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'53-Wi ,...,.,.,b,.,,, , 5 3 1 2 i 5 1 1'1Lff.'r uxyuw1f .. Z7.qf,,- , .-i -1.555 llii 10 S 'T' ease' ugh I 71 SCH00l J - ' 9+ ' ' , 1' .1 clarclclnian published by the class of 1958 troy high school troy, new york iewgfggifL.,,5f1,,.Q5Mv,w?.:f,w,:.ffff,,W 11,-.ff M-.W .MQ-in -X., . MW - I, H kai.,MFW,m5w .. . WRU, L,,ff',.-5.. pinfl,-.Lg,Z,.m,,fpf,1Q1,gyfyg5vQq.u15'--.wi-fagi.g,-g,w,',psffr15.49 ,f WW A mmf f wliffw, , . , . . . 'A + f + 4 5 ' I i ff. ,,,- QW- gf X7 M W Q' ,-:sms - 155 f , 2 -:rg mi ws. w: . www' viii' -s"i?:ff1f!Zfg- 531 vw : 7 - 517 - A Mi- '- gg, fi-1 M jx ' - Y X F . -Q , f f. 1::.:,-4:.ff---1.rv,--a5:,:-X.,r-If.wiwwrr,g1Nfm,g " M .M,... Q W3,'B3Ei'3x.,wQA wh A i x M l . , nf M1 V awww. M A . -- ,Q ,Miz 1 3 ,L5,.,,,z ,1 Wy? ' Q' ' -mv m,,A W ,mm, ,,.. W .? m i n i Am.-Twig ....,, M W- -v-.. M-. W V, .. . A ,. V -' A ' ,K Mm, , , -xgy ,,,. 5 ,L..,x . , X ,- , ., , . ,.vA,X..L Z ,,.. .... J Z ,w.,, ,, . ,5S,AM,w,,: ,A... ,F Mg . . .x V- psfwf 2, 4- .,f.'if1Q,g1,w.Qfmeef -a1HfHf5,:.Q fb,.WiifwfibfT'f"fE1'i"""i'2551- -Qsfmf Lsf,A:,.'1--X:.2g1"4'f Qui , l'wYi -' - --" -' ' .. www ? 'M M , -' QQ iffy . . Y 3 2 ,K 5? X- M - W Lf, www "4 ' , -- - .X , -- , . , . W 5, ' 'K " ,E V,.. H . I , ,U ,..,. , ' A ' A ' Ja 9. ,1 5 - gri-,Mm if ,Z wg - .-sary... I .L f K4 gsg, 5 A E " HQ 2 Wg 51 , 12? fn:wh-Qw35f::'E5s,if-M-.S si- wmffi.-2?---r,sw1,:-fifffffm:-.:wg:W.f'afw -w-f,,-f.? .:f,1,.W.,s:, . NM- , , my fe,-f,,-'-hx: M ,Mrk ,a,,,, 5 i?3J?'i1Z?f Q' :ffl L4 M 9. '- -' -'2 iw ..,, . .., - jwzk. QSVKH -- ,V ,,... - Q . i fu" " ,ww W . ,A N Wg - : ii, ,,.. L. " '- -V--' ze : A K X- X . k . 5 ,g . .:::x5i ew ,af .Swag ., 93 ' ' G wiser: , 2' ' ,, 3 m V F , W N wasp" M ' S 'wr .QL .,,, Q x ' 2 W Hx as 'M . .t A 'f . 3,5 J "3..f., - ' - 'Q ., 52 Helrtelets Staff 2 Seniors I8 Elrzsses 72 ,fletieities 82 Sports ZOO Advertisements I I8 na., .yr-me-Q,gxlw-N Cl Cray High alma! my GUY A. ENFANTO, Assistant Principal MARION D. DIAMOND ELIZABETH M. CASEY Secretary Registrar GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT James Allgeier Margaret F. Redmond Mrs. Catherine Stewart, Secretary ART Raymond C. Henry Pauline G. McGonigal CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION Marion C. Fitzpatrick Mildred Anslow John W. Daly Marion G. Fitzgerald Florence Gabauer Maryalice O'Brien Edward Picken ' Arthur H. Reents COMMERCIAL William Septic Myrtle E. Fletcher Mariorie Hennessey Antoinette Lewis Jane Meharg Helenmarie Murphy Eileen Rourke Agostina Schillaci Robert W. Seibert DRIVER EDUCATION Richard Terzian ENGLISH Elizabeth Buckley Dorothea Burkhart Justine Colley Marian Dunn Mary E. Foxell Marshall Gillette Virginia Kelly Isabel R. Mann Mary Martire Mary D. Mclnerny Kathleen M. McTavey Margaret P. Spencer FOREIGN LANGUAGE Frances L. McTammany Emily M. Cavanaugh W. Warren Gibson Gertrude A. Rogers HOME ECONOMICS Margaret K. Saunders Dorothy D. Long Helen O'Brien Edwena Reynolds MEDICAL Dr. James Fitzgerald Dr. Aurelius Laquidara Margaret Sheehan, R.N MUSIC John Zaffuts Raymond Charette Patricia Miller Charles Zeller PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH Emanuel Elfenbein Charles Boland George Cooley Grace F. Lecomte Hannah Larmon Rose LaSorte SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS David Levinstein Beniamin P. James Anne Sullivan Gertrude Markey Bess Wood Josephine B. Errera Mary Holmes Janet A. Maly Philip B. Quinn VOCATIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS Alexander C. Ducat Robert Allen Edward J. Bell James P. Budrakey Henry B. Cassavant George E. Foley John M. Hennessey Wilfred J. Lagoe Alfred Percey Frank J. Quinn FRANK c. cf-xti2icALA July 27, 1957 Frank C. Catricala, well known music director at Troy High School for twenty-one years, was born in Watervliet and received his education at Watervliet High School, New York College for Teachers, Union College, and the University of Chicago. A versatile musician, Mr. Catricala studied music at the Troy Conservatory of Music, the Institution of Musical Pedagogy at Skidmore, and the Ernest William School of Mu- sic, and received his trumpet training from Edwin F. Goldman, the famous bandleader of New York City. Mr. Catricala's extensive musical career included private instructing at the Troy Con- servatory ot Music, and participation in the Troy Vocal Society as Trumpeter. He was also a member of a trio heard frequently on the radio. Some ot us at Troy High School were privileged enough to know and learn from Mr. Catricala, others of us respected this sensitive musician for his dedication to all phases of music at Troy High School and the evidence of this dedication each year at the June concert. Faculty and students alike regret his loss. MISS ELIZABETH CASEY RegisTrar TO THE CLASS OF 1958 AT, perhaps, no Time in hisTory have American youfh HisTory may record 1958 as anoTher 1492, as Co- lumbus embarked inTo The unknown. WheTher we dis- cover new worlds will depend upon This generaTion who musT man The PinTas, The Ninas and The SanTa Marias which explore ouTer space. "Land Ho!" wil-l signal The approach To new horizons. The Class of 1958 musT colonize This new world wiTh fronTier Thinkers for This land musT be won and held noT wiTh bulleTs buT wiTh brains. 3 MISS MARION DIAMOND SecreTary been faced wiTh a greaTer challenge To Their fuTure se- curiTy. As The class of 1958 you have compleTed an im- porTanT milesTone in your educaTional careers. For some iT may be The end of formal educaTion, for oThers a preparaTion for more advanced Training in an insTiTuTe of higher learning. WhaTever your goals may be, America's conTinued leadership in Today's world lies To a greaT exTenT in your hands. Such a leadership depends on more Than winning The race in nuclear weapons. Survival demands a will- ingness on your parT To assume The role of The well-in- formed and acTive world ciTizen, a role all To ofTen The concern of The very few. As high school graduaTes you should have The necessary background for fulfilling This responsibiliTy. f fx Lf fl fkkwq ' 1 fi ik , ,,. , .Q I 1 I "' mf? 1 Q 3 T35 1 - ,Q Mr. James Ailgeier i i GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Catherine Stewart and Mrs. Georgia McGann Miss Margaret Redmond Mrs. Spencer, Mr. Levinstein, Miss Rogers, and Mrs, Anslow examining merchandise in the bookstore. Mr. Bell, Mr. Budrakey, Mr. Percey, Mr. Quinn, and Mr. Foley confer with Mr. Ducat across the "bridge," ' Miss Rourke and Miss Hennessey at the Venetian Dream. GIVEN: 66 TEACHERS TO PROVE: THEY, TOO, LEAD INTERESTING LIVES. Step I . . . Our records show that approximately twen- ty-five colleges are represented on the T.H.S. faculty. The state colleges have contributed twenty-three teach- ers in the following ratiofAlbany seventeen, Oswego four, and Cortland two. A few of the many schools at- tended by our faculty are R.P.l., St. Lawrence, Vassar, Manhattan, Springfield, St. Rose, Barnard, Clarkson, Syracuse, the Sorbonne, France, Russell Sage, and Pratt. 9 I 3 is i hi , . Mrs. O'Brien, Miss Mann, and Mrs. Meharg chaperone the Senior Ball. sir .,,----"""' Our indispensable Miss Sheehan. Miss Wood, Mr. Henry, and Mr. Seibert signing in-or out. Step 2 . . . Our teachers have done graduate work all over the country. ln this capacity, they represent nearly thirty institutions. Once again the state colleges proved rnost popular with Albany claiming twenty-four of our faculty, Oswego three, and Cortland a lonely one. I0 ' sr Miss Fitzpatrick and Mr. Daly settle world affairs. The Universities of Colorado, Maryland, Nebraska, llli- nois, Mexico, Madrid, N.Y.U., Columbia and Texas ASKM were also honored by the presence of several of our faculty. 3 n f 4 i E Mrs, Holmes seems to be asking Miss McGonigal how she grew so tall, to the amusement of Miss Lewis. Mr. Enfanto and his charming wife. Mr. Allen and Miss Fitzgerald get Aa sewing lesson from Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs, Long. Step 3 . . . The skills of our faculty have not been con- fined within the walls of T.l-l.S. Other schools, such as the University of Louisiana, N.Y.U., Siena College, Vin- centian High School, and LaSalle Institute, have profited from their knowledge. The government has also ern- ployed one member of our faculty as a tool designer and engineer on the Colt 45, another as a supervisor of the War Industries Training Program, and still an- other in the office of Defense Transportation. Mrs. O'Brien's luncheon menu seems to appeal to Mrs. Saunders. Mr. and Mrs. Elfenbein at the Senior Ball. Mr. Piclcen and Mr. Boland checking over their respective sports schedules. Step 4 . . . Uncle Sam profited from the patriotic spirit of our faculty during the wars. One member served as cryptographer and message chief with General Eisen- hower, studied communications at the British War Of- fice in London, and attended, the German surrender at I2 the Little Red School House in Rheims, and another member attended the War Criminals' Trial at Nurem- berg. Still others trained recruits at such places as Sampson Naval Station, and one woman served as a sergeant tor the U.S. Army during W.W. I. ry Mr. Terzian seems to be feeling no pain as he escorts Miss Honored quests Mr- and Mrs Norm at Gabouer and Miss Mendoza to the Senior Ball, the- "Venetian Dream," 5 3 Miss Dunn, Miss Mclncrney, and Mrs. Errera "Take Tinte Out." Step 5 . . . We also have several authors and artists ticles in "The English Review." In addition to this here at Troy High School. Publications ot our teachers members of our faculty have contributed to photog include Beach to Berlin, European Summer, Everyday graphy and art exhibitions throughout the country. Art, and The Supervisor and His Job, and several ar- I3 "One Alone" . . . MY. Cooley Miss Markcy and lunch hour for fish. Step 6 . . . Phineas Fogg, famous for his journey around the vvorld in 80 days, must have met at least one of our faculty in his travels, for they too have traveled the vvorld over. There is hardly a place in North Amer- ica, South America, or Europe, they haven't visited. 'fi and three little maids at school, Miss Sullivan, Miss Schillaci, and Miss McTavey. l Mr. Cassavant and Mr. James stroll down one of our lengthy halls. Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the British Isles, Egypt, Burma, Japan, Indian and the Tai Mahal, French lndo-China, and Indonesia were only some of the stops. They left no stone unturned, no country unexplored. Mr. Gibson and Mrs, Colley examine an acquisition to the library. Pyigfvw Mr, Zeller, Mr. Stata and Mr. Charette seem to consider music or photography or both, a serious business. VT' Miss Martire, Mr. Levinstein, Miss Cavanaugh, and Mr. Reents show the proper speed at which to go to lunch. Step 7 . . . Our teachers have many varied interests. Most enjoy music, travel and reading. Many are active in community projects and hold responsible positions in their tields. We have with us the president of the Russell Sage Alumnae, the president of A.A.U.VV., the vice president of the Eastern District Vocational and Practical Arts Association, and a member ot the board of directors of the Troy Vocal Society. Our teachers also take an important part in the activities of the Boy Scouts, the Camp Fire Girls, and the "Y" Teenagers Club. I5 'ff i 1 S F Mrs. MU"FJltYr Mr. l-6906, and Miss Dunn in gala attire for and Miss La Sorte and Miss Larmond in strictly working garb Venetian Dream Mrs. Burkhart, Mrs. Maly, and Mr. P. Quinn clesserting. Conclusion: Therefore, vve, the Class of '58, having proved our original point, willingly salute our faculty. I6 W""""l -vt i 1 Tmm I 5 6 .:if,f X, I , r l fr Y 5 5 X - mf: . V f Q I ' L gi E , s 4. K- X asm E 5 5 E fs f E rlf 'Q os' .x wi., ' 4 1 I x v . yr Lf 155 ,. '59 .fu s m j 4 I 0 I' S CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Sitting, left to right: E. Hamilton, Treasurerg J. Astor, Secretaryp J. Sunukiian, Vice President. Standing: Mr. Lagoe, Miss Roarke, Advisorsg C. Seibert, President. Sen 271' Owcers SENIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE BOARD First row, left to right: J. Rainforth, J, Sunukiian, E. Hamilton, J. Astor, M. Renna, Mr. Lagoe, Miss Roarke. Second row: T. Weisenforth, R. Bertholf, R. DeLong, C. Seibert. Coward the Quture CHARLES SEIBERT Soon, each of us will start a new chapter in our lives. We may enter industry or further our education or enter the armed forces. We must be properly equipped if we are to achieve whatever goal we have set. We have been given some of the necessary equip- ment through our education here. Now it is our 'responsibility to augment our edu.cation with equip- ment that is innate with us. Because personality is an undetachable part of us, it will be part of this equipment. Unfortunately, in an age of mass education and mass communication we often lose sight of the individual. We forget to treat the individual with the respect and with the warmly personal manner that is often lost in mass contact. We must also include a certain kind of spirit in our equipment. This type of spirit, born of revolution and nurtured by men and women of young, sacrificing spirit, has given rise to two types of thinking that are now engaged in a "cold war." Once more we must rally that resourceful, that enduring spirit which cha'r- acterized the early American. We must equip our- selves with the pioneer spirit! Our inexperienced generation can not know the magnitude of the task which is set before us. But with this equipment let us begin, confidently, the new chapter in our lives. 2l X MARGARET-LOUISE BASHANT Meg School I4 Nursing School Library Club Senior Card Sale Junior Card Sale fi X JANE BELL Janie St. Peter's Music Teacher Darclanian Junior Card Sale Junior Magazine Sale Senior Card Sale 22 WILLIAM J. BARANOWSKI Baron School I Northwestern Varsity Basketball Co-Captain Soccer Tennis National Honor Society Chase faur years have passed ALICE MARIE BAILIE Al Sacred Heart TTO Ticket Committee and Decorations for Junior Mixer MARILYN LOUISE BOEHRINGER DONALD ANSELMENT Wynantslcill Don College School I Student Council HVTI Junior Prom T-I-O Junior and Senior Card Sale uirkly and pleasantly far the 671155 of 58 SUSAN BENSON Sue School 18 Russell Sage TTO Senior Card Sale ps-X YB JUDITH I. ASTOR Judy Wynantskill Barnard College Cheerleader Junior and Senior Class Secretary Student Council Challenger National Honor Society Philornathian ROBERT JOHN BERTHOLF Burt School 16 College Dardanian Student Council Soccer Hockey SANDRA MARY ALLEN Senior Executive Board Sandy T70 Watervliet High Secretary Junior Prom Decorations Junior and Senior Magazine Sales STANLEY STEVEN BAZYCKI Drxlrg LQU BALDREY Stan Dix School I2 School I2 HVTI Russell Sage Dardanian Senior Ball Junior Magazines TTO 23 X, RALPH EARL BULSON Naiional Honor Society Junior Executive Board SUZANNE E. BARRETT Sue ST. Pa1rick's Samaritan Hospital lniramurals Decoraiion Committee s ' f JOYCE MARIE BURDICK ALAN KIRBY BORTHWICK Birdy School 17 School 16 College Salvation Army Officer Naflonal l'l0f10f 50ClelY Dardanian Challenger Band 24 45 5 of us miami some mutiauslg JOHN LEO BARRY Bair ST. Mary's College Intramurals Band Manager Baskeiball Manager Baseball DORIS ANN BRENENSTUHL Dorie Grafton 9lf5 Work Clarion Dardanian TTO Senior Card Sales 27016 boldly. as freshmen l BARBARA A. BONESTEEL Babs School I8 Private Secretary Dardaniari Clarion GAA Commercial Club Delphic Challenger JUDITH BOOMHOWER Judy Edison Brunswick 3454 Albany Slate National Honor Society Delphic Challenger GAA MICHAEL EARL BRONK Junior and Senior Card Sales Mike Sacred Heart Siena College Swimming TTO A WILLIAM H. BREGENZER CAROLYN BOEHRINGER ROBERT ALAN CARNEY Will Wynantskill BOLD School 16 , Albany Slate- East Nassau HVTI Student C0UnC'l Central Service Baseball National Honor Sociely Basketball Challenger Dardanian Delphic 3 " if KENNETH E. CUSHINE Cush St. Francis DeSales College LEAH ANN COONLEY Hia Leah School 18 College National Honor Society Philomathian Junior Magazine Sales Dardanian Challenger BONITA ROSE CRANSTON JAY TRENT COX Bonnie Poopie Wynantskill School I8 Cheerleader Brown University TTO Co-Editor of Challenger Junior Mixer National Honor Society Junior Prom Quintilian Senior Ball Soccer Chairman Card Sales 26 TTO Our Hrs! social attempt as ll class DAYTON H. CRANSTON Ace Wynantskill TTO DORIS E. CULLlTON CCHS Office Worker Junior and Senior Card Sales Senior Ball Darclanian vas '2S'!ardusL 'buf Saplmmare Dance l xi MILLIE C. CRANDALL Bunny School 16 Delphic Socieiy Commercial Club Senior Ball CZ? FRANCIS H. CONNERY Frank School I6 De Vry Institute 31 , CHARLES CRAMER Chuck St. Paul's SF:- n 2 LARRAINE ANN COLVIN Wynantskill Undecided Delphic Junior Execuiive Board Clarion Senior Ball TTO JEAN RITA CONNORS Jeannie St. Patrick's Work Junior Prom TTO JOHN CONNERY Bud School I6 27 GRACE SYLVIA CLICKNER llpperclassmmf . . . and ufluli Gracie School 14 Undecided Challenger Delphic National Honor Society Student Council Fire Monitor Junior Magazine Sales Cap EDWARD COFFEY Ed 28 tain JAMES JOSEPH COFFEY Sf. Joseph's Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale LUCY A. CHARCHIAN Lu School IO Albany Business College Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale MARGERY CHUCKROW Margie School I4 College Delphic Senior Ball Science Club Junior Prom Student Council HARRY E. CLINTON Ill School 18 HVTI Intramural Sports ' fcehhg af su,ucriari!y.f THOMAS ALBERT CLELAND Finkle School I4 Intramural Sports .' - ' XX MARY ANN CENTOFANTI Mimi St. Mary's Undecided Junior Card Sales Senior Ball TTO i GRACE COLONGIONE Babe School 18 Private Secretary TTO Junior Prom Senior Ball STEVEN JOHN COLUCCI Clooch School IO National Honor Society Band Baseball Football Student Council 2 THOMAS A. CERULLI CAROL FRANCES CARPENTER St. Francis De Sales Catholic High Undecided Undecided Baseball Senior Card Sales Library Club 29 Af. WILLIAM DUNNE Well Dunne St, Francis Hockey Football PHYLLIS ANN DENTON Phyl School I Secretary Delphic National Honor Society Magazine Sales Junior Mixer 30 We became organzkat am LUCIA DE GEORGIO Lucille School I4 Work Junior Prom Junior Magazine Sales Senior Card Sales Senior Ball CHARLES H. CLAUS Chuck Grafton 9547 Air Force JOHN PATRICK CATONE MARY MARTHA DALTON -lafk St. Francis De Sales St. Lawrence's School Marflage Business College Senior Caro Sales Junior Executive Board -l'-'mo' Magazme Sales Intramural Sports UO member thas: club initiatiamtf CAROL ANN DALTON St, Francis De Sales Work sq! Senior Card Sales cowl? Junior Magazine Sales , J. KELLER DUNCAN Killer School I8 College TTO German Club Magazine, Card Sales FRANCES MAY DUPREE Blondie School l8 Secretary Junior Magazine Sales Senior Card Sales TTO .2 HOWARD MARK DAFFNER SONDRA JOY KOONZ DANAHER MITCHELL A. DWORSKY Ddff Peanuts Mitch 5ClW0O' l9 Wynantskill School School l3 College University of Colorado University of Buffalo President Student Council Naficnal Honor Society Challenger Soccer Philomathian Dardanian Basketball Library Club Student Council National Honor Society Junior Pfom Quintilian Quintilian GAA Clarion Challenger Dardanian 3' TTO S-iw 1-.:'f"T"' PETER HOWARD DENTON Pete Albany Academy College National Honor Society Student Council Executive Board Junior Class Executive Board Varsity Swimming President NYS Student Councils Winner Gross Oratorical Contest JANET C. EATON Jacie Mary Warren Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale .7u the business world We ssl ROBERT W. ELLEN Skokie School 14 College Junior Prom Senior Ball Student Council Soccer Hockey Track JEAN C. Dll.l.ENBECK Jeannie School TO Nursing School TTO Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sales 32 5 RONALD WILLIAM DICKINSON GAIL B. P. ENGLISH Bill School 5 Wynantskill Qollege. Junior and Senior Card Sales Clagiin Editor Junior Magazine Sales Stuiieineggilcil Delphic Library Club awards with our magazine and card sales it. RAYMOND M. DURAND Durango School I Football Track Intramural Basketball RICHARD T. DELONG Dick St. Paul Senior Executive Board Track Team Tumbling Team M ROSEMARY T. DE TOMMASI School I6 Secretary Ring Sales fm. 'YU' WILLIAM HENRY DE CELLE Bill School 18 Dardanian Track l BARBARA J. FAZIO Bobbi St. Mary's Junior College Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale Junior Prom Senior Ball EDWARD DASHKIN School l8 College Quintilian Student Council Senior Card Captain Dardanian 33 SANDRA GERRISH Sandi School I2 Library Club National Honor Society Challenger We took part in Student 60111161 JAMES J. FUCCI Fudge School 18 Intramural Sports TTO Commercial Club Track Team FRANCIS L. GAMBRELL Frankie School 5 Telephone Company Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale STEPHEN A. ERNST Steve Edgemont Scarsdale Wesleyan University Challenger TTO Basketball Tumbling 34 BERNADETTE FOLEY Satch St. Paul's Vermont Junior College Commercial Club Student Council Challenger Clarion Dardanian DAVID N. GUNDRUM Dave Wynantgkill Undecided Intramural Sports German Club nd learned to govern eurselees RICHARD GROGAN Harvey School l Service Swimming JEAN C. GILLESPIE Peanuts School I6 Undecided Junior Prom TTO LEITH C. FILLEY THOMAS C. FACTEAU Felf Tom Willard Day School Sf. Joseph's Garland Junior College Work Cheerleading Junior and Senior Card Sales Dardanian Junior Magazine Sale Student Council Philomalhian GAA DONALD E. EBENHOCH Ebe School 1 Football Basketball Baseball I LAURA M. GIACUMO Laurie School 12 Comptomerer School Commercial Club 35 K. il? U ROSEMARY A. ou1oA Ro St. Joseph's Nursing Library Club Student Council Junior Ring Committee Junior Prom Senior Ball JEFFREY PORTER HERRINGTON Jeff St. Paul's Navy Football 36 HARVEY J. HEMS Harv St. Francis School Navy Junior and Senior Card Sales Intramural Sports LEONA R. GOLDBERG Lee School 18 College Student Council Executive Board Junior Prom Senior Ball Dardanian Cafeteria Monitor ANN C. GRILLO DARRYL FRANCIS HARTNAGLE School 'IO Hart Work TTO . Junior and Senior Card Sales ' U. glllggargslgllard Junior Magazine Sale Junior Prom Student Council Junior Magazine Sale Senior Card Sale iCal me see your filly! " EDWARD JAMES HANNAN Edders Si. Paul's Michigan State Football Baseball TTO FAYE A. HARRIS Faye School I4 Secretary Delphic National Honor Sociely Library Club SARAH M. GORDON Blondie Whipple School Barbazon School TTO Synchronized Swimming Life Saving JOH N HEMS Jack Sl. Francis School Air Force Baseball Football Junior Magazine Sale Senior Card Sale KENNETH HARRY HERRINGTON Whis School 18 lnlramural Sporls Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale if Y if ANNABELL R. GRIEVE Ann School I4 Albany Business College TTO Senior Card Sale Junior Magazine Sale 37 NANCY HELM Emma Willard College Philomathian Intramurals Junior Prom Our 'Worth Fold Holiday" and 'fflfiidnqht glll1fll5yU wen ,,. ALBERT J. HUPE Butch School 'I California TTO Student Council NEADA LOU ISE HALDEMAN School I8 Junior Card SaIe's Captain Junior Magazine Sales MARTIN HALACY Marty School I College National Honor Society Quintilian Challenger Co-Chairman Junior Prom Latin Club 38 fr Q 1 BARBARA HABER WILLIAM PHILIP JOBSON Barb .lobby School I8 School I2 College Technical School Challenger TTO Library Club Intramural Basketball TTO JV Basketball Senior Ball Dardanian fading ventures into the social work! 'G N CAROLE HARTNAGLE Carole St. Paul's College Dardanian Challenger Philomathian Student Council WILLIAM CRAIG HENRY National Honor Society Andfe Cheerleader School I4 HVTI Dance Band KATHERINE L. HARRIS EARL E. INGALLS Kathy School is School 5 Hudson Valley Technical Institute Conductor of Band President Dance Band Commercial Club Senior Ball Intramural Sports College Junior Magazine Sale Senior Card Sale TTO GARY WAYNE HAYNER Greek School I Co-Chairman Junior Mixer TTO Soccer ELAINE RUTH HAMILTON School I6 Work for State Department Philomathian Junior Class Treasurer Senior Class Treasurer Junior Prom Senior Ball 39 SUZANNE GAIL HUTCI-IINSON Sue School I6 Secretarial Position Junior Prom Junior Card Sale Junior Magazine Sale JAMES L. JACKSON Jax School 5 ,V Ari School Cafeteria Moniior TTO Junior Prom Senior Ball Vicky Gorton High School Wheaton College Senior Ball Chairman Swimming Club Student Council Junior Card Sale's Captain GRACE VICTORIA KING DAVID C. H. HOWARD JOYCELYN KAY KING IRWIN M. LAPIDES School ia Ace Irs Junior Magazine Sale Brunswick 9 New York City Junior and Senior Card Sales Russell Sage HVTI Challenger Junior Card Sale Dardanian Co-Chairman Junior Prom Co-Chairman Junior Prom TTO Science Club Dafdanlaf' Delphig Challenger 40 Amt what latent talent was umvcfered by ,706 flaya if the super-wlassal "C Z O. " production! Q YY! f I KAREN K. KOON Kean Wynantskill School Business College Synchronized Swimming J ' P JOSEPH P. KELLEY Un.gkAfom H0 Senior Ball School 16 Dardanian Track Student Council wmv' qv-"""" RICHARD K. HUSTON Tex School I8 RPI Student Council National Honor Society Intramurals 113' AGNES ANN KRAWETZ MATTHEW P. KUPIC PATRICIA ANN KING School I2 Cookie Kingy ' Work School I2 si. Paula JU""O" and Same' Card Sales Basketball Vermont Junior College Jumo' Prom Baseball Intramurals Dardanian UO Junior Prom Senior Ball TTO 4l DERRlCA LEVERSEE Rica School I2 Undecided Junior Mixer Senior Ball Junior and Senior Card Sales EDWARD MARK KAPRIELIAN Ed School 10 Quintilian Orchestra Soccer Track NANCI LENIHAN Ninners School l Pittsburgh Playhouse Cafeteria Monitor Dramatics Club 42 PETER KOSHGARIAN JR. Kosh School 14 Siena College Junior Magazine Sales Senior Card Sale Baseball We showed our prowess in every W CAROL ANN LOCKHART Sacred Heart of Mary Undecided Senior Ball SONDRA LEE LEVINE Sohn School 18 Undecided Delphic Student Council Library Club wart, intramural through varsity f ELAINE LA CHAPELLE Lash. School I8 Undecided W7 is-ff ROBERT L. LEVY Bob School I4 RPI President Radio Club National Honor Society Student Council PA Engineer DAVID K. KNAPP MAXINE BETH JACOBS Chief School I Junior Executive Board Miclci School I8 Buffalo State Dramatic Club Dardanian Advertising Staff Junior Prom Senior Ball Junior Magazine Sales Senior Card Sale 'X U, LINDA JOYCE KINCAID Lin Burtonwood High School College Senior Card Sales Ski Club Synchronized Swimming Club Golf JOSEPH F. LUSTE Joe School IB College Student Council Junior Card Sale's Captain Senior Ball 43 All . , ANNE J. LONG School i Junior Finance Committee National Honor Society President Delphic Dardanian HARRY C. MAMBERT JR. School 14 Alfred University National Honor Society Challenger Dardanian HELEN H. LYNCH DIS MALY JR. St. Paul the Apostle School 18 Work Eastman or Juilliard Music School unior and Senior Card Sales National Honor Society Junior Magazine Sale Radio Club 44 Kath the honor organzkafians and the Lfibrary 6111! GLORIA DIANE MALEK Glory School 12 Albany Business College or Comptometer School TTO Commercial Club Delphic Challenger I . RUTH ANN LYND Ruthie School 14 Undecided Cheerleader Commercial Club Wulated auf interests in cultural H5149 ,I l CAROLYN H. LETTRICK Carol 51, Joseph's Comptomcler School Junior Magazine Sale Senior Card Sale ,Q ,bt KENNETH E. LARGE Ken School ld Army . V. LINDA M. LITHERLAND Linney Missouri Junior High Otferbein College Student Council Library Club Delphic SALVATORE MAMONE Sal School I0 HVTI Basketball Football H r SHIRME MARY Lucy School IA Undecided LUCE KEYLE R. MABIN Burch School l8 College VIRGINIA ANNE MENZ Ginny School I8 College Challenger Editor National Honor Society Philomathian Student Council KURT H. MASCHEWSKI Kraut Wynantskill Soccer Our music groups ,vracfided the aimaspln MARION ALICE MANCINELLI Mair School I4 Albany Comptometer School Student Council Junior Prom Senior Ball TTO W 1 ANN KATHERINE MCKEEFE DOUGLAS H. MCGRATH ELIZABETH MANTELLO Ann A Percy Betty S h I 18 St. Peter's Academy St. Peter's School c oo College Junior and Senior Card Sales wr daaees, games, aaa assemblies JAMES J. MAYNARD Jim School I4 Cornell University ' Student Council Quintilian National Honor Society Challenger JUNE V. MOELLER Sacred Heart School Undecided Commercial Club Student Council SAMUEL ANDREW MOLES Skip Sacred Heart EDNA RUTH MILLER WILLIAM R. MILLER KATHERINE TERESA MAJER School I Kate Mildred Elley School I6 SL Lawrence DCIPIW undecided U. s. Marine Corps UO no GAA 47 1? J' ROSE MARIE E. MILES Rose School 5 Nursing School Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale I 1 I ARLINE W. PIEPER Lien School 'I6 IBM School TTO Junior Prom Junior and Senior Card Sales 48 Junior Magazine Sale QI, - RUSSELL OWENS Russ High Point Junior High Challenger Co-Chairman Senior Ball Quintilian Track Cross Country Intramural Sports Student Council CHARLES JOHN MOORADIAN Chuck School I4 Navy Junior Card Sale Magazine Sale Senior Card Sale TTO We became adept at mecfilq 4 ARLENE RUTH NASH Nashy School I6 Oneonta State Teachers College Junior Prom National Honor Society Dardanian Senior Ball TTO GERALDINE A. O'BRIEN St. Joseph's Samaritan Hospital Junior Prom Senior Ball Student Council Commercial Club Ghallvugcr " and 'wardauiau " deadhzes di-f LOUIS A. PITANIELLO Gigi School I4 College Student Council Intramural Sports MARY LOU OPITZ Poppy School 12 Comptometer School Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale Commercial Club 'ww ,f ,i ,. f l LYNDA KATHERYN MUDAR JAN CHRISTOPHER OERTEL Lynn Oersted School l2 Cobleskill Central Albany Pharmacy College Dramatics Club Student Council Dardanian Soccer TTO Basketball Intramurals Tennis DEBORAH MARGOLIN Debbie Roosevelt High School, N. J. College Dardanian Student Council Senior Ball Junior Prom K n RUTH EDNA MOON Lightning Wynantskill School Marriage Junior Magazine Sale Junior Card Sale Senior Card Sale 49 LILLIAN CATHERINE NAYLOR Susie District 7 Work and Marriage Junior Card Sale Senior Card Sale Junior Prom Senior Ball TT0 JAMES H. PRICE Jim School I8 College Soccer Hockey Baseball National Honor Society Challenger Intramural Sports Student Council ,-aff' Chia' year has bca SUSAN A. REICHARD Suzie School I6 Business College Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale f ,":' , 1 I " -..'i ii - ..., A -1,. . 11.15 fi -. LOIS M. NITZ JOSEPH G. RIEGERT DORIS E- POHLNIANN LO Joe School 5 School I8 School I4 Ugiicmid Brigham Young University Navy st d mpc Und' Delphic Intramural Sports U e O National Honor Society Junior Prom Student Council 50 Dardanian National Honor Society l busy me for Seniors X 'er 9 CAROL M. PODHORETZ School I8 Secretarial School Student Council Library Club Darclanian Challenger Cafeteria Monitor Synchronized Swimming aa lip ' I FLORENTINE M. O'CONNOR Flo St. Francis Cobleskill Senior Ball TTO PETER P. PRINCE Pete School I8 College Football lntramural Sports Student Council Challenger Senior Ball Cafeteria Monitor TTO K' 1 ROBERT QUA J. Bob School l College Football Basketball Baseball X. lx A . S' VALERIE A. NOLAN Val School 16 Vermont Junior College Student Council TTO Philornathian A ka 1 l CAROLE O'CONNOR School I Mildred Elley Delphic Library Club National Honor Society Dardanian Sl HARRY E. RAMSEY Harry Wynantskill College Student Council Hockey Co-Captain Junior Magazine Sale Co-Captain Senior Card Sale JUDITH ANN RAINFORTH Judy Evansville, Indiana New York Bell Philomathian Secretary Senior Executive Board Student Council Chairman Senior Card Sale Challenger We shall remember our Hua MICHAEL RADZ Mike School 16 Annapolis Swimming Golf Football National Honor Society .Quintilian Challenger Cafeteria Monitor JOAN MARIE REYNOLDS ALLEN L. RIVLIN Joanie Al School 1B Hoosick Falls Grammar School Russell Sage College National Honor Society Baseball Junior Magazine Sale Dardanian Junior and Senior Card Sales National Honor Society Quintilian 52 'Fire Monitor CoAChairman Decoration Senior Ball MARY ANN RENNA School 12 Commercial Club Delphic Senior Executive Board Co-Captain Junior Magazine Sale Student Council X larry at the Hlfmclialf Dream" 'S' 9 JANICE M. RHINESMITH Jan School 16 Business College Commercial Club Delphic Senior Ball Junior Prom KATHRYN V. RILEY School 5 Junior Prom Junior Magazine Sale Senior Card Sale ARTHUR RE JON T. RIEGERT Jacque School I4 Albany Pharmacy Dardanian Captain Senior Card Sale Intramural Sporis Art School 16 Business College Track Intramural Sports Junior Prom Junior Magazine Sale DDIOUG .av-.X N X N i l NANCY C. RIVEST Ginger School I4 Senior Ball TTO Junior Card Sale 'H H SUZANNE MARIE REILLY Sue School I4 Senior Prom 53 VNV V, We did it again with '37-L 0.1-L " JOANNE SCHWARTZ Josie School 18 College TTO Dardanian National Honor Society Delphic Swimming Club KENNEDY K. ROBERTS Ken School 'I6 Hamilton Clarion Basketball Assistant Manager Challenger Dardanian Intramurals Student Council Janie TTO School ie ,SX K LINDA J. SCOTT Lin School 16 Nurses' Training Junior Prom Senior Ball Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale 54 Nursing School Senior Ball Student Council Junior Prom CHESTER SAPINO Chet i MARY LOU REOHR Lou Catholic High Civil Service TTO howling success X I fi -If xl ANNE MARIE RYAN St. Francis de Sales Challenger Treasurer Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale Junior Prom Junior Mixer 2 ?'9 PATRICIA ROSSI Pat School IA Work I HELEN M. SCHULTZ Cindy School I8 Secretary Junior Prom Junior Magazine Sale Senior Card Sale Junior Mixer Sophomore Dance WILLIAM F. ROSENBERGER Bill School I2 College Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sale 13 fi! I if DAVID T. SCHOONMAKER ROBERTA A. REILLY Dave Bef,- Amherst High School School I6 Junior and Senior Card Sales Nursing Junior Magazine Sale Student Council Junior Card Sale Dardanian Senior Ball Junior Prom 'if' DAVID A. SLITER Dave School 14 Boston University Senior Ball Football Baseball Intramurals JOAN F. SUNUKJIAN School IB Albany State Teachers College Student Council Dardanian Challenger Senior Class Vice President National Honor Society Philomathian Society 56 611155 Nzylzf has passed and Graduatinh CATHERINE MARY SKIBA Cathy St. Joseph's Junior Magazine Sale Junior Prom Senior Ball TTO GAA CHARLES H. SEIBERT Chuck School 16 College Student Council Junior and Senior Class President Varsity Swimming Quintilian National Honor Society ROGER D. SEMERAD School I6 Middlebury Senior Card Sale Hockey Quintilian Society Junior Prom Student Council Executive Board SARAH MARY SOULTANIAN Saray School 16 Dardanian TTO Senior Ball Junior Prom Student Council mrks the Hmzlc far same 240 smiars 'Q' :ev V I I f 1 , JOAN M. SICLEY Joan School 18 College Dardanian Orchestra GAA TTO I X J FRANK J. SEIDEL Junior Pfom , Chief Sacred Heart ' 'X Marines : ' Football l fl CAROL ANN SMlTl-l School 16 Junior Magazine Sale TTO Junior Prom Senior Card Sale Senior Ball Dardanian Senior Ball -G? -3 gff TERRENCE SMITH LOU ANN SLOCUM DAVID R. SNOVER Terry School 16 Dave Knickorbackcr Junior High Telephone Company School 18 College Junior Prom Ah, Force TTO TTO Varsity Swimming Student Council Senior Ball Intramural Basketball Intramurals Dance Band 57 EDWARD F. SMULSKY Ed School I 2 Basketball Baseball PATRICIA MARIE TALARICO Pai School I4 Secretary Junior Card Sale Senior Card Sale Junior Magazine Sale Junior Prom 58 Zfamarraw we go of HELENE J. VISHNER School 'I8 Buffalo State Delphic Junior Prom g ,f Senior Ball A Dardanian CAROLE JUNE VALENTINE C. J. Central Park Junior and Senior Card Sales TTO NICHOLAS SMITH JR. VIRGINIA M. TURNER Nick Virg P. S. 186, New York School I2 Service Junior Card Sale Varsity Football Junior Magazine Sale Intramurals TTO Shop Dance Senior Card Sale 9 :allege and inta the business Warkl 1nx"f'f JESSE RAY SERVEN Jess School l Intramural Basketball Senior Card Sales fi .qrf V, SYLVIA F. TETRAULT Silverbells Wynantskill Undecided Library Club Junior Magazine Sales Senior Card Sales tl CLARA TESTA Clare School 10 Albany Business College Library Club Student Council Junior Mixer Junior Prom TTY CHARLES STARO Chuck School I4 College Hockey Baseball Junior Card Sales Captain Junior Magazine Sales STEPHEN THOMAS TURINO Steve School l Lehigh Basketball Varsity Football Varsity Track Intramural Sports Baseball 2 VIRGINIA ANN YURACK Ginny St. Mary's Nursing Dramatic Club Junior Magazine Sales Junior Card Sales Junior Prom 59 JEANNETTE LOUISE SHAYS Jenny St. Mary's Junior Prom Senior Ball TTO Dardanian SARAH HOLLOWAY WAITE Sally Emma Willard College Student Council Challenger Dardanian Philomathian National Honor Society Junior Class Vice President ,Never forgetting this fascinating pnns JOHN KENNETH WOOD Tex St. Lawrence's Undecided Junior and Senior Card Sales Junior Magazine Sales SANDRA JAY WINKLER WILLIAM BRUCE WIEGNER PATRICIA WISHER Sandy Bill Pat School 'IB School I4 School 'I2 Undecided Hudson Valley Tech Comptometer School Junior Card Sales Intramural Sports Junior Magazine Sales Junior Magazine Sales 60 TTO Senior Ball Junior Prom Junior Card Sales f nur Hires span! at Krug J-lzyh Selma! JOSEPH BRENNAN WALSH Joe School i8 College Co-Editor of Dardanian National Honor Society Quintilian Toga if 1, 3' , E 3535.45 g E EDNA PATRICIA ZEPF Par Wynantskill Undecided Junior Mixer Junior and Senior Card Sales 14' JOYCE S. UNDERWOOD Wynantskill School College Co-Chairman Junior Mixer Dardanian Student Council Philomathian President IRENE MARIE TUBBS School l Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing National Honor Society Challenger Library Club ' , CAROLYN E. WEATHERWAX Sookie School l Telephone Company Junior Magazine Sales Junior Prom TTO Senior Ball E' THOMAS J. WEISENFORTH School l2 Undecided Junior Varsity Football Senior Executive Board 6I DONALD A. WATERFIELD JR. Allan School 14 Ohio Wesleyan Varsity Swimming Quiniilian Darclanian Junior Finance Committee Student Council Hamera Shy RICHARD F. BINK Dave School I6 Service GERALDlNE ROSELIE MALONEY Gerry School i6 Albany Comptometer School RONALD W. NOBLE Reggie Edison Farmingdale TTO Junior and Senior Card Sales I 1 ,i ne X I f 4 Bw f, D ,-.. :Q A., i' .p 1 ' ef , : v ' ' ff wi? 5101011 Qi . ,e-'DM .K I Dul:o'n1' nav: A THING TD NEAR ew In ll-x JL First row, left to right: R. C. Boehringer, V. Menz, S. Waite. Second row: J. Astor, A. Long L Coonley P, Denton, J, King. Third row: W. Baranowski, M. Halacy, R. Levy, K. Roberts, J. Maynard Peter Denton was absent when picture was taken. VALEDICTORIAN: SALUTATORIAN: J-lmwr Sfudmfs Virginia Menz Carolyn Boehringer Sally Waite Martin Halacy James Maynard Anne Long Joycelyn King Peter Denton Robert Levy Judy Astor Kennedy Roberts William Baranovvski Leah Coonley Phyllis Denton 96.5416 94.6184 93.5745 93.2937 92.8205 92.1541 91.5701 91.4886 90.9999 90.6794 90.5617 90.1374 89.9956 89.7952 MOST POPULAR Do you know them? BEST ATHLETE Tha1's our boy! I 1958 6111 BEST DANCERS One, iwo, three, one . . . .mr-"""" CLASS POLITICIAN BEST STUDENT You better believe it." WH' YOU 57UdY Whh me? CLASS BABY Joey's a big boy new .ex I S MOST DIGNIFIED .,f"v' "RhaIly De-ah" MOST TALENTED Child prodigy ,mm B B Eklelfrifie CLASS WIT "Ami ww xltt-.futmvpQrtltlu1l.mUuggirTs." 5. ,-. A .,, mi F MOST BASHFUL Giwstw' 5592? T 'H ,ff 1 MOST TALKATIVE And did you hear about , .. Hn I CLASS FLIRT '1"'T:"L- it -N 'Comc hither." MOST CAREFREE Wlwoccocc! MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Busy, busy, busy. Ht MOST ATTRACTIVE Thay them, vyc're real 'tvvingin' kids." :iw gg 'ws BEST DRESSED mt,tt1:s oLdm,1. ff eff ff Qglrzss Song l- X "TROY HIGH" -JAMES JACKSON lTune: "Somewhere Over The Rainbowul Troy High, loving and Tender Through The years, Troy High, we shall remember as we shed our Tears. Troy High, ThoughTTul and pleasanT Through The days, Troy High, always a Treasure ThaT we can noT repay. Chorus Some day we'll look upon a sTar, And Tind Troy High noT very Tar, behind us. Those memories so fair and Tree, OT old Troy High will always be, righT There before us Troy High, we shall remember Through our days, Troy High, always a Treasure ThaT we can noT repay. Troy High, you will always, always raTe, Troy High, "Thanks" from The class, The Class of '58. ,.,x,,., .5 i first row, left to right: L. Coonlcy, History, J. Sicily, Intramurals, B. DcCel!c, Advertising Layout, H Vishner, Captions, B. Haber, Activities. Second row: J. Sunukiian, Photography Assistant, A. Waterfield Photography, J. Walsh, Co Editor, S, Waite, Co-Editor, C. Hartnagle, Arty E. Lapidies, Advertising. Darden rllfl ,,a" at Soatvd, loft to right: A. llllcliccfe-, C, Podhorctz, D. McGrath, B. Boncstecl, F, Bell, J. Burdick, J. Rhinosmith, C. Smith. Standing: J, Rcigcrt, B. Foley, R, Riley, J. Schwartz, L. Goldberg, S. Ernst, J, Connors, D. Brom-nstuhl, L, Fillvy, A, Rivilin, H. Manllocrt. 6? Aw Lbvkiaf Special 9cafurcs.f T' E eryone look in different directions " 1 ,xparf ni g s e fresh a N - wp' .., ..... ..... wvm-..w.W..,,, QT ff? ,gp . -ggi, W 4,413 , in 3 x x Not ce the pose Who I es here? O l is C Z lx cverywhe re F OP. V 3 'Lu The line up Busy as bees Behold! A new sign Regia Regina Q 55 ? K 3525125215 . . The The Queen and her court watch The bsrdue. , ' de. he ugh' Bnga Charge of 1 af I. H V .fm 1 l W"-. , , . t 4- 'P , 'sf -us! M. , Q W ,ff 1 , 'Q 1, X .1 ' 'Q' 5' X M U iv s 'p 1 K 1 Q Q J' 5? -ff mf' J p 1 Q,w,fg- 1 ,.L. Lqk Q ,L - .Awww- wu ,, im. f K . x QW. ' . f N , Qt Q ri' 1 A X. .S Hmgw ,Q A 4 m M I gy., ? Q it lf: xx! Sigue 5 , , ' .z L X I , at-1, af 0 I jj A j 6 Z- : V X: f . A ' A N W. 1 ig f Q 5 Ji 'I-F IL 5 2 m. 1 ' 1' Af 7: , xi 15-:vm-"" u'! L A' Q, 'QQ . ,.., miie- gv , . :S ,.f-A . -S? 'di-L? an FW , 1 T1 sf'-' 7 CLASS OFFICERS B. Ducat, President, S. Derrick, Vice President, E. Duffner, Treasurer, S. Holland, Secretary fabsenr when piciure was Takenj. 611155 of I 959 JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Standing, leff to right: J. Caliander, R. Beckman, R. lshkanian. Seated: B. Ducaf, S, Derrick, E. Duffner J. Septic. l Crystal Christmas. Next year's seniors have had a very busy year. In the fall, class officers were elected: Bruce Ducat, presi- dent, Sara Lee Derrick, Vice President, Elsie Duffner, Treasurer, and Sue Holland, Secretary. The first matter of official business was the Junior magazine drive captained by William O'Connor and Gail Kimmey, the iuniors broke all previous records for sales. In December the Junior Mixer, named Crystal Christmas, was held with over two hundred couples in attendance. Charles Hauck and Barbara Inman served as co-chairmen for the event. In February the juniors again teamed up with the seniors on a Joe Hayes production, "Head Over Heels." Chairmen for the extravaganza were David Thurston, Junior, and Peter Denton, Senior. The show played to a capacity house both nights and a fine time was en- ioyed by both classes. Spring brought the annual card sales which proved very profitable. 's Over two hundred twenty-five juniors ordered class rings this year, with the committee headed by James Stewart and Helen Kowalczyk. The iuniors as is the custom served at the Senior banquet, but the Junior Prom held in May topped off a highly successful year. When we were sophomores JUNIOR HOMEROOMS H1 and 112 JUNIOR HOMEROOMS 113 and 114 JUNIOR HOMEROOMS H5 and i21 JUNIOR HOMEROOMS 123 and 126 do - 4 Q ll , Mn.. JUNIOR HOMEROON1 128 JUNIOR HOMEROON1 132 and 111 if VI, N . SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 304 and 328 SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 313 and 312 , . 3 Mui., , , ' Q ' 'M tu is ef W "'1?'1T X. Q-:Wei . ,Hx -, SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 314 and 321 SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 354 , 5' K 'MMSX and 356 .,, ii? Y " , V -ma.,m,,1g1y- 1. f ' .An ,13'K,.,' SOPHOMOPE HOMEROOM 311 and 362 SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM 332 and 333 .dns-wvuunn. - . 1 + ' in ar' ,, , , is Y' 1 ,W . sl--Wm w N . , . 1 ing? ' f, ' 12' . .-.xv lv 'jf' ,egg V if . 1 , 17 , ,,, mg, 3. .2 , fm 5 21,11 ' f . . sm? -- W? "hmm, . . .vw :Z ,3,2MZi,, V . -. JS k K D My fgwsnw A Lf , W ff .WSNQ Zvx-mfr' W 135, W IJ 7 1 X 52 u , , . . X .l s:l53Q2m,fVfjfVEa, p :FN Qg,,,?,' 1:69 Twig wk... hcxkyvillivz, iv M 'V ' TW' -fig Wwx1'4"" gj A I A -f .QA .. : , ,mx . ,X Ah?-E?GT,:.s.Li JA. . K , 5: . , wa I.. 'wh , W , 1. W rm. . , i. , . ' -L' '15 - f - 2 f., . ' -' ,'.,,"If.. ' K Q V 9 Q ESL' '1IffaEffw-. M M. 'W I ' ' 1-w 1 ,af-,,.-.rm .f 9 uf X f 2255 - 5"-w"'iF':,q -2sp.'g- ., Q .1 1- X .- ',-w 4 x r ,I-A V, , 'fff 1-fg?Qg.ff" , .wat . ' ,4m5',iLQ'gQ?.,,," r f -Eu' V - 1 1' , 15' 5 -3,-My 'V W: A V 4 - . ' 1 . --...w G ' n K 'Nw' 4 ' - 'fs M Q rug 1, in ' T' E iv 395 va W J . -x -4 1 y N K 4. iw. ve, :nk 'M 'I 41 'I ... ,. 'Q' .g 7 . , . . Y V 4 . I VJ Q in W.. 'Q L l . r4,, 1 S STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD Seated, left to right: R. Forster, A. McKeefe, J. Rainforth, J. Underwood, C. Gizara, J. Chuckrow. Standing: S. Thomas, J. Maynard, D. Denton, Second Vice President, K. Roberts, First Vice President, K. Nitz, J. Oertel. Student Kvuucil The Student Council of Troy High School is the voice of the student body. Each student is represented through his homeroom representative and alternate. By means of the Student Council, students are given an opportunity to govern themselves and to initiate proi- ects from which they, individually, and as a school, will benefit. This year Student Council has been very active. A maior project initiated at Troy High was the Foreign Exchange Student Program. This program will enable a student from a foreign country to come to Troy, spend his senior year at Troy High, and graduate with a Troy High senior class. Although the plan was begun this year, it will not go into effect until 1959, due to tech- nicalities presented by the American Field Service, the sponsoring organization. The Foreign Student Plan will' give our students first-hand information about foreign cultures and ideas. Another "first" this year was the innovation of sea- 84 son tickets to all athletic events. lt was the first time in many years that students could attend all games with a single ticket, and at the same time save a con- siderable amount of money. This plan greatly increased our attendance at games, thereby creating a more en- thusiastic school spirit. Council also sponsored buses to all "away" games. The Freshmen of '61 made history this year. For the first time, through the assistance of Student Council, they organized as a class, and ran a highly successful Freshman Dance. Another idea inaugurated by the 1957-58 Student Council was the "Freshman Handbook." This pamph- let contains the names and rooms of all the teachers, a description of the different courses, the school rules, a map, and a schedule for all the events of the 1958- 1959 school year. The booklet will be distributed dur- ing Freshman Orientation week and wilt' serve as a guide to incoming Freshmen next fall. i .rl Student Council Representatives, Altcrnates, and Treasurers The annual P.T.A. Carnival was a huge success, in part because of the efforts of Student Council. Mem- bers of the Council and the student body aided the P.T.A. by manning booths, staging acts, and engaging in many exhibitions. This year's carnival was record- breaking in attendance and profits. Aside from the above-mentioned activities, Student Council also performed its usual, but important, serv- ices. Some of these functions were: presenting Point System Awards, providing souvenirs, sponsoring the School Savings program, publicizing all events, super- vising the finances of all games, and participating in community welfare protects. The Student Council could not have functioned suc- cessfully without the guidance of Mrs. Margaret Spen- cer and Mr. Arthur Reents, the faculty advisors. It was through their untiring efforts and leadership that many of the ideas took concrete form. The members of the Student Council feel justified over the success of this year's service to the student body, to the school, and to the community. First row, left to right: G. O'Brien, B. Foley, Secretary, B. Bonesteel, President, H. Lynch, Vice President, G. Kimmey, Treasurer, E. Duffner, P. Hidely, J. Wisher, Second row: G. Malek, B. Bingham, B. Sliter, K. Nebreski, B. Inman, D. Curley, R. Lyncl, M. Crandall. Third row: J. Alexander, D. Keefer, J. Fucci, E. lngalis, M. Opitz, V. Crafty, L. Giacumo, M. Renna. Krfmmcrcial 61116 The Commercial Club is composed of approximately thirty-five Juniors and Seniors. To qualify for mem- bership the members must have at least an 85 mark in business subiects in their June exams and a passing mark in every other subiect. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. New members are admitted in October and are sub- iect to a gruelling initiation. You probably savv some of our gypsies Wandering through the hall last fall. No one will ever forget the ordeal of rolling a peanut with their noses down the hall. The club performs a very valuable service to the entire school in handling the Book Exchange during the first four weeks of school and intermittently there- after. Approximately a thousand dollars vvorth of busi- 86 ness is done at this time and the work necessitates the collecting, sorting, and selling of the books and the making of payments to the owners. The girls came in faithfully at eight each morning to accomplish this service. Besides having speakers at the meetings, the club sponsors a number of social activities, an annual Christ- mas party, a skating party, trips and an end-of-year banquet. The usual club dance had to be abandoned last fall because of the flu epidemic. Miss Myrtle Fletcher, of the Commercial Department, is advisor and the officers are: President, Barbara Bone- steel, Vice President, Helen Lynch, Secretary, Bernadette Foley, and Treasurer, Gail Kimmey. 2 CH ALLE GER T -s H Nfsf Troy High School. Troy, New York EDITORIAL BOARD First row, left to right: M. Dvvorsky, J. Price, V. Menz, T. Cox, Co-Editors, and J. Astor, Second row: A. Ryan, S. Ernst, G. Clicker, P. Prince, F, Harris, M. Radz, and J. King, The Challenger represents the effort of approximate- ly fifty staff members, chosen from all four classes and several courses, who publish the nevvspaper ten times during the school year at average intervals of three weeks. The success of the paper might be measured in sev- eral ways. Copies of each issue are distributed to more than tvvo-thirds of the student body. Additional copies are sent to alumni and others in many parts of the country. The high rating received from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association indicates a quality paper. Under their experienced advisor, Miss Mary D. Mc- lnerney, the students have learned the value of a dead- line and have had the satisfaction of seeing their work in print. As staff, the typists, the proofreaders, the re- porters, and the columnists, complete the actual writ- ing, the editors vvrite their final headlines, and the business and advertising boards close their books, all can look back upon a iob well done. Q, U Lefr ro right: M. Halacy, M. Dworsky, J. Smith, B. Foley, K, Roberts, Glarian 1611421 Announcers Left to right: Joyce Chuckrow, J. Chuckrow, L. MacAuIey, R. Berg, M. Buchman, T. Cox, N. Denton, P. Niemczynski, J. Fleurin, S. Waite, K. Levy. fl' I l . i J ig qw o Standing, left to right: R. Clickner, R. Pfeffer, J. Bradshaw, S, Stowell, W, Caldwell, Treasurer, B. Pector, J. Budrakey Jr., H. Gingeresky, A. Sheftel, D, Zonitch, R. Coonrod, Mrs. Spencer. First row: R. Carey, D. Maly Jr., R. Mahoney, librarian, A. Nehill, J. Holmes, Secretary, R. Levy, President, Gay High Amateur kadicf 611111 IC Z V516 The Troy High Amateur Radio Club was re-organized three years ago to promote interest in the wide field of radio-electronics and amateur radio. The present membership of the club totals twenty-five and club activities have branched out into many fields and divisions. They include: commercial broadcasting, initiating an amateur radio station and operating the school public address system for various school functions, It provides for the construction and repair of electronic gear, audio-visual aids, a cosmic ray proiect, and code and theory instruction classes. Main activities of special interest are the cosmic ray counting sta- tion being constructed in cooperation with the University of Mary- land and the federal licensed amateur radio transmitting station with call letters of KQVSR- both being operated in the "Radio Room" in the school basement, The ,club meets every Thursday after school in this Radio Room. The Executive Board, which includes the officers, meets Fridays, eighth period, in the Electrical Shop. The station in- cludes three transmitters with antennae on the roof and is affiliated with the Rensselaer County Civil Defense and the American Radio Relay League. The club has gone on many field trips to area centers of com- munication: WROW, W-TEN, WTRl, WRGB, WRPI, WFLY, WOKO, WPTR, N. Y. Telephone Company, and York Recording Studios. Mem- bers have handled lighting and sound effects for "Take Time Out," "Head Over Heels" and the P.T.A, Carnival. Once a year, usually in May, an all-day field outing and trip is held, Last year on May 25 the club invited members of the faculty to accompany them to the Helderberg Mountains. Lunch and supper were cooked over an open fire. Hikes were taken to the Helderberg Caves, Indian Ladder, and WRGB-WFLY transmitters. Officers are: Robert Levy, KZLET '58, president, William Slobodian, '58, vice president, John Holmes, KZYZI, '60, secretary, William Caldwell, '60, treasurer, and Robert Mahoney, '59, librarian. Mrs. Margaret P. Spencer and James P. Budrakey are co-advisors. 89 y A F - ff. First row, left to right: J. Wisher, G. Malek, Treasurer, C. O'Connor, Secretary, A. Long, President, Miss Hennessey, B. Perlman, Vice President, D. Pohlman, S. Schmeltzer, L. Nitz. Second row: S. Holland, M. Wilhenson, N. Gotkis, J. Roeck, S. Levine, J. Schwartz, B. Bonesteel, J. Lewis, S. Nashold, F, Harris, M. Crandall. Third row: F. Smulsky, L. Colvin, C. Boehringer, L. Nitz, G. Cliclcner, J. King, P. Denton, M. Chuckrow, J. Ellenbogen, M. Renna, H. Vishner, G. English. Drink 2' If one saw colorful witches flying around the halls on October Sl, he would realize that the Delphic girls were being initiated. After their eventful day, they ioined the Phil girls for a Halloween party held inthe cafeteria. Each year the Delphic Society elects new officers, initiates new members, and works on charitable projects and social events, This year both Delphic and Phil, working together, made stuffed animals which were presented to St. Joseph's Home at Christmas. A Christmas party was also held bythe Delphic members, In the spring new members receive Delphic pins and the club co- sponsors the annual Phil-Delphic Dance, one of the biggest social events ol the year. At the end ot the year an annual banquet is helcl to welcome the pleclgees and bid farewell to the Senior girls. The past year's officers were Anne Long, President, Barbara Pearlman, Vice President, Carole O'Connor, Secretary, Gloria Malek, Treasurer. Miss Henessey is the advisor. whip' i i is i s . 1, i A. K ' 13, 'S '51 ,. I my - is First row, left to right: L. MacAuley, S. MacAuley, J. Underwood, Mrs. Maly, J. Rainforth, J. Sunukiian, E. Hamilton, J. Astor. Second row: M. Buckman, F. Yosoian, R. Simon, G. Sickles, S. Donoher, L, Coonley, C. Hartnagle, V. Menz, S. Waite, L. Filley. Third row: S. Derrick, V. Nolan, N. Weingartner, M. Closson, J. Chuckrow, J, Moore, M. Stillman, J, Montgomery, J. Miller, R. MacFarlun. Philvmafh illfl Oo Oo Oo aren't we scary ghosts? This was the theme of the initiation ot "Phil" girls on October 3l, l957. The Philomathian Society is the oldest active serv- ice organization in Troy High School. lt consists of ap- proximately thirty iunior and senior girls. Stullecl animals were made as the Christmas proi- ect and were presented to Saint Josephs Home. A Christmas party, held jointly by "Phil" and Delphic, helped to celebrate the holiday season. "Phil" is a co-sponsor of the annual "Phil"-Delphic Dance, one of the seasons most looked-forward to events. Y.!l'Ill 18 wi Other "Phil" activities include voluntary work at the Samaritan Hospital, informal getvtogethers and the tap- ping ot new members. At the end ot the year the annual "Phil" banquet is held at which pledges are introduced and the seniors are bade farewell. The officers this year were. Joyce Underwood, presi- dent, Susan NlacAuley, vice president, Judy Rainforth, secretary, Lida MacAuley, treasurer. Mrs. Maly is the advisor for the group. "The halt leading the blind." 9I we K First row, left to rightg P. Denton, 5. Colucci, B. Levy, B. Baranowski, R. Bulson, H. Mambert, D. Maly, K. Roberts, A. Borthwick. Second row: L. Coonley, C. Hartnagle, C, O'Conner, J. Reynolds, I. Tubbs, L. Nitz, A. Nash, J. Sunukjian, J. Schwartz. Third row: A. Long, P. Denton, S. Cverrish, D. Pohlman, Miss Gabauer, S. Danaher, G, Clickner, C. Boehringer, S, Waite. Fourth row: R. Houston, H. Daffner, J. Maynarcl, C. Seibert, Mike Raclz, A. Rivlin, J. Walsh, M. Halacy, T. Cox, J. Price. Nafirfmzl H0 ar Srfviefy A highlight in the lives of 42 juniors was their induction into the National Honor Society on May 2, l957. At that time an impressive candle-light ceremony was held pn the main stairs. Each new member had been selected on the basis of his excellence in scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Upon becoming a member, each person received a pin together with a membership card and signed a scroll thus officially inaugurat- ing him into the Society. Induction Ceremony This year various activities were carried on by the group. They included: assembly programs featuring guest speakers, an annual N.H.S. clanceg programs celebrating various holidaysp a tap dayp and an induction ceremony when a new group of Juniors was selected to carry on N.H.S. traditions. This year's officers included: Martin Halacy, President, Grace Clickner, vice president, Leah Coonley, Secretary, Doris Pohleman, Treasurer: James Naynard, Program Chairman. 1" 1 Q' First row: T. Cox, E. Dashkin, R. Owens, J, Walsh, M. Halacy, Miss Fitzgerald. Second row: M. Dworsky, A. Rivilin, C. Seibert, E. Kapriellian, R. Semerad, M. Radz, J. Maynard, A. Waterfield. 0 Quinn! 2111 The Quintilian Society has iust completed one of its most active years in the history of the organization. Probably the most enlightening experience was when all fifteen boys went to State Teachers' College in Al- bany and represented Sweden on a Mock-Security Council. There, the members did such an outstanding iob of defending their positions that the moderator gave them special congratulations. Two special pro- grams were presented tothe school by the group. One was commemorating the birthday of the United Na- tions and the other was a Thanksgiving program. The Society has also presented a series of fifteen-minute radio broadcasts over a local station. Quintilian's regular Thursday debates, which are con- ducted according to parliamentary procedure, have been every bit as exciting as the outside activities of the fellows. Heated debates have raged on topics ranging from foreign affairs to local issues. Once dur- ing the past year the organization divided itself into two opposing teams and carried on discussions. Sev- eral guest speakers have lectured to the group. One of these visitors showed color slides and gave a def tailed analysis on existing conditions in Eastern Ger- many. Another speaker gave an interesting talk on Hungary. The Quintilian Society consists of fifteen senior boys of high scholastic standing. Induction of new mem- bers into the group begins in February when Junior boys having an average in Regents History of at least 85 are invited to ioin. After being interviewed fifteen applicants are chosen as the new members of the group. The only permanent elected officer is the secre- tary. Different moderators are chosen for each meet ing in order to insure each boy's chance of leading the organization. Miss Marion Fitzgerald is the faculty advisor and secretary this year was Russel Owens. 93 First row, left to right: Liss, Roman, Mochon, Finkle, Kepner, Tubbs, Hughes, Bashant, Coonrad, Burk hart, Guida, Second row: Wagar, Carter, Brimmer, English, Mrs. Colley, Gerrish, Berkowitz, Harris, O'Brien, Wilkinson. Third row: McMahon, McAllister, Giragossian, Baranowski, Conway, Chapnik, Danaher, Berg, Nitz, Wisher, Tctrault, Misel. Fourth row: Colwill, Grandy, Paskewich, Harris, Finkle, Robillarol, Peters, Shields, Buerkley, Holland, Lococo, Adams, Aronson, Foa, lselin, lib ary gfllb "The meeting will now come to order." Linda Buerk- ley, president of the Library Club, says firmly. "Will the secretary please take the roll and readlthe minutes of the last meeting?" and Sandra Gerrish stands up. Admiring thc- display arc, left to right: M, Stillman, B. Burke, M. Bergmann. risk.. Later, treasurer, Anne Mochon, gives the treasurer's report as vice president Linda Litherland goes over the program for the day with the president. Mean- while, our advisor, Mrs. Colley, stands by for the moment she is needed. At the beginning of the year, the new members- who met requirements and had passing averageswwere duly tortured at initiation and then introduced to the routines and services ofthe libraryg desk work, bulletin boards, magazine filing, and other duties. An out- standing part of this work is the original and attractive decorating of the bulletin boards. A schedule made each term permits each girl to participate in this pro- gram and to choose her own theme. The results have been very successful. The activities for the year included the Christmas party, the pretty and successful Cupid's Capers, pro- grams, and, of course, meetings every other Tues- day. Climaxing the year was the Awards Party where Mrs. Colley awarded the hard earned letters and pins. The members reminisced about the year. It had been a good year, full of fun and people and doing some- thing worthwhile. Next year some would come back to induct the incoming members but some, who had been Seniors, would not be back. They'd remember the club though-they couldn't help but remember it. 'PWR ' ' . - v-L""'- VM' Y CAFHERIA MONITORS FIRI: MONITORS Mum ww, Iv!! In wiht, I. VVL:II5, M. Budmvwmn, K. Roberts, Mr. Henry, G, Clickncr, B. Pfeiffer. Second W' E Dashkiu, A PIvI1n, C. Hand, I, Bode, Third row: M. Halnfy, B. Ducal. Q? tv. Jafferlan .1 Lovvinger, T. Knight, R. Pfeffer, D. Rossi, V. Parsegian, D. Cohen, F. Yosian, A. French azikis Boy ian, C. Duncan, L. Wheeler, C. Zeller, A, Coonrad, W. Finkle, J. Smith, M. Faigenbaum G Kirkland .I Strosloerg. rchc' fm Dau 6 Hand Back row, left fo right Daniel Rheinauer, Charles Duncan, Arthur North Jr. Front row Samuel Brown stein, Albert Jackson, John Skiba, Earl Ingalls, Richard Feldman, Roberf Carr Slrosberg. Firsr row, lcfr to righr: J, Skiba, F, Hess, J. Litherland, M. Caola, E. Engalls, T. Comins, N. Mclsaac. Second row: S Brownstein, R. Pfetfer, K. Throop, L. Hiller, J. Kirch, M. Huston, B. Bailey, C. Paskewich, M. Faigcnbaum, J. Wolfe, D. Hunn. Third row: L. Wheeler, T. Wilson, J. Cordner, P. Klob, C. Duncan, J. Passonno, D. Rheinauer, P. Bazicki, R. Carr, A. Holdeman, R, Feldman, A. Jackson. Fourth row: D. Miller, H. Rodman, J, Holmes, R. Urquhart, J. Townley, A. North Jr., L. Hines, M. Buckman, C. Oertel, R, Thompson, J. Law. Back row: G, Kirkland, S. Thomas, R. Conway, J. Ciccarelli, P. Brimmer, A. Coonrad, R. Clickner, J. Strosberg. Him al J, Alexander, J. Bradshaw, R, Lewis, L. Wheeler, J. Magnan, T. Lococo, J. Jackson, R. Carey, C. Hosgood R. Stinney, R. Sherwood, G. Bradley, W. Slobodian, M, Hayes, F, O'Connor, L. Frear, S. Foster, A Coonrad, C. Spencer, J. Sicley, S. Phillips, M. Connelly, C. Valentine, H. Schultz, K. Throop, B. Schantz l. Girogossian, S. Showers, F. Rushia, J, Smittler, S. Soultanian, L, Coonley, L. DiGiorgio, E. Parker J. Scofield, B. Parker, P, Brimmor, M, MacCUbbin, D, Smith, S. Morrissey, H. Hemms, M. Bergman, M Ratigan, F. Yafloian, F. Conway, B. Dudash, K. Hebert, R. Pollack, R. Stotflebean, R. Haber, R. Fallon F. Gordon, J, Caslon, K. Wheatley, L. Cllckner, W. Manning, T, Smith, W. Finkle, M. Cramer, E. Weeden H. Kelly, N. Coonracl, J. Lithcrland, M. Bruno, S, Gates, M. Nelson, L. Trantham, R. Doody. Front row: D. Cohen, I. Giragossian, B. Sheilds, J. Chuckrow, B. O'Brien, J. Moore. Back row: F. Hess, J. Faigenbaum, T. Lococo, R. Blocksidge, E. Maly. ,funirfr Zlassiml lfeague Troy High School's chapter of the Junior Classical League is in its second year. The purpose of the Clas- sical League is to encourage among the young people an interest in and appreciation of the civilization, lan- guage, literature, and art of ancient Greece and Rome, and to give them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. The Junior Classical League is a national organization sponsored by the American Classical League. Mem- bers of the former are qualified by the fact that they study Latin at Troy High School. Each of the two repre- sentatives from the thirteen Latin classes in the school make up the executive board which also includes: 98 Chairman, Judy Chuckrow, Treasurer, Joan Moore, and Secretary, Barbara O'Brien. The Latin Banquet of the Toga'Club of former years has become an intregal part of the Classical League. Additional activities this year include: a Christmas party, participation in the Foreign Language Depart- ment Dance on April 19, and constitution drafting. Un- der the capable guidance of advisors, Miss Frances L. McTammany, New York State Chairman, and Mr. W. Warren Gibson, the Troy High School organization has flourished to the point where it is one of the largest chapters in the country, boasting two hundred and six- teen active members. Back row: N. Gunther, C. Hartnagle, N, Denton, B. Burke, .l. Schwartz, K. Koon, B. Weiss. Third row: Miss LaSorte, R. McAlliston, P. Nelick, S. Soultanian, S. Klotz, C. Schlegel, C. Blassberg, M. Marcus, L. Filley. Second row: S. Buerkley, S. Evans, C. Mundell, J. Chuckrovv, C. Podhorotz, A. Hartnagle, S. Gordon. First row: B. Pearlman, N. Mclssac, P. Coe, A. Mochan, C. Howe, B, O'Brien. ,4q arcade Aquacade, the Troy High synchronized swimming club, now in its second year, has a membership of thirty-eight girls, fifteen of whom have been members for two years, Tryouts lor new members were held in November and the formal announcement of members and initiation took place during the following month. ln November, Aquacade performed for the public at the P.T.A. carnival. They demonstrated various synchronized swimming skills and gave a diving exhibition, On May ninth and tenth, spectators were taken "Around the World" and were thrilled to such fabulous numbers as "Back to Sorrento," "Hernando's Hidawayf' "Sentimental Journey," "Katsumi Love Song," There's no chance of this toppling over. and many others. The committees heading the show were as fol- lows: General Chairman, Nan Denton, Publicity, Judy Chuckrow, Decorations, Programs and Tickets, Carol Hartnagle, and typing, Merle Wilson. Rehearsals were held every Tuesday and Thursday from three to four o'cloclc. As the show drew near, rehearsals were also held on Saturday mornings. At the end of the year, six seniors received synchronized swimming clulo pins, which were awarded by Miss Rose l.aSorte. The officers for the year were Barbara Perlman, president, and Carla Schlegal, vice president. M. Murray dives during intermission. Qi IK -vm -K "-- X W' Nw 5552? ssgligzg zzwes. m:W.M.x-.--'.'-'31, V, . - , , , fgfw,,,:as,ff, iL:Q',11s'Kl2-aww i:f:1rK1Q:,wfy.1:', iw M U KK fwtwfgvzw 5 ' irwvf ' 'fl f, 7 . M, N A --N-Y,N,,5:,,-ii ,,..,. .V K ,Kgffgm .2 yzfggifx 5 -5 ,455 W,,f"S. 'fljffkjm K5'?7ff'1:Q'xw4 4 A 5-, waz KK' mjl. ,. - 4' K KY Sf Wi" 5 K ' 'wfiffly -fwffiivgk 5 H ,MK fQ":',?L5QTl4'Q WKYKXY -MEL , . ., f., V ggigzfi Wif3mf9fjf..Ksi'fsK3iv f-zwwf W,.1,,W ,- ,fri Kf 'K W' . , , , . ,, fww f :M ., , ,v gm, A -A F x . 'K 'Q A-hw?--A, w,,fzwf4Kf .Kw4K'f571,1'f" Na+' fsffK?Z1KK55'Rm3Z'Qsf'fKss:fKf?ff?fffftfz15'fL3fi5ff15:WQ5i'-V'-iff? Giff?.f-was-KfiKmfP''wez,,,,.Wki,.L , ' f k x law, , - -Q -,.nx':m:wf-yum.-L,:1,g:-'w,wk --1-wvswfvw--43:1M iffzfzaiffigiiyxwV352-iggf-ISAVKEW932135pf1,qmk1f,1f4isi7grm-QLL5'.1 W ,wwz gf- W 5 ff q ,. 119 1 Q 7 :f,.fw,, -h-fy-Kei.-k1f.1:f,1,V--.'-:W fmzg,ggawkigiggxiigppbL:qMy,Qw:,?, A:,,cf,g M- f 4 ff, - smyf., -,gg , f.f:,, . jgegv? -ki fijl RW WW EMM. .. . H H Wg?-jj K 35- U :yi aff zqgqw, gzfgg 5: ZF QQ jf K , . ffm L,.gjgf3l, 4 N' f 5 i K' 'K - xv x,, A We gi yi: ' "xiii "A , :,, xx gym , Z ,QM 1: jf- E' ,jj ' ,TTY lgyg ig jx S ,, K K, K7 ' K ' , AK ffffz " ggfyggtx ,, -49.3 ,A ' s 44.513 xplqlf zkww-MQ s,'gWw' ' :S-xv 'Lf' I W f"' v if '-ofoq, IQ...-.4 -2' -...L.1 paris xff' :awww ,MH 4 44 Em, f fy' itz! is W I K. LLW , 9 ,. it ., .' if ,Q - K f y, X5f,Wf Lui 4-Jr: v . 2 M y-: 4 .- 3, Salwar First row, left to right: Cordner, Passano, Golburg, Nitz, Cox, Burger. Second row: Oertel, Cox, Rowe, Boyaiian, Leadke, Apostle, Ellen, Herman, Mabin, Beckman, Bartel, Daffner. Third row: Reddiough, Pochman, Kaprelian, Price, Maschewski, Reihs, Marcicano, Baranowski, Bertholf, Manager lshkanian, Coach Boland. As people enter the main doors of the Troy High School gym, their eyes are attracted by a shiny new addition to the trophy case. This addition represents the soccer championship of the Tri-County Soccer League. Ask any member of the team and he will tell you about it! Coach Chuck Boland knew that this year's team would be finer than his teams of previous years and that graduation had not hurt his team too greatly, but who would have thought that they would become the CHAMPS? The boys on the team had planned that they were going to be champs and no one, not even Watervliet, was going to stop them. This spirit was carried on to the practice field at the beginning of the season. With a coach who encouraged them, they practiced hard and tried to acquire a store of knowledge that would help them later. The time of the first game was rapidly approaching. The team, composed of eight returning lettermen and three newcomers, was ready for the first big test. The booters opened their campaign by playing Lansingburgh on our home field. Troy unleashed a powerful offensive machine led by co-captain Kurt Maschewski and the finest defensive unit in the league. Troy won I3-l. This winning trend was extended to five, and then the booters met defending champion, Watervliet. This was the high point of the season. The game was a closely fought battle, each team knew that the result of this game would probably decide the championship. As a result of the sharp-sightedness of Bill Baranowski, a slight infraction of the rules was called to the attention of the referee, and Watervliet's penalty goal was nullified. As our jubilant team ran from the field in triumph, the score stood at Troy 2, Watervliet l. The score goes up another notch. The team's ideal to become champs was fast becoming a reality, and the coach was now as excited as the players. Troy won the last four games without too much difficulty. Lansingburgh put up a strong battle but was vanquished by the powerful Troians. With the record standing at ten wins and no losses, the season came to an abrupt end when the Asian monster epidemic invaded Troy High School. The Troians were named tri-county champs, and were awarded a beautiful trophy. They were also given the right to play in Section ll Championships, however, the medical ban was not lifted in time and so the triumphant players sorrowfully handed in their uniforms. Looking back over the season, an impressive record is evident. The team scored 73 points against their opponents while allowing only 15 points to be scored against them. Kurt Maschewski was the leading scorer with 30 points. Three of the players, Bill Baranow- ski, Bob Bertholf, and Kurt Maschewski, were chosen for the first all-league team, Ed Kaprielian, Chris Oertel, and Arno Reihs were chosen for the second all-league team, a record of which the coach, the players, and the school are proud-the CHAMPS. K. Maschewski boots one by the Water ford goalie. A vain effort by the Waterford goalie. Last year the cross country team enioyed an undefeated season. For a team 'to follow in the footsteps of such a successful team is a difficult task. From the starting members of last year's team, only one boy, Bill O'Connor, returned to the lineup this year. Coach Bill Coughlin had his work cut out for him. He had the boys out on the field every day after school trying to mold another fine team. The boys worked hard. They could be seen daily flashing around the school grounds trying to maintain the honored name of Troy High School. The pre-season practice over, the team was ready for its first test. The boys met a very strong LaSalle J.V. and their first defeat by the score of 17-41. This, however, did not dampen their spirits. After practicing conscientiously, the team played Van Rensselaer, a school strong in cross country, and were again vanquished, this time by a Harriers to the finish line in stride. Kress Hvunfry Front row, left to right: O'Con- nor, Lococca, Berringer. Second row: J. Strosberg, Stolicker, Coach Coughlin, Pollock, Lock- ridge. score of 18-40. The last meet before the flu arrived was with Bethlehem Central. In this meet, the long, hard hours of practice were reflected by the marked improvement on the team, however, without the able services of Russell Owens, the runners again went down to defeat, 21-34. With the coming of the flu and its harassing effects, the cross country season was forced to come to an abrupt conclusion. Coach Coughlin was pleased with the performance of the team during the short season. He felt that had the season continued the team would have improved enough to have won a few of the remaining matches. THS ........ ....... l 7 La Salle ........... .......,. 4 1 THS ........ ....... 1 8 Van Rensselaer ..... . .... ...AO THS ........ ....... 2 1 Bethlehem Central .... ......... 3 4 Varsity Ekmflfall Front row, left to right: Price, Durand, Sanders, Teal, Turino, J. Herrington, Mitchell, Whaley, Mousseau, Qua, Burns. Second row: Lavigne, Case, Shoemaker, Radz, Ebenhoch, Sliter, Colucci, Barry, Reilly, Weaver, Dunne. Third row: Coach Picken, Birm- ingham, Reilly, Riffenberg, Pas- sano, Haggerty, McCabe, Sul- livan, Callas, Scheffer, Shoe- maker, Gardner, Coach Gillette. An anxious group of boys left the nurse's office for the locker room after receiving their physicals. In a few minutes these same boys, donning helmets and cleats, took to the football field. There, under the watchful eye and ever present verbal encouragement of coach Ed Picken, the boys were molded into a team..The prospects for the coming season were very good. Co-Captains Bob Qua and Dave Sliter, veterans of our seasons, headed the list of returning lettermen. Mike Radz moved into the first backfield and the line added some new faces, the boys were well on their way toward becoming a team. Long hours were the order of the day. The coaches worked the boys harder and harder as the date for the first game with Newburgh approached. With the long bus ride behind them, the squad took the field behind Newburgh High School. Powerful Newburgh ran up a score of I9-O by the third period. The two great catches of Sliter's passes by senior Ray Durand started Troy's touchdown drive. Sliter scored standing up on an end sweep from a few yards out for the only score. The final score was 19-6. The next week Troy traveled to Schenectady for a contest with Nott Terrace. The squad showed the experience of the Newburgh game and compiled a l3'0 lead by the half. Then a dark cloud Front row, left to right: Durand, Mousseau, Turino, J. Herrington, Mitchell, Whaley, Qua. Second row: Radz, Sliter, Riley, Ebenhoch, Colucci, Weaver. entered Troy's bright horizon. Star quarterback Dave Sliter left the game with a shoulder injury. He had handed off to Dick Weaver and then to Radz for the two scores and had sparkled on defense. In the last period Nott Terrace overcame Troy by scoring twice for 14 points. Again the squad left the field on the short end of the score. Albany High was the next team to overcome Troy. Their powerful team ran up a score of 32-O after two periods. The squad then came back and displayed that "never give up" spirit and tallied three times in the last two periods. Mike Radz opened the scoring by driving into the end zone on an off tackle trap. Steve Colucci, who replaced the iniured Sliter, threw to Durand for the second TD. Weaver intercepted a Nott Terrace ball and raced 92 yards for the final score. From the East came-THE FLU-stopping the football season then and there. The medical ban was not lifted until the week before the Catholic High game, and coach Pickens called off this game because he did not want any of his players iniured. The team had not prac- ticed for three weeks. As far as development was concerned, the season was a success: the school and coaches are proud of their team. Front row, left to right: Durand, Sanders, Turino, J. Herrington Weaver, Qua, Dunne. Second row: Ebenhoch, Sliter, Radz, John Reilly, James Reilly, Barry, Colucci. Front row, left to right: D. Sliter, J. Washock, B. Lavigne, P. Trowbridge, W. Price, H. Bartell, D. McCabe, J. Whaley. Second row: R. Hall, R. Ellen, J. Price, C. Staro, J. Marsicano, R. Semerad, B. Bertholf, H, J-lrfckcy Ramsey, Coach Gene Del Vecchio. Did you ever wonder who those tired looking boys walking around school were? No, not supernatural creations! Only hockey players, physically exhausted. They have had their daily bout with Mr. DelVec- chio, head hockey coach, hours before the resounding signal for the commencement of the first period. These boys were sufficiently devoted to hockey to sacrifice sacred hours of shuteye for a single hour of physical torment at the hands of the coach. Needless to say, it was well worth their trouble, for a new trophy, the Champion- ship of Northeastern New York League, now resides in our school. During last year's season, LaSalle had beaten the lcers, and won the league title. The Troians were against this very strong rival first and the game was all that it was expected to be. Only by a last minute score by Roger Semerad was the game won by the team. This was a tremendous beginning for the season. After rolling over Catholic High in an overwhelming victory 7-2, and Darrow 5-i, the stickers again faced LaSalle, this time in a game which was to decide the title. The lcers, trailing O-'I after the first period, evened the score and went on to rack up a commanding victory, Troy 4, LaSalle 1. This was, by far, the high point ofthe season. The 4-O record was then carried into the cool Clinton Arena for games with Rome Free Academy. Here, the team suffered its worst defeat at the hands of Clinton, one of the best high school teams in the state. The score was 3-9. The next day proved to be a low point of the season, a O-2 loss to Rome. Tired and disheartened by the previous night's game the lcers lacked their usual vitality, how- ever, they never stopped fighting. THE cup. Again Troy took to the road, this time to Lenox, Massachusetts. There they met the very fine Lenox School Team and vanquished them 7-3. The game was a team effort as five men entered the scoring column. With this game behind them, the Icers played their last game with Albany Academy, enthusiastic and eager for victory. Leading 5-O after the first period, the team rolled to an il-O victory. This game was very hard fought as was illustrated by the twenty- four penalties. Co-Captains Roger Semerad and Bob Bertholf lead in scoring for the season with 17 and T2 points respectively. Semerad, Staro, and Bertholf Face off l First row, left to right: J. Thieringer, B. Ducat, C. Seibert, A. Waterfield, M. Radz, D. Riley, J. Mitchell, C. Wick. Second row: Coach Case, J. Deo, H. Reynolds, R. Bennet, J. Stone, B. Brown, J. Stebbins, B. Basolt, S. Nelick, Coach Cooley. Swimming The mermen had another very successful season this year, sporting a 6-2-l record. The team's two defeats were to Bethlehem Central and Albany Academy. Both of these losses were decided by one event. The first fice meets were away. Record making began when the mermen arrived in the home pool. When the final race was over there were eight new school records to be credited to the team. Chuck Seibert participated in the Eastern lnterscho- lastic Swimming Meet Championships. He took sixth place in the TOO-yard butterfly. During the year, this senior set four pool records in the same event. His best time was in the final meet when he won in l:O4.2. The Trojans' first meet was a narrow victory over Troy 44 Troy 39 Troy 69 Troy . 38 Troy 65 Troy 64 Troy 43 Troy . .69 Troy 55 New Hartford High School. After a loss suffered in the next meet to Bethlehem Central High School, the team traveled to Colgate University to participate in the Colgate Invitational Relays. They finished fourth in competition with ten other teams. The next meet with Binghamton North High School had to be called off because of sickness on the Bing- hamton squad. ln their next meet, the swimmers were victorious over Baldwinsville. After a defeat to Al- bany Academy's powerful team, the Troians followed with one-sided victories over Philip Schuyler and New York Military Academy. The most thrilling meet was a tie with Bethlehem Central High School. The final two meets were victories over Baldwinsville and Albany High. New Hartford 42 B.C.H.S. . 47 Baldwinsville T7 Albany Academy 48 Philip Schuyler 9 N.Y.M.A. 24 B.C.H.S. 43 Baldwinsville .. 39 Albany High 33 l07 First row left to right F Case, J. Rooney, F. Sullivan, B. Swartz, A. Waldman R Clark K Place Second row Coach Gersh J Barry R. Pollock, H. Rothenberg, C. Repp, D. Early, R Stone Grupe Manager junior lfarszfy VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Mont Pleasant CCHS .. .... .. Watervl iet ...... .... LaSalle . ..... .. Nott Terrace . CCHS .... Albany High .. LaSalle ........ Amsterdam .... .... BCHS ..... ., Mont Pleasant BCHS .. .... .. Lansingburg .. Nott Terrace ..... .... Amsterdam . .. Watervliet ..... .... Amsterdam Lansingburg .. THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS First row, left to right: M. Kupic, E. Smulsky, B. Baranowski, B. Qua, D. Ebonhoch. Second row: Coach Boland, J. Burns, B. Pochman, J. Feraci, A. Manville, F. Pitanello, Manager. 1671 kefball Shwish! Another two points for Troy High's cagers are recorded on the score board. Coach Chuck Boland started his team, loaded with seniors, with hard and long practices. The season, however, started off on a discouraging note, a 76-55 loss to powerful Mont Pleasant. In their third game, the team, paced by Bob Qua, trounced Watervliet 66-48. Qua's twenty-five points were an individual high for the team. Compared to last season's three wins, fifteen lost record, the Purple and Gold produced this year a final mark of four wins and fourteen losses in ever-tough Class "A" League play. ln the winning column the T.H.S. five attained victories over Watervliet, Lansing- burg Ctwicet, and LaSalle. The victory over LaSalle, by a score of 46-44, was the high point of the season. This game went down in the history of T.H.S. as its first victory over LaSalle in basketball competition. John Feracci, in his first varsity season, banked in a lay-up with only seconds remaining, to give Troy the victory. This game was called the biggest upset in the year's city basketball. This year's team featured five seniors, who have played their last game for Troy High. They are: Cap- tain Bill Baranowski, Bob Qua, Matt Kupic, Ed Smulsky, and Don Ebenhoch. Baranowski and Kupic were high scorers for the season with T94 points each. Captain Baranowski also led in scoring assists. Qua, Smulsky, and Baranowski played a very important role on de- fense, gathering the maiority of the season's rebounds, although Qua was missing from the line-up for part of the season due to a persistent ankle injury. Eben- hoch was said to have the best iump on the team, while Kupic and Baranowski shared outside shooting honors. Anyone who saw the last game of the season with Lansingburg realized that our team was full of spirit and a zealous desire to win. Surely, brighter days lie ahead for the cagers. IO9 Hit that tape! Crack The Troy High track team under the able leadership of Coach Lee and Coach Cooley compiled a somewhat deceiving record of 4 wins and 4 losses. Lacking depth and experience in the first stages of the campaign, the cindermen got off to a poor start by losing three out of their first four meets, The team showed steady improvement with every meet, and climaxed the season with a triumph over Albany Academy. Last season marked the first season that the track facilities behind the school were completed and used in a meet. This has long hindered the school in having highly successful track teams. The results may be concluded by the way the cindermen finished the season. This was truly the high point in the season for both players and coaches of the track team. Front row, left to right: Owens Smith, Kelly, Barringer, O'Con nor, Daffner, Fucci, Passano Iacobucci, Herman, Schwebel Second row: Theringer, Bress Pollock, Delong, Tompson, Lee Hall, Durand, Reddiough, Kee- fer, Doodian, Coach Cooley. I -g-- Strategy between Coach IIO Got a match? f Cooley and Coach Lee. .. Kuseball Front row, left to right: Moss- cau, Qua, Cerulli, Whaley, Haggerty, Colucci, Stone, Pas- carella, Kupic, Callory. Second row: Coach Del Veccio, Sliter, Bink, Hems, Price, Waschok, Pitanielle, Coach Picken. ..:,,,,w .--Pe Q , s 1 25 5' .9 'flawles- h,..,.,-du-"f',q'g3'lL ,13- -:5.:' - -" fm' ii ' 1. . -. .4- in " A-i?".f,s. if - 5" . A A f' "3 4.. 'tzxqvaav-ii-wfj! .wr 3' Y. " ...S .-.F e'-sk..J5- . -.-wi-.1 -s ."'.-an' --w,--,.,- 4 - -f ,j1':a,iTZf,!f-111.-ie-af: tak, if- . . --,- ' ,gg-,.,1'ff1,g ,,.?T'. , gr --r' f.-qs ees," . Z rn -, - 'Q T1 1, .,-He-t' 1 1w:s-..f,gtEi,,", '.:l'f'ifv- TP , "'fFZ+"a an fi -P A35f.""1.": 5.--1-.s.1w ""'r"fn.'-L' J- A hit, a stolen base, or a fine catch, are the plays that one might see if one wandered to the back of the school during the spring. Starting off poorly, the Troy High baseball team worked out the weak points and finished the season in grand fashion. Losing a heartbreaking l-O decision to Albany and then coming back to win an 8-TO decision over Amsterdam, the season was started off. As the season wore on, a fighting spirit overtook the team. The expert fielding of Steve Colucci and the consistent hitting of Tom Haggerty were important influences on the campaign. The pitching duties rested on veterans Denny Stone, Bob Qua, and Leo Mousseau. These three boys were often the very important factor which gave a victory to THS. They supplied both the spark and the get up and go which our team held as its standard. The remarkable game pitched by Jack Hems was the high point of the season. lt was his first starting assignment and it ended with a 9-5 decision over Watervliet. Competing in the always tough class "A" League, the team proved a tremendous success despite its record of 7 wins and 8 losses. THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS O Albany IO Amsterdam 6 Mount Pleasant 0 Nott Terrace 8 Watervliet ll Albany , ,, 4 Amsterdam 8 Mount Pleasant 3 CCHS , 21 Lansingburgh O Nott Terrace l l.a Salle , 3 La Salle , 5 Lansingburgh 9 Watervliet , . 1.4 . K, Nipped at first. Go, you babel Such form-Hal Left to right: Chuck Boland, Coach, Bob Pochman, Chuck Hauck, John Passanno, and Michael Radz. The Troy High golf team, under the able leadership of Coach Chuck Boland, enioyed a very successful 1957 season. With consistent driving and sharp putting the linksmen started the season with seven consecutive victories. One of these victories was truly memorable: it was a triumph over Nott Terrace. This was the first time in the history of our team that Nott Terrace had been defeated. With Dick Weaver's 76, low for the day, the score was 8-7. With experience behind them, the linksmen out- drove and outputted twelve of their fourteen opponents to compile the impressive record of 12 wins and 2 CBA .........,.............. .... . .. l V2 St. Mary's of Amsterdam l THS ...... ........ 3 V2 THS . ..... ...4 THS ...... .,...... 4 V2 St. Mary's of Amsterdam V2 THS, ,..., . ,.,.... SVQ Amsterdam High School lV2 THS ,... .. ........ 5 LaSalle ........... ......... . 0 THS ...... 0.9 BCHS ........ ...... .... . 6 THS ...., .. ..... 8 Nott Terrace ..... - 7 ll2 f losses. The consistent playing of Mike Radz, Dick Weaver, Norm Rosenblum, Charles Hauck, and Bob Pochman was the main factor in establishing such a fine record. Each of these boys was able to shoot very low, as was shown by the number of times each of them was medalist for the day. With the conclusion of the regular season our team entered the finals. All of them shot well. Bob Pochmen, with an 81, missed the intersectional team by one stroke. THS ....,, -, ,..,., 6V2 Amsterdam High School 8V2 THS .,,,.,.,, ..,.s, 5 Mechanicville ................ 0 THS ,,.,.,,, ,,,,.,. 1 O Mechanicville .............. 5 THS .,.,,,.. ..,.,, 4 LaSalle ................ ......, l THS ..,, ,,.... 4 Nott Terrace ...... l THS ,,A,,,, ...,,, 4 BCHS ,.,......,..,.. ...... 4 Tumbling Class Bob Ellen and Joe Reigert Bays ' Intramural Spzfrts The fall semester intramural sports program got off to a flying statt this year. On the field behind the school, touch football teams, representing all classes, battled for the crown. The games continued until the cold weather set in. At the close of the hard fought season, the team led by David Thurston was victorious. During the fall, a horse-shoe pitching league was also inaugurated. In this phase of the intramural pro- gram there was a great deal of interest shown, which should further develop in the future. A highlight on the winter intramural sports scene was upperclass and underclass basketball marked by hard fought games played with great zeal and en- thusiasm. There was also strong participation between the four highly competitive teams throughout the win- let' SSBSOFI . A foul shooting contest was started this year and this aroused unusual interest in all quarters. Ted Hill, who made more hoops than anyone else, became the champ. A ping-pong tournament was also held with many boys participating. The new school ping-pong champ is John Skapyko. Mr. Elfenbein, director of the intramural program, started ping-pong at the conclusion of basketball. Sports will be sponsored in any field where there is sufficient interest. He further stated that the chief purpose of the intramural program is to give everyone a chance to participate in athletics. Only through par- ticipation can the intramurals be successful and worth- while. ll3 " Q s fe: f Qjfl .' W K -. 5 5 ,- f .:::. , K ZA. i A Q Y QQ ww f M W ,LVK , I -ff 24' ,Q i FU? XM' Sports Day, February I5 Girls ' Athletic Assaciafiau A sport for every girl is offered the girls in Troy High School by the Girls' Athletic Association. The school year is divided into three seasons, fall, winter, and spring. The sports offered cluring each season are: Fall-soccer, hockey, lifesaving, synchronized swim- ming and beginners' swimming eighth period on Fridays is carried on during the three seasons. Winter-basketball, volleyball, stunts, and tumbling. Spring-tennis, softball, archery, and golf. During the year the girls participate in invitational games with Watervliet, Averell Park, East Greenbush, and Lansingburg. After school sports days are also on the agenda with many schools participating in them. We start early on a Saturday morning and play two or three different schools in a specific sport. This is done on a rotating basis. February lo, 1957, was the date of Troy High's first sports day. This basketball sports day was the largest in the area with sixteen schools participating and with five games going at the same time. It was planned by the officers of G.A.A. who are Joan Sicley, presi- dent, Doris Bernhard, treasurer, and Martha Richburg, secretary, and the girls who participated in the intra- mural program under the supervision of Miss Larmon and Miss LaSorte. In the morning, the girls played basketball, and after lunch there was.a schedule of swimming and table tennis. The highlight of the day was a student- teacher basketball game. The star player of each school's team formed the student team and the teach- ers from these schools formed the teachers' team. This year the sports day was held on February 15. Il5 Strike Three! You're out! ,ff Who's got The birdie? lt's done like this. 1 4 On top: M. Sheffer, D. Malek, M. Misel. Supporfs: Miss Larmon, J. Sicley, P. Slo- cum. Ends: S. Klotz, P. Niemczynski. Pull those arrows out, Up, up, and away biz 1 I l-21,sLif,s kiif.:zf11fiU,. .,'1f1Wflz ,yi 55 sxygg j ggiwefzfgj 5,535 gwag 171.13 me :iii Q 1, . f 11129322-if 4 , mefsf'mg1f2mfimk?1Wf?f11gIiffE4Lllifffggy - i ., -A - yr,-1-yfQsxL,4?, . , .fs weQ"Gf,A.,.' w-spgftgmgg A wzfffw-Q?'v 1+m.:i sw simsang-wzfszfgfdim , 3:-'igigggg :aff , I :. . 1 , 1 L. fm :asf f 5 ,E A455 ,A.fgg,g3a1gI' , A fi-1,3 'QKN' flfgiff Til.:-fi ,. f . x 9 ' "rim FQQSTWYIYS ' Q Sw-iff in - NY q YL: Q me f R 71214, if --f'ffWT1,i'+f -13:-5 HW-.f ' fswflw' :R 'H izgffffiiif ' M. " :ly J ' in K, , , e.-in B' I q 1..,,., .4 ' A .,. W , h .- n - an i ' 9-LJ.,-K ff M V Jnigvt gg I 1 H ' n IH Ill- v' - ZQI k w Izmir- 1 if I h---..-v 5 . J., 'a swf ' 5 ' 'f-rm? uvgka s . 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NEW YORK Send for Ca1'aIog CompIimen+s of FRANKLIN MARKETS 36I River SI'ree'r TROY, NEW YORK e HH, "Japanese Legend" Donald Amyof James J. Hanley berf J. Freeman Joseph F. Kenney R.D. 9463 TROY. NEW YORK Visif I'he New SLITER'S 95 Third Sireef HOME OF THE 25c BANANA SPLIT I ALBIA BOSTON MEAT 8. GROCERY CO. 540 Pawling Avenue TROY, N. Y. ASI1Iey-2-6740 Free Delivery- Complimenfs of A FRIEND TROY QUICK SHOE REPAIRING CO. Luggage and Lea+her Goods 8l-3rd S+. Troy, N. Y. AS-4243i ESI. l908 RAY H. PROUT LETTER SHOP Gerlrude Proul' Baldrey Willis Sheer-AShley 4-3I7I-Troy, New York M meographing-Typing-Addressing-Ma Phone AShley 2-34I 2 DAVIS FLOOR COVERING Carpefs-Tile-Linoleum Plasiic and Ceramic Wall Tile 58 King S+ree+ Troy. N. Y. Besl' Wishes +o +he Class of '58 From JOS. CHUCKROW'S SONS, INC. TROY. N. Y. Lilerary Characfers? Library Club lni'rial'ion, of Course. Complimenls of A FRIEND Complimenls of CANCELLATION SHOE STORE 42 Third S+. Troy, N. Y. VAN'S SERVICE STATION 79 Campbell Ave. TROY, N. Y. NASH'S HOBBY SHOP Model Airplane and Railroad Accessories Crafl'-Hobby Supplies-Toys Open Evenings 642 Pawling Ave. Troy. N. Y. Tel.: AShley 4-5564 Congra+ula+ions From WELLS 81 COVERLY Our Bes+ Advice in Your Brigla+ Fu+ure Is Dress Rigl1+ You Can'+ Afford No+ +0 Troy's Leading Food Marke+s ECONOMICAL MARKETS Down+own-Cor. Ferry and Third S+s. Nor+l1 Troy-28-II2+h S+. EHRLICH SUPPLY CO. Four+l1 S+ree+ TROY, N. Y. BEclford 5-0332 All Work Guaran+eed BROUGHEL REFRIGERATION Service on All Makes Commercial, Domes+ic and Air Condifioning 846 Third Avenue Troy, New York MORRIS STORES "I+ I+'s Spor+swear-We Have l+" 3I9 River S+. Troy, N. Y. Congra+ula+ions +o +l1e Gradua+ing Class of '58 , Supplying BEMAN PARK SHOE REPAIR T H, h S h I Mr. Carlo Cio++i-Prop. roy' lg C oo Wi+h Mea+ Congra+ula+ions +o +he Gradua+ing Class of '58 BARBARA'S BEAUTY SALON 569 Congress S+. Troy. N. Y. Barbara Dal+on-Prop. Complimen+s of LAINES WHOLESALE 47 3 d S+. S ' . MEATS 8. POULTRY mall S+ore of Bug Values I I 5 FOURTH ST. TROY NELLIGAN'S BAKERY Specializing in Decora+ed Cakes for All Occasions 33 Congress S'l'ree+ 32 Four+l'1 S+ree+ TROY. NEW YORK Congra+ula+ions fo H1 9 JUNIOR COLLEGE OF ALBANY A Division of Russell Sage College Co-Eclucafional Programs Leading 'fo +l1e Degrees of Associaies in Ar'I's Associales in Applied Science lGeneral Business or Secreiarial Sciencel For Furflier lnformafion Wri+e or Call JUNIOR COLLEGE OF ALBANY 258 S+a+e S+ree+ Albany Albany 5-55Il OI' RUSSELL SAGE COLLEGE Class of '58 45 F S+ 1 ree Ashley 2-2500 Congralulafions 'fo ihe, RESTAURANT Class of 58 7l Division S+ree'I' TROY, NEW YORK THE BORDEN COMPANY 276 Fif+h Avenue TROY, NEW YORK HANNAN'S PHARMACY I4O Main Avenue WYNANTSKILL, NEW YORK AShley 4-0702 'MMIII Our four-year sentence Dig those crazy . , , cats? Mikc's in no condition to buy any violels. CBrondn Powell, Mike Radz.l 'gf my Parris Hey, kids . . . Planning a trip? fRoger Semerad, Linda Kincaid, Joe Walsh, Sally WaiTe.j .ggi -, ll F5 Ax S, Who did you leave to clean up? lBill Rosenberger, Janet Bell, Leah Coonley, Marty Halacy, Bruce Peffer, Barbara Parker, Doug McGrath, Susan MacAuley, Ronald Torncello.J The line-up. Glub! Glub! Ulm Jackson, Joan Sicilyj Tra Ia-Ia-Boom! fliaren Koon, Bonnie Crans1on.J gnu: Hawaiiar1JUdvalaFlUff! Heap Big Injun! CGerry O'Brien, June MoeIler.J X . Q , , V We 'gkx 'gk Q 5 V . 5 . Q, Q.: ',k' . K f " V ix K Y ray! , , w7'?eQ'1, g f - Hi nz , ' - 1 1.1 : ' H+ V- . .-x .yi 1 Y- . : H Guess who? . . , You're right, Carole O'Connor Doris Pohlman. Cheerful Sophornores, aren't they? l38 ,, .W , A ,. ,T rf' 5A,r -i M., 4 ggf ,A Wild Freshman! CRuss Owens, Mike Radz, Pere DenTon,J J, 3- ,A ' .sq sm. -w15w144.:i',, W ff' -f'-J-f,gr.::f, ,f-X , 1' - li ly? fQifrir1fWM , igi. 1 , , K f 4, 5 'X V W E 'W MU' E W .MY Q' ' 3 r Y K 35' 7.3 ' A W 1' 5 ba-24 A Z x x 1 :Q Q 535' Q f- - lumix fjgsg AFTER FOUR YEARS L-7zzrcufc'll fffi , .K- jl. -E 5 553 ' :x N -an .f we'- x hh -P 'u 'fi' .rw w an-1 K 4 A 1 gl u 1 4.19 Q23 Q -,I vw T fu. z' ,.f,,- . ." A F . inn" v. 1 ,A 1 Y s '- 1 1 f Q! wh. .:Yf ',. 73.4115 6-, 1 EQ' W? -: 'S 'ii ' , . if "f if' A '4 a .1 Wg., .. f ' it - 4'-', J' 34' :F xy 1. . -1 . . f 1 1 1 1+ Q f 1 R 'u ' ' -ru ,J F A .lrx . f r- A r.. X- . -3, ,v..'. ,,, - N n gif V. 4: 1 4 1 . ..' - 1 1 - V -. -x A 0 K fb! r ' in , I . ',. g- . pr., . , ,+4v.-14 " NT '- A T, . 351. ' xfri' f M , ':. . V'V:ZrQ1,?I7' ,. ,... - .L mr -504. V. V ..z,j '-0" - -' ' V '. nu' 1,1-J ' " M tl' . , '.,,- 'L il Y W' 1 1 ' f, ., .- 4 Il '..i :QE 13 455: , ' ' ,, . . ,J 3 , 1 -,. vs V ' -1 lj. 'ily 'fp iff? F asf . 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' j . 6' - 5.,,vg 1' ey. .- 5. 1, ' :H 1. -J '- . ' FH' -' .I . A . - 'A' ,mkwg 1:1 ww. ' 1:1 ' 15 ,QE -M: ,-.. fe,..,m.g-3.5 . ':' - W1 .-J.-' 1 ' .ty 1433? . . .1 . , 1 , 1 w-. - ..- 'nhl , 211317:-'L ' V .1' ' ' -.. .12 is' -95+ L gdfmd' 514 ' ' 1 N.: '- 1.12511-1 ::5'fWi"Z Fwy- iTWf. .-,f'fEd1f, ' , Liv? 21, .S . A .-,, my 'if-1',E..1 .- . I 1. 1 1 mimw ,wkyh ::gf111 f,m-. nw"' ::. ggi .. '?l1:'5f F 1 - , . QY' '11:h:,'uA54,g- .1 51111 - 1- 1..-1' ,,iQf:51qffEJ? " A-.fT'!:'.i.:A A 1 'f-.ig . .rl -,Q 1 Q".i,5 .2 ,lj Tu 'N Q. 1.21 '- LH .-'LI ' , ','fu1z.1f,' '-,.:L. I-.' ,I+ ffigqswl .1a51.1 1 5. wif. - lr -N i 1a.!'-ks.5-g- T IWIEY.-2.1.2 2 F1 -un 4 J , ..:-,oy , 'Wi' , 'A wit e'.'. fl fx In " QW" ' Vifff. -. 3. ,wv .J .MNW1 .'x,1'.49 , flfff WHY? MVT - NJ' "QW ,. 1 2-bl,L1'T - e1 , fn. ,,. K l., .',' 'I 1 151- ,. V., ' 1 g ,. u 'v 4 .. L, - . " , .xx 11'- 1 .- . - , - , f 11.3- p. - 1.,'l,.: .. 1 1 H' .Rv .u- '1.' .. .V F.. 1 ,. . - I 5 nf, 11 . 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