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Q .r 1 X 3 gg, I Ju.- -- ' xi! V, 4 r -'v 4,' J' ' ,V Xrf JE, fm' U JJ All K, X15 . H X 1' , A-Bw . QL", X ' ' "' I 'v 1 1' ,VI . , ,V , f ,va NLT 1 , , w . V 1 1 Y w H X M f HQ N . - ,V w f -' 1, ' -' iff: -'L,.'w:-s- - , -' V..f.yzlgyim-.h-g,!. 'f51'3,w 21 fl !91'lf'i5'x' 3:2 ... ,.. --J ,vu , - Y H , Ig. 3 ' v RJ L , X K' N . .'-fn :L.'m,S 1-fi. 1 , 1 , VA!LY xr N Y V74 1, ' . ry 6, F. P ' ' 1 -- " f f-, ,- 'fr' Ili , ..,s..,.a.-.-- ,ig -1- .' 21 f 1' 1 J 4 fffhfw fide ffffjfac + ' f ' J ,Q , l -JAM 751 6604! M 'Z Lgwv n , pf 61 64 - 5 Z gm! Wafer -47.431, 3,1 A wyaggf fadsbu Maj! 34,1241 f '- fm v , f, f X :UMA fm MJ fW A.2,f jfflfmf ,jfwpf ,af MF, vL 404 45927, - aim! ,L 5 I GM- 2':9!ZJJ 5C4:?7i 14 all Aggpyv ,w'c4ff, ',,,,.,. ,L I N, ' 2-'3 ,, 4, " jf ly ' 7 ' 4' 1.4 do fx..-Q Q-igyf Wwff V I I . V X 4' de-s A jekffffp, 4 rl" 'gg-NY. ' 'f ,L Va.:-rt FQNE A Y. ' 19 9-19 9 TRGJ WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIIN Lifefso they say is but a game and they let it slip away Love-like the Autumn sun Should be dying but it's only just begun Like the twilight in the road up ahead They don't see just where we're goin' And all the secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go And take us up, always up We may never pass this way again! Dreams-so they say Are for the fools and they let them drift away Peace-like the silent dove Should be fiyin' but it's only just begun Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ship out on the open sea Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up-always up We may never pass this way again! ANNUAL STAFF So I wanna laugh while the laughin' is easy I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile Advisor: lVlrs. Nelson I may never pass this way again Editors: Marsha Ueland, Gayle Scow That's why I want it with you Layout: Stephanie Lund 'Cause you make me feel like I'm more than a friend Copy: Kim Griffin Like I'm the journey and you're the journey's end Ads: Sonya Colley, Leslie Oakes I may never pass this was again Typists and Layouts: Lisa Adamson, Andy That's why I want it with you, baby Bushnell, Teri Davis, Darren Hughes, Penni lVliller, Kim Cummings Shaver, Kelly Fisher. We may never pass this way again! DEDICATIO This year's annual staff would like to Dedicate the 1979-80 Trojan to Ray Lindsey, who has been a loyal and dedicated supporter of Troy High School. Among his many activities related to T.H.S. are the following: ififiraduated in 1937 :iHad 3 sons, a brother-in-law and 2 nephews in T.H.S. sports if:Was on School Board for 7 years Kept score for 32 years in Basketball SUCCESS Success is speaking words of praise, In cheering other people's ways, . In doing just the best you can, With every task and every plan, It's Silence when your speech would hurt, Politeness when your neighbor's curt, It's deafness when the scandal Hows, And sympathy with others' woes It's loyalty when duty calls, It's courage when disaster falls, It's patience when the hours are long, It's found in laughter and in song, It's in the silent time of prayer, In Happiness and in despair, In all of life and nothing less, We fund the thing we call success. ff -'-'gzfzfh if ff ,ffzQ::.::, " -1-I fg4'LASSi'-S5 'hs' " .EFURT S 'SX - il Z-ZUB5 -IX 4-""'m+:4Z4Z fUL-Yxf NQQZQDMXN. KR 3941175 3 ' 4 r r , . :W . '17, 1,'.pgi , ra 1 . M. . 2ff'f9sf"' "Pm 2 ,. illl. ,AJ-N-f" 'o . '5 3 hQ Tw ,Q W ,if Q I, V, v f W. s f -5. ' x N X , ,H + . . er , 6 'fx-. I Q., 5 El 95 L 'Sn i , i' li fy If JJZEZJ l An E 4 -'. ss! 4 I . it , ., .., f . , .1 . , . X - 1 . K I' S- .- Y' 'Lg vgws' i ,,. -, .. ' 1 .- 4.0! Q-IEE 1 w .., ,,,1 My W V .V A S x . ,- Q5 5 5 'X ,.-- - -1 4 . 1 4 'tem- 4.x!..:.2. V x -. . .-x ' . - . ' ff, ,lf - - - -. . . ptfz- ' 1 4 . 34-r .s.JL.0X,.f--,!,f1f-,.,-M354 U- ,j 1. Ag-43-'iq -5 . -, : , x.,,5,',.,.j..: A. v W A :- i"g5i'. 3"e:w.-ai-A, rn- ,.,-, , ,,. , ., '-,':.xfN'-!?59- af- I " f A ','J,V gj','..3f, - ' ,' an-ta fyytsix f a, :NL 4 . .L- - V-'if -- .-.1 1,-..n-x 5 '- ,,.-A . .uw ,. '15 bl". 'xi-'.' QHQKT i .Vi 52 'A .- my-H 31 XA. -gn ... 4, f s .,'. 'Q Q-."!5"Q -"HTS"-"x-'m'.5 ' T"-r J ,-,4,4R.'-sxh' " 5,1-' -, . V. Q Q-U., , ' -L-.-Q 13-,U U' ,-- AFS. ." 'Wg 1- ' 'x v' X " " ir - um., . 4 kg- . . 0 11' 'c- ' any 4 . R ' , - l M,,.:..,..,,i.y h . L .V - -L. ',.' .EK gg' Y. ,fh -I in mf-, W ' ' ' -,A ,.j.', A -..-., ,'f1:fSl,',5 - -- x-1, .-.-A 'Y r'.'xpv"f"f.' ff' 1 ." X-1 ' '-.H -- . .5 ff, .. -...Q - W- K .,- -L. x , , . Uf.l:.g',-lg.-,v,-I 1. W . l .SQ I I fl .. X, V ,-Q -""'5ff'!"'- 1' '-'f3.eP'.' J H 'V F' 1. .9 '?N'.'L.f "' --.',.fk 1- V' 'I ' ' 1,3 'f-' -'rn If ' 4 -. . ,M yr .x. Pg- .JV AM- - 4 .Y 3, .. 1 1. X. 1 R' . .SH I ,-A -1:9 ,-s. -, u , I , 5 Y. I I . tx.: I , A U.- " '.'- "':"w,.--".v41' .4 -."k ---f' r' : -ff" '." w' , 'Q"'QL..:-1 1"' X .4 ,. . . . -4,-5, xv. ' S "J,., ., ,.i , . f,:Hf,. , ..,4.,' , -. .W I. I 1 -L..-'N ' A, 1-' --U A' A I -v' W' ' . - A J ' ". 4 .g'Qf - .. , Y fwf- -. f-ly.--'gg-. -XJ -'A-. , -w A- .v N ,- 1-.A .' rf 1 :M ' X Q , ' gf ,,F"'.t,:v- -K-11'-Q' 'lf "' 5 vfff'-,,Ii3'. ' '1 ' -' ' 21- '.'a- r ,Lu N ' '+-:-,. . ...U .!,e,' - .-,inn , .. . .. . Y x . .Q .- 3 CLASS OF 1980 CLASS COLOR: IVIAROON 84 GOLD CLASS ELOVVER: ROSE CLASS IVIOTTO: UTO ACCOPVIPLISH GREAT THINGS WE IVIUST NOT ONLY ACT BUT ALSO DREAIVI, NOT ONLY PLAN BUT ALSO BELIEVE!" Hiamg John Etienne Onan Salutatorian Q - , T' fa-'QP Ron Burk Cindy Chase Lola Chapel Sail our ship out on the open sea. Cast away our fears and . all the years will come and flfw. Marcia Bums Allison Coldwell Jiif' ,gn x -3 sl-vw ji-wffh ' K , I Mil ' K' -ff5::f.Qx1E.5" r i ' "':149'S1l. " ' 'Ere' " ' iid iff 'life ":::'f::-xi l llnl l 3 A C , ,, -l , l 'C 'i A L iff? f 1 A Goldie Chapman p"".-,Q 'K .uf ark in 'i ii asf Gif 1' - C FV. -lJHi.jfZf.41., Nix. . l- ' fJi.:4ff" A If :jd , lr Mark Burns Mike Crafty 7 Scott Davis Jerry Drake Pam Duczek 5 QE as nw ,Q ,?fl . i x :V 0 Q iy ' N ' Bonnie Gokee Sharon Graczik Chester Gregg 1 ' H , r ,W V-wx , ' L xi. John Gregg Kim Grifnn Barney Hammons 8 Darla Hanson Cyndi Harvey Bruce Hosea Darren Hughes Ron Hume 1,7 "3-V-.1 ill Piyachat Imtanasan Justin Janicke Jim Keller L 9 Jackie Knudsen Dean Lange e Steve Le Count qkisiu - S I 'wi-ff f 3 L vig? H L - . lv-1-y..4f Beth Lockman Scott Loros 5 : on x ' . N H, uf wh! Stephanie Lund Penni Miller Dave Nelson 10 66' aff Ben Norman Brenda Norman Laurie Orr -v- A 'v 'fs f'J Susan Pattie Ken Pearson ,ar- if-f fl-N . -f? I , I i I LOYGVI Poole Kerri Price I 4 I l .. Mary Reynolds Gayle Scow i, U f.. M., - .T uf , '. ,-LQWIII .i T ,lg , , ,i,'fj. , K Jn- ij, ' I 4, 1 3.-'3 i A 915.3 r gf, .dl E, ,, .,,. W, y g "M ' li'1"qA ' .:"4 , f - '1.. I lj, 'iq f, fix: . N ' K V- A : ,. , . :I ,y i. I ,lg .Mlm X S494 Edroy Sidmore Rick Smith ' E Tony Stephenson Rick Stindt Randy Thomas Barrie Thompson Marsha Ueland Jackie Winn 12 OR ACHIEVEMEN TS MARCIA BURNS Band I, II, III, IV, Chorus I, III, IV, Stage Band II, III, Swing Choir IV, District Music Festival I, II, III, IV, State Music Festival I, IV, Pep Club I, ll, III, IV, AFS III, IV, Music Days IV, Musical Doctor, Doctor IV, Prom Committee III, IV, 1979 Montana All4State Band IV, "Alnerica's Youth in Concert" 1980, European Concert Tour IV, High School Week IV MARK BURNS Yearbook Artist I, II, III, IV, Band I, II, III, Stage Band I, Cong Show Winner I, Gong Show Contestant Il, Drama Club IV, AFS Dance Contest Winner III LOLA CHAPEL Track I, Il, Ill, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Band I, II, Pen Band I, ll, Pep Club I, ll, III CINDY CHASE Band I, ll, III, IV, Chorus I, ll, Ill, IV, Stage Band ll, III, Pep Band l, Il, III, IV, School Play I, Pep Club II, AFS ll, lll, IV, TA. III, IV, District Music Festival II, III, IV, State Music Festival II, III, Short Term Exchange Student IV ALLISON COLDWELL Band I, II, Pep Club I, ll, Ill, IV, President IV, Chorus I, II, IV, Student Body Secretary IV, Music Festival I, II, IV, Track I, II, GlrI's State III, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Class Secretary Treasurer III, Varsity Cheerleader III, National Honor Society III, IV, Homecoming Candidate IV, Office Girl II, III, IV, State Music Festival IV, Rehounding Award III MIKE CRATTY Basketball I, III, IV, Football IV SCOT DAVIS VICA Club PAM DUCZEK AFS Il, III, IV, Drama IV, School Play I, 4-H I, II, III, IV, Short Term Exchange Student IV JOHN ETIENNE Vice-Pres. Math Club Ill, Pres Dimensions Club IV, National Honor Sociery II, III, Boys State Delegate Ill, Track II, Ill, IV, Who's Who Among American High School Students III, English Award III, Novel Award III, AFS IV, P.E. Award II, Library III, Salutatorlan IV BONNIE GDKEIE AFS, Chorus I, 4-H I SHARON GRACZIK AFS Ill, IV, FBIJI I, Il, Art Club ll, Pep Club I, Short Term Exchange Student III CHESTER GREGG Speech Cluti Il, Play Oklahoma II, SAB Group lst Dlstrict III, AFS III, IV, Cholr III, IV, Dimensions Club IV, Drama Club IV, Doctor, Doctor IV, Swlng Choir IV, State Music Festival III, IV JOHN GREGG Basketball Ill, Track III, IV, Football IV, Senior Class Vice-Pres. IV, Vice-Pres. of T-Club IV, President of VICA Club IV KIM GRIFFIN Chorus I, II, III, IV, Pep Club III, Pep Club Vice-Pres. II, Play II, IV, Student Council Il, Student Council Vice-Pres, IV, Junior Class President III, Track II, State Music Festival Ill, IV, Swing Choir IV, J.V. Cheerleader I, Annual Stall IV, Layout and Design Editor IV, Festival I, II, III, IV DARLA HANSON Basketball I, Chorus I, II, III, Annual Staff III, Pep Club I, II, III CYNDI HARVEY AFS I, II, III, IV, Teachers Aid II, III, IV, Drama Club IV, Library Aid IV DARREN HUGHES Student Body Pres. IV, Student Council III, Basketball I, Il, III, Baseball I, II, T-Club III, IV, Boys State Delegate Ill, Anthropology Award Ill, Annual Stafl III, IV, Prom Committee ll, III, IV, Pep Club III, IV, President J.V. RON HUME Humanities Club I, II, Play II, IV, Varsity Football Manager I, Il, III, Varsity Basketball Manager I, III, T-Club II, III, AFS II, III, IV, AFS Exchange Student III, Chorus III, Drama Club Vice-Pres. IV, Pep Club III PIVACHAT IMTANASAN AFS IV, Play IV JUSTIN JANICKE Student Council I, Il, III, IV, Math Club III, IV, Senior Class Prs. IV, Prorn Committee Ill, IV, Homecoming Committee III, IV, Spanish Club I, Basketball I, II, III, IV, T-Club III, IV, Letterman III, IV, Annual Stat? III, CRT III. Seattle Crew IV JIM KELLER Football I, Il, III, IV, Letterman II, III, IV, Basketball I, ll, III, Member ol the J.V. Punch Party II, Track IV, Manager Track III, Manager Basketball IV, School Play Il, Drama Club IV, Math Club III, IV, AFS III, IV, T-Club Il, III, IV, Boys State Alternate JACKIE KNUDSEN Track I, Il, Basketball II, Band I, II, III, IV, Chorus III, Teachers Aid ll, III, Pep Band I, II, III, IV, District Music Festival I. II, III, IV, State Music Festival I, II, III, IV, Music Days IV DEAN LANGE Student Council Rep. Il, IV, Math Club III, IV, Math Club Pres. III, Math Award II, Alg. II, and Trig. Award Il, Basketball ll, III, IV STEVE LECOUNT Track I, II BETH LOCKMAN Pep Club II, III, IV STEPHANIE LUND Pep Club I, Il, III, IV, Student Council III, Track II, IV, Math Club III, IV, Prom Committee III, IV, Who's Who Among American High School Students III, School Play ll, IV, District Music Festival I, III, IV, Slate Music Festival III, IV, Annual Paper II, III, IV, Chorus I, III, IV, Paper Editor IV, Copy Editor IV, Ofhce Girl III, IV, Hlgh School Week IV PENNI MILLER AnnualfPaper II, III, IV, Paper Editor IV, Chorus III, School Play I DAVID NELSON Basketball I, Varsity Basketball Manager Ill, IV, Math Club III, IV, AFS IV, Drama Club IV BEN NORMAN varsity Football 1, ii, ul, tv, Pep ciao ll, lu, Band 1, li, in, Pep alma 1, h, iu,1v,T Club I, 11, lu, tv, Track II, lu, vice Club in BRENDA NORMAN Basketball I, II, Ill, Track I, ll, III, Pep Band I, II, III, Band I, II, III, Chorus I, Teachers Aid tt, District Music Festival 1, Music Days' Ill, Homecoming Candidate Ill, Pep Club I, ll, III, IV KEN PEARSON Football Manager I, II, III, IV, J.V. Basketball I, II, III, Varsity Basketball IV, T-Club Il, III, Library Ass't I, II, Ill, IV KERRI PRICE Chorus II, III, Teacher Aid I, II, III, IV, Pep Club I, II MARY REYNOLDS Peo Club I, II, III, Band I, Il, III, IV, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Pep Club Pres. III, Pep Band I, II, III, IV, Class Secretary I Band Secretary III, District Music Festival I, II, III, IV, State Music Festival III, IV, AFS ll, Ill, IV, AFS Pres, IV, Homecoming Candidate IV, House Page III, Short Term Exchange Student III, Humanitites Club ll, AFS Exchange Student IDenrnarkI Ill, Stage Band Il, III, Swing Choir IV, All Northwest Choir IV GAYLE SCOW Class Pres, Il, Vlce-Pres. III, Vice-Pres, Chorus III, Track Manager I, Girls Basketball Manager Il, Varsity Football Cheerleader III, Varsity Basketball Cheerleader IV, AnnuaIfPaper II, III, IV, Chorus Il, Ill, IV, Pep Club I, II, III, IV, District Music Festival II, III, IV, State Music Festival III, Annual Edltor IV EDROY SIDMORE VICA Club III, IV, Football I RICK STINDT Football I, Il, Ill, IV, Basketball I, II, III, IV, Math Club III, IV, VICA IV, VICA Club Secretary IV, T-Club Ill, IV, T-Club Pres. IV, Boys State Delegate III, Honorable Mention Football III, IV, P.E. Award TONY STEPHDNSON VICA III, IV, Basketball II RICK SMITH Football I, Track I, Choir I, Il, III, IV, Stage Band I, Il, III, Swing Choir IV, District Music Festival I, ll, III, IV, State Music Festival III, IV, Montana All State Choir IV, ACDA All Northwest Choir IV, State VICA Conference I, VICA Club II, III, IV, National VICA Conference Ill BARRIE THOMPSON Basketball I, II, III, IV, Volleyball I, Pep Club III, Track Il, Ill, Homecoming Candidate II MARSHA UELAND Basketball l, II, Ill, IV, Cheerleading I, II, III, Freshman Class Pros. I, Senior Class Secretary IV, Pep Club I, II, III, IV, Chorus I, II, III, IV, Swing Choir IV, Dlstrlct Music Festival I, II, III, IV, State Music Festival IV, Music Days IV, Track II, Most Improved Ohense Award tBBI II, P.E. Award III, Homecoming Candldatell, Annual! Paper II, III, IV, Annual Editor IV JACKIE WINN Student Council I, Homecoming Candidate I, Chorus I, II, III, Sophomore Vlce-Pres. II, Annual! Paper II, III, Track ll, Gong Show Winner II SUZIE WILLIAMS Danforth Award III, AFS II, III, IV, Math Club Secretary Ill, IV, Pep Club Secretary IV, Drama Club IV, Girls's State III, National Honor Society Treasurer II, III, Wt-io's Who Among High School Students III, GlrI's Varsity Basketball II, III, IV, Most Inspirational Player III, CYC IV, Valedictorian IV ,Q gf . I L A, .' , K , VV- ,B I jd, 1.,.:1:'-'f - I, -'- N' L ', -f . -,.f. F-. I 4 Aj "sax-Q , . ..,,. ,N--V 1, .,s.,.,. I-,-I -'-,,-1.5, Cav V - . -,wi v af 1 t V.--gg N ' fe-eq ll ' W , .1 V--v., - x yy, sd ' -.1 , ,E xi "" U . if , -' .- s A ' we- J -NY. - 'Jang " ,,,,-f"' l , - , ,, i-' 95903. . -.-"W 'A'..'gfvA'2x Wittiest: Justin Janicke and Marsha Ueland Best Looking: Bruce Hosea, Allison Coldwell, and Kerri Price 1 i l lv 3 I, .13 , if' l I -on 'xx 1 ' ll. ,., N 1' ir. ,f wa., .. A " '. 3 Y,-34 "' W:!s.q ' X 'f"1 i d'xJi,Q l l q' Xin -xxyml ll -li 4 ii Best Dressed: Bruce Hosea and Allison Coldwell QV .,..!"?i"1 , .ug . ,- , v 'ib n ' f- 4 ','ff5wi Tl:- , ' Q"": A, g.fLiif,S-'. ff Most Likely to Succeed: Sue Williams and John Etienne Best Personality: Mary Reynolds and Flirt and Wolf: Darla Hanson and Rick Darren Hughes Smith Gabbiest: Rick Smith, Barrie Thompson, and Marcia Burns ig F '11 'ii ig .ru-Yi V iii , 1-f' ', Ji GRADUATIQ 19 0 Valedictorian, Susie Williams Salutatorian John Etienne 16 .IPS-fr 3. P ,1 'x 9' I jk -4 J V- " XEVQSL. .V X -ui 1 'V X . - I .T . l , .1 -'. - u ,,g ,- QQ Lisa Adamson Tony Anderson Richard Basham Liz Beesley Todd Bryant Amy Burrows : Dean Campbell Sonya Colley Shelly Countryman Sean Craig Kim Cummings Teri Davis 18 v.-gl ? gf -cg - Q- .., L -1 ,N .,!.' 'll ,J L' . " in 'fl gs 'Q Y. 51 :- E l 1 K. 1:31, A ., l . . l H '4 ' l Jim 'FJ , l fm,-f' A r ' sn' I - '- 'Evil gs ' 'l lr' -"kv ' -msn: "+l?,lf A - l 4 , lr 5,554 ' " All W ' ,, , . -Mp H .M f l, AV i I l EISS ""f:'.?' .1 ' kg 1 1 1' l ' ax fa rl 'lv l- Y. 4 u ' 9' XV. l,- 'lL ,4- A ...J ,. '-,M -re-gy f if V Q-ev' Joe DeLeo Johann Edwards Keiiy Fisher Grant Garcia Rhonda Geiger Leslie Gregg IVIikeYHughart Pam Hughes Denise Hunter Twila Jahnke Nathan Kern Archie Kinney 19 Kim Knudsen iA ' 1? A i ,NEJYP E 'V Mike Laffoon i ilfigij' , -1 ' j 1 , v,mlP"' ,l Robert Lundin mln 3 fifgl 4 -.' K .l Krista lVlalIy Julie Martz Judi lVlcLeod x PM ' Ron Meyer Stan Neisess Dave Norman Leslie Oakes Jim 0'Neill Lola Porter Juella Price Peggy Price Rex Robertson ,-.. 'fl A A Y, .I .A. .-J "wr 'li' X i i I Rick Schoonmaker Steve Shaffer Trena Stapley Terri Trammell Wayne Mares Diane Wilson 20 wfgf ggilllv Lola and Trena hard at work. Pouting Lisa N I'm in the running for the IVlr. America Contest. Nlost beautiful women are conceited, but I'm not. . 2 4L""'T:.,xr, - ,-'E 'jeg ,.'-f'l.,, :F 1 ' I ' .fm ,- .JV .- T: H I passed Engiishl Abbot and Costello Sli' Wade Anderson sr' fe i CLASS Lisa Baas Mabel Beito 'Ltr 4 li I X517 1, Q., f xi' 1,4 q, . if, 1' A Q M , ' -r ' rr' 31 ' ' ,v 1. f - Butch Boswell 'V '--- We Kelly Boswell " " 1 Joann Brietenstein all 1475. wfagff " 1 I 1 VX Andy Bushnell Stacy Bushnell Debbie Campbell Alice Carr Corinna Carrier Dean Chapel Diane Chapman A Jeff Chase - . l ,L " 1- , l Jem Cochran Ed Cody Marsha Coon f 22 Seamis Craig l .,.--L-'ff A Q? - l V l- l . sl . -'JF f ' l ' ' J 141: .gin . ' 1Q:'l,1lifg a "l Q il If sr J .. G r 'F' '51 . J -3,235 i, me N 1 - K- 0F if Jackie Davis Wayne Decker Debbie Duczek Brenda Croucher Bret Croucher .V-qf.,7Q-, lar-l V 1 wa.-E. .' l 'W M? 0 1 I- -i , -V --.. V D .f Q , - --' if If ' rv. ,I Laura Erie Kristin Friederich Sue Gilbertson Gilbert Goff la- r -- Y, f rin-X ' - has D 'S-A1 ,- 1 . -- 1 M' ' b ,." E7 Kelly Janicke Lecia Kelley Nlargi Kendall iifx :H Fern Graczik Trina Hock Patty Hosea Andrea Huisentruit 23 ilk 5 1 i A 'U 4 ' 7 ' E t X . " "' 'V V ,.V. i fn 5, xl i Tw I1 H' i 5 If 3"'f4L , 5 'A ,i FR, - Y XiQL.,':. 'Yfk - ? 1 fi' 1.15. 1 , fini' ' Devin Meyer i W- 1 I cecii ivlcoougau qv," Li L - '- 5- W7 ,47- " . E i- gm. "' Koni Murray Heather IVlcDougalI ?? Jon Nelson Curtis Olds Chris Kern Curt Koch Jon Kyriss Terry LeCount Samantha Loros Laurie Lund John lVlacPherson Patrick Nially PEACE-LIKE THE SILENT DOVE Tina Osterberg Mari Pattie Roberta Rhodes Penny Ring Nancy Rogers Carolyn Rogge Tony Schoonmaker Bill Shockley Shelley Smith Ellis Stapley Velva Stapley Earl Storkson 1, .,., Q l ,S , ' U fl? '-,, -, 4 .l . lei" if " I . I . , l ali" ,qs e u ' fi O XX mann!! 02 'lean Carmel Tallmadge J 5 Lori Therrian . I' A Fifi 5 1- - i SHOULD BE 2" N """"' FLYING BUT IT'S JUST BEGUNz Don Ueland Mike Williams Jessie Winslow Mark Thomas Daniel Tuin Richard Tuin Dave Ueland Becky Abel ,Q K " f ah Marvin Cratty r 26 4. Monty Bushnell 3- .AF i L: Renee Caraway r , Y-I . Kevm Anderson L -I-ena Bashma .' vu I I 'f Melissa Carrier Louis Chapel CLASS rr OF L , NEFF: I Ken Chase Mike Cody Daniece Cohnour John Cummungs vqg. Darren Coldwell Lorilee Cuvillier Todd Fisher .r . . will "L iw! .1 4 Todd Goodrich Camille Hutchinson ef"f' fihgl ,5f.X.,il,nl,Al Robert Kelley Michelle Goettle all Ei I 1 ig, Photograph not, available Gretchen Larson 27 Joe Obermayer Deena 0'Neil Mike Pearson Laurel Phelps Leslie Ring Dale Williams Bernard Wrightson 44. s Bug Off! EA A ,,fx,,, -...Z 3 , Tobi Maggi Jim Marlenee Mary McCully Dierdre McFarland Absent when pictures taken Harry Montgomery Crystal Miller Bill Munyan L. 28 Fairy nice guys 1 - ,-.Q . .1 , ,N . f Qfffrl' I ,' , 1 I ' .. .I Y- ' 'Q' "5 .1 1 ,L l .' . "ik ' l .' I I . I .- ' 'Q ? L. M YT.. L. 1 'U az,-2 I " "' cal H Y - :'f1. .'-11.55. I J I 72 "-qi, T' .JZ ,Q-I-.CJ A -dw ..,,, QE. QB CLASS OFFICER - Junior President: Pam Hughes, Vice-Pres.: Joe Deleo, Secretary: Sonya Colley ' f 'ww ' ' ' ' 145' . Lf, grip 2 1 r 3 Jig' if - Q Ffiiigbl A ' " Qi? sv 'S P, s . X .1 1 2" W W ipe i!' -.1e . ' IN r X Senior President: Justin Janicke, Vice- President: John Gregg, Secretary: Marsha Ueland Frosh. President: IVIary IVicCulIy, Vice- Pres.: Johnny Cummings, Secretary: Todd Goodrich, Treasurer: Tobi Nlaggi ? 'SWT xr- 1 in 1 - I... Soph. President: Sue Gilbertson, Vice-Pres.: Corinna Carrier, Secretary: Andrea Huisentruit 30 SPORTS I OD H N x Sitting left to right: Laurie Lund, Joe DeLeo, Tony Anderson, Todd Goodrich, Johnny Cummings, Dell Hughart, David Norman, Stephanie Lund. Kneeling left to right: Don Ueland, Cecil lVlcDougall, Bill Shockley, Curt Koch, David Ueland, Devin lvleyer, Richard Tuin, John lvlacpherson, Brett Croucher. Standing left to right: Asst. Coach Brewer, Todd Bryant, Dean Campbell, Ken Pearson, Ben Norman, Stan Neisses, Jerry Drake, Rick Stindt, Rex Robertson, Rick Schoonmaker, lVlike Cratty, John Gregg, Coach lVlore. A i i j ri F: 3 CD M SD is M CT' C' Fl' 99 QD CD FSJBA 6L6I IIWIWO . . . and they let it slip away. Trojan football began this season with a record number of 42 participants under a new program. Our athletes were enthused, energetic, and dedicated. They played with intensity and desire, and thus played each opponent well. Our victories were many, but only one was a final score. Our program has been primed, it waits to explode. Be a part of it in anyway you can. Support Trojan football!! The three Troy players that are featured on this page are Sophomores who made Second Team All-Conference. Above: Curt Koch, Tailback. Left: Cecil lVlcDougaIl, Defensive End. Below: Don Ueland, Cornerback. l 33 Thinking it over at halftime He goes for the tackle . .. he misses! You pass Stindt, I'iI punch! i Q5 - i Coaches checkin' it out G0 for it Cecilg Doing the duck walk Hey man, where's my brother? Gatorade . . . ahhh, really hits the spot Trojan "B" line Follow the leader 19 Freshman Candidate Tobi Nlaggi, Escort Ben Norman 9-80 Homecoming ii Junior Candidate Pam Hughes, Escort 1979-80 Homecoming Queen Kelly Jerry Drake Boswell Senior Candidate Mary Reynolds, Escort Mike Cratty 36 Troy v.s. Darb AFS Candidate Debbie Duczek, Escort Ken Pearson Pep Club Candidate Al Coldwell, Escort John Gregg T-Club Candidate Lisa Adamson, Escort Rick Stindt nd take us up, alwa s up Trojans come up short Hold on- you're not going anywhere!! Curt tights to gain extra yards Stacked up on the 35 yard line Hi Mom!! Q g g ,f sm'-ag E cg., K6 J ,, 'H q2f:if43Q B'?1'5'f 'F-'ff-E TK N r' 'fm 3 - A W 3 Q .W mf. ,. - W V . 5 ii A-fi M- , . . Q .. ' ., 1 ' 1' 5 QQ 1 f ' ' C.. , 1 ,l , 5 M4 . -s .5 , 5 , I- I f' J- K Good boys don't! I f"' 4 , ' A QQ.. Q. if I eu '... Troy 24 0 T Falls Tloy 36 6 Euleka Troy '38 14 T Falls Troy 18 12 Libby Troy 38-13 Libby Fmsh DREAMS SO THEY SAY Yaak attack' The undefeated season of the J.V. Football Team speaks for itself. You don't defeat AA schools like Libby and Eureka, an A school, without talented and unified team efforts. The scores, however, do not show the winning attitude this group of athletes has developed from their elementary days to the present. The confidence in their football skills, and their attitude that they are a good team is what is needed to be a Champion. It stands to reason if this attitude is carried into their upperclassmen years, Troy will see a district champion. Coach lVIurphy Sophs O.T. VARSITY B KETB LL , , l 1. ,ig w ,Q in lg . ., A x V ' g gt ' 'AfAA i , i "-' ,f , .V V. ',f Wi . 5.14. i SM 30.14 . , 4 55.14, 'r fig -10 AJ . uf, .4 ' l ad M 'JD Players: Heather lVlacDougall, Kelly Boswell, Mabel Beito, Tobi lvlaggi, Lisa Adamson, Allison Coldwell, Lisa Baas, Kim Cummings, Suzie Williams, Head Coach: Steve Nelson, Asst. Coach: Don Nlyers, Manager: Tena Basham. fra-vu Strategy Plan. Big Al scans the gym for Super Flem. l 40 MUST GATHER ALL GUR COURAGE 1 'r-"Mfg . i 'D ' 7 i Q :-n-1 I x . 1.-11" , r .-1 ,1-1 4 .N E mimi FW e t f - ' ' .9-"ff i 120 reef A e H ,, i I A -A 'J . Q-f - !Y,, -v':i , f r i i ' F 'E- ,, , w , ,,, Boy AI, I have better form than that! Heather goes for a fast break Another exciting time-out with Coach Nelson p 42 4 ' I AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ,'9-el"""'W Allison aims at the hoop Lisa looking for the basket Don't just stand there Baas-shoot! TO MENT-THE JOUR EY' E D Vw -EUIR - ,, 4- Ll, 4.25. N, ,.,. ...ui , H , ..i........,- ,. J, Lisa Baas is one of the team's most outstanding players this yearg so outstanding that she was the only player on the team to make Honorable lvlention in All-Conference. Being only a sophomore, the Coach feels that with her ability and talent, Lisa could go far in her future years. 44 , Il . ' V I 'Af , 6 M r. l JJ M ,.-rf", l - , -.,,. .. ...- VV D, COACH,S COMMENTS They're not laughing at the girI's basketball team from Troy anymore As our rookies emerge to the Varsity level, and our grade school programs begin to feed us, we shall become more than participants. We'lI miss Big AI, Sue, lvlarshag but others will hopefully take up the slack on our youthful squad. It was a season of beginnings-many signs of casting off old ways for winning tomorrow. Our foot is in the door. VOTED BY PLAYERS: Most Valuable: Lisa Baas llllost Improved: Kelly Boswell Best Defensive: Lisa Baas Rebounder Award: Tobi lvlaggi Inspirational-Hustle: Tobi Nlaggi Free Throw 'fee Allison Coldwell 1979-80 LV. Girls B.B. Jump Kim Jump 46 nr 14 TRUY WRU? WRU? TRU? iuar E14 iuur ll inur I-4 Back row: Lola Chapel, Stacy Bushnell, Marsha Ueland, Tina Osterberg, Mabel Belto, Mr. Myers lCoachl Bottom: Tina Basham lManagerl, Mary McCulIy, Becky Duczek, Juella Price, Renee Caraway. Troy 24 Troy 29 Troy 12 Troy 28 Troy 34 Troy 33 Troy 25 Troy 26 Troy 26- Troy 27- Troy 27- Troy 15- 26 27 28 28 30 21 28 48 26 36 23 20 Troy 27-41 Eureka Libby T.Falls Libby Frenchtown Loyola Mission Frenchtown Mission Plains T.Falls Plains Loyola Reaching for the stars 9'l""F' " 'F' ' ffilr , .' 13' Tfu -H"--f I A ..1-l,Z,:AF-, 5 L- 2:11. +52 ,g f ll. - if fini is is " 1 ' r my ktxl 1 -I J- J YE! v .Sl 4- J as '15- F' J sim. ' A A f U W A-,-If?" CAST AWAY OUR gh FEARS AND ALL iw THE YEARS WILL A - A COME AND Go! S S' 1 Eg. . gi-...vim ' l '-Y' - ' M f " -J, . A ' ' W it I 1 Come on IVIary we need two ' S N, Time to wake up 11, I Watch out I'm gonna shoot I'm so mixed up Q A- - ' 1 I C - , .-'-".'-2" , K mu 'l C ' ' H . i v- e " 'M -A A '-' Come on- III take you both on. V JT 'vii 1 I -I Da D ' ' ze- ' Pl I E X H W1 ' 4' 14 ,. in ,-gn' -A J as--3121, A 07" I . , ' I " V 5 HJQQ YIQRSITY P t H Terri Trammel, Debbie Duc k Wht gDbb The two muskateers Patty awaits EEEk, a mouse! RS Sofia From top to bottom: ivarsityl Patty Hosea, Kelly Janicke, Denise Cohenour, iVarsityl Debbie Duczek Crystal lVliller, ivarsityl Terri Trammell L to R: Kelly Janicke, Crystal Nliller, Denise Cohenour v,. ,I l l L to R: Tobi Nlaggi, Mary lVlcCully, Michelle Goettle, Kelly Boswell . . KETBALL CHEERLEADER Cheerleaders get spirit rolling at Pep Rally A 1 s ,X is RN ' , -ed-":g.',,l--cy Michelle cheers on at Tourney 51 VAR ITY BASKETBALL CHEERLE DER We May Never Pass This Way Again Sflfca qwjlvflii' L. to R. Tobi Nlaggi, Lisa Adamson, Chel Goettle, Julie Price, Sue Gllbertson, Mary lVlcCully, Gayle Scow Kelly Boswell LISA GAYLE SUE JULIE 'TPFL '- 'ae-,. 5 1 vt, -fl Af. - " 'fl I -fb .1 14 4 , - I Q, s a 512.5 .. ' L Q' lffl " A ,ll 1 - - fl DIWY l , ",f'f.q f-L ' X 5 ,ff l"-'r' TROI VAR ITY A KETB LL 19 9-19 9 Top row: Dean Lange, Cecil McDougall, Justin Janicke, Ken Pearson, Robert Kelly, Bottom row: Donald Ueland, Rick Stindt, Mike Cratty, David Ueland 54 Rick lays one in. Look, they're flying away' A That's simply amazing! Trojans, Trojans, Trojans! I 5,7 Good form Dean. ..-Q U' gl ' V' --gag: ' f ,m i l . ai Ready Boys? :VV J 1 3 .- .V .' .P Hoooooold everything! Todd you take that one, I can handle these two. As a Teacher and Coach, I learn very little about the character of our youth when things are to everyone's satisfaction. However, when times are tough and the kids are struggling, both in the classroom and on the Hoor, I learn who I can depend on and who will be dependable, responsible people all of their lives, the stuff of which character is made. The team of 1979-1980, despite its record, is living proof that CHARACTER, not talent, is the vital ingredient that not only earned the respect of every team in the Western B Conference, but also will ensure the future success of the dedicated senior athletes in our program who have set the standards for us in the years ahead. Coach Smith 57 79-80 TOURNAMENT 1 K Way do I go? BOY AI. . ASKETB LL Front- Manager, Robert Kelly, Mike Pearson, Johnny Cummings, Devin Nleyer Top- Wade Anderson, Cecil iVIcDougall, Todd Goodrich, Rich Tuin H EY! I'm Cool. if-RA" A The 1979-80 J.V. Basketball season was a good one for the Troy Spartans. Youth and inexperience was more than adequately earsed by dedication and hard work. The Spartans started the season with 8 ball players only to lose two to the Varsity squad. Players were brought up from the freshman team to fill the vacancies. For about half of the season the J.V.'s started three freshmen and two soph. Even with the limited numbers and age disadvantage, the Spartans posted a 8-9 win-loss record. It was a great season for the team and the future looks even brighter. 1 Going in for two. E-T-C-H fn-.. -V Q i .. Zi ,, .-.V r 1-., - .,l' , 'dll l A i 61 FRE HM BOY B KETB LL Manager Bob Kelly, Jem Cochran, John MacPherson, Tony Shoonmaker, Coach Guldseth. Bottom Row: Darren Coldwell, Joe Obermayer, Bret Croucher, Marvin Cratty 62 P I 1.1M if , . Who has the best form? Is that a baII???? Andy Bushnell, alias "Spiderman" V lil i , - ! V ' Jfwfii , aim: - - 1 ' i- if f'-a'sT'-a 5 Yeilghf, 'gl X . Wilt Cratty BOY TRACK 1980 Sikifvfa-' X I ' 0 'YT V - il 1. ,, U9 .E 5:- -J, 1991 Bottom Row Left to Right: Richard Tuin, Dirk Ueland, Dave Ueland, Sean Craig,. Middle Row: Mike Pearson, John MacPherson, Joe DeLeo, Andy Bushnell, John Etienne, Third Row: John Cummings, John Gregg, Jim Keller, Robert Lundin. Last Row: Coach Murphy, Todd Goodrich, Jerry Drake, Mike Laffoon. Not pictured Coach Brewer I'm not going to make it Look at that determined look I made it over!! ,2 lv ' " vflf- , Coaches wonder what to do next Jerry throws the javelin I passed him, Oh Boy!! Track team lays around at the meets GIRL TRACK my I Girls receive trophy after Eureka meet -KS ref! mfr Coach Nelson 66 Tobi High Jumps E 34? t Mabel tries hard Flash" Walking on air And the race begins DIVI IONAL TRACK MEET ., .'w'JE - .I V' , Kelly throws the discus- Dave pushing the last steps. Mable takes a long run. Boys places at Divisional: John Gregg-lst 880 Jerry Drake-5th Javelin Johnny Cummings-5th mile relay Jim Keller-4th in mile, 2nd-two mile John Macpherson-2nd mile Sth in 880, 5th in mile relay Todd Goodrich-2nd 880, 4th in 440, Sth in mile relay 68 Gosh, look at Don jump! Girls places at Divisional: Lisa Baas-lst in 220, 2nd in javelin, 2nd in 440, 4th in mile. Tobi Maggi-Sth 330 hurdles, 2nd 880, 4th High jump. Mary McCulIy-3rd 2-mile mi- TA 190 TRACK MEET 9 Tobi places 5th in 880. V ,A,, ., , ,fo 1 , ,AE A N1 af, '. A T T .Ja f T aa . I A Todd has a good finish. Mary McCuIIy-2 mile Lisa Places 4th in 220 and 4th in 440. John tries real hard. Jim 8cJohn take a good start . .. 69 W aw., I J? Q1 inf THLETIC A ARD C: Football Cheerleading Girls Basketball W Girls Track Boys Basketball 70 l , l l new H veg- U ., "-C14 . -14 . 'f 1 fr . 1 ra 5' ' 1' vu, '-,l ' CLUBS 'Y TH! wk- Take me I m yours! i., i 51-. , y, .I nv: 'iv ' 4 A 1' ie r. - ",- JR' 4 .. . ' " 1 ' ex, '-a P 3 I V Gayle and Marsha, quit pinching my neck! EEEEEEEEK! I .ck ,V L. , , 3,3 Y 1 .' : -, i, Q - ,Q . 1 '-- -as--fe-4-qvpq , ff -..4. , fx, II -' ' A ' G B 53433 - -' 5 yn I Look Ma, ng hands! The "Christmas children" Troy high's First walking ham .1 K A Y' , ' H , in 1 t nw vi i +ia'i Q Y. I- " ii - 1 -, I m . ". i Oh Rick, I love it when you do that! Get In The Sp1r1t Wlth Pep Club Front Row, I to r: Sue Gilbertson, Juella Price, Lisa Adamson, Gayle Scow, Daniece Cohenour, Crystal Milleie Duczek, Patti Hosea Terri Trammell. Second Row: Nancy Rogers, Diana Wilson, Kim Cummings, Marsha Ueland, Barrie Thompson, Kelly Fisher, Stephanie Lund, Sherri Dilley, Laurie Lund, Melissa Carrier, Beth Lockman, Third Row: Amy Burrows, Marsha Coann Brietenstein, Lecia Kelley Stacy Bushnell, Brenda Croucher. Back Row: Marcia Burns, Ron Burk, Mabel Beito, Pat Mally, Marvin Cratty, Darren Coldwell, Dan Tuin, Allison Coldwell, Tina Basham. 74 U Front Row, L to R: John Cummings, Rick Stindt, Don Ueland, Stan Neisess. Second Row: John Macpherson, Mike Cratty, Curt Koch, David Ueiand David Norman. Back Row: Ben Burk, Justin Janicke, Joe Deleo, Ben Norman, Todd Goodrich. i-sew, A ,is 'ai 5 iii ' ' ei FL Standing from left to right: lVlrs. Nelson, advisor, Rusty Bushnell, Darren Hughes, Penni lVlilIer, Second Row: Teri Davis, Leslie Oakes, Lisa Adamson, Kim Griffin, Stephanie Lund, First row: Kim Cummings, Gayle Scow, Marsha Ueland, Sonya Colley, Not pictured: Andy Bushnell. Standing left to right: lVlr. Higgins, advisor, Grant Garcia, Jim O'Neil, Richard Basham, Dean Campbell, John Nelson, Goldie Chapman, iVlr. lVlyers, advisor, Second Row: Todd Bryant, Tony Stephenson, Rutsy Bushnell, Rex Robertson, Scot Loros, First Row: David Norman, Tony Anderson, John Gregg, Rick' Schoonmaker, Rick Stindt, Cecil lVlacDougalI 75 LIBRARY STAFF O l . 'ee' s ' F Hui ,,alr-v-1,,.,1 Front row L to R: Lola Porter, Trena Stapley, Marvin Cratty, Sean Craig, Back row L to R: Barney Hammons, Randy Thomas, Ken Pearson, Terry LeCount, Earl Storkson. Mrs. More, Librarian Mrs. Herman, Assistant Librarian ii ,Q 5, lst Period Trena Stapiey Lola Porter 2nd Period Sean Craig 3rd Period Barney Hammons Randy Thomas 4th Period Cyndi Harvey 5th Period Ken Chase Earl Storkson 6th Period Ken Pearson 7th Period Alvin Harvey Terry LeCount TUDE T COUNCIL 4 -4 1 4 Secretary- Allison Coldwell, President- Darren Hughes, Vice President- Kim Griflin Kim Griflin, Mary Reynolds, Allison Coldwell, Kelly Boswell, Justin Janicke, Darren Coldwell, Camille Hutchison, Rusty Bushnell, Darren Hughes, Dean Lange, Dave Ueland , 77 MATH CLUB 'E Left to right-Scott Loros, Chester Gregg, Ron Hume, JoAnne Brietenstein, Seamis Craig, John Etienne, Rick Stindt, Sean Craig, Dave Nelson, Steve Shaffer, Sue Williams, Leslie Gregg, Stephanie Lund, Justin Janicke, Ron Burk, Dean Lang, Darren Hughes. T10 L HO OR SOCIETY Top-Dean Lange, John Macpherson, John Etienne, Richard Basham. Middle-Samantha Loros, Sue Gilbertson, Pam Hughes, Sonya Colley, Teri Davis. Bottom-Suzie Williams, Debbie Duczek, Sharon Braczik, Mary Reynolds. Sitting L to r: Leslie Oakes, Mary Reynolds, Tutu Imtanasan, Amy Burrows, Ron Hume, Kelly Boswell, Kneeling L to R: Becky Duczek, Brenda Croucher, Sonya Colley, Pam Hughes, Sharon Craczik, Debbie Duczek, Daniece Cohenour. Standing L to R: Steve Schaffer, Seamis Craig, Marcia Burns, Cindy Chase, Mary McCully, Laura Erie, Pam Duczek, Mari Patti. Top Row: Chester Gregg, Dave Nelson, Allison Coldwell Suzie Williams, Leslie Gregg, Mr. Brewer. Friend omewhere Amy Burrows: Domestic Piyachat Imtanasan iTutul: Exchange from New York Foreign Exchange from Thailand A. js, 1 i' N :gf l , Qi TROY'S EXCHANGE STUDENTS: i "" ,TF ,T - 'i I - I .im i A Ron Hume Panama A U, ,YW , Julie Martz-New York : FT Mary Reynolds-Denmark ' fl . Sharon Graczik-Germany ,,.,..s -f , T T i QT Nita' V' ,Q -Dyugb. 79 Rex Robertson and Rick Schoonmaker STATE MUSIC Left to right: Lisa Adamson, Allison Coldwell, Julie Martz, Teri Davis, Juella Price, Kelly Fisher, Andrea Huisentruit, Stephanie Lund, Sonya Colley, Miss Ries, Curtis Olds, Mary Reynolds, Chester Gregg, Kim Griffin, Mike Pearson, Marcia Burns, Marsha Ueland, Mike Laffoon, Rick Smith. Not pictured Joe DeLeo 80 xv GIRL T TE Terrie Trammell l HIGH SCHOOL WEEK Richard Basham, Steve Shaffer, Stephanie Lund, Marcia Burns . PROM 1980 K I N G Q U E E N T U U S T T T I U N inging to the World l i Bottom row lL to Ri: Sonya Colley, Brenda Croucher, Denise Hunter, Leslie Ring, Dena 0'NeiII, Teri Davis, Marsha Ueland, Gayle Scow, Diane Wilson, Miss Ries. Second row: Andrea Huisentruit, Penny Davis, Crystal Miller, Kelly Janicke, Rhonda Geiger, Shelly Countryman, Peggy Price, Joe Deleo, Curt Koch, Butch Boswell, Camille Hutchison, Third row: Pam Hughes, Mary Reynolds, Judi McLeod, Melissa Carrier, Shay Shultz, Renee Caraway, Rick Smith, Mike Pearson, Kim Grifhn, Marsha Burns, Fourth row: Julie Price, Kim Cummings, Leslie Oakes, Stephanie Lund, Lisa Adamson, Allison Coldwell, Chet Gregg, Bill Shockley, Dale Williams, Rick Schoonmaker, Tina Osterburg, Tobi Maggi, Twila Jahnke M-F. , F me . if - i , A 1 . if JJ ix -.-. W .,.-f xi 9 i in f,l,Tr, Music Director: Miss Ries 82 PEP Bottom Row lL to Ri: Alice Carr, Jackie Knudsen, Cindy Chase, Corinna Carrier, Lecia Kelley, Marcia Burns, Second Row: Jessie Winslow, Mary Reynolds, Seamis Craig, Michelle Geottle, Todd Goodrich, Laura Erie, Richard Basham, Stan Neisess, Third Row: Mike Pearson, Butch Boswell, Sue Gilbertson, Jim Marlenee, Miss Ries g gg NG CHOIR gg Standing CL to Rl: Andrea Huisentruit, Marcia Burns, Mary Reynolds, Sonya Colley, Marsha Ueland, Kim Grifhn, Chet Gregg, Rick Smith, Sitting: Jessie Winslow, Miss Ries 83 DMI I TR TIO P69 Fleming lVlr. Konzen High School Secretary Activities Director l l" if- 3 i 'ITTGQA A iii-liifw' 'iii My Lihfzif if " ' V A V ' I jg l l2fj,3ifrei.' f' i ' . :Q X i VJ " S, l' lVIr. Stephenson lVlr. Fletcher High School Principal Superintendent i i , SSS or i ii az, Mary Brown Janine Price Administrative Secretary School Clerk 84 rl 1 ' X ' 'L' ' xl' - , A 5 rl Mi 'Q' 7f',i ji g.. if' " -. 7 ' "" if-.5 I . LL Q.. -s f 4' .- .-.. aber' Sitting L. to R. Mrs. Coy, Mrs. it Reynolds, Miss Flansaas, Mr. More. Front Row Standing L. to R. Mr. Nermyr, Mr. Myers, Miss Cunningham. Back Row Standing L. to R. Miss Ries, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Erickson, Mr. Smith, Mr. Brewer. Not pictured, Mrs. More, Mr. Guldseth, Mr. FACULTY Herman M R. B R EWER Math Life Skills Physics MRS. COY English MISS CUNNINGHAM Home Ec. Art MR. ERICKSON Science MISS FLANSAAS Home Ec. French MR. GULDSETH PE M R. H ERMAN Special Ed. MR. HIGGINS Welding Engines M R. MOR E Guidance English Psychology MRS. MORE Library English Title 1 Reading MR. MYERS Drafting Shop MRS. NELSON Annual 84 Paper Ofhce Practice Typing Bookkeeping MR. NERMYR Computer Programming Math MRS. REYNOLDS English TV 81 Speech P.O.D. Life Skills MISS RIES Band Chorus MR. SMITH History P.O.D. 85 , 'J , 7 V A ff l l2"1 .qi . AL A Tm , Y X ii, 3113: 'f' , ' f e jr. '? W 5: ,i l ,- . , .,n.,x:i -, ,. V 4'7- Y n A " .' Q .,, i ,Q 2 .Wg X,,a . XEHIA1: , . - - ' Nutr - , fl.-L. : " IQ? lf' . .- Y . L I ,il I ft Q 1 l Y3 l l ' X -' l ill , , ' --i'-L J .K . a l sr I 5 'v J n ' sa . - , li! 1 ' ' x ,, ,A ' .V ,-I I X , - A, Q ff ' CHL. , N ' , an N- rl L s - ,. ,, v i: -'L-. z -1- "'l. 01. A. steal! l 1 .gf , lg-?1j17Efv""' L l V QE J N ---If L... .- ' ' 1 .-all qi Q 49 ji, : if my! ' fe- 'H eff GP ' , f - 13" - li .- - ll"vL ,Lv ' .ir li'-'i ll A " -.1 .,. l'-'rf ," 'I l , ' I I A -if I VN a 4' '5,f2fQifl"le' -e as i I, ' 'T' ',p ':',lLy.l,4 'ig 1-if: 52. - 'giegifg 517"lf1"5-Ill, H1 ' eil A if '5Ql'1'i l"'3Q ,Tj X ' i - gg-, ln . i . . 1 ig-czvi 'iff -, J ' -1,11 Top Row L. to R. Patty Hosea, Kim Griflin, Stephanie Lund, Penny Davis. 2nd Row L. to R. Teri Davis, Lisa Adamson, Terri Trammell, Allsion Coldwell. OFFICE GIRL Secretary, Peg Fleming 86 Glen Hermans Joe Arts .ffijg J ' i I Lf -- V N li +v x U in ' A . ' , ,, 'ri .' rig! ' y ' 'T 4 ' ' " -.i -1 , - ,Awnp0 - Ai. ' V f- ,-11 3, Bev Savage Bruce Davis Warren Robbe Dennis Hedge Wayne Maflit . .. .4 .,, vu ' 1 --. I 1:34 1 .,4,'Q- 4' ..'-.Ew1 !':R.AI.V . ' '-r 1 fi V 1 :I 1 V. 1: ' .1 55:1 '- ,ri ka' '11 44.7 1 , f f. v. M wr f- W- N 1, nn .,,- .H H Vi"-14, AJ dh v I N gl Mwiwwwnm- r I .I 'SQL , f 1' 5 ' N 1 1 Ai .i I J FA - ju H1 , U- L 'Quik -N1 r eff 'TR T A. George Graczik JANITOR lpn V. 1 .xl , I Cx' .vxifr r x 5 F" F! Ns f A x-'QQ TUDE T LIFE in 1 ' Nu' Davidfs ha,-em Guess what's on our minds? ff 'i ' ii Mg Allison, go home! I Said ULU 90!" ,, F .l 'ELI 1 .'-ot' - 1 'if M f. J I 9 ' -4 v l " . ' i . A, C llgyi if - V i f?' V .f"".fIQfn.g",:-"u Q , - 'J ' VW 3 ' ,--QM 1, ,hi fi 'if " , , ' , ' ' f " L'-5' . ' 'Q ' 4- " 4. , ' K .- .,,'. . ' Y.-j Y'-X 'i 2"'af'E1Q! ' Y " ,if i i - :.-- .QI , N " -14 - V 92 -' ' , I .if ' Q- W ' N .-, L , a ' lipiy, '92, ii I Laurel and Hardy! Can you see my Hnger on the other side? -Z ,,,, .J TT! F FT' - fi rcgji FEFQ I A. V x 1, Q- .-5.1,.,r: H . -341145. :. .,f is 4'- , " ,L , if , Metals 84 Minerals For A Better Tomorrow Asarco Incorporated if f aft f , i g We Lincoln Theater And Candy Bar Ron and Linda Lund Box N Troy 295-4848 king , xggf' T1-"M A Qx J.. 11. , LM 'L JENSENS NTY Full Family Department Store Clothing, Domestics, Crafts Toys, Housewares, Furniture, Full Line of Major T.V. And Appliances Bonners Ferry, Idaho 267-5115 Kenslers IGA Box L 295-4177 Troy HOITIE 406 295 4794 For all your portrait needs, come to the Lighthouse .. Where we specialize in making each portrait creative and unique! W i L i .gc 3 ,5,".x M' fA G -rm 2 ' x J -I-r1 E? li i!5 fl22Q Lighthouse sENioRs 513 Mineral Ave. vvEoo1NGsANDANN1vERsAR1Es . if 0 ng L 'W p e r il? ,Li i i , P Qi! if li ' - 4 293-3112 its GROUPS IVIAURER REALTY Libby Montana 59923 IVIILLER'S TRUSTWORTHY Building Supplies Sporting Goods Appliances I af ' S iEiTS5'LviroRTHT X X t QNX W in l FE Our Cornerstone Is The Rock Of Ages Troy Assembly Of God Pastor Steve Robins 295-4758 lvlinistering lst Century Christianity To A 20th Century World ui' I im 0 ' 0 Dan s Auto Sales Dan Tunison-Owner And Manager Phone. 406 295 5483 Res. 406-295-4436 Troy, Montana D 82 P lVlotors Chevrolet, Oldsmobiles, Pontiac 108 lVlain Bonners Ferry, Idaho 267-3100 24 Hour Towing Homes Businesses Developed 84 Undeveloped Acreages Tisher Realty Thompson Bldg.-Suite i-t2 Burns Husky Drawer X Self Service Gas Bulk Plant Troy, lVlontana 295-4280 Clyde 84 Sandy Bowen Box 547, Troy 293-7706 519 California Ave.-Libby Jack's Cafe i K, -. f . ty l let-Q . x ggxv:-'yi o. 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John Deere Sales and Service Farming and Logging :lf gf+2-m-..Q- - , 1- 'lil fill .ll I J' VIA 2 N011 5,5 ,hip I ' 4 I I ji fiiif:'.- ' lllr ,I N -r in ,LID X I IA " 3 ' 'If' 4 'I A' A I ' vi .l I ,.- '11 .V 1 VU. r'1."" ' '-Q-.' 1--,+A ,. --Q' f' "' -2. A ' -4'-fi-V,-S 728- iii . -.PZLL V, - as---'J -2' T . ., , " -- . . Cl - n ... South lVlain, Bonners Ferry, ID C2087 267-3116 FERRY HAROLD Printing and Publishing Bonners Ferry, ID Congrats from GOOD YEAR J.B.'s TIRE 84 AUTO Highway 2 Bonners Ferry, ID C2085-267-2411 Live illlusic Friday and Saturday Open 7 days Troy KNIGHT'S JEWELRY Keepsake Diamonds Jewelry and Watch Repair A BEAUTY STOPPE Great Hair Cuts for lVlen and Women Open lVlon.-Sat. Thursday till 9:00 BEULAH S KITCHEN 406 N. Second Troy Montana Family Style Homemade Pies Orders to 295-4421 Open till 3:00 ANI Friday and Saturday EVERGREEN FORD 10085 Nlain South Hill Bonners Ferry ID 83805 C2087-267-5555 KRUEGEL'S lVlEN'S SHOP Quality iVlen's Clothing Since 1930 109 iVIain St. 267-2511 BARGAIN GIANT Banners Ferry, ID Good Luck Trojans BON N ERS FER RY DATSU N North ldaho's Largest Used Car and Volume New Car Dealer 42087-267-3181 24-hour Towing Service Complete Body and Fender Repair TIR ES Box 737 Bonners Ferry Good Luck Class of "80" LP LOUISIANA- PACIFIC CO, lVlovie Springs, ID Congratulations Seniors! LITTLE JOE Pop, 3 on Highway 202 Saloon-Provisions Gas 406-295-4962 Montana Mayor- Dan Lockard Sheriff- Brad Nowell TROY SAVERITE Automotive Repair Car Wash Warren Robbe 295-4882 SUNSET EXXON 84 HOLIDAY MOTEL Box 307 Troy 295-4933 Western Auto Box 864 Bonners Ferry 267-2261 MGM FOOD CITY Groc,-Fresh Meat and Produce Clean and Friendly Service Bonners Ferry, ID CONSTRUCTION Builders of Homes not Houses Troy Montana 295-4332 SPECK'S TOG SHOP 521 Mine al Ave 293 4756 ' r Libby, Montana Halfway House On Bull Lake Grocery-Bar Gas Shrimp-Chicken and Pizza MONTANA LIGHT AN D POWER "Why Work?" i'Let Reddy Kilowatt do it." Troy SPECK S MOTEL Troy MT 295-4332 Hosts- Mike 81 Coileen I PAN HANDLE RESTAURANT Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Downtown Bonners Ferry Good Luck Seniors STATE LINE W. Highway 2 Troy Good Luck Seniors Yaak River Pickett Sales Post, Rail, 84 Pickett Fencing Rt. il Troy, Montana 59935 Phone 295-4761 CBusinessJ or 295-4559 CHomeJ Ask for LeRoy Twin Creek Polaris 84 Yamaha Snowmobiles Sales and Service X 'S ix I G S, wi' 9 Miles South of Troy Bull Lake Road CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from the OFFICE Restaurant 84 Lounge 407 2nd Street Warman's Drug 84 Variety Jim and Evelyn Warman B T T y NIT 295 4818 THE ANNUAL STAFF WOULD LIKE TO THANK THOSE BUSINESSES THAT SUPPORTED OUR ANNUAL i i i F575-if f A 69 W ' KMBMW IEW W .A Ai-YUJV W U. ' L !'-, N s' ' Q if N nl-.3 - nw ' - .. f fi' '. nn' 1 -, , iq , 1, Flfiihgi-. - ,- , TV' I f.1z.,H5fx.M'4 . , ' WI jg' " J. ,. ' -"' X ftp. X-Qllljfji 1 " ' -'nu ---.' ff'-V -r. DTN, . .I 4. V A.n 'HIL- ..:HH.lH, B . 'rl ' ' ' -v- '- . - ",-LIQ i.T1,"'u 1 : P I'H LH . 1 an 'L' 'L "'I :lt-5lK.uQrb1gi,iI-11 Cui' , .fi 1 Q' 'xmlhg-?f:r-Ji i -3-aj ,.'.,f4J V-mx l ' 'Y N ,, .-.T -.ILL 1 ,ul x e w M.:

Suggestions in the Troy High School - Trojan Torch Yearbook (Troy, ID) collection:

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