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E Q az 5 E Z: C 1. iF X . 'fi R 2 ? -E I" S Z is 5- ii 2 N1 5 V2 s 3 I 5 5 5 5 , 2 A F -4 1 5 1 u 1 2 Q E 5 3 E S Z E E E 1 x 5 'I -9 5 e 5 3 2 2 5 li 5 5 3 E 5 2 E E ! 5 S E E as:.A.uuawev.-mxa.::,a::mv-vrmf.-.ramvw - -.num-nf. ., 4 m ., an- ff Y ,, 4 fn, A - 'n4,auw.-wwxj fan- - mu.: . -v, ' 1 ,mms-u'fwi ,rw Xe,'ezn.4.n..mnnaz4 :amen-n,,-1:1: , wg: L ..- una:-1: Lx-,' w-4--vw mn 4.1 Mr: .umm wfmmv .- -maa,:,s'vn4 --'- ,m4f,W1nvf'awsm:nm.wmn:v.1m. . . , 2 1 -, , . 1 - f ,- 1. - ,uf ' f , '., . ,amc:m.,hXa:m.sw.4...smm17Q - 'Z' w .411-.S ,NM V, zf 1 ' 1 . . ,1 A MRM Cfjtotewotd Life is short and Art is longg The occasion instant, Decision di cult 155 , Experiment perilous." 444 Hippocrates Editorial OFF WE GO .......... Today, as we review the four swift years of our high school life, we say truthfully that "Parting is such sweet sorrow." We have had many happy times and we hesitate to leave them. Now, the whole world lies before us. Off we go to take up our tasks in military service, in industry in college, in the greatest adventure of all time ...... life. Our obstacles will be numerous and, perhaps, unyielding. Nevertheless, we shall face them and overcome them, for so we have been taught. Off we go with a farewell to our fellow-students, with the steadfast assurance with which us, with a deep sense of gratitude for our tude of pleasant memories. As a parting Troy High School has furnished faculty friends, and with a multi word to our Alma Mater, we say respectfully, "May your glorious colors be ever held high, And your honors increase many fold." The Editors Cialaculty PRINCIPAL W. KENNETH DOYLE ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES John E. Howell, Head Virginia Kelly Elizabeth A. Buckley Isabel R. Mann Mary Foxell Joyce D'Aurio Justine Hermann Miss Mary D. Mclnerney Mrs. Margaret Spencer MATHEMATICS C. Sherwood West. Head Etta McTammany Zaven Mahdesian Mrs. Henry Cassavant LANGUAGES Frances L. McTammany, H Edna M. Hale - Emily Cavanaugh A. Marion Button Thomas M. Maloney ART Pauline McGonigal William L. Farrell HOME ECONOMICS Margaret K. Saunders, Head Mrs. Dorothy D. Long Marjorie Wales Catherine A. Mahoney COMMERCIAL Garry E. Barnes, Head Lela B. Capron E. Winifred Podmore Ada Harvey Myrtle E. Fletcher Helenmarie Kelly Wassell Septic ead Irving E. Fancher, Head Ruth I. Jacobs Edward Picken Florence Gabauer Marion C. Fitzpatrick Marion Fitzgerald SCIENCE Dudley P. Van Arnam, Head Gertrude E. Markey David Levinstein Bessie Wood MUSIC Frank Catricala, Jr., Head Louis Pignanelli Harvey Provost PHYSICAL EDUCATION Delia M. Clohessy Manuel Elfenbein Edward Picken, Coach VOCATIONAL Joseph T. Sproule, Director Rene Michel, Carpenter Shop Robert Campton, Sheet Metal Henry Cassavant, Science John L. DeLee, Drawing William R. Goetz, Machine Shop Alexander R. White LIBRARIAN Julia F. McGahan Justine Hermann GUIDANCE Frances L. McTammany Arthur Stuarts, Jr. SECRETARY-REGISTRAR Elizabeth Casey SECRETARY-TEACHER Marion C. Diamond C3 ontents Introduction The Class Activities Sports Advertisements 'Dedication y C50 those of Troy High School, especially those of our Class who are serving in the Armed Forces of Our Country, we of the Class of 1945 respect- fully dedicate this Year Book ir Cdlcwewell eibffessage As we take leave of Troy High School to join the ranks of alumni who have been graduated before us, there comes a partial revelation of the role which our Alma Mater has played in the molding of our lives. Forti- Hed by the knowledge that our four years of happy association with our classmates and our teachers have given us invaluable qualities of mind and heart, we await the future with confidence and resolution. To those who will enter the service of our country, to those who will continue their education in some institution of higher learning, to those who will take their places in business and industry, - to all our fellow classmates, "God Speed!". To our successors we say, "Good luck and farewell!" JOHN D. SNYDER, President of the Class of '45 L92 ,H J. , mann-u-w-wifes-f -M if V , - J, , , , :-' ne, Q nruw.-mgmv: -rfxaeoeqgxanxgggc smmruqnlaas xx Bernard Adler "Bernie" Joan of Arc Jr. H. S., N. Y. C. College Entrance Undecided "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do." Victory Theater OJ: Junior Mixer QU: '44 Fling Url. Eugene Adofi "Yuls" School 18 College Entrance Undecided "An essential ofa happy life is freedom from care." Franlr Alarie "Al" School 16 Industrial Service "He makes his solitude and calls it peace." Cap and Gown Committee C4j. Leonard A. Albarelli "Bud" School 18 Academic Service "Them ez aims, hits. Them ez hez, gits. Them ez waits. wins. Them ez will, kin." Radio Club ill: Science Q2-33. 'Skit ,f Q . , AQQQJH' ls! ,..a, l ,ill . .- :ii M' I 1 vi I, .5 .l l I t i f 2 , if t Q 3 I 2 ,C uri!-21 ' 12 Marion Anderson "Andy" School I8 Academic Mildred Elley Business School " A thing of beauty isa joy forever." TrifY lZl: Dutch Dance Ol: Phil- omathian C3-43: Victory T. 145. Dorothy G. Arnold "Doi" School I4 College Entrance N. Y. S. C. T. "lVhat sweet delight a quiet life affords." Purple Key l4l: French Club 145: Toga i4,i Science Club UH: Vice President of Science Club f4l: An- nouncement Committec Chairman f4l. Patricia Lalah Ashley "Pai" School 18 Academic Undecided "A rhapsody of words." Choral ill: Junior Mixer UO: Tri-Y fill- Shirley Ashley "Lee" School I8 Commercial Troy Business College "Being merry becomes you." Student Council ill. DAF! DAN IAINI I I K- 'H I Y! . ' , , ,. , . f . ' Q 4 4 L' N Dorothy Aspland "Doi" school is fcommmiii Albany Business College "Never too late for delight." Tri-Y ill: Commercial Club 141. Laurel Bayley "Lolly" District 3. Poestenkill College Iintrance Mildred Elley Business School "Along the cool, sequested vale of life. She kept the even tenor of her way." Shirley M. Baker "Tue" School I8 College Entrance Green Mt. Junior College "1 did not cure one straw." Iunior Mixer QU: Delphic HJ: Science Club Q-H. knna H. Barfowslci "Ann" tchool I2 Commercial Business College ' "And when responding to the cheers, she lightly dolled her hat. No stranger in the crowd could doubt 'Twas Bartowshi at the bat." N r. C if l l 13 Chauncey Leroy Bashforcl llRedll School l Commercial Service "Sooth'd with the sound. the king grew vain. Fought all his battles o'er again: And thrice he routed all his foes: And thrice he slew the slain." Sally Becli "Sal" School 18 Commercial Business College "Whate'er there be of sorrow. l'll put it off 'til tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes. Why then, 'twil be today and joy again." Visitor Board OJ. Jane Beeler "Janie" School I2 Commercial Troy Business College "She is a good friend that doth thee good." Tri-Y QZJ: Commercial Club HJ: Class Clothes Committee 141. Lewis E. Binlt "Binltie" School '12 Commerical Service "Sport that wrinkled Care derides, And Laughter. holding both his sides." Fred Boeiiger "Gus" School 14 Industrial Service "What is worth doing is worth doing well." Julia Bomba "Julie" School 12 Commercial "Mind cannot follow il. nor words express, Her inhnite sweetness." Marlorue Borouan "Sl1or'I'y" School I8 Commercial Mildred Elley Business School "Jest and Youthful Jollityf' Choral 1l. 31: Delphic 13, 41: Cheer- leading 13, 41. Helen Boil' "Boots" Dist. 10 Commercial Undecided "She was my friend, faithful and just to me." . DAR DAN IANI 1 ilaaee f yt 'dial kgumgik . RQ 'B 2 ,f to 14 Mildred Bowen "Mil" School l Commercial Troy Business College "Quie!ness is best." Tri-Y 13, 41: Commercial Club 13. 41. Alberta Braveman "Ber+" School 18 Commercial Russell Sage "Whatever she gains she will be worthy of it." Junior Mixer 1Bids, Publicity. Decora- tions1 131: "What a Life" 1Stage Manager1 131: Victory Theater 131: Commercial Club, Sec. 141: Student Council 141: Executive Board 141: Philomathian 141: Senior Ball 141: Dardanian 141: Spring Fantasy 141: Victory "T" 141. Hugh J. Brown "Brownie" School 14 Commercial Service "Youth, thy words need an army." Hi'Y 11, 21, Sec. 13, 41: Hi-Y Coun- 131, Pres. 141 : Commer- Pres 141: Class Treas. 141. I Wendell Bryce "Wen" School l4 College Entrance-Jan. Union College "How good he is: how just. And fit for highest trust." Hi-Y 11, 21, Pres. 13. 41: Hi'Y Council 11, 2, 31, Vice Pres. 141: Ring Committee 131: Junior Mixer 131: Junior Prom, Chrmn. 131: Exec- utive Board 131 : Student Council 131 2 Toga, Treas. 141: Purple Key. Pres. 141: Senior Ball 141: Football 13. 41. od Butler "Sparltie" st. l. Brunswick College Entrance R, P. I. "Thar ain'l no sense in gettin' filed." :dent Council 11. 5. 45: Penny-af ek 135: Science Club 15. 45: Track , 35: Football 13. 45. elen Califano "l+ch" wool 1 ' lege Entrance . , C. l' v u ther Helen, fir'd un- othrr TR ss Vice Pres 145: Editor. Dartlan- 145: Student Council 12. 45: Pur- Parrot 125: Ring Committee 135: ior Prom 135: Victory Theater 135: :cutive Board 155: "Visitor" Staff 45: Junior Mixer 135: "What a e" 155: Dutch Dance 155: Philof 'hian. Treas. 155. Sec. 145: Toga 5: Pres, 145: Purple Key 145: nch Club 145: Senior Ball 145: embly Program Committee 145: tory 145: Spring Fantasy 145. ary Callahan "Cal" Petcr's School 'The fairext tmrtlt-n in ht-r looks." vhic 145. Comercial llcaseyll . ian Casey iol ll College Entrance Nursing School Ibtltzy. usllutcuer muy annoy, Tl.-t' wort! for me is Joy, just simple Joy." Y 11.1, 3,-15,Pres. 12, 35. , DARDANIANI - x2 5 me Q x l"NF'l .5 x J ,K AV X V' 44 15 Mary Caulfield "Rusty" School l8 Commercial "A little, tiny, pretty. witty, charm- ing. darling she." Commercial Club 145: Philomathian 145: Senior Ball 145: Dardanian 145: Victory "T" 145: Spring Fantasy 145. Nazareth A. Chaderiian IlNazll School I4 College Entrance University of Chicago "Self trust is the secret of success." Purple Parrot 1l, 25: Sophomore Soiref-Chrmrh 125: Choral 125: Jun- ior Mixer-Chrmn. 135: Executive Board 135: Student Council 1355 Hi- Y 135. Treas. 145: Hi-Y Council 135. Mildred R. Champine IIMHIYII School 14 Academic Dental Hygiene School "Yes, life then seemed one pure delight." Tri-Y 145. Veronica M. Charish "Carrots" School IZ Commercial "Rising up, Robed in the long night of her deep hair." Vivian L. Church "Viv" School l Commercial Undecided "Better never trouble Trouble Until Trouble troubles you: For you only make your trouble Double Trouble, when you do! And the trouble, like a bubble 'l'hal your trouhliny about May be nothing but a cipher lvilh its rim ruhbeil outf' Jane Cioffi "Janie" School Commercial Undecided "Both short and sweet some say is best." Choral 111: Delphic 13, 41. J. Bernard Clancy "Bernie" St. Francis School Industrial Service "Down in their hearts, wise men knew the truth: The only way to help yourselves is to help others." Wag Board. Dardanian 141: Executive Board 1411 County Fair and Fun Night Booths 141. Pairicia Clark "Pai" St. Paul's School Commercial "A trite friend is foreuer a friend." . DARDANIAN 1. N01 magyar ' 4 Q 1 f'Yyt 1 . 1 in .ei l' , Va if5 X i ' 16 Elizabeih S. Clayton "Liz" Emma Willard College Entrance Undecided Health and cheerfulness mutually be- get each other." Choral 11, 2. 3, 41: E.W. Athletic Association 121 : Delphic 13. 41 1 Penny a Week 131: Home Room Treasurer 141: Daisy Mae Dance 141. Doroihy Corrine Coffin ll ll Doi' School 14 College Entrance Samaritan Hospital "Quips and cranks and wanton wiles. Nods and becks and wreuthed smiles." Tri-Y 121: Science Club 1312 Delphic 13. 41: Cupid's Ball 131: French Club 141: Senior Ball 141. Pauline Condee "Paulie" St. Augustines Academic Nursing School "Not much talk - a great, sweet silence." Kaihryn J. CoH'rell "KiHy" School 14 College Entrancr N. Y. S. T. C. "A friend in need is a friend indeed." "What a Life" 131: Tri-Y 13, 41: Junior Mixer 131: Philomathian 12 3. 41: Cheerleading 13, 41: Frencl Club 141: Toga 141: Spanish Clul 141: Purple Key 141: Cap and Gowi Committee 141: Dutch Dance 131 Spring Fantasy 141: County Fair ani Fun Night 141. o Il Lucy Derclarian "Lou School l4 Commercial Troy Business College "Silence is one great art of conversa- tion. He is not a fool. who knows when to hold his tongue." Dorothy Davis "Do+" Menands Commercial Albany Comptometer School "Life is not life without delight." Commercial Club Q3, 41. Lucy Debboli "Deb" St. Anthony's School Commercial New York Institute of Photography "A tender smile, our sorrow's only balm." Mary DeGiorgio "DoDo" School 14 Commercial Undecided "So of cheerfulness. or a good tem' per. The more it is spent. the more it remains." Choral 111: Penny-a-Week 111: Del- mhic U, 41. 2 5 s E l I DARDAINI IANI as H If us TF ,aa X a l I , P l . i V I . I I l..........a, . 17 John Delap "Johnnie" School I Industrial Service "He only is a wellemade man who has a good determination." Donald Dickinson "Don" School 1Z Commercial Service "There's not a minute of our lives should stretch without some pleas- ure." Hi-Y 13, 41: Commercial Club 141: Class Treasurer 141. Edward Earl Dinowifz U nD'nnYu School I8 College Entrance Undecided "Let ignorance talk as it will. But learning has its value." "What a Life" I31: J. V. Basketball C2, 31: Basketball 13, 41: J. V. Football fl1: Science Club 131: Senior Ball f41C French Club 141: Purple Key C411 County Fair and Fun Night 449. Mary Ann Dobler "Mary" Sacred Heart Commercial Albany Comptometer School "Life without a friend is death with- out a witness." Tri-Y 13, 41. Mary Ann Donnelly "Du+chess" School 16 Academic 'l'roy Business College "A daughter of the gods, divinely lull, And most divinely fair." Class Day Dress Committee, Chrmn, 143. John Driscoll "Jack" School I8 College Entrance Holy Cross "The true ambition there alone resides, Where justice vimlicates and wisf dom gullies." Student Council 1l. 2, 33: Basketball- Bus, Mgr. 12. 33: Class Vice Pres- ident 133: "What a Life" 133: Troy Area War Cciuncil 13, 43: Class Sec. 143: Cap and Ciown Comm. 143: Pur- ple Key 143: French Club 143: Toga 143: Assembly Program 143: Victory 143: County Fair and Fun Night 143: Science Club 143: Class History 143- Julia Ann DuJaclt "Julie" St. Joseph's School Academic Albany Comptometer School "Without love und laughter there is no joy: Live among love and laughter." TrieY 12, 3, 43. Carolyn OH'ilia Eycleshimer "Eclrie" College Entrance Eastman School of Music " 'l am imaginative' quoth she, 'Idle was I never. Purple Parrot 113: Choral 11, 3, 43: Orchestra 13. 43: TrifY 133: Delphi: 13, 43: Spanish Club 143: Dardanian 143: Junior Mixer 1333 Class Song Comm. 143. School l 4 QI' ll wa! . ejzfc-9' '37 - fs ,f-5 ,.J'7.,A.Af"Jbi". O? Jar?-3, J' X 5 N 1 DARDAINIANI N My if xAff x ?ifec l , . i it 3 "ACES: . ii ' 18 Beverly Eagle "Bev" School lZ Academic Undecided "A maiden modest, and yet self possessed." Delphic 13, 43: Spanish Club 143. Elsie Elcmalian "Hap" School 14 Commercial Russell Sage "For gowns. and gloves, and cups. and tippets, Are beauttfs sauces, spice. and sippetsf' Delphic 12, 3, 43: Senior Ball 143: Commercial Club 143: Daisy Mae Dance 143: Cupid's Ball 133: Victory 143. Virginia Elimalian "Virg" School 14 Commercial Troy Business College "A quiet conscience makes me so serene." French Club 143. Helen Felfer "Red" School 14 Academic Undecided "l've taken my fun where I've found il." Student Council 123: Tri-Y 143. Geraldine F. Flannigan lleerryll St. Mary's School Commercial "Silence is true wisdom's best reply." Commercial Club L43: Tri-Y 03. Frederick J. Flefcher "Fletch " School I6 College Entrance Service "I.iyl.-I another's candle, but don't put out your own." Band ll. 1. 33: Football LZ, 33: Orchestra 133: Junior Mixer 133: Hi- Y Trees. 13. 43: Student Council 143: 'l'oga 143, Rosemarie Fletcher "Rosie" Armstrong Jr. H. S. tAnniston. Ala.3 Academic Fashion Design School "We have been friends together. In sunshine and in shade." Tri-Y 1231 Philomathian Ui, 43: Purple Key 143: Commercial Club 143: Executive Board i433 Cap and Gown Comm. Chrmn. 143: Victory Q43: Prophecy Committee 143. Earl Ar'I'hur Forman "Earl" School I6 College Entrance Service " 'Tis what I love determines how I love." Boys' Class Day Clothes Committee- Chrmn, Q43. fe DARDAN IAN , 19 Theresa Franco "Terry" C.C.H.S. Commercial "Beauty is a natural superiority!" Doro+hy Furdyna "Furdie" School 12 Commercial Mildred Elley Business School "Those move easiest who have learn'd to dance." -Delphic U. 43: Dardanian Board C43. Shirley Gailey "Shirl" School, Brunswick Z Academic 'iWhat a thing Friendship is, winrlil without end!" Class Clothes Committee C43. Franltie Gambrell "Frankie" Stephen's Lee H. S. North Carolina College Entrance "Every joy is gain And gain is gain, however small." County Fair and Fun Night 143. Edward Gillie "Gil" School 16 College Entrance R. P. l. Happy-go-lucky and full of fun, Pep and ability, all in one." Student Council ll. Z, 3, 41, Pres, H121-li-Y Q l.2,3.41,'I'reas, C313 Junior Prom 131: Purple Key 141: 'Toga 141: Mgrasasimbni 41, 413 Football CZ. 3, 415 Track KZ, 3. 41. Herberi Goldsiein "Chiclrie" School l8 College Entrance Service "From the crown of his head to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth." Student Council ll, 21: Choral 111: Penny-a-Week 121, Latin Club Q21: Spanish Club 121. U H ra M ,mime Dawn Yvonne Hall HD - ir BWDIG Elmira, N. Y. llege Entrance Eastman chool Music "l ow er her l hing air, 7 gt blue ey dark wn hai " ' Executive 2 C315 "WISE Lif 5 er C311 chu 41- ciafillarl rv Theater unior Mix- 41g Choral C3, . ng l N. 2 p.m's 3, 41: Deiphif ci, 419 Purple Key C411 Dar ian Board Q41 3 Victory "T" L41: Class Song Com- mittee 141. Mildred Halse "Milly" School 1 Commercial Undecided "Tranquility! Thou better name. Than all the the family of fame." SN W , DARDANIAN . Sift 'N fW to 71 5- -f' ' qv x ei S 20 Edwina L. Harper "Flinlry" School 18 College Entrance Oneonta College "Forgetting trouble is the way to cure it." Philomathian C3, 41. George Herringfon, Jr. llporkyll School, Poestenkill 5 Industrial Service "I cowhearredr' l'm as bold as a lion I " Football C31. Joseph Harlunian "Joe" School 18 College Entrance U. S. A. A. F. "I will not retreat a single inch and I will be heard." Latin Club ll, 21: Dardanian Q41. N .FJ 5 JK, . ,E ' A lil' N. iff. is Ni fd' .K . -15 ' 'hi-a , .1 'i-,Nl s fu' ' 1 15,42 to l X Nj 0 I, Belly Carol Hmlz J V "Heinz 57" Kurthward. Texas College Entrance Russell Sage "Between laughing and talking, her day is full." Philomathian 141: Dardanian 141: Visitor Staff 141: County Fair and Fun Night, Gen. Chairman C41. Harriel' Hoag "Hallie" Schoharie Central H. S. Commercial Albany B. C. "She that is thy friend indeed, She will help thee in thy need," Mary Jane Holnagle llcandyll Hoosick Falls. N. Y. Academic Nursing School "A pleasing girl with a pleasing way." Joan L. Holland "Holly" School 14 College Entrance Undecided "Better short and sweet. than long and lax." Spanish Club 143: Philomathian 145. Waller Hughes "Wall" School 12 Commercial Service "Anything for a quiet life." -Ii-Y 131. ,. DARDANIANI . l l Zl .Q Gerald Hull School I6 College Entrance Service "My hear! is whole and fancy free, Go way, little girls. don't bother me',, Gerlrucle Hyman "Geri" School I4 Commercial Troy Business College "Trouble runs off her Like water off a duch's back." ' l ' 1 ' ' 4, t JI' QL, , l ' :l ' t I l .Z Helen lvanyshyn "lvan" School 12 College Entrance Undecided "Personality is to her what perfume is to a flower." Choral ll. Z, 3. 43: Orchestra 12, 3. -ll: Philomathian VS. 43: Executive BO.1rd 133: Tri-Y IZ, ll: Cheer leading ll, 4l: Purple Key 143: Toga l-ll: Spanish Club HJ: Senior Ball l-ll: Spring Fantasy-Chrmn, 441: County Fair and Fun Night l4l. Kay lves "Kaye" School 14 Commercial Undecided "Beauty is not caused. it is," Virginia Jaffarian "Dolly" School I4 Academic Mildred Elley Business School "My htturt is hx:-d." Dardanian l41. fel , Irene A. Jermalcian "Ar" School I4 College Entrance Syracuse University Hsllll lo he ni-ul, still lo he dressed, As you were going lo a fcaslf' French Club l41: Purple Key 141 2 Spanish Club 141. Dorolhy Lee Johnson "DoHie" School I4 College Entrance Fisk or Livingston "I laugllfal and duncll and !c1ll2'4I and sang." Tri-Y ll, 11: Purple Parrot ll. Z1: Glee Cluh ll, Z, 3, 41: Cheerleading I3. 41: Spanish Club, Treas. i411 Dardanian Board 441. Elsbelln Kallierine Jorclan "Kale" School I Commercial Undecided "She scares away her woes with song." 1, DA AN AN , Q . .Q iii in 22 Marian Jubic "Marion" St. ..loseph's School Academic Undecided "The best elixir is u Friend," Tri-Y 13, 41. Roberl' W. Kahn "Bob" School I0 College Entrance Undecided "The man who listens to reason is lost." Band ll. Z, 31: J. V. Basketball 1211 Varsity Basketball 131: French Club Q41: Class Song Comm. Q41. Alice Kalayiian "Al" School 14 Commercial Mildred Elley Business School "Tis pleasant to have found and proved a friend." 'Leo Kalayiian "Goo-Goo" School I4 College Entrance-Jan, U. S. M. C. - R. P. I. "The right hands of fellowship." Edward Kazanlian "Eddie" School I4 Commercial Service "Where there are friends. there is wealthf' ' Hi-Y 141. U . i I . ' jzlfi' . YI, r ' I " JT U J' If f' ' Josephine Kazaniian "Jo" School I4 Commercial Undecided "On with the dance! let joy be unconfin'd: No sleep til morn: when Youth and Pleasure meet To chase the glowing Hours with flying feet." Delphic 13, 41. Augustus Kilburn "Gus" Lchool 10 Industrial Undecided "He that has much in common with his fellowmen will have much in common with u friend." lohn Koumiian "Jolinn " .chool l College Entraxce Army "lf you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything thut's in it, And-which is more--you'll be a Man, my son!" X K' ,'. P es! 23 Victor Kramer "Vic" School l4 College Entrance-Jan. "XVh0se well taught mind the present age surpastf' French Club 141: Purple Key 141: Radio Club 1l1: Victory Theater 131. Edward T. Krug "Ned" School 18 College Entrance Colgate "Man is man. and master of his fate." Student Council 1l. Z, 3, 41: Penny- a-Week 121: Dardanian Board 1413 Science Club 141. Raymond Kunz "Ray" School I8 College Entrance R. P. I. "Deeds, not words." Choral 1l, Z, 31: Science Club 141: County Fair and Fun Night 141. Ada M. Levine "Lu" l-loosick Falls. N. Y. College Entrance University of Michigan "True to her word. her work, und her friends." Purple Parrott 121: Jr. Mixer 111: Victory Theatre 131: "What a Life" 131: Toga 13, 41: Junior Prom 131g Purple Key 141: French Club 141: Board Senior Ball 141: Dardanian Chrmn.-Photgraphy 141: Science Club 141. William La Parl "Bill" School 16 College Entrance Service "Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety." I-li-Y. Emily Jane Landfear nJaneyn School I8 College Entrance N. Y. S. C. T. "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Purple Parrot 11. 23: Orchestra 12. 3, 43: Tri-Y 12, 33: Victory Theater 133: Jr. Mixer 1335 Dutch Dance 133: Senior Ball 143: Philomathian 13. 43: Treas. French Club 143: Pur- ple Key 143: Student Council 143: Spring Fantasy 143: Class Will 143: County Fair and Fun Night-Booths 143. Elsie A. Landau "Els" School 18 College Entrance N. Y. S. C. T. "Friendship has a power." Penny-a-week 113: Student Council 113: Choral 1l3: Purple Parrot 123: Class Secretary 133g Ring Committee 133: Junior Play 133: Executive Board 13, 433 Delphic 13, 43: Toga 13, 432' French Club 143: Purple Key 143: Dardanian Board Chrmn.- Advertising 143. Emma Lmdeman "Em" School 14 Commercial Undecided "Study to be quiet." 1 DARD NIAN. . I i I I 1 is , 1 ri' save. 'AH , " . Q i l 1 I i l 1 i I 1 i l i Z in 'A I Q' 24 Ruth M. Long "Ruthie" School 1 Academic Undecided "Of all the girls that e'er was seen. There's none so fair as Ruthie." Philomathian 13, 43: Senior Ball 143: County Fair and Fun Night 143: Prophecy Comm., Chrmn. 143. Belly Lord "Bei" School 14 Academic Samaritan Hospital "Few words suffice." Tri-Y 1433 French Club 143. June Lynch "Lyn" School 14 College Entrance Oneonta College "A good laugh is sunshine in the house." French Club 1431 Student Council. Donald MacArthur "General" School 18 College Entrance Service "Good humor may be said to be one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society." Student Council: County Fair and Fun Night 143. Ruth Jean McDonald "Ruthie" Lchool l Commercial Mildred Elley Business School "Pleasure and action make the hours seem short." Fri-Y 1l, 21. John Allison McLaren IIMBCII Lchool I2 Commercial Service "Nothing can be purchased which is letter than a lirm friend." larsity Football 141. viary A. Maseriian llManeyll ichool 14 Commercial Mildred Elley Business School- "When a heart is light and dances, should not the feet follow?" panish Club 141: Delphic 13, 41: Iheerleading 13, 41: Cap and Gown .ommittee 141. - In fry . , . , far. ,O , . t- I A f- -" , :fi I J, Ioseph Mardigian , ii "Joe" chool 14 Industrial Service "Please do not think I'm bad or bold. But where it's deep it's awful cold." horal 11, 21: Senior Ball 141: Hi- ' 141. X 5 N f DARDANIANI I l l I i l l ' s 25 l 5 Morris Marlin "Moe" School 10 Commercial Service "The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business." Purple Parrot 121. Rosanne Misirian "Rose" School I4 Commercial Mildred Elley Business School "Young in limbs, in judgement old." Student Council 131: Executive Board 131: Tri-Y 131: Commercial Club 13, 41: Junior Mixer 131: "What a Life" 131: Delphic 141: Spanish Club 141: "Daisie Mae Dance 141:.Cap and Gown Committee 141. ' l'ieW" Perry Edward Massey, Jr. llRedll School I8 'College Entrance Service "Leave business to idlers and wisdom to fools: they have need of 'em, Wit, be my faculty, and pleasure my occupation." I-li-Y 11. 2, 3. 41: "What a Life" 131: " '44 Fling" 131: Student Council 12, 31: Prophecy Committee 141- Edward Millriewicz "Ed" Averill Park Central Industrial "Keep thy friend under thy -own Life's Key." X DAR DAN IANI N 1 1 f f ' it ' i t ' xx ffer K Anna Mae Narcesian "Narcie" School l Commercial "A friend is worth all hazards we can run." Esfelle Noviclt "S+elle" School 18 Academic Undecided "Precaution is better than cure. Toga 135: Chrmn. Celebrities Com mittee 145. Mildred 0'Brien "Micltey' Sacred Heart School Commerci Undecided "Softly speakland sweetly smile." Tri-Y 145. Ru1'hO'DonneIl "Ru+hie" School 14 Academic N. Y. Inst, of Home Economics "ln busy companies of men." Delphic 13. 45 3 Daisy Mae Dance 145 : ' Ball Sophomore Soiree 125, Cupid's 135: Student Council 125. J J O'Hare "Bash'ful" Can . Mary Warren School Commercial Undecided "A quiet conscience makes one so serene." Tri-Y 1 2, 3, 45 . h 'I B Oruns1'en"Rus+y" S el a . School 18 Academic Undecided "Don't you trouble Trouble till Trouble troubles Lfou. Don't you look for Trouble: Let trouble look for you." Joseph Parvano "Joe" School l4 Academic "Flout 'em and scout 'em, And scout 'em and flour 'em: thought is free," 45. Band 13. 45: Visitor Staff 1 Alexander Pefreclti "Al" School 12 College Entrance R. P. I, "Great thoughts like great deeds need no trumpet." Purple Key 145: Dardanian 145: Science Club 145. ? . '- V. ii 1 I 26 :rnesf G. Phoenix "Ernie" t. Agnes School Academic Service "My hear! is whole and fancy free. Go away, little girls. don'I bother mpj.. Iheerleading 131. 'alriclc Pisiniello "Pal" chool l College Entrance Undecided "Think today and speak tomorrow." and 11.2. 3.41: Science Club 131: lass Song Comm. 141. N I . I Nilliam Pranchak "Bill" :hool IZ College Entrance Union College "Who does not love wine, women, and song, Remains ci fool his whole life long." ootball 13. 41. Doris Ridin ron "Dor" 9 :hool l College Entrance Oneonta College "Always ready in heart and hand to do her best." ri-Y 13. 41: French Club 141. . DA AN I N ws, o W if wages ........,.. ..., MMM. 43 .- 2-I 27 Lena Riggione "Nickle" School I0 Commercial Mildred Elley Business School "Joy rises in me like a summer's morn." Student Council 1l1: Commercial Club 141: Delphic 141: Tri-Y 13, 41. George Robinson "Curley" School I6 College Entrance Undecided "As 'tis ever common. that men are merriest when they are from home." Football 11. 31 1Z1, so Marian Rosenberg "Memi" School I6 College Entrance Albany Business College "My days pass pleasantly away," French Club 141. John Rosney "Red" St. Joseph's School Industrial Service "Men of few words are the best men." I Pairicia Anne Rourlte lIPa+lI School 12 College Entrance St. Rose College "A merry heart maheth a cheerful countenance." Tri-Y 11, 2, 3, 41: Camera Club 111. Vivian Rowland "Viv" Glens Falls Jr. H. S. College Entrance Samaritan Hospital " 'Tis pleasant to have found and proved a friend." Philomathian 13, 41: Tri-Y 12, 3, 41: Toga 141: Spanish Club 141: Dardanian 141: Prophecy Committee 141- LeonaRub+cl1inslt "Lee" Hunter College High Coiege Entrance 1Manhattan1 Cornell University "Keep on working: worn and pale Though you may be, never rue it. To succeed and never fail, When there's work to do, just do ir!" Ruth Ryan "Rul'hie" School 12 Commercial "I hold a friend more precious than unnumbered gold." Tri-Y 121: Commercial 141. e , C X f, DARDANI IAN we fxgyfcf 1 N 5, ,T hi gi ,E ' 28 Myr+le Sala "Myr+" School, Brunswick 4 College Entrance Samaritan Hospital "Oh, blesr with temper whose un- clouded ray, Can make tomorrow cheerful as today." Philomathian 141: Executive Board 131: Junior Prom 131: Science Club 141: Victory "T" 141: County Fair and Fun Night 141. Audrey Schmay "Auddie" School 14 College Entrance N. Y. S, T. C. "I hate nobody: I'm in charity with the world." Delphic 13, 41: French Club 141: Toga 141: Choral 141: Purple Key- Vice President '44-Pres. '45: Dar- danian 141: Prophecy Committee 141. Rosalind Schwebel "Rozy" School l0 Academic Undecided "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are." The Visitor 141. Estelle Ruth Siegel "S+elle" School 10 College Entrance N. Y. S. C, T. "Nunquam non paratasf' Spanish Club 141: "What a Life" 131: French Club 141: Dardanian 141: County Fair and Fun Night 141. lichard Selzer "Dick" ichool I4 College Entrance Union College "For though he is a wir, he is no fool." ophomore Soiree 123: Purple Key 23: Class Treas. 133: Junior Prom 33 : Junior Mixer 133 : Victory Thea- re 133: '44 Fling 133: Toga 143: iross Contest 13. 43: Senior Ball 143: Jardanian-Wag Brd. 143: Assembly 'rogram Committee 143: Prophecy Iommittee 143. ialvalore Sesl'i'l'o "Sal" :hool 18 College Entrance Siena College "There's not a minute of our lives should stretch without some pleas- Uff. cience Club 143. kudrey Iris Silverman "Auddne" hool 10 College Entrance Undecided "I am always in haste but never in a hurry." lrple Key 1433 French Club 143: 'anish Club 143: Class Clothes Com- lttee 143. hirley Smsig "Sl1irl" rerill Park Central Academic Undecided "Speech is great, but silence is greater." we Visitor 133. . . DARD N AN i SJ' N f' SY IWC..- ,... Y-, i l i i 3 E s . Q M.. Q. gl ' ? 1 A A 29 Margarel Smeland A uMargeir School 4 College Entrance Nursing School "To hear her speak and sweetly smile: You were in Paradise the while." Philomathian 133, Pres. 143: Spring Fantasy 143. Everelel Smilh "SmiH'y" Pittstown I Academic Service "He is my friend Thar helps me in the end." Junior Prom 1333 Class Song Com- mittee 143. John Snyder., "Johnny" School 16 College Entrance R. P. I.- "Nowhere so busy a man as he there is." Class Pres. 13. 43: Hi-Y 11 ,2. 33. Pres. 123, Vice Pres 133: Student Council 12. 337 Toga 143: Purple Key 143: Track 133 : Football-Mgr. 13, 43 1 Science Club 143. Irving Sommer "Irv" East Greenbush Central School College Entrance ibirygs, . . 133: Varsity 143: "A tr r' is oreuer a friend s t l a ll 33: Dardanian 143. YC Leona Sommo "Lee" School 4 Academic School of Nursing "Anything for a quiet life." Announcement Committee 141. Guilberl' Soucy "Souce" School l6 College Entrance R. P. l. "Little in size but great in oralionf' Waller Speidel "Speed" School l Commercial Service "ln all time of our distress. And in our triumph too, The game is more than the player of the game. Ana' the ship is more than the crew." Basketball J. V. 121: Varsity 13. 41: Football J, V. 141: Commercial Clu'J 141: County Fair and Fun Night 141. Madeline Sfasiak "Madge" District ll, Brunswick Academic Oneonta College "Laugh and the world laughs you." X 5' N it K 0 Theresa Anne Sweeney "Sweeney" School l Commercial Undecided "And as the greatest onla are, In her simplicity. sublime." Visitor Stall' 131. Elizabeth Sykes "Liz" . ..,: 3 y School 10 Academic "Her smile is sweetened by her gravity-" A . 1 l 1 Juanila Sykes "Nita" 3 School IO Commercial 4 Undecided A "Her wise rare smile is sweet with certaintiesf' Anna Mae Tashiian n o ll ,,,,, . .,...... Annie School IZ Commercial Yilfif- -b zf ,, Undecided "She is pretty to walk with. ii 51" 'J' - - ,I And witty to mth with. i at ' And pleasant, too. to think on." Tri-Y 1l. 21: Delphic 13. 41: Com- . mercial Club 141: Senior Ball 141. 1 Q J i .JJ K N , ' Z ,X -, - 1 -X ' " f Y ' S 1923552 if X e M X if T 30 vlarton Tashlian "Mary" chool 4 Commercial Fashion Design School "Pleasure is liar sweeter as a recrea- tion than a business." 'elphic 13, 45: Commercial Club 145: cnior Ball 145: Cupids Ball 135: 'ictory 145: County Fair and un Night 145. 5 I :wenne Taylor "Gwennte" runswiclt Z College Entrance Miami University, Ohio She, "only in a general honest thought. and common good to all. made one of them." udent Council 135. Vice President l'5: Junior Prom 135: Philomathiart 5. 45: Executive Board 135: Dutch ance 135: Senior I3all-Pub. Chrmn. l5: Spanish Club 145: Class History mmm. 145: Victory A"l"'-Co-editor .yn lerlon Thayer "Mer'l"' hool I4 College Entrance R. P. l. "I profess not talking: only this l.el each man do his best." AY 1l. 2. 3. 45: Student Council 5: Datdanian-Sports litlitor 145: otball 1l. 2. 3. 45: Track 13. 45. 'even Trianffillou "Greek" tool 14 College Entrance Service "The mildest manm-red man." ack 13, 45: Science Club-Treas. 5. . DA DAN AN . if "4 f" SSI Henry Tufuniian "Babe" School 14 College Entrance Service "By sports like these are all his cares beguiledf' Dardauian-Asst. Editor 145: Executive Board 135: Hi-Y 12. 35. Pres. 145: "What a iLifeWSage Mgr. 135: Foot- ball 1l. 2, 3, 45, N 1 Alice Tychonia "Al" School 10 College Entrance Russell Sage College "Our dignity is not in what we do, but what we understand." Toga 13.451 French Club 145. Betty Jean Uline "Bel" School 18 College Entrance Samaritan Hospital "Never idle a moment. but thrifty and thoughtful of others." Purple Parrot 125: Tri-Y 125: ce Club 135. Sec. 145: Junior r 135: Dutch Dance 135: Senior : Home Room Pres. 135: V'c e 135: Purple Key 145: ch Club 45: Philomathian 13. 45: Victory 'T" 145: Assembly Committee Chrmn. 145: Dardanianx Editor, Wag Board 145. Beverly Vaughan "Bevy" School I8 Academic ?chool of Nursing "A Iigh heart lives long." Student C ncil 1l5: Purple Parrot .1l. 25: nyea-Week 125: Junior Mixer 13 . elphic 13. 45: "What a-Life" 135, lttory "T" 145: Com- mercial Club 45: County Fair anc' n Night 14h Dardanian 145. 1. Q - Y .2 , Ks. I 5, in 3 t- gi. ,I 1 A. 31 George Walm "Wedge" School 14 Industrial Service "Chl why should life all labor be?" Executive Board 131. John C. Wall'her, Jr. "Johnnie" School l6 College Entrance Hornell "For when the One Great Scorer comes to write about your name. He marks - not that you won or lost, But how you played the game." Varsity Baseball 11, 2. 3. 41: Hi-Y: Spanish Pres. '44--Pres. '45 141: County Fair and Fun Night 141. Marion Wansovifch "Mare" School 12 Commercial Undecided "Of all the girls that are so sweet, There is none like pretty Marion." Delphic 12. 31. Pres. 141: Commer- cial Club 141: Cupid's Ball 141: Sen- ior Ball-Gen. Chrmn. 141: Victory "T" 141: County Fair and Fun Night 141- Margarel' Warner "Marge" School 14 Commercial " N. Y. S. T. C. "The wise woman is cured of ambition by ambition." Commercial Club 141: Visitor Staff 141. f DARDANIANI , X H 1 ' 1 l 32 Roberl' Wiley "Bob" School 4 Commercial Service "Friendship is the bond of reason." Commercial Club 13, 41. Arnold Willi "Willi" School 12 Commercial Service "To love the game beyond the prize." Student Council 12, 41: Victory Co-Editor 141: Hi-Y 13. 41: Com- mercial Club 141: Junior Mixer 131: Executive Board 141: Dardanian 141. Phyllis Winkler "Phyl" School 14 Academic Undecided "Ez so shabble ez a bashit er kirtinsf' Student Council 121g Penny-a-Week 121 1 Senior Ball 141 : Sophomore Soiree 121 . Melvin Wulf "Mel" School 18 College Entrance N. Y. S. M. A. "Young fellows will be young fellows." Purple Parrot 121: Football-J. V. 12. 31: "What a Life" 1315 Junior Mixer 131: Senior Ball 141: French Club 141. DARDAN IAINI , Leona March "Onie" Hoosick Falls Academic "There flames the Hrs! gay dalfodil, Where winter long the snows have Lois Yakel "Lo" School I2 Academic Nurse's Training School "It is hard to fail." ' Tri-Y KZ. 3. 41. Secretary UD: '. French Club 145. Leona Collins "Lee" - hool I8 Academic Sc Oneonta College "Scilly speak and sweetly smile." Marion L. Collins "Collie" School l4 Commercial Troy Business College "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." l . . 14 - . ' 1 Iain!" ' lHoosick Fallsl -- Majorette: Delta Gamma Sorority. Richard Hayworfh Phillips IIFHPII School I8 College Entrance Albany Medical College "Chance cannot touch me, Time cannot hush me." Latin Honor ll, 22: Student Council HJ: Football l4j: Tennis U, 41. Vernon Zuckerman "Zuclt" School 10 College Entrance Union College "I wish he would explain his ex- planationf' Science Club 141: French Club C411 Announcement Committee 141. 33 Wallace Carr "Wally" School l4. Yonkers .. Academic "Thoughts mo deep to be expressed, And too strong to be oppressed." Track lZ, 'SJ -Yonkers. George Danyla "Porky" School l0 Commercial-Jan, Service "A fresh, u free, a friendly man." ,, DAR NIAN X I' ' f "ij,T In Xx Harold R. Fosler "Foster" School 14 Industrial "That which befits us is cheerfulness and courage." Peier Homiiz "Pe+e" School 10 Commercial Service " 'Tis time to leave the books to dust, And oil the unused armor's rust." William Jueclr "Will" School 14 College Entrance-Jan. Service "Mind is the great leuer of all lhingsf' Donald I. McNiell School 12 Industrial "Hung sorrow! care will kill a cnt, And therefore let's be merry." , yu .J 34 Louis Prinfslry "Louie" School. Cambridge College Entrance "He that has much in common With his fellowmen will have much in common with a friend." Theresa Siewari' "Terry" School 1 Commercial Troy Business College "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." "Visitor" 141. ffN Cgfonor Students ADA LEVINE DAWN HALL KATHRYN CDTTRELL HELEN CALIFANO HELEN IVANYSHYN ELSIE LANDAU .OSEMARIE FLETCHER RICHARD SELZER JOHN SNYDER DQRQTHY ARNOLD 35 Glass Song We of the class of '45 Make this our parting uow: We pledge with pride to keep alive The spirit that thrills us now. As we march down the halls of time, Our hearts shall sing as one A homage to those high school days We spent in work well done. No greater history have we learned Than that which we shall make. 1 What finer youth than ours has yearned To fight for freedom's sake? Chorus Cto be sung after each stanza abouel Troy High, we shall not forget thee, Though our paths lie far apart. As we strive for mankind's liberty We shall praise thee from each heart. Carolyn 3 6 E ycleshimer Qlass Cyfistor Ccfirst and ,Second years CX T'S hard for us, the class of '45, to look back upon that day, many, many exams ago - almost four years to be exact, but who wants to be exact about such an embarrassing thing as being a "freshie" - and remember our first terrifying day or two in our Alma Mater. On that memorable day, when Mr. Doyle stood before us as foreboding as the Rock of Gibralter giving us rules and regulations, we were a very much bewildered and be- fuddled group. CConfess now, were you one of those frosh who forgot that to fill in papers, cards, etc., you need a pencil? Tisk! Tisklj. After the first lecture, however, we settled down to await our fate. Were we to go to the Annex or fall into the hands of upperclassmen in what was affec- tionately called "The Big Building?" Most of us were sent to the Annex, but there were a few bewildered unfortunates who were thrown into the playful hands of the other classes. Naturally, I use the word "playful" in a general sense. It's odd, but Sophomores never seem to remember that they, too, were freshmen. Did you buy an air conditioned seat in the auditorium or one of those free passes from the horrible lions den -1 deten- tion? "Magnum Opus": great work, for them, yes - believe me, I was a freshman! We who went to the Annex were a little better off as compared with our other classmates. At least we weren't tormented by upperclassmen - in fact, we had a chance to show our high school superiority. Those kids in "School 5" believe anything. We learned the correct stairs to use and the importance of getting to classes on time. Did you have to write fifty or one hundred sentences on the subject of "Punctuality"? Fellows, was it worth while to shoot paper planes and "spit bal1s"? After school how long did it take you to sweep the floor? Ah, dear memories! What feminine heart did not go pitter patter when Mr. Donner appeared? "Oh, 'J', isn't he, a darling! Why he is a combination of Boyer and Bogart rolled into one." That bubble you were floating on soon burst when he told you in frigid tones that it was not lady like to powder one's nose in public. Whether or not it was our class which deter- mined the fate of other feminine hearts we are not sure, but at the end of our term Mr. Donner left this institution of higher learning. Girls, we weren't that bad - or were we? Who dares to state that freshmen don't know the tricks of the trade? The class of '45 did. Do you remember Miss Wood's bird house contest? How many of us slaved to make the best bird house for some unsuspecting Wren? Was it love for our feathered friends or the extra credit at the end of the marking period? My guess it that the latter had a lot to do with it: but then most of us were proud members of the Audubon Society. Miss Wood's room held a great deal of interest for many of us. That corner near the aquarium was extremely popular at noon hour. Weren't the fish interesting - or weren't you interested in the Phoxinus phoxinus Cmin- now to usj ? 37 Glass Wfistory Ccontinuedl The class of '45 was off to a flying start even in these days. We will never forget Miss Foxell's assistance in our Penny-a-week-drive. My! what a proud moment it was when Jack Driscoll handed Mr. Doyle our first War Bond! We, freshmen, had started a precedent and actually were recognized by the upper classmen as a "fair" class. We showed them! ! Well we did! Penny-a-week: Miss Foxell: Marines. Cln those days at the tender age of fourteen little did we appreciate Marineslj Of course, we thought that our first year wouldn't be complete with- out our Annex celebrity contest. With much ado we cast our votes and breathlessly awaited the outcome. James Perry, the science whiz was voted the most likely to succeed - but he took his success to Vermont: Elsie Landau, the most popular girl, and Dick Selzer the most popular boy. Perry "Red" Massey was our class wit CNOW at the close of our fourth year he is still holding that title much to our benefit - or was it to our benefit? - oh those oral topics second yearlj 3 Ned Krug was our class baby and Richard Best our most bashful males fBashful - a fresh- man term meaning the opposite sex has no appeal to me: or please, girls, stay away from melj These along with many others gave us a start toward choosing our future class oflicers. . In May we were confronted by one of our most ballling problems - excluding exams of course - that of helping to choose a Student Council President. What seemed to us far too many upperclassmen came over to our humble domain, and, in very bravado tones, delivered what sounded to us very eloquent speeches. CLittle did we dream that some day we too would be Writing such for a homework assignment or our dreaded senior thesisj . It was all strange to us, one speaker being as good as another, so we voted as best as we knew how. CEnie Miene Miney Mol Stephen Gillespie was elected and proved to be an excellent president. We had done our part in helping Student Council! Even then we were wise voters! Then came that dreaded week in June - exams were upon us. The sun was shining brightly outside but inside the clock ticked away precious minutes while we slaved away over a maze of questions. We knew we had to pass in order to be Sophomores in the "Big Building", that "big building" which held so much in store for us. At last, the week was over and we, with the exception of a few who had dropped along the way, were sophomores-to-be. Good bye, Annex. The summer passed and once more we were entering the portals of Troy High but not as the year before. We were a real class which had had experience. CSO we thought!J During the first week, the other classes and even some of our own classmates from the main building, jeered at us for not going up and down the right stairs. Our fellow classmen had learned this in their first year and were taking it out on us formerly of the Annex. Notice I say "formerly." - CWith the shout "Annexers" the red of embarressment mixed with a little frosh green would give us that rugged outdoor look. Remember?J As the year progressed, we attended the upperclass dances, and of course, the football and basketball games. We sophomores knew the 38 u Glass 'Ufistory lcontinuedl cheers and consequently really yelled. Even in classes the following Mon- day morn, evidences of our lusty shouting could be very easily detected. Yea, Troy High! The event of the year for the class was our dance, the "Sophomore Soiree". This was a dance at which the underclassmen felt they could be at ease. They were! The auditorium was crowded and we had made a success of our first real class project. This was a beginning of a success- ful career. - Successful is putting it mildly, for the dance committee, headed by Naz Chaderjian, collected 858. This beat the Seniors by about S40. and was cause for a great jubilation. We did it again! Exams came: exams went. Our furious studying just before exams "paid off" - not to mention the studying we did during the year. Well, we did do some - and we were full fledged upperclassmen. Now we could proudly say to the new frosh, that someday they, too, might become dignified upperclassmen. ' A CC'5hi'rd and Qourth :Years ST of us returned to school reluctantly in September, 1943, but as soon as we had seen all our old buddies again, we did not regret that another school year had begun. Indeed we were upperclassmen, and we wanted everyone to know it. How we looked forward to attending our first upperclass assembly! We did realize, however, that We were fewer in number than the scared kids who had entered in 1941. We had weathered the storms of underclass days, and now we were veterans. As Juniors, it was our task to organize our class. We held elections, and John Snyder was chosen as our President, John Driscoll was elected Vice-President, Elsie Landau was named Secretary, and Richard Selzer became Treasurer. With Mr. Wm. Farrell, our Advisor, the class officers selected a Junior Executive Board. Then we started on our first enterprise of an eventful year, the "Junior Mixer." Here was something really big. Nazaret Chaderjian was named General Chairman. Soon everyone was talking about our great "mystery" advertising campaign. Remember "Only 125"? And few will foret the wonders that the decoration crew worked on the school auditorium. Few school dances saw a larger, hap- pier crowd. After talk about the "Mixer" had subsided, we found that Christmas vacation was at hand, and soon we would be taking our mid-year exams. During the first half year, we had discovered upperclass work to be much harder than studies had been in our first two years. The number of our classmates on the honor roll was proportionately smaller. Nevertheless, we survived our exams, and resignedly settled down to a long stretch of hard work. At least, that sounds good now. At the approach of Spring, however, things started jumping. The call went out for all would-be actors to report to Mr. Farrell and Miss Fitzpatrick. The Junior Class was going to stage a play. Clifford Gold- - 39 Qlass Cgfistory Ccontinuedl H smith's "What a Life" had been chosen, and Perry Massey became a Henry Aldrich pursued with troubles. Your historian can't say how it appeared to the audience, but the ample laughter made the play great fun for those on the stage as well as in front of it. Do you remember the Italian behind the big mustache? Name was Driscoll, I think. Dawn Hall, Dick Selzer. Nazaret Chaderjian, Ed Dinowitz, and many others contributed to an evening of merriment. On the night of the play, the Class of '45 was indeed proud of itself, for at that time so many of us had just purchased our class rings. Every- where you turned your chums were flashing their rings at you. Our rings served to give us additional fervor as we turned our eyes toward the cul- mination of our year, the Junior Prom. Wendell Bryce was named Chair- man. and the date was set at June 9. It was the center of all conversation. the thrill of thrills. Everyone asked "Are you going?" "Have you got a car?" Etc. However, bigger events in the world coincided with our Prom. On June 6, 1944, Allied troops invaded Normandy. The thought of dancing to such music was difficult, but our cares melted in the atmosphere of the Hendrick Hudson Crystal Ballroom. With the Prom as a fitting climax, we brought to a close our year as Juniors. So, after we had passed our final exams we left school for a well deserved vacation. For most of us, working in many various jobs, the summer of 1944 was a small vacation. Maybe we took up our school work a little more willingly. Besides, we would be Seniors. After we had become accustom- ed to the routine once again, we proceeded to get our affairs under Way by re-electing John Snyder president of the class, Helen Califano became Vice-President, and John Driscoll and Hugh Brown filled the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. Mr. Dudley Van Arnum and Miss Isabel Mann were faculty advisors. The President appointed Elsie Landau, Alberta Braveman, Rosemarie Fletcher, Arnold Willi and Nazaret Chaderjian to the Senior Executive Board. Bernard Clancy was added later. The first week in May, when Hugh Brown entered the Navy, Donald Dickinson was elected Treasurer to fill Hugh's place. ,- Immediately we decided that we should hold our Senior Ball in the first semester, for the benefit of our classmates who might not be with us after January. We decided that the school auditorium wasn't large enough to accomodate the crowds we had come to expect from our past successes: so We moved to the Hendrick Hudson Crystal Ballroom. Marion Wanso- vitch was named Chairman, and a large committee was appointed to insure that this would be the finest event of our career as a class. On the night of November 18, 1944, the more than 220 young people who danced to the music of Paul Perker's orchestra, will assure you that this was a real success. With our eyes financing our yearbook as well as spreading holiday cheer, we undertook the sale of Christmas cards in December. After our Christmas recess, we set to work in earnest to publish the "Dardanian". Helen Califano was selected as Editor-in-Chief, with Henry Tutunjian as Assistant Editor. 40 Glass 'Ufistory Ccontinuedl But it was by no means all work. On St. Patrick's night, we put on our "County Fair and Fun Night", an event the likeness of which had never been seen in old Troy High. You will long recall the "Spook House" including the "Spook" who fainted, "Madame Janey", the palm- ist, and Ed Ciillie ducking tennis balls. Betty Hintz deserved a lot of credit for putting it over. ' Then, a cluster of activities heralded the end of our fourth year. Many a student doubted the sanity of the Seniors on Loud Tie and Hair Ribbon Day. On Senior Day, we handed over the title of Seniors to the Class of 1946, and scrambled off to the Senior Picnic. After the mer- riment of Class Day, we were all but oflicially graduates of Troy High. We left with a record of successes behind us, unparalleled from Freshman to Senior. Time will dim all these, of course, but it will never dim our memories of school days. 41 Glass Celebrities g Done most for Troy High School is ..., s Class Wit ........,........,......,...... c ..... Best Student .............s... Most likely to Succeed Best Athlete ........,.eee. Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy ,...,s Most Original Senior Most Attractive Girl Most Handsome Boy Most Dignified Senior - ..,, Helen Califano C ,r... Perry Massey Ada Levine John Snyder Henry Tutunjian Helen Califano Edward Gillie Perry Massey -, Margaret Smeland Irving Sommer Mary Ann Donnelly Man Hater e...Ye.,..,.ee.. Dorothy Arnold Woman Hater , ee.,.., G ilbert Soucy Best Dancer CGirlJ eeee e...,e.,r,.,,e,. Helen Felter Best Dancer CBoyD .eee. . ,,o,,.,. Nazaret Chaderjian Class Flirt ....,,.,eee. . ..,eel.. Helen Ivanyshyn Most Modest Senior e,.., A udrey Schmay Class Politician ....r, Sleepiest Senior err., Class Baby oo...eoe....e Best Dressed Girl ...,... -. Best Dressed Boy eee,.... Most Carefree eeee.veee A Most Interesting Topics of Conversation ,...,r Hardest Years .,er. Easiest Year oe,.ceoo. ,. ..eo..,eo ,- Most Valuable Subjects r,..r, Gwenne Taylor John McLaren or c,.,ee,. Dawn Hall c .rl..,, Elsie Ekmalian William Pranchak Marge Borian Night Before Service Men Freshman Junior Senior English Physics Math Glass will ey the class of 1945, reputedly the most undignified Senior Class in the history and annals of Troy High School, being of sound spirits, body, and UD minds do submit this manuscript as our last will and testa- ment, our desired division of spoils and treasured possessions, to be declar- ed, sounded forth, and published in this last hour before dropping into the empty void of the free world. SECTION I To our revered subordinates we, the class of '45, do hereby give, devise, and bequeath the following: Part I. To the juniors we do give, devise, and bequeath the honor of attending the mysterious inner sanctum of "Senior meeting - Girls in the Auditorium - Boys in the Gym". To you we relinquish the prestige and the ability to "get out of doing things", or rather to appear to do so to the rest of the student body. Our niche, Rooms 306, 7, 8, 9, and 10 we cheerfully leave you. Yours is the privilege of not sitting on the desks in Mr. Fancher's room, yours that of attempting to slip unnoticed into Mrs. Jacob's line while going to assemblies. Above all, we bequeath to you the ability to sit back sagely and watch the underclassman slave for credits. Be proud of these things, be proud! Part II. To the Sophomores we do give, devise, and bequeath the honor of shedding that ignoble title of "Sophomore" and assuming that grave new handle "Junior", and going to upperclass assemblies regularly. Part III. To the Freshmen we do give, devise, and bequeath the unsurpassed joy and honor of being no longer the lowest class, no longer among the ranks of the pea-green. To those of the Annex we do give, devise, and bequeath the supreme honor of being trampled on the stairs. To you we give the gentle reminder, by the mangled condition of your body, that you are on the wrong staircase. Part IV. To the legions of those who are to enter our halls in the future, we do give the responsibility of keeping our corridors, cafeteria, and stairs full to the utmost and earsplitting forever. Look not weakly to these things: they carry to you a full measure of deep portent. SECTION II SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Part I. To Mr. Doyle we bequeath our thanks for the kind care you have taken of us for the past four years and for your very human manner of dealing with us inhuman creatures. 43 Glass 'will Qcontinuedl ' Part II. To Miss Mann and to Mr. Van Arnam, the Frank Sinatra of the faculty, we leave a prayer for patience. Part III. To Mr. Stuarts and Miss McTammany, we give our thanks for acting as guider pilots for our glide through T. H. S. Part IV. To Miss Button and Miss Cavanaugh we leave thanks for those wonderful little anecdotes "en francais" which have brightened many a dull day. Part V. To Miss Kelly: We acknowledge her earnest endeavors to save the seats in room 208 by not permitting Ed Gillie and George Robin- son to wiggle. Part VI. To the entire faculty - We appreciate your sincere and, in some cases, successful attempts to educate us. SECTION III PERSONAL BEQUESTS Part I. I, John Snyder, do give, and bequeath my executive ability and also my faculty for remembering in which homeroom to register to Adrienne Yowe. Part II. I, Hugh Brown, pass on my financial wizardy and money- collecting tribulations to Erwin Kelley. Part III. I, Marion Anderson, do hereby give, devise, and bequeath my gorgeous tresses to Phyllis Uline. Part IV. I, Helen Califano, do bequeath all my duties to any nine or ten of the strongest members of the class of '46. Part V. I, Billy Pranchak, do hereby give to Ted Testo my honor- ed special, reserved and required seat in the 6th period, study hall. Part VI. I, Ruth O'Donnell, do leave my sharp appearance and ever pressed pleats to Jean Franzoni. Part VII. I, Edwin "Crooner" Wilson, do hereby give, devise, and bequeath my thousand and one girl friends to the rest of the male members of the student body. Part VIII. I, Helen Ivanyshyn, do hereby bequeath my old, frayed, and worn out dog-collars to Carol Prout and Marylyn Oaten. Part'IX. I, Henry Tutunjian, do will my athletic fame to already famous Pat Case. Part X. I, Emily Jane Landfear, do hereby heartily give, devise and bequeath the job of running the checkroom at the basketball games to anyone who will take it. Part XI. I, Vernon Zuckerman, hereby do bequeath to Joe Ormsby my ability for asking questions in Chemistry Class. 44 Glass 'will Ccontinuedl Part XII. I, Richard Phillips, do bequeath the constant sounds emanating from my oral cavity to Bill Alber. Part XIII. We, Kitty Cottrell, Janey Landfear, Helen Ivanyshyn, Bet Uline, "Rosie" Fletcher, Marion Anderson, and Joan Holland hereby do give, devise, and bequeath our cafeteria table, occupied by us since our Sophomore year, to the next enterprising Sophomore group of characters. Part XIV. I, Bill La Parl, do leave to each and every girl a free membership card in the "We Who Are Devoted To Bill La Parl" Club. Apply to Bob Kahn, Press Agent, for membership cards. SECTION IV , E Part I. In view of all these facts and fancies and hoping to remain indelibly stamped in the memories of all within the portals of Troy High School, we do aflix and assign our seal to this, our last will and testament, on this 25th day of June in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-live. Signed Emily Jane Landfear lVitnesses, Clem the Crawler Minnie the Moocher Willie the Weeper Luke the Spook CSince Luke is not a material witness, he is included merely as a gesture.J A45 'A fmfm.:-w1nm mxefns zu.-L., L la., M, :f . : ,. :xp-' -, . x -1- -5- 'V x.fv.':-wa--Y sw 1 -:'rmsnssrnu-wumf, mmm mum' X EACGUHWIHTHES fDarcIcmicm iBoarcI Editor-in-Chief , . , Associate Editor Henry Tutunjian NVag Board Editor Photography Editor , Societies Editor Vivian Rowland Betty Uline Ada Levine Sports Editor , Art Editor . , , Typing Editor . Helen Califano Murton Thayer . , . Ned Krug Dorothy Eurdyna Advertising Editor . , , Elsie Landau ADVERTISING BOARD PHOTOGRAPHY BOARD TYPING BOARD Elsie Landau Alberta Braveman Eugene Adofli Emily Jane Landlear Beverly Vaugh XVAG BOARD Betty Uline Alex Petrecki Dawn Hall Pat Pisaniella Bernard Clancy Richard Selzer Tod Butler Marion Anderson Margaret Smeland Ada Levine Shirley Gailey Audrey Schmay Virginia Jaffarian SOCIETIES BOARD Vivian Rowland Edward Dinowitz Estelle Siegel Myrtle Sala ART BOARD Ned Krug Dorothy Johnson Betty I-Iintz Carolyn Eycleshimer 48 Dorothy Eurdyna Mary Caulneld Arnold Willi Vivian Church Ruth Ryan Geraldine Flannigan Mildred Halse SPORTS BOARD Murton Thayer Irving Sommer Joseph Hartunien enior Executive iBoard President John D. Snyder Vice-President Helen Califano Secretary John Driscoll 'llreasurer ...., .,.., , , , . Hugh Brown lfaculty Advisors , . Miss Isabel Mann and Mr. Dudley Van Arnam Colors . , . . ,..,,.. , . .,..... ..,..,... . . . . Cherry and XVhite An extremely busy senior year began this fall with the election of ofhcers. After John Snyder was chosen president, the ofiicers were chosen and the Executive Board was appointed, seniors began to work. The Senior Ball was held on November 18, 1944, and the A'Dardanian" Board was appointed in December. Christmas cards were sold to raise money for the yearbook. On March 17, 1945, "County Fair and Fun Night" drew a crowd to T. H. S. On June 8, 1945, was "Loud Bow and Tie Day" and on June 15, was Senior Day. Our class colors were chosen as cherry and white. A Senior Picnic, Class Day, and Graduation at Music Hall climaxed a most successful year. 49 Kpurple Qy President ..,, ...,..,......... , A . Wendell Bryce Vice-President . . . . Audrey Schmay Secretary , . ..,. Alberta Braveman Treasurer .... .... , , . Jack Driscoll Faculty Advisor , . . . . . Miss Emily Cavanaugh Colors ..,,...,........,..... ......,,... .,,.,.. P u rple and Gold This year, Purple Key has had charge of the stamp sales every week and was an active participant in the War Bond Drive. Purple Key has also had charge of the planning and execution of assemblies this past year. Its year's activities ended with the traditional "Tapping" exercises on June 7, 1945. 50 ,Student Qouncil Presitlent Ciwenne 'lliylor Vice llresidenl lidwartl Liillie Secremry fhlrienne Yowe illIL'JSlIl'l'I' , , lfrwin Kelly llitullx' Atlvisors . Miss Pauline lVlcGonig.1l and Mr. llenry C.lSS.1V.lI1l The highlight of the Student Council undertakings this year was the putting on of A War Bond Drive in which Sl5,000 was raised in Eve days. lo help Freshmen, Council issued .1 small handbook of school cheers. songs. and general hints about high school life. Troy l-ligh's newspaper "The Victory T" is sponsored by the Student Council, along with the "Visitor", El letter to Troy Highs servicemen. 51 President ..... Vice-President . Secretary ,,.., Treasurer . , , . Faculty Advisors unior G lass , . Miss Marion Fitzpatrick and Mr. 52 Adrienne Yowe Ted Bayer . Erwin Kelly . Julian Martin David Levinstein qrenclm C-,lub President Richard Seller Vice-President . Kathryn Cottrell Secretary , . , Dorothy Arnold 'IQFCJSIIYCI' Emily Jane Landfear lfaculiy Advisor Miss Emily Cavanaugh Colors . . Red and XVhite French Club began its year's activities with an initiation of more than twenty members. All members have been very active in the club's projects, of which one was the transforming of room 310 into a room laden with French pictures and symbols. 53 cience Glulv llresident . XVilliam Rodgers Vice President Dorothy Arnold Secretary Betty Uline rlll'C.l?Qllfk'f , , , Stephen Trianlrahllon lfacully Advisor , . . Mr, David Levinstein At Science Club meetings scientific papers are usually read, and ques- tions of interest in the World of science are discussed. Science Club memf hers have visited various places in this area to further their scientific endeavors. 54 Thilomathian ociety President Margaret Smeland Vice-President Neyette XVelburn Secretary . Helen Calilano Treasurer , . JUN? SIUJVIS Ildcuhy Advisor .. Miss Isabel Mann Colors . . , , , . . , , Red and Green During the past year "Phil" members sponsored a skit in connection with the Senior Ball, participated in the War Bond Drive with a Dr. I. Q. assembly, sent Christmas packages to needy families, and held their annual semi-formal dance, the 'Spring Fantasy". They completed their year with a picnic. 55 Telphic President , . , . , Marion NVansovitch Vice President .,... Elaine Rifle Secretary ..., . . . Ruth O'Donnell Treasurer .,,... .....,.. A drienne Yowe lfaculty Advisor . . . . . . Miss Marion Fitzpatrick Colors ,... . . . ......... ........, . . Pink and Silver During the past year the Delphic Society held a "Daisy Mae" in- formal dance, In connection with the War Bond Drive, the society spon- sered a popularity contest. There were presented several guest speakers during the year, at various meetings. In May the "Del-Vic-Tesy" Brawl was held at which skits were presented and a "Vic" furnished the music. Delphic ended its year with the annual picnic. 56 Prcsidcnl V icc - Prcsidcnt Sccrclary Trcasurcr enior Cfifi 5 7 Henry Tulum-jian Hugh Brown Richard Bust Frcd Iflctchcr ommercial Gini? President . . , , . Hugh Brown Vice President ...,.. Sarah Dolab Secretary . . . , Alberta Braveman 'l'reasurer . . Virginia Abbott lfacully Advisor , . .,....,,.. ,.,.... , Miss Podmore During the past year, the most important activity of the Commercial Club was the keeping of all financial records during the War Bond Drive. Honor certincates were given to qualified commercial students. The final activity of the year was the collecting of waste paper for the scrap drive. The first week in May. the president, Hugh Brown, left for the Navy. Sarah Dolab then became president. 58 C5ioga Consul Helen Califano l'r.1etor , Vivian Rowland Aediles . . . . . . Kalhryne Cottrell Joseph Ormsby lfaculty Advisor . Miss Frances lVlcTammany Colors , , . , . , Purple and XVhite This year was the first full year of "Toga", the Latin Honorary Society. lt's activities began with participation in the War Bond Drive by the supervision of a "White Elephant" table. The Latin Club, with the Hnancial aid of Student Council, purchased and decorated Troy High's Chistmas trees this year. A formal initiation for mid-term pledges was held in April at which time the "Ciceronian Oath" was administered. The year was ended with a lecture by Professor Kellogg of Union College and the election of officers for the coming year. 59 Spanish Hub President . Katherine Rooney Vice President . . . John NValther Secretary Roseanna Misirian 'l'reasurer , ..,. Dorothy Johnson Advisor . . , ....,.. , . , Miss Frances McTammany During the past year, the Spanish Club sponsored an assembly of Spanish songs. and a skit in observance of Pan-American Day. This program was broadcast over station WTRY. At club meetings several guest speakers from South America made Spanish students familiar with their countries. 60 iBancl Conductor Mr. lirank Catricala During the past year, the Band of Troy High School has played for manv assemblies, patriotic programs, and Service Clubs. Gur bancl also participated in several Civic Parades. Band members rendered several delightful selections in the Annual Spring Concert. The hand also play- ecl in the Troy High School parade during the City-wide lfsliond Educa- tional Contest. 6l Qrchestra Conductor . . .,.,. Mr. lrranlc Catricala Concert Master . . . , . . , ....,,.... . . , Emily Jane Lantlfear The orchestra will be remembered for its lovely pieces which were played at assemblies the past year. The orchestra accompanied the student body while they sang Christmas Carols and Patriotic Songs for the VeE Day assembly. The orchestra presented several delightful numbers at the Annual Spring Concert. 62 Glmoral Group Conductor . . Mr. lirank Catricala Accompanists . D ' H .mn all, Carolyn liicleshimer, June Ott The Choral Group rendered an enjoyable program of Christmas music at our Christmas assembly this year. They have also performed for Service Clubs, and they presented several very enjoyable selections in the Annual Spring Concert. 63 ,fuvagm fmanrfamwunf- va 4. I P X I 9 Y Y- .........,-,..,-,, , A A W Y , Coach: Picken Bayer, Mgr. Boyd Bryce Butler Case Crupi Donnelly Fox Gillie The Season: Goofball Team MEMBERS OF SQUAD Gilbert Gutbrodt Cordon Harrel Herrington Hopkins K. Hughes XV. Hughes lsenbergh Jackson Kolaian, Mgr. Laughlin Lombardi Liss Martin Marchese McLaren Morse Captain Phillips Prince Rogers Spiedel Smith Tarbox Testo Thayer Tutunjian XVilson Marchese Starting the season with a few veterans, Coach Picken turned out a team that turned in a record of four Wins, two losses, and one tie. Troy Hih's team was named City Champions by virtue of their victories over the other teams of the city. 66 TROY 0 -- MECHANICVILLE 0 For our first game we traveled to Mechanicville where a seesaw battle on a muddy Held ended in a scoreless tie. TROY 24 - LANSINGBURGH 0 For our second game we returned to our home field at School 14 where we overran an inferior Lansingburgh team holding them scoreless. TROY 6 - NOTT TERRACE 13 For our third game we journeyed to Schenectady where a hard fought battle ended with Nott Terrace on the long end of the score. TROY 26 - LA SALLE 12 For our fourth game we traveled to Notre Dame Field in Lansing- burgh where we defeated a battling La Salle team, who took to the air for both their tallies. TROY 6 - ALBANY 13 For our fifth game we were again at our home field where the end of the first half found us leading by one touchdown. In the second half, the Albany team came back to score twice to win the game. TROY 13 - CATHOLIC HIGH 0 For our sixth game we went again to Notre Dame Field where we out scored and out played a fighting .Catholic High team to defeat our last city rival to assure ourselves the City Championship. TROY 24 - HUDSON 6 For our last game we traveled to Hudson where we overran an inex- perienced Hudson team on a gale swept field to end our season successfully. 67 lfirsl row: Mary Mahscrjian, Mary DeLuca. Kathryn Cottrell. Emily Katz, Marjorie Pnoroian. Second row: Marylyn Oaten. Dawn Hall. Carol Prout. Helen lvanyshyn, Dorothy Johnson. Qlmeer Leaders Members ofthe Squad Marjorie Pmoroian Helen lvanyshyn Marylyn Oaten Kathryn Cottrell Dorothy Johnson Carol Prout Mary Del-uea Emily Katz Coach D. P. Van Arnam Dawn Hall Mary Mahserjian 68 Tasketball Coach Captain Manager A Bernard Cohen Cookie Sherwin Richard Gordon Teddy Bayer Bill Harrell lrving Sommer James Ford Cfiieam , Mr. lfdward lliclxen "l.ip" Ciordon . lid Cillie David Harrell Ed Dinowitz Sherman XVilson Harold Vinikoli' Bill Rodgers XValter Speidel Troy High's basketball team, after getting off to a slow start by los- ing it's inaugural to Catholic High 48-40, came back to play exception- ally well by defeating some of its major rivals by great margins. At the outset of the season, Coach Picken was blessed with seven returning veterans of last year's varsity, four JayVees, and two newcom- ers. Une was "Cookie" Sherwin and the other Jim Ford. With this material, Coach Picken did rather well, Although Troy High did not conquer "fame and fortune", they did establish themselves as one of the 60 fastest teams of this section. This reputation was attained by the defeat of Nott Terrace Ctwicej, LaSalle, Lansingburg, Hudson, and Watervliet. We were beaten by Cohoes and Catholic High twice and split two games with Albany High during regular season plays. At the end of the regular season, Albany High was tied with us for first place in the Public School League, but in the playoff to determine who would play in the finals, we won 49-40. Therefore, we won also the right to go to Saratoga to play Nott Terrace for the Eastern New York State, Section 2 Finals. The team traveled to Spa only to go down, fighting gallantly, with the final score 36-35 for Nott Terrace. Billy Harrell, star forward, was honored and did well in represent- ing T.H.S., for he was chosen for the All-City team, a very much deserved honor. All in all, the season was a great success from the standpoint of the team, the coach, and the spectators. C. C. H. S. Lost Watervliet Won LaSalle Won Nott Terrace Won Lansingburgh Won Hudson Won Cohoes Lost Nott Terrace Won C. C. H. S. Lost Hudson Won LaSalle WOR Lansingburgh Won Cohoes Lost Albany Won Albany Lost Watervliet WO!! QPlayoffj Albany Won fChampionshipj Nott Terrace Lost Season Regular Season Post Season Tod Butler Phil Conway Robert Duncan William Fitch Edward Gillie Richard Gordon David Herrel Clifford Hopkins Bart Howe John Iffland C5i'rack Sherman Wilson Paul' Isenbergh Scott Jackson Julian Martin Chris Mouyas Henry Pagano ' Clarence Simmons John Snyder George Sykes John Tarbox Steve Triantagillo Spring, 1944 Last season's track team attributed its success to its coach, Prof. Con- nolly, and to the enthusiasm of the players themselves. This was the second season for Prof. Connolly to handle the coaching of the track team and he has proved himself a good coach. The tracksmen opened the season against Watervliet High and came out victorious on all counts. They ended their season in a try at the Eastern New York Public High School Sectionals held at Union College in Schenectady. The T.H.S. trackmen placed fourth in the Class A contests. 71 iBa5el9all Cisffeam John Bachinsky Red Cookfair Pat Case Billy Harrell Charles Harris Kenneth Hughes Joseph Prince William Rodgers Cookie Sherwin Irving Sommer Buddy Walthers John Walthers SPRING, 1944 Our baseball squad of last year has again upheld the tradition of our school. Despite the fact that our coach, Mr. Picken, did not have many of his veteran players, the team met our city rivals like true Troy High School sportsmen. The baseball team's record was 7 games Won and 3 lost. In the City League, the team placed third. 72 Cgennis Richard Bray Victor Kramer William Hacker Ronald Lewis John Iflland Richard Phillips Spring, 1944 The tennis team, under the direction of Prof. D. Levenstein, had a rather good season. The team played mostly the AlbanysBoys' Acad- emyg Although the outcome by way of score was not exceptionally out- standing, Troy High School emerged with one of the best tennis players of the year, Ronald Lewis. Ronnie defeated a member of Albany Acad- emy who was adjudged the best player in the Tri-City Area, this putting him up as the best player in the district. 73 W I WN " ' f ixs' ' ZAADWERSTHSUNGS U55 .fgifudio EVERYTHING IN PHOTOGRAPHY OE ARTISTIC UUALITY Usfsfzgonz Uwy 1068 fox: Group and Commercial Work ol' all kinds and grades A complete line of frames in all Styles and Sizes . UMR gwiofogzapgeza fox 7Q45 Eazcfanian 51 THIRD STREET TROY, N. Y 76 T116 Home 0 .P articular .Printing r" 1 T116 Troyjs Largest Printing Plant Marie of Quality in PIl.Hfl.Hg 77 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY i ATTLEBGRO, MASSACHUSETTS rl ' Class Rings and Pins ' Commencement Invitations ' Diplomas ' Personal Cards Represented by A A. M. I-IODGKINS P. 0. BCX 9 SCHENECTADY, N. Y NSURE YOUR FUTURE SECURITY i' i.Q3g'23m .11l? . IHSIIIIII- 'Maxis EI-IIII EIIQIII , I! 9 Courses to choose from Secre+ariaI Accounfing Business Adminishafion Sienographic Bookkeeping Secre+ariaI Finishing Civil Service Tu'Ioring Business Machines Income and Social Securify Taxes . Enroll Now at Albany. Business College NEW CLASSES START FIRST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH Sfop in and see I'I1e new College Hall - or wrife for free caI'aIog AcIdress:PRENTISS CARNELL,JR. Direc+or of Admissions TELEPHONE 5-3449 I26-I34 WasI1ing'ron Ave. Albany, N. Y. 79 To Help Make Your Dreams Come True Open a Union Fern Budgel' SERVING SINCE I899 X9 267 RIVER sr A TROY N Y Accouni' UNION-FERN MEN'S SHOP SPORT JACKETS They re sharp . . . full- cuf iarloring for Ihai smarl loolr. Plaids, checks solids, and duo- ' +ones now in sloclx. SLA CKS Solid shades, plaids and checks many wilh zip- pers and pleais. Jus'I 3 rlghl for summer sporl ' HOPE CHESTS CEDAR LINED Handsomely s+yIed Cedar Hope Chesls in rich genuine walnul mafched veneers wirh full red cedar lining 'For com- plele prolecfion 'for your val- uables. Choose ai' Union- Fern now while s'I'ill in s+ocIc. 39.95 and dress wear. EASY WEEKLY TERMS 80 3, .l i PREPARE NO W! FOR THE POSTWAR PERIOD at the Tfby f iv ' The demand for well-qualified ottice help is now and will be after the war. much greater than the supply. Send now for tree 1945 Bulletin S7 CHARTiIN 3i Q STB 1 -. F 4241451 AN ISSUING BANK FOR SAVINGS BANK LIFE INSURANCE SAVINGS BANK econd Sts, TROY, N Y IIKTIIESIILQIILQCY SIIHINDIID A BRAS BAR HAT BAR GLAMOUR-PLUS AT KELLY SHOP KELLY SHOP 405 and 409 FULTON STREET KELLY SHOP 81 I -l REGISTER SEND FOR NOW ! CATALOG Es+ablished I9 I 7 Thousands of girls are needed in business and governmenl' offices NOW. The salaries are high and The opporiunifies 'For advancemenf are unlimifed. The quiclcesl' way +o prepare 'For one of +hese good posilions is +o fake a business course a+ Mildred Elley Secretarial School for Girls Summer -Session s+ar+s July 9 Fall Session s+ar+s Sepiember 3 227 QUAIL STREET, corner Hudson Avenue ALBANY 3, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF LORD AND TANN qDepencla.l9le qiurs WOMEN'S AND Misses' APPAREL 404 FULTON STREET TROY. NEW YORK QUALITY LAU DRY 82 FREARS l ' . 1 X. , 5 J ' " COMPLIMENTS Extend Congratulations T X to the f E , Graduates T ol: the l A Class of Troy High School WM. H. FREAR 84 CO " QF fr Q T X' - Uh! "ffl i945 07305. It L wq afluf , Q 5, LW ' N Es+. 1865 ' Phone II38 COMPLIMENTS OF Troian Hardware Co. ommws Hou CREAM SHEET METAL WORK 96 Congress S+. and l35 Fourth S+ TROY, N. Y. PURITAN Restaurant and Luncheonette Try Our Delicious Dinners PHONE TROY 6536 40 THIRD ST. TROY, N. Y. Denbys Four Floors for Finer Fashions 303 RIVER STREET TROY. N. Y Sporting Goods HARDWARE PAINTS HOUSEWARE RIVER STREET AT BROADWAY TROY, N. Y. Always Look Firsi' a'I' Ijfnifczaff Ayiopfle "From Debs Io S+ou+s" "Across from Frears" PHONE TROY 705I Larges'I SeIec'Iion In Troy Io Choose from SIcir+s, Sweaiers, Blouses, Jackeis Sporfswear 84 W. P. Herbert S1 Co. ...Furs... WOMEN'S AND MISSES' APPAREL 450-456 FULTON STREET TROY, N. Y. Phone Troy I600 COMPLIMENTS OF S. S. KRESGE CO. 3l8 RIVER ST. TROY, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF I-lILL'S STATIONERY STORE BROADWAY Opposi+e Posi' Office COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Harry P. Oleson COAST TO COAST INSURANCE SERVICE 97 FOURTH ST. Phone 6366 CI-I ARLIE'S GRAYSON'S 44Third S+ree+ Nexi' To Proc+or's TFOY. N- Y- KARMELKORN - SODAS Dresses and Sporfswear for The SANDWICHES - CANDIES Troy High Girl W. SL M. GROSS INCORPORATED Clo+hing and Furnishings IVIANORYS Ice Cream Owr Specialty Congress S+. Corner FiHh Ave. TROY, N. Y. 99 CONGRESS ST. TROY, N. Y. , "IF lT'S SPORTSWEAR - LAVENDER S WE HAVE ,,.. Book Shop The Old Sfand AT 273 RIVER STREET, TROY ' Norih of Union Furnilure Co. School Books and Supplies "OLD BOOK DEPT." Phone Troy 3069 3l9 RIVER ST. TROY, N. Y COMPLIMENTS OF Mulfeldefs 20 THIRD STREET TRCY, N. Y. Complimenis of Congressman Dean P. Taylor TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN SCHOOL COMPLIMENTS OF OR IN BUSINESS ONE MUST BE HONESTLY HELPFUL - TRY US! NIfINN.'S 407 FULTON ST. TROY, N. Y. The PIEIEIIIESS Stare RIVER AND FULTON STREETS TROY, N. Y. ' COMPLIMENTS OF JOI-IN J. AHERN TIGAR'S SPORTING GOODS. INC. Fishing Tackle Guns and Ammunifion Hun+ing Supplies Oufboard Mofors Cuflery Radio TELEPHONE TROY 586 I5 KING ST. TROY, N. Y. Troy Established I859 3293 "THE BIG GREEN VANS" qfiiffiam .fee 5 co. MICHAEL J. CALLAHAN Local and Long Disfance Moving STORAGE WAREHOUSE 42I-423-425 River Sf. Troy, N. Y. coMPuMENTs OF SIEIIIIEYS IIIIIIIIPIIIIIEIII SIIIPII T'roy's Busiest Store LUNCH DINNERS SODA LUNCHEONETTE Paul P. Kokolias 295 River S+. Troy, N. Y. s Troy Quick Shoe Repairing Co. Experl Hai Cleaning and Blocking Shoes Dyed - Zippers Replaced Telephone Troy I27I 8I THIRD ST. TROY, N. Y. MARTIN F. CONNORS Men's Shop COMPLIMENTS OF DOBBS HATS ARROW SHIRTS FAYIS CANDIES HENDRICK HUDSON HOTEL TROY, N. Y. In Lobby of Ho'Iel Phone Troy 2I3I POMMER'S "Troy's Record CenIer" Larges'I S'I'ock in Capilal Dis'rric+ All Makes of Records 354 Broadway ROBERT W. KAHN 8: MORRIS MARLIN Exlend hear+ies'I Congra'I'uIaIions and Besl' of Luck Io Ihe Senior Class of I945 The Old Reliable SCHNELL'S JEWELRY STORE I879 Esfablished 66 years I945 83 THIRD STREET TROY, N. Y. FAZIOLI'S Besl' Sundaes, Sodas, Mailed Milk Tas'Iy Sandwiches Special Ladies Enhance Opposife Union S'IaIion Troy, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF CAHILL'S GEORGE A. GEIGER MUSIC CO. MILLER'S MUSIC STORE Sheel Music and Musical Accessories 73 FourI'h S+. Troy, N. Y. Phone Troy 5220 88 , 1 CZQZLXICUZO 15. RADIO SERVICE Complimenfs of CAROLYN'S LINGERIE AND SPORT SHOP Experi' Repairing on all Makes of Radios "If iI"s SporI'swear, we have if" Telephone Troy II56 2240 FIFTH AVE. TROY, N. Y. 79 Third S+reeI Troy, N. Y. CompIimen+s of HELEN. JANEY AND KITTY FLODENT PHARMACY DENTON CRAWMER, Pi-ic., mp. Prescrip+ions, Drugs. Sundries Baby Supplies 536 PAWLING AVE. TROY, N. Y. HOUSE OF FLOWERS Corsages Our SpeciaI+y Special Rafes Io S+uden+s II9 FOURTH ST. PHONE TROY 3lI3 MONCRIEF 81 FRANCIS DRUG STORE TROY'S FINEST DRUG STORE KOENIGSBAUER, JEWELER Fine Wafches and Jewelry Hendrick Hudson Building Troy, N. Y. SIEGEL'S Troy's Leading Loclrsmifh 88 Congress Sfreei Troy, N. Y. MANCINELLI BROS. CONFECTIONERS 46I Broadway Troy, N. Y. 'A' WOR K, FIGHT, GIVE, --- M AKE DEMOCRACY llVE! i' -Drew Pearson 89 W Qutographs gf? sLm.,,jgm,cg Qffqfiwzfg 4 bg,,,2f' gffgf fd Vg, x 1 .. -, asuuz-n':..frm. 1 Q .. , - - , af fbfxmas um naman'-sf I . 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