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4 1 x . M. N P' if-?,,, vii' ,M x .Q N . xl, x. - x x. . hr V K M K, X X X5 SQ 5 Y M Am w S, 1 -Q NX wx wx' SNM PM NNN unrffilkw V ?. ,3. S ax .554 -4 v - 1 i H K 5 . 3 gi i . VH ra 5 -P i. H 5 'L , ml Q 5 v . . i Q 5 ,M V, 3. 2 5 , 'Q , Aff? , 2, 'ief' .ww va' ,si -ff 2, V. 4 4: Published by The Senior Class Troy High School Troy, New York I953 VMN M"p 'Nw NNN ,k,,h wwwwx Nwwxv Mmxg! M 'wmv Q 1' l 'JZ-SSS? nf --,wq""?w'T"1 - l s ll :gals 'f"""g. A . ,E jf A: I f - 4 . - .1 , 1 s 1' ' 'U f Contents FACULTY . SENIORS . ACTIVITIES . SPORTS . ADVERTISEMENTS " 4 5 . r-an-.-.-...,,,, -an-.-...Q ,mmm M...- 3 E Q 1 ly'-i4'1Tlx'frsQ -mf 2, fx Q ' V g.:1,,,. .. " Jw- . -' K, xv' x" f X M X W Qmm mm cz,-'rx HW .,..,.,.....M.......... WMM, V V, . ggi Aw, Qi x iv:-J-f5wj5.,lf3..,. X fjgxS.:'L5y??555N' X7 manner f "F,'1'X i 'NIV 'wma A .ww fi ,. 1 ,ga Q, ,. .M . ,A :.5m-0-QFHW' 0 .wpnggaag wg-M.. " ,,'i,-pr . - N x K ..... in Q' ,,,.. K 4 .!. 3 " X f W Q ,wx 5 V H, X .-wi- 44 -gigkgxgf, mQw.YxM,4a ak My -, Ncisw w xf.:Sf2v?,+w- 'sf w -'mf v -, q 1- fiwiwfff him QEX'wv5'1, ' ' , J ':- -f iff A H f yf'gQi3fS5vf5fig.zIf.'ffjX .A . Kwik M""""-vu. I953 'x x 54 + .mum .s-,., K 'Wx Q XX Y N5 'ix 'r ,. H. 'W I .. I Q". ks L 5N'rs-w,.,,. ' 5 K 1 W 1 1 GUY ENFANTO ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Guy Enfan+o, assis+anI principal, 'firsi ioined 'I'he faculfy of Troy High School in I947. A graduale of New York S'la+e College for Teachers al' Albany, where he received +he de- gree of Bachelor of Ar'Is and Masier of Ar+s, he previously 'laughr af +he Minerva Cenlral School. Mr. Enfanfo is resenlly serving as a member of 'lhe faculfy of fhe Graduaie School of Educalion a+ Siena College. ARTHUR J. NORTH PRINCIPAL When 'I'he members of Ihe Class of I953 re- 'Iurned 'Io school in lhe 'fall of l950, a new admin- isfralion awai+ed fhem. In 'Ihe Ihree shorl years fha? have passed since Ihen. Principal Arlhur J. Norfh has become a permanenf par+ of our school and our memories. Mr. NorI'h received Ihe degrees of Bachelor of Science and Masfer of Science from Syracuse Universiiy. Before coming 'lo Troy High School, he served as principal of School I2 in Troy. TROY HIGH SCHOOL STAFF ARTHUR J. NORTH, Principal GUY A. ENFANTO, Assis+anI' Principal ART Raymond C. Henry Pauline McGoniga COMMERCIAL Myrile E. Fleicher Marjorie F. Hennessey Anfoinelfe M. Lewis Jane L. Meharg Eileen Rourke Agosfina Schillaci Roberi' W. Seiberl' VViIIiam Seplic ENGLISH Elizabelh A. Buckley William M. Campaigne Marian A. Dunn Suzanne Freedman Mary E. Foxell Virginia Kelly Isabelle R. Mann Mary D. Mclnerney Kafhleen McTavey Margarei P. Spencer FOREIGN LANGUAGE Emily Cavanaugh Thomas J. Maloney Frances L. McTammany Gierlrude A. Rogers GUIDANCE James Allgeier William A. Pope Margarel- F, Redmond HEALTH Gveorge C. Cooley Emanuel Elfenbein Gvrace F. Lecomfe Jane F. Scullen John V. Shea HOME ECONOMICS Dorolhy D. Long Helen O'Brien Marjorie W. O'Brien Margarel Saunders MATHEMATICS Josephine Errara Mary F. Holmes Janei Maly George Panfely MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Dr. Aurelius Laquidara Margaref Sheehan, R. N. MUSIC Frank Cairicala Herberf G. Cohen v SCIENCE Benjamin P. James David E. Levinsfein Gerfrude Markey Bessie Wood SECRETARIES Shirley Bleau EIizabe+h M. Casey Marion C. Diamond SOCIAL STUDIES Mildred Anslow Marion Fiizgerald Marion C. Fifzpalrick Florence Gabauer Edward C. Picken Ar'Ihur H. ReenI's Joseph S'Ione "Eyes fron+" a+ a meeiing of +l1e business cleparimeni. Leff io rigl1+ - Miss Rourke, Mrs. Meharg, Miss Hennessey, Mr. Sepfic, Miss Lewis, Mr. Seiber+, Miss Schillaci. "Now l'd place fha? beam here." Mr. While advises fellow vocaiional insfruciors Messrs. Cassavanf, Buclralcey, Allen, Tulloclr, Sproule, Bell, Hennessey, and Quinn. 3 1,a p ' if in .5 JWNMAINMNM Members of fhe hislory clepar+men+, wear- ing amused expressions, lisien infenili fo Miss Fi+zpa+rick's eye wiiness accounf of + e BaHle of Has'rings. Leff +o righi - Miss Fiiz erald, Mr. Picken, Mr. Stone, Miss Fifzpairici, Mr. Reenis, Miss Gabauer, and Mrs. Anslow. 'mfs-w"r'r""" "' .Q -. , " """""'9""'N"""' i 1 -ai i ' if 9 , Miss Mann shows 'the members of +he Eng- K lish faculfy, Miss Mclnerney, Miss Dunn. Miss Q McTavey, Mr. Campaigne and Miss Buckley 4 a magazine confaining a sfory abou? her fav- f orife aufhor - Shakespeare. S Q X l I xi . N 'f"""'-4 Mrs. Errara. Mr. Panfely, and Mrs. Holmes discuss 'I'he resulfs of +he maih depar'l'men+'s mid-year exams. They musf have been good! Mrs. H. O'Brien, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Long, and Mrs. W. O'Brien discuss fhe specificaiions for fhe new modern homemaking deparimeni. It Xi The members of fhe alhlelic depar+men+ wear happy expressions af 'lhe close of a suc- cessful sporls year. Lef+ +o righ+ - Mr. Cooley, Miss Scullen, Mr. Shea, Mr. Elfenbein, Miss Lecom+e. B. Edwards gives 'lhe school's regislered nurse, Miss Sheehan, necessary informalion for fhe medical files. The expression "music hafh charms" is com- pefenfly expounded by Mr. Cafricala and Mr Cohen, fhe leaders of 'lhe band. Mr Allgeier Miss Redmond and Mr. Pope discuss +he po+enhali+ies of fhis year's senior cass NYSZSSHQ ' . ' . I . iX 4 M , . e s JJ ii . -4 Rx Miss Markey demonsfrafes one of fhe new science depar+men+ microscopes +o Mr. Pan- fely, Miss Wood, Mr. James and Mr. Levin- sfein. Parlenf-ils francais ou Lafin in Hnis mee?- ing? Leff +o righf - Miss Rogers, Miss Cavanaugh, and Mr. Maloney. , i qv W QV 1 X Rx X ,. P E V Nw mvmmwwwwmv wmwmwm K ' ' i g - Nm ' X Xvwgg. gg.g.,5Q,m,iX,,W,X,A A ..:.. V x 1+ W ,M YKKSS , H 1 sf x ' " X Q " my XY kk K 5 xx Jinx X Qi tiv x .YA sjffx , 2 Yin? I .'-.,.1, 'f QQ. fx. , YN X My fx vi' xg S X, X-W K K f. X' we Y Wa ' NS ,X 1- iwv YW W' NZ? Y. wi- 5 :55 SLMQ - z.,-1.-,. 1 b WWTF Q K L Q , 'J F . ,.......-...-- I953 Presidenl:'s Message Our 'four years have passed so quickly ii seems only yesferday 1'ha+ we were Freshmen. Soon we will have leff TROY HIGH SCHOOL +o begin college, +o s1'ar+ a career, or +o en'I'er 'I'he Armed Forces. Our days of 'lraining here have broughi' us noi' only greafer knowledge, bul' a beH'er sense of responsibili+y and a finer apprecia+ion of ihe many friendships we have formed. Looking back over our high school life, we become somewha+ nos+al- gic and a liHle more aware of fhe characler-forming we have had. We have learned fo work and play 'I'oge+her, co-operafing mu'I'ually for fhe good of 1'he whole. Now, we begin +o con+empla're fufure years and hope we can successfully meef ihem by sfriving +oward a goal of peace, happiness, and prosperiiy. These are our 'l'hough+s as we say our "au revoir" 'ro TROY HIGH SCHOOL, whose memory we shall hold 'Forever in our hearfs. ,QLLJ JJLLW 4JY"1'ClPV Roberl' Warren Sfoker Junior Execuizive Board The Junior Execuiive Board discusses fhe compleiion of a very successful magazine sale. Leif io righf, B. Gold- berg, R. Derby, C. McGinnis, J. Du Cuennois, J. Wilkes, M. Barsamian, R. Sfoker, Presidenf H. Danzis. ln Sepfember of I95I, fhe Junior Class sfarfed fhe long climb fo unify. Under fhe supervision of fhe class officers and fhe guidance of fhe class advisors, a Jun- ior Execufive Board was appoinfed. If consisfed of Harold Danzis, Roberi' Sfolc- er, Jean DuCuennois, Carol McGinnis, Barbara Goldberg, Mary Barsamian, Russell Derby, Jerry Wilkes, and Diclc Rose. The members, realizing fhe seriousness of fheir faslc, proceeded fo arrange fhe various acfivifies. Their hard work and overall abilify can be measured by fhe profil'- able and successful Junior year fhe Class experienced. N 11. Mr. James and Miss Lewis, the mofivaiing forces behind our Three years of aciiviiies. '-siiaww -' 'Tl I Senior Executive Board To aid fhe officers and guide fhe Class of '53, fhe Senior Execufive Board was chosen. Ifs members were selecfed for fheir abilify, scholasfic sfanding, and infenseness of purpose. They were: Barbara Goldberg, Theodore Boroian, John Simonian, Bill Osfermann, Carol McGinnis, Shirley gokiinson, David Coonradi, Alfer Schwarfz, Mary Barsamian, and Roberi' fo er. Wifh eagerness and energy fhey began fo lay plans for 'rhe coming year. Their success has been ihe success of fhe Class of I953. An inferesiing poinf is argued ai' a meefing of ihe Senior Execufive Board. Leff fo righi, Presidenf R. Sfolner, S. Robinson, J. Simonian, B. Goldberg, A. Schwariz, D. Coonradf, W. Osfermann, T.Boroian, M. Barsamian, C. McGinnis. in-u---M' s--N-r --r- W--W ------- W- Joan M Adams Erneshne L Alberl Ann S. Bass Joan Characfernzed by her Erma An ouhjoo, woman I 0 . "Ann" . . . Lovely blonde hair and lovely volce off 'lo fha races mms fh, wld, open spaces" . . l a voice io match fascmafed by desures Parnslan vnsd' dnlugeni' enloys haf ,od races buf noi, on all fypes of boys d O o worker sophnshcafed mass hlghways .vid ,quam dancer. reach her. Mary A. Barsamian "Mary" . . . Darlr eyes and ief fresses . . . unanimously popular . . . fun fo be wilh . . . aclive . . . a smile for everyone . . . woman driver . . . she'll make a compelenl business woman. Joan A Baker John S Armao Norma Mae Aronson Joanne Cufe n qunel' Burch Dark and handsome . . . "Norm" - - GI99l0S dlmplfs 'lrlps +he llghr fanfashc hnslory us a young Alles a woman's delighf . . . 235 . . . whiz on ihe fairway her Waferloo don + fence her un 'Fresh anr Bend . "Check fha yeh fOr Wfififlg NSY fo 'OSC a 'lypnsls lypusl on ear +o ear grlnmi mcomplefe seniences Q 'N-,w Lorraine E. Aurelius I "Larry" . . . Enioys her sfudy halls . . . a skaling we will go . . . would like a bus ihaf can gel her fo school on 'lime . . . aspires fo be on TV. Russell J. Arekian ..ei5,lS.e. .ff .es -I ,. I . . 44714 Bruce A. Backman Jennie S. Acierno "Bruce" . . . Three-lefler man . . . "Vicki Laine" . . . Wonderful dancer enioys running -- especially afler . . . TV slar . . . full of fun . . likes girls . . . phys-ed major . . . queer the afhlefic 'lype . . . loves 'foolball wo ds . . . fufure Olympic miler. games . . . fuiure nigh? plyb sfar. r - l6.4o:L1 "..4e.q , "Russ" . . . Quiel under ihe curls . . . behind fhe wheel or under ihe hood . . . self-made hydroplane . . . "And he's firsf over ihe line." .iv 3 X fi P.. fi i l M. Carol Blake "Carol" . . . Quief . . . dislikes his- iory . . . enioys movies and dances . . . Eddie Fisher fan . . . business courses are fops for ihis girl. Janei' J. Bezlian Lawrence P. Backaus Evelyn H. Birkbeck "Bez" . . . Sparkling . . . wha? rhyihml "Larry" . . . Desires io become a "Honey" . . . Quief buf friendly . . . . . . Mambo JamUo . . . "Finish lhaf famous aufhor . . . musically inclined animal lover . . . lady carpenfer . . . banana spli+" . . . has a iire-engine . . . shy and quief . . . oufdoor en- privaie arsenal . . . Honey goes a converfible. fhusiasf . . . desfined for a successful hunfing . . . fufure ielephone oper- business career. afar, 1 J Lki. . . ' ff-:i We --.- . -.4 . W.. ,N fe -M. . sum, a:u....+s 'Wee N ,X w T KX Sylvia L. Cohen ' George M. Bovee Leila Bourke "Sylv" . . . Movie fan . . . likes con- "Bov" . . . Hol' rod on 'lhe loose . . . "Mickey" . . . Maine-liner . . . handy ceifed people and good food . . . "Join lhe Navy and see the world" in fhe home . . . our 'female alhlele dislikes eraser borrowers . . . a brun- . . . Armenian food . . . high as -lhe . . . friendly grin . . . successful elle wilh a nice smile. sky . . . humorous. secreiary. Theodore V. Boroian Beverly A. Brimmer "Bev" . . . Talenled singer . . . horse- back rider . . . full of fun land spagheflij . . . annoyed by hisfory a wonderful al . . . deslined . . . g for Carnegie Hall. 'QR isis Beverly E. Boniukian "Bova" . . . Always punclual . . . enioys popular music . . . hopes io lake a Bermuda cruise . . . sparkling and cheerful . . . fufure inferior decoraior. June J. Burniche "Junie" . . . Likes everylhing . . . besl dresser . . . "l'm iusi' like every- one else" . . . wanfs fo join lhe Waves and see lhe world . . . or else become a felephone operalor. "Ted" . . . Moving VAN . . . a busy exec . . . an experl' behind lhe wheel . . . causlic skefches . . . wary of 'female ice skalers . . . "For crying oul' fears" . . . microbe chaser. .gi Lynda J. Burgess "Lynn" . . . Arfislic falenl' . . . grace- ful heighl . . . dressed a la mode . . . lall, dark, and handsome beaus . . . Palmer Melhod . . . conscientious worker. mdlfm fx A' K Q ea.. ' if . Nwiii , 1 , if A L. Shirley Carr Lucille M. Bossone Laura M. BulleH' "Shirl" . . . Has an inferesf in 'lhe "Lucy" . . . Skafing for sporl' . . . "Laurie" . . . Changes wrlh fhe soda indusiry . . . lalenle-:l musician foolball +o walch . . . snapshols for weafher . . . enioys ielkmg . . . likes everylhing and everybody amusemeni . . . numbers lo work ways busy . . . unexplaunable . . fulure secrelary. wilh . . . easily salislied. fascinating voice . finds slnglng enioyable. Beverly J. Colwill "Bevie" . . . Small bundle of fun . . . modes? maiden . . . hockey off 'lhe ice . . . "Whose serve?" . . . ballroom ballads . . . clicking needles . . . fufure af fhe swifchboard. ffl.-v u4"f' ,X 3. Michael J. Byer x "Mike" . . . Ahcurly-haired bloriide A 1 'MW . . . seen on f e screen . . . 0 al' A A V Iaprechaun look . . . in step wifh lhe L X is band . . . squeeze-bex virluoso. is W'-QIQS Belly L. Chilrlenclen Marilyn T. Breen Nicholas Brignola "Be+" . . . Swimming and skafing fan "Mur" . . . A couniry dweller who "Brig" . . . Amaieur song wrnfer . . . bowling is righ? up her alley . . . prefers ihe cify . . . "An American hei clarinel' . . . ioker dislikes aclive in Salvalion Army . . . 'lufure in Paris" . . . enjoys T. H. 5. foolball "The Supper Club" mmah of housewife. games . . . likes io square dance . . . 2Il . . . good looking e 'fufure Wave. 40" Cecelua A Curlin Julia M. ChampuH'o M Jacquelune Clunlon Ceu Fruendly grin . . . enioys "Bula" . . . Dark beaufy scads of Jaque A fruendly gurl wulh a eahng Number. please" . . . "pop" records sporfs rnunded pleasanf laugh and smule counfs fhe domeshc 'I'ype roller slnafing . . . flared sfyles sulver wungs dancung un acfuve un YWCA an her ambuhon is lo pilol an wedding bells un fhe aur ro 'fufure secrefary aurplane speclive model Roberl' A. Coler "Bob" . . .Tall and friendly . . . characferized by a bow lie and crew cul . . . favors square dances, all girls, and snazzy cars. Marlon E Dunlop Alma A Dupuus Ira F Cohen Maruon Tall and graceful . . . "Bridgie" Hardworlcmg Chal ra Duslulres homework faulhful lo fhe end . . . generous Ienger fypisf enuoys her stamp enloys basluelball and pholography helpung hand rales foofball and collection has a penchanl' for exlremely quuef a faulhful hocluey hugh slnaling fan. llalian food Spulre Jones and fruend wanfs fo become a wafch , ' Franlrie Laune fan repaurer 47,04 Q Marilyn A. Campbell "Marilyn" . . . Shy . . . prefers ham- burger fo furlley . . . sporfs en- fhusiesi . . . hillbilly music fan . . . quief mannered . . . fufure Florence Nighiingale. Rose M. Campana "Rosie" . . . Lovely dark hair enioys Halien food swimming and boafing fan . . . 'Fufure Wave fha? way she'll see fhe world Thomas P. Danaher Jr. David C Coonradf Mary A Casale "Tom" . . . Sporfs enfhusiasf . . . Dave A happy farmer my Characierlzed by her quief . . . shy . . . freckles . . . dis- If depends wanfs io play faclxle beauhful cloihes loves lfelien lilies girls . . . skier . . . inferesfed in for ihe Philly Eagles enloys food hopes io vnsrf Ifaly horses, baseball, cars, and dogs. hunhng and fishing bug 'lease avid sporis parhclpani' A 5 I ,.,.V....,.-1, Russell F. Derby Joyce A. Eafon Aurora L. Ekmalian "Russ" . . . Differenf laugh . . . likes "Blondie" . . . "Silence is Golden" "Ora" . . . lncomparable . . . mysfer- school- day and nighf . . . excifable . . . shy buf friendly . . . cuf a rug ious . . . Fafima . . . Florida bound . . . good sporf . . . plays a hof . . . neaf . . . sporfs are on fhe fop . . . shake fhose maroccas . . . gurrgpef . . . eager beaver . . . "papa of her lisf. "Amafo Miol" . . . individual sfylisf. er o . OHS. Richard P. Ellio'H' "Dick" . . . Class "A" afhlefe . . . N likes sfrawberries . . . blonde hair Hgh . . . exfremely shy . . . oufdoor man , 'S . . . Ahl fhaf big, green Buick . . . Nil Jean M. DuCuennois "Duke" . . . Blonde . . . a friendly "Hi" and a consfanf "Yes" . . . acfivifies collecfor . . . genfle voice . . . cheerleader V. . . liked by every- if 9,45 R.. fufure Yankee sfar. A MN ,5 Eleanor G. Dearsfyne Joan T. Deerfield Joseph De Sapio "Eleanor" . . . Sincerify af ifs besf "Gogee" . . . Perpetual smile "Joe" . . . Talenfed arfisf . . .found . .. pride of 'lhe faculfy. . . musically friendly . . . calm mannered af fhe drawing board . . . enioys inclined . . . non-loquacious . . . lady experf cook . . . enjoys dancing in whife. future merchandise buyer. school buf has no love for fhe army . . . career in fashion designing. Emily Engwer Frederick W. Doberl Pafricia J. Daniels "Emily" . . . Friendly . . . roller skal- "Freddy" . . . Culs a mean figure "Blondie" . . . Spaghsfli and meal- ing 'fan . . . fligh+ around l'he world "8" . . . dumbbelLs and a bowling ball balls . . . model for balhing suifs . . . . . . spaghelli eafer . . . an evening . . . fulure gold digger . . . elec- dance rhe nighr away . . . Love - of bowling . . . nursing career in fhe 'lronics loolr good lo him. fennis. 'l'ha'l' is . . . brown eyes. fufure. Marilyn B. Dolin x "Lynn" . . . Madame vice-presidenl' . . . determined . . . ellicienl and Consfance L. Ellell' dependable . . . queer predicamenfs . . . exuberanl' . . . polifically minded "Where did l leave if?" e SI. . . X, E XM "Connie" . . . Aclive Graflon Trail Rider . . . blue-eyed blonde . . shori and sweel . . . desires fo lravel fhroughouf ihe West . . . secretarial prospecf. ' s ' SAX? 'R awk, .gre may , Joseph A. Eales "Joe" . . . Tall, darlc, 'n handsome . . . alhlefic . . . screenland fan . . . world fraveler . . . will make 'lhe grade as lsr class machinisl . . . lhe Air Corps may claim him. Harold R. Danzis, Jr. "Hal" . . . Dimples . . . leaser . . . girls, females, and women . . . enioys being on roofs, horses. roller skales, :nd dance floors . . . always full of un. ' Marcia A. Dembo "Marsh" . . . Clofhes conscious . . . habifual hair pafler . . . l1ere's 'lo old R. P. l .... near and pelile . . . anylhing but wall: . . . "Did anyone Dall? . . . would like io fravel around X Carol A. Film "Carol" . . . Peaches 'n cream . . . conscieniious fypisf . . . . goldy locks . . China . . . one of our nicesf girls. 1... Claire Farley inna H. Falk "Claire" . . . Sparkling eyes . . . en- "Minna" . . Miami bound lm a . . smoky eyes ioys 'traveling -lo see 'lhe Dodgers . . . red converiible comb in hand . slow boaf io ice skafing fan . . . dislikes square . . . only 'Iwo more years clofhes dances . , . different cloihes. and more clofhes Roberi' Foresi' "Bob" . . . Likes sports, sporis, and . . . enioys reading Spanish likes geomefry . . . model enihusiasl. Barbara F. Goldberg "Bobbie" . . . Business woman defermined . . . beaufiful dresser likes fo drive cars and men . fhree-fingered ice skafer. more sporls . . . Averill Park hangar . . . is- airplane Leslie Y. Fordyce Joan M. Felf Ellzabe1'h C Edwards "J. L." . . . Indescribable . . . un- "Joanie" . . . lnfriguing voice . . . "Bef" . . . A quiet friendly gurl predicfable . . . whaf an imaginefion lovely fo look ai' . . . always on 'ihe has e liking for iall boys hofo . . . carfoons . . . hinkeydoodles . . . go . . . blue eyes and blonde hair graphy is her hobby chee eader kickapoo ioy iuice . . . fruihful fo . . . she'II make someone a fine see- . . . liglrl'-brown hair and hazel eyes fhe end. refary. -' I PNHY C9mb'M'l'9" - 11.4.14 1. if A Irma R. Gordon "lrm" . . . Fancy-free . . . good nafured . . . fhoughfful . . . mos'f expressive . . . hard worker . . . a good march for any filibusferer. Rose M. Gross ex x i X Y X T if 'N x ' fff' . Sylvia A. Esies Barbara J. Granger "Mickie" . . . Tall blonde . . . dancing "Jeannef' . . . Quief . . . sfamp col- fever . . . circle 8 hands around . . . speciafor sporis . . . mosf amiable . . . fufure assisiani fo 'ihe Governor. lecfor . . . world iraveler . . . enioys singing . . . Chrisfian youih worker . . . fuiure "chef de cuisine". "Rosie" . . . Big brown eyes . . lovely cloihes . . . movie fan . . . likes 'io fravel . . . ,Delphic veep . . . long-haired music . . . 'Fulure secre- fary. Joseph J. Griffin "Joe" . . . Here comes the parade . . . shy guy . . . dynamic . . . sfrum- min' on ihe old banio . . . aims af pafrolling 'lhe highway. IRG' Gordon K. Haldeman "Din" . . . Crack peashooier . . . Dave's prize pupil . . . African golfer . . . hof-rod fan . . . moun+ain climber . . . imaginafion personified . . . XX, King of "Ad-Lib". Rosemary C. Grillo Kennelh Grimes "Dolly" . . . Dancing and sporfs en- "Kenny" . . . Shoofs some hoop . . . fhusiasi . . . affracfive dark-haired ferror on fhe couris . . . chili con Miss . . . afienfive io popular music carne . . . fhe ouidoor life . . . oblig- . . . fufure world lraveler . . . sfeno- ing and sincere . . . fuiure baslrefball graphic learnings. sfer. ms... l ' ""' ..,.. . ' if ' ae "-' Af X s Q We , x Q32 if 5? A li Wendell T. Hess Joan A. lngalls Elizabefh DeLee Heffron "WSH" - - - On H19 ill: - - - Wllifd "Jo" . . . Angelic voice . . . dancing "Belle" . . . Our proud recipienl' of OH H10 Sl'-'Pei - - - UP In 'lho.cloudS fo soff music . . . a game of fennis of a Ford Scholarship . . . afiracfive - - - ill' l99P - - - P"'50"al'iY hd- and a refreshing swim . . . musical coed . . . waier-skiing experf . . . OM of lk' b0Y5 - - - I'-'Sl' Pliln Wen' dreams. soff-voice . . . auburn locks . . . Irish dell. eyes are smiling. Joan Horfon "Bunny" . . . The inquisilive 'lype cufeness. Raymond Honsinger "Ray" . . . Calm and serene . . . M silent Sam . . . sincerily and ihoughl- V N fulness . . . sporls are his spoflighf X if Y . . . 'lomafo-red blusher . . . mechanic. Qu Mary Anne Harlunian George R. Hillie "Bloun" . . . Pleasanf . . . warm smile "George" . . . Blonde. blue eyes . . . . . . pleasure 'lo meal' . . . loyal lo give him a fishing rod . . . boy, can Troians - our cheerleader . . . skaf- he swim! . . . don'l' brag around inq 'lan . . . 'lo Alaslra somelime . . . George . . . a mechanical genius. for wifh lhe righl' answers . . . lhe "Girl Seoul" . . . anfi-TV . . . boundless energy . . . rosy cheeks . . . pixie X , Diane M. Horsfall "Diane" . . . Talenled Qgfress . . . infecrious laugh . . . always busy . . . no home room . . . secrelly desires +o'raise horses in fha Blue Grass Counlrg . .iulure curse. NK . M s we w Heinz Haag Shirley A Hill Marilyn Hul+ "Heinzie" . . . Flying fingers on lhe S ir Achve lyplsl' 1 es Curly Hillbilly and weslern fan accordian . . . well suiled for chosen driving sporfs and phofography enloys lravelmg Nopel career . . . quief sincerify . . . good a fabrncalor of delicious cakes always says yes lo a good movie nalured generosify . . . rod and reel sweel' personallly parhes parhes I unusually pleasanf fuluro . . . professional musician. and more parhes childrens nurse Joan M. Hammond "Frenchie" . . . card shark sweel and lovely . . . good old summerhme . . . up and coming Parisian hair sfylisf. Lorraine Glasser "Lorraine"': . . Exfremely loquacious . . . prefers parries on fhe hill . . . secref desirei- io win a debale wifh Miss Gabauer . . . fufure teacher. Y Shirley Hunl John Jalilarian Joan A. King "Shirl" . . . Likes sporls in general "JeFF" . . . Baller up! . . . good be- "Joan" . . . Reserved . . . domeslic . . . dislikes slew . . . "Who am I?" hind lhe wheel as well as behind lhe lype . . . likes children, dancing. and . . . reads liclion . . . would like lo bai . . . sleek and polalo man . . . visil' far-off lands. Margarel A. Kohler "Peggy" . . . A real pizza fan . . . a dead ringer for Jerry Lewis . . . good sporl . . . desfined fo see lhe world in Navy Blue. Marilyn J. lveson "Mimi" . . . A blue-eyed blonde . . . enioys lhe ouldoors and aulo races . . . never found silling slill or quiel' . . . rales music and hislory highly. i -i sporls . . . excellenl sludenl' . . . well- l1e'll underlake lo lake you under. liked . . . pleasanl' personalily. William Lee "Bill" . . . Nice looking . . . hunting and fishing experl' . . . pro-dogs, enli- cals . . . has a liking for French fries and shorl blondes. Roberl' J. Kasper Phyllis J. Kepner "Bob" . . . Polish hops . . . hunling "Keppie" . . . Brighl' eyes . . . lhe lhe wild . . . ducks lhe doorways . . . giggles . . . liH'le dynamife . . . rock- carpenlry rafes high . . . give him lhe a-chica-boom . . . "coke" kid . . . see wide open spaces. you af "The Charles". Lawrence Li'r'lle "Larry" . . . Capabiliiies unlimifed . . . ironical name . . . Ohio fransfer . . . plafler colleclor . . . blonde loclzs of frozen cusfard . . . fulure Space Cadef. 'NRM Carol Lounsbury Eric Kipperl' "Carrol" . . . Silver-fongued speech "Kip" . . . Hunfer and fisherman . . . . . . enioys dancing, movies and nice loves 'lhe oufdoors . . . fall . . . vol- weaiher . . . domesfic . . . full of unfeer fireman . . . 'fulure in pholo- fun . . . classic profile . . . 'Fufure graphy. pedagogue. Joshua N. Koplovilz "Our Josh" . . . brush lop . . . Josh "fir ihe baffle of 4l0" . . . good 5 spor+ . . . memories of 'lhe Annex - baffle ground . . . beauliful fan . . . "Gee whiz, Profl". Francis J. Kozlowslci "Frank" . . . Talenfed arlisl' . . . Nafional Guard Corporal . . . carlo- grapher . . . army career . . . on fhe march wifh Uncle Sam's infaniry. Roberf Keele "Bob" . . . Ouldoor lype quief . . . curly blonde . . keep his secref ambition a s 'WX Shirley A. Lafferry "Shirl" . . . Lilies traveling . . . giggler very friendly . . . campaigns for early lunch hours . . . would like fo become a slewardess. Howard N. Lang . - . very "Howie" . . . Our diligenf edifor . . . . wanls fo silver-iongued orefor . . . "sine Howie, secret. nihil" . . . precise . . . "You dropped somelhing" . . . sharp dresser. rye,--.-.-...F af' Jean C. Muchaw "Jeanne" . . . Friendly buf reserved . . . enioys spagl1eH'i and meafballs and ice sluafing . . . disfurbed by people who brag l . . . likes dogs. Q, Raifa Murnielcs "Raila" . . . Quief elifecfiveness . . . recenl lransfer . . . foreign infrigue . . . excellenf in fha arfs and sciences . . . loves dancing. Ronald G. Monroe "Red" . . . Click of flue camera . . . ol1. bow he lmafes fo gel up in flue morning . . . a spori for every season . . . slly. buf .nice fo know . . . draffs- man. Mary Ann Mamone :XX "Babe" . . . Neal' dresser . . . enioys ., ,A , -lhe movies . . . lfalian food fan . . . I rx "' ihe "voice" . . . desires fo fly a plane. R e E. Donald Long "Ducl:ie" . . . Roll out flue pool fable . . . "How's fhaf slioe iii?" . . . - smooth dancer . . . "fa ke a sneak". . . X, 93" XT Shi-is 1 is 'mqqxffil XM 'N-s X JF' 2 X 5 on flue ball . . . walchouf, Navy, here Sf. Ax If he comes. ' Barbara A. Miles Vifo F. Mamone Alberi' W. Milhizer "SH" - - - Ellibyi I milkililh dfhr "VH" . . . Arfisfic accordianaire . . . "Al" . . . Polife and considerafe . . . P-Micinafinq in wmv SPOT' - - - like' a sfudio of his own . . . music. fhe Hwughfful one . . . "Lighfs. 'l'0 drive 0 90" - - - 'POW' 0f9Yl05 - - - maesiro. please . . . Pepsodenl' smile camera, acfionln , , , felindg -friend .nolher Psychologisl ' ' ' secretly . . . H1056 spicy foods . . . GSPlf- , , , Zogml Hg'5 96 +0 fha mgqn, desires io pilol' a plllw- alions . . . N. Y. C. here -lie comes. .., . ..,. i, 71M-'V Q53 X 1 'Q :- X , Q 1-59 A V... ,: . 4 gl 5 X i X YNY V fx xx xmgwxw X Sega M Wi? .. . 3 X K x Fi s . H 'Ig Q 'ii Q? ge? . .A 332. Q gm we K X M .gs .5 gif . . f T . an 3 1- Wigs.. DNF" ' -fl xr ,Q A 5 2 r X , .ra sr., :Y Q r 2 .F ' ,g 5 .Q 5 .nz X 1 1 g -' W M . Eileen McAvoy Shnrley A Mille "Irish" . . Dosey do your riner S ur Pleasanf arhsi and . . . skafing on wheels Dodger pnamsf prefers Troy ro Florlda fan . . . anyihung bu? fravellng wha? a gurll llkes animals amiable . Mack Advocafes 'lhe ourdoor ue anofher square dancer . . . nfs a sinlcel wheiher bowling or 'Hshmg hell pu? has confidence Rlchard D Lovermg Rosemary R Murray Agnes Morllan Duc Bram Hrs? class "Ro" . . . A qunel' lllreable gurl Aggle Our own llffle baby proofreader non loquaclous baby-siHing enfhuslasf prefers aspires fo become a classucul mounfam climber scuence and a good sfealx dmner enloys Span smger Hui 'Phe birdie Aggie? marh whnz wnify ish class fufure commercual her 'fufures ef fhe Mei feacher. Roseanne Manoogian "Rosie" . . . Diligenl' fypisi . . . cufe giggle . . . finds hisfory boring . . . iifferbug . . . 'terrific gal . . . air-line hosfess. Sk Kalherine V. Osiwald "Kay" . . . The music lover . . . inclusfrious . . . always friendly . . . coniribuies more ihan her share io any group . . . will make a prize secreiary. SW:- X . -. vm . S , A .3 Mary B. Mifchell "Mi+ch" . . . Enioys working with children . . . likes hamburgers affer a good movie . . . a pefife girl wiih a sweef personalify . . . hes an urge io iravel. Q ,S 3 Marjorie A. Marfin "Marge" . . . "KiHen on 'I'he Keys" . . . chewing gum . J . guiding hand of Phil . . . "Tennis, anyone?" . . . psychoanalysis of The world . . . ihe Soufh appeals . . . fufure music feacher. Ann McCormick "Peanufs" . . . Enioys a good book and pina . . . wheels on her feei . . . Johnny Ray fan . . . ah, fo spend an April in Paris. Donald A. O'Donnell "Donnie" . . . Hunfing and fishing advocafe . . . square dancing en- fhusiasi . . . dislikes re ulafions al g - ihough he wanis io ioin The Marines. Herberl Newman "Becky" . . . Sfar hoopsfer . . . never an empfy car . . . iwinkle in his eye . . . drive-in movies . . . ihe appefife of an afhlefe . . . surprising wif. Joan Mauriello "Jo" . . . 5'3" and 'Full of glee . . . dancing's divine . . . side siroke and crawl . . . brown eyes and black hair . . . confagious giggles . . . a swell kid. T. 'M Teresa M Muclcle Anfhony M PerfeHi Carol A. O'Brien Terry A reserved and modes? Tony Bashful buf finds girls ir soff spoken enloys read mfereshng siep on ihe gas and acfive in sporfs . . . yearns fo irevel ing and phofogrephy experf sieer sfraighf ahead . . "li's a . . . enioys a good book . . . office roller slrefer well liked by all baskel' Bell boffom frousers, Helen M. Prefore "Carol" . . . Typing enlhusiasi . . . work is her forie. "Jinx" . . . A lively girl . . . secrefly desires io be e champion 'lencer . . . enioys sports fecf model 'F Norma Pascarella Carol A McGinnis Norm Enloy, hm. work ai. Sf Carol Holder of ihe purse Marys Hosplhl would like fo sfrings long 'telephone calls . . . draw as she frevels fhroughoui' fhe WPS' 'dw' Qood SPOT' - - - ,,o,.ld 5 gm, fo, dramahcs lWIhkl9 In her eye . loves fhose hamburgs ls ilu? all?" . . . she'II make a per- or her fashion designs. William H. Oslermann "Bill" . . . Hardworlring football iackler . . . blushes easily . . . enioys school . . . does homework at 6:30 A. M. when he's awake . . .W. H. 0.7 . . . "The dref+smen". XM! Z ru '1 -4 If 37 If lll cn 3' m 3 o : 'U m .E 3' : 3 9 'U m 2. :1 SL F 1 :Z Q-U2 -01.94 : 2 2'3" EE-3' 252' 20 Z' o 5, 2'2- 'L S QF n. 50,3 4:35- all 3.3 oo m3- o--L ogob :-'fl'- O 0 :gas air 03 F' 34 -4 5 Lg 5 1 : can on 'fun of EZ :gl 9.5.20 'D-32 1:0 fl-""' +0 0+ IO v-wa : 'U 22.5.5 5"f'1 'Q. rv .g-U- .u- .' 2-05- HEEL.. 30-33. :mo-2 :Wadi 'UO -I-no-2. 9-no: 'Hn :e..g' 'Ei'-1: Q0-3 3 z'g'5 5-4- Mary Jane Pollock Janer Specieior sporfs fan . . . sees red and lakes If . . masfer of ihe 88s our proficient car hop Sue Barions profege. Anna Mary Paone "Mary" . . . Likes children . . . col- lecfs postcards and recipes . . . may someday visii Austrian pen pal . . . e friendly girl wiih a quick laugh. Shirley A. Robinson "Shirl" . . . Quief . . . inlelligenf . . . minutes of fhe previous meering . . . always dependable for a iob well done . . . "The class will come fo order". Frank W. Pollock A XM James E. Powers Mary Powers "Jim" . . . The hunier . . . an Eagle "Berry" . . . lrish eyes helping Scouf . . . has a yen for iauy lies hand . . . avid movie fan yearns and ihe greal' oufdoors . . . a real for Erin . . . ai' home in fhe wafer sporfs enfhusiasi. "Take a leHer". "Frankie" . . . National Guard Mem- ber . . . likes sporis . . . goes huniing - 'for girls . . . quiei' . . . enioys sfudy halls and lunch hours besf of all. ...A me Sarah I. Rogers "Susie" . . . Arfisfically inclined . . . a pearly smile . . . "Less red rape" . . . fhe belle of the ball . . . Tri- angle member . . . go wesl, young lady. Dolores J. Riddell Fred G. Robinson Beverly A. Ross "Dee" . . . Raies skafing lops . . . "Fred" . . . Rosy cheeks . . . "There "Bev" . . . Dependable and hard pleasant buf shy . . . well liked by oughf fo be a Iaw" . . . feaser . . . working . . . enioys popular music all her friends . . . a lulure 'leacher lerrific smile . . . "Calling Docior dances, and bookkeeping sporh wifh e yen for irevel. Robinson" . . . falkafive . . . hand- 'fan . . . rales lfalian food highly SOIT18. -we 'Q' Mig r, J i r Nancy P. Rowe John C. Sirfori "Nan" . . . Model agencies' delighi "John" . . . Eyes ihal' mafch ihe . . . quief and calm . . .sficks 'io her skies . . . give him the ouidoor life guns . . . blonde hair and blue eyes . . . selfish people siay clear of ihis . . . Florence Nighfingale of ihe Navy. boy's pafh . . . whaf a driver! F. Jeanne K. "Jeannie" . . . walking 'fan . . enioys having a good lime . . . 'fas- Q ik X Q3 If N e xii , , X5 x Rado Fresh air fiend . . . . fashion plaie . . . ' Barbara Sulz er Bobble Trl 'lo ihe moon Cherry and babes and Bhlmdn Whrle fan a yen for New Yorlr 'lhe Kleenex Kld George L. Smifh "SmiHy" . . . Enioys hockey games and frack meefs . . . aufos, engines and huniing . . . surprises you wifh fhaf deep voice . . . shy somefimes . . . shori' memory. cinafed by crowds of people . . . fall and sfaiely. Thomas F. Sharpe Sandra A. Sedgwick Nafalie Salvaggio "Tom" . . . A real aihlefe . . . spurns "Sandy" . . . Auburn fresses . . . "Na+" . . . Neai and pefiie . . . cold wealher . . . iall, darlr, and sfuifed zoo . . . ihose hillbilly songs enioys sporis . . . choir member . . . handsome . . . 'fufure classy nighf . . . anfi-homework . . . 64" of sweei- "Sure, why noi?" . . . desires fo club owner . . . a machinisi's dream. ness . . . maker of menus . . . ardenf fravel fo Florida, banner collecfor . . . 'fulure diefician. 83 fi fl . Roberl W. Sroker Elizabe+h J. Slifer Carol L. Thompson "Bob" . . . Our Pres .... well liked "Liz" . . . Enioys driving fhe car . . . "Carol" . . . Soil' spoken . . . reserved . . . genius at fhe keys . . . also blows very Friendly . . . fond of wafching . . . sfill waier runs deep . . . an able ihaf clarinel . . . all-round aihlele foolball and hockey games . . . fulure leader . . . prowess on 'lhe courls . . . . . . hard worker . . . his fishpool secreiary. 'Flying io success. forever. Marlene B. Smarl "Marry" . . . Beaufiful buf modesl . . . bug for school work . . . one of ihe crowd . . . pearls for 'reeih and D diamonds for eyes . . . sporfs minded . . . ierrilic kid . 1 . "See you a+ Paul's . Francis P. Sommo "Frank" . . . Liffle pack of person- X alily . . . successor fo Ike . . . car- ! i foonisf . . . many 'lemme 'Friends . . . X sporfs fan . . . nice smile . . . des- ' """ 'lined for fha business world. Millard E. Rosenlhal Mary E. Snyder Howard D. Schwarlz "Mil" . . . English class comedian "Bonnie" . . . Quiel' buf full of 'lun "Alfer" . . . Camera bug . . . enioys . . . Das Geld . . . fha sealed fhesis . . . "Who dunni+?" . . . above all, driving . . . lacrosse enihusiasf- . . . . . . auto fiend . . . wafch our for his kindly io oihers . . . swimming fo- info everyfhing . . . always on The "Merc" . . . SSS . . . future fycoon. wards a sparkling future. go . . . our fuiure horse docior. f. V 5 ,. . Q ' .-ns' W Q, . . . Q . -s gn , .,-v , Q ---- . .n skg ,NVQ .fe 'k 5 W V Q ,iq n y v ahasi 5 X K ms 2 l f 5- 3, ,. zo., , Slips l , M, fm ' L.dLA..........s..ii.i:3ii.s,....M..,4gek.xs.s..l X' . l QQ.. ' W Q Missy X A X K Q 4 iii ? if wing Y q A YW Barbara L. Smilh Chrislina M. Turino Adrienne R Tuffy "Barb" . . . Tall and aflraclive . . . "Chris" . . . Twinkling brown eyes . . . "Snuffy" . Thai' mnocenl' look nice clofhes . . . voles for sharp sporl helping hands . . . "Teacher, X + Y oodles of friends and 8CllVIl'IOS cars and felevision . . . desires fo : 7" . . . aquafic fan . . . over fhe always speeding down ihe corridors become a successful model. nel'-fennis or volley ball . . . ah, fo on an educahonal pass collecfs see fha resl of fhe world. edilorships Joyce A. Vincenf "Joy" . . . Cheerful . . . annoyed by . . . likes swimming and future airline hosfess. Lawrence Sponable rainy wealher . . . enjoys social work sfeaks . "Larry" . . . Serve him sleak 'lhree A A limes a day . . . carefree . . . oul' fo if X Q, is conquer fhe polifical world . . . is friendly 'lowerds all . . . Supper Club if 5 1 regular. ' if A A Charles K. Sloddard Peary L. Tompkins Linus W Thrasher "Chuck" . . . Says liffle. lhinks much "Park" . . . Ham and cheese . . "Thrash" . An accomplished musl . . . behind-lhe-scenes man . . . per- "There's a fish on fhaf hook" . . . cian - - . l'h0f0rCYClO fill lmlfllll' severance plus . . . fhe kindly oufdoor lanky Michael Angelo . . . 'lwinkle phofographer prefers 'lhe ouldoors hermil . . . fulure frucker. eyes . . . give him a swimming pool. .h. .fhe'll help prolecl' our forests in l' e ufure T. Neil Trembly Teresa E. Tully Charles L. Waclclingfon "Sfrelch" . . . T. N. T .... fall and '.'Terry" . . . Fascinafing and infrigu- "Fefe" . . . Well-dressed . . . plays lanky . . . "a peaceable man" . . . ing . . . Hollywood, here she comes a ferrilic horn . . . Salvafion Army firsl class elecfrician . . . fhe oufdoor . . . always on fhe go . . . shool' fhaf officer . . . milifary music fan . . . fype . . . fhe Air Force for him. ?rrow - bull's eyel . . . 'lo a l'lePPY desfined for a successful S. A. career. ufure. Leo R. Toomaiian Jr. "Tomb-gin" . . . Always found on a bike . . . clean whife bucks . . . en- ioys hockey games . . . "No, heavens, nol" . . . square dance regular. Nadine Trueworfhy "Nadine" . . . A girl wifh a pleasing personalify . . . shy buf never shies away from a gay parfy or a dance . . . likes varsify sporfs . . . "Whaf say?" . . . Ah, yes, makes e good companion and a frue friend. John E. Slmoman Lois l. Trumble Bernard F. Vogel "Johnny" . . . Personalify plus . . . "Trouble" . . . Capfivafing voice . . . "Bernie" . . . Sincere . . . will re- afhlefe . . . handsome . . . precision 'l'l1e quiel' giggle . . . beauliful, beau- place Casey Sfengel . . . "Pnl more . . . ifs a long, long, frail from liful blue eyes . . . "inl'uifively cor- rosen on fhal' cue sfick" . . . wine, Lafhams . . . well-dressed . . . pofen- reef" . . . a 4 H'er from way back women, and song . . . fufure com- fial archifecf. . . . our Miss Microphone. mercial man. XBWM , yt wmwl 2 SWA. fl Lorraine A. Waile "Larri" . . . Super saleswoman blue leans girl . . . "Jeepersl" prelfy, lively. and full of fun never a dull momenl' . . . a car fhe home. Helene M. xashoolc William D. Welburn . . "Nena" . . . Enioys specfaior sporis "Willy" . . . A quiei and friendly guy . . . . . . she's lovely, she's engaged . . . . . . 'lhe red head . . . baseball and . . . "Don'l' fre?" . . . blonde hair, blue 'Foofball 'fan . . . a hunier . . . looks Qgr in eyes , , , and all fha resf, lllrollgh l'OS0'C0l0I'Od glasses. NX A L L if Lawrence J. Wilhelm "Larry" . . . l do love Lucy . . . merrily we roll along . . . dribble, dribble, swish . . . quief . . . 'former Cadef . . . defermined io be a prin'I'er. Lois E. Whiiing James Van Buren Muriel L. Wasmufh "Sally Lou" . . . A good-nalured gal "Van" . . . Radio . . . sfriking char- "Sally" . . . Animal and TV addici' . . . aclive in youfh groups . . . acler . . . mechanically minded . . . . . . fhai' American Lii' classl . . . speclalor sporls addicf. . . a domes- heariy appefiie . . . one of 'those sfeak, sleek. and more siealrl . . . 'lic future for her. fhings . . . fufure ielevision fechni- "Info fhe wild blue yonder". CIBI1. '1 V fi Gerald Wilkes Russell H. Wrifer Jane+ M. WiH'e "Jerry". . . Good fhings come in "Herb" . . . Muscle man . . . likes "Wil" . . . Soplnisficafed miss . . . small packages . . . Sfudonf Council skiing and skafing . . . e modesf, pariy. pariy . . . Cherry and Whife Presidenf . . . Nova Scofia bear good looking guy . . . l1e'll meke a 'Fan . . . affraciive . . . beaufifully hunier . . . fhe Charles . . . 'french ferrific sfafe frooper. dressed . . Billion Dollar Baby. 'fries . . . electrician. .. XT- 'X l 1 Elinor G. Wlwifon "Polly" . . . "Ar+isfe Magniliqua" . . . fhis is nexi year for ihe Dodgers . . . good naiured . . . anioys sports . . . frequeni' fraveler fo New York . . "Tippie doesn'f bile". Roben' S. Welcome Eileen M. YeH'o Carol A. Waferfield "Bob" . . . One of flue crowd . . . "Mickey" . . . A iuneful songsiress "Carol" . . . Squeaky . . . blushes on-siege amateur . . . al heme in . . . icebox invader . . . enioys flue easily . . . falenfed songsfress . . . old clofhes . . . a hunfinq he will go. ivories . . . enyfhing buf hisfory . . . brighr, cheerful. end preffy . . . sealed af fha fypewrifer. domeslic . . . 4-H'er . . . obsession for red . . . power behind 'Phe press. -Q-i' Napa:-V' eel 50 Camera Shy Earl Noesen- Jean M. Angus Q i "Killy" . . . To 'lame lhrough song "Earl" . . . No slrikes io spare . . . and dance . . . dance 'lill doomsday he's gol a racquel . . . Ready, aim, . . . hardly an enemy . . . morning. fire! . . . reel in 'lhal 'Fish . . . ship noon, and nighl - Polalo Chips . . . ahoy! "Giddyap horsey.". h Richard Reich Joan M' Fuisc er "Dick" . . . Anolher ouldoor man . . . "Whoopy" . . . Red hair minus 'the amafeur navigalor . . . pullers wilh lemper . . . disc parfies . . . lel' lhal old molors . . . has a dislike for crowded bus pass . . . " 'Cousin' fo school and noisy girls . . . fuiure in- winl" . . . an arlisl all lhe way. dusfrial engineer. Virda Gambrell Richard J. Wensel "Vee" . Neal dresser . . . enioys "Rich" . . . Eyes of blue . . . wood- all kinds see 'lhe working enlhusiasl' . . . lilile packages of sporls . . . desires fo are somelimes lhe mosl explosive . . . world wilhoul ioining lhe Navy . . . fuiure aulo mechanic. ghy , , , fufufe lqggpgfer, Sfephen M. Greene Chrislina M. Wheeler "Slew" - - - A 5l'Y and qi-'lei blonde "Chris" . . . Pen in hand . . . goes - - - popular Will! all who know him for lhe semi-classics . . . an archery . . . excellenl carpenler . . . small of and fgofball enthusiast , . . a preffy Siall-We bl-Il filled Will! fun. saluie 'lor lhe Salvalion Army. Roberl J. Minahan Lawrence Zeph "Bob" - - - l'li9l1. Sl'1Y. and handsome "Larry" . . . Nalure sfudy fan . . . . . New York, New York, wha+ a devolee of sporfs magazines . . . pre- wonderlul lown . . . collecls while shirfs . . . versaiile ball player . . . fufure lealherneck. fers sleeping fo going 'lo school any- day . . . hunling is his favorife. Class Song Tune "May fha Good Lord Bless and Keep You" - Words ll"s 'rime lo say good-bye lo Troy High The school we cherished in our hear+s. The memory of you will always linger From fhe clay we parl. You laugh? us honor gave us guidance Q- . q, Through l'he years we speni wilh you me - . .asf 'i,:sne""en They will never be forgollen Y 5 viewer:-,Ie-Jw'x In all we say or do. 99. sh. awe' We lhank you all for slanding by us Wi+h saddened hearis we say good-bye To our cherished Alma Maier The old, lhe new Troy High. by Helen Prefore The lop iwelve of '53, Firsf row - leff fo righf - Richard Lovering, Shirley Robinson, Pefer Husfon. Second row - Kenneth Husfon, Joshua Koplovifz. Third row - Howard Lang, Marilyn Dolin, Raira Murnieks. Fourfh row - Eleanor Dearsfyne, Ted Boroian, Norma Aronson, Carol Waferfield. Honor Students Pefer Husion and Richard Lovering capiured +op honors for fhree and one-half years' work ai' Troy High. Valedicforian Hus+on +allied a 93.57 average, while Lovering placed second wifh a 93.27. Ten o+hers were ranked according +o scholasfic abili+y. Shirley Robinson placed fhird. The honor group is significanl' in +he fad Thai ifs s+uden+s are in- variably leaders in sfudeni' and class government "Bookworms" are non- prevailanl' in fhis group: indeed, many of fhese sfudenfs are +he mosl' aciive in class and sfudenf governmenial dufies. We mighf say, rhere- fore, fhai' an honor s+uden+ is noi' proficieni' in "book-learning" alone, buf also in general acfivify and class relafionship. The Senior Class also did iiself proud in scholarship compe+i+ion. Forfy per cenf of fhe fwenfy s+a1'e scholarships allocafed fo Rensselaer counfy were capfured by '53 scholars. A+ Dardanian press lime, senior scholarship awards were already nearing ihe forfy-'rhousand dollar mark. "The Hall of Fame" ln January l953, we, fhe pioneers in fhe new building, named lwenly- one of our classmafes fo "The Hall of Fame". January I6 . . . everyone had anxiously awaifed lhis day of days when 'lhe class celebrilies would be announced. When lhe news reached fhe 'lhird floor hall, our mosl' aH'rac+ive girl, Joan Fell, shoolc her long blonde lresses in disbelief unlil she was assured lhal' if was lrue. Our handsome boy, John Simonian, received fhe news more calmly 'lhan he should have. llf was rumored lhal' a liH'le bird fold him beforehand.l Furlher down lhe hall a large crowd was noficed. Upon invesligalion, we discovered 'rhal' in lhe middle, signing aulographs, were our mosl' "How does my hair loolr loday?" Joan Fell' asks, buf she doesn'f seem 'lo be gefling much affenfion. Janel Beziian has cornered blushing Ray Honsinger while Nick Brignola's anfics appear lo be drawing lhe a'Henfion of Joan Fordyce. popular girl and boy, Mary Barsamian and Bob Sfolxer. Everyone lurned lo hear fallcalive Irma Gordon engaged in a discussion wirh class polirician and oralor, Howard Lang. Lisfening carefully, we could discern phrases describing fhe enioyable Senior year, commenls concerning lhe wonder- ful Senior Ball, and, here and fhere, a lrace aboul' lhe opposile sex. Ted Boroian, mos+ lilcely +o succeed, accepled 'lhe news wilh a de- lermined loolr in his eye, while class wi+, Nick Brignola, became engulfed in fifs of laughler. Alhlele Diclc EllioH' look 'rime oul' from praclice lo oblige hungry Shirley Robinson studies hard, paying no alfenlion fo Howard Lang's affempl ai speech making. Ted Boroian has no lime lo fell lalllalive Irma Gordon of his 'lufure plans, as Joan Adams appears fo be quire beyond fhe group's scope. Je ry Wlkes works hard af puffing up a picfure, h Ie Vie Mamone provides fhe music for dancers Jenn e Acierno and Hal Danzis. aufograph hunfers. They never did cafch up wifh Jerry Wilkes, however. He was no doubf busy doing somefhing for Troy High. Flirfafious Janef Beziian, wifh her amazing winking eye, made bash- ful Ray Honsinger blush a beaufiful shade of pink. Talenfed Vifo Mamone came down fhe hall playing his accordian in fime wifh fhe dancing feef of Hal Danzis and Jennie Acierno. Some kind soul loaned Agnes Morlian a bonnef and raffle which supplemenfed her fifle of "class baby" very well. Mary Casale and Frank Reilly, looking exfra-specially well-dressed, sfood by fo give helpful hinfs on grooming fo anyone inferesfed. Digni- fied Joan Adams received fhe news wifhouf baffing an eyelash while l 4 carefree Joan Fordyce raced down fhe hall shaking hands, slapping backs, and emiffing shoufs of "Congrafs". Even our mosf sfudious Senior, Shir- ley Robinson, leff her books and enfered fhe mad confusion of fhe hall. llf is said fha? chemisfry suffered fhe nexf day.l This day had cerfainly been a wonderful one for all. The sfars in fhe four-year drama of our class had af lasf received recognifion. We leff school wifh a happy-fired feeling knowing fhaf fhis day would long linger in our minds. Liffle Agnes Morlian gefs an aufogreph from Presidenf Bob Sfoker, while Mary Casale, dressed a la mode, gefs fha autograph of sporfs star Dick Ell' ff d d s n Reilly receives no , an snappy res er Frak popular Mary Barsamian's signafure. Dear Rufh, ----- The hungry period - 4+h. Headaches galore! Roasl' beef or chicken? Senior Accomplishments JENNIE S. ACIERNO School I4 Professional Dancer JOAN M. ADAMS School I6 Mildred Elley ERNESTINE L. ALBERT Brunswick No. 2 Bookkeeper JEAN M. ANGUS Si. Peler's Nursing School RUSSELL J. AREKIAN School I4 Aulo Mechanic JOHN S. ARMAO School I4 Business NORMA MAE ARONSON School I8 Cornell Universily LORRAINE E. AURELIUS School I2 Secrelary LAWRENCE P. BACKAUS School I2 Business JOAN A. BAKER Wynanlskill School Mildred Elley BRUCE A. BACKMAN Morse High School, Baih, Maine Springfield College MARY A. BARSAMIAN School I8 Mildred Elley ANN S. BASS Knickerbocker Jr. High School Telephone Operafor JANET J. BEZJIAN Wynanlskill No. 4 College EVELYN H. BIRKBECK School I8 Telephone Operafor M. CAROL BLAKE School I Albany Business College LOWELL A. BLOM School I4 Siena BEVERLY E. BONJUKIAN School I8 Undecided THEODORE V. BOROIAN School IB College Delphic: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sfudeni' Council: Communily Singing: Commercial Club: Sophomore Dance: Card Commiliee: Junior Mixer: Dardanian. Sophomore Dance: Glee Club: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: French Club: Magazine Sales: Sfudenf Council Play: Community Singing. Junior Red Cross: Card Commiflee: Communiiy Sing- ing: Kniiling. Library Club: Magazine Sales: Card Commiffee. Magazine Sales: Card Commillee. Reading Club: Fooiball: Track: Card Commilfee. Naiional Honor Socielyg French Club: Challenger: Phil: Dardanian: Youlh Page lEdiiorl: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Clarion lEdiforl: Ring Commiliee: Nafure Study: Sfudeni Council: Science Club. Glee Club: Know Troy: Commercial Club: Communify Singing. Magazine Sales: Card Commiilee. Commercial Club: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Com- munify Singing: Boosfer Club: Sophomore Dance: Sen- ior Ball. Baslielball: Fooiball: Track: Card Commiflee: Dardan- lan. Vice Presidenl of Senior Class: Nalional Honor Soci- eiy: Junior Prom: Challenger: Phil: Sfudenf Council: Senior Ball: Clarion: Junior Exec. Board: Sophomore Dance: Magazine Sales: Ring Commiffee: Junior Mixer: T. A. I. S. C. A.: Dardanian. Glee Club: Sophomore Dance: Sfudeni Council: Jun- ior Prom: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball. Communiiy Singing: Sophomore Dance: Glee Club: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Junior Prom. Sophomore Dance: Hairpin Mechanics: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Communily Singing. Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Sophomore Dance: Senior Ball: Card Commillee. Reading Club, Science Club. Spanish Club, Card Commifiee. Sophomore Dance: Junior Red Cross: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Card Commiifee: Delphic: Senior Ball: French Club: Dardanian. Challenger: Clarion: Nalional Honor Sociely lPres- denfl: Senior Exec. Board: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom lChairmanl: Soap Box Socieiy: Toga: Sophomore Dance: Science Club: German Club: Ring Commillee: Dardanian: Senior Ball. LUCILLE M. BOSSONE SI. Mary's Secrefary LEILA BOURKE Souih Porrland Hi h School, 9 Maine Secrefary GEORGE M. BOVEE Sacred Hear? Business MARILYN T. BREEN Edison No. 4 Undecided NICHOLAS BRIGNOLA School 5 Union College BEVERLY A. BRIMMER School I4 Secrelary LAURA M. BULLETT School I2 Mildred Elley LYNDA J. BURGESS School I8 Mildred Elley JUNE J. BURNICHE School I8 Waves MICHAEL J. BYER School I2 Professional Musician ROSE M. CAMPANA School I4 Business MARILYN A. CAMPBELL S+. Joseph's Nursing L. SHIRLEY CARR School I8 Mildred Elley MARY A. CASALE School I0 Undecided VINCENT J. CASTIGLIONE School I4 Navy HAZEL J. CASTLE Lansingburgh High School Cobleslrill College JULIA J. CHAMPITTO C. C. H. S. Secrefary BETTY L. CHITTENDEN School I Undecided Commercial Club: Boosfer Club: Hairpin Mechanics Senior Ball. Soffball: Basketball: Card Commifiee: Magazine Sales. Magazine Sales: Card Commilfee. Dramalics: French Club: Knilfing Club: Junior Prom. Band: Orchesfra: Track: Foorball. Commercial Club: Phil: Nalional Honor Sociely: 'Com- muniry Singing: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball. Community Singing: Glee Club: Sophomore Dance: Senior Ball: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Library Club: Horizon. . Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Nafion- al Honor Sociefy. Magazine Sales: Card Commiffee: Senior Ball. Magazine Sales: Card Commilfee. Commercial Club: Card Commilfee: Magazine Sales. Sophomore Dance: Card CommiHee: Magazine Sales. Band: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball. Sfudenl Council: Communily Singing: Senior Ball: Soffballg Field Hoclrey: Volley Ball. Senior Ball: Card Sales: Junior Mixer: Sophomore Dance. Senior Ball: Card Sales: Magazine Sales. Camera Club: Correspondence Club: Card Sales. Kniffing Club: Glee Club: Card Salas. If a 'Iriangle has - Welch fhe birdie Ca prions, a nyone 7 Real or imaginary roofs? The hungry horde. Mr. Principal. A Enioying fhe food? In fhis corner ,of ,gs f M. JACQUELINE CLINTON School I Secrelary IRA F. COHEN School I8 Albany Business Collage SYLVIA L. COH EN School I0 Albany Sfare Teachers College ROBERT A. COLER School 5 Navy BEVERLY J. COLWILL School 5 Secrerary DAVID C. COONRADT Grafron No. 4 Navy CECELIA A. CURTIN Sf. Joseph's Telephone Company THOMAS P. DANAHER, JR. Wynanrslzill Undecided PATRICIA J. DANIELS School I4 Secreiary HAROLD R. DANZIS, JR. School I6 U. S. Merchanf Marine Academy AN N DEARSTYNE Wynanisliill Business ELEANOR G. DEARSTYNE School Ib Russell Sage College JOAN T. DEERFIELD School I Office Worlr MARCIA A. DEMBO School IB Syracuse Universiiy RUSSELL F. DERBY School I6 College FREDERICK W. DOBERT School I Navy MARILYN B. DOLIN School I8 Simmons College JEAN M. DU CUENNOIS Sacred Hear? Mildred Elley Srudeni Council: Senior Ball: Junior Mixer. Magazine Sales: Card Sales. Communiiy Singing: Commercial Club: Narional Honor Sociefy: Know Troy: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Junior Prom. Senior Ball: Junior Mixer, Track: Clarion. Kniffing Club: Craffs: Library Club: Junior Prom. Fooiball: Traclc: Dardanian: Senior Exec. Board. Commercial Club: Boosfer Club: Communily Singing: Glee Club: Junior Mixer: Sophomore Dance. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Shop Dance. Commercial Club: Junior Cards: Magazine Sales. Challenger: Siudenl Council: Sophomore Dance: J. V. Baslreiballg Junior Class Presidenl: Card Commirfee IChairmanI. Nafional Honor Sociefy: Commercial Club: Junior Card Commiliee IChairmanl. Toga: Naiional Honor Socieiyq Science Club: French Club. Senior Ball: Junior Mixer: Choral: Sophomore Dance Boosier Club: Sophomore Dance: Clarion: Junior Mixer: Phil: Card Commiflee: Sfudenf Council: Junior Prom: Dardanian: French Club. Traclz: Junior Exec. Board: Sophomore Dance: Senior Ball: Senior Cards: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom. Shop Dance: Senior Ball: Junior Card Sales: Senior Cards. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Ring Com- miifee: Junior Prom: Delphic IPresicIenIl: Sludenf Council IVice Presidenll: Challenger:,Clarion: Naiional Honor Society: French Club: Senior Ball: Soap Box Socieiy: Dardanian. Sophomore Dance: Ring Commiiiee: Card Com- miiiee: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Varsify Cheer- leader: Siudeni Council: Dardanian: Clarion: Junior Class Secrelary: Phil: T. A. I. S. C. A.: Senior Ball: Choral: Boosier Club. JOSEPH DE SAPIO S+. Palricl's Undecided PHYLLIS N. DUNHAM School I Telephone Company MARION E. DUNLOP Plaifsburgh High School Russell Sage College ALMA A. DUPUIS S+. PaIrick's Secreiary JOSEPH A. EATES SI. Mary'S Air Force JOYCE A. EATON School I2 Mildred Elley ELIZABETH C. EDWARDS School I2 Albany Business College AURORA L. EKMALIAN School I4 College CONSTANCE L. ELLETI' Berlin Cenlral Albany Business College RICHARD P. ELLIOTT Graffon No. 5 Professional Baseball EMILY ENGWER Wynanislrill Complorneier School SYLVIA A. ESTES Wynanfslrill Business College MINNA H. FALK School I8 College CLAIRE FARLEY Graffon No. 5 Business College JOAN M. FELT School I0 Secreiary CAROL A. FILM Brunswick No. I Secrefary LESLIE Y. FORDYCE C. C. H. S. U. C. L. A. ROBERT FOREST Averill Parlr Cenlral High R. P. I. Senior Ball: Dardanian: Junior Prom. Sophomore Dance: J. V. and Varsiiy Cheerleader: Library Club: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Chanions Un Peu. Delphic: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Senior Card Sales lChairmanl: Communily Singing: Sfudeni Council: French Club lSecre+aryl: Magazine Sales. Challenger: Community Singing: Senior Card Sales: Magazine Sales. Shop Dance: Card Commillee: Magazine Sales. Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Glee Club. Cheerleader: Horizon Club: Ring Commilfee: Know Troy: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Junior Mixer. Glee Club: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom. Communify Singing: Commercial Club: Card Com- milfee. Varsiiy Foolball: Varsify Baseball: Junior Mixer. Junior Mixer: Commercial Club: Communiiy Singing: Senior Ball: Sophomore Dance. Magazine Sales: Card Sales. J. V. and Varsily Cheerleader: Delphic: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Spanish Club. Junior Mixer: Publiciiy Club: Communily Singing. Junior Mixer lChairmanl: Challenger: Delphic: Nafional Honor Socielyg Junior Prom: Commercial Club. Challenger: Communily Singing: Junior Mixer. Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Dardanian: Clarion: Magazine Sales: French Club: Srudenl' Coun- cil Play: Dramafics: Creaiive Wriling Club. Science Club: Foolball: Baseball: Spanish Club lPresi- denll. To be, or nol' Io be - - Fufures Unlimifed. Calculafing woman, Fiesia queen's couri. I 4- I L A healihy specimen. Open wide! 1 Come fo order! High iump. JOAN M. FUTSCHER School I4 Business VIRDA GAMBRELL School 5 Vocalional School LORRAINE GLASSER Jr. H. S. I49-Brooklyn Albany Sfale Teachers College. BARBARA F. GOLDBERG School IB College IRMA R. GORDON School I0 Russell Sage BARBARA J. GRANGER School I4 Houghlon College STEPHEN M. GREENE Sacred Hearl Undecided JOSEPH J. GRIFFIN School I Undecided ROSEMARY C. GRILLO School I0 Secrelary KENNETH GRIMES School I4 Siena ROSE M. GROSS School I0 Business College HEINZ HAAG School I8 Professional Musician GORDON K. HALDEMAN Lansingburgh High School College JOAN M. HAMMOND S+. Palrick's Secrelary MARY ANN HARTUNIAN School I8 College ELIZABETH DE LEE HEFFRON School I8 Goucher College WENDELL T. HESS School I6 R. P. I. Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Junior Mixer: Arr Club. Football: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer. Sfudenl Council Execulive Board: National Honor Sociely: Delphic: Horizon Club lTreasurerl: Ring Commiflee: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Challenger. Sfudeni Council: Sophomore Dance: Challenger: Dal- phic: French Club: Nafional Honor Sociely: Dardan- ian: Junior Execulive Board: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Ring Commillee: Senior Execulive Board: Sen- ior Ball: Soap Box Sociely. Naiure Sludy lSecrefaryl: Science Club: Sophomore Dance: Glee Club: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Phil: Challenger: Nalional Honor Sociely: Ring Comrniilee: Sfudenl Council: Sfudenl' Council Play. Library Club: Reading Club: Junior Red Cross: Sopho- more Dance: Card Commillee. Shop Dance: Magazine Sales. Sophomore Dance: Shop Dance. Commercial Club: Know Troy Club: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Communiiy Singing. Baslelball: Baseball: Foofball: Nalure Siudy. Commercial Club: Know Troy Club: Senior Ball: Sen- ior Cards: Leader's Club: Soflball Team: Dardanian: Delphic. Junior Mixer: Sophomore Dance: Lafin Workshop: Accordianaires. Nalure Sfudy: Traclr: Junior Cards: Magazine Sales. Commercial Club: Camera Club: Junior Prom: Com- munify Singing. Sophomore Dance: Sfudenl Council: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: J. V. and Varsily Cheerleader: Phil: Horizon Club: Senior Ball: Dardanian. Science Club lTreasurerl: Nafure Sludy: Phil: Sopho- more Dance: Freshman Play: Challenger. Sluclenl Council: Sophomore Dance: Varsily Foolball: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball lCo-Chairmanl: Dardanian. SHIRLEY A. HILL School I2 Sfenographer GEORGE R. HILLJE School I4 Machinisi MARILYN HILT School I4 Nursing RAYMOND HONSINGER School I0 Machinisl LORRAINE D. HOPKINS School 5 Albany Business College DIANE M. HORSFALL School I4 Sl. Lulre's Columbia Universily JOAN HORTON School I4 Sfenographer SHIRLEY HUNT School I4 Nursing KENNETH HUSTON School I8 R. P. I. PETER HUSTON School IB R. P. l. JOAN A. INGALLS School I8 Slenographer MARILYN J. IVESON School I6 Secreiary JOHN JAFFARIAN C. C. H. S. Navy ROBERT J. KASPER School I2 Vocational School ROBERT KEEFE Wynanlsiill Business PHYLLIS J. KEPNER Wynanlshill Nursing JOAN A. KING School I2 Business College ERIC KIPPERT Brunswicl: No. I Rochesler Inslilule of Technology Sludenl Council: Junior Prom: Dardanian: Junior Mixer. Shop Dance: Card Sales: Junior Mixer. Junior Red Cross: Reading Club: Junior Prom: Field Hoclrey: Junior Mixer. Senior Ball: Magazine Sales: Junior Prom. Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Sfudenl Coun- cil Execulive Board. Nalure Sfudy Club lSecrelaryl: Phil: Bela Phi: Nalion- al Honor Sociely lVice Presidenll: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Darclanian: Sludenl Council lSecrelaryl: Challenger. Dramalics: Choral: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Delphic: Senior Ball. Junior Red Cross: Orcheslra: Band: Sophomore Dance: Card Sales: Magazine Sales. Challenger: Dardanian: Track: J. V. Foolball: Science Club: Nalional Honor Sociely lTreasurerl: German Club: Troy Record Correspondenl for Troy High. Sophomore Dance: Challenger: Nalional Honor Soci- ely: Science Club: Dardanian. Dramaiics Club: Choral Group: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Phil. Glee Club: Choral Group: Challenger: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom. Senior Ball: Card Sales: Magazines. Junior Card Sales: Magazine Sales. Junior Magazine Sales: Junior Cards: Senior Cards. J, V. and Varsity Cheerleader lCeplainl: Phil: Junior Mixer: Sophomore Dance: French Club: Bela Phi. Sophomore Dance: Junior Red Cross: Card Com- millee: Commercial Club: Clarion: Nalional Honor Sociely: Sludenl Council: Magazine Sales: Ring Commillee. Band: German Club: Junior Mixer: Card Sales. While millr or orangeade? Fiesla queen and courf. We wenl a baskell Miss Kelly's Quiz Kids. Used-car lol. Heighf-weight. Blueprinis. I2' deep here. MARGARET A. KOHLER SI. Joseph's Waves JOSHUA N. KOPLOVITZ School I0 College FRANCIS J. KOZLOWSKI School I Army SHIRLEY A. LAFFERTY School I4 Telephone Company HOWARD N. LANG School I8 Colleqe GERALD N. LASKY School I2 Air Force CAROL N. LOUNSBURY School I2 Jersey Cily Business WILLIAM LEE School I Air Corps LAWRENCE LITTLE Howland High School, Ohio Air Force E. DONALD LONG School I Navy RICHARD D. LOVERING School I8 U niversily of Rochesler MARY ANN MAMONE School I0 Undecided VITO F. MAMONE School I0 Musician ROSEANNE MANOOGIAN School I0 Business College MARJORIE A. MARTIN School I Polsdam Slale Teachers College JOAN MAURIELLO School 5 Secrelary EILEEN McAVOY School I Sfenographer Choral: Glee Club: Soflballg Communify Singing. Challenger: Clarion: Dardanian: Tennis: Baseball lManagerl: Toga: French Club: Nafional Honor Soci- ely: Sludenl' Council Play: Nalure Sfudy: Publicify Club: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom. Senior Ball: Junior Prom: Card Sales. Communily Singing: Junior Mixer: Hoclxey: Sophomore Dance: Personalify Plus: Dramalics: French Club. Junior Mixer lChairmanl: Junior Prom: Sludenl Coun- cil Play: Sfudeni Council lVice Presidenil: Dardanian lEdiIorI: Science Club: Nalional Honor Sociefy: Soap Box Sociefyg French Club: Challenger. Junior Card Sales: Magazine Sales: Senior Ball: Clarion: Junior Prom: Sophomore Dance Junior Card Sales: Senior Ball: Junior Prom. Senior Ball: Magazine Sales: Card Commillee. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Magazine Club. Challenger: Dardanian: Nalional Honor Socielyg Ring Commillee lChairmanI: German Club: Naiure Sludy Club: Science Club: Clarion: Traclr. Communily Singing: Glee Club. Band: Orcheslra: J. V. Baslcefball: Senior Ball: Assem- bly Enlerlainmenl: Junior Mixer: Communily Singing: Accordianaires. Challenger: Magazine Sales lCo-chairrnanl: Clarion: Commercial Club lVice Presidenfl: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Dramafics: Soflball: Rain- drop Rhylhm. Sophomore Dance: Sludenl Council Play: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Phil, lPresidenII: Ring Commiifee: Spanish Club: Communify Singing: Senior Ball: Dar- danian: Sludenl' Council Board: Horizon Club. Communily Singing: Sophomore Dance:'Junior Mixer: Dramalics. Sludenl' Council: Communily Singing: Card Com- millee. ANN McCORMlCK School I Secreiary CAROL A. MCGINNIS School I2 Mildred Elley JOHN McMAHON S+. Joseph's General Eleclric BEVERLY J. MIKHITARIAN School I4 Business BARBARA A. MILES School 5 Green Mounlain Junior College ALBERT W. MILHIZER Wynanlslrill Undecided SHIRLEY A. MILLER Sf. Pelersburg High School, Florida Prali lnsiilule ROBERT J. MINAHAN School I2 Marine Corps MARY B. MITCHELL Sacred Hearf Brady Hospilal RONALD G. MONROE School I2 Draflsman AGN ES MO RLIAN Sl. PeIer's Professional Musician JEAN C. MUCHAW Averill Park Cenfral High Secrelary TERESA M. MUCKLE School I Undecided RAITA MURNIEKS Hudson High School College ROSEMARY R. MURRAY Sl. Pairiclfs College EDWARD L. MYERS School I Marine Corps HERBERT NEWMAN School I0 Navy EARL NOESEN School 5 Navy Community Singing: Correspondence Club: Card Commillee. Treasurer of Junior and Senior Class: Sfudenf Council: Nalional Honor Sociely: Commercial Club: Delphic: Challenger: Clarion: Dardanian: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom iCo-Chairmanl: Senior Ball. Senior Ball: Junior Mixer: Card Sales. Junior Prom: Siudenl Council: Correspondence Club: Communily Singing. Nalure Siudy: Girl's Sporls: Junior and Senior Cards: Junior Prom. Card Commiilee: Magazine Sales: Commercial Club: Crafls Club. Clarion: Toga: Virgil: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Sophomore Dance: Senior Ball: Baslrelball: Choral. Senior Ball: Card Sales: Magazine Commiliee: Sopho- more Dance: Baslzelball: Shop Dance. Sluclenl Council: Sophomore Dance: Senior Card Sales. Camera Club: Track: Sophomore Dance: Magazine Sales. Dramalics: Glee Club: Commercial Club: Junior Mixer: Sfudenl Council: Magazine Sales. Junior Prom: Challenger: Commercial Club: Com- munify Singing. Communiiy Singing: Card Commiilee: Magazine Sales. Naiional Honor Sociely: Senior Ball: Announcernenl Commillee. Horizon Club: Communily Singing: Dance Club: Jun- ior Mixer: Junior Prom: Ring Commillee: Spanish Club. Magazine Club: Chef's Club: Soapbox Sociely: Junior Mixer: Sophomore Dance: Dance Club. J. V. Baslrelball: Varsiiy Baseball: J. V. Baseball: Jun- ior Card Sales. Sludenl Council: Shop Dance: Junior Prom: Com- munity Singing. Faculfy Row. Time ou? for a Colne. . Y End of a busy day Slyczynsli vs. Wafervliel. Where were you - - 7 -Dance inferval. Ceniral and easl' wings. Music hafh charms. CAROL A. O'BRIEN S+. Joseph's Office Worlr DONALD A. O'DONNELL Brunswick No. 4 Marine Corps WILLIAM H. OSTERMANN Averill Park Cenfral High Worcesfer Polyiechnic lnsiiiuie KATHERINE V. OSTWALD S+. Mary's Secreiary ANNA MARY PAONE School I8 Undecided NORMA PASCARELLA School I Office Work ANN C. PASINELLO School I0 Nursing YOLANDA R. PATTI S+. Francis' Business College AARON I. PAUL School I8 College ANTHONY M. PERFETTI School I4 Undecided MARY A. PITTSE School I6 Russell Sage FRANK W. POLLOCK School I4 Undecided MARY JANE POLLOCK School I4 College JAMES E. POWERS School I4 Undecided MARY POWERS School I2 Secrelary HELEN M. PREFORE Knickerbocker Jr. High School Pra'H Insiilufe GLORIA F. PULVER SI. Joseph's Albany Business College RICHARD REICH Technical High School. Springfield, Mass. R. P. I. Boosler Club: Glee Club: Communify Singing: Sopho- more Dance: Junior Mixer. Card Sales: Sophomore Dance: Senior Ball. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Ring Commifiee: Senior Execufive Board: German Club: Soap Box Sociefyg Junior Prom: Siudeni Council: Dardanian: Varsiiy Foofball. Sfudenf Council: Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Glpe Club: Communify Singing: Junior Mixer: Senior Ba I. Commercial Club: Glee Club: Senior Card Sales. Junior Prom: Sophomore Dance. Choral: Junior Mixer: Communify Singing: Card Sales. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Library Club: Communify Singing: Glee Club: Choral: Dra- mafics. Varsily Golf: Junior Card Commiffee lChairmanl: Spanish Club: Junior Mixer: Senior Card Sales. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Junior Magazine. Craffs: Naiure Siudy: Science Club: Nafional Honor Socieiy: Spanish Club: Orchesfra: Band: Tumbling: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Sophomore Dance. Track: Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Senior Card Sales. Science Club: French Club: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Delphic: Horizon: Sfudenf Council: Naiional Honor Sociely: Sophomore Dance. Nalure Club: Card Sales: Magazine Sales: Open House. Commercial Club: Junior Red Cross: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom. Creaiive Wriiing: Dramaiics: Camera Club: Com- munify Singing: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Archery: Soffball: Sophomore Dance: Senior Ball: Clarion. Library Club: Communiiy Singing: Junior Card Sales. Senior Ball: Junior Prom. JEANNE K. RADO School I2 Mildred Elley FRANCIS W. REILLY Jamaica Plain High School. Boston 1 Undecided DOLORES J. RIDDELL School I4 Undecided FRED G. ROBINSON School I Union College SHIRLEY A. ROBINSON School I2 Albany State Teachers College SARAH I. ROGERS Wynantslill Office Work MILLARD E. ROSENTHAL School I4 Syracuse University BEVERLY A. ROSS School I4 Business College NANCY P. ROWE Oueensbury High School Nursing NATALIE A. SALVAGGIO St. Anthony's Secretary HOWARD D. SCHWARTZ School I8 College SANDRA A. SEDGWICK School I6 Business College THOMAS F. SHARPE School I8 Veteran's Vocational School JOHN E. SIMONIAN Berlin Central College JOHN C. SIRTORI St. Peter's Albany Business College ELIZABETH J. SLITER School I2 Business College MARLENE B. SMART Grafton No. 7 Secretary BARBARA L. SMITH School I8 Mildred Elley 'vw- . 5-wrtwwvf r 1 1'-ff' Choral: Know Troy: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Community Singing: Open House: Booster Club. Senior Ball: Junior Magazine Sales: Senior Card Sales. Sophomore Dance: Junior Prom: Junior Card Sales. Toga: Nature Study: Magazine Committee: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Ring Committee: Junior Prom: Senior Class lSecretaryl: Student Coun- cil Executive Board: Nature Study: Science Club lPresidentl: National Honor Society: Delphic: Chal- lenger: Dardanian. Choral: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Community Singing: Booster Club: Commercial Club: Phil lTreasurerl: Senior Ball. Science Club: Junior Mixer: Toga: Sophomore Dance: German Club: National Honor Society: Card Com- mittee: Magazine Sales. Senior Ball: Juniorg Prom: Sophomore Dance: Card Committee: Magazine Sales. Choral: Orchestra: Senior Card Sales. Community Singing: Hairpin Mechanics: Magazine Sales. Nature Study: Science Club: Soapbox Society: National Honor Society: Sophomore Dance: Toga: Junior Mixer: Football: Junior Prom: German Club: Senior Executive Board. Junior Red Cross: Magazine Sales: Sophomore Dance: Community Singing: Junior Mixer: Commercial Club: Junior Prom: Clarion: Senior Ball: Booster Club: Dar- danian. Senior Ball: Senior Card Sales. Senior Executive Board: Student Council: Nature Study: Sophomore Dance: Dardanian: Football: Bas- ketball: Baseball. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Magazine Sales. Commercial Club: Junior Card Sales: Community Singing. Delphic: Community Singing: Sophomore Dance: Booster Club: Junior Prom: Dardanian: Junior Mixer: Commercial Club: Student Council: Card Sales: Sen- ior Ball. Card Sales: Choral: Red Cross: Junior Magazine Sales. Miss l'lennessey's proteges. Waltz me around. Out ot this mess K ii' Busy shop session Mmm goodl Square pegs in round holes. Machine shop problems. Firsi class enferfainmenl. GEORGE L. SMITH Eagle Mills No. 2 College FRANCIS P. SOMMO Wynanlshill Business LAWRENCE SPONABLE School I4 Navy MARY E. SNYDER Si. Francis' Secrelary CHARLES K. STODDARD School I Undecided ROBERT W. STOKER School I8 R. P. I. BARBARA SULZBERG School I8 Undecided CAROL L. THOMPSON School IB William and Mary College LINUS W. THRASHER Brunswick No. I Syracuse Universily PEARY L. THOMPKINS School I8 Ari School LEO R. TOOMAJIAN, JR. School IB College T. NEIL TREMBLY School I0 Air Force NADINE C. TRUEWORTHY School I2 Oneonia Slale Teachers College LOIS I. TRUMBLE Brunswick No. 2 Russell Sage ADRIENNE R. TUFFY School I2 Oneonla Siale Teacher: College TERESA E. TULLY Si. Peler's Albany Business College CHRISTINA M. TURINO School I Undecided 4.,:...f.:,,p- , ff-w . v.-, Y. Traclr: Nalure Siudy: Science Club: Magazine Sales. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball. Foolball: Clarion: Band: Orchesira. Library Club: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Dramafics. Junior Magazine Sales: Junior Card Sales: Senior Card Sales. Band: Orcheslra: Vice Presidenf of Junior Class: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Sludeni Council: Senior Class Presideni: Junior Prom: Ring Com- miliee: Senior Ball: Foofball: Naiional Honor Society. Boosier Club: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Jun- ior Prom: Senior Ball: Senior Card Commifiee. Sludeni Council: Ring Commillee: Dardanian: Senior Ball IChairmanl: Boosler Club: Sophomore Dance: Delphic: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom. Pholography Club: Crail Club: Sophomore Dance Science Club: Junior Mixer. Sophomore Dance: Nafure Study: Magazine Club: Track: Dardanian. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Naiure Sludy: Sludeni Council: Magazine Sales ICO-Chairmanl: Challenger. Shop Dance IChairmanI: Card Commilfee: Magazine Sales. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Choral: Senior Card Sales. Sophomore Dance: Junior Cards: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Challenger: Dardanian: Phil: Science Club: French Club: Nalional Honor Sociely lSecrelaryI: Junior Red Cross. Phil: Toga: Naiure Sludy: Sfudenl' Council ITreas- urerl: Challenger ICO-Ediiorl: Dardanian IAssisianf Ediforl: Glee Club: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Sophomore Dance: Naiional Honor Socieiy. Know Troy: Library Club: Tumbling: Sophomore Dance: Glee Club: Junior Red Cross: Craffs: Choral. Toga: Phil: Siudenf Council: Horizon Club: Junior Prom: Junior Mixer: Sophomore Dance: Choral Group: Dardanian: Senior Ball. JAMES VAN BUREN Graffon No. 5 Technician JOYCE VINCENT C. C. H. S. Recepiionisi BERNARD F. VOGEL School I4 Undecided CHARLES L. WADDINGTON School 5 Salvaiion Army LORRAINE A. WAITE Edison No. 4 Undecided HELENE M. WASHOCK School I2 Secrefary MURIEL L. WASMUTH School I8 Albany Business College CAROL A. WATERFIELD Brunswick No. 2 Boslon Universify WILLIAM D. WELBURN School I4 College ROBERT S. WELCOME C. C. H. S. Undecided RICHARD J. WENSEL School I Undecided CHRISTINE M. WHEELER Alhens High School Salvafion Army LOIS E. WHITING School I6 Office Worlx ELINOR G. WHITON School IB Praif lnslilule GERALD WILKES School I Navy LAWRENCE J. WILHELM LaSalle Prinfing Work JANET M. WITTE School I6 College RUSSELL H. WRITER Chrislian Broihers Academy Sfale Police EILEEN M. YETTO Kniclcerboclrer Junior High Olilice Worlt LAWRENCE ZEPH Wynanlskill Undecided Shop Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball. Senior Ball: Senior Card Sales. Opyen House: Senior Card Commillee: Senior Card Sa es. Sfudenl Council: Band: Orcheslra: Commercial Club. Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Junior Cards: Sofl' Ball: Glee Club: Communily Singing: Crafls: Senior Ball: Senior Card Sales: Sfudenl' Council. Commercial Club: Boosler Club: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Community Singing. Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Choral: French Club. Nature Sludy: Science Club: Challenger lCo-Edilorl: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Magazine Sales: Sludenl' Council: French Club: National Honor Socieiy: Dardanian: Phil. Nalional Honor Sociefy: Challenger: Shop Dance. Junior Card Commiflee: Magazine Sales. Shop Dance: Junior Magazine Commilfee. Choral: Communify Singing: Band: Orcheslra: Arch- ery: Glee Club. Field Hoclrey: Volleyball: Soffball: Communify Sing- ing: Magazine Club: Card Sales. Sfudenl Council: Delphic: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Junior Prom: Senior Ball: Dardanian. Siudenl Council lPresiden'Il: Chrisfmas and Easier Plays lTechnical Direclorl: Junior Execufive Board: Dramafics: Junior Prom: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Senior Ball. Junior Mixer: Senior Ball: Card Commillee. Phil: Horizon Club: Library Club: Sludenl Council: Sophomore Dance: Junior Mixer: Communily Singing. Varsily Fooiball: Traclr: Band: Orcheslra: Choral: Senior Ball. Glee Club: Card Commillee: Magazine Sales. Nalure Sfudy: Card Commiliee: Magazine Sales. Talres 'Iwo lo lango. Jayvee game aclion. Guard Troy High's honor. .4 iz V ll Q... .. N 1 ' l T ffl Too many cooks. A .d d ih . I g . . . . ,. .. hm nf 1 HZZSSELZZLSEII Ju:io:"'a':me" durlng Achvlfy Perlod, Modern Phofography The Evolution of the Class of I953 THE ERA OF BEWILDERMENT Our eighfh summer vacafion was over wifh fhe coming of Sepfember 7, I949. We all felf exfremely proud of passing our firsf Regenfs examin- afions fhe June before, and we displayed fhis affifude as we enfered our new insfifufion on Sevenfh Avenue. This building was, fherefore, immedi- afely subiecf fo our severe crificismg and whaf a beafing if look! Were we superior beings going fo be forced fo spend fhe nexf four years of our life in fhis place? Indeed, mosf of us were nof! lf was on fhe second day of our glorious high school career fhaf we were 'ro learn of fhe exisfence of anofher building, which we came fo know as fhe "Annex". This building, we were fold, was made especially for fhe comforf of Freshmen ll sfill wanf fo know who fold me fhaf onelg and mosf of us were overioyed fo learn fhaf a large percenfage of fhe Freshman Class would be fransferred fo fhis "ulfra-mod- ern" garden-spof. As in any new building, fhings weren'f foo easy fo gef used fo in our "modern and up-fo- dafe" Annex. Affer fhe firsf few monfhs, how- ever, we began fo ignore fhe falling plasfer and leaky roof lfhaf large pail on fhe window sill of fhe audiforium was exfremely efficienfl, and fhe Annex became our beloved second home. Our Freshman year af fhe Annex was cram- med fighf wifh acfivifies and schoolwork. Movies magazines, bird feeders lfor five exfra credifs, of coursel, and play rehearsals were all a parf of our busy day. We especially enioyed giving oral fopics, and Nick was our favorife scienfific speaker. He proved fo be an orafor of perfecfion when he falked on fhe "sfrucfure and nefwork of fhe fibro-vascular bundle" lbofh in class and ouf.l "Tomb-gin", anofher scienfisf of nofe, was ever inferviewing R. P. I. professors lupon advice from fhe faculfyl fo learn more abouf fhe life cycle of fhe nasfurfium. Yes, we experienced many enioyable days af fhe Annex, days which l am sure we shall never forgef. In fhe meanfime, fhe small percenfage of fhe Class of l953 fhaf re- mained in fhe Main Building were experiencing a wonderful buf somefimes hecfic year. Why was everyone always going in fhe wrong direcfion on fhe sfairs? Whaf is fhis fhing called fhe "Supper Club"? ls fhis "A" 11' i 1 week or "B" week? ls fhe gym on fhe second floor or fhe fhird? Oh well, we'II learn someday! ln due fime, fhe Freshmen in fhe Main Building did learn, and were soon fo become experienced Sophomores, while fhe Annex Freshmen were desfined fo fasfe fhe biffer medicine of being "green" Sophomores! THE ERA OF ECONOMIC PROSPERITY A new school year was nof fhe only fhing fhaf confronfed us in Sepfember, I950. On our firsf day of Sopho-moredom, a new and smil- ing face appeared before fhe fhrong of fwelve hundred in fhe Troy High audiforium. His name was Arfhur J. Norfh: his fifle - Principal of Troy High School. Mr. Norfh, we learned, was fo fake former principal W. Kennefh DoyIe's posifion, and Mr. Doyle was fo be fhe new Assisfanf Superinfendenf of Schools. Mr. Norfh immediafely emphasized fhe im- porfance of serious sfudy and, in facf, - -The firsf half of our Sophomore year was devofed primarily fo sfudy, alfhough lunch period inafurallyi proved fo be our favorife. While mosf of us were dreaming fhe period before of fhe delicious ham sand- wich in our lunch, a selecf group of biology sfudenfs were busy dissecfing a frog or sfudying fhe sfrucfure of a grasshop- E per's leg. These unforfunafe individuals had a lab period iusf before lunch! Neverfheless, fhey managed fo sfruggle fhrough lunch period, and, indeed, were subiecf fo a wonderful "liff" via fhe Fresh-Air Room, 205. Somefimes, however, fhis very same air made if exfremely difficulf fo knof sfring - an essenfial piece of geomefric equipmenf in relafion fo fhe compass! Affer fhe mid-ferm examinafions, fhe mem- bers of fhe Sophomore Class began fhinking seri- Pmennng fha omcial Tm . h y Hgh S h ol g ously abouf fhe annual Sophomore Dance. This new being worn by eh. mambo S of iii, ci... fhinking was spurred info acfion wifh fhe appoinf- of ma' menf of our faculfy advisors. They were, and forfunafely sfill are, Miss Anfoineffe Lewis and Mr. Benjamin James. This dance was fo be our firsf social evenf, and we simply had fo make if successful. Under fhe capable chairmenship of Mary Barsamian and Dick Rose, fhe Sophomores began making decorafions and posfers in accordance wifh fhe "Shamrock Serenade" fheme: and fwo weeks before fhe memorable evenf, one of fhe mosf specfacular and energefic fickef-selling campaigns was launched. As a resulf of painsfaking perseverance and fhe complefe co-operafion of every classmafe, fhe nighf of March I7, l95I, saw fhe Troy High School audiforium filled fo capacify - a record crowd of 40I danced fo fhe sweef music of Paul Parker and his orchesfra. "Oh, fhe days dwindled down fo a precious few", and before we knew if, "June was busfin' ouf all over!" We fhen wifnessed a grand baffle befween Spring fever and "examinafionifis", fwo of fhe mosf deadly diseases known! The laffer proved fo be fhe worse, fhe only cure being sfudy, sfudy, and more sfudy. The examinafions were finally con- quered, and we could donaughf buf look fo fhe fufure wifh dreams of being upperclassmen. lf had been a very successful year! - THE ERA OF GOOD FEELING The lyou'll pardon fhe expressionl "wheels" of fime had quickly rolled us righf info our Junior year. Affer comparing nofes, fhe general con- census was fhe same . . . and we relucfanfly admiffed fhaf being upper- classmen didn'f ruffle us one bi+. Affer all, didn'f we already know all fhere was fo know? We were now, of course, enfifled fo cerfain privileges . . . sfanding af fhe end of fhe IO4 line all morning, insfead of af fhe beginning for only fen minufes. Classes began in full swing, and we once again found ourselves in fhe midsf of work. Hisfory presenfed quife a challenge, buf we learned a greaf deal, and became parficularily well-versed on fhe democrafic principles of vofing. A vofe was faken on everyfhing . . . including whefher or nof fo vofe. ln 2 I 0 fhe class diligenfly underfook fhe sfudy of persecufion . . . fhe per- secufion of fhe Cafholics, fhe Profesfanfs, and - of Howard. We found fhaf science and hisfory could be inferchanged, and wifh scienfific prow- ess our geniuses sef ouf fo use fheir hisfory-mak- ing incense bomb. The evenf lafer became known as fhe "lf wasn'f a broken radiafor" incidenf. Mosf of us were earnesfly frying fo conquer fhe English language, and if nof, fhen af leasf fhe English feachers. ln 309 fhe class eagerly a- lnformal momenf af a formal dance: fhe Junior waifecl fhe finale fo l'lUf1llS l'l.OUiSl6l'1d Pfom- Swamp Girl," and in 307 fhe masferminds waifed for fhe opporfune momenf fo hear fhe --- "BELL" --! Many an un- forfunafe subsfifufe found herself wifhouf a class before fhe period was over, and never did know why. Up in physics lab, fhe scienfisfs were doing infense experimenfafion. Unforfunafely, fhey were using poor Josh as a guinea pig. The girl's gym classes were The scene of brighTly colored gym suiTs. ATTer all, didn'T we wash, iron and sTarch Them every week? We were also The maThemaTician's dismay. When counTing over The leTT shoulder, I, noT 8, Tollowed 7. We never did Tigure ThaT one ouT. DespiTe Their iokes, The class members did serious Thinking in regard To leadership, and wisely eIecTed Harold Danzis, Class PresidenT: RoberT SToker, Vice PresidenT: Jean DuCuennois, SecreTary: and Carol McGin- nis, Treasurer. To assisT Them, and aid The class, an excellenT selecTion oT ExecuTive Board members was made. WiTh Their help, and The guiding hand of our advisors, preparaTions were made Tor The Junior Mixer. IT was a clear December nighT when 360 people danced under The "WinTer Wonderland" Theme. To bolsTer our Tinances, we Took To selling magazines, cards, lockers . . . and TronT row seaTs in The audiTorium . . . The secreT To our Tinancial success. fTake noTe Juniorsl Ring Time approached, and passes were issued during sTudy halls Tor Those requiring TiTTings. The office never undersTood why iT Took some of us 3 periods a day, 5 days a week To geT properly sized. AT lasT The evenT of The year came . . . Junior Prom. The class of l953 once again seT a record, as I78 couples crowded inTo The Hendrick Hudson HoTel, beauTiTully adapTed To The "SouTh Sea Isle" Theme. Be- neaTh The swinging palms, Queen Adrienne Tuffy was crowned. The decoraTions were unTorgeTTable, and cerTain TaculTy members will cer- Tainly never TorgeT Taking Them down. WhaT Time did Those picnics geT over? ln a shorT Time, poliTics invaded Troy High School. IT was "Time Tor a change," and aTTer much vigorous cam- paigning, The very capable and popular Jerry Wilkes was swepT inTo The STudenT Council presi- dency. AT The same Time The key To The Chal- lenger Office was handed To Adrienne Tuffy and Carol WaTerTield, our new girl ediTors. The year was almosT over, and exams befell us. Somehow, we all managed. As we walked ouT The door Tor a Two-monThs resT, we realized we would never roam The old corridors again. We said our fond Tarewells wiTh mingled feelings of regreT and anTicipaTion . . . anTicipaTion oT The yugo Harney Couples bid adie T d f I enlof Q Q day when we would begin a new year in a new building. THE ERA OF SOPHISTICATION AT lasT our hopeful dreams had come True, and we Tound ourselves "siTTing on Top of The world" in The new Troy High School. The building P0 5 ' ww of "JN Phi? W?"de"" did. Yel, somehow a lew braved lhe snowslorm e e med over lhe Troy Hugh airways. was nol quile complele llhe rooms were linishedl bul neverlheless, we were in il. Map in hand, we sel oul lo explore our new domain. Our glory increased wilh lhe announcemenl ol half-day sessions lwe've been paying ever sincel and al l2:I5, we happily skipped lhru lhe mudpuddles loward home. Despile our prolesls, lull sessions were evenlually resumed, and a shorler schedule pul inlo elfecl, pending lhe complelion ol lhe caleleria. There was a slighl pause belween lhe 4lh and 5lh periods labeled by "headquarlers" as lunch. Had il nol been lor lhe claller ol orange juice bollles, we mighl never have known il. We seniors, allhough al a disadvanlage in a new building, soughl a melhod ol gaining preslige. Aller lighling our way lhrough much red lape, our headqua rlers were sel up in lhe complelely lurnished Room 235, and only seniors knowing lhe secrel password "wag" gained admillance. Eleclion lime rolled around, and once again lhe ballols showed a prudenl seleclion, as Roberl Sloker look over lhe reins ol lhe senior class, supporled by Mary Barsamian, Vice Presidenl: Shirley Robinson, Secre- lary: and Carol McGinnis, Treasurer. Al lhe same lime, lhe yearbook was pul under lhe capable leader- ship ol Howard Lang and Adrienne Tully. Equipped wilh slall, books, samples, and advice llrom all sidesl lhey began lheir dilficull lask. Senior Ball preparalions began, and slarled a new medium ol pub- licily. The class look lo lhe air wilh lheir new and original "Jusl Plain Wendell". Wendell linally made il lo lhe Senior Ball, and wilh lhe resl ol lhe Sludenl Body had a wonderful lime al lhe '53 Fiesla, held al lhe Hendrick Hudson Holel. Queen Diane Horslall, surrounded by her royal courl, was crowned under lhe brillianl colors ol Mexican Gaily. Our numerous aclivilies kepl us busy, bul we slill lound lime lsupposedlyl lor work. ln 302, lhe hislory class gained sympalhy, and was al- lowed lhree unprepareds a year llaler canceled due lo incriminaling circumslancesl. Through some coincidence we all chose lhe same days. The coincidence was a slighl maller ol lhesis. Nor will we overlook lhose lheses so quickly. Only God could prevenl lheir nol being in on lime, and He lo deliver lhem, and gol a C . . . "wilh lhanks". The general commenl was lhal a B wilh no lhanks would have sulficed. In 32I, no such sympalhy was lound. Enough said! In chemislry lhe decision was lhal bedbugs plus purple oleo only yielded conlusion. Our sfudy halls were noi' was+ed lde- spi+e much propagandal, and we encoun- fered many inferesring fhings in our journeys lhrough fhe corridors, lsuch as a guided four of fhe cafeieria and gyml. Our reply fo any accusaiions lhal' we were roaming was simply a well-rehearsed "Thou Ari' Mad To and M rg'e and Chloe and Morfimer are b fly rnciled in fhe lfalian Scene of 'I'he Say If", Even Macbefh COUldh'f have w. played fhe pari' any beHer. Senior Show fime was approaching, and we were caughf in a whirl of rehearsals, cosfumes, make-up and sfage direcfions. lf all proved worih while, for few will forgei' fhose glorious nighls on sfage when The class of I953 weni' on "The Grand Tour". The currain has 'fallen fasf, and +onigh'r as we siand here, ii' hardly seems possible +ha+ four years have elapsed. Soon we shall be on slage again --- for our final performance - our lasl' 'Formal ge?-fogefher - and our lasf farewells. Each of us will go his own way . . . 'follow his own course, and 'rhough our pa+hs may never cross again, fhere will always be +he binding memories of lhe work, fun, laughs, and sadness we shared as members of lhe Class of l953. TED BOROIAN MARILYN DOLIN The class offered a fine selecfion of Chrislmas sales maferial C 4--Q-, .How I ,- Summer IMI - High lbw: lur ICH Avllull 'ho tnnllnldion work convlnun. f -V1-V n I 1 to-,..,...,l .'..l,-11-fz.. AS GROUND H P Fr J. Morgan, Ar hitect ' Troy, N. Y. 'ii gl :.' Q? POOL VICE UNITS GIRIS M! ul L Km: :l:?3 -3:1 -- I PARK! --1 -L - - , 1 - 'lx a A Key: M 1. Football - T1-ook 4. G11-l's Y -ball 5. Boys' V i Gm X , 4 r 4 6. Hockey .Q V, W Www i 55 ffy 536 C94 x 1207 - Total Capacity 3536 , ' of -' if ilk' City 3 as ' 0 ' 0 2 ' .il ,iv 3 , Spacious Lobby tw K 4 1 -'SQ . . az V ..a-' U -1 ' 'Q pacity 255 Enclrcled Balcony-capaclty 1416 VG l . Q. -' , I dp.. Shower Rooms Floor-capacity 1000 Mm IDBBY. 2, . A 5 "iff ,F ' ' - 2,2 1 "gf I if ogigggi ff lm and P001 Folding Bloooho-rs-capacity 1120 2 li l o " E 1 W Q, S' Q 5 1 fo E P'-AY AREA 2 il a 5 i' 'Wg S IMMING POOL PARKING AREA 1, fi oi, Ma, '-5 'ai'-5' 430 x 751 . 2 ofl' Q io . gp ,yi 1 Field -capaclty 500 cars -' f to Auyh 1 3 J , B l - 'l 250 5 W f ' Qua tcl' Mlle Track a cony Capacl y 5 ' 2 X A ,Z 4-nf-7-11-ami-wasp--may I k -gfw-qzgfgf-Km - - -ur-nr as I0 N -1 Iflfl Jag A 45 Fx -I v-1 M -4 O sowomfv S mmnnn 1-an-4.-4 sz I gl- 01 1- E I All 0,5 'gli Iwi: , A rnrv4v-M..m ' A I! u. Q: S -wi.-JA 'Y "u " enum-.4 .HN C ' 1-v mv nu... - -:J o ni all ' ' N . - ff O F5 I- ul u 1 O5 zo hnnw n. ' C4 O 5,2 01 an E 5 51.3 S3 gi H n. ul un Qaznsu 9 m Q 1- SSD it-'Saud D 5 1 'iam-:mais 1- 83: 9. ur.. zidwuo U LL HHEODE nr- P H , Ham 4 Snug 3 u' En n.4c:g4:: :anon a 1- gs , EE sb sn .1 3 rv O E15 nn nn nn 5 '- -Y I-I F1 I-I v-4 ., in H -C i- I O fT'i'l'1 I- . 1 I gg if-1 C O 3 r- DD .E E O Y-In 0 900 5 O :ly u 1 nu D-NI Il-ll D" nn ns: - th. mm-.a ,mann xv.. ...I mmf .4 n.. ,..,. ..-a Uwe. by fn. cn, .1 my. cn E . E 5 , F-IM" 9 ,wa "nd P-O hu uvzkmq www W' um- bv' .. na- H' v-4-4 Q My H Q. .c: nn U T N I a.: Q52 51' -ECU I U.. 10 2 :Q co Iii-1 33 gn s: 2 EEE? sv 4-fu-1 Fd W .EE ZH gf, ... Q cn S2 3 Q :AE I Q5 V2 Q 32.5 SE 4 Q: 2. no U .site U18 i 5009 -I 3 o 11 Q ca D L. an P Fall ns: - Ns mm -nn mg. .0 m-mm.. vu an inlilpovmibll wah IQ53 F i' 117 i o N-SX U, Z.. 1 3 bl 4. U O L gli .. N D Phll members pay special affenhon fo Presidenf Marge Marfin during an imporfanf meefing. Leff fo Rlghf Flrsf Row B Brimmer, D. Horsfall, S. Rogers, J. Wiffe, M. Dembo, I. Gordon, P Tuffy M Barsamuan Second Row - B. Moore, G. Cransfon, N. Aronson, M. A. Harfunian, D. Koshgarran P Kepner M Rosenholfz, M. Marlin: Third Row - C. Waferlield, C. Turino, L. Trumble, M Casale J Ingalls B LaParI J Thomas, J. DuCuennois, Miss Rourke. Philomathian Society Ocfober 52 found fhe old Phil members subiecfing fheir pledgees fo a forfurous lnlhahon, a "rip-roaring fwen+ies" day. Af 4:05, Ocfober 28, mnefeen more happy, cookie-filled girls were numbered among fhe January found fhe gals invifing fhe Delphics fo fea, where bofh organizafions indusfriously en- joyed cookies, punch, and excellenf enferfain- menf. The spring "good-will campaign" sfarfed wifh a grand orphan-oufing, followed by "oper- afion cheerfuI", a visif fo fhe Samarifan Hospifal, in which fhe girls read sfories and played wifh bed-ridden children. A gala June banquef for old and new mem- bers, wifh fhe ulfra-successful Phil-Delphic Dance as fhe fop conversafional fopic, puf fhe finishing fouch fo a really wonderful year. Oliicers M. Rosenholfz, M. Marlin, M. Bersamian, and P. Tuffy, capably guide Phil under fhe supervision of Miss Eileen Rourke. D. Horsfall pours punch for B. Goldberg, M. Falk, S. Rogers, C. Turino, B. Brimmer, M. Smarf, J. Ingalls, J. Acierno, and P. Kepner, af PhiI's annual fea honoring Delphic. Delphic members srari' up fhe siairway fo a successful year. Leff fo righf - Firsf row - J. Michon, E. Bress, C. McGinnis, M. J. Pollock, L. Glasser, L. Belemiian, B. Goldberg: Second row - M. Dun- lop. S. Robinson, M. Dolin, M. Falk, C. Thompson, R. Gross: Third row - P. Whilon, B. Boniukian, J. Acierno, L. Mason, H. Mazzeo, L. Johnson, M. Wurfemberger, M. Smurf. Delphic Literary Society As Sepfember rolled in, fhe Delphic girls once again emerged. Be- hind closed doors, giggling old members made fervenf plans for ihe on- coming inifiafion. Soon affer, "music filled fhe halls", and fhe pledgees were seen dressed as colorful and amusing song rifles. To compensale for +heir inconvenience, rhe new wearers of 1'he pink and grey were given a cider and doughnui' parfy. As a money-raising proiecf, fhe Delphics fook on +he job of selling T. H. S. recogni+ion pins. Prepararions were made for +he annual Phil-Delphic Dance. On March 7, 'rhe Rhap- sody in Blue, 'feafuring Jaclc Kelly, was held, and, per usual, was fhe social highligl-a+ of +he year. A+ fhe farewell dinner in June, new of- ficers were elecfed, and once again Delphic "closed shop". is E . g s '..... ii I ,Q xi 'Y-ng.. Delphic officers, lei? fo righf, B. Boniulrian, R. Gross, M. Dolin, and M. Wurfemberger plan fhe coming year's program wifh fheir advisor, Miss Hennessey. Phil presidenf M. Marlin and Delphic presidenf M. Dolin crown B. Goldberg and S. Langer queen and king of fhe Phil-Delphic Dance, "Rhapsody in Blue." The Dardanian phofographer cafches fhe Bela Phi members in a smiling pose. Lefl 'lo Righf - S. Gilberf, C. Turino, J. Michon, J. WiHe, R. Murray, M. J. Pollock, B. Tuggle, M. A. Herfunian, M. Rosenholfz, P. Kepner, P. Tuffy, M. Wurfemburger, E. Bress, D. Koshgarian, B. LeParl, L. Bullerf, M. Casale. Beta Phi Horizon Club, re-chrisfened Bela Phi a+ fhe school year's beginning, ioined The ranks of full-fledged Troy High sororifies. Gypsy pledgees, in colorful, exofic coslumes, pifched fheir camps in fhe fhird floor hall as +he inifiafion day ended. Af+er surviving fhe "+or+ures", +he girls adopfed a new oFFicial consfifufion. ln fhe spring, Beia Phi gals gave a generous confribufion fo disease- sfriclcen children. A colorful dance ended +he year's ac+ivi1'ies 'For 'ihis grand, old-new club, Befa Phi. i M. J. VanVorsi, ar lefi, presides over a meefing of Befa Phi officer's D. Koshgarian, L. Glasser, and M. Rosenholfz. Miss Cavanaugh leads fha members of ihe French Club in singing "Frere Jacques". Leff fo righf - Firsf row - M. Dolin, N. Aronson, S. Robinson, M. Dembo, J. Koplovitz, M. A. Harfunian, P. Kepner, S. Lafferfy, L. Belemiian: Second row - C. VanArnam, B. Boniuhian, E. Brass, J. Fordyce, M. Yalsevich, M. Dunlop, J. Adams. French Club Troy High discovered in fhe Spring of l952, fha? ihe French Club was more fhan iusi' a few verb-happy kids who ''commenf-allez-vous'ed" everybody 'l'hey me'r. Under +he supervision of Miss Emily Cavanaugh, "Le Coin Francais", whose membership consisfed of ihe fen Top French ll srudenfs plus fhe 80cf,,'ers or above from French Ill, sang Chris+mas carols, conversed solely in French, and held challenging verb coniesfs. A gala picnic "a ferme la por+e" on a very successful year of ac+ivi+ies. French Club officers M. Dembo. S. Robinson. M. Dunlop and J. Adams discuss fhe day's pro- gram wifh iheir advisor, Miss Emily Cavanaugh. The Honor Sociefy members of '53 assemble in front of ihe main enhance. Lefi fo Righr - Firsl' Row -- M. Barsamian. Burgess, T. Boroian, L. Trumble. Mr. Campaigne, D. Horsfall, K. Husion, C. Waferiield, R. Murnieks: Second Row - B. Goldberg, M. Dolin, N. Aronson, C. McGinnis, S. Robinson, A. Dearsfyne, S. Cohen, M. J. Pollock, E. Dearsfyne: Third Row - A. Schwariz, B. Brimmer, A. Tuffy, I. Gordon, L. Glasser. M. Piffse, H. Lang. J. Koplovih: Fourfh Row - R. Sfoker, M. Rosenfhal, R. Lovering. P. Husfon. National Honor Society Thirfy-four seniors were inducfecl info ihe Naiional Honor Sociery lasi' 'fall in an impressive candle-lighi' ceremony for parenis, held in 3I4. Chosen on fhe basis of Characfership, Scholarship, Leadership, and Serv- ice, The new members invesfigaied available scholarships and appoinied dozens of commiHees. The group also acfed as guides for visifing N. H. S. chapiers. Worfhy juniors were granied membership in a spring "rap-day" and were laier inducfed by oufgoing members. The organizafion closed fhis evenf on a nofe of concrefe achievement Honor Sociefy officers T. Boroian, L. Trumble. D. Horsfall, and K. Husfon loolr ahead fo e brighf fufure, . .... W. . Senior members of +he Challenger siaff mee? in fhe new press room. ' Lefi' io Righ+ - T. Boroian, K. Husion, B. Goldberg, P. Huslon, J. Muchaw, M. lveson, J. Koploviiz, J. Baker. C. Film, L. Glasser, S. Robinson, C. McGinnis, L. Trumble, N. Aronson, H. Lang, C. Wafer- field, D. Horsfall. A. Tuffy, M. Dolin. The Challenger "Have you finished your ar+icle?" "Are +he galleys back yer?" "Can you fhinlc of a head 'For lhis one?" These are ihe queries fhai' fly ihrough fhe Press room as THE CHALLENGER sfaff prepares an issue for publicafion. Every rhree weeks, under fhe direcfion of Miss Mclner- ney, fiffy members of fhe sfaff +ype, ge? ads, wrife, and fake orders as fheir posifion demands. The paper 'feafures coming sfudenl' ac+ivi+ies and summarizes pasf evenfs. Wri+e-ups of classmafes, a poll and a humorous Hem appear in each issue. Commemorafing +he opening of fhe new building, a souvenir issue was published. The hisfory of Troy High and +he 'fufure possibilifies of +he school were discussed. As each deparfmeni' assumed new quarfers, defailed wri1'e-ups were given. For an au+hen+ic fabulafion of Troy High's acfivifies read THE CHALLENGER: fhe paper by fhe s+uden+s, aboui' fhe sfudenfs and for fhe sfudenrs. The members of nexf yeer's deff look over This year's issues. Cloclrwise - M. Casale, N. Chodi- koff, P. Tuffy, M. Waite, A. Forsfer, S. Lev M. Rappeporf, L. Dembo, S. Sirnonien, D. Telle- lien, E. Robinson, C. Goodrich. All eyes focused on fhe phofographer al' a Clarion meefing. Leff fo righf - . L. Sponable, N. Aronson, S. Mooradian, W. Cerregan, G. Cransfon, M. Waile, B. Tuggle. A. M. Piiise, J. A. Goldberg, T. Boroian, L. Johnsfon, J. Koplovilz, P. Tuffy. Clarion f-""'n :The Clarion", Troy High's firsl periodic liferary magazine, ap- peared in school for 1'he firsf 'lime in' l95l. Since ihen, rhe infanl' publi- cafion has progressed rapidly, serving a long recognized need for a place fo reprinl any crealive wrifing. Wilh 'I'he changing of buildings, fhe publishing of "The Clarion" was 'lemporarily sei' back. Due lo lechnical difiicullies, i. e., no mimeograph machines, no advisor, and no copy, fhe srafi was unable fo brinc ou+ an issue unril la're spring. Science Club Science Club is an honorary socie'ry for sludenls who have aHained an 85 per cenf average in any advanced science. Despife a la'I'e slarf, +he club has worked wifh real diligence fo assemble an exceprional exhi- bi+ion 'For open house. Members have also busied fhemselves wifh in+ra- club reporfs of a scienrific nalure. Affempfing fo perform some successful experimenfs are The members of the Science Club. Leff fo righl - A. Pfei- fer, L. Marfire, M. Klofz, S. Goflris, J. Koplovilz, S. Levine, N. Chodikoff, T. Boroian. N. Mc The Orchesira awaiis 'lhe "go-ahead" signal for R annual Chrisimas Concert Band, Crcheslsra and Choral Troy High is by no means deficieni in 'l'he fine arfs, and for proof, one need only-lisien fo i+s friple i'hrea+ music secfions band, orchesira. and choral, ably direcfed by Frank Cairicala. This year, orches+ra and choral combined fheir efforrs and presenied fwo excelleni' concerfs, one af Chrisfmas iime, and anoiher ai' Easier. The firsf program was doubly unique in 'I'ha+ ii' originafed in fhe main lobby and was piped in'I'o all sec- fions of fhe school via ihe P. A. sysfem. Troy High's band, a+ leas+ parfially, compensafed 'for some of ihe lop-sided scores againsi' us, wi'I'h fheir fine, marfial sfrains. Bofh home roo+ers and opposifion of+en fool: no+e of fhe energy and rhyfhm which accompanied each piece fhey played. ahicdfq 519.1 Prg "en me Troy Peres fo " f - Q ou? Poses i grdPl'e" Hl9h BGhdf frko-up.. me The Choraxbarraanian Pho yo r Q 3 it 1-,A I Relay K sikr, ' f. 5 A ff i 0 I I r lor ih' .1 JJ-. D-A5 Library Club members look over some of 'lhe libraries lafesf acquisiiions. Leii fo righf - A. M. Yaroszczak, S. Orloski, J. Zalucki, A. M. Pilise, S. MacEachron, L. Sunukiian, M. Quillinan, J. Connors, B. Coyne, P. Millingfon, G. Moulfon, P. Thurber, M. Schulfz. Library Club Fiffy enfhusiasiic book lovers were enrolled lasf 'fall in Troy High's Library Club, a group whose prime in+eres+ is +he s+imula'l'ion of reading. The members, each on a 1'wo day-a-week schedule, immediafely began assisiing Mrs. Doris Mack, 1'he librarian and fhe club's advisor, in compiling new book lisfs and arranging fhe aH'rac+ive library displays. Bur assisfanf librarians do noi' lead ihe dull life one mighf expect for, as +he year raced by, fhree successful par'ries and a school-wide dance were sponsored by fhe club. Wifh fhe coming of June, +he Library Club finally closed ifs books for +he summer wi'l'h remembrances of naughi' buf success. Lib, fro ,dry Cl b 9596 A- 80" HP: Amemb SP6 iwoaou' B ge,-g zeal, M Ulleffn el? fake . a buvl Do,-r.g3'nc,n. W ob ' - R ' Sly! 0-ffd, " "r SV-fs A' E " eff, H- Jffgdgz Oclgeff lZ1e:,,,,., in Ghecy.oiSk't, nQ::r:yJi.f.M. ""'. lv. QV' M""e'f J. giif X iii W' Lev-ish' 'mrno ' Gill-77 efs. it 9x61 L' bds, mer, D THQ . Agskm' .inni- li lnieresling developmenfs af a meeiing of The Junior Execulive board. Cloclcwise - R. Hoffsis, M. Casale, P. Tuffy, L. Williams, J. Thomas, J. Niiz, Mr. Hennessey, Miss ,Mann, R. Schmelizer, A. Forsler, L. Marfire. Junior Class Pofenfiall A beHer word couldn'+ describe ihis group of iuniors who nexf year will be "ace-high" in fhe Troy High declc of s+uden+ classes. Bofh fhe Junior Mixer and fhe Junior Prom, as well as fhe highly success- ful proiecfs of selling cards and magazines, have proved ihai' '54 is noi' a class from fhe realms of 'rhe mediocre. Nafurally, any class will have a hard lime equalling our record, buf fhis group of up-and-coming iuniors, guided by Miss Isabel Mann and Mr. John Hennessey, may be iusf fhe one fha? can. Junior Execuiive Board: Roberl' Hoffsis, Marie Casale, Richard Schmelfzer, Lois Williams, James Nifz, Palsy Tuffy, Lenifa Johnsion, Joel Thomas, Leonard Marfire, Ann Forsfer. Presidenl' ....................................................,....... Roberi Hoffsis Vice-Presidenf ...... ........... J oel Thomas Secrefary ........... ......,......................,.,..,... L eniia Johnsion Treasurer .............. ............................................ Ann Forsfer Faculfy Advisors ........ Miss Isabel Mann and John Hennessey The Junior Class braves fhe cold wind and the Da-rdanian phofographer. -New ails- gms f' .sn "ml i i i if M. -S . A. '- Howard Lang, edifor, and Adrienne Tuffy, assisianf edilor of fhe I953 DARDANIAN, ponder a layouf problem. Dardanian The publicalion of a fine yearbook, as every faculfy class advisor knows means fhe successful culmina'I'ion of +hree years of hard-working class acfivi+ies. Every class proiecf, s+ar+ing wifh fhe Sophomore Dance, righf fhrough +o Senior Show, has a single aim - 'ro amass ihe forfune necessary fo pu+ +oge+her an oufsfanding yearbook. "Fif+y-+hree" work- ed hard over fhe years, gafhered "Green S'luFf," and lasl' Seplember dumped il' all in Adrienne's and Howard's laps wi+h fhe command, "Produce!" An endless conglomerafion of commiH'ees and boards soon began +o appear and gel' fhings accomplished. The fheme, prinler, and pho+o- grapher were selecled, wags and wrife-ups began +o pile up on fhe desk in I2 I, pic+ures were +aken in +he press room, and inferviews were held in 235. A'H'er fhree years of preparafion and waifing, fhe lafesi' land per- haps even fhe besfl Dardanian began fo fake shape. Ar+ s1'uden+s scurried around fhe building wi+h finders, while fypisfs handed in reams of ma'rerial. A squad, proficienf in +he arf of geH'ing a businessman +o agree +o a S30 ad when he could really afford only a 57.50 one, combed lhe business - . kmaian, . if ec , . U se ef, as. disfricf, causing many a sfore H d 1 k f l youis for ihe Dardanian are fhe members of the ari b dLffi ghf AE I EBkbkJFih M M Go gal C M Ginnis, R. Coler. A. Bass, E. Whifon. manager 1.0 mysteriously and suddenly disappear only fo be frapped by an exfra Dar- danian adman covering fhe rear exi+s. When a sfaff is defermined fo produce fhe bes+, and has +he facili+ies for doing so, only one +hing can happen - in +es+imony whereof, +he Dar- danian Board proudly olifers 'lhis volume as prime exhibil' A Miss Hennessey direcis +he busy Dardanian fypisfs. Lef+ fo Righf -- J. DuCuennois, A. Dearsfyne, C. ElleH', A. Dupuis, A. Mc- Cormick, C. McGinnis, R. Gross. M. Smarf, M. Barsamian, J. Acierno, Miss M. Hen- nessey. "Well, where would you puf if?" Lefi' fo Righi -- J. WiHe, M. Mariin, B. Goldberg A. Schwarfz, J. Koplovifz, P. Whifon, T Boroian, M. Doiin, C. Turino. 1, The Council lalces +ime our from a busy spring meefing fo "freeze" for fhe Dardanian phofographer. Student Council Troy High's Sfudeni' Council has finally achieved ihe complexion of a frue sfudeni' government Through i+s new and sfronger consfifufion, adopfed in fhe middle of +he year, fhe Council eagerly began i+s funclions as co-ordina+or of all school socieries, promofer of school spiri+ and presfige, and spokesman 'For ihe sludenf body. Perhaps +he mos? memorable even+s of fhe '52-'53 season were +wo " 1' ' Helping hands, B. McGovern, L. Waife, J. Clinfon, """'l"' rl -W pu and L. Glasser decorafe lhe Council's Chrisfmas Tree in fhe main lobby. Troy High sfudenis have confinued fheir annual praciice of addressing March of Dimes envelopes. Lef+ to righf - P. Engle, H. Chrisiain, J. Marfucci, L. Sponable, J. Wilkes. Sfudenf Council Exec. Board ponders 'lhe Indian issue. Left io righf e M. Wurfemberger, P. Engle, R. Ives, R. Lory, R. Schmellzer, J. Wilkes, M. Dolin, H. Lang, J. Goldberg, J. Sieberl, P. Tuffy. round -'n-square dances held a+ +he old T. H. S. building, +he annual S. C. play, and 'rhe spirired spring-lime presidenfial campaign. Along wi+h ifs behind-fhe-scenes acfivilies, such as sponsoring game busses, collecfing acl'ivi+y sfafislics 'For fhe awards program and confribufing money fo needy Apaches, lil' was rumored 'I'ha+ fhe Navaios found oil on fheir reservafionl +he Council folaled an enviable record of service and ac- complishmenl. E I mm gel' dgilines Qoing full S , Venaw Redmiiff Wuriember ' w"'9 af 5 ghe rl fo ri9 one of ,he Sfud Membiilsogerinqs' l-ell Wllkes' en! Council schools A R. l-ow' .Q wafefml ' 3,-em-on-2l"' :intl :iw Iiegii' if 2... 555. , 'ls 1 Z Xfk NK? " X ff A., N . . H 1? ,fs - X 'i l 1 R mee Pac C B An affracfive group of ladies and 'rheir escorfs ai fhe Junior Prom. Leff io righf, L. Trumble, R. Sfolner, J. Thomas, Hess, E. Hess, R. Rose, B. La Parl, H. Danzis. Junior Prom On June 6, l952, fhe Class of i953 presenied fheir "piece de re- sis+ance" of +he year - fhe Junior Prom, held a+ 'lhe Hendrick Hudson Ho+el. The ballroom, magnificenfly adapfed +o +he Sou+h Sea Isle fheme, was The scene of colorful leis, brillianl' floral designs, and sweef-scenled lilacs. One hundred-eighry couples danced 'ro ihe smooih serenading of Dick Harrigan. Al' fhe heighf of rhe evening, Adrienne Tuffy was crowned queen by co-chairmen Ted Boroian and Carol McGinnis. She and her royal maidens, Ann Bass, Marge Marlin, Diane Horsfall, Lois Trumble, Carol Waferfield, and Marie Casale presided over +he Grand March. The dance successfully closed +he I95I-I952 social season. Queen Adrienne Tuffy reigns over her Courf al The Junior Prom Leif' io righi, C. Waferfield, M. Casale, D. Horsiall, C. McGinnis A. Tuffy, M. Marlin, A. Bass, L. Trumble. 'SKID' The lovely Soulh Sea Isle Queen - Adrienne Tuffy Co-chairmen W. Hess and C. Thompson crown Queen Diane Horsfall as fhe members of her courf, M. Carboni, S. Rogers, J. Wiife, M. Marlin, C. McGinnis, and J. Thomas, wifh Miss Lewis, look on. 93'-1x:'f,.us:' " -R A?-f - x L I... , f L A large crowd fhronged fhe Hendrick Hudson Hoiel for fha l952 Senior Ball. Here ihe group assembles for fhe Grand March. Senior Ball November fiffeenih marked fhe dale of 'rhe las? dance presenfed by fhe Class of '53, ihe Senior Ball. Gay sfreamers, balloons, and handsome bullfighfers furned +he Hendrick Hudson info +he land of Spain and "Fies'ra". From nine +o lwelve 'Phe music of Toby Middlebroolc Filled lhe ballroom wi+h harmonious melodies. One hundred and len couples wafched aH'en'rively as co-chairmen Wendell Hess and Carol Thompson crowned Diane Horsfall "Queen of fhe Ball." Her cour+ of lovely senorifas included: Marion Carboni, Mariorie Marfin, Carol McGinnis, Jane? WiHe, Joyce Thomas, and Sarah Rogers. The grand march closed l'he evening on +he mosl' memorable and glam- orous even? of our enfire four years - 'rhe Senior Ball. fz Q' 2 'is X Diane Horsfall. 1dh,5M,kkL at A K . E ,,. Q 1 A .192 ' 5 Q S img, , gg.,- The lovely fiesfa queen ACT Il SCENE II ACT I SCENE II "l can-can like you can-can - and remember The Highland Flingers enferfein Her Maiesiy, girls, nice big SMlLES." Gay enferfainmenr fhe Royal Courf, and fhe honored visirors from for fhe pafrons of fhe Chez Paree Cabaret ihe Unifed Sfafes af Buckingham Palace. Grand Tour I953 ACT I SCENE l "Mr. Johnsonl" Miss Proper iries in vain fo capfure fhe alfenfion of Bill, Margie, Mr. Mealzley, and fhe Senior Class. ACT lll SCENE II Eduardo and Evila Lopez bring a mood of FINALE myslery and romance fo Mexico as 'lhey per- The Class of I953 prepares fo sfarf off on i+s form 'lhe Blue Tango. Grand Tour "Whoopee". Hard af worlr on plans for class night are commiffee members H. Danzis, K. Husion, l. Gordon and T. Boroian. Class Night The significance of "Class Nigh+" can nof be underesfimaled. Far from being iusl' a mere nigh? of fradifion, il' is The ferminafion of four years of diligence, companionship, and responsibiliiy. The Class of I953 has had a very successful career. li can be said fhaf "Class Nigh+" ac1's as +he ca+alys+ in bringing abouf prominence fo 'l'hose highlighfs iha+ will long be in 'l'he memories of +he many parficipanfs. The preseniafion of +he Hisfory, +he Will, and +he Prophecy is merely a resume of bygone aciviifies. To 'l'he class members fhey are of fhe u1'mos'I' significance. as is fhe original and nosfalgic Class Song. There can be no more appropriafe finale +o fhe Class of l953 1'han +he disiribufion of The long awaifecl yearbook. aw N ,u..W.M .MW .,... ., 1 4 I I953 Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Troy Bob The Gridiron Troians - I952. Firsf Row - Left 'lo Righl' - Managers Learnon Sponablo, C. Fifclr, S. Goikis, N. Jackson. Second Row - Leff fo Righi - M. Kloh. R. Sfyczynski, P. Marcella, J. Piscefelle W. Fosfer. L. Turino, R Ellioif, R. Safferlee. Third Row - Lefl' fo Right - Mr. Pickon, Mr. Elfonboin P. Richardson. C. Walker, R. Sfoier. D. Coonredf, K. Whalen. R. Fox, L. Merchese, L Velenli, S Meuriello. B.. Beckman, J. Connair, Mr. Shea, Mr. Sfone. Fourflu Row - Loff fo Righf - M Marclxese, W. Osfermann. Larry Sponeble, G. Hrubenak. J. Davis, W. Hess. R. Bode, R. Holfsis, N McFaII, A. Young, R. Thompson, R. Slifer. Football SCORES zo Lmingbufgh A-- -A 1 34 Waiervlief --- -- 6 6 Noll' Terrace -- --- 6 0 Albany .....-.. --- I3 I9 Mounl' Pl easan I .... --- I3 34 Amsferdam --.- --- 5 26 Celholic Cen'I'raI --- ,-- I4 Siolrer sferis a Iouchdown run in fhe Amsferdem game. ,U- The youfhfulness of fhis year's eleven prompfly earned fhe Tro- ians fhe fifle "foo+ball kids". Area feams, however, soon learned fo respecf fhe flying young horses, who furned fhe fables fo make a seven game schedule read five wins, one fie and a loss lwhich is somefhing of an enviable firsf record fo be nofed in fhe books of fhe new Troy High Schooll. Coach Picken's splif "T" powerhouse made a clean sweep of ifs cify opponenfs, upsef fhe formidable Monf Pleasanf squad, fied Noff Terrace boys and galloped over fhe ofher Dorpians, Amsferdam. The only loss was a hearfbreaker fo Albany High. Troy High was verifably cify champion wifh a 5070 represenfafion on fhe All-Cify Team. Never before has any feam had fhe honor of spoffing fwelve ouf of fhe fwenfy-four posifions all for fhemselves. The boys who achieved fhis honor on fhe offensive feam were: Dick Saf- ferlee. Dick Ellioff, Larry Turino, Bill Fosfer, Sal "Bufch" Mauriello, and Bob Fox. On fhe defensive were: Roger Sf czynski, Dick Safferlee, Dick Ellioff, George Hrubenak, Big Fosfer, and Phelfon Richardson. Thaf's whaf we call Troy - "High" in our books! ia en Whal Never say d l K fi ' A fallen Troian B d y f fhe feam as Manny g h l + f 1 + 1 ! i 1 l l K The I952 - I953 baslcefball feam. Kneeling - leff fo righf - K leff fo rlghf - R Sfewarf, W. Winniclri, R. Safferlee, R. Hoffsis, W. F f B B ck Basketball If fhe Troy High baslrefball feam does as well nexf year as fheir opponenfs have done fhis season land since fhis year's feam will also be nexf year's feam fhere is no reason why fhey should- ins me ions. n'fl, fhe Flying Horses will be feared in all enemy camps. Regarding fheir won-loss record, fhe Tro- ians' '52-'53 season has been an unsuccessful one. lf has nof, however, been enfirely unfruifful in all respecfs. Such has been fhe admirable nafure of Manny Elfenbein's lads, fhaf fhe Troy High quinf sparked fheir eighfeenfh confesf wifh fhe same go-power and undying spirif fypical of fhe opener and succeeding games, whefher wins or losses. lf is indeed a comforfing feeling fo know fhaf, while area coaches wafch fheir '52-'53 squads graduafe fhis June, af leasf nine Troy High leffermen will refurn for anofher eighfeen game season nexf year. Norm McFall, Ken Schenlcel, and John Dehnerf will resume forward spofs. Diclr Safferlee and Bob Hoffsis will perform again af cenfer, and Bill Fosfer, Walf Winniclci, Roger Sfyczynslxi, and Bob Sfewarf come baclc as guards. Our only graduafe loss is Bruce Baclcman, whose posifion as guard will be open fo a new man. -t ,I 4 -- k-.k s 4- . Y.. X K M Wa. TM ' 0 v , 'B -', if , ' Q ' .lykv ::', g t 1 " Q i k' L X f: A :gfgisg - 1 Vgkai ax Q .T A Q ' . ,, r ' L if .F . , ll rv 1' , 4 41 ",.-'- ' x 51 Nh ! W gf 4 WX' 1 X ' A I my ' gflk " W-... x sm X X 5 ,,"f-5 L., L K K 4 K , ' K . K N-5 vs M-w F m L. I ' ,', 'N-N...i2!9F V f 'Wg ' ' 'nf xx 5 . . ,... 4 S . X W, . .. , f- g '.-Haag-i.Wx:'22E?A1Qf'-'f'.A-Y-0, ,- ..-.- -W -' ha The I953 Baffing Troians. Firsf row - leff fo righf - Coach Picken, J. Shelsy R. Sfewarf, W. Fosfer, C. Walker, R. Ellioff. Second row - leff fo righf - H leff fo righf - Prof. Sfone, K. Whalen, J. Cerulli, T. Trowbridge, B. Yanlrowslri Baseball The Troy High nine faced a comparafively shorf schedule of I3 varsify baseball games, seven of which were Class A affairs. lnclemenf weafher, however, caused a Prof. Cooley. Pl s In R si L' - - ,,,"F,,,2,, .,,,,"'ifQ, ,lfffnsig 'XIZZWI loss of many valuable clays of prachce, making fhe shorf- I ened schedule seem as +igh+ as if if included exfra games. Four members of lasf year's Class A co-champions refurned fo defend fhe fifle along wifh a various assorfmenf of inexperienced freshmen, sophomores and iuniors. Brighf spof in fhe lineup was cenfer fielder Dick Ellioff, a power-hiffing senior who was a regular lasf ear. Bill Fosfer, a sophomore cafcher: Joe Eafes, fhird baseman, and hurller Roger Sfyczynslci comprise fhe ofher veferans. Troy High was mosf vulnerable in ifs pifching deparfmenf. None of lasf year's regular hurlers were back in acfion. However, wifh five and possibly six men pracficing in fhis new posifion, T. H. S. presenfed one of fhe sfrongesf relief crews in fhe area. Beffer upl Gene Eafon swings for fhe fence af Blealer Sfadium, Albany. Danzis, J. Eafes, K. Schenlrel, L. Marchese. W. Bryce, J. Dehnerf. Third row - Kel Swingers - Kneeling - M. W He F Burnham, W. Bode, R. Cheesney, h E. Coplon. Sfending - N. D agel, C. Richey, D. Feldman, R. J K plovih. Tennis Troy High's spring fennis offensive gave every indicafion fhaf a suc- cessful season was in fhe offing, as Norm McFall and Company bowled over fhe Columbia High nel'-men in fhe opener. Heafly High soon dim- med fhe hopes of Prof. Levinsfein's boys, however, in a 6-0 defeaf. Sparlced by only fwo veferans, Norm McFall and Josh Koplovifz, Troy had fo depend fo a large exfenf upon unfried underclassmen. As a resulf, fhis year's record was nof especially oufsfanding, buf -the prospecfs for 'rhe fufure seem brighf indeed. As fhe warm days of spring approached, a feverish male clan began 'I'o form, buried from view in fhe far reaches of an anferior sfrucfure known affecfionafely as "+he shops". Yes, Prof. Hennessey's golf enfhusi- asfs were again preparing fo fake fo 'fhe Frear Park fairways, in whaf evenfually proved fo be an oufsfanding campaign for Troy High on fhe local linlrs. Spearheaded by veferans Bob Hoffsis, Aaron Paul, Milxe Klofz, Bob Seigal, and Jim McMahon, fhe squad, early in fhe season, proved fhaf T. H. S. had whaf if falces in fhe realm of golf. M. ofz, . Siegel, G. e, Allman, Coach Hennessey. The I953 linhsmen. Leif fo righl KI R Id R H lf R aw-Q Tl, P P X Sknle she TroyH ierva' SL mas. ' C oo, , l igl, f I .avvgg C0:2rnl 'T :rxqkii f x M. 5Dll'If dur,Cl789rIead dw l -:Go xeif ' x Ref 4- H "'9 f ef Gl'ee'leai f B' Mmneellng 3. Casa e' Duchenbef "'U'ffa 5' 'Perf '50 hal k io ITQTLA- casalm J. ManleYn U9nnof?. R Kell, M. Ce S year' Promo anion, L Gmgs. - Prior, M -'elg' S 9 ffo ri hf r Laval, . . J, yin Wi-yer' Lf B Ch I a The'52-'53 cheerleaders nof only home-based fheir cheering oper- afions from a new high school, buf also performed under fhe guidance of a new direcfor. Miss Jane Scullen, of Cohoes, fook 'the helm of a bevy. of Troy High lovelies for her firsf fime fhis season. Her co-capfains were Phyllis Kepner and Marie Casale. An all-sfar supporfing casf of eleven varsify and eighf iunior varsify girls combined forces fo spark fhe T. H. S. men, bofh grid and quinf, fo many vicfories. Facing fhe brisk cold of fypical November nighfs wifhouf fhe aid of a warm coaf, fime-fable-scheduling of cheers befween fime-oufs, and long hours of pracfice affer school signify fhe vigorous campaigns con- ducfed by our cheerleaders. ln addifion, fhe girls also checked coafs and sold souvenirs, fhe money for which will be used lafer for new uniforms. VARSITY - P. Kepner, M. Casale, M. Rofhenberg, M. A. Harfunian, S. Wrifer, J. DuCuennois, M. Van Vorsf, M. Falk, P. Dunham, B. Edwards, S. Gilberf. JV - J. Casale, M. Casale, G. Cransfon, B. LaParl, J. Thomas, B. McGovern, L. Gross, J. Manley. The ieyvee c a iayvee a Troy High! Troy High! im. R h R h Q? 34 is is The l953 Flying Troians. Firsf row, leff lo righl' - J. Mangione. R. Coleman, R. Topiian, J. Nih. S. Gofkis, R. Powers, D. Wilfsey, A. Ginsberg. P. Husfon. Second row - J. Cruden. J. Thomas. G. Hrubenah, K. Kellman. P. Menella, H. Liberfy. W. Thompson, P. Rosselli, J. Looney. Third Row - Prof. Elfenboin, T. Urquhari, L. Mosher, R. Slifer, B. Whifman. A. Yafsevich. B. Beckman, J. Conneir, J. Dean, Q. Mebin, Prof. Shea. Traclc Jusf as lean years and fa? years appear in any business cycle, so do prosperous and unprosperous seasons appear in a high school's fraclc program. The I953 frack campaign was primarily one of recovery and building up afler lhe Troy J' High fraclr "depression" following lhe June '52 gradualion of nine of fhe 1'eam's leflermen. The leam sharply 'felf +he loss of many of las'r year's key men. Bofh Bob Hollis, a con- sisfenf I5 poini' gafherer ai' T. H. S. fraclr meefs, and Bill Sweet long-legged ace of lhe 440, graduafed. ln addilion, Russ Wriler was unable lo compeie in his specially, field evenfs, because of ineligibilify. However, fhe picfure was far 'from blealr. There was a fine lurnoul of unclerclassmen. Bruce Beckman "Ries high" They and a small band of refurning velerans, nofably l" il' high l""'P' Bruce Baclcman lan eager proponenl' of fhe decafhlonl, 2 began early pracfice for lheir annual meefing wilh arch rival Lansingburg. The 'l'wo resulls of 'lhal' meelz 'Burg wishes fheir boys had eifher "sfood" in bed or pracficed harder. and proof of +he 'facf 'lhal' il' doesn'+ fake half of fwenly years 'lo gel oul' of a depression. K -. X il s Roberl Powers learns fhe procedure of going up, up, and away as George Hrubenalr prepares fo calch fhe pole. KW yk, S - ..,.,,..,.,,M , Q 3 ' 'I E 3 f,..,..,.v,,v fi .fn If ff V... inn 5 5 ? I953 W' Z ' W A , , S X . M , A ,, 4 Xt F I 1 f :W W 5 ,ix Q N 555, 4 -5 in will 'Nm :-s..,,,L: Il wimixm T' 'Q TROJAN HARDWARE CO. Hardware - Pain+s - Power Tools Gas and Elec+ric Ranges Plumbing and Sheef Me+al Work DR'NKtw 54 G. E. Appliances - 'Oil Burners I-TIMW PATRlCELLl'S PIZZERIA CONGRESS AND FOURTH STREETS O THE TROY, N. Y. NORTH END UPHOLSTERY SHOP CLUETT, PEABODY 6- CO. INCORPORATED 9WA-R-R-o-w+ MAKERS or Arrow Shins, Ties, Collars, underwear, Handkerchiefs, Span Sham I,W R. P. I. FIELD HOUSE T"'Y2Qf,j,'f2,f'on"s""' DEDICATED TO MUSIC - CULTURE - SPORTS IN THE CAPITAL DISTRICT ' Concerfs ' Ice Shows ' Convenfions ' Ice Skaiing ' Exposiiions ' Hockey afer Shows ' Sporfsman Shows BURDETT AND PEOPLES AVENUES TROY NEW YORK AShIey 4-0900 P Jane I-Iewitlz FULTON AND FOURTH STREETS moy, N. Y. Buich Mauriello carries Ihe ball aaainsl' Amsferdam as B b Fox moves Info 'Ihe play. BLENWELL BEVERAGE "If I'I"s Sporfswear - HOME DELIVERY OF 'SOFT DRINKS We Have III' 1 G. 8: R. LUNCHEONETTE 340 CONGRESS sr. MQRRIS STQRES TROY. NEW YORK "Beg1' Cgffee in Tgwnn 3I9 RIVER 'STREET TROY, N f 4, econ LUCK SPORTING A FRIEND GOODS INC. 270 River Sfreef Opposiie Union Fern YOU'LL FIND IT HANDY TO SHOP AND SAVE AT ANDY'S HOBB'S DAIRY BAR I FOURTEENTH STREET TROY, N. Y. Best Wishes To the Class of 755 CHRISTENSEN sf NIELSEN Sclfxenectacly, New York UNITED FURNITURE STORES, INC. IOI SOUTH PEARL STREET ALBANY. N. Y. TROY QUICK SHOE REPAIR WALSH'S NEWS ROOM ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING AT POOR OLD PASK'S MIDDLEBURG AND SIXTH AVENUE TROY. NEW YORK MU HLFELDER'S TROY, NEW YORK The booksiore window was suifably decoraied for I'I1e winfer season. I'-9 DM' AND NIGHIY.. 24 HOUR 4--I DEPOSITORY SERVICE t o . . .0 J-fl'-i,I' if ' ' I ,I -7 NOW- for your convenience 'I'I'IE TROY SAVINGS BANK Second and Stale Streets TIl0Y,N.Y. 'Jus' place your deposi! in on envelope and drop un the deposnory box ISecond Sf. cornerI...Soves Time-Dey or Night. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. THE MAN N'S l-l OUSE OF SERVICE IN STATIONERY ..ln1'elligen+ selling over many years has lcepi' us in The fron? rank of sfaiionery and office equipmeni' dealers. Come and see us. We have, or can get wha+ you wan1'. MANN'S - 407 FULTON STREET LlLLY'S ICE CREAM ARTHUR A. LILLY Frozen Desserf for all Occasions 555 CONGRESS STREET TROY, N, Y. Ashley 2-978I Jean DuCuen?ois Cndbhanard Vlgel rgalre preparafions l or 'l e oo s+ore's usy ay. YA'5ER'5 GEORGE E. HOWE'S STORE 67 COLUMBIA 'STREET COHOES, N. Y. THE UP-TO-DATE STORE Meafs and Groceries "YOUR ELORI-ST'- Jo h K - b er JOHN RICCI LEW RIZZO Sep 0e"'9S au HOUSE OF FLOWERS JEWELER II9 FOURTH STREET AShIey 2-6270 HENDRICK HUDSON HOTEL BLDG. In RQMANYSZYN TROY- N- Y' Experf Repairs of European and Swiss Wafches CONGRATS TO THE GRADS FROM CUPOLO AND PASSENELLO KING VENETIAN BLINDS 400 River Sfreef Troy, N. Y. For Fine Food Eai' A+ MAMONE'S PIZZERIA TROY, N. Y. y hours are well s enf in our modern Besf Wishes fo +he Class of l953 m Ax GOLDBERG BUILDING MATERIAL CORP. KELLY CLOTHES 62I RIVER STREET TROY, N. Y. TROY BELTING 8: SUPPLY CO. Asmey M022 6 GRAND STREET 2 Blocks North of Hoosick Street TROY, NEW YORK BOXER'S DRUG CO. aaa FULTON STREET TROY, N. Y. CAPITOL BAKERY "Our Coffee Cake is UnexcelIed" W. Ostermann, Proprietor Future homemakers investigate the new 79 THIRD STREET Ashle 2-463' TROY homemaking equ pment. Y ' Port Chester Electrical Construction Corp 327-329 North Main Street Port Chester, New York .N iw f Mix, I . ss J if 0 F Iii" A' 5 s o , WJ , Y .ifixjv M . 1- L' 'il Qi . . . FOR EVERY PRINTING REQUIREMENT A Con: le e ervice under one Rook' Composition A full line of +ype 'Faces Io fir your layoufs. Includes lino+ype and foundry iype service. We'll be pleased fo send you sample fype sheefs. letterpress I4 Assorted press sizes ranging from 32" x 44" +o 8" x IO" assure you maximum economy for wedding inviIa+ions or long run booklefs. Included in Ihis group is fhe very lafesl' in embossing machines. REGM ART PRESS -:- 0ffset-litnogrepny New and modern high speed offsef presses. Always asl: for an ollisei comparison cost af the Regal. Bindery We have af our disposal an adequaiely equipped bindery. The final operalion in +he produclion of Regal Qualify Prinfing. M02 IIE W YORlA' aww CLEANERS We Operate Our Own Planf Delivery Service 42 HOOSICK ST AShIey 4-I68I SOUARE FABRIC SHOP "EVERYTHING IN YARD GOODS" 2 FRANKLIN SQUARE TROY, N. Y. Ashley 2-785I PAGODA RESTAURANT 327 RIVER STREET TRO N. Y. 7I MELROSE AVENUE ALBANY 3, N. Y. Rensselaer County Republican Committee DOUGLAS HUDSON Chairman 95 Amateur BIOIOQISIS vlew with mi 'I' flue final Lab prepara'I'ions LORD 81 TANN 4,,- ygf 404 FULTON STREET "Thank you Troy High for the honor of being selected to furnish the official ring' LOREN MURCI-IISON 6- CO. I4 PARK PLACE NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY MEDALS AND TROPHIES GEORGE W. HUMPHREY CLASS RINGS Represenfafive ANNOUNCEMENTS LOREN MURCHISON 8: CO. I4 PARK PLACE YEAR BOOKS NEWARK 2, N. J. "ProI'ec+ Whaf You Have" COMMODORE, INC. HIGH GRADE CLEANERS 81 LAUNDERERS WM' 'I' FAGAN INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE Sfores and Delivery Service Anywhere in Capifal Disfrici' Telephone I5 Firsf S+reeI', TFOY 2-347I BEN KATZ QUALITY FURNITURE SINCE I9I6 f - AY A 2238 224 Ffh A I "' 8 II' venue li my H Troy' Y. Delphic puis Hs pIedgees ihrough a hecfic and unforgefable day. AFTER NHE' mov Mears AT 'ms 24,0111 Dancing in the .YJ J' lf.. 5,3 3 COLLEGE Room W --I fo. :."VV,w xx ' '- .N-" x X 13 XX N. 'I 'if uhh--,S NI . 5 ,lu 'v' xx 0 Q I "1 s III' II I II 50FI' TAVERN BAR 'w X U Vis'l- our COCKTAIL ROOM I TAVERN RESTAURANT ' BROADWAY, TROY, N.Y. V .-F-,vmrn .,. 1-. BARRETT THE FLORIST, INC. DIAL Ashley 2-4350 A. J. ECKERT CO., INC. I062 CENTRAL AVENUE BURDETT AVE. and HOOSICK sr. ALBANY' NEW YORK TROY, NEW YORK INDUSTRIAL PLUMBING HEATING PIPING GOOD LUCK INDUSTRIAL SALES YORK AIR CONDITIONING REFRIGERATION TRUCKING CO. "BacI:-seaI"' drivers supervise 'Ihe ins'I'aIIaIIon of fha new shop machinery PAUL REVERE LIFE INSURANCE CQMPANY - THE PIONEER Eoon MARKET 2' 77 STREET ASIIIBY 6-895I A NATIONAL INSTITUTION A LEADER IN ITS FIELD C. HOWARD BULLETT BRYCE BEVERAGE 57 SIXTH AVENUE TROY. N. Y. BEIorcI 5-39I4 LORD AVENUE We talce this opportunity to wish each member ol: the Senior Class, ancl the Faculty success and good health in the coming years. ' ' Conklin Studio Dardanian Photographer I-l. GRASSEL, Owner ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE I26-I34 WASHINGTON AVE. ALBANY 6, N. Y. GUIDANCE - Balanced Training-Acfivifies. Placemenl' in Key Posilions in Business, Pro- fessional and Governmenl' Offices. STATE REGISTERED - VETERAN APPROVED THE CHARLES RESTAURANT DROP IN AFTER THE SHOW MR. M. STEPHEN PREIPER 54 STATE STREET TROY, N. Y. s egg go Clofhing Sfuaenfs sei up an aI'Irac'Iive display in their 'third floor window. MONCRIEF 81 FRANCIS onueelsrs TROY. NEW YORK ESTABLISHED me ALBIA SHOE REBUILDING SHOE REPAIRING AND DYING G. CIPRIANI FASHION TAILORS FORMAL WEAR FOR ALL OCCASIONS TO HIRE GENERAL TAILORING I22 Fourlh Sfreel' ASI1ley 2-683I Rah, Rah, Rah, Sis-s Boom bah-h FREAR'S I FREAR'S ! FREAR'S ! BOWL AT Troy's Frienclliesl' Supermarlcei' THE TROJAN BOWL-O-TORIUM ALBIA RIVER STREET BOSTON MEAT 8: GROCERY CO. 540 PAWLING AVENUE TROY, NEW YORK Use Our FREE Delivery Service ASl1Iey 2-48I2 ...Jiri F The third period salesmanship class receives aclual pracfice in selling ARTISTIC TAILORS TUXEDOS - RENTALS and SALES I300 - I5Ih Sireef AShIey 4-I I5I THE CUNNING sl-noe sToRE ANSON R. 75 CONGRESS STREET THOMPSON CO.. INC. 403 RIVER STREET TROY, NEW YORK THE AQUARIUM RESTAURANT Paml' - Wallpaper nr 'L-1 1 1 -vwifi O Ydkw An ESTABLISHED I I9 I 7 227-229 Quail Sfreel Albany 3, N. Y. MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS SEND Fon CATALOG Besi' of Luck I TROY HOME SUPPLY "Qualify Firs1"' BORDEN'S ICE CREAM "lf i'I"s Borclen's ifs gol' Io be good ! " I R. c. REYNOLDS co. HOME FURNISHER I 257 RIVER STREET TROY, N. Y. I . HAROLD S. MOORE R. H. HILL CO., INC. l INCQMQRATED - SCHOOL SUPPLIES DENTAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 90 Sfafe Sfreef Albany, New York - ART SUPPLIES - DRAFTING ROOM SUPPLIES - PHOTOCOPIES OPP. POST OFFICE TROY, N. Y Siuclsnf Council Square Dances Hi? "Full-Swing" AI' The Old Troy High TEL: shop CE 7-3262 R... CE 1-m1 WILLIAM J. HOWE UPHOLSTERER ARONSON FURS Lancasier and Columbia Sis. Cohoes, N. Y. BRIDAL AND FORMAL WEAR DANZIS ROOFING CO. 8I FOURTH STREET TROY, N. Y. TROY' NEW YORK PURITAN CONFECTIONERY AND TEA ROOM "The Affer-School S'rop" 30 THIRD STREET Seniors fry Io determine Ilia size of fha new lockers before giving fhem 'Final approval. BEST wlsl-:Es TO THE CLASS OF 'sa E. l'l. SHELDON EQUIPMENT COMPANY 7I6 NIMS STREET MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN LABORATORY - HOSPITAL - VOCATIONAL EQUIPMENT MILLER'S MUSIC STORE SHEET MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 73 Fourfh SI'ree+ Troy, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS THE PIC-UP I6 - I02ND STREET NORTH TROY Only PIace in Norfh Troy Wifh SHUR-FIN FOODS ASI1Iey 2-438I EAST SIDE CLEANERS 81 DYERS 669 PAWLING AVENUE TROY. N. Y. ALL KINDS OF TAILORING AND ALTERATIONS FREE CALL AND DELIVERY SERVICE vou un-5 rr nuns You Y ,Y YYY,,,,,, nh, -I.,-will, T I E 19, 7' I F I Q Q I . , I I A ,I E Q Q 4 I ? I LA I Q THE COMPTOMETER SCHOOL The manufacfurers of ihe compfomefer offers a shori inexpensive course. There is a good demand for graduaies. Only Compfomefer School in fhe Capifol Disfricf. -E I l70 STATE STREET CAP. P. O. BOX 292 i Hi Sfreei Annex Albany, N, Y. 'Ah I ,f In--F AL' 4'o6l6 The Band and Choral Group anficipale fho opening noia of ihe Chrisfmas Concorf GEORGE'S MUSIC STORE Ask Aboui Our 60 Lesson Course on Accordian 95 CONGRESS STREET AShIey 6-85ll Besf Wishes T I1 .J Y SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Your Local Headquarfers for Pain+ and Wallpaper I8 FOURTH STREET TROY, N. Y. nl CANCELLATION SHOE STORE 42 THIRD STREET TROY, NEW YORK Ashley 2-893 IRVING ROSEN JEwELERs HOT POINT APPLIANCE DEALERS 47 THIRD STREET TROY. N. Y. Miss McGonigaI's Art Class displays ifs eITor+s for the Chrisfmas Seal Drive BEST WISH ES Craft-Cards Specialties PITTSBURGH 30, PA. QF' R . The new and old members of Dolp ic 0 afhr inifiafion RENSSELAER COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE EVELYN BIRKBECK I Dismd Aged WILLIAM. R. MURRAY Chairman I MAYOR EDWARD A. FITZGERALD Jenme Acuerno msfrucis fha dancing members of rho Senior Show in ihoir :isps RAY MAR HOME PORTRAITS "W" 'MY "M I I 647 PAWUNG AVENUE ACIERNO scHooL or DANCE Our Business is Babies TAP TOE BALLET ACROBATIC BATON BALLROOM SCHWARTZ'S AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL loo N. H1 S+ + T N Y 26I6 Levin com AShIey 2.8013 "' 'ee 'oy' ' ' VICKI LAINE L,,fL-,-s W - ,A A 'j'1, 4: U4 1-. A ,, W n' 3,3 fm Y 'fi' v- 91: --L 4' Hi ' " f af',-115,51-,a." ' 1-1 , W-Y si y 1:- ' w i 171: - '25' df 5 ii ,ff '17 , . , V f-.5-.F1 ,- , 5 Y .V . ,Ja . , ,.,-.A 195, ,Hi 5 1 nts 5221 1 9' 5 :Q 3' 331122225 'Win SEX "Nu

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