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m.4..., A.,,....,...... ,,,,, ,, M-A wwM,w,,w-qri fegmi M M f - TI-IE MEMUIIQ 1950 7-'zoufville Higln gclaool Tfzoufviue, Uifzginia 'fozewoab It is our aim to preserve- for you, withinthe covers of this book, some of the memories of your happy school days, and to prcscnt to you a picture of the principles and democratic ideals of our beloved school. We have worked hard to reach our goalgand it is with a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that we present this, the eighteenth volume of the Memoir. Gonfenfs CLASSES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEIVIENTS ebicafion In an effort to show our appreciation for your understanding and guidance during our Junior and Senior years, we wish to dedicate to you, Miss Rosalie Bowman and Mrs. Helen Goodsell, this, the eighteenth edition of THE MEMOIR. R' H- ... L Eg rw - ,UPUUlJ nun i n nun nun rf' ez 1-ff 008442, 'mm"i.'w2q35 e'fV"??" f turgiliiv 'ff' Q E Q E E El ,aa . .-.. if Ttoutville High gclmool- The past ln 1927 the present modern, well equipped, brick building was provided, and since then the school has seen rapid growth and today its enrollment stands at 191 in the high school and 393 in the elementary grades. Troutville became a member of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States in 1929, and has been accredited by that asso- ciation each succeeding year. Mr. H. L. Horn was the first principal of the newly built high school, he served the years 1925-29 and was succeeded by E. E. Trent who served 1930- 39, C. M. Arehart held the position from 1940 to 1943. H. E. Barron then filled thc position from 1943-49. In 1950 we find Mr. H. H. Huffman beginning his service at Troutville High. Organizations which were begun as early as 1934 were: Library Club, F. F. A., Student Council, 4-H Club, Literary Club and Glee Club. In 1935 our school paper the "Warrior" came into circulation. Homemaking Classes were begun in our school in 1939, and the Home Economics Club was organized in 1940. Some of these organizations were discontinued after a few years and were reorganized in recent years. These were: Literary Club: which was combined with a Dramatic Club and reorganized in 1949-50, Student Council, also reorganized in 1950, The School Paper started circulating again in 1948- 49, and the 4-H Club was functioning again 1943-44. Some clubs have held their own through the years. They are: The Library Club, the Glee Club, the F. F. A. , and the F. H. A. Clubs. The Monogram, Science, and Poster Clubs were organized for the first time this year. The school has had both girls and boys Basketball teams sincethe l930's. Baseball has also held its own. Mr. J. T. Moore, our athletic director, or- ganized a Football team in our school this year for the first time. A cafeteria was started in our school in 1935. This program was partially supported by the Government. Lunches and knick-knacks are still served at prices in reach of most children. We are looking forward to any improvements in the years to come. We realize that the school will be as good as our instructors and students make it. We shall stand 10070 for greater advancement toward preparing students to take an active part in this ever changing world. ,fl 5 - I . ---- Q' -5' Af -' "' --L1-,asf Nb -J 3 . - T. - , - salt:-"4' , Q 4 ' in . Pk "" Q - f J,i-' -xx - . 1+-f --f -sQTA "'--: A -vw--P-. ' 1 ' ,.--,-A 4 : . -X ,fb '41 W "gn L ,D J f I t-X B ' ff ' .4 i' N Q 'n' 1 55' ix - s . .4-4, M . -- .-Lv - ff lv ri. CW4? I i 'J ..-.- ETL '- JI' Qi? 1 X, h I? in-H' --'TEZZ-...-.T. , , I1 ui , , X 1. 0 .3f"""'-" Q,-f--H --:E Y ,V 1 n QQ Yi ...,-..- .:-,7".'a, df' ' , ff- -1- N "-3"f'-...:ni- -- ,.,- -4fi1- L. 2' ..r 1- .--11. . ' '-" - : l- . - , 29' f f..,,- MR. HARRY HUNTER HUFFIVIAN 'LWLCIPG o 'zoufvc e I9 c oo ' ' l 7 'll H' L L INASHINGTUN AND LEE UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE Elaculful Front row: Miss Mattie Brugh, Mrs, Esther Hylton, Miss Christine- Shu- fc-r, Mr, .Tama-s T, Moore, Assistant PrinCipa1gMr. Hunter Huffman, Prin- ripnlg Mrs, Iiurillv Conovich, Mrs, Elizabm-th fkfladdvx, Mrs, Geneva Griffin, and Mrs. Hn-ulah Radvr. lim-k row: Mrs, Ruth Frith, Miss Mary Hrugh, Mrs. Ve-lva Sutphin, Miss Rusnliv Iimxmzan, Mr, Luth:-r Coffman, Mrs, Hi-lvnGoodsu11, Mr. Barr Magill, Miss Ifrnnkii- Shownlti-r, Miss Ruth Brown, Mrs. Null Landc-rs, and Mrs. Aiviha-11 G4'0!'g'4'. 2 Q? 111 01 cf? W X M?-gfv PRESIDENT SECRETARY MARLIES SCAGGS ALTA THOMPSON VICE- PRESIDENT JOHN LAYMAN C' P "Neat and Sweet" "Likab1e and Able" Hun "O's and Oh's" MRS. CONOVICH REPORTER TREASURER ANN OBENSHAIN JEAN WILEY ll "Advisor" Naughty but Nice" -"Hop and Pep" DOROTHY BOW hi ti f""""?' "Pico and Plymouth" J. C. ROGERS "Willing and Waiting" BETTY NAFF ij "Heartbreakers and Undortakersu MUPLRIb YOUNG IVIAXINE RADEH iq "Gags and Gals" "Doot and Dodge" ROCKLYN BRYAN "Baseball and Beauties JULIA HELEN RADEH ,eq "Hearthrobs and Earbobsn BETTY JO IIUFF DV "1" "A will and 3 Bill ALMA KEITH 'WA 'Q' "Cute and Cunning" KATHRYN SHANKS QNX "Giggles and Guys" MARGARET DOOLEY G. B. BURTON LUCILLE GRAYBILL fr "Quiet and Contented" "Hardy and Handy" "Sailor-5 and Sports" DONALD HATC HER "Digr1ified and Satisfied" GLADYS NELSON "Earls and C'.Ir1s" BARBARA RADER BILLY JOE HUNDLEY "Action and Attraction" "Bow-Ties and Google-Eyes THELIVIA CAMPBELL "Buddy's and Buddies" GENE SMITH I lf? ,, vt "Smiles and Sports" ZFJLPHA PATSEL 'QQ' "Qu:1int and Quiet" ELAINE WOODRUM L NANA HILL BOBBY BROWN "Rhythm and Rumba" "Smiles and Wi1es" "Bold and Bova" JOHN MCKINNEY HELEN HARPER 'F' CHAROLETT WOODY ,, - e ,L-was . , :xv ' ' . A if . , , . .f . kwggm: "Beautiful Dreamer" 'Q' "Diligent and Intelligent" "Paxton and Postoffice WWW u Hisfotml Colors: Blue Si White Flower: White Rose Motto: "If I can not do great things, I can do small things in a great way. H 1946-47 Fifty-six bewildered Freshmen enter Troutville High School. Glee Club, and basketball are leading activities for the year. Mrs. Bertha Fisher and Mr. J. P. Bowman helped us to make our year successful. 1947-48 Roll drops to forty-five.. Mr. Coffman and Miss Moomaw take up reinsg try to guide us through the year. Members take part in various clubs and activities. Basketball still first. 1948-49 We take our stand as Juniors with thirty-nine on roll. We are proud of class rings we received this year. Our play "No Bride For The Groom" was a howling success, fin spite of trials, tribulations and mumps. J Miss Bowman and Mrs. Goodsell stand by us with a word of advice and a helping hand. We entertained the Seniors with a banquet in May. Another success! Several of our classmen were chosen for our paper staff, "The Warrior". Sports and other activities held their own. Looking forward to our Senior year! l949-50 We go forward with Mrs. Conovich at the "Helm", Thirty-one to tell the tale. November-Senior Play "Tea Toper Tavern". Fun! ! We watch football and student government get underway. Basketball still out front. New clubs organized and all participate. Our annual takes lots of work, but we have our fun. We say good-by to T. H. S. We thank our teachers, principal and our student body for leadership and friendship. Pecial gfubenfs ,..,-we-4-n-o-v'v-v MARIE THERESE WEIL MARGARETE REICHELT This year, we have with us two students from Germany. They have been pleased with the demo- cratic spirit throughout the school and corn- munity and we feel that our association has been worthwhile both to us and to them. ,nz no., 1 -1 'F E ""-, K f fs '-. E X 1 J 5 X, g -f ll A YA, 5,1 D YI 'T :taxing xx X f I 1 ! 'Al 1' QM hm! M111 n ,n N s 1-Q' ' 155 R uniofz Glass l,l'L'Slill'Illl ...... .... l Smitty Barge-1' Vic-L--l'rc-Simi:-nt ....... ...Rolwrt Svaggs Suc-1'L-ta1'y-'l'rvasuror,.. .. . Opal Wagnvr lin-po1'tvI' ........... ............. P hilip Lvv Mn-rnbc-rS: I". Aka-rs, H. Haru, B. Brcodlovv, G. Bryant, W. Cash, ll llulann-y, I., Hall, M. Harris, C. llondvrson, W, Hunlluort, W. Radn-r, ID. Wm-ci cllv, R. Wooclrum, IJ. Worlvy, J. Abshirv, II. Arthur, R, llowman, R, Cam ls-y, ll, CI'I1X'VfO1'Kl, J. Gross, L. Jonn-S, G. OSlJornc, R. Ratliff, J. liivv, H avillm-, L, Silcox, I, .-Xrthur, I, Bowman, J, Bransvoxnv, I. Dooluy, M. Cloud P, Kvcfsl-L-, J. Laclwy, l.. Mn-Danivl, IE, Morris, S, Ron-d, M. livivllvlt, lx Hoc-k, K, Shay, S. Sill-ox, Nl. 'I'. Wm-il, C. Woody, D, Vina-yard, li, Abshlrm , llrown, K. lloolc-y, li. Harris, M. Murray, C. Stanley, L. Stanlvy. Motto: "Don't talk about your abilitios, Demonstratv. " Colors: Silva-1' and Lavender Flowm-r: Lilac' Advisors. .. ...Mrs. Hcflvn Goodsull Miss H. Ann Rowman fi ivy ff Rx X 7 - FRE3i-IMEN 'fzeshman Glass Gglgicets President ....... . . . Mary Catherine Garber Vice-President .... ........ R ichard Rader Secretary ....... .... L oretta Landers Treasurer .... ........ M iller Landers Reporter ....... .... B arbara Jean Smith Cheerleaders .... .... L oretta Landers June Parsons Doris Rucker Color: Blue and White Flower: Carnation Motto: "Ad astra per aspera. H ROLL: Shirley Barger, Betty Boothe, Mary Branch, Wanda Brown, Jam Hrugh, Imo Anne Deel, Mayme Rose Dc-lp, Shirley Dooley, Marjorie Dulaney, Delilah Fisher, Mary Catherine Garber, Jean Harper, Dorothy Harris, Maxine Harris, Mary Heath, Virginia Kinzie, Loretta Landers, Barbara Lucas, Ka- thryn Pace, June Parsons, Rachel Reed, Doris Rucker, Darlene Scaggs, Joyce Scaggs, Joan Simpson, Barbara Smith, Mary Underwood, Sue Webb, Nell Wright, Wiley Abbott, Carlton Amos, Walter Boothe, James Bushnell, John Brunk, Jim- my Reed, Billy Rader, Richard Rader, Weyman Wilson, Donald Kinzie, Bruce lckenberry, Richard Smith, Carlton Rogers, Eugene Dudding, Bobby Rose, Billy Davis, Dick Sellers, Richard Huffman, Dick Kelly, Kenneth Snider, Mil- ler Landers, David Hatcher. . GRADES .jf i J Y giglrtlz qfzade President ........ ...... J ames Minniek Vice-President. .. ..... Ann Griffin Secretary ...... .... P atsy Rader Treasurer .... ......... . . .Norma Frantz Members: H. Brown, M. Bryant, D. Copenhaver, C. Flora, P. Gibson R. Gilmore, L. Hall, B. Kelly, E. Kessler, S. Kessler, V. Kessler, Il. Kins- ley, B. Loll, F. Long, D. McKinney, A. Minnick, J. Obenshain, P. Simpson IZ. Thompson, B. Bishop, R. Bryant, L. Cook, B. Dillard, R. Dooley, A Gray, J. Henderson, A. Kessler, J, Minniek, W. Reed, J. Stanley, J. Wil- liamson, J. Abbott, S. Abshire, B. Campbell, D. Cook, E. Davis, F. Dooley N. Frantz, P. Garst, L. Guilliams, B. Hall, M, Hinehee, J. Hughes, J. Par- ker, C. Rader, P. Rader, N. Sandidge, B. Scaggs, I. Stewart, F. Williamson I. Bishop, C. Bryant, M. Conner, S. C. Delp, A. Griffin, J. Long, N. Par- sons, S. Thompson, L. Weleher, Colors: Maroon and Gold Flower: Yellow Rose Motto: Always Be Prepared Advisors: Mrs. Elizabeth Maddex Mrs. Velva Sutphin I- CTIW ITIES fx , xx X 'wNL-i , Q Q9 G .QR " '35 I Q gfudenf qovetnmenf President .............. . . . Donald Hatcher Vice-President ........ .... R obert Scaggs Secretary-Treasurer .... ....... S ue Webb Advisors .............. .... M rs. Sutphin Mr. Magill REPRESENTATIVES FROM HOME ROOMS Class Presidents John Layman ...... .............. S enior Class. . . .... Marlies Scaggs Lester Hall ................. .... J unior Class ...... ...... B etty Barger Loretta Landers-Richard Rader. . . Freshman Class .... . . .Mary C. Garber Patricia Garst-Ann Griffin ........ Eighth Grade ............. James Minnick Student Government at Troutville High School was reorganized January 5, 1950 with installation of the council members and officers named above. Con- stitution and by-laws were made and adopted this year, as were plans and ob- jectives for next year and the more distant future. Editor-in-Chief. . Associate Editor. Associate Busines emoifz M66 John Layman Betty Jo Huff G. B. Burton Business Manager. ........... . . . s Manager .... ...... J ean Wiley Comptroller .... ............. . .. Typists ..... Donald Hatcher Ann Obenshain Maxine Rader Advertising Committee: Lucille Graybill, Barbara Rader, Betty Naff Bobby Brown, Dorothy Bower, Jean Wiley, Elaine Woodrum. MaterialCommittee: Alta Thompson, Helen Harper, Marlies Scaggs Mor ris Young, John McKenney, Thelma Campbell, Margaret Dooley, Julia Helen Rader, Kathryn Shanks. Photo Committee: Charlotte Woody, J. C. Rogers, Billy Sellers Gene Smith, Nana Hill, Rocklyn Bryan, Alma Keith, Gladys Nelson, Zelpha Patsel FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. Lucille Conovich X wafnioa egg Editor ........ .. ...... .... I Getty Naff Asst. Editor ....... ........................ ............. l v a Bowman Editorial Staff ............................................ Barbara Rader Billy Hundley, M. Garber, B. Smith, P. Lee, L. Stanley, B. Barger, 3. Breedlove, J. Rice, H. Harper, O. Wagner, L. Landers, S. Reed, B. Kec- see, L. Graybill, L. Hall, A. Griffin, F. Dooley. Business Manager .... ........ . .............................. B etty Jo Huff Business Staff ......... . ................................... J. Lackey, J. Brugh, P. Rader, R. Reed, D. Bower, A. Thompson, J. Wiley, M. Rader, M. Landers, J. Layman, J. Rogers, R. Scaggs, M. Scaggs, B. Abshire, K. Rock. Faculty Advisors .... ....... M iss Ruth Brown Miss Rosalie Bowman "The .Varrioru wonarating of "Distinguished" lastyear in the Virginia High School League Publications contest in Group III. "Distinguished" is the highest rating given any paper and represents a grade of from 90 to 100010. ffivfzafztl OFFICERS President ....... ......... B etty Barger Vice-President. . . .... Marie Theresa Weil Secretary ....... ........ L ouise Stanley Treasurer ..... . . .Burleigh Breedlove Reporter. . . ........ Philip Lee Advisor .... ' .... .... M iss Ruth Brown The Library Club of 1949-1950 is composed of nine active members,who are trying to make the Library an enjoyable place in whichto work. Our advi- sor, Miss Brown, has been working closely with us and has shown us how to run the Library in an efficient manner. During the Christmas Season, the Library Club gave a party for its mem- bers. We all enjoyed the party very much. In the month of February, the Library Club expects to give an assembly, which we hope will be a success. 'zamafics and fifefzaful OFFICERS President ........... .... B illy Humbert Vice-President ......... . . . Billy Joe Hundley Secretary-Treasurer. . . .... Barbara Rader Reporter ............. ..... G ene Smith Advisors... . . .Miss Bowman lVlrs. Goodsell This year we included in our club those students interested in boththe Dra- matic and Literary events of our school. We made several visits to other schools and colleges to see their perfor- mances which we felt were worthwhile and helpful. We presented a one-act play for our Christmas assembly on December twen- ty-first. We entered the one-act play District contest which was held in our school and presented three one-act plays on March 10. We also entered representatives in the Literary Contest in April. PROGRAM COMMITTEE SCRAP BOOK COMMITTEE cience President .... .... R alph Bowman Secretary .... .. Loretta Landers Treasurer... ..... Clayton Woody Reporter... ....... Robert Seaggs Advisors... ...Mrs. Helen Goodsell Mrs. Velva Sutphin CLUB'S CONTRIBUTION TO SCHOOL LIBRARY Science Scrap Book Sue Webb-Chairman Richard Smith Kathryn Shay Robert Scaggs Joanne Simpson Kathryn Rock-Chairman Barbara Abshire Dewie Weddle David Worley Rocklyn Bryan Shirley Barger Field trips to Roanoke Times, Radio Stations, W. D. B. Jg W. S. L. S5 Woodrum Field, Forest Ranger's Lookout Tower, Exhibitfor the Student at V. P. I.g Star Gazing, Nature Film Strips, Speakers from Industry and Professions. qi.. 61.1, Presidont ........ ......... I Sc-tty Naff ViCe4PrfiSidQnt. .. ...Kobvrt Woodrum Secrc-tary ...... ....... R arbara Rader Treasurer.. .. . liurloigh Bri-odlove Roportc-r ...... .....,. I ohn Layman Accompanist. .. ...lJs!'L1l'L' Iki-nbc-rry Director ............ ...Miss Bowman MOTTO Always Hh,Sometimes B,gBut never Bb First row, left to right: M. Branch, C. Stanley, E. Woodr-um, I. How- man, B. Rada-r, ll. Harris, M. Garbvr, J. lirugh, J. Wiley, Miss Bowman Scrcond row: S. Hood, W. Brown, Ii, Rn-cd, J, liransromv, L. Graybill D. Ruckvr, M. Underwood, J. Parsons, M. Wa-il, J. Simpson, K. Shanks Third row: A. Kciith, D. Vine-yard, ll. Ke-c-sz-0, J. Lacks-y, IS. Naff, I3 Booth, S. Barger, O. Wagner, I. Arthur, li. Morris. Fourth row: B, Hundloy, M. Lancia-rs, D. Kinzic-, J, Hog:-rs, II. Dulanvy B. Rare, B. Humbort, C. Rogcirs, G. Burton, R. Scaggs, R. Woodrum pastel President ......... . . . . .... . . .. Vice-President .... .. David Worley .Dcwie Wcddle Secretary ........ .... A lta Thompson Treasurer. .. ...Marlius Scaggs Property. .. . .. .... Betty Keesee Bobby Brown Advisor ................. Mrs. Helen Goodscll PROJECTS FOR THE YEAR November 1949-Education Week December l949-Poster Contest January l950-To Sponsor Good Sportsmanship Campaign February 1950 To Collect Art Materials For Future School Use March l950-To Do Publicity For Fall Student Government Elections April l95O-Open lVIay 1950-Open AWARDS IN COUNTY-WIDE CONTEST First Prize-Betty Barger Second Prize-Nana Hill HONORABLE IVIENTIONS Shirley Bargcr Philip Lee 7.7.0. Glmptet President ........... .......... G . B. Burton Vice-President. .. . . . Hollie Dulaney Reporter ....... .... W illiam Rader Secretary .... ..... G ene Smith Treasurer. . . .... Eugene Akers Advisor ...... .............. W . Barr lVlaGill First row, left to right: Eugene Akers, W. Barr MaGi1l. Second row: Robert Woodrum, William Rader, Hollie Dulanefy, G. B. Bur- ton, Garland Bryant, Gene Smith. Third row: Billy Davis, Walter Booth, John Brunk, Donald Kinzie, Weyman Wilson, Wiley Abbott, Dicky Kelly, James Bushnell. Motto: Learning To Do Doing To Learn Earning To Live Living To Serve Qrufufze Home-7724215 Left Dining Room: Sally Ann Silcox, Marlies Scaggs, Betty Boothe, Katherine Rock, Lucille Graybill, Katherine Shanks Right Kitchen: Betty Keesee, Kathryn Dooley, Shirley Reed, Barbara Rader. Left Living Room: Joyce Scaggs, Alma Keith, Dorothy Bower, Jean Wiley, Maxine Rader. Motto: "Toward New Horizons" Color: Red and White Advisor: Mrs. Griffin Flower: Red Rose Barbara Abshire, www em, OFFICERS President ....... . . . Donald Hatcher Vice-President. . . ...Ralph Bowman Secretary ........ ...... G one Smith Asst, Secretary .... .... D orothy Bower Treasurer. .P ..... ...Lucille Graybill Reporter .................. Marlies Scaggs Advisor .....i........... Mr. James Moore MEMBERS G. B. Burton, Billy Hundley, Morris Young, Rocklyn Bryan, Dewie Wed- dle, David Worley, Lester Hall, Billy Humbert, Hollie Dulaney, Bob Seaggs, Ralph Ratliff, Ronald Cawley, Robert Woodrum, William Rader, Alma Keith, Betty Naff, Elaine Woodrum, Maxine Rader, Jean Wiley, Iva Bowman, Mary Goad, Marie Therese Weil, Margarette Reichelt. The Troutville High School Monogram Club was organized this year. lt has been under the supervision of Mr. James Moore. The Charter Member-5 became eligible because of their ability in the field of sports. New members may be accepted if they represent the school in other curricula activities. eniofz Lf-H Color-Green and White Motto-To Make the Best Better OFFICERS President ....... .... M ary C. Garber Vice-President. .. ..... Virginia Kinzie Seeretary ....... .... C harlotte Woody Treasurer .... .... ' ......... S ue Webb Reporter ..... .... B arbara Jean Smith Song Leader. . . . ....... Wiley Abbott Game Leader ............ . . . Donald Kinzie CLUB ROLL Jane Brugh, Marjorie Dulaney, Charles Flora, Norma Frantz, Miller Lan- ders, Buddy Lee, Norma Parsons, Kathryn Rock, Richard Smith, Clayton Woody, Nell Wright. The National 4-H Club Emblem is the four-leaf clover with the letter "H" on each leaf. The four "H'sT' represent Head, Heart, Hands and Health, This Club has its place in this county. lt won first place in the county for getting in the largest per cent of record books. It Won third place on the W. S. L. S. Contest. We should like to call your attention to Charlotte Woody. She has won district honors in the County and in the Lynchburg Farm Show. She was selected an All-Star for the County and won the Leadership pin. ADVISORS Pearl Myers-Home Agent R. H. Burtner-County Agent B, O, Portfield-Asst. County Agent QNot picturedj. 42 SPCR' S .im-L.-f Q ...,i 1.11 ...i ,il-u - - -, QS . f X. Y 'JJ Z Gheefzleabezs Jean Wiley, Barbara Rader, June Parsons, Elaine Woodrurn, Loretta Landers Doris Vinyard Betty Naff Barbara Harris Doris Rucker Alma Keith fChiefj qifzlsi gaslzeflvall Forwards: Lucille Graybill, Co-Captaing Joanne Branscorne, MaryC. Gar- ber, Marlies Scaggs, Clayton Woody, Opal Wagner, Marjorie Dulaney. Guards: Mary Goad, Co-Captaing Dorothy Bower, Maxine Rader, Iris Doo- ley, Gladys Nelson, Iva Bowman, Mary Branch, Joan Simpson, Nell Wright. The Troutville High School girls basketball team has been under the direc- tion of a new coach, Miss Ruth Brown, this season. Both coach and team have done successful work together, only being defeated once in the county. Lucille Graybill was high-scorer for the year and Branscome came in second. Five of our players will graduate but we have some good material coming along next year. GAMES Score GAMES Score Opponents Home Opponents Home St. Andrews 23 31 Eagle Rock 51 57 Alumni 22 44 Natural Bridge 46 37 Natural Bridge 25 23 Shawsville 45 32 Colonial 42 59 Fincastle 39 54 Shawsville 41 49 Eagle Rock 33 34 Buchanan 27 33 '49 Graduates 26 35 Colonial 47 44 Buchanan 35 43 Fincastle 16 42 Legion 35 21 Coach: Miss Brown Manager: Jeanette Lackey mfs' gaslzeftvau The "Warriors" had a very successful season this year although most of them were new recruits and lacked experience. Troutvillc has beenunrivfoatml for the 4th straight year in county competition. In District O Tournament, tht- Warriors won over Dunlap Q39-25j. They lost in the finals to Effingcr Q33-27j to gain second place in the District O Conference. Humbert led in the scoring column with 249 points followed by Duluncy with an average of 10 points a game. Front row, left to right: Scaggs, Watcher, Smith, Dulaney, Ilumbt-rt, Second row: Mr, Moore, Saville, Weddli-, Rader, Woodrum, Landers, lVlr. Huffman. Third row: Smith, Rader, Wilson, Abshire, Bowman, Kinzic, Bryant, GAMES 500100 GAMES Sfofv Opponents Home Opponents Honu St. Andrews 39 45 Eagle Rock 50 555 Natural Bridge 25 42 Natural Bridge 33 30 Colonial 38 39 Shawsville 35' 35 Shawsville 55 58 Fincastlc 43 46 Buchanan 33 43 Eagle Rock 36 46 Colonial 27 39 Buchanan 28 42 Fincastle 33 41 District-Dunlap 25 355 Lexington 52 32 Effingc-r 33 27 Coach: Mr. James Moore ?oofl7all First row, left to right: R. Smith, Mgr.g D. Weddle, M. Young, R. Scaggs, G. Burton, B. Hundley, R. Bowman, D. Hatcher, J. Gross, H. Dulaney, R. Cawley, G. Smith, B. Bare, Mgr. Second row, left to right: J. Moore, Coachg E. Dudding, D. Sellers, M. Landers, D. Worley, R. Bryan, B. Humbert, R. Rader, W. Abbott, B. Saville, D. Kinzie, J. Reed, B. Rader. The Troutville "Warriors" joined the ranks of football this past fall and after much drudgery and hard work were rewarded with the honor of County Champs. Even before school started Mr.Moore and Mr. Huffman worked very hard to get equipment for the boys, Despite the great lack of experience the boys were unbeaten in County play. Our Coach provided a schedule whereas the boys could get the most possible experience and through his patience and hard work they fared very well. With this experience and background behind them, the team should improve their game. The best of luck to them! T. H. S. Team Opponents 20 Eagle Rock 6 0 Valley 64 33 Colonial 0 0 Eagle Rock 0 O Wm. Fleming J. V. 32 0 Boys Camp 32 18 Bedford J. V. 13 6 Lexington J. V. 19 19 Buchanan 14 F A V ai XEQ X SENIOR Gufsfcznaing gfuaenk JUNIOR I 3 Q' x W fix 'N i 3195. . T "Q" ' JOHN LAYMAN ROBERT SCAGGS FRESHMAN EIGHTH GRADE I-Qgypff . - Qmg . , W XA -pi' AQW To-4' 'ff' ' ' f AMA' -5 x H , 55 . , y Q, . A -555-Wg-522.1 sw QW A lO: i, fOS , -fy ww-.i -A' -If , Mi Q, "Sift MARY CATHERINE GARBER. ANNE GRIFFIN avofzifes SQY? Principal Mr. Huffman is and 'null Yearbook Office Marie Theresa Weil Nadine Margarete Reinchelt Editor John Layman Firefighters All-Stars Cafeteria C- 3 of-.ig , E r . we s , f-Wea rw - X ,is .X if .4 f ' ' Il' :Q K x 1 j a ' M.. 4 ' .af sd I: -M 1 if A V , D L A I I 1,1 1 1 1 , I' K ,x ' X, .,.. I ifg , v kk M 0 Q Q . K Q it hi- , Q t - 'rmqv a slim Photographer Baseball Squad Custodian Alma Keith Mr. Simpson U l WHS "The time has com'e" as the Walrus said to the Carpenter, for us to remember many things, for it is all over this year at Troutville. We cannot take Troutville with us but the memories are all ours. It is with amixture of emotions that we write FINIS to this years edition of "THE MEMOIRH. We com- bine the pleasure of at last seeing the finished pro- duct, the result of our work, with a feeling of sor- row that the job is done. We have a feeling of an- xiety, too as we present "THE 1950 MEMOIRH for your approval or disapproval. By the time you reach this page you will have decided the fate of this vo- lume. ADv:f.a'rlsmQ 5. A E71 5 ....fE:- H Lx mu - Q ' QL-f?ix. ,W , Q Q- lh' i 523.4 Wfrlf """" --'- V , 1 , N' I If X 'ld I K l l, uktfnf I Hn 131' "' ,.Yf ' '-' x ,l 1,2 -...Q-. , 0"0l0'l0-0 Roanoke Coca-Cola Bottling Works Troutville , Virginia S, I I W lr Y 9 11 WE ARE DISTRIBUTORS , if FOR 5 .. "CATERPILLAR" TRACTOR COMPANY Q 35 5 DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY Ei 4 I 'l M GRABI LL MANUFACTURING COMPANY JOHN BEAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY If JOHN DEERE PLOW COMPANY 5: NEW HOLLAND MACHINE COMPANY 5 I5 1 ' jj NIAGARA SPRAYER KL CHEMICAL COMPANY gg PLANTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY ' I S ROME PLOW COMPANY 55 AND A NUMBER OF OTHERS I 4 Y M MAY WE SERVE YOU? 9 THE GROWERS 8. PRODUCERS EXCHANGE 702-706 Nelson Street, S. E. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA IF 41 41 W T' ,I 43 Sf so 9 5 R sl 9 QP ' 41 4, 1 1, Mason Sz Dixon 4, 9 4' ,r r M 35 SERVICE STATION at . RESTAURANT - Eat While Your Car Is Serviced Z4 Hour Service Clean Rest Rooms Ei Two Miles North of Troutville On Route ll 0' 0' 0' '0' 0' 9' 5, W -0i' l0010R0'0l0'0' -0l '0 -0 4' ' " "" """""' """"""""""""""""""r 1 9 Ai W Acme Typewriter Co. "The Business Machine Center" fi i' 5 l Roanoke, Virginia Royal Victor Typewriters Adding Machines R oyal N Portables if Rental Typewriters :I Sv Q ,i N M "Serving Roanoke For Over Sixty Years" Diamonds Jewelry Nationally Advertised Watches 'i HARRISON JEWELRY CG. 19 i ' 1 307 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, Va. F ,. r V Wholesale Fruits Ez Vegetables CLQVERDALE GARAGE 5 Grower and Packer ' 5 of General Auto Repairing Virginia Apples Br Peaches Wrecking and Towing Service C. C. BOVA sz COMPANY ff All Work Guaranteed V Phone 7-L-21 3 1001 Third St. Roanoke, Va. Dial 3-2425 Cloverdale, Va. .E y 5 7' l0'9 l0' 10 H ,r H ,1 ii Compliments V5 i 1 L. D. Brugh Sz Son Si I Groceries Garden Seeds Gas 8: Oil Hardware ii Feeds M Nace Virginia if Lubrication Tires Accessories J H Parks Zi 0 0 gl i Groceries . N 3 5 li 8' ii Service Station Groceries Meats On Highway ll--3 Miles North of Troutville 1010-0-0:0-101 05 ,..,i..M,..??Y-Vv.vV.-i,,,7- W Y...,- Y-V fav, V Y NORTHWAY EUNICE'S BEAUTY SHOP SERVICE STATION Did you Know? Owned ar:yOperated Mobil he Largest Selling Motor Fuel in the U. S. A. Troutville , Virginia Mrs. Eunice Parks Specializing in all branches beauty culture On Highway 11 -- 3 Miles North of Troutville O Compliments Of L. D. Brugh Sz Son Groceries Gas Sz Oil Feeds Nace G arden Seeds Hardware Virginia C ompliments 5 Of A FRIEND '01' "0" 5 Q 10140l0'900' i Compliments Of Lee Gbensham 5 S R R 5 Q S 9 i 6 Troutville Virginia if :E TROUTVILLE SUPPLY STORE' 4 Q Wayne Feeds Q Seeds--- --- ---- Fertilizers 54 Troutvi11e virginia , BAKER BROTHERS Complim 5 Case Farm Machinery Of Sales-Service Phone 3-2638 W, H. RADER 2313 Williamson Road ' Roanoke, Va. Antique Shop Q ' 'Wi1son" "Case" Farm Freezer Tractors Balers Riteway Milkers "We Fix The Crippledu Threshers, Combines 0- 0' "? '0'010l0l0'1?10'0'10-6'6'0-0 'w 1'"""""i'C'S'C"'-""'""""' C'-'S' A'A'A":"":""'A'A'A'-'S'A'A: '-'A'A'C"" Y'"CCC-'A""''Cf'-'C'A'A'A'C'A'A'A'S:'A'A'A'A"'T'"ACA ACA' "C'A"'A'Y'""S'C'C'C'C'C'C"""''""""""'""""'A""'A"C'A'A"""T Q Compliments 3 Of sAM's 5 I Q YE lg Roanoke, Va- Salam, Va. . Clothes and Shoes for the Entire Family - if 3 9 That Young ,S f SXUNVX 5 Look 41 lr 4 ,I Its smart to shop at Sidney's 5? 501 S. Jefferson St. il Roanoke, Va. 5 32 F . if C ompliments ii Of lt 9 HOWELL'S AUTO BODY SHOP K I, 1' I I M 'O " 5 0 4, W 4 I I I I, Ninth st. at Lynchburg Ave. Phone 3-1274 9 Roanoke, Va. J' 1 ., ,Q 5 VIRGINIA SOUTHERN COLLEGE Complete Secretarial and Accounting Courses 9 C. P. A. Preparation ii Roanoke Virginia li m m 1 il 3o41et. sf.,s.E. 114 E.Main st. IQ 5 Sl: sf FINCASTLE MOTOR CO. Old smobile Sales 'i "1 :XX Service nk 4 Ne jr Fincastle Osman I Virginia BUCHANAN HARDWARE 8a SUPPLY CO Dealers ln Hardware, Building Materials, Electrical Appliances, Sporting Goods 3 No items too small or large for us Wayne Graves 8: Henry Swartz Q Co-Managersl BOTETOURT COUNTY MOTOR CO. Sales Service Ford Tractors and Farm lmplements OUUW ,ff 1 D TRYS Phone 22 A Fincastle virginia RANSON'S DRUG CO. We Fill Prescriptions Phone 2621 Main Street Buchanan, Virginia ifviv, ,Y,Yirivir.,L,Y,,,-,.,,,Y.,, v,,,,Y 3, ,Y,v,,:Y,Y,:-,Fi H 1 Cloverdale Mills Cloverdale, Virginia lg v9f"5f Manufacturers " "" " li xuilln,4 of 1 """"' Old Staff of Life Flour Belle of Cloverdale Flour Indian Mead Meal Lucky-Four Pig and Hog Meal Lucky-Four Laying Mash Distributors For Eshelman Redrose Feeds For the Dairyman and Poultryman We Specialize in Custom Grinding 'I w H N H l 4, ,V r 4 4' Roanoke Tobacco Co. Wholesale Distributors li Candy - Cigars - Cigarettes a nd Fountain Supplie s We Appreciate Your Business - Call Us Q 1722 wiuiamson Road ' Telephone 3-1535 - 3-1536 Roanoke Virginia 0 w01' 115 ' -40 RADER'S FUNERAL HOME if Our Agent for Troutville 8: Vicinity Flowers for all Occasions A ROY L. WEBBER 4000 Williamson Road Phone 3-2469 Roanoke, Va. 9 9 Flowers Telegraphed Everywhere H WITT'S AUTO SHOP General Auto 8: Truck Repairing pl , , . , 45 , 1, N i S , . , Route fill Troutville, Va. lr 9 is A , Q. 4 3? 5 TROUTVILLE POULTRY FARM INC. ii 9 Producers Of ' Va. U. S. Approved Pullorum Passed Chicks Q Troutville virginia W W M 4 l 4 , 1 C ompliments 5 Q Of H 9 CLARA'S BEAUTY SHOP Troutville Virginia W r 1 ,u V W 4 ,....,.Y..Yli,.,...YYYYY.Y...YY.YY....Y Y,.,,Y W W,,,vH,, 0'f4-QWQTYQW-0'5i i W 0'0'Ql?'?0010f0Y7-?10'0' V0l 0 10 V V V ,' 'V V' V V ,V V V' V' ,V ,V V V' V V' Best Wishes Seniors of '50 p May Success Play A Big Part in Your Future Compliments 9 V Of V Vg ' V . . 5 QV The Flrst Natmnal Bank Troutville, Va. It Is Always our Pleasure To ,V X Serve You V, V 9 it For Good Eats Go To CITY LUNCH V V V , V V, ,t VI , 9 Roanoke Virginia l , V 5 Distinctive Feminine Apparel 9 At WORTHS Nl 311 So. Jefferson St. Roanoke Virginia 0'00'f0'7'0 It AYYYYYYYYYYAAAVYYYAAAAA'A""AAAAAAAAA-AAVVYY AYY'AYYYYVA'-iAVA'A'AvAYAY 'AvA'AYAvAY V 1 r A K5 sl W -0Y 017'0l 0lZ0"0' -01 '0 '0 it iiiieiiifvaieiiisifslei 'Sf ii Aaaslliew' R ,, Elgin Bulova "THE ANTIQUE SHOP" 5? Hamilton Benrus fl E Walton Gruen Route 11 --- Box 17 13 l Troutville, virginia BARR BROS. IEWELERS Specializing 5 tl Phone 20953 , 4E CamPbe11 Ave- Lamps and Lamp Parts 5 Ironstone China Roanoke Virginia 1' KIDDIE KORNER From Tots to Teens 402 Jefferson St. Phone 6509 Roanoke , Vir ginia if I' il ,' ll ,1 ji , 9 T Playthings for All Ages J ennings-Shepherd Co. 4 3 4, , 'I Sporting Goods Toys 411 First street, s. W. ii 5 l 4 l , 'w 4 'w 4' ', ,g 'r w , X, W P Jr I r 5' ,, 1+ ,, 1, 1, , Roanoke Virginia r , W ', , , r , M , ,HMM 0-0-10-0-0-ofaw -5 5 "5 405' - Drink Skyline Lumber Company, lnc. Building Materials - Mill Work Before Building or Planning to Build li Consult with Our Free Home Planning 1 1 Q li and Financing Service U Ice Cold Roanoke, Va. Dial SIQS 9 ARROW HARDWARE PAINT AND FEED COMPANY Dial 3-5648 3400 Williamson Road li Roanoke 12, virginia A Troutville Virginia if McAVOY M USIC HOUSE Pianos, Organs, Musical Instruments, Records Sheet Music, Record Players, Radios New Location 122 West Church Ave. Opposite Roanoke Gas Co. P. o. Box 142 mai 8587 S Complete Music Store 5 if R. D. HUNT l: Farm 8: Orchard Supplies 935 33 Street S. E. Roanoke, Va. P. O. Box 1623 Dial 9272 W 4 +I l ..,, sf -l0Y b CHILDRESS MOTOR CO., INC. " Chrysler - Plymouth - tpp.f55""f" ' Road Service - General Auto Repairing xl -6pFlCl4L S Troutviiie . v irginia W X 'YFRVICE Clothing Since 1902 AIRHEART-KIRK Campbell Avenue 4 1 4 Roanoke Virginia 4 KANE FURNITURE CO., INC. ZZ East Campbell Avenue E Dial 17982 Roanoke, Va. Sam Kane, President C ornpliments Of I ? PAL BOTTLING COMPANY Distributors of Refreshing, Pasteurized, Non-Carbonated Beverages 0'0' Compliments F rom if.. , O . . gi Hr.,-Q UH atom -if M-A With The Wor1d's Finest Musical Instruments From MELODY HAVEN, INC. 416 Znd St., S. W. Phone 2-5260 Roanoke 7, Virginia Pianos, Organs, Band Instruments, Accordians, Stringed Instruments, Teaching.Materia1, Accessories Professional Instruction - Expert Repairing - Daily mail orders ' 'SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA'S MOST COMPLETE MUSIC STORE" Thirty Years Honest Service ' '40f 0 0 Mc'S SERVICE CENTER C mplirnents Of Mc'S SELF SERVICE GROCERY G ries - Meats - V g t bl Foz Fd C mpliments Of CECIIXS SERVICE STATION Texaco Dealer CI dale V g 06l?6l01 94 C CCCCCCCCCC ' ' ' C " Compliments Q Of p NELSON HARDWARE COMPANY Sporting Goods Department 3 Tennis 19 East Campbell Ave. Golf il Basketball Baseball A Football Fishing 5 Roanoke, Va. ' WERTZ OPTICAL COMPANY . G5 Prescription Opticians 9 The on1y Guide optieian In Roanoke F. E. Werts, Optician in Formerly With Gleski For Z0 Years . Q Dial 9015 27 Franklin Road 5 9 9 Roanoke, Va. , ,1 we Q 1' V i ,1 ' Denghtfn11y Different 5 n, Ice Cream if 32 One of The H ,V V 4 C 5 s-Good Things Of Life" A CLOVER CREAMERY COMPANY, INC. Q5 9 Dial 3-3603 Roanoke, Va. Ai Compliments ii Of E 9 F. W. W0o1,W0RTH's S i Roanoke, Va. it C ongratulations From GEORGE T. HITCH .Tewelry - Diamonds - Silverware 3? IEEE 118 W. Campbell Ave.. Dial 2-6113 Roanoke J -C i Virginia RICHARSON 8: WILLS STORE Member of Blue Jay Market Troutville V irginia J CAROLE'S Ladies' Coats, Suits, Dresses and Sportswear 304 Henry St. Dial 3-8390 R oanoke Virginia 4 1 4 -Because- 5 ie Style Comes First 1 41 W W f CLOTHING I ROANOKE VIRGINIA 000' S, sf ' -1?' - A A Quarter Century Of Fur it Service ...J 308 South Jefferson Street FLOYD WARD SCHOOL OF DANCING Tap-Ballet-Ballroom Dial 2-3033 501-A Campbell Ave. S. W. GORDON'S FRESH POTATO CHIPS Manufactured Fresh Daily In Roanoke 2411 Williarnson Rd. ff R oanoke , Va. 11 Dial 3-6161 GOODES DINER and GOODES CITIES SERVICE Service your car while you eat Route ll Troutville , Va . if NOFSINGER C LE ANE RS Roanoke's Newest Sz Most Modern Bowling Alley "Bc-mer Cleaning" WILLIAMSON ROAD HEALTH 0 4 CENTER X Q1 Dial 3-6354 Open 11 A. M. 'Till 11:30 P.M 1509 Williamson Road 3609 Williamson Rd- Roanoke Va Roanoke Va. 0"0' "-0"0l0l0'l0'l0- SCOTT GREEN CHEVROLET SALES. INC. P. o. sox sos PHONE ana BUCHANAN. VIRGINIA LIBERTY LIMESTONE CORPORATION LIMESTONE - Crushed 8: Pulverized P hone Z 0 31 Buchanan Virginia BARGER BROTHERS Serving Botetourt for A Quarter Century 1 924-1951 Dealers in Pocahontas, Raven Red Ash, Olga and Anthracite Coal in A Size To suit your Individual Needs - Mail Orders given prompt Attention J. W. Barger, Mgr. Dial 2411 Buchanan, Virginia Compliments Of General Merchandise Shoes 8: Hardware Electrical Appliances Fincastle Virginia 0- 5 Herff Jones Compan 5 Rocky Mount DANIEL C. GAINEY PRESIDENT Official Jewelers For Troutville High School B. V. Reid, Representative Virginia Q 41 N 1, M 1 U , V V 1 el' 3-ff, ' ivy OWATONNA, MINNESOTA TREASURE-CRAFT JEWELRY AND STATIONERY BILL DAY 669 Maple Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia 401' 135 9 GILL'S - DRIVE IN - HAMBURGER HOUSE i 4611 Williamson Road We Serve Fresh Hamburger Ground Daily In Our Own Kitchen From Best Grade Choice Beef 4 4 44 4 H 4 41 4 ,V 54 W- H H W i 'Doole 3 Shop 0449115156 Troutville Virginia I The Memior Staff Of Troutville High School r 4 i 4 r 4 Sincerely Appreciates The Help Of These Advertisers In Making This Annual A Success. 0f0 C ompliments I Of BIBEES SUPER MARKET Complete Food Store : Frozen Foods Ice Cream Fresh Meats 5 3 324 vviuiamson Road A Steaks Southern Fried Chicken Chops 5 ARCHlE'S LOBSTER HOUSE 'A R.F.D.No.Z BoxZ51 Dial Z-1382 or 3-3541 Z Miles North on U. S. Route 11 R oanoke Virginia 'T 4 . 4 H M H K 4 r 44 4 Rader Funeral Home 1900 50th Anniversary 1950 Serving As We Would Be Served Modern Equipment - Cadillac Ambulance +I E. A. Uunel Graybill - W. H. Rader - Marion C. Windley 0 -01' 4,9 .5 45 5 9 q.-0-0-0-0-0-0.0-0-0-0-0-4 M M M H 4. 4, 1 Compliments Of Botetourt Electric Appliance Co. M M 'I +I F Maytag Washers and Ironers 5 if - rl 4: f 94 Norge Range and Refrigerators Ti zenith Radios AM at FM En 9 Ironrite Ironers if 521.- 35 515' 2 ig Fincasue, virginia L. Alfred anon, Mgr C omplime nts +5 Of A EDWARDS FURNITURE CORP. 'Q 4, M +L H 1, S il B h V ir gin ia 9 FINCASTLE PHARMACY "In Business For Your Health" ' lx N?f':'f'2l Fincastle Virginia ' AAA ' AAAAAA 0' '10' - ' Compliments Of MORGAN - EUBANK FURNITURE CORPORATION 14 E t Carnpbell Ave. Roanoke, V g nia "AlwaysA G dPl T T d W.V. REYNOLDS' INC. Aubrey's Red "A" Feed Flour F eds - I-I y 301 Rand lph St t 5Rok Vga Compliments Of THE HIGH SCHOOL SHOP 31-d. Floor lenn - Glinnich's czormlmymymmmdmmwxwxqywy 108 w. Campbell Ave. R oano ke, virg C ompliments Of PEOPLES ICE 8: STORAGE COMPANY, INC 5.22-Z4-Z6 Nelson Street S. E. Storage For All Kinds Of Produ Dial 3-0411 Roanoke, Virginia -10' - Shop Se If-Se 1-vice PAINTER'S STORE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables -Fresh Meats Fancy Groceries-Hardware -Appliances Shoes --------- Drugs C omp liment s Of SPORTS ARENA Skating Each Evening , ' . , 11 . . i DEPT. STORE Home of Better Values 00I0-0l0'01 St 5:5 ll Lllqml ni Jll :ll , 40" ' Feeds and Supplies Broiler Contractors VALLEY FEED AND SUPPLY CO. t..,.x t"", r I 5 ,4 Old Dominion Warehouse """"' Troutville, Virginia THE DOVE ORCHARDS CO. 5 Growers of Dove Brand Apples and Peaches Orchards at Daleville and Cloverdale, Va. Phone Troutville Exchange 1. W After Graduation and Marriage REID and CUTSHALL "Better Furniture Since 1924" 309 Campbell Ave., West R oanoke V ir ginia G.G. BOARD Sz COMPANY i Plumbing Hot Water at Hot Air Heating Dealers For American Standa rd-Crane-Kohler Products Youngstown sinks - Westinghouse Water Heaters jf Dial Z-1433 730 Tazewell Ave., S. E. Roanoke 13, Virginia 0'0i610Il0'0f ,. -...M ., fl -M' ling "'!"1 III III ,W .1 E, N sa J .ww-. -' M-.-.w w H , QQ ',-g ' W ,

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