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ff f 'O NJ - .yzefav ng fm fbhu ,f V V 5 V s as V v, V V V if ma V V V V V V V bv Uhr Qarngun Dun ,rl lk -- - 1144 -5. F Ju w QGH SO 'M 2 HCDMECDF THE TRCIAN I t A Q 5 A153Q'Q,1v A . i ' JJ :RQ ,Ala N 1 . vi ffitff A, ggi. Mn REWCDRD Ttie inoast ot iieraicty, ttie pomp ot power, All tiiat ioeauty, aii ttiat voeaitti erre gave: Awaits aiiize the inevitatnie iiour. The patiis ot Giory ieaci tout to time grave. ---Gray G ai J- ff CEWGNTENTS D E D I A T I 0 MR. WILLIAM MONROE HUGHES whose sett-cieniat, unenctingz, trienttsliip, anct Ioyat- ty Iiaye won tor Iiini our unctying gratitucte anct cievotionmve ctecticate this ectition ot me Trojan. SENIORS - - - SENIOR II - - - JUNIOR CLASSES - ORGANIZATIONS - ATHLETICE - - - FEATURES - - - ADVERTISEMENTS Y I7 ZI 27 -L7 53 57 i t ' L I MR. L. D. BYNUM Superintendent of Troy City Schools. MR. WILLIAM M. HUGHES Principal of Troy High School. History and Government MR. JAMES HGLT STARLING Chemistry and Biology YMR. M. L. ARMAGAST Diversified Occupations MR. JIM DILDY Science, Physical Education and Mathematics. MRS. HENRY BEN WOOD Home Economics. MISS SAMMIE DAVIS Mathematics and Economics. MISS ANNIE HENDRICKS BARR English and Social Studies. MISS MARY L. WATSON Librarian. French MRS. JAMES A. WRIGHT English. MRS. ALICE EDWARDS English and Civics. W-No picture. Page Four Q FA + I 75 IQ. ULTY MRS. PETE BROWN Social Studies. MISS ELIZABETH LANE Mathematics and Latin. MISS FLORENCE GARNER English. MRS. NELL CLEMENTS Science. MISS ESTELLE MCCULLOUGH Mathematics. IMRS. JAMES HOLT STARLING Typing and Shorthand. MISS NICKOLENA KIRKLAND Science and Physical Education MR. HERMAN H. MOLL Music. fBand and Orchestral XMRS. MARY M. SELMAN Music. fljianoj MISS ROXY DUNBAR Music. fGlee Clubj MISS ELIZABETH BOSWELL Secretary of Troy High School. bl-No picture. Page Fin J r F9 J -it 5, "1 f'l C ' - ' ld' , 9 s M Q 4 e I l ai- 'r I 2 'W :WE ' - xg-5 'J' Charles Quillian jane Henderson Leon Boatner . Arthur Moss Glennie Nall Sarah Talbot joe Ashworth Henry Leslie "THE TROJ AN " STAFF , Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . Business Manager , Assistant Business Manager . . Advertising Manager . Circulation Manager . . Sports Editor Assistant Circulation Manager Verdie Lee Whaley , Art Editor Frances Himberg . . Typist Madolyn Worthy Typist Page Sn N-5:35 Nneu .1 ff 19 46" .52 .:, ,,. .E"', '1 ,, I L. , r 's I igilj If A 4 EE , w w w uuw mmnw WWI W 4 S E N I Q R S f i .,--.,.,, x ,g JN 7 1 2 I 'fbi i ,l l Q ' 4 - ' ujr I O R S JOE ASHWORTH "Work is work and must he done, nevertheless I'Il have my fun." Baseball '35, '36, '37, '38, '39, Football '36, '38, Band '37, Trojan Staff '39, Science Club '38, '39, junior Orchestra '37, Commercial Club '39. MARY HENDERSON BLACK "A beautiful girl and full of Wit." F. H. A. Club '36, '37, Tennis '37, Glee Club '37, '38, French Club '38, '39, Cheer Leader '37, Junior Music Club '37, '38, '39, Commercial Club '39. BILLIE CHILDS "1t's a friendly heart that has plenty of friends." D. O. Club '39, EMILY DILLON "The longer we know her, the more we like her." lTran.-:ferred from Sidney Lanier High School, Dra- matic Club '39. HOWARD SYNCO "Men of few words are the best men." Pyrhagorean Club '39, Dramatic Club '39. ETHLYN GRIDER "She is a very sweet girl, jolly and pleasant. Glee Club '37, '38, '39, F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, Science Club '39, Beta Club '39. ss WILLIAM CLOWER "As fine a man as he is handsome, so he must be a very fine fellow" WILLELA GRAVES "Always pleasant to have about." F, H. A. '37, '38, '39, French Club '38, '39, ELTON WIGGINS "Nice and neat in every Way, he's the hes! dressed they say." Science Club '39. MARJORIE COX "She's full of pep and fun and liked by everyone." Glee Club '37, '38, '39, F. H. A. '37, '38, Science Club '39. Page Eight S E N 5 5 an I. Nl Z E lil- -ir- FRANCES HIMBERG "Pretty to see and sweet lo know." F. H. A. '37g Beta Club '38, '39, Commercial Club '39g Secretary of the Student Council '38, '39g Tennis '37, '38, '395 Trojan Staff '39g Secretary of Senior Class '39. CHARLES QUILLIAN vsmart? 1'll sayg Handsome? You Betg Ana' one of the fines! fellows you ever met." Vice-President of the Junior Class '38g President of the Senior Class '39g Beta Club ,38, '39g Science Club '38, Football '37, '38g Southeast Alabama Press Con- ference '38g Trojan Staff '39, Dramatic Club '39g State Oratorical Contest, '39, Baseball '39. KATHRYN PULLEN "Not too sober, not too gay: But a real good pal in every way." lTransferrecl from McKenzie High Schooll Beta Club '38, '39g F. H. A. '37, '38g Glee Club '37, VERDIE LEE WHALEY "None know thee but to love theeg none know thee but to praise." Beta Club '38, '395 Science Club '39, Annual Staff '39g Good Citizenship Girl of T. H. S. '39, Treasurer of the junior Class '38. WADE MOSS "He does his part, he says his sayg He's a jolly good fellow everyday." Vice-President of the Senior Class '39g Science Club '38, '39g President of Alabama Junior Academy of Science '39g Honorary member of American Association for the Advancement of Science '39, Student Council '38, '39. FAYE MULLIS "To all a jolly spirit she casts that will forever last." F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, Glee Club 37, '38, 39. JAKE FANNIN "Easy-going, good-natured and liked by all." Band '36. SABRA FLOYD "She is an all-round splendid girl." Glee Club '37g F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, FLETCHER JONES "He has those sterling qualities which mark one as a gentleman " Band '36. Page Nine I O R S , , . G N ,sw lf:- l ri S E N I O R S HENRY LESLIE "Yes, Henry said love certainly did agree with him," President of Lancaster Music Club '39, Science Club '39, Band and Orchestra '37, '38, '39, Tennis '38, '39g Trojan Staff '39, Class Historian '39g Student Council '39, Dramatic Club '39, Commercial Club '39, JULIA HAYES LIGER "A quiet dignity is one of her greater! charms." F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, Science Club '39, LOMAX STEWART "A good football player and an all-round good fellow," Football '37, '38, Science Club '38, '39, Head Mar- shall of the Student Council '38, '39, Pythagorean Club '39, MARGUERITE GRIFFIN "Her pleasant and kindly ways, will live in our memories all our days," Glee Club '37, '38, '39, F. H. A. '37, '38, '39g Science Club '39, J. W. RAILEY "Not of work, but not in sympathy with it." Football '37, MILDRED LINDSEY "All things come to her who lal7orI." Beta Club '38, '39, CHESTER CRABTREE "Your :tory might be fine but you can never tell one to equal mine." Football '38g Science Club '38, '39, Commercial Club '39 MADOLYN WORTHY "ln radiant rmile and knowledge rare, none can rur- pax: and few compare." Home Economics Club '37, French Club '38, '39g Beta Club '38, '39, President '39, Dramatic Club '39g Junior Music Club '36, '37, '38, '39, Glee Club '37, Troy High News Staff '39, Class Valedictorian '39, Rotary Medal '38, Modern Study Club Award '39, W, C. SMITH "If determination. brings xuccess W, C. will be one of the best." i Science Club '38, '39, Baseball '38, '39, Page Ten X' J I 1' ,' I Q S ?I!' - if S E N I ANNIE KATE FOLMAR "She is a meek and lovel race, and none can ever 3' g take her place." F. H. A. '37, Glee Club '37, '38, Music Club '37, '38, '39g Tennis '36, '37, French Club '37, '38, '39. T. W. FRANKLIN "He's always a good sport and a loyal friend." Beta Club '38, '39, Science Club '38, President of the junior Class '38, President of the Student Council '38. BERTA GIBBS COLLEY "In every crowd she makes a hit, because the has that certain IT." Treasurer of the Senior Class '39, Beta Club '38, '39, President of State Federation of Music Clubs '37, '38, President of French Club '39, Commercial Club '39 ELLEN SPANGLER "Her :mile and her lovely eye: are only half as lovely ar her disporitioonf' French Club '38, '39, Dramatic Club '39, Commercial Club '39, F. H. A. '37, Junior Music Club '37. ERNEST THREADGILL "Oh my, Our class is full of the finest muxicianxf' Band and Orchestra '36, '37, '38, '39, Science Club '37, '38. ELSIE HIGGINS "Neat and small, graceful loo, She's a friend for me and you." F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, French Club '38, '39, Glee Club '37, '38, '39, IDA MAE KYZAR "Graced with charm.: and friendlinerxf' Glee Club '37, '38, '39, F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, French Club '38, '39, Beta Club '39. VIVIAN LEE "She has the gift of gifts, that of making friends." Glee Club '37, '38, '39, F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, Commercial Club '39, JOSEPHINE XVILKERSON "True lo her friendx, and her friends will ever be true to her." Lancaster Music Club '39, F. H. A. '37, '38, '39g Commercial Club '39, Page Eleven O R S 9' 1 MIB -. x f he A - seg 1' 3 s 2 5 KI-1' ff: fi ff ' ' ,bf 'U' S E N I O R S SARA RILEY "Lo-reable and sweet, pretty and neat." French Club '38, '39, F. H. A. '37, Dramatic Club '39, Glee Club '37, '38, President of Science Club '39, Beta Club '38, '39, Lancaster Music Club '37, '38, '39, Class salutatorian '39. EVELYN SIKES "She is pretty to Walk With, and witty to talk with." Glee Club '38, F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, French Club '38, '39, Beta Club '39. LEON BOATNER "To the ladies l1e's a treat, on the football field he',r bard to beat." Band '35, '36, '37, '38, '39, Orchestra '37, '38, '39, Baseball '36, '37, '38, '39, Football '36, '37, '38, Trojan Staff '39, French Club '38, '39, Lancaster Music Club '39. MARION WARREN "Pleasant and friendly to all." F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, Lancaster Music Club '37, '38, Commercial Club '39. SARAH TALBOT "Her disposition, her pleasant smile, have won her friends for many a mile." Tennis '37, F. H. A. '36, '37, Junior Music Club '37, '38, '39, French Club '38, '39, Glee Club '36, '37, Cheer Leacler '36, '37, Trojan Staff '39. WILLIAM SHAVER "Your best, your sweetest desire is to please." Science Club '38, '39, Beta Club '38, '39, Tennis '37, '38, Football '37, '38, President of Student Council '39. LENA THOMAS "Sweet as tl-re day is long, tlrat's why we all love her so." Glee Club '38, F. H. A. '37, '38, Cheer Leader '39, Beta Club '39, French Club '38, '39, Class Poet '39, Commercial Club '39. LOTHERENE BRUCE "Joy will mine forever be." F. H. A. '37, '38, '39, Glee Club '37, '38, '39, Commercial Club '39. ELSIE MCPHERSON "True to ber work, her friends." Commercial Club '39. Page Twelve e Q ' Q, I, f- ' ' 7 ' - ill 1" ' 9 E ii'Y ll " l 2 s ' as -A iv' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class, do will and bequeath to our most beloved faculty: CLAUSE I To our superintendent, Mr. Bynum, our love, honor, respect, and thanks for his aid in making it possible to have our high school annual. To Mr. Hughes, our honored principal, the right to send hours and tardy slips to any- one and everyone. To the rest of our faculty, we leave all the knowledge which they have gained from our well written examination papers. CLAUSE II The Senior Class as a whole wills: To the unconcerned Juniors, the ability to rest easy next year since they have given us our banquet. To the supposedly most brilliant class of Sophomores, the right to give as many dances next year as the Juniors gave this year. To our baby brothers and sisters, the freshman class, the right to have the grace and sophistication of long pants and lipsticks. CLAUSE III The individual members of the Senior Class feel that, due to the fact that they possess so many fine characteristics they should leave the undignified student body these characteristics. Kathryn Pullen wills her timidity to Frances Foley. Madolyn Worthy wills her place as valedictorian to Billie Swain. Wade Moss leaves his dramatic ability to Jesse Jordan. Berta Gibbs Colley leaves her temper tc Jane Henderson. Our dignified president, Charles Quillian, leaves his football ability to Henry Smith. Ernest Threadgill leaves his beautiful clarinet to Auxford Sartin. Mary Henderson Black leaves her line to Clarice Davis, as long as Clarice remains in her own territory. Elton Wiggins leaves his ability to carry many subjects to Earl Pippin. Jake Fannin leaves his black curly hair to John Pointer. T. W. Franklin leaves his leadership of the school to XVarren Carter. Sarah Talbot leaves her ability to write a last will and testament to the unfortunate person who is given the honor of writing it next year. Witness, this our hand, this day of our Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine. SARAH TALBoT, Teslarix. Page Thirteen if iF! vi-if s 1 .5 V23 f T 2 5'-T z". ,k l 2 S I 'W CLASS HISTORY It is almost time for the class of ,39 to say goodbye to Troy High School and as the time for us to go draws nearer, we are looking back over the memories of our years in high school. In the year of 1932, having graduated from grammar school, a group of small boys and girls, proud yet bewildered, came timidly to this stately building. Now that group of boys and girls have become dignified Seniors. Everything was new and strange at first, but most of us finally learned to do every- thing from going up and down stairs to working our combination locks and arriving at class on time at the change of periods. The first year passed and the next fall we did not have the same trials with class rooms and schedules. This year we no longer toured the world by way of the geography book, but we watched the United States grow through an American history book. Soon we were junior III's and were allowed to choose an elective subject. We were impressed by this because we were now visibly working toward graduation. . Three years had passed since we began high school and in '35 we were Senior I's. This year several of our boys went out for the football team and since then we have been defi- nitely represented in all athletics. Not only in athletics, but in all phases of high school life we have had a fine representation. The next year we were Juniors. For the first time in our school days came a realization that some day we would become Seniors and embark into the world as men and women. Much time was spent in the various ways of making money for the Junior-Senior banquet. With the hope of the whole class the banquet was an overwhelming success and the dance following will long be remembered. When school opened this year we could hardly believe that we were at last Seniors. We were breathless with the joy of our new position, but within a few weeks we realized that being a Senior meant hard work and responsibilities. We began the year by electing Charles Quillian president of the class. During the year we backed several activities such as the Band Uniform Drive, and the buying of a mimeograph machine. Through the untiring efforts of Miss Watson and Mr. Starling we presented a Christmas Pageant and the Senior Play, with the help of the orchestra and the Glee Club. The Pageant, "A Shining Star," was a colorful spectacle, and splendidly presented. Our Senior Class Play, "The Gay Pretenders," was a big success. . This year for the first time we have student government and to T. W. Franklin went the distinction of being the first president. The second semester this high honor was won by another member of our class, William Shaver. Many of us will seek fortunes in distant fields, others will remain to keep the home fires burning, but we will all have these recollections of good fellowship. We shall always look back on what we consider the happiest period of our lives, these six years in Troy High School. HENRY Lssus, Class Historian. Page Fourteen ee! 'I L Z S ' Isl SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY I listened to the radio in my car as I drove along. The program was that of the famous orchestra led by Henry Leslie. Playing in the Leslie orchestra were Leon Boatner, Ernest Threadgill, and Bubber Livingston. The blues singer for the orchestra was Mary Henderson Black. The guest artist of the night was a very famous dramatic actress, Sara Riley. She was supported in the short dramatic skit, "The Gay Pretenders," by Howard Synco. I was so interested in this superb performance that I collided with a taxi cab, which was driven by William Clower. Blackness engulfed me and during my un- consciousness I dreamed of the rest of my classmates. In my dreams I saw Faye Mullis, Ida Mae Kyzar, and Elsie McPherson playing the leading roles of the picture, "The Three Smart Girls." Wade Moss was Governor of God,s Country, Georgia, and editor-in-chief of the Atlanta journal. The Governor's wife was the former Emily Dillon. Madolyn Worthy had taken Fanny Brice's place as Baby Snooks and Lomax Stewart played Charlie McCarthy and sat on Billie Childs knee. In my unconscious state of mind I came back to visit dear old T. H. S. Here I saw Willela Graves as head of the library with Gladys Brooks as her assistant. Chester Crab- tree was teaching his favorite subject, chemistry. Lena Thomas was still cheerleader. She had stayed on to cheer D. to victory and to help George manage the team. I wandered from the school up to the business section of town. Joe Ashworth was manager of the Jitney Jungle with Fan Himberg as his cashier and wife. Fletcher Jones was now owner of the picture show and jake Fannin and W. C. Smith were ushers. Elton Wiggins was owner of a big department store where Evelyn Sikes, Sabra Floyd, and Vivian Lee modeled the clothes designed by Verdie Lee Whaley. I went to the Book Store owned by Kathryn Pullen and Julia Hayes Liger who worked there showed me two of their latest books which were, "How To Catch Your Man And Hold Him," by Annie Kate Folmar and "Secrets Of Successful Marriage," by Mildred Lindsey. I visited next the Old Maid's Home, organized by Marjorie Cox, Ethlyn Grider, and Marguerite Griffin. After leaving these girls I walked up the street and met a campaign parade. T. XV. Franklin was drum major for the band and William Shaver carried a large sign reading, "Charles Quillian for President." W. Railey and Charles Hataway were sitting on the monument watching. Sarah Talbot was now traveling with a local jazz band. Ellen Spangler was still sitting in front of Hollan's Corner waiting for Bill to get off from work. The married members of the class of ,39 were Josephine Wilkerson, Marion Warren, and Elsie Higgins. Suddenly I regained consciousness and knew that all I had just seen was a dream. BERTA Grass COLLEY, Class Prophet. Page Fifteen sf if ,. ,J V Q V-ga . as ef SUCCESSFUL GRADUATE Being a graduate is a great adventure, Being a graduate is a wonderful thing, Something like being a great explorer, Who loud with praises, his joy does sing. Being a graduate is going on a journey, Into a country strange and new, And we're proud to he able to go there, Oh, we wish we could take each of you. Our ships set sail upon the harbor of dreams, A harbor filled with hoth joy and strife, Our hearts are filled with the brightest of dreams As we lead our ships towards the sea of life. At last is sounded our parting song, As we picture our memories only in our dreams, Although we have loved these memories so long We must now look at life through some other scheme. We are happy as we mark our course on the charts, For we feel that soon we shall meet with success, If only we look at life with hopeful hearts, And use our courage in meeting all tests. But the journey is long and very tedious at first, But we have hope anchored to something above- Something which will lead us safely through life And help us on our journey with His true love. We sail the seas of life with calm and ease, Although at times our faith is served with a test We head our ship toward the rocks which lead To the harbor of success where we shall rest. LENA THOMAS, Class Poet Page Sixteen 'X ff: 1 if-Vx Q A 'Q ix Av!! ' n Q AK ' 3' X g f 3 S 553 JP '94 2:5 4 " 'sv' WFKIIQMI , f.. ,' ,ful tx? X. if' E figrlx K ' WL' ' X ti" xx 9' 31 ff' , F L gwfff !f7" L f 5- Esker? I ' 'Lf if , .qw , my 15- J' 1, TWG 531 fm if ,L 1 HS - -all S lil ., S E ,lf A ig' ,gf e Q 5 mi 2 :N 4 F R' O E 55 i W Z rn -- FU n 3 m 3 C 'F 2 U1 : :- m mi' m 5 Di he 3 iii' U 5. 5 '2 5 A S 1 -- m ET r' m 2 va 3 O 2 5 if 'f if I as 5 5 fee 5 o N 1 if ,S , Q2 , rf . .. I W . KP is ,Q-41 it 5' ' "Silence is golden." .54 is JESSE JORDAN "'VVe value him for his many fine qualitiesf' Zi- NANN IE GLEN HOWARD "One who tries to do her part well." JAMES HERRING ' "A little nonsense is relinquished by other than the wisest men." JESSIE BEULAH LINDSAY R ' "lust a quiet, sweet likeable girl." RUSSELL GIBSON "A boy who really knows his stufff, DOROTHY LEDBETTER ' ' "Cheerful, friendly and pleasing to all." Z.-fr I 3 it ii e - Q BURL MURPHY if , "5 'His play was life and his life was play." GLENNIE NALL Earth does not hold many as nice as she." CULLEN WHITE Happy and contented as long as money lasts." MCWHORTER O'NEAI.. "As true a friend as you will ever find." BRADY OWENS "Why Worry about anything?', SALLIE SOLOMAN "Friends as many as her foes are few." GUSSIE RAY PINCKARD "Life is just a span, get out of it all you can." Page Eighteen f x C. A if . J K I ,eh fi' ig! 2 e .Ali ' ' I 2 5 Yr' 6 ' 2 S nr if S E N I VIVIAN RHODES "Nature has made her what she is. ROY FAIRCLOTH "A real good sport, really s1ve'l to know." DOLLIE DUNCAN "Her actions speak louder than words." EDWARD BLACKMAN "A good sport if ever there was one MARION DUNFORD Think of all you say before you say it. JACK MOORE "Neither first nor last, 'tis good I ever passedf' MARGIE HAMMER "Precious things come in small packagesf' WARREN CARTER "Congenial chap who is always friendly." DOROTHY MCCASKILL "To know her is to like her." BRUCE BRANTLEY "A earefree hoy with a carefree wayf' INEZ CHAPMAN "A girl rca'ly worth knowing." GAMALIEL GREEN "All in all, he is a gentleman." MARY LUCILE CHILDS 'A sunny disposition is as valuable as goldf' DAVID JALANIVICH 'Smiles like his make life worth living." CLARICE DAVIS Careful and jolly, yet true all the while." BILL LANEY A true friend and all-round gooa' sport. n O R T W O Vx ... . , , 1 4 ' 5 Page Nineteen i, .. ,... ...,. , ,H I ,' '53 it Q. ,fi ,L -7- -A A - - tg 'till , ' . 'I lr fy ' 42 gg sir it yus S E N I O R s gr 5 je 4 3 -ku V .J..,., . , Page Twenty rr rf er fr fr C A 1 . T W O FRANCES FOLEY "A way of her own which gains many friendsf' ALLEN MARCUS 'Although having much Wit, he is shy in using it." JANE HENDERSON A swell girl whose value we cannot estimate." ARTHUR MOSS Determination is the master key to success." PEGGY TALBOT "A nice girl, success is sure to follow." JOHN POINTER "A friend to all is a friend of all." JANE WHITE lt is nice to be natural when you are naturally nicef' AUBREY REDMON D Perfect music and noble words live in the minds of menf' JUANITA WALDEN Never makes noise hut we know she is there." HENRY SMYTH "Where there is a will, there is a way." ANNIE MYRL CARTER "Still waters always run the deepest." AUXFORD SARTAIN "Jolly boy always doing his part well. EVELYN TROTTER "Brains and ability to do and do right. COY TAYLOR "Here is credit where credit is duef' HUGH MURPHREE The reward of a thing well done is to have done it." EDWARD WHALEY The world likes a young man who faces what he must." J. V. MURPHY Jr 1: "Good temper and good nature, a rare com- bi nation." XX . xx S X T595 fvgy' f f X li x 5 SX 4 fQWWf'f g aku X X 5 Q XX ,pf W N X 6 5 M My ff! 'F fav MW if N--" EN if N7 W? j '0'x-ff, K Q N J ,J n. U HMMMMW X if f V kiwi 'A X -5 fi '-i ? 5 IUNICR,CLASSES if J 5i avi, so V fm 'Jia 2 i 1 s Am 5IElSl5I5lSI515'l5'l5'lE!l ? l lHSg5514 515l515151515l5151515 :Zigi 'I 5 2 'af' ' in S E N I O R O N E Eland Anthony Roy Berry Max Brantley J. D. Bundriclc Clarence Cardwell Seth Copeland Vernon Ezell Hubert Harris Rufus Holmes George Housley Ross McBryde John McCrary Harold Mitcham George O'Neal Earl Pippin Hubert Stephens james Smith Harold Spencer Durwood Ward Gerald Williford joe Crabtree Malcolm Pointer Madolyn Chambers Dorothy Chapman Josephine Chandler Helen Green Helen Grider Lucille ,leffcoat Agnes Mathews Eulalia Reynolds Ivey Shultz Dorothy Sellers Billie Swain Alice Welch john Ashworth Edlo Grimes Clinton Harris Joe Hollis Edwin Howard Dorsey Lee jack McCalman Gene Murphree Ray Paul Ray Powell Leighton Sessions David Smith Edward Snead Page Twenty-two Edwin Starling Lawrence Ward John C. Wilkes Arthur Graves Robert Andress Harold Rhodes Lucretia Bodiford Doris Browder Lucille Byrd Evelyn Carroll Virginia Collins Oleta Crowe Laverta Green Kathryn Horton Kdell Kahaley Eamestine Mathews Juanita McNeil Mary Helen Paul Virginia Ryals Sue Seaborn Vivian Sellers Pauline Thomas Marjorie Whitehurst Annette Inubinette ply fQ 4 .X ,V JUNIOR THREE Hilda Ashworth Carolyn Boatner Marion Blackman Nell Brannen Peggy Coleman Kathleen Davis Mary Folmar Marjorie Grimes Jean Haisren Augusta Howard Rachel jordan Evelyn Lucas Virginia Moore Mary Edna Nance Nlary Martha Powell Martha Riley Gladys Ryals Mary Spradley jean Quillin james Cochran Billy Cosby Moye Eddins Wilbur Hester Swinson Kimbrough Alvie Lee Billy Key Lewis Ed McDonald Homer Mulican james Powell Raymond Pritchett Lewis Shaver J. D. Snead Thomas Stephens Joel Witherington john Whaley Dick Campbell Homer Gunter Daniel Hattaway Fred Himberg Felix Leslie Haskell Locklar Fred Moss Billy Pierce Henry Rutherford Robert Scarbrough Homer Stallings Flora Babbir Elizabeth Blackman Elizabeth Cox Florette Davis Cornelia Eagan Mary Faircloth Marjorie Graves Naomi Killingsworth Mary Frances Largent Mayola Matthews Grace McCall Nlarilyn McNair Mary Nall Ann Ogelrree Effie Pinckarcl Mary Ann Powell Sara Preer Kathryn Price Eugenia Pullen Nlaiy Shaw Helen Speed Mable Remples Norma Trotter Cluistine Ware Marie Wilson Page Twenty-three I ' 4 H if ' f I Ink ' : 3 5 711 1 a 4 2 ' ' V' ' 'fi' J U N I O R T W O James Barbaree Lamar Boutwell Sellers Collins Harvey Fordham Charles M. Green Billie Griffin Homer Harris Ewell Hickman Austin Higgins Mathew McDonald Melvin McKiven james Mullis james 0'Neal Hamilton Shepherd Xviiliam Smith james Starling Monroe Warren Dock Wheeler Wade Vaughn Curry Jordan Sue Greene Everette McGowan Ford Taylor Freddie Smith Robert Gellerstedt Charles Graves Ray Home Edna Huggins Gloria Stephens Dolores Crowe Bill Wfilliams G. T. Gibson Elbert White Cnrhrinc Lunsford Whlma Ruth Folmar Mary Ruth Williams Mamie McGill Ruth Cardwell Anne Higgins David Conrad Elha Mae Cobb Dean Stephens Lenora Wheeler Louise Donaldson Melba Lena Slaughter Robert Stallins Curtis Sellers Ray Boutwell Tommy Cowles Herbert Haisten Donald Monroe Marjorie Williams Page Twenty-four Ida Pointer Lorie Andress Louise Atwell Dorothy Brantley Emma Brooks Doris Chambers Earle Mae Donaldson Dolly Dunbar Carolyn Faulkner Jane Greene Bobbie Jacobs Edith Johnson julia Laney Francis Marcus Mary McWhorter Eulene Money Virginia Moore Merle Mullican Catherine Powell Hazel Reeves Eleanor Reynolds Avey Schultz Elizabeth Spurloclc Peggie Talbot Jewell Truett Billy Horton VF NNN 'LHS f YY '5' 'H Q71 DBF, 'flex w f. s f 5 11 , M? ' fee-3 rar s J U N I O R O N E Betty Nloore Frances Seaborn Lillian Spurlock jean Wison Frances Wingard Thomas Chapman Robert Brown George Folmar Bobby Griffin Edward Henderson Bryant Matthews Wfilliam Newsome Cletus Perkins james Rhoades Roy Wiggins Lewis Williford Woodroe Wingard Enoch Wyatt Hildred Blanton Dorothy Byrd Myrtle Flowers Jeretha Fowler Mary Frances Graves Ernestine Harding Hazel Hughes Hilda Jordan Martha Kirkland Betty Burkes Quarles Bobie Lee Skelton Louise Thomas Hulen Barbaree Billy Gibson Sam Gibson Charles Giddens Donald Hammer Jack lVlcGowan Robert Micldlebrooks Tum Phillips Calvin Stephenson Charles Truitt Alice Blackmon Ruth Boyd Dorothy L. Bryant Elizabeth Cox Winona Davis Doris Folmar Juanita Green Willodean Kelly Clara Lake Lucille Lake Catherine Marlowe jewel Park Priscilla Phelps Ruth Rodgers Rebecca Rutherford Martha Ann Smith Ollie Bell Spurlark Mary Elizabeth Trotman Lewie Byrd Page Twenty-fn Mathew Fowler Billie Gibson Raymond Graves Rupert Greene Maurice Hollis Ray Hughes Roy Lee James Lott Thomas Murphree Charles O'Neal Rufus Perry Homer Reeves Micheal Sheperd Byron Witherington Betty Anderson Iren Ashworth Dorothy Barnes Marion Bowers Lucy Copeland Beulah Gibson Mary Louise Gibson Mavis Head 4 Matha Jackson Patsy Ruth Jones Alice Kelly Margaret Law Doris Leslie Elsie Payne Ruth Perry f ' ' 2. 5-El-I5'5L1 f 1HSg Page Twenty-ri 2 1 Ll-Sew QQ. if--" if' , f E7?if4, Hx Wifi +1 Tw K d?Q'Qkf' 1 .N we -' IQ' txxxw nh 2 Kg x Z! 'R 3 J, 9723? if 2 'N 4 V1 1 , r ig X- 9 0' T' "T"-VN f f Ellyn fx Q4 NWS L MQ ,VZ K- I Q RSA IZAT1 sg! J 4 I z"' I5 S YS' FIDELES QUINDECIM Motto-"Nil desperondumn Colors-Ruber et Albus Flower-Rose OFFICERS Kathryn Horton . ..... A President Doris Browder . . Vice President Dorothy Chapman Secretary Ray Paul . . ..... Treasurer MEMBERS McWhorter O'Neal Oleta Crowe Ernestine Matthews Virginia Collins Eland Anthony Pauline Thomas Page Twenty-eight Vivian Sellers Billie Swain Marjorie Whitehurst Juanita McNeil Maclolyn Chambers .1 Mn 5' I 7 K.. T . 1 is? .-4:-1 f ' me .fir ' in Ml If ,un-,ua FUTURE HOME-MAKERS ASSOCIATION Marjorie Cox . Vivian Lee , . . Faye Mullis . , , Mrs. Henry Ben Wood Lotherene Bruce Marjorie Cox Salnra Floycl Willela Graves Ethlyn Grider Marguerite Griffin Elsie Higgins Ida Mae Kyzar Vivian Lee Faye Mullis Evelyn Silces Marion Warren Josephine Wilkerson Annie Myrl Carter OFFICERS MEMBERS Inez Chapman Mary Lucile Childs Dollie Duncan Dorothy Lecllnetter Glennie Nall Beulah Welch Doris Browder Dorothy Chapman Cfeta Crowe Lucile Jeffcoat Iclell Kahaley Agnes Mathews Ernestine Mathews Page Twenty-nine . President , Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser Juanita McNeill Vivian Sellers Pauline Thomas Marjorie Whitehurst Lucile Byrd Evelyn Carroll Josephine Chandler Helen Green Helen Grider Annette Inabinette Mary Helen Paul Virginia Ryals Sue Seaborn Alice Welch JJ, Miss Roxie Dunbar A jesse jordan john Pointer Arthur Moss Peggy Talbot Jane White Lucille -Ieffcoat jane Henderson Mary Powell Gladys Ryals Peggy Talbot Coy Taylor Warren Carter jack Moore Reese Doclcery Roy Faircloth Dollie Duncan Carolyn Boatner Mary Folmar Jean Quillin GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Page Thirty Mary Nall Billie Swain Hilda Ashworth Mary Ruth Williams Ida Pointer Billy Key Lewis Erhlyn Grider Marjorie Cox Lotherene Bruce Josephine Chandler Beulah Welch Mary Lucile Childs Dorothy Ledlnetter Helen Grider Faye Mullis Vivian Lee Rachele Jordan David jalanivich Norma Trotter Director TIS Q e Ls fi W L - N' li 5 W 4? gif nrgs QW PYTHAGOREAN'CLUB jane Henderson . . Evelyn Trotter . Lomax Stewart , jesse Jordan . Miss Sammie Davis Edward Blackman Bruce Brantley joe Cohn Gamaliel Green Margie Hammer jane Henderson Charles Hataway jesse Jordan Bill Laney OFFICERS MEMBERS Hugh Murphree Page Thirty-one jack Moore Arthur Moss Aubrey Redmond Brady Owens Auxford Sartain Henry Smyth Lomax Stewart Howard Synco Evelyn Trotter President Vice-President , Secretary Representative . Advisor f an 5- E1 I 7,5-., n W T H S COMMERCIAL Josephine Wilkerson Frances Himherg . Wade Moss , , Sabra Floyd Lotherine Bruce Bruce Brantley Wade Moss Lena Thomas Chester Crabtree Joe Ashworth Dorothy McCaskill Ellen Spangler Frances Himhcrg Gladys Brooks jane White Henry Leslie C1ussie Ray Pinckard OFFICERS MEMBERS Page Thirty-two CLUB President Vice-President Josephine Willcerson Mary Henderson Black Marion Warren Clarice Davis Elsie McPherson Earnest Threadgill Berta Gibbs Colley Fletcher Jones Vivian Lee Frank Andress Frances Foley Sabra Floyd Burl Murphy Secretary Treasurer af! 4 l. f-Mme , :ei- 951 ,ll if DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS CLASS Burl Murphy 1. V. Murphy Minchener Willcens Coy Taylor Ecl Whaley john W. Whaley Cullen White J. W. Railley Joe Gilchrist William Clower MEMBERS A Page Thirty-three Russell Gibson Kyle Sermon Huey Corbett Edlow Grimes Gussie Ray Pinckarcl Billy Childs Allen Marcus J. D. Bunclriclc Parnell Powell Alva Register G' ?v U I' fTl Y Y V F' - 12 l , ix i A 'I S la ll' STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER T. W. Franklin . . Hugh Murphree Frances Himberg . Lomax Stewart . OFFICERS . President . . . Vice-President , . Secretary . . , . Head Marshall . REPRESENTATIVES SECOND SEMESTER William Shaver Hugh Murphree Frances Hirnberg Lomax Stewart Helen Speed Oleta Crowe Dorothy Chapman Sally Solomon Jane Henderson Alice Kelley Marjorie Graves Marjorie Williams J. D. Snead Monroe Warren Doris Folmar Page Thirty-four Jack McGowan Ford Taylor james O'Neal William Newsome Wade Moss Gene Murphree Bill Laney David -Ialanivich I-lenry Leslie George O'Neal P 7 Z- ig W- -rx Q T Q? e ii' sawn We ' 5 5 4.5-' 1" a A 2 S ' wi :lr fir H HKS? ' P' j! ' 2 5 W SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Sara Riley .,,.. ,.., P resident Jane Henderson . . . Vice-President Ellen Spangler . . Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. james A. Wright , . , , . Sponsor MEMBERS Eland Anthony Doris Browder Madolyn Chambers Dollie Duncan Emily Dillon T. W. Franklin Margie Hammer Jane Henderson Kathryn Horton Edwin Howard jesse jordan Henry Leslie Dorothy McCaslcill Arthur Moss McWhorter O'Neal Page Thirty-fvc john Pointer Malcolm Pointer Charles Quillian Aubrey Redmond Eulalia Reynolds Sara Riley Auxford Sartain Dorothy Sellers Henry Smith Ellen Spangler Howard Synco Lena Thomas Beulah Welch Jane White Madolyn Worthy 9' V 0 f' ,, Q' . sghl .1 ' W 5 X Mr Herman Moll . McWhorter O'Neal , Hugh Capers Allen Marcus Ernest Threadgill Ross McBryde Aubrey Redmond joe Hollis Harold Livingston Gamaliel Green Cyril Reddoch john McCrary Burl Murphy Henry Leslie Thomas Stevens Leon Boatner Billy Horton TROY HI BAND Eland Anthony John Pointer Brady Owens Elbert White Sally Soloman Billy Key Lewis Auxford Sartain Harold Spencer Dorothy Sellers Max Brantley Mary Francis Largent Maclolyn Chambers Mary Lucille Childs Mary Nall Mary Folmar Mary Elizabeth Trotman Page Thirty-:ix . Director Drum Major r 0 'R 'N e E o - . 5. I, K ff f - e . dx. l f. i 2 5 qw ' Q e e - e gg W TROY HIGH ORCHESTRA Herman H. Moll , Elizabeth Boswell . Ernest Threaclgill Aubrey Redmond Auxforcl Sartain Elbert White Clinton Harris Merle Mulican Mary Frances Largent John McCrary Page Thirty-seven Peggy Coleman Lewis Shaver Gamaliel Green Joe Hollis Dorothy Sellers Henry Leslie Leon Beamer . Director Accompanist F 7 X' 'X TROY CHAPTER OF NATIONAL BETA CLUB The purpose of this organization shall be the promotion of scholastic excellence and the cultivation of the ideals of loyalty, courage, honesty, and leadership among high school students. Madolyn Worthy Evelyn Silces Verdie Lee Whaley Betta Gibbs Colley . Miss Estelle McCullough Betta Gibbs Colley Dollie Duncan Marion Dunford Frances Foley T. W. Franklin Ethlyn Grider Margie Hammer jane Henderson Frances Himberg Jesse Jordon OFFICERS MEMBERS Ida Mae Kyzar Henry Leslie Mildred Lindsey Dorothy McCaslcill Hugh Murphree Arthur Moss McWhorter O'Neal Glennie Nall Kathrine Pullen Charles Quillian Madolyn Worthy Page Thirty-eigbl . . President . Vice-President . Secretary , Treasurer Aubrey Redmond Sara Riley William Shaver Sallie Soloman Evelyn Silces Peggy Talbot Lena Thomas Evelyn Trotter Verdie Lee Whaley Jane White Sponsor K.. Zi V if 9 5 -,I H fd S rj Vlk l 2 ,fm nl. r I H S 1' t ! " l 2 Wy .H so f: ' J' ' ,' Hi' Madolyn Worthy . Berta Gibbs Colley Mary Henderson Black Sarah Talbot . . Leon Boatner . . Miss Mary Watson Betta Gibbs Colley . Evelyn Sikes . , Sara Riley . . , Madolyn Worthy Leon Boatner . Miss Mary Watson Mary Henderson Black Leon Boatner Betta Gibbs Colley Emily Dillon Annie Kate Folmar LES ELITES La Devise-"En Avant" Les Coleurs-La Rouge Et La Blanche La Fleur-La Rose OFFICERS, FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER MEMBERS Willela Graves Elsie Higgins Ida Mae Kyzar Sara Riley Page Thirty-nine , President . Vice-President . Secretary , Treasurer . Reporter . . Sponsor President Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . , . . Reporter , Delegate . . . , 4 Sponsor Evelyn Silces Ellen Spangler Sarah Talbot Lena Thomas Madolyn Worthy Y , , 7 ,L e ' O UN my -- f S ' ,X B., 'J' LES QUINZE La Devise-"C'est le premier pas qui coutef' Les Coleurs--La Verte Et La Blanche La Fleur-Le Chrysantheme OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Jane White 4 4 ......,.,... . . President Margie Fairchild . .,.,,,,, , , Vice-President Mary Lucile Childs . Secretary Dorothy McCaskill . Treasurer Peggy Talbot , , . Reporter Miss Mary Watson .... ..,. . Sponsor OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Frances Head . ..,... . . . President McWhorter O'Neal .,,.., . Vice-President Kathryn Horton . Secretary-Treasurer Jane White . A A . . Reporter Miss Mary Watson ..., . . . Sponsor Inez Chapman Annie Charles Childs Mary Lucile Childs Frances Head MEMBERS jane Henderson Kathryn Horton Dorothy Ledhetter Dorothy McCaski1l Page Forty McWhorter O'Neal Frances Stone Peggy Talbot jane White J THE JUNIOR MUSIC CLUB Motto-"The joy of life is Music" Colors-Pink and Green Flowers-Sweet Peas OFFICERS Kathryn Horton , . , . , A President Sarah Talbot .... . Vice-President Annie Kate Folmar . . , . Secretary Mary Henderson Black . . . . , Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Henderson Black Carolyn Boatner Nell Brannen Lucy Copeland Cornelia Eagan Annie Kate Folmar Mary Folmar Jane Green Margie Hammer jane Henderson Kathryn Horton Dorothy McCaslcill Marilyn McNair Martha Ann Smith Mary Spradley Sarah Talbot Marjorie Williams Madolyn Worthy Mrs. Mary M. Selman, Sponsor Page Forty-one 'ff BIB! ill Fw H h ""x lf 'Ji l 5 g 43,6 ,T I i Z S ' Q' 1 Q E ' fi 1 TROJAN ENGLISH CLUB alce Fannin , Dorsey Lee . . Gerald Williford , . Annette Inahinette Warren Carter Joe Cohen Harold Rhodes Roy Berry Dorris Browder J. D. Bundrick Lucile Byrd Dorothy Chapman Virginia Collins Oleta Crowe Vernon Ezell Clinton Harris Rufus Holmes Idell Kahaley Ernestine Mathews John McCrarey Juanita McNeil OFFICERS MEMBERS James Smith Page Forty-two Joe Gilchrist Virginia Ryals Ivey Schultz Vivian Sellers Hurhert Stephens Leighton Sessions Ed Snead Pauline Thomas Lawerence Ward Jerald Williford Burl Murphy Juanita Walden Cullen White Dorsey Lee Jessie Beulah Lindsay Jake Fannin Arthur Graves Edlo Grimes President Vice-President Secretary , 7 ,,. YHS Q. X. fr ,- - , u A QQ-. 1"' ' i 6 5 iff Editor-in-Chief Social Editors Feature Editors Senior Reporter Reporters Typist . Advisor TROY HI NEWS STAFF , . Jane Henderson Glennie Nall, Jane White Peggy Talbot, Arthur Moss, Jesse Jordan, Aubrey Redmond . . . Madolyn Worthy Kathryn Horton, Eulalia Reynolds, Anne Ogletree Page Fvrtv-lhzee , . , lVlargie'Hammer , Mrs. Alice Edwards J! 7 all f as R SPARTAN CLUB OFFICERS Ross McBryde . . . . President Eland Anthony . . . Vice President Gene Murhpree ...,, . . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Joe Crabtree Eland Anthony john Ashworth Max Brantley Clarence Cardwell Evelyn Carroll Josephine Chandler Madolyn Chambers Seth Copeland Lillian Gibson Laverta Green Lucile .Ieffcoat Hubert Harris Joe Frost Hollis Kathryn Horton George Housley Edwin Howard Page Forty-four Ross McBryde Jack McCalman Harold Mitcham Gene Murphree George O'Neal Eulalia Reynolds Sue Seaborn Dorothy Sellers Harold Spencer Edwin Starling Durwood Ward Alice Welch Marjorie Whitehurst Billie Swain Ray Paul Earl Pippin Agnes Matthews 'J ll' S 7 I T ?'Q"K fi ' 'Q fo 5 Q mi' . ,I 3 Z Q l 1. L 1 . r 5 5 QM O it ' "' f' A UI" Sara Riley Lomax Stewart . Hugh Murphree Joe Ashworth john Ashworth Max Brantley Lucile Byrd Seth Copeland Marjorie Cox Chester Crabtree Dollie Duncan Gamaliel Green Ethlyn Grider Helen Grider Marguerite Griffin Clinton Harris Edwin Howard David Jalanivich Jesse Jordan TROY CHAPTER OF ALABAMA JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE OFFICERS MEMBERS Bill Laney Henry Leslie Julia Ligger Ross McBryde Maurice Miller -Iaclc Moore Arthur Moss Wade Moss Eugene Murphree Hugh Murphree George O'Neal Brady Owens Earl Pippin Earl Powell Aubrey Redmond Page Forty-fvc A . President , . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Eulalia Reynolds Sara Riley Virginia Ryals Auxford Sartain Dorothy Sellers William Shaver Ed Snead Harold Spencer Henry Smyth W. C. Smith Lomax Stewart Peggy Tallnot Beulah Welch Verclie Lee Whaley joe Crabtree Durwood Kelly se! -, H THQ ,-X ff - - L E A h , , of V d 3 Y gxwagi v ,Wi 51 AM' '. sig R Page Forty-.fix F' ATHLETIC f J A ' 2 ' E 3:12 .L I 2 Y H S sl 'QI-2' gig fe f - -5 vw ATRIBUTE TO THE TEAM OF '39 Left End-Captain Reese Dockery: A fine leader, a good sixty minute man-a much improved player. Left Tackle-Henry Smyth: A big boy who played good football. Left Guard-Coy Taylor: The mainstatv in our line-a good defensive player. Hard worker. Much credit due him. Made All-State Team. Center-Buck Quillian: A new-comer-a great first year player. A fine line backer. Much credit is due him. Didn't make but three bad passes. Right Guard-William Shaver: A new-comer, hard worker-rather light for a line- man-makes it up in fight. Right Tackle--Lomax Stewart: Largest boy on the squad-another first year man, a consistent player. Right End-J. D. Bundrick: A good pass receiver, good blocker, fine all around boy. Left Half-Ed Snead: The heaviest back. Great High School back. Good kicker, passer, and runner. Good defensive player. Along with others, a hearty salute. Quarterback-David Jalanivich: A new boy on our squad-a fine blocker and a very hard worker-a fine boy. Full Back-J, D. Snead: Another first-year boy who played jam-up football. Good blocker-has "never quit" attitude. Right Half-Leon Boatner: Light, fast, much improved. Hampered by a bad knee. We'll miss him. Page F any-eight fs ,-X J.. A A ,W a n 2 5 fre' Hugh Murphree Robert Scarbrough joe Crabtree J. V. Murphy THE SQUAD Chester Crabtree Nlaurice Miller Hurbert Stephens Ross lVlcBryde Elancl Anthony Joe Ashworth Harold Mitchem Daniel Hataway R E S E R V E S Roy Faircloth Bill Laney Austin Higgins Page Forty-nine K- I at c at -414 ffm FOOTBALL '38 With the first call to practice early in September, it looked from the first that Troy High would have a good football team. The team, under the leadership of Coach Dildy, was built from five of last year's letter men. A full month was required for fin- ishing out the team and then it looked as if one player was as good as the other. The Orange and Blue drove hard from the start by whipping Auburn 13 to 7, which was the first team it played. The next game also proved to be a victory when we whipped Wetumpka 13 to 0. The following week was one of hard work for we were to meet our old rival, Andalusia. We defeated them 19 to 0. We also defeated Louisville 19 to 0 the following week. We then began our out of town games by defeating Union Springs 13 to 0. Luverne was our next victim and we defeated them 20 to 0. Our hardest game was against Eufaula, when they de- feated us 34 to O. Our next game was forfeited by Marianna 1 to 0. This put us in good shape for the game Thanksgiving when we defeated Ozark 18 to 0. This was one of the most successful seasons Troy High has ever had, and with the pros- pects for next year we expect even greater success. Page Fifty 9'.! Y, A N W- .. F QL-. V? 'Y H E' X .T L 2 S s ' TENNIS TEAM In the year of 1937, Troy High had a traveling tennis team for the first time in years. The year started with a championship match which was organized by Miss Kirkland. After weeks of hard playing, the winner of the girls singles was found to be Frances "Fan', Himberg and the winner of the boys singles, Gene Murphree. To each of the winners was given a beautiful loving cup which was made possible by the hard work of each tennis member and Miss Kirkland. After completting a most successful season, each member of the tennis team was given a letter "T" for his good playing. HERE TROY .,r... ...S OZARK ....2 LUVERNE 0 TROY .,... . . 2 TROY .... .... 6 ANDALUSIA . , . . , . . 2 THERE LUVERNE .... ...0 TROY ....5 TROY.,.... ...S OZARKU.. ....4 ANDALUSIA . . . . . 4 TROY . , . . 4 Page Fifty-one w a-5' ' Q AIR, if 2 3 ,111 M- WHS Page Fifty-two xx me mah Y g 2" cuff- Q. E:?L?'5.,.,. f ff! A jd if ig W fy gg? N fake YR lg XX 1 f-f..2 if in Z 1 , Y 3? A f 2:5 5 f J ,QE V ,f f f ig , if ,ig ' 1 , A f f W X. u f gn K L 1 " d x ,gf 1 X , .,f 0" : 1' -Af' If f Y 'Ill ' ll . ifi J ' E 1 :wi 7 5715 -ll , fig , :I . W, , ' 3 :J L XX ,- -2 - f-fff ,Q , fl fia -Z-, ' 4' 4, 'Y .lx , rrrr K " ! J TURE X: 357 V I5 55555555555l 5 5555555555 6329 CQLENNIE NAU. ELAND AN Biggs' 3, QNX Page Fzfty-four TH ,e, 1 faq A g V171 'E 1 i i HS 1 f in rar ww f wx W? mum V U v ffm X MARY E. TROTM AN JOEL M' MBS Pa e Fifi -fir N GTON I wg? HENRY 'LESLI E 5yHsj , WX yy GD JOE ASHWORTH f-5 fx N - N , 'k V 4-4 ks SARA Dfw Sli?-Q LEY i ,P Q' Q45 ,ff f ,gnu F- af jg? xx , 1-1 SQ li! ff lyx Ya ,,, , , 5 ,..,-,al g ig! fl li' ! 7 K 571 X j laid N X 'ga 'Kd , Aff' 'X 1 'VP ff? I 'ff aljgfp xx fp' X dz 3 , IL- j Q--1 ,fa 1 if ,,,f ,,:. - N ff? X fd f 'fa-sf 5 kq- 'i:,'i X f' af fvg,..lT1Qif- Grxkr ' , sf .. i , 'bIF2m. 'i-k55 .1 Jrf' l 'H ' 'A sa-I X fy , an Q f X ,' ' x ,, . . , ima.: , ,n, ,f . . f . '-'- 1-.-:f., 4 v-1 . P ' 3 ff , 5-f-1' ' irs gfids .E fill, Y, ' X LT 54" -9 ' X f --H 1' A . f N x wx Q- f,,,.f"" fu ,- xxx: ff! -siiz 'ffff - gg? f -A ,,-, W' AA- 8, i . FL?-2.1, - , E X , ' ' -'lv g w . , 'F4' "k - ,, " ' " N X ff" 3"-f' ' L2 ' i K' X , ?T N f' Q "' Qggffg: X ' Q' ' X 1 X VA X - 'fffwz-.-3, JV, NX, if pqfjg X - ' f ff Iii: 1? X . f , f ffja A-,-' V - x . kk A hifi. rw' ' ' ' ,, f x Y A ' ,fs X + ww- ' f 'fr M? 3,14 J' ' N X -, ' Wjliz Q if ', H K X X ? Y - V, ff f- ,, , SX M M R SW x "xx v-I h - L E x X Fw, :Tix 'f -g4fi5? iX f -+Q f'N , I i X -gall Ikyk, - , ig it Y --?- - - ' SL' f x-- ' 3 E W. L. GAY, Agent SHELL Petroleum Products Troy, Alabama Compliments of FALCON INGRAM TAILOR Phone 138 Compliments of Ramsey's 10c Store Compliments of Dorrill Grocery FIRST NATIONAL CO. AUTO FINANCES "Where Friends Meet" HOLLAN'S CORNER W. H. Hollan, Owner Compliments of Week's Beauty Salon Gulf Pride Service Station L. Grady Shaver, Proprietor Phone 36 Compliments of Redmond's Cash Store r 'r 4,::::::::::::::::::::::::::: V Compliments of Dr. J. O. Colley, Jr. Compliments of Troy Printing Co. Phone 216 Troy, Ala. Compliments of A. 81 P. Curtis Hudson Russell Berry Compliments of Dr. J. R. Ashworth Licensed Chiropractor 17 Years in Troy Hollan Realty Company "WE SELL THE EARTH" Compliments of ul' DR. CHESTER BECK CLAYTON FRANKLIN DR. R. S. FOSTER 1. E. GIDDENS GERALD HENDERSON CARROLL LAWRENCE RUBE LAWRENCE T. E. MURRHREE CECIL MCSWAIN H. T. MCKINNON CLAUDE QUARLES A. C. SPENCER HENRY SESSIONS DR. H. SACKS UHLMAN BAKERY H. B. WOOD WILLIAM A. WHITE JOHN WILKERSON LOUIS CORLEY MAYER'S GARAGE SHIRD SHIRLEY FIRST FARMERS AND MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK Troy, Alabama Will Help You to "Prepare now to have GOLD in your poclcet when you have SILVER in your hair Total Assets Over Four Million Dollars Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Use SINCE 1883 STANDARD FERTILIZER Made by STANDARD CHEMICAL CO., IIIC. Troy, Alabama Sole Manufacturer of AUBURN SPECIAL 6-8-4 GUANO Fertilizer Plant Capacity 50,000 Tons Cotton Seecl Oil Plant Capacity 30,000 Tons THERE IS NOTHING JUST AS GOOD AS MILK IT IS THE MOST EXCELLENT FOOD KNOWN ARCADIA DAIRY CO. Troy, Alabama "Save a Nickel on a Quarter" at your Troy J itney-J ungle P 41 ii L- f-v 41 41 41 1 41 I 41 41 1 1 1 1 :1 1 COLONIAL CLUB Across from Edge Hospital DINE and DANCE Manager, Pickens Wilson Ingram's Tourist Camp TEXACO PRODUCTS LUNCI-IES and COLD DRINKS Phone 9179 Troy, Alabama 41 L- V 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 RIVERSIDE CAFE BEST PLACE TO EAT Serve All Kinds of Drinks HOME COOKING Phone 220 McGehee-J ones Co., Inc. MORTUARY Troy, Alabama F ----- ---v---- 41 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 41 Mrs. Bettie Boyd, District Manager Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York Life Insurance and Annuities ---v--v-------H 'ar 1 ROGER'S I ' MURPHREE BEAUTY SALON 1' , Insurance Agency un, THE BEST IN it INSURANCE THAT INSURES 'I BEAUTY CULTURE . phone 87 'I 1: phon 216 Troy' Ala' Troy Bank BL Trust Co. Building fittiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Liiiiiiiiiiii:iiixiiiiiiiii I: :Y DRINK A BITE TO EAT - . 'E fl THE CITY I M '- , DRUG STGRE ', 1 ' ' ' TROY HIGH 1 Ar 10, 2, az 4 0210614 I L "UD Town Headquarters" Phone 459 I :g Phone 611 ,,:,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, LL -,,, xx, HENDERSON, BLACK 81. GREENE MILL GUMPANY Quality Building Materials Contractors Genuine Montevallo Coal '00-----'Qv--- Goodyear Service Store Tires, Tubes and Batteries Accessories-On Credit 57 Court Square BOWER MERCANTILE CO. Troy, Alabama Compliments of Pearl Trotter School of Beauty Culture Look Your Best by Visiting Bryan's Beauty Shoppe Home of those Natural Looking Waves Phone 664 BABCOCK DAIR.Y GRADE A MILK l'l. T. Babcock, jr., Proprietor If You Want Better Values for Less Money, Shop at Harvey's New Store Troy, Alabama Compliments of I 9 V. J. Elmore s 5, 10, and S1 Store ROSENBERG'S Extends Greetings to the Faculty and Students of the TROY HIGH SCHOOL We are roud to have this o ortunit to extend to ou P PP Y Y also an invitation to make this store "Your Store" "Everything That Is Stylish" READY-TO-WEAR FOOTWEAR Outfitters to the Family ROSENBERG'S YOU'LL ALWAYS BE GLAD YOU BOUGHT A GENERAL ELECTRIC Refrigerator Range Radio Waslming Machine Vacuum Cleaner Appliance Sold lay BRANTLEY BROS. HARDWARE CO. Troy, Alabama Phone 315 O'NEAL MOTORS DODGE and PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE Compliments of JOHN J. COLLINS Nichols' Book Store . APPRECIATES YOUR PATRONAGE MARY'S PLACE CAFE Eats a Specialty --------------,---------,,:,, DRINK ROYAL CROWN COLA Because It's Good Nehi Bottling Co. Compliments of Warren's Cash Grocery J. W. Baker A-- Complimems of Compliments of Independent 'HM INGRAM MERCHANT TAILOR Oil Company Troy, Alabama ----,-----,----- CAPERS DRY CLEANERS "Cleaning Decidedly Better" TROY'S OLDEST AND LARGEST CLEANING PLANT One-Half Block from Post Offlce Phone 38 Nothing Can Take the Place of INSURANCE Insure With Farmers 8z Merchants Insurance Co., Inc. "Agency of Service" Phone 140 --- .......... ------ ---L Compliments of EDGE HOSPITAL WILEY GUANOS Manufactured by Alabama Warehouse Company Troy, Alabama Compliments of J. T. VANN Service Station Phone 500 Troy, Ala Compliments of ' TEXACO ---- ----Q--- WHALEY LUMBER CO. Troy, Alabama OUR SERVICE MAKES BUILDING A PLEASURE V 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 L Hutchinson-Taylor Body Works BEAR ALIGNMENT Phone 686 Wrecker Service Coleman-Jernigan Business Service Stationers, Office Outfitters Troy, Alabama V 1 1 1 11 '1 11 '1 TROTMAN LIVESTOCK DEALER Compliments of Fitzgerald Seed Store 1 1 11 p:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Sam S. Williams Service Station TEXACO PRODUCTS 11 11 L-o::::::::::::::::::::::::::: T:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ' JAMES GARAGE 1 :E INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS ,: McCormick-Deering Machines 'fljjiiliiiiijiifffiiijjjiiiiQ 1 Troy Chemical Co. ,E for , JANITOR SUPPLIES L, :-f:::::::::::::::::::- 'E Compliments 11 Q' Jack L. Giddens Attorney At Law 5 K 11 v----v-- --------- - ----vvv GEORGE R. O'NEAL BUICK Compliments Alex Brantley Probate Judge ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -,3 4, - - il -f 15. V 1"' f X N f I 'lu--3 jf --, rt r'vN "ll , 'I I ' Y-f NM- -' I I N 3 N., gf'i'7 ji ,2?1if'T " m " ? "I Sag? f?f'FF5Fiii355::zr:HF+f!EEQh2I -Fiigfgi f ,1" 'f'.Q5f" 'Y law' Wiki? U' 'JI' IIIIII7 i, I ,CALL . af, '11.K,:',E I H ., II! I IEI I .1 I I - I I ell? II I1x,.-- 3,-7.1 "3,ffg,-Q -I I '.j,g'J -. Ig' I I-I III I I ' 'I I . I II.-Q,,Yr'f' 1 'FI I I '- I I I II J 'fl I -:L ,V ' I ,I'2,f,I'g4qe f,,. 1 .,,. -LW I I '-, "W, 1.3! 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Suggestions in the Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, AL) collection:

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1939, pg 30

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1939, pg 46

Troy High School - Trojan Yearbook (Troy, AL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 41

1939, pg 41

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