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w C 'a Q 1 317' , 4 1,-r. 5 1 "W" . Q? vi ig .I Q LEX, wi 1' . '5- R vm i J' 11 1 m X Q s ' X Tn' lv- 77 I+. 5- - 5 JPQ,'V I-i.p.?'9V B 070 WWW QL' 4 L5 ., .Ag .JW Q , ,Q Na+-N 5 23 '-52. V. 3.5 i- : A1 K. nw N, gl ,xy 9 1 45" .w ..r 1 A... . JF I .4 : 4-1. lwf' PJ 1 ' ,Z 'M Lif- " X: '.'- , 1 HT .fl nw. 552' . A-an " li.. . ,., The Trojan EDITORIAL-John Deemy, Faculty Adviser SPECIAL WRITERS-Marie Ames, Sallie Becker, Duane Brown, Annabelle Chrzan, Donna Congdon, Phyllis Crumbling, James Phinney, Vera Sel- leck, lona Shaylor, Raymond Slingerland, Wilber Slocum, Marilyn Teeter, James Wolfe. TYPISTS-Sara Brown, Delores C-rinnell, Rena Gustin, Linda Horning, Marian Keigler, Wilma Kitltle, Shirley Lyon, Franklin Morgan, Mavis Pepper. Doris Raub, Dorothy Selleck, Jeannine Sterling, Charlotte Updike, Jan- ice Ward, Janice Young. PROOF READING-Nancy Forrest, Donna Greenough, Ann Hendershot, Ada Hickok, DuWayne Hurlburt, Donna Maloney, George Page, Sally Pruts- man, Lorraine Reidy, June Smith, Marian Vandermark, Muriel Watkins. Sharon Wilcox. ADVERTISING-C-eorge McCabe, Faculty Adviser All the Senior Class acted as salesmen. 1 ' fl THE TRUWN I I 'Volume XL! - 4 n - - 1 542 :fs ,H lei 425 Q23 42? iii 422 '25 423 423 iii 2 f Z Published by The Senior Class of 'Troy High School Troy, Paz. 3 D1-EDI CAT .fl UN To Uwr Parents Whose loving interest has been the essential support of our education, We, the Seniors of Troy High School, dedicate this 1951 Trojan. 4 To the Class of 119511: When school opens in September, I often think of the Troy High School building as a large ship. The teachers are the crew and the students are the passengers. Together, they embark for a wonderful experience of pleasure, work, and adventure. Parents come to the pier to say farewell, parents who have worked and saved to pay the passage fare. Everywhere there is excitement, high hopes, and ambitions. The signal is given, the band plays, the flags wave, the old ship THS moves slowly down the bay and out to sea. ln the evening the passengers go to their state rooms with books and pencils and paper to take note of the day's activities and to prepare for the morrow. As we sail along the way, there are some disasters, some rough waters and now and then a passenger falls overboard or misses the boat at one of the ports of call. Our ship stops at many places in our own country, where we see the magnitude of our industries, the productiveness of our farms, the beauty of our literature and the greatness and integrity of our government. Vxfe stop at foreign lands where we learn the history of ancient countries and their languages. We visit the shrines of music and of art. We visit the great scientific laboratories of the world. We inspect factories that turn out products of wood and metal, of food and clothing. We measure distances and calculate geometric figures. We explore rivers and seas. We come on shore to climb high mountains. We come in contact with many races, creeds, and customs. We become familiar with strange animals and plants. Often on shipboard there is much singing and the playing of instruments. There are dances and games and parties. On deck we mingle with one another and learn to be tolerant and desirous of justice and fair play. Then late in the spring, the ship rounds out its voyage and steams back up the bay. The band plays, the flags wave, parents and friends are there to greet us. The ship is tied up at harbor and the passengers disembark, stronger in body and mind, more mature in feelings and obligations. . You seniors have made your last voyage on this good ship. You have shown that you are good sailors. lt is our hope and prayer that the voyage you now take through the sea of life may be as happy and as successful as the one on the good ship THS. Rig your ship, set your sights high-a farm, a business, a profession, a skilled workman, a happy home- set your sights high and steer straight toward the goal. W. R. Croman 5 The Skipper V N' I. .. j 1 ,f ' ,ye ,.- ,f . H ' 9 .'F AN, . n if 'l ' I . W. R. Croman Supervising Principal In our voyage through the seas of Education, we Seniors feel that our good ship, Troy High, has an excellent Board of Directors, the best of Skippers, an incomparable First Mate and a Worthy Crew. First Mate High School Principal Harry H. Crumbling 6 The Board Officers of Troy Community Joint Schools Wanda Watkins, Secretary James Judson, President Henry Darrow, Vice President Fred Canedy, Treasurer Troy Community Joint Schools Committee From the 1ef,t first row: Frank Burleigh-Columbia Township Wayne Ward-Vice President, Springfield Twp W. W. Bearnan-President, Troy Borough Alida Morgan-Armenia Township From the left, second row: Fred Wilson-Wells Township Charles Pierson-Sylvania Borough Ernest Saxton-Granville Township George Anderson-Troy Township Robert Selleck-Burlington Township Henry Darrow-West Burlington Township 7 The Faculty "Time Crew" From left: first row: Mrs. Inman, Miss Scarmuch, Miss Roush, Mrs. Deemy, Mrs. Eighmey, Mrs. McClure. Second row: Mrs. Allen, Miss Lyon, Mrs. Ogden, Mrs. 'WrIght, Mrs. Holcomb, Mrs. Bryan, Miss Burnett. Third row: Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Billingsley, Miss Dunbar, Miss Stein, Mrs. Canedy, Mrs, Kennedy, Miss Newell. MARIE A. CANEDY, B. S. Typewriting, Shorthand, Bookkeeping Indiana State Teachers' College Susquehanna University ff, , MABEL HOLCOMBE, English, Art, Geography Clarion State Teachers' College University of Rochester Mansfield State Teachers College MILDRED WRIGHT Geography, Mathematics Mansfield State Teachers College FRANCES ROUSH, B. S. Music Susquehanna University Women Faculty MAUDE LYON, B. S., A. M. English Mansfield Normal Pennsylvania State College Cornell University Teachers' College Columbia Univ. JEAN STEIN, B. S. French, English Bloomsburg State Teachers' College ELSIE DUNBAR, B. S., M. A. English, Library Teachers' College, Columbia Univ. School of Library, Columbia, Univ. Mansfield Normal guckrTfllUUniversity rn? nngty U f , , . .,.4!fei.Q,'if .B fs ,K 515 KENNEDY, B. SL, 1 Home Economics ', ' Mansfield State Teachers Coflege JMIQ-31I:5?35igLEY, R. N. JANET M. A LM sw Robert Packer Hospital Penn lvania State College WINIFRED P. DEEMY, A. B. BETH SCARMUCH, B. S. Music Home Economics, Hist A Wells College Indiana State Teachers' liege I New York University Mansfield State Te qllegef ,. . I , -1 fl f' I ,fi V-A ' f' xihlfr , Gly Xml I r :W f , i 4 sb y ' ,QU t 1' ' '- O 3 rf- U19 FRIEDA OGDEN, B. S. First Grade Mansfield State Teachers WILDA E. BRYAN - Second Grade Mansfield State Teachers CATHERINE BURN ETT, B. Fifth Grade Mansfield State Teachers VIRGINIA McCLURE First Grade Mansfield State Teachers VIRGINIA INMAN, B. S. Third Grade Mansfield State Teachers College College S. College College College MILDRED BILLINGSLEY, B. S. Second Grade A Mansfield State Teachers DOROTHY EIGH MEY Fourth Grade Mansfield State Teachers ALTA NEWELL, B. S. Sixth Grade University of Rochester Pennsylvania State College Mansfield State Teachers College College College 'Zi' he Facility "The CTBZUN From left: First row: Mr. Croman, Mr. Crimmel, Mr. Slipitz, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Case, Mr. Crumbling. Second row: Mr. Bobkowski, Mr. Williams, Mr. Hamlin, Mr. Mack, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Parsell. Third row: Mr. Merrill, Mr. Biddle, Mr. Deemy, Mr. Wolfanger, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Prutsmari. ffii I' J.. , V, , M- ,fa X,-1 ' f -1 N ,if -',fgf.- 1 RMERT' MERRTLL, FST M. Ed. Civics, History Mansfield State Teachers' College Pennsylvania State College Duke University Harvard University HARRY A. CRUMBLING, B.S., M.S. High School Principal Science Q Albright College University of Denver Notre Dame Cornell University GLENN'C. WOLFANGER, B. S. Mathematics, Social Studies Mansfield State Teachers College Duke University CHESTER PHILLlPS,.B. S., Physical Ed., Health Coach ithaca College JOHN R. DEEMY, A. B. Latin, English Miami University University of Michigan Ohio State University Harvard University Men Faculty WILLIAM BIDDLE, B. S. English, History Mansfield State Teachers College A. E. CASE, B. S. Science, Athletics Albright College Bloomsburg State Teachers' College Penn State MORTON M. KELLY Commercial Arithmetic Algebra Mansfield State Teachers College E. NEAL MACK, B. S. Agriculture Pennsylvania State College WILLIAM A. HAMLIN, M. A. High School Industrial Arts Oswego State Teachers' College New York University EVAN C. WILLIAMS, A. B., A. M. History, Problems of Democracy Bucknell University, A. B. Cornell University, A. M. 9 GEORGE E .McCABE, M. Ed. Mathematics and Economic Geography Mansfield State Teachers College Bucknell University SAMUEL DAVEY, B. S. Agriculture Pennsylvania State College JOHN BOBKOWSKI, B. S. Geography, Science, History Ass't Coach , Mansfield gate Teachersf'College.4 Scranton University ' PAUL SLIPETZ, Jr., B. S. Commercial Bloomsburg State Teachers' College ARTHUR CRIMMEL, B. S. Music West Chester Teachers' College JACK D. PRUTSMAN, B. S. English, Social Studies Mansfield State Teachers College JOHN L. PARSELL, B. S. Civics, Geography, English Bloomsburg State Teachers' College More Crew eine? Dizireeiiers Armenia Township Fay Morgan Alida Morgan Libbie Sherman Henry Tiller Ma rga ret Ove rdorf Burlington Township Robert Selleck Laurence Brown Margaret Chamberlain Harold Andrus Albert Madigan Columbia Township James Judson Frank Burleigh Ray Mitchell Elmer Avery Donald Rockwell Armenia Township Katherine Owen Burlington Township Alta Bacon lone Lenox Teresa Dewey Columbia Township Sara Benson Lucille Sullivan Helen Shaylor Raymond Bradley Boezrel Members Granville Township Ernest Saxton Leland Pratt Marshall Cole Fred Ferguson Springfield Township Carl Robbins Wayne Ward Victor VanNess Jerome Kingsley Charles Storch Sylvania Borough Charles Pierson Fred Canedy Robert Taylor Evelyn Scott Howard Monro Troy Borough Guy Rockwell Walter DeWitt W. W. Beaman Wilson Weigester P. F. Fleming Roy Goodwin Troy Township Gladys Greenough Arthur Loomis Clyde Mattocks George Anderson Marshall Case Wells Township Walter Hewitt Willis Baker Glenn Updike Fred Wilson Leaman Smith Harold Roy ldeceasedl West Burlington Twp. George Dickerson Henry Darrow Claude Carman Richard Welch Ray Ballard Diiszltriieif Teachers Springfield Township Almon Baxter Alice Burnham Frank Webster Aletha Stewart Granville Township Beryl Reed Virginia Walsh Dorothy Wilkins Mary Darrow Sylvania Borough Marie S. Card 10 Troy Township Harriett VanNoy Lorena Havens Harry Corey Wells Township Mildred Coxhead Winitred Chapman C-ladysf Reeves Lura Connelly Russell Chaffee West Burlington Twp. Esther Rockwell Helen Elsbree Student Coun mil From left: first row: Marcia Van Horn, Joan Kelly, Marlene Vllolfe, Marie Ames, Wilbur Slocum, Marilyn Teeter, Alan Pomeroy, Marilyn Wrisley, Jackie Dunkle. Second row: Mr. Croman, Joyce Weed, Alberta Campbell, Elsie Bourne, Janet Darrow, Peggy Kelly, Donald Holton, Gerald Matteson, Alan Kingsley. Third row: Nancy Horning, Joan Ballard, Lynn Wolfanger, Jean Chamberlain, Joan Andrus, Elsie Sickler, Duane Wrisley, Curt Dunbar. Fourth row: JoAnn Danna, Tommy Ayres, Robert Rathbun, Jimmie Merritt, Jimmy Peckham, Eugene Tice, Douglas Elvidge. At the beginning of every school year all classes assemble to elect their class president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. These officers take care of business that includes the entire class. After electing their officers they go to their homerooms to elect home- room officers, who have charge of the governing of their homeroom. At the same time they elect a Student Council Representative to represent their homeroom in discussion including the entire student body. The Student Council meets with Mr. Croman almost every Wednesday to discuss and decide such matters as school discipline, and school improvement. 11 Home Room I President-Dean Phillips Vice President-Donna Congdon Secretary-Doris Raub Treasurer-Sallie Becker Student Council-Marilyn Teeter Gerald Matteson Room 2 President-Stella Hoose Vice President-Barbara Morris Secretary--Robert Lincoln Treasurer-Jean Watkins Student Council-James Lincoln Lynn Wolfanger Room 3 'President-Leora Saxton Vice President--Kenneth Hoose Secretary-Janet Thorp 'Treasurer-Phyllis Schrader Student Council-Robert Rathbun Joyce Weed Room 4 President-Phyllis Mattocks Vice President-Phyllis Jenkins Secretary-Sara Joralemon 'Treasurer-Merle Watson Student Council-James May Marcia VanHorn Room 5 President-LaRue Gates Vice President-Dale Bradley Secretary-Leida Shaylor Treasurer-Gary Leonard Student Council--Marilyn Wrisley Donald Holton Room 6 President-Gale Chamberlain Vice President-Donna Burleigh Secretary-Phyllis Bassett Treasurer-Evelyn Bennett Student Council-Curtis Dunbar Janet Darrow Room 7 President-Sally Smith Vice President-Richard Mitchell Secretary-Shirley Teribury Treasurer--James Swoyer Student Council-Elsie Sickler James Merritt Room 8 President-Thomas Gallagher Vice President-Richard Eaton Secretary-Docia McCall Treasurer-Beverly Mattocks Student Council-Peggy Kelly Douglas Eividge Room 9 President-John Case Vice President-Joe Danna Secretary-Gary Chotterton Treasurer--Harlan Case Student Council-Thomas Ayres Joan Andrus Room Umcfers Room I4 President--Jack Ferguson Vice President-Glen Dunbar Secretary-Donald Kittle Treasurer-William Darrow Student Council-Duane Wrisley Paul Selleck Room 20 President-Walter Watson Vice President-John Sickler Secretary-David Priest Treasurer-Gerald Vickery Student Council-James Peckham Russell Tice Room 21 President-Adelle Case Vice President-Happy Crumbling Secretary-Kay Chamberlain Treasurer-Fred Crane Student Council-JoAnn Danna Jean Chamberlain Room 31 President-Audrey Peters Vice President-Shirley Alexander Secretary-Carolyn Teribury Treasurer-Mary Smith Student Council-Janice Wills Marlene Wolfe Room 32 President-Max Spencer Vice President-Bruce Morse Secretary-Harold Rathbun Treasurer--Kathryn Saxton Student Council-Alan Kingsley Joan Kelley Room 33 President-Victor Wcodard Vice President-David Duart Secretary-Shirley Harvey Treasurer-Ronnie Hartsock Student Council-Jackie Dunkle Joan Ballard Room 38 President-Ann Burleigh Vice President-Pat Ballard Secretary-Martha Darrow Treasurer-Jane Deery Student Council-Elsie Bourne Alberta Campbell Study Hull President-Robert Hettich Vice President-Sally Prutsman Secretary-Janice Ward Treasurer-Shirley Lyon - Student Council-Wilber Slocum Alan Pomeroy Marie Ames 12 Senior Class O cers President-Duane Brown Vice President-Frank Morgan Secretory-Raymond Slingerland Treasurer-George Page 13 1 I ,Q ,1 32,416 I ,X ,if Marie Helen Ames ..Amy., ACADEMIC Troy, Pa. "Grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her eye." Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Girls' Glce Club 3, 4: Advanced 3, 4: May Court: Football Cheerleader: Student Council: Senior Play. ' Jean Carolyn Ayres ' ' 'Jeannie" GENERAL Canton. Pa. "And therefore, like herself, wise, fair and true." Junior Glee Club 1: Vice- President of Home Room 1: Decorating Committees 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Tri-H'- Y 2, 3, 4: Gym Leader 3: May Court 3. ' , N Joan, Nnn Bailey - I "Joanfe" HOME EC 405 Elmira St. "I am not of! that feather to shake off' My friend when he must need me." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Ad- vance Glee Club 3, 4: F.H.A. President 4: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: F.H.A. Delegate to Scranton 3: Went to Harris- burg for Radio Script Content in F. H. A. 4. L Merritt Rolan Becker "Sharpie" INDUSTRIAL ARTS - Troy, Pa., R. D. 2 "Charms strike the right, but 'merit' wins the soul." J. V. Basketball 1, 2, 3: V.- Basketball 4: Football 4: Base- ball 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 4: May Court 3. Sarah Mildred Becker "Sallie" ACADEMIC Troy, Pa., R. D. 2 "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Advanced Glee Club 2, 3, 4: District Band 2, 4: District Or- chestra 2, 3: County Chorus 1: County Band 2, 3, 4: County Orchestra 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Senior Play 4: Winning Homeroom Play 3: Chmn. Initiation Comm. 3, 4: Junior Prom Comm. 3: Student Council 1, 3: Homeroom Treas- urer 2, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Spring Festival 1, 3, 4: Music Prize 1: Gym Leader 2: Christ- ma Dance Comm. 4: District 'Tri-Hi-Y Conference 4: State Tri-Hi-Y Conference 4. W1 if pfvy guy! I! o I MW: Raymond Floyd B tron ..Ray,. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Gillett, Pa., R. D. 2 "Gladness of heart is life of man." Home room president 12 F.F.A. 3: Boys' Cooking Class 4. Janet Ellen Braund "Janet" GENERAL COURSE Troy, Pa., R. D. 3 "If to her share some female errors fall Look on her face, and you'l1 forget 'em all." Junior Glee Club 1: Junior Band 1: F.H.A. 4: Driver's Training Course 4. Mary Madeline Bristol "Mad" HOME ECONOMICS . Troy, Pa. "Her aim, "her mannefl all who ,saw .A'Qlrdired,1,',gaQ137tegus thought, coy, ahd gentle thoug'h"f retired." , A ' F.H.A. 3, 4: ,Biliie Class 3. I I V f Laurence Duane Brown "Brownie" ACADEMIC Deerlick Run Farm, Ulster, Pa. "High erected thoughts seat- ed in the heart of courtesy." Band 1, 2, 3,: County Band 3: Orchestra 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Senior Play Orchestra 2, 3: Junior Glee Club 1: Librarian 1: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Chairman Program Committee 4: Older Boys' Conference 3: Tri-Hi-Y Conference 4 : Press Club Conference 2, 3, 4: Pa. YMCA Boys' Government Representa- tive 3: Business Manager 4: Junior Red Cross Council 3: founder and President 3: Am- erican National Red Cross Con- vention 2: Interclass Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Christmas Program 3: Junior Prom Music Commit- tee Chairman 3: Home -Room ' Play 3: Bible Study Class 4: Student Council 1, 2: Manager of Senior Curtis Campaign 4: Senior Class President. Sara Annette Brown "Butch" COM ERCIAL Ulster, Pa. "The ing that goes farthest t 'ardymaking life worth i cos the least, a d dues the ost, is just a peasant smil ." nd 1, 2, 3,'4" estra 3, 4: 's' Glee Cu 3: Bible Cla s 2. 4: F.H.A , 3, 4: 'Fri- Hi- , 3. 4: Pre Club 3, 4: Gym Leader 3. 4: Basketball 2. 4f':! 1. Ll l iii ' , I ,4 X ,1 1 """,v,f',,41Qv 'tip rf 'I Harry Normai'ri5Bi::y "Brucie" " f INDUSTRIAL ARTS Troy, Pa. "It's no matter what you do If your heart be only true, And his heart was true." Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Advanced Glee Club 4: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4. l 1 if " , ll J IJ L5 Donald Rossm JCarnright ' , 'Dulc INDUSTEIAIJJA 'rs WX 1 V Sylvania, Pa. "Each"l,lniind has its own method."V -1 Boys' lee Club 2, 3. Phyllis Marie Chamberlain ..Phy1,, GENERAL Burlington, Pa. "The smiles that win, the tints that glow." F.H.A. 4: Junior Glee Club 1: Interclass Basketball 2, 3. Annabelle Delores Chrzan "An nie" GENERAL COURSE Paine Street, Troy, Pa. "But O, she dances such a way! No sun upon an Easter-day, Is half so fine a sight." Band 3, 4: Junior Glee Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: Home Room Treasurer 1: Junior Prom Committee 3: Flag twirling Club 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. Secretary 3: F.H.A. Treasurer 4: Interclass Basket- ball 2, 3: Advanced Glee Club 4: Operetta 4. Mabel Mae Cole HOME ECONOMICS Snedekerville, Pa. "I judge people by what they might be,-not are, nor will be." F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. Treas- urer 2: F.H.A. Vice-President 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Jr. Band 1: Girls' Softball 1, 2: Girls' Bas- ketball 2. 3, 4: Girls' Gym Leader 2, 3: Bible Class 4. Donna Eloise Congdon "Shorty" ACADEMIC COURSE Gillett, Pa., R. D. 2 "She is the fairest, and most busiest of them all." Class secretary 1, 3: Junior Glee Club 1: Home-room Presi- dent 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: 3, 4: Oper- etta 2, 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Gym Leadership Club 2, 3: Sophomore Hop Committee 2: Jr. Prom Committee 3: May Court 3: Freshmen Reception Committee 4: Home-room Vice- President 4: Senior Play 4: Spring Festival 1, 2, 4: Year Book 4: N.T.P.A. Conference 2, 3, 4: Home-room play 3. Paul Rexford Congdon ..ReX., GENERAL COURSE Troy, Pa., R. D. 3 "An honest man, close-buttoned to the chin, Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within." Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 4: Captain 4: F.F.A. 1, 2: Inter- class softball 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Advanced Glee Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Operetta 4. ' James William Crandell l "Smokey" l INDUSTRIAL ARTS I L 173 Canton stqglrroy, dia. "In general, map ' 'isince the improvement :of by okery, eat about twi as, inuch as nat- ure requires.?" I ' Junior Ban -1, ,Senior 'Ba ' 2,,3f.!4: BoyJsjilGlee Club 1,t2y'ggi:,BX FootlQal1N3 J. Bask tball malnagpeiif 2: . Baskfetball ma hagerf 3, 4 : Al -Star,Basket- balll rnanae: if- 3, 4f: !,Inte1'class Basketball 4-, Interclass Softball 1, 2,.'.3,' 4': Interclass Volleyball 1,, 2, 3, 4: Interclass Football 4f"Senior Basketball 4: Hi-Y 4: Older Boys' Hi-Y Con- ference 4: Senior Play. Phyllis Ann Crumbling "Sparkles" - ACADEMIC Tr , Pa. "The power of thought, ag- ic of the mi ." L Advanced eg, Club 21 3, 4 Girls' Glee b 2, 3, : Ba l 2 3 4' rchestra 2 3 ' 'llri-Izli-II 4: Press Clulog 4: F.H.A. 45: Ho' RQ f- ficer 1: St dent ncil 31. 1-- h i ' n , 4, V, ' Glee Libra rl 4: th ni Band,1, , 3:1 nty hbrus ' County and ,4 Coun Orches- tra 4 '.Junior romi ommittee 3: O retta 2, 4: nior plzy' c estr L rar 3 - irlsyf omm e p mg il 2, ffl, : 1rs State io Script 4.- , er Q Le r' Clu ' 1-Y'g Z : val 4 ' Samuel Merritt Eisenhart .fsamn ACADEMIC 37 Canton St., Troy, Pa. "A heart sincere, a pleasant smile, makes his friendship most worthwhile." Band 1. 2, 3. 4: Jr. Glee Club 1: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Advanced Glee Club 3, 4: 2, 3, 4: Boys' Quartet 4: May County Chorus 1: County Band Court 3: Operetta 2, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Older Boys' Conference 3, 4: J.V. Basketball 3: Interclass Basketball 3, 4: Senior Play 4: District Chorus 4: Sophomore Hop Committee 2: Junior Prom C0mYl1if-529 4: Intercalss Basket- ball 3, 4: District Band 4: Dis- trict Uhorus 4. V' l., 0' N 4, I " 1 ki.. .J ll, J Nancy Lucille Forrest ..Nan,, 'GENERAL Troy, Pa. "A love of virtue lights the flame." F.I-I.A. 3, 4. Betty Jean Gates "Jean" 'GENERAL Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. "Youth, full of grace, force, fascination." Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 4: 'Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Girl's Soft- ball Team 2: Press Club 4: Senior Play 4: Girl's Gym Leader Club 3: Student Coun- cil 1: Interclass Sports 1, 2, 3. Donna Jean Greenough "Nanna" HOME ECONOMICS Gillett, Pa. "Man has his Will: but wom- -an has her way." Secretary of Home Room 2 : F.H.A. 3, 4: Bible Class 3: -Senior Play usher 4. Z! Delores Dene Grinnell "De De" COMMERCIAL COURSE Snedekerville, Pa. "Why that's the lady: all the world desires her." Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Varsi'y Football Cheerleading 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Ad- vanced Glee Club 3, 4: May Queen Attendant 3: Senior Play 4: Sophomore Hop Committee '2 Home Room officer 1, 2, 3: .Junior Prom Committee 3: Op- eretta 4. Rena Marie Gustin "Skipper" COMMERCIAL COURSE Ulster, Pa. "How far that little candle throws its beams So shines a good deed in a naughty world." Winifred Ann I-Iendershot ..Arm,, HOME ECONOMICS 190 Elmira St., Troy. Pa. "You have a noble and a true conceit of god-like amity." F.H.A. 2, 4: Representative for F.H.A. 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Bi- ble Club 3, 4: Prompter for Senior Play 4: Senior Play usher 4. Robert Lavern Hettic ..BOb.. W , .1 GENERAL COURSE I Burlington, Pa. "To look up and not down, To look forward and not back, To look out and not in, and To lend a hand." Football 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4: Paseball 3, 4: Inter- rlass Softball 1, 2: Hi-Y 2: F.F.A. 1. Ada Frances Hickok ..Ada,, GENERAL COURSE Troy, Pa. "A day for toil, an hour for sport, But for a friend is life too short?" Bible Class: Tri-Hi-Y: F.H.A. Dorothy Mae Hickok ACADEMIC COURSE Troy, Pa., R. D. 2 "For nothing livelier can be found In woman, than to study household good." Jr. Band 1: Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Bible Class 41 Driver Training 4. 1 Linda Y ne tte Horning GENER CQURSE . - Troy, Pa. "A itio as llxt one re- ward ol ." . . 1 Adva ed lee b 3, : F.H. . : Junior arsity Cheerlea i 1, 2: Var- sity Che Ieadin , 4: Captain : Seni r Pla 4: Interc ass spqtsl 2, 3, aton Club 1, 2, 3: So o re Hop Committee 2: Jr. 5 Committee 3: May Queen W endant 3. J G , Club 1 : Girls' Glee px 4 G 4 l 'John Edgar I-Iuslander "Johnny" AGRICULTURE ' Troy, Pa., R. D. 3 "Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until -evening." Interclass basketball 1, 2: F.F.A. basketball 2, 3: Varsity basketball 4: Varsity baseball 3, 4: Varsity football 3, 4: F.F.A. 2, 3, 4: Interclass soft- ball 1, 2. DuWayne Phillip Hurlhurt INDUSTRIAL ARTS Troy. Pa., R. D. 4 "Hope is a lover's staff: walk hence with that, And manage it against despair- ing thoughts." Football 3, 4: Interclass bas- ketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Junior Band 2, 3: Home Room Secretary 1: Senior Play manager: Inter- class softball 2, 3, 4. Marian Elizabeth Keigler "Mamie" COMMERCIAL jf Colu bia ross ads, . 1 "Like f r i v avgver f ti S loat upo a 6-ive ' of .any thou s." 2 . 2, 3, 4: gs cw ,e c b 3, J ' Ch 1: Orches- 1' , 2, 3, 4: G' .' Glee Club 4 ' Interclass asketball 1 ' Home Room Trea u' ' Mun- ty O st Ope1'etta 4: raining Course 4: Spr g stival 1, 2, 3, 4: Of- fice pra ice 4: Year Book staff 4. Wilma Jean Kittle , ' "Willie" I - ' GENERAL Troy, Pa. R. D. 1 "For she was Jes the q iet kind Whose, natures neveryvgry, Like streams that keep Xa sum- , mergmind ' , , 1 Snbw-hid in Jenooaryf' Jr. Glee Club 1: Girls' Glce Club 2,,3,j4: Advanced Glee Club 4,: Band 2, 3, 4: Flag Twirlers Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Spring Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. 43 Tri-,Hi-Y 3, 4: Gym "Leader 3: May Court 3: Freshinan Recep- tion Committee 4:' Sophomore Hop Committee 2:' Junior Prom Committee' 3: Senior Play 4: J.V. Cheerleader 3: Social Committee for Tri-Hi-Y 4: Homeroorn Vice-President 2: Operetta 4. Shirley May Lyon COMMERCIAL Troy, Pa., R. D. 1 "Her ways are ways of pleas- antness and all her paths are peace." Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: District orchestra 2, 3, 4: County orch- estra 2, 3, 4: Junior Glee Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Ad- vanced 'Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Triple Trio 3, 4: Operetta 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Vice-President of Tri-Hi-Y 4: Press Club 4: May Queen 3: Football Cheerleader 4 Student Council 2 Home-room Treasurer 4: Spring Festival 1, 2, 3, 4. Donna Marie Maloney COMMERCIAL Columbia Cross Roads "Devout, yet cheerful: pious, not austere! To others lenient, to herself sincere." Leaders' Club 3, 4: Office Practice 4. Edward LaRue Merritt "Eddie" GENERAL W, mbi Roadsl aitef . cow furn terror in sport." V Basketball J.V. 1, 2: Varsity 3. 4: Baseball 3, 4: Football 4: Hi-Y 2: Junior Prom Court 3. Gerald L. Matteson "Archie" ACADEMIC Columbia Cross Roads "The best-conditioned and un- wearied spirit in doing courte- sies." Student Council 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: May Court 3: Chairman Fi- nance Committee Freshman Re- ception 4: Chairman Refresh- ment Comm. Sophomore Hop 2: Decorating Comm. Jr. Prom 3: Vaseball 3, 4: J.V. Basketball Manager 2: Varsity Basketball Manager 3, 4: Home-room of- ficer 3: Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4. Frank James Morgan "Spider" GENERAL COURSE Troy, Pa., R. D. 1 "Where good and ill together blent, Wage an undying strife." Junior Glee Club 1: Opera 2, 4: Advanced Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Football team 2, 3, 4: Inter- class basketball 3, 4: Hi-Y 2: Hi-Y secretary 3: Hi-Y presi- dent 4: Older Boys' Conference 3. 4: Chairman Decorating Comm. of Sophomore Hop 2: Chairman of Decorating Comm. of Junior Prom 3: County Chorus 3, 4: Cooking Class 4: Senior Play 4: Winning home- room play 3: Vice-president 4: Freshmen Reception Comm. 2, 4: May Court 3. John Franklin Morse ..Baldy.,, GENERAL Troy, Pa. "To set the cause above re- nown, To love the game above the prize." Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2,,3, 4: Basketball, Junior Varsity 1, 2: Varsity 3, 4: All-Star Team 3: May Court 3: Junior Prom Comm. 3. f, I 0.4.1 t- 'cw x 9 X! A, Bethx, Lucille Newell ACADEMIC V., Troy, Pa., R. D. 3 "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." George Emeroy Page, Jr. "Junior" GENERAL Troy, Pa. "Tou'rt such a testy, pleasant fellow." Football 2, 3, Captain 4: Bas- ketball J.V. 1, 2, 3: Varsity 4: Baseball 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Treasurer: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Operetta 2: May Court 3: Home-room Play 3: Older Boys Conference 4: Sophomore H011 Committee 2: Jr. Prom Com- 'mittee 3. Mavis Rebecca Pepper spam., GENERAL Granville Center, Pa. "And she is fair, and, fairer than that Word." Student Council 1: Girls' Glee Cl-uh 2: Junior Glee Club 1: F.H,A. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. Dean Paul Phillips "Dean" ACADEMIC Alba, Pa. "That what will come and :must come will come well." Senior Play : Baseball 4: M ALT? ,3- James Dayton Phinn uhm.. AGRICULTURE Troy, Pa. "The only way to have a friend is to be one." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. bas- ketball 3, 4: F.F.A. Vice-Presi- dent 4: Inter-class Basketball 2. 4: F.F.A. Judging Team 3: Keystone Farmer Degree 4: Harvest Ball Committee 4. Estella Millicent Peirson "Stell" HOME ECONOMICS Gillett, Pa. "Earth's noblest thing, a woman perfected." Jr. Glee Club 1: F.H.A. 2, 3 4: Bible Class 3: Drivers Train- ing 4: Senior Play Usher 4. Alan Miller Pomeroy "Stupid" ACADEMIC 220 Elmira St., Troy, Pa. "He sits 'monast men, like a descended God: He hath a kind of honour sets him off, More than a mortal seeming." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Ad- vanced Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 3, 4: Senior Play: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 3: Hi- Y 2, 3, 4 Freshman Class Pres- ident: May Court: Checker Club 3: Freshman Reception Committee: Student Council 2, 4: County Band 3, 4, Charles Richard Pratt ..Dick,. AGRICULTURE "He who sel with one cal -timed 5 . . Tro t, Pa. ' li 4 in 5, I-1 I can strike du e Loqu ous is a Genius l a Hero." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer of F.F.A. 4: Harvest Ball Fi- nance Committee 3. 4: Senior Play stage manager: F.F.A. Judging Committee 3: Keystone Farmer's Degree 4: Bible Class 4. Sally Ruth Prutsman ..Red.. COMMERCIAL Troy, Pa. "She is Pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with, And pleasant too, to think on." Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Ad- vanced Glee Club 3, 4: May Queen Attendant 3: Senior Play 4: Operetta 2, 4: Fresh- man Recep. Comm. 2. 4: Sopho- more Hop Comm. 2: Junior Prom Comm. 3: Home-room ot'- ficer 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Press Club 4: Leaders Club 2. Julius Edward Putna . s:Julenl AGRICUL RE . P , R. D. SMa is h e on y area r en ow w me power o u er ' Xl , Mx Si M Doris Jean Raub "Jeanie" COMMERCIAL Troy, Pa., R. D. 2 "Beholding the bright counte- nance of truth in the quiet and still air of delightful studies." Junior Glee Club 1: County Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Drill Team 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Advanced Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. 3, 4: 'I'ri- Hi-Y 3: Junior Prom Commit- tee: Interclass Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Nursing 4: Operetta 2, 4, Triple Trio 3, 4: Home-room secretary 4. Lorraine Frances Reidy "Lori-y" GENERAL Troy, Pa. "Good humor only teaches charms to last, Still makes new conquests and maintains the past." F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. Vice- President 4: Band 4: Girls' Gym Leaders 2, 3: Girls' Soft- ball Team 1, 2: Girls' Basket- ball Team 2, 3, 4: Flag Twirl- ing Club 3, 4: Freshman Re- ception Committee 4: Junior Prom Committee 3. Ronald Eugene Richter URM., GENERAL Troy, Pa. "Give thy thoughts no tongue, Nor any unproportion'd thought his act." Football 4: Varsity Basket- ball 4: Advanced Glee Club 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Boy's Quartette 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Hi-Y onference 3: Dis- trict Hi-YQM etings 3, 4: Coun- ty Chorusf 1 4: Interclass Soft- ball , 3, , Inte class Basket- ball 1, , Cooking Class 4: Chec jflub 3., 'Mel Led Rogers N, . el., INDUSTR AL Troy, Pa. "Oh th I had a title good enough to keep his name com- pany!" Student Council 1: F.F.A. 1: Home-room Vice-President 2: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Advanced Glee Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3: Inter- class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: In- terclass Softball 3, 4: Senior Play Manager 4. XO the ' e Alice Roy GEN Gilleta Pa., R. D. 1 Wit eauty 'v kindness." stra 2, irls' Glee , 3, dv ed Glee Clu , 3 4 unty Chorus 1: Sem Play, Operetta 2, 4: Spring Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Home-room Secertary 2: Stud- ent Council 1, 3: Triple Trio 3 4: Yearbook Staff 4. .'Cathy: Kenneth Richard Schill "Kenny" INDUSTRIAL ARTS Burlington, Pa., Box 44 "He was so generally civil, that nobody thanked him for it H Hi-Y 2, 4: Junior Glee Club 1: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Ad- vanced Glee Club 3, 4: Operet- ta 2, 4: Senior Play. Dorothy Mae Selleck "Happy" GENERAL Monroeton, Pa., R. D. 1 "I have learned in whatsoever state I am, Therewith to be content." Girls' softball 1, 2: Interclass basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Interclass softball 1, 2, 3: F.H.A. 2: Or- chestra 1, 3: Bible Class 4. Vera Louise Selleck HOME ECONOMICS Sylvania, Pa. "I might in virtues, beauties, livings, friends, exceed ac- count." Junior Band 1: Junior Glee Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Advanced Glee Club 2, 3, 42 F.H.A. 4: Senior Play Comm. Gerald LaVere Shaylor "Jerry" AGRICULTURE Troy, Pa., R. D. 2 "You cannot hide the soul." Beginner's Band 1: Junior Band 2: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. fi ,i 7 WZWQU ,Q if ,- Q V' ' Iona Joyce Shaylor f fl' f, ' COMMERCIAL .:4,f1,L"if-w Columbia Cross Roads, Pa.' "It is a good divine that fol- E ' lows his own teaching." i f-119-24-J Bible Class 1, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Press Club 4: Home Nurs- ing 4. , 1 bib Leon Fred Shedden INDUSTRIAL ARTS Granville Summit, Pa., R.D. 1 "Handsome is as handsome does." Interclass Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Basketball 4: Senior Play stage manager: Boys' Glee Club 2. X N ! x ' 9 K ' Erlai Jean Sheive ix ncydu GENERAL N Mosherville, Pa. ix"See gol e days, fruitful of Y goldgilnarllieeds, With joy! nd love triumphingf' itliomii-lfoom secretary 1, 3: J1inior,,Glee Club 1: Girls' Glee Cluib 2: Junior Red Cross 3: Annie. 4. .Xu- ix Xl ,A Raymond David Slingerland "Bucky" ACADEMIC Troy, Pa. "A willing heart adds feather to the heel, And makes the man a winged mercury." Jr. Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 4: Football 3, 4: I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 4: Older Boys Conference 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: May King 3. Wilber James Slocum ACADEMIC Millerton, Pa. "Oh call him by some better name, For Friendship sounds too cold." Advanced Glee Club 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Boy's Quartet 4: County Chorus 3, 4: District Chorus 4: Jr. Band 2: 1-Ii-Y 2, 3. 4: Vice-president Hi- Y 4: Older Boys Conf. 4: Boys Government Day 3: Press Club 2, 3, 4: N.E.P.A. Conf. 2, 3, 4: Interclass basketball 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Operetta 2, 4: Cooking Class 4: Class secre- -tary 2: Class vice-president 3: Student Council president 4: Freshmen Reception Comm. 3. 4: May Court 3: Comm. Chair- man Sophomore Hop 2: Junior Prom Comm. 3: Checker Tour- nament 3. I.: If ' f ne Marie Smith ' "Mickey" E ECONOMICS Troy, Pa. ff "This lass so neat, with smile so sweet." F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: Junior Glee Clulg 1: Driver's Course 4. A 1 J, it Lois Marie Spencer "Louie" GENERAL Troy, Pa., R.D. 3 "A perfect woman, nobly formed, to cherish, to comfort, and to warm." Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Home-room Play 3: Driver's Training 4: Bible Class 4. fi. . ,J - Donald 'gamut sm:- ..DQmxie.. AIGRICUETUREJ ., Gillett. Pa. "Look not mournfully into the,,,past:' it: comes not bank again., 5 Wisely improve: 'the present: it4 is thineg, ' ' F.F.A.,'2,'J3, 4: Harvest Ball Committeei -f Jeanine Gail Sterling "Jean" ACADEMIC Gillett, Pa. "Rare as is true love, true Friendship is still rarer." Junior Glee Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Home-room secretary 3: Junior Red Cross Representa- tive 3: Advanced Glee Club 4: Operetta 4: Driver Training Course 4: Year-Book staff . f O I W A I X X L is I Marilyn Arla Teeter "Teeter" ACADEMIC Troy, Pa. "A woman is the most incon- sistent compound of obstinacy and self-sacrifice that I am ac- quainted with." ' Orchestra 2, 3, 4:giCounty..Ji'- chestra 2, 3: Dis rcliestra 3: Advanced Gleeiygg v 2, 3,,'4: Girls' Glee gm 1 3, 4: Glee Club Accomq afiggst 2, 3, 4:k'I'ri- ple Trib!2,l'8f,"4j: Spring Festival 3 iq, T45 Operetta 2 : 'Tri-Hi-Y 2, ,wg Tri-HifY ,president 4: jress Club 3,K4H Trojan rier Ed' or 4: Sop omore clas Vvice- pre ide t:fSoph. Ho Glnnm. 2: J4, ,Student C 'c'i vice-presii ' dent 4: Curtis ' mpaign secrej rslrici ece 'o omm. fl? F' h ri R Hao 3, . I X , A 1, A tagry 4: Senior Qlay,,4: Infgitafq, f Oftion Cdinin. 4: Interclassg as- gketballli 3: Tri-Hi-Y Dish' onf. f4: 'NEPA conf. 42 United -.J World Federalists 3:' Yearbook staff 4. Vivian Elaine Teribury avi.. GENERAL Gillet, Pa. "Silence is more eloquent than words." F.I-I.A. 4: Driver Training Course 4. Charlotte Mae Updike 'COMMERCIAL Gillett, Pa. "The rising blushes, which her cheek o'er spread, Are opening roses in the lily's bed." Junior Glee Club 1. SX 1 4, a Alice n er 'gli J Ma i ' d N 1 -'Marine Q gn-:N AL N ,m'1en,P B. 'XIUTQ mild with fqhegjurave t ind."f .fun2?'ri ee x,Cx9fix 1: Girls' Glee 1 2fi3 4: Advanced Glee cm 3, 4fJF.H.A. 4. William Victor VanNess "Bill" INDUSTRIAL ARTS Columbia Cross Roads, R.D. 2 "In life, We shall find many men that are great, And some men that are good, but very few men That are both great and good." Interclass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 3: Senior Play 4. Floyd Vernon Ward "Wardy" Troy, Pa., R. D. 2 "You may depend upon it that he is a good man, Whose intimate friends are all good." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Interelass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Interclass Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Bible Study 4. C Janice Arlene Ward ..Jan., COMMERCIAL Gillett, Pa. " lady, nobility is thine, thy form is the reflection of thy nature." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Junior Glee Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Advanced Glee Club 3, 4: Student Council 1: Home-room Treasurer 2: Home-room vice-president 3: Home-room secretary 4: Sopho- more Hop Committee 2: Junior Prom Committee 3: Girls' Gym Leaders Club 2: Spring Festi- val 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: May Queen Attendant: Press Club 4. Muriel Ann Watkins "Copper Head" COMMERCIAL Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. "A good laugh is sunshine in a house." Leaders' Club 2, 3: P'ess Club 4. I I, J . ' af' ' A A Q-V' 672 ' Eleanor .foyce Watson GENERAL Snedekerville, Pa. "A perfect woman, nobly planned to Warm, to comfort and command." Girls' Glee Club 3. 4: Ad- vanced Glee Club 4: Press Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer 3: Tri-Hi-Y Pro- gram Chairman 4: May Queen Attendant 3: Girls' Gym Lead- er's Club 3: Bible Class 1: Jr. Pand 1: Student Council 2: Home-room treasurer 3: Sopho- more Hop Committee 2: Junior Prom Committee 3 - f Willia r Wheeler "Bill"' ACADEMIC Millerton, Pa. "Silence gives Consent." Junior Band 1, 2: Home- room Play 2, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2: Interclass Basketball 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Cooking Club 4. Sharon Jean Wilcox COMMERCIAL Canton, Pa., R. D. 2 "Laugh and the world laughs with you, Weep and you weep alone: For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth, But has trouble enough of its own." Press Club 3, 4: May Court 3: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Hop Committee 2: Junior Glee Club 1: Student Council 3: Home-room secre- tary 1: Home-room president 2: Advanced Glee Club 4. Albert Cameron Williams "Levi" ACADEMIC Columbia C oss oads is wse h talk ut, Robert Davis Williams ..B0b,, ACADEMIC Troy, Pa., R.D. 4 "By his inspiring light may we fare on!" Boys' 'Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Ad- vance Glee Club 3, 4: Operetta 2, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 4. James Wilson Wolfe "Brooklyn" INDUSTRIAL ARTS Troy, Pa. "There sits a Judge that no King can corrupt." Student Council 2: Junior Varsity 2: Football Manager 2, -3, 4: Interclass Basketball 3, 4: Interclass Softball 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Freshman Re- ception Committee 4. Ida Marie Woodward HOME ECONOMICS Canton St.. Troy, Pa. "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." F. H. A. 3, 4. Ernest Richard Young "Ernie" AGRICULTURE Columbia Cross Roads, R.D. 2 "A merry heart doeth good like medicine." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. 4: F.F.A- President 4: Varsity Football 3, 4: Home-room Officer 3: Interclass Basketball 2, 3. Emily Janice Young .janv COMMERCIAL Gillett, Pa. "0 friend' 0 best of friends! Thy absence more than the im- pending night darkens the land- scape o'er." Jr. Glee Club 1: Band 1: Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Advanced Glee Club 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. 4: Interclass Sports 1, 2, 3: Operetta 4: County Band 4: Spring Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Office Practice 4: Year Book staff 4. Class Song lTune-Seminary Days, from lvlarrying Marianl After school is out, ' We'll still think about Days in Troy High School: And we're inclined to grieve Since we are about to leave. We are the class of 51. Full of life and fun, Whose hearts will never cool, And where e're we go We will always show O-ur love for Troy High School Phyllis Crumbling Class Poem We, the class of '51, Now know the time is here To lay aside our school-day joys And meet a world of fear. We know not what's before us. But know that we will try To keep our trust in God and man, And reach the goals of Troy High. There will be times for us to fight The threats of hate and war Until we gain that world of peace That never was before. Then make our lives, oh God, A crown of Thy success, Grateful to our parents, friends, And thee, our T. H. S. -Iona Shaylor 23 Class History September of i947 found ll7 "Green Freshmen" wandering through the unfamiliar halls of Troy High School. Many of us were seeing each other for the first time. ln the few weeks that we had become acquainted with each other, we elected Alan Pomeroy, President, Eddie Merritt, Vice-President, Donna Congdon- Secretary, and Elizabeth Meikle, Treasurer. ' Our first big social event was the Freshmen Reception. In front of a large crowd of upper- classmen, we went through our unrehearsed stunts. After that we did not feel as "Green Freshmen," but as welcome students of T.H.S, In September of i948 we entered Troy High School as eager Sophomores. As we were ac- quainted with the school, we entered into the full swing of various activities. We wisely elected Robert Bachman, President, Marilyn Teeter, Vice-President, Wilber Slocum, Secre- tary, and Eddie Merritt, Treasurer. Our gala event of this year was our Sopho- more Hop. The girls donned gingham dresses and sunbonnets, and the boys donned overalls and plaid shirts. Did we have fun! Thus our second year as loyal students of T. H. S. came to a happy close. ln September of i949 we returned as Jolly Juniors ready to join in the various activities. We elected Eddie Merritt, President, Wilber 1 Slocum, Vice-President, Donna Congdon, Secre- tary, and Dean Wagner, Treasurer. During the year we had class dues and noon-hour dances to prepare for our big social event of the year, the formal Junior Prom. Our gym was beautifully decorated in blue and gold with Ray Peterson's orchestra pro- viding the music for our dreamy night of danc- ing and entertainment. At the heavenly affair King Raymond Slingerland and Queen Shirley Lyon were crowned by King Frank Dewitt and Queen Beverly Hewitt of the preceding year. ln September of i950 we reached the long desired rank of seniors, our class only having eighty-five of its members left. We used our increased knowledge in electing Duane Brown, President, Franklin Morgan, Vice-President, Raymond Slingerland, Secretary, and George Page, Jr., Treasurer. Our Senior ploy: "Out of the Frying Pan," under the capable direction of Mr. George Griffith was a great success. We presented it four nights. Hitting over the ,goal of last year's Curtis Campaign was also proved to be a great success in our selling magazines. Graduation night will bring an end to four happy years at Troy High School. After we return from our Washington Trip many of us will be going on our way to practice the knowledge that we have acquired at our dear school, T. H. S. Donna Congdon Seniors 12, Years Ago From the left: First row: Dorothy l-lickok, Janice Wills, Clarabelle Terry, Phyllis Crumbling, Betty Jean Jenkins, Sally Prutsman, Annabelle Chrzan, Le Von Darrow, Elizabeth Meikle, Gratia Stiles, Barbara Chubb, Jacqueline Bailey, Feraldine Wilcox, Mary Wills,g Second row: James Wolfe, Bucky Slingerland, Dick Chaapel, Willett Brown, James Phinney, Miss Ruth Goodman, Fayette Perry, Gene Rumsey, Bob Williams, Clifford Johns, Keith Smith, Third row: DeWayne l-lurlburt, Walter Bolt, Jack Brown, Thomas Rockwell, Louis Johnston, Harry Corey, Alan Pomeroy, George Page, Kenneth Smith, William Helms. Class Will We, the senior class of l95l, being of sound mind, leave the following last will and testament: To Mr. Crumbling, we leave all the broken test tubes and a new group of would-be chemistry students. ' To the junior class, we leave the thrills and prestige that go with being Sel'1lOl'S. We have accumulated certain assets in the way of associations. and mernoriesg which we are compelled to leave behind. We will dispose of them in the following manner: Dorothy Hickok's ability to get along with Miss Lyon we leave to any for- tunate person. June Smith leaves her ability to sleep in P. O. D. class to Ardythe Vaughan. Robert Hettich's fluency in English and ability on the speaking platform, we leave to Victor Woodward. NAME Jean Ayers Joan Bailey Sallie Becker Janet Braund Madeline Bristol Phyllis Chamberlain Annabelle Chrzan Mabel Cole Donna Congdon Sammy Eisenhort Rena Gustin Nancy Forrest Delores Grinnell Du Wayne Hurlburt Shirley Lyon Donna Maloney Beth Newell Mavis Pepper Estella Pierson Richard Pratt Julius Putnam Janice Ward Floyd Ward Muriel Watkins Eleanor Watson James Phinney Marian Keigler Ann Hendershot Raymond Bertron Raymond Slingerland Marian Vandermark Betty Jean Gates Donald Steil Phyllis Crumbling Alan Pomeroy LEAVES Red Curls Drum Sticks Musical Ability Flirtatious Eyes Cheery Disposition Baking Ability Vivacity Basketball Leadership Dimples Singing Ability Love of Horses "Home Ec"Ability Secretarial Ability "Pigskin Path" WHlZZln Typing Irish Blush incessant Speech Carefree Ways Quietness F. F. A. Ability Mechanical Ability Habitual Primping Musical Feats Comic Antics Neatness and Personality F. F. A. Successes Flirtatiousness Spiritual inclinations Ability as a Pool Shark Scientific Imagination Everlasting, Unceasing Giggle A clear path to Georgia His love of Wine, Women, and Song Her Unusual Art of Dancing and Acting lnate Ability To Sav The Right Thing At The Wrong Time 25 TO Mr. Kelley Mary Jone Helms Betty Sherman Maxine Larcom Jackie Dunkle Marilyn Garrison Mary Golden Nancy VanVeghten Curt Dunbar Ralph Dillon Joey Slingerland Dorie Duart Carolyn Teribury Bones Rathbun' Marilyn Cool Barbara Rost Elma Lutz Shirley Harvey Margaret Rice Ammon Scott Ted Foust Phyllis Jenkins Clinton Kilgore Tommy Fowler Leida Shaylor Dick Thomas Shirley Harvey Florence Wells Benny Darrow Allen Kingsley Sarah Joralemon Janice Strong Buzzy Kendall Carolee Gale Kenny Golden NAME Wilma Kittle Doris Raub Gerald Matteson Frank Morgan John Morse Eddie Merritt Lorraine Reidy Ronald Richter Catherine Roy Kenneth Schill Dorothy Selleck Gerald Shaylor Iona Shaylor Leon Shedden Jean Sheive Wilbur Slocum Jeanine Sterling Vivian Teribury Marilyn Teeter William Wheeler Sharon Wilcox Janice Young Robert Williams Donna Greenough Ada Hickok Charlotte Updike Albert Williams Ernest Young Ida Woodward George Page James Wolfe Harry Bruce Merritt Becker Duane Brown Lois Spencer James Crandall Dean Phillips Marie Ames Sarah Brown Sally Prutsman Vera Selleck and Donald Carnright Melvin Rogers John Hulslander Leon Shedden LEAVES Her Sparkling Personality and lnfectious Laugh Voice His Everlasting Friendship with Beckers Humor and Acting Ability Fine Sportsmanship and Athletic Ability His Outstanding Athletic Ability Pleasantness and Smile English Genius Sweetness Giggles Leadership in Sports Quietness Intelligence Good nature Willingness POPULARITY with the opposite sex Laughter Shyness Talkativeness and Fluent Vocabulary alertness neatness and style home loving character fine salesmanship sunny disposition poetic inclinations, artistic ability outstanding banjo ability lead in sports and literary genius fine dairy I cooking ability "hot rod" racing good times in bookkeeping date list fine sportsmanship and sense of humor influential, political, impressions ability for an early engagement ability to sell refrigerators to Eskimos aviation knowledge exceptional driving ability hospitality to animals bleached hair their devoted strolls thru the hall luck in skipping school "hot shots" in basketball good nature The End 26 TO Kathryn Saxton Doris Duart Sarah Joralemon James May Phil DeWitt All Successors Clara Andrus Charles Cooper Joan Morris Benny Darrow Doris Schill Alice Klinger Anyone who has enough mid- nite oil. Stuart Hudson Tucker Van Ness Art Wilston Stella Hoose Janice Duart Lynn Wolfanger To anyone who needs it. To anyone who can keep it up Peggy Hoose Jerry Rockwell Mr. Slipetz Marlene Wolfe Barbara Morris Jack Kendall Max Spencer Ruth Woodward Joe Mattocks Ronnie Hartsock William Helms Victor Woodward John McCabe Miss Lyon, for whom we al have hopes. David Duart - Margery Inman Joan Ballard Mr. Merrill Mimi Mitchell and Bobby Johnson Charles Cooper James May Joan Kelley Tray Hfsk School So-nj rk. ' ,- - 4..- n:: 1 1 F : J 0 1 rn.: .1 J. o 1',,,-jan s,l13f IQ. our joy - our sag In ruin of U10- A- HH hnllfvlhe high seL.J,h hem- mem be fyuei Ml hon fa fhg 'TITS 9:2 ' ' P J if J I 4? Q J yd and logyfel.. H-ng- he-,,.oy youvnl-hwa Mater Qslumg Hs jeu hyvcd Ted 5,4 why: He, 701- 3143 avcv up ghd-ly 've-fflem fiibfe. E' g E I 4 J AV It ' 3:3 LE dare 1-U be h-me and Jo vlgki- -- RD- -New-ber lynn NYJ the '- faint to 'Hue sehul colws bfrighi- The... 5006 h"mes we have astke F F if' ' A ' Q se 1 FH f 21: ' J ' ... .. . :ur Q 2' . ' :::lIl: Sehm-has stud, Re- we-m-LerhawgvfahL.L grown: 8114- if-We days 5Pggd a-way wi, had ..- in 'Hl"""""'y JUST: WQYD' ,7""'oYuMr -o-. , fi zlliluiigl' , - ' 11' Sill. .I 5:1 ' A 'E ' , - E!" -Eiii-:E Q J K 1: i E 41 Er :Fm-.Z ffl - way: shale :awe skull, Her. frm? why be wig-er Hzww, mal' and f"' eV"eY 'WA afjej SOYJHY deav rH'5. we Win cheer- b Q- 0' I EEF ffff F 27 I .,e 1 Y 1 I X J i W X KA l I A I s. J X Jinx 1, :X 1' ! w way, Ji 4 X-ya Yi KJ", 4 55 qflf WWW' , :fb ff I! Q-Ari. . ,J ..,fA'f iff I, Y jf ,'.4.f4"f'f,' f' if f H I lijxf ,Af 1... 1 C , X 4, I, M5 . M, , V 'MVMLOTS ,avg A ,, in-f fe- Top Row: Shirley Alexander, Clara Andrus, Earl Ayres, Shirley Bachmang Joan Ballard, Jack Brown, Louise Chapman, Marilyn Cole, Marilyn Cool. I Second Row: Charles Cooper, Harry Corey, Russell Crane, Benny Darrow,f Richard Darrow, David Duart, Doris Duart, Lorraine Dunbar, Jacqueline Dunkle -' Third Row: Ted Foust, Jane Fredrickson, Marilyn Garrison, Kenneth Golden, Mary Golden, Ronald Hartsock, Shirley Harvey, William Helms, Peggy Hoose Fourth Row: Stewart Hudson, Marceil Inman, Robert Johnson, Joan Kelly, Paul Kempfer, Maurice Kendall, Clinton Killgore, Alice Klinger, Earl Lamp- man Fifth Row: Maxine Larcom, Patricia Leiby, Lee Leonard, Elma Lutz, Gene- vieve Madigan, Joseph Mattocks, John McCabe, lan McNett, Emily Mitchell Sixth Row: Polly Mitchell, Joan Morris, Bruce Morse, Earl Newman, Tommy I Noble, Audrey Peters, Gerald Pratt, HH?-lillfathbun, Shirley Reed wi X X s Q' Seventh Row: Barbara Rost, Kathryn Saxton, Doris Schill, Marie Schill, Am- mon Scott, Clyde Seeley, Betty Sherman, James Shoemaker, JoAnn Slinger- land Eighth Row: Frank Smith, Mary Smith, Max Spencer, Janice Strong, Rose Sullivan, Carolyn Teribury, Duane Updike, Marilyn VanNoy, Nancy Van Veghten Ninth Row: Ardythe Vaughn, Donna Warner, Virginia Weed, Florence Wells, Beverly Wilbur, James Wilson, Marlene Wolfe, Victor Woodard, Michael Yatschenja, John Young. President-Ian McNett Vice President--Maurice Kendall Secretary-Barbara Rost Treasurer-Maxine Larcom 1 i ll ll C fi i ,nf X fall ,1 Qxwllly PG! If L 0 Wfllj tif I .ji ' pf'illVll 29 A A tr.. 5.-L 44' 1 pq, , K, , 4 4 ff "ll I 'fn f ' J 1,14 ,lil ,L f ,PWM ' ' ' I ,fu ' , ,J ,f 1 f ft, I ,w f -A f f fl 4j?EjQ,l7? 77 n Q ink ,, MJAVI J If Ax 4 ,,' fiilfffi ,P Miii nr gf' ' 1.1-'UA 'Zi' Tevgyfqgvj if ,I !,,., NL, f .. , Q I 5 , ,, A ,Q A ' T' ' .g-l z jxxvy. 5 -' 4 1 ff" . M . .n A wil' Us QL",- 'W n .YJ ' G Q25 9 X X isnt' '75 'N M X 1- Y , L s Q' Cvxk .K 1, if X ,Nl 4-'I' 30 J B ' 4 Qf3'H:, . 1 - Y fix. SW if 0605. edfvfzd-eigbr an E. Sophomoires TENTH GRADE 1 From the left: First row-Margaret Rice, Phyllis Jenkins, Leida Shaylor, Mary Bustin, Harriet Morrison, Marcia Van Horn, Charlene Van Noy, Donna Burleigh, Virginia Bradford, Helen Sherman. Second row-Leon Hall, John Chamberlain, Robert Stevens, Gennette Hemingway, Phyllis Mattocks, Claralyn Pantier, Marilyn Wrisley, Merle Watson, Robert Sherman. Third row-Robert Case, Walter Bolt, Clifford Johns, Laurence Crandle, Edgar McClure, Harold Sargeant, Gary Leonard, Nelson Congdon, Claire Mickley, James Kelley, Ray- mond Steil, Clausen Chase. TENTH GRADE 2 From the left: First row-Marjorie Cole, Jean Dryer, Betty Cole, Phyllis Bassett, Evelyn Ben- nett, Gladys Hoose, Marjorie Schill, Jackie Hoose, Edna Raub, Edna Clark, Joan Hoose. . Second row-Curtis Dunbar, Thomas Fowler, Gale Chamberlain, Paul Hickok, Donald Holton, Joel LaMont, Sam Colton, Paul Hicks, LaRue Gates, Gerald Brown, Arnold Haflett. Third row-Arthur Dickerson, David Bradford, Rex Klinger, Richard Haven, Wilbur Barrett, Arthur Wilston, James May, Gerald Rockwell, Mahlon Wrisley, Charles Hicks, Charles Rolison, Dale Bradley, Aaron Quackenbush, Bryce VanNoy. TENTH GRADE 3 From the left: First row-Patricia Gustin, Marlene Andrus, Mary Hickok, Ruby Hicks, Beverly Wilcox, Doris Mosier, Delberta Lewis, Shirley Roberts, Janice Duart, Barbara Green, Janet Darrow. Second row--May Eaton, Shirley Morgan, Joyce Dunbar, Beverly Hakes, Virginia Goodwin, Doris Selleck, Margery Inman, Mary Crocker, Josephine Clifford, Sara Joralemon, Alice Guinan, Nila Hettick. Third row--Matthew Arnold, Paul Darrow, Ralph Dillon, Gerald Bourne, Earl Smith, Joe Barrett, Carlton Spencer, Richard Thomas, Tom Jenkins, Harry Deery, George Corey, Leslie Mingos. V Absent-LaRue Avery, Floyd Campbell, Robert' Dean, Carolee Gale, Ruth Woodward, Dale Wilson. X President-Arthur Dickerson x ' Vice President-Mary Crocker Secretary-Mariorie Inman Treasurer-Janice Duart XX 31 A 1 av , ,1' U .V N I I , ,ia 4--' -4 v . l , s A V .P Y S-l xp: - 'J 5 I Kyuf J ,. ,V W0 -P I jx L ' Pr'-'M 1 ' I '.f":r.,...-, ,L .9 Kllflwl 'V U x n L 1? .3 I rl kblifx j'LHr'fM" A Q 'X W wif ' 3 'U ' I r'r' J"' J, 'ff , I B fliiiffucrl .' gn, 7 D f., w-V 5. -,r Eyyxgfi if 5, sl -3 x if R' .SR J' ' u, f ,f .LAX L, W 51 1 ' vi R Y V lc L --' x E : ,sw ' If :Q , x My h 4 S . x - . ' ,. ,5,,Y 'JV J 4, jj W iz! E vm , A M Q 9 Q fx , Y . I ,Anti 1 J Iwi' x. ' .. ,V X-fVj:,fT5-?5,Qg,, 4?T.,L4wbipal NJ? 32 Qrggvvgl. ,fill V 'ff' fn J ., ' ,K-Qww f "- "'HE'D 'MAL , wb Msg - ,kj K A ,w ,J 1 A ,WA f 'A VJ 7' JE A ,J , A' x, MU'- I 'fl y s ,lp W' lf ex 'X 0 I yy 2. . V ' 'X Z ,ilyodl 60. cfm. . i 'Ax fat W h J tdlbrvfxgrfnjv J W, Q Pres , men ,W J' , ,gay l if A r 'fs ff "We if iff 1, AP "fy at YLN J ' f' I " iid! 5' i 'W K gif, .. yjw J "if X. f ,, l J i ', w-V' " " , J MIADE1 J fr I, V ,J 1, F o th left: Fir t row-Shirley Hall, Marilyn Grace, Virginia Brown, Elsie Bourne, Patrici Ballard E ne Bailey, Dorothy Cease, Joyce Weed, Janet Thorpe, Phyllis Tice, Eunice . Forr da Garrison, Betty Mingos, Iona Brown. ' cond r -Richard Kenyon, William Cole, Robert Rathbun, Richard Sherman, Lyle Monroe, Lowell Thomas, Ronald Pine, Lester Watkins, Michael Guinan, Richard Jenkins, Robert Tillinghast, Warren Gustin, Donald Murry, Charles Weed, Charles McKerrow, 1 . Jerry Murdock, Robert Grantier, William Darrow, Jack Ferguson, Bruce Lent, Jack A Kendall, Dean Chapman, Norman Cole, Charles Tower, Paul Selleck, William Spencer, 'J 4 Duane Wrisley, Merton Bailey. fx , Xl lyvd ff -,liff yr' dl, 1' fn 1"'3 ,rf ., J ' NINTH GRADE 2 Llftsffif 1 ff.,w.xf,1, 'J ' ' Q I From the left: First row-Louis Pautz, Donald Kittle, James Pautz, Marjorie Wilcox, Emily K' Robert, Christine Kinch, Shirley Campbell, Roberta Copp, George Bradford, James 7 Se , Wayne Johnson. Sec row-Eugene Sterling, Baxter Pierce, Stanley Lewis, Robert Lincoln, Phillip Ward, , ' y Kent, Warren York, Ernest Murdock, Clayton Swain, Kenneth Hoose, Kelley off Deery, James Jenkins, Adam Chreptak. Third row-Gorden Ford, Eugene Arnold, Miles Wood, Glenn Ward, William Elvidge, James ,v Lincoln, Gerald Hickg Walter May, Earl Montgomery, Glenn Dunbar, Melvin Wood- VCP' ard, Michael Judson, Robert Bovier, Allan Sheive, LaVere Updike, Richard Ameigh. x i ul I , . ,,u ' NINTH GRADE 3 l 1-lv ' - ' ll J J., J, L2"From the left: First row-Margaret Wilcox, Marilyn Wandell, Sylvia Steil, Martha Darrow, , if VL' Marjorie Haflett, Yvonne Vanderpool, Jane Deery, Mary Jane Helms, Alt a y, fl Joe Ann Lammy. IJ :if Second row-Lynn Walfanger, Patty Hickok, Alberta Campbel, Lenora Saxton, Phyllis Schrader, June Garrison, Janice Smith, Joan Page, Joyce Smiley, Lillian Johns, Gene- , vieve Hicks, Shirley Christopher. . . "x A Third row-Marian Shaffer, Doris Shaffer, Beverly Dean, Doris Pedrick, Suzzanne Keigler, Sl Lucille Wilston, Donna Mattocks, Donna Chamberlain, Ann Jeanette Burleigh, lda Lsxfixst Card, Barbara Morris, Nancy Horning, Stella Marie Hoose, Joyce Crank. NU Absent: Margaret Chrzan, Carroll Garrison, Esther House, Elaine Stearns, Jean Watkins, D Donald Campbell, Loren Roy, George Soper, Ronald Teriliury, Ciielrald Mgy, Jack I' .ilzfyf Woodward, William Carnegie. P A M,,L,f f' , r!,l,f1t Liv' ,rg , -Q Gal If flea, ' ' ' tell' I nb A lM"'CLsl wh 52: 7 President-Jack Kendall '-142,13 ,f 3 WL' W Vice President-Ellen Judson lii'lVfV' 9 Secretary-Donna Chamberlain ' knew M fl , gfreesurer-William Darrow I H.:--Qlltl , A W If .ril i l ' I lj' l 'T -'59 . u .' - V-KU. , I-Ay MJ 3 I V l A , I, yy P IG ff W 2 E 34 Eighth grade EIGHTH GRADE 1 From the left: First row-Veronica Seeley, Sally Thorp, Rhoda Kinch, Elizabeth Palmer, Doro- thy Bauman, Rowena Bennett, Sallie Darrow, Eva Chreptak, Marjorie Shepard, Joan Andrus, Peggy Kelly, Jean Rockwell, Betty Wilcox. Second row-Delores Vinson, Shelva-Jean Hicks, Sally Ann Smith, Genevieve Tunnicliff, Shirley Joslyn, Docia McCall, Nancy Kendall, Betty Barrett, Carol Congdon, Joyce Rogers, Lois Green, Audrey Bolt, Ruth Deemy, Sandra Corey. Third row-Aileen Phinney, Pearl Smith, Shirley Spencer, Nancy Overdorf, Pauline Gustin, Betty Jean Hicks, Margaret Muir, Kay Berry, Shirley Teribury, Betty Gustin, Ruth Ann Rathbun, Beverly Mattocks, Hazel Carnright, Virginia Carnright. Absent: Phyllis Johnston, Jeanette Pepper, Frances Chrzan, Jean Crawford, Wilma Slater, Elsie Sickler, Shirley Spencer, Alice Woodward, Betty Welch. EIGHTH GRADE 2 From the left: First row-Mark Andrus, Dick Mitchell, Douglas Elvidge, William Newman, Earl Rumsey, Jimmy Merritt, Donald Rockwell, Tom Ayres, Kenneth Morgan, Jimmy Inman, Richard Eaton, Emmett Di Prospero, Glenn Case. Second raw--Charles Reidy, Robert Spencer, Jack Andrus, Richard Morrison, Wilbur Jennings, Joe Danna, Jimmy Hall, Loren Green, Elwin Fleming, Gary Chatterton, Jerry Haw- thorne, John Case, Carl Dunn. Third row-Howard Selleck, Lewis Swain, Earl Stanton, Frank Joslyn, Henry Mason, Donald Wilcox, Jimmy Swoger, Tommy Gallagher, Harlan Case, Wilbur Colton, Walter Kent, Earn Dunbar. Absent--William Bruhl. , t 6 President-Sallie Thorpe Vice President-Nancy Kendall Secretary-Kay Berry Treasurer-Jack Andrus 35 86 N Seventh grade From the left: First row, Betty Hall, Jacqueline Elvidge, Martha Jennings, Anna Cole, Helen Bourne, Geraldine Case, Carol Crocker, Shirley Merritt, Marjorie Pine, Gayle Rumseyg Second row: Beverly Greene, Jean Warner, Martha Wrisley, Kay Chamberlain, Jean Campbell, Theodora Taylor, Adelle Case, Jean Chamberlain, JoAnn Danna, Marilyn Fleming, Bertha Mosier, Sandra Mallory, Third row: Mary Bourne, Betty Spillane, Marjorie Denkenberger, Beverly Newman, Betty Gustin, Vonda Hettick, Patty May, Julia Lamont, Virginia Bennett, Susie Rathbun, Norma Herrick. SEVENTH GRADE 2 From the left: First row: Tommy Mitchell, Phil Shepherd, David Darrow, Eddie Larcom, Clifton McMurray, Fred Crane, Billy Harvey, Happy Crumbling, Cecil Ward, Merle Vander- pool, r Second row: Jim McKean, Max Simcoe, Paul Pepper, Delos Vinson, Jerry Vickery, Duane Havens, Phil Dewit, Harold Shedden, Francis Coxhead, Melvin Barber, Fred Fleming, Ronald Hoose, Third row: John Wilcox, David Priest, Philip Jennings, Richard Freeman, Leland Swain, Del- bert Brown, Jim Peckham, Jessie Moore, Ronald Vanderpool, Dale Mattocks, David Loomis, John Sickler, Leland Kittle, Russell Tice. Absent: Elizabeth Bruhl, Thalia Raymond, Doris Hall, Ronald Avery, Charles Rote, George Stone, Walter Watson, Ronald Woodard. President-Phil DeWitt Vice President-Betty 'Hall Secretary-David Loomis Treasurer-Eddie Larcom 37 Identifications on Page 91 Of? OO Q TH Winning the R.'1.L. 39 'Nw Cham tons Dtstfrtct 4 Roosevelt Tratl League Basketball reached a new high at Troy High this year when our cagers under Coach Case fought their way through a difficult schedule to win two crownsg the first R. T. L. championship since l944, and the first District championship in the school's history. Defeated by Athens early in the season, the Trojans bounced back to trim Athens on her own court and win the play off in Elmira to capture the R. T. L. honors. After defeating Wellsboro, Tioga county champions, Troy won the district title from South Williamsport. In a play-off for State Champ- ionship the team had a bad night and lost to Clark Summit, bringing the total losses to four against twenty wins. Although the successful season was due mainly to all boys working as a team under good coaching, there were a few outstanding players. Eddie Merritt was the R. T. L. high scorer with Zl6 points in lO games. He and John Morse were chosen on the R. T. L.'s All Star first team and Bob Hettich on the second. Vic Woodward is the only varsity player to return next year. As we say goodby to the others, we congratulate Coach Case, Eddie Merritt, John Morse, Bob l-lettich, Bud Becker, Bucky Slingerland, George Page, Ronnie Richter, Al Williams, John Hulslander, Vic Woodward, and Manager Matteson, for making a team that their opponents. their school, and their fans will remember for a long long time. 40 Vairsrity Basketball Team From left: first row: George Page, John Morse, Edward Merritt, Robert Hettick, Raymond Slingerland, Merritt Becker. Second row: Gerald Matteson, manager, Albert Williams, Ronald Richter, John Hulslander, Victor Woodward, Mr. Case. RECORD-20 won, 4 loss, Pct. .834 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME R- T- '-- STANDWGS District IV Play-offs Team W L Pct. District IV Play-offs Troy 10 1 909 State Play-offs Athens 9 2 818 Mansfield 6 4 606 Towanda 3 7 .300 Cantor, 2 8 ,200 INDIVIDUAL AVERAGE Wy"'uS"'g l 9 '00 Player FGM FTM T. Pe. 'League Games SCORES Merritt 202 70 474 Troy Watkins Glen 57 Becker 49 33 131 Troy Elkland 42 Hettick 37 181 Troy Savre 41 Morse 1 13 63 299 'Troy Wyalusing 34 Slingerland 40 29 109 'Troy Mansfield 30 Page 15 51 TrOy Watkins Glen 52 Richter 3 23 QTVOY Alumni 37 Teams Total Points 1279 ,121 -lCEg::gndG Opponents Total Points 1042 'Troy Athens 36 'Troy Mansfield 44 "Troy Wyalusing 32 Troy Wellsboro 52 'Troy Towanda 41 'Troy Canton 40 'Troy Athens 59 Troy Sayre 47 Troy Wellsboro 57 Troy Elkland 58 Troy Athens 34 Troy All Star 43 Troy Wellsboro 41 Troy S. Williamsport 33 Troy Clark Summit 47 41 imior Varsity From the left: First row: Earl Lampman, Buzz Kendall, Mac Morris, Bob Johnson, Jerry Rockwell, Arnold Haflettg Se:ond row: La Rue Gates, Manager, John McCabe, Mahlon Wrisley, Jim May, Jack Kendall, Mr. Case- Coach. The Junior Varsity had an up and down season this year. They came in third in the Roosevelt Trail League with a record of 5 wins and 5 losses. The team's over all record was 8 wins and lO losses. Troy's J. V. was the only J. V. to beat Wellsboro this year. They stopped Wellsboro's string ot wins at Zl by defeating them Zi to 20 at Troy Most ot this year's J. V. players will move up to the Varsity next year. Mack Morse and Bob Johnson were choses by the older J. V. players to play on the R. T. L. all-star team. This team lost to Athens, who won the league. 42 SENIOR BASKETBALL From the left: First row: James Wolfe, Paul Congdon, James Crandell, Gerald Matteson, Samuel Eisenhart Second row: Melvin Rogers, Franklin Morgan, Robert Williams, Leon Shedden. 1 -,,- ,:,:.: 1 :X .,.,. , .. .f,, ., F. F. A. EASKETBALL From the left: First row: William Cole, James Phinney, Richard Thomas, Ernest Young1 Second row: Joel Lamont, Jack Ferguson, Richard Sherman, Glenn Dunbar, Carlton Spencer. 43 if J' .xl ,R g ,g J , lx Qtrts' Attttette Depttrtmenti From the left: First row: Jackie Dunkle, Mable Cole, Lorraine Reidy, Joan Ballard, Carolyn Teribury, Nancy Van Veghten. Second row: Mrs. Allen lcoachl, Shirley Bachman, Shirley Harvey, May Eaton, Mary Jane Helms, Shirley Hall, Virginia Goodwin. The leaders club is made up of seventy leaders. The girls take attend- ance and take care of the shower room and equipment. Each girl is assigned to a certain task for a six week period. Each class chooses teams to play' basketball. The winners play noons to pick the champion team. Our basketball team this year had thirteen members. Joan Ballard, Nancy Van Veghten, Carolyn Teribury, Lorraine Reidy, and Mable Cole played their third year. Jackie Dunkle played her second year. Beverly Wil- ber, Shirley Harvey, Shirley Bachman, May Eaton, Patty Hickok, Shirley Hall, and Mary Jane Helms played their first year. Mrs. Allen is continuing the system of awarding T's to those girls earn- ing lOO points in athletics. Three games have been played of which two were taken by the varsity. They took Wellsboro by one point and the Alumni by one point. and lost one game to Wellsboro. 44 E B 3 Sq ZZ Footba 11950 Football The Troy High's football team experienced an off year with 7 defeats, l tie, and O wins. Troy's greatest trouble was keeping their offense going. Many times they were stopped inside the other teams lO yd. line. The team worked hard and should be given great credit even though they were out classed in many of their games. Next year Coach Phillips will have to build an all new line and Coach Bobkowski will have to find a quarter back and a good passer. The following players received their football letters this year. Ends: Hettick, Becker, Tackles: Hurlburt, Young, Hulslander, Richterg Guards: Morgan, Pomeroy, Corey, McNettg Centers: Page, Matteson: Backs: Slingerland QB, Morse HB, Merritt HB, Johnson HB, Spencer FB, and May HB The Trojans played only 3 games at home and these were played in very poor weather conditions. The O-O battle with Horseheads and the 20-12 defeat at Canton were two well played games. The best game though came at Sayre where Troy really put on a passing sh:w. With Morse doing the throwing and Becker and Hettick catching them, the boys put on the best exhibition ever seen on Sayre's football field. The team seems to play their best games against Sayre. SCORES Troy 7 Montoursville Troy 6 Watkins Glen Troy i2 Canton Troy 7 Towanda Troy O Horseheads Troy O Montgomery Troy 7 Athens Troy l 5 Sayre Totals 54 Totals 477 Baseball Team From the left to the right: First row: Edward Merritt, Jack Bird, Frank DeWitt, Rex Bradley, Ben Jackson, James Carnegie, Charles Thomas, Richard Rockwell, John Morseg Standing: James Wolfe, Richard Wilber, Gerald Matteson, John Hulslander, Robert Johnson, Robert Het- tick, Merritt Becker, Donald Strong, George Page, Bruce Morse, Eugene Case, Coach. The baseball team of l95O, the greatest one in the history of Troy High School, clim- axed its brilliant season by winning the champ- ionship of District 4. Coach Case's boys romped 'home with their fourth straight R. T. L. champ- ionship but this was the first team to win the elusive district title. The team went through the entire season undefeated. This was really remarkable be- cause two of the pitchers they faced in the District play offs are now with major league farm clubs. Rex Bradley played on all four of these consecutive championship teams. His batting average for the four years was .264 with 35 hits in ll7 times at bat. He also scored 36 runs. The team beat Wellsboro in their first dis- trict game 5 to 3. "Ben" Jackson had a shut out until the last inning when they scored all 3 of their runs. Next Troy played Watson- town and the score was O-O going into the sixth inning. Watsontown then scored their only run to go ahead l-O. Troy came back in their half of the sixth to score 5 runs. The big blow was Bob Hettick's triple with the bases loaded. Ben gave up only two hits in this game. In the finals of the District 4, Troy tangled with Millville at Bowman Field, Williamsport. Ben Jackson was never better as he pitched his team to a 5-4 victory.Bradley had two trip- les, one of them driving in Gerald Matteson from lst base with the winning run in the 8th inning. Before this the score had been tied 4-4 with Millville getting 4 in the 7th, Troy scored its runs in the 5th, 6th and the final one in the 8th. The team ended the season in a blaze of glory. 1950 SCHEDULE Troy 4 .. , .............. Wyalusing O Troy iO . . . .... Athens 5 Troy lO .. Canton l Troyl8... ...AthensO Troy i4 . . . . Towanda 0 Troy i0 Canton3 Troy 8 .. . . Wyalusing l Troy 8 . . . . . Towanda 4 Troy ll ................ ..... S ayre 3 Troy 5 iQ. F. Dist. 47 Wellsboro 3 Troy 5 lSemi. Dist. 45 Watsontown l Troy 5 .... iFinals Dist. 43 .... Millville 4 Intra-MuraZ Sports ln the spring of l95l the Juniors won the soft-ball title by defeating the Seniors 9 to 8. Last fall the present Seniors defeated the Juniors i3 to O to take first honors in touch football. The noon hour basketball league title was won by the undefeated Bombadiers, with Captain Smoky Crandell scoring l3Z points to lead in in- dividual honors. The team also included Frank Morkan, Ammon Scott, Max Spencer, Ken Hoose, Earl Montgomery, Melvin Woodward, Paul Selleck, Dick Kenyon, Jim Pautz, and Les Mingos. mmair' High Basketball 'Team From left: first row: Kenneth Hoose, Baxter Pierce, Earl Montgomery, Warren York, Robert Bovier, William Darrow, William Carnegie, Wayne Kent, James Peckham. Second row: Duane Havens, Phillip Dewitt, Melvin Woodward, Earl Stanton, Mr. Biddle, Lester Watkins, James Merritt, Donald Rockwell, David Priest. The J. H. basketball team resumed play after a four year lay off. Coach "Bill" Biddle did not get a chance to assemble the team until after Christmas but managed to win 6 out of 7 games. They were victorious over Canton twice, F.F.A., Cross Roads, Small fry all-stars, Elmira Black Diamonds and lost only to the Elmira Mt. Nebo Blue Birds. 49 Identifications on Page 102 50 MUSIC Orchestra From left: First row: Audrey Peters, Marilyn Cool, Phyllis Jenkins, Nancy Kendall, Shirley Lyon, Marion ' Keigler, Florence Wells. Second row: Janice Duart, Dorothy Hickok, Sally Ann Smith, Carolyn Teribury, Joan Ballard, Sally Becker, La Rue Gates, Christine Updike, Marilyn Grace, Marlorie Haflett, Mr. Crlmmel. Third row: Harry Corey, Dale Bradley, Harry Bruce, Alan Pomeroy, Sara Brown, Donna Mattocks, Marilyn Teeter, Allen Kingsley. Fourth row: Curtis Dunbar, Phyllis Crumbling, Gerald Pratt, Janice Young, John Young, Miles Wood, Floyd Ward, Betty Sherman, Clinton Kilgore. 51 Music We have had a very hard working music department this year. A new system of sectional practices whereby each student gets individual attention has been very successful. So many new members were added to the Band that all have not yet received uniforms. During the summer, the band marched at the Laurel Festival and at the Fourth of July celebration. After school started, it accompanied the football team to almost every game, brought Santa Claus to town, and gave two concerts-one in assembly and one as part of the annual May Music Festival. An integral part of the concerts was the singing of the Boy's Glee Club. Sallie Becker, Curtis Dunbar and Samuel Eisenhart were chosen for the District Band at Shamokin, and Sallie was then selected for State Band. Those representing Troy at the County Band at LeRaysville were John McCabe, Joan Ballard, Carolyn Teribury, Sallie Becker, Dorothy Hickok, Lorraine Dunbar, Beverly Wilber, Janice Young, Curtis Dunbar, Phyllis Crumbling, Miles Wood, Samuel Eisenhart and Alan Pomeroy. A new orchestral goal for Troy was reached when the Northeast District held its festival concert in the Troy High School gym. Mr. Michota of the Mansfield State Teachers College was guest conductor with Mr. Crimmel acting as Host conductor. Students represented in this orchestra were Alan Kingsley, Shirley Lyon, Marilyn Teeter, Nancy Kendall, Christine Updike, Marian Keigler, Marilyn Grace, Sallie Becker, Marilyn Cool, Phyllis Jenkins, Curtis Dunbar, and Phyllis Crumbling. Our own orchestra improved greatly this year and was enjoyed at the Senior Play and many school assemblies. The county orchestra included Beverly Wilber, LaRue Gates, Donna Mattocks, Florence Wells, Marjorie Haflett, Audrey Peters, Mary Crocker and those partici- pating in the District Orchestra. Atrumpet Trio, organized this year by Mr. Crimmel with Beverly Wilber, Betty Sherman, and Floyd Ward as trumpeteers, played at Senior Play, Springfield Church, Christmas Assembly, and the May Festival. Another new musical group was the clarinet quartet which played at the Christmas Assembly. Its members are Joan Ballard, Carolyn Teribury, Sally Ann Smith, and Dorothy Hickok, The Advanced Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Deemy and with Mr. Crimmel as accompanist was composed of girls from the Junior and Senior classes and the Boys Glee Club. The Advanced Glee Club presented the operetta, "Marrying Marian" which was a great success. lt also sang a tthe Methodist Church and gave a Christmas assembly in con- junction with the orchestra and other glee clubs. Samuel Eisenhart and Wilber Slocum were chosen for District Chorus. County Chorus representatives were Frank Morgan, James May, John Young, Robert Williams, Wilbur Slocum, Harry Corey, Duane Updike, Earl Lampman, Kathryn Saxton, Emily Mitchell, Vera Selleck, Marie Ames, Linda Horning, Jo Ann Slinger- land, Nancy Van Veghten, and Shirley Harvey. Miss Roush has charge of the Girls Glee Club which sang at the Christmas program and presented the annual Easter music in Assembly. The Boys Glee Club with Mr. Crimmel directing and Betty Sherman as accompanist sang at Troy Music Club's Men's Night, assembly programs, and at band concerts. 52 The Girls Ensemble, with Mrs. Deemy directing, sang at the Senior Play, P. T. A., D. A. R., Springfield Church, "Aunt Silly", and Easter assembly. lts members are Catherine Roy, Betty Sherman, Doris Raub, Shirley Harvey, Shirley Lyon, Beverly Wilber, Phyllis Crumbling, Marilyn Teeter, Sallie Becker and Kathryn Saniton. The Junior High Glee Club composed of students from the seventh, eighth and ninth grades and under the direction of Miss Roush and Mr. Crimmel took port in the May Festival. ln addition to the regularly organized clubs, classes in music appreciation, singing, and instrumental work are carried on by the three music teachers not only in the Troy School but in all the schools of the ioint district. Sallie Becker ADVANCED CLEE CLUB From the left, First row: Mr. Crimmel, Betty Sherman, Marlene Wolfe, Doris Duart, Jo Ann Slingerland, Linda Horning, Kathryn Saxton, Florence Wells, Shirley Lyon, Danna Congdon, Catherine Roy, . Marian Vandermark, Doris Raub, Janice Young, Wilma Kittie, Marian Keigler, Mrs. Deemy. Second row: Ralph Dillon, Alice Klinger, Marie Schill, Peggy Hoose, Ardythe Vaughn, Marilyn .Garrison, Maxine Larcom, Carolyn Teribury, Jacqueline Dunkle, Sallie Becker, Joan Morris, Marceil Inman Lorraine Dunbar, Joan Ballard, Nancy VanVeghten, Donna Warner, Marilyn Teeter, Shirley Bachman. Third row: Benjamin Darrow, Mary Smith, Phyllis Crumbling, Barbara Rost, Shirley Harvey, Mariyln Cool, Lois VanNess, Eleanor Watson, Sharon Wilcox, Alan Pomeroy, June Frederickson, Vera Selleck, Joan Bailey, Emily Mitchell, Sally Prutsman, Delores Grinnell, Wilber Slocum, Robert Wiliams, John Young, Alan Kingsley, Glenn Dunbar. Fourth row: Ammon Scott, John McCabe, Harry Bruce, George Corey, James May, Max Spencer, Earl Lampman, Harry Corey, James Shoemaker, Melvin Rogers, Harold Rathbun, Victor Woodward, Theodore Faust, Curtis Dunbar, Dale Bradley, Kenneth Schill, Paul Congdon, Samuel Eisenhart, Franklin Morgan, Ronald Richter, Duane Updike, Clinton Killgore. 53 ool C 'ew Q A ' V .2 fif2222:faf?121:', F52 'Q 31:2 -- ' . 1 573 - 1 ' ' L --2f2r5g:5:1.., i:5:5:E:EE:.,552. -2 H if 2:212:2SSEESQSEEQEEESEEESEESSSE-- ' .r::Eg1sZsi3.-,l- - - ulllu mir. 55353535555 --,.-. V IAAQ --5,,55rgr5r5r55:r5,, u :a.g2s:12sZz: -3525:-,sssassiiaiim'ss-sir -3' V 'ffm-131. isa, ,egg,igigigigiggggigigiziziej .rn1.girgq,5E?215g5si25s512:g:, g-,,, Z., ,, 8 .,.,.25f3fE::,fsisisif- 22-L.,':1-f1-'-j,.gg5,,j-1-Qgie'-' .. ' 1 "" - 2 , .. 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V H L'd Shyl CI't K'I JkK dll FldWdGyldB Btt Second row: Maxine Larcom, Joan Morris, JoAnne Slingerland, Carolee Gale, Joan Bailey, Ronald Hartsock, , A an om' el a ay Or' ln on. 'gore' a' ell' 3 ' oy ar. 'A era owne' e Y Harry Bruce' Dale Bradley' Henry Mason, Roberr Sreverrsr Charlene Van No ' Doris Duari. Mr. Fifth row. Bryce Van Noy, John Young,'Janice Young, Alan Kingsley, Samuel Elsenhart, Kathryn Saxton, ' ' ' - Y ' Ath Dk M L HkkMIWdChlHkJhMCbHldRthb Crlmmel director, Raymond Slingerland, Mary Jane Helms, Shirley Harvey. " U' 'C 'arson' Bag 0'-' 'C 0 - '95 00 v 3' 95 'C 5- 0 n C 3 9' am 3 '-'V'- Y W T"""d 'OW' 5a"Y Darrowx Ma"""Ce Ke"'C'a"',Ha""V Corey' Audrey Pelfersf Same Bake!" C""'5 Dunbaff Absent: Dick Mitchell, Harry Crumbling, Virginia Bradford, Gladys Hoose, Jim Peckham, Lenora Saxton, Ph llis Crumbling Sall Ann Smith Joan Ballard Carol n Teribur Lorrain D bar Al ' - - P Y O J 1.1 DV kr S J' I L I V NY D thV- H. k k EJ U"'H v an Victor Woodard, 'Earl Newman, Jerry Murdock, May Eaton, Sandra Corey, Betty Cole, William Omer Y' acque me un e' ara ora emon- o'5 an ess' Oro V 'C 0 1 can 0059- Darrow, Gerald Vicker , Melvin Woodard, Gerald Pratt, Ellen Judson, Shirle Reed Norman Fourth row Janice Duart Edna Raub Donna Lee Clca berlai Dor's Raub M 'l n G 'so M c'a Col J W'l ll l h D'Ilo Y l 1 , , I m n, - I , any arri n, ar 1 e, ames lson, a p I n. The Operetta MARRYING MARIAN Presented by the Glee Club of Troy High School Mrs. Winifred Deemy, Director Mr. Arthur Crimmel, A.ccompanist Van Dyne Civic Building, March 9 and lO, l95l CHARACTERS 'Simpson-a supposed Butler ........... Franklin Morgan, Dale Bradley Miss Prudence McWhitfle-an elderly teacher ....... Phyllis Crumbling Vera Selleck Marion Stanton-a popular student . . . . . Betty Sherman, Doris Raub 'Ruth Ripley-Marian's room-mate ........... Mary Smith, Sally Becker Dr. Henry Bohunkus-Head of Hillandale Seminary ...... Ralph Dillon Harry Corey, Jr. Mrs. Henry Bohunkus-by far the better half . . . . . Linda Horning Joan Bailey Charles S. Smith-a Professor by necessity .... James May, Wilbur Slocum Cicero Socrates Smith-a janitor by necessity. .John McCabe, Curtis Dunbar School girls-Kathryn Saxton, Lorraine Dunbar, Doris Raub, Sally Becker, Doris Duart, Janice Ward, Lesson in Customs and Times Puritans-Catherine Roy, Lois VanNess Colonial ladies-Marian Keigler, Shirley Lyon, and Wilma Kittie Colonial men-Janice Young, Barbara Rost, and Maxine Larcom '49ers-Ardythe Vaughn, Alan Pomeroy, Caroline Teribury, Ted Foust, Elea- nor Watson, Benny Darrow, Joan Bailey, and Allen Kingsley Civil War girls-Delores Grinnell, Marilyn Garrison, and Florence Wells Gibson girls-Joan Morris, and Marilyn Cool "Flappers"-Emily Mitchell and Jackie Dunkle Calisthenics Chorus-Annabelle Chrzan, Nancy VanVeghten, Marceil Inman, Shirley Bachman, Donna Congdon, and Sally Becker L CHORUS JoAnn Slingerland, Alice Klinger, Shirley Harvey, Sharon Wilcox, Joan Bal- lard, Donna Warner, Marie Schill, Joanine Sterling, Peggy Hoose, and Jane Frederickson, Beverly Wilber, Maxine Larcom, Sally Prutsman, Vera Selleck, Marie Ames, Marlene Wolfe, Marian Vandermark, Eleanor Watson, Christine 55 Updike Jim Shoemaker Earl Lampman, Samuel Eisenhart George Corey Duane Updike Robert Williams, John Young, Kenneth Schill Harold Rath bun Harry Bruce Victor Woodward, Glenn Dunbar Max Spencer Ammon Scott Clinton Kilgore Melvin Rogers. STAGE MANAGERS AND PROPERTIES John Young Paul Congdon Duane Updike LIGHTS Franklin Morgan Harry Corey, Jr. PROMPTER Joan Bailey COSTUMES Emily Mitchell Jackie Dunkle umoirs and Beginners Band From the left First Row Mr Crimmel Donald Campbell, James Peckham Gary Chatterton Ralph Dillon Gerald Vickery Michael Judson, Robert Stevens, Henry Mason Second row Charles Ready John Herrington, Kenneth Hickok, Richard Mitchell Harland Case Douglas Elvige William Harvey Francis Coxhead. Third row Phyllis Tice Joan Page Phyllis Mattocks, Shirley Christopher Ann Burleigh Lynn Wolfanger Gerald Pratt Jerry Murdock Robert Rathbun. 56 K GIRLS CLEE CLUB . . From the left, First row: Marjorie Schill, Shirley Roberts, Gladys Hoose, Marian Vandermark, Beverly Wilbur, JoAnn Slingerland, Phyllis Bassett, Janice Duart, Doris Duart, Doris Selleck, Helen Sherman, Janet Darrow, Doris Raub, Kathryn Saxton, Miss Roush. . Second row: Beverly Hakes, Joyce Dunbar, Delberta Lewis, Clara Andrus, Doris Schill, Catherine Ryo, Joan Hoose, Marian Keigler, Marlene Andrus, Joan Ballard, Linda Horning, Emily Mitchell, Marilyn Teeter, Marilyn Cool, Nancy VanVeghten, Barbara Rost, Edna Clark, Claralyn Pantier, Lorraine Dunbar, Joan Bailey. . Third row: Donna Burleigh, Phyllis Jenkins, Margery Inman, Mary Crocker, Ruby Hicks, Delores Grinnell, Beverly Wilcox, Marlene Wolfe, Jean Dryer, Ardythe Vaughn, Marjorie Cole, Peggy Hoose, Nila Hettich, Jackie Hoose. Edna Raub, Shirley Morgan, Phyllis Crumbling, Shirley Lyon, Charlene VanNoy, Jackie Dunkle, Joan Morris, Carolyn Teribury, Florence Wells, Shirley Bachman. . Fourth row: Carolee Gale, Sara Joralemon, Jean Ayres, Eleanor Watson, Janice Ward, Mae Eaton, Shirley Alexander, Marceil Inman, Marilyn Garrison, Maxine Larcom, Shirley Reed, Alice Klinger, Ann Chrzan, Lois VanNess, Donna Congdon, Jane Fredrickson, Vera Selleck, Mary Smith, Donna Warner, Sallie Becker, Janice Young, Marcia VanHorn, Phyllis Mattacks, Mary Bustin. BOYS CLEE CLUB From left, first row: Paul Congdon, George Corey, James May, Betty Sherman, pianist, Alan Pomeroy, Wilbur Slocum, Benny Darrow. Second row: Mr. Crimmel, James Shoemaker, Melvin Rogers, Harold Rathbun, Glenn Dunbar, Harry Corey, Duane Updike, Clinton Kilgore, l Third row: Ammon Scott, John McCabe, Max Spencer, Earl Lampman, Victor Woodard, Allen Kingsley, John Young, Kenneth Schill. t . Fourth row: Ralph Dillon, Harry Bruce, Ronald Richter, Frank Morgan, Samuel Eisenhart, Robert Williams, Ted Foust, Dale Bradley, Curtis Dunbar. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB From the left: First row: Phyllis Tice, Virginia Brown, Patricia Ballard, Jack Elvidge, Marilyn Fleming, Jo Ann Lammy, Emily Roberts, Julia LaMont, Marjorie Denkenberger, Vonda Hettick, Mary Bourne, Rowena Bennett, Helen Bourne, Geraldine Case, Joan Andrus, Elizabeth Bruhl, Patricia May, Anna Cole, Sally Darrow, Marjorie Pine, Sandra Mallory, Virginia Bennett, Bertha Mosher, Thalia Raymonds, Miss Roush ,Mr. Crimmelg Second row: Lynn Wolfanger, Joyce Smiley, Sally Thorpe, Stella Hoose, Veronica Selley, Doris McCall, Barbara Morris, Audrey Bolt, Betty Gustin, Rhoda Kinch, Peggy Kelly, Beverly Greene, Betty Splain, Beverly Newman, Susanne Rathbun, Shirley Merritt, Doris Hall, Carol Crocker, Adelle Case, Jean Warner, Jo Ann Danna, Martha Wrisley, Donna Mattocks, Joyce Rogers, Marilyn Grace, Elsie Sickler, Shirley Hall, Jean Rockwell, Virginia Carnwright, Jeanette Pepper, Martha Darrow, Margaret Chrzan, Phyllis Schrader, Joan Page, Mary Jane Helms, Elsie Bourne, lona Brown, David Priest, Ann Jeanette Burleigh, Lenora Saxton, Roberta Campbell, Sandra Corey, Ruth Rathbung Third row: Shirley Spencer, Beverly Mattocks, Nancy Kendall, Kay Berry, Carol Congdon, Betty Hall, Norma Hettick, Kay Chamberlain, Jean Campbell, Martha Jennings, Dick Mitchell, Gary Chatterton, Tommy Ayers, Tommy Gallagher, Charley Reidy, Harley Case, Marjorie Haflett, Leda Garrison, Eunice Forrest, Nancy Horning, Suzanne Keigler, Ruth Deemyg Fourth row: Glen Case, Richard Morrison, Kenneth Morgan, Jimmy Merritt, Don Rockwell, Cecil Ward, John Wilcox, Duane Havens, Jimmy Peckham, Ronnie Hoose, Delbert Brown, Walter Watson, John Sickler, David Darrow, Happy Crumbling, Dick Freeman, Jesse Moore, Merle Vanderpool, Dale Mattocks, Eddie Larcom, Phil DeWitt, Bill Harvey, Frances Coxhead, June Garrison. GIRLS ENSEMBLE ' From left: Betty Sherman, Shirley Lyon, Doris Raub, Beverly Wilber, Phyllis Crumbling, Shirley Harvey, Marilyn Teeter, Sallie Becker, Kathryn Saxton, Catherine Roy. M DMN Team Q -f , llx. Y From left, first row: Marilyn Gerrison, Janice Duart, Sallie Darrow, JoAnn Slingerland, Doris Raub, Edna Raub, Donna Chamberlain. Second row: Maxine Larcom, Beverly Mattocks, Veronica Seeley, Lorraine Reidy, Marjorie Haflett, Barbara Morris, Annabell Chrzan, Charlene Van Noy, Janet Darrow, Joan Morris. Third row: Nancy Kendall, Kay Berry, Rohena Bennett, Mary Bourne, Betty Gustin, Sandra Mallory, Joan Andrus, Phyllis Schrader. Fourth row: Jeannette Pepper, Doris Selleck, Arleine Phinney, Peggy Kelly, Martha Wrisley, JoAnn Danna, Jean Warner, Docia McCall. Fifth Row: JoAnn Lammy, Helen Bourne, Susan Rathburn, Betty Hall, Adell Case, Marilyn Fleming, Shirley Hall, June Garrison. Sixth Row: Mary Jane Helms, Patricia May, Shirley Spencer, Nancy Horning, Lucille Wilston, Jazqueline Eldridge, Genevieve Hicks, Virginia Brown. Seventh Row: Glenn Case, William Harvey, 59 emlor' Play "OUT OF THE FURYING PAN" A comedy in three acts given at the Van Dyne Civic Bldg. November l5, l6, l7, and l8. CAST I - SENIOR PLAY From the left, sitting: Kenneth Schill, Betty Jean Gates, Wilbur Slocum, Marie Ames, Wilma Kittle: Standing: Mr. Griffith, Director, Donna Congdon, Sally Prutsman, James Wolfe, William VanNess, Frank Morgan, Raymond Slingerland, Ernest Young. CAST ll - SENIOR PLAY Sitting, left to right: Delores Grinnell, Sammy Eisenhart, Sallie Becker, Gerald Matteson, Catherine Roy, Linda Horning, Marilyn Teeter: Standing: Ernest Young, Dean Phillips, Jim Crandle, George Page, Alan Pomeroy, Mr. Griffith. 60 F. F. A. From the left: First row: Jim Paultz, Charles Weed, Duane Wrisley, John Huslander, Eugene Arnold, Mike Guinan, Richard Kenyon, Richard Pratt, James Phinney, Ernest Young, Victor. Woodard, Lee Leonard, Richard Darrow, Richard Thomas, Warren Gustin, Jack Ferguson, Louis Paultz, S. T. Davey. - Second row: Tom Noble, Harry Corey, Gerald Shaylor, Paul Darrow, Joel LaMont, Julius Putnam, Eugene Sterling, Billy Cole, Frank Smith, James Jenkins, Walter May, Richard Sherman, Lyle Monroe, Richard Jenkins, Glenn Dunbar, Charles Tower, William Elvidge, Norman Cole, Paul. Selleck, Robert Grantier, Robert Tillinghast, Wayne Johnson, Donald Campbell, Clayton Swain, Allen Sheive, William Darrow, Donald Murray, Donald Kittie. Third row: Merton Bailey, Thomas Jenkins, Ralph Dillon, Raymond Steil, Carlton Spencer, Paul Hlclgok, Kenneth Golden, Arnold Haflett, Gary Leonard, Nelson Congdon, Bruce Lent, Edward Kaiser, Edward Byers, Gerald Pratt, Earl Ayers, Joseph Mattocks, Harry Deery, James Kelly, Clausen Chase, Gale Chamberlain, Wilbur Barrett, George Corey, Bryce Van Noy. Absent: Donald Steil, Robert Dean, Winston Rumsey, Loren Roy. The Future Farmers of America is larger this year than ever before in Troy High School with 70 members. The Troy F. F. A. chapter with its large membership has more members this year than any other Chapter in Bradford County. This year the Troy Chapter placed third in the State project Contest at Harrisburg. The Troy Chapter has been very active this year, starting off with the Harvest Ball which was a great success. ln the spring of l95l the F. F. A. held a Father and Son Banquet which turned out very nicely, and also this year the Junior Ag. boys, under the supervision of Mr. Mack raised SOO chicks. The officers that were elected to carry on this work are as follows: President-Ernest Young, Vice-President-James Phinneyg Secretary-Vic- tor Woodward, Treasurer--Richard Pratt, Reporter--Lee Leonardg Sentinel-- Richard Darrow, Chapter Advisor-Mr. Samuel Davey. Three Seniors re- ceived their Keystone Farmers Degrees at Harrisburg on Jan. lO, l95l. They were James Phinney, Ernest Young and Richart Pratt. Other activities this year was the F. F. A. Basketball team which got off to a bad start being beaten by: Canton, Wyalusing, Troy J. V., East Smithfield. Winning over: Mansfield, Athens, Towanda. 61 F. H. A. From the left: First row: Wilma Kettle, Janice Young, Doris Raub, Donna Greenough, Annabelle Chrzan, Lorraine Reidy, Mrs. Kennedy, advisorg Joan Bailey, Carolyn Teribury, Janet Braund, Estelia Pierson, Jean Sheive, Phyllis Chamberlain. Second row: Phyllis Mattocks, Marilyn Garrison, Patty C-ustin, Doris Selleck, Evelyn Bennett, Marjorie Schill, Mabel Cole, Sara Brown, Phyllis Crumbling, Shirley Roberts, Madeline Bristol, Nancy Forrest, Marian Vandermark. Third row: Ada Hickok, Vera Selleck, Alice Guinan, Shirley Morgan, Marcia VanHorn, Delberta Lewis, Irene Chrzan, Janice Wills, Virginia Goodwin, Shirley Reed, Alice Klinger, Jane Frederickson, Gladys Hoose, Louise Chapman, Marie Schill, Shirley Bachman. Fourth row: Virginia Weed, Rose Sullivan, Janice Strong, Doris Schill, Marilyn Cole, Clara Andrus, Lois VanNess, Vivian Teribury, Mary Lou Hickok, Marlene Andrus, Ruby Hicks, Beverly Wilcox, Patricia Leiby. Absent: Ann l-lendershot, Mavis Pepper, June Smith, Mary Golden. The F. H. A. or Future Homemalcers of America elected as its officers this year: president, Joan Bailey, vice-president, Lorraine Reidyg secretary, Carolyn Teribury, treasurer, Annabelle Chrzang adviser, Mrs. Janice Ken- nedy. We as Future l-lomemakers stress the importance ot home lite andl homemaking. Among our activities we polished the school's trophies, planned and served a very successful spaghetti supper tor the public, and entertained our mothers at a mother and daughter banquet. Our important feature of the year was the winning of the State Radio Script contest. The winning script was written by Phyllis Crumbling entitled "Convention Bound." Phyllis was assisted by Wilma Kittle, Joan Bailey, and Jane Frederickson in dramatizing this script. 62 '1T1f1iJ-rlvify From the left: First row, Shirley Reed, Alice Klinger, Florence Wells, Jackie Dunkle, Marilyn Garrison, Jean Ayres, Delores Grinnell, Betty Sherman, Carolyn Teribury, Maxine Larcom, Shirley Lyon, Marilyn Teeter, Miss Scarmuch, Sallie Becker, Marjorie Schill, Janice Duart, Doris Duart, Helen Sherman, Marie Ames, Beverly Wilber, Nancy VanVeghten, Emily Mitchell, Kathryn Saxton, Barbara Rost: Second row, Joan Kelley, Donna Warner, Donna Burleigh, Marlene Wolfe, Louise Chapman, Margery Inman, Phyllis Jenkins, Beverly Wilcox, Doris Schill, Peggy Hoose, Doris Raub, Edna Raub, Edna Clark, Joan Hoose, Delberta Lewis, Mary Lou Hickok, Marlene Andrus, Donna Congdon, Claralyn Pantier, Evelyn Bennett, Doris Selleck, Virginia Goodwin, Marceil lnman, Lorraine Dunbar, Joan Morris. Third row, Phyllis Mattocks, Marcia VanHorn, JoAnn Slingerland, Joan Ballard, Shirley Harvey, Virginia Bradford, Marilyn Cole, Clara Andrus, Ruby Hicks, Shirley Morgan, Shirley Alexander, Jackie Hoose, Jane Frederickson, Wilma Kittie, Janice Young, Sara Brown, Mabel Cole, Betty Jean Gates, Phyllis Crumbling, Marilyn Wrisley, Mary Smith, Elma Lutz, Sara Joralemon, Eleanor Watson, Lois VanNess, Marilyn Cool. Absent: Jeannine Sterling, Carolee Gale. This year's officers are Marilyn Teeter, president, Shirley l-yon, vice- president, Maxine Larcom, secretary, Carolyn Teribury, treasurer, and Eliza- beth Scarmuch, faculty adviser. An auction sale, a Christmas party, and a Valentine dance were the highlights of the year. 63 Hify From the left: First row, Tommy Fowler, Benny Darrow, Jim May, Jim Crandeli, Alan Pomeroy, Wilbur Slocum, Evan Williams, Frank Morgan, George Page, Bruce Morse, Raymond Slingerland, David Duart. Second row, Dale Bradley, Ronnie Hartsock, Ted Foust, Duane Brown, Gerald Matteson, Harold Rathbun, Paul Congdon, John Morse, Merritt Becker, Robert Williams, Samuel Eisenhart, Maurice Kendall, Jerry Rockwell, LaRue Gates. Third row, from left, Earl Smith, Clyde Seeley, Allen Kingsley, John Young, Max Spencer, Kenneth Schill. Bill Wheeler, Ronnie Richter, Bryce VanNoy, Art Wilston, Victor Woodward, Tommy Noble, Clinton Kilgore, Earl Newman, Duane Updike. About thirty five fellows attended the first meeting of the Hi-Y club this year and applied for membership, Frank Morgan was our president. Wilbur Slocum, vice-president, Bruce Morse, secretaryg Alan Pomeroy, treasurer. The two big events for the l-li-Y were the Older Boy's Conference at Wilkes-Barre and the Valentine Dance. Thirteen boys and their faculty acl- visor made the trip to Wilkes-Barre. The club meets every Tuesday for dis- cussion of character building topics and for planning of service activities. 64 The 'Trojan Crier PRESS CLUB From left: first row: Muriel Watkins, Patty Gustin, JoAnn Slingerland, Mary Smith, Sara Brown, Shirley Lyon, Sally Prutsman, Donna Congdon, Sharon Wilcox, lona Shaylor, Mrs. Conedy, Advisor. Second row: Phyllis Jenkins, Claralyn Pantier, Joan Ballard, Phyllis Crumbling, Audrey Peters, Ruby Hicks, Marilyn Teeter, Sallie Becker, Gerald Matteson, Duane Brown, Jackie Dunkle, Carolyn Teribury. Third row: Lee Leonard, John McCabe, Ronald Hartsock, Jim May, Alan Pomeroy, Wilbur Slocum. Absent: Janice Ward, Ted Foust. This year the Press Club staff has worked hard to put out the biggest and best newspaper Troy High School has ever had. Published monthly, The Trojan Crier has been printed by the Troy Gazette-Register. Marilyn Teeter, editor, and Mrs. Canedy, faculty adviser, did a fine job. The circulation was considerably boosted through the efforts of Duane Brown, business manager. The typists-Sharon Wilcox, lona Shaylor, Muriel Watkins, Shirley Lyon. Doris Raub, and Carolyn Teribury-deserve special credit for giving up much of their time to work on the paper. 65 BIBLE CLASS From left: first row: Duane Brown, Floyd Ward, Albert Williams, Mrs. Zinc, Richard Havens, Gerald Bourne, Richard Pratt. Second row: Marilyn Van Noy, Sara Brown, Dorothy Selleck, Audrey Peters, Beth Newell, Elma Lutz, Joyce Dunbar. Third row: Dorothy Hickok, Mabel Cole, Leida Shaylor, Christine Updike, Doris Pedric, Louise Chapman. Our Bible class was very fortunate to have Mrs. J. Gordon Zinc to in- struct us in the finer points of Bible interpretation. We enjoyed having her because of her delightful personality as well as her extensive knowledge. During the year the class had several speakers. These speakers have aided the class in searching the Bible for its doctrines and ideals and applying them practically to our lives. CCOKING CLASS From left: first row: Wilbur Slocum, Frank Morgan, Earl Newman, Jack Brown, Raymond Bertron, Mrs. Kennedy, Harold Rathbun, Duane Updike, Russell Crane, Clyde Seeley, Ammon Scott, Kenneth Golden, Charles Cooper, Paul Kempfer, James Shoemaker. The Honor Page During the course of a year many students accomplish deeds that re- dound to the glory of themselves and their school. Since our last publication, certain events have occurred that should be recorded and due respect paid to those for the honors they have won for Troy High School. We, therefore, CONGRATU LATE: RICHARD PRATT, who won the title of Star Dairy Farmer and SIOO for having the best dairy projects in the State of Pennsylvania PHYLLIS CRUMBLING, whose radio script, "Convention Bound", won the F. H. A. State Contest and was broadcasted from New York City radio stations, and whose essay on Pennsylvania Dutch Art won the coufnty prize for Pennsylvania Week. THE l95O BASEBALL TEAM for winning the R. T. L. and District 4 championship. THE l95l BASKETBALL TEAM for winning the R. T. L. and District 4 championship. The MEMBERS of BAND, ORCHESTRA, and OLEE CLUBS who were chosen to represent Troy at County and District festivals, and SALLIE BECKER at State Festival. The ADMINISTRATION, the MUSIC DEPARTMENT, and TROY COM- MUNITY for being host to District Orchestra. MERLE BACON, who was chosen American Farmer and RICHARD PRATT, JAMES PHINNEY, AND ERNEST YOUNG who were made Key- stone Farmers. Lastly all those who by effort and loyalty have done their part for Troy High. JANE FREDERICKSON, who was elected State Treasurer of the F.H.A. CHOSEN FOR DISTRICT ORCHESTRA Sitting, from left to right: Nancy Kendall, Shirley Lyon, Marion Keigler, Marilyn Grace, Sally Becker, Phyllis Crumbling. Standing, from left to right: Christine Updike, Phyllis Jenkins, Marilyn Cool, Marilyn Teeter, Allen Kingsley, Dale Bradley, Curtis Dunbar. 67 E E -,Q VJ Q9 trfvict Uorch D155 RADIO SCRIPT From the left: Wilma Kittie, Jane Frederickson, Phyllis Crumbling, lauthorl, Joan Bailey DISTRICT BAND From the left: Curtis Dunbar, Sallie Becker, Samuel Eisenhart. TRUMPET TRIO From the left: Beverly Wilber, Floyd Ward, Betty Sherman. l0Y'S QUARTET From the left: Wilbur Slocum, James May, John McCabe, Sam Eisenhart. DISTRICT CHORUS Wilbur Slocum lleftl and Samuel Eisenhart. Keystone Farmers' Degree 'SAI-"'"A"''-'"f-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-1:a:ss:5:sra:s:a:a:2:s:sisfa:i1:2 1 : : f r 1 : ' Q ' S ' Q:fq:,::Q-m v -1- -:eg...a:sw:-:::::2:1:2:1a212sisiaiaileaiazzie 22222225252 -' ---:r:-:rx-:-14:-:-:-:':4:+:-2-:ez-1-I? V.-"S:7:':f:2:it5t,":'1T:?'T:',5:5'? "'''"'1:5:1S:3:3i:5:115:55:32 v- :-:-1-1 .- 1-1: : .- I , fc Q 0 0 gigs 1 gg 9' X , X k 4 + - ff?-A:3222i??55f2::1fifi51555 ' 'i5'11fiiiff3?f:it5::i5':5' 1'E'li?i5E?iiE2iii?i5i?E:":" ,5E5fj.j':5E5E" 3-,115 '-'-'-'FEEEQ "'A"' 5:5.,.,15EgE3EgE3E:: 335525.55 ' .- .- 'A .. .isiei2EaieEsE' " xg'mYaqiSa2.1fI21:z:1::111115.,.. 1 ::Es1EE2225i:ziilii'1 - H :' " ' 51 A - I.: ,. 1.1 1...,.-,-..5:E:s:a:s:e:s:3:s:::::2yf2 ..1 me-5-e::s:s:a:s:a::f , Er- 1-E' 3E525E5E353E2E3E2E5E5E53EL?" ,.g Q5E52gE3:5E311f111EE3E5'5' Z. -5111513151552iE2E:5:1:I-'-'' aeri- - E ,,15Q5giiii:2.Q,:, :gi3252552EEEEESEEEEEEEEEEIE , . :,EfiE1ii35',s2f 5N ., '. 55EEE?:QE:.Q:, 1:2 Merle Bacon A. ' 3' ,. :'tT:':'1: 993 Q' 1950 American Farmer Best Dairy Farmer in Pennsylvania 70 11950 Prize Winners Rev. A. G. Cameron Prize in Agriculture-Charles Thomas Rev. A. G. Cameron Prize in Latin-lan McNett Mrs. Sarah B. Willett Prize in Latin-John McCabe D. A. R. Prizes in History-David Loomis, 6thg Kay Berry, 7th, Robert Bovier, Sth Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Pierce Prize in Biology-John McCabe Mrs. H. K. Mitchell Prize in Sewing-Myrtle Wilston The American Legion Medals-Lynn Woltanger, Robert Bovier The Alumni Prize in English-John Deemy Mr. and Mrs. Charles .May Prize in Spelling-Norma Darrow Mr. Robert Grant Prize in Physics-Marilyn Teeter The Grange Prize in Agriculture-Willis Kittie Troy Rotary Club Prizes in Athletics and Scholarship-Daniel Peckham, Myrtle Wilston Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Van Keuren Prizes for Posture-Shirley Reed, Earl Lampman The Misses Kathryn and Elizabeth Ronan Prize in Grade Music- Harry Crumbling The Troy Music Club Prize in Ninth Year Music-Patricia Bly Mrs. Harry Beaver Temperance Prize-Dorothy Austin, lst, Mary Ellen Simpkins, 2nd The Lions Club Prize-Dorothy Austin and Rose Creptak Dayton Farm Equipment Prizes in Shop-lst, Gerald Rubertg Zud, Victor Woodard: 3rd, Arthur Wilston Veterans of Foreign Wars Prize in Athletics-Frank DeWitt The William Fanning Memorial Prizes in Music-Frank DeWitt, Erma Dunbar, Anne Hager L. R. Guillaume Prize in Rural Sociology-Gerald Rubert Cora Spaulding Roloson Art Prize for Junior High School-Claralyn Pantier and Valentin Kuziak First National Bank Presents Business and Professional Women's Prize in Commercial Work- Elizabeth Watkins The Mary Poad Coxe Memorial Prize for Service-Barbara Duart The Veterans ot Foreign Wars Auxiliary Prize in Mathematics- Daniel Mitchell Babe Ruth Award-Delores Heath, Rex Bradley Sportsmanship Award-Frank DeWitt American Cancer Essay Prize-lst, Marlyn Teeterg 2nd, Dorothy Austin, and 3rd, Donna Burleigh Rev. T. F. Burgan Memorial Prize in Religious Education- lst, Dorothy Austing 2nd, Audrey Petersg 3rd, lona Shaylor 71 Row I. Row ll, Cinderella and her coach Row Ill.E!mira kids HaIlowe'en time The Artist Ernest Young, Ken Senior shop boys Dale Bradley Mr. Croman 6- driver training car Bucky cf 2 P 9 Shield, Paul Congdon Row IV The high and low of art Birds and flowers Smokey, Leon, Melvin Ray Bertron 72 is--snsn-snns.asmnsnsnsn.s--sus-'sms-rsns. -sn-snsns S Q QQFUSQQ u x 1 1x1-susnsnsnsnxn-snx--sa -sux-nsn-xnsnns--s-nsns 73 154:54-sause:sunsnxnsu54nxunsnIsnxnsusux-as-nxnwsnvsdauxu-gnnsussn VAN DYNE OIL COMPANY, INC. Veeclol Motor Oil Edison Batteries on on Tyolol Flying A Gasoline Champion Spark Plugs DuPont. Zerone and Zerex Veedol 150-Hour Tractor Oils Plants Troy, Pa. Elmira, N. Y. Naples, N. Y Binghamton, N. 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DOT'S BEAUTY SHOP Canton, Pa. 1-sn-5 vsnsnsnusunsuasansnxnxnxn:Qinusensnsnsosaususnsnsnsnnsnasnsuasns,ansususnxnsuse 80 snsus:asus-nsnsnsns4-susnvsususs-asus-nxuxg-sus MASSEY-HARRIS Tractors-Combines-Implements Parts and Service AVERY'S GENERAL STORE Phone Canton 933-R-13 GROVER, PA. CANTON MOOSE LODGE No. 429 CANTON, PA. asnvsnsnssausnnsnxnnxarsuvsavsnsovsuxusnasusu sus: -x--susanxl-sus-Ix--xns--xnx--x--Q-nsnsnsus1 Compliments of SWAYZE FOLDING BOX COMPANY Canton, Pa. .sns.asus--uns--susnsususns S. M. CANEDY 8 CO. Best in Meats Birdseye Frosted Foods Troy, Pa. CAN N IBAL INN Sandwiches-Ice Cream Tydol Gasoline Half Mile North of Canton, Rou te 14 KEAGLE'S MUSIC STORE Pianos and Musical Instruments Frigidaire-Maytag Canton, Pa. Phone 148R W. W. WHITE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Snedekerville, Penna. VICKERY'S HATCHERY Columbia Cross Roads Pennsylvania SYLVANIA GARAGE L. L. Hoffman Auto Repairing-Ignition Work Accessories-Battery Service Sylvania, Pa. Local RICHARD E. WILBER and Long Distance Livestock Hauling Mosherville, Pa. SL-Phone-15K Compliments of MERRITT'S STORE Sylvania, Pa. 53.00 per Year Sends THE GAZETTE-REGISTER To the Boy or Girl in College Compliments of THE AUCTION CENTER Burlington, Pa. MILES STONE Oliver Farm Equipment Gehl Forage Harvester Springfield Pa. LEON VANNOY 81 SONS SAWMILL Troy, Pa. SMITH Sz LEE GROCERIES Gas and Oil Big Pond, Pa. snsuvsnsn:suse-snsns-is-'suns vsoxns nsusnsnsavsnrsnususu lsavsnxavsunsusu Bovik 8: Crandall Photographic Supplies 263 State Street Next to Union Bus Terminal ELMIRA, N. Y. Photo Finishing and Authorized Dealers for Eastman Kodak Leica Ansco-Stereo Realist Graflex-Bausch Sz Lamb Bell Sz Howell-Argus Best Wishes to Class of 1951 Berry's Swimming Pool and Skating Rink GILLETT, PENNA. asus nsnsusnsnsnsnusa-s-nsunsnnx-rs-asnusnns., ns:nsusasnxnsnsusnns':sussusunsns.assns-ayngnsanxq-Q-esugng.gang.-Qnsns "LETS GO TO THE PICTURES" Rialto Theatre CANTON, PENNA. The Home of All That's Best in Movies The Warner Co. Wholesale Hay I. Case Farm Machinery Day Barn Equipment Universal Milkers Goodrich Tires Marietta Silos TROY, PENNA. nnsuvsnsnnsnsnsusnvsunsunxnx lxnoxevxuixnvmnvxnoyvx Us 1 'save rsnsusnsuusaas1nsusnsnssnsnsnsnxnsusu Compliments of JUDSON'S FEED STORE Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. vQ4vQ.nsnvsssQnvQavs.IQ4vsnvsns I vsuQnQuxn1ns STRONG'S SERVICE STATION Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. GENERAL MERCHANDISE WILSON'S GARAGE Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. Compliments of GATES SERVICE STATION TYDOL GAS-VEEDOL OIL Columbia Cross Roads. Pa. Compliments of LAURA JONES RED 8: WHITE STORE Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. A. SPAULDING GENERAL MERCHANDISE Alba, Pa. Phone 410-VV STATE FARM INSURANCE Auto-Fire-Life John J. Riley TPUY, Pa. Phone 133F STEINBACHER SNACK BAR FROZEN CUSTARD SANDWICHES Towanda Pa. Route 6-309-220 L. D. VANNOY 8: SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE East Troy, Pa. Phone 30-K THOMAS B. CASE Electrical and Refrigeration Repairs Universal Appliances West Burlington, Penna. Compliments of H. J. SMITH GENERAL MERCHANDISE West Burlington, Pa. ESSENWINE 81 WALLACE GENERAL MERCHANDISE West Burlington, Pa. PALMER 8z CHILSON 17 Canton St. It pays to look well. Troy, Pa. PFANMULLER 8: HORNING ATLANTIC SERVICE 60 Canton Street Troy, Pa. asnlsnfsuvsn sux--sux ng- -sus nvxarsalvasarssnsa 1 - sn -x. nsnsnvtnint suxnsnsnsnsnsus1msn-snsnsnsns--snsuusnosunxnx--sus-mx-nsnasngnxnsnsnwx CLEAN ING-PRESSING Troy Motor Company MOTHPROOFING RUG AND UPHOLSTERY Q y SHAMPOOING N DYEING--REPAIRING MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE 6 TRACTORS A local business owned by l 1 1 d ' GOODYEAR TIRES Oca pffllllle tigceslaylng . 0 Phone 196 EARL FRY Beardslee TROY, PA. Dry Cleaning Service Main St. Troy Kingsley Poultry Farm Better Chicks to You Compliments Is Our Business Of NEW HAMPSHIRES Raymond Soper County Treasurer BARRED CROSS BLACK PULLET CROSS Your Local Hatchery Serves You Best. Phone Mosherville 11X GILLETT, PA. vsavsevivwlIS-'S-'Sivsuvslrtflsvs-vsansns.-5050swsasnusn sus.. s-asus-rx-nsnsn gas usuxnnsns-ng-nsnx--suse' xnxusus--suxus Compliments of Wayne C. Bennett Register and Recorder TOWANDA, PA. nx-ns-nsInxnnsnxnsusn-sux--sux George Scott LIVESTOCK AUCTIONEER AND BUYER Phone 188U TROY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Troy Hotel TROY, PA. asnvsaxnsnsnns nsnsnsnsnsn Coop. GLF Service TROY, PA. FEED SEED FERTILIZER FARM SUPPLIES nsnsnxnsnsa nsnsnsansusnsnx u snxusns nasnxnsnxus-nsnsu vsnosmnsnsnnsnnsnnmnnsnsusnxn George E. Page Dealer in ALL KINDS OF 'CATTLE Phone 179 TROY PA. Compliments of Henry J. Mitchell TROY PA. vxusnx ns.aasusnvsusnusususususnnsnnsnnsusuxunxnxn Photography for This Fine Senior Yearbook. Dewey Portrait Studio Film Finishing Photo Supplies All Leading Photographic Lines 160 Exchange Street TROY PA. Shepard's Store 0 GROCERIES AND MEAT GAS AND OIL O MOSHERVILLE, PA. Phone 23-W Bell 1-F-5 nxnnsnvxnsnvsnsuvsnvsuuxnsausau5-usnx-usnsnxusnxnnsu sausscsavssuinxn users nsnsnxn54nx-use:suseuxpususnasnsuxanxusnsnns usavsnrsansu TROY SALES COOPERATIVE Sales held every Wednesday at 1:00 P. M. Rates as follows: Meat Cattle 31.50-Calves 3.50 Lambs 3.25-Hogs 3.50 Dairy Cattle MQW Largest Auction In Northern Tier FRED SCOTT. Manager TEX RICKARD, Auctioneer HENRY MITCHELL, Sec.-Treas. T. E. HENDERSHOT TROY, PENNSYLVANIA Headquarters for Farm Machinery JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY NEW HOLLAND MACHINE COMPANY PAPEC MACHINE COMPANY Also SURGE MILKERS AND COOLERS Texaco Products Citizens 112 Bell 19R2 nrsnsus-usensnvsnwxns-as-:sun-s-rsnsnnxn -sansevscvxnns-usns-ns-wins::sux-nsusnsnx 88 Vickery 8: Henry Columbia Cross Roads Pennsylvania Troy Engine and Machine Company Manufacturers of GENERATING SETS Generators vsnsngnsunsnsnsnsn-snsusnsavsnsa-'sn :Quin Bell 9- Compliments of East Troy Diner HOME COOKING SUNDAY DINNERS SANDWICHES SUNDAES 6 R-14 Citizens 115-R IRENE PIERCE Proprietor Compliments of Troy Frozen Food Lockers ,Q-vxusa as vs49xAl54l5olxnusnisn14v541QclQtlQ1!SAI1n!5u -xnx--gn-soxnxx.-xnsusnxusng.-xuxnga-susqmx-.xns--xns-:sns--sus-nga-sa-guy. Compliments of TROY DAIRY FARMS TROY, PENNSYLVANIA Troy and Columbia Cross Roads Plants Compliments of CALKINS MOTOR SALES, INC. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE TROY, PENNSYLVANIA Bell 42R2 Citizens 198 vsuvxnvsusmns asnsnsosnxnsnusansnvsarsusqnsnxusnsnsnrxusansns-:sus-usausuxns 90 l 1usausuxusnuseusensnsnsnsnsnnsns-usa-sus: 'SUSHSH s1:suns1asn-snsn-sus-nsnssn-sn-sux- -xns 1Isnsusnsnsn-snxnsusausnsususnsus HARKNESS TIRE SHOP Troy, Pa. i Phone 127 Compliments of HAROLD F. FRENCH Real Esate Broker HORATIO GATES General Merchandise Gas and Oil Springfield, Pa. EVAN S. WILLIA-MS Attorney-at-Law Troy, Pa. DR. ALBERT -M. BINGER THE COWL PRESS DENTIST Commercial Printing Troy, Pa. Troy, Pa. KING-'S I C. MYER FAIRCHILD Electrical Appliances Hardware, Paints, Seeds Lineoleum Bottle Gas, and Appliances 11 Bridge St. Towanda, Pa. phone 601 Towanda, pa HARDEIWS ELECTRIC SHOP IDENTIFICATIONS Frigidaire, Maytag and Easy PLATE ONE Row I Jean Ayres, Sally Prutsman, Linda Horning, Janice Ward, Barbara Chubb, Delores Grin- ne George Page Audrey Peters, Lois Spencer, Beulah Peters, Estella Pierson Row ll. Operetta-Come to the Fair Dean Phillips Kenneth Shield Leon Shedden Row Ill. Eddie Merritt, Joey C1 Bucky Slingerland Ernie Young Bucky Slingerland, Eddie Merritt Delores Grinnell Duane Brown Row IV Marian Keigler Bob Heffick Donna Maloney lst grade circus 91 .Q Towanda, Pa. KING 81 KING Fine Furniture and Rugs Bridge St. Towanda, Pa ROSS GARAGE Tydol and Sunoco Gas Corduroy and Firestone Tires Ice Cream-Pop' Burlington, Pa. us,us-vias-saosassnsnsnnsansuvs1 nsusnsnsnsn vsanxnsnxnsnsansuxnsnsn-xususn-sn-su J. H. MCCLELLAND 'su susnsusus.-snnsuxusnnsnsnxnsoxnxunsnsnsn Compliments of Dry Goods-Dresses-Shoes SMITH BRUS- Alexander-Smith Rugs Troy, Pa- Troy, Pa. Compliments of INA'S BEAUTY SHOP Ina Simcoe Kellogg Elmira St. Tro y,P il.. .BIDDLE'S BAKERY 'KBiddle's Best Baking" Troy, Pa. Compliments of ANDY BURNETT LAMMY'S RED AND WHITE STORE Helen C. and Harry J. Lammy Troy, Pa' Owners WILNOR RESTAURANT WSISBEEES AND SODA BAR EFFIC?gN,? SERVICE Norma and Wilson Ward Route 6 Troy, Pa. Compliments of Since 1922 BAlLEY'S TYDOL STATION BOESENQS GREEHOUSES Routne 6 Flowers for Every Occasion Sylvania, Pa- Tel. 33408 Pine City, N. Y. COOKE'S FOR DRUGS R' C' SCOTT DEALER IN LIVESTOCK Troy, Pa. Troy Pa DR. T. G. GALLAGHER Troy, Pa. vsnssvsnex-asus-wsu susnsusuxns-ns OTTO GABLER WILLYS OVERLAND 459 Canton Street Troy, Pa. Phone 46-W ns:ns:asaasnxnxnsuus--sus1usnsnsnas-nsus-nsnssnxus 92 nsnsnnsa-gnvxnsusnsa X-CEL DAIRY- Elmira, N. Y. Isusnws-uxnsuxnsns nic ssnsnsnsns-ns..-gnsnsnslnsnsnasnnsnsuvxu Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOC. STORE Troy, Pa. B. G. Williams, Owner Compliments of FROST STUDIO Towanda, Penna THE LEWIS CHICKEN RANCH CHICKEN DINNERS Phone Mosherville 11C Route Gillett, Pa. SLINGERLAN D GROCERY Groceries, Meat, Fruit and Vegetab Phone 4Z Springfield, Penna. les STAR DRY CLEANERS Elmira, N. Y. FAMOUS FOR STEAKS Compliments of "SYKES', WELDY BROTHERS Welcome, Troy Friends GENERAL MERCHANDISE 160 Lake St. Elmira, N. Y. Burlington, Pa. C 1. t f Compliments of omp lmen s 0 UINN'S MUSTICUS TAVERN SERVIECE STATION Elmira N. Y. Troy, Pa. Everyday Electrical. Plumbing ' ' Compliments of and Hardware Needs AILEY 8z HASSEN PEET'S HARDWARE B a V Fassett. Pa. Elma, N' L Many a Queen's Crown and CARMEN'S SERVICE STATION COFSHSG Came from Mobile O11 and Gas JIM'S FLOWER SHOP TIRES-BATTERIES 105 state street ELMIRA, N. Y Burlington, Pa. nsnsuasnuxnsnx-us nsnsus-ns1useusnsuxn-sus-rss-snxnwsusmssusux-nsnxnus- ns-as-nsusns. 93 susnsu Q. -xu x nsninxn s 1 .Q I n Qu Q-Ixus.-su-sa -suns-nsmnxnsnssn-snusn Compliments of CARSON FINANCE COMPANY TRoY, PENNSYLVANIA ' SEND YOUR COWS Calves, Bulls, Steers, Hogs, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Lambs, Horses, etc., to THE VALLEY STOCK YARDS, INC. Athens, Pa., Route 20 Each Monday at 1 o'c1ock. 'lhe largest sale in Northern Pennsylvania, on the best market day of the week. Can handle any amount of stock in well-equipped sales barn. , Visit Us Any Time We call for and deliver. Trucks leaving Troy and vicinity every Monday. For service call George Scott or Robert Slingerland. Phone Sayre 13461 Don Nichols, Manager Ralph Page, Treasurer rx-us-wsusnsnsuas-ns-vxnsnsnsa sxusnsnsusnsns- n snsnsns-as--su A 94 pqa snusnssnnxnsusnxnsnsn SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 0 The Sport Center . PETE KELLOGG GEORGE KELLOGG A. HENRY CASE snexus-:snas--xnxx-susnx--x--sn Compliments of Sylvania Electric Products Co. Towanda, Pennsylvania Compliments of Acme Market A New and Better Market to Serve You. RUSSELL VANNOY Manager susns us-vxnsnusnsn-sn Oliver C. Mitchell GENERAL INSURANCE Troy, Pennsylvania x ax: rs-'sus' usa-snxnspusnsavsu nsuvsnxnu-su usa :sus :sn-snnsusnsnsnx nsnsosnsn:sunsnsuxansn-sus-us-usnsnsa vsqnxnxusnvxnliarxasnnsawsnvsnvsnnssnsnvsnsnvsnvislsaosnsqrsanxansosnsuasuxnsus4ls4nsusu5 WARNER AND PACKARD Compliments of BODY SHOP C. T. METZGER For the Best in Repair and Painting. TROY MARBLE AWD GRAVITE WORKS Troy, Pa. h A Compliments of FRED SCOTT LIVESTOCK DEALER LARAE BEAUTY SHOP Eloise Havens Dorothy Shook Phone 241 Troy, Pa REXFORD STORCH BUILDING AND REPAIRING Columbia Cross Roads R. D. No. 2 Pennsylvania L. P. JACKSON LIVESTOCK--POULTRY 0. W. ROCKWELL DEALER IN LIVESTOCK Compliments of VANDERVORT MILLS, INC. Wysox, Pa. PHIL KENDALL TRUCKING Troy, Pa. Citizens um Bell 46RX4 THE DAILY REVIEW Published by THE TOWANDA PRINTING CO. Compliments of EVANS 8z CHAFFEE Towanda, Pa. MIDDAUGH'S The Home of Better Appliances Towanda, Pa. WEST MOTOR CO. DQSOTO and PLYMOUTH Wysox, Pa. Compliments of ROUGHT'S RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION Fassett. Pa. nsunx-is-vs4vsnvxnsus--s cs.asn'sux--x-vsusansuosn snsnsnnsuseasnsnuxusnsnsusnsnusarx-uguxnusnnxuvsn,5,,5-'sn snsngnxnsns, 5 asnsuQnexus1nxnxnss-snaxeasnxuaxensnsns-wx'uQuiavsnnsuxnnsos4as4vsnlxux,llQlWSl'5l PENN -L FASHIONED PERSONAL LEATHER GOODS PENNSYLVANIA LEATHER PRODUCTS COMPANY Telephone 61 TROY, PENNSYLVANIA SOPER Ka VICKERY FUNERAL HOME TROY, PENNSYLVANIA Bell 70123 Citizens 95W 97 ns sn-sus - use -sux -'sus-usnsf nsnsnsns- uxuxnxnxnsnnsuxnxuxnxuxngnsa.gnsuxnxusa-xc-sux-nxmas!-sux--suxusnsunsansnssnx Compliments of Julius Kayser 8z Co. TROY, PENNA. S :erm S3 5':I'fE?eneral Electric Headquarters . Bull Brand Feeds International Harvester Tractors International Harvester Refrigerators and Freezers Dayton's TOWANDA TROY use -snxnxn Ship Your Poultry and Eggs With Carroll R. Smith Dependable Trucking Service E To New York City and New Jersey WE BUY POULTRY Phone 268 and 134-R CANTON, PA. F. P. Case 8: Sons Established in 1895 GENERAL CONTRACTORS LUMBER PLUMBING HARDWARE BUILDING SUPPLIES HEATING APPLIANCES TROY, PENNSYLVANIA as1ns1as4nsIasus-ns--sus-us-sxususs -gugugugux.,x,,5,,s,,x,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,nsvg .-snsnususnnsnnx-as-ox.nsnnsunxs-sn-sunsnsnsnsus Compliments of C. WAYNE S-MYTH ROBERT R. VINESKI Compliments of CHAMBERLAlN'S GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS Burlington, Pa. Compliments of SMITH'S SERVICE STATION Gillet, Pa. J. E. BENSON Dealer in All Kinds Livestock Personal Property Bought-Anytime Kiitirens' Roseville 304 Bell 1-F-2 Rutland, Pa. DUANE SHEDDEN Livestock Auctioneer and Buyer Mosherville 10XB LOUIS KEN DALL LOCAL-LONG DISTANCE CATTLE TRUCKING Phone 28XB Troy, Pa You Are Always Welcome at SUN VALLEY DANCE HALL Lone Pine Ramblers Every Saturday Nite F itch's Bridge, Elmira, N. Y. Compliments of CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve Towanda, Penna. WILLIAM PENN RESTAURANT Troy, Pa. OSCULUWA GREENHOUSES L. R. Guillaume Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Towanda, Penna. Compliments of MAE L. McGLENN 115 C t P GLENFERN L an on St' THD' a' 125 W Main Troy, Pa C. A. WHITE BETTE LA VERNE GLASS SHOP scuoox. or DANCE Troy, Pa. Tr0Y, P3- asnaQ4rsnvsl1snwsn5lU1 I'il'Sl'5''5"Yl'Sll'Snvsn-xnnsnsnvxnxusu I so ns usnxosnxnnsnxnvsnvxlnxn - 99 Row I. Row ll. Senior shop boys Row lll. Mable Cole h Bud Becker, Duane Brown, DuWayne Hurl- Here HWY BF? again Jeanrne Sterlm burf Kenny and Paul The happy pair A week at the lake Jimmy May Guess who ? ? ? E Freshman President Esrclla Peirson Row IV. Beware of The mounlaineers Jean 6' Delores Drunk again Ernest G Paul ax.-gnsnx-as--gnxux--sux--5.-505. Compliments of First National Bank Canton, Pennsylvania Member Federal Reserve Bank. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. -sus--gnxl-suxnsns-nxuxu-sa-susns-nx--xnsnsus Compliments of East Smithfield Farms, Inc MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS West Burlington, Penna. Best Wishes and Happiness to all Seniors of 1951 Class. CHARLES A. RICHTER Manager WE CARRY THE LATEST STYLES IN STUDENTS' CLOTHING Visit Our Store on West Main Street J. C. Penney Company Department Store vs-wsnsnsux-as-vsus-:suseas-:sus-rsavsnusnxnsnsnsnrsn n Richer and Creamier CON VINCE YOURSELF Dairylea Ice Cream Box 261 ELMIRA, N. Y. xususnsnsnvsansnssnsubxnaxn so-sus.-1.-xg-snaxns--xnxug--gn5.-x-ng.-xux--5-usa-g Compliments of GILBERT L. KINGSLEY PROTHONOTARY Towanda, Pa. ns-nxusns-nxnsux--sususn-sn Compliments of ARTHUR BULLOCK Canton, Pennsylvania C. -xusux PIPHER'S DINER Try Our Sunday Dinners Wysox, Pennsylvania Compliments of PAL SPORTING GOODS 305 E. Water St. Elmira. N. Y. Compliments of SEELEY CREEK COOP. G.L.F. SERVICE, Inc. Pine City, N. Y. JOHNNY'S WAYSIDE GROCERY Seeley Creek, N. Y. EARL H. ANDREWS SERVICE STATION 1145 Penna. Ave. Phone 2-9171 Elmira, N. Y. DR. L. W. BROWN Troy, Pa. Compliments of TWIN TREES Route 14 Troy, Penna WAYNE J. WARD Comb and Extracted Honey IDENTIFICATIONS PLATE TWO Row I. Clair Mickley Rw Row Row DUWayne Hurlburt Donna Congdon Sally Prufsman Leon Shedden Janice Young ll. Nancy Forest Bud Morse Melvin Rogers Eleanor Watson June Smith lIl.Junior High days Sharon Wilcox Dorothy Selleck Charlotte Updike IV. eroy George Page Janet Braund Dick Rhoads, Phyllis Crumbling, Alan Pom- nQ,n-sususausuxnxa usnsuxnsns-ax: nsnsnvsavsususunsunssnxavsarsunsnnsansuoxnusansn us' usnsnsa 102 nsnsnsn-xnxnsnsnsu xux--suxnsnsn Eat at CANTON DINER usa-sux- 1 Troy Street Canton, Pa. Compliments of DR. OTTOSON Canton, Pa. RHODES Sz PALMER GARAGE Silver King Tractor Sales and SEFVICE Coby Spreaders and Wagons Phone 110W Canton, Pa. H. ROCKWELL 8: SONS Flour, Feed, Fertilizer, Seed Canton, Pa. BALMER BROS. USED CARS Repairs-Official Inspection Station Phone Mosherville 8-Y For Subscriptions '.o Elmira Star-Gazette Elmira Sunday Telegram Elmira Advertiser THEODORE W. CALKINS District Manager Phone 30N or 30B Troy, P Best Wishes From CARPENTER'S HAY LOFT Dance Every Saturday Night Pine City, N. Y. -ns-nsnsnsnsnsnx 1 :sus-usnxnsnxnas use S. E. WILLIAMS BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 260 Canton, Pa. WOOD'S SECOND HAND STORE All kinds of New and Used Furniture We Buy, Sell or Trade Phone 91-117B Canton, Pa. HIGH GRADE SHOES F. E. JOHONNIS SHOE STORE 13 Lycoming St. Canton, Pa. Compliments of SOUTH SIDE RADIO STORE Elmira, N. Y. Compliments of 5c to 81.00 STORE Troy, Pa. LEON AND BEN BALLARD Registered Holsteins Accredited and Certified Troy, Pa. F. H. WAGNER NATIONAL BRAND STORE Meats and Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Phone 5742 Pine City, N. Y es--seusaas4as-:snsnxnxusnsnx-:sn usnsusnsns Q 1 nsn-snnsnusauseasus-nsusnsusnsusnnscrsn nsnxnxnsu suxnsnx. ss n s 1- suasnns.-nxnxnnsnsnvsususnsusu vsuxnsus-nsnnsn-savsnusnnxusnnsu CORNISH AUTO SALES A Safe Place To Buy H. L. CORNISH 115 W. Church St. Elmira, N. THE OLD LANTERN Mrs. Andrew Strong Reservations Please Phone Elmira 2-1018 Route 14 NEW ARLINGTON HOTEL Bulkhead. Elmira, N. Y. Dancing Friday and Saturday Nights JOY AUTOMATICS Elmira, Waverly, Corning Compliments of C 1' t f C 81K omp imen s 0 GOAL POST LAUNDRY Elmira, N. Y. LINN S. CHAPEL CO., INC. Coal Lumber and Bui1der's Supplies Dial 5191 Elmira, N. Compliments of DR. WALTER LYNCH Towanda, Pa. Towanda, Penna. Compliments of DEAN E. -MORGAN Coal and General Merchandise. West' Leroy, Pa. Compliments of I IRA VARNEY?S GARAGE WELDING AND REPAIRING Powell, Pa. GILLESPIE'S "DRIVE IN" Corner Walnut and Hudson Streets Elmira, 'N. Y. Compliments of ELMIRA ARMS CO. Elmira, N. Y. Compliments of GOODRICH FLYING SERVICE Towanda Airport Towanda, Pa. Compliments of L. W. CUMMINGS Sz SON LUMHER Troy, Pa. vsunsorsuxusus1ns-wsns.msn-sus-:sn-susnasu nxnnsnvxox-'sus-as-ns-:xirx.-sus. :sus-nsnuxnvsusn 104 usosuxnsusnsususe-su-susan Dixie Barbecue and Bowling Alleys 0 ELMIRA, N. Y. Compliments of Elmira-Troy-Canton Bus Lines HAROLD WELLS vxnvsnsnsnsnsavsnvsnsusnsnsn sux 1nsnxnsnsusns--s.1s--susnsngnsuxuxnvsnns FARMERS 0 Bellefonte Dry Lime or Basic D. Lomite Damp Lime Deliver and Spread Complete Line of Fertilizers Can Mix with Lime or spread Separate Phone or Write O Jack Slater Lime Service Towanda, Pa. Phone 670 Harrington Dairy Co. 0 Makers of Fine Ice Cream Since 1907 ryinvsnnsnnsuvsuvsavsan snnsnsnsnrsnrsnaxnnsnnsnsn Row l. T. H. S. Band Row lll.Coach Case Ralub sisters Janet Braund The iolly seniors On a sunny afternoon Row ll. Phyllis Chamberlain Guess wholl The old swimmin' hole Little Miss Horning Green freshman Row IV, Senior play Drill team 106 Q-nsnnxususnsus-vsnsusnsnsuns-vs---snnxnsnnx--snrsnsnr-sunssvsnsnnsnvsursnnsussuss nsusn sn n 5 1 n su n 1.1 susan Q agus. wsu snsux. -1.-Q--Q-nsnaxnpsnns-asnsnrsn-Q--Q.-susu nQnsn G9 'my I I 4 s l XQJTF' Ail' x.. 4 ff i . .-2. f 0 REDDY KILOWATT Your Eleclric Servant REDDY HELPS US GET THOSE A'S WVITH BETTER LIGHT FOR BETTER SIGHT. NORTHERN PENNSYLVANIA POWER CO- Play Re reshed . . . Have A Coke ,X Abelove's Laundry, Inc LINEN SUPPLY Established 1904 Phone 5331 1 960 Pennsylvania Avenue ELMIRA, N. Y. Before the ga d ng the game, after the game, s lmly bottle of -cold Coca-Cola ns so ref hinl- 107 run Quixo-susuxnxnxnsnasux--gas--sux-ax Yearbook Supporters Lynn Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Lou Ayres Leon W. Cool Dr. Prusack, Towanda James Lyon Rumsey Electrical Shop Hoffman's House of Fashion, Towanda Dewey Dennis, Towanda Gobblers Knob B. J. Ruggles Store, Towanda H. L. fSamJ Bardwell Mr. and Mrs. Fayette Congdon Compiments of a Freind L. Marks, Towanda Charles Shoemaker Jock Hoffman Penna. Ave. Food Market Mark Twain Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. James Slocum 1nx-nsu-xuguxnnsmnsnsnxnsng1-x-nsnnsn-xnnsn-x Preston Sz Jaquish RUGBY SWEATERS RUGBY SPORT COATS MEN'S AND BOYS' FOOTWEAR - TROY, PENNSYLVANIA Manslhleldl Advertiser Printers of this and other fme hooks Mansfield, Pa. vsasars vxulsnsnsusa vinxn rsnsnsnxosn vsusnsnns1usonsuvsavsuvsmnsnnsnnxnsawsnrsnsnas 108 1 usnnsasusnxnsnvs -vsnnsns-nsnsnsns ' 'Y HXHS I' S I-S 1 lx 1 Isn-snsn-sux-nxnsnasnsns--Q1nsnsgosuvsnxusususnsusn-snsusnnsu S. L. PETERS MARK SCOTT Breeder of Holstein-Friesian Cattle Dealer in All Kinds Accredited and Certified TAIVESTOCK Route 3 Troy, Penna. pgume ggy Trloy CHA-MBERLAIN'S DAIRY CASH AND CARRY MILK 821 Broadway' , Elmira, N. Y. .l. HQQJYELL lELMlRAI Labels B oxes cl fldverhszng EMMUWE ECO. 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Suggestions in the Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, PA) collection:

Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 43

1951, pg 43

Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 75

1951, pg 75

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