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-1 ful I .Mk-no-4.-.,., , W- , i , DARDANIAN 1955 mov HIGH scl-lool. mov, NEW YQRK l PresidenI"s Message We have wi+nessed 'lhe conclusion of one hundred years of progress and achieve- men+, climaxed by fhe complerion of a vasf, modern school building wiih almosl' un- limi+ed facili+ies. To us, ihe Class of I955, has fallen 'l'he responsibilify of opening a new cenrury in +he hisfory of Troy High School. Over 'rhe years, groups of Americans, well-+rained and prepared 'ro par-+icipa+e in +he hisfory of our counfry, have issued from Troy High School. Many have faifhfully served fhe nafion, s+a+e and communiiy - many have given 'lheir lives. We sincerely hope fhai' in +ime +he effor+s of our generafion, and succeeding ones, will disclose re- sulis as greai' as ihose of The past To our successors, we leave confinued good luck, en- couragemen+ and a reluc+an+ farewell. Q. i Presideni' Contents Staff Senior Section Sophomores and Juniors Sports Advertisements 4 3 24 73 74 85 10 12 113 4 - . - 2 Activities . . 86 - 'l0'I . . 2 - 1 ' . . . - I3 -.-Q.- I , 1 an , P . X, , 5, wi Q i - 1 3514 'Wan-mf-...,.-...,,. mm . 5 ' I , c, ccic - T ,J V' -.-.-9.-.-.......e,, . f., , -..- - My - ff- vfv- f---rf'-We ' 'Y i ,,,,.,..,.,.o.,.....q-.--af ..,....W.fN , ........-J--,..,,.,..W.-M--.M 52321 W 'N' Q i"W4i1KK'5W.W We Make a Start . . . This, +he firsf year in 'rhe second cen+ury of Troy High School, is a poinl' from wh 'rhe fufure can. be anficipafed and will be creafed. from a common source: human beings who looked ahead fo new needs and des and who used mind, energy, and ingenuily fo accomplish whal' has ever been done fore. The gradua+es of '55 are in +he very same posifion as fhese earlier individual posifion from which 'rhey can gaze ahead and bring dreams info realifies. The aufomobile, fhe airplane, color +elevision, penicillin - all 'rhese have emana l s .3-...J i a a Qu "--K.,,sh . 1, 'iwxi Q ' -4- . - i aff' 1-- ..,gg1gse ll - V ,f y : gg Into ca Second Century DEDICATION The Senior Class of I955 respecffully dedicafes fhis book fo fhe many sfudenfs who will pass fhrough ihe porfals of Troy High +o work, play and share experiences iogefherg fo fhe many graduafes who will carry on her fradifions and bring honor 'fo her name fhroughouf The nexl' one hundred years: and fo fhe devofed 'faculiy who will confinue +o encourage and guide s+uden'rs +o greafer mafurify ihrough infellecfual development 3 ,7- uv I av, ,- I ' 4 f I 1 S 1 i, w ,W 2, 3 'x K 'K if X , 5 Principal ARTHU R J. NORTH Miss Diamond runs off lhe daily bullerin. I fhink fhe fheme of fhis year's Dardanian is well conceived. Troy High School in ifs one hundred and firsi' year en'I'ers ano1'her cenfury. Lasf year we reviewed one hun- dred years of achievement This year we look foward 'I'o a ceniury of progress. The world needs realisfic, forward-looking cifizens. You are faking your place in a world which is besei' on all sides by ihe proponenis of conflicfing moral, spiriiual and polifical ideologies. Alfhough your conduci' will be influenced by your home and re- ligious +raining, fhe evolufion of a whole personali+y will involve an evalua+ion in +he lighi' of fhe knowledge you have gained in I'he academic pursuifs underfaken ai' Troy High School. Wi+h fhis knowledge you can creafe fhe kind of world which will permif +he realiza+ion of fhe individual. Seniors, yours is a real responsibili+y! 4 Principal 6 Assislanf Principal GUY A. ENFANTO Miss Casey Busy, busy, busy, day! To The Class of 1955 As you 'lake your place among fhe ranlcs of fhose who have been graduafed from an ins'li'l'u'I'ion on fhe lhreshold of ils second hundred years of exisfence, il mighf well be in order fo ponder whal may lie ahead. Time alone will fell whefher we are living in an era of peace or in merely a period of an uneasy armisfice. Compefifion in a sociei' characferized by pracfically unlimifed opporlunilies for 'lhose who show promise will sei' a fasl' pace yor you. If you are salisfied wifh mediocrify. in your achievemenl, I fear you will find fhe pace beyond you. Success will be safislied wiih no less 'l an lhe full realizafion of your polenlial. You have been well frained for eilher college or for +he employmenl' resulfing from +he course of sludy chosen, buf in lhe final analysis you will be evalualed solely on fhe basis of performance. S+rive cons+an+ly for lhal' posi+ion which will challenge 'lo 'l'he 'Fullesl your abilify and fraining and fhen give if no+hing buf your bes'l'. To do 'lhis will nof be easy, bu+ you musl' realize success has never been an easy faslc masler. ssis'l'anl' Princip Troy High School Staff ARTHUR J NORTH PrIncIpaI GUY A ENFANTO Assxsfanl' PrIncIpal MarIon C DIamond ElIzabeI'h M Casey SecreTarIes GUIDANCE DEPARTM ENT James AlIgeIer Margaref F Redmond ShIrley Bleau Secrefary ART HOME ECONOMICS PaulIne G MCGOHIQBI Margaref K Saunders Raymond C Henry DoroThy D Long CITIzENsI-IIP EDUCATION Helen OB"e" Maruon C FII'zpaTrIclc MIldred Anslow MarIon G FITzgerald Florence Gabauer MaryalICe Healy Edward PIclcen Arfhufr H ReenTs COMMERCIAL WIllIam SepTIC Myrfle E FleTCher MarIorIe Hennessey AnToIneT+e LEWIS HelenmarIe Murphy EIleen Rourke Edwena Reynolds Herber+ Egerf MUSIC Frank CaI'rIcala AnThony DeMarco PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH Emanuel Elfenbem Jane BarTIs Charles Boland Leona CaTallo George Cooley Grace F Lecomlre ' SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Agosflna Schillaci - - - I' .' ' I .a a Roberf W SeIber+ ENGLISH EIIzabe+h Buckley WIllIam M CampaIgne Jus+Ine Colley MarIan Dunn Mary E Foxell VIrgInIa Kelly DorIs Mack lIbrarIan Isabel R Mann Mary D Mclnerney Ka+hleen M McTavey Margaref P Spencer FOREIGN LANGUAGE Frances L McTammany Emnly Cavanaugh Thomas J Maloney Gerfrude A Rogers D5VId LevInsTeIn Benlamm P James Gerfrude Markey Bess Wood Herberf Eger+ Mary Holmes Jane? A Maly Ph lIp B Qumn Anne SuIlIvan VOCATIONAL MEDICAL Joseph T Sproule Roberl' Allen Edward J Bell James P Budralcey Henry B Cassavanf John M Hennessey WIlfred J Laqoe Franlc J uInn Alexander R WhITe Dr James FII'zgerald Dr AUFSIIUS LaquIdara Margare+ Sheean R N As we look hesiianfly info 1'he fufure, fhe guidance de- parfmenf can offen offer a helping hand. Seniors become more and more conscious of ifs 'faciliiies and services as graduaiion draws near. College cafalogues, special fesf- ing, inferviews wiih visi+ing represenfafives of colleges and business organizafions, job offers, conferences aboui' special problems - all fhese pave fhe way 'io fhe world of fomorrow where we soon musi' fake our place. Guidance Mr. Allge er Mrs Long and M ss Redmond E Fill Art Where are Hwe plcfures for fha? yearbook? M A . . J!,.g,.e I I 5 Q9 Norman Rockwells of fi' 1 QI" Hue furure. JN Q si, X-, X V -pf .V Keep your mind on 'rne landscape. Mr. Henry off 'ro a fire. yy iiiig. gf ' Busy class fall buf one.j Citizenship Education Tl1ere'll always be an England. Knighls of The Round Table? Wl1a+'s flue curreni evenl' of 'rhe weelc? Leif io right Mr. Reenis, Miss Fiizpafriclc, Miss Fifzgerald, Mrs. Anslow, Miss Gabauer. Commercial . E So Hwere you are. ci ,4 Someday l'II inven+ an easier sysiem. No peeking ai fine keys! Commercial ciass was never iiiis comioriabiei Leif 'ro righiz Miss Rourke, Mr. Seiberi, Mrs. Murphy, Miss Hermessey, Mr. Sepiic, Miss Lewis, and Miss Sciwillaci. N i l Life in ine English Deparlrnenf is pleasanf af limes. Lel+ ro riglwiz Miss Buclcley, Mrs. Spencer, Miss Dunn, Miss Mann, Mr. Campaigne, Miss McTayey, Mrs. Colley, Miss Mclnerney, Mrs. Maclc, librarian. Loolc ar llwe leaclierl Does my voice sound like flwaf? English 13 Miss Rogers and Miss Cavanaugh fake 'rime out Thaf book mus+ be in+eres+ing, Mr. Maloney! i Affenfion, Mes Amis! 'UC' Foreign Language I if - Mr. Nor+h and Miss McTammany "plo+" exams. g Hi ,-v I 'iii ms. T y, ,V , W , 3 . fwxm-1 ,j- r w , ,fam :J , Q fjb -f' V K 1 x ' A 2' s Auf , ff, . " 'f 1' 51? 1 41,6 A FZ! J' ,. 1, JJ 2' v, 'inn 'W Af' ' z V .auf . 5 Mrs. Maw expiahs Hwe mysferies of x and y Mr L 1 Mr M Muse SUHI-fan, Mr. James, Mrs. .fha Mr. Delvlarco and Mr. Cafricala seem To be pleased over rheir composifion. Music The climax of a year's hard work, - 'the choral group's spring concert Soon our band will be marching in uniform "Never B flat never B sharp. always B na'lural." 6 rxxl ga Q , ny t -L Mr. Quinn loolcs on as one ot the boys makes a spindle, Mr. Allen sees that the blueprinting machine is kept busy. Vocational Department 8. Industrial Arts The vocational department has a wide variety ot interests. Seated: Mr. Lagoe, Mr. Budralcey, Mr. Sproule. Mr. White. Mr. Bell. Standing: Mr. Hennessey, lv1r.Cassavant, Mr. Quinn, Mr. Allen. 91 Book work Today." says Mr. Wl'1i+e. D909 Vocational . . . Looks confusing, eh? How much curre-nf does Hwis one gef? Mapping ou'r plans for fufure projeds. 'Q'-. lA """' M i aff, - N, -f.wM,.m,-M, . M. W. V, Q- W ki .V 5 lx Department The early sfages of ceramics. ,A-4-M-asnq,,.,,,, ---.q P' 2 E Y . - I Ii, ,I fix Maybe nas prinflng dance ficlcefs Medical Bob Berfholf smiles despile The crulches. Now hear This. lCan you hear?l Custoclians The "Dardanian" pholographer gives The cuslodians a resl. Firsl row: John A. Kelly, James Wellworlh, Thomas Maclclen: second row: Thomas Houlihan. Frank J. Connolly. Whar is The piece de resisfance of rhe day? Q . Lefr ro righfz Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Rourke, Mrs. Fohos, Mrs. Mohl, Mrs. Hourigan, Mrs. cafeterla Alarie, Mrs. Hillebrandf, xMiss Flaherry, Mrs. Rowe, Mrs. G'BrIen. Hungry folks hurry Through rhe milk line. A ,,1.,,. 7 ii" lllll - 1.2 . X' 1 , 04.3 Eager for fhe hor iunchesl X H--w-g.4...,, - ywwmwwvqk-,V-www., .MQ ff ,,,m., , as iw 41 as-9 45" ?' K il UWM! -QO- 7, al' x D ,fm 3 we gf HSP' E+hel A Abbo'H' Tlny frrm and full of afhlefnc abllufy amply descrxbes Rabbuf one of fhe shun Ing llghfs IU fhe sensor class Harvey Adeson A mnld manner combuned wxfh a greaf deal of wlf and charm has won l'larv many fruends whsle af THS and wall confunue fo do so IH The fufure Joseph Asadorlan Personalufy and sophlsflcaflon galore make Ace one member of fhe class of 55 never fo be forgotfen Carole May Aushn A pleaslng personallfy a ready smnle and friendly nafure are Carols assur ance for success Dora Banfon Red halr and a fiery femper go hand un hand buf nof nn Dora s case for her good looks and placid nafure have made her well luked by all Joyce Baranowslu Snooks has a pleasanf personalxfy brnghf smile and a cheerfulness whnch wull pave fhe way nn all her fufure underfaknngs Barbara Basseff A wnllnng personallfy and an arfusfnc abulufy wnll be of greaf assrsfance fo Barb ID realnzlng her ambufuons Thomas Bazlckl Tom s dark wavy hanr and pleasanf smule have provided 'rhe fopuc for many a fem unnne conversafnon buf has mann ambuhon as fo become a greaf accordlonusf Thomas Bell Tom who us one of our more sfudlous classmafes has an undersfandlng nafure and neaf appearance whuch wxll be a greaf advanfage fo hum un has fufure lob of feachnng many frlends Mary Grace Bennefl' Gracne wnfh a vnvacuous smnle black curls and blue eyes rafes personallfy plus wlfh us Thomas Blake Tom s excellenf busuness abullfy good physical appearance and lndusfruous nafure wnll a d hrm greafly un hns career as an elecfrlcxan Elalne Blanchard Blanche a muld fempered blue eyed bundle of energy always has a cheerful smile for all Wllllam Bode Handsome Bull who bubbles over wnfh personalufy and good humor ns sure fo become a successful enguneer Roger Bombard Rog a lovual fellofw wnfh unusual sfrengfh won fame wnfh hns fellow sfudenfs for hrs carefree manner Bruce Borfhwlck Capable wullung and popular besf describe Bruce one of our Sfudenf Council Veeps Carola Bourke Wnfh her blond hanr and blue eyes Burkne wlll probably be making her paflenfs very comforfable on fhe fTrsf rockef shup fo fhe moon no doubf shell be fhe aurlme hosfess of fhe s up Alfred Brown Thus fall blue eyed blond ns sure fo be nofxced by all fhe gurls when he dons Navy blues affer graduafaon Consfance Brown Connie wrfh her cufe songs saymgs and even cufer lokes has cerfaunly made her pnxue expression familiar 'ro all af Troy Hugh Ellzabefh Brown Her delnghfful personalufy and pafuence wnll be of greaf help fo BeHy when she becomes a regusfered nurse Rebecca Brown Dark haur and dark eyes a lovely vouce and a greaf deal of charm descrnbe Becky a Allen Benderson: Quief, reserved Ben, who is afhlefically inclined, has a pleasanf nafure and a greaf i n . n 1 1 u . I I+ . ' fo . I 501 3' 1' X6 I Efhel A. Abbolf "RabbiH" School I4 Corlland S.T.C. Junior and Senior card sales, capiain: Junior Dance phic: murals. Dora Banlon Sl, Pa+ricIr's Junior and Senior card sales. Rinq Commilfeeq Sophomore Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Del- Science Club: Dardanian: Infra- if Harvey Adeson "Harv" School I8 Univ. of Maine Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Fire Moniror. Bruce Borfhw School I8 ..Red.. Secrerary ich Wi William Bode "Snooks" Kniclrerbaclxer Engineer Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Quinfilian Sociefyi Toqa: Varsiiy Club: Tennis: JV and Varsily Foolball. Carol May Austin "Carole" Wynenfslcill Beaulician Senior Ball: Commercial Club. "Bruce" Woosfer College Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Sluclenf Council, Vice-Presicleni: Quiniilian Soci- efy: Nafional Honor Sociely: Science Club: Band: Orchesira. -,,,,fv 13' ,I Allen Benderson "Ben" School I4 Undecided Junior and Senior card sales, capfain: Inlramurals. -ra. . 5 ex, 'sa-an f S Joyce Baranowski "Snools" School I Secrefary Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Commercial Club. ,qw "H"- 43' qw ,Qfy - 5 ,,, , g, 1 Thomas Blake "Tommy" Barbara Basseif "Barb" School I Undecided School I8 Commercial Arfisf Sophomore Dance, Prom: Senior Ball: Spanish Club: Dar- danian. Junior magazine sales: Senior card sales: Sfudenf Council. ' Junior Mixer: Junior Consfance Brown "Connie Emma Willard W Skidmore Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Srudenf Coun- cil: Phil: Challenger. l f 'X 'S' kg 4 - A -L Vis.. J I we , w yi f - in f Thomas Baziclri "Bin" School I0 Musician Junior and Senior Dance Rebecca Brown "Becky" Mary Warren School Plaffsburg S.T.C. Junior and Senior card sales, capfain: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Siudenf Council Play: Delphic, Choral. . 'Jil all card sales: Shop Thomas Bell "Tom" Sainl Pefer's Albany S.T.C. Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Dar- clanian: Fire Monilor. Y 1 5.3 .X I F 28 i XJ J 5 - 'FWS '45 X 4 I 1 ' Sl X S I Joseph Asadorian "Ace" Elaine Blanchard "Blanche" School I4 Temple Univ. School I4 Secrefary JV Foofball: Sluclenf Council: Model Sophomore Dance Railroad Club. . . Mary Grace Bennefi "Gracie" Sf. Mary's Nursing Senior card sales. "et M "'S?'5r 1 er- Roger Bombard "Reg" K School I Machinisf Sfudenl Council: Varsify Club: Shop Dance. Elisabelh Brown "Liz" Carola Bourke "Burlrie" Alfred Brown "I.eo" Mary Warren School Samariian School I4 Airline Siewardess L'S'II' Navy C""' So homore Dance' Junior Mixer' Junior Junior ma azine sales: Senior card sales: Sfudenf Council 7 Baseball. p . . Prom: Senior Ball: Dardanian: Choral. A6 fix fb if-F' 9 Choral. Gb John Bruno Carefree falenfecl and lukeable Johnny should have no 'rrouble un becomung a successful musucuan Rufa C Brusf Talenf galore personalufy plus an unexhausfuve supply of energy are lusf a few e pressuons 'ro descrube Rufa Thursfon Burduck Allemaun leff and promenade are famuluar expressuons fo Bud who loves 'ro spuruf hus sux foof frame around 'rhe dance floor Marulyn Burns Vuvacuous affracfuve and red haured Marulyn us a falenfed dancer well luked by all of us Nancy Burl' Nan who rafes dancung fops on her lusf has brown haur fwunklung blue eyes and looks forward 'ro a secrefarual career Carolyn Cady We see a brughf fufure for charmung falenfed and affracfuve Carol Roberf Campana Campue a sporfs enfhusuasl' wufh a shunung personalufy us an admurer of fhe greaf oufdoors Kafhleen Carey Thus fuve foof fhree sophusfucafed bundle of energy us a welcome addufuon 'ro any group because of her everlasfung sense of humor Amelua Casale Preffy luffle dark eyed Mullue whose energefuc cheerleadung us known fo all us sure fo become a success un anyfhung she underfakes Roberf Chambers Red haured Bob fhough quuef and reserved lukes sporfs a greaf deal and has acquured many fruends af Troy Hugh School Norman Chodukoff Norm whose hugh scholasfuc abulufy us respecfed by all hus fellow classmafes has found popularufy nof only un hus fueld buf also fhrough hus musucal falenl' Carl Cuoffi Dark and good lookung Carl has an unexhausfuve supply of energy when uf comes +o school acfuvufues Charles Colehamer Because of hus quuef manner whuch makes hum a feachers dream Charlue us an advanfage fo any class Loyce Colluer Loycue runy cufe and full of pep can always be found happuly exhausfung all her energy fo cheer Tl-lS on fo vucfory Tom Connery The sfar goalue of fhe hockey feam us wuffy cheerful hard workung and a greaf guy fo have for a fruend Ruchard CoH'on Ruch un looks and wuf wull cerfaunly make a successful career for humself Barbara Ann Cronk Carefree and vuvacuous good humored and fruendly Barb has cerfaunly con frubufed much spuruf and hard work +o fhe success of fhe class of 55 Walfer DAllaurd Walf plans fo 'rravel fhe seven seas un hus bell boffom blues and gef a look af some of fhe sufes he so arduously drulled on un husfory Rufh Dearsfyne Rufh us an udeal sfudenf whose sfudues do nof unferfere wufh her charmung person alufy buf wull help her follow un Florence Nughfungalesfoofsfeps John DeFazuo John fhe owner of black wavy haur dark eyes and a handsome physuque us fhe envy of many an ardenf sporfs enfhusuasf he won fame af THS by hus wuzardy and good sporfsmanshup on fhe foofball fueld Joan Duehl Auburn haur preffy face and a nuce fugure combuned wufh her wullungness fo work and seruous affufude abouf her career Joanue should make a huf wufh her fufure boss . . . . ' u u , I . . . . . - . - X' . uu - uu uu uu .. . n rr . U u . I . . . - . . . -. - u u . un uu . . . . . 0 1 u 1 I . . . . , , . ,, . ,. . . . . . . . . - u u ' n . . . . . . . . ' s u ' u I . l . . . 0 u u . . . .. . . . . , I I . ' ' u I . . . . y . . - u u . .I . ,. . . . . 0 u u u I - - - - ua ur f u u ' . .. . ,, . . . . . . . , I . . . . - . . - ' u u . . . , u - . . . . . . . . . - - - - . . . . , . . . . - . ' u n I I u . . . . . . . . . I I I . G' ,Q 1 Nancy Burl' Wynanlskill Ball. ,ra Carl Ciolli "Cl'10PS" W Si' Francis de Sales Undecided X, Junior and Senior Execulive Boards: Junior Mixer Junior Prom Senior Ball: Sfudenl' Council lnlramurals. Amelia Casale "Millie" School I0 Undecided Ring Commiflee. co-chairman: Soph- omore Dance: Senior Ball: Sludenl Coun- cil: Phil: Naiional Honor Sociefy: Clari- on: Dardanian: JV and Varsify Cheer- leader. Ring Commillee: 3' rf' Q 4 4 A9 Marilyn Burns "Marilyn" Sf. Francis de Sales Samarifan Hospifal Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Choral: lnframurals. UNM.. Green Mounfain J. C. Junior Prom: Senior "'iuw' -me, ukoein Rila Brusf School HH Syracuse Univ. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sludenl Council: Dardanian: Challenger: Nalional Honor Socieiy. . 1, luv Kafhleen Care CS Q A ii . Ru+h Dearsfyne "Ruihie" Wynanfslrill Russell Sage Senior card sales, capiain: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Del- phic: Nafional Honor Sociefy, Vice- presidenf: Toga: Challenger: Dardanian, L,e.- Brunswick 2 Junior magazine sa card sales. Charles Colehamer I Ark 'C' John Bruno "Johnny" School HIIO Music Teacher Band: Orchesfra: PA. Syslem: Shop Dance. John DeFazio "DeFaz" Sf. Francis de Sales Navy JV and Varsify foofball: lnframurals. ' . 6751 1.51. "Colepin" Mechinisf es: Junior and Senior Y S+. Paul's X K g g 1 ,, he Reber? Chambers "Bob" School I4 Engineering College Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales. --Kaya Benningfon College Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Delphic: Challenger: Dardanian: lnframurals. A 'Qi rw if , if LX N 'pi u' "Loycie" Loyce Collier School I4 Albany Business College Ring Commiliee: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Phil: Sfuclenf Council: Clarion: Dardanian: JV and Varsify Cheerleader. -e ' in are ?'! 3-1 fi Joan Diehl Wynanfskill School Junior and Senior card Ball. 42" l 4 "Joanie" Undecided sales: Senior Barbara Ann Cronl "Barb" School :ffl Undecided Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Commercial Club: Delphic. Waller D'Allaird "Sieve" Carolyn Cady School I0 Navy School I4 Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Junior magazine Prom: Senior Ball: lniramurals. ior card sales. I-Qx 15 Qi Norman Chodikoff "Norm" School I8 Pre-medical course Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Dardanian: Challenger, co-edifor: Science Club. Reber? Campana "Campie" School l Armed Forces Junior magazine sales: Commercial Club, Tom Connery "Tom" C.C.H.S. Undecided Junior Prom: Senior Ball, co-chairman: l-loclcey: lnfrarnurals. Davsd Cohen Good looksng Dave oTherwsse known as money bags has earned Tor hsmselT a hsgh place sn one s hearT Tor hss clever wsTs gay personalsTy and hard work Carol J Connell Crazy abouT Norm knee socks and Vsrgsl Carol s charm and personalsTy have made sT a pleasure To have her Tor a classmaTe Helen CoonradT Helen a sparklsng eyed lassse wsTh a sunny dsspossTson ss an ardenT sporTs Tan and always Tollows The phslosophy The besT Thsngs sn lsfe are Tree Phyllss CuTler Never a dull momenT when Phsls around Tor her vsvacsous personalsTy and eagerness To work have made her one oT The mosT popular oT sensors Nelson Darlsng Anchors away shsp ahoy and scrub ThaT deck wsll soon be Tamslsar words To Nelson s ears when he dons The Navy blues Marslyn DayTon IT you wanT To meeT a bland blue eyed Telephone operaTor dsal M Tor MerT John Dean Tall sandy ha red and gusck as a Tlash on The Track Johnny ss one oT The mosT con gensal and versaTsle boys oT The sensor class Mschael DeBonss Mske a hardworksng sTudenT wsTh an unusual Technsque Tor maksng Trsends always has a good word and a cheery greeTsng Tor everyone Lawrence Dembo MaTh and scsence are sn allsance Tor Thss TuTure engsneer who ss an asTuTe con versaTsonalssT and always wsllsng To do hss share Joseph Derkowsks Derk who ss ear marked by hss law slung Trousers has aThleTsc powers and a keen sense oT humor Tsnue To do so sn The TuTure Marslyn DoberT Thss perT Tsny blond who has been an eTTscsenT worker whsle aT THS wsll someda make a perTecT secreTary Tor some lucky boss Charles Doyle A gay bade aT Tl-TS Chuck raTes Tops on The dsamond and can cuT a rug wsTh The besT oT Them Marslyn Duncan Small guseT and blond descrsbe Marslyn who should become a successTul secreTary MaTThew Duncan An ardenT hoT rod Tan wsTh an ambsTson To drsve a wsnnsng car aT DayTona Beach STock Races MaTT should Tsnd a greaT deal oT excsTemenT and advenTure sn Thss TuTure underTaksng RuTh Duncan Because OT her parTscspaTson sn The choral group Res lovely vosce has added much To mussc aT THS and should be a greaT asseT sn her career as a Telephone operaTor Eugene EaTon Here comes Enoch The handsomesT boy sn The sensor class gasly whssTlsng The sTrasn oT The Marsnes Hymn whsle he saunTers down The hall To baskeTball pracTsce Mary Ehrsng Mar whos aTTracTsve sn looks and pleasanT sn manner wsll probably be The TsrsT secreTary To use a machsne whsch wsll dscTaTe Type and send ouT a leTTer all sn The same process Dansel Engwer A good busld a handsome Tace a broad smsle and a Navy blue unsTorm should make Danny a pleasanT eyeTul Tor The oppossTe sex Phyllss Fobare Where There ss Tun There ss Phyl because her Phyl osophy sn lsTe ss To ensoy herself and geT The mosT ouT oT everyThsng Jack Guldalsan Easy gosng Asax ss Tun To have sn any class because hss wsTTy remarks and ever popular sokes never leave a dull momenT I I - I . V . i John DmyTerko: John has done much To develop his aThleTic abiliTy while aT Troy High and will con- : I ' . . ' rf' ,Ala Marilyn Doberi "Marilyn" School I6 Business College Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Dardanian: Delphic: Challenger. nie r B ..,-., W Joseph Derlrowsli If n -vi-fb? 1 ' YX if " , 1 - J' 4 U 5,-4,4 , "Derk" School I2 Navy or Air Force French Club: lnframurals. David Cohen "Mogen" School I0 Union Junior and Senior Execufive Boards: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: S nior Ball: Sfudeni Council' Marilyn Duncan Marilyn School I8 Undecided Junior and Senior card sales Charles Doyle Chuck Sf Francis de Sales Undecided Baseball lnlramurals 'ii Michael DeBoms Mule School I4 Albany STC Junior magazine sales Junior and Senior card sales Nahonal Honor Socnefy Toga Dardanuan if S., Challenger' Dardanian: Band. Carol Connell School I4 Carol College Sophomore Dance Junior Mixer Junior Prom Senior Ball Delphuc Toqa PN: 405 S' if ,lg :Q X: Q , John Dean "Johnny" Maflhew Duncan School I4 Syracuse Univ. Kniclrerbacher Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Junior and Senior Prom: Senior Ball: Sludenf Council: Dance. Quinfilian Sociely: Science Club: Dar. danian: Orcheslra: Band: Traclc: Infra- murals: French Club, Pres: Nafional Honor Sociely. ,aw Phyllis Fobare "Phil" School I4 Albany Business College Junior and Senior card sales: Soph- omore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Challenger: Darda- nian: lnframurals. Lawrence Dembo "Larry" School I0 R.P.l. Junior Ring Commilfee, co-chairman: Junior magazine sales, caplain: Junior Mixer: Siudenf Council: Challenger: Dardanian: Fire Monilor. '45 .117 K! 612: wb "Book" Phyllis Culler "PhiI' Undecided School I6 Mildred Elley card sales: Shop Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Junior and Senior Execuiive Boards: Siudenl Coun cilf Nalional Honor Sociefy: Clarion Challenger: Dardanian. Daniel Engwer "Dan" School I6 Navy Sludenf Council: JV and Varsify Fool- ball 56 iam :-i, ka' Marilyn Dayfon "MGH" Brunswick 4 Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Commercial Club. .K ,, V fl ful, R5 or 'S' Eugene Ealon "Gene" School I2 Marines Sludenl' Council: Choral: JV and Varsily Baslcelball: Baseball. Q53 John Dmylerlco School I2 lnlramurals. S Q5- Helen Coonradl' "Helen" Graffon Undecided Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Club: Dardanian. Commercial "Johnnie" Undecided Senior Ball: Science Club: Dardanian: Qui? in Mary Ehring "Mar" School I6 Undecided ,V Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Junior ,, card sales: Sludenl Council: Clarion. Jack Guldalian "Alu" School I4 Undecided Junior Ring Commiilee: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: lniramurals. I-vs 1' of Nelson Darling "Nels" Graffon 5 Undecided Junior Prom: lniramuralst Shop Dance. W id nRen Ruih M. Duncan School l8 Junior magazine sales: Senior card sales: Choral. Telephone Operafor W . I, N .1 Pamela Fusher SweeT and aTTracTuve Pam us a gal wuTh quueT ways and a warm smule whuch wull shune Through even The clouduesT day Charles FuTch Fush whose careTree manner and ready smule are Tarrn-lar To all Tunds hus greaTesT enloymenT un The sporTs world Lloyd Frerer IT someone should unvenT a machune un The near TuTure whuch wull do everyThung pecually homework uT may be Lloyd whose happy go lucky naTure has made hum Tops among hus classmaTes Gerald Gurard Jovual Jerry has a pleasanT manner and an easy way oT elumunaTung anyThung pleasanT Joseph Gondella We preducT ThaT a wunner aT lnduanapolus Speedway un years To come wull be none oTher Than our Tuny Tor uT us There ThaT hus ambuTuon To druve The TasTesT speedcar ever made would cerTaunly be Tulfulled Carla Goodruch C us Tou charmung personaluTy A us Tor arTusTuc TalenT R us Tor wullungness To Take responsubuluTy L us Tor looks and A us Tor ambuTuon Thomas Gorman CuTe and blue eyed Tom whos commonly reTerred To as The aTom bomb w ll probably be The TursT veTerunaruan To rud The dog world oT Tleas STephen GoTlus We preducT ThaT good lookung and wuTTy STeve who s a whuz aT maTh and scuence a guTTed wruTer oT phrase and an ardenT sporTs enThusuasT should have a brulluanT and noTeworThy career as an enguneer Clarke Goyer WuTh hus apTuTude Tor carpenTry and a mund Tulled wuTh unuque and orugunal udeas Clarke should have luTTle Trouble un esTablushung a good TooThold un The busuness world RoberT Goyer WuTh hus guTT oT gab wunnung personaluTy and clever udeas Bob should boosT The sales OT any company whuch us lucky enough To employ hum Class oT 55 and To hum we wush The besT oT everyThung un The years To come RoberT Granger Tall lughT and handsome Bob has been quuTe successTul whule aT THS noT only scholasTucally buT socually and ThereTore has paved The way Tor a brughT and gleamung TuTure Lucy Gross Lulu who cheered her way Through THS wuTh her charmung personaluTy and aTTrac Tuve appearance should be quuTe a successTul secreTary Carol Hasso ln her Tour year sTay aT Tl-lS Carol has grven The Class oT 55 a greaT deal oT enuoy menT and spuruT noT only Trom her sungung TalenT buT wuTh her brulluanT personaIuTy and happy go lucky naTure Mary Grace Hayner Mer whose clever wuT beamung personaluTy and careTree manner have done much To rause The spuruT oT our class durung our Tour years aT THS can always be depended upon To help anyone un whaTever way possuble Eleanor Hess IT anyone were To ask you whaT gurl has bug blue eyes long curly eye lashes a raduanT smule and us an eTTucuenT and capable worker you d have no Trouble un answerung El RoberT Hunsdull Tall blond and good lookung Bob has won popularuTy wuTh The Class of 55 noT only Tor hus delughTTul personaluTy and hus wullungness To work buT also Tor hus capabuluTy as a Tremen dous hockey player Duane Hoover Duane who has naTural curly haur and has won Tame wuTh her good TasTe un cloThes should make a preTTy sTenographer un some oTTuce Donald Hoover AlThough Shep us one oT our quueTer lads hus charmung lukeable characTer has won hum many Truends whale un school and wull conTunue To do so un The TuTure Marlon Hubucku PreTTy and blond Mar has sTudued hard Tor her 'ob as a secreTary ThereTore wuTh her knowledge pleasanT manner and eTTucuenT characTer she should be a success MargareT Lenuhan A TuTure homemaker oT Ameruca Peg has worked long and hard whule aT THS and Tor Thus she deserves every puece oT good luck and TorTune whaT comes her way z . , . . . . yes- . : . . . . . un- : - ' " a Francis Gragnano: Full oT Tun, dependable and popular. "Frank" will be well-remembered by The Ci X K l . Marian Hubicki "Mar" Charles Fifch "Fish" School I8 SGCYONYY School I4 Engineering College Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior Sfudenf Council: Dardaniang Foofball card sales. and Baslceiball manager: Soccer. npam.. Pamela Fisher S+. Palricl's Junior and Senior card sales: Sopho- more Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Prom: Sludenl' Council: Commercial Club. Q, Tia rj-4 U7 Roberi Granger School I4 ,I J: "Bob" . Houghfon as Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior X card sales: JV Fooiball. Joseph Gondella "Tiny" Wynanfskill School Carponfry Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales. "Lu Lu" Secrefary Junior Ring Commiffee: Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Phil: National Honor Sociefy: Challenger: Clarion: Dardanian: JV and Varsify Cheerleader. Lucy Gross School I0 Undecided sgn 'ur Lloyd Frerer "Luke" School I Engineering Junior and Senior card sales: Infra- murals. 1W,L'!!l': :i r ri v'g .pr 905' .fvl BP' Francis Gragnano "Rocky" Sf Lawrence's Paul Smiih College Sophomore Dance: Senior Ball: Varsily Club JV and Varsiiy Foofball. l i ff!! Carle Goodrich "Carla" School I4 Syracuse Univ. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Siudenf Council: Phil: Nafional Honor Sociery: French Club: Challenger: Dardanian, co-edilor. Carol Hasso School 2 Thomas Gorman School I6 F: llTomll Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Traclz: lnframurals. Eleanor Hess "El" Emma Willard College Senior Execulive Board: Sfudenl' Council: Junior Prom, co-chairman: Senior Ball: Phil, Pres.: Naiional Honor Sociefyi French Club: Science Club: Challenger: Darclanian, co-ediior. QQ: . F Sfephen Golkis Steve Heafly Engineering College Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Quinfilian Socie+y: Sfudeni Council: Nahonal Honor Sociefy, Pres.: Science Club Challenger: Dardanian: Traclr: Soccer l'Tex'l Undecided Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sfudenl Council: Dardanian: Fire Moniior: Shop Dance. K'-.T NL' Roberl Goyer "BOB" Dishicf 5 Salesman Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales. if QQ 5.2 :Qtr A ft ,5 K. -. I Roberf Hinsdill "Bob" School I6 College Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sfudenr Council: Varsily Hockey: lnlramurals. AY Margarei' Lenihan Scranfon J. H. Junior and Senior card Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Donald Hoover . "Shep" School I4 Foresfry Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior llKidll Air Force sales: Junior Ball. Gerald Girard card sales: Sophomore Dance: Inlra- School I2 Junior and Sen ,WAX 4' 'F +3 ll Q ug ik -F i , ,fi rx, 4 f Mary Grace Hayner "Mer" School I8 Samarifan Hospi+al Senior card sales, co-chairman: Sopho- more dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sfuclenl' Council: Phil: Chal- lenger: Darclanian: lnlrarnurals. Clarke Goyer "Clarlrie" Wynanfskill Carpenfer Junior and Senior card sales: Infra- f 1' 1 ws 'IH ,Sl rf 'J I ' 1 S Diane Hoover "Di" School I4 Sienographer Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball. K ChrusTune Henry CuTe and perT Chrus has a scunTullaTung personaluTy and carefree naTure whuch has made her a favoruTe among her classmaTes Ted lshkanuan Ted a quueT sorT of guy us uusT loaded wuTh school spuruT us keepung hus eye on a fuTure Job wuTh Uncle Sam buT he hopes To have a few spare momenTs Tor hus Tavorufe pasTumes fooTball and baseball RoberT Ives Bob aluas The crooner us The answer To every gurl s dream for he us noT only Tall dark and handsome buT he us also The owner of a capTuvaTung personaluTy and charmung vouce Paul Lee uueT and reserved blessed wuTh arTusTuc TalenT dependable and enThusuasTuc are buT a few words To descrube Paul a greaT guy Sanford Levune Full of pep energy and vuTaluTy hardworkung and carefree Sanford raTes hugh scholasTucally and socually wuTh The Class of 55 Hugh LuberTy When uT comes To sporTs Tall rugged and nuce lookung Hugh us The guy To help The Team wun and when uT comes To fruendshup you couldn T choose a nucer guy To full The bull Januce Lusle Tall slum and dugnufued Jan who s added much To The success of our class always has a meTuculous appearance a brulluanT smule and a warm and fruendly greeTung for all of her many fruends Charles LuTTle Raduo TV and Ohuo are among The favoruTes of Thus Tall curly haured boy who walked The halls of THS un whuTe bucks and charcoal grey panTs PaTrucua Lloyd PaT who us a fuery haured blue eyed colleen us well known To her classmaTes for her eruduTe vocabulary advenTurous naTure and funny remarks RoberT Lockrow Dark haured and fun lovung Bob lukes anyfhung ThaT has To do wuTh cars so no wonder hus ambuTuon us To be a mechanuc Raoul Lussuer Ownung a hopped up gold plafed Cadullac and a mulluon dollars us Rolles lufe am buTuon so we wush hum The besT of luck un Thus underTakung Ruchard Maier Duck handsome dark haured dark complexuoned lusT needs a sporTs magazune an easy chaur and a TV seT and he ll be un paraduse Thelma Malkonuan Loguacuous and vuvacuous Thel aluas Tallulah us popular wuTh her classmaTes because of her exTraordunary skull aT The puano capabuluTy and unexhausTuve supply of energy whuch has been used To help make The Class of 55 The greaTesT ever Charles Mamone WhaT a TreaT The Navy has un sTore when Tall good lookung Chuck dons Those bell boTTom Trousers and spreads around some of ThaT raduanT personaluTy carefree naTure and ready wuT whuch has made hum so popular aT THS Dolores Mancuno Hugh school cheerleadung and foofball games wull become a Thung of The pasT when dance lovung Del wuTh her preTTy brown eyes says l do To Ted aT The alTar JaneT Manley The words fughT THS fughl' were repeaTed many Tumes when cuTe blue eyed Jan spuruTed The Trouans on To many a vucfory wuTh her energeTuc and enThusuasTuc cheerleadung Davud Mannung uueT and versafule Dave us full of fun and vugor heres hopung The fuTure makes hum a fune prunTer Henry Manfell Tall and good lookung Hank who has brown eyes and brown wavy haur has seT many a gurl swooruung when he sTarTed Tunung ThaT marvelous Sax JeaneTTe MarTuccu A Typucal leader vuvacuous and popular Jean raTes among The besT of The class of 55 Carol McCormuck Spunnung plaTTers of popular musuc and spunnung spagheTTu on a fork go hand and hand wuTh cufe and fun lovung Carol Jean Mcleod PreTTy blue eyed Sheena wull be The reason for many a wolf whusTle when she dons The smarT unuform of an aur lune hosTess . . . . . . . . . ' I I ' I l I I , . uu up . . u . . . ' I I I I . . . . . . . ' I l . uu uu , . . . . . . ' I I I I . . . u . . . . . . ' I I . . . . u - uu uu - - , . . . . . . . ,, ,, , . ' I I I I u . . . . . . ' - ' I I . . . . . . . . - . ' I I I , . . - . I . . . . i . u . . . . . . . . a ' I ' T u . . . . . . . . ' u u ' u ' I lf - u . nu . uu - - - - uu uu - uu uu - - . ' I I I u u uu l Q n ll ll 0 ' ' - I ' . . . . . . ' II II f II Il nu - - -u - ' . ' I I . . ,, . ,, . . . . . . - . . Q . . ,. .. . . u . ' u ' - . . - u u . . . uu uu . . . . . ' I I u uu Tu - - ' . ' I lr' .1 'Q' W L1 1 if iii l , S Y. , ,gf W if . ' fi" :aff Roberf lves "Bob" School I Cornell Universily Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: S.C. Execuiive Board: Dar- ' al--. 'E il 's Chrisline Henry "Chris" School I4 Oneonla S.T.C. Junior magazine sales, caplain: Junior and Senior card sales, caplain: Junior clanian. Prom: Senior Ball: Phil: Nalional Honor Socialy: Science Club: French Club: Challenger: Dardanian. "General" School 5 Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Junior Prom: Sludenl Coun- Paul Lee Janice Lisle N , ,Q Hin f-csc . in cil: Nalional Honor Sociely. v 'K I, A ll Janei Manley "Jan" School I6 Secrefary Ring Commiflee: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Phil: Nalional Honor Sociefy: Clarion: Challenger: Dardanian: JV and Varsify Cheerleader. llJanll School I8 Russell Sage College Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Phil: Sludenl Council: Challenger: Dardanian: lnlramurals: Class Nighl Usher. e O l Ted lshkonian "Ish" School I8 Army JV Foolball: Baseball: lnlramurals. vi' r .ii , 7' K Q-111, QQ Sanford Levine "San'F" Syracuse Univ. School I0 Junior Execulive Board: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sludenf Council: Quinfilian Society: Toga: Science Club: Challeng- er, co-edifor: Clarion: Dardanian: Ten- nis Team: Nafional Honor Sociely. EV" 119 V, 4: 'ev it x : or ' o 2 V1 s 2 J Roberi' Loclcrow "Bob" Parricia Lloyd "Pai" Raoul Lussier "Rolla" Kniclrerbacker Junior High School I4 Russell Sage College Cohoes U.S. Navy Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior Junior magazine sales, capfain: Sopho- JV Foolball: Track, card sales: Shop Dance. more Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Phil: French Club: Darda- nian: Choral: lnlramurals. Charles Mamone "Chuck" School I0 U.S. Navy Hugh Liberfy School Ib Junior maqa card sales: zine sales: Junior and Senior Commercial Club: Infra- murals. I l.-. . i t zg f .. . ,, Q Qi Q 5 -4'i": 1 Amr' i . ' N Z ,V X A Thelma Mallronian "Thel" School ia Mildred eney K . Ring Commiiiee: Sophomore Dance: 7 V Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Delphic: Sfudenf Council, Sec.: Naiional Honor Sociely: Commercial Club: Clari- on: Challenger: Dardanian. "Heh" .. .. College Jean Carol McCormick Carol School I Undecided Junior magazine sales, caplain: Junior and Senior card sales: Track: Infra- murals. gf i' Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales. Q 1 H J! Dolores Mancino "Del" School I2 Undecided Junior Ring Commiflee: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: JV and Varsily Cheerleader. Charles Liifle Howland High Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior 4 Jean Mcleod 'D "Chuck" U.S. Navy card sales: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Choral. David Manning "Dave" School I2 Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Sfudenl Council: Junior Prom. 55 Jeanefie Marfucci "Jean" School I4 Corfland S.T.C. Junior Class, Sec.: Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Phil: Siudeni Council, Vice-Pres.: Nalion- al Honor Sociely: Science Club: French Club: Challenger: Dardanian: Choral. if-7 Q 'C' J fx -'Dacia' Richard Maier Sf. Lawrence Sporfs Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: JV Foofball: Varsify Fool- ball: Fire rnonilor. 'il-.. "Sheena" Scofland Air Line Hosfess Senior Ball: Dardanian. f Henry Manlell "Hank" LaSalle Siena College Commercial Club: Choral: Band: Or- cheslra. "3 Alan Kehn Handsome dark eyed and collegua+e Al whose flrsr love us sporls should be a 'fre mendous assel lo any hockey leam because he us nor only skulled al' lhe game buf he possesses all lrhe olher lrauls lhal make a slar Howard Mannheum We wush good lookung Howue a very happy fulure fulled wulh lols of money and cure blonds beauluful brunelles and glamorous redheads fo spend ul on Louus Marchese Husky and rugged Lou who always has a cherry word and bug grun won fame as 'rhe Class lop alhlele because of hus excellenr playung good sporlsmanshup and loyally 'ro hus school Edward McMahon A quuel guy buf a lor of fun 'fall lughl haured Ed wull be quule a guy for some lucky gurl when he sporls The unuform of 'rhe Aur Force Wulluam McNeul A gay blade and a greal' hockey player fhus handsome blue eyed blond called Mac has won fame as lhe class wul wulh such clever remarks as l-lave a cool ale Thals +he brakes and Whals your acl'7 Anna Mealy Alrhough quuel and shy un appearance undernealh 'rhalr exleruor Anna us full ol lun advenlurous and can be lhe lufe of many a parly Dorofhy Merolla As lhe proud owner of beauruful black wavy haur a scunlullalung personaluly and a vuvacuous nalure Dol has been un her lufelume lhe envy of many a gurl Vurgunua Mulhuzer Gunny a shy blue eyed blond allhough quuel un her way always has a raduanl smule and a lruendly greelung for all her fellow classmales Nancy Muller The busuness world can look forward lo a swell gurl when Nanc becomes a comp lomeler operalor because her sparklung personalury and lukeable nafure have made her lops wulh everyone she s mel Phule+e Muller The sayung seen buf no'r heard can be applued 'ro Phul by some buf lo us who know hum well he s a greaf pal and full of fun Florence Mullhouse Flo a pelule ueune fulle rales hugh un looks capabulufy ambuhon and mosl of all un personaluly Sfanley Mulos The Navy and sporls rale lops wulh lall good lookung Slan bul' college comes be fore all and un +hus we wush hum lhe besl' of luck and success Maruon Munahan Mau- who loves puzza handsome boys and modelung us full of pep and vulalury and has a wonderful sense of humor all of 'rhese 'lrauls have made ul' quule easy for her lo acquure last ung lruendshups Dorofhy Narcussuan As a lulure complomefer operalor Dol should be a hui' because she us nol' only capable and hardworkung buf us socuable and easy lo gel along wulh Carol Noble Small and dark Penny who wanrs lo be a nurse lukes almosl anyfhung bul knee socks and conceuled people uusl don l rare a second look Slella Orlosku Slash one of lhe mos'r popular gurls un fhe class has nor only a hugh scholasluc sland ung buf a beamung personaluly whuch makes her bubble over wulh happuness Herberl' Passuneau Allhough lhe enlhususluc sporls of baseball and foolball are a favorule wulh l-lerbue hus characlerusluc quuel becomes an assef when he goes deer hunlung and flshung Edward Pearlberg Tall dark and good lookung Eddue whos a born leader and enlhusuasluc worker can always be found un 'rhe cenler of a laughung crowd because hus 'Funny lokes and clever remarks have made hum a favorule wulh us all Roberf Powers Alfhough O Reullys clever remarks and funny anlucs sparked many a classroom you can be sure 'rhal he was all seruousness on lhe baskelball courl' when he dud hus besl +o brung fame and honor lo our Flyung Trouans Mary Ranuccu Lols of luck lo sweel and sofl spoken Mary whose gracuous and capruvalung manner has won for her lhe admuraluon of many ol her classmales Gordon Salway Small un suze bul soon he wull ruse for Mouse has nol only hugh udeas bul' deler munaluon ambuluon and lhe abululy 'ro become a 'famous carloonusl 1 , - n 1 1 u u 1 - uu ul . . . . . . ' - , . , . . a 0 s u . .. . . . , . . . . . H - vu ' - . u u . 0 0 uu ul ' 0 - ' u u lu uu - f lu vu vu u ' n uu uu u ul . . I u u vu- vu . . . . . . . f I u u u - 0 - - . Q - . . . . ' - ' u u u u u - lu ul ' ul uu f - u , . . 0 . I. I, . . . ' u - u uu uu 0 uu pu - . . . . .. . . . ' u u u 1 . . . - . - ' u Q . . . . . . ' n 1 u ' . u a . . ' u . uu nu - - ' ' u u ' u u . . I -. uu uu . . . - ' I u, ' , . . . . . . nu - I, . . . . . . , . . . u - - ' . ' s u u u uu u - u uu - n I u us - - uu . - , . . . . . . . - ' u u u 4 - 'b' if William McNeil "Mac" Wynanfskill R.P.l. Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Varsily Club: Hockey. .ai ai "'3iR'6' 'ix 'FK f f Dorofhy Merolla School I2 MDM.. Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: Sophomore Dance: Jun- ior Prom: Senior Ball: Delphic. Philefe Miller "Phil" Wynanlslrill School Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Commercial Club. va 5' xx hi 1 x"' ua, R if 4 I 'V Slella Orloslxi "Slash" K School I0 Secrelary X Senior Class, Treas.: Junior card sales, , 'V 1 caplain: Junior. Prom: Senior Ball: Del- phic: Sludenl, Council: Library Club: Commercial Club: Nalional Honor Sociefy: Challenger: Dardanian. Alan Kehn School I4 Roberf Powers "O'ReiII " Virginia Mllhllel' School I0 Marinles Wynanfslrill Senior Ball: JV and Varsify Baskelballf Tracllt lnframurals. Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Senior Bail. il V' - ,,w:'.- . ,W neinny.. Undecided HAI.. Sl. Lawrence College Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sfudenl Council: Dardanian: Varsily Club: Hockey! JV Foolball: Tennis: lnlramurals. li :X,,Qy if ,f .. JY Q35 J 5.6. J by i i unior carcl sales co chairman ing at T-5 'Kr Marion Mmahan Mer School I 2 Secrefary Commilfee Sophomore Dance Junior Prom Senior Ball Challenger Herberl Passmeau Herbie School I8 Undecided Junior and Senior card sales Junior if Dorolhy Narclssuan o School I Compfomeler School Sophomore Dance Junior Prom Senior magazine sales Edward Pearlberg Eddie School I8 Radio and T.V. Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales' Sophomore Dance' Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sfudenl' Council- Challenger. Ball Commercial Club Clarion Carol Noble Penny Brunswick 4 Sameralan Hosplfal Junior magazine sales Junior and Sen nor card sales of PYFUW ie va , Slanley Milos Sian School I2 Siena College Junior magazine sales: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Bally lnlra- murals. Mary Ranucci Mary School I2 Profession Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Senior Ball: Commercial Club: Dardanian. ' "K 41 Florence Millhouse "Flo" S+. Joseph's Secrerary Senior card sales. capfain: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer, co-chairman: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Delphic: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Commercial Club: Chal- lenger: Dardanian. W'-use -I. Gordon Salway "Mouse" School 5 Ari School Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales. Edward McMahon "Ed" Sf. Mary's School Air Force lnlramural Sporls: Shop Dance, VZ' Q ' ll' - X X S i .-1 5 J M3 , -,L- 1-' i'f!'i"g'l?zx Nancy Miller "Nan" K W School I6 Secrefary BP N Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior 'K Ball: Delphic. Howard Mannheim "How" Louis Marchese "Lou" Anna Mealy ' "Anna Burma" Maplewood Sr. High College School I0 Army K"'Ck9"b"ck9" Junw' H'9l" U"dec'd9d Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: Senior Ball. Prom: Science Club: Dramaiics Club: lnframurals. card sales: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: JV and Varsily Foolball: Versily Club. 1 ' Q r"R"f J if vm Barbara Popp No maffer how far Barb goes from Troy she can be sure fhaf her classmafes wull never forgef her for her warm frnendly personallfy and carefree nafure have made her someone who wlll always be remembered Richard Purcell Even fhough sfudles af agrnculfural school wall keep Dick qunfe busy for awhule e can be sure fhaf fun sporfs and Iazzy musuc wall never be overlooked by fhls popular senlor Wlllnam Purcell When you hear a frumpef playung you can be sure :fs BIII a blue eyed good looking falenfed boy whom we ll all be mnghfy proud of someday Consfanflne ulne Tall and lanky Gus whose carefree nafure clever Iokes and funny anflcs have gnven us so much enloymenf In our four years should be a welcome adduflon fo fhe freshman class of any engnneerang college Melvm Rappaporf Mel whose agule abulnfy fo dance fhe bunny hop has won hmm fame fhrough ouf Tl'lS IS popular nof only because of hus dynamic personalnfy wnffy remarks and endless flow of energy buf also for hls abundance of school spxruf James Renpllan Jum who has played a mosf Imporfanf role ID school as well as In class acfuvufles as well known for hls capable ablllfles greaf spnrnf and radeanf personalufy Be'H'y Jane Richburg Tranfs such as a preffy face a lovely fngure and a fruendly and cheerful per sonallfy should be of greaf help fo Beffe In her career asa Navy nurse Edward Robinson Few words cannof descrnbe fhe way we feel abouf fall good lookung Eddie whose capable leadershup and undersfandung have made hum fhe man behlnd fhe scenes of every underfakung whnch led fo fhe success of fhe greaf Class of 55 Leroy Roden An ardenf sporfs fan an enfhusuasfuc musrc lover a dependable and capable worker and mosf of all a lady knller all descrlbe Roy a ferrrfac guy Shane Rooney A scvnfrllafnng vnvaclous personalnfy eagerness and capablllfy fo do more fhan er share and real arfusflc falenf describe our Shane John Roquef We hope fhaf when qulef and fun lovlng Rockef desxgns and builds fhe flrsf rockef Marnlyn Ryan Pefnfe and cufe Mousey who has a qulef and pleasanf manner and a delnghfful personalufy wxll make a flne secrefary for a more fhan lucky boss Diana Salerno Fnve feef fall and a personalnfy whuch fops fhem all who could If be buf falenfed cufe and carefree De De who has danced merrnly Info fhe hearfs of all her classmafes Judlfh Selberf You can always be sure when somefhung s a popping fhaf Judy IS a hopplng rlghf In fhe madsf of If wffh her marvelous smile wlfh whuch none can compare Carol Sharpe Melody who has a vuvacrous sparklnng personalnfy and an affracfnve appearance has used her beaufnful and meloduous vonce fo enferfaln a delughfed audnence af almosf every socual gafherung IH THS Bermce Sousns Sweef small and lofs of fun IS a descrnpfuon whlch fnfs B bs fo a T her ope Ing she fulfllls her ambuflon fo be a dancmg feacher Edwrn Spregel Here are fhe facfs hes a fall handsome lad wufh dark eyes and black wavy haur an excellenf wrufer of phrase and fhe owner of a beaufuful deep vonce splllung ouf clever remarks Verdncf guulfy of belng popular dum de dum dum Leamon Sponable Lee a mednum slzed bundle of acfzvnfy has a lnkeable nafure a pleasanf man ner and a greaf deal of leadershup all of whnch should be useful fo hmm IH has career as a gym feacher Daniel Squadrlfo Zoom' There goes fhe masfer racer of all fume and he s ahead by a mule we hope you wxn af lnduanapolls Speedway Dan Marilyn Sfewarf Cufe and frlendly Marulyn always has a ready smile and a wnlllng hand and rafes hugh on fhe popularufy lnsf here af Tl-lS Edward Shlson Wufh hs br ghf and cheerful counfenance and has eagerness fo become a good en grneer Sf ls w Il undoubfedly be a greaf hlf IU fhe Navy . Z . . . . . . I W : . . . I . . . I .. h fo fhe moon,I he gives fhe Class of '55 fhe firsf bid fo be passengers. ' 5 : I 0 ' ' ' ' ll a Il ll ll: els h - I 2 I I I ' - I , " I " I ' ' . 7,55 N i Barbara Popp "Barb" School I3 Walervlief Secrefary Junior and Senior card sales: Sopho- more Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Commercial Club. 012'-F x . :. zi- ir :'- 2 I 5 I 1 M Consfanfine Quine "Gus" School I4 Engineering College Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball. if I 1' x is " .Qfli John Raquel "Rocker" School I4 Engineering College Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Senior Ball. Belly Jane Richburg "Belle" C. C. T. S. Waves Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball 41:9 gf U . l I Marilyn Ryan "Mousey" Richard Purcell "Dick" William Purcell Willie' Sf. Francis de Sales Undecided Brunswick 8 Agriculfural School School I4 Prolesslonal Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Commercial Band: Orchesira: Inirar'nUf6lS. card sales: Senior Ball. Club: Band: Orcheslraq lniramurals. ie" L! M af' 'Nr if James Reniilian School I4 Junior Class. vice-president Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Quin- Tilian Sociely: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Sludenl' Council, Pres.: Science Club: German Club. Judifh Seiberf School I6 '20 Q4 i 5 MH ff fw r 4' .,,.,. ', my-: , ' V , 1 . 4 5.,,NM, . , , ,hm A i , .,.l.,, ,w.,,, , yfww Y-if ..Reni.. College Bernice Sousis "Babs" Sacred Hearf School Dancing Teacher Junior and Senior card sales: Junior magazine sales. ..JudY.. College f""'? f' V vi Diana Salerno Dee Dee School I8 Piano Teacher Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Delphic: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Shop Dance: Challenger: Dardanian: Choral: Orchesfra. w r- Q' Junior Execulive Board: Senior class, vice-presidenf: Sophomore Dance, co chairman: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Phil Sfudenf Council: Nafional Honor Soci efyp Science Club: Dardanian: Chal lenger: Fire Monilor. 'Xin -ul' '.'?' - ' ,l J I 4.2 V ,Vi 'lr - , i A i Leroy Roden o Brunswick 3 Cornell Univ Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer Senior Ball: Band: Orchesfra: Sfudenf Council Junior Prom: Naiional Honor Sociefy lnframurals. Daniel Squadrilo "DiIlenger" School I8 Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior ..Ed.. Edward Robinson School I2 Wesf Poinl' Junior and Senior class presidenf: Soph- omore Dance, co-chairman: Junior Prom: Cenfennial Sleering Commillee: Nalion- al Honor Socie+y: Sfudenf Council: Science Club: French Club: Challenger: Dardanian: Orchesfra: Band: Varsily foofball: Quinfilian Sociely. ig' Carol Sharpe "Melody" Mary Warren School Beaufician Sophomore Dance: Junior' Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Delphic: Sfudenl Council: Commercial Club: Dardanian: X T , I I X 4 Edward Slilson "S+ils" Brunswick I Navy Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales. Choral. Marilyn Sfewarl "Siu" School I8 College Junior Execuiive Board: Soi Homore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Sen- ior Ball: Sludenf Council: Clarion: Dar- danian: Choral: lnframurals. H xx Leamon Sponalale "Lee" ii School I4 Undecided Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Dardanian: Band: Orchesira: JV Foolball: JV Baslcelball: Varsily Soccer: lnframurals. Melvin Rappaporf "Mel" Edwin Spiegel "Spieg" Shane Rooney "Shane" 5d-,Dol I0 R,P,I, Monroe H.S., Rochesler Radio and TV School I8 Aff SC'l'100l Junior and Senior Card Sales' Capfaim Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Dar. danian: lnframurals. Senior carcl sales: Junior Prom: Senior Ball, co-chairman: Phil: Naiional Honor Sociely: Dardanian: Fire'Monil'or: Class nighl usher. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom, co-chairman: Senior Ball: Quin- 'I'ilian Sociefy: Sludenf Council: Dar- danian: Challenger: lnframurals. I 1-if -Q fi 5 '66 "ang Roberl' Place Bob rs one of fhose quref lrkeable fellows who enloys everyfhrng from Soup fo Nufs and can be depended upon fo enlrven any dull mornenf Rrchard Rarney We wrsh for quref reserved and pleasanf mannered Dukre a new comer fo Tl-lS a mosf successful career as a professronal soccer player rn hrs nafrve Germany Rrchard Rofhsfern A medrum burld dark harr and nrce looks amply descrrbe Duck whose quref and pleasanf nafure have made hrm a nrce guy ro know W1ll1am Ryan Afhlefrc and funlovrng Brll wrfh hrs carefree marner and cheerful drsposrfron rs a lad who appears fo fake lrfe very easy Tracy Shea A greaf personalrfy a clever wrf and afhlefrc abrlrfres plus a fall muscular frame and good looks sum up a ferrrfrc guy who rafes fops wrfh hrs fellow classmafes Gwendolyn Sfewarf Gwen whose sweef looks and even sweefer drsposrfron have made her so popular wrfh rhe class should be even more popular wrfh fhose pafrenfs shell be psychoanalyzrng Roberf Sfockwell Sfocky who rs an ardenf sporfs enfhusrasf wrll cerfarnly be a capable and depend able coach 'ro any lrffle league baseball feam James Surrano The mosf popular senror boy rs none ofher rhan good lookrng capable and de pendable Rocky whose radranr personalrry happy go lucky narure and hard work were essenfral for fhe success of fhe class of 55 Lleuwana SuHon The besf luck and good forfune always fo fhe Crnderella of fhe Senror Ball and fhe mosf affracfrve grrl rn fhe senror class a pefrfe leune f1lle nrcknamed Wannre Marhn Symansky Tall fhrn and good lookrng Marry who sporfs loud plard vesfs and crazy hafs rs a dependable capable and energefrc worker and rs one of fhe mosf well lrked guys rn fhe class of Kafherrne Trranfafillou Good fhrngs come rn small packages rs a famous sayrng whrch de crrbes Trna whose charmrng and vrvacrous personalrfy rs adored by all Glorra Van Buren A congenral manner an afrracfrve appearance a brrghf and sunny drsposrfron and pafrence galore wrll all be assefs fo blonde and good lookrng Glorra when she underfakes fha' nurs rng career Mary Van De Car Cufe and blond Mary plans fo work rn The felephone company affer gradua fron buf we know 1+ wonf be long before she s sefflrng down and rarsrng fha-1' dream famrly of four Barbara Wager Affer fhaf bug day rn June fall and affracfrve Barb wanfs fo use her falenfs and rrarnrng fo become some lucky boss secrefary Margarel' Wagar Pefrfe and porsed Peggy who was always an energefrc and enfhusrasfrc cheer leader should make a success af whafever career she underfakes Thomas Walsh A warm and frrendly personalrry vrfalrfy galore and a lrkeable nafure have won for Tom fhe frrendshrp and admrrafron of hrs fellow classmafes Marrlyn Whaley One of our happresf classmafes always smrlrng and grgglrng IS no ofher fhan vrvacrous and affracfrve Freck who enroys lrfe fo fhe fullesf Walfer Wheeler Thrs hard workrng boy named Walf rs a pleasanf mannered fun lovrng chap who can be depended upon fo grve a helprng hand wherever and whenever he IS needed Alex Yafsevrfch S1x foof four and looks galore rs no ofher 'rhan Al whose pleasanf and con genral nafure and energefrc endeavors for hrs class and school have won for hrrn a hrgh place on our celebrrfy l1s+ Irene Yerdon Tall blond and slrm Irene who has a pleasanf manner a placrd nafure and a neaf and affracfrve appearance wrll probably be fhe frrsf sfenographer fo use an afomrc powered fypewrrfer Melvrn Young Enlhusrasm and fhoughffulness plus a good sense of humor and a congenral manner have made Mel well known af Tl-lS and fo hum we wrsh a greaf deal of good forfune and happrness rn hrs career as an elecfrrcran 11 11 - - - . - 11 11 1 Q . . H . 11 0 ' 1 ' 1 1 0 1 . . . . . ,, . 1, . ' - 0 1 , 1 - 11 - 11 . . . . . . . . . . . ' . . - 1 1 1 1 . . . . 1. . ' I 1 1 , . 11 11 - - - 0 . . . , . , . 11 11 - - - - 1 , I, ' 1 . . . ' , . ' 1 11 11 - - 1 I . . 1 . . . 1 . . . . . . . . ,I . 1, , . Q . . - - 11 11 . - ' 1 1 1 - - - 11 11 - I 1 . '55 . 1 11 . 1 1, . . . ' . . . ,, . ,, . . . . . , . 1 . . . . . . 1 ' 1 1 . I . 1 ' , ' 1 . . 1 , . . . . , . . ' 1 . . , . . . . . . - ' 1 1 , . ' 1 . . .. . . . ' 11 11 ' 1 ' - - 11 11 - - , . . . - . 11 11 - - - . . , , . . . . 11 A - 11 11 11 - ' 1 . . . ' 1 1 1 , . . . . 0 0 11 11 . - - f GV' Roberi Place "Bob" School I6 General Eleciric Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: JV and Varsify Fooiballg Inframurals: Shop Dance. Waller Wheeler School I4 Junior magazine card sales: Band. 1- .V A' ry Mary Alice Van De Car "Mary" School I2 Telephone Operaior Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Sophomore Dance: Senior Ball: Sfudeni' Council. ..waI+.. Undecided sales: Junior and Senior 'l bww f . NRSV l lli ' 1 Q X - ig, 347' 0, Gwendolyn Sfewari School I2 Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales, capiainq Sophomore Dance: uewen.. Undecided Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Deiphicg Clarion: Dardanian. Lleuwana Suffon "Wannie" Richard Rofhsfein "Shark" School 5 Denial Assisiani Hackefi Junior High Ohio Sfafe Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Senior Ball: Commercial. 1 24 32 Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: In+ramurais. .-,J-, 1-0- up Roberf Sioclwell "Sfocky" School 5 Prinfer Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Senior Ball: Shop Dance. A fi .. v Q, 5 TI? -f' i lb, J f ,f 48 nf' 'W' 'g-3,',.".2" 'K' Margarel Wagar "Peggy" Richard Rainey "Duhie" William Ryan "Reno" School I4 Secre'rary Berlin High Pro - soccer player S+. Joseph's Clyde College Junior Ring Commifleei Sophomore Senior card sales: lnframurals. Junior magazine Sales: Junior and Senior Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Sen- card sales: lnframurais. ior Bali: Varsiry Cheerleader. Barbara Wager "Barb" Brunswick 2 Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Senior Ball. as-4' "O 41" LAK James Suriano "Rocky" Sf. Mary's H.V.T.I. Senior Execuiive Board: Junior and Senior card sales: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Varsify Club: Baslcefball: lnframurals. Tracy Shea "Trash" Gloria Van Buren "Gloria" School I2 Clyde Univ. Graffgn 5 UnCl8Cld6Cl Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Senior Ball: Golf: Foolball. Card sales: Choral. : lf' -,', 1 V , - J er' NOV l 3 1--f 5 M- Q!-"fx If X Kafherine Trianlalillou "Tina" School I4 Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Delphicg National Honor Sociefy: Inlramurals. - '47 W1 253 gr jf- 'T Irene Yerdon Berlin Cenfral School Junior Prom Choral B Marry Ya e Marlin Symanshy School I8 Senior Execuhve Board Junior card sales cochaurman Sophomore Dance Junior Mixer Junior from Senior Ball uinhllan Socnely Sfudenl Council Nafional Honor Sociery Science Club Challenger Dardaman lnlramurals ea- Hon Sfenographer and Orchesrra al .-"' I ak- -qw-Q if I 'if'-ilaw o . .45 ,Q , Q J ,' 4, 4, ' 7' ra .3 I l I XM I 4 'I ,4 ea?:3?5,"i'gg,i, ::',l:g I ,z Q -lv I V A ri S , R5 ,fm . ,v , , my 'A Alex Yalsevifch School 5 HAI.. R.P.I. Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Dardanian: Junior Mixer: JV Baskelball: Traclc: lnlramurals. Thomas Walsh "Tommy" Sf. Pafrick's U. S. Air Force Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: lnrramurals. oi 'War fi gg , u.V , 31 of Marilyn Whaley Freclr Wynanlslull College Junior and Senior card sales capfaun Sophomore Dance Junior Mixer Junior Prom Senior Ball Phil Sludenr Council Dardanlan ,vm Melvin Young Me School I8 Undecided Junior magazine sales Junior and Senior car sales S mor Ball Challenger Elecrrical Shop Club Q6 I' wtf 'E ne- wp ,-1 'tai -sf JI , ..e f i ........ I . I I . . u In n t u .' , I . 3 , . . I . Q ' " ' 2 ' : : ' ' : ' ' ' : ' ' ' ' : ' : : ' : ' : ' I d : e ' : 1 33, I , ,gm are I 3 ,4 W Q -' ,r Q I , X, ,gc 5 f r ' I I f S' X Y' A I Q ity 4 lv t 1 l L I l,QZj5i?.f4fff53i I f ' fi: fii"i' I ' , ,i:,i3::,1:3'a34L1A'ff'i , if I I Ms X I I 'f'Cf'ff": ,Nfl-"i ' , it Q, ,, r ' -..-Trl w617A-3J,.-- - , F Q H A I 4' fn. 4 Roberl' BlSkl Dark hanr and dark eyes plus a happy go lucky nalure are oulsfandung characrernshcs of lhls likeable boy Wllllam Cullrlon This good looknng sandy haured boy who as an enlhusuashc lan of lhe sporls world and an nnduslruous worker has made many lashng frrendshlps even 'rhough he ns a recenl' newcomer lo Tl-l Mary Delorme Sweel and allrachve Mary whose lrnendshup ns lreasured by all wnll someday be beauhfyrng women an her own salon Nancy Farma Dzg lhal beal and Man lhal musnc s gone are famulnar sayungs lo Nancy who us a lerruhc nller bugger and lalenled singer Ted Fava'l'a Teddy and music go hand In hand we all wush hum a greal deal of luck and success In becomung a famous concerl pnanlsl Solomon Jabour Sol who s 'fall and slum wnlh black wavy hair and dark eyes has a hne personalnly a greal sense of humor and as an ardenf sporls lan Barbara Keegan Quuef and cure Barb has been a welcome addnhon 'lo lhe Class of 55 and we all wrsh her good lorlune In all she underlakes Joseph Mangolne To fall and good lookung Joe whose gay personalnly and abundance of school splrll has made hum a hal wllh us hrs classmales we wrsh lhe besl of luck IH making lhal 'lrrsl mnlluon Rlchard Perkins Duck whos a qunel sorl ol guy as an ardenl sporls fan and plays In almosl every sporl one can name Dale Rowe Dale has been one of our mosl qunel and reserved senrors bul once you gel lo know hum you know he s a lol of lun lnduslrlous worker and a greal guy upon +o be fhe hal of any parly Marlon Talarlco Tally surely lallres up wllh all of her classmales because her personalnly llkeable nalure and carefree manner are lops Alexander Valle A loyal lrrend an nnduslruous and energeluc worker descrube good looknng Al whose fulure w1ll be deducaled +o lhe held of eleclronucs Alan Vermllyea Tall lughl' and handsome Al wxll cerlaxnly be a dashung specimen of manhood when he sporls lhe unuform of our hghhng Marines good luck Sr Leslie Walfe Sonny who has already spread hrs greal' personalnly and lun lovnng nalure all over Tl-IS should be a welcome relnel 'ro 'rhe Navy durnng lhose monolonous and weary momenls Sfanley Weaiherwax A lover of 'rhe earlh and lhe ouldoors makes a frnendly fellow wrlh a lnkeable nafure a real counlry square Joan Wheeler An allrachve face and figure sparklung eyes and a brullnanl smale a lruendly nalure and a gay personalnly all amply descrube Jon: Lawrence Wllll8mS Thal man abou? 'town has an abundance of energy and vulaluly whrch grves hum lhe spofllghl wherever crowds galher Carolyn Wlsher Connie s nlce hgure pleasanl manner and charm will be greal assels lo her afler she dons +he navy blues and has 'ro salule lhal mean and bossy sergeanl Anna Mae Yaraszczak A carefree gay and prelly gurl us none olher lhan Amy whose sparklnng personallly and brlghl smile wnll be remembered by all of us for a long hme Ann Marne Zaluclu Ann should make a hne anrlune hosless someday for she possesses charm per sonaluly pahence and underslandnng and IS capable In handlung any suluafuon s. ' Anlhony Shufon:. Good-looking and alhlellc "Tony." who's full of lun and gaylely. can be depended 1 I - I n : I ll I -gl :ag O, -4",i , X- 1 N I , .V , xy N New Leslie Waiie "Sonny" Carolyn Wisher "Connie Brunswick 4 Navy School I2 Albany Business College Junior ma azine sales: Junior Promi Sen- Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- Q ior Ball: lnframurals. ior card sales: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Commercial Club. Roberf Bishi "Bish" Sf. Mary's Undecided Junior and Senior card sales. 'Q S -M J li J 1 N X il , js' - Qi i is A l Anna Mae Yaraszczah "Amy" ii":r" ' K School I2 Secrefary i 'gl Junior magazine sales. capfain: Junior I fff Mixer: Delphic: Sludenr Council: Library Club: Commercial Club, chairman: Chal- lenger: Dardanian. Alan Vermilyea Al School I8 U. S. Marines Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: JV Baslcefballz. lrrlra- murals. -25' iv' 'suv Richard Perhins Wafarford High School Junior and Senior card sales. 22' 5 fc. "Dick R.P.I. Anihony Shufon "Tony" School I4 Undecided Junior magazine sales: lnframurals. 5 "Q ' 'L J X 1 21 Joan Wheeler "Joni" Alexander Valle "Al" Ann Marie Zaluclri "Ann" Sghggl I0 Undecided Sf. Josepl1's Undecided Sf. Joseph's Airline Senior Ball: Junior Prom: Junior Card Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- Senior card sales. capfain: Sophomore gales, ior card sales: lniramurals: P.A. Sysfem. Dance: Senior Ball. Marian Talarico "Tally" School I4 Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior card sales: Junior Prom. Sfanley Weiherwax "Sian" Averill Park Cenlrel Farming Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: Inframurals. Sol Jabour "Sol" S+. Mary's Navy Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: Siudeni Council. Lawrence Williams "Larry" School I8 Navy Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales. ,-wg, 4111: '15 av 5' QS -fc: 9 Mary Delorme "Mary" School I4 Undecided Junior and Senior carol sales: Sopho- more Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball. Barbara Keegan Si. Francis School To .. 3 x 57 y , iff' if v ' I Q . , rl uJoeu Undecided card sales: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Varsify Foofball: Baslxeiball. Joseph Mangoine La Salle Junior and Senior --Bal-b.. Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- " W ior card sales: Sophomore Dance. .gil , I a "tl, G Q any mi William Cullifon C.C.H.S. Senior card sales. "Buich" Navy Dale Rowe Queensburg Public School Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: Band. 0 -"-Q 1 N 115' '15 '82 nam.. Machinisf f Ted Favafa "T. J." Sf. Francis de Sales Julliard School Orcheslra: Band: Choral: lnframurals. ,- K J'4Q, - I -we Sv f. 0 x,', ' in-0 fn- ol Nancy Farina "Terry" SL Francis de Sales Mildred Elley Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Shop Dance. ,f 'Wi'-Jil.: S' S If 1 . 1' y , "5 , f : we 5' 5 Y 1 S V .ad-f Q: V nv .f,. 435 I mf' S I l 1 25 g my ' ff' W V -V, 4,1 4 , f ii' V LL ' +' ' S :i,5f'f, , ' J ' , 'i , ,121 Harry Cohen "Harry" School 5 Albany Business College Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: Junior Mixer: Senior Bail. Elizabeih Ann Zaluclri School I2 Junior magazine salesg J card sales. Frances Pafundi "Fran" School I0 Undecided Ring Commifieei Junior Prom: Senior Ball Bill Perry School I6 'TVN iv' Richard Newman "Newf" School I0 Syracuse U. Junior magazine sales: Junior card sales: Junior Ring Commiffeeq Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Base- ball: JV Foofball: lniramurals. "Wild Bill" Undecided Junior magazine sales: Junior and Sen- ior card sales: Junior Prom: lniramurals. SVU ..BeHy.. Beaufician unior and Senior Gilberf Zmiihrovifch "Gilberl" School I2 Undecided Intramurals: Senior card sales. If m '15, 'QP' "Hazel" Hazel Ebere S+. Joseph's School Undecided Junior and Senior card sales: Sopho- more Dance. QS keg Slxxit 1 Discussing anofher inside secrei' ai' a meefing of fhe Senior Execufive Board. Lefi' fo righh D. Cohen, M. Symanslry, J. Seiberf, Miss Lewis, E. Robinson, Mr. James, P. Cufler, E. Hess. J. Suriano. Harry Cohen: Happy-go-lucky and full of fun, Harry is an enihusiasfic sporfs fan and hardly ever misses a game. Hazel Ebere: Tall and siaiely, quiei and reserved, Hazel is sure io become a perfecf secreiary. Richard Newman: Carefree and likeable Dick can be depended upon fo enliven a dull parfy, for his personalify and ready wif have earned for him a brighf spof in +he Class of '55, Frances Pafundi: Cufe in loolcs. small in size, good-naiured and carefree are some of 'rhe iraifs +ha+ have made "Fran" a welcome addiiion +o our class. Bill Perry: Fun-loving Bill will long be remembered by all of us for +ha'l' hear+y laugh which has o'F+en rocked ihe corridors of THS. Elizabefh Ann Zaluclri: As a beauiician we lcnow fha? sweef and friendly Beffy will be a success, so we'll leave in her hands 'rhe women of +he fufure. Gilberr Zmi+hrovi'I'ch: Gil, who's a fall dark-haired boy. has a +errific personaliiy, an advenfurous and fun-loving naiure and a remarkable sense of humor. Camera Shy Jane? Murphy "Murph" Joan Elliofi "Dolly" School I Undecided Forih Ann Cenfral Telephone Operafor Junior magazine sales: Junior and Senior Senior card sales. card sales: Sophomore Dance. Janef Murphy: Her good looks, falenf, winning personalify and ambifion should be a grea'r help fo Janei if she underfalces a career in dancing. Joan Elliofz Al+hough a new addifion 'ro Tl-IS fhis year, if didn'+ 'rake cuie and pelife Joan foo long io win us over by rapidly spreading some of 'rhaf warm personalify, friendly na'rure and charm which she possesses. We n ,h M., 0 :gush , 5' krk .5 Mm? K L .iii 36 Honor Students Two boys +ook fop honors in +he class fhis year. Norman ChOdIk0'H is our valedicforian and Sfephen Gofkis our salu1'a+orian. The ofher +en srudenfs gave fhem srrong compefifion unril fhe final announcemenf by Mr. Norfh. Norman Chodikoff Sfephen Gofkis Valedic+orian Sanford Levine Rufh Dears'ryne Consfance Brown Edward Robinson Lucy Gross Salu+a'l'orian Mar+in Symanslry Carla Goodrich Sfella Orloski Chrisfine Henry Judy Seiberi History of the Class of 1955 TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH wuTh apologues To Sur WunsTon Churchull THE GATHERING STORM On ThaT TaTeTul day oT SepTember 5 I95I a very anxuous and even more curuous group oT Freshmen enTered Troy Hugh School ThaT was us AT lasT we had become parT oT ThaT hughly respecTed and admured unsTuTuTuon known as hugh school WuThun a shorT Tume we had compleTed The lusT of sTudues we wushed To Take and had been assugned many of us To The Maun Buuldung The resT To The Annex a place desugned Tor The comTorT oT Freshmen We became The lasT class To have any oT uTs members euTher un The Annex or The old buuldung Those confuned To The Annex had new and excuTung experuences almosT every day wuTh hardly a dull momenT A rauny day was a parTucular TreaT un The Annex when one mughT Tund a paul on The sTaurs un The hall or un The spacuous and aury caTeTerua where meals were served To delughT The gourmands oT The Annex The auduToruum was The scene oT sTudy halls un whuch no one ever sTudued and also scuenTuTuc and educaTuonal movues courTesy oTlv1uss Wood Here we spenT many of our acTuvuTy peruods and were Thrulled wuTh such pucTures as ReproducTuon oT The Paramecuum All Thus Tume we were beung conTronTed wuTh The mysTery oT new sublecTs Lan guages were a parTucular chore LaTun was Tound To be mosT duTFuculT and Mr Maloney Oh' Those Torm TesTs' and Muss Rogers dud undeed have Theur Troubles French was une probleme especually Tor Muss BuTTon under whose durecTuon Puerre s dueTary prob lems were solved Busuness lv1aTh and Busuness Traunung were puzzlers Tor The commercual sTudenTs And who wull ever TorgeT Those sTucklers un Algebra7 IT always seemed umpossuble To re member Tormulas and whaT x represenTed when The problem sTarTed Socual STudues Too held a mysTery Whuch way do The curves un Those supply and demand graphs O7 Oral Topucs were a common Monday occurrence un Muss Foxell s classes and There always seemed To be a shorTage of subuecTs To Talk abouT Readung Ivanhoe and The Odyssey un The company oT Muss Foxell were Freshman experuences never To be Tor goTTen Sunce The Mann Buuldung alTernaTed uTs schedule each week uT seemed ThaT no one ever remembered wheTher uT was A week or B week Those un The maun buuldung acTually had Tc brung a noTe To Take a gym shower ThaTs a swuTch' Funally uT was June and our Freshman year was almosT over We began To cram and sTudy exTra hard Tor The Tunals we had been dreadung all year iii-s-.4 c Ol' ll ll to l u a 1, ll ll I I T . ' ' ll Il . ' T T ' " - u . . . l- .. . . . . . I in Q 5 . ll l n.. ll . I u u ' Tru - - . I 'll Q . - . . . 0 I ll ll ll Il' I l o ,B l X K ,, . T as - .x buf ,, ,- 1 fa." '- V' AT IasT The Tinals were over. We had Thundered Through The year wiTh whaT seem- ed like lighTning speed and we hoped ThaT The New Building was prepared Tor The de- luge of "green" Sophomores soon To come. "THE GRAND ALLIANCE" The veTerans oT The Annex and Those who survived Their rugged iniTiaTion aT The old building reTurned To TI-IS in SepTember I952 To regisTer and receive homeroom assignmenTs. ThaT year however, Sophomore homerooms were noT on The second Tloor on SevenTh Avenue, buT in a new, much heralded "palace" on BurdeTT Avenue. And so iT was ThaT we, The ambiTious Sophs oT I952, embarked Tor The long-awaiTed, new Troy High. Provided wiTh auThenTic Tloor maps we aTTacked The IabyrinTh oT corridors, rooms and sTairs, buT discovered The doors were convenienTIy unnumbered! The good lor badl word oT The day no longer was disTribuTed on The Tamiliar buIIeTins, buT came TorTh Trom mysTerious yellow boxes beTTer known as The P. A. sysTem. In due Time The haIT- day sessions disappeared and The ever-presenT workmen were becoming less presenT. Gradually rows oT brown lockers Tilled The gaps in The walls. The novelTy oT our new building was soon IosT and we proceeded To aTTend To more imporTanT maTTers. IT became evidenT ThaT apricoTs could easily be crossed wiTh plums. Try iT. IT ThaT was okay wiTh LuTher Burbank, we had no compIainTs. IWe didn'T?l Also The diagonals of a parallelogram had noThing To do wiTh TypewriTer keys or who won The French RevoIuTion. We aTe lunch in our TourTh period classrooms, reTurned our empTy milk carTons wiTh no deposiT back, and were very saTisTied. BuT To make Things compIicaTed, The ideal siTuaTion, The caTeTeria opened in March. Divided lunch periods were Thrown aT us, buT mealTime conTusion became secondary as Time Tor The TradiTionaI Sophomore Dance drew near. Under The guidance OT Miss 'MyrTle FIeTcher we Took on our TirsT enTerprise as a class. Judy SeiberT and Ed Robinson were selecTed co-chairmen and The class of I955 hopped oTT To The "Spring I-lop." On May 9, I953. The greaT day ar- rived. On May IO, I953, The greaT day was hisTory. The D 8: M QuinTeT pro- vided The music and The old Troy High AudiTorium was The scene. When iT was over, we were noT only successTul "socialiTes" buT Tinanciers as well. The dance neTTed us SIO3. "CLOSING THE RING" Eager To see if our new building had been compleTely Tinished, The Class oT 55 rushed 7 back To Troy Hugh un The Tall oT I953 Up we moved To The Thurd Tloor presumably senuor domaun as upperclassmen Yes we really had evolved To Junuors STrugglung unTo Mr LevunsTeun s beT Ter lcnown as Gunner LevunsTeun s phy sucs class and Muss FuTzpaTruclcs aluas FuTzues husTory we also reTurned To gym classes aTTer a year s absence alThough no one yeT had seen The gym AbrupTly we were ThrusT unTo uunuor magazune sales Muss Florence Gabau er and Mr Benuamun James were an nounced as our uunuor advusors Under busuness managers Paul Suegel and Ruchard New man we grossed over I 300 un subscrupTuons Everyone was Tallcung abouT The sales un 333 and wonderung uusT how many people Marulyn lcnew ElecTuons clouded our Thunlcung nexT as we elecTed Ed Robunson presudenT Jum Renuuluan vuce presudenT Jean MarTuccu secreTary and Dave Cohen Treasurer Presu denT Robunson Then announced hus cabuneT we mean ExecuTuve Board Thus consusTed oT Marulyn STewarT Phyllus CuTler Judy SeuberT Paul Suegel SanTord Levune and Carl CuoTTu FursT on The agenda Tor Thus new governung body was The Junuor Muxer or WunTer Wonderland as we chose To call uT Florence Mullhouse and Alex YaTsevuTch Took The reuns as we aTTempTed To TransTorm The old THS auduToruum unTo a wonderland Tor uTs lasT Troy Hugh dance Who can TorgeT The snow TughTs Trom The compressed aur cans as we aTTempTed To decoraTe7 The hall was uampaclced ThaT December TuTTh evenung as we danced To The musuc oT The D 8: M QuunTeT and added money To our growung Treasury Thelma are your hands sTull Tured Trom playung The Vurgunua Reel all nexT day when we should have been geTTung The auduToruum spuc and span? ReTurnung aTTer ChrusTmas vacaTuon we soon Tound we had plenTy oT excuTemenT un sTore The new gyms were opened To school use and were They bug' Thus was The one hundredTh annuversary oT The Toundung oT Troy l-lugh School Because oT Thus we were promused a Tremendous celebraTuon un May Our munds however quuclcly Turned To The subuecT oT rungs Thus was Mullue Ca sales and Larry Dembos deparTmenT Long lunes Tormed un The Press Room as we eagerly wauTed To have our Tungers measured on January 20 We wauTed umpaTuenTly Tor The rungs To come and aTTer much urgung we obTauned Them early un May To our surpnse They had been reduced un money noT suze The Tederal excuse Tax havung been lowered To Ten per cenT Eureka' Once agaun our specTacular salesmanshup was un demand cards were To be sold Under co chaurmen Marlon Munahan and MarTy Symanslcy we seT as we ThoughT a record un sellung over ISOO boxes oT all occasuon greeTung cards un laTe February and early March March Tound Tl-lS geTTung unTo The CenTennual mood wuTh The now Tamous halT nour TelecasT Muss Mann s peT prouecT depucTung Troy Hugh School s TursT one hun dred years 67 l - . I ' . .SI .. - - .. . . T n.. T I. . .I .K : . . I . . . . T . I I Q. ' . ,I . . . March also Tound Sanford Levine and Norm ChodikoTf announced as new CHAL- LENGER co-ediTors. Miss FiTzpaTrick seemed To have a longing Tor someone's, any- one's, company in The noTorious "Supper Club" - nemesis oT hard-working. energeTic, inTelligenT American hisTory sTudenTs! BuT There really were good sTudenTs in The iunior class because ThirTy-one sTu- denTs were inducTed inTo The NaTional Honor SocieTy in an impressive ceremony on April 13. May's minor acTiviTies were enTirely crowded ouT as we prepared Tor The Three- day CenTennial celebraTion: DedicaTion and Open House: CenTennial CHALLENGER: STudenTs' Day wiTh cosTumes, prizes, sporTs. dancing: Alumni Day wiTh people. people, and more people. WhaT a celebraTion! PaIi+ics invaded THS ThaT lasT week in May as "laTe-comer" Jim Reniilian over- came The opposiTion oT Jean MarTucci, Bruce BorThwick, and Thelma Malkonian To cap- Ture The coveTed prize oT PresidenT oT STudenT Council in a "hard ToughT" campaign Say, whaTever became oT Those campaign promises? June TiTTh The Hendrick Hudson ballroom revealed The piece-de-resisTance oT The social season - our Junior Prom. Eleanor Hess and Mel RappaporT led us on To greaT heighTs as couples packed The hall ThaT SaTurday nighT. Queen Phyllis CuTler and her courT graciously reigned as her almosT 350 subiecTs passed in review. HighlighTed were our newly-vo+ed colors - maroon and whiTe. Exams crowded ouT all else as we closed an evenTTul year and looked Torward To The greaT year ThaT was yeT To come. "THEIR FINEST HOUR" Well, This was iT. When we reTurned To school in SepTember oT l954, we realized ThaT aT lasT we were Seniors. Three evenTTul years had passed and now we were on The lasT lap of our iourney. Soon we learned ThaT The advisors Tor our mosT imporTanT year would be Miss An- ToineTTe M. Lewis and Mr. Beniamin James. ShorTly aTTerward our Senior elecTions were held and The Class oT '55 again used good iudgmenT in elecTing Ed Robinson, Presi- denT: Judy SeiberT, Vice-PresidenT: Phyllis CuTler, SecreTary: and STella Orloski, Treas- urer. To serve on his ExecuTive Board. Ed selecTed Eleanor Hess, MarTy Symansky, Dave Cohen, Jim Suriano, and Carl CioTTi. The TirsT Task assumed by us as Seniors was The sale oT ChrisTmas cards under co-chairman Mary Grace Hay- ner and Ed Pearlberg. For Two weeks Miss Lewis' TavoriTe quesTion was, "How many boxes OT cards have you sold?" IT was eTTecTive. as we sold I ,830 boxes oT cards. NexT came our Senior Ball. We had been waiTing Tor This since we were Freshmen. WiTh co-chairmen Shane Rooney and Tom Connery, The whole Senior Class worked To make November ThirTeenTh The mosT enioyable evenT oT our Tour years in Troy High School. Queen Lleuwanna SuTTon reigned as abouT I8O couples aTTended The TirsT Tormal held un The new Troy Hugh Boys Gymnasu um and danced To Toby Muddlebrook s musuc We can sTull see Those ungenuous oruenTal decoraTuons across ThaT long long gym How dud we ever sTreTch ThaT Talse rooT of crepe paper7 Yes Thus was our mosT enloyable class evenT By Thus Tume Carla Goodruch and Eleanor Hess were already busy aT work as co eduTors of The Dardanuan Under The guudance oT Mr Wulluam Campaugne Muss Paulune McGonugal Muss Bessue Wood Muss Lewus and Mr James Wow' How many bosses can you have'7 work goT under way on whaT we hoped would be The besT year book ever AT leasT we collapsed Tryung To make uT so Then one day un December confusuon reugned when we elecTed our class celeb ruTues No one agreed on anyThung excepT our mosT enuoyable evenT our TavoruTe year and our TavoruTe Topuc of conversaTuon AT lasT The day was over and The Tunal word was guven An aur of mysTery shrouded The aspurung composers Duana Salerno Carol Sharpe Jean MarTuccu and Ted FavaTa who submuTTed Theur enTrues Tor The Class Song Duana as we all know was awarded Top honors un a close conTesT early un January Soon everyone began To cram Tor The mud years uncludung Muss FuTzpaTruck s dolls and Muss Gabauers lambs subsudung ones ThaT us BuT Those mud years couldn T be and weren T harder Than Those weekly chemusTry TesTs un 323 February rolled around and The monTh of crammung Tour years oT knowledge unTo TwenTy eughT days arruved The STaTe Scholarshup exams March I and 2 were upon us Do you sTull remember Those quesTuons'7 GraduaTuon was nearer Than we realuzed when on ThaT early sprung day Mr NorTh boomed Through The P A The names of TTTTy Tuve s honor sTudenTs Joy reugned su preme Tor Those lucky Tew The Challenger rolled around un Aprul wuTh anoTher one of uTs specual ussues Thus one celebraTung Ten years of prunTung all The news ThaT TITS A super colossal evenT awauTed The class un May AT TirsT labeled Top SecuruTy :T Tinally even ruvaled our Senuor Ball un enTerTaunmenT Thus was The Senuor banqueT ThaT replaced The Senuor show Yes our days TogeTher were growung shorTer CTT we wenT ThaT balmy day un June To one oT our lasT acTuvuTues TogeTher The Senuor Pucnuc Who wull ever TorgeT The Tun ThaT we had7 The Tume was drawung closer Our lasT exams un Troy Hugh were upon us ThaT evenTTul SaTurday when we knew we had made uT our Tour year goal had come Class NughT under Judy SeuberT s able durecTuon us here and wull be gone wuThun a Tew shorT hours TonughT as we revuew our years aT Troy Hugh nn These brueT and TleeTung para graphs we suddenly begun To realuze whaT our Tour year assocuaTuon has meanT In Two shorT days The Class oT 55 wull graduaTe IT wull have aTTauned uTs greaTesT glory a glory unTo whuch has gone Taulure and success eTTorT and achuevemenT Tragedy and Truumph These Tour years wull remaun Torever un our memory As we make The evenTTul TransuTuon Trom sTudenTs To alumnu we realuze ThaT we luke our predecessors are The ones To carry Torward The TraduTuons honor and esTeem whuch Troy Hugh School has embedded un our hearTs Thus us noT The end buT The begunnung oT a new chapTer un The husTory of The class of T955 To our Alma MaTer, au revoir. . . ' . . ' . . I 0 1 i -u- . , - Need more be said abouT ThaT March I5 "Dardanian" deadline? ,. 4. I A t,,"' sssr STUDENT 10 norman chodikoff -I CLASS wn' L - V bill mcneil ..,tffq:3 Pug.. f- ' 55 I K I A if-5 .f?-75377 fr" Q -. if V,-4172! ' , - .. .diff 1 l -f1"?5"f " .'.'1 lf!- XX I -ai 3.15 " -1- "'A 52- Egfr - .-1 film, K I ,nf T TALKATIVE 5 riifgff ggzy' Nl .Y fi 131: " fhelma malkonian X x -Q- , X jjiig' , X- Pipit' N f- I , . 64 . . V H 5 1' ' ' 1 ' 5, ' . i ' l Y fgv, K I , A , S""L"' . 4 .Qf ' I v 'ala y 1 I , 5 hi! ff I 6, K A X 9 ' 0 Ck ' G"3fi!f'o ' Y . .x ' HI' I 5 f A fe I I" I x.c',':w1,IFffv,. ' f 5,'.:,.p.,,g.:,e H ' .'4'!a.:'1tv'i::'x ii , - , A I ' 318'-'qaxadi x M' - Y-91:52 " S qnp nest A'rH:L:'r: ,z ' ' X MOST BASHFUI. lou marchese 1 CLASS POLITICIAN alan Rehn sanford levine MOST POPULAR iim suriuno iudy seiberi l. A ,I xx , is-r. 'A ' 'WUR W M bu-43.4 Q , . 4 . I . S I N . I -J I X' x I I - - ' In '0"'..'l x TALENTED f' xx -agp-rg. DIGNIFIED Y ' 0' diane sulerno 1 Z7 Hfflfig. rite brusf xl ' '1Pl::,'Z',.: f 1 JT cars e as -- ' A 5 k sk ' x ,- 'gg -E L QP HALL OF FAME sssr Looxme MOST UKELY ro succsso A A b. X. 3 x - 1 XXNNV 3 I 0 1 l ,' U41 l ,I 7 ,' ene eo on u g 9 7 ne w M I' I' M, ffl? om Mosr cuss suv " F0 1' s XXV no S 1ff7f7 MOST CAREFREE Q gi., J-3 J I CLASS FLIRT plfb Rx 5' aEs'r oANcEns r-awn by so 'UO D BEST DRESSE .N I X . ,,... . , I I ' X --4-GQ N ffl f A - ? gl r .hx ' X A lf? ' l ' l' ' EEE' lx is X 541, Ge E. if A As- -jx f"JLXl A l N 21 E ' N J ' D At K -1 - ug Nail ' 'dv ' 4, Lf-X x 3 S , N i "' , Qef ffl , 5 ' K n. N ,R vi g: 1 y RQ?-A 2 S S :Sv :T i?.'AL.-LVL is N 1 .X gig ' E X4 N L f A ' -' X1 In N X K' 2 fix XX ff 5 - " " 'X " - 5 Q K, K f W xxx 439' 5 Q -, U Pg I 3 as H It A ff 3 . X Xfffg ' f Xl F -JV 'vat 9 As A ,1- 'xf X xx If X , 'X N ' 3 ,SX 5 'fx S 2 X! X., ,- ----Sf A K 4 A . '-f-'- 1 Lf -"4-f' -15,1-pg: h. ' K-T ig a M . 'Q . - W '-S , i' 0 I 2 Agar if ' N' L M WhlySG 3dR ppp sNCd Wull we ever forgef fhe excufemenf and fhrulls of Class Nlghf' Remember how nervous we were as we marched info fhe auduforuum and how we scanned fhe large audience loolcung for parenfs and friends When fhey played fhe nafional anfhem remember how sfraughf and fall we sfood We fhoughf how forfunafe we were fo be American cufuzens and have fhe opporfunufy fo share un fhe 'oy which fhaf naghf beheld Then we saf quiefly and lisfened unfenfly fo our class presudenfs farewell message Could we ever forgef fhe sadness un our hearfs when we harmoniz- ed fo our beaufuful class song Each word broughf fo our minds memories of our four evenfful years humorous uncudenfs embarrassing momenfs sorrowful evenfs and all fhe fumes we shared fhe successes of our greaf class We liferally howled wufh loy af fhe Will Prophecy and Hisfory and agreed whole-hearfedly fhaf our sfay af THS had been a greaf deal of fun When fhe pres- enfafuons were made how very proud and happy we were fhaf our classmafes won prize affer prize for fheur splendid worlc Soon we were singing fhe Alma Mafer. Never be- fore had fhe words held so much meaning for us as fhey did fhaf nighf. If seemed almosf impossible fhaf four years had passed so quickly. We realize fhaf fhough we would deparf and go our separafe ways disfance would never dim our fond memories of THS. The program was over and we happily and proudly marched down fhe aisle. As fhe lasf nofe of fhe recessional died away, we all sadly bade farewell fo our happy years af THS. Four enfhusiasfic seniors who enfered Hue confes+ for our class song. Leff fo righfg Diana Salerno, Ted Favefa, Jean Mar+ucci and Carol Sharpe. This is peiife Diana our halenfed Musician. '3- Class Song AhalTIl'C1n:hnGI'u na 'mr muon .es of Inu wa grair HL M3 pg, rm .ziztiv :li-1 1141114 ' - fIlQild1l1l11lI-lIlliQillY- Will- nllgyr-1 , wbifvnwesaf' wmkdo il. us on msd! Eu-uJeLL ui ' , , ' ,131 I nil! JH J J J s S! we Ke-mm-ben 771' H h RS Thedafs-07 by '-- New wg INK r , 7 Y n - 2 0 I X I -I I . - 'H .. , l I .llurl-.l!fl3l ' 0 0 -K I !Yl1'l1liLl HI Fu-Tune Zeus, buT ounlwkeie Lin ea IIMER- well Tffof H I h 4 Ni. 73 'ln- . i' ng J. fx ng u J 42745 wx if ? 'En A- svnvvlvwwnw 1-ui .-... QQ .4- ll I ,gg3.x..z Ula E 'J"'B' -JVM. in-nv vw Fw VV wb' 53 A Vfggfgw-,l.X, id, K ,. , - Q , bangs. if , . , K A f ii 5 2 ., M A -An , 6 M , 5 ,1,,' A,-7 . .if-. ,W - . .., ,, 1,55 I ' V M. V W 1 V asa.. f+g,,g,f , V , M -fi: ', ' - A 'la 'ni' 1 A r Q , .5 -X A Q Q --L ' . 421.-:R I i i I - y x ,ag '- H , .Q, ,-'?fr,i K "hw M- H .zvsf ,W -bg - . X .- 1 - ,' J ir " N ,f e J, K A -' "" ' ,. . ' ' ,al - fl , ' .- ' ,. n " . My ' .af f ax ,"' R 4 ' if , N .. ' 'T' W 1 ' lv " t . . - f. ' -- V Qzal . 4 A 1 M r ' K, .4 N y rm,--W - 2:44p h tr ' ,I n I Lk 4.6: . gh.-xv L. ' tk 1 -.., ' 'P-1427 9 - .. mb ,- - 4 . , K - , ..- -V-5' - A . ,. 1fP', . . , W f -, , -:A I K f m if 3 . ,eq A - ' A 1. 0 Q ' M2 , ' - s if V 9 +. "'1g, ,I -w-g,fvffff.gQg,:-v ,. - :.:gf:vf,,i,g-,g R 1: -1' .J f ,L le vi' :Q Q "gf im-' ef f M-:wig we 'I' s 11- :Am iii' K SQ! e-1-2-Llifsfffzfmfiffierf.1,.3 x 'ZH R - 'A-'Hi gli . - : -H' -H15 .. .film12Letlefiff.x-rf-fffi--13121 ,ki v . E ff., f Pw YQ-, L ' AW, , f,'ti31r?ciQ if W 4,1 -, 1. M793 4 . . 'few -Xi ' ' If .uf ,-'f .- H U, , 4 ,, il JUNIORS Fee, i nl 71. 4 The Junior Execufive Board seems +0 be geHing an early sfarf on nexf year's "Dardanian." Leff +o righ+: John Granger, Pa? Jones, vice-presi- denl, George Skarshinslni, presidenf, Barbara Miller, ireasurer, Ray Topjian, Nancy Simmonds, Marion Carboni, secrelary. Nexi' year's senior class has had a very busy year. Early in +he year +he class officers were elecfed. Presidenf, George Slcarshinslcig vice-presi- den+, Pa+ Jones: secrefary, Marion Carboni- and Treasurer, Barbara Miller. Elec+ions were followed by magazine sales and in December +he class held i+s Junior Mixer, 'lhe "Snowflake Fan+asy." In fhe spring +he iuniors obiained +he final mark of upperclassmen-class rings. Las+ buf noi' leasf, 'rhe Junior Prom was held in June. N54 K a ,,w'.!,,. ....-.-- Five of 'Phe iunior girls enioying fhemselves al fhe Junior Mixer. Lef? fc righl: Barbara Weiss, Mariorie French, Ann BiHner, Barbara Miller, Judy Levine. The commifiee chairman of 'lhe Snowflake Fanlasy lool: pleased wifh fhe resulls Lefl 'lo rnghl Bernice Tranlham Nancy Simmonds Nancy Walson, Vic+or Gilberl Janel Levy Pal Jones Wally Bryce, Phyllis Engle Marion Carboni. Room 302 Row I: A. Bruno, A. Brimmer, J. Casale, D. Campana, J. Cowill, B. Cavanaugh,. Row 2: S. Collins, J. Cleland, D. Boff, R. Bis ', . Chapnicl, M. Carboni, F. Brown. Row 3: T. Coleman, R. Bombard, R. Cheney, D. Chodi- lzoff, M. Closson, G. Bonesfeel, A. Boyajian. Row 4: H. Cohen, N. Bryce, E. Coplon, R. Burke, C. Boil, C. Cady. .5 ef?" f A "ff CA Room 304 Row I: V. Gilberf, A. Ginsburg, J. Giordano, S. Goldsfein. Row 2: F. Gorczyca, J. Granger, R. Gross, R. Hanby, J. Hennessey, W. F. Helm. Row 3: R. Heilman, F. Gardner, J. Geisler, E. Ging. Row 4: G. Greensfein, J. Grupe, M. Grummer, B. Harfigan, P. Hems, D. Holmes. '7 ,.,' Ni s A- 5-1 YY., f. t xc I Q 3 Room 303 Row I: J. Ferre, T. Favefa, E. McMahon, J. French, G. Ealon, E. DeWiH. Row 2: L. Fowl- er, R. Elgie, J. Folmsbee, R. Fox, P. Engle, J. Denlon. Row 3: D. Feldman, J. Cushine, J. Dean, M. Crofly, M. French, B. Decker. Row 4: G. Freemanlle. J. Foley, C. Familiar, D. Doberi. Row 5: K. Duncan, D. Rainforfh. HfNq""5s Y . .ffl so-1 g Room 354 Leff +o rigid: L. Pinaha, W. Parsons, R. Reiley, R. Rockwell, W. Paianian, A. Samiof, A. Pila- niello, D. Richy, S. Pieper, C. Schleich, J. Roli, N. Poulelfe, M. Quillinan, S. Sawiczak, J. Ricci, D. Rowe, J. Pillsworllw, M. Praii, M. Sclwalz, R. Schrager, C. Schermerlworn, J. Reichard, J. Rosenblum, J. Saniian, Mr. Henry, A. Olek- sowycz. 11 .u,,,y L. .l Room 362 Row I: M. Winkler, K. Wells, P. Williams, E. Woiloviclw, P. Windover, B. Buckman. Row 2: R. Warren, B. Williams. G. Vanfine, N. Vinikoff, P. Wade, P. Ridgeway. Row 3: A. Wainwrighf, B. Weiss, S. Williams, D. Waierfield, R. Ward well, V. Powers, M. Wiesenforih. Row 4: R. Wlodkowski, R. Valenfi, W. Williams, N. Waf son, R. Vale. Row 5: A. Yaisevifch, G. Zimifh- rovifclw, D. Walers, C. Walker, A. Parseiian H Room 356 Row I: G. Shea, B. Searles. Row 2: G. Skar- shinski, J. Tedesco, B. Tranfham, N. Simmonds B. Snover, G. Siearns, S. Teal, P. A. Sweeney Row 3: P. E. Sweeney, M. Tuggle, M. Sklaryk J. Smifli, C. Sedgwick, N. Smiih. Row 4: L. Sunukiian, M. Tesla, J. Tuffy, T. Urqulnarf, G Shackeff, T. Smiflw. Row 5: R. Topiian, G Touraiian, Mrs. Anslow, D. Trudeau, B. Turino. s i 3 E Y Q Eff? 12 is fs Room 32I Row I: Fronf +o Back: G. Mangione, K. Muller, B' LUCB. S. Lundy, J. Krupsly, D. Maguire Row 2: D. Luiby, D. McGuire, R. Krall, J Maslanka, J. La Valle, D. La++imore, S. Mac- Eachron. Row 3: S. Koplovifz, B. Jones, A Hobarf, J. Malone, T. Manfello. Row 4: D Margolin, S. Levy, J. Levy, P. Jones, L. Keenan Row 5: R. Mainello, K. Kelman, S. Hohensfein, ?'6:Iiiff.NrM NM r f if-.xz.,.Q.,v Early morning fraffic. 1' Room 328 Row I: R. McCar+l'1y, W. Melville, J. Mc Mahon. J. McConviIIe, M. Murray, C. Mc- Carrlny, L. Nigohosian. J. Nichols. Row 2: B Nicsevic, S. Milhizer, R. Miller, M. McMahon E. Murray, W. Molinslri. Row 3: T. Newell G. Moullon, A. Mealy, P. Millingfon, S. Mullin E. Miller. Row 4: M. Muchaw, B. Nowirz, J Meighan, B. Miller, J. Murray, K. Murray. 79 SOPHOMORES Pfff Fof B'lyA Ml The Sophomore Trolan Horse We are happy fo welcome 'l'he sophomore class fo fhls Dardanlan The follow mg pages are plciures of +he sophomore home rooms Above are 'rhelr sfudeni' councll represeniafives. As fheir confribufion 'lo school spirif 'Phe sophomores creafed fhe Troian Horse beH'er known as Tau. Tau made his appearance ai' several of 1'l1e baslreiball games. ln +he spring 'lhe sophomores held fheir firsf social evenf, 'lhe Sophomore Dance, and became organized as a class. W 'A , ' if ik 7 V A , ' Janef Judy Thomas Barbara Hoffsis ei er Sherry res er F 1 e s nn Diane Fell al onian Gail Susan Farmer Moore 9 ll I ll - Room 2Il Row I: Fronl lo baclr: D. Aird, J. A . . Armifage, S. Armsfead, W. Auslin, R. Balmer, R. Barllw. Row 2: fron? fo back: R. Caldwell, W. Bales, R. Beaudoin, W. Beaudoin, R. Belanger, W. Bovie, E. Bradley. Row 3: R. Breen, R. Bress, J. Buslwy, L. Burneff, F. Carey, C. Bell, C. Brown. Row 4: B. Bauer, S. Chamberlain, N. Chard, L. Clark. N. Boyd, A. Clxarchian. Lefl +o rigl1+, bacl: of room: C. Beaudefl, M. Bell, R. Bronlr, E. Bell. Room 2I3 Row l: J. Filkins, F. Fisher, B. Roulier, H. Ham- mond, J. Farringfon, S. Gressler, C. Ames. Row 2 A. Ferris, J. Greene, E. Flubacher, J Goyeffe, M Gizara, M. Gillespie. Row 3: S. Genlhner, J Gardener, D. Gambrell, P. Gelligan, F. Furry. Row 4: B. Frosell, T. Fox, M. Carfer, B. Foresler E. Foresf, A. Foresf. fl: ,. S Room 2I2 Row I: Leff fo rigluf: J. Dore, M. Dwyer, B. Drozd, M. Eafon, H. Redden, D. Harfley, J. Cody, J. Collier, J. Connors, L. Brunelle. Row 2: leff 'ro righl: M. DePhillips, V. Del'1ner+, C. DeLaMa+er, C. Cook, J. Donaldson, B. Donnelly, W. Cox, R. Crowley, E. Collier, C. Connolly. Row 3: S. Dale, M. Danaher, S. DaRocl'1a Lima, T. DaRocl'1a Lima, H. Cummings, L. Declrer, T. Dee. Row 4: G. Doodian, J. Coonrad, L. Cummings, M. Culler. Q f 'Q Room 22I Leff Io Riglmf - Beclr 'Io Fronlz Row I: W. Gummer, G. Held, C. Hall. Row 2: R. Hrubenak, L. Honsinger, R. Hogan, R. Hen- nessey, J. Hems, H. Hems. Row 3: M. Gulli, B. Guida, E. Jones, K. Jalei, N. Jackson, J. laco- bucci. Row 4: R. HiI+, M. Henry, C. Halderman, J. Hayes, A. Hesso, A. Hennessey, M. Gunn. Row 5: C. Julian, D. Jackson, E. Hull, S. Hughes, J. Hoflis, I. Hoffay. Sfanding: Leona Honsinger. I 21 I -"" fifvi 5 I 9' F f Room 226 Row I: Leff +o righf: A. Marynalc, G. Maloney, K. Lyons, S. Margosian, J. Manning, J. McCabe. Row 2: J. MacMillan, C. Mahar, J. Mariano, M. Marlin, J. Maslanka, T. Mack. Row 3: A. Mas- 5 ian, J. Mancinelli, L. Mas+ers, D. Manclelbaum, P. Mallronian, T. Mancino. Row 4: P. Marlini, C. Masfan, D. Melkonian, D Liebener, A. Marchand, A. Lococo, D. Manfell. Sfanding: S. Mauriello. 82 Room 225 Row I: G. Lee, B. Kahn, C. Kasariian, V. Kuchin- slry, D. Kallenburg, T. Lee, G. Leibach, D. Large, A. Keenan. Row 2: K. Klem, J. Koonce, R. Lab- lee, R. Keefer, J. LaPalme, J. Lemner, J. Lewis G. King, B. Kirkland. Row 3: J. Kilburn, M. Kil- gallon, S. Kasper, M. Karpialr, G. Lasdon, B. La- xarus, M. Keyes, J. Kriworufschko, B. Kane, J. ,LarIrin. Mi ,egg Room 232 Row I: AI board, Iefl Io righl: C. Millnilarian, D. Mclsaac, P. Murphy, Mr. P. Quinn. Back +o fronf, leff Io righf: J. Murnieks, A. Oeclwsner, P. Mulson, A. Monaco, J. Miller, B. Milmalko, P. Mc- Carfhy. Row 2: J. Powers, R. O'Brien, P. Mudar, S. Miller, H. Melville, J. McCabe. Row 3: C. McMann, B. Noble, J. Moslrowifz, S. Miller, B. Miller. Row 4: S. Moore, P. McCormick, J. Miller, B. Mosher, R. Miller, L. Miles, P. McCoy Room 223 Row I: Baclr lo 'Fronl' of room, Iefl 'Io righh W. Middlefon, Jr., E. Evaris, E. Roulier. Row 2: E Egan, R. Douglas, B. Elliolf, G. Farmer, K. Bone- sleel, C. Boomhower, N. Epsfein. Row 3: R. RiH ner, S. Rosen, B. Roberfs, A. Marchese, F. Poll man, G. Falalo. 'fn' Y 3-x Room 233 Row I: W. Quigley, M. RiHelbacI'1, J. Pfeiffer, P Phalen, J. Pilce, B. Pifaniello. Row 2: S. Roquef B. Powell, F. Rogers, T. Powers, R. Prezio, C. Price Row 3: J. Pelfinger, J. Quinn, F. Reenls, A. Ric- cardi, P. Rosenfhal, J. Peffer. Row 4: N. Rosen- blum, D. Polloclr, R. Osganian, C. Perlres, B. Os- Irander, J. Rooney. W r- Room 254 Row I: J. Schanfz, G. Schlegel, N. Schoonmalrer, W. Sfara, C. Schulfz, P. Schuman. Row 2: G Schupp, J. Seeley, H. Teal, M Shaclrefl, N. Salvi H. Schoenagel. Row 3: T. Sheary, C. Sluus, P. Tschumi, W. Smifh, F. Smulslry, J Sorell. Row 4 L. Sfolrer, B. Spoon, P. Sullivan, B. Sweeney, T Talarico. Row 5: A. Thomas, J. Thompson, M Trepanier, M. Uline, H. Underwood. Room 256 Row I: J. Yeffo, B. Murray, A. Malone, J. Pren- dergasl, W. Barnes, C. Michel. Row 2: F. Cam- pagna, J. Lucowilz, D. Tele, C. Brofhers, C. Bauer, R. DeScanio. 84 . L X Room 255 Row I: M. Van Dyke, M. Wallrer, K. Yager, J Walsh, N. Urro, A. Wasula, P. Van DeBoe, B Weeclen, S. Viale, A. Whipple, G. Werngariner A. Whalen, B. Weeden, A. Whilney, B. Young T. Whilehursl, T. Gavuf, L. Van Buren, D. Williams B. Van Arnam, D. Yasfrob, C. Williams, N. While- hursl, P. Van DeCar. The navigalors of fhe Junior Prom - "Off Shore." Firsf row leff 'fo righf: E. Hess, M. Rappaporl, K. Trianlaiillou. Second row: C. Brown, E. Spiegel, J. Seiberf S. Rooney M. G Hayner, R Brush Third row' J. Man oine, . . . . . q D. Cohen, L. Sponable, B. Bode, B, Brown. Dances of the Class of 1955 Queen Phyllis Cu'r'er reigns over fhe Junior Prom wifh a beaming smile. Leif fo righlz C. Brown, M. Slewarl, E, Kenney, E. Hess, fhe queen, M. Rappaporl, J. Seiberr, L. Collier, S. Mooradian. M' . 5 , Three happy couples leave a well-alfended Senior Ball. Leff +0 righfz D. Richey, J. Richard, P. Wells, J. La- Valle, C. De Ruberlis, R. Rockwell. Senior Ball-ihe firsf formal +o be held in fhe new school gym and very successful. Lef+ +o righf: P. Jones, E. Robinson, Barbara Trele, T. Connery, S. Rooney, N. Gould. 85 ,f -6--H'-rw - 2 if fu 'W' 4: fm W 4 Jjw 1 2, M 5' P" 'K-M' :sw iff?" My 1? "" was A ' 6 'Z' dgix af .fl H ,AL V pm. C QIOVY-' ' vr,:"" - 4,41 T-0 , K ' -. ' .v V hr. 6 ',., a- 'iq- , .gawbsvxlmkw 457 'gf' , 2' :Q 7' 1 K D-,., jg . - 4 ix i -..,,,,T--- 4 Q gl 'Mia' 1 E -M " Q-K 5? .H ' -WQY-f.. 'Wi-,I 'Q-4,55 .ff ' 'f - "'-can N . ' 5, , .. ""F"'--4... Q ' K.- vb, " . W. Q T My any iw ,Q Zb-ZPUIDU D-IU! 88 Leff 'Io rlghf. Barbara Basseff Ruih Doarsiyna Carla Goodrnch EIoanor Hass Jean Marfuccv John Dean CO-EDITORS Eleanor Hess ednfornal Carla Goodrlch ar+ ASSOCIATE EDITORS Rufh Dearsfyne Ilierary Judy Senberl' achviiies Jean Marfuccl sensor wags John Dean sporis Barbara BasseH plcrures Shane Rooney Iayoui' WAG BOARD HISTORY E'IheI AbboH' Ru'Ih Dears ne Lawrence Dembo Chnshne Henry Sieve Goilus Janlce LlsIe Sanford Levlne Alex Ya'fsevlI'ch Mary Grace Hayner BUSINESS STAFF PROPHECY Consfance Brown Melvm Rappapori Carla Goodrlch Carol Sharpe busmess mgr Gwen SI'ewar+ assi' mgr Thelma Malkonuan head 'Iyprsf Norman Chodllroff James Renplnan Marilyn Whaley WILL Edwm Spuegel Rlfa Brusi' Marhn Symansky adv mgr Edward Robinson assi mgr PHOTOGRAPHERS Marhn Symanslcy George Lee Edward Robinson David Cohen ADVISORY BOARD WlII1am Campalgne chairman Pauline McGonlgaI Iayoui' Anfolnefie Lewis flnancial Bess Wood phofography Benlamm James ac+iviIies I'Y I Phyllis Cu+Ier. assI. head 'Iypisi' Shane Rooney More problems wifh ihe layouls. Lefl fo righfs Connie Brown, Rifa Brusl, Marilyn Siewarl, Phyllis Fobare. More ads, more ads, more ads! Us ihis Marfy or Miss Lewis?l Lefi fo righf: L. Suffon, J. Reniilian, G. Sfewarf, D. Cohen, M. Symansiy, D. Newman, C. Sharpe, E. Robinson, M. Sfewarf. Wailing for lunch in fhe Holel Roose- vell. They look very hungry, clon'i fhey? Typisfs hurry fo meel fhe deadline. Leff fo righf: L. Collier, M. Casale, T. Mal- lzonian, L. Gross, D. Mancino, J. Man- ley, P. Cufler, M. Whaley. Miss Lewis and Mr. James look on ap- provingly. 'S' ' 1 f, P . -f F . 1,f,.,. he M f u . 52 VB 2, wwf., . . . fl,-pq'gtff'n' 1,,.,5.,y L ?, , X l . ' f 'I' ' , ',,f'.4 -:-3, " f1x."K?, F, ,M,4,f1N?',:,e:f wtf f -Jag pa- , ,. ,,-,,,.v,'1,?-pf V51. , ,- ' F .f 1' Lgrrlffcgg, H,g:J'.:Q.-'-A f- 1 agp ,. ' -M A ,..gqv..4,.,..., vs..-. .S ,N , f-, 79:4 ,aff ff,- ':f lu" 72312-S'.,.,'5f" b T659 2,455 8. bm 'Q wa 'e , , fd 'f Q ' ' Jw-,f w?ffr,:, f. HL-, Gi? . ff M if W Q ,..,.,f ,KY-15',,K , "', A .. . 'W' X ' . . , "r:fvf9?'p H M ' Q' sq- er-2' 1h f ASV- E V ' " " "' Q Li 4 , --Aw ? 3' . ., Wi., .. A ' M ae,g.'.q-gl f gin, .ff 4f gfJ2'??15F . 'amff 4 Am 1? 59.513, ' Q 1' . ,a1p, Q , :-,, . - f, ,M K Y 'ff Li. giE ' .4 J .2 R L M, , X ,,:.,g, gf' ' .rf , 4 'Q' + 5 A 5 . I 5' i'1f.'. , W 1, ,W sw A ,ff 'J bf U i'5i""4" 'f 73?-I 1, 1' 5-' :Lf 'ff 'L 725'f7f? ':f3'2"" ' if' -3' -,2fpjj1.a '11: ' " , H3 4. . ' .., 5 vi, I 4.3: . ag, ' ,, --fl. f FS- r- V , , M -ww-A iw . 4 ,- A H Q it .5 -W I Eixfiwglj-L 1 , W 'Uk ' M fs fr'-fe Qu, Q, ' xx ,Nfl fl 4 vw rg , ,5 , f '14fY?5f'i',"',:,"f'i - STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD WhaI"s 'rhe imporfanl' business al hand? Leif 'ro righ+: Leona Goldberg, Trenl' Cox, Melvin Rappaporl, Pal Jones, Tom Sheary, Jean Mar- lucci, James Reniilian, Bruce Borlh- wick, Janel I'Io'Flsis, Thelma Mal- konian, Mary Van DeCar, Lydia Sunukiian, Vic+or Gilberl. "THAC" CLUB Troy High Aid Club, see where I'he name "Thac" comes from? Under 'Ihe supervision of Mrs. Margarel' Spencer, 'Ihe club 'Iakes par+ in such proiecls as making Scrapbooks for childrens' homes, visiling VeI'eran's Hospifals ai' Chrislmas, and 'raking parl in Red Cross proiecfs. STUDENT COUNCIL FINANCE COMMITTEE Money 'Ihe roo+ of all Leif Io rlghl' Isl' Row Melvin Rappaporl Mary Van De Car Lefl' Io rlghf 2nd Row Phyllis Culler Leona Goldberg Lorraine Areklan Janef Hoffsis DRAMA CLUB Row I: Nancy Simmonds, Gail English, Sheila Miller, Pamela Fish- er, Jane'H'e Miller, Lydia Sunukiian. Row 2: Marion Carboni, Pal Win- dover, Barbara Searls, Ann Biflner, Virginia Yarak, Edna Miller, Bern- ard Lazarus, Lorraine Arekian. Row 3: Edward Pearlberg, Jay La- Palme, Leah Coonley, Joseph Lem- ner. W UO QZCO0 4ZmUC4m w I J Hoffsls R Hun III Marfuccu J Renpluan B Borlh wrclc T Mallcoman P Jones Row 2 T Shea V Gslber+ M Rappa porf T Cox L Goldberg L Sun ulqlan Row3 G Eafon M S+ew ar+ D McGra+h D Mandelbaum J Sunulquan J Prlce Row 4 Clrclmer B Bregenzer P Cufler V Dehnerf N Chard E Wilson R w 5 J As+or N How D Mallconlan G Farmer C Kasarll B Muller Row 6 Y Menz Semerad B Fell J Pfeuff S evune L Areluan Row 7 Renlly N Walson R Ellen K Kel man S Wanfe The democrahc prmcuple of governmenl' of +he people If s made up of a represenfahve from every homeroom by 'rhe people s1'uden'I's elecf all 'rhe oFFucers and for fhe people 1+ sfrwes fo promo+e fhe general wel fare of fhe sfudenl' body ns well upheld by our Sfudenf Council Under 'rhe guldance of Mrs Margaref Spencer +he group +al:es par+ an such behind 'rhe scene achvnhes as sponsoring dances sellnng +nclce+s +o games addressmg March of Dames envelopes confrnbuhng fnnanclally +o many wor+hwhnle orgamzahons fhrough Penny a Weelc and decorahng a Chrus'rmas1'ree nn fhe mam lobby We are proud of fhe Sfudenf Councll. 93 50201 I-P20-'lbz -4-lm-0005 One day in April I954 saw 'lhe beaming faces of 30 Juniors. These Juniors had been +apped for +he Narional Honor Sociefy on 'lhe basis of Characfer, Scholarship, Leadership and Service. The new members were induc+ed by fhe oufgoing members in a candlelighl' ceremony on April I3, l954. During +he following year, fhe organizafion, under +he guidance of Mr. William M. Campaigne, sponsored a dance, inves+iga+ed available schol- arships, had charge of several assemblies, and held a 'rap day. lnduciion service was held for new members so 'rhai' 'I'he 'rradirions and sfandards of N.H.S. could be carried on. Lefl' +0 righ+: Bruce Borfhwiclc, Shane Rooney, Diane Salerno, Ru+h Dearsfyne, Con- s+ance Brown, Srephen Go+lcis, Phyllis Culler, James Reniilian, Ed Robinson, Judy Seiber+, Eleanor Hess, Amelia Casale, Janel' Manley, Lucy Gross, Norman Chodilcoff, Marfin Symanslcy, Mike DeBonis, Sl'ella Orloslci, Chrisiine Henry, Thelma Mallconian, Jean Marfucci, Sanford Levine. ea ,- Z K. s 'Lf3e2" W ' ,..,..-Q.,-W.-wx h 1, M M f 'Q if , , , .2 as ,.., V -5 -QA A X 4 Q v ... x 3 X 3 1' in ' Q 'L i 1 a . Q 2. x ' - ' Q . I9 fn , - .g 4 :ww 5 A 9 N, wg AQ ' sk , A 5 A 1ag..,.':1,g,5Q fp , , H Q 'M ' ' le 1 T-1,3 , , .mu . 'Elf' fi 45351 iff' 113. 454-QP 551 if i?fW',: 1 4 ' ix ,z, ?"1' Rl lv 'X' , 1 V Av f a,x:ag'1-dwig' ,W K ' y I-Wisszzasm. - ff , I I I """"M-ww-up-...nw-wfk -me k,Q.mw2'f- p:p..f JM L f'?ff.j.g W 1, saw 42, . Ar P ,f lu ' fgwf 'nf .fm ,ff , .- 1, my . Qwum- M1 M .fag V," ,A ' , 12, 1 A A xp 1 .f"f' , ,' 1 fwfr Aff rem, xg?" ,"' , ?,.,'1L Q: . The oldesl' acfive organiza+ion in Troy High is fhe Philomafhian Sociefy. This year "Phil" celebrafed iis fiffielh anniversary wifh a banquef and dance held in +he Troy Club. All pasf and presenl mem- bers of Phil were inviled. In Sep'l'ember, pails and while caps were seen fhrough lhe halls as Phils inifiafed i+s new mem- bers fo l'he iheme of Dulch Milk maids. Phil's pres- enl' aim is +o par+icipa+e in helpful social and char- ifable proiecls. Each year +here are approximalely fhig-fy members, Siffing, Leff 'lo Righf: Pai Lloyd, Connie Brown, Shane Rooney, Marilyn Whaley, Mary Grace Hayner, Chris Henry. The 50,-O,-H-Y is under 1-he guidance of Sianding, Lefl +o Right Jean Mariucci, Janice Lisle, Judy . . . Seiberl, Millie Casale, Carla Goodrich. Miss Eileen Rourke and lhe four officers: presidenl' Eleanor Hess, vice-pres., Marie Sklarykg secreiary, Judy Seiber+ and rreas- urer, Par Jones. Fronf +o back: M. Slrlaryk, P. Jones, E. Hess.J Seiberl, J. Casale, J. Manley, L. Collier, M. Mina- han, S. Sunulriian, M. Casale, J. Lisle, P. Engle, J. Levy, B. Miller, C. Goodrich, J. Marfucci, L. ' Arekian, C. Henry, P. Cufler, D. Wilson, S. Rooney, P. Lloyd, M. Whaley, M. G. Hayner, E. Miller, Miss Eileen Rourke, L. Gross. The fiffielh anniversary banquef was an evenl' fo be remembered always. Lefl' +o righ'I': Chris Henry, Shane Rooney, Judy Seiberi, Mary Grace Hayner, Eleanor Hess. Miss Eileen Rourke, Marie Sklaryk, Pal' Jones, Barbara Miller, Janef Levy. P , s ., 1 , Zb-I-IPZOF.. is .ff Q K7 - . 'M-gy 155+ Fursl Row Mary Ranuccu Donna Ruchey Assuslanl lreasurer Sandra Teal Treasurer Elhel OConnor Presudenl Mary Lou Muchaw Isl Vuce Presudenl Barbara Searles Secrelary Jewell Koonce Second Row Dolores Doberf Pal' Smulh Nancy Urro Mary Ann Crolfy Euleen Hull Belly Jones Rosemary Fox Mary Ann Coonan Carolyn Juluan Joan Folmsbee Joyce Sanuuan Dorolhy Gardner Anufa Marynak Thurd Row Duana Salerno Carol Maslan Belle Ann Weeden Belly Jane Guuda Belly Wulluams Dorofhy Narcussuan Beverly Cavanaugh Alma Brummer Prusculla Clemenls Carole Ausfun Cecula Therruen Joan Gardner Georguana Vanlune Donna Palmer Gaul Ealon Mussung Barbara Popp 2nd Vuce Presudenl The Commercual Club, an organuzaluon composed of lhe busuness s'ru den+s of Troy Hugh has come unlo uls own afler lhe successful re eslab lushmenf lasl year under 'rhe able supervusuon of u'rs lacully advusor Muss Myrlle Flelcher Buf don 1' lel' 'rhe name Commercual Club fool you Who opened lhe socual whurl of THS 'fhus year'7 The Commercual Club of course by sponsorung lhe Fall Froluc a huge success November unlroduced 'lhe newesl slyles lhroughoul Troy Hugh s halls wulh The appearance of suxleen Scolch Lassues as lhe club conducfed uls fursl' unulualuon sunce uls reorganuzaluon Members of lhe club have also spenl an aflernoon observung pasl and presenl' day unduslrues of Troy al 'rhe Rensselaer Counly Huslorucal Assocualuon, and are loolcung forward +0 furfher evenls hughlughled by lheur annual vusu'r 'ro some pounl of un leresl' in New Yorlc Slale. N., EQQ , uv., 1 L 4' in K 'rfvim 4 9 Leif fo righrz J. Dean, Presidenlg S. Levine, Vice-Presidenig N. Walson, Secrefaryg P. E. Sweeney, Treasurer, G. Lasdon, T. Dee, D. Waferfield, Miss Cavanaugh, advisor: S. Agree, A. Hobarf, J. Weisberg, B. Tranfum, J. Donaldson, C. Hasso, M. French, H. Underwood. Bonjour! Parlez-vous francais? Members of 'rhe second and ihird year French classes do, and +hal"s why we have +he French Club. This organizalion meefs weelcly, under fhe supervision of Miss Emily Cavanaugh, fo give sfudenfs wi+h a special in+eres+ in French some ex+ra-curricular acfivify in +he subied. French is spoken ar rhe meef- ings. One of fhe highligh+s of +he year was a Chrisfmas parly held in Room 204. Whai' will fhe ques+ion of +he day be? Somelhing abou+ polifics? Curren+ his+ory? Thus decides one of 'ihe Troy High School's newesl organizalions, 'Phe Quin'rilian Sociefy. This discussion club, under +he supervision of Miss Fihgerald, was formed +his year of senior boys wilh an average of over 8570 in hisfory. Wonder if +hey 'lhoughf girls would monopolize fhe conversa+ion? The group is aFfiiia+ed wifh +he Junior Town Mee+ing League, a na+ionwide organizarion. Leff fo righfz M. Syrnansky, J. Reniilian, S. Levine, Wm. Bode, E. Robinson, J. Guldalian, S. Gollris, E. Pearlberg, J. Dean lsfandingl, J. Dyrnferko, B. Borfhwiclr, M. Rappaport 'ig L .3 BAND, CHORAL GROUP, ORCHESTRA Conlribuling fo 'rhe liner Things of life are Troy High's Band, Orchesrra, and Choral Group. Adding immensely fo our school spirif and bols+ering us up when lhings loolr darlr-fhaf's lhe band. The band, orchesfra and choral group, under +he able supervision of Mr. Frank Cafricala and Mr. Anrhony De Marco, presenled a Chrislmas and an Easier program. The band and orcheslra also played af many assemblies and sirains of our Alma Mafer broughl lumps ro rhe ihroals of many seniors who would soon be leaving. xi '. V 'u A, I Q , 1 ,rf ' 1 ,ii x - X ,,-L Y '2' ' rv fr' Q 'I' .4 W 'X- 72 , 1 Q 2' i' T f 4 so 9, fi f g , ag,- f -: Nexl year we'll have uniforms' The audience mus? be pleased wirh fhe concerf. Mr. Carricala and fhe choral group pose for a piciure, buf lhey always look rhis happy. 3 if V i . 4 xa.a.s.xuaL..,,e,i Gees l 9 c-5 ' aqwvld' 3 J Chapnlck Presidenl B Bode Vice Presldenf P Engle Secrelary M Sklaryk Treasurer L Nlgohosran J Hoffsls D Mandelbaum N Chard H Melville J Moskowllz R Bress D Allman F Gorcyca L Sfoker V Gllberl J Nichols D Kallenburg T Fox G Lee J Trombly J Levine M Kramer V Kuchmsky D Walerfield G Skarshinskl B Bor+hwlck A Thomas T Sheary J Donaldson G Lasdon B Helm J Dmylerko S Golkls E Robinson M Symansky J Dean K Kelman B Jaffarlan J Og esby D Armnlage Hail 'rhe lesl lubes and microscopes! Bring on fhe amoebal Mr Levm slem is holding a weekly meeling of 'rhe Science Club in his room 'lhis aflernoon The club, made up of sludenls who have mamlained an average of 85 or over in biology, physics or chemislry, has for ils inleresl' 'lhe furlhering of sfudenls' inleresl in science. To accomplish fhis, lhe club inviles guesl' speakers, many of lhem professors from R.P.l., 'ro speak al' i+s meelings and answer any quesfions sludenls may have. The weekly program is varied wilh an occasional scienlific movie or field frip. 101 W 43f2'-f' wp .f ww .f xw " In 'Ln rf 12275 vfiv 'ff-:L 'K mf' my ,V 1 v . S I k i ,,f I I , .,,V,,WMnJ W .V '- wi wg.f4!:,!,!,," I Q4 ff, ,gf- ' ' . if, YQVLA k"' 'dy f ' 'f Az? if 1' w ' " ,,,f,fg5'j4f V , ' , x S' qv is if A . H Nig ga' wmggww , an Fw W W K izilfgfw, iv?-3,-fl5 1- ,Wi in JgTwP',yr 3 m Q .. S. ' -' ff Zigi . .. A "iz -md A- ' ?ffi':fx"" '- fx L ifi ysa - , M an i, J- W 11..,-MM.-m. A -3. fa,.Vf:, Q ,g , - . -'+5q15,av.-.,5g ' - , , I xv- - ' , 11:-1 ,,i,,5.5x4' 5'-A' .K V K' V ' Q, , MQW' if my " . 'aw Q., 1--fb ' H -f' W ,' ' A '. M' f 'Q K JA ,,. , Lv Vyiw 1' 'A .- ,, :Q . ,i j-3 A - .EW ,la V . -is-of - M' - , . ' 'V' -4 I tg. f ' , ,ys,Qk: 1-- 1' ,1 my 1. .-f'2,f'54fW" ' "1 Q. ' ..xz91-,Mliif 7 Qibfii-ik ff"5' ,w w ,,,,g Q13 '?Qi"" . ,, H Q k - lr , tf'?1fM:i ?5?i'L ,-41 , 'MMQ,..7fM W ff ' , wygpf ' V ,mmr ,. V gil: f.. Mb -.X ,al ,Q ,LM f,x R' "' V . M , I. Q W Y., 4 5 - . f . ,M 'I in '19 , vi ' 1 g-4 B-1 3 ' u 13 s 4 'Qu Marchese moves againsf Amsferdam Duncan seeks Touchdown againsf C.C.H.S. Jayvee Football Firsf row: J. Ferris, J. Riley, C. Bauer, O. Madsen, T. Pascarella, D. Heiimann, R. Allen, D. Sii+er. Second row: P. Primo, L. Bode, J. Ebenhoclr, J. Herringion, R. McFall, R. Beaudoin, R. Durand, S. Turino. Third row: H. Egerf, Coach: J. Durand, B. Qua, B. McCar+hy, D. Aird, F. Fisher, D. Riley, L. Lynn, W. Reardon, G. Cooley, Coach. Managers, P. Harringion, A. Waferfield. 541 at ,, vp Foofball Manager, Al Waferfield Kneeling: C. Walker, J. Bennef, E. Robinson, W. Bode, W. Bryce, R. Hrubenak, J. DeFazio, D. Johnson, R. Hennesey, J. Bailey, D. Slone. Sfending: Coaches, G. Cooley, R. Barfis. D. Campana, J. Cushine, J. McCabe, M. VanDyke, K. Duncan, J. Cerulli, L. Marchese, R. Vincenf, N. Jackson, R. Maier, J. Tedesco, J. Ferris, Coach Ed Picken. Football The I954 season saw Troy High's gridiron prowess hampered due +o lack of experience. A+ 'rhe commencemeni' of fhe season Coach Ed Picken was confronied wifh only +wo relurning leH'ermen, end Charlie Walker and Halfback Lou Marchese, bofh of whom served as co-cap+ains. Despife +his disadvanfage +he Flying Trojans capiured +heir firsl' fwo con- +esfs from Lansingburg and Wafervlief. The Trojans nexl' succumbed +o +he excepfionally powerful Schenecfady feams Monf Pleasanl' and Noll' Terrace. Affer bowing +o a sfrong Albany squad, Coach Picken's charges romp- ed over Ams+erdam 4l-7 in a Class A fill. The Purple and Gold gridmen concluded +he season by suffering 27-I3 sefback a'r +he hands of C.C. l-l.S., +hus compiling a 3-4 record. Senior Lou Marchese capfured pos?-season honors wi'rh his seleciion of +he Troy All-Scholaslic Foo+ball Team. On 'rhe whole +here is much +0 be said for +he high spiri+ of +he Troian gridders, who foughl hard for every yard gained. The indomilable feam spirif proved a greaf assef fo a relafively immafure squad. je Varsity Basketball A lense momenf in CCHS-THS game. Only ihree leiiermen refurned +o Troy High's i954-55 baskeiball leam. All seniors, ihe frio included Jim Suriano, Gene Eaion, and Bob Powers. The only oiher seniors on 'rhe ieam were Donny Waiers and Lee Sponable. Lack of heighl' and experience soon hurl' fhe Trojans as 'rhey 'Failed +o keep pace afier a December IO, Class A friumph over Amsferdam. Denny Sione and "Cha" Walker were +he only s+ar'rers fopping 'Phe six fool' mark. The High poinl' of ihe season was ihe 44-43 viclory Coach Boland's men 'look from cify rival Cafholic High on February 5. The loss of eighf leH'ermen by gradua- 'lion in I954, however, seriously hampered ihe Trojans chances of overall success. On fhe brighier side a fine crop of "up-and-coming" JV cagers makes possible fhe predicfion of a much more prosperous fufure. Alihough noi' a winning feam, Coach Boland and his boys deserve congraiulalions for 'lhe fine efioris fhey pu+ iorfh againsf overwhelming odds. Isl. row, leil' io righf: Don Waiers, Lee Sponable, Bob Powers, Jim Suriano, James Carpenler, Jim Canfield. Znd. row: Dave Margolin, Charles Walker, Denny Sione, John Hennessy, Pele Har- rell, Gene Eaion. E 1 sa Kneeling: T. Connery, T. Hall, W. Young, J. lacabucci, J. Price, R. Topiian, R. Rockwell. Slandingr J. Reniilian lMgr.l M. Closson, T. Newell, A. Kehn, G. Touraiian, C. Slaro, G. Doodian, R. Hinsdill lCo-capl.l, B. Kehn, W. McNeil lCo-cap+.l, R. Eusface, B. Van Arnum, W. Bovie, Coach Gene Del Vecchio. Hockey As 'lhe Troy High hockey squad emerged from lhe fhick of 'rhe season, il' com- manded 'lhe mosl' respecfed record in The area. Afler opening 'rhe season wilh a 'lerrilic 7-6 overlime upsel over Norlhwood Academy, considered one of fhe hockey powerhouses of fhe slale, lhe Trojan puckslers conlinued in 'lheir role as visilors by capluring 'lhe Norlheaslern High School Hockey League 'lille and placing lhird in lhe Lake Placid High School Tournament Conclud- ing lhe season wi+h a 9-0 lrouncing of Albany Aca- demy, Coach Gene Del Vecchio and his skalers wound up wilh a perfecf league record of 6-0 and a seasonal mark boasling I0 viclories wifh bul 3 sefbacks. Co-Caplain Billy McNeil lead +he Troian aH'ack 'rhroughoul lhe year, filling 'lhe score book wilh 25 poinfs 'lo lead lhe league in lhe scoring deparlmenl. Seniors also owning repulable achievemenls were Co-Caplain Bob Hinsdill, and AI Kehn, oul's'l'anding blue-liners and Goalie Tom Connery who was large- ly responsible for five shulouls. Coach Del Vecchio, accepls Paul Robinson Memorial Trophy Leif fo Right: Mrs. Paul Robinson, Coach Del Vecchio, Bill McNeil, and Bob Hinsdill, Co-caplains. A Troy Score againsf LaSalle Rah! Rah! for Troy High. The cheerleaders lump fhe 'leam io viciory. Cheerleaders "Troy High, Troy High, can'+ be bea'r!" Wifh +his and similar chanis, 'rhe cheerleaders have formed 'rhe backbone of our cheering secfion a+ Troy High's games. Under +he leadership of Mrs. Richard Bariis, l'he girls have also sold ficlcefs 'lo games, and sponsored a dance and numerous pep rallys. The familiar gold swealers and purple slcir+s have become an oufsfand- ing symbol of Troy High's indomilable spiri+. Lefi 'rc ri : . asa e, . an e , 9 Y Wager, D. Mancino, L. Collier, L. Gross 109 Firsi row: C. Walker, R. Newman, L. Marchese, R. Vincenf. Second row: G. Eafon, R. Topiian, C. Mikifarian, M. VanDyke, W. Bryce. Third row: Coach Ed Picken, C. Cioffi, J. Cerulli, D. Sfone, C. Doyle and A. Waferlield lMgr.i Baseball The I955 THS baseball feam will have some able performers refurning from lasf year's squad. Oufsfanding among fhe veferans are Gene Eafon, slugging ouffielder wifh fhree year's experience: Carl Cioffi, seasoned fly-chaserg and "Cha" Walker, backsfop. Dick Newman, who alfernafed af firsf base wifh Dick Safferlee lasf year, will be fhe regular firsf baser fhis year. Ofher infield posifions will be filled by seniors Lou Marchese, Charlie Doyle and Wally Bryce. This year's pifching sfaff, hi+ hardesf by 'rhe graduafion of Safferlee and Roger Sharshinski, will be builf around regular righf-hander Chuck Mikhifarian and soufhpaw Ray Topiian. Coach Ed Picken will be counfing on new maferial fo fill his reserve spofs. The Troian baseball feam, however, shows excellenf possibilifies and should develop info a sfrong nine. Kneeling: M. Mc Mahon, T. Green, J. Derkowski, K. Duncan, C. Schermerhorn, B. Borfhwick. Second row: Coach G. Cooley, C. Seiberi, M, Bronk, D. ClueH, J. Powers, D. Denfon, J. Collegian, S. Gofkis, M. Walker. Third row: G. Sheckefi, J. Reenfs, D. Riley, M. Raclz. Absenf: J. Law, R. Vincenf, R. Allman, B. Turino. Swimming Troy High inaugura+ed a new lvarsiiy sporl in I955-swimming. Under Coach George Cooley fhe swim +eam sfarfed workouls around Thanksgiving in preparaiion for a six- meel' schedule. The impressive number of freshmen and sophomores +ha+ furned our in- sured Troy High of swimming maierial for coming years. Judging from 'rhis year's par- 1'icipa'rion and en+husiasm Troy High's fufure swimming squads should command re- pecf. Track As 'rhe warm days of spring rolled around, an en+husias+ic group of THS irack- men logged onfo fhe cinders in preparafion for a season of rebuilding. The feam sharp- ly fell' +he loss of many of lasf year's key men. However, fhe I955 +rack campaign was highlighfed by 1'he re+urn of leHermen Alex Ya+sevi'rch and Don Mclsaac, consis'ren+ poini'-gafhering field even+ men. ln +he running evenls John Dean, long- legged ace of +he 440, and four-year sprini' sfar S+eve Go+kis lopped fhe re- +urnees. Junior Roland Eusiace headed +he field of refurning "Dis+ance" men. Under +he direciion of coaches Bill Caughlin and Dick Bar+is ihe hack feam was sfill in preparafion for ifs firsl' meef as 'lhe deadline for 'Phe I955 "Dardani- an" approached. An encouraging band of underclass- men added. much 'ro +he forecasfing of a brigh+ fufure for 'lhe Trojan Cinder- men. Firsf row: D. Aird, R. Eusface, S. Go+kis, T. Gorman, J. lecabucci. Second row: T. Urgu- , harl, R. Elgie, J. LaValley, W. Cox. Third row: T. O'Brien, H. Liberiy, D. Mclsaac, A. Yaise- vifch. Rear: Coach Bill Coughlin, J. Dean, R. McFall, T. Coleman and Coach Dick Barfis. Golf Alfhough golf is a comparafively new spor+ al Troy High, +he Horses have been displaying supremacy fhroughoul' The area. Their innova+ion in fhe sporfs program is proving +o be of increasing popularify each year. The game requires an effecfive combinalion of skill, pafience, prac+ice and power. Thai' is why area schools will have fo go some fo maich Coach Boland's linkmen, headed by Norm Rosenbloom, Jerry Chapnick and Mike Clocrou. These boys are a promising group of prospecfs and working hard al' acquiring +he necessary combina+ion +o mainfain 'rhe repu+a+ion and honor of THS in +he realm of golf. Tennis As usual, gradualion leff ifs mark on ihe Troian +ennis feamg +his 'lime laking away Norm McFall- 'lhe backbone of las+ year's Team. However. Coach Levinsfein is shaping up Al Kehn +o replace fhe missing McFall. The ouflook for lhis season is very promising. There are 'four leH'ermen re+urning, and fhe newcomers are already displaying good form on +he cour+s. A+ fhe conclusion of fhe regular schedule many of THS "racqueH'e- men" parficipafe in pos+ season 'rournamen+s, represen+ing +he Purple and Gold. Kneeling: M. Winkler, A. Kehn, S. Levine. Sfandung: Coach Levnns+em, P. Cheney, E. Coplon, S Koplovifz. DARDANIAN Fl Q Q, ,- S.. 'lf Adverhsements LOST AND FOUND The cenler of a doughnui One smlle Gunner iype Wrlle Box 326 One flynng saucer The owner us hearl bro an See S Golkus or call NG 3II One regular seven penod day One unuon Shepherd for a herd of un ruly lambs Call 3lI A casfla for some lords and ladues m room 3l2 PERSONAL Wanled by Dnana Salerno four lee? Dear mofher In law where ever you are s+ay rhere Dear Frank Please come back Your 2I :huldren mass you Your three lanfhful wuves WANTED TO BUY One one way fucker lo Clarkson Call Come Back S h a n e Some orngmal and creahve Qhmhng for scholarshup hopefuls See room ZI3 FOR SALE One pooped Dardanlan sfaff member Call room 225 PETS One palr of amoebls excellen? pefs vary affecuonafe housebroken Reporf fo I26 af Ohe close of school HELP WANTED To 'lranslale French Lahn Spanish and German See occupanl' of 2lI Colleges prefer lhem Buy our hugh school diplomas Wrule Box AJN One head for rollmg Used farm papers See scholarship? Englnsh class Guaranfeed Es One emcuency experf See l955 er danuan slag 758 spoons Slughfly used PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS l K I T C H E N S O F D I S 'I' I N C 'I' I Q N Supplying Troy High School with Meat Kitchen Distributors, I I53 BRADFORD ST ALBANY 6 N Albany 62 II45 Frank J. Hooley wholesale MEATS 81 POULTRY Il5 FOURTH STREET TROY 9MY Stff DCh TROYS FINEST EATING PLACE RAINON S THE TAVERN . , .Y. I I Five members of the Dardanien e attend yearbook conference in New Yorlr. Left to ri ht: . S manslcy. E. 2II I"I J. S 'b rl' E. R b' . M' C gh. CONGRATULATIONS +o+I1e CLASS of '55 PATRONIZE SYMANSKY BROS. oun ADVERTISERS DEALERS IN SCRAP, IRON 81 METALS WATERVLIET, NEW YORK BEST WISHES tothe Senior Class FLETCHER COX A good fime fo sfarf fhinlzing abou? a good SINGER SEWING MACHINE. We are always wlIIlng 'Io serve you SINGER SEWING CENTER Besf Wishes Io CLASS OF '55 FEIDEN FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE CO SOUII1 Troy N Y BRASS RAIL RIVER STREET TROY N Y Ashley 4 4I50 Resfauranf 8: DSIICGIGSSGD 70 Ferry S+reeI Troy New Yor FRED ALBORN 81 ROGER DIEHL Bulldlng Con+rac+ors Ashley 2 27ao S'I'eeI Fabrlcaflon and EYBCIIOH Elecfrlc and Acefylene Weldlng NELSON DARLING CropseyvlIIe N Y BRlcIge 9 3I I8 Try Eagle Flrsf We have li' EAGLE PHARMACY TROY QUICK SHOE REPAIR 8I THIRD STREET LUGGAGE 8: LEATHER GOODS 539 FOURTH STREET AShIey 2 078I Ashley 4 243l E+ a MMM!!! There's only one X i and It IS sold ln this 7 ounce bottle only' nec. u s PM 0' af , , , 337 , . . , , In I 0 . . - ' - s . l90 '.,, -,:iEE55g:,g,E5 . . llnbl In Av..-' o 0 o o o 0 . . Q I ggrvma-v no u ml nvlu-un coun-uv CLUETT, PEABODY CO. INCORPORATED I A-R-R-O-W -P Makers of ARROW SHIRTS TIES COLLARS UNDERWEAR HANDKERCHIEFS SPORT SHIRTS Congrafulahons fo CLASS OF 55 DAVIS FLOOR COVERING I I KING STREET AShIey 2 34l2 G M H a ds+ ncf e meei ng pomi' PU RITAN TEA ROOM LUNCHEONETTE HOME MADE PIES 81 ICE CREAM DAILY WHITMAN S CANDIES 40 THIRD STREET TROY ASI1Iey 2 9773 RODEN S DAIRY FARMS MILK and MILK PRODUCTS BRldge 9 9540 I I I I I I I ' . . . I I Iv I I . . and . , I x, B x M, 1 A A R.D.i:p':3 TROY, New YORK Sure. and on Thursdays foo! C. oodrich, . Hayner, C. Brown, R. Brush I S. Rooney, C. enry, B. Basseff. RUSSELL SAGE COLLEGE MAYFLOWER LUNCHEONETTE TROY, NEW YORK 3l5 RIVER STREET offers undergraduaie programs in liberal arls, business lsecrefarial and refailingl, home econ- TROY' N' Y' omics, nursing, physical educalion, laborafory iechnology, physical 'I'herapy, and feacher edu- cafion for elemenlary and secondary school leaching Graduafe programs leading fo 'lhe mas'l'ers degree are available Ln physical educahon English hlslory and governmenf and feacher preparahon For furfher lnformahon see ihe Dnreclor of Admissions John Paine Building EUNGHATULATIUNS TU THE GLASS UF IEI55 Thr1ft 1S such a Slmple thmg and It means so much It IS the foundation success 1n busmess of contentment 1n the home and of standmg 1n soclety Russell Sage b L E T P L o N E E R Lfwn HELP You CULTIVATE PIONEER suuonnc LOAN Ano I N , . Assocmnon 1 mov f L X 2I SECOND STREET T OY N Y AShI y 44800 Alb y 62 2240 . . - J' Ain'+ love r nd? Junior Prom. M . . . . . 0 . . of . . , . , . . . .,, :Silt HX 'J ' Q J L' xkximl s . 2 Q , ls-'. j' rm g THE SAVING HABIT S' 2 L - 5 'L 3 1 . If wr 'L gl: l u , 1' ,- " ,Y-g1fitrQ,,,, ,I ' 1 SZ! ' QT A, L nj L L E G5 d -Q X x E I ' , R , . . e - L an - 41135 REGAL I ART 2 PRESS: f ILJUL The Mark af Qualify m PRINTING PRODUCERS OF CATALOGS BOOKLETS BROCHURES FOLDERS PROCESS COLOR WORK EMBOSSED PRINTING AND ALL TYPES OF COMMERCIAL FORMS LETTERPRESS or OFFSET Ashley 4 4500 Seventh Ave. and Hutton St. 0 TROY, NEW YORK l A Ei u Y 'N I IMQML. 5 --- g?"F- -L Q I PLY --. .-- p q g 9 4Sw,,,ep N'-.ex-ff 0 0 I I l l I - Lafham Sou+I1 of Circle Troy 343 45 Rwer 5,,ee+ THE BORDEN ICE CREAM CO HENRY S MANTELL FUFDITUFG of Dlshnchon STaI'e 5 804 I 276 FIFTH AVENUE TROY N Y Compllmenfs of NICHOLS SERVICE STATION AShIey 2 279I 555 HOOSICK STREET TROY N Y TROJAN HARDWARE CO GAS 81 ELECTRIC RANGES PLUMBING 8: SHEET METAL WORK G E APPLIANCES d OIL BURNERS CONGRESS 81 FOURTH STREET TROY N Y Whe yb dy? MODERN HOME APPLIANCE COMPANY n HARDWARE-PAINTS-POWER-TOOLS an . re is ever o Com Imenis SYCAWAY HARDWARE 8: HOME ,I 32... suPPLY co INC 3:-ed' 556 HOOSICK ST TROY NEW YORK I , TI-IE Tnov S INGS BANK W COMPZETE MORT6A6f AND TIIRITT SERVICES OSAVINGS ACCOUNTS 'PERSONAL urs INSURANCE 4 cenour ure INSURANCE OSAFE nsrosn Boxes OVACATION clus ser THE Most our or Youn SAVINGS OCHNSTMAS C'-UB DOLLAR AT THE mov SAVINGS BANK AND Fon comnsre FAMILY PROTECTION .TRAVELER5 CHECKS ASK ABOUT oua Low cosr ' U 5 SECURHY BQNDS S MRT SYSTEMATIL' MMILV SAWN6 T0DI4Y . 541551 fffffyfff "'5VR""ff 0 MORTGAGE LOANS How WHAT 6 I STEADY SAVINGS cAN oo Fon You , Je U ANI: Youn FAMILY M ASSETS 0VfR SIXTY SIX Mllll0N DOZMRS Maman FEDERAL oerosn INSURANCE CORPORATION of 'Q I- qzjglnisa " ' iffttfi , ll I Vx , X-' I - V' I 17? L90 H. VUTIBY, IVIUHCQBI' ' R ' Ii I I 7 1 1 f If ,' 9 f f X s VX A . SGD . Z I I IN I I N I I .' ,,f, '73 A ' 'I x GIRL GRADUATES Why noi make up your mund +o work where There us a varnefy of 'obs To choose from wu+h good oppor Tumhes for advancemenf We offer you a good sfarhng salary and 'frequeni' creases ln pay NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY I58 STATE STREET ALBANY NEW YORK WELLS 8: COVERLY INC FOR THE FINEST IN MENS BTI BOYS CLOTHING 336 RIVER STREET TROY AShI y 2 a1oo THE COLLEGE OF SAINT ROSE Albany New York Courses Iead To B A B S and B S ln Teaching EIemen'Iary and Secondary Nurslng Medncal Technology Muslc Busmess Social Work The Sclences Mafhemahcs Modern and Classical Languages Creahve Wrlhng and Allned Careers ' in- I u Q' n nl o a . AII dressed up and no place Io go. Edugafign and Prepare fqr - . I 0 I . I , . I I I . ' . d I . . . I . 0 - W H BUMSTEAD INC YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER CONGRESS STREET AT 6+h AVENUE AShIey 2 3600 TROY N Y ' ' I PEOPLE'S CASH MARKET f L. BENJIAN I FRESH MEATS - VEGETABLES AND GROCERIES PHONE AShIey 2-2262 93 HOOSICK STREET A LOU MASLAN FURS and FURS ONLY 20 FOURTH STREET TROY ASI1Iey 2 3022 THE CHARLES RESTAURANT DROP IN AFTER THE SHOW Cgf M625 E D S G RO C E RY I08 I4'rh STREET TROY N THE JANIE SHOP 342 RIVER STREET TROY N Y 'WD-E ry H II M M I Q C , . I . N. YK I - , . . , I I If I I I QI 4 I ll l 'I 1 -I I I QQ' rt AI I C . ' I 'f I X . . I f1,,.v-f I I if ' , 9 ' I EEE E" ' I r I ' I .5 I W I , . Y. I ' ' ' Sfar -eyed A endenfs J. McMi en, J. angoine, P. Jonas, I E. Robinson, G. angoine. ' Goddcr v bf ' ono em 0 COM OO C I' You ll love fo slrale al' GUPTILL S ARTHUR MURRAY A 5' . ::-1 pq-- , Zn, ,1- ,151 , I .I1 if -II Ill' Tr -,f ' V! m m .ll 258 BROADWAY TROY AShl y 4-3050 T' if L " ' ' E' , I OLL ECONOMICAL MARKET l 3rd STREET d FERRY TROY NEW YORK ALBANY-SARATOGA ROAD Norlh of flue Lafham TraFl'ic Clrcle - SYL SBEAUTY SALON 444 Hooslck smear CH" 7 6223 H Y PPQC LOREN MURCHISON 81 CO INC World s Largest Class Rmg Manufacturer R LESTER BROW NEWARK 2 NEW JERSEY I l I o an e s ha e Hle es fime X Bo e ffh If' q I lr and easy T be e a g d dan o 5+ I I . W ...un null: . --- - - .- llnllhl lllll H .i l , Q fag. as Lmamiis Troy's Fines? Economy Markef Tzml ' H 'I' - ----7 ,.. nu In IM I s an I L . i I l a he S caway Sho in enier I 0, 0 1 l 1 , . l l I ' I We talce this opportunity to wlsh each member of the Senior Class, and the Faculty success and good health In the coming years Conlclln Studio Dardanlan Photographer l-l GRASSEL Owner . . . I O C I l l 0 0 O ' 1 STANS QUALITY MARKET CONGRATULAT'0N5 'Io flue 437 SECOND STREET CLASS OF 55 TROY N. Y. ASl'1ley 2-404-l Through your florfs yo I1 ve ow reached flue Fr I rung on ihe ladder of uccess. Sidhley M MIlOS Prop w'l1 s or o r co I' u d pro res . GILS EAST SIDE FOOD MARKET TONY S Tony Tesfo Prop 470 PAWLING AVE TROY N Y f A H QUILLINAN 803 FEDERAL ST GROCER Emerson P Gllberi' Prop 36I RIVER STREET TROY N Y LO PRESTI BROS FANCY FRUITS 8: VEGETABLES FOURTH ST TROY N Y ASl1ley 2 4962 FRANK PASENELLO JR ONE STOP IN SHOPPING QUALITY AND PRICE I G H g ea m S+ HILL ST ASl1ley 2 8663 I I , e u a n us s , ' I , Besflsef yu nine g s I I n ' ., , . . We eafure lmonesf, friendly, courieous service-plus a full - - line of groceries. . , . FRANKLIN MARKET bl . , . . , . No srings affached. e in r dy for flue Junior Pro , are. M. ewari, B. Mc- 82 . - Neil, L. Reich, L. Sponable, P. Fobare. CHAMBERS HARDWARE CO wPHENRYPp+ HARDWARE CUTLERY TOOLS AND PAINT STOVE AND FURNACE REPAIRING ma FIFTH Avemue mov N Ash: y 2 mu HANNAN S PHARMACY Harry V Hannan Prop Wynanislull New York PROSPECT PARK PHARMACY Joseph F Verrasiro B S R Ph Pr p I, M sy 5 L, rf 350 Congress af I4'l'h Sfreei' TROY N Y MARSH E WAGER COMPLIMENTS Qualify Meds Mayor Edward A Fitzgerald Eagle Mulls N Y BRldge 9 3276 YAISER S SELF SERVICE MARKET 342 CONGRESS ST TROY N Y COMPLIMENTS MANORY S LUNCHEONETTE I - ' I . . , ro rio or . .Y. 9 . I ls if a bird? - ls H a plane? - ' I - -I - -I 0 - D. Co en, E. Robinson, . manslry, J. ei e ,E. Hess, confemplafe in New York. of ' ' ' ' I . , . . . T of I FREAR'S THE TRI-CITY'S MOST BEAUTIFUL DEPARTMENT STORE exiencls sinceresl' congrafulaiions fo I'I1e graduahng class of 55 CONGRATULATIONS Io Ihe Class of ,47umf The welcome mai' IS always ou+ For Sfuclenis and Faculfy of T H S af I'I'Ie Troy Y M C A Supplying TROY'S NEWSTANDS wi1'II Ihe Iafesi' MAGAZINES an NEWSPAPERS TROY NEWS COMPANY NC I76 THIRD STREET ComplImen+s o a FRIEND BERT MILHIZER Ice Vencllng Machlne BLOCK ICE cuses TROY AVERILL PARK ROAD WASHINGTON SHOE REPAIR 408 WASHINGTON ST TROY N Y Jerry Lomaesfro Prop AShIey 2 5578 ESTABLISHED :asv WILLIAM LEE 81 CO INC Movmg and Sforage 42I 425 RIVER STREET TROY N Y AShIey 2 298I MAYFLOWER WAREHOUSES I d '55 . , I . , . Napoleon was never a goalie, Jim ., . I 1 l i 1 CongraI'ulahons Io flue Class of 55 JOHN SALERNO 8: SON CONTRACTORS BUILDERS RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL DERRICK AVE TROY AShIey 6 8435 WELDING FABRICATING ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK REO BROS I20 IDA ST TROY N Y MORRIS FENCE SERVICE IRON 8 WIRE FENCING ORIENTAL RAILING ETC 3333 SIXTH AVE TROY NY AShIey 4325! CONGRATULATIONS HALDEMAN 81 SONS FINE JEWELRY 47I FULTON ST TROY N Y +o +l1e Class of Compllmenfs of GOSSELIN MOTORS INC Sfuclebalcer Sales 81 Servuce TROY N Y Besf Washes from MIRON FLOOR COVERING CO., INC. K 7 , K Floor8zWall Specialisfs FAGAN COAL CO. II4TH ST 8fGURLEY AVE NORTH TROY, N.Y - - - - - - - l 14. X I ' . .. . K , I I .iff ' ' ' ' I For good, Mr. Williams? '55 B ESTABLISHED I9I7 227 229 Quail Sfreei' Albany 3 N Y MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Send For Caialog EAST SIDE BAKERY 332 CONGRESS ST TROY N Y ED S LUNCHEONETTE 2207 ISTH ST E MURRAY ASHley 2 929: pyIkSI1 ADIRONDACK BUILDING SERVICE EXTERIOR PAINTING WATERPROOFING STEAM CLEANING ROUTE 9 SARATOGA COUNTY NEW YORK GEORGE H BAILEY CE 7 4820 Johnny Romeo ACCORDION STUDIO Cerhfied A A A Teacher MILLERS MUSIC STORE 73 FOURTH STREET TROY N Y ROC LOUNGE RESTAURANT Try Our Dellclous Plzza DERRICK and HOOSICK Ashley 2 96:9 VOLCANO RESTAURANT A VALENTI PROP 95 FERRY ST ASI1Iey 2 97I0 Mlddlebrook MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MILLERS MUSIC STORE 73 4TH ST TROY N Y THE COMPTOMETER SCHOOL Shori' lnexpenslve course Graduafes In demand Only one In CaplI'oI Dls+rlc'I' I70 STATE ST ALBANY N Y Hugh SI' Annex 406I6 CONGDON S DANCE STUDIOS 329 RIVER ST TROY N Y ALL TYPES OF DANCING TAUGHT DAILY Phon s ASI'uIey 2 9387 BEdf d 5-438I MILLERS MUSIC STORE SHEET MUSIC 81 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Greisch Gulfars Excelsior Accordlons 73-4+I'I ST TROY G GEIGER J ROMEO F hg +0 ww Po nf CONGRATULATIONS MARVELLI DANCE srunlo "om 7I 73 4I'I1 STREET TROY MILLER S MUSIC STORE L Ash: y bs-:ou TAP BALLET Ac:RosATlc BALLROOM ARTISTIC TAI'-CRS For Children and AduI'I's corner CONGRESS 8: I4i'I1 STREET TROY N Y Pho ASI1Iey 4 II5I PARTIES DANCES WEDDINGS EARL E INGALLS AND THE MERRY MACKS Phon ASIII y 6 7747 ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE I2b L34 WASHINGTON AVENUE ALBANY no N Y GUIDANCE BALANCED TRAINING ACTIVITIES Placemeni In Key Posnhons In Business Professlonal and Governmental Offices STATE REGISTERED VETERAN APPROVEE Phone -- y I PAUL J. ENGINERI y - - , N. Y. ' I P one e - I I I . - I ' . .. . CompIimen+s of W. P. HERBERT 8: COMPANY Besf washes fo +I1e Class of 55 COMPLIIMENTS of I RENSSELAER COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE HOUSE OF FLOWERS JOHN J PURCELI- FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I I9 Fourih S+ Troy ASI1Iey TROY RADIO SHOP 189 FOURTH ST Ashley 2 eu II Chavrman 2 6270 MJ ywhl Complnmenfs of HOUSE OF VISION OPTOMETRIST nos 4TH ST AShIey 6 sans PHILIP MANGIONE I Sh sas I87 FOURTH STREET TROY AShI y 2-4080 LORD 81 TANN INC FULTON AND FOURTH STREETS TROY N Y I I ' ' I I , I ,J - ' I K , I f Loc op Since I Lock LaIcI1es and V Door Closers Insielled I f v Keys in Any Ouanfify 'fl AII Size Safes For Sale I fx T ' ' R M. I" fs A T 1 ' I Es? ff Q - - . , 'I I a ones, Shane Rooney, and Maril n a ey gef ready for "Phil" inifaiion. I , , HEPP JEWELERS Jewelers Slnce I882 4+h 8: BROADWAY TROY N Y Wafches Dlamonds GERALD S JEWELERS FINE QUALITY JEWELRY 88 THIRD STREET TROY N N IRVING ROSEN Jewelers HOTPOINT Appliance Dealers 47 TH I RD STREET TROY N Look ma no handsl DIANA SALERNO ANNA MAE YAROSZCZAK STELLA ORLASKI DICK PURCELL nd BILL PURCELL COMPLIMENTS RENSSELAER COUNTY REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE DOUGLAS HUDSON Chairman Cleaners R Q X Y Dyers Planf IO76 I078 Broadway ALBANY 4 N Y GINSBURG S CLEANERS 349 CONGRESS STREET TROY N Y We operafe our own plani' Com umenis SCHRAGER S FINE DRY CLEANING I02 d STREET 59h AVENUE BEd d 5 l8l0 COMMODORE Cleaners 8: Launderers CORNER OF I08ih STREET 81 FIFTH AVENUE NORTH TROY BEdfo d 5 l0I0 , .Y. I , .Y - I 'I I of ' Pr of n .. for - CONGRATULATIONS 'Io Ihe CLASS OF '55 DENBY'S JANE HEWITT LADIES SPORTSWEAR - APPAREL ACCESSORIES FULTON AT FOURTH TROY NY ASI1Iey 2-4902 SQUARE FABRIC SHOP EVERYTHING IN YARD GOODS Two FranIrIm Square TROY N Y ASI1Iey 2 785I Hasso's Furs FINE FURS and ACCESSORIES FOURTH STREET TROY N . FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES Shop H L GREEN 22 3rd STREET TROY ' R C REYNOLDS CO Furmfure China RIVER STREET TROY NY BEST WISHES S KRESGE COMPANY MANN S For your Sfahonery of course Office Equnpmeni Ioo School Supplies ANDY S Sporhng Goods Inc RIVER STREET TROY N ASI1Iey 6 7253 YOU LL FIND IT HANDY 407 FULTON STREET TROY N Y To CALL ON ANDYS 44 , .Y 257 , . . - , N. Y. 5- - 3I0 River S+reeI TROY 3I8 River Sfreei' I ' , 270 , . Y. AUTOGRAPHS ,1 Q f .f A-LQ... RAMW, zevwv. -A www vp, mm f I-swf wwdhw Q ws . WXfl'f , Qu WW X wg , W L Q W,,.Q,ffw,::,:aN ,. AF i Aim may Wn ,,,,,.:v imma ,W Q , 'K Rf gk lfm-vi-m',',n isl W.-I."' u'L','kb lf? "-P K ' K' H ' ' ' M ffm, x -"ff ' ' ' ff?3fQfif..W ,M .. y x '- Y .1 W ' H V, X-

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Troy High School - Dardanian Yearbook (Troy, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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