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trojan torch J,. W t ' «- ' - .f ' ' )t tO) ' . ■ ' I T 6a i W c V xUI is . 3: V? Q f-r V. i-. V -?- ■ r lV ■- 5Ji , 1(35 f Zor ai - XM lux t A m ( ox Voce ' iJV)r X §1 ' ° really Joi ' f f{ho f i ii The luT p nors . Icr p f y .7A;.r J ' .J T.iJJ ui US c 1981 TROJAN TORCH TROY HIGH SCHOOL TROY, IDAHO TABl E OF C:ONTENTS TNTRODUCrriON CLASSES S STUDENT UFE ..7...!.... IS ORGANIZATIONS 34 SPORTS 48 SENIORS 68 CLOSING 78 1 AS WE OPEN UP THE DOORS Pen WE FIND HAPPY FACES AND SMILES ?rw-T IHOUGH THE LAUGHTER ISN ' T ALWAYS THERE Jl jUn - J -. r k I i i i ii • WE LEARN . . . TOGETHER THESE EXPERIENCES FORM THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS OF A LL . . . MEMORIES TfflS YEARBOOK IS IN MEMORY OF STANLEY HILLIARD Stanley Hilliard ... a name that brings back many fond memories to the minds of T.H.S. stu- dents . . a name that represents a man who dedicated literally hours of time to our high school taking pictures for many different events and activi- ties . . . mostly, a name that will never be forgot- ten. Stanley, we could never thank you enough for your thoughtfulness, consid- eration, and kindness. Your talents as a photog- rapher and as a human being live on . . . CLASSES Mli i FRESHMEN . . . BEGINNING ■ ' " l y - Debbie Asplund and Tammy Christenson " shy " frosh? Candidates Dan Schmit and Melissa Abbott pose on 3rd place float. Class Officers left to right: Clay Soderstrom, Representative; Michele Hagood, President; Jill Anderson, Secretary; Jeff Dunnam, Treasurer; Dan Schmit, Vice President; Dawn Knabe, Representative I Tim Cox behind the scenes. MOSCOW BUILDING SUPPLY ERICKSON ' S FOODS Iissa Abbott Abbott II Anderson Debbie Asplund Becky Baker Jeff Belts Shauna Bingman Tammy Chnstenson Debbie Clemm Shelley Clemm Tim Cox Mike Dimmick Jeff Dunnam Jerry Farley David Fofis David Gates Julie Gilbert Michele Hagood Lori Hanson Ada Hatke Sylvia Kim Dawn Knabe Lee Knapik Rich Kraut Maggie Lucker Rusty Lynd Ben May Adah St, John Danny Schmit Clay Soderstrom CLYDE ' S SERVICE STATION DR. RIEBER, D.D.S. DEPOT ANTIQUES TROY MOTORS 11 SOPHOMORES . . . GROWING Connie Sander ... a studious sophomore. Candidates Paul Vinje and Mary Neff pose on 4th place float. 1 A Class Officers. Back row: Jody Nelson, Secretary; Curt Blum, Vice President; Julie Homan, Representative. Front row: Shawn Nilsson, Treasurer; Dean Hazeltine, Representative; Allen Hanson, President. David Gludt displays " hidden talent " during Sophomore Christmas Skit. McGAHAN INSURANCE DIDO UPHOLSTERY Raymond Aske Jo hn Bendel Curtis Blum Melvin Calene Laura Campbell Sally Cox David Gludt Alama Hanson Allen Hanson Dean Hazeltme Julie Homan Diana Miller Mary Neff Jody Nelson Shawn Nilsson Monica Nunan Connie Sander Phillip Sander Julie Sanders Sean Sargent Michael Slack Shari Smith Mike Sprenger Lori Stephens TROY CHEVRON NORTH IDAHO BEAN AND ELEVATOR, INC. TROY TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT NORTH IDAHO COWBOY BAR 13 JUNIORS . . . STRIVING Sue Kim ... a happy junior ' Candidates Chris Dammarell and Hope Doss pose on 2nd place float. • WHK Class Officers. Back row: Kevin Sandqulst, President; Colleen Swanson, Vice President; Mike Nunan, Treasurer. Front row: Joanna Heustis, Representative; Jeff Bingman, Representative; Sue Kim, Secretary. Arnold Caines thinks things over. CARLSON ' S USED CARS TROY TELEPHONE COMPANY Janette Anderson Jon Asplund Jeff Bingman Arnold Games Suzi Chappie Jane Cox John Cox Chris Dammarell Jerome Darrington Peter Davis Melvm Denny Rich Dmimick Hope Doss Lee Doss Andy Dunnam Steve Fredrickson Rod Hackwith Pat Hagood Jamie Haswell Brad Henricksen Angie Heustis Joanna Heustis Billy Jacobs Sue Kim Shawn McGinnis Mike Nunan Kris Parkins Shaun Parks Kevin Rauch Kevin Sandquist Shubert Silva Bob Stratton Colleen Swanson Joan Swanson Steve Taylor Jeanette Tubb ARNEBERG EXCAVATING P E ATHLETICS NEELY ' S TRAVEL AGENCY KEN ' S STATIONERY 15 $ ( -tru tr- V rrr- j ' r - i» ' . «► tilt Augusta Parkins keeps the school running smoothly Sharon Williams, Alden and Daisy Hoidal . . . our faithful janitors. Gene Cuthrie addresses the students of T.H.S, It takes a lot to keep a school running smoothly, but some people do a very good job. Secretary Augusta Parkins, has a lot of hassles, but always comes through. Janitors Alden and Daisy Hoi- dal, and Sharon Williams, do a good job keeping our school clean when at times must seem impossible!! And the cooks do a lot of hard work preparing our lunches. Last but not least is Mr. Guth- rie .. . well, you know how it is with principals!! Our loyal cooks: Flossie Arnot, Shirley Stephens. Bev Hackwith, and Nettie Leliefield, IDAHONIAN MOSCOW REALITY 17 STUDENT LIFE 19 JR. MISS Memories linger on . . . 1981 TROY ' S JR MISS - . . JENNIFER HANN KRISTI TURNER JILL CARLSON 20 MOSCOW BUILDING SUPPLY LATAH OBSERVER " REALIZATION OF DREAMS yy ROXANNE BOHMAN DIANE SANDQUIST Six Troy girls competed for the title of Troy Jr. Miss; outcome of the judging was as follows: Kodak— Jill Carlson Simplicity— Kristi Turner Poise Appearance— Jill Carlson Physical Fitness— Kristi Turner Creative Performing Arts-Jen- nifer Hann Scholastic Achievement Jill Carl- son Spirit of Jr. Miss-Diane Sandquist Second Runner-up— Jill Carlson First Runner-up— Roxanne Boh- man Troy ' s Jr. Miss— Jennifer Hann Jennifer Hann, Troy ' s Jr. Miss, did an outstanding job at the 1981 State Pageant. She and other girls worked hard for the final night. Jennifer won Performing Arts in her group and became 4th Run- ner-up in the Pageant. Left to right Kristi Turner, Diane Sandquist, Jill Carlson, Lisa Cox, Jennifer Hann, Roxanne Bohman. LISA cox YOUNGLIFE TOUCHES MANY Larry Kraut performs for an audience. " 9 • " • jr • jf ' • » V A ' ?: Bi " K I H Hk Kevin Rauch sits back and " enjoys " . NORMS CUSTOM GLASS 22 Younglife leaders from left to right: Brad Hoik, Brad Megar, Bill Sumner, Peggy Poling, Dee Ann Williams, Rich Whykirk and Lori Eggars, Phillip, Scott, Kevin and Larry watch with undivided attention. A Younglife skit brings smiles to Jerry and Jody. J Rich poses in his nightie . , . An important outside activity of T.H.S. is Younglife. Every week, stu- dents gather at different homes to talk, sing, watch skits, and have a good time. It is a special organization where students can think about theinselves and those around them. Pete listens to a speaker. Alaina flashes a big smile. COMMERCIAL BUILDERS FIRST SECURITY BANK STUDENT BODY ACTIVITIES " POWDER PUFF " Coach Kraut and Coach Nelson show mixed emotions during the game. The Juniors and Sophomores over- took the Seniors and Freshman in this year ' s Powder Puff game. The competition was stifF and the score showed it. The winning girls squeezed by their opponents with a 6-0 victory. Coaches for the teams were Kyle Nelson and Larry Kraut for the Juniors and Soph- omores and Art Wilder and Buddy Wilkinson for the Seniors and Freshman. Teammates Jeanette Vinje, Cheryl Cooper, and Knsti Turner Ir.tpn In h.ilftiiiie strategy ARTS BARBER SHOP DAHMFNS INSIJRANCF " ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' teammates block. 24 THE STOVE SHOPPE GORDEN ' S ELECTRIC AND LIGHTING CENTER Some Sophomores entertain { ' ) with a skit " CHRISTMAS WEEK " Scott Barnsh " lights u(; Christmas week 1980 was very fun and exciting this year. The traditional activities inckided: decorating the school windows by the Seniors, a movie for the student body, a hall decorating contest between the up- per and lower halls, and a party at the end of the week. Here the Soph- omores entertained with a skit and the Juniors provided refreshments. The talented Senior Choir sings carols for the student body MINIT TUNE STATE TRACTOR SUPPLY REDINGER HEATING AND COOLING 25 ELLESTAD CfflROPRACTIC CLINIC The last part of May was a time for roll- erskating! Students went home with many bruises, but felt, no reflection, the fun times were worth it. It looks like Bob Sti-atton may have a problem Jeff Betts rests his feet to play pinball. Sally, Mike, Laura, Jane and Rich give skating a try. ROLLERSKATING Right: Shelly Clemm gets ready to " roll " ! BROCKE-GUILFOY INSURANCE MOSCOW CUNIC PA ' " " " - - ' " Fastdraw " Tout headed for jail. MORP DANCE Memories of the Morp dance: marriages, divorces and kisses used as " jail bail " . The Wild West was never more wild than when the cowgirls and cowboys kicked up their heels and stomped the night away! Chris and Everett make a cuteC) couple. PDBMCt 1181 A round-up in the Morp corral. Left: Pat Hagood " boogies down 27 TOI-STATE BANQUET ' 81 ... A NIGHT TO Vicki and her husband get ready to eat. Jill and Jenny read the Senior wills. Jamie doesn ' t look concerned, but Tom ' s getting hungry! Left: Singing for the " Rookies " is Chris Clement. BE REMEMBERED Lee, Billy, Rich, and Jerome wait for the banquet to begin. iiKivi:irsi i Y ■: v iiNivi:irsiTY iwv An " unusual " award is presented by Andy Dunnam On April 23, 1981, the Juniors honored the Seniors with the traditional banquet. This special occasion was a time for students to get together and reflect on memories of high school days shared. After a delicious dinner of roast turkey, Junior class President Kevin Sandquist and Vice President Colleen Swanson read the Senior prophecies. Next, Senior class president Jill Carlson and Jennifer Hann read the Senior wills. Shane Nilsson and Bill Dugger sang solos, and the " Rookies " provided musical entertainment. Andy Dunnam gave out this year ' s special awards. Kristi Turner received a leash (for the teachers), Kim Hokanson became the " athletic supporter " of the year, Gail Swanson now owns a muzzle, and Mike Brocke claimed the title F.S.M.A. (Future Smart Mouths of America). Also, a flashlight seemed fitting for Bob Stratton, Jeff Bingman, and Mel Denny (attics can be dark!). Banquet ' 81 was a night to be remembered . . . Junior class President Kevin Sandquist. Junior class Vice President Colleen Swan- son 29 PROM 1981 An important event of the year is the spring Prom, put on by the junior class. This year ' s Prom was held April 25, at the Best Western in Moscow. The theme was " The Best of Times, " with music played by " Mistress. " The night was a big success, and is sure to be remem- bered. David Gludt does a little socializing. Janette Anderson shows a few dancing moves. ZALES 30 Everyone needs a break from dancing! " THE BEST OF TIMES yy Memones of the Prom. ' ■im i Prom Queen and Kmg, Jennifer Hann and Mark Boles. Right; Bob Stratton . . . after It ' s all over. AWARDS NIGHT HONORS DESERVING STUDENTS Academic award winners Girls receiving athletic awards: Kim Hokanson, Jane Cox, Diane Sand- quist, and Elise Cox. POPE ' S EXXON Boys receiving athletic awards: Shane Nilsson, Kevin Sandquist, Mike Brocke, and Kyle Nelson, Awards presented at Awards Night: Home Economics Angle Heustis; Girls ' League — Maggie Lucker; Boys ' PE.- Rusty Lynd; Girls ' P. E. -Melissa Abbott; Business- Kim Hokanson; History- Steve Taylor; Geography- Shaun Parks; Math-Ray Aske; History Pat Hagood; English- Freshman Tammy Christenson, Sophomore — Jody Nelson, Junior-Colleen Swanson, Senior— Mike Brooke; Library - Kim Hokanson and Lisa Spencer; Honor Cords awarded to all senior honor students; Biology — Allen Hanson; Chemistry-Bob Stratton; Senior Class Ser- vice Award Jill Carlson and Steve Gilbert; Math-Freshman Sophomore Jody Nelson, Junior Senior-Sue Kim; Vo-Ag President Plaque Rod Hackwith, Star Greenhand- Dan Schmit, Star Chapter Farmer-Mike Nu- nan; Vo-Ag Proficiency Awards Sheep Elise Cox, Ag Placement- Kevin Sandquist, Ag Mechanics- Larry Kraut and Kyle Nelson, Swine- Tom Umbarger, First Security Award-Andy Dunnam, Outstanding Senior-Jill Carlson; Music Accompanists-Jill Anderson and Melissa Abbott; Chorus- Freshman - Dan Schmit, Sophomore-Sally Cox, Junior-Colleen Swanson, Senior- Shane Nilsson; Band- Freshman-Clay Soderstrom, Sophomore Allen Han- son, Junior-Jamie Haswell, Senior-Jeff Slack; Athletics-Volleyball- Motivation -Kim Hokanson, Inspirational- Kim Hokanson, Most Improved-Jane Cox; Football-Inspirational - Kyle Nelson; Girls ' Basketball-Most Valuable -Diane Sandquist; Boys ' Basketball Inspirational- Mike Brocke; Girls ' Track-Inspirational-Elise Cox; Boys ' Track Inspirational- Shane Nilsson; Girls ' All Around Coaches Award- Elise Cox; Weight Training Award- Kevin Sandquist; Burl Trout Award— Kyle Nelson; Terry Johnson Memorial Kyle Nelson; Player of the Year- Kyle Nelson; Cheerleaders and Songleaders- pins given to members. Girls ' State Delegates, Colleen Swanson and Shaun Parks. Boys ' State Delegates, Kevin Rauch and Steve Taylor 4 All Star Basketball Representatives, Diane Sandquist and Mike Brocke. Business Week Delegate, Colleen Swanson Business Week Delegate, Andy Dunnam 33 ORGANIZATIONS L« 1 mLm. 35 s. o. A. One of Jeannette Vinje ' s many expressions. S.O.A. (Seniors of America) is a very elite organization. Mem- bersliip in this highly sophis- ticated club is limited to those people who meet the following qualifications: (1) they must be crafty (2) they must be adaptable to any situation (3) they should maintain at least a 1.0 GPA (4) they will project the image of a Superior Being! The Troy class of ' 81 truly is the " class with class. " 12 YEAR SENIORS, Back row: Everett Aske, Mary Kay Umbarger, Mike Brocke, Mark Boles, Art Wilder, Shane Nilsson, and Diane Sandquist. Front row: Jill Carlson, Kim Hokanson, Lisa Spencer, Roxanne Bohman, Gail Swanson, and Pam Wilder Wilmms, 3M L ' --M w m ml , 1 1 aSa rJ hR m 1 HAIR HUT CLARK ' S JEWELRY SNIP -N- WHIP NORTHWESTERN MOUNTAIN SPORTS Lisa Spencer flashes a smile along with some skin! " Cowboy " Larry Kraut with his " horse " Elise Cox. Shane Nilsson models his " negligee! Candidates Roxanne Bohman and Scott Hagood pose on 1st place float. Class officers left to right. Jill Carlson, President; Jeannette Vinje Secretary: Elise Co. , Vice President: Everett Aske, Representative, Gail Swanson, Representative; and Steve Gilbert, Treasurer. Mark Boles combines his thoughts with music. 37 BROADCASTER " READ ALL ABOUT IT! " The Broadcaster is a school newspaper published monthly to keep students up-to-date on what has been happening around school. This publication is assembled by a staff of students who devote their time to covering such events as sports, activities, and social events throughout the month. An assembly line of students staple the paper together Broadcaster staff. Back row. Hope Doss, Joanna Heustis, Kevin Sandqulst, Sue Kim, Jeff Slack, Arnold Gaines, and Laura Wilder. Front row: Mike Brocke, Gall Swanson, Diane Sandquist, Shaun Parks, and Colleen Swanson. GREEK SWEDE ' S DR. LARRY LOOMIS KRISTA ' S HAIR SALON IMAGE STUDIOS Laura Wilder finishes typing on a news story. Shaun Parks approves a completed stencil Some boys read the Broadcaster as soon as it is released. DAYLIGHT DONUTS PAPINEAU INSURANCE LEON ' S HAIR DESIGN DR. SPENCER LONG GIRLS ' LEAGUE: PROUD TRADITION Girls ' League Officers: Jennifer Hann, Pres- ident; Shaun Parl s, Vice President; Gail Swanson, Treasurer; Kristi Turner, Repre- sentative; Jody Nelson and Julie Homan Historians. Not Pictured: Jill Carlson, Sec- retary. Sally Cox " cools off " during clean-up. Elise Cox, first in line as usual! 40 MORENO ' S SEA SWIPER OWL DRUG STORE Debbie Asplund cleans off tables. STYLE RITE SALON 4 C S, UCL ' | LATAH ELECTRIC ao Girls ' League is an organization for high school girls that is responsible for many of the activities that go on throughout the school year. The Father- Daughter banquet and Mothers ' Tea are two of the yearly events they put together. This year Girls ' League supplied free donuts and kool-aide at the " Wednesday Special " during Homecoming Week, and chose a " Girl of the Season " for fall, winter and spring. Helen Anderson, the advisor who was " always there, " kept things running smoothly. S ' A Sylvia Kim works her " buns " ott! Jr Gii-ls in Miss Troy contest at the Mothers ' Tea. Elise Cox, Ada Hatke, Adah St John, Jody Nelson, Debbie Clemm and Julie Gilbert in line to " quench their thirst. " Miss Troy Joanna Heustis, with 1st Princess Colleen Swanson and 2nd Princess Sue Kim. CHORUS AND BAND . . . Clay and Eddie tune up. The Troy High School Band with director Bill Dugger. Shauna Bingman relaxes between songs. Ben May decides on music. 42 MOSCOW BODY AND GLASS SHOP BOWLERAMA MODERN WAY FOOD STORE SHORT ' S FUNERAL CHAPEL MUSIC TO THE EARS o c T ' " r- H The Troy High School Chorus with director Bill Dugger JACKLE JEWELRY BOHMAN INSURANCE 43 WALLACE OFFICE EQUIPMENT MOSCOW INSURANCE AGENCY FF A . . . TROY FFA CHAPTER OFFICERS Left to right: Rodney Hackwith, President; Mike Brocke, Senti- nel Andy Dunnam, Treasurer; Kevin Rauch, Reporter; Larry Kraut, Secretary; not pictured, Jeff Bingman, Vice President, David Gates adds some finishing touches before showing. Mike psychs himself up before showing his heifer at Latah. Left; Roxanne demonstrates her chicken judging ability. A NEW GENERATION Allen Tom diid Mike ate working at the " cow wash " Jill Carlson is the new State Vice President. The Troy Chapter of FFA, 38 strong, raised money pine cone picking and woodcutting to send representatives to state and na- tional conventions and to pay con- test fees. Members attended local fairs, livestock shows, and field trips as part of their learning ex- periences. Kevin Sandquist competes in arc welding Andy swears Rod in as District Treasurer. BANK OF IDAHO LES SCHWAB TIRE CENTER STUDENT COUNCIL " ACTIVE " Executive Officers President— Roxanne Boliman Vice President— Diane Sandquist Secretary— Shaun Parl s Treasurer— Lisa Spencer Assistant Treasurer— Colleen Swanson Business IVlanager— iVlonica Nunan Student Council (below) Back row— Roxanne Bohman, Diane Sandquist, Jeff Slack, Monica Nunan, Dean Hazeltine, Julie Homan, Dawn Knabe, and Gail Swanson. Front row— Clay Soderstrom, Jeff Bingman, Joanna Heustis, Shaun Parks, Colleen Swanson, Jill Carlson, Kristi Turner, and Lisa Spencer. 46 NORDBY ' S AUTO LATAH GRAIN GROWERS MOSCOW AUTO SERVICE INC. MOSCOW BAKERY AND COFFEE SHOP HONOR SOCIETY " INTELLECTUAL ' The Honor Society The Honor Society did many money raising events this year. A cake raffle and book fair helped the organization to give a $100 scholarship to a deserving Senior. A memorable event at the initiation banquet was when the new members had to kiss the old members ' feet!!! IVIembers are: Back row— Diane Sandquist, Rod Hackwith, Jeff Bi- ngman, Kevin Rauch and Steve Taylor. Middle row— Andy Dunnam, Shawn Nilsson, Jeff Slack, Colleen Swanson, Jill Carlson, Kristi Turner, and Julie Homan. Front row-Roxanne Bohman, Shaun Parks, Sue Kim, Joanie Swanson, Jeanette Tubb, Jody Nelson, Shane Nilsson, Gail Swanson, Mike Brocke, and Pat Hagood. Not Pictured: Chris Clement and Li sa Cox. President Jefferson Slack sells at a raffle. APPEX REALTY INC. MARINEAU, WILLIAM P., M.D. DR. LANCE UNCOLN 47 FASHION FLOORS SPORTS 49 VOLLEYBALL . . . MOVING UP Girls ' volleyball, a fast-growing sport at Troy, had a very exciting season. The Varsity team, led by captains Kim Hokanson and Chris Clement, ended its season with an impressive record of 10-4, and captured 2nd place at the District Tournaments in Kendrick. The J.V. team worked hard also and ended up with a 4-2 record. Coach Stensland devoted a lot of her time during the season. VARSITY 9-15,15-9,9-15 ' 15-2,15-4 16-14,15-13 16-18,15-3,12-15 15-4,15-10 •15-4,15-3 15-7,10-15,15-13 15-17,10-15 15-4,15-3 15-4,8-15,15-l 13-15,14-16 •15-13,15-9 •15-11,15-8 •15-10,14-16,15-4 •Denotes Victory SCOREBOARD JV endricl Elk Rivei- 3enesee amiah Potlatch Deary Lapwai endrick Deary Potlatch Clarkfork Kamiah Genesee Elk River 3-15,10-14 •15-5,9-15,15-9 •15-3,15-8 •13-15,15-11,15-10 10-15,8-15 VARSITY: Back row: Jeanette Vinje, Sue Kim, Joan Swanson, Lisa Cox, Jane Cox, Melissa Abbott. Front row: Julie Homan, Jody Nelson, Chris Clement, Kim Hokanson, Jeanette Tubb, Sally Cox. ft (® ( © A JUNIOR VARSITY: Back row: Tammy Christenson, Kathy Fobs, Penny Rasmussen, Tonya Christenson, Jill Anderson, Front row: Ada Hatke, Michele Hagood, Jamie Haswell, Adah St John. Sue Kim serves with power. Joanie spikes the ball. i:: ' m a.1 The Varsity girls take action. Coach Stensland gives a pep talk. Michele Hagood looks on as teammate Adah St. John bumps the ball. Chnstenson sisters help each other out. Ada Hatke sets the ball and gives It a mean spike. r Jill AndersoiV J 51 TROJAN ' S TAKE STATE A-4 CHAMPIONSHIP Trie Troy 19d0-oi Foulbdii team Scott Hagood looks disappointed as he checks his Injured ankle. A " mighty " Trojan dogpile. 52 FIRST BANK OF TROY The line does it again ' !! Curtis Blum takes a well-deserved break! Coach McKie gives some last mmute mstructions. The Trojans had a year of excite- ment and victory, triumphing over all other A-4 teams to become State Champions. With a lot of hard work, desire and determina- tion, the Trojans remained unde- feated, a record that hadn ' t been broken in 25 years. At season ' s end, upon entering Troy, a police escort accompanied the team into town where refreshments and lots of friends and relatives were wait- ing. Later the cheerleaders held a Victory Dance to top off the occa- sion. Kyle Nelson was selected Player of the Year, Mike Brocke Defensive Player, and Coach Brocke Coach of the Year in Idaho. The boys listen anxiously to the coach during halftime. JOHNSON TRUCKING 53 Trojan offense . . . ready for action Hard practices paid off in the end. Dean Hazeltine tal es a breal . Andy Dunnam " struts " off the field. 54 JENSEN ' S HARDWARE STROM ELECTRIC CO. A.P. GREEN CLUB TROY Ig.- f[ r 9 • ' ' ' O ' fc ik m i«ti? i HOMECOMING GENERATES SPIRIT |. " I Cheryl . . .strarghl from the 50 ' s. The juniors work hard to finish their float Jamie " pigs out " at the pep rally. Lori " clowns " around in class. Fresh off the boat are Rod, Bob and Steve. TED COWIN PHOTOGRAPHY MOSCOW IMPLEMENT 1 Homecoming Queen- Mary Neff Homecoming King -Scott Hagood The Sandquists tour Troy in style. Homecoming week was fun and exciting as students participated in various activities. To promote spirit, the cheerleaders planned a week of dress-up days: 50 ' s, clown, movie star, tourist and or- ange, black and white days. The student council planned a " Wednesday Special. " Students met in the school parking lot where the Girls ' League provided refreshments. Afterwards a ser- pentine of students ran through the streets of Troy and then went to a pep rally. After a hard Friday of decorating floats, a parade and pep rally occupied mainstreet. A Victory dance topped off the week that Friday night celebrating a big win over C.V. Have a banana, Allen!! LATAH COUNTY AUTO DEALERS SCOTT ' S HOUSE OF FLOWERS GIRLS PUSH ON The Varsity had a good year when they ended their season with a 10-6 record. Although they didn ' t go far in tournament play, the girls still did an excellent job throughout the season. The JVs were very impressive with a record of 11-2. Kris keeps her eye on the ball. JVs race down the court. ■ .r MjIli 2 H i flt ' i. ' [HBl 1 f HM ■ ■ B_ « 1 rJl d Cheryl and Jeanette watch as Lisa C, powers her way to the basket. Ada Hatke drives to score. VARSITY SCOREBOARD 45-20 ?? 22 2 - 35 " 41-36 32-40 28-25 38-18 29-45 40-2fa 35-34 ■■ 55-28 28-39 45-13 ■ " 52-26 43-45 31- 3o Denotes Troy Victor;. VARSITY: Back row: Lisa Cox, Kris Parkins, Cheryl Cooper, Coach Flakus, Colleen Swanson, Diane Sandquist, Joanie Swansnn Front row: Joanna Heustis, Jeanette Tubb, Roxanne Boh- rnan Julie Honian, Kristi Turnfr (Vlichele Hagood puts up a shot. Kristi looks for an open teammate. Jody makes a steal. JUNIOR ' VARSITY: Back row: Jody Nelson, Jill Anderson, Monica Nunan, Alaina Hanson, Melissa Abbott, Julie Sanders. Front row: Michele Hagood, Ada Hatke, Lori Hanson, Becky Baker. JV Coach: Roger Swanson. TROJANS IN ACTION Trojan basketball was full of excitement! The Varsity ended its season with a 10-6 record. They surprised every- one at the Kendrick Christmas Tournaments by capturing 1st place. The Varsity went on to District Tournaments at Lewiston in February, where they received 2nd place. The Trojans had one last chance to make it to State by competing in the Regional Tournaments, also held m Lewiston. But Troy lost both nights, coming home 4th in Regionals. ie J.V. had a very impressive record, going through their s eason undefeated, 1: ■ Jm: JLJsri uiMnL. ¥U. VARSITY; Back row; Buddy Wilkinson, Pat Hagood, Kevin Rauch, Chris Dammarell, Kyle Nel son, and Mike Nunan Front row; Shane IMilsson, Mike Brocke, Tom Umbarger, Kevin Sand- quist, Scott Barnsh, and Steve Taylor. JV: Back row; Jeff Dunnam, Dean Hazeltine, Melvm Calene. Lee Knapik, Rod Hackwith Mike Sprenger, and Paul Vinje. Front row; Shawn Nilsson, Danny Schmit, Bob Strattoti Curtis Bi ' jm, Allen Hanson, Raymond Aske, and Rusty Lynd. Pat drives through for two. Kyle Tom, Mike and Chris play tight defense SONGLEADERS The songleaders provided some very good entertainment during halftimes of basketball games. A very special highlight for them was when they performed at the Kibble Dome before a record-breaking crowd of more than 9000 people. Julie does her best- Suzi Chappie performs at the Kibble Dome. Members from left to right: Julie Gilbert, Julie Homan, Jeanette Tubb, Lisa Spencer, Sue Kim, Melissa Abbott, Alaina Hanson, Joanie Swanson, Suzi Chappie, Monica Nunan, Jody Nelson, Sally Cox, Lori Hansen, Dawn Knabe, Gail Swanson, and Kristi Turner. Monica and Julie work as a " pair. ' 62 Jill gives it all she ' s got i I CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders devoted a lot of time and practice into keeping the team and crowd ' s spirits high. Later in the season, they held a breakfast for the Varsity boys before tournaments began. Members are VARSITY-Roxanne Bohman, Colleen Swanson, and Diane Sandquist. JV- Becky Baker Jill Anderson and Laura Campbell. Cheerleaders show their emotions on the last night of tournaments. Left: A cheer is done by Becky. 63 TRACK PACES ■s K- BOYS AND GIRLS TRACK TEAM Back row: Ben May, Lee Knapik, Shawn Nilsson, Dan Schmit, Mike Brocke, Tom Umbarger, Shane Nilsson, Kevin Rauch, Steve Taylor. Middle row; Elise Cox, Melissa Abbott, Dawn Knabe, Ada Hatke, Cheryl Cooper, Lori Hanson, Kristi Turner, Julie Homan. Front row: John Bendel, Jerry Farley, David Gates, Rod Whiting, Andy Dunnam, Melvin Denny, Chris Dammarell, Mike Nunan, Paul Vinje, Boys Coach: Lee Brocke, Girls ' Coach: Cliff Swanson. Mike nin ; for the end of the race Determination drives Lisa Cox to the finish line. PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION EVERETT WILL TRACTOR CO. INC. Julie Homan " flies " over the hurdles. Tom Umbarger uses his strength to clear the high jump ■■■■« ■■« Teammates relax between events. Shane finishes a long, tough race. Lori Hanson does her part for the relay team. U X ' t Although the going ' s tough, Mike strives on. As soon as spring break is over, members of THS girls ' and boys ' track teams don their sweats and be- gin working out in earnest. When track meets begin, each individual has reached his or her peak of physi- cal and mental perfection and is ready to face the challenge of a rig- orous schedule. Occasional casual- ities, shin splints, or sore muscles, of- ten the order of the day, become " part of the game " — a game with re- wards for all participants who give it their best shot. Teammates qualifying for state: SENIORS Shane Nilsson and Elise Cox; JUNIORS Kevin Rauch, Chris Dammarell, Andy Dun- nam and Tom Umbarger; and SOPH- OMORE Julie Homan. WIDMAN ' S SPORT CENTER CAVANAUGH ' S LANDING Sally Cox positions herself for a return. I I TENNIS " ACES Was it a tough match, Schuberf ie tennis team had a winning season; Pat Hagood, Jill Anderson, Joanna Heustis and Sliubert Silva competed at the state level, where Shubert finished with an outstanding 2nd place. Team members are: Schubert Silva, Jane Cox, Gail Swanson, Pat Hagood, David Fohs, Joanna Heustis, Rusty Lynd, Jill Anderson, Steve Gilbert, Mike Dimmick, John Cox, Dean Hazeltine, Becky Baker, Jeff Bunnam and Sally Cox. Not pictured is Rich Kraut. ; -»J • " ' ' ' ' ' ftfr Steve Gilbert and Mike Dimmick rest up before their match. CENTRAL PRE MIX CONCRETE CO. What It ' s all about Jane practices her form. Jeff Dunnam and David Fohs concentrate on their opponents. m SENIORS CLASS OF ' 81 k . ' T ■ W 69 Jefferson Slack Penny Rasmussen Christine Clement Mark Boles Mary Kay Umbarger Mel McGinnis Jennifer Hann Arthur Wilder Gail Swanson Jeannette Vinje Buddy Wilkinson GRADUATION ' 81 . . Preparing for the graduation march, Tim fixes Penny ' s tassel. Commencement begins for Tonya and Mel. Graduation ceremonies began at 10:30 a.m. on May 31, 1981, with Kyle Nelson giving the invocation. Everett Aske and Diane Sandquist, class speakers, gave the class history. Jill Carlson, valedictorian, Jeff Slack and Chris Clement, co-salutatorians, each delivered speeches. Shane Nilsson performed special music. Principal Eugene Guthrie recognized award win- ners and announced Jill Carlson as Berg Achievement recipient. School board member. Bob Bauman, distributed diplomas; Larry Kraut closed with the benediction. COLORS: FLOWER: ADVISOR: Orange, black and white Rose Marie Crumb MOTTO: Together we ' ve reached a rainbow. We ' ll forever share the same sun. We ' ve imagined, we ' ve dreamed. Now we must spread our wings. ... the Class of ' 81 BENDEL ' S MEATS THE WILD HARE Jill Carlson, Valedictorian. CROSSING THE THRESHOLD A moment frozen in time. Jeff Slack, Co-Salutatorian. Chris Clement, Co-Salutatorian, Right: Mary Kay greets well-wishers in recep- tion line. 1981 EDITORS Selling ads, photography work, writing copy, and meeting deadlines are just a part of the responsibilities of being Trojan Torch editors. Under a cloak of secrecy, into long hours of the night, living on sunflower seeds and pop, we tried to make an annual that was unique and special. We would like to give a special thanks to our advisors Cliff Swanson and Loni Bangs. We couldn ' t have done it with- out them ... DIANE SANDQUIST-CO EDITOR BOOSTERS: SUAVES ' CLOTHING E.P. MOEHNERT, M.D. CAMPUS SHOE REPAIR 7IIV1ET AND NELSON ANIMAL CLINIC BOHMAN-CO EDITOR DUTCH GIRL CLEANERS R.D. BROOKS M.D. KARMALCORN D. LEONHARDT M.D. TATERS JACK PORTER ATTORNEY AT LAW STOOKEY ' S FEEDS KIRBY SHOP DO YOU REMEMBER? Sneakiiig off tlie school parking lot? Dallas? Straight leg jeans? The Club Troy? Amy Grant? The Empire Strikes Back? Poptarts? The school attic? When President Reagan was shot? Hanging out at the roUerskating rink? Brooke Shields? The " Blue Mule ' ? Ronnie Milsap? Paying a $1.50 for a gallon of gas? Undefeated A4 Football Champions? Robert Redford? The E.B. Club? The good times with your friends? The Best of Times 77 ALTHOUGH YESTERDAY ' S DOORS ARE CLOSED FOREVER . . . WE ' LL USE THE KNOWLEDGE WE ' VE LEARNED BEfflND THEM 79 AS KEYS TO THE DOORS THAT LIE AHEAD • • • lb STATE -A.-» Bi; , %i«t i 80 9 :i -7; V ( } .0- ,- 1 G- rdd f- (j5. -AsriU, , vA. ' f S " € " - er ' - ' I og- a J .y- 5 ' - » 05 1 f ' . t ' . ' , y ' 1- ' Loi .■--di

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