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Ilium 1980 Troy HighSchool 2200 E. Dorothy Lone Fullerton, Co. 92631 Volume 16 .i55VW.?VEE ,Y ,,.g,1:. .143,,V:E,,rv5gj,g 5Qf12Qtf:,:5i,jjriflgliiyfrffggggg Iiffsfi' W3g5?s5'l2gi:.1gSi023215'15'qf'5fiZfY?liQffTf3-:E 'W - K + X fm , W Sak Wag tim? . "'9 ? , I W ,,. - mv Brilliance ..... Seniors 'I' Intensity ..... Sports i Voriegotion .Activities 116 Diversity .Undercloss 194 CDF TROY Luminosity . . .Academics 228 Exposure ....... Ads 266 1 Assortment . . Index 278 1 fl. 115I".l,' ll f I Niall NJ Ill iii' nm, . .ry X I ,Wa .. ..l1-Xzwru L - f , ,:. 1 ' E 5 1 6? S 'E . , ,- 'i "i iJ41-I " 3. 'ff M -' 1- sea? 6 0990309 t ,Q s 'K , , - F WM M, ff'-L I' I -if O Opemng7 .,. E ,cp .- I V, N' ' F I X f f .Q-fs., ? V '.A, B H. F M ' 1 2? WM 9 1 5: 32 R52 ,L gf ' :., - I :li .n 4 kr in K f r f ' - 1 ' F ' , SV ' ' ,-rl! I if J, fum' A 5-1 f' M.-nv fefwg- v- ' ,WY ,gl 43 R 5 . fi ff , v H 1. During their lunch hour, Bryon Couch, Eric Folrz, Julie Poge ond Virgil Grillone socialize, 2. Dole Eby demonstrates 0 homework problem for on orrenrive oudience. 3. Dromoricolly, Deno Voccher points our on object of inreresr ro Shoron Dornerr. 4, While rrying ro erjoy his lunch, Jeff Swoney gazes or the compus ocfion. 5. A roinbow sridser, o very populor oddirion ro mony cors or Troy rhis yeor. 5 Opening 11 12 Seniors fy, - 1, 'wk H A' N - A gi f iii 5 A ,giigi A B ,A b Umm, , ,fi .15 .Ib X 1-eff. I K M 1 M my 1, in berween o cioss, Shannon Roberr- son, Poige Kvoncz, ond Monico Flock- horr stroll rowords rhe SOO building. 2. Senior, Cynrnio Robinson slyly eyes the comero. 3. Leoping inro me oir, John Sroumonr srroins ro corch ine frisbee. BRILLIANCE 14 Seniors Serjiors 15 lo Senlors Seniors Disploy Brillionce :Q An i sl, . wx 'fb' W AA: V... 5 wx 1. Afrer school, Vince Pirrs enjoys o leisurely nop on rhe lunch rooles. 2 Sensors, Shelley Nelson, Koren Wise, ond Robb: Miller Indulge rn rhe Ioresr gossip over lunch. 8. Vince Perolro reloxes in berween closses, 4. On o sunny December doy, Chrnsropher Holphide srrides cosuolly rhrough rhe compus EM ' V -, in v pw if ' DEC E Sensors LUCITA EVA DAWN VIRGINIA ADAMS AGUILERA ALLEN ALMANZAR s I 'X iq"'.'W V . gf ROSE JIM LISA CHERYL ALAVEREZ AMBRGSE AMGWERD ANDERSON KAREN KEVIN MIKE MARK ANDES ANDREWS ANDRU5 ANTISTA QW ALISGN ELIZABETH STEVEN JAMIE ARCINIAGA ARNOLD ARNOLD ASTLE MELINDA SUSAN CATHERINE JULIE AU AZAMA BADEN BAKULICH Wh CECILA KAREN PAM BROOKE BALLARD BALLARD BANEIELD BARIQER LARRY SHARON CARMEN CHERI BARNES BARNETT BARRAZA BARROW fir- 'vm +C' ANNETTE ED DEANNA JANET BECERRA BECKER BEESON BELL rs 20 Seniors Seniors Show Brilliant Spirit CHARLES RANDY BENNETT BERRY ff? MARY MEG BILLOW BILLOW LMW ff' MITCHELL BARBARA 'KRW ,ff ' ,f ,1-'J--, PETER ROBERT if.. ': , - ,Mtt ,, .:,:f,',', . 1f I ,, BLAIS BLISS BLUHON BORDNER FELICIA MIKE BOREL BRADSHAW The organization of the Senior class activities were difficult and frustrating, but in the long run, they were very rewarding and worthwhile. The Senior class officers organized the Winter Formal dance, the Graduation ceremony, the Senior breakfast and the grad night which was held at The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. As Senior class president, Doug Bystry felt that working with the Senior class was one of the most enjoyable experiences of his four years here at Troy. The class of 1980 was not only talented in Sports and Academ- ics, but also a wonderful and spirited group. The talents pose sessed by each individual contributed to the Troy tradition of excellence in the many endeavers they attempted and suc- cessfully accomplished. Above: Senior Class Officers: Doug Bystry, President, Paula Bradshaw, Vice President, and Karen Andes, Secretary. K. PAULA GREG HOLLY BRADSHAW BRANNOCK BRESLIN get 4 f' iw LISA BARRY CHRIS BRICKNER BRINK BRITT TINA SUSAN MIKE BR N N Us Pb- I f DESIREE DENIS SCOTT MAUREEN JODY BRYAN BRYERTON BURDIC BURNS BURTT -I ,Z RHONDA KAREN DOUG JULIE CLIFTON BUTLER BYRUM BYSTRY CAMPANELLA CAMPBELL Above: A group of Iiveiy seniors show rheir schooi spirir during one of Troy Highs assemblies, Seniors 21 2256- KAREN MIKE CHERYL LEE STEVE CAMPITELLI CAMPOS CARDALL CARDWELL CAVARETTA A.- 5Zfk"" ' -N. -s ' A ALAN LAURIE JEAN CHAMBERS CHAN CHAVEZ 'O A f u ,J X . U5 L, ,X X , RON BRUCE PATTY CHEVALLIER CHRISTENSEN CRAIG DANNY LYNETTE ELEEN KIPPY TERRI CHRISTENSEN CHUGG CLARY CLAY CLEVELAND A Serious Thought 7 2 Y x ' KIM RICK DAVE KEVIN CAROL CCEEMAN CONGELLIEIIE CONRQY CGNTIREIRAS CGQN 1 CHAIILETTE CAIROLYN CHRIS CQPELAND COUCH CIVXIN I Q Iv' ' L' K xl. al ' ,xx s A V .K 0 - I-, . .. WN! ,iv r 1 0 O FIXED TIIEIXESE STEVE CIYISSINGEII CUNNINGIIAM DAETWEILEIK I om mor o Very 5erIoo5 persoo ood IO my does ro wwe mae oorogroprw, I'ye mer me orooIem of rrymg ro wwe Very serwoos ood Very deep rhooghrs, our I WIII owe II o fwool fry Memories ore Very Imoorroor ro me ood memorwes ore mow Iulaeiy oII III Iwoye ro IwoId on IO when I rrwnls bode doom my mob sQIwooI yeors, oor yyhor I reoIIy wow ro IwoId on ro ore me oeopIe, reodwera, frwemds ood eyeryome eIse who Iwos mode Ivqh 5cIwooI me oesr yeors of my Iwfe Whor opsers me I5 mor Ihese peopIe WIII, for me mow oorr, no Iomger oe o oorr of my Info ood become of rms deorewrwg mooqm I vyooId IIIQQ ro Ier oII of mem Isoow I Iove Sreye Whoo 5 5 5 1455 I W emo oouo non DAGGETT ofwymwo ofyvxmow Aoo,e If o rowdy wood UHQV o oosIaeIbf:II gome Dq.9 Eby Vme Perowo Em Povsorw ood Iwm Hom-fm oe'Qe' pose our In 'Ive pormoq Ior 36-mom 23 24 Senlors Memories Of 1980 Every once IO a whale I0 Ilfe, lr's lmporranr for us ro recall speclal or or leasr memorable experlences The pasr four years encompass so many of rhese experlences rhar Ir's lmposslole ro remember rhem all, our cerrain feellngs and evenrs srand our, such as rhe exclremenr of sronding IO o human runnel yelllng for rhe fooroall players, or rhe rowol- ness or rhe cruclol Sunny Hllls oasleeroall game The Qrear leellng of rellef and accomplishmenr when a rerm paper is flnolly rurnea ln, or rhe sorlsfocrlon rhar IS earned oy worlsf Ing on somerhlna Csuch as rhls Yearoool-O olmosr ro rhe polnr of nor carlng anymore, our or lasr havlnq ll complerf eo The oesr memorles rhouah, come from rhe rlme spenr vvlrh frlends, rlme spenr ro Qer ro lsnovv one anorher, ro help one anorher I0 rlmes of sadness, ro laugh hysrerlcally or alolse rhar IS oosolurely meanlngless ro anyone else, our mosrly rlme Iusr ro realize rhar someone else cares aoour you lr IS rhese frlenas vvhom I love dearly and vvlll mass mosr offer gracluarlon Our class of 1080 really IS rhe oesr, our lr's rhe people IO ll rhar malse II fonrasrlc and I vvlsh rhem love ana success In rhe furure Mary L Schaefer DEL RIC CQIXTES DEMLINGETK 1, ..., 50" Nav PEGGY ALAN MICHELLE DAVIS DECIQEIX DECON0 IQIRISTINE RCYA MEI-IIRNAZ DEE DEHGHANI DELISANI 'bu GEPIADO GLENN DEDOITAI-I DIANA AUTUMN DENNIS DIAZ DILLQN ik TERRY JOHN DEDDIE DISNEY DITHOMMASO DIXON Lefr Afrer loud applause, Kevln Andrews acknowledges has norm narlon for Ilomecomlng Kuna ol 10791980 YF' JULIE JENNIFER CINDY DDDSON DONATO DOCDLEY -.3 '--- I ' -- ',,I .I QQJ ' 4 ,f-' f I IXCDN IIANS CAROLE DOSCHEII DCDLIGLAS DOYLE 4 4. -, ,J ,X A X . If DANNIE STEVE DAN KEVIN WAYNE DUDOIS DUFFIN DUII? DUIXIQIN DUTTQN 2.5 DALE SUSAN SAMI CLIFF IQRISTIN EDY ELLIDT EL SADEN ENDRESEN EPPEIKSON At Im IJ maucul posit Maggie Hom Vw I I W SUIOOI IGI 26 Seniors 11 If As Time Passes On I MICHAEL ART TONI MINICA ANNETTE FARRELL FORD FELANDO FLOCIQI-IART FLORES CAROL MICHELLE FOSTER FOSTER fun. .fi Q' ,251 DAVID CATHERINE FOX FRANCI-lUl4 As rime posses on we wonder whor's in srore, From rhor big beouriful world we oim ro explore, Srep by srep we ger closer ro rhe doy, When we will oll be on our own woy. We sholl lools forword ro rhe doys ro Comeg- Remernber our friends ond oll rhe fun. As we lools bocls on our ever so Ioyol TI-IS, We'II never forger when we were rhe besrl Our Senior yeor wos Greor, To 1980 we celebrorel mf VERNON ED RQBIN FRANCIS FRENCI-I FRIED Above While sucking on o luscious Sees suclser, rhe "IroIio clreom boy", Deno Voccher, cosrs his eyes on o group of fernoles. , Iiv l T' W- 'ff w i III I r I II I I n " ' I Z ' I , , 1 I 5' f I KEVIN SADIN JAN LINDA LISA FRIEL FRISCHMUTH FROELICI-I GALA GARCIA if. TRISHA GARDNER FE ' 'xg I .V DANIEL GARY Above AddIng o roucn of punk ro ner self Image, Jennifer OIr'nsred purs on o pour of dork snodes GEIGER GER Sf Y ' I ix L XI 0. ik? . BETH CAROL DONNA LORI ANDREA GENTHE GENTRY GERVIN GGETSCH GOLDIE Senwors 27 28 Seniors PAUL GRAHAM STANLEY LTNDA DAVE AL GRAHAM GREEN GREGORY GRESTO SCOTT GROOT STEVE UDMUNDSON MARY GUNNETTE ,,...-X AD TOM GROWE S5 SHERYL GUERNSEY T CATHY CHRIS STEVE DIANNE HALLAM HALPHIDE HAMILTON HAMMETT Ove On o Frudoy ofremoon, Tmo Dnrr odds some fmushung rouches ro omorher spfnr fnlled posrer for o wwmmng Womor foorbolr game "What A Greot One!" JOHN KARLA BRAD HANSEN HARE HARRIS JULIE ELLEN JACK HASIQIN HAWLEY HEDGES STEVE DAN HART HARTZHEIM Moy rhese symoolnc ohroses be reserved for use oy mexr yeor's semors ond ol! rhose Semors Qrodoormg rm me closs of 1980 Jdsr roo mp, cooT, Prwysncs TS Fon? Yeo. . .Rughr ooooooh rwoooooorw, Noise rrwe Wholes, Wordw our for rrwe Chrdeen, Wrwor o greor ode, Srorrs vvnrh on M, Mrlse, OR Eine, AH no Fovor of Demo omzed soy Aye. . .Aye I dorfr rhmle so, Yovvrmg Boones, Peoce, Love ood Rod Sreworr, vve were or me beech, everybody bod morchmg rovveTs, . . RB,WS,PM,SWy TC,I Amd ossooores -sf.. -..-X x . susfw BRYAN mem Heusr HELLER HENDERSON uh, , my E., R i '. is J 4 A MHA I MARK STEVE TERESA HENSON HEPDURN HERNANDEZ Rrghr During me Homecomrmg ossemoly, Jeff Rrmer ood Doog Dysrry oclmowledoe rrwerr norm mornoru for Homecomrrwg Kung QSW 1""Mg, J i w P SO Seniors ii Thonks For The Memories" ! 5? is I ...Q I I ' ' r LISA HESSION HOERTZ fd' S I , se wen.. I if 3 D""iw 5 I Q f' , RANDY eele I S I ' HX CHRISTINE HOGDIN if me HOFFMAN ,Q- JULIE ELIZABETH MAGGIE HOLMDERG HOLLEY HOHN TOM AUDREY HOWARD HOLMES Our Senior life is finoily over or Troy, no morrer which direcrion we choose ro fIow in life ir wiII virruolly be impossible ro Iools bocls over the yeor ond nor smile or rhe mony greor rimes we hod, For who Con forger rhe mony clossics .. roiler popering, pieing friends, we rhe oQrh srreer beoch house, rhe foorooll gomes ond CIF., rhe boslserboll gomes ond rhe 6059 win or Sunny Hills, the romonce, "Yeo, righr", rhe gossip, the "gropes", ond of course rhe porries, rhe wonderful porries oll of rhese ond mony orhers were o porr of rhe Closs of 1980, We were on ero, ond rruly o greor one. Now ir's rime ro move on ond meer new chollenges. I wouldjusr Iilse ro rhonls you Troy, for rhe Ioughrer, rhe love, rhe memories, You were Isind ro me. Forewell ond moy rhe spirir of Troy nor only erernolly exisr in my heorr, our in the heorrs of oII irs srudenrs. DOUG BYSTRY. fx if CHAPILES DEREK BRAD HUNGATE HULRGPIEN HOYT ABOVE. During lunch, Ed Speich, Terry Worlsins ond Therese Cunning hom ergoy rhe cool summer breeze JAY TOM CHARLES BILL ANN I-ILINNEMEYEB HUNT JACIQLE JANOSCO JOEBGEB STEPHANIE JOHNS RODGER JOLLIFF SUSAN JONES Rlghr, On Halloween, Som EI Soden reveals Hs rrue orwcesrry DEBBIE JOHNSON I , Xi. :ffm 'f 'V 'gffcgiiggl-1 ff ' - 'ST ., 1 ' x DONNA JOHNSON MARK JEBILYN JOHNSTON JOINEB I k,f,,A,, ,, V V 5. I1 All 1 1 ROSS JONES TIM JONES Sensors 31 I"--num WENDY MICHAEL DCJREEN LARRY KAREN JONES JOYCE IQACZMARSIQI IQANE KEE 32 Servers 'rw " IQRISTINA DIANA IQEHL IQENDREW V' 1 M 1 H I J J I I IQELLIE MARDI A Ai KENNEDY IQIDWELL 'gf 1 rx 'Q I, I I i L , XI I rx I f , n JIM JIM ALICE FRED JIM IQINNANE KISTLER IQITTREDCJE KCEPPE IQOHLENBERGER Above Some Se-mor ployers prove Troy ns reoIf ly number 1 A Time For Mixed Emotions. ROBIN IQOTT JOHN KIXPAN LOIRI LANE ICN DIANE LANGELLE DAIKLA LAW DAWNA LAW -PM x." J-f-My MIKE LEAHEY .CN GRACE LEE Ilrgrwr During one of ner off perrods, orrenrron ocross rne good PAIGE IQVANCE Groduorion is o rime for mixed emorions Ir's o mme ro renninisce oll rI'we good rirnes, such os oII rhe foorooII gornes, meernng ofrerwords for pizzo, going ro oil rhe porries, rhe boskerboll gomes, fignrnng for ine win ogoinsr Sunny H1IIs, winning rhe Freewoy Leogoe Chonnpuonship, rhe donces, ond ine oeodn pornes Grodoorion rneons growing inro on odulr, more responsrorl irres, o cnonce ro molse somerning of oorseives Ir oiso meons Ieovrng rhe friends we've mode rnrough rhe yeors, who we've spenr ine good fumes wirn ond helped os rhrough rrwe ood fumes Friends who we mov never see ogorn. Grodoonon is o mme ro soy forewell ro everyone, ond ro wish good lock in ine fdrure ro come DAVID FOX DAVE LANGSTON SUSAN LAWSCDN BLAKE LEW Koren Andes coprores ner friends 4-" J' WE5 LORI LANIQFQIKD LANSMAN . ws-QP, v vs A 1 i" ifffo, L ' I were 34 Seniors When o freshmon, one Connor imogine even be coming o Senior. When rhis some person finolly does become o Senior, he con'r imogine hoving even been o freshmon. Our of rhese rvvo yeors ond rhe rwo in bervveen, rhe Senior yeor is by for rhe besr. This phenomenon moy be orrribured ro mony differ- enr focrors: peoch porries, being cheerleoders or bos- Iserboll gomes, yelling or ossemblies, posrponing es soys in Fores' dosses, ond jusr sirring in rhe good rollsing ro people These ore rhe memories rhor oll of Us will surely cherish, No morrer hovv guiclsly rhis yeor hos gone oy, good friends molse ir oll worrhvvhile ond I wish oll rhese people oll rhe locls in rhe vvorld - for rhey cerroinly deserve ir. WW YI Seniors Are The Best TSN I MELANIE KEVIN KATHLEEN LEW LILES LILLIE is ! f, f .,,-,, I x LYNDA MARK JERILYN LORI KAREN LIMA LINDER LIOLIOS LOETUS LOOMIS ANITZA LIZ LIZ MARK STACEE LOPEZ LOPEZ LOVELADY LUM LUNA CARRIE RON MACHADO MACIAS Righr. In o doze, Chris Hoffmon eryoys rhe summer sun, JULIE MALLOW NICHOLAS 3 L X GREC5 MIKE MAMOUNAS MANNINO MANOOKIAN CHRIS SCOTT TINA MARENGO MARTIN MARTINEZ TRACY WILL TODD MIKE ROSS MARUMOTO MA MATHEWSO MATSUMOTO MCCORMICK DANA LISA MARIE KATHLEEN BRENDA MCDONALD MCEARLAND MCGRATH MCGUCKIN MCGUIRE Above Afrer We game, 0 wed Troy Royer poys Ioyolry ro Troy Hugh Semors 85 So Seniors Look To The Future -rf'7 I DOD SUZANNE MIKE DANNY DAVID MCKEE MCLAY MCNAMARA MCNETT MESA 'I in .-as RAELEEN SHELLEY SHERRIE MELINDA CARLOS METHENY MICHAEL MICHAEL MILAM MILLA 'is ,if Q. X, Wm ri. RODDI STEVE SUZANNE MILLER MILLER As Seniors in high school, loolsing inro rhe furure leoves Us wirh mixed feelings of opprehension ond onriciporion Leoving rhe secoriry of our fomily, friends ond high school doys is going ro be very hord, Troy hos held mony exciring ond disoppoinring momenrs for Us Remembering ihese rimes will nor oe difficolr for Us ond rhey should olwoys be Corried wirh us. Soying good-bye is never eosy ond will be hord for rhe closs of '80 We lools ro rhe more wirh much exciremenr ro find our whor ir holds for Us ond whor ir will bring eoch of Us. Closs of 1980 Roooi Miller MILLER DEDDIE MOORE X '51 ,F KEVIN TONY LARRY MOORE MORGAN MORIZIO 4'- PATRICIA SCOTT KEVIN MORROW MORTON MUJICA I 4, ww' PAM AUDREY DEANN SHEILA KERI MULLEN MURRIE NORRIS NOLLEY NOLLETTE MAUREEN SCOTT KIM MARK SHELLY NOLAN NICHOLSON NGUYEN NEW NELSON Dummy Phymcs Goss, Ross Jones recharges has Dorrery Above In Derweefw dcsses Come Mochodo odds some of her C 0 m ro 0 me-orby corwersomom x' Q" u 'J r F J 4 1 , 19351, W 4 .ddr ww, A v F ,A ff 11, M ff,f-f'f-'vig - f',f,frv 'P' ,. 1 A ,,,-,.fk "'-463352. if 'W O8 Semors qi., JANE KATHY LAURA PETTY PHILLIPS PICKUP A Grateful Student When I first come to Troy, I vvos o smoll, frtghtened sophomore from o country vvhtch nobody hos ever heord obout. My first doy ot Troy vvos one thot I vvtII never forget vvolleing oround in o doze trying to find Closses in this huge school This vvos my first time in on Americon schooi ond I felt very nervous ond stupid stondtng oione out in the ouod Novv thot I om o Senior, I Ioois bocls on those doys in shome To thinls I octuoliy vvos homesicis for Singopore when I hod so mony vvonderfuI friends here in the United Stores I just vvont to thonls oli these people ond especioily the svvim teom for Ietting me hove specioi moments to plont in my memory, Without these memories of high school, Iife in the future vvould be o Complete loss, LAURA STEGEMEIER Y'7 -'bw JIM MARK VINCENT KEN JOHNNY PIKAART PITCHARD PITTS PQLK POPE Y 'ki ' r' If JANICE Ponms ..-pam-me I ,E . ,,,Mw,i., My ,I ,iry KATHY Poxvm W 3 t ti at J i 1 syy ,. - f 't if I my ,ifi " . 4 5,,,', ' , 4 V ,tg STEVEN KARL PRICE PRICE Above At the fomous Yorbo Lindo Porode Borboro Biiss seils soft driniss for the Troy High Interoct Club booth Sen ors SQ AO Sehwors A Reflection Of Individuolify A, .K ERIC DARLA PATTISQN PATRICK RGD PAGE 39. 5 , LOI5 GWEN CQUINN RADUS BRAD RAMCS 'lk X ,fR' f-.,,,,, X f I DEBBIE BUEBEN JOHN CABOLYNN KEITH RARIDAN RAYA REAMES REED REEI. Now rhor we hove Qroduored from high schooI, eoch of us sehousiy oegwhs ro pIoh for o successfuI furure our wonders how much mme ood efforf II WIII TOISG VO reoch rhus specnoI Qool of life long nmoorrohce To moke rhe food ro success less dIffIcuIr, we musr fIrsr oeIIeve ih ourselves, hove o cohslsrehcy of purpose ohd hor Iuve soIeIy IO rhe oosr or rhe furure our Ier eoch doys exoemehces ehhohce rhus goo! AIrhough oII of us rhoy hove o dwfferehr opihfoh of whor success Is, we musr ogree rhor ir IS DOI meosureci oy rhe DOSITIOVW we hove orromed our by rhe oosrocIes we hove overcome Therefore, Ier us cohcehrrore oh our owh occomolishrhehrs ohd hor be cohcerhed wirh how we corhpore wnrh orhers For If we occepr rhIs chollehge, our reword WIII oe ochneveo rhrough rhe expressIoh of our owh persohoI efforrs. . .A rrue re' fIecrIoh of our nhduvIduoIIry. . . Therese Cuhhihghorh Above Rwghr Afrer procnce, Sreve Schoffer ohd Jeff Rmer dwscuss rhe hew pIoy JANICE CINDY SHARON REPLOGLE RHCADES RICHARD JOE LANA LANCE JEEE JENNY RICHARDSON RICHARDSON RIMER RITCHIE RITCHIE JAMES RITTER 'P f'- Af? Qi fc KAREN OBB JIM ROBERTS PAUL ROBERTS STEWART SHANNON CYNTHIA DENISE MARY ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROBINSON RODGERS RODRIGUEZ Above Afrer Iweonmg me VTOFTWIVIGQS for Home-commg queeft Some Srose-wo cofwgfomofes Dom Demos .si A2 Seniors Drecim The Future A new life iies oheod of us, Oooorruniry sronds before us, Which woy shouid we go? We wiil sei goois, hope rhor we reoch rhem, ond somehow build our fufure The dreom worid suddeniy becomes reoliry ond reoli- ry becomes our furure The oosr life becomes memo ries ond memories ore never ro be forgorren. A Treosure rhe memories ond dreom fhe furure mom Com siifmoisi ciwbi IQELLI hoc nowiiiic Rouen AQ f HN .2 5 i'e , if if V, 7. ,gy SUSAN TIM RUTH CAROL TAMMI ROSS ROSS RQUSSEAU RGWAN RCDWE Y, ,rl 3 T w' , i , 3 , 1 TRGY ROD GREG ROYER RUSSELL SALAS DAVE JEEP DRIDGET SALEEN SANCHEZ SANDERS Righir During rhe morning before Homecoming Donce, Tom hunr finishes up rhe decororio s I ,, x 9 fn . .. .-E 4 .. E 8 , mf QQI fm t ' 33' I SI 5 R , ,Q . is E . ,. A R3 I I Q 1 ig 5.1 QQ' JAMIE MARY CAMILLE SANFORD SCHAEEER SCHICI4 iff DAVID RICHARD ROBERT SCHURHAMMER SCCRDO SCOTT GREG KEVIN PAUL IIGMEIRA IEEE SEIEERT SHIRI4 SI IIROTA SIIOIQRGOZAR SICILIANI SUE RENEE IQIM ROBERT GAIL SIMPSCDN SLIGER SNCW SUMMER SPAETH Ab A5 me pop cxawmbly f1ppwcJcIwQs,, MIQIIQIIQ Fosrer 5 cm Mor upgormrwq pcrfrqrrncnmc rs AA Sensors SPEICI-I 'ff SONYA JOHN LAURA STASENIQO STALJMONT STEGEMEIER ROBERT ERIC GREG STILWELL STOBALJGI-I STULL D L 'NI LJ 1' X-. I BRYAN CATHY SPONSELLER STARI4 x C. 7' v hs! 9- PAM VALERIE STEINBERGER STEWART MIKE WILLIAM SUCHAN SIJCHAN DALE JOE JEAN CHARLIE SUGGETT SWANEY SWANSON SWARTZ Above Wwe checmog our o posse-r oy, Fred Cnssuoger fIoshes ooorher one of has devxlish grams Rughr Lusremmg ro Iwo gomes or once, Juergen Wuesremonrw, Morls Aomsro ood Kem Dorber hope rheir borrery Iosrs "Here Comes The Class Of 198O." -b 1 J ., A- T- R ' 1 fgff' .. :if , s . .f JANET DEBBIE BILL IQBIS SHAWN SWENSEN SWETLANB SYLVIA TAYLES TEBBE is E 'S MONIOUE JOHN VILIQI JIM VAN THOMAS THOMMASO THOMPSON TOLLEY TITAN IQABLA JULIE PAUL SANBBA DENO UGOLINI ULLOM VACCHEB Being o oorr of Troy High School for rhe Iosr four yeors hos oeen on experience, ro soy rhe Ieosr. Yer I Isnovv rhor when I Ieove rhis somerifnes crozy, somerirnes frdsrroring our oivvoys Iovooie oloce, Im going ro rniss sorherhing rhor hos oecorne very precious ro me TBASI4 TULLOSS Being o oorr of rhe doss of 1980 showed me vvhor rrUIy Unigde ond gifred friends ond clossmores I orh oiessed vvirh Every closs Ioys cioirn ro rhe rifle of 9651, our I Ienovv our closs vviII rnolae hisrory one doy Being o Senior is sorherhing rhor I vviII olvvoys cherish A vvhoie new vvorld hos opened Up for me ond I siond vvirh one foor in rhe oesr of oorh worlds I'II never be or rhis poinr in rirne ogoin ond I vviII never ger o second chonce ro join my clossrnores in soying "LOOK OUT WORLBMWHERE COMES THE CLASS OF 1O8OI" Corhy Srorls f' o's A 46 Seniors S L l A Spirit Of Youth s"'Af- A cjiinis y taotw vf-XLLELY vANDEtxHEYDEN fr 41' ' K LX K 1 1 32 1 5 JANINE JEFF WALKER WALKER Our Senior yeor is but o moment in our lives, preceded by joyous ond ogonizing yeors ond to be followed by whot now seems on eternity. But just os we hove reoched this point in our lives, so will we reoch onother. It will come sooner for some thon others, but the spirit thot dwells within us now will corry us through. Our true inner selves will never chonge from whot they ore todoy, though o time will come when we grow old. We owe it to our youthful selves ond to the port of us thot will become oged to live life os fully ond os worldly os possible. -Mordi Kidwell is Q., qggx l W A l4ELLlE MARCIA WEEMS WEILLER Al VERONICA RUSSELL JULIE VASQUEZ VAUSE VOS l.- 'QS nrt we ,- -ly l EDWARD TERI WANGENSTEIN WATKINS TINA WEDAA Above: Ar one of Troy High's more rodicol stog donces, Eve Shultz gives Dole Eby o lift to the donce floor. 'E 'W KAREN LANI WELLS WELTMER X. - 'sunk . X 1 KELLY JOEL WENTWORTH WERNKE 932 ul C H , 7 J' f ', , . .., I Q ff' my .ff Q W4 I PM E, , mga nt, I "I If .- , wk fb 51? 'fb Q , ,.-...., we ' fe. M K 'T -I- ,k', " .fi V x 5 'W In " I wa , i a 1 A I 4 ' wir, hav ' ,. E J ' 'mg wb QQ .. I'-in W I . 4- I ,QI we 6 . ir ,.., ,ss 'Qs NICK MIKE KARL LILA CLAY WHELAN WHITE WIESE WILBRAHAM WILCOX ERIC CRAIG CI-IRIS KEVIN STEVE WILLIAMS WILSEY WILSON WILSON WILSON Above- A group of inreresred Seniors worch one of Troy's ossemblies of rhe Lecrure HQII sreps. Semors 47 48 Semors As I leave, I reaIIze rnar I nave rnade nnany errors Hovvever, rbey were all errors rnjudgenwenr and nor InrenrionaI I dId nor mean ro narrn anyone I WIII rry border nexr rIrne nor ro rnaIee rne some nnrsralses Bur I vviII nor rbrnIs abour rnenn any more I vvIII only rbinls or rbese words: "Pay any once, bear any burden " I guess vvbar rbese vvords mean Is you nave ro aIvvays be ConfIdenr and arrad-2 every problem vvirn vigor You aIso nave ro Iearn ro exoecr Ineguirres NornIng IS ever eauaI, You nave ro Ieorn ro drverge Ineaualrrues. You nave ro Iearn ro be realrsrrc, nor ideaIrsrIc Above aII, you bave ro Iearn ro be yourseIfI Do nor succurnb ro oeer pressures Be a rnaveruds If you rnusr, Try ro be everyrbrng you vvanred ra be. Pay every once Bear every burden DanieIJ Gary "Dedicated To All Heroes." jf' STEPHANIE KAREN WIMBER WISE x . ..s JC fb -42.1 JANET ALLEN ALICIA IUERGEN TOUG WOLSBORN WORSHAM WRIGHT WUESTERMANN YANG YOCUM TT' 'v TERRY VERONICA ASHEAF BRAD KIMBERLY YORBA ZARICHI ZIEBELL ZIEBELL I DEBBIE ZEITLER Rrgbr Srudenrs sIrrrng rr our on rne brrds waII exchange gossip over Iuncb W ,I SQL... I """Nm,,. , V f ' ' ,'nafS.2?i T - -"lk ' 3, , ' .. "r H -1 , 'Q T2 ' , 7 W E Q.-3 -poi " fi i f . 1 Plans Douglas casually carches up on some school reading on a shaded grassy hill 2, Jusr passing rime away, Sreve Daerweiler, Jamie Asrle, and Bryon Sponseller enjoy flicking borrlecaps across rhe quad. 3, Susan Azama humorously cornmenrs on an inside joke. 4. During an assembly, Dale Eby announces rhe laresr acrion going on ar Troy ro rhe srudenr body ' The exrraordinary class of 197980 was alive wirh exciremenr. They made rhe mosr of rheir senior year by gerring involved in a variery of acfiviries. Wherher ir was winning rhe class cornperirion in our school assemblies every fime, going all our for such special days as Spirir Weels, or showing acrive involvemenr and good leadership in mosr of Troy l-ligh's clubs, rhey rruly followed rhe rradirion of rhe pasr spirired senior classes. The whole srudenf body was aware of rhe viraliry, inrelligence, creariveness, and rhe enrhusiasm wirhin rhe senior class. Wirh rhe rurn of rhe decade, rhe Class of 1979-80 was eagerly off ro a new begin- ning in rhe ourside world of opparruniries, They had all rhar ir ralses ro become successful in rhe furure. i,...c... N-.M Seniors 49 ,-e- 'xf ,w ' 4- .Wee -wf 1. Afrer Q srrenuous volieybdl procrrce, Brenda Campbell rolses mme our ro resr 2 Concenrrorrng on rne bolr, Snerley Neison is reody ro recemve rne serve, 3. Cross counrry runners, Greg Huff ond Mrlse Seymour srrrve rowords rne finish INTENSITY 'L-:mpg -I Ein- f : -'i5iLwQ':1S?'Q.g.' ig V'-,411 rf, ' QP-f 5 J , ' " ' "'5 ' , X .. ,V 1.1 . zz' " ' . .fix ,M , W' , -f Q if X ! I . 5 F in-j ,- I XX X Xu 4 t 'ef Troy Annihilofes 'Em Wirn on overoli record of 1072, rnis yeor's Troy reom proved ro be one of rne rnosr exciring in Oronge Counrv, feoruring on explosive offense ond o derermined oggressive defensive unir Tne nopov mixing of rolenr, experience, ond desire gove rnis reom rne iirrle exrro rnor rnoiees o cnornpion, Through rneir nord vvoris ond exrro efforr our Worriors nove ser on exonwpie for furure reorns, ond oll rnose wno love Worrior Foorooli. 1 Fred Crissinger eiudes o Foilerron rodsier. 2. Jeff Soncnez C115 ond Deno Voccner C315 execure on oprion Iefr. S, Coocn Feoio ond Rons Dougios ger rneir signois srroignr A An injured Dove Meso vvorcnes rne gonwe inrenrly E f Y 1 , ' 1 "': :wr ' G " ' 135- V In Q, , 1. f I ,f,'- '- ' l- k Sk - Vfrf , I , , g I I ij? r I I, ,M MW .11 MQW g V g,., 1 V R R 1 ' 1, 11 1 ' ' , J I ' ' 'N--fm' -v.1...,..,,,,,,,,,,, , A , qv 1 V , 1 .A . 1 I ,V , on M K .M M --u-M.....1,..,,,, ,Af t ' f PL no - 1.1, Z. L 1 w A ' """""f"'H1lr -ua-vu-me-1'-'Q-swoqpgg 1 E ,mi A' ., iii? 1 ir 1,1 1 sw. 1 1 ww 4 k 3 ' ' ' M- -0- , V . . J. -K ' J W r an Q A' A '11 - , " 'i 1. ,1 If lf! 1 +1 V1 y ' 'rr x 1,4 5 J gif! 3 , . , . .K I: . EMD", '. "' A ' , , N"ff1' f'-MHU1. .. ' " Y , A K A V . fm1,1,f R Swvmv. U t xv! xv W F. Xl I' 'V 1 , 1 . , v A ,1 4 .-'gy Mg 1 , ?1+':, f f- ' f Q ,202 5111.9 I' f' ' Y-51' 5 L ' -1, 'A my W A ,,, mf , J1. Q 149- 6.5 : 1 'f .. ' ' "' 1 -gh VU g 1 , . . hw' A ' ,,,, ' "',""1'-rf I J I W sf'2:'s6.1 , fa 11" ,. ' -ry 1, 1,,m, , , , t I N I 1 A 1 Q 1, .M L, ,V 111 4 1 1 fe' P vi wcdpf 1-, at -3, I . .K ge' .- ,. s S11 ln-.A 52 Soorrsfvorsiry Foorboil 5 Cooch Hosrins ponders rhe upcoming fourrh down siruorion, o isr row, P Hoffmon, S EIfSoden, J Korcher, R Poge, C Speirs, D. Dlocisburn, D, Dernol, T. Oddo, D. Dullducls. 2nd row, K Durlsin, D Derrsche, J, Srone, T, Royer, G, Hughes, M. Fonres, K Hossler, E Porrison, J, Horns, S. Doerweiler, S Hepburn. 3rd row, Cooch Dove Torberr, M. MCNomoro, M. Monoolsion, M. Brown, D Voccher, M. Simpson, S, Schoffer, P, Cunninghofn, A, Clincy, D Meso, J Rinner, Cooch Croig Hosrins Arn row, P Voccher, J. Hedges, M, Compos, R Douglos, D. Eby, D. Dysrry, F Crissinger, Pi Jones, G. Doverin, M Lofrus 5rh row, G. Sreeie, C Knox, M McGee, C Pererson, C Sworrz, D. Suggerr, J Sonchez, J. Kroon orh row, Cooch Richord Reynoso, Cooch Corle Se-ole, L Voccher, G. Voccher, R. Hogbin, J, Dowd, Cooch Criog Feoio, Andy Shore 7. Wirh o block from Anrhony Clincy, Fred Crissinger wenr on ro score rhe gorne winning rouchdown ogoinsr Anoheirn High School ,, fi- Li 3 'J' fi if i., , ' 'W 7 'TK "Q, '-1,41 Fil J fy C .iss ii?-'f?2ei'3.fl'i'1 f H ifiiyi' f J W H35 , Viizy ,Wm : vV , 1' ., 4 4-1. f , C W ' 4453.5 'QQQQEI 71' sf' "' ' .'4. ,A'f V "N ' i " ?,,7la,., 1. ,. M Sporrsfvorsiry Foorboil 53 541 Sporrsfvorsmry Foorboll 28 Sonora .... . . .6 7 Esperonzg . . . . .14 CSO Fullerron . , . . . . .7 28 Wesrern . , . . .O 412 Sgvgnng . . . . .6 19 Soddlebgcle . , . . .6 19 Angnem ..., . . .16 L11 Bueng Pork .... . . .18 417 Mggnolig . . . . .O Q0 Sunny Hi11s . . ........ 13 1 Greg Hughes Issdss on exrrg ponnr ogomnsr Mognoho H4gn Scnooi Q Wxrn Cnonfe Sworrz b1oc1sung, Fred Cnsswnger Dreolss nnro me cleor .... ,,.. .w T 1 Q ff 11'11 --11 in 11- 5 . ., . my - 1 .i Q .. .. LL ? ' frin ,..:m.,: W new 11 . wg., L ,,., A fr .f - - Jli q f, - ,N 3 . zszifs V 1. , K: K 4 MV sg, is 11, fir- L L K' if N S. - -'L , , Smeg ff Qs . w:,c,,.'f 'N' ' 'E ' r sr s.. N - A' L K , .Q N mimi?- , Q, i 'll' . K 4 K 1915 1.0 4 , :lx - ' I ..r SX, x ,Q Q' a 1 'rf -43" 4 .. 4 N Q f ,J-f ' L 6 "A, f 43 4 f , 'ri S , , W 5, mf M-,. 2' :il "" ' ' x .zjif A r g :" f' I Q: V ? 'L , 'M' R ma M ,Hugs-. ggiiiwi 1 U43 N W S' pfsvy ' ' Y or-mt3':f5t'1 I ' 1 iw.. ,, rin A P52 S fr 1 I, , 'I fl N , r Af' ' , Warriors Break Many Records During rhe 1979 season rhe Troy Warriors brolse 15 ream records enroure ro Troy's perfecr 7-O season. Ir was rhe firsr rir'ne in Troy's hisrory rhe ream had gone undefeared. During rhe reguiar season rhe offense averaged 31 poinrs per game, while rheir opponenrs averaged only 8 poinrs per garner One record rhar was broken was roral yards rushing wirh Qooi yards during rhe season. Orher records rhar were sharrered were mosr inrerceprions, mosr exrra ooinrs made, fewest yards allowed by rhe defense and rhe Iongesr winning srreals in Troy's hisrory. This years ream pref ceded ro oreals many records on rheir way ro an exceprional seasons C3 During rhe game, Dale Eoy punrs rhe bali away againsr Ana' heim High School. A Jeff Sanchez warms up before rhe game 5 Againsr Buena Paris High School, Mike Manoolsian rerurns a punr bacis for yardage ' - 5 QQ S 'S 3 inggi fn ln. ri ' - w "3 ' gif . 11,3550-fri. mf , L ff I , rs s 'Q , is- f J, 'V if 'ff'-V .-.rv A 8 T 'SWR Qjrl .zh- 1 1? U 4 I , .,, . eng I l. Ply' af K 5 9141, 4. fg-k ff'-gxr,f,4'7i2 vu, 17 f ic' . N '1. . y, ff- I ii wfxnhdiffi' -' .,,,,,.,- . . -Q- Soorrsfvarsiry Fooroali 55 First Season The Freshmen football team this past year ended their season vvith 5 vvins-11 losses for their final record. The strangest point of their game vvas their defense. When aslsed, "What vvas your goal for this past season?" Coach Hoover replied, "Ta vvin more games than vve lose," And with J that in mind the Freshman team vvent aut and did just that. X L x X 4 V -.. . 'I ' f? ff ..- , viii ,V ,Q , gg ' , J .' I A X . I vial ia- A 4' 1 v N wk! I ul gee i 4 3 li 'lit 4. if I te it Ai O -..Au .Qs 14 A fl ui Q. 1 Just after the hand aff, David Hastings, Huy Nguyen, Teddy Criss get ready to black and, Daran Ballantine gets ready ta pass the football 2 Allen Crawley, with referee and a player from another school C3 Front Raw' Ron Cools, Dante Ochotareno, Scott Greenwood, Mark Delesse, Robert Little, Robert Carmichael, Sean Robertson, Vince Vaccher, Jan Almeida, Robert Stevens, Marla Zentner, Chris Suchan, Milse Downing, Robert Hathaway, Scott Owen, Middle Raw Coach Marla Hoover, Scott Rayman, Paul Mayeda, John McCormack, Rich Roach, Milxe Bayes, Tam Haskins, Jim Lopez, Richard Damran, Randy Page, SanJay Saint, Wade Walker, Robert Morgan, Datan Ballantine, George Waldron, Dary Seaman, Jim Moorehead, Huy Nguyen, Coach Pat Putnam, Back Raw' Tam Darh, Dill Macias, Danny Dtstetana, Teddy Criss, Kelly Gagetty, Allan Crawley, David Hastings, Steve Sctibante, Daman Suter, Mtlre Tice, Arran Wynn, Milse Lang, John Laube, John Schullet 56 Spattsf Freshman Football Building Skills This yeor's Sophomore foorooll reorh hoo oh overoge seo soh They ehoeo rhe seosoh vvlrh o record of foor vvlhs ond live losses Allhoogh rhey losr flve of rhelr QOVTWQS, rhey corrleo rhe splrlr of rhe Worrlors vvlrh rherh ro every oorrle Cooch Sipple srored, "The pesr porr of rhe TGOTTTIS gorrie vvos lhelr offehse l' Moriy of rhe ployers ehloyed rhe ploy lhg rlrhe, while ihey vvere goihlhg experlehce for rhe ro lore T i 5 Z T' My - V sy y is 1 J, s, 9 4 A fest-' kk" - -i T , 1 , -Q ' X , -. 1 i Q Hs. I 4" l V I - , ' , ,, , f , Q , U , fl 2 'I r ' Q - 2, , A - A V ' , i 4, , T, s S r ' A A ' AC T 'T 4 ff if ii' ' ' 'K sf ll, T , l Dreolelhg lhro rhe ODEO, Chip Deoh rohs rhe ooll pods for rhe loochdovvh Q Frohr Row Cooch Roh Slpple, Mll49 Ao, Cleveloho Wllllorris, Jorhle lllrher, Doo Jewell, Tlrh Doorre, MllSG Moph, Doo Dyrpm Boo Mills, Torri Allg, George Tohher, Drloh Eolss, Cooch Sieve Cosorhs, Secoho Row Dorr Olsori, lsevlh Wolsh, Johh Gelvlh, Boo Dorrell, Jeff Lynch, Jlrh lohh, Jim Dooser, Jerry Koch, Kelly McGrohohori, loh llerrero, Cooch Morr Trovls, Third Row Jeff Mlcheol, Jim Drovvfi, Jlrri Weooo, Jocle Poroy, Jeff Svvohey, Morle Spehcer, Rich Llerh Chip Deoh, Morls Boyes, Dove Sochoh, Joh MOfl09, Drlori Koolo, Lorr Deomesderfer, Cooch lam Lerihorr 3 Boo Jewell rphs vvlrh rhe poll oovvri held, vvhlle Drehr Tyree oloclss A lh poslrloh ro lflcle rhe poll, Dove Sochoh receives rhe foolooll from Jll'Tl Dooser Spo"s SOOVOMOVG Foo Dol 57 Girls Toke I... The Limit Wheh Qslsed hovv his reorh vvouId do, Mr Vollohce replied, "Our reorh is very close We hove reom uhiry, husrle, ohd comporubiliry, We should roIse seo ohd or berrer " The Vorsiry VoIIeyboII reom didjusr rhor, hovihg rheir besr seosoh ever, They fimshed IO second ploce vvirh 0 Ieogue record of I2 ond QW which gave rhem 0 C IE pIoyeoff burrh. They were explosive, ohd Iooded vvnrh greor IOIGOT, All ih QII voIIeyboII hod 0 successful yeor ROUND 1 ROUND 2 WIN SADDLEBACI4 WIN WIN WESTERN WIN LOSS SAVANNA LOSS WIN MAGNOLIA WIN WIN BUENA PARK WIN WIN SUNNY HILLS WIN WIN ANAI-IEIM WIN I Lori Lofrus, Km SruII, ohd DOFIIGIIQ Morgoh Iisreh ro os Cooch voIIohce expIoIhs rhe-Ir srroregy, durihg 0 rirhe our 2 Erohr 'ow Moryohh Lohe SheIIy MIcheoI, Nohcy Grohcrh, Sherrie Mmheor DshIeIIe MOVQGU Qhd rovv Brehoo Corh0eII, CrooI WOISDOVO, Lori Loirus, Lori COFVIDGII, Ism SruII, CheryI OI-xorhuro 3 Moryohh Lche makes O pIoy os she IS cohgrorukzred hy Ieorhmores Kim SruII, Cheryi OISOUWUVO, ohd Brehou CorhOeII 525 Soons vorsry voI-eyOcII raw L28 Q, y, it y fn P4 V A ,i 2 V, g f 4:3 v I 1 T i Q ' . 'v 251 This pczsr year Vorswy Voweybow wefwr ro OF Wm Q Necngue fe- Cord Qf 12 and Q, Nomg OVW to Sovommc rwwce "We should do WGN, os bmg GS we dow" QGV Oemmd " um bear rwo our of rhree mmm? rephec Coach Vommce, when Qsifed how he fe-Nr me VQOVYW vwoud O0 1 Mcmr. XA LCGQ M345 3: LQ' C.,."'3Q goes 'X' Q. QQ Z Sencxg T , we Dp,'T'f1w"'L w U5 Kr Sum rc Lx L:3gKN 'ACTCF' 25, "2 R A ,, an - pi W if ' .... M.,,,,k A 1 P' ri-M ,. J BQ f 'wx 'X M "pm C 6. nf Nfl W ,-X, , M ,,-,T My Lrk,Q.,.f,e,UeVX. W, V, .y V, , ifxJ, Q - f gh' ,N .:-- ' Girls Have Hard Year J V VoIIeyoaII rnis oasr year had a record of o ana 8. Desoire rneIr record, rne J V rearn was mach srronqer, as rney Iosr cIose games ro Sadaleoacls, Sonny HIIIS, and Wesrern Wnen aslsea oooor reann gooIs, Coach Cneryi Knignr reoliea, I'Oor reacn goals are reacnworls ana ream anwry " AII In oII rne J V, VoIIeyoaII rearn nad a successfoI year ROUND I ROUND 2 WIN SADDLEBACI4 LOSS LOSS WESTERN LOSS LOSS SAVANNA LOSS LOSS MAGNOLIA LOSS WIN BUENA PARK WIN WIN SUNNY HILLS LOSS WIN ANAHEIM WIN oO Soorrs,'J V VoIIeyoaII .J , V25 ..1, W ibup- 'ull' .JSM I As Rarny Kelly, ana Tonm Eelancio vyarcrw, SneIIee Horns burnos rne baII ro rne fronr 2 Fronr row Became Bercls Qnd row Jane Decker, Carny Mayer, TonI Felancio, Aarwene Przekop Ord row Tana Marrhevys, Tracey Fallerra, Snellee Horns, Coach Cneryl Knignr Arn row Parrxca Homme-I, Corby I-QeIIy, Lisa Sreyens, Snern Can1poeII Srh row DoIre5 Ledesma, PoIIy Kyancz, JessIca Broosr 3 Tracey FaIIerra serves rne oaII Fish Try Hord IV, Worer PoIo hod o rough seosoh rhis posr yeor. They frmshed wirh o fihol leogoe record of I ohd 5, They were, however, srrohger rhoh rheir record showed, os rhey Iosr o close gome ro Suhhy Hills The seosoh wos hor o roroI loss, os rhe ployers Ieorhed hew slsIIIs ohd improved old ohes, ood oerrered rhemseIve5 for rhe comihg seosoh, Q le... Q,- T if Q LII WIN WESTERN LOSS SADDLEDACI4 LOSS ANAHEIM LOSS DUENA PARK LOSS MAGNOLIA LOSS SUNNY I-IILLS ff, I r Q- if 1 ul is "" r,,, "' W' rM,,,, ,...... "-N 1 . W"I' Ufrfx WWI' QI, , S Q , 1 I ,. -A I I ' fr , R l,WIV, 1 K A. ' s'.'. 1'-5, n K K. ' 4 - , - I .. ..: . ar, 5 Iii? R -- - .. , 5 , if , A 'f iw - W S W or H , S 'TQ 2+ Fffl-S if 1 , flea s 1'-:rf - -- . 'WW I Korr Doomoorrher swrms oosr o Sohoy I-IIIIS defender 2 Frohr row DorryI Boroee, Dowd Wood, Morlehe Spexch, Tum Groy, Grohr MIIIer Qhd row PooI Srrewroerger, Chorles Sommer, Greg Eosley, Joh WoIlser 8rd row Sreve Oorls, Pool Gerolo, Korr Doomgorrher, Morr McCorrhy, Doug Drwhey CI Dowd Wood ood vorsmry oIoyer Woyhe Dorrorw worm-up before rhe gome A Joh WoIIser execores o ooss Soorrsfj V WorerooIo 61 I I Building To Win Worerpolo Y A yeor for reboildihg ofrer o slovv srorr, ih which Troy borrled foor YOQVOOISGU schools ih rhelr respecred divisiohs, rhe Vorsirv reom fihished vvirh o respecroble 28 leogue record, The highlighrs of rhe seosoh for rhe Vorsirv Worerpolo Teom were, rhe croshihg vicrory over Wesrem High School 21 Q, ohd rhe perse- verohce exhibired by rhe reom ih lOlSlOQ Sodd- lebocls High School ihro double overrime Al rhoogh rhis yeor's reom does hor possess loo mohy big home plovers os rhe yeors posr, rhe Vorsirv Worerpolo Teom hos received excel lehr ploy from mohy of irs members ihclodihg sehior srorrers Chorles Behher, Woyhe Dorroh, ohd goolie Sieve Homilroh Cooch IQQVIO Hopp feels his reom goihed rhe OGGGGG experiehce rhis veor oh rhe vorsirv level, ohd rhor exper iehce vvill be oh osser for hexr yeor's reom 1 Will Sochoh loolsihg for oh ooeh plover ro poss ro 2 vo'sirv WClQlQOIO Frohr lKovv5reve Boyer Amy Hovs, Morlehe Speich, Jim Cioclse, Joh Wollser, Middle llow Eric Wesley Wovhe Dorroh Jim Fergosoh, Tim DOIVWQS, Bocls Rovv Sreve Homilroh, Rob Doroher Ed Speich Will Sochoo, Doo Werreiohd Q' . r i i A iifsi ,cirf ssscs, i kkl, , vu.. s lfii 1 sccc if . ,,. v ,,, ' oz bpcrr vorsrv Woerpoio fe wil' I I x X .Q .... :QP 1 Sreve Boyer mes ro poss the DOIN, whale oemg bioclsed Q Mosr voluoole oloyer, WIN Suchom wowrs for someome ro poss hm me Doll 3 The room gers reooy for o score os Charles Sommer posses me boil ro Wall Suchon Rob Dordner ond Jon Wollser an posmom IO from of me gooi box J .W 3 6 rv'-'X 5 1 mf' N -VW.. M, AX , wx ' ,. - QQ. oo G? Q ' Jan .S w 9 -S .L .N Q 4 . NW if 'Munir' ' .wr Soo", Vow 'y Waowo o Girls Smash Into First Place The girls vorsiry rennis team worked hard ro complere a grear season. Coach Hess was once again successful in leading rhe girls ro firsr place in the league for rhe second year in a row. Coach Hess srared rhar, "Sunny Hills wgg definirely the roughesr ream ro bear in our league." Bur, narurally, rhe girls rolled over rhe Sunny Hills ream wirh grear ease, Some of rhe more oursranding singles players were seniors Korhleen Lille, Anira Sa las, and sophomore Eve Scholze. The girls ended up going ro C.l.F. wirh a 18 and 1 league record, ip M 1 Varsiry rennis player Shelley Nelson rerurns a rhrearening ball wirh success 2 Wirh awesome skill, Katie Crosby execures her baclxhand swing 3, Using a rwo handed forward swing, Cynrhia Robinson rerurns a ball 4 Sophomore varsiry player Eve Scholze, prepares ro unload the ball on her opponenr. 64 SporrsfVarsiry Tennis ' w sa E i 31,1 2 if y' ,a ,:5,g,:'5S Q , jf s g y 1, g f .,w fi ,iff 552335, 1 Ag sal YC f 5, gf, 1 gy: ,,, rv, ,Q H ,Q , ci' f' ,fCQcff:'15f5 5 if I 44 :H Ti gf , ' - 1 V ,A I ,, fag evvvvgf'?ei:7g::J::'?-tfyilzg J , gg 1 , 1, 'Q v v,s1ggxf1',Q,f'gjis'-I 7 , e' 1 9 as f K g6,,9yk:yVw.,e,gi N ,,. . a lf ,. , . , I TV! J'.,v,rv.zv.9N.9AzvZ:bTzff53Qe ' ' if Ag' 46' v A P nf fag f'-'ff vnfllifv-'."'1,' it T t Q 'Z' fig , ' i 2,f1:'.'f Wffsgff 1 m m .1 ' i f 1 if 'ffm gf! v,byv4cg!,vYv . A H gf , . Q , flu? five Jss ' . YY T -Q Lg Y? sffgfhgvvvyic ' f rf f f h azy 1 --4 1 c , 9'-rf 6 s 'N' 1 ' Q " A rv ke' 1' , Q , I: Q. g . fx 11 5 - -, :wave gfeffwbf . .- 1 liw 2 1' 4' if ' - '11 .. .. ' A-' , r xg' . ' 7' gif 'zvlv ilf' A tr: fm A 1 V, -A I so Q-csfwfrf99'5's if? 5' if wg! - .. -, . ,-is A .3 .1 W i. 1 f rf' if X 1' is . ' 1 7 fi 14 s, ,, ,S "", f',vffg'xy":f'i?3i3 PA " fi? 1 ' :ff?'T'1' Y'ir'1'!1ff','i7 1 4 fd W. H Q, 1 A g Q1 .' - RX., , sT3f??i!,' gf!! , , K , an ' Ag, ,J ., ' - , 'V' J Q y as ., s., K1 .V Kyiggkg ,cw ,.-,gs r " or 71 n I ?i 5 X - , A 1' us' ff 4' W4 "'l04 9 rf." "Lai 'L , Q ,eku,?y4f ,V -.11 6 ' ,.. 4 ' r , f . ,.- - , .' , 1 1. I' n",",," te , 1 ' 4 ..--fn ,V r Y ,, A ,P 5 Wm grear efforr, Meg Dnlrow hasrres ro rm a rhrearemng Dal! O Teams grear Karhreen Lrllre prepares ra smash rrwe ball over rhe mer 7 Darrarrw L ra R, Eve Scrwa4ze, Sherly Nelson, Mary Duaw, Karrwreerw Lrrhe, Cyrwrhra Robrmsam, Top L ra R, Meg Brllow, Arnra Salas, Krrsry Salherm, Gina Almarwzar, Berh Macamer, Coach Hess r "1-4"-9-X, 13" Sparrsffnrrls Vamry Teams 05 1 Fronr row Michelle Nix, Sue Rosy Cindi Psomine, Diono Jeu, Korie Crosby, Koren Reddingron Second Row Josie llodis, Mi chelle Douglos Joclxie Roorqosso, Julie Moyo, Kim Williomson, Mory Brodshow, Koren Ferree 2. Kim Williamson rerurns o serve during 0 morch Poge oo Sporrs!Girls JV Tennis Girls Toke Second The Girls Junior Vorsiry reom did Qreor rhis yeor ond ended up wirh o 150 overoll record. One of rhe mosr oursronding ployers wos Sue Ross, The JV's showed much oorenriol ond should molse up o rolenr Ioden Vorsiry nexr yeor. Even rhough rhey ended up in second oloce, rhey come wirhin inches of firsr ploce, 'H 5 .. ff! -AA ,, . . 1g V - V , -'f'JEf-We -. , . ' . -35.55 from L ' , 1 , . 1 . L .2 8 , .,. r, vi .. fi' Q-, E .J ,1:1, ,:f.f:. 'Q ,3 ','2. 1.f'f ',j i ii" -ffigiiaii' Q:--s' -0-' -1'- QS . S ,Q , 'f ? I . ---,, Q T . -1 A'Ns'xSr.. if 3-u H 8 x 3 S np, - .4 .ior " 1 4 , iz - 5 ,. fy- J' fr .ba X? fix 5 - t -3 y r ,S G xr Ev' 2 Qs. i . 11 1. G ' lr Q I' 611 rMewM arf oerrf i :L 'N EM W . S . 3 an Q Q rg , -' rf W Q H V ,G , eff gr .5 X . in V irr E, A N Q -f 'Q W K ' . gg .l . F 1 V S G is i . , AW if 1 .gf' ' vj ggfg ya". N ' fi , ' we 3:24 QW' Q 'vi .K K . b 'K .Q K. -K fg ' 1 'f G' G HT ,Q A f'L ., 1-jg'-If, 4 or hw 'G 'G 1 . +. xx Q an we f ricf Xrlfzffig if, "Inf: gf! Hffgg, GA 1 'Q"'SL, " , G1 we ,.r E G a 5 G Q W G Q- T r N' .. --if kg Q , S - ek Frosh-Soph Ploces 3rd Wrrn o reofn of fwe freshmen ond srx soono rnoresr rne Frosn Soon reorn ended UQ rnird oroce wrrn o record o-2 Sorne of rne odrsronde rng runners were lonn Wolbser, Doug Lee, ond Greg Anrmro. Mosr Vorooore wenr ro Jonn Wolrser who rdrned rn excelrenr runs dunno the yeor Coodw Wooren exoecrs ro nove on ex cerlenr Vorsrry nexr yeor wrrn rnese runners 1 Joggrng 'nroogn rne oorre course Greg Anrrsro We-ods rne oode 2 Lowe!! Norder srrwes ro frnrsn Q3 Fronr row-Lowe!! Norder Seon Hornrner, Cnrrs Worker Cnrrs Long Second row--Sreve Grllerre, Sreve Rosenoursr Tnrrd 'ow-Greg Anrrsro Don Joyce Doug Lee, Greg Hoff, Joy Toney Torn Cofnoner 5oor's Frosf' Boob Goss Coonrw O7 ak 1 . w T Q " xx . rr 3 , Warriors Keep In Stride I While nnosr srudenrs were frying ro ger fheir losf minure ron or rhe beoches, rhis selecir group of "Worrlors" were rroining rwice o doyT running rwenry miles or more-oll for o common gool This gool vvos ro win rheir Ieogue ond possibly rolse rhe C ITF. Chom- oionship. According ro Cooch Ron Wooron, "The whole reom felr os if rhey could win ir, I olso rhoughr rhor we could do if roof' The Boys Vorsiry Cross Counrry olrnosr ochieved rheir gool Wirh our sronding oerfornnonces frorn John Pseornes, Juergen Wuesre- l i 4. 'T T? T T .,-' K e.-'yah 4 'Ox .I T N 'eff . T. fr monn, Geoff Moloney, ond Rondoll Bliss, rhe Vorsiry Cross Counrry T, -T T... . -yur!-,N fs TE,-fsf,'f?:"2Uf5i T36 T T . T " T -4 ',wTk3.T,L N reorn eosily won rheir firsr five rneers Bur os rhe seoson wound ro Tv, T - T T ' j - "' T' T T' T- " ,T . . . . 9'TsE3v:,ygg,eT1k,T s T, o close, rhe yicrories come o lirrle rougher The Vorsiry Cross f' J .J A 6 'r Tf N. Counrry losr o rough one ro Bueno Porls, 38-Qo, our Corne bode ro W, fir-1 ,'24.:b.:,,,. T TT ' " win rheir losr rwo meers over Mognolio ond Sunny Hllls respecrive- S TT T f . T. QF W ' ly, ro rolse o oronwinenr second oloce finish in Ieogue cornperirlon "fig i"'-3, ,wg 5v'g"3TZ' di ' ip ' -r rf' ond ro finish eighrh our of rhirry six reorns in rhe CTITFT Ployoffs wg T' .?iJTgf.L:rsfm' ff " T "ww - ., , seiiis T T ., TT ' 'r ' T ' TT' - T v Y v Q " JM 'r -5 :Q-3 .T ' ir: if T' j I4 ' ' -fp' T 's 'ff Q ' 4 0 ixiq-iq rTTyyrfTs gg T ' TT T5 TVR so . ' T ' T T: T , if TJ a' 54 f T if T H sg .T A: T1 fx Q3 iT A T T 5- 6 T k T A k 2 kyT!6.TTi Ti: A' i T T Tr TA HT wise Rf., Wffr - --M-I - "' A fT V 'Ji T Tr T A if : 1 if , gg. kt W Q 5 M, , ij fin, I T TT , .T T ,Ag I T Q K V 5. T . s K' 'S 1 A r .Nm ' . A L ' f 3 rf +-1 ,sn TT ' TTT! J K K Q TT'. nz lt TT or TH ., I A :wk y , X 'N .9 X ,.T 'TT I T T, Li Q. -os : T -M ,395 Zh. lg V TT T' .if K T gsegf 5-TT T g T 'J T L l T T . T M3 Tess 'TTT A J ' eil i YF' 1 T I 1555 ' AVTK ' T ' 4 . T r 'Q' TT y-- R rx -r..L U15 f rea fs T. T - 1 43 fx g 1 KL: . T, T r 3-' . I Q life' T' Ts T ,' le T "' . ' 1 - T ' 'ff A 4 T Q K ,T ru 4 all T I K ' is in QTTF T T ' xl TT ' Sai, Qi if wir? KT- in T A TT Y T 3 , ' -ls, - 5 3:6 I ,I Zxi. . A KXQA-3 A 5 4,-6- L T "' 121 T TT T if 5.1 - T 1 5 Txif 5' QT N T TR-A X vi X T, TL- QQM5 1 xxx! MFA 45355,-any-A T 'T TY H ,T gsigfi-r - gi- ,L , j , T SQ 'T K 25 N T fl, ft T TTT! T Nr 'si -' I Si T T' T T -4',,.fTT4f 'W' Fififfrfigs-, M - ' . X Q 'i-ff" A V ,rw QT -. V' fi aT Q T 1 T :T ' fi 1 Mirch Dlois, Juergen Wuesrernonn ond Milse Lee sprinr our ro on eorly leod in rhe meer ogoinsr W T- g 1- H A . 5 Sunny l-lills 2 Juergen Wuesrrnonn orrerhprs ro poss o Dueno Porls runner in rhe l'SnoIae Par" on his i Tfff Til T 4 T. QQT'-5,5 T-T woy ro o rhird ploce finish 3 Psondoll Dliss chollenges Dueno Porls for rhe leod os he finishes firsr for v t T T r TT TQ r A T5 'W ' rhe Boys Cross Counrry reonfi wirh o rlrne of 1502 T Y T T T 'T 7' ' Q . T, , . g O8 Soorrsflloys Vorsiry Cross Counrry T 'M nh TN T745 ww -1, , V -Q, V 5:1 , k.,f'.' 6 H7 4 I QQ, 'Z k L' is , V ,A,, . Q 1 In ,L 'sth fm 'WV 5 r W R n .J 1, Q I i I . 4 .51 un-V J 1' , T ' 4 , WA: ,r , ,, F A I 'F lf sz 42 :"' Va .i rr Tf lg 'e - 1 QM 324' .. if , I 5 h I ,K . V, , F ., . V51-. 'sTk'f'Q "TA'1,'l Mfg' "J-Y v M rw uk Q, .rr-4, M, 4 , -rigs. Timmy" '1 Us O ' 1 4-I , ,-sf - r ,g,,.L,W A f M , ,A,,, ,, , Y , zx,,r,,1.,!-in yn V ,, -if T ffm f ' "' ' qi' 'lf' 'Q r 4 wurk'rr,',Q,,3 540 :,,,dfk7W R 2 .1 Vftffqgrtxggf, Njv., J' Y r r r fr 3',l'?g6?lu'if'- ' V A V f x , ,, if X fffwrirffvf r.f'2.' A " g . A Srgnqrr Rrpgrrf, 'QOTOS JO gpffvd TO ufercgurrzv WO 1rwTerTrJTr-Q NTT Trw Fnmerrgn Creek 5 Boys Vgrgyry Crow, Crpurwry Fmrrr Row hmm Wfmeer, booff Mrmrwey, Juergen Wuosrerrwurwrw, MTRQ Lee, and T'0cy Lee Semud Row Swywrw Rwberw Mw rf Bum low Reorrwes, ond Terry Dwsrwey Bode Row Tom Speyer Mmm Aff-yu Rfmdfaw Um me Rurrly Berry C Truly Leo pvsrwes mrmerf for me frrwrgrw Mme Wrrrw uroumrw rjororrmrmrmrw 7 Gwrff Mfmrwey srrrdes for me fwrmrw, showxng srrorwg efwduromco wr We YVQGT 'Nfl WON -- WON- WON- WON - WON- LOST- WON- WON- TROY 21 TROY 18 TROY 22 TROY 21 TROY QC TROY 83 TROY QU TROY QU WST Quorum PTM SONORA 36 WESTERN 111 SAVANNA 35 SADDLEBACI4 37 ANAHETM 29 BUENA PARI4 26 SUNNY HILLS 87 MAGNOLIA All OVERALL WON O LOST 2 Sporrsffloys Vorsrry Cross Courwrry OO Girls Exhibit Prowess "For only a rhird year ream, we placed ourselves as con- renders for rhe years ro come," boasrs coach Ron Wooron over rhe success of rhe Girls Varslry Cross Counrry team, Even rhough rhe Girls Varsiry Cross Counrry srarred rhe season vvirh a loss ro Sonora High School, 86721, rhey exhibir- ed grear perseverance in winning rheir nexr six league meeis Wirh leadership from rhe Mosi Valuable Player, Dee Dee Sanchez, and from rhe Mosr Improved Player of rhe ream, Molly Marhevvson, rhe Girls Varsiiy Cross Counrry fools second place in league behind Sunny Hills High School vvirh a respecrable o vvins 2 loss record The highlighr of rhe season for rhe Girls Varsiry Cross Counrry ream was rhe meer againsr undefeaied Magnolia High School. 'iEven rhough vve had many injuries and illnesses, all rhe girls pulled rogerher and came rhrough when vve needed rhe win," said coach Wooron Wirh oursranding performances by Laura McCorl4le and Nancy Brannocls, rhe Girls Varsiry Cross Counrry ream managed yer anoiher vicrory againsr rhe Magnolia Seniinels while on roure ro a highly successful season 1 Leading rhe Girls Varsiry Cross Counrry ream ra a vicrory againsr Magnolia High School, Dee Dee Sanchez easily speeds pasr all of her comperirors 2 GIRLS VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY, FRONT ROW Molly Marhewson, Carhy Srarls, Dolores Slaven, Ellen Doyle, and Nancy Bran' nocls SECOND ROW Laura McCorlsle, Marie McGrarh, Dee Dee Sanchez, Barbara Bliss, 'Anne Kendriclss, Bersy McLaughin, and Chris Reeves 41 3 L r, s, Mg ,si fs, W'-ly H ww., 70 Sporis!Girls Varsiry Cross Counrry 1 , A- 91 - 'vi ,rf 0 gi! ' I xfrfs ,Ev , 3 Srrlvlhg for the flhlsh, Molly Morhewsoh proves herself worrhy of rhe rlrle of Mosr Improved Ployer 11 Hovlhg on excepnorwol yeor, Nohcy Drohhocls proves rhor she IS 0 flhe osser ro rhe reorh 5 Anne KGOOVICISS l5 helped by Tlho Srull offer pushlhg herself ro rhe physlcol Ilmir lh osslsrlng her reom ro defeor Dueho Porlf LOST WON WON WON WON WON WON LOST TROY-So TROY45 TPsOY'2l TROY- 19 TROY-19 TROY-23 TROY-241 TROY-C38 SONORA-21 WESTERN-62 SAVANNA43 SADDLEIBACK-So ANAHEIMAO BUENA PARK-S2 MAGNOLIA-31 SUNNY HILLS-24 OVERALL f WON o LOST 2 dvi" 446 ,M A.:h, A,,-. . , xxx , , -1, X4 K Xe X xv M , rl, .: 1 Brenda Campbell f nlgner bar 323, Karlwl Powell snaors over an far a layaar -f Q lgnrs alone for rne ball 2 Saddleback may lamp een Dowd, knows we wlll wln ln rne end 3 Karny aarsrrercned defender A Brenda Campbell goes up .Q , w e l z ' 31 F' 'Fx -:MJ A ff? .ii Q -rv f- ra- - ef , --' QM it E 'N a we A ai S, af fetlaea ii-1'-"?4m'5E.1. l- : esgf. K ':'1fil"?'h ix E-Fe :. M f WW! 2: J- K 2 "m.N,WN ' - I I x L as 1 ,. 4 ., ly? 'Ry W , Q3-, Flin ,. r X .i fi N? ligne w S Y , il-3' lfmaigg-.Qc ' J ,:2' . :wi Q Q iw L-z-in Y S K W' 1. 32 elif? ag 1. 1 W X N A Q .. . ,L lx we re' Q: 5 , 1 .gg - zi- ii ' 2:12-29.1 , Q f -4 . fix sg" , -k" X f 351 . 'sae 5 - H ,:x:kl,. ,. K1 ,.:-. 3--X . 72 Sparrxffnlrls Varsuly Uaslserball 'R w w, .i ee- fl ii :af e..,, , N A ,mf Sk R' N W S WSE., 1 L, , , Q ,N .im l sf f' l 'ff F5-' 5? , i 'fl L f i . , it ,A K 5 8 I -Lf ,Nfl ,rr mia ,, , isa, 5 l iff is s 5 nv' df sm- "'-2 1 ....swW"' in 9 Girls Make Passes For our Girls Vorsiry Baslserball ream 1980, defense was rhe name of rhe game, The nine girl ream consisring of rwo seniors and seven refurning players Cinduding one freshman? pracficed rheir defensive ralenrs from 2-15 unril A180 every day in anricie parion of rheir annual Tuesday and Thursday games, The reams ro bear rhis season were Anaheim ond Savana, who challenged rhe ralenred players. Karhy Powell, senior, was the high scorer, averaging a big rwenry poinrs per game The reams goal was ro become fhe champs of rhe 1980 Freeway League, surpassing rhe co-Champ rirle of rhe 1979 season 5 Those Saddleback girls can'f srop 1143, Jeannine Bevill O Our proud Girls Varsiry Baslseroall ream Cfrom IGTTD Nancy Graham, Karhy Powell, Brenda Campbell, Deneen Wesr, Korhleen Doud, Jeannine Devill, Cheryl Olsamura, lrma Garcia, Tony Felando and Coach Hoover 7 Shoaring for rwo srar Karhy Powell Jumps a lirrle higher 5porrs,'Girls Varsiry Daslserball 73 mm' 3 Girls Out-Shoot This past year the girls Junior Varsity Basketball team did a very fine job, finishing with a league record of 8 and o. Their strongest point, according to Coach Cheryl Knight, was their defense. 'Our main goal this year is to improve the girls slsills and abilities." replied Coach Cheryl Knight. 'WIU Y 'I'l2l'lY 'H AZ p I V"'fQ..:?"5 lvxrifoiri '97 ' , hs .nt..- -- 'll '11 AK Nga V Q., ROUND 2 ' TRU Y I ROUND 1 LOSS SADDLEBACK LOSS WIN WIN WIN LOSS WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN LOSS LOSS ANAHEIM LOSS 74 SporrsfGirl5 J,V. Basketball .. 'Q' 355. Q' Q t ,v A' -is --f 1. Front Row. Jana Ritchie, Shellee Harris. 2nd Row. Adriene Przelsop, Kathy Mayer, Sheri Campbell, Kim Nesheim, Ann Wilson, 3rd Row, Gera Spencer, Anne Pocialik, Sharon Fontes, Kelly Sparrow, Decquie Dercl-s, Coach Cheryl Knighr, Julie Mayo Connie McKenzie, Party Hammel, Lisa Stevens, Kim Zeitler. 2. Karhy Mayer goes up against o defender for the ball, as Sheri Campbell and Julie Mayo look on. 3. Anne Pocialils dribbles around defenders. es i 5 ,. ' ig- .., g ,,,. W . , I . Ps: g ,V I "HA 5 A '37 1' I MM Gi' A 2 as -. J , Mi .QQ , Q '1 -if ' Lays To Rest Due ra the changing of coaches prior ro lasr year's season many vvresrlers dropped aff rhe rearn leaving rhe Junior Varsiry rearn vvirh only six rearn mern bers, They finished wirh a lame record of O and 7, The coach Paul La Blanc ex plained, "Mosr of our losses were forfeirs because we did nor have enough par ricipanrs. 1 Russell Reed brings opponenr under conrroll 2 Sreve Chrisrenson uses his slsill ro bring down his opponenr 3 Fronr Row- Sieve Chrisrenson, Srevv- arr Gillerre, Russell Reed, John Dill Dewey, Bryan Danell 2nd Raw Jim Rirchie, Teddy Chris, Ed- wardo Cazeres, Rodney Lovv, Coach Paul La Blanc 'Sic Y 1.1 -L SADDLEBACI4 LOSS WESTERN LOSS SAVANNA LOSS MAGNOLIA LOSS BUENA PARK LOSS SUNNY HILLS LOSS ANAHEIM LOSS F A xl'-f. I Sporrsfl V Wresrling 75 Gpponents Down For The Count Wrrh a new coach rhrs year rhe Troy Wresrllng program was re organized Coach Paul La Blanc felr rhar rhe Varsiry was yery good, especially rn rhe lower weighr levels. The ream ended up wlrh a 5 2 league record wlrh rhe losses agalnsr Sunny Hrlls and Saddleoacls John Evans was awarded nwosr valuable player, whlle Kenny Mingus was rhe rnosr lmproyed Raul Cazares and John Evans oorh wenr undefeared durlng rhe season, Coach Lal3lanc dld a frne loo wurh rhe llrrle preseason rinwe he had ro worls wlrh them l Coach La Blanc loolss on durrng a cnarch 2 Ken Weller shows who rs ln conrrol 70 Sporrsf Varsrry Wresrlrng df' S 41 . X' WH 's 1 r sl f' Wfkafiwlfi 5- l' -.,lQ ' 1' M -K Q LX Q K ,-www 1 POF' 'QW-Ancy Grew Woe McCue Dcwc Duhfs Pc, Sweme-' CWS Femwg Rav CCZCYG5 Hefw Secwc 'ow Ju Hewec Doe Me-:Q Doe Scmfncfwme' Vlmcrc OMAS' Kefw M:-9,5 Dcfc Rvmo Jam Ear Coach Pew LQ Dwcfc 2 Dcxe 5C'RX'NC"'N"9' 'mes M QU' f' VCU, 5 New Cczgrer 's CCOV' 'O SWA 'TS OQOOxQ" 4:4 .,.., .3- :H xw'Q Frosh-Soph Ramble Under rhe leodership of Cooch Don Erickson, rhe newly combined Froshe5oph boskerboll reom proceeds ro keep irs rriurnphonr seoson 'romblin' on' vvirh greor success. The boys experienced hord workours before ond ofrer schooi ro improve rhe reorns skilled offensive ond defen- sive ploys ond porrerns. Eoch boy on rhe reorn vvos quored os "being very enrhusiosric ond spirifed" vvirh rheir winning seoson. For rhe second yeor in o row, rhe reorn found Sunny Hills ond Dueno Pork ro oe rheir ...f-""' roughesr comperirors. ,ftp ,f-""""!' imourvo 1 moulin 2 Loss sumrw Hills Loss will wssmzw Loss WIN sADDLEi3Ack WJN WIN 1viAoNoLiA Loss xviw BUENA PARK Loss WIN sAvANNA Loss Loss ANAHIEM Loss 'giiilll' isa if gg sn 1 f'-ff rip off. 2. lleoching rowords rhe bosker, Scorr Hunneymeyer onricipores rvvo points. - 3. J. Mooreheod, J. Johnson, D. Morson, S. Liolios, M. Cross, K. Gogerry, C. lvec, S. Hunneymeyer, J. Clurrer, T. Croin, T. Cris, E. Honsen, 5. Soinr. 1. Driving high, Chuck lvec dominores rhe K 78 5porrsfFrosh-Soph Boskerboll Mi ,V ff' si. C lf,1'?7'? Q 6 1' M Qi an jf 4 Tolented Players Prevoil This yeors Junior Vorsiry ooslserboll reorn com- posed of rhirreen enrhusiosric ond roienred oloyf ers, Once ogoin under rhe renowned guidonce of Cooch Chuck Beouchornpi rhe JV. reom exholred rheir vvoy ro nwony vicrories. Some of rhe more orominenr oloyers were Scorr Wogner ond Joy Von Druren. Eoch of rhe boys vvorlsed inrensely hord during ofrernoon procrices ond showed off rheir dorninoring slsill ond ooslserooll ooiliry during rhe gonwes. 1 Giving his oli, JV pioyer Dennis Sreol shoors for rwo 2 Pioberr Reed, Dennis Sreele, Scorr Wogner, Joy Von Druren, Kevin O'neil, Mike Kendrez, Dory Soilor, Eric Denderrnon, Mike Solos, Tim Coiaely, Cooch Chuck Beouchonnp I in or' if? ' - X45-12 Round I Round 2 WON Soddleoocls WON WON Bueno Porls WON Loss Mognolio WON WON Sunny Hills LOSS WON Anoheirh WON WON Sovonno WON WON Wesrern WON Sporrsf J V Boslxerboli 79 80 Sporrsfvorsiry Boslserboil Worriors Win Leogue The Boys Vorsiry Boslserboll reom hod on exrremely good 1979-1980 seoson. The reorn consisred of fifreen ployers, olrhough only nine ployers porricipored dur- ing ony given gorne. When oslsed obour rhe reom's srrongesr points, Cooch Morris replied, "Our defense is rhe srrongesr porr of our gon'ie." Cooch Morris olso srored rhor the reom wos very consisrenr in the guord posirion. All in oll we hod o very rolenred group of orhleres, One of rhe gools for this yeor's reom wos ro win the freewoy Ieogue chompionship ond ro go further in C.l.F. rhon rhe losr yeors reom, which would be rhird round. Alrhough o loss in one of their firsr Ieogue gomes mode ir impossible ro hove on undefeored seoson rhe reorn ployed os if rheir record wos per' fecr. When oslsed obour ony comperirion in rhe Ieogue, Cooch Morris srored, "The only reoms rhor could go oll Ieogue would be Troy, Sunny Hills, ond Wesrern. 1. John Krpon reoching ro block his opponenrs shor. 2. Fronr Row- Dovid Fox, Kevin Andrews, Brion Clurrer, Jeff Sonchez Bock Row' Milse Drodshow, John Dorlsey, Don Duir, Eric Williorns, Grog Solos, Sreve Horr, Croig Wilsey, Rob Domeron, Bob O'Connor, John Krpon, John Honsen 1 Cooch Morris chonging his defense. 2. Dovid Show, rhe voice of the Worriors, for rhe Troy vs Soddlebocls gome. 8 Vince Pirrs procricing before o gome, olso procricing ore Dovid Fox ond John Honson. was Q K Rm. R . .Y aww 1 sk"'3 5 A f sifii ESQ i. s is AW, x.., .. S Q' vs il .2 'B ' fr-,sg f gi' . gg, ,Eg A -X 1 fi . -- 'gng ' Q,-5 .L ,-J - -, H, W. zur: 'LN av , fv- mh-, ' 4'Q.5,,,a'a' m, ,. x. .- i ,eg-. . H4 ugh- 5 Q' , -W.AL A 1-. 1. K , -2, ., Y f f , f. T' X lk! , K bw- ,,,, 5--N., ' A: ..f".u - K Lg,A Q 5 .el 1' g 'Y - -Ms, ,Y -gm ,.. , L,-mi + , 5 gg ,k" ,-, S"--f' 1 2.1 X , N01 sununnsunstlllf T I X an-nw X V. - 'fav-M i' 1 ROUND 1 WIN LOSS WIN LOSS WIN WIN WIN .I-6 SADDLEDACI4 WESTERN MAGNOLIA SUNNY HILLS SAVANNA ANAHEIM BUENA PARK ROUND 2 WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN 4. John Dorkey goes in for o Ioy-up. 5, John Kroon looks for someone ro poss ro. 6. John Dorkey rokes the boll down rhe courr followed by f Jeff Sonchez ond Greg Solos, 7. John Hanson drives post rhe defender, roword the bosker, Sporrsfvorsiry Doskerboll 88 '- r i 2' 'M' Tim Q K . , V , MQ Mjwfp , X , . WM W W rr, .qunuu,f3hH' d pf ,?W, W! , " gi, V , .,,,x ,M YM , ,,,, A r f if 13" .. -- ,, ' ,.,.V,,,, 51 -' ,Mi i r . N K ' , f .. , ' 4 ,.,, ,.,, , V V f 4 V' , gy, , A , . r e , -Mwfmw K ,, ' , .'.' Q Nw" . ' "ff" w-ssuuuww, , ,, , ff 0,5 M Q' jr "" V, r , I Q- ,, ,1afr,.,, ' Q' M... 5, r,,,,,gg,3QW,+, Qu U .W . 5 1 1 l P' v " H- s + 1, Burrerfiying ro the end Morlene Speuch ffnnshes o 100 yords 2 Conte-rnplorung her lost swim Anne Kendrlclss resrs before gerrmng our 8 Gerring Q pep rolls before rneir evenrs, Trocey Morumoro ond Decno Olsen lrsren ro rne Coocn 4 Trying ro beor her rough cornpermon Koy Clorke keeps her mind on winning, 4, l L 'mfg 1 95 84 Sporrs!GmrVs Vorslry Swirnmmng n -gg.. 9' ' 2 am, , r rrr r r r " rern l ' f , spew' rs N fhlHSSR3bI TLKY YEJDAJ PCTEUJNA 1978 fa if 4 3, , Q sr, 52 5 Q an 1 M -way, k gl I ' A q fa ,W ,ff . , V' ffr- ,VVVV H ,,. W Nm "" 'H 4 ' H ' ' A. " . 1 ..,, V , , 1 ff V W- . Y Qi. , H H H20 Girls Give Fost Competition iiiiii 0 is ii ,i 's J'Q - ,,. i-.' , Q , , .,.i ,,,, ? 'F , ,V.,A L, Z . . VJV, , , , V O' ar , This yeor rhe Vorsiry girI's swimming reom wos rored very high in ieogue, rhey swom from 5,000 ro 9,000 yords Q doy ond iifred weighrs in rhe morning before school. Cooch Hoop wos very pieosed wiih rhe rurnour for girls swimming, porr of rhe success of rhe girls wos due ro rhe new ossisronr cooch Poi Morgoez, she mode rhe Iood cn Iirrle Iighr for cooch Hoop. Mony of rhe girls who swom rhis seoson soy rhor Troys swim progrom is very good. Some of the rop swimmers this 1080 seoson were Amy Hoys, Suson Boker, Trocey Morumoro, ond Deono Olsen. They oil showed gre-or spirir ond gove fosr comperirion ro dll their comperirors. 1 Fronr Row: Noncy Andes, Korie Krosby, Amy I-Ioys, Deonn Norris, Jolie Pizzorello, Volerie McCune, Louro Sregemeier, Morrho Sregef meier, 2nd Row Korlo Ericisson, Morlene Speich, Deono Olsen, Trocey Morumoro, Anne Kendriclss, Suson Boker, Koy Ciorlxe 2 Swimming Breosirolse Korie Krosby Iifrs her heod for our 0, Srorring rhe reloy, Deono Olsen is cheered on by orher reloy members Sporrsf6irI's Vorsiry Swimming 85 Hard To Beat Talent This year's Girls JV. Swimming Team had many excellenr swimmers, such as Nancy Andes, who did a grearjao rhis year leading rhe ream wirh her oursranding performances in rhe Individual Medley and rhe Breasrralse, Susan Gallardo and Krisri Crash Dey were also among rhe leaders, wirh rheir grear performances in rhe Freesryle, The majariry of rhe ream are freshmen, which promises more X C ax N. . . ,xr Q , l , B fi gl z A gn .slr fc U-, A ,... i ... r-r ,-1 -1 . s-Q - T 'ww- ,av .ss ,mf 4654- -ww -' W.. ss , ,,kk W ,...sN,,p years of ralenr for Mr. l-lapp's ream in rhe fururei jawn 2 , . . ' is -, Q , The ream did very well rhis pasr year, and proved f' , x Nqg 'ssl' C . 4 '- 11. very hard ro bear, g ri' , ll! S e,cs,ccc, . W I 5 ii 1 M f 2 T " 2' rrr 7 N' T 1 Q, T 1Y-- is Q- 1 T , ccc. Q ., ,, 5 L,,,s,,,,,, ,gcc 'r i"r rsl I fwfr 1 Maria Mercado and Viclsi Jensen or rhe srarring olaclss 2. Fronr Row' Shannon Asquirh, Kris Davis, Samanrha Ramos, Karla Davis, Wendy Carroll, Krisrin Barlsley, Krisri Crosby, and Maria Mercado. Second Row Lisa Davis, Nancy Andes, Susan Gallardo, Viclsi Jensen, Lucinda Mercado, .loan Kendriclss, and JoAnne Forresr 3. Nancy Andes showing her sryle in rhe Individual Medley Sa Sparrsffnirls l.V Swimming 9':fx,fs gi 'W I , . ' A I , ,.., .,. , we gg C C 4 sifirrfk .." I' " gygff' 35 ,W,sN, X 'nil E Team Spirit Leads T Success Coach Hoop did a greor job rhis pasr year, coaching his Boys JV. Swimming Team ro many vicrories. Paul Srreirberger and Doug Briney were rhe leaders of rhis years very young and strong JV. ream. Team spirir and a lor of hard worlx was rhe Ieey ro rheir success, qs-inf .., 1 John Walker limbering up before rhe meer, 2 Fronr Row. Doug Briney, Tim Gray, Jim Johnson, Dave Wood, Paul Srreiroerger. Second Row: Granr Miller, Greg Eosely, John Walker, and Sieve Clarlse. 8. A derermined Dave Wood srrives for rhe finish, 4 Wirh driving dererminarion, Sieve Clarke pushes foward vicrory. Q., J - ' sl 'f,' A Y ' H ' A 4 W ff- ', W U k. h.-1 . 'e-wg.. , Sporrsfl3oys JV Swimming 87 Y If . ghnmnvm..- A 1. In rlwe 100 free sryle, Arr Ford rolses o dive. 2. Swlmmers go info me bocls srrolse offer hearing the-srorring signal, 3. Ready ro rolse off, Kirr Boumgorrner in srorrirng posiriorw. 4. Tolxing the plunge, Eric Wesley comperes in rhe Dreosr srrolee. 85 Sporrs!Boy's Vorsiry Swimming P' andy I 0 .!,, W ! l. if : ,1 guilds' i ly, H+ .--Q Swimmers Dive For E cellence This yeor's 0oy's Vorsiry Swimming reom hod rwo oursronding swimmers, Senior, Woyne Durron who swom rhe 200 free sryle, ond rhe breosr srrolse, ond Arr Ford, olso o Senior who swom rhe 50 ond 100 free sryle, The reom wos inexperienced, moinly oecouse mony were Freshmen. They hod o lor of dererminorion. 'lThis reom wos young our in the future, rhey'll be reolly good," sold Cooch Kevin Hopp. There wos o new ossisronr cooch, Por Morguez, which greorly helped Kevin, There were rwo excellenr sophof mores, Don Werlond, ond Eric Wesley. "They'll give our furure swimming reom greor porenriol," sold Kevin Hopp. The reom wos young our gove ir oll they hod, 1, Woiring for rhe srorring signol, Jim Clorls prepores ro dive 2 Fronr row-Kirr Doumgorrner, John WoIl4er, Jim Clorls, Poul Gerolo, Sreye Boyer, Chorles Sumner Bock row4Arrhur Ford, Woyne Durron, Eric Wesley, Morr McCorrhy, Will Suchon, Don Werrelond 3 ln rhe Durrerfly srrolse, Will Suchon comes up for our C .IT- """ fl J , ii,, W A I .f ah ,WZ 'fy Wa ff 13 '- f ,,,, . GK' i W, i, . . M14 iii 'LN-sqsbl M r, f in ff ,, 440 as 3' T? V, ,,,,,,, ff' ,V Q, 4 I ,.,,,,,,. 'wi . M WJ, I ,fm ,,,,,,,d , Quran' vvr ., g f f V --W' ' wwf W ,,,,,,, W ,.,,,,,,,., ,W -,aw-My bmw Mm ,, ,, X-, T.. 'P' .. ., . .0-ffvaryr-qu Varsity Slides This season rhe Varsiry Warriors rerurned six Ierrerf men. Wirh rhis experienced nucleus the Warriors were definire championship conrenders. 'lThe Freeway League is always rhe mosr compereiye league in rhe C.l.F. and rhis year should be no exceorion. The Warriors are loolsing forward ro the challenge." srared, Coach Fuscardo. Wirh hard worls and dedicarion rhe Varsiry Warriors srrived ro mainrain rhe grear reourarion of Troy High School arhlerics. 1, Franr raw, John Nero, Paul Graham, Troy Royer, Chris Brirr, Kevin l-lession, Sreye Schaffer. 2nd row, Dena Fenrers, Dave Cochran, Dale Eoy, Johnny Pope, Paul Cunningham, lads Hedges, Rory Vanderheyden, Charlie Jaclsle, Barbara Lopez, Back row, Coach, Doo Srafarri, Eric Srooaugh, Scorr Curoor, Kurr Deamsderfer, Milse Leahy, Ed French, Coach, Nicls Fuscardo 2. Warching rhe exciring game, Coaches, Nick Fuscardo and Bao Srafarri discuss a furure play. 3. Watching carefully, Chris Brirr, playing rhird base gets ser for the nexr play Home 'TQSFVW LS' fg fi 5 ?'f:5. .K 1 9 'X' 5' '.-K. fv' . A C, F I s -s , - serie-Wg, A gggagr gag K -v 'wif C 1' Q 'V i f ' 3- ,' 'i , ' mf , r- ,F ?3.i" ,. 8. 1 ' ' ' T , W 4, '4' if I ll Q0 SporrsfDoy's Varsiry Baseball 145-Ay 'Z' ,aJ0v!- P ,..,, :lyk ,f'5"" r 1 ul M4 A, ' 4-5. , , M, ,pf- ' . , -. Q .54 I 1 L M M, ,,,, K ,, ,x ' n ,, . px Ml, , . ,,, .ml V, Q ., in V. , if M 4 Q ,WV y ,qw 'A rw w,.Vj,,Ml M 4, I ,M W- 1 A W r .L M -ww 1 .A ' W M, ,4.,g,w4i-of, lo ., g , . " "hi ' , ,, v -f ' i'a,X Q41 ,, we ,,,. 1 av .. SJ I G M z N, we , -s r "' KW' MQ .. s ,M V ,lv , f 1 Q .Q ,' 3? sss e Q i 'E 5' X vw qs, .-, '51, .-S, 1: 'iw r L, 'M V6 N ' 4 , ,Q nt fs , ,,mwmw,,,,-gakfp sim, We W,-QW, f' 4g,w.wg,4ggofgw u , 4,vf,w ,, - V' I , 1 W Y f J' Jtgfzf: I I 1 62 16 1 2: Wu" Qlm ' ' V 'V ' - N ' i K' ' " ws, f,w ,- , A ..,. , 1 aw .ju , 1,-xp -4' I . 1" M I we ww. .Q . . f S 'M' 'Wa ,,,, MQ' H' ,N A , -Q- dw. . V 1 4 sp' -1 s,..3.wim'1 Q Q. 0 A E, , l 1 Showing precise form, Ed French rhrows on exceilenr pirch. 2. Gerring ready, Mike Leahy Q ' 'Q I vvoirs for Q run ro horne bose 3 Ploying shorrsrop, Scorr Groor prepares ro corch o . .,M tial: by wwf, v 4 M ' . grounder. 4. Woiring porienrly, pitcher, Troy Royer decides on his nexr pirch. 'G an fs .. ,hf X , n ' W , ' ' V ' 55 4: , s ' , SporrsfDoy's Vorsiry Boseboil O1 ti 3 Qi at s Pitching Toward "81" This year rhe Doys Junlor Varsiry Baseball ream consisred of AOCXQ more players rhan in pasr years. This facr malsing ir more dlfficulr ro build ream unlry, Coach Par Putman vvorlsed rhe young men mainly on defense Jeff Ware and Sieve Sanders were rhe ream caprains and Coach Purnam's daughrers, Leslie and Julie were scorelseeper and bar girl. The srrongesr hirrers were Tony Linder and Maris DeJesse. The 1981 Varsiry ream has some real ralenr ro lools forward ro. 1. In anriciparlon, Tony Williams prepares for rhe pirch. 2. Winding up for rhe pirch is Rich Liem. 3. JV. Baseball TeamDocl4 row, Larry Campbell, Jeff Wore, Dayid Alley, Tim Daines, Tony Williams, Tony Linder, Jeff lguchi, Sreve Sanders. Middle row, Jeff Michael, Doug l-lunr, Tim Duarre, Bobby Jewel, Rich Liem, Brian Ediss, Tom Alig, Coach Purnom, Franr row, Jim Moorehead, Sieve Scribanre, Darren Valenrine, Durch Waldron, Maris DeJesse, Damen Surer, Gary Klenn, Scorr Liolios, 4 An angry Coach Purnam "calmly" discusses a call. Ni, -we 9 Y C , ,C an W. ,-'A ' f 'M' T in Tw Q2 Sporrs!JV Baseball JM, C clcc , h T llls annuals ROY 'Q' np: R 'vw 2.1.02 alll! z' Eg-we QQ I, :SHE .Nxt L 37 fs P' 1 VN 'F A C Girls Look Good Whor hoppens when you odd rwo juniors, nine Sophomores ond rwo Freshmen? Well, Cooch Morv Hoover soys ir molses up o prerry good Junior Vorsiry Girls Sofrboll reom. Feoruring Corolo Wuesremonn ond Trocy Follerro on defense ond ond Cidy Seobloom on hirring, rhe 1980 reom wos sure ro bevvore of rheir hordesr cornperirion, Soddle' bocls ond Sunny Hills. Alrhough rhey wished for more specrorors, their cooch soys rhey srill ployed Hon exciring gornef' - 1, Dqqlq row Corolo Wuesrernonn, Korhy Dodger, Bobby Fellondo, Yverre Cisneros, Middle row, Anne Pociolils, Irmo Gordo, Cindy Ross, Cindy Seobloom, Tommy Wog- gener, Mory Hoover Dorrom row, Trocy Follerro, Joclsie Roorqosso, Tono Morrhews, Nino Morsolo, Liso Srevens, Sherri Compbell, oll our proud Girls Junior Vorsiry Sofrboll reom 2. Aqusring her corchers mosls, Cindy Ross is well firred for rhe gome G Looks like o homefrun by Liso Srevensl Sporrsfly Sofrboll 93 --N A Well- Balanced Attack Coming off of an impressive past season, the Girls Varsity Softball looked forward to repeat their magnificent perfor- mance. "Having eight girls returning from last years team, we seem to have all the bases covered," said coach Chucls Beauchamp, This year the softball team was funadmentally sound at every position. Sparlsed by excellent pitching by Terri Cleveland, last year's Most Valuable Player, and by exceptional defense by the catcher, Kathy Powell, the Girls Varsity Softball team went on the offensive. At the beginning of the regular season, coach Chucls Beau- champ felt that all the girls were starting to come together as a team. "Everything was going our way, if the weather holds, we should be able to talse first in League on pitching and experience alone," said coach Beauchamp with much pride. This pride also seemed evident within the girls as they proved themselves as competitors. 1. First baseman Kathleen Doud eagerly anticipates the bunt play toward first base. 2. Pam Creer and Sharon Fontes run bacls to the dugout after scoring the first two runs against Fullerton in a preseason game. 3, Front Row: Nancy Graham, Kathy Mayer, Cyndy Cary, Paulo Creer, Kathy Powell. Second Row: Sharon Fontes, Pam Creer, Terri Cleveland, Coach Chuck Beauchamp, Kim Stull, and Deneen West, 4, Pepper Cary, a true team hustler, steals third base in the game against Fullerton High School. ,ji i g K if,..ff f jfjfif ' 43 wus . f , -5 if J z 4 is W' 'E 52 4 ' L-3 . V ,i ',,, I ci: l 3 5 '-1 an :V ativan illln-..-es--qua... ' 'f--ipiwhw-J fl O4 Sports!Girls Varsity Softball .cmevps - ii. Qs, x ki RO 5 'VW awk My sa.. itifgsifwfx' ff-e,.,,,.,. M 4.4-W ,,,,, g M E, ,, , ,M , rm, Agqk A ,K ,' ,w , - , ff B... " im , ' , K ,, .L , Q. HL, Q' V., V W A . ij' V Wzrfnib , n,,,,M.W it . Q,V!v W N g AMW imgw ,A V t , my-4. W 7 if , Dwgs- , 6, ff I ff ,mg Ms, 4' gp" -W JV ' 93 ,V LM ,V , i , , ,fi W, . .H .. H, f V, or 7 J ki' ms VA -U. A, A L t ww 'f ,. ' i' f ' fl . .uf-'W . i ,, ,, 1,7 yarfnfiigifqhx 4 Z' - A , Maggy-w ix A ,Q ', 1:55 1' H ,M 'H 'Hg auf' ' ' 4 - .21 -wi Y, ' , F?'l sf' gf. M if .H A 1 , if . 'ew 'i-mmf 1 it 1 A , U s ' , . W . J, in .A xi -.-t , J,,,,,,, ggi. bg 3 5, 4,,,1.' far- 4 .gag m y L , - ' if V ' 'F ' s Mr f w fw..iw.uu.f i 5 i 2 nxX Ab N P' ' wk Q ,, .Aa QP" 4. - -ef .3 4 ,Ha 5. Sharon Fontes executes a perfect bunt to sacrifice the runners in a close game against Fullerton High School. 6. Pepper Cary, a good batter, patiently awaits and concentrates on the next pitch. 7. Terri Cleveland, an All C.I.F. and All League pitcher in her fourth year on the Varsity team, throws another fastball to strike outs onother opposing batter to establish a .028 Earned Run Average in her first thirty five innings pitched. Sports!Girls Varsity Softball O5 J-2 WM M? 5 1 mg' ,Q 1. Boys Vorsiry Trock Teorng Fronr row Todd Morhewson, Mike Joyce, Mike Monookion, Greg Sruli, Mike Mochorner, Joey Karcher, Mork Anrisro 2nd row! kenny Wiliiorns, Mike Lee, John Reorhes, Rondy Bliss, Jim Kinnone, Juergen Wesrenwonn Srd row1 Roger Hunr, Tarn Cokely, George Roe-se, Mike Kendrew, Mirch Blois, Joy Hunnerneyer. flrh row- Korlos Milier, Vkondy Hogbin, Mike Keesik, Teri Disney, Dei Weiis, Mike Fonres, John Spiro, Sreve Coyorerro 2, In o very ciose roce, Todo Morhewson ond Mike Joyce fighr for rhe ieod over Fuilerron High School 8. As rhe finish line ooprooches, Mirch Blois "kicks ir in" wirh oll his energy, 4. Wirh o rhrusr of power, Psondy Hogbin cornperes in the Shot Por evenr eww nr Q YY - Q 1 " Q U of XX My 15" '-if' .Q..x, 1,3 5, 1 Vg F, g . S , RIT. ,,,,i,,.,- Uv K g mf . MNA 6 ,Nw ,........, ww S N., M......,., F I so J 2 E y ,,,, ,,, JJ i af Q! u. Q., , -- f rw. VZ, uf rfs 4, iff 'J 'J V I ,,,.,, ' H ' , ,, ' ' 'faxing is , 42 fi , , H mm...-I A 1' ff www! f fx E ,M A" ,,,, , H -,,1 vtf' .4-6 9 , W an u' L 'MM ,, .ul M H mf QM .... , -.0 ' 'TL g -.1 , W 'Q , ,,,. V "'L 5' , 19 J 5 'T' ,, W, fs.. - . 4 if 5, ' - , , ' fiwjfe .Q--gg-, - -5:-V I 'I M ix i,w.6i.MT,s V V, I -fgihh Mgr., . ' 'f-4-wan. "-' . 'ff '- . " " ' 1 vw? . . ' 1., A . ' Q ,Af ' A K' In ' ggi., '1 1. .. -as 1 - "' gn 3 , " - -P -4.95 L A " 1 t ,, J ,. " ' ' ' ' V-gt, . ,-,.. fn, 1- gd , -ea I . may ,J ' i ' , -6'9Q- ,pw W .sp :W ' , 1 M , I gf' 7' .2 W W . . ., fm' ,..,-. L.: 4 4' ' N.,-53- f 7, V, ' uf ,nz W- Greot E pectotions J Reoched . . . The Boy's Vorsity Trocls Teom of 1980 ochieved record timings ond scores from their very first meet. Such high school competitions with Sonoro, Fullerton, ond Western were no motch for the experience ond greot obilities of the winning Worriors, They oimed for their top priorities ond worked out hord for mony hours eoch doy, strengthen- ing their hopes to win the Freewoy Leogue Chompionship. The l3oy's Vorsity Trocls Teom consisted of o voriety of strong othf letes, giving them o greot edge in every meet they ottended. The teom's strongest events were the Mile Pieloy, the SOO Low Hurdles, the Pole Voult, the Long Jump, the Triple Jump, the High Jump, ond the 880. Some of the teom's strongest members were Greg Stull, Mitch Blois, Morls Antisto, Kenny Willioms, ond Joy Hunnemeyer. Every member though, contributed his own speciol tolents for the tremendous outcome of the whole group. This Vorsity Trocls Teom wos considered one of the closestelsnit teoms of oil of the other sports ot Troy High, They worlsed hord for o common gool ond successfully mode top heodlines . . . everywhere. 1 ln on ottempt to breols Troy's Pole Voult record, Greg Stull cleors the pole with greot eose, 2. With greot onticiporion, Dennis Steele tries to goin enough height in the High Jump event, 3. Up in the oir, Kenny Willioms scores high once ogoin in the Triple Jump event. Sportsfllioys Vorsity Trocls Q7 O8 SporrsfFrosh-Soph Track Taking The Tape The goal this pasr year for rhe Doys Frosh- Soph rracls ream was ro win rhe Freeway League Championship. The 47 ream members wirh rhar goal in mind wenr our and worlsed rowards ir. Coach Woorin srared rhar rhere were more srudenrs our for rracls This year rhan have gone our in rhe pasr seven years. The Teams best evenrs were held on the field, rhese evenrs were Pole vaulring, rhe Long Jump, rhe Triple Jump, and rhe l-lighjump. The ream also had srrong middle disrance and disrance runners. Coach Wooren said our of 47 ream members, SO of rhem lools promising for furure Varsiry reams. 1. George Tonner and Don Joyce running hules agoinsr Wesrern ar rheir firsr league meer. 2. Long 'jumping for Troy, Scorr Hunnemeyer, 8. Fronr row- M. Mann, S. Rosenquisr, P. VanAllen, R. Morgan, H. Nguyen, A. Kholenberger, B. Hathaway, B. Vogel, J. Wallser. Second row-S. Hunnemeyer, D. Thorne, P. Wallace, D. William, T. Compher, D. Lee, G. Anrisro, G, Tonner. Third row-R. Mills, B, Kudlo, A. Crawley, W. Wallser, J. Koch, D. Joyce, B. Henderson, Forrh row-T. Ramirez, C. Richerson, J. Purdy, S. Pioberrson, ll. Carmichael, M. Au, M. Downing, Dacls row-J. Wedda, C. Long, V. Voccher, G. Huff, S. Hommel. .J , fr-rf? if I 'U' , fx' fi. M41 -ol vi 4 ri ., W W ,f MW WW lH.f'rr,ls 5 v .,..tW 'I' lf wmv. . A fir dx? Q MW bw A V, '. . ' 'T ' ..'f27'T - ' 4 W 1 1 . - ..- -H 1 i,.,,.ui-,i,.,c --.M-0.,.J.wt .f ....g......i.-...i wwwiwf ,,.,.M,,s,...,.V,-4,,,.,..,,......,.., .v.,...,u,m, usssu - 3 an "'t"' 3 ,J Q V ff' 5 f 2 Q i 1. lu- ni 9' 6, 'ff l i' -w-vw---N - Mx X fi! was W . .. ., 5, Qi sg gftl v - 155 :nw -5 . i.459Qi'ssiwgs In Good Form Gymnostics is on ever more populot sport, which is now finolly getting the ottention it deserves. At Troy High School Gymnostics is very populot with the girls, there ore more girls going out for the sport every yeor, ond this yeor wos no exception. Troy's J.V. Gymnostics teom's moin gool for this yeor wos to win the Freewoy Leogue Chompionship. With their gool in mind the teom went out ond preformed beoutifully ot oll of their meets. Their strongest events proved to be the Un-even Bots ond Floor Exercise Gymnostics is o sport in which both power ond strength, ore meosuted ogoinst one's gtoce ond ogility. A good gymnost possess on eguol omount of both, which in the end should result in o winning combinotion. Cooch Morcinlso stored thot on odditionol gool for this yeor wos to hopefully keep the teom together. "Getting o cooch wos o problem for this teom os well os it wos for other Otonge County teoms", siod Cooch Motcinl-xo, If getting o cooch for this yeots teom wos o problem,iust think obout next yeor, but on the lighter note, just remember os long os there is o teom to cooch there will olwoys be o cooch for the teom. 1 Debbie Tertfoi in the middte of o voult 2, Representing Troy on the uneven bots is Lindo Green C5 Front Trocy Mull Middle, Justine Whelchel, Holli Enright Dock: Heidi Enright, Donnie Hoyes 4. Heidi Enright during het floor exercises Spottsfi V Gymnastics Q9 t Gymnasts Display Style Alrhough Varsiry Gymnosrics gor a lore srorr rhis pasr year, rhey were able ro begin wirh six rerurning varsiry girls. They spenr alor of rime and efforr perfecring rheir perfor- mances, and proved ro be a fine Gymnasric ream. And rhey conrinued rheir hard worls and dedicarion rhroughour rhe remainder of rheir season. ,ff 1. Doing rhe spllrs on a 4" balance beam, Sheryl Guernsey displays perfecr form. 2. During her exercise on rhe balance beam, Lori Morgan does a daring bacls wall-:over 3. Wirh good sryle Karhy Hefner expresses herself during rhe floor exercise, 100 Sporrs!Varsiry Gymnasrias ifmffsxs .. MATBH I 'xi elk N1 Y- ' 'YW' y Q' if A LM A Q HAH.. .... ., ,,,,.,,u fzjgff- - -W' ' 1'-W" W' -M V, I 5 , " ' -ff-'we r ,,., H r ' 'L-gj'.5'f: kyww rf' ,,ff any f L,,, 1 A On rne uneven bars, Horny Hefner swrngs low for 0 drsmounr 5 Dock. Maureen Nolon, Sheryl Guernsey, Corrie Noierre Fronr. Morney Flemrng, Korny Hefner, ond Muchelbe Slsson 6. Jusr worrnrng up, Mrchelle Sisson rrys our rne uneven bars 7 In ner floor exercise, Mrcnelle Srsson srorrs ner rournne wrrn o serres of rurnbres SQorrsfVcrsrry Gyfnnosrres 101 There's More To GirI's Track Than Running As one of the most popular girls sports, girl's tracls had a team consisting of 25 members. Their main ambition was to become league champs for the third year in a row. Coach Torberr said the girls have an excellent chance of becoming league champs. Tracls not only consists of running but other things like the mile run, the shotput 220 relay, 440 relay, long jump, low hurdles, and the high jump. Most people don't think girls can handle it, but they proved S tvs -R83 is L they can. Giilfe ill--...gunna -. V . . . .,, my if ff ., cg' 1 f ,,.. . . ...,,,. ls EQ A -Q Q g c cs, , , c-If X A- 'Wi' xirq-W ,fi . ' . K- ' - . gym: .cc 1. With stamina, Barbara Bliss runs the mile run. 2. Laura Campbell executes a high jump. G. Coming in for firsr place Deedee Sanchez completes a close race, 'Q P' 4, ' qu """' ' . -,. ....-5. . c. .. .. ,, .Wm .,,.... S3153 1 ,hm 'far yxnin, 'li ' mul? 1 ' r -WJ i gi-. is, - i 1 . ' I x I if 1 T .- 1 1. Dee Dee Sonchez runs the 440. 2. Three of Troy's besr hurdle-rs show rheir sruff, 3 Fronr row-Erin Logerberg, Tino Srull, Molly Morrewson, Dee Dee Sonchez, Louro Connpbell, Korhy Srorls, Looro Jimenez, Second row-Kelly Morris, Doloris Slovin, Borboro Bliss, Wendy Krosco, Trisho Nolen, Cindy Krosco, Third Row-Suson Choprnon, Tino Wedoo, Morry Criss, Kris Reeves, Amy Lom- berr. Fourrh row-Krisry Williornson, Dersy McLoughlin, Mory llodrigez, Michelle Douglos, Chrisrin Miller. 4 Also running the A40 Morie McGrorh flies ro rhe finish for o win, Sporrs!Girl's Trocls 108 Boys Smash Freeway League One of Coach Hess' biggesr headaches rhis year was Sunny Hills High School, Sunny Hills was Troys' only problem enroure ro rheir second place finish wirh a 6- 1 league record. Greg Salas was rhe ream's number one player on an eleven man ream. The reom also had a foreign exchange srudenr from Sweden, lno Moberg, on rheir ream, 1, During an inrense rally, lno Moberg sers up for a baclshand crosscourr shor. 2 In deep concenrrarion, Greg Salas anricipares his opponenrs nexr meve. 3. On rhe run, Jim Swaney displays his sryle on rhe follow rhrough. 1 Q , F 1 104 Sporrsffloys Varsity Tennis 'Q gf Q . ,, mf 4 v Zn n j 4 Fronr row: MIISG Brown, floul Dore rozo, Sreve Tolon, Dove Eby, Hung Vu, Mike Solos. Second row Eno Moberg, Greg Solos, Dennns Sreele, Greg Bron' nock, Jnm Swoney 5 Afrer o powerful serve, Dowd Eby spnngs info rne oir Sporrs!Doys Vorsiry Tennis 105 3 QA JV Tennis Strives For The Best The boys J.V. rennis team ar Troy has been one of the srrongesr in the league as a rradirion. A rradirion rhar Coach Richard Hess inrended ro keep in 10804 As always, rhe besr comperiilon came from Sunny Hills, and even rhough rhey were very rough, rhe ream remained enrhusiasric, as rhey did in all marches. The srrengrh of rhe ream came from singles players, especially Alex Olefer and Hung Vu. lr vvas a bir rough for JV, because mosr of rhe rop players eirher graduared or moved up ra Varsiry. Coach Hess fried ro do rhe besrjob he could vvlrb borh J,V. and Varsiry, bur vvirh rhe limired amounr of rime he could give each ream, a grear deal of rime was spenr organizing insread of insrrucring. He fried ro concenrrare on building each player's abiliry io play consisrenrly and ro lseep rhe ball in play. Pracrices included many basic srrolsing and speed drills. 100 Sporrs!Boys l.V, Tennis ., ,, rr. T5 sa 45 S vt jk '32 4 fl 9 J' ,, ,r Wear J 1 , ' ,A ll rt 5 3 , 7 fr 1 Y X , 1 it v F4 if r r it ,ce ,i. I It's A Bird . . . JV. Badminton at Troy was coed for the first time this past year. In fact, it was the only coed team in any sport, The coeducational factor required teamworls and sociability. It also gave both boys and girls an equal opportunity to compete in a sport. The coach, Mrs Elsedal, felt that the attitude of the players and the team as a whole was excellent. She said, "being able to lose and understand why and what needs to be changed for improvement is the lsey to thinking positively about one' self." Practices were held everyday from 2180 to 4180, Badminton players usually played JV. the first year they went out for the team, because it talses a year to gain the slsills and experience needed for Varsity. Competitive Badminton requires more ability than one would thinls. It requires coordination, strength and timing for sttolsing, an extreme amount of endurance and agility, and a sense of strategy. JV. badmine ton has won the championship for 8 years in a row and hoped to win again. 1 3 .l. l il .ad L..,1"r ,,. Summontng all his power, Milse Brown completes his first serve B J V Tennis team, top tow, Tim Todd, Charles Lee, Jeff Calvin, Steve Allison, Fred Ptzelsop, Vil Ftiemenes, Neil Scholtz Bottom tow, Sam Bayes, Charlie Chen, Ricls Nelson, Andy Young, Bon Psodis, Jason Shoen, Conrad Lynn A Moving quiclsly cross court, Steve Tolan sets for a 1 strong forehand rally 5 ln a singles match, Connie Mclsenzie makes a drop shot across the net o After a competitive rally, Janet Wolsborn -2- regrettedly hands the birdie to the opposing team 7 Ernesto Cruz prepares to drive the birdie across the net during a tournament 8 The J V Badminton team, third tow , Mrs Elsedal, Ccoachh, Kim Doziet, Rob Weinls, Michelle Vincent, Joan Carter, Ernesto Cruz, Dan Leyva Hman, agetD Second row, Julie Tullos, Janet Walsborn, Yvette Dewey, Jeff Webber First tow, Gina Almanzar, Diana Jue, Karen Reddtngton. wx 1. ln on intense match, Ron Rodts studies the situation after serving 2, Sportsfl V Badminton 107 Birdie An exciting CIF sport emerged on Troy's com- pus this yeor for the first time through the efforts of o few interested people. Most of the bodminton teom members hod no previous experience, but thought, "trying out for the teom would be eryoyoblef' Surprisingly, this inexperienced teom wos considered the best teom in the entire Ieogue. The teom members ottributed their success to being o close-lsnit group, ond to their cooch, Mrs. Elsedol, 1. Kothy Fish sloms the birdie bocls to her opponent, 2, Front row: Kothy Fish, Shoryn Azomo, Anito Solos, Doymon Elsedol, Dorry Leohy, Row 2: Tomoro Gorlow, Fron Toylor, Steve Wilson, Jeff Perry, Alex Olefer, Ed Decker, Row 3: Cooch Elxedol, Julie Smith, Sondy Dovis, Morlx Johnson, Mike Andrus, Chris Morengo, Mory Schoefer, Don Leyvo. 8. Diving for the birdie, Ed Becker molses rhe finol point to win the game. K 1 WY ,gy v 'L umm -nv- na 4. vmwi, M 4.56, Tam 4.9 ,,lM. . . "W"-fw.,,,,,, k.,.4pmf ""'-lun.. " ' M4- ,r f 4. During o rough morch, Fran Toylor sloms rhe birdie ocross the ner. 5. Aniro Solos worches hopefully os her birdie barely flies ocross rhe ner. 6. Mork Johnson dispioys his boclshond. 7. Wirh greor effort, Mike Andrus sends the birdie soiling ro his opponent. Sporrsfvorsiry Bodminron 100 Troy Teams g Dominate Troy teams, boys and girls, did exceptionally well this past year, Many of them dominated the Freeway league, eventually moving on to CIF competition, Each team had their own style of play. Some teams came close to losing their ClF spot, while others, such as the football team finishing with a record of o and O, had no difficulties at all. The teams that went to CIF were: football, volleyball, girls and boys cross country, girls and boys boslsetball girls tennis and wrestling which is an individualized sport. The ClF participants that represented Troy's wrestling team were Jon Evans and Raul Cazares. -ew AW if .V'. A , ,V , ,qt W ., A K., ,.4, ' A , , M, -fills , . ,, . by , V f fykfgw, ,yr f fa mmf? A rf, , t ., ,,,, :L W V I V . . , at g ,,, F. F , "' ' 'rx 41, 4 ., " h I, y r ' ' r . :f5f4I -- 3,7 WM! Yf, my , ' F E, , I S kgrr Q V , IA ,,. I. V i, , A it Nl I Q , ' ,'.' ' ' -V ' 4 ' " F F t ,M , ,r , ..,.,,: ,... ,M . A , sn. ff, :A " I Q vi, -vWF? .,,',' ' tr. if 1 W f wwwfzfz 'fev- .Qs .1-an ,suvf 1. Darryl Blackburn streaks down an open field with the ball. 2. Danelle Morgan bumps the ball to the front row, as her teammates prepare themselves for up coming action. 13. Kathy Powell concentrates as she shoots for two points. 110 Sports! CIF fa? 1' 'wifiififf if .W . ,, .,- - , - - 'Q ' 1 'o we 'ff , 'ffsififi 1 ' fig, . ff WZ' , Y 4 " ,yfffffi i'f 'fffQ, K, gn' Ajyf, Q1 ' i g 1 1 1 1 -ff 4' ' 1 Q 1 5 1' --.m' T - -1- f il .11 ' Q 1 xjilf. '25, f-'NJ M- 1 1 ,.fi"'4' 4 f 3 S '5f,5 ' 'vfapo H' .-if 1 I ess 1 1 ,.-:Z-fs.sEi .5559 . QSQ: Q55 ,. 655' .5461 , I-5-S 3568 1xS564w Sjikgf f' .4 - effit f .fig f1':1,, in 1 Af' Jwf yis 1: is 5 fir? Pfie-4 ,f m A Qfe ,frf fx fffffi 1 - 8 1 1 i f f ,pf L 1 ' ' I - ee A N 4 P 3 N Q D use A af N f ' ' ' Q 1: E 2 ,qw V5 of 'J 'Sigh Q if .iw '11 Qi, ' 'sw - J .,,.f.v1 A X f was-, ,Af 1 yhfe 7 , .4 o54:fLq Q29 . 1 1 .5 f 11111 .M- y f i W4 .U-NL, . -,M , A f ff, -- rf, . H'- fv ' , ,A .1,,,,4,f,, , V r. 4 John Dorlxey goes up for o Icy up for rwo poinrs 5, A derermnned Noncy Dronnocls forges on during o Cross country roce, 6 Korhleen Lllhe concenrrores on rerurning o volley 7 The cross counrry reom roces ogoinsr Buena Pork ond rhe clock Sporrs!CIF 111 Being Precise Smoll Precision srorred off rhe seoson wirh four new members ond rwo rerurning. The girls worlsed long ond hord hours choreogrophing oll rheir own rourlnes. They performed in three comperirions, ronl-ring in rhe rop eighr in oll of rhem. Also plocing on excellenr fourrh ploce in srore chompion- ships. They disployed mony of their rourines or boslserboll holfrimes, some Jr. High schools ond olso performed o Spring Show rhis posr Moy. They proved ro be on excellenr group, ond worlsed well rogerher os o reom. 1. Jusr rolslng ir eosy, Smoll Precision member, Noncy Kolde smiles for rhe comero. 2. Being rowdy during o foorboll gome, Korhy Pererlls cheers on rhe winning worriors. 3. Suson Rodriguez, Debbie Waldron, Noncy Koide, Korhy Pererlls, Dororhy Dudo, ond Julie Perolro. 4. Also os members of Drill Teom, Debbie Woldron, Korhy Pererils ond Noncy Koide, ore jusr hoving o good rime. 'J I1 .. grigfiub 'J ' s t' yi' Z K A ls ,V , . , 1. R, V xg-.11 gwy1f.l. :rf gf" 1 if 5.as1fi3.',iQ:f" ffqu jf, gre' ,f 41- 'uf . K A -4 I ! v 9.9-P5 Q . It , -'Y lr lx 4 f , 112 Sporrs!Smoll Precision -. if qs! X. -1, .,ls,- 1, ,. .. . Arif f' .fi sr X? 'x 9 c 1" 1h-1'v l I is 4 7 I li E 1 Drill Team Steps Cut The Drull Team, led by Mrs. VICIQI Wesrbrools, had many new members, bur successfully managed ro maunraun rhe Drlll Team's fune repurarlon The gurls demonsrrared rhelr slsllls before foorball games w1rh rhelr famous "Troy Pslppleu, and durlng halfrume shows wirh special presenrarlons They also per formed ar many assembles, and rhelr annu al sprung show cllmaxed rhe year Thelr oursrandlng showmanshup galned rhem a second place ylcrory 10 fleld comperlnon ar La Habra Hugh School "W 'N' fx - ll, 'T'-4 Y fs. , N I . N ,Z ,Mex . , U6 x ei SI ,. . x D fl www Nfl 3 1 Q Q. fi X Far, ' lx 'S Qs! Q , , mt h , XT S ' sys- we .. rt fax. is P ,ie as sc- X-Fit ' 1 X 1 Drlll ream members, row 1 Debble Waldron, Nancy Kalde, lsarhy Perencls, Grera Lappl Row 2 Rhonda Doughman, Trucla Grlme, Louanne Mclilnzey, Andrea Hamblln, Tracy Levlne, Susan llodnguez Cecr Arona, Tkuanne Casrro Row Q3 Tracy Render, Theresa Lucero, Sandy Hall, Laune Glllngan, Karen Muller, Janell Wllsey, Kane Bally, Robb: Muller Row 11 Sheryl Guernsey, Parry Krpan, Laune lloberrs, Llnda Caballero, Marla Morcado, Mlsrl llardlng, Luanda Mer cado, M1chelleFosrer Row a Susan McNamara, Alexla Sharpe, JoAnna llayes, Dororhy Dudo, Julle Peralta, Donna Acosra, Wendy Sharpe, and Cynrhla Rhelnaans Q The "Troy Rlppleu execured before a foarball game 3 Laurle Gllllqan rurns her head ln dusmay during an early mornlng worls our SporrsfDrlll Team 113 Flog Twirls into The Eighties The flog sguod rhis yeor consisred of rwo rerurning girls ond four new girls During rhe course of rhe yeor, rhey orrended seyerol cornperi- rions, including Soddleoocls, Wesr, Srore, ond Arroyo, or which rhey oloced firsr. Their cornoeririon wos rnode up ro rhe song "Moin Eyenr", in which rhey hod yorioos rriclss ond exchonges The souod performed or foorooll holf-rlnnes ond speciol exhioirions. The flog sguod wos Hyery proud of their yeor", ond rhey Uworlsed rheir hordesr ro reoresenr Troy High School," F-v ff" N ----.....,,, w-......wW.....,,, K , . ..,. gs 1 The souod demonsrrores irs ooiliries during on ossennoly 2 The flog sqood, fronr cenrer Pihondo Doughnnon, Trocy Render, lefr Sheryl Guernsey, righr Michelle Fosrer, Ruonne Cosrro, ond Robb: Miller 3 Proudly holding her flog, Michelle lfosrer snwiles or rhe fons during rhe holf rinne fesiiyrries or o foorooll gonne 1141 Soorrsflflog Jr. Vorsity Frosh-Soph, "Roh" Energy The Frosh-Soph ond J.V. cheerleaders worlsed successfully ro rouse the spirir of rhe underclossmen. They offended oll Fresh! men ond Sophomore foorboll games, ond oll FrosheSoph, l.V, boslserboll gomes. To- gerher vvirh rhe vorsiry cheerleaders, rhey were insrrumenrol in molsing rhe assemblies exciring ond rowcly. 1, Frosh-soph cheerleaders, fronr-Cen' rer Wendy Krosco, lefr ro righr- Mory lone Obrien, Bridgerre Boholl, Sandy V W' '. 'Q A ' ' V V sm V VV Rodus, Jessico Fobriconr, ond Viclsilewf "' +V' F M ' ' V' el 2 Frosh-soph, JV, Vorsiry cheer- ' 1 A V V, A"' ' , "W V , K V "f ' 5 leoders, ond moscor pose for rheir phof A VVfVV'VWZV V LV 9 . r V' ii rogroph. Z3 JV cheerleaders, lefr ro X, 'A VV i g . V , , . y A 'I e righr. Marlene Speich, Coroline Perer- li V - , - ' f i - , VV VV ,'r A y sen, Kelly Kinnone, Peggy Difilippo, Jo- , V ' 1 ' ,I f ner Wagner, ond Kelly Lone Cnor pic' 1 'l"i W -'hx ruredb I ' VVZV VA V s ' ' Z g V , Vi V if 4. ,ar , 5 f va at gf! 'Zia s Q J V , Frosh'Soph CheerIeodersf115 Varsity Cheerleaders Generate Spirit The song and yell leaders once again did an oursronding job in gerring all rhe Troy sporrs fans rowdy and spirired during rhe games and assemblies, The 1979-80 yell squad consisred of six girls led oy Jamie Sanford as head cheerleader. The song leaders consisred of six also, led by Tino Brirr. The cheerleaders felr rhar rhe Troy srudenrs "have improved rheir school spirir" since lasr year. Y.. 'pda' Qian-w 1 Cheerleader Jeanne Hemphill enrerrains rheiunior class ar an indoor assembly Q Nil-zlsi Gonzales does one of her many cheers or an assembly, 3. Varsiry yell, Nilelsi Gonzales, Tricia Hess, Denise Dennison, Jeanne Hemphill, Sharon Griffirh, Jamie Sanford 11o!Vorsiry Song And Yell :QM wi l"""'---aw.. lm ii- ,, ., ,WW W K , '55 ,. , ' H nun., " ,,W,,w,,,,.,.,ifn.W.4v'iv""" - ,V W ,, .. - ,mf-M.,,mfAljW A sg., wi , f- , .,k, , , , S Gibson, ond Korem Wells. 1. Song cheerleaders ger crozy during Q Troy assembly 2. Troy's emefgeric moscor Lilo Wilbrohom 3 Vorsiry song, Korhy O'be-rg, Tino Brin, Toni Lee, lloyleen Me-rlwemy, Heidi Sporrsfvorsiry Song ond Yell 117 X f ' . M? ff' - . 2 0 X, XW3' ' xxx . 1 Performrmg durmg Q hdfmme, We Troy Hngh Schoo. Mordwwg Bond erwer ge-mcoHy pknys MHor Swff " 2 Kc-2NIy Lone ond her dare enjoy 0 refreshmg dunk or me Homecommg dome 8, Warming me HoHowee-rw coswme judging, Lwlo Wnlbrohom and Corrie Mo- choclo show Wear schod spam by dress' mg up JW 4-ull' f "K, sag, TF 3 1 S a I I R R R s A 1 , 'Q in 'ily' f 4 " WN.. I T, ,c- S '4 es 119 Roiny Homecoming Homecoming ocfivifies begon on October 10 wirh nominofions for eoch closs. The following doy rhe fwenfyeeighr nominees were onnounced on rhe guod offer second period. On Ocrober 19 rhe nominees were infroduced ro rhe sfudenr body in on ossembly. The nighf of rhe gome specforors were huddled under umbrellos ond wropped in blonlsers. Despire the cold weofher, fhere were mony rerurning cheerleoders, drill room, bond, ond olumni. The holf-rime ocrivifies were concelled due FO rhe roin. The nominees could nor be presenfed on fhe field, insreod they were onnounced over rhe loudf speolxer os fhe crowd lisfened onxiously, Louro Hohn wos onnounced freshmen princess, os Pom Creer wos nomed sophomore princess, Lori Compbell won junior princess, ond lsoren Andes wos senior princess. Finolly, Jeff Psimer ond Dorlo Porricls were crowned Homecoming Ising ond Queen. The Worriors ourscored rhe Soddlebocls Roodrunners wirh o score of 19-o. i l l 120 AcriviriesfHomecoming 1 Dorlo Porriclx ond Koren Andes show rheir enrhusiosm offer being nomed Queen ond senior princess respecrively 2 A friend congrorulores Queen Dorlo Porricls upon her vicrory 8 The enrhusiosric Homecoming cheerleoders cheer on rhe Worriors 1 Sophomore Pom Creer woirs for rhe winners ro be reveoled Q Junior Lori Compbell is coughr or rhe momenr rhor she is nomed princess, 8 Junior Greg Hughes lcicl-as off rhe boil A Seniors Doug Dysrry, Cynrhio Robinson, ond Corrie Mochodo ser up for rhe Homecoming donce 1 q,-- -gr f .,. 4 .4 "1 3 I IF, e wr f .W-r f gg age' SEQ 4 1 -Q-.-1-v I 11, r Q3 n"F-' V -, "' 17 QW, 0 fzfpvi '- 1-Q 9. Q' 0f'.-ff? I 0 'ev -A S 'ff' lP"Hfi' " 0 tx +1 "' , 1- -. Q gi. 'ii-:'x',' 4 "?3Z- 1'4- '2 "' p-1-. A P M94 A ,.- f ag-nan-nn-V 4. - ..,i , , p H ffff,ffQ 2 Iv i , ' -K lj Ai- :Z,ygya fzgf, ' H - ,1 X. W , 4 g.vx'vf3lRs . bm k gg x P f',:"fj':'A. 4 Q X .,, . .Q 1 A .rx 9, 2, ,X, ,, 4. X . ...n,. ,Jr 'Wi x 13, fP,1i,I.i,.' v Lf 'ff 'rs . x 4 . 1. 4,. XT 16 o iv , , . Ag -Qi 'i -1 . r . Oimv ,, 1 . - - v xg,-,Y . 4 1. - Q, ' s . J: -'g""',.'x, QQ X f vi. f- :gm .5 , I 'Hifi' ,f V,.- , Xmmfvddwb ' wp. X V ,. M-.MWW ,EQTM V Mawr? ' . :K-f4.,..Lw gf, X., W -1. ,wr ' , A QW, Q W wg: i f My V 4- am ,,.. rw , M Y WW Y E' MA yn 'M' W i it f"'ff ' . A 'N 1 :M We-li, f . ' ' .4 J W we ' M 'N Q c f it ,gy , si '25 ' xv he fiwiimm f. rg , ' l .f if A ' 'Q U 'T " Q 'Zi 7' , 5 , , 7 1 ' 0 - Wm -QT M, 115' ,,. , ,f X. '5--. T5""Ig-1 4 1 SQTTTOT Kcrhxeeh Lme ohd lm Doyc cchce fo me of 'he 'hchy SOVWQS pmcyec oy Tkch NCC 2 The Hofhecofhwrg Cow 1970 Ptah' 'ow Keg Jeff Rwher chc Queeh, Doha Demos Bcoe 'ow JJTO' Dwcess Lo' Cofhpbew Soohorhore Phhcess, Pcfh Creer Cho Sehwo' Prhcess, hover Awoes Peshrheh Prhcess, Louc Hohh hor owcmrec 3 The oouhg Even In The Quietest Moments Almosr rwo huhdred couples orrehced The oohce oh Sowrdoy, Ocrober 20 The oohce wcs helo Th rhe gym from O OO ro 12 OO p fh The rhefhe of rhe dohce wos "Eveh Ih The CQeTe'esr MOVWQWTSIV The orrhosphere reserhDTeO 0 hhoohw hwghr The rhusuc woe prowded by Tkwch Nod, who okso pioyed or prorh Tosr yecr The Hohwecorhhg dohce wos spohsoreo by TTKG ASB oho 'he cosr of the fuckers were SO OO wwh oh ASB ohd S12 OO wfrhour eh ASB row ohc cond wecrhe' oc ho' sroo 'he Wane' 'ees A Sehow Heh' cec Kcfh Kem: age 'he gees' :cox wheh e"e'hg 'he cchce 1 Lhoc Greeh cohgrc',.c'es Geeeh Dec Devo wee he' 'mhhoh 2 The Warmers ore chee'ec oh my 'he yen, chc song eccem as hey eh owe 'he 'Tele 3 Foec Meheo'e5 oi 'he Hofhecemhg gcwe T070 'TQS HOMOC We t , 1 Therese Cuhhrhghorh, ohe of rhe rhohy nerds durrhg Sprrrr Week, poses for rhe cornero nh one of her crosses 2 Brehdo Fowler oppeors ih rhe ossemokf ON rhe sknb dorurwg Spirur Week 3 MOUV990 Ormsreod vvrhs rhe "Mrss Scurhmy Hills" cohresr 4 The cohresrohrs ond Maureen close rhe beoory cohresr on Nerd Doy 5 Corrre Mochodo performs o sruhr oh rhe sloo during Spirrr Week o Dowd Schroepfer dresses up cs o rec! bror ohd shows his school sprrrr oh Bror Doy i s ogxx X . "' --1 .,4.r.m . K A M ,Q ir' roy Shows Spirit Spirir Weels wos o big success rhis yeor, The srudenrs wore blocls ond red ro srorr off rhe vveels. The second doy wos dress up os your fovorire Sonny Hills person, or in orher words "Nerd Doy " There wos o l'Miss Scomrny Hills" conresr on rhe sloo in which oll rhe oeouries cornpered, The rhird doy wos "Bror Doyf' During fourrh period rhere wos o bobyeborrle drinleing conresr ond o oooyffood eoring conresr The foorrh ond finol doy everyone wore block for rhe deorh of Sunny Hills The whole Weels helped ro ooosr rhe spirir for Fridoy's gome ond helped Ieod ro rhe vicrory over Sunny Hills. our we 0 Cu ' ' Q L nn is I 1' io? -v 1 ky' w if " ry, ' A Z R N ' 2 fo ,si fl 'if I fix' 5' h,y':'l -J T ' I 4 ,M-'zzz -. J 51' . fl il l N1 T v .D 'll' ' 4' "f ' rrfs l V: . 31. T 13.5 ,mf l Q Acrwiriesf5piri' Wee s 125 ,,, ax 3 LM x X F i iw' iii 1 3 ii f AFA M iw is V M if Q 512, ., "' i ,fnfl - V V'?fJ'95. Si' M' in ' he if nixv f i ii N - iz. Q -Siflr if-5 1, f 5-'i v ' Q - TAS-7?iFAgi,., ' 'V . jjvjggi 'jk 1 Q- 'f X W if 4 m e 52? - e - 2 f.I'7'i-gx ,QI " - fe V ' fx- fa x , X 4 ,- V N N V Q' -. 3 f . , xi' .N K, I B I -X A .. p "'t- I . ft? 5 ii? ii Q-Riff' ,jf a iifi Q ww V 4 i' i , 13? -PK 'E Q, 3 ps.....,-""N I 1. Wild animals roamed rne quad Halloween, our Snaron Griffirn and Denise Denison appear rome during feeding rime, 2. A fired clown, Marcy Wllingson, TORGS a break from the day's acriviries. 3. Is this a husky Iurnbeqack, or a chubby Karen Andes? 4. Among rhe gnouls rhar naunred rhe nails, Sandy Piadus was one of rne spookiesr. 126 Acriviriesfi-ialiaween A an Q. , 1 i ix .' 'ii fy 'A Pifgj h , Q W' X - 3 ?'5-ggfsi , S- Ke ' mi ' 'w sri get J, - -r- A. 9 in 1, f, . i -Q' e 5 aegis. .s I ' 1- -ah 4.--.ef 2 . 4 c V f 1 ig .lg F Quad Invaded! Halloween '79 was a tremendous success, as all of the many Troy High School events are when they involve the creative ingenuity of the student body. The quad, Halloween morning, was invaded by a wide variety of creatures, such as, aliens from outer space, wild animals, flashers, a killer bee and an airhead. Between fourth and fifth periods Dale Eby emceed the annual costume competition. The overwhelming champion was a group of cheerleading boys! Second place went to Jim Cser and Jim Roe as Devo and third place was given to Laura Hunt, a flasher. All in all, the day was commonly described as a complete success. 1, Atrempring ro form a perfect pyramid, our all male cheerleading squad, Craig Wilsey, Richard O'Neiil, Kevin Andrews, Steve Hart, Jon Hansen, Jim Sieminslsi, John Krpan, Stanley Graham, David Yaney and George Pioese loolf as good as the girls' 2 Placing second doesn'r seem ro excite Devo, Jim Cser and Jim Roe 3 Whoopsl The camera's over here girls' Heidi Gibson, Chris Hoffman and Raeleen Merheney say cheese is its 4 .1 4 - Q :li h VFW ,Y , ' fi 5163 J ActiviriesfHalloween 127 ,f""' I c 1' ' , H12 r i. 3 Worriors, We Are Alive 128 Acrrvrriesfmsemblues Q ..,. -S . W - .n. 1 I W Nkkk N PAM, ,..-, ,, 1 The foorboll reom ond dnl! reomjoih wrrh rhe resr of rhe srudehr body os rhe bond ploys rhe olmo morer, 2 Vorsrry song Ieoder Timo Brrrr cheers or on ourside ossembly on rhe qood 3. Vorsrry yell reader Dehrse Dehrsoh shows her emborossemhr os "EIvus" snhgs ro her . .ef :V . sa - ..., ,I FH 'fir' Q 1 541 ,gr- ,W 'V3 -,JS ' -F334 riff: ' - K-::.:t1z,. 3: - 1.131 EF-m ' f I Www w...q. In Assemblies Excite Crowds Foorosric ossemblies mode up porr of Troy's currlcu- lum mls yeor A greor vorlery of performers could be found or me momrlwly ossemolles Some of rlwese performers Include. A comediom, rlwe drlll reom, crweerleoders, olozz bond, ood even o group of mole clweerleoders. Srudeor DQHOVIOV wos excellerwr ood rlwere wos no rlwreor of sropplrwg oll ossemolies os mere wos losr yeor Mosr of me ossemblies were plopped by me ASD olflcers ood members of me Advrsory Courncll morwy of whom olso porrlclpored no slslrs. 1 Members of Troyss rwewesr cheerleoder sguod me 'llroylerresf Tom Hurwr, Rob Dordner, Dove Schloepfer, Dole Eby, George lloese ond Sreve Wllsoo perform erwergerlcolly for me exclred crowd 2 A Jozz group ploys me blues or on ossembly rm me lecrure poll JO Acrrvirnesfmsemblres 129 Christmas Tradition Decorates Troy Once again rhe Chrisrrnas spirir came ro Troy High School with rhe rradirional hall decorating conresr. Each grade was given a cerrain parr of rhe school ro decorare in any Chrisrmas theme rhey chose. The conwperirion was nor onlyjudged on rhe decorarions, our also rhe amounr of canned goods and roys donared by each grade ro rhe Orange Counry Chrisrmas Clearing Bureau. The Seniors roola firsr place in rhe conresr wirh a depiction of "Sanra's Village", plus having donared rhe mosr items ro rhe Clearing Bureau. Juniors fools second place, and rhird and fourrh places were ralsen by rhe Sophornores and Freshmen. The ourcorhe was exrremely close, as rhe firsr rhree scores differed only by one poinr. ,f 1 14.-la1L'ur'3'.gj . 'ww' .41 1 Sranding on a ladder for a higher reach, Sandy Psadus helps decorare rhe Admlnisrraf rion Building afrer school 2 ln fronr of rhe Senior l-lall, Tlayleen Merheney borrows while painr from Debbie Zeirler and Mike Joyce works on painring a snow scene 130 Acriviries!Chrisrmas 1 N' 1311223 Q 9- li' x H se si is ,.,cc -rw B 1 3 5 s ii ll fl si ll ' fi u ig ig ia g l and H1156 I 6989 S. Pole k v--"""'--T- nes - X ff, 4 s EKU 5 X gig fl kr, www f ff 1 s 3 The mouibox mor sronds I0 from of Sorwro s house rs sruffed wrrh Ierrers from orwxious boys ond gurls 4 A deplcruon of Sonro s Toy Mochune rn me Jumor ho!! 5 Lnlo Wulbrohom ond Ross Jones dressed os Mr ond Mrs Crouse ore oslsed who me good ond bod gurls ond boys 'ai E: f'h- aVo"d:j ar ' 132 Acllymes!Chrl5lmos 1 Sooros house, locored lo me oword WIVWUIVWQ Senlor Holl 2 Members of me Ceromucs club, Sue Clwopmon, Lando Tonner ond odylsor, Mr Doesr show off rhenr free whlclw won flrsr ploce up me free decororlog comresr 3 Sopho more Mlrro Fkozell worlxs lorenrly on me UGCOVOTIOITS no me Sophomore holl 4 Suryeymg her worls, Mlchelle Werzel rolses o loreols dunno me busy decorormg of me Jumlor holl 5 Assorred elves ond relndeer, Chns, Hoffmom, Keri Nol lerre, Shello Nolley, Klm Lone, Somdy Lorvo, Thereso Derlse ly ond Some Srosenlso pose dunno me Chrlsrmos ossembly K kay:-gg, N if ,, NQ5' H'w""""""-m-h- Q .i if,-, .,1-f 5' 4' A 'Q 1' - wixii. ,,,,gif,, , 'W 'QM me ,A M,gqg'f'Ql , 'f -1 Tis The Season . . . A new rradiiion began or Troy rhis year wirh rhe Chrisrmas free deco- raring. Each club was assigned a free ro decorate wirh Chrisrmas ornamenrs and rhe winner re- ceived money ro be used in club acriviries. Having rhe frees deco- rared added much ro rhe campus and filled ii wirh a feeling of Chrisr- mas spirir, The Ceramics club fools firsr place wirh ornare decorarions and also a rribure io rhe hosrages held in Iran. A Winter Memory "Wnnrer Memorles" wos rhe rheme for rhls yeor's Wrnrer Formol Donce presenred by rhe Senior closs The donce wos held or rhe "Inn or rhe Pork" horel ln rhe Concourse Grond Bollroom Sorurdoy, Jon 12 Trno Brlrr wos chosen ro pe rhls yeor's Snow Queen ond rhe prrncesses were l4oren An des, l4oren Bollord, Moggie Hohn, ond Roeleen Merheny The queen wos crowned ln o presenro- rlon neor rhe end of rhe donce Couples donced from O12 pm ro music provided by rhe bond "Eclipse" Much hord worls wos done ro plon rhls doncer ond rhe resulr vvos o complere success. 1 Prlncesses Koren Bollord, Roeleen Merheny, Koren Andes, Moggle Hohn, ond Snow Queen Trno Brrrr pose for o plcrure ofrer recognlrron 2 Slow donclng, Doug Bysrry ond Sherrre Mrcheol gran hopprly L3 Snow Queen, Tlno Brlrr ond her escorr, Mrlse Mclslomoro 1011 Acrrvlrresfwrnrer Formol ' ,w an ,T 5 ' A Afrer bemng crowned rne 70 80 Snow Queen, Tuna Burr as congrarubared by Jay Tandy, rne 78 70 Snow Queen 5 Debbme Wa!dran and ner dare dance ra music proysded by "Echpse" C: Afrer several canseamve dances, Rans Douglas and Carol Pererson resr before arrempmng anarner dance ragerner 7 Nui-als: Cuonzaies and ner dare pamenrly wan for rne band ra begun Acves W-n'e' Favna 135 Tronsition To The 80's ,M ' 1 sms 1 Speed sieorer, Enc Hewden, srnyes ro wan rms Arn goid medol mn me 1050 Wlnrer Olympus 2 A few of me mony reocners who qor Involved wrm negononons mn December, Mr F Moyles, Mr FI Hess ond Mr G Wwrhomg, pmer rne fronr of Troy ro qofn sopporr 3 A scene from me nomoer one movme, Apoccdypse Now A On one of me mr doys of coonymry for me 50 nosroges 10 Iron, o srodenr porodes o nosroge wn from of me Hoge crowds rnor qornered oroond me empossy 5 Pope Jonn Pool Il greers o crowd on rms rrrompnonr rnp ro me U5 Following ore me resulrs of o poll of 200 srodenrs roken I0 Jorwory TROYS FAVORITES Vkocls Group 1 Sryx 2 Led Zeppelin 3 D526 A Tom Perry 5 Cheop Tr:c1QfThe Cora TV Show 1 SOVUVUOY NIQN Luv? 2 Mosh 3 Morls ond Mmdy A Benson 5 Soop Closs Sporr Song 1 Rock Loosrer 2 Dope 3 AH of My Love A My Shorono 5 Renegode Mowe 1 Apocolypse Now 2 Kromer vs Kromer I3 Tne Jerk A The Song Remonns me Some 5 '1O" Teocher Psychology Foorooll Foscordo 180 Acr1vmes!Hoppen1ngs WE DON 7 WW ro STRIKE 19 ,wif A Teacher Pickers Gain Support LacaTTyy The pressures exerTed ay PrapasTTTah T3 were feTT as The Teachers af The FUTTGTTOO UhTah Hgh SchaaT UTSTTTCT TTTTQOTQOQO TO STTTTSQ MOUY Tray Teachers eyeh wehr as Tar as TO QTCTSQT The Trahr af The schaaT, QOTVTTTHQ supparr from mahy srudehrs ahd members af The cammuhTTy A sTrTTse was harrayyTy ayerTed as The dTsTrTcT affered a small Th crease Th pay A COTTTTOVCTSY deyeTaped as TT became ap parehT rhaT ahe hah schaal wauTd have ra he dosed Lucmiy, haweyer, Tray was ar The aarram af The TTsT ahd remarhed safe Th yyarTd eyehTs, Pape Jahh PauT II made a AQTTQTTFTWOQQ aT hope" TO Mexrca ahd aTsa VTSTTCU THQ US where he drew crawds af VTTTTTTOTTS He aecame TTTO TTrsT Pape TO yTsTT T09 Whme Hause The Sam Il Treary was campTeTed by Carrer add Breghhey The Shah af Irah Tefr hs wha dam yyhTTe The exTTed AyaTaTTah I4hameThT rerarfiec h rrumph ahd praciarmed ahd TsTamTc repuaTTc Pehhsy farmas Three MTTe lsTahd Twudear Pawer DTarTr had ah GCCTCCVWT ahd Teahed Rada acr .Te steam WarTdwTde Tears aaaur The Amerrcah reces siah rrigaered UVTQTQCQVTCQTTTQG Jumps I0 aaTd phces as They reached a hah af ayer 800 dollars ah auhce Shylaas crash IahdThQ caused deems TO faIT ayer AusTraTTay auf caused TNO OCCTGGOTS Grear BrTraTh elecred TTTQ Trrsr wamah Prrme MTOTSTQT, MaT'gareT TTTOTCTTQT 50 AmerTcah dTpTamaTs were TaTseh hasTaae Th THQ Amen COT? Emaassy TTT Trah ay sTcdehT TTTTTTTOTWT5 ahd were held Tar ayer 100 days Because af Thus sTTuaTTah Th TTT9 MddTe Eas' gas phces saared TO ayer S100 a QOTTOTT Th a TTOCTQ OTTCTTTQTI The Las Ahaeles Rams made TT ra TTTQ Super Daw aur were hear Q0 ay The Prrsaurgh S'eeTers Legehdary acrar JOTY1 Wayhe dTed af cah hasred The D'acd New was speed cer aT me aae af 72 The US 1980 Wwe' Oyffaarcy, ,P Talse YarTe The aTaf,esT 05 success Jaffe' EW, Medea M20 wah a remarkable 5 aaa TTTCCOTS ar-'d aTsa arame fhahy exTsT ag Olyrhprc medars The US haclsey TQCDTTT COST Tlusma h a ag .,p',eT and Them fyehr ah Ta heaT Frrshrsd TITTU 'ATT TT'e amd medaT The derehre Thar had QXTSTQU CQTWCCO Rus sTa ahd The U 5 far T90 years was DTOTSGTW by The PsussTah TOVOSTOO af AfaahTsTah ahd The U S ThreaT TO UOYCOTT The Mascaw Summer Olympucs LOOTSTOQ Dads ah THQ SQVQTTTTCS we see TTTOT They TLJTTTQU our TO he OGG af The masr 'urhu'ehT decades Th ATTTQTTCCJTW hr,Tary Amerfca TO5T Trs TTrsT war, VTQTOOTTT Vv'CJTCTTCCj The GTSQTOCO ahd resTahaTTah af The presT Cehr, Thchard NTxah, yyTTh dsT'TcsTahmehT ahd sar hy heTpTessTy as ThTTaTTah caused TTNQ '.faTue af The daTTar TO decfease as weTT as The suppiy OT all As we IaaTs TO The QTQTTTTQS, we musT wah der whaT The fuTure WTTT he Trise WTTT There Ce a huge ahd TThaT war, ar w.TT aTT The aeaple af The warld TOCJTTT TO Tye Tagerher TTT peace? WTTT we ruh OuT a' aTT ahd cahspere Ty use up aIT af our haTuraT resources, OT WTTT we ae smart CTNOUQTT ra Thhh ahead TITKC cahserye TJTTG deyeTap heyy saurces af eher 'JW The Tzhsvvers TO These QLJCSTTOTN5 he rr as 'he yhT,"' af Arhehca as weTT as The resphr sa.T Ty Ta 'TTTJTSQ The furure The Desr Tr cah Ce ,numan,e Ac' u es Haapehhg T 7 Unique And Changing Styles 1, Just Clowning for a picture, Don Stelluro and Kevin lluggles use the great comedy material of Abbott and Castello when they perform for local audiences 2 Avid frisbee enthusiast, Tom Comfer does a tricls for rhe camera, 3 Playing hockey since he was four, Jim Siemenslai has had much success in this sport and plans ro go on to the Olympics. 4. A picturesque sunset over rhe Troy Community. 5. One newly formed sport exclusive in Southern California is High-Ball. Here Bob McNamara demonstrates his sl-:ill on the court. When the Nineteen Eighties were suddenly forced upon us, people came to realize some of the changes rhat came with the new decade and the short tim ' ' Students, and other people in the area surrounding Troy, watched much of the once rural and agricultural areas be plowed under and transformed into masses of concrete and Spanish tile to provide housing for the constantly grow' ing Orange County population, Along with the environment, the change in people showed tremendously. The average student of 1980 is probably more widely exposed to the current world concerns and developments than at any other time in the past. During the greater part of the Seventies, not many students carried calculators to class, or even lsnew the Capital of Iran. With everything getting so complicated, the need for recreation increased, Among such diversions are sports well-lsnown to California, lilse surfing and slsiing, There are also many unique pastimes, such os Frisbee or High-Ball. With today's increasing lacls of originality in farms of hard rocls some students started rediscovering mellower styles of music, and many others found relief in Punls and New Wave, which are rapidly becoming true signs of the times. 138 Activiries!Communiry Y .ans-'V 'Y' Q' r 'F mi' "'A Jig-:' W r f i i, , I 3341: yyrl , 'il Lib! ' F 3 4. system 1, an-Q i l 4 - r ,s W' , sim xwwg 1 If it W- W W f ,M 'f13"i?:fj -kv.-I SEQ I we cf, t ,nj - ' xempw 'f' I 4 Mi Wfifff' , rf .-i2Qmf5'-fff"'rsff1? Y Wa. . ,, ,I ,,,, , - N 4 Q ,Niki . , ' , , at , V vi V i X , q,,,,,, --Misa.-if -. , s , ,fre 2-fi, ., W - Z, mf idx. f'f'f f i, ,,,, fx if H", , 'ite' V" ' W W A' ,f i, ' ' ' ,isp -sw li ,6A,1pgwawf!ff-A -2' 4 r' swwuwihff ,, .-Fifi! ' rf- , '. Siem ' 1 is Vw? -W '-za -V-f-.4-,'1 W .,,,,,. V , FMA, V ,gf M ,u...- ,ieis, . s -me A- ,,, ' -q bww fl' ....,, ., lv , ,yy f.,,a. LV, sag, ,QA t ,V A. ., ff ,R ,Air ati' qfgikgk 'in A lf--iftgii-fl" ft- '- 545 7' ' 7-?5 '2'!V '-f.:f - s f.?'2fff"Ti,,.,Qg'l" - "sig IJ .gs . ' iw, 1--ff' . , ' el -1 -V -q,f .,"54Qgfh5,ff:h:.3Qf A9-"iz,T,5,-pzj'1 ' 5' ,-5, -gs ft 3i"i!xi,.s y"1'Q"f" , .J LW' wwf-, Ji Ji" ' 1 vw T' at ,,g,,,,y ,L U. gy- . WA, Wy, , ',,,,, g ti i-,, , 'mm-W I f ,N . , s hs my .L+ I fd Q 1 A KX M lx' I 5 X , . -fa fb f a 4 18 s 6 ' . . 4 .x , 4, , 0 Acnvmeskommumry 130 Go West Young Woman Despire some adverse cohdiriohs, rhe Sadie Hawkins dahcje was our oh oy Peooies League ahd rhe Yearbook Sraff oh Friday, April ii, Afrer hayihg ro oosrpohe rhe dance twice, rhe dare was ser for Fridays There were douors aooar how good rhe rumour would be oh a Friday highr, howeyer rhe dance rarried our ro oe a huge success wirh alrhosr SOO couples oayihg rickers. The rheme was Sadie Hawkins WGSTGVO Sryie and sradehrs dressed as ihdiahs, cowboys, cgah can giris oriusr ih rhe rradirioh- ai oiuejearis, The oahd 'xSTeeper" performed amd rhe dahce Iasred from Q 0042.00 MO Acriyiriesfiiadie Hawkins as-"Y K, .1-., N Q- 9 if 1 sw Q X 'G ,V 152 5 1 in K Wig 3 La' LL.. fri--if V 'bww A A 1 ... ,,. 'EQ f an I rl . 3, ' KJV 5" WMM sqnuk A! k , NN- Ah, N, 'XB --if via, if W ,f A ? ,fly -vig X? 5 - N. ...i fm. x X A, j ' xi ff' 1 Aa 'hey QFVQV 'me Ccmce Peggy Dfmcc cwc Tomy Wmlwoms qree' some frwemds 2 Tokmg Q Oreck Pc' Dove md we' Gare Greg Sums worn "Ne CQ"-cers J Hang Q gooc ww Come Momodo cmd Dove Homer dome fo cu 'ocf " 'ox :omg oy "we :vcvc Beamer A Houng 'Her forr,me5 mc Lcvwerre Vwrer Q10 1404 Doumgordmer Msrefw 1mrQmr1y fo M1ChGf1G DOVQG: 5 Excivcmgmq "Of'mQQ vows Jewel' Wcgwo' GPO Daffy Swmdhsr pfomso ro snow GOCP OMG' Q good 'we 'of 'HQ mqwr AC 1 'es SCCQ Hcwfg 141 Spirit In Action Wirh some wise odvice from Mr. Pornom rhe ASB Boord wos on irs woy. The ASB Boord wos mode up of srudenrs who were eoch eiecred ro cerroin offices. When rhis boord wos oroughr rogerher rhey could creore inreresring ond exciring ocriviries for the Troy yeor of MSO". They did ci super job of plonning donces, ossem blies, spirir doys, hoiidoy fesriviries, Homecoming, ond orher schooi ocriviries 1 ASB Presidenr Tom i-Ionr cosrs his vore with o finger poinred in rhe our Q Inrer Cioo commissioner Corrie Mochodo rolses o Dire of her opple ond shows off her dimpies ond Joy in o smile 3 Pep Commissioner Dole Eby shows his pep while decororing rhe school gym for O donce 142 OrgonizorionsfASD , ..,, '1lan........ ,i,. ,. . ,. .BPH dlfroor row Mory Hom, Suzoo Azomo, Keren Andes Morne McGrorrw, Corrre Mocrwodo, ond Mrrro Vkozero Qrwd row Borwme Hoys, I4ym Loursem, Looro Hom, Adrremoe Prezrsop, Merorrme Forrerl, ood Helen Norder 3rd row Por Porrrom, Doo Srerroro, Tom Horwr, Dowd Scrwloe-pfer, Crworhe Sworrg odd Dole Eby 5 Doyrd Scrwroepfer 15 busy decoror mg rrxe scrwooi gym o Mory Hom rolses o Dre-oie ro eor rorwch 7 Pool Urodshow rs more rrwreresred no sofrwerhrrwg me or rms rrme of rrweerrno --.f"' -,f-.-..,,,-,, N, r Ne-iffgs 'N nn- , A u'-.e. JC '. Bridging The Gop Bridging rhe gop berween rhe srudenrs ond ASB The Advisory Council hod proposed mony omendmenrs ro rhe club consrirurions. These omendmenrs helped in gorhering people rogerher, so rhor rhey could worls rogerher wirh Iirrle fricrion berween rhem, The porleing problem vvos eosed, ocodemic srondords ro srodenrs club regoiremenrs were lowered, ond monyioyful ocriviries hod been plonned ro molse hlgh school on experience worrh remembering. T sniff? .Nw -0 -..,4., ,x 'T' ' 11 ,ik .xx vf ? X rms 12:12. X , -New-.T f 'iff 5" K ,, QP ' is 5- 1 Fronr row Monico Bogon Qnd row Rhondo Doughmon, Allisso Sporlemon, ond Adriene Prezlsop Grd row Jennifer Olmsred, Keri Nollerre, ond Lori Vkedfeorn Nor Picrured Liso Fronsen 2 Allisso Sporlsmon uses her notes or o Srudenr Senore meering 3 Monico Bogon, Keri Nollerre, ond Pihondo Doughmon discuss rhe porlsing problem 4. Rhondo Doughmon ond Monico Bogen enjoy rhe meeting 144 OrgonizorionsfASB 5:11 f 3 Critics Den The pasr rvvo years rhe Sruoenr Senare has had a lor of crlrlclsrn, Bur rhe Srudenr Senare is srlll hanglng on Wirhour rhem we would nor have rhe volce of many srudenrs from rnany differenr classes of all ages They gave rhelr oolnions ro rhe Advlsory Council vvho rhen made oeclslons vvlrh rhe ASD for rhe resr of rhe srudenr body. Fronr rovv A Prezlsoo, A Sparlsnnan, R Doughrnan, K, Nolerre, L Redfearn, K Clay, D Eby, M Olnnsread Qnd rovv' S Wilson, J Denison, P Curond, S Radas, M Douglas, S I-larrlson, M Shel, K Reddlngron, Eve Scholze, G Hughes, Srd row T McClure, L Hefner, K Sparrow, C Rornlne, L Darlser, C Wllsey, P Kvancz, K Garrlson, D Preur, W. Suchan, R Gulrgls drh row T Wllllams, J McGrarh, J Carnpanella, C Drlrr, D Zelrler, D McDonnel, A Kendrlclxs, S Guernsey, S McCorn'uacIs, R Maerrln, P Mullen, K Douglas 5rh row R Hunr,J Clarls,J Svvaney, J Svvensen, M Rozell, K Klnan, S McNamara, S Rodruguez, J Flernlng, N Olson, J Drown, M Spencer, P Kvancz orh rovv M McNarnara,J Karcher, H Gibson, C Hyron, V Plrrs, D Dysrry,J Asrle, C Darrow, D Wells, R Zlllac, D Noe, C Vallely, M Garcla, C Muller 7rh rovv, J Srone, M Merhob, R Roach Organ zarocs Swoen' Se o e 14 Journalists Converge One of rhe classes rhar demanded exrra rime, and was rhe mosr informarive ro rhe srudenrs, vvas rhe Troy Oracle. The purpose of rhe Ora- cle, besides lseeplng rhe srudenr body in- formed, was ro reach rhe 25 srudenrs rhar vvere involved, ro learn respecr for rhe insriru rion of rhe press and encourage professional srandards ofjournalism, The sraff has improved rhe paper every year, and rhis year was no exceprian. The Oracle changed rhe design of rhe paper, ro malse ir less complicared and easier ro read, This pasr year rhe sraff vvas advised by Mrs Barbara Barrnicle and Monre Whlralser as Edirorinrchlef, The Oracle did a grear lab rhis pasr year of lseeping us all in formed. L lg .Q- A -, I-. : f arg, rf " ' v ,Q ,. , V 'T' V Mo Organizariansflvevvspaper Siaff 1 Planning rhe nexr issue of The Oracle are Mrs Barrnicls and Ediror Monre Whiralfer 2 Oracle srarf Firsr rovv Bobby Thompson, Mar di lsidwell, Susan Gallardo, Milissa Sriel, Tracy Cunningham, Lisa Taylor, Charlene Allen, John Barlsey, and John Speyer Second ravv Ken Barber, Monie Whiralser, Sieve Harrison, Jim Roe, Del Wells, David Fox, Jay l-lunnemeyer, and adviser Barbara Barrnicle Third row. Brian Clurrer, Jay Vandruren, and Chris Brirr 4 'K W y if Z g I 44 2 Af, 'YQ 4 , E1 V Eg 'Wi , P, 1 Deodwwe or kosr, 0 happy Debbne Zeirler Neoves We office 2 Hurryufwg our of on edwrofs meerimg Mome Wrmoker We-oves for has new C1055 C3 In deep Concemrromom, John Dorlsey works on on omcle H Q ,, 3 v 1 .." , f 1 ' 'U ' , fm Orgonwzoriomsfrvewspoper Sroff 147 us'--H351 ""'--ff'-vu--,,.., N- was Yeorbook Stoff Does If Between The Covers When oslsed how he become rhe yeorooous odvusor, Mr Honniuron repuued, mln o nnonnenr of unsonury, I volunreeredf' Thus yeor wos Mrs Hofnuurons fursr yeor os odvusor of rhe yeorboous He soud he reolly enuoys uhe chouuenge of worusung wurh o procrucolly oll new sroff. He odded rhor, "The yeorbools closs is connpuerely dufferenr from rhe orher regolor dosses I reoch un oecoose ur us o worleung surooruon ond everyone works rogerher rowords rhe some Qool. on unreresuung, hugh qooliry, enuoyooue yeorooousf' Over rhe sonnnner, rwo of uhe rhree rerornung sroff nnennoers, Corouyn Couch ond Mory Schoefer ourended o weeus long yeoroools conference un Sonro Dorboro, Besudes hovung o lor of fun ond molsung new fruends, ur wos o vouoooue Ieornung experuefnce The rwo gurls rerorned wurh rnony new udeos for creorung on unreresrung yeorbools, Wurh rheur experience, Ccurolyn ond Mory were nonfued co edurors of rhe 79 80 Ilium. 1 Proofreodung, Vsynu Loorsen ond Trocey Fouueuro revuew rheur copy 2 Worusung duuugenrly, Co Eduror Corouyn Couch crops o phoro for rheuonuor secuuon 3 Hord or work ofrer school, Mr Hofnuuron ouds Toron Phuuuups wuuh her copy os Co Eduuor, Mory Schaefer chedss uhe Iodder 1418 OrgonuzoruonsfYeoroools Suoff I , vu- g 'XX , L ec, X we 'Mfr 5 .I xii! Vp! '21, R6 1 Yearbook graff Frahr Raw lahe PrzLareTIa, Laarue GrITrgar1, Ram Kay Edwards, Caralyh Coach, Mary Schaefer, DarTa Slsrhher, Tarah Phdhps Qhd Raw Sher: Ahzeyrha, Tracey FaHerra, Therese Beauchamp, Karhy Fyfe, Mrchelle Rogers, Mr Jerry HOVTWTTTOVW Grd Row Km FaHerrah, Jah Phrlrrps, Dayra Schlaepfer, Keyrh HTITSTKQVTWQQV, Chrrg Khax Arh Row Carrre Machado, Lria Wmbraham, Scarr Wrse, Brrah Scorr 5rh TlawTherese Cahhrhgharh, Tracey MOVUVTTOTO, Tam Grawe, Joey Mahyme 2 Typraa frahrrcally, Joey Mahyflle rushes ro rheer rhe CQOCTTOG X 0'QOFrZGTrO0SfY6OTCOOTQ Sraff fi s 150 Interact Heads Down South One of the most active clubs this last year was the Interact club The club had more than 100 members and was led by Debbie Zeitler as president, Jeri Liolis as vice president, Tina Britt as secretary, Susan Azama as treasurer, and Carrie Machado as regional Lt. District Governor. The club focused on school, community, and international service projects. These projects included their annual sponsorship of the Christmas Clearing Bureau, the visiting of convalescents at the Gordon Lane homes, the sponsoring of a child in Came bodia, the caring for some children of battered wives, and the planting of flowers in Troy's planters, They held many fund raisers to support these projects. They had a coolsie booth at the Yorba Linda Fiesta Days celebration, held a pancalse brealsfast, stuffed envelopes, and was a studio audience at the taping of an NDC show, The highlight of their year vvas the annual Rotary club convention at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, There they competed vvith other Interact clubs and spent three nights of fun and fellowship. clltl vv-"""""'w Zi, K M., ., 'W-0-m4o....,,..... is Q. L. 'Q' .,,.r 'f--Af w, ... f , N ' gg x7 G' 4 P . fav W an i 13 9 1 P ' ' , 1 - - ,, ws, , is l" ,mf ffm, I o K rrsnrrranwaarrivr rrrwm mm I sf' T --,ss . Ei iam I . 1 'T- , ....-- . Q f . "'."'..,.'M-. . ,o'1W. - 'fl A :MWC ,W w'W,M.,..,4,,.:.f,.a, f.:".,.,?M..'2'2.,.H'faQf f TC! 1 A rhooghrfw Therese Cuhhrhghorh Trsrehs os rhe doos pTohs ore dlscussed Q SVTWTTIVWQ Morne McGrorh rhohs rhe Cookle boorh 3 Doroorc DIr5s peddkes oolsed goods ro specrorors 41 The Ihrerocr Noor heods dowh rhe porode roure 5 Gosmorhg, Deoore Zerrler ohd Therese Cohhrhghom rorls os Therese Drfrhppo ooo Teresa Poroy 5eTT o Perer Drohoh Trsrem ro rhe clrscossfoh cohcerhrhg rhe rrosh prolwem 7 Frohr Row J Lyoh, J UToTsborh, J Lrolm, T Drrrr,S Aze'ho C Mochodo Qhd Row J Phrllrps, M TlozeTT,L Barker, D Drowh, D Reek M McGrorh,L Wdorohom, T4 Zerrler, T4 Dozrer, C Srorla Gro Row T Mororhoro, C Tlobihsoh, S wngomy Olrhsreod, A Knrrredge, T Cohhrhghom, P MoITeh, K Robo drh Row D Chrrsremeh, Cu Arhohzor S Roe, M DTHOW, T4 O'l3erg, M Wow K Barber, M Whrrolserj Ross,J ToHoss, M Schoefer, D Schknepfer Srh Row D Porlsrh, T Purdy, T Dufnhppo, G Loopr, 1. Compbe-TI, A Iiehdruclas, B BMSS, I4 Wrilromsoh, C Couch Orh Row W Sochoh, R Dordher, C Wdsey, C Drrrr, S E1Sodeh, D Eoy, D Leyvo, S Lrohs N . Mm. I f " fl I rf. fi 6 T' if ff' ,T X. T' V fr Q T2 f I it f yo ' .,..--' i !' X N 1-1 Q lvl , ,W it ' x M Mm. My .VV Ligue J 1 I J fi M ' kk ' 4 Qy S' 'il e LA , Q V, K ,. buss., '.h, in ,M y , , , '-,,f 'W , L rg ir A 113,52 sb 43 W1 '17 4 f 4 f 9, if 1 N if 1 f 2- l , z ...F I ,, ,:,, , ,ZA as ,Q A 3 'K 4,6 , 4 I f m I -.1 ,Ll K f ,jfs I w,.'5'.Jv ur f ' A vim' My V ,,, ..- ,, 152 Organrzarransffnolagy Club --. 4 J f Ja' 4 I, 2 . j, n l . -di ,Q .. Il i .www J, ,wr f f -'Q WH 'f 'r fr: , -N,,a:fr,,g,r ,,.,, , , , , L sf A 5 Fronr Row, .lan Phrlllps, Danny Chrrsrensen, Tam Howard, Laura Mc Corlsle, Adela Arorza, Srndee Rayman, Anrra Salas, Dan Leyya, Dan Jundanran 2nd Row, Parrraa Hofnmel, Lrsa Sreyens, Melrssa Srerl, Kam Koeslog, Corhy Kelly, Jennifer Olmsred, Carolyn Reed, Maureen Mason, Mary Schaefer, Clndy Ross, Mary Halewgn 3rd Raw, Paul Srrerrberger, Krrs Doyls, Karla Dayls, Marla Mercado, Delores Ledesrna, Therese Cunnrngharn, Maureen Olmsred, Dowd Wood, Jane Marshall, Sreye Boyer, Dena Marhews, Krrn Nersheln Arh flaw, Rob Mllls, Alex Olefer, Ulll Krrrredge, Dull McGrorh, Chrrs O'Verue, Jennifer Danaro, Randy Berry, John Speyer, Fred Prezlsop, Parry LaMor, Nellie Perez 5rh Row, Sreohanre Spann, lion Sellers, Julre Page, Laura Srocls, Elrzoberh Long, Barbara Long, Jennrfer Thompson, Deedee llrchords, Debbne Rhodes, Karla Ellrdsson, Pam Radus, Joe Koch, Terr Gerzrnger arh Row, Lee Cardwell, Alrson Prsrel, Keyrn Canrrearos, John Tharnas, Marla Garaa, lrrna Garoo, Mrlse Cuslcls, Dayrd Bernal, Lay Muller, Kay Clarlse, Karhy O'Derg, Marrho Sregemerer, Laura Sregerneler, Jessrca Brabsr 7rh Row, Bryan Couch, Vrnce Correr, Debbre Dennrs, Arr Ford, Fracey Stevens, Melee Geller, Lrnda Caballero, Elsa Cruz, Sracey Franlxlrn, Mark Nrchols, Lrso lelrslea, Scarr Wrse, Psrclx Henderson, Dave Sarern, Roger Chrrsrensen Biologists Toste The High Country As one of rho mosr ocnve ood lorgesr cioos, rhe Broiogv Club hod roomy ocrrvrrres for rherhselves, os vveii os dohored servrces The cioos service projecrs uhddded, dohorrrwg o sigh TO oooh or rhe foo of Mouhr Soo Jocirwro for rhe U5 Foresr Service, replohrrog o piohrer for Troy, ohd doing some rroll rhorhrehohce for rhe Ools Cohvoh Norore Cehrer Their ocrrvirres ihcloded oolse soles, poocorh soles, oiohr soles, oh omhooi misrleroe sole, ood vorroos fieid rrrps, cofhooors, ohd ooriociss The comooors mcioded rrros ro Joshoo Tree NorrohoT Mohorhemr, o shovv rrrp ro rhe Son Gorgoono oreo, ood oh off rrorl ciirho ro o sorhmur of Moohr Whrrmev. The ooroose rhrs ocrsve doo vvos, 'To oromore oh oppreoorroh of o cieoh emvrrohrhehr rhroocgh oordoor ocrivrrresf' srored resoecred od vTsor Doo lohdomoh 1 A rwevv rhorrwrrwq rrw Joshoo Tree orwd cdrhper Jessica Droos' Qrepores for rhe new dov 2 The feoriess 'Code' of 'he Drooqv Odd 'Mr J ,rrrires o clossc' nose 'or oor corrrefrz A A orcroresoce erwc ro we frrsr cioo rrro 5 ilu Ho wcersoo 'mes fr 're V ew of Trim c Tree irofh hgher rrgroood O'QohTzorrohs,'Droiogv Goo 153 Voulez-vous? The French Club wos one of mony busy clubs rhis posf yeor. The club fools field rrips ro French films, ro French resrouronrs, ond ro culrurol evenrs such os mime Morcel Morceou or Cloremonr College, The club hod "Venres de Porisserie", Cbolse solesl, ro roise money for rhe onnuol French Club Scholorship rhor is oworded ro on oursronding senior, The club held o 'Frqecr de Noel", in which Chrisrmos gifrs were donored ro children from rhe Alberr Sufron Home. The club olso did some compus beourificorion for Troy by plonring ground cover in cemenr soucers ond rolsing core of ir. French Club odvisor, Corherine l-loehn, srored rhor rhe purpose of the club wos, "ro promore greorer undersronding ond oppreciorion of French culrures, ro speols French, ond ro hove o good rime working rogerher on vorious prqecrsf' Fronr Plow, Susie Chopmon, Hoi Chon Le, Morls Durron, Jon Gow, Joy Fleming, Mindy Owen, Ceci Arono, Monico Dogon, A'Lisso Sporlxmon, Sondy llodos, Jennifer Biggs Qnd Row Lom Nguyen, Yyerre Dewey, Joey Monyille, Mirro llozell, Dole Eby, Michele Douglos, Desiree Dryon, Lorri Dorlser, Debby Huong, Ciroce Lee, Chorles Lee, Don Srel luro, Corolyn Gow, Corherine Hoehn 3rd Plow Chod Zor roll, Julie Millord, Pom Mullen, Deedee llichords, Jennifer Olmsred, Jessico Fobriconr, Gobrielo Homilron, Heidi Nguyen, Grerro Loppi, Moureen Moson drh Row Dob Srilwell, Perer Dluhon, Rob Dordner, Cheryl Olsomuro, Shoryn Azomo, Corhy Kelly, Sobine Frischmurh, Cormen Dorrozo, Srocey Fronlslin, Joson Schoen, Liso Srevens Srh Row Jennifer Thompson, Tu Nguyen, Bersy McLoughlin, Jill Epperson, Dororhy Dudo, Melisso Sriel, Chris Jensen, Lino Loure, Huy Nguyen orh Plow Koren Robb, Liso Toylor, Kippy Cloy, Joe Koch, Scorr Wise, Somi El Soden, Ken Von Dissel Z 154 Orgonizorions! French Club N. . Ib . s 'ff lake C4 Efggt rr- ,z J' sri ., '91 V' ax . Q ,R V . g- 1-4' x I 1. . 1 , f.- ., '1-E , 5 Y' in ..--.wg . :Qu 2'1" 1 -13.1, - ,N- .vb V K ff. - .':irf'f" N if .rat , . .. , , K- . nf: QQ' ' -2,-fi' . , Q. U n .pr ' 14.1. -. kb' '-4319" nl c f V v,?,:l. V . K .... ,-j lv :tl sg! S wh 5 "xg5'.'ti'.' ' . ii w I ". . 'Kc ' ' Lf: .N , X Y! ,' ,Y" ? V 4 . rc N, x mm N3 3, w vi gi? ' ' af, . , . , , v ' 'ff 1 i'1 f . 5 eg- 5 5 4.1 .,., ' . A- 1 - . ' WS' ' A "5 r ' .. 55' My W1 .. if wwe? - fr Q- f 5 5 K 4 4. - W. xv. ,E?,:ii 5 .f m W ,. -nv -f ' 1 5 'Knew I .. . " ' A ' 5 5 4 f 5. - .. Q K ' . mf- mf. - ,Q nf. rv My 'ff 1 Aovrsor, Mrss Hoerwn, ooresses rrwe French Goo 3 Jomor Cross Premerwr, Dom Srerroro, orao on ocrrve member ofrh9Frer1crw Goo rs cougfwr "Homo ro moorrf' on me herd rrrp A The rroopy boom of srodeors pose for o prcrore on rrxo-r woy oocls ro Voy 5 Srooped for rorwch dorrng me frr5r French Cloo frero rrrp, some srodermrs roise rm me 'vrQw over Sorwro Morwrco beocrw OrQorwrLonorwsfFrerwch Club 155 The Lorin Club did mony exciring rhings rhis yeor. They hod bolse soles, on iniriorion bon- ouer, ond o Holloween porry. For o Chrisrmos proiecr, rhey rnerged wirh rhe French Club ro provide gifrs for children or rhe Alberr Sirron Horne, Mrs, Kline, rhe odvisor of rhe Lorin Club, sold rhor 'There were 85 people, including rhe offi cers, in rhe club rhis posr yeor," ond rhor "once you ioin you con olwoys be o member." 1 Lorin Club Fronr Row Mrs Anne Kline, Perer Ngo, Korhy lierlin, Dy Corroll, Denise Rodgers, Morcus Durron, Peymon Tobrizl, Arny Nufrelrhon Row 2 Volerie Srnirh, Srocey Zoug, Chod Zorroli, A'lisso Sporlrrnon, Tlrn Groy, Molonie Forrell Row 3 Corrie Mochodo, loon Kendriclss, Borbie Juliono, Morls Lum, Kyrn Loursen, Julie Tulloss, Row 4' Vernon Frances, Doyid Mclnrosh, Forrnen Zondi, Robyn Fried, Molly Morhewson Row 5 Jinn Ziegler, Joy Toney, Morr McCorrhy, Bill Kirrredge Q Joy Toney, Perer Ngo, ond Mori McCorrhy procrice for o ploy C3 Dill lsirrredge worches quierly or rhe iniriorion bonguer , ,, ff-fri? ' A' ' 6 Qi 1 .g + 3 1 A Lesson ag All-Si , . i .gg S v iff ,, . . ,VV l , . uf -'J 4 1'-,,, In Culture i Q Mrs. Julie Swartz, the advisor of the Spanish Club, said Hrhe purpose of rhe Spanish Club is ro creare an inreresr in Spanish culruref' The club had many ger-rogerhers rhroughour rhe year, mosr of which were rradirional. They had a Halloween Parry, porluclss, a rrip ro Olvera Srreer, and during Chrisrmas vacarion rhey fools a rrip ro Tguona ro deliver roys ro rhe orphanage. 1, Presidenr, Lisa Davis, prepares ro srarr a meering 2. Spanish Club' Fronr PsowfMarIene Perez, Mrs, Julie Sworrz, Karhy O'Derg, Andy Young, Sean Hammel, Blaine Thorne, Dearrlz Navarro, Diana Jue 2nd Row' Therese Cunningham, Cynrhia Robinson, Susan Azama, Tina Brirr, Yvonne Swarrz, Pam Creer. 3rd l'kowTracey Marumoro, Loreno Romero, Anne Kendriclss, Lisa Lundquisr, Holly Breslin, Pam Hofmann. Arh Row-Lisa Davis, Mary Schaefer, Sreve Wilson, Tracey Cunningham, Nancy Andes, Karen Andes 5rh Row-John Speyer, Rob Bordner, Ross Jones, Karen Robb, Del Wells, Charlie Sworrz, Laura Campbell. SIQNQ fi I, .Q ir OrganizarionsfSpanish Club 157 Foncy Footwork During rhe yeor 1079-BO, rhe donce producrion closs consisred of 241 srudenrs. Anyone vvho vvos inreresred in porriciporing in rhe donce closs hod ro oudirion in rhe spring of 1979. The rolenred doncers performed oll rypes of donces. ooller, jozz, rop, rheorer, ond musicol comedy. Worlsing hord oll yeor, rhe donce produc- rion hod rheir spring donce concerr or Plummer Audirorium for rvvo evening performonces. Besides performing in rhe donce closs, rhe doncers hod ro conrrioure rheir ideos in rhe oreos of cosrumes, choreogrophy, music, ond lighring. The srudenrs creoriveness in rhese oreos were imporronr ro rhe success of rhe donce group. They received money from rhe srudenr oody fund, roused money hrou h oolse soles ond profirs from rhe donce concerr The r g , money rhey occumulored vvenr for cosrumes, music producrion, props, erc. Mrs, Jody Cosillon vvos rhe odvisor, Alison Arcinogo, presidenr, lsippy Cloy, vice presidenr, ond Poulo Brodshovv, rreo- surer. The donce producrion hos grovvn ond developed in rhe Iosr fevv yeors info o rolenred performing group, Gb L- ,sh iiiif-SPN l Donce odvisor, Mrs Jody Cosillon helps Anirgo Lopez on o donce srep 2 Concenrroring on vvhor she doing, Boeleen Merheny polishes up her rourine B Allison Arcinogo donces ro Cruncy Gronolo Sweer A Donce producrion cosuolly pose for rheir cluo picrure Fronr Bow Pouio Brodshovv, Bridger lloyes, Boroorc Lopez, Nilslsi Gonzoles, Judy Burgess 2nd Row Sue Elliorr, Cecilio Bollord, Melonie Forrell, Tino Brirr Ord Bow Jennifer Donoro, Sheri Anderson, Dorlo Porriclx, ilurh llousseou, Anirzo Lopez Arh ilovv Chrisrine Hoffmon, Sonio Srosenlso, Boeleen Merheny, Donno Acosro, Heidi Gioson, lsippy Cloy 5 Tipping rheir hors ro rhe crovvd, Burh flousseou, ond Cecilio Bollord perform or on ossemoly o Chris Hoffmon, Sonio Srosenlso, Sheri Anderson, ond Anirzo Lopez ore coughr goofing off in fronr of rhe comero 7 Sue Elliorr, Nilslsi Gonzoles, ond Bridger Hoyes srond closely by os Judy Burgess molses o mognificenr lump 158 OrgonizorionsfDonce Produciion I Q -:aww s N ' vii 'n if , , v ' ff--. S. ar h r it K 53 s Book Lovers Fronr Row: Ellen Howley, Korhy Armsreod, Cyrise Smirh, Shonnon Belomy, Corhy Brooks 2nd Row' Deono Droussord, Koren Redding- ron, Leonne l-lorringron, Donno Pruirr, Julie Shook, Srephonie lleomes. Grd row: Mike Sreworr, Chorlene Allen, Rick Hoggerry, Dove Morron, Vicrorio Codispori, Mrs. Kierh. 1 sis W .Mr 5 Q As one of rhe newer clubs or Troy, rhe Librory club esroblished irself os o very ocrive one. The club's purpose wos ro promore ond core for rhe Librory. They held on onnuol book sole ond boughr holi' doy decororions for rhe Librory wirh rhe funds roised, Orher ocriviries included o Chrisrmos porry ond meerings held rwice monrhly. The rhirryr member club, which wos led by Mike Sreworr, wos odvised by heod librorion Mrs. Kierh, The vice presidenr wos Julie Shook, secrerory wos Ellen Howley, ond rreosurer wos Cyrise Smirh, 2 Lisrening inrenrly, Vicrorio Codispori, Shoron Bellomy, Cyrise Smirh, ond Mike Sreworr review rhe club's plons 3 Ellen Howley rokes nores os Mrs Kierh discusses rhe club's upcoming evenrs 160 Orgonizorionsfldbrory Club 'N ' s s vl i E N- -s. 'Hs K f. ,t V -asf Moth Wizzes Compete In State A fifreenernember group of inrellecruals ern bodied Troy's Marh club lasr year, The very acrive club divided irs time berween prepar- ing for comperirions, competing in srarevvide marh evenrs, and raising money for a long soughr afrer compurer. Presidenr Will Suchan and Vicefpresidenr Dave Wood led rhe club's acriviries which included col- lecring aluminum cans, recycling nevvspae pers, and holding balse sales. They consid- ered rhe cornperirions the highlighr of rheir year and felr rhey were more fun rhon vvorls, alrhough rhey spenr many hours in prepararion for each evenr. The club placed vvell in mosr comperirions, preserving rhe fine repurarion Troy's Marh rearn has al- ways had. 1 Club President Will Suchan researches the probability of gerring o "seven come eleven". 2. Fronr Row: Carhy Srarls, Heidi Ngyuen, Karhy O'Berg, Laurie Chan, Mrs. Annerro Sands, Dan Chrisrensen. 2nd Row: Debbie Zeirler, Hau Le Chau, Robin Karr, Sreve Wilson, Dale Eby, Ross Jones, Pere Bluhon. Grd Row: Rob Dordner, Will Suchan, Grg Brannocls, Sieve Lubman. iyq N., cg, 4 at g Q T OrganizarionsfMarh Club 161 Diomond Dolls Bot A Thousond A new ond very ocrlve club losr yeor wos rhe Dlomond Dolls The rwenry rhenwoer club wos formed by Cooch Niels Fuscordo ro pro more rnore supporr for Troy's posepoll reorhs Alrhoogh rhe doo rs nwosr ocrlve dorlng rhe poseboll seoson, ll porriclpores ln ocrwlrles oll school yeor round Losr yeor's occornplushnwenrs lnclode rolslng o rhlrd ploce, ren dollor prlze IO rhe Chrlsrrnos rree decororion conresr, helping rhe boseboll reorn sell Worrior cops ond selllng Chlnese yoyo's ond Dr Pepper rowels The doo consrsrs of oll glrls even rhoogh boys ore oole rojoln, Presidenr Lori Redfern srored rhor IO vlew of rhe doo norhe being colled sexlsr, "I rhlnls rhor lr's ridlculous ond holf rhe reoson we Iseep rhe nofne lS rhor we're bugged obour ll so much," Under rhe leodershap of Lorn wos Vuce Presldenr Therese Difllippo, Secrerory Rosonne Arnwsrrong, ond Treosurer Tereso Purdy 1 Presldenr Lon Redfeorn, sporrlng o Worrlor cop, dlscusses opcomlng evenrs wlrh rhe Dlonwond Dolls 2 lsr Row Rosanne Arnnsrrong, Thereso Purdy, Therese Duflllppo Lon Redleorn, 2nd Plow Soson Moclos, hmm Donglels, Donrelle Morgon, Looro Greene, Mormon Nolrorno 3rd Row Korhy Fyfe, Chns Morphy, Dorporo Lopez 3 Dlornond Dolls Dorboro Lopez ond Donlelle Morgon orrend o club rneerrng f 'xx if lo? Orgonrzorlons,fDlornond Doll5 'Q ,.,.......--wr, 111 ! A ,P 'F' we , W,m,1f,f 2 up ,,,, ff W' i---:fn X. Rf v 'wi fi A--1 113 3 Hmm W, ff,- ? do 'A' 'f f f is 5-W2 Griffith Pork Invoded By Troy Physicists Ohe of rhe hlggesr evehrs of rhe Physlcs Club wos rhelr ohhool rrlp ro Grlffirh Porls Ooservorory The sevehry rhemoer cloo rhode rhe rrlo eorly losr yeor ohd spehr rhosr of rhe school cioy or rhe oorls The cloos rholh ocrwlry wos selluhg show cohes ro eorh rhohey for rhe Grlfflrh Porls rrlo The oowsor of rhls colrored cloo wos Mrs Duxoh, who lS rhe schools physics reocher ooo who hos oovlseo rhe cloo for mohy yeors The oresuoehr wos Dole Eoy, rhe vice oresioehr wos Will Sochoh, rhe secrerory wos Isoreh Ahoes, ooo rhe rreosorer wos lehhlfer Olrh sreocl The ooroose of rhe cloo wos, occordlhg ro Mrs Dlxoh, "ro exooho rhe STUCEVTTIS lshowleclge lh rhe field of physlcs " 1 Physlclsr Koreh Ahdes lrwesrlgores rhe resolrs of oh exoerlrhehr 2 lsr Row Mrs Dlxoh Looro Srogerheyer Some Miller Chrrs Hoffrhoh Pom Molleh, Corolyh Reed lehhlfer Olrhsreoc! Will Sochoh horeo Ahcies, Dole Eoy Jolie Sr-'wh Heidi Ngoyeh Corol Gefwrfy Greg Sroll Mll1G MCNOFTWGVC Qho Row Olle Holieoorg Gerry Dewold lsorl Price, Chorles Behher Erlc Porrlsoh Jlrh Kohlehoerger lohhhy Pope Greg So.os Src Row Ter Worlms Psoolh hof' Ahoy Wllsoh Pool Shlroro Morla lohhsloh, Srepher' Loorhoh Perer Dlohoh, Chris DVITT, Sorhl El Sodeh lsevlh Dorlslh, Blolee Lew Arh Row Jolle Tolloss, Sue Ross Mlise Cser Roo Dorciher RGFTUY Berry Greg Drohhocls, Chorles Hohgore Doo Leyvo Todcl Morhewsoh 5rh flow Dowd Olhoefr Pool Ugollhl, Mlchoel Sohher' :W 'V , ' TV'-.i. fl N, 5 LA Q. Orgoolgcfoes Physics Goo lo3 i V i U ,ffm Leorn And Excel The 1979-80 CSF. served irs moin purpose or Troy by providing on orgonizorion for oursronding srudenrs. In order ro become o member of CSF., srudenrs were required ro eorn o minimum of rhree A's ond one I3 in ocodemic suqecrs, which excluded closses such os ROP. ond PE. CSF. is o srore-wide progrom. The orgonizorion's only expense wos ro buy rhe rrodirionol gold rossels for rhe groduorion cops of Seniors who groduored wirh honors. Since srudenrs ore oble rojoin C.S.F. only once o semesrer, Cimmediorely ofrer semesrer reporr cords ore issue-db, rhe number of members voried from 100-150 members. CSF. officers were: President- Roger Olsen, Vice President- Chorlie Sworrz, Secrerory-Treosurer Pom Mullen, ond Hisrorion- Mory Schoefer. Miss Hoyr served os CS.F. odvisor. 1. CSF. members were, fronr row. Dill McGrorh, Corolyn Reed, Therese Cunninghom, Jennifer Olmsreod, Krisrio Kinon, Pom Mullen, Koren Andes, Kim Coffmon, Yvonne Sworrz, Amy Lomberr, Juergen Wuesremonn. second row. Alson Wong, Glenn Demlinger, George Roese, Mory Schoefer, Mordi Kidwell, Oovid Wood, Shonno Mc0urney, Melisso Sriel, Alisso Sporkmon, Liso Toylor wird Row Jeffrey Koon, Erik Lerrong, Wesr Obering, Comille Schick, Rodger Olsen, Mork Jonnsron, Joe Koch, Ken Dorber, Miss Hoyr Fourrh row. Croig Wilsey, Rons Douglos, Bloke Lew, Chris Brirr, Somi EI-Soden, Jim Cser, Michael Cusick, Mork Lum, Perer Dluhon Nor picrured. I-Soren Robb, Don Srellurro. 2. CSF. Presidenr, Roger Olsen, rends ro business wirh rhe help of odvisor, Miss Hoyr. 3. Comille Schick lisrens olerrly ro cinnouncemenrs of upcoming evenrs 4. Dovid Show ond CS.F. members Somi El-Soden ond Chris Brirr, roke rime our from rheir srudies ro hove some fun. I' W' fc: 4, Maxx . 1 , I W. K iw I is in .fi 12 x N, ES ,fi-'Q Q-cf S23 . - -FQ: . i -':f, .z,..' - :,.- , N .,,,, .1 Nm , -dh' xv, 75 Citi lu, 4 J... H--... 1 AW ' Oli'-u-..., 1 ii f 22'Q 1 if Helping Hands The rwo main goals for rhe Peaple's League rhis year, were ro have fun and ro offer service ro Troy High School. One of rhe many acriviries rhar rhe 20 club members parricipared in was Christmas Caroling ar Orange Counry Medical Cenrer. Peoples League also ahd fund raisers, such as carnarion sales for Valenrines Day and co- sponsoring rhe annual Sadie Hawkins Dance along wirh rhe Yearbook Sraff. Mosr of rhe money rhar rhe club acquired, was used for rheir major prqecr of rhe year. This rradirional prqecr, was financed by rhe Peoples League YO help rhe school in some way. Club officers were. Presidenr- Lori Morgan, seconu vice Presidenr- Carla MOVQOIIS, Secre- rary- Miya Omori, Publiciryf ,Teri Gerzinger, rhird Vice President- Su' zanne McClay, second Publiciry- Rebecca Nassaman and Treasurer- Kim Smirh. Their advisor was Mrs. Sands. ln many ways, rhe 1980 Peoples League was an asser ro Troy High School. 1. Suzanne MCLOY and Sora Anne Behnke lisren ro rhe final derails for rhe annual Carnarion Sale. 2. Peoples League members were: Fronr row. Tracy Nakanshi, Judy Homanr, Miya Omori, Rebecca Nassomon. Second row: Mrs. Sands, Julie Smirh, Suzanne Md.ay, Crysral Bower. Third row: Carla Lane, Karin Hawkins, Carla Margolis, Sarah Anne Dehnke. ik . K Students Advise Club "Getting varsity jaclsets is a new tradition the Girl's Varsity Club hopes to establish in the coming years," said Vice President, Susan Fodor, This year, there wasn'r an advisor for the Girl's Varsiry Club, Instead, two juniors, Brenda Campbell and Susan Fodor, lead 40 girls from Track, Tennis, Basketball, Volley- ball, Softball, and Swimming through balse sales, candy sales, and field trips. 1. Deana Olsen and Deann Norris discuss up coming events. 2. The C-urls Varsiry Club: Front Row- Nancy Graham, Kathy O'Derg, Irma Garcia Row 2: Julie Hzzarello, Crystal Doernet, Martha Stegemeier, Valerie Mcv Cune, Laura Sregemeier. Row 8: Cheryl Okamura, Brenda Campbell, Deana Olsen, Susan Fodor, Kathy Powell, Judy Holcome, Row 4: Carol Wolsbofn, Dee Dee Sanchez, Amy Hays, Kay Clarke, Deann Norris, Kathy Hepburn, 3. Carol Wolsborn and Deann Norris post information on the club bulletin board. 166 Organizarions!Girl's Varsiry Club , KM 'MS' -,, f . CLUB x x....,,, , ga, Guys Support Their Teams The Doy's Varsiry Club conslsred of approximarely 40 members rhis pasr year. These boys were involved in many fund raising evenrs, such as concessions or Varsiry Baslserball games, rhe Chrisrmas Daslaerball Tournament ai Troy, and sponsoring a nume ber of minor ocriviries, The money rhar rhe dub raised will be used ro purchase needed equipmenr for rhe arhleric deparrmenr. 1 Dale Eby checks rhe supply lisr for rhe nighr's baslserball game 2 The Doy's Varsiry Club. Fronr Row Mike Fonres, Juergen Wuesrmann, John Reames, Greg Hughes, Mike Lee, Eric Wesley, Tim Daines Row 2 Dena Voccher, Mike Manoa' lsian, Chris Brirr, Sami El Soden, Greg Srull, Charlie Dennerr, David Schurhammer, Jim Saeminski, Mike Mc Nomaro Row O Eric Williams, Dale Eby, Ross Jones, Doug Bysrry, Jeff Sanchez, Rans Douglas, John Pope, Fred Crissinger, Kevin Durlfun, Sieve Hamilron, Will Suchan Row 4 Sreve Harr, Randy Derry, Rob Dordner, Roger Olsen, Charlie Swartz, Ed Spevch, Mike Joyce, Randy Dliss, Don Werreland . lf 'P -A . . ., , if 1 f 6 -'.- . - 1. A Us , ,X ,, 1',f,'k ,f si , Sl 4 1 C swf., lg '1 Q 1 . . .v J A M , , J., 4 ,J ffm, -jg V, .4 A , , ,., I . .4 J. if-f f YM, -4 ,. ,,v,,.x5'y.. fri 6. V as-'u .fff'f"v f'-i 'nl' ' . ,f V, 11 , , ,...,-if ig .-, , v . . a a S ' q V Njklk' rr'-'UQ' ' 'fe A 3: 'fx ix-Lgifxvin SEXY? w BT 1519 J v H ,.! , , 4... , ,,W,,.. ga ILM.-. V, lv.. 5 ,. 5 - ' 4 K." Q'-rin J ' . -,.w...f .. fe... fa.Ank.9,fff.Ai'w1ug'F'.f,1 'ff'-'sr ,'nl..f..' 1 , f ,L 1 , Organizarions!Boy's Varsiry Club 167 Track Club Raises Funds The locls of funds broughr o new orgonlzorlon fO Troy rhis yeor. The orgonlzorlon, formed by frocls reom members under rhe dlrecrion of rhe reom cooch, Mr, Wooren, held bolse soles ond orher fund rolsers ro eorn money for rhelr reom, The members held meerlngs before rrocls evenrs ro discuss reom srroregy, 1, Mllse Lee srudies o recenr rreosurefs reporr 2, Members row 1, Molly Morhewson, Dee Dee Sonchez, Morne McGrorh, Cofhy Srorls. Row 21 Chrls WolI4er, Chris Lee, Chrls Long, Sreve Rosen' qulsr, Juergen Wuesremonn, Mllse Lee, Lowell Noldef, Sreve Glllerre, Seon Hommlll, John Wollser, Row 31 Greg Anrlsro, John Speyer, Donny Joyce, Tom Compher, Doug Lee, Rondoll Bliss, Greg Srull, Terry Disney, Sreworr Roberrs, John Reomes, Geoff Moloney, Rondy Derry, Mlrch Dlolse, ond Morls Anrisro. if 4 f 'vrrrd 166 Orgoruzonorxs,'Trock Club Building A Career A nevv career planning club appeared on Troy's campus fhis year. The Fufure Secreraries of America, headed by Mrs. Guen Lee, o business reacher, had a very evenrful year. They mer once o monrh ro be enrerrained by guesr speolsers discussing various ropics, ranging from lecrures on fashion ro "how ro run on compuferf' The FSA club fools rrips ro rhe courr house ro observe courr room operoiions, The club raised money for their ourings through balse soles. 1 Julie Vos and Dawn Tolion discuss furure pians ar one of rhe giri's homes Q A fund raising bolse sale or which rwo members preside O FSA members fronr row, Juiie Vos, Cindy Seoblom, Stephanie Johns, bocix row Mrs. Guen Lee, Kim Coffman, Carmen Darraza, and Desiree Bryon iw QfQl97fiiilQ?1il9?fi!6fifS3Qi 1 '5 7"-X "'.'1'i'4",:fP f W ' Q' , 'c,,, "' W 5' I . -,fmt f -,if 1, Q Y I ,, .i A 4,21 --" i 5, .n2:'."' "y,2 V ' 5 ' , E217 ,F i f A af ,'w,,fff1Li1 QW , 5 T fi xg I 'Ax .. ,A ,k,, .. Comero Shy Furtherihg their ihterest ih Photography, the Photo Club through some rough times this yedr. The club storted off strong ond hod o lot of meerihgs. Through out the yeor the dub foded owoy. But thot didh't meoh they quit ot what they were doing. The dub turhed out pretty good ofter oll. 1. Froht Row- Christy Gverhe, Lilo Wilbrohorh, Jennifer Dohoto Qhd Piow Steve Corsoh, Joh Gow, ROIWUY Kirk, Korlo Erickson. Std Row Art Ford, Rick Gregory, Tom Howard, Tim Groy, 2. Picture ond speciol effects were done by hohfrhember, Dovid Schloepfer. 170 OrgohizotiohsfPhoto Club ,vs vm. W .W0"' ., . A. .-3, ,, 5 lf! 3-lst "fir ii"s Creative Clay Art During the 1079 Christmas season, the winning tree of the ASD tree decorating contest was one garnished with presents addressed to the American Embassy in Tehran, lran. That tree was decorated by the 41 members of the Troy Ceramics Club. The club was constantly working toward their goal of furthering their intere est in the ceramics field. With periodic sales throughout the school year, they raised funds for both the clubs benefit and for their own personal profit. While much of the clubs' money went for tools and materials, enough profit was made from the sales for club roller skating parties. Trying something new, the students set up individual booths for them to sell their items that they made themselves. Mr. Doest was the advisor, Linda Tanner, president, Patricia Luers, vice-president, Sue Chapman, secretary- ftreasurer. 'Ui 4? E:-v-1 , , ,tH ' 1?1' W " " X' 44335 1, Front Row, Wendy Krasco, Sandi Soopeland, Sandy Radas, 2nd Row' Advisor, Mr. Doest, Julie Scott, Karla Endersbe, Debbie Scott, Dawn Dunbar, Camilla Mock, Patty Wiggins. 3rd Plow, Patti Luers, Linda Tanner, Sue Chapman, Allison Goheen, Julie Dodson, Alanna Fitzpatrick 4th Row. Melinda Robinson, Jackie Stockdale, Maureen Francis, Tu Nguyen, Lorraine Thornton, Gary Lawson 5th Row: Mark Nichols, Lisa Dobrtck, Cheryl Coats, Helen Amgwerd, Kathleen Angel, Sonia Parra, Robert Tonnez, oth Row- Bob Critchfield, Mark Stevens, Steve Miller, Mike Donnelly, Valerie Stewart. 2. Advisor, Mr Doest, carefully takes the hot pot out of the kiln, S. Dob Critchfield concentrates on the vase he is making for the ceramics sale Organizations!Ceramic Club 171 .ja if95?wW r fits X YW" , In Search Cf. . . The Constitution of the Transempire We are here, there and everywhere. Method of voting. whim. Method of impeach- ment of officers: payment of 504. Rights of Tranempiricistsf all and none. The undersigned are fully aware that they are unfully unaware. All laws stated are existent and therefore do not count. CExcept those that are punctuated correctly.D Motto: lf God can do anything, then He can malse toast. We can malse toast, therefore we are God. Tranempirical Club officers were. Transemperor: Alex Olefer, Vice Transemporer: Jim Roe, Sargeant at nose: Jim Cser, Tolsen WASP. John Speyer, Token Mortal: John Reems, Unadvisor: Fares Sawaya, Guard- ian Angel: Jerry Atlain. 1. Fares Sawayo, unadvisor of the Transempirical Club, explains an assignment to his English Honors das. 2. Jim Roe smiles with approval at the creativity displayed by Transempirical Club members. 3. Ttansemipiricol Club members wereg front row: Alex Oleter, Jim Roe, John Speyer, Jim Cser, Mr. Sawayo. Second row: George Roese, Cathy Stark, Therese Cunningham, Pom Mullen, Carolyn Reed, Maggie Hohn, Chris Hoffman, Kippy Clay, Dale Eby, Vicki Thompson, Lori Redfeatn, John Reames, Juergen Wuesremann. Third row: Jan Phillips, Jon Haney, Angela Walker, David Eby, Tim Todd, Rob Dordner, Stephen Lubman, Will Suchan. Fourth row. Fred Prezelsop, Shanna McDurny, Jim Swaney, Jeffrey Koon, David Wood, Maureen Olmsted, Donna Pruitt, Terri Hernandez, Karen Dyrum. Fifth raw: Karl Max, Jeff Perry, Glenn Nelson, Kevin Friel, Lisa Fransen, Ruth Rousseau, Kym Laursen, Karen Campitelli, Sharon Roe, Janet Bell, Alon Decker, Karl Price, Mike Suchan, Chris Crain, Randy Berry, Karl Wiese. 4. Alex Olefer adds the finishing touches to the Transempirical Club Christmas Tree. 172 OrganizationsfTransempirical Club -.,: w Nj'-.15 I - ,X . X va f 9 sf . 5 if I . I . 5, 6,9 Down To Earth Fufure Farmers of America CF.F.A.D was an exrra curricular pro- gram rhor coincided wirh rhe agriculrural classes offered ar Troy. In order ro become o member of FFA., srudenrs were required ro be enrolled in on ogriculrurol class. Some of rhe acriviries rhar members porricpored in were judging conresrs, public speaking and comperirions, FFA. fund raisers included a Chrisrmas Tree sale, See's Sucl-:ers soles, bolse sales, and rhe annual FFA. barbe- cue. The money received was spenr on rhe many rhings fhor ore required for FFA, members ro own, Any money rhar was leftover helped ro pay for rhe expenses of rwo delegares who wenr ro rhe srare convenrion. Club officers were: Presidenr' Deb ble Luxo, Vice Presidenre James Brown, Reporrer- Sherry Blolsey, Secrerory' Peggy Johnson, Treasurer' Richard McKee, and Sen rinal' Joe Albers. Mr, Wrighr was rheir advisor. Alrhough rhere were fewer members rhon in previous years, FFA, srill consisred of over 25 members, who were involved in a very rewarding program. 1 Mr Wrighr, F.F.A advisor, arremprs ro help a puzzled srudenr ro his firsr period agriculture class 2 F.F A. members fronr row Larry Wrighr, Eric Nelson, Sherry Blakey, James Brown, Debbie Luxo, Peggy Johnson, Joe Albers, Rich McKee Second raw, Jeff Franson, Chris Fleming, Laura Jimenez, Jeff Denick, Rick Ruiz, Dan Luxa, Paul Ruiz, Nancy Roberrs, Greg Easley, 3 F F A. member Greg Easley, lisrens ro an inreresring lecrure in his agriculture class, lbidnnupf-w.. ru...-Arias , if ii, A V M V- A Q .fm Q, L A ff'- Kr' ns ' 4 1' x Q, be - 'BMX ...nn v kk R .4 x5 , 1,-W. -.M fn- ,mga ' 1 -4 1 "The Mob At Troy" On February o, 7, 8 and 9 somerhing suspicious was going on in Troy's Iecrure hall. Every shadow was filled wirh o sh dy loalsing characrer and dancing girls enrerrained on engrossed audience while music of rhe 1920's filled rhe air. The reason? Acring Worlsshop was presenring rheir play, "Broadway", Aurhors Phillip Dunning and George Abborr caprured rhe resrless, roaring 2O's in fhis romanfic comedy which won much praise from sarisfied audiences. Acting Worlsshop did an excellenfjoo in conveying fhe ofmosphere ond fun of rhe 2O's. CAST Sieve Crandall .... ........., C hris Allison, Joey Hufsferd Scar Edwards . . ...............,.. Jim Mansfield Dan McCorn . . . ................... Jim Wedoo Play Lane . . . ..,.. Derr Forbes, John Componella Billie Moore . . . . , ,Anne lsingdoz, lsorhy Van Scholls Nicls Verdis . . .,,,. Ralph Guirgis, Deepals Shinivasin Pearl ..... .,,. M egon Cherry, Chrysral Cummings 1 Roy, CDerr Foroesb, consoles Billie, Clsorhy VonSchoil4D, Qffef rhe deofh of Sfeve Crandall. 2 Porisy, CPoui Voccherb, shows on nnfefesr in Lil, fVQlSfTWlfF17 3, floy, Don Ulm Waddob, and Benny Qlsevin llugglesb, discuss fhe oeofh of Scor Eoworos. firi 5 ri J 176 Ofgahmzorioosf' Drama ..a.4.:-iss- ? Www I 5 3 Lf :L - Iwrju 'K 3' - ' : V Li! ' Wk .. , ' . .,,,,Q:.Q- k f . ' nk ' . " A ' 1' , - .M W if x as X w Where There's A Will, There's A Woy In O dcrk, Qorhwc, Oid mfmsmom rm New Emglomd aefem frghrmod peopie gorhered ro Moor me reodwmg of 0 WM Neff by men lorwg decoosed orwcew for Cyrus Comby Wesr Omy one wouid reccwe me Qroperry cmd weoim of ms esrore, yor an worm mhemr me rerror War Nmaed vwrhm W5 cm com -M1125 Swdmg panda, dead Dumas, mygrcrwa roses, foodoo spew, ond my Umeerw murderer Nero Qi puff mf Dromo Erwacmbled produuwcw of THQ Cm Und me CUVYQVYHV wrmom by Jrmfw WM UG prwefred on Mmrdw 19 22 The mme mr fvyzrery c.fwwbw QO wapofwge, rwmr, rwzrfwfl und Q nvperb ser for Q yfrow fm uf fm 'md wc 'wr wr 1 Pm-,X Vegwv O,,,f,gf:uf CY'2D'Ui0', !'u,f,v1Oi,'1lt? 'Ar,f4c4Nix!fm,wf HUF" "if 'jf,'f."k 'if "WC " 1'CQVQV 2 Uv'J'jl'f Crwztfy 'RLAJQV H ,' ', 'ff' b'U"'f1"U' 'MDV nfl" 'Jw 1, wr w '.c'1wu fufe-vwf: CAST fx' ' mmf? , ,,,fe' 'jig-U Xkff. QQV fwmr! Aff yr www Paw . . , . . .44cg,.r. R1,f,f,Icf', Dom! V1 www 251.1 . . . .l'Af,mf1 K-Vi'NiC,'F Mfume-eff. Hmm. Hfxfy , , .Hwy Wwcwf W1-'r ur EVwfc3r4Qrw, Cf, y ,. .Jw f-' r 'J Hmplw, Cufuvyru WXQO f' 'N 6? .. 44.. Dwcf11Hr,'fr4-r Twfvx Iiufwr : Mu" "Ny , , ,Mfnmncfr NNfr,ww, Jfffjy Bum f'U'I,f ,. ,. . IAAHVY1 Nl"w',U'w Hub HUHY Hu' H . . ........,,...,.. B1 uv Drums Y Iifxf' ww A . . .Ur-'Wfgf me ffnrmrmww Uwrw ffm r Pf,"e-mu' . ,........,,. Us-www Jwrwr mm Mlm' 'my , . . , Em Snhrmb lfmw, Malmo OVQUV"lflHOYNSfDffjf71O 177 For The Best . . .A Reward Far rne pasr 15 years rne Drarna Awards Snaw nas dased rne year by nananng drama sradenrs wna were excearranaHy rmenred and rnase wna warked exceprnanally nard Tnfs year's snaw began as rne narnwnees arrwyed nn rnenr cnaaffer- driven adrannabuies Amrd cneernna fans, reparrers and pnaraara pners, rney ascended rne red carpre wnwe be-:ng rnrradaced by rne rnasrer af cerernanwes Once wnsude rne lecrare naNI, nanfunees and specrarars aMIee enjoyed an eyenrna af enrerravnnwenr rnar rndaded sarrr4caN slsurs af pasr snows, rnasucaN narnaers, and rne acraaN awards aresenranans Sradenrs recewynna awards were carnpNereNy deseryung and were Jdsrry rewarded 1 Derek Hahgren accears a wen deserved award Q Nn rnrrne rnarse up and Iearards, AngeNa Walker offers dalsres ra narmnees I3 CaraNyn Reed, GaNe Rasenrnal, and Snaran Przma presenr a Drarna Award ra Marla Hensan A Tne rnasrer af cerernanles greers narnrnees Tarn Han: and Maraa Wemiler 5 The specracalar ser far rne Drama Awards 178 Organrgarwans,fDrarrwa 'Y' X f-ef Q- et r 7:35 , , 4' 'K w , ,.., Gift' Nz D"QF"Q1jO A First Rate Act Recoghuzed os ohe of rhe mosr ourgomg ohd oroducrive dubs oh Troy's cdmpus vvos rhe Dromd Club The sevehrh member clubs moih objec' rwve Idsf veor, os IO oIT previous yeor's, vvos ro our oh o producrioh AIT members fools oorr To rhe oroducrioh some vvoy or ohorher ohd ir vvds preserved lore Th rhe school yeor. They olso hebd d Hollovveeh por Iucls where everyone come decked our IO cosrumes, ood heid oh Eosrer por Iucls. The oresndehr of rhis dub vvos sehnor Derels Hulrgreh, vice ores1dehr wds Tom HUNT, ohd secreroryvrreosurer vvos Morcio Weiler. Mr. Thomos Moore, who reoches oll dromo closses or Troy, ddvised rhe club os he hos dohe Th oil orevrous yeors, ., ::,, K, J rms 4 an T cc,rr ccdrr ., ,jk Q fr. . , 'A' . ,2 L 11 - Q , T' Q Q f ,A Q , V I ,mi sscv '4 YAP 180 Orgohrzorroos!Dromo Club I Wife 1 Frorr Ron Tracy Grows, Krrrw Forrrer, Joe Freely Mr Moore, hmm Doe, Joe Swrgrwe Meqom Eurz Mrqrk Ewa Corn! Reed lure Roc Dwers Hmrgrerw Srweryrw Uma Mcrgrwc Wefler !4r,rrr5 Monre 2rd Row Argo Welker Kew Jones, Mom Twrrr-sre L50 Gwrrrrw Dcoby Jorwrwsorw Mrrru Urals-NN, Jrporxrro HOyQs JOdy Durrr Mgqoer Orrfrgreorj fAqr,rg-er M9505 Derrw Tmre Src Rgw Tfereso Cwfmirxgrry Jewry Orrmrood, Derxrge Myers, flobsrr Rrdgrrwer, Carol Worgborrw, Leorwn CP Hgrrfrgrorw VC! Srfrrvrr, Burr Fgrbos Arn flow Pcgm Trmnrw, Wemdy MQCQIQ Gory Scrwc NO, Roo Cwrrre Dorwuld Srqrwq Jrrrw Mcrrgferldx Drds Wrrgqres, Rorprw Tyr, Crwrrs These!! Krqrrwelyrw Fryrum, Sm Row Errc Sch-M10 Dgrry Brrnls, Torrw Hum, Werner Eref gferg Keym flwjgres Crrrrg Alrgom, Clrly Wrcox, Roo Hbrwr 2 R00 Hrmr prrggrrceg for rm up cormrwg scerwe rrw The Cor Qrwd me Connery ' 3 Murano Werlrer mows Jody Dprr 'wow ro pw om rfrcreoup rho rrqrwr way 4 Derxo Vmccrwer gers mrrrg Dy we of rm Goss rrwores 5 Some of me does gers ro QU 0 Dereis Hurrgre-rw urwrj Coy Wricox show one of rherr mqrwy VJCGS 7 Ogy XJJMCUX ,ryerws 'O Mr Moore fwzre he grfos some mrrrwg rrps """2ne- ,,, Orgofrz-Jmns!Drorro Cub 181 Polished To Perfection Concerr Bond rroyels ro nnony ploces reoresenrlng our school, They hoye done concerrs un Son Fron cisco, Lo Verne, Knows Berry Form, ond o speciol Chrlsrnnos concerr, rhey olso ployed or Troy's Grodooruon. Troy's Concerr Bond lS o member of rhe Soorhern Colafornuo School Bond ond Orchesrro Assocloruon, whlch occoonrs for rhelr busy schedf ole. Mrs Porrlsh rroyels wlrh rhe Bond ond ls odyne sor 1 Chns Volley ond Donny Knox procrlce for on opcornlng concerr 2 Fronr Row Soson Jones, Koren Robb, Corol Woes rerhon, De-Anno Morhews, Suzue Mlller, Ceclho Dollord, Koren Clorlnerelll, Angelo Wollser Qnd Plow Scorr Reese, Jone VlQUS, Chrls Vollely, Wlll Morxen, Morr McCorrhy, Chns Jensen, John Dyos, Tom Torrleben 3rd Row Donny Knox, Korhol Slfomsl, Don Srelloro, Morls New, Vernon Froncls, Rlchord Venroro, Morgorer Connlnghorh, Shonnon Rldung Arh Row Russell Voose, Andreo Blolsesley, Bob Heirendr, Srephen Covorerro, l1odgerOlsen, Joel Wernlce, Jlll Poulsen, Dono Correr 5rh Row Joce Posrorlus, Rob Dordner, Don Joyce C3 Fronr Row Shon non Rldlng, Angelo Wollser, Bob Heirendr, Andrea Dlolsesley Bocls Row Phillp Freddolnno, Rob Dordner, loco Posrorius, show rhor procrlce molses perfecr 162 Orgonlzorlonsf Concerl Bond - mf xx .ww 5 51 I mf -1 1 5' ,i A .Z"'47-'6'A.'-5 V. lfuu nu lui Stay In Tune Tne 35 srooenrg, wno nnooe oo Troyi Bono srrove for oerrecrron for rnony noorg donno ond ofrer scnoor Troy 5 Bono Cho o Qreor Job reoresenrrno oor scnoo rnrs yeor De5roe5 Qorng on o Sonng Tour rney olso oerforrneo or Troys Groooorron, or I4norrs Berry fornn, ond do o Cnrrsrrnos Concerr Hooeforry Troys Bono WM conrrnoe ro do socn o greor loo reoresenrrng Troy Hugn Scnool rn rne more 1 Proyrng rne woo rne nord woy 2 Fronr Row Ke-My Mowe Johe MJUC C"'5"ne Sroye' Koen Wogner Muff Mogennem CNS Meyer Cow Joosre Goorrero Hornrlron Qnc Row Por Osborne, Torn Pos' Drcnno Wmenoorg Jenn-fe' Error' Jonee Howe! Corey Ven 'Jo Poo Sowgneg if Jonisor' Porrroo Ono Hem Donn Src Scorr Honnenweyer Mrcnoer Ao Doog Brrney Cnrrs Long Fronrx Povdo Rrro Momneg Rcnac Venroro Don Srerlqo Deon Hoon Arr Row Rosser' Voese, Rodger Olsen Joei Wernrse Donny Knox Rm Gregory, Don JCWCG S'e.e SDQFC9' Mme Dovmng Gronr Mrrrer Q..v . Step To It lr hos been soid rhor music con colm rhe sovoge beosr, our rhe Troy Morching Bond hos gone direcrly ro rhe source. The Morching Bond is one of rhe olclesr rrodirions corried on by Troy. The bond represents Troy or oll home foorboll gomes. The coordinoror of me bond wos Miss Lilo Porrish. Roger Olsen wos rhe drum mojor of rhe Troy Morching Bond. To be in rhe bond wos on honor only given ro people who hod speciol guoliries which complimenred rhe over oll picrure of Troy High School. 1. Ploying rhe drums, Sreye Spencer, Roo Dordner, ond Eddie Snyder perform or comperirion 2. Fronr Row. R. Olsen, C Sroyer, C Dollord, P. Freddolino, E. Snyder 2nd row- D Scorr, S. Miller, L Morxen, G Homilron, C. Wuesremonn, C Meyerm, K Compirelli, M. Owen, M. Mogenheim, K. Wogner, J. Poulsen, L. Horringron. 3rd Row. L. Rirrer, J. Roe, S. Hunnemeyer, J. Dyos, D Hools, J. Wyne, C Long, K Domogordner, F Porrido, M. Conninghom, XV Morxen, R Morrinez, D. Srelurro, C Venroro, A. Dlolsesley, P. Orro, P. Osborne, T. Por, 5. Dulis, A. Wollser. 4rh Row. D Knox, M. Hew, R Venruro, J. Flemming, J Vigos, J. Wernl-ze, V. Froncis, J Kidwell, J Burgess, C Joclsle, P. Sonchez, M Werzel, J. Miller, J. Johnson, D. Klinlsenborg, J Ellior, D. l-leirndr, S Riding 5rh Row. 5. Reese, D. Dirney, K. Dohn, P Higgins, M AU, R Vouse, J Wheeler, R. Gregory, M. McCorrhy, S Jones, K. Morse, G. Thomison, M. Down- W ing, S. Covorerro My - , , :N . .... wxgygr vi 3' al if. J iess 'YW K K J8- F s .A C ., 5,,., S is We , 32 T 1 az. Q. X. 5 XX Xxx! 184 OrgonizorionsfMorching Bond R' iii H 3 Drum mojor Roger Orseo Ieods me bond during comperrruon. A Io perfecr perosiorw, members of me woodwind secrron perform dorrog o rworfrmme 5. The Marching Bond performs during holfrume or me game ogonnsr Wesrem. Chrrs Meyer coocerwrrores on me music during o holfrrme performonce L U Wm, .. " ,A . ,M .m:1'f - -, , ear. e ,r gffww l. 1 5 Ji.. vi' .1'.Ql. 1- - Qi ' r by 7. 'e Orgorwzorrofws,"'Morcorrwg Bond 155 The Beat Goes Cn Popular music is whar Srage Band specializes in. Srage Band is rhe masr advanced band ar Troy, and requires an audirion for any new members, Srage Band has played in many places rhis pasr year, including performances ar Knorr's Berry Farm, rhe Annual Spring Fesriyal, and rhe Chrisr- ,W mas Concerr. This is only rhe Srage l3and's second year, and already ii is one of rhe rap bands in rhe disrricr, 1. Advisor Mrs. Parrish ar rhe Christmas Concerr. 2. Franr Row: Randy Kirk, Joel Wernlse, John Kyas, Jane Vigus, Bob Heirendr, Sieve Spencer. Second Row: Jerry Nlclsenzie, Randy Clerc, Dana Carrer, Richard Ventura, Marls New, Donnie Srelluro, Verf nan Francis. 186 OrganizarionsfSrage Band ff? Fiddlin' Around Very few schools in our district besides Troy, have a String Orchestra, Every year the String Orchestra is aslsed by the Orange County Philharmonic to give demonstrations and per- formances to various elementary schools. The Orchestra plays just about every lsind of music, including classical and popular. Mrs, Parrish is the Orchestra's advisor. 1 Mrs. Parrish keeping her students in tune. 2 lmtnense concentration by Bill Janusoco 3 Front Row Gasmin Shamsi, Camtelle Shich, Jennifer Diggs, Miya Dmori, and Dennis Zinn Second Row Brad Hanley, Thai Nguyen, Peter Dluhon, Dill Janusoco, and Mari-2 Lum Organtzations!String Orchestra 187 The Winning F ormulo l'm sure you've neord of monopolies, l'Dur ln rnusic"? Surprlsingly so Tnus IS rne only Concerr Orcnesrro in rne disrricr Tney noye ployed in rnony concerrs, or Knorrs Derry Form, Grod Nlgnr, Son Dlego, ond Gore den Grove Tney noye gone on Wunrer Cnrusrnnos Tours ond Sprung Tours Wwn oll rnus nnonopollzed orrennon rney sruds vwrn rne XXWJOOJOQ Forrnuld' of good rnuslc oll yeor long, 1 A few concerr orgnesrro rnernbers procrlce o number ofrer scnool 2 Vernon Froncls recewes dlrecnons os Ke ploys nrs rrurn per 3 Fronr row 5 Muller, C Dollord, D Zlnn, Y Snornsl, C Scnlcls, M Onnor., J Dlggs, K Cornoerellr ond K Dourngorrner, 2nd row I3 Honly, S Kung, P Dlunon, D Jonosco, M Lump, ond K Robo Grd row A Dlolsesley, J Vlgus, D Srelluro, M New, V Fronos, ond D Knox Arnrow J Wernlse, R Olson, R Vouse, ondi Coyorerro 1 Rodger Olsen, ond Russell Vouse procrlce on rnelr bross lnsrru' nnenrs Q Fronr row A Blolsesley, R Vouse, ond D Srelluro Qnd row J Vernlse, S Coyererro, V Froncls, M New, ondR Olsen 3 Snlclsenng Don Srelluro ploys nas norn A Andreo Dlolsesley ploys 0 fonrosrlc rune on ner frendw norn .ui . .n 1 K ,Q if 'r's A Q : s,,, ' xg ,wi,,j K- 1 , 'li YE 168 OrgonlzorlonsfConcerr Orcnesrro 'Wi-I 1 M 2 fy if rw im. V i y? Piping Hot Bross If oiowing rnrougn gold coiored pipes nosn'r oppeoleo ro you, rnen rnoyoe Hsrenlng nos Tne cnonr yyos yery genuine oecouse nor onNy were rnerejusr oros5 insrrumenrs, our rnere wos no more rnon one insrrurnenr of o Isind. Very rnony people iisrened ro rnis cnorol of oross insrrumenrs ond found rnern very oppeoiing r I ff y pg , R g .. i' f..rf.: , Q, ' 3 i - ' -Age RV - Ff 2 'k - ,-,- , . y:--':- ' 21' ' ti of 5 1 Lb . ,. Q " .nl Orgonzorrons, Dross Cnorr 189 111. , . 0 Orchestra Gets In Tune A selecr group of oursrohdihg woodwind pioyers wos chosen from cohcerr bono rhis yeor, os every previous yeor, ro ploy os o seporore ehesemoie. The group held severol performohces during wihrer recess, ohd orher perforrhohces durihg rhe school yeor, 1. Reheorsihg for oh upcoming show ore Sue Miiler, Koreh Compereili, Mori McCorrhy, ond Kurr BOUVYWQOFTOGV 2 A dedicored srudehr, Shohhorw Riding, procrices durihg her offfperiod, 8 Fronr row: Shohhoh Riding, Ahgeio Woilser, Doo Knox Qhd Row, Cecilio Bollord, Koreh Comperelli, Koreh Robo, Wii Morxeh, Morr McCorrhy, Kurr Boumgorrher. i s ef V I .iQ ,i. I at if ,,V, I 'ii T s L is D-JW if E , we 4 A , 1 Q sw WN fb 5 A sq ' wxdtxiiyaw Chamber Choir Shows Talent A variery of musical pieces was performed by rhe chamber choir rhis year. Among these sryles included madrigal, renaissance, and modern runes. The group, direcred by Mrs. Lila Parrish, offended differenr festivals and were rared by judges who insrrucred rhem on im- proyemenrs, and poinred our rheir srrong auali' ries. 1. Angela Wallser and Mary Alice Curry rehearse during a class session 2 Fronr row Thai Ngyuen, Meghann Cherry, Maureen Mason, Michelle Garcia, Lucira Adams, Pam Os' borne, Jennifer Clarlse, Mary Alice Curry, Shannon Riding, Bryan Hefley Qnd row Chris Baum, Derh Tare, Jeannine Bevill, Cecilia Ballard, Angela Wallser, Janell Wilsey, Molly Marhewson, Debbie Kirschenbaum, Joanne Forresr, Chrisry Wells, Dave Marron Srd row- Marla Henson, Gerry Gray, Marc Cherry, Joe Swaney, Olle l-lulreberg, Alan Worsham, Tim Halphide rf OrganizariansfChamber Choir 101 A Dozzling Comebock The Guys ohd Dolls rerorhed ro Troy rhus yeor ofrer helhg oh rhelr owh os o serhr professrohol group for rwo yeors The ehrhoslosrrc srhglhg ohd dohc rhg group enjoyed rherr hlhrh seosoh rhls yeor perforrhrhg pop oho show TUOGS Eoch oerforrher wos exrrerhely oedlcoreo, reheorslhg before school, oho sorhe evehrhgs They held or leosr rwo oerforrhohces o weels ohd or leosr elghr performohces o weels oorrhg Chrrsrmos VOCOTIOO Uhder rhe drrecrroh of Mrs Lllo Porrrsh, rhe Guys oho Dolls recelyed o soocrcolor corheoocls or Troy Hlgh School 1 Frohr 'ow Morls Cherry Megoh Cherry Chrls Doom, Mom llef soo Mooreeh Mosorr Tm Horohloe Row 2 Ole Holes CIUQ Johelle Wlsey Cecile Bolloro Ch'rsry Wells Joe Swohey Dem Tore Ahgre Wcgllaer Molley Mcrfwewsoh Gerry Groy 2 Morlr Chevy Megoh C?rQrryy Chrrs Doom, oho Ceolro Dolloro eho 'he show wrrh Qloyfol ehrhosrosrh 3 Mooreeh Mosoh oho Morlr Hehsoh sererrooe eoch orher oorrhg o rehersol A Chrrs Boom orsoloys hrs STTCJWVTTUVTSVWIQ wrrh hrs porrher hrorhg oehrhd hrrm 102 Orgohrzor1ohsfCuoys Aho Dolls X W l 4 if ff-vis W L MJ' 1, N iffy' yrfggw-i few s'b Q., x MNA 1 E g md, K, ,, ,f . . ff A41 IH" 2 "' ' A , c ' if'-r 3 '?4ii.,- ,4 si 'Sfgvj Q A A V . S 5, -.951 1.5-,SQ x5cMA3.- ' ' v. ,g-,.,s,of1?"5 .'i', an fi. 'uc' "' "?V3"4-1.3 ...-- . , Ou 4 4 fx X ' . , ... 4 . f , -er-s?'f', T53 "fax '-ig, sw, agifwg, 'ig , Q. T' Q.. 'L 'ian S '- k1?'Xi'8lrz,9s:"'-"4 1, r " ' - -af-,y,iL...rY rm., .,.ggLL1.4 ,QV ...nyvx . , J 1- Q g , a s.-.rgq.,,, f- - - A 'fp v- A . . ,M x - g 1 ta ' H. ,.. - 5 . ,vw lf Seng J- v 'J F K f 3' -4 ' 'V lighiiwy The-'es if A, f .j N-rx., 3,5 :ff X -wp Lgwfsjff ,J-y.'-f,,..,,,5:"gy?,,fg,,,1ig Q, Q. 1- Q ,i ,,- A, 4. ,sf s mms- -. no 'Q p.r1:3s.,.g5.c,ws -.'-iv f, ,..f?'e'- x:-'!'.,:..gm1s.'v3fa .pc - - - -Lars-if J 1" In The spornghf Jenny Horn rhis pasr year has rwirled ar all of rhe home foorball games, and represenred Troy in severe al comperirions. She gave many dynamic perfor- mances rhroaghour rhe pasr year which earned her the respecr of her peers, rhe Troy srudenrs, her reochers, and rhe sradenrs of orher schools. The many awards Jenny has received have all been uniaae symbols of hard worls and dererminarion. When aslsed aboar her mosr imporranr award she replied, "The award rhar I feel was my highesr was rhe one I won rhis pasr year, the Miss Majorerre of America Award". By winning rhis award Jenny was no longer eligible ro rwirl comperirively for rhe re- mainder of rhe year. The boundless energy of Jenny Horn rhis pasr year has been inspirarion ro rhe whole sradenr body of Troy High School She does nor boasr aboar her abiliry ro rwlrl a baron, rhis hambleness is a sore sign ro everyone of whor a rrae professional arhlere Jenny Horn is 1 Jenny Horn performing daring a field comperirion 2 A dynamic carch by Jenny Horn ar rhe Troy vs Sonny Hills game, daring half rime 3 Jenny Horn preparing for anorher ross of her magic baron OrganizarionsfJenny Horn 193 194 Umderdossmem 1 Om on off penocj, Korhy Hefner on Kerry Wwerwk dwscuss we Woresr QOSSNQ d 2 John Nero sromds pcmemiy wcwmg for ms frwefwd ro rewm from we cofere- no 8 Durumg her busy doss schedule, EMZQ berh Holley molses mme ro smxle ,L-fl 4' -7 F5 ':n.f.: .1 -. - 5 JUNICDRS We're Fun 'Cause Aamor, Bryan Abraham, Jerry Acosra, Donna Afzal, Shadman Aldridge, Sreve Alley, David Allison, Sreve Amgvverd, Helen Amish, Janer Anzevino, Sheri Araiza, Adela Armsrrong, Rosanne Ash, Michael Azama, Sharyn Bailey, Karie Balser, Marla Balzana, Hearher Banlrsran, Craig Barber, Ken Barger, Carhy Barlsey, John Barraza, Baal Barrerr, C B Barrerr, Nlilse Basiieri, Carrie Baumgardner, Marls Bayard, Darin Bellerive, Yvonne Benrley, Pina Bernal, David Bersrler, Sheryl Bevill, Dani Lynn Biardi, Scorr Bangle, John Bishop, Carrie Blalse, Jeff Blalsesley, Andrea Blalsey, Sherry 190 Underclossmenfluniors e ,- This years Jr. Class Officers have accomplished many of rhelr goals rhrough hard vvorls and dedicarion. "One of our biggesr proiecrs vvas planning rhe lr, Sr Prom," srared Lisa Fransen, Jr Advisory Council. Orher goals vvere improving rhe cafereria, parlaing problems and raising money for 1981 grad nire. Jr, Vice Presidenr, Kim Laursen remarlsed, "Every meering adds new ideas ra rhe Troy Campos." llighr Junior Class officers, Vice Presidenr, Kim laorsen, Presidenr, Don Srellura, and Secrerary, Helen Nolder X .1-, -Suggs if .,,- ,ff KQV' ri l I A ii i 'X gg, . We're The Closs Of '81 44.1.4 Y 1 S- N W Q z 'Y W f K 4 Yi n 7' r ' C r ' r r A f. f' 76 9' nl' 4-Z' ,, X 5' L 9' .Nh -x I 4: 'Na 'f Q Jr 'qi 1 J V 'iv , Q Q. 1 an 'N s I sl :JW I ef' 73 fr M fr I! .- 2 , A0 3'-1 QV Brrss, Rondorr Brde, Drone Bonnsocre, Spencer Bordoe Boo Bronnocrs, Noncy Brregel, Ron Brodssord, Deono Brown, Jomes Brown, Scorr Brdnrsnorsr, Lrz Bunce, Morre Burlse, Lon Burns, Kerry Byrnes, Corny Cooorrero, Lrndo Commons, Jeonerre Comooerr, Looro Comoroerr Sreye Cornrgnon, Jerome Correr Rrcrf Correr, Vrnce Cosrongro, Jeff Cosrro Boonne Crwopmdn, Spire Cnrrsrensen Roger Cioooer, Dornrnrq Crorrse Jrm Crorrse, Koy Crerc, Bondy Crdrrer Brron Corfmon, Wode Corsery Trm Coombs loner Corner Merrsso Corfrerr, Sreye Cromer Cnrs Crowrord, Crndy Creer Pooro Crrss, Morgorer Cromwerr, Tommy Crosby, rsorro Croz Erso Connrngnorn, pool Cosrcra, Mrrse Doorrron, Amrr Dornos, Trm Borden, Aron Doyerrn, George Doyrs Brer-do Doyfs, Sondy Decrser, Kerry Deresse, Sreye De-ronnoy, Cnrrsro DQVNCK JGH Denrson, Denrse Desgro, Brendo Undercrossmenflonrors 107 Dewey, Alon Dewey, Yverre Devwrr, Sreve Dmoz, Dowd Drfrlnppo, Therese Drhgemorws, Rooerr Dusorwro, Doohhe Disreforwo, Drone Doeroer, Crysrol Dowd, KOTHGIGGO Dougherty, Mihe Dowhuhg, BIH Doybe, Porrlcio Docros, Dowd Dudo, Dororhy Dumoor, Dowd DoroNde, Dowd Dyrhohd, Dohrwo Dyreson, Cher Eosrerdoy, Meg Eby, Dowd Edwords, Rom Koy Ehrer, Amy Eder, Jeff Erhmgsoh, Moray Elrror, Dole Erwrrghr, Holla Errcksorw, Korlo Errcsoh, Roger Evoos, Jon Folrerro, Trocy Former, hmm Forreir, Merome Ferguson, JIVTT Ferree, Susoh Fish, Korheleeh Fbowh, .Mm Flemlog, Joy Flyhm, Korheleem Fodor, Susoh Folrz, Errc Fohres, Mrlse FVOOWIIW, Srocy Frohseh, Lrso 198 Uoderciossrhehflohrors Where Do I Pork? , 'N Im Nw., L 1 gi It i ,f ,nw r ,, 'R ax .QQ r 6 if-915, eff- Ns W X, , x x S X 1 D, 2 . Q l IQ. V 5. 3 env . 6'5" , A -1 1 A I at' fr ww J a Q L Aoove cehrer Dorrhg rherr Lunch breols, Sreve Schaffer ohd John Krooh gossrp oboor rheur vwld weekend Y M A wg, y 1 1' vw vi' A, - ,. "' qw , J , at T. n xi X f J 1' I 4 41 tw N4 Every yeor Troy foces rhe some problem, rhere hos never been enough oorlsing sooces for rhe omounr of srodenrs or Troy. Mony of the srodenrs were forced ro doo- ble pork or porls in on illegoi zone. For onyone ro ger o por!-Qing sooce rhey hod ro be or school or Neosr 15 ro 20 nwinures eorly. Orherwise they were osuolly ridsered, The ASB, officers hove come UD vvirh rnony udeos, bor none of rhem seern ro solve rhe porl-Qing srroorion or Troy. 1' ' .-f fv X . I , .41 i Above Iefr Ar rhe ossembNy, Anrhony Gwncy rores rhe Hornecornfng nonrwnnees Fronson, Ermc Frorrnr, Brendo French, Dovmd Frenerre, Ondy Follerron, Geoff Follerron, hmm Golo, Don Gonn, Chris Goroo, lrfno Gorrovv, Tonworo Cuerler, Mdee Gerzrnger, Roberr Gwboney, Dovxd Grideo, Edmond Canmore, Leshe Gogerry, jonwe Gordschnmeo, Sondro Gonzotes, Nnkisr Grof, Sdzerre Greene, Looro Greenwood, KeHy Gnffrrh, Shoron Guernsey, SheryN HOH, Gory Horphude, Twrn Horohln, Mooreen Horrerrnon, bso HonnbMn, Cheryl Honsen, Trocey Hordung, Mwsrr Horns, Joe Horrrson, Annerre Hornson, Breve- Hosserr, Bnon Hoyes, Jofknno Hoys, Arny Hedlond, Lon Hefner, Korhy Hennphnll, Jeonne Herrero, Deorro Hess, Tnoo Hnislsernoer, Kevin Underdossnnenflonrom WOO Hofnnonn, Porn Holcombe Jud: Howley, Ehzooern Hohner, Lrso Horn, Jenny Hoskrns, Louro Hoolrnon, Onoy Hughes, Greg Honl, Rob Huy, Toon Hyhon, Connme lguchr, Geoff Joclsson, Roger Jomreson, Donno Josper, Mrndy Jeng, Eonrce Johnson, Peggy Jone5, Lrso Joe, Drono Korcher, Joe Koy Korny KeMy, Corny Kendrew, Mm- Kendrrdas, Anne Kung, Sreword Klees, Looro Klrnzrng, Loonne Knox, Cnrrs Knox, Donny Koen, Joe Koeslog, Keyrn Koeslog, Krrn Korde, Noncy KoHrnon, Lon Koon, Jeff Kon, Doug Koong, Dowd Kong, Nrng Lodso, Dono Lomoerr, Amy Lone, Krrn Lone, KeMy Loppr, Grero Loryo, Sondy Loursen, Krrn Leony, Jrrn Lee, Mrlse Lee, Ton: Lee, Trocy Levyws, Lewrs, Lander Lofrus Lopez, Lopez, Lopez, Anno Donn Tony Morr Dorboro Lon Mor!-Q 200 Undercloxmwenflonrors Juniors Are The Best 4915 .P 'JI' 0- 1 K V , cf ,, , , J " 3 ff 41 5 Wim ,sw L E 1 T 5 , T 1. i . V . - a 4 4 f - Q . if f 'f':m,,w, 1 A iliiqrpii , 'BW Q L b Vi ,,, is V! V Y LG. " 3 The onriciporion of rhe Jr Closs wos evidenr os rhey lined UQ ocross rhe good, ro receive rheir long ovvoired ringsi On Ocrober 10rh, Josren's orrived ond nor o bir foo soon, The rrodirion of rurning rhe rings vvos followed, Few Junior's ordered rin s or rhe end of Iosr eor, olrhou h rhe were Y Q Y given o chonce ro reorder rheir rings ond receive rhem or o Iorer dore. The rings served os o symbol of uooerdossmen The Juniors vvere finolly ovvorded rhe recognirion of feeiing superior, Above Junior Cioss members oroudiy disoioy rheir new doss rings Lovv, Rodney Lucero, Tereso Lundooisi, Liso Lundsrrom, Gronr Luxo, Debbie Mochomer, John Moib, Erin Mogenheim, Joe Morigiio, Moris Moson, Mooreen Mosuno, Liso Morrhevvs, De Anno Morrhews, Deno Mover, Korhy MCDorney, Shonno McClure, Vkids McConneIi, Shoundo McCorisie, Looro MCCune, Voiorie McGee, Eileen McGee, Mirchei McGrorh, Jim McI4oy, Cory McKinley, Rick McLooghIin, Bersy McNomoro, Milse Mendozo, Mario Merzger, Shoron Miiier, Loy Mingus, Kenny Moda, Comiilo Underdossmenfioniors 201 Moore, Debro Moore, Kurrls Mulrheod, Norolle Mulhollom, Dovld Mull, Debble Nolsomo, Mormon Noy, Cheryl Nelson, Erlonno Nero, John Newberg, Anno Nlchols, Morle Noble, Mory Noe, Donlel Nolder, Helen Nowols, Dorboro Oddo, Anrhony Olsen, Deono Onelll, Rlchord Ono, Suson Oremus, Mllse Orro, Dob Owen, Klm Pooe, lull Porlsln, Debble Porro, Sonlo Porrldo, Loule Pendroy, Jeff Perrod, Corey Perolro, lull Peres, Morlene Pererson, Chrls 202 Underclossmenflunlors Disosfer Strikes! l- ,AX On rhe weelsend of Ocrober 5rh our Troy compus wos vondolized by severol Troy sru- denrs, Mosr of rhe domoge wos Concenrrored ln rhe ouod ond roouerboll oreos. The domoge wos due ro rhe sproyv poinring of obscenlries, rocisr ond religlous commenrs. lr fools rhree doys of poinring ond sondblosrino ro remove oll poinr, All money used wos bold by rhe Culprlrs ond rhelr porenrs. Two of rhe srudenrs involved in rhe vondolism were removed from Troy. The srudenr body showed much enrhusiosm os rhey orgonized on Anrl-Vondolism ond lirrer compolgn, The meerlng wos heoded by A.S.l3, Presidenr Tom l-lunr, rhe srudenrs dlscussed mony problems, ond how ro solve rhem now ond ln the neor furure. Pllghr Ar rhe l'Cleon up Troy meeringf' Don Srelluro llsrens ro new ldeos of solvlng rhe problem, ,f ar N ""X"-1 Elini. 'Af' 1' be A MMMWTWJ 'X ,, ,. wx it ff ,.,. ,V ,? J'- 2' . , .i K fr M ' 5 'ii 2 ',,-'f I i flu Q. , r 1 .xr f Top lefrg Afrer school, Varsity Cheer- leader Jeanne Hemphill painrs posrers for Friday nighr's game. Pererson, Karhy Phillips, Jan Phillips, Taron Pisrel, Allison Pizzarello, Tina Poff, Denell Polls, Drigirr Prezelaop, Fred Prohoroff, Milse Pruirr, Donna Puerro, Joe Purdy, Teresa Radus, Pam Rahinni, Sohailo Rayman, Sindee Razayi, Rannin Redfearn, Lori Reesrnon, Wendy Reeves, Chrisrine Reminislsey, Gerard Render, Tracy Richards, Milse Rieryeld, John Rirchie, Jim Rooerge, Sreven Rooerrs, Nancy Roe, lim Roese, George Rogers, Michelle Romero, Lorena Ruggles, Kevin Russel, David Ruiz, Ken Salas, Anira Sanders, Sreye Sanr, Greg Sarern, Dave Sausedo, Marla Saxon, Wayne Scarberry, Glen Schisler, Sracey Schloepfer, David 5chorr,Dena Schulrz, Julie Scorr, Julie Selso, Maris Serna, Louie Sessa, Geriylyn Sharpe, Wendy Shaw, David Underclassnnenfluniors 203 Skolsrgozor, Donuo Skolsrgozor, Nedlo Shook, Johe Srolrono, Drono Srernrnsku, Jrrh Srlbough, Sondro Srmpson, Joy Susson, Mnchelle Slsunner, Dorlo Slsrnner, Morls Sloch, Etlen Sfnurh, Jolre Srnrrh, Vorene Snwrrhson, Shorn Snyder, Eddie Soresoee, Norhon Solherrn, Krrsrr Soso, Lrso Soro, Morrho Spoor, Dove Soonn, Srephonme Sperch, Morlene Soerrs, Cohn Spencer, Sreve Speyer, John Srorr, Dorooro SreeNe, Dennrs SreeNe, Greg Sreunoerger, Leslre SreHoro, Don Srephens, Reno Sreworr, Krrn Srevvorr, Mucheoi Srocle, Looro SMR, Krrn Swoney, Jrrn Syphox, Rooerr Toggorr, Sorn Tow, Derh Tohon, Porn Tonner, Undo 204 Unclerdossrnenflonrors Looking Into The ' 41 'R 4, J 4 ny 6 x 45 W, N K5 q u , is 1,5 3' QQ , YQ 4 ,,,, X f r f 4 f 2 wr, x , Q., K s 1 .f v ,-Q. v-. a 0 S 4.2. 4.2 ,L f 4 ,gym 'M , JV ' Approxinworeiy 250 Junior srodenrs fried rnro rhe Vecrure holl for rhe Prelirninory Scholosric Achievernenr Tesr CPSAT D, on rhe morn rng of Sor Ocr 27rh The resr oegon or 8 OO ond iosred for 8 hours, Ir wos oosed on vocobolory, reodrng comprehension, ond rnorh rhroogh Qeomerry, Above Losr rn her rhooghrs, Iirrn Forlerron, doy dreoms of rhor lucky guy F ufure 'av' - ls ,.. Q! ,A" ,wr ... f I Above ldv foomg ufomd B00 Ddldd Perersod gong up fm MOH Lofrm Q 2 e YI a Y .. 5 X . y SF 3 g 4 f . X . f f 1 ,.. C dvd CMMS -3. .kv . x A 4 - ., -n-my-w.w..., i I6-., ,,.A Ji' A rn' . -,I n v. u. 1 ,M A A ff '9'xx ,AQ ..N ...Q-5 Tdylor Dedm Tedbe, CMH Telsko Lvsd Thdrrofw, lm Ue!meNdfwd, Volume Todd Tm Twmaok, Ndrdue Ti7x,CbCQV'y DJ' T130 SGP T'9yE'VO Owe TXJVVNQSQQG Hum Vcccrfer Mo ydccrwer Pod! Vcmdwssd Kev VQADMJGP Jcy VCPVLJG fM'N1'C N LYCUVD9' L sc Vcfgvvu Shu y me' ' Muxge V . ef DQ. C Wcgfvf SQ, K" Wxv, T. MO' O u.L XM: QC' JC' XVJ W' low, XXH Llxv M 40 Ware loft Woifo' My 'Q We 45 lc-"dv Wowdlx Keffy Wow Tevy Www! MQNCVQ Wvewex me XVNVUWOV MQNQ Wuwdm Crm Wmcmx, Tomy Ww"wQvvdwU'W Kmygfw Wwhdd AVYCY W1SO'W SVWCTAP Wm Sgdrr Wm Tween: Wong N5Qm Wdod Dow mme MO'W'y Worrmwgrom Dole XXMQVV Sdfwdy Yancey Dowd Zuvworcmo 5'9fO'iO ZQQO, Ann UNCGTYGSSFYWGVY Jdfwow 205 SOPHCJMGRES Aarnor, Duane Aaaerr, Scarr Abell, Warren Adams, Glna Adams, Jonn Albers, Joe Allen, Cnarlene Alllson, Cnns Anderson, Karyn Ansrerr, Tony Arrnsread, lsarny Aslsrns, Pal Au, Nlllse Audrss, Scorr Azarlosn, Malld Badger, Carny Baker, Iienr Balser, Susan Baroer, Darlene Barber, Dawnfvlarle Barrera, Aagasrln Barnes, Brran Barrerr, Baaerr Barrlsra, Lea Bearnesderfer, Karr Bedaye, Tlrn Bellwood, Cnrlsry Blals, Dornune Bonall, Brldaer Bolselrnan, Mlcnele Boland, Karny Baaldln, Bruce Bowman, Mllse Boyan, Bill Bayes, Marls Brabsr, lesslca 206 Underclassmenbapnannares ,f 'W vs 1 4 We Y' N ,4 I' ,I 4' , . X fr .1 e' vi 1 1 5' ' A fl af' 5 :Sai f . I "N Class Cf '82 t,- vu.. ,A ' - 1 , 1 Burrrs Sheryn Byrd, Tammy Byrum, Bob Calyrn, Jeff Camaanerla, John Camoaerl, Sherr Cardwerr, Va! Carrson, Jerod Carson, Sreohen Carrer Dana Cary, Crndy Chaffey Lon Charrron, Crndy Chayez, Chrrs Chrrsrensen Lance Crerc, Randy Cornoher Tom Coors Sue Cosrrgan, Jrm Coughrry, Iseyrn Creer, Pam Crrrchfrerd, Boo Crsres Psoscnele Cruz, Ernssro Curdvyeri Krnn Cunhrngham Tracy Daggerr Janrne L - f Dohos Dow d 'QM Q, N 2' . Dangres Isrrrr Douser, Jrm Dans Be-rndo Dayrs, Isaria Dads, I4,m Doyrs Lrndo Doyrs Lrsa DQCISGV, Jane Dem rnger Arryson Srudenr Advisory Counor was a program rhar few Troy srudenrs were aware of. Ir Consrsred of rhree yoring members from each campus rn rhe Fulierron High Schoor Disrricr, A major our pose of rhe council was ro gave reoresenrarryes rhe opoorrunrry ro share uniaue ideas from each of rheur schoors Members represenring Troy were Tom Hunr, Maureen Mason, Psans Douglas and Sami El Saden. Lefr Arrenrron focused on ner reacher, Laurre Grirrgan con cenrrares on a rough assrgnmenr Once Dloz, lrrna Diflllppo, Peggy Doherry, Tern Doughman, Rhonda Duorre Trm Dunbar, Dawn Durron, Marls Dyos, John Easllcls, Alanna Edlss, Drlan Edwards, Jullo Endersbe, Karla Felando, Babb: Ferguson, Tum Floyln, Mllse Flenwlng, Chrls Fonres, Sharon Forbes, Berr Fox, Jan Franas, Maureen Fronasco, Rabun Franson, Jeff Fregoso, Franls Frelrnanls, Val Frenerre, Lourle Pyle, Karhy Garner, Robyn Gares, Renee Gelvrn, John Gerhold, Dayld Glllerre, Sruarr Gllllgon, Laura Gllclsrnon, Debble Glover, Sreven Goldrhoroe, Cllff Goyoreau, lloberr Graharn, Nancy Greenwood, Trayrs Gregory, lloyd Grlnwe, Trraa Gross, Kelly Guard, Karen Gulrgls, Susan Gunderson, Malerro Hall, Sondra Hondbury, John Hanley, Brad l-lansconn, Denlse Hansen, Errc Hansen, Harold Horrlngron, Leanne Harringron, Tamara l-larrls, Karen Horns, Lesley Harsrno, Tarnmy l-lawlslns, Karan 208 Underclassrnenboohornores Get Set For What's Ahead g-2 ,J , 3 ,Jun I it V .4 4 A 4 fc: . I' .', I QM.. if I 5, X X X. 'N w , , 9' rr ll F -N ' ,- i 1 ii ' J - if AJmosr every week during rhe foli, reoresenro' rives from colleges oll over rhe norion held meerings or Troy for srudenrs inreresred in rheir specific colieges. The colleges vvouid conrocr Mrs. Gobor, heod counselor, in odvonce ro inform her when rheir represenrorive could come. Then, inreresred Juniors ond Seniors were oble ro sign-up ro orrend rhese meerings. Meering orrendonce voried for eoch school, vvirh locol schoois orrrocring rhe mosr srudenrs. Some of rhe schools rhor vvere reoresenred included, UC. Irvine, Coi. Srore Fulierron, Univer siry of Oregon, Dorrmourh, ond Sronford, Col- iege meerings were on exceiienr oooorruniry for srudenrs ro ger firsr hond informorion obour schools rhor inreresr rhem. 1 1 Q' av 4 I Above iefr Ar rhe homecoming ossembly, Psicls McClure ond Doriiyn Kron, ovvoir rhe orrivol of rhe homecoming nominees How!-xins, Kroig Hoyes, Donnie r-Ioyes, Bridger Heirendr, Bob Henry, Debbie Herrero, Eddie J-Mios, Russ Hirsh, Don Hobson, Koren Hohn, Mory Hoizer, Com Hoois, Deon Huff, Greg Hufferd, Joey HuJse, Liso I-Jumburg, Morie Humphrey, Sreven Hunsolser, Eiieen Hunr, Doug Hurr, Lesiie lngoIJs, Sreve Jsrerobodi, Ghodo Joci-xle, Corhy Joclcson, Roger John, Jomes Jomes, Mike Jogues, Roberr Jouch, Andy Jenkins, Jennifer Jensen, Chris Jeweli, Dob Jevverr, Croig Jimenez, Viclsie Johnson, Dovid Johnson, Debbie Underdossmenfiiophomores 209 Johnson, Rude Jolllrf, Joonle Jones, Donlel Jones, Eyongellne Jullono, Borb Jullff Shown Juno, Clndy Kozeronl, Elhorn Kelly, Chrls Kelly, Por Kennedy, Perer Kudwell, Jonlce Klnon, Krlsrlo Klnqdorn, Anne Klnnone, Kelly Kuhredge, Bull Klernsosser, Down Koch, Jerry Kohls, Morls Kolesor, Som Krosco, Candy Krosco, Wendy Kron, Dorllyn Kudlo, Drlon Logerberg, Erin Lolrd, Borboro Lolsln, Ken Lornols, Porry Lone, Moryonn Lonsrnon, Lando Losruds, Judlrh Loure, Llno Loyron, Gory Leoylrr, Lodovyno Lee, Chorles Lenrz, Chrls Lee, Doug 210 underclossnnenbophorhores When I Eyery school doy frorn 7180 AM. unril 4.00 PM, Troy srudenrs hod rhe opborruniry ro explore one of our schools nnosr yoluoble re- sources, rhe Coreer Cenrer. The Coreer Cenrer hod on obundonce of college ond occuporionol relored rnoreriols. These rnorerlols were oyoil oble in o yoriery of forms such os, boolss, rnoye nes, fllmsrrips ond Cosserres. Mrs. Nllllozo, rhe Coreer Cenrer rechnicion, uodored morerlols os much os possible Begun over ren yeors ogo, rhe Coreer Cenrer rennoins o greor osser ro Troy's Coreer orlenred ond college bound sru- denrs. - f,. -'-,rr 4 ,, 5 X 6 QQ. -. 21' N W I , 'ilu 4 3. , 1. 1 A f l , ,,-k, IN. V , LS Q ' ' er .. iv l r 4 i rf f Q If ., . - y 1 V , 'K 1 , ' , Q: , ' ' .fx l ,. I , 'N Mm .BAE 1 , 1 fx, . il l l ,A ,, ,' , ,nf I 2' .' rx Above rughr Allyson Demllnger, ond Dion' no Kllnlsenborg, dlscuss rheur doy whsle vyollelng rhrough rhe quod .. if 4 - 1 1 Q 5 '+ Q A x 5 fr Grow Up I Wont T Be .Q W . ' A H y 1 .." 1' Lf fkf' 5? My ,',' sf- ,X n 4 V- 1 f , :5 , -z 5 ,y IA?" 3' Lerrong, Ehk Leyun, Lwerh, Trocy Rnch Long, Borooro 4 .ff ,U . , .y,,f,:, R' , , -," ,,,x,ff f. ULW4, . , .,,w,,, 7 1 1 Q Y: Q QV1. ff' 4, M xx .Z ,ct-:S 3 Ar' A41 ' 4 .. Ji.. Mmidie Bob Dyronw pref rends ro be connero shy or Sophomore Foorooll proc' me Long, Ehzooerh Long, Rondy Longo, Joe Looney, Thereso Lopez, Korlo Lopez, Rodney Loxo, Don Lynch, Jeff Lynn, Conrod MocDonold, Deonno Mochomer, Eluzooerh Modsom, Wendy Moemn, Pvchord MoHooQh, Marche!! Monn, Mme Monsfueko, Jam Mormne, Jon Morsolo, Mvno MorshoH, Anne Morsholl, Lon Morsholl, Jone Mornn, Trnno Morxen, Lynne Moson, Km Mosono, Czndy Morney, Drod Moyo, Jolme Mcfonhy, Mon U0d9VCLO5S"T'W9'Nf5OO7'WO'Y'OV9S 211 Independent Students Get Physicolly McClsoclsen, Curris McGronohon, Kelly McGlsorh, Bill MQKoy, Cheryl McKee, Rich McKenzie, Bill McNofnoro, Bob McNornoro, Suson Mercoo, Morro Mesen, Olgo Meyer, Chris Michoel, Jeff Millord, Julie Miller, Shelly Mills, Wllliom Mirchell, Lee Mohn, Jeni Moore, Jennifer Morgan, Sreye Moro, Denise Mroyo, Eric Muirheod, Porn Munoz, Joe Nelson, Ricls Ngo, Perer Nguyen, Thor Nolon, Milse Obering, Wesr Oconnor, Bob Ogden, Jeff Olsonwuro, Cheryl Olseefe, Jon Olrnsred, Moureen Olsen, Noncy Oneill, Kevin Oyerlie, Chrisry Pogodo, Koren Porel, Sonioy Porricle, Kelly Perez, Nellie Pererson, Coroline Pererson, Jeff Phillips, Melindo Pino, Miguel Pizzorello, Julie Place, Porry Plorr, Gabrielle Porros, Kelly Poulson, Jill Prenriss, Sreye Presch, Kim Proud, Koren Purdy, Jocls Pionnirez, Tom Rone, Tim 212 Underclossrnenbophornores Fit Q. Y , .zgugcgzs . X M i- , fx W la Q -N -. l 1 2 l' R N93 Q . s' if s , .""v .-,Q,,1,.. . ,. , fig, L ,f ,ww ' . fi- , . 31,2221 S if f1112i'iiL- s R - , 'Q' Qjiili 'Q T i 11 , .re . ,... N , S 'KL' ' 1 . ,, 2 -'-- 'S ..g. -142-r me , i in ' , - 122- . 1 - 1 Q . In i . ., , A ..,- gs - r- -. ' R - :cfm,,,,.. is f -mf ,f I. .c ---mf.: a . 5 -.h,' V K ',kLb ' .Qs cial, L l r K f ' R' "": iifiil.:-,se li LfL. ' W A ' Q-2- fy s F s s, f-+1 H i ""f' i ' i . , 1 . . .l if ,I .1 K .."..f.i' 671 f, - 3 fzzxp l Q1 if 1' A - Q, 1 v 1 -V , L. Q. -W- my -' v . . Although rhe regulor olrernorive school pro grom wos disconrinued this yeor, olrernorive PE. conrinued ro be o very populor closs omong Troy srudenrs, Mrs. El-xedol wos rhe only reocher involved Wirh rhe progrom. Alrerno- rive PE. wos orgonized ro provide o wider ronge of PE. ocrivlries. Some siudenrs were on conrrocrs, which meons rhor rhelr individuol progroms rolse ploce off compus. Orher sru- denrs mer on compus ond porricipored in such ocriviries os lsorore, bowling, orchery ond weighrlifring Alrernorive PE. wos o very ref wording experience for rhose people who exf perienced lr, lr offered o chonce for rhe sru' denrs ro ossume more responsibiliry in plonning ond fulfilling their gools, Reode, Roberr Reomes, Srephonie Reddingron, Koren Redfeorn, Lindo Rhodes, Debbie Rholl, Kennerh Richord, Sondy Richords, Deedee Rlchordson, Chuck Riding, Shonnon Riezenmon, Dione Rlmer, Jomes Rirrer, Lynerrre Rirrer, Shoron Rodis, Ronnie Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Roe, Julie Romine, Eric Romo, Rhondo Morrho Mory Suson Rongey, Scorr Rosodo, Roberr Roslselley, Blolse Roslselley, leonnine Ross, Cindy Ross, Debbie Rozell, Mirro Russell, Kris Soilor, Dory Dionno Roberr Sondro Joson Eve Sonchez, Schmidr, Schmidr, Schoen, Scholze, Lefr Checl-Qing our rhe homecoming leing nominees, Rhondo Doughmon lumps in exciremenr Underclossmen fSophomores 218 Scholrz, Neol Scorr, Brlon Scorr, Debbie Seoblom, Clndy Sellers, Ron Shornsi, Kornol Shomsl, YOSVTWIO Shools, Leslle Sifrer, Doug Sloone, Hol Smlrh, Cyrlse Smirh, Erlc Solesbee, Rebecco Soongenberg, Cheryl Sporlsnnon, Allsso Spencer, Morls Srlnlnoson, Deepols Srevens, Trocy Srlel, Melllsso Srlne, Angel Srocledole, loclele Sroclsdole, Jenny Sroercls, Jocls Srredler, Donny Srrelrberger, Pool Srooos, Robln Sruewe, Koren Sochon, Doyld Sogornele, Sreye Surer, Tnsh Swoney, Jeff Swonson, Scorr Sworrz, Yvonne Tonner, George Toylor, Fron Toylor, Llso Toylor, Shellee Ternple, Cheryl Thelss, Bull Thompson, Jennifer Tlce, Lodd Tolon, Sreve Tornplslns, Jon 214 Undercolssrnenhophomores Dollor Buys You More At The v .s ya f 4! ?"' Y x x.,..4e' 4655-.m J A 0 ,, s' I' fi W , rr f' 1 QV ewffliffil Rlghr Ar ASB rneerlng, Mory Hohn debores on whlch woy she wall yore , , A Y f :srl --ll .f I ' I Student Store Fevv srudenrs vvere aware rhar rhis year rhere vvas a successfui business Iocared on Troy's campus. Thar business was rhe Srudenr Srore, open during periods rhree and five The Srue denr Srore provided on rhejob educarion for rhe many srudenrs vvho roois rhis Ciass Mrs Hearon and 'Mrs Henderson supervised rhe class vvhiie rhe srudenrs ran everyrhina eise rhemselves The Srudenr Srore vvas beneficial ro Troy because aii of rheir profirs vvenr inro rhe srudenr body fund . if riifr x. lx L 'fir 4 Nr' ff-f G -1, A W ,. 'C It K , .- si. fm? W ' iiii .Q .. gk K f 2 4 Above ieir Wandering vvhar rhey can buy for a auarrer, Parriaa McGucisin and Mary Jane Obrien vvair parienrly ar rhe Srudenr Srore Tuilocix, Sherri Tyree, Drenr Vaiiey, John Vanderveiden, Drenr Vanschaila Karhy viagers, Susan Waggener, Tamara Wagner, loner Waidon, Drad Waiaron, Debbie Waiixer Drerr Waish Kevin Warringron Dili Wedao, Jim Welch Kim Weiier, Ken Weiis, Chrisiine Weiis, Dei Wenrvvorrh, isarhieen Wesley, Eric Wesr, Dennen Wheeier, Jeff Wiese, Kim Wiibraham, Libby Wiiliams, Cheryi Wiiliams, Cieveiand Wiliiams, Roberra Wiiiman, Derh Wiisey, Janeil Winger, Miixe Winrer Brandy Wana, Aiice Wuesrermann, Caroi Wynne, Jim Zahn, Richard Zieaier, Jim Zriials, Ron Zinn, Dennis nderclassmenbophomores 215 FRESHMAN Aooorr, Thomos Adoms, Morry Allen, Dono Allen, Sondro Almeido, John Anolo, Coleen Andes, Noncy Anzerino, Cindy Ardno, Cecilid Arnold, Kelly Asquirh, Dovid Asquirh, Shonnon Ardris, Poul Arleinson, John Boer, Lynn Bollonrine, Dorrin Borbee, Doryl Borlser, Lori Borl-aley, Krisrin Borrisro, Resi Boum, Chris Bellomy, Shonnon Bercls, Becquie Berg, Teri Bevill , Jeonnine Biggs, Jennifer Bush, Dovld Bloir, Milse Blolsey, Down Bledsoe, Sreve Blowney, Bryon Bogon, Monico Bolond, Jill Bower, Crysrol 216 Underclossmerfreshmen f' i , xx , Q 'Y 'W 4 lf9f'9. , '11, ,. 53 4 Q RQ. Freshmen finolly hed oecome fully recognized when rhey elecred on excellenr group of closs officers ro represenr rhem in Troy l-ligh's Sru- denr Governmenr, Louro Hohn presided os Presidenr, Allison Velozques, Vice Presidenr, Brendo Fowler, Secrerory, ond Monico Bogon ond Andriene Prezlsop on rhe Advisory Council Togerher os o reom, rhey mode rhe Srudenr body cleorly owdre of rhe virdliry, pride ond ocrive porriciporion in rhe Freshmen closs of 197080. sl F A riff' -xv L 4. wtf Q I X ' gf .aff l Lg, . Q jf' , if . , 'MJ' ' Kkfrm Q' , , nlfqf--Q :fs 1' .M , ,fs an MW Q4 L at f , Above Freshmon closs officers Louro Hohn Presidenr, Allison Velozquez Vice President ond Adriene Prezelsop Advisory Council pose for o picrure Righr Jeonie Hemphill "Freolss our" or o foor boil gome Q 4 .N Y if 6 I' 3 in QQ T . W , .......:. L Government In Action 'L fl Brodshow, Mory Drongwyn, Angelo Drennods, Som Dnggs, Wendy Drrghr, Pool Drrney, Doug Drown, Doyrd Drown, Deobre Drownrng, Ann Dordn, SheHy Dyoee, Rrcnord Condler, Jono Conro, Mrcnewe Corison, Armor Corrnrcnoe-I, Robe-rr CorroH, We-ndy Cossody, Sreonen Cozores, Edoordo Qdrke, Jennrfer Clorlse, Srepnen Ciooson, Andreo Oorrer Joe Coors Cheryl Codwporrr Vrcrorro Coiernon, Dowd Cone, Vkoorn Conlon Moro Conndognron Trrn Coolx Ronold Cosrrgdn, Cobreen Crooo, Wendy Crorn, Toby CrowNey, Aron Cnss Teddy Crosby, Krrsrr Crovwey, Km Cornrnrngs, Cry5r0I Cunnrngnom, Morgorer Curry, Mory Donn, Keyrn Dorhron, Rrchord Donnell, Dyron Donglers, Srocey Donuels, Jonme Doyerln, John Doyrs, Jlrn Doyrs, Mlm Dee, Merle Delesse, Morls Denlson, Jennrfer Deurseh, Esrher Dewey, John Dlsrfono, Donny Dobrrcla, Lrso Dorch, Torn Douglas, Mnchele Downlng, Mrlse Doyle, Ellen Dozuer, Klrn Duncon, Joe Dyer, Scorr Dyer, Sherrr Dyrnond, Nlrcl-zey Eods, Errn Eosley, Greg Eoron, Jlm Elsedol, Doymon Elllorr, Jennrfer Else, Chrysrol Englerhon, Jodl Enrlghr, Helde Epperson, Jlll Fobruconr, Jesslco Forley, Lrso Felrx, Candy Feree, Keren 218 Underclossrnenfheshnwen Achievements A... : 'Q W 4 ww W 1 1 af In 'D 'iii f"r H - 10 ' - ' 5-S-X 55? ' YQ. A xh. . IQMLRK 76,1 Above: Trisho Orro ond Morgorer Cunningham con- verse ln rhe 500 holl before class Rlghr Dyron Donnell shows off hls 'll-lighfTops" 2: -vi? ,Z x 72 - if Shown In R.0.P. re 1 .fl r 'Qi Q Q is if ,Q v r gui H'..:,ms if ,M- ge' ' F - 'J rs AQ' .. ' Z ' f , ' G , 1, S V. il The Norrh Orange Counry Regional Occupae rional Program was esraolished io increase rhe opporruniries for occuparional rraining for all high school srudenrs and adulrs in Norrh Orange Counry. During rhe pasr year, rhis program, oerrer lenown as Pi OP., has greaily expand ed. Troy, oeing one of rhe more acrive high schools in rhis disrricr had aoour fifreen percenr of irs srudenr oody arrending one or more of rhe many ROP. classes offered, Each srudenr involved in the program recieved a Cerrificare of Achievemenr upon arraining a performance level required for employmenr, High school grades and credirs were also earned rhrough rhe parriciparion of rhis excellenr program Finely, Gene Fish, Darlene Fisher, Marla Flores, Jannerre Flynn, Bryan Fagarry, Irene Forresr, Joanne Fosrer, Tressa Fowler, Brenda Francisco, Perer Fried, Narhan Frischmurh, Susanne Gallardo, Susan Garcia, Maris Garcia, Sieve Gasrelum, Psaoerr Gow, John Gerhold, John Gerola, Paul Gerzinger, Terri Gillerre, Sieve Gilmore, Brenda Gogerry, Kelly Goheen, Allison Gordon, Parricl-Q Grand, Polly Green, David Green, John Greene, Maureen Greenwood, Scorr Gregory, Sieve Grass, Paul Guinn, Lisa Gunsauls, Nancy Halewgn, Mary Jane Halrermon, Scorr l-lamblin, Andrea Hamilron, Gabriela Hammel, Sean Honby, Michele Hansen, Eric Harlan, .loria Haro, Sieve Harris, Brenda Harris, Shellee Hasrings, Dave Harhaway, Bob Howl-zins, Kraig Hausman, Howard l-lefley, Bryan Hefner, Laurie Henderson, Bernie Hernandez, Michele Hernendez, Tom Hoffmann, Dannerre Hahn, Laura Holmer, Lynerre Holway, Rabin l-lomanr, Judy Horn, Sieve Horsrman, Dona Hoslsins, Tom Houlihan, Milse Householder, Kris Hummirsch, Brady Hunnemeyer, Scorr lvec, Chucls Jung, Priscilla Jennings, Sharon Jensen, Viclsi 220 UnderclassmenfFreshmen Library Keeps Up ,ff 16 fi rr A 1 3 i ,I R' 4 XQ- l .v . ,fi at 1 J , l r ik Q., ww 'S' Tray's library was almosr always crowded dur, ing irs open hours, 7:00 am. ro 4:00 pm. Our library is relarively small, conraining approxi- marely 26,000 volumes. The library is divided info rhree differenr deparrmenrs, rhe regular bools, rhe audiovisual, and rhe rexr bools dee parrmenrs. There also is a baclx room of periodi- cals going bacls ro five years. The library was able ro meer rhe needs of many Troy srudenrs due ro a dedicared sraff and a group of helpful srudenr volunteers. The sraff included Mrs Keirh, librarian, Mrs. Bremer, library clerls, Mrs, Robbins, rexr bools clerls, and Mrs Scheel, releyi- sion technician. The library was helpful ro many srudenrs becuase if was a place where srue denrs were able ro concenrrare in peace and guier, ez, U i ps' 5 1 ' . Q Y , MV Q," , i ,J if T712 T TEH' f is if . X 1 c ' - X .R ni if s, S ,fr c. N fy ' ' ' ba f D N 'Ng - - '1 M 7 1 Mwkwxi , .if l ' xx I I-T 5 e"LTW"'V- f , , sr- - 2 Q4 - ' . ,. i - Q, 'A ,rr W E J .li 8 J icfl y' ' , K ,... , ,MQW it l I f ,1 , A. With The Books z A' -yn . J ,54S-',g"- , ,, 1:5 'JH 1 N J .X .I Q' ,. 1 .fp ' , J sf. 5 is 4 ' ' K. J. y im ,V If I ,,,,,, "' , fn J ,f in As, 4, Q , , N ... , R.. X 3 fl ' J 5' V, X .Q ,W .,V,, -I f '--' A l J J , 3,......---A ,X V X .. W , maavsv sm, V A 3, l ,, M J., ,, . 1 ,Q . , M, W ' D, 'J 1' , 'fd W A 6,4-' x J YT 'In-. Aboye Mundy Klnonne doydreonfws while wollslng rhroogh o crowd of sludenls. Leflz Jessico Fobnconr, Dnclger Doholl, ond Vlclsl Jewell help Ieod Troy's Sw denr Body ln slnglng our Alrno Moref Jewell, Vlclsl Jewerr, Tlrn Jlmenez, L John, Condy Johns, Jennlfer Johnson, Plondy Johnson, Ronnie Jones, Shoryl Jones, Sondro Jones, Debbie Joyce, Don Kelly, Sean Kelsey, Morls Kendnclss, Joon Khochdooonon, Jennlfer Klnnon, Mindy Klrschenbourn, Debble Kleen, Gory Knudrson, Mllse Koeppe, Psoberro Hohlenberger, Anrhony Kohls, MIJSG Krponls, Pony Kwong, Debby Kyoncz, Polly Lofone, Corl Lonclfleld, Kenr Long, Mll-ae Loube, John Loore, Dlnno Lawson, Gory Lerchenberg, Morls Delesrno, Dolores Le, Hom Leyy, Lowrence Llollos, Scorr Underclossnnenfheshmerl 221 Lrrrle, Bob Lo Curro, Joclsie Long, Chris Longwrrh, Rrchord Lopez, Jrrh Lopez, Morlr Loyerree, Anne Luehsenhop, Cossondro Mooos, Dill Mogenherm, Morrlyn Morllrord, Lindo Mornuscro, John Monchesrer, Scorr Monoos, Mondy Morgoirs, Cono Morron, Dowd Morsolo, Morro Morrnndole, Drrrr Morrunez, Mono Morrrnez, Rrro Mosh, Por Moson, Wendy Morhewson, Molry Mororon, Mori-2 Morson, Don Morhews, Tono Moyedo, Pool Moyfield, Lrso McClure, Tommy McCorrnods, John Mccornnocls, Mory Mccone, Morr Mccune, Ross Mcinryre, Por Mclsoy, Morgo Mclsenzre, Connre Mcloy, Mrlse Mdemore, Candy Mercodo, Lucindo Merchonr, Bob Merrdo, Doasy Merryrhon, Dole Mesen, Yobond Muller, Chrlsrion 222 Underclossmen I Freshmen , M X, N ,, '. " W J 3 f W , V, ,, K if , -, - Campus Enforced Q. ,L , - E r "' 'E , " , A e A. "TQ, .: J - ...xr N T '-j ' if as su , is qw :Af '55 .I f 'qi FJ Alrhoagh Troy has offTcraTTy had o closed corh obs for rnany years, Tr was nor srrrcrly enforced This year, ro rhe srodenr body's drsrnoy, bosses were reaorred ro Teaye cornoas before C3 OO Senrors had rhe orryrlege of offcarnoos ranch posses whale rhe remarnder of rhe sradenr body sroyed ar schooi, The srncr enforcerhenr of rhe dosed cannons reoalorron was rnarnTy due ro vorroas cornolornrs of yondalrsrn from homeowners who Trye adyacenr ro rhe schooT L- wwf 4 W. E7 'YW' 1.4 -1-.f MrHer, Karyn Moon, Daphne Moorehead, Jrrh Morgan, Lore Morgan, Bob Morse, Kelly Morron, Rrcls MUN, Tracy Molkaney, MT Munoz, Ben NOISOTTTO, Lrndo Malsonrshr, Tracy Navarro, Bearrrz Nay Marsha! Neshernw, Krrh Newberry, Chrrs Nguyen, Huy Nguyen, M1nh Nrx, Mrche4e Njos, Krrs Noaachr, Fronls NoTon, Trrcra NoTder, Lowe!! Nossarnan Rebecca Nowak, Agnes Nowak, Andrew OBIenness Tracey Oborny, Loore Ochororeno, Danre Olefer, Andrran OTsen, Barr Ornorr, Maya Osborne, Par UndercTassn'wenfFreshmen 223 Osrensen, Andreo Orre, Drerr Orro, Porry Owen, Mundy Owen, Scorr Pocond, Mrlse Poge, Rondy Poge, Srepnonre Porlsrn, Sreye Porrido, Fronl-Q Poshlsoyslsy, Erlo Perersen, Yverre Prlsoorr, Jeff Pooolik, Anne Pope, Kornryn Porrs, Heidr Posr, Tom: Prezekop, Andrrene Qurnrono, Arlen Royuso, Denrse Rolsron, Angelo Rornos, Sonnonrno Royrnon, Scorr Reed Jeff Reed, Russel! Reei, Becky Reese, Scorr Rerrer, Sreye Rennsen, Greg Reyes, Cheryl Reyes, Som Reyes, Srepnen Rnernqons, Krrsrr Rrrcner, Jono Rurcnre, Srepnen Roocn, Rrcls Roorogosso, iodine Roberge, Louro Roberrs, Loorre Roberrson, Cnrrs Roberrson, Seon Rodgers, Rude Rodrrguez, Fronk Roncoydd, Lurs Rosenoorsr, Sreve Rose, Tom 224 Underdossmenkreshmen Foreign Exchange Students IE nl XQ rw ,..,. W.-f , , Jyykgs 'M' 3 . 1' , 1.1, A. ,,.,,,,,, ff ,, 2' f ,r s , .3 I, , , f , ., J? . - ss X K ' 2 'ffl-, 511- ' nj ' 'M xlfwt' .U W- on u 11'- , my-+' I- f one Q, X . ' , wh' , , 4' fx Lefr Olle Holreoerg ond Ceollo Gusrofon cosool ly rolls oo-our rrwerr lrves or Troy Top Porry Krpen srores or on oonoxroos drsrrocrron From Sweden Troy Hugh School recelved rwo new foreugn exclwonge srudenrs rnns yeor, Olle Wulreoerg ond Ceollo Gosrofson, born fronn Sweden, en Joyed Troy our rney rnoognr rnor school IS much more dlfflculr IO Sweden Nelrner srodenr nod rnony problems speolslng only IO Engllslw, becouse rlwey nove nod Engllsn slnce me oge of ren CeoIlo's ond Olles forelgn excnonge progroms regolred rlwem ro poy only rhelr rronsporronon ro rlwe Unlred Srores Tnelr nosr fornllles poud for oll rlwelr orlwer expenses , , 1, Q . Q Y C.. .D Nea XX. Q 55" kk . I ff' .1 A 'N Lia 4:45 ww , . qw. ' -rs 9 ,, V A ,vs 3 15. if ' 44 , 1 ' f-mf ww 1 ' V 311- , fr . '04-,L 5,-" m K3 ""'1 nf- 1 A Rowe, Krlsry Rodge, Klm pNUlZ, Pool Rorz Andreo llyon Greg Sooo, SVv9Ily Sorrwr Sonloy Solos Muse Sooerv Crwrls Schoessler, Jrrn Sdwler John Scnwoo, Gory Scorr Kornerlne Scorr Llso Scrlbonre, Sreve Selgrer Horon Srwoplro Koren Snorpe, Alexlo Snoernolser, Loss Srdes, Andy Srlvo YOIOOOO Singer Scorr Srsson, Jennrfer Slonc, Drron Sroven Dolores Srnlrn Gory Sfflrlfv KAVYW Sommer, Crsorles Sousoores Phll Spouldlng hm Sporrow Kelly Spencer Gero Srevens llooerf Sroooord Dronn Srover Cnns Sroll Tlno Sropln Morry Soscnenv Cnrls Ur roeroossrrlef r F 'our rf r re' 225 Surer, Damon Swetland, Tammy Taylor, Debbie Taylor, Nancy Terifai, Debbie Thorne, Blaine Thornton, Lorraine Tice, Mike Toney, Dill Torres, lack Touchberry, John Townsend, Jim Tran, Par Trevena, Dorro Tulloss, Laura Turley, Chris Tyree, Bart Vanallen, Paul Van Horn, Marcy Vasquez, Ron Velazauez, Allison Ventura, Cathy Vigil, Michael Vihlen, Jackie Vincent, Michelle Vogel, Bob Vos, Randy Wagner, Heidi Wagner, Karen Waldron, Dutch 226 Underclassmenfheshmen Smokers Kick 93:-rf J. , A - k ri Ei V s is If-,K s ,sift hiislr T .3 Y This year ar Troy, a stop smoking program was creared and was headed by Mr. Morris on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, The sru- denrs in rhe program watched films, discussed health issues, and were raughr ways ro srop smoking, On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mr. More ris was out on the "Smokers Field" to get to know the studenrs and to make sure that they knew he was available. As a result of the program, twelve people stopped smoking. Great Results! f""'l"'fr '72 x f l,., 'x .Z fl' xgm xg, ' 221- ' g 5' Ta ,KW 'rw gi T , 1 Z K tl. A Tj K 'F QMQQ ,,..-109 5- 'R' -i f ,, ,V I W , A ix , T s ii T...--I --an Above- Joan lsendricks casually finishes her lunch during 4th period Right: Lila Wilbraham, our mascot, gets rowdy at a rather exciting football game The Butts s.. 3.345 f F ., i. ur- 4-- N., ' in ,, wi' Welker Chris Walker, John Welker, Trocle Welker, Woyde C - 4+ Y Ag lf'-'VIN . 'lv ' V n 1 1 52 K' G A Q r gp-...a-mei' '-s A24 ,P WQHOCQ, Rwchord Wolioce, Von Wollods, KorhNeen Wolsron, Wode We-be-r, Jeff Wernl-2, Robbwe Weir, Renee Webry, Mor5hoH Wench, Rhondo Wenzel, Mgrr Whelchel, Jusrmne Whwroiser, Mornm Wiggins, Sharon Wuilse, Donna Wdhorns, Brron Wiiiiorns, DeAnne Wlihgms, Meionae Wflhornson, Keren Wdson, Ann Wwlson, Jomes Wwnberg, Kevnn Woed, Merle Wnghr, Trocy Wrrghrson, Ross Wyne, Aaron Yores, Dewoyne Young, Andy Zohnzlnger, Jenny Zoug, Srocy Zeirier, Krrn Zenrner, Mgrls Zrgon, Lnso UnOerdossn'wenfFreshfnen 227 8 K ,WH M if wiv. , M , 1 I K 1. Q sk Q fx ,.. I 1 Om 0 worm Ocrober mormmg, Mr Doe-sr rewrms from we offlce ro srorr me doy 2 Peermmg our hms door, Mr Arlsm scorws the compus for rroubie 3 During firsr penod, Mrs Sworrz dnlls her closs on 0 spomsh dwoNog 2W H 0? Ni., ffm NN Wh' f 2 --Q fa. 5 s Q c 9 1 ' 'E 1- E x Wx.. -P? fx lv QF 3 Lf --w on . . g ,:... I I : VK . ff QW" Eg . , 5 ki , W - 1,5 5.. 3 QQ N 4 f X Arlsin, Jerry yiceyorrncipol Looney, HL. prinCrpoJ Morrison Don yrcefprlncipol Proberrson, Mmlr vice-principal 1, Ar rne Lorwn club bolse sole, Mr Arlsin ond Mrs Snnirn poy for rneir goodies while Jennifer OJmsreod eyes rne Drownres 2. When oslsed obour has new job or Sunny Hrlls, Mr. Dove Tesr grves 0 big smule. 8, Tne Doord of Trusrees, seared, Mrs Borboro Sulliyon, Mrs, Jeon Begoyicn srondsng, J, Fronkhn Suliivon, Rrcnord Gross, G E Triplerr 4, Disrrrcr Adminisrrorors, seored, Wolrer Ziegler. sronding, Roberr Frencn, MW Grinvshow, John Mocnisic. 230 Acoden'wrcsfAdmrnisrrorion 1. Hugging Mr. Atlsin, Denise Dennison smiles for the comero. 2. Stonding on the footboll field, Mr. Robertson tells Mr. Morrison the score, From Counseling To Administration This post yeor Mr. Jerry Atlsin become vice prinicpol, replocing Mr, Dove Test, who moved to Sunny Hills. Mr, Atlsin hos been or Troy for thirteen yeors, nine of which were spent os heod counselor, In his new position, mony odditionol responsibilities surfoced, including sports, clubs, donces, ond the ASD, He wos olso in chorge of oll doto processing ond building o moster schedule. A couple of Mt. Atlsins's gools this yeor were increosing school spirit ond solving Troy's porlsing problem. When oslsed if students hod chonged their ottitudes roword him since he hos been vice principol, Mr. Atlsin sold "yes" He soid thot mony students think of him os o person of ourhority now, ond therefore oren't os condid os they once were. "Above all," soid Mr. Atlsin, "students still need o school they con be proud of ond odults they con lools up to." l Acodemics!Administrotion 231 Gooor, Solly coHeQe counselor heod counselor ' Ne!son, Donno Counselor snss 2. 'Q Purnorn Pomds counselor J" 3 'Q if 'i QFW ' 7 'wwf' 1 Tokung mme from has busy sclneduie, Mr Looney roHss ro Mrs I-leoron 2 In O dwscossuon obour on ASB ocnvury, Mr Purnorn Iwsrens ro Lwso Fronsen's udeos 8 In berween swdenrs, Mrs Nelson doydreorns A Mrs Gobor owes odvlce ro o srudenr seeking our 0 coNege W 232 Acodem+cs!Counselors 6 S g., E , N.s5. 'ff' .lggyn ,W SX 2 xr . x , ,,,. . I, l s 'Q-u.1f'- ,?1',f,.i. x ?f was-.... ,Im . is 3 K V gk 1 'sM's ' " b s esss - f .f 35 I ".' 9 ' f x Xe n ' .N .W . ' . -' X 4, he af if K w W IV' . " 1 "Dr, Gabor" Heod Counselor As a result of Mr. Atlsin's promotion ta vice principal, Mrs. Sally Gabor was appointed head counselor. In her new position, Mrs. Gabar was in charge af the tatol guidance program and remained in her past as college counselor as well. She warlsed closely with bath students and teachers concerning correct placement of students. She also mode sure all records and data processing were correct. Earlier in her studies, Mrs. Gabor attained her BA. from Whitter College and her MA. from Claremont Graduate School. Recently she received her Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate School, after five years at hard warls. Mrs. Gabor said that in the past few years, students have been more concerned with future career plans and making correct decisions. She also said students were more serious about their school warls. When aslsed about the quality af education here at Tray, Mrs. Gabor replied that education was, and would continue to be very strong. ln the future, Mrs. Gabor would eventually lilse ta see the guidance pra- gram expanded. Academics X Counselors 233 - " ,wail W 2 k 5., . wi J- , KNQSAQQ-d A A f S f 4 , 3 gg Q K Q K is A L ,M iyfrfns Se Q .- . ,455 lk gigijgw , 'A a"' l ii"iw?' ... Q48 3 gg 1 f iilskfy 1 W Q, K: ig 15 I . ,, W4 053, 1,-nb at D811 fx 5 Q55 wwf v gy? I 5 .' -K Qi' ,a Working Hord To Get The Job Done There were five supervisors here or Troy rhis yeor. The heod of rhe corhpus supervisors vvos Judifh Hoog. She reolly lilses her loo ond enjoys vvorl-sing vvifh rhe sfudenrs. She hos o good relorlonshlp vvifh rhe sfudenrs. "They ore reolly o bunch of vvorrn ond friendly kids," soys Judy. Ulrs o reolly good feeling helping rhe lsids, our rhe only ood fhing is rhor some of rhe lsidsjusr don'i vvonr ro cooper' ore vvirh us, Mosf of fhenn ore very cooperorive ond help rne ro do my loo," expresses Judy. Judy wishes fo rennoin vvorlsing here or Troy os long os fhe odrninisfrorors would hove her. "The odrninlsfrorors ore very foir people ond I lilre worlsing vvifh rhernfl soys Judy. Judy Hoog's fufure here or Troy is very posirive. l Mrs Hines enloys ryping ro rhe rodio 2 Personnel hord or vvorls 3 Mrs McCon1lsh vvriring up o schedule chonge Hoog, Judirh Cornpus Supervisor Hunr, Gerry Compus Supervisor SWlQOVl, Roberr Cornpus Supervisor Arff, Corol Office Personnel Bogon, Anno Office Personnel Drogon, Corolyn Office Personnel DePosse, Joyce Office Personnel Horrod, Genevo Office Personnel l-lines, Chorlorre Office Personnel Howell, Mobel Office Personnel McCorhish, Helen Office Personnel Mieger, Borboro Office Personnel Srnirh, Jo Office Personel Nor Plcrured Speolrrnon, Morgorer Office Personnel Acodernlcs!Cornpus Supervisors 285 Wirh rwo reochers odded, Mrs. Blomer ond Mrs. Boiley ro reoch Biology, ond wirh Mr. Douglos reriring, rhe Science Deoorrmenr hod o few chonges this posr yeor, They olso added rwo new courses Honors Biology, ond Eorrh Science, informolly Isnown os Geology. Honors Biology is o higher level of Biology. Eorrh Science covered Asrronomy, Oceonogrophy, Mereorology ond of course Geology. Anorher new Science sroff member who come on rhis yeor wos Mr. Wholl. He helped in ci closs of Humon Biology, ond o closs of Eorrh Science. Mr. Koch, heod of rhe Science Deoorrmenr, referred ro rhe srudenrs' orrirude os being, "more conseryorive rhon in posr yeors, our rhey ore nor os enrhusiosric in Biology," --qv.. 6f,,fi,! , fy .I .far , , 3 H vi ,g.,fsu -,,. 1 .4171 a ,i 'N4 , 1 Doing Q Chemigrry IESI, AIIISOO PISIEI Seems IO be losr 2 Woiring porienrly, o group of Chemisrry srudenrs con'r undersrond whor's wrong wirh rheir chemicol mixrure B ln Biology, Mr Jundonion enrerroins his fons 236 Academics! Science .1-"Wi N, ,,... ,.,, wah, R u' iw' s is-fr , ,... My - r sgggisgv ,, t n 4. wr .rf 1 ,Y ,W msg, X A New Teachers New Classes New Attttudes Blamer, Clartce Saence Jundantan, Dantel Saence Koch, Ernest Sctence Robb, Glenn Sctence Wrtgnt, Larry Agrtcultare Hollowell, Atleen Sctence Aloe A Q 4 The trtals of teacntng Cnetntstty seem to be too much for Mr Robb 5 ln Cnerntstry Shen Anderson and Karen Loomts clean up after a strenuous lab aslgnrnent Foreign Longuoge Deportment "Unique" Genrilin, Por Foreign Longuoge Hornilron, Jerry Foreign Longooge ,Av gg I Hoehn, Corherlne Foreign Longdoge '-O 'v TALK- ,, .5 Ol.g5X ' ' As. Q 1 A, V ' Kline, Anne Foreign Longooge Svvorrz, Julie Foreign Longuoge Foreign Longuoge Closses vvere exrrennely lorge rhis posr yeor. Mony srudenrs vverejusr srorfing rheir firsr yeor of o foreign longuoge, orher srudenrs were conrinoing rheir srudies. The differenr Ionguoge levels were, French one fhrough five, Sponish one rhrough five, Gerrnon one rhroogh four, ond Lofin one rhroogh rhree. The Foreign Longooge deporfrnenr hod rnony differenr woys of reoching rhis yeor. One of rhe rnosr enjoyed by rhe srudenrs were rhe foreign film rrips. Those frips helped rhe srudenfs vvirh rheir pronunciofion ond comprehension Exrro curricolor ocriviries lil-re fhose helped rhe srudenf leorn o counrrie's longuoge ond culrure. Audio visuol oides were olso used rhls yeor, such os filnnsrrips, nnogozines, shorr films, posrers, reel ro reel ropes, ond colrurol filrnsrrips. The deporrnnenr olso received o new oudio linguol pools series, vvhich proved very helpful ro reochers ond srodenrs olilse. Mlle. Hoehn feels STUUGOTS who fools o foreign longooge were self morlvored in rhe rnosr porf rhis yeor. "The Foreign Longuoge deporfnnenr is unique. Under rhe unwbrello of our deporfmenf, vve reoch mony differenr longooges, lr is our gool TO feoch nor only rhese vorious longuoges, our olso ro promore our srudenrs undersronding ond oppreclorion of orher people ond ofher colfures rhrough rhe experience of leornlng onorher longoogef' sold Mlle. I-loehn 1 Mr l-lornilron loolss up in surprise or rhe cornero while he grodes popers for his foreign longuoge closses Q Mrs Svvorrz exploins o poper ro her Sponlsh srudenrs during closs 3 Mlle l-loehn lisrens ro o srudenf giving on onsvver in French ll 4 Mrs Genrilin rollss ro o srudenr druing closs 5 Mr lloesner ond Mrs l-leoron chor in rhe hollvvoy before going ro reoch closs 238 Acoden'iicsfForeign Longooge iw. ,fe 4. an .K Aghdilii 'F 'x ii N 1 if fir? 2 : Wm., , R J V -.Q v. ,,, 'Ga 1 '-r""s. s. A 4. 1 ,fiifl fish: :hifi ' x 1 4 y ' Y' :ff .Sz F2452 T Elly Zz: i 3 Q 3 3 '? kg I -. 41: - 1 Rig 5 E 'Nugm 1. JP- , I X -., 45: ws .Qhi I ll x X F 4 Q. .saw y if as- is Wx, 4 arts W ...-f E Expressing Gneself The Baslc Slsllls Program was a new addrruon ra rhe Engllsh Deparrmenr rhus year, Irs emphasls was on language slsulls and wrlrlng slsllls Our Englush Deparrmenr was very well balanced and had a wlde varlery of baclsgrounds rhls year Mr Freurag, head of rhe Engllsh Deparrmenry expressed rhar a srudenr can flnd reachers and courses rhar cover a wlde range of lnreresrs and abulurles The Englush Deparrmenr here ar Troy was bullr around people, rarher rhan around sublecrs A major emphasus of rhe deparrmenr besldes language, lS wrurlng Mr Frelrag srressed rhar "All of our courses encourage wrlrren expressuon, so rhar when a srudenr graduares, he wlll have experlence ln rhe fleld of camposnrlan " The reachlng was flexuble I0 rhe sublecr marrer which helped ro move from one abullry level ro anorher, whlch was good for rhe srudenr ro have learned ar hrs, or her own level l Mr Sawaya hams ll up once agaln 2 Mary Hohn volces an oprnlan 3 Dennls Sreelebrlefly laolrs up ar rhe camera whlle crammlng for a resr Barrnlcls, Barbara Engllsh Brenner, O D Engllsh DeFIan, Vlrglnla Englush Frelrag, Marvrn Englnsh Grlmanr, Sue Ellan Engllsh Janson, James Englrsh McCauley, Sharon Englrsh Mlllls, Allce Engllsh Sawaya, Fares English Sedor, Myra Engllsh Therberr, Nancy Englrsh Tlllman, James Engllsh AcademlcsfEnglnsh 241 i kk'f, i ,.,, A ' SSX: - 1 ..,- '5 i s 3' I ,ff 1'- 'T i U s V 8 K, 2112 AQUGQWCSXSQQON Smemce ,,, . Q xxxi. V .11 , . al ,Q , Y 2 if K- f x X X , N x 03' 'Q 2' F fe K . 5 3? J ? ig . 3 'f .. Y Q I Econ. And Gov. Closses Receive New Books !rxQ Soon! Suonnc dopurrrnormr Qxporronufd 0 dcclune rn QnrO!! rwenr rnw, png! your Tno !rQ1,!wrrmr! Uma wma me srno!!Csr rr nod bc,-on rn your-, World Cwrorcr-', und Psydxoluqy were me rnnjor c,-!cgr,rrfQs offered by me doporrrnonr The Govornrnonr ond Eco rur' rrj, f,!fJ's5C', FCC Qrfcfrj new wfrbowiss for me Hrs! mme sanyo Troy mpc,-r od True prg-!urrw!r!mry roar r0',o!rr, of Soqm! Suenze Cornperen 1,05 yrwnwod mor Troy arorjonr-, duo very wo!! Advonncd Plone rrrcrrr US I!r,rory ',r!,dorrr1, gffrrrrrmefd rw do wo!! on me AP US Hrgrory roar Mr Dormer und Mr Wczrumn rook over PsyC!wo!OQy rslosscfu for Mr Dobrowo who Iofr Troy ro mod! rn Oregon ! Dr ! yur, 1-1 Jffyr, Mfr rn! rr M mon!! 2 Mr Wwnw ig-nd-, me cllsnouxron rn Mrs ISS duss 'J Mr frrnvrrwr rw f,rrr,..w, rw, '.rr,rls-4 ,ru Mr!! rmj!1r,!ufy!uIs05 11 Mr Urerncr ond Mr Vrrrw ur '11 ',rr 'NM L-rywy rm- p'1'.'.!r!rJ nfvrrvry Beover, Gene Soooi Scrence Foorneu J Socro! Scrence Coerper, Dowd Socro! Sconce uoocn, Doo Soc-or Sconce Lyon Jess 5000! Soence MQy!Qs Fronk Sooor Scrence Moqora Don Sooo! Sconce V 'crnunrr Gena Soc-Q Scrcrsce 'Wr1!5f1rW Nurrmy! SUOO! S001 QQ wer! rw D1-rr rfprd ! S1 11, r. Sou fo Acodenmrcsbocuol Soc-nu. 243 Beoochomo, Chuck Cosiiloh, Jody Clevehger, Johis Ekedol, Miliie Hosrih, Croig Hooyer, MOVVIO Morris, Wllilom Orom, Phil Voliohce, George Wooroh, Roh x X Educorion I ive 2 X - 3 ...MRS Q 'We' sw, "'Qqp-,K ...,, .,: I 3 - s ,M Hog Q ' 1 Mike Trohsly shows his srrehgrh ond ehdurohce oh the pullfup bor 2, Oh rhe rocquerboll courr, Tracy Lee goes for o kill shor 8 Afrer oh ossembiyn Cooch Wooroh Ieoves rhe gym. A Dole Soggeir soors Mike Trohsky while he bench presses. 5. During her olrerhorive bowling closs, Mrs Ekedol ohswers ohe oh her srudehrs quesriohs while Corrie Treyeho cheers oh her porrher o. In his olrerhoriye bowling Closs, Dove Conroy cohcerwrrores on his hexr roll. P.E. Or Not P.E.? -L xc. ' R ki wfgsw vs -Q., T Physicol Educorion rhis posr yeor grew ro o rorol of loOO srbdenrs, A new formor for closs selecrion in second period wos insrrornenrol in building enroll- rnenr Srudenrs in second period PE. were oble ro selecr one closs rhor rhey could porricipore in oll senfiesrer. Becoose of rhis, second period wos rhe lorgesr PE. closs of rhe doy. The weighr progrorn wos o very highly porricipor- ed PE. progronn Ar rhe beginning of rhe yeor, rhe new egoipmenr in rhe weighr roorn wos olreody in need of repoir ond replocemenr, hoving been rhere only since losr yeor The weighr room eguipe n'ienr is used rnore rhon ony orher PE. fociliry. Dove Torberrioined rhe sroff in order ro rolse core of rhe overflow of weighr rroining srudenrs. A new gool of rhe PE deporrrnenr wos ro pur use rhe cornperencies sysrern Cooch Phil Oronn, heod of rhe PE deporrmenr hopes ro hove rhe sysrem in full effecr nexr yeor. This will give srudenrs o cornplere ser of gools ond objecrives or rhe begin ning of rheir courses, Creativity Strikes Again Doest, Henning Hallberg, Dale The Art and Ceremics department offered a variety of different programs. They included Art 1, Drawing and Painting, Commercial Art, Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, and Special studies in Art. Students seriously interested in Art as a career had a chance to talse Special Studies in Art, an advanced Art course where students were assigned projects on a contract oasis at their own individual pace. The prqects were graded on the progress made at a predetermined amount of time, Students enrolled in other Art classes in addition to Special Studies, could choose between the classroom assignments or pursue prqects of their own individual interests. The Ceramics classes, oath beginning and advanced had their prqects graded on the hours needed to complete them. The Advanced Ceramics students needed a minimum of OO hours worth of projects a semester. The success of the department, reflected by student participation, is hoped to continued by both students and teachers, 246 Academics! Art 'I Uslng lnrense concerworlom, Yves Mozelslo palms o flower 2 Mr Doesr glves Therese Wolfe some helpful mms for her Ceromlcs closs J Kelly Lone palms her oqecl 4 Durlmg 5rh perlod Ceromlcs, Sofwol Porel slwopes o por 5 Wendy Krosco uses her floger ro molse on umpresslom ln rhe cloy I' 31.1 if if-Q' Y sd V,,i 'f ,' 'W - as 4,,,,..-ef' ' l,:6'1' 'Q 3 , is wr 84 . N W W if .-Ne: " - vi -'if f . QL' f .f-,J-QF Acodemncskerormcs 247 Wdlwoms, Goya- lmdusmol Arrs Luk Kiip 1652- ,1,,.,, LW in-.. S 1 'Q 48 Acodemucsflmdusrruol Arrs Hman AM Variable Units Earned 1. Rodney Low overhauls an engine in rhe indusrrial arrs garage 2 Craig Warrs changes rhe sparls plugs 3 Mr Williams is showing Ken Polls how ro cur an rhe rabie saw 4 Dill Bacon is curring wood on a ban saw 5 Maris Kohis, Kevin O'NeiIi, and Maris Lopez are inspecring rhe rear end of the car a. Bob Orro and Roger Jackson are vvarching John Bangel pulling off sparks, Troy High srudenrs are forrunare ro have one of rhe besr Indusrrial Arrs programs in our school disrricr. Along vvirh having many of irs programs geared ro individualized iearning and variable unirs, Troy has been a forerunner in offering innovarive programs ro suir the needs of srudenrs, The Eiecrronics program has been updared rhe lasr rvvo years ro included digirai eiecrronics. The phiiosophy of rhe deparrmenr has been, NA unit given for a unir earned." Acodemicsflndusrriai Arrs 249 Moore Tom fcrfsskgggffjl K L. The Realm Of Creativity Drama was one of the most creative classes on campus this year. lt tools its students, gave them a new identity and let them explore the realms of creativity. This past year Drama classes have investigated and recreat- ed four major plays. The first major production was "The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail". This play was presented by Drama Ensemble, the ad- vanced drama class. Acting Workshop was also responsible for a musical production called "l3roadway". This play dealt with chorus girls, gang' sters, and bootleggers. Productions were also presented by Drama Club and the use of people from all classes. "Drama is a Dig Part of Troy," says Mr. Moore, "and by the performances of all the actors and actress' this should be self evident." 1. Camille Schicls plays the violin. 2. Students practice playing the trumpet in the music room. 3. Drama students practice miming during their drama class. 4. Studenrs read a play in class. 5. Mrs. Parish studies a piece of music. 6, Audrey Holmes helps a student with a play reading in Drama, 7. Jenniffer Briggs practices rhe violin in the music room. 250 Academi-:.sfDrama And Music W -, -1.- 9 ff in 4 244, 'Q 7 1, .ei Q f """2!9!' S , T:,.:zF, V . ...--1 ' X ' Acodemnc5!Dromo And Musnc 251 f i l l l 252 Acade-micsfDriver Ed And Health ' Drivers . TW Hit The Road The Drivers Education Department obtained two new teachers this year, Mr. Hastin and Mr. Torbert. These teachers, along with Mr. Beauchamp and Mr. Fuscardo, handled the Drivers Education Program. The classes were taught with films, bool-as, and drivers manuals. Mr. Fuscardo pointed out that, "The learning of safe driving is important, and if a good job isn't done, there would be a higher chance of those students taking driving too Iighrly." On the road training was no longer at Troy. The instructors believed that classroom instruction was much more effective when supplemented by on the road training. This gave students more learning experience before receiving their license. All in all Drivers Ed. had another successful year. During his Driver's Education class, coach Fuscardo talks about centrifugal force. 2. Mr. Torbert watches over his class while they take a test. 3. During 4th period Dri- ver's Ed., students are quizzed on basic driving laws. 4. Kevin Oneil and Mark Kohls learn the functions and parts of the exhaust system. 5. Coach Morris lectures students on the digestive system. 3 v Xk.'f 5 Fuscordo, Nick Driver Ed. f 5 8 :MK if' Onsrod, Judirh Heolrh V ff" K an o Fi ' Q 1 it 1 ,i ,rrf X ,k g- i if Torberr, Dove Driver Ed, as 'F i 1 'iv H Y, s. ' A4 '3 'W A W ' .,,h', I L if rrfrr .i f 1 Driver Ed. And HeoIrh!Acodemic5 253 Hoyr, Suson Morh Lossweli, Ed Mom Lee, Nilome Morh Sends, Annerro Morh Sipple, Ron Morh Woire, Sharon Morh , fifxmgi f A X1 -21 W 1 k W 1 In berween classes Mr Gorlond and Mr. Serhmon discuss rhe dlsodvonroges of belng o reocher 2 Mrs. Sands srruggles ro exploln rhe boslc cormceprs of Tngonomerry ro Will Suchen Rf 2 Competency Goal Reached This post year the Math Department set many goals, such as: to help students prepare for the Competency test needed for graduation and to keep the hallways clear of students during classes. Both goals were reached. A real effort was made by the students and teachers to Iseep the halls clear. According to Mr. Fenters, head of the Math Department, "The halls are much quieter. This is a teal help to the teachers." Although the school enrollment dropped, the Math Department ramained as strong as ever, having the largest enrollment of all the major academic from the teachers this year. They seem to be more contented. I feel this is due partly to a general rise in commitment to school from the students." The classes offered by the Math Departments' staff this past year gave the students the some wide range of choice as in yeors previous. Students could select from classes beginning with General Math, all the way to Moth Analysis. ew S. Math whizzes compete to be the first to complete a challenging Algebra problem. 4. Trying to pass the time, Louis Parrida has fun with his notebook paper, 5. "l will definitely not stamp your homework," says Mrs. Lee. Academics!Math 255 Arcnnplcy, Tom O H Arnddussen, Robe-rr O H De-or, MUSE O H Bobo, Genevmeve O H Conwpberk Mndsey O H Capps, Monlyn O H Hove-n, Cynrhso O H Kessler, Sondu O H Lenhorr, Mm M H XO H Levine, Howard O H Lrocono, loAnne O H Moss, Dionne O H XM H Norms, Morne O H Ronlsnn, Penny O H Swgerfnon, Lynn O H Wmson Joon Reading 250 Acodermc.sfO H Wheels Of Fortune Q W Lkrkkk S .s.x. mi, ,n, ,uxxhsysa 0"0 .1- Thrs posr yeor Troy Hugh School hod ohe of rhe oesr fOCflIf1GS1O Orohge Coohry for rhe Orrhoprdncoly ood Mehrofly Hohdrcopped Srodehrs Deolr wrrh were Cereorol Polsy, Moscofor Drgrrophy ood srodehrs who were HOOUWCOOQGU doe ro ocodehrs They hod rhohy osychofogfsrs odd voiohreers rhdodrhg SFLJGQFWVS ohd oord olds rhor were rhvolved wrrh rhe srodehrs rehoomrorroh The dosses were srhoff NO srze, ohd were eoofpoed wrrh speoof eoorprhehr Accordrhq ro groops, oorlrry, rhe srodehrs were duvrded rhro drfferehr groups! hor ocodefhrcofly were rreored rhe some Thrg progrorh wos offered ro HOOGNCOQQGC modems ohrrl rhey reoched rhe oge of rwehry ohe, N0 order ro heip rhe srodehrs prepore rherhsefves before rhey feove Troy 1 Corof Coon QFUOYS rhe osserrrbfy 2 Dohhy Srmrh spehds rrrhe ryprrrg hrs Worls 8 Dyworre Yores ood Srefe Aidrrdqe gogsrp rf? rhe qood A Dywohe Yores orrd Jeff Pehdroy worr for school ro begrh 5 Jorrce flepfoqfe VTIUOQVWES oor oo her forfqh oreolr EK' D ' ACOd9fTWfCSfO H Q57 A Quiet Ploce To Get Awoy Durfee, Merrill Business Heoron, Eloise Business Lee, Guenovere Business Keirh, Jennie Librorion Robbins, Sue Librory Scheel, Dovid Audio X Visuol The building wirh rhe boolss is rhe Troy Librory, 0 ploce where you could go ro ger owoy. This oosr yeor hod been no exceorioni The liorory ond irs sroff hove gone our of their woy ro help srudenrs, Mrs. lseirh wos rhe only liororion or Troy rhis yeor She boughr rhe ooolss ond mode sure everyrhing wos running smoorhly. New filnnsrrios for rhe History ond English deporrrnenrs were olso ovoiloble rhis yeor for onyone's use. An ospecr rnony srudenrs were nor owore of wos rhor rhe librory received 1813 differenr mogozines for use in research There were mony uses for rhe librory: rnony used ir os ci srudy holl, o ploce ro reod, or ro do reseorch during closs rirrie while under o reocher's direcrion. All in oll rhe Iibrory ond irs sroff helped rhe srudenrs of Troy escope rhe weorher, rhe rern'ioil, ond or rhe some rime give rhem o quier ploce ro srudy ond reod. 1 In Srudenr Srore, Mrs Heoron exomines some new merchandise Q While roi-:ing o breols in rhe Librory, srudenis enjoy o rousing discussion 256 Acodemics!Business And Librory -w Xinhua- pw-W-1.w.-M 1 . nswff- wif" N "N F - SNK.-:s.w N l'Teach the lsids a nftarlsetable slsillf' You might have heard frorn Mrs. Lee, Mrs, Heaton, Mr. Durfee, or Mrs, Anderson, teachers of the Business Department. And the department did do a fineiob of reaching the student's a rnarlsetable slsill. Eleven different classes were taught by three of the teach- ers with a full schuedule, and Mrs. Anderson assisted Mrs. Heaton'in the two Student Sfore classes. The only new things to speals of in the department are some new electronic calculators and some new electronic typewriters ordered by Mrs, Heaton, head of the Business Department. The newest classes, Clerical Services, and Stu- dent Store, grew from 78379, Student Store becoming one of the most popular classes in the department. When aslsed about the attitude of students in the depart- ment, Mrs, Heaton felt that the students were split, 50 percent poor and 50 percent good, the best attitude com' ing out of Mrs. Lee's Shorthand class, and her Office Prac- tice, Business Machines, and Model Office classes. 2 ZW -A 1 During 0 busy 5th period, Cleveland Williams strug- 1 gles with the cash register. -5 f 2 In the library, Lila Wilbraham works diligently as A "im Laurie Chan poses for the photographer A 3 A typical busy afternoon in Student Store si - . S '...,4 L S Academics!Business And Library 259 New Arrival ln Career Center The career center was elated with the new arrival of their job search computer last spring. All one had to do was to type into the computer aiob he or she was interested in, and a computer could recopy it on a sheet of paper. The purpose of the computer was to enable students to learn more about a job auiclsly and accurately, so that they would have more time to research other possible interests. Worls Experience this past year was full, as usual, In fact, many students had to be turned away, The director, Nls. Slemons, could only admit a certain amount of students because of a state law. The law said that only a minimum of students could be enrolled under one teacher. This was because Ms. Slemons had to visit the employer of each student once every quarter. lt would be impossible for her to visit any more employers than the number she was limited to. However, there was a waiting list, so it a student graduated or dropped out of the class, another could enroll. 'Qi 2 ' Hunt, Joan career cenrer Milazzo, Norma career technician l - 'Q - 'fx-w.,.W.. -a"" L " i new... Ns E is :git 3.232 of WK? lf R.O.P.-Training For Life Q? f .-' u 1 'ev , X S , 1 an : T: Q " il T f . .L kb 1 ,is 1 Mrs Milazzo demonsrrares how ro use rhe Career Cenrer's new iob search compurer 2 Tallsing ro an employer, Mrs Hunr gives our informarion concerning a srudenr 3 During her busy day, Mrs Hunr is bombarded wirh papers 4 Chris Gann purs a mororcycle in road condirion 5 Preparing children in rhe R O P pref school program for a parenr nighr performance are insrrucror Mary Schureman and Troy srudenrs Esrher Deursch and Ann Louerere o ln his aura repair class, Milse James checlxs our rhe riming on an auro engine. 7. Sears Roebuck employee supervisor Becky Lloyd gives rhe laresr word on new men's clorhing ro Troy srudenrs lose Quesada, Debbie Moore, Wendy lleeseman, Nellie Perez, and Pi O P reacher Charlyn Levirr The Regional Occuparion Program had rwo major oljecrives for rhe 197980 year ar Troy. The firsr was ro provide job slsill rraining for srudenrs, so rhar rhey could leave high school wirh or leasr one specific slsill, The orher was ro provide career orienrorion so sru- denrs considering a career could sample ir during high school. Mosr of rhe rraining was done offecampus. Enrollmenr in RO P, was differenr from enrollmenr in any orher elecrive class lr was rrue rhar a srudenr in ROP. received rhe same amounr of unirs, bur mosr of rhe TKOP. classes were afrer school, and nor everyone was in rhe some room wirh rhe same reacher. ROP. srudenrs commured ro differenrjobs, raughr by many differenr insrrucrors. Some of rhe newer courses offered were, for example, rraining for special educarion assisranrs, ln rhis class, srudenrs were prepared ro worls wirh educationally or orrhopedically handicapped srudenrs in a classroom, Anorher was a rravel career course rhar offered rraining in rhe airline and rravel fields, Srill anorher course offered was a small business operarion which rrained srudenrs in rhree differenr levels of small business managemenr, for persons srarring rheir own businesses, These are jusr a few examples of rhe numerous Jobs rhar were available ro Troy srudenrs 1Lml.7f"l'J Bremer, Elizoberh Home Economic Bruce, Riclsi W Home Economics N 0 Sjiwi Wi d,. Yu,,'... ,muf- 1. While Bob Bolduc reods off rhe recipe, Lourie Tonello ond Koren Snow molse sure oll rhe ingredienrs ore rhere. 2, Consulting her nores, Sharon Rirrer nneosures our the proper omounr of eoch ingredienr. 3. Mrs, Bruce grodes srudenrs in her lnrernorionol foods closs. 4. Working rogerher, Tricio Grirne ond Dimine Blios cur squares of posro for their rovioli. 5. When Royleen Merheeny oslsed o boy in child whor he rhoughr of o picrure, she receives on unsure lools. 6. A lsindergorren srudenr doydreoms during closs. 7. Suson Heisr ond Monique Thomos help o girl in coloring her picrure. 2o2fAcoden'iic5!l-lorne Economics Home Ec. Welcomes Students 5 3 if M 41. SH 12 .sw 5 K 9 ' if , 71: 'Q7II'lf,,, s lsw, og K' L Rx 4 L l l E 2 2 l 4 1-vs.f .yin " 4 TZ, J' My ,W ' y . v I ,V,,us. , H2 ,'x"" .. ff K lf., W, sz- . , "' 'V T ff . , 1 III," E 4 fi fi I 'lun The Home Economics deportment hod three different types of closses this post yeor, food, clothing, ond consumer economics, The consumer economics closses included personol ond child development, morrioge ond fomily, ond housing ond interior design, In food closses, there were three different levels, coed foods, creotive foods, ond internotionol foods. Lobs were held op- proximotely twice o week, ond there wos o shop fee for most of the necessory supplies. ln clothing, three different levels were offered, 1, 2 ond cre- otive clothing for odvonced students. ln clothing 1 ond 2, o minimum of two gorments were required of eoch student per semester, while in creotive clothing grodes were bosed on controcts between teocher ond student. ln consumer educotion, mony courses were ovoiloble. For exomple, morrioge ond fomily, o coeducotionol course, deolt in fomily relotions ond life styles in todoy's society. Child devel opment wos o closs which studied the growth ond develop- ment of the child. Housing ond interior design tought students obout furnishings, occessories ond o little obout londscoping. The mojor gool of the two instructors, Mrs, Bruce ond Mrs. Bremer, wos to offer o voriety of courses to meet the individ- uol needs of students. They olso hoped to molse students feel welcome in o home-like otmosphere, -'ir .--A N-v-Q' I Yr-- Aday, Margie Cafeteria Baker, Phil Custodian Barnes, Patricls Custodian Cochran, Joan Cafeteria Douglass, Milse Custodian Gonzales, David Custodian Jackson, Andrea Custodian Lowther, Thelma Cafeteria Morrissey, Steve Custodian Thompson, John Custodian We Da This past year the cafeteria offered many new food items due to popular demand. Some of these new items were various Hostess products, yogurt bars, and taco salads. Approximately fifty students worlsed in Troy's cafeteria for a salary of 52.50 per hour. There were also four women who were employed at the cafeteria under the supervision of Mrs. Aday, Students who warlsed in the cafeteria were required to be sixteen years of age in order to receive class credit. Generally, the cafeteria was very popular with the student body. Some of the biggest selling items included choco- late chip caalsies, burritos and pizza. The cafetia was open from 7145 AM. until 8180 A.M., and from 9180 untill 1100, After 1.00 the service win' dow outside the cafeteria was open. Troy stu- dents can be proud of their cafeteria because in a district competition, Troy's cafeteria won second place. They werejudged on service and the qualf ity of the food. Even though the cafeteria's prices and wages went up, the cafeteria remained a popular spot on Troy's campus. 1. Mr. Gonzales, head janitor, sand blasts off obscene words around campus. 2. One of Trays cafeteria workers, Thelma Lowther sums up the total at the end of the day. 13. Fixing water pipes was only one of the many jobs done by Mr, Ramirez, one of Trays night janitors. 4. Two of Trays students Matt Loftus and Chris Peterson, buy health food from the cafeteria. 5. Mrs. Aday warlxs with her student cafeteria work- ers. 264 Academics!Cafeteria And Janitors .5--ev Q"f't It All For You l Q i l ' Aktt, ,ff 7' . 5 .f""TMf FM, I A 1 ,rw ,... :K : . ,',,,,.p:""' , fe" ' 'M . . V , it rf'-My w4""" s A . . f M, ,..a-'-'t"t"""' .Q A M33 44' . 5 -Q 1 est b i.-- f' . ,aa . - , L.k,f.x .. H .. 'W Y af mmA, T Q , f" , ? is Nm 12, . N Wx 'm 5 L- ., , .1 x ,,. ,AFA I 1 ii -Q E 'ii l .NYJ ffl Pl"-. mrw' " . . -.N ..-f',,,,.,f" 6-U Jw A-JMS' x 533, is., f 43 Acodemlcskofererio And Jomirors 205 a.. EXPCSURE ,Ev f M 1 5 ,, A A ,fix C E. K M ag 'IFS Z A 'aggffa G SINCE 1910 offerrng The very frnesl rn name brand furnrsnrngs Henredon Drexel 1-lerrlage Karaslan Carpels OPEN Tues Wed Thurs Sal 9 30 5 30 Fr: 9 30900 Sun 12 00500 Closed Mondays Convenrenl revolvrng charge and free delrvery 223 W Commonwealth Ave Fullerton 17141525 2353 12431691 0725 Congratulations WARRIORS For An Outstanding Sport Season 3.55. ERTUX the F rzendl y Servzce people Chapman 85 State College Blvd Fullerton Servzng Orange County sznce 1927 Mamas YOUR HOME APPLIANCE CENTER ALWAYS DISCOUNT Appliances if Whlrlpool M G E XFARBERWARE! OSTER HAMILTON BEACHXPROCTOR SILEX CLAIROL! BUNNf PRESTO! SALTON and more 1868 NORTH PLACENTIA AVENUE PLACENTIA CALIFORNIA 92670 V A ' tv 'J 4 ' I Nou! nn IANQ 5 I . . l ,f I X C 2 ' cuom X Q A O X womb , it I 3' X C7143 eseaiao ve CTS APPLIANCE CO. CONGRATULATIONS DEBBIE ZEITLER We ore proud of you ooo your occomplishmemrs or Troy! Wishing you love ood success oiwoys Momy Doo ond lsim Thomis you Trocy Foiierro for your full heorred erwriwu siosm ond supporr of oll yourh sporr ocriyiries in Yorbo Lindo. 270 Adyerrisemenrs Wormesr regords Roy Peggy 6 Fomiiy Morie Corigroruioriorws ood hoppy 18rh birrhdoy, You iwoye omly been perfecr 6 568 doys our we srili ioye you. Doo G Mom Jimmy Congrorulorions CAROLYN CGUCH We ore proud of you ond your hord work ond dedicorion. Especioiiy roword rhis book we wish you o happy successful future Aii of our love DAD E5 MOM Brendon and joyieme YO Y CIGABNTE Ii? SHIRLEY AND HENRY PHILLIPS REALTOR ASSOCIATES MILLION PLUS CLUB 1481 N. HARBOR BLVD. FULLERTON, CA 92685 C7143 879-8131 Q93-C3100 RES. C7143 52947107520-28414 M ISE DOUGLASS 1 V- IP Z 91 rw P I'-H m O Z -cn 17 Z -4 COMMERCIAL MAINTENANCE SPRINKLING SYSTEM MAINTENANCE LANDSCAPING DESIGN CLEAN UP PHONE C7140 MIKE DOUGLASS OWNER OPERATOR 92686 CA YORBA L NDA I U1 ro ' 1? cn.. 5 3 cp O ., ll I-' I'- rw 7 I'T1 L17 -I Fw P3 L I , , Compliments of COUCH'S PRINTING 315 N, Immun I"uIIul'Iun. II.IIiI'm'nIu 926152 871-0152 Advernsemenrs Q71 LA PETITE FLORIST LA RPCCA - fi Fine- Dining 1 1- C lTA ijtiAPi 1 ,P WINES mf""' iff- Nw-Ah K K 770 S, Brea Bivd. Brea California 02621 47143529 4822 C2137 1591-7278 700 E. Cofnmcnweolfh Ave OPEN 24 HOURS HEWH1 l 2850 Brea Blvd. 272 Adverrisemenrs Fulierron Calif. 92681 "' PATRONS Ak P11Chard P Doane DDS. Tues, rhru rms, 11 AM-10 PM F1 Z, SQ, 11 11 AM- 11 PM Sunday 11 AM A P PM Lidlo Pizza House The Original Pizza PROMPT SERVICE Ta Avoid Wairing- Phone Ahead 2024 N, Brea Blvd. CALL Fulierran Calif. .129-5638 5 5? N J fg 11 r 11 ,,, . 1 J 1 . 5 5 1 1 f .- ifgijsxkbi 591 si O Q in :Elf al' .N 0 i Y E? N L Q - 'EZ' Harry E1 Doris 379-0393 ,ff ' X !2 E 7'- ri r I I " C Dr. Benjamin K. Marumoto Optometrist 716 E. Imperial Highway Brea, CA 92621 l714l 529-1676 l7'l4l 996-4760 Plants N Things Wlauclall Exotic lndoor 8: Patio Plants Trees 8: Palms Unusual Gifts 194 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. Plaeamia CA 92670 Lloyd 8 Zelda Marschall Facing Kramer Owners US tOl'l Cl HCS Your Friendly Srore of Qualify ond Service Mon. 6 Tues. 1019 Wed 10 Sow 1310 E, Clwopmon Ave 0 Fullerron COlif, 92631 Telephone 0145 526 4511 STATIONERY OF'F'lCE SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS WW GIFTS Q POSTERS 1316 E. CHAPMAN CHARLEI B: ROIBRTA Rzlo FULLERTON. CA 92631 17141 870-9550 6675 6726 770 S. Bnea Blvd. Suite 10.9 Brea Califormkz 92621 47145 529-7561 6 'Ll .!LqU0'Ci PO 'r 0 rc! VI LACK 1322 I CNA MAN Avl. FULL! TON. CA DP. 92531 SPEC Al. DIL INV PHONI B28-6408 Viffae 5977 071, ag' .. Q29 , , ,HE aveawe P05911 AJBWIL, X, fnesfz .vo . 5 ' 1 A N5 - Q-' X Consultation by app, 5hOf0"l Edwards f U3 JQ 17141 524.1210 J Interior Decorator Aa You .5 . .gnfezloza 2' Qlbg 9 lim q UGA "Z-3 J C 1 r I z ' D ' . W ll ' 0 i DZg?aiiignSZ::::'e Available ,?ii'ii?ti4Sre - fgcfsslsiarngi fa sg .5 ,gina 114- 995-6580 4 ul A. 1 X, Pegg- yn-gn, ' aoe.,fi11e:'Ecrx,Ea1.fol'D-13 Advernsemenrs 273 WE DID IT' Thanks to the 1979 80 llivm Staff Congratulations you re a terrific staff Love Mary fr Carolyn 0 Q I D I O 0 Y I Compiirnenrs of- o01 Paris Center Dr No 108 Santa Ano Business Products Cenrer 2711 Adverrisemenis To Mary Schaefer end of ine rainbow will aiwoys bring success. Love, Mom Dad Terry G Eddy And special rnani-as to Mr, Jerry Hamilton for all of your support. We are giad you decided ro be advisor! Love The 79-80 Iiivrn Staff Congratulations. We isnow the if U Hi Q 7 , A f -i , v.k,.,. I nk, ,pp 3 N l W- 2 1.45 I 1 S' f STAFF ACKNCJWLEDGEMENTS -H ..-if CO-EDITORS .... ..... C AROLYN COUCH MARY SCHAEFER ADVISOR ................ .... J ERRY HAMILTON YEARBOGK REPRESENTATIVE .... ..... J ERRY FULLERTON 276 Sroff Aclmoledgemenrs L PORTRAITS RoniKov Edwords Liso Fronsen Kim Fullerron Louro Gilligon Toron Phillips Julie Pizzorello Dorlo SI-:inner SECTION EDITORS PORTRAITS . . . . . .Therese Cunninghom SPORTS ...... . . .Trocey Follerro ORGANIZATIONS . . . . . .Corrie Mochodo FACULTY! ACADEMICS . . . , .Korhy Fyfe, Michelle Rogers ADS . . .,... 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Blacl1bLJr?1j:5Darryl 58, 118 Blair, Mike 216 Blais, Domine 206, 262 Blais, Mitchell 4, 21, 68, 69, 168 Blake, Jeffrey 196 Blakesley, Andrea 182, 184, 188, Blakey, Dawn 216 Blakey, Sherry 169, 196 BLAMER, CLARICE 287 Bledsoe, Steve 216 Bliss, Barbara 21, 89, 70, 102, 108 1 miss, Randall ca, ao, Qc, 167, 168: Blawney, Brian 216 Blue, Diane 197 Bluhan Peter 21 151 154 161 1 96 151 197 164, 187, 188 , ,,., 63. BOBO, GENEVIEVE 256 Bagan, Monica 144, 154, 216 Bohall, Bridget 115, 206, 221 Barkey, John 81, 82, 88, 111, 146, 147, 196 Barkley, Kristin 216 Barnes, Brian 206 Barnes, Larry 19 Barnett, Sharon 10, 19 Barraza, Carmen 19, 154, 169 Barraza, Paul 105, 196 Barrett, Charles 196 Barrett, Mike 196 Barrett, Robert 57, 206 Barrow, Cherie 19, 145 BARTNICK, BARBARA 241 Bactieri, Carrie 196 Battista, Lea 206 Bottisra, Resi 216 Baum, Chris 191, 192, 216 Baumgardner, Mark 196 Baumgardner, Kurt 61, 88, 89, 18 Bayard, Daron 196 BEAL, MICHAEL 256 Beamesderfer, Kurt 57, 94, 206 BEAUCHAMP, CHUCK 79, 94, 244 Beauchamp, Therese 149 BEAVER, GENE 248 Becerra, Anette 19 Becker, Ed 19, 108 Bedare, Tim 206 Beeson, Deanna 19 Behnke, Sarah 165 Beidermon, Eric 79 Bell, Janet 19, 172 Bellamy, Shannon 158, 216 Bellerive, Yvonne 196 Bellwood, Christy 206 Bennett, Charles 21, 168, 167 Bentley, Fina 196 Berck, Becquie 60, 74, 216 Berg, Teri 216 Berkeley, Teresa 182 Bernal, David 58, 152, 196 4, 188, 190 Bahnsacls, 'Spencer 197 Backelman, Michele 206 Boland, Jill 216 Boland, Kathy 206 Bolduc, Bob 197, 205, 262 Bordnet, Robert 21, 62, 68, 151, 154, 157, 161, 168 167, 172, 182, 184 Borel, Felicia 21 Bouldin, Bruce 206 BOWEN, WARREN Bower, Crystal 165, 216 Bowman, Mike 206 Boyan, Boyer, Bill 206 Steve 62, 68, 89, 152 Berry, Randy 4, 21, 69, 152, 168, 167, 168, 172 Berstler, Sheryl 196 Bertsche, David 58 Bessermin, Denise Bevill Dani-Lynn 196 Bevill, Jeaninne 78, 216 Bayes, Mark 56, 57, 206 Bayes, Michael Bracy, Lisa Bradberry, Sondra Bradshaw, Mary 66, 217 Bradshaw, Mike 21, 81 Bradshaw, Paula 20, 21, 148, 158 Brangwyn, Angela 217 Brannack, Greg 21, 105, 161, 168 Brannack, Nancy 70, 71, 111, 197 Brannack, Sam 217 BREMER, DAVID Bremer, Elizabeth 262 BREMER, RICKI BRENNER, OLIVER D. 241, 148 Breslin, Holly 21, 157 BREWER'S STATIONERY Brickner, Lisa 20 Briegel, Ronnie 197 BRIGGS, JENNIFER 250 Briggs, Wendy 217 Bright, PaQil5'217 Briney, Doijg 61, 184, 217 Brink, Barry 20, 172, 177, 181 Britt, Chris 20, 94, 145, 146, 151, 168, 164, 167 Britt, Tina 20, 28, 117, 128, 184, 185, 151, 157, 158 Brobst, Jessica 60, 152, 158, 206 Brodbeck, Susan 20 Brooks, Kathy . 160 Braugl7tt6n,,VTom Broussard, Deana 160, 197 Brownj David 217 Brown, Debbie 151, 217 Brown, James 197 Brown, Jim 57, 145, 178 Brown Mike 5, 20, 58, 105 Brown, Scott 197 Browning, Ann 217 BRUCE, LIDBY Bruce, Ricki 262 Brunkhorst, Elizabeth 197 Bryan, Desiree Bryerton, Denis Bullis, Sheryn Bunce, Mark Burco, Shelly Burdic, Scott Burgess, Judy Charlton, Cindy 207 Chavez, Chro 207 Chavez, Denise Chavez, Jean 22 Cherry, Marc 192, 191 Cherry, Megan 176, 192, 191 Chevallier, Ronnie 22 Christensen, Bruce 22 Christensen, Danny 151, 152, 22 Christensen Lance 207 1 Burke, Lori Burns, Kelly Burns, Maureen Burtt, Jody Burtt, Larry Butler, Rhonda Bybee, Richard Bybee, Tammy Dyrd, Tammy Byrnes, Catherine 197 Byrum, Bob 57, 206, 210 Byrum, Karen 20, 172 Bystry, Doug 9, 53, 120, 145, 20, 29, 134, 167 Christensen Christensen Christensen Roger 152, 197 , Scott , Steve 75 Chugg, Lynette 22 Cisneros, Yvette Clancy, Regina Clapper, Dominic 197 Clark, Jayne E. Clark, Jayne Marie 145 Clarke, James 62, 197, 89 1 Clarke, Jennifer 217, 191 Clarke, Kay 152, 197, 166, 84, 85 Clarke, Stephen 61, 217 Clary, Ellen 32 Clauson, Andrea 217 Caballero, Linda 113, 152, 197 Cadena, Rosemary Caldwell, Kim 207 Calvin, Jeff 207 Commons, Jeanette 137 Campanella, John 145, 207, 172 Campanello, Julie 20 Campbell, Brenda 50, 58, 59, 73, 72, 166 Campbell, Clifton 20 Campbell, Larry Campbell, Laura 58, 59, 151, 157, 197, 103, 102 Campbell, Lori 120, 123 Campbell, Mickey 256 Campbell, siren 60, 207, 74 Campbell, Stephen 197 Campirelli, Karen 22, 172, 182, 188, 190, 184 Clay, Kippy 22, 145, 154, 158, 172 Clerc, Randall 186, 197, 207 Cleveland, Terrisa 22, 94, 95 CLEVENGER, JANIS 244 Clincy, Anthony 53, 199 Clutter, Brian 78, 81, 146, 197 Clutter, Joe 217 Coors, Cheryl 171, 217 Cochran, Joan 246 Cochran, David 94 codspon, victoria ioo, 217 COERPER, DAVID 243 Coffman, Kim 23, 164, 169 Coffman, Wade 197 Cohanifrad, Bohram Cokely, Tim 79, 96, 197 Cloeman, David 217 Collea, Frank Crosby, Kristi 217 Cross, Michael 78 CROUCH, ROBERT 243 Crowley, Kim 217 Cruz, Elsa 152, 197 Cruz, Ernesto 207 Cser, James 127, 164, 163, 172 CTS APPLIANCE Cummings, Crystal 176, 217 Cunningham, Margaret 182, 184, 217, 218 Cunningham, Paul 53, 94, 197 Cunningham, Therese 23, 30, 124, 149, 151, 152, 164, 172, 181 Cunningham, Tracy 146, 157, 207 Curry, Mary 191, 217 Cusick, Mike 164, 197, 152 Dabirion, Amir 197 Doerweiler, Steve 23, 49, 53 Dagger, Greg 23 Dagger, Janine 207 Dahms, David 77, 207 Dohn, Kevin 183, 184, 217 Daines, Tim 62, 167, 197 Dameron, Rob 23, 181 Damiano, Doug 23 Damron, Richard 56, 218 Danell, Byron 75, 218 Dangleis, Kim 162, 207 Dangleis, Stacey 218 Daniels, Jamie 218 Darden, Allan 197 Darnell, Dill Dass, Andrew Dasryck, Lisa Dauser, James 57, 207 Daverin, George 53, 197 Daverin, John 218 Davis, Belinda 207 Davis, Brenda 197 Campos, Mike 53, 22 Canaday, John Candler, Jana 217 Cantu, Michele 217 Capps, Marilyn 256 Cardall, Cheryl 22 Cardwell, Lee 152, 22 Cardwell, Val 207 CARL'S LIQUOR -Carlson, Arthur 217 Carlson, Jerod 207 Carmicheal, Robert 56, 217, 98 Carnighon, Jerome 197 Compher, Tom 67, 98, 168, 207 Cone, Robin 217 Congelliere, Rick 23 Conlon, Kata 217 Connaughton, Tim 217 Conroy, David 23, 244 Contreras, Kevin 23, 152 Cook, Ron 56, 217 Cook, Suzanne 207 Coombs, Janet 197 Coon, Carol 23, 257 Cooper, Paul Copeland, Charletre 23 Davis, Jim 218 Davis, Karla 152, 207 Davis, Kim 207, 218 Davis, Kris 152 Davis, Linda 207 Davis, Lisa 157, 207 Davis, Magaret Davis, Peggy 24 Davis, Penny Davis, Sandy 108, 197 Davisson, Kyle Day, Tricia Dean, Chris 57 Carrol, Wendy 156, 217 Carson, Steve 207, 170 Carter, Dana 207 Carter, Dana Louise 182, 187 Carter, Joan Carter, Rick 197 Carter, Vincent 152, 197 Costigan, Colleen 217 Costigan, Jim 207 Corner, Melissa 197 Cottrell, Steven 197 Couch, Bryan 10, 152 Couch, Carolyn 23, 148, 149, 151 COUCH'S PRINTING Carrledge, Charles Cary, Cynthia 207, 94, 95 Cosillan, Jody 244, 148 Cassaday, Stephen Castongia, Jeff 197 Castro, Ruanne 113, 114, 197 Cavarerra, Stephen 22, 182, 188, Cazores, Eduardo 217 Cozares, Raul 75, 77 Cervantes, Rachel Chaffey, John Chaffey, Lori 207 Chambers, Alon 22 Chapman, Sue 197, 171 Chapman, Susie 154, 132, 103 Charlier, Frederic Ci-IARLlE'S PLANTS 6 THINGS 184, 96 Coughtry, Kevin 207 Crabb, Wendy 217 Craig, Patty 22 -Crain, Chris 23, 172 Crain, Toby 78, 217 Crammer, Crysryne 197 Crawford, Cindy 197 Crawley, Alon 56, 217 Creer, Pam 94, 120,'123, 157, 207 Creer, Paula 94, 197 Criss, Magaret 103, 197 Criss, Ted 56, 75. 78 Crissinger, Fred 23, 52, 53, 54, 167 Critchfield, Robert 171, 207 Crites, Raschelle 207 Cromwell, Tammy 197 Crosby, Katy 64, 66, 85, 197 Decker, Alan 24, 172 Decker, Jane 60, 207 Decker, Kelly 197 Decono, Michelle 24 Dee, Kris 24 Dee, Mark 218 DEFLON, VIRGINIA 241 Dehani, Raya 24 Dejesse, Mark 218 Deiesse, Steve 56, 197 Deionoy, Christa 197 Deiatafre, Victor Delijani, Mehrnoz 24 Delriacortes, Gerardo 24 Demlinger, Allyson 207, 210 Deniingef, Glen 24, 164 Denick, Jeff 173, 197 Denison, Denise 116, 126, 128, 197, 231 Denison, Jennifer 145, 218 Dennis, Deborah 24, 152 Derruyn, Dennis Desgro, Brenda 197 Derrick, George Deutsch, Ester 218, 261 Index 279 Ehrert, Amy 198 ,'-' 280 Index Dewold, Gerardus 160 Dewey, Alan Dewy, John 75, 218 Dewey, Yvette 154, 198 Dewitt, Sreven 9, 198 Diaz, David 198 Diaz, Diana 24 Diaz, Irma 207 Difilipo, Peggy 115, 207 V Difllipo, Therese 151, 162, 198 1,1, ,"Yz 5 Dillon, Aurumn 24 Dingemans, Robert 198 Disanro, Daphne 198 Disney, Terry 24, 69, 96, 168 Disrefano, Donny 56, 198, 218 Dierhemasso, John 24 Dixon, Debbie 24 DIXON, MARCIA 163 RICHARD P. DOANE, D.D.S. Dobrick, Lisa 171, 218 Dodson, Julie 25, 171 Doerner, Crystal 166, 198 DOEST, HENNING 102, 171, 228, 247 Doherty, Teri 207 ' Dominguez, Denise -, , Donato, Jennifer 25, 152, 158, 170 Donnely, Mike 171 V Dooley, Cindy 25 ' Dooley, Kathleen Dorch, Tom 56, 218 Doscher, Ron 25 Dorhage, Dodd Doud, Karhleen 198, 70, 72, 94 Dougherty, Dan Dougherty, Mike 198 DOUGLASS, MIKE Douglass, Mike 246 Doughman, Rhonda 110, 114, 145, 207, 210, 144 Douglas, Michele 145, 154, 218, 222, 66, 100 Douglas, Rans 49, 50, 25, 105, 164, 167 Douglas, Teresa Downing, Mike 56, 218, 180, 184, 98 Downing, Billy 198 Doyle, Anne Doyle, Carol 25 Doyle, Ellen 218, 70 Doyle, Pat 198 Dozier, Kim 151, 218 Dtobik, Scott Drobik, Todd Duarte, Timmy 57, 207 Dubois, Donnie 25 Ducros, Dave 198 Duda, Dorothy 110, 154, 198 Duffin, Sieve 25 Duir, Dan 25, 81 Dunbar, David 198 Dunbar, Dawn 207, 171 Duncan, Joe 218 Duralde, David 198 Durand, Laura DURFEE, MERRILL 258 Durkin, Kevin 9, 50, 25, 160, 167 Durton, Mark 154, 156, 207 Dutton, Wayne 61, 62, 25, 89 Dyas, John 202, 182, 186, 184 Dyer, Jeff Dyer, Scott 218 Dyer, Sheri 218 Easlick, Alanna 208 Easrerday, Meg 198 Eaton, Jim 218 Eby, Dale 10, 49, 50, 145, 25, 46, 150, 142, 20 Eby, David 198, 172, 105 Ediss, Brian 57, 208 Edwards, Julia 208 Edwards, Roni Kay 149,198 ' Ehrenpreis, Werner 172511771 188 Eiler, Jeff 198 t ' Eisenhauer, 8lCl'iOtd Ekedal, Daymon 218, 108 EKEDAL, MILDRED 244, 108 Ellingson, Marcy 126, 198 Ellior, Dale 198 Elliot, Jennifer 218, 180, 184 Elliot, Susan 158, 25 El Sadon, Sami 50, 151, 154, 25, 01 Else, Chrystal 218 Else, Kimberly Endersbe, Karla 208, 171 Endresen, Cliff 25 Engelman, Jodi 218 Enrighr, Heidi 218, 99 -,,, , ,Q Enright, Holli 198,' 111' Epperson, Jill 154, 218 ' -I 4 I Epperson, Kristin 25' ' Erickson, Karla 152, 198, 170, 85 Ericson, Roger 198 Evans, Jon 198, 11 . Fabricanr, Jessica 115, 154, 221 Falleta, Tracey 60, 148, 198 Farley, Lisa 218 Famer, Kim 198, 181 Farrell, Melanie 156, 158, 198, 140 Farrell, Micheal 26 Felando, Barbara Felando, Bobbi 208 Felando, Toni 60, 26, 70 Felix, Cindy 218 Felix, Mario Fenters, Dena 94 Fenters, Gordon Feula, Craig 52, 50 Ferguson, Jim 62, 198 Ferguson, Tim 208 Ferree, Karen 218, 222, 66 Ferree, Susan 198 Ferreira, Wes Ginleyf Gene 219 Fish, Darlene 219 Fish, Karhleen 108, 198 Fisher, Mark 219 Fitzpatrick, Alanna 171 Flanagan, Tracy Flavin, Jim 198 Flavin, Karen Flavin, Mike 208 Fleming, Chrisrofer 208, 77, 169 Fleming, Joy 145, 154, 198, 184 Fleming, Morney 101 Flockhart, Monica 12, 26 Flores Annette 26 Flores, Fred Forrest, Joanne 219, 191 Foster, Carol 26 Foster, Michelle 110, 114, 26, 40 Fosrer, Tressa 219 N Fournell, James 240 Fowler, Brenda 124, 219 Fox, Bretr ' Fox, David',146, 26, 81 Fox, JQIIAQOB ' iii A , I Franchiglif-,iCarhy 26 ' f Francis, 208 1 - Francis, Vefnon 156, 26, 182, 184 Franklin, Srace-y,152, 154, 198 Fransen, Lisa 198, 202, 172 Franson, Eric 199 Franson, Jeffrey 208, 169 Frorini, Brenda 199 ni, miip 154, 180 Freddoli Fredetre, John Freely, Joe 181 Fregoso, Frank 208 Freimams,,ViI 208 FREITAG. MARVIN 241 French, David 199 French, ,Ed 26, ,94 Dymond, Donna 198 Dymond, Micky 218 Dyerson, Cher 198 Eads, Erin 218 Easley, Greg 61, 218, 170 Easley, Patricia Easley, Sharon Flores Jannetre 219 Flynn ,I Dryan 219 Flynn, Flynn, Fader, Kathleen 198, 181 Kevin Susan 198, 166 Fogarty, Irene 219 Foltz, Eric 5, 10, 198 Fonres, Mike 50, 198, 167, 96 Fontes, Sharon 208, 74, 94, 95 Forbes, Bert 208, 176, 181 Ford, Arrhur 152, 26, 170, 89, 88 ,Frenerre1,f',Cindy '199 Frenerre, I 206 JFfied,,iNr:iri5z:nj21Q I Fried, Robin 156, 26 Friel, Kevin 27, 172 Frischmuth, Sabine 154, 27 Frischmuth, Susanne 219 Froelich, Jan 27 Fullerton, Geoff 199 Fullerton, Kimberly 149, 199, 204 FULLERTON SAVINGS FUSCARDO, NICHOLAS 94 Fyfe, Kathy 149, 208, 162 Gage, Wayne Gala, Gala, l.inda',27 I Gallardo, Susan 146, 219 Gann, Chris 199, 261 Garcia, Irma 152, 199, 70, 166 Garcia, Lisa 27 Garcia, Mark 145, 152, 219 Garcia, Michelle 191 Garcia, Ronald Garcia, Steve 219 Gardner, Trisha 27 Garland, Ronald 254 Garlow, Tamara 199, 108 Garner, Robin 208 Garrison, Kim 145 Garson, Glen Gary, Daniel 27 Gastelum, Rob 219 Gates, Renee 208 Gaw, Carolyn 154 Gow, Jonathon 154, 219, 170 Geiger, Kevin 27 Geiger, Mark Geiger, Virlen 27 Geller, Mike 152, 199 Gelvin, John 57, 208 Genthe, Berh 27 GENTILIN, PATRICIA 208 Gentry, Carol 27, 160 Gerhold, David 208 Gerhold, John 219 Gerola, Paul 61, 219, 89 Gervin, Donna 27 Getzinger, Robbie 5, 199 Getzinger, Terri 152, 219 Gibony, David 199 Gibson, Heidi 177, 127, 145, 158 Gildea, Edmond 199 Ya i sr 99' -4 . .- yn. l yi.. 'fart 1 , .A , , 145-Q, . fn 'IQWSQQH 'vu :X' .H " y Q-QE' nv "W-'h - - fx V ,. .,V , . ,. I. V F m , 1 5, X V 1 if . ., v ff K J W Qc. an A I 3' 'V ? 5 3 ' A 2 'H ' 'ff V , . f' J 1'-x ' .' k W' W'A' Y ,- ff - V 3 wi W, 4 A Q as - .wr .,f . -f A l Q. W .-1-. ' A mf, .1 I 5 A ' , ' "4 ' ff 5 f -V 551, 4 V ' a 5, Q - gf 7.i ..LkV .V Zig K rig. , Q .Q ,ff . f in R' . ,V We 1, - - .igszfw ' L In 'ew W W ' x ' ' vs. 94 Q ff 4 , if V 'df f .- L . 4 iff g 0 . 4 fgaaamb 1 A V ,. C yd 'N ,4 4: if k -.E KX? - -A as ' ' ff V ' 'gil' , ' , , Y. . - ' ii' :-.5-...A . , ' A A ffm A , ,K ,T , ' R. A '-' .f "' V... -V. ovqno 360 Q-CW" -241 'A ,,,.. -QE wp- x wif N as Q' Qcdttq .,g.,,,, w,f-:sd we I S La Blanc, Paul 75, 76 Huy, Tuan 200 Hyde, Mary Hylton, Connie 145, 200 lguchi, Geoff 200 Ingalls, Steve 209 lsterabadi, Ghada 209 lvev, Chuck 78, 220 Jackie, Catherine 180, 198, 209, 222 Jackie, Charles 01, 94 Jackson, Andrea 246 Jackson, Roger 200, 209, 249 Jahn, Jim 57, 209 James, Micheal 209, 261 Jamieson, Danna 200 Janasca, Richard Janosco, William 01, 187, 188 JANSEN, JAMES 241 Jaques, Robert 209 Jue, Diana 66, 157, 200 Juliano, Barbara 156, 210 Juliff, Shawna 210 JUNDANIAN, DAN 152, 206, 207 Jung, Cindy 210 Kaczmarski, Doreen 02 Kaghazchi, Fariba Kalscheuer, Kathy Kalrhoff, Stephanie Kane, Larry Kane, Tim Karcher, Joe 50, 96, 145, 200 Katz, Elizabeth Kaveh, Kourosh Kay, Kathy 200 Kazerooni, Elham 210 Kean, Daniel Kee, Karen 02 Kehl, Kristina 02 Keesik, Mike 96 Keith, Jennie 160, 258 KELLEHER, JEAN Jasper, Melinda Jauch, Andrew 209 Jeng, Eunice 200 Jeng, Priscilla 220 Jenkins, Charles Jenkins, Jennifer 209 Jennings, Sharon 220 Jensen, Chris 154, 182, 209 Jensen, Lonnie Jensen, Rod Jensen, Stephen Jensen, Vicki Jewell, Robert 57, 209 Jewell, Vicki Jevvert, Craig 209 Jevvett, Dave Jewett, Tim 221 Jimenez, Laura 170, 221 Jimenez, Vicke 209 Joerger, Ann 01 f' 1 John, Candy 221 John, Micheal Kelly, Catherine 60, 152, 154, 200 Kelly, Chris 210 Kelly, Jack Kelly, Patrick 210 Kelly, Sean 221 Kelsey, Mark 221 Kendrevv Diana 02 Kendrew, , Mike 96, 200 Kendricks, Anne 70, 84, 151, 157, 145 Kendricks Joan 221 Kendricks John Kennedy, Kellie 02 Kennedy, Peter 210 Kohls, Mark 210, 249, 252 Kohls, Mike 221 Koide, Nancy 110, 200 Kolesar, Sam 210 Kollman, Lari 200 Koon, Jeff 160, 200 KOSSLER, SANDRA 256 Kart, Doug 200 Katt, Rabin 02, 160 Krasca, Cindy 100, 210 Krasca, Wendy 100, 115, 210, 247 Kron, Darilyn 209, 210 Ktpan, John 02, 50, 81, 80, 127, 198 Krpan, Patty 110, 221 Kuang, David 200 Kuang, Debby 154, 221 Kudlo, Brian 57, 98, 210 Kung, Nina 200 Kung, Steven 188 Kvancz, Paige 12, 02, 145 Kvancz, Polly 60, 145, 221 La Mance, Kathy LA PETITE FLORIST LA ROCCA Lacko, Dana 200 Laforte, Charles 221 Lagerberg, Erin 100, 210 Laird, Darbara 210 Lakin, Ken 210 Lamar, Charles Lamar, Patty 152, 210 Lambert, Amy 100, 160, 200 Landfield, Kent 221 Lane, Carla 165 Johns, Jennifer 221 Johns, Stephanie 01, 169 Johnson, David 209 Johnson, Debra 101, 177, 181, 209 Johnson, Donna 01 Johnson, James 180, 189 Johnson, Peggy 170, 200 Johnson, Randolph 221 A Johnson, Rick 210 Johnson, Ronald 221 ' Johnston, Mark 01, 109, 164 Johnston, Sherri Joiner, Jerilyn 01 Jolliff, Joanie 210 Jolliff, 'Roger H Janes, Danny 210 , "Jones, Debbie 221 Janes, Evangeline 210 Jones, Kevin - 181 -- -J Kerlin, Kathy 156 Khachadaorian, Jennifer 221 Kholenberger, A. 98 Khotrami, Mavandad Kidvvell, Janice 180, 189, 210 Kidwell, Mardi 02, 146, 160 Kinwyeward 200, Kingdon, Anne 176, 210 Kinan, Kristia 10, 160, 210 Kinnan, Mindy 221 Kinnane, Jimmy 02, 96 Kinnane, Kelly 115 Kinnane, Kevin Kinney, Beth Kirk, Randy 170, 186 Kirschenbaum, Deborah 191, 221 Kisrler, James 02 ' Kirrredge, Alice 02, 151 Kittredge, Dill 152, 156, 210 Kleen, Gary 221 Klees, Laura 200 M Kleinsasser,1Dawn 210 KLINE, ANNE 156, 238 Kline, Kay L A Klinkkenborg, Dianna 180, 189, 1210 Kiinzing, Luanne 200 J --', J Knapp, Mike KNJGHT, CHERYL 74 , Knox, Chris 50, 149, 200 'L Knox, Danny 182, 180, 188, 189 Knudtson, Mike 221 ' ' KOCH, ERNEST 207 Koch, Jerry 57, 98, 210, Koch, Joe 152, 154, 164, 200 14999991 Fred l,,'1 Koeppe, Roberta'f02, 221 Koeslag, Kevin 200 Lane, John Lane, Kelly 118, 200, 247 Lane, Kim 102, 200 Lane, Lori 02 Lone, Maryann 58, 59, 210 Lang Lamg Lang Mike 56, 221 elle, Diane 00 stan, David 00 Lonkford, Wes 00 Lansman, Linda 210 Lansman, Lori 00 Lappi, Greta 110, 151, 154, 200 LASSWELL, EDMUND 254 Lastuck, Judith 210 Latrang, Eric 164 Latva, Sandy 102, 200 Laube, John 56, 221 Lautsen, Kim 142, 148, 156, 172, 196, 200 Law, Darla 00 Law, Donna 00 Jones, Lawrence ,z24,J0flf5'5f U50 290 Jones, Patricia 71 ' Jones, Ross 01, 07,,50, 111, 157, 167 ff Jones, Sandra 221 ' ' Janes, Sharyi 221 P'Jones,' Susanf01, 182, 1891, Jones, Tim 01 ' ,,,QiQsJ00eferWe99Y 31 , Jordan, Tamara A ' " A 282 Index Joyce, Daniel 67, 168, 182, 180, 221 Joycej Mike 02, 96, 167-f Juarez, VicrorJue Kaeslag, Kim 152, '200 Kohlenberger, Anthony 221 Kohlenberger, James 02, 20, 160 Kohlenberger, Teresa l:awson, 221 Lawson Susan 30 Layron,'Gary 210 Le,'fiHai 1521, 221-fi Le, Maiphuong Le Leah Y. y, Jim '200 y, 004,94 Z, ,,y Leavitt, Ladawnai 210 i Lechtenberg, Mark M Ledesma, Doloreis Lee, Charles 154, 210 gf A Lee, Douglas o2i,,t9e, 21 iEj' Lee, Grace 00, T154 LEE,5NlLAlQiE Lee- Mi'1?4' 58131991 167, . TOnl:9?5l17, 1i" i" Li Lee, Tracy 69, 200, 22121 Leeihartgim 256 fl Lenrz, Christine 210 'Mckeiio9g, Mark Susan 113, 145, 212 Letchenberg, Mark 221 Lettang, Erik 211 LEVINE, HOWARD 256 Levin, Tracy 113, 211 Levitt, Chorlyn 261 Levy, Dan 163 Levy, Lawrence 221 Lew, Blake 33, 163, 164 Lew, Melanie 34 Lewis, Anita 200 Lewis, Darin 200 Leyva, Dan 108, 151, 152 Leyva, Therese LlDlA'S PIZZA HOUSE Liem, Rich 57, 211 Liles, Kevin 34 Lillie, Kathleen 23, 111, 65, 123 Lima, Lynda 34 Lind, John Linder, Mark 34 Linder, Tony 200 Liocano, JoAnne 256 Liolios, Jeri 34, 151 Liolios, Scott 78, 151, 221 Little, Robert 56, 222 Lives, Alicia LoCurto, Jacqueline 222 Loftus, Lori 34, 58, 59 Loftus, Matt 53, 200, 205, 246 Long, Barbara 152, 211 Long, Chris 67, 98, 183, 222 Long, Elizabeth 152, 211 Long, Randy 211 Longo, Joseph 211 Longwith, Richard 222 Loomis, Karen 34, 237 LOONEY, H.L. 230 Looney, Theresa 211 Lopez, Anitza 34, 158 Lopez, Barbara 94, 158, 162, 200 Lopez, James 56, 222 Lopez, Karla 211 Lopez, Liz 34 Lopez, Lorraine 200 Lopez, Mark 200, 222, 249 Lopez, Rodney 211 Lopez, Tony Louetere, Ann 261 201, 249 163, 172 113, 201 Cassandra Mark 34, 156, 187, 188 Sracee 34 Lisa 157, 201 Grant 201 Dan 211 Debbie 173, 201 Magenheim, Joseph 201 Magenheim, Marilyn 183, 189, 222 Maib, Erin 201 Maier, Erich Mailliard, Linda 222 Mallough, Mitch 211 Mallow, Julie 34 Maloney, Geoff 69, 168 Mamounas, Nick 35 Mamuscia, John 222 Manchester, Scott 222 Manfredi, Frank Mann, Mike 57, 98, 211 Mannino, Greg 35 Manaokian, Mike 34, 53, 55, 167 Manous, Amanda 222 Mansfield, James 176, 181, 211 Manville, Joe 9, 149, 154 Marenga, Chris 35, 108 Margolis, Carla 165, 222 Marglia, Mark 201 Marine, Jon 57, 211 Marquis, Tracy Morton, David 160, 191, 222 Marsala, Maria 222 Marsala, Nina 211 Marshall, Anne 211 Marshall, Jane 152, 211 Marshall, Lori 211 Martin, Scott 35 Martin, Trina 211 Martindale, Wyatt 222 Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinez DR 60, 222 May, May, Mayer, oo, 201, 74, 94 McCune, Ross 222 McCune, Valerie 201, 166 McDaniel, Lynne McDonald 35, 145 McFarland, Lisa 35 MCFARLAND, LLOYD MCGARVEY-CLARK REALTY McGee, Eileen 201 McGee, Mitch 53, 201 Mc6ranahan, Kelly 57, 212 McGrath, Bill 152, 164, 212 McGrath, James 145, 201 McGrath, Marie 35, 70, 103, 143, 15 MCGuckin, Kathleen 35 McGud4in, Tricia 215 McGuire, Brenda 35 Mclntyre, Pot 222 Mclntosh, David 156 Mclntyre, Pat McKay, Cheryl 212 Mdiay, Cory 201 McKay, Margo 222 McKee, Richard 173, 212 Mdsee, Robert 36 . BK. OPTOMETRIST 84, 149, 151, McKenzie, McKenzie, Bill 212 Connie 222 McKenzie, Jeff McKinzey McKinley, Mdsenzie, , Louanne 74, 113 Jerry186 Rick201 Md.aughlin, Betsy 70, 103, 154, 201 McLay, Mickey 165, 222 Md.ay, Suzanne 36 McLemore, Cindy 222 McNamara, Mike 36, 53, 201 McNamara, Mike 134, 145, 163, 167 McNamara, Robert 212 McNamara, 103, 167, 191, 222 McNetT, Danny 36 Mendoza, Maria 201 Mercado, Lucinda 113, 222 Mercado, Maria 113, 152, 212 Merchant, Bob 222 -Merhab, Mark 145 Merida, Daisy 222 Merryman, Dale 222 Mesa, David 36, 53, 52, 77 Mesen, Olga 212 Mesen, Yolanda 222 METAL Merheny Metzger Meyer H'a'V' VV 284 index Moberg, lno 104, 105 Mock, Camilla 171, 201 Mock, Elise Moditpour, Homayaun Mohn, Jeni 212 Moiseotf , Ron Moon, Daphne 220 Moon, Diana Moore, Debbie 06, 202, 261 Moore, Jennifer 212 Moore, Kathleen Moore, Kevin 07 Moore, Kurtis 177, 181, 202 MOORE, THOMAS 174, 175, 181, 250 Moorehead, James 56, 78, 220 Morgan, Danielle 58, 110, 162 Morgan, Kirk Morgan, Lori 100, 220 Morgan, Robert 56, 98, 220 Morgan, Steven 212 Morgan, Tony 07 Morissey, Steve 246 Morizio, Larry 07 Mora, Denise 212 Morris, Trent MORRIS. WILLIAM 81, 244 MORRISON, DONALD 200, 201 1 Morrow, Patricia 07 Morse, Kelly 100, 184, 185, 220 Morton, Rick 220 Morton, Scott 07 MOSS, BLAINE 256 MOYLES, Mozelsio, FRANK 106, 240 Yves 247 Nguyen, Huy 56, 98, 220 Nguyen, Kim 07 Nguyen, Lam 154 Ngyuen, Mihn 220 Ngyuen, Nhung Ngyuen, Thai 187, 191, 212 Nguyen, Thyen Ngyuen, Tu 154, 171 Nguyen, Yen Nichols, Mark 152, 171, 202 Nicholson, Scott 07 Nix, Michelle 66, 220 Mrava, Eric 212 Muirhead, Notolei 202 Muirhead, Pam 212 Mujica, Kevin 07 Mulhollam, David 202 Mull, Debbie 202 Mull, Tracey 99, 220 Mullaney, Jill 220 Mullen, Pam 07, 151, 154, 164, 172 Munoz, Den 220 Munoz, Joe 212 Murphy, Murphy, Bob Chris 162 Murray, Ron Murrie, Audrey 07 Muse, Greg Myers, Denise 181 Nakama, Nakama, Nakama, Nakanishi, Ada 08 Linda 220 Marian 165, 220 Tracy 165, 220 Nalder, Jomi Navarro, Beatriz 157, 220 Navarro, Luz 88 Nay, Cheryl 202 Nay, Marshall 220 Neishein, Kim 152, 74, 220 NELSON, DONNA 202 Nelson, Eric 170 Njus, Kris 220 Noble, Mary 202 Noe, Dan 145, 202 Noguchi, Frank 220 Nolan, Maureen 07, 101 Nolan, Mike 212 Nolan, Patricia 100, 220 Nalder, Helen 196, 202, 140 Nalder, Lowell 67, 168, 220 ' 44 Nollerre, Keri 07, 101, 102, 1 Nolley, Sheila 07, 102 Norris, DeAnn 07, 166 NORRIS, MARNE 256 Norton, Linda , 145 Nossaman, Rebecca 165, 220 Nowak, Agnieszka 220 Nowak, Andrew 220 Nowak, Barbara 202 Oberg, Kathy 08, 117, 151, 15 Obering, West 212 Obetle, Don 08 Oblenness, Tracey 220 Oborny, Louie 220 Oborny, Saralyn Obrien, Mary 115, 215 Ochororena, Dante 56, 220 Oconnor, Bob 81, 82, 212 Oddo, Tony 50, 202 Odonoghue, Jim Ogden, Jeff 212 Okamuta, Cheryl 58, 59, 70, Okeefe, Jan 212 Olander, Den Olefer, Adrian 220 2, 157, 161, 166 154, 166, 212 Olefer, Alex 106, 108, 179, 152 Olhoefr, David 08, 160 Oliver, Claire 08 Olmsted, Jennifer 151, 152, 08, 27, 144, 164, 181 Olmsted, Maureen 124, 145, Olsen, Bart 57, 220 152, 172, 181, 212 Olsen, Deana 84, 85, 166, 202 Olsen, Nancy 145, 212 Olsen, Rodger 08, 164, 167, 182, 180, 184, 185 Omori, Miya 220, 165, 187, 1 Oneill, Kevin 79, 212 Oneill, Kevin 202, 249 Oneill, Richard 77, 08, 127 Ono, Susan 202 ONSTAD, JUDITH ORAM, PHIL 244, 245 88 Pacoud, Mike 224 Page, Juliana 10, 152, 202 Page, Randallli56, 224' Page, Rod, 50, 40 Page, Stephanie 224 Pagoda, Karen 212 Paniagua, Rofolfo P.T.S.A. Parikh, Naimish Parkin, Deobrah 151, 202 Parkin, Steven 224 A Parra, Sonia 171, 202 Parra, Yolanda PARRISH, LILA 187, 188, 250 Pattidaf Frank 180, 184, 224 Partida, Louis 202, 255 Pashkovsky, Ella 224 Pastarius, Jaco 182 Patel, Chetnaben Patel, Nilesh PareI,,Sanjay 212, 247: Patrick, Darla 40, 41, 120, 120 Patrick, Kelley 212 Pattison, Eric 40, 50, 20, 160 Paulis, Karen 08 Penderson, Mike Pendray, Jeff 202, 257' Penrod, Carey 7, 202 Peralta, Julie 110, 202 Peralta, Vince 20, 16, 08, 160 Perez, Marlene 202 Perez, Nellie 152, 157, 212, 261 Perry, Jeff 08, 108, 172 Pererik, Kathy 08, 110 Petersen, Caroline 115, 212, 105 Petersen, Yvette 224 Peterson, Chris 50, 202, 205, 246 Peterson, Jeff 212 Peterson, Kathy 200 Petty, Jane 09 Phillips, Phillips, Jan 149, 151, 152, 172, 200 Kathy 09 Phillips, Melinda 212 Phillips, Toron 148, 149, 200 Pickup, Laura 09 Piechalski, Cynthia Pikaart, Jeff 09, 224 Pikaatt, Jim Pino, Miguel 212 Piserri, Leona Pistel, Allison 152, 200, 206 Pirchard, Mark 09 Pitts, Vincent 16, 45, 09, 81 Pizzarello, Julie 149, 212, 166, Pizzarello, Tinal2O0 Place, Patty 212 THE PLANT KINGDOM Platt, Gabrielle 212 Pocialik, Anne 74, 224 Pocialik, Tim Poff, Denell 200 Pagoda, Karen Polk, Brigitt 200 Polk, James -Polk, Ken 09, 249 Pool, Albert Nelson, Erlanna 202 Nelson, Glenn 08, 172 Nelson, Laura Nelson, Rick 212 Nelson, Russ Nelson, Shelley 07, 65, 50, 64, 16 Nero, John 94, 194, 202 Nesheim, Kim New, Mark 07, 182, 186, 188 Newber Newber g, Anna 202 ry, Chris 220 Ngo, Vu 156, 212 Nguyen, Chinh Nguyen, Heidi 161, 160 Oremus, Mike 202 ORTMAYER, RON Osborne, Pam 184, 191 Osborne, Pat 180, 220 Ostensen, Andrea 224 Otre, Brett 224 Otto, Bob 202, 249 Otto, Patricia 180, 184, 218, 224 Overlie, Chris 164, 170, 212 Ovetue, Chris 152 Owen, Kim 202 Owen, Mindy 154, 224, 184 Owen, Scott 56, 224 Owen, Tim Pope, John 09, 94, 160, 167 Pope, Kathyrn 224 Potras, Janice 09 Potras, Kelly 212 Porter, Tracy Ports, David 'Ports, Heidi 224 Post, Tami 224, 180 Potts, Jennifer Paulsen, Jill 212, 182, 184 Powell, Kathy 09, 70, 72, 166 94 110 Prentiss, Stephen 212 Presch, Kim 212 Price, Karl 09, 160, 172 Price, Steven 39 Pritchard, Stacy Praharoff, Mike 203 Proud, Karen 212 Ptuhs, Nancy Pruitt, Donna 145, 160, 203, 172 Przekap, Adriene 5, 60, 145, 21 Przekop, Fred 152, 203, 172 Puerto, Joseph 203 Purdy, Jock 57, 212, 98 Purdy, Teresa 151, 203, 162 Putnam, Patrick 232, 143 Quesada, David Quesada, Jose 261 Quinn, Lois 40 Quintana, Allen 224 Radus, Gwen 40 Radus, Pam 152, 203 6, 224, 74, 143, 144 Radas, Sandy 115, 126, 145, 154, 171, 130 Ragusa, Denise 224 Rahimi, Shohaila 203 Rohimi, Moziar Ralston, Angela 224 Ramirez, Julio Ramirez, Tom 212, 98 Ramos, Brad 40 Ramos, Consuelo Ramos, Samantha 224 Rane, Tim 212 Rankin, Penny 256 Raridan, Deborah 40 Ratzlaff, Dana Ray, David Raya, Clera Raya, Reuben 40 Rayman, Scott 56, 224 Rayman, Sindee 152, 203 Razavi, Ramin 203 Reade, Roben 213 Reames, John 40, 69, 167, 168, 172 Schmidt, Patty Reames, Stephanie 160, 213 Reddingtan, Karen 145, 148, 213, 66 Reddington, Kathleen Redfearn, Linda 213 Redfearn, Lori 145, 203, 144, 162, 172 Carolyn 152, 40, 163, 164, 172, Reed, 181 Reed, James Reed Jeff 224 Reed, Robert 79 Reed, Russell 224, 75 Reel, Keith 40 Reel, Rebecca 151, 224 Reese, Scott 224, 182, 184 Reesman, Wendy 203, 261 Reeves, Christine 203, 70, 103 Reimann, Patty Reiter, Steve 224 Reminiskey, Gerard 203 Remsen, Gregory 224 Render, Tracy 113, 114, 203 Replogle, Janice 40, 257 Requejo, Tami Reves, Cheryl 224 Reyes, Sam 224 Reyes, Stephen Reynaud, Paul Reynoso, Richard 53 Rheingans, Cynthia 113 Rheingans, Kristen 224 Rhoades, Cynthia 40 Rhodes, Debra 152, 213 Rholl, Kenneth 213 174, 177, 178, Richard, Sandra 213 Richard, Sharon 40 Richards, Deedee 152, 154, 213 Richards, Lisa Richards, Mike 203 Richards, Richard Richardson, Chester 98, 213 Ross, Debbie 213 Ross, Susan 42, 66, 151, 163 Ross, Timothy 42 Rousseau, Ruth 42, 158, 172 Rowen, Carol 42 Rowe, Kristy 225 Rowe, Tommie 42 Richardson, Lana 41 Rayer, Troy 35, 42, 53, 94 Rozell, Mitra 132, 143, 145, 151, 154, 181 Richardson, Lance 41 Richardson, Teresa Ricketts, Richard Riding, Shannon 182, 184, 190, 191, 213 Rietveld, John 203 Riezenman, Diane 213 Rimer, James 57, 213 Rimer, Jeff 9, 41, 53, 29, 40, 123 Rios, Jessie Ritchie, Jana 174, 224 Ritchie, Jenny 41 Ritchie, Jim 75, 203 Ritchie, Joe 41 Rudge, Kimberly 225 Ruef, Mark Ruggles, Kevin 174, 175, 177, 181, 103 Ruiz, Paul 173, 225 Ruiz, Roderic 173 Rush, Karl Russell, David 77, 203 Russell, Cristen 181, 213 Russell, Rod.42 Rutz, Andrea 225 Rutz, Ken 203 Ryan, Greg 225 Rithchie, Stephen 224 Ritter, James 41 Ritter, Lynnette 184, 213 Ritter, Sharon 213, 262 Rivera, Elizabeth Roach, Richard 56, 145, 224 Roarcgasso, Vince Roardjasso, Jackie 66, 224 RODD, GLENN 237 Robb, Karen 41, 151, 154, 157, 182, 188, 190 sono, Shelly 225 Sailor, Dortan 79, 213 Saint, Sanjay 56, 78, 225 Salas, Anita 65, 108, 109, 152, 203 ROBBINS, SUE 258 Raberge, Laura 224 Roberge, Steven 203 Roberts ,Jim 41 llobens, Laurie 113, 224 Roberts, Nancy 173, 203 Roberts, Paul 41 Roberts, Scott Roberts Stewart 41, 69, 168 txobeffslsn, owns 224 Robertson, Dana ROBERTSON, MILTON 230, 231 Robertson, Sean 98, 224 Robertson, Shannon 12, 41, 56 Robinson, Cynthia 12, 41, 64, 65, 120, 151, 157 Robinson, Melinda 171 ROCHE, JOHN Rodgers, Denise 41, 156 Rodgers, Rick 224 Rodis, Josie 66 Rodis, Ronnie 213 Rodriguez, Anthony Rodriguez Frank 224 Rodriguez, Martha 213 Rodriguez, Mary 41 Rodriguez, Mary 213, 103 Rodriguez, Susan 113, 145, 213 Roe, Jim 127, 156, 172, 203 Roe, Julie 181, 184, 213 Roe, Sharon 42, 151, 172 Roese, George 96, 164, 172, 203 ROESNER, DONALD 238 ROGERS, BEN 243 Rogers, Michelle 149, 203 Rogers, Tim Ralph, Vicky Romero, Lorena 157, 203 Romine, Cindi 42, 66, 145 Romine, Eric 213 Rama, Rhonda 213 Roncayolo, Luis 224 Rongey, Kelli 42 Rongey, Scott 213 Rodney, Ann Rosado, Robert 213 Rasenquist, Steven 67, 98, 168 Roskelley, Blake 213 Roskelley, Jeannine 213 Ross, Cindy 152, 213 Salas, Gregory 42, 81, 83, 104, 105, 163 Salas, Michael 79, 105, 225 Saleen, David 42 Salter, Scott Sambrano, Doug Samen, Edward Samen, Michael 163 Sandwez, Dianna 70, 102, 103, 166, 213 Sanchez, Jeff 42, 52, 53, 55, 81, 82, 83, Sanchez, Paul 183, 184 Sanders, Bridget 42 Sanders, John Sanders, Steven 203 SANDS, ANNETTA 161, 165, 254 Sanford, Jamie 43, 116 Sant, Greg 203 Sarem, Dam 152, 203 Sauer, Chris 225 Saunders, Jacqueline Sausedo, Maria 203 SAWAYA, FARES 172, 241 Saxon, Wayne 203 Scatberry, Glen 203 167, 168 Schaefer, Mary 43, 108, 148, 149, 151, 152, 164 Schaffer, Steve 40, 53, 94, 198 Scheel, David 258 Schick, Camille 43, 164, 187, 188, 250 Scisler, Scott Schisler, Stacey 203 Schlaepfer, David 124, 143, 149, 151, 203 Schmidt, Robert 213 Schmidt, Sondra Schoen, Jason 154, 213 Scholze, Eve 46, 64, 65, 145, 213 Schott, Dena 203 A Schuessler, James 225 Schulerm, John 56, 225 Sdwultz, Julie 203 Schultz, Neal 214 Schurharnmer, David 43, 77, 167 Schurhammer, Deanne Schwab, Eric 177 Schwab, Gary 181, 225 Scordo, Richard 43 Scott, Brion 149, 214 Scan, Debbie 171, 184, 214 Scott, Julie 171, 203 Scott, Katherine 225 Scott, Lisa 225 Scott Robert 43 Scribante, Steve 56, 225 lndex285 286 Index Seablom, Cindy 169, 214 Seale, Carle 53 SEDOR, MYRA 241 Seifert, Gregory 43 Seigler, Aaron 224 Seko, Mark 203 Sellers, Ronald 152, 214 Semaan, Dory 56 Serna, Louie 203 Sessa, Gerilyn 203 SETHMAN, ARVIN 254 7411 Seymour, Michael 50 Sharnsi, Kamal 214 Shamsi, Yasmin 187, 188, 214 Shapiro, Karen 225 SHARON INTERIORS Sharpe, Alexia 113, 225 Sharpe, Wendy 113, 203 Shaw, David 81, 164, 203 Shea, Dale Sherard, Robert Shinivasin, Deepak 176 Shirk, Kevin 43 Shirota, Paul 43, 163 Shoemaker, Lois Shokrgozar, Donia 43, 204 Shokrgozar, Homeira Shokrgozar, Nedia 204 Shook, Julie 160, 204 Shook, Leslie 214 SHORE, ANDY 53 Siciliani, Jeff 43 Siciliano, Diana 204 Sides, Andy 225 Sieminski, Jim 127, 167, 204 SlGERMAN, LYNN 256 Sifter, Douglas 214 Silbaugh, Sandra 204 Silva, Yolanda 225 Simnirt, Gary Simpson, Jay 204 Simpson, Michael 53 Simpson, Suzanne 43 Singer, Scott 225 SIPPLE, RON 254 Sisson, Jennifer 225 Sisson, Michelle 101, 204 Skalla, John Skinner, Darla 149, 204 Skinner, Mark Sloch, Ellen 203 Slatic, Brian 225 Slaven, Dolores 70, 103, 225 SLEMONS, MARILYN Sliger, Renee 43 Sloane, Hal 214 Smith, Dell 176 Smith, Cyrise 160, 214 Smith, Danny 257 Smith, Eric 214 Smith, Gary 225 Smith, Genelle SMlTl-l, JO 230 Smith, Julie 108, 163, 165, 204 Smith, Kim 225 Smith, Susie Smith, Valerie 156, 181, 204 Smithson, Shari 204 Snow, Karen 262 Snow, Kim 43 Snyder, Eddie 184, 204 Solesbee, Nathan 204 Solesbee, Rebecca 214 Solheim, Kristen 65, 204 Sommer, Charles 61, 63, 89, 225 Sommer, Robert 43 Soppeland, Sondra 171 Sosa, Lisa 204 Soto, Martha 204 Soto, Steve Sousoures, Phil 225 Spadt, David 204 Spaeth, Gail 43 Spalding, Jim 225 Spangenbetg, Cheryl 214 Spann, Stefanie 152, 204 Sparkman, Alissa 144, 145, 154, 156, 164, 214 Sparrow, Katherine 145 Sparrow, Kelly 74, 225 Spaulding, James Speich, Edward 30, 62, 44 Speich, Marlene 61, 62, 84, 85, 115, 204 Speirs, Colin 53, 204 Spencer, Gera 74, 225 Spencer, Mark 57, 145, 214 Spencer, Steven 183, 184, 186, 204 Speyer, John 69, 96, 146, 152, 168, 172, 204 Sponseller, Bryan 44, 49 Srinivasan, Deepak 214 Stafarri, Bob 94 Stark, Cathy 44, 70, 103, 151, 161, 168, 172 Starr, Barbara 204 Stasenko, Sonja 41, 44, 132, 158 Staumont, John 4, 12, 44 Steele, Dennis 53, 79, 97, 105, 204, 241 Steele, Gregory 204 Stegemeir, Laura 85, 152, 162, 166 Stegemeir, Martha 85, 152, 166 Steinberger, Leslie 204 Steinberger, Pam 44 Stelluto, Donald 143, 154, 155, 181, 182, 186, 188, 196, 202, 204 Stephens, Reno 204 Stevens, Lisa 60, 74, 152, 154 Stevens, Mark 171 Stevens, Robert 56, 225 Stevens, Tracy 152, 214 Stewart, Kimberly 204 Stewart, Michael 160, 204 Stewart, Shannon Stewart, Valerie 44, 171 Sriel, Melissa 145, 146, 152, 154, 164, 214 Stilwell, Robert 44, 154, 163 Stine, Angelia 214 Stobaugh, Eric 44, 94 Stock, Laura 152, 204 Stockdale, Jacqueline 171, 214 Stockdale, Jennifer 214 Stoddard, Diann 225 Stoerck, Jack 214 Stone, Jeff 53, 145 Stone, Stephen Stout, Melanie Stover, Christine 183, 184, 225 Stover, Gina Stredler, Daniel 214 Streitberger, Paul 61, 152, 214 Stubbs, Mark Stubbs, Robin 214 Stuewe, Karen 214 Stuewe, Kirk Stull, Christine 71, 103, 225 Stull, Debra Stull, Gregory 44, 96, 97, 163, 167, 168 Stull, Kimberlie 58, 59, 94, 204 Srupin, Martin 225 Suchan, Chris 56, 225 Suchan, David 57, 214 Suchan, Michael 44, 172 Suchan, Will 44, 62, 63, 89, 145, 151, 161, 163, 1 172, 254 Sugamele, Steven 214 Sugget, Dale 44, 53, 244 Suter, Damen 56, 226 Suter, Tish 214 Swaney, James 104, 105, 145, 172, 204 Swaney, Jeffrey 11, 57, 214 Swaney, Joseph 44, 181, 191, 192 Swanson, Jean 44 Swanson, Scott 214 'Swartz, Charles 53, 54, 44, 157, 167 SWARTZ, JULIE 157, 228, 238 Swartz, Yvonne 157, 164, 214 Swensen, Janet 45, 145 Swensen, Paul 77 Swetlond, Debbie Swetland, Tammy 226 Sylvia, Dill 45 Syphax, Robert 204 Tabrizi, Reyman 156 Taggart, Sam 204 Tait, Elizabeth 174, 177, 181, 19 Talian, Pam 169, 181, 204 Tonde, Pam Tanella, Laura 262 Tanner, George 57, 98, 214 Tanner, Linda 132, 171, 204 Tayles, Kris 45 Taylor, Dean 205 Taylor, Debbie 226 Taylor, Frances 108, 109, 214 Taylor, Lisa 146, 154, 164, 214 Taylor, Nancy 226 Taylor, Shelley 214 Teagu e, Rene Tebbe, Clifford 205 Tebbe, Shawn 45 Teliska, Lisa 152, 205 Temple, Cheryl 214 Terifaj, Debbie 99, 226 Terry, Richard THEIDERT, NANCY 241 Theiss, William 214 Thomas, John 152 Thomas, Monique 45, 262 Thomas, Tracy Thomason, Greg 184 Thommaso, John 45 Thompson, Bob 146 THOMPSON FURNlTURE Thompson, Jennifer 152, 154, Thompson, John 246 Thompson, Vicki 45, 172 Thorne, Blaine 98, 157, 226 Thorton, James 205 Thorton, Lorraine 171, 226 Rice, Ladd 214 Tice, Mike 56, 226 TILLMAN, JAMES 241 Uelmeland, Valerie 205 Todd, Tim 172, 205 Tolan, Steve 105, 214 Talley, Jim 45 Tomasek, Natalie 205 Tompkins, Jon 214 Ton, Thi Toney, Dill 226 Toney, Jay 67, 156 Tonnez, Robert 171 TORDERT, DAVE 252, 253 Torkelson, Todd Torres, Jack 226 Tortleben, Thomas 182 Tauchberry, Burt 205 Touchberry, John 226 Towsend, Jim 226 Tran, Pat 226 Tran, Hoang Tran, Sen 205 Tran, Tuyen Tran, Van 45 Trask, Karla 45 Treadway, Marvin Trevena, Corrie 205, 244 Trevena, Darra 226 Tronske, Mike 244 Tullock, Sherri 215 Tulloss, Julie 45, 157, 163 Tulloss, Laurie 156, 226 2, 204 214 Turley, Chris 226 Turner, Mike Turnipseed, Kirk 205 Tyree, Barr 226 Tyree, Brenr 57, 215 Ugolini, Paul 45, 163 Ullom, Sandra 45 Unger, Kennerh Voccher, Deno 10, 26, 45, 52, 53, 167, Vaccher, Gino 53 Vaccher, Vaccher, Lino 53, 205 Paul 53, 176, 205 Whirserr, Voccher, Vince 56, 98 Valenzuela, Fred VALLANCE, GEORGE 244 Vallely, Chris 46, 145, 182 Vallely, John Van Alien, Paul 98, 226 Vanderheyden, Rory 46, 94 Vanderuelden, Brenr 215 Vandissel, Ken 154, 205 Vandruren, Jay 79, 146, 205 Vanhorn, Mary 226 Vansdwaik, Karhy 176, 215 Vasquez, Ron 226 Vasquez, Veronica 46 Vause, Russell 46, 182, 183, 184, 188 Velazquez, Allison 216, 226 Ventura, Carhy 183, 184, 226 Venruro, Richard 182, 183, 186, 205 Vederber, Lisa 205 Vergara, Suzanne 205 Vickers, David Viggers, Susan 215 Vigil, Mike 226 Vigus, Jane 182, 184, 186, 188 Vhlen, Jackie 226 VILLAGE FASHION FABRICS Villanueva, Alex Vincenr, Michelle Vincenr, Mike 205, 226 VITAMANTI, EUGENE 243 Vivier, David 205 Vogel, Roberr 98, 226 Voighr, James Vansodovszky, Tony Vos, Julie 46, 169 Vos, Randy 226 Vu, Hung 105 Waggener, Heidi 226 Waggener, Tamara 215 Wagner, Joner 115, 215 Wagner, Karen 183, 184, 226 Wagner, Scorr 79, 205 WAITE, SHARON 254 Brerr 215 Walden, Waldon, Waldron Waldron Waldron Waldrop Walker Walker, Walker Walker, Walker, Walker Walker Walker, Walker, Walker Greg Brad 215 , Burch 226 . Debbie 113, 135, 215 , George 56 , Tandra 205 177 Angela 172, 175, 178, 182, 191, 184 Chris 67, 168, 227 Janine 46 Jeff 46 John 69, 89, 168, 227 Jon 61, 62, 63, 98, 205 Joni 205 Tracie 227 Wade 56, 98, 227 Wallace, Mike 205 Wallace, Richard 227 Wallace, Von 227 Wallack, Karhleen 227 Walsh, Frank Walsh, Kevin 57, 215 Walsron, Wade Wangensrein, Ed 46 Ward, Roberr Ware, Jeff 205 Warringron, Bill 215 Warkins, Teri 30, 46, 163 WATSON, NORMAN 243 Warrs, Craig 249 Weber, Jeff 227 Weber, Susan Websrer, Moira 205 Wedaa, James 57, 98, 176, 215 Wedaa, Tina 46, 103 Weems, Kellie 46 Weiks, Jamie 205 Weiller, Marcia 46, 174, 177, 77, 181 WEINER, BERNARD 243 Welnk, Kerry 194, 205 Welnk, Rob 227 Weir, Renee 227 Welch, Kim 215 Weller, Ken 76, 77, 215 Wells, Chris 192, 215 Wells, Del 96, 145, 146, 157, 215 Wells, Karen 47, 117 Wells, Chris 191 Weirmer, Lani 47 Welry, Marshall 227 Wench, Rhonda 227 Wenrworrh, Karhleen 215 Wenrworrh, Kelly 47 Wenzel, Marr 227 Wernke, Joel 47, 182, 183, 184, 186 Wesley, Eric 88, 89, 167, 215 Wesr, Deneen 73, 94, 215 Wesr, Terry 205 Wesrbrook, James WESTBROOK, VICKI Werreland, Don 62, 89, 167 Werzel, Michelle 132, 184, 205 Whaling, Shane Wheeler, Jeff 184, 215 Whelan, Nick 47 Whelchel, Julie 205 Whelchel, Jusrine 99, 227 Whiraker Whiraker Whiraker , Kevin . Marni 227 , Monre 146, 147, 151, 205 Whire, Mike 47 Whire, Torn Henry Wicksrram, Chris 205 Wiese, Karl 47, 172 Wiese, Kim 215 Wiggins, Parricia 171 Wiggins, Sharon 227 Wilbraham, Libby 215 Wilbraham, Lila 7, 47, 117, 118, 149, 259 Wilocx, Clay 47, 174, 175, 177, 181 Wilke, Donna 227 Williams, Brion 98, 227 Williams, Cheryl 215 Williams, Cleveland 57, 215, 259 Williams, DeAnna 227 Williams, Eric 47, 167, 171 WILLIAMS, GAYE 136, 248, 249 Williams, Ken 96, 97 Williams, Melanie 227 Williams, Phyllis Williams, Roberta 215 Williams, Tony 145, 205 Williamson, Karin 227 Williamson, Kim 66 Williamson, Krisren 103, 151 ,188 151, 130, 170, Willman, Berh 215 Wilsey, Craig 47, 81, 127, 145, 151, 164 Wilsey, Janell 113, 191, 192, 215 Wilson Andy 163, 205 Wilson, Ann 74, 227 Wilson, Chris 47 Wilson James 227 xviisoli, ioNA 256 Wilson, Kevin 47, 49, 59 Wilson, Shawn 205 Wilson, Sieve 9, 108, 145, 151, 157, 161, 47 Wimber, Srephanie 48 Wimberly, Kurr Winberg, Kevin 227 Winger, Mike 215 Winrer, Brandy 215 Wisdom, Maria Wise, Danerre Wise, Karen 16, 48 Wise, Scorr 149, 152, 154, 205 Woed, Mark 227 Wolf, Teresa 205, 247 Wolsborn, Carol 166, 181 Wolsborn, Janer 48, 151 Wombacher, Barry Wong , Alice 215 Wong, Arson 7, 104, 205 Wood, David 60, 152, 164, 172, 205 Wood, Mark Wood, Monrgomery 205 Woodard, Mike WOOTN, RON 244 Warsham, Allen 48, 191 Worrhingron, Dale 7, 205 wngiir, Alicia 48 Wrighr, Kim WRIGHT, LARRY 169, 173, 237 Wrighr, Sandy 205 Wrighr, Trocy 227 Wrighrson, Ross 227 Wuesremonn, Corolo 182, 184, 215 Wuesremann, Juergen 4 . 44, Wyne, Aaron 227 Wyne, James 56, 184, 215 Yancey, David 127, 205 Yang, Tova 48 I Yares, Dywone 257 Yares, Gordon 227 Yocum, Terry 48' Yorba, Veronica 48 Young, Andrew 157, 227 Young, Chris Zahn, Richard 215 Zahnzinger, Grerchen Zahnzinger, Jenny 227 Zamorano, Srefane 177, 20 Zandi, Forman 156. Zarachi, Ashraf 48 Zarow, Angie Zoug, Sracy 156, 227 Zeeb, Ann 205 Zeirler, Debbie 130, 145, 14 Zeirler, Kim 74, 151, 227 Zenrner, Mark 56, 227 Ziebell, Brad 48 Ziebell, Kim 48 Ziegler, Jim 156, 215 Zigan, Lisa 227 Zigan, Vicky Ziliak, Ron 145, 215 Zimmer, Julie Zinn, Dennis 186, 188, 215 Zorroli, Chad 154, 156 Zuniga, Vincenr 5 7. 48, 68. 151, 161 69, 40,109 Index 287 We hove seen rhe , nr co ors rhor ore found in rhe excifing ocrivifies ond soorfs, ro rhe olocilss ond vvhires rhor ore oooorenr in the excellenr ocodernics. We oil hove ihe oooorfuniry ro experience this voriery of colors in high school. We novv hove KO go on ro fry ond find rhe even greorer voriegorion of colors rhor ore found ourside of Troy, in eoch of our forures. These nie rhe evenrs rhor vvilifcolor our lives. . . soecrrurn of Troy From rhe orillio I I .-v'T"s..n...i4..A ,-vw-x. Z J i

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