Troutville High School - Warrior Yearbook (Troutville, VA)

 - Class of 1953

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Troutville High School - Warrior Yearbook (Troutville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1953 volume:

I . ,,.. 9.29: . , uflll 4-' I' ' V 'V in V1 F ,I 'A .fa ' 3 , vt.: Q f ' 'A -3. 4 1 N Af' X g Q, -if -Q, .xl L 'AM at V A1 U- -l H 55, 1 4 y gk L4 gg .'- -,, f'L'A r X gm, ,.,v. .-4 'V f 5 I., ,f .ml if H31 ' I, 'S A v ' an v - .,-Layla' , A -, V , Q 7 'fa A ' ,. A f i'-' ' 5 ,-if' ' - .,-f?,z,,.'.'f"'i'3.' I " ., , 'WM V, -1' . -2 K. :elf 4 :f ' 4-igf 4 , ff . .1-Y V if - - .I . -N v"'f-J'-1, H ,-,f i ' .,,, if ' f' - 4 ,. w ..:'2i A A' -'fffgv git, . f.. :, , r T --fig Q A., 51" it... . il' ,,.., "qv :li ' s f , .5 ' Q., ,ll O Aw2,,,. wa. ' 1 .. 7 1, L s"'1 is A , Y. h - V I I i 5 i Q V L V t V4 . n 'ilu' 'i y i, xy .' UN ,N-2 - ' ik-rev' r g, , 3 2' fy 3-fl- f l ' . f' f ' KJ up A 9' f'? 'Jiffy 9 5 djmaze 1953 NN X XYNE X SXXNX S QSEQXXNFXXXXX SSS Ny i N SSSSS X E ? QN Si XX Q'.- X X QTXxx X X X X OW num xiii fi? Hmmm if ' MEMBER SOUTHERN E X L INTERSCOLASTIC PRESS K ,, ,' , i , ASSOCIATION yi '.1,,i fx X VOLUMEXXI YEARBOOK PUBLICATION OF TROUTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Troutville, Virginia ?or:W0rd WE, THE YEARBOOK STAFF OF 1953, PRE- SENT THE ZIST EDITION OF THE WARRIOR. AS YOU TURN THE PAGES YOU WILL REMEMBER WE ARE THE FIRST TO COMPLETE FIVE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS. THEREFORE, IT IS FITTING THAT WE HAVE "QUIN" FOR THE THEME OF THIS EDITION. DURING THE PAST FIVE YEARS TROUTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL HAS SERVED AS OUR SECOND HOME. FELLOWSHIPS HAVE BEEN ESTABLISH- ED, UNITING US NOT ONLY TO ONE ANOTHER, BUT TO THE PAST AND FUTURE OF TROUTVILLE. OUR SCHEME HAS BEEN TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTANDING YEARBOOK - ONE WHICH YOU WILL BE PROUD TO OWN, ONE THATWILL SERVE TO RECALL DEEPLY CHERISHED MEMO- RIES AND ENDURING FRIENDSHIPS. CONTENTS 1, ADMINISTRATION 2 . C LASSES 3 . ACTIVITIES 4. SPORTS 5 . ADVERTISING Dedication To J.l. Yates, whose sincerity, patience, and understanding have endeared him to all, and whose loyal and faithful devotion as advisor have made this volume possible, we, the Senior Class and the Year- book Staff, gratefully and proudly dedicate this 1953 edition of THE WARRIOR. High School 5'aculty Principal H. H. HUFFMAN Washington and Lee University University of Virginia Business Math Principal MISS MARY BRUGH Radford College Carson-Newman College University of Virginia Seventh Grade MRS. MADALINE BUNN Virginia Intermont Roanoke College U.S.HiStory, Eighth Grade L. C. COFFMAN Daleville College Roanoke College Latin, English MRS. VIRGINIA HENDERSON Radford College Seventh Grade MRS. ESTHER S. HYLTON Daleville College Fourth Grade MRS. NELL LANDERS Radford College Fifth Grade J. T. MOORE Roanoke College High Point College Qaculfy Appalachian State Teachers College Physical Education Assistant Principal MRS. HAZEL CARBERRY Asheville Teachers Col. First Grade MISS JEAN FERGUSON Mary Washington College English, World History American Government, Sophomore Advisor MRS. GENEVA GRIFFIN Madison College Home Economics Cafeteria Supervisor Qaculty MRS. MANIE SIFFORD Hollins 81 Radford Colleges University of Virginia Mathematics, Senior Advisor MISS CHRISTINE SHAFER Madison College, University of Va. Sixth Grade ii' Head Teacher of Elementary School MISS CARRIE SHELTON Radford, Mary Washington 8: Peabody Colleges Second Grade MISS ELIZAB ETH STONE Roanoke , Radford , Col .Univ. English, Speech, French Junior Advisor Director of Glee Club MRS. VELVA SUTPHIN Morris -Har-vey.Concord Radford 81 Roanoke Biology, Chemistry, Gen'1.Science , Freshman A MRS. ELIZABETH MADDEX Radford College Roanoke College Eighth Grade MRS . MATTIE OBENSHAIN Radford College Third Grade MRS. BEULAH RADER Madison College University of Virginia Second Grade 41"-""' MISS ARLENE WATSON Longwood College Madison College Librarian H. E. WILHELM Virginia Polytechnic Institute Vocational Agric ulture Instructor J. I. YATES Ferrum Junior College Virginia Polytechnic ln stitute B us ines s Education Publications Advisor ,Q x,!N ' The Freshman Class Students Of Che War The Senior Class Presents RICHARD RADER The Junior Class ff Pr e s ents CHARLES FLORA The Sophomore Class Presents BILLY KEESEE Presents DICKIE LANE The Eighth Grade Presents JANICE POTTER -A K Sighfh ,Grade President Edna Huffman Vice President Wayne Duffy Secretary Dennis Howell Treasurer Sylvia Bowman Representatives Janice Potter Ann Layne Advisors Mrs. Maddex Mrs . Bunn 4 Q M .vi ,' 3' an. L 1 vi.. .H 'Z ek K .:1,..g. f' i 1 . 1,- 4 K, 'ls- . 44. v ."'. '34 4 X, 1 ! A 1 W '- 'M ' 5 1 4- 4 ' ing? i x X- il 1 A ,t , y Q H . .V mr E - ,- ,a ' M' r ' V I Q ,A., . ,.,L, K f V V ,, , Q W K I V Edna Huffman Wayne Duffy Norman Abshire Ruby Amos Maynard Alls Margie Booth Christine Bryant Bobby Basham Verna Cook Donald Basham Percy Bishop ' Dorothy Crawford Max Brugh Ray Dell Garrett Marion Goad Wayne Conner Marjorie Hiner Warren Craig Donald Crawford Margaret Hylton John Crumpacker Rachel Keith Nancy Knotts Carole Lakes Cecil Dunbar Wayne Gibson Grads Sylvia Bowman Dennis Howell Janice Potter Margie Long Wayne Harper Ann Layne Billy Gilmore Jerry Henderson Frances Lynch James Lackey Estelle Perry Hannah Presson Jerome Lovell Ruby Soence Richard McFa11s Homer Myers Dorothy Stanley David Osborne Frances Thompsor Jeanne Williams Allen Parsons Richard Simmons Dewey Snider Dannie Spangler Barry Taylor Eugene Williamson Bobby Wood Not Pictured: Wayne Myers Wesley Saunders Joyce Settles Claudine Dunbar Peggy Perry Z J Sfl -. is , W . 4 X, .. N gf a K f '35 'Y-fi ri fa? ! K A! B Q i my Q 'lS Ar -nr- W X' X is' Q 1 Q as K' xiii .R as Q X 1- .cis Qi Ai W- f ., 4, Qfcshman 611155 President John Garber Vice President Darlene Bower Secretary-Treasurer Bessie Martin Reporter Jane Caldwell Representatives Ann Murray John Ed Hatcher Advisors Mrs. Sutphin Mr. Moore Elizabeth Alderman Bobby Bower Sylvia Brugh Alvin Camper Wade Conovich Jane Caldwell Maxey Delp Eva Brown Eleanor Bryan Allen Dooley Joyce Cawley Bobby Dooley Thomas Dooley Betty Crawford Faye Crawford Warren Goad sk 3 f I Hrcshmen John Garber t R R s i ,bei A B5 -' fa "H" 1 J J 9 xr 1 5 D Q. , no B" N xl 7 y X4 J -Q T l' F hcshmen x an I 1 .: ' k . J Y li. T Q i Q 4Qf'Q fivi VV xuz u i iiii ii 5 ls D M145 , ,. , V LLIV 2 " Q5 ,,.. ., sg! K SX Ei X K i Wm. -QQ B . wzk . X 521 z - -,- Q, Y Darlene Bower Be s sie Martin Eugene Greenway Helen Joy Deel Howard Guy Margie Dooley Connie Drewry Billy Harris Barbara Dulaney Amos Kessler Dickie Layne Elvin Lee Shirley Jo nes Dorothy Guy Jane Kessler Roy Lucas Josephine Kessler Gene Moran Anne Murray John Ed Hatcher Nadel Kelly Judy Landers James Overstreet Woodrow Rock Wayne Smith Nina McCune Virgil Trail Marie Parker Sarah Simpson Carl Tuck Evelee Robertson Dan Underwood Allen Williams Patsy Taylor Sylvia Stanley Virgie Trail Not Pictured: Ruby Dunbar Julia Stulz K' xi 3 Qreshmen 5' ' i ' i" , n I ,,. kv w 1 V ysl fer 4 L if X S sf .' - 1 fr Sf ' ' W 'S . ' .,., 2 ' f 'lg-s-.... p I f ao,se S25 B I x Aw gsm 'Q' i t . 1 f Q 4 v x A . I ' up YB Sophomore Kloss Dan Wagner President Jack Rader Vice President Annie Weddle Secretary Treasurer Donnie Rader Reporter Hilda McCune Representative Billy Keesee Advisor Miss Ferguson DAN WAGNER ANNIE WEDDLE JACKIE RADER JOE ARRINGTON LOUVON CORBETT DONALD ARTHUR DAN BOLT EDNA GOAD DICK BURCH 'R ELSIE MCDANIEL WILLARD KERNS DORIS MILLER I ' A 7 FLORENCE PUCKETT FLOYD STEINEKE CHARLOTTE SNIDER aplzanwre PAUL GRAYBILL ELAINE LOWE LOWELL HARPER MARTIN KEITH GERALDINE MYERS EDWARD PATTERSON RYLAND RUCKER SHIRLEY SNIDER LOLA GOAD LUCINDA HILL Hlass CORDELIA SNIDER BEVERLYE YOUNG DONALD RADER E i, ,A S VIOLET GREENWAY LELAND CALVIN WILLIAM CRAIG KI NELSON DALTON SHELBIA LEE ROBERT FIRESTONE Not Pictured: NANCY SVTTLES HILDA MCCUNE WILLIAM KEESEE BUDDY CALDWELL PATRICIA HUNDLEY WARD CRAWFORD MARIE LACKEY 2 , 1 mms, x. - I . ' E 3 LI' I A I X1 , ,,,h ' I 1 junior Elass President Charles Flora Vice President Frances Dooley Secretary Faye Trail 'Treasurer Jean Hughes Reporter Norma Frantz Representative Nancy Sandidge Advisor Miss Stone juniors x ff: gh'g lik' JEAN ABBOTT HYLAS BROWN SHIR LE Y ABS HIRE MARVIN BRYANT IRIS BISHOP BOBBY DILLARD BETTY CAMPBELL ALFRED KESSLER CHARLES FLORA FRANCES DOOLEY SHIRLEY DOOLEY SUE DELP PRICE SIMPSON funiors DOROTHY COOK JACK OBENSHAIN NORMA FRANTZ PATRICIA GARST EVELYN DAVIS WILLIAM REED juniors v BETTY HALL GLADYS MORAN JEAN HUGHES FAYE TRAIL JEAN PARKER CARLA RADER ag ANNE GRIFFIN LU LA GUILLIAMS PA TSY RADER NANCY SANDIDGE al... cniar Glass Pre sident Wiley Abbott Vice -Pre sident Kathryn Pace Secretary Loretta Landers Treasurer Marjorie Dulaney Reporter Ma ry Cathe rine Gar ber Representative Darlene Scaggs Advisor Mrs. Sifford cniars WILEY RICHARD ABBOTT F.F.A.3 Glee Clubg Basketballg Monogramg Foot- ballg President Senior Class. ,fa ,B I .9 WALTER LEE BOOTHE Glee Clubg F.F.A.p Footballg Basketballg Mon- ogram. MARY VIRGINIA BRANCH Basketball Co-Capt. 52-535 Monogramg Paper Staffg Yearbook Staff. 190' BOYD BAKER BARE Footballg Yearbookgwithdrew, February, 1953 SHIRLEY ALICE BARGER Glee Clubg Libraryg Dramaticsg F.T.A.5 Bas- ketballg Paper Staffg Yearbook Staffg Monogram. .0 kl E.. - of of f B jx Q. WANDA LOUISE BROWN Basketballg F.H.A.3 Glee Clubg Paper Staff: Sci ence Club. BRUCE ROGER IKENBERRY Glee Club: Accompanist of Glee Club 49-503 Dra- maticsg Baseballg Footballg Yearbook Staffg News- paper Editor 53 . Ii. I JANE WATSON BRUGH Beta Club, Secretary3G1ee Clubg Newspaperg Dramatics Club. ELBERT DICKEY KELLY Basketbal13F.F.A. eniars KATHRYN ELIZABETH PACE Glee Clubg Monogram Clubg Sec. Junior Class, Vice Pres. Senior Class. MAMIE ROSE DELP Library Club-Presideutg F.H.A.gG1ee Club. WILLLAM VERNON RADER Footballg Basketballg Yearbook Staffg F.F.A. Monogram. IMO ANN DEEL Glee Clubg F.H.A.: Library Club. JAMES LYNN MCCLURE Footballg Monogramg Scienceg Student Council Pres. 51-525 Paper Staff. Seniors MARJORIE ANN DULANY Basketball, Co-Captain 51-52,52-535 Glee Clubg 4-H Clubg Beta Clubg Monogramg Paper Staffg Dramatics, Treasurer Senior Class. DARLENE TREVA SCAGGS F. H.A.g Student Council Representative. CARLTON EUGENE ROGERS Baseballg Trackg F.F.A.9 Monogramp Glee Clubg Yearbook Staff. MARY CATHERINE GARBER Pres. 8th. Grade, Freshman, Juniorg Basket- ball Co-Captain 51 -523 Dramatics, Pres.g Editor Newspaper 525 Monogramg Beta Clubg Yearbook Staffp Reporter Senior Class. JOHN RICHARD RADER Basketball: Football: Baseballg Student Councilg Beta Clubg F.F.A.5 Monogram: Yearbook Business Manager. ANNIE DELILAH FISHER F.H.A.: F. T.A.g Library. RICHARD ELBERT SMITH Footballg Glee Clubg Monogramg Dramaticsg 4-H Clubg Paper Staffg Yearbook Staff. BETTY MAXINE HARRIS F.H.A.g Library Clubg Science Club. VIRGINIA MOOMAW KINZIE 4-H C1ubgDramaticsg F.H.A.g Glee Clubg Paper Staffg Monogramg Yearbook Staff. JAMES EARNEST WEAVER Pres. Sophomore Classg Football: Glee Clubg Dra- maticsg F.F.A.3 Monogramg Yearbook Staff. MARY EVELYN MCCUNE Basketball' F H A ' Dramatics Mono ram' Pa- , . . ., 5 g , per Staff. WEYMAN WILSON Basketballg Glee Clubg Science Clubg Paper Staffg Monogramg F. F. A. Pres . mints LORETTA LOUISE LANDERS Cheerleaderg Paper Staffg Dramaticsg Monogramg Editor of Yearbook 523 Beta Clubg Secretary Sen- ior Class. KENNETH ROY SNIDER Scienceg F.F.A.g Glee Clubg Track Co-Captaing Monogram. .TUNE ELIZABETH PARSONS Cheerleader-503 Basketballg Monogramg Glee Clubg Dramatics. RACHEL PEARL REED Ping Pong Champion: Glee Clubg F. H.A.g Paper Staffg Yearbook Staffg Betag Monogram Club. is EW"-'rx 'tar flr as I A 'r ' eniors DORIS EDNA RUCKER Basketballg Monogram Clubg Cheerleader-509 Glee Clubg Dramatics Club. MARY SUE WEBB 4-H C1ubgF.H.A.: Glee Clubg Monogramg Dra- maticsg Beta Presidentg Editor of Yearbook. Vining- BARBARA JEAN SMITH 4-H Clubg Dramatics-District Playg Monogram Glee Clubg Paper Staffg F.H.A.3 Yearbook Staff. NELL FRANCES WRIGHT Basketballg Monogramg F.H.A.9 Glee Clubg Dra- maticsg Yearbook Staffg Cheerleader. nn. JOYCE SMILEY SCAGGS F.H.A.: Basketballg Future Teachers Pres. 51- 525 Beta Clubg Monogram. JOAN SIMPSON Basketballg Paper Staffg Glee Clubg Dramaticsg Monogramg Beta Club: F.H.A.: F. T.A. 'C' IVIURIEL ERNESTINE COX Transferred from Southwood, N. C. , September 1951: Withdrew November 19525 Monogramg Glee Club: Yearbook Staffg Basketball. SYLVIA MARIE DUNBAR Transferred from Fincastle, November 19525 Betag Glee Club. Mi' HQ Q -Qi" ' :fm an ? 'Vx 41 J, ' J aff' Y s 3 1: -Q--1+ Q I3 QXHIIES ,gimlihl WING 14 3, . Cypzug 2 ,4 cfizfiiivs ifwjax 1 '5 if Y-af: ...I-. -'EVN' K pr if-M 1- A - lfcarbaak Staff M1- Ya - r 'L der 5 Ra Ch Bifharg Manager Assiasltles Flora 051925 ant Edit 02' Editor, Sue Webb, Assistant Editor, Charles Florag Business Manager, Richard Raderg Assistant Business Manager, Bobby Dillard, Advertising Editors, Virginia Kinzie, James Weaver, Club Editors, Barbara Smith, Nell Wright, Literary Editors, Loretta Landers, Mary Catherine Garber: Art Editor, Shirley Bargerg Assistant Art Editor, Dan Bolt, Senior Editors, Mary Branch, Billy Rader, Carlton Rogers, Junior Editors, Patricia Garst, Hylas Browng Sophomore Editor, Shirley Snider, Freshman Editor, Ann Murray, Literary Advisor, J. I. Yates, Advertising Advisors, H. H. Huffman, Mrs. Madaline Bunn , -----r .-- ---' t-',"""'.-i". ...-v Htuw- Yhli 5 . . ..,,. , ,, ,.,- . ....,--,'..,., . -,,,l .,.-. , ' fffiklj '. 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Eriililil 552 iii-2252 if 121523 3525525 Q32-53.511 ::5:':5'5:-:5:5.:f ati:-rl'-14:-:5 '. ..... -:f-5-:-'-15:-:f-:41-. -:+:.1::+:?:3 55:11 b5t31?:f:f:l! :ef:3'i:' I-1: i:'S:1:-L-. qi fflifiiiila ,-:i:3:i55t 'Wil .-'11'r:-1Vi-I-2-2-14-Z-.-tv:-'-1-14-:lz-:A:4::+:.':-:+:-:1-:-:-1-1-15:-1:-:-:Q14.-:I x .-:-3.-.-wie'-:-5 ,Az-5:-:5 ,-,-:...g-g-Q-g-15:5 ,+'g5g,g.g. 155,-12-L41 :-:-1-pa-:Q .1 ,.,,,. 1"1E52Eg1j'Q15.5-51,15E52,E5EgE5E5E52S5E5Z5I5f125.55.5555-21323535155515j2ggE525555533552235555121SIE1E2i5EfEf:1:2E1515-5251.211-zriririrlas ,5 ,,T2E2?1E23Erf'3i-SQ2214313-'-5'ziifriff-'-5135:5Q5Sz:51-32:-343351555535:-15Zag:955.5.5.55gtg,1.1,1,ggi5155515Qmfg-3:55,gm555jfjiggi'.Q5155p,.315.53Z4' "" 5'-.51-1-2ff-145:-'-14:-'P'-'-'-t:Hz- 5"" 115:-:-:4:-1-'-:-:-:-5-.4-1515:-14-1-:-:1:f:f:i:k31f:1:i:3:i1':':3:itf:T1f:':5:5:5:7''' is. ..-.525?5:fRQWW. -'-'f'7:':3:P251515.1.5szzs:-:av2.'-2-42115:-5511:1SL?11:-:-2:-:-:-.-:-21:-1:-:4-:-1-3-:553:gggcg5.,.55.5.5:5.,,.g.g1.g.15.3.-f.1-.ggggx5.,L5:5.5.,.5,gg-,zftiz-:-1155:55 '''in-if-:5.g525.-.524-13115131 ,gf '-':55:5g5:515:5:3:g:515.,325f- "" "" ""' - li ""' 415:92-2-1-:+:-:dig 'W x3'.'l'1'T' 'ILEETTS7-'ft-IM-'-'igkigiigfffi-fl''''-'-me351-9:f2-915+I-L-1-I-:':-Z',151-1-1-1'1-ZIf13:55tgZ1tgI3":37-'15.5,5,5,5.335.,.1.,y5555, .g.,.gqL,g,1g.m,A,v5, -'fi:2:1:-.---..--..25:I:f3:I:f:i:1::'1':"-":- ...5. H-'-'f-:44-2115:-ic:-sz-1-59995I1:f.4:"5:2':f'f:f. ez-1-t-'At-1-vi '-1-'-:W -:+:1:1:1:5:4-.5.5:5:.:1 5515515235: 555712 ,ilififii 5..":-iziriztiifitti' '':':i:31i:V5"'-'-1"4'lziic41:52ia:-zi'-24:-15:-:511'5:i:i:.-5. .... 235153. 53iiiflfizififfflfiffiffiiiiififtli:-:Iflf-.3fff'3f'3A5f7:53' :'f"5f1ffffl:f:'f"'7-:-352235521 H .1Lil:ff3ifi3f?i3":' ff"''f"47:':"i'it5'i"J:I:':fIif:3i5i'Ci :3:7:5:55:2Pl:1'i:1't 'f:I:-S11.3:Is':f:?1'2:2:l:-11:15:?:f5'2:2I:i: 1:2-:-':"-:ij.i:':1:5fi5:I5:12:15:1:1 1 2:15:11 5 :'.-.. '.'.-.-,-..'.'.'.u'.'.-.5"..u-.:.'.'.':. '.-.-.-.-.'.u . . . ,,......... . . .'z,.... . .,,........ f .,.. 7. ....... ..., ..,..,..,. . . , . . ...,. .. . .. . 5 ,A H ...,.. ..,. .. ,... , .... .. ,,.,..,........'..-.'...'....'.'.'...'.-.-Ni,-......'...'.:.'r .'.'....',':.-..',....'':.'.',5.-.'.'.1.3g.5...l.I. .Z5.6Z..atIil.4I.KPH+:4,vM.:+1gi5,..::j5l,:-M.tIuh:1.4.try.1.3,:.j.Q.j:j:jv,:,:,A,:,:,:,lI,1,A.:.1.Q.:.Q:5.2::,j.:1..j.-ms.II., .-,,5, .'.' ,,,,-,L 'ilhvllllhlll l,.,, , U 5 i I 5 , I x ' 1 - - -A-X-wh-1--1-xt-'-.5-.--.54..'ay tw.-1--5 -.NJ mv- 1-J-" - .5 '---Tamar..-.e---to'gas-.'::.uJ....m.-..rsw.:44.'...'4'."'...-lm.....--......... ----" -- 1 1 -l AEBCTT ELECTFD CLAS WEBB TCEDIT YFARBOOK PIRFSIP 'NIT CF '53 In - n held on Septemk. ' 'A lb, a 17 year old Senior. tor ected Wiley Abbott zrbook for 1952-53. ' ley has been with 1 n various other schr moved here from I he Glee Club and 'n football and t Sue was preslden captain of the t she is presidf t the Sweethee 1 takes part in " Hearts. ethodist Chu' Sue was mr were Kathr is 15 th.. hl Jr vice Landers, S lub can achieve '- of Harjo. lsurer, Mary Lub this year, fif Garber, and Darlene Sca. radulatiommbeingy' ' .ditox-, resentat C. A. The sponsor 'ictivitie mrs. Manie L. Sifford. I Other on the staff are: Charle Flora, Editor, Bruce lkenberry, Assistant Editor, Anne Griffin, Business Managers, Lynn MC- Clnre, Joan Simpson, Circulation, Evelyn MCCune, June Parsons, Literary Editors, Jane Brugh, Patsy Rader, Sports Editor, Mary Catherine Garber, Art Editors, Evelyn Davis, Dan Boltg Typists,NancySandidge,Betty Campbell, Mary Branch, Wanda Brown, Rachel Reedg Mimeographing, Weyman Wilson, Billy Keesee, Literary Advisor, Miss Ferguson, Printing Advisor, J. l. Yates. Uffiff Sfffff unl"" it 'I ni' PRINCIPAL H . H. Huffman OFFICE WORKERS Mary Branch Kathryn Pace Nancy Sandidge Muriel Cox Delilah Fisher Betty Hall Lim 31 axvxsaauv gig CHARACTER Student Lfauncil H. E. WILHELM Advisor MRS . VE LVA S UT PHIN Advisor RICHARD RADER President r, ar es Flora- Juniorg Dan Wagner- Sophomore' John Presidents: Wiley Abbott- Senio ' Ch 1 Garber- Freshmang Edna Huffman- Eighth Gradeg Representatives: Darlene Scaggs- Seniorg Nancy Sandidge- Juniorg Billy Keesee- Sophornoreg Anne Murray, John Ed Hatcher- Fresh- rnang Ann Layne, Janice Potter- Eighth Grade. ,f- Q766 C7115 53 ri 4 6,-2, ilu, rf'- E +30 W' MISS ELIZABETH STONE Director ALTOS: Jean Abbott, Darlene Bower, Sylvia Bowman, Eva Brown, Frances Dooley, Hilda McCune, Doris Miller, Anne Murray, BASSES: Wiley Abbott, Joe Arrington, Max Brugh, Wayne Conner, Bobby Dillard, Wayne Duffy, Charles Flora-Treasurer, Bruce lkenberry, Carlton Rogers, Richard Smith, Kenneth Snider, James Weaver, Wey- man Wilson. SOPRANO: Elizabeth Alderman, Ruby Amos, Shirley Barger, Iris Bishop, Margie Booth, Barbara Bowman Wanda Brown, Jane Brugh, Louvon Corbett, Sue Delp, Norma Frantz, Ray Dell Garrett, Patricia Garst-Re- porter, Anne Griffin, Marjorie Hiner, Edna Huffman Jean Hughes, Patsy Hundley, Virginia Kinzie, Nancy Knotts, Judy Landers, Marie Lackey, Carole Lakes, Bessie Martin, Kathryn Pace-Librarian, June Par- sons, Janice Potter, Hannah Presson, Florence Puck- ett, Patsy Rader-President, Barbara Smith, Charlotte Snider, CordeliaSnider, Shirley Snider, Ruby Spence, Frances Thompson, Sue Webb, Nell Wright. MRS. AGNES L. PAINTER Accompanist Ig' E F C President ..... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer . .. Reporter . . Sentinel ... Advisor .. f1 Weyman Wilson Bobby Dillard Jack Obenshain Billy Rader Richard Rader ... Jack Rader H. E. Wilhelm Q :wi idk 'T'-. Q- 'M'11 .N11W' Dip .. . .G" Towmlo sk., I library Klub MISS AR LENE WATSON Librarian MAMIE ROSE DELP President Mamie Rose Delp, Pres Betty Campbell Melva Dulaney Carla Rader Shelbia Lee Jean Hughes Jean Parker I G! Science 61116 Norman Abshire Shirley Abshire Elizabeth Alderman Dan Bolt Margie Booth Max Brugh Jane Caldwell Alvin Camper Wayne Conner Wade Conovich Verna Cook Warren Craig Melva Dulaney Patricia Garst Mary Goad Paul Graybill Billy Keesee Rachel Keith Nadel Kelley Frances Lynch Norma Matheny Nina McCune David Osborne Allen Parsons Janice Potter Donald Rader Woodrow Rock President ............. Dan Bolt Reporter ,... Elizabeth Alderman Vice Prf-sident .... Donald Rader Secretary ........ Patricia Garst Advisor ......... Mrs. Sutphin Nancy Sandidge Q f,, Richard Simmons Sarah Simpson Wayne Smith Charlotte Snider Cordelia Snider Shirley Snider Barry Taylor Patsy Taylor Francis Thompson Virgie Trail Jeanne Williams Beverlye Young Ryland Rucker A ' .I 4-fl 611 0 rf f' J - r' I , President - Charles Flora Vice President - Wayne Conner Secretary - Max Brugh Treasurer - Barbara Bowman Reporter - Doris Miller Song Leader - Joe Arrington Joe Arrington Max Brugh Wayne Conner Ward Crawford John Crumpacker Charles Flora John Garber Jerome Lovell Ruby Amos Margie Booth Barbara Bowman Eva Brown Sylvia Brugh Betty Crawford Melva Dulaney Virginia Kinzie Doris Miller Frances Thompso Sue Webb I1 Hafclvriu Staff CAFETERIA WORKERS Faye Trail Iris Bishop Eva Brown Helen Deel John Ed Hatcher Edna Goad Amos Kessler Howard Guy Lv' 'NS i MRS. GENEVA GRIFFIN Cafeteria Supervisor CAFETERIA PERSONNEL R. is eii X 4 R f ,QN X A zbgg. 'xx ' . QW' :sal ef' N -3 1 . --2 Q-ray, wg, lm, 'I Ll ' ' ' .ii 1 . Lffufi- MRS. GLADYS BRYANT I X. R , 'O ww- L.. 11:1 l ,5 - ffnyl' . 'ixsia I' .. X Q s' Bug- my . M 'id 5 ln I! BX fn Agp MRS. ETHEL CALDWELL nagers: Kathryn ace Ann Gri fin Nell Wright Patsy Rader Joyce Scaggs Joan Simpson MaryC Garber Marjorie Dulaney Evelyn McCune Shirley Barger Weyman Wilson June Parsons D01'iS Rucker Doris Miller Capta in-Ma ry anch ' Monogram 61116 6 5 Charles gif s Flora o ' Reed ' GL 'bu' U 5 Rachel 4 gd Us V 4 ,,,Au 'Q ox' X15 'Q Y160 Q00 0 , 002' Se? oe? 096 ,fe 409 Q? obe' fa Q 90004 'ov 45 VO Barbara Smith Sue Webb fx 604 eos Y' , 021x909 e 9 -90 4: o D Bo t Bill see Carlton Q-K L 11 - l 1 l v x Beverlye -."':f ' ' 1' f i Do I S ' Caldwell ' a gner Bill Rader Lynn McClure Wiley Abbott Walter Booth James Weaver Bruce Ikenberry Richa rd Sm ith Richard Rader Bobby Dxllard Jack Rader 9 Don Rader 9 x ,vo . 0010 ,Q . M06 -4' 901 wa. 55 JEAN ABBOTT Co-Capta in X , HILD MCCUNE as NANCY SANDIDGE porin Advisor - MRS. BUNN FRANCES DOOLEY Co-Captain LORETTA LANDERS NE LL WRIGHT 1 f -Li.-I ,M--W M Girls ' Haskvfball June Parsons, Joan Simpson, Doris Rucker, Mary Branch, Evelyn McCune, Marjorie Dulaney, Patsy Rader,Annie Weddle, Shirley Snider, Charlotte Snider, Melva Dulaney, Doris Miller, Shirley Barger, Barbara Dulaney, Mary Catherine Garber, Shirley Jones, Jane Caldwell, Nina McCune. Coach, J. T. Moore. . 'sig . - 'ng Evelyn McCune Marjorie Dulaney Mary Catherine Garber Doris Rucker Joan Simpson Mary Branch Forward Forward Forward Guard Guard Guard ' QF W. ,- , 1 Y h I X Q Hays ' Basketball Jack Arnold, Joe Arrington, Hylas Brown, Marvin Bryant, Dan Bolt, Walter Booth, Billy Craig, Allen Dooley, John Garber, Elvin Lee, Gene Moran, Donnie Rader, Dan Wagner, Beverlye Young. f"l"'x Billy Rader San Benson Weyman Wilson Buddy Caldwell Ridha rd Rader Guard Guard Center Forward Forward 9 00161111 CENTER: Richa rd Smith Ja ck Arnold Carl Tuck TACKLES: Bobby Dillard, C Dan Bolt Bruce Ikenberry Elvin Lee Thomas Dooley Allen Dooley o-Capt. COACH James T. Moore BACKS: Sam Benson Walter Boothe Bud Caldwell John Garber James Weaver Dickie Layne Billy Craig Ward Crawford Beverlye Young Wayne Minnix Billy Harris James Overstreet ENDS Richard Rader, Co-Capt. Hylas Brown Jackie Rader Gene Moran GUARDS: Billy Keesee Billy Rader Donnie Rader Ryland Rucker Dickie Burch Lee Calvin Lowell Harper Roy Lucas g ,, Qxj e Yount VBTXY BeSecond Base Dan Wa gne r Pitcher Buddy Caldwell Pitcher -Q- it :I -1 1 :L Ill. U ua s I COACH James T Moore I 'Yu W - J . t . i . E 1 Tw 'sw' WE ARE DISTRIB U TORS FOR ..l,.l. "CATERPILLAR" TRACTOR COMPANY DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY GRABILL MANUFACTURING COMPANY JOHN BEAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY NEW HOLLAND MACHINE COMPANY NIAGARA SPRAYER 8: CHEMICAL COMPANY PLANTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY ROME PLOW COMPANY AND A NUMBER OF OTHERS MAY WE SERVE YOU? lgi. THE GROWERS 8. PRODUCERS EXCHANGE 702-706 Nelson Street, S. E. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA MASON 81 DIXON LUNCH ROOM Nice Place To Eat me Cooke Meals Y Herff Jones Company Official Jewelers For Troutville High School LEE CJBENSI-IAIN Esso Dealer TFIUUTVILLE, VIRGINIA BOLTON'S STORE G OC S SD. IEQXSZ3-IPRO RADER FUNERAL HOME, INC. Over A Half Century of Dignified Service, E. A Graybill, Jr., President o!IiLe Physical Ed? The entire football team could not do in an hour the amount of work electricity can do for less than a. nickle! Think how electricity saves you time, steps and effort. Think of every- thing it does in a single day to make life easier, healthier and happier for you and every member of your family. Appalachian Electric Power Company FIRESTONE AND CCMPANY, INC. T t11 V 8 TROUTVILLE POULTRY FARM INC. Producers of Va.. U. S. Approved Pullorum Clean Chicks Tru Vg PARKS AND COBLE Auto and Truck Repair Electric and Acetylene Complete Lubrica tion Monday thru Saturday 7: A.M. to 10: P.M. Sunday 8: A.M. to 9: P.M. VALLEY FEED 81 SUPPLY C0., Inc. B-B FOR FULL DAIRY FEEDS M SA TISFACTION B,B POULTRY RATIONS FW 'h'B'B WW POULTRY FEEDS Dial 2-1001 Feeds - Poultry Contractors - Supplies GINUINB PAl1'l BUFORD SCOTT CHEVROLET SALES, INC. Post Office Box 308 Wrecker Service Phone Day 3761 - Nights 5202 Buchanan Virginia Peoples Ice 8: Storage Company, Inc. 522-Z4-26 Nelson Street, S. E. Storage For A11 Kinds Of Produce Dial 3 -0411 Roanoke Virginia ROANCKE COMPANY Distributors of ROYAL TYPEWRITERS - CLARY ADDING MACHINES 123 Franklin Road, S. W. Phone 4 7193 Roanoke 11 Virginia BOTETOURT ESSO Good Regular Lubrication Is A Good Safety Device Drive Carefully The Life You Save May Be Your Own Playthings for All Ages J ennings-Shepherd Co. Sporting Goods Toys 24 West Church Ave. Roanoke Virginia CHILDRESS MOTOR CO., INC. H- Chrysler-Plym outh . W ,,41.- . A , International Trucks S, Road Service - General Auto Repairing ygiifw Troutville Virginia Phone 2 - 1 2 2.1 .:Q, ggS' I 'Q'i 1 f Q .,,, 1 i',- I A V ' ,r::,, 6 I x 6lylL:'.U-i A ' Qiili fiifii' u , RAINBO ,. "'.5:5:5 :-. , 1:22 --.2 E1Z2E"rE:S' I ' A ' '.' 2:2-r:5:5:5:g,.511" V ' K ' nu' " . 4 . A '2"' 2 ' gf 5- .Ear . Q " 4' .. ::.:2!2 f, ' ' 5 ., ' -- 1,6 12 W Fe e d Sta ff ifafiiikf-??.i5-'fx an A' 1. Purina. Grow EDS- 'wmmvym 5 " A11 ll PUR: NA I' pay ,. M STARTENA vi Wss'.l-I-'uni way 5'-l .n,'f Acme Typewriter Co. ROYAL, UNDERWOOD, REMINGTON, CORONA AND HERMES PORTABLES "The Business Machine Center " Roanoke Virginia BUCHANAN MOTOR COMPANY DIAL 3I5I sm sem sucHANAN, vnzemm Jam es River Hydraie 8: Supply Co. lnc. Dolomitic Limestone Products Buchanan Virginia IKENBERRY fr GARST Dealers in General Merchandise Self Service Groceries Daleville Virginia MC'S SELF SERVICE GROCERY FRESH MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES - FROZEN Phone Troutville 21037 FOODS Cloverdale Virginia MOUNTAIN TRUST BANK CVINTON BRANCHJ Capital and Surplus S1 ,700 000.00 Member F.D. I. C. and Federal Reserve System Vinton Virginia MORGAN - EUBANK FURNITURE CORPORATION "Always A Good Place To Trade" 14 East Campbell Ave. Roanoke Virginia Virginia Scrap Iron 8' Metal Co. 1600 South Iefierson Stree! Dial 3 - 3667 Roanoke Virginia PAlNTER'S STORE Whatever your needs- See Us Dial 2-1861 HAWKINS - NININGER MOTORS, Inc. PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS - DODGE "JOB RATED" TRUCKS - MOPAR FACTORY ENGINEERED PARTS ONLY cones Bustos 964-Bfwornucxs ooo e nssencsn mme Ma in Street Telephone 3861 B ucha nan Virginia S. E. WILKINSON Manufacturer of Poplar, Pine and Hardwood Lumber and Mill Work Cement, Plaster, Lime, Rock Wool for Insulation Roanoke Phone 6487 - Troutville Phone 2-1551 Residence Phone 2-1068 SHENANDOAH MOTOR COURT Superior Recommendations Midway Between Troutville and Buchanan C. B. HALSEY COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS - INSTITUTION FOODS FRANK MASTIN Sales Representative Dial 3-2421 Roanoke 3 Post Office Box 556 Virginia I r gg, DEPT. stone 29225 Home of Better Values LIBERTY LIMESTONE CORPORATION LIMESTONE - Crushed 8: Pulverized Phone 2031 Buchanan Virg THE HIGH SCHOOL SHOP 3rd. Floor lenn - Glinniclfs wmwfwyawmmmammwuaqywg 108 W. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Virg ...J LL. Original W -R "" '-A 3:1 '- 4 lloelgllmx DLK n no Michael Bread -A gwis f- I , 'T' 'V +1 ., ' L 3 ,ffet W , w I H 61153 . f '- 21 16 Williams on Rd. Dial Roanoke 7726 R GILL'S - DRIVE IN - HAMBURGER HOUSE 4611 Williamson Road We Serve Fresh Hamburger Ground Daily ln Our Own Kitchen From Best Grade Choice Beef Compliments Of NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY Sporting Goods Department Tennis 19 East Campbell Ave. Golf Basketball Baseball Football Fishing Roanoke, Va. R. D. HUNT Farm gl Or-Chard Supplies 935 35 Street 5. E. Roanoke, ve. P. O. Box 1623 Dial 9272 KANE FURNITURE CO., INC. 22 East Campbell Avenue Sam Kane, President Dial 17982 Roanoke, Virginia 'Qualify you Gan 7a4Ze' MOGENIZ vrruun "o" M I L K MOST HODIRN AIRY I ROANOKE! D Cl0VER CREAMERY C0., Inc. Distributors of Dairy Products Roanoke Virginia CLARENCE L. OVER STREET 81 CO. Plumbing - Heating Oil Burners 11 Franklin Road, S. W. Phone Z-0466 Roanoke Virginia METROPOLITAN OR LIGHT WHITE FLOUR FOR FINE BAKING ROANOKE CITY MILLS, INC. Roanoke Virginia EAGLE ROCK MILLING 8: MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. 'Cooperative Service Agency" Stock and Po,ultry Feeds, Poultry Equipment, Electric Appliances and Water Systems, Hardware, Field Seed and Fertilizer. "Pleasing Customers a Habit Since 1914" Eagle Rock Virginia ROANOKE-WEBSTER BRICK CO., INC. Manufacturers of Famous Webster Brick Weblite Building Block BARGER BROTHERS Serving Botetourt for A Quarter Century 1924-1953 Dealers in Pocahontas, Raven Red Ash, Olga and Anthracite Coal in any Size Mail Orders Given PromptAttention J. W. Barger, Mgr. Dial 2411 Buchanan, Virginia OLD DOMINION RESTAURANT BOTETOURT ELECTRIC COMPANY "Center of Everything" Maytag, Norge, G.E. Appliances. Zenith Radios and Television Good Food Phone 3 -2721 314 South Jefferson Finca 3:13 Virginia For a Complete Interior Decorating Service Consult REID AND CUTSHALL 309 Campbell Ave. , W. WILLIAMSON RD. SUPPLY CO.. INC MARTIN-SENOUR PAINTS HARDWARE 8: HARCO FEEDS 2311 Williamson Road Phone 2 -0441 Roa noke Virginia F. W. WOOLWORTH'S CO. Roanoke Virginia PARSELL'S PIE SHOP Special Party and Wedding Cakes Phone 23187 Roanoke Virginia SANDWICHES - DRINKS GULF OIL PRODUCTS NOFSINGER CLEANERS GROCERIES MT. SCENERY L , 'L . Artie Munger 81 Helen Orange, Dlal 3-6354 Owners 4627 Williamson Road 1509 Williamson Road Dial 2-9354 Roanoke virginia Roanoke Virginia EARL WOOD PRINTING COMPANY QUALITY PRINTING 120 Noble Ave., Wm. Road Dial 7503 Roanoke Virginia WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE Auto Parts, Accessories Radios 8: Television Paints 81 Varnishes Buchanan Virginia Drink KENROSE MANUFACTURING CO., A i To Cotton Wash Dresses unv' W ,P in P , BITE 11.sss.A sss,. if , EAT Roanoke Virginia E I 5 H E ENGLISH VILLAGE TOURISTS COURTS On U. S. 11 Phone 6900 UNITED IRON 8. METAL CO. Milton K. Blank, Owner Scrap Iron-Steel-Sheet Metal Metals- -Rags Cor. 3rd.St. 8: Albemarle Ave.,S.E. Dependable Service Dial 3 - 1771 Roanoke Virginia GEORGE T. HITCH Jeweler Silver, Diamonds, China WESTERN VIRGINIA'S LARGEST BULOVA DEALER Roanoke Virginia Roanoke Virginia PAINTER'S PHARMACY 3312 Williamson Road Roanoke Virginia ROANOKE TOBACCO CO. Wholesale Distributing Candy - Cigars - Cigarettes and Fountain Supplies 1722 Williamson Road Telephone 3-1535, 3 1536 Roanoke Virginia WERTZ OPTICAL COMPANY Prescription Opticians The First Guide Optician In Roanoke F. E. Werts, Optician l Formerly With Gleski For Z0 Years Dial 9015 Z7 Franklin Rd. Roanoke Virginia BROTHERHOOD MERCANTILE CO. in Roanoke Since 1889 Men 's and Young Men 's Clothing and Accessories 107 S. Jefferson Roanoke Virginia CORN ETT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS "School of distinction and individual attention. " 17 Franklin Rd. ROY L. WEBBER, FLORIST RADERS FUNERAL HOME Troutville Agent Dial 2,6401 4000 Williamson Road Phone 32469 Roanoke Virginia Roanoke Virginia That Young Kitchen 81 Dining Room Supplies 81 Equipment sfs . . pi. Hotels -Restaurants-Institutions SKU Look WM. P. SWARTZ, JR., Its smart to shop at Sidney 's. 501 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke Virginia Cr CO., INC. Roanoke Virginia. -Because- Style Comes First 1 nemo. IOANOKE VIRGINIA SKYLINE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Building Materials - Mill Work Before Building or Planning to Build Consult with Our Free Home Planning and Financing Service Dial 81 88 Roanoke Virginia 1 Compliments of E. R. Childress Secreta ry-Treasurer BIG LICK MOTORS INC. Your HUDSON-WILLYS DEALER 548 Salem Avenue, S. W. Phone 3-2419 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 12- 19 East Church Avenue Roanoke Virginia Roanoke Virginia RANSON E DRUG CO. "IF 11' COMES FROM GOODB'S 11's Goon" G o 0 D E ' S Prescription Work our Specialty "f'ff"'fW"1 Depanmem Smmu Dial 2621 VINTON. VIRGINIA Buchanan Virginia BOTETOURT COUNTY MOTOR CO. S3135 Service 20 5 Polla rd Street Vinton Virginia Tractors and Farm Equipment P. O. Box 115 Telephone 3-2411 Fincastle Virginia 77Zez6can 6 Sdop On Route 11 Cloverdale, Virginia 4 Miles North of Roanoke City Limits 1 Opposite Motel Hollins R. B. Preston, Manager APl:l5:ADI:C:E?S' MAYTAG COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE ONLY GENUINE MAYTAG PARTS Uszn 23 S POLLARD ST. Dun, 3.5391 VINTON, VIRGINIA ROOT SUPPLY CO. Feeds Si Hardware Custom Grinding 8: Mixing Phone Troutville 2 -1131 Cloverdale Virginia JOSEPH SPIGEL INC. Visit our "Campus Shop" Sportswear and Accessories Cor. Campbell Av. At Henry St. Roanoke Virginia VINTON HARDWARE COMPANY VINTON SUPPLY COMPANY Complete Lines In Hardware, Building Materials, Fuel, Fertilizers, and Fa rm Machinery 3 - 362 5 Vinton Virginia LAYMAN-ROGERS GROCERY 8. ELECTRIC CO. Groceries - Electrical Appliances House Wiring - Repairing Dial 2. - 1 062 Cloverdale Virginia EAGLE ROCK BANK, INC. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Eagle Rock Virginia CLOVERDALE GARAGE General Auto Repairing Wrecking and Towing Service All Work Guaranteed Phone Tr-2-1031 Cloverdale Virginia FINCASTLE PHARMACY "In Business For Your Hea1th" , A N' Fincastle K Virginia EAGLE ROCK GARAGE, INC. Sales Service Dial 4-2271 Eagle Rock Virginia ' - -' me 'ie E TU RN E R 3 ,0 "Aff sums Y D Prescnptromworlr Our Specialty non ner squms Pnougsm nomox:.vA. SOUTHERN STATES ROANOKE COOPERATION No. 1, 323 Mountain Ave. , S. E. Phone 8615 No. 2, 416 Nelson St. ,S. E. on the market Phone 2-1418 WE DELIVER 1. SHOES AND CLOTHES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 1 SA M 'S Two Friendly Stores VICTOR SPECIALTY CO., INC. Wholesale Confectionary Fountain Supplies, and Cigars Dial 6200 , 6209 304- lst ST. S. E. 114 E, MAIN ST, ROANOKE, vA. SALEM, wx. 305 Znd' St' ' S' E' Didl 2-7300 Phone 3401 l . . Roanoke Virginia NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE Schools of Business Administration and Secretarial Science Roanoke Virginia TROUTVILLE SUPPLY STORE David and Jonathan Obenshain FEEDS-SEEDS-FERTILIZERS Custom Grinding 81 Mixing "Try Our Friendly Service " Phone 2-1656 W. V. REYNOLDS, INC. AUBREY'S RED "A" FEEDS Flour - Feed - Grain - Hay Phone 2-3481 Roanoke Virginia VIRGINIA SOUTHERN COLLEGE Canplefe Secrefariaf am! Accounting Courses C. P. A. Preparation ROANOKE, VIRGINIA CECIL'S SERVICE STATION Texaco Gas 8: Oil Q Auto Accessories - Sport Goods Cloverdale Virginia BASHAM SERVICE STATION Five Premium Oils Auto Accessories lf2 Mile N. ,N0.11 Diaiz-1610 Troutville Virginia FERGUSON-METZ SELF-SERVICE BOTETOURT FARMERS EXCHANGE GROCERY Self Service Grocery Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizers Hardware 8: Groceries Phone 2721 Phone Buchanan 4214 Buchanan Virginia DELONG'S DEPARTMENT STORE Vinton Virginia TURPIN HARDWARE 301 Pollard Street Vinton Virginia After the Game Stop at RAINBOW INN Sandwiches - Hamburgers Hotdogs - Bottle Drinks Troutville Virginia VINTON MOTOR CO. "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" MOTEL HOLLINS Dial Troutville 2-1431 Route 1 Hollins Virginia WILLIAMSON ROAD PHARMACY Roanoke Virginia ol,azaru.6 of R oa noke Registered Aberdeen Angus Cattle And Registered Southdown Sheep Max 8: Kent Murray IUIIAY OICIIAIOS Bonsa ck-Cloverdale Road Apples - Peaches Fresh Sweet Apple Cider MAX 8. KENT MURRAY Bonsack-Cloverdale Road REID'S FURNITURE SHOP Reproductions Refinishing - Repairing Our Furniture Is Hand-Made To Fill Your Individual Needs And Your Space Ethel N. Reid, Proprietor Troutville Virginia RADER'S BEAUTY SHOP Over Bolton's Store Telephone Z - 1836 Troutville Virginia ' ll "Ulm .flnhque .'P!io.p Specializing in Brass and Copper HOUTE11-BOX17 'l'l'20lJI'Vll.l.f. VIDGINIA RESIDENCE PHONE DIAL TROUTVILLE 2-1866 ROANOKE 2-6575 AND SO WE COME TO THE CLOSE OF WHAT WE CONSIDER THE 5 GREAT YEARS OF OUR LIVES. MEMORIES OF TROUTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL WILL HOLD ALL OF THE EXCITEMENT, THE DISAP- POINTMENTS, THE JOYS, AND THE SOCIAL AND MENTAL GROWTH THAT WE HAVE EXPERIENCED AT TROUTVILLE. WE HAVE PREPARED TO BEGIN OUR LIFE'S WORK, BUT AS ALL GOOD THINGS DO, THIS 5 YEAR PREPARATION HAS COME TO. . . THE END. , 3 r , 1, ' ,,.s.,f-:- ewnr- ,4,j,1-.4-aug 'S ,.,, f' -if l 1 ,"'?" f 4- img- ..' W ' ' L Q 11 f -s o '3' 'P' ' 12445: , I 7'i?..Q,' " " A'- 1 .-.-.4 , , ' ' 'H 1'Y',f'-Ziff 'Q x .,,. 5 N Q , " z4xS,,-'sg 5.-ru i , , , , ,Y L Eu , H ,wg ,', . :' -31 V . ' ' "ff ': ni' T 3-an 1: -- ., , K 2 .A f gy 1 , j'i2,.2. -ini- 4 .rrp pqv- L "35"'Ef:,M1'?vTg,-,g : ,5-

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