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,Q s L X rx. ,. Q X 4 Ar 09" 9 1 C - v i, I ,lf -- , J FIEIBHIS 'vw iff X' ?x T 4 ' . ' Q I W Q ,J A ' , 7 .A Q, . :-1 .Ava l' '15, nf" f r , f W t ii 459' fi 1.1.-1' E.fb4,F 1,1 , Y' 'C ,, :- :" f ' phjauuer, L VU! J This edition of our yearbook, The Trojan, is dedicated, posthumously, to Donald Lee Mullen in recognition of the fine qualities which made him a joy to his parents, an honor to his school, and a favorite with his class- mates and teachers. Outstanding in athletic ability in all sports he chose, friendly and gentlemanly in manner, sincere and loyal in his efforts to do right, he was widely and favorably known. His achievements, typical of the best in American boyhood, will serve as an inspiration and example to all who came in contact with him. His untimely death will long be mourned by those of us who knew and loved him. Of irmlnlsltrntinn -L 1 nv Q' SUPERINTENDENT GLENWARD YORK PRINCIPAL LEONARD HALL Qi Qi Qu gf Q3 TRUSTEE HUGH REED QA. 'T vw m,,.si. .4 Thakla J. Conway 4-'93 Olivo Hove Victor G. Walk Ruth Simpson 3 r-, 4 9 f l"' 57 f .4 7' 1' lliriam S1miODl Y .tv L-4, s OUR FACULTY MR. WALK ---- Victor G. Walk was born in Troy, Indiana on January 29, 1912. He received his grade and high school education in the Troy Public Schools. After graduating from Troy High School, he attended Indiana University where he received the AB degree in Mathematics and Social Studies in 1933. Later during the summer, he attended Central Normal College where he received a degree in Commerce and Physical Education. f Mr. Walk received his first teaching position at Gentryville, Indiana where he remained two years. He, then, received a position at Troy where he has been for the past fifteen years. Mr. Walk is our commercial teacher and also coach of the athletic teams. This year he is teaching Business Training, Bookkeeping, Typing I and II, Shorthand, Office Practice and Physical Education. Mr. Walk is school treasurer and bookkeeper and sponsor of the newspaper and year book, THE TROJAN. Mr. Walk's hobbies are fishing, boating, and playing pool. His pet peeve is, nSomeone talxing when I am talkingn. MR. HALL ---- Leonard Hall was born at Derby, Indiana on November lu, 1900. He received his education at Derby. After graduating from high school he attended Indiana State Teachers College and Indiana University. He received his BS degree at Indiana State Teachers College and his MS degree at Indiana University. Mr. Hall's last teaching position was at Troy Township Consoli- dated. He also served as principal at this school for nine years. He then P6C8iVSG a position as principal at Troy High School where he has been the past five years. This year he teaches Arithmetic and Algebra. Mr. Hall's hobby is hog raising. MH. MUNIHH ---- Edward Munier was born in Evansville on November 21, 1907. He received his grade school and high school education at Troy. After graduat- ing from Troy High School, he attended Oakland City College where he receiv- ed the BS degree in English and Social Science. Mr. Mun1er's last teaching position was at Consolidated Grade School in Troy Township. He remained at Consolidated for three years. He, then, received a position at Troy where he has been for the past thirteen years. Mr. Munier is our social studies teacher. This year he is teaching Geography, Government, United States History, and Sociology. Mr. Munier's hobby is fishing. His pet peeve is, nPeople that misplace pages in the newspaper after they are through looking at themn. He says his favorite song is nCoo1 Watern. MH. LECLHHH ---- Omer Edward LeClere was born in Perry County on January 20, 1925. He received his grade school and high school education at Howe and Bristow. After graduating from Bristow high school, he attended college at Bowling Green, Ohio for two years. He then attended Evansville College where he received his AB degree. He received his MS degree at Indiana Uni- versity and he also attended Indiana State Teachers College. Mr. LeClere's last teaching position was at Prescott, Arizona. This is Mr. LeClere's first year at Troy High School. Mr. LeClere is our Industrail Arts teacher. This year he is teaching Industrial Arts, Biology, and Physical Education. He is also our assistant coach. Mr. LeClere says his hobby is nCatfishinn. MISS SIMPSON ---- Miss Ruth Simpson was born in Boonville, Indiana in Peb- ruary. She received her education at Boonville. After she graduated from high school she attended Evansville College and the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. She received her BS degree at Evansville. Miss S1mpson's last teaching position was at Plainville where she taught two years. She has been at Troy the past three years. Miss Simpson is our music teacher and is also director of the high school band. Miss Simpson's hobby is crossword puzzles and her pet peeve is in-attention. MRS. SIMEONS ---- Mrs. Miriam Simmons was born in Rockport, Indiana on June 13, 1900. She received her education at Tell City. After she graduated she attended Indiana State Teachers College. Mrs. Slmmons's last teaching position was at Bristow, Indiana where she remained for three years. She has been at Troy for two years. Mrs. Simmons is our Home mconomics teacher. MRS. HONE ---- Mrs. Olive Howe was born in Union Township, Indiana on May 23, MISS CONWAY ---- Miss Thekla Conway was born in Cannelton, Indiana on April ll, l89h. She received her grade and high school education in Cannelton. After she graduated from Cannelton High School, she attended Oakland City College, and Indiana State Teachers College where she received her Masters degree and a BS degree. Miss Conway's last teaching position was at Tobinsport where she remained for two years. She, then, received a position at Troy High School where she has been for the past twenty-nine years. Miss Conway is our Eng- lish teacher. This year she teaches English, Public Speaking and Physical Education. She is also the director of the high school plays. Miss Conway's hobby is collecting small bottles of different shapes and sizes. Her pet peeve is nSomeone not paying attention when I am talkingu. MR. RUST ---- William Rust was born at Lamar, Indiana on June 25, 1908. He received his grade and high school education at Troy. After he graduated from Troy High School, he attended Oakland City College. He received a BS degree at Oakland City College. Mr. Rust's last teaching position was in Spencer County where he remained four years. Mr. Rust is our seventh and eighth grade teacher. He has been at Troy for the past twenty-one years. He is also the coach of the grade school basketball team. Mr. Rust's hobby is fishing and his pet peeve is nSomeone laugh- ing and talking when they are supposed to be studyingn. MR. HIGHMAN ---- Sylvester Highman was born at Tell City, Indiana on June 25, 1893. He received his grade and high school education in Anderson Township. After he graduated from high school he attended Oakland City College. Mr. H1ghman's last teaching position was at Troy Township Con- solidated where he remained for fifteen years. Mr. Highman is our fifth and sixth grade teacher. This is his second year at Troy. Mr. Highman chose as his hobby hunting and fishing. MRS. VAN SANLT ---- Mrs. Estella Van Sandt was born in Gatchel, Indiana on November 16, 19Oh. She received her grade and nigh school education in Tell City. After she graduated from Tell City High School she attended Indiana State Teachers College and Oakland City College. Mrs. Van Sandt's last teaching position was at Troy Township consolidated where she taught for five years. Mrs. Van Sandt is our first and second grade teacher. She has been at Troy for the past six years. 1900. She also uated from high Mrs dated where she grade teacher. the wife of the to received her education in Union Township. After she grad- school she attended Evansville College. Howe's last teaching position was at Troy Township Consoli- taught for two years. Mrs. Howe is our third and fourth She has been at Troy for the past six years. Mrs. Howe is late Leroy Howe who was coach at Troy High School from 1927 AN ORCHID FOR OUR TEACHERS You, our teachers, deserve an orchid for your faithfulness. Day in and day out, month in and month out, you work, never complaining about your lot, seldom receiving the credit you deserve. You, our teachers, deserve an orchid for your patience. The work you do tries patience. Those who sometimes criticize you, how long would they have the patience to do your work? You, our teachers, deserve an orchid for your vision. It's sometimes easy, unless you have vision to wonder whether teaching is after all worth while. The work is hard, rewards small. But you see more than a roomful of small faces when you teach: you see tomorrow's generation. You, our teachers, deserve an orchid for your fortitude. It takes courage to be a good teacher--courage to withstand the criticism, the trials the changing world. Finally you, our teachers deserve an orchid for your contribution to civilization. Often you aren't appreciated. Often the results of your work are not apparent. But, somewhere, someday, we your former pupils, will be doing a little better work, living a little better life, because of what you and your personality meant to us. And for that, of course, you deserve your biggest orchid! YOU SLRVE. lznirufs A C, rx nc Q, , ,CX QL L ,. si, Cf -2 S' ' , ,V Alfred lteunier Vice-Pres. ga E! -4 , Joe Riley 59'.'?,' ,W 54 , Z- , G . James Knntz President Doris Engelbreoht 46: - Y Barbara Leinenbach Sec'y-Treas. 162' my W 9,21 fi Herle Shephard Ambrose B auneoker lildred Bolin YY -Qwf,3,:+ . ,, . lt.: -IIE 46 'ai' I Dutton lacBr1do 'H f Ruby Bolin Marie Huff 2Qi Richard Bolln James wolf Paul Scherzer Mhbel Foerster Alma Jenn Riley 'Q , gpm? 1? Q X Mildred Louise Bolin, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lank Bolin, on September 30, 1933. She was born at Cannelton, Indiana. She attended Consolidated and Troy High School. Mildred won the sewing award when she was a Junior. She also won the Shorthand award in her Junior year. As her hobby Mildred has chosen reading and sports.nDanc1ng in the Dark? is her favorite song. June Haver and Monty Cllft are her favorite screen stars After graduation she plans to work in an office. r On February 15, 1932 Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bolln became the proud parents of a son, Richard Earl. He was born at Cannelton, Indiana. Richard attended Consolidated and Troy High School. He was a member of the Troy basketball team for one year. Ruth Roman and Allan Ladd are his favorite screen stars. His hobby is Fords. He chooses HI Overlooked an Orchidn for his favorite song. After graduation he plans to join the Air Corp. Ruby Bolin was born to Mrs. Frank Bolin and the late Mr. Frank Bolin on May 16, 1932 at Cannelton, Indiana. She attended Consolidated and Troy High School. Ruby won the medal in her Junior year on her rayon garment in Home Mc. As her favorite actress and actor she chooses Esther Williams and Monty Clift. Her song is nharbor Lighten and her hobbies are dancing and sewing. After Ruby has graduated she plans to go to work at G. E. Willie Mae Blake was born to Mrs. hlmer Kratzer on September 13, 1932 at Hawesville, Kentucky. She attended Hawesville, Cannelton, Consolidated, Selvln, Tell City High School, and Troy High School. Willie Mae came to Troy and became a member of our class as a Junior. As her favorite screen stars she chooses John Wayne and Elizabeth Tay- lor. Her favorite song is nwedding Bells' and her hobby is sewing. After graduation she is getting married. A bright boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Braunecker on March 6, 1933. They named him Ambrose Joseph. He was born at Troy, Indiana. He attended St. Pius and Troy High School. Ambrose was a member of the Student Council in his Junior year and was vice-president as a Sophomore. He was a member of the Troy basketball team for two years . Skating and basketball are his hobbies and for his favorite song he chooses uThere's Been a Change in Wen. Virginia Mayo and James Cagney are his screen stars. After graduation he plans to enlist in the Navy. On August 23, 1933 a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Oswln Engel- brecht. They named her Doris Marie. She was born at Evanston, Indiana. She attended New Boston, St. John's Grade School and Troy High School. Doris was vice-president in her Junior year and a member of the Student Council as a Senior. She won third place in sewing as a Freshmen and the D.A.R. award as a Senior. Her hobbies are eating and reading, her favorite song is nNeverthe lessn June Allyson and Richardo Montalbon are her screen stars. If 0 QGRAP0 OUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLIED BY THE INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY DIRLCMAS Mg'MfaCf'jmZle5wfMWfJV YEARBOOKS Cl ANNOUNCEMENTS cg-,Jigga ,Z ,qmwm PERSONAL CARDS CAPS AND GOWNS UM 4'4'fwf1 TREASURY OFWISDCM STATIONERY Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Foerster became the proud parents of a baby girl on April 2, 1933. They named her Mabel Edith. She was born near Evanston, Ind She attended New Boston, St. John's Grade School and Troy High School. Aa a Freshmen she was a member of the Student Council and also won second and third place in the Dress Revue. Her favorite song is 'It is no Secretn. June Haver and Dane Clark are her favorite screen stars. Her hobbies are listening to the radio and sew- ing. After graduation Mabel plans to work at G. E. Anna Marie Huff, was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Huff on March 20,1932 She was born in Spencer County. h She attended Consolidated, Newman, Troy Grade School and Troy High Sc oo . Marie won the medal in Home Nursing as a Sophomore. She won third place in the Dress Revue in her Freshmen year. Her hobby is reading. As her favorite screen stars she chooses Monty Clift and Jane Russell. Her song is 'Remember men. After graduation Marie plans to do office work. On January 31, 1932 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuntz became the happy parents of a son, James Louis. He was born at Troy, Indiana. James attended St. Pius and Troy High School. In June l9k9 James enlisted in the Navy. After returning from service he joined our class as a Senior. ' He was a member of the Troy basketball team for three and one-half years. James was president in his Sophomore and Senior year. His favorite song is 'So Longn and he chooses as his hobby listening to the radio. Jane Russell and James Cagney are his screen stars. On January 25, 1951 James again returned to the Navy. A bundle of joy was left at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Leinenbach in Troy. It was a baby girl who they named Barbara. Barbara attended St. Pius School in Troy and went two years to Ferd- inand Academy before entering Troy High School as a Junior. She was Secretary-treasurer as a Senior and won the Typing award as a Junior. Her favorite song is nNeverthelessu and reading is her hobby. For her screen stars she chooses Jeanne Crain and Howard Duff. After graduation Barbara plans to go to work. On January 10, l93h Mr. and the late Mrs. L. L. MacBride became the proud parents of a son, Dutton Bruce. He was born at Sherdiun, Wyoming. He attended school at Culver, Evansville, New Boston, and Troy High School. As a Sophomore Dutton won the Biology award and also the History award as a Freshmen and Junior. For his favorite song he chooses 'Shotgun Boogien and his hobby is hunting. As his favorite screen stars he chooses Trigger and Lassie. After graduation Dutton plans to attend College. Alfred Franklin Meunier, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Irving Meunier, on November 19, 1932. He was born near Troy, Indiana. He attended St. Pius and Troy High School. Alfred won the Mathmetics award ab a Freshmen and first place in the General Business Contest. He was president as a Freshmen and Junior and viceypresident his Senior year. Driving cars is his hobby, as his favorite song he chooses Skip to my Lown. June Haver and Dane Clark are his screen stars. After graduating Alfred plans to take it easy. A bundle of joy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Riley on August lb, 1932. They named her Alma Jean. She was born at Hawosville, Kentucky. She attended Frankford Grade School, Consolidated and Troy High School. Alma Jean was class reporter as a Senior. As her favorite Her favorite song is ing snapshots. screen stars she chooses Claudette Colbert, Dane Clark. NI Love You a Thousand Wayan and her hobby is collect- After graduation she plans to work at G. E. Joseph Clyde Riley was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clyde Riley Sr. on August 13, 1933. He was born at Cannelton, Indiana. He attended Consolidated and Troy High School. Joseph was a member of the Troy basketball team for three years. June Haver and Larry Parks are his screen stars, for his favorite song he chooses nHot Rod Race'. His hobby is driving cars. After school is out he plans to take it BBSYQ Mr. and Mrs. Louis Scherzer became the proud parents of a son, Paul Edward. He was born He attended New Paul has chosen His favorite song is hobbies. February Zh, 1933 at Spencer County. Boston, and Troy High School. for his favorite screen stars Betty Grable, Dane Clark. WI Overlooked an Orch1d'. Huntina and fishing are his After graduation Paul plans to work at G. E. On August 15, 1933, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Shephard became the happy parents of a son, Merle. He was born at Cannelton, Indiana. He attended Consolidated and Troy High School. Merle was a member of the Troy basketball team for three years. As a Freshmen and Sophomore he was a member of the Student Council and Secretary- treasure as a Junior. He chooses uI'11 Sail my Ship Alonen for his favorite song. Doris Day and Gene Autry are his screen stars. Listening to the radio is his hobby. After graduation Merle plans to take it easy. Wolf. year A bundle of joy arrived December 8, 1931 at They named him James Albert. He was born James was Secretary-treasure as a Freshmen, and also a member of the Student Council as the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed at Perry County. president in the Sophomore a Senior. His favorite song is 'Love Bug Itchn, eating and sleeping are his fav- orite hobbies. For his screen stars he chooses June Russell and Bob Hope. After graduation James plans to go to service. M7749 3214.191-I G 2950 My . Wkfwqxugig, 0 6,62 ,G Q .iyids W' QTMQW u fg3.J3zf aa.s.,,,724 j Q 'MN' 'Kal OW 3 sf Ciizs-ff 0 .wfffjt J We Wifi., t 57 STORY T I g L , In September l9h7, thirty four pupils with smiling faces, but serious minds entered Troy High School. These pupils were: Rosalee Adkins, Mildred Bolin, Richard Bolin, Ruby Bolin, Russell Bolin, Ambrose Braunecker, Dutton MacBr1de, Calvin Cash, Doris Englebrecht, Frieda Ernst, Patricia Feldpausch, Mabel Foerster, Joseph Fortwendel, Dorothy Ann Fuchs, Ernest Gleason, Marie Huff, Albert Lamar, Marjorie Lahee, Walter Leatherland, Martha Little, Helen Jean Masterson, Alfred Meunier, Elda Poehlein, Alma Jean Riley, Joe Riley, Hazel Scales, Mabel Scarboro, Paul Scherzer, Merle Shephard, Vernon Stofleth Betty Jo Taber Marian Tuggle, Mervin Weedman, and James Wolf. Class officers were: President-Alfred Meunierg Vice-president-Joseph Fortwendelg Secretary-treasure-James Wolfg Student Council members-Merle Shephard and Mabel Foerster. Miss Conway was our class sponsor. Patricia Feldpausch was reporter. Alfred Meunier won the mathematics award. Albert Lamar was on the first twelve of the basketball team in our freshmen year. When the year had rolled around and we started as Sophomores there were twenty-six left in our class. The eight who had not returned wereg Rosalee Adkins, Frieda Ernst, Patricia Feldpausch, Dorothy Ann Fuchs, Marjorie Laheq Martha Little, Vernon Stofleth, and Betty Jo Taber. Russell Bolin quit in September and Walter Leatherland quit in October. Elda Poehlein quit in November and Marian Tuggle quit in March. Our class officers as Sophomores were: President-James Wolf, Vice-pres- ident-Ambrose Brauneckerg Secretary-treasure-Helen Jean Mastersong Student Council members-Merle Shephard and Helen Jean Masterson. Marie Huff was our class reporter. Mr. Walk was our class sponsor. Dutton MacBrlde won the History award. Marie Huff won the Home Ec. award. Three boys were chosen to enter a commercial contest at Troy. They were: Merle Shephard, Ambrose Braunecker, and Alfred Meunier. Alfred Meunier won first place. Ambrose Braunecker, Albert Lamar, and Merle Shephard were on the first twelve of the basketball team in our Sophomore class. When we returned as Juniors there were twenty-one started for more ed- ucation. Mabel Scarboro and Helen Jean Masterson failed to return. However, we gained one member this year who was Barbara Leinenbach. Albert Lamar quit in September. On the bright sunny day of January 26, 1950 a bright- minded girl entered our class. She was Willie Mae Blake. She had been go- ing to Tell City High School. Ernest Gleason withdrew to go to Illinois. Calvin Cash and Mervin Weedman joined the service on February 20. In our Junior year the ones winning awards were: Mildred Bolin, Home Economics and Shorthand, Merle Shephard, foul shooting in basketball, Ruby Bolin, in Home Economics, Barbara Leinenbach, typing, and Dutton MacBride, the History award. Merle Shephard and Joe Riley were the only boys on the basketball team for our Junior class. Our class officers were: President-Alfred Meunierg Vice-president-Doris Englebrecht, Secretary-treasure-Merle Shephardg Student Council members- Marie Huff and Ambrose Braunecker. Our class reporter was Doris Englebrecht. For our Junior class sponsor we chose Mr. Munier. As we journeyed back to school this year we were proud to say that all the eighteen students that departed at the close of our Junior year were back ready to go to work as Seniors with the addition of one new student, James Kuntz. As time passed during the year we found that Hazel Scales withdrew in October and Joseph Fortwendel in November. This leaving us with seventeen to continue. Our class officers are: President-James Kuntzg Vice-president- Alfred Meunierg Secretary-treasure-Barbara Leinenbachg Student Council mem- bers-Doris Englebrecht and James Wolf. As our class sponsor we chose Mr. Hall. James Kuntz being a Reserve, was called back to the Navy on January 25. Our Senior boy being honored with a basketball sweater this year is Joe Riley being on the varsity for one year. XCLASS-QWILL S ' . S S? i-NNNNNN S We, the class of 1951, in seventeen in- ' l dividual and distinct parts, being about to ' 2 S: pass out of this sphere of education, in full possession of a crammed mind, well trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding, do make and pub- lish this, our last will and testament. To the Sen1or's of next year, we will our ability to get along with Mrs. Simmons. To the present Sophomore class, our bright and alert minds. To the present Freshmen, we will the ambition to finish school. To the incoming Freshmen, we will our dignity hoping that they will use it in such a way as we have. I, Barbara Leinenbach, will my ability to sew to Irs. Simmons. I, Doris Engelbrecht, will my love of poetry to Miss Conway. I, Ambrose Braunecker, will my good-looks to Mr. LeClere. I, Alfred Heunier, will my mathematical brain to Mr. Hall. I, Dutton MacBride, will my ability in Social Studies to Mr. lunier. I, Alma Jean Riley, will my sense of humor to David Brothers. I, Marie Huff, will my A's in citizenship to Carolyn Tuggle. I, Ruby Bolin, will my happy-go-lucky ways to my brother, Paul. I, Mildred Bolin, will my dignity to Sharon Palmer. I, James Wolf, will my public speaking ability to Samuel Spenser. I, James Kuntz, will to Marion Rust, my basketball ability. I, Joe Riley, will to Glenward Kisser my ability in basketball. I, Willie Mae Blake, will to my brother, Frank, my love of school. I, Mabel Foerster, will to my brother, Harold, the ambition to finish high school. I, Paul Scherzer, will to Clarence Wittman my ability to pass the Literature examines. I, lerle Shephard, will to Junior Brumfleld my ability to get along with Miss Conway. I, Richard Bolin, will some of my hair to Mr. Hall, he will be needing some soon. We, the members of the Senior class, will to our faculty, who have been our instructors in all the wisdom of ages, more dignified Sen1or's in the years to come. Y 55 PR OPH E C f CLA February 1, 1961 Dear Teachers and Students of Troy High School: Hasn't it been a long time since we have seen or heard of the seniors of nSln? Well, maybe we had better check up on them. The members of the class appear as follows: Joe Riley has built himself a little shack out on Rock Island where he is fishing for a living and waiting for Mary Ann Munier to call him her very own. Dick Bolin is now the owner of one of the largest distlllerys in Ken- tucky. We sincerely hope he has learned to get tight by now without putting on. We see where Alma J. Riley is now living in Hoboken where she is run- ning a cafeteria trying to catch herself a man with her cooking. Marie Huff is her husband and on now living in California where she is picking oranges for New Years is queen of the Rose Bowl. Doris E. is now going to college where she is taking up school teaching so she can come back to Troy and teach all of her children how to read and write. Ambrose Braunecker has just got out of the army which he chose for a career. He is still running around thinking all the girls like him. Alfred Munier is waiting patiently for Mary Lou Cash to get out of school, sl he can take her out on his Lazy Acre farm, where it is all ultra- modern and he doesn't need any fertilizer. James Wolf is picture, 'When Jimmy Comes Marching now residing in Hollywood where he is starring in the Home. This picture is to be shown on the local school ground. Merle Shephard is now going to taking up a course egg or the chicken. Ruby Bolin is alle s in New York. Y which reads, nBow1 Paul Scherzer main occupation is college at Northwestern U. where he is in chickens. He is trying to learn which came first-the now the sole proprietor of one of the largest bowling She has a large neon sign on the front of the building with Bol1n.W is now living on a large farm in Spencer County. Paul's raising hogs, cattle, and children. Dutton MacBride is now attending college. After graduation Dutton plans to teach history at the University of Troy. Mabel Foerster is now married to Bob Anson. They are living on a farm near Tobinsport. For your information Mabel only has ten handsome Ansons. Willie Mae Blake is an outstanding cheer leader at Purdue University. Mildred Bolin is now working at G. E. and is patiently waiting for Jim Kuntz to return from the navy. Barbara L. is now the star basketball player for the famous, nRed- heads.u She led them in scoring last season and is repeating again this SBBSOHQ James Kuntz is now Commander of one of the largest hospital ships in the Navy. This is all the information we could collect at the present time. We were very happy to continue to do so one of you. find the seniors of USIH doing so well and hope they will in the years to come. The best of luck to each and every Sincerely yours, Class of '52 .Y-Y P9 o ,V O f CD Q ,G Qjk, 909 N hx 5' 05,3 1 O ,Q 3 G - O Q X U P Cf f, L9 . QL E cw cc. o f ,N nl Qc NST Q 0 . U 1 c 'fx , , Q, 53 QL pc QL 'O " Q , I 9 QDLWA6 1 Gif 'DQ gy 'J V ft f -x ,la A L hd ,L 41 ' . A , .FQQAQ Q 1,ikf 1 11: Q' if '.., gif Qgirzpwwyw Dale Steen Vice-Pres. '4p pu ! .H "SP , f 'Q . Bob lasterson President -91 BM .I r f nr Sharon Palmer Cravena Betty Thiery .vi 4 Y? Shirley Harrie Seo'y-Trans. "3 QC? df' Stanley Rust :ima Hamm ck 0 E. ' I QL Q John Conan , 4 fu. V K '13 X 4, A Y ' 3 in 3 KAR gl e 3' Q .. 'rjo'f3"'F'u1kerson " Q iw A AP 1 J 4 xf, m Spencer Arthur Meunier if l R September of l9hd brought twenty-five pupils to Troy Hish schlol to try and earn their diplomas in four short years. These pupils were called nGreen Freshmen' by the other students in Troy High School. They were: Frieda Aldridge, Eileen Boehm, Kenneth Bolin, Jeanette Bolin, Charles Braunecker, John Conen, Mary Cravens, Rovilla Ernst, Bobby Jean Fortenberry, Marjorie Fulkerson, Doris Gramelspacher, Erma Hammack, Shirley Harris, Revs Humphrey, Rosella James, Betty Jordan, Harry Lindauer, Virginia Malone, Robert Masterson, Arthur Meunier, Sharon Palmer, Ruth Ann Rust, Stanley Rust Dorethea Schulthise, Samuel Spencer, and Dale Steen. Bobby Jean Fortenberry moved to California soon after school started. Our Freshmen class officers were: President-Ruth Ann Rust, Vice-Presi- dent-Frieda Aldridge: Secretary-Treasurer-Dale Steen: Student Council Mem- bers-Shirley Harris, Bob Masterson: Class Reporter-Sharon Palmer. Our spon- sor was Miss Simpson. Dale Steen, Bob Masterson, John Conen, and Stanley Rust were on the basketball team. Charles Braunecker was student manager. Frieda Aldridge was elected cheer-leader. Dale Steen won the Howe Sports manship Award. As we came back to school for the second year we were known as uSilly Sophomoresn. The following had failed to return: Reva Hum hrey, Roselle James, and Harry Lindauer. Before the year was up we had also lost: Dorethea Schulthise, Charles Braunecker and Kenny Bolin. Our class officers in our Sophomore year were: President-Dale Steen: Vice-President-Arthur Meunierz Secretary-Treasurer-Shirley Harris. Our Student Council members were Dorethea Schulthise and Bob Masterson. Frieda Aldridge was the Sophomore reporter. Our sponsor was Mrs. Simmons. Ruth Ann Rust won the citizenship award. At the commerical contest at Tell City High School, the following were on General Business teams: Art Meunier, Sam Spencer, and Shirley Harris. Shirley Harris won the award for second place. Dale Steen, Bob Masterson, Skippy Conan, and Stanley Rust were on the team. Frieda Aldridge, Mary Cravens and June Bolin were cheer- leaders. When another year had rolled by and we came back as nJolly Juniors' we found that Rovilla Ernst had not returned. Right after school started Frieda Aldridge withdrew from Troy High School and enrolled at Tell City High School. Later on Betty Jordan and Eileen Boehm withdrew Prom school. Betty Thiery entered school here from the Ferdinand Academy about two weeks after school started. Our Junior Class Officers are: President-Ruth Ann Rust: Vice-Pres1dent- Dale Steen: Secretary-Treasurer-Shirley Harris. Our student council members are: Mary Cravens and Art Meunier. Our class reporter is Shirley Harris. For our sponsor we chose none other than our new teacher, Mr. LeClere. Of the first five of the basketball squad four of them are Juniors. They are: Bob Masterson, Dale Steen, Stanley Rust, and John 'Skippy' Conen. Mary Cravens is still cheerleader. June has resigned and Frieda has with- drawn from school. Since next year will be the last year of fun, work, and trials that we will have together, we will work hard to make the rest of this year a success so we may have the privilege and thrill of receiving our diplomas together. Swn41I1un1n1+125 0 , Y J X A, ' Q. .,, 1 L W Z! ul , , -rj X, i':X W8 PTSD Poole W Sec'y-Trees. .. 6 :O 9 e 4 A v -f in A Sue Moahenek ,Uu- we r xml' I ss WE? " I 2 1 xl" C I ,o, I ' C Glen Kieeer ,,,, r- ,, ,Q QM .104 s Hary Ann Munier President Marvin Powell J 17 C. Feldpausch KR: 4 X1 ala' ' 'V , 05 I 1 ' 4155? X4 Bob Spencer Vice-Pres. Barbara Scal '10 .J - V .. 5 .Q ' ' If Harry Young Ol F ,fi Leo Ro thgorber Dot Lautner r ey Snyder - . - , -v. Harold Hoslol' QGNQ Jr. Brumfi old R. Brauneokor m , 1 . ' 42 2 , X, -. A , A ,A D. Portnndol t M f' X A , , K I A D X Clyde Pan- John lmohor QW frfshlnfn 3: M3 .J Q W Q -F fl' - . ' if! .1 , . n J 5HFEb:2j David Brothers 5, -of ' , J' ' 1 x . Q' m Ken Fulkerson A . -J X w K I Arlene Foerster 4 Aqw A-W-r , 6 Vi ,4f gb is 5: Preston Mullen q . sk I .. 'D -ii re -6 'W Aw 40 SV 3' i Q ww Rose Hesslg 7 M -A -w Y 4 fi 9- Tom Hammaok Harold FO6PSt0r L in Q' "JZ Nt 4. lg o .531 fr r ' fprk x xzf I Q.N 4 -'. fs K f -4 1 . Ken Lottes Paul Bo11n Mary Lou L. .3 K. . U, ' f Q' 5 ' IF lhmll C. littman 1- .Q er o Q 5 Betty Boehm .Q ain- Q 9 X . L Jean Woodman .JL -' iii 4 W It r , A W ZQFQQ, y ,'-1 Q - 4-if J' 'gg .4.. Ruby Brinkeneader 1 ofa: lation Rust vy- fA ig' K. S A RM',Q ' 4s.e Buddy Snyder if: -an - me ' f . K-K fe -' ' e lf! .mm msn. Betty Linne Charles Weaver . .5 -A ,N x uf af, V , xc' 4 .,- lary Scherzer Kenny Ingle NA A 4 .j' 'QV' if 3 fy 1' Buean nugnlu' yy 3y 'P -A 3 , 5 ' . ' Y, 4 la . 1 y ' Roger Conen Janice Peldpauech Frank Blake Carolyn Tuggle 1161541 X ' L N L L s Vvf L L K s x wp S K,-an V ,. L. , 19 ,v . 5 ' .5 0 n w " R C I ' ggi... n C5 4' f. . , c r R X , x 1 Q, ' . D 11: X' in t ix ci Q ' ,Y C P Q L 62 E . or I wx a 'Q Pflfhfi 4 , ., W 1 ' , , .E 4'-VI K I , -.17 iff al "' ff' f EQJQJ. . I , - 2 ..- FNI IH NND Il IIII IMIWIN MH, IIISI, III-1Af'lII'III I 1, IH Tala! 4- ne- ft f A - 'C v 4- 3 A.- A I A' ' .i 3 I -: 7, Q- .4 X I - 4 I 3 pf. .-..,. A I X ' fg, . i1p42li ..Ef1 me X f -. N --h ' -Pt I A -jfi-I , : -Q 4 2 1 ' g ' a " SKI AA' ' uf! I A XR O-A I W' ll . UW. - FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES ' MII. HIUIIMAN, 'ITACHER fm ' a Q H Q 6 "" ST, 1 'vi' as Q. K-'I' 4, .,,f' W 4 Q . 4 ,. , X 4 ,Q Q-fi :ag ,-f I- T M I Q 7 QA , ' . A 9.35 1 . .A :ls 6 Vrmy I pg: A VV X fjtiuzl K .1 A A .ff ffm-.,.u,1 ,. IHIHD AND FOIARTH IZIMIWIS Y MRS. HOWH, 'ITIMIIHR 1-3? F5 H -fy S L-9 i X 'f 5 vi I 3 ,U rn ""' pf!! eg., ff l'r,.fQ ig? f-It rf Q-'qw 83 Q 5 J, .' 6 1 3 4 s -3 ' "5 P nr? --fi,A3E,,.4.. -n -5 Q , - 4:33 M, H- .. 1 4 A 1 ai. - sw 'G Ii--. . .Vo , 1:-J' -1 W 3 1, ' . X if -. . ,- IHESI NND SEUUND URAPI-IS - MRS. VAN SANDI u fhlrtirff THE TRO JARS Front row, left to right: Buddy Snider, Roger Cones, gale itetn, Junior Brumfield Bob Spencer arren oole, an en ng ee Second rev, left to 1-igntg chu-1le Weaver, John cenen, som nun, Glen Kisser, Joe Riley, and Marion Rust. Back rov, left to right: Coach Vic Walk, Clyde Parr, Marvin Powell, Harry Young, Jim Kuntz, Bob llasterson, Leo Rothgerber and Assistant Coach Omer LeClere. TEAR SCORERS Bob Hasterson Joe Riley M5 Dale Steen Jr. Brumfield 1? Skippy Conen 181 Bobby Spencer 1 Harry Young Glen Kieser l Stanley Rust 6 Warren Poole 1 Jim Kuntz 35 Troy 3 Ireland Troy Chandler Troy 9 Batesville 0 Troy Owensboro Troy 14.7 Rockport Troy Havesville Troy Chrisney Troy Lynnville Troy Birdseye 14.8 Troy Holland Troy 7 igglnh 2? Tgoy Richland Troy s oy Stendal Troy Owensboro Tech. 53 Troy Selvin Troy Tennyson 39 Troy 011 Twp. Troy's Total Points --------------- 891 Opponents Total Points----n 1005 ENGLISH IIWITATIONAL TOURHEY Troy Leavenworth 29 Troy 2 English 14.1 sncfrroxur. 'rounmzr 'rrey 36 'ren City S7 n M5511- K '. f 'Y fix 52 S .JA Std 71 Hllifit jf ' I Cone M VQQMLJIQ I'U '33 I 1 Hal' 3 Steen 9 163 Jdhn b I, com, i 152 G. , A Rl fey 51 4 ffl: 4 Im Kunfz. '51 Co ach Omer LeC'leve X ,179 A71 ro Bramffvld Gkn h68Scv ,-- Lllzvrerr Rafe 53 MG. YIEII 5256- 5-4 f,i,j',51.l,L,f2n Champ I1 ost 16,141.46-le K. 1 4,1 17 ' - mmsmmfxm Umm -4-.1 4 va I Y A Irqle -5,.ydev L 4 an le. I ,9.,f,',, ' ' F5 ' " Q. V., .a .T 273 2- Q 5+ 1 1' E -' "-, ., - R Conan ysloavev Won Y 4 - .. ef ' "'1 - Losf 7 S , I f.g1'?'fE3 l fv'h4llQ11 fvylpast , 2 0 4 V CIEUUXXUDCE UIIKXMW S Q 1.1 ffl g bygunykf van 77 Q ffuff 55,2-dj 'lu "' , A , I 5 is iilif i Dyoany 'TRQS 4 wow lo - f Lo5t 9 5' Mfffffff U' shadow? ' 4 ll-:Q 0 Q. J a 'W 'ga AfJvid7'-2 Bo fm -vi P r OUR CHEER LEADERS During the 1950-1951 basketball season we had three cheer leaders. They were Mary Cravens, Willie Mae Blake, and Dolores Fortwendel. These girls have been very faithful in leading the fans in cheering whether our team was winning or June Bolin and resigned, making it carry on the job of There were six a Freshmen, Dolores losing. Frieda Aldridge, two of our cheer leaders of last year, necessary to elect two new cheer leaders to help Mary leading the cheers for our team. candidates for this position. They were Carolyn Tuggle, Fortwendel, a Sophomore, Virginia Malone and Erma Ham- mack, Juniors, and Willie Mae Blake, a Senior. The two girls chosen by the student body were Willie Mae Blake, and Dolores Fortwendel. Mary Cravens, a Junior, is 17 years of age, has brown hair, blue eyes, and is 5 feet h inches tall. This is her second year as cheer leader. Willie Mae Blake, a Senior, is 18 years of age. has brown hair, blue eyes, and is 5 feet L inches tall. , Dolores Fortwendel, a Sophomore, is 15 years of age, has brown hair, blue eyes, and is 5 feet 2 inches tall. The cheer leaders wore green skirts with gold lining, green sweaters, white blouses, tights, and green and white shoes this year. They also had gold sweaters that they wore some of the time. These girls did a basketball record for our cheer leaders this carry on the good work very good job of cheering this year, even though our this year was not very good. We were very proud of year and hope that Dolores and Mary will continue to in the years to come. diinififf- VALEDICTORIAN Ambrose Braunecker was chosen Valedictorian for the Class of 'Sl. He had a total of 87 points Ambrose entered Troy High School from St. Pius Grade School in the year l9h7. He was a mem- ber of the basketball team for two years. He was vice president of the class when he was a Sopho- more. Ambrose is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawerence Braunecker of Troy. SALUTATORIAN The Salutatorian for the Class of '51 is Al- fred Meunier. He had a total of SLI. points. Alfred entered Troy High School in l9h7. He is a graduate of St. Pius Grade School. He was the president of the class in his Freshmen and Junior year and vice president of the Senior class He won the Mathematic award when he was a Fresh- men. He was the winner of the General Business Section of the Invitational Commercial Contest held at Troy. Alfred is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Irvhg Meunier of Troy. D.A.R. WINNER Doris Engelbrecht was the winner of the Troy High School D.A.R. Contest. She was chosen from the Class of '51 on the basis of these character- istics: Dependability, Service, Leadership, and Patriotism. The faculty and students of the Senior Class chose Doris to represent their school. The class chose three girls and from these girls the facul- ty selected the girl they thought would best re- present Troy High School. Doris is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oswin Engelbrecht of Evanston. Joy Howe Vial' Wittmln larcella Huebschmnn BOOKKEEPING CONTEST WINNERS Joy Howe, Marcella Huebschman and Viola Wittman won first place as a team in the Bookkeeping Section of the Commercial Contest held at Tell City Marcella, Viola, and Joy were the graduates of the class of 'SO. As a result of their good work the school received a trophy from Lock- year's Business College, sponsor of the contest. Joyce Aldridge Shirley Harris COMMERCIAL CONTEST WINNERS Joyce Aldridge, a member of Team 2, composed of Joyce, Ruth Blue and Beverly Vaught, ranked third in the contest. CBookkeepingl Shirley Harris took 2nd place as an individual in the General Business section of the Perry-Spencer Connercial Contest. She is a member of the class of '52 and the daughter of the late Mrs. Edna Harris. -Nxbnl I LJ DIPLUMHS ,f1In,,- i l we M . K :lawn YQ alle ., wx 1?,. I , V. 4 .r -Q u K h V' ' , - Q . f if "' fi f. .ml Ai ,xv y h "JM L NNQQ In A bm! I" 77 Rub E 2192 'F-:t"?'E?fw' TQ.. V-Q -fa-rw 1 4 ' ' if ig fb M4 4 , QTEQLW ' W 1 0 X Y ,942 M N K cv-.Q N XIWQV U ,M D1 Zffo 77 3 V 'ff U. .1 if 771 A 1 , 4, " ' KJ! Lf-,T'a"n2l9tn RJ l-xuYC JA: 'fin-'Q' 'L "5 " .Dfw Lovvbxwdz, ,,... .M Re ,5,L'xv1'h Sc Hoo 1 Du ze! Q C1Lf7e 5 F-CVQSS of 51 I G70Of?5 mcfl Y. W ,Tx , M . mmap Na 3 - ffwf' f-L fffl5 6Wf AX . K -J J- N 'idx' fi In -JPN! 'S , Q I x,5?.uff j . Q. .Z M 15, 7 s ' K 'rf' J X ,M " 'X 1 127 0 " " 'Kg' tj.-...I A ,J -9295- 'TAC C2 new liloffreva "M I L,L Q, ' each. V -H' x'h'km'd' Q J.. ' 4 6 of XA, QJYZT-U . 7 Q X 430 77 7 ' Ld 'j . t I- ' A 1' '15 I x 1 J es-.'f . A r55QQ,4,,5. ' s,,--z 1 X J fm, A ,, 'ST' 'Y-'W'-, My K WW 1 H B f 34. ' '- fe'5i'-Y N mf X -'R' me 'V . -'4?vP"'- '- WYHQ X Good Fov7rv,Ql-nf , .Cf-Ai'd.s Emily bnfsg V? -, - L1-- X vi' -4 . 411 X !-- , I -K 1 -. W'-J. , ,W ...1 fx 4, .,f 4 'Qi Jznfowc C ,yas tm I1 1.4 ' I 142 awri F 2? ' 5f1'9'5'J1l7 Qme,v's Hide, and Jiy 5-fdffy ', E 1 ' A 5, 2 w lwiak, 77' 'E x.i?v:3' Q4 GL 2 ' fC77770Ce7yf' ,.. -!'!r.' 9 ' M ku, ,,f"',,l,.-.Q,gf,Nf XI- , xx. 'lg 'W 1 .QQ 51 f v lj 'fkvuflxe dw Nm ea X 'I ,Q .sr V wif" Ll'- .45-Q uf M-'yin 7'7'l- ' ,.. iii? 'Q , K A ,,,i,b+?V11-na,i,.,, V 14 - vf:,s ' g- 'I r 'ij .I s If ., f-..- ' N ff' ,, vi li A Q 3 Q ai' ' H V Q V F .tzgh ' -31, QT, I L10 i nm M iinpkf ri.. ff QM' ' I I , Q ' f 3, Q qs il I . K ? E 4 . '- 11 i ff x X QQ X ' 'f ff,-I X-,X , H , vu lm f ' I Q 1 . , Xiu , ., ' , Sf r X 'N' fic bf - 1 fqb'fo Y -v I bf I frjw 1' ' X ffvf, .1 X r .J 'X . ' 'l ' UAO Qs 'ffnfng ' h -I xx I jujmfg I 1745 -0 ug Ja. 'fx ' ' f' N .ig ' M' I K1 Q i' V-f F' TQ! if 3 L 4, I an-,. , ,ggi J X -'-h ,X x 'di - ,.,' 1.7 Ii' Q" ,'T"fJ rf L N ,L . P s-- , 'sl - Q Q Q ' 'M I W ,J ' X f5'LvfRe '7-lveef 7, W 'XV -Z, ix X . A I4 fl' Ja QAN 'wfbeed pemob II? I-fa nd E fklhf ,mf M 'IZ-ff, E Sclroof W zz? ny K4 14 fp flffwfff U71 f A .bj , R9 X 5 7 Oo ' J 00001 , ', M O Q0 O N gtg, J O - ff X f Q ' QF 'kzosrf Xrfrfn "- -. u.-'dr kppbh Q X QLUN' MEMORIES As we look back on the last four years, Bere are some memories That almost bring tears. Remember: When we were green freshmen and all the fun we had getting acquainted with all the other students .... .The time Doris E. fell out of her seat when she was a freshmen.....How mad we were because we d1dn't get to go on a picnic when we were freshmen.....The time Mr. Walk had trouble pronouncing expense.....The time Barbara L. started to sit down in her seat and sat down on the floor instead, and she was really embrassed because she had just started to school here.....How much trouble we had getting our practice sem in Bookkeep1ng.....The time Ruby B. threw a book at James K. and hit his ink bottle spilling the ink on the floor, and they just got it cleaned up as Mr. Hall came into the room .... .The first time we went to gather ads for the Trojan and it rained and we got wet.....Those school parties we had and how much fun we had.....The time we took a field trip in Biology and tried to learn the names of the different trees. .... How mush fun we had discussing Family Relations in Home Ec.....The time Alma Jean spilled her ink and the trouble she had cleaning it up .... .The time Paul S. defined, divine as mean- ing a club ..... How nervous we were when we gave speeches in observance of United Nations Day.....What a time we had thinking of something to put in the Trojan and how many mistakes we made in typing the stenc1ls.....The time we went to the town hall to do some filing and Mr. Walk burned his overcoat, and he said he could get him a new one now.....The fun we had drawing the plans for our dream house and furnishing it when we were Juniors.....The day lr. leunier gave us a Government test and we weren't prepared for 1t.....The fun Doris and Mildred had taking pictures for the year book.....How much we enjoyed popping popcorn for the ball games when we were Juniors ..... The time Miss Conway said she d1dn't know how we were going to be heard in the gym when we gave our class play, because we d1dn't talk loud enough ..... What a time we had learning to type well .... .The time we went to Tell City to get ads for the school paper and ran out of gas .... .Remember whhn Ruby B. had a crush on Jim K .... .Remember the Senior party we gave on January 23, and all the fun everybody had ..... How much we disliked going down the fire escape... ..Rememher the day Mildred broke the heel off her shoe .... .The time the bottom fell out of Ruby B. desk during English class ..... Remember the day Mr. LeClere got file mixed up with fire .... .The time Mr. Hall came into the room and caught Doris E. climbing over her seat.....When we were Juniors and the boys hid their Litherature books and told Miss Conway that they couldn't find them .... .How Merle and James W. always liked to fuss with Miss Conway.. ...How much we didn't want to take Public Speaking but it was a required subject .... .Remember when Mr. Muenier tried to play Tarzan on the Junior- Senior outing and skinned his nose ..... When Paul S. pushed Alma Jean in a mud puddle on the Junior-Senior outing.....How Mabel F. always used to come in late for the first period class ..... How much we hated to give our first speech in Public Speaking, but it wasn't too bad .... .All the fun we had on the Junior-Senior outing ..... The time Willie Mae B. read distribution on purchases instead of discount on purchases ..... What speed demons we were in typing and how Mr. Walk use to imitate our unusal habits in typing.....The time Kiss Conway read walking in the fun ls rain instead of walklngldn the rain is fun.....How mad Barbara L. got when she had to move up front so the Bookkeeping class would be together.....The time lr. Walk spilled ink all over his pants ..... The time we make gathered skirts in Home Ec. when we were freshmen.....How we practiced bandaging in Home Nursing when we were Sopho- mores.....Remember the time in Home Ec. when we learned how to make a bed with the patient in it and llldred was the patient and almost got dumped on the floor.....Remember the time Doris couldn't give her speech for laugh- 1ng.....Remember the speech Merle gave about his big drunk and Miss Conway laid it was good. .... The time Willie Mae B. and Marie put a new ribbon in their typewriters and what a time they had getting it in right......How Alfred H. and Paul S. always use to come in late for the first period class because they were smoking ..... The time James W. read Shall I show you to a sheet, instead of Shall I show you to a seat.....When we were making beds in Home Ec. and Mabel almost dumped Willie Mae B. off .... .Remember all the fun we had in school.....Most of all remember Troy High School. EPITAPHS We, the senior class of 1951, have come to the parting of our ways at Troy High School. Although at times school has seemed like a drudgery, it has been only too short. Some of us may say that we will never miss school but we know that in the years to come, it will bring back many pleasant memories. The senior class have chosen these words as their farewell to you: Mabel Foerster: Barbara Leinenbaoh: Jim Kunts: Alma Jean Riley: Merle Shephard: Ruby Bolln: Richard Bolint Doris Englebrecht: Marie Huff: Joe Riley: Mildred Bolinz James Wolf: Ambrose Brauneoker: Alfred leunier: Willie Mae Blake: Dutton MacBride: Paul Schezer: Twelve years of toil and trouble, but I finally made it. These twelve years have been well worth my time I've spent six years in high school but I finally made it. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's what I did. Goodbye, so long, I'm glad I'm gone. Four happy years gone by, and now I can say goodbye: but my thoughts will still be of Troy High. Let's say goodbye, like we said hello, in a friendly sort of way. The past four years have been well spent. These years have been worth it! I had a lot of fun: now at last I'm done. In high school, I've had much happiness. So long, it's been good to know you. I called it a prison Played hooky too, But to think of leavin' Hakes me feel blue. Remember mel Was it worth twelve years? Twelve years! Should I go four more? I'll see you later, SENIOR CLASS EPITAPH Though life has its trouble and life has its care And often its dark days of sorrow, There is always the hope that the sky will be fair And the heart will be happy tomorrow. There is always the light of a goal just ahead, A glimpse of the dream we're pursuing, In spite of the difficult pathway we tread There is much it is good to be doing. There is so much to do and there's so much to see In spite of the troubles that fret us: So much to wait for and so much to be If only the future will let us-- M 4 Q A Kg ex w . WE EXTEND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 THE TRGY UTILITIES WATER LIGHTS TROY INDIANA WeAreStrivi gE T B tt O S T Th P pl Of Troy and the Surrounding Community TROY UTILITY BOARD Victor G. Walk, Pres. Tom Moshenek, S y William D. Rust Joseph Fortwe d I W. J. Blue, Sr. E l M t S pt Mary Walk, Collect F. X. Bumm, Treo B LAC KI E TIRE cs- BATTERY co. G00 IIYEAR TIRES ak BATTERIES Studebaker Sales and Service 33 Yms IN susmsss ROAD SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS S E N I 0 RS We Congratulote You Upon Your Graduation BE T WI HE For The Years To Come L. Ev, fi "::rfr?I F53 '- "ug ifffififfff o zf I Lg iilgi oolo QIIQ iIQQ1QooQ oooooo f o oo o ooo W Wlfnldfl fill' The Old Bank In A New Home "75 Years of Safe Banking" TELL CITY : : : INDIANA Backer's Cafe SANDWICHES 81 REFRESHMENTS AGENCY FOR RITCHIE CLEANERS SUCCESS SENIORS MAURICE A. BACKER, PROP. -CONGRATULATIONS- AND DON'T FORGET-USUALLY YOU CAN GET IT AT DAUBY'S DEPARTMENT STORE TELL CITY, INDIANA 9 HOME FU RNISHERS WE EXTEND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '51 PHONE I55 TELL CITY -Compliments- A 81 H TRUCK LINE -Daily Service- Evansville, Louisville, Memphis, Owensboro, Cincinnati, Paducah -Phone 300- TELL CITY : : INDIANA -Attend The- SWISS THEATRE "Perry County's Most Modern" Make Our Theatre Troy's New Entertainment Center TheBestofLuck Jewelers and Registered T0 The Senlofs of '57 Optometrist Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Clocks and Silverware All Kinds of Repairing-Engraving Tell City Federal Savings And Loan Association TellCifv,Ind. TELL clTY r : INDIANA Congratulations Seniors Shephard Hatchery and Poultry Farm WHERE BETTER CHICKS ARE HATCHED We Have The Highest Rating Of Any Hatchery In Indiana U. S. APPROVED - PULLORUM CLEAN Six Breeds to Select From - Service Twelve Months a Year Special Prices To Broiler Raisers Phone 720-R-I CANNELTON : : INDIANA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS TELL CITY CREAMERY CO. moms I3 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Our Service Makes Friends TELL CITY, INDIANA L kT Y Cl Of 1951 The Best Of Luck To The Seniors Of '51 DAUBY MOTOR T Co., Inc. Chevrolet, Buick I ternotionol, New Ideo and New Hollo d New Tires ond Recopping SALES a. SERVICE Y Dp .I bl In I PHONE 284 TELL CITY IND Compliments Of BruggensI:hmiIIt's Stare I2IIQ At Tell Tell cafy Compliments Of Thomas I. Mullen, lr. TROY : : INDIANA -Ph I9- WHEN YOU WANT Phone 734R ri H I- rl Phone 734W Tell cify fluwfjib Tell cafy CALL LAUER'S -Gooo LUCK sEN1oRs- PERRY COUNTY LOCKER PLANT Phone 619 Tell City, Ind. RIVERSIDE TAVERN Lunch 81 Refreshments "On The Ohio" TROY ' ' INDIANA Ruth's Beauty Shoppe -Phone 47- TROY, INDIANA Best Wishes, Seniors -Success Seniors- Thiery's Meat Market O. L. DETZER'S GENERAL STORE Feed Cream Eggs Meats and Groceries Poultry-Groceries Meats Dry Goods TROY : : INDIANA TROY INDIANA Troy Hatchery U. S. Approved U. S. Pullorum Passed FUL-O-PEP FEEDS Baby Chicks SUPPLIES a. REMEDIES -PHONE 4- TROY : ' INDIANA -Compliments Ot- Werner Motor Co. Your Friendly Ford Dealer PHONE I05 TELL CITY, INDIANA SUCCESS, SEN IORS LEINENBACH'S SERVICE STATION ON HIGHWAY ee "Personal Service" STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Congratulations And Best Wishes To Class of '51 Tell City Planing Mill Plumbing - Wiring Lennox Furnaces -Compliments Of- Installed and Serviced By Cannellon Supply Co. Tell City, Indiana 608 Washington-Cannelton TELL CITY GARAGE 6- MACHINE WORKS HUDSON GMC PHONE I67 TELL CITY -COMPLIMENTS OF- THE IRVIN THEATRE CANNELTON : : INDIANA BILL'S AUTO STORE DeLUXE CLEANERS TELL CITY OVER 20 YEARS Auto Supplies Alteration Repairs P r H d E P 'Dy i 9 C h8rC y G 'I T f 510 MAIN TELL CITY IND CURTISS DI-IUBY APPLIANCE COMPANY SALES 81 SERVICE PH I LCO ADMI RAL YOU NGSTOWN EASY 9th 81 Tell Sts. TELL CITY, INDIANA Congratulations-Class of '51 Swiss Studia PORTRAITS FRAMES KODAK FINISHING TELL CITY, INDIANA 627W MAIN I PHONE 222 FOR GOOD CLEAN LIVING -USE- CULLIGAN E Z SERVICE MAIN STREET PHONE 564W TELL CITY, IND. -COMPLIMENTS OF- FIRST- CAN N ELTON NATIONAL BANK "The County Seat Bank" -COMPLIMENTS OF THE- T E L L C I T Y CHAIR CCDIVIPANY CHRIS ZOERCHER I ns. Agency, Inc. Is Prepared To Write All Kinds of Insurance Phone I5 Tell City, Ind. The Frederick Sheet Metal Shop Tell City, Indiana Agents for Winkler Low Pressure O'I B I urners Change your coal furnace to o Winkler Low Pressure Oil Burner -coNcRATuLATloNs- R O 5 E N B L A T T I S cLAss or '51 , SNYDI-IR'S DRUG STURE -m- Your Drug Store in All Seasons PHONE 849-CANNELTON, IND. CANNELTON Things to wear for Every Member of the Family -Compliments Of- F ISCH ER'S suPPLY AND SHOE sToREs TELL CITY, INDIANA BEST WISHES, SENIORS! GERBER OIL COMPANY, INC. -SHELL PRODUCTS- PHONE 782W CANNELTON, IND. FOR The Blue Castle HOSPITALITY "House of Cvneyf' Curb and Fountain Service -SENS- TELL CITY cemfswym 7th at Franklin TELL CITY : : INDIANA MOSBY FLORAL CO. Cut Flowers Potted Plants Novelty Pottery I6th St. Tell City Phone 4II News Publishing Co. TELL CITY 'CANNELTON TELL CITY NEWS EVERY FRIDAY CANNELTON NEWS EVERY WEDNESDAY -Good Luck to the Class of 1951- PIIUL I. FURTWENDEL GROCERIES AND MEATS We Buy Poultry and Eggs L d' ' R d t W ' Sh a les ea y- o- ear oes PHONE 35 - TROY, INDIANA TELL CITY FURNITURE CO. Tell City, Indiana SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 W J. BLUE'S SERVICE STATION PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Good Luck Class of 1951 MAIN STREET TROY INDIANA Success To The Class of I95I COMPLETE HOME -LUCK TO You- CASSIDY BROS. FURNlSHlNGS The Exclusive G E R B E R I S Men and Boys' Store TELL CITY - CANNELTON TELL CITY : : Indiana THE MODEL WESTERN Auro 9BOONVILLE UMT. VERNON 'TELL CITY For Style, Quality and Thrift Shop At The MODEL "Everything For The Automobile" TELL CITY : : INDIANA -Complimets Of- TELL CITY FLOURING MILLS TELL CITY : : INDIANA -Compliments Of- Pure Cream Products Co. Don Little, Distributor Goldenrod Dairy Products Phone 37 TELL CITY : : INDIANA The Right Place To Eat -Good Luck Seniors- KLEEMAN'S WM. TELL Cafe 81 Drive In Fountain Service - Plate Lunches Sandwiches Phone 739 9th 81 Fulton Sts. I006 Tell St. Tell City, Ind. TELL CITY -Compliments Of- Congratulations CIassof'5I JOHN H. MALCOMSON'S "A Real Good Place To Trade" Ben F rclnklin St0re Cannelton, Indiana Cannelton, Indiana -COMPLIMENTS OF- Clarence Steen gl Sons WATER WELL DRILLING PHONE 65 TROY, IND. ROACH'S GROCERY STORE MAIN STREET - TROY, INDIANA Groceries Meats Soft Drinks Ice Cream - Fresh Vegetabi'es -WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS- CASPER DRUGS MASSEY-HARRIS Authorized Sales and Service Yaur Corner Drug Store Service On All Makes Farm Equipment Machine Shop-Blacksmithing Phone 600 Cannelton 523315336 , , , , Call 920-T. W. Dutschke, Owner Prescriptions-Fountain Service GENERAL MACHINE Where Friends Meet 81 WELDING C0. 7th CANNELTON LUCK To You -Best Luck Seniors- F l S C H E R Ohio Valley Gas Corp. CHAIR CO. Phone I8-Tell City TELL CITY INDIANA If It Burns-We Have lt! WM. TELL HOTEL -visit our- DINING ROOM Special Attention Given for HOLMAN'S PUIIIIIIB SALES 81 SERVICE Parties and Wedding Dinners MAIN ST' TELL CITY -Congratulations- S A N D A G E , S S N Y D E R JOHN DEERE STORE FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone I0 TROY : : INDIANA Complete Line of Farm Machinery Rocket Engine Oldsmobile TELL CITY, IND. Congratulations-Class of I95l J. A. F or1wendel's Store FEEDS - FERTILIZER - FENCING - ROOFING CLOTHING SHOES DRY GOODS TROY, INDIANA -The Trojan Staff Wishes To- Thank You Advertisers 0we,,sb0,0 Tell City For your Generosity in Helping us Misses Teen Agers And Finance the cost of Publishing our Year Book-The Trojan of 1951 W0"'e"'S APP"'e' ...- ,. l- COLLIGNON'S RESTAURANT -Our Specialty- ' Sandwiches, Soft Drinks, Contections and Fountain Service PHONE 47 TROY, IND. MASTERSON'S PARKER'S Wallpaper and Paint Store Conoco Station and Garage The Home of Good Wall Paper Highways 66 81 545 And Paint Tip Top Service 922 Main Street-Phone 522 We Fix Flats Kool Vent Aluminum Awning Venetian Blinds TROY : : INDIANA TELL CITY : : INDIANA Ihr Harivtg Svhnppr COSMETICS STATIONERY GREETI NG CARDS Gifts For All Members of the Family AGNES P. SNYDER, PROP. 'sv- .qv 4 fab.,-

Suggestions in the Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, IN) collection:

Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 51

1951, pg 51

Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 9

1951, pg 9

Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 36

1951, pg 36

Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 9

1951, pg 9

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