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5 5 gi Q , x , - 4 ' , 2 'rmwggf f 4 W? ,A .K gl' X .,w:1X.1 k1'l,2,ml::yx,V-LX - V15 W' I .i5"7f.2U": wmA'wi59PfFWX.A fs-,. f 9 , M .- - Q, rg ,VA -wk 1 'S M gf, yu i I I My '.x, .,, , I 4' . :W sm fix M X ' f,,..',4',,.. - ,. 2331552 WA -'v ..x -itqhurg 'ul 1 sri? 4 NM I 'hee - Q x, 1 1. Nw'u',,,w.-,,,, ,... A H' r Q 4 G H sp i ' .Wx C i 5 sa '5- 1 A Q :N IA O , O 0 X ' , 3- :- X 545 fx u In ff i V ' - l 1 , ' ' - ' N KFIL, - -Q iz.,4"5 , N-. , 1 f-21-. ff " . ,., If!-1 LA. .- . . .V .H, . . . ,.. . , 3 1'ff. wx -' -1- .. .mg , , r'.1.' fig gr A 'z ,-.sp-5 .rj ' 45- ,gg FYI '. 'Q' 1 L Tw: 1-.4 5-F A-Jeff-".1 .-. W 'ififis El: - gp., -.,a,- 'af'- 'l.-.. ' . " wx A--:www-1. , .. 1 Bxycn hr, fm- Wx. . , .fifw :'- 3.4-11' 'Y' ,q'g 5. m3-- Q-.i1'f'71 ff"'?-' fra? ff ' V ft '- 'R , ' -Y M--M A- V -' . :H 51 131 Q' 'ff' I , , .- f- 1, 1 ' 3 A "' 1, T,,,,i,14li -I - -b - ., , -- 1, . 1 ew '--wi - ,,,- M. f.. Y x , H , ,W -'.., .. 4---. was . .V .'.. , ' . ' 1- ,,,,?',--.- Q X 'if-J ' . ' .1 431- ,Qu f5:f'Zv- . ,ivff fr ., . . ,':'.-..'+, .. w. , .- ,1,- ,,g- .,, T, tw Z, N ,Q K. F, i. .. .g. , -5,3-xlx NN, Axfcv ' 'Hr -' - "Ma-,,,'f A ' ' 7 1. .F -ml.. .. 5- ' 'A x. -., . .rM.f1' LH ., ' xii +4 '- . 'wifi-.'1. 2 ' .. 1.3 ' ,,.!-. ' "WA U, , A Q- F, Hur . , ys.',f.ur V .f ,. giytw-.t 1. f-, -, A 2 ' '- W " WWA ,SMH -1 f u.:41a..:f v. ag rf mf, 4,2- X '-fa, z."" JP-'Z-' . V -., ,xt-1.5. ,JJ-1., - j f'if'.lQQiTif1'5'f-5 , gf-1 ,HH YH- .f E-K '- -f -. .1 :'1,L"' ' 'w'1v."' - ,. ,, .-. . -a. .- , ' , -f. '- 5, :x 4- 1 " J ,.. ,i.,,n. ' Y ---.. 'PY Y ' -P' -. F 4 f 'rffs ,, 0, ri N Ln- gn- ' :QE w , . I - ? - px, L , - , f Lu" " ' .., . l .V : 'T5?"f-'-i f X51-H -, .' " ff' 1 . f:.f ' Vwmf. 1 .' rw f' f ., 41 1 1 u..4e:, , :c '. V .J H ,, I if, -Q ., . D A R. D A N I A I Z 5 9 N TRCY, NEW YORK DARDANIAN I959 DAVID THURSTON ..... ..- ..4 . I -...v Editor MYRA BUCHMAN --i-' , , L iterary Editor MARJORIE STILLMAN ........ .., .. ,. , .... A rt Editor ROBERTA MacFARLANE ........, ,. ,.,. Photograph Editor RICHARD ISHKANIAN .... ,.... ...! ..v,A..... Business Manager PAULINE G. McGONIGAL SECTION EDITORS Senior Pictures Editor Faculty Editor Sports Editor Activities Editor Intramurals Advertising Layout SENIOR SECTION Susan Beckman Joan Ellenbogen Charles Hancox Joanne Roeck Margaret Rooney Barbara Schrell ART STAFF Florence Doakmaiian William Finkle Frederick Hubicki Elaine Van Buren TYPING STAFF Barbara Bingham Carol Glaz Sue Holland Joyce Manley Carol Pearson Beverly Sliter Theresa Turino Merle Wilson Faculty Advisor Lynda Witz June Septic Charles Hauck Gracelee Gratto Paula Niemczynski James S. Murray STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS Richard Daitner John Thomas AD BOARD Marilyn Closson David Forman Charles Hauck Patricia Hidley Richard Ishkanian Janet Kelly Robert Mahoney Patricia Maitland Jane Naylor Barbara Schrell Gretchen Sickles Anton 'Solomon Augustine Sperrazza John Thomas Barbara Weiss James Wohlleber Charles Wick Florence Yosoian CCover designed by Mariorie Stillman and Barbara Parkerj GUY A, ENFANTO DEDICATION To Guy A. Enfanto the 1959 Dardanian is respectfully dedicated. Mr. Entanto is no stranger to Troy High School. Early in his career this alumnus ot Troy High returned to serve first as teacher and then as vice principal. In both positions he has devoted his energies and resources to the guidance of the students and to the betterment ot the school. We are sincerely proud that he has become our new principal and wish him success in the realization ot his high ideals in education. 2' 1 r-ZXZZN :iii x wifi x Troy High School in The 187O's. ' . lip! f 'fi' '!'i f f vf,,f',.l K YVYYV Q 1- f 15517 ,, X, nu y sc X? X Qflify g af? fa as lj - 1 - 1 11,1 fi ,J 1 4 if -7 - S .. , xx. X .5 H5 iii' df!! 5? i, 4 . PENN X I 5 I- -I fy WZ: 1 143 X QA is 1 3 'TR 10 :fi X Mi fyf -as fi fs Ha - A N 'si 1 ' 41' 2 ,L ' W ' " 5 I f ' rr ' M 1' T' 1 1 L , ,-gl ' 253,425,141 - pig '- s , . ' ' 4 1 I Y' -Egfr Kaya! 1 iff - o f f eg rr-t , ' ,I v - , - eil!! rf , Q f x ull.,-nu.: ,Q-A-,g.. x S Q 1 .gf g 1 i' - A ZZ 9 Vi' 2' " 5 Z"f"tn- as ' ,fa A 'v' ', 43,2 5 ,f M .M 54 X - S xx .f N- , ' . , wtf: ,f '45, 1 77 ,Q 27 , s1,,. V fy 47 5 I ' -wmffi' , 4' .5 -5.1, I , . ' A 'Z fl ' , -Aj tj' K f ci, 4 -s 'sr f X - -5 -sas tpargqqy Wu 2411 'if - 13 ' 1 if X 1 A E T 1 Q wk's'f A 742 '15 2 A f f' X t 'f-n a A 5 '-:i s ' ,fo " L sfcii 'Q,fg4f,-S, 'iff l,..,,'. 'Q I -g Q 'Q K 1 ' l ' "5 55-f-II 9 Q: 'D H T ' ' ' - 'C -.gel I7 7 Q5 :wi 7 ff - f f f fi 7. - Tl ll' '- 4 1 fffnqat til I ,,l...,,! l6L4f1,4ffA X 'gg , li. P R r .F , xl ,A L- , 'T -1.41 -fray A5501 ' 5- if 2 r- Y 4 ' gr., , Qi Q . ,jig AF!! mi -.3 tl 1 ' lil - v ' - . -. ..i 1 f If 1 .f X- - X A ' ' -A , 1.11 .s ' U f T W I 9721 J' fig ,ff Q " 3 E4 '4"5 , Q Aff' f':'f3wigq11?Eb,x 4,1 ' f 9- -ff 7 s P- F t 5 ' l f ,f f S-.1 4 li fl za' ' - T I 12" ff vt .4 gf ,W lj 71 53051 f, L 7 1: A - , , fz.. " S-- lf .f - , f O sr- - - fs-fffi-i.1g,x Z' ' iff. ' "fy 422 77. -f - .' L- ' Z.-fjf . M- Q1 . 'es -H. "-f,-nw, f . :H n --- I 1 - f..fgl.'..-4499? 1' 1 LJ'-ff fam-'W ff I 2 ' :gf l -..- . ' ' - 94 -ex W. 1.1"'f:a1 'P :ff .f?'fff,f3f1 !f.:': rj' 'fi-sr'-nz -7 - I E ' or ' 'Tia -' - -12115 C f, ef 3 ft A .iftatzitaiiiztstazt . 1 ' 1-El. . ' , " ' I " ' J. "' ' '59 - ' , - ,l.....,1 - tf: f:f.::if 4.-J-,TLQL-L.: 4- M - QHUBTQK- , ff? 9242! 'F' . 'T it T . T TT A ' TQ - ,., ff.-f,,f1fzf?z":55"f f 7, 9 5212 -A ll. - ,, ,,,...:,.:ef:f53ffzf tb' . ! 53 5 - "f"'i2 .-1- --, - --.-'V 1? f v Y ff - FORE ORD The year 1959 marks the 100th commencement in Troy High School. Consequently, we feel that This anni- versary is a fitting theme for the Dardanian. First published in 1915 and formerly called the Iliad, the Dardanian has provided entertainment for the seniors and memories for The alumni ever since. The years from 1859 to 1959 represent many changes and much progress. Throughout these years Troy High has distinguished itself in manifold ways. Our school is noted for initiat- ing the Junior Red Cross. Sixty-five gold stars were placed on the school's service flag for those graduates killed in World War ll. Troy High has come a long way in The one hundred years in which it has been sending boys and girls on to college and to iobs. The first enrollment was forty-seven compared with over 1300 today. Over 10,000 diplomas have been given out since the first ones in 1859, and numerous graduates have gone out To win success and fame in various fields of endeavor. Many students and teachers began the organizations and traditions of Troy High. The Philomathian Society and Delphic Society, both for Junior and Senior girls, were founded in 1903 and 1915 respectively. The National Honor Society, for many years called The Purple Key, was founded about 1930. Around this time the Senior Ball be- came an annual event. The Student Council was organized in 1933, and in 1946 Challenger, successor to the Purple Parrot, made its debut. Originally Troy High was a Latin School which taught subiects such as languages, history, and mathematics. The curriculum was gradually expanded to include art and music. Added in 1914 were The Vocational, Home Eco- nomics, and Commercial Departments, and not long after, gymnasium classes. Industrial Arts and Driver Training were included in the curriculum only four years ago. Y The School has been fortunate in having a large number of former graduates return to their Alma Mater to become part of its administration. Our principal, Mr. Enfanto, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Doyle, and Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Van Arnum are numbered among Troy High Alumni and many teachers on the faculty also have been graduates of Troy High School. lt is with pride that the editors and staff present the 1959 Dardanian. 4 TABLE GF CONTENTS FACULTY SENICRS CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS los ADS 124 6 'IN I Amr an AQ! V , , ,pw 'W ."w .M Y t,. Q R - q ' as ' Q 1 v PJ W Q H u Wcldk agua-1 in W. jf. .. 'Nikita A Q In m W. . .Qs:M.e Q,,f-i -w ft V 7 fr5'f:':-X it Q 1 V3 .J N321 sq EY 'X W vi W , N ?' Iv a L4 gk :, if 'Was J if A vv MISS MARIAN D. DIAMOND Secretary MISS ELIZABETH M. CASEY Registrar GUY A. EN FANTO-Principal TO THE CLASS GF l959 As an alumnus of Troy High School I feel both proud and privileged to be able to write this message as your principal on the occasion of the one hundredth com- mencement exercises of the Troy High School. Although the past one hundred years have seen many changes in educational theories, there has been no change in the consistent excellence of your faculty under the competent leadership of my prede- cessors. I am very well aware of the tremendous responsibility which befalls the prin- cipal of an institution which for over a hundred years has served as the alma mater of men and women who have distinguished themselves in all walks of life. With the aid of my faculty I shall devote myself to the maintenance of the traditions and standards of a high school which throughout its long history has served well the needs of the community. lt is my hope that I shall be able to meet the challenges of the future with the same success that my predecessors have met the challenge of the past. As you leave your alma mater you have every reason to feel secure in your preparation for either an institution of higher learning or a iob. Your training at Troy High School has fitted you well for the purposes of life. May you all add your names to that never-ending scroll of successful graduates. Congratulations! 1 t Principal TROY HIGH SCHOOL STAFF GUY A. ENFANTO, Principal' MARION D. DIAMOND ELIZABETH M. CASEY' Secretary Registrar GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Thomas D. Reese Margaret F. Redmond Mrs. Catherine Stewart, Secretary ART HOME ECONOMICS Raymond C. Henry' Pauline G. McGonigal Margaret K. Saunders' Dorothy D. Long' Helen D. O'Brien CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION Edwena Reynolds 'Marion C. Fitzpatrick Mildred Anslow John W. Daly Elizabeth Haskins Mary Martire Joanne M. Myers Edward C. Picken Rosemarie Schillaci' COMMERCIAL William Septic' Myrtle E. Fletcher' Mariorie F. Hennessey Antoinette M. Lewis Jane Meharg Helenmarie Murphy Eileen Rourke Agostina F.. Schillaci' Robert W. Seibert DRIVER EDUCATION Richard Terzian' ENGLISH Elizabeth A. Buckley' Dorothea G. Burkhart Marian A. Dunn Mary E. Foxell' Marshall K. Gillette Virginia Kelly' Barbara L. Kirby' Isabel R. Mann' Mary D. Mclnerny Kathleen M. McTavey Margaret P. Spencer' FOREIGN LANGUAGE Emily M. Cavanaugh Josina G. Bakker W. Warren Gibson' Arthur H. Reents Gertrude A. Rogers MEDICAL Dr. James Fitzgerald Margaret Sheehan R.N MUSIC Eugene Kane Patricia Miller Michael Saetta' Charles Zeller PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH Emanuel Elfenbein Charles I. Boland George C. Cooley Hannah Larmon Grace F. Lecomte Virginia E. Susman SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS David Levinstein' Mary Horgan Beniamin P. James Gertrude E. Markey Jeanne B. Swift Josephine B. Errera Mary Holmes Janet A. Maly Philip B. Quinn 'k VOCATIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS Alexander C. Ducat Robert Allen Edward J. Bell James P. Budrakey George E. Foley Eugene Mozier Alfred E. Percey Frank J. Quinn John M. Hennessey Wilfred J. Lagoe 'Graduates of Troy High School ii...- W--.,,,qs-W--'N-Q.Aw MR. Boys' Guidance Counselor GUIDANCE MISS MARGARET F. REDMOND Girls' Guidance Counselor o-- ' THOMAS D. REESE MRS, KATHERINE STEWART Secretary ART Mr. Henry, chairman of Fire Safety in Troy Public Schools, looking at firefighters of the early twentieth century. Miss McGonigaI, Advisor of Dardanian, looks favorably upon work for Dardanian. Art 4 students create advertisements for our Senior Ball. I2 .f 'vw 'HIS ' - 1, w SNK, z. . Vip: H, L15 '. jiilii Q xv ' 3w:S'fW 'L W . ' x..,.,v . . . CD51 'H saa I 1+ .... ' ,,,w:1+f-J ' Wg, -,A .,:3f:::.4:-5 5 ' f V-'5 4 3 V i'fg'li7'515?isi',5 iw- U ' ' J ,qu-,--3,f,5gf"M W ,.,.... . K, 1 5' Aw, Q? Eff f 9' A3 as ww. , Q mam W .Af gs KL W i if " Q W gl-ww-5 ' s s -12 W. W w lx fb f 3 , ff - '25 -4 E X :F wg Do you think Mr. Septic, head of the Commercial Department, is talking to Miss Lewis about her Senior Class or about Miss Hennessey's Del- phic Society? I4 Miss Rourke, Junio Class Advisory Mrs. Me harg, Mrs. Murphy, Mis: Schillaci, and Mr. Sei bert look as though they are having a going ou of business sale. ""'coMMERciAL Mrs. Murphy looks over her typing class. T i i li aisil eguac I 3 fi Miss Mann looks up information while Mrs. Spencer, Advisor of too many clubs to list, looks on. rv sissy 9' ENGLBH Mrs Kirby advisor of Library Club Mrs Burkhart Advisor of Phulomathian and Miss Dunn read about fashions of the past Miss Mclnerney and Mr. Gillette discuss a current book. :Newman R M FOREIGN LANGUAGE... Mr. Reenfs, Student Council advisor, Miss Rogers, Miss Cavanauglw, head of depart- ment, Mr. Gibson, advisor of the Junior Classical League, and Miss Bakker look ready for a world conference, Wl1a1's cooking, girls? B 'S'-.8 i .. WM,,,..wNf Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Long feel quite at home in the Home Economics Department model aparf- ITXQHT. Mrs. O'Brien and Mrs. Saun- ders count cafeteria returns. I6 I A ,gm , S2531 'hi 'P vi ' G l,g' 1 Q HOME ECONOMICS .t v PY f L an if K 1. 1 ak " V I' Q Q4 Ei ' 5 ,yi pg ' s gt 3' My 4 Q Eli I Mwwxmywafv' J-4.-'-""""sW as aa I4 - x K W + I8 +R if i M ED I CAL Our indispensable Miss Sheehan Dr. Fitzgerald examines some prospective football players. TROY Wffll Dlfllllla I w I4 auMsfU9""' ivy' I ,Me , V -DRIVER TRAINING Mr. Terzian examines the new Driver Training Chevrolet. mai N it 5 44 I wiv A Troy High School's answer to England's Knights of the Round Table. Mr. Hennessey, our Senior Class Advisor and Industrial Arts teacherg Mr. Budrakey, Advisor of the Radio Clubg Mr. Bell, Mr. Lagoe, Junior Class Advisor and Industrial Arts teacher, Mr. Quinn, and Mr. Foley. Mr. Allen and Mr. Mozier look at an old blueprint. '-' VOCATIQNAL AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS 20 Mr. Ducat, head of the Vocational Department, seems to be surrounded by work. ls that all school work, Mr. Ducat? K , Sitting, left to right: Mrs. Bridgewater, Mrs.-Mestalong, Miss Flahert Mrs Hourigan Mrs Hillebrandt Mrs O'Brien Standing, left to right: Mrs. Dunson, Mrs. Alarie, Mrs. Lerch, Mrs. M. Coonrad, Mrs. Purcell, Mrs, Martin, Mrs. P. Coonrad, ,,,,..--M Mrs. Fallas. N .Q-,. - 'r -Q -CUSTODIANS John McTavey, Edward Donnelly, James Wellworth, Frank Connolly, Thomas Madden, an 4 Q 3 9 -2 is.: -4 ff 4.5 l""' uw Va '-:Ni n as W nw Xa Mm VP v W A T f h'w.f+gwgL, "mf FY T:-' L, A .flfqfei W1 2 ,,W9,: f ,5'p,fA,,,4.vv. I ' Li'-C'??!P ' 2gquQ,:26!" K,-, -' we 1 3'T?9kiq,-4L1f1R?Q"i -1 WML. , QQJQQF in W"b.'w!i'v ,.,j1' Lff fieiigi w , ':,1f1r5:i:,2?f2'Na 61,3 ,,'pvw'mg,g .- W-, W-W-Q.: m "WM: " My-ff V 51 1 3 ,Qfjgggl "f"'f?f3',23T N , as + 1: QpfeiQF:g3L, 1 1J,251'?s:zJf,.. fx X, WP Q . MI? Qs .asks X x-'Q ,Qi H A my 11 Vt:-x W wg 1 Wi' mv, 5. ., , 3" 'l I V + Qsvmy ,ww " f ,Q i w A Wx In ?,.Mm'4W' W-uwwuunuu W X M. SENIOR CLASS OFFI CERS-Lefl to right: S Holland, Secretary Derrick, Vice-President B. Ducat, President: J Murray, Treasurer. '24 as CLASS ADVISORS Mr. Hennessey Miss Lewis SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS EXECU TIVE BOARD: B. Ducar J. Murray, A. Reihs, D Thursron, T. Solomon, V Kowalski, G. Kimmey, S Holland, S. Derrick. ON THE TH RESHOLD... Our high school days are nearing an end. We are about to be graduated. We are on the threshold of a whole new phase of our lives. Each will go his sep- arate way, some will continue their ed- ucation, others will enter the armed serv- ices, and others will enter industry. We will miss the familiar surroundings and the warmth of friendly faces. So it is with mingled feelings that we reflect on our four years spent here. It would be a sorrowful occasion were it not for the satisfaction of a goal attained, a greater challenge ahead, a look to the future. We have been pre- pared for this challenge by our educa- tion here, by our growth in physical and moral fibre. We face the future with confidence and eagerness. It is with sincere gratitude that we acknowledge the patience, encourage- ment and guidance of our teachers and parents. Our class has been fortunate to have as its advisers Miss Antoinette Lewis and Mr. John Hennessey, who by the force of their ersonalities, have de- . manded the bestpthat was in us. The BRUCE DUCAT' Class Presldenl class protects we have undertaken have CLASS OF l956 been marked with outstanding success through the cooperation of each and every member. We are proud of the goals we have set, and l have been honored to be your class president. We are the 100th class to be graduated from Troy High, one of the largest in her history. A hundred years of educational influence over the lives of succeeding generations! When one considers this, one realizes the important role Troy High has had in the shaping of men's lives. She has proudly held her standards high, and we have but written another page in her history. We cannot rest on our laurels, however, and like the classes that have gone before us, we must go forth individually to do credit to ourselves, our community and our nation, and to justify the confidence that has been placed in us. My best wishes to all of you! Sincerely, iffuoc 0014447 2 PETER C. APOSTOL Greek Heatly College Soccer-Intramural Sports, H.O.H., Student Council SUSAN RUTH BECKMAN Susie School I8 Buffalo State Teachers College Student Council, Junior Prom, Senior Ball Publicity Co-Chairman, Delphic, Dardanian, l'l.O.H. af JOSEPH ALEXANDER JR. Miser School 5 College Commercial Club, Glee Club, Library Club, Choral MYRA MAE BUCHMAN School 18 College Student Council Executive Board, Darden- ian, Literary Editor, Philornathian, Fire Mon- itor JOHN F. BAKER School I4 Challenger, National Honor Society, Science Club, Quintilian, H.O.H. JAMES W. DELANEY .lim Arlington, Mass. H.S. College THOMAS J. ARMAO Tom School l Service Junior Magazine and Senior Card Sales, Senior Ball MILDRED LEE BARDROF Midge School l6 Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Senior Card Sales, H.O.H., Student Council ANN BULMER Brigefie School I2 Air Force H,O,H., Cafeteria Monitor HARRY J. BARTLE Har LaSalle College Soccer, Hockey, Junior Prom, Junior and Senior Card Sales CAROLE ANN BLASSBERG Cab School 18 College Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, Senior Card Sales, Senior Ball, Synchronized Swimming DORIS KATHERINE BERNHARD Dorie School I8 College Senior Ball, Challenger, H.O.H., Girls' ln- tramurals, Philomaihian CHARLES BIRMINGHAM Charlie Knickerbacker Hudson Valley Technical Institute Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales ROBERT J. BAKERIAN Baker School I4 Work H.O.H., Junior and Senior Card Sales HELEN MARIE BALLIE El Sacred Heart National School Aeronautics Card Sales, Magazine Sales, H.O.H. ft. JANE MERCEDES BETANCOURT Janie School 12 College Library Club, Philomathian, H.O.H., Senior Ball, Dardanian, Junior Prom RICHARD N. BECKMAN Beck School I8 College Varsity Cross Country Varsity Soccer, Junior Class Executive Board, Student Council, Senior Ball BARBARA MAE BINGHAM Bal School I8 Commercial Club, Junior Prom, Senior Ba Card and Magazine Sales, H.O.H. MATTHEW CURLEY Mall School I6 NGVY Card Sales, Magazine Sales MARGARET BRADY Peggy Catholic High Senior Card Sales mil' Mi' 'Sv. KH! "lf" MARY ANNE BROADHEAD Red Sacred Heart St. Rose Junior Classical League, Magazine Sales, Science Club, Card Sales ROBERT GEORGE BURDICK Bob Soccer, Basketball, Baseball ALBERT J. BELL Al School 14 Albany Business College Hockey, H.O.H. LINDA BERNICE BUERKLEY Tink School 14 College Student Council, Cheerleader, Library Club, Delphic, Co-Chairman Junior Prom, H.O.H., Dardanian R ,Ti 1 MAXIM NEIL COHEN Max School I8 College Junior Prom, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Dardanian MARGARET BREARTON Midge St. Francis Junior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales, Senior Card Sales, Student Council MARILYN W. CLOSSON SCIIOLDI I8 College Cheerleading, Student Council, National Honor Society, Challenger, Dardanian, Phil- omathian RONALD PETER BLAAUBOER Pussey School 12 R.P.l. Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales DENNIS CURLEY Dent School I8 Commercial Club, Radio Club, Challenger LYNDA L. CHU School I8 H.O.H., Card Captain, Challenger, Juni Magazine Captain, Student Council ALFRED J. COONRADT Al Brunswick 1545 College Radio Club, Junior and Senior Card Sales JOYCE COLEMAN CHUCKROW Chicken Emma Willard Cornell Day School University Challenger Co-Editor, Student Council, Na- tional Honor Society, Senior and Junior Card Sales DONALD CHAFFEE Don Sacred Heart Navy Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales SUSAN M. BURT Sue School l8 Nursing Student Council, H.O,H., Junior Prom, Challenger I , HERBERT R. CHARBONNEAU Herb School l College Senior Executive Board, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales CAROL ANN COLWILL School I4 Comptometer School Junior and Senior Card Sales, Girls lntra- murals, H.O.H. i 5 CAROLYN B. CALHOUN Knickerbacker lSecretaryl Clarion, Library Club, Junior and Senior Carcl Sales MARY ANN ClOFFl Mair Saint Mary's A.B.C. Library Club, Student Council, Cafeteria Monitor, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Senior Ball JOHN R. CALLANDER Jacl School I4 R.P.i Co-Chairman Senior Ball, Junior Prom, Jun ior and Senior Card Sales, lntramural RICHARD CROOK Dick Knickerbacker H.V.T. Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales DOLA FRANCES CASSUM DO-Do School l Work Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales ROBERT STAFFORD Boi COONRAD JR. School 'l8 Collegi Radio Club, P.A. Engineer, Science Cluk Student Council 'HQ 'X CAROL HELEN CLEMENTS Wynanfskill HOH, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales EDWARD C. CONNOLLY Ed School 'I Junior and Senior Card Sales, Senior Ball, Basketball JEANNETTE E. CASE Jean School 15 Work for the State Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales BRUCE C. DUCAT Burma P.S. JW College Student Council, Fire Monitor, Junior and Senior Class President, Quintillian, Swim- ming f F r 1 r S 1 or 1? VIRGINIA CROTTY Ginny School l2 Work Commercial Club, H.O.H., Junior Magazine Sales, Clarion, Junior Mixer ARTHUR DOUGLAS CASTLE Arf Wynantskill Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Maga- zine Sales, J.V. Football ELIZABETH ANN DUDASH Belly School 10 St. Joseph's School of Nursing Cafeferia Monitor, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, H.O.H. ROBERT ANTHONY DANIELS Gmzo Sacred Heart Service Baseball, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Jun- ior Magazine Sales ELSIE DUFFNER School l Library Club, Commercial Club, Philomathia Junior Class Treasurer, Junior Prom, Seni Ball, Challenger, Dardanian MARGARET ALTA DUNCAN Marge School l4 Marines H.O.H., Intramurals, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales FLORENCE RITA DOAKMAJIAN Flo Wynantskill Garland Cheerleader, Dardanian, Ski Club, Juhior Prom, Junior Mixer, Junior H.O.H. CHARLES G. DAVIDSON Na RUSSELL STEWART DEAN Stew School I4 Intrarnurals, H.O.H,, Junior Card and Mag- azine Sales RICHARD HOWARD DAFFNER Dick School I8 Albany Pharmacy Band, National Honor Society, Quintilian, Student Council, Tennis MARY THERESA GALLICO Marie School 18 Secretary Clarion, Junior Prom, Junior Card Sales 4 MARION FREEMAN School 14 Samaritan Hospital Dardanian, Senior Ball, Junior Card Sales, Senior Card Sales 1 f SANDRA DAWN DWYER Sandy Wynantskill Telephone Co. H.O.H., Cafeteria Monitor, Senior and Jun- ior Card Sales WILLIAM T. DEGRAFF Bill Sacred Heart Air Force Baseball, Junior and Senior Card Sales SARA LEE DERRICK Sari School I8 College Philomathian, National Honor Society, Chal- lenger, Junior and Senior Class Vice Pres- ident, H.O.H. JOAN C. ELLENBOGEN Joanie School IO College Second Vice President of Student Council, Challenger, Dardanian, National Honor So- ciety, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Delphic, Clarion CARL STEPHEN ERICKSON School 16 College H.O.H., Junior Prom WILLIAM FINKLE Fink Knickerbacker Junior High Junior Card Sales, Junior Mixer, Varsity Football, H.O.H., Dardanian, Senior Ball PATRICIA FORBES P61 School I4 Secretary Junior Card Sales, H.O.H., Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Cafeteria Monitor, Senior Card Sales ALBERT DIRIENZO BRUISE Sf. Joseph's Springfiel Hockey Team, Junior and Senior Card Sale V Z' 41 Que' 12 ai' 'is MQ' if 'Affg gr 5 ' 5:53 L- NAOMI BETH GOTKIS Nome Heatly School College Delphic, Student Council, Challenger, Syn- chronized Swimming, National Honor So- ciety, Junior Prom, H.O.H., Senior Ball DAVID WAYNE EORMAN Sl'l0rfy School I8 College Dardanian, Science Club, Quintilian, Junior Card Sales, Senior Card Sales ROBERT GOLDBERG Bob School 18 College Cafeteria Monitor, Soccer, Hockey, Student Council, Radio Club RONAL PELTON HALL Pelt School 14 College Student Council, H.O.H., Hockey, Intramu- rals, Junior Prom, Senior Ball SHARON MARlE GATES Knickerbacker Jr. High Business Junior Prom, Junior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales ALEXANDER J. DZEMBO Brunswick 5459 Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales PATRICIA JANE HIDLEY Pal Wynantskill College of Saint Rose Cheerleader, Challenger, Delphic, Student Council, Commercial Club Pres., Junior Prom CHRISTOPHER KAPRIELIAN Chris School IO College National Honor Society, Quintilian, Soccer, Track GRACLEE GRATTO School I2 College Philomathian, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, Dardanian, Intramurals X "-Pe I J I CAROL C. GLAZ School 12 Business College Student Council, Library Club, Commercial Club, Intramurals THOMAS MICHAEL GOYER Fuzz Wynantskill Navy Junior and Senior Card Sales CHARLES L. HANCOX Chuck School I Track, Football, Junior Prom, Junior and Sen- ior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales CAROL RUTH HUGHES Mary Warren Samaritan Hospital Library Club, H,O.H., Junior Card Sales, Senior Card Sales GAIL JANICE HANBY School 14 Hartford Airlines School Challenger, H.O.H., Junior Prom, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales RICHARD A. HAGGERTY Hag Averill Park Air Force Football, Baseball, Baskerball WILLIAM T. HICOK Wild Bill School 18 H.V.T.l. H.O.H., Senior Ball, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales RICHARD E. HALSE Halsey School I2 H.v.T.l. Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales JANICE GRACE HASSO Jan School 18 Russell Sage Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Maga- zine Sales, Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, Senior Ball X .3225 li LYNNE ANN HILLER CarrOt Top School I Office Work Dardanian, Band, H.O.H., Commercial Club CHARLES EDWARD HAUCK Chuck School I8 College Quintilian, National Honor Society, Student Council, Dardanian, Junior Mixer, Chairman, Swimming, Golf x LB... I BETH VINCENT HOFFMAN RICHARD N. ISHKANIAN Ish School I8 College Student Council, Junior Executive Board, H.O.H., Soccer, Intramural Football, Dar- danian PATRICIA HONSINGER Fireball School 'IO Student Council, Cafeteria Monitor, Junior Prom, Senior Ball Business Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales WILLIAM R. HOLSTEIN Bill Hillside Christian Brothers H.V.T.I. Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales i JANET M. KELLEY Jan School' 16 College Challenger, National Honor Society, Junior Prom, Junior Magazine Philomathian ROBERT D. HENRY Himper School 14 Colle9e Studem' Council, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Hockey, H.O.H., Dance Band BARBARA ANN INMAN Bobbie School 1 W0fk Commercial Club, Delphic, Co-Chairman Junior Mixer, Cafeteria Monitor, Dardanian BARBARA LEWIS Bobbie Wynantskill Secretary Intramurals, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales JOHN H. KAPPES JR. Jack School I4 Navy Junior and Senior Card Sales SUE CAROL HOLLAND Susie-C School 14 Secrefay Junior and Senior Class Secretary, Challer ger, Dardanian, Commercial Club, Junic Prom, Senior Ball 0- I FREDERICK ROBERT HUBICKI Fred School 18 Pratt lnstitute Dardanian, Clarion, Challenger, Junior Prom, Senior Ball JANE CAROL KEWLEY Janie School I4 Junior Prom, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales Z n a JILL ANN JOHNSON School I4 Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales LINDA J. KAUTZ Lin Knickerbocker Geneseo State Teachers College Library Club, National Honor Society, Phil- omathian, Junior Classical League JAMES G. LAlRD Jim Heatly Business College Junior and Senior Card Sales ANN JOHNS Annie School I0 Commercial Club, Library Club, Junior Prom xx DAVID CHARLES KEEPER Bruser School i Albany State Teachers College Football, Track, Commercial Club, Senior Card Sales BETTE B. LORENZ Wynantskill Secretary lniramurals, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales ll I JUDITH KEPNER Judy Wynantskill Albany Slat: Teacher's Collegr Library Club, Junior Prom, H.O.H., Senio Ball ARNOLD LUEDKE School i College Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales i THOMAS JAMES LOCOCO "T" School 12 Albany Stale Teacher's College Radio Club, Track, Cross Country, Dardanian, H.O.H., Sturent Council, Junior Classical League HELEN JEAN KOWALCZYK School 12 Business Colleg Co-Captain Ring Sales, Commercial Clul Intramurals DONALD DAVID MCCABE Abe School l8 Football, Hockey, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales JANE M. LAWLESS Emma Willard Jinx Junior Card Sales, H.O.H., Cafeteria Mon- itor, Senior Card Sales GAlL FRANCES LUNDY School I4 Becker Junior College Cheerleader, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales GAIL A. KIMMEY Sacred Heart Commercial Club, Junior Senior Executive Board Business Magazine Sales, WILLIAM J. LAVIGNE JR. School I4 College Hockey, Football, Co-Chairman of Junior Prom, National Honor Society, Quintilian, Student Council KAREN B. LEVY School 14 College Delphic, Challenger, Junior Classical League, Science Club, H.O.H., Junior Prom LAWRENCE H. MACDONALD Butch School 5 College Junior Classical League, Quiniilian, Senior Ball, H.O.H. SUSAN C. MACAULEY Sue School 18 College Philomathian, Challenger, National Honor Society, H.O.H. J if MARGA L. LIPACIS Lip , Averill Park College Philomathian, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales, Intramurals LYNNE MILLER Lynne Wynantskill Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales ROBERT N. MAHONEY ,Bob SIGWALT LUDKE Zig School l College Soccer, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales St. Lawrence R.P.I. Radu. Club Pres., Dardanlan, Junior and Senior Card Sales WILLIAM PATRICK MACKEY Mack School I2 H.v.T.I. Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales MARY LEE LEONARD Lee School I6 Albany Business College Cafeteria Monitor, Library Club, Junior and Senior Card Sales, H.O.H. avi' V' 'U' ROBERTA MACFARLANE Tookie School I Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing Philomathian, Dardanian, Student Council, National Honor Society, H.O.H. DONALD DOUGLAS MACPHAIL JR. -Mack Wynantskill Siena Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales J f I , DOROTHY M. MCGUIRE Dot Dunbar High College Glee Club, Intramurals, Senior Card Sales VIRGINIA KOWALSKI Ginny Miller Hill Elementary Nursing School Cheerleader, Senior Executive Board, Junior Prom, Student Council, Junior Classical League, Intramurals LYNN R. MITCHELL MITCH School I2 H.v.T.l. Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales PATRICIA M. MAITLAND Pat Berlin Central Samaritan Hospital Nursing Senior Card Sales, Junior Prom, Band, Chorus, Philomathian i S1 . JOYCE M. MANLEY Joyceeee4 School I6 Student Council, Challenger, Dardanian, H.O.H. JUDITH ANNE MINAHAN Jay School I2 l.B.M. School Student Council, Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Junior and Senior Card Sales ARNOLD G. MANVILLE Gig School 16 R-P. Varsity Basketball, Football, H.O.H., Jur ior Dues JOHN A. MAJER Mage St. Lawrence Work Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag azine Sales JANICE MARGARET MONTGOMERY Jan School 12 College Student Council, National Honor Society, Philomathian Society, H.O,H., Challenger MARY EILEEN MONAHAN Ertrty School I6 Austin School of Beauty Junior Mixer, Library Club, Senior Ball, H.O,H., Cafeteria Monitor RONALD E. MATHEWSON Ron Stillwater Central School Engineering School Science Club, H.O.H., Junior Classical League, Junior Magazine Sales, Intramurals LEO PAUL MOSSEAU Moose School i2 Work Football, Basketball, Baseball, Junior and Senior Card Sales I ,..,Qg4 ,,c,, A ig EILEEN MARY MURRAY Murph St. Peters Work Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales LIDA MARIE MACAULAY School I4 Russell Sage Challenger Co-Editor, H.O,H,, Philomathian, Student Council, Tom McAnn Candidate, Na- tional Honor Society c'c! STEPHEN NELICK Albany Academy College Swimming, H.O.H., Radio Club CAROLANN NABEREZNY School 12 College Commercial Club, Clarion, Junior Maga- zine Sales f is JOYCE M. MOSHER JO School 12 Business Colleg Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Seinic Card Sales, Maioretfe DIANNE THERESA MURRAY Muhr Service Library Club, Junior Prom, Junior and Sen- ior Card Sales 'Wed JOAN THERESA MOORE Moorie School I6 Philomafhian Pres., National Honor Society, Senior Ball, Darclanian, Challenger JAMES STEPHEN MURRAY School 12 Sfudent Council, Junior Executive Boarc H.O.H., Fire Monitor, Dardanian, Senic Class Treasurer DOUGLAS POLLOCK Weed School I4 H.O.H., Junior Mixer, Senior Ball, Senior Card Sales PATRICIA MOSSEAU Little Moose School I2 work Junior Prom, Junior Mixer, H.O.H., Junior and Senior Card Sales I PAULA CHRISTINE NIEMCZYNSKI Puff-O Sr. Agnes School Cortland Stare Teachers Intramurals, Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, Dar- danian, Senior Ball, Glee Club, Cafeteria Monitor JANE E. NAYLOR Miss Muffei Wynantskill College Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, Senior Card Sales, Senior Ball, Dardanian ROGER MARK POLLMAN School I4 College JAMES L. NELLIGAN LaSalle Work Junior Mixer, Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales, H.O.H. MARILYN NELSON Merle School l4 Work Junior Magazine Sales, Junior Card Sales, Senior Card Sales SANDRA LEE NASHOLDS Sandy School 18 State Teacher's College Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Del- phic, H.O.H., Junior Prom, Senior Ball PAUL RONALD POLLACK Jake School i4 H.V.T.l Junior Classical League, H.O.H. THOMAS PERRINE TOir'n School 5 Work Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mixer, Senior Ball LYNDA KAY NITZ Lynne School 18 Nursing School Dardanian, Delphic, Cheerleader, Junior Prom, Junor Mixer, H.O.H., Student Council ELAYNE PREZIO Pretz St. Francis DeSales College Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales BARBARA H. PERLMAN Barb School I4 College President of Synchronized Swimming, Pres- ident of Delphic, Dardanian, Ad Board Co- Chairman, Student Council, National Honor Society, Ski Club Y.. wg BRENDA PFEIFFER School I6 Airline School Dardanian, Student Council, Magazine Sales, Junior Prom, H.O.H., KATHERINE PATRICIA PITTSE Pat School I6 Col lege Junior and Senior Card Sales, Challenger, Sophomore Dance, Junior Prom X, CATHERINE ANN PINCHON Pinch Catholic High Commercial Club ROBERT PRYOR Cropseyville District 4 H.V.T.l. Radio Club, Junior an dSenior Card Sales FRANCIS GERARD PASSINO Pass Sacred Heart Service Junior and Senior Card Sale, Junior Mag- azine Sales, Football, Track JOHN S. PARKER, JR. Two Part Parker School 5 Air Force Vocational Dept. Dance Committee, Junior Prom, Senior Ball LILLIAN ELIZABETH POWERS Lil School 12 l.B.M. School National Honor Society, H,O.H., Junior Card Sales, Junior Mixer, Junior Prom 78' DEE ANN O'BRlEN Dee-Dee Berlin Central Nav' Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senio Card Sales, H.O.H. BARBARA JEAN PARKER Bobbie Keveny Academy Buffalo University Choral, Drum Maiorette, Senior CardASales, Junior Magazine Sales, H.O.H., Cafeteria Monitor ROBERT MATTHEW POCHMAN Poch School 12 U. S. Naval Academy Student Council, Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Golf PATRICIA ANN MACGREGOR P6111 School i Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag azine Sales MARTHA JEAN RICHBURG Pixie Mary Warren l.B.M. in New York City Student Council, Senior Ball, Junior,Mixer, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales RALPH FRANCIS JOSEPH PASSONNO Ruff School I6 University of Pennsylvania Football and Baseball FRANK RENNA Eggs School I2 National Honor Society, Quintilian, Senior Card Sales JOANNE M. ROECK Jo SCl'100l I4 College Delphic, National Honor Society, H.O.H., Junior Prom, Senior Ball Co-Chairman, Jun- ior and Senior Card Sales EMILY PARKER Penny St. Peters Academv Intramural Sports, H.O.H. JOSEPH OERTEL Big "O" Cobleskill Central Law School Student Council President, H.O.H., Soccer, Quintilian, Basketball, Junior and Senior Card Sales ,X , . c -M , 5 . X Am ,, 1. DANIEL RHEINAUER Danny School I6 College Student Council, Band, Dance Band LORETTA SANEASIN Speedy St. Colman Intramurals, Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, Senior Ball, H,O.H. ELAINE RICHBURG Lainie School 5 Becker Junior College Senior Ball, Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Library Club, Com- mercial Club S HOWARD CHARLES REYNOLDS Howie School I8 R.P.l. H.O.H., Quintilian, Junior Prom, Swimming PETER ANTHONY RICCI Rick ST- M6"Y'S H.V.T.I. Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales ROSE MARIE SCHOENAGEL Rosie Catholic High Secretary Commercial Club, Senior Card Sales N JUDITH PATRICIA SCOTT Jup School I6 Work Card Sales, Junior Mixer, H.O.H., Junior Magazine Sales J. RICHARD RILEY Dick Wyna-ntskill Swimming, Track, Football, Junior Maga- zine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales DOROTHY ANN RUFF ,Dotfii Catholic High JOHN CARL RICHARDS Sonny School I2 Work Junior and Senior Card Sales SALLY SCHMELZER Sal School I6 College Student Council, Cafeteria Monitor, National Honor Society, Delphic, Challenger, Dar- danian, H.O.H. ROGER W. ROMANO Rog LaSalle Service JAMES ROMANSKI Jim St.Mary's Junior and Senior Card Sales, H,O.H. RUTH SIMON Ru School I4 College Sflldenf C0Uf1Cll, Junior Prom, Junior Magazine Sales, H.O.H., Challenger, Phil- omathian A x RX C 1 1 x in KATHLEEN SIN NOTT Kathy St. Mary's Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales JUNE ROSE SEPTIC Unle School 16 College Junior Executive Board, Junior Card Sales, Junior Magazine Sales, H.O.H., Dardan- ian, Library Club, Student Council KATHLEEN R. SIMONIAN Kafhy Wafervliet High College HARVEY ROTHENBERG Harv School 10 Cortlancl Stale Teachers College Student Council, H.O.H. GRETCHEN VANRENSSELAER SICKLES Gretch St, Paul's School College Philomathian, Cafeteria Monitor,, Challen- ger, Synchronized Swimming, Dardanian, Senior Ball ANDREW F. SHEFFER Andy Knickerbacker Junior High Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales PAUL JOSEPH SMITH School 12 Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Intramurals 1 x x . LYDIA SMULSKY School i2 St, Peter's Hospital Nursing National Honor Society, Delphic, Junior Magazine Sales, Senior Card Sales, Dar- danian, Junior Classical League JAMES HENRY SPAIN .llr St. Mary's Wor Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senic Card Sales BEVERLY ANN SLITER Bev School I2 Secretary Commercial Club, H.O,H., Junior Prom, Dardanian MM - 429 4-9,,?3f,. vi, f 4, if .. , ' if I5 1 ' Jw' J.:- N, if gi-It ?,v,i,,i4 ,, . , h ,it :wx ':-. "': ' 11. " , , -" A" M 1 v 5: 1? af vo-nf' fx 'f M ' is .X W., 61 ' Lm.. W. ,Y,.,.., . ,,.., , ,fff - ' , jig , ,-.U 5? T HCM" " -' xgvw Yin ffm- Nu ASR. f ELAINE LOUISE VAN BUREN Blossom School I4 Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Prom, Dardanian NANCY E. WEINGARTNER Nance School I4 Oneonta State Teachers College Cheerleader, Student Council, Philomathian, Senior Ball, H.O.H. ANTON M. SOLOMON Tony School I8 ColIe9e Junior Magazine Sales, Junior Card Sales, Senior Card Sales, Senior Executive Board, Student Council, Quintilian JAMES WILLIAM STEWART .lin School I2 Collegi Student Council Vice President, Quintaniar National Honor Society, Co-Chairman c Junior Card Sales, Ring Sales, Challenger WALLACE TEDESCO Wally School I0 H.V.T.l Student Council, Senior Card Sales. JEAN ELIZABETH TUCKER Jeanne School 5 Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Mag- azine Sales I LYNDA HELEN WELLS Lyn School I4 Albany Business College Junior Card Sales, Junior Prom, Editor of Clarion, Cafeteria Monitor, Fire Monitor, H,O.H. DAVID C. THURSTON School I4 Union College Editor-in-Chief of Dardanian, Co-chairman of H.O.H., National Honor Society, Student Council, Delegate Syracuse Citizenship Ed- ucation Conference, Challenger, Quintilian, Senior Class Executive Board Cornell Day Representative JOHN HIPPOCRATES THOMAS Hippocrates School I8 College Dardanian, Senior Ball, Cafeteria Monitor Y- Yi uv" JAMES MARK STROSBERG Stros School 16 Union College National Honor Society, Quintilian, Band, Orchestra, Challenger, Cross Country, Base- ball, H.O.H. THERESA M. TURINO Terry School l Challenger, Dardanian, Student Council, Jun- ior Mixer, Junior and Senior Card Sales X I . 1' LINDA JEAN WATERS .Lin School 14 Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales, Junior Prom, H.O.H., Junior Mixer 2 55 1 W K f 55 g ,.,. fu.. W 1 :J ' ,lil 555' 55, L 5"w'5:1Am Xz iff 'V' .wfifii 3 4-if iw .. A M. Q p , if Q 0- Alf fi wtf, M. N K c , SL m 1 737. X .6 7 P :L ,, , if K 11:5 - K ,M ' 'iq M, A , . 4. ,..,A.w s Q X , W , iv? BARBARA ANN WHIPPLE Barb School I4 Junior Magazine Sales, Junior Card Sales, Sophomore Dance. Synchronized Swimming Club EDWARD KENT WILCOVE Chicken Knickerbacker School Junior Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basket- ball, Soccer RONALD DAVID TORNCELLO Bruce School 12 Navy Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales JOHN JOSEPH WHALEY Whale School I2 St. Lawrence Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball t MAGARET ELIZABETH Maggie WILKINSON School 12 Nu,-sing Senior Ball, H.O.H. MERLE C. WILSON Wil School 'I6 Beaver College Student Council, Synchronized Swimming, Junior Prom, Junior Mixer, Dardanian, H.O.H. is . .is X- JANET M. WISHER Jan School I2 W0l'li Delphic, Library Club, Junior Mixer, Com- mercial Club, Junior Prom, H.O.H. GERALD EUGENE WOHLLEBER Jerry School 1 Air Force Commercial Club, Junior Magazine Sales, Junior and Senior Card Sales JAMES ROGER WOHLLEBER Wally School l State Teachers College Homeroom Treasurer, Junior Prom, Intra- murals NANCY ANN ZALUCKI Nan St. Joseph's Nursing School Cafeteria Monitor, Junior Prom, Junior Magazine Sales, Senior Card Sales, Junior Mixer CHARLES LEO WICK Charlie School 18 College Varsity Swimming, Dardanian, lntramura Sports, Senior Ball FLORENCE YOSOIAN FI4 School 14 Colleg Junior Magazine Captain, Junior Mixe Junior Prom, Dardanian, H.O.H., iOrche: tra, Choral, Philomathian 7008057 v.. 1 mt- , N ' llllx 7!0f5hwn X EET 1" X -v W f S5 5 4 Ja il Q 5"'7no rmoro JAMES YATES Von H,V.T.I. Dance Band, Football CURTIS BROWN JAMES H. BURNICHE School I8 Navy DAVID J. COLLINS School I Service Radio Club, Card Sales ELAINE COUTURE School I0 Work Clarion, Student Council RICHARD GEORGE Dick School 5 College JUDY ST. PIERRE School I6 VIRGINIA THEPANIER DAISY TUCKER Lee School 5 Women's Air Force 'iff' 1 u li ,.. 'Y I W- Photo not AVAILABLE AQHT mlnnvuus I 1 A A 'I .::. , ' H' ,.i , , inf! - 45. - . - O . 4 -jg. , min- , VIS 'WI ,ai .1 -J- 'Ss-4 Now hear this. WHAT A YEAR As the Fall is the beginning of a new school yea: and a new adventure, so our Freshman year was the beginning of a new adventure for us. On September 7 1955, we entered Troy High. "Oh, what a fall was there my countrymen!" ito quote Shakespeare! for we were no longer superior eighth graders. We were entering as lovvly, wide eyed freshmen, fresh from the height: we had reached after eight years in grammar school Oh, how we felt as we looked up at those worldly seniors and wondered how one ever became such a supreme being. To us the juniors were a little more human. We admired them and, once in a while, ever spoke to them. We were the first class to have the distinction of being stuck with the same homeroom teacher and the same lockers for four years. Weren't we lucky? Our locker: were located off the beaten path where no one woulc ever tamper with them, not even we! We were als: the first class to be blessed with tags, which we wen fortunate enough to wear for a whole week. Remem ber how we put them on our pocketbooks and schoc books hoping they wouldn't be seen? At the end o that glorious frosh week we were honored at a danci where we all had a marvelous time standing in littll clumps and watching the upperclassmen dance. However, we weren't the only new faces to be seen around T.H.S. in the fall of '55. Mr. Ducat, Mr. Guidc Mr. Foley, Mr. Gillette, Miss Hemingway, Mr. Jary, Mi Terzian, and our awesome Mr. Daly, all ioined the Trot High faculty at the same time. Our class was lucky enough to place two girls o the J.V. cheerleading squad-Jeanne Lewis and Nanc Weingartner. incidentally, after four years Nancy is sti cheering our many teams to victory. Our class has ar other distinction. It is the first class ever to put on i1 own dance. OWN DANCE. Although we were aided by juniors, seniors, and Mrs. Spencer, we did most of the work ourselves. We made our social debut on February 24, 1956, when the Troy High band played for our Sadie Hawkins Round and Square Dance. Joanie Ellenbogen and Rich- ard Daffner, our co-chairmen, did a commendable iob in carrying out our theme of Dogpatch, U.S.A. We had Daisy Maes chasing L'iI Abners around the walls, and as an added attraction, shmoos were thrown in. At the end of this freshman year, we settled down to study for our first high school exams. This was the beginning of many long hours of enjoyment for us. When exam week finally came, we heard for the first time those immortal words, "l do so declare," words which by now our pens write automatically on the line immediately following, not the second line following, but immediately following, the last answer. After these exams we found ourselves full fledged sophomores wondering what the puny freshman would look like next year. Our fall, with its enthusiasm and newness was over and we settled down to what we will call, the winter of our sophomore year. The second season of our four-year experience at Troy High School, now confronted us as we, the sopho- more class of 1956, settled down for a long winter's nap. If mother nature was blanketed with snow, we too were blanketed, but with studies and extracurricular activities, however we looked forward to another profit- able and enioyable year at Troy High. In September, the physical education department gave us a series of fitness tests, which included hand springs, headstands and other acrobatic stunts. I fear we acquired more aches and pains than skills. Troy High's Annual Open House was held on October 24, a few days after Troy High staged its mock elec- tion. A real voting machine was employed in the elec- tion, rather than the usual straw vote. For the first time the Troian Horses did not eat the election returns. Our main thoughts however were on our school work. The very thought of such spine tingling events as biology recitations, geometry theorems and the Hanging Slave labor "if li: ln-1"'T'q i1 c Ni Sh-h-h-h tra. I w -1 fi f S .Wm Wk A I 3 T! zkL"' Aw sw was 524: ., ' va,-i ,, 1, A ug ig 4 W + D4 ,. 'K :gif Nui. 3 " ' R' Sk Luk..- A is bf Mazwm. QQ. 'Q N In M -Yr W ., ,,,5mbm - 53' My ' , wgkffl K ,, 4- Xu - WM- 'EQ 'F . ,ix V 'SW W A .Hamm Q. .. K K K i .WK H W .m S-.M .1 ,M Www ,M-. - ---- Then came the time ot which all the students eagerly were looking forward, a time for rejoicing and happi- ness, exam time. We took our seats and quickly whizzed out all the right answers las we thoughtj. Too bad that exam time comes only twice a year. Or would it be better once in two years? Our sophomore year was closing. We had survived a long and tedious settling in period, blanketed with work and thawed by much enjoyment. Now the time had come for our spring training-as juniors. Spring is the time of year when nature blossoms in all its pristine glory. Tl e dead things of winter suddenly come to lite. ln a way, we were like the spring. Life suddenly became new and exciting, for were juniors now. First, we were proud to inherit the title of upper- classmen. But this was just the beginning of our new life. It was more than just accepting a title. We had to accept new responsibilities, new activities, and new problems. But, we didn't find it too difficult to adapt ourselves to our new world. Miss Lewis and Mr. Hennessey, as advisers, helped us on our way. The boys 7l 'N-.,,, sr WWA ,..w W! S i , ,, r .a W Front: M. Bardrof, Joan Ellenbogen, S. Schmel- zer, R. Simon, J. Naylor, C. Gizara. Back: L. Buerkley, M. Stillman. Shara Gordon, Ed Hannon, Ed Wilmot, Nancy Weingartner, Rena Williams, Charles Hancox. Junior Mixer Midge Stillman and Barbara Schrell, seniors, view with apprecia 1ion the window made by juniors, James Walsh and Willian Misslinger. M. A. Cioffi: her guest, G. Kimmey, H. Charbonneau, S. Ward, J. Riley. 1 1 Seated: R. MacFar- l a n e, S. Holland. Back: G. Kimmey, B. Perlman, S. Derrick, J. Roeck, L. Buerkley, and B. Pfeiffer. 4 ,j ...Q-.f""! James Murray, Brenda Pfeiffer, Barbara Schrell, Midge Stillman, and Midge Bardrof. I Our first step was to elect class officers. What a iok Whom could we trust with all the money we intende to make? We made our decision. Soon Bruce Duca Sara Lee Derrick, Elsie Duffner, and Sue Holland ha fifty-two hundred dollars in their hands as a result c our very successful magazine drive. Janice Hasso, Ga Kimmey, and John Wong did a superb iob in helpin us break all school records. We exceeded the recor of the Class of '57 by thirteen hundred dollars. lt seems as if the money was always our most pressin problem. There were class rings to be bought and down payment to be made. Of course, we had to in press upon our parents the importance and necessity 1 a ring. What a world shaking decision to have to maki How extremely important it seemed to us. lndeed, oi whole life depended on this one decision . . . vs thought. Should we get one with a "T" or one witho a "T"? Strange as it may appear, we pulled throug without too many casualties. Within the next week, tvx hundred and twenty-five iuniors had to make this m mentous decision, so that by April we proudly displays our class rings. Next on our list was Junior Mixer, Barbara lnma and Charles Hauck were appointed co-chairmen of tl "Crystal Christmas-," the title and theme of our Mixe ln front of the fireplace sat the faculty, feeling ar looking much at home. In the center of the floor stoc a Christmas tree which had taken us all afternoon ' spray.white and trim with tinsel. But it was a gorgeol tree, worth all our efforts. Toby Middlebrook and h band looked a little chilly as they serenaded us fron their sleigh. Although we didn't break any records l attendance, the Mixer was very successful. January appeared out of nowhere. Much to on regret, we had to begin studying for exams. Our burde was eased a little when word leaked out that Joe Haye was coming. Sure enough, in the middle of January rs hearsals began for our first production, "Head Ove Heels" . . . commonly known as H.O.H. The productio was scheduled for February 2l and 22. The days ju: flew by and soon we were ready for our last bi rehearsal. About ten juniors and seniors made it t school. The reason! lt seems that we had a little snot storm during the night. Nothing outstanding, iust abol five feet of snow. What confusion and what a di appointment! As a result, the show was postponed unt March 1 and 2. No sooner was "Head Over Heels" finished when we started to prepare for Junior Prom. May 17 was the fatal day. Linda Buerkley and Bill Lavigne gave their lives to Miss Lewis for the next two months when they were appointed co-chairmen of "Tulip Cotillion." We quickly set to work making Dutch dolls and tulips . . . those endless nights in 114 making tulips and more tulips. We realized, the night of May 17, that it was not all in vain. The gym looked like Queen Juliana's Garden! Two hundred and fifty couples danced to the music of Steve Anthony and his band. Midge Stillman reigned over this gala affair with, Midge Bardrof, Joan Ellenbogen, Sally Schmelzer, Ruth Simon, Jane Naylor, and Carol Giazara composing the court. Another year had come to a close, a wonderfully exciting year that we will never forget. We had ex- perienced many new things and most of us had grown a little wiser. We were anxiously looking forward to our senior year. But each spring we will remember partic- ularly the joys of growing in our junior year. Now summer has arrived in all its splendor. The thick foliage of the trees and the gardens blooming with roses, phlox, and marigolds recall the promise of spring. Then, the buds were lust beginning to form, now, they are complete. We, as seniors, have achieved our immediate goal and stand here now in the full bloom of youth. Our self-realization has taken four years, and our senior year has concluded this search for fulfillment. What events took place during such an important year in our lives? Our immediate class problem was the election of officers to lead us through our last year of Troy High School. Easily we solved this problem by re-electing Miss Hennesaey, my margin is stuck. Yll' as W i I .A Wanna buy some cards? Bruce Ducat-president, Sara Lee Derrick-vice-president, and Sue Holland, secretary. Our treasury came under the capable management of Jim Murray. Without stopping to catch our breath, we combined forces with co-chairmen Frank Renna and Jim Thieringer to sell cards successfully to our long-suffering friends and relatives. Did you ever wonder how your parents felt every time you came home campaigning for cards or magazines? Does this expression sound familiar 'to you? "l'm sure I blinked!" Fully half the seniors in our class were sure their class pictures would turn out horribly, if at all! We even found the proofs most discouraging. But when we received the finished pictures, they really weren't too bad. Anyway, our friends thought they were good enough to make us promise to give them one. Mis P wffqgwmgi ' F I . s,s,s, i,'1s,s .. , . J s-i. , ,221 - ,iX,-i si i,sis,..s,,. ,.f,,.1,,, .V-E: ,iS8iii3i.iSiT5?iLi 11532 Ziff 1 iii lti, L -. f 5 ffl.- QF ssrskswse Remember all the examinations we took senior year College Boards, National Merit, and New York Regen Exams, to mention a few. Some of us did find our name on the Regents Scholarship list, much to our surprise. And then came our Japanese dream, "Sayonara." I success was the result of the hard work of co-chairme Joanne Roeck and Jack Callander, assisted by variou artists, cherry-blossom makers, and the less talents among us. How our class colors, purple and go mingled so delightfully with those cherry blossoms ar scenes of old Japan will always remain a mystery. must have been due to the genius of Miss Lewis ar Mr. Hennessey. Her Royal Maiesty, Sara Lee Derric reigned with a court consisting of Gail Kimmey, Linc Buerkley, Barbara Perlman, Roberta MacFarlane, Si Holland and Brenda Pfeiffer. Approximately 160 coupl had a glorious time dancing the night away to tl music of Bernie Collins. By the way, whatever ha pened to the senior boys that night of November lf Could the presence of some of our neighbors acro the road have been the cause? And was that why the were rumors of parties being crashed? Remember, little competition in life is always healthy! Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations were times relax over English or history term papers. Some of may have spent the days memorizing lines from Ma beth or working on our history notebooks. The chem try lab had a vacation too, no more explosions for while! As the year progressed, committees were formed ar details for graduation were carefully worked out. Ever one rushed around trying to be in two places at on and usually ended up in the less important one. Th could be the story of our life at T.H.S.l Now, iust as when summer ends we must bid vac tion friends farewell, we must soon bid farewell to hig school friends, friends with whom we have shared fo wonderful years. May we never forget Troy High ar the many many lessons we have learned here. We ha' been happy, sad, even foolish at times, it is all in tl process of growing up. Once in a while, as we pursl our busy schedules in work, the armed forces, or cc lege, let us pause and remember these unforgettab years in our lives. Yes, they have been wonderful yea: in which we have grown mature physically, mentall and emotionally. The days have been carefree and fl of fun, and this is -where they have led, to class nig and graduation. And thus, as the four seasons compo: the year, so our four years have ended our life at Trc High. ,W Q Class Polilir nm . - k' -J ,L , ,V Mi xy' 'of l v ',. ff JOE OERTEL ARNO REIHS CAROL GIZARA Most Arfracrive Boy MosrAr1racVlvo Girl TROY HIGH HALL FAME RUIHY SIMON Class Flin -dv JIMMY STROSBERG PAT HIDLEY JOAN MOORE Mos' Talevwlvd Best Personality Most Dignified LINDA BUERKLEY and HARRY BARTLE BRUCE DUCAT Heartbreakers ' Did ihe Most for T.H,S. .. J? '15 E! mn' ROBERT POCHMAN Best Dressed Boy BARBARA PARKER and DANNY RHEINAUR Best Danners ,,, is ff FLO DOAKMAJIAN JOHN FARACI Best Dressed Girl Class Wir SARA LEE DERRICK and RICHARD BECKMAN DAVID THURSTON M051 Popular Most Likely To Succeed NN JACK WHALEY Best Athlete JOHN BAKER Best Student LORETTA SAN FASIN Most Carefree ARNOLD MANVILLE JOYCE CHUCKROW Most Talkativc Most Bashtul DOUG POLLACK Class Baby THE CLASS SONG OF FIFTY-NINE TRQY HIGH SCHCDL l Written and Composed by JAMES STROSBERG To Troy High School we're pledging, The Class of Fifty-Nine, Our sentimental memories, And all our grand old times: High school life is over lt's time to say good-bye, But always we'll remember, Our love for dear Troy High. 80 To Troy High School we're pledging, The Class of Fifty-Nine, Days gone by forever, Acquaintances divine. The Purple and Gold we're proud of And four tremendous years, Old T.H.S. we will remember, With laughter and with tears. fQl?J1.ilA M 'Sli ",-fvi'-fgapgggzvir 25,5 -A V ' ' fr Seated: Linda Kautz, Joan Moore, Marilyn Closson, Myra Buchman, Mariorie Stillman, Janice Montgomery Standing: Joan Ellenbogen, Joyce Chuckrow, David Thurston, Naomi Gotkis, John Baker Susan Mac Auley, Lida MacAulay. HONOR STUDENTS '59 Valedictorian, Marilyn Closson Salutatorian, Myra M. Buchman Lida M. MacAulay ,,,o, . A..,7o..,.,oo.... o.,,,,, John F. Baker ......... Joan T. Moore ......... Joyce C. Chuckrow .... Susan C. MacAuley David C. Thurston . ..... Naomi B. Gotkis ........ Mariorie A. Stillman .,... Janice M. Montgomery .... Joan C. Ellenbogen ....... Linda J. Kautz ...... 94.2999 93.4458 92.7792 92.3645 91.9780 91.6052 91.2894 91.1667 90.8513 90.7454 90.5833 90.3769 90.2763 CAN YOU IMAGI E The Art IV Class singing in harmony? Peggy Rooney with a short hairdo? "C" lunch at 12:00 o'clock? John Baker going to class without a book? T.H.S. without Room l22? Elaine VanBuren losing her pearls? Having the piano tuned? Arnie Manville saying, "Hello, Baby?" Miss McTavey forgetting a Challenger edition? Paula Niemczynski with a shorter name? T.H.S. with a real auditorium? Roberta MacFarlane with a smile? Finishing your lunch before the bell rings? T.H.S. without Peppy? Bruce Ducat running down the hall in his gym clothes? Prof. Henry missing a fire? Jimmy Murray without hislCha-Cha-Cha? Having a whole hour lunch period? Dave McCabe walking to and from school every day? The school day shdrter again? Nancy Weingartner without her flirtatious eyes? Dave Forman with a domineering wife and nine kids? The faculty's tears if the elevator broke down? Flo Doakmaiian with a sensible hairdo? The South Troy school bus coming in on time for school? 1. f., If ,I . . ,yi u, ,I ll. gy 157' Graduates of Troy High School in the Class of 1910 TROY HIGH SCHOOL'S GRADUATE HALL OF FAME The following are a few of those who distinguished themselves in the areas of politics, science, education, professions, sports, and the arts. DR. DETLEV BRONK, 1915, scientist, President of the Rockefeller Institute of Research. WILLIAM BIRRELL FRANKE, 1911, recently appointed Secretary of the Navy. WILLIAM H. BOUGHTEN, 1917, Colonel A.G.C. State Division of Selective Service. HENRY C. OTT, 1928, Assistant Chief of the Industrial and Production Reactors Branch-Division of Reactor De- velopment A.E.C. The Venerable JOSEPH F. HOGBEN, 1927, "The Buck- aroo Priest," Archdeacon of the Episcopal Church of Utah in 1953. HERBERT D. HAMM, 1912, a State Supreme Court Justice. Educator, writer, poet, DR. ABBIE FINDLAY POTTS, class of 1902. JAMES EDWARD BLACKBURN, 1919, vice-president of the McGraw-Hill Publishing Company and trustee of R.P.I. GILBERT R. SHARPE, 1910, is a Railroad Inspector for the N.Y.S. Public Service Commission. LEWIS ELDRED, of the class of 1929, President of Elmira College. HERBERT WILLETTS, 1917, Director and vice-president in charge of domestic marketing for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Inc. SIGNE TOKSVIG, 1914, internationally known author. KENNETH LYNCH, 1930, well known radio and tele- vision author. FRANK SINGISER, 1923, well known radio and tele- vision actor. RIP COLEMAN, 1948, big league baseball player. MAJOR GENERAL OGDEN J. ROSS, honorary president of 27th Division. 83 Q0 'ff . ,L-.' . " . W- Y.-5: 2 lf W4,f-,mm x fi, S? 99 44-'IOO CX, pure fLynda Niizl. 'W ri 4 fwfefff Guten Tag Ich Heisse Arnie Reihs. Wheel of fortune! 'RQ' Bookworm? fMary Lee Leonard Oh! CDavid Formanl. Joan Moore, mosi dignified??? You don't say? CBruce DucatJ ".,.':"'r"""'r"""" T1 'g'h .". i Wx'fg5'- , ref e 2 e 5 f e . ? 2 i 1 5 4 2 A , K Q7 'ff X lpffjif- 'V- s , N I 'G X4 e" . if ,iv ,. n r'-'1f."r' fl' x 1.4 i N - n F 1 4 :IE 3 ,""4' EV' I as TROY HIGH SCHOOL, 1917 TO 1953 This building was first used for a vocational school only but was combined with the high school when the building on Fifth Avenue was Turned over to Public School 5. The editors regret that no good picture of that attractive building is available. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Left to right: Kathy Lang, Treasurer, Judy Milos, Secretary, Carla Schlegel, Vice-President, Steven Thomas, President. "-'BEGINNING THE EXT HU DRED YEARS? JUNIOR CLASS ADVISORS: Miss Eileen Rourke and Mr. Wilfred Lagoe. The one hundred and first class to graduate from Troy High School has been very active. Fol- lowing the election of officers and appointment of the executive board, the class conducted a magazine sale, raising the second highest amount in the school's history. "Fantasy in Blue" fur- nished the theme for the Junior Dance, which provided entertainment for many couples. The choice of class rings is always an exciting event, and for the first time purple stones could be had in addititon to the customary blue, red, and black onyx. After their return from January exams, the Juniors eagerly sold all occasion greet- ing cards. The- Juniors concluded activities as a class by sponsoring the annual Junior Prom. Also in the spring, many members of the class of i960 were initiated into various clubs. The Juniors who participated in the Senior Banquet proved to be excellent waiters and waitresses. On class night, following tradition, iunior boys served as marshals and junior girls served as usherettes. The boys again served as ushers at the graduation exercises. This brought to a close a highly busy, successful, and reward- ing year for the Class of 1960. 87 Steve being persuasive for Carla Schlegel, Marilyn Mar- kus, Sue Lipsky and Ed Maly. Tim Conway, Dick Clarke and Miss Rourke fearing down the' mixer. EXECUTIVE BOARD Class of 1960 First row: Steve Thomas, Dolores Malek, Judy Milos. Second rovw Kathy Lange, Carla Schlegel, Jack Shea. Top row: Gary Gulden, Su Lipsky. ROOM 304 First row: Berg, Tranil-mam, Bonesteel, Burke, Bell, Walker. Second row: Brownslein, Caola, McKnight, Cummings, Allen, Caldwell, Brignola. Third row: Benneh, Sfewarl, Brown. Absent from picfure: Beck, Behan, Burt, Budrakey, Burr and Victor. Room 304, Miss McGonigal. ROOM 'lar First row: Brady, Coe, Crandall, Bergmann, Chuckrow, Burr, Tufts. Second row: Bell, Connelly, Collins, Geddus, Norton, Couture, DeLong, Collier, Hug, Colwill. Third row: Snyder, Coonrad, Cohen, Blocksidge, Cook, Clarke, Rowe , Cipperly, Coons, Hunter. Miss Rosemary Schillaci, Teacher. X f. First row: Dzuback, Dunham, Collier, Manning, Duncan, Denton, Drost. Second row: Deo, Weiss, Curley, Demereski, Warzala, Wager, David son, Miller, Weeder, Vandervoort, Gragnano. Third row: Fearnley, C. Duncan, Derkowski, R. Duncan, Windsor, Dohrenwend, Waite, Waldman, Van Bremer, Walsh, Roberts. Miss Myers, Teacher. ROOM ROOM 31 2 First row: Hauber, Film, Kluchesky, Wood, Farrell, Gambrell, Gemmill, Second row: Faigenbaum, Gulden, Edwards, Finkle, Flynn, Coonley, Fa Danaher, Fox, Gingeresky, Kluchesky, Freedman, Feldman. Third row: lacketta, Bayly, cteau, Faigenbaum, Gerrish, Yetto. 84 First row: Wager, Knox, Honsinger, Hartnagle, Olshein, Haskins, Gorczyca. Second row: Chase, Hathaway, Henry, Vanier, Holland, Hug, Hammond, Hoffay. Third row: Herman, Hoffman, Leahy, Hebert, Olikowicz, Mooney. Mr. Levinstein, Teacher. ROOM 3U First row: Lipsky, Kelman, Kopcha, Aronowitz, Smith, King, Kane. Second row: Hogan, Laudate, Ansele- ment, Klob, Hurst, Howe, LeCuyer, Snyder, Houvanian. Third row: Lagitch, Kalenian, O'Brien, Campbell, Kayaiian, Hunziker. Miss Fitzpatrick, Teacher. 90 I-irst row: Lipsky, Talmadge, Shufeldt, Maier, Marro, Malone, Mamone. Second row: Marcus, Lutz, Malise, Minehan, Mealy, McMahon, Baczynski, Mclsaac, Malek, Lange, Milos. Third row: Mambert, D. Miller, J. Miller, Millhouse, Ramroth, Landry, Long, Maly, Lewis. ROON N4 ROOM 328 ROOM 332 c.-,,, , ,.,, , 4 A . - First row: Pecker, Nelson, Mundell, Rossi, O'Brien, Mochon, Peters. Second row: Rosenblum, Schwebel, Naylor, Pfeiffer, Paetzold, Mudar, Seibert, Redcross. Third row: Miner, Passonno, Schermerhorn, Rooney, O'DonnelI. Not in picture: Mooney, Myers, Newell, Palka, Schlegel, Shea. Mrs. Maly, Teacher. ROOM 356 First row: Poland, Slocum, Premo, Sheffer, Reynolds, Romaniszyn, May. Second row: Moore, Place, Rider, Wright, Suppa, Pirofsky, Shields, P. Rapp, Colarusso. Third row: Schermerhorn, Price, Putamello, Raphel, Romano, Pieper, Alger, Pollock, Prout, Morgan, C. Rapp. Mr. Gibson, Telfhef- 1 v ROOM 333 ini First row: Sinnott, Ryan, Boland, Baronowski, Wolfe, Baker, Woitovich. Second row: Basolt, Ripin, Mc- Caffery, Sweet, Sirgiano, F. Smith, Barringer, Bazicki. Third row: Stebbins, Swartz, Bailey, Teal, Tofte, S. Thomas, Barrett, Bates, M. Thomas, W. Smith. Mrs. Anslow, Teacher. 9 kv, if 3 :mf -f "Qc 5 '95 Joan Ellenbogen, Howard Datfner Charles Hauck, Merle Wilson, Richarc Daffner, Joe Oertel, David Thurston James Stewart, Sally Schmelzer, Nancy Weingartner, and James Strosberg. STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council's chief duty is to act as "speaker" for the student body. There- fore the Council worked on the problem of the extension of the school day. After taking a poll of the students and find- ing 98 per cent opposed, Council officers attended a school board meeting and met with the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent to present the results of this poll with suggestions for modifica- tion,of the new schedule. Also this year the project started last year, of a Foreign exchange student to visit us and a student of Troy High School to visit his country, was brought to com- On the social side, a party was held for homeroom representatives at Christ- mas and a dance was held in January. Student Council is under the very able and much appreciated guidance of Mrs. Spencer and Mr. Reents. Judy Chuckrow, Barbara O'Brien, Donald Wilmot, Gary Gulden, Jim Stewart ,Joe Oerte Joan Ellenbogen, Richard Beckman, Charles Toomaiian, Julie Haskins, Janet Kelley, Fai' Coplon. pletion. CLUBS OF YESTERYEAR Websterian Society ,,,,. Philomathian , H Pierian ........... L Delphic ..... ........ Hi-Y ...,.. Toga ,.,..... .c lnglenook ......... .L ..,. 1898 1905 l9l3 l9l5 l92l l92l i925 Hash ........ c ......... . . 1926 Le Coin Francais ,..... 1926 Drama Club ....s...... ........ l 926 Art Club ,...... 1929 Gregg Group ,,.,,, ......,. l 930 Science Club ,......, i933 Student Council cs., ...,,. Purple Parrot ,,,,,.,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Icontinuedj 94 i937 T944 Row l: Sharon Manville, Nancy King, Dani Astor, Linda Corey, Carol Chodikoff, Carol Rebhun, Carol Paskewich, Deanna Wagar, Jane Naylor. Row 2: Judy Kidder, Frances Malise, Sally Evans, Carol Gizara, Marilyn Closson, Pat Honsinger, Barbara Burke, Sheryl Crandall, Roberta McAllister, Carrie Solomon, Elaine Kelman, Nancy Gunther. Row 3: Jim Shillinger, Mark Astor, Burnham Harris, Richard Reece, Jim Thieringer, John Waite, Charles Hauck, Richard Daffner, Conrad Rapp, Walter Schuman. CLUBS OF YESTERYEAR IcontinuedJ Purple Key Der Deutshe Verein Tri-Y Journalism Glee Club Nature Study Club Tau Cicero Know Troy Club Merle Wilson, Charles Hauck, Jim Stewart, David Thurston, Sally, Schmelzer, Oertel, Richard Daffner, James Stroiberg, and Joan Ellenbogen. A - A D Beta Phi Archery Club Adelphi Athenos llium fyearbookl Janus Nancy Weingartner, Joe ff Nag . . l 1 ' , - "df STICK WITH ' fllll I.. 96 First row: P. Hidley, M. Closson, S. MacAuley, L. MacAulay, J. Chuckrow, B. Weiss, M. Sheffer, S. Derrick. Second row: J. Dohrenwend, D. Thurston, J. Strosberg, B. Blocksidge. CHALLE GER June of the '58-'59 school year marks the completion of volume XIV of CHALLENGER. Since 1945 CHAL- LENGER has been serving Troy High School as its official student news publication. This tri-weekly paper UC issues per yearj is staffed entirely by members of the student body. From 1945 until June 1958, Miss Mary D. Mclnerney was faculty advisor. Miss Kathleen McTavey was initiated to the post in September of '58. CHALLENGER participates in the activities of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association notably, the annual con- test. A high rating of second place went to this publication for the editions of '57-'58. Any issue of CHALLENGER will be found to contain news of student, faculty, class and sports activities, literary, humor and music columns and various other features such as honor roll, Classmates and Editorials. The aims of CHALLENGER as stated by the editorial staff are "to awaken and maintain the interest of the genera student assemblage in the activities and associations of their classmates and their school." lt is also our aim tc provide a newspaper which will attract every type of student reader. First row: Turino, Corey, Mudar, Schmelzer, Miss McTavey, Advisor, Marcus, Chuckrow, Mochon, Weiss. Second row: Hauber, Ellenbogen, Hanby, Roeck, Burt, Solomon, O'Brien, Bernhard, Moore, Berg, Kelly, Chodikoff, Aronson, Montgomery, Manley, Sickles, Duffner. Third row: Simon, Maly, Goulden, Hubicki, Baker, Curley, Pfeffer, Ellenbogen, Levy. First row: Kaprielian, Srnulsky, Gratto, Powers, Montgomery, Kautz, Buchman, Stillman, Thurston. Second row: Weingartner, Perlman, Schmelzer, MacAuley, Gotkis, Derrick, Nasholds, Roeck, Clossen, Ellenbogen, Kelly, Chuckrow, MacAulay L., Moore, Mac Farlane. Third row: O'Connor, Lavigne, Renna, Daffner, Oertel, Baker, Stewart, Strosberg, Hauck, Wong. ATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY Last spring, 37 Juniors were tapped by members of the National Honor Society to ioin the organization. On May 14, these new members were inducted into the Society with a candlelight ceremony. Upon becoming members, each person received a membership card and signed the national scroll. Pins were ordered for the new group and were received in the fall. With branches throughout the United States, the Society recognizes outstanding scholarship on a high school level and is comparable to Phi Beta Kappa on a college level. New members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The initiation of new members was held in the spring. Under the supervision of Mrs. Janet Maly, advisor, officers were elected in the tall. David Thurston was elected president, Susan MacAuley, vice-president, Janice Montgom- ery, secretary, and Frank Renna, treasurer. Various activities carried on by the group this year included: assembly programs tea- turing guest speakers, th e annual NHS dance held in January, special programs by the group commemorating various holidays, providing student leaders for assemblies, a tap day, and the annual induction ceremony when a new group of Juniors was selected to carry on the NHS traditions. Row 1, .left to right: R. Daffner, H. Reynolds, C. Hauck, Mr. Daly, W. Lavigne, J. Strosberg. Row 2: J. Baker, B. Ducat, A. Solomon, C. Kaprielian, D. Thurston, J. Oertel, D. Forman, F. Renna, J. Stewart. QLII TILIA Thinking wisely about our problems and discussing them intelligently are two of the many-characteristics o' a good citizen. The development of these two traits is the main interest of the Quintilian Society. In meeting: held every other Thursday, the Society's 15 senior boys strive to attain these qualities by discussing various prob lems of international, national and local interest. Over the past year, Quintilian members have viewed slides of two of their members who have travelec abroad. They have also discussed problems such as the future of Troy, the significance of the right-to-worl laws and the segregation problem. The social event of the year was a record hop sponsored iointly by Quintilian and Student Council. Eacl spring new members are chosen from the Junior boys who have good standing in Regents history and who an able to satisfactorily pass an oral examination that is given by the members ofthe Society. All members of the Quintilian Society who have graduated from Troy High retain an honorary membershir stature in the Society. Solomon signing the scroll, -aww' W DARDANIAN EDITORS: lshkanian, Business, MacFarlane, Photographer, Hauck, Athletics, Inman, Typing: Stillman, Art, Nitz, Seniors. Seated: Murray, Advertising, Septic, Staff, Thurston, Editor, Buchman, Literary Editor, and Gratto, Activities, Paula Niemczynski, Intramurals, was not present. DARDA IA MISS McGONlGAL Advisor First row: Schmelzer, MacAuley, Roeck, Van Buren, Perlman, Duffner, Glaz, Turino, Manley. Second row: Ellenbogen, Wilson, Weiss, Schrell, Sickles, Moore, Niemczynski, Bingham, Beckman, Sliter, Doakmaiian, Pearson. Third row: Cohen, Hubicki, Henry, Finkle, Wick, Thieringer, Thomas, Lococo, Daffner. A Qgizw U -od D , "" x. l First row: Malek, Mealy, Treasurer, Denton, Vice-President, Miss Hennessey, Perlman, President, Nitz, Secretary, Schmelzer, Weiss. Second row: Pirofsky, Wilkinson, Weiss, Nasholds, Dunham, McMahon, Beckman, Wisher, Howe, Coe, Mclsaac, Hidley. Third row: Roeck, Smulsky, Levy, Buerkley, Crandall, Baker, Bell, Ellenbogen, Reynolds. DELPHI This year has brought with it many changes in the policies of Delphic. Initiation, no longer a stunt day, wa highlighted by a formal induction of new members. Following this ceremony, Delphic ioineclthe Philomathial Society and the new members of both clubs entertained. Plans were also made to change Delphic's annual bar quet to the fall. In the spring a graduation party was given to bid the Senior girls farewell. As in past years, Delphic made stuffed animals for its Christmas proiect, worked on charitable projects, ant co-sponsored the annual Phil-Delphic Dance, the year's most enioyable and successful social event. Delphic consists of approximately thirty-five iunior and senior girls. New members are selected on a basis c grades: co-operation, sincerity, reliability and interest. This year's officers included Barbara Perlman, President Nan Denton, Vice-President: Lynda Nitz, Secretary, and Sandra Mealy, Treasurer. Miss Hennessey is the advisc for the group. Left to right: Lynda Nitz, Barbara Perlman, Janet Wisher, Lydia Smulsky, Ann Long, Margaret Wilkinsor loo Barbara lnman, Sandra Nasholds. First row: Weingartner, Hartnagle, Mochon, Vice-President, Mrs. Burkhart, Advisor, Moore, President, Stillman, Secretary, Lang, Chuckrow. Second row: Yosoyian, Kelman, Bernhard, Schlegel, Berg, Hurst, Burke, Sickles, Gratto, Fox, Derrick, Montgomery, Kelley. Third row: Lipsky, Lipsky, Buchman, Finkle, Shields, Maitland, Kautz, Lipaces, Closson, Simon, Mac Farlane, Betancourt, Duffner, Burke, Roman, Mac Auley, MacAuley, Chuckrow. PHILOMATHIAN Philomathian Society, originally organized as a literary society, has revised its constitution to correspond with its evolved social and charitable purposes. This year the society's first proiect was assisting the Tuberculosis Association. A delegation of members helped to address the envelopes containing the Association's seals which are sent out each holiday season. ln November, for the first time in Phil's history, a' formal initiation was held. After the ceremony new mem- bers of both Phil and Delphic provided entertainment. Phil's next scheduled activity was a charitable Christmas proiect. Of course, the biggest social event was the annual Phil-Delphic Dance. This year the dance had a Valentine's Day Theme. ln the spring, new members were again selected and tapped. The year ended with a party given by the rest of the society for its graduating members. This Year's officers included Joan Moore, President, Ann Mochon, Vice President, Midge Stillman, Secretary, Alice Hartnagle, Treasurer. Mrs. Burkhart is the advisor of the club. , 11 J Ali 1. N wqjsi gi . -ml... .1 it 1..- suck The banquet was held at the Hendrick Hudson Hotel. I0 Left to right: Pat Forbes, Lynda Wells, Sandy Dwyer, John Thomas, Pat Honsinger, Dawn Collier, and Linda Farrell. CAFETERI M0 ITCRS FIRE MO ITORS Left to right: Chief Henry, Walch, Tashiian, Murray, Shea, Ducaf, Waiie, Stebbins, Smith, Schlegel Wells, Joseph Miller, absent. First row: Duncan, Nelson, Johns, Hidley, Sliter, Minahan, Naberezny, Baker, Lang. Second row Duffner, Crotty, Wright, Richberg, Pincheon, Schoenagel, Pearson, Glaz, Minahan, Wisher, Kimmey Holland, Edwards, V. Holland, Hiller, McClellen, Kowalczyk. Third row: Inman, Honsinger, Worzola Bingham, Curley, Corrado, Wohleber, Keefer, Alexander, Drost, Mealy, Dunham, McMahon. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club is composed of approximately 35 Juniors and Seniors. To qualify for membership the members must have at least an .85 average in business subiects in their June exams and a passing mark in every other subject. Meetings are held on every other Wednesday. New members are welcomed into the club in October, followed by an initiation in which all must participate. The club performs a very valuable service to the entire school in handling the book exchange during the first four weeks of school and intermittently thereafter. Approximately one thousand dollars worth of business is done at this time and work necessitates the collecting, sorting, and selling of the books and making of payments to the owners. The girls and boys come in faithfully at eight each morning to accomplish this service. Besides having speakers at the meetings, the Club sponsors a number of social activities: an annual Christmas party, a skating party, trips, and at the end of the year a banquet. The advisor for Commercial Club is Miss Mrytle Fletcher and the officers for 1958-59 are: President, Patricia Hidley, Vice-President, Beverly Sliter, Secretary, Ann Johns, Treasurer, Judy Minahan, and Program Chairman is Dennis Curley. Leh to right: A, Lueclke, Naberezny, Sheftel, A. Ludeke, Coonrad, Gutmann, Mahoney, Nehill, Fitch, Trantham. RADIG CLUB The Troy High School Amateur Radio Club was organized three years ago to help interested students obtain their government radio licenses. Membership is open to any student who desires to learn about radio and electronics. Since that time, the Radio Club has expanded into many other fields of activity, which include wiring, lighting and sound used for many school functions and events. Last year the club was in charge of the lighting and wiring for "Head Over Heels" and "Aquacade." At the present time, 22 members belong to the club, which meets in the radio room on the ground floor. The receiving and transmitting equipment, as well as Civil Defense communications equipment is located there, in addition to offices and a work-area classroom space. The schedule for the year included field trips to various radio stations in the area and the continuation of the Morse code and radio theory classes. The club has an F.C.C. license with the call letters KQVSR and is a member of the American Radio Relay League, a non-profit organization of radio amateurs. The club has finished a S150 cosmic counter installation undertaken with the University of Maryland. Results of their findings have been sent to the university to be corre- lated with similar findings from all over the world. Future plans also call for the purchase of new communications gear from the proceeds of the annual radio club dance, and the formation of a radio network with other schools in the region. LIBRARY CLUB First row: Laudate, Baznycki, O'Brien, Mochon, Mrs. Kirby, Bingham, Roselli, Islin, Braden, Turner Second row: McAllister, Wheatley, Temple, Johns, Stillman, Bergman, Wager, Liss, Richberg, Pitaniello, Swett, Mundell. Third row: Baker, Manville, Misel, Carey, Freedman, Finkle, Mudar, Peters, Finkle, Kepner, Kautz. Are you "Book Weak?" This is the Theme of the Library Club for 1958-1959. Members worked throughout the year to make the answer a definite "No." From the first work period to the last it was a hard but worthwhile struggle. Members worked on all phases of library science, including the more technical duties. Emphasis was placed on public relations and vocational guidance. An outstanding part of this work was the original and attractive decorating of the bulletin boards. Although it was hard work-, members thought it rewarding. New members with passing averages, who met qualifications were inducted into the organization shortly before the Fall Frolic, a very successful disc dance held in the boys' gym. Under the watchful guidance of Mrs. Kirby, the Library Club performs its many duties and activities as a service organization for Troy High School. Officers for this year were Ann Mochon, President, Barbara Bingham, Vice-President, Barbara O'Brien, Secretary, Diane Roselli, Treasurer. First row: Helena Sadick, Ann Bazycki, Treasurer, Sandy Phillips, Vice-President, Mindy Pollack, President Sue Klotz, Secretary, Linda Jafferian. Judy Kidder, Sharon Danaher. Second row: Eleanor Millhouse, Lois Barringer, Jean Pollock, Joyce Schumann, Roberta Liss, Cynthia Lansing, Marsha Dorfman, Nadine Nelson, Greta Dolan, Sheryl Crandall, Alice French, Cindy Kirchert, Martha Fleicher. Third row: Lois Laudate, Pat Blakeborough, June Carey, Joyce Freedman, Sue Hains, Barbara Messia, Dagny Baur, Sandy Phillips, Cindy Lawson, Bernice Levenstein, Bettina Boland, Carol Jones. ILIUM CLUB llium Club, an organization which was first formed last year, now consists of more than 30 girls of the Freshman and Sophomore Classes. llium considers its main obiective as that of being a service organization for Troy High School and the community. llium has completed a very active and successful year. Among its activities include: addressing envelopes for the Red Cross, decorating and singing Christmas Carols at the County Welfare Home, knitting an afghan, making stuffed animals to be given to a worthy cause, and making a scrapbook for the Children's Ward of Samaritan Hospital. ln January llium Club sponsored a very successful record hop in the boys' gym. The year was brought to an end with a picnic held in June. The officers for this year included Sue Klotz, President, Mindy Pollack, Vice- President, Linda Jafferian, Secretary, and Sandy Phillips, Treasurer. The group was advised by Mrs. Margaret Spencer. H Bd f. nn rrwg fn 6 f Nr'N nv? S Q, X . .ul . W P V E - s 5? A+ mam vhs ii .mga ' 'W M Y ww-X ' 1. Mlfsikr, gg .X is , U , 95141-2' 7 f 1:5454 MM M I3 J XX if fi: X Wx X lv X, . ,,-, ,Q f ,-.x faq' 1 ., my me in 'QM 'M ww H354 'N , ws, W . k WM. ', 32, 142, vm L32 if , ' ww ,re W 5 , 2 A , , . ,,4,,,! M ,. Mg. , ,MN . 'tx ,g ,WM WP N 9' . .an First Row: Mosseau, Kupic, Colucci, Whaley, Smulsky, Case, Qua. Second Row: Coach Picken, Price Cerulli, Waldman, Haggerty, Sullivan, Passanno, Strosberg, Barrett. BASEBALL Although the weather seemed far from Spring, Coach Ed Picken had his candi- dates for the baseball team limbering up in the gym. Spirits were high with the an- ticipation of the coming season. lf'5 a hit! Stri-i-i-ke Three! 1 ... .i. Just a long foull The Trojans, out to improve on last seasorlus record, lost their first encounter to the always powerful Linton team Cformerly Nott Terrace! 7-3. But from there on in, it was a completely different story. The Flying Horses, supported by the out- standing pitching of Leo Mosseau and Bob Qua and the catching of Jack Whaley, won their next three games. After losing again to Linton Ctheir only two defeatsl, they scored nine consecutive victories. They wound up the season with a remark- able 12 and 2 record and captured second place in the Class A League. The main factors in establishing this impressive team record were the tremendous hitting and fielding performance of the team members. Led by such lettermen as Whaley, Steve Colucci, Matt Kupic and others, the Flying Horses fashioned double wins over Mount Pleasant, Albany, Amsterdam, La Salle and Lansingburgh. The squad's home run output was greater this year than any other Troy High team in quite a few years. Along with the superb hurling of Qua and Mosseau, the field- ing of ground balls and high flys was handled expertly by second baseman Steve Colucci, shortstop Cookie Kupic, third baseman Fred Case, first baseman Ed Smulsky and by ourfielders Andy Waldman, Dick Sullivan and Tom Cerulli. With five letter- men returning next year, Coach Picken hopes to maintain or even improve this year's record. Ed Smulsky, Bob Qua, Leo Mosseau, Matt Kupic, Dick Haggerty A wild one Second Row: Chuck Staro, Bill Baranowski, Roger Semerad, Bob Bertholf. First Row: Coach Levinstein, Wendell Prioe, Gary Golden, Richard Daffner, Jerry Rosen TENN S The Troy High Tennis Team, coached by Mr. Levinstein, having lost most of their letterrnen through graduation, suffered'a very poor season. The only returning let- terman was Bill Baranowski. After finishing the season, the Troy netmen showed a record of 2 wins and 5 losses. The netrnen opened the season against Lansingburgh, beating the Burg 4-2. Led by Baranowski, Semerad and Bertholf, the Trojans out hustled and outplayed Lansingburgh. A second time they shut out the Burgs with Charlie Staro, Bill Bar- anowski and crew leading the way. The last three games of the season were very disappointing to the team, they lost them to finish the season on a sad note. We fell victim again to Heatly's pow- erful squad by a score of 6-O. We then lost a close contest to Cohoes 4-2. In the last court match of the season, the Flying Horses dropped a 6-O decision to city rival LaSalle. Although it was not a successful season, Coach Levinstein looks forward to next year as much of Troy's net experience is returning. GOLF With the coming of Spring the Troy High golf team under Coach Chuck Boland, took to the Frear Park golf links to practice for the coming season. The linksmen completed a season which surprised all their loyal followers: not in the win and loss columns, but in that third column showing the number of ties. They played five ties in their thirteen match schedule. One tie was particularly outstanding. The team played on even terms with Linton fformerly Nott Terracel for eighteen holes. This was significant because the Flying Horses have only beaten Linton once in their golfing history. The other four ties were with La Salle, Amsterdam, Vincentain and Bethlehem Central. The boys bolstered by three returning lettermen wound up the season with an impressive record of seven wins, one loss and five ties. This outstanding record was due primarily to the consist- ent playing of Dick Weaver, Mike Radz, Bob Pochman, John Passano, and Charley Hauck. The boys had the ex- perience, but unfavorable w e a t h e r conditions hindered greater success. At the end of the regular season, the team. went to the intersectionals in Amsterdam, where the Troians finished fourth in a field of about twenty tearns. First Row: Mike Radz, Martin Radz, Dick Weaver, Coach Boland Second Row Chuck Hauck John Passano Bob Pochman First Row: John Stone, Jack Countois, Wendell Price, Don Facteau, Dick Sullivan, Ralph Passanno, Ron Stone, Howard Teal, Fred Case. Second Row: Tim Connaway, Nelson Newsome, Bill Finkle, Bill Lavigne, Jack Whaley, Lloyd Mitchell, Dick Haggerty, Amie Manville, Ridw Armao, Ralph Pollock. Third Row: Dave Johnson, Jim O'Toole, Bob Rivest, Gordon Kirkland, Coach Picken, Herb Beck, Ron Hipwell, Phil Giordono, James Barrett, Burnham Harris. FCOTB LL Despite the unimpressive record shown on paper, the Troy High football team displayed quite a bit of authority on the grid-iron against a very rough schedule. Coach Picken lacked players with needed experience as was shown in the starting backfield. Each member was playing his first year at the four respective positions. With only five lettermen returning for action, the Flying Horses opened the sea- son on a bright note, defeating the 'Burg 14-7 at Hawkins Stadium. In the next game Troy High played host to Newburgh. After yielding a wide margin during the first 3 quarters, the Troian offense started to click. Led by the quarterbacking gf Arnie Manville, the Troians drove to two last period touchdowns before losing 4-14. Following these two games, the Flying Horses ran into the more meaty part of the schedule, experiencing three straight shutouts at the hands of Linton, Albany High and Amsterdam by the scoresof 38-0, 40-O, and 37-0 respectively. Although outplayed score-wise, the Flying Horses showed prowess both on offense and de- fense, but were constantly plagued by fumbles and penalties. The next game played was against Catholic High, a traditional city rival. Again Troy got off to a slow start and yielded a 25-7 half time lead. But after intermission, the game was all Troy High. Led by Richie Armao, who scored all three touch- downs, the Troians closed within four points of the Crusaders and again were stifled because of time. The last game of the season was against Mont Pleasant, conquerors of both'Linton and Albany High. The game was played behind school on a rainy Saturday morning. Although they were beaten, the Troians played their best game defensively, holding Mont Pleasant to a 19-O win. First Row: Arnold Luedke, Joe Oertel, Chris Kaprelian, Ken Nitz, Joe Vartanesian, Sigwalt Luedke, Bob Burdick, Pete Rowe. Second Row: Bill Bliss, Steve Herman, John Passanno, Bob Pochman, Pete Apostle, Harry Bartle, Gil Swartz, Legrand Hines. Third Row: Ron Thompson, Richie Bedlman, Pete Trowbridge, Arno Riehs, E. Wilcove, Ridurd Daffner, Carl Trantham. Fourth Row: Rich Ishkaniun, Toni laudate, Ken Mandlebaum, Coach Boland. SOCCER The Troy High Soccer Team coached by Chuck Boland finished the 1958 sea- son with a commendable 8-4-2 record. Participating in the rugged Tri-Country Soc- cer League, the Troians finished the season in third place and placed second in scoring. After weeks of grueling practice, the boys took to the field against home-stand ing Watervliet, soundly beating the Cannoneers to the tune of 5-0. Lansingburg was our next victim, 4-2. Then the Flying Horses fell before a powerful Shenen- dehowa team 9-5, although out playing them most of the way. The Flying Horses won their next two games handily, beating Waterford 7-0 and Heatly 3-2, before they were taken completely by surprise by Keveny, and defeated 4-2. As midseason rolled around, the Trojans experienced the first of their two ties. After a hard fought contest with a surprisingly strong Burnt Hills squad, the score was deadlocked at 2 all. The fight for first place in the League narrowed down to a three-team race between Shenendehowa, Burnt Hills, and Troy. The Troians won their next two battles defeating Watervliet and Lansingburg again by scores of 3-O and 6-0 respectively, but again lost to Shenendehowa, the eventual Champion, 3-2. In the last four games, the Troians topped Waterford again 5-4, took revenge on Keveny 3-2, tied Heatly 2-2, and lost to second place Burnt Hills, 2-0. This was the only shut out incurred by the Flying Horses. Much of the success of the team was due to the consistent playing of seniors Arno,Q1s, Sig Luedke, Bob Pochman, Pete Apostle, and Ed Wilcove. As a result of these individual performances, Bob Pochman and Sig Luedke were chosen on the first string of the All-League team. Pete Apostle was chosen for the second string. Coach Boland is now anxiously looking toward next year as many able sophomores and iuniors will make up the squad. 156 Left to right: Levendowski, Eats, D. Johnson, Wilcox, Pollack, Levenstein, Stuffelbeam, Hogan, Berry, JV BA KETBALL We regret that, in spite of the numerous games so well played by the JV team only six scores are available. LaSalle e,.,e. ,. . 0,62 Troy-.-..,-- ,,,aa,,. 32 Albany High ..... V ------33 Linton , ,,,,,, v,,,,, A,,,,,, 6 O Troy ,,,,,,, ........, 2 9 C.C.l'l.S. ,,,.,,.. ...... 5 0 B.C.H.S. ee,, e .,.., .. ,,,,e.. 41 Troy ..,..,, ,........ 4 3 Schuyler -----25 What goes up . . .! Troy Troy Troy BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES l Niskayuna Amsterdam LLL, Mount Pleasant Niskayuna L, La Salle ,, 7 Linton , ,,a. Albany CCHS E V, Amsterdam Mount Pleasant BCHS L 7 Schuyler La Salle . L, Linton 7 BCHS , Albany A, CCHS ,,,, Schuyler ,,,, 58 Troy ,,,,uu,,,,,, u,,,u,,,.,A, 6 2 , ,, u,.,, 69 Troy ,,..,, , -.o.,..6O 70 Troy ,u,,,u, ,..,,,, 3 9 ,, , U66 Troy, ,.,,,u.47 ,647 Troy .,,,u,u ,..V . E, L56 ,, ,,,,, 78 Troy ,,,uuu, ,WUS9 , v,,, 54 Troy ,,,,, ,. ,,,, M032 . ee 6.46 Troy.... .... .....e.,45 L58 Troy....,,, ........33 L59 Troy. ,.,,., A,.a., , 48 57 Troym 43 63 Troy, L,L,, W . 49 66 Troy ....... ....eee L 33 691 Troyu, .,,. ueee . C43 .60 Troy ,L,,L,L euue.... 4 9 .44 Troy ,,LL. .uu... . 53 68 Troy, L,,, eeesuus L 52 ,42 Troy ,,,,,,u ,Y,.Y... 6 0 Left to right: Armao, Apostol, Faraci, Schwartz, Pochman, Clark, Coach Boland, Sullivan, Early, Rooney ARSITY BASKETBALL Troy High off the boards Row I, left to right: Faigenbaum, Coons, Pollock, Sperrazza, Perofski. Row 2: Stone, Ducai, C. Wick, B. Brown, Mitchell, Benneft. Row 3: J. Deo, Daly, O'Brien, Bliss, S. Nelick, Coach Cooley. SWIMMING SWIMMING SCHEDULE AND SCORES New Harrford ----- ....... ----48 Shaker High ..... - ....... --------25 NYMA ---------.. .... --.J8 Albany High --------.. BCHS ---.-----.. Shaker High --------------.. Albany Academy -------- Albany High ..... ,-,----- Rome Free Academy BCHS ..-L.......,-l. NYMA ----i--..--..------ ------.53 Troy Troy Troy Troy ...... ,- ..... ---- 74 Troy .......... -. ...... 33 Troy- ..... -------55 Troy....------I 9 Troy------- ...... 65 Troy--.l-49 Troy i28 Troyl.-72 .. ....... --..--38 ------- --------6I .. ........... Q68 Hardly a riPPl0 V Y 1 lie "FII" ""+-'UI-' From row: B. Peclor, A. DiRienzo, H. Rodman, J. Keene, G. Gulden, M. Radz, K. Nitz, and D. Reece. Second row: J. Faigenbaum lManager1, R. Hall, B. Henry, W. Price, P. Trowbridge, B. De Freest, B. Lavigne, H. Bartle, C. Hauck, Coach Del Vecchio. Q 1 . -.--:env "A tense moment against La Salle!" HOCKEY SCHEDULE AND SCORES La Salle ,..,. ,. ....,,.,,,.. 2 Troy ..,,. . CCHS ..,....... ,...... 1 Troy ..,. -. Darrow ,,,, . .......,.,.,. 4 Troy .,,,., Albany Academy -M6 Troy-...,. La Salle .......... . ....... 3 Troy ....,, Albany Academy ,.,. 6 Troy. .. CCHS ...,,.....,......,.... 3 Troy ...... Darrow .,,,....,...,,.,.. 4 Troy .,.... LAKE PLACID TOURNAMENT FEBRUARY 12, 13, 14, 15 Potsdam ........,,..,.,, 7 Troy ...,, Lake Placid .... .. .,,.. 6 Troy .... S. Mount Assumpton lnslilule ......,,,,,,,, 7 Troy -,,,,, Q 'ef 4' W pn A - -:E vm W LZ Wil . WHFEQ' any L fix :iffy Es,-. 1' fav " - , 'Qs ,A-I Q L. . Q, 7 AA", , ,:,, . -L.. ' .bww 11, ,. , ,.., 1 . 1 rw an 4 "inf: H a - J f 'S x 7 -f 4 M xr fl! 1 if f af ' N ' J 1 f I N, , I-A " If , fri' f' 1-'Giza' Q-9 K -' 'v N , , O MIPS M ' ' A.-'.g'- " , , fa? "5 " gm , ' . - ' V' 5 V 1' 'Q 'N -""""'1l8J 4 ya.-W --' f " ' L A'-mgfw v ,o 'Q'---X N: "" "" " ' , "Q, T1 :I fall" . ..-- - ,cn ,l, S-H95 f gg? ,Ar ,,,, Rfk A' --. V ..., as ' .f 9- - .f XG."-W 2. . .., ' E x X- ' ' '- xA ,lg ,M ,J 'i :V WL , N ,Ji '.- -af," 'W W 'W f 4.+m,Q"' A lg 1-i Q ' V .0 . 4 --.- X v 1, Q .,.,, K., f I www, K 1. 5,7 - fi fr:-Q-.5 ly..- 2 A, : ....,,,,, , if Q f s 431 , g Hi 1' x Where's the ball? What law of gravity? 4 INTRAMURALS I23 , 4 X, I 5X lx Painiing Papering WILLIAM P. DWYER 33 Van WerI' Courl' Troy. N. Y. Free Esfimafes Phone AS 4-2I65 JOHN L. ENGLISH WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY, INC. CE 7-5050 7-5051 sTu.soN's I SERVICE CENTER AuI'omoI'ive 8: Truck Service Par+s-Brakes-Fronf End Service Drum Turning-Wheel Balancing PHONE AS 2-9496 Main Ave. WYNANTSKILL, N. Y. Al ff. 2 II' Jusi' FiI's WILLIAM A. WELLS Communica+ions Sysfems Engineering X7-N n ew Q, gy Complimenfs of HERBERT'S PHARMACY DEFREESTVILLE. N. Y. LEW'S BAKERY DELICATESSEN Wholesale ReI'aiI Phone Ashley 4-446I I72-I74 River S'I'reeI' Troy, N. Y ARROW CLEANERS AND TAILORS 2242-I5'Ih S'I'reeI' Troy AS 2-466I CLUETT PEABODY CO. Incorporated ARROW Makers of Arrow Shirfs, Ties, Collars Underwear, Hancllrerclniefs Spor+ Shiris Save SSS I' J 4. Q21 I 5 Qc, .r -gl ' . Wl1o's behind lhose glasses? Complimen+s of STAN LEY'S A FREND DEPT. STORE Third and S+a+e Sfs. 0 TROY' NEW YORK Compllmenfs of DEBONIS GROCERY We waiTed on The Seniors Wi+h Bes+ Wishes MARGASIAN'S Jacob and Seven+h Besi' Wishes To Class o '59 f EARL RIFENBURG Good Luck To The "Class of '59" FRANKLIN MARKET 36I River S+ree+ TROY, NEW YORK DAFFNER DR FOSTER MANVILLE 49 44,44 S4965 T , N. Y. DAIRY PRODUCTS 1.4. Zosyhiey 4-3440 AS 4-2092 TROY CAMERA SHOP, INC. IN .. A Pho+ographic Specialisis A XX-J si Third s+. AShIey zsm fq, Troy, N. Y. fwwmmma LORD 3. TANN. INC. as QIICQ, 4 The Fashion Corner I 'S OUR Troy, N. Y. 4- FIRST THOUGHT 1 N Q JAMES F. CURLEY OIL COMPANY Sou+h Lake Drive AShley 2-236l Senior Banque? tb-1-i11!'i!"'-I Save Systematically at THE TROY SAVINGS BANK SECOND AND STATE STS., TROY, New YORK Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corporafion The Third Oldesi' Savings Bank in New York S+a+e Three LiHle Maids RKO SUPERMARKET Main Avenue WYNANTSKILL, N. Y. ANDY'S SPORTING GOODS, INC. 270 River SI'reeI' ASHLEY 6-7253 "You'll Find if Handy Io Call aI' Andy's" Complimenis of MUHLFELDERS Troy's Leading Specialfy Shop Apparel-Shoes-Jewelry-Accessories WELSH'S SERVICE STATION 69 Main Avenue Troy, New York LATHAM BOWEL U. S. Rou+e 7 LATHAM, NEW YORK Open 24 Hours a Day Complimen'Is of LEVONIAN BROTHERS, INC. COMMODORE High Grade Cleaners and Qwgllfzleuning Launderers Q9 X elf 1' ,if xfi -ww .5 ' 7 if IW A IV MODERN HOME APPLIANCE COMPANY I Guess 30,000,000 CompIimen+s of JACK 8: JILL RESTAURANT CongraI'ula'I'ions Io Ihe Class of I959 J. PANICHI 8: SONS Main Avenue and Dodge Slreef Wynan+slcill, N. Y. Complimenls of GEORGE H. COLE SUPPLY CO. Hoosiclr S+. and Fiffh Ave. Troy Choice Grown Flowers for all occasions Com Iimenfs of ELMER HINCKLEY FISHING TACKLE Troy. N- Y- BARRETT THE FLORIST DIAL Ashley 2-4350 Complimen+s of Burde+'I' Ave. and Hoosick S+. wEu.s a. covERl.Y TROY' N' Y' W. As we were. CompIimen+s of A FRIEND HILL'S STATIONERY 45I Broadway Troy, New Yorlr Paul J. Engineri Teacher of Piano MILLERS MUSIC STORE Compiimenrs of TROY FOOD MARKET HOTEL TROY See Our Beauiiful Jefferson Room for Your Banque? or Privafe Parry. 4 slo +0 slzs InsI'. Food Dis+ribu+or TROY. NEW YORK W. WILSON CO. INC. CompIimen+s of MR. AND MRS. A. PERLMAN Tuxedos +0 Hire AII Sizes and S+yIes FASHION TAILORS I22-41h S+. As. 2-6831 701: GOOD FOOD Mobil Gas- Mobil Oil- IQubricaI'ion BONESTELL sERvlcE STATION Wf 'fs bTBruns':I1ick Roald ' ,' Phonykshiey 59725 Besi' Wishes +o +he ? Class of '59 T Xf Ashley 2-7032 MAY FLOWER ROMANO REGAL LUNCHEONETTE Bar-Res'I'auran+-Ho'I'eI Supplies 39I River S+. Troy, New York 3I5 River Sfreei' TROY. NEW YORK SHERWIN-WILLIAMS co. A nwssgke, na FOURTH sr. TROY, NEW YORK 'LEA Pam? Wallpaper Ar'r Supplies Congra+ula'I'ions +o +l1e Class of '59 PURITAN TEA ROOM "The Reliable Furriers' HASSO'S FU RS Fine Furs and Dis+inc'l'ive Accessories 44 FOURTH STREET TROY Complimen+s of PETER REZEY CHAMBERS HARDWARE CO 2328 5+h AVE. Housewares - Tools - Pain'l's S+ove Repair AS 2-763I Junior Prom Commilfee JENSEN'S GROCERY 37I I0I'I1 SI'reeI' Troy, N. Y. EVERYBODY KNOWS HOUSER CongraI'uIaI'ions Io I'I1e IOOII1 GRADUATING CLASS CompIimenI's of Ihe BLACK 81 WHITE CAB SYSTEM AS 25500 W1 fx f .. I Complimenfs of NELLIGAN'S BAKERY AND EAST SIDE BAKERY Coach Ed Picken plans a vicfory. Middlebrook Musical Insfrumenfs MILLER'S MUSIC STORE 73 Fourih Sheef Troy, N. Y. CompIimen+s of A FRIEND Tel. AS 2-9755 LOOMIS SERVICE STATION Tires-BaH'eries-Accessories A 'Io Z Lubricafion I32 Main Avenue R. 81 E. FEED CO. La borafory Diefs 50 River SI. Troy, N. Y. AS 4-27I I Complimenis of CAHILL'S 26 41'h S+ree1' TROY. N. Y. f' H M Congratulations to the Class of 1959 Vacaiion fun. Complimenfs of BRYCE FUNERAL HOME O "THE BUSY LITTLE BRIDAL SHOPPE" Manufacfurers of Gowns Wedding-Bridesmaids' Jr. Miss Formals. Accessories pen Evenings Original Designs by "Minnie 3I53 Sixflz Ave. Troy, As 6-7I I0 MlLLER'S MUSIC STORE Sheel' Music and Musical Ins'IrumenI's Greisch Guifars-Excelsior Accorclions 73 Four'I'l1 Sfreef, Troy AS 2-2l60 G. Geiger J. Romeo "A FRIEND" TENZYK BUILDERS 44 Main Avenue Troy, New York I. Tenzyk AS 4-4 I 90 CHRIS HENGSTERMAN'S Albia Plumbing Plumbing ancl Healing Sales ancl Service Main Avenue Troy, N. Y. A52-6044 Ernes'I' J. Naylor Edward C. Naylor NAYLOR BROTHERS Cellar Digging and General Excava'I'ing 70 Main Avenue Troy, New York AS 2-075l STANLEY HOME PRODUCT Mrs. Marion AbboH' As 6-8490 DOROTHY BEAUTY SHOP 42 Main Avenue Troy, New York Open Evenings by Appoinfmeni- No Parking Trouble. Phone 4-2635 BAKERIAN 81 PALMER GLASS AND MIRROR CO., INC. Compleie Glass Service Complimen+s of BROWN'S DAIRY BAR ADLER'S BABY FURNITURE Toy WorIcI Complefe Line Gree'I'ing Cards 46-3rd. S+., Troy, N. Y. SYCAWAY HARDWARE 556 Hoosick SI'reeI' Troy. New York SIPEL'S SERVICE STATION 604 Pawling Avenue Troy. New York We were younger, 'rl1en Firsl Deadline l-luddle The back of Jim Murray and Graclee Graflo. Sealed: Roberla MacFarlane. J e Seplic, Dave Thursfon, Myra Buchman and sfanding: Lynda Nilz. Chas I-Iauclc d Midge Sfillman. COMPLETE GRADUATION SERVICE Class Rings-Commencemen+ Announcemenis Caps and Gowns- Medals and Awards-Diplomas Taylor-made Yearbooks L. G. BALFOUR CO. BENTLEY 81 SIMON TAYLOR YEARBOOK CO. Your Represen+a+ive HODGKINS OF BALFOUR "Gus" Hodgkins, Don Nash, Bob Gray, Bob Barcher P.O. Box 9 SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK Phone 3-5374 Congra+ula+ions +o Troy High's I00+l'1 Graduaiing Class . . . +l1e Class of I959 Complimenis of From PIONEER-BUILDING RENSSELAER COUNTY DOUGLAS HUDSON, Chairman OF TROY AND LATHAM Sys'l'emal'ic Savings Accoun'l's . . . 3V2 'Z -A"'A.z College Savings Accounis . . . 3'f2 Z Regular Savings Accounfs . . . 3V4 'Xl Income Share Accounis . . . 3lf2 Z -uiu 'Curreni Dividend iuiilllini llii in "Give Your Loved Ones ihe Care They Deserve" 1 El S ball UNITED CLEANERS One Hour Cleaning Five Hour Laundry 60 CONGRESS ST. TROY, NEW YORK NIGHTINGALE NURSING HOME 2545-5+l1 Ave., Troy. N. Y. X 'Z NORTHSIDE CONVALESCENT HOME l22 Sarafoga Ave. WATERFORD, N. Y. CATHERYN POOLE Af+er four years, flwe big momenl. School and College Rings Medals-Trophies-Diplomas Commencemeni' Announcemenfs Caps ancl Gowns I4 PINE TREE DRIVE POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y Globe 4-9923 P. LESTER BROW I ComplimenI's of "ROC" LOUNGE JOSEPH KOENIGSBAUER Diamoncls--Walches-Jewelry Hendrick Hudson Hofel LABRECK'S SERVICE STATION 63 Main Ave. Troy, N. Y. gv0"'lu , K Complimenfs eoons - X. of Tigar's Sporiing Goods, Inc. I5 KING ST. Ann 404 RIVER ST. Ashley 4-4241 TROY, NEW YORK W. P. HERBERT 81 CO. EDWARD HAucK can AShley 2-924I or 4-6I I4 RED FRONT RESTAURANT Refresh Yourself Take a MinuI'e for Milk TROY AREA Pizza, SpagheI'Ii and Meafballs, Submarine Sandwiches, Meafball or Sausage. TROY. NEW YORK 7I-73 DIVISION ST. K Congra+ula+ions LEE's DAIRY I-ll-I-Yl'5 Eagle Mme. ICE CREAM Congra+ula+ions Io 'Ihe 555 Congress S+. Class of '59 TROY, N. Y. SQUARE DEAL SHOP THE LLOYD STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY OF ARTISTIC QUALITY AND DISTINCTIVE BEAUTY Esiahlished in I880 and presen'I'ly enioying i+s 79+h year of opera+ion, +he LLOYD STUDIO, under +he managerial reins of fhe fourfh generafion of fhe same family, will con+inue +o specialize in Por+rai+ure Weddings Group and Commercial Worlc School Annuals Frames Embodying Bo'l'h S+yle and Moderalion Phofographer 'For 'I'he l959 Dardanian Special School Rafes DAVID A. LLOYD, Manager Sl Third Sl'ree+ Troy, New York TELEPHONE ASHLEY 2-5902 Congrafulafions Io SALLY AND THE CLASS OF '59 SPECIALS GROCERY STORE Cold Cufs-Fresh Frui'I's Frozen Foods-Vegefables COMMODORE CLEANERS. INC. PETER'S RESTAURANT 81 GRILL SUPPLY 44 George SI'ree+ GREEN ISLAND, N. Y. COME Complimenfs of AND LIFETIME PLASTICS GET IT! 6 fgzca 1 P om: ASHLEY 6-8815 f VISION OPTICIANS 'IACKIS EYE GLASSES . coN1'Ac'r LENSES HAMBURGS N C M ND 05 N ET WynanI'skiII, N. Y. AN T OY N We Wish You The EIemenI's of Success Knowledge, OIa+ained By Work and Discipline MANN'S Your Sfafioner 407 FULTON-TROY, N. Y. Complimenis of JOSEPH CHUCKROW'S SONS. PouII'ry Packers Troy, New York INC CATHERINE E. OUINN General Insurance Agenf and Broker 6I6-3rd, Avenue N. Troy, N. Y. AD 8-75I0 ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE I 26- I 34 Washingfon Avenue ALBANY IO, N. Y. Guidance - Balanced Training - Acfivifies Placemenf in Key Posifions in Business, Pro- fessional and Governmenf Offices STATE REGISTERED VETERAN APPROVED 9 is Kings and slaves of Toga. HOTEL TROY Joseph, Jefferson Room for Your Banquef or Privafe Parfy AS 2-5700 I G R 0 Complimenfs of fhe 6 Q BORDEN COMPANY ,, at 276 Fiffh Avenue L TROY, NEW YORK ' PARK MARKET For Service S 8: H 338 C S AShIey 2-9555 Green Sfamps ongress heel' TROY AS 2-333I Qualify Meafs STERLING SERVICE CENTER Vegefables Groceries U-HAUL TRAILERS 456 River S+- WE DELIVER FOR RENT TROY, NEW YORK I... . CLASS OF 1 959 Joseph Alexander Jr., 2256 Fifth Avenue Peter C. Apostol, 29 George Street, Green Island Thomas J. Armao, 394 10th Street Helen Marie Bailie, 1 12 Second Avenue John F. Baker, Ahern Apartments Bldg. 3, Apt. 4B Robert J. Bakerian, 86 Ninth Street Mildred Lee Bardrof, Griswold Heights Harry J. Bartle, Brunswick Road Richard N. Beckman, 30 Coolidge Avenue Susan Ruth Beckman, 30 Coolidge Avenue Albert J. Bell, 41-14th Street Doris Katherine Bernhard, Otsego Avenue Jane Mercedes Betancourt, 484 Second Street Barbara Mae Bingham, 256 North Lake Avenue Charles Birmingham, Johnsonville R.D. 9451 Ronald Peter Blaauboer, 340 First Street Carole Ann Blassberg, 5 Oxford Road Margaret Brady, 2166-14th Street Margaret Brearton, 370 Eighth Street Mary Anne Broadhead, 12 Westfall Avenue Myra Mae Buchman, 2354-17th Street Linda Bernice Buerkley, 13 Bolivar Avenue Ann Bulmer, 136 Mill Street Robert George Burdick, Griswold Heights Susan M. Burt, Frear Park View Carolyn C. Calhoun, R.D. -7991, Hoosick Falls John R. Callander, 596 Pinewoods Avenue Jeannette E. Case, 78-13th Street Dola Frances Cassum, 337 Ninth Street Arthur Douglas Castle, 30 Douglas Street Donald Chaffee, 79 Ford Avenue Herbert R. Charbonneau, 6 Front Street, Waterford Lynda L. Chu, 2506 Lavin Court Joyce Coleman Chuckrow, 187 Pinewoods Avenue Mary Ann Cioffi, 147 Ferry Street Carol Helen Clements, 561 Lansing Road Marilyn W. Closson, Elmwood Oakwood Avenue Maxim Neil Cohen, 48 Rankin Avenue David J. Collins, 895 River Street Carol Colwill, 269 Eighth Street Edward C. Connolly, 443 Tenth Street Robert S. Coonrad, 187 North Lake Avenue Alfred J. Coonradt, Cropseyville Richard Crook, R.D. 9951, Johnsonville Virginia M. Crotty, 1 19 Sherman Avenue Ext. Dennis Curley, South Lake Avenue Matthew Curley, 51 Desson Avenue Richard Howard Daffner, 56 Point View Drive Robert Anthony Daniels, 12 Kemp Avenue Charles G. Davidson, 35 Jefferson Street Russel Stewart Dean, 1869 Highland Avenue William T. DeGraff, 111 Mountain View Avenue Sara Lee Derrick, 314 North Lake Avenue James Dickinson, 17 Hidley Extension Albert DiRienzo, 1 16 North Greenbush Road Florence Rita Doakmaiian, 9 Munro Court Bruce C. Ducat, Greene Street, Route 39 Elizabeth Ann Dudash, 1286 First Avenue Elsie Duffner, 63 Middleburg Street Margaret Alta Duncan, 617 Congress Street Sandra Dawn Dwyer, 33 Van Wert Court Alexander J. Dzembo, R.F.D. 43 Joan C. Ellenbogen, 171 Second Street Carl Stephen Erickson, 9 McChesney Court John Francis Faraci, 735 River Street William Finkle, 936 Hoosick Road David Wayne Forman, 27 Cooper Avenue Patricia Forbes, 1893 Highland Avenue Marion Freeman, 91-1 1th Street Mary Theresa Gallico, 1 Cortland Street Richard Gardner, 386 Tenth Street Sharon Marie Gates, 100 Spring Avenue Carol Ann Giazara, 2 Hidley Extension Carol C. Glaz, 486 Fourth Street Robert Goldberg, Dunn Garden Apartments Naomi Beth Gotkis, Clinton Place Thomas Michael Goyer, 33 Atlantic Avenue Graclee Gratto, 436 Fourth Street Nancy Ann Greaves, 15 Arden Lane Kenneth L. Grogan, 1-1 1th Street Richard A. Haggerty, Griswold Heights Ronal Pelton Hall, 1603 Tibbits Avenue Richard E. Halse, 32 Meadow Drive Gail Janice Hanby, 297 Congress Street Charles L. Hancox, 30 Douw Street Janice Grace Hasso, 14 Detroit Avenue Charles Edward Hauck, 2420 Lavin Court Robert D. Henry, 1602 Hutton Street William T. Hicok, 269 Brunswick Road Patricia-Jane Hidley, 409 Main Avenue Lynne Ann Hiller, 38 Glen Avenue Beth Vincent Hoffman, 63 Brunswick Avenue Sue Carol Holland, 115-11 Street William R. Holstein, 266 Eighth Street Patricia Honsinger, 46 Ida Street Frederick Robert Hubicki, 3070 Tibbits Avenue Carol Ruth Hughes, 481 Ninth Street Barbara Ann Inman, 237 Ninth Street Richard N. lshkanian, Brunswick Road Ann Johns, 54 Second Street Jill Ann Johnson, R.F.D. 9993, Box 197 John H. Kappes, Jr., 909 Jacob Street Christopher Kaprelian, 156 4th Street Linda J. Kautz, R.F.D. 9991, Johnsonville David Charles Keefer, R.F.D. 9952, Box 185 Janet M. Kelley, 24 Mountain View Avenue Judith Kepner, 15 Ashcroft Street Jane Carol Kewley, 344 Congress Street Gail A. Kimmey, 40 Brookview Avenue Helen Jean Kowalczyk, 471 Second Street Virginia Kowalski, 37 Munro Court James G. Laird, 123 12th Street Joyce Laraway, 227 Lincoln Avenue William J. Lavigne, Jr., R.F.D. 9943, Box 192 Jane M. Lawless, Box 29, Cropseyville Mary Lee Leonard, Griswold Heights, B-4 A-34 Karen B. Levy, 2121 Burdett Avenue Barbara Lewis, 40 Bellemead 'Street Marga L. Lipacis, 1504 Sausse Avenue Thomas James Lococo, 14 Prince Street Bette B. Lorenz, Box 116, Wynantskill Sigwalt Ludke, 2544 Fifth Avenue Arnold Ludke, 2544 Fifth Avenue Gail Frances Lundy, R.F.D. 9163, Box 174 Lida Marie MacAulay, 1514 Hutton Street Susan C. MacAuley, 8 Warren Avenue Donald David McCabe, North Lake Avenue Lawrence H. MacDonald, 153 Ferry Street Roberta MacFarlane, 2645 Fifth Avenue Patricia A. MacGregar, 397 Ninth Street Dorothy M. McGuire, 609 River Street Donald Douglas'MacPhail, Jr., Crescent Terrace William Patrick Mackey, 652 Fourth Street Robert N. Mahoney, 28 Spring Avenue Patricia M. Maitland, R.F.D. 9693, Troy, New York John A. Maier, 17 Canal Avenue M. Joyce Manley, 14 Hamilton Avenue Arnold G. Manville, 51 Hamilton Avenue Ronald E. Mathewson, 101 Winter Street Lynne Miller, 321 Pinewoods Avenue Judith Anne Minahan, 60 Marvin Avenue Lynn R. Mitchell, 17 Erie Street Mary Eileen Monahan, 7 Berkeley Street Janice Margaret Montgomery, 199 Stowe Avenue Joan Theresa Moore, 1 Annie Street Joyce M. Mosher, 51 Gampbell Avenue Leo Paul Mosseau, 377 First Street Patricia Marie Mosseau, 377 First Street Dianne Theresa Murray, Griswold Heights B-4 A-7 Eileen Mary Murray, 716 Federal Street James Stephen Murray, 412 Second Street Carolann Naberezny, 276 Eighth Street Sandra Lee Nasholds, South Lake Drive Jane E. Navlor, 70 Maine Avenue Stephen Nelick, 28 24th Street James L. Nelligan, 6 Belle Avenue Marilyn Nelson, Box 159, R.F.D. 9643 Christine Paula Niemczynski, 445 Third Street Lynda Kay Nitz, 23 Horton Avenue Dee Ann O'Brien, 372 Eighth Street William V. O'Connor, 1216 Jacob Street Joseph Oertel, 235 Stowe Avenue Barbara Jean Parker, 1630 Fifth Avenue Emily L. Parker, 2419 Fifth Avenue John S. Parker, Jr., 752 Jacob St. Francis Gerard Passino, 1 1 Packer Avenue Ralph Francis Joseph Passonno, Jr., 225 Pinewoods Ave Rd Carol Marie Pearson, 212 Bloomingrove Drive Barbara H. Perlman, 34 Bolivar Avenue Thomas Perrine, 450 Fulton Street Brenda J. Pfeiffer, 48 Ford Ave. Catherine Ann Pinchon, 214 8th Street Katherine Patricia Pittse, 30 Miller Avenue Robert Matthew Pochman, 639 Fourth Street Paul Ronald Pollack, 55 Euclid Avenue Douglas Pollock, 30 Brunswick Avenue Roger Mark Pollman, R.D. 4993 Lillian Elizabeth Powers, 30 Crockett Avenue Elayne Prezio, 42 Brunswick Road Robert Pryor, Cropseyville Arno L. Reihs, 31 1-4th Street Frank Renna, 104 Sherman Avenue Howard Charles Reynolds, 7 Broadview Terrace Daniel Rheinauer, 20 Hamilton Avenue Peter Anthony Ricci, 124 Hill Street John Carl Richards, 622 4th Street Elaine Richburg, 2229 7th Avenue Martha Jean Richburg, 2229 7th Avenue J. Richard Riley, Wynantskill Joanne M. Roeck, 21 Colehamer Avenue Margaret Elizabeth Rooney, Valley View Drive Roger W. Romano, 413 9th Street James Romanski, Griswold Hgts., Bldg. 7, Apt. 25 Harvey Rothenberg, 2416 Lavin Court Dorothy Ann Ruff, 2216 14th Street Loretta Sanfasin, 100 Spring Avenue Paul Frank Schantz, 212 Eighth Street Sally Schmelzer, 61 Pinewoods Avenue Rose Marie Schoenagel, 3310 Seventh Avenue Barbara Schrell, 757 River Street Judith Patricia Scott, Winter Street June Rose Septic, 236 Pinewoods Ave. Ext. Andrew F. Sheffer, R.D. -7992, Valley Falls Gretchen Van Rensselaer Sickles, 1 1 Sherry Road Ruth Simon, 1 McLeod Road Kathleen R. Simonian, R.D. 9691 Kathleen Sinnott, 88 Ida Street John B. Skiba, 521 First Street Beverly Ann Sliter, R.D. -7444, Box 515 Jeanne Lewis Sliter, Broadview Terrace Paul Joseph Smith, 454 Second Street Lydia Smulsky, 527 First Street Anton M. Solomon, 2418 22nd Street James Henry Spain, 2910 Sixth Avenue Gerald L. Spencer, 325 Tenth Street Augustine John Sperrazza, 324A Liberty Road James William Stewart, 82 Eagle Street Mariorie Alma Stillman, Box 48, Wynantskill John David Stoliker, 6 Hillcrest Avenue James Mark Strosberg, 42 Belle Avenue Wallace Tedesco, 255 Third Street John Hippocrates Thomas, 5 Farnam Lane David C. Thurston, 2121-15th Street Ronald David Torncello, 80 Campbell Avenue Daisy Tucker, 2380 Sixth Avenue Jean Elizabeth Tucker, 2258 Sixth Avenue Theresa M. Turino, 2906 Sixth Avenue Geno Vale, 56 Ninth Street Elaine Louise Van Buren, R.D. 5493 Frances Eleanor VanDenburgh, Ahern Apartments Linda Jean Waters, 550 Brunswick Road Eva Weiner, 1718 Fifth Avenue Nancy E. Weingartner, 1704 Highland Avenue Barbara Carol Weiss, 2303 Burdett Avenue Lynda Helen Wells, 23 Williams Road John Joseph Whaley, 405 Third Street Barbara Ann Whipple, 1836 Highland Avenue Charles Leo Wick, 26 Center View Drive Edward Kent Wilcove, 106 Nyroy Drive Margaret Elizabeth Wilkinson, 2 Erie Street Mercle C. Wilson, 4 Balsam Avenue Janet M. Wisher, 545 Fourth Street Gerald Eugene' Wohlleber, 1 Bond Street James Roger Wohlleber, 1 Bond Street John Peter Wong, 33 Hakes Road James Yates, 20 Coolidge Avenue Florence Yosoian, 2214-12th Street Nancy Ann Zalucki, 2 St. Joseph Street AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS K 1, we X THE END OF THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS Farewell To books . . . Long live The flame of knowledge. f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" ,. .. ,U ., - g . -4 wg' .g .14 .Q '?iJ5,'1g!Ei:?ti"' 15. . .' A un . . x MXH . , -. 1- 1 ' . . m , .N TH' ' " . -:wk '-jS'1'j-ff'g-. , is ' Ny-.5 1- .vu -F 'Z .--K.-, .ll nw,- .-457. ,Y-P. 12.-,. -113, . xgg. ,'y..U .-'.--1'- x ..3 'lT.','giFj A My . M ad - .','r'5.. - '-' Q-631' 1 , Y..',,7h:-5.1. . war 'r,-1451.3 H1 I , - ." Q ,a U., ,J -.-.a A.. F, 1 .ia . -.-.w N nf in n . F: i ,. 1. ..,, . H. 1, I? ,,f. , 4,+5 LP fl 1w"n'4V.-' -'cr . .41 . . .ag .' -lilmja? Q -ff g -. N "Clif 7515 ' HA. . .LA VJ. , ,- - ff: ' f ' ' .1 .rv--.w .'- -. A . , " . ,- 1.42 f .- '1 nl 1 ,ffl . 2.5.9-J' :jr . , ,' -xl' ' .uf .. 4 r "ffl ' M4 Y i v.. .. ., 'nw A N.-,-A' , .. . - , . f. . .- A " "' , ..1 Q4 5.-f-5 , - -. 'Hi-,,g--y. -1- . - - 1- . . . . fx . ' -53 -. f. '- A. , :Pu U., mg.. ZA . . K . In I K 'ax M ,Q ,H U4-,L K ,. -..-W. . NJ ':-1. .V -. .. , ' ' 'f f 2 ' ' L'-L,:,. Q -pgh '-., . - ,ng . , . fl., .ff A . , . ,.,,1 1- . Y - Y N, .vi XTK:-1.-W - If 4 ' U -1-V .u' .-...V ' W- -+W-ff..'.:.'.- 1, .,. 1, . -. fi-1 ', , f"'f Digi.. -'9. 1- 1-. f - Q--1 ,lim my .- fc--'wir ' .. .my . - I- 2 f.,.-Jr... 1-I ' . 'f" QP., H- , Q 'ugl ' J-.Wi , ' :Q --gf' . gr, N L-9' 2 . H' 1 -'.,g .. Q W as - AV -,mV JU 1 1 4 H I v-11: 4 . T4 H' - , A..-, .f- - . Y.. '25, -' ' .1-keg ' . - - . H ,pg .. , ' 9- I-C.'.x A L 4, -' M xx I 4 ,,N. .. . . , -- 1- .. - ,,, K ' -.2 -W' - . .. .-5. .. fi... .:TY'B!4'-br -, 4 2 ' , - ' .wY5.4:x.- .. V V V.: . , .,'A..,.x f ' . 7.-'f-Fe. A.-55,-51. 4. 'J ...:, 14- -' 21" ' 1 .. kw. '- J- A5 ' 4. ' gg. 0?'1z?.b?!'Qv , . .- J- 1-1 A ' - -.Nm-f' -. .. ,- ful ' ' ' pq ' M ' "W-ri.: x -,f.,.,., --., ,. . rua. -M., .,. .-I . ' ,- le,-...X,"" ' V ,A I 'V' .glgiwf 'F 5.25 'Ll V-1T5?F', mai. ' 42'2 f 'TY' ' 1... ' - " 1. ' gf. - -A --f - Q- 'il -51, - 3-wr, U' . -.1 -- 1'gE.f', -- ri"-'-' . .3 , . .. .. " "YQ-1-.- ,,, "L -,,.v.-gr -- +1 '1.. " Y' .. ,' 1 - -1 QQ 'f-"effing ., . -.h , .iff-'A --4 A H J' "Lag 1w...f- ' LJ. - ' . ' ' 1- P -',- "' f' . .4 I 1-f- - .1 - .T?:..s'? L. - 4--m.-I' 4:'ii??r 1 "- - .QU k Jig - 2 ,. - . f ...- . 1. . .-fy? -"'-' S' . rf.. "v 'a .,.--4' . - ' ' ' Un. .. - -nw .- -- J Wm... V- .J .am '- . ' 1 -Sing. .N A :QE-.g1. "' 3-L Y fn. - fu. 4. if my wi - '-fig,---L,.. ' L- . 1! 1 11.4. L A N, Xin' Nnp, ' ..g. ir H! ,. HQEAJQ ,L - - fz f'rf'-..:. .LA J K F.. . -, , . l ' Effgiw. ., 92 A- .. 4.1 39"-154 .14 T.. . , 1 3342" ' A 1 , .,r-. I .. - 1 .iw px. 1 - , ' mi, ., 26.1. 1-.'n..m.hL.r ' 2 8 1-0' H , 5 Q X.: Q , . .1 5, .W,J,, .. ff 2 Q . K 2-wma gztfi- ' iv - .1 f N 5 N ,Q H, 1 , I J A , ,4 3 . KR. , ,. 1 v 1 ii'3i4 k ' f 1 ,Q y . J -,W W, Z ,- X5 .Q 9',Q,.sA 1 Sow' 4 f , V 1' X " xy ,we A 'll a W . rw ,M swf f y n ww, - -.,,,.f,w Q, W M, in , xx :S 1 , 1 XG 540 If

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