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Troup High School - Tiger Yearbook (Troup, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1960 volume:

The 960 Tiger JEAN FLOSSY LEON 'W I, We HELEN Foreword 'Fl' ,paw 3 W ,kg t I rv XR - MRS.SMTTH MR.RODDY This has been quite a year, hasn't it? Much has happened to us-a steady grind of classes-a crowded schedule of meetings, plays, elections, and ball games. Here is your yearbook! Memories of the past year and the wonderful times we have had together. Long hours have been spent trying to make it a memorial that you will treasure for the years to come. We have tried to record football, band, clubs, classes, the faculty who have under- stood our problems, the classmates who have walked with us down these crowded halls-in fact, we have done our best to catch all activities. As you turn the pages of the 1960 Tiger, may your minds be flooded with happy memories and you can say, "This is the year that I accomplished the mostf' THE TIGER STAFF TONUMY tii - grail MARY ANN DON JUDY GLENDA FRANCES JOE 4 Q' ff, 1 al T X YQ KATHY a QF' if C 1 x K aibxg Ni: i JUMMY 4 w Q-"5 N EDITOR SENIOR STAFF JUNIOR STAFF 'ls '52 ,-.vm L11 Dedication To one who has long deserved the honor, we wish to dedicate this ,60 TIGER. It is but an humble effort to show our appreciation for her many years of hard work and leadership. ' Never before has there been anyone who was more worthy than Mrs. Mary White, and we only wish that there were something even greater that we could do to express our heartfelt thanks to her for helping to make Troup High School a better and more outstanding school. QD I J ?f 'Q r- 1,- I clclministrcltiq This has been a good year for the Troup Public School System. We have seen the completion and use this year of our very fine Band Hall facilities. We have seen our over-all school program expanded and strengthened as a result of the consolidation of the Troup and Mixon School Districts. We have organized this year for the first time a Junior High School unit in our school program. We have strengthened our school curriculum in several areas this year, such that our academic standards are being raised. We are indeed grateful to the Annual Staff and Sponsors for the very excellent job that they have done in providing us with the happy reminders of this, another school year at Troup. Sincerely, ' ,ef F. L. SINGLETARY Superintendent? Message -----......-.....-..........-....,. --.-..................-..-.-..a- . My personal congratulations go to the annual staff, the sponsors, and all others, who by their diligent work, have made this annual one of the finest in the history of our school. This year, I am seeing young men and women as seniors that I observed as little boys and girls in the first grade twelve years ago. I am proud to announce that I have enjoyed working with this fine group of stu- dents during these twelve years. They have been loyal and devoted to the Troup School and are deserving of the good things in life. The fine production of this yearbook emphasizes the fact that they are ready to face life's problems. Good luck. Sincerely, 6'wfw771q5L7c , EUGENE McELROY Principal? Message FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Harold C. Snyder, James C. Hines Jr., Leonard Smith Secretary Wade C. Neely, S. J. Whitten, M.D.-President, Sam F. Long, a.nd John E. Adams STANDING: F. L. Singletary. Board of Trustees Our School Board is not seen by our students in everyday school life, yet the school could not function without it. With the welfare of the school and the student body in mind, the Board does all the long-range planning for new school buildings, new teachers, and better facilities. The Board members meet on the first Monday of every month during the school year. They give many hours of their time freely to enable our community to have a better, more efficient school system. Meetings are open to the public. School Board members are elected to their offices by the com munity and serve a term of three years. 5 5 f 1z"'X' 5ffiLfggz1r :f 1- 17 mf " " K ' -: " 'f.!:".. 4 , Kr: ' Lkgfggfg wi ff Q. 5. - k.lHfjr:.,-Vw f f 215322, wf fi av : f 25615 my - ' R X E 5 Q x ' K kg fi in Q A Li -.f S, R S1 i- Whig, 44 ,1r,,1K-Mfr, -new S x Sm 1 Q aw N P i avg pf w M 3, Q X S 5 Wfwf B aovf .fm ms- ,wa .-.ffm . - B fi - ,ggQQ1sfQsQ 1+ f - of THE 0 P 1:6925 Band Hall Gymnasium N-.. 'T gf11Z3'i1gF Q. .M -- V mv .N ""'-' - -,......,,K. n--5' D , Agriculture Cafeteria Building Junior High and Elementary Building gf lr' ,-.1 Campus Shots High School Building 'A p S - - 'W X I r 5 114, . ,, 9 we facul -lluq- YW- V +---vw, v-f-W - --My ! MR. EUGENE McELROY High School Principal Civics MISS MARY WOOD Supervisor MR. R. J. RODDY Junior High Principal Mathematics MR. NOLAN SMITH Elementary Principal Mathematics MISS MARY SHAW , School Secretary I 1 i MISS PATRICIA REYNOLDS l Llbrarlan - 1 i i 1 MR. BOB CARTWRIGHT MRS. BERTHA BRIGHT Band, Choral English, Spanish, Speech 1 l I ' MRS. MARY WHITE MR. RALPH SOAPE Home Economics Vocational Agriculture MR. LEN BURTON Social Science Head Football Coach MRS. RUTH LANGSTON MR. TOBY DAVIS Physical Education Science Girls' Basketball f Head Basketball Coach MR. BILLY JACK DOGGETT Junior Hlgh Math Coach MR. DAN SATTERWHITE MR. DAN HODGE Business Administration Junior High Science Chemistry , 1 A V Y v Y , wiwwrv MRS, JUANECE.SMITH MRS. OSCA JOHNSON Junior High Fine Arts Junior High English Social Science MISS LOUISE MALONE Junior High Liberal Arts Social Science MRS. MARGUERITE CALLENDER I MR. J. M. KING Public School Music 6th Cfade mow MRS. MAULINE MOORE Sth Grade M44 MRS. KATHLEEN McELROY MRS. DOROTHY CLARK 4-th Grade 2nd Grade Af--AW -, Y 1 MRS. LOU ELLA HEAD Special Education MISS LUCILE EDWARDS 3rd Grade MRS. FAYE WIGGINS lst Grade MRS. NAVOLEINE RODDY lst and 2nd Grade Mixon MRS. MINNIE DICKSON lst Grade MR. WILLIE D. LANGSTON Principal Mixon 5th and 6th Grade MRS. LOIS LOONEY MISS MARGARET WALTERS 3rd and 4-th Grade Piano Mixon 4' Ca H 0 Senior Class Favorites Polly Dickey and Morris Catewood Senior Class Officers President, Tommy Cartlidge Vice President - Secretary ..,...., Treasurer ,...... Parliamentarian Reporter ......,., Donny Shuttlesworth Polly Dickey Frances Gurney Kenneth Braswell Donna Taylor JOHNNY ADAMS F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Officer 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Officer 4 Choral 2 Track Manager 3 Senior Personality 4 Basketball Manager 4 CURTIS BISHOP F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 KENNETH BRASWELL Football 2, 3, 4 Football Captain 4 Basketball 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 State Finalist 2, 3 Baseball 4 Who's Who 3 ,Iunior Play 3 Class Officer 2, 4 Class Favorite 1 F.F.A. 1, 3 F.F.A. Officer 2, 3 Senior Personality GLEN BUSBY F.F.A. 1, 2, 4 Senior Personality AVA BASS Cheerleader 3, 4 Pep Squad 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Speech Play 3 Paper Staff 1, 2-4 F.H.A. l, 2, 4 Choral Club 2 Senior Personality F.F.A. Sweetheart Rep. Duchess Troup HEAD CHEERLEADER BILLY BOYETT Junior Play 3 Football 3 Basketball 3 WILLIS BUGC Football 2, 3, 4 Football Captain 4 Baseball 3 Class Officer 2, 3 Junior Play 3 F.F.A. l, 2, 3 F.F.A. District Convention 3 Senior Personality JEAN CALLENDER ANNUAL STAFF 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Majorette 1, 2 Drum Major 3, 4 Class Officer 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Twirling Contest Playing Contest Senior Personality F.H.A. 1, 2, 4 MARY CARPENTER Basketball 2 Pep Squad 1, 2, 4 F.H.A. 4 Junior Play 3 Volleyball 2 BRUCE CAWTHORN F.F.A. 2, 3 JAMES COLBY l".F.A. 1-4 Junior Play 3 BILLY COOPER F.F.A. 1, 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 I8 TOMMY CARTLIDCE ANNUAL STAFF 3, 4 Band 1 Football 1, 2, 3 Senior Personality JIMMY COHACEN Class Officer 1 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Officer 3 Football 3 JERRY COLE F.F.A. 2-4 l".F.A, Officer 2, 3 Fuolllall 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 4 Track 2 Choral 2 Junior Play 3 All-District 17-A 3 Honorable Mention 3 Track Manager 1 JOE DAILY F.F.A. 1-4 '76 il? POLLY DICKEY F.F.A. Sweetheart 3 Paper Staff 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Pep Squad 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Basketbal1 2 Class Favorite 4 F.H.A. Officer 3 Pep Squad Officer 4 Rotary Citizen of Month 3 Choral 2 Runner-Up Most Beautiful 3 TIGER QUEEN 4 VAUGHNLY R. EASTER F.F.A. 1, 2 Basketball 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3 TOMMY GENTRY F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play 3 FRANCES GURNEY Band 1, 2, 3 F.H.A. 1-4 Paper Staff 1-4 Class Officer 4 Choral 1, 2, 3 Senior Personality HEY, RANDALL THORNTON Transferred from Tyler MORRIS GATEWOOD Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Track Manager 2 Class Officer 3 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Officer 4 Class Favorite 4 District F.F.A. Convention 3 LUCILLE GOODRICH F.H.A. 2-4 F .H.A. 3 Pep Squad 1-4 Pep Squad Officer Junior Play 3 Speech Play 3 Senior Personality LEON HAM ANNUAL STAFF 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 1, 3 Senior Personality BETTY F' HARDY R. C. HENDERSON Junior Play 3 F.H.A. 4 LINDA HOLMAN Pep Squad 2 Choral 2 F.H.A. I-4 Junior Play 4 CHARLOTTE JORDAN F.H.A. I-4 Junior Play 3 Choral 2 BILLY KIRK Football 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Officer 3, 4 F.F.A. 1-4 F.F.A. Convention Junior Play 3 Senior Personality F.F.A. 3 Baseball 4 JO ANN HOWARD Choral 2 Pep Squad l, 2 Basketball 1, 2 Paper Staff I-4 F.H.A. I-4 Junior Play 3 Speech Play 3 Cheerleader 3, 4 KATHY KING ANNUAL STAFF 3, 4 Band I-4 Majorelle 2, 3, 4 Basketball I-4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Twirling Contest F.H.A. I-4 Class Officer 2, 3 Class Favorite 2, 3 Choral 2 Most Popular 3 Band Officer 3, 4 Candidate for TIGER QUEEN 4 Basketball Captain LOUIE J. LAMBETH F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 fs .ag MADELINE KAY LEE DAVID MARTIN F.H.A. 3, 4 Junior Play 3 Choral 2 Pep Squad 4 GENE MARTIN MADALYN MCCOY F.F.A. I-4 F.H.A. 3 Junior Play Pep Squad 3, 4 JERRY MQDANIEL F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 BECKY MOORE Band I-4 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Assistant Drum M F.H.A. 1-4 F.H.A. Officer 2 Class Officer 2 Junior Play 3 Choral 2 Paper Staff 2 Twirling Contest Senior Personality Declalnation 2 ajor 3 J EB BIQNEW Football 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3. 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. Officer 3 F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Senior Personality F.H.A. Beau 4 JOE ED PARTIN F.F.A. I-4 F.F.A. Officer 3, 4 Class Officer 3 Football 2, 3, 4 All-District 1Footballl 3 Basketball 3, 4 Choral 2 I DIDN T HAVE A IMN6 T0 WUI Nil R JL JUDY RITCHIE ANNUAL STAFF 3, 4 Band 1-4 F.H.A. 1-4 F.H.A. Officer 2, 4 Playing Contest 1-4 Choral 2 Senior Personality DONNY SHUTTLESWORTH F.F.A. 1-4 Basketball 2-4 F.F.A. Officer 3 Class Favorite 2 Paper Staff 4 Class Officer 4 Track 4 Junior Play 3 F.F.A. State Delegate SANDRA SPIVA F.H.A. Basketball 2 Basketball Manager 4 Pep Squad 1-4 DONNA TAYLOR Band 2-4 F.H.A. 1-4 F.H.A. Officer Class Officer Who's Who 1, 3 Paper Staff 1-4 Rotary Citizen of Mont Choral 2 Solo Contest 1-4 Junior Play 3 Senior Personality h3 JOE SHAW Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. 1 All-District tBaseballJ 2 Runner-Up Most Handsome 2 Who's Who 2, 3 Senior Personality LEON SMITH Basketball 2-4 Baseball 2-4 Football 2 Class Favorite 1 Band 1-4 RUTH STONE Basketball 1-4 Basketball Captain Pep Squad 1-4 Pep Squad Officer Volleyball 1-4 Tiger Rag 2-4 Senior Personality 4 Junior Play 3 F.H.A. 1-3 SANDRA TOOTHMAN Cheerleader 3, 4 Paper Staff 1-4 Pep Squad 1, 2 Basketball 1 Junior Play 3 F.H.A. 1, 4 Choral 3 Senior Personality Class Officer 2 lnterscholastic League 1 F.H.A. Officer 4' DOROTHY WALKER Pep Squad 1-4- F.H.A. 2, 3 Junior Play 3 Speech Play 3 Senior Personality JOYCE WARD Pep Squad 1-3 F.H.A. 1-4 ROY GENE WINKLEY PEGGY SIPES F.l7.A. 1-4 Transferred from Basketball Manager 3 Jacksonville SENIOR Play Cast l960Il 3 Q CUTEST COUPLE Jean Callender and Kenneth Braswell BEST PERSONALITY Lucille Goodrich and Donny Shuttlesworth MOST ATHLETIC Kenneth Braswell and Ruthie Stone Senior Personalities BEST DANCERS Becky Moore and Leon Ham BEST ALL-ROUND Donna Taylor and Billy Kirk BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE Sandra Toothman and Joe Shaw MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEIE BEST DRESSED Ava Bass and Leon Smith Johnny Adams and Frances Gurney MOST SOCIAL MINDED MOST STUDIOUS Willis Bugg and Jean Callender Tommy Cartlidge and Dorothy Walker MOST COURTEOUS WITTIEST Becky Moore and Glen Busby Judy Ritchie and Jeb McNew Senior Personalities Vff fly Wil? P ...Y ,, , A ,M Q ,fag f Ai If f , V 1 ' 'S we IA b . -nd .-5?:2EEf,vI.g1f,P5XQE::g5f:f:Eg,5q33,5,' Qs: 'L" fsfwziw ' ff ors 1. -Q " waz-,Q ,,g,gg,,,,,, if Junior Class Favorites Carolyn Hill and Jimmy Hamilton Junior Class Officers Jimmy Ballew ....s................... President Flossy Echard ..,,.,,i.,...... Vice President Lana Hoing ..,.,.,..... ............ S ecretary Frances Mitchell .,,s,,s............. Treasurer J. L. Shuttlesworth .....s .i..,. R eporter "!"'f!'5' K Q K Q Jimmy Ballew Verna Dean Barrett Charlotte Bass Joe Belle-Isle Helen Callender Billy Clem Marshall Clouser David Cooper Mary Ann Davis David Dickey Jerry Don Dickey Flossy Echard George Edwards Nellie Gentry Roberta Goodrich Doug Gray Don Hamilton Jimmy Hamilton Ronny Hemby Carolyn Hill Lana Hoing J oyoe King Linda Kirby Skipper Laney Lee Leim Mary Gene Martin Billy Don Melton Louise McDaniel 1? Harold McDougal Frances Mitchell Bobby Neel Audrey Partin Sammy Price ,lavenda Rankin Jimmy Rains Gordon Sampson Ruth Ann Sellers Weldon Shaw W. T. Sherman Genie Shippey J. L. Shuttlesworth Becky Stewart Sherry Stovall Paulette Solomon Phyllis Thompson Pat Tomlin Donovan Toole Glenda Ward Glenda Wilbanks Don Whitesides Linda Womack Johnnie Harper Candy Musslewhite sop FBS Sophomore Class Officers President ...,....,, Vice President - Secretary ........,.. Treasurer ...,....,,. Reporter ,,,......... Social Chairmen -.W gf' .a""'. . -'Q R 'GF' QX A 5 J t 1 Xtra ljifff 5- A. rf' X1 .W ' ' , ,aw fi- -' ,, J fff J K' Ky ' eKK a J 1 N - zzi i, -.: . fi 32 Edith Alexander Emory Alston Gus Bickerdike Chet Boyett Sammy Brewer Gene Burns Robert Evans Clayton Henderson Barbara Johnson Roland Johnson Janet Kee Gwen Keel Jerry King Ted Lewellen Brenda Lindsey John Long Doris McDougal J oe Martin Nancy Massey Ronny Melton Sidney Miller Dale Moler Ellen Moore Sue Neely Rita Obar Dorothy Persinger Jerry Don Ritch Thomas Shiflet David Shuttleswort Carol Smith Sarah Sorrell Randall Stewart J oe Taylor Charlotte Thompson Philbert Toole Cherry Williamson Darlyne Worlie Joyce Beck AVA BASS 1' a JOE SHAW Whois Who The faculty members of Troup High School announce at this time the winners of the 1960 Whois Who honors. These students have been selected in secret session of the faculty on the basis of leadership, scholarship, co- operation, dependability, citizenship, courtesy, honesty, loyalty, sports- manship, and punctuality. This society has been adopted by the faculty as a yearly selection and shall be kept in secret each year until the TIGER is received from its publishers. " . 'I ipy ffl A L4 f CAROL SMITH ,l Q . if iii, , DONNA TAYLOR JOHN LONG POLLY DICKEY JEAN CALLENDER ii 5 f A t iii, KENNETH BRASWELL JIMMY BALLEW PAULETTE SOLOMAN ifes ,V ,i, , iw-iii A Most Beautlful HELEN CALLENDEE Most Handsome JOE SHAW .1-"Q Most Popular KATHY KING and JEB NTCYFW 2 uuuwu-vw-v-w ..--.-r-.- SARA SORRELL LANA HOING EDITH ALEXANDER I Sophomore Junior Sophomore 1 1 1 ueenfs Attendants KATHY KING E Senior Queen and Her Attendants ROBERTQXSODRICH 1 I 4 4 1 1 1 I 1 Sara, Edith, Queen Polly, Kathy, Roberta, Lana. 39 ct GS Tiger Rag Staff EDITORS .,,,,,...,,,,,...,.......,,..,,..A,w.....,.,.,.,,..,.,..................,.,. Donna Taylor, Lana Hoing MANAGING EDITORS .,,,,.. .,,..,,A,..,...., P olly Dickey, Linda Kirby SOCIAL EDITORS .,.,,..,,.,,.......,. ......... F rances Gurney, ,Iavencla Rankin PRODUCTION MANAGERS ,,,,.,,. ...... D onny Shuttlesworth, Ronny Hemby SPORTS EDITORS .,,,.,,,.,,.,..,.,., r.,.,,..., R uthie Stone, Paulette Solomon ART EDITORS .,r,,.,,,,,.,,,.,,,,.,, ........ M arshall Clouser, Carolyn Myers CIRCULATION EDITORS ......., .,,.., S andra Toothman, .Io Ann Howard BUSINESS MANAGERS .,..... ,C............,,., .C....,,.,CCC. A v a Bass, Skipper Laney ASS TA 10608 SPONSOR Mr. Dan Satterwhite EDIS SPONSOR F H A Mrs. Maly White ' ' 0 F.H.A. BEAU Jeb McNew X V I 5 -:lkV .,ik1 OFFICERS EMA E OF TOMORROW HOM K R President .O,,.,.,..,.. ........,,,..,O,.,,,O, ,O,,O,, C a rol Smith w2MAKgRS Vice President ,,e.,e, ,,O,A..,O E llen Moore ,bc Q07 g Secretary v,,,e,,e,,,,A ,,,,7.... S herry Stovall if n 9 'JE' oi I Treasurer ,,,,,o .,..,., P aulette Solomon 2 t Historian ,,,,.o,.,...,v, ,.,..,. G lenda Wilbanks 'Z 1 Public Relations ,,,o,,. ,.....,,,, D onna Taylor O oe Song Leader ..,.,,, ....,,,, J udy Ritchie 4410 OQXV Pianist ..,,....,,,,,,,,,,.. ,,e,,,...,e,,e,,e I anet Kee NEW H Charlotte Jordan Parliamemtarian .o,,.,,o,,o,lo,..,,,,,,,o, Sandra Toothman - -NJN "'l'5fRQl -we ya' Fargo 1,, Q:gL:.eLf:' Future Farmers of America A Ma, .K ,i,,l,.... K l.e,,....-- 2 .ww if e an Reporter .,,,,,,A,,. Sentinel ,,,,,,,,. Joe Taylor Jeb lVlcNew Vzce Preszdent .,.,....,,,, ,,....,. M orris Gatewood Preszdent , ,..,...,,,,,,,....,7,,,, ,,,,7,,7 K enneth Braswell Second Vice President Doug Gray Third Vice President .,7.7e, 77,,,, I immy Cohagen Parluzmentarzan ....,,,,.... ,,,,,....7v. B illy Clem Treasurer Secretary ,,,,... Hislorian .,,,... Johnny Adams Bill Kirk Glen Busby ADVISOR-Mr. R. E. Soape SWEETHEART-Ava Bass Pep Squad Frances Mitchell ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,,. Reporter Ruthie Stone ...,.,,.....v.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.. Secretary Joyce Beck ,,..v,......, ,,..... P arliamentarian Polly Dickey ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,, ,..,,, V ice President Lucille Goodrich ee,,,,. ..A...,.,ee.,,. P resident Verna Dean Barrett ,,,.ee, ,,,.,,ee.,,, T reasurer A of .. kl.V 3 wx ' ,A ' 5 ccccc : an L y E SPONSOR rs. Ruth Langston xfffis ff 55 gf if Sandra Toothman Ava Bass Head Cheerleader Jo Ann Howard SENIORS Qifgiwr-we fe U1 as Ii 2 S an- It N L' Rf' ' Egg, , if , I . rw, I JUNIOR Lana Hoing MASCOT Leslie Langston JUNIOR Paulette Solomon Marching Band Concert Band Drum Major and Majorettos Kathy King Senior DRUM Becky Moore F105SY Echard Senior Junior MAJOR ,lean Callender Senior Helen Callender Junior l L Sherry Stovall Ellen Moore Junior Sophomore -, Y ,-.W Majorettes Band Officers Drum Major .......... - Jean Callender Captain ...- ,..,.,......,.....,,. Kathy King Lieutenanti ..,....,....., Johnny Adams Marshall Clouser l W .Qi .RQ l , . L rj! Wx 1 COACH TOBY DAVIS COACH LEN BURTON Assistant Coach Athletic Director Head Football Coach x i 5 COACH BILLY JACK DOGGETT .lunior High Coach Captains KENNETH BRASWELL WILLIS BUGG Manager CHET BOYETT 49 lg aff f ' A N. qs? 'ff' ' 0 x . ,ifiygf fr' f4 X A : J px 1 . ' f S Q KENNETH BRASWELL MORRIS GATEWOOD Halfback Quarterback 5 Aw JERRY COLE WILLIS BUCG LOUIE LAMBETH End Cerner Tackle yvdfkr JOE SHAW JOE EDD PARTIN BILLY KIRK Tackle End Tackle DON TOOLE WELDON SHAW Halfback Guard X !'N ,gr ff 0 Mmxmwg Em BILLY CLEM Fullback M 'QW'-'sd JIMMY HAMILTON ROLAND JOHNSON Guard Guard ,au GORDON SAMPSON JOE BELLE-ISLE Guard End 2 GENE BURNS Guard JERRY DON DICKEY Halfback JIMMY BALLEW Tackle JOHN ALLEN LONG Halfhack JOE TAYLOR Center "A" TEAM 3 X 0 Partin, Evans, Cole, Melton, Smith, Ham, Shuttlesworth, Long, Gray W MANAGER CAPTAINS MANAGER , A y J ,V,' ' A VV, I ,ww of n L' 2' 1':A AMAA Johnny Adams Leon Ham, Jerry Cole, Leon Smith Clayton Henderson "B" TEAM 52 Melton, Taylor, Shuttlesworth, Brewer, King, Long, Miller, Toole, Cray F LEON HAM JERRY COLE ROBERT EVANS Forward Centgr Guard L COACH L ,Q ,X x LEON SMITH Jo EDD PARTIN Forward Guard Ez A S1 F R F f 4 3 . 5 5 1 wWf'1lli3, fd 1 4 f f TOBY DAVIS Forward Guard 1 , 1 JOHN ALLEN LONG BILLY MELTON DONNY SHUTTLESWORTH Guard Center Forward 53 RUTH STONE HELEN CALLENDER CAROL SMITH Forward Forward F0rWH1'd COACH JEAN CALLENDER KATHY KING Forward Guard RUTH LANGSTON - SARA SORREL ELLEN IIOORE Guard Guard SUE NEELY BRENDA LINDSEY CHARLOTTE THOMPSON Guard Guard Guard 55 WEIGHT LIFTERS FRONT: Jerry Don Dickey, Jerry Don Hitch, Roland Johnson, Gene Burns, Hoe Belle-Isle STANDING: silimmy Hamilton, Billy Clem, Cordon Sampson, Don Toole, Weldon Shaw ,F Yi ,Jian 5 1 ? x ,A Zf K A 'F' J' 6 D ff H V As 3 , .V".. 'F , M A, .. 23 ,. S ,A yin if 1' '4-HF, f 5: , ,g fa-.K an 1 ,F " -'G"QjQf: fly " ,'- ': gf k W . 'Jflm' f 2,1 "UV ,. M Mi W Freshman Class Favorites Larry Blackwell and D-Ann Hoing Freshman Class Officers Larry Blackwell ..r,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,. President Peggy Dickey .ss,,,,,,,,,,,,. Vice President D-Ann Hoing .,,,,s,, Secretary-Treasurer David Wilkinson ..,....,.,,,,,,,,,,. Reporter Patsy Ellls ,,,.,,,.,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,, S opml Robert Goodrich rw ,f .W W, -M mf -lk S8 ww 1' 'X . 2 :A is 1 X lf :T 1 Ruth Allen Ann Armstrong Edward Banks Mervin Benson Nancy Bishop Betty Bonner Bobby Brooks Johnny Burns Diana Burton Larry Blackwell Glenn Carnelison Dianne Cooper Virgel Daily Denman Denton Peggy Dickey Patsy Ellis Nancy Garrett Shirley Gentry Wilma Glossbrenner Carolyn Grimes Robert Goodrich Charles Hamilton Reva Ann Hamilton Charles Hanson Ninth Grade Deirdre Harris Rachel Hemby D7Ann Hoing Janie Keel Judy King Charles Martin Don Martin Joyce Mason Cathy Massey Kay McCoy Sandra Morris Carolyn Myers Vincent Obar Helen Roberson Richard Shuttlesworth Hugh Soape Floyd Stiefer Polly Stockton Bobby Walker David Wilkinson Alice Sue Wilson Ella Mae Bain Freshmen Eighth Grade Class Favorites Earl Sellers Linda Sue Cohagan -- we VW.vv..... ------...P--.--v....,,...... Eighth Grade Class Officers President ,,,,,,..,,,.s ........ D iane Beck Vice President ,,..,,..,....... Dixie ,McNew Secretary-Treasurer .....,.. Earl Sellers Reporter ,,,,,,,.,, ,.........,. B obby Busby Social ,,s,,,,.,. ..,......, J an Hightower 1 ,..,s 1 We N. 'ii - f 1 Q cyia s sw" on 'Q qt... X 91 i L 1 REL 1 S 2 ' , E Wag' fi K e 3 5532 if Se 'Eg is BYE 5 as 3 r ii Q, a wt K t S' is -Q- Dianne Beck Patricia Burns Garry Clem Linda Cohagen Louis Dickey Carolyn Ellis Robert Gatewood Jimmie Henderson I an Hightower Douglas Hill Dale Howard Linda Keel 4? 'ff' Patsy McDougal Joe McElroy " ' Lynda Martin h Dixie lVlcNew '3 Fredda Moore A X - Sammy Musselwhite si I James Nance if in Letha Nance M Ch Anita Owens f Boyd Rowland r Faye Scates V j' " Diane Sharp 4 :-, ' 15' it E E if: 1 'fi QL Florence Thompson Carolyn Thornton Grade W ff' P . Ll 2 5 , Q wi, F xy ,rf ily Hi If - Q any I' 1 -Y . kVh.- 1 K-ptcbfea e gi 7 'gfilizifx I he 7'fi,l ,Jim I ,ii . ak WJ: T 1 I' 4 J Q ,, , f 11" ,Qu 1.141 L ,P Q E XX if ' ev - , 4+ xi its ., Q af' T 'W Ea 64 XA 41" 'Gm l dba! T 1 ,H rio Q ' 1 Eighth Grade Jimmy Bates Bobby Busby Lou Ella Cheatham Tommy Deason Paula Dickey Ivan Durham Roxie Etheridge Kay Evans Murel Hamilton Gene Hill Dorothy Holman Judy Jordan Ronald Longacre Charles McDaniel Nancy Mitchell Nancy McMillen Linda Musick Linda Palmer Carla Pipes Glen Sampson Earl Sellers Melba Steele ,lanell Thompson Shirley Ward 7th Grade Class Favorites Sybil Bass Bobby Ballew 7th Grade Class Officers Andy Jarvis ,.,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, President Jerry Ballew ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Vice President Cherie Park ,,,..,.i,... Secretary-Treasurer Mary Duty and Sybil Bass , s,,77,, ,,,,,. R eporlers ij, Q 2 -L lv -1 f, I .K .VVfhV- D 1. 'HQ is if-w e Seventh Grade 4, Nancy Alston Bobby Ballew ,lerry Ballew Robert Barrett Sybil Bass Raymond Biekerdike Linda Birdwell Nancy Boshears Burl Boggs Viola Braswell Cynthia Burns James Caldwell Sammy Clark Pat Clouser Gail Daily Mary Ann Duty Carol Ann Evans Sharon Evans Frank Farrow Debra Foster Gerald Garrett Wallace Ham Cheryl Hamilton Linda Hamilton Felicia Harris Paul Herring Gerald Hill Allen Howard Andy Jarvis ,lean Keel Janet Kirby Tommy Littlepage Sheryl Long Larry McGill Judy Mclntosh Wanda Stiefer ie' I if l l l - liil 11 7-5 ,gf , x me -ii :" F V, f C y 5 Seventh Grade Jackie Melton Regina Moler Tommy Moran Travis Morris Tommy Neely Cheryl Park Allison Partin Louise Pate David Rains Reba Roberson Patsy Roddy Tony Rodgers Barbara Sadler Sharon Shaw Elvis Stiefer Dennis Sutton Sandra Taylor Marla Thibodeaux Jimmy Tomlin Bobby Toole Bobby White Tommy Wiley Peggy Womack J ack Coker Clarence Martin Patsy Ellis Betty Lou Bonner D-Ann Hoing Wilma Glossbrenner Head Cheerleader Judy King t Cheerleaders Pep Squad Mascot Kathy Callaway - ,K s -r .4 I W ,Ai .f fr ie 1 5' fir 'E S' S T 11 as , -V Q rf ft 5 yy 3 t ZF l we ttyt y , y ttyty, ef gf, 9 W R, , 2 t it " Zigi' K, AMX , . is X 'K ,-33, Q if if EM Football 1+ ' . wg. S 2 W 1 1 Captains A Lf A1 3 , A 5 4- A L 'fy iff' ' 22 l 55' " , 'A' f f 'ff'ffW': flff ' 1 Wg. A mn , .,,, 'V flffff V, .11-1' U I LARRY BLACKWELL Q' 'W :' 72 DAVID WILKINSON i - X BILLY JACK DOGGETT Q . I gf ' A J R 3 If i .L 42 ' QQ., X xg' . is R E0 Managers 5 ff. .X Mi x 'U' I, Y' Q LOUIS DICKEY DALE HOWARD 'W Junior Hi h Basketball Coaches: Len Burton and Bill Doggett NB" TEAM "A" TEAM Managers: Lewis Dickey and Raymond Bickerdike Willimn Bain Sanyia Bickerdike Linda Busby Patsy Byers Nelda Cheatham Gerald Cooper Judy Kay Davis Jerry Don Fussel Grace Goolshy Raymond Hamilton Carolyn Hemhy Randy Hoing Judy Ann Holdern Diane Huggins Wayne Jones Jimmy Laney Katie Leim Glenda Sue Martin Donald Mason Jamie McNew i :Fix ,Q fr vwfflf' g., , ..,.l .,m3,,W. my it Awww mm m.s,,. ,,,, im 2, ,ya yffik :a w 1 f E 3 . Q Q ,M r - .pm I 1 Rodney Moss Joe Musslewhite Russel Obar Patricia Pate Travis Potts Gloria Shuttlesworth Aleta Jo Sipes Rodney Smith Charlie Soape Larry Spittler Sharon Stewart James Tackett Reba Thornton Robert Townsend Tommy Vascocu Clifford Walker Larry Wornick John Wright Fifth Ulilixon Jimmy Sanders Sixth fMix0n Charles Hardy John Reagan Massey John Clyde Shackelford 1 4 I 1 l 3 Loy Volner Alexander Q Sharon Brown Robert Burns James Byrd l Wayne Darnell Z Cecil Ray Kirby y Jimmy Morris Edna Rodgers l Q i Francis Boggs Dewayne Brown Patricia Mae Burns Ferrell Grimes at 1 --lu 43 '1 l l i 1 1 i 'B l 73 Asa. A A A Ai is i all , 49 3 Q, F 74 Fifth Grade Gloria Atkerson Ellyn Francis Belle-Isle Carolyn Bonner Larry Cheatham Billy Daniels Deborah Lynn Denoth Ronnie Dixon J oe Gracie Ruth Hickman Goldie Ann Jaco June Kee Kathy Kersh Betty Mason Kenneth McDaniel Mary Musslewhite Patty ,lo Neely Donna Palmer Ellen Louise Park Ernest Potts Alice Ann Rooks Don Sadler Cheryl Lynn Shuttlesworth John Sorrell Glenda Stephenson Sherry Vascocu Jack Ward Glen Wilbanks Barbara Winkley Jerry Womack Q ry me q A A ,ai ' t tit y K R A , . E J r A ir Q .-M ' f""" fb., A in V' 'T f, 'Z f Av B L L L ,d B .Q if ,y pa -'Z -"' 5 ' "iff Q, 'V my . ii i , Quimby lx. --12 - ,....L........-....L ..........., W A Fifth Grade t 'Q H LA ' if X E+ gf f iii' . fi ,, . . ., ,, X ,gr if -Q , n J' fs - A , .,1' -' Nancy Allen Mary Alston Hugh Barrett James Byers Beta Daily Gerald Davis James Farmer Wilbur Warren Forester Janet Elaine Harris Carol Herring Carrie Jane Holdren Len Johnson Ronald Jones Claudene Keel Ronald Knight Johnna Cay Massey David iVlcDaniel Larry Obar Ruthel Rollins Billy Joe Rucker Dennis Sadler Steve Allen Sadler Bill Snyder Starkey Sorrell Patricia Thibodeaux Kenneth Toothman Edna Ann Traxler Jerry Don Ward Charles Otis Webb James Lloyd Womack Q 'W ,,... fd' id, G! 14 1 ff Q es., "'.,.4-6, X 'd-' X. . . by - E 9 , 0 1 91- Q, l 4 5, N .iyilq 1 fu f 4 Q wif? .: ""f3' v - y - 2 by ,Q S is , ,. Q' 5 'Q' B ski, " H -I ' 1 ' 'K wi Mk in I V I 1 F ff 1- -me X I . if , , Q5 ,ff , l W Diane Almand Donald Bain Arthur Belle-Isle Mary Bloomfield Gerald Boatner Cary Broome Herman Chupp Linda Fields Dennis Goolsby Cary Hegar Robert Holman Eddie Howard Jim Jarvis Linda Kersh Michael Maris Dale Martin Edwina Jo Marshall Bobby Martin Randy Mullican Ronnie Neel Chuck Osborn Billy Pate Duncan Roberson Sonja Rucker David Satterwhite Rita Jo Smith Walter Tackett Mary Lynn Thompson Pat Wiley Phillip Wiley Glenna Williams Ann Wright Alex Young Rogers Johnson ,lanell Thornton -. I1-W-V Y ,, Third Grade John Nance Rita Jo Roddy Mike Hendricks fMixonj Cynthia Adams Carolyn Boggs Debbie Burns Burt Forney Fourth Grade fMixon1 Perry Brown Buddy Shackelford Larry Boggs Nita Braswell Charolette Brooks Jerry Brown K -A A 4 Third Grade V j A l it 5 1' if VP . . ' 1 ' V . . 5 QW- ' t A 5 W 1 4? V fx ,Q f Q Q' 2 r K D r "if f 1 Nt " I 15 I A.: X 'X "V ii ' , K D i k i X f - a fikrk B jefirff jg g 51 s z, f1,,,.'ii.w'g ' .gpg ,I .,- - . . , .. 5. 3 9 Qt we E112 t L A o r '27 Z 5 l i- A ga t f Y r it if 5 fwfr x . , s. ' . L, A - T- . -- ff , ' 'Q t,-'f '. Kwai . .W 1 X Q, Wx y l tyi , - -y f 'Y W 12 . 79 Walter Allen Karen Almond Alan Bates David Brunelle Sherman Clem Keith Cohagen Dennis Daniels Ann Dickey Jane Dickey David Garrett Peggy Harris Holli Hines Joe Hoing David Knight Paul Leim Hal Maris Rodney McDaniel Kerry McNew David Moss Martha Musslewhite Phyllis Myers Renee Park Harlan Ray Brad Reagan Tommy Pots Paul Sadler Beverly Shuttlesworth W. M. Solomon Deborah Terry Roy Tomlin Eugenia Toole Janice Toothman Paul Webb Sandra Whitesides Janice Womack Steven Worl Second Grade J Q, f, i ta ct , ll ii S 3 ik il 5 if fi.: iid 'Z t ll 1 3 T511 L, QW is A , . 5 '---v x ' is 'X f Lt rj, ,S , 243 I X v a if . X Q, f" i F' it X- ff ' vi e . a t o i 'f fpii F r1f,r,2!ff:-J if in if A f t" it if J -ff J ' ' A ' . 555 K 3, S I, V. Y if' -Tw ' , ff" Q 1 nv 'xy Susan Worl Larry Wright Jackie Bloomfield . K I Sam Bain Cindy Ballew Ted Ballew Katherine Bates Shirley Bickerdike Johnny Bonner Patricia Brunelle Dale Gilliam Deborah Hamilton Debbie Hightower Walter Hill Jimmy Jaco Ruby Jo Johnson Shelia Jones Jerry Kersh Bill Jack King Ricky Knight Glynn Neel Lynn Ray Neel Johnny Pate Bobby Potts David Sadler Deborah Sadler Michael Sadler Jimmie Sheward Carolyn Sue Shuttlesworth Reginald Smith Susan Snyder Elizabeth Thibodeaux Byron Townsend Larry Toothman Bobby Vascocu Elizabeth Wiley Jerald Williams John Wood First Grade S E fMixonj Loyd Wade Alexander Roger Dale Boggs Alton David Braswell Terry Odean Brooks Charlotte Dry Bobbie Evans John David Hardy Lula Nance Lonnie Dale Roper Frank Cole Ross Adrain Sanders Jeff Shackelford Second Grade Robbie Darnell Kathryn Grimes Wiley Wayne Massey Rebecca Morris J oy Ann Roark Deborah Sipes Bobby Stiefer Charlotte Stiefer Mrs. Viola Langston Cafetelia Worker ix, fZ First Grade Va. . 95 '-Za' A 'Ea 4 K '- rf- j, 'Q M N. D: .-'fill' YK!Xi5il5q:, 5 ' flilil ' in Q , ,VL W A L, in is l- 1 M ' . LW, -iw A ,VL I 7 L? K ii K I XY! t x ff f gy 4. J 4 i iva- U. N lj ,,,. 1 ,Iudy Atkerson Alice Faye Bates Jerry Dean Broome Billy Brunelle Guy Bugg James Cannon Vicky Lynn Chupp Deborah Dianne Davis Linda Davis J anis Dickey Terry Dunford Kathy Florey Lillie Diane Coolsby Linda Kay Hickman Barry Huggins Pamela Isaacs Troy Leon Keel Donald Kersh Robert W. Laney Mac McCauley Patsy Martin Chris Miller Jimmy Musick Brenda Reagan John Rodney Rogan Marsha Rooks Clyde Seley Gregory Don South Georgia Lee Steinman Mark W. Tackett Mary Evelyn Tennison June Toothman Donna Clark Steve Kirkpatrick Keith Martin David Melton Carla Neely Terri Osborn David Persinger Lynda Shuttlesworth Debra Spraggins Tommy Wiley K 'gun-nl P T A Ufficers LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. F. L. Singletary Mrs. R. J. Howard H Mrs. Robert Goodrich , ..... Advisor Vice President President Mrs. Bill Reagan .,..,.,,,,, ,,,,, T reasurer Mrs. Harold Snyder W ........,. Secretary Mrs. Loyd Park ,........,. r .,..,,..... Historian Mr. Nolan Smith .,,v.., .,,,., P arliamentarian President: Mrs. Robert Goodrich - 4 x W 1- -f aged Q, Y rw-mwmavsar Cafeteria Workers SEATED, left to right: Mrs. Lacy, Mrs. Sorrell, Mrs. Cam- eron. Bus Drivers Loyd Satterwhlte Kmg Hodge Cooper, Norman. F STANDING, left to right: Messrs. SLK Mk 1 s s 1 l l Custodians STANDING, left to right: Mr. Norman, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Thomp- son. ertisers 911-: I ' ' Af155Si5SZf'fr':f" 'e- .. 6' be Jr 2' ,- N 11- gm. K V QE EEL W -. Q... f. 3 2 I 5? 53 ' E E. "' g 1 :V . N :I-1 5' uw : f.....v I l--- "- -M f +I- 4-ff 12' Ei: 55-H - mf., '-Q ,U , Q... gr 5 32, :H 5 : xx 'T :Ei : 0 0 Q 0 kfo . . X Q 5 k W W QI 9. K 5 4 EIXXMALJ. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK TROUP, TEXAS Isince I 902I Member of Federal Deposif Insurance CorporaI'ion TROUP CONCRETE COMPANY Concre+e Confra c'rors Builders-Designers Phone 76-W-6 Whi+el'1ouse Phone 42 Troup T PYIMTIAIF... PONTIAC JARVIS-PONTIAC TROUP TRACTOR AND TRUCK CO. INTER NAI u r L DON'T WORRY . . . GET HER GIFT , QA GOOD U X Fooo ., 1 fy' N vac If ra' R5 ' 1-'F-Q1 N., Q E Ffa K.: J:-1-ref! CORNER DRUG STORE Phone 362 x. MEATS 651 U k R Plus Qualify E 9 R Groceries r . Q ,iw L ' uf-J 'll a+ ower f A Ig Prices 5 U .,, -E P M I 1 i GARRETT'S SUPER SAVE lnr Y , v , ,, HNSON-TUCKER PHARMACY Complimen'l's of l REAGAN-WRIGHT N JAMES C. HINES MAGNOLIA CONSIGNEE ' C I I SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY TROUP, TEXAS ELECTRICAL POWER AND LIGHTS EAST SIDE SERVICE STATION FORREST and JUNIOR HAMILTON Owners and Operators Barrett Brothers Ford Company P.O. Box 458 Telephone 88 TROUP, TEXAS Sales Service Complete Body Works Wrecker Service I I ri ,i?.,fsi,.v ,kk. - A . rrr fkvgqifgfk ffl: 'f W +is4 a f fi W at ...QA M 1 , 1 lf - I my . M, Y f V51 I f VK 1. ,. 55, gift gi ff? 2 e f A, -1 l .M ,., f.,b, s?,, .. L, ,,,,5 g, ,M 1 N W- . Ry, 4 Qy 2-H-M-mm Nm .-. Complimen+s of TROUP CERAMIC WARES H is be'r+er 'ro own a lo+ and no+ need I+ 1 Than +0 need one and nof have if. f 1 PINEC REST Troup's Perpefual-Care Cemefery 1 1 Landscaping Our I Special'ry President FusToN TACKETT 1 Secreiary, Mas. sms A. RITCHIE I 4 1 I i l 1 I TROUP NURSERY COMPANY 4 E MRS. I. E. TAcKE1'r FUSTON TACKETT n IRWIN DICKEY w. L. TACKEU 'W T Complimenfs From MR. AND MRS. LOYD SH UTTLESWORTH AND DAUGHTERS Good Food ls Our MoHo Qualify Groceri I ai' SHAW'S A B AND W PLUMBING Plumbing and Hea+ing ROB BALLEW "Your Home Town Plumber" I960 CHEVROLET Definiifely New! . . . Decicleclly Differen+ MAX JARVIS CHEVROLET COMPANY TROUP, TEXAS FOR YOUR FEED, SEED, AND FERTILIZER NEEDS COTTAGE SHOP Day or Nighi' Phone 95 af TROUP, TEXAS THE Flowers for AII Occasions IMOGENE CARTLIDGE If 71 W LATEST EDGAR PACE INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance PHONE 399 FAS:-uoNs 1 L Xexbxm Mme ffl III THE LADIES' SHOP Ladies' Ready-'Io-Wear and Accesso MRS. JIM GLASPIE MRS. EARL BELL 'Ste' G R ocsfl Q9 . ' 34, YOUR sEARcH ENDS 1 'M W,yr'rPwl ' NN I . W M -'S' C I Ii- I' , . 55 9 "4 Q5 ss ,, llx' ww--,Vf 6.41.1 lt f H 3 N at ,xl ,7, "-' - if MOORE'S FOOD STORE TOOLE'S GROCERY WEST SIDE SERVICE ie-if ,fre AC0 x I I IEGVN ld Texaco Service S'ra+ion W. T. HUGGINS LEROY HUGGINS CompIimen+s of SAM E. SHARP Hardware and Furni'I'ure TROUP, TEXAS CLARK'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for AII Occasions Flowers By Wire PHONE 62 Complimenfs of HARRIS CLEANERS LILLIAN O. SALLEE RepresenI'aI'ive BOX 386 PHONE 82 TROUP, TEXAS FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE CO. YOUR TROUBLES VANISH AS 45 as "Lei Us Do Your Repairs" VANCE AUTO SUPPLY HUMBLE PRODUCTS PHONE 373 BERT'S TV SERVICE 704 W. Duval S1'ree+ Phone I24 TROUP, TEXAS STATION . ew i T 202 S Georgia S+ TROUP TEXAS Phone 333 1-2-' ARCHIE'S SERVICE gl' X ' 'Nl TRGUP BEAUTY AND GIFT , fN SHOP FEED s. FARM .N 4, K y 4 if On Tyler Highway SU Beaufy Culfure of All F d S d F .. , Kinds ancl Giffs ee ee erhlizer For Ever O . Vaccines Velerinary Supplies T Y ccaslon TEL. I67 P.o. Box 845 PZARS' LODEL: TORBET' J one roup, Texas Nx X X em emb GY X , i JOHNSON S. BARRON The Big Coun+ry S'rore Phone 939-W-I Roufe 3 TROUP, TEXAS "Think of Us as The Slore Thal Thinks of You" ancl N ,,,,,, Gel' M IS w ---v.h....pqwnIyl1 Gas Company EFFICIENT-QUALIFIED-EXPERIENCED CompIe+ely Two-Way Radio - ' Trucks and Cars I 15 2 Service 7 Y ..... Equipped fo All Service for BeHer BUTANE-PROPANE-APPLIANCES JARVIS AND COMPANY Troup Texas Everyfhing +o Build Anyfhing TROUP LUMBER COMPANY TROUP, TEXAS Phone I66 man Home Owned and Operafed by WESTERN AUTO STORE LEONARD SMITH Troup, Texas Phone 3 I4 w ..1,.... f-v- X ,.MwbhwM.m..,i,,,,UZ S ii W'-ws-mv.-hw.qQ.,,.,.W M . ' ' . P . ,I . . . -, - ' ' - K -- - .. .u... , .... 6 .-Q j 'A .pm 4- I Ju .exam , win P' , S - .s5i,vQQ nff. H + " .. ,.s 'Ili ..., ,,.-an by v ""'im:7"":f: A x , 5,ff'hf f '6 'Q .,,WW J , . VN , W X, , . .N I y , -,w,,,. , R B S 7 Q,,,,.,, My U 1 0 .. ,. .Q W 'A ' W 'M 'Sw Q . .B I4 Yu-H ' gawk, . 'E' . , ,. Ks. 'J if ifilff as-gi, ,M W...- A g .Q I ' Dim . Qwgyxf. any xg., 1- 4 N" F aww- ,, 11 ., 'avi , R 4 ur . in X An- -.J 43' 'A Mm-Meng, www If W+nsww,wsf,,.,.,,' v A ,. M' .we-ww ml W wwf- A3 awww-LN, sk ,H ww' W ' W 'W 'fists T '13 SEQ, . . ab 'I- 'V Y M. 'sq Q 4 www "Nw, 'H w f s fksk ' ' 'sr A . . ' 8 i A I E an . wx f 1 f ' Y. is Q v 0 , K I , L . L .. 'M iv M S 'aim ' e- ' . M ,S f ' , , , f. 1251 'M 1 Q f- ' wx . v smwqn- Q V 3 A A .Lg A,5g,, V 1. W , if 'Q . 51? 5 M 5 , ' N .N K, :rw Amy. S25 , -. ' 4' if Q 118- -Q mx 492' Y ' 'Q' A f.: . J, , .W Am , -ff 'Vie' zwim u ,, rf.' Ygitnw. Aw mmf-fazni f 'n md. fs, gg ? - w " . sffzi fz. - 11 ff .. Qs as Wwlfaigiiszgsf as :fi -4 f241,g,!f -ff If -Ywszaisifei W fi Lf X U3 ., ., as .... ,W if fw..,,.Qfm s 2 9,1 w is 9' 2 X 5 : fiei mifg f f ,: , 1 LM S' , v1lW 2ff -:::-eff. ' ,. ui . , ww ., , ..,.. .,.. 1 I F! Vzl H E 5 ff ,W M ,.,g1.. ,-435 1.5 9? f-W L aww? i f 'vw KB' 'ffgwf ,mm V .. V . x L " mf m:'f: -- , W, .. ,.M5,,,1,4mi, ,Ke aa Q., fag. ,. ., s ,, ,. T ' Is co R I Complimenfs ,. . of INVESTIGATE WW, SAVINGS.. JS H. A. HUGGINS AND SON YOUR TExAco DISTRIBUTOR CHILDRESS DRY GOODS STORE PHONE 98 CONGRATULATIONS +o The Seniors of '60 4? GERALD SADLER'S MOBIL STATION RUSSEL HAMILTON Awend Ih SERVICE STATION rg-3 lg 'I CTURCH C -' o your , ,.:,, -':1,A 1 44,,. V h0me't0wn Serving +he Troup Trade Area ,i,. ,.:, . ,::, ,:::::r:::: ,IZ :, . E T T , 1 SINCE I894 l y T ll Always slriving 'ro provide inlormalion and enlerlainmenr for every member of your family, 'rhis newspaper is dedicalecl as a symbol of our precious freedom. Sixfy- six years of service for which we are proud and humbly gralelul for Jrhe opporfuniry +o serve. TH E TROUP BANNER Visii' Your TROUP THEATER Showing +he Finesi Mo+ion Picfures C. T. SHACKELF-ORD EUGENE TOOLE PHONE 45 Q--1 SHACKELFORD f and Complimenfs TOOLE of BARBER SHOP f FQRESTER gli f FUNERAL HOME Hangouf I wluaun FORESTER , ,,?, ,YA , ,, , Com plimenis of SADLER BROTHERS Wholesale Meals Complimenfs of D E A R ' S Dresses by Toni Todd and Viclty Vaughn, Jr. Van Heusen Sporf and Dress Shirls PHONE I34 Premium Performances af Lowes? Cos? Yours Always Wilh DEPENDABLE SHOP Narural Gas Phone 4l9 Service SERVING THE EEA, g gf QM orns MALONE CORINNE WILLINGHAM 1 111. - fill fi , , I 3: C 0- V, DAY T T Phone 66 SW Troup, Texas NIGHT 1-Phone 'ISI I fi roup, exas sro Pl Q5 H E M B Y ' S SERVICE DENTON S SERVICE STATION S T A T l O N For Good Food VWd+ VIC'S CAFE VIC AND MARIE SOWARD Phone 4I2 TROUP, TEXAS ALTON IEILLINGSLEY A geni' 0 -- if FAST . 1' -we 'SERVICE Phone 346 Phone LY 3-548I ': so A J STATE FARM TROUP PLUMBING INSURANCE COMPANIES Me 4,4 TROUP, TEXAS 5. Q 1 O ax v yy' 'f 1 4 .Q 'NM8 '15 , LL. v f'Qgiuw5f.nQmg2i,ffLm N' 'M 2, gi, ! "" ,

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