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Troup High School - Tiger Yearbook (Troup, TX) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1966 volume:

,W - -.1 -fra o' 5 v u ' "' 41 J O' i-'gif ,f 5' In '. Y 'ft , at bt . '14 f' -'f' -f 'L r qi '.f4,kg1,' r 3- Q 1 in .?,f,v y .. ?' Q , F2 X wx fa , v ? fl an " 'X ' .v in A 51 " , V . 4 ,gov ev LJ 1 is A , , :gf dr ffm' ' 1 f df -Q , 1-1 - 'J Q V fi f O . - ng 1 L ' . - P f V ' 1, N ' T C - r W -5 , .. def P ,E .M 1- W A ... 1 y l , 5' ' " 1 fi as ' fi" "ff f sv L F ga : S - Q 1,, xg: - . 7 qv u --f-- vahawwnnuuvvv- , ka W 4 -at 1 Mi -L .4 if ' W ., , ,M M,,g-,W f ' 'S ,W h 1 V 1 .uv Q ,,,,,,,,,,, .. ,, A,t, M, MM.. WL U .MMM 'M .HMM M. m M f-'igvf , -1-.Mm . V, J .-v I YW. ..v..-...Q-...W ,g gf, 'PPPQY,+ A-Swv" I L , . ,x.3,jQ,ffJjx'i5f N f MM, ' JD Qoafwd X M QQQCTZQHX 3523 gl 'Eff-Q'ZLLLZQ'M'!ig..gn1.4LQ 35 ig M 5 Q QE Q S A7 'X E716 '66 Uger 'f"i'f15" f"i73'i xx I' , ,QQ QR? X L Craup High Salma! Crbup, Ceres 5'0reuford Seen Clfrouglz Windows af CHS M: 1 Q, 1 The 1966 Tiger Staff has looked through the windows of Troup High School. This is what we've seen: We've seen teachers who felt it was important to know about the past, the present, and the future because they believe it to be so. We've seen young, eager faces trying to find out what education is all about and what they Want to do with their lives. We've seen girls forgetting everythingbut their date for the prom, and we've seen boys acting their best in their formal coats. We've seen football and basketball games, where sometimes we came home happy and sometimes sad. We've seen our organizations where students thought it was worthwhile to devote time to a com- mon goal. We've liked what we've seen, so we, the Tiger Staff, invite you to look through our windows too. We think you'1l like what you see. Dedicafivrz We dedicate the '66 TIGER I0 3 man Whg 13 MR. J. M. himself dedicated. . . A Devoted Teacher . . A Loyal Friend . . A Trusted and Beloved Person Ju jlflemvriam , , F , There is no death! The stars go down To rise upon some fairer shore: And bright in Heaven's jewelled crown The bird-like voice, whose joyous tones, Made glad these scenes of sin and strife Sings now an everlasting song, They shine forever more. T d Around the tree of life, There is no death! The leaves may fall, Wherever He sees a smile too bright, And flowers may fade and pass away: Or heart too pure for taint and vice, They only wait, through wintry hours, He bears it to that world of light, The coming of the May. y To dwell in Paradise. , 1 J- , , f fr , - - W, , -tg , g 7 t There is no death! An angel form Born if1I0 that undying life, Walks o'er the earth with silent tread: They leave us but to come again: He bears our best loved things away: With joy we welcome them the same, And we then call them "dead" Except their sin and pain. t , ,t ,V LA, V , Q Y - -4"'- ' 177 - Ili He leaves our hearts all desolate, And ever near us, though unseen, He plucks our fairest, sweetest flowers: The dear immortal spirits tread, Transplanted into bliss, they now For all the boundless universe Adorn immortal bowers. Is life - there are no dead. ' V ,IL-ti.. , Y , - !"- s ,, A W -,Y Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Callender who were killed in a tragic automobile accident on November 14, 1965 brought much sorrow to Troup School as well as to the entire community. Mrs. Callender, known to her stu- dents as the "music lady," was loved by everyone, and the dedicated life which both she and her husband lived will be remembered always. R., ADMINISTRATION X .11 ,f .. High Seneel Prinezknzl ,Mn K. ,Z Reddy Superintendent Mr. Sngene ,Meflrey junior High Principal Mr. M. Z l5'raufu 5lemc'ntary Princqml Mr. Nalau Smith BACK ROW - Left to Right: Messrs. Halsnyderg Gerald Sadler, Pres. g Johnny Osborn, Sec. 5 Leroy Hugghins, Vice Pres. FRONT ROW - Left to Right: Messrs. Floyd Littlepageg Wade Neelyg Sam Longg Eugene McElroy, Advisor U16 l6'rfard af Sducafian We students of Troup Public Schools owe a measure of gratitude to the Board of Education, the "men behind the scenes". Although we often do not realize that they are working, our Board is at the head of the administrative functions of all planning and executing of our activities. A member of this organization gets little recognition for many hours spent working hard. We would like to say to all of you, who have played such a major role in our school life, a very sincere "thank you. " Parent- Cmvher ,llssrfcizztizfrz 0Mcvrs fb Mrs. Joe E. Welsh, Secretaryg Mrs, Loy V. Alexander, Historiang Mrs. Connie Stovall, V. Presidentg Mrs Lofton Stelter, President. 'F I rr Q, S 1 ' ml" h Mrs. Lofton Stelter, President W M Mrs. J. M, Brown, ---- Treasurer Installatron Officers MR. EUGENE MCELROY B A., M. Ed. , L.L.B Superintendent MR. R. I. RODDY B.S., M. Ed. Crvup School High School Principal Algebra II v :f': ,,A, W,,-- --,f..1 ,.,, V, A lf I if Zi I V ' MR. DAN MR. RALPH MR. LARRY MR. OMA M. MR. JOE SATTERWHITE SOAPE TANKERSLEY COLE COLE B,s,,M,Ed, B,s.,M,s, B.S. B,s,,M.A. B.S. Business A, Agriculture Head Coach Dist. Ed. Basketball Science Coach aa I siiees i ii 'Ec i I "LRR iR i' ii MR. BAUMAN MR. RAYMOND MR. VAL MRS. BERTHA ROPER BREWER ROSE BRIGHT B.S. B.S. B.S. B.S.,M.A, Counselor Asst. Coach Band English, History, Director Spanish Civics 1 ,VV, ggjggg55f:,,f:,f'.s,,1 ai: ig! ' "" ' nnns . p 'w as Asnii ' , ,- :,, M ,.,, i W I '11 f' W its MISS PATRICIA MRS. MARY MISS MARY MRS. IUANECE MRS, FREDDIE REYNOLDS WHITE SHAW SMITH HALE B.S.,L.S. B.S., M.Ed. B.S. B.S. B.S. Librarian Homemaking School English P.E. Secretary I0 Zzculfy MR, MELVIN BROWN B. S. , M. Ed. Jr. High Principal Algebra I 'F MR. NOLAN SMITH B. S. , M. Ed. Elementary Principal Geometry, Physics 'EY m A M. X L14 m A-1' is MR. J. M, MR. GLEN MRS. LOIS MRS, BARBARA MRS. MAULINE KING EVANS LOONEY SMITH MOORE B,S,,M,Ed, B.S. B.S,,M.A. B,S.,M,Ed, B.S,,M.Ed, Math Jr. High 'Tth Grade 6th Grade 5th Grade Coach Science I ..,r.eii1 ,Q y. A y ii? y i ,X -- - 1 V ,VV V , L 5 MRS. KATHLEEN MRS, RUTH MRS. DOROTHY MRS, PAULINE MCELROY COLE CLARK STOVALL B,S,,M'.Ed. B,s,,M.A. B,s,,M.Ed, B.S. 4th Grade 4th Grade 3rd Grade 2nd Grade V if A AQ' A up f , N A- ! N I., ,, 1 K I - 'xv 'P I . I. . A... fr . ,W , it .X7555rf,,', -' MRS. FAYE MRS, NAVOLEINE MRS. CONELIA MRS. LOU ELLA MRS. SHELBA WIGGINS RODDY LOCKEY HEAD GRAY B.S.,M.Ed. B,s.,M.Ed, B.S. B.S. B.S. 2nd, lst lst Grade Kindergarten Special Ed. Music Grade I I Lfafeferia Mrs. Sorrell Mrs, Langston Mrs. Cameron l6'us Drivers Mr. Lawson Mr. Cooper Mr. Guthrie Mr. Evans Mr. Wilkinson Mr, King Mr. Meador Mr. Satterwhite dlsladiaus Mr. Cooper Mr. Guthrie Mr. Thompson Hlasses df CHS w 'fin Killer 85 Diller "Yea, them" Homecoming Kampus Zzfe fl! CH .Si e Tiger Carriage We, use Ban! Hi E1 Sc Trish W .,.:, fx if v cuxsses r l i s 1 ' u'-W nik Y Ltwirff 5 f.1Pf2iiQi Q,,w15?iif2FsifQ.,,. A X' ,ww " gay 3 a,iiX'.'-154. ,, ffvhs1r'f?EfsffWf, f Aa f 7fjq1'Qw,sQygalmfx K, , A - E '9iMQ',z1Ei iw , wsgfkzf, Lm,,g'5'f5,2i. W,H':'.,,-E1f',' ',:ff,J-,4i . ' f "Jw wi .ms LINDA BUSBY FHA 1-35 Pep Squad 2,3g DE 4g Officer 45 Jr, Play Make-up. PATSY BYERS FHA 1-35 Pep Squad 3,4g DE 3,43 Officer 4. Picfure Nof Available GERALD COOPER Basketball 1-3, Track Manager lg DE 3, Officer 3, Jr, Play Sr. Personalityg Annual staff 3, 4. CLAUDIA DICKSON Tiger Queen 4, Pep Squad 3,4g Officer 4, Sr, Personality. 1 FRANCES BOGGS Duchess 13 Pep Squad 1-43 Officer 3, 4g Annual Staff 3, 45 Class Officer 35 Sr, Per- sonalityg Sr. Play Announcer, PATRICIA BURNS Fl-IA 1-43 Officer 45 Pep Squad 3,4g Of- ficer 4g Paper Staff 3,45 Sr. Editorg Sr. Personality, 15 if KJ RONNIE CARGLE Football 2-4, Basketball 2-45 Baseball 2-45 Band 2-4g Track 2-45 Tennis 3, Region al Tennis Meet 3, Paper Staff 3, 4g Sr. Per- sonality. NELDA CHEATHAM FHA lg DE 3,4g Ir, Play Make-up. M' JERRY DON FUSSELL FFA 1-45 Officer 45 Track 1,25 Football 1. RAYMOND HAMILTON Band 1-45 Pres. 45 Stageband 1-45 A11- Region 3,45 Solo 81 Ensemble 1-45 Jr. Playg Sr. Play5 Sr, Personalityg Paper Staff. as pg. 1 . 3324 CHARLES HARDY FFA 1-45 DE 3, 45 Officer 4 CAROLYN HEMBY Cheerleader 3, 45 Head 45 Pep Squad 1,25 FHA 1-45 Jr, Playg Sr, Playg Sr. Per- sonalityg Annual Staff 3, 4. DIANE HUGGHINS Band 1-45 Maj. 1-45 Asst. Dr. Maj. 2,35 .Drum Major 45 Outstanding Dr, Maj. SFA 45 Band Council 45 All-Region 45 Stage- band 45 State Solo 81 Ensemble 2,35 Solo 81 Ensemble 1-45 Class Officer 1-45 County Youth Rep. 45 Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Annual Staff 3,45 Duchess 2-45 FFA Sweetheart 45 Sr, Personalityg Most Beautiful 4, IIMMY LANEY DE 45 Officer 45 Class Favorite 35 Foot- ball 1, 3, 4, KATIE LEIM Band 1-45 Band Council 45 Volleyball 2-45 Sr, Personalityg Jr. Play: Sr. Playg Homemaker of Tomorrow 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Solo Sz Ensemble 1-4. GRACE MARTIN FHA 2. QPF? KEITH MITCHELL Class Favorite 25 Track Manager 25 Foot- ball Manager 2-45 Basketball Manager 45 Jr. Play5 Sr, Play5 Class Officer 45 Sr, Person- ality. RODNEY MOSS Football 1-35 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 25 Track 1-35 Sr. Personality. :vw- ELLA LUE REEVES Annual Staff 3, 45 Editor 45 Band 1-45 Council 2F45 Officer 35 All-Region Band 2-45 Tri- State Band 35 Tri-State Solo 81 Ensemble 35 Solo gl Ensemble 1-45 State Solo 81 Ensemble 2,35 Volleyball 2-45 Tennis 35 Regional Meet 35 Class Officer 1-45 Duchess 2,35 Jr. Play5 Sr, Play5 Class Favorite 1-45 Sr. Personality5 Band Sweet- heart 45 Basketball Sweetheart 45 Miss THS 4. RODNEY SMITH Who's Who 2,35 Band 1-45 Student Direct- . or 1-45 Stagebancl 1-45 Council 15 Golf 1,25 Regional Meet 1,25 Solo 81 Ensemble 1-45 Math Award 35 Paper Staff 3,45 Co-Editor 45 Sr. Personality, JOHN REAGAN MASSEY Football 15 Basketball 15 Track 15 FFA 1-45 Officer 4, STEVE MINTON Football 1-45 Hon. Mention 45 Basket- ball 25 Tennis 35 Track 45 lr., Play: Sr. Play: Speech Play 25 Class Officer 2, 4. JOE MUSSLEWHITE DE 3, 45 Officer 45 DE Convention 3. RUSSELL OBAR Basketball 15 Band 1-35 Class Officer 15 Annual Staff 3, 4. we ,V Y,-Q i I ' 1 A . CHARLIE SOAPE FFA 1-45 Officer 1,3,4, LARRY SPITTLER Football 1-45 Tri-Captain 45 Hon. Men- tion 3,45 All-District 45 Basketball 1-45 Track 15 baseball 2-45 Boy's State 35 Who' Who 2,35 County Youth Rep. 45 Class Officer 1-45 Pres. 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Class Favorite 45 Library Award 35 Mr. THS A-. 711 4 Y 4 4 , 1,555 A L ,A-an J, ROBERT TOWNSEND Football 1-45 Tri-Captain 45 Hon. Men- tion 3,45 All-District Off. 81 Def, 45 Base- ball 1-45 Track 45 Band 1-35 Council 35 Speech Play 35 DE 45 Officer 45 Sr, Person- ality5 Class Officer 1, 2,45 Most Handsome 3, 45 TOMMY VASCOCU Football 1-45 Tri-Captain 45 Hon. Men- tion 3, 45 Basketball 1-45 Golf 2-45 Regional Meet 2-45 Athletic Award 35 Who's Who 35 Class Favorite 15 Sr. Personality5 FHA Beau 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Co-Editor 45 DE 4, 'Tj Q A ,Q 'Z -1 SHARON STARKS FHA 1-45 Officer 45 Pep Squad 1-45 Pres. 45 Class Officer 45 Sr. Personality5 Paper Staff 3,45 Sr, Editor5 Tiger Mascot 45 Asst, Cheerleader 4, JAMES TACKETT Band 1-45 Stageband 1-45 All-Region Band 45 Paper Staff 4. 1... X l aw gb , ,,, ,Q 5 i 5 ff 4 Z' . I .4 TOMMY WILEY Band 15 Football 1, 2, 45 Track 1-45 Sr. Personality5 Paper Staff 45 Baseball 15 JOHN WRIGHT Sr. Personalityg Sr, Play5 Speech Play5 Paper Staff 4. I9 Senivr 611155 Ofhccrs President - Larry Spittler Vice President - Keith Mitchell Secretary - Ella Lue Reeves Treasurer - Diane Huggins Reporter - Rodney Smith Social Chairmen - Sharon Starks Robert Townsend Parliamentarian - Steve Mintow 20 Sponsor Mr. Dan Satterwhite fc Our yrfungvr Days --. IL? ll .b ' l my iy, X 1 . f ,. .., N K ' 5555 525' .Q-:x i ' E ,N Nw f x wir' fx' 21. I Pucfure Not Available x- Picfure Na+ Available ll l' Xl l l 52" 'L II ' A L ., ' --,, 1-' ' awk , ' L L V Nw ,,.. ' . A LV T Lrhk Ii .. L A .. . A ' ., - 1 f :infix ',.k ""'k,. X' - H . "lll P -ff", A -time G , '53, V, 4 s Q5 Af ' if - Qi 4, - f--- fm N at-swf v Ay, -J sf .1 1 n , W .F ' Y Rf s i xi, '- ' .n ' LQ? l --nun. , Can this be Rodney Moss? iii' , 5, K ,K H- we 1 , 1 a ff 5 H H in-if 'f if Looks too innocent to be Katie. at fa e'e4 eee ee ,,,,,:,: IVVL Vrkxggi Sweet Stevie Minton. How do you get in these places? Rodney Smith Patricia Burns? It sure is! 22 and a friend Tommy Vasco cu sure was sweet, Open those pretty eyes Claudia Senior Play Cast and Their Sponsor N Senior English? 5, Let's ride Raymond! Cut it out! ! Just what's funny? Ronnie 1 55 "N, F4 7QiffT' 4 .Q av M 211 I 5 1, I , Is this what we started out with '?'? Fx I ll F Will the REAL Miss Troup please step forward?! All together now. , .cheesel X F S7 "X sg1ii 'Ov -X-rg Mx .ii f:.i. How you have changed Katie! Heel, Toe l-2-3. . . Ella 24 junivr 0fHcers President - - - Vice President - - - Secretary - - Treasurer - - Reporter ---- Social Chairmen Joe Gracie Steve Sadler Pat Thibodeaux Bill Snyder Iohnna Massey Cheryl Shuttlesworth Mike Harrison fo? .X 5 4 1 . X , x as Q? 1 ' if Q J J 'fr -'X vv f if ' 1 E n ,nf :QL 4 f , .. ,, , . 8, K , Q x S X rg if LK 5, S I-X ,fi ' 1' 'U , 'Y We J 91' A 5? 'Fi 423' Q w 'U . L 'v 1. James Womack Jerry Womack Ann Wright J t Fajff af Q JJ Nancy Allen Mary Alston Linda Baumann Sharon Brown James Byrd Rita Daily Gerald Davis Ronnie Dixon Wilbur Forester J an Harris Joyce Jordon June Kee David McDaniel Kenneth McDaniel Jimmie Morris Jean Musslewhite Don North Larry Obar Billy Joe Rucker Don Sadler Cheryl Shuttlesworth Bill Snyder Pat Thibodeaux Ann Traxler Sherry Vascocu zmior ul i Ay 26 Sponsor: Mrs. Mary White 611155 Loy Alexander Janone Brannon Ellyn Belle-Isle Dewayne Brown Robert Burns James Byers Larry Cheatham Joe Gracie Mike Harrison Carol Herring Jane I-Ioldren Cecil Ray Kirby Ronald Knight Johnna Massey Mary Musslewhite Glian Pucheu 'Cathy Richardson Ruthel Rollins Ann Rooks Dennis Sadler Linda Sadler Steve Sadler James Sanders Glenda Stephenson Kenneth Toothman J ack Ward Jerry Don Ward Barbara Winkley , . , ,, . 4 WF 3 ss l ' f t il - V .Q N gc Sponsors: Mr. Oma M, Cole Miss Patricia Reynolds . sf F as is ,iff as . If if f 3, .il : 'H ' Q if 3 I kkzri C '.Q" ff' a s-E N -' g'L My . -'1- 1 i idx Lee Campbell Loretta Cox Billy Daniels K Glen Dowdy Linda Fields Tom Fikes Becky Gunn Gary Hegar Robert Holman Artie Belle-Isle Gerald Boatner Larry Boggs Lenita Braswell Joann Bright Charlotte Brooks Jerry Brown Perry Brown ophamore fm gr 2 Eddie Howard Herbert Jones David Jordon Kathy Kersh Linda Kersh Mike Maris Dale Martin Mr. Joe Cole Roger McMi11ian Ronnie Neel Gerald Nelson Chuck Osborn Rachel Phillips Jill Prestridge J an Pope Toni Pucheu Pal.. Rae Glass Mrs. Bright Walter Tackett George Tennison Lynn Thompson Ernest Warren Glen Wilbanks Phillip Wiley Glenna Williams Beth Wilson .f . I 1. Duncan Robertson Sonja Rucker David Satterwhite Mark Sharp Jimmy Singletary Melinda Smith Rita Io Smith Gene Stewart Eg. A... .. R, sliilslill issnls xi, f , f N -' Q. 5' sl 6, ' fs ., .p-.. .rp . .M-,,,,,dg PRESIDENT - Jimmy Singletary VICE PRESIDENT - Becky Gunn SECRETARY - Pam Rae TREASURER - Gerald Boatner REPORTERS - Racheal Phillips Chuck Osborn SOCIAL CHAIRMEN Charlotte Brooks Mike Maris Robert Holman SPONSORS , Joy .A 1- Mrs . Bright Mr, Cole 'rr flrfmcwmiug Uger Queen Zlaudia Dickson Duclzesscs DIA NE I-IUGGHINS Senior JUNE KEE Junior WM JEAN MUSSLEWHITE Junior ph Duchesscs and 1 ,Attendants Mr. and Miss CHS larry Spiftler 51111 fue Kecvcs 35 C? 1 af 5 ,Most Keaufiul and ,Most Handsome DIANE HUGG HINS ROBERT TOWNSEND x Q59 i .li I- f TQ Qi!! Hand Sweetheart ELLA LUE REEV ES Kaskefball Sweetheart 51111 fue Reeves Z ZA. Sweetheart 5CfL,4. l6'eau DIANE HUGGHINS TOMMY VASCOCU 9-'52 Homemaker af Gfmarrvw Katie Lfeim ,.s, I J 5 'N ii l on .....,-ff" 3 , N H Z I 2 2 Q A juniar Sfawrites JEAN MUSSLEWHITE JAMES BYRD gi, .1 I ,MOM- Saphomarc ffauarilcs JAN POPE JIMMY SING LET ARY uw Q g 5 f M0 wi' TQ f A21 Serzirfr .-'Q' JS- ,qepx -' in Ji! was lb Q 0 N" ' al , . Il U 1 WXTTXES xc C0095 e5 ' Gaia MOST Red Kaffe LIKELY Lefln TO S BEST DRESSED Patricia Bums - Raymond Hamilton N U Rodney CO5-ED SMU? Persrfmzlifics e-W5 09 sw! 9999 L WX xl M0000 9 :WJ Mo CI . ST C0 audla D1'ckS0UURTEOUS - .IOIYI1 17 8 r FRIENDLIEST Frances Boggs - Keith Mitchell WAT 1 SCHOOL Sin svvw M09 by ' La new Caiovin 13 5 MOST STUDIOUS Diane Hugghins - Rodney Smuh CUTEST COUPLE Frances Boggs - Rodney Moss EES Cla Um PERSONA DICRSOII . LITY ROIIII 16 CJ F316 Persona 'WF x if , xl 0 4 N A iudcuf AWK Hewwo, Chewal. Is it Loy or Lorni? Jailhouse Trio Sharon? !? The Marauders This our Stuff? You 're cute, Jean, butl already have a Dog! GIS JAN HARRIS Junior x Drum Major DIANE HUGGHINS CHERYL SHUTTLES WORTH Junior Senior mm Mafvreffes RACHEL Junior Sophomore ANN WRIGHT JEAN MUSSLEWHITE Junior Junior 5I Kanter! Hand i A in fl. . ., ,fn Stage Hand Bill Snyder, Jeanie Toole, Diane Hugghins, Paul Leim. Back Row: James Byrd, Raymond Hamilton, Robert Holman, Rodney Smith, Larry Obar. Middle Row: Gerald Boatner, Lee Campbell, Steve Worl, Mike Marris, Duncan Rober- son, Front Row: Sherry Vascocu, James Tackett, Susan Snyder, Jean Musslewhite, Walter Tackett. 52 -,Wi'L BAND COUNCIL PRESIDENT - Raymond Hamilton VICE PRESIDENT - James Byrd SECRETARY - Pat Thibodeaux TREASURER - Ellyn Belle-Isle REPORTER - Katie Leim DRUM MAJOR - Diane Hugghins BAND DIRECTOR fl fi ,i . X .J MR. VAL ROSE 12th REP, - Ella Lue Reeves llth REP. - Jan Harris 10th REP. - Robert Holman 9th REP, - Rita Roddy 8th REP. - Sue Shuttlesworth 7th REP, - Kathy Cutler ALTERNATE MAJORETTE MELINDA SMITH ALL REGION BAND MEMBERS: Bill Snyder, Ann Wright, Raymond Hamilton, James Tackett, Jean Musslewhite, Susan Snyder, Rita Roddy, Diane Hugghins, Ella Lue Reeves. 4 --g X , CAROLYN HEMBY Head Cheerleader JUNE KEE Junior Senior IOHNVNA MASSEY Junior Sophomore SO NJ A RUC KER Sophomore C HARLOTT E BROOKS BETH WILSON Sophomore Assistant head Cheerleader QL. Sponsor Mrs. Freddie Hale PEP SQUAD OFFICERS Sharon Starks, Francis Boggs, Nancy Allen, Claudia Dickson, Linda Baumann, Patricia Burns, Ann Traxler SHARON STARKS Alternate Cheerleader 85 Mascot 255. L - 41 2 LARRY SPITTLER DIANE HUGGHINS Sf, Sr. RODNEY SMITH ELLA REEVES Sf' Sf. TOMMY VASCOCU Sr. QL JAN HARRIS Jr. Wim is Who The faculty announces at this time the winners of the '66 WHO'S WHO honors, These students have been selected in secret session of the faculty on the basis of leadership, courtesy, honesty, loyalty, sport manship, punctuality, scholarship, and cooperation. This society has been adopted by the faculty as a yearly selection and shall be kept in secret until the Tiger is received from the publishers. v -+- --tf tf - K I , , I 115 E f 1 .1 ,L I W' Y .Jig , W ,YYY ,set-A , Nl fl , am. , ,4- A . 5,5 F I ' ,xy , , I X , " ,'l- ' h, A f " ' -1 - ' -rn BILL SNYDER STEVE SADLER JI. Jr, JIMMY SINGLETARY JAN POPE 50Ph- Soph. I , ,Wi -is,, Uger Kay Suzy EDITORS ------ SENIOR SPOTLIGHT EDITOR - - NEWS EDITOR - SOCIAL EDITOR - SPORTS EDITOR - JUNIOR HIGH EDITOR KITTEN EDITOR - ART EDITOR - PRODUCTION EDITOR - - - - - TOMMY VASCOCU RODNEY SMITH - - SHARON STARKS IOHNNA MASSEY - - PATRICIA BURNS SHERRY VASCOCU """ IUNEKEE IEAN MUSSELWHITE - - RONNIE CARGLE IERRY WOMACK ' - JAMES TACKETT LOY ALEXANDER RAYMOND HAMILTON JOYCE IORDAN - - IOHN WRIGHT LINDA BAUMANN - STEVE SADLER Sponsor Mr Dan Sattelwhlte SPONSOR - - - MR. DAN SATTERWHITE il I 1 ' 2 I Ella Lue Reeves lan Harris - - Diane Hugghins Pat Thibodeaux Carolyn Hemby Russell Obar - lanone Brannon Larry Spittler - Bill Snyder - Katie Leim - - U16 Uger Staff Ellyn Bell-Isle - - Gerald Cooper - Joe Gracie - - Mike Harrison Frances Boggs - - -, SPONSORS Mrs. I uanece Smith - Editor - - - - Asst. Picture Editor - - - - Asst. - Editor, Art - Editor, Art - - - Asst. - Photographer - - - Asst. Business Manager - - - - - Asst. - Sports Editor - - - Asst. - - - - - Asst Circulation Editor Mr. Mel Brown Pre-Dj. lst year 27.8. Q1 W 2111! year 23.5. ,Wan l OMMS luv'-'M Q Q- .,,,..., R ...nd PRESIDENT Charles Hardy VIC E-PRESIDENT Larry Spittler SECRETARY Patsy Byers TREASURER Linda Busby PARLIAMENTARIAN Jimmy Laney SERGEANT at ARMS Robert Townsend HISTORIAN Russell Obar REPORTER Tommy Vascocu SPONSOR: Mr, Oma Cole 59 ' 1 A ,fe IIW rr S , .I ,. r.. .v... Q. -an an - 4--u f ...Q F. H. A. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Pat Thibodeaux VICE PRESIDENT June Kee SECRETARY Sherry Vascocu TREASURER Sonja Rucker HISTORIAN Sharon Starks 60 'V SPONSOR Mrs. Mary White Y5Y.MAKfRy -5' V3 '53 '31 v-ly o ff 4' Q5 NEW HO ,bo X My o, 42 EM v f t ' 40 wJ A xo PARLIAMENTARIAN Jean Musslewhite REPORTER Charlotte Brooks SONG LEADER Nancy Allen PIANIST Patricia Burns BEAU Tommy Vascocu SWEETHEART . . Diane Hugghins PRESIDENT . . . Don North VICE PRESIDENT. . . Jerry Don Fussell SECRETARY . . Jim Singletary TREASURER , . Dwayne Brown SPONSOR Mr. R. E. Soape 1 5 I X SW I 0 I 'if fl' KQQ.. , I' T10 oF, ,lv .PRX Mi' ,Z 7-' 'v o ,K 4' Q'Cux:Y PARLIAMENTARIAN Larry Cheatham REPORTER John R. Massey HISTORIAN . . . Don Sadler SENTINEL . . Robert Burns F. F. A. OFFICERS Junior Play Cast I ,, l"",W,,M,,..A K M.. ..-nun-0' ..g.--u- 1 flfgl. 'S 'lv SJ' Just what? What's up Billy? 0 Q 4 ' lf , 7'- B 3 Lovable Mrs, Smith, We Love You. This is affef 3 PSP Tally! CEM I -W, . hunt!" 62 ai Old Ready to leave! Well, here I am! It can't be that bad!! 1965 Athletic Banquet K YJ" X ,, X. CAPTAINS: LARRY SPITTLER ROBERT TOWNSEND TOMMY VASCOCU ROBERT TOWNSEND LARRY SPITTLER TOMMY VASCOCLJ STEVE MINTON Senior Senior Senior Senior Fullback Guard Hon, -Mention Tackle All-District A11-District Quarterback Hon. 'MCDIIOII RONNIE CARGLE RODNEY MOSS Senior Senior End Halfback Hon. -Mention JIMMY LANEY MIKE HARRISON BILLY JOE RUCKER JOE GRACIE Senior Junior Junior Junior Tackle Guard Center Halfback A11-District A ,Il E935 1fWYl?iE5!RH1Fiii?ll - BILL SNYDER STEVE SADLER ROBERT BURNS WILBUR FORESTER Junior Junior Center End ' LARRY OBAR , A J - sf K ul-nor f f l ? no Tac kle Junior Junior Tackle Tackle JIMMY SINGLETARY Sophomore Quarterback PHILLIP WILEY ARTHUR BELLE-ISLE GLEN DOWDY Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Halfback Guard End BRAD REAGA N Freshman End 'if 'L' 4 Coach: J 1966 14" Zcam OE COLE 1966 '75"' Umm If JI LARRY SPITTLER TOMMY VA SCOCU RONNIE CARGLE DON NORTH KEITH MITCHELL JERRY WOMACK EDDIE HOWARD ,fnlll'lllQ6'I'5' MIKE HARRISON TOM FIKES MIKE MARIS MARK SHARP JIMMY SINGLETARY 1966 5115 Calm Duncan Roberson, Jimmy Singletary, Tommy Vascocu Billy Joe Rucker, Bill Snyder, Mike Maris GGLF: Coach Brewer TRACK. Coach Tankersley 1966 Crack Calm Mrs. Hale, Kathy Richardson, Linda Fields, Sharon Starks Loretta Cox, Becky Gunn, Rita Jo Roddy Jean Musslewhite, Nancy Allen, Ellyn Belle-Isle, Ella Lue Reeves, Katie Leim, and Sharon Mussle- white. U16 I 966 Vrflleyball H' Umm MRS, FREDDIE HA LE Coach FlCCiB Wg ,rm ,,,,,, ij una Sf pup , v ky .Wg , -,., ,, 2 5 , fu E, 1:2 Z f,': km.. ,.,, A if I fuuivr High Snaps ig, 1 in , . 9111 0Mcers PRESIDENT - Hal Maris VICE PRESIDENT - Keith Cohagen SEC. -TREASURER - Sandy Whitesides SOCIAL CHAIRMAN - Melbum Warren REPORTER - Steve Worl 9th 611155 Zzwrites WE OE Sfm- H gs gi. :Z o :x , 'SIZES umm iiziiiiig A .fm I, . Rvflvfg Spansar Mr. Soape 73 Connie Bonner Sherman Clem Keith Cohagen Judy Cox Dennis Daniels Jane Dickey Cynthia Adams Walter Allen Carolyn Boggs Raymond Bolton Peggy Dowdy Larry Ellis Parnell Ellis David Garrett Dennis Goolsby Terri Gray Dinah Hamilton Karen Harris Peggy Harris Mike Hendrick Danny Hunt Grade David Knight Paul Leim Tommy Lee Hal Maris David Moss Martha Musslewhite Phyllis Myers John Nance Harlan Ray Brad Reagan Mr, Ralph Soape Paul Sadler Beverly Shuttlesworth Jo Ann Stelter Roy Tomlin Eugenia Toole Janice Toothman Melburn Warren Sandy Whitesides Janice Womack Steve Worl Deborah Richardson Rita Jo Roddy Spansars 8th Hawritcs Susan Snyder Ricky Knight OMccrs Mrs. Freddie Hale 76 Mr. Glen Evans PRESIDENT - Larry Wright VICE PRESIDENT - David Sadler SECRETARY - Susan Snyder TREASURER - Ricky Knight REPORTERS - Bobby Vascocu Terri Osborn Donald Bain Sammy Bain Ted Ballew Shirley Bickerdike Johnny Bonner Melvin Cooper Ann Dickey Laurel Guthrie Debbie Hamilton Jimmy Haynes Walter Hill Walter Jordan Jerry Kersh Bill Jack King Rickey Knight Donna Layton Wiley Massey Rebecca Morris Glynn Neel Terri Osborn Joy Roark David Sadler Debbie Sadler Mike Sadler Sue Shuttlesworth Reginald Smith Susan Snyder Pat Starks Debby Terry Lisa Thibodeaux Larry Toothman Bobby Vascocu Gerald Williams Susan Worl Larry Wright Evans fighfh Grade is 5-L Q x .I 9 if X1 Y nizixssazsf K A is 1 xiii , at v i r E 3. K if i E ai X x if ,Y In "Y ill- 'LQ ii' i 'QQ Keith Martin David Melton C Barry Hugghins Pam lssacks Mike Jordan Chris Miller David Persinger Brenda Reagan ,,,,,. 'HY' Mike Roark Frank Ross Eugene Seley 1 ' A William Calip Charles Campbell Kathy Cutler Dianne Davis Kathy Dowdy Linda Ellis Diane Goolsby Ronnie Guthrie Lynda Shuttlesworth Andy Singletary Jimmy Smith Gregory South Debra Spraggins Georgia Steinman Byron Townsend Vicki Turner Seventh Mr, King Roger Boggs Alton Braswell Buster Brooks Judy Bullock Donna Clark Janis Dickey Dale Gilliam John Hardy Lula Nance Carla Neely Robert Powell Rod Rogan Marsha Rooks Lonnie Roper Adrian Sanders June Toothman Brenda Jones Joe Jones Troy Keel Bobby Laney Cathy Layton Patsy Martin Rodney McDaniel Roy McLain Jimmy Musick ZQ D K ff Ma, Z 4' if mu 2D Q4 kd ff I V N as ' fifty ,:p' xx X. FAVORITES: Andy Singletary Janis Dickey Spensers Mrs. Looney Mr. King Seventh Grade 0Meers and Hawrites PRESIDENT - Kathy Cutler V, PRESIDENT - Andy Singletary SECRETARY-TREASURERS - Chris Miller and Georgia Steinman REPORTERS - Jimmy Smith William Calip PRESIDENT - Buster Brooks V. PRESIDENT - Janis Dickey SECRETARY-TREASURER - Bobby Laney REPORTERS - Roger Boggs Carla Neely fflg L-'95, 1 I vi A WW gg wiki? U15 junior High Hhzerlmders ,ann Q ' O SCOT SPONSO T y Tankersley MIS. Ffgdd 1-1 1 ALT. HEAD CHEERLEADER Janice Toothrnan 9th Susan Worl 8th junivr HEAD CHEERLEADER Carolyn Boggs 9th Cynthia Adams 9th Wzecrlmders Patricia Starks 8th juniar High Ugers .nf . I z , w ,. , A .-if . ,A ' ' i " ??"PQ??4f11 1- MM ii li ,V , 1 CAPTA INS Hal Maris Steve Worl eenn e ee ze :fm iz! Af ns -. K W fl K 1 'V K? -gggig l"' ' ' Q W if - J E 925' jf " Yw Qing? - .I I ,' V , N, " V, use, fy n 235 , A 73 5 1? L' M1 W , L - z i , , , "" f k V nn e H ennee e n ,, P l, , V, :' in ' " ,K'LL M :zl 1 - V 1z.z ,,,' , --" MANAGERS Bill King Walter Allen Tommy Lee COACH Glenn EV 3115 f'..-S5 1966 junivr High Kaskefball IN yr' W A ,J A A A, dk A k rw' lf' AIM 3 ' 'L K , Rf' X7 1-f 5 AN' Kp ' , V! f tv X il A , O J 1 N V, ffm few cz' L R ,, Ya' K NL 1 J L X K 5 A 5 X A X M X A , ,V , f X JPV' fcfvfw J NJ' , 'jf COACH GLENN EVANS MANAGERS md lui 3 f , K X xA f Ha WALTER ALLEN REGINALD SMITH RAYMOND BOLTON . . , '4'f!Afiifsg.agw1xL'QQ:'f,. , s L ' Q '5' A dit 5lc'1t1mtizry School Has .7ts Own Activities "'n ': a,a "mfg , . , Mrs. Barbara Smith ,HM ,ff . , Q Q If 1 O N. 1 'D S lll ,..- ,, I7 f .Q ly' Ll: fi' at - f-,112 +2 l ,I VU A ft ef x f . if , 'S' 4?- y 'fr M , 1 -X ,fy il 1 ,ff ,Y:4,, lsy 'K M. Brenda Agnew Loyd Alexander Mark Armitage Catherine Carlyle Jody Cole Karen Dotson Michael Duty Gary Gray Charles Gill Marsha Ham Stanley Harris David Harris Debra Johnson Richard Jones - ' Doris Jordan Qi? T' ks Danny Kemp I W -1' v. F-' x Donald Kersh M Jerry Knight .., ya yi 0 Beverly Massey fa., 14, 4 W ' M Tommy Moore 3 4' y Don Obar ,Ahyhh L-af Alfonso Perez fn I 'K ,cis -11, ' i , Jackie Phillips Pierce Reeves ' , Vollie Reeves Sue Roark ff . is 'Q M Xxx lx , Cl fr 5 3 if " wwifleliiif ,Q ff,-VV H jzfi' David Rollins Mark Satterwhite Tim Shaw Gay Smith Rial Smith Karen South William Steele Mike Stephens Mark Tac kett Charles Warren Audrey Wilson Buster Womack Curtis Boggs George Bonner Debra Brannon Carla Byrd Sherry Calip Lance Campbell Janet Clark Roxana Cutler Kathyrn Dotson Paul Dowdy Mark Ellis Garry Fields Perry Pikes Bruce Garrett Lisa Gracie Gregory Garland Devena Hamilton Rhonda Hamilton Wanda Hamilton Karen Henderson Marvin Issacs Dickey Jordan David Kee Kay Keel Leslie Langston Stanley Martin Kathryn McElroy Mozelle Puchue Sharon Richardson Alan Roark Carl Sadler Joyce Seley Andy Stewart Clay Stephenson Becky Stovall Gary Toothman Shelia Womack Johnny Lynn Bonner Paul Rollins 88 37- 'U Sniffer 9 eg. 1'. K' W Mrs. Moore Grade 5'1furfl1 Grade Ricky Joyce Julia Robert John Hazel Barbara Armitage Bain Burging Cheatham Cole Cutler Dunn QM J J eee ff J J .2571 A 1 V,L, i J ,.,Z KLTLV riff, 1 1 hhov hhAo . t .J R e f o o o o oho J I- its J J ,, - ,, . V, X , My J 6 5 X 2 J 7 ' fx 1 R Nelda Michael Keith Vir inia Rick Nathan Rhonda 8 Y Green Hamilton Harris Harris HUM HOICUGH H2F!1i1IOl1 Deborah Cliff Steve Jeff Debra Dean Jean Issacks Johnson Layton Miskell Morris Roark Satterwhite rw V 'Az 4 ' F , , K W J ' I r , , .' 'M A ""'.,.' V K . - no Ei or fs s J I Vicki Donna Brenda Jessie Dennis Roni Clifford Sellers Shaw Shuttles- Steel Turner Womack Maffill worth Teacher ff" Mrs. Mc Elory .89 Tamara Michael 106 Zrurfh Grade Martin Charles Deborah Karlyn Brannon Brooks Caryle Cooper Cunningham Dickson Dotson Johnye Gwendolyn Herbert Lonnie Patricia Rocky Kathryn Gentry Hamilton Hardy Haynes Huge Kee Martin Bonnie Gary Jessie Mason Minton Musick Norman Payton Owens Massey Katherene Jimmy Theresa Roseanne Larry Lois Randall Nicki Jan Brenda Martha Pinnk Potts Ross Sellers Singletary Smnh Stewart , ei'i ,,.. "'r1 i , ,.. T h ilss riss M ec ef Mfs- Om C016 ,,. t.., - WT 3 Eddie Michael Roy Tennison Toole Williams 90 X , Ei? Rockey Adams Trina Agnew Susie Armitage Kay Bates Mindy Brown Sherry Bruner Kenneth Campbell Jeff Cole Michael Davis Ted Denoth Mrs Dorothy Clark Catherine Huddleston Jyl Martin Wilmer Musslewhite Bob Neely Jana Pond Blanche Potts Della Reeves Becky Roddy Darrell Sanders Wayne Sanders Susan Smith Lyddia South Bill Spurgeon Gayle Stephens Kelly Welch Bonnie Wilson Donna Wilson Sally Wilson I Alicia Duty Jane Fikes Teresa Gist Pam Hamilton Jyl Harris Danny Henderson vw- X X -K ,S x 4 5' as ' x f' ,H A . X, 'v ,Nd ,, Sf Kar , is 'iiif 5: 1- ,, N W fr ,A if-'Y fix, . A srs 1' g 13+ . ,gvi K . I..V lx , W, fl' gi , .3 kip x " - 4 - o 3:41 fi 5 , ll N l '1f.-::n..2- :if Carla Dotson Sonja Durham Bruce Engle Jimmie Fields Virginia Hemby Rosaline Jones Lillie Jordan Leia Kee Paul Laney David Agnew I eff Bogle Janet Byrd Joe Cunningham Mark Dickson Wayne Gregory Gary Guthrie Bryan Hamilton Davey Hamilton Seam!! Steven Martin Sherry Massey Velma McElroy Quentin Mims Mrs. Wiggins Terry Moore Pat Nance Patricia Nance Sammy Norman David Owens Grade Brenda Renfro Charles Rhodes Kenneth Seley Justin Sharp James Warren Marie Warren Derwood Wright James Burkes Mrs. Stovall Kathy Payton Selia Perez Marsha Plunk Pierre Pucheu Tony Shaw Rhonda Smith Sandra Smith Trina Stephenson Hrs! A 'K 'ff J v K ,, I -1 W ' ,A ,li kg' lfnmm A - .. : 'mf' Cecil Martin 0 gf' I 1 A K , h f . Connie Lloyd Cecelia Martin Susan Martin Joe Moore Mike Musick Robert Northcutt Alex Perez Mario Perez J wg -ig 'L , rr V -. Im. , , I Randy Sadler ,ff rf , sw-f, , ' sr' - ':f..i'a5e ,.., Michael Seley Mary Catherine Tackett James Allen Terry Gwendolyn Turner Jeff Webster Debra Welch Terry Womack Carlene Work Anna Reeves Susan Rooks Phil Sadler Y MRS . RODDY Sonja Smith Cynthia Steel Bobby Sorrell Kindergarten 2 if-ff' Nancy Dumas Lynne List Marla Musick fd !,.hK,,,s 'X :W Robin McClain Scott Slaughter Rex Worl Mrs. Eddie Lockey Kindergarten at work erving the people of Troup and the Troup trade area since 1894 with the best in news and ,fob printing services. W e believe that our service is our A Salute to Miss DIANE HUGGI-HNS best advertisement 1 Drum Major L I 11 I " P rnup 15 :Inner Publishing . Printing SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY THE BAND BOOSTER CLUB TROUP HARDWARE SADLER BROS. -- AGM wHoLEsALE MEATS RUSSEL "' Custom Killing for D pF APHgh Y AMILTON SERVICE STATION TOOLE BARBER SHOP "The Old Hangout" EUGENE AND MARGARET TOOLE it I TROUP BEAUTY 8. GIFT SHOP Owner: MRS. MODELL TORBET Phone: TH 2-3614 Bonnie Martin, Dorothy Lacy, Pat Hale WEST SIDE SERVICE TEXACO SERVICE STATION W. T. I-Iugghins Leroy Hugghins T TOOLE'S GROCERY Phone: TH Z-4223 Troup, Texas Compliments of MR. AND MRS. LOYD SHUTTLESWORTH AND CHILDREN "Good Food Is Our Motto" BILL HEMBY GRocERY - STATION TH 2-4400 Troup, Texas I0l TEMPEST Q JARvls-PoNTlAc TRouP TRAcToR AND TRUCK CQMPANY 301 S Georgla Tro p, Texas Phone TH Z 4213 TEINAYION Q..-J" 1 M :Ars I N 'fl Plus Quality Grocemes at Lower Prices "Your Money Buys More at Your Ga,rrett's Mi-T-Quik Store" GARRETT'S MI-T-QUIK Your Search Ends at JORDAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 116 West Duval Troup, Texas "For Your Family Needs" Shop and Save at the BARGAIN HOUSE 106 W. Duval Troup, Texas EDGAR PACE INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Phone TH 2-4314 W. T. ROSS Grocery - Market - Lumber Yard Mixon, Texas "The Place to Go for Groceries or Lumber for a New House" Phone: 842-3769 Compliments of BALLEW'S WASHATERIA HARRIS CLEANERS JOE AND CORINE MONK 112 West Duval TH 2-4415 fx, HARVARWS FOOD STORE KEEP-u-NEAT CLEANERS Low Prices Plus S 81 H EVERETT AND NADINE HARRIS Green Stamps AND DAUGHTERS GUNN'S SINCLAIR , ,... it SGW o IQ Pkonucrs ff.-00+ opyocsuppufs 5 Jon-lNsoN's PE 54 TO 1.00 1215. Georgia Troup, Texas .- Nigewiocgz ""F"T" --- Q Compliments of 1 -ef' HARDY GUNN Troup, Texas I-IELOISE AND C. A. WILKINSON, ,IR KEE BROS. GARAGE ATTEND THE CHURCH MILLARD KEE BILL KEE OF YOUR Phone TH 2-4301 2.11S. Georgia Troup, Texas CHOICE General Auto and Tractor Repair NEXT SUNDAY IO4 LARGE f -6 A SMALL -.., i.. R EE ss. 51 O ' ' "' - - S3- L 'C 32 -.. 5 ' Qu , ' M ' S-." ..' :H s. : Ja ,- 1 ' Q'I15f", 5+--" 2:2---sz: - 'A : :Q lm! I ' I I ' :f EVE - ' i WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT FIRST NATIONAL BANK Troup, Texas ISince I902I MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION LEE MOTOR COMPANY 8. MERLE NORMAN STUDIO MR. AND MRS. JAMES T. LEE 602 W. Duval Troup Texas Phone: TI-I 2- 3400 JAMESCO, INC and Permanent Trees P. O. Box 548 Troup Texas TH 2-3110 MALONE BEAUTY SHOP mx r -Q:-E, ,,. OTTIS MALONE, Owner VERNA KEMP LA, E' ,T CORRINE WILLINGI-IAM I06 TH 2-4412 THE FLOWER COTTAGE THE LADIES SHOP 701 W. Duval, Troup, Texas Junior and Ladies Ph.: 843-4497 Night: 842-4578 Apparel JAMES AND JEAN GARRETT VERNOY MARIS, Owner "Say It With Flowers" Ani.- ills - , H TROUP LUMBER COMPANY "Everything to Build Anything" Pl101'1eZ TH 2-3514 Troup, Texas I07 JOHNSCN-TUCKER PHIARMACY Phone TH Z-3212. fm-sf: ' :z,,W,,NV K pw:--f,,f PHILLIPS CHEVRCLET Sales and Service Parts and Accessories ZO1E. Duval Ph. TH 2-3151 Troup, Texas TROUP NURSERY COMPANY L ndscaping Our Specialty My W. L. TACKETT MRS. I.. E. TACKETT FUSTON TACKETT IRWIN DICKEY BLUE RIBBON COIN LAUNDRY located next door to Piggly Wiggly downtown T r oup LIFE INSURANCE I-IOSPITALIZATION DISABILITY INCOME Twenty Years Experience In Personal Insurance Planning "May I Help You With Your Personal Insurance Needs" FOUNT BRIGHT Box 307, Troup, Texas 'Telephone - 842-4178 'Control Your Future - Insure It," COOP ER FOODS INC. "Serving Those Who Serve Food" Lufkin, T CXHS gnbvfhs 6333 Denton Drive Dallas, Texas Fresh Up with Al Dr Pepper 0rPep,ael.: THE FRIENDLY "PEPPER-UPPER" THAT NEVER LETS YOU DOWN! DR PEPPER BOTTLING CO. 233 North Main Street Paris, Texas DEAR'S Levi Jeans and Casual Pants for Boys. Bobbie Brooks and Jo Hardin "A Wise Inve stor, Invests In Land" C. ELLIS REALTY C. Phone TH 2-3160 Res. - TH 2-3487 206 W. D I T T 7578 Fashions for Girls. uva roup, exas 9 Igifggfvtpq , D 0 Y A TJ J' 3111- NVWP WVWP vf' Jiywwfy KAW677 wwf H ,Y f,'4'11 dw, bvrlffq - L' - ' it W .Xl I 1' ,If 2 X1 a ,bff'vo2,L ,.7at.g51'L,1,Zf5'A'f 7"'l49I'V"Ef'5fT,f M6611 f KFE7, 'LFUQF sUWfwFR'5ND 2 -Z P . , , 7 esssseess , Ac if ,'L'fHfA, 17X XLLVLMIV .Z U 61 "', VOIII SIAICII llll . xr ,G -' ' '25 JW? ls x D ,R . gf Qglgf BOX'S Drugs, Radio T.V. Sales and Service LOUISE AND HOWELL 721: LLLLL L ,K 3 B OX Phone T H 2 - 42 12 LO O. I C ompliment S of SAM E. SHARP Hardware and Furniture 210 E. Duval Troup, Texas Phone: TH 2-3513 H. A. HUGGHINS AND SON Wholesale Distributors V ,f i TEXAC O, INC. Troup, Texas ' ""L EAST SIDE TEXACO SERVICE STATION H2 Forest and Vivian Hamilton TROUP GARAGE W. C. SPRAGGINS JIM BROWN 108 S. Front St. Phone T1-I 2-3511 Troup, Texas ix so Qi ,. ,Q :lla .4 . T Put a Tiger in Your wi Tank A I x ' A QPU iff P' Tires 9 ' f ,Q 'V A' Batteries and Accessories STAN THIBODEAUX'S HUMBLE STATION Phone TH 2-4514 Troup, Texas II3 f-D. 5? fshwixv H ' - Kc x is-igagbi A-:'T-I?:I'TC X CLUB G ,X 'I' E Y 'Q I .. ,7 BoosTER W7 x '1 ' 3 X 1. D w U W Q p GO GO! To Supp Q7 TIGERS xx -5 X- , 1 , X 1 I gi' r ,L ,, ort, Encourage, and Promote Athletics 1n the Troup High Schools. i FORESTER FUNERAL HOME ALYNE FORESTER WILBUR FORESTER II4 WILBUR FORESTER, JR. : A ,, Compliments of SHAW'S PIGGLY WIGGLY A? GERALD SADLER MOBIL PRODUCTS 3413 For Your Feed, Seed, and 8 Fertilizer Needs SUPPLY CO. Shop at Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Vaccines - Veterinary Supplies Phone TH 2-3121 106 N. Railroad Ave. Troup, Texas H U' rn rr Compliments W. W. RENEAU WELDING SHOP VANCE AUTO SUPPLY Phone TH Z-4174 121 N. Georgia Troup, Texas Phone TH 2-4216 "Let: Us Do Your Repairs" Compliments of U DENTON'S MOORE'S FOOD STORE H6 SERVICE STATION AND DRIVE-IN STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES 2mZc'Zq Qfzocefzckc WALLER'S Grocery - Market - Mobil Station Alton Billingsley 914 W' Duval Troup, Texas Agent . in ..- .- ' ,1 N f, i ,-Q' lv f ' A 1 1 Box 577 409 W. Erwin 1 41' A Troup, Texas Tyler, Texas S Phone: TH 2-4116 Phone: LY 3-5481 1 emember S. BARRON Your Affiliated Food Store CLARK'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Flowers by Wire Phone TH 2-4477 501 East Duval Phone TH 2-3312 Route 3 Troup, Texas Halfway on Troup to Price Highway Troup, Texas "Think of Us as the Store That Thinks of You" Premium1Performances Compliments at Lowest Cost of GULF STATES TELEPHONE COMPANY Troup, Texas Yours Always With DEPENDABLE Natural Gas Service SERVING THE ,4 , - e A. It Is Better to Own a Lot and Not Need It Than to Need One and Not Have It. PIN EC REST Troup' s Perpetual- Care Cemetery President, FUSTON TACKETT Secretary, MRS. ERIS A. RITCHIE 1 BLU FLAME GAS COMPANY Serving East Texas Over Twenty- Two Years Efficient - Qualified - Experienced .. A Butane - Propane - Appliances I V Locations in Troup - Palestine - Ali Henderson - Gilmer 24-Hour Service l H Q PhOI1eZ TH 2-3111 Troup, Texas I I8 Compliments of BIG STATE CREAMERY DUMAS INSURANCE AGENCY T pT Pho TH 2-3612 IN i 'X Lf Vg ,Aufagraphs OJ? x,0j7J7fY' 4 X 'Pl.'2j1 'N -ffufw -'WVQXWJAJ gkfbe ,4,W.zMfgawMwfwfw Q W Z0-'dzcfqwv QXVHFK'-Q .ff fw ,ffwml-Q - D ' ,N FQZQZJ, IM, EGM QM? M023 ,QqQO9gyxgi, ' Qimmd I 'U v W GJ - - QQ ,Qvsw-2 .3m15G'j4x MMS, muck xxgwixwgkgwk -hJW,gUwliXrxo Nwmbsmgxvwwx 'X NW I20 V N Q wawkx M051 ! ' LQLLQJY ww 3550 Qxvliufv 55 CLQJMGJLQ flU,Mf0f J? V, .V . jp ,545 ,i ,:,s:: ja- ,L f: . :e : A . "M 241 W 3,,. -w gi ,W h 'v -Y . , . J x t ki 3. V233 ,,,, ., 1 -, ga p : V P' u,5,'.Y4?' 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'bw . d x bt'- BQ-Q1 'F' it 'E F I ' , A 5 , 1 -f av '-,.sf' V Q bfi ia: .W 5 ' W' 1:2 ' s R23 ...,,,,. q fi 'ily' RAW r Q - .iw 331' is by H ,v Iv l . lg I' 8 4' 1 Y ' 'Q 125 1. 4 '-, 3. ef-sg i. ibgqw . rg E 53 'aa iii :,.:,: EJ' sf h .. ....... 4. .bw, -A .,.. -W K- ..... . ,Q - .vffn-"adv-'Dil 00" K' nik- .- M... Y -, --4.. .,....'-.,....-M. -. ...NW -Y ..-.. -..V 4... ' -K ha, W?,,.,W ffm F581 X' 'B Ffa Ji Q' Env H9353 -'13 mi? wk? .- M 163 E

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