth Bockbrader WMWMmWWNBetty Swartz WMarietta Fausnaugh D O Il S P e rt ne Il Martin Christiansen MWmLois Jacobs HMM-Ardith Spahn HMMmDelores Ruch -MW Lois Miller A -A-'--Av Vivian Rife WMM-June Knrfess HWWMHMT. E. H. Rider M --'--Ab--- Miss Dora Maekling MwWWMiss Helen Rolfes -P1 X DQ! Since the organization' Scouts of America, in 1936, stable. There were thirte the membership is eighteen. When the troop reaches a po four, three patrols will be Any boy twelve years of become a member of the gre f" X - f' SCUU fa T of Luckey Troop 332, Boy the membership has remained en charter members. Today There are two patrols. ssible enrollment of twenty- organized. age or over is eligible to atest boys' organization .in America. This troop has five Star Scouts: William Wilson, Robert Evans, Chester Chambers, Keith Rifa, and Gene Ruch. Robert Evans is eligible for Life Rank. Clyde Tracy, LeRoy Stewart and Richard Jacobs are First Class and John Hannah, Glen Reamsnyder. and Rolland Huss are Second Class. Those of Tenderfoot Rank are Ernest Slater, Russel Ruch, George Rife, Harold Carr, Arthur Christen, Theodore Reamsnyder. and Junior Tracy. This year LeRoy Stewart has been promoted to nssistant Scoutmaster. Keith Rife is the Troop Scribe. The Patrol Leaders are Robert Evans and Gene Ruch. The Troop' Committee is as follows: Fred Chambers, Irvin Jacobs, and Charles Austin. Mr. Rider accompanied twelve of the boys to Camp Miakonda for one week in August of the year 1936 and again in August of 1942. Last year the troop had twelve' boys in camp and they received an HExcellentH banner, one of the highest awards given at Camp Miakonda that week. The Scouts of Troop 332 in National Defense. The and a half of scrap paper ly. They are gathering o iron and rags. They are p as experts in first aid our present crisis. 8 Mr. Rider, who is the S hood Commissioner, is in have been doing their part y have sold more than a ton and are gathering it regular- ther scrap materials such as reparing themselves to serve nd as an emergency corps in coutmaster and the Neighbors charge of the Webster Troop, the Pemberville Troop. and the Stony Ridge Troop. He will receive the Acorn Award at the annual Appreciation Banquet held at the Commodore Perry Hotel in Toledo in May. This award is for the organization of new troops V TTEE rv l H Q r' :JCHQOL WXPLK The first school paper was stenciled and printed by Mr. Rider in l938. This aroused much interest and a staff was soon functioning. Mr. Grubaugh was the advisor for three years. Miss Iackling was the advisor this year. The main purpose of the paper has been to give ex- perience to the students in reporting, editing, stencib ing and printing. The paper has always tried to print news of interest to parents and students alike. Exchanges of school papers were received from many schools. Some of these exchanges were from other states. The exchanges of school papers are of mutual benefit. Many useful hints and much information con- cerning their activities were obtained from the papers of other schools. We were pleased to find some of our ideas printed in other school papers. In January of this year, publication of the school paper was suspended on account of the scarcity and cost of paper. We hope that in the near future we can re- sume the editing and printing of the paper. The 1941-42 Staff Editor .......... ........................ Marcena Michel Associate .......... ............. .... Geraldine walling News Editor ................................ Ardith Spahn Art Editor ....................... ......... June Kurfess Class Reporters: 7 K 8 Grade ............... - .......... Frances Urban Freshman ......... ..................... Nancy Kurfess Sophomorc--- - ------.----.--.-.------. --Joanne Huss Junior ------- --.------.-..--..---..-- Violet Schudel Senior ---------- ----..-.----.-.---...... Lois Hiller Sports -------------------.- ----.---.....- Donald Joseph Special Articles .....................,.... Doris Partner Humor ----------- -Robert Harmeyer Exchange -.-...-. Circulating -.... Printers .... .... Advisor ...... --- ------------ -------------LeRoy Stewart -----Lois Jacobs ------ ------------------Richard Hannah Cornell Juergens - ---------. --.---......-.. Miss Mackling V CLASS PLAYS The Great-Ben Allah NThe Great Ben Allah,N presented by the senior class on November lA, was a comedy, original in plot and characters. Ben Allah, the Hindu fakir, was indeed a faker, but all in the grand and glorious cause of love. His Nspiritualizingn plus the capers of his mischievous stooge carried the plot through many amusing situations including a seance which cured two women of their love of magic. The Antics of Andrew HThe Antics of Andrew,N given by the Troy-Luckey senior class on May 7, was a farce. A millionaire uncle from New Zealand, who had been sending Andrew a monthly allowance, dropped in out of a clear, blue sky. Andrew had to have a mother-in-law and wife on very short noticeg so in haste, his two college chums dress- ed the part of women. Amid gales of laughter, the action swept to its climax of comic disaster. The play Kept the audience in continual laughter. Fixit, Incorporated NFixit, Incorporatedu was presented by the juniors on February 5. The play opened in a crude office furnished with store boxes. This corporation could fix anything. By curing a hen-peeked husband, they made enough money to purchase real office furniture. Fixing a romance, a radio program for a bubble gum company and a job for a girl all added to the merriment of this farce-comedy. All three plays were under the capable direction of Miss Wirick. E5 A N CZ! UE T :FOOTBALL BANQUET The Mothers' Club served the dinner for the 1941 football banquet which was sponsored by the Civic Club and was held in the school cafeteria on November l7. Mr. C. B. Loomis acted as toastmaster. Mr. I. T. Jacobs led the group in the singing of HAmerica.N Mr. Amos and Mr. Rider presented the awards given by the Civic Club and the school. Mr. Harry Williamson, the county auditor, gave an interesting talk on the impor- tance of athletics in the school. Joe Loomis and his accordian, accompanied by Donald Joseph at the piano, furnished the music. BASKETBALL BANQUET The Civic Club entertained the basketball boys at a banquet held April 6, in the, school cafeteria. The dinner was prepared by the Mothers' Club. The toastmaster, Mr. C. B. Loomis, took charge after the dinner. All the graduating seniors responded to the welcome given by Mr. Martin Rolfes. Mr. Swantusch presented the awards. After a few remarks by Mr. G. V. Huss and Mr. E. H. Rider, Dr. W. A. Zaugg of Bowling Green gave an excellent talk onWAthletics Vicariously.n The Rifes furnished the music. ' JUNIGR-SENIOR BANQUET The Junior-Senior Banquet was held Friday, May 15, at the school. The cafeteria room was converted into a Umess halln of an army camp. The junior class president, Esther Miller, ably de- monstrated her ability as toastmistress. The welcome was given by Gene HHHHGH of the junior class, after which Glen Landwehr, president of the senior class, re- sponded. Toasts were given by Mr. E. H. Rider and MT. G. V. Huss. Special music was enjoyed by all. After the banquet the guests were presented with tickets for the theater. -s H J MOYAQKDJ CLUB The officers of the Mothers' Club are as follows: President . . . . . . Mrs. Robert Khrfess Vice President . . . Mrs. Harvey Helm Treasurer . . . . . . Mrs. Gordon Huss Secretary . . . . . . . . Mrs. Harold Grubs Program Chairman . . 'Mrs. Clarence Michel Social Chairman . . . . Mrs. Marcus Welling The Mothers' Club met in 'the cafeteria room for their first meeting the second Tuesday in September. Miss Croll, county nurse, offered to give three health talks and demonstrations. At this meeting she discuss- ed communicable diseases, vaccination, and immunization. The senior chorus furnished the music. At the Cctober meeting Miss Croll gave a demonstra- tion on bed making and caring for and bathing the sick in the home. It was decided to buy some more equipment for the cafeteria. Films on tuberculosis and the patch test were shown at the November meeting. Miss Croll gave a talk. The mothers' gave a Christmas party for the faculty members, school board members and members of the Mothers' Club and their families. After a fine program games were played and a lunch was served. Miss Kate Offerman gave an interesting talk on WCharacter Building in the Home and Schooln at the January meeting. The club decided to give a Chicken- Ham Supper in February. The junior chorus furnished the music. At the February meeting, open discussion was con- ducted by Mrs. Michel on WHOW Can We Make the Most of our Differences.W Since that time, the club has been sewing and Knitting two days a month for the Red Cross. This year the Mothers' Club has made an excellent donation to the Red Cross, and has equipped two first aid cots for the school--one for the boys in the ath- letic room and one for the girls in the faculty women's restroom. Other needed equipment has been added. u COMMENCEMENT EXEKCISES Troy-Luckey School School Auditorium--May 22, 1942--8:00 P. M. Processional --------------------------- Clarinet Octette HCoronation Marchn by Meyerbeer Invocation- ------------------------- --Rev. Homer Rickel Luckey Evangelical Church Salutatory -------------------------------- Joseph Loomis Valediotory ------- ---------------------- Marcena Michel Music -------------------------- - ------- School Orchestra WRhapsody in Bluen by Gershwin Address---NBuilding for Tomorrown---Mr. Homer L. Bigbee President Farmer's Bank, Belleville, Ohio Presentation of Awards and the Class--Supt. E. H. Rider Presentation of Diplomas ----------------- Mr. G. V. Huss President Troy-Luckey Board of Education Benediction- -------- - Recessional ---------- -----------------Rev. Homer Rickel ---Clarinet Ootette HDer Freischutzn by Von Weber The Octette Personnel First Clarinet-- Second Clarinet- Third Clarinet-- Fourth Clarinet- ------- ------------ ----Joanne Huss ------Nancy Kurfess ---------Iota Evans ----Arthur Christen -----------------Gloria Reamsnyder Patricia Reamsnyder ----------------------Wilma Witker Rosemary Fortlander Music under the direction of Mrs. Elmer Hobart 0 I Q C O l 3 5 8 9 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 22. 24. 25 26. 29. 30 1. 3. 6. 8. 9. 10. 11. 13. 14. 15 16. 17. 20. C AL ENDAIQ September First day of school. Election of class officers. Lois McCrary quit school. First cafeteria. Freshman initiation. Mothers' Club met. Seniors ordered rings. Scouts celebrated Mr. Rider's birthday at Chambers'. Picture display for seniors. Faculty-Board roast at B. G. Football game at Waterville. 19-19 Senior class party at Marcena's. Mr. Harkness visited school. Tracys out of jquarantine. Mr. Geisbuhler worked in ChucK's place. Band practiced marching outside. Booster Club roast at school. Gene Ruch recovered from scarlet fever. Windy. No electricity. Sophomore roast at Kopp's. Junior roast at Road- side park. First school paper. Class pictures taken. Bonfire at 7:30. Football game with Risingsun. Lost 20-21. Mom's Day October Chapel in charge of Miss Brown's room. Rev. Johans- sen spoke. Mrs. Murlin substituted for Mr. Amos, Night football game at Maumee. Won 50-O. Senior pictures taken. Received class pictures. No-football practice. Band marched at B. G. Festival and gave concert at Z Senior proofs came. Snippy Snappy Stitchers' party at school. Achievement Tests. Football with Jackson-Burgoon. Won 31-16. Freshman roast in Michel's woods. Wood County Teachers' Institute. Delores Ruch returned. Mothers' Club potluck dinner Football at Risingsun. Lost 16nl2. Chose senior play cast. First practice at 8. Grade cards. WLegend of Sleepy Hollown presented by Freshmen. Football with Monclova, Won L6-20. Lowen and Lowell Samson killed mouse in study hall. Boy Scout inspection but no inspector. Parents present. Fern Soles married. 21 23 24 27 29 30 31 1 3 4 5 7 8 10 11 12 13 lL 17 18 19 20 21 24 25 26 28 CA LEN DAR October lcontinuedl First basketball practice. Football game at Bradner. Won 56-26. No school. Teacherfs meeting. Glen, Eileen, Theodore, and Gene Reamsnyder entered from Webster. Senior rings arrived at post office. Bring your money, Seniors. Commercial Club organ- ized. Seniors received rings. Chapel in charge of Miss Crocker's room. Rev. Kaeding spoke. We wonder why Chuck's car was parked in the corner of school yard. Eighth grade Hallowe'en party at John Deuble's. School paper. November Seventh grade Hallowe'en party at Paul We1lihg's. Football game at Bloomdale. Won 66-12. Last game for the seniors. Election. Senior Psychological Tests. Donald Canfield gave demonstration with Black Light First snow. High School Day at Columbus. - Train wreck at Dunkirk. Mr. Rider absent. Mothers' Club met. T. B. film shown to upper six grades. Miss Croll, county nurse, talked. Faye Phillips visited. Dress rehearsal for senior play. Marcena with up hair-do. Seniors presented HThe Great Ben Allah.N Football banquet. Snippy Snappy Stitchers met. Styli-Type KCommer- cial Clubj met at Marcena's. Chapel in charge of Miss Tavernier's room. Thanksgiving. Vacation. Bus inspection at 1:00. Mr. Harkness visited. First basketball games at Portage. Won both. Pep meeting at l:OO. Grade cards. ' Seniors ordered invitations. Basketball games with North Troy. Won both. CA LENDAR December T. B. Tests. New students. Bonnie and Mildred Hutson entered from Newton Falls. Lenore Babione entered from Westerville, Junior high basketball game at Lake. Won. NRed Riding Hoodn presented by Freshmen. T. B. Patches were taken off. Basketball games at Risingsun. Won both. StylieType skating party at B. G. Marcena participated in Prince of Peace Contest at Perrysburg. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. m U. S. declared war on Japan. Leroy dropped a type- writer. Mothers' Club Christmas party. President's first war message. Boys solicited advertisements for the annual. NJohah and the Whalen presented by Freshmen. Germany and Italy declare war on U. S. Basketball games with Webster--record crowd. Lost both. Freshman Christmas party at Chester Chambers'. NPoor Richardsn defeated HOld lronsidesn in Math.7. Decorated our Christmas trees. Snippy Snappy Stitch- ers met. School Christmas program. Basketball games with Lake. Won one. Lost one. What was Miss Mackling's Christmas present from the high school boys? Seventh grade Christmas party. Vacation. 4 Sophomore Christmas party at Donald Schmeltz's. January School resumed. Senior study hall complimented oh good behavior. Mr. Swantusch has a new suit. A Christmas present? f Junior play cast chosen. First practice 7 p.mL Lester Christen's bus late. Too cold. 100 below zeroa Sara Ewing visited Miss Mackling. Juniors selected rings. Basketball games at Bradner. Won both. Miss Mackling absent in the afternoon. Styli-Type Club met at June Kurfess'. Mothers' Club met. Miss Offerman spoke. O 15 l6. 17. 19. 20. 22. 23. 26. 27. 29. 30. 31. 2. 3 5. 6. 9. 10, 12, 13. 16. 17. 18, 20, 21, 23. 2b. 25. 27. 28. C A LENDAK January lcontinuedl Exams , Exams Basketball games at Walbridge. Won both. Second semester. New freshman. Jeannetta Hoyt. entered from Perrysburg. Junior band practiced as a group. Group pictures for annual. Indian summer. Defense Council met. Annual staff completed. Basketball games at Wayne. Lost one. Won one. Booster Club lunch. Chapel in charge of freshmen. 'Rev. Rickel spoke. Basketball game with alumni. Won. Last-edition of the school paper. . Wood County Teachers' Institute. February Mr. Skibbie visited. Junior high basketball game with Lake. Lost. Dress rehearsal. Patricia, Jerry, and Mary Miller entered from Panama Canal Zone. Juniors presented HFixit Incorporated.H Mr. Sturgeon here. V Basketball games at Webster. Lost both. Defense Council meeting. War time. 'Began sale of Defense Stamps and Bonds. Styli-Type Club at Huss', Sleigh rides. Mothers' Club met. Snippy Snappy Etitchers met. Junior high basketball with Woodville. Lost. Bird show. Basketball games with Pemberville. Won both. Drawing for the county tournament. Junior high basketball game with Webster. Won. Mothers' Club supper. Paul K. and Lowell Samson killed a mouse in study hall. Band played at tournament. Played Jackson in tournament. Won. No school. Washington's birthday. Mr, Amos absent. Junior high game at Pemberville. Won, Played Bloomdale in tournament, Won. Played Olney in tournament, Won again! Finals, Lost to Lake. 4, , ,B , , T V r C AL .a NBAA March Junior high basketball game at Woodville. Lost. District tournament drawing. Red Cross first aid meeting. Grade cards. District tournament. Beat Gibsonburg. Mrs. Hobart and Miss Wirick absent. First air raid drill for the lower six grades. Beat Liberty in tournament. 33-29 Mothers' Club met. Annual pictures taken. Played Wakeman at district tournament. Won 32-16. Chapel in charge of sophomores. Rev. Veler spoke. First air raid drill for the entire school. Played Webster in finals at Fremont. Lost 49-21. Junior high tournament at Webster. Played Cygnet. Lost. Eloise Moenter and Margaret Christen visited. Mr. Harkness visited. Miss Tavernier resigned. Mrs. Busdeker substituting in the first and second grades. A First baseball practice. Track. Mothers' Club sewed all day. Snippy Snappy Stitchers met at school. Miss Offerman visited. Styli-Type party at McCrary's. Marcena and Joe took Senior Scholarship Test at Bowling Green. Began mimeographing on the annual. Surprise quiz in civics. Snow. April ' Mr. Amos fooled the eighth grade. Chapel in charge of commercial students. Good Friday. No school. Selection Tests at Bowling Green. Easter Mr. Swantusch absent in the morning. Basketball banquet. Diphtheria im unization and smallpox vaccination. Fingerprints taken. Senior play cast chosen. First practice at 7. First baseball game at Woodville. Lost. 15. 17. 20. 24 28. 29. 3o l. 2. L. 5. 7. 12. 13. 15. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 25. 27. 29. .CALENDAR April fcontinuedl Senior invitations arrived. Grade cards. Snippy Snappy Stitchers entertained eighth grade girls. Baseball with Pemberville. Lost. Who caught 87 fish? Styli-Type Skating party at Perrysburg. Baseball game at Bradner. Won. Baseball game at Webster. Won. Junior class party at Grubs'. Baseball game with Woodville. Won. Teachers issued sugar cards to retailers. Mother's Club met. Defense Meeting at 8 P. M. Band played. May Seventh grade roast at Gretchen Snyder's. Baseball game with Bradner. Won. In the District Scholarship Tests at B. G, Chester Chambers won first in algebra. Teachers issued sugar rationing cards to consumers. Dress rehearsal. Baseball game with Webster. Lost Seniors received invitations to Junior-Senior Banquet. Seniors presented HThe Antics of Andrew.N Baseball game at Olney. Chapel. Rev. Meyer spoke. Styli-Type party. Baseball game at Pemberville. Junior-Senior Ban- quet. Baccalaureate. Freshman party at Roadside Park. Baseball game with Walbridge. Senior picnic at Pearson Park. Senior exams. Commencement. Exams. Grade cards. Senior trip. I 4. ,M I rf' xy ALEPGLEEEECS WEE!! Season Juergens 147 Landwehr 65 Meyer 91 Loomis 24 Kurfess 19 Joseph 41 Young 3 Opponent Portage North Troy Risingsun Webster Lake Bradner Walbridge Olney Wayne Alumni Webster Pemberville p.,Xq1ff-fr. ,XII Df- Jlxf. Df- ...a.J VARSITY County District Tourney Tourney 29 25 15 19 57 43 5 lL 18 9 7 5 2 O SCH DULE We 22 42 31 28 19 37 L8 L1 30 35 26 57 Total Average 201 99 191 L3 56 53 5 10.05 4.95 9.55 2.15 2.80 2.65 .25 They 19 17 23 42 22 19 41 lk 21 13 45 15 The Troy Trojans had the best season ever witnessed by local cage fans. Twenty boys reported for basket- ball under Mr. Swantusch last fall, with seventeen of that number completing the season. The first team, composed of seven seniors and three sophomores, slashed through the scheduled season with nine wins and three losses. The Trojans entered the county tournament with the county championship in view. The cagers, drawing a bye, defeated Jackson 35-22, Bloomdale 35-17 and Olney 39-27, only to be defeated in the finals by Lake 45-25. The Trojans were led in the tournament by their towering cehter, Lowen Meyer, who was honored with the position of all county center BASKETBALL VARSITY Ccontinuedl Having won the right to go to the district tourna- ment in Fremont, the Trojans defeated Gibsonburg 31-23 and Liberty 33-29. This brought them up to the semi- finals where they smashed Wakeman 32-16. The cagers now entered the finals against their old rival, Webster who had defeated' them twice during the season. The Scots, with the state tournament in mind, overpowered the Trojans 49-21. Thus the Trojans, bringing home two trophies, finished the season with fifteen wins and five losses. RESERVES Season Average Season Average Points Per Game Points Per Game Myers 68 6 18 Ruch 19 1.72 D. Stewart 66 6 OO Tracy 2 .18 Moenter L5 4 O9 Schmeltz 'Z .18 Miller lO 90 Reamsnyder 17 1.54 L. Stewart 32 2 90 Evans 8 .74 The reserves won seven' of the eleven scheduled games. They suffered two defeats at the hands of Webster, one in an overtime with Olney and one with Wayne. They won from Portage, North Troy, Risingsun, Lake, Bradner, Walbridge and Pemberville. The young cagers almost shut out Lake by'a 26-4 score. With the first team losing seven seniors, these boys will have a big job on their hands next year to hold up Troy's previous record. JUNIOR HIGH The junior high team, coached by Mr. Rider, started late in the season by playing every Tuesday and Thurs- day noon and practicing on Wednesdays after .schodl. This team developed rapidly. They lost games to Woodd ville, Lake, Webster and Cygnet. They won from Webster Lake and Pemberville. The players were: W. Kurfess, Huss, Hannah, Hotmer, Jacobs, Samson and C. Kurfess. Young Meyer Juergens MANAGERS: GQ Henman R. Henman Myers Landwehr Stewart Moenter Kurfess Joseph Loomis RESERVES: Ruoh Reamsnyder Miller Tracy Sohmeltz Evans Football Top Row: Mr. Amos, Gene Hannan, LeRoy Stewart, Glen Reamsnyder, Gene Rucn, Lowen Meyer, Lyle Myers, Robert Young, Robert Harmeyer, John Hannan, manager. Bottom Row: Donald Stewart, Clyde Tracy, Dale Grubs, Cornell Juergens, Joe Loomis, Donald Miller, Donald Schmeltz, Robert Evans. Cheerleaders Marcena Michel, Carolyn Johanssen M1 r""x ' P rUOfr5fXLL The 1941 football season started much the same as any other average season. We journeyed to Waterville and came home with a tied game 19-19. Then Risingsun came here and took a game from us 2l-20, scoring two points in the last five seconds of the game. No great potential strength showed up in these games and no one was expecting the whirlwind finish that ended the season. As in former seasons, the blocking was 'poor, passes went wild, running was sluggish and no great de- fensive strength came to light. We then went to Maumee and played second and third string substitutes man team and took them to camp 50 first time our boys really were able they click! A rough Jackson-Burgoon team came and went home with the short end of our second game with Risingsun we a team composed of from their eleven- 0. This 'was the to click. And did here the next week a 31-6 score. In outplayed them the first half, but they came back strong and took the game 16-12. With this mental hazard out of the way, the boys settled down to a scoring spree that set a record for Troy that will be hard to beat. On they took Monclova 46-20, Bradner with Bloomdale 66-12. This gave us cord successive Fridays 56-26 and finished the impressive re- of 300 points against 120 for our opponents. The highlight of the season was the Bradner game. Bradner had been beaten by Risingsun by only one touch- down and had a heavy team and one of the fastest backs in the county. In spite of this, the Trojans ran and passed them to a standstill. The first four plays that we had, the ball netted three touchdowns. Three times during the game we scored on the first down and scored four times from their plays. The Trojans played real ball that day. Who were these mighty Trojans? Four seniors, seven juniors, four sophomores and two freshmen--just seven- teen fine boys who liked the bang-up game of football. Will we miss the senior boys? We surely will! Will we have good boys to take their place? We certainly will! Player Juergens Loomis Meyer Young Grubs Hanely Hannan G. Harmeyer Miller Do Stewart L Tracy Myers Schmeltz Stewart Evans Ruch FOOTBA LL Year Senior Senior Senior Senior ' Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Junior Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman THE SQUAD Position Halfback Quarterback End End Center End Halfback Halfback Halfback End-Halfback Center-Halfback Center Center Halfback Halfback End Glen Reamsnyder, who transferred to Luckey last fall, was ineligible but practiced with the squad. Award Certificate Certificate Certificate Letter Certificate Letter Certificate Letter Letter Certificate Certificate Letter Letter Certificate Emblem Emblem John Hannan, a seventh grader, faithfully ,performed the duties of manager but was not eligible for a letter. Five boys--Cornell Juergens, Joe Loomis, Lowen Meyery Robert Young and Lowell Hanely--received gold foot- balls from the Civic Club at the football banquet. Joe Loomis was chosen by the squad for our 1941 captain and served the team very well. It was the second season for Joe. Gene Hannan takes over the duties of captain for next year, and we all feel sure the position is in capable hands. The team wishes to express its gratitude to our coach, Mr. Amos, for his efforts in the past four years: The team expresses its pthanks to the community for its fine support throughout the season and especially to those who made the banquet possible. ,- ,Y -Y-L ni -Mi .., ..n....u, , L. E. Swantusch ----- Basketball E. H. Rider ----- Junior High School Basketball V. S. Amos ----- Football H U M Q K Definitions NBawling outn--the only time in a student's life he wishes there were a hole in the floor beneath him. NFreshmanN--belonging to the Cradle Roll. NJuniorsN--a group of beings who are fast becoming seniors mentally C??J as well as physically. nFacultyW--a group of educational enthusiasts. WGradesn--a monthly edited by faculty. HExaminationn--an instrument of torture wielded by the teachers with great effect. HBlotterN--a thing you spend your time looking for while the ink is drying. WTuba playern--a fellow who's all wrapped up in his work. We Wonder What all the girls are going to do since Uncle Sam is calling all the boys. Why Dick Hannah always comes to school late in the morning. fLate night hours?D What was so exciting at the airport that drew Esther Miller's attention. Why the mail was overflowing at the post office when Webster played basketball at Springfield. If the future senior class will be as tormenting as the class of '42. Can You Imagine Cornell Juergens ever studying. Marcena Michel without her large vocabulary. C? if KJ Lg A lwmmi V., ALUMNI Class of 1935 Bowling Green, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Deshler, Ohio Della Christen Virginia Phillips Hayward Blanche Rach Ross Hessman Marie Samson Daily Ethel Samson Hasel Martha Witker Viola Miller Pres. Ethel Samson Lackey, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Danbridge, Ohio Fremont, Ohio Lackey, Ohio Vice Pres. Blanche Rach Sec-Treas. Della Christen Class of 1936 Valda Aspacher Welling Lackey,,Ohio Chester Miller Lackey, Ohio Ardith Phillips Scott Lackey, Ohio Rath Emmitt Liberty Center, Ohio Carolyn Fahle Lackey, Ohio Mary Ream Reed Bowling Green, Ohio Wayne Raab Toledo, Ohio Wilma Samson Lackey, Ohio Helen Heise Loomis Lemoyne, Ohio Arda Jaergens Witker Pemberville, Ohio Frederick Joseph Lackey, Ohio Doris Kahlenbarg Sander Pemberville, Ohio Donald Witker Pemberville, Ohio Rath Welling Frank Delton Welling Vera Weiland Raab Wilma Webb Blecke Pres. Delton Welling Sec-Tre Toledo, Ohio U. S. Army Toledo, Ohio Lackey, Ohio Vice Pres. Wayne Raab as. Valda Aspacher Class of 1937 Evelyn Briggs Jones Toledo, Ohio Ruth Miller Stebel Lackey, Ohio Laaretta Miller Braeggemeier Lackey, Ohio Gertrude Christen Bowling Green, Ohio Earl Lewis Rife Lackey, Ohio Lila Rickel Layman Toledo, Ohio Annetta Hoelter Hansen Lackey, Ohio Harold Stebel Lackey, Ohio Herman Sander Lackey, Ohio Henry Heise ALUMNI h Class of 1937 Ccontinuedl Pemberville, Ohio Raymond Hansen Toledo, Ohio Elsie Jacobs Bockman Fostoria, Ohio Louise Williams Riker Toledo, Ohio Ben Loomis Lemoyne, Ohio Meredith Rex U. S. Army Pres. Earl Rife Vice Pres. Louise Williams Sec-Treas. Annette Hoelter Robert Brinker Donald Bringman Norman Miller Frederick Bringman Paul Baker Eleanor Eilert Avers Arlington Helm Clell Hanely Howard Schudel Marie Sander Eleanor Samson Reitzel Norma Jacobs Alice Jacobs Mock Helen Witker Class of 1938 Reynoldsburg, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Luckey, Elmore, Ohio Ohio U. S. Army Air Corps U. S. Army Columbus, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Luckey, Luckey, Ohio Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Woodville, Ohio Arlu Layman Monke Luckey, Ohio Helen Myers Bloomdale, Ohio Pres. Arlington Helm Vice Pres. Norman Miller Sec-Treas. Marie Sander Betty Evans Alexander Louis Partner Donald Ruch Annabelle Stebel Thornton Dolores Schudel Heise Virgil Samson Zella Hanely John Johanssen Betty Landwehr Wayne Young Luther Moenter Evelyn Helm Class of 1939 Luckey, Ohio Perrysburg, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Lackey, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Luckey, Ohio ALUMNI Class of 1939 Ccontinuedb Pres. John Johanssen Vice Pres. Annabelle Stebel Sec. Dolores Schudel Treas. Betty Evans Evelyn Buehrer Robert Bauman Robert Bringman Robert Hessman Glenn Baker Wanda Magee Margaret Christiansen Marian Eilert Dale Rolf Arlene Hoelter William Schudel Opal Helm Noss Marvalene Samson . Ruth Jacobs Laverne Witker Ronald Layman Keith Musser Pres. William Schudel Sec. Margaret Christiansen Bruce Baker Margaret Christen Catherene Christiansen Hazel Deuble Glenn Helm Ruth Kimmel Mary Loomis George McCrary Eloise Moenter Forrest Swartz Pres. Catherene Christiansen Vice Sec. Margaret Christen Class of l9AO Bowling Green, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Panama Luckey, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. Toledo, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Columbus, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Luckey, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Pemberville, Ohio Luckey, Ohio U. S. Army Air Corps Vice Class of l9Ll Pres. Arlene Hoelter Treas. Marian Eilert Lost Hills, Calif. Luckey, Toledo, Toledo, Bowling Bowling Luckey, Luckey, Luckey, Bowling Ohio Ohio Ohio Green, Green, Ohio Ohio Ohio Green, Ohio Ohio Ohio Pres. Forrest Swartz Treas. Mary Loomis ...- 'ffssirffffi :gf-:gf :f :,::5.,,, EE a 4 ered ms: e r r.. OUR GRADUATES IN SERVICE On May l, six of our Alumni boys were in the ser- vice. They heard their country's call and were willing to answer it. In the future more and more of our grad- uates Will hear and willingly answer the same call. We are proud of our boys in the armed forces wherever they may be. HATS OFF TO THEM ALL! Delton Welling, a graduate in 1936, is in the Medi- cal Regiment at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Meredith Rex, who was a graduate in 1937, is now at Camp Polk, Louisiana. Clell Hanely graduated in 1938 and is in the Field Artillery at Camp Cooke, California. Keith Musser graduated in l94O and has recently been made a sergeant at Victoria Field, Texas. He is hoping to be a cadet soon. Frederick Joseph enlisted in the Navy Air Corp and Arlington Helm enlisted in the Army Air Corp. Both boys are waiting to be called. Quite a number of local boys who attended Troy but did not graduate are serving their country. HUMOR Buzz: nThose auto engineers are certainly geniuses at making driving easier.U Dale: HHow's that?N Buzz: 01940, no running boards: 1941, no gear shifts: 1942--no cars.W Don: Ulf anything moves, you shoot.H Dutch: WYassah, and if anything shoots, I moves.N June: NWhy did you stop singing in the choir?W Carolyn: WBecause one day I didn't sing and somebody asked if the organ had been fiXed.N Mr. Amos: HThis theme surely is poor. Where did you get your subject matter?N Gene: NFrom your lectures.H Paul: WWho gave you that black eye, Gork?N Cork: HNobody gave it to me. I had to fight for it.H Kenneth: Centering the libraryl "I want the life of Caesar.H Miss Rolfes: NSorry, but Brutus beat you to it.n Mr. Rider: nwhy were you late to school this morning?N Dick: NBecause the bell rang before I got here.H Employer: HAnd can you write shorthand?N Lois J.: HYes, but it takes me longer.W ' Teacher: HBob, what is that lump in your cheek? Are you chewing gum?H Bob: UNO, I ain't chewing gum. I'm just soaking a prune to eat at noon,U Mother: HYou're late for breakfast, Junior: but I see you made your bed very nicely.W Junior: NYes, that's what took the time. I didn't make my bed at all--I just got out of it very care- fully.n Iota: NI wouldn't marry the best man living.H Mart: NI'm sorry you feel that way about me, but thanks for the compliment.N fl? ff I , 2 -wu- : afxf P rf" 3524. A """"x. by, x, ? fx f W :X fg xv, .Ka Xa ncwucerwiaimg H H 92 fit all -. , ,- . .M 1-I r ,,... We wish to thank the business meh in this and the surrounding communities for their eo-operation in making this, our second annual, possible. When in need of their services, Kind- ly give them due consideration. Name Balfour, L. G. Company-- Berry, Martin ----------- Bishop Bros. ------ ------ Bowman-Hanna R Middleton Brockseker, Emmet H. ---- Central Men's Shop ------ Central Mills Inc. ------ Chambers, Fred ---------- Collier, Floyd A. ------- Col1in's Garage --------- Danny's Restaurant ------ Dierkshiede, H. W. CDL!- Dorman's Restaurant ----- Eckert, Rolland W. ------ Eisenhour Motor Sales--- Exchange Bank, The ------ Froney, A., A Co. ------- Farmers Savings Bank, Th Gillespie, W. J. -------- Gross, D. D. ------------ Hale, Fred -------------- Harms Ice Cream Co. ----- Helm, Harvey ------------ Hemminger, Arthur ------- Herff-Jones Company ----- Hobart-Bowlus Co., The-- Isch, Arnold F. --------- Jack's Tire Shop ------- Jacobs, Irvin T. -------- Jacobs Meat Market ------ Juergens, L. H. --------- Kaemming, C. F. --------- KNft,F.A.KDm ------- Kuhlman's Storage Locker Kurfess, Robert --------- Ladd, Raymond ----------- Landwehr, J. H. --------- Lang, J. F. lDrD -------- Lasher, J. D. ----------- Limelite, The ----------- Linkey's Bakery --------- Livingston Studio, The-- - - - - - 4- - - - - - G ------u- INDEX u-------- ------.--. -a----- -- --------- --------- --an-----T --------nw ----- -------- --------------n ------- -a---- -n------------- ------------q-- Page ---- ----------------- ----.-...-..---------Q --Q- -spa ' --q--o------ ---- ----- ----------- ------,.----------- ------------- --- ----------------- -------------------n------ ---------,-------- ---u---- ---Q----. -----.---.- ----------------- ---------------- ----------un--uq---- Glauser's Greenhouse ------- ------- - - - - - - --------.. --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -----.. -- --------.- --------.- ------------- ----------..-- ------------- -----------c- ---.- ---- -------- ----- ---- ---- ---- ---- --------.. --...---- -------- --------. ---- ----. -------- ---- ---- ----------------- ---- -------------------.,------ -----...--.. --------... --------- --------.. --------- -------..- --------- --------- ------------- ------------- --- --- ----- ------------- ---- ------ ------- -- ---- ----------------- --nn- ----------------- -LQ- --un- --- --- -0- INDEX Name Page 4 Loomis, C. B. -------------------------------------- Loomis, Clyde A. -------------------------- '-- ---- -- Louise Beauty Shop ----- - --------------------------- Luckey Farmers Exchange, The ---------------------- Luckey Garage ---- 4 --------------- ----------------- Luckey Lumber Co., The ----------------------------- Marianne Beauty Shop- ---------------------------- -- McCarthy A Simon, Inc. ----------------------------- Menter M Wolfe ----------------------- -------- ------ Meyer, L. J, -------------------- ------------------- Miller, Leonard ------------------------------------ Myers Store ---------------------------------------- National Gypsum Co. -------------------------------- National Highway Garage ----------------- ----------- Newberry, J. J. ------------------- -------- ------- Nollenberger, H. F. ------- -------------- ------- - Owens, W. M. -------- -- ------------------- - - --- Pat's Barber Shop ----------------------- -- -- - PecK's Place -------------------------------- - - - Pemberville Bakery -------------- - -------------- - - Pemberville Elevator association, The ----------- -- Pemberville Lumber Company --------------------- - Pettys, C. E. CDr.J ------------------------------ - Rappaports-- ------------------------ ------------- Reitzel, Emil -------- ------------------------------- Riverside Dairy ----------------------- ------------ Roether, Herbert E. ---------------- --------------- Rolfes Truck Line --------------- -------- ------- Samson, Carl ----------------------------- ---- --- - Samson k Fortlander ------------------------- ------ Scheidhaurs Bakery ----------------------- - ---- - Schnoor Insurance ------------------------ -- - -- Schroder Floral Com any ------------------ ----- Sheward, E. W. CDr.5 -------------------- -- ----- -- Sieving, Norman---+ ----------------------------- --- State Savings Bank, The -------- e ------------- ----- Stony Ridge Lumber S Supply Co., The--f ----- ---- - Stoots Restaurant ------------------------ - - Van Nest Janitor Supply Co. ------------- - - Vic's Ideal Inn ---------------------------- -- Welling, J: Geo. Store --------------------- ---- Williamson, H. L. ------ e ------- - ------- -- ----- Wood County N. F. L. A., The--- -------- - -------- Zimmerman, Dewey -------------------------- --- W l i i i Q l i ! E E i Q 5101111011 ninioioicoielioiqvioiqricliniaria vjnv11p:n . 5 5 n-:xxx 's,'n5:n n,.:,x.. Win Vg" '- ill 1 ' Gex x 's i x 'X-Xu I n N -X, Ser' i n We Salute Troy School An American Institution Fred Chambers Orville Decker Marian Eilert i11nri4v1eaifu11sZl11vi1v21l:riP3i6oioi1li1 ui . I W" 1-In-q, ,im ,pi-I , COIVIPI. HVIENTS QF THE EXCHA NSE BA NK LUCKEY, oIIIo 1INS 09 Sw HJSUFXANQQ 5ifPMmvzaf Q 5f.9UCI1lR 6 A ,fi ! XY ee' . Mfmsev- X IZVQOA, INTEREST PAID ON DEPOSITS Yoon Home BANK Pom MQRETHAN A THIRD CDI A CEIIITURY We sell only SURE INSURANCE which is sold by QUALITY A DEPENDABILITY not by PRICE. You get just what you pay for in insurance just as you do in the purchasing of any com- modity. When Insurance is cheap there is a hook in it somewhere. We can insure anything on earth that is insurable through our many connections. IQII MI? X7 IE 'U II-I IIE II Ibn AXCI3 II ISI U IUQIQIY, oIMIIo 2 1u711SI?l . --r1v-,J?'IfU" ..I?u UM HUVUISKESUCDN ESU KU UDUGD 417 SEUJMK MU U SU. UCDHEEUDCD, CDU-IU CD PHONE AD QOH ClT1E.5 SERVICE KOQL MCDTOR GfNSCDL!NE 'X llc DO MXEEYYEEER USELLE CE U UQUGIAXH- WH UH ' WGICDNUUQAXQUQUQ vv.W . LOGMIEK 1 ..1. .,. . . .. ..X . .,,., A PPHANC5, h. ,t, , ,,.., .. , X U C K E Y . Tf Iii ff M NG Q fl fa1QEfQfx'rQ1Q 5 l . Priya.-C5 NE PHONE 7OLQ LUCKEY G. t - - W ,,,,,,p-q,,, , 7571, Av: H, , , , ----Tv . -.,,.-.Wh XE! THE LMUGiUiLtHJ' UMMRMUEU?iE ' EEMEUMWNCIEEE if , ll UJfIUilH.Y J 6 ' ELUEMCDWXJEE VVQUGDUDVUUUJI 5 1 We wonxb X. ' I Stow ff' X f 4' XX! 4 ' "WE NM TCD GNE YOU SERVICE" MBAWUHDMZMQ MMU AMQQQUQU .. F mis:-1 MHGHDW f. ffm AN D XJ D J 2 N SMOKED E12 Mavis Q Luf:z1aY,oHxo 4 - ' 21521. - ,:1'fE1i Q g.. .- -15 1.7549 :g-15. .gr-:Ez , .g.g.g.,H 3.51:-: - 4...-,.,, .5 .,,: .5.:.. , ..,.,., -:-5551 -55112: 3:33 21511145 ' '3:1:- 131514 111513 1:1115 :-:2:5:5 Epizigg. zzfsizg' -: .gm 1 L-g-:gf -1 :::1.5f 'I-40 PRODUCTS LUCKEY, emo .,,111 L , 1 if S9 XS' LF j CGIVKPLIMENTS X QL, A osx QQ GAO 0 SQA QF ' ' X ,. , -.,., '17 5 ,1. ,:,: A,,:. '.,:. I 2 :L 'Q - XXX Cibx QFEX k ...N h ffl? X' PQ 4 1 F ,J - if JQRNAAAA P AU D LN T I A L Q35 AQ' XG X -"' i N S U K A N CE --M CXS1 x A J -------A C QM PA N Y 5 :1:5:1.1ff:7'7' .,.. 9, . . 'T"f1l. ,- ,.-.-,- :5 T '- -...' .- ' I " ' ' . .. '2:2.ITTJ:-zl.-.T:':':3.-. -.-,-.-.-.- : 2:3 '-.- : -:33T1f77:'f13'E"1 F--5-5" 3":- '5::f:'.- 7751 , ' ...- ,,,.x WiF3i3i57', jf' 5 Xif'?"?f5 77 f::jf.::5f2si" ., , ff II W --I 1:11 lf'-f, ,If I:-: .' h I-Iv X:-1:IwI5ErsE1'y nk ..fff 'Sal j -1. .3 -15151 Ka! I" 'II Tiff:-' "11i'H-'lf' .,iif2iQ1'2s 'f?I,fass15f2f5." E-if I lf 'fi "" I 6I7fA'if 1 'Q 7?"3ff'Qf5f?35f55f1rf:1:1:f.f::-.Qff I I "" 'cffff ,.-. r-g7.,?: "-. ,-,Y.- --'-' 3 "'EEE'51:5'ffSf''f:5'-15I9Yf'.':1f7f5'5f-fJl35Tf453:7If5Ef-?'",T'f'Z7' SIXEIM SCDN IXXIQIID EICDUQUTIIIIXXRIIQIDCEUQ I -GENERAL IVIERCHANDISE V PI-5I0IxIEQQ LUCKEY,G. 'IIIIIKE IIEIICEIIQIIITI IQIKIIISGIBEEIIQ CECD LUMBEIQ AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES CCMXL I-IAI'iDWfXI4E PAINTS IIO'IIfOIN'I ELECIIQIC RANGES IQEFIAIGEIQKIQIKS I IUQILQY PI-IONE QI-no PLUMBIIXIG HEATING I - TINNIIXI6 TELEPHCDNE 56 ' IUCKEY, OHIO 6 PLATE LUNG-IES ,JLEQQ EJKEWED C0 HfEE I E A M E DHKE D HOTS YQEFKES HM EN TS SHOES FOR ALL QF 'ma ALL KINDS FAMILY LUCKEY, on-1:0 FURNITURE A wcKEY , oHlo W 4 , 1 4 , F012 Q C000 PLATE LUNCH EY A Ei f 1 AND QQLD me NKS. . H. WIVLLIAMSON7 PRQP. mf:f.fflm I W 1...:, --N .- ,. , . , 5 AL ES' A N D S E RV! C E . ..h . , . Q .,. ....A.. ,,.......,, V . V v4 CAN D Y .. .4'W, 4. ., AA ,,,,.,,, A4 . - .. ......,,,...."1., ., 4 . 'T oe Acc 0' 11 ' U-JCKEY1 GH' 0 2 LZ i., ' h CzQARETTES PHONE 6 2 SANDWQCHES 7 -- ' , 5 ,..l..-,.... ,.., , PHONE 7441 ' H.H. HAIRMS PRQP. A5332 ' 5213 515252. 'ir 0 Q5 5351? fi- .5.p,:: egg:-. gg, 43, gag:-2: - 531- . 145: gf zgzgzg, '-12' . :gb .,.. ,FQ .,,., Z, , ., .l - .'. .1 an . . ,. 'frm CEUQEEAXME CDG www Qtanff 503 BUTTONWOOD AVE. EBCDWUUNCE GEUXEEEN, CDCH UCD CGQMPLIMEINWS F AND V AKXUUCDUQISIUEUS Bowuwe GREEN, QI-HO 4 CIIGDIJQUPELUDGEERIUSS CDE? D 4 I- Q 3 2 QZQJMUDQUQQEEIQUS GJD: 'sffaa s W ' -6- :-.-:A , . - - -. tg:-55: '- :gp i' ' ' A 1 if? 1 ' 25' 52321: Ag ' . '-: . A 8 ww NEEQSUIMINUUCDUQ swriauvuv cm. "Mews-IINQ 'THAT CLEANS1 TELEPHONE AD4'278 IQIO.-IQIQ JACK SON AVE' UOELEE EDO, CIDIH EIO UIQ Ui, IQICIDEIEIEIEINI-IBEEIRCEEEISR -MCCORMICK DEERIN6 EARIVI MACHINERY .G-E E1 GIBSON REFRICIERATORS I STOVES 6 WASHERS -PHONE 408 STONY RIDGEJDI-IIO SSCEEIIIQICDCIDU2 EIIEISEIJIIIQIKBIQICEEE MGE EE RI CII U . ,-...,.,,,, WOODVILLEI Q, I UINSURE wma SCHNOOR AND BE SURE" PHONE 2541 ' I T. LOUISE BEAUTY SI-Io? PERMANENT WAVES OF DISTINCTION INDIVIDIJALIZAED SERVICE PHONE ISSQ PEIVIBERVILLE, O SCHQE I D I-IQUIQS I AFTEIZNQQN PARTIES I USE, OUR EANCYBUTTER COOKIES THEY. 'ARE FINE I BOWLING e,RI2EN4 OHIO COIVIPLI'M'ENTS OE NORMAN 5 I E V I N G3 PRODUCE .STATION PHONE 22' - PEMI3ERVILLE,O. 9 c3oMPUMENT5 OF i Q UGEENHCUSE-F RESHU FLGWERS THE 5TA'1'E SAVINGS BA NK OF WCJODWLLE l 25 Miles From City Limits MEMBER OF THE , WOODVILLE ROAD-TOLEDO, OHIQ VFEIQDERALRESERVE SYSTEM 1 . E smvnnlt missions Open Evenings MEMBER OF THE 3 CUT FLOWERS and PIQANIS sufleays fiDERfXL DEPOSIT CQi2PGiiFxTIQNi A Q . , WEDDING BOUQUETS Taylor 1,684 WEDQUIFDDQDNEES CECDMAUWXARIE' DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS GF SCHOCJE AND CCDLLECBE JEwEERY, GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTSMAEDALS,CUPS A 6 TROPHJES HXIDIANAROUS, QNDIANA JEWELERS TG TROWLUCKEY HTGH SCHOOL REPRESENTATIXIEZRJ.DICKEN ull. ce. MCE ow UE cuinptouvmnu Manufacturing Jewelers 85 Stationers to Schools and Colleges Attleboro Massachusetts CLASS RINGS AND PINS COivHlIEINCELEENT INVITATI ONS l DIPLOMAS - PERSONAL CAQDS CUPS - MEDALS - TROPHIES Represented by - F. L. Wallace, Box 123, Toledo, Ohio. 10 unmmam U U mlm BU I L DER AND CCDNTRACTOR METAL wEATHE1zsT1z1PP:NG LUCKEYZ on-1:0 TELEPHONE 6Y PLANS GESTIMATES si? 2a.s'5i.:1i255AfzZ1ZzZ, 5-2 .- r A .Q:Q.1"' j , '- -. 1iiF7Z24gf-gf..45221113-5'.Lgsf'1'1"in.,L-:f"f-sf ,UUE...Stiff:gzffglfh.,S:ii-3iL25E:AEZ2lVt':5.l?- fi1y1i,'i-1 -.-35,1g1g521:FEi:,:ff'S'1:2 1425 was Q3gg3gj-Q.1:Q1QE'1j- '1:1fLsi15i:5.. 5':?-q'i5?q1jf - i??."?1':i f:f5:::.ia'.:fl1 1 LRG LBO MYYLEUQSE woinmiiy, cumco L? QD LL LF LL UERUJQEKE ELUNEE .....,, ,... ., .... .... ,..,.. . ......... . ....,. ...,,. ..., ,3,.........,. I . .........., ..... . ...,... ............ ....,. . , ..... , . , .. .. . LUCKEY TO TOLEDO N .,.....,..A,... . ..,A .E., , ............... .- ..., TRANSFERS MADE TO ALL POINTS W "" DEHYDRPLTED SUNCURED :mom me 5 m'gOEg:3l L . Growth i Q Long Life Health Vi or I A Q A Apileiite L LUCKEY' 64KL2 1 Dlgestion I , L E Reproduction Q I O . 4 - ' Q HQQH vnmmm D o 1 o umfoaam Qraumosi ALL GRADES CDLERLUERALEL MULLELS, UIQIGQ. DUNBRI D-GE, CDI-HO ll .1--funn:-:au , ,, ,, 1, ',,- , 1g',,,, ,',,,, ' , C oMPuME ms or COMPLIMENTS or C LYDE A. LOCJMIS LQCDLLAND W EC1CEIi'f Coumv RECORDER PQRTAGE, or-no COMPLIMENTS OF l LINKEY1S'BAKEKY IQNMOND LADD .LUNCH ics-CREAM PRQBATE Awofuvemuf JUDGE WOODVILLE, GHIO UPXSZXCIZUQAXUQUD EWU? WElI1IlUS MCDUSIVDU2 CDSXUQS qv UQUEQD UUQUJCEUQS QL vw fr in MOLINE, 01410 ' f UCDUJU2 GICDUJIQIUU IXXUJUDUUCDUQ av.-. 11.4-'-' .' 1.- . :-:-xv. .- ,J-EN 'g.f.g.g. ,y,5.'- ,g ,.'. 'g.'., ,, f.'1,'f'.,., . . ..: :-. 1 -+4-g ,Lg-.::. 5:53 -.-gtg. 51:14 -me: .f-.- g- -.Q 4:-4 - 3:g.g.g. 34.-'b 51, , . 1, v . . -. D v. 7. "1-'3' ' '-'T' - I '-L -1- I-Ib," -I-.-.-3 '. '-' - v'If'-'- ".'.'. 'f- - "'.' TC"'Z Z-l4'i"'. 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BOWLING GREEN O OIIMANSQ LIYOIO E ,wr RIIRISHMINIS STQOIS I4,ES'fAUKAN'f GF BOWLING GREENE ALL MOS MOST Mx-vm STREET BOWL'NG GREEN MQOIRN RESTAURANT ,I I I f"lf7f' ' r F' 'I fN p TREASU RER HERBERT E. ROETHER NEW AND USED TIRES EOUCEI ,mm SOLD vmCEEIEIIIC A SPECIALTY J. C. WEINCIAIES 212 .SOUTH MAIN BOWLING GREEN CQMPUMENIS COMPLIMIENTS GF OF DRC. E. PETTY5 ARNOLD BLCH WESIQN, CHIC I Y Y, ..,- Cohgratulatiohs to the graduates, other sutdents, and faculty of Troy School on your successful year. We are proud of all our student friends, some of whom are the parents of ' graduates this year. Since l889 we have welcomed your fam- ilies to our stores. away ,ei Ev dggyiifmiiggmigggimggagarwglaiwww Bowling Green, Ohio F O R B E T TER PLUMBINSS AND I-IEATING INSTALLATION PIIQNE 1I5cC'I BOWLING CSIQEEN, OIIIO FREE ESTIMATES onfxuwokuq CJELNMAL ITIENEL SHQP N TaA9PAE'oTa'T'SH I AND FOR EVERYTHING DRY CLEANERS P33 SOUTH MAIN STO ADAM WILSONS HATS SHIRTS Bow Lame GREEN, omo 'WALL PAPER HUUSETTARTLS DITTTTERWARE ' 'NOVELTIES' Homme G.REEN,OHIO 'II-IESWOOD ICQUNTY NfxfTToTSIfxL I FARM LCJAN A55 N W'M. DUNI?ACE SEC'Y-TREAS. Mo EO WOCJSTER STO Eeowrmc GREEN, omo II QOMPETMENTS OF Q IIIO I.fI.ALISILI3WUfIIIU2 FUNERAL DIRECTOR AIVIBULANCE SERVICE PHONE aol I.UCIiEY,O. 18 - i,.,v... ,.T "' C OL L INS QAYQAQE F0129 SERVICE V1 LO H.,J UQiKQEN5 U PAINTING DECORATING . A .N D - - "A?E'i HANGING CJENERAL REPNRIN6 I I 'WAINTS T' .4'. ALL PAPER 'SCOTCH RIDGE, or-as 0 LUWY OHIO COMPLIIWENTS of L. Ji. NEWBEKKY K UHLMA N RED GWHITE .STORE QUAUTY cakocfmes ff MEMS 5-50-2541 STCDRE COLD. smrzf-xcae .Locusszz aowL1NG.GREEN,oHno SEMCE SCOTCH RIDGE, OHIO OFFICE EQlHPMENT AND SUWLIES ?HOT0 Ll'fI-ICJGJKAPI-JY -LE TTEKPIQ ESS mamma-Q Oi-110 W , ' , n mm ,Md , , ,WJ Jw W KWQ ww " J ww9 my u .- ..,., ,.A,,.......,. -.. .. ., . .M ., ,.,,.-,.A.,,,Y ..A.....L,M...M.4.a.t

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