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- .. ,"'-4 ,' -,e . , l.,, ' :vga QE' - 5 " A 9- ff'- ,.,,.,hf-' 1, -f :ry fy-1 fi-Q HQ. . "L ni Ut h X X!! x f 4 1 f Nw M N 3' ilifgv' 9 , iiff' 'H TY il' 5-'I HI-WA AUDREY LOFTIN Editor-in-Chief 191 JO ANN KERR Bufinexf Manager - "OUR BOBCAT" The Greeks and Romans knew about bobcats hundreds of yeaxs ego, but not until 1950 :ltd Bobcat become a fmulmr and offacnal name at Trouunan. The bobcat whether hugh on the limb of a tree or whether wallung on theearthcbe- m,obsewes'andsfamd1arw1chthewor1dabmnhugNenhezcaznorpessna-can have more benefxcxal habm. I In featunng the "Bobcat" throughout Volume XV, the staff of the Hn-Way u pre- senting the symbol of characternsncs which, we hope, our teams and student body will use to make Troutman High outstandmg. l .5 mi- 'J ..i1, ' . i, A is-'.x-iwrsihl V J. J..Hroi5!'1E-1 ' . -,-1!-.diaw .- ..,,.v.- , - 5 . - -15-1-fa, 7-ew---M---Aff. " 'iz - L i '- V .V A WORD FROM THE STAFF The preparation of this the XV Volume of the Hi-Way has truly been a pleasure for us, your staff. The honor of representing you in the preparation of this book has been ample compensation for the multitudious hours expended. The work has been both pleasant and profitable. In attempting to secure ads from the various merchants so as to minimize the cost to you as a student, we learned much of the art of salesmanship and diplomacy. We have had first hand information as to what it means to contact a merchant and impress upon him the fact that the student body of THS wanted and needed his products and service. The prime focus in the preparation of this book was 'student appeal'. Fully aware that the over-all cost of the book must be limited, we have been able to increase the num- ber of pages in this volume over the one of lastyear. Thru the art work we have en- deavored to present some 'uniq' ideas which came to us extremely 'hard.' We hope that the 'ideas' and the 'quips' presented here-in will meet with your ap- proval and will help you to retain pleasant memories of THS thru the years. Audrey Loftin, Editor-in-Chief Mary Frank Brown, Assistant Editor Jo Ann Kerr, Business Manager Joyce Crews, Madelene Collins, Literary Editors Cress Sherrill, Art Editor Williain Troutman, Assistant Art Editor Rachel Matheson, Advertising Manager Ernest Sipes, Activities Editor Shirley Holcomb, Hilbert Parker, Typists Mr. Frank Brown Mr. J. C. Murdock, Chairman Actions always speak louder than words, and your actions have spoken so loudly that they have shouted to the entire community your sincere interest in the life of Troutman School. Your actions have made possible not only the New Elementary Building which we enjoy, but also the many other features of Troutman School which make it decidedly distinctive. Attempting to catch a small part of your active spirit, we,the Senior Class of Fifty-one ,dedicate this the fifteenth volume of The Highway to the mem- bers of the Troutman School Board- DEDICATE Mr. Sam Brown Mr. Lynn Hostetler Mr, Tate Loftin Whit' .- A , . ,. . f. ,- H V , , Nl- . ,N .rg fx, , ,..,. -, . ,, -N A -,, , L ' Lf '-1'-'g.""'-.:1"' ,v " - 4 4' , A J. ,Aw -1 . , l"" 'V ' V ' , ' '7 1 , ' 'lf I 1" "F - ' f f' . ' -. " fi lil? 5 Q g - J '21 Fig? sf. - .A , " 'f ' " 1' ' '23 W"-'I 4 ' 'Q 4 Q 1 ' - "' . ,ri ,FF . ' ' ' fvff-11 -f, . ' W - 3 '-.L --1. ' - ' gf W q 1 . , A . - , A . J , 5 r WE HONOR MR. ROBERT WINECOFF Your keen interest expressed sincerely to the rnembers of the class of 1951 has endeared you to the hearts of each and every one. For this reason we wish to pay you signal honor in the yearbook of fifty-one. May you always remain the true friend of youth. SCHOOL SONG Faithful and true hearted, let us boost for our ole high We revere her and defend her, as her colors proudly fly, We will stand for her united, of her deeds we gladly tell. Her colors streaming, glad faces beaming, So here's cheer for her that we all love so well. Chorus. A joyous and ever loyal, let us boost for our ole high, Let every heart sing, Let every voice ring, or sigh Our old High School. 9 Honors she has taken on the track and with the hall May she always rank the highest, May her colors never ,fall r K A kg W I ,. There's no other that can match"her,a W e W When her team is on the field Her boys the fleetest, her girls the sweetest, So here's a cheer for her, for her who ne'er'will yield. HI-WAY ,. 'ff x w x X Y . V gr.: -,,,:-if f .. X 5 if. :', w NEA ,, .,.: EQ ....., kk - Q 7 X3 U Y V Wie.:-Y cf Fw 'Qi WM W 8, T, ,, f,, , gms, K 2 Q ' Q Q W H . R sf . 3 K A at Q E VZ Q ' K :. . : N 1' ii -an' ' ,Q vu ,,,,v-"""WN'N-. ' '---Q: ,I if 9' STAFF I ry- 5--.Mi L f fv 6- ., I, A. I I S o Q06 S- Q. . 41 ' 09, 9 .NSQKS Y16'5w'ix6S CDW oe ' . em, Sm sung - W 5gY'b.c,e19d VQ0 we x65 09 N0 WWI? 0- MS ' Svc' MISS VIRGINIA BROSIUS MR. CARL LITAKER Lenoir-Rhyne, A. B. HIGH HIQQL Q00 Scf95Yt,.'b' QA I as +2-5' s- W Y, th0s100'm Eastman School of Music, B. S. Glee Club, Piano S255 gh . 23' P9 5 CO S Q.. 5 , ' S9 5.5 1605106 N W E BRS S' LE ., ' Mnsg T- C A. Emefff' FA MPI' P4160 0015-Rbfoq 00f'-592252869 -'13 ,Cb-icgfi ,bf 14zr,fQ,4 Gems..-, C 'S' "0 QQ e lla? '9 1 care 452.04024 Q 4141 4 4 5141 '1b3'-i'I3JQpl- R ANG5 s sw 5 N iam DA f M Un'v 7' . ecfo DI' d 54" 4141 fofsfv fi- 42 6' 0 QQ 60002 SFQFQ C J' 4 47 - 45? 0?Ci PJJ, 0' ce! 6 I. O 4 M1 1-'OG ff we F 1540 fbrest 656716 A- - 4? if ' ,. .wi NWN X S, if '- Q . I 5 k . N My A W N Y V 1 Y 'Q """'5 X an , ",,, xg! N '-Q4 Si 'O X f, ,Q Q ,. 1 In t Q hun f 31173 mm, . . l' 2 N Amv-if . 'G' is. - , ,J E , V: 'Y . -. 1 fc Q atxlv , 5' My X E vnu wwf . 'tr ."':3-I!" 1-PEI" E j "'5"f1II yr l 1- wx ...LJ .1 I V.. 1 fi lx V r 'lv' - wt.. . ." .' 'Y :HY ul -- :lx ' 7,- ifi: J f , N. N lx Nw K QZQW . E . U if N X N - 1 X 9 XX ix ww XXX Y F Q ' A K X , '- ' Nx .- :X .1 ',f"'9" '- -' - A 1' X W 1.1 .. .lf .Ll:Q....- L NANCY STEWART FRANKIE HENKEL Vice Prexident BILL VANDERFORD Trearurer KAY DEATON Prexident SENIOR OFFICER MISS FRANCES TABOR Clan Spomor MASCOTS fb: w 4 QQ THELMA EDWARDS Secretary AUDREY LOFTIN Hixtorifm F I Q . . wb W 1-, ,T ,Q ' I Ffa. Z , . 5' my Tw 4 W1 iff Ewan ., Q ,W ' M 1 'S,fLQfHP'l '. -H -. -. as ' 2 . . wwgfl A gig s -4" 5. -. Q31 - S 'N K Q 34' X 1 wiiaw 'R -wi' il ff 1257 A Fix gf ifgiiggf my w Xia in 325 lm 3 ,S QP' , F ,gif .,: img, TONY CASH 3 S Q2 il vw --lr' - S ,. W -- -.,..r0: .V -rw.pq..-u..--q,,,.m....v1-xxx-1 ,' .V '- 'w35WiFf7'x'9'-r'E'Q'y1 ... A 1 gs 1 DORIS BLACKWELDER CAROLYN BRAWLEY CLASS OF '51 3 s 3 1 Q gk A 1 WILMA CROUCH BURRELL BILLY CANSLER CLINTON CLONTZ MADELINE COLLINS E L MARY ALICE COMPTON JOYCE CREWS I In 5 1' I-r""-IL: 1 .:1r"v5v,j-L"j "" :' 5I"'!'!!.-iP'Tf"" . F BOBBY EDWARDS THELMA EDWARDS OF' -,-v: 1 7 G gg JOAN HARRINGTON FRANKIE HENKEL Y JOE ANN KERR AUDREY LOFTIN CLASS ibm 'hug-, Wm BOBBY MILLS SHELDON MURDOCK THOMAS MYERS BILLY KIM NESBIT OF' ANNA OSTWALT VIRGINIA PARKER RALPH PERRY JAMES PLYLER CL S LOUISE PRYOR KENNETH ARTHURS W NANCY STEWART GF' W, K , A A BILL VANDERFORD 1 I ADDIE MAE RQBINSON D fl,-fy? - SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The fall of 1947 marked the beginning of a new and important phase of life for about fifty Freshmen. High school was new, different, something to which we had looked forward for eight long years of grammar school. This first year in high school was an all-important year, and under the very capable guidance of Miss Frances Tabor and Miss Frances Sherrill CMrs. Moorej we success- fully completed it. Sophomores! The confusion and newness of the pre- vious year were forgotten. It was now our turn to look with amusement upon the bewildered Frosh! Perhaps the high-light of our second year in high school was the trip, on which Miss Martin took us, to Duke Uni- versity and our State Capitol, Raleigh. For one whole day we gleaned knowledge, not from a book, but from mu- seums, the University, the Capitol Building, and so many other interesting places. It was a day to be remembered. Also in our Sophomore year we began, on a small scale, making money for the next year's Junior-Senior Banquet. Our Junior Year, 1949-1950, held many interesting events for us. We continued our money-making plans for financing the junior-Senior Banquet by selling magazine subscriptions and hose, and by sponsoring a square dance. In all of these attempts we were extremely successful and on April 21, 1950, we held the annual Junior-Senior Ban- quet at the Country Club in Statesville. The evening of May 12, 1950, was another very excit- ing time for us, for on that evening we presented the jun- ior Class play, Little Women. The play was different, breathtakingly interesting, and completely successful! In addition to this, one of our members, yours truly, was chosen to represent Troutman in the "Miss Merry Christmas" contest held annually in Statesville. To us, as to a! Seniors, the arrival of Class Rings was a big thrill. The selecting of a class gift, class mascots, superlative-s, invitations, and class play were big events. The Junior-Senior Banquet, basketball and baseball games -all have a more special meaning for Seniors. Respon- sibility is ours now more than ever before, and because of this we have elected the following capable leaders President ........... ............. F rankie Henkel Vice President ...... ........ N ancy Stewart Secretary ......... ..... T helrna Edwards Treasurer ............................................ Bill Vanderford Graduation time is near, it will not be long until we are really on our own. Thoughts of the past are with us, but more important are our thoughts and plans for the future. With our motto, "Evergreen," which we shall al- ways strive to uphold, and with light hearts, and heads held high, we begin our journey into the Future. Audrey Loftin Class Historian Jai - +' f 'W' i c CLASS SONG V by Audrey Loftin The years have passed, Our sojourn here is ended. Yet e're remain Our memories of thee. The joys we've shared, The trials we've borne together, Have made us one- In love and loyalty. The future calls, And we must quickly leave thee. Our hearts are sad, As from thy halls we pass. But when we're gone, A part of us will e're remain. With thee, forever, Shall our love abide. CLASS POEM by Joyce Crews We're leaving you our school- Symbol of our youth- To go forward now alone To seek the Greater Truth. But what is this that lurks Within each heart- This inner surge of sorrow- As we begin to part? With open heart and mind We came to you. Desiring here to find The noble and the true. We hesitate to leave your Sheltering walls With memories re-echoing Dimly through the halls. We criticized you often, But defended too. Now, leaving, at last we know We were a part of you. f'Ql1 Q ' 1' Q 1' . . -. a . ' . V 5' . , " ' . 1 . ' ' 1 ' . 4 " H . e ' Q . -.-,' ' 4, ,- . -' 4 if -,, A' H, .f. ..-. ',, ia- ...B .. ai 4 ' , --h 'A '. V A. i, . - ., A ' -. - ff . 'V ' ' :,' la ka. 'af .1 1:' v.,.,..' "rx . "Fu-.-'-' ' ' ."' -. li vt 1" f -' 'f' .' f' . - s 1, J fi,-1 4- - g K,-:L - I .un ,- . , - 'QL 1 4 Ve 1. ,- , - ge, 1.-4 ., -' H- .i . ,, ' .- - 4 H - Aung. awww., -Q--.....,...w.w..X.r FRANKIE HENKEL Moft Intellectual ? SENIOR Q Aan, CARCLYN BRAXWLEY JO ANN KERR BOBBY EDWARDS, BOBBY EDWARDS, M051 Popular Willie!! MARY ALICE COMPTON AUDREY LOFTIN M011 Talenlefl BILLY CANSLER, A1011 Likely To Szlcueell SUPERLATIVES XFN NANCY STEWART RALPH PERRY, M0.fl Dependable if Z. fix, JOYCE QREWS RALPH PERRY, Bef! All Round T ll umm was JOAN HARRINGTON THOMAS MYERS, Culwl N, THELMA EDWARDS BILL VANDERFCRD, Bart Lrmking if T , V , WILMA CROUCH BURRELI Muff Cozzrfeom KENNETH ARTHURS "Honesty is the best policy." Hobbies: Football, hunting. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Personal Statistics: February 2, 1931, Height, 5'9", Weight 165, Eyes, Hazel, Hair, Brown. DORIS BLACKWELDER "It is better to be small and let your light shine than to be large and cast a shadow." Hobbies: Dating, sports, skating, music. Schools Attended: Amity, Troutman. School Activities: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H 1, 2, Library Staff 1, 2, 3, Boosters Club 2, 3, Vice President 4, Basket- ball 1, Glee Club 2, 3, Office Staff 4. Personal Statistics: November 13, 1933, Height, 4'11", Weight, 105, Eyes, Green, Hair, Blonde. CAROLYN BRAWLEY "She is gentle but not shy, and there is mischief in her eye." Hobbies: Dating, reading, movies. Schools Attended: Amity, Troutman. School Activities: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Boosters Club 3,4, Student Council 1, Glee Club 1, 2. Personal Statistics: February 8, 1933, Height 5'3"3 Weight 125, Eyes, Blue, Hair, Blonde. WILMA CROUCH BURRELL "Not too serious, not too gay, a likable girl in every way." Hobbies: Traveling, movies, sports. Schools Attended: Avery, Sherrill. Statesville Jr. High School, Troutman. School Activities: F. H. A. 2, Boosters Club 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Basketball 1. Personal Statistics: june 1, 19335 Height, 5'2", Weight, 95, Eyes, Blue, Hair, Blonde. BILLY BRYAN CANSLER "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may flunk." Hobbies: Baseball. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activi- ties: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Busdriver 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, Beta Club 4, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 2. Personal Statistics: August ll, 1933, Height, 6'1", Weight, 165, Eyes, Green, Hair, Blonde. CLINTON CLONTZ "My thoughts are my companions." Hobbies: Football, hunting. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Personal Statistics: November 25, 1933, Height 5'11", Weight 145, Eyes, Brown, Hair, Brown. MADELINE COLLINS "The early bird gets the worm, but who wants a worm?" Hobbies: Sports, collecting miniature figures. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: Beta Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, President 4, 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, Library Staff 2, G. A. A. 2, Paper Staff 1, 3, 4, Class Prophet 4, Annual Staff 2, Ass't. Literary Editor 4, Personal Statistics: March 13, 1933, Height, 5'8", Weight, 120, Eyes, Green, Hair, Brown. SENIOR MARY ALICE COMPTON "Never take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive anyway." Hobbies: Music, movies, skating. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: Boosters Club 2, 4, Secretary of Class 3, Paper Staff 3, Annual Staff, Ass't. Editor 3, Student Council 4, Personal Statistics: December 23, 1932, Height, 5'4", Weight, 102, Eyes, Green, Hair, Black. JOYCE CREWS "Smile and the world smiles with you, frown and- but who wants to frown?" Hobbies: Music, reading, movies. Schools Attended: Alexander Graham jr. High, Central High in Charlotte, Troutman. School Activities: Beta Club 4, President, Paper Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Literary Editor, Class Poet 4, Library Club 4, Vice President, Boosters Club 4. Personal Statistics: August 26, 1933, Height 5'2", Weight, 110, Eyes, Blue, Hair, Brown. BOBBY EDWARDS "A rare compound of quality, noble and true, with plenty of sense and humor too." Hobbies: Hunting, eating. Schools Attended: Shepherds, Trout- man. School Activities: 4-H 1, 2, Basketball Manager 2, Personal Statistics: May 18, 1933, Height, 6'l", Weight, 157, Eyes, Blue, Hair, Brown. THELMA EDWARDS 'To make the world a friendly place, one must show a friendly face." Hobbies: Music, reading, movies. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: 4-H 1, 2, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, Annual Staff 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Class Secretary 4, Personal Statistics: February 25, 1933, Height, 5'3", Weight, 118, Eyes, Blue, Hair, Brown. JOAN HARRINGTON "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you ery alone." Hobbies: Sports, music, movies. School Activities: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Paper Staff 3, Editor 4, Library Staff, President 4, Boosters Club 3, 4, Class Vice President 1, Class secretary 3, Office Staff 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 5, Easlzetball 5, 4, Dramatics Club 4, G. A. A. 2. Personal Statistics: July 24, 1932, Height, 5'5", Weight, 110, Eyes, Hazel, Hair, Blonde. FRANKIE HENKEL "'1'here's nothing so kind as kindness, and nothing so loyal as truth." Hobbies: Reading, movies, traveling. Schools Attended: Trout- man. School Activities: Beta Club 3, 4, Paper Staff 3, 4, Library 3, 4, Student Council Secretary 2, Vice President 3, F. H. A. 1, 2, Dramatics 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Office Staff 4, Secretary of Class 2, Vice President of Class 3, President of Class 4. Personal Statistics: May 14, 1933, Height, 5'6", Weight, 1335 Eyes, Brown, Hair, Black. STATISTICS JOE ANN KERR "Never :peak :en:e when non:en:e serve: the purpo:e." Hobbies: Skating, bowling, reading. Schools Attended: Trout- man. School Activities: Beta Club 3, 45 Boosters Club 3, 45 Paper Staff 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 Library Staff 45 F. H. A. 45 Annual Staff, Business Manager 4. Personal Statistics: July 24, 19335 Height 5'7"5 Weight, 1205 Eyes, Blue5 Hair, Brown. AUDREY LOFTIN "The harder I try the "gooa'er" to he, the "wor:er" I am." Hobbies: Dramatics, dating, movies. Schools Attended: Trout- man. School Activities: Beta Club 3, 45 Paper Staff 3, 45 Annual Editor 45 Student Council 35 Dramatics Club 45 Boosters Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 25 Office Staff 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 15 Vice President Soph. Class 25 Historian 45 Band 25 Miss Troutman 35 Chief Marshal 3. Personal Statistics: june 3, 19335 Height 5'9"5 Weight 1245 Eyes Green: Hair Blonde. SHELDON MURDOCK "Always playing the game :traight." Hobbies: Boxing, movies, listening to radio, taking trips. School Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4. Personal Statistics: Feb- ruary 21, 19325 Height 5'11"5 Weight, 1425 Eyes, Gray5 Hair, Brown. THOMAS MYERS "Hi: gentle :peech and modest way: lead other: to accord hi: way.r." Hobbies: Hunting,sports. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. Personal Statistics: February 1, 19335 Height 5'11"5 Weight 1455 Eyes, Gray: Hair, Brown. BILLY KIM NESBIT "Why :Ieep your life away." Hobbies: Sports, movies. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: F. F. A. 1, 25 Class Historian 15 Class President 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Personal Statistics: July 29, 19335 Height 6'5 Weight, 1555 Eyes, Brown5 Hair, Blonde. ANNA OSTWALT "A good di:po:ition ir to he valued more than gold." Hobbies: Movies, skating, music, collecting pictures. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. Personal Statistics: December 14, 19305 Height 5'5"5 Weight 1395 Eyes,Blue5 Hair,Brown. VIRGINIA PARKER "l wi:h the man who invented work could finirh it." Hobbies: Dancing, dating, movies. Schools Attended: Shephards, Troutman. School Activities: F. H. A. 1, 25 Glee Club 3, 45 G. A. A. 15 Boosters Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 15 Office Staff 35 Cheer- leader 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 1, Paper Staff 25 Historian 25 Dra- matics Club 4. Personal Statistics: February 15, 19315 Height 5'3"5 Weight 1105 Eyes, Green: Hair, Blonde. Www ,VT i T. RALPH PERRY "Let me think and walh calmly in my path." Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, football. Schools Attended: Amity, Troutman. School Activities: F. F, A. 1, 25 Vice President 35 Student Council 4. Personal Statistics: December 4, 19325 Height, 6'2"5 Weiht, 1605 Eyes, Grey5 Hair, Brown. JAMES PLYLER "Either I find a way or I make one." Hobbies: Sports, movies. Schools Attended: Troutman. School Activities: F. F. A. 1, 25 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 4. .Personal Statistics: April 17, 19335 Height 6'1"5 Weight 1605 Eyes, Grey: Hair, Brown. LEONARD PLYLER "Hi: wit ir as refrerhing as an April :hower-- it pour: forth in any .rea:on." Hobbies: Hunting. Schools Attended: Amity, Troutman. Schooi Activities: F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 Junior Play 5: Busdriver. Personal Statistics: December 9, 19335 Height 5'7"5 Weight 1505 Eyes, Blue5 Hair, Brown. LOUISE PRYOR "Of all the joy: that I recall, being in love is the but of all." Hobbies: Dating, reading, collecting records and pictures. Schools Attended: Baltimore, Md., Troutman. School Activities: Library 1, 3, 4. Personal Statistics: October 28, 19335 Height 5'8"5 Weight 1505 Eyes, Blue: Hair, Red. ADDIE MAE ROBINSON "It doe:n't pay to worry, thing: are hound to happen anyway." Hobbies: Skating, collecting pictures, sports. Schools Attended: Amity, Troutman. School Activities: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Staff 4. Personal Statistics: july 22, 19325 Height 5'5"5 Weight 1325 Eyes, BIue5 Hair, Red. NANCY STEWART "She live: for enioyment. I: there anything el:e worth while?" Hobbies: Sports, movies. Schools Attended: Clarks, Troutman. School Activities: Paper Staff 15 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Library Staff 25 Annual Staff 2. Personal Statistics: November 20, 19325 Height 5'8"5 Weight 1265 Eyes, Brown5 Hair, Black. BILL VANDERFORD "Art i: long, life is short." Hobbies: Shooting Pool, Business Machine. Schools Attended: Mooresville, Troutman. School Activities: Beta Club 45 Paper Staff 45 Treasurer of Class 4. Personal Statistics: December 26, 19325 Height, 6'1"5 Weight, 1485 Eyes, Green5 Hair, Brown. The warm room and the whispering rain made it difficult for me to keep my mind on the story that I was trying to write. Soon I could keep my eyes open no longer-and instead of sitting in my office in Nashville with typewriters jangling and phones ringing, l'm back in Troutman, North Carolina, but what a changed place! Instead of the small country village it was ten years ago it is now a bustling metropolis. Seeing the site of the old school building, where now stands a huge Public Library, brings back memories of my school days at Troutman High School. john Hopkins, and Anna Ostwalt and Addie Mae Robinson run the Cash-over Hotel. As we fly, I go up front to talk with Bobby Edwards, the pilot. He and Thelma, our class beauty, now have twin girls-"the image of their mother,'L.he proudly announces. Nancy meets me at the airport, and on the way to her apartment she tells me that Anna and Addie Mae and husbands are on a world cruise and that Carolyn Brawley is now married and living in San Francisco, where her husband is commander of the western fleet. Joyce Crews, with her syrupy Southern accent, is the rage ls that Mary Alice Compton coming out of the library? I thought she was in Europe on a concert tour. It is Mary Alice. What luck finding her here! After greetings have been made, we fall to discussing our school days and our classmates. Joe Ann Kerr CMary Alice tells mel is now in Washington, D. C., sec- retary to the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is hard to picture joe Ann in such a secretive business. From Mary Alice I also learned that crim- inals are almost obsolete in Trout- man since Sheldon Murdock is Chief of Police and Thomas Myers is a crack detective em- ployed by the city. Joan Har- rington now lives in Statesville where L. J. owns the Statesville Laundry. Leaving Mary Alice, I call a taxi. Kenneth Arthurs, another classmate of '51 is drivingg and we have an interesting tour of the "old home town." When I arrive at the Manning Building, I ask a pert little secretary if I may see the President of the Air- X , 5 ,.-1 f A I K , rl ,Y T "iff - ' If M l ll: ' K .. f tmlpfff , I N 1 , f N. X , Ox' 1 - rg 'V s as ' 'Z 0 -s r ' 'vis'-if S f Ng A xu N Af' Sax, k fnaf N . -L f A 5 .1 . ' , , xx f ll Rh J x K f ' W limi- of Hollywood and Virginia Parker is teaching English at the University of Pennsylvania. Nancy and I are sitting and talking of by-gone days when the tele- phone rings. What a welcome voice! It is ludrey Loftin. I had heard that she is living in Buenos Aires. She tells us that our intelligent gal, Frankie Henkel, is in line for the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Nancy and I decide to go to Washington to see Joe Ann Kerr and Bill Bryan Cansler, Secretary of Agriculture. Billy Bryan is busy when we arrive but upon finding that ir is a couple of classmates, he takes time to see ns. We tell him what we have learned about the other members of our ciss, ind he adds that Bill Vandeford now owns a chain of theaters in and around New York and that Leonard Plylet is an in- surance salesman in Brooklyn. Furthermore, he remembers that he has an unopened letter from Louise Pryor in the morning mail. Reading it, we find that she and Norris are living in Texas and line. The secretary is none other than Mrs. David Burrell-the former Wilma Crouch-and surprise of surprises-who is sit- ting behind the shiny mahogany desk but Billy "Fuzz" Nesbit. Talking with MISTER Nesbit, I learn that "Pete" Plyler, Bobby Edwards, and Ralph Perry are three of his ace pilots, and that Bobby Mills is lredell County Farm Agent, with Clinton Clontz as his able assistant. After much deliberation, I decide to fly to Baltimore where Nancy Stewart is making a name for herself as head nurse of making a fortune in oil, and that she has seen Doris and Jerry when they came through Texas going to Arizona for the winter. A telephone is ringing. Why doesn't one of Billy's secretaries answer it. Automatically I reach for the instrument. Oh! I'm back in the office and that is my phone ringing. Anyway it was a pleasant dream and I've seen the future of the Senior Class of 1951. MADELINE COLLINS Class Prophet STATISTICIAN'S REPORT I, Frankie Henkel, having traveled around the world on the back of a turtle, have never in all of my travels seen nor heard of a group so outstanding as the Senior Class of 1951. They are the most intelligent, the best looking and the most remarkable class ever to graduate, not only from Troutman High School, but from any school any where. The majority of this sagacious class are eighteen years old. The average height, decreased somewhat by the small- ness of Wilma Crouch and Doris Blackwelder, is said' to be 5'6", while we tip the scales at 126 pounds. Peering be- neath the shaggy manes of blonde or brown, one may be- hold either blue or green-eyed monsters. There is as wide a diversity in the tastes of our class as there is in physical appearance. Although a variety of sports is enjoyed, basketball and football take the lead. The favorite pets are dogs, cats, and horses, Billy "Fuzz" Nes- bit, however, has time only for women. "Pete" Plyer and Sheldon Murdock think june Allyson and Betty Grable are tops in the movie field, while jo Ann Kerr and Addie Mae Robinson swoon over any male movie star, especially Farley Granger and William Holden. joyce Crews and Audrey Loftin have as their favorite hobbies-dating and reading, the other members of the class have hobbies from collecting miniatures to hunting. Favorite classes-Econo- mics, English, and Shorthand-are attended almost every- day by some of the Seniors. Three of us even take El Espanol. After taking a poll of club activities, I have found the Library Club, Booster Club, Dramatics Club, F. I-I. A., F. F. A., and Beta Club being honored by Seniors. As for means of transportation, Fords and Oldsmobiles take the lead, with Chevrolets running a close third. The title of the most popular band goes to Ralph Flannigan, although The Old Maids seem to prefer Hill- billy Bands. Date and Dance Time, Music by Request, and the Lone Ranger were voted favorite radio programs. While listening to these programs-or at any other time- the class will eat anything: shrimp, pickles, and fried chicken being first choice. Of the many interesting ambitions the following are the most outstanding: To be elected' president, Billy Cansler .........,. Jo Ann Kerr ........................................ To get a man joan Harrington ........ To be elected Mrs. America. Madeline Collins ............................ To play baseball Clinton Clontz ....... ..,... . .... T o get married. Yours Truly ......,.........,........... To finish this report. In spite of these ambitions, however, some very fine- nurses, housewives, farmers, statesmen, politicians, and musicians should come from this class. In witness thereof, I have set my hand and seal here to the Report of the Statistician, hoping that you will never forget the many wonderful contributions we have made. We, the members of the Graduating Class of 1951 of Troutman High School, on this twenty third day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred fifty- one, having passed through twelve years of learning and being, supposedly, of sound minds and bodies with full understanding of our knowledge, but reflecting on the un- certainties of our mortal existence, do order, publish, and declare this report. Marian Frank Henkel Statistician Sally Bethepzeba H. Cuddles Snodgrass State of North Carolina City of Troutman County of Iredell Township of Fallstown SCHOOL OF TROUTMAN We, the Senior Class of 1951, being of sound minds and bodies, being mindful of the benefits we secured here, would like to bestow them upon those people who are left. We do make this our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. ARTICLE I To our principal, Mr. Carl Litaker, we leave our thanks and appreciation for his untiring contributions in our behalf. To Miss Tabor, our class sponsor, we leave our gratitude for her guidance through our four years in high school. To Mrs. Lee Brown we leave our thanks for her aid in pre- paring some of us for a commercial career. To Mr. Poston we leave our formulas and broken test tubes as a remembrance of the class of '5l. To Mr. Freeze we leave our hope that he will have less trouble in teaching future book- keeping classes the difference be- tween debits and credits. To Miss Martin we leave our hopes that she will recover from the effects of her sixth period world geography class. To Miss Miller we leave the .. sonality to Ruth Deaton. I, Louise Pryor, do will and bequeath my love for "tall, dark, and handsome" boys to Shirley Holcomb. I, Clinton Clontz, do will and bequeath my shyness and quiet ways to Billy Rimmer. I, Mary Alice Compton, do will and bequeath my many' different talents to Sara Whitener. I, Bob Mills, do will and bequeath my frankness and talkative- ness to any Junior boy who thinks he can get by with it. I, Madeline Collins, do will and bequeath my love for base- ball players Cespecially the Mooresville teamj to Betty Sherrill. I, Virginia Parker, do will and bequeath my ability as cheer- leader to Maxine Wilhelm. I, Doris Blackwelder, do will and bequeath my ability to laugh at anything in world geography to Frank Robbins. I, Wilma Crouch Burrell, do will and bequeath my title as "most courteous" to Bertha Ann Ballard. 1 1--i 1" cs ime' Z Ei lrlaasl W lllxhfv -If 2 I r baby clothes that we made in - ,. J I, Joyce Crews, do will and be- queath my cheerfulness to Jean Eller. I, Frankie Henkel, do will and bequeath my intelligence to Joe White. I, Billy Kim Nesbit, do will and bequeath my athletic ability to jim Wise. home economics and the messes A S 5 : l I, Ralph Perry, do will and we made in the kitchen. 6 gl bequeath my willingness to co- To Mr. Kurowski we leave our 3 f f ,, operate to Ernest Sipes. thanks for making ours a better I 9 5 I E N -1 ZX AL I, Sheldon Murdock, do will' basketball team. : 5 A KL and bequeath my good manners To Miss Brosius we leave our -H T to jimmy Brawley. fond appreciation for all she ff.-R-xx . 1, Thelma Da,-f Edwards, do taught us in glee club. Q- -I rf ' -. gig? V will and bequeath my good looks To Mrs. Moore we leave our an ff , N :,n'V4'i'XN to Roberta Goforth. glratitiiide for the interest she il f 41' I, I' I' I, Alma Ostwalty do Wm and 5 owe m uf as Ccysponsor dur' " f'xflY'Qf15'f'i I bequeath my intense interest in mg our Junior Year' 2.2. Jw' V, the boys in the service to Shirley To Mr. Vance we leave all of l A 3 Eades- the "unusual" furniture we made ll - dana -Qlylinn. . . . -.4-,Z s- ' Q I, Addie Mae Robinson, do in the shop. ... . 4. 7? , , ARTICLE H , as , t 1 will and bequeath my reasoning 'if QLA--A'-'T ability to Norma Sue Coley. To the Freshmen we leave our books, notes, and knowledge in is hopes that they won't have to study so hard. To the Sophomores we leave our best wishes that they will have an easier time in school than we did. ARTICLE III I, Audrey Loftin, do will and bequeath my love for music to Mary Frank Brown. I, Billy Bryan Cansler, do will and bequeath my title as "most likely to succeed" to William Troutman. I, Carolyn Brawley, do will and bequeath my popularity to Mary Alice Alley. I, Bill Vanderford, do will and bequeath my position as only boy in shorthand class to Wayne Smith, providing he can endure "them." I, Joe Ann Kerr, do will and bequeath my love for Mitchell boys to Billie Cress Sherrill. I, Nancy Stewart, do will and bequeath my winning per- I, Bobby Edwards, do will and bequeath my wit to Ted Templeton. I, James Plyler, do will and bequeath my school bus to Hubert Parker. I, Kenneth Arthurs, do will and bequeath my quiet man- ner to Lilly Horton. I, Thomas Myers, do will and bequeath my ability to sleep in economics to any junior who wants to take the risk. And finally I, Joan Harrington, having been authorized and delegated by the Senior Class to write this Last Will and Testa- ment, set my hand and affix my seal on this, the twenty second day of May in the Year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty one. JOAN HEFNER HARRINGTON Class Lawyer. WITNESSES: Evil Eyes Scarface y v 4 M 4 S' ,Ji 4 ywwfl ,f Q ' V -li n - -, 411. div'-41--"J - vt- '7 X, I ff X " 2 wk-El' I Ygfl JUS -- N 1' 35' J I L4 A - .....11---- i K F' YK E :' N62 A, zf K 'f w R I r t O 1 1 6 3 1 X 1 f ZX H5 3 X CLASS OFFICERS Rl tfg, WILLIAM TROUTMAN MARY FRANK BROWN BILLIE CRESS SHERRILL President TED TEMPLETON Treamrer DAVID HINSON Hirlorian Vice President Secretary JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY As strangers to our Upperclassmen, we, the Freshmen, entered into a new world of wider horizons, steeper paths, and nobler ends on the Troutman High School Campus in the fall of 1948. We, sixty--some strongC?J, under the guidance of Mrs. DeVaughn and Mr. Barker spent most of our year trying to adjust ourselves to our new surroundings. When our school started again, we were shocked to find that we were Sophomores. This year our guiding lights were Mr. Poston and Mr. Winecoff. Our subjects seemed much harder, with some of our members being slaughtered on the field of algebra, others died of English, while everyone seemed to enjoy biology. High lighting the year, was the explosion, due to the mixing of cooking gas and tenth graders in Home Ec. When asked what happened, this was the answer, "I merely struck a match, stepped back, and it went BAM!" Time marches on. Now we are Juniors-a year older and a year wiser four teachers sometimes wonder.J We are very proud to be resuming another phase of the process of education. With the help and patience of our homeroom teachers, Mrs. Moore and Mt. Poston, we gave our Junior play, "A DATE FOR DANNY," with fourteen members of our class in the cast. It was a decided success from every angle, and we were delighted with the many compliments on our production. This was one of our many ways to raise money for the Iunior-Senior Banquet which was a big event in April. Also our class is well represented in school activities. Many of our members may be seen participating in the Beta Club, F. H. A., F. F. A., Boosters Club and Dramatics Club. We received quite an honor when Mary Alice Alley was elected Miss Merry Christmas to represent our school in the Christmas Festival. Now as Juniors, we view our Senior Year with high hopes and ambitions. So classmates, keep your fingers crossed. Let's hope next year that we shall all be together as "Seniors," DAVID HINSON Historian COLORS MOTTO FLOWER Navy Blue and White "Keep Smiling." Red Rose CLASS OF ' MARY ALICE ALLEY BERTHA ANN BALLARD LUTHER BEAVER PAUL BEAVER JIM BRAWLEY MARY FRANK BROWN SHIRLEY BUSTLE NORMA SUE COLEY ROBERT COMPTON RUTH DEATON Q SHIRLEY EADES JEAN ELLER RONNIE GARWOOD ROBERTA GOFORTH DAVID HINSON xx SHIRLEY HOLCOMB LILLY HORTON LUTHER JOHNSON JO ANN LOFTIN EDWARD MILLER RAY MISENI-IEIMER HUBERT PARKER JUNE PUTNAM BILLY RIMMER FRANK ROBBINS BEI I Y SHERRILL BILLIE sCRESS SHERRILL THOMAS SHERRILL ERNEST SIPES WAYNE SMITH TED TEMPLETON EPSY TROUTMAN WILLIAM TROUTMAN CECIL TUCKER NANCY WESTMORELAND JOE WHITE SARA WHITENER MAXINE WILHELM JIMMY WISE Ze I- 21 fb V II, E' - wx I . h 54,1 E, E' '-I f , 5' ,. L . 9' Wiz: W f leisure.. CLASS GFFICERS 'Sis BOBBY MURDOCK Prerirlefzl NTT' Q is 1, PATSY CROY Historian BROWNIE BROWN JERRY STINSON Vice p,e,jde,,, Secretary and Trearurer SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY lt doesn't seem possible that we are Sophomores, lacking two years of reaching that wonderful goal-our graduation day. But let's start at the beginning-ten years ago when we were little folks entering the first grade, knowing little of what lay before us. As time marched on, we marched with ir, all the time growing in wisdom and stature and in the favor of our teachers. Then the year 1949 found us as Freshmen beginning our high school life. After selecting our subjects, we took a deep breath and plunged into the daily routine of work. However, with the help of our gracious and patient teachers, we pulled through that wonderful year with ease. With somewhat renewed courage and ambition, we entered dear old Troutman Hi again after a restful??? summer. We started with the enrolment of sixty-five students in the Sophomore Class. To our disappointment, we realized that we had lost a few of our former classmates, but we had a few ones who helped to replace the others. To start the year off right, we elected our class officers and made plans for a Weiner-roast, skating and a movie party. Our subject teachers this year are Miss Miller, Miss Martin, Mr. Poston, Mr. Vance, Mr. Freeze, Mrs. Brown, and Mr. Kurowski. To most of us, the first report card, as is usual, was a little discouraging, but we are trying a bit harder to make higher grades and thus to reach the honor roll. A member of the tenth grade, Nancy Little, represented Troutman Hi in the county contest, winning the title of "Miss lredell.County Fair." It always take preparation for the future, therefore, to make money for our Senior year, we first tried our luck at cotton picking. After selling of articles provided by the Stanley Home Products Company, we sponsored a square dance and sold "T" shirts with the Bobcat emblem on them. By the time we are Seniors, we shall probably be able to finance our needs with ease. In the future, as in the past, we shall continue to uphold our motto, "Good Conduct and Courage Lead to Honor." PATSY CROY, Class Historian CLASS MOTTO CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER "Cfmduff and Courage Royal Blue and White While Carnation Lead I0 Honor." CLASS OF ' MISS MARTINS . ,,,,,,.,,,, . ,,,,..,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,, . . .. . ,,,,,, .. Home Room First Row, Left to Right: Patty Sherrill, Joan Hobbs, Peggy McGraw, Louise Cooke, Marjorie Hildebran, Peggy Hartline, Marilyn Misenheimer. Second Row: Caroldean Little, Bobby Hager, Rachel Matheson, Jennie Lee Moore, Katherine Davis, Lois Barkley. Third Row: Sarah Brawley, Norma Jean Mayberry, Martha Lanier, Patsy Croy, Mary Lou Wootisitles, Martha Cooke. Fourth Row: Connie Reid, Audrey Collins, Miss Cora Martin, Bessie Mae Bass, Mary Shoemaker, Mary Ellen Ball, Fifth Row: Dean Murdock, Donald Rumple, james Fox, Harold Blackwelder, Brownie Brown, Danny Ervin, Billy Watts. at 'w ,, " ".l"9 .a.. QI MR. FREEZES ,,,, . ,,,,, , ,,,,,, .. ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,, . . .. . ,,,, ,,,,, .. Home Room First Row, Left to Right: Shirley Hopkins, Lois Myers, Nancy Little, Martha Plyler, Alison Campbell, Marlene Compton, Norma Dean Rankin. Second Row: Shelia Miller, Betty Whitener, Thelma Plyler, Margaret Carrigan, jean Lamberth, Peggy Nixon, Elsie Stewart. Third Row: Faye Wooten, Peggy Robbins, Max Parker, Loretta Brown, Nancy Houston, Barbara Mills, Dean Goodman, Fourth Row: Bobby Murdock, Mr. Henry Freeze, Bobby Morrow, jimmy Rary, Larry Cates. Fifth Row: Colon Siceloff, jerry Stinson, Frank Ostwalt, jimmy Brown, Allen Collins. 'GCI' 'I -5' CLASS OFFICERS ii' GRADY LEXVIS Preridem SHIRLEY COLEY BOBBY LAIL Vice Prerident Secretary and Trearurer FRESHMAN HISTORY After working eight years to reach this goal, we are proud to be thc Freshman Class of Troutman High School. With the election of our class officers, we began plans to raise money for our treasury. By picking cotton and sponsoring a square dance we realized a profit. For the spirit with which we were greeted into high school by all students and teachers, we are thankful. Although there were hardships and disappointments, especially trouble in math and science, we pulled through with the help of our teachers and fellow students. After having taken part in many of the school activities this year, we EQ x SHIRLEY SIPES Hirtofian feel that we have earned our name as Freshman. In preparing ourselves for the future years we are striving to live up to our motto, "Ever Will and Eager to Learn." SHIRLEY SIPES Historian CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER . Silver und Blue Talirman Rose CLASS 017,54 e l l l 9 l MR. KUROWSKI S .. ,,,, ,,,,, . .. .. .,,,,, ,,,,,,. . ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, . . . ., ,,,. Y,,,, . .. H W, I-fame Rggm First Row, Left to Right: Peggy Eades, Janice Gryder, Colleen Menster, Linda Cooke, Wilma Shoemaker, joan Bennett. Aileen Lambert. Second Row: Ed Ray Byers, Bobby Turman, Peggy Poole, Nell McCubbins, Hazel Jarvis, Blanche Warren. Third Row: Shirley Sipes, Clyde Hoke, Gilbert Millsaps, Larry Bost, Billy Benfield, joe Lee Smith. Fourth Row: jo Brown, johnny Eller, Harold Arthurs, Robert Sherrill, David Beam. Fifth Row: Sydney Whitner, Max Waugh, Frankie Murdock, Glenn Lewis, Hubert Goforth, Tommy Barkley, Mr. Kurowski. 14 .5 MISS MILLERS . . .. . ..... ......., ..... . ..... . , .... . .... , .... A Home Room First Row, Left to Right: Barbara Stewart, Hugh Clontz, joe Mills, Jerrylene Williamson, Mary Helen Upright, Helen Morrow, Mae Lee Lipe, Eleanor jane Troutman. Second Row: Nicky Smith, jimmy Tolbert, Neil Blackwelder, Lorene Marlowe, Shirley Ketchie, Esther Josey, Bonnie Lamberth. Third Row: Maxine Davis, Betty Brawley, Geneva Cooke, Mary McNabb, Edward Readling, Delores Wallace. Fourth Row: Clyde Beaver, Fed Mills, Homer Hinson, Glenn Montgomery, Bobby Ray Sherrill, Bobby Lail. Fifth Row: Bobby Deaton, Grady Lewis, Carl Boan, Fred Barkley, Reginald Ostwalt, Miss Millet. SCIENCE LABORATORY D13 LIBRARY CHEERLEADERS f 'R X X QQ Z, 2 wa G6 wfa XX X X MYR Q QNIXKX 6 QM31 Y DEN 1 ANN. COLOR GUARDS DRUM MAJOR: Bill Watts Left to Right: Bobby Watts, Albert Shaver, MAIORETTES Billy Benfield' Melvin Ervin, Laffy Cates' Left to Right: Joyce Bcnficld, Suzanne Young.: Barbara Shaver, Elaine Kyles. BAND First Row, Left to Right: Billy Beaver, Mike Yates, Eddie Jordan. Second Row, Left to Right: Phyllis Clodfelter, Graham Smith, Andy Vance, jerry Beaver, Wayne Nixon, David Edwards, Gary Hill, Tony Ostwalt, Judy Brown. Third Row, Left to Right: Billie Cress Sherrill, joan Ervin, Doyt Brown, Wayne Brown, Melvin Ervin, johnny Neil, Jerry Troutman, Bobby Houston, Dorothy Edwards, jane Brown. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Dan R. Swanger, Director, Philip Loften, Bobby Hager, Larry Bost, jim Brawley, Bill Watts, Ted Orren, Brownie Brown, R. G. Phillips, Carroll jordan. ,al v ing M at ig TROUTMAN QUEENS 7, armmwuazm K MARY ALICE ALLEY PHYLLIS KAYE MASSEY Min Merry Clariflmm Liltle Min Mcfry Cfariftmax JOYCE CREWS NANCY LITTLE Min Hi-Min Min Ifedell County Fair B ' 'nv Mis. Moose, Bkhke Cxess Shetxkk, Mmakne 9UkX'oeXm, Sean Skpes, Audrey Loixkn, Soc Wkme, Pcankke X'XeokeX, BM Davkd Hknson. 'UMA Bowl. BBN Canski, joan ed 'YempXe1on, Sbkdeq Busde, joe Nm Leis no Yug, . YKOKN1 Efnesx ubeu Yaukec, wk Bsowr., 'Y A--K hvsx Row, Lube: Beaver. Second Xlanderioxd, Madehne Cohkns, H HanKng,1on, NWkXXkam Tvounman, Mary Vi Kerr, Ska Bxawexy, Soya: Crews. ,nw ga Prgjid 9111 Sgt-feta "'-Y, ry iriii JOYCE C ARY FRA NEW SIPFS NK BROW.S N Vi, e p, A 78J1de7U Tygdr -Ilrgr Y DAV ID HINSON Wu F'-M? I I V+- .l 1 i lvl BETA CLUB W, my ,fi 44 3 n fn X 4 fag sl 4 ' 1 .it I ! I sujvqzui f W' f -e"'?" WY vi Lal! gn- WW My 'lf'-mfr ,f am Em F??'f'fx2f"". DEAN RANKIN Prerldent DRAMATICS CLUB ftffpq "" JJ 'Ts '- mr'- -0 45:51 Frrst Rom Audrey Collms Alxson Campbell Patty Sherrrll Norma Dean Rankm Peggy- Hartlme Margre Hrldebran Bxllxe Cress Sherrrll Mary Frank Brown Audrey Loftm Second Row Nancy Houston Lors Myers Sarah Brawley Clarrce Ostwalt Patsy Croy Sara Whrtener Dean Goodman Norma Sue Coley Thrrd Row Bobby Hager Connre Rerd Mxss Cora Martrn Betty Brawley Rachel Matheson joan Harrxngton Roberta Goforth Fourth Row Espy Troutmant Joe Whrte Luther Beaver Betty Cnerrrll l-rfth Row Bobby Murdock Cecrl Tucker Davld Hrnson Ted Templeton Hubert Parker Thomas Sherrrll Brownre Brown OFFICERS ROBERTA GOFORTH Librarian FRANKIE BROWN AUDREY COLLINS ALISON CAMPBELL Vice Preudent Secretary Treaxurer ps-. ME ,................ ................ , ae ' t I .M A . "W V A - ".' l-.l 1' lf ' L5 fs: ' ' Q wr at r A --ff at - e L P ' ll" V ' ' M A . . 1 f OM, 1.0 . J -f K , A, X -- I A we V ' 5 3 F' 1 - .. X " "" -.. ' , -fi. A ' ' p., We -' F' n - f -a . L' v we f .. 4 ,. .wif ' f. , , f .M , ' '- , , il r , 4. -if ' ' ' V -., f X in ,a 1 I -, - A s 6, -A 6 A A . W- S 3 3 L' 3 5 I I , - Z , y r Y Y 7 ' 3 , , . . -. I . . . V I " ' ' ! I 3 , . . 1 , 1 - Fm Q I - - A' A 4:- N' el Yr R 5 1 lst Row- Patty Sherrill Martha Ianier Mr. Litaker Doris Blackwelder Dean Rankin Dean Goodman 2nd Row- Bobby Hager Peggy McGraw Frankie Henkel Audrey Loftin Betty Sherrill Nancy Stewart Ruth Denton F Standing- Madeline Collins William Troutman Dean Rankin Seated- Mr. Litakcr Mary Alice Compton jim Brawley Mary Frank Brown Peggy McGraw Nancy Houston Shirley Sipes Betty Brawley Miss Tabor c X O U FFICE STAFF 'iQ..,.... Seated: Joan Harrington, Carolyn Brawley, joe Ann Kerr, Addie Mae Robinson, Nancy lsr Row Seated- Billie Cress Sherrill Shirley Sherrill Bustle, Jean Bller, Ernest Sipes 2nd Row Seated- Mary Frank Brown Joe White Maxine Wilhelm Joyce Crews Joan Harrington 3rd Row Seated- Audrey Lofrin Jim Brawley Madeline Collins William Troutman Joe Ann Kerr Billy Cansler David Hinson 4th Row Standing- Mrs. Brown, Luther Beaver Ted Templeton Hubert Parker IIN!! I I I In 01 I' ll. I 1 0 l' X 1293 iii' BILLIE CRESS SHERRILL Preudent MOTTO COLORS Toward New Horizons" Red and Wbne llllllllllll ll llllllllll GIIIIIIIIIII omi HARRINGTON MARY FRANK BROWN Secretary XPP!-X Q ii, R I . ' x , 5 new mv .L if l'?"f4li1 . RAY MISENHEIMER PAUL BEAVER JIMMY WISE Secretary-Treaxurer Vice Prefiffezzt Premlent ltmvmwewg First Row, Left to Right, Seated: Donald Rumple. Standing: Joe Mills, Bobby Turman, David Beam, jimmy Talbert, johnny Eller, Neil Blackwelder, Hugh Clontz, seated, Wayne Smith. Second Row: jimmy Arthurs, Clyde Beaver, Harold Arthurs, Billy Benfield, Reginald Ostwalr, Allen Collins, Bobby Murdock. Third Row: Larry Bost, Fred Mills, Frank Ostwalt, Dean Murdock, Espy Troutman, joe Smith. Fourth Row: Mr. Vance, Max Waugh, Wilford Poole, Ronnie Garwood, Harold Blackwelder, Ray Misenheimerg Fifth Row: Billy Cansler, jerry Marlowe, Clinton Clontz, and Fred Barkley. X SENIOR 4-H CLUB 1 X if , Q TV' M5 Ko-va MOTTO COLORS To Make The Ben Better Green ami While JUNIOR 4-H CLUB wwf? A - e ,W BUS DRIVERS Larry Bos: Edward Miller Ray Misenheimer David Hinson Billy Cansler Pete Plyler Leonard Plyler Billy Kim Nesbir Bob Mills l Vfilliam Troutrnan LUN H ROOM PERSONNEL Mrs. A. B. Parker Mrs. R. E. Former Miss Elizabeth Hethcox Mrs. V. A. Sherrill Mrs. E. O. Winecoff MAINTENANCE STAFF Sinclair Norman Edith Wellman Margaret Norman Left to right: Mary Alice Alley, Billie Cress Sherrill CChiefj, Virginia Parker, Patty Sherrill BOOSTERS CLUB 1' Rx . X X 14 f ' n.wiuuL BASKET Front Row, loft to right: Waync Smith, Franliic Murdock, Ray Misenlreimcr, Iinnny Brown, Bobby Lail, and Ernest Sipes. Back row, left to right: Tommy Barkley, Billy Kim Nesbit, Iamcs fPcfCj Plyler, Iinnny XVisC, VVilliznn 'Tl'OlltlH3l1, Grady Lewis, Ch c, 0 L' Qu, egggm 4 Sa lag ,..i"'ls.. T BALL 5 Kneeling, left to right: Martha Plyler, Dean Rankin, Rachel Matheson, Lois Myers, lean liller, Marjorie Hildebrand and Inne Pntnain. Standing, left to right: Peggy McGraw, Andrey Collins, , Connie Reid, Martha Lanier, Nancy llonston, Betty Wliitner, Nancy Stewart. frog O H98 ki Co qc 6 FUN . Al, 5 inn., 1 fl S I 2 sw .., I A BASEBALL TEAM I 'A 'T 122 N. iii in-nf 7' 11 'J' 'ff- 1950 First Row: Harold Blackwelder, Ernest Sipes, David Hinson, Billy Cansler, Luther Beaver, Billy Kim Nebsir. Second Row: Frank Robbins, Clinton Clonrz, Pere Plyer, Coach Henry Freeze, Ted Templeton, Thomas Myers, Bob Mills. 'S vi fa' 8 QWQ' ' u r 1 4 9 an U JUNIOR-SENIQR PROM . W Q Q sl- gg g-.,. Q Z xt? "': C , :EI .A - 3 . ' 1 1 QC 1195 , -H ,... K X -PLL - g X K -..." 1 ' -may MN ,Mix S .X X4 X , 'wi-mf-f wi N Q 'W N Q 1.l . If k y., ...f . . VM ,C W 'lr 'Hair Page Sponmred by MOORESVILLE ICE CREAM CO. Mooresvxlle, North Carolma 1 ' :.,1, ' ......1-- W ' "WH , , . . vf - - fi ' 7',i" ' -nu!"-PSE L -:F-sf. i.-.. Q Wei, gi- 3 , , fi- 0 0 due, 'User il 3' HGH 1 A ll ff 111 " 11 ,yy 'Y 'r -It ..i 7 Q" -Q 'Q OD f 5x F I . lf' E 'vi' ..fqgN' f 1 ,W-t. I., , v M .r V x Q Hg' 1 4 fx lvl - -.- f V W ' X . . u X ' 4 " 'i 5- " Y' " "1" L E I ja- DEM 4 ' , H W1 1 : , 5, G , ' 1, 1277 ff 1 x U l fb Nw ' V. L 4 w R " ,AY A N 's ' In Wx ,lg fl K' Il fx. f , 5 5 V- A ,-.Iv 'X QP Q - - 'fl' . X ' 'i 'I N 4 V .7 A, is eg, , L , , 4, +A" ur , V .. ' . - -2 f . 1 'v . ' 5 - A -' - W t ' h ztf , ' X X Ai, K , . cuts! .f -I Z if , . l b iv . f I --1 f-M I ,lx Q . A ' 1 i ' r dz, Af - , 1 1 ,- , 4 0 ' '. . O , x ' ' I ' - ' 5" o A ' I ' 7 ' ye' i U 6 O f 9 Q , i I It I , 0 ' I 5 0 6 0 Q , 1 f' Q "' . 'U 1 0 H K '1 . . Q A V I N- F 4 r 1 Q ' , . Em Q . X Af, ' ' f ' I C , 1 - ' 1. f A .2 '1 3 1 ff' A V 1 - , , Y- F 'Ii 9 xlggk:-ze -51 . " Q ,Qing 4- A - ' , - 1-gfff , - ' rg 'M-H A 1 f V 4 ' ' :25 r V ,-- " f ' ' -'E ' - lf' -Sw, -' , j I. Compliments of Compliments of . . N HORTON'S GARAGE D G BROW Plastering and Stucco Work Phouc 3603 'frontman N. C. ' 'I routman, N. C. Complimerrts of Compliments Of North Carolina Furniture Z. B. Brown Millworks Company Statesville, N. C. 'I1routmau, N. C. "Your Dollar Buys More At Your Roadside Store" NASH FURNITURE COMPANY Charlotte Highway Stutcsvillc, North Carolina p sf ,J X 5 . as W S fi , T :,.. J . X W , SIT? J' .4-u ' 1 Xi Q " , - 'iii I: My , ff? ww 2 1v,,,w" ' ,. .... .. ., L3 N veil X + W . ' 35: Y sff . ,- K 1' . , NA K 'v 'HL , gum ...,.,,LV. as 42. M '1' 2 Boan Building SHDDHGS Quality Materials -Reasonable Prices- -lf' + + Phone 9926 Statcsville, N. Wingate Junior College C. C. Burris, President A. C. Lovelace, Dean Mrs. Iael: llorton, Bursar XVingate, North Carolina Compliments of Myers Oil Company .oh ZA 5 Phone 4388 Statesvillc, N. C. Congratulations Seniors! A successful future will be insured through selected and successful training Business in this progressive area needs you-Accept the challenge-Inquiries invited. '5' 0 EVANS - CAROLINA Business College 208 S. Tryon St. Charlotte, N. C. BLACKWELDER'S "The Home of Quality Furniture For Less llloneyu Open Each Evening 'Till 7:30 Statesvillc, N. C. Sims Service Station and Grocery Service Plus Cas "Visit Us and Save On Cas and Oil" Phone 2441 Troutman, N. C M. C. Goforth Motor Co. -4' -lr 903 Shelton Ave. Phone 7501 Statcsvillc, N. C. Iluclsou Sales and Service Compliments of Bunch Furniture Company + -I- Statesville, N. C. Hartline's Service Station X M X Cas - Oil - Groceries - Drinks Sandwiches + Jr 4' Hostetler Lumber Company Q2-ra Lumber and Building Materials C-.Yi-'J Phone 2263 Phone 21-P3 'l'1'0lll'lllLlll, N. C. Troutmalh N. C. Statesville Motor Coach Co. GMC Truck and Parts Dealer Serving Troutman with Six Round Trips Daily Statesville, North Carolina Hefner's Cafe "A Good Place to Eat" Statesville, N. C. Minor Hefner and Anderson Nash Owners Compton's Service Station "We have a trade that service made" PHONE 2321 Troutman. N. C. Compliments oi Ostw-alt-Norwalk Vault Co. and Ostwlalt Concrete Products Co. Holland Coal Company Dealers in Coal, Coke, Sand, Stone, Slag, Lime Phones: Office 4501, Res. 3142 Statesville, N. C. Peggy's Dept. Store or-no Smart Ready-to-Wear and Shoes 105 South Center St. Statesville, N. C. 1 Raylass Dept. Store "l'Ivcrytl1ing to VVcar for the VVholc l"amily" Stutcsvillc, N. C. Howard Service Station Phone 4401 150 E. Broad St. Sinclair Products - Tires and Batteries Washing - Polishing - Waxing Lubricating Statesville, N. C. ,im- ,gfft . 1 J 'X' . 5 w 552' ,Jw 'ii'-L ,, '- ,N '. - , . . V. L . X: -f -Q-.2 ,L .,- ' - ."i'..u .f.n...m ' RRI . sf " n ,Q rx A ff ur " 4, L . 1 J 'A 9' 'Tw M I - than I I - Compliments TROUTMAN CHAIR COMPANY A + + + TRQUTMAN. NORTH CAROLINA u -I signs: - TROUTMAN SHIRT COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of HIGHGRADE WORK SHIRTS TROUTMAN NORTH CAROLINA ark Tn a . ' , s vi N V Nb- 'l 4 f'.. 1', f if Mr g,....,, lv i 41- Fa-55? 4. 3. W A - J Y !ia'WQw Q 7 'Q' qv, 2 f ' .f "Ns, Coil!! L , ...Rf 'J"""+ f A . k, A ' M N, . 4, , .,,aq I .vn- ' ' ' . 1' fy 'iifyr' F . . V - W- -f K R v!"-5 c A Y N' f-'Jw g - , ly V PM . ,. 4 'X Y 'fa 'I nf' I n ,A fse is M + ,-13 5 ,Ax 0, . 1 n - W gf ., .4 , 'iii' , ii , f V355 . mw+q,.. L, 5,33 ,. -K +f1Kf-ffffww H V ,A b Q wif Q w i 4 W uf: j ' ' A nf'- 51 J 11 r my-Fly z" 'g . ' 4 -14 Jfy 9 llrkkyvi .jig ,V vi vuzxgy ,, Q J-N1 5 11, 4 ri S w me ,,.., x- .1. . ,gf ., 4 z Lf '77f"f'Vf7'1 f Ef f' :,f,Q X -fa 4 5 2 M, o:, M 9 -an 'mf f ' H' A 5 F . ,g5..:,3 f Q f w +4 fs W f . Sz, MW' maxi :xgi 'Z Mg, , L it Y xykvi Complimefzis of Brady's Printing Co. STATESVILLE, N. C. Phone 3274 Compliments of Neil's Grocery Store TROUTMAN, N. C. SHERRILL MACHINE SHOP Jbfauzzfacfurers of Wood Wforking Machinery TROUTMAN, N. C. TROUTMAN GROCERY 85 MERCANTILE CO. "We'11 have it, we'11 get it, or it's not in town." TROUTMAN, N. C. Compliments of J. J. Newberry 5. 10, 6. 25c STORES STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of Camphell's Cleaners TROUTMAN, N. C. Phone 3881 W. K. Suther PH IL C0 Sales and Service TROUTMAN, N. C. Compliments of NEILL'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 3951 TROUTMAN, N. C. Scroggs, Inc. "Complete Office Outfitters" GIFTS - STATIONERY GREETING CARDS - ART SUPPLIES 223 S. Center St. Phone 6701 Murdockls Cafe soon corms AND szmowrcuzs Phone 2421 Troutman. N. C. Winecoff Auto Repair GENERAL AUTO REPAIR Wheel Alignment G Balancing PHONE 2021 Troutman. N. C. Carolina Motor Company Ford Dealer Since 1912 rom: Pnnrs AND ssnvlcz S271 Dial 5701 Statesville. N. C. Johnston Furniture Co., Inc. 114 N. Center St. DIAL 4308 Statesville. North Carolina Compliments of "Johnson Greenhouses" nowsns Fon Au. occasions 408 West Broad Street Statesville, N. C. Phone 4343 Reavis Battery and Armature Service Electric Motor Rewinding and Repairing Speedometer, Generator. G Starter Exchange Statesville. North Carolina Maytag Washers and Ironers Admiral Dual-Temp Refrigerators Diamond Hill Coal Co. "And remember, only Admiral can Build a Dual-Temp" 1500 W. Front St. Phone 9081 STATESVILLE, N. C. HALL-KALE GROCERY STORE For ECYIIIOIIIQ' Suki' TROUTMAN, N. C. Phone 2501 BLACK 8: CLARK MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER SALES 6. SERVICE Statesville. N. C. "KEEP PLUGGINGU Glennwood Mig. Co.. Inc. WATTS AND WHITE MACHINE COMPANY Phone 7512 STATESVILLE, N. C. SALES SERVICE A Full Line of Farm Machinery DeLaval Milkers and Dairy Supplies Comfort, Pleasure, Profit, When You Farm With Case- The American Thread Co. Spinners and Manufacturers of Cotton Theards and Combed Cotton Yarns for A11 Purposes General Offices: 260 West Broadway, New York Phone 2161 TROUTMAN, NORTH CAROLINA Rimmc-:r's, Inc. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Sporting Goods 0 Paints 9 TOYS Phone 3206 110 N. Center St Statesville, North Carolina Compliments of C. L. BROWN MERCHANDISE COMPANY Troutman. N, C, Complimenis of AMMON STUDIO Statesville, N. C. 1 1 1 ' J. M. OSTWALT RL SONS Manufacturers of FLOUR AND FEED I BURL-GROUND MEAL AND GRAHAM FLOUR Phone 3131 Troutman, N. C. I Comiolimentf of L BROWN FURNITURE COMPANY : + + + I TROUTMAN, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of WAGN ER HARDWARE 86 FURNITURE COMPANY R X fi 1 R Troutman, North Carolina Pheiffer Junior College Misenheimer, N. C. A Methodist College-VVhere a good Christian education and low cost meet. VVrite the Registrar for information. Compliments of IRE-DELL FCX 1 Statesville, N. C. Phone 7731 Cut Sr Curl Beauty Shop 'The Shop On the Square" 107 N. Center St. Statesville, N. C. Mildred Parker, Prop. Mooresville Gin KL Feed Co. Hammer Mill, Feed Mixer, Corn Sheller, Corn Mill, Fertilizer and Feeds Telephone 74 Public Oil Company 'K Dial 2144 ----- Troutnian, N. C. Casoline'-:- Kerosene Fuel Oil Batteries XVC Deliver Barger Brothers, Inc. G09 'Everything to Build Witl1" General Contractors Phone l80 Mooresville, N. C. Mitchell College Mraz Motto: "For His Glory" Statesville, N. C. 1856 1951 W. H. Leonard Ieweler DIAMONDS WATCHES IICWELRY Moorcsville, N. C. Easy 'l'CI'lllS liasy Terms Inf: as: up 1-unsung lllhlm Nl 'sn l W 'Q -qs: In amwltfn ,., ,,,N.iw.4. - -wma . W. ,., M K1 Cmffqggonyewe ew 216 WEST BROAD STREET glalexville, jlfozli Catalina SILVER Towle Gorham International Wallace Reed and Barton Heirloom Watson Frank Whiting CHINA CRYSTAL Syracuse Lenox Cambridge Franciscan Duncan-Miller Royal Iackson Sharpe Oakwood Glastonbury Bavarian Tiffin French Limoges DlAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY 1847 - Community - Wm. Rogers -- Gorham - Silver Plate lF I tif 'MQ H T ' Q iw' Y1 17?C2"" I fwfliii find'-'A pbvvffiw if s'isA7 Q 151 i QE 'TV' U X v 3 fm' iff- 'TJ' . v 9-1 ix k g .. if in Ydwq DOLLAR BUYS Mons iw p SUPPLY CQMPANY it Nnomswlle N-C 'Fhoue'54i3' 'QW BALL PIAND GIJMPANY Ilzuznl lu NEW AND USED PIANUS BARIUM SPRINGS. N. G. PHUN! 3832 BTATESVILLE. N. G. Let me offer my congratu- lations to the faculty of Troutman High School for purchasing a H a r d m a n piano, one of the oldest and most aristocratic pianos in America. Hardman pianos are handled exclusively by the Ball Piano Company, Barium Springs, N. C. "The Place of Sweeter Tone Pianos" Lazenby-Montgomery Hardware Company General Lines of Hardware Olivcr Farm Machinery Phone 7141 BELK'S A Department Store "The South's Leading Distributor of Reliable Merchandise" South Center Street Statesville, N. C. Compliments of Iredell Freezer Locker 'A' Statcsvillc, N. C. Compliments of Hill's Appliance Troutman, N. C. ff - 9 o v ..-fr" A X Q S, six X S. ff X X X X 1 x Rx WHEN X ..,,,,.-me 'X KV! ,, f1n,....f wal . 'NNN-XX M ' . ww f f K 1, - ' ' jp F X X M K ' Q f X I i f 24' ' QM XX .Avy , ' 7 N X Xx . XSX X K 1 X 1 '- 1 U H 'ff Xfwffx K -sh. 1-4, WX X X XXX W xg E Q: X X if 5

Suggestions in the Troutman High School - Hi Way Yearbook (Troutman, NC) collection:

Troutman High School - Hi Way Yearbook (Troutman, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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1951, pg 82

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