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J, , Vs a - f :Lf i . 1: 9',,, .r' gli ,gnlrh J 'Y f' tm . I w . . , Af .-,'. f' - + ' , .Wm qui iq -" 1 Pwr - , .V , WH A , I H .ami 1 . lk M- .. I v I J, H I 1. .X M I X I.. A 11,4 F' I J , W.: N1 M , L r , H , vu F . T k X ,, F. V 'L w 1 1 I w ' 1, I W '4 fi' 'I 'WL '. k 0. LM- ,N . I' Ir ' L v I J All In I qi I If I lf .I1, , ,:. , ,:. Q .iw 'V + - - . 1 ll , F ., E- I pai H ....-Y.. -nw , . w w -D N N o w Q7 25 O C SS S N S Ae 1941 wfmzm f Q x - -L li J , v- i 1 Q vi-1. 125 , 5 FQREWORD To nourish the seeds of friendship here sown, To perpetuate the memories of four happy years, To record the achievements of the members of our class, To inspire future classes to seek ever higher goals, To offer our thanks to the principal and members of the faculty, To acknowledge our great debt to our Alma Mater, We, the class of l94l, present this book. CONTENTS SENIORS ... . ACTIVITIES .. ... CLASSES .. .v ... SOCIETIES .... ... SPORTS ADVERTISING .... . . . PAC-E 9 55 6I 67 77 83 To 1:44 'CdlfLC6.4 Mcjammany and 'Cl:lfLCl?96lX CM f 6lfLlfL6iA 7 Z6 Their Encouragement and Guidance During The Past Four Years We The Class of l94l Respectfully Dedicate This "Dardanian" FACULTY PRINCIPAL W. Kenneth Doyle ENGLISH john E. Howell, Head Mary Foxell Lenore L. Staude Virginia Kelly Elizabeth A. Buckley Isabel R. Mann Dorothy Finder Agnes E. Mahoney MATHEMATICS C. Sherwood West, Head Etta McTammany Mary F. Holmes lMrs.l Martha E. Burghardt lMrs.l LANGUAGES Frances L. McTammany, Head Edna M. Hale Emily Cavanaugh A. Marion Button Thomas M. Maloney ART Pauline McGonigaI William L. Farrell HOME ECONOMICS Margaret K, Saunders, Head Dorothy D. Long lMrs.l Marjorie Wales Catherine A. Mahoney COMMERCIAL Garry E. Barnes Lela B. Capron E. Winifred Podmore Ada Harvey Grace M. Mark Page light Betty Lipsky lMrs.l Myrtle E. Fletcher Grace V. Chippendale Charles H. Connolly HISTORY Irving E. Fancher, Head Ruth I. jacobs Edward Picken Florence Gabauer Marion C. Fitzpatrick Ward Donner SCIENCE Dudley P. Van Arnam, H Gertrude E. Markey David Levinstein Bessie Wood MUSIC ead H. Townsend Heister, Head Frank Catricala, jr. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Delia M. Clohessy Boyd N. Williams Edward Picken, Coach VOCATIONAL joseph T. Sproule, Director Marie j. Keating, English Rene Michel, Carpenter Shop Robert A. Campton, Sheet Metal Henry Cassavant, Science john L. DeLee, Drawing William R. Goetz, Machine Shop Percy F. Miller, Mathematics Arthur Stuarts, Electrical Shop Alexander R. White -if H Samui if 5 if 'Wi 'Qg 5-Q. MARGARET M. ACKNER "Margie" AVERILL PARK CENTRAL COMMERCIAL Interested in cutting short your bachelor days? Marge is the an- swer to your prayers. She cooks, sews, adores children, and, well, why not hurry before she is snatched up? She's a real pal and she has what it takes to make a success of her life. UNDECIDED MARY AKULLIAN Mary SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL Mary is one of the sweet but very quiet girls of our class. Her quiet nature has made it rather hard for her classmates really to become acquainted with her, but those who have known her better say that she is a truly loyal friend and has many very pleasing traits. UNDECIDED Page Ten FLORENCE D. ADAMSON "Florence" SCHOOL NO. 16 COMMERCIAL Speaking of geniuses, if you are, you won't have to look far for a perfect example of one. "FIo" woulci, without a doubt, fill that qualification. She is the pride and joy of all her teachers-tops in the estimation of her classmates and very, very intelligent. You're fol- lowing in your brother's footsteps, "Flo," and you're destined to travel a long way. Purple Parrot 1: Commercial Contest 2: Gregg Group 2: .lunior Prom Com- mittee 3: President of Purple Key 45 Business Manager of Dnrdaniun fl. GLORIA ALBARELLI "Glo" SCHOOL IS COMMERCIAL Tall, dark, and very attractive is Gloria, a graduate of school l8. During her four years with us, "Glo" has been a complete success. ln fact now she knows how to sound dot and dash messages. Her honor marks prove her a good stu- dent and her willingness and good cheer make her exceptionally pop- ular with all of us. Purple Key: Gregg 2, 3, 4, President: Delphic 4, Treasurer: Radio Cluh: Commercial Club 3. 4: Student Council 4: Junior Prom Committee: .luniur Mixer Connuittee: Darrlaniun Stall: Class Propliecy. ST. ROSE COLLEGE IOHN A. ADDY iilacku SCHOOL NO. lil COLLEGE ENTRANCE john is one of the boisterous boys around school but he is a "swell kid" and we, with some stretch ot our imaginations can appreciate his sense of humor. lack seems to crave math, as he took advanced algebra, and all the other "grue- some" subjects. Going to be an engineer, lack? Purple Parrot Representative 2. R. P. 1. FLORENCE ALBER UFIO., SCHOOL 14 COMMERCIAL "Flo" is an artist of the ivoriesg or haven't you heard? But of course you have, if you've been loyally attending T.l-l.S. assemblies. She's tall, attractive, and dignifiedg a classy dancer, singer and humor- ist. What more could you ask for? Gregg 45 Commercial 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Dnrdaninn -I. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE MARIETTA H. ALDERSON Hlftla" SCHOOL NO. lli ACADEMIC A darling pug nose and a charming smile and who have we but Mar- ietta? She is quiet and considerate and strives to be a good student. Marietta hopes, as so many others, to be a nurse, and we are sure that she will succeed. Chnrnl 1, 2, 3, 4. ST. MAIlGARET'S HOSPITAL WM. LEE ANDERSON Ill-ee!! SCHOOL 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Lee is slow to become a friend, but once he can be numbered among our friends, he is a fine and a staunch one to have. Although not an active participant in ath- letics, he is a fine side-line rooter. Your friends take this opportunity to wish you luck. Science Club 3: I-Ii-Y 4: Scniiiu' Bull Committee 4. UNDECIDED BENIAMIN ALEXANDER ..Ben,, SCHOOL 14 COMMERCIAL "Bennie" is one of the sociable and agreeable members of the class of l94l. However, he always seemed to enjoy a classroom snooze but when he was suddenly awakened, he answered in quick time and correctly, too. Always keep your good disposition, Ben. UNDECIDED NORMA GRACE ASHLEY . "Lee" SCHOOL NO. 18 COMMERCIAL Norma came to us from School No. l8 and for four years, this quiet miss has kept herself undiscovered. We have learned however, that she has a certain attraction outside our Alma Mater. Despite this di- version we are positive that she will make good in the business world. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE BOYD ALLENDORPH "Butch" SCH'OOL NO. 12 COMMERCIAL "Fun-loving" is the word that best describes Boyd. Humor, intel- ligence, and good-looks go into the make-up of lvlr. Allendorph. Boyd is perfection plus and is bound to sell himself to his future employ- ers. Her certainly knows how to "win friends" a n d influence people." Track 3, 4: Senior Ball Committee 4: Hi-Y 4. BUSINESS COLLEGE IEAN E. BALLANTYNE "Tubby" SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL A certain teacher and lean seem to get along well together. Per- haps it's her radiant personality that paved the way for this spec- tacular occurrenceg or, then again, it could be her sense of humor, both of which she possesses in abundance. lean has carved a mark on the hearts of all her friends, and it's destined to remain. Gregg 2, 3, 4: Radio Club 4. ALBANY COMPTOMETER SCHOOL G. l 1' Page Eleven 'w-"1 EUGENE IOSEPH BARCHER "Gene" DISTRICT NO. 4, WYANTSKILL INDUSTRIAL ARTS He loves to tease and be teased. He is somewhat of a flirt, but then maybe it's just his friendly attitude toward everyone. "Gene" is an- other of the boys who can be classed as 6'. He is nice looking and a fine sport. We shall all miss "Gene" next year. President ol' Shop Alumni 3. WALTER I. BISKI "Doc" ST. MARY'S SCHOOL COMMERCIAL Here is a fine fellow and a fine sport. He has a certain easy going manner and unobtrusiveness about him that we all greatly admire. He and his brush-cut are inseparable with our sport and social events. You have our sincere best wishes, Walt. J. V. Basketball 3: Hi-Y 4: Senior Ball Committee 4. RADIO WORK Page Twelve CHARLES C. BAUER "Chuck" SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Many feminine hearts have been set a flutter at the sight of a tall, handsome figure in our spacious halls. Yes, Charlie is definitely a "ladies man." In addition, he has shown that a friendly spirit and cooperative nature are necessary to gain friends. UNDECIDED ADOLPHE I. BLANCHARD uDolphv1 ST. PATRICKS COMMERCIAL Adolph has been known as an in- tellectualist. However, this trait has not kept him too busy to mix in and endow many with a much cherished friendship. Adolph seems to practice the policy that "All play and no work makes Adolph a stupid boy." Choral 1, 2, 3, 4. UNDECIDED WILLIAM C. BECK "Bill" CRANSTON HIGH SCHOOL, R. I. COLLEGE ENTRANCE Bill is one of the newest assets to Troy High. He came from Provi- dence, Rhode lsland, to begin his Senior year. He was quick to make friends and with his smile, intelligence, and personality, able to hold them. We all feel that his stay with us has been entirely too short. German Club 3: Corridor Marshall 2, 3: Hockey 3: Ili-Y 3, 4. R. P. I. HENRY 1. noNni "Hank" ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL INDUSTRIAL ARTS "Hank" who is gay, cheerful and full of fun is also very attractive. l-lis friends think the world of him because he is a real pal. His eager desire will lead him to success. U. S. NAVY MARY LOUISE BONELLI "Bonnie" CATHOLIC CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL COMMERCIAL Slim fingers leaping from key to key on a piano, a rich soprano voice-we could go on endlessly listing Mary's achievements. Her ambition is to be a composer and, knowing Mary, we ask, how any- thing but success could corne to her? Purple Pnrrot Stull' 4: Adclplmi Aith- eros 3, 4: Dardaninn 4. 'mor BUSINESS COLLEGE ROBERT WILLIAM BROTT ..Bob.. DISTRICT NO. 4, WYANTSKILL COMMERCIAL Bob is one of the friendliest fel- lows in our class. It is easy to see, when walking through the halls, that he is very genial, for he has a cheery greeting for his pals and acquaintances alike. lf he con- tinues to be so diplomatic, he's bound to be a success. UNDECIDED MILDRED MARION BRAFMAN "Mimi" N. Y. C., P. S. 144 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Although Mildred has been with us for only a year and a half, we have learned to appreciate her helpfulness. Mildred's desire in life is to become a fashion designer and we are sure that she will be successful in this field. Art Club 2: Choral 1, 2: Tennis Club 1, 2: Senior Bull Committee. TIIAPHAGEN INSTITUTE ROBERT BROWN "Brownie" SCHOOL NO. 14 INDUSTRIAL ARTS While Bob was not especially bril- liant in his subjects, nevertheless, his popularity with the student body was well above average. He is a very smooth dancer, which probably accounts for his amazing popularity with the fair sex. UNDECIDED IOHN BRIGNOLA "Briggy" SCHOOL 10 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Loyal, sincere, intelligent a nd humorous, john led our Student Council successfully over and ex- tremely stormy voyage. No matter what the undertaking, no matter how difficult the task, john pulled us through. The best of luck on the sea of life, and may you sail your ship into the harbor of suc- cess. Soccer 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3: Senior Hi-Y 4: Vice-President of Student Council 3, President of Student Council 4: Choral 2, 3: French Club 3, 4: Purple Parrot 3, 4: Chairman of Jun- ior Prom 3: Junior Mixer 3: Senior Bull 4: Director of Variety Show 3. UNDECIDED MARIAN E. BUCKLEY "Butchie" SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Our sweet, and very attractive brunette has, for the past two years, been pretty well taken up with leading our student body in cheering, but, let me adcl, not too taken up to fail to notice the opposite sex, I do not need to wish Marian success, for l know that she'll find it. Gregg 2, 3: Cheerleader 3, 45 Choral 4: Purple Parrot 4: Dardaniam Board 4: Aviation Club 2. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE f it Page Thirteen MARY ROSE CAMPANO "Mary" SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Mary Rose seldom had very much to say to any of her class members but we're certain that deep down a friendly spirit is prevalent. Be- cause Mary Rose is rather quiet, we never had a chance to know her very well but we always en- joyed listening to the little girl with the tinkling laugh. RUTH CANNON "Ruthie" SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL School I4 sent "Ruthie" to us and we are proud to have her a member of our class. She has proved a most efficient worker and an especially good manager which has been proved by the way she handled the Parrot. Besides this, "Ruthie" has revealed her patience and conscientiousness. Journalism Club 2: Gregg Group 3, 4: Purple Parrot 2, 3, 4, Editor. MILDRED ELLEY Page Fourteen 4 I NICHOLAS H. CAMPESE "Nick" SCHOOL NO. 10 COLLEGE ENTRANCE A musician in our midst, a future Yeheudi ll. Nick plays the violin with skill. He manages to be a Latin shark, a very good French student, and he also manages to rate high in his other studies. He is a delightful lad and good com- pany, at French Club meeting, especially. Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3: French Club, Treasure: Purple Key 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Purple Pnrrot. N. Y. STATE COLLEGE FOR TEACHERS HELEN DORIS CARROLL lIDeell SCHOOL NO. 12 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Ta ll, good-looking and very friendly, What else could we ask for in one lass? Doris is a good dancer, a fact which makes her even more appealing. We can al- ways finds her cheering at basket- ball games. With these qualities, we are sure that Doris will be a great success in any field. Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Philmnutltiam 3, 4: Iheiirlt Club 4: Senior Bull -I: Choral ' ' sivirru LILLIAN E. CANNON ULN.. SCHOOL NO. 12 COMMERCIAL Lillian is known throughout school as the girl with the friendly smile. Lillian is known also for her high scholastic ability. This, plus her quiet disposition and her determ- ination will carry her a long way into the future. Gregg 2, 3. 4: Tri-Y 3: Purple Parrot Stall 4: Purple Key 4: Durdaniam Iitmrd 4: Senior Bull Committee 4. ART SCHOOL MARIE CASORELLI SCHOOL 10 COMMERCIAL A radiant smile is very present on the visage of tiny Marie. A good student and an energetic worker she has remained, despite the fact that loe seems to occupy a large part of her time,-loyal and sweet forever you'll be, Marie. UNDECIDED FRANK R. CASEY "Case" WYANTSKILL DISTRICT NO. 4 ACADEMIC Do I hear something? No? Then it must be Casey, for he's one boy, and the only boy l've seen, who makes so little noise. He is very much interested in skiing and pho- tography-to say nothing of Lan- singburg girls. CHARLES CHADERIIAN "Chuck" SCHOOL 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Chuck, although the dignified type, is not so much so to mingle and joke with us. He is very con- scientious in all that he under- takes, especially French which he takes great pleasure in practicing on his friends. To many of us he is also known for his fine singing voice. Student Council 4: French Club 4: Science 'Club 4: Choral 2, 3: Pnrrot 3, 4: I-Il-Y 3, 4. OSWEGO STATE NORMAL SCHOOL 'ai '-1 LENA A. CASTIGLIONE lILeell SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL Loyal describes Lena to perfection! She has been one of the grandest pals anyone could have and has done more than her share to keep her friends happy. Lena is con- scientious, considerate, modest, and true. May she have the happiness she so well deserves! Choral 4: Journalism 3. ANDREW CHRESSANTHIS KKAndy7D SCHOOL 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Brilliant iespecially in mathe- maticsi, and a regular fellow,-- that's Andy. Although he hasn't participated in many activities be- cause of his work after school hours, his support has not been lacking at major social and sports events. We expect his name to be synonomous with somebody- maybe Einstein. French Club 3, 4: Purple Key 4. R. P. I. BERNICE A. CATLIN POESTENKILL DISTRICT NO. 5 ACADEMIC Bernice hails from Poestenkill, a rosy cheeked dimpled girl whose smile is extremely catching. Bern- ice will make an ideal wife for some fellow. He could talk from morning to night and she would never interrupt him. We wonder if she has lost her tongue. Every- one likes Bernice and perhaps it is because she is so timid. UNDECIDED WARREN CHRISTIAN BRUNSWICK N0. 1 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Warren is another one of the country boys who enioys good "ole" barn dances. He rides a motorcycle and drives a car. He en- joys fixing machines and whether we'll have him fix our automobiles fon us someday, only time will te . Page Fifteen Q BETTY GRACE CIPPERLY MGP.. SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE lf you're minus a hair ribbon or if you find a tack on your chair, look at Betty. "Clip" is a prank- ster and we adore her for it. She has never been mad for the four years she's been in T.H.S. Betty is a delightful companion and don't we know it. Phil 3, 4: Tri-Y 3, 4: Jr. Mixer: Senior Ball: Dnrdanian. BROOKLYN METHODIST HOSPITAL NICK COCCA "Nick" SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Nick is as well liked for his per- sonality as he is respected for his ability. Those with whom he has come in contact, whether socially or on the athletic field, have felt themselves possessed of a friend from whom great things might be expected in the future. Track 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: Commercial Contest 2, 3, 4. UNDECIDED Page Sixteen VIRGINIA CLARK ST. PATRICK'S COMMERCIAL "Gena" is well known to a great many students in Troy High for her unusual singing ability. Her ready smile and cheery greeting are received daily by her friends. Whether you choose to be a great singer or somebody's wife "Cena," we know that you'll succeed and be very happy. Purple Parrot 1, 4: Choral 1: Dnrdun- ian 4. UNDECIDED NORMAN COHEN aiNOrrnvl SCHOOL NO. I4 COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Normie" is one of the happiest, jollies and fun-loving boys in school. He keeps up his scholar- ship, plays an instrument of some kind, and still has time to fool around and be witty lwe some- times think half-wittyl . With such a carefree nature "Normie" will never be bothered by a thing. Purple Parrot 2: Dardnnixm 4: Senior Ball 4: French Club 4: Bund 1, 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 3. VIRGINIA CLICKNER SCHOOL NO. 14 ACADEMIC Whenever we have need of a poster, whenever there were any decorations to be made, Virginia's splendid brain worked and ,her pencil drew the ideas. "Ginny" is outstanding in the field of art and her specialty is drawing horses. Virginia has ambition, personality, and a yen to get what she wants. "Happy days ahead for you, Ginny." Success is waiting for you. Purple Parrot 2: Delnhic 4: Art Club 2: Junior Mixer 3: Junior Prom 3: Tri-Y 3. UNDECIDED IANE W. COLEMAN SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL A pleasing personality, a pretty face, a friendly placid nature, put them all together and you have jane Coleman. With such fine characteristics we know she will travel far for she possesses the very essentials for success. UNDECIDED PHYLLIS COLLINS SCHOOL 14 ACADEMIC Phyllis is a very quiet young miss who limits the influence of her personality to a few friends. Al- though her voice can hardly be heard, her cooperative spirit shows that she's gained recognition from her fellow students. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE ELLEN COOKFAIR PITTSTOWN DISTRICT NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Before: "Who's that tall blonde who is hard to meet?" After: "I never thought there could be such a modest and thoroughly gracious person as you." Yes! That's a typical remark about our Ellen. We've all been glad to know you, Ellen. UNDECIDED IRENE L. COOK "Cooky" SCHOOL I8 COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Cooky" hails from Sycaway. Her quick wit and sense of humor make everyone laugh. Irene says she hasn't made up her mind yet what she would like to do, but whatever she does, she'll "hitch her wagon to a star" and grab a handful. Phil 3, 1: Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 4: Purple Key 4: Senior Ball Committee 4. MILDRED ELLEY LILA D. COPLIN III-il! SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Lila's beautiful clothes are a reflec- tion of her charmingfpersonality. Her smile has found its way into many hearts, but she is especially interested in a lad that goes to "State." We are sure that Lila will journey through the road of life without great difficulty. Choral I, 2: Senior Bnll Committee 4. UNDECIDED CALVIN COOKFAIR "Cookie" SCHOOL NO. 18 COMMERCIAL Calvin is a good sport and is always willing to aid anyone who asks for help. Let your silence lead you where it may, Calvin. We are sure it will lead you to success. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE IAMES R. CULLEN Iilimmyi! SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE jimmy's clark wavy hair and pleas- ing smile have provided the topic for many a feminine conversation, but his interests lie in his work. lls this the right conclusion, jim, or is there something elseAtoo?l He has been active in sports, both as participator and spectator. Student Council 4: Dnrdanian Board 4: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Com- mittee 3: Science Club 4: Track 2, 3, 4. CORNELL UNIVERSITY 'Q Page Seventeen ! lf DOROTHY DANSEREAU ..DOt,, SCHOOL NO. 12 COMMERCIAL Petite, dark eyed, laughing Dotty is forever dashing around to this or that party lat which we've heard that she's very popularl. Friends flock around Dotty in droves for she is well liked here in school. If you need any help, or any social affair, call on Dot for first aid. Delphic 3, 4: Gregg 4: Senior Ball. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE GRACE DELUCIA SCHOOL NO. 10 COMMERCIAL We shall always remember Grace for her extraordinary sense of humor and her ready smile. No matter how poor our joke was, Grace always made a good one out of it. You're sure to succeed if you keep your pleasant personality. Purple Parrot 1: Gregg Group 1. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE Page Eighteen EVELYN F. DE CRESCENTE "Butch" SCHOOL NO. 10 ACADEMIC "Butch" is a particularly likeable girl, who likes Commercial Club and Weenonah Club and we know they like her. She is helpful on committees and a great asset to the Senior class. "Ev" has a hanker- ing to become a baby specialist. A mighty fine idea, so stick to it "Butch," Purple Parrot 3, 4: Aviation Club 3, 4' A BRADYS HOSPITAL HELEN DICKINSON "Helen" WYNANTSKILL SCHOOL COMMERCIAL Quiet and nice! These two words can, perhaps, be best used to de- scribe Helen Dickenson. Eyen though she is quiet, she has made several true friends through her loyalty and sincerity. Lillian can well assure us of that. Helen plans to enter the business world, and we wish her the best of luck. Gregg Group 3, 4. UNDECIDED ll - J NICHOLAS DE GIORGIO KIDO DO!! SCHOOL 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Nick is one of our star football players. He is a happy person, ever seeking fun. Perhaps the fact that Nick has personality plus, accounts for his long list of friends. We are anxiously waiting to follow your football career in college, Nick. Soccer 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 4: Basketball 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. UNDECIDED EARNEST DIEHL "Ernie" SCHOOL NO. 16 This lad came to us from School I6 bringing with him a versatile personality. He is now studying industrial art subjects although his greatest desire is to become a state trooper. For diversion one can al- ways find Earnest at his favorite spot, Miama Beach Skating Rink. Soccer Team 3: .l. V. Football 2: Radio Club 3: Baseball 4. STATE TROOPER IOSEPHINE DINARDO lilo!! SCHOOL NO. I COMMERCIAL "losey" is a bookstore helper. She always has a happy smile and is surrounded by scores of friends. We are going to miss you, "losey," but we wish you all the success possible. Gregg Club 2, 3, 4: Radio Cluh 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE IOAN DUGAN "Mickey" DISTRICT NO. I COMMERCIAL If you see a gal escorted by both Troy High and La Salle, her char- acteristics are portrayed to boys and girls alike. joan's personality and friendliness have carried her a long way and we are sure that they will carry her farther. MILDIIED ELLEY ALLAN DIXON MDM, BRUNSWICK NO. 2 COLLEGE ENTRANCE A country politician and a witty fellow is the definition of Allen. He always has some witty remark ready for any sort of question. You will be successful at Middlebury, Allen we're sure. Cluett Hi-Y 3: Senior Hi-Y 4: Senior Bull Committee. MIDDLEBURY MARY W. DUNHAM Mary SCHOOL NO. 16 COLLEGE ENTRANCE A charming personality and lots of pep are the words which best de- scribe Mary, These factors have helped her to make many friends. Her vitality wjll surely help her to climb the ladder of success. Tri-Y 2, 3. MILDRED ELLEY I s" . C. DAVID DOUGLAS "Dave" ALTAMONT HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE ENTRANCE For a boy who specializes in noth- ing, he certainly has acquired a varied amount of information. He is quiet at first sight, but when one gets to know him, he is full ot fun and pep. Dave is an un'- assuming person, who deserves much praise, Whatever you hope to be or do, we know the top of the ladder will be your destination. French Cluh. UNDECIDED IOHN M. ESTABROOKS Cfjackll GLENS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMIC lack has only been with us for a year, but he certainly has made a nice pal, to say nothing of his other qualities. By cracky, jack wants to be a dairy farmer. Heh, heh! with cows and chickensl He is an excellent poetry writer, too, but good! We have all noticed his late attraction to the blonde "Lady Carolyn." lack plans to go to agricultural school, and again we wish him the best of luck. Track 4. SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE D r x 5' 1 3- Ys if if , "3 . 5 Page Nineteen . L' ,Tx ' D IANET FAIRFIELD njanetu SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE janet graduated from School l8 with flying colors and ended high school with the same. Tall and blonde, with a head for something besides a hat rack, janet has a brain for mathematics and all hard subjects. "lan" plays the cello, piano, and violin and just loves listening to grand opera. Philomathian 4: French Club 4: Purple Key 4: Tri-Y 3: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. RUSSELL SAGE MARIAN E. FLETCHER "Marion" SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Quiet and loyal seem to describe Marian. Few of us really knew this Troy High girl until the last years of high school, but since we have won her friendship we have found her to be a constant sincere pal. Scholastic ability plus a sociable spirit contribute to make up this well poised miss. Purple Key 4: French Club 4: Science Club 4: Philomatllian 3, 4: Tri-Y 1, 2, 3: Dnrdanian 4. MILDRED ELLEY Page Twenty .-, . 5 ELLIS FINKELSTEIN HEI!! WATERVLIET SCHOOL NO. 1 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Ellis, a tall young man with an air of confidence, is a great sports- lover. His interests in school sports bring him to most of our games. May success crown all your efforts in life, Ellis. Baseball 2: Parrot 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Varsity Club 3, 4. UNION BETTY FRIEDEL "Beth" SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Betty has a host of friends, but, unfortunately for the male pop- ulace of T.H.S., her interest centers about L.S.l., and there isn't much we can do about it. Betty's friend- ship has been valued by all, and we'll miss her gay, carefree laughter. Choral 1. DOROTHY E. FISHER iiDOttyu SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL To those who know Dot she is a really wonderful friend. Her friend- ship is treasured by all groups. Dot's willingness to cooperate and her personality go hand in hand. She will succeed in any phase of life. Good luck, Dotty. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE ANNE FUTULUYCHUK ..Ann., SCHOOL 7, WATERVLIET COLLEGE ENTRANCE Anne is a country maiden and my goodness, can she square dance! Gleefully she flits about and with her dimpled smile beams on all the boys and girls. Well groomed, well-liked, and well-well, just swell-we all like Anne and are lucky to have her as a member of our senior class. Junior Varsity Cheerleader 4. UNDECIDED THELMA GAIES ..-I-oby.. ' I L NO. 10 SLHOO ACADEMIC Slightly talkative-but never bor- ing! That's Thelma! The one who is well informed on all the latest fashions! That's Thelma! We're sure you will be a success in everything you attempt. Gregg 3, 4: Commercial 3. 4. COLUMBIA CLARENCE A. GILLESPIE "Clare" SCHOOL NO. 14 " COLLEGE ENTRANCE Clare's activity in class and school affairs dates back to our stay at the Annex. He is socially promi- nent, a sports enthusiast and an excellent student. Needless to say, one of our greatest pleasures dur- ing our stay here has been in knowing Clare. Cu-editor of "Annex News" 1: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: President 2. 3: Student Council 1, 3: President ut' .lunior Class: Purple Key 4: French Club 4: President of Science Club 4: Senior Class Executive Board: Senior Bull Committee. WILLIAMS ANNE GASPARIAN "Anne" SCHOOL NO. 16 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Anne is a tiny mite but makes up for it in her friendly and conver- sational way. l-ler smiling face brightens every corner of our halls. Anne has been a good friend to many and we are sure she will always be. Keep up the good work, Anne, and you will reach the top. Tri-Y 2: Camera Club 2: Purple Par- rot 2: Le Coin Francais 4: Dnrdnnian Board 4. PEMBROKE ALBERT H. GOEROLD HAI!! SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL "Al's" ready smile and keen sense of humor is a matter of great joy to his friends, which, by the way, are very humorous. "Al" lent his powerful lungs to the rank of cheerleader, and we're cheering for him because he cheered with us. Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4: Senior Hi-Y 4: Cluett I-li-Y 3. DORIS GIBSON SCHOOL 14 COMMERCIAL Doris is one of those cheerful, good-natured girls we just couldn't do without. Nonchalantly, she let four years slip through her fingers. Smile-and the world will smile back. They can't help themselves when it's Doris who gives them the prescription. UNDECIDED IRVING GOODMAN llRedlD SCHOOL is COMMERCIAL Irving has been so quiet that very few of us have really known him. He has been extremely faithful to his task of managing our athletic teams so we're positive he must be capable and efficient. What- ever his aim may be, may he have the best of luck. Football 3: Basketball 2, 3, 4. Page Twenty-one ANTOINETTE GRIECO ..Ann,, SCHOOL I8 COMMERCIAL There's one thing that distinguishes Antoinette from the majority of the girls in our class and that's her long, well guarded finger nails. Antoinette seems to be guarding her heart too for some secret pal. She's a grand girl. Loads of luck. KENNETH HALL ..Ken.. SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Ken is a great favorite with all because of his care-free manner and ever-ready- smile. He hasn't missed more than two dances since his sophomore year. We are sure that his sociability will help him to achieve success. l-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. ST. LAWRENCE Page Twenty-two IOHN GUNDRUM "Cowboy" SCHOOL NO. I2 INDUSTRIAL ARTS john has been known as one of the "shy" and "bashfuI" boys to the girls but, to his tellowmen he has been admired for his love for fun. A good sport and an excellent student describes john. HARRIET HANBY "Butch" YVYNANTSKILL SCHOOL COMMERCIAL Harriet is a very attractive blond miss. Her pleasant manner has made a great many friends. This competent young lady is preparing tor a secretarial career. We're certain that she will achieve suc- cess in the business world. UNDECIDED GEORGE HAIR "Stretch" SCHOOL NO. I6 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Six feet and after that well - George has always proved a great help when we needed an electric- ian for anything special. He never seems to have a care and his per- petual smile makes him look as though he were getting the most out of a happy life. Radio Club 33. Student Cnunnil 4: Dnrdanizxn Board 45 Senior Bull Com- mittee 4. TELEPHONE LINEMAN LEONARD HARRIS til-er-Ill BROADALBIN CENTRAL SCHOOL COLLEGE ENTRANCE Len has what it takes with friends -lads and lassies alike. He has been a grand friend to many and a real asset to Troy High. He has a pleasing smile and a winning personality which will gain him renown at R.P.l. The best of luck to you, Len. Basketball 1, 2: Senior Chorus 1, 25 Hi-Y 4. R. P. I. MARILYNN HAYWARD SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Cute? l'lI say! Brilliant? You bet! Personality? It's perfect! Those are three fine reasons why lvlarilynn is tops around Troy High. She has won the admiration and respect of her teachers by her sin- cere effort in study. She has won the confidence and friendship of her classmates by her friendliness, talent and willingness to help. Tri-Y l, 2, 3, 4, President 3: Philo- rnathiun 3, 4: .lunior Executive Buurd 3: Senior Executive Board 4: Purple Key 4: Junior Mixer Committee 3: Alternute on Student Council 4: French Club 4: President 4: Prophecy Com- mittee 4. l:UssE1.L SAGE IOSEPH HIGGINS ulcer. ST. JOSEPIVS SCHOOL g COMMERCIAL Whenever there's activity of any kind around school, loe is in the center of it. Besides taking care of his studies, loe had had the great responsibility of being treas- urer of the Senior Class. He has been one of our leaders who has done a great deal for our school. Vice-President Commercial Club 3, 4: Vice-President Gregg Club 3, 4: VI-lI'lllC Purrot 4: Purple Key All 'l're:isurer Senior Class, Senior Executive Board. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE HOPE H ERZOG "Hopeless" SCHOOL NO. I4 COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Oh to be the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi!" That's the most ardent wish of this carefree, cheer- ful gadabout. Hope is an accom- plished conversationalist and can talk her way in and out of almost anything. Her willing and frank personality have won her many friends in Troy High during the past four years. We wish her many more. Tri-Y 2, 3, 4: Inter-club Council Pres- ident 3: French Club 4: Philomathian 4: Parrot Stall' 3, 4: Dardnnian Board 4' RUSSELL SAGE LILLIAN HOGLE ul-Hn WYNANTSKILL SCHOOL COMMERCIAL Lillian not only manages to get fine marks for herself but often aids her classmates. She wants to become a secretary and we're sure she'll make a very good one. Her studies have meant a lot to her but her love of fun has meant just as much. Gregg 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: Chornl 1: Senior Ball 4. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE IOHN P. HIBBARD SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE john is one of the more reserved members of the class. He is studi- ous and does well in his studies. lust as his inseparable pal, Lee, he regularly and readily gives his sup- port to the sports events by being a spectator. Science Club 3: Hi-Y 4: Purple Parrot 3. 4: Journalism Club 3. UNDECIDED GEORGE EDWARD HOWES "Howser" ST. FRANCES SCHOOL INDUSTRIAL ARTS George is tall, neat and very good- looking. He has not been conspicu- ous around school since most of his time was devoted to shop ac- tivities. We are sure that you'll carve a place for yourself in society after you graduate, George. POST OFFICE CLERK M e i' 1-fix lim? ' fri- LF' --.-sz" , Page Twenty-three 34, f HELEN HUTTON "Ginger" SCHOOL NO. 18 COMMERCIAL Red hair and a fiery temper go hand in hand: but not in Helen's case. She's as gentle and un- temperamental as she is attractive. We'll miss her gay spirit at the football and basketball games but wherever she goes she'll carry that same spirit with her. Choral 1: Tri-Y 3, 4: Gregg 3, 4: Delphic 3, 4: Purple Parrot 4: Radio Club 4: Dardanian Staff 4. KATHARINE GIBBS CHARLES M. IACOBS "Chuck" SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Chuck" has been an outstanding athlete in our class. He has be- come very popular through his winning personality, his willingness to work, and his excellent sports- manship. Besides these qualities, "Chuck" is a good student, so he's bound to be a success in anything he undertakes. We all wish him the best of luck. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Execu- tive Board 4: Purple Parrot 4. SPRINGFIELD Page Twenty-four v . 44.11 V F CLARA ISHKANIAN nzipi. SCHOOL NO. 14 ACADEMIC Clara is such a reserved young lady that we do not know her very well. We do know, however, that she is quite adept at using art materials. We hope you attain a new high in the designing field, Clara. Science Club 2. GRAND CENTRAL SCHOOL OF ART LENA IAFFEE ul-akeyn SCHOOL NO. 10 ACADEMIC "Lee," as this charming high school girl prefers to be called, has been a prominent member of her class. She can be recognized by her giggle which heralds her approach. We feel that even though "Lee" does spend more time having fun than studying she will not have too difficult a time getting by on her personality. Gregg Group 4. MODELING SCHOOL A DOROTHY IVES ..Dot.. SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Dorothy is one of our smart girls, but besides scholastic excellence, she has great musical talent plus artistic ability. Her friendly, kindly nature have made us happy to have her our Senior Vice-President: we're going to miss that pretty smilel Delphic 3, 4: French Club 4: Purple Key 4: Student Council 4: Vice-Presb dent Senior Class: Dardanian 4: Junior Executive Board 3. Am' SCHOOL EMILY IANSON uErnn EAST POESTENSKILL SCHOOL COLLEGE ENTRANCE Quiet. though she is, Em knows her stuff. More than once, her Latin has come in handy to the members of the Virgil class. East Poestenkill is way out, but see what nice people live in the coun- try. "Em" has a hankering to be- come a nurse, a nice blonde one, she'd make, too. Stick to it "Em." Delphic 3, 4: Science Club 4: Purple Key 3, 4: French Club 3, 4. RUSSELL SAGE ARMEN IERMAKIAN SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Armen is a born scientist. Who knows? He may become another Einstein. Armen's smile and friendly eyes, along with his com- mendable nature should continue to win him many friends through- out life. French Club 3. 4: Science Club 4. R. P. I. MARY KAELIN llMare1l SCHOOL 10 COMMERCIAL When you see a friendly, sincere smileg cheery greetingp and spar- kling eyesg you see Mary. We are sure that no matter where she may roam, no matter who her future "chums" may be, she will always spread cheer and gayety in her wake. Gregg Group 2: Aviation Club 2: Sen- ior Bnll 4. UNDECIDED MARGARET IOHNSTON Hpeggy., GARFIELD DISTRICT N0. 2 COMMERCIAL "She was just a smiling, country gal," and we find that that kind prove to be some of the best friends. We will miss you, Peg, but others will profit by our loss, BUSINESS COLLEGE LUCY KALAYIIAN Ill-ul! SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL Lucy is a dark-haired, dark eyed lass. She has been very quiet in school, but those who know her say she's a "swell palf' We hope that Lucy has good luck through the journey of life. Choral 3, 4. MILDRED ELLEY RUTH CHARLOTTE IORDAN "Rufus" SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL "Ruthie" is an authority on almost every subject imaginable, especi' ally law. Do you want a princi- pal of law? Ask Ruth! A loyal friend and valuable acquaintance, Ruth promises to be just as loyal and just as valuable to her future employers. fommercial Contest 2, 4: Purple Key ALLAN L. KELLEY "Kel" COLLEGE ENTRANCE Allan doesn't have time to worry about the weaker sex, for he keeps himself busy with his studies and work. He is good-natured, a hard worker, and has made many friends here at school, and with his per- sonality, will make many more. Hi-Y 3: Junior Mixer Committee Chair- man 3: Junior Prom 3: Senior Ball 4. Page Twenty-five HAROLD KELLY llRedI! SCHOOL NO. 16 COMMERCIAL lf you want anything done right, ask "Red." He is very popular around school because of his friendly spirit. This young man seems to get high marks without much effort, we are certain that you will have a successful business career, "Red." Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Ball Committee: Dardanian Board 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE MARGARET KILIDIIAN naMidgexx SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL School I4 sent her to us meek, mild, and rather quiet. But Troy High has changed all that. Mar- garet doesn't say much but she can't be called unfriendly. She is known for her gorgeous definitely black hair. A good student and a cooperative one is Margaret, and she should make a way for herself when she goes to Mildred Elley. Gregg Club 3, 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: Senior Ball. MILDRED ELLEY Page Twenty-six if' MICHAEL KERMAN "Mickey" SCHOOL NO. 12 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Whatever Mike does he does wholeheartedly and well, as his soccer record exemplifies, ln one season, he rose from a raw recruit to a member of the All City squad. All of Mike's undertakings in life will have the same success, once his fighting spirit comes into play. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Soccer 4: Dardanian Board 4. BARBARA KLINE "Bobbie" SCHOOL DISTRICT 1 COMMERCIAL To most of us Barbara seems to be very quiet and calm but it has been said that she is often the life of the party among her friends. Even though some of us haven't become really acquainted with her, we've all noticed her pretty smile. We wish her loads of success. Delphic 3, 4: Commercial Club 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE KATH RYN RUTH KILBURN HKBY., SCHOOL NO. 10 COMMERCIAL Kathryn is one of our intellectuals, for she loves reading and can al- ways be found buried in a book. She likes people, too, and, being very friendly, she knows many. Because good times appeal to Kathryn, we hope she'll have many. Dardanixm Board 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE RONALD F. KNAACK "Ronny" SCHOOL VAN RENSSELAER JR. COLLEGE ENTRANCE As a meek little freshman, we first became acquainted with Ronnie. But he has always known his way around and always will. Ronnie's chief ambition is to become an aeronautical engineer. Take wings and fly high, Ronnie. Orchestra 1, 2: Choral 2. 3: Secretary Science Club 4. R. P. I. HIGH ROBERT KRUC ..Bob,. SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Wherever there is fun going on, we can usually find Bob. The excellency of his dancing may ac- count for some of his popularity, but his whole hearted support of social affairs accounts. for a large part also. Bob will certainly be missed next fall. Junior Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Choral 1, 2, 3, 4: Co-Director of Variety Show: French Club: Junior Mixer: Clmirmnn of An- nouncement Committee of the Senior Clan. CORNELL MAE LEROY COLLEGE ENTRANCE Meek as Moses is Mae in school but if you want to see her real nature watch her laugh and be merry out at the skating rink or at a dance. Mae never cared much for "readin', writin', or 'rithmetic," but she amuses herself by playing and being gay. SCHOOL 16 MARY E. LARKIN llMaryYl OOL NO. 18 SCH COLLEGE ENTRANCE Mary has brought a very vivid personality with her from School l8 and for the past four years has showered us with glowing smiles and cheery words. Her nimble feet and graceful manner place her as one of our best dancers. Junior Prom: Junior Mixeri. 5'2l'li0f Ball: Philomathinn 2, 3, 4: Trl-Y 1. 2, 3: French Club 4. RUSSELL SAGE DOROTHY LOBDELL liDOtll SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL When King Winter throws an icy cloak over Belden's pond, you will never fail to see Dot skating smoothly to the golden strains of the "Skaters' Waltz." just as smoothly and just as successfully did Dot skate her way into the af- fections of the members of Troy High School. May your life be one steady skate towards perfection. UNDECIDED ANNE LASKY "Lassie" SCHOOL N'O. 12 COMMERCIAL "lt's not the siren who looks and acts the part, but it's the shy young thing with downcast eyes that's going to steal your heart." Ann is a trifle bashful but she has a sunny smile when she turns it on. Stay always as nice as you are now and you will have no trouble in this world. Choral 1: Gregg Group 2, 3, 4: Gregg 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE CATHERINE LOONEY llKay!! BERLIN CENTRAL SCHOOL COLLEGE ENTRANCE Catherine is wonderfully jolly and always bubbling over with chatter. She's ever so friendly and seems to be making new acquaintances all the time. With such a pleasing, cheerful disposition we're sure she'll find every happiness. Purple Parrot 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE 5: !,g.jLsE X i .C Page Twenty-seven HENRI N. LUCEY "Hank" SCHOOL NO. 16 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Henri is a very quiet boy. He is graduating in three and a half years, a fact that proves to us that Henri is very ambitious. His cour- teous manner will surely help him to be successful. R. P. I. EDWARD W. MCLAREN llMacIl SCHOOL NO. 16 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Ed and his brother used to make a formidable pair of women haters, but Ed has broken up the team. Most of Ed's spare time has been spent in working for his class and its undertakings. His fine generous spirit is only one of his many assets. Junior Executive Board: Hi-Y 3, 4: Christmas Play 3, Cheerleader 3: Sec- retary Senior Class: Student Council 4: Purple Key. R. P. I. Page Twenty-eight MARTHA McCHESNEY "Martie" SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Smiling Martha! How true, for al- though this cute lass is very shy, she always has a bright, dimply smile. In her quiet manner she has won her way into the hearts of many of us. Martha believes in real friendship for she and Lois are inseparable. May she have every success! Delphic 4: Choral 4. COBLESKILL SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS EUGENE McLAREN "Gene" or "Mac" PUBLIC SCHOOL 16 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Deserted by his brother, Gene now takes his stand alone. This won't be for long, though, for his appear- ance, and attractive personality can not be overlooked for long by the ladies. Like his brother, he, too, has taken a prominent part in school activities and we have no doubts as to his future success. Purple Key 4: Science Club 4 Vice- Presiflent: Purple Parrot 4: Dardanian Board 4: Soccer Team 3, 4: Junior Prom 3: Senior Ball 4: Varsity Club 3, 4: Student Council 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. STATE TEACHERS EDWARD McGOVERN "Shorty" SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE "May I present Mr. Edward Mc- Govern?" Yes, that's right, he's the little lad with the dancing feet -flashy clothes-and bright, imp- ish smile. Ed never lets his edu- cation interfere with his pleasures, and his clever remarks are a con- stant wonder to his friends. Junior Hi-Y: Student Council 2. UNDECIDED REGINA McLOUGHLIN U Dedeli SCHOOL 10 COMMERCIAL Long will we remember Regina for her cheery smile which greeted us as we entered the office. Regina has been known for being most ef- ficient in any task she undertakes. Lucky will be the person who em- ploys her. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE FRANK L. McQUlDE IIMBCH SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL He has good looks, plenty of per- sonality, in fact, he's a wizard. Not only is he a male mannequin, but he is also intelligent and ambitious. With this mixture, do you wonder how anything but success can come to him? Secretary nl' Junior Class: Bnsketbnll 1, 2, 3. 4: Football 3, 4. UNDECIDED WILLIAM MARSH "Truck" KNICKERBACKER Jn. HIGH INDUSTRIAL ARTS Bill is a very genial chap and it is our misfortune that outside work has kept him away from many of our sports and social activities. He has many friends here and will be missed by them all. UNDECIDED th SAM MANICO "Sammy" SCHOOL 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Here is a fellow who deserves all the success in the world: for it has been his perseverance and hard work that have made possible his graduation. His cheery, friendly manner we shall all remember. NEW LONDON.NAVAL ACADEMY HOWARD MAYOTTE "Howie" SCHOOL NO. 1 ACADEMIC Howard has been one of our fore- most junior politicians, but this year he has been less conspicuously active. His exuberance in oratory is really something to marvel at. Soon we may be reading the head- lines "Mr. Mayotte Goes to Wash- ington." Student Council 2, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Purple Key 4: Journalism 3: Vice-President of Junior Class: Editor- in-Chief of the Purple Parrot 4. UNDECIDED FANNIE MARDIGIAN SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL Fanny is a quiet and pleasant lass who likes to have fun. Her hobby is bowling and she's quite a skill- ful bowler. Fanny wants to be- come a secretary and we are quite sure that she will be very efficient at this work. UNDECIDED IRVING MENNEN "Mutz" SCHOOL NO. 10 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Embodiment of school spirit, sports fan, good company, sunny disposi- tion-that about describes our pal, "Mutz." He always seems to be plugging some school activity and making-more friends as he does so. We all join in wishing "Mutzie" the best kind of success in his chosen profession. Junior Mixer, Junior Prom, Advertis- ing Manager of Dardanian. R. P. I. T Page Twenty-nine TENA MEROLLA "Teen SCHOOL 12 COMMERCIAL This pretty miss, who comes to us from School l2 has brightened our halls-even on the dullest and dreariest of dreary days. Tena is also noted for being very vivacious and a true fun lover. ROBERT MILLER lIBobH SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL Unassuming "Bob" would have us believe that he is quiet and serious at all times. But I know different- ly, and so do his friends. He en- joys a joke as well as the next one, and is perfectly capable of springing them. Those who know him best will tell you that he is a great "kid"-one of the best. Page Thirty BEVERLY MEYER ..Bev,, SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL "Bev" is one of the more quiet members of her class, yet she has never gone unnoticed. Her lovely light hair and her pleasing nature appeal to all her friends. They tell me "Bev's" favorite sport is skat- ing. lf she is as good at other things as she is at skating, she should be versatile. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE WILLIAM H. MILLER llBiH!D GARFIELD, BRUNSWICK NO. 2 COLLEGE ENTRANCE These country boys have what it takes. Six feet, blonde, and "hap- py go lucky" Bill is described. He enjoys joking and kidding and we enjoy his jokes. l-le hails from the "sticks" but he won't make a far- mer. What he aims for he gets, and opportunity. UNDECIDED MARY MIKHITARIAN "Mickey" SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL Mary is a likeable lass with a care- free air. She is always smiling. Tell us your recipe for this charming smile, for l'm sure we would all do well to copy it. We are cer- tainly going to miss that magnetic smile. gircfg Group 2, 3: Adelphai Atheros , . MILDRED ELLEY FRANK G. MILLS "General" SCHOOL NO. 14 COMMERCIAL Frank certainly believes that "Ev- ery cloud has a silver lining." Al- ways grinning, always in good hu- mor, he optimistically completed four years of high school existence. Frank, as you probably know, is an excellent salesman and can sell any- thing from a hair pin to the Em- pire State Building. "Best of luck," son. Commercial Club 2, 3: Commercial Club Dance 2, 3: Business Manager of Purple Parrot 3: Dardanian -4. UNDECIDED EDWARD MOORADIAN "Eddie" SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE The busy fellow seen scurrying through the halls both during and after school is Eddie, our Class President, Whether or not a class project is agreeable to Ed personal- ly, if it is for the good of the class he will be foremost in the ranks of its supporters. That's the way Eddie is in all he does, and he al- ways has a big smile to go with it. President nl' Senior Class: Vice-Presb dent Student Council 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: General Manager of Dardaninn: Purple Key: Financial Manager of Basketball 4: Student Council 3: Co- chairmnn of Junior Mixer: Junior Prom. WILLIAMS IOSEPH MOSCA ucurlyu SCH'0OL 1 COMMERCIAL Always smiling, always cheerful, that's loe. l-le's probably one of the most carefree boys in Troy High. joe never lets pleasure interfere with business and this is probably one of the reasons for his success in school. Commercial Club 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4. UNDECIDED MARY MARGARET MOORE Mpeg!! SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL let black hair, rosy cheeks and snow white skin - Margaret re- minds us of "Snow White." She is another one of the girls who ev- erlastingly smiles. Margaret plans to be a telephone operator and we're sure she will have initial suc- cess. Purple Parrot 3, 4: Journalism Club Ii: Commercial Club 3: Aviation Club TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE CAROLYN MOSES HMO., SCHOOL 16 COMMERCIAL Who is that sweet looking girl who is studying so zealously? Why haven't you given us a chance to know you better, Carolyn? For those of us who are among the more fortunate few who really know you we are extremely grate- ful for your cheerful disposition. Good luck to you in your chosen vocation! UNDECIDED 'PAUL MOROUKIAN SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Paul is one of those fortunate per- sons who is gifted in various fields. One of his better known gifts is the art of playing the violin extremely well. We shall be looking forward Paul, to the time when your name is listed among the best violinists of the nation. DOROTHY MULHALL MDM., SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Pretty and blond is Dot, but cer- tainly she's anything but "dizzy," She has a set of brains beneath those curly locks and doesn't fail to use them. Dot is what you would call a well dressed woman with a smart business head. GFUUE .Club 2. 3, 4: Parrot Stal? 4: Dnrdarian 4. BUSINESS COLLEGE We Page Thirty-one ,L ,x , NORINE MURRAY ST. PATRICK COMMERCIAL Try as we may we can think of nothing good enough to say for Norine. We could say that she was ambitious and full of "pep"-intel- Iigent, but you know that already, so we'll sum up by saying that she's one of the "sweIlest" girls we had the privilege of meeting during our stay at T.H.S. MARY ELIZABETH NETH "Betty" SCHOOL 14 ACADEMIC Betty is one of the many well- dressed girls always making a neat appearance. As far as we know, she has one main objective and it is not connected with school work. Your personality will carry you tar, Betty. Tri-Y 1. COBLESKILL Page Thirty-two ROBERT NAGLE ..BOb,, SCHOOL 16 GENERAL BUSINESS Bob is destined to become a suc- cessful business man, as many Commercial students will have you know. His excellent business abili- ty and neat appearance will aid him greatly on that famous ladder. UNDECIDED ELEANOR NEVILLE SCHOOL 12 COMMERCIAL Quiet! Fun-loving! and a good "sportl" Eleanor has certainly had to "take it on the chin this last year." We all missed you immense- ly while you were in the hospital and confined at home. MYRON NAZAR "Butch" SCHOOL 12 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Myron is a wit in the true sense of the word. Some day he is going to write a book of American history. Myron is always around to help you cast oft a gloomy feeling. Hold on to your wit and you'll surely reach your goal in life. Glee Cluh 3. UNDECIDED FRANCES NIKLES "Nickey" COMMERCIAL "Nickey" specializes in friends. One does not need to start a sur- vey to discover what is thought of "Nickey" in our fair school. The feeling is mutual. She's been a great pal to all of us. The best of luck, but l know that your success will come from your ability and ambition, and not from luck. Commercial Club 3, 4: Radio Club 4: Senior Ball Committee 4. UNDECIDED SCHOOL 14 HARRY NURNBERG "junior" SCHOOL 16 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Harry's smiling personality has won for him popularity among his class- mates -- even though he and "Shorty" have insisted upon sere- nading the third floor crowd with "What 'cha know joe?" every noon. That can't be held against him, though tor none of us have been able to resist his good nature and sunny smile. Junior Hi-Y 1, 2: Cluett Hi-Y 8: Sen- ior Hi-Y 4: French Club -l: Junior Mixer Committee 3: Senior Ball 4: Junior Prom 3: Durdanian Board 4: Science Club 4. R. P. I. IOHN 0'MELIA "Shorty" NATHANIEL GREENE JR. HIGH PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Shorty" came to us from Provi- dence in l938, and weren't we fortunate! He is one of those rare fellows whose friendship one never wants to lose. His quick wit and EVA E. NIZINKRICK nchapn SCHOOL NO. I2 COMMERCIAL A typical high school student is shown in the person of Eva. She is friendly and industrious, al- though a trifle shy. There is no doubt, however, that a bright and happy future lies ahead for her. ELIZABETH O"NElL nl-iz., SCHOOL 16 COMMERCIAL Not many of us know Betty be- cause she is rather quiet, but her friends say she is lots of fun and has a great sense of humor. She is very sincere and loyal. Betty's fa- vorite pastime is square dancing. IOSEPH O'BRIEN lljoeyll SCHOOL NO. 16 COMMERCIAL When we think of joe, we will re- member his lrish wit mingled with his enthusiasm for politics. His in- dustrious and efficient character will lead him to his goal. The de- sire to remain clear of women has given joe the title of one of Troy Hi's "Women Haters." IOHN PAFUNDI "Clark" SCHOOL 14 COMMERCIAL "l want to be a movie star." That's loe's secret ambition. -Or, should l say, "That was 1oe's secret arn- bition?" Nevertheless loe's dream- ing has not kept him from his stud- ies and he certainly is very friendly. You're really very nice to know, bright smile have helped him win UNDECIDED his host of friends. He is a great l0e- supporter of school activities, is a Soccer 2, 3, fl: Commercial Club 4: good student, and is prominent in Golf 3' our class affairs. UNDECIDED Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Assistant Editor of Dar- danian Board 4: Soccer 4: Tennis 2, 3: Varsity Club 4: Junior Mixer Commit- te 3. e WESTMINSTER COLLEGE , i, It , ff V . I W l ' 4 y . Q- gt s 'E Q F '.l - ' l 'l I - l T ii 1 , F I ,:,Tu,q i l Y Q -71 ' A P Page Thirty-three :'Q"' 17 'PB AMELIA PASKEWICH "lVleel" SCHOOL 12 COMMERCIAL Amelia has one of those pleasing smiles and magnetic personalities that just seem to draw friends. Her sound opinions and good work while serving in the Senior Executive Board are well appreciated by her friends and associates, Senior Executive Board 4: Gregg 4: Parrot 4. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE ANNE PREDENCYZUK "Topsy" CATHOLIC CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE ENTRANCE Ann came to us from Catholic High at the beginning of her sophomore year and we are very glad she did, for she is a grand addition to our class. She has been an excellent student here so we know she'll be successful in the army-as a nurse, of course! Delphic 4: Purple Key 4. UNDECIDED Page Thirty-four 'r 1' STANLEY PINIAHA "Stan" SCH'OOL NO. 12 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Stan was well noted about our halls for his superiority on the base- ball field. He helped Troy Hi to win many a well fought game. His keen sense of sportsmanship and his intelligence will aid him great- ly in future years. UNDECIDED RITA r. QUIGLEY "Porky" SCHOOL 14 COMMERCIAL Rita is the cute little maid whose feet just won't stay still. She is a real jitterbug. Rita has shown her ability, to lead cheers as well as to dance. Her familiar face will surely be missed among Troy High's enthusiastic supporters. Adelphia Aitherns 3: Commercial Cluh 4: Delphir 4: Junior Mixer 3: Dardnn- ian Board 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Dra- matics 3, 4: Purple Parrot 4: Radio Club 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE HAROLD L. POWELL HHEV. SCHOOL 12 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Harold's assets are his keen sense of humor, his fine appearance and his intelligence, He is easy to get along with and hence makes friends very quickly. We are proud to call him a fellow classmate. SPARTAN AERONAUTICAL jOHN QUINE SCHOOL 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE john is a lad with an easy-going manner. He gets good marks with apparently no effort. His remarks always cause laughter because of their originality. We'll miss you in the fall, john. ll. P. I. LOIS READ ULD.. SCHOOL NO. 1-1 ACADEMIC Bubbles of fun are ever gushing forth from this vivacious jovial girl for she possesses enthusiasm su- preme! Lois has been loads of fun and has delighted us all these past years with her Iaughingly gay re- marks and hilarious antics. We hope she'lI always be so merry. Chornl 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, -l: Drnmatics 3. ALBANY TRAINING SCHOOL FOI! NURSES ELEANOR L. REINHARDT "ElIie" SCHOOL NO. I-I COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Ellie is one of the serious reserved girls in our class and has one of the nicest dispositions and person- alities ot us all. She is exceeding- ly thoughtful and is always eager to lend a helping hand. Besides this, Eleanor is a conscientious stu- dent and has done excellent work in her studies. Pllfnlv Key -l, Secretary: Dolphin 4: French Cluh -I: Tri-Y 3, il: Senior Bnll Committee 4: Cap and Gown Committee 4. RUSSELL SAGE COLLEGE KATHRYN REHONIS ..Kayei. SCHOOL 12 COMMERCIAL Kay and Amelia have been like Sia- mese twins throughout their four years in high school. Nevertheless, we shall always remember this at- tractive miss for her exquisite taste in clothes and her most pleasant personality. Gregg 2, 3, 4: Parrot 4. MILDRED ELLEY RAYMOND REYNOLDS ..Ray., SCHOOL IH ACADEMIC No matter what Ray undertakes, he is bound for success. He is carefree, jolly, friendly and un- daunted by obstacles. We like him because he has the gift of genuine good-fellowship. We will be see- ing you in the future, Ray. Frcslxnum .Hi-Y 1: Sophomore Hi-Y 2: Cluett Hi-Y 3: Senior Hi-Y 4. UNDECIDED IOHN REIDENBACH "john" SCHOOL 16 ACADEMIC john, who has proved himself quite prominent in Hi-Y affairs is one of our most likeable seniors. A sure way to tell when john is coming, is to listen for the rattle of his auto- mobile. l-le hasn't rnade up his mind as to what he'll do in the future but you can bet he'll get to his destination' Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. UNDECIDED IANE ALMA RODDY "Pudgy" SCHOOL 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Nice things come in small pack- ages." ln spite of the tact that a certain blonde is always on her mind, she is able to get good marks and live up to her reputation of do- ing what she does well. Sage will be honored to have "Pudgy" as a petite little freshman next year. Tri-Y 2. 3, 4: Delphir 3, 4: French Club 4: Junior Mixer Committee 3: Purple Parrot Stan' 4: Dardanian -4: Journalism Club 3: Choral 3. RUSSELL SAGE . NL Page Thirty-five MONROE ROSENTHAL "Monty" COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Monte" is known for his wit, his businesslike manner and his friend- liness toward all. His witty ex- cuses and remarks give added in- terest to school life. Troy High will miss you, "Monte," Basketball Manager 2: Science Club 2, 3: Parrot 4: Junior Mixer 3: Junior Prom 3: Jun-ior Executive Bonrd 3: Varsity Club 3, 4. SIENA COLLEGE SCHOOL is ALBERT RYAN, IR. HAI.. HOLMES HIGH SCHOOL COVINGTON, KENTUCKY COLLEGE ENTRANCE Al has been one of the quiet boys of our class, but his modest nature has not hindered his popularity at all. A shy, unassuming nature hides a friendly, willing personality. Al's a swell fellow, one we're glad to have known! We're going to miss you, Al. Cluett Hi-Y 3: Senior Hi-Y 4. UNDECIDED Page Thirty-six INEZ ROSSI "PoIlie" SCHOOL 14 COMMERCIAL lnez is small and dark and boasts an extremely well equipped ward- robe. She, unfortunately for our boys, has been much too loyal to the air-corps. She's a great kid and very much appreciated throughout our halls. I am sure that success will eventually be yours, lnez. Journalism Club 1: Gregg Group 2: Senior Ball Committee 4: Dardnnian Board 4. TROY BUSINESS WARREN RYMILLER "Shorty" DISTRICT N0. 1 BRUNSWICK COMMERCIAL "Shorty took a keen interest in his school work which his high aver- ages prove. He was always will- ing to help and became a loyal friend to many of his fellow stu- dents. He is bound to a prosperous future. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE MARY ELIZABETH ROWAN SAINT PATRICICS COMMERCIAL "Bette"Bette is one of those su- perbly "smooth" gals! Vivacious, friendly, pretty, and intelligent- what a combination of beauty and brains! When speaking of accomp- lishments, one always thinks of Bette's graceful dancing. Commercial Club 3. 4: Grell Club 3, 45 Dclphic 3, 4: Purple Key 3, 43 Commercial Contest 2, 3, 4. MIDDLEBURY, VT. ANN SAFFARAS iiAnnn SCHOOL 1 COMMERCIAL Tiny,happy-go-lucky and as friend- ly as a puppy-that's Ann. ln spite of her petiteness she has found many friends among the "boys on the hill." We know that Ann will succeed in any work which she chooses because of her ability and her personality. Gregg 3, 4: Parrot 3, 4. UNDECIDED KATHRYN SCHOONMAKER "Kate" SCHOOL ltl ACADEMIC Kate is one wonderful girl! She has a gay smile and cheery word tor every one ot her acquaintances plus a very even disposition, Perhaps that's why she has so many admir- ers. Happy days, Kate! Science Club 1: Philonmtlmiun 3, 4: Student Council 4: Tri-Y 3, 4. NURSING SCHOOL SHERYL IOY SIECEL "Sherry" SCHOOL NO. lll COLLEGE ENTRANCE Sheryl is a carefree young lady with a very lovely smile. She is very tal- ented in dramatics and in music. Sheryl plays various musical instru- ments and wants to be an orchestra leader. We're sure she will be a good one. Orchestra l, 2: Tri-Y 2: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Christmas Plnys 2, 3: Troy High Contest of Plays 2. ITHACA CONSTANCE SECOR "liI'1kie" SCHOOL 18 COMMERCIAL Wherever Alice is, there will be Connie, for these two girls pal around together continually. We love Connie's long blonde hair and her jovial, carefree disposition. When she becomes a fashion des- signer, we'll be proud ot her. Tri-Y 1, 2. PRATT INSTITUTE NICHOLAS SESTITO "Pickle" SCHOOL 18 ACADEMIC We haven't heard nor seen much ot Nick, but he is a conscientious student and a good sport. His man- ner is quiet and unassuming and among his intimate and well chosen friends he will always be remem- bered. Junior Prom Committee 3. R. P. I. MARGARET L. SEIFERT "Marg" SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Small in size, great in mentality - that's Margaret Seifert. This bril- liant lass has a remarkable knack tor studying, and during her tour years in Troy High has acquired a great deal ot knowledge, plus the respect ot her teachers and class- mates. She should have the best of success. Delphic 2, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Purple Key 3, 4: Senior Ball Commit- tee 4: Science Club 4. RUSSELL SAGE SALLY SHARLET sm-tool. N0 is Coi.l,Eci-: ENTRANCE "Sol" Neot, stylish, triendly ond toscinotinq -these tour troits seem to distinguish Solly pertectly. We have sincerely missed Solly around school this post yeor, nevertheless the memory ot her pleoscint personality hos been with us every day. Pluck ond couroqe to you olwoys, Solly. Student Council il: Clnrrnl I, 2: Senior Bull Committee. MISS W'IIEEI,0CK'S SCHOOL f K Page Thirty-seven CHESTER SH ERWIN "Chet" GLENS FALLS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL INDUSTRIAL ARTS "Chet" has not made himself known about Troy High: the rea- son for this probably being that his interests are centered around the shop and, incidentally, mechanics. We would have liked to have known you better, Chet, but, nev- ertheless, we are sure you will find success in whatever project you un- dertake. UNDECIDED EDNA SOUTO "Dutch" ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL HOME ECONOMICS Edna is a very happy girl with a bright smile. She is a good art stu- dent, as we can see from her work. Edna has ambition and we are sure that she will become a very suc- cessful commercial artist. Adelphai Aitheros 1, 2, 3, 4: Purple Parrot 3, 4: Student Council 2: Junior Mixer Committee: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Senior Ball Committee. GRAND CENTRAL Page Thirty-eight VIRGINIA SIMPSON ucinnyn SCHOOL NO. 18 COMMERCIAL Virginia is a dignified, likeable lass who is familiar to all of us. At our social functions she and her almost constant escort are frequently seen. She has gone through Troy High School rather quietly but very pleasantly. Choral 2, 3: Junior Prom Committee 3: Delphic 4: Phil-Delphic Dance Com- mittee 4. MILDRED ELLEY ROSE STEININGER "Skeets" ST. FRANCIS DE SALES COMMERCIAL From a freshman up, Rose has cap- tured all the skating honors, cups, medals to be had and she is still a winner. Naturally her ambition is to go to the Olympics some day and at the rate she is going now she should have tons of success. We seniors are proud of her and admire her. Orchestra 1, 2: Band 1. 2, 3: Honorary member of Varsity Club 3: Senior Bull Committee: Dardanian 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE X-1 2 t3'Zfit5"7' V .' IANE M. sursn "Slats" COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Slats" is full of fun and surprises! She pops up from nowhere with wonderful new ideas and exciting tales. Her happy-go-lucky non- chalant manner seem to class her as the most carefree girl in our class, but we have all found her to be a loyal, generous, thoughtful friend. Tri-Y 2, 3, -I: Delphic 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee 3: Cheerleader 3, 4: Purple Parrot 3, 4: Dnrdanian 4. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA SCHOOL 12 IOHN BAXTER SWARTHWOUT ncurlyn SCHOOL NO. 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Baxter will always be one of our most cherished classmates, for his bright sayings and witty remarks have added so much color and hap- piness to our four years in school. We know he'll be a fine success as a doctor. His ioyous manner will always bring cheer into the sick room. We'lI remember you, Baxl ter, and we wish you the best of success. Soccer 4: Senior Ball Committee 4: Dardnniun Board 4: Hi-Y 2, 4: French Club 4: Varsity Club. UNION IOHN TASHIIAN INDUSTRIAL ARTS john does not make a habit of ask- ing favors of anyone in Troy "Hi." lnstead, john is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. Fur- thermore, his quiet and unassum- ing mannerisms will place him on the list of unforgettable characters of the class of '4l. KENNETH TIMMERMAN ..-I-im.. SCHOOL NO. 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Although Ken's stay here has been rather quiet, it has not been un- eventful. Moderation seems to be his motto. His generous, cheery manner has endeared him to many and we know it will talk for him. Hi-Y 3. 4: Science Club 4. R. P. I. 'Q' MARION THAYER C4RedDl SCHOOL 14 COMMERCIAL Who dances with the "Strawberry Blonde" is iust what we would like to know. Delphic's contribution to Troy High is Marion. Her cheerful manner and winning smile are wel- comed by all. She has been a capa- ble leader in school and we know she will be in the future, Dclphic 3, 4: Purple Parrot 3: Junior Prom Committee 3. MAE TSCHUMI "Blondie" PITTSTOWN DISTRICT 3 COMMERCIAL Mae is one of those few persons who specialize in promptness for classes. She is a likeable girl with whom no one can find any fault. Furthermore, Mae always has a good word for everyone. Gregg Group 3. DOROTHY TIFFT llDOtI1 SCHOOL 16 COMMERCIAL Dorothy is a charming young lady with laughing eyes. She has a spe- cial group of friends with whom she can usually be found. We are sure that she will be a great suc- cess in the business field. Gregg Group 3, 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE CATHERINE TYCHONIA ..Kaye., SCHO'OL 10 COMMERCIAL lf you. see an attractive, quiet girl around our Alma Mater halls, you will see Catherine. ln her quiet way she has made many friends and has been loyal to all. We wish you good luck, Catherine. Gregg Group 4. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE . 1 l if Page Thirty-nine TP" MILDRED TYMESON "Tim" SCHOOL 14 COLLEGE ENTRANCE "My, but you're little." Mildred wants to go to State College to be- come a teacher. Who'd think that such a little head could hold so much gray matter? Her bright, lively personality will be missed by everyone in her class when she is down in Albany State. "Tim" gets around and although she doesn't set her mind on any one boy, she likes them all and the feeling is mutual. Choral 1, 3, 4: Band 2: Delphic 4: French Club 4: Purple Key 4: Tri-Y 4' STATE COLLEGE MARTHA WALLIS IIMartYll scuoor. is COLLEGE ENTRANCE Martha's attractiveness, friendliness and intelligence are qualities we all admire, and, when it comes to ef- ficiency, she is tops. This combi- nation of brains and personality serves Martha well. Lucky are those who really know her. Student Council 1, 4: Tri-Y 2, 3, -I: Phil 3, Treasurer 4, President: Junior Mixer Committee, French Club, Secre- tary: Purple Key: Dardanian Staff. RUSSELL SAGE Page Forty MURI EL IANE VANDERVOORT llvanil SCHOOL NO. l COLLEGE ENTRANCE Muriel came to us from School No. l and she has been quite an addi- tion to our student body. She is quiet but she has made many friends. Her friendly smile will be an asset to her future profession, nursing. Delphic 4. FRANCIS T. WARENCHAK "Chicky" ST. MARY'S SCHOOL COMMERCIAL Come out from behind that book! Don't worry so much! Yes! That's where you'll find Francis--study- ing. Francis'has been studying so much that we never have had the opportunity to know him as well as we should have liked to. We're sure that you will be a success if you remain as conscientious as you are now. Commercial Club 3, 4. BUSINESS COLLEGE lY IOHN VON FRICKEN IIBapll SAINT MICI-IAEL'S INDUSTRIAL ARTS "Bap" is a very humorous chap who always takes life easy. His friends think very highly of him. He is handy with tools, which designate him as a real mechanic. EVELYN WEHNAU llEVeDl SCHOOL NO. 1 RENSSELAER ACADEMIC Evelyn is a very versatile miss. She has played in our band and is a real asset to it. She is very active in 4-H work, and we know she will be successful in her future days of nursing. Band 3, 4. ART SCHOOL MARIORIE WEIDENBACKER "Margie" BRUNSWICK DISTRICT NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Marjorie is rather reserved and re- tiring. "Marge" is not too reserved, however, not to have made friends, for "Marge" is always with some friends-especially, can it be said is she partial to a certain "Dean." UNDECIDED IOHN WILLIAMS ul-uckyri SCHOOL 12 COLLEGE ENTRANCE COURSE Nothing ever bothers lack. Things just always seem to work out for him. He is one of the handsome members of our class and he has made many friends with his cheery disposition and smile. Good luck, lack. Science Club 3, 4: Junior Hi-Y 2: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. SPRINGFIELD HILDA WILLETTS "Toots" COLLEGE ENTRANCE Capable, willing, sincere, sweet - that's Hilda. Capable Editor-in- Chief of our "Dardanian." Willing and sincere-an excellent worker, a good student, a perfect friend Cask Calvinl. Sweet - well, isn't she? So, as she deserves, Hilda has made a flock of friends during the past four years, and is bound to make many more. Band 1, 2, 3: Choral 1, 3: Purple Parrot 3, 4: Delphic 3, 4: Tri-Y 3. 4: Editor-in-chief of Dardanrian 4: Junior Mixer Committee 3. SY RACUSE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL 14 ROBERT WILTSEY uB0bll SCHOOL NO. 18 COMMERCIAL Bob has never taken a prominent part in our school activities: but he and his friend at Catholic High are always present'at our social and sporting functions. It is too bad more of us didn't get to know you, Bob, because you're tops when it comes to being a friend. Commercial Club 4. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE WALTER WILLETTS "Shorty" NOTTINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE ENTRANCE "Walt" is well known to every one in the senior class. He towers above all the others being 6'3 and to describe him as tall, dark and handsome would not be speaking falsely. "Walt" plays football, bas- ketball, and other sports with the same zest and wholeheartedness. He also has a good brain, which he has proven by his membership in Purple Key. just "oodles" of suc- cess "f-. '. Willets." French flub 3, 4: Purple Key 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 12, 4: Varsity Club 4: Football 4: Basketball 4: Student Council 4: Dardanian 4. SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY GEORGEINE WINNEY "C-einie" SCHOOL 14 ACADEMIC Georgeine has been very quiet in high school with the exception of her recurring spasms of the giggles. Her conservative, reserved nature has classified her as one of our most serious classmates. We think she'd make a very good housewife, but, no matter what she does, may good fortune always follow her. Tri-Y 3. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE --.1 1 Rage Forty-one HELEN WOOLSEY SCHOOL 14 COMMERCIAL Helen is one in a million as many of you well know. She has, beyond a question of doubt, been a valu- able addition to the roll-call at T.l-LS. One cannot help admiring her for her good looks, charming personality, and keen intelligence. Commercial Club 3. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE ALICE ZAYAC "Alice" SCHOOL 10 " COLLEGE ENTRANCE A twin? Heavens no, just one-halt of'the Secor-Zayac pair. Alice, with her giggle and good nature and her excellent art work, will be missed when she leaves us. "Honey" is a good student and will not find it hard to get along in the world. Tri-Y 2: French Club -lg Senior Ball Committee 4. PEMBROKE COLLEGE Page Forty-two GRACE WRIGHT ..Gay., SCHOOL NO. 10 COMMERCIAL Attractive and popular! That de- scribes Grace to a "T." Grace is constantly surrounded by a galaxy of chosen friends. We have en- joyed your smiling personality throughout these tour years. Aviation Club 3, 4. TROY BUSINESS COLLEGE EDA LOUISE ZIMMERMANN SCHOOL 18 COLLEGE ENTRANCE Eda is a very attractive blond dam- sel. She has two special talents, writing poems and drawing. Eda has a very magnetic smile which may account for her popularity. Keep smiling and you'll surely achieve success and happiness. Phil 3. 4: Junior Prom Committee 3: Senior Ball Committee 4: Student Council 1: Dardanian 4. WARREN BARTH SCIIOOL I4 COMMERCIAL Full of fun, very nice, and pleas- antly friendly-lhat's Warren. He generally has a smile for all, but he has showered most of his at- tention on the boys. What's the reason, Warren? Why not give the girls a break? VIVIAN COLEMAN MVN.. SCHOOL NO. N ACADEMIC Vivian is an earnest student with a very cheerful nature. She has been so busy with outside affairs that we haven't seen her much around school. We wish you had let us get better acquainted, Vivian. UNnIfcInIsn jOHN FOLEY ST. AUGlJS'I'INI'I'l'4 COLLEGE HNTIKANCIC To see you ln school, john, one would tink you very shy and bashful. However. after seeing you "at work" in Poestenkill, we have changed our minds. We shall always think of you as the "Ro- meo" and "Heartbreaker" of Poestenkill. AGIIICULTIIIKIC SCHOOL SALVATORE MARTINE COMMHIKCIAI4 Have you heard that brilliant mu- sician who plays so extremely well? Yes, wc mean Salvatore Martine! What would the T.H.S. Band have done without you? However. we are sure that Mr. Heister could never miss you as much as we shall. IOSEPH PRINSKY ulcer. SCHOOL IZ VUIIATIUNA I. We know that joe has a hanker- ing to become a machinist, we know he plays basketball and base- ball, we know he seems to enjoy having lun, we know he is a swell fellow, but, aside from these facts, he remains just an enigma. Vnralty Club 3. UNDIZCIDI-Ill HARRIET WHITBECK "Dutch" CUMMIQIIGIAI. Who is that charming girl who is always surrounded by a galaxy of male admirers? Yes! lt's Harrietl But, can you blame them for want- ing to be ln the company of such an active, friendly, fun-loving girl? We only wish you had let us join the ranks of your "chosen few." Choral I: Trl-Y ll. SCHOOL H ALBERT BOSKO "Lefty" scuom. No. I2 INnus'rI:IAI. ARTS Al's pitching ablllty has won for him the admiration of all his team mates and "T.H.S. rooters." Troy High will certainly be at a loss when you depart from her portals, Al. llnnehnll l. 2. il. 4. UNIDECIDEZD WILLIAM COOKFAIR Haan" l'lT'I'S, No. I COMMERCIAL Few of us have really known Bill but from what we do know about him we have placed him as one of our shyest classmates. Girls just don't interest Bill but sports do and especially baseball and golf. UNDECIIIED PETER GINGERISKY "Squibb" ftllJll00L NO. I2 ooLLIcuIa ISNTIUINCE "Pete" doesn't have the faintest idea of where or what he'll be do- ing when he leaves us, Swimming and baseball are first in his heart as far as sports are concerned. For four years he has kept up a good scholastic record and we are glad to have him in our class. SEYMOUR MARTENS "SIDE" JAMES MADISON IIIGII SCHOOL IIItuuIiLYN, N. Y. t:0I.I.IaI:I5 I-:N'I'ItANcI-: We all know this joking fun-lov- ing lad who is apt to pat you on the back and wink purely as a friendly gesture. He hopes to be a research chemist. With his ex- ceedingly pleasant personality he should attain great success. uNnI:cIDI:n LEON SAMIOF .1-eo.. SCHOOL NO. IU COLLEGE ENTRANCE Leaping Leon is one of our lead- ing radicals. He is known through- out school as the lad with the many explanations. Our student body has profited by your pres- ence, Leon, and may success ac- company you on your future jour- ney. UNDECIDED FLORENCE WADE "Fluffy" ST. MICHAELS' COMMICIICIAI. Florence ls a reall loyal friend. Whenever one thinks of Florence, one also thinks of Rose, for "Flo" and Rose are always together. Fur- thermore, Florence has been very successful in "pulling down" ex- cellent marks. Gregg 2. UNDECIDED DONALD E. BRINKMAN -.Donn SCHOOL II INDUSTRIAL ARTS II. P. I. "Don" is a tall, handsome blond. What more could we girls ask tor? But it seems as though he's inter- ested more in baseball, electricity and mechanical drawing than he is in females. You have the right ticket, Dan, and you're bound to make the grade. Prelldl-Int of Rndlo Club 4. VIVIAN COOPER SCHOOL Nu. I0 COMMERCIAL "Viv" is much too inconspicuous to suit usg but those who know her best tell us that she's the "life of the party." She does her best to see that those with whom she comes in contact are given a share of the humor that is hers. UNDECIDED IOHN I-IARRINGTON TICONDEIIOGA ACADEMIC COURSE. "jack" recently came from Ticon- cleroga High School and lost no time in getting acquainted with Troy High boys and girls. He likes sports and is going to be very pop- ular in that field. Good luck. IOSEPH McGlNNIS Aloe.. SCHOOL No. II COMMERCIAL If you feel blue, and it's cheering up you're aching for, why not look joe up? He's just the tonic for a "Down in the mouth" feeling. joe's ambition, perseverance, and good looks will lead him well along that famous road. joe's aim in life is to be a pianist, and we are confident that he'll be just that. Puriile Parrot Staff z. :. ap cimiia- llon Manager. UNIIECIDED IACOB SHAVER INDUSTRIAL ARTS "jake" has been very quiet and has not given us much of a chance to know him well. We have learned, however, to appreciate his slow smile and that shock of blonde hair. His nice manner and determination are sure to lead him to success. HANNAH COHEN "Hannah" COMMERCIAL Hannah is another of Troy High's quiet girls. To those who know her, she is a good pal. Hannah possesses both a willing hand and the ability to carry out her willing- ness. We are sure you will make good in the outer world, Hannah. Commercial Club 4. UNDECIDED SCHOOL ND. ID GEORGE DANYLA "Big George" SCHOOL NO. I2 COLLEGE ENTRANCE "A-a-a-hi Who is that blond, good-looking boy? George Dany- la! Why didn't l see him before?" Although many ,a girl has said that, it has been to no avail for George has eyes only for "lune." Besides being a "heartbreaker," George is really a marvelous foot- ball player-a football hero. Football I, 2. 3: Tuck Z. Cl: Vault? Club li 2. 3: Jr. Ill-Y I. It. P. I. SARAH KURKjlAN JULIA KUBMAN IIIGI-I SCHOOL COMMERCIAL Sarah is a very sweet girl with a smile for all her friends. She is an ardent music lover. Her quiet dis- position conceals an impish nature which only occasionally shows it- self. May you have good luck al- ways, Sarah. MILDRED ELLEY MARIE OSBOURNE "Shorty" SCHOOL NO. IB ACADEMIC Nice, quiet, friendly and cheerful, that's Marie. She always seems to be smiling and has a pleasant word for everyone. Marie seems to be the domestic type. What a grand wife she'll make for some lucky fellowl UNDECIDED ROBERT STEWART SMITH "Smitty" SCHOOL 12 ACADEMIC Bob is one of the quietest young men in our class. We've known him best as being a conscientious student and very shy, well, around the girls at least. Drawing seems to fake up a great deal of his time and we hope it will bring him loads SHIRLEY COHEN SCHOOL NO. ll.l COMMERCIAL Shirley is quiet but she will never be forgotten. She has a happy smile and a pleasing personality. Shirley will always make friends with her unforgettable traits that won her so many in Troy High. Cumluerclul Club 4. UNDECIDED IOHN DEUBEL TRADE counsm john is one of our new friends for he just came to Troy High this year. He has seemed to be very friendly but he has not devoted much of his time to the "fairer sex." Why so shy, john? FRANK LaMAY ACADEMIC We don't know why, but Frank seems to keep to himself most of the time. The whole school ls the loser because of this, since it misses all of Frank's best qualities. This type, however, usually turns out to be the best sort of good citizen and neighbor. ALFRED PAGANO IIA' . . s'r. ANTI-IONY INDUSTIIIAL Alrrs Little though he is, he has big ideas. He wants to join the air corps. "Al" likes all sports and plays them all. He hasn't come to any definite conclusion concerning his whereabouts but maybe some day we'll see a plane fly over us and see "Pilot" Pagano at the con- trois. UNDECIDED CHARLES SNYDER "Speed" SCHOOL NO. 1 COMMERCIAL Chuck is quite a famous Soccer 'man, having spent three years on the squad and topping it off by being made captain this year. Also he is an excellent tennis player. All in all, Chuck is a fine likeable chap as well as a versatile sports- of success. man. Soccer 1. 2, 3, 4: Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, UNDECIDED ow HONOR STUDENTS Marilynn Hayward Valedictorian Margaret Seifert Salutatorian Marian Fletcher Andrew Chressanthis Clarence Gillespie Martha Wallis Ruth jordan Irene Cook Dorothy lves janet Fairfield Page Forty-three O look back is to say farewell! Four years ago we entered the portals of dear old Troy High School for the first time, but within a few days we'll be leaving them for the last time as students. No doubt everyone of the class of l94l will agree that the four years spent here were happy ones, to be cherished for the rest of our lives. Let us go back to one day in the fall of l937. Can you remember that day in Sep- tember when Mr. Doyle assigned us either to the Annex or to the main building? That first year was a rather hard one for all of us. But the many enjoyable times had by all made up for the many hours of diligent study-or did they? After we had become acquainted with our new life, we soon began to enter into the swing of things. Do you remember when the firstredition of the "Annex Re- view" was published under the co-editor- ship of Frank Mills and this historian? Didn't we think that it rlvalled the "New York Times"? Do you remember when we all did our best to win the prizes offered by Miss Mahoney and Mr. Maloney for the best "Ivanhoe" project? Did you make a sword or dress a doll? Do you remember when Miss Wood announced the "bird- house building" contest? Was your interest centered in the birds or the extra credit? Finally, do you remember when some of the more talkative students lespecially the girlsl had to write "I will not talk in study- hall" one thousand times? The girls haven't talked since-or have they? When we moved to the main building in our sophomore year we began to feel more like high school students, john Brignola and Howard Mayotte immediately proved their ability as politicians by being elected as our sophomore representatives to Stu- dent Council. Whereas our amoursness was confined mainly to school books in our freshman year-or was it?-when we stepped into the main building some of us began to show a love, not for school books, but for each other. On the other hand, the "school book love-bug" continued to bite some of us, as could be seen by the number of sophomores who appeared on the honor roll each mark- ing period. Among these shining sophomore stars were Marilynn Hayward, Emily janson, Eleanor Reinhardt, Florence Adamson, Betty Rowan, Margaret Seifert, Dorothy Ives, Ed McLaren, joe Higgins, Nick Campese, Walt Willetts, and this historian. Five of these honor roll students later became class officers. Page Forty-four CLASS Came the Spring of '39, and many of the sophomores' fancies turned to the women. Can you fellows remember how you "hem- med and hawed" before inviting your fair lassie to the june Prom? The weeks rolled on and on, and before we realized it they had rolled examination week almost into our laps. Then came a few nights of diligent cramming, and we had successfully completed our first two years of high school-or had we? l've tried to tell you a little bit about our first two years of high school life. Per- haps you would have listened three or four years ago, but now that you're seniors, I suppose the saying still goes-"You can tell a senior, but you can't tell him much? . . . or can you? A year ago last September we returned to school and the first day or two we hardly felt the floor under our feet. We fairly floated around the halls, for we were jun- iors now, upperclassmenl We had our bubble pricked, however, when we went to classes, for we found we made no more impression on the teachers than if we were Freshmen. Those of us-and there were many- who participated in the ancient and time- honored custom of merchandising wares to the Freshmen the first few days of a new term, also found to our dismay that we couldn't sell the Freshmen much, even if we were juniors now and even if our wares did include everything from lockers to front row auditorium seats. The reason was, of course, that the'Freshmen didn't realize that we juniors could offer them better values than anyone else in the school. This important business of merchandis- ing wares to the Freshmen being over, we held our first meeting as a class the last week in September and elected the follow- ing to act as our class officers: Clarence Gillespie as president, Howard Mayotte as vice-president, Marilynn Hayward as treas- urer, Frank McQuide as secretary, and Miss Fitzpatrick as our class adviser. Dorothy Ives, Walter Willetts, Monroe Rosenthall and incidentally the author were elected members of the junior executive board. These students, however, were not to be the only politicians in our class, for john Brignola was elected vice-president of stu- dent council, and Edward Mooradian, Ed- ward McGovern and Howard Mayotte were elected as our class representatives to stu- dent council. Now having discovered who our poli- iticians were, we began to prepare ourselves to do a little detective work and find out HISTQRY who our socialites were. Of course we plan- ned to do all our detective work on the night of December 8, when everyone who possibly could would be in the auditorium enjoying the first social function to be spon- sored by our class, the junior Mixer. We snoopers, pardon me, l mean detec- tives-were in for a good many surprises, chief among which was that Eddie Mooradi- an was present. His being co-chairman of the affair with Irene Cook had nothing to do with his presence there, of course. After the gala event was over, we began to think of Christmas vacation which was not far away. The day before Christmas vacation brought into the limelight a talent- ed member of our class, Sheryl Siegle, who participated in the play, "A Christmas Chime," presented in the auditorium. ln- cidentally, the author of this manuscript, participated in that play and for his pains was rewarded after the play was over, with the comment from the director, that he couldn't tell in the last scene whether the actor was supposed to be hugging a girl or picking up a sack of potatoes. Christmas vacation being over, we began to think, many of us for the first time, of our studies, for examinations were not far away. Following examinations we selected our class rings and for two weeks after their arrival we strutted around the halls with our ring fingers in very prominent positions. The last week of May was to see the presentation of Student Council's gigantic variety show under the very capable direc- tion of john Brignola. This show brought to light more of our talented classmates, Charles Chaderjian and Eddie MCC-overn as actors and Bob Krug as assistant director. Then came the never-to-be-forgotten night, that night of soft music, dim lights, beautiful girls and gliding couples, the night we spent in fairy land. The night, of course, was the night of the junior Prom. john Brignola, as general chairman, and his assistants were responsible for this night which will long dwell in our memories. Thus we brought to a close in a blaze of glory the activities of our class for the year l939-40. One more distinction was to come to our class however, when, at the end of the school year, Howard Mayotte was named editor-in-chief of the "Purple Parrot." After spending what seemed to us, as usual, a much too short vacation, we re- turned to school to begin our last glorious year of high school. We began our activities as a class the fi'rst week of October when we elected the following to serve as our class officers dur- ing the coming year: Edward Mooradian as president, Dorothy Ives as vice-president, joseph Higgins as treasurer, and Edward McLaren as secretary. Miss Mann and Mr. Van Arnum were our class advisers. The first project we undertook was the sale of Christmas cards and much to our joy we did remarkably well with them. On November twentieth we learned that our very capable classmate, Hilda Willetts, was to be the editor-in-chief of our "Dardanian." Closely following this information came the news that another very capable class- mate of ours, Harold Kelly, was to be the chairman of our Senior Ball. From the mo- ment the Senior Ball was mentioned until the night of February seventh when it was held, there was but one chorus heard from the members of our class and that was, "Who are you going with?" Even before, during, and after regents week the cries fa- miliar to this time of exams-"Do you think you'll pass?" and "Did you pass?"- were dropped for the new one of "Who are you going with?" With the passing of the night of the "Fiesta Mexicana," that night in which the warmth of the colors inside and the wintery atmosphere outside made such a vivid con- trast, another date, that of February sev- enth, was added to that long list of those already in our book of memories on the page entitled "Pleasant Times We Have Had at Troy High." The next few months' events came in rapid succession. Class colors of royal blue and white were voted for, pictures were taken, class celebrities were chosen, meas- urements for caps and gowns were taken, invitations for graduation were chosen, loud tie and big hair-ribbon day held, class day clothes were selected, our picnic was held and on this memorable Monday afternoon we are holding class day. Thus our high school days are brought to a close, those days in which we worked hard and played hard with but one purpose in mind, to prepare ourselves for the time which has now arrived, the time when we will have to face the world ourselves. And so, with a squaring of the shoulders and a silent nod of the head, we bid to our Alma Mater, adieu. CLARENCE GILLESPIE lfirst two yearsl EDWARD McLAREN llast two years? Page Forty five CLASS WILL E, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-One, of the Troy High School, of Troy, County of Rensselaer, State of New York, being of sound mind and memory lalbeit the faculty thinks otherwisel, and realizing that our existence as part of Troy High School is rapidly drawing to a close, desire this to be our last will and testament. SECTION l-To our dearly beloved legatees, we, the class of '4l, bequeath the following: Part l-To the juniors, we bequeath that part of the building which is the innermost sanctum of seniority, Rooms 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, and 3lO. In 305 you will hear Miss Hale continually requesting tardy passes and begging you,to be in your seats on time. ln 306, you will be surprised at the subtle profanity of Miss McTammany such as, "Ohl Raspberries on toast, why don't l think of that?" In 307 you will linger to the tones of Miss Staude's voice begging you to keep off the window-sills and shooing you away from her door so that you won't be late for class. ln 308, Mr. Fancher will be continually requesting that you keep off the desks as your clothes are hard on the woodwork. ln 309, you will be amused by the phrase, "One-half dozen of one and six of the other" used by the ever-dignified Miss Buckley. ln 3lO, the foreign room, you will observe on the coveted walls pictures of some graduates. Look upon these souls with reverence and respect. Part ll-To all students, we bequeath the privilege of assembling here again next year with your friends from all parts. We give unto you that high honor and distinction of being able to attend the games as students. To you also goes the satisfaction of school assemblies, bits of between-the-classes conversation and the fun of daily classes with the friendship of your teachers. Part lll-To all lower classmen, we request that you begin to appreciate your Alma Mater, as you eventually will, when you know what it can mean to you. SECTION ll-Special Acknowledgments: Part l-To Mr. Doyle, we bequeath our highest regards and deep appreciation for his wise advice and deep understanding. Part ll-To the faculty, we bequeath the words "Thank you for everything," a sen- tence which does not just contain words, but which has a deeper significance behind it. Part lll-To our advisers, Miss Mann and Mr. Van Arnum, we give "gratias" for the way they have stood up under the strain of advising this appreciative class. Part IV-To the whole student body we request that they continue to support the next senior class as they have this class. SECTION lll-Personal bequests: Part l-I, Edward Mooradian, bequeath to Vincent Marino, my worries, my pointless arguments and my pleasantries of the executive office of president. Part ll-l, Charles jacobs, bequeath my athletic ability to Albert O'Brien. Part lll-I, joseph Higgins, bequeath to Edward Bedrosian my ability to uphold the building physically, by continual "wall leaning." Part IV-l, john Brignola, bequeath to my successor all the responsibilities and pleas- ant headaches of Student Council. Part V-l, Nicholas De Giorgio, bequeath to my brother, joseph, all my worries, which are nil, and my "devil-may-care" attitude. Part Vl-I, Marilynn Hayward, bequeath to jean Mackay my ability as a student, Part VII-I, Leonard Harris, bequeath to Robert Pursell my good looks and my interests in femininity. Part Vlll-We, john O'Melia, Baxter Swarthwout and Eugene McLaren, bequeath our crazy antics to jim Ham, Kenneth Walker and Foyette Vincent. SECTION lV-With these special bequests and with binding affection, we, the class of '4l, have hereunto set our hand and seal properly witnessed on the twenty-third day of june in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-one. Signed jOHN BRIGNOLA Witnessed by: Baby Snooks Baby Dumpling Page Forty-six CLASS SCJNG "41" Words and music by Mary Louise Bonelli, Florence Alber As seniors we are gathered here For the time to say good-bye is near Our paths may lead us far away But memories will always stay. 'Tis here we pledge our hearts to you You are worthy of devotion true, lt is with sadness that we part Though happy thoughts are in each heart. And now Troy Hi we're leaving you May we find success in all we do Our work in years to come will be In honor of your memory. CHORUS Proudly we now depart from your portals And as days roll swiftly by We'll ne'er forget these joyous years, With forty-one at old Troy Hi. Page Forty-seven Page CLASS PROPHECY What fate awaits us as we leave the halls of Troy High for the last time? Today the foundation is com- plete. Now we must lay the cornerstone. For some it will be a cornerstone of knowledge, for they will continue their education in college: for others, it will be a cornerstone of industry, for they will go into business: for still others, it will be the cornerstone of a home. But will the present chaotic world conditions continue and blow apart these cornerstones of the future? We hope not, But the great prognosticator, Nostradamus, sees a continuation of these events and that means rally to the defense of the nation. He looks to the middle of the twentieth century and sees what the year l95O holds in store for the class of l94l. lBooml Pago-Pago challenges the world! Every nation prepares to defend itself against this monster of the South Seas. The United States is swarming to the defense of its democracy. First we look into the office of a local draft board and here we find that the men of the class of '4l, still of draft age, are rallying to the defense of their country, in one way or another. Scene: Office of a local Draft Board. Characters: Three clerks, two boys and a girl. At the opening of the play one'of the clerks. enters carrying a large stack of applications of draftees. The other ,two clerks are seated at the table. lim: Here's a new batch of applications. We might as well start right in and check them over. Norm: l hope there aren't as many deferments in this group as there were in the last. All these excuses for deferment make a lot of extra work for'us. Betty: Well, will you look at this first application? lim: Who is it, Betty? Betty: lt's the new candidate for district attorney, Allan Dixon. Norm: Why, he's the favorite in the next election. lim: And now he's being drafted. Can you imagine that? Betty: That's the army for you. Norm: Well, lim, here are six that probably will be deferred. lim: Why? Norm: They're engineers in defense industries. All graduates of R.P.l., too. Betty: Who are they? Norm: Let's see. Here's Leonard Harris, an engineer in an aircraft corporation in California: Ronald Knaack at the American Locomotive in Schen- ectady: lack Addy and Nick Sesitito, engineers right here in Troy with Behr-Manning and Gurley: and Harry Nurnberg who works at the G.E. but lives in Albany-just to be near jane, of course! Didn't Andy Chressanthis go to R.P.l., too? Betty: Yes, he's a professor of mathematics there. Norm: Henri Lucey is up there too, teaching engi- neering. lim: Quick, get busy! Here comes the boss, Boss Enters lohn: Hurry up with those applications. You'll have to finish them before lunch. All three clerks: Yes, sir! If that Monty Rosenthal comes back again tell lim: lohn: him l'm busy. He's trying to sell me the idea of installing a chain of theatres in all the army camps. Boss Goes Out lim: A theatre in every camp. That isn't such a bad idea. Norm: I understand Seymour Martens will be head usher in our camps. Betty: Well I hope the idea goes through, but I don't think the boss thinks much of it. Forty-eight Norm: Oh, well, who's next? lim: I don't know what to do with these two, they both want a week's deferment. Betty: A week! What do they want a week for? lim: So they can participate in the invitation track meet at New York, Norm: Oh, that must be Boyd Allendorph, the broad jumper, and Nick Cocca, the pole vaulter. lim: That's who it is. They both have a chance to break records, too. Betty: They probably will be deferred, but put them aside till we find out. Norm: Speaking of sports, l see where the army got that rookie sensation of the Yankees, Al Boska. Yea, and loe Printsky, that new third baseman they counted on so much, is due before his draft board next week. Their manager, Irving Good- man, is plenty steamed up about it but the army comes first. Betty: Well, here's the first volunteer. Norm: Who is it? Betty: lt's Eddie McGovern, an aviation mechanic. He wants to get into the army air corps. lim: Put him at the top of the list so that we can hurry him through. Betty: Say whatever happened to Allan Kelley? He ought to be in one of these piles. lim: Oh, he's been deferred, he work's up at the G.E. in Schenectady. Norm: Well, we're about half through. lim: We need more help. What ever happened to that new secretary the boss hired? Betty: Oh, you mean Bette Rowan. She got an offer from a New York concern to model the new spring fashions. The boss tried to get Virginia Simpsonkyou remember Virginia she always looked so neat, but she's a secretary for Howard -somebody or other-I forget his name, but anyway she can't come. The boss is supposed to interview Calvin Cookfair and Warren Barth today for the job. l suppose one of them will get it. Norm: Have you heard how that contingent we sent down last week is making out? lim: They're making out all right, The only trouble they're having is getting Adolph Blanchard up at 5 o'clock in the morning. Charlie Bauer sleeps in the same tent so he has the job of getting him up. Norm: l saw lohn Quine over at Pete Gingerisky's newsstand yesterday, He was home on leave and said that the army life was swell. Betty: Oh! l saw him today at Nick DeGiorgio's Drug store, He said he was going back tonight. lim: Here's that All-American center, George Danyla. This is the second draft that he's been in. Norm: The second! How's that? lim: He was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers to play professional football this fall, Betty: l saw him practicing football last summer at some big farm up near Glens Falls. lim: Yes, that's lack Estabrook's farm. He has a track and big field up there that he uses to practice in. I-le's going to that invitation track lim: meet, too. Norm: Here's another graduate of R.P.l., Armen lermakian. lim: Yes, he finally graduated after trying every course they have up there. l'le's a Civil Engineer with the State Highway Department now, Betty: I hear he's still going quite steady with Sarah Kurkjian. lim: Here's a deferment from the last contingent, Donald Brinkman. He was deferred until he finished his recent invention. Norm: What did he invent? jim: I don't know. lt's an army secret now. Betty: Speaking of inventions, jim Magill has invented a giggling gas that paralyzes the enemy with the giggles. Here are three applications for this contingent, Kenneth Timmerman, William Cookfair another member of that silent Cookfair family, and Henry Bondi. Norm: I hear that Ken Timmerman had something to do with that idea of installing theatres in the army camps. But I guess he's given up and joined the army. Betty: What ever happened to Henry Bondi? jim: Oh, he's a wholesale fruit dealer in New York City. He has the largest market in the whole city. Norm: What shall we do with all these applications that we've gone over? jim: Let's set them over here out of the way. lWhistle Blowsl Norm: What was that! Betty: The lunch whistle. jim: Well, let's go. What are we waiting for? iAll three clerks drop the batch of applications they are holding and hurry out amid much con- fusionl . jim: END Not to be outdone by the men in the spirit of patriotism, the women of the class of '4l are ready and waiting to do their part. We now travel to the interior of a Registration of Women for Home Defense office where we see public spirited women going over applications for defense services. Act ll Scene: Office of the registrar for women for Home Defense. lThe Registrar is sitting at her desk opening the morning mail. Enter the Mechanics Instructor, from the left: he goes to the filing cabinet and takes out a drawer. He sits at the table and goes over the files, copying an occasional namel. lt's the same old story,-Harold, some hot. some cold. Listen: lreading a letterl "I think the registration of women for home de- fense is perfectly splendid! I'm only too eager to offer my services." That's Mildred Tymeson. She's rather an unusual school teacher, isn't she, to co-operate so nicely? Her budding typists seem quite fond of her. janet Fairfield isn't so eager. "This is a confounded nuisance! My position with the Women's Symphony orchestra takes up all my time. However, if I must join one of your classes, I suppose I must." Did you know janet is a very successful cellist now? Mechanics Instructor: She's even developed an artistic temperament. I wonder if Virginia Clark has. I heard her over the Bayer Aspirin program last night. I went right out and bought some aspirin. Virginia Clark ought to cut the "C" off her name, like Florence Nightingale. I'd like to have heard her sing. Registrar: She didn't. She nursed. Let's stick to some- thing you know about-mechanics for instance. How are your classes getting along? Mechanics Instructor: Better tha:. I expected. They don't like getting grease on their lily-white hands, but they're awfully proud of their job when it's done. If someone will invent grease- less engines, women will be first-rate mechanics . . . I guess my new class will be quite full. women seem to go for it just because it isn't considered in their line. Registrar: Carolyn Moses was going to join the first aid class because she thought it would be valuable for a woman who runs a boarding house, but when her husband laughed at the idea of a female mechanic, she changed her mind. Registrar: Mechanics Instructor: She's a good one, too. You should see her clean out carburetors. Registrar: Carolyn has a house full of lonesome young wives whose husbands are away in training camps. I bet they're sorry now that they ,kept their jobs when they got married. Mechanics Instructor: Bob Miller's wife doesn't work. He stepped into a bed of roses. He's just been made general manager of all the A. Er P. stores in the capital district-and he's not thirty yet! Registrar: M-m-m! Maybe I should have cultivated him. M. I.: What does it feel like to be an old maid, Marian? R'ar: What does it feel like to be an old bachelor? M. I.: I'd better change the subject! Did you know john Hibbard is considered the best veterinarian in the state? I saw Warren Rymiller going into his office the other day with an armful of cats. l've taken several cats to john. He's their favorite physician. His quiet manner has a soothing effect on their nerves. M. I.: He certainly has a way with animals . . . How- ard Mayotte has a risky job these days, but he's just the man for it. He pilots coastal freighters from New York to Galveston. He has some sort of decoration for reporting eleven mines and three enemy cruisers. R'ar: You couldn't drag me on the ocean now with a team of horsefish. M. I.: Bill Marsh travels a lot, too, but he's on land. He pulls the We-haul-it Trucking Company's trailers all over the country. He gets lost only about every other week. Have you seen anything of David Douglas lately? M. I.: I saw him one day last week. He still hasn't decided what he wants to do. l understand he's struck up an acquaintance with the breadlines . . . No, no! at the distributing end. R'ar: Well, I was worried for a minute. I'd hate to think such a good Scotchman was lazy. But what were you doing at the breadlines? M. I.: . . . Have you seen this morning's paper? Robert Nagle has his picture on the front page. lUn- folds his paper and hands it to the Registrarl. There he is, big as life and twice as natural. lreadingl "Pilot Robert Nagle was forced down by acute engine trouble last night. He made a skillful three-point landing in a pasture. Warren Rymiller, owner of the dairy farm, reports all cows none the worse for their shock. T. W. A. officials investigate accident in search of sabo- tage." What fun! Mechanics Instructor: Not so much fun for the me- chanics at the airport, I think Warren Christian and john Foley both work there. Think of their position. R'ar: I take it back. M. I.: Well, I'lI forgive you this time. I notice the W. P. A. is still going strong, in spite of the war. M. I.: Yes, thanks to Salvatore Martine. He's quite a powerful boss. Stanley Piniaha is the local head. R'ar: lsn't Beverley Meyer in Stanley Piniaha's office? She jokes about how she's on W. P. A.-though she isn't, really, of course. Speaking of work, isn't it time for your class? M. l,: lHastily looking at his watchi. Oh yes, it is! lHe replaces the drawer, gathers up his papers, and runs out to the right, colliding with a young lady who is entering. He begs her pardon. She nods, smiles, and goes up to the Registrar's desk, He stands still, staring at heri. jane Roddy-and better looking than ever! R'ar: Don't forget your class. lExit the Mechanics Instructorl. jane! How are you? I haven't seen you in ages. Where have you been hiding? Registree A: In Albany. I'm supervisor of the chil- R'ar: R'ar: R'ar: R'ar: R'ar: Page Forty-nine R'ar: dren's'wards in Albany City Hospital. lt's fun being the Big Boss. From Little Pudgy to Big Boss, in three easy steps. Betty Neth ought to be under you. lsn't she in one of the children's wards in Albany City? R'ee: Yes she is and she has the children com letel R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee I I D spoiled. She sings them lullabies every nighf! Marietta Alderson is there, too. She has a way with stubborn cases. lHanding a card to R'eeI. Will you fill out this registration card? lR'ar indicates the table at the left. R'ee sits at it and begins to fill out the cardi. Muriel Vander Voort is the pride and joy of the Leonard Hospital. Why, some patients even fight over her. Alige Zayac and Kathryn Kilburn have a regular feufil. This is how it happened. Kay noticed Alice on the other side of Broad- way, and called to her. They hadn't seen each other in a long while, since Alice. works in Albany now and Kay works in Frear's office. Well, they got so excited seeing each other that they both rushed out across the street. They met in front of a car. jacob Shaver, like a hero in a story, pulled them out of the way. They weren't really hurt, but they got badly scared. Virginia Clickner was driving by, so she took them to the Leonard, because they both wanted Muriel. In the end neither got her, and now Alice and Kay are just flies in each other's ointment. A: Virginia's quite a career woman. She's with "Vogue" now-and a star illustrator. And you ought to see the change Alice has made in Whitney's coat department. Vivian Coleman is in Whitney's too-in the office. She sends out the bills. I should think that would be an interesting occupation. A: Nosey! Have you heard about Lois Read's engagement? lt's all so romantic. She met him at the opening of Sheryl S,iegel's first leading role on Broadway. Lois got all excited and dropped her purse out of the box. The nicest young man brought it back! He took her to the Rainbow Room and proposed all in one night. -And there endeth Lois' nursing career. A: Mimi Brafman was there, too. She had the most gorgeous ermine wrap. She makes a for- tune designing the Duchess of Windsor's ward- robe. Mimi's creations are magnificent, but rather beyond my pocket-book. I patronize Lila Coplin. She has the neatest sport shop-with everything from beanies to boots. A: Guess whom I saw last week- Whom? A: Emily janson! Did you? She's working in a veteran's hospital in Washington, D. C., isn't she? A: Yes, and does she have a time with all those men! She blushes so she can't stop even when she leaves the hospital. lRegistree hands the card back to Registrarl. Oh, please don't go yet. Must you? lt's so long since l've had anyone to talk about old friends with. A: lSits down in chair at the righti. Have you seen Martha McChesney lately? I met her the other day. She and Bernice Catlin-they're private children's nurses, you know-buy "Hy- geia" regularly for Margaret Siefert's articles. She has been given a private laboratory to carry on her research in the field of dietetics. ls she the scientist who said recently that raw onions are the best cure for bawling babies? N0 wonder Martha reads her articles. A: Bernice says the next best cure is Billy MiIler's comic strip. She keeps a scrap book of it for emergencies. Page Fifty R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R. R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee af! I wonder what policy joe Bowman uses. I heard only yesterday that he runs a nursery. A: Silly! lt's a tree nursery, not a baby nursery. Dorothy Fisher says he does wonderful work. She works in the office. I ought to see him about 'my plans for land- scaping my garden. I think it's nice to patronize old classmates. A: I think so, too. I just bought a pair of shoes in Gene Barcher's shoe store. He has a very up-to-date stock. He's certainly loyal to the class of '4l. jane Coleman is his bookkeeper, and Mae Le Roy works at the stocking counter. He even buys the stockings from one of our boys who's a travelling salesman for the "Dainty Leg Hose" company-Martin Martens. No half- way measures with Gene! I guess not. Antoinette Grieco hasn't forgotten her Alma Mater, either. She is fighting for greater liberties for students, such as the right to skip classes when the lesson is too boringly difficult. A: That's a noble cause. Ernest Deihl is working for Troy High, too., l'le's installing radios in all the classrooms in the new building, Oh! That's wonderful! Why couldn't we have had that? A: Did you know some of our boys are making names for themselves in the army? Robert Smith is a respected sergeant, and john Deubel is his colonel's right-hand man. Really? Stephen Hunt is an important army man, too. He supervises the construction of metal doors, window blinds, and roofing in various army posts. A: All doing their bit for their country. By the way, didn't I see Geraldine Coonradt going into a room down the hall? Probably. She is in the mechanics class Ac- cording to the report of her progress, she seems as handy with all machines as she is with sewing machines. A: When do I report for classes? Next Monday at two-thirty. A: Two-thirty . . . that's a convenient time. Well, I'll see you Monday. Yes, do drop in. A: Good-bye, Marian. Good-bye, jane. lExit Registree A. Registrar continues opening her maiI.I Act II lMary L. Bonelli walks slowly into the of- fice, glances about, notices the registrar and with a broad smile on her face walks briskly to the desk and shakes hands.I B: Well, how do you do? If it isn't my old friend Marian from Troy Hi-I Registrar: My goodness, it's certainly a surprise to R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: see you! B: And what are you doing here? I always had an idea that you didn't want anything to do with politics. To be frank with you, I was dragged into it. B: Why, Marian, what on earth do you mean? Oh, please don't misunderstand me-I mean, of course, that-well-I feel that it's my duty to ah-or you know, to offer my services, you see my conscience got the best of me. B: Oh, it did! Well, what do you know! And l'll wager that's why you're here: just com- mon sense, that's all there is to it. After all, it's for the good of the country. B: Hm-m. Yes, I guess so. Won't you sit down and make yourself com- fortable? B: I think I will, l'm not in any hurry. My boss is away for the day. llaugh.I ls that so? Oh, do you remember Frances Nikles and Inez Rossi? R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: B: Why certainly I do-I distinctly remember Inez because she was such a little rascal-but -cute-and Frances, too. Funny she could never make up her mind on what she wanted to be when she "got Big." Frances and Inez are air-line hostesses on the T.W.A. B: My, that's wonderful, and it's a great sur- prise. l'd give anything to be able to see them at work. I guess l'Il just have .to make a point of traveling on one of their planes. Oh, but that isn't all to the story: Margaret Kilidjian is also an aviatrix on the same line. B: Why, it's sensational! Imagine my good friends from school connected with aviation- and it's certainly quite apropos for the defense program. Margaret lohnston sees them quite often. She travels all over the country and she always man- ages to use that particular airplane line. B: ls Margaret a traveling salesman? Oh no. She merely travels for pleasure--in other words, it's her hobby. B: Hrn-m-I see-nice hobby, isn't it? Speaking of hobbies-Norrine Murray and Re- gina McLoughlin both have absorbing hobbies. B: Well, I do know that Norrine is quite a music critic now. She attends practically all of the musical programs presented in the city. And Regina is now a first-rate debator. Re- gina's great ambition was to debate and solve world problems-quite a task. She is a staunch member of the Foreign Policy Association. B: You know, Marian, the members of our senior class have really turned out to be something. Take, for instance, all the students who are now secretaries. Oh yes, Dorothy Tifft is now working in the state capitol. Very fortunate, isn't she, being able to work amidst our high state officials? B: Yes, and Helen Woolsey is private secretary for the President of the Troy File Works. My, that's nice! I know the President of that concern-very nice. B: Oh, HeIen's always talking about him. What is his name, anyway? it's joe McGinnis. You must remember him. He graduated with our class. B: Certainly I remember him-and how could I forget Mr. McGinnis? He was.such a lady's man. Registrar: And in RipIey's own words, "believe it or R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar: R'ar' not," he still is. He has two other secretaries beside Helen. B: Hrn-m-what are their names? Remember the most bashful girl of our class, Marjorie Weidenbacker? B: Yes, but she must have grown out of that stage by now. Oh yes, and Florence Wade-well, she operates the adding machine. B: I bet they all feel right at home and are quite satisfied. May-be! I know that Lucy Kalayjian is very much satisfied with her position. B: What does she do? She types theses for the R.P.I. students. B: Well, for goodness sake! No wonder she's satisfied. By the way, guess whom I saw the other day? I can't imagine. B: On my way home from work I walked into the new City Hall and there, seated at a desk, was joe O'Brien with his feet on top of the desk and a big cigar in his mouth. You can imagine my surprise-joe O'Brien, a big boss, a poli- tician, no less. Why only a few years ago he thought politics was the biggest graft. R'ar R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ee R'ee R'ar R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ee R'ee B: H-m-now look at him, and jean Ballentyne is his secretary. How nice. Has she grown any? B: Not an inch. But she doesn't have a chance to grow. She's always sitting down, working at the typewriter. I suppose that work is very tiresome, too. B: Not quite as tiresome as a bookkeeper's work. Hannah Cohen was telling me that sometimes she has to work for hours and hours trying to balance the books. Where is she working, anyhow? B: In Montgomery Ward's. Oh, I know someone that works there at the hosiery department, Mary Akullian. B: I remember her, she was in our class too. Mrs. Broderick was in a few days ago to regis- ter. B: Mrs. Broderick-Oh, yes, why she's the for- mer joan Dugan, class flirt. How is she? lust fine, but not quite as active as she used to be. B: I heard that she joined the Committee for the Women's Exchange. Yes, Fannie Mardigian did, too. Of course, that's just a side interest. She's a model, you know. B: l've seen some of her fashions. She models for Eleanor NeviIle's "Thrifty Spiffy Dress Shoppe." Ruth Cannon, who used to be the editor of the Purple Parrot, also models, and so does Mary Mikhitarian. lRegistree C walks into the office and goes over to the desk.I C: Good afternoon, ladies. Well, well, another of our old classmates, and what are your intentions? C: I should like very much to register for the defense program and I am particularly interested in the aviation department. Fine. just sit down here and fill this applica- tion blank. iRegistree C sits down and proceeds to write.l A: I haven't seen you for a long time. You've been busy, I suppose. C: Oh, yes. Today is my day off so I went to the hairdresser's and then stopped for a while at the library. Ann Lasky is the new librarian. Did you notice her new coiffure? C: Yes, very becoming. She gets her hair done at the same place I do. B: What hairdresser do you go to? C: Margaret Ackner's "Beauty Palace." Mary Rose Campano is a beautician, too. She specializes in wind blown bobs. B: Hm-m, speaking of wind blown hairdos, mine certainly got a thorough blowing over while I was riding through the country the other day in' my brand new Chevrolet. I stopped for a while at a roadside stand to catch my breath. The place was closed, but I noticed a sign which I think might interest you. It said, "While rest- ing your dogs eat one of ours"-owned and operated by Ann Saffaras. That is interesting, but I think it would be much more interesting if you told us with whom you were when you were riding. B: Marian, you have such quaint ideas. Anyhow -I was riding with Rita Quigley and Margaret Moore. C: Goodness, I haven't seen either of them in ages. What are they doing now? B: You must have heard Margaret say several times, "Number, please." She's a telephone operator. Rita plays in the Tri-City Symphony Orchestra, and l'm telling you, Gene Krupa needs to watch his step because he's got some good keen competition when Rita begins to Page Fifty Page R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'ee R'ee beat the drums. joe Pafundi plays the drums, too, doesn't he? C: Absolutely, he plays in Thelma. Gaie's orches- tra. jg Didn't she recently supply the music for the Annual Banquet of the Record Newspaper staff members? B: Yes. Grace Wright and Lena Castiglione are now members of the staff. Grace is the society editor and Lena is the commercial artist-and our own Marion here lnods at Marion B.l writes a special column for the sports page con- cerning women's sports events. C: l want to the movies yesterday with Grace, and we sat right next to Edna Souto and Evelyn De Crescente. Why, they're fine teachers. Edna teaches art at Pratt Institute and Evelyn is the Physical Ed director in the "Bulky Anatomies Department" at the Y.W. B: Alfred Pagano is home. He belongs to the Air Corps. B: Louis Martin belongs to the air corps, too. Oh, no. He is an electrician. Works for Gordon L. Hayes. C: Yes, yes, l was-thinking of George Howes, He doesn't belong to it, either. He's a clerk at the Post Office. C: l guess l've got my names a little mixed, B: Virginia Barr and Doris Gibson have a little trouble getting names straight. They're nurses at the Day Home and they have charge of dozens of children. William Everton supervises plenty of boys. He is the Physical Ed director of the Y.M.C.A. Of course, his specialty is baseball. C: Speaking of specialties, Ben Alexander spe- cializes in toolmaking. This is purely a "Com- mercialf' By the way, here's another "com- mercial." Marion Thayer models very pretty hats for Lord and Taylor's in New York. B: Why are you so interested in spreading com- mercials. C: l guess working for a newspaper makes one that way. lEnter janitor with broom.l lHe be- gins to sweep the floor, whistling as he works.l R'rar: Ahem-hint-hint-I guess it's time to close R'ee R'ar: R'ee R'rar R'ee R'ee shop and call it a day. B: And what a day! My heavens, l didn't realize that "Times marches on." Well, l guess l'll march on and get out from under foot. Say, Marion, l'll drop in tomorrow and fill in that blank. What blank? B: Why the registration blank. What blank did you think I meant? : Oh, of course, l'd completely forgotten about it. lThe janitor begins to sweep near the girls.l C: All right, johnny, all right, we're going. lShe puts her hands up in a protective gesture and edges toward the door. Mary follows.l B: Well, so-long, Marian. We'll continue this "Cat Conference" again some time. lCurtain Closesl National defense will not affect all of us, Life must that large go on in other fields, too, and Nostradamas says in i950 radio news commentators will have as a following as they have now. Shall we listen to the great commentator "Broke" Barter, and, who knows, perhaps we can find out what some of our famo l. ii. rany us graduates are doing? lAct Ill Coming Upl Act lll Chimes Announcer: Trico radio presents that ace news annalist "Broke" Barter, who'll bring to you au- thentically the news of the nation. Barter: Bonjour, mes amis. This is your old 'SWG commentator "Broke" Barter bringing into your homes news and more news on this lovely day in june, l95l. New York City, New York. - "Youthful Salesman Takes City by Storm!" shrieks the headlines of every metropolitan news- paper. Handsome Walter D. Willetts, jr., grad- uate of Syracuse University and now employed by the United States Rubber Company, has proved to be the sensational super colossal sales- man of that city. Willetts has broken the "all city" record by selling l,298 tires in a week. Sports Flash The Brooklyn Dodgers' baseball team beat the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight on a 420-ft. home run by catcher Harold "Red" Kelly. He is a graduate from Troy lNew Yorkl High School where he starred as a second baseman on the baseball team. Syracuse, New York Miss Hilda Willetts, glamourous kindergarten teacher in Public School 59, announced this morning that she has completed work on her new book entitled "How to Be a Successful Kindergarten Teacher." Miss Willetts is a grad- uate of Oneonta State Normal School where she led a brilliant undergraduate career. Sports Flash-Chicago, Illinois Mr. Peter Miller has just announced that Miss Rose Steininger, comely blond, will represent the United States in the Olympics next year as a member of the Women's Skating Team. Troy, New York The McLaren Bros. Milk Dairy has just re- ported a highly successful fiscal year. Edward and Gene, both college graduates, have been making astounding progress in the art of coax- ing milk from their blooded cattle. ln the entire city of Troy there is only one other dairy run- ning competition with them. This is Sliters Dairy, efficiently managed by jane Sliter, an ex-classmate of theirs. Detroit, Mich. Mr. Henry Ford announced last night that he appointed Mr. john Reidenback general manager of his new plant in which he is attempting to provide an airplane for every family in the United States. At the same time he announced the appointment of Mr. Ellis Finklestein as man- ager of production. Troy, New York Mr. Myron Nazar has bought a prominent local manufacturing plant at an estimated SlOO,- OOO. Nazar got his start in the clothing busi- ness when he served on the Class Clothes Com- mittee in the local high school. He appointed john Harrington as his general manager and Ellen Cookfair as his private secretary. And now a word from Terry Lansing- Men-Would you like to win a brand new l95i Trico Radio, equipped with a direct elec- tronic beam phonograph and a super-crystal detector amplifying set, a loud speaker in each room of your house, so you can hear the ball game in whatever room your wife is working you, and, oh, yes, men-this colossal radio is equipped with a built-in-sewing machine which will please "the little woman" no end. Then, men, see it on display at Mooradian's Modern Home Appliance Co., Inc., ll,l53 Broadway Ave., New York City, Edward Mooradian, pro- prietor, whose rule is No High Pressure Sales- manship. Thank you. Washington, D. C. Two Troy, New York, ladies, Misses Irene Cook and Mary Larkin, have entered the busi- ness world. They formed a company and are now operating the highly successful bus line called "Cook's Tours." Pretty Miss Larkin drives the bus and gorgeous Irene Cook indi- cates the interesting sights! Brooklyn, New York Charles "Chuckie" lacobs, graduate of Springfield College, was named athletic director of Brooklyn Tech last night. Iacobs was a two letterman at his alma mater, starring in foot- ball and basketball. Flash! Troy. New York Miss Marilynn Hayward, eminent French teacher at Russell Sage College, entered the Samaritan Hospital today under the supervision of the famous Doctors john Baxter Swartwout and Albert Ryan, because of an excess of pound- age. The doctors consulted the chief dietician of the hospital, pretty Martha. Wallis, concern- ing an efficient diet to lessen the excess pounds. A demain, mes amis, this is Broke Barter saying So Long until tomorrow. For our last glimpse into the future we shall travel with Nastradamus to "No Man's Land," a place where more news is circulated than in any newspaper office in the world. I mean, of course, the bargain basement of E. Z. Pay Department Store. ACT IV Scene-A bargain basement of the E. Z. Pay Store. Time-Dollar Day, I95O To the center right and left are two coun- ters littered with "bargains," Behind is a girl busily arranging her table and lust as busily talking. Clerk I : Well, this is the day of days, Mary. Clerk 2: Yes, for the shoppers-and for us, only in a different way. l'm tired before l begin. Clerk I: Well, never mind, the time will slip by before we know it-I hope. Clerk 2: Say, Marilyn, did I tell you l flew to Wash- ington last week-end? Guess who was the pilot on the plane! Al Goerold. lohn Gundrum was the mechanic. After rather a bumpy ride, I ar- rived. I went to see Doris Carroll and- Clerk I : Doris! What is she doing in Washington? Clerk 2: Why she is the wife of the Senator from Texas and the chairman of the W.C.S.S. Clerk I : What on earth is that? Clerk 2: The Women's Committee on Slow Speech. Fitting for Doris, isn't it? Anyway, Doris took me on a sightseeing tour. You'll never guess whom I saw in the zoo. Clerk I : Who? Clerk 2: Hope Herzog and Anne Gasparian. Clerk I: Really! What species did they represent. the talking one? Clerk 2: No, silly! Hope's a iournalist now for the Washington Post. I must say she can talk just as well on paper as off. Anne is busy, as usual, designing dresses for the Dionne quintuplets. Clerk I: Sounds just like both of them. Where else did you go? Clerk 2: Oh, the museum, and guess what I saw there! One of the postcards Aunt Sadie sent me from Watervliet. Clerk I : My! How rare! How did it ever get there? Clerk 2: Well, when Francis Warenchack was hound- ing everyone way back in '4l for post cards, I gave him that one. Now his collection is inter- nationally famous! Clerk I : Did you see anyone else? Clerk 2: Oh, yes! We saw Harriet Hanby, Dotty Mulhall, Lillian Hogle, Kay Looney, and Grace DeLucia all coming out of the Treasury Building. All are secretaries to Treasury officials now. They said that+ Clerk I: Say. Can't I tell you something for a change? 'We haven't much more time to gos- sip- Clerk 2: Sure, go on. Clerk I : Well, l went away this week-end, too. New York seemed iust like Troy-- Clerk 2: Since when? Clerk I: If you'd let me finish, l'd explain the statement. Simply because l saw so many "T, H. S. of '41 'ers" there and? Clerk 2: My what a S5 worth. lMakes a lunge for -1- who turns about quickly only to collide with the manager who has iust entered.l Manager: fAt last recovering his poise and dignity! Young ladies, just what is the meaning of this? Clerk I 2 Well, sir, you see-1 Manager: l'm afraid that I don't. Clerk 2: She means that- iVoice outside-Mc?l Manager: Coming! Young ladies, I never want to see this again! You are here to work. Clerk I: Phew! Clerk 2:You should talk, I felt as though I had col- lided with a brick wall. I always thought he'd make a good boss. Well, where was I. Oh, yes. I saw Lena jaffey modeling in Macy's, Clerk 2: Modeling what? Clerk I: Gloves! Clerk 2: What? Clerk I: l said gloves. Then I went to see my old friend Amelia Paskewich, who was in the hos- pital. Whom did I see there but Betty Cipperly coming down the hall almost hidden behind a tray of instruments. Dr. Robert Krug-you re- member Bob-now an eminent surgeon there, was also coming down the hall. He spoke to Betty so suddenly that she dropped the tray in confusion. When I left she was still picking up the pieces. Marie Osborne and Kay Schoonmaker also trim little nurses, were helping her. Clerk 2: What was the matter with'Amelia? Clerk I: Oh, yes. She told me that she fell off a trapeze in Eleanor Reinhardt's "Housewives' Gym Class." Kay Rehonis was in the next room with a broken leg. Guess they even fell to- gether. Clerk 2: Speaking of accidents, I went over to Betty Friedel's the other night. She has sore eyes from reading "Advice to the Lovelornf' Clerk I: Good night! Where did she get that from? Clerk 2: From Ruth lordon, librarian at Troy Public Library. Clerk I: l saw Bill Beck in New York too. He is an aeronautical engineer for the Ford Instrument Company. Guess he has won prizes for his pho- tography, too. lohn Brignola has gained honors in photography, too. That is still his hobby. He is a lieutenant in the Coast Guard now, you know. Clerk 2: Oh, that's wonderful! Lee Anderson can't kid him about his "new spring ensemble" now, can he? Clerk I : No, I hear that Lee is president of a depart- ment store and a "Bachelor's Bathing and Sports Club" now. Clerk 2: Speaking of sports. I've heard that Charles Snyder is touring the country with his U-Kick- M soccer team. Mike Kerman is playing with him, too. Clerk I : Yes, I heard that, too. Walter Biski is also with them! Clerk 2: My, Troy High is certainly represented isn't if? Clerk I: l'll say so! Lets see. Whom else of our class have l seen lately? Oh, yes Gloria Albar- ellil She went to St. Rose, you know. Now she is an assistant to lack Addy in Behr Man- nings. , Clerk 2: That's what Marian Fletcher is now too. Down at Dupont's. ,Last I heard of her she was touring France with someone from Port Henry by the name of- INine bells ringl Clerk I : Well the zero hour is at hand! lsighl Page Fifty-three Clerk 2: Yes, from now on it is a free for all. lShoppers enterl IA tall woman enters with a short, rather timid looking man who is practically over- loaded with bundles.l She: Come along, Percival, and please don't drop any of my packages. He: lA bit wearilyl Yes, Gloria dear, but don't you feel you've bought enough for today? She: Now, Percival, you definitely promised you would take me shopping today so donft attempt to change your mind. You'll just have to cancel that golfing date with George Hair and Frank Mc- Quide. lncidentally, don't they work for a living? He: Yes dear, George is a telephone lineman, and a good one too, and Frank is an athletic instructor but they managed to get today off to do a little golfing. She: Come to think of it, Viola McConnell, the Domestic Science teacher in the local high school, was telling me all about Frank. She said he trains the boys exceptionally well. Why, his team hasn't lost a game this season. I remem- ber George very well too. He was a lovely boy and oh so accommodating. It was really through him that l met you, Percy. Remember? He: lSmilinglyl Yes, dear iaside to the audiencel how could I forget? I still haven't forgiven him for that. She: What's that? Nothing? Well, I was wonder- ing if you could get him to help fix the church hall for our dance next week? You must remember to ask him the next time you see him. He: Well maybe I could ask him today if you would let me go- She: lt's going to be a lovely dance. Florence Albers' orchestra is going to play. You remem- ber her, dear. She used to play the piano at all the assemblies in Troy High. The girls at the tea yesterday were telling me that the orchestra is going to play a few of Mary Bonelli's original compositions. Mary always did want to be a composer. To top it all, Tena Merolla is going to be the vocalist. lsn't that wonderful? He: lvery boredl Yes, dear, it certainly is but I want to- lShe interrupts and he gives up in despairl lsn't this priceless? lShe picks up an object from the counter and holds it up for her husband to see. As she does so she bumps into another woman.l I beg your pardon I didn't-Why, Marguerite Smith, whatever are you doing in Troy? I thought you were living in Washing- ton. M. S.: I arn living there in the sweetest little bunga- low you've ever seen. Even though I am away from Troy, I meet many of my old friends. Last week I saw Florence Adamson. She's the private secretary for the Congressman from Minnesota. I also met Lillian Cannon there. She was attending an artists' convention. At present she is doing a painting for the Pres- ident's wife. lt's certainly grand meeting old friends, isn't it? I received a letter from Catherine Tychonia yesterday and she told me she went to Wash- ington for the holidays. She and Helen Dicken- son are making a tour of the country now. IAS she finishes speaking she hands another pack- age to her hubsandl Marguerite, your hair looks simply stunning.-Whoever is your hairdresser? M. S.: Norman Ashley-She does excellent work. She: Why, I had no idea she did hair so well. l'd better make an appointment with her because I can't do a thing with mine. lShe runs her fingers over her hair.l He: He manages to get all the local and world-wide news and without any help from his wife either. Why, I oh er- She: She: Page Fifty-four She: He: She: He: She: He: She: She: He: She: He: She: He: She: He: M. Really, Percival darling, I won't argue with you but--ishe looks at him with a sly, knowing look.l Percy dear lvery sweetl did you bring the car down to the garage to get the back seat fixed as I asked you to last week? Well Bessie-I ah-You see I went down to john Von Fricken's garage last Tuesday to have it repaired and he said he had too much to do that day but that if I left it there he would have it ready the following morning. Well, I needed the car that night because I was going bowling with Robert Wiltsey lhe's the head floor walker in the Toys for Tiny Tots Shoppeel so I couldn't leave it. Then I was going to have it fixed Wednesday but you asked me to bring you down to Dorothy Dansereau's to get fitted for your new dress so I couldn't very well do it then. Why didn't you bring it Thursday? We received a special order from the office and Mae Tschumi the office stenographer, and I were busy working on it all'day. Percival, lsuspiciouslyi do you mean to tell me that you and that young woman were working on that order all day long? lResentfullyl Now Bessie-don't you go get- ting any silly ideas. If you don't take my word for it, you can call up the boss' secretary, Betty O'Neil. She was in the office all day. la bit hurtl Go ahead,-call her up if you don't believe me. Oh, Percival, you know I didn't mean to say that you and-lThe child whom they have completely ignored has just finished her candy and once again she begins to cryl. lVery surprised! Percival! The child! We forgot all about her. Carol, darling, don't cry and we'Il take you to your mummy. lShe puts her arm around the child.l Percy, lets take her to Robert Brott, the manager of this store and see if there isn't something he can do. Yes, dear, but why don't we-- Oh, Percival, come along and stop your con- tinual complaining. ivery meeklyl Yes dear. lThey take a few steps when suddenly Bessie stops.l Oh, Percival! I'd almost forgrotten. Before we go home we'Il have to stop at Paul Morouk- ian's Pork Store and get some meat for supper. Are you hungry, dear? lSarcasticaIlyl Well, it's only 4 o'clock now and after all I did have a hearty breakfast. iNot grasping his sarcasml That's good because l'm so tired I won't be able to have much this evening. lPercival groansl Well, come along Percival. lThey take a few more steps when Bessie again stopsl Percy, look! Going past the store! Frank Casey in uniform! lShe turns to Percyl Who is that other man with him, dear? I can't see his face. lt's Corporal Sam Manico. They're both army men now. S.: Well, Bessie, I must rush along. I have a luncheon date with Barbara Kline, Dorothy Lob- dell, Shirley Cohen. They work in the Domestic Finance Corp. and they get off at l:OO and it's l2:45 now. She: lt's been nice seeing you, Marguerite. Please visit me when you can. M. S.: Thank you, I'd love to-Goodbye. IShe walks off the stage while Bessie picks up her packages and goes over to her husband who is leaning wearily against the wall.l She: Who was that man you were talking to a few He: minutes ago? That was loseph Higgins, the city treasurer. laside to audiencel He never has to take his wife shopping, the lucky guy, isighl Gee it must be wonderful to be so carefree with a wife like Marie! lto his wife! Can't we please go home l'lOW, honey? Q, She: I just have one more place to go to, Percival -just one more place and then we can-la loud wail is heard. The noice comes from a small child who is evidently lost.l She: Percy, lets go over and see if there's anything we can do for the child. lthey go over to the child.l What's the matter, little girl? Child: Wah! Wahl l've lost my mummy. She: Well, what's your name? Maybe we can help you find her. lto Percy! Give her the package of Tums you use for your indigestion, so she'll stop her crying. lPercy reaches in his pocket for the candy. He finds they are in his other pocket so he has to shift all of the packages to his other arm. After a great deal of hard work he finds it and gives it to the child.l He: What did you say your name was, dearie? Child: My name is Carol Zimmer and l'm lost. lsniff, sniffl She: Why, Percy, this must be Helen Hutton's little girl. You know she married Bill Zimmer right after she finished college. l was just reading her name in Mary Kaelin's "Hits and Bits about Social Wits," society column. She had a big party for her brother-in-law, Ed., who is going into the army. The paper said that josephine Dinardo and Ann Predenczuk were special guests. They're both nurses and they have volunteered their services in the Army. lsn't that just too thrilling? l'm sure they'lI enjoy their work. iShe smiles broadly. Percy gives her a suspicious look.l He: Yes, clear. lt's too bad l'rn not of draft age. l was talking to joseph Mosca last week and he said army life is great, he's in the Army Air Corps. She: Now Percy dear, how could you ever get along without me to look after you all the time? He: Well, Frank Mills seems to be doing all right by himself and he's a good shoe salesman too. In fact he's so good he is going to be made manager of the "No Pinch, No Squeeze, No Hug Shoe Co." Yes, and how about Chester Sherwin, the editor of our city paper? Shopp. l: And l heard that Irving Mennen was the judge and Leon Samiof has taken the stand for Reynolds. Shopp. 2: Samiof! Well Reynolds certainly must have won with Samiof's mastery of alibies and argument! Come on, let's go get a paper and see. I don't see anything here l like anyway. Shopp. I: I have to go to the lOc store. My corns are killing me. My sister told me that john O'Melia was demonstrating corn plasters in Cireen's. Shopp. 2: Corn Plasters! Well he was boasted the most original senior, but corn plasters. Anyway, he says they are the most magnificent, stupen- dous, wonderful super-sensational, colossal, in- genious corn plasters on the market! lGeneral confusion reigns as curtain closes.l Conclusion Nostradamus says, for peace and for war, plan and prepare today and tomorrow. COMMITTEE james Cullen-Ch. Marilynn Hayward Gloria Albarelli Mary Bonelli Marian Fletcher john O'Melia Page Fifty five Page Fifty-six CLASS CELEBRITIES Best Student ................................ . Most Likely to Succeed Most Conscientious ......... Most Popular Girl ..... Most Popular Boy ......... Most Dignified Senior ..... Most Modest Senior ....... Class Politician ......... Class Wit ..................... Most Original Senior ....... Best Athlete .............. Best "Sport" .... Most Carefree .............. ...... john Brignola Marilynn Hayward Clarence Gillespie Florence Adamson Betty Rowan john Brignola Marion Fletcher Rose Steininger Edward Mooradian Baxter Swarthwout john O'Melia Charles jacobs joseph Higgins jane Sliter, joe Higgins Most Attractive Girl ....... .............. H ilda Willetts Most Handsome Boy Best Dressed Girl ..... Best Dressed Boy ..... Most Bashful Girl ..... Len Harris Lila Coplin jack Estabrooks Marjorie Weidenbacker Most Bashful Boy ...... .............. E ugene McLaren Man-hater ........... Woman-hater ............ Best Dancer lGirll Best Dancer lBoyl ...... Class Flirt .............. Class Baby ....... Florence Adamson Calvin Cookfair Rita Quigley Edward McGovern joan Dugan Edward McGovern g .. A -,Lax A . if ,A 9159 vu 3x"u 1, 'Pa 1 la I, xr. 9'.f . 3592 .L P2 '1 if ' .r r ' - -, Vw' -'aff 215.3 Qi' 'iv' xx? ,JF P '. - Nu' , ima' -,gpg . 1 '-9: . :Y .aj . . X 'HN' 1 4 , I "DARDANIAN" BOARD ARLY in November the Senior Class President announced Hilda Willetts as the Editor-in-Chief of the l94l "Dardanian." Under her supervision the staff was chosen and the book was soon under way. With the coopera- tion of the staff and the capable leadership of Hilda Willetts this original year book full of novel features was published. Editor-in-chief ....... ............,.,............................... ....... H i Ida Willetts Associate Editor ..... ...... ............ I o hn O'Melia Business Manager ........ Advertising Manager .... General Manager ...... Society Editors ....... PHOTOGRAPHY BOARD Eugene McLaren Florence Alber SPORTS EDITORS Nicholas Cocca Walter Willetts WAG EDITORS lane Sliter Rita Quigley Betty Cipperly Anne Gasparian lane Roddy Michael Kerman Hope Herzog Baxter Swartwout ART EDITORS Lillian Cannon Dorothy Ives Page Fifty-eight Florence Adamson Irving Mennen Edward Mooradian Martha Wallis, Gloria Albarelli Virginia Clickner Eda Zimmermann Marian Fletcher George Hair ADVERTISING BOARD Harold Kelly Norman Cohen Harry Nurnberg james Cullen TYPISTS Inez Rossi Rose Steininger Kathryn Kilburn Frank Mills Helen Hutton Marian Buckley Virginia Clark Dorothy Mulhall STUDENT COUNC TUDENT Council, unde h r t e capable leadership of john Bri off the school yea b gnola, started r y electing its re r ' a . p esentatives from each h method which might b omeroom, e considered quite d' ' forme ra ical in compariso r method of repres n with the entation. A danc h' ' was h Id ' e w ich was a financ' I e at the final footb I ia success, a I game. Student C ' ' syste ouncil put into effect a traffic m and court. At the close of the administration, a questionnaire was given to each student, the purpose of which was to obtain student opinion on school affairs. The final plan of council for the student body was the holding of a T igh Day at the Troy Theater for the benefit and en roy H joyment of the students. President .......... Vice-President ...... john Brignola Secretary ........ Edward M ooradian Treasurer Dorothy Ives Facu Charles Chaderjian lty Advisers ....... Miss Marion Fitzpatrick, Mr. Ward S. Donner Page Fifty-nine . . 'j -'fl 'T ' li-1 f gm, I L if i wffgifl ,fini fi f f. ifjjfi- any 3 'iv 2 V 5 W.. VV 'i if H 1 1 l 'C' Page Sixty SENIOR BALL N February 7, many couples attended the gaily colored Fiesta Mexicana, the most outstanding dance of the social season. At this spectacular event the guests danced in an enchanting Spanish atmosphere and were served delightful Mexican refreshments by senors and senoritas. At one o'clock the guests left the gala event, taking with them precious memories of an unforgettable evening. General Chairman .. ..... ....,.. H arold Kelly COMMITTEE Allan Kelly Norman Cohen Lillian Hogle Mary Kaelin Mary Larkin Frances Nikles john Brignola PURPLE PARROT HIS year the Purple Parrot was very ably guided by Ruth Cannon and Howard Mayotte. Rita Quigley, the feature writer, wrote several excel- lent stories which were published in the special holiday issues. The Parrot had another competent aid this year in the figure of john Brignola who wrote the editorials and much of the school news. Two new columns developed in the Parrot this year were "Pet Peeves" written by Hope Herzog and "Beauty," an art column written by Mr. Farrell. Both of these were enjoyed by all of the students. Due to the wholehearted cooperation of the Parrot staff, the Purple Parrot was, as usual, a great suc- cess this year. FACULTY ADVISERS Emily M. Cavanaugh john E. Howell EDITORIAL BOARD Ruth Cannon .................................... Editor-in-Chief Marian Buckley .............................. Associate Editor Charles jacobs ...................................... Sports Editor Mary L. Bonelli ......................,....... Exchange Editor ART DEPARTMENT Alfred Wehren .................................. Chief Stenciler Daniel Strichman REPORTERS Nicholas Campese Monroe Rosenthal Steve Gillespie Lois Law COLUMNISTS john Brignola john Hibbard Muriel Goldberg jane Roddy Hope Herzog Edyth Adler Hilda Willetts Betty Coplan jane Sliter Sam Abate Eugene McLaren Evelyn Salkin Florence Predential Frank Honingsbaum Rita Quigley Ruth Fink Berton Feldman BUSINESS BOARD Harry Dolab .................................. Business Manager Evelyn De Cresente ..... ....... A dvertising Manager joseph McGinnis Kenneth Walker Louise lffland Arnold Pugatsky Sonia Ries Abbot Winstein Lillian Cannon .. ........................ Dorothy Mulhall Grace Delucia Virginia Clark Helen Pisannello Warren Wolfe ............................... janice Goodrich Stella Pasinella Louis Kurtessis jean Goodwin Circulating Manager Publicity Manager Barbara Winstein john Milanese Helen Howe Shirley Rice Chief Typist Mary Marchione Norine Murray joseph Higgins M l MEOGRAPH I NG Chief Publisher Ann Zimmermann Selma Harris Ester Dembrosky X x A 'jg . ' il ,l :FP :W xf V fr! Q WS. W. .45 , LI - ' X,.i LA v L . A F J 'z ,,1.-. 215 A . I 1 yr: , 71? ' v 11 El vu' 4 v -,-it -aw v3 N ,,.....--4 'i x ,.im.i. fwf- IHA41, ,QW f 11 I , Q H . I", I lf' .pm 5535" co'-I ,, :E ...wt x 'in -".4. e,+J' gf' 41 ' T wi , 'Ffa ,fi B1 P ' 'T fl 15'-' finzjiifffff-f',Qit22.:.'2-iff Q 5 ,. 51,-2, 72' 'wfi-YZ-:IL " ' E99 ' qsili'-BF :Ti 1 'ss 11. -V gfkigfg 'W-5957" ' -' W " ..kE.Ef1-A1',.I1 Lf 95:5-5?'.'x3gf:f9733'!f'!2'i-521:. T .T 3-J" 1-EJELWQQ "CST W , 2 WJ, , 'Ax' W IQ A2522 - 1 Ui. F X Q 1? 1 'ir Nl 2 w I ' HC' ul' may yn n W Lk . . W k 4. f 3 . .,- v 1 V, ,- - - ' 5 ' 1- -r 14 V t -V , ...,g.w L V V - ' sniff -K LIL, 53' 0 . Y Y Y-fin.-Q-:f 1 K ..-4, , . l-',, -', , 417' ' A , - ,.C'1r' 4-ff-' 'M ---A :--:,.,::s--- l - x - ' " .'Z1A..e.-- "' ' , 'Q rw- - 51.14" - f - zo- 1 Q-U' , 113' H .,.av' W ' . 2 W. ? - Q SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD AST fall the Senior Class convened for the election of the class officers. A counting of the ballots indicated that Edward Mooradian had been elected President. After the installation of the officers the Senior Class, under the competent leadership of the President and the Executive Board, embarked upon its year's work. Royal blue and white were chosen as class colors. Two of the most successful ventures of the class were the sale of Christmas cards and the tea dances. Two outstanding events of the year were the Senior Ball and the Senior Picnic. The board brought to a close its duties by providing an original and entertaining class day. CLASS OFFICERS President ............ .. ............................. ........ E dward Mooradian Vice-President . ...... ............... D orothy C. lves Secretary ...,.. ...... ......................,......... ....... E d w ard W. McLaren Treasurer ......... ...................................... ........ j 0 seph M. Higgins EXECUTIVE BOARD Clarence Gillespie Marilynn H. Hayward Charles jacobs Amelia M. Paskewich FACULTY ADVISERS Miss Isabel R. Mann Mr. Dudley P. Van Arnam Page Sixty-four E seniors, having completed our stay in Troy High School, are now advancing from our status of leaders in a small institution to that of humble followers in the busi- ness world or in institutions of higher learning. We have enjoyed, and appreciated, the years we have spent here. No doubt we have been the source of many vexatious problems to our teachers, but we have profited by their patient, careful solution of these problems as well as from their guidance in solving our own. We hope that we have set and maintained high stand- ards to which you juniors and Underclassmen may successfully adhere. Smooth sailing and best wishes! EDWARD MOORADIAN President of Class of 194.1 Page Sixty-five JUNIOR CLASS HE Class of '42 began in the usual manner. As the first business of the year, the election of class officers was held. On December l3, l94O, the junior Class sponsored the junior Mixer which was a financial success. lm- mediately following the january examinations, the junior Ring Committee was appointed to select class rings. Finally on june 6, l94l, the junior Prom was held at the Hendrick Hudson Hotel. This, as usual, was a tremendous success. President ............. ..... V incent Marino Vice-President .... ...... j ean Mackay Secretary ......... ............. j ean Tann Treasurer ...... ................ E dith Pollock Adviser ..... ..... M r. William Farrell Page Sixty-six FOR the last three years we have been watching you, the Class of I94I, gradually make your way toward the Gates of Success. The gates are now open to you: yet, you will remain not only in our memory but also in the memory of those who follow us. Your deeds and abilities will stand out as a symbol for us to follow. I, as a representative of the Class of I942, wish and know that what- ever phase of life you choose, you will be successful. With deep regret, yet with high hope, I say, "Good-bye, Class of '4l, and may the Gates of Success be always held open to you." VINCENT MARINO President of Class of I942 Page Sixty-seven 5' :Hi . NJ 4,1-. ' uf 43:1 1, 152,14 ,.-. . . ,:,,. '-'V-ff' - my-M-1 1- if -..-, XF mm wiv MNH 1 2, . ,,ng,f'x ,, P Q 'W If 'Spf A-k "'. MW U :.:.f K - v ff' 5 REV" T W 1 ,P A We "-1 'Ml' K ,. .,.1. N ..-3. E 11 is In ?f'j.-fin! t -x H!! 1.. . , -an uglii. Eu P ,JS 5' I N' . ' 'W Q 'W , . I I X 'A EQ u .-. V 451 , . , - I--,N 4 '-..-'H '.'ff"1'.?' if '- "'?P -3 M f- !"".a J! - , , 1 , An Q E 6. I K M f T."'1n . '12 .k 40 x - I 0 x. A A N G 9 S ii 5 31 D3 J'- CCIETIES an if Q2 refs ,, m ,LY g 649252: r, . im. N PURPLE KEY URPLE Key, the honorary society of the school, throughout the year has planned assemblies which were both educational and entertaining. Sev- eral athletic assemblies were presented during the course of the year, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by the student body. In addition to procur- ing speakers at various times, Purple Key also obtained motion pictures for the students. One of the most enjoyable assemblies was that of a piano recital given by Lester Taylor, a talented member of Troy High student body Purple Key concluded its scholastic year by the annual tapping ceremony which was very impressive. Presidents ................ K ................. ....... W alter Willetts, Florence Adamson Vice-Presidents ...... .,..,.,.,...... 1 oe Higgins, Walter Willetts Secretaries .......... ..... F lorence Adamson, Eleanor Reinhardt Treasurer ............ ..............,....................... . . Bette Rowan Faculty Adviser ...... .,......... .......... M i ss Emily Cavanaugh Colors ................. Purple and Gold Page Seventy DELPHIC ELPHIC Society began its year's activities with the initiation of new members followed by a party in the cafeteria, On November l, 1941, the society held its annual semi-formal dance in the Candle Room of the Troy High Club. The dance was, as usual, a financial success and was enjoyed tremendously by all who attended. Throughout the year a few literary meet- ings were held at which time current literature was discussed. On April 25, l94l, Delphic sponsored a card party in the school auditorium. Activities ended with the Phil-Delphic Deck Dance. President .......,.................................................... Vice-President ....... Secretary ........... Treasurer Marion Thayer Ann Predenczuk Dorothy Dansereau Gloria Albarelli Adviser .... Marion Fitzpatrick Colors . Pink and Silver ...ffff"rQiiQE Page Seventy-one Eff, RENCH Ciub, or Le Coin Francais, is the French honorary society ot Troy High. Students receiving the average ot 85 per cent are eiigibie tor membership. During the course ot the year the members ot French Ciub enioyed severai most enioyabie meetings. Betore the Christmas hoiidays a spiendid Christmas party was enioyed by the members. The ciub conciuded a 'pertect year with a taient party at which, to be sure, the members dispiayed great originaiity and abiiity. President .................... .............. .... ......,.. Ni a riiynn Hayward Vice-President ...... ...... ....... C h aries Chaderiian Secretary ........... ............ Ni artha Waiiis urer ............. Nichoias Campese Miss Erniiy Cavanaugh Red and White Treas .......... Facuity Adviser Coiors ........... Page Seyemy-'wo PH I LOMATH IA N September the members ot "Phil" enjoyed the annual initiation of their pledges. Beginning the literary season, the group was honored by the presence of Mr. Frederick Frear, who gave a talk on Honolulu and Mexico. ln the month of February, "Phil" gave a tea and musical-literary program which was enjoyed by all the members of the faculty. Following this social event, the members of Delphic were guests at a party given by the "Phil" girls. In May, "Phil" and Delphic sponsored the "Phil-Delphic Deck Dance," topping off a perfect social season. President .................................................. ..,....... M artha Wallis Vice-President ...... ........... ..... M a rgaret Mallery Secretary ........... .................. I ane Baylis Treasurer ........ ...................... D oris Best Faculty Adviser ....... Miss Isabel R. Mann Colors .......... ........... R ed and Green Page Seventy-three I , ll GREGG GROUP RECC- began the school year with a large initiation party held at the resi- dence of the club adviser, Miss Mark. Throughout the term, many successful tea dances were sponsored in the school auditorium. The meetings, which were always well attended, were both helpful and' entertaining. This year the girls knitted chiIdren's sweaters and beanies for the American Red Cross. A fund was established for the purpose of purchasing new records for tea dances and socials. Gregg ended its successful year with the election of new officers. President ........... ....... G loria Albarelli Vice-President ....... ..... j oseph Higgins Secretary ........... .............. A nn Lasky Treasurer ........ ............ F lorence Alber Adxiiser ....... ....... M iss Grace Mark Page Seventy-four COMMERCIAL CLU B HE activities of th e Commercial Club this term were few but important. The election of officers and initiation of new members took place at the beginning of the term. The club inspected two business houses. This inspec- tion proved both valuable and interesting to the members. During the school term, a successful tea dance was sponsored. The Albany Business College showed moving pictures at one of the meetings. The close of the term was celebrated by a club picnic held at Miss Podmore's resid President ....................... Vice-President EFICS. Secretary ......... l 1 Treasurer ......... Adviser ...... Florence Alber Edward Bedrosian Rita Pinichi Helen Woolsey Winifred Podmore Miss Page Seventy-five CLUB HE aims ot the Science Club are to increase the knowledge ot those stu- dents who are more than halt interested in the art ot Science and to enable their ability in this field to be developed. Thus they may, by prac- tical experience, be prepared tor a tuller lite both in and out ot the realm ' Th' ear, the club has been honored with several guest speakers ' B these means and by the student's own a noble attempt in of science. is y ' ' eral factories. y ' Club has made and has visited sev observations and reports the Science ' ' their aims. . . ..... Clarence Gillespie Eugene McLaren ck achieving President ...................... ' 'd t . Vice-Presi en Secretary ......... Treasurer ....... Adviser ....... Page Seventy-six , Ronald Knaa Lois Grahm Mr. D. Levenstein 1-rl Hl-Y S t ber Hi Y held its annual-formal initiation URlNC- the month of ep em , - of new rnembers. These new, along with the old members, sponsored several successful social events. New Year's Eve, the Club welcomed the new year by holding a dance at the Y. M. C. A. A little later a most enioyable snow party was held at Camp Van Schoonhoven. During the Easter vacation representatives ot the club attended numerous district and state conventions. Under the competent leadership and guidance ot Ray Reynolds, the basketball quintet enioyed a successful season. President ....................,.........,.............,....,.. ....... H arry Nurnburg Vice-President ...... .........,.. ............... l o hn O'Melia Secretary ........... ....... E dward Mooradian Treasurer ....... ....,. l ohn Reidenback Colors ...... ........ B lue and Cold P-'ae seven ty'S2Ven THE HE band, orchestra, and choral group under the direction of Mr. H. Townshend Heister and Mr. Frank Catricala have had a very successful year. As the concluding event of the season, the three organizations presented their annual spring concert. Page Seventy-nine ,....e,qi'Hf'l ji- ADELPHAI AITH EROS large and colorful initiation party opened the season for the Aviation Club of Troy High School. Before the Christmas holidays, the club members gave a party in the cafeteria of the school. This year on a special project, the members prepared a scrapbook on the invention and development of the airplane. "The Maytime Frolic," a square dance sponsored each year by the members, ended the club's activities. President ........................................................................ .................. S hirley Rice Vice-President .......,................................,................ .. ................ Mary Kaelin Treasurer ......... .....,. E velyn De Crescente Secretary ....... ......... M argaret Van Wert Adviser ...... ........ M iss Florence Gabauer W' 1 " x , 5" 33 S' .. -J, 51" Q3 PORTS Q, V -:vL. - V2 '1..,,'? -1 l ... A r . V .,-..- ,A 7 X- V N TBALL LTHOUCH enioying a poor season as far as victories and defeats are con- cerned, having tasted defeat four times with but two victories, the war- riors of the purple and gold showed plenty in the way of spirit and sports- manship. With the exception of the first two games, in which the boys, most of whom were inexperienced, were badly outplayed, the team came back strong and was,viewed as a formidable opponent by its rivals. As a nickname, owing to its victories over the highly vaunted Mont Pleasant and the unde- feated team from Mechanicville, Troy l'ligh's gridders earned the title of "giant-killers." Perhaps next year's team will be consistent "giant-killers," for, with one or two exceptions, the same fellows will be back in uniform. At any rate, there is always consolation in the fact that our team was considered the best dressed in the area, Bernard lvlalacco and lack Armstrong received positions on the all-city team. THE SQUAD Lineinen N. Cocca W. Willetts H. Schultz B. lvlalacco S. Carelli 1. Armstrong, Captain N. De Giorgio F. Keville W. Stacy F. Palatino G. Danyla O. Baumback Backfield W. Hopkins A. O'Brien F. Gillen C. lacobs W. Healy W. Winne F. Wagar l.. Cioffi G. Koshgarian Page Eighty-two BASKETB DISPLAYING championship form and an invincible spirit throughout the playing season, this year's basketball team hung up the enviable record of thirteen victories as against one defeat. Had it not been for an ill-fated bus ride to Amsterdam, on which the team spent seven hours in cramped quarters before playing, the mighty surge of the purple and gold might have remained unchecked, and the dreams of an undefeated basketball season come true. To climax this season, our cagers were invited to play in the championship play-offs at R.P.l,, but, in spite of the valiant efforts of our boys, they suc- cumbed to the experienced Raiders of Mont Pleasant by the score of 32 to 30. Fred Keville, high-scoring center, and Hiram "Tee" Grimes, flashy forward, obtained positions on the all-city team. Here is the squad: THE SQUAD H. Grimes C. Bradley W. Hopkins F. McQuide C. lacobs N. De Giorgio L. Cioffi W. Willetts F. Keville lCaptainl B. Malacco Z .J Page Eighty-three Page Eighty-four ITH the return of seven lettermen from last year's tea th m, ree of them pitchers, Coach Pickens has a strong nucleus for his l94l baseball squad. Already the team has shown plenty of power in its two impressing victories over Cohoes and La Salle, won by scores of 8 to l, and 8 to 6. As always, this team, in spite of the lack of experience among the majority of the players, has revealed the fight and "never-say-die" attitude typical of all Troy High Athletic teams. With this spirit at hand, the team is destined to enjoy a good season. Here are the fellows who represent Troy High in baseball: THE SQUAD S. Carelli I. Bosko L. Cioffi O, Baumback 1. Williams D. Everton H. Kelly B, Sheehan C, Reeves Prinstky H. Mallaco B, Everton l. Muskatallo G. Tobler B. Smith F. Diehl F. Woolsey H. Schultz ,N SOCCER howing a one hundred percent improvement over last year's team, the Troy High School Soccer team started to swing back into its old form. Although Coach Williams was short on material he did a magnificent job of training and coaching his boys. The spirit and sportsmanship displayed by the Soccer team throughout the season received only half the recognition it deserved from the student body of Troy High. Despite this handicap and the lack of student encouragement, the Troy High School Soccer team did march on down the field! THE SQUAD R. Franklin R. Neals W. Rowe I. Perfetti lvl. Kirman l. De George B. Swarthwout L. Lewkowitz I. O'Melia R. Gorman N. Cohen F. Woolsey H. Uterzwortch E. Diehl Schlindwein C. Snyder, Captain Page Eighty-five TENNIS lTH almost all experienced players, this year's team in Tennis will prob- ably be the best in recent years, but as usu- al, it is too early to tell definitely. Whether they win or lose, they will show the sports- manship and ability that are characteristic of all Troy High School's teams. Those out for the tennis team are: THE SQUAD Bragaw R. Reynolds Claydon Rinaldi F. Hoenigsbaum Rorre lves Weinstein Koch R. O'lVlelia R. Krause T. Brignola A. Le Roy R. Bissell R. Pursel C. Snyder, Captain Page EiSl'hl'5l' TRACK HlS year's track team seems to be and ,probably will be the answer to Coach Donner's dreams of an undefeated track season. Since track was reorganized four years ago in Troy High School by Coach Ward Donner, no team has shown as much power, speed, and ability as this year's team. Coach Donner has developed and worked with this champion team for three years and his efforts will more than likely be repaid. Those out for the team are' W. Hopkins L. Schneider l. Cullen C. Bullett H. Grimes R. Coonradt W. Winney l. Klein C. Koshgarian S. Fox B. Allendorph C. Hart A. Anderson F. Vincent F. Gillen O. Franzoni C. Kelly T. Sharpes C. Danyla j. Estrabrook B. Mallaco T, Elden W. Fletcher C. Mauyvs W. Rowe H. Pagang S. Rerryen W. Place l. Mennello l. De George N. Cocca ng, '. fl , . . , -, ... ,-,.- ..v 2 ,gi 1. fl K .Q ' tfgfylill all? 1 ,,..l-- '1 , 11 4 bg Il 1 X 1I'I .41 'H V X ' Q ru rf . . I, 7 ' mmf 3 N, ' I i V FE ,Hx ,ANI gf 1 f Vg: 9.954 g M gmggmdg . .. . ' muncm i ri f , I M it nunnnm U g ' "7if."---- ' as .,' ' , sctcnlna 1, W ' l ,Y .' W -22+ L Q. ' 1-llsuunnr X mLnmQ,,Q 5 W- ., ,.,-- I - , Y - 'V "., . , ., 1: - -T! - .I 1 ' 'v . F .J fi! TK ' 'xl-5 xi E'.f"'13 "LH ' " . . 'MY' ' i " . . I :3-rl 'V' ":- 'W' ,K ' ul' . Y V J' f if . L 0 .. . 1 .. - I Q, ,g, 4, rw-" If "'.'a A 5' ' - . 1 A+' ' ' ". r ' 5 , 1 I s gg " . .-. . 21- .' , r-r 'Y F, AV I 4 f f .Q ' ""' f 'YA I V -Q , . "MQ - F135 ','- fe Cjofinnbzf Uafzs o. OF BASEBALL FAME . . cgiflozfizzo goods . . 336 4th AVENUE TROY, N Y I I Uniforms and Equipme-nf for all Sports Football Basketball Soccer Volley Ball Boxing Tennis Baseball Track Trophies Phones Albany 3-0040 - North Troy l l43 Estimates cheerfully given on uniforms of all kinds CAN THE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE H MOST IN THE NATIONAL DEFENSE PROGRAM Many high school seniors are wondering how they can do their part in the present National Emergency. At the same time, of course, they are interested in getting started in a successful career. There is a serious shortage of trained young men and women for office positions. In General Business. Civil Service, in the National Defense Program, trained secretaries and bookkeepers are urgently needed. As thousands of office men are called to the colors during the next year, the need will become more acute. This is a splendid time for young men and women graduating from high school to get started in business careers. The pay is good, Working condi- tions are pleasant, The chance for future security is better than in most jobs. Our Employment Department is receiving more calls for trained young men and women than we can fill. Since january first we have averaged more than two calls for each business day. To find out how quickly you can prepare for an unusual office position, and how little it costs, phone, write, or call for our l94l Bulletin. mi' W Boardman Building, Troy, N. Y. Troy Bll Page Eighty-eight Compliments ol WELLS 84 COVERLY, INC. CLOTI-IIERS 334 River Street Troy, N. Y. Telephone Troy 4 I 8 Jlflodem -HIIME APPLIANCE CII., Inc. KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS and a complete line of other Electrical Appliances and Home Furnishings 23 Fourth Street 227-I9th Street Troy, N. Y. Watervliet, N. Y. Compliments of WAGAR'S ICE CREAM Compliments of FAZlOLI'S Opposite Union Station WALTER M. EDWARDS IEWELER cf SILVERSMITH 77 4th Street Troy, N. Y. LAVENDERS BOOK SHOP The Old Stancl at 266-8 River S+., Troy School Books and Supplies "OId Book Dept." BORDEN'S ICE CREAM 276 5th Avenue Troy, N. Y. IF IT'S BORDEN'S lT'S GOT TO BE GOOD. LORD and CGANN DEPENDABLE F U R S Women's and Misses' Apparel 404 FULTON ST. TROY, N. Y. Page Eighiy THE DRINK EVERYBODY KNOWSVI V9 BT Il X ....,:,,.Bg :si - X S-, 1 wi . l Xl in QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST F' I f 5 Lfaz 1 an 5 23I HILL STREET 'Phone Troy 293 or 540-J Sava rd Bros. Head-to-Foot Clothiers I3 THIRD STREET TROY, N. Y. Compliments of M. B. GEORGE A. GEICER MUSIC CO. IMilIer's Music Store? Sheet Music and Musical Accessories 73 Fourth Street Troy, N. Y. Telephone 5220 MONCRIEF 81 FRANCIS, INC. Troy's Fines'r Drug Slore Compliments of LUCY GERACI FANCY FRUIT BASKETS Second and Broadway Troy, N. Y. Compliments of Reynolds Clothing Store FULTON STREET Page Ninety RUSSELL SAGE COLLEGE Troy, New York Makes available to young women of this vicinity a fully accredited college education at a minimum of expense. The College offers courses in Liberal Arts, Business Education, Home Economics, Nursing and Physical Education, and all programs lead to the Bachelor's degree. YEARLY TUITION S375 A Catalogue and descriptive pamphlets will be sent upon request. CATCH THE BIG ONES wm-I WARREN'S TACKLE We Carry a Complete Stock of Rods - Reels - Lines and Lure At Prices to Suit Every Purse. I. M. Warren G' Co. SPORTING GOODS - HARDWARE AND HOUSEWARES TROY, NEW YORK - RESTAURANT Puritan AND LUNCHEONETTE TRY OUR DELICIOUS DINNERS Phone Troy 6536 40 THIRD STREET TROY, N. Y. Compliments of THE PEERLESS CO. River and Fulton Streets Troy, New York Page Ninety-one PI-IILIP CQIXIKLIN Portraits br Photography THIRD STREET 1 I 'I R E lllud Oldcal Savings Bal1klr1NewYo1lSt.,1lc SRWNGS BANK I mov NEW vomc State and Second S s. A Y JH' ,ET5gRElilR .1flllirlsl l'1 fW'1uqz'S ,.'m:u fln ls ulv1q8fu1Rlu1S.mnq, Lula- Insunmce MORRIS STORES "Sportwear for Students" 319 River Street Troy, N. Y. FREII W. GURTIS DRUG 8h PAINT UU. I INCORPORATED DRUGS, CHEMICALS, PAINTS and OILS WHOLESALE and RETAIL CONGRESS ST. 8: FIFTH AVE. TROY Compliments ot HERMAN KATZ FURNITURE STORE I 26-30 Hoosiclr St. Troy, N. Y. TELEPHONE TROY I600 Inmrpnruted W. P. HERBERT 8: IIIINIPANY CLOTHING and F U R S l:URN15H1NG5 WOMEN'S 8. Misses' APPAREL I Congress Street, Corner Fifth Ave. TROY' NEW YORK 450-456 FULTON st. TRoY, N. Y. Compliments ot MANORY'S FAMOUS ICE CREAM HOUSE OF FLOWERS CORSAGES OUR SPECIALTY SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS I I I9 Fourth St. Phone Troy 5I I3 Free Delivery Page Ninety-three WXLLFIND CAN ' '17 -400-4 -. X 5, 7 4 0 .fn Q' X 4 fm r L- v . ' U ' l 196' K . ofx - . y ,wie so PROVINCE 115 D . ,,,. 9 STP-xi P' RORTH AMERICA in EVE ov ,I I 5 T4 X lc, in so-mrso Loox Foe THE sion: WHEREVER vou GOI STENOGRAPHY - STENOTYPY IIVIachine Shorthand? HELEN A. MILLER'S SECRETARIAL STUDIO i PREPARES YOU FOR 5 BETTER POSITIONS Our Guidance Program Seeks Good Positions for Our Graduates Instructors Are Licensed by The University of the State of New York SUMMER AND FALL SESSIONS Proctor Bldg. Troy 2608 I i , 'ami YGUI' ' 'lla A3 .A, l I I 7 I .I Kami? ' J . I . iz? , THE C-REENWOOD COMPANY 26 HAMILTON STREET, ALBANY, NEW YORK Page Ninety-four PREPARE AT ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE WASHINGTON AVENUE ALBANY, NEW YORK MILDRED ELLEY PRIVATE BUSINESS SCHOOL EXCLUSIVELY FOR GIRLS The Select School of the Capital District Registered by the New York State Board of Regents Trains High School Graduates For SUCCESS in Business Graduates are helped to secure good positions 642 positions secured in i940 Secretarial Course including Business Machines SUMMER SESSION starts july 7 - FALL SESSION starts September 2 227-229 QUAIL STREET ALBANY, NEW YORK Send for Catalog Page Ninety-five a- V ' . I f' 1-T 'II I IIIIF .I I ' . I ' I I. I NM. ' . I.I -1 ' I,. ' If 5 I .. I s ' Ilw' L u . . L. . . .. -.. lv I , .I .- g fu, .' . I I II .L. I II I I , I I J. J . IF I-IgI:IIFI I . I .ta .II IImjI -yt, .f,.QI.III:I-',.,a ,II. I if .. .. . Q .I . ,mf V EI 'Y' IU' ,P IL I, l 'I L ' , u 'A - is v V 4' . 1 .1- IIr 115, l. IL . F' " -L. i F I .. I A ll F V . . 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Suggestions in the Troy High School - Dardanian Yearbook (Troy, NY) collection:

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