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THE DARDANIAN ANNUAL PUBLICATION O11 THE SENIOR CLASS TROY HIGH SCHOOL OF PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1958 FOREWORD H ung ll 1 0 1 111 gf 100 1 ly Vklf 0 1t5 g 0110115 1111111011e5, 1 IS xt ast 16110 161 t 16 10112011 0 tune 16 11111 w 111 1 1t must some 10 5111 an ll 111 1 1 1111 t011t1111 501 e t1e WL 111t1 ll 1 xys 0 1c1111111s111111 11L 1 t ll 111g Sllll ll M 1ast5 1111011 t11 11-t111g C 01115 0 0111 11111110121 The an' 1 1 f , - Ili I1 S11 1 I, 1, Y' L allf'-1-'-A -'-11.111,--ll ll-' f' lI'll1l' .lay 51,111 and tkmvel- 12.110 11-Om vicw. This 10Li'1l 1.111211 -L Ofl 1,1 'fl .1 tY ' H WI'-I his fi I' .- 0 f , , 1 , fl, - 1 I1 1' - L -. IABLE OP CONTENIS CI ASS OP I9 S SOCIhTIES PXTHI ETICS ADVBR I Ib MENT S I .I ' SS II ACTIVITIES III I ' IV I , V , ,. J . 1 Clp'11 W K tli oy C els C158 espect C lC21f6 T B li T., r'n ' . . enne D 1 this, his Gm year as pfimfipa WL. The 115 0fJ1.n, 9 RA ful D Cl' his 00 PRINCIPAL W. KENNETH Dovuz N ,Skt . NX 44153 WRY R M ' Uv YYY, 1 ' Y - u ' . , X I I U . : A . f V 4 , 1 , ,717-1F1F'1'q! -.Q , , Lu I. LA . LA IgA n A V ,Sli Q Y SENICDRS l il Illia i I If ' -il ' Ill ... ...vl I! lvl- 'zmmm 'E :I-:li ' . . KA 'lla Hs, 1 lj IIE 1 ll: IU: li 'lj I' ll 4 "'l:!lL.l..5lL. ' m.,,,f-f RENE MAE ADAMS Chzppze From School No 16 Academlc Pratt Instxtute Tn Y 3 Choral Rene Mae has been a reserved qulet sort of gnrl durmg her stay ln T H S Those who know Chlppre have found her to be a grrl whom everyone would want for a frlend We wxsh we knew you better Rene Mae EDWARD JOSEPH AKULLIAN Hob From Ph1l1p Lwmgston Hxgh School Undecxded College Entrance Course Although Edward has not been very actxve m school affalrs durmg h1s four years at Troy H1gh he has be come of late a great Blg Apple enthuslast At almost all the dances he can be seen swmgmg about CHARLES W ALBERT Chuck From School No 14 R P I College Entrance Course Purple Parrot advertxsmg manager 2 busmess mana ger 2 3 jumor Mxxer Orchestra Chairman 3 Chaxrman of Rmg Commlttee 3 Choral 1 2 Semor Party Com mlttee 4 H1 Y 3 Secretary 4 Camera Club 4 Jumor Executlve Board 3 Chuck lS a qulet chap who possesses all the quall t1eS that go to make a gentleman Though qulet he partlcxpates 1n almost all act1v1t1es provmg that he IS one of the most ardent supporters of our school ERNEST THEODORE ANDERSON Andy From North Greenbush D1Stf1Ct No 2 Undeclded College Entrance Course Choral Orchestra 2 years Sc1ence Club 1 year Ernest IS one of our model students who works hard and does a complete job 1n all hls stud1es Though he IS seldom seen at school afralrs he surely makes up for xt ln the class room and that s what counts Good luck fellow and lots of success when you get to college DOROTHY ANSELMENT Dot From School No 1 Undecxded Commerclal Dot IS one of our qulet glrls She hasn t made her self known to the mhabltants of Troy I-Ixgh Perhaps she IS too busy wmth outslde affa1rs to become mterested rn our Socxal affa1rs HELEN APT Butch From School No 10 UndecIded CBrook1yn Collegej College Entrance French Club Helen IS a cheerful 1rresponsIble gIrl who never en Joys herself so much as when she IS chewIng a stlck of gum All who are favored Wllth her frIendshIp find In her a loyal frIend Helen s motto IS Better late than never BERNARD DAVID ARBIT Bunky From School No 10 State College ClassIcal Course Camera Club 1 2 Busmess Manager of Purple Parrot 3 Debate Club 2 3 Bunky get your moneys worth ArbIt has been gIven the great honor of bemg the class pest If you ever get In an argument w1th Bunky the best thmg to do IS to agree wIth hIm WILLIAM L AUSTIN B1 From Latham DlStf1Ct No 10 UndecIded IndustrIa1 Arts Vars1ty Club Soccer Team 1 2 3 We know lItt1e of BIl1s past except that he has been an actIve member of the IndustrIa1 Arts Depart ment We all look forward to B111 s success In the mechanIcal field RAYMOND F AUMAND Ray From School No 18 UndecIded College Entrance Course Rays motto IS To be seen and not heard surely StlCkS to thIs In Engllsh class How about lt Ray? Truly though Ray IS a fine sIncere frIend RALPH AVAKIAN Ralph From School No 14 R P I College Entrance CroonIng and prIze fightmg are quIte a combInatIon but Ralph takes care of both musIc In the Choral Club and boxIng at the Y He always takes an actlve In terest In sports but he doesn t neglect hIs studles elther ItsR P I forhlm is U v - - v ' u n is H v I v , . 44 n I ' I I ' ' sl n ' v as 'Ilya 1 I 1 ' ' Ia ' I H II ' 1 rr ' it H cz I H ' As II He . v . , , . u n I ' u Il ' ' . , . . . , . HELEN BAILEY Helen From School No 14 Mlldred Elley Academxc Delphlc 4 Trl Y 3 4 Purple Parrot 4 Choral 2 4 Helen IS a qulet studmous glrl who takes great m terest 1n her school work She has a determlnatlon wh1ch enables her to complete successfully all that she begms Helen IS glfted wlth artlstxc ab1l1ty wh1ch has been shown m the many posters she has created ANN FELICITAS BANIAK From School No 12 Troy Busmess College Commerclal Ann IS a popular g1rl on the dance floor of T H S Cheerful and gay Ann 1S the type of glrl that IS an asset to the school SHERMAN S BARNHART Barney From Grafton Center R P I College Entrance Course Radlo Club Barney halls from way out ln Grafton but dont let that fool you He IS a fine student who deslres go up on the h1ll and become an engmeer Best of STANLEY BASHFORD Fa From School No l Undeclded Commerclal Commercmal Club 3 4 Gregg 4 Key 4 Football 4 Stan IS well known around school wh1ch has enabled hun to make many frxends He IS a serlous fellow when It comes to work We wxsh him success ln his chosen field of busmess HOWARD J BAUER Howze From School No 1 Undecided Vocatlonal Soccer 2 3 4 Football 4 Semor Executlve Board 4 Tall dark handsome and quxet Cuntll you know hmm betterj Howard IS an athlete He has displayed h1s prowess on the football and soccer fields for Troy Hxgh Howle IS gomg to be an electrxclan and we re sure he w1ll make many llve w1re connectlons because he has caused many a short c1rcu1t of female hearts 64 77 2 ' , I Z , - Y - J Il 33 It 9, ' ' 7 . , S to luck, pal. 4 ii tl! , 3 Z S - ' Y If ' 99 , , Z 3 - D 1 . ,, . ,, . . . . , FLORENCE MARIE BAVASSO F 0 From School No 1 Russell Sage College Entrance Course Phll 3 4 French Club 4 Purple Key 4 jumor Prom Commlttee Clothes Commlttee 4 Dardaman Board A ready smxle sparklmg brown eyes and a b1t of pleasant chatter thus our Florence goes about her day makmg everyone s llfe more enjoyable and pleasant NED BAYLIS Ned From School No 16 College Entrance A strong sllent man wlth a w1tty talent the sopho more hero has grown into a popular semor Ned IS one boy that w1ll stand foremost ln our portals of fame We cant define hrs charms but he has them unde mably SAMUEL DER BEDROSIAN Sam From School No 14 College Entrance Course Contest 3 4 Student Councxl 4 Purple Key 4 French Club 4 Sam IS one of our most br1ll1ant students and we are proud of hlm Dxd you ever see his chemxstry or geometry marks? Why 95'Z IS a fallure to hxm Troy Hxgh wlll surely mlss a line scholar when thls chap goes h1s way RosE MARIE B1ANco Rosze From School No 10 Nursmg School Academic Rose IS one of those persons who seem to radiate happmess A happy smlle a cheerful word and a Fine personallty are the attrlbutes whlch have won for Rose her many frlends DONALD BONESTEEL Bony From School No 18 Undecided Industnal Arts Here IS one of the most carefree boys 1n Troy Hxgh School It doesnt seem rlght to thmk of Don as any thmg but a happy smxlmg lad Good luck Don IC I 77 . R. P. I. Cross Country 2: Science Club 33 Thompson Medal RICHARD W BOWSER Dxck From School No 16 Und6C1Ci6d Commercxal Dardanxan Board 4 Purple Parrot 4 Commercxal Club 3 4 Tennxs 4 Drck wlll always be a busmess man Hls work on the Parrot staff and the Dardaman prove that he IS a capable helper when lt comes to busmess a 1a1rs Hrs carefree att1tude towards llfe makes everyone about him as happy as he EDWARD HILDRETH BOYER From School No 1 State Teachers College Commercxal Purple Key 4 SCICDCC Club 4 Commercxal Club 4 Commerclal Contests 2 3 4 Wmner of State Prxzes 2 4 Ed llkes a good tlme but he 1ns1sts on havmg lt the rlght t1me and place When xt comes to studles and classes he IS probably the most serlous boy m Troy Hlgh He has hlgh :deals that polnt delinltely toward the profession of teachxng Ed enjoys all kmds of sports most of them from the audlence From Poestenkxll Dxstrxct No 4 Russell Sage Commercial Esther IS a glrl that l1ves under false pretenses At school she lS a qulet Mlss but we know that she IS a m1ld sp1tfire after school hours We admlre someone l1ke you Who WILLIAM H BROWER JR B1 From Wynantsklll DlStflCt No 4 R P I College Entrance Course Purple Key 4 Here 1S a good student who w1ll go far 1n th1s world B111 IS blessed wlth many slncere frlends R P I w1ll recelve a grand fellow when B111 goes there thls fall ANITA BROWN Browme From Wm S Hackett jr Hxgh School Burroughs School of Commerce Academlc Whenever an argument xs ln evldence we may find Amta 1n the thlck of the fray Amta 1S we belxeve a falr advocate of women s rlghts Her motto mlght well be never gxve up Her alm ln l1fe9 To become a nurse CL ' 11 tl ' I! ' ' ' U il lt ' YY . . . 5, . LlEd1? . . Q . . . . at 1 , . ESTHER BROD "Who" ' ll ' !! y ' ' It 11 l , . . , . " 'II" Al ' 1' . , . ' y . , ca ' n ' ' .- HELEN BROWN Browme School No 14 Undeclded Commerclal Trl Y 2 Art Club 2 3 4 Delphlc 3 4 Helen IS a qulet g1rl from Seventh Avenue She hasn t had much t1me for Troy boys except one namely Dan Cand not: Dan Cup1d extherj She always IS very attentive ln her classes so I expect she w11l go plac s when she leaves the Alma Mater BETTY JANE BRUST Tebby Llncoln School Dxstrxct No 6 Brunswlck Beauty School Commerclal Course Betty IS a very sweet glrl wlth a cheery smlle for all her frlends Under her quxet dlsposltlon Bett h1des an lmplsh nature that IS m keeplng wxth her Splflt W hope that a certam farmer boy does not deter her from reahzrng her amb1t1on to become a beautxclan WILLIAM Louis BUBIE B1 Poestenklll D1str1ct No 3 Post Graduate Course B111 rs a fellow who glves a very false xmpresslon of hlmself At first one would thxnk that he was rather shy and B111 IS anythxng but that You are sure to have a good tlme when you are wlth B111 Hls dry humor has provided us w1th many enjoyable moments HELEN B BULSON From Brunswlck DlStflCt No 5 Undeclded Commercral Course Purple Key 4 Commercral Arlthmetlc Contest 2 Book keepxng II Contest 3 Dardaman Board Helen has been very qulet slnce entermg hugh school but her special frlends say that she makes a grand pal Her marks certaxnly show her to be an excellent student ALBERTA C BUSH Berne From School No 14 Undeclded Commerclal Gregg Group 2 3 4 Commerclal Club 3 4 Purple Key 4 Bookkeeplng Contest 2 3 Dardanlan 4 A v1vac1ous creature w1th a contaglous smlle and fiashlng dark orbs- Bertxe Her gay sp1r1t has been a tomc to her frlends and acqualntances for four years Scholastlc achlevement IS a close companxon of Alberta Thls competent young mlss xs prepanng for secretarlal work and we re certam she w1l1 reach great helghts xn the business world u - av ' v 1 y a v - , . 1 . . . D s, as as - 9 sa ' u II - y , . 1 y ' , . ' ' as n cc - as 1 v v v s v , , . . U . ,, . . , . . . . JosEPH CARDINAI. Flzp From St Joseph s School Troy Busmess College Commerclal Soccer 4 Track 4 Sllence lS golden so the sayxng goes and we beheve that joe uses th1s as hxs motto There IS too the pos s1b1l1ty of hls belxevmg that a person does not have to be nolsy to express hxmself joe does not lack expres s1on When he does talk he usually says someth1ng mterestmg and mtelhgent FLORENCE ANN CARLSON Flossy Dewey Junior Hlgh School New Poltz Normal School Academxc French Club 3 Thls httle lass from Poestenklll IS very popular a round school Although she doesn t have much tlme for Troy boys those who do know her thmk she IS very mce She IS well known ln 4 H clrcles and we often see her name and plcture m the newspapers ln connectlon wlth 4 H act1v1t1es BETTY MARY CARTER Curly Top St joseph s School Undec1ded Commerclal Betty 1S very shy so shy ln fact that most of us havent had a chance to get acquamted wlth her but those who are acquamted wlth her find that she IS great fun LEAH A CASEY Lee From Aver1ll Park Central N Y State College for Teachers College Entrance Course Purple Key 4 Lee not only manages to get fine marks for her self but very often comes to the rescue of some poor senlor who just hasnt had tlme to do h1s homework B6S1dCS her mental ab1l1ty she also has athlet1c ab1l1ty especlally ln basketball GERTRUDE CATLIN Gertre From Dxstrxct No 5 East Poestenk1ll Undecxded Academlc Gertrude IS a hard workmg earnest student w1th cheerful nature Her studles have meant a lot to her but her love of fun has meant just as much Too bad you dxdn t let us get better acqualnted Gertrude' H - U , . - v l ' ' ' u vw - v nl sv , . 9 ss H , . s , . . v 1 44 vw u n . . , . . 1 v an ' n . , . , . IDA MAE CAULFIELD Drmples School No 18 Undeclded Commercxal Ida Mae has a very cheery smlle that IS certam to greet each one of her many frlends and acquamtances We hope nn years to come she w1l1 be surrounded by as many frlends as she has had durmg her four years here JAMES G CHRESSANTHIS jzmmxe Bellom Falls Hlgh School Undecxded College Entrance jlm has the knack of gomg to class especxally to Engllsh class wlthout hrs homework prepared and get tmg away w1th lt at the same tlme earmng passmg grades Fellow what kmd of magxc have you go 7' W1Sh you would let us 1n on lt LAWRENCE A CIOFFI Chzck From School No 10 Undeclded College Entrance Varslty Club Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Chlck IS our llttle athlete When lt comes to bas ketball and football Chlck surely has what It takes even though he lS only 5 feet 3 mches We all look for ward to your athletxc career m college Lots of luck fellow RAYMOND F CIPPERLY Cxp School No 18 R P I College Entrance Clp lS one of the glfted few who pull down hlgh marks wlth apparently no effort W1th such abrlxty he IS sure to make good at R P I thls fall DoRorHv ANN CLARK Dotty From St Patrxck s School Undecided Commercial Commercxal Club That wltty lass whose lmltatlons remmd you of Zazu PlttS IS Dotty one of the finest products ever to leave Troy Hlgh Dot has been a dlllgent worker for four years Her msnstence upon falrness and her loyalty shall be outstandmg ln the memory of her fnends sc ' n ss - ' n Cl ' 77 ' ' Y v - y . , t. I - lf- ' n ll ' Y! 1 w y s v s n 1 - an ' va ' - - la ' 11 - Y Y ' S ll ' U7 it ' YI ' ' ll Y, ' u n . , . v ' ' ll Y! v OLIVE CLICKNER Olive From Poestenkill District No 4 Mildred Elley Commercial Olive IS well known in school and outside of school too She lS noted for her humor A cheery smile IS sure to greet you whenever you meet Olive MARTHA W CLINE Mots From Cleveland Heights High Pottsdam Normal College Entrance Phil 4 Tri Y 3 4 French Club 4 Choral 2 3 4 Ac compamst 3 4 We all know Martha because she presides so ef ficxently and graciously at the piano for our assemblies Besides her mterest 1n music Martha also enjoys danc mg sports and her active work in the clubs to which she belongs has proved that she IS w1ll1n to work and find enjoyment 1n that too FRANK S CoccA Coak From School No 1 Undecided Academic Cross Country 1 2 Track 4 Coak is a Jolly fellow and a fine friend We know prominent in intramural basketball and in the field of running HERBERT COHEN Herb From School No 16 R P I College Entrance Camera Club 1 2 Parrot Staff 2 3 Associate Editor of Purple Parrot 4 junior Prom Committee Debate Club 3 Purple Key 4 Herb is well known for his ab1l1ty to speak and write his thoughts His serious outlook on life makes him a good student an asset to the school CHARLES C COLEMAN Chuck From School No 14 Coast Guard Academy College Entrance H1 Y 4 Science Club 4 Orchestra 1 2 Class Treasurer 3 4 junior Prom Committee junior and Senior Execu tive Boards Always popular among his fellow students because of his pleasmg and agreeable manner Chuck has been class treasurer for the last two years His mterest ln social activities has helped to make him popular It s a life on the sea for Chuck KC ' 97 Cl 17 ' : '- , 9 z , , : - , . . . . . w . - 1 7 . . . q V Q IK V9 y 2 - ll 39 ' ' ' little of his past activities except that he has been quite Ki V1 , 9 , : ' ' I I 3 . ti 33 ' - ' ' ' , . ll 77 '- : ' : , 1 , I Z - . 1 ' ' ll Y, Y 1 1 4 1 . . . , ' lt Y! ' JUANITA J CONSAUL Conme Tulsa Central Hlgh Undecxded Commerc1al Trl Y 4 Soft oer the mountam Juamta came to us from Tulsa Oklahoma Sweet demure frlendly she won our admlratxon and support In a short tIme Talented juamta would make a fine member of the theater We wIsh that we mlght have known her longer MARION VIVIAN COONLEY Red From School No 18 Undecided Academxc Ph1l3 4 Choral 4 MSFIOH has a great ambltlon to be an opera smger Her falthful practlce of musxc w1ll lxkely lead to the reallzatlon of her hopes Her lIvely chatter makes her a cheery frlend to all with whom she comes 1n contact especmally up In the cafeterxa at noon tlme WINIFRED E COONRAD Wmme From Eagle Mllls D1str1ct No 2 Undeclded Commerclal Course junlor Prom Comm1ttee 3 Senlor Ball Commlttee 4 W1nn1e IS one of the country lassles from Eagle Mllls Her love of fun and her warm cheerful manner have won her many frlends We w1sh her success In the held of her cholce May your dreams for the future come true Wlnnle JoI-IN Corcn Ducky From School No 12 Troy Busmess College CommercIal Track johnme never seems to let much bother hmm He has a secret love for amateur boxmg but he never sald he loved school HIS motto IS The bigger they come thc harder they fall but he keeps lt well to hxmself H has personallty plus-perhaps that accounts fo hx long lIst of frlends WILLIAM J CREGAN oe From St Peters School Undecxded Commerclal Commerclal Club 4 Basketball 4 B111 lS another one of the shy Irlshmen of our class He appears qulte smart ln classes but lt IS beyond hIs manner to brag about lt B111 lIkes basketball and he s pretty good too One thIng definlte though he avolds the falrer sex as - ss H 1 ' 79 ' s , . 1 1 n - 1 ll YI 1 I - 44 ' ' an , . I4 - ' as ' ' ' ! , . sa n . . H . ,, . . , . C T S nj n , . , . . . . , JACK CULLEN From School No 14 R P I College Entrance Purple Key 4 Student Councll 3 4 Choral Club 1 3 4 Vlce Presrdent jumor Class H1 Y 3 4 Band 2 jack our presldent IS a gemal happy person ever seekmg fun He has personallty plus Hls popularlty extends even to some of the members of the junior Class Referrmg of course to a certain Edrth That boy IS naturally good He just can t help xt JEAN S CURTISS jean From School No 18 Russell Sage College College Entrance French Club Presldent 4 Phll Vice Presldent 3 Purple Key 4 Senlor Ball Dardan1an 4 Grand Marshall 3 Junxor Mxxer 3 Jumor Executrve Board 3 Golf tennls dancmg translatlon of Vxrgll or club work jean IS an actrve partxcxpant ln each We cer talnly cant call jean a bookworm but she IS an en thuslastrc reader of f1ct1on and non fictlon allke Smce she has such a charmmg gay personality she IS ex tremely popular wlth all her classmates GORDON CUTLER Gershze From School No 14 Mlchrgan Classlcal Camera Club 3 Scxence Club 4 Gordon IS another qulet lad and one of the few boys who has retamed h1s blush H1s w1nn1ng smlle and frrendly eyes together w1th h1s commendable nature should contmue to wm hxm many fnends throughout 1 e MARY ANN DALEY Cuddles From St Mary s School Mlldred Elley Commerclal Trl Y 3 4 Gregg Group 4 Mary Mary qurte contrary How does your gar den grow? Thls Mary has reaped many a frultful seed of frlendshrp ln her garden Cuddles hasn t allowed any T H S boy to pluck her heart but then jlmmy IS dlfferent CLARA T DALLAIRD Snooks From School No l Mlldred Elley Commercral Gregg Group 2 3 4 Commerclal Club 3 Presldent 4 Commercral Gazette -l Dardan1an 4 Clara IS that tall thm grrl with the uncontrollable grm She has been a w1ll1ng worker for four years and has led the commercxal students to great accompllsh ments Snooks determmatlon and deslre to get ahead should place her well on the ladder to Success : , 1 . 2. . : . - . . . 3- v 1 - ' u ' n ' . , - U vs v ' v 1 a v s , . v v v s . , . 1 , - ca - xx , . v sc av E , . ' 1 1 - as ' 1 v ' sy ' ' ' ' ' u u 1 . . . , , 9 sr vs v - v , I v . 1 n as ' ' - MAYNARD J DIXON Dlx From Brunswrck No 2 Undeclded Commerclal Shorthand Contest 1 A tall stocky young man wlth an a1r of confidence often seen m the company of one of our star athletes IS the Dlxon offspnng Maynard can meet any occasion wlth a smart retort and he has a certain unden1able charm D1x has spent four carefree years wlth us prmtmg hrs lmage mto our Memory Book RUTH E DoUcLAs Ruthze From School No 18 Undeclded College Entrance Course Delphxc 3 4 Art Club 3 4 Choral Club 1 Delphxc Dance Commlttee Ph11 Delphlc Commlttee Junxor Mxxer Poster Contest 2nd Prxze Ruth s generoslty and cheerful d1spos1t1on have gone a long way towards makmg her as well llked and ap preclated as she has been dunng her hxgh school days We re sure shell be just as successful nn later lxfe SHIRLEY GLADYS DUNN Sxggre From School No 10 Mlldred Elley Commerclal Course Shxrley IS one of the hvellest and most vxvaclous gxrls ln the class of 38 Her mcessant smxlmg has helped her ln becomlng qulte popular wlth her fellow students We hope that she wlll always go through life wxth that famous smlle JEANNE ECKENDORF Eckze From School No 14 Vesper George Fme Arts Academic Trl Y 4 Art Club 2 3 Parrott Staff 4 Dardaman 4 Wmner Poster Contest 2 3 4 Whenever we want to advertlse anythmg Jeanne wlelds a brush and there we are Someday shell be a great artlst We thank ECk1C for her splend1d work as photographrc edltor of this book of fond memorres Youve worked hard Jeanne you certamly shall be re pald wlth worldly recognltlon JUNE EILERTSEN jume From School No 12 Hudson Clty Hospltal Trammg Academlc Course Delphxc 3 4 Purple Key 4 Choral 1 2 3 4 Art Dlrec tor on Dardaman Board 4 Chalrman of Decoratrons for Delphrc Dance 4 Thompson Medal Contest 2 Jume has gamed a fine reputatlon for her work ln the Art Department Throughout her four years 1n hxgh school she has also mamtamed a hlgh scholastxc stand mg whlch made her a member of our honor soclety Purple Key We re sure shell keep up these hlgh standards KC ' 77 1 u - n ' - v il ' V9 w v v v 1 V - 1 , . . . . , , . . . ll ' ' YV . . , . . . ll ' VY - U 1 V I 1 ! Y ' v ' 1 , . ' u f rr - , . 9 I - sa - vv 9 ! I V I y V - . Q . Ll ' S! ' ' - V 7 9 1 HILDA ERNST From Wynantsk1ll DlStf1Ct No 4 Commerclal Delphlc 4 Hllda IS one of the qulet conservatlve glrls of our class Behind thxs reserve IS a llkable personallty We wxsh we knew you better Hllda HERBERT FARIS Herb From School No 10 State College Entrance Course Purple Key 4 Le Co1n Francaxs 4 Semor Ball Com mrttee 4 Herb the whlstler lS popular wxth everyone boy and g1rl allke We admmre hlm for h1s Wlt and h1s ab1l1ty to handle soc1al and SChO13StlC affa1rs W1th such ab1l1ty he w1ll easlly whlstle h1s way through l1fe KENNETH E FELTER Red From School No 14 Undec1ded Academlc Semor Ball Junlor Prom Choral H1 Y 3 4 Sergeant For four years Ken has been charmlng h1s classmates w1th h1s lovable nature Good lookmg wxth red ha1r and a pleasant grm he has proved himself a perfect frlend and a good sport We dread the day you leave us Ken but we feel certaxn your future w1ll be pros perous so we bld you a fond farewell GEORGETTA M FISCHER Georgze From School No 1 Pratt Inst1tute Fme Arts Academxc Art Club 2 Have you seen thxs g1rl hurrymg about wxth a ser1ous frown 1mpr1nted on her brow? Well Georgxe IS a ser1ous m1nded student who IS very adept wlth art utenslls Although not a frequent patron of our soc1al act1v1t1es she has managed to gam recogrutlon among her classmates MAE M FISHER Toots From School No l Academlc Mae IS a g1rl that confines her personallty to a few cholce frlends Her attendance at our sport contests and her partlcxpatlon m xntermural sports has proven her mterest 1n yes sports We dont know you very well Mae but we hope your future l1fe wlll be a happy one , . ,, .. V V - KC 71 ' ' ' Y 1 LL 77 Z I 3 ' V 2 ' at-Arms. 4 Fi -1 ! Y Y - , . lt ' 11 ' ' it ' I! ' - , Y ll VV . . , .. , I 9 l THOMAS R FITCH Tom School No 14 Umverslty College Entrance Purple Key 4 Student Councll 3 Choral 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestral 2 3 4 Cross Country l 2 3 HI Y 3 4 Thompson Medal 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 Semor Ball 4 Track 4 Vanety Show 3 Tom IS our trumpet player In the band Boy can he play' And d1d you ever see hlm tap dance? Wow' Tom IS talented not only muslcally but mentally be cause he surely can put lt over In the class room GERALDINE FITZGERALD Gerry From School No 14 Nurslng School Classlcal Gerry a tall dxgnlfled young lady has captured the affectlon of a number of her fellow students She mtends to become a nurse and we re sure she wIll make a very attractlve and efficlent woman In whlte W cant help thInk1ng though that a certaIn college man may play a promlnent role In Gerrys selectlon of a career From School No 14 Nursmg School Academlc Course W1nnIe doesnt confine her charm to one school La Salle Cathohc Hxgh R P I and even Troy Hlg Alumm have fallen vIct1m to her rovmg eyes and be wItchIng smlle A beautlful socIal butterfly Wmme LoIs S FLETCHER From School No 12 Undeclded Commercial From hlgh heights LOIS surveys the world wIth a contented vlew Thls comely blond Mlss has been gifted Wlth a flne sense of humor and an appreclatlve In terest In the accomphshments of others as well as her own Lo has always been rather sensxtxve about ref erences to Bob C ELIZABETH E FLINT From Poestenklll DlStI'1Ct No 5 Undecxde College Entrance Course Choral l ScIence Club 4 Ellzabeth IS a very prlm llttle lady whose haxr lS al ways carefully waved It has been rumored that she has an avld horror of people famtlng In the halls but can we blame her? She IS a very studlous Poestenknll g1rl and we feel certa n she w1ll attam her goal In lIfe il 11 3 ' 3 . , , 3 , , , 1 , , , 1 . . 1 ! . ' at il ' ' I I ' ll S! ll I! ' ' 7 1 Q . , . . ' ' ll ' ' !!- e , . . . . . , . WINIFRED DEVEROUX FITZGERALD "Winnie" H ' ' H 1 . . . . . ,I . . ,Q . I "Lo" ' 1 li 17 ' ' - . . . . , , d WALLACE E FLINT From Poestenklll Dlstrlct No 5 Undeclded College Entrance Course Choral l Sclence Club 4 Wallace has been very qulet durlng his four years It IS thrs characterxstnc that has made hlm a favorlte wlth many of h1s teachers though he IS by no means a teachers pet ETHEL G FONDA Gracie From Latham DlStflCt No 10 Undeclded Purple Key 4 Choral 1 French Club Secretary 4 Ethel IS a very 1ntell1gent student wlth commendable mltxatxve Our assoclatlon wlth her has been confined to school however as Ethel usually has a chauffeur wartmg to speed her home WILLARD FRAZER B1 From Brunswlck D1str1ct No 8 Cornell College Entrance French Club Choral W1llards ambltlon IS to become a radlo announcer H1s mterests lead to dramatlcs He IS a good actor as well as an orator We belleve that th1s lad from Center Brunswxck wrll go places He has the abxlxty and the 1n1t1at1ve to make good ARMENE N GASPARIAN Irene From School No 14 N Y State College for Teachers Purple Key 4 French Club 4 Trl Y 3 4 Parrot Staff 3 4 Chorall 2 34 Armene IS a talented mlte of cheerfulness Small of stature strong of vo1ce perhaps Armene w1ll replace L1ly Pons as a charmmg dlva We hope she shall chmb the scale of l1fe and reach a happy career HILDA GILES rs From School No 16 Troy Busmess School Commerclal Course Tr1 Y 4 Gregg Group 2 3 4 Bookkeeping I Contest 2 Commercxal Club 3 4 Purple Key 4 A tall energetxc mxss S1s has spent four years ln bemg nxce to us She doesnt pursue work but we ll never hold that agalnst her Concerned w1th all our hardshlps Hllda has proved herself a true frlend 1 . 1 1 u ' 19 1 1 - u 11 1 1 as ' 11 II , . . , . . . . n ss 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 HS' 11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - ' u ' 19 ' 1 1 - - 1 1 , . JANE E. GILSON "Janie" From Edgar D. Shimer junior High Bellevue Hospltal Commerclal Trl Y 2 Choral Club 2 3 4 Dardanlan 4 Janne came to us from Long Island the-1r loss and our gam Her outward appearance suggests a qulet re served young lady but our contact wxth Jane has shown us that she IS l1vely and full of fun Her attractlveness and comfortxng qual1t1es should heal the wounds of many patlents when she enters the nursmg field FLORENCE IRENE GINSBURG F o From School No l0 Undeclded Commerclal Shorthand Contest 4 Florence lS one of those glrls glfted wlth fme mental power Her scholastlc standmg has been h1gh smce e day she entered our educat1onal halls We are sure her determlnatlon and perseverance w1ll serve her well DoRorHv GODFREY Dot From School No 18 Katherxne Gibbs Commercxal Choral Club We w1sh that we knew Dot better She has not been backward but she has been reserved Dorothy s frxends have enjoyed her personahty and have been glad that they have had her frlendshlp Troy Hlgh loses a loyal daughter m Dorothy WALTER BAIRD GODFREV Walt From Troy Country Day School Lafayette College Entrance H1 Y 4 Semor Ball 4 Dramatlcs 4 If you want anythlng done and done right ask Walt Though he has been wlth us only two years Walt has certamly done a great deal for our school He IS a hard cheerful and earnest worker Hrs perslstency w1ll sure ly brmg h1m the best of success DELPHIS GOLDBERG De From School No 10 Unlon Secretary of Camera Club l Varslty Cross Country 2 3 Debate Club 3 4 Varsxty Debatlng Team 3 4 Natlonal Forenslc League Varslty Track 3 Varsxty Tennrs Manager 3 Purple Key 4 Student Councll 4 Dardanlan Board 4 Del IS another one of our honor students who does a fine Job w1th all h1s undertakmgs around school When xt comes to mathematics and chemlstry Del IS sure a wh1z .. I .. t . . . . th Purple Parrot 3, 4: Dardanian Board 4: Purple Key 4: li IV' PAULA A GOODMAN Goody From School No 10 Russell Sage College College Entrance Course French Club 4 Choral 1 Paulas mam topIc of conversation seems to be Herbxe and how far she drove over the week end It must be pretty n1ce to sxt back and let the woman do the dr1vIng Is lt HerbIe7 ROBERT L GORMAN Bob From School No 18 Dartmouth College Entrance H1 Y 3 4 Purple Key 4 Student Councxl 3 4 Semor Ball 4 Jumor Class Presldent 3 Dramatxcs 1 3 Foot balll 2 3 4 CCaptaIn 41 Varszty Clubl 2 3 Ser geant at Arms 4 Treasurer 2 3 4 Bob was our jumor Class Presxdent In wh1ch capacxty he proved hlmself an able leader Posxtlons such as center of the Troy Hlgh Eleven and as ChaIr man of the Semor Ball showed us hls abllxty to do a good Job Though the strong sllent type Bobs slow smIle and qulet friendly manner has earned hlm great popularlty among hIs classmates DOROTHY ALICE GOYETTE Pete From St Josephs School Undeclded Academmc Choral 2 3 Delphlc 3 4 Trl Y 3 4 Treasurer 4 Pete IS a dancer Her nlmble feet have graced the floor of our audltorlum on many occaslons Alas' th1s favorIte pastlme becomes her lIfe work Someday perhaps we shall see her name 1n the 11st of Immortal dance artxsts JUNE V GRIFFIN ur From Latham School No 10 Undecndecl College Entrance Trl Y 4 june IS one of the Inseparable Latham glrls She seems to be a studlous student who patronlzes Fun and Enjoyment CongratulatIons are due you june for the fine school spIr1t you have dxsplayed throughout your course here Thls young lady apparently prefers g1r1 companxons to boy companIons but-one never knows does one? MARCIA GRAHAM From School No 18 Russell Sage College Entrance Course Delphlc 3 Secretary 4 Purple Key Secretary 4 Marcla dlstrlbutes her t1me between studles and sports and does a great Job w1th both We all adm1re her for her ablllty to swlm Maybe her red haIr IS the cause of thls She certaInly has what It takes May success be always wlth you' , . . . Ll ' ,Y Ll - 77 ll YY '- , c 1 ' , 3 ' 1 1 I C ' I I I I I I I I ' ' ' 1 I I - ll I, ' ' . . 9 . , . . . ' Cl ' f, if Y ,Y ' 7 1 X CC 'V .. I ' I 2 ' , 1 '- I I - 'Md' u n ' I ' , No more shall we see her "trip the light fantastic" unless H"-em I, , , ' , y ' W ' nj .eu ' ' li ' ,Y ' ! 3 ! , . I . ' I : , - JULIA T GRAM MACK uel From School No 12 Undecxded Commercxal Course Commerclal Club 3 4 Gregg Group 2 3 4 Tn Y 4 Julxa IS one of our clever commercial students She lS qulet quxte metxculously dressed and IS very earnes about her studles She always has her homework done a wonderful accomphshment' MARGARET L GREGWARE Pe From School No 18 Undeclded College Entrance Course Vlce President of Le Corn Francals 3 4 Phllomathlan Soclety 3 4 Student Councll Vxce Presldent 3 4 Sec retary of Jumor Class Purple Parrot Staff l 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Peg the g1rl with the magnetxc personallty You can t help l1k1ng her even though you mlght not always agree w1th her Many of our young lads have been after her and xt cant be sald that she exactly chases them away Shes always act1vely engaged 1n school affalrs but her studles dont lag LEo GRIFFIN From School No 14 State Teachers College College Entrance Purple Key 4 Leo wnll ever be remembered for hrs outstandlng scholastlc atta1nments Besldes hls accompllshments m school work Leo also takes a great xnterest ln sports as 1S proved by the fact that he d1d not mlss a smgle bas ketball game th1s year FRED GROBE Freddxe From School No 18 Pratt Institute College Entrance Treasurer H1 Y 4 Art Club 4 Dardanlan Board 4 Jumor Prom Commlttee 3 Mxxer Commlttee 3 Thls tall sllent handsome boy has won the hearts of many ln the last four years Steady and earnest Fred gets thmgs done wlthout a great deal of exclte ment We are looklng forward to seeing hxs dravnnngs and pamtmgs when Pratt turns hlm out a fimshed artlst DONALD THOMAS GROGAN Chzef From School No 12 Albany Buslness College Commercxal Choral 1 Football 3 4 Don IS on the up and up wlth studles He llkes all sports or any engagmg conillct Perhaps that IS why he IS mterested IH the U S Navy Don hates nick names except when the glrls use them Then he blushes beautlfully HJ 11 1 1 1 1 1 ' - , 1 t as gn ' 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 u 11 ' ' - ' , . , . . . . , . , . . . . , , . 1 1 1 u ' 11 ' 1 1 1 ' ' , as ' n ' , . 1 1 - 1 u ' 11 1 1 - - u 11 ' ' ' , . JOHN B GRooM jack From School No 16 Undecnded Commercxal Choral Club 4 Commerclal Club 4 Jack llkes h1s Model T Ford wlth danclng runmng second but when Marjorle IS around everythlng drops back a place Englxsh glV6S h1m a l1ttle trouble es peclally in that live mmute perlod of reglstratlon Jack s theme song IS Margle CLARA E HALL Sk1p From St Patrlck s School Troy Buslness College Commerclal Commerclal Club Treasurer 3 4 Bookkeeplng I Con test 2 A friend ln need IS a frlend lndeed Th1S quo tatlon su1ts Clara perfectly Her cheerfulness and wlll mgness to co operate whatever the task may be IS hmghly commendable Thls energetlc student deserves success may she find 1t' NEIL E HANNON Doc From School No 14 Umon Umversxty College Entrance Course Student Councll Treasurer 4 Purple Parrot 4 Junxor Prom Comm1ttee 3 Senlor Ball Commrttee 4 Camera Club Pres1dent l H1 Y 3 4 Dardan1an Board 4 Whenever there s act1v1ty of any sort around school Doc lS 1n the center of It Besxdes all his work 1n the dlfferent clubs Nell as Treasurer has had the great re spons1b1l1ty of the finances of the Student Councll Certamly he has been one of our leaders who has done a great deal for h1s school JOHN A HARD1-:N jack From Poestenklll D1str1ct No 5 Undeclded College Entrance Course Scxence Club 4 Choral 2 Up to th1s year John has been qulte a t1m1d fel low but th1S last year he has blossomed out and got h1m self a glrl Woo Woo' All Jokmg aslde John IS a d1l1 gent worker who thlnks not of hlmself alone but of others That IS one of hls best charactenstxcs JANE HART jane From School No 14 Undeclded College Entrance Choral Club 3 4 We are all wondenng why Jane has settled down at last and turned her affectlons toward the h1ll Could that be the reason for the fraternlty pm shes wearlng over her heart? Her smlle has won her many frlends We hope she will be very successful 1n the years to come as uv - . v y . , ' . . . . . . , ' as ' u 41 ' 79 . , . 1 9 ' H . . . . . ,, . , . ' s v KK 'Y Q 1 v v a 1 ' v v - , . . v H ,, . . . . . . 9 u 1 ' as vs , . Y - . . , ' 1 u ss , . . . , . HELENA HASSLINGER From St Lawrence School Undec1ded Commerc1al Course Gregg Group Purple Key A shy t1m1d mxss with a contented outlook on lxfe Helena has cllmbed the walls of scholastxc achxevement and entered the portals of Purple Key She has shown us that she appreclates a good tlme but she must over come that shyness BETTY ANN HENGSTERMAN Squzrt From Dnstrrct No 4 Mxldred Elley Commerc1al Course Tr1 Y 3 4 Delphxc 3 4 Gregg 3 4 Jumor Prom Com mxttee 3 Good thlngs come ln small packages So lt IS wlth Betty This blonde Mlss 1S a favorite wlth glrls and boys alxke It has been a pleasure to spend our hlgh school days wlth such a lrkable person J OHN HIDLEY Lew From North Greenbush DlStf1Ct No 4 Troy Busme s College Commerc1al Commerc1al Club 4 Commercxal Contest 3 Track 4 John IS the lone cowboy of our class He travels alone and llkes to be qulet except at football games Studles never bother john much He featured in the economxcs class From School No 12 Undecxded College Entrance Delphxc 4 Adelphal 3 Vice Presldent 4 A strong m1nd nn a strong body' Harrxet xs a lovable freckled sportswoman Her belxef ln sportsmanshxp dommates all her decxsxons and actlons Harnet s scholastlc record equals 1f not surpasses her sports record One can never forget that r1d1culously comlcal laugh of hers that has warmed the cold of many a heart ROBERT KENNETH HILTON Bob From School No 1 Undec1ded College Entrance Course H1 Y 3 4 Executlve Board 3 Art Club 2 Presrdent Student Councll 4 jumor Prom Comm1ttee 3 jumor Mixer Commlttee 3 Purple Key 4 French Club 4 Semor Ball 4 Varslty Basketball 4 Semor Party 4 The Presldent of our Student Councll has devoted much tlme and energy to h1s school He has done much for It Bob IS an all around fellow an athlete a scholar a leader and a dancer He wxll step forward to success throughout hrs lxfe we are sure , . ! 1 v - ll ' D! ' x 3 v 3 1 1 ' ,, . . ,, . . . KK H l rw D 7 7 ' , . HARRIET A. HILL Y 1 ' ' ! , . . . . . . , 3 Y GK U - , 9 I I : 9 I 5 Z v 1 n . ' H 17 ' ' - Y 1 I ! ' , . ROBERT HOLZHAUER Bob From School No 18 Umon Academlc Bob IS one of those fellows who let hls actlons speak for hlm He says very httle but when he does say somethmg lt 1snt just a lot of words He really makes a contr1but1on to the conversatlon It lS th1s quality that w1ll help h1m to make good at Un1on CoRL1ss CAMPBELL HOLCOMB Hake West Sand Lake School Undec1ded Commerc1al Commercxal Club 3 4 Flash IS noted for h1s volce He makes the rafters rlng xn gym classes and IS a deiimte asset at football and basketball games Flash has a try at all sports but features at golf He has a lovely dark complex1on from caddymg but glrls can stxll see h1m blush DOROTHY HoRRocKs Dot From School No 1 Undec1ded College Entrance Tr1 Y 3 4 Sc1ence Club 3 4 She trles hard Indeed she does Dorothy s1n cerely trles to be pleasant and helpful to everyone A1 though her 1nt1mate frlends are few her character1st1cs are recognlzed by many These same character1st1cs should help her form her place 1n the world ANNE THERESA HOURIGAN Annabelle From School No 10 Troy Busmess College Commerc1al Tr1 Y 4 Thls del1ghtful bundle of Ir1sh w1t has won the frlendshlp and attent1on of many of us Anne s love of fun has made her a welcome add1t1on to any group We ve never seen Anne concerned about school work We hope that she may succeed ln lxfe w1th the same unconcern wlth wh1ch she has so successfully completed hlgh school CAROLYN EDNA HOWE Luke From School No 18 Maryvllle College Tennessee Academlc Tr1 Y 4 Carolyn has many friends and her chlef del1ght IS 1n talk1ng Cask Mlss Staudej Maybe th1s IS the reason why she IS so popular w1th the R P I boys How about that Carolyn9 u vw u n ' ' ' . . . , . , . LA 95 , . sc n - ' ' u as 4: 91 H qv ' v s 9 - u ' ar ' . , . 1 y cc as . . . , 9 as as - 1 JOHN HOWELL johnny From School No 18 Lafayette College College Entrance Natxonal Forensrc League 2 3 4 Wmner Thompson Medal 3 Parrot Staff 2 Co Edrtor ln Chlef Parrot 4 Cheer Leader 3 Dramat1cs 2 3 4 Junlor Executlve Board 3 H1 Y 3 4 As an orator and an actor Johnme has done a great deal for the school What more can we say than Thanks we re proud of you and we hope you may con tmue to wm fame rn every undertakmg Lafayette we grve you John' HILDA MARIE HULL Blondze From School No 16 Austln s Beauty Culture School Commercxal Course Hllda IS one of our natural blondes a credrt to our Alma Mater This charmmg g1rl and how xt does show up on her complexlon' She lS a frlendly grrl very busmess like We hope she undertakmgs blushes very easlly peaches and cream but one who can be succeeds 1n all her St Mary s School Undeclded Commerclal Commercral Club 4 J1m lS one of the more qulet boys of the class He xs a true Irlshman blue eyes and all Hls marks and class work are very good desplte the fact that he doesn t llke to study Jlm wxll probably be an officer of the law just l1ke hrs father or he may go one step farther and joln the army ALEX J ISHKANIAN s I' rom School No 8 Albany Busmess College Commercxal Choral 1 Al states defnnltely I dont llke Enghsh or Englxsh teachers No one knows why but Al He IS a great cheerer at football games but strange he always appears wrth a stag gang BERNARD D IvEs Berme From School No 1 N Y State Instxtute of Photography Scxence Club 2 3 4 Radro Club 3 Camera Club 2 3 Happy and carefree IS our Bernxe We can readlly see by hrs act1v1t1es that he has a leamng toward the sclences We wlsh you success Berme It S! : : - : 1 , , 1 : - , - Al ' 1? . Lt I - ' - ' I ' H it ' 17 ' 1 . ' 1 JAMES J. I-IYNES "jimmy" , . , . ' Y I . UI hh ' . YI ' , ' ll Il LA ' VI , , : ' 1 . . ASTRID JENSEN Addy From School No 1 Undecided Commercial Commercial Club Ottie is a tall blonde young lady who is always in a hurry Her appearance suggests studiousness but you can t choose a book by its cover May her personality pages contmue to be read with fervor ROBERTA JORDAN Birdie From North Greenbush No 2 Hudson Hospital Academic Roberta has been very quiet all through the four years but this IS probably due to the fact she IS very studious Her marks certalnly prove this to be true FLORENCE JUBICK Blondie From North Greenbush District No 4 Mildred Elley Commercial Blondie is a well dressed gal wlth an entertaining personality Our contact with her has proved that she IS particularly fond of fun and she is accomplished at ARTHUR KAZANJIAN Ar From School No 14 Undecided College Entrance French Club 3 4 Choral 1 2 To be seen and not heard is one proverb that Art absolutely refuses to observe Art can always be heard up in the gym telling the world who has the best basketball team and what team will win the World Series A great sport fan Art is a follower of all athletic activities around Troy High CARL KELLY Scotty From School No 14 Cornell College Entrance Course H1 Y International Club We admire Carl for his cheery smile and his fine personality He is very popular around school es pecially with the fairer sex This distinction also seems to prevail with the girls up at Emma Willard How about It Carl? ., .. ,, . ,, . . . , , ' . . it ' ' 79 Y gl ' 91 ,, . ,, . - . . . providing fun. Please don't lose that spirit, Flo. KK tl! , 2 , - li 77 ' KK ,Y ' ti Y! ' ' 1 il V! - ' ' . , - , . HELEN MARION KILBURN Helen From School No 10 Undecxded College Entrance Tn Y Towermg hlgh above her classmates Helen carrxes the badge of loyal fr1endsh1p Her good natured con stant endeavor to please can never be dupllcated She lS quxet but she w1ll never be forgotten DoN KREIGER Don From Brunswlck D1str1ct No 8 Undeclded Industrlal Art There IS one outstandmg quallty whlch makes Don a lxkable lad Don always has a smlle and a fnendly word for h1s frxends Good luck Don FRED KROUGH Slugger From School No 14 Troy Busmess College Commerclal Soccer 4 That broad shouldered blonde fellow wlth the cheery halls talkmg to h1s many frlends IS Fred Fred IS very carefree and radlates hls carefreeness to all who come m contact wlth h1m JOHN KRUZELNICKI john From North Greenbush D1str1ct No 3 Undeclded Industnal Art Here IS a lad that defmltely keeps to his own frlends Hls frxends say he IS a line fellow and who are we to dxsagree' We wlsh you eternal success boy' ELLEN D LANCE From School No 18 To Russell Sage College Entrance Course Phll Delphlc Phxl Dance Commlttee Dardaman Board Ellens cheery smlle may be found m almost an Y group Her l1vely chatter makes her a dellghtful com pamon for anyone smile that you may have seen walking through the ELIZABETH JANE LANDMESSER Betty From Halfmoon D1str1ct Brooklyn M6thOd1St Hospltal College Entrance Orchestral 2 3 Betty lS one of our qulet g1rls but she IS always w1ll1ng to help a frlend 1n need Her fine v1ol1n playmg has been admlred by many Go to It Betty and be come the greatest v1ol1n1st of the generat1on and brmg honor to your Alma Mater MAR J ORIE LANE Marge From School No 14 Russell Sage College Entrance Ph1l3 4 Purple Parrot 2 3 4 Chorall 2 3 4 Sclence Club 4 Semor Ball Commlttee Her charmxng personal1ty makes Marge very popular wlth every one and especlally wlth one redhead She 1S a consclentlous worker but loves part1es and dances too We w1ll always remember Marge s cheerful sm1le BETTY J LAsKv Bess Commerclal Course Long have we wondered why Betty IS so qulet and we would lxke very much to read her thoughts Betty has made us l1ke her by her quiet understandmg man ner Her close companlons assure us that she has a w1t that IS to be envled DoRo'rHv F LAUDON Dotty From School No 16 Undeclded Commercxal Commercial Club 3 4 Dottys p1eas1ng personality and her ab111ty to mlx rlght m affalrs have won her many frlends Her so phxstlcated manner has always made people look up to her and admlre her MARGARET R LAwsoN Peggy From School No 12 Undeclded Commercxal Course Purple Key 4 Commercxal Club 3 4 Gregg Group 2 Peggy IS Scotland s l1ttle gift of Joy to Troy and to our halls of learmng Peggy has a cheery dlSpOSltlOn and IS qulte popular wxth both the glrls and the boys In wmter Peggy can always be found cutt1ng corners up at Burdens Lake seldom skatmg wxthout some one s supportmg arm around her T- n ' - - ' ' ' ' ll 91 - ll HY ' , : . , 1 , , , : ' 2 . . I . , . ss V9 From Bradford High School Undecided , - .. ,. , . , . . .. . .. ., z ' , 1 , 3, 4. . , . . . , , . . , . ROSEMOND TI-IERESA LEFFLER Rosebud From St Joseph s School Troy BusIness College Commerclal Course Rosemond smlles shyly In the class room and gally In the hall Tell me d1d you ever see her wlthout a smlle at all? Small daInty and beautlful thls young lady w1l1 go far Her talent as an artlst should not be overlooked when and If she makes her debut 1n the profess1onal ranks DORIS LENT Penme From School No 18 Russell Sage College Entrance Course Choral 1 3 Rmg Commlttee 3 Student Councll 3 4 Treasurer 3 VIce Presrdent 4 Phrl 3 4 Purple Key Presldent 4 French Club Dardaman Board junior Mlxer Commlttee Junlor Executlve Board PhIl Dance Commlttee 4 Dons lS one of our honor students and the dellght of any teacher s heart Dons fine leadershlp of Purple Key 1S an example that her successors mxght well follow From School No 18 Undecxded Academxc Helen IS a qulet sort of glrl Her actlons speak for themselves and her work In class has proven to us that falthfulness In add1tIon to ab1l1ty are her most valuable assets These qual1tIes should make her a success WILLIAM J LEWKOWITZ Luke From School No 10 Lafayette College Entrance Course H1 Y Varsxty Club Orchestra Band Football Luke IS well known to all of us because of has a bI11ty to play an excellent game of football Besldes playmg a snappy game at tackle posIt1on Luke does a fine Job wIth h1s studxes whlle 1n school We are sure that Luke w1l1 have a successful career at Lafayette RUTI-I M LODGE Lodgre From School No 1 Samarltan HospItal Academlc ScIence Club 3 4 Tn Y 4 Ruth IS very fnendly w1th everyone yet she 1S qulet and reserved She goes her own qulet way We thmk she wzll be a speclal success KK Y! , . Y . , ' 7 Y ! 1 ! ll ' H , I 1 , Z : - 2 . 1 3 3 1 3 1 1 9 ! ' I ' CK D HELEN LEWIS Kno-no CK Y! - Z I 2 3 - M !! ' ' ' ' ' H H 1 , . it 77 ' H ' 15 I 1 ' - , JANET LOEBLE an From School No 14 George Washington Unxverslty College Entrance Purple Key 4 Tn Y 4 Purple Parrot 4 Sclence Club Loyalty should be Janets mxddle name Loyal to her school as well as to her fnends jan has won a reputatlon that w1ll l1ve long m our memory We re glad to have known you janet and rest assured that your fme Splflt has been appreclated and w1ll ever contlnue to be appreclated VICTOR J LOUDEN Vxc From School No 14 Undeclded College Entrance Course Camera Club 1 2 Choral 1 Orchestra 1 2 Ass1stant Manager of Basketball 2 Manager of Basketball 3 Soc cer 3 If you see a nonchalant fellow llstemng around the halls and sportmg a snappy bow t1e you will know lt to be V1c V1c s smlle seems to say If work mter feres wlth pleasure then work be hanged He takes lxfe easy but seems to get all h1s work done MAR JORIE MACMANUS Mary From School No 16 Columbla Unlverslty Dental Hyglemst School Classlcal Course Choral 1 2 3 4 Art Club 2 Presldent 3 4 Student junlor Prom Senior Ball Semor Party Band 3 4 Orchestra 4 Margle goes 1n for drawmg m a blg way Stlck to lt Margle or do your ambxtlons trend toward a dental career? MARGARET MCGOVERN Ta From School No 14 Undeclded Commerclal Delph1c3 4 Tr1Y12 3 4 Marge was voted best dancer of the senxor class and she well deserves thls tltle It has been some txme slnce we have seen such nlmble feet on the dance Hoof Thls IS not the only reason for Marge s popularxty Her ready smlle and her mterest 1n everyone s welfare have won Tag deserved recogmtlon MARCIA MCGRADY Marsh From School No 16 Troy Busmess College Commercxal Delphxc 4 Gregg 3 4 Comrnercxal Club 4 Tn Y 4 One face one volce one habxt and two persons That dellghtful sense of humor and pleasant smlle makes Marsh a necessnty for a successful class Farewell and good luck Marsh ' ll., HY 3, 4. , . ' ll if Y . . . . , , , CA ' 17 , : : , : ' I Z ' 7 9 KK ' !1 LC ' 1 9, ' IK ' o , ' ' Y! , . if 'YY , , . 3 , ' , 1 Council 43 Delph1c 3, 43 French Club 4: Trl-Y 1, 23 I 2 2 , Z ' 1 1 Ii gY! I 1 : l' 1 1 1 ' Ll !! ' ' ' KS 9 I7 ' I . . . , IK 79 ' ' li 79 ' : , : ' 1 '- . Ll ' ' l! . , . ll Y! ' ' 1 KK l! , . MARGARET MCGRADY Pe From School No 16 Troy Buslness College Commerclal Delphxc 4 Commercxal Club 4 Trl Y 4 An apple cleft ln two IS not more tw1n than these two creatures Peg has been a very good sport and a gemal classmate We ve learned to love Peg and w11l always retam our pleasant memorles of her GEORGE MCQUIDE Curley From School No 14 Undeclded Football3 4 Basketba1l3 4 Baseball George lS one of the class athletes He has been very act1ve 1n sports We know that he has the ab1l1ty and w1sh hlm cont1nued success ln what ever field he may choose ZELMA L MARK Ze From School No 14 Skldmore College College Entrance ChoralI Declamatnon Hav1ng a slster among the faculty hasnt changed Zel one b1t shes tops An admlrer of beauty Zelma IS filled wrth mental sunsh1ne What we llke best about her IS her readmess to defend her classmates Llfes path may carry her far but her memory w1ll always be near HELEN E MAZUR Helen From School No 12 Mlldred Elley Commercxal Commerc1al Club 3 4 Helen IS another gxrl wlth a sunny dlsposltlon She has not made herself very well known to the semor class but to those who know her well her frrendshxp IS one whlch they w1ll cherxsh always FRANCIS LAWRENCE MEEKER Frank From School No 1 Undeclded College Entrance H1 Y 4 Frank has been a good worker all durmg hls hlgh school career He has not been very actlve m extra currlcular 3CtlV1tlCS but he has won many steadfast fnends Strlctly a woman hater F rancls tends chlefly to his school work cc gn 2 ' ' ' U . . . n sc rr - 1 u an ' lx vw y 1 v 1 - as In , . . . , Ax 11 - 1 u n ' Q - v . . . , 1 as n , . 1 v xx uv u rv - - - v ' ' u H ' f ' s ANNA M MESNIG Ann From School No 14 George Washmgton Umversxty College Entrance Course Chorall 2 3 4 Art Club Treasurer 2 Vxce Presxdent 3 4 Delphlc 3 4 Scxence Club 3 Sec Treas 4 Dar daman Board 4 Semor Ball junlor Prom Semor Party Ann lS one of our most talented classmates N vo1ce can be compared Wlth hers and her artxstlc creatlons are well worth a second look Perhaps the name Mesmg w1ll stand out among the leadmg phy s1c1ans of the world some day GERALD A Msssm Pop From School No 14 Albany College of Pharmacy College Entrance Soccer 3 4 Football 4 Pop well have to admlt we dont know exactly what to say about you Somet1mes serxous sometlmes of the whole class JOHN MESTOIK Chubby From School No 12 Undeclded Academlc Johnny IS a boy wlth a keen sense of humor dont know why he d1dnt attend more of our extra curr1cular affalrs but we wxsh he had Satlsfied to stand back and glve the other fellow a frlendly push johnny has proved hlmself a worthy member of our class JULIA MEsTo1K Judy 1S a t1ny mzte w1th a personality that IS refresh mg She has won her way 1nto many hearts We wxsh you all the success m the world juha Doms H MILLER From School No 18 McDowell School Academlc Course Art Club 3 Treasurer 3 Ph1l3 4 Choral l 2 Dar daman Board Junior Prom Commlttee junxor Mlxer Committee Sen1or Ball Commlttee Ph1l Dance Com mlttee 3 4 Dorls lS known around school for her clever desxgn mg and her ab1l1ty to play the pxano Her lovely clothes reflect her sweet and sxncere smlle We ll mlss you Dorxs ss H 4 . . . . . . 1 , . ' - ' . I . I . - - 1 - ' : 3 ' : ' : ' . ' . o ll ' YY ' . ' - LL YW y 2 - Al Y! 7 ' 1 , , . , joking, always cooperatlve, you have won the friendsh1p KL Y1 ' ' . We 3 ' 7 - , . . , . , : ' , 1 , : - Z Z : 1 ' - , . . . , . . ELWOOD MILLER I' rom BrunswIck No 1 UndecIded IndustrIal Arts Elwood IS tall wIth dark wavy haIr Many gIrls would lIke a small bIt of attentIon but he centers hIs attentIon on Florence who IncIdentally IS from Elwood s home town MILDRED I MILLER M Ilhe From PoestenkIll DIstrIct No 3 UndecIded CommercIal Course CommercIal Club Mlldred IS a studlous person wlth a fine sense of humor We shall always remember her as the g1rl wlth good Ideas and sound arguments It seems Inevltable that she wIll successfully accomplxsh any undertakIng WINSTON E MILLER Bud From School No 1 Troy BusIness College CommercIal Course Through the halls of Troy HIgh walks a tall blonde boy Bud lS outstandlng In crowds because of hIs hexght and because of the color of hIs haIr Many a female heart has sklpped a beat when Bud passed by but he doesn t seem to be Interested In gIrls DORIS F Mooov Suzy From PoestenkIll DlStf1Ct No 3 UHdCCldCd Academlc Sclence Club Choral 3 All that Dons has allowed us to dIscover about her self IS that she apprecxates an educatlon and she can smIle-quxte engagmgly We feel certaln that thlS ap precIatIon and smIle Wlll sow for her many seeds In the field of success CHARLES MORRIS K Irk From School No 14 Brooklyn Academlc Course Chuck how about sharmg your humor and per sonalIty wlth us a lxttle more? A camera bug Chuck has a lot of general knowledge We wIll hear the name Morrls some day In the scIentIfic field or as an Imxta tIon of anythmg under the sun 1 ' ' I . . . . , v u ' - n I4 II - o I as n ' ' ' ' ' II n I , . . . II In , . u ' nv In an - , - ' ' ' II n as QI ' I nl - n - - . . . AMELIA MURPHY Babe From School No 16 Pratt Institute Academlc Course Art Club 3 4 Ameha IS very frlendly w1th everyone Yet she IS very qulet and reserved She goes her own qulet way but when It comes to fun she readlly Jolns the crowd MILTON D NELSON M :It From Brunswick Dlstrlct No 2 Undeclded College Entrance Have you ever seen an ambxtlous looklng boy spend two study perlods ln the hbrary each day? Well that IS not Mllt Although of hlgh mental ab1l1ty Mxlton does not seek school work Nlce of features w1th a pleasant personallty he confines himself to a selected group FRANCES LILLIAN Novlcx Fanny From School No 10 Undecxded Commerclal Course Declamatlon 4 Commercial Gazette 4 Fran IS one g1rl that we feel certam w1ll gam fame and fortune Ever an earnest worker she has not par tlclpated 1n our extra currlcular act1v1t1es but she has made her presence known about school FRANCES THERESA NowAx Fran From School No 12 Undeclded Commerclal Course Frances IS another commerclal student so we can guess that she means bus1ness For four years her busl ness has been 1n securlng a steadfast educatxon and a score of frxends and acquamtances NORMA MAE O BRIEN O by From School No 12 Mlldred Elley Commerclal Course Norma IS our typmcal Irlsh lassle wlth fun shmmg from her eyes Her hearty laugh and becommg blush w111 l1ve long ln our memory We appreclate her frlend lxness and fine sense of humor , . u - H ' 1 ' W ' 3 EK Yi Gregg Group 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4: Oratorical 3 . ,, ,, . . . . . sm H Y l ll 7 SY MIRIAM Osorsxv M xml From School No 10 Undecxded Commerclal The first thmg that you notrce about M1m1 1S her smlle Her smlle and personallty explam why th1s l1ttle glrl has so many frrends We wlsh you all the success rn the world Mxmr EDYTHE AUGUSTA PARMENTER Edze From School No 14 Undecrded Academlc Course Edxes charm and pleasmg personallty are to be envxed In splte of her heart mterest at R P I Ed1e never allows pleasure to mterfere wlth her educatlon NICHOLAS J PASCUCCI Nxckze From School No 1 Undeclded Commerclal Soccer Team 3 We can t say qulet but we can say reserved at least 1n the presence of the faxrer sex Nxck has proved hlmself a fun lovmg gentleman always wlth the love and honor of hrs school foremost IU hxs heart We don t know where you re gomg N1CklC but may our good luck ever accompany you DEBORA A PATTEN Pat From Mary Warren Free Instltute Russell Sage Academlc Course Choral 1 Trl Y 1 3 4 Adelphax Axtheros 3 Art Club 4 Camera Club 4 Play Crafters 3 4 Pat IS the l1ve wrre of the class Her ab1l1ty to make others laugh IS only one reason for her popularlty Troy Hlgh wlll mlss her cheermg at the games ANTOINETTE ANNE Pun Patty From School No 14 Undecrded College Entrance Trl Y 1 2 3 4 French Club3 4 Scnence Club-1 Adel pha13 4 Humor and earnestness are promment chapters rn the life book of thls student Small ln stature huge rn mmd Anne has entered our llbrary of happy memorles We llke to remember that puckenng frown chased away by a mlschxevous grln H ' 'vs , . is ' vs u ' 1 11 ' ' u ' ' n 1 n ' 11 u 11 1 1 , . . . . , 1 ' an ' ' 11 sn 1 1 11 H as 1 ' 1 v v 1 1 1 1 - U ,, . . . . . or 11 ' - . . . . 1 I - , . 1 . DOROTHY V PAUL o Huntmgton Park I-hgh School Los Angeles Cahf Federal Art School Art and Commercxal Course Do came to us from the West Coast thereby 1n creasmg the assets of our Senior Class An earnest student wlth a qulet dlsposxtxon Dorothy deserves recog n1t1on for her determlnatlon and ablhty We smcerely hope that she gams renown ln her undertaklngs ELIZABETH T PEDLEY Beth From School No 16 State Teachers College College Entrance Trl Y 3 4 French Club 4 For four years thls gentle Mxss has worked faxth fully to make our school hfe a happy and memorable one Beth appears to be quxet and reserved but we ha Je found her to be vlvacxous and humorous nn her own way We w1ll always remember Beth s warm smlle Smcerely we salute her MADGE PENDELL M1dge From School No 14 Cortland Normal Academlc Club 4 Kmd mterested understandmg loyal Madge Well llked she has gone through hlgh school wlth a pleasant smlle and a gemal way Every deslre cant be fulfilled nn hfe but we can hope that Madge s l1fe w1ll be filled wlth the success and happlness she deserves ELEANOR PETERS From School No 16 Undeclded Commerclal Course Trl Y 4 Gregg 2 3 4 Commerclal Club Eleanor s frlendly smlle and large admxrmg eyes are assets deslred by many but we know very httle about her prlvate hfe You should tell us more Eleanor VIRGINIA NAOMI P1-111.0 Gmger From School No 18 Rlder College Commerclal Course Gregg Group 3 4 Much to our regret we do not know V1rg1n1a very well She has surrounded herself wlth a selected few and not allowed the rest of us to make her acquamtance General op1n1on IS that she lS a steady worker w1th a pleasant personallty . UD Y! Science Club 3: Tri-Y 1, 2, 3, 41 Delphic 43 French NEI!! NICHOLAS PIGNATELLI Nxckxe From School No 10 Undeclded Commercral Soccer 3 4 Nlck IS one of the finest members of the class of 38 Although not soclally mmded Nxck has proved hxs school splrnt over and over agam Students of his call bre are a necesslty to any successful class We re glad to have known him CAROLINE PINIAHA Carne From School No 10 Undecxded Commercial Course Commerclal Club 3 4 Purple Key 4 Caroline IS a very shy glrl she blushes easily That s a bad thmg Carollne We glrls must learn to develop poker faces so that we dont glve away those lnner most feelmgs Carolme has mamtamed a hlgh scholas t1c ratmg throughout her four years and we re proud of her MARGARET JUSTINE PLANTE Mickey College Entrance Course Adelphal Axtheros 2 3 4 Le Com Francals 4 Mlckey IS the class tom boy and proud of It Al ways ready for some fun she never allows a dull mo ment to ex1st If she s anywhere around you w1ll surely know xt Her nolsy chatter fills the corrldors MICHAEL JOHN POLINSKI M rcke From St joseph s School Green Island Undeclded Industrxal Arts Department Rest sweet rest The only trouble wxth Mlckey IS that he enjoys hxs sleep too much m Hlstory C class However when It comes to basketball games he s always there and always wlde awake to cheer for good old Troy Hlgh RALPH N POLLOCK From Draper No 9 UHdCC1ClCd Industrxal Arts Soccer Ralph lS another boy who stays ln the background soclally A leader ln shop work Ralph has become fa mous for hxs splendld constructlon ablllty We smcerely hope he may contmue thls excellent work KS ' ' 91 F AA ' Y! ' , . . . . . , ' 7 ll ' H1 . I - . . . . , ll - Yi 1 ' ' - . . , I4 ' I! From St. Patrick's School St. Rose College it ' !! ' - ' - 1 y - . , . ' 9 .. . y.. , . - , ' Il ' i! ' D . . ELIZABETH E POWELL Betty Beth From School No 12 Undecided College Entrance DelphIc 3 4 Purple Key 4 French Club 4 Orchestra 4 RIng CommIttee 3 Semor Ball Commlttee Choral Her fingers danced caressIngly across the Ivory keys Beth IS an accomplIshed pIanIst wIth the deter mInat1on and InItIat1ve to reach world renown Perhaps some day we shall be fortunate enough to hear the great Powell play a famous recxtal Best wxshes to our ValedIctorIan' WILLIAM PowELL BI From School No 12 Comell College Entrance H1 Y 3 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Jumor Prom CommIttee 3 Mxxer Commlttee Semor Ball Commlttee Fxght fight fight for dear old Troy Hxgh comes Boat Ing back to our mlnds when we thInk of B111 Not only a moral support to the teams but a Troy HIgh booster good sport and a good frlend MARTIN N PRvoR Mart From School No 18 Undecmded AcademIc Choral l 2 Mart IS a plump lad who can be seen almost any tlme up In 405 worklng dxlxgently over a drawIng board There are not enough words to descrlbe hIs abIlIty and talent In the field of mechanlcal drawlng Mart wIll be a mechanlcal desIgner some day ELLEN ANNE PUSATERE Pussy From School No 10 Albany Busmess College College Entrance Tn Y 4 French Club 4 Choral 1 2 She comes In late In the mormng wIth a cheery smxle and a Joyful hello Her frIends are a choIce few but her acquamtances and admlrers are many We are goxng to mIss her RUTH A QUIMBY Amy From School No 12 Cornell Academlc Course Choral 1 2 DelphIc 3 4 Good thIngs come In small packages We all agree that Ruth IS a package filled wIth Impresslve pleasantness and cheerfulness FlashIng eyes beamxng smIle Joyful hello 1tS Ruth a welcome addItIon to any group ll - Il ' . : 1 : I S I 1, 2, 3, 4. an ' ' ,, . . . . . I ll n - ' IK 'IIYD '- , : , , : ' ' , as ' n ' , - ' Y 7 ' I I ' ' ' 44 YI I in every sense of the word: Bill will be remembered as a cr n , . ll !! ' ' ' ' AK YY ' KK H '- 1 1 , - ' Cl If ' ' Cl Y! 1 5 ' 7 ' KK ' ' !I 44 Y! ' ! ' ' .. , , OLIVE RAN KIN Olhe From Lathams Syracuse College Entrance Adelphal 4 Delphlc 3 Treasurer 4 Trl Y 2 3 Presx dent 4 Art Club 4 Student Councll 4 jumor Prom Floor Committee 3 A good helper a glrl wlth a cheery smile Ollve IS the fnend of everyone Always ready to lend a helpmg hand when called upon Ollve has been a worthy member of the class of 38 CHARLOTTE RAsc1-IKE Charlotte From School No 14 Undeclded Commercxal Senlor Executwe Board Purple Key 4 Gregg Group 2 3 4 Presldent 3 Commerclal Club 3 4 Semor Ball Commlttee 4 That msplrmg smile and becommg blush have greeted us over the counter of the bookstore many tlmes Yes Charlotte IS the bookstore lassle and a frlend of the entxre student body Her popularlty IS easlly explamed because Charlotte IS just plam swell ROBERT E REYNOLDS Bob From North Greenbush No 2 R P I Art Academlc Bob lS one of our bxg sllent men who alms to be an artxst The work that we have seen 1n 405 shows us that he IS not far from hls goal We wlsh hxm the great est of success THELMA JANE RIGOS Ted From School No 10 Syracuse Umverslty Academlc Phll 3 4 Purple Parrot 3 Clrculatlon Manager 4 Jumor Prom Commlttee Semor Ball Thelma lS a g1rl who has proved herself valuable to Troy I-Ixgh A wxllmg and capable worker a loyal fol lower and supporter she has made us appreclate her presence Ted has a keen sense of humor and a smlle that lS reflected xmplshly IH her eyes JOHN P ROACH Cap From St Peters Academy Undecxded Commerclal Soccer 2 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Football 4 Varsxty Club Cap IS an athlete thru and thru Hxs work on the soccer field and basketball court command admlratlon ln all who see hlm Hes qulte a baseball player too An all around man He wlll probably be coach some day Keep at It Cap , U ' 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tc 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' ' ' as 11 u 11 mn 11 - - - - U 11 1 1 1 . , . . , - 1 u 19 ' as 11 , . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 11 ' - . . , . - 44 11 MARY PATRICIA RocHE Par From School No 18 Russell Sage College Entrance Course Trl Y 4 Mary IS a lxkable lass wlth a carefree aIr She has gone through Troy Hlgh School rather quletly but very pleasantly Thls type of glrl IS an asset to any school SARAH ROTHSTEIN Serk From School No 10 State College for Teachers College Entrance French Club 3 4 Dardan1an Board 4 Commerclal Contest 3 Gregg Group Secretary 3 4 Sarah IS a dignified scholarly student who lS fammllar to all of us Smce Ira left we haven t seen much of her after school hours Attractlve she should wleld those becomlng orbs to a good advantage JOHN C RUBACK JR Gxz From School No 16 We leyan Unxversxty College Entrance tor on Dardan1an Board 4 john 1S the man wlth the boommg voxce Sultable for his work because he lntends to become a mmxster He IS an artlst and an all around good fellow KENNETH RUBIN Ken Ken IS a llkable fellow He spends most of h1s tlme workmg on radlos If your rad1o ever goes on the blmk call Ken He IS the boy that can fix It MARY ELIZABETH RUSSELL Betty From School No 14 Mlldred Elley Academlc Course Tr1 Y 3 4 Phll 4 Betts clothes and beauty are constant toplcs of conversatlon Life cant go on without that certam glrl That s what john and all Troy H1gh wxll chant when Betty recelves her dlploma ., ,. Z , y - 3 ' S - . il ' V9 . , . . s ' ' Art 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Art Club Treasurer 4: Art Edi- .. ., ' 7 Ll YI 64 7 !I ' . ,, . , . . . ,, , . . ANNA RYAN Mrckey From School No 16 M1ldred Elley Commerc1al Course Annes laughter has glven many people enjoyment She rad1ates her happlness and cheer to many hearts Annes favorlte past1me IS danclng and well may lt be for she 1S an excellent dancer Her frlends are numerous because l cr sunny d1spos1t1on lS unchangeable Bassm MAE SAGER Bess North Greenbush No 2 Mxldrecl Elley Commerc1al Tr1 Y At first glance one mlght thmk her to be the qulet sort but after knowmg BCSSlC for awhlle one real1zes d1fferer1tly Always ready to cooperate she has been a great help IH Trl Y Good luck Bess1e HowARD SALISBURY Salz From School No 14 Undec1ded Commerc1al Course Purple Key 4 Commerc1al Club 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Bandl 2 3 4 Howard IS a musxcxan and a scholar He IS the drummer ln the school band A qu1et boy but dont be surpnsed lf you hear h1m some day playlng the drums for Benny Goodman From School No 18 W1ll1ams College College Entrance Course Purple Key 4 Student Counc1l 4 H1 Y 3 Presldent 4 Nat1or1al Forenslc League 3 4 Debate Club 2 3 4 Jumor Rmg Comm1ttee 3 Junxor Prom Comm1ttee Sen1or Ball Commlttee 4 Dramat1cs 1 3 4 Purple Par rot 4 Sc1ence Club 3 Top Boy of jumor Class B111 IS a quxet reserved fellow a boy that w1ll be remembered 1n Troy H1gh because of h1s scholast1c achlevements H1s ab1l1ty and h1s red ha1r tell us that he lS gomg a long way m llfe WALTER SAW KA Walt Academlc Walt IS one of those boys who has won many frxends durmg h1s stay 1n Troy H1gh School We feel sure that Walt w1ll succeed lf he keeps h1s pleasant ways K6 ' 75 , . . , . . . . . . 1 Y LK I! ! 9 ' ! U H : ' , 2 , , . 1 , . , . WILLIAM L. SA1v1MoNs "Bill" ' ' , : , , : ' ' : ' , , : - , ' , ll I! ' as' ' vr ' ' ' 1- ' S6 IV WALTER SCHULTZ Walt From School No 14 Undecided College Entrance Walt IS a boy who decelved us We recogmzed hlm as a grand chap but we dxdn t reallze he was a lady kxll er Walt IS qulte accompllshed IH the use of drawmg utenslls and some day we feel certaxn he wxll be a well l-.nown artlst HELEN E SCHLINDWEIN Pat From School No 14 Undeclded Commerclal Course Gregg Group 2 3 Presxdent 4 Commerclal Club 2 3 4 Commerclal Gazette 4 Helen petltlons earnestly that she be called Pat Her favorxte sports are 1ce skatmg danclng and now roller skatmg Pat llkes to be shown a good tlme Her summers are spent qulte profitably up on Lake Cham ellglbles PAUL C SCH Mlm Smztty From Brunswlck Dxstrlct No 9 Undeclded Commercral Course Commerclal Club 4 Soccer 4 Paul IS one of those qulet fellows who speak l1ttle but accompllsh much A well mannered youth he has been a good example for all of us We are sure the carnestness and 1n1t1at1ve he has shown ln classes wlll clear hls path to good fortune HERMAN W ScHR1:cK Ace From School No 14 R P I College Entrance Herman IS a fun lover Although he hasnt mixed Wlth hls fellow students much weve watched hlm go boundmg along the halls A klemer Teufel thls Schreck boy NORMA RUTH SCHUMANN From School Dxstrlct No 4 Poestenkrll Undecided College Entrance Choral 1 Scxence Club 4 A quxet gxrl of studlous nature IS Norma She has never g1ven us a chance really to get acqualnted but we are sure her close frlends profit by her frlendshxp .. .. . , . . 4 U V! ' ' I IL 59 . . - . , . y Y ' ll Y! ' ' plain by becoming acquainted with all the young U ' U 4 16 YY . , . . . . , . 1 ' I LEAH SCHWEBEL Lee From School No 10 Russell Sage College Entrance Natlonal Forensxc League 3 4 French Club 3 4 Play crafters 3 Choral Group 1 4 Thompson Medal Contest 3 Leah IS a worker and she gets thmgs done Always ready wlth an encouragmg word and suggestions she has helped many of us ln the quest for educat1on A de bater Leah has done much for her school JANET IoNE SHARP janme From School No 16 Russell Sage College Entrance Course Chorall 2 3 4 Ph1l3 4 janet s motto IS Srlence lS golden and she has lrved up to rt nobly and well Qulet reserved and consclen tlously studxous janet has made a good record at Troy Hlgh Her ready smlle and wrlllngness to please mark her as a real fr1end DAVID SHARPE Dek From School No 1 Undeclded Commerc1al Course Commerc1al Club 3 4 Football Manager a fine student wlth a fine busmess head I-Ils manage ment and guldlng has alded many sport teams You dld a fine job Davey and we appreclate xt PEARL SHAVER Bobbze From Llncoln Brunswlck No 6 Troy Buslness College Commerc1al Course Gregg Group 3 4 Commerc1al Club 4 Pearl IS one of Troy Hlgh s man haters but we know that some day she w1ll meet her match Otherwlse we find her a glrl who takes her studles serxously llkes fun and IS a sweet lovable fr1end lndeed After she Fmlshes school she expects to make her fortune ln the busmess world We wlsh you luck Pearl MARGARET SHEFFER Peggy From Brunswlck Drstrlct No 8 Buslness College Commercxal Course Peg IS pleasant to all Her charmmg smlle and obl1g1ng way has won her many frlends We are sure each one of us IS proud to call her a fr1end and rn years to come shall be glad to say we knew her KS 73 ' ' , : . 5 - 2 , 3 2, , 4. , . IK ' 97 D S Y l D ! ' 5 ' Ll ' ' 13 ' ' 1 Y - 1 KK 77 ' , 1 . Here is the manager of our football team. Davey is Y Y ' KL ' YU , . , : ' . ' ' 7 K5 YY , ' V . , . Y 7 ' , Ci V! CL 57 ' ' ' S EDWARD JAMES SCHEMELIA From Poestenkxll Allentown Industrral Arts Course Radlo Club 3 Sec etary jumor Mlxer Commrttee Senlor Party Comrmttee Eds a wlz at radlo bu1ld1ng and other electrncal work He also plays the gultar and slngs and lS no stmgy about sharmg h s talents He IS very cooperatlve It was hxs work that helped to make the Sen or Party a success ELLA MAY SHONON From School No 1 Troy Bus1ness College Commerclal Art Club 3 4 Adelphal Altheros 2 3 Secretary 4 Ella IS a lovely maxden qulet and very pleasant We ve met many students and Ella IS OJI' clmolce for best sport We ll mlss you Ella EDMUND S SIMMONS From School No 14 R P I Asslstant Edltor of Dardaman Board 4 Semor Ball Commlttee 4 Ed always has a smlle for everyone a fellow w1th no mean ab1l1ty as hxs work on the Dardaman shows As a dancer he has no betters Ed IS gomg to do great thmgs m the engrneermg world CONSTANCE M SIZELAND Conme From Bennett Hlgh School Bu lalo Syracuse Umverslty College Entrance Phllomathlan 3 4 fPf6S1dCHt 43 Tr1 Y 4 Purple Parrot 3 4 Student Councll 3 4 junlor Execut1ve Board Semor Execut1ve Board cV1CC PfCSldCHtD Art Club 2 Chalrman Student Counc1l Welfare Dance There are two Conme Slzelands The one gay laugh mg carefree fun lovmg and ever a good sport the other a good student a w1ll1ng helper and a smcere loyal frlend Conme s personahty has won for her a plac ln our hearts that will last forever We w1sh you all the success 1n the world Conme' LELAND SMITH Lee From Grafton Dlstnct No 1 Undecxded Industr1al Art Band 2 The world could come to an end and lt wouldnt bother Leland H1s happy go lucky outlook should help hlm to overcome the hardshlps of l1fe 4. '- Ed - D F . . . . v A , . 1 u ' 11 - ' ' ' . . . L 1 . . 1 ' Y 1 ' , . , . V . , . la an Q - "Ed" y L4 u sr ' ' as va ' ' ll ' 17 2 4:17 , A V I - 1 1 v v w - - 7 1 n 9 - 1 1 ' v 1 1 - n - 1 n - Q . C , . li YY , 3, 4. ' 7 ALMA L SNYDER a From School No 1 Ur1dCC1ded Commercial Course Adelphal Treasurer 2 Presldent 3 4 Gregg Group3 4 Student Councll 4 Jamboree 4 Semor Executxve Board Secretary Semor Class 4 Thompson Medal Contest 4 Purple Parrot 2 3 4 Trl Y 3 Treasurer 4 Semor Party 4 One of the most actxve and popular members of our class IS Alma She has done more than her part to make the hrs ory of 38 glorlous Her g0SS1p column Through the Keyhole 1n the Purple Parrot IS as well known to Troy Hxgh readers as Wmchell s IS to Broadway Her ambxtmon to be a wrlter vv1ll certalnly be fulfilled We wlsh you health wealth and happmess' CARLTON SNYDER Deedy From School No 18 R P I College Entrance Cheerleader 3 4 Tenms 3 4 Prom Commlttee Semor Deedy IS the fellow that urges you to cheer for the old Alma Mater Excellent dancer cheer leader and tennis player We expect to hear a lot about this blonde boy after he leaves our halls GLADYS SNYDER Gladxe From School No 1 Troy Business College Commerclal Orchestra and Band 2 3 4 Another small package IS Gladys Musxcally mmded her cheerful notes have brlghtened the moods of many of us Gladys has lnvested her frlendshlp m only a few Perhaps lt IS that uncontrollable grln that attracts the hearts of certam members of the male specxe ANTHONY A Soccxo Red From School No 10 Undec1ded Commercxal Course Soccer Team Red IS a boy that has worked earnestly and steadxly for four years He IS qu1et too quxet but we have d1s covered that he IS a frlend that cannot be surpassed Understandmg cooperatxve and pleasant he has fol lowed our aCtlVltlCS both as a partlclpant and a spectator JEAN M SODORSKY je,-mme From School No 10 Undeclded Commercxal Course Jean IS a qulet glrl who mtends to be somebod s Y stenographer She doesnt care for Troy Hlgh fellows but that doesn t mean that she doesn t like fellows . ISS I!! ', , ' . 1 , 1 ' : : : ' : : 1 1 Q ' 1 3 I L . , . . ll L - y 17 ' ll Y! ' Y . . , . Il 11 , 2 ' , : ' : ' Ball Commxtteeg Scxence Club 4: Student Councxl 4. 64 Q! ' ' 9 Y ll ' D! ' . - , ll 'U 16 Y! ' ' ' l 9 ' - . Y . Y v - I Cl ' 11 . . . . , , . 1 , . FLORENCE SOLOMON F o From Albany I-Ilgh School Burrough s Internat1onal Buslness Machlne School College Entrance Florence came to us from Albany and we were glad to receive her She IS one of the finest speclmens of human klndness and understandmg that we have had the good fortune to meet and we only regret that we dld not know her longer MICHAEL SOLOYNA From School No 10 New York Unlversxty Industrlal Arts M1chael IS a tall handsome s1lent man He hasnt glven us much of a chance to get acquamted but we have passed many an admlrmg glance at hrm He pears to be a serrous mmded student w1th 1n1t1at1ve We wxsh we knew you better but we do w1sh you all the success you deserve DOROTHY STONE Dot From School No 14 Undecnded College Entrance Course Tn Y 2 3 4 Adelphar Aetharos 2 Sclence Club 4 Pur ple Parrot Staff 2 3 4 Thompson Medal Contest 3 Dot IS one of the few students who are graduatmg ln three and one half years She IS one of our most frrendly and fun lovmg senlors However Russ IS a l1ttle more than just an ordmary frlend he s somethmg speclal huh Dot? JOHN Susxo oe From Belltop Undecxded Industnal Arts Here IS a boy from whom we heard httle Sllence seems to be hrs constant companlon Glrls don t seem to lnterest hrm but one never knows RUTH E Swn'zER Swm From Menands School No 15 Mlldred Elley Commerc1al Course Ruth IS a qulet lass from Menands She doesnt care for the clty thus our susplclons are aroused as to the attractlon ln Menands We hear that smaller places are much more chummy Desp1te her quxet drsposx tlon Cwe thmk she s just shyj Ruth s frxends enjoy the fun lovmg spmt and fnendlmess she dlsplays occaslon 3 Y ms I vu , . . . . . . , s v - u H ' v 1 9 v v ' 9 1 v - ' ' ' u 19 ' - 1 y . . . . , . 9 T , . ss., as . . . , , . as ' vs . . , 1 u H ' ' - - . . , . , . . v - Y , EDITH TALLMAN Lxz Latham Grammar School Undeclded College Entrance Trl Y 1 4 Adelphal 2 3 4 Choral 3 4 L12 the girl w1th the dark brown eyes Her twmk l1ng eyes and llvely personallty make her well llked by her fnends Thls same personallty wIll carry her far ALICE TATE Dlstnct No 8 Samarxtan HOSpltal AcademIc A conservative g1rl IS Ahce She IS a good mixer and has a host of frIends Ahce wxll never express her opIn1on If she thinks that It wlll cause an argument Goodbye Allce and good luck KENNETH TEETSEI. Ken From School No 18 Undeclded Actxons speak louder than words lS Ken s motto A good companIon under any cIrcumstances Ken w11l go over the top wIth flymg colors Good luck Ken From School No 18 Undeclded Commerclal Everyone knows Chrlssle and everyone lxkes her NIce to look at pleasmg to hear she has been a much sought after glrl durmg her hlgh school career W not know what the future wI1l brmg you Chrls but we wlsh you the best of lIfe lxberty and the pursult of happmess DOROTHY THAYER Dot From School No 14 Undeclded AcademIc Course Delphlc 3 4 Tn Y 2 Secretary 3 Vlce Presldent 4 Sclence Club 3 Purple Parrot 3 4 French Club 4 Art Club 2 Treasurer 3 Presldent 4 And one was a saucy httle red head Dot IS a pretty httle red head but we wouldn t exactly say saucy If we were allowed to make predlctlons we would say that thls talented young lady who has endeared herself to our hearts wIl1 reach fame as a movxe actress Ci ' Y! '- . : ' , , 1 , . KK ' Y? ' ' ' - , . MAI!! I 9 ' 64 I7 . . , Y CHRISTINE TERRY "Chrissie" l Y l 1 - . e do Y U Y ' !! 44 U! I 3 . ' il . - YY ' ' 1 , . FRANK THOMPSON Frank From School No 1 R P I College Entrance Course jayvee Basketball 2 jayvee Football 3 Intramural Basketball 3 4 Frank ns a lady k1ller 1n the true sense of the words Hrs sunny dlsposxtlon together w1th hxs good looks and good nature surely knocks them dead Stlck to It Frank and you mxght be a second Clark Gable KARL TYLL Dutch From School No 18 Troy Bus1ness College College Entrance Soccer Team 2 Football 2 Dutch IS a blg fellow wlth a b1g heart It ns lltt e wonder he has so many friends If you have Karl for a frlend you have a loyal frlend Ach bah' IS the Dutchman s opmlon of gurls Aufwledersehen Dutch ' Stxck to your guns and you w11l reach the top wlth Hymg colors Lols M VAN EVERY Commerclal Course Trl Y 3 Thxs l1ttle mald llkes to fhrt She IS also very fond of danc1ng Lo has proved herself a grand sport well known and well l1ked Her easy gomg cheerful manner mlght well be COp1Cd by many We shall m1ss you but never forget you DOROTHY VAUGHAN Twmkle Toes From School No 14 Troy Bus1ness College Commerclal Course Dot IS tall good lookxng and frlendly What more could we want one g1rl to be? The boys on the hxll certa1nly thmk she lS O K We thmk l1kew1se Dot THOMAS W VELLIS Tom From School No 14 Unlon College College Entrance H1 Y 4 Tom never makes much nolse but when he sees a glrl he makes even less as he walks away The fellows know Tom as an agreeable classmate and a good frlend Tom has a line bram traxned through good readmg and he knows how to use hxs bram , . lt Y! ' lt ' Y? ' I il 79 , . ' ' ll il ' D 1 KL S1 ,, ,, . . . . . . Ll ' ' . us vu ' . . , . Y ' ' ' K4 ' 77 - KKLOU From School No. 1 Mildred Elley '- , 4. ' KK 7, . l - -. i - . , , . IK ' 97 Sl ,I ' - ' ' , , - . A - . - . . Al y, . . . , . li !! tl Y! ' AK 71 ' AA Y! ' ' ' 1 , . ROBERT M VREDENBURG Vredy From School No 18 Admxral Farragut Academy College Entrance Course H1 Y 3 Vlce Presxdent 4 Junlor Prom Chaxrman Semor Executwe Board Dardaman Edltor Orchestra 3 Vredy IS a wit ln the true sense of the word One day h1s Deutsch accent wxll boom from the brldge of a m1ghty battle shlp as Admlral Vredy routs the enemy A born leader scholar and orgamzer of antl glrls clubs Here s to our Vredy edltor of one of the best Dardan1ans We know he w1ll be a success COLLINS WALES From C C II S Undeclded Academlc If you see a blg fellow loaf1ng around lt IS lxkely to be Collms He doesn t seem to be busy but you can never tell MARY BETTY WALLACE Honey From St Francls School Mxldred Elley Commerclal Bet came to these portals from C C H S She brought wlth her a sunny dlsposltlon and a warm per sonal1ty whxch have won her many frxends Almost every afternoon finds Bet down ln the Purltan sur rounded by a bevy of fr1ends all baskmg 1n her sunny d1spos1t1on MARGARET CATHERINE WALSH Pzdge From Poestenkxll D1StflCt No 3 Mmldred Elley Commerclal Margaret IS another glrl from the country She IS not very well known here ln school because she lS re served She has a cheery dlsposltlon and always has a smlle to greet her frlends Troy would do well to have more gxrls llke Margaret She IS always true blue to all her frxends and to her school MARY TERESA WARENDA M lcky From School No 12 Albany BUSIHCSS College Commerclal Course Gregg Group 3 V1ce Presldent 4 Mary 1S a serxous mmded student wlth a fun lovxng nature She IS partxcularly fond of cutting up 1n cer tam classes We are used to havmg Marys encourag mg spmt about us and we shall mxss her when we separate an an ' y ' v w 1 ' ' ' , v . 44 n ' ' ' ' u ra ' ' - - 14 - as v . H . - 1 v ' ' xy y ns an ' - v 1 ' 1 - v u 11 n yn 11 n U n ' ' y .T - u ' ' - an n u - va , - . ' - u ' as - . , , ANNE MAE WATERMAN Anna Mae IS a january graduate student and con sequently xs not so well known Tn our class All her frrends say that she IS a happy carefree per son one whom everyone would want for a frlend MAR JORIE BARBARA WATERS Marge From St joseph s Academy Syracuse Un1vers1ty Commercral Course Gregg Group 3 4 Gregg Representat1ve to Student Councxl 4 Marge cuts a very colleglate figure around our Alma Mater She IS up to the mmute in the colleglate styles guess she s preparmg for her future schoolmg at Syracuse Marge who has a bxg smlle for everyone she meets dlscloses that cheery sp1r1t whrch stands her ln good stead CARL WILLIAM WEINBRECHT Shnmp From Poestenklll D1str1ct No 3 Busmess College Commerc1al Course Commercxal Club 4 Carl s only fault lS h1s constant desire to sleep par txcularly 1n hlstory class He IS one of the happy go lucky students about school to whom studies are sub ordmate to rest However Carl has made many frlends HELENE MARIE WEISBROD rs From Academy of the Holy Names Mlldred Elley Commercxal Course Tr1 Y 4 Sxs IS a well known glrl around school She sh1nes wlth most of our ambltrous fellows along w1th her many glrl frlends Wlth such personallty Sls IS sure to make good 1n the buslness world NATHAN WERLIN Nat From School No 10 Albany College of Pharmacy College Entrance French Club 3 4 If Nathan thrnks that he 1S rlght all the Klng s men couldn t change h1s mmd This lad has been a good class mate and a genlal frlend These qualrtxes make a good man , - v . KI YY , . . y v as n ' ' , . . 1 u H ' ' 9 as ' u , . . . v . , . us' n as ' n ' ' ' . . . . H . ,, . ss H , . . . . - , 1 , . . . MARGARET WENDELL Pe From School No 12 Wheaton College College Entrance Phrl 3 4 Treasurer of French Club 4 Purple Key 4 Student Councxl 4 Dramatxcs l Here IS a g1rl well hked by her fnends at school Mar garet 1S very frrendly and full of fun but serlous when the occasxon demands Wlth these admlrable qualxtles and the line scholastic ablllty whlch she has dlsplayed th1s l1ttle g1rl w1ll surely succeed Margaret has been an asset to Troy Hlgh BETTY JANE WILBUR Bet From School No 14 Troy Busmess College Commerclal Course Purple Key 4 Gregg Group 2 3 Treasurer 4 Betty belleves there IS no fun llke a lot of fun She has susplclons about men but enjoys herself immensely when she IS wrth a group of glrls She IS a quret gxrl who takes a thorough mterest m her studles EDWARD WILLA From Poestenk1ll DlStflCt No 3 Undeclded Industrial Art In all our assoclatlons with Ed we have been rm We feel sure that Ed wlll be a success FLORENCE WILSON F o From School No 16 Slmmons College Academlc Scxence Club 3 4 Purple Key 4 Semor Executlve Board 4 Ph1l 3 4 Semor Ball Comm1ttee 4 Dramatxc Club 4 Florence will always be remembered as a girl whom we would lxke to have as a frlend Always popular scholastxcally and soclally Flo has been an asset to our Alma Mater Farewell and good luck Florence BETTY JANE Wn.'rsE Bet From School No 18 Russell Sage College Entrance Delphlc 4 Choral 1 3 4 Science Club 4 Trl Y 4 Pur ple Key 4 Sympathet1c muslcal and fllrtatlous These adjec txves descnbe Betty to perfectlon We have been told that she has qulte a way wzth the older men Watch your step Betty' From observatxon we would be ready to wager that Mlss Wxltse xs headed for success as a smger We w1sh her lots of luck and at the same trme gxve her a httle advlce Dont forget to practzlce your smgmg lesson daily' CC g!! ' , 3 ' 1 2 Q . V if 79 2 , , - llEdI! pressed by his willingness and desire to be of assistance. Cl I YY : ' , : ' ' : ' . Y . , . .. .. n 1 ' ' a Q l n 1 , , u HELEN WORTIilNGTON Babe From School No 10 Samarltan Hospltal Academlc Choral Club 1 3 4 SenIor Club 4 Delphlc 3 PfCSldCHt Helen has just completed a successful year as Presl dent of Delphlc and after graduatxon w1ll undoubtedly have many opportunltles to make use of her ab1l1t1es as a leader If you should happen to go Into the Samarltan Hospltal next year you wIll probably see Helen walk mg through the halls dressed In wh1te for she plans to select nursmg as a career ANGELA CECILIA WROBEL Nell From Plttstown Dxstrlct No 2 Undeclded Commerclal Course Glee Club C6Cll1a IS a country lass who IS rather qulet untll one gets to know her We find her one who enjoys c company of glrls more than that of the opposlte sex She IS a brlght cheerful student Wlth bubbhng laughter We hope all your attempts are successful CecIl1a RICHARD THEODORE YoUNGs Dnck From School No 14 P P I College Entrance Course Purple Key 4 Dardaman Board 4 RIchard hasnt been very actIve In extra currlcular actIv1t1es but he IS well known around school I'IlS re port card dlsplays some very fine marks whIch we all envy Keep up the good work and show the world what an old Troy Hxgh graduate can really do WILLIAM J ZIMMER Wolf From School No 14 Undeclded College Entrance Course Wolf IS our llttle Beau Brummel of the class who can be seen almost any time around the corrxdors ta k Ing to a couple of pretty Mlsses Boy does he slay em Quxte a teachers pet too especlally In Engllsh How about lt B1ll7 ALBERT FRANCIS HEMs Bud From School No 12 Troy Buslness College Commerclal Course Commerclal Club 3 4 Co Edxtor of Commerclal Ga zette 4 Semor Ball Commlttee 4 Bookkeeplng Contest 3 Alberts Interest In the Commerclal Department In Troy Hlgh has put that department to the front Through hIs efforts the Commerclal Gazette was started a blg step forward for the commercrals We salute hlm as a boy who has done much for Troy Hzgh through hIs untlrmg efforts towards hIs goal II vv I I Q - I 1 Y - 1 v - at H , . , . as ' Y' . s. . . , . . , . . . Q 9 - ' I In vw u n ' ' ' I . . , . , H . . , . . . I v ' , . gg vs I v ' ' v I - , . . . . ' at . 19 RIIBERT H ALBER B011 From School No 16 P College Entrance Bob IS a fun lovIng IndIvIdual wrth a pleasIng personalIty Hrs complacent outlook on lIfe IS amazrng Bob has not gxven the farr sex of our Alma Mater an opportunIty to really know hIm because of hrs apparent Interest and devotIon to Emma WIllard MASON BULGER Red From LaSalle College Entrance Red 15 a very good tennls player Unfortunate ly he arrIved at T H S too late to make the ten HIS team The gIrls find Red to be a very In terestmg person DONALD CAMPBEIL Don From School No 14 Don IS one of those fellows who seem to have a goal ahead of hIm and nothmg else can occupy hIs mInd untIl he has reached that goal We wxsh that Don had been a lIttle more socrable You see Don IS a really fine fellow when you get to know hrm BEATRICE MAE COLLINS Bea From School No S Albany BusIness College CommercIal Tfl Y 1 2 Commercxal Club 3 Although Beatrrce hasnt gwen us much of an o ortumty to get acquamted we have learned lrshed a great deal Success shall certamly be the reward for Beas determInatIon ARTHUR DRUBA Art From PoestenkIll DlStf1Ct No 4 UndecIded Vocatnonal Art IS one of the bashful boys of our class HIS shyness does not hInder hIm from obtarnmg frxends however Good luck Art In your chosen field ERIC FELDMEIR Max From School No 10 R P I College Entrance ErIc IS a quret conservatIve lad who packs a wallop when It comes to havmg a ready smrle beIng a genIal fellow and a good frrend Troy HIgh wIll lose a good son when ErIc leaves GEORGE GOODWIN From Lansmgburgh junxor HIgh Undecrded Industnal Art For anyone who IS In search of an argument George IS the boy whom they should find H wIll argue any tIme wrth anyone about anythIng or everythmg STEPHEN GINGERISI-cy From School No 12 Industrlal Art We glVC you Stephen one of the outstandmg boys In the shops RelIable Stephen should make a good busIness man RICHARD HENRY SIlence 15 golden DIck IS a serIous mxnded student wIth a pleasant nature We have never seen hIm at a socxal affarr but we know he has been an asset to our student bodv HIs patIent steady determmatron should propel hIm to out standrng accomplrshments HOWARD JENSEN Industnal Art That tall blonde fellow whom you see above everyone dance at school Howard IS a great asset when It comes to the lIghtIng and decoratmg Good luck Howard else IS Howard Whenever there IS a CHESTER KENIJALI. From School No 1 CommercIal Chet IS a boy who cant decIde between school and work We hope that he wall be a success In both MORREIIII KI NNY From School No 14 UndecIded AcademIc Here IS a lad who mxght be an IndIan f speclahzmg n Feathers means anythrng e are not referrmg to feathers of a head dress eIther GENEVIEVE MARIE KoEI.IvIEI. jean From School No 14 UndCC1d6d CommercIal Course Gregg Group gnrl that always possesses a ready jean IS a smrle for her fellow students Good natured and pleasant she pursurts even to selectmg a male companIon But alas ye fellows La Salle has provrded the compamon has drsplayed ll'llCll1gC1"lC6 In her EVELYN LARGE Evelyn From School No 14 Troy Busmess College Evelyn IS our drummer gurl Her gemalrty together wIth her earnestness and encouragIng manner has been the envy of many of us Our WlSh IS that she may COHIIHUC to beat out Joyful notes of LIfes song JOHN LIMFRICK A mans best company IS hIs own So It seems wIth john He travels hrs own traI1 and seems to enjoy It We would enjoy It more If he would JoIn us II ., , R. . I. . ' . It - - n - v A - - tt V1 Q ' I , , . . . . - II ,. . . ' A ' . , , . ' , , . ll VY I . , . ' PP Q U ' U I - - . i that she IS a hard-workmg gIrl who has accomp- . . . i ,K ,, . W l ' ' D . . I. .. II .. 3, 4. . I - I o l , Q l ' ' I I I l I. .. . . . . . U V H . ,, . . . D I ' A A - .I . - - I, - . . e . q I . JEAN MAC KAY jean IS a petxte blond from Johnsonvrlle We have heard that she has all the male hearts a flutter there when she flashes her brrght blue eyes Can xt be that she has glven her heart to someone m johnsonvnlle and therefore has no txme for the Troy Hxgh boys? THOMAS H MCNAMARA Mac School No 1 Undeclded Commerclal Commercxal Club 3 4 Tom has been one of those srlent fellows who thmks a lot and says httle He doesnt seem to bother much wxth the opposrte sex but we know that there must be someone somewhere We feel sure that Tom w1ll be a huge success nn the busl ness world MYRON MELNYK Myron IS a boy who halls from South Troy He has not guven us an opportumty to get well acquamted wxth hum but from the opmxon of the shop boys he s one swell fellow Hrs Troy Hlgh frrends w1ll certamly mxss hum when he leaves and goes forth mto the world KENNETH MESSIER Ken From School No 16 Troy Business College Academxc Ken was a fellow who had a fine brarn and knew how to use xt Besides hrs scholastic abzlrty Ken proved h1s worth as an athlete on the mound fo T H S EVELYN JEAN Mos1ER junzor From Attxco H1gh Evelyns qulet and unassummg manner has kept her m the background of our hugh school drama but desplte thus she is one of 1ts best lxked players JAMES WARD PETERS Pete From La Salle Undeclded College Entrance Jlmmy IS a mxschref lovmg lad who glves the xmpressxon of quretness We know however that he IS far from quret when wlth hrs frrends jimmy rs obvrously mterested m dealmg m automobiles always rn search of bargains ROBERT ROE Bob From Watervhet Hrgh School Undecided Commerclal Bob rs a fellow who has an outstandmg qualxty that makes hmm very popular This qualxty as hrs smcere mterest rn the other fellow Good luck Bob HARRY SCHECK From Wynantsklll Dxstrxct No 4 Industrxal Art The best place to Fund Harry rs out on the golf lmks lookmg for a lrttle whxte ball Indus tnous Harry should Fund that success rs not too hard to attam We wlsh hmm all the luck m the world BENJAMIN SAMIOF From School No 10 Commercxal Ben has always worked hard both ln school and outsxde too He can not help but be a success rf he keeps up hrs conscxentrous work LOUISE STEINIGER From St Lawrence Troy Busmess College Commercxal Gregg Group 3 4 Lourse IS our pleasant German mald whom we have found to be an mtellrgent a wrllmg and a hard worker Although she hasn t attended many of our socxal affaxrs she has shown her Fme school spmt by her presence at our athletxc contests We hate to lose you Louxse FREDA STIEGLER From School No 16 Commercxal For four years we have watched httle gleams selfish and pleasant she IS always anxlous to ard others A sense of humor finxshes off the character that has burned her memory mto our hearts and the hearts of her numerous frxends JOSEPH WETSBLUM oe From School No 14 Undecxded Academxc Choral 1 2 3 Camera Club Vxce Presldent 1 Presrdent 2 Cross Country 1 2 We have all found Joe to be a good class mate and a gemal fnend He should go far m thls world Never say dxe rs Joes motto ARTHUR Wooo Woodze From School No 16 State Teachers College College Entrance Purple Key 4 Heads up' Here he comes the dashxng reporter from the Record Art has done hrs work farth fully throughout hrs entxre hxgh school career He xs a born reporter V . , . ' . A ,, , . . . . , - , . . - . 1 Q .. , ., - . . . . . ' n . . . . . , ' . I ! n . - A V, . , ' r . . . ' of mischievousness dart from Freda's eyes. Un- it ' I1 u A , . . . 7 ! I 61-1 YY rr n , ' ' ! Y I - 7 ' I 1 - . . . - ' Ln " !! ' I U U , , . . . lt ' VY CL H . . , ' . . . H ,, . . I . , . . Done most for Troy High School Best student Most likely to succeed Most original Best athlete Mos Most Most Most Most Most popular rr popular boy attractive rr handsome boy dignified carefree John Howell Elizabeth Powell William Sammons Robert Vredenburg Lawrence Cioffi Constance Slzeland jack Cullen Dorothy Vaughn Jack Cullen William Sammons Kenneth Felter Man hater Woman hater Best dancer Cboyj Best dancer fgirlj C' lass lrrt Class pest Class WI Most modest Most interesting topic of conversation Most bashful Teacher s pet Most valuable subject ........................ ...... Hardest year ...... Leo Griffin Victor Loudon Dorothy Goyette Lois Van Every Bernard Arbit Robert Vredenburg Roberta jordan Night Before Howard Bauer Herbert Faris English ...........Junior Easiest year ........................................... . ......... .Senior Most popular teacher ...................... .... M iss Marion Fitzpatrick Class politician Sleepiest senior ..... Class baby ...... Best dressed boy . . . Best dressed girl . . . , Neil Hannon ...............,.............,.,......EdmundsBaylis . . . . .Wallace Flint . Ralph Avakian DorisMiller Class Celebrities . 5- g'l .................................... ' ' g'1 ..................................... ............................................MargaretWendell ,, f' ....................., ....... ........ . .. ' 'r ............................................ Class HISIOIY FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE YEARS At the close of th1s our Semor and final year of hxgh school let us lay aslde our school books and open the Book of Txme to do a lxttle remlmscmg It was on a non forgettable September day away back ln 1934 that ap proxlmately two hundred students-no longer puplls from South Troy to far off Sycaway assembled ln the audltorlum of the Troy Hlgh School Annex These students wlth excltement laughter and a l1ttle fear 1n thelr hearts then as sembled for the first t1me What fr1ends would we make? What teachers would we have? Above all what events would take place ln our next four years of school l1fe9 Surely we could never get acquaxnted with all these strangers' Such questlons and thoughts flxtted through our bewildered mnnds Soon how ever Mr Gardner then prmclpal of the Annex put us at our ease wlth words of greetmg advlce and encouragement The varlous courses and subjects were explamed to us and we were xnformed as to just what was expected of us 1n thxs hlgher mstxtutlon of learmng How we were to become good cltlzens we learned later Owmg to the xnadequacy of the Annex bu1ld1ng about fifty students studylng commercxal subjects were transferred to the mam bulldmg Th1s d1v1ded our class but w1th the ever present sp1r1t of cheerfulness we b1d them adxeu w1th the promlse of jomlng them ln our Sophomore year After becommg accustomed to thls new world we realxzed that school mmgled w1th the muslc of porto portare portarl portatus became the corn panlons of our first year Patlent and encouragmg our teachers adjusted us to our new system Mlss Mann to our Enghsh work Mr Gardner to Latln MISS Young Cnow Mrs Burghartj to algebra MISS Wood to blology Mxss Slmon Cnow Mrs Lypskyj to the commerclal subjects Mr Farrell to art Mr Helster to muslc Mlss Copley to gym for girls Mr Sweeny to gym for boys and Mr Downey governmg the study halls It soon became evldent that artxstlc dramatlc athletlc as well as scholastxc ab1l1ty was not lackxng mn our class Anne Mesnlg Marjone MacManus and Fred Grobe exh1b1ted envnable or1g1nal1ty 1n the1r art classes The day before Chrlstmas vacatlon we presented under Mlss Mann s dlrectlon a dramat1zat1on of The Nlght Before Chrlstmas w1th Marcia Graham as mterlocutor and W11 11am Sammons as the corpulent Santa In concludmg thxs program students of fore1gn descent wxshed us Merry Chrxstmas ln several fore1gn languages Changmg the settlng to the forest of Arden when sprmg came we heard our romantlc Orlando CBob Gormanj pour out h1s love to the falr Rosalmd CFlorence WIISOHD w1th From the east to western Ind No plvel IS llke Rosalmd Her worth bexng mounted on the w1nd Through all the world hears Rosalmd ! Y - , . - ' li ' YY-:K ,, . . . . , . 9 1 ' ' Y 1 . . . . ' , - Y I , . . y . , . . ,, . . . . . ,, ,L . . ,, - , Y - . . , . ' ' KK If ' 3 life was truly pleasant. Characters from "Ivanhoe" and "The Odyssey", inter- 1 -.-1 Y - . . . . , . 3 . . z I Z . 5 . . 3 . . . ' ' 3 . : . ' ' 9 ' ' : . 1 . . . . Y . v . y . ' Y 7 I ! H . . ,, . . . . - ' KA 19 ' ' ' 1 . . ,. . ,, . . , KK Margaret Wendell as Cella and Karl Schafer as the clowmng Touch stone ably completed the Cast of Shakespeare As You Llke It whxch was presented on Open House Day Football games found us ardent spectators for one of our mxghty Annex candldates Bob had survxved the scrlmmage and made the team a cheer rousmg achlevement M1ss Wood added attract1ons to her classes by sponsormg two contests one for blrd houses and the other for the collectlon of tent caterplllar nests The latter made a beautxful bon fire Our class on the other hand dld constructlve as well as destructive work Early one May mornmg after scramblmg for the back seats of the buses all the Annex students journeyed to the Helderberg Mountams where armed wlth plCkS shovels and palls we planted a thousand trees We expect that some day these Wxll l e lordly pme trees Exammatlons cllmaxed that eventful Freshman year As Sophomores we were msxgmficant and were at the mercy of the upper classmen when we resumed our studles ln the mam buxldmg We were fortunate 1n the fact that LVIISS Mann was also transferred to the mam buxldmg In sp1te of our lnslgmflcant status we were above the rank of Freshman and had our turn to tantalxze the Freshxes W1th the exceptlon of successful partlcxpatlon 1n the Commerc al Contest attendance at the Chrlstmas and Easter plays 1n Wh1Ch john Howell dlsplayed true dramatlc ab1l1ty and attendance of a few football and basketball games our Sophomore year was uneventful Doms LENT 1 tl A - rv - H n vb fl vw f , .J - rn VY - v - ' ll vs - - v w ll sv Q ' ' , . ' - v u v t . , v Q v v v . N H . ,, 4 . . . 1 . 1 . U . ,, . . . . -. 1 - - v v , . JUHIOI and Semor Years Jumors' Up on the thlrd floor' Upperclassmen' Such was our dxstmc t1on ln September 1936 Although th1s was the begmnmg of the year m whlch even the most lrght hearted of us knew we would have to buckle down we had t1me for much fun an our junlor year Sxnce we now formed an lmportant group nn our Troy Hxgh School we had to elect officers We elected Robert Gorman presrdent jack Cullen vxce pres1 dent Peggy Gregware secretary and Charles Coleman treasurer These officers proved themselves truly worthy of the1r offices and dld much toward makmg our class the actlve one that it has been In November at a meetmg the class became reckless and broke what had been a tradltlon for a number of years We selected green and whlte for our class colors' I might say here that m December we started the soclal season w1th a bang for we really dnd have an unusual affalr We called It the jumor Mrxer and at this event all the junlors really became acquamted wlth each other Be all that as xt may I can call th1s event Just a small bump compared to the Prom we had 1n May W1ll we ever forget the Crystal Ballroom of the Hendrxck Hudson and all the boys and glrls m the1r best dudads' After th1s affalr our play for the year was over June was rollmg around brlngmg exams wrth lt It lS easy to 1ma,g1ne that there were no more partxes or dances but lnstead one could see earnest young heads bent over books and any other alds that mlght help them rn passing these very lmportant exams When we returned ln September we found a changed school No longer were there superxor senlors filllng the halls and passlng all lmportant oplmons The Class of 37 had left to us the Class of 38 the t1tle of Senxors It dxdn t seem possxble but It was agaxn tlme to elect officers for our class Although we were all very much satlsfied wxth the offlcers we had chosen ln our jumor Year we elected the followmg new set for our Senxor Year Jack Cul len presldent Conme Sxzeland v1ce presldent and Alma Snyder secretary Charles Coleman was retamed as class treasurer Our class advlsers were M1ss Buckley and Mlss Mann We found these two teachers really mvaluable throughout the year Events went along smoothly and a blt quletly unt11 February when our Presxdent jack Cullen appomted Bob Gorman chaxrman of what was always called the Senror Ball to be held November ll 1937 from 9 to 1 ln our aud1 torxum Bob and h1s commlttee whrch conslsted of Thelma R1ggs Deedy ' I 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . . . H . - ,, 1 , . , . 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' . , . . . . , . 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 sl - 11 ' ' 1 1 1 ' . . . . . . U ,, - 9 Snyder Dons Mlller jean Curtlss and a few others arranged a truly novel affaxr Thls year however the affalr was called The Nautxcal Ball Now that we look back at It we can t imaglne how the commnttee ever managed to make our audxtorlum look so much llke a yacht club Beautxful decoratlons wonderful muslc and even refreshments helped make thxs the outstandmg affalr nn our hrstory We declded that xt was agaln txme for the Class to have an mformal soclal President Cullen appomted Marjorie Lane chamrman ass1sted by Ken Felter Ann Mesmg Ed Schmelxa and Alma Snyder Thls affalr agaln rounded up the Class of 38 for a very enjoyable afternoon The program mcluded such attrac txons as a Vox Pop and an amateur hour W1ll we ever forget Mr Doyle s ex presslon when Walt Godfrey asked h1m to pxtch a l1ttle woo' From then unt1l now all the trme has been spent ln dlscusslng commence ment what clothes we shall wear how our Dardanxan shall look CWe can t say we were really worrxed about that w1th Bob Vredenburg Ed1torJ when we shall take our plctures and last but not least how we shall make out ln our final exams We do not l1ke to th1nk or try to reallze that we have come to the end of our class hxstory for we know lt means that we must say goodbye now to Alma Mater We have spent four very happy years at Troy Hxgh We are sure we shall not forget you Alma Mater and we hope that our deeds and accomplrsh ments w1ll not let you forget us SARAH ROTHSTEIN 1 1 ' 1 - - ' H ' 11 . y 1 - , , . . . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 v ' , . . ' n 11 ' 1 ' ' u ' - 11 ' - ' 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 0ll0Sl0l'l'S To be or not to be Has been Specializes Rena Mae Adams Edward I Akullman Robert H Alber Charles W Albert Ernest Anderson Dorothy Anselment He en Apt Bernard Arbnt Wm Leslne Austm Raymond Aumand Ralph M Avaklan Helen M Barley Anna Bamak Sherman Barn mart Stanley Bashford Howard J Bauer Florence Bavasso Rose Blanco Edmunds Bayhs Sam Bedrosxan Mason Bolger Donald M Bonesteel Esther Brod Rlchard Bowser Edward H Boyer Wlllxam Brower Amta Brown Helen Brown Betty Brust Wm Louls Bubxc Helen Bulson Alberta C Bush Donald Campbell Florence Carlson Betty Carter Leah Casey Gertrude Catlm Ida Mae Caulfmeld James Chressanthxs Lawrence Crofh Raymond Cxpperly Dorothy Clark Carlo A Clemen e Olwe Chckner Martha W Clme Frank Cocca Herbert Cohen Charles Coleman Some ones wxfe Professor Qulz Soda Jerker at Pufundx Grgnlo Newsbov Grandmother One never knows Pseudo lawyer Farmer Hrs mothers best oy Math mstructor Mrs X Ryan s stooge Shoe salesman Tonsor1al artrst Football coach Arr hostess A nurse Racmg drlver Phx Beta Kappa Tennxs Champ Electncran Radmo Star Stamp collector Shot at dawn Salesman ftravelmol Mrssxonary Marrled Perfect sec y Pretzel bender Englrsh teacher Prrvate sec y An alumnus 4H D1rector rrch mans secy fllrt school teacher Wrfe of a Senator John D Rockerfcller Fnend of D my A Callforma hobo A comedxan An artrst A cr1t1c A second Mr Herster An athlete A Rabbm A brg bu mess man A Beatrxce May CollxnsA waxtress Frances Connors Anna Mae Conroy ,Iuamta Consaul Marlon Coonley Wmxfred Coonrad john Cotch Wrllxam Cregan lack Cullen Jean S Curtlss Gordon Cutler Mary Daley Clara DAlla1rd Maynard Dxxon Ruth E Douglas Arthur Druba Shlrley Dunn Jeanne F Eckendorf june Exlertsen Hxlda Ernst An avratrrx A tall woman A Trojan A perfect lady A mxlk dealers wnfe A track star Mzss Jacobs pet Always w1th Edlth Popular with Unlon A truck drlver A waztress A stenographer Country storekeeper A truck farmer Heartbreaker A second Raphael A nurse A smger S Quret Prof Levenstxens pest Chref cla s butter Around Good natured Deaf to Shakespeare A blt plump A No 1 pest Soccer player Woman hater Good egg Rather shy Chxef card marker Good student Srlly A good end Socrahte Rosle Fast driver A brxght Feller Runner up Shop gemus Mnss Brod Busmess Manager Negatxve spnrxt Maestro of Oral Comp Well llked Vamp Cheerful Carefree joy to her tea hers Busy Good dresser In school Champlon speller AnA P H S student In the background A tomboy A walter Baske ball hero Inconspxcuous A pest Snlent A pruzewmner Popular wrth Burg A newsboy Sl xppmg classes Treasurer Well fed Flymg around Plump An Oklahomxan Quret Drmklng Mrlk Actmg b1g A basket maker larzan Ignormg Ned Kxddmg along A cutup Pres Qof Comm Clubj A mght hawk Robert Taylor fan Machmxst Salesgxrl A camera fiend An artxst Church worker Domg thmgs Askmg questlons Frlley Gallantry Bemg unnotlced Who knows Usmg Latm trot Usmg brg words Rarsmg better cattle Stoogm for the Record Wavmg hrs harr Wrxtmg Whos Who The Dommo Hrs frlends Playmg football Madame X Rescumg young men Smxlmg Speed 95 o Aces Pxtchmg hay Jokes Breathmg Commercxal Ar1th Borrowmg books Havxng a good txme Danny Smxles Good tlmes Cool and collected Everything Clothes Mxller Moonhght rrdes Kmgston boys Rustrc heroes Baseball Chewmg gum Holdmg up walls Hrtch hrkmg Jabbermg Gettmg passes Dressmakmg The Instrtute Ignormg gxrls Advertxsmg Breakmg noses Grmnmg Mopmg Gymnastrcs Orrgmallty Smgmg Wagar Bookkeepmg Bemg a stooge Throwmg books Sellmg candy Rouge Lake George Makmg eyes Changmg gxrls Boy Scouts Dxggmg potatoes Red finger naxls Gxgglmg m Enghsh Chemrstry Smlhng I .' ' I .' 'I' ' ll S ' ' in , . . . . ' 3 b ' U I . 5 ' ll ' YY . . . 1 A - . I . k 17 . . ' . H Q ' 5 v . , . Joseph Cardinal A success Faithful Sense of duty A . . A - , , . . . . A , . i ' t A ' ' ' - I x . , - . . ? ll0ll0SCOPE To bc or not to be Has been Specralrzes m Herbert Fans Errc Feldmarer Kenneth Felter Georgetta Frscher Mae M FlS'1Cf Thomas R Fxtch Geraldme Frtzgerald Wmlfred Frtzgerald Lols Fletcher Elrzabeth Fhnt Wallace Flmt Ethel Fonda Wxllard Frazier Armene Gaspanan Hllda Grles Jane E Grlson Stephen Gmgeresky Florence Gm berg Dorothy Godfrey Walter Godfrey Delphxs Goldberg Paula Goodman George W Goodwm Robert L Gorman Dorothy Goyette June Graffin Marcia Graham julxa Gramack Peggy Gregware Leo Grrffin Fred Grobe Donald Grogan Clara Hall Nerl Hannan john Harden Jane Lee Hart Helena E Hasslxnger Albert Hems Betty Hengstermann Richard G Henry john Hxdley Harnet Hxll Robert Hxlton Corlzss Holcomb Robert Holzhauer Dorothy Horrocks Anne Hourrgan Carolyn Howe John Howell Hrlda Hull james Hynes Alex Ishkaman Bernard Ives Alrce jaffee Astrxd Jensen Howard Jensen Roberta M Jordan Florence jubxck Arthur Kazanjxan Carl Kelly Chester Kendall Helen Krlburn Morell W Kmney Genevieve Koemel Don G Krexger Fred Krough john Kruczklmckr Anne Kurr A woman hater A techmcran Romeo Dress desrgner Good in Eng 1sh Cab Calloway A Mrs A model A marrred woman Guardran of the Bossy A Hortrcultunst Teacher s fnend New dealer Lxvmg rn Worccs er A Phu Beta Kappa A nurse An hxstorlan Teachers pet A Professors wnfe Champ roller skater A great orator Island Prmcess A resrdent of Troy Mom s hero A farmers wxfe Faxrly thm Of French descent A secretary A doctors daughter A woman hater A Pratt student A detectrve A teacher fmancrer great dancer good musrcxan norsy person drctator The thm mans wrfe A cxty officxal A brg leaguer A drver Pres of U S A perfect marksman A scientist Meeker A success A httle gurl A barker A Beauty Expert Busmess Man Luke Clark Gable A bell hop A blond A celebrity An electrxcxan Hrs best friend A house wrfe One of the five Man about town A gentleman A good drwer A loborer Footloose 85 fancy A mndget A bachelor A crty slrcker A success A ree Teachers pet Bashful Heartbreaker An angel Prcked on A regular guy Social Success jumor Queen A reader of the Whxsp The perfect sxstcr A baby face Nonehalant Open to Argument Studnous A good worker A toe dancer Commg to school In the way Happy go lucky Part of the eternal A debator Concexted A garageman Popular Smrlmgly happy Farrly plump Good rn chemistry Man hater Sweet and popular Brrllxant A mxnnow catcher Woman desprser Shy A knbxtzer Srlent Mrss Staude s pet Srlent Commercral Edrtor Football player A Pohtxcran A Wynantskrll terror Actrve m sports Krcked out of Enghsh A Jayvee A He man Meek A spoxled darlmg A glamour gurl An orator A blonde In class Quite the man Lookmg for work Lrttle known Walkmg A gemus Innocent A gurl Blank A model An usher Reckless Unemployed Whxspermg A grant A Socxalust A puddle Jumper Around school French Short wave 20th Century Gallantry Memorrzmg Growmg foods Rollxng hrs eyes R P I Appearance Engagement rmgs Chummg Copyrng homework Open cars Current events Trying to skate Bemg helpful to all A Sunoco Garage Argumg Dieting Permanents Girls abroad Puttmg on the dog Flxrtmg w1th Fans Pmk glasses Bemg a gentleman Breakrng dates Banana diet Havmg partres Shorthand Dnvmg Blushmg One pupe Baseball Talkmg Blondes Lodges Lrght red heads Fmgerwaver Bemg sarcastrc Bull Powell OJ Drawmg The nme Drrvmg Other boys grrls Making no1se Poutxng Long hair Bemg modern Socrety Russell Waves Bemg quxet Dancmg Hecklmg Rumble seats Srttmg on staxrs Shocks Headmg Snoopmg Forgettmg hrmself Ushermg Rxskmg her neck Good trmes Stayxng mn Autos and Tractors Blue sweaters Lookmg rn wmdows Dressmg S T Il S john B. Groom Tennis Champ Great fisherman Model T's . A . . . A . A . . , , . - I A . . . 1 . . r . U P . . f - . . . ll0ll0Sl0l'E To be or not to be Has been S pecrahzes Ellen IJ Lance A lady of lexsure Ehzabeth Landmesser Ilene Harrms Marjorxe Lane Kens wrfe Evelyn Large Her mothers daughter Betty Lasky Somebodys wrfe Dorothy Laudon Cabaret Dancer Peggy Lawson Wartress Rosemond Leffler An eloper Dons Lent Flrst Lady of the Land Helen Lewrs A mxmsters wrfe Wrlham J Lewkow1tzAn All Amerxcan john Lrmerrck Ruth M Lodge janet Loeble Vnctor Louden Marjone MacManus Margaret McGovern Marcra McGrady Margaret McGrady Thomas McNamara jean Mackay Zelma Mark Helen E Mazur Francrs Meeker Myron Melnyk Anna Mesmg Gerald Messra Kenneth Messxer John Mestork Julxa Mestolk Dorxs Mrller Elwood Muller Wrnston Mrller Dons Moody Charles Morrrs Evelyn Mosrer Amella Murphy Mllton Nelson Nncholas Nrzmkxrck Frances L Novxck Frances Nowak Norma OBr1en Marlon Osofsky Edythe Parmenter Nrcholas Pascuccr Deborah Patten Anne Pattx Dorothy Paul Ehzabeth Pedley Madge Pendell Eleanor Peters james Peters V1rgm1a Phrlo Nlcholas Pngnatellx Carolme Pmraha Margaret Plante Mxchael Pohnsky Ralph Pollock james Post Ehzabeth Powell Wlllram Powell Martm Pryor Ellen Pusatere Ruth Qurmby Ollve Rankm Charlotte Raschke Robert E Reynolds Thelma Rxggs A man of lersure A box oflice attractxon Mane Cunes successor Bouncer Early for once Fred Astalre s partner Identxlied Identllied Engineer Lady of lelsure A leader of fashions Charlty worker Momma s one and only Newspaper man A surgeon You guess A married man Lover of hlstory Housewlfe Bobs choice A country gentleman A butter and egg man Loud On the affirmatrve srde A governess Bus rider Bram Truster A Farmer Socxologxst Cafetena manager A waxtress In busmess A blushmg bnde A grease monkey Cheerleader Chemxcal whiz A mystery Lrbrarxan Folhes gxrl Pnvate sec y Fugxtxve from Justlce A celebnty Matedor Governess Band leader W P A worker A great help Another Rubxnolil Schoolmarm The thm man Forexgn drplomat A workmg gal Campmg A vrolmrst Kens grrl A member of the band Very cute Lawsons pa Laudon s pa Somebodys gal The Pnde of T H S A good lrttle grrl A T H S hero Campbell s stooge A sxlent talker Knows all tells nothmg Qurte the boy Usually late A swell dancer Identrcal Identlcal Bashful Cute Lots of fun Gone wxth the Very good Agreeable Popular Football player Practrcally that Srlent Goodnatured Lookxng after Bob A young gallant Wmd Klbrtzer Quxet I m agm rt Quxet A scnbbler Lazy A 4 H member Actxve A tray Juggler F rxendly Forgettmg books Engaged In seclusron Loyal rooter Rather short A mystery Fond of readmg In a revue Short and sweet We wonder Modest A good guy Commercral gemus A tomboy Sleepy Handy A mlrusters son Studnous A cheerleader Chubby A source of mformatlon A future busmess womanA fflend of the fifem'-in Hxtch hrker to LathamsFUll of fun A model wlfe Foodstore lassre Master of the T square Draftsman Bugmegs woman Pollys dlstnbutor Sons rays Rabbnts Ken Playmg drums Personalxty Co1tTures Boys Grgglmg Bemg perfect Qualrty Drmples Not 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' ' l 5 ' s ' ' .' ll ' I1 . ' . ' - . , . . ' ' UP f . D I . . . 'k . 0 , . ! ' I I- - - . . . t - ' f ' l f H '. . . - t . '- . -' 'ca Class Prophecy Tomorrow What does the great tomorrow hold in store for the students of the 1938 graduating class of the Troy High School? This IS somethmg each and ex ery one of us wishes he could foretell but unfortunately few persons are glfted with this great and rare power of prognostxcatlon But as prognostlcator for this class I am prepared to take a trip mto the future to see how the majorlty of our class will have progressed fifteen years from now Would you like to travel 1nto the future with me? You would Well come project yourself fifteen years into the future and now assummg that you are llvxng 1n the year of 1953 you shall see what you can see We find ourselves ln an undreamed of land a land of utmost beauty no slums threaten the health of our people no war clouds float overhead pre pared to drop on unsuspecting heads at any moment and no crlmlnals endanger the l1ves of our c1t1zens It xs a land of rocket sh1ps austin aeroplanes sky trallers and new and more efficlent mechanical and telev1s1onal devices We find ourselves in the great and admxrable c1ty of Washmgton the Capltal of the United States Proceedmg to Capitol H1ll we enter the Capltol Building one of the most beautiful public edlfices ln the world We pass through the rotunda past the famous pamtlngs of American H1story scenes and through the National Statuary Hall 1nto the Hall of Representatives Here we find Stanley Bashford and I do mean Stanley Bashford acting as representatlve for New York State He tells us that Dzck Bowser and Arthur Wood are re porters for The Washington Gazette of whlch Albert Hems IS editor We now leave the Hall of Representatlves and Just outside the door we meet the Presl dent of our Senmor Class jack Cullen who has just returned from h1s second term abroad as Umted States Ambassador to France During our conversatlon we discuss Charles Coleman s recent appolntment to the position of Secretary of Treasury 1n the Presldent s cabxnet jack tells us that Bob Vredenburg IS now Captaln of the U S S New York and that Ed Sxmmons IS working ln the U S Chemlstry Department We now say goodbye to Jack and make our way to the Senate Chamber On the way we see Betty Russell who lS also golng to the Senate Chamber to hear her husband john H Howell address the Senate on the merlts of the th1rt1eth amendment Inslde we find Helen Schlxndwzen the Senates OH:lCl2l secretary recording Senator Howell s dlscourse After we leave the Senate we accompany Helen to one of the Capitol s many restaurants and are served by Mary Warenda who lnforms us that Marjorie Waters and Betty Carter are proprxetresses of a hat and gown shop IH Par1s Durmg our lunch Helen tells us that Alberta Bushs laugh yes the one that haunted us through our h1gh school days has made her famous as a radlo comed1an We also learn that Ruth Switzer IS the proud owner of an artlsts studlo 1n Phlladelphla that Betty Wilbur and Louis Stzenlger are now operatlng a confectlonery store 1n a small town outsxde of Washington and that Rxchard Youngs has earned natlonal fame as a muslclan When we leave the Capitol we go across the street to the L1brary of Con gress to see the largest collectlon of books maps and manuscripts in the world Here Frances Novxck is looklng for material for her new publxcatlon The Rlghts of Women and librarian Genevneve Koemel IS helping her After spendmg some time ln the library we make up our mlnds to take a slght seeing bus ln order to vxslt the many spots of mterest 1n thls great cxty ' . v v v Y ' ' 1 v Y V V -.. , Q - v ' 7 9 , . 7 ' 1 , . v 1 , v H . ,, . . . y - v 1 ' v . , . . . . . , . . . . . , . v 1 A . , . , . . . . . , . ' 1 . , . 9 ' 1 ' 1 s I ' 1 , . v . , . . . . , . . . . i v v , - , . . . . . . . U . l ,, . . . . . y 1 1 - 7 Lets v1s1t the Folger Shakesperlan Llbrary The Whrte House Washington Park and Ph1ladelph1a Boulevard That done we now proceed to the airport and board a passenger rocket s'11p to New York Cnty The a1r hostess Alrce Kazanjran makes us comfortable and fifteen mmutes later we land on the 10lst floor of Hollywood Hotel We clxmb out of the shlp wh ch takes off for lts next stop the Palace Theatre and step onto the movmg stalrs and 1n a moment we find ourselves standlng ln the lobby of the hotel before the hotel clerk Anthony Socczo Mr Socclo tells us that Wzllxam Sammons IS the owner of the hotel and that Bernard Arbzt IS stoppmg here whlle he lS makmg plans for h1s natlon wlde drlve agamst the use of caps and gowns for hlgh school graduatlons We pass the Hotel Orchestra and but walt doesn t the leader of that orchestra look famlllar to you? It can t be but xt IS It s our old school ma e Howard Salrsbury We leave the Hotel and hurrxedly jump mto a taxl but the tax1 IS occupled By whom? you ask Why by Alma Snyder Same old Alma al ways turnmg up ln the most unexpected places She 1nv1tes us to go wlth her to see her latest Broadway Hlt named after her own pet saymg Off Men Forever On the way to the theatre Alma mforms us that Connze Srzeland 1S a Commerclal Artlst ln New York City and that Hzlda Ernest Clara Hall and Ce elxa Wrobel are all dolng very well for themselves 1n the field of stenography She also mforms us that Charlotte Raschke Pearl Shaver and Helen Bulson are bookkeepers 1n large New York busmess houses Dorothy Clark also a stenog rapher IS st1ll trylng to get to work at ll 30 so she can leave at 12 for lunch Well here we are at the theatre and whose pxcture IS that on the b1llboard7 show We enter the elaborately decorated theatre and the usher shows us to our seats Once seated a low murmur dlrectly behxnd us draws our attentlon away from the orchestra leader Tom Frtch as he slowly ralses hls baton to start the joyous evenmg off wlth a wholesome melody When we look back whom do we see but Florence Bavasso and jean Curtrss Dldn t I tell you that voxce sounded famxlxari' Florence lS telllng jean how she met Peggy Gregwarf- 1n a large New York department store Peg sald she was dolng some shoppmg whrle here husband was attending a busmess conference here Peg also said that Dons Mrller and Bob Gorman were comfortably settled wlth lxttle Dorls and Bobby jr ln a llttle place ln Sycaway and that Edythe Parmenter Thelma Rrggs and Helen Brown have settled down to a qulet marrled hfe Suddenly all voxces cease to murmur The llghts are dlmmed The cur talns are drawn and the show starts The show proves to be a tremendous suc cess and the audlence pours forth to tell thexr frxends of thxs new sensatxon We rlse and slowly wend our way up the alsle but not wlthout mlsfortune for some one tramps none too llghtly on our heels But upon turnmg we change our mmds and call It fortune for lt proves to be Ralph Avakran who xs presldent of the New York Clty Natlonal Bank We get to talkmg over old tlmes and he mforms us that Donald Bonesteel wlth the a1d of Walt r Shulz and Bob Reynolds as arch1tects has just completed the bulldmg of a number of cottages ln a small town outside of New York One of these cottages IS now bemg occupied by Mr Bxlly Powell and h1s wlfe the former Mzss Betty Hengstermann He also tells us that Carl Kelly successful as a hotel manager lS stxll a bachelor and a very popular one at that Takmg leave of Ralph we leave the lobby and walk past the crowded box office Glanc mg rn we see Hilda Grles busxly arrangmg reservatlons for the next show Now for a mght on Broadway Broadway appears even more glamorous and wlde awake than ever Whxle walkmg slowly down the street gamlng much satfsfactlon from the cool mght axr we glance across the street and spy Rosa mond Leffler walkmg proudly besxde a tall blonde handsome fellow The 11 , . . . . . . - . , . . , 1 , . . , I , - .. . . , . . , L . , 1' L , ' Y Y ' Al !1 - 1 . . ll , ,, . . . . ! 1 1 , ' Why lt,S Frederzck Ellison, and he lS playmg opposlte Florence Wrlson ln Alma's - , V I . . . . , ., , , , , . , . , - ' Y l . . V . , . . Q . . V . . . ' Y . . lumlnatxng street lxghts catch the glltter of a dlamond on her left hand Farther on we see Bzlly Zzmmer brlght socks peepmng out over the tops of h1s shoes and stlll surrounded by a group of gxrls You see B1lly hasn t lost that great love of beauty m nature or ln glrls either We enter a very promlnent nlght club and are shown to a table by the head walter johr Hzdley Whlle danclng among the players Gladys Snyder and Edward Akullxan we colllde w1th Dorothy CPeteJ Goyette who IS st1ll domg the very latest swing steps just as we are leavmg we catch a gl1mpse of Margaret McGovern ghdxng gracefully over the floor After leavlng the mght club and lts gay jumble of muslc we take an austln aeroplane p1loted by Wznston Mrller and make our way to the capital of our home state Albany We turn on the radxd just mn t1me to hear an announce ment from Washlngton statmg Mrs Roland Carle the former Dons Lent ha just been appomted to the Supreme Court Bench She IS the first woman to hold such a posltlon Your announcer IS jan- s Hynes Th1s IS Statlon S S S sxgnmg off Well that IS news but then we all knew that Dorls would make a place for herself ln this world I wonder how Roland likes be1ng the husband of a pol1t1c1an9 We arrlve ln Albany early the next morn1ng and get a hotel room so that we may have plenty of time to see the clty Let s turn on the radlo and tele v1s1on while we make ourselves presentable for a tour of the clty We look mto the telev1s1on and see a figure not totally unfamllxar to us whlle a vo1ce says Thls lS Herb Ferzs brmglng to you the Early Mornmg Vox Pop Program There s nothmg l1ke a few puzzllng questlons to stralghten the bram fac1l1t1es for a good days work And now for the questlons Now young fellow w1ll you kindly tell the audience your name occupa t10P and residence? Another vo1ce answers Ned Baylzs IS the name I l1ve here ln Albany and I am a brldge bullder Oh yes contlnues the announcer Now Ned 1snt lt true that you were known as the Sophomore Hero whlle attendlng Troy Hlgh School? By the way would you mlnd telhng the folks as some of your former classmates mlght be llstenmg 1f you know the whereabouts of any of the members of our class? Ned replles No not at all Herb Well lets see now Fred Grobe and Ella Shannon are both domg well m the field of art Rrchard Henry recently won first prlze ln a Natlonal Art and Anthology Contest for h1s two hundred page illustrated Verse Anthology of Trees Marcza Graham has earned the tltle of World s Champlon Swimmer and I do know that Frank Cocoa sponsor of this program holds a large share of stock in a large shoe factory 1n th1s clty Now Herb perhaps you have somethlng to add Well I certamly have was the reply Last week Betty Lasky was on th1s program and she told me that she and Dorothy Godfrey are stenographers ln Vzctor Louden s Retall Automobile Salesrooms on State Street where Florence Ginsberg IS bookkeeper Marjorxe MacManus and jack Groom heard wedding bells a few years after graduatlon june Ezlertson IS recognlzed as a capable de sxgner and perhaps you d1d not know that the Fztzgerald s1sters Wmnze and Gerry are nurses m St Peter s Hospltal Well how s that for a bit of goss1p9 And now we ll have to go on w1th the program You can get your pass to see One Pretty Redhead starrmg Dorothy Thayer from Shirley Dunn at the ticket oflice on your left And now w1l1 the next partxclpant please step up? . . , . . . Y . . . , ' I , l . . , . , . l ' , , V I ' . I . H . H - Q 1 'V . . ,, . . . . , . H . . . . . . - ' 57 Oh, for a moment, I thought Herb was going to lecture, but listen: ,, . . . Y Y V - ' ' U . H . . . . , . . - . ,, LK !7 ' KK ' 1 ' I 1 Y Y , Y 37 ' it ! S 3 ' 7 ' I , . . s ' V ! ' YY it ' I7 Ki , . . , . , . . , . . , . , . ' O ll 71 ' ' Y I . . . . ,, . , . Well Can you xmaglne that? We ve lost five preclous moments but we ve also learned somethlng about our former frlends We hurrledlv change and are just leavmg when Herb asked Charles Albert maker of the worlds orxgmal two cent cngar what he meant by the phrase Pltch a Llttle Woo? We do not walt to hear the answer but hope that Herb will finally get a sultable one for he 1S a little older now After leavlng the hotel we walk down State Street and do a llttle wmdow shoppmg Tlme hasn t seemed to change wmdow shopp1ng a blt Oh look at that star shaped evening bag' Isnt xt slmply gorgeous? Do lets go 1n and look at xt Thxs store namely The Two Slsters looks like a mce exclus1ve shop We enter the store and find ourselves confronted w1th two very charmmg ladies Margaret and Freda Stezgler Dont you remember them? Of cours you do Freda tells me that Wzllram Austzn and Howard Bauer are both elec trlclans m the Power and Llght Company that Ruth Douglas IS now a fashion deslgner for the Vogue and that Betty Brust lS owner of Betty jane s Beauty Salon Durmg our conversatmon Paul Schmrdt emerges from the mner office with a very busmess llke brlef case under h1s arm He sald The Report xs on vour desk M am t1pped hls hat and left the store Later we learn that he 1S a Certliied Public Accountant and that he had been lookmg over the books Margaret says that he recelved h1s C P A Degree at the same tlme that Ken neth Messrer received hls Wh11e tellmg us of thexr sprmg style show she men tloned the fact that Dot Vaughan had modeled their most excluslve gowns Francis Nowack replaclng Helen Mazur who left for Honolulu last month to catch that m1l11ona1re she always wanted IS typ1st ln The Two Slsters Well we must be gettmg along now We walk down the street toward the new Albany Rad1o C1ty On the opposite slde of the street Sherman Barnhardt and Sam Bedrosxan stroll slde by sxde wlth an all lmportant a1r about them At Radlo Clty we find that Tom McNamara IS a radxo dlrector Here we also find Anna Mesmg now fa mous smger engaged by the N B C Network Anna tells us that Leah Schwebel IS a concert pxamst that Ellen Pusatere IS her fathers secretary and general manager and that Olxve Rankm IS now 1n Hollywood deslgmng characters for Walt Dxsney s latest ammated cartoon Snow Whlte and Rose Red On the way out of Radio Clty we see Charles Morrzs wlth h1s candld camera snappxng a plcture of Dorothy Stone and her dog Once on the street agam we colllde with Florence Solomon You knew dldn t you that she IS one of the few celebrated women surgeons nn this v1c1n1ty In her travels as a surgeon she has met several of our former classmates among whom are Rose Blanco jane Grlson june Gralfm Ann Pattz and Helen Worth mgton who are all nurses IH Rensselaer County and Nexl Hannon who IS a doctor mn Troy Later that same day we catch a ghmpse of jane Hart and Marjorze Lane frlends forever dressed exactly allke and walkmg arm nn arm toward the Palace Theatre Durlng our v1s1ts to the varlous places of lnterest we see Margaret Walsh Kenneth Teetsel Martxn Pryor and Mary CBettyJ Wallace who ns now married to the R P I fellow who showed her the way out of the college grounds when she was lost there Early the next day we take a taxx owned and operated by Robert Alber and are drlven to our old home town Troy When we arnve m Troy we buy a newspaper at Erxc F eldmaer s Newstand where any paper ln the natlon may be purchased After getting the iewspaper we go over to the Y W C A of whlch I-Iarrzet H111 IS dlrector Whlle slttmg m the readxng room glancmg over . . , . . - 1 , . . . . . A 1 . . , 1 - - - u ' ' 11 - ' , 1 1 1 . . , . . . . . , . , . . , . - - sn ' 11 ' ' ' - 1 1 . . , A , . . C Q A . . . , 1 - 1 . . . . . . H . - 1 v 7 11 ' ' ' ,, 1 1 1 - , . . , ' 1 . . . . . . H . ,, 1 ' - 1 u ' ' 11 1 ' 1 . , ' , 1 . . . . . . D . , 1 1 ' 1 ' 41 ' 91 , . 1 1 - 1 . , . . . . . . , . 1 1 r 1 1 I " 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . , . . . 1 1 . . . . the paper we see Carolyn Howe enter with a small golden haired glrl Ap parently the chlld IS gomg to take a tap dancmg lesson Now to get back to our readmg The headlmes on the paper read Mayor Hrlton to attend Alumnl Reumon Reading on further we find that a reunion of former T H S stu dents IS scheduled for that afternoon We ll certalnly ha Je to go to that W find that this publxcatlon lS a complete Troy High ed1t1on On the first page IS a p1cture of the McGrady twins Marcxa and Margaret and after readlng the accompanying column wrltten by Herbert Cohen we find that the twins won first prize 1n a recent Twm Contest Oh makmg the front page hey glrls Turnlng the pages of the newspaper we read all the news concerning our home clty and our frxends The sports page by Collms Wales holds a world of lnterest tor us because It reports the success ot Lawrence CCh1ckJ C1061 asslstant Troy Hlgh coach in trammg h1s first varsity team for a year of complete vlctory We read that the newly formed Women s Baseball Team managed by Margaret CM1ck e5 J Plante IS scheduled to play against an out of town team under the manage ment of Don Grogan On the next page we see an advertlsement for the CCarlJ Wembrecht Fruit Garden And here wrxtten by Leo Grrfhn IS an enumeratlon of those th ngs accompllshed by Zelma Mark in her career as a Soclal Service worker Right in the mldst of our reading Jeanne Eckendorf walks ln Thls must be someone s b1rthday for xt IS full of surprises for us Jeanne by the way ns a self made artist Through questxomng we find out that her life time frlend janet Loeble IS now a bacterlologxst that Lots Fletcher is now Mrs Bob Collier and that both Paula Goodman and Mae Fxsher walked up the alsle to an old famzllar tune some t1me ago Through other sources we learn that we cannot see Ruth Lodge unless we take a trlp to Reno She likes lt so much there that she couldn t reslst a slxth VlSlt I am afrald we cannot see her then because our trlp IS lxmxted as to txme We then accompany Jeanne to the Alumm gathering The Troy Hlgh School IS well known for its well kept college lxke campus and the cleanlxness of lts 1nner walls The gorgeous sxmplxclty of the school goes beyond even our greatest expectations We find that the new school has an entlre floor devoted to gymnastics Madge Pendell by the way IS one of the many gym mstructors and Karl Tyll IS a llfe saver and instructor of swimmlng 1n h1s beloved Alma Mater A delightful period of entertainment has been planned for the enjoyment of our school alumnl The schedule IS as follows Fxrst a sxncere welcome from Mr Doyle CHere history repeats xtself when Walter Godfrey a natlonally known Journahst gracefully trxps over a chair and sends xt sprawlmg from the platformj Next we hear from Delphzs Goldberg a soclal scxence teacher in Troy High and then after light refreshments Roberta jordon holds the audxence spellbound with her 1m1tat1on of Eleanor Powell that famous screen dancer m her latest creatlon for dancmg feet She 1S accompanied on the plano by Ehza beth Powell no relation as far as we know to the afore mentloned who has just returned from an excurslon as a mxssxonary ln the South Sea Isles Upon lookmg around we recognize several persons whom we know Brll I ewkowztz IS standxng over ln one corner patlently waltmg for his chance to get a sultable pxcture Betty Wrltsze singer and also leader of a group of Campfire Cnrls IS talkmg to Betty Landmesser and Leah Casey over near the wmdow A loud laugh ln the s1xth or seventh row of seats tells us that D bora Patten IS present And down ln the first row Astrxd jensen IS tellmg Ida Mae Caulfield what a hard tlme the nurse has keepmg the twins out of mlschlef When we Join these two we learn from Ida Mae that she now owns a share of the Drug Store where she once worked Carlton CDeedyJ Snyder stops 1n at the store once ln a whxle after a days work at the office to get some small remembrance for the Mrs and you know who she IS Oh yes Ellen Lance has Raymond Crpperly s Y V ' - . . H , . - 1 . ,, . . Q I 1 1 . ' . , . v e 1 1 . . . .V 1 . , , . 1 ,V , . , . v - I . l " - i . , , 1 . , . , . . . ' Y 3 - i Y - . . , - sa - av ' 9 , . . . . . ' - - Y ' I Y D . . , . . , Y ' 1 Y 1 Y 3 j Y , . 4 - 1 , . . . , . . . S ' 1 1 . . , ., . , , pipe and sllppers ready every evemng at s1x Not long ago Ida Mae met Anna Ryan who lS secretary ln the same office where Anna Banrak works as typlst and Amta Brown as comptometer Over near the platform Fred Krough prominent retlred busmess man IS wrmng his autograph for a group of persons among whom are Francrs Meeker john Mestozk Ethel Fonda now a secretary and Anne Kurt But walt Fred the g1rls asked for your autograph not your telephone number Are you wondermg who those two quiet young ladles over there are? Well its Margaret Wendell and Elrzabeth Pedley That tall red hanred boy standmg beslde B111 Cregan IS none other than Troy Hlgh s one and only Ken l'elter No need to hlde your adm1rat1on grrls for he hasn t been plcked off the vme of ehglble young bachelors yet We learn through bnef mtervxews w1th varlous persons that Helen Barley and Eleanor Peters have excellent posltlons as secretarles here rn the city that Maynard Drxon manages a Cham of general stores in the smaller towns and villages in thls vlclmty that john Roach has finds gathering apples from hers and jlmmy s orchard a pleasant task Notable for their absence are Ed Boyer Commerclal Law teacher ln Glens Falls and Wmme Coonrad teacher in the Cazenovla Seminary I dont see Lors Van Every do you? You say she lS probably ln Holly wood vamp1ng the stars Well thats one OPIHIOII but wherever she IS there IS no doubt that she IS as happy and contented as always But now I am sorry to say xt IS time to leave the future and the fulfil ment of our dreams and return to the present And now we find ourselves once agam 1n our beloved Alma Mater the school the originator and the educator of our mspxratlons In our trlp we found no trace of Frank Thompson Gordon Cutler George Goodwzn Alex Ishkaman john Ruback or julza Gramack as well as several of our other promment classmates But I am sure that whatever field they enter whether it be business art soclal or professional they will be a huge success and an asset to thelr school And now that we are back to the present time ln the land of realism back to the reallty of studies and plans for the future I wish everyone of my class mates the best of luck and of success CLARA D ALLAIRD made a place for himself in the field of sports: and that the former Mary Daley 44" X ,gal . MDN, '-WP S N 1 1 YW WYYYY 0 ' X n ' , , XI N'-. S 5 ' , . I fhnnmd' I M Y EJ I. L4 I. l.4 l.4 - .4 I. 1 YA YA YA NA K 'A rl 1 ,nfl ACTIVITIES Ir Ill! l II F: 11-S-l1'li-4 11 flz il? -' I I K l iilt- IL ll, . Q .. .11 I In I Il' ,III I - LIE Ilia IJ Q X Ill: Ula I' ll I' "l3l1l3l1 - l 9 Senlor Execuuve Board OFFICERS Presrdent JOHN CULLEN Vrce Preszdent CONSTANCE SIZELAND Secretary ALMA SNYDER Treasurer CHARLES COLEMAN EXECUTIVE BOARD HOWARD BAUER FLORENCE WILSON BOE VREDENBURG CHARLOTTE RASCHKE It was because of these officers and thxs Executxve Board that the Semor M ss I Mann and Mxss E Buckley helped plan and conduct all the affalrs of fhe class Through the1r eflort and cOoperat1On the Semors have passed a most successful year Class has enjoyed such a prosperous year. These groups, with the advice of The bell of tlme has rung four glorxous years to a close and has sounded the begmmng of a new era of hfe for us Wxthm a few short years the assoclatlons we have made and the enjoyable tlmes we have had wlll be but a dlm memory We are leavmg much behind us Our school days are gone but not from our memorles Before we say goodbye however we must express our sincere gratxtude to those who have taught us for thelr never faxlmg patlence and assxstance To the jumors we leave the torch of honor that to us symbollzes all that IS fine ln Troy High School with the hope that they will carry lt one step nearer xts zenxth And now as a representatxve of the class of 1938 I bxd not fare well but auf Wledersehen JACK CULLEN Presldent Class of 1938 x 1 y v y s y 1 v 1 n u , ' u - 19 u . v Dardaman Board Edztor m Chref ROBERT VREDENBURG Assocrate Edztor EDMUND SIMMONS General Manager JOHN CULLEN Busmess Manager RICHARD BOWSER Advertrsmg Manager DELPHIS GOLDBERG Art Edrtors Soczety Edrtor JOHN RUBACK JUNE EILIIRTSON JEAN CURTISS Wag Edrtors Photographs ALMA SNYDER FRED GROBE JEAN ECKENDORF WALTER GODFREY NEIL HANNON HELEN SCI-ILILINDWEIN HELEN BULsoN JANE GILSON Wlth Robert Vredenburg as edxtor In chlef and an eff1c1ent staff of helpers the Class of 1938 has edlted a very! successful Dardaman Work on the book was started lmmedxately after the appomtments were made and no tlme was lost IH the progress The book was soon pubhshed and was welcomed by the QCFIOTS on Class Day Sports Editors Typists Senior Ball General Chairman ROBERT GOQMAN Orchestra TOM FITCH Publicity WM SAMMONS Bids NEIL HANNON Refreshments JEAN CURTISS Decorations DORIS MILLER Floor KENNETH FELTER Chaperon THELMK RIGGS On February 91 the Seri or Class scored a great triumph In the annual Senior Ball presented this year as the Nautical Ball With Robert L Gorman planned the semi formal dance At the entrance to the auditorium the guests were assisted up a gangplank by umformed stewards The auditorium itself was gaily transformed into the salon of a ship with ship s lanterns a ships wheel and huge anchors as orna ments Instead of windows there were portholes through which one could see moonlight playing on the dancmg waves The ship docked at 1 00 and the guests disembarked leaving behind them an unforgettable evening , , . , ! , , Q . . as chairman and Mr. Farrell helping with the decorations, the various committees J unlor Class OFFICERS President WILLIAM AIJAMSON Vice President EDWARD JARVIS Secretary ESMEE MURPHY Treasurer JEAN RUHTZ FACULTY ADVISER MISS MARION FITZPATRICK When In September the class of 1939 was organized the members elected William Adamson to lead them Under his presidentship the class then elected Nancy Gardiner Mabel End Walter Brady and Herbert Lemke to serve on the executive board Miss Marion Fitzpatrick was chosen faculty adviser Junior Mixer The chairmanship of the event vuent to Carl Kelly The next Important step In the IIVCS of the juniors was the receiving of their class rlngs Barbara Brown as head of the ring committee chose the samples from which the students voted for their cholce The ever popular junior P om which clImaxed the social season was headed by Donald Miller The first affair which helped the class to get better acquainted was the fr TO THE CLASS OF 1938 Sadness and approachmg lonelmess clutch at our hearts as we reahze that the tlme has come for a final farewell to the class of 38 Mmgled wlth these emotlons IS that of Joy Hard has been the road m places but after four years of contmual work you w1ll go from Troy Hlgh wlth our adm1rat1on and wlth our Joy ln your success H1gh have been the standards whlch you have set Even as you have developed lovable personalltxes ln your class, may we lxkewxse repeat your success CLASS or '39 WILLIAM D ADAMSON, Preszdent 'rf I V , 1.3, ', , V, un! , ya VA , ,f ,, if ,V V ., f if al ' 4 4 ' :,, f, -V -'gras ,'72,'f+ A Q - vi' 'A 1:,,- ,WW J, . V r V ,, 51 I ,, ,,V,,4, h , , , 1 Nifnfflsq . ' M" ' 3 U, N. f, V ' Y A wg, ' , ig ,i ,p . or l ,lg , .K ' 'PP ,i Q ' , 77, new QL CJ' A 'imzfy Y Lgffgcrf , ,rfyfy,cJ'.+ ff, .f ,fr 4' V , . . . . - . Q 67 4 IYN ,mgl . .ou QPU? ' WYIVVFFW U" a u - , 1 ' ,, A o j l V' 4 1 Al . 1 I 'ffpf ' I A 1 DJ LA LA I. l.4 LA nl nl I.: F4 FA VA FA K VA W SOCIETIES E I' I IIIIE II I: iT 1 I -Z if 'A II: I I Il' A A Y i J I In I I I I , ,: IE I' II'1 II'f-' .li III - Q Y III wa li I' 'I I Il f-lalglglg I Student Council OFFICERS President BOB HILTON Vic President DORIS LENT Secretary EDITH ROSS Treasurer NEIL HANNON FACULTY ADVISERS MISS EMILY CAVANAUGH MR JOHN DE LEE In October the newly organized Student Council set Itself to the task of Hnancmg activities and promoting general welfare throughout the school sale of these was Successful and In February they were offered to the freshmen at a reduced rate After the mid term the Council further promoted Student welfare by sponsoring dancing each noon In the gym This has proved very suc cessful and has been enjoyed by everyone It was also decided at the meetings that only those persons who had earned varsity letters would be allowed to wear them A committee undertook to revxse the constitution IH order to better the organization i The Council opened the season by sponsoring Activities Tickets. The Phllomathlan OFFICERS President CONSTANCE SIZELAND Vrce President NANCY GARDINER Treasurer JEAN RUHTZ Secretary BARBARA BROWN FACULTY ADVISER Miss ISABEL MANN COLORS GREEN AND RED In addition to regular literary and business meetings several social func tions have led Phil through another successful year The season began with the initiation of pledges and this occasion proved an amusing one for all con party with appropriate decorations ln red white and blue In close succession followed the Christmas Dance Another notable event on the social calendar was the revival of the Faculty Tea which everyone agreed was worth reviving Spring brought with it the ever popular Ph1l Delphic Dance The year ended as usual with the Phil picnic Perhaps the most enjoyable of the meetings was the presentation of a book review of Lost Paradise and an illustrated talk on Labrador cerned. On the eve of Armistice Day. the Philomathian Society presented a card Art Club OFFICERS Preszdent DOROTHY THAYER Vrce Preszdent KATHLEEN PERKINS Treasurer JOHN RUBACK Secretary CATHERINE ZIMMERMAN FACULTY ADVISER MR FARRELI. COLORS GREEN AND WHITE The Art Club has trIed to llVC up to 1tS reputatxon thIs year by undertak Ing many art projects Around ChrIstmas tIme some of the members desIgned and made greetmg cards whIle others carved objects from soap to be used as g1fts BesIdes furthermg 1tS Interest In art the club has partIcIpated In many socxal 3Ct1Vlt1CS durIng the year The most Important event was an Informal dance called the Rube Ball The audItor1um was rustlcally transformed Into a barn contaInIng stalls and other decoratIons whIch lent a countnfied atmos phere After the mId term a party was held to welcome new members who were taken Into the club at that tIme .r ' 1 1 I ' Y I If ra ' ' ' - ' - 1 Delphlc OFFICERS Preszdent HELEN WORTHINGTON V1ce Preszdent JANE WIBERLY Treasurer BETTY WILTSE Secretary MARCIA GRAHAM FACULTY ADVISER Miss NAN MAHONY COLORS GREY AND PINK The purpose of Delphlc IS to promote the mterests of the members ln de batmg and the study of worthwhlle llterature Thxs year the worthwhlle lltera ture was a modern novel which was read at the meetmgs The SOC18l life was not however overlooked in an attempt to gam more knowledge In the fall Delphlc gave a semm formal dance whxch proved enjoy able to those attendmg On St Patncks Day Delphlc entertamed Philo mathxan w1th a luncheon On Aprll 8 Delphlc agam jomed wxth Phll to present thexr annual sprmg semx formal dance 1 r ' I 4 1 1 v v . , ' - . . , . . . . . , ' . Q Purple Key OFFICERS Presxdent DORIS LENT Vrce Presrdent ANNA MESNIG Secretary MARCIA GRAHAM Treasurer WALTER GODFREY FACULTY ADVISER MR FARRELL Purple Key IS the honorary soclety of the school Untll two years ago thls soc1ety was the governmg body but smce the formatlon of the Student Councll xt now l1m1ts ltself to planmng and conductmg assembly programs In thls respect the Purple Key has proven xtself very successful for all the as semblles have been both lnterestxng and educatlonal The Key has not only obta1ned speakers for the students but also planned or1g1nal programs such as a Vox Pop After much debatlng the members have finally drawn up a suxtable constx tutlon Th1s charter should prove very helpful to future Key members l , 1 i ' J I 1 - v 1 , . 9 Y - v Y - Commerclal Club OFFICERS Presrdent CLARA D ALLAIRD Vzce Pres1dent JOHN CAMPBELL Secretary GERTRUDE HOGLE Treasurer STANLEY BASHFORD FACULTY ADVISER Miss E WINIFRED PODMORE COLORS BLUE AND WHITE The Commercxal Club has completed another successful year of busmess and soclal actxvltxes nn xts career as an honor socxety The most mterestlng meet mg of the year took place when Dr Nelson of Russell Sage College spoke to the club Hls talk What Busmess Expects of Us contamed much useful mforma t1or1 for the members On Aprll 1 the Commerclal Club agam Jomed hands wlth Gregg Group and presented an Aprll Fool Jamboree Thms dance proved very successful and the proceeds were used to send the honor students to the Commerclal Con tests to gam glory for Troy H1gh School ln the busmess field n ' n J ' r 1 n i . U . ,, . . - - v v lt ' vs - ' 1 Gregg Group OFFICERS President HELEN SCHLINDWEIN Vrce Presrdent MARY WARRENDA Secretary LoU1sE STEININGER Treasurer BETTY WILBUR FACULTY ADVISER Miss CALLAHAN COLORS BLUE AND YELLOW Gregg Group composed of shorthand honor students has performed many soclal and business aCtlVlt16S th1s year In the past few months two plays have been presented for the clubs entertainment One of these plays being when they face the business world On April l Gregg combined with the Commercial Club to present the Apr1l Fool Jamboree Dancing was enjoyed during the evening and many novelty numbers helped make the affair a success The proceeds from th1s dance will be used to send members to the Commercial Contests based on office life, helped the members realize what they will be up against Sm French Club OFFICERS Presxdent JEAN CURTISS Vxce Presxdent PEGGY GREGWARE Secretary ETHEL FONDA Treasurer MARGARET WENDELL FACULTY ADVISER Miss EMILY CAVANAUGH COLORS RED AND W1-Ima Wmth the end of th1s year Le Com Francaxs French honorary soclety wlll have ended a most happy and successful year In September M1ss Cavanaugh gave a party for the old members and after mxtxatlon an entertamment was held for the new members On thls occaslon the 1n1t1ates were requlred to perform and smg French songs At Chrlstmas tlme the organlzatlon gave a party to wh1ch Mass Button was mvlted The members played French games and each one recelved a knock On March 18 Le Com Francaxs held 1ts annual The Dansant Thxs affa1r proved successful to the club and enjoyable to those who attended The act1v1t1es of the club were finally closed when the members enjoyed an outmg at one of the near by lakes J ' 1 1 1 v v v - v , v 1 - v - a ' 1 ' as n ' ' ' u sr ' , . H1Y OFFICERS Presrdent WILLIAM SAMMONQ Vrce Presrdent Boa VREDENBURG Secretary CHARLES ALBERT Treasurer FRED GROBE FACULTY ADVISER MR D P VAN ARNUM COLORS BLLE AND RED Under the leadershlp of W11l1am Sammons the H1 Y orgamzatxon has just completed a hlghly successful year Durlng the Wrnter at 1ts meetlngs the club enjoyed lectures on current problems and other subjects of mterest to the pretatxon Conference was held at whnch there were representatlves from fifteen dxfferent colleges Hx Y also sent several delegates to the Older Boys Con ference at Lake Placxd In March the club sponsored an afternoon card party for the mothers and frxends of the members Later that month the boys gave a hay rlde whlch end ed wlth a hot dog roast at Camp Van Schoonhoven The season for H1 Y ended wlth a lecture by an R P I professor on the subject of vocatlons The dxscussxon on the relatrve ments of colleges that fol lowed proved very xnformatmve boys. For the benefit of high school seniors throughout the city, a College Inter- Trl Y OFFICERS Presrdent OLIVE RANKIN Vrce Presrdent DOROTHY THAYER Secretary RUTH ESSER Treasurer ALMA SNYDER FACULTY ADVISER Miss MYRTLE FLETCHER COLORS BLUE AND WHITE ThlS past year has been a partlcularly mterestmg and busy one for the Trl Y club The members took as thelr theme Knowmg Your Communlty and vxsrted factorxes and places of mterest ln the c1ty Agaxn th1s year the club was d1v1ded 1nto dramatxc and handlcraft groups whlch were conducted by Thelma Lamphere and Vlfglnla Van Busklrk respectxvely two Russell Sage students Trl Y rn 1ts quest for more mterestlng meetxngs has not glven up 1ts soc1al 11fe On March 29 the members gave the annual Faculty Banquet whxch thxs vear was called the Recesslon Party The season was termmated by the Farewell Party for the out golng Semors 1 -v I ' r I J ' ' rl - ' nv ' f u 1 1 v ' v v - T u Adelphal Altheros OFFICERS President ALMA SNYDER Vzce Presrdent HARRIET HILL Secretary ELLA SHONON Treasurer MAE STEVENS FACULTY ADVISER Miss FLORENCE GABAUER COLORS PINK AND BLACK Adelphai Aitheros Sisters of the Air is the newest society in Troy High terest in aviation and to acquaint the members with terms etc have been shown through both the Troy and Albany airports listened to various speakers on aviation one of them being Max tive of the American Airlines Later on the members enjoyed party The members The club has Pollock execu a roller skating School. As its name implies, the object of the organization is to promote in- Sclence Club OFFICERS Presrdent JOHN P GARVEY Vzce Preszdent FLORENCE WILSON Secr tary and Treasurer ANNA MESNIG FACULTY ADVISER MR DUDLEY VAN ARNUM The Sclence Club has just completed the most mterestmg and unusual season s1nce the foundmg of the club Thxs organ1zat1on sponsored an as sembly program at wh1ch tlme It presented Dr Saunders of Alfred Umverslty who spoke of and demonstrated the uses of lxquld a1r The club also had the pr1J1lege of hearxng at 1ts meetmgs mterestmg speakers from thxs dlstrlct notably Dr Bray of R P I and Mr Clayton of Cluett and Peabody The members en mass went after school to VlSlt some of the leadxng factorles and places of sc1ent1F1c mterest 1n thls area In june the SCICHCC Club termmated 1ts season wlth a p1cn1c at the Vfethodxst Farm on Crooked Lake - , . ' J fl V 1 - 1 v . . . . . . , Q - 1, . The Purple Parrot Staff EDI TORIAL BOARD Co Edztors In Chief WILLIAM ADAMSON JOHN H HOWELL Associate Editors KATHLEEN PERKINS HERBERT Cox-IEN FACULTY ADVISER JOHN E HOWELL STAFF Helen Dailey Betty Bevevino George Bxrkmyer Paul Cromn Edna Davis Jeanne Eckendorf Armene GasparIan Walter Godfrey Neil Hannan Gertrude Hogle Marjorie Lane Janet Loeble Leon Matavosian Harry McKenna Donald me Sizeland Alma Snyder METIOH Stewart Dorothy Stone Paul Swingle and Dorothy Thayer The Purple Parrot the Troy High School paper constantly strove to pro mote school Splflt notably through ltS playing up of the athletic games and the speaking and writing contests The most Important publication of the year was the special anniversary ISSUE which reviewed the eleven years of the paper and which will always be preserved by those who purchased lt The Parrot has always strived to keep the students Informed about matters In the school and the needs of the school by means of Its convincing editorials Miller. Ina Phieffier, Thelma Riggs, Connie Rysdorph, William Sammons, Con- S OUR semor year draws to a close we wlsh to ex press our gratltude to our class advlsers Mxss Ellza beth Buckley and Mlss Isabel R Mann There ms httle that we can do to show our ap prcC1at1on hut to sav at thxs tlme that we w1ll carry wxth us as we leave Troy I-Ixgh the memory of thclr Wllllng and untlrmg efforts and are grateful To Mr Irvmg E Fancher the advlsor of the class of 37 we w1sh to express our thanks for hls very welcome advmce m the publlshmg of th1s book , , - I . . . . . Y ' v v . ' , . . Y I . . . . . Iggg AW vfi bd iv vw!! ' . I XXX ' O A u Q ' X A ' A 0 . X 7 ' V I- y W X , 1 I ,737-1H'HA! X I M - Y W M .L .51 s xl .5 L L 1 F4 FA YA FA V Y ,alt Q SPORTS III!!! 1 I lg I 1-1-, L,,ii,, 1-1 uni ' 'T IF: E -1 W K IL . I IZ Iv-- I I , . .I IE Ill. UIQ nf I7 A A Q Q Q uh wh li I" 'I LSI Q I JI L. I Football Although the football team thls year drd not have the most successful sea son 1n our h1story st1ll lt was a cred1t to Troy I-Ilgh School They won the C1ty Champlonshlp by defeatmg both La Salle and Lansmgburgh and m addltlon they defeated Ph1l1p Schuyler of Albany The largest crowd ever to wltness an athletxc event ln the cxty of Troy saw our boys defeat La Salle Instltute IH a thrxllmg mght game 7 6 Throughout the season Troy Hxgh s football team dzsplayed a type of sportsmanshxp of whlch we may well feel proud Football team we salute you' FOOTBALL SQUAD L1ne Henry Nahal Warren Lemke Edward Hogan W1ll1am Lewkowltz Damel Carozza Howard Bauer Frank Evers jack Armstrong Gerald Messla Stanley Bashford Burton Enghsh Donald Grogan Robert Gorman Captain Backfield Lawrence Cl0ffl W1ll1am Mullxgan Sebastlan DeGorge George McQu1de Angelo Patt1 Nmcholas Paslowskm Three v1ctor1es three defeats - v 1 , ' . , . v Basketball Basketball IS Troy Hlgh s major sport In the past we have had ln our school the best basketball team 1n thxs sect1on Th1s year we started the season w1th one veteran from last years Varsrty Squad Coach Edward C Pxcken bullt up a small but fast team thxs year whxch merlted the pra1se of every loyal gave up any game untll the last whlstle had blown They lost two heart breakmg contests to La Salle and Nott Terrace The prospects for next year are brxghter Lawrence CIOHT Angelo Pattl Edward Jarvxs Warren Lemke Jack Roache Robert Hllton BASKETBALL SQUAD Captain Danlel Carozza Manager Eleven vlctorles ten defeats Al Gordon George McQu1de Frank Evers Al Serxan Burton Engllsh Charles Colarusso 10 Troy High student. The boys lost several games, but nevertheless they never Soccer Before Troy High played football in the fall, soccer was one of our major sports. Troy High's soccer teams were known as the best in the Capitol Dis- trict. However. with the coming of football a few years ago, the soccer material was lost to a large degree. However. Troy High is still represented by a soccer team, which, although it is not the best perhaps, in games won and lost, rates with the highest in spirit and sportsmanship. Throughout their season they were congratulated by their opponents as clean, sportsman-like boys. To the soccer team we say "You deserve a lot more recognition than you are given " Soccio Pignettelli Schmidt Lawrence Pacelli Schafer SOCCER SQUAD F Bochetti Captain J Verrastro Manager Golf Tedesco Roache Krough Serxan Rodherheber Carr As the Dardanlan goes to press we find that eight candidates are practic ing for positions on Troy High s golf team for this year They are Al Serian Ed Serian Bill Falle Ed Hawley Howard Davis john Howell Paul Moench jim Barbutta and Bob Henningson Of these only Al Serian Bill Falle and jim Barbutta are veterans Bob Henningson was named acting manager The schedule includes the best teams in this section Watervliet La Salle Mechanic ville Ballston Hoosick Falls and in addition the Troy Country Club Tourna ment With three veterans back on the job Troy High expects to put forth a fine golf team on the links this year As usual Mr Howell is the coach of the team A. ' R. N. ' ' J. P. ' F. T. A. ' P. ' H. C. T. 'lllllilli Tenms Nelther has the tenms team swung mto actlon as our year book goes to press At present there are fifteen cand1dates out for the team from whlch s1x w1ll be pxcked to represent the school on the tenms courts Those boys out for the team are Sammons Velhs Bull Snyder Lagmoff Krause Jack Groom Pedley Cullen Albert Goldberg Messxa Campbell Bowser and Avakxan Al bert was named actlng manager by Mr Howell coach For the most part the candldates represent xnexperlenced mater1al as far as Varslty competltlon lS con cerned However one never knows what th1s rookre mater1al might have 1n prospect for us In any case we can hope for a successful campalgn agamst some Stlrf rlvals At th1s tlme La Salle Lansrngburgh Albany Academy and the R P I Frosh have defimtely been scheduled Matches are pending w1th Albany Hlgh Hoosac School Watervl1et Waterford Nott Terrace Mont Pleas ant Milne Hlgh and Rensselaer Track For the first tlme in several years track will be on the Troy Hrgh sports curriculum To Coach Ward Donner must be given the credlt for the orgamza School 14 field It IS not known for sure as yet whether or not any track meets w1ll be scheduled due to a lack of proper place for our school to hold the meet and also because the defin1te value of the mater1al IS not yet known The class of 1938 wlshes to congratulate Mr Donner m his work we hope that lt w1ll con tlnue and that Troy High will be well represented mn th1s field of sports 1n the future Baseball The baseball season has not yet gotten under way as thls lS wr1tten How ever the prospects for a fairly successful season are not so bad The practlce sesslons to date seem to 1nd1cate that we w1ll have a strong 1nfield defenslvely speaking The p1tch1ng staff lS lnexperlenced but lt may prove to be the sur pr1s1ng part of the team Behxnd the plate in the catchers pos1t1on Coach Plcken faces hrs blggest problem The condxtlon of the outfield IS not certam altl'ough there will probably not be a great need for worrylng about lt In thxnk mg of the team th1s year lt lS necessary to note that the team will necessarrly be made up largely of mexperxenced men Mulllgan Patt1 and Roache are the only veterans from last years team The schedule to date mcludes R P I Frosh Waterford La Salle Albany High Lansmgburgh and Albany Academy 999 9999 D r 9 1 1 v v v - ' . H . ,, . . . - .A . n . . v ' . ' , , , - tion of the team. Seventy candidates answered the call for the team at the , . . . . . , . . A . . . I . - Class W1ll We the class of nmeteen hundred and th1rty elght bemg m a sound phy slcal and mental state after four long laborxous years at the Rock Plle of Know ledge and becommg awakened to the startllng fact that our senten e has been served and our freedom granted do hereby Csomewhat dazedlyj draw up our last will and testament To wlt PART I To the class of th1rty mne we convey gratultously the seremty of the halls between classes our dxgmty as semors and an exhausted faculty whose patxent mdulgence of our 1nnumerable thoughtless pranks belxttles any effort to reward them wlth mere verbal expressxon so to sa1d faculty IS bequeathed a memory and a dream the memory of many hours some of whlch were spent ln a penswe mood whlle others abounded ln mlrth a dream of a new domlclle through whose portals wlll stumble our posterxty ln thelr eager quest for learmng PART II To the rest of the school wh1ch has been welghed and found wantlng IS left the mevltable European sltuatxon Note You wont understand It CWhoever w1ll9l but It has been such a bugbear to us durmg our otherwxse carefree existence that we feel Justl fled Tn bestowmg It upon you PART III To those who attended the Trl Y Faculty Banquet we leave Mr Ashley and h1s beloved Tavern May the memory of such patrlotlsm be forever con secrated ln us To a certaln few of those who will follow m. our footsteps who have not yet mastered Chmese we cede a most cherlshed possesslon a Chmese d1ct1on ary Seek w1th1n and ye shall find that much searched for defmltlon of Fllng Woo wh1ch IS often mlstakenly ldentmfied as the name of a reputable Chmese gentleman Hmt Object of dlscusslons IS llke chop suey a purely Amerxcan product To the proud possessors of our grammars h1stor1es Latxn books et cetera we drop th1s word of advlce subject matter between the lxnes and 1n the mar gms IS more fascxnatmg but decldedly less educatlonal than prmted materlal In partmg we humbly beg forglveness of the faculty and our frlends for any unpleasantness that we may have caused such as tosslng a stool or maybe an eraser around smgmg or whlstlmg m the corrldors at the top of our healthy lungs and gosslpxng durlng study sesslons So w1th a happy sadness we depart from thxs l1fe content Tn the thoughts that the bereaved wlll look after our worldly goods and that we have endeavored Cand not completely failed, to equlp ourselves wlth a secondary educatlon In wltness whereof I have hereunto subscrxbed and afhxed my seal thls 27th day of june ln the year one thousand mne hundred and th1rty elght Slgned CONSTANCE M STZELAND Wltnesses DOPEY BABY SNOOKS n v ' v ' . . H . Y ,, . . A , t. v , . . . . ' v v 1 1 1 v v v , v a - ' as ' ' rx , . . . - Y . . . . 1 y T - . . . . H . ,, . . . . . . 1 v v v v , . v s 1 , . x v 1 ' . Autographs 1' 17 15? 4 ' 'U -WPS to ami WYUWWYFW I ' .O -Q n I 1 ' W, A 5 5 U7 ' 4 , 1 , 571H7l1'Hd ! 1 M IJ 5.4 D. l.4 L4 . nA I.: L Uv Q - - l - l - 1 Y ADVERTISEMENTS 109 V I 'IIE in Il I' i 1-i l- - -11 L- f IE ii? I . IIA ,,- 1 IE Ili-L I E , . L 'lla 'lla lj IIE 1 Q 1 lvl IUQ li Ili V ll II f'Nl3lL.l1!l:. Mddred Elley Pnvate Busmess School The Select School ol the Caprtal Dzstrrct Trams Hlgh School Graduates for SUCCESS ln Busmess GRADUATES SECURE GOOD POSITIONS Complete Secretarzal and Business Courses and Busmess M achmes SEND FOR CATALOG CSummer Sess onj 229 Quall Street CR g t d th New Ymk Stat Alban N N I illigrrz Watches, Sterling Sllver, Jewelry, Diamonds, Etc 415 FULTON STREET TROY N Y Wedd g B thday and other G fts Watch Inspector TELEPHONE D 81. H Co B Bs M R Repanrmg of Fne Watches TROY 155 N Y C R R and and Clocks a Spec alty Rutland R R LORD and CEANN DEPENDABLE FURS WOMENS AND MISSES APPAREL 404 FULTON STREET TROY N l , , ' '+ Q O O O i . e is ere wi e 227' Board of Regents, y' O O . . . . . , . . in , ir i - - i . . .3 . . . R i . . 3 Y , . Y p,NY ENGR PNB A Vffv Q, Q 43' QQ ARTISTS ENGRAVERS 126 Beaver Street Albany, N go zz zz Eva fa 1 OF BASEBALL FAME AlflO'ZfLI29 goods IMO State Street Albany, N Football Basketball Soccer Volley Ball Boxmg Ten IS Baseball Track Troph1es PHONES ALBANY 3 0040 TROY NORTH 1143 Est mate che rf lly g e on un for s of all lc ds ll 5 O. Uniforms and Equipment for all Sports . n. i s e u iv n i m in Cordral Greetings from the TQQ To each member of the I938 Graduating Class of the TRUY HIGH SCHOOL Lompllments of Cgmpllmems of FAZIOLI S WAGAR S ICE CREAM Jackets Swm atm 1 Wlth best wlshes SPOR TI N G GOODS SPORT CLOTHES JOSEPH HORMATS PRINTING XT CAHILL'S IN TROY 361 River St. Troy, N. Y THE LLQYD STUDIO Ex erythmg m Photogmphy OTAILISCIC ufxllty Group Wcurk of All Kmds PHOTOGRAPHS EOR SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ANNUALS A Complgte Lme of Fmmes ln all ryl 5 and PHOTOGRAPHERS EOR THE 1938 DARDANIAN 4 a es ll S Simms Sf eczu! Rat s for C r 1 luulz nn ,bzcfur Ls 44 THIRD STREET TROY N J 7 . . C Q f ' N 'C' Sizes ll l, .Sxfwcill R I I0 all 'lf .Q if ty Qp ' 'UC ' In AL A Lji , . X. omphments I ompliments Compliments Compliments HILLS ALBERT PAGE E YOUNGS TED YOUNGS Compliments Compliments F H PECK THE CLASS OF 39 RUSSELL SAGE COLLEGE TROY NEW YORK g d Phys cal Ed t deg y b pla ed t l de th t k St t Te c g C t fi te TUITION FOR YEAR S350 Catalogue and pamphlets descnbmg and DlCf14Tl7lg ll e at the college uzll be sent upon request RESTAURANT Untan AND LUNCHEONETTE TRY OUR DELICIOUS DINNERS Phone Troy 6536 40 THIRD STREET TROY N Y TROY MUSICAL UNION LOCAL No 13 A F of I TROY N Where ver there I5 good muslc Look or the Golden Szgn HEADQUARTERS 275 RIVER STREET C . I . V . . of of of of 9 of of ' 9 Yo c f Ma es avail ble to young women is vicini u ccredited colleg e ucation at a minimum ex ens . The college offers courses in Arts and Sciences, Business Educa- tion, Home Economics, Nursin an i uca ion, leading to the Bachelor's ree. Courses ma e nn o inc u e work required for he New Yor a e a hin eri ca . , . P . , . . . . . .. , . Y. WANTED . . . 597 Employees During the past year, the Albany Business College Employment Department received better than two calls each business day for trained office employees for full time permanent positions And many of these opportunities went unfilled for lack of trained ABC graduates This testimonial from employers indicates the effectiveness of the Albany Business College plan of balanced education a plan combining advanced training with ex tensive extra curricular activities Graduation from an approved high school is one entrance requirement the Admissions Committee gives preference to students with college entrance credits Record enrollment necessitates early application to assure a place In the new College Hall Send NOW for Illustrated Bulletins ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE 126134 Washlngton Ave Albany N REGAL ART PRESS 1' s Ujavhcu AY rsvsfen s PRINTERS OF THE I938 DARDANIAN LOCATED WHERE SEVENTH AVENUE AND HUTTON STREET MAKE A CORNER IN TROY NEW YORK 7 VALUE AND VARIETY -M75 ffl-f i it mil Whether lt be 9,4 1 H546 BASEBALL TENNIS GUIF 'Wi' FISHING OR CROQUET ff' -2 You llfind lt at is F312 J M WARREN R C0 ei TROY N Y ' ' I 1 o Yo f I I 6 07 I ' 5 2 5 5' gi - D Amy my iq win? pf' IN ,Q,f Iq1p 1-,Imp E ll: SPORTING Coon S l 4 -. I 'Ji 0 Y J fl L fig I - I - kv Ti ki ITIYLN e s o l M JV' I J. di ' ' ' FINIS 1 1 t1n1 3 t M 1 wlxl 1 XUIII lb lox ,1 11 1111 flux l1,, 1,1 ,... - lligll 11,1, 1 111,11 1.11 111.1111 l111l1i111l 1I.1- I ..,.v izlyl 1.1 '1 A' 111.11 m1w1 11, in tlll' 111-111-.1 tl' 11 111 1 pl1111.11111r 11 -111 illKl1'I' uf- Af - lulpy QIZIYS SllL'llt ill 'IQ' 4' . lfifgffifsx-IQ ,,., we-in 34,4 . -- -f . - 4-Q - . 1 5- .wg 5. rf-'-1,-'A' .f ml.-,5"9'111,, ,-1 '-vi 2 -a-L-'sagemW-..,,-.-,--1'gc17nHf3"'t..:..:g,A 1:Q.,,'.:'-2 -- -- 1.1 ::,-:..E...'.. 1, 14- --.f 1-if 1 -, -A-- -f---W-4 '--- - 1. I..,',-fl.-A-vu, .1 L. G. RAI ,FGUR COMPANY ATFLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Af- Manufacturers of CLASS RINGS SL PINS A SCLUB PINS TYPING AWARDS CONIMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS DIPLOMAS CUPS MEDALS TROPHIES Jeweler to the Semor Class o Troy Iuglm School A M HODGKINS , ' . Representative P. O. Box 9 l l Schenectady, N. Y.

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