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Troupsburg Central High School - Memories Yearbook (Troupsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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M . F f V NSY Vw frm 'in' 11 Q lr X r x by X V. ' ' 4' Z ' X ,-.M -'N-L, ffl' ' H -C .3 N IQVW "ag Q 'o I K Q 75+-4 ' 4' X , , 1J'34f,.' 1 3 L. tix.. K Q' W 4 1. 1, f V - W . X ' , ,V 11 t I , f. -"""4 . - 1 g ' Q A "" vw W ll staff f memo ries Editor in Chief Assistant Editor Eus'ness Nanahe A sistant Business hanagers Ssort ditor Assistant Sports no tors Xssistart Literary ditor Class aoitor assistant fla 5 dfto s Art Editor Assistant ' t ditors Photographic Editor ---- ---------- ---- k-sistants -------- Prblicity Dire, or ---- Faculty Adviso. ------ Dick Burdick LdWkId Cornell V1 ginia Long Roy Bliss Llewellyn Lane Raloh Kent James Stone Rosemary Cornell Doris Bardick Joyce R de Janet Qrutsman Joyce Palbert Frr,stal olebrove Jessie Trios Donald Prane dar orie Urutsmar Onolee Eertch Anna Cady Barbara Schell Beulah Hiller Margaret ornell Laverne N Croft 1 0 It I 0 q O l J . 5 r - ---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - rg f- I -.. .,.. .,-----..- 1 s . . V 5 E - - - - - - - - - - ........ - - - , . . U'i - - ---- - - - - - - - - - - Literary Editor - - - ---- - - - - - ----- - - - Joanne Leonard , -' . ' E - ------ - - - - - - - - H W' ..-...--.---------....-..-..-- Ll ' - J 5 s- r ----- ------ - ---- ' vv " fv JL 'J M - - ---- ---- - - - - - - - - - - - - if np -..-----.....- .-.-- -..' V l X . , . . . :Q ' A . a ' ct . C 1 n D lllllllllll JIIIHIIIII I E I'v 2 ' N, A XX , f E i 1 V x 5 I 'ga N .1 l X I I Q i ' , x ' 'el' v 'flw ,A i '- QL, i . 6 Q - .... , .... ,. , ,. , , ,L Wm aaxlihp s.,A 7413 4' 'U" BOAnD UF EUJC Tluv Back row Jayne Benton, Ward Rogers, John Long bront row Supelintendent of schools Vlfgll dussey, Rresident of Board of Ed ucetion, Robert Gitcnell bheldon Leacn 1 T1 R CLIL U In Supervising Principal Thls 15 the second year that we have had IT Clicquennol as HG minlstrator ln I C s , h vlnp come to us from f81Ht6G Post bleparatlon for hls career IW education was galned at UUE Unlver slty of Rochester where H6 recelved s B X and M L degrees The seniors NlSh to extend tnelr thanks to him for the value ble help he has given them dUFlHU 115 two ear here bTAfF IS Vanorsdale, cook ony hose, Janitor me stone, oos 1 KELAE I '. ' 'm E1'LI 7 , D A Q. as w . ' , a . ' u n ' . . , G A. . . . a J . 1 7 - A . Vi.-'P V in 1 f 1 ' 1 f" hi . 1. . V. ' . ,f,,Mw,:,g n v ' V f- ,'.'fw 1 X ', . . ff: , f ' -A - e O ff . f11,.g4iF,. ' 415 " " .Qi sy, M, g f f ' , f , . fi f 9 A Q1 A' W ,yfl Q 3 I k X ,, ,q. , . J' :- w ' 1 , -' ' .A I1 - N M M : U V I r . 1 , F 'I 1 , 4 Q I . . , v , ,j n I I ' ' N 1 - s , , . - or . V . , f xr ' 1 I A f f Q ' , . f f I A Q . 1 V . , , U . 1 U w . . LV o u ,., 1 1 K, .m 1 J N ax Faculty First row P lhite, 1 or ne, 1 Hone, B Sanford, M Clark, C Knowles, R Meeks, E Wainwright V Ford Second row K Clicquennoi, G Myfelt, M Alden A Marci, A Eddy, A Swimley, D Prutsman, L Croft, D Parker OU? TQACH RS We are fortunate at Troupsburg Central to possess such Faculty Some of the grade teachers have been witn us for quite S 1 le and Mrs Prutsman haue been here the longest neriod w m y Swimley teaches the Thi r Ae and Mrs Prutsman the s' th a cooperative sometime Mrs of time Mrs grade Other grade te 3rd Mrs San teachers are, Mrs Eddy lst, Mrs Wainwright, 2nd Mrs Whi , ford Sth In Se tember of 19 8 hr Croft, our dlstory teacher, Mr Alden, who teaches Aariculttre and r Parker, who is our Coach came to Troupsburg to try successful and rema'ned with us their skill at teachin Ther were When the next sclool year rolled around the ladies dec4ded to come to 1 Ho e teack here hiss Ford is our Tusic t68Ch61, Mrs Knowles,formerlr M ss gu , eacnes English and Freshman Vistory, Miss Marci Commercial, Mrs Howe f th Seventh and Eighth grade English formerly Miss Stephens, is in charge o e and Mrs weeks suoervises the Home Economics classes During this same year we also had a new principal arrive on the scene We all like Mr Clicquennoi and hone that he will stay at T C Last Sentember another young gentleman came to Troupsburg Central H hi must have heard someone sav that the men were outnunbered at T C S T s young man is Mr Hyfelt our Math teacher He hope that all the teachers will stay with us to help us to obtain our educ tion I I I fd ff I 1 "HllllH" MRQ CLARA PINOWLEb Class Advisor The seniors wish to extend their thanks to hrs nnowles for all the help "'-H and advlce sue has glV6H ther during the past two years Under her d1rect1on, the Senior play, magazine campaign and nickel Show were carried to a successful comple tion by trat we mean we race money, thereby enabling us to go on our trip I' Nut. -3217. V' Ruin: CLASS OFFICERS 'IHIIQU1 Hob-I-ID Oo'-io DDHWPT dmv- 0 UDH OHEP-O '10 D2 Sue D-' OUJ P-'SU D0 ' ii 'Hi BUVU gd SU L? P4 OE 0 IDP OB mb-' Hd Er-' '- 0 U2 ow dk! H- GH - 940 4 mm gl- DH- o dh 2210 0 D 0:1 'U Od OH Fi- Ibm D D-In otd '4 HD- v I-' il 'WW ROY BLIoa Class Pres 2 Yearbook staff 1, A l 2, Chorus 3 L Basketball 1, 3 L, Baseball 3 L 5, soccer 3 L 'a Football 1 2 Band 1,2,3 f... RICHARD BURDICK V Pres Yearbook Editor L Basketball L L+ ri 2,3,b F.F.A. 1,2,3,L Chorus L Q Nat. F.F.A. Conv. - 1 . n,- V . ., . . . A . M A . V 1 ' H X . N t , ' . i - U , . ' sa -1211-V 2 . -1'-5 1 -fivYfYE5f qgy ,Q M 1xQg ' .2:Z?if We . .:.: ., "rf, -mf ,e5j,-.1:- d :Q .:::-- ' esfsyfw .Q ..:1- ' if if -'ff jf11g?,,g: 322' 11, Y' Q-- 1 -, - . I - 1 . . ia, Y r Q I 1 5 X K V 4 . av , xx a,y71'1V -. 1' - . . 5 k .. ,1. l i , x ' . , , I . 4 F.F. . ,' 3,b - 9 ' A - 2: I lx n , V 1 n I ' , U , V ' . -s- . - on Cl. . . l,2,3 MHS' ,f 'Q' 7--f-uv JOYCE HULBERT Class Trees 2 Stud Co Trees 3 Band 2 3 Chorus 3 Basketball 1,2,3, M H 5 years RALPH KENT Class Pres Stud Rep Yearbook Staff F F A l,2, M H 6 years Band 1,2 , Chorus 3 Basketball l,2,3, Baseball 2,3 Soccer 3 Football 1 Track 2,3 Stud. Co. Secy. 1 ANNA CADY Class secy 1 Yearbook Staff H S years Chorus 2,3 M Band 2 Basketball l,2,3,h Track 2,3, EDWARD CORNELL Class Pres 1,3 Stud Co Rep Yearbook Staff Chorus Soccer Stud Co Pres Newspaper Ed 3 Newspaper Staff Speaking Contest 3 H -dH1f Nw-a ,Fir W TS JAMES STOJL Class Treas 1 Yearbook staff A 1, , Basketball 1,2, Baseball l,2,3 Soccer 3,L Football 1,2 JESSIE TRIP? Yearbook Staff Chorus h Basketball l,L Q9 X J'-xxx 4m-. X f . gf' VIHGLJIA LOJG Class Treaa 31 Stud Co Rep Yearbook Sta 4 H ar Basketball 1 2,3,4 sand 2,3,Q Chorus 2,3,M BEULXH lILLhW Urea secy Yearbook Staff Q M H 5 years Chorus 2 3 A Basketball 1 2 3 Sensor Class Hustory In sept 1939 ielen latson slpned and gazed at another crop of first graders in her classroom lhis was the tx1rd cle s 01 filet gra ders in the new scnool bulldlng Amon them were nnotrer Bllss, Bashful Burdick brown eyed Cady, studious Hulbert, Jollx kent and Blond haired hiller AltOg8CH6T there were 3 oi them 20 boys and l5 glrls During the next seven years we progressed Irox llttle devlls to little angles under the lnfluence of the follovln teacxers GOOT5l8DD8 Brown 2nd grade, Arlowine Sw1nley 3rd grade, katnleen o'nargan Lth grade, Jovce Bord 5th grade, Donna Prutsman oth grade, and nrlowlne Lewis 7th and 8th grades Bounclng Tripp and stone the ball player Jolned us in the eighth grade We entered lnto nlgn school wlth two new members, Judge torlell and LOVGBULS Long lhe class OfllCeTS for our rreszman year were ornell Pres1dent, R Burdlck Vlce fT6Sld6Ht, A tadysgecretary, J stone lreas urer, and V Long Rep of student Cod ell Je had several class parties with John Long as our class 8QVlSOT In our Sophomore year we had the follow ng for our class o I ters R Bllss rresident, R Burdick V1ce Presldent, B nerrlngton secretary, J Hulbert Treasurer and R kent hep of student Councll Our cla s advisor was Mr Croft The officers for our Junlor year were a Cornell President, Q Burdick Vice Presldent, B Mlller secretary, V hong Treasurer and J Hulbert Rep of student Councll In our Junior year we began to tnlnk about our o6H1OT Trip and how we would have to work to raise monex for it We sold candy, T Shlrts and had a dance to ralse some of this mone By the time June rolled around, we thought we completed a very success ful year Our Senior year,of course, is the one we'll all remember Our class officers were R Kent PTBSIGGHC, B Miller Vice President, A Cady Secretary, V Long Treasurer and V Cornell Rep of student Councll We started the year wlth Miss Clara Ho ue as our class advisor but she got hitched so we ended up wlth hrs Ciara anowles We did well wlth the Magazine Campa1gn and the Nickel Show But the Senior activlty we remember best of all is the Senior Play lll of these money raising ventures helped us 1n reaching our goal, the SSWIOT Trip WE REAELZBER As we seniors look back several events stand out in our me orles None of us will ever forget Freshman initiatlon' Those high and mighty Sophomores ha' We all can still heal the argurents of the Junlors rinplng 1D our ears There should be a lawyer or two lH that bunch Then too, we like to look back on our play It was a great deal of fun pretendlng and some of us probabl, wish we could pretend again Our class seemed to llke slelgh ridlng parties for we had two of them If only those trees wouldn't get ln the way' The biggest event of our high school career was the senior Tr1p. We still thlnk some of those buildlngs could hold a lot of hay. The last big thing we remember is the moment we changed the tassels on our caps from one side to the other. By that act we became graduates! I U " T " ' ' - 1 L . , 4 ul g 1 - L ' ,,. ' ' . .. - 1 l Q A - . - f X 1. 4 0 1 ' ' 4 . C, . A V. " ' 1 , ' . y .. 1 .1 I , A - - - ,I . 1 f -.- l 7 IA ' V ,Q X I ' - 1 - L w " - - A Y I - w ' o 1 . . . , V , I l v - f ,, .. N , -. fy 'Q . . IL. u . . . . ,- . , 5 , . W, I 1 A I X I 1 1 - 1 . ' . ,fx-,J u s . .. . . ' 'ul 7 1' 1 ' 'I . -s, , - . . V- . - , V a 0 a Q f . v - Q ' 0 ' - . S . n . . ,, I I 3 A O - . 4 .. r . - ' . 1 I I C. - , , I, o ' lf. . Q 1 o ' u - ' ' n ., . ' e ' ue " n Q Q 4 .-i .l . .,... r V n YY. I I n fu V . rd , ' I -.. . 'A J 0 A Q . . I Q . D . ,, . CLASS PROPHECY When the Class of 'Sl walked out the doors of T C S , some valu able additions were added to society Everyone in that class went places rlght :rom the start Anna C was so successful lH her debut 1U the senior play that she took up 8CtlHb As a Shakespearean actress sne travellec exten sively and finally married a Swiss by the name of Brown She always did like Brown oW1SS When Roy,B was playing basketball back in high school, everyone used to say 'If only he'd get off the 1loor" Roy eventually turned the tables on h1s tormentors bv becomlng a pllot Lick B , Wdandsome RlChBId,n turned h1s talents to the political scene Whlle runnlng for the Senate, he won many a woman's vote by kissing her baby These babies seemed to remember lt too, for when they grew up they kept returnlng Dlck to the senate with ever lncreas ing mBJOTltleS over his opponents Eddle C , after his perfor1ance in the Senior play, turned into wilde?H Joyce nulbert took up elementary teacning as her career But after she was driven crazy by some of her pupils, she gave lt up and became a psychology professor Wow she interviews applicants for ad mission to teacher's colleges and asks them why they want to be teachers Mechanlcally minded Ralph k became 1nterested in a bus line be tween Austinberg and Troupsburg He soon had a thriving business carrying chickens Chis ownl, people and produce Virginia L , the occupational therapist was really lucky Jhile treating the leg of an old Civil War vet, she became very much attached to it and wouldn't let go She certainly got hor man' Beulah M became a victim of circumstance Nhen she first read NCheaper by the Dozen,N she got a big idea from it This idea mate rialized into a repreeentatlve from her famlly in every grade at T C S James S , soon after graduat1on, underwent a radical change in hls bellefs concerning cars Jhlle going up Young Hickory on an im portant miSSlOH, n1s Mercury broke down Havlng lost faitn in his car, Jim took up a Chevrolet dealer's agency Legend has it that the Mer cury is up there yet Jessie Tripp's role in the Senior play as a hillbllly was the key to the rest of her llfe She became so interested in them that she went to the Ozarks to study them While there she met a bewhiskered old gent whom she married CLASS WILL The members of the Senior Class bequeath the following to their nnny friends Roy Bliss wills his first baseman's mitt to Pee Wee Lane Richard Burdick wills his Senior Ring to Onolee Bertch Anna Cady leaves her sweet smile to all the teachers. Edward Cornell wills the shirt he made in Home-Ec to the Salvation Army ' 1 . - ' I vv ' , . a regular ladies man. Can it be that yod'have not heard of NCornell I 1 0 if a,e Bliss Burdick Cady Cornell Hulbert Kent Lon killer stone bn lUDa1 Bet Peeve Future Plans Favorite rest e Far im Farwin Uncertain Colle e Teachlnv Farming Collefe Successful Farming uraulnv rllk Hunt'ng Sports Pressln hay 9999 Overalls Con lrlsj Joe stalin Getting Up Arguing Juniors 9797 Bein, with peop ioney Reading life Vacations Dr Vino iclass Will cont J Joyce nulbert wllls her bralns to Robert Carl Ralpn Kent gives his worthless old specks' to anyway ne also wlsxes to leave tle 'old bass Virglnia ong leaves her treasurer's record to Coxboy music sa lDC ood nicht Primplno wonen :IIN M RQIZQ argaret cornell who can't see to anyone wlo wants 15 the unlor Class to see if they can top it ln casn per person Beulah iller bequeaths ner ablllty to act to Donald craxc James stone tninks he has used 113 ablllty to sev long enoufx oO ne glves lt to Joyce Alden Jessle Trlpp glves ner ablllty to scratch ner legs wltnout using her hands to 'aryorle lrutsman BOUQUET FROM THE FACULTY Who are the students of T C S 9 Well, in the estimation of the faculty they are a pretty fine group, and they could compare them favor ably in most respects with the students of any school What is the typical student like? A composite picture would re veal a girl with the following characteristics neat,friendly, well groomed heir, good taste, somewhat shy, a sense of humor and skilled in the art of homemaklng The typical boy is a little less dangerous specie who is a good sport that is proud to be a part of the team He cheers his friends on instead of nstealing the spotlight' He respects other's property and is looking forward to becoming a useful citzen To sum it up, our average student is honest, cooperative, free from drinking and smoking, and fairminded Yes,they may make mis takes, but they don't go out of their way to do it Ne hope the student body will appreciate our first, unskilled attempt at producing an annual. This book was made possible through the ambitious, intelligent cooperation of many people Thanks to all. 30 WE "N 'nf W M r :, - H A , . on R. m If ' " 1 n' . , n D ' 1 .- cv me .. if A A A. . J E. g s Q . 1 , J. O .... .21 R. 7 'le L . V. 3 3 V' v 1 . B. 7 , sri. nn A II J- 5 - , T i U -- ' , 'U J. Tripp Graduating Gipclinv Getting up w Y '2-'I-I" 1 0 - I Q IQ W i Y , ' . 'E ugly - MXN I :1a x ' X n v M Dr n ' . ' ' 1 1 ' s hornn W 2 ' . ' L ' ' J ' , H DI ' "' ,, 'Y , . in i"e W ' 1' ' Y. s . gk e ' ' . . . .fr . . N A . I Q . , A J ' . I l or I' I I ' 0 U C I , - , , -i- -O- -5- -O- . 5 451 X 1. XQN 'J A ze-f I I lllllllIH" 7'7'v'Y'wY -Q Tv Iront Row Hendrickson, I Cornell, U oertch, Prutsuan, D Burdicl, J Brutsman, C Coleprove, J Leonard, J Rude, J Alden, Back How L Lane, D Demun Hulbert R Carl, D Crane CLAJQ HlomQRY In l9hO there were twenty three children in the first Through the elementary grades some have left our class and have entered our class when we raduated from the eivhth was still twenty three ln the class ln our present class dents who started in the first rrade and are still ultn us Grade others grade there the stu are Joyce Alden, Janet Brutsman, Chrystal Loleerove, atta Pendr ckson, Neil Demun, Henry Hulburt, Donald Crane, hlewelyn Lane, Marjorie Prutsman and Joanne Leonard The followlng teachers guided us throuvr the elementary grades Mrs Watson, Hrs Brown, hrs swimley, hrs Plalsted, and Mrs rrutsman Mrs Lewls tauvht the seventh vrade subjects to the class of '52 eighth grade we started roinv from one room to another and we had a differen teacher for eacl subject Hi h school Days! Our class was initiated into hinh school by the present seniors fe had a lonv list of rules to be followed but it se ms no one had a perfect score At tle end oi the week we were made actors for an assembly Last year we made plans to initiate the present sophomores but we never did et This year our class sponso dollars each tlne Otner money Christmas cards, gift wragpln,, are hoping to earn enough money around to complete this project ed two dance e rn np over thirty raisine projects have been selling auto,raph books and candy sales e to go to Washington next year The class has enjoyed a roller skatlny party and parties at homes of classmates this year For class advisors we have had Kiss Dimaggio in our Freshman year, Mr Parker in our Sophomore year and mrs Weeks is our present class advisor. gyfi,,,z5y f4Lal,,f7 HMO 50 Cl, I f ,C K 'o RECOLLECTIONS I would like to tell you something about the class of S2 We have been noted for getting into all kinds of trouble since we started school I remember one time in second grade when a high school boy paid a boy of our class to kiss a girl of our class She got the kiss and the penny, thanks to the teacher We have always won dered which she enjoyed most A few years later the class got rather down on a boy who was in the class so they chased him around the school and all over town For this little caper most of the class stayed in during recesses Another time the class got into another scrape One of the members of our class got his teeth knocked out because another boy pushed him against the radiator The whole class paid for this by spending their noon hours in their seats Another thing we remember is when one of our girls get a fly up her nose We fairly howled, much to the dispust of our study hall teacher Something happened in our world history class last year which left the whole class roaring The teacher was giving a test when all of a sudden something fell to the floor A member of the class thought it was a pencil and reached for it Instead of being a pencil it was someone's false teeth We like to think back on these memories and laugh about the crazy things we did then and are still doing fx qaoooo ix Q Y j lj' ' ' y 90 .yo DX. U Om Us x l e 4 eng QD-P0 Wfflffll l 399 9 f 9' iw e fo 'NX Q lv ,L X J., X :X SQ0. Q ,N 0' ' 15' gf XJ 46 J 50' lg Q !tJ in k dk 59. W A If Q4 QQ' . Q , H X' a az 4 we je: mufbt-23 ' X ,XX gy- !Q,,1,Zd NX fi? e ,,, ' ,J ,, -A - inf ni..-,s:- K N I . As! , N T??Sfwi . ' i .. ,I ' 1 I 'L' ',,:' UL SZ' da W K nlIl'IIlllI llllh ' 42 mx QV A :G Ill? I I ll I I 'iv' eww' Front Row J Husted, O Cady, R Cornell, A Bliss N bherman B Schall, N Mascho, Back Row R Stanford, P Stock,G Fisher P Graham, R Long, U Elwell, R Weldon, J cAllister, D Tripp v Pres R Long I sec B bchall CLASS HISTORY In September lqhl, twenty four children entered the first grade which was taught by Mrs Helen Matson Those who started school that month and are still with us are Onolee Cady, Audrey Bliss, Margaret Sherman, Paul Graham, Gary Fisher, Fred Stock, and William Elwell The teachers who guided us throigh the first six grades were Nrs Brown, Mrs Swimley, Mrs Ford, Mrs Plaisted, and Mrs rrutsman Mrs Sanford taught most of our seventh grade subjects When we were in the second grade Fred Stock left us but joined us in our sixth year Robert Weldon entered our class when we were fifth graders Joanne Husted and Barbara Schall joined us in the sixth grade Raymond Long, Rosemary Cornell and Richard etanford joined us during our junior high years Wilde Mascho and James Mc Allister entered our class after we started high school There are many others who have been members of our class at one time or another but have left us High Schooll We were given the shop for our home room and our C1435 advisor was Miss Ford We expected a Freshman initiatlon all during our Freshman year but never Pot it Some were sad and some were glad about this Our Sophomore year started the same as any year with everyone tanned and happy hr Parker was chosen our class advisor Our class now consists of seven girls and nine boys 'WTPQTS E5 . FN V D 4 H L 18 I R A Q s W" 2 .... , 5 1' , I 11 I : 0 10 O , . . '. . . M . . Treas. - G. Fisher Pres. - R. Stanford ..'.. IL,I,.,I'III,f'ff"I ' J 'E HIh.uHIIIHI .f'5b'xN ' 4 - ,, N ? F K. . - I Ill I iii? iq'-' rront Row T Bailey, C Sanford, J Brutsman, L Trlpp, D Preston Middle Row P LeBarron D Cook, C himble, L harren, C White Back Row A Anthony, J Price, C Sanford, w nnvlert, n Hulbert C Mc'1ndes Trels Carolyn Sanford V Pres Darwin Cook Pres James Price Sec Billy Envlert Y ' w FR SHNAN CLASS HISTORY The class of 'S entered 7th grade in 19 5 The officers were President, Layton Warren, Vice President, James Pr1ce, and Treasurer Joanne Brutsman Our class advisor was r Hic's e rad one class party at school In Sth grade our officers were President, James PFlC6 Vice President, Carl Kimble, Secretary, Donna Preston, and Treasurer, Darwin Cook Our advisor was Hrs Howe we also got class pins In June when we graduated James Price had high honors le resented a play HPaul Splits the Atom In our rreshman year our advisor is Mrs Howe The officers are President, James Price, Vice President, Darwin Cook, secretary, William Englert, ard Treasurer, Carolyn Sanford he have had several class parties Front Row A Sawyer, L Leonard, S lnonas, C Crane, D June, K Ford, V Mattison, E Towsley Second Row B Herrington, A Miller, M Cornish, M Cady, J Elwell, R Erway Third Row K Lewis, D Hulbert, G White, L Newell, D Price, L Narren Last Row J Rogers, K Nudd, D Kimble, J Neal r '-'fQff1e'1 Front Row M White, M Renniger, E ger, J Y E Cady, M Long, Back Row R Taylor, L Gurnsey, R Stanford, D Burdick, V Hulbert, D Hulbert, A Bliss, J Hendrickson, D Herrington 7U GRAD: QXGYX I ' A 61" . A N 9 A, A I - v r 4 , .Q x , Y l L- X X I , D A f ' A ennsc Al Z Q ., A. xml ', 'r' If - , 1 2- f K i ' A V .. I Vai xbl I - f fxe- 4 . ,, L 'I A, fag, ::Y' gl Yugl . I Vg 1 J V.. ?.f?r xy ? A, f "lY' A A ' K . f ji ' D IHHIH 1 , ifb I Nfl' ' I ll Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Front Row R Bliss N Demun B Carl R Kent Coach Parker Back Row R Stanford B Weldon F Stock Vorslty Squad Cowanesque Valley 1 Jasper Prattsburg Greenwood Woodhull Arkport Jasper Greenlnod Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Summary Cowanesque Valley loodhull Arkport Campbell Whitesville Bradford Cohocton Savona With only two vets, we all should be proud of the record our team has made this year Everyone deserves a lot of credit for the support and school spirit that helped our boys A vlgw of one game might let you know our team playing better and how they took defeat were playing Arkport who is always a strong team and hard to beat We were ahead in the first quarter by a two point margin and at the half it was cut to one point Our boys didn't let us down but managed to be deadloc ked at the end of the third quarter The last eight minutes went by too quickly and before we knew it the horn blew and Arkport had managed to get ahead by seven points. Now a look in the scoring book and to see who piled up the points D Stanford reached the 200 mark with a point to spare F, Stock, a strong contender for the scoring champion following with 161, A senior whom we hate to lose next year, R. Bliss with 171, followed next in total points Troupsburg Greenwood xts ' KCS 4 Back Row Coach Parker C McMindes L Warren B blwell D Cook H Hulbert D Crane G Fisher J Mcalliater D Tripp Front Row J Price P Graham R Long D Burdick P LeBarron C Kimble B Englert C Sanford L Lane JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Cowanesque Valley Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Fasper Prattsburg Greenwood Woodhull Arkport Jasper Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg 22 Woodhull Arkport Campbell Cowanesqu Bradford Cohocuton e Valley QQ Troupsburg Savona Summary The junior varsity started the season with a bang and ended in the same position as last year's J-V's did, second place. Whit helped our team the most was our school spirit carried around by everybody. We never accepted defeat until the final whistle blew in every game. A glance at one of the high-lights of the year might give you a better idea of how our boys played. One of the best games of the year was a game against Campbell. The score shows you it was an exciting game and the outcome depended mostly on back defense which consisted of Ray Long and Richard Burdick. When the fina whistle blew, everybody saw that our team had beaten Campbell the second time in a row by 6 points. Enough about the game and now a look into the scoring colnqn to see who rolled up the points to win the games. Billy Englert led in irnlvidual sco- ring with llh points followed by Paul Le Barron and Carl Kimble with 67 and S7 points respectively. Next year we hope we can have first place in the league and we are sure that our team deserves it after all the practicing. 1 , , Y V V, f Y --f- ----V ---- - - -v-- -------' --- - -W-ff ' 'Y T ' ff" " ,gg Q, 1. f i - - ' - 4' fi: 1 g 7:5 , A, k Eyf E. , I' fl , r Pb ' ' . A A I ' ' 1 fnvf x25 ' Y ' L' SA Q A 3 Q Y 6 5 ' y ' I :' N I L .. x . I , ' I I 1 17 1 -A .- J es-4 da? XL! un my fl'- pront Row LeBarron, R Weldon, D Cook, D crane, P tanford, N Demun, P Bliss, C himble, R Carl, Q Kent, Back Row Coach Parker, L farren, L Lane, 1 nngert, J Price C Mcvindes, V hlwell, F Stock, C Sanford. Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg woodhull Jasper Savona Knoxville Soccer Summary Last years soccer season was not very successful but we are lookfng forward to a better season next year Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg vi Knoxville Woodhull Jasper Savona Since our boys were inexperienced and this was only their second year of soccer, they had a rather slow start, but had improved by the end of the season we expect to see them right out in front next year, forging ahead to victory This year's starting eleven was made up of a majority of Freshmen and with the experience they gained this year, they hold great promise of a good team for Troupsburg in the future ewmwwaimu Ukvo mgso 0 H 0 EDOECEO v o H v +4 n UID I FIDE ovem :LH w EQSOHEEESS OCLOJISQ 4 n ww m or-10 Hmmonb Do Psggilimei wo4pw 'gchdm vvem mEi0 :T4 o 'gr-I gtg:-if:-'zgmsn or-h ok:"'1 ng 0558 D-0900 H- 'i "'a0d- cf 32 33?e0Sm m4'v'1mtbl-'gr-0 D-tDWZS'3'cfD def 'S'1KD OOD :Im NWmot10 dcfd SHSFDQQSEE m m SIYN P U IJ'gQ1'1IJ"00lN'U m drLoE4oovew HOP- 'doom amvesp n dm P-'v-0-' Sd Edodmgrtgdm 0140-ZTQJ 0 0 '1 :DOHC 0: I-H Xgginddv E SHQm2053?. adams.,-",. 0-':5'4lUHpD"5cf.J cDOQUl'4l-'CIO'-"UCL m m o rfb 5 "SH-rv-'SSID P' 'U B55m'fSS15 Q-m'3WU'D'D00'4 oo Sw ocrmb o Bhsrnndw H C 00m hmmm Hxnm o 5r+ 5 5ZS'3S2.mS sf:,.:'fe:sEH dh5'S5B8'3 Ubddowaaga oo go wage 0 id H1101 '-an-crib SNP' 0 5393230852 D- gG'1D-'SOHC QU D-U'-rf cf gb C+ gd 0 D1 MJD-' ISU-'OIF' D- ll 3 S 0 3 r-' D: 'S m u H5 JJ AAAS of baseball Trouosburg Trounsburg Troupsbu1g Troupsburg Troupsbdrg Troupsburg Troupsburg Troupsburg W SD m Q O' m H H E m m AJ H JA Jasper Nooanull Arkport Greenwood Jasper Noodhull Greenwood Knoxville VOLLEYBALL There was no volleyball game played last year because of the weather Each school that was entering this tournament put their name of the team or the schools name on a slip of paper and mixed In a box Then each school or team drew a slip of paper out of the box and the team whose name was Our team drew a bye the first time A bye means our team didn't have to play anybody the first time This put Troupsburg up to the quarter finals In the quarter finals Troupsburg played Bradford and lost to them The team represented itself very well in this tournament of the county This year on March 17th, seven boys went to Cmnisteo to enter in the Clmss B and C volleyball tournament of Steuben County The first team we played was our next door neighbors, Jasper We defeated them two stra ight Than came Savona, who we defeated two straight games Then we drew m Class B School, Hammondsport, but we also defeated them in twn games Now we smw hopes of going to Rochester, in feet we were in the finals But we came up against Avoca and were defeated in two games Everybody was proud of the temm because this is the furthest any locml team has gone in several years TRACK Troupsburg hopes for more entries and higher standing in the annual track meet which is held at Greenwood Last year the boys that entered made e good showing against keen opposition The girls won many of the events that they entered in and are looking forward to this year's meet, held in June Since the annual All Star game was held in Troupsburg this year, the money collected at the gate will buy the trophies which are awarded, and we are hoping to take top-honors xx., x o X Z5 Cf' . . sg . , 0 Ui m x . H H . 'U . . ' I n U . - o ' ' 14 . - . 'u N w ' . m V1 4 0 4. . EL a I v I Ui P I , Q ' A :- ' rf a I L-' - I W ' I . 0 ' , U O O O A X I 0 M e 1 O O I e HITWETT: . H if A . EL Q I Ill I ll VA R S177 -3 J Rude 0 Bertch C Sanford J J VARSI I Schell The Varsity topped a successful season by tying first place in the All Star cheer leaders compo tition The J Varsity group made a good beginning by winning 2nd place in the competition B i'Y Y 'I C 'rane W. Mascho K. Ford E0 Tripp ,KX X33 D. June We 4 4, " fe if I, Li .. 3 A 1 r 'V r e, , 3 X -- ' 1 XX flgyi f'J JN N AU Q 4 1 ! f Q 5' V! ff, J, .' . , n 1, I' V RAOQP """Y'vW'V'wv1IC"1w-1 First row Joyce Alden, Joyce Hulbert, larjorle Prutsman, Audrey Bliss, Onolee Cady, B eulah Miller, Donna Preston, Joan e Brutsman, Carolyn Sanford Doris Burdick, Barbara Schall, Margaret Sherman, Wilda Mascho Second Row liss Ford, Etta Hendrickson, Onolee Berch, Joyce Rude, Jessie Tripp, Joanne Busted Chrystal Colegrove, Virginia Long, Joanne Leonard, Anna Cady, Emma Tripp, Third row Edward Cornell, Ray Long, Dick Burdick, Ralph Kent, Roy Bliss, Don Crane, Carl Mc Minds, Billy Englert, Jimmy Price ff fedff A W xi L+! Xl ' First row Joyce Hulbert, Donna Preston, Carl lc Minds, Billy Elwell, Second row largaret Sherman, Joyce Rude, Carolyn Sanford, Llerelyn Lane, Bernice Woodard, Margery Long, Third row lies Ford, Virginia Long, Rosemary Cornell Audrey Bliss, Chrystal Colegrove, largaret Cornell, Ralph Kent, Joanne Leonard, Arling Bliss, Wilda llaecho, Carol Sanford G ,i R2 ' J 'J Q or hz 6 5 J on 'E f f - ge V ..' 1' J ' ' -M Q U - , .a , A A 4 Q w ,- q H - . : '. 0 .. 'll ' J , . , 'N W 1 ' , 'aw C ff E. J x w sl W T W X K ,S - 'Q ff 2 gf Jn i A A jf ' ' x a V J ,sun P I 4 3 , 1 STUDENT COUNCIL Q Uv? Front Row Mr Croft, E Hendrickson, J Brutsman, W Mascho, E Cornell, J Price, L Leonard Back Row E Cady, R Kent, P LeBarron, R Stanford, D Price, M Long YFARBOOK STAFF nm , 'wr wwf' 'UU' Front Row M Prutsman, M Cornell, C Colegrove, E Cornell, Mr Croft, J Stone, R Burdick, J Brutsman, V Long, J Leonard Middle Row J Hulbert, O Bertch, J Rude, J Tripp, B Miller, R Cornell, Schall, A Cady, D Burdick Beck Row R Kent, R Bliss, D Crane, L Lane Future Farmers of America re llrst row R Burdick, N Demun, R Kent, Mr Alden, R Bliss, R Carl, Hulbert 2nd row P LeBarron, R Stanford, J Price, C McMindea, G Fisher, D Crane P Graham, B Englert, 3rd row F Mc Allister, F Stock, R Weldon, L Warr en, E Hulbert, J Stone, D Tripp hth ow C White, C Kimble, D Cook, w Elwell 4 H b C' 1 lip lst row A ady, R Cornell, J Hulbert V Long, C Sanford, Mrs Weeks 2nd row M Nhite, N Long, B Schell, B Miller, M Cornell, M Prutsman, J Husted I cs ss, rs f fl 1 L ' ' 7 ' A J 2 f ' . v J S rg ' W 'gtk' I f . ff, ' 4 V ' g x K 0 ' gl : . I 'I : O . . U - : P : o o . o ' I n a n I C Z u Q 3 .4""N ff? 1 D P4 ,f A , x fwf' 2 9, if V Lirgay jsv !' V nr Y 7. mx if .M Q S 1 2 , FW wf N ' -'V' ,V W - 1 QL -- '- . 2 . C 1 . . , . . . . 2 . ' . le . . f .. . . T L., 'M I Www 451041 WMQJ7 JF' gmazmfaz wma. ZZSQJ0? JMMQZJSQF Z1n.rtf.1.v,66o OFA 'J imp Y Pvt if 'M WNW N - vi i4 n -X Hy 1 gs? 'f '51 i . W' iw ' LL.. 1 Qi:-Z5 ? 0 ' f i i C' N W Kb H 1 F A Y J L' .-16 Q Q. "' J W' I s: .Q Q ji Q 5? V ' X' " ' V 'jf if - 4 9- K la " if! 'sg' ' - .A 0 1 " ' ' S: i- 'Q : fi 3 A Ax A !llg Narlonette bro l lllr oonior Dance lf, A great success 'f Coke Cecil what tempted Elliot to peek under Coke's coatP9 5,9 Scotty bc Leen were dlm Yo , Walsn ann Bob Vet all that windoo fn ' o Q1 lllll I A A Poin to toe V RY mDU seniofe Coal GJ DTATIQW s X CA Y X t Senior Class Play hy didn't the seniors J X Acziwm, Dead line CStaff almost dead! 2'- Qlluffk XL Q25 Senior Trio Don't get lost EDDIE' DE SPRING CONCERT Are you singing Tenor or bass DON 99 lQip'JiBFD 462 n Molly woenv " Regents Hang onto Joor TH1 FIN C PS use books on the night of tue play 9 f 4 o o i. 'QQ ' 6 im 1 1 5 -i Ci: '.o:Z .-.-.-.---.-. "w1:.Ml. g ,f AQ :J IQE' is 5 X m . ' Env Q f Q ,gg Tx! A 'Z ' D L 5 Q 1 BL n .QMLVQJAL M " -Yov. ffb h Wifi S f l"f' S ,Q Zrllllll I E 0 N F1 ' h 'iff f 4, y .'1fR'i 1 ill T 1' ,f f of " ' 'vi ' 4' "' "t' v y J' "' 'P qgqunlkx 1 , , ,541- .'1 ,, I A ' "4 , 'V D ' I 1 VL' - ,u .. ML i s ,, V. , ' ' C' f Q in Xxx HlIVhHII'uIIIlu Newer Fas Hwns H18 Her Qua lity maxrter Economy ' JARMIN SHOES HUG TITE SHOES GREAT SCOTT SHOE GOSSARD FOUNDATIONS A YOU LIKE IT HOSIERY QGC' Q2 W f' . S . .' MARY GREY HOSIERY ., PV 'L Comol1me.ts of Bates Feed M111 oxvi Le, e1na Cumulimenta ruwpral r" or li erts ofte Ja a,e ruulsburc 1 1. Kn ' LW T r . '., M of W. W. Griggs ' ., Hume TPJUQSZHPQ J. Y. C JD 2 , ,f ilhevt 5 1 pg A p Q H, , .Y . . , H .. Compliments FIRST NATIONAL BANK Greenwood N Y Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 510,003 Maximun Insurance For Each Depositor Compliments of VHIT 'S Groceries Meats Frozen foods Drugs and Dry goods Pnone 8 F11 Trouosburg, N Y CLOVER FARN STORE SLP' JVC, 7236? W fx, W Mewbnm ' 1 wx 4,0 M H L, P. 1 -'I 'I' l C'JYT1L,lLif'if5f 1,3 QI' U19 - f..fE1,,,L XY' LIP.. :HQ flfff fl,-ff. Fifflii of Q'.F4f"I'iGl'1, EH U M V JT ,he Fflfral YHFHTTQ 'ff'gm A g, V I, H V' 'Z' 2'-4 T". 'T 7 Yi lip- L' " T" . xl Qillifffi '.:', xy, 'z lcyf 7' T' 'iw' ':1'f:'H " .rj Ly, C, .32 to .I ffQ?'f iI,ff,' ,If Jesffielg, Pa. Cor,,Li.,ez1': uf" L.,:S f.i.C.5-LfI .ijfl ,LII 'reg 4 ew 2 'J , Com limedts iarold Austin's Barber Shop lil 1 The health and care of hair is imoortant Try Al'S BhhUTY SHOPPL, TROUPSBUR for such service as Macnineless Permanedts Machine Permanents Fold Waves Manicures racials call 24 !lOl G N Y Q AYJ ill ue your ga and yourself at the same time Trouosburg, J Y hone 3 BHK Buy Your Feed LeBarron's Feed Store Trolosbulg I Y . of x I h A , . I f Time to Eat at A Ilhvl. S txj ' A at . 3- - 3 v- rl. . P' r' Comnl'wenrq A B AWW aooF111l, N K Joan genre Nacfine w Ge eral Iuvurance Ji e Is U41 A W PARALLEL POULTRY FARM AND HATCHERY AJL ' I I I The Home of GOOD Chicks' AZ. X. J- C RL . 3 g:EUTZR , V X I .L' J 0 U I ' Farm . I ry Aid rx .. "Serv I: 'v - i.." PhOn6 -- -------- --- Store - 563 ---- ------- Resiuent - 253 - Y I ' ' I L H. i1CFT- pJQ.k 'UhT'IBJXi, Enfil ri om9lLments 'J :TH vgfw v1 1 F' LENS Puoun LQLZ q'e1 T JH vu 'Juli :..1"'6a Qlnclair A en R1 fr .4 gf 'PJJ JA NF 1 C'.: '., Of RUDE'l QE VICE Q.fTIQN G-w-e-ies Zfs Lil Viac,1f DIS ' . - 'W"l T "y31w?5, N. X. Ll., . To ue News ' 'WTH3 TwPi91Q Thurs. - lirj, ij: T Q 1 BH' And H ry L. 'te W xg, ' 1 J - 253, 1 5 J L , if A f' KK , xr 'ff ig gf f M - ,J J J , -, , V gh .3 NR f, J iyf Q Q ,!V. xvlL CoN97iwentQ of v, lil Troupsbqrg, Wea Vern Dhone L .91 Cowv 'new Q of fnOR Aus Ln V Q :fn en P OuDSkl'! lew fora Phone Q r ., 7-yn, X, U. I. 4121 I2 k Q UL Lbs? k Euillinf .wterial Xnv '1e, Ea. '.i1ligfMt1 ,1 Tngxai.1e, Aa. Q - J . . C. W E 'ell . --'D ' L- d,--U .,. u, - z .'. . J LiW0.L:g' D Ale- T . V . . -r A ,Q,Q, . - - --4-' 12 xc- tm ffm Cfnf' '18 SBC T L. A Lklh QL YXUY Pi THLY Fighi Q- yay? alle, all inrnuyg iife, wgatevwr f,1P yYqi4 C? Rawls, j3.? Q5fi :2Qgi3 ?JQ:y in gqrvg fJ,, Qgll gn gym, -- -,- uk-mf, f',,vW ,RWD V-,N ',J.,Qf.n,,-.. 0, Iwi, f, , -.. M. ,.. ,.,.,g,, A... ,, ,.,x, J, . 4.,-,.,.ag, ....a. . 5 vgiinnt C ack HF QQJHJQL, CP no SHf9fH3Yl yum? valnuhln i, safe iwgi It pfc, wi1 of C3lT5Q 2115 LWL7 I: t'H sxfe .T G for y3.? Sqvlnfs fuicwwzis lnnuf l ug t ,1l,, J. oy F.D. 3.1 Yay we he yvmr p1?fnQr. Y' C".-M 1'-Ay zz-vu nt' "Ir A. AA ,. .. , -. M.H A,. . QL .H'l1f0, .lcgw JO., .en11. F r J ,A YIOYJ m 1 E1 I 'JS Compliments of KNOKVILLE COOP GLF SERVICE INC Knoxville, Da Comoliments of H S LLATHMRS Har ware and Barn nquipment Knorvi le, P Comoliments of CUOP W DRLG Q O? Knoxville, Da ' 1 . . ,W L, . . . - M C. 1 . 1. 8. " IIN. 7 4"T' .T .ul 4 . ...I . A 0 W tfi ld ,fb ?QUQi,A9!f K' 0 f J Compliments of lf? , O 2 f Pd f J A a f e Q Ccmpliments f SNANSUJ ROCERY TLRE Westfield, Pennsylvania Com111meP+s D16 ll R3 vesteru uto Associa+e Store aestfleld Penna Westfield Dennsylvania Fur Storabe Alt6P8tLOW omnlimente of SMITH JR QQ siOP uestfielc, Qenns lveniw 1 x HM i . O vv ' -x ff Q I A -J. .4 Ar 'U of Comglinvnbs of 'V' YT'AWl"W '-' f 'TIT ,,,, . ,, 4 EMMONS CnnnJAA5 1.nnJ Ejxbm U. ,LUAJUN .IYLE- 9. W' . A . , V Tv I , s , . A 'v - 4 A H e A . w ' 7x : '-' . --- . ,. - W 1 A. . J . C 'UT ""5"I A Y""'.' "Y W L' "".'fI""",.I " - A-... - ....'1. . I . .4 , Ilxfvka.. -.,.,. .J g6RAP 50 OUR YEARBOOK SUPPLIED VVAS BY TI-IE INTER COL LEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY DIPLOMAS ARIBOOKS ANNOLJNCE PERSONAL CARDS CAPS AND GOWNS 4 4' 1 TREASURY YE MENTS CF VVISDDVI STATIONERY

Suggestions in the Troupsburg Central High School - Memories Yearbook (Troupsburg, NY) collection:

Troupsburg Central High School - Memories Yearbook (Troupsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 9

1951, pg 9

Troupsburg Central High School - Memories Yearbook (Troupsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 94

1951, pg 94

Troupsburg Central High School - Memories Yearbook (Troupsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 76

1951, pg 76

Troupsburg Central High School - Memories Yearbook (Troupsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 45

1951, pg 45

Troupsburg Central High School - Memories Yearbook (Troupsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 46

1951, pg 46

Troupsburg Central High School - Memories Yearbook (Troupsburg, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 17

1951, pg 17

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