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V+ A- rj ' L I ' MMM, ,Q , 5 I "'-s Q an a' ' M ' 4-.wry i 5 V 74-Qw:V.1f'f'-. S5 ' V V YV LM .W - ffm-uw X ,1 -in 1925851 '..V,nV5-ffwf, V ff' ff, '55 z 3,4,1L::,-15'fff' .-1 33 v V, Mf E , UA, Q 5 ! lt' 'V' AR ' . 59,5553 W V,,4,a4V 2 l . 2 .3 V514 H . r 'V L , - wifi' ' - gg Q 'i:3.f,. A 55-is ,-.f. - 45. 4, 1zV1,1,Qg,,:g, y ' wg--,rr.'.,c wwf V ,ms .5 4. ,X -V 'lf f' , 4 J: T, " ' 'X .gm - I 'F JM? , ' '1 K. . , xx ,: , - 4, :M -. v, 9 T, I af, 'Vx 'ijg V' 4, vga, fl- ww! 8 - A A . A , ,F f- A VA W- ' 31 ' bf- -why .L ' -V 'V ' 3 Qf'?fiifA,2 ' 'iff-V" -' H Vrf 1 A 1. X AEMWTE M355 3, My ' " kg . aw. it vahgigia H fig? lv Y , we M,.,..,,x my 'F A v.,-if -Q. NJSFJQM "W i 1,... A ik E9 A V , wx, Q X 3 W 5 . P W R 'fy g " vw- Q 'gm 1' qs sa f L14 1 1 M Q u 1 M wr r m .gr M 5 v 41 A q., ' , - v 3' A- 1 M V -xii' A3 ww ,, . gg, 4' ,1., . .. G",Y"1K ,., 3 'J ff 4' ' ?,,:j,Qk,,I::151Jab?g5 4 1 11. ,V ,K +P V riff Q A Q, - ,-,- A... ,, 1 M N U35 min I . gc , - , V, 12 'Q .-, F ,M big , , A ' up xx .-V ,gf Q w,y'5,F', gx",.kW ,, x M . ,gf Q W, , f V K ,Q Q iw 5-Y 5 5 f 5 r . aw , . S A , vi 5 ff X ,3- 1 , 1 HQ? , df ' 'Y 5 'S 1 r -.9 9 ' xl 5 f uw A 1' Q' 1 A -dmv. 34 ff!-8 " fe , - f . 'A' N--If , VVW. ,V ,Qi if 4 ,, -ver. gg V.,-a-'f , .Mero ,Q M,55jg'5+sV92 'Mh- 1 . ., ,fl ' 1V xx Q uf V X ,fi .,,, .f ,Q w '.v,L .- -A 4r,,wi. 'i '11 1. 9- zf- ,gV :Y Q V549 f . ai",-MHZ' , A A V A Q x xv la Qjafgyf' Qf,51, if Maw N V -3 :rr 1.-ef- , , jg. ,:5??af,bA -V 5, P351 '- .4 K ' 3- ' nw Wg., YF, . if ' 9 J' . 4' H W Ji , 1 ,72 ' 4. 42 ,.,, ., ,114 ' 'QA X ff' , -'Vw , , 74 fr'-Av ji gp W 'Vffqfxf AV 'x i W f A , V 4 ff ff' . f' '11, Ji f, fl K - A A .. 399' TJ, f -' ffP.aV1f - 1 5 X' t Q ,Q f 4 4 gs 73' fizjm 45 Wg X, fif- .,. 3 ,M . , Q i XY I " MJIQ ' m '. iff' 1 'iirifi 'X A mp,-' Q- 3,42 , , . ,L ,, as - W' MY 'H in ' :-1 15' ' A4 K :f,4.J1FfaV 'fd' ' ,.. -,fu ' 5 ., V-'s e ' . M A , V Q , V ' 1 pf . . v 3.5, , ff gen ,gk s -' a gg- I ffgk 2. V -W' . U:k1?fV.Q - 'A V , 256 ' , . My . V V , W h n V U., W 11 ' . f 1 x gf ' , 1, 'is-? ' 1, 4 5 721- 'M , f, Q, 1- V - 1 -. ' -nw R f ,gf gf V- , if 4: Aiea- fV T 1 ,fl as-5, - -.4 .4 ' ' 'i' 'W' ' sl' TL"-' "iii 3 , Wa" .R QS? 1970 Trojan Jolume 44 Troy High School A school is Ms sfudemfs. The end of a schod year is fhe end of a smaH seqmehf in each smdehfs life. As fhe school year comes +0 a close- As The segmenf of life is compbfed- A momehf mms? be falceh To sfop and reflect R lu "1-hang., "ilu-.-. -L... Wi...- Class of 1970 Activities Sports Grganizations Underclassmen and Faculty Advertisements Thai momenlous slepl Translormalion lrom The Twelve-year school world ol lhe sluclenl lnlo lhe nexl phase ol' life- Colleqe, a job, vocalional lraining, marriage. service- Whalever lhe lulure holds. However. before Thai slep- +ha+ 'rranslormafion is begun, We hesifale a 'moment nor in fear of lhe fulure. bul in refleclion of +he past As we 'rurn and loolc, il is as if we are gazing info a mirror which is made up of many lraqmenfs, forming a mosaic. Each small mirror represenling some lacel of school life Is an infricafe parl of 'rhe overall mirror of our pasf. 4 wllbvllltlhlll fp., ,av--' H' Learning QM ill, ri? SLM in ix Ag . f, if-E Expressio In 0 vement K as Q ..xx.,, ,, i . Q U ,.. ,, -. ... ,,.M.f...L . . . "1 . . fp 1 -I-- : .. 12" -iw.-,- i ..., 4 2 ' L .... ' . - - N k,-, K- " 1 . H -f - , i'- H1 - ' W --'. Y me ""-- A -il y, -X A .- ' h. b .x,h , : il - M . 5:85 xkf, , rw: , H "Iii- : . wx Q in ."' - '14 - V 14 5 6 .:.:'ff. Q -k"' U Qi ' A X ' V px 1 -,1 Qk. in 2. f. . X. 1 f ' - - ,Y T X "f' , V L A N uf, 1' f - . in K1 ' gf' .5 -. ne w , N-f gg , ' K 1: -2 W "9-ffzf5r 'f.31'h.xi: 3 'i . - ' -' W ffgfiwv K ' """""' 1' 1 . 4 - ,-pan: , MMA . .,,,. , I X 65? ., u T Mx' ,,,.., ,V Spirit and Dedicaticm 7 1- Friendship N ,,,11 Mi. I 'z Jw' Jifwf' 49 Q 'L s pe 2. iii! f 1 X is i '21 Accomplishment ki i The mosaic is noi ye? finished. The mirror is noi ye+ compleie. Beyond The reiieciion, In a Time and place noi ye'r in view, lie more pieces To 'rhe design. There lies The fuiure. fy' fl A F ' x wx." i .. .Q Exchanging Vocations for Avocations These six educalors plan lo pursue a new way of life. The presenl and former sluclenls of Troy High would lilce lo wish lhern happi- ness and good iorlune in 'lhe fulure. We would also lilce lo express our sincere lhanlcs for lheir dedicalion and service lo lhe sludenis and comrnunily ol Troy. 21's- ,, J Erie. MRS. GLENN B. JEFFERS-January I, I955 lhrouqh May l956, Mrs. Jellers lauqhl al Kyle School. She lhen moved lo fha old Foresl School in i956-57. Laler she lauqhl al Van Cleve School in l95B-59. She was assiqned lo Jrhe Van Cleve School Library in l'-759-60 and was made ,supervisor ol lhe High School and Van Cleve Libraries in I966-67. She also did some subslilulinq prior lo January l955. HOWARD B. HOFFMAN-was employed as a rna'rhemal'cs leacher in lhe hiqh school in lhe year I944-45, and also had coaching assign- menls in foofball and baslcelball. He was head foolball coach in l953. l-le was made assislanl hiqh school principal in l956-577 rnade aclinq principal of lhe high school in Auqusi I964: and was lull prin- cipal in Aucqusl ol l965. GLENN B, JEFFERS-came in Auqusl l945 as ihe hiqh school prin- cipal, ln March, IQ47 he was made aclino superinlendenl, upon lhe sudden illness oi Mr. Thomas E. lrloolqg and in Auqusl ol IQ47, alier lhe dealh oi Mr. Hoolc, he was made fuli superinlendenl. MRS. CHARLES SECOY-came inlo lhe Troy High School as a CHARLES W. SECOY-came in Auqusf of I947 as lhe high school feacher Ol English in I958-59, She married Charles Segoy in June principal and held 'rhal posilion unlil Augusl of I964 when Howard ol I962 and conlinued her leaching career unlil l969A7O. Hollman was made Aclinq Principal: 'lhus giving him more lime fo devole To Direclor ol Secondary Educalion. He was made Direclor of Secondary Educafion in l959-60. ln 1966-67, he was pul in charge ol Adull Educalion lnighi' schooll, Special Services in all schools, Home lnslruclion and The Federal Proiecls. SERVICE He has nol served who galhers gold, Nor has he served whose lile is lold ln selfish loallles he has won, Or deeds ol slcill Thai he has done: Bul he has served who now and lhen Has helped along his lellow-men. The world needs many men loday. Red-blooded men along lile's way, With cheerful hearls and helping hands, And wilh a failh lhal underslands The value ol lhe simple deed To serve anolher's hour ol need. LEE M. MITCHELL-was employed for lhe l955-56 school year as an elemenlary leacher and principal of Heywood School, He held lhis posilion unlil he was moved lo The high school in l959-60. He has worlced in guidance and DCT., and also as Dean ol Boys. C elf "You're supposed +o hi+ fhe dr Charlie!" Our own Julie Andrews .X .,.,, '-3 mw...- N --,pi h, .,M,,.qNgxr,m . " , lu flgg iiijz N Mgr' wf J 4 , L ' 'v X I 4, X ' ' ' Q: ,hi ' ff f e ....x S -, L fi .N.,., Nw One chicken-"To qo!" Choose someihing like a wha+?! iam-s Righf-Row' I: Charles Abdon, Cafhle Adkins. Row 2: Duncan Aldrich, Anfhony Aflen. Row 3: Laura Allen. Gary Alspaugh. Row 4: Alien Anderson, Maxine Arneff. Below-Row I: Gregory Ashman. Marjorie Bader. Row 2: Beffy Bak- er, 'Ches+er Baker. Row 3: Dorcas Baker, Pefer Bannisfer. . ' 'P "N-Mi Row I: Teresa Baffle, Denise Berk- shire, Kennefh Bevinqfon, Roberi' Boy. Row 2: John Bird, Susan Blackmore, Randy Blizman, Kevin Bomhard. 5 'fig 7 .e-'M The Odd Couple7' Row I: Charles Barnes, Deborah Barnharf. Row 2: Thomas Barfz. Sheena BaHle. "Sb I TW 4"'1"' Row I: Slevenl Bosse. Barbara Bourque. Ronald Brading, Rebecca Brown. Row 2: -Coleen Browning. David Browning, Leslie Browning, Douglas Buchanan. Krisla Buclcles. Roberl Buclcman, Winona Burns, Ronald Cain. , ri. ,FV mph, Senior Mike Bradley devofes his day fo making your niglnfs more comiorlable. e f ...V .Mei we "wha :si Wh . ,,i, ., Mrfl. ,gi ji ik ,I i si rf I "ii' iii' 1--0: , .fo -f,i..f: W? wi ' ff fa 'i' ,, fvgwjz, , 19 9' ""t, fi-W Zfmlsi ,Wigan 'f,.':w,jf A Qu, '5f,g:.f 91,51 I I - 1 ' ,,, Mfr! A 1 ,wiiffifi :A if fS3i'ff'w+E 5 K ,W,,, K 'arf -ev' HJ! . 1 ,,, f ,,, .,,., 1' ,, my - My "ffl" I f'w.n4 """'rnr 'L 9315? v-fr K H:d,,,,f.4:fW f, 73,4-ga fff, H we if? mf Above-Row I: Marsha Chrona- bery, Karen Clawson. Row 2: John Cochran, Karen Coffey. Row 3: Roberfa Counfs, Charles Cram. Lefi-Row I: John Campbell, San- dra Cardinal. Row 2: Karen Carey. Teresa Caserfa. Row 3: Becky Chan- ey, Terry Chaney. Row 4: Thomas Cheney, Younq Oak Cho. QM ., Yi No, WS Coke. Hes oniy I7!" Row I: Lora Denlinger, Dennis Diclcensheefs. Row 2: Wiiliam Dick- ensheefs, Joseph Dilworfh. 52 f ii , " .Alina af 1--.asp fn ii 1 if f if ,t,4z2i2?E::f11f 4 f 4? " f 'f f fi if fl H 1 2-2 ,, 5 ' Q Q . 1, X 4 alll' Row I: Rhonda Cromes. James Cruea, Mark Cusac, Beverly Dan- nin. Row 2: Dennis Dauqherfy, Emma Davis, John Davis, Dale Davy. -nur, 'in ,Q Q f 'xx' Jtd, 5? Www, f...-I ,..,.4n-I Above-Row I: -Clwrisfine Dixon, Johanna Dixon. Row 2: Michael Doll, William Doll. Row 3: James Donahue, Celia Dorsey. Riglvl'-Row l: Linda Dunlap. Sleven Dunqan. Row 2: Nadine Elam, Valorie Elam. Row 3: Sleplwanie Elilrilz, Mary Ellioll. Row 4: David Emericlc, David England. 'aw' .....-0' I9 alie Ezeli. Row 2: Heidi Fausf. Righf-Row I: Kennefh Evans, Ros- ' Sfeve Favorife. Row 3: Larry Fields. Beverfy Fine. Row 4: Roberfa Fine, Chrisfopher Finnigan. .wfxqr 4115" 11? 'I-,wi ,CS Leff-Row I: Connie Fisher, Jan Flory, Row 2: Cafherine Force, Carol Fox. Row 3: Rifa Francis, Sue Frazier. Below-Row I: David Galbrealh, Joseph Gallagher. Row 2: Virginia Garsl, Vivian G-arsl. Row 3: Denise Sass. -Charles Gales. VK., -JUN E if A s '-43 lsll - 5 ' wg, ww? Q W 'R s xl e sm -5-fs Above-Row I: Madonna Free, Buzz Frey, Kelvin Fudge. Laurie Pyle, 2 if?,?f 25 2 I r l l I l l Senior Rifa Counfs pufs in a hard day af l-lobarl Manu- lacfuring Prinf Shop, ,.,,....-I" Row I: Rhonda Gibboney, Denise Gilpin, Pamela Goodin. Rebecca Sorrell. Row 2: Cheryl G-reen. Nan- cy Grefzinger, Von Greulich, Rog- er Grifliellw. 1 ,ar -via QQ ...J Ay-af Rigl'1'l'-Row l: Judillw Hanger, John Le'H-Row l: Larry Grilfis. Michael Grilliol. Row 2: Mary Grilzmalcer, Brenda Gross. Row 3: Jane Grove, Daniel Gurlclies, Row 4: Kallwleen Guss, Roberf Gwisdala. any Hanner. Row 2: Samuel Harshbarg- er, Marcia Hari. Row 3: Sandra Harlman, Eddy Hawkins. -ff A ,Y my - ,M- Righi'-Row I: Kafhy Hawkins William Healh. Row 2: John Heade apohl, William Henne. Row 3: John Herrmann, Joel Hershey. Row 4: Jackie Hewill. Nancy Hill. 'sg,,' Leff-Row I: John Hines, John Hoagland. Row 2: Sfeven Hobbs. Gayle Holme. Row 3: Marilyn Huf- forcl. Sfeven Hunl. 2 'WW , qw 5525 l .-fi' . eff '71-'B' Row I: Lydia Jones, Mary Jones. Row 2: Julie Kemper. Kevin Ken- dall. Row 3: Edward Kerns, Sharon Kerns. Row I: James Huichinson, David lddings, Pafricia lngle. Jeffrey Johnson. QW' Ili! l ,f "You're in Marlboro counfryf' '. :, ' ' ZE1 -- H 3 E wh? f fu V xx , gy my """"N, V j Row I: Roberf Kerr, Kennefh Kinq, Gregory Knoderer, Debbra Lang- ford. Row 2: Dean Lafhrop. 'Cheryl Lauber, Michael Laughman, Judy Leas. 'SY' Row I: Joanne LeaviH. Dorofhy LeVeck, John Lighfner. Row 2: Corliss Long, Valerie Long, Pa- +ricia Loschiavo. pw QQUYN1 Above-Row l: Jeffrey Lusk, Paula McDonald, Sherri Mcliowen, Gary McErlane. Row 2: Sl-even McKin- ney, Fredrick McMullen, Dan Mad- er, Marie Manson. f ,I ' ' iz' 'wwis J rr 5 f f .,,- .:,l,:fmf.1+- ' '4'f ' rrrr I".-Wg' g !"' rf . WVV, A ff ? iYqw Tru -,Ax 5 VL! I 1. ' I ' ' f ' 'fy K -' , C i 5 A ,ifflli V' "xl ' 'V ' 'J ' , fy "Look fha? up in my Funk 81 wharf?" M! -.wwwwf Below-Michele Marinello. Michael Marlow, Darryl Marlin, Kurl Ma- llwews. 27 Righi-Row I: Bruce Maffhews, Darrell Meiring. Row 2: Amelia Meredilh, Nonie Meyer. Row 3: Doris Miller, Melissa Miller. Row 4: Paul Miller, Suzanne Miller. Below-Row I: Anne Mille-1, Joyce Milligan. Row 2: William Milligan, Terry Moore. Row 3: Gary More gan. Nancy Morgan. ff' 'M e rw Nwwav' Wan.. X M i rl f ff Leff-Row I: Thomas Morfon. Y., Below-Row I: David Mumma, Den- nis Myers, Roberf Myers, Sandra Norris. Row 2: Karen Null, Jo Anna O'Brien, Esfher Orsborn, Linda Os- good. William Moron. Row 2: Deb- orah MoH, John Moyer. and he's only 28!" Jak :Lfvis ff- MV 'Sl ,ia 't""f7 frpll Row I: Kafherine Oxley, Richard Parris, Linda Paufsch. Row 2: Michelle Pearson, Sfeven Peierlra, ' David Pfisfer. -w.-wwf' , ,A ,V -M , My - ff f T I ,-94? .,f, 5,113.9 I f ,V VJVKZEA 31.55 7 :I ' ' ff ,.,' AWN 5 V ' frfi -:MV Row l: Nancy Phelps, Jeffrey Phil- er, Loreila Phifer, Rick Pilfenger. Row 2: Rosemary Piffenger. Philip Poifer, Rebecca Pour, Rebecca Powers. Nmap 41" fQl'Fq, ii-"3" ,Mr . Row I: Kallwy Prilclwarcl, Linda Pug- alee, Deborah Puqhffxdam Quillen. ,,,. 1 - l "Run, Belly Beef. Here comes Bob Evans!" "",2i Row l: Ronald Quillen, Twylah Quinn, William Radernachir, Pamela Reed. Row 2: Sfeven Rees, Riclcford Reineke, Harold Rhoades, Karen Rlnoades, e,,,J,.,,,,, 'lv 'GN' 41N jun ...aqgu Row I: Terry Richardson. Mark Richler, Edward Riddle, Paffy Riley. Row 2: Barbara Robin- son, Charles Robinson, Daniel Roddy, Vicloria Rogers. . ,aww v""Yf nv' 'fffi 6 eg' :f-. ou're asking for if, Johnny Bob!" ,Mar 'ie M, 1 a r My Q James Rosen. Charles Ross, Wil liam Ross, Allen Rowe. .,km,5y f....f1f.,f fl Q. r , J.-fr.:--fir' f if 4? if 1,,: me "v-k K ff fff-:I fizi' - 1 1... Q .QLXW r -W i ,f - 3' vw' Above-Row I: Lloyd Shafer, Vic- loria Shafer. Row 2: William Shaf- fer. Mary Anne Shanesy. Row 3: Larry Shaw, Vickie Shoup. Lefl-Row I: Grelchen Ruder, Jan- ice Rudy. Row 2: Marilyn Schaurer, Sfeven Schulz. Row 3: Teclcla Scofl, Mark Seay. Row 4: Stephen Sel- horsl, Garold Sewell. !,,,,l w,.'- lhings , zlllllml.-ull-l , 1 l. Ml "WaiTlnun+il Mom sees The mildew on lhese lags! grinaliEbEEia2?lU?ghlL3 I ' ' V77 X Smiflw, Jane Snell. r -M ' . 5 1. 5 li, f,,, , ' "rr ,. ,.mndw?' .MM Row l: Susan Sodders, Ken? Sod- ders. Kenf Solzing, James Spears, Joyce Sfafford. Row 2: Mary Sle- phan, Terry Sfoclcslager, Gary Slone. Cindy Summer. ' ' 'f'J'E5ff5ff1Ji ....-QE n-'wap idk n,.,,,,.a? Row I: Linda Sufliff, Jack Suffon, Deborah Swigarlq Pamela Swindell. Row 2: Randall Tale, Pafricid Thiedeman, Dennis Thobe. Nancy Thornburgh. William Tl'1orpe,4Clauclia Tolion, Melvin Tucker."' 57' ls if soup ye+?" Righi'-Row I: Richard Vore, Tim- oilwy Vorris. Row 2: Sandra Vorpe. Barry Wagner. Row 3: Hal Walker, Carol Warner Above-Susan Twiss, Kim Ullery James Uh-echf. Leslie Vesper. Below-Row I: Mark Welfy, Mar Welty, Thomas While, Pamela Wl'1i+ mer. Row 2: Krisiine Wilcox, La rifa Williams, Roberf Williams, Tonya Williams. Leff-Row I: Edward Wafren. Pam- ela Webb. Row 2: David Welbaum, Jeffrey Welbaum. Vu "I wonder if he lmows he's luninq my leg! 06' Row I: Frederick Worfh, Re- becca Wyan. Row 2: Karen Younf, Sfephen Zeli. Row 3: Kailwleen Zimpfer, Sfanley Zornes. ? 3 Row I: Vickie Wilson, Valerie WHT, Befiy Worsham. Row, row, row your boa+ "Gel yall" JUne'5 a nice mofuilm, 'N-...,,,Y "I never have lilcecl ilwese silly dresses!" "Aw Greq, cu? il om! 'P Seniors Always Win s" Ka P x mg Unexpected Activities Right--The old tree in front finally gave 1 up-but il' fell on a power line, and blaclced 1' out the school. -1 nw, . .. k TW -1 Above--"Loolcl Up in the slcyl lt's a bird! lt's a plane!" Riglif-"Fearless" Bob Supinger goes up flue ladder to rescue flue flaq. 42 X vf -K 1 Earth Da Many sfudenfs fhaf day. helped curb poilufion f-:: . , . . N,'- . 5, 'Q df ' vi Mi LX-' M fxffxix U52 ,LW 4' ,V ,,,,yfA5 A Q E , 1 -.--eau, .im K. fm - L ,, ,, , -,. ,,,M, ,H , , -,,-- E L 'fl . L f - i 2 Y' 1, MW.,i-ww: ,M f Night Must Fall Lord Clwiel Juslice .......................... Doug Saul Mrs. Bramson .. Olivia Grayne . l-luberl Laurie . Nurse Libby Mrs. Terence Dora Parlcoe lnspeclor Balsize Dan.. .... .. Maxine ArneH .. Cheryl Green Joel Hershey .... Sandra Vorpe Rosemary PiHenger .. Jennifer Waile . ...... Dan Marlin . . . . Rich Parris W , F -W.,hf L4 afo- Tne Hnpomance of Being Earnest Algernon Moncrieff Lane.. .......... John Worihinq .... Lady Bracknell ..... Gwenclolen Fairfax . Miss Prism ....... Cecily Cardew ..... Rev. Canon Chasuble Merriman ..... . . Fooiman .. By OSCAR WILDE . Joe Gallagher . . . John Hufnal . Rich Parris . . . Maxine Arneff Jan Rudy Viclzi Shafer Peach PiH'enger . .. . Dan Marlin Wayne Robinson . . . .. John Bird The Skin of Announcer .. Sabina ...... Mr. Filzpairiclc Mrs. Anfrrolous Dinosaur .... Mamrnolh ...... .... Telegraph Boy Gladys ..... Henry ...... Mr. Anlrobus Doclor ..... Professor . Judge . . . l'lorner ..... Miss E. Muse Miss T. Muse Miss M. Muse Forlune Teller Mr. Trernayne l-lesier ..... lvy ........ Fred Bailey . Qu r Teeth By THORNTON WILDER .. David Rice Peach PiHenger Ed Lewis . Cheryl Green .... Tony Sims .. Dan Marlin Glenn Williams .. Pam Fenner . .... Rich Parris . Joe Gallagher .. Larry Griffis . Milne Walpole Glenn Williams .... Doug Saul Krisfine Wilcox . Angie Iddings Jan Rudy Sandy Graham .... Doug Saul . Kris Ziegler ,. Diane Dierks Glenn Williams B r i 8 a d O . . 3 s Q w 2 w ' ' 1 1 v- f 1 Q - ,5 , VW , Q ' - l . 'J , A -9 fx 1 1. f 1 N 7, , K I 5 W 48 PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS-Row I: Ken Ariz, I-lal Walker, Randy Tale, Tom Cheney. Row 2: Grefchen Ruder, Sandra Vorpe. Clwrisline Dixon, Anne Millei, Michele Marinello. Row 3: David Rice, Doug Lailnrop, Max Welly. Charles Cram, Sfeven Leffel, Rick Vore. 49 S i C Righi--The Mysfic pre- cision kick line. . 50 Righi'-Jeff Weibaum im- presses iiwe vofers wiih his mysiic fribai dance. if 1-. E 1 3 N 3, Upper Leff-John Dav's, candiclafe for mayor, speaks fo fhe masses. Upper Righf--Pere Ban- nisfer sings fo win vofers. Le'H'-Bill Dol! makes his enhance. Lower Leff-A lively audience! SI Righf-Dave Galbrealh lhrows Clqars wlwile parfy chairman Bill Milligan walclwes. Below Leff-Confronfalfon!! Below Righf-Merge Bader says if wiflw a sign. -MM" l Alix . I l M3 A.: 2? 2 x ay gpm lim fl 'I flfg ' 1 6,162 X. l h 1 E Q ff if Righi-Kaihie Oxley and Dan Mader, represenfing law and order, make Hweir enfrance. Below--A souvenir. fx A Leff-Forum candidafes lay siege on Hue school, Lower Leff-An aufhen- Hc Roman orgy! Winter Formal Theme of Today "Fly Me To The Moon" WINTER FORMAL SERVERS-Above: Boys- M. Chrisfie, D. Saul, J. Grove, E. Nelson, T, Pierce. H. Kaebnick. T. Shanesy. B. Morref. Girls-S. Favorife, R. Copp. S. Welbaum, M. Harrelson. G. Harbor, D. Franfz, M. Harbor, C. Brundreffe. J. Sinks. auf' .F.S. Dance On Friday night April l7, a dance was held in lhe l-ligh School gym. The purpose ol lhis dance was fo raise money for nexl year's exchange slu- denl, affiliared wirh 'rhe American Field Service. Lef+-Ron Cain requesfs a song from disc iockey Bill Milligan. ff rf- 55 Ycung, Gif ted, and Black Above Righf-Loreffa Phifer leads Hue group in "Aquarius-Lef 'The Sunshine In." Leff-"C'mon and marry me. Bill." Below Leff-Joyce Slal- ford models her own crea- Hon. Below Righf-Chesfer Baker sings a soulful song. Parting Messages 58 . . My My dear friends in class "7O" II' was a very good experience Io meer you and Iearn abou+ you. Now, I'm sad Io go away from you. Many Ieachers were very nice Io me and so were you! Your language and cusfoms were very new Io me and I was scared. I know I should have been more brave. I+ Took me aImos+ a whole school year Io ge+ used Io if. I Think I've Iearned Ihis year how To reacr To srrangers in sfrange places. AII Ihose fun and new aclrivifies mighf disappear from my memory somefime, buf I shaII never forge+ how greaf an experience I+ was sfaying in Troy for one year. I hope you've Iearned from me as much as I've Iearned from youI Good-bye! Young Oak Cho As The Time oT my deparTure draws near, The exciTemenT and realiTy oT being Troy's Toreign exchange sTudenT To The NeTher- lands grows. The reaIi+y oT The Trip, ThaT I was chosen as The exchange sTudenT, didn'T sinlc in unTil early June. BuT when iT hiT me, iT paclced a powerTuI blow. Now I am eager To meeT The many new people and am anxiously awaiTing The experience in sTore Tor me. Many people aslc me iT l'm noT scared abouT leaving Tamily, Triends, and home Tor a year. OT course The Trip does hold a small biT oT doubT, buT The new experiences and people I will encounTer overrule any sense oT Tear or doubT I may have. I would noT give up The experience Tor anyThing. During my year overseas, I hope To compare many oT The ideas The people oT The NeTherlands have abouT world issues To Those ideas oT The Americans. NexT year will oTTer me many new ideas, and alTer many oT my exisTing ones. BuT, as The New York oTTice oT ln.TernaTionaI ChrisTian YouTh Exchange has said, each person will obTain an enTireIy diTTerenT eTTecT Trom his year over- seas. WiTh The grace oT God I hope I will represenT The people oT Troy wiTh The respecT They deserve. Good-bye, good Iuclc, and may God bless all. Riclc Vore 59 On Breadway f Q' .K w. .gn f' Righf-Bill Deli and Enie Meredifh dance io ine sounds of "The Wan- derlusrf' I V EX! ,,,,,,,,WN L f1i,f:gf:g,ffm: yW,,w H, j34zQ,gf,i2'iQ5g' mf 1555435 -i '- " xii, -If 35252-. ii 1 Q 1- 'S 5 1? L 60 fi , ,Wy Queen Anne Miiier and Kinq Denny Dickensneefs reign over The prom, escoried fo fiieir inrones by Junior Class Presidenf Mark Sirorninqer and Vice Presiden+ Diane Pifsenbarqer. Upper Le'f+-Sue Twiss, Mark Weify, Juiie James, and Bruce Maiinews smiie for Homer, Lefi-Re+iring?! 'W X 6 is I 1 ' PROM SERVERS-Leff +0 Right Clwuclc Wray, Julie Snyder, Gordon Bell, Mike Johnslon, Claudia Leqris, Joe Allen, Debbie Herrmann, Neil Lewis, and Mary Louise Slwroyer. Anne and Denny sur- prised by balloons. Above-Jolwn Earharf holds up flue roof of flue lobby display. Leff-A fired Mr. Bannisfer cleans up afferwards. bl ational Honor Societ NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Lefl lo Righf-SiHing: A. Meredillw, S. Vorpe, J. Rudy, C. Dixon, D. Gilpin, M. Marinello, V. Garsf, V. Garsl. Kneeling: V. Long, J. Flory, L. Jones. A. Millel, J. Kemper, 6. l-lolce, L. Paulsclw, l-l. Fausl. M. l-lufford. Sfanding: M. Grilliol, M, Clwronaberry, l.. Sulliff, C. Cram, M. Grilzmaker, C. Green, C. Fisher. S. Miller, T. Cheney, J. Leavili, B. Sinlrs, K. Solzing, T. Scoll, A. Rowe, Pxllwiedeman, K. Kendall, J. Dannin, M. Miller, E. l-lawlcins, P. Webb, T. Caserla, J. Gallagher, K. Wilcox, E. Orsborn, C. Gales. S. Sodders. lli Sr. Dinner .ff l QQ ' Above-The "Brown-Nosers of The Year," Enie Meredilh and Jane Grove, receive llweir Hrnuclw deserved" awards from Max, Far Lefi'-Greg Knoderer presenls Young Oak Cho wiflm a gill from flue Senior Class. Leff-Max shows The Seniors' appre- ciafion lo Miss Newfon. Far Leff-Tonya Williams receives flue "lvlosl Colorful Person" award. Leff-Sandy Vorpe gives Hue Sen- iors' loasf fo flue facully. 63 r. i IW H G r Upper Riglrl-Kevin Kendall, Masfer ol Ceremonies. Upper Leff-Mrs. Kalmar gives a re- freslwinq facully loasf. Far Righl-Max presenls Wayne Quillen willw "Perlecl Allendanceu award for showing up abouf half flue lime. Rigl1l'-- Denny accepfs fhe "P.W.-Henpeclced" award. Righf-Jan Flory and Pal Tlwiedeman presenf llwe class lwislory of I97O. 64 History of the Class of 1970 Sepfember I966 Our class makes ifs sfarf. We all wrife fhe sfory. We all play a parf. From Sf. Paf's and Van Cleve To Troy l-ligh we did come. And we found 'rhaf A Cafholic Could be a good chum. Oh yes, fry fo remember Those firsf monfhs here. From fop men fo low men We were fhe new kids here. We were The freshmen Lowesf of low. And fhe Seniors proved if Blow affer blow. "Buy your Togas foday" The announcemenfs would chime "Ten pennies for freshmen All ofhers a dime." And of course for 'rhe car washes Since we couldn'f drive They said fhey'd wash rricycles "So fhe freshmen could ride." Passing by fhe Senior bench Gave us such fear Thaf we never wenf by Unless a friend we had near. Buf we played our paris proud. And fogefher sfuck we. Soon, a freshman alone You never did see. And as securify in numbers Soon gave us hearf, We learned fhaf fogefher Even, frosh could fake parf. Our boys sfuck fogefher As fhey played on fhe field, And broughf us a Vicfory Wrapped-up and sealed. by JAN PLORY and PAT THIEDEMAN We were "Foofball Champs" Undefeafed all year. Maybe fhe "Why?" was: Vlife hadn'f found beer? The fhoughf of doing schoolwork We fried hard fo shun. Buf our feachers soon showed us There was work fo be done. From English and Mafh Facfs and figures were fed. And we sfrengfhened our bodies ln healfh and phys-ed. To find fhe besf program Science classes were splif. And fhe class fhaf had Earfh Science Was ready fo guif. Quesfioning lheir grades They fussed and fhey fumed, Buf lvlr. T. didn'f lisfen Till fhey near burned down fhe room. Soon June came around, And we heaved a greaf sigh. ln all of fhis lime Only one year had gone by. Our second year dawned On fresh minds and fresh hearfs, And we came back fo school To make a new sfarf. This year we were accepfed: We'cl passed inifiafion. So we enfhusiasfically joined Our clubs and organizafions. J.C.O.W.A. sfudied world affairs. Cheers were learned in Block T. Clubs became fhe big fhing now. And our afhlefes ioined Varsify. Ofhers ioined Drama Andsfarred in plays. We all had our inferesfs. And we all wenl' our ways. ln sfudying we found Our enfhusiasm wore fhin As we wafched fhe assignmenfs Come piling in. Wifh Orgel we sfudied New word affer word. Buf affer fhe fesfs They never were heard. We wrofe aufobiographies The "Sfory of Me" Thaf fhey were hurriedly Mfriffen Was easy fo see. We sfruggled fhrough Biology And didn'f learn a bif, Buf af leasf Phys-ed Kepf us physically fif. Gym was coed This year- Boys and girls logefher wenf. Buf our boys wanfed more And looked fhrough fhe venf. ln numbers we found We soon losf fhe pafh. As 4 differenf feachers Tried fo 'leach us mafh. Thai Spring was sad, And our spirifs deflafed. As fwo of our nafion's leaders Were assassinafed. Our Nafionfs hearfs were awakened And open came eyes, Acfion was needed Firsf sparks began fo fly. Buf as we grew older And birfhdays arrived. We found a new pasfime- We found we could drive! We saf fhrough fhe films They showed in drivers-ed. We were caufioned when driving To keep a clear head. Then lhe year was over. Sophomore year was done. Bul slill 2 years lo go. We wished il were one. Aller lhe lamed "long, hol summer" We came back in slyle. Juniors, and ready lo work again. Thal is-al leasl lor awhile. The classes we laced Were harder lhan belore. This year wouldn'l be easy Thal muah was lor sure. We learned our counlry's pasl And aboul lhe "good ole' days" Like when Harding was Presidenl And crime really paid. We lried lo recopy our English While lhose "new deals" were laughl, Bul all lhal we learned Was haw nol lo gel caughl. When we linally gol lo English We spenl mosl ol our lime asleep. Those lerm papers done over Sunday Jusl pul you away lor keeps. And as book reporls and poelry Loomed darkly belore us once more. We made up our own books, And did poems we'd done belore. ln chemislry we puzzled Cver whal was in lhe box. And our experimenls in lhe lab Even gave us some shocks. Bul we soon lound oul We weren'l all dumb, On lhe l-lonor Roll Juniors were always number I. As upperclassmen we had ollicers And a budgel ol our own, And al lasl we could lalk lo Sophomores Wilh lhal superior lone. For all school assemblies ln lhe bleachers we sal. And when lhe underclassmen looked longingly We iusl smugly laughed. 66 Bul looking al our slalus Wilhoul being lunny. We knew we musl work And make us some money. So we sold programs al lhe Sladium Come rain, cold, or shine. And allhough lhe learn wasn'l lops We made lols ol dimes. The band marched in lhe dark One nighl al a game. While lhe eleclricians looked valianlly For whal was lo blame. And lhen belore we knew il Winler had come and gone. Nixon was Presidenl And Agnew his pawn. Wilh lhe end ol lhe year Our lhoughls lurned lo Prom. And as lhe work gol heclic We lried lo slay calm. We lound lhal prom-making lsn'l as easy as il seems Bul somehow we did il And in May lhere was "Snowdreams." Aller lhe big dance We wenl on our ways, And walched as lhe Seniors counled lhe days. Our Chapels look on A new look lhis year. Sporl coals and blue ieans Became lhe lashion here. Wilh a breaklasl and chapel The Seniors ended lhe year. And we bid lhem larewell Wilh a lrace ol a lear. The resl ol our days Were shorl and lew, And belore we knew il They'd gone loo. Three years down One Year lo go. We all hoped lhis nexl one Would nol go slow. And lhen il linally happened We wanled lo cheer, Finally, linally al lasl Senior year was here. So Seplember '69 Back lo school we all came Expecling lhal 'mosl everylhing Would slill be lhe same. We look governmenl lrom Elelcher To learn ol our naliong And lhe new leacher, l-lershiser. Taughl inlernalional relalions. All lhe olher subiecls, Were lhe same as belore: Loads ol homework lo do And classwork a bore. Those lirsl days wenl slow- All was lazy and quiel. We wished somelhing would happen Why, even a rioll Then one nighl was a parly Wilh no quarrels or lighls Bul loo many drugs Wenl and ruined lhe nighl. And lrom lhal nighl on, This lown was on ils loes: "No drugs in lhis cily- And whal we say goes!" Oh, yes, lhal parly l-lad lil Troy's luse And now all discussions Concerned drug abuse. Our loolball boys lound Thal now lhey were dragging. And even! our school spiril Soon slarled lagging. Bul lhen, as homecoming lime Was gelling real near. The spirils slarled rising And drugs losl lheir ear. The courl was selecled, Bul we soon lound a lack: Nol one ol lhe girls Was even near Black! The discussions lhal lollowed Were uselul and good, Bul lhen lolks lrom lhe oulside Said more lhan lhey should. Tempers grew shorlg Good lhinkers were lewg Calling oll lhe dance Was all lhey could do. BuT The game wenT on WiTh no known disorders, And The Senior concessions Made IoTs oT guarTers. A class in Black l'IisTory Was added To The IisT, And many learned TacTs ThaT in I-IisTory They'd missed. WiTh all our Town's problems We almosT TorgoT ThaT in VieT Nam was a war Where people were shoT. BuT The naTion remembered And when OcTober had come, FirsT plans were creaTed For MoraTorium. The adminisTraTion was Troubled They Tumed and They Tussed BuT Tor many oT The sTudenTs, MoraTorium was a musT. Our auThoriTies Toresaw Our school Tall aparT- BuT They didn'T realize This was only The sTarT. The moraTorium heighTened problems BeTween "hipp "and "'ock" Y l And Their diTTerences wenT deeper Than "who" wore "whaT." And aIThough To many IT didn'T make sense, Things goT "pushy" Things goT Tense. IT all came To a head During an assembly one day When some sTudenTs disliked WhaT The speaker did say. The adminisTraTion apologized To smooTh over The mess, BUT our inTrequenT chapels Were now even less. Assemblies were IimiTed NoThing con,TroversiaI. So we had speakers on polluTion And Things educaTionaI. Everyone seemed To lack ThaT dire communicaTion, So The STudenT Council Tried To help In mending The siTuaTion. To promoTe beTTer conTacT And Taking a parT, FirsT period represen-TaTion Was really iusT a sTarT. The cry oT sTudenT righTs Did impose one new rule, Now even The girls Could wear panTs To school. More earTh shaking news Occurred by The moon, When I-IousTon had To bring The boys back real soon. OTher evenTs around Troy Helped keep Things exciTing, Like Tires and bomb scares- And a lack oT school IighTin.g. There was good ole' Uhlmans ThaT burned To The ground, And as Tar as The bomb goes, IT wasn'T Tound. Then, we all wenT home early When we couldn'T see, 'Cause The IighTs all wenT oTT- Thanks To a Treel Then one day in The lobby We saw glass on The Tloor And we came To Tind ouT A boy had walked Through The d Then our duTy as Seniors We decided To Try. Chicken Dinner was successful, ExcepT we lacked pie. As if cleaning Those Tables Wasn'T enough On April 22nd We picked up more sTuTT. For EarTh Day mosT worked Picking up boTTles and wrappers oor! Though iT was obvious some hadn'T By The assembly righT aTTer. Well, school was near over, And we all TelT relieved BuT Then wiTh The naTion We soon Tound we grieved. The war moved To Cambodia And hearTs Tilled wiTh haTe. Violence soon sTarTed And killed Tour aT I-fenT STaTe. By This Time we Teared Our year had Tlopped BuT we weren'T going To IeT Our elecTions be sTopped! So MYSTIC and FORUM Now came alive And To puT people in oTTice Each parTy did sTrive. Then, in one lasT aTTempT To do someThing normal, We succeeded in having A dance ThaT was Tormal, The decoraTions were beauTiTul, The music sublime. WiTh The Theme "On Broadway' We had a good Time. As we danced ThaT IasT dance We held back a Tear. The parTy was over- The end was now near. Yes, The end now approaches- And some relieving sigh OThers happily cheer YeT some Teel They musT cry. Looking over The year In our own kind oT poll. We Tind iT a hard one ThaT has Taken iTs Toll. The sTaunch AdminisTraTion I-las really Tried Their besT BUT 3 have decided To reTire And Tinally geT some resT. The Tour years are over- Can iT really be True? I-lave we done all Those Things We wanTed To do? We've come a long way As we've Traveled These halls. LeT iT noT be TorgoTTen As we meeT The TuTure ThaT call May we Take Trom These years The good Times and bad And IeT noT The memories Make us all sad. Our class was unusual- To each his own parT. And inTo The world We all musT now sTarT. S 67 Activities Recognition Assembl Right-Buckeye Girts' State Representa- tives Diane Pitseribarqer and Freda Hick- man. Below Lett-Reggie Ross receives the Clnrfr Award, Below Right-Hai Wattcer and Kevin Kendalt accept ttie Jfitin Pttitip Sousa Award. Greq Knoderer, this vear's Student Councii President, presents a Student Councit Award to David Bice. 68 Leff-Mike Gril'ic+ receiyes fhe Spvrls Scholarship award appropriaiely dressed. Lef+-Perfecl' Afiendance Awards-Leff +o Righlz John Moyer, John l-lines, Denise Sass, Karen Claw- son. Below Lefi-Mr. Mayberry presenffs lhe Best Aclor and Adress Awards fo Rich Parris and Rose- mary Piffenqerg Besl Supporlinq Aclor and Adress lo Joe Gallagher and Maxine Arreli and Cheryl Green, icinlly. Below Righf-Nadine Elanfi receives lhe Firsl Nafional Banlc Fel'Ci.-fship Award, 69 Scholars Are Recognized Righf-Admified wifiw disiinciion To Miami Uni- versiiy were Lefi 'io Righf: Ciwrisiine Dixon, Susan Sodders, and Te- refia Caseria. 70 Righf-Pairicia Anne Tlwiedeman is recognized as fine Vaiediciorian of ine Class of I97O. rg. if , A ,Z X? I I Leff-Kevin Kendall accepls ine Rensselaer Award in Maflwemalics lrom Mr. Saxfon. Leff-Denise Gilpin is named llie Oufslandinq Senior Business Siu- denl of ine year, Leff-Mr. Hoffman presenls Naiional Meril' Lellers ol Comrnendalion fo Eddy Hawkins, Melissa Miller, Palricia Tlniede- man, Clirisline Dixon, and Cheryl Green. Farewell Chapel Far Righl-Junior Class Pres- ldenl lvlarlc Slrominqer pre- senls llwe color cane lo Sen- lor Class Presidenl Max Welly. Rlglvl'-lvlr, Mlclwael Foqarly qlves an eyeecpenlng Farewell address, Far Rlglxl'-Reqqie Ross sings. Rigl1+--Nancy l-llll plays an oboe Solo. Be- low Riglul - Clwarlene Wlelwe accepls llae Car- sen lreplwy lor clllzerwslwlp from Pally Tlviedeman. Below Lefl-Fl'l Wrlglwl receives llwe Vesper Tro- plwy from Dave Gal, brealh. ,fn-.. I I n 72 rv' Scjholarshi Tammy Weilcerf sinqs 'Counr Your Blessinqsf' p Awards Freda Hickman presides over rhe presemfaion of awards Above-Jim Rosen reserves The Facufry Scholarship, Righf- The Junior choir sinqs "The Impossible Dream." W' X Comnwmcmment 1970 Below-The Senior Choir sinqs Hue fra- diHonaY 'xYou'H Never WaWk Aforvf' Below Far Righ+-Cheryl Green gives Hue Salufafory address, Below Far Lef+- Pafricia Tlwledeman qives fhe Valedicfory speech. f7"i,X A d yn JlG++B,M. Bl M HH p+H1S V. 5 Q L 2, A3 'jf ii Above-Class Presldenf Max Welly proudly carrles llwe lradlllomal color cane as lwe recelves his diploma from School Board Presidenl Dr. Slanley Vorpe. Righf-Gayle l-lolce and Ann Meredillu were lwo ol eiqlwleen sludenls lo receive Slale Deparlmenl' Cerlilicales. fa-S Above-Charles Cram was The recipienl of llwe Joy Steele Jones Memorial Sclwolarslwlp. l.eH- Milce divas a fond farewell lo Mrsa Moore and lo Troy Hiqlm Sglwool. ' v llllll J 4 Row I: Coach I-larfman. Coach McCarihy, Pal Schroeder. Glen Schock. Terry Reese, Mark Evans, Tom Morion. Randy Walker, Joe Allen, Chris While. Jack Heaclapohl, Bill Wrighl, Ken Ariz, Mark Shaffer. Randy Adams, Mike Jackson, Mike Kilpafrick. Greg Hanner, Mike Calicoal, Jay Shields, Gordon Bell, Paul Sfalon. Row 2: Coach X QF' 78 Terwilliger. Coach Blacksione. Coach Middlelon, Head Coach Jim Conarcl. Al Mayer. Randy Hess, Kirk De Weese, Bruce Aiwaler. John Moyer, James Wesl, Tim Dickensheeis. Bill Smifh, Bill Chrisiie, Keilh Bomhard, Greg Zimmer, Tom Laymon, Tim Goodin, John Cochran, Don Wogoman. Brian Shuler. Jeff Firesiine, lan Will, Ray Boze, Ed Lewis, Troy Capiains llefil Jack Headapohl and Jeff Welbaum. Coaches labovel Row I: Mr. Terwilliger, Mr. Harlman. Mr. J, Conard--Head Coach. Row 2: Mr. Middle-lon. Mr. McCarihy, Mr. Blacksione. ...u.a.Qa.P"'C Mike DeTrick. Doug Hughs. Row 3: Mark Cuasac, Fred Bader, BuTch Harnich. Dave STarkey. Phil PoTTer, Ron-Cain, Andy Fulker, John Earhart Mike Grilliot Mike JohnsTon, Mike Phifer, Tom Wise, Tim Voris. Jeff Welbaum, Harold Rhoades, Kirk Jones, Ken WrighT. Paul Cusac. Roger KisTer, Mike Ruffin, John Hines. Bob Bey. John Denny. Football Seniors-Row I: Ron Cain, Harold Rhoacles, Bob Bey, Tom MorTon, JeTf Welbaum, Phil PoTTer, John Hines. Row 2: John Moyer, Mark Cusac, Tim Voris, Mike GrillioT, Jack Headapohl. John Cochran. Greg Hanner. Troy Record TROY .... 22 Piqua .. TROY .... 6 Xenia .... . TROY .... l8 STebbins ....... TROY O FairmonT WesT . . TROY O Springfield NorTh TROY 6 FairmonT EasT TROY O Beavercreek . .. TROY 6 CenTerville .. TROY .... 20 Fairborn . .. TROY .... 22 Wayne . . "IT was a preTTy good year AlThough This is noT The usual phrase used To describe a 2-7-l season, iT does describe The improve- menT made by a very young Team. The Trojans opened The '69 TooTball season wiTh only six seniors on The sTarTing line-up. The resT oT The posiTions were open To sopho- mores and iuniors. As The season progressed, These young players gained experience-a TacT which was evidenT in The lasT Two games. Troy losT To Fairborn by only Two poinTs and Tied againsT Wayne. Two members oT This Team were also rec- ognized as being superior ball players. Mike Jackson, a iunior, was awarded l-lonorable MenTion aT All STaTe and Gordon Bell was Third leading scorer as a sophomore. 79 VARSITY BASKETBALL-Row l: J. lngle. J. Elliof, D. Marlin, Coach Denari, B. Dickenslweels, J. Price, T. While. Row 2: Man aqer-L. Fields, D. Diclcenslweels. M. We-lfy, R. Hile, M. We'+y, M. Grilliof, B. Radamaclmir, Manager-B. Moffiff. Varsity Basketball: From 2-17 to 13-7 Biq MarlcWeliyiumpsl1iql1ior a rebound. 80 SENlORS-Row I: Larry Fields, Bill Dickensheels, Tom While, Darryl Marlin. Row 2: Denny Dickensheels. Bill Rademachir. Mark Welly, Mike "l c:an'l' quile hear you Coach. Walsh our For lhe wha+7 Grilliof, Max Welly. CAPTAIN-Da rryl M a rlin The Troy Varsily Baskelball Team, aller lhree years ol slicking il our logelher and play- ing as a slrong uniled leam, ended The season wilh a very respeclable record ol I3-7. The qradualing players have ended lheir high school varsily career knowing lhey have really come a long way lrom lhe 2-I7 record lhey had when lhey were sophomores. nny hils lhe floor as he lries lo keep lhe ball in bounds Hardvvorking Future Varsity Men RESERVE BASKETBALL-Row I: G, Rawlylc, J. Johnson, B. Twiss. P. Morrow, T. Frey, B. Morrell. Row 2: Coach Dearlh, S. Smallenbarger, D. Ufrechr, D. Hershey, D. Sanger, M. Weikerr, Coach Fleicher. Row 3: C. Weaver. M. Bluihardf, P. Lavelle, T. Francis, D. Williams, F. Bader, B. Ai'wa+er. I FRESHMAN BASKETBALL-Row I: K. Rudy. D. Brown, E. Nelson, Coach Phillips. N. Rhoades, D. Ezell. T. Billings, S. Mills. Row 2: T. Luelalce, J. Grove, M. Johnson, E. Everman, G. Seay, J. Jalcubek, J. West T, Shanesy. T. Dunne. Row 3: S. Newman, J. Puirerbauqh, B. Russell, B. Wolfe, R. Sfeineman, J. Brumbauqh, W. Quillen, H. Kaebnick, D. Wise. Disfrici' Champion, Bill Doll, geffinq ready +0 roll his Xenia opponen+ on -I-Om Young pufs his man in a ifsurfboardln his baclc by using a "Holcomb ride." ' WRESTLING TEAM-Row I: C. Bazzle, B. Campbell. D. Mumma, K. Bomhard. B. Mallhews, B. Doll. B. Bey, C. Wray, T. Pierce, P. Pollen Coach Mike McCarlhy. Row 2: P. Schroeder, G. Shoup, E. Lewis, N. Lewis, R. Cvriffefh, M. Edemiller, B. Wriqhf, B. Taylor, Coach Milchell. Row 3: C. Perez, M. Griflis, T. Young, J. - Sheppard, R. Easfman, T. Goodin, M. Poller, T. Pinler, R. Gallo. P. Cusac. Row 4: H D. Counfs, R. Walker, T. Macy, B. Gwisdala, R, Dunn, M. Griffelh, T. Grimes, F. Schoch, D. Wade, M. Ordinq, K. Bowden. Grapplers Finish 4-2 83 The Troy High School Wresllinig Tearn, headed by new head Coach Milce McCarIhy, ballled 'rheir way Io a 4-2 win-loss record This year. The aggressive young grapplers won Iirslr place in Iheir own Iournarnenl' and placed sevenlh in lheir dislricl' oul of 27 leams. Sen- ior Bill Dall won Iirsl place in Ihe Troy Disfricl and earned +he righl 'ro compele in Slale connpelilion in Cleveland. This year was basically a rebuilding year wifh a lol of fine sophomores and iuniors gefling valuable ex- perience Ior Ihe years 'Io come. VARSITY AND RESERVE WRESTLING Top Righ+-Row I: C. Bazzel. B. Campbell, D, Murnrna, D. Bornhard, B. Mallhews, B. Dall. Row Z: B. Bey. C. Wray, T. Pierce, P. Poller, B. Wrighl, B. Taylor. Row 3: C. Perez, M. Grillis, T. Young, J. Sheppard, P. Schroeder, Coach Milchell, Coach McCarIhy. Row 45 E. Lewis, N. Lewis, R. Grilfefh, M. Eide- miller, P. Cusac, Cv. Shoup. CAPTAINS Cenler Righi- Bill Doll, Bruce Malfhews, and Kevin Bomhard Iallc abou? 'rheir nexf rnalch. SENIORS Lower Righ+-Row I: B. Bey. D. Mumma, K. Bernhard. Row 2: R. Griflelh, P. Pofler, B. Mallhews, B. Doll. Lower Lefi-Kevin Bomhard holds on 'Io keep confrol. 84 "NOW you puf your Omer hand on wp of mine." Paf Schroeder usinq an "eTevafor" 'ro keep his man broken down fo fha mai. Troy Wresiling Coaches confer. Leff-Head Coach-Mr. McCarH'1y. Righf-Assishanf Coach-Mr. Mifchell. "PM your arm uown, Bob! You're losing Friends." 85 gang-ff f,, 5 86 TROY BASEBALL-Row I: K. Deweese, R. Wallcer, R. Bell, l.. Grump, J, Morfon, N, Rhoades, J. Mumford, D. Shroyer, B. Morrell, F. Schoch, P. Moyer, T. Mercer. Row 2: M. Blufhardf- Manaqer. T. Frey, J. Brumbauqh, D. Newnam, R. Richardson. J. Q .per 4 ff' 5... 'wx' - E 'N' .1 F4 'f ' .. 5. gh. '. T f 'X , TJ tif Q3 fd ' 'Z A fr :ff . im. - T ... K K . , , . ' K ,. .. ,, X- .... .... , . . .5 A f W--f" K 1 V ,gP"",-. ...W . . S .. , P WN, ,.S.fuVf Rv R" '3 - 1 K 1. LLVV .. qi.: .Li X .K :TI .f T M .... an x. L ' '... ,. .," Z a f ' T sf ' . . . . ag M .J .M .J . T an , . . . ' lil 1L.a QQ EQ- . W T T r J".' . . ..,-- , J .,., M J J J ' U 1 ff , 3 l W ..-L55 'Q ...xg-fl , t 5, .. .. , k -. W CAPTAINS--Jack Headapohl, Fred sheeis. McMullen, and Denny Dicken- Bodilcer, T. Pinler. G. Seay, K. Ariz, D. Sleineman, F. Worfh, J. Siegel, B. Morrell, S. Shulfz-Manaqer. Row 3: Coach Flefcher -Head, T. Morfon, C. Grenlro, J. Moyer, J. Ellioll, B. Wriqhl. 2.T ll in R' DGVVYI Marlin, one of The learn's leading hiffers, slugs in anofher run on his way To a fine .431 average. M. Orilliof, J. Headapohl. D. Diclcensheefs, B. Rademachir. D. Marlin. M. Jackson. F. McMullen, J. Campbell, J. Price, Coach Terwilliqer. TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY .... TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY TROY .....I4 ....l2 Baseball RECORD 5 Tipp Cily .. IO Norlhridge . l4 Miami Easl' . 2 Wesl Millon 2 Wes? Milfon 3 Wayne . . . l Xenia .. 8 Sidney ..... 4 Sfelobins . . . 20 Nalional Trail 4 Nafional Trail 7 Fairmonl Wes? 5 Springfield Norlh 4 Piqua Calholic I Norlhridge . 7 Fairborn . . . 7 Tecumseh .. 2 Fairmonl' Easf Vandalia-Buller 6 Vandalia-Buller 3 Tecumseh .. Wesl Millon 6 Wesl Millon 7 Beavercreelc Piqua ...... l Cenlerville . O Fairborn .. SENIORS-Seafed: Tom Morfon, Darryl Marlin. Fred McMullen, Jaclc Headapohl. Sfanding: Bill Rademachir, John Campbell, Denny Dickenslneels, John Moyer, Milne Gril' liol. Jaclc showed his pilchi q sk ll 'rhs year by be ng feam's slrilce-oul leader. Row I: Doug Counls, Jay Willis, Milne Fulcher. Dave Williams. Don Brown, Kim Rudy, Chris Buller, Jeff Price. Row 2: Carlos Perez. Sean Lawrence. John Lighlner, Kevin Bomhard, David Sampson, Chesler Bazzel, Bill Twiss. Row 3: Coach Simpson. Eric Nelson. Doug Piilman, Jim Johnson, Bill Milligan. Scofl' Smallenbarger, Dave Sanger. Bob Campbell. . C i s r 's.' ir ,. ' ff T 'CSTV' ' . xv .. sr,' -yis T "" Z ' is -'i' l ..:- jg,5f'l'T.gf5?:55Q 'sri If 1 Qi A .w flei ,ia ' swf --1 Q fi ssaw gsf Q, ,Q- ' 5 fs' lsili N .K f :. .ii' at 1' X- '. Fixx , X, A BL A, 215-K-e -fi - El'-A f ., i if-1 , M .. X ....L an .VW ' J, .T A 5.x - . 1, ,yy-. . M., ' ., A .1 L. N C A 3 X A if if 9 1' if fL5Fg1si i Tro 's Cross Counlr raciices on The Ca fains Bill Milli an and Bob Cam bell. Y Y P levee behind The l"lnbar'l Slaclium. Cross Countr The Varsily Cross Counlry Team ran away wilh 'rhe honors al six ol The nine clual meeis They compeied in This season. They also made away wilh The lourlh place spof in The dislricl. These honors can be al- iribuled io such ouislancling runners as Bill Milligan, Qaplaln Bill Milligan-One Of Seven rUf1f1erS On Scoli Smallenbarger, Jim Johnson, Dave Sanger, Bobby hm way To The Piqua Tooiball game' Campbell and Eric Nelson and all lhe members of This excellenl young Team. 88 TROY TRACK-Row I: S. Sfillwell, K. Jones, B. Campbell, J. Ross, E. Nelson, J. Fulcher. K. Raymond, R. Walker, D. Sanger. Row 2: T. Reese, J. Whaley, T. Francis, J. Earharl, G. Bell, l. Will, J. Allen, F. Bader, J. lngle, S. Smallenbarger. Row 3: A. Fulker, M. Evans, J. Johnson. M. Kilpalriclc, R. Grilfilh, J. Liqhfner. G. Hanner, D. Piffman, T. Wise, S. Druley, D. Sodders. Row 4: M. Johnslon, J. Shields, B. l-larnish, B. Shuler, D. Smilley, R. l-less, T. Wilson, G. Towne, P. Cusac R. Brundrell, J. Funderburg, T. Niles. 5 iia.. -F is ig gi , nss RECORD HOLDERS-Cen+er Leff-Row I: R. Walker-B80 Relay, J. Liqhlner-880 Re- lay, E. Nelson-Mile and 880 Relay. M. Kil- palriclz-Mile and 880 Relayg Long Jump: 440 Dash, J. Johnson-Mile Relay, D. San- ger-Mile Relay. Row 2: Coach Simpson, J. Ross-Pole Vaulf, Coach Harlman, J. lngle- Discus, Coach Blaclcslone. Trojan Milne Kilpalriclc parlicipales in long iurnp. Track E H31 1 ,J 1'Y"'f MMT.. .HTS ,M 5. TROY GYMNASTICS-Row I: D. Harmon, M. Callcoaf, M. Chrisfie. S. Gingrich, A. Swiharf, C. Hoke, P. Booher, S. Smailenbarger T Wilson J Marion. Row 2: Conch Simpson, D. Sodders, S. Druley, D. SwindeU, R. Boze, J. Permingfon, R. Hari. D. Scheflcum, T. Merohr B Smufh R Camfenien G mnastics Captains Buzz Frey and Doug Swimdell. 90 HUQN f K' ,iff Douq Swinclell performs his rouiine on fhe parallel bars. Vs see now. If I iusr flip lhis leq over rhis way i V . V jf Seniors John Davis and Buzz Frey were The lop lwo Troians This year. "H's The human fly!" Siacy Smallen- barqer performs on ihe high bar. 1 scorers for 'The 9I i l l GIRLS GYMNASTICS-Row I: R. Brislley, B. Hoefler. C. McCabe, V, Edwards, R. Counls, D. Lewis, D, Lamlra, J. Gwin, C. Vail. Row 2: J. Gillele, S. Edwards, L. Dulce, S. Simms. S. Fish, M. Harrelson, J. Sinks, M. Sayers, J.Campbell. The girls gyrnnaslic learn had no connpelrilion in lheir 'Firsl year. The season was mainly de- voled 'lo gelling girls in- Jreresled in going oul for The leam and lo gel slarled in lhe funda- menlal roulines. Robin Brislley slarls floor exercise rouline as learnmales look on, Girls Gymnastics 92 w -,.., ,x I l I xl i A Bobbie Sue Counls performs on lhe balance beam. TROY TENNIS-Row I: C. Bufler, D. Brown. D. Galbreaflw, D. Ufreclwl, B. Hiser, D. Counls. Row 2: B. Moffiff, R. Felver, S. Mcfloppin, T. Harrelson, R. Berninq, Coach Dearfh. Rick Felver played first singles all year, and wenl on lo win Third in 1l'ie Disrricr. Dave G-albreaih iabovel and Bob Hiser ibelowl played in singles during Hue regular season. and 'rhen combined 'rlweir eflorls as doubles parrners af Disrricf. 93 TROY GOLF-Row I: M. Walpole. B. Shroyer, J. lv1cCarfhy. Row 2: D. Samp- son, P. Groff. Row 3: R. Fillenger. J. Lusk, T. Cheney, D. Buchanan. Q2 fl: Tm Tom Cheney fees off on number 3 af The Miami Shores Golf Course Rick Pilfenqer walches closely as Jeff Lusk pulls his ball info the cup where Troy's learn played all Their home mafches. 94 Tom Cheney, Jeff Lusk, Coach Kazmaier, Rick Phlfenger. Doug Buchanan K Golf These four boys, under Coach Kazmaier, have played Varsi'ry golf since 'rhey were soph- omores. ln lheir lasl year 'rhey were second in The Disfricl, wilh Riclc Piflenger going on lo parficipale in ihe sfale lournamenl al' Colum- bus. Doug Buchanan blasls his ball from fhe "beach" on number 9. Doug has proven fo be fhe mosl consisfenf of lhe four senior golfers by refaining The posilion of firsl man all lhree years of Varsily compelilion. 95 '2' U 1 5 ' 9 2 XL ff' 'U J- ' M '16-31353 .51 13 Q FRESHMAN FOOTBALL-Row I: S. Wood, F. Schoch, T. Allen. M. Polfer, D. While, B. Gearharf, R. Richardson. T. Grimes, R. Easlman. J. Grove. Row 2: S. Epperson. M. Johnslon. D. Saul, B. Russell. T. Pierce. T. Shanesy, J. Ross. W. Meeker. R. Bell, P. Moyer, R. Walker. Row 3: Coach Brewer, Coach Mifchell, R. Fosler, l-l. Kaebniclc. B. Taylor, R. Ferguson, M. Darner, D. Newman, K. Evans, D. Holme. S. Beclc, M. Chrisfie. Frosh Football Rf 3 I ia' 2 FRESHMAN TRACK-Row I: K. l-lufchinson, J. Grove. S. Friend, D. Ezell, T. Fox, T. Shanesy. Row 2: D. Wise, M. Johnslon, T. Pierce. T. Grimes. D. Grubs, C. Perez, S. Lawrence. D. Carfer. Row 3: Coach Blackslone, R. Evans, M. Bercaw, R. Easfman. B. Russell. W. Quillen, R. Fosler. Frosh Track .J I BOYS INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPS-'Row I3 B- Campbell. R- BOYS INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS-Row I: D. Sfarkey, T Walker, K. Bomhard. Row 2: B. MaHI'1ews, B. Doll, C. Bozzell, T. Niles, Wise. C. Carfer. Row 2: J. Phifer. J. I-Ieadapohl, J. Lloyd. Row 3: F Row 3: J. Welbaum. P. Schroeder, T. Goodin. McMullen, P, Schroeder, Boys Intramural Champs BOYS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS--Row I: J. Campbell, T. . Morfon. Row 2: L. FieIds, J. Headapohl. 97 Fniwvmw -A , .,,, M-. .. .. . Az' f K Z I . , 7:.,,,.,,., V if 4 . . W pa, .. Q , ,. 6 ' :,h I ", . GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL-Row I: S. Miller, K. Coffee, S. Blacll- GIRLS RESERVE BASKETBALL-Row I: L. Curren, S. Buchanan, P more, S. Norris. Row 2: R. BHSIIGY. K, MCCGIDS. V- EdW5"Cl5r B. GFOSS- lddings, S. Welbaum. Row 2: M. Duer, S. Heslep, S. Edwards, S. Mc- Row 3: T. Hillman, C.Wielre,T.Weilcert, P. Powers. Kinney, T. Schimmel. Row 3: F. Hickman, J. Macfxtee, M. Massie, P Shoup, C. Hollinger. .L.., Girls Basketball: Varsity, Reserve, and Intramural Champs INTRAMURAI. BASKETBALL CHAMPS-Row I: S. Harlman. P. Mc- Donald. S. Twiss, P. Goodin. Row 2: K. Colley, G. Holme, S. Blackmore. K. Sheen. 98 . Q GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL-Row I: R. Brislley, S. Blackmore, K. Colley. Row 2: G. Holme, S. I-larlman, C. Wielwe. Row 3: B. Gross. V. Eclwa rds. lrr I ' if . 'f"'f GIRLS RESERVE VOLLEYBALL TEAM 2-Row I: B. Hoeller, A. Pierce. P. Sclwroclc. S. Heslip. Row 2: D. Lewis, B. Websler, S. McKinney. Row 3: M. Buechler, S. Edwards, M. Massie. i, I , 'SMF I xii.. f. GIRLS RESERVE VOLLEYBALL TEAM I-Row I: K. Rlwoades. C. Dixon S. Norris. Row 2: K. Long, K. McCabe, T. Wellcerl. Row 3: J. Meeker P. Powers. i. f ff'..11 . King GIRLS INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS-Row I: Miller, G K. Coffey, S. Harlman, S. Norris. Girls Volleyball 99 W Holme, S. Blackmore. Row 2: L. Paulsclw, J. Kemper. B. Gross. Row 3: I V' is la.- V 444- GIRLS TRACK-Row I: P. Cramlef. rf. Powers, If Hillman, C. Hollinger. GIRLS TENNIS--Row I: C. Hamillon. S. Barge, C. Long. Row 2: C. S. Bercaw. Row 2: J. Vallor, K. McCabe. S. Blackmore, V. Edwards, D. Deweese. K. Long, S. Welbaum, S. I-larlman. Row 3: Miss Mills, A. Leclerc. Row 3: R. Zell, J. Giilelfe, S. Edwards, M. Massle, L. Chaney, I-louser. A. lddinqs, D. I-lousfon. Row 4: K. Force, R. Brislley, J. Meeker, V. Zimmerman. Absenf: A. Carr, C. Burns. K. Meelcer. ' Fkwgx Y wok, vf A GIRLS SOFTBALL-Row I: P. Powers, C. McKinney, R. Brislley. S. Norris, B. Gross, C. Wielwe. C. I-larrls. Row 2: B. Websler. M. Bueclwler. P. Cramlel, P. Shoup, M. Duer. C. Brandon, T. Schimmel, D, Lamlco, M. Marlinez. I00 X I-Ialftime Entertainment ..,. . ., ...,,...,.........,. if v-wi..-llixwla v' MARCHING BAND--Row I: P. Jones, D. Huston, D. Lathrop, A, Millet-Secretary, J. Grove, M. Mercer. Row 2: L. Sutlitt, B. Fine, B. Wagner, C. Abdon. C. Becksted, B. Morrett, J. Brumbaugh, J. Mahan, E. Nelson, J. Lauter. Row 3: K. Kendall-President, L. Shafer, V. Elam, S. Vorpe, D. Langtord, S. Vore. C. Dorsey. S. Miller, D. Gass, T. Scott. Row 4: Mr. Slonaker-Director, S. Sodders, J. Leas. J. Flory, E. Orsborn, P. Thiedeman, J. Milligan, B. Wyan, P. Webb, H. Walker-Vice-President, N. Hill. Row 5: K. Caldwell, P. Mallery, S. Scott, S. Loveioy, G. Hart, C. Gurklies, K. Henderson. D. Mahan, H. Faust, S. Hunt. Row 6: J. Hannah, D. DeMar, G. Shoup, L. Shater, L. Martin, M. Seller, D, Hale, S. Stillwell, D. Sodders. M. Mitchell. T. Schimmel. Row 7: A. Blackburn, M. Sutlitt, M. Cook, L. Giedt, M. Waker, D. Frank, G. Bentley, D. Rademachir. S. Lacy, D. Shoe- maker. Row 8: M. Ptister, A. Goodall, P. Ceyler, J. Shepherd. T. Sage, J. Davis, J. Johnston, M. Walpole, R. Rench, G. Brown, N. Beisner. Row 9: C. Huttacker. D. Brown, J. Horn, D. Carter, S. Saul, S. Matthews, D. Baird, B. Breese, G. Smith. S. Newnan, M. Duer. Row IO: T. Eichler. C. Hannah. V. Beaty. S. Aldrich, N. Buirley, R. Rice, C. Heberding, B. Current, C. Langford, P. lddings, P. Cramlet. Row ll: M. Grittith. D. Lathrop, A. Anderson, J. Utrecht. Absent: B. Brown, M. Seay, R. Bristley, A. Gray, R. Boram, J. Hahnel. l02 K1 WN, A L . lk H, qu, , N i . i - ff? , f ' 'f,,L"1f5:wfs1, - M ,J 1 VQM K, W fqwif- A g -,vw figwu ,. , If ' .W v-ifizfhwlfiw V -. 4 -'wfM"f,ff'- ai., , , sf , f-Qi 9.54-4 L. i , V V - MAJORETTES-Anne Millef-Head Maioreffe, Debbie Husfon, Marcia Mercer, Peqq Jones, Jane Grove, 1 . ,Q if fa , iv .dp Drum Maior Doug Laihrop and Band Di- recior Mr. Slonaker. The Senior members of ihe Band E Q I 3 A I 3 1 Y .ll I 4- . .. .., wg s. GIRLS' CHORALE-Row I: P. Losclniavo. S, Vorpe. Row 2: C. Wielme, G. Ruder, M. Yefers, M Marinello-Secrefary, T. Weilcerf, V. Long, A. Favorile, R. Cahill. Row 3: A. Pierce. J. Gallagher, K. Zimpfer, S. Buchanan, K. Buckles, G. Holme, H. Fausf-Librarian. C. Dixon, C. Harnilron. Absenf: N. Hill-President J. Snell. Y. Cho, F. Hickman. I04 SENIOR CHOIR-Row I: I.. Curren, M. Pefers, G. Ruder, M. Sreplnan, L. Plnifer, R Reed, J. Gallagher. Mr. T. Dooley-Direcfor B. Sinlcs, T. Weilcerf. C. Harnilfon, P. Losclwii avo, K. Rhoades, R, Cahill, S. Wiehe, L Moreland. A. Favorife. S. Harrman, A. Hous- er, S. Twiss, P. McDonald. Row 2: V. Long L. Caldwell, J. Pelfier, T. Jones, B. Powers, JI Blackmore, M. Conrad, S. Buchanan, H. Fausl M. Marinello, C. Dixon, M. Bader, K. Zimp- fer, T. Kessler. C, Dorsey. J. McCoy, J. Meeker. D. Donley, K. Coffey, K. Sheen K. McCabe. A. Pierce, L. Marlin, L. Luiz: O 2 2 K f 5 e 5 5 2 2 E 2 3 3 5 Row 3: S. Vorpe, J. Milligan, S. Drake, T Arci, S. Blackmore, L. Bruce, H. Walker, T Sims, R. Tale, R. Ross-President C. Grenko D. Mahan. R. Vore, J. Ufrechf, T. Cheney. R Reineke, K. Buckles. P. Webb, N. Meyer, L Duke C Holfin er T Boak Row 4 M . . g , . . : . Slwanesy, P. Goodin, T. Drake, G. Hoke- Secrefary-Treasurer, S. Wolfe, C. Dyas, R. Brislley, K. Kendall, M. Welly-Sergeanl'-af! ' Arms. D. Laflwrop, J. Davis, J. Headapolwl, M. Jackson, M. Grilliol-Secrelary-Treasurer, C. Cram, S. Le-Hel, G. Sfone, K. Ariz. D. Rice. M. Grifzmaker, S. Grove, L. Allen, B. Fine, M. Coleman. Absenf: M. Arne'l+-Sergeanf-ah Arms, Y. Cho, J. Hershey, J. Noffle, N. Hill -Vice-Presidenf. C. Abdon, S. Ulreclvl, L. Lyncli, M. Manson. J. Snell, F. Hickman. MEN'S MATIN CHORALE--Row I: M. Jackson. K. Ariz, J. Milligan. Row 2: R. Reineke. G. Slone C. Grenko, H. Walker, T. Cheney-President R. Vore. Row 3: S. Leffel, C. Crartn, J. Ulreclll. R Tale-Sergeanf-af-Arms, D. Mahan, T. Sims, D. Lafhrop. Row 4: D. Rice. M. Grilliol'-Treasurer, R Ross, J. Headapohl. M. Welfy-Secrefary. Absenf: C. Abdon, S. Ulrechf. J. Hershey. I05 ORCHESTRA-Mr. McCabe-Direclor. Row l: J. Vallor, K. Cleveland. P. Shoup, J. McCar+l'1y, K. Kannard, R. Shaneyfelf. Row 2: M. Sfephan, R. Slwoup, P. Salle-rfield, A. Dawson, M. Conard, M, Grifzmaker, C. Gurklies. Row 3: J. Milligan, D. Rademaker, J. Davis. Row 4: P. Webb, L. Marlin, S. Miller, A. Blackburn, E. Orslaorn, R. Brisfley, N. Hill, C. Hannah, H. Kaebnick, D. Ovenslwire, D. Laflwrop. Row 5: S. Sodders, M. Mitchell, M. Seay, M. Cook, L. Sulliff. Row 6: K. Kendall, J. Hannah, M. Pfisfer, H. Walker, D. Hale, J. Horn, S. Slillwell, D. Sodders. D. Laihrop, A. Anderson. Row 7: B. Wagner, J. Halwnel. C. Abdon, E. Nelson. Absenf: H. Fausl, B. Morrell. C. Norris, P. Tluiedeman, C. Becksledf, D. DeMar. SOUTHWEST REGIONAL ORCHESTRA-Joan Vallor, Kennelh Cleveland, Mary Grilzmaker, Becky Shoup, Mary Lou Sleplsan. I06 PEP BAND-Direciorz Kevin Ken dali. Row I: M. Seay, R. Vore, S Hunf, G. Smifii, G. Brown, R. Hale H. Walker. J. Ufrechf. Row 2: T Eiclwier, C. Huifaker, M. Waipoie D. Mahan, D, La+hrop. STAGE BAND-Row I: D. Shoe maker, J. Milligan, J. Uirechi, D Laihrop, T. SCQH, D. Housfon, S Sodders. L. Sufiifi, M. Seay, Mr. Slonaker-Direcfor. Row 2: C. Ab don, T. Eichier, M. Piisfer, K, Ken dail. C. Hufiaker, H. Faust H Waiker, R. Hale, J. Davis. Swinging Sounds of T.I-I.S. 4 .div 0 - r H I SOPHOMORE CHOIR-Row I: P. Lowry, D. Arcl, C. Voorhis, P. Bull, C. Buirley, P. Powers, L. Townsley, J. McAfee, Mr. Dooley-Direcfor. D. Herrmann, K. Harlzell. Row 2: N. James-S+uden+ Direclor, M. Blue, D. Paufsch, V. Henn, T. Wilson, D. Sanger, J. Hufnal, M. Hobson, C. Keehan, M. Thobe. Row 3: S. Wagner, C. Pour, F. McErlane, M. Palsgrove, R. Walker-Sfudenl Direcfor, C. Wray, D. Waile, M. Favorile, J. Davis, E. Cochran, S. Kilpalriclc. Row 4: B. Booze, B. Clingan, D. Lamlca, K. Meeker, N. Lewis, J. Thorpe, D. Krinn, R. Brundrefle, M. Eidemiller, J. Broolcwaller, A. Epperson. Absenf: K. Wogoman. R. McNu++, K. Wright FRESHMAN CHOIR-Row I: J. Kinner, C. Crumrine, D. Leclerc, S. Favorife, M. Bruce, J. Thompson, J. Fausf, T. Grimes, S. Welbaum, K. Whllealcer, C. Brundrelle, P. Coleman, C. Flory. Row 2: M. Massie, M. Phelps, K. Delriclc, V. Scoff, B. Messer, T. Gallagher, C. Carnes, D. Grove, C. Holme, R. Copp, K. Rhoades. C. Hullorcl, J. Emericlc. Row 3: M. Sayers, D. Long, M. Overholser, R. Vanchure, K. Teclclenburg B. Rademachir, T. Sphar, E. Everman. T. Shanesy, J. Grove, P. Frantz, B. Lennox, L. Allen, C. Malors. T. Couch. Row 4: P. Grove, B, Cain L. Seiple, D. Lynch, S. Davidson, M. Johnson, D. Saul, T. Mercer, S. Andrews, A. Collins, K. Travis, C. Dibling, M. Buechler, J. Sinks, A Schaurer. Absenf: P. Marks, L. Evans, L. Dulce, K. Freman, D. Howe, R. Lloyd. v . 08 They Sell Foed and Facts Concession Workers-Row I: Larry Grillis, Pam Gooclin. Denise Berkshire, Vickie Shoup, John l-lerrman, Bill Milligan. Row 2: Coleen Browning, Max Welly, Krisla Buckles. Debbie Swigarl, Dan Mader, Joan Dixion, Dorcas Baker. Row 3: Mr. Jones-advisor, Tom Cheney. Sleve Selhorsl, Ann Meredilh, Pally Loschiavo, Marilyn Hullord, Reggie Ross. Mr. Cole-advisor. Row 4: Belly Baker, Mary Grilzmaker, Randy Gearharl, Bruce Mallhews, Dave Mumma. Charlie Gales, Randy Tale, Dave Plisler. Row 5: Greg Knoderer, Randy Ashman, Jell Lusk, Buzz Frey. Row 6: Becky Gorrell, Jim Rosen, Dave Galbrealh, Mike Kerr, Ken Bevinglon, Fred Worlh, John Bird, Bill Doll. Program Sellers-Row I: Penny Shrock, Sue san Buchanan, Vicki Edwards, Ann Favorile, Milzi Hummel, Bev l-loeller, Jane Meeker. Row 2: Tami Weikerl, Belh Kuenle, Julie Nollle, Calhy McCabe, Peggy l-looley, Shir- ley Thompson, Debby Snyder, Debbie Donley, Kalhy l-lawkins, Suzie l-larlzell. Row 3: Robin Reed, Sharon Bercaw, Anne Pierce, Vickie Arnell, Melody Conrad. Row 4: Carol Dyas, Chris Anderson, Linda Eidemiller, Carol Hines, Debbie Avey, Kerri Cahlander, Sara Grove. Row 5: Lucy Curren, Marcia Mercer, Barb Gwisdala, Sue Palmer. I09 Spirit I BLOCK 'T'-Row I: J. Snell-President D. Pirsenbarqer-Vice Presidenf, F. Hickman-Junior Represenlalive, N. Grelzinger-Senior Sergeanf-at Arms, N. Meyer, K. Zimpler, K. Buckles, P. Loschiavo, A. Merediih-Secrefary, K. Rhoades-Treasurer. Row 2: D. Donley, J. Meeker, C. McCabe. R. Counfs, K. Null, C. Heslep, P. McDonald-Senior Represenlalive, R. Ezell, K. Gheen, K. Ziegler. Row 3: M. Manson, A. Houser-Junior Sergeanf-at Arms, J. Noffle, K. Cahlander, G. Ruder, C. Tinch, L. Leyda, T. Kessler, D. Moll, M. Bader. Row 4: J. James, B. Hoefler, V. Edwards, P. Dunn, L. Fyfe, S. Blackmore, C. Force, M. Chronabery, M. Marinello, V. Long. Row 5: M. Bowden, N. Brown, N. Richardson, E. Schaeffer, C. Hennessey, L. Mapes, C. Hahnel, S. Grove, B. Newman, R. Fine. Row 6: G. Cook, M. Hummel, L. Allen, J. Rudy, L. Paulsch, T. Weikerl, R. Reed, J. Valor, S. Harlzell, A. Favorile. Row 7: M. Towne, Y. Cho, P. Shrock, S. Palmer, G. Hoke, J. Kemper, C. Summer, K. Clawson, C. Dyas, L. Moreland, C. Ham- illon, J. Blackmore, L. Duke, R. Cahill, M. Slephen, B. Sorrell. Row 9: S. Cain, B. Gwisdala, E. Dixon, B. Lennox, L. Curren, C. l-lolfinger, T. Boak, L. Lynch, C. Fisher, D. Lewis. Row IO: B. Kuehnle, S. Bercaw, D. Shaeifer, N. Jakubek, D. Swigarf, K, Wesllall, B. Worsham, S. Norris, B, Gross. Absenl: T. Arci, C. Burns. M. Burns, S. Cardinal, R. Cromes, D. Dierks, J. Dixon, C. Dixon, R. Fine, T. Jones, N. Konkol, L. Luiz. J. Pelrier, B. Sinks, G. Williams, V. Wilson, K. Younl. H0 ADVISORS-Miss Mills-Troy Hi's. MVS- Middlefon--Clweerleaders. Mrs. Grimes -Bloclc 'T'. Mrs. Brewer-Block 'T'. TROY Hl'S-Row I: P. Mc Donald-Secrela ry, R. EzeII- President D. Arc?-Repor+er P. Price-Sergeanf-al'-Arms, R C o u n 1' s-Vice-President D Langford-Treasurer. Row 2: C. Buirley, P. Pferslclw. S. Mc- Connell. M. Waker. L. Sfull, C. Caldwell. Row 3: A. Gray, S. Kilpafriclc, M. Doyle-His+o- rian. L. Leyda. C. Randall. S. Drake, M. Mitchell. Absenf: M. Grefzinger, C. Malhis. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS- Charlene Wielme, Palli Paris. Robin Brisfley. Kalhy Long, Sandy Harfman-Caplain, Su- san Twiss. VARSITY 'T'-Row I: B. Wright C. While, J. Welbaum-President J. Hines-Secrelary. D. Diclcensheefs-Vice-President M. Grilliol-Treas4 urer, M. Jackson, J. lngle. Row 2: T. Frances, T. Reese, B. Bey, H. Rhoades, J. Earhart R. Blizman, J. Headapohl, T. While. Row 3: J. Price. J. Elliot K. Ariz, R. Adams, T. Morfon, G. Hanner. J. Moyer, M. Defriclc. Row 4: D. Galbrealh. A. Fullcer, D. Mumma, L. Fields, M. Welfy, B. Doll, F. McMullen, D. Marlin. Row 5: M. Kilpalriclc, M. Cusac. F. Worih, J. Liqhlner, T. Chaney, J. Luslc. R. Walker, M. Johnson. Row 6: R. Carsiensen, M. Wilson, J. Allen, R. Felver, C. Bazzel, T. Wise. D. Pilman. G. Bell, T. Voris. Absenf: Mr. Flelcher-Advisor. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS-Debbie Herrmann. Debbie Larnka, Diane i Dyas. Rila Adkins, Cindy Long-Caplain, Kay Colello. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS-Jody Kroger. Jenny Sinks, Marla Harbor, Sue Fish, Marla Harrelson-Capfain, Diane Franlz. WRESTLING AND GYMNASTIC CHEERLEADERS-Fronf fo Back: Sandy Sucheki, Sharon Colwell, Linda Calda well, Susan Buchanan-Capiain. MATH CLUB-Counfercloclxwise: C. Cram S. Peierlca, Mr. Epperson-Advisor, J. Lusk C. Safes. T. Scoff, J. Dannin, L. Griffis. COLOR GUARD-Leff fo Righi: M. Force. S. Mills, G. Holobaugh, C. Smiih, L. Shaw. B. Wagner, S. Bosse, J. Milligan, S. Miller Thompson, A, Millei, J. Grove, N. son, J. Snell, P. Tlniecleman. ASTRA-Senior Members-Row I: Miss Dedication Meyer, J. Kemper. Row 2: S. Vorpe. K. Rhoades, C. Dixon, P. Losclwiavo, J. Rudy. A. Merediflw. Absenfz M. Man- ASTRA-Junior Members-Row Brisiley, S. Buchanan, A. Favoriie, . James, J. Meeker. Row 2: A. Houser, A. lddings, M. Doyle, D. Piisenbarger, F. Hickman, Miss Thompson. Absenh D. Donley, L. Shafer. ASTRA-Officers-Seafed: J. Grove- Vice President P. Thiedeman--Presi dent R. Brisfley-Junior Represeniafive, Miss Thompson-Advisor. N. Meyer- Senior Represenlaiive. Sfanding: J Kemper-Treasurer, A. Mille?--Secre 'ra ry. 'I Ill! SEIIM 4 - M. "---- ---- -- A - 5 3 A -f ' , .. . S.O.S. J-TEENS-Row I: C. Wiehe, R. Cahill, C. Hamilfon, K. Rlwoades, E. Meredirh, J. Grove, N. Grefzinger, D. Langford, M. Marinello, C. Dyas L. Paufscli, Mrs. Murray. Row 2: T. Boak, B. Lenox, A. Gray, C. Heslep, P. Loschiavo, K. Buckles, S. Blackmore, G. Hoke, C. Dixon, N. Meyer, K. Zimp fer, S. Buchanan, D. Donley. Row 3: M. Slwanesy, P. Goodin, L. Leyda, R. Brislley, Y. Kersler, M. Bader, Cv. Ruder, M. Miller, C. Tinclw, S. Elifrilz, C Summer, M. Sclwaurer, P. Webb. Row 4: M. Bowden, M. Rousseau, M. Doyle, K. Caldwell, B. Newman, S. Cain, M. Jakubek, C. Hennessey, C Hines, L. Lynch, M. Mercer, J. Yardley, J. Gallagher, C. Baker. Row 5: T, Jones, J. Valor, P. Dunn, C, McCabe, A. Favorire, J. Meeker, P. Slirock. L. Lulz, J. James, B. Hoefler, V. Edwards, D. Lewis, S. Bercaw, V. Arnelf, A. Caserra. Row 6: A. Pierce, F. Hickman, S. Palmer, R. Reed, J. Nollle. L. Marlin, C. Dorsey, D. Vaughn, G. Williams, C. Burns, M. Grilzmaker B. Fine, B. Sinks. Row 7: L. Moreland, L. Curren, L. Duke, J. Blackmore, P. Jordan, D. Neikirk, C. Gurklies, J. Cawley, S. Grove, C. Hollinger, M. Pefers, L. Mapes, K. Clawson. Row 8: E. Dixon, B. Gwisdala, C, Hamillon, T VVeike.r+, A. Houser, P. Parris, K. Long, D. Pirsenbarger, P, Hooley, D. Adkins, L. Caldwell, P. Fulclwer, B, Hebb. Absenf: J. Cawley, M. Conard, L Eidemiller, S. Harfzell, A. lddings, J. McCoy, D. Slwaefler, G. Garsf, V. Garsi, M. Hufford, P. McDonald, J. Snell, OFFICERS--Row I: L. Paufsclw-President Mrs. Murrnv- Advisor, T. Weikerf-Secrefary. Row 2: C. Wiel'1e--Co- 5,05-J.feen5 decorafgng -for fha Ajlclub Formal' Proiecf Chairman, C. Hamilfon-Treasurer, C. Hollinger- Treasurer, M. Marinello-Projecf Chairman. ll5 Clubs in Service to the X 4. .L INTERACT CLUB-Row I: T. Morton, B. Doll, F. McMullen, B. Wright K. Bomhard, B. Harbor, Mr. Farrell-Advisor. Row Z: J. Welbaum. M. Welty. D. Marlin, R. Blizman. D. Diclcensheels, M. Welfy. J. Price. B. Diclrensheefs, B. Frey. Row 3: M. Evans, C. Grenlro. R. Tale. R. Kisrer, R. Berninq. J. Moyer. M. Hillman. T. Reese, B. Moffilf. Absenf: J. Rosen, R. Adams. ax f V A few lnleracf members help af fheir car wash. llb OFFICERS-Row I: R. Blizman-Sergeanl-al-Arms, B. Wrighf-President B. Harbor-Board of Direclors, B. Doll- Paslor. F. McMullen-Secrelary. K. Bomhard-Treasurer, Mr. Farrell-Advisor. School and Community OFFICERS-Row I: T. Whife-Senior Represenfaiive, J. Headapohl-Secreiary, D. G-albreaih-Presidenf, B. Maifhews -Vice President Row 2: K. Evans-Sergeam'-af-Arms. A. A 'few hungry members of Key Club a+ fheir Division 3-W Banquet Quilien-Treasurer, J. Johnson-Junior Represernafive, Mr. Fogarfy-Advisor. KEY CLUB-Row I: T. Whiie, J. Headapohl, D. Galbreafh, B. Ma++hews, A. Quilien, K. Evans. J. Johnson. Row 2: D. Piiirnan, K. Ariz. D. Mumma C. Bazzel. C. Whife, M. Sfrominger. G. Shoup, G. Schoch. Row 3: D. Buchanan, C. Jones, Mr. Foqarfy-Advisor, J. Johnson, R. Leyda. M. Grilliof T. Wise. P. Poifer. J. ingle, J, Eiiiof. Absenf: J. Davis, D. Demar. II7 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Above-Row I: C. Weihe- Secrefary. M. S+romin er-President S. Buchanan-Treasurer. Q Row 2: D. Piisenbarger-Vice Presidenf. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS- Above-M. WeI'Iy-Presidenf, A. Mille?--Secretary, Mr. Flefcher- Advisor, S. Twiss-Treasurer, Greg Knoderer,-Vice Presidenh SENIOR CABINET-Righf-Row I: S. Twiss, A. Millef, Mr, FIeIcI1er-Advisor. S. I-Iarfman, J. Grove. Row 2: C. Dorsey. G. Knoderer, M. Welfy, J. if fig Q JUNIOR CABINET-Above-Row I: M. Sfrominqer. D. Don Iey, S. Buchanan. Row 2: C, Weilne, F. Hickman, Row 3 K. Wright R. Leyda, J. Elliot Mr. GarsI'1eIis-Advisor Row 4: D. Plfsenbarqer, C. Jones, J. Johnson. Absenf: C Whiie. Welbaum, R. Ta+e, R. Ross. Absenf: J. Davis, D. Mader. II8 Leaders STUDENT COUNCIL-Top Grillior, M. Welfy. Row 3 M. Shroyer. J. McAfee, D. B. Harbor. D. Pifsenbarger. Grove, R. Easfman, B. Cain. . ,--- S. X, Leff-SENIORS-Row I:-J. Grove, A. Mille?-Secrefary, C. Dorsey. Row 2: R. Tafe, J. Headapohl-Vice President M. : B. Gorrell, G. Knoderer-President S. Harfman. Absent Y. Cho, P. Thiedeman. Top Righf-SOPHOMORES-Row I: Husfon. Row 2: N. Lewis, C. Wray, C. Legris. Row 3: E. Lewis. Lower Leff-JUNIORS-Row I: S. Buchanan, C. Wielwe, Row 2: C. Jones-Treasurer. R. Leyda. Row 3: M. Srrominger. D. Rice. D. Saul. Lower Righi'-FRESHMEN-Row I: P. Row 2: M. Harbor, R. Evans, S. Favorife. Absenf: R. Lloyd, Mr. R. Conard-Advisor. II9 reef! K fe FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Row I: L. Paufsch, C. Dixon, L. Jones-President D. Langford-Vice-President S. Grove-Secrefary, J. Cawley-Treasurer, C. Dyas, L. Lynch. Row 2: B. Lenox, T. Boalc, A. Gray, C. Heslep, C. McCabe, A. Favorife, V. Edwards, B. Hoefler, M. Mercer, K. Wesrfall. Row 3: C. Wiehe, T. Weikerr, L. Curren, P, I-Iooiey, R. Ross, C. Gurklies. M. Grifzmaker. R. Gearharf, J. Miiligan. Row 4: L. Edimifler. N, Jakubek, K. Brown, R. Vore, S. Hunt S. Vorpe, C. Fisher, L. Bruce. Row 5: A. Meredifh, N. Greizinger, L. Griffis, S. McKinney, G. MOH, D. Harger, T. Cheney, B. Miller. Absent J. Leas, K. Ziegler, D. Vaughn, C. I-Iahnel, Mrs. Hannah-Advisor FUTURE BUSINESS WORKERS-Row I: Mrs. Waker-Advisor, P. McDonald-President D. Swiqarf-Vice-President K nessey-Treasurer, Mrs. Muhlerrkamp-Advisor, Mrs. Brown-Advisor. Row 2: D. Baker, C. Tinch, T. Kessler, L. Leyda, Jordan. Row 3: M. Rousseau, M. Bowden, E. Shaeffer, D. Drew, C. Burns, D. Harris, D. Neikirk, K. Null. Absenfz V. BaiIen. G. Cook. G. Heffelfinger-Secrefary, D. Shaeffer. l l FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row I A C serla Presvclenl D Balmer J Welborn L. Smilh-Treasurer, K. l'len- derson Reporler D Moll Row 2 D Lewis Secretary J Thompson Row 3 Mrs Fair Advisor, B. Rademachlr, L. Neves, M Phelps T Purfee R Glbson Muss Burl Advisor Absenf L Vesper C Anderson D Avey K Earley. R. McNur+-Hisiorian, FUTURE NURSES' ASSOCIATION-Row I: M Blue, V. Sanger. Row 2: C. Carnes, J. Gallagher K. Clawson, C. l-lamilron-President J. Conard- Treasurer. Row 3: R. Counfs, Mrs. Lauler-Advisor M. Sulliff-Secrelary, C. Tinch-Vice-Presidenl' M. G-rilzmaker. Absent D. Taylor. I2l Imagination and Creativity DRAMATICS CLUB-Row I: N. Gretzinqer, R. Pittenqer-Vice President, A. lddinqs-Junior Representative, C. Green-President, J. Rudy-Secre- tary, C. Dixon-Treasurer, S. Vorpe, M. Marinello, M. Richter. Row 2: G. Ruder, S. Reeves, M. Letler, N. Dunnarn. C. Randall, C. Graham. D. Dierlcs D. Hattield, Mr. Mayberry--Advisor. Row 3: D. Aldrich. K. Richter. C. Daneman, D. Martin, D. Arci, L. Stull, E. Cockran, P. Price, D. Rl-ioades, M. Waker. Row 4: D. Pugh-Senior Representative, M. Arnett, J. Chaisson, D. Moran. D. Saul. J. Gallagher. K. Buckman, J. Hershey, R. DePuqh Row 5: N. Adkins, J. Waite, B. Hall, L. Dulce, C. Jones, T. Sims, G. Mott, D. Rice, E. Watren. Row 6: H. Faust, L. Osgood, B. Bourque. S. Graham C. Finniqan, S. Slonaker, R. Parris, J. Bird. P. Bannister. Row 7: J. Sutton, B. Sinks, C. Robinson, S. Garrett, N. James, T. Jones, W. Bogart. Absent: L. Whaley-Sophomore Representative. B. Brown. V. Garst, V. Garst, K. Guss, S. Hobbs, M. l-luttord, M. Kerr, V. Shaeter, N. Thornburgh, K. Wil cox. J. Donahue, C. Lauber, J. Dilworth, L. Williams, B. Milligan, J. Callahan, P. Fenner. N. Jalnubeclc, P. Thornburgh, D. Ward. C. l-leslep. C. Hupp S. McConnel, L, Gillman, J. VanMouwerilc, B. Rudy. l22 11' aseimiyaaaf fi 5,1-mn,M.1s: wmv .1 PQ .,, .x.,.. S .,.., THESPIANS Row I R Parris B Bourque Row 2 S Graham V Shafer J Chnasson K Richfer, Daneman R Puflenger M Arneff S Blackmore R w 3 B S lc M Rrchfer G Ruder. J. Gallagher D Pugh R DePugh J Rudy Row 4 J Dllworfh Mr Mayb rry Advlsor C Green, Dixon M Marlnello M eller Row 5 A lngs Rc C Jones D Marrnn N Adkins, TOGA-Ro Brown. Ro Chaney. K Dannin, R Grifzma leer S. Sodders Manager, PROJECTIONISTS--Row I: IS:-:aiedl B. Morrell. M. Force. M. Ishmael. Row 2: E. Schaeffer, D. Donnell, W. Davy, K. Gurklies Row 3: D. G-urlclies, D. Benedict M. Gersinger, Mr. Raveling-Advisor, E. Penninglon, Absenf: S. Mills. TROJAN HORSE-Sealed: T.-Caserfa-Assl. Edifor, L. Grilfis-Edilor, Miss Williams- Advisor. Row 2: J. Dilwor+h. L. Townsley, M Bader. M. Miller. A. Caserla. S. Sfiles. Row 3: S. Bossee, D. Lodge. C. Grimes, N. Lewis, S Peferlca. Abseni: C. Bufler. I24 ? 1970 - Year of Student Involvement 4 J.C.O.W.A.-Row I: C. Green, P. Thornburgh, C. Finniqan-President, C. Daneman-Secretary, J. Sutton-Vice President, J. Fiory-Treasurer, Mr. Hershiser-Advisor. Row 2: G. Ruder, C. Dixon, K. Graham, N. Dunam, C. Randall, R, DePuqh, R. Pirtenqer, D. Pugh. Row 3: J. Chaisson, K. Richter, J. Hershey, G. MOH, A. Swihart, L. Griffis, S. McKinney, M. Gritzmalcer. Row 4: C. Summer, L. Eidemiller, M. Mercer, S. Bosse, S. Miller, M. Bader, P. Webb, L. Sutliff. Row 5: D. Moran, L. Osgood, B. Bourque, N. Thornburgh, S. Graham, S. Slonaker, N. Jackubek, B. Hoefler. Row 6: J. Donahue, M. Richter, M. Herrick, D. Aldrich. Absenf: S. Bercaw. J. Ciweadie, Y, Cho, K. Clawson, T. Drake, R. Gearhart, N. Gretzinger, K. Guss. D. Martin, S. McConnell, K. Meigs, G. Ruder, V. Shaefer. l25 'lar w. ,rar gum- fiw SCIENCE CLUB-Row I: B. Brown, S. Peferka, D. Pfisfer, B. Wagner. K. Conard, N. James. Row 2: C. Cram, M. Eidemiller, L, Miller, T. Scoff, L. McErlane, C. Norris, L. Townsley, E. Lewis, Mr. Beisner-Advisor. Row 3: J. Lusk, S. Bosse. L. Suiliff. S. MiI!er, C. G-afes, L. Griffis. Absenf: T. Wilson, R. Brundreffe, G. MOH, N. Lewis. l2b CHESS CLUB-Seafed: J. Hershey, C. Safes-Capfain, S. Bosse. S'I'anding: V. Golowin, Mr. Proufy-Advisor, J. Lusk. Absenf: B. Harbor, W, Quillen, C. Buffer. ARTS AND CRAFTS--Row I: M. Miller, M. Bader, N. Tlmornburgh, J. Rudy, D. Marlin, D. Pugh, H. Fausl, B. Sinks. Row 2: S. Blackmore, D. Pilsenbarqer, C. Randall, L. Lynclw, B. Gwisdala, E. Orsborn, S. Pelerlca, B. Ross. Row 3: R. Counls, C. Counls, L. -Chaney, L. Townsley. D. Rhoades, S. McConell, B. Pour, R. Fine, C. Fox. Row 4: V. Garsl. L. Allen, M. Arnelf, L. Srull. C. Malhis, L. North, D. l-luslon, L. Smilh, D. Deirlrs. Row 5: D. Dyas, L. -Couch, K. Buckles, R. Ezell, C. Legris, M. Ward, C. Long, P. Price, S. Sims. Row 6: C. Dibling. M. Marvel, C. Wilson. D. Hale, J. SuH'on, E. Walren, D. Ezell, S. McKinney. Row 7: Mr. Preslon-Advisor, T. Wolf, C. Grimes, B. Morse, V. Golowin, R. Davis, T. Dunn. Absenf: L. Gillman, L. Whaley., K. Colello, T. G-earge, R. Leyda, G. Garsl, K. Oxley-President R. Pillenger, B. Worsham, C. Summer. The Skills and Talent of T.l-l.S. l27 BUDGET COLLECTORS-Row I: C. Dyas. C. Dixon, J. Dixon, M. Bowden, V. Arnelr, J. Elifrilz. N. Grelzinger, M. Thuney, D. Taylor G. Niclwols, Mrs. Slang-Advisor. Row 2: J. Farris, M. Lefler, A. lddings. S. Heslep, M. Pelers, P. Jordan, M. Harrelson, C. Flory C. Brundrell. T. Hillman, C. Bell. Row 3: S. Harlzell, P. lngle, D. Pilsenbarger, D. Snyder, L. Smilh, J. Welborn, M. Pfisfer, K. Thomas K. Colella. C. Legris. Row 4: J. Elliolf, D. Mumma, S. Harlman. D. Carey. D. Davy, S. McKinney, M. Lauglwman, S. Hunl, Cv. Shoup C. Hupp, R. Bell. Row 5: K. Arlz, T. Morlon, J. Hines, T. Voris. L. Fields, M. Welly, C. Perez, T. Woolery, M. Grilliol, J. Luslc Absenf: D. Frank. T, Schimmel. D. Mader, B. Doll, N. Elam, R. Davis. D. Sass, G. Williams, B. Swindell. LIBRARY CLUB-Row I: S. McKinney, T. Gallagher, M. Sleplnan, S. Drake. C. Mader. Row 2: T. Cheney. G. Holce, B. Gross, M Bader-President L. Jones-Secrelary-Treas urer. J. Gallagher-Vice-President Absent J O'Brian, D. Diclcensheels, R. Ross, Mrs. Jef- fers-Advisor, ...--1111 I28 Vocational Programs .. - DECA lDis'lribu'live Educalion Clubs of Americal-Row I: A. Eckl, B. Gibboney, P. Wlwilmer, D. Barnlwarf-Hislorian, Mr. Sugg-Co-ordinalor Row 2: L. Shaw, B. Baker-Parliamenlarian, B. Shaffer-President C. Warner, B. l-lealh-Vice-President Abseni: J. O'Brien-Secrelary J Weave r-Treasurer, S. Woqoman. . if z..--,Q inf, 'D - 'f .5 'BQQRQ as Dig- "3-1:2 - -Nagar:-. K 'Wg A Af . 4 - 1 K . .L as . - , , . 'iii sw Q. , 1. ,, 1 " 4 , .YY COE lCoopera+ive Office Educafionl-Rowlz C. Browning-Vice-Presidenl, V. Slioup-President M. Chronaberry--Presidenl, R. Myers- Vice-Presidenl, K. Younf-Secrefary, R. Francis-Secrelary. Row 2: D. Sass-Treasurer. V. Wilson-Treasurer, K. Prilcl1ard,'R. Asliman, M. Hart P. Swinclell. Row 3: J. Dixon, S. Cardinal, K. Carey, P. Reed, L. Williams, Mrs. Davis-Co-ordinalor. Absenh S. Ballle. J. Hanger D. Miller, D. Moist R. Counls, N. Elam. , . Ry' OWE lOccupa+ionaI Work Experiencel-Row I: T. Huffman. D. Emerick, D. Browning-Secrehary, D. England-Serge.:nf-a+-Arms, P. Vandivier, D Vanafla. Row 2: Mr. Hershey-Coordinalor. L. Ray, D. Anderson, W. Currier, 6. Russell, Mrs. Laufer-Coordinaior. Row 3: N. Rogers, T. Baf+le D. Church, J.-Puqalee-Treasurer, W. Eldredge, M. Carey, M. Schwar'rz-Assisfanf Secrefary. Absenf: V. Freemon, B. Gwisdala. S. Harsh- barger, J. Hewitt G. Morgan-Vice-President R. Quillen, R. Slolz, D. Welbcum, L. England, M. Alfred, L. Bowman, E. Honeyman, D. Slewad. Q.-ar DCT lDiversified Cooperafive Training,-Row I: K. Vondenlweval-Treasurer, R. Cromes-Vice-President D. Davy--Presideni, R. Gibboney- Secrelary, 6. Adkins-Sergganf-a+-Arms. Row 2: J. Spears, D. Daugherfy, J. Cruea. T. Richardson, E. Riddle. Row 3: S. Selhorsf, C. King S. Rees, D. Iddmgs, Mr. Mrfchell-Coordinafor. Abseni: T. Chaney-Reporfer, G. Sewell. S. Larclc, C. Adkins, N. Phelps. I30 Candids The besf picfures are usually noi The formal, organized picfures in Ihis secfion. The bes+ and funnies+ piciures can be seen before "Ihe" picfure is Taken. SENIOR CABINET-"Midis nexi' year?I You've go? Io be kidding!" SENIOR MEMBERS OF STUDENT COUNCIL- Max and Mike Ihink 'rhaf +hey're geHinq away wifh a Iof buf 'Ihey can'I' see Sandy. KEY CLUB-Need we say more REC COUNCIL-I+ Iooks IiIce Denny iusf can? fake if any more. SENIOR CHOIR-PaHy doesn'I seem To undersfand whaf Mr. English means when he pufs his hands up buf Kafhy and Beffy are Irying 'ro expIain, +3 fi REC COUNCIL--Row I: J. Grove-Vice-President D. Dickensheefs-Presidenf, F. Hickman-Secrefary. Row 2: J. Donahue, D. Lamka, P Bannisfer, K. Harizell. D. Wise, D. Donley, A. Houser. S. Welbaum. Row 3: T. Dickensheeis, C. Jones, R. Tafe, T. Wise, T. Sims, J. Grove M. Welfy. Absenf: P. Frifz, Mr. Cress--Advisor. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT-Row I: M. Blufhardf. B. Fisher. Row 2: D. MOH'-Treasurer, R. Gear- harf-Presidenf, J. Vesper. Row 3: D. Baker, S. Kerns, C. Fisher-Vice-Presidenf Sales, K. Hender- son. J. Leas. Absenf: B. Gwisdaia-Vice-Presidenf Manufacfuring, L. Vesper-Secreiary. 43 V ,U '.,.e'Na J aQ.'U"f1om CAFETERIA WORKERS-Row I: Gary Timmons. Jaclcie Callahan, Sandy Hallield. Row 2: Tom Wesffall, Jol'1n Sowers, Louis Morfield. Absent Dolfie Evans. Mr. Jones-Advisor. Workers OFFICE WORKERS-Row I: J. Grove. K. Caldwell, L. Leyda, C. Hennessey, L. Mapes, P. Jordon, P. Whilmer, Mrs. Reed-Advisor Row 2: A. Millel, D. Sass, C. Tinclw. D. Langford, D. Swlqarl. T. Arcldlaconq, J. James. K. Lonq, M. Marinello. Row 3: B. Sorrell N. Brown J. Pugalee. J. Elifrifz, P. Reed, S. Elifrih, D. Adkins, B. Helcb, K. Colley. Absenf: D. Gilpin, D. Miller. D. Diclcenslmeels, C. Bailen. K Y 25 1 r, s 1 . 4 ,-as 'll K Q ..-P-, N. Q fi! ANNUAL STAFF-Page I34 Above Lefi-Seclion Edifors. Lower Leif- Arf and Pholoqraphy. Above Righl'-Edilor. Cenler Righf-Advisors. Lower Righf-Typisis. Page I35 Above-Trojan Shall. Cenfer-Business Mqrs. Trojan Annual Staff Eclilor ........ . . . Marilyn Hufforcl Seclion Edilors Aclivilies .... ..... R . Michael Kerr Grganizalion . . . . . . Nancy Grehinger Seniors ................. . . . Sporfs ............ Underclassrnen and Facully .... Business Managers Grelchen Rucler Bruce Maffhews . Ann Meredifh Greg Knoderer .. Randy Tale . Vickie Shoup Denise Berlrshire Adverlising Layoul . .. ....... Jim Rosen Siudenl Pholographer .. . Arllsl .............. . Sieve Pelerlra Debi Pugh Typisls . . . Beclcy Gorrell .. Julie Kemper - - - . Linda Pausfch Aclvisors Business ..... ,, Robert Cole Pl1Ol'Ogr'apl'1y . . . Hgmer English Eclilorial . . . , Gene Mgore Copy .... . . . Debbie Williams I35 In Memory of Daniel Eugene Woodall .aw April 26, l954-Aprif 136 Il. I97O All mankind is of one aufhor and is one volumeg When one man dies, one chaprer is nor forn our of The book, buf Jrranslared info a berrer language: and every chaprer musr be so rranslafed ... God's hand is in every rranrslafion. -John Donne ify As a Junior i+'s your +urn For +he prom +o be host Nor only rhaf, Class of '71 Ss You're a Senior-almost """""i f , r X N . Row I: R. Adams. B. Adkins, D Adkins. N. Adkins. Row 2: B. Al- bright M. Alexander, C. Anderson J. Applegafe. Row 3: T. Arcidia- cono, V. ArneH'. K. Ar+z, D. Avey w I. J. Avey. C Bailen, R. Bar- +on. C. Bazzel, C. Becksiedf, D. Benedict Row 2: S, Bercaw. R. Berning. D. Bird, P. Black, J. Black- more, M. Blufhardi. Row 3: T. Boak, M. Bowden, R. Boyd. R. Boze, R. Brisfley, K. Brown. Row 4: N. Brown. R. Brown. L. Bruce. B. Bru- ner, S. Buchanan. K. Buecl'1+er. Row 5: C. Burns, M. Burns. R. Cahill, K. Cahlander. S. Cain, K. Caldwell. .,.,........... f f - . ,fm .S 5 ' , MJ.. ' L , ,.. ' 'QQ 4, 1 . . P w.. M 5 P. A kkxih Y I4 fix K X hx . ...if ff 1, . i - ' 41 jr r X X 45 .- Row I: L. Caldwell, J. Callahan, D. Carey, A. Caseria, J. Cowley, J. Chias- son. M. Church. Row 2: K. Cleveland, B. Coleman. J. Collins. M. Conard, G. Cook, P. Coppock, P. Cremeans. Row 3: L. Curran, P. Cusac. C. Daneman. W. Davy, D. DeMar. J. Denney, R. Den- nison. ps ' .W . - EF", 3 vigil. Pl . S ' il. - 4g E. . .fi K , 1 'R .. . 5 K .kV ,z . 5 ' . ' x W fl VVJ' 'P ' ' "" il- 1 M PP ii , ' .. R f" X Y' P. --A. ' 9' i ".A j rli iii ii . ..,, 5 "'W ii f.. Q -i r L Mr. Bascombe-lndusirial Aris Deparf- meni. B.S., Ohio Siaie Universiiy Miss Birf-Home Economics Deparf- Mr. Beisner-Science Deparfmenf. B.S.. M.A., Miami Universiiy meni B.S. Ed.. Miami Universiiyg M.S. Ed., Universiiy of Wisconsin ii P N Vgh,f""" gg ,. Q ' " 5 I N1 .. ig... 3 A , . ' T . -V . N' .. - - JS. f J iii' 3 W . i. 'I f i i - J il L P .15 i 5.5 A X i 'V ' 9 ' A1W:ii3i:i1:.. ,, 'N ' i"i iii' . 1 -1i' ' K Row I: R. DePugh, D. Dierks. E. Dixon, , b W i A Z ff 5 I it X' 'JM D. Doniey. M. Doyle, S. Drake. T. P 'fd ti- -. I A 'wg' I al ? xf Drake. Row 2: D. Drew, S. Druiey, S. K, A 1.5 - L , V Duff. L. Duke. P. Dunn, C. Dyes, J. ' j A " Q , i 5 :wx i Dyer. ' F A .. - . ' 7'x'f'iA l40 Edwards. Row 2: L. Eidemiller, J Elifrifz, J. Ellio++. Row 3: J. Erwin D. Evans, M. Evans. Row 4: M Row I: J, Earharf. C. Edwards. V. 'E Evans. A. Eavorife. J. Eeiersfein M Row 5: R. Felver. P. Fenner, J Y , Eonner. Row 6: M. Force, G. Fox. 5 L. Francis. .1 V . A fy . U90 "Mirror, mirror on 'rhe wall!" Mr. Blacksfone-Industrial Ar+s Deparf- Miss R, Bowers-Guidance Deparfmenf menf, A.B., Fairmonf Sfafe Universify B.S. M., Capifol Universifyg MA.. Ohno Sfafe U n iversify ax Miss Z. Bowers-Foreign Language De- pa rfmenf, BA., Wilfenberg Row I: T. Francis, B.-Franfom. V. Freeman. Row 2: P. Fulcher. J. Fullcer, J. Gallagher. Row 3: M. Geisinger, L. Gibson. W. Glad- man. Row 4: S. Graham, A. Gray, C. Grenlco. Row 5: T. Grissom, S. Grove. C. Gurklies. Row 6: B. Gwisdala, C. Hahnel, R. Hale. Row 7: R. Hales, C. Hamilfon. J. Han- nah. Row 8: M. Hansen, B. Harbor. D. Hare. Row 9: D. I-larger. D. Hanson. D. Harris. Row IO: G. Hart S. Harlzell, D. Hafcher. Mr. Brewer--Science Deparfmenf, B.S., Miami Universify 'YA ? 1 2 s , fp Vm, 1 rl S., ,. , Q -M f Q ,u" V KA" M f ' If j Row I: K. Hawkins, B. Hebb, G. Hef- ef- , . , Ahlvv T M .. felfinger. M. Hefferfanger. K. Hendef. ,V , . ' L " son. Row 2: C. Hennessey. J. Herri- 2' V L 1? 'lQL gf, I A5 I mann. C. Heslep, F. Hickman. R. Hile. Mi ,,,.. 5---5 ,,, . I f .,"' SQL ic" 'J - 'igliyi 2 K ".,.g - Row 3: F. Hill, M. Hilxlman, C. Hines, A W 1 H:" H 1 .V ii' J Q B. Hoefler. C. Holfinger. Row 4: P. 3 if . ,,.... . 'W 1 ,... ,,.,.,,,, HOO'eY- 51 HOOVSF- A- HOUSGF- F- HU9- . ' -' gins, D. Hughes. Row 5: M. Hummel. 2? , , li e N , . :,J, A S. Hunley. S. Hunt C. Hupp. A. if f-i , I V tzxg fy fu' ,-'h A V. lddings. Row 6: J. lngle. M. lngle. M. "HH2iif if f 5 ' 1 HIZCL J ackson, N. J aku belc, E. James. TQ .. 3 ' 1.2: Z i , , -' W"Wii-1 ' f j .489- "Six'reen Tons and wha? do you ge1'..." Mrs. BreWe'f-MBHW Depaffmeflfl B-5. Ed., Miami Universify I43 Row I: J. James. J. Jenkins, J. Johnson C. Jones T. Jones . Jor an, Row 2: S. Karne m Kess er M, Kilpafrick J. K' g Kirsch R Kisfer Row 3' J Kaffe onkol R Kronen er Kue nie D Lafhrop J Lau er w 4 L ei M L r Lenox D Lewis E Lewis L Leyda w 5 R yda R e K Heion J Lloyd K Long M Long endelpher . L A ,ls mwewy i raw' f , 51 X' X X A x Aim.. L SN if NIS: A, Ny, LIK L R R L Y! S' "" Lx . i ',' agile , - ii' , Jfe " f ' ii! I. If ,iw 4. fir, Wei S . 3. wr 1 Q 51362 'Sm LR, . 1 J 3? ...,Wv. M J-li., X Q 3. fum R .,,,,,.-W-vm, +L Mrs. Brown-Business Deparfmenf, B.S. Mrs. Burk-Home Economics Deparf- Miss Byrkeff-Physical Educafion Deparf- Ed., Wiffenberg Universify ment B.S.Ed., Ohio Universify menf. B.S.Ed.. Miami Universiiy :L A. .. VA ,Q -5. , ,Ax fi 'nw 49, , . 6 . , 3. . 4 'N ,Y I W 3' C 3 A b . csv-, ' 1 ' f r, .V L , , , . 5 P S r , gf.. - I ' f. lr: ' A . -2 e CL W ,. K, H Lad- , -5 'ff X of Lf Q Q fl 'ff' of fi ' L . ihf " X P A'S.,...w""'y -in if .9 av v-,-9 -ne 1:7 f i :wal Row I: J. Loufman, S. Lovejoy, B, Lucas. Row 2: L. Luiz, L. Lynch, C. Mader. Row 3: D. Mahan, P, Mallery, L. Mapes. Row 4: D. Marfin, F. Marin, L. Marfln. Row 5: V. Marfin, C. McCabe, R. McClure. Row 6: S. Mc:Coppin, J. McCoy, R. Mcfiariand. Row 7: D. McKee, J. McKenna, J. Meeker. Row 8: K. Meigs, M. Mercer, B. MiHer. L' Mr. Cheney-lndusfrial Arfs Deparf- Mr. Cole-Business Deparfmenfg B.S.Ed menfg B.A., Iowa Sfafe Universifyy M.A., MGVWCLWSSLGF Ohio S+a+e Universify Mr. Culberfson-Science Deparfmenfp Mrs. Davis-Business DGPBVLTTUGVULY B-S4 BS., Ohio Sfafe Universify Ed.. Concord College . if Vg' . ..1i., . if fn . Qs: "' J . 15' 3 X . ,.,. .. f .7,,, 7. ff ,jg All f fx Y SU 5 7' E ffii A 'fir sf f Z 4-'n .gy , f 3 ...Q J l? ! ii ai i ROW I1 S- Miiiefi B- Moiiiii- D' ii ff" 'v'1:f, . .1 iifi .. Moran. L. Moreland. B. Morreff, P. P ' Lk , L, ' I hkkk I . .V Morrow. G. MOH. Row 2: D. Moi- I AVVA ""' LV 1 ' y y, A I .1 . fer. L. Muiiiris, J. Mumford. D. V . ,',:' .E ,. X ., A . Q warm, K. Nefh, B. Newman. D. ff f M LX wav Q., ww Newman. Row 3: W, Newriam, J. 'V " A :L -3- ' Lf' lj", Noiile, M. Ovenshire, M. Over- X . Q . G ' f 1 ' ' 7,1 V' ii y 'W holser, B. Painfer, S. Palmer, P. 2 W' ii V , in . .suv f ' - .s A Pa rr: s. V' - W' Mr. Dearfh-Guidance Deparimenipl B.S. Mr. Denari-Science Deparfmenfg BS., Ed., Ohio Share Universifyg M.Ed., Wif- Indiana Universifyg M.Ed.. Miami Uni- 'renberg Row I: J. Pasic. K, Pearson, J Peifier, J. Permiriqfon, M. Pe+ers, M. Phifer, A. Pierce. Row 2: D Pirsenbarger, D. Pifiman, J. Price D. Prier, J. Pugaiee, C. Puier- baugii. R. Reed. versify Mr. Dooley-Music Deparfmenii BS Miami Universiiyq MA., Ohio Sfaie Universify . fi if r ff 'Q' fy i .jm f . 12 iaa M ! i , ' "Mm I fl.. L f-i-r '. ' 1 ,2 r J U' A ff, V A ii -f 7 .rf .,.. . I n I K A I 'V A 2 .. V' V - ...ff " ' 5- ' J ' eil 1 ' . iesiff .fm iii. J P ' 4 J Q 1 P J r J . I . f. . ' 1. r . Lg 1 f 1' M Q A li f.r we J 1 . M - M--w1,-- F ' 4-I . A .1 ' l 1 'T'f"Z3,f!'xQEE kF ' .. ni 'ggigig' EI., i , ., 1-.Q T .. . I MMI. . R- . . . M 1 T W T T L.: . f " . 2 . .. - i . ' A25 -Q Q f T - f ... R T " EQ J sw 'E if . 'X - f V '13, 'V , 1 . ,, . K.-W? .. xyfAka..51.Mk x A, MA, 7, ,Q gl ' - ..Q.:iR'??firfE1is T'3iWl-- . nf ' 7 . V- ' ' " " 'f"fgH'4" 'Nfl . T ff R T ' The TroTan's besf end forward. Row I: T. Reese, D. Rice. N. Richard- son, K. Richfer. K. Roberfs, B. Rogers. Row 2: M, Rousseau. M. Rudy. M. Ruffin. D. Saul. E. Schaeffer. Schaef- fer. Row 3: G. Schoch, D. scoff, S. SCOH, M. SeiTer, D. Shaeffer, L. Shafer. Row 4: M. Shaffer, 6. Shoup. P. Shrock, J. Siegef, T. Sims, S. Slonaker, Row 5: S. Smallenbarger, C. Smifh, D. Smifh, P. Smiih, D. Snyder, D. Sphar. Row 6: C. Spicer, B. Sfaplefon, L. Sfaplefon, D. Sfewarf, M. Sfolfz. M. Sfrominger. Row 7: D. Swindell, S. Thompson, P. Thorn- burgh. M. Towne, S. Ufrechf, C. Vail. Mrs. Dove-English Deparfmenfi B-S-E Ohio Sfaie Universify I47 14 Row I: J. Vallor, C. Vanalla, P Vandivier, J. Van Mouwerilc, D Vaughn, J. Voisard. Row 2: D Ward, I.. Washam, C. Weafher- head, G. Weaver, T. Weikerl, J. Wesl. Row 3: K. Weslfall, lvl Weslfall, J. Whaley, J. Whipp. C. While, T. While . Row I: C. Wiehe, G. Williams, P Williams, J, Willis, R. Wilson, T Wise. Row 2: D. Wogoman, S Wolfe, B. Wright J. Yardlay, 'I' Younce, K. Ziegler. 12 if , .,.,.. I 5 S 4 W .2 if -1:55 Q S35 wld :K .-ge S2 Q. ca FUN' 1 v 'Dir Vt M X ,yt 9 I I . I 7 I .if I . 2. iii 1 I Y Q 1. . 0.35 y W W . - wx . N 1 2 ig. E. A, .X W yy A I ,i "Do you really Ihinlc I have on loo much make-up?" Miss Engleharf-Busi,-,955 Deparfmenfg B,S, Ohio Slaie Universiiyg MA., Columbia I . .,,. . ii" " 'I . 'T I. f f ' f e II' e I iw MA 'I 9 'SN' I A I 1. .I i We ' ff I ' 7 ' 5 i I W. , . . 1 2 A Q , QQ Q ,K X I ,. Wk' tiii 5. , I 'i'- ' I ii C " I 5 ' . 'JS I I . 2'. fl I 'K+ I ' ii T? NU Class of '72 Wifn a year benind you, A sophomore knows Hwe rounds. You say Hue word "Hun?" Wifn an aufnorifanve sound. -.. . 'W Vx. Row l: T, Adams, B. Adkins, R. Adkins, J. Albauglw, J. Allen, P. Alspauglw. Row 2: D. Anderson, D. Arcldiacono, J. Arnold, C. Arllwur, B. Afwaler, G. Avey. Row 3: L. Avey, F. Bader. J, Bailey, V. Baker, P. Bannlsler, S, Barqa. Row 4: C. Bascombe, M, Baflson, M. Bayman, C. Bazzel, L. Bean, M. Beally. Row 5: C. Bell, G. Bell, G. Be-nlley, T. Berclwlold, R. Bevinqf ion, A. Blackburn. MV- EPPe"50"""'M5ll'l Depfiflmerlli 5.5. Mrs. Fair-Home Economics Depart Mr. Farrell-Mallw Deparlmerl M'A" Mlaml UVllVe"5llY mem! A.B., Blufllon Miclwigan Slale Umlverslly I Jusl one more drop and Ms. 1 X X X 'vw -A, gk X fy -5 2 " . X I , .xl B ll x .5 ,,,T1,,,,: iff ,-ce E Y is gf 1 4 , x Rf ,. -4- k - y , sf X 'zu SY 9 , QL ,E J 35 -M :E 055 "Q -. l , 6 , "iii 4 if -- , l XCR. X f A r ,fl .:,A1, K 1-,5 iii v Br . 2 f K is l2f -B513 : Lg. , 5' L. go QM? 'TK . -- .o m 'F' K w xl B ll A li-f' -LIY sf' " I K 'F -B ' w 33" X5 ,,,- I-.1 ' ,Qu li li 'gg J, ' fy? .nr A , Z! 1 H .. . r J. J 1 Q f J - J 4' I ' K I ' , A . iz - W A V All s ,QM Y 4 L C as . ,,, , r XXX f..-b. J Q ...Q .A K. Y w Iv ' a , 4 - i- V , 1 I-'x.l"3 I Row I: R. Bleclwinger, S. Blizman, M. Blue, K. Bomlxard, G. Bonalcer, P. Boolwer. Row 2: J. Boolcwalfer, J. Bourque, K. Bowden, E. Boyd, B. Boze. C. Brandon. Row 3: D. Breeze, D. Breeze. B. Brinlcrnan, G. Brown, S. Brown, R. Brundrell, Row 4: C. Buirley, O. Burns, C. Buller, P. Bull. M. Call- coal, R. Campbell. Row 5: C. Carnes, A. Carr, P. Cassel, L. Chaney, B. Clwrislie. B. Cllngan. Row 6: E. Cochran, K. Colello. T. Coleman, R. Collins, S. Colwell, J. Conerd. Row 7: K. Conard, R. Conrad, M. Cook, L. Couclw, C. Counfs, B. Crawford. Mr. Fenfz-Vocalional Program, Universiry ol Clnclnnali Row I: S. Dusenbury, D. Dyas. JK. Earley, B. Edmison, M. Eidemiiler. W. Eldredge, A. Epperson. Row 2: C. Eriz, R-. Erwin. R. Farris, M. Favorife, C. Feliers, E. Feifner, M. Fergus. Row l: S. Cress, S. Cruea, B. Cruikshanlc, A. Dannin, P. Hamer G. Davis. Row 2: P. Davis, J. Dawson. M. Deilinger, C. Denny. D. Denson, J. Defrick. Row 3: M. Defricicl J. Deweese, K. DeWeese T. Dickensheeis, M. Dunn. N. Dun- nam. Mr. Fiefcher--Social Siudies Depari- Miss Floyd-English Deparfmenfq BA. Mr. Fogarfy-Guidance Deparimenfq men13B,S.Ed..Oiiio Universifyq M.Ed.. Easfern Kenfuckyi MA.. Miami Univer- B.S., Ohio Sfaie Universifyg M.Ed., Miami Universify siiy Miami Universify ,i -- . f., if , f v . , "' ' " ei 'fa if 1.5, gf X ' ., ' i 2 A -if L. F ,:.,' -4, -A ,Jn A ,HV . S X , J N i A . i r i A ' A 1 V A ri fi 1' . D - - A QQ " .,. . ,. A, :W. w V '2 5 .5 5. ' 3 5 iw . ff -' V .. J Q ai N A i ' 4-,, If-I fa X .R W if Mr. Garshelis-Sociai Siudies Depari- Mrs. Grimes-Engiish Deparfmenr: BS. rneni, B,S.Ed,, Miami Universiiy Edu Miami Unfvgrghy i JB i Rowl I: J. Ferris, B. Fisher, K. Fosier. Row 2 B. Francis. M, Francis. D. Franic. Row 3 T. Frey, P. Hiiier, J. Funderburq. Row 4 T. Furrow, V. Sanger, S. Garreif. Row 5 R. Genfie, T, George, R. Gibson. Row 6 L. Giedr, L, Gillnnan, S. Gingrich. Row 7 C. Gladman, A. Goodali, D. Goodpasrer. Row 8: K. Graham, B, Green, R. Green. ,. . ,1 1 'RSI' 1' Q Mrs. Hannah-Sociai Sfudies Depari- Miss Har+Ie-English Deparfmenri BS. rnenfp B.S,Eri., Miami Universiry Ed., Miami Universiryg MA., Univer- siry oi Michigan I53 I mm. Mr.'Har+man-Arr Deparfrnenft B.S.Ed.. Mrs. Haydon-Foreign Language and Mrs. Helion-Foreign Language Depart CGPWOI Uf'1'Ve"S'+Y Business Deparimeniz BA., Universiry menfz BA., Berea College of Kenruclcy " Q Q B 5 F KM-.J Row I: M. Grefzinger, M. Griffis M. Grimof, P. Groff, C. Gunder- sen, K. Gurklies. Row 2: J. Gwin B, HaLL E, Hall, B. Hare. R. Har nish, T. Harrelson. Row 3: C Harris, K. Harizeli, K. Harvey D, Haifielcl, K. Hayes, L. Heffel finger. Row 4: V. Henn, M. Her rick. D. Herrmann, D. Hershey R. Hess, J, Hewiff. Row 5: C Higbee, T. Hillman, B. Hiser, S Hoiobauqln, M. Hobson, E. Honey man. gi?" M... gi - CTF 1 f + I 1 -. .f:S:,-' - .. .. X P Ss s 061' - assays-..:,,a f. 'af - PSN A . I A " ww , S 1 'P 'X wr A ' .. 'Af' . X . aa"r K T . L ... if ,. -. 'Q YS..- N 5 , gg., We 2 - lg. ' V . E 5 'a .np Vg f' ,,k. K '56 VE . .1 avi B! ' Esii, l 1 . ' Ir' -. 3? N3 1 K 1 N, 9 161 'T 'J f QQQV bfi. . QL , .gf , . Row I: A. Hudgins, J. Huffaker, Z Qfgi .. 'J Ti J. Hufnal. Row 2: T. Hunley, D. . ' A' "'f Husfon, C. Hufchinson. Row 3: K. ' K J J V ty " Jackson, A. James, N. James. Row I V , I is 4: G. Johnson, J. Johnson, T. John- 'w 5 son. Row 5: M. Johnsfon, K. Jones, 'QV' f A M, Jones. Row 6: P. Jones, C. N' 5 Keehan, T Kemp. v . "5 W' Wav ' T .... .. ,V 3, . A . fi 'J .g , .. , 'T e rv V ., .' f ' . if ? X K ' 5 JXT55 'Z T fff . 'f'J if , .Lp P- . - " T7 T t . V ,J ..J1. -'- - ' " ' .,..... , -W"-- ,"...i-J.1- Q ' 'if ... f' . 2- 1. ' I J . '.k. I I . ff. K .- -, ' 1 K :' ' V . "J .. i w'5f91 5 ' eT xi aw - A k.fwfozf f wif an ,J QW E .-,,- itil, ..... , I an .1-'haze gg wWg..MMQwW ... ..... ...,. .EW. . wwf ,... . 'owl . , Qgggl +?g3. in l'!HQ 2wff?4w emg1xJ vw: JJoJ ..:Q IJTJ f 465' iwwmqg, T.2!f E., , ,.' 2 ' H . rf 9 ' , ni ki v ,M v ' .3 "The minufe she walked in The loin? "Hey! Thai does look like Mr. Brewer." Mr. Hershey-Vocafional Programg BS. Mr. Hershiser-Sociel Sfudies Deparf- Ed., Miami Universifyg M.Ed., Univer- men+IB'A-1 OMG UVWIVGVSWY sify of Cincinnaii l55 Row I: B. Kendall. S. Kilparrick D. Krinn. S. Lacey. D. Lamka, P LaVelle. Row 2: T. Leymon. C Leqris, L. LeVeck, E. Lewis, N Lewis, C. Long. Row 3: P. Lowry E. Luiz. C. Mafhes, P. Mafhews W. Maxwell, M. Mayer. Row 4 J. McAfee, D. Mccarfy. S. Mc- Connell, L. Mcifrlane, S. McKinney, R. McNuH. Row 5: P. Meek, K Meeker, D. Meiring, R. Michael L. Miller, M. Mifchell. . .K , Mr. J. Hoffman-Mafh Deparfmenfg B.S.Ed., iEr1gine-erinql, Ohio Norfhernq MA., Peabody "The Grinch 'rhaf sfole Chrisrmasu 'E W S6 ,Q if L 'g a fff sz ,fy .1 ' Q vw 1 , C54 gl sf1i'r W. K ., '-1, , . . xx 9 is 3, I -'SIX' gf 1 . , , ' ' ' T' Row I. L. Momeyd. K. Moref, M- T. Monfjoy, B. Moran. G. MOH. H7 R. Murndlwemk. B. Nefh. Row 2: ' J V A Q 1' T. NiTes, C. Norris. L. Norfh. D. A 'A 3 .4 ...if A MS ' -02 ' O'NeaT, S. Overrwolser, M. Pals- ? TQ 'Wg 'fl2?V qrove, L, Parsons. Row 3: D. , K Paufscru. D. Pay'ron, K. Pefers, P. f , ,L ,X an wh garish. M. Pfisfer. T. Pinfer, M. - Mrs. Howard-English Deparrmerwii AB. Miss Jackson-Science Deparfrnenh B.S. Miss Jacob-English Deparfmenfp BA.. Ed.. Morehead Sfafe Universiiy Ed.. Ohio Sfaie Universify Heidelberg ga . af we I pf ww ' of X , K ' . . ' ri N -f.. f frr T W ef .W 13? or sim. sz . ff J y hi, v- mm- f ,- wvfk 1 Q2 .lv if ' 'if w I: V. Pfanfz, C. Pour, P . owers, D. Preece. E P. Price, S ' u alee, T. Purfee. Row 2: D . K Rademachlr. C, Randall. G. Rawlyk M A Ro ,, 4' P T PM I P g f ,,,5k,g , .Q S. Reeves. R, Renclw, M. Reynolds D. Rhoades, Row I: K. Rickels, L. Robbins. S. Rob' bins. Row 2: D. Roger, T. Sage, D Sampson. Row 3: D, Sanger, J. Sawclnek D. Sayers. Row 4: D. Sclvelkun, M Sclwerfzinger, T. Sclwimmel. Row 5: J Schneider, M. Sclwnell, P. Schroeder Row 6: S. Schroeder, M. Slwanley, L Sherwood. Row 7: J. Shields. D. Shoe maker, B. Shoup. Row 8: B. Shroyer. M. Slwroyer ,B. Shuler. Row 9: D. Shullz L. Sinder, B. Skinner. Row IO: S. Smal- QW lenbarger, B. Smillw, L. Smiflw. ? 1 "My girdle's killing me." ' W i X X '3 HT" I '73 5 :ig . . s L f 5 - .f111" - I-A F' 'X . ,, ax X L sf E lv 'Vs Mr. C. Jones-Foreign Language De- Mr. V- Jones-Special Educallon: AB., , Alhl Q parlmenlq B.S.Ed.. Wrlghl Sfale Unlverf Marshall Ur1iverSily sify Em 1? . -4:2 I 'g vf f , . Q '53 'j KM-fll E fl: J K X PNY 'Q fs cr? -Q 1 1 if 4 -44 gf: ab A'-if . g im 9 , . mmmzAh M, - - . V,LL . .L-'- Row I: R. Smifh, R. Smilh. C. Smilley, D. Sodclers, J. Sowers. Row 2: M. Sfalford, T. Sfallord, D. Slarkey, P. Slalom, S. Slewarl. Row 3: S. Slilwell, R. Sloner, M. Slrallon, R. Slrominger. L. Sfull. Row 4: S. Suchecld, M, Sullifl, J. Swabb, A. Swiharl. B, Swindell. Row 5: D. Taylor, L. Taylor, S. Tegeler, M. Thobe, J. Thomas. Row- 6: K. Thomas, J. Thompson, L. Thompson, J. Thorpe, G. Timmons. M. I n 1 3-. + One of The fine upsfanding sfudenls of Troy High School. .4 Mrs. Kalmar-Foreign Language Depart menfq B.S.Ed., Bowling Green Universily I59 Row l: G. Towne, l.. Townsley, M Treon, V. Trones, B, Twiss, D. Ulreclwl R. Vanalla. Row 2: B. Varley, J. Vesper M. Vineyard, B. Virginl, C. Voorliis B. Voris, S. Wagner. Row 3: J. Waife, M. Waker, R. Wallcer, M. Walpole, R Waller, M. Ward, B. Walers. 111' N W 'fiiisf M. . ' 1 1.3 X ,f . K A , ' i Y. .Qu , . . ,Ek . W ' i isp fa-vi' -e l Z i . ff '. ' .it 55253555 re l av . Nu 5. 5 -ia y ...Q W g- " N : V7 Q. :ev i S , o. o - ' iw-fl' NI if 5' ,,,, -. xr' K Y-.3 e , A. W e wi S if v ii -:ig N Sf if X ,L -w NX W . if Q 1 -' QW K A- .... .... .... ..... .S ..- ii 15" ' Q? , QQ xk xx S ,,,... l ,B A .4 A 'thang Mr. Kazmaier-Social Sluclies Deparl- Mrs. Laufer-Vocalional Program: BS., Mr. McCabe-Music Deparlmenlz B.M., rnenl, BS., Willenberq Universily Oliio Slale Universily Universily oi Cincinnali , . em' E , E 62 ii, . f ii lf' il' 3 'ww Q .'l B llll "Decisions, decisions, decisions." Simon says, "Clap your hands!" if-1' Mr. McCar+l1y-Special Educaliorig B.5. Mr. Mayberry-Dramafics Deparfmenl: Ed., Universi+y of Cincirmali B.Ecl., Plymoullw Slale Universily Row I: C. Walren, C. Weaver, lvl. Weaver, R. Weaver, M. Weilcerl, J. Welborn. Row 2: S. Wesco, T. Wesl- fall, L, Whaley, N. Wlwilmore. B. Wier- inqa, D, Williams. Row 3: G. Williams, J. Williamson, S. Williamson, S. Wilson, T, Wilson, l. Will. Row 4: R. Woellc, K. Wogomari, D. Woodall, L. Woolery, C. Wray, B. Wright Row 5: K. Wriglwl, N. Wriglil, T. Young, G. Zimmer, V. Zimmerman, D. Zurmelwly. "You ouglwla see wlwal l iusf sawl Class of '73 A year ol slrange languages And smelly gym slwoes, No maller lwow you Cul ll As a lresllman you lose. MAN lllflllkllllfl -clam ll flow lfflfllllllf Mala ll Q 'A u . K g s 5. e - . -s - 'v V ff 3 'a s, f IGUA .s , kd? ' f lqrwry i fm-5 ., 1. .l::. , 5 A W s ssss v eg ssaa 'sf 3 5 ' fi - - " -' '3f'-I?K.39n'7?' J J: ,gf so ' I A L A ixlf?l? V 1 l F55 M-5' ff Q? l62 9' ll -f W - ' -.- sl'l g ' , l ' F s sdsz . X we . """ -. 31 i f? , 4' iff . fi my ? Y , xi 1 W' f 4 ff? J L fv . 4 1 1 . ii'SYl 4 4 'hm EB ., ' 1-vi wir lv' -' if Q -vw. 'se X' if li . Q 166 5 zzi L 2: l .2 .XM .Q . -.. ggi N fi 7 fill .:.. A 1 45 l J Q., . ' 5. N. "ff - 'T' ,"' K ... ' ' 1. W lx "k.V F l ' ' . n il Q ,.- N- 4... .. -A ' .ff XA., B 1 X' 5. rs' . A-'i ,,:: 'R' A J dh? ,J Vt - ' 5 xi 'B Q 7 if W "' W sg ,'-. in mv W I Row l: N. Aclcerman, C. Adkins, J. Adkins. Row 2: S. Aldrich. R. Alexander, V. Alexander. Row 3: L. Allen, T. Allen, D. Almeida. Row 4: M. Anderson. S. Andrews, T. Avey. Row 5: D. Baird, D. Barnlwarl, P. Barlon. Row 6: lvl. Ballrell, K. Bayman, S, Bean. Row 7: V. Bealy, S. Beclc, N. Beisner. Row 8: R. Bell. M. Bercaw, R. Billing. Row 9: J. Bodilcer, R. Boram. C. Bosch. Row l0: A. Bowman. J. Bowman, J. Brand. Miss Mills-Physical Educafion Depa,-1-. Mr. G. Milchell-lnduslrial Arls Deparl- menl: BS., Weslern Kenluclcy Univerf rnenl: BS., Oliio Slale Universily silyq lvl.A., Weslern Kenluclcy Universily Row I: R. Brandon. C. Braun, B. Breese, D. Brown, D. Brown, J. Browning. Row 2: J. Browning, M. Bruce, J. Brumbaugh. C. Brund- reff, C. Bryan, C. Buchanan. Row 3: M. Buechfer, N. Buirley, C. Burns, P. Burnside, C. Cady. B. Cain. Row 4: K. Cain, D. Calla- han. J. Campbell, C. Carnes, D. Carfer, P. Ceyler. Row 5: C. Chaney. J. Chaney. M. Chrisfie, S. Clawson, L. Coleman, P. Coleman. f' ffff xx ' Q' 3 Mr. L. Mifclxell-Vocalional Program: Mrs. Mulwlenlramp-Business Deparlmenl' BA., Wiflenberg Universily B.S,Ed.. Ollie Norflnern ,iw ff Q? X 1, .X 1. Mrs. Murray-Engiisn Deparfmenfq BS., Mr. J. Musfard-Social S+ di D Jr 'vii' R- kx l fog' 'V 'wr U 95 epar' Mrs. J. Mus+ard-Science Deparirnenip Manchesrer e ' B. , ' ' ' m ni, S, Manchesier B.S.Ed., Ohio Siafe Universify ..1'1 . A .Q-, f a ' f V " ,:,,,, M, . ,x g K. . , I . Y aw i - H, ,-1-. g I I ' 'V V, c . . ZQgf'!i QWQf.5:' "A . D if1rfVf'1 q - Q .,lf t "--- . Y hslhq M E., ,H M 1 , A' -P ,Ti . .A .X V - S ' .f .. ",V- - 'L . g f A , . V 'A if., .. , V H . lr i 1' . B f I . , -K-0' . v 5' K ' -1 A , ,ig 'k. 1 1 ? . . f xr- . , 5 H LZ' ,Q , J K 1,14 5 1 '-V- Qahl ' ii i ,:zz:,i'Ei ' if, f fi "'V I If -uv.--,H-, .., x . I 'J I -4- LF A , . ' Q L.: -' . A '7 , wa vo MI , N 1, r . .L :idk i am' , X A I ' The "Freshman Bench"?!! Row I: A. Coiiins, R. Copp, C. Couch, D. Counfs, P. Cramier, B. Crawford. Row 2: S. Cremeans, R. Crick, L. Crowder, C, Crumrine, B. Currenf, E. Cusac. Row 3: M. Darrier, S. Davidson J. Davis, R. Davis, P. Davy. A. Dawson Row 4: D, DeMoss, M. Denoyer, K Derrick, C. DeWeese, M. DeWeese, D Dewey. Wi qf55fgfi H I65 4' xvsv' ' KK':- 3. Ru-.isa sg ...E 3 4 'El Efl ' 'Q 1 A K ,11. ,Dy N, 1 Q Nags., 3? l 2 533 3' gm .L ii? 2 YF W, N, V f nf ' Q 1 1 x Row l: A, Dlbllng, J. Donahue, J. D - Donalwue, D. Donnelly, D. Donnell, D. Douglas. Row 2: J. Druley, J. Duer, M. Duer, E. Dull, L. Duke, Nag. K. Dunn. Row 3: R. Dunn, T. Dunne, Q L. Dursl. R Easlman, S. Edwards. Q -Q S. Eernisse. Row 4: T, Eiclwler, T Elclredqe, E. Elllngson, A. Emericlf y J. Ernerick, l.. England. Row 5: S Epperson, L. Evans, R. Evans, S Evans, E. Everman, V. Eyler. Row 6 D, Ezell, J, Eausl, lvl. Favorile. S Favorlle, R. Eergerson, E. Ferguson. an JUS Mr. Phillips-Plnysical Educallon Deparlmenl: "l sfill say WS bleached" B.S.Ecl. Ball Stale Unlversily I66 at '7 ,--.,, ,Ju Row I: S. Finnigan, S, Fish, L. Fisher. Row R. Fisher, S. Fisher, C. Flory. Row 3: Fosfer, K. Francis, D, Frarifz. Row 4: Friend, P. Frilz. M. Fulcher. Row 5: Galbreafh, T. Galbreafh, T. Gallagher. Row R. Gallo. B. Gearharf, J. Gillefle. Row D. Glaclman, V. Golowin, C. Gray. Row K. Greer, D. Griffiefh, M. Griffiefh. . fob" Mr. Pres+on--Ari Deparlmeril: AB.. Mr. Prou+y-English Deparfmenl: AB., Marshall Alma College: MA.. Universify of Mich- igan fl! fi l Mr. Raveling-Science Deparlmenlg AB., Miss Reiber-Malh Deparlmenft BS Sioux Falls Ed., Ohio Slafe Umiversily ff, W I67 Row I: D. Grilliof. C. Grimes , T. Grimes, D. Grove, J, Grove. P. Grove. Row 2: D. Grulobs, C. Grur-np, Grump. L. Gwinn, D. Hahn. J. Hahnel. Row 3: C. Hannah, G. Harbor, M. Harbor. C. Harger, M. Harrelson, G. 4 M 5 .xfff-,Wi :'I- il -"' ww Q f U L 43 Harris. .,fiffPfi4- .x , V .... 1 if 5 M A R ,,,Z. ,,x. I x Mr. Richards-Guidance Deparfmeniq Mr. Rosen-Enqiish Deparimeniq A.B., Mr, Saxfon-MGH, and D,-iVervEduC5+i0n BS., MA., Universify of Cincinnafi Ashiand1 B.S.Ed., Ashlandqi M.A.T., Depadmerifsy B.S.Ed., Locichaven Siaie Miami Universify fi . . jf Q " , 1 , 4 I ,V . X ,Q N 24 5' 3 . 0' 1 w ,Q Q A ' . i ' if Q - Row I: L. Harris, V. Harris, R. Hari, 2 G f ' ' 11'-Q i .52 X ,gi if D. Harfmari, S. Haffield, C. Hfiberding, .- V Z ff' ,ff 0 Row 2: J. Hennessey. D. Hewiff, S. 'G :Y,,' ' "" L Haqbee, N. Haidebfen, s. Hildebrand, ' f D. Hill. EJ N Emi ffnk-P"A yd nj ssl F." u . 4 1, .J ...i W r V I .A I . as 'RS N .J 'gy' . if, 1 V . ,J z :Egf I A: S .3 2 J ' ,, ' ,:- A. I J M .X fs f s 1. . r f' r W '-I ' K - - i ' ' J - ' 'U 'Q . f . 'L z W v - J K 1 W . . g y . . . . 1 - ,:,,, . , V bglll ,:I,k: ,,hk I .xv L H 'xy H W Ai ' iii' ,H . Q5 - ' f . . - li - W fig 5 I fi' ' v is ff ' J K ' ,. L1" . ' H. 'Nfl' ' . ...Y .H K 1. ,i g A V, 1 ..f V.: Q .33 , J J ' J ' 3' s' fffi ifiiil. Row I: B. l-loke. C. l-lolce, D. Hollinger. G. l-lolobaughf S. Hoover, J. Horn. Row 2: D. Howell, C. l-lulfaker, K. Huf- ford, K. l-lufchinson, S. Hufchinson, P. lddings. Row 3: fx, Ingalls, N. Inman, M. Ishmael, K. Jackson, V. Jackson, D. Jacobs. Row 4: J. Jalcubelc, B. Johnson, D, Johnson, D. Johnson, G. Johnson, J. Johnson. Row 5: M. Johnslon, C. Jones, M. Jones, H. Kaebniclc, J. Kalmar, K. Kannard. w...,,2f Mrs. Secoy-English Deparfmenl: B.S.N., MV- SlmP50"-Pl"Y5lCGl EdUCdliOr1 De- Unlversily of Pillsburgh, B.S.Ecl., Unlver- Daflmenli B.S.Ed., Langsfon Unlversily sily of Pennsylvania .ff X ' Need we say more?l Mr. Slonaker-Music Deparfmenfg B.S. Mrs L Smi+h Home Economics De Ed., M.S., Miami Universiiy parfmem' BSECI Miami Umversify QR :vi i .if f ,v . 1 J f lgfi V ,, Row I: P. Karnehm, S. Kennedy. A J V. Kerns, E. Kerr, S. Kessler, J. XM! " M Kinner. Row 2: N. Koesfer. J. ,ik 'fig' KVOQBV' C- Langford, D. Lam' M' Larck, S. Lawrence. Row 3: J. Le- L"' L' Blanc, D. Leclerc. B. Lenox, C. W ' Lewis, P. Lighiner, J. Lirie. Row 4: 053' , L 4 R. Lloyd, J. Luckey, D. Lodge, D. . i Lorlql J. Long. T. Luebice. Row 5: D. Lynch, J. McCar+I'1y, K. Mc- f "" '.fv"" Z Carfy, D. McCoy, L. McCreary, "il R. McFarland. 3. l N X aw s f Q K. Q 15" 1 Pl Row I: C. McGraw, J. Macy, T. Macy. Row 2: J. Mahan, C. Maiors, B. Marker. Row 3: P. Marlcs, J. Marlin, M. Marvel. Row 4: D. Mason, M. Massie, S. Malrliews. Row 5: J. May, L. May, T. May. Row 6: W. Meeker, T. Mercer, B. Messer. Row 7: C. Mefcalf, S. Mills, D. Moore. Row 8: B. Morrell, P. Morrison, B. Morse. Row 9: J. Morlon ,S. Moller, P. Moyer. Row IO: C. Mumma, E. Nelson, L. Neves. "l use Ulrra Brile. Now do have sex appeal?" Mr. N. Smifh-Direclor of Aflrilelics, Mr. Sugg-Vocalional Program: 5.5-. l-lealflw, and Physical Educafiong BA., Murray Slale Wlllenlbefq? MA., Columbia Row I: M. Newman, D, Newnam. S. Newnam, G. Niclwols, B. Nickel. Row 2: P. Niles, T. Nuss, B. OlCOUDOF, E. O'Neal, M. Ording Row 3: L. Ovellelle, D. Oven- sliire, K. Overliolser, M. Overhol- ser, C. Peck. Row 4: J, Parker, - C. Perez. M. Phelps, T. Pierce, R V E9 . f ,gi fy .L 4.' Pike. X x 1 IVVV 1 5 5 it If ,AU At Rn L .Jn 'AAA Sm Eu Sk 'it IBN Mr, Terwilliger-Business Depdrlmenli Mr. Thomas-Science Deparlmenfg BS., Mr. Turner-lndusfrial Arls Deparlmenl: B.S., Norllwern Illinois Universilyy MA., Ohig Shale Univergifyy M,S,, Wigcongin B,A., Weslern Slale College of Col- Weslern Michigan Universily Sfafe orado fs' A, B Don'+ anybody move. My panfs iusl ripped." Row I: S. Plank. G. Planlc, M. Poller, J. Pulerbaugh, L. Pyles, W. Quillen. Row 2: B. Rademaclwir, D. Rafcliff. K. Raymond, D. Raze- vicln. I. Redmon, Y. Redmon. Row 3: C. Reed, M. Reed, C. Rey- nolds, K. Rhoades. N. Rhoades, R. Rice. Row 4: R. Richardson, J. Rimlcus, L. Robbins. S. Roberls. J. Ross. K. Rudy. Row 5: B. Russell, S. Russell. K. Saint P. Saflerfield, D. Saul, S. Saul. Row 6: J. Saw- chek, M. Sayers, A. Sclwaurer, C. Sclwmidl, F. Schoch. V. Schwarfz. Q.. J.: ,,.,, 4 W .vs A A 0. gi. M ,,,.' rl , K X' . A T... as '- A X A, . . S as .QE . -we.. Y 5 . A P L .4 'ij' J 'ifl-3 . ii 'lil' 1 ll .- ,.. in k, Qi K Hi! kkik H M EM - .:.,k YN is io H . .- ww' '1-.L . . N N fn' iww 'mlty " " A Q . 4. V- L +L f A A ,xlc 3 . . Miki fsigfw Q . 'E . . -,gf,af.j.' 1.2: Y ' :Q V Q 2 if ' "' ' V ' - 1 SSSi..SS Q . i B rri , 5 , ': . ii 0 al Q. LM t Sn it E K Row I: V. SCOH, G. Seay, l.. Seiple, A i 2- T. Shafer, T. Shanesy. Row 2: R. g 3 . ii N - . Shaneyfell, J. Shepard. T. Ship- j , . " -,.. 1 f ' V - f M man, P. Shoup, S. Shoup. Row 3: W W' . 5' 5 2 "i"i D. Shroyer, S. Shullz. S. Siler, S, ..k ' ...Q i -,WQW ll 'X'S W ' Sims, J. Sinks. Row 4: P. Sirch. C. A -.gk N:' i siaief, cs. siough, L. Small, R. . .,.. . ' Small. Row 5: C. Smilh, 6. Smilh, t up itiii ili -1li' xx A ' v ,f.1 . , r ' L. Smifh, T. Smifh, W. Smilh. A N " N uma. Mr. Vesper-Science Deparlmerili 5.5, Mrs. Walcer-Business Deparlmenli BS Ohio Slafe Universilyg MA., Miami Uni- Edu Ohio Univergify versily 'V a .J , 4 f ,,.y...,f4. f mnuagww WW! Y .M 1' aff? A 3? . x 11, .IQ ,,k7 . 495,556 Q .,,.,, , N i, . . i z A. f fifffff :ff"'f'f' 257' . . My i f A 4' J kr -.19 ,JI V Row I: L. Smock, B. Sphar, T. ' ' ' Sphar, D. Sfager, N. Sfager, J. r wh s Q M 94. 5 WJ.. Sfarry. Row 2: R. Sfeineman, S. S+ewar?, V. Sfoner, R. Sfude- baker. J. Sfull, L. Summer, Row 3: M. Supinger. J. Svafda, V. Swank, -.Q M. Swigarf, S. Swigarf, J. Tafe. Row 4: B. Taylor, D. Taylor, D. ,ff Q :Vv Taylor. K. Teckfenburg, J. Thomp- A V son, M. Thuney. Row 5: K. Travis, W J. Ulfery, R. Vanchure, S. Van- N4 ' ..,, . W divier. D. Vicfor, R. Walker. Row ' W JV X 6: T. Walker. R. Waslwman, B. '5 1, V , fl "" Websfer, D. Welbaum, J. Wel- "' ' ,' .I 5 ' " ' if ' SU Q baum, S. Welbaum. ,.. , ... Q ff.. JJJJRSJ . idifif. I ke. Q RFE., af n I warned him abou+ 'fhose wild weekends!" Mr. Wiley-Ma+l'x Deparimenh AB., Man- chesferg M.S.. Indiana Universlfy If N 'E mwmr annum -:mu We -4. 'ff Mrs, A, Williams-Music Deparimenfi Miss D. Williams-Foreign Language De B.S,, Capifolg MA., Ohio Slafe Univer- sily Row I: B. Wesllall, D. While, P. While, K. Wlwifealcer. Row 2: E. Williams, M. Williams, K. Williamson, C. Wilson. Row 3: D. Wilson, H. Will, D. Wise, B. Wolfe. Row 4: T. Wolfe, S. Wood, T. Woolery, K. Worlh. Row 5: P. Wray. W Youncl. R. Zell, M. Zimorski. .,.,4"'. "l clon'f care wl'1a'r+l'1ey say. l'm sfill gonna wear slacks lo school." parlmenf, BJ-X., Weslern Kenluclcy -- my f K' Q , Us t , V 6 'csv D ' K .45-.K - "V 'K' A M ' G . 'K af' , ..-g f -L, f 'Q .,.' f V I V K- . x W in ll f..,. '..-.' i - .. iiz. E. .xv wwnzzasezzzxfzgf-34,1 2 ' ' ,., I 5 1,417+ ..9f -.i n 4E?,, E., T, .. , - 'g 4, " ' E, ff 4 W . z,.,,,, K I 1. K '9 3 i' 3 , N kg Jixz . 'V ? f :f -'Wl K x , 1 W Y D ,.,.. fg K QC ' 3 I 's. Wx lil? -L-- e ig M Mrs. Helen Hennessey-School Nurse. School Secrefaries-Row I: Mrs. Pal Reed, Mrs. Gene Moore. Row 2: Mrs. Janice Laabs, Mrs. Virginia Slang. Special Services - Performed by Special People The school nurse. librarian. and secrelaries add a cerlain friendliness 'ro The school al- mosphere. Their lcindness is apprecialecl by all. Librarians-Sealed: Mrs. Grace Jeffers. Slandingz Mrs JeaneHe Updike. Board of R. Education Q R - is This year 'rhe Board of Educaiion has been confronled wilh challeng- ing sifuaiions. Besides The usual 'r +aslc of raising funds, proposing school levies, and making policy decisions, 'rhey have been diredly involved wirh evenls happening wifhin The school. They have made a sincere efforf fo meer and deal wi+h Jrhese problems. X Koberi' Buchan, M.D.-B.A., College of Woosferg M.D., Ohio Slafe Universify. Sfanley Vorpe, O.D., Presidenl-O,D,, Ohio Sfaie Universi+y 'M Roberf Blackmore-B.S.. Ohio Sfaie Universify. William Harrelson-LLB., Washingion and Lee Universify. GH? TR! GRAVE. s ima rw mm: 21 2, 28 25 "i Q- . my SECRETARIES-Sealed: Mrs. Cramer. Sianclingz Mrs. Hormell, Mrs. Becker. ,ei . f.,, . ., 4514. as cf : .vfffvf p J H Er! A 00" I 1 if W2 i :A K,.-' 5 .1 , J yu' . R. Murray Dalfon, Vice-Presidenf-B.S.. Miami Universiiy Mary Winner. Clerk of Board of Education. Administration - George H. Houck-Assislani Superiniendeni, B.S. Ed., Wilminglong M,Ed.. Universiiy of Cincinriali 1 , 3 The dedicaiion of fhe acl- minislraiive sfaff has buili fhe qualify of educafion in our school sysiem ioday. A special Thanks fo 'rhese few who help so much. Glenn B. Jeffers-Superinfendeni. BA., Mus kingum. M.A., Ohio Siafe Universify N .- 4 .ec q SJW? 1, .l Haig W Roberl G. Becker-Adminisirafive Assisfani Charles Secoy-Supervisor, Secondary Educa Superinfendenf, BS.. Universily of Dayfong lion, Bfx., Ohio Wesleyan Universiiyg M.A. M.Ed., Wiffenberg Universiiy Ohio S1-me Universily The People You Doh't See Much - But Who See That Much ls Done! Howard B. Hoffman-Principal. B.S.. M.A., Miami Universily "ww u?.,...f James Conard-Dean of Boys. A.B. MA., Marshall Universily ' l l l UQ" kiln Rolberf C. Conard-Assislanl Principal, BA.. MA.. Marshall Universily Q? Thelma T. Thompson-Dean of Girls. A.B., Muskingum: M.A.. Willenberg Universily Bev-+ha Newfon-Direclor of Food Services Custodians and Cafeteria Workers Nor much is heard aboul 'rhe cuslodians or cafereria workers. buf 'rhey are an im- por'ran'r parr of Jrhe school slaff. Alrhough rarely seen by rhe sludenrs, 'lhey are al- ways behind Jrhe scenes work- ing: consequenrly, many slu- denis never ge'r 'ro know The personnel responsible 'for keeping 'rhe halls clean and fixing fhe meals a'r lunchrime. Row I: J. Keifer, B. Vanchure. l. Reed, H. Olvine, E. Higgins, N Rhynard, P. Young. Row 2: K. Helfner. M. Supinger, E. Bell, G. Brisfle M. Pierson C. Lowrie B Yr I u Mallery, B. Lavy, V. Wion, Gvnodle. Row 3: T. Macy, D. Blan- fon, J. Sfager. Row I: R. Supinger. H. Hohen- siein, G. Gurklies. Row 2: H. Sea- men, D. Gilliam, E. Gillis, S. Wesco. l Where is your corridor pass? hx 1 K U lg X Q". , Q'i13 ,NN V .v'fffq:.a,R .,,. .. Senior Accomplishments CHARLES ABDON. Band I. 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: Men's Chorale 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musical 4: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 4: Sfage Band 4: Wind Ensemble 4. CATHIE ADKINS. Office Worlcer 3. GERALD ADKINS. DUNCAN ALDRICH. Chess Club I: Dramafics Club 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2, 3: JCOWA 4: Play Casfs 3, 4. ANTHONY ALLEN. Baslcefball Manager I: Choir I. LAURA ALLEN. Arfs and Craffs I, 2, 4: Block 'T' 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Dramafics Club I: GAA I, 2, 3: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3: Musicals I, 2, 3: Play Crews I, 2, 3, 4: Program Seller 3. GARY ALSPAUGH. Band I, 2, 3: Budgel' Collecfor 3: lnframurals I, 2. ALLEN ANDERSON. Band I, 2, 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra 4: Pep Band 3, 4: Science Club I: Sfudenl' Referee I, 3: Traclc I. MAXINE ARNETT. Arfs and Craffs I, 2, 3, 4: Bloclc 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4-Sergeanf-af-Arms 4: Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4: GAA I: Girls' Chorale 4: lnframurals I, 2, 3: Play Casfs 2, 3, 4: Thespians 4. GREGORY ASHMAN. Concessions 4. MARJORIE BADER. Arfs and Craffs I, 2, 3, 4: Bloclc 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3: lnframurals 2, 3: JCOWA 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Library Sfaff I, 2, 3, 4-Presidenf 4: Music Confesfs 3, 4: Musicals 2, 4: Play Casfs 4: Trojan Horse 3, 4. BETTY BAKER. Choir I: Concessions 4: Office Worlcer 3: Program Seller 3: DECA Club 3, 4-Treasurer 4. CHESTER BAKER. Baslcefball I, 2: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I, 2, 3, 4. DORCAS BAKER. Choir I, 2: Concessions 4: FBW 3, 4: FHA I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 4: Junior Achievemenf 2, 3, 4: Projecfion Club 2. PETER BANNISTER. Arls and Craffs 3: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club 4: Inframurals 2. 3: Musicals 3. CHARLES BARNES. DEBORAH BARNHART. Choir I: FHA 2. THOMAS BARTZ. Budgef Collecfor I, 2: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club I: lnframurals I: JCOWA I, 2: Library Sfaff 3: Musicals 2, 3: Trojan Horse I, 2: Trojan Toga 2, 3. SHEENA BATTLE. TERESA BATTLE. lnframurals I, 2, 3: Office Worlcer 3. DENISE BERKSHIRE. Annual Sfaff 4: Concessions 4: Dra- rnalics Club I, 2, 3: FTA 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Library Sfaff I. KENNETH BEVINGTON. Concessions 4. ROBERT BEY. Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4: Wresfling I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN BIRD. Concessions 4: Dramafics Club 3, 4: Infra- murals 2, 3: JCOWA 3: Play Casf 4: Wresfling 2. SUSAN BLACKMORE. Arfs and Craffs I, 2, 3, 4: Bloclc 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club I, 2, 3: GAA 2, 3, 4: lnferscholasfics 2, 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA I, 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Con- 'Iesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3: Play Casfs I, 2, 3: Program Seller 3: Sfudenf Referee 2: Thespians 3, 4. RANDY BLIZMAN. Foofball 2, 3: lnferacf Club 2, 3, 42 lnframurals 3: Sfudenf Referee 2: Traclc 2: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4: Wresflin-g I, 3. KEVIN BOMHARD. Cross Counfry 4: lnferacf Club 2, 3, 4-Treasurer 4: Traclc I, 2: Wresfling I, 2, 3, 4-Co- Capfain 4. STEVEN BOSSE. Chess Club 4: Concessions 4: JCOWA 4: Mafh Club 4: Science Club 4: Trojan Horse 4. BARBARA BOUROUE. All Club Formal Server I: Arls and Craffs I: Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4. RONALD BRADING. Budgef Collecfor 3, 4. MICHAEL BRADLEY. REBECCA BROWN. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Budgef Collecfor 4: lnferscholasfics 2, 3: Iriframurals I, 2, 3: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3: Musicals I: Orchesfra 3: Play Casfs I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4-Treasurer 4: Thespians 3, 4: Trojan Toga 2. 3, 4. COLEEN BROWNING. Concessions 4: FBW 3: GAA I, 2, 3: Inferscholasfics 3: lnframurals I, 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Office Worlcer 3: Program Seller 3: COE Club 4- Vice Presidenf 4. DAVID BROWNING. lnframurals I. LESLIE BROWNING. Choir I, 2, 3. DOUGLAS BUCHANAN. Concessions 4: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2: Key Club 3, 4: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4: Wresfling I, 2. KRISTA BUCKLES. Arfs and Craffs I, 2, 3. 4: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Girls Chorale 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Play Casf 3: Program Seller 3: Scholar- ship 'T' 4. ROBERT BUCKMAN. Baseball I: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4: Foofball l: Play Casls 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2: Thespians 3, 4: Audio Visual Aids Club I: Alfended Freshman year af Piffsford High School, New Yorlc. BRADLEY BUECHTER. Baseball 2, 3: Affended Freshman year af Sf. Thomas Aquinas, Sf. Louis: Affended Sopho- more year af Piqua Cafholic, Piqua. I83 WINONA BURNS. RONALD CAIN. Budgef Collecfor 4: Foofball 3, 4: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Referee 2: Varsify 'T' 4. JOHN CAMPBELL. Baseball 3, 4: Inframurals 2, 3, 4: Program Seller 3. SANDRA CARDINAL. Block 'T' 3, 4: Concessions 4: Infra- murals 3: Program Seller 3. KAREN CAREY. COE 4. TERESA CASERTA. Annual Sfaff 3: Gregg Award 4: J- Teens SOS 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Trojan Horse 3, 4. BECKY CHANEY. Arfs and Craffs Club 3: EBW 3: Infra- murals 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Program Seller 3. TERRY CHAN EY. THOMAS CHENEY. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: FTA 4: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Library Sfaff 3, 4: Men's Chorale 3, 4- Presidenf: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals 3, 4: Scholar- ship 'T' 2: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4: Baskefball Sfafisfician 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4: Cenfury Club 4. YOUNG OAK CHO. Block 'T' 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: For- eign Exchange Sfudenf 4: Girls' Chorale 4: Music Con- 'Iesfs I, 2, 3: Musicals 4: Scholarship 'T' 4: Sfudenf Coun- cil 4: Tennis 2, 3: Affencled Ewha in Seoul, Korea I, 2, 3. MARSHA CHRONABERY. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: EBW 3: Gregg Award 4: lnframurals 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4: COE 4-Presidenf. KAREN CLAWSON. Band I: Block 'T' 3, 4: ENA 2, 3: Gregg Award 3: JCOWA 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4. JOHN COCHRAN. Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Track 3: Varsify 'T' 4: Wresfling I. KAREN COEFEY. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2. 31 Girls' Chorale 3: Inferscholasfics I, 2. 3, 4: Infrarnurals I, 2, 3, 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Office Worker 4: Track 3. ROBERTA COUNTS. Arf Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 3, 4: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Dramafics Club 2: FNA 4: GAA 2, 4: Gymnasfics 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Play Casfs 2, 3: Pom Pom Girls 4-V. Presidenf: Science Club 4. CHARLES CRAM. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: Eoof- ball 2. 3-Manager: Inframurals 2: Mafh Club 4: Men's Chorale 4: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Scholar- ship "T" 2: Science Club 4: Varsify 'T' 2, 3. RHONDA CROMES. DCT 4-Vice Presidenf: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2: FHA 2, 3: Gregg Award 3: Inframurals I, 2, 3: Office Worker 3. JAMES CRUEA. Infrarnurals I, 2. MARK CUSAC. Baseball I: Eoofball I, 2, 3, 4: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: Varsify 'T' 4. BEVERLY DANNIN. Mafh Club 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Troian Toga 2, 3, 4-Eclifor. DENNIS DAUGHERTY. DCT 4. EMMA DAVIS. I84 JANIE DAVIS. JOHN DAVIS. Budqef Collecfor 2: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Gym- nasfcis I, 2, 3-Co-Capfain, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Men's Cho- rale 3: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3: Musicals 3: Senior Cabinef 4: Varsify 'T' I, 2, 3, 4. DALE DAVEY. LORA DENLINGER. Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 3: Science Club I. DENNIS DICKENSHEETS. Baseball 2, 3, 4-Capfain: Bas- kefball 24, 3-Capfain, 4: Buckeye Boys' Sfafe 3: Budgef Collecfor 2, 3: Eoofball I, 2, 3: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4: Library Sfaff 4: Office Worker 4: Prom Server 2: Rec Council I, 2, 3, 4-Presidenf: Sfudenf Referee 4: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM DICKENSHEETS. Annual Sfaff 2: Baskefball 2, 3-Capfain, 4: Buclgef Collecfor I: Foofball I: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4: lnfrarnurals I: Sfudenf Referee 3, 4: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH DILWORTH. Annual Sfaff 3: Choir 2, 3: Dramaf- ics Club 3, 4: Men's Chorale 3: Music Confesfs 3: Play Casfs 3, 4: Science Club 2: Thespians 4: Troian Horse 4. CHRISTINE DIXON. Asfra 3, 4: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Buclgef Collecfor I, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: Dra- mafics Club I, 2, 3, 4-Treasurer: FTA 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorale 3, 4: Inferscholasfics 3, 4: lniframurals I, 2, 3: JCOWA 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Play Casfs 2, 3, 4: Scholarship 'T' I, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4. JOHANNA DIXON. Arfs and Craffs Club 3: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Budgef Collecfor I, 3, 4: Choir I, 2: Dramafics Club 2: EBW 3: EHA I, 2: GAA 3: Gregg Award 3: Inferscholasfics 2: Inframurals I, 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Music Confesfs 2: Office Worker 3: Sfudenf Referee 3: COE 4. MICHAEL DOLL. WILLIAM DOLL. Budgef Collecfor 2: Concessions 4: Infer- acf Club 2, 3, 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Play Casfs I: Program Seller 3: Sfudenf Referee 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4: Wresfling I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES DONAHUE. JCOWA 4. CELIA DORSEY. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: lnferscholasfics I: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 4: Play Casfs 3: Prom Server 2: Senior Cabinef 4: Sfudenf Council 4. LINDA DUNLAP. STEVEN DUNGAN. ARTHUR ECKL. NADINE ELAM. J-Teens SOS 3: Music Confesfs 3: Musicals 2, 3: Orchesfra I, 2, 3: Track 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4. VALORIE ELAM. Band 4: Budgef Collecfor I: EBW 2: Music Confesfs 4: Sfuclenf Secrefary I. STEPHANIE ELIFRITZ. Budgef Collecfor 2: Concessions 4: EBW 3: lnfrarnurals I: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Office Worker 3, 4: Program Seller 3. MARY ELLIOTT. Block 'T' 2, 3: Play Casfs 3, 4: Trojan Toga 3. DAVID EMERICK. DAVID ENGLAND. KENNETH EVANS. Concessions 4: Dramafics Club 3: Key Club 3, 4: Program Seller 3. ROSALIE EZELL. Arfs and Craffs Club 3, 4: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader I: Choir I: Class Officer I-Treasurer: Dramafics Club 2, 3: Concessions 4: GAA I, 2: Inframurals 2: JCOWA 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Music Confesfs I: Musicals I: Pom Pom Girls 4-Presidenf: Program Seller 3: Scholarship "T" 4: Affended Milfon-Union High Fresh- man year. HEIDI FAUST. Arf Honor Sociefy 4: Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 3, 4-Vice Presidenf: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Dramafics Club 3: Girls' Chorale 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3: Musicals I, 2, 3: Orchesfra 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Sfage Band I, 2, 3, 4: Creafive Wrifing I: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4. STEVE FAVORITE. Scholarship "T" 4. LARRY FIELDS. Baseball I, 2: Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4: Budgef Collecfor 3, 4: Concessions 4: Foofball I: Golf I, 2, 3: Gymnasfics I: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Library Sfaff 4: Pro- gram Seller 3: Proiecfion Club I: Sfudenf Referee I, 2, 3: Track I:Varsify 'T' I, 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY FINE. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: FNA 4: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERTA FINE. All Club Formal Server I: Arfs and Craffs Club 2, 3, 4: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Dramafics Club 2: FNA 3-Secrefary-Treasurer: Inframurals 2: Orchesfra I, 2: Play Casfs 2: Science Club I. CONNIE FISHER. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: FNA 3: FTA 3, 4: Infra- murals 2: Junior Achievemenf 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 3: Tro- ian Toga 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4. JAN FLORY. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Dramafics Club 2: FTA 3: Inframurals I, 2: JCOWA 2, 3, 4-Secrefary-Treasurer: Junior Cabinef 3: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3: Musicals I, 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Play Casfs 2: Scholarship "T' I, 2, 3, 4: Sfage Bancl I, 2, 3. CATHERINE FORCE. Block 'T' 2, 3: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Infer- scholasfics I, 2, 3, 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2: Tennis 2, 3, 4. CAROL FOX. Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 3, 4: Budgef Col- lecfor 2, 4: Dramafics Club I: FBW 2, 3: GAA 2, 3: Infer- scholasfics I, 2: Inframurals I, 2, 3: Sfudenf Referee 2, 3: Troian Toga I, 2, 3. RITA FRANCIS. Arfs and Craffs Club 2: COE 4e-Secre- fary: FBW 3: Gregg Award 3: Inferscholasfics 2: Pro- gram Seller 3. SUE FRAZIER. MADONNA FREE. Block 'T' 3, 4: FBW 3: FNA 2: Office Worker 3. BUZZ FREY. Concessions 4: Gymnasfics I. 2, 3, 4-Cap- fain: Iniferacf Club 2, 3, 4: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. KELVIN FUDGE. Science Club 2, 3. LAURIE FYFE. Block 'T' 3, 4: Program Seller 3. DAVID GALBREATH. Budgef Collecfor I: Concessions 4: Inframurals I, 2: JCOWA I, 2: Key Club 3, 4--Presidenf: Play Casfs 2: Program Seller 3: Sfudenf Referee 2: Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Varsify 'T' 4: Vesper Trophy 3: Wresfling I. JOSEPH GALLAGHER. Annual Sfaff 2, 3: Choir I, 2: Dramafics Club 3, 4: Library Sfaff 2, 3, 4-Vice Presidenf: Musicals 2: Play Casfs 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Troian Horse 3. VIRGINIA GARST. Block 'T' 2, 3: Choir I, 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 4: Musicals 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Affended Freshman year af Covingfon High School. VIVIAN GARST. Arfs and Craffs Club 4: Block 'T' 2, 3: Choir I, 2, 3: Dramafics Club 4: GAA I: Inframurals 3: J-Teens SOS 4: Music Confesfs 3: Musicals 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Affended Freshman year af Covingfon High School. DENISE GASS. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Budgef Collecfor 4: FBW 3: Gregg Award 3: Inframurals 2, 3: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Office Worker 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 4: COE 4- Treasurer. CHARLES GATES. Baseball I: Chess Club 4-Capfain: Concessions 4: Foofball 2, 3: Mafh Club 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Scholarship "T" I, 2: Science Club 4: Varsify T 3,4. RANDY GEARHART. Creafive Wrifing I, 2: Buclgef Col- Iecfor I: Concessions 4: FTA 3, 4: JCOWA I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Achievemenf 3-Secrefary, 4-Presidenf: Orchesfra I, 2: Troian Toga I, 2, 3. DANIEL GHEEN. Baseball I: Budgef Collecfor I, 2: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN GHEEN. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Budgef Collecfor I, 2: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: GAA 3: Inferscholasfics I, IZ, 3, 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 4: Program Se Ier 3. REBECCA GIBBONEY. Arfs and Craffs Club 3: Program Seller 3. RHONDA GIBBONEY. Band I, 2. 3: FBW 3: FHA 2, 3- Secrefary: FNA 2: Music Confesfs 2, 3: DCT-VICA 4- Secrefary. DENISE GASS. Block 'T' 2, 3: Musicals I, 2: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Office Worker 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2: Scholar- ship "T" I, 2, 3, 4. PAMELA GOODIN. Budgef Collecfor 2: Choir I, 4: Con.- cessions 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Office Worker 4: Program Seller 3. REBECCA GORRELL. Annual Sfaff 4: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club I: GAA I, 2: Gregg Award 4: Inferscholasfics I, 3: Inframurals I, 2: Library Sfaff 2, 3: Office Worker 4: Scholarship "T" 2: Sfudenf Council 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy' 4. CHERYL GREEN. AII Club Formal Server I: Block 'T' 2, 3: Choir I: Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4-Presidenf: GAA 2, 3: Inframurals I, 2: JCOWA 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3: Musicals 2: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Play Casfs 3, 4: Scholarship "T" I, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Salufaforian 4. NANCY GRETZINGER. Annual Sfaff 4: Block 'T' 2, 3- Sergeanf-af-Arms, 4: Budgef Collecfor 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club 3, 4: FTA 3, 4: GAA 2, 3: I85 Inlrarnurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Conlesls 2: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Play CasI's 3, 4: Program Seller 3. VON GREULICH. ROGER GRIFFIETH. Buclgel Colleclor 3: Foolball I, 2, 3: Tennis 2: Traclc I, 3, 4: Wreslling 4. LARRY GRIFFIS. Concessions 4: FTA 3, 4: Inlramurals I, 2: JCOWA 4: Junior Achievemenl 2, 3: Malh Club 4: Play Casrs 4: Science Club 4: Trojan Horse 4-Edilor. MICHAEL GRILLIOT. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Buclgel Collecror I, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4--Secrelary, Treasurer: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Infrramurals I: Key Club 3, 4-Treasurer: Men's Chorale 3, 4: Music Conlesls 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Prom Server 2: Scholarship "T" 2, 4: Sluclenl' Council 4: Srudenl Referee 2, 3: Varsiry 'T' 3, 4-Treasurer: OpI'imisI Youlh ol The Monlh 4: Cenlury Club 3, 4. MARY GRITZMAKER. Choir 4: Concessions 4: FNA 2, 3, 4: FTA 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Library Slafl I, 2: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2-Secrelary, 3-Assislanf Librarian, 4-Librarian: Program Seller 3: Scholarship "T" I, 2, 3, 4: Troian Toga 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociery 4. BRENDA GROSS. All Club Formal Server I: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I: FBW 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3-Secrelary, 4: In-Ier- scholasrics I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Library Slaff 4: Scholarship "T" 4: Srudem' Referee 3, 4. JANE GROVE. All Club Formal Server I: Aslra 3, 4-V. Presidenl: Band I, 2, 3. 4: Buclceye Girls' Srale Allernare 3: FNA 2: GAA 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Maiorerle 3, 4: Office Worlcer 4: Prom Server 2: Rec Council I, 2, 3, 4- V. Presiolenl: Senior Cabiner 4: Sluclenl Council 2, 3, 4. DANIEL GURKLIES. Proiecrion Club 3, 4. KATHLEEN GUSS. Crearive Wriling Club 3-Presiclenr: Arls ancl Cralls Club I: Block 'T' 2, 3: Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 4: J-Teens SOS 3: Junior Achievemenl 2: Play Casls 2, 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 4: Thespians 3, 4. ROBERT GWISDALA. Junior Achievemenl 3, 4-Presiclenl: Wreslling 4-Manager. JUDITH HANGER. Band I, 2: Buclger Colleclor 2: Con- cessions 4: FBW 3: GAA I, 2: Inlramurals I, 2: COE 4. JOHN HANNER. Baslcelball I: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: Traclc I, 2, 3, 4-Co-Caplain 4: Varsily 'T' 2, 3, 4. SAMUEL HARSHBARGER. OWE 3, 4. MARCIA HART. FHA 2: Program Seller 3: COE 4. SANDRA HARTMAN. All Club Formal Server I: Budgel Colleclor 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3: Inrerscholaslics I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Prom Server 2: Senior Cabinel 4: Slu- clenl Council I, 2, 4: Tennis I, 2, 3, 4. EDDY HAWKINS. Band I, 2, 3: Orcheslra I, 2, 3: Pep Bancl I, 2, 3: Scholarship "T" 4: Sludenl Council I, 2: Nalional Honor Sociely 4. KATHY HAWKINS. JOHN HEADAPOHL. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4,-cs'p+a1n 4: Bas- Icerball I, 2: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 4-Caplain 4: I86 Inlerscholaslics I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramurals 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4-Secrelrary 4: Men's Chorale 3, 4: Music Conlesls 2, 3, 4: Prom Server 2: Sluclenfr Council I, 2, 3, 4-Vice Presiclenr 4: Varsily 'T' 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM HEATH. DECA 3, 4-Vice Presiolenl 4. WILLIAM HENNE. Baslcelball I: Buclgel Colleclor I, 2, 3: Choir I: Concessions 4: Golf I, 2: Gymnaslics I: Inlra- murals I, 2, 3: Library Slaff 4: Program Seller 3: Proieclion Club I: Sluclenl Referee 2, 3. JOHN HERRMANN. Concessions 4: lnrramurals I: DECA 3. JOEL HERSHEY. JACKIE HEWITT. OWE 3, 4. NANCY HILL. All Club Formal Server I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4-Vice Presiolenl 4: GAA I, 2, 3: Girls' Chorale 3, 4-Presiclenr 4: Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Music Conlesls I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Swingphonic Band 3. JOHN HINES. All Club Formal Server I: Baslcelball I, 3: Baslcelball Slalislician 2, 4: Buclgef Colleclor 4: Conces- sions 4: Cross Counlry 3: Foolball 4: Inlramurals I, 2, 3: Program Seller 3: Prom Server 2: Scholarship "T" 4: Slu- clem' Referee I, 2, 3: Traclc 2: Varsily 'T' 2, 3, 4-Secrelary. MICHAEL HOAGLAND. STEVEN HOBBS. Arls and Crafls Club I, 2, 3. GAYI..E HOKE. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4-Secre- I'ary: Dramafics Club 3: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorale 4: Inrerscholaslics 2, 3, 4: Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA I: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Library Slall 4: Music Conlesls 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2: Nafional Honor Sociely 4: Play Casls 3: Program Seller 3: Scholarship "T" 3, 4. MARILYN HUFFORD. Annual Slali 4-Edilor: Band I, 2, 3: Concessions 4: Dramalics Club 2, 3: FTA 3: GAA I, 2: Inlramurals I, 2, 3: JCOWA 2: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Conlesls I, 2, 3: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Narional Honor So- ciely 3, 4: Play Casls 3: Scholarship "T" I, 2, 3, 4. STEVEN HUNT. Bancl I, 2, 3, 4: Buclgel Colleclor 4: FTA 3-Secrelary, 4: lnframurals I, 2: Musicals I: Pep Bancl 4: Scholarship "T" 2. JIM HUTCHINSON. Inlramurals I. DAVE IDDINGS. Color Guard I, 2, 3: Music ConI'es'Is I, 2, 3: Musicals 2: Orcheslra I, 2, 3: Proieclion Club 2. PATRICIA INGLE. Buclgef Colleclor I, 4: FHA I, 2, 3: FNA 3: Program Seller 3. JEFFREY JOHNSON. AII Club Formal Server I: Buclgel Colleclor 3: Concessions 4: Foolball I: lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Program Seller 3: Sludenl Referee 2, 3: Wreslling 2, 3. LYDIA JONES. FTA 3, 4-President Inlramurals 3: Library Slalli 3, 4-Treasurer: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Schol- arship "T" 2, 3, 4. MARY JONES. Choir I, 2, 3: FI-IA 2. JULIE KEMPER. Annual Slafl 4: Aslra 3, 4: Bloclc 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2: GAA I, 2: Inlerscholaslics I: Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA I: Junior Cabinel 3: Nalional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Prom Server 2: Scholarship "T" I, 2: Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3. KEVIN KENDALL. Band I, 2, 3, 4-Presidenf: Choir 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4-Leader: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Sfage Band I, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD KERNS. SHARON KERNS. Arfs and Craffs Club 2, 3: Junior Achievemenf 4: Program Seller 3. ROBERT KERR. Annual Sfaff 4: Budgef Collecfor I: Con- cessions 4: Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4: Golf 2: Inframurals I, 2: JCOWA 2, 3: Musicals 2, 3: Play Casfs 2. 3. 4: Science Club 2: Sfudenf Referee 2: Troian l'I0rSe 3: Sfaqe Band I. 2. KENNETH KING. Baseball I: Gymnasfics 2: Inframurals I,2. GREGORY KNODERER. Annual Sfaff 4: Choir I, 2, 31 Class Officer 3-Vice Presidenf, 4-Vice Presidenf: Con- cessions 4: Golf I, 2: lnframurals 2, 3: Junior Cabinef 3: Men's Chorale 3: Senior Cabinef 4: Sfudenl' Council 3, 4-Presidenf: Sfudenf Referee 2: Opfimisf Youfh of fhe Monfh 4. DEBBRA LANGFORD. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Dramafics Club 3, 4: FTA 3, 4-Vice Presidenf: GAA I, 2, 3: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Office Worker, 3, 4: Pom Pom'Girls 4-Treasurer: Scholarship "T" 3, 4. DEAN LATHROP. All Club Formal Server I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chess Club I: Choir 4: Inframurals 2, 3: Men's Chorale 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Referee 2: Track I: Sfage Band I, 2, 3, 4. CHERYL LAUBER. MICHAEL LAUGHMAN. Budgef Collecfor 2, 4. JUDY LEAS. Band I, 2, 3, 4: FNA 3: FTA 4: Junior Achievemenf 4: Orchesfra 2, 3. JOANNE LEAVITT. Dramafics Club 2: GAA 2: Inframurals I, 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4: Scholarship "T" 3. DOROTHY LEVECK. Budgef Collecfor I: Choir I, 2: FNA 3: Gregg Award 3: Junior Achievemenf 3: Program Seller 3. JOHN LIGHTNER. Band I, 2: Baskefball 2: Concessions 4: Cross Counfry 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2: Pep Band 2: Track I, 2, 3, 4-Capfain: Varsify 'T' 3, 4: Wresfling 3. CORLISS LONG. JCOWA I: Sfudenf Council Home- coming Server I: Affended Freshman year af Kiser High School. VALERIE LONG. Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2: Block 'T' 2, 3. 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Dramafics Club I, 2: FBW 4: FTA 3: GAA 2: Girls' Chorale 4: Inferscholasfics 2, 3: lnframurals I, 2: Musicals 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4: Scholarship "T" 4 PATRICIA LOSCHIAVO. All Club Formal Server I: Asfra 3, 4: Block 'T' 2, 3. 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club 2: GAA 2, 3: Girls' Chorale 3, 4: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Confesfs 3, 43 Musicals 2, 3, 4: Program Seller 3. JEFFREY LUSK. Baskefball 2, 3: Budgef Collecfor 4: Chess Club 4: Concessions 4: Golf I, 2, 3. 4: Inframurals I, 2. 3, 4: Mafh Club 4: Science Club 4: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. PAULA McDONALD. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Buckeye Girls' Sfafe 3: Choir I, 4: Dramafics Club 2: BFW 3-Treasurer, 4- Presidenf: Gregg Award 3: Inframurals I, 2, 4: J-Teens SOS 3: Music Confesfs 4: Office Worker 3: Pom Pom Girls 4-Secrefary: Program Seller 3. SHERRI McEOWEN. Band I, 2, 3: FBW 3: Inframurals 2: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3. GARY McERLANE. Golf 3: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4. STEVEN MCKINNEY. Budgef Collecfor 4: Concessions 4: FTA 3, 4: Inframurals I: JCOWA 3, 4: Junior Achievemenf 3-Treasurer: Library Sfaff 4: Music Confesfs I, 2: Musicals 3: Orchesfra I, 2: Program Seller 3: Scholarship "T" 4: Creafive Wrifing 2: Trojan Toga 2, 3: FREDRICK McMULLEN. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4-Capfain: Bas- kefball I, 2: Buckeye Boys' Sfafe 3: Concessions 4: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4-"Crippled" 4: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4-Secrefary: Inframurals 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Referee I, 2, 3, 4: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. DAN MADER. Budgef Collecfor 4: Concessions 4: Infra- murals 2: 'Senior Cabinef 4: DECA 3+Presidenf. MARIE MANSON. Affended second semesfer of Senior year af Shape American High School in Belgium. MICI-IELE MARINELLO. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club I, 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorale 3, 4-Secrefary: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J- Teens SOS 3, 4-Senior Represenfafive: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Office Worker 3, 4: Play Casfs 2, 3, 4: Scholarship "T" I, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4. MIKE MARLOW. DARRYL MARTIN. Baseball 3, 4: Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4- Capfain: Foofball I: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4: Inframurals I: Sfudenf Referee 2: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. KURT MATHEWS. Inframurals I. BRUCE MATTI-IEWS. Annual Sfaff 4: Budgef Collecfor 2: Concessions 4: Foofball I: Golf 2: lnframurals 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Key Club 3. 4-V. Presidenf: Program Seller 3: Track I:Wres'rling I, 2, 3, 4+Tri-Capfain. DARRELL MEIRING. AMELIA MEREDITH. Annual Sfaff 4: Arfs and Craffs Club 3: Asfra 3, 4: Block 'T' 2-Sophomore Represenfafivei 3- Secrefary, 4: Budgel' Collecfor 2: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club 3: FTA 4: Inferscholasfics 2: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: J-Teens SOS 3-Secrefary, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4: Play Casfs 2, 3: Program Seller 3: Scholarship "T" 2, 4: Spanish Award 3. NONIE MEYER. Arfs ancl Craffs Club I: Asfra 3, 4: Senior Represenfafive and Hisforian: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Dramafics Club I: GAA I, 2, 3-Secrefary, 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music gonfesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals 3: Program Seller 3: Prom Server DORIS MILLER. Band I, 2: GAA I, 2: Inframurals I, 2: Office Worker 4: COE 4. I87 MELISSA MILLER. All Club Formal Server I: Arls and Craffs Club I, 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: JCOWA 3: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Scholarship "T" I, 2, 3, 4: Troian Horse 4: Troian Toga 3, 4. PAUL MILLER. SUZANNE MILLER. Band I, 2, 3. 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Infer- scholasfics I. 2, 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 2, 3, 4: Mafh Club 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: Scholar- ship "T" I, 2,' 3, 4: Science Club 4: Swingphonic Band 3. ANN MILLET. All Club Formal Server I: Asfra 3, 4-Sec- refary: Band I, 2, 3, 4-Secrefary: Buckeye Girls' Sfafe 3: Class Officer lSecrefaryl 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3: Inferscholasfics I, 2: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3: Junior Cabinef 3: Maioreffe 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor So- ciefy 3, 4: Office Worker 4: Prom Server 2: Scholarship "T" I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Cabinef 4: Sfudenf Council 2, 3, 4- Secrefary. JOYCE MILLIGAN. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: FTA 3, 4: Mafh Club 4: Men's Chorale 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals I: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I: Scholarship "T" 4: Sfage Band 2, 3, 4: Swingphonic Band 3: Music Club 4: Wind Ensemble 4: Affended Freshman year af Defiance High School. WILLIAM MILLIGAN. Budgef Collecfor I, 2, 3, 4: Con- cessions 4: Cross Counfry I, 2, 3, 4: Foofball 2: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: Sfudenf Referee I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Varsiey 'T' 2, 3, 4. TERRY MOORE. Budgef Collecfor I. GARY MORGAN. OWE 2, 3, 4-Presiclenf. NANCY MORGAN. Scholarship "T" 4: Skafing I, 2, 3. 4- Gold Medalisf. TOM MORTON. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Budgef Collecfor 4: Foofball 4: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Referee 4: Varsify 'T' 4. SHANNON MOTON. WILLIAM MOTON. Baskefball I, 2: Foofball I: Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Referee I. DEBORAH MOTT. Block 'T' 3: Choir I, 2: Dramafics Club 2: FHA 2, 3, 4: Junior Achievemenf 4--Treasurer: Pro- gram Seller 3. JOHN MOYER. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3: Varsify 'T' 4. DAVID MUMMA. Baseball I: Buclgef Collecfor 4: Conces- sions 4: Foofball 3: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Program Seller 3: Prom Server 2: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4: Wresfling I, 2, 3, 4. DENNIS MYERS. Annual Sfaff 2: Chess Club I: JCOWA 3: Science Club I, 2: Trojan Toga I. ROBERT MYERS. Choir I, 2, 3: COE I, 2, 3, 4-Vice Pres- idenf: Inframurals I, 2: Music Confesfs 2, 3. SANDRA NORRIS. Block 'T' 3, 4: FBW 3: GAA I. 2. 3. 4: Inferscholasfics I, 2, 3, 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: Scholarship 'T' 4. KAREN NLILL. Band I, 2, 3: Block 'T' 4: FBW 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2: Inframurals I, 2: Program Seller 3. JOE O'BRIEN. Annual Sfaff 2: Band I, 2, 3: Cheerleader I: Choir I, 2: Dramafics Club I, 2, 3: FTA 3: GAA I, 2, 3: Gymnasfics I, 2, 3: Inframurals 2, 3: Library Sfaff 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3: Office Worker I, 2: Pep Band 2: Play Casfs I, 2, 3: Sfudenf Council I, 2: Affended Rogers High I, 2: Affended Chamberlin High 3. ESTHER ORSBORN. All Club Formal Server I: Arf Honor Sociefy 4: Arfs and Craffs Club 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 3: FTA 3: Inframurals I, 2: J-Teens SOS 3: Music Confesfs I, 2, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4: Or- chesfra 4: Prom Server 2: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Swing- phonic 3. LINDA OSGOOD. Arfs and Craffs Club I: Block 'T' 2, 3: Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 4: Play Casfs 3, 4: Thes- pians 3, 4. KATHERINE OXLEY. Arf Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 3-Vice Presidenf, 4-Presiclenf: Block 'T' 2, 3: Dramafics Club 2: FTA 3: J-Teens SOS 3-Treas- urer: Scholarship "T" 4. RICHARD PARRIS. Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4: Gymnasfics I, 2, 3: Play Casfs 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4. LINDA PAUTSCH. Annual Sfaff 4: Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Dramafics Club 3, 4: FNA 2. 3- Vice Presidenf: FTA 4: GAA 2, 3: Inframurals I, 2, 3. 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4-Presidenf: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Play Casfs 3: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4. MICHELLE PEARSON. Band I, 2, 3. STEVEN PETERKA. Annual Sfaff 3, 4: Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 4: Mafh Club 4: Science Club I, 2, 3, 4-Presidenf: Trojan Horse 3, 4. DAVID PFISTER. All Club Formal Server I: Concessions 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3: Science Club 2, 3, 4-Treasurer. NANCY PHELPS--Choir I, 2: FBW 3: FHA I, 2, 3: Office Worker 3: Program Seller 3. JEFFREY PHIFER. Arfs and Craffs Club I: Baskefball I, 2: Foofball I: lnframurals 3, 4: Track I. LORETTA PHIFER. Budgef Collecfor I: Cheerleader I, 2: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I: Music Confesfs I: Program Seller 3: Track I. RICK PITTENGER. All Club Formal Server I: Budgef Col- lecfor I: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Inframurals I, 2, 3: Library Sfaff 2: Mafh Club 4: Scholarship "T" 4: Science Club I, 2' Sfudenf Referee 2, 3: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. r ROSEMARY PITTENGER. Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 3, 4: Block 'T' 2, 3: Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4-Vice Presidenf: J- Teens SOS 3: Junior Achievemenf 2: Play Casfs 2, 3, 4' Thespians 3, 4: Troian Toga 3. PHILIP POTTER. Baseball I: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Varsify 'T' 4: Wresfling I, 2.3.4. REBECCA POUR. Arfs and Craffs Club I, 3, 4: Infer- scholasfics 2: Junior Achievemenf 2, 3. REBECCA POWERS. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Music Confesfs 3, 4. KATHY PRITCHARD. Block 'T' 2, 3: Concessions 4: FBW 3, 4-Secrefary: COE 4: Track 3. LINDA PUGALEE. Budgel' Colleclor I, 2. DEBORAH PUGH. Annual Slall 4: Arls ancl Cralls Club I, 2, 4: Block 'T' 2, 3: Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2: JCOWA 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 4: Play Casls 3, 4: Scholar- ship "T" 2: Thespians 3, 4. ADAM OUILLEN. All Club Formal Server I: Buclgel Col- leclor 2, 3: Chess Club I, 2, 3, 4: Concession.s 4: Dramalics Club I, 2, 3: lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4- Treasurer: Sluclenl Council 3: Sluclenl Referee 2, 3. RONALD OUILLEN. Buclgel Colleclor I, 2, 3: Gymnaslics I7 OWE 2, 3, 4. TWYLAH QUINN. WILLIAM RADEMACHIR. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 4: Varsily 'T' 2, 3, 4. PAMELA REED. Arls and Cralls Club 3: FBW 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Ollice Worker 4: COE 4. STEVEN REES. Gymnaslics 2: Wreslling I. RICKFORD REINEKE. Choir I, 2, 43 Foolball 2: Men's Chorale 4: Track I. HAROLD RHOADES. Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramurals I, 2: Track I, 2, 3: Varsily 'T' 2, 3, 4: Wreslling I, 2. KAREN RHOADES. Aslra 4: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4-Treasurer 3: GAA I, 2: Inlerscholaslics 2, 3, 4: lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Prom Server 2. TERRY RICHARDSON. Baseball I: In'I'ramuraIs I, 2: Slu- clenl' Referee 3. MARK RICHTER. Buclgel' Colleclor I, 2: Drama+ics Club I, 2, 3, 4: Goll I, 2, 3: lnlramurals 2: JCOWA I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Play Casls 2, 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 3, 4: Science Club 2: Thespians 3, 4: Trojan Horse 3: Varsily 'T' 3. EDDIE RIDDLE. PATTY RILEY. BARBARA ROBINSON. Choir I: FBW 3. CHARLES ROBINSON. Dramalics Club 4: Play Casls 4. DANIEL RODDY. Inlramurals 3. VICTORIA ROGERS. JAMES ROSEN. Annual Slall 4: Concessions 4: Foolball I: lnleracl Club 2, 3-Board of Direclors, 4: lnlramurals I, 2, 3: Track I, 2: Varsily 'T' 2. CHARLES ROSS. Choir I, 2, 3, 4-Presiclenl and Sludenl' Direclor: Concessions 4: FTA 4: Library Slall 4: Men's Chorale 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4+Sludenl Direclor: Program Seller 3: Senior Cabiniel 4. WILLIAM ROSS. Arls and Cralls Club 2, 3, 47 Foolball I : Wreslling 3. ALLEN ROWE. Chess Club 4: lnlramurals 2: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Tennis 2. GRETCHEN RUDER. All Club Formal Server I: Annual Slall 4: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 3: Girls' Chorale 4: lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music'Con'resls 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2: Play Casls 3, 4: Thes- pians 4: Troian Horse 3: Trojan Toga 3. JANICE RUDY. Arls and Cralls Club 3-Secrelary, 4: Aslra 3-Junior Represenilalive, 4: Band I: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Dramalics Club 3, 4-Secrelary: GAA 2: Inlramurals 2, 3: Junior Cabinel 3: Musicals 2: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Play Casls 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2: Thespians 3, 4. MARILYN SCHAURER. Budgel Colleclor 2: FHA 2, 3-V. Presiclenl: J-Teens SOS 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 4. STEVEN SCHUTZ. Annual Slall 2: Chess Club I: Play Casls 2, 3: Science Club I, 2. TECKLA SCOTT. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramurals 2, 3: Malh Club 4: Music Conlesls I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4. MARK SEAY. All Club Formal Server I: Bancl I, 2, 3, 4- Sludenl Conduclor: lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Music Conlesls I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2: Slage Band I, 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN SELHORST. Choir I, 2: Concessions 4: Foolball I: lnlramurals I, 2, 3: DCT 3, 4. GARY SEWELL. Track I: Wreslling I: DCT 4. LLOYD SHAFER. Band I, 2, 3-V. Presiolenl, 4: Gymnaslics 3: Inlramurals 2, 3, 4: Malh Club 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4. VICTORIA- SHAFER. Block 'T' 3: Choir I, 2: Dramalics Club 3, 4: FBW 3: GAA I, 2, 3: Inlerscholaslics 2: Inlra- murals I, 2: JCOWA 4: J-Teens SOS 3: Play Casls 4: Thespians 4. WILLIAM SHAFFER. DECA 4-Presiclenl: Wreslling I, 2. MARY ANNE SHANESY. Arls and Cralls Club I: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Conlesls I, 2, 3, 4. LARRY SHAW. Color Guard 4-Sergeanl. VICKIE SHOUP. Annual Slall 4: Buckeye Girls' Slale Al- lernale 3: Block 'T' 2, 3: Choir I, 2: Concessions 4: FBW 3: Gregg Award 3: lnlramurals 2, 3: Ollice Worker 3: Program Seller 3: COE 4-Presiclenl. REBECCA SINKS. Arls and Cralls Club I, 2, 3, 4-Secre- I'ary, Treasurer: Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Dra- malics Club 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Conlesls 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Scholarship "T" I, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4. TERESA SMALL. MICHAEL SMITH. Concessions 4: lnlramurals I, 2. JANE SNELL. Block 'T' 2-V. Presidenl, 3, 4-Presidenl: Aslra 4: Budgel Colleclor 2: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorale 3, 4: lnlerscholaslics I, 2: lnlra- murals I, 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Junior Cabinel 3, 4: Music Conlesls 2, 3, 4: Musicals 3: Prom Server 2. SUSAN SODDERS. Bancl I, 2, 3, 4: Music Conlesls I, 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: Scholar- ship "T" I, 2, 3, 4. KENT SOTZING. In-Iramurals I: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Scholarship "T" 2. JAMES SPEARS. JOYCE STAFFORD. I89 MARY STEPHAN. Block 'T' I, 2, 3: Choir 4: Library Sfaff 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4. TERRY STOCKSLAGER. GARY STONE. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Men's Chorale 3, 4: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4. CINDY SUMMER. Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 3, 4: Bloclc 'T' 3, 4: GAA 3: lnframurals 2, 3: JCOWA 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Program Seller 3: Traclq 3. LINDA SUTLIPE. Bancl I, 2, 3, 4: GAA I, 2, 3: Inframurals I, 2: JCOWA 2, 3, 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4: Sfage Band I, 2, 3, 4: Swingphonic Band 3: Wincl Ensemble 4. JACK SUTTON. Arfs and Craffs Club 4: Choir I, 2: Conf cessions 4: Dramafics Club 4: JCOWA 3-V. Presiclenf, 4- Presidenf: Play Casfs 4. DEBORAH SWIGART. Bloclc 'T' 3, 4: Budgef Collecfor I: Choir I: Concessions 4: EBW 4-V. Presidenf: GAA I: Inflramurals I, 2, 3: JCOWA 3: Office Worlcer 4: Program Se er 3. PAMALA SWINDELL. RANDALL TATE. All Club Eormal Server I: Annual Sfaff 3 4: Baseball I, 2: Buclgef Collecfor I, 2, 3: Choir I, 2, 4: Class Presiclenf 3: Dramafics Club 2, 3, 4: Eoofball I: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4: Infrarnurals I, 2, 3: Junior Cabinef 3' Men's Chorale 3, 4: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Play Casfs I: Prom Server 2: Rec Council I, 2, 3- Presiclenf, 4: Scholarship "T" 4: Senior Cabinef 4: Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4. CLARICE TAYLOR. PATRICIA THIEDEMAN. Asfra 3, 4-Presidenf: Bancl I, 2, 3, 4: Carson Trophy 3: Class Treasurer 3: GAA I, 2: J-Teens SOS 3: Junior Cabinef 3: Music Confesfs 2: Musicals I, 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4: Scholarship "T" I, 2, 3, 4: Sfuclenf Council 4: Valeclicforian 4. DENNIS THOBE. NANCY THORNBURGH. Arfs and Craffs Club I, 4: Dra- mafics Club I, 2, 3: JCOWA 3, 4: Musicals I: Thespians 3. WILLIAM THORPE. Inframurals I. CLAUDIA TINCH. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Drarnafics Club I, 2: EBW 4: ENA 2, 3, 4-V. Presiclenf: Inframurals I, 2: JCOWA I: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Library Sfaff I, 2: Office Worlfer 3, 4. MARY TOTTON. Arfs and Craffs Club I: Inframurals 2, 3. MELVIN TUCKER. SUSAN TWISS. Bloclc 'T' 2, 3: Cheerleader 4: Choir I, 4: Class Treasurer 4: Dramafics Club 2: ETA 3: GAA 3, 4- Treasurer: lnframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3: Junior Cabinef 3: Music Confesfs 4: Play Casfs 3: Program Seller 3: Senior Cabinef 4. KIM ULLERY. PAMELA WHITMER. EBW 3: Office Worker 4: DE 3, 4- Reporfer. KRISTINEWILCOX. Arfs anol Craffs Club I, 2: Dramafics Club 3, 4: JCOWA 2, 3: Junior Achievemenf 2: Nafional I90 Honor Sociely 4: Play Casls 4: Scholarship "T" 3: Troian Toga 3. JAMES UTRECHT. Band 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Men.'s Chorale 3, 4: Music Conlesls 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 4: Scholarship "T" 4: Slage Bancl 2, 3, 4. LESLIE VESPER. EHA 3, 4: Junior Achievemenl' 2, 3, 4- Secrelary: Program Seller 3. KURT VONDEINIHUEVEL. RICHARD VORE. All Club Eormal Server I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: ETA 3, 4: Men's Chorale 4: Music ConIesIs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 4: Play Casls 2, 3, 4: Foreign Exchange Sluclenl 4. TIMOTHY VORIS. Baskelball I, 2: Budgel Colleclor 2, 3, 4: Concessions 4: Eoolrball I, 2, 3, 4: Inlrarnurals I, 2, 3, 4: Sluclenl Referee 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Varsily 'T' 3, 4. SANDRA VORPE. All Club Formal Server I: Aslra 3. 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Buclgel Colleclor 2: Choir 3, 4-AssisIan.I' Sluclenl Conduclor: Dramalics Club 2, 3, 4: ETA 3,'4: GAA I, 2: Girls' Chorale 3, 4: Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Music Con- Iesls 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociely 4: Play Casls 3, 4: Scholarship "T" 2, 4: Thespians 3, 4. BARRY WAGNER. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Malh Club 4: Music Conlesls I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4-V. Presidenl: Inlrarnurals I, 2. HAL WALKER. Band I, 2, 3, 4-V. President Choir 4: Inlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Men's Chorale 4: Music ConIesIs I, 2, 3, 4: Musicals 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Slage Band I, 2, 3, 4. CAROL WARNER. Choir I: DECA 3, 4. .I 4 A E iii EDWARD WATREN. Arfs and Craffs Club I, 2, 4: Con- cessions 4: Dramafics Club 4: Inframurals 2: Play Casfs 4. PAMELA WEBB. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: Dramafics Club 3: Inframurals 2, 3, 4: JCOWA 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3, 4: Music Confesfs 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Orchesfra 3, 4: Prom Server 2: Scholarship "T" I, 2, 3, 4. DAVID WELBAUM. JEFFREY WELBAUM. Buckeye Boys' Sfafe 3: Buclgel' Col- Iecfor 3: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4--Co-Capfain: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4-Boarol of Direcfors: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4:-Junior Cabinef 3: Prom Server 2: SI'uclen'I' Council 4: Sfuclenif Referee 3: Track I, 2, 3: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4-Presiolenf: Wresfling I. MARK WELTY. Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4: Buclgef Collecfor 3, 4: Choir I, 2: Foofball I: Inferacf Club 2, 3, 4: Inframurals I, 2: Rec Council I, 2, 3, 4: Sfuclenf Referee I: Track I: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. MAX WELTY. All Club Formal Server I: Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4: Buckeye Boys' Sfafe 3: Buclgef Collecfor I: Choir I, 2, 3, 4-Sergeanf-af-Arms: Class Presiclenf 4: Concessions 4: Dramafics Club 2: Foofball I: Golf 2: Inferacf Club 2, 3-V. Presidenf, 4: Inframurals 2, 3: Junior Cabinef 3: Menfs Chorale 3, 4--Secrefary: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals 4: Program Seller 3: Prom Server 2: Senior Cab- inef 4: Sfudenf Council I, 2, 3, 4: Sfuclenf Referee 2, 3: Track I: Varsify 'T' 4. TI-IOMAS WI-IITE. Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4: Buckeye Boys' Sfafe Alfernafe 3: Concessions 4: Foofball I, 2, 3: Junior Cabinef 3: Key Club 3, 4-Senior Represenfafive: Scholar- ship "T" 4: Sfudenf Referee I: Track I, 2, 3: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. I92 LARITA WILLIAMS. GAA I, 2: Inferscholasfics I. 2, 3: Inframurals I, 2, 3: JCOWA 2: Play Casfs 2. 3. 4: COE 4. ROBERT WILLIAMS. TONYA WILLIAMS. Inframurals I, 2: Program Seller 3. VICKIE WILSON. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3: FBW 3: Inframurals I, 2, 3: J-Teens SOS 3: Music Confesfs 2, 3: COE-Treasurer 4. VALERIE WILT. All Club Formal Server I: Arfs and Craffs I, 2: Dramafics Club I, 2: Musicals I, 2: Thespians I, 2. BETTY WORSHAM. Arfs and Craffs 3, 4: Block 'T' 3: Concessions 4: FI'IA 3: Inframurals 2: Program Seller 3. FREDERICK WORTI-I. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskefball 4: Con- cessions 4: FTA 3: Inframurals 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Referee 3, 4: Trojan Toga I, 2: Varsify 'T' 2, 3, 4. REBECCA WYAN. Bancl I, 2, 3, 4: Music Confesfs I, 2, 3 4: Play Crew 3. KAREN YOUNT. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I: FBW 3: Office Worker 3: COE-Secrefary 4. STEPHEN ZELL. Baseball I: Baskefball I, 2: Budgef Col- Iecfor I, 2, 3: Concessions 4: Infrarnurals I, 2, 3, 4: Sfuolen-f Referee 2, 3, 4: Track 2. KATI-ILEEN ZIMPI-IER. Block 'T' 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 41 Dramafics Club I, 2: GAA I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Choral 4: Inferscholasfics I, 2: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: J-Teens SOS 3. 4: Music Confesfs 2, 3, 4: Musicals I, 4: Program Seller 3: Scholarship 'T' 4. STANLEY ZORNES. 5' 5 1 x :- , , - ,, , L"' L 41 ff 'h 1 'Q who have helpedg and fhe ,mem'berS5 'Favor b gup- thew q uQliiy , of 1 fffln BOBIS SHOP t I I East W'ater Street ,T ,...A. t..ii.i,m,,,,.,.,i T f, Qh' Complete Line of V ' ' Confections--Magazines-Pipes-Tobacco TR XX , l22 W. Main St. Troy, Ohio K ' ,SX Phone: 335-5636 - E r nnxgnnr STN, i'N Jia. Qgfzownzbey ja , T' ,-...Fi ,N S 2 5535 F A 5 335 59I5 223 East Main Street Tro , Ohio 'L W,-6. It W --:V-,Z a g K ' Y .fiI7E?e1lfii.h'i'f1.s.Y3if1-i"9'TX CETY TRANSFER 81 STORAGE ft fhh' T- T ,om I' - roY 0 y I max H- ff JACK BUSSE'S MEAT MARKET Fine Quality Meats Q. I' E in iii H-'H luuffiiq HAHA nlih Regular King FACULTY LUUNGE 'MQW i PRIVATE wegbrook Phone: 335 6656 it ALLYC'S BEAUTY SALON A N A V' Z' 69 K, 2? vos Amana P+.. ass-6:70 N ' Troy, Ohio ga Q Q It tastes even b T I I .X SHOES I94 T 3 East Main Street Troy, Ohio 1hhuwg5J 'With oke e ter when stolen from the Faculty Lounge it 4.225 ' 'Q .:'. 53:3 W mm . . .in fi s 1 W DRIVE-IN sus N. ELM ST. ', RESTAURANT TROY- OH'O I PHONE 335-I759 'O H. J. BOTHE 81 SON INC. I S Clofhiers-Tailors-Furnishers Office Supply and Equipmen+ Since '897 Troy, Ohio OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE lb Sou+h Markei' S+ree+ FURNITURE Troy, Ohio GUMMED PRODUCTS CO. SCHOOL Phone: 335-554I A Division of SUPPLIES srp LEGTS Troy, Ohio THE FASHION SHOP Ph. 335-59I6 2 S. Marlcef S+. Troy, Ohio FAYETTE SALON 28 Souih Walnuf-Troy, Ohio Phone FE 2 6466 INGLE TV REPAIR 7 Soufh Plum Troy, -Ohio Phone 355-7277 I95 Dai ' 5 l ivwwmw VVXA V m,t, - ,- Sundaes-Cones--Fool' Long Ho+ Dogs Shakes-Malls-Beef Bar-B-Q Quarfs-Pinfs-Dillys and Sandwiches Home of 'rhe Cone wilh lhe Curl on Top THE NEW 520 N. Elm S+. Troy, Ohio Phone 335-2430 I00 Troy, Ohio enneqs Always Firsf Qualify E. Main S+. Ph. 335-39ll Greefing Cards Candles Magazines Penny Candies Giffs I96 l05 Easf Main S+. Troy. Ohio Phone 335-5256 KOLTER'S JEWELERS Sou+heas+ Corner Ph. 3 35-3 I 20 of Public Square Experis in Diamonds Mother always did like you besll 3? 5599! Xl I' n TROY HARDWARE I5 Soulh Market Slreef Phone FE 5-4506 Royal A B Dick Vicfor PRICE TYPEWRITER COMPANY INC. Tom Price-Manager HOTTLE DRY CLEANERS John W. HoHIe, Prop. IOOI North Dixie Troy, Ohio Northeast Corner Public Square Phone Troy, Ohio 332-6900 or 335-2565 Across From Fair Grounds l Mil-Mar Manufacturing Co., ,E to i f-if ii . Inc. ' X bl Glve Her Automatic Screw Products ' f X 7 I , WROY OHIO Manufacturing ' V3 A E I ' Turret Lathes l ll ll lphone 335-'555 Punch Press 'SM Q , Sweetheart IP.O. Box I77-607 South Crawford Slreef Assembly X nf. sl il ij 'Q ' I C H EST J. c. cRoN sons FUNERAL HOME X Troy, Ohio ' 322 W. Main TeIepI'1one: 335-6I6I C 0 M P A N Y 105 W. Main Troy HOBAR'lZ The Hobart Nbnutaoturing Company World's oldest and largest manufacturer of Food Machines, Dishwashers and Scales. . . KitchenAid quality appliances for the home. I Sunshacle products Furniture of Distinction for homes, clubs, hotels, motels, schools, colleges, and institutions. . . metal and cloth specialties. I97 . SOUTHBROOK BARBER SHOP CompIe+e Barbering Service in This Area I D I , le " T404 wen Main S+. Troy, ohio V .aqth Ph. 335-288i '- T II pays Io be Well Groomed , Robeff Swensen 332-6354 .' If f JEWELRY STORE , ,E XJ Diamonds-Wa+ches-Silverware I Fosforia Glassware It l22 E. Elm Troy, Oh Troy, omg Ph. 335-4906 Q 'W p Ph. 335-7745 CASH 84 CARRY ' Lots More - Less Money M Delivery Available - BER MART . ,.,,,.:i:. 100 F1-, NQRTH or QLD RT, 25 ON UNION ST., TROY, OHIO NEXT T0 McGRAW CHEVROLET A Complete A , -. . V Q-:I-:-E 1? V ........ B U I L, D E R S' C E N T E R '-'....i..1-- 335-8301 AN EXCLUSIVE CHOICE OF PANELING DALLAS SOWRY 81 SON X All Types of PIasI'ering and CompIeI'e Ceramic Tile InsI'aIIa'rion Torginal Flooring 5 TEEPEE GIFTS X-- 6 Eas+ Main Sfreei Troy, Ohio il 1 QV! 32 Years Experience Work Guaranfeed Free EsI'ima'res 8I8 Wes+ Main S+. Troy, Ohio Phone 332-6003 I98 OXLEY'S DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION CHEMISTS I4 S. Markei SI. Troy, Ohio 339-356I When opporlunily knocks, here's The key Io financial success: 0 Savings Accoun+s 0 Aufo Loans 0 Checking Accoun+s v Chrisimas Club 0 Financial Advise '5 'T Serving All of Miami Coun+y Wi+h "BanIcAmericarcI" Through Our 8 Coun+y-Wide Offices MADER MOTOR MART New and Remanufadured Aufo Paris Accessories 0 Tools 0 Equipmenf 332-I2I5 II9 S. Marker S+., Troy. Ohio T Y ICS HAMBURGERS Buy Em By Ihe Sack QQJQ Ohio EDGAR H. SMITH AND SON, INC. FLORIST Make il a memorable occasion Send Flowers Flowers for all occasions 409 Kirk Lane Troy, Ohio Complimenfs of: BARBARA'S BEAUTY SALON HOB NOB BARBER SHOP VICTORY MEAT MARKET GHLBREIITH REEILTY SERVICE 205 EAST FRANKLIN STREET - TRDY DHID TELEPHONE FE E L 5 532! I g I' ,,,f"'XX 'brigI1I d " ' . 1,11 " 1: E f -I QQ! difak - E244 Inmmnsj C Q' Mayen em! Zfafad L. A. THOMAS 4 E 4 4 Florlst 4,seoMp,, 95 TL 0 . -f- I ' 62 Q' MX I ' m Q f so -I Q x dx 4 S ulrl M I Hlull I ' I Troy, Ohio Phone 335-2424 U I lk Aerospace and Defense Products f lr 14 . f TROY WHEEL AND BRAKE PLANT A Quizzodncnj ' ADIVISION OF THEB F GOODRICH CO PANY IQUII' , M TROY, OHIO 45373 PHONE 513 332 5S'IO 50 v mass nenuv cGMP" A sow" B PHONE 335-6880 SHEWIUUU Plfgfg SSIUNAI BLUE., 21-45 Robin Hood lane PU Box 368 T ' ' ' Y WY, Uhio REAL ESTATE INSURANCE MORTGAGE LOANS Ll.. LT... 2. 2...T. 3.l.3...l. 4.i,4........i. 5. 5. 21-fa.: Y 6.1.1 page 2091 DEETER GUESS WI-iO?! FUNERAL HOME Row I: Row 2: Ph- 332-l2lI 555 N. Marlrei Sf. Troy, Ohio R. C. HEMM 424 West Simpson TROY, OHIO Phone 332-6038 awake GLASS Smeg COX 8: SONS MEN'S 81 BOYS' STORE I0 W. Main Troy, Ohio Quentin H. Millet Builder -M-M-e.M1.N-e-.. v.N-,-,,.A,,,,vVV,,,,-, fvfvvv ,,f, X ,.,x,,.,V,..A,- HR 3, Barnhart Rd. , Troy, Ohio Telephone 3 3 5 - 3 5 2 1 General Contracting Custom Homes 20l M.8iR. DRUG STORES, INC. Public Square SHERWOOD BARBER SHOP I040 N. Marlrei Sireef, Troy, Ohio Phone 335-6I7I "Always a friendly welcome" McNEILS FLASH RESTAURANT Sherwood Shopping Cen+er Open II A.M.-7230 P.M. L- Troy' Ohm II6 W. Main S+. Troy, Ohio C' 6 Pharmacisis 'Io Serve You 332-3756 , -ILA Free Delivery in Troy .Z,.1QZf: DOCTOR, LAWYER, MERCHANT CHIEF? Whalever your goal in life may loe, The Firsl Na- Iional Bank 84 Trusi Company siands ready Io help you, The 'luiure leaders of America, wiih your every banking need. IPII' 'll ll -fi 199 9I0 W. Main S+. 8 Souih MarIce+ SI. 959 Nor'Ih Marlcei S+. Tipp Cify Member F.D.I.C. 202 Also Wesi' MiI+on X FIJI' 'S XNK 2 NORTH RIDGE AVENUE TROY, OHIO 45373 513-332-2165 ULLREY'S GARAGE 332-5I52 2I4 S. Mulberry Troy, Ohio Oldsmobile Sales and Service SHERWOOD BOWLING CENTER I Family fun and Recreation i l ,LH Q IQLIYIVIC T, 53 Foss Way TFOY, Ohio ester? uto asseeiate store Me Qzamilq Slade 113 E. Main Street Troy, Ohio SMALL gc BARGAIN FOODS Specializing in Barbecue Chicken and Spareribs Telephone 335-45 I 9 4 Smifh S+. Troy, Ohio F. A. ARCHER INC. Residenfial Buildings y A5500 'Ls Land Developmeni so REALTORS O E ' E z 8 TQ maxim: 5 caamrun--r O .vl BQAHDS Q fum? Real Es'ra'l'e: Building Siies Free Appraisals Resicleniial-Commercial-Inclusirial l TROJAN COAL 8: BUILDERS Ph. 332-I234 l SUPPLY CO. 305 Easf Main Sfreef FE 5-5656 -Hoy' Ohio I090 N. Marlce+ Sfreei' 'Tl-oy, Ohio 2 ,I c . Z Z 2 . . "Sing along wil TROY GRAIN AND SUPPLY V1 AssociATioN 1.5 7 n .e5Q fi. ,ffl X sb YOBBY'S BARBER SHOP 202 W. Main By Appoinfmenf 332-3344 "Complimen+s of Bob Price" 203 You ve go+ a lo+ +o live and Pepsi has a lo+ +o give" gray Yuaifern ,wo iz Wood and Mefai Pai-ferns Non-Ferrous Cas+ings, M h W lr 5l8 Garfield Ave. Ph Troy, Ohio 45373 335 4456 EPSI' C G 4- gli cHEvkoLEr ci Qi 144.42 cuiiimous? 35 'E' ,L t l...L..L.l .L..I I Beverage Company --.-Og . ' , '- "- m""" Piqua, Ohio 45356 I375 S. Mark.e+ S+. We Renf and Lease Cars' Troy. Ohio Ph 332 2151 1 l'l I 1 .1 3I8 S. Market S+ree+ Troy, Ohio Phone 335 6776 PLENTY OF FREE PARKING Phone 335-433I E W ier S+. Troy, Ohio BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 70 FROM FH? 'le -.-..-............--.1--iv.--.-..-.....N 332 4696 LONGENDELPHER'S MEN'S STORE Clofhing for fhe Young Men Formal Wear Renfal I03 W. Main S+ree+ Troy. Ohio 2600 Norih Dixie Highway Ph. 332-2147 EARLY 81 DANIEL CO OBART BROTHERS COMPANY Manufacturers of World's Most Complete Line of Modern Arc Welding Systems Aircraft Ground Power Equipment industrial Battery Chargers HOBART E ,gee 'Q ' . E O Student and management welding training I' 4' Complete laboratory facilities 9 A G'-swf' AREA: 513 335-7141 TROY, oHio L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY SCHOOL RINGS--CLUB PINS-COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Downtown Sales Office Il8 S. Marlre+ Ph. 335-3326 BARNES, EARHART AGENCY, INC. FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS SHERWOOD PROFESSIONAL BLDG.-SUITE 3 PHONE 335-6880 OR 335-39I5 P.O. Box 368 Troy, Ohio 45373 ROBINSON-HOUSER, INC. Chrysler-Plymouth-Valiant Sales-Service Open Till 9 P.M. I20 E. Main 335-5696 FISHER 81 SON FUNERAL HOME 334 S. Market Street Phone 335-45II MOLER ELECTRIC SERVICE Electric Heating Systems Residential-Commercial-Industrial 522 N. Elm SI. Troy, Ohio Phone Phone 335-7049 335-I983 WAITZ'S DRY CLEANERS Ph. 332-4I I5 432 E. Main SI. Troy, Ohio , Z ,Y ,W W x, 4' IQ, 0, Q , I w 7 'T ? ' 2 I, .... T, .... I.. EOPLES BfIQ.DING 8: SAVINGS ASSOCIATION TROY, OHIO Tm Tro cnmrnn DON MAIN "Northern Miami VaIley's Mosf Complete Sporting Goods Store" 'III W. Main Si. 335-3618 Troy, Ohio e E U f fv1-'.1-......-.-.i.i-m- onli!-lnopuqqunq I . lT':iIl1qQq Gables - , I .. -.,,, -I " i I 'IW A Q- .5 J-1----3-.,...vw""' an -. h4Tf...,,u. -,C 5 U . r..++-f - -w-if Y .O If I W- 'I"" ,Pf1-If-J41.HI'- fi' Q WW 3 ,, -L , . ' '-.. 11 ."'-"'-1--I-'H 5 - I - .. - . A L 1 wp I .ae W H-T15 1 ,V - - E. Ga. LA, A, , I , ! I ., .JT 206 THE GABLES RESTAURANT "GOOD FOOD AT THE GABLES IS NO GAMBLEH Old North Dixie Highway, Troy, Ohio Phone: 335-9013 We Specialize in STEAKS-CHICKEN-CHOPS-SEAFOOD , L if S O , f O f exexigj 4491 - ,. H Q in E E E E ' YV rf - ' 5 - - 5: - 216 'F ' 5 T ' 5 5' 1 .3-. ' ' L I TOOL 81 DIE, INC Yi Pontiac See Ed Hennessey-Bill Kisfer-Mike Hines or Nelson Gilberi 225 Norih Elm ' Troy, Ohio Ph. 332-2lI 1o4 Foss wAv . mov, on-no 45373 513-335-2561 7" "We have lurned lhis ugly ducklinq problem info a beoulilul AL 101 S. Markef Si. Troy, Ohio WMM W langenl swan!" Malh is elegance ai ils uimosl. TROY RADIATOR SCARFPS GULF SERVICE SERVICE Ornamenlal lron Wheel Horse Traclors I4 S. Wesion Rd. Troy, Ohio Phone 335-90II 2l Years of Friendly Service Chrysler Lone Slar and Slam' Crail Beals Phone 332-432l I3l5 N. Dixie Highway Troy, Ohio my ff TROJAN MOTOR INN Sfore + 5 ao unns "We Specialize W ' 4" l I0 W + M . S+ + II6 S. Mmm S+. , , ' 6 es am 'ee in appliance and T.V. W K 1-,cyl Ohio Phone 3354822 sales and service" 9 ' 332-5433 207 norm' w. JARRETT IN S U R A N C E LD AGENCY 216 EAST FRANKLIN STREET TROY oHlO CHUCIS FORD, INC --,O.ii.ii .m T Sales-Service 3230 S. Counly Rd. 25-A Troy, Ohio Where Cusfomers Send Their Friends Phone 332-2I8I Thunderbird 0 Galaxie 0 Fairlane 0 Falcon 0 Musiang A. O. SCOTT AND SONS General Confraclor Troy, Ohio Sears ROEBUCK 81 COMPANY JAMES E. BLAKEMAN MANAGER "For Fasl Service Telephone: 332-5465 994 N. Mariel' TYOY. Ohio CURTIS TRUCKING, INC. Dye Mill Ra. Troy. Ohio Telephone: 332-3659 fgiew FRESH 3 NWA as a E kFIower in shew just 1 Hour.. TROY ONE HOUR MARTINIZING I0 E. Main Ph. 335-8898 od Shopping Cenfer Ph. 335-7850 lll NBER COMPANY 7FOYlffA6' f4l05'l'6'0HPlf7ill0NE 5'll0WlN4 6'EWff'7Yf LUMBER AND BUILDING MAT.ERIAL Sour MARKET ST. TROY, OHIO 45373 SCHNELL'S PLUMBING. HEATING, INC. Air Concliiioning and Elecfronic Fillers I2-I4 E. Canal SI. Troy, Ohio Phone: 335-500I TROY FAMILY DRUG CO. Prescriplion Specialisls Open 7 Days a Week, 9 A.M.-I0 P.M. ' RUSSELL C. STUBBS, JR., Pharmacisf 1 Phone 335-7600 Emergency Phone 335-6572 I408 W. Main Slreef Troy, Ohio

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