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w J if 1 5 1 v , J WQ ig? Q: ff-""n ix..- PM F ,. , ,, , b and memories that cling X, 5- 1 A, ff, thanks to 'F ime 1 vi z paths ' to walk R r --Q , . J ?ifQ'ku ' 5 Q3 W F373 1 "W I I . , 1 J . , r , X, hmm.: ,JM 54 a I 54nd tall hills to climb BKHJ :m-X A X . a ,-h,. WK-., s ww WMM.,--.., SEK X f " . 4109 xx . Wk I M W 'V 'IV L 15 N mul j "f'slf'filf' lun 5 'im' H,,1lUlf x M! F , MQW flllixnpll alwllr SWIM'-u,, Wg , dl MJF Z M x N A ' l 'pn 15. ,Ql2g:..,'5f3!l15iEi7 ' P 'Jw f'lr1!f3:f. W g " 'FW Giiigzv A f 'M lm - f 1,9111 W Qgiig 'N Il IQQQSW lnlmlv' YA -. -,ffs1XN1L--Qxxxxumi,2E' ' " , ' W Nl! NW WW L 'M v"f,,ifnU'2, , rj' 'V A 4 nf 'Q W f. Q31 Wlllvfllf"'!"'i""ff-f' ',', X, W' sh " I ,f 'vflffw W up ,ff - ,. Q, Jiihl gi, .'1F2Eff,41 ,ll I N 4 y lflllqwllkl 4,1 s Ak' Mlvgsrstbxl .. 1 ',:'h I ' Lin ,m-ar::::!gSf5:gS', lHllg i'r :ld nv 'M r uw lla "Film 'll'W"""'- -:!!.,frlHIJn. '-fvsssar:--f. M Y, N 'N p n'lii72Su-::.:f I. ..,. ,. H' y -Qfh w x -.. 4 ' GEF f 7 3 ,.1aFf1if 1'- 111, 1 Ly-1 - 1IlIlIlll1 -. 11f""'w "' 11+1'2fiLg1f 1491- 1 U WL ' NJQ -Hill' WIP, 1 K 1 1 . a Q, mn 1 -I !'f?Siqffl'5f A4I' 'i1f111111-MH W N Q 1 B' 8 f" '5 if X 1 1 111111 1 XJ Y x bi 1 1'-1 M V -8 X f l 1 fl ,N 1 ,X 114 'g1'?jMf1 f-I " ' 1 1 M 1- I J M 1 'A C1 ' 'x M1115 1 I 1, X it I' 1' K hx . xx V 11 11 1 W 'W I' dl Mlmlmw 11" ! 57 .I I 1' 1,5 in ul ll 1? , 1 I 1 I Rig, R'-. 1 1 's 1 A 1 1 ' 1" ' 1 L, I I '1 ' I' I A X 11, . .11 1,1 1 fu . 1 A 1 I1 IW In - 1 1 ' W xmlllf " A A m L' 11-1 131:51 1 av N A 1 1 1 1 -111 1 1 1.11121 W: 5 A W 1 'llc 1 1 aunmummn 111 111 ef I 1 , Illllllllllllllll 1 O . 1 11 .W E11 lujlllflnlillilllll' 1 1 1 A 3111115555151 :gil 1 11 111 111111 h 11 1 IP V+ L4 it fi . If Q ir, A 9" ,t I The Piqua Pep Rally in the town square was a great success again this year. We had many of the regular activities as years before. Rep- resentatives from each class gave a little pep talk, and the senior girls gave a great skit. Then, following the activities at the square, everyone went to the back of the school for the bonfire, pie-eating contest, tug-of-war, and many other activities which are held every year. As usual the great enthtmiasm of the student body led our boys to a great vic- tory over Piqua. i t 5 I i t s lst row: K. Cahill. B. Boyd. B. Silkey. I. Vaughn, S. Hartwell, G. Baker. 2nd row: Coach Blackstone, E. Cromwell, D. Bergeron, M. Hall, D. Jenkins, S. Sugg, P. Macy. 3rd row: T. Dumbauld. T. Chalmers. B. Cahill, J. McDowell. D. Abrams, K. Smith. 4th row: Coach Whidden, R. Burns, A. Johnson, M. Brand, W. Voris, B. Bemus, B. Ferguson, D. wright . I 8 The mighty Trojan football team produced another fine season through hard work, unity, and excellent leadership by the senior members. This season's record was 8- 1-1. the only flaws being a disappointing and unexpected tie with Wayne 14-14 and a hard fought loss to Fairmont West 36-12. Success seemed destined as those hard summer workouts payed off in an opening victory against Piqua, the-season's most satisfying win. Chris Wilson, Dave Abrams, Bryan Ferguson, and Kevin Smith were honored by being selected all-state. Coach Blackstone is looking forward to another fine season next year with potentially great players represented in this year's junior and sophomore classes. X. Trojan 40 if Bryan Ferguson ' ' Football Q 4 H 16 ' , , , L " Q Kevin Smith ' Chris Wilson 1st row: I. Small, S. Manwaring, TA. Dumbauld, S. Helmet. 1. Koopman. T. Voris, Coach Fol- kenh. 2nd row: X. Lobeto, G. Chalmers, D. Cox, K. Ware, G. Battle, D. Argabright. Coach Boone, Coach Coate. 3rd row: P. Shanesy, B. Fulker, S. Shroyer, C. Wilson, S. Kunkleman, B. Rhoades, M. Shroyer, Coach Buchik, Coach Laughlin. 4th row: W. Welbaum. B. Siler, C. McDade. D. Knife, D. Carnes, S. Melvin, C. Phelps. A SCORES 6 Piqua 7 ' Centerville ' 13 V Fairboin Baker- I 14 wayne 6 Xenia 0 Stebbins S 36 Fairmont West 6 Springfield North ' 014 Fairmont East. ' 13 Beavercreek 1 l .iz K V' 5, , FM' I fggng, p ,fm-. , I as ..1... SENIORS Sitting: T. Chalmers. Kneeling: S. Kunkleman, S. Shroyer, T. Dumbauld. P. Shanesy. R. Burns. G. Battle. Standing: J. McDowell, C. Phelps, K. Smith, D. Abrams. B. Rhoades, B. Fulker, C. Wilson. B. Cahill, M. Shroyer . ,Ilk- i kikh ,k,'V' K . ggi ' if B i Y' ---- .. ...i ..,..,. C S QSBJC lnnn f CCSS B . S . W? .wx . :fm t t hw F , X ,A j.V,.,,, . 1 it . ' E X x xt V at ge lk. E " Swv 1st row: M. Williams. P. Zimmerman, R. Lucas, M. Suchecki, I. Lutz, K. Robinson, M. Wilson, D. Denoyer. 2nd row: C. Sugg, J. Weaver, B. Shepherd, K. Block, R. Cannon, R. Wise, C. Washer, B. Rozelle, I . Benner, D. Daugherty, K. Wyrick, A. Lobeto, I . Zimpher, Coach Tumer. 3rd row: G. Taylor, M. Gribler, B. Breisch, J. Snyder, D. Rose, W. Stutz, M. Madi- gan, N. Pfister, L. Delwiche, T. Moyer, Coach Bennett. 4th row: K. Lawrence, I. Allen, B. House, D. Harris, P. Sugg, I. Blair, T. Honeyman, J. Hutcheson, D. Argabright. , The reserve team had a fine season this year, producing a 5-3 record and, most important, learned a lot for next year. Their most impres- sive win came against North, winning 38-6. The freshman team also had a fine season undefeated with a 7-0 record. 2. Q. S 3 . ,,.,.?1f5ff" , V In ,ifgzz ' 3 SENIORS: ROW 1: K. Decker, D. Friend, J. Orsborn, B. Deskins, T. Funderburg. . ROW 2: K. Cromes, J. Leptak, J. Fletcher, R. Holobaugh, A. Zunke, S. Smith, D. Domigan, M. Simpson, C. Dalton, S. Mott, M. Heaton, T. Beaty. ROW 3: D, BAND DIRECTORS: Mr. Chris Rowe - assist., Mr. John Slonaker. Camel-I D. Alexander, 3, Wildman, In V001-his. .....-... l TROY HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND: ROW 1: L. Lindon, A. Zunke, D. Brumbaugh. ROW 2: B. Melvin, W. Willis, C. Brower, S. Fish, S. Richter, T. Becker, T. Starcher, J. Voorhis, M. Heaton, S. Smith, D. Domigan, L. Rudy, B. Adams, B. Bader, J. Brown, I. Heck, K. Smith, S. Wolbert, D. Delmar. 3 ROW 3: L. Force, T. Honeyman, D. Spillane, L. Hildebrand, S. Schilling, K. English, H. Neves, T. Beaty, C. Boyer, J. Morrett, P. Stubbs, D. Shanesy. G. Timko, I. Bean, K. Brautigan, S. Kramer, M. Lenox, S. Adkins, D. Domigan, S. Both, D. Smith, A. Timko. ROW 4: Mr. Slonaker - Director, L. Karns, B. l Ishmael, L. Burns, S. Grove, K. Leytze, W. Hill, S. Smith, S. Wildman, T. Fulker, D. Carter, J. Leptak, D. McEowen. ROW 5: M. Baird, A. Calvert, I. Warner, A. Davies, S. Stein, C. Allen, B. Johnson, D. Brundrett, T. Robinson, T. Smith, S. Holobaugh, M. Leptak, P. Breese, T. Loar, B. Huffaker, C. Fox, 1 G. Neumann, D. Thomas, Mr. Rowe - Director, K. Spillane. ROW 6: T. Fellers, W. Bowling, S. Bodey, M. English, R. Emmel, M. Simpson, B. Vorpe, S. Mott, V. Thompson, D. Friend, I. Miller, T. Funderburg, K. Decker, B. Sodders, M. Francis, M. Grove, M. Chaisson, C. Domigan, C. Nuss. ROW 7: D Flory, S. Grove, P. Bruce, D. Shook, B. Huffaker, I. Griest, J. Orsborn, M. Brush, L. Demoret, L. Caldwell, K. Haddad, C. Dalton, M. Gribler, C. Marr, C. Simpson, T. Knoch, J. Fletcher, P. Conine, C. Washer, T. Lacey, K. Atterholt, D. Dawson. ROW 8: T. Wilson. ' 'T Q .34 .vm W4 ,gg :Fr V. f' '74 HOMECCMING .. .. Once again Troy High School had their Homecoming Celebration. The senior class chose Susan Hurst to be the queen and reign over the Homecoming festivities. She was crowned by Brad Blackburn and presented with a bou- quet of mums. Her court consisted of: Sandy Twiss, Barb Ingram, Sherry Ber- geron, Billee Jo Brown, Sarah Shuler, and Sherry Cruea. Even though Troy played a hard game, they lost, but everyone returned in a festive mood on Saturday night for the dance. The Homecoming Dance was a great success with Harvest playing and the beautiful decorations by Anne Dunnam and her committee . an-, A, TN if 1 XV' . A f5 fps, ,gf - . 1 s .- f ,, ' . .3114 -fi if S1 atar ni Am tstsss at The Troy Cross Country team had a successful season under the leadership of Jon McCoy, a sen- ior with no former cross country experience. Coach Herb Hartman came into his first year as coach loaded with several ideas to increase interest in cross country. Already his plans are starting to work. A freshman team was formed because of the turnout and even a girl turned out for the team, a first.vA canoe-run, a bicycle run, and "The Great Watermelon Race" were all his inventions for pre-season productivity. "We finished in the top half of all our meets," noted Coach, "a good season, considering our lack of experience." The Trojans finished sev- enth of 16 teams in the sectional, a respectable performance. The most improved award was given to Kevin Butt, and Jon McCoy received the most valuable award. The future looks even better for Troy Cross Country, as Coach Hartman added that we have a "good crop of freshmen and sophomores to fill in the gaps." Troy Cross-Countr . - . 'OS -, rdf n. . as ' 4. iff ' Q ry if t Vi ' ik 5 7 I 1. , '-fi? ' " K . W 'GT Hit! 4 , , 4 C, Q p,.pp M if rf? f 7? J K, gflrfagi fp ,A ,gy R 5 fijfflff if - Inventive Coach Hartman Q f ' X SJ . vm ,, ,f Y Troy's top seven at Troy Invitational 1 ww. , 23 - , gs- , .. -J PYT Q' I 4 ' , rf ff: 'f,1f3t',,f1't " 4 u Q -x RQ s, K .w X' - "4 'C . vain, in SY il. Cross Country Scenery -'sur ik R. Tro Golf The golf team had an excellent season, as it has now been switched to a fall :port. The dual match record was 16 and 3. The Trojans also placed a very 'espectable 3rd in the W.O.L. Although the seniors, Jeff Stonerock, Brad Nimer, 'eff Goodall, and Shawn Nally, will be missed next year, there are some good youngsters on the way up, such as Jim Blackmore. Coach Richards had this to say about this year's team: "They didn't have a lot af experience but won a lot of dual matches. This lack is the reason we didn't win the big matches, and experience is a big asset in golf, as every course is lifferent . " Mk w Nimer studies . Nimer strokes. ya- ., BU' Standing: K. Rushton, S. Burns, K. Winfield, K. Schaffer. S. Nally, J. Goodall, B. Nimer, I . Stonerock, M. Schnell. I. Blackmore, T. Gulker. M. Strom inger, D. Rushton, P. Reddy, Coach Richards. Kneeling: D. Richter, D. Curtis, K. Stonerock, B. Davis, D. McDonald, 1. Roberts, D. Virden, B. Gordon. Above - PROGRAM SELLERS: Row 1: I. Rhoades, L. Blizman, D. Ingle, C. Goubeaux. Row 2: P. McAtee. J. Petrople, C. Spraul, J. Saffell, L. Rudy, D. Deweese, K. Hall, T. Ralston, D. Shellhaas, W. Lipp, C. Smith. Row 3: C. Hef- felfinger, L. Wagner, B. Schultz, R. Reardon, S. Reddy, V. Pour, D. Rhoades. Row 4: S. Smallenbarger, L. Burns, K. Mills, C. Long, B. Taubman, D. Hess, J. Knoderer, T. Ellingson, J. Nimer, D. Boldman. Row 5: D. Trostel, M. Dickerson, J. Starry, T. Carter, R. Oldham. Right - CONCESSION WORKERS: Row 1: M. Moyer, A. Dunnam, P. Dunckelman, G. She- ley, T. Miller, J. Katterheinrich, S. Hurst. Row 2: M. Seaman, S. Long, S. Smith, A. Marks, K. Smith, S. Bergeron, J. Hartzell, L. Brand, S. Cruea, S. Yount, L. Lipp. Row 3: J. Stoner- ock. L. Rainey. B. Ingram, R. Tate, T. Strom- inger, J. Goodall, S. Hale, K. Bolton, S. Iddings, R. Grenko. Row 4: M. McClellan, L. Blakenship, L. Redick, K. Mertz, D. Boone, B. Aliff, K. Agenbroad, C. Davis, D. Benning, R. Albright. Row 5: D. Arteau, B. Adkins, N. Meeker, K. Butt, M. Shaneyfelt, B. Blackburn, T. Welbaum, J. T. Bowers, C. Dyas, L. Shafer. Row 6: J. Thorpe, C. Kirby, N. Naughton, L. Evert, L. Becker, D. Adamson, C. Fox, Guess Who, B. Gallagher, R. Copp. S. Nally. Row 7: C. Rashilla, C. Jakubek, C. Goubeaux, W. Lipp, T. Ralston, T. Klockner, N. Nims, S. Rosenbaum, J. Morrett, M. Tecklenburg, M. Fish. Row 8: A. Shook, H. Johnston, J. Hobson, C. Spencer, S. Gillman, K. Graham, E. Seiple, J. Nimer. Row 9: T. Cawley, T. Ingle, R. Har- relson, D. Mallery, R. Gibboney, B. Stock- meier. Mark Spitz, move over! - Vice-Pres. Row 3: P. Dunckelrnan - Sec. 4: Mrs. Bosse - advisor, Mrs. Abbott - advi- Row 1: A. Shook - Pres. Row 2: W. Hey, Man, dig this "joint." I-TEEN SOS PROJECTS: 1. Thanksgiving favors. 2. Christmas caroling. 3. Sold Christmas paper. 4. Favors for Villa. 5. Worked on All-Club. 6 . Senior Breakfast. ,fs-+""' vsssssnnn I told you I didn't want this job. I-TEEN SOS: Row 1: S. Walton, D. Smith, I Katterheinrich, T. Miller, T. Klockner. Row 2 D. Anderson, P. Conine, R. Reardon, M Moyer, A. Marks, L. Lipp, S. Yount. Row 3: L Lindon, D. Jester, J. Hobson, A. Shook, K Smith, S. Bergeron, P. Dunckelman. Row 4: A Calvert, N. Meeker, B. Adkins, A. Dunnam, L Brand, N. Nims, C. Fox. Row 5: K. Gates, E Seiple, S. Smallenbarger, D. Brumbaugh, L Rudy, L. Buckman, W. Lipp, T. Ellingson, J Nimer. Girls' Tennis View Kneeling: T. Ellingson, D. Shellhaas, K. Shoop. 2nd row: B. Frings, L. Sanders C Stubbs I Welbaum P Groff, T. Swank. 3rd row: Coach Blackmore, E. Becker. L. Gillis, G. Sheley N Meeker I Katterhemnch M. Gallagher. Absent: B. Starkey. Troy's Girls' Tennis Team produced a fine season ending with a 6-2 record. Led by junior Debbie Shell- haas. they finished second in the W.O.L. , two games behind Centerville who had an 8-0 record. The reserve team finished with a 5-0 record. We are all looking for- ward to next year, being that four of the top seven girls will be returning. Girls In Sports .lla If WNW A'A- 7 A Q All cheerleading squads started off their year as always, attending camps of their choice in order to improve skills and learn new cheers and techniques. Pep rallies were organized by Mr. Brewer, Mr. McConnell, and cheerleaders. New ideas, H E E R signs, and good leadership made the year a success. VARSITY: Bottom row: I. Pautsch, S. Hurst, S. Cruea, K. Bird. Top row: C. Fair, S. Smith. SENIORS: S. Smith, K. Bolton, S. Cruea, B. Adkins, S. Hurst. Hey, Mom! 34 x 1 H L ? E 1 il E Q I 3 E i I 1 5 J 4 l 4 i r Troy Basketball The basketball team was the best team that Troy High School has seen in the last five years. The 10-9 record was undoubtedly indicative of the team's effort. The winning season was very important to Coach John Ellis, for it was his first winning season at Troy High School. He wanted to give the seniors a winning season. and the seniors did it. On a team comprised of mostly seniors with little or no varsity experience. the Trojans beat the odds to a successful season. The crowning achievement of the season was a Holiday Tournament Championship. Troy first beat highly-rated Piqua , a goal of any Troy team. Then came the finals and a close win over tough Tecumseh. Another high point was a victory over perennially for- midable Xenia. The team avenged last year's 118-'77 loss with a win and beat Xenia for the first time in ten years. In order to have a winning season, it was necessary to obtain wins in the last three regular season games. But then the luck of the draw went against the Trojans and Troy bowed out early in the district tournament to number 2 seeded Northmont. Dave Abrams, Jim McDowell, and Stan Iddings received all-W.0.L. awards. McDowell and Iddings also were selected to the all-tourney team in the Holiday Tour- nament. Sophomore guard Jeff Wagner returns next year to lead the team, along with a host of players moving up from the Reserve squad. If reserve coach John Phillips can equal this year's job of feeding material to the varsity. then next year's team could be a hum- dinger . 1' f K . 1 -..4 an .Y Ai! 1 wwexaw , fwfr Li if wwf' 411 , 0- .Q fi 3 'lf 5 17 -1. A: .Q C ? Al 2 8, FRONT: 1. Wagner, J. McDowel. STANDING: R. Burns, D. Abrams, J. Lyman, S. Iddings, R. Copp, R. Evans, B. Stockmeier, B. Gallagher, Coach Ellis. 36 i f at FROSH: Top: M. Gribler, T. Moyer, R. Moffit, B. Sims, C. Robertson, M. Keith, J. Benner, B. Shepherd, Coach Stichter. Bottom: C. Smith, R. Lucas, L. Delwiche, M. Williams, B. Rozelle. D. Richter, D. Conard. R. Lykes. SOPH: lst row: C. McNamee, J. Lucas, T. Thompson, T. Huffman, D. Stoltz. 2nd row: M. Weyi- ant, T. Lavelle, T. Jacobs, M. Martin, B. Chrisman, J. Small. Coach Dearth. 4 1 1, Gallagher hides face from mysterious hand just prior to game. Varsity Scores TROY OPPONENT Miami East 77 70 Springfield Catholic 66 46 Tipp City 55 58 Centerville 61 63 Fairborn 67 fO.T.D 63 Piqua 65 63 Tecumseh 73 66 Wayne 56 58 Xenia 62 59 Stebbins 63 73 Piqua 47 58 Fairmont West 62 68 Miamisburg 74 73 Springfield North 63 76 Fairmont East 56 68 Beavercreek 73 58 Sidney 73 65 Greenville 73 67 Northmont 46 67 I ....- - pw VV' 1' 1 Iddings deals on Xenia. -F? eg. TROY - THIT Champs! Highlight of the season. .13-S-V. s Vfilik Shu RESERVES: Bottom: S. Burns, J. Weyant, S. Butcher, D. Cox, M. Bigelow. Top: R. Heffelfinger, R. Evans, B. Evans, S. Melvin. I . Blackmore. W. White, Coach Phillips. 4. 0 - -- , .V 2 Qs" i ' L Q .Tiff 'A' ' "Q .,,, .. , .. t A V , is ,V ,..,- ii ... i WE1. A E l 'A fi any if 1l'i.'ELLi : W -W if lih. 5 f R - li 'lil ' I AVAA f'.A' .w"' 5 A - ..VA 'J '-'i l a is ' 'Rf,.?,,t ii af aiiifif 1 . Hi ? gif W lim 5 Q. L 6 ' S, -1 Mi .:'352gt?vt W 33612. s Q 4 65 'fi 5 ty. W' all M56 1 'f ' ' 6 W. , J .nav Q' 3 at Yr 4 nf! 2 ' we fx ' 1- ? it 3 i i X If g K E lg ra? dx I 29 T ' . Q We , I W f 535, S A .1 M. i E E aiet t - ' . ' Q .Ex iVg1sQ.fifwW!untw3ifif iee. E Yqif. t : ., , ".7 . " fl, T Q i 1 ' xi A v-v .3 I .. H V , i A A ' V ' ' SENIORS: Davey Abe. Hoss, Lance, Fro. Mac, Smiley, Red boy, Gallagher shows good jump-shot form sz 1 -Q. 4 , , .. ,. ., ,X ...,. :W . s f I X Ferguson takes it easy. x.. X ox . E -..YE X sri' -- Stock for two points as Troy gives Xenia the "raw deal. " E. W. 1 5 L Z - ii 31- Q 94" for 'Z 1 -nr I, , 1 Qi 'F 2' w x ox 1 x if Q ' Q " di M. 1- 3, ' 3 ,M 23 x ef Q Q sa av" Wig .sw M4 f S' K x Sk -sfg gif ,Q S K A , 1 1,5 :- .,,. 7 ,Y Q ' fff. 3 itr S A W .ga K 3 L ?'x.,.1 s Q, S F "" fx " ' V if ,zany MUS unrmm FFICERS: Pres. - S. Hale, V. Pres. - R. Oldham Sec.-Trea fi , H..- Q .X.ogg, Q .- .. 5115 A W is L f Q if , ,gem -, U W ,je 3 . 4 , g , , ' v A M x.b. is . I Q X , , x- A AS SCHOOLS MATCH WITS TEAM: ROW 1: I. Leptak, D. Adamson. ROW 2: Shelly G0-Navy, R. Albright, J. Stonerock. ROW 3: M. DeGrand. Ti C O . f'.',..::l?1 X , 3 X ...- .- M X 2 - Rf -- REC COUNCIL: ROW 1: D. Shearer, P. Groff, S. Schuerman, L. Lipp, C. Lloyd, R. Reardon. ROW 2: C Rashilla, S. Schumm, J. T. Bowers, C. Fox, C. Renner, C. Helmer, L. Rudy, D. Jenkins, P. Moore, D Gero, R. Reardon. THE BALANCE: ROW 1: G. Carnes, M. Herrick, D. Koproski - Editor-in-chief, B. O'Dell - Mug. Editor, K. Spillane, K. Bolton. ROW 2: K. Nicholson, P. Reed, K. McConnell, N. Eyler, N. Lee, C. Davis. ROW 3: Mr. Bennett - advisor, P. Duncan, K. Moreland, J. Dillard, L. Romie, M. Dube, L. Gillis, J. Shrock, B. Starkey, E. Stillwell, L. Williams. Absent: I. Lyman, M. McClellan, V. Warren, T. Younce, E. Swinehart. Lovers' Lane Y 1 - K .. 5 5 Tf,, gh 2 n .5 Ag. lv' y S! Ain't no big thing. I gave "a girl" a ride in my wagon. "She" crawled in and took control Music Man The combined music and drama departments put on "The Music Man" this year. The basic plot revolved around Harold Hill, a con man who went to River City to try to sell musi- cal instruments, and to start a boys band. But his plan failed when he fell in love with Marian Paroo. He finally ends up by really establishing a boys band. Many hours of hard work were put into producing this musical and the people involved were greatly rewarded . Each night the performances thrilled capacity crowds. is Q Y I1 Q ff- .X 315' , 1 z, 14.52 ,K ! lt x.: time , X I Q1'+f,i'4"'fM ' rf, ar 3, -.. 7' . ,QQ X :Tf6'F'.Nx V ' 'QMS if W A .t ,n X p- i , K . L, R . f. sl 5 . ,S w- K A J ,Q. 1 3,+"'.,i, 'ali' F . A. 4ig,.,f"'m 131.1 E - gl W 1 QL av-1 , , , ,.-k wwfg- 5, K N , ---x- .5 5 Q 'S vQ . "fi: X ig 'ri . 655522359515 ' .-M'-Q.. X Q :iw-fi 2 i . 1 Q3 ' rsvsv. fx -G ' x tif' PII-T5 'K I 9 245 533231 i 1 AST 1-m1+---- --- f rsb0rn 'A 'S Q .fin 1 , v Milgan Paroo ----1-'---J,,-.-,-E: A1-8 Que Shoqkiififff K ww -:Q qw U A . .. pm , ..,.. , -1---Bev Bader ,Q , M , r5ae1-- V ' H ' , ..,,L gg. H2kwg'7?35' N 1110? jjji- -"-------- LEWIS . , .LkA . ,L,. E L,.g1 A .f,. ,K Y Oliver Hix f--7-4333!-l4 ---- vin Smith -ff' .V . .' i f K Iacey Syguires ----- ------ I e mu erock Ixh A Washburn ----------- Kirkxigineke ' xx' pw f1i5sShinn--- ------- , . 1, Marla A Shinn - v - - - - ,, ., - - - - Tom if 1 f5 . 5 gy ab .t 'Q g if x 'R 1 1 A f SENIOR CHOIR SENIOR CHOIR: Front: Naughton, L. Lindon, Mr. Dooley. Row 1: N. I. Taylor, D. Hess, R. Reardon, L. Becker, S. Wildman, M. Cummins, J. Thorpe, P. Ramey baum, S. Kunkleman liamson, I. Lewis, J. Cooper, B. Schultz, 46 . . C. Rashilla, W. Wel- , D. Alexander, I. Wil- Morrett, G. Shrake, P. S. Yount, L. Rudy, C. Goubeaux, S. Robinson, L. Rudy, D. Benning P. Conine. Row 2: J. Hoskins, M. Wolfe, B Adams, A. Calvert, S. Schilling, D. Domigan, I. Feierstein, T. Carter, C. Crouse, T. Elling- son, A. Shook, J. Swank, D. Wright, K. Adam- son, J. Orsborn. K. Smith. M. Johnson, D Allen, R. Grenko, I. Miller, M. Peters, L. 1 X K Lipp, I. Adams, B. Bader, K. Ellicot, T. Wil- son, W. Lipp, D. Trostel, J. Rhoades. Row 3: D. Rhoades, C. Robbins, C. Fox, S. Mott, M. Pell- man, C. Dalton, D. Lair, B. Adkins, N. Meeker, I. Sta1'ry, K. Bird, T. Dumbauld, T. Funderburg, M. Brand, B. Markley, B. Ferguson, T. Dixon, K. Ware, K. Johnson, K. Decker, D. Carnes, M. McClellan, C. Spraul, T. Ralston, B. Berkshire, A. Pfister, D. Brumbaugh, K. Newman, I. Morgan, K. Graham, M. Herrick, T. Sarver. Row 4: S. Gallagher, D. Hartman, C. Kirby, P. I-Iughart, S. Rosenbaum, S. Smith, T. West, P. Duncan, B. Adamson, N. Lee, S Smith, A. Timko, J. Lyman, B. Gallagher, T. Welbaum, R. Holobaugh, R. Copp, D. Abrams, M. Leffel, K. Stone, J. Stonerock, T. Thorn- burg, P. Bell, M. Smitley, M. Dickerson, T Mintz, M. Moyer, P. Bookwalter, D. Adamson S. Black, S. Parke. Hey Mikey! M' . f fb' M 1 , ax ,.,.' . , ug, - , 11 - 'W ,Q ' , - ' an L ' A ' ' 5 . L V - V ",1 ' X V 1 'i-, ., .-.. .. ,i 1 . ,fr gi, 4 , ,I 3 ... , , HM, H f v M , . - ' I 1 i ,- 33? ii fini- 5' 4 44 +4 4' 9 3 , LL 'iff 5 lg 1. ,, 11 if i E 4 if' 5 ?'-I I AI ft ' My ,W h f W 1 JXL giqq, U' A. , ' . - A X f 5 'L' f i in , .A X 5, . K 1 K xi - i E W? M- ge my Me, junior Miss Troy High School held the Junior Miss pageant this year on November 2. Skip McConnell did a great job of directing the pageant. Annette Shook , Patty Ramey, Kaye Bolton, and Susan Hurst represented Troy High School. They competed in physical fit- ness, scholarship, creative arts, and poise. Maureen Mutrie of Miami East became the 1975 Junior Miss. Patty Ramey placed as lst run- ner-up, and Susan Hurst was 4th runner-up. Patty also received the trophies for poise and creative arts. Q53 Christmas Assembl Once again, under the fine direction of Mr. Doo- ley, the Christmas Assem- bly was a great success. The combined Freshman and Sophomore choirs sang many songs, among them "The Holly and the lvy" and "A Child Of Hope." The Senior Choir sang many songs, ending with the traditional "Hallelujah Chorus." As usual, every- one got the spirit of Christ- mas from the wonderful music. Troy Gymnastics 9 1st row: I. Ritter, M. Grove, M. Hurst, M. Oldham, T. Williamson, M. Lyons, T. Ridenour, B. Rutledge, Coach Simpson. 2nd row: R. Smith, K. Nally, T. Suchecki, T. Pardue. B. Evans, G. Shrake, J. Morren, D. Miller. 1, , Ted Suchecki works p-bars. Senior-captain John Morrell -1 5 a ii wp fffitgifffg -1 Er .Q 4 ig 4... fe The Trojan gymnasts started out slow due to inexperi- ence but, led by senior captain John Morrett, picked up momentum as the season progressed. They improved 38 points from the first meet to the last. Sophomore Mike Lyons and junior Ron Smith highlighted the season, both doing well in the state meet. Coach Simpson is hopeful for a great season next year with all team members returning except for Morrett. A-f . uw ,I f -W 5... 4.46 6-4 DUAL MEETS 4th in W. O .L. 4th in Regional 9th in State f ,nv aIentine's Da gpvmfx Y f E 5 ,.Vf. The dance was held February lst with the theme being the great lovers of Valentine's Day. The band, the Reggie Ross Trio, played a great vari- ety of songs. They drew such com- ments as "l loved them" and "They were great" and "really fantastic." Greatest lovers of the school were cho- sen by the student body, with the top couple being Keith Stone and Kyle Newman. They were awarded a heart with their picture in it and a gigantic candy kiss. Other famous lovers were: Rob Harrelson and Diane Brumbaugh, Mark Schnell and Janet Rhoades, Kevin Adkins and Patty Jenkins, and Jeff Wagner and Renee Seaman. Stan lddings summed up the evening by say- ing, "It was a most memorable expe- rience." ii . Q. 1 V' ss , 4' f , gp? A ist, .1 'K A Tro Wrestling KQJ UU? 1st ROW: C. Wilson, D. Wright, M. Simpson. S. Hartwell, M. Gallagher, R. Chamblin, G. Shroyer, J. Weaver, B. Lemon, K. Ware, I. Swank. 2nd ROW: T. Chalmers. M. Gribler, P. Sugg, T. Iakubek, M. Wilson, M. Suchecki, F. Perez, R. Swinehart, C. Sugg, S. Sugg, I. Allen. 3rd ROW: Coach Bennett, M. Quinn, S. Stein, K. North, P. Reddy, I. Roberts. I. Pitts, C. Lloyd, I. Roberts, S. Beebe. T. Robbins, I. Broughton, Coach Bennett. The Trojan wrestlers completed a fine season for as - young as they were. They started out slow in tournament - 7 action due to inexperience, but as the season progressed ' . " the team gathered momentum. The team was led by All-American Chris Wilson, and heavyweight Tim Chalmers. Coach Bennett is looking forward to a fine season next year with nine returning lettermen . , LA A ' ,,.. . y y U SENIORS: Mark Simpson, Iim Broughton, Jim Swank, Chalmers. can La 4 Chris Wilson . Tim XL 'V . .Z A 3 S DUAL MEETS: Record 3-3 12th - G.M. V.W.A. Holiday Invitational 3rd - Troy Invitational 4th - Wayne Invitational 4th - Western Ohio League 11th - Sectionals 5 if ' ' ivzffm - ' Of course I can play this thing! ,Ii- -1 --f' 'A , ,, . . '--' , 1 : - TA I K k ., . .. .. . we. W . ,.,.. f - .. f V ...M .1 'ff-.. PEP BAND: Top left - Row 1: J. Orsborn - Director. Row 2: S. Smith. C. Boyer, K. Brautigan, A. Timko, S. Schilling, K. Decker, T. Funderburg, J. Miller, B Sodders, R. Holobixugh, S. Smith, K. Leytze, J. Leptak. Row 2: M. Baird, M. Gribler, D. Domigan, K. Haddad, D. Dawson, P. Breese, M. Francis, T. Loar R. Emmel, T. Robinson, D. Shook, S. Grove, P. Conine, D. Alexander. Absent: B. Deskins, M. Grove, T. Fulker. . ' A Xml' , A - f . Q 4 A x l 1 a. .Y fu 1, a N 7 1.,.....u, ' e STAGE BAND: Bottom right - Row 1: T. Funderburg, J. Miller. Row 2: Mr. Slonaker - Director, P. Bruce, P. Conine, S. Grove, L. Karns, T. Fulker, S. Smith K. Leytze, W. Hill, S. Wildman. Row 3: D. Shook, D. Dawson, P. Brecse, T. Loar, M. Francis, R. Emmel, T. Robinson, C. Allen, J. Leptak. Absent: B Deskins. Orchestra ai ORCHESTRA: Row 1: M. Smitley, J. Warner, N. Carnes, S. Timm, S. Adams, D. Lindsay, D. Stang, L. Saunders, A. Straker, E. Hartman, D. Stradling, T Fulker. Row 2: R. Albright, D. Hartman, D. Gillis, K. Hale, M. DeGrand, K. Fulker, K. Hale, N. Brentlinger, D. Mintz, K. Haddad, D. Domigan, S. Smith L. Rudy. Row 3: S. Wildman, A. Calvert, K. Brautigam, C. Boyer, A. Timko, T. Beatty, W. Hill, K. Leytze, S. Smith, J. Orsbom, S. Mott, R. Holobaugh Row 4: Mr. Wildman - Director, K. Decker, D. Friend, V. Thompson, I. Miller, B. Deskins, T. Funderburg, M. Dewitt, D. Allen, J. Lewis, D. Alexander, I Fletcher, D. Shook, P. Conine, B. Sodders, B. Vorpe. I don't know where we are! Mmmrn, this is good! X KEY CLUB PROJECTS: 1. Pep Rally. 2. Sell spirit buttons. 3. Thanksgiving turkey for 6 needy families. 4. Christmas party for 1-3 graders. 5. Helped with Red Cross Bloodmobile. 6 . Refereed basketball games for Riverside. 7. Sold popcorn for profit. 8. Scholarship. 9. Sold ads for football and basketball programs. OFFICERS: Row 1: K. Lawrence - Pres., B Blackburn - Vice-Pres., M. Tecklenburg Sec. Row 2: T. Ording - Treas., T. Dum- bauld - Sgt. at Arms, R. Copp - Sr. Rep. M. Tecklenburg - Ir. Rep. OFFICERS: Front: S. Long - Hist., S. Shuler Pres. Back: A. Marks - Sec., A. Dunnam Vice-Pres., S. Cruea - Treas. , Mrs. Davis advisor. ASTRA PROJECTS: 1 . Sold hangers. 2. Sold candy. 3. Gave Halloween candy to Children's Hos- pital. 4. Headed projects for Riverside. 5. Scholarship. 6. Distribute ads to raise money. 60 KEY CLUB: Row 1: L. Shafer, S. Kunkleman, D. Abrams, B. Blackburn, D. Collins, R. Copp, K. Lawrence, M. Shroyer, D. Brundrett. Row 2: B. Gallagher, B. Cahill, R. Harrelson, R. Tate, T. Dumbauld, T. Funderburg, M. Tecklenburg, C. Helmer, M. Tecklenburg. Row 3: S. Shroyer, T. Mercer, B. Rhoades, T. Ording, B. Mintz, I. Goodall, B. Ravye, R. Burns, G. Carnes, Mr. Dorsey - advisor. Absent: B. Emerick, K. Smith, B. Campbell, D. Carnes. JUNIOR ASTRA: Front row: J. Rhoades, K. Bird, I. Saffell, D. Brurnbaugh, J. Starry, K. Gates. Back row: L. Gillis, K. Fair, E. Seiple, C. Stubbs, P. McAtee. Absent: D. Goodin. SENIOR ASTRA: S. Gillman, S. Hurst, S. Smith, S. Cruea, S. Long, Marks, S. Twiss, S. Shuler, A. Dunnam, B. Ingram, H. Johnston. Absent: D. Donley. ff,.gf.ygz,ggw4,.,,,,.g,f.g:,f4 h I - ,gy yy , ,-'fr,gfwf'.-- 1351 -. 9 -wwf V new ,wwrw .ww . :mr.b.w-,:.'-avr'-11 -rw 2, '- . ,-. ww. INTERACT PROJECTS: 1. Antique show. 2. Rest area on I-75: free coffee during Thanksgiving 3. Head of Mid-Winter Formal. 4. Easter egg hunt for public. 5. Attended SCOPE. 6. Attended World Conference. ff-wwwam : 7 , ,. . 'fl-.., .df INTERACT: Front: Mr. Stichter - advisor, G. Shroyer, D. Argabright, T. Strominger, T. Robinson, M. Lyons, K. Nally, J. Weyant, J. McCoy, S. Burns, T. Suchecki. Back: D. Knife, X. Lobetto, B. Siler, D. Wright, J. Morrett, C. McDade, T. Hill. C. Wilson, J. Lyman, S. Nally, D. Friend, J. Blackmore. Absent: B. Nimer, P. Hoover, B. Ritter, J. Walker, J. Ritter, B. Evans, J. Wagner. OFFICERS - INTERACT: Front: D. Argabright - Vice-Pres. , J. Morrett v Pres. Back: T. Strominger - Sec., C. Wilson - Sgt. at Arms, J. McCoy - Treas. 1 or PROJECTS: OI COpportunity Involvementjz Row 1: K. Reineke, T. Klockner, R. Albright, OFFICERS - GI- Row 1' I T Bowers - Vice- L. Lipp, A. Marks, K. Smith, A. Shook, C. Rashilla. Row 2: K. Adamson, Pres., J' Harwell H Sgt. at Arms. Row 2: L. 1. Recycling Center. C. Long, W. Lipp, C. Goubeaux, J. Knoderer, D. Boldman, J. I-Iartzell, P. S. MPP Y Pres. Row 3: W. Lip? - Sec., C. 2. Hayride. Dunckelman, Mr. Boone - advisor. Row 3: S. Richter, L. Burns, P. Rashiua - Treas. 3. Concession stand on square McC1eary, S. Schumm, D. Shearer, S. Schuerman, S. Stein, R. Grenko 4. Donated S100 to Stouder Row 4: C. Dyas, B. Silkey, D. Jenkins, V. Thompson, C. Pugalee, J. Lep- Hospital. tak, J. Morrett, D. Shook. Row 5: M. Tecklenburg, M. Shaneyfelt, T. Fun 5. Sponsored needy family at derburg, K. Ware, J. T. Bowers, S. Reber, R. Rashilla, S. Stanforth, T Christmas. Welbaum. B. Gallagher. Absent: J. Lyman, G. Sheley, D. Reeder. R. 6. Sponsored Rec dance. Buchan. T. Ellingson, A. Kratt, B. Taubman, S. Fish, N. Decker, M. Gal lagher. " ' ' 'har -M111 61 The girls' gymnastic team started out slow but, through determination and hard work, the season ended a winner, with five wins and four losses. Highlights of the season included wins over Wilbur Wright and Wayne. Julie Faulconer, Lou Ann Stockmeier, and Karla Fair all placed in the District. Coach Blackmore expects an excellent season next year with all members of the team returning. ing M, Girls' G mnastics SPLITTING: K. Bird, S. Adams, K. Fair. KNEELING: L. Karnes, S. Hanwell, L. Stockmeier, S Lang B Plunkett R Sea man. STANDING: D. Plant, T. Wilson, L. Lindon, S. Minnich, B. Vorpe, D. Seaman, K. Collins f as so M W A if 2' if 51, Q ' 5 f Ri .stil ' First year coach Susan Blackmore High-point scorer LouAnn Stockmexer 62 Don't judge this year's girls' basketball team an its record: 0-11 is not a description of a good earning experience and a basis for future suc- zess. The team was led by the high scoring of 'am Duncan and Sherry Bergeron, and Beth Star- :ey and Laura Buckman led in rebounding. A rotable source stated that "The season was worthwhile because the freshmen and sophomores earned a lot and got a chance to play basketball or the first time." Freshman Marcy Lenox led he reserve team and coach Nan Hill has high ropes for her in the future . Girls' Basketball RESERVE: BOTTOM: T. Jarrett, P. Stubbs, M. Lenox J Artau TOP K Shoup D Walker P Brennan M. Nally, C. Love, M. Ceyler, K. McCarthy. VARSITY: BOTTOM: R. Manwaring, L. Evert, S. Bergeron, C . Stubbs, S. Clark. TOP: J. Pitts K Johnson L Buckman B Starkey P Duncan, K . Mills . JCOWA: Row 1: Mrs. Manning - advisor, J. Leptak, C. Jakubek, T. Miller. Row 2: D. Gillis, S. Timm, R. Albright. J. Hartzell, S. Parker, C. Brown. Row 3: M. Leptak, L. Nims, I. Furnas, T. Mintz, T. Starcher, J. Dematteo. Absent: E. Meek, S. Niles, J. Slifer. B. Satterfield, S. Carver. L. Verry, D. Lair, D. Benning, K. Peters, M. DeRyke, K. Reinike, K. Leytze, D. Dowty, L. Gillis, I. Voorhis. X: . ICOWA OFFICERS: D. Benning - Sec., I. Leptak ' i. Vice-Pres. , T. Miller - Treas. , C. lakubek - Pres. SCIENCE CLUB: Sitting: D. Lindsey, D. Thomas, L ner, I. Warner, S. Fraula, K. Jackson, D. Stang T. Wilson. Row 3: E. Ellingson, C. Little, Mr Thomas - advisor. Absent: K. Fulker - Pres. 6 gg Demorrett. Row 2: J. Clawson, K. Haddad, J. War- Do I smell something burning? L , 5? e I FHA fFuture Homemakers of Americajz Row 1: I. Hoskins, S. Wildman, C. Kirby. K. Kearns, S. Gal- lagher. Mrs. .Tung - advisor. Row 2: D. Rhoades, D. Walker, S. Smith, J. Puterbaugh, D. Dowty, K. Smith, M. Bean. Row 3: T. Meyers, S. Smallenbarger, N. Phillips, K. Agenbroad, B. I-Iunt. J. Ingram. Row 4: K. English, B. Smallenbarger. J. Vandeveer, C. Smith, J. Gulker, M. Conard, P. Kiser. I wish Rock would cover his leg. OFFICERS. Front: C. Kirby - Sec.-Treas. , S. Gallagher - Pres. , K. Kearns - Vice-Pres. Back: A. Riffel - County officer, R. Permenter - l-list. Tro Track The track team did what every team would like to do: peak at the end of the season. "We got good performances at the W.O.L. meet and 12 career bests at sectional," commented Coach Herb Hartman. "We were strong at the end of the season when we needed to be. " Troy finished 4th in the classy W.O.L. At the Troy Relays , which is becoming one of the most prestigious meets in the state, Troy was 7th out of 21 teams. Leading the team was standout middle-distance man, Mark Shroyer. The muscular senior indisputably pulled down the M.V.P. award. James McDowell was one of the best hurdlers in the area, he was voted "Most Improved. " Sprinter Ron Burns was awarded the "Best Track" award, and Tom Ording the "Best Field" award. Coach Hartman stressed the "importance that the 11 seniors made. It will be hard to replace Shroyer and all the seniors. " But retuming will be quarter-miler Bruce Rademachir and polevaulter Mark Peters. As Hartman sees it, along with them will return "one of the better freshman groups to come along. " Seniors display maturity FRONT: G. Newman, M. Block, S. Hartwell, M. Thorpe, M. Bigelow, K. Borgerding. M. Johnson, C. Smith. 2nd ROW: D. Argabright, D Cames K ware W White, V. Vlasho, T. McCreary, J. Falter, B. Beaty, B. Rademachir, M. Peters. 3rd ROW: S. Kunkleman, D. Friend, J. McCoy, M. Shroyer D Carter J McDowell. D. Collins, T. Ording, R. Flory, K. Butt, S. Iddings, Coach Hartman, Coach Turner. 66 Mark Shroyer is usual 1st place finish. . A V -: ' 'JIS' . tht-.wg "' 6 4 , i 61 L., FROSH: G. Taylor. C. Washer, J. Allen, 1. Worden. S. Grigsby, F. Perez. Back: M. Kaebnick, 1. Long. R. Evans. D. Argabright, D. Daugherty, R. Wise. T. Fellers. N-mv Ion McCoy prepares to hand off. rl li. 4 fvvwnwnw I A ' ,7 :L 'I 4 . ! an L. Peters shows vaulting form. This man runs the show Drama producrrons Black Comedy Drnner Freld rrrps Ohro Unrversrry Bowlrng Green, Theater, Flowers for Algernon, Elementary Wrrght Stare Srdney H S Falrborn H S school Chrrstmas play Sprlng Play Crry H S Jaycee Wrves Chrldren s Theater DRAMA Graham Herrick advisor, Zirkle. You put your right foot in - Cecelia talks about Chile . I don't give a - - OFFICERS: Front: R. Albright - Pres. , I. Brown - Sec. Back: S. Timm - Corres. Sec.. K. Brown - Publicity. AFS 1American Field Serviceja Front: C. Sierra, S. Timm, C. Brown, M. Wray, T. Loar, P. Athey, L. Verry, A. Shook, E. Meek, J. Brown, Mrs. Abbott - advisor. Back: K. Bolton, S. Hale, J. Thorpe, R. Albright, J. Voorhis, J. Leptak, B. Rayve, K. Smith, N. Lee, T. Wilson. Absent: A. Holmstrom, C. Conway, M. Foster. S. Iddings, M. Degrand, L. Richardson, B. Emerick, R. Burns, N. Naugh- ton. K. Brown. v, Chicken Dinner -, .,-6 Vi x 35233451 I ' .- I-'-'I 3 Zap I wfff .758 " . 7 E4 A 4 .J .r 2 Anlf E The senior class once again sup- ported the Chicken Dinner. This year the senior class added ham to the menu in hopes of getting more people. It seemed to be a great success, for they didn't run out of anything. The Chicken Dinner is a fund-rais- ing activity to support scholarships for the senior class of next year. This year the senior class raised a total of fB1200.00. Scholarship Dinner P i sf. V35 F is , 3 R ,953 Nga 5? ' X x ... ,, I G sl ns xi 5? sf'g'?,. .ii m, 1 i V13 if 4 ,J-,Y ,H Y ai This year, 139 Troy High School students received a Scholarship "T" at the annual banquet. In order to eam a T, a student had to have been on the Princi- pal's List at least once. The dinner was sponsored by the Troy Chamber of Commerce and T.H.S. Student Council. After a great meal, the scholars were entertained by a trio consisting of Pam Conine, Marla Cummins, and Beth Schultz singing "Try to Rememberf' Mark Dewitt playing "Rachmaninoff Prelude in C3 Mi.nor:" and Annette Shook singing "People." Michael Barnhart gave a very challeng- ing speech about using the scholastic abilities pos- sessed for a productive life. The T's were then handed out to 67 seniors. 20 juniors. 18 sophomores. and 34 freshmen. 71 New Coach Vickie Felver was hit with the realization of how tough the W.O.L. competition can be. How- ever, the team finished with a respectable 6th place in the W.O.L. The final record was 3-'I , not bad con- sidering the competition. The reserves finished with a 2-8 record. Only one girl had competed in volleyball before. Miss Fe1ver's second year promises to be even more productive. , A A ,,,.a. ...A rs Volleyball iw. '-ff :Ay S. S 3 . ,5w.'- - it nn. Q S VL, 5. C Ri .X f 7.4 d , mf I A .av be I K ,I 4 1 RESERVE: BACK: J. Starry, V. Pour, R. Oldham. L. Rainey. FRONT: S. Hartwell, L. Arthur. ,,,.,, VW, 1 antpn Q gg, 5 X V 'Ll 4 A a 1 5 ' x L' ' K 1 1 5,,:fs..,.,.,.. to i'rlftsiWigQfi2l92 1 of wr - ' E ASV -i VARSITY: BACK: M. Seaman, R. Manwaring, D. Quillen, C. Earhart. FRONT: L. Brand, N. Nirns, P. Duncan. 72 GirI's Softball And Track lst: C. Goubeaux. B. Bader, K. Ferguson. S. Butcher, A. Butcher, S. Clarke. I. Rucker. D. Qulllen, T. Wilson. K. Fringe. 2nd: I. Shields. L. Force, D. Spillane L. Arthur. S. Cramer. S. Klaer. B. Melvin. N. Bretllnger. B. Homer, T. Lou. S. Conway. Srd: S. Reddy. S. Hartwell. S. long, M. Nally. N. Lee, K. Spillane K. Bell, M. Foster. K. Lyme, M. Hershey, T. Honeyman. I... Bums. L. Bell. S. Richter. .. f lat: D. Baile, P. Duncan. V. Pour, I. Holldns. C. Nun. T. Ianett. 2nd: V. Anderson. D. Baker. E. Becker. I. Pitts. B. Iohmon, D. Sweeney. W The Troy Girl's Track Team had an up and down year in the '75 season. They struggled with an 0-4 season record but gelled to place 6th in the sectional. In those sectionals. Sally Hartwell, Sue Richter. Sonya Clarke. Athena Butcher, and Jana Rucker all qualified for the district meet. Five new school records were established this season. lnexperience showed this season, but the future looks bright as the team will lose no members to graduation. The softball team fin- ished the season with an 0- 11 record, Coach Hill declined comment on this year's team. LEGAL HOUSE PROJECTS: 1. Student Poll. 2. Attended three WOL student 2 council meetings. 3 . Student exchange with Fairbank. 4. Student council elections. 5. Election of members at large. 6 . lnvestigated student grievances. 7. Met with Romania and Communist youth leaders. 8. Updated and amended Student Council Constitution. SENIORS: Front: K. Bolton, Gary Carnes. Back: M. Tecklenburg, R. Copp, S. Nally, P. Dunckelman, 1. Leptak, C. Helmer, R. Albright, C. Dyas. Absent: P. Gibboney. F 5 ' . at OFFICERS: Front: S. Schuerman - Sec., S. Cruea - Treas. Ba Tecklenburg - Vice-Pres., C. Helmer - Pres., D. Jenkins - Arms. is , if 5 2 S Ck: M. Sgt. at a e Q s JUNIORS: Front: J. Beeney, B. Schultz. B. Bader. Back: P. McAtee, M. Tecklen- burg. R. Reardon. 1 5 -i n i ff li f SOPHOMORES: Front: K. Lobeto, D. Jenkins. P. Really, you guys! FRESHMEN: Front: P. Moore, S. Hartwell. Back: Groff. Back: R. Rashilla, S. Schuerman. L. I. Lutz, C. Lloyd. Absent: M. Sucheki. Burns. 74 SOCIAL HOUSE PROJECTS: 1. Homecoming. 2. Music in cafeteria. 3. Held and attended Student Exchanges. 4. Talent show. 5. Spring party. FRESHMENI ROW 12 R- FOX. F- PCISZ- Row 21 L- Arthur. SOPHOMORES: Row 1: S. Butcher, R. Seaman. Row 2: D. Seaman. P. Evans, C. Davis. Row 3: K. Horn. P. VanFossen, M. Warner, B. Vorpe, M. Warner. Row 3: J. Vandeveer, I. Shields, S. Schumm. OFFICERS: Kneeling: T. Funderburg - Pres., T. IUNIORS: Front: T. Mercer, D. Brumbaugh, L. Lindon, E. Seiple, N. Carnes. Back: L. Rudy, D. Brun- Mercer - Vice-Pres. Sitting: S. Cruea - Treas. , drett, D. Ingle, B. Ferguson. S. Hurst - Sec. f.. ,. xv SENIORS: Front: M. Shaneyfelt, B. Blackburn, T. Funderburg, I. T. Bowers. Back: D. Abrams, S. SENIOR CABINET OFFICERS: Front: D. Abrams - Smith, S. Bergeron, L. Lipp, S. Cruea, S. Shuler. S. Hurst. Pres, B. Blackburn - Vice-Pres. Back: S. Ber- geron - Sec. , S. Cruea - Treas. Prom 75 J.. ug F' Af of .J .Q fit y T11 The juniors put in a lot of effort this year to make the Junior-Senior Prom a great success. The juniors picked "Stairway to Heaven" as their theme and made fantastic decorations to transform the gym into a wonderful danceland. Crowned as King and Queen to reign over Prom were Susan Hurst and Tom Funderburg. The following sophomores dressed as gods and goddesses and did a fantastic job of serving Julie Shields David Jenkins Peggy Groff Jimmy Blackmore Jenny Welbaum Kirk Cahill Cindy Curren Ken Shafer Sonya Clarke Stanley Butcher Lisa Bell 'mf' nd!! ,S ttst fei A L 1' il Daren thinks he's cute! do-1ilf.....i1fS?f?f -A - -1.28m'm"-s 532111 na ia'-fkiim You sure we have to take out books on it? if, xi L. ff' CINDERELLAS: ABOVE ROW 1: N. Nirns. C. Davis, D. Benning, L. Evert, R. Man waxing. ROW 2: I. Hartzell, C. Goubeaux, T. Miller, W. Hill. D. Artau. N. Bretl linger, A. Houser. ROW 3: L. Lindon, L. Becker, C. Dalton, C. Iacubek, C. Rash! illa, R. Reardon, P. Conine, M. Foster. BAT BELLES: BELOW ROW 1: C. Davis, D. Boldman, J. Knoderer, J. Nimer, C Long. ROW 2: C. Stulz, L. Redick, L. Rudy, K. Brown. ROW 3: K. Mertz, C Thobe, B. Aliff, P. Conine, P. Cooper, D. Trostel. GAA: ROW 1: N. Nims, M. Seaman, L. Brand, I. Katterheinrich, T. Miller, S. Bergeron, A. Marks, S. Cruea, A. Pfister, N. Meeker, K. Smith, S. Yount, G Sheley. ROW 2: K. Mills, P. Duncan, R. Oldham, D. Shellhaas, D. DeWeese, J. Saffell, K. Kramer, P. McCleary, D. Reeder, D. Shearer. ROW 3: S. Cramer L. Osborn, K. Fogt, R. Seaman, J. Starry, D. Dunlap, T. Honeyman, C. Brower, S. Fish, S. Richter. ROW 4: E. Becker, P. Long, A. Tounsley, M. Nally, D Loufman, D. Seaman, K. Collins, P. Evans, J. Sensenbrenner, P. Moore. ROW 5: N. Lee, K. Frings, V. Lucas, S. Wolbert, J. Kroger, T. Christian, S Minnichl L. Arthur, S. Hartwell, V. Pour. J. Hoskins. ROW 6: P. Groff, J. Welbaum, M. Warner, B. Doll, J. Pautsch, L. Gillis, L. Burns, L. Buckman, T Hewitt, K. Henn, M. Wamer, D. Quillen. GAA OFFICERS: L. Burns - Sec., J. Starry - Sec. , L. Brand - Sr. Rep. , A Marks - Sr. Rep., S. Bergeron - Pres., K. Smith - V. Pres., S. Young - Sgt at Arms, L. Gillis - Ir. Rep., P. Groff - Soph. Rep., M. Warner - Soph Rep. Come on Grace, carry your own books. Troy Tennis we ,gfe-as Fw f as x .. .I , ,J we 5. 1ltRDW M De6rand I Thomton D Rogers I Lntz.G.Bondnrant.C.M1lIer,M.Wilson,M.Smith,M Martin 2ndlDW CoachGoldner S Burm S Stanforth R Buchan R Harrelson I Blackmore.M.Iohmon.B.Gordon. Our boy's tennis team finished the season with an overall record of 9-7. The Trojans were led by 1st singles player Rob Harrelson. who finished his senior year with an 11-5 record. Harrelson. who. along with Rob Buchan C12-43 won the AAA Troy sectional. received the MVP award for his outstanding playing and leadership. Another bright spot of the season was the 1st doubles team of Mark Johnson and lim Blackmore. who ended up with a 14-2 record and qualified for the AAA district toumament. 'l'he future looks very bright for the Trojans with Buchan, Blackmore. and Johnson qamong other-sy retuming. v T Boys In Sports Scarbaby at it again. srttt .I 9" : -e Q4 ...Q- 1 wk 'rS2ws.-..,.,, Is this the party to whomlam speaking? OFFICE WORKERS: Front: Mrs. Stang. Left to right: N. Cames, B. Blair, D. Trostel, J. Starry, D. DeWeese, E. Jones, L. Evert, K. Gates, J. McNeal, I. Hartzell, S. Smith, A. Dunnam, C. Fox. Absent: B. Deskins, L. Brand, A. Marks, R. Reardon, S. Long, M. Seaman. if E 5 Th"-ff ,. .f I""'li':'3",' was arms ATTENDANCE WORKERS: At desk: Mrs. Reed. Beside desk: S. Walton. LIBRARY WORKERS: Front: V. Swank, K. Agenbroad, K. Mertz, D. Rushton, M Standing: R. Harrelson, D. Collins, P. Dunckelman, Mr. Fletcher, L. Rai- ney. L. Blankenship, K. Agenbroad, D. Boone, K. Dunn, T. Stull, T. Von- denhueval . Carr, E. Manson. Back: B. Aliff, S. Watkins, Mrs. Floyd. Mrs. Swob. Absent: C. Vaughn, N. Decker, K. Scott. Kister, Mrs Senior Slop Day And Ecology Day ax it r 'We 7 llflflllllllfff A .,,..r.. ' If 1 This year Senior Slop Day was celebrated with the theme of the fifties. Many of the seniors wore long skirts, rolled-up jeans, muscle T-shirts, and greased back their hair. This added a little excitement and humor to the day and everyone had a great time . The seniors showed their spirit and pride by going out and cleaning up the city on the annual Ecology Day. Their activities varied from planting flowers along the levee, cleaning up the baseball stadium, trimming shrubs, weeding flower beds, and even washing and waxing the fire engines. The seniors did a lot of hard work to beautify the city. Tro Baseball Troy's baseball team finished the season with a 15-10 record . The senior-dominated team had a 5-4 record in the always tough Western Ohio League. The team was led by Bruce Cahill 4.312 and 26 RBIJ, Tim Dumbauld 4.333 and 15 RBD, Jerry Weyant C.315J, and Dan Cox C.290J. Troy's top pitchers were Rick Copp C6-5 and 1.88 ERAJ, Craig Helmer C3-0, 'I saves, 1.14 ERAJ, and Mark Fish. The senior dominated pitching staff will be hard to replace. The only underclassmen with extensive action to return next year are Jerry Weyant Uuniorb and Dan Cox fSophomoreJ. The hustling Weyant was picked to the 2nd team all W.O.L. Bruce Cahi1l's muscle earned him the team M.V.P. award. Tim Dumbauld was "Best Hitter," Rick Copp "Best Pitcher," and Craig Helmer received the coveted "Fireman" award. Coach Fletcher, in summing up the season, stated, "We were plagued by injuries, but the team overcame these problems to finish with a respectable season. " 91 'Q . ' ,..w!?:'f5t:.... pi' A 'mil V ill FRONT: D. Alexander, K. Cahill, J. Weyant, K. Wayman, D. Cox, T Price MIDDLE B Cahill C Helmer M Fish T Quillen S Melvin T Mercer K Smith. BACK: R. Heffelfinger, M. Brand, T. Funderburg, R. Copp, P Gibboney T Dumbauld Coach Fletcher 84 ur 'fear f F FRONT: 1. Miller, B. Friend, M. Johnson, T. Kams. J. Robertson, C. Wayman, J. Russell. MIDDLE: M. Weyant, K. Shafer, B. Allen, R. Lykes. T. Keams. C. Hancock. H. Broughton, T. Fuller. BACK: R. Free. D. Lowe, R. Lair. T. Goedde. J. Howell, M. Melvin, C. Boehringer, T. Dumbauld, T. Jacobs, B. Silkey, Coach Boone. I FRONT: R. Silkey, N. Pfister, B. Rozell, D. Bercot, E. Bugge, J. Roberts, D. Rose. P. Zimmerman, M. DeRyke, D. Curtis. MIDDLE: D. Dawson, B. Shepherd, L. Delwiche, B. Breisch, D. Conard, D. Rushton, T. Peters, I . Shanesy. J. Johnston, T. Jakubek, D. McDonald. BACK: D. Richter, K. Lawrence, R. Canan, T. Karns, R. Lykes, T. Moyer. T. Honeyman, R. Manwaring, Coach Coate. He runs the show Bruce Cahill Dag! How do you turn it on? IR. AM I.O.E.: Row 1: K. Moreland, B. Adamson, D. Shellhaas - Pres. Row 2: T. Longacre, T. Ralston - Sec., J. Mason, C. Heffelfinger, K. Kearns. Row 3: B. Blair - Vice-Pres., Mrs. Akers - advisor, M. O'Connor, D. Rhoades - Treas. Absent: S. Haines - I-list. , E. Jones - Parl., S. Wintrow. 574 ,r r, 6 SR. I.O.E.: Row 1: Mrs. Jackson - advisor, S. Zeller - Parl., M. Seaman - Vice Pres., S. Rousseau, T. 14' Frst ,zrl KpmrdQ O jsbr kidy trvrobrf upi . . 'Y a c IR. PM I.O.E.: Row 1: T. Watren - Treas. , C. Hall- Hist., D. Ingle - Pres. Row 2: K. Davy - Vice-Pres., A. Davis, D. McNutt. Row 3: Mrs. Oman - advisor, R. Brown, R. Permenter, V. Pour - Sec. Absent: A. Riffell - Parl. H 1' You don't know, do you? Stull. Row 2: K. Lane, B. Ingram - Pres. , K. Russell - Sec., L. Brand - Treas., T. Beaty, J. McNeal. Absent: P. Granger - Hist. , J. Kimbrell, I. Yardlay. 86 MP' OWE: ROW 1: D. Gilpin. H. Barmhouse, M. Hill, H. Poland, R. Wilson. ROW 2: Mr. Cole - advisor, P Younce, L. Sinclair, D. Parker, B. Francis, P. Snyder, S. Grigsby, T. Feaselman. ROW 3: J. Criner, D Swigan, D. Browning, D. Rhoades, S. Hansford, R. McNeal. ROW 4: R. Peck, D. Cruea, M. Kindell. OWE: ROW 1: R. Owens. M. Block, R. Hutchinson, T. Robinson, B. Sims, P. Persinger. ROW 2: Mr Donaldson - advisor, I. Bergman, B. Chrisman, M. Anderson, T. Younr, L. Grigby, T. Suplinger, T Compton, J. Albaugh, R. Walker. ., ,, wk- . 1 v f Pin in the pit. Awards Assembly "7 Th JUJI 7' Q ky 1 PS5 The traditional Awards Assembly was held on May 20th. Mr. Rosen pre- sided over the assembly since he is now faculty advisor of the National Honor Society. The Rensselaer Award in Mathematics, presented by Mr. Hoff- man, was given to Mark Simpson. The Bausch-Lomb Award in Science, pre- sented by Mr. Hawkins, was given to Jeff Stonerock. The highest honor, that of valedictorian, was presented to Jeff Stonerock, who had a point aver- age of 3.99. The second highest honor was presented to Mark Simpson who was named the salutatorian. His point average was 3 . 95 . To end the assembly, 25 juniors were inducted into the Honor Society, and 53 seniors received their gold tas- sels to wear at Commencement Exer- cises, signifying their membership in the Honor Society. 4? if ' I at-23 if iq . . . I , ..L 3 ij ' I ' i . . ,T ' 1 - gm ,353 . . 1 ., . .M , :QS .,,, 3ii", Leek 11 S? P . - i: 1 1 5 3 P -v,.?sf':f-rs, as .fi ss... . ff gg' . . .1 if 4" "i E - "5 1 Vk ' f ,ff 5: ' , - ' if ' 'T ie 'E R ' -- 1 .- DHO: ROW 1: M. Pellman - VICA Treas.. B. Als- paugh, M. Alfred, J. Massie. ROW 2: Y. Lucas VICA Pres., R. Favorite, T. West, K. Jarrell, D Horner, P. Hayes, Mrs. Haddad - advisor. DCHO: ROW 1: J. Harnish, C. Phelps, S. Stoll, M. Alfred. ROW 2: T. Adams, C. Russell, G. Fox, P. lxgorrison. Mrs. Bozick - advisor, O Sis JA: ROW 1: G. Miller, M. Warner - Sec., D. Knife - Pres., T. Favorite - Treas., B. Miller - Sales, S Smallenbarger, P. Jackson. ROW 2: C. Reynolds, J. Harrison, S. Butcher, M. Hershey - Mgr., B. Fergu- son - Persn., J. Clark, J. Florkey, D. Clawson, E. Washington, C. Sinclair, J. Wagner. ROW 3: J Lucas, J. Dunlavey, B. Johnson. B. Anderson, G. Sumner, M. Thomas, G. Baker. J. Small, M. Hack- ett, Mr. Coate - advisor. M. James, M. Stephenson. 1 + ri - . . . ,Q JA: ROW 1: K. Evans, K. Wieringa, J. Hosko. ROW 2: B. Elswick, P. Macy, D. Cromwell, C. Boeh- ringer, D. Sackett, M. Weyant, B. Ayala, B. Rutledge, C. McDade, T. Grump, B. Vondenhuevel, C. Hoagland, T. Monroe, P. Longacre, B. Gilpin, V. McDaniel, C. Cromes. Absent: G. McCoy. K. Eng- lish. L. Osborne, B. Horner. Eat your heart out, John. DE: ROW 1: D. Cremeans, M. Brown, M. Current, C. Mahan, J. Raymond, D. Miller, K. Dill, P. Hoskins, Bigelow, M. Harris, K. Smock. ROW 2: Mr. Sugg - advisor, M. Andres, J. Woodell, M. Putterbaugh, K. Cromes, A. Gray, D. Brandenburg, D. Adkins, B. Ledford, S. Bigelow, M. Shanley, K. Chaney, K. Lowe. A 'w5,,.,, iw. 1 l The diSYIib11IOI Wi-1'6'S COIIIIBCICG I0 The igI1iIiOI1? COE: ROW 1: P. Morrill. D. Patton, S. Mumma, D. Washington. ROW 2: K. Adkins, C. Stutchel, J. Lowry, M. Grismer, M. Snyder, D. Hirsch. ROW 3: Mrs. Davis - Advisor, B. Deskins, C. Green, F. Sluiter, K. Yancy, I. Thompson, C. Vaughn, D. Hess. JA: J. Koopman, I. Petrepole, R. Atwell, T. Vondenhuevel. STANDING: Mrs. Chapman, R. Kirsh, R. Who said Tom's coming? Busse, R. Moler, J. Marlow, S. Arnett, D. Criner, S. Collins, L. Queen, T. Ralston, M. Rogers. wp.: The Activities Recognition Assembly was held on May 21st. To start off, Craig Helmer inducted Nathan Carnes as the new student council president. The following awards were given: First National Bank Fellowship to Ronald Burns Military Academy Awards to Dave Abrams and Tim Dumbauld National Office Education and Out- standing Business Student was Julie Kimbrell Girls' State Representative was Diane Brumbaugh with alternate being Tess Wilson Boys' State Representatives were Mark DeGrand and Wes Welbaum with Nathan Carnes and Guy Shrake as alternates. Perfect Attendance Awards to Jim McDowell, Daron Carter, Tom Ord- ing, and Brad Stockmeier The Sports Scholarship Award to Tim Dumbauld All-American Wrestling Award to Chris Wilson National School Orchestra Award to Stacy Wildman John Philip Sousa Award to John Ors- born Overall Music Award to Dave Alex- ander Choir Award to Annette Shook Also presented were the Student Council, Upper Bound W.O.L. Cen- tury Club, and Yearbook Awards. , ,... l DCT: ROW 1: K. Haneock, R.-Clegg. D. Robinson, L. Goodman, S. Wray. ROW 2: C. Kelsey, L. Lanzotti, T. Quillen, J. Thomronf'R. Morris, Mr. Reeder - Advisor. ROW 3: R. Williams, T. Osgood, R. Parson, M. Gwin, K. Arthur, D. Jackson. ,yn JA: ROW 1: M. Schaurer. ROW 2: M. Flora, Doubleknit Damer, B. Plamz, P. Hughart. I. Meek. C. Counts, L. Hoover, Mrs. Chapman - Advisor. ROW 3: K. Osbome, E. Swinehart, C. Counts. VMS: ROW 1: W. Atkins, J. ALhey, T. Vooris, L. Lemar, J. Aubaugh, B White, R. Harlow, T. Stoltz. ROW 2: M. Ingle, B. Henderson, T. Atkins C. Gibson, T. Reynolds. S. Berkholder. A Q Q .5 5 5 H .AX 3 gf K Q Eff ,-I I 'ali' VAM: ROW 1: M. Gumben, G. Compton, Hemm, I. Gosser, M. Ellis, H. Campbell, Ridenour, C. Phelps, C. . Beisner, J. Waites, I. Li . ?"f QHV' ,ni 'f:f,"vf!5? L ll: I o 7f , iz, ?.. -qw If ,W W, 4,5322 ff l Q IWW! 9 Jw ff.. Zi" I W an Q LJ? KK Raley, R. Bodiker, N. Davy, G. Francis. ROW 2: K. Adkins, R. Stager, D. Green, L. IIC. V F5 : . ? Q. . f as E . " . 11. .gf-. n..:::--ix .... fi Pi. K A R ff Q-.ff 3 ? Senior Dinner The Senior Dinner was presided over by Bill Emerick as Master of Ceremonies. Kevin Law- rence gave the Senior Toast and Mr. Steve Boone gave the Faculty Toast. After Amy Marks and Susan Long gave the humorous class history, the senior class awards were handed out. Some of the more outstanding awards were: Giggles Laverne Award to Ludi Verry Brown-Nose Award to Rob Harrelson Super Knockers Award to Kolleen Peters Women's Lib Award to Shelly Yount Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs . . . Snow White - Sarah Shuler Sleepy - Stanley Massengale and Ron Burns Dopey - Bill Fulker Sneezy - Sherry Cruea Doc - Jeff Leptak Grumpy - Cindy Spencer Happy - Jamie Hobson Bashful - Doug Friend Most Dedicated Football Player Award to Rick Scarff Blue Cross Award to Randy Holobaugh Senior Burnout Award to Paul Marvel Prudential Insurance Co. Award to Linda Brand and Mark Shaneyfelt P.D.A. Award to Kyle Newman Teeny Weeny Afro to Gary Cames Most Likely to Succeed to Craig Helmer Munchkin Award to Susan Gillman Farewell Assembly Q e1ee,e 98 e -1 Q- tl 9. The Senior Farewell Assembly was quite a sad affair for some and a happy one for others. After the Invocation by Nathan Carnes, the Men's Ensemble sang "Hands of Time." Mr. Richard Rosen then gave the Faculty Address to the Seniors. Then the Women's Ensemble sang ' 'Sometimes . " The Carson Trophy for the outstanding jun- ior girl was presented to Bev Bader by Sharon Mott. Then the Vesper Trophy for the outstanding junior boy was pre- sented to Stan Iddings by David Abrams. Jim Lyman then sang "Litt1e Flowers," a song composed by him- self. David Abrams then presented Mr. Rosen with the Class of 1975 scholar- ship money which was eamed at the Chicken Dinner. Junior class President Ted Mercer presented the Color Cane to Senior class President David Abrams. To close the assembly, John Orsborn led the singing of "Troy High. Live on Forever. " 1243 if 3 . 102 ,l ai?- The Seniors were together as a class for one final time when they assem- bled for the highlight of their year - Graduation exercises. This year, instead of having schol- arships handed out on a separate night, they were presented along with the diplomas. Mark Simpson delivered his saluta- tory and Jeff Stonerock delivered his valedictory. Following a moving Bac- calaureate by The Reverend Clifford Stewart, the Senior Choir sang "I Will Never Pass This Way Again" and the traditional "You'll Never Walk Alone." Mr. James Welbaum then presented the Class of 1975 and Dr. Stanley Vorpe presented the diplomas and Mr. Robert Conard presented the local scholarships. After the exercises there was much rejoicing, laughter and smiles shown by the graduates and their parents. Senior Toast We came to this high school with hopes and dreams, but we came also with apprehension. We were apprehensive about what the immediate future held for us. We knew not the people we would meet nor the faculty that would guide us through the next four years. But, we felt that perhaps now was the time to develop an education of the future - to increase our awareness to think and act for the future - for knowledge deals with the past, but our deci- sions are in the future. We hoped that our dreams would materialize. We dreamed of Utopian societies, free of hate, discrimination. and corruption. Societies in which all could coexist peacefully. But. who could help us to attain these futuristic goals? Who would mold our blurred dream into a clear reality that we could grasp? We found our answer when we came in contact with you - our faculty. If ever we are to succeed in the future, it is to you that we will be indebted. For you have inspired us to think, encouraged us to act and have helped to guide us toward our goals. We are aware that you may remember the times we have fought against you, but you must understand that we would much rather have fought along side you. Even though we have not always heard your exact words, we will take with us your ideas and will find them to be invaluable. So we, the senior class of 1975, would like to toast the faculty for their investment in our future. - Kevin Lawrence IO4 Faculty Toast Seniors, Faculty, and Guests . . . When I came to the Senior Dinner tonight, I did not know what the senior motto was. However, if I had one wish for the class of 1975, I would like them to extend Thoreau's words. Senior motto: If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer. Let him step to t.hat beat which he hears, however measured or far away. If you follow those words, seniors, you will not go wrong. I have been asked to come here tonight and give a "Faculty" Toast. After several attempts at that task, I have decided that I cannot do it. I have decided that this toast must be a personal one. I only hope that the faculty and guests will join me in my toast. The class of 1975 is special to me. You were all my freshmen when I began my career teaching here at Troy High School. Your growth has been my growth. Your lives have been an important part of my life. It has been my pleasure to share my efforts and my home with the class of "75. It will be my continuing pleasure to watch as you go forth to meet the challenges that each class before you and every class after you must face. I will watch with special confidence that you have prepared yourselves for the challenge . My toast to the Senior Class of 1975: May you often taste the :ltrill of victory. May the agony of the defeats that must surely come be tempered with knowledge and confidence in yourselves. May you experience the sheer drama of life fully and show the rawest kind of courage there is. the courage to reveal yourselves openly and honestly. May you be willing to risk emotional pain in the anticipation of emotional fulfillment. A toast to the class of 1975, a toast to the legacy that is yours, a legacy that you now claim, a legacy of life and humanity. Thank you. - Steve Boone This is the history of '75 Some think it's a wonder we're still alive It's hard to believe it's been 4 yrs. Since faced with the usual Freshman fears lt was the year of '71 That ole Troy High School became 31 Even as Freshmen we knew for a fact We would add the class Troy High School had lacked Of the Senior bench we were afraid Because that's where the hunks all stayed Our freshman guys were not experts Robbie asked Tom how love worked We went as a group to the homecoming dance Around the floor we did not prance We sat all alone in a little cluster Dancing was something we could not muster Downtown Cowboys were our Freshman football squad But the guys were all really quite mod Herb excused many from the team Because their morals were not clean Our B Ball team was not up to snuff Because we lost a lot of our stuff Copp, Lyman, McDowell and Fro To the reserve team they all did go The yellow brick road led us to Earth Science Where we met Munchkins with defiance We thought we had the class down pat Until they told us the earth was flat Tanna and Vicki suspended would be For smoking their ciggs in the boys' pott-ee Our suspensions had only begun We always got caught for having fun It was now the fall of '72 We thought we all knew what to do We wore our skirts up to our cheeks The guys all hoped they'd get a peek As Sophomores we learned bout birds and bees As if we'd never heard of these Schneider and Shaft took it all in stride And behind his hands poor Stan did hide Beginning to drive was quite a deal With Brian and Dan behind the wheel Anne's Cricket was always completely packed 'Cause Marc and Ev had the Cadillac Our Freshman team became part of the varsity squad And all our guys had developed bods They walked the halls with their chests stuck out Thinking they had something to boast about Class Histor Diane Brewer became a special friend And Block-T she did defend Math class will never be quite the same Without her crazy, cute little games. At Christmas time the singing began Little did we know at the Hallelujah Chorus we were to stand A lecture from Prouty we all did receive Because this was one of his pet peeves Carefree gum was all the craze Everyone had cramped fingers and were in a daze After all the work that we had done The results came back and the deaf school won Miss Bossman came and gave all "A's" Though we did nothing 180 days Miss Hartle taught us English too To learn our names she stared us through With Dave and John we examined flies Red and white were the colors of their eyes We also shot up baby chicks To see what hormone made them tick As our Junior year began in '73 All we thought of was the football we would see The team t.hat year went 6 and 4 In the league 2nd place was what we bore February came Prom time was here We'd do a great job we had no fear We chose "Disney World" as our theme Hoping we could fill the senior's dream Amy worked hard for Pooh to look fine She spent much of her money and her time He turned out looking really great But in the trash can was his fate The Sophomore girls got in a fight over Sid The poor guy was so uptight, he just went and hid The theme "Movies" was quite a sell Sherry and Sherry did the planning quite well The farewell assembly was quite a sad affair We now knew the seniors and really cared Mallery tried to burn one off in the lot But the accelerator stuck and he got caught. One of our teachers by the name of "Big Al" Got hitched up with a fine looking gal With hands so large and fingers strong He taught us History all day long. Spirit became an unheard of sound When Block-T dwindled to the ground Because with their lovers they could not be The girls decided to quit Block-T Alan Zunke was quite a spinner He turned out to be the National winner ' Of his skill we are quite proud He's always seemed to please the crowd Adamson and Yount with rubies in guts Can belly dance like a couple of nuts At the Rec Rhoades' shuffle became quite hot But a Fred Astaire he sure was not. The Kevins had a good thing started With Lisa and Cleo they never parted Seemed like in Chem class every day They should've been told about P.D . A. When the "syndicate" came to be There was toilet paper on every tree There were contracts out on every home And at midnight we all did roam. The summer of 1974 Could in no sense be considered a bore As a class we became one And had ourselves a bunch of fun. Acme and Legion were our summer baseball teams As their athletic supporters we liked to scream The talk of the town was Ricky's knee As he hobbled about like "Old Man Lee" Tip City became quite a popular town When our guys discovered the girls around They spent their eves going to and fro And what they got we'll never know. Lori's party in the summer Turned out to be quite a hummer The Girls' State gals were quite a crew They gave our deprived guys something new. When we decided to have some fun To the covered bridge we all did run We knew not what the results would be When the cops came and us did see. As incoming Seniors we visited "Top of the Mall" And had ourselves quite a ball Hors d'oeuvres were served in Amy's yard And good 'ole Jeanne was quite a card. Our Senior year came mighty fast It was hard to believe it was here at last Every day held something new Cause all our dreams were coming true. With lots of spirit on the square Our voices sounded through the air The spirit carried till the next night When we beat Piqua - what a sight! Before the game we all had dinners To psyche us out for upcoming winners Of our football team we were quite proud Because they always pleased the crowd. We sold the food that fed the fans As we sweated it out in the Concession stand To Annual Staff the funds did go So that our Annual could really grow. Donaleo's was the place to be And Mary Beth we would always see We always used to sing and shout Until they took the juke box out. Ei T The Rec was the place to boogie down There was bumping all around Timmy was an ape one night And gave the girls quite a fright George must've liked our class real well Because he taught us from 7th to 12th Since everyone's travelling both far and near George - See if you follow us next year. Homecoming was really quite a sight Susan was crowned our queen that night Paul, Jim, Bill, and John Tried their best to cheer us on Raindrops fell from all around As "Harvest" filled the gym with a special sound The whole affair was super fine And when it was over we went to dine. At Halloween time we all did cruise To the Haunted House cause we heard the news That this was the place one had to be To get the hell scared out of thee. Proud parents the Boone's soon became Amy Marks was their daughter's name Q an Their house will never be quite right Since Bill and Jeanne moved outta sight Downtown Troy brightened up this fall When the Art students painted the Rec wall Mr. Preston headed the willing crew It showed our Seniors always shine through. The basketball team gave us something new A winning season - ain't that the stew? Our Senior team went 10 and 9 Our first winning season in a long, long time. fu- s. A 'F- Dough-Boy Deskins at Burger Chef did slip On a burger that turned him into a crip Our class as a whole was accident prone There was always someone with a broken bone. We three kings of orient are Roaming around the halls afar This tradition our class started Before, at Christmas break we parted. Mid-Winter was a dream come true Kyle and Keith showed us what to do As lovers they waltzed around the floor They were a sight we could not ignore. The night of Formal Mark Schnell got "lucky" And happened to stumble into poor Chuckie It didn't help that he was well oiled And for ten days his grades were spoiled. Kolleen began to have her bashes They were attended by all the classes Not only from Troy and surrounding towns But from out of state and all around. The Music Man was quite a success Annette and John really did the best Everyone worked to portray the story And, in the end, received much glory. The business department did really great They even sent Julie Kimbrell to state. Yes upstairs they worked hard hours And no other school could be matched to ours. The chicken dinner was quite a sight When Amy started the water fight. Squirt guns became the thing for sure The teachers called us immature. The SuperDood of 1975 Is a guy who can hardly drive. Tom, Arty, Brian and Jim Made up the court that followed him. Bat Bells and Mat Maids joined the clan In backing their teams, they were really grand. These clubs soon became quite commonplace As they sold us food to feed our face. The baseball team has done quite well In spite of rain, they Cgave them hell lj Coach Fletcher showed them what to do And shaped up quite a crazy crew. Their mascot is a furry mink LB is the name of the lucky fink. Double-Bubble gives them cheering fun To win they chew it by the ton. Some of the Seniors of THS did leave To go over and learn in old Van Cleve. They always seemed to get left out But their spirit showed they were Seniors, no doubt. Throughout the halls Gary Carnes would be Snapping pictures like one, two, three. He even taught us to fight Kung Fu Without him, just what would we do? And very soon to our surprise, The two pregnant teachers appeared to our eyes Oh, there were always laughs and jokes But Mrs. Madison and Chavis were two remembered folks. The Scholarship Dinner was quite a sight The Senior Class dominated the entire night. With sixty-four Seniors receiving T's The parents and faculty we were sure to please. A new experience was going to the SHE Even if you carried a fake l.D. After drinking beer and dancing all night When we got home we were quite a sight. There's a boy in our class known as J. T . B. If you look around, you'll surely see All the posters and paintings he's done Including the Bicentennial - his best one! As Seniors, we had day called Ecology. It sure beat going to English and Psychology. We washed fire engines and planted flowers And dwindled away a couple of hours. The school's chorale was something to see When the girls sang "A Touch of Class" with glee. "I Love My Baby" was the hit of the show. Everyone watched how the guys' faces glowed. Stairway to Heaven was our Prom's theme. Adorned with cloud , it filled our dreams. Amidst the fog, were Susan and Tom Crowned Queen and King of our Senior Prom. As our senior year draws to its end, We realize we're leaving many friends. As we bid goodbye to old Troy High, All we can say is "Bidey Bye." As we leave our friends and teachers behind, Our uncertain futures engulf our minds. As into the troubled world we arrive. We'll always know we're the best alive . O I . ' n L Q 1 L as ., 4, 'Q X f f J f ' , ev F ' 93 gh O 4- 3 A J 'I' M y Q F 1 . , ' A 'io ll E, ' ' 'x X , g X , ' A X .9 " p ,X i R H i XA u R, x N KV 9 W -Q. UD x filqm A i mm HIM 5 Thanks to Edie Seiple and Mr. McConnell, the First Annual Troy High Talent Show went off with a bang. Except for the fact that MC Tim Bowers didn't get completely dressed. After many hours of practice, the different performers were ready. This was no ordinary talent show. There were many different types of talent in the school that people didn't know existed. There was soul dancing, a jug- gler, and even a clown playing a horn while riding a unicycle. Pictured here is first place winner Joe Fletcher. llO Talent Show Excitement ran high as the show ent on. It was a tougl choice, but the panel of facultj judges chose Joe Fletcher as the first place winner while Jin "Elton" Lyman captured second. It was a great show no matte who won. Next year, at the Seconc Annual Troy High Talent Show we hope they can find an MC wh' manages to at least get dresser before he goes on stage . Mini- Courses . This year it was mini-courses at Troy High. Although it is supposed to be educational, it was also a lot of fun. The sub- jects ranged from horseback riding to bike riding to Kung Fu. The mini-courses took up two days, and the students chose what courses were to be given. They also made up their own schedule. There are still a few bugs to be worked out, but generally the students and faculty were pleased with the results, and a good time was had by all. Future 'Super Jocks' 23 fi, .,.,s,., fy Z, 1' l'h'L"-1 Nancy: "I'm joining the circus next year." "This year mini-courses. next year the Olympics." Q A.F.S. This year's AFS Assembly found us with six foreign exchange students from all over the world. At the assembly, they each told a little about their own country, and what they do for excitement. Ludee, our foreign exchange student from the Philippines, showed us a dance called, as we remember from grade school days, the "Tinikling. " Pictured left, from left to right are Josy Mancici - France, Jutta Bernhard - West Germany, Cecilia Sierra - Chile, Ludee Verry - Philippines, Hme Ruangsomboon - Thailand, and Anders Holmstrom - Sweden. 5 31' 5 I ff Ludee tells us a little about her home and school. Cecilia tells about her home, Chile and how it is different from Troy. Anders wonders when it will be over. Anders A Cecilia Cecilia Sierra is from Santiago, Chile. This year she has gotten involved in the school, and we will be sad to see her go. She has been staying with the John Pour family here in Troy. Anders Holmstrom is our foreign exchange student from Sweden. He says he likes Troy, and will miss it when he leaves. Anders has been involved in many school activities this year. He also received the "Fresh Mouth" award at the Senior Dinner. Ludee Ludivina Verry, or Ludee, as we call her, is from the Philippines. She was valedictorian of her class last year. She has been staying with the David Seiple family this year, and has made many new friends. When she leaves, she will begin her college education. FIRST ROW: Richard Albright, Chris Allen, Annette Shook, Amy Marks, Anne Dunnam, Barb Berkshire, Kathy Hale, Rick Rashilla, Robin Redick. SECOND ROW: David Bottral, Valryn Warren, Melissa Smitly, Susanne Kramer, Lori Nims. Drama Club Banquet 1975 marked the first Drama Club Banquet. Mr. McConnell presented the awards to various members ol the Drama Club. The awards were: Chris Allen - Best Newcomer Annette Shook - Outstanding Service Amy Marks - Outstanding service Anne Dunnam - Outstanding service Barb Berkshire - Outstanding service Kathy Hale - Outstanding crew person Rick Rashilla - Outstanding crew person Robin Redick - Special merit Lori Nims - Special merit Susanne Kramer - Best newcomer Melissa Smitley - Best Supporting Actress Valryn Warren - Best Actress David Bottral - Most Active Richard Albright - Best Actor Amy and Anne receive their Outstanding Service awards. which were well deserved. 114 -wg i . N, Way to go, Annette! Scott, you can't have more than one award! David worked hard during the musical, as Mr. McConne11's righthand man to eam his award. 3 . f ' I "uf 1 4 'Ya 'I Y W af, 'Ss ' Q S is 4 li lllllllnlllzem My f I 4 rf gf ! rf ffm 1 lf :EW 1-vs: Iv' . ' H I r ' ff o Q 'ffl Hn S2222 n 'ml , A , V , . .g,,v! ' V951 f 9' fl Klum . f X x.6Q A KA' If 'Xl W 'll Qui: ff 'I J", U I4 " W ea Z' 5 I 5, :if 2 S . b 0 Nlwm ml - , I P :iii k , -:full W '. 4, , Ulwfgse X, A ,if yuh., " 55555. Ilia- 'Q' , ,ni ,IT ,fl QI . ll! ini! "' 'UL H? 4' A " 'ff I1 'fl ,Ag . 9: I ,EI I I Waisiffs H lIlififsfsP:f 44 'fiia I, ,4 .1-wa. M 1 - is I nr 1- Y P - - f HIUX i 1 w fn u 1' WU W W MM!! I :FIM U . jx I' iz , I, 1 I 1 'ls I' I. U FL X gum N . i ' Julie Adams Laura Adams Sue Adkins Gail Alexander Jim Allen Cindi Anderson Mike Anderson Dan Argabright Julie Arrau Liz Arthur Nancy Asher Mark Atkins Ken Auerholr Debbie Baize Debbie Baker Debbie Baldwin Joe Barnrhouse Nadine Battle Mary Beam Mike Bell John Benner Donald Bercot Ron Bercot Peggy Bergman Mau Bernd David Berry Tom Bigelow James Blair Ken Block ,, Kevin Boggs Michael Boggs Gene Bondurant Stephanie Both Linda Bowling Diana Bowman Debbie Boyer Debby Brandenburg Penny Breese X Ralph Breisch J Pauie Brennan J Nancy Brentlinger Dale Brewer Charles Brown Cheryl Brown Darran Brown Rhonda Brown Ernestine Browning 118 1 ,B 4.5" h I Q V ' I .',' fagk B A S XB f B' Q i B V K B B if as -QB fl jr as saw ' 1B Ax Q ,aaa ,XX X J .,..a BB 5 my X B W X B B5 il B l A BB 1 B 'S B B.,2 y BBBB X B ,B j B M B B 45' - :gf :rx bl - ' "r f B B A B is A K. of A if 'K BB Q21 TE J 5,5 is X X J D Bii' L ., J A JJJ J JJ lk Q5 L J Q. N EIB 5 A-. B B 'S 'B B+ B Q Q B' E XJ Y if B iii B 5 KBQ ' K' B y kk iik ' N E in K H L, B - :B f B JB ix., - gf : B , ,Q ,ggi Qgf 'X is "gf ,B B Q y :i E!II t r,Nhz isww ,, i,, . -.. 7 S , , I nv , 3 5 M, Q H YTFIYN S4 Q. ...f i - 'i M ffl - S , If 1 .,,,7... L 'Q as gb 'np . . -N ", 1 aavvai i 5 Q' L' X i! Q' U X ' ' N ,, 'Se , ,- 1 C . y ZjR I' y E v.: 2, X , li SFR S-vi J., f.. 5 , . . Wim I A - Q sg K as i X 0 v x 'NUWX I . Q . ' M , P Q' in 'x 2 ,. LWTI. 3 - C - 4 X Y X '. ' 'x --H. H as oosv 4, , t o g Qqzt it i X ,KE ' 1 .,... C A' S if: ,C C tiers, g Jerry Browning Kerry Browning Paul Bruce Denise Bucklew Gerard Buechter Erik Bugge Mary Burns Angela Burnside Karl Burnside Kevin Burnside Athena Butcher Bill Byrd Laura Caldwell Kelly Calicoat Tim Calicoat Richard Canan Kristen Cannoles Julie Carmichael Mark Carr Sharon Carver Lauri Casselman Merilee Ceyler Tina Christian Newell Christopher Suzi Chronabery Becky Clark Debbie Clark Kathy Collins Randy Compton Donny Conard Ianae Conrad Tom Cook Mark Counts Ronnie Crabtree Sharon Cramer Kathy Cremeans Donald Cromer Doug Curtis Tim Daffner Dan Daugherty Brent Davidson Ann Davies Connie Davis Gigi Davis Lori Davis Sheila Davis Dale Dawson Don Dawson H9 Cynthia DeGrand Mark DeRyke Pam Drake Cindy Elam Sandy Feltner Lisa Force Kathy Frings Geneva DeHart David Detrick Tim Drake Dorene Evans Jodi Ferguson Sylvia Foster Jackie Furrow Debbie Delmar Mark DeWitt Tom Duncan Robert Evans Karen Ferguson Charles Fox Teresa Fulker .. ..1::r:1zfJSs 'li E, in ' aaa JA js. rfk K , K V ,- .. X, S , .s as A Xxg gxx J f 2 9 A fi ' W 'iQ S'-t iii f i -s 'Q as N fi-.a iu Q ffl. I 1 X ' 1? , . . '4 is 'K Larry Delwiche Rick Doll Ray Denison David Denoyer Julie Cindy Domigan Susan Douglas Dunckelman Jane Dunson Julie Dye Peggy Evans Tim Feaselman Tom Fellers Kelly Ferris Joe Fisher Melissa Foote Russell Fox Ed Francis Teresa Free Yvonne Gee Elaine George Kim Geralds 'S in 'F i ' Rs .zz Q , :N i ss-1--rip G E i - . . G .C ftt T' J K .ef - . to ,r:. y My ' 3' 'fs - Qin .-.R ..,,. - -2 ' '5 R MY K- T 9' 5 J ss. ,Am X5 s.s K , - , O 35 Q Q X - sw? s W ga, Worx I h my gl . 1 Q' r is i 3 N J X t o T J J, ' gg . s -i ' . . ' ' , .rxkl S., x 2 A .1 ,L:,1,n kk 4 ' Y Q Y . In I was a 1 g P , kig K W Q "i" ii' Q in ' N Mary Gee 1 3?lf. iliiis--L i li 0 ?.g3', - ff ' xy.. 5 .-t . - xr x , 5. vs QSM. PK 1 4 f. '- , Q Q. 1 'tx f, 1 Qsx S K 'M Q-L A : fs lais .S Iv, W 1 Q' r 'I g FU' sd lwllllll W l mms!-""" We E? .9 ll ..., ,K J Q Y ' wr lf if K F , 1' i uf' . 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L A iq y -. 5- 'x Debi Gero Patricia Gheen David Gillis Kathy Godsey Amy Graham Kelly Green Lola Gregory Mark Gribler Mike Gribler Kathy Grigsby Steve Grigsby Lori Grissom Barbara Grose Scott Grove Janine Grump Mark Harger Daryl Harris Donna Harrison Sally Hartwell Doris Hatfield Steve Heaton Becky Hebb Steve Heffner Stanley Helton Robert Higbee Colby Hill Ellen Hobart Cindy Hodge Susan Holobaugh Tony Honeyman Karen Horn Brian House Betsy Houser Sandi Houser Mark Hurst Jeff Hutcheson Ron Hutchinson Amy Hypes Henry Iglesias Doug Ingle Nick Ingles Joyce Ingram Barbara Ishmael Mark Jacobs Tom Jakubek Tammy Jarrett Jeff Johnston Diane Jones John Julian Mark Kaebnick Lisa Karnes Tom Karns John Katterheinrich Michael Keith Kim Kendrick David Kessler Sandy Kiser Paula Kiser Joanna Koopman Suzanne Kramer Julie Kroger Trent Lacey Ann Lafferty Robin Lamme Shelly Lang Charles Langston Mary Langston Keenan Lawrence Diana Leiberick Larry Leasure Bernie Lemmon Marcy Lenox Mark Leptak Greg LeRoy Janet Lewis Sandy Liles Jennifer Lin Sherry Linton Amy Lipp Alex Lobeto 122 w,mi'g ' N J . . 1 'A " 1 1' A 13 3, . Q . S. tv in , I 1. :, ,LL ,QR- . - A Q S V xy! K if 1 T., g I Q to ij! f x X A 5 A-WE. 5 My X N is-rf " ,ex X w- 'st - ' fl' .-f ' ,SE:R:N ' 1 'J 2 ... . 4. ,A . . ,J - 1. 1, h 1 if 1' 6 J X 2' , -:, ,A . S15 W - - gf' 5,3 4 f -.55 , --ms-1 . 'Q 113: L -S J"' L tl WEP sms' J' ? iv- X. an 9 t fs -1, Q Y f' f J S at "- ,eg of J' J iwf aff fKft J rg . . V Sb f ts J, e s I hi J ' X I JN. M U in , - g : L a i t vtht KK 1 ,. time yw1w,ts ef nu w if Tk ,fm fi it , J A yyg L A f ,,,.:.,, . ,,A, K t K K In - Q A l L sms H--na. J' iff HQ! . y y y x iigl - t ' M-rw w' 'Q Q. x ., ik 8 .A X . ,.' 5.1! aryy y sr Q J t C N ' Qv f ' f i ccs c - if LQ if . b V Q I 5 lif t. I ' - Q alfa P , it ,X 5 -- .C V - g f , L ,r Q"' , l 1 ytssr ' ' Q" S ' " X A L,LL A 'j g L6 5 V in 'J . A A KA I . C W Iiiih iw!!! ,,.,.., K K 1.-:TJ I ni S g 2' it at A 4 st r S . x fa- ..,. l ,, X , l 14 fl ,pa Xxx NL, lu' J LL +6 'F' N Patty Long Dianne Loufman Sandi Love Robin Lucas John Lutz Randy Lykes Kathy McCarthy Doug McDonald Gloris McCoy Doug McEowen Debbie McFarland Cindy McKenny Jamie McKim Suzanne McNamee Jeff McNutt Mark Madigan Doug Manson Richard Manwaring Griff Marks Cindy Marr John Marshall Darlene Matthews Mike Maxson Beth Melvin Harry Milby Brian Miller Craig Miller David Miller Sheila Miller Ian Millet Paul Milligan John Mills Shelly Minnich Dawn Mintz Kevin Moffitt Chris Moore Peggy Moore Michael Moume Thomas Moyer Mark Neal Hope Neves Kitty Nichols Mary Nally Teresa Nichols Cynthia Nuss Mike Oldham Rodney O'Toole Robert Ousley 123 Tim Pardue Jeff Parker Brad Parks Tim Partin Carla Peck Mike Penkal Frank Perez Jeff Permenter Paul Persinger Tim Peters Yvonne Peters Neil Pfister Steven Phillips Diane Plant Dale Plantz Rick Pour Thad Powers Robert Quinn Ronnie Raymond Randy Reardon Pat Reddy Martin Reed Robin Reynolds Tim Rice Dan Richied Doug Richter Tim Ridenour Jeff Roberts Chris Robertson Kevin Robinson Michael Rohrer Scott Rohrer David Rose Bill Rozell Linda Rudisill Dave Rushton Tammy Ryan Patricia Sanders Diana Scherer Dana Scholz Susan Schwambach Della Seaman Debbie Seidel Judi Sensenbrenner John Shanesy Sarah Shanesy Mark Shanley Brian Shepard Robin Shiltz Cindy Shook Shelley Shook Kathy Shoop Connie Shoup Brent Siler Rick Silkey Robert Sims 124 x' k Ll kkvyi K X' xx S' E Q, S K Lsk. 5 .S - 1 .xr L, x I K iii all it 'isi "et P 'ii' ' Ai Zifsiz :fi ' XJ S t iii it 1 1 I ddii ssrr R 1 1 'Sf X QR 1 X ' f V --f- f I K 5 SS K i sis S S S if P' k ,, R lyy c S ' 'Q 1 - S SS Vtkq t J jf 2. 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Smith Kent Snyder Jim Staten Kurt Stonerock Martin Suchecki ig l 1 S ai E F ,M , 7' ' ,gb .gp 3:5 N- a .gs ,aw ' .1 -... ns 4 Q 1' K 5. , .3,.g, ' Na W .tra .mat , . 4 . Q Karen L. Smith Mary Snyder Tom Stayonoff Tina Strachan Dawn Suerdieck X:-t air ,-f f mf' n.,-in . l up ' 'lx 'h i ' ll 7 L sl tl Mu .L A .Jil . . I lm X Scott Chris Sugg Phil Sugg Sullenberger Teresa Supinger Greg Taylor Kathie Taylor Michael Taylor David Thomas Jim Tucker Becky Tyler Jennifer Tyler Tracy Vitito George Walker Bruce Walters Joel Warner Chris Washer Mark Welker Chris West Allison White I Mike Whitmore Karen Wisby Rick Wise Sara Wolbert Jeff Worden 1 'fix ,Q ',,' A K , -, .' K K N , H Lili " ' ' 'fj , 1 -:J .,,' X I' ' ,,,t , , , J 1 V 'v ., sr. , 2 ' 55 h J . a ia W V ,i v Q i I Q I :V W t ,,lr..,,, Qhs , im E fr,:.s,,r: m -.sf fx ' 2 41. n L Jeanne Swank Scott Thomas Steve Vogann Jackie Weaver Mike E. Williams Mike Worthington 'is 1.x f 4 1 V s 5 f xy if ? , W JN ,J K Patricia Sweeney Jay Thornton Jodell Voris Jeff Weaver Leisa Swindell Gary Timko Mike Vulgamore Donald Swinehart Ann Townsley David Waker Billy Welbaum Kim Swob Terry Trimble Donna Walker Mike M. Randy Weaver Jamie Wilson Jeff Welbaum Williams Wendy Willis Pat Mike Wilson Tim Wright Cindy Yantis Zimmerman James Zimpher 'I 1 Wea' , x 1 ry ' H 5. will J fs' f J ff" i . 1 K W,,, W XJ- , a ' , - 19: 'Kp sz '4 ra V . f , ff 'e " T ,Q ZAI , - J A J J E' J it A . J if J x,- J ' Qc :Ti ' ' ii x K KM ' 4 ,V A , rr l ag J yi yyy -W. V, r x N X 2 X it A' 1 7 r" . sr V ,V fr: rs e l i f Q, J .. J i t , , K S Q t ' J JJ 53? qk ' A gil' ' if frgl Q QQX Q irkk K K f - Q K is . mmm - . ', h ff hf .A ' - h , Z .x. N ' . , TJ J' ' A A s sr J ' Qi' Q 2 J A J 11,. J I Q : 'N mx. E --W'- . . ! g. B A A we J T i f ' 'ff - as -S,,: g ii' sg . ' l . . 1. , 1 at " ' A it is A J f 2 A f lf A 1 x B f fr on JE .a . . 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Debbie Hess Pete Houser Kay Jarrell ' I 1, J'ia if l X t -. QQ' at "Xi A 1 r r ' ,s ,sr-. . ,3 L1 kw- . " -" Qgiv '. ig' 3 VV,. - . , .az is W J Q 1 J ., if ' ,, .i kk X N fi gi gl W Q 46 Rosemary Kirsch Larry Kiser Andy Kratt V Randy Lamme . ossw yy 3 , was Q s K' K as I' i n ' 4: N' R' i H.. FW fr i, w, if f ' Z, N r--L gp 5 ' Q rrrr 4 3' . ': QT., A I ' as K ' ' s 1' W - 3 ,L ' . " is s 5 I , !.'Yq'i'1 . '. . x in 9 Dale Knife Brenda Larck Bob Lemon Lisa Lindon David Low Robin Lykes 'C Kr' 3 e so 7 9 vyi X mis BR , ' M SP , a,J,ra . 1 1 , Rob Knife Jeff Larck Gary Lewis Wendy Lipp Yvonne Lucas Patti McAtee Julie Knoderer Kent Lawrence Pam Liles Carol Long Bob Lutz Tammy McCall w- ah 1 .. is 5 Jeff Koopman Dave LeC1erc 1: Q i X 5 '5 ' LE , : , f El rs L x Darla Kramer Nancy Lee ' oe ii ., J .L isso Liiii X 5 iii. , .5 h ii, ,. xxx ' K in x X . 1, X! 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Bill Plantz Harold Poland Valeria Pour Tom Price Jamie Pugh David Putney Larry Queen Bruce Rademachir Terry Ralston Robin Reardon Sue Reddy Tom Reinshell Charley Renner Tony Reynolds David Rhoades Diane Rhoades Janet Rhoades Ed Richardson Lana Richardson Annette Riffell Cindy Robbins Laura Romie Linda Rudy Lisa Rudy Anna Russell Penny Rhynard Jenny Saffell Karen Saint Denise Sanderson Toni Sarver Belinda Satterfield Marlin Schaurer Sandy Schilling Tim Schmidt Beth Schultz Linda Schwambach Kathy Scott Edie Seiple Debbie Shellhaas John Shipman Kris Shoop Bob Shoop Ron Short Bruce Shoup Guy Shrake A 2 fa J in 4, V.v sf 1 , -F 1 at 1. , gy P, ,. - , YT' , hi, ,A -to -x Q. it is - MQ 4 . Q. m ? i 1 ' 1 f I X Nts Q t K 3? X 8 A Q f 3? ive, s 'st MA -'M Q. 'r 5 2 -if gf 4-x 1 . S A- . 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Mahala Baker Teresa Beary Lisa Becker Robert Behrens Kevin Bercaw Sherry Bergeron Debora Benning Steven Bigelow Terry Beisner Shirley Bennett 'TQ' Virginia Bigelow Kaye Bolton Linda Brand Bradley Blackburn Derba Boone James Broughton Lu Ann Blankenship Timothy Bowers Billee Jo Brown f ef' willw J S We Just wait until Lisa sees her Christmas present! 158 , 1: i V N ' , Cindy Brown Timothy Buckman Richard Busse Harold Campbell Ted Cawley Melisa Brown Karen Buirley Kevin Butt Gary Carnes Timothy Chalmers Donna Browning Richard Burns Bruce Cahill Daron Carter Kim Chaney David Clegg Richard Copp Kevin Cromes Mark Daffner Richard Clegg Dennis Cremeans Sheryl Cruea Christine Dalton David Collins Douglas Criner Madonna Crump Daniel Darner Pamela Cooper Jimmy Criner Mary Current Cynthia Davis 160 ,C ur' L11 f , MQ' I X ' -ar, HOP-af? Nelson Davy Mitchell Detrick Mark Douglas Pamela Dunckelman Nadine Dawson Kathy Dill Scott Douglas Anne Dunnam Kim Decker Deanna Domigan Kent Dube Stephen Dunne Bobby Deskins Dee Donley Timothy Dumbauld Charles Dyas mf" ' fig s. Q Q px 1 Ui, fl ni db C, .Q Michael Ellis Billy Emerick Lynn Evert Cynthia Earhart Kathryn Ellicott Kathleen Fair Bonnie Ferguson Mark Fish David Fisher Joseph Fletcher Meldon Flora Richard Flory Mary Folck Cheryl Fox fbi' .r,r. r,,,V,,. W ...E , E, m ma y 911' 'WW 162 Georgia Fox Jeffrey Friend Paul Gibboney Beverly Francis William Fulker Susan Gillman Gregory Francis Thomas Funderburg Jeffrey Goodall Douglas Friend Robert Gallagher Mark Goodin Larry Goodman Jerry Gosser 'filly s.--or Kim Graham Alan Grey Dennis Green Look mom, Ifound one! Pamela Granger Cecelia Green Paula Grigsby ' ..,' 1-f . , 3? 5 W Q 31 ,Q 8513+ -, .1 . 5- if Q. Q. .Q 1. ai' " R353 5' ' ' l N' s G 3 is Mary Grismer Michael Gumbert I 801 YOUI WO0dY- Thomas Gulker Mark Gwin 4 Stephen Haines Kathie Hallan Jerri Harnish Scarlett Hale Kevin Hancock Robert Harrelson I work for a Welbaum day and night. ,Zi Fred Hart Melanie Heaton Julie Hartzell Richard Helmer Martha Herrick Elizabeth Hill Donna Hirsch Anders Holmstrom Gary Horn Debra Hess Tab Hill Jamie Hobson Randall Holobaugh Todd Hoskins .vw Peggy Hosko Mary Houser Jill Huffaker Tanya Huffman Pamela Hughart 166 Susan Hurst Thomas Ingle Linda Inman Carol Jakubek Deborah Jester Darryl Idle Barbara Ingram David Jackson Bradley James Heidi Johnston ,..-T JR l.,' ,'n'i .,'bi -as 'TB' Mary Jones Jane Katterheinrich Lucinda Kelsey Julie Kimbrell Claudia Kirby Tamara Klock 'r David Lafferty Debra Koproski Debra Lair Scott Kunkleman Karen Lane 168 Gail Lantis Kevin Lawrence Michael Leffel Leslie Lanzotti Robert Ledford Jeffrey Leptak We just found out her new name! Joyce Lightner Jeffery Line Sidney Lilly Cynthia Lloyd Lori Lipp Susan Long i H Kimberly Lowe Cheryl Lucas Michael McClellan Joan Lowry James Lyman Jon McCoy lvf' ,Y ,Z H I " 1 , 5 V , X ZKWJJL, J-N 2, rw-"-,N - gr. A I ,YM xtv. -ul. , Q 4. J r s . ' 1- :..:,s 3 is was ss H JY' J ,K gs. -1-f. - .. K :Ein 7 Q 4 34 L oycr .sfagg J if rfil iitww, 3 Debra McDaniel James McDowell Jean McNeal Connie Mahan Amy Marks Michelle McDaniel Michael McNamee Kathy McNutt Daniel Mallery Judy Marlow Karla Martin Jean Meek Paul Marvel Nancy Meeker 170 Kathleen Mertz Rebecca Metcalf Tinsi Miller Terry Mintz Patty Messer Deborah Miller Blair Mintz Barbara Moore Judith Morgan John Morrett l . Philip Morrill Patricia Morrison Patricia Morton Sharon Mott 171 www 4 f Notlce the knees are bent ig X- ! w f, F, wa? gm' f , X 42 7' N 4-r V ' V iff , .Eff 127 an if-wt Mary Ann Moyer Nancy Naughton Rick Norris Susan Mumma Kyle Newnam Sandra North Bruce Myers Bradley Nrmer Robert O'de11 Shawn Nally Nancr Nlms Tony O'nea1 '51 t Q l . ws- s t Thomas Ording Debra A. Patton Darlene Peltier John Orsborn Debra L. Patton Kolleen Peters Theodore Osgood Sandra Patton Ann Pfister Roger Parson Richard Peck Charles Phelps avid Ph Sarah Pike Mark Pitsenbarger Brian Plant David Posey ' ,113 A I g .. ii in Q L4 Mark Puterbaugh Geraldine Quinn Patricia Ramey Richard Quillen Linda Rainey Christina Rashilla Terry Quillen Craig Raley Julie Raymond Brian Rayve Leah Redick Pamela Reed Kirk Reineke Brian Rhodes 2 f 92' my .1 yo M r. Q ,'f5E"1' Q .- .. .X ., Q 'lla ' X- We-a...f-v A-. ..,, , Thomas Richied Susan Robinson Sheri Rousseau James Ridenour Mark Rogers Carla Russell Mike Robertson Susan Rosenbaum Carmel Russell 1 w. Kimberly Russell Rick Scarff Stephen Schwandt Pamela Salsberry Mark Schnell Cheryl Scott These horse registration papers are murder. 176 'K Mindy Seaman Leon Shafer Scott Seefluth Patrick Shanesy wl f 53555 Mark Sl'11'Oy6I Sarah Shlllel' The Lhree stooges try to PZHII the Rec wall Scott Shroyer Cec1l1a Slerra Eileen Sills Mark Simpson Cynthia Sinclair Francis Sluiter Kevin Smith Kim Smith Susan C. Smith Susan D. Smith Kimberley Smock Mona Snyder Cynthia Spencer Janet Sphar Super lips! ,ff,,,, as-s Jim- 55"-..-N Brillo, keep your hands to yourself! A Z 1 , gmt V7 ith :Ii S It Susan Spitzig Richard Stager Mark Starcher Beth Starkey Ellen Stillwell Brad Stockmeier Sharon Stoll Karen Stoltz Cheree Stone Mark Stone Jeffrey Stonerock Thomas Strominger 1 Cynthia Stuchell Cherill Stutz Teresa Stull James Swank Mark Taylor Thomas Thornburg Rex Tasker Matthew Tecklenburg Jeffrey Thornton Richard Tate Carolyn Thobe Jennifer Thorpe Janis Taylor Jacqueline Thompson Patricia Trimble f-Q., Y :Law Then you push Kaye's chair in like this. 1 80 Sandra Twiss Lesley Van Mouwerik Donald Unroe Caroline Vaughn Janine Voorhis James Vallor Ludivina Verry Thomas Voris David Watkins Kevin Wayman Anne Vandeveer Debra Vogann John Waites Stephanie Watkins Robert Welbaum H Icxoszy Dlcicogy Dock Timothy Welbaum Diane Westfall Stacy Wildman Robert Williams James Williamson Christopher Wilson Rhonda Wilson Ronald Wilson Debbie Wooddell Jeffrey Wooddell Mary Wray Steven Wray Karen Wyrick Kathleen Yancy Sharits Jolene Yardley Rochelle Yount Susie Zeller Alan Zunke Memories , pictures and memories. clouds with silver linings. faces that were shining. an everlasting love for him . I see his face. smiling, laughing all the time. Memories time can't erase . pictures of other places we left behind . He was here , he touched our lives and disappeared . leaving us without a trace , In Memory of Rick Farris June 5, 1958 - May 23, 1975 "Memories of Love" if ? just memories time can't erase , and pictures of love. But he never went away , he's with us here today, in our pictures and memories of love . Memories, pictures and memories, clouds with silver linings , faces that were shining, and memories of love . Memories . Mrs. Grace Fair, who teaches home economics, began teaching in 1946 in Mendon, Ohio. After two years, she taught at Reading, Ohio, for a year and then came to Troy where she has taught ever since. She has remained here because she says she generally likes the community. She thinks Troy High School is great, along with the students. She says, "This is one of the best years here because the students are more interested . " Mrs. Fair is planning to travel, now that she has time. She also plans to spend more time at home on the farm , with her husband . She says she will just 'enjoy herself. ' Retiring. . . Mr. Norvin Smith was elected thirty years ago to build a physical education program for Troy. He has been a track coach, a basketball coach, and assistant football coach. He was also very active in the door- to-door campaign to get support to build a football stadium. Mr. Smith stated, "I think physical education and health is one aspect of a person's life. Physical education carries over into the student's pri- vate life. " Mr. Smith hopes to continue to work in the athletic scene. How- ever, he does want to travel, fish and hunt. Mr. Raymond Cheney, head of industrial arts, is also retiring. In 1937 he began teaching in Elwood, Iowa. After three years he taught at Monroe Township, in Pickaway County for two years. He served in the Navy for the next three and a half years. Mr. Cheney has also enjoyed coach- ing. He has coached football, basket- ball, baseball, track and wrestling. Mr. Cheney thinks we have a better grade of school than most others in the area. He also feels it is necessary to have a good industrial arts depart- ment, because there is such a demand for carpenters. He plans to spend his time traveling and remodeling. Dr. Stanley Vorpe. O.D. - President School Board R. Murray Dalton - Vice President Mildred Gibbs - Board Member Richard Baird - Board Member Pauline Byirely - Clerk-Treasurer , 'V 4? William Harrelson - Board Member 186 l Dr. Robert Becker, PhD. - Superintendent of Troy Schools Raymond Lawrence - Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum fl? Dennis Coffield - Central Office A l d m n i s t r a t i 0 , n Edwin Everman - Assistant Superintendent of Troy Schools John McCoy - Assistant Superintendent of Person- nel Michael Barnhart - Director of Secondary Educa- tion and Program Development Bertha Newton - Director of Food Service me Jerry Scott - Central Office ,Z 87 n T s t r a t 0 James Welbaum - Principal, B.S. in Ed. , Defiance College, M. Ed. , Miami University n V Robert Conard - Assistant Principal, A.B., M.A., Marshall Charles Hartwell - Assistant Principal, B.S. in ED., Ohio University Univ. , M.S. in Ed. , Bowling Green State University 4! I. .. 1 1 45 In 4 ti 41 i, 5 t t 45 M, Patricia Reed - Assistant Director of Attendance Robert Fletcher - Director of Attendance, B.S. in Ed. , Ohio Uni versity, M.Ed., Miami Univ. 188 Allen Richards - Director of Guidance. B.S., M.A. , University of Cincinnati Clinton Dorsey - B.S. in Ed., Wilberforce Univ., M. Div., United Theological Seminary Guidance George Dearth - B.S. in Ed. , Ohio State Univ., M.Ed. , Wittenberg University See Stan, the girls are for after the game . . . s..,,..-4" 3 a Sue Ann Lawrence - B.S. in Ed. , Miami Univ M. Ed. , Wright State University Ruth Bowers - B.S.M., Capital Univ. M.A Ohio State University Facult Suzanne Kalmar V French, B.S. in Ed., Bowling Green State University Steve Coate - Business, B.A., Wittenberg University Stan Simpson - Physical Education, B.S in Ed., Langston University Elizabeth Gregg - Special Education B .A., College of Wooster Dorcas Wilson f Home Economics, B.S.. Washinglon Snare Universizy Wrighr Snare Universiry Cec11 Jones - Spanish, B-3- ifl Ed-, Eugene Epperson - Math, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Miami University Kathleen Abbou - German, B.A.. DePauw Univursiry Jane Eberly - Home Economics, B.S. in Ed. , Miami University lohn Ellis - English, B.S. and M. of Ed. Bowling Green State University Deborah Madison - French, B.A., West- ern Kentucky Barbara George - Math, B.S., Purdue University lvillialn Farrell - Math, B.S.. Michigan State University XI W a bert Colo - Vocational Education S , Manchostor Collegc, M. of Ed., ight State llnivcrsity yne Bennett - Business, B.S. in Ed., wling Green State University Vicki Fclvcr - Physical Education, B.S. in Ed., Ohio Northern University Tara Allison - English, B.S. in Ed., Uni versity of Dayton I of Cincinnati Allan Anderson - Social Studies, B.A., Universiiy of Pittsburgh, M.A., Ohio University VCI'- 'Vail'- Miami University GcorgL Dillow - Social Studies. BA Washington an Akers Business B A University Ohio State University, M. of Ed., Miami Uni- V6 Q31 it 2, I' I 'fin Sh Lo rsity ll i ' 1 i eldon Saxton - Math, B.S. in clihgiven State University Theodore Bascombe v Industrial Arts B.S., Ohio State University Teresa Caserta - English, A.B., Miami University Kathy Wurtzelbaeher - Math, B.S. in Ed., Miatn1Lnixers1ty David Brewer - Science, B.A. an M.A.T., Ohio State University Mike Bennett - English, A.B., Ohie lfni versity John Wildman - Music, B.S., Univer of Cincinnati, M.A., Miami University Rosen - English, B.S. in Ed., A.B., Ashland College, M.A.T., M University - Drama, B.S., State University amen Turner - Industrial Arts. B.S. . James Beisner - Science, B.A. and M.A., Miami University Hartie - English, B.S. in Ed., University. M.A-. University of Thomas Hawkins - Science, B.S., Uni- versity of Dayton, Wright State University John Mauntler - Science, B.S. in Ed- Bowiing Green State University Robert Sugg - Vocational Education, B.S., Murray State University Luther Landis - Vocational Education University of Cincinnati No. ldon't tutor privately! Edna Floyd - Librarian, B.A., Eastern Kentucky University, M.A.T., Miami University Anna Williams - Music, B.S., Capital University, M.A., Ohio State Univer- sity, Ziegler School of Violin ' Yes, as you can plainly see . . . O Secretaries Janice Laabs - Secretary to Principal at THS Gene Moore - Treasurer at THS Ki Virginia Slang - Secretary at THS Jo Ann Goubeaux - Secretary ar THS Frances Hormell - Secrerary al Board of Educarion Trudy Womack v Secretary at Board of Educarion Sharon Becker - Secretary at Board of Educarion Secretaries Arlene Griesr - Secretary ar Board of Education ,f QE Zi . Wh , . i 1 g Q kg Ek 3 Anabelle W tion 855 .Egg agner - Secretary at Board of Educa- Mariana Myers - Secrerary ar Board of Educarion Mary Margaret Marr - Clerk-Treasurer Helen Hennessy - Registered Nurse at Troy Schools Cafeteria -'iff ,f""""'i fam Mrs. Byrd Cleftb, and Mrs. Peeden have done a great deal this year to curb the smoking in the girls' rest- IOOITIS . Sitting: B. Lavy, C. Lowrie, I-I Olwine, B. Gnodle, C. Kiser Standing: M. Supinger, L. Knife T. Bell, B. Mercer, E. Bell, J Rutledge, N. Putterbaugh, A Fogt, V. Wion, M. Swigart, C Colley, B. Mallery, I. Keifer. C u 0 d il n S , Ernie Althoff Fred Studebaker No, Chris, you can t make dinner tonight s t Edith Gillis George Gurklies Charlotte Hohenstein Bob Supinger Annual Staff This year's annual staff worked very hard to produce the Annual. The staff met 4 deadlines with great success. We raised money by selling concessions at the football games, selling ads to local businesses, and selling mums for the homecoming football game. At the end of the year a picnic was held at Mrs. Madison's to take pictures for the Annual, and a great time was had by all. "Our Helpers" Mr. and Mrs. Madison, Nathan Madison, Mr. Tilly. A special thank you goes to Gary Carnes, Mark Carr, Mr. Hawkins, and Mark Pitsenbarger for all the time they spent taking pictures for the Annual. And a thank you goes to Mr. and Mrs. Madison, Mr. Tilly, and Mr. Cole for helping us whenever it was needed. Thanks finally goes to the staff of 1975 who is proud to present this Annual. ,.,, ,, if , ,,,,,..,, ,,,... , Editor , Annette Shook 04 -'LS Activities Artist Susan Gillman, Sharon Mott Tim Bowers Business Managers Tom Ingle. Ted Cawley W, f W ' N gpm Business Manager. Mike McCe11an Typist. Julie Nimer Organizations Pam Dunckelman. Susan Smith Photographers Gary Lewis. Terry Mintz Seniors. Susan Hurst Sports Underclass Faculty, Susie Robinson Ron Grenko, Stan Iddings Edie Seiple, Debbie Shearer A6 Q . 20 5 206 n Ohio we found the place, people, and opportunity to explore and develop an idea. Inventing, designing and manufacturing machines, equipment and systems for the vast Food Industry and Appliances for the Home is our business...wherever food is prepared, served or sold. And we're still growing...right along with the vast food and appliance industries. Still expanding in six Ohio plant cities as well as around the world. At the moment, Hobart has 34 plants around the world, 12 of them outside the U.S.A .... with sales and service in over 100 countries. Hobart is one of the top 500 industries in America. Whether eating out or at home, Hobart and KitchenAid products enter into our daily lives, worldwide. These products are all directly related to food . . . in proc- essing, preparation and marketing of food ...and then the efficient and sanitary methods of disposing of food waste, compacting of trash and tableware cleanup, re- ferred to as "doing the dishes" automatically. -I. KitchenAid HOME APPLIANCES -uijigiigii.-'V' iiatiilic-l il wiht' ":f nw ti lf gvf fnwwf , , X it rrii YV - av' f ' ' is ' " 7"' if a 'i A , 'v..l kw i' 5 g i X A' ff .. i ll llllllil l HOBART CORPORATION VVORLD HEADQUARTERS TROY, OHIO 45374 T Oh Galbrea+h reaI+y service We Wish Each Member OF THE CLASS OF I975 Oon+inued Success In Every'rhing They Do 5l' LAMINATED 84 COATED PRODUCTS Troy, Ohio 45373 513-33 Murphy 5 O Pgnhuc S Ed H nnessey 1 Ron May 1 555 Ncgirth Earlier Street T y N I B u K + 225 N +h EI 339 2694 DOCTOR. LAWYER, MERCHANT CHIEF? Whalever your goal in life may be, The Firsl Na- 'I'IonaI Banlc 81 Trus+ Company siands ready fo help you, The fulure leaders of America, with your every banking need. The Only Bank You'll Ever Need L 1 Y FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, TROY, OHIO TROY - TIPP CITY - WEST MILTON MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM R. C. HEMM SHOPS INC. Complefe GLASS Service 424 Wesf Simpson TROY, OHIO 339-330I CALDWELL-JARRETT INSURANCE AGENCY 216 E. FRANKLIN TROY, OHIO Panellng Carpet Paint Kitchen Cabinets Plumbing, Heating and Electrical Supplies S . Union St. Complete Building Supply Center 08 ,, m""f"'U V GABLES RESTAURANT "Good Food af Gables ls No Gamble" Old Norlh Dixie Highway, Troy, Ohio Ph We Specialize in STEAKS - CHICKEN - CHOPS - SEAFOOD W i ' J! ' l PQ G Auron Nci-i T, he Make Us ' i An Offer! ooNeRATuLATioNs GRADUATING SENIORS AND OUR BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE DON DORIA FORD, INC. ...ff if-we Ylflt, ,FRESH TROY ONE HOUR bw, as a MARTINIZING A - Flower in 5 ml 49 just 1 Hour... I0 E. Main Ph. 335-8898 MADER MOTOR MART New and Remanufactured Au+o Par+s Accessories'TooIs'Equipmen+ 3394268l I I9 S. Market S+ree'I' "Machine Shop Service" KERR'S Miami County's Leading Office Supply and Furniture Dealer 16 South Market f '-'f ff" Y Troy, Ohio --We - Ph. 335-5541 Millie's Fashionable Dress Shop Misses and Junior Dresses and Sportswear 10 West Main Street Ph. 335-8365 "We Specialize in Service Troy Lumber Company "TrOy Area's Most Complete Home Shopping Center" Lumber Lawn Supplies Paint Unfinished Hardware Furniture Prefinished Paneling Roof Trusses BROWER STATIONERS Office, School, and Ariisi' Supplies. 4 W. Main S+. Troy. Ohio 335-2l l7 2lO For a memorable Reception! 'We can accomoda'I'e as many as 40OI 'Just call and leave all +I1e planning Io us! 'Call our Wedding Recep+ions Manager - 335-0O2I SI1e'II be glad fo assisf you! N.. . ,, y QX W we CATER ID M7 il 1 3 -' 5 lle lil ., I I I' ix Q a f z N 1 E fi " I Q. fs,L. s I 9 1 'sql I I II 1 ft' Friendship House Cards and Gifts 6 S. Market Troy, Ohio I22 E, Elm Troy, -Ohio Ph. 335-7745 SCHNELL'S PLUMBING, HEATING, INC. Air Conditioning and Electronic Filters 14 E. Canal St. Troy, Ohio Phone: 335-5001 69 yrs. of continuous SCIVICC . , 51,1 zu, .:, :- , V .- -:ty , ., ,g,., s .ri :-' 1gg.5,gga5ggg21sg:gaag2 fs 4' ,, , - ag To 0 . f My ' f 25:52 VIIAA Ai. V ,Ei ,.,...,. n I be I I i L I I: III'-gi. 3 .5 f. ii I Z ,I 15 I I 5 F f 5 -1-Q4 lan 51 all -iw il .i f 1159, ' 4.- Gsll I ' ' 'lv It fgaf . I gi , . ,- ill I 0' T' ll -I I In . lill " ' 1 ENGINEERED A DIVISION OF THE B.F.GOODR ICH COMPANY TROY PLANT .t, , f, um fy ,.,, f i-,swf N ---J - It 4 no M U H 0 M -E9 "'f -:"""' is I , 'T ,X . 'if I , f - ' ,gi f g y u u n - .Y I a, I f i,v,. Avg- 'HI L' , ef' di, 1 i Ix ' N XX 1 A qll! 'milf A fi .- I' I it M' I ' i KE 1 I I Phone 335-8735 l if IDM I ' ' The Flower Pa+cl1 ' I at no I 9 Corsages Cut Flowers Unusual House Plants ' LUCY KYLE GRIMES 5 S. Plum St. V Troy, ohio 45373 ' ,W 515 Michigan Ave., Troy I I- N DoNALEEo's PIZZA -QL-QLVW,-Mun ' I I GIANT SANDWICHES I l Call in your order for FAST SERVICE - ' PHONE: 339-3066 In Troy Rowlands Furniture Building Four Star Upholstery 339-4502 515 Michigan Ave., Troy 335-121 4 Carry Out or Self Service Dining Room 513 County Road 25-A North 212 KOLTER'S JEWELERS -1 I: ' X 4Igy, Jojhn O7Zorz'st Southeast Corner 335-3120 GRADUATE DESIGNERS of Public Square Exper+s in Diamonds 7 EAST WATER ST. 5131339-2206 -mov, onto 45373 KI S H. I. BOTI-IE sf SON, INC. HAMBURGER SHO, Clothiers - Tailors - F umishers TROY, OHIO 45373 "Buy 'Em By The Sack" TROY OHIO McKaig-Dorse+ Barber'8z Bea u+y 1580-82 McKaig Avenue Troy, Ohio 45373 H Hair Styling and Hairgoods Service Barber Shop 335-8848 Beauty Salon 335-6615 ' Contract ' Custom Installations Draperies ASD ' Interior ' Vinyl Floor ,,,-. - Consultants I TR KAN I-HTTLE s JEWELRY I M 112 w. MAIN TROY, OHIO 1405 souTH DIXIE tm. 25A1 Phone 335-0571 228-7550 TROY, OHIO 45373 Fine Diamonds, Bulova, Wyler, Seiko Watches Ph. 339-3210 I Jay S Heckman-Wagner 1 ' 'V , 105 E. Main Troy, ohio Home CGHISI 1' 10 W. Market Greeting C1a1ids335-5256 Candles Magazines "Shell" Gifts , Heckman Cabmel' Shop 1314 Barnhart Rd. Cron-Cheney Funeral Home Wagner Plbg. 8: H+g. 322 W. Main St. 608 W. High St. Troy, Ohio Piqua, Ohio 4007 W. State Rt. 718 Troy, Ohio Manulacfurers of Arc Welding Systemsfllircraft Ground Power Equfpmentflndustrial Battery Chargers HOBART BROTHERS COM PANY, TROY, OHIO Sponsored By Bob Schul's Key Club Spor+'s House The Number 1 Service Club in Troy High School Pres. - Kevin Lawrence Vice Pres. - Brad Blackburn Secretary - Matt Teckleburg Treasurer - Tom Ording Advisor - Mr. Dorsey 29 S . Norwich Rd . Troy, Ohio A I 1 S ,, 'sf 'Ivif DAVID'S . 5 2 - - n f' i I as U 8 I If 2, v ' I it J. 5 I A K 3 E. Main Troy, Ohio "Not Tonight, John" OI stands for Opportunity for Involvement. The OI Club was the first co-ed service club of Troy High School. This year's officers are: President: Lori Lipp V. President: Tim Bowers Secretary: Wendy Lipp Treasurer: Chris Rashilla uni :Inq :ug uuuq SERVING ALL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS. PORTRAITS WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL 25 N. Walnut St. Troy, Ohio 339-3547 48' ,f-,QS9 650 OT e fb EMPIRE RESTAURANTS "NOW SERVING BREAKFAST" STORE HOURS Sunday Ihru Thursday - 7:00 a.m.-I I 130 p.m. Friday and Safurday - 7:00 a.m.- I :OO a.m. Phone 335-4I I7 947 Nor'Ih MarIre+ Troy, Ohio Toge+her - Toge+her we experienced so much -- only I'oge'rher can we remember and relive H' all. So IeI"s s'Iay +ogeI'her if onIy in memory. SOS J Teens as I ge I I I I I 216 ' 5 f iff :YV K ff Q R v G' f'Drug Stores N! WW . Communi+y MedicalCen+er ix -N 'fl Glve Public Square . A 1-' herwoo o in K' " 'D' A E S Cjnigr pp g fgwi H H Sweetheo rt ' 'Mwnfxe lf X ECI-louse of ards R Trojan Village Shopp'ng enter "FREE DELIVERY IN TROY" CEDAR CHEST I Mum - C O Y MPAN Ph. 335-8595 l05 W. Main Troy TROY HARDWARE CO. BOB'S SHOP n 15 South Market Complefe Line of Troy' 01110 Phone: 3354506 Confecfions - Magazines i Pipes - Tobacco Zenith - T.V. and Antenna Service 122 W, Main S+, Troy' Ohio Hotpoint Appliance P50062 335-l97I Mil-Mar Manufacturing Co., Inc. H 81 R BLOCK Aufomahc Screw.Produc+s 327 S. Market St. , Manufacfurung . mov, oHso Troy' 01110 Turrei' Lafhes 335-1150 Phone 335-I555 Punch Pl-egg P.O. Box I77-607 Souflw Crawford Sires? Assembly 217 UHLMAN'S M.B.Z. Cra'F+ S+ucIio S The 1404 W. Main sr. Troy, ohio 45373 2 s. Maria S+. quam Troy, ohio Ph Miami County's Largest Craft Studio ' 335'59'6 Complete Selection of Craft Classes WE ARE A WOMAN'S 339 2962 "WORLD OF APPAREL" Congratulations Class of "75" u .1AcoBY s, INC. I Sales and Service , Amana - Frigidaire Appliances S 3 i 3 GREAT STORES 14 S. MARKET ST. - PHONE 335-2611 - TRoY, or-no 100 Sunset Strip - Piqua - 773 0262 111 W. Main St. - Troy - 335 4357 103 S. Main St. - Sidney - 492 1379 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST SERVICES CHECKING ACCOUNTS INSTALLMENT LOANS BANKAMERICARD COMMERCIAL LOANS TRAVEL SERVICES REAL ESTATE LOANS 8 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS LEASING PLANS NATIONAL BANK 8: TRUST CO. A FULL oFFlcEs IN PIQUA, FLETCHER, TROY, TIPP CITY, BRADFORD, on-no A FULL Serving The 'Financial needs of Miami Counfy 220 Let today embrace the past with remembrance, and the future with longing. Kahlil Gibran 2 And then time to go Lua or everything must end '-1-1-er . .N 4 Q k ef -4 gewww, .. -N , ,, we 7 0111 see you soon 01 know knowing Tiime is my friend gnlzbfigluow

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