Troup High School - Tiger Yearbook (Troup, TX)

 - Class of 1958

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Troup High School - Tiger Yearbook (Troup, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1958 volume:

C7 I fr A, 'fi , Wifi: X l Cigar 111 1 1 f 11 I1 111fJ 1 111 II I 11111 1 It 1111 I0 1011111111 0111111111 zlf 1111 111111 76 of IIJEII X1 e 11111111 ll 1 Il 12 111 1111 1 1 ffl 111111 1 f11!! 11 111 111 11111 11 011 K 1111 11111 1111111111 11111111 PI 1111 NVQ arc hung m 1 nz1t1or1 full of opportu runes Each must be met taken or lost Troup I-hgh School 11115 offcgrcd to c1111 student IH opportumtx to lc 1m Xet the maeptlng must come on the part of the student Wluat we be Come lfl hte 15 determmed bx hon we IIJXC met our OIWPOI'fL1f11f1C.S md t1kcn ugh one IHI ANNI AL STAII T11 1 N 11 fjljd' 1:11 11111 11ff11111 11 1511 "X ' Ji' 1 X111 fl Z fn 11 I ' .' . z A , I A 1 I1 I X '1 1X1,H11 1 , 111 4 'v1'111. J . ' 1 1 1 '1 1 'Q ' 2 6 . A1111 11111 1111111 1.1101 11116 11111111111 1111711111 If .NE74Z'6',V. Q1 f ' 2 15 1. 1 . , . 1 1 '- 11 ' 1 Dcdzcafzon For your hxgh standards loyalty and scholarshrp The T1ger Staff mshes to present to you the STLDENIT BODY the the rdeals our school holds and resolye that your lrfe mll be one that from your assoclatron rn Troup Hrgh School has helped to hulld a vyorld free from fear TO YOU THE STUDENTS-THF 1958 TIGER' 1958 TIGER. As you turn each page, may' you he reminded of Annual Staff CHARLES GARRETT WAYNE CLEM MARTHA SHUTTLESWORTH JOE LAYNE GENEVA JONES-JOAN OBAR JANE EDWARDS-JOEL DAVID WILKENSON .4-M .4-or JUDY ELLIS-PATSY JACKSON Ezzmpu Shats AGRICULTURE BUILDING CAFETERIA L I E , . ab ,Q ' A 11 HOME OF T TIOUP X TIGER STADIUM GYMNASIUM HIGH SCHOOL AL'DITORII.'BI ELEMENTARY BUILDING X I I 4, My Z' 532.33 av ADMINISTRATICN The quality of mercy is not Jtrainedg It droppeth, as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place heneathg it is twice hle.u'd - It hlessezh him that gives, and him that takex. SHAKESPEARE an if Superintendent is' Message in 64 if . '-1 It is always a pleasure to be able to say congratulations, and thank you, to people for a job well done. Certainly this is my feeling in connection with this year's production of the School Annual. These memories and reminders of school organiza- tions and activities at Troup during 1957-58 will be cherished through the years. Sincerely, F. L. Singletary ,X 1 y 1 --w-.v ., .. ,V ,W iv Princzpal is Message 3 F f? sl , ' I ',f4 ' --f-v--Q.,-.W-...--.. fWS,2..j' Q L I r f are N A 1 Jiri. f wfatfiw 'W , p I Dear Students: The annual staff. the sponsors. the faculty and the student hody of Troup High School are to be commended for a job well done in the production of this annual. The harmony with which all these groups have worked. has made for a good. well-rounded school program. This makes possible the production of a fine annual. In these days of unrest. unemployment and space wonders. it hehooves all of us to strive to get the most out of our free educational system. May this annual serve as a mt-rncnto In all of us. that Troup School is ever surging forward. Sincerely. 5. , W Q We Fugene Mclflmy . .M A uw t -,,..-1-f I lfcfard of Crusfees Sealed le t 10 ugh! C Hmes Wade Neely II D Loclxey I L Smgletary Superm tendent S Whltten M G Wrlght md I' Adlms S11 ulzzfemfezzl I L SINGLLTARY Pnrnlent E D LOCKEY Inc Pfefzfwzl S J WHITTLN Sfnelzu LEONARD SMITH 'R 17, 45",-sb lin fffgy YY xx , , . . Y ,Q 1. L . J' V . ffl ,Pit I. ' . A N, f 72 57 r VU 1 + X x F 1 I dare do all ibm' :may become 11 wmv W'lvo daref do more, if 120120. SHAKIQSPIEARE "7-- NIRS BFRTHA BRIGHT NIR JIM VAN HAVLRBEKE MR IIICKNI MCI LROY IU1LllSh Asmstu t C mch Hlgch School PFIUCIIYII SPi1f115h Socnl Science Cmcs MR JOHN REACAN MRS MARY IAYE RFAGAN Coach lnntglxsh Science MISS PAT REYNOLDS MR. R. J. RODDY MISS MARY SHAW Librarian Math School Secretary MR. DAN SATTIERWHITE MISS WOOD MR. RALPH SOAPE Business Ad Supervisor Vocxtioml Ag MR 'IOHNI OWENS MRS OWENS Soclal Sclence Physmcal Ed Coach MR XOLAN SMITH IHRS W HITE MR STEVENIS FICIHCDTIID Prmcxpal Htjnje Fcononncs Bgml Plane Ceometry Choral Phj, sxcs Slcmmfary and juuivr fflyh Zzculfy x MRS. FRED MOORE M.Ed. MRS. MARGIQERITE CALLENDAR B.M.S. MISS LUCILLE EDWARDS M.Ed. MRS. FAYE WIGGINS M.Ed. MRS. LOU ELLA HEAD B.S. MRS. MINNIE DICKSON M.Ed. .gmp-'K Ref' MRS.. OSCA JOHNSON M.Ed. MRS. VELMA BLACKSTONE M.Ed. MRS. KATHLEEN MCELROY M.Ed. MR. M. KING M.Ed. MISS LOlfISIf MA LONE M lid. MRS. DOROTHY CLARK M. Ed. SENICRS ff' .W Senivr 611155 Ofjcers m Y -angxw SKNIUR KIASS VAYURI Mlry' I3-fL1.QIDmtwr1 S.1z1irm -Luk XY'hit1L-11 Premfwzf ROB12 RT SINIITH Vffc PI'c.v'fL'fr1If Sl,'SAN SHARP S1f1mf!.1f'-1 CIYIISTIY BRIGHT 7'I'c'cI,fllI'cfI' PATSY JACKSON Refmrlez' CHARLES GARRETT Sffrhzf Cbfzirzzmzz HOXWARD ADAMS ADAMS, HOWARD Football 56-58 Basketball 56-58 FHA Beau 58 Class Officer 58 Class Favorite 55 junior Play 57 Most Athletic 58 Honorable Menti 58 BROWNI AUBREY Cl-uss Iaxorite 58 Football 57 junior Plas 57 FFA 55 5 CARPENTER FFA 55 57 BRIGHT, CELESTE FHA 55-58 FHA Officer 55-58 junior Play 5' XX'ho's XX'ho 56-58 Girls' State 5' DAR Good Citizen One-Act Play 57 Interscholastic League 55-57 CALLENDER KAY Band 55 58 Band Captain 57 58 Paper Staff 55 58 Who s Who 57 junior Play 57 Choral Officer 56 57 Editor Tiger Rag 58 Basketball 58 EUGENE DAILY VIVIAN FHA 55 57 Librarian 55 DIQNTON. MARY DOVCQ B.1r1.i QQVQK PLY Qq"1J Q' -,h f,1iuffL.1lLr VHA Offlxuf Q -h.r1-wr Plgy Q' f,I1"Z'.l1 Q' Parr: Nuff C' "" F" Y L '- .nwx .p . IZDXYARDS. -IAXII B.ll"ld QQ, Qfw Clmccrluldcr Q6 IQHA QQ-QS l'iw1t1uv.1kc1 wr Iwfzi-'11 FHA cjflflkff' Q' .IL1n:n-z PIM Q Om-Act Play QT Anmml Fmt! Q'-QS But Figure QS films Offzcvr Q6. Q' GRAY. DONA LD Fund Q Q-QS C.1.lwCjZIlLLZ' Q6 Clwxxll QS wxx QS IDI 'R HAM. TUINIBIY hm, r Ply. Q' limkctlmall Q'-QS fx-WZPT11: Q' QR CQARRVTT. CHARLITS jL1n:urPl.1y 5' I7uuth.llI Q6-58 Iiaskctlmll Q6-Q8 Huichlll Q'-QH Chix lllxurxtc Q' C,l.1sx Otfw,-r Q6. QS Anmml Staff S'-58 Cutcst Cwuplc Q8 Hwnwrnblc Mentmn Fo0tb.1I1 Q-,gg CRIMES. JOYCE Pcp Sqmd Q'-QS FHA Q'4QS l HEMBY. JIMMY HENDERSON. GLYNDA Cheerleader 5' FHA 55-if Pep Squad 55-56 S3 ,Q-6. HENSON, BARBARA ANN Baslxctlvnll 56-58 Pep Squad 55-58 FHA 55 Must Atlilctzc 58 Chiirill 58 Vollcylwall 58 JACKSON. PATSY RUTH Class Officer 5'-58 Chr1r.1lClub 5'-58 Cl' Club Officer 57 Band 55-58 FHA ii-5' Annual Staff 5"-58 Junior Play 57 Vilhffs XY'ho 57 Best Dressed 58 HlCKlNIAN, SUE FHA 55-5B FHA Officer 5' B.1skctlull 55-58 Viillcylwall 58 KEEL. FREDDIE Foutball 55-57 Basketball 55-57 Best Dressed 58 junior Play 5' Track 56 KINC PATSX I ANI Y RANDAI L IOC KFY MARY ANINIIN n 55 58 Drum NI wr In Ill Bm Lt 1 5 n 5 58 Muurcttc 5m 1 UYQIIL 56 59 IIIIL fhfl LI' IIA IBTTILLF 55 cr L1 5 C1155 Ot xccx P1 cr NICGRECOR IOHNNY NIH FRS IAMES DAVID Bm 55 58 Choml 5 5 IIA 55 58 FIFA Otfmer 56 5 Hmd I LUILDIUI 5 .1 5 5 SQ Blskctba rm n Xiu t Qtudmue umor Plax 5 Paper a 5s zu ttmcr 5 B ost Llkclx to Succeed 5'3 6? R 1, . . Z , . . - , 1 , I I 1 Ba d - 1 . -1' 58: Im b. 1'-is-21 Lk-h.ll 7- 14.1 A S- 1 5 A - 058 I1 A A -.1 S. 1 "rl w1f1fA ww ff " I in FHA 1Chr.1lCQl b 6. wa. 1 .5 'f' A' 55. 5'1 .p 5 mff 55532 Chunll Club 56-5'. 1 1 , ' IIII I 71 . ' I . d , - 1 . 5- S: jun- - ' - 1 A - 71 wr Pl.1y 5'g . .:- - . 'Z Ifmvtb ll 5 . '- Q1 . ' ll 55. Lfb. 11 51581 . N , ' , 51 J '1 Sr ff A 5'A5S1 Cl. , OM' "1 I 9- P5 5' OBAR. JOAN Head Cheerleader 58 Cheerleader 5'-58 Class Ofrzcer 5'-58 Yflmfs Xiiw 56-5- PHA 55. 53 Annual Eel1twr5'-58 Junior Plaj-' 5' Class Offzcer 55-5' Paper Staff 56-58 SHA R P. SUSAN Vfllrfs Xlflw 57 Mr1stBe.1utiful 57-58 FPA Sweetlueart 58 Band 55-58 Blrliwrcttc 56-58 Class Offzcer 56-58 'lurllwr' 5' Paper Staff 58 SMITH, ROBERT Football 55-58 All-District Teams 56-58 Must Valuable Player 58 Class President 58 Boys' State 57 Most Popular Boy 57 Basketball 55-58 Baseball 57-58 Track 55-58 RITCHIE. IANELLE Banj 55-55 FHA 55-55 Ch 17.11 5'-58 Juntflr Play 5' Class Off:cer 58 Pape: Starr 53 SHLfTTLESXXfORTH, MARTHA Class lfaxwrzte 55 Clwral 56-5' Annu.1lStg1ff 5'-554 FHA 55. 58 Cutest Cwuple 58 Most Pnpular Girl 58 W-l-s...,,,, T 'Q WARD. BOBBY FFA 55-57' Track 58 WIGGINS, SUE Cheerleader 58 Best Personality 58 FHA Officer 56 Choral Club 58 Pep Squad 55-58 Band 55-56 One-Act Play 57 Basketball 55-56 WHITTEN, SAMMY Football 56-58 Track 56-58 Basketball 56 Class Favorite 58 WRIGHT, KATHY FHA 55-58 Choral 57 Paper Staff 58 Pep Squad 56-58 -4 P: efzdent KENNETH BRASWELL Vzre Preizdefzt DONNA TAYLOR Sew elar 3 PEGGY ALLEN T1 9411067 PEGGY ALLEN Repo: te: J BECKEY MOORE SANDRA TOOTHMAN Soma! Cbanmen KATHY KING WILLIS BUGG Ofhccrs P1 end 6211 GEN E PAD L SMITH Vzfe Pr efzdenl WAYNE CLEM Senefmj PATRICIA DAVIS Tr eafur er NELL LEDFORD Reporfeu JIMMY BRASWELL GLEN EVANS S 0 cm! C han man JUDY ELLIS 10th I- x UNIORS Q ' ' ' 'i".'-1 .A V ' '4 3,313 . " '- ' . ., gif- W ,S ' .- K' ,f . U., -5':?, A. z VA. ', v ....,.:.., . ..,. .....5.,..,.. 6' lf-Q 51 Gu- s K johnny Ashby foffii XY'ilbert Bickerdil-ze Qlllei' Howard Bishop Cf0f6ffillf1lIlb Xlifiiyne Boshears Judy mils ll"o1'5lJjp.r iz fum Perry Etheridge "Cram .lltzzzu HSf7f1I7I6I'.' Glen Evans Helgbl Sue Nell Glaspie Clfzrizzel bappii james Braswell 519311615 Billy Ray Bugg Izzfelfigelzre Willie jim Hardy Quiet Judy Harper Cfzrlife jafkel Wfayne Clem Drefwzer Randall Cornelison Cary Edna Hess Nife Mildred Hedgecough johzfr .fleadj Patricia Davis 1lI!l7Ul?l'J' Teddy Echard Prafzkffer Robert Hamilton Polite Geneva jones Big help to azzzzual df? gn, f X, voa 5 A-iff 3 U Abu! H0010 N01 AVAKAII .HI Hubert jordan "Herb" joe Allen L15 ne Snzrzll PHFEKZKQE of TNT XX ayne Sherman CVKLZQ' ffmgb Tommy Shuttlesworth Nell Led ford Shar! Lois Lindsey Bark elbnlf gzmrd joan McIntosh Eager lo 111111111 juanrta Mclntosh Nife Talker ohn Steele All11IIH'ulJ pe! Gable Stewart N0 mba Sprmixh Mac Stox 1ll L01 er bfzmf If FIJHCIS Thompson Ralph Mock B 11111 ability Cafe QS N ll Edna Prrce R641 hzljl' Lonnie Ray Toole Abllztj Robert XX rlbrlnlxs Quia! aa C...-P i ku 1-,' 'ix Billy Reneau Gene Paul Ritch C. I ' ' 'U u I I , , Ax Neltlg XX"on1.1ck Ritlmrtl XYVIIICS joel W'ilkin5on 7'rzie,fajf1ke lllicglafly 1111111 Sffnfjofzof Fv'1f11rffV1 Drum 1111zJ11fr.r a si sc 6 r 5 Prefidefzf EMORY ALSTON Vife Prefidefzl GUS BICKERDIKE S.?6'l'?fdI'j ANTHONY GUNN Treayzzref' ROBERT EVANS Reporfef' JOE MARTIN 9 w........W.,,., , 8th Prefideul WELDON SHAW' Vzfe Prefidefzt JIMMY BALLEVC' .Sx6'U'6If1l'-'j-TI'6dII4l'6l' DON TOOLE Reporfer HELEN CALLENDER PHVIILIUIt'11fu'I'1IIII,f DOUG GRAY J. L. SHUTTLESXVORTH 'E ffl, SOPHCMCRES 2:55343 Ha, Vx K run 1.3. . , an u w I 13-gsffiril, 5 - "1 w?f in E lg' rage' .-5 3-1, .,Xfg5li- ,x 5525 . kvkgi, w A95 f :ivy-H K' lf, , , ,. , . . ,, , Q.. -4. t I I W 51 ' R' , I Q .N N' , . Charlot jordan Kathy King Frances Lrndsey jerry McDaniel Gene Munn Becky Mmwre Judy Rztchie Xcrncye Flux-.' Leann Smmth Deverne Steele Dnnna Taylor Dorothy Walker Nancy XY'illcinsun Roy Gene XY'inkley Peggy Allen Ruth Biclqerdike Kenneth Braswell W'1lliS Bugg Bfary Carpenter 'llmmmy Cartlxclge Bruce Cawthon jerry Cwle 'Ive Daily George Durham Tommy Gentry Joyce Gilley Frances Gurney Margo Harris Linda Holman gil f., E Q, NOV SHOWN J Rr? -Llckxu Hnmicrswn ,Io Ann Howard Billx Klrk Luuxn Lambeth -lc-TW NILNUW f1r1t?2.1XIIfr. 'Iwi-Ix:.:P,1z:1r1 JUL' N22 .:'w 1. ID! rm. Nz" L Nmi' N, 1 E,.1,,.. I ., 11.1 Xxlff lv H xx -V X ff" sr, .1 .ty TN -'J -4-Q jwhrurzx A.i.xw A'..i BAN? .T lv Iwi ri KJILH f " X fw O fn.1r1f...ILRxfc1 -lzxt 1' x fuf!.1gL'D -1.11 px fxubk Blix Cwwjur Pk .lv D mc: V.lLl'll1I1lB' llutcr Im' Umllu' Luullc Qwwlrzcll 1.4-un H.1ITT Betty Hardy 1 vt 1'-1 ,ff A :mY t"'1 f 2 ' ,.l:3 fx. 'xv-Q 0 1: 'E A I 1 is QC R .f' Almond. Gene Bain. Mack Bnllew. jintrziy Barrett. Vcrng IEAQQ. Climliitta- Brown. Dclil.ll1 Burlces. joe Cnllender. Hclcn Clouser. Marslmll Clem. Billy Cooper, David Davis. Mary Ann Dickey. David Dickey. Jerry Echard, Flossie Edwards. George Gentry, Nellie Glaspie. Ollie Goodrich, Roberta Gray, Douglas Ham. Gene Hamilton. Donald Hamilton, Jimmy Harper. Johnnie Hemby. Ronnie 5 ,..., l 3 v 5 lg . 7 Q .- ii :P A 4. +-2 ! , A xi 4 N K :Ja L. ,1- 1 . 9 NJ 'I L ' 4 Q . I, , p 5 1. Y" 1 : 4. ,a .va Q .f ' .1 ag ' W . S X r 'fr i-. .1 2 S. Sf , S 2 S 9 1' Henderson, Hcndcrwn. Hill. Hiring. XXYIHIJIN Floyd Qdmlyn Ling -is I ,ff Q U n J' -0. Q Y I. V 6: 1 ' - .5 . I 1 - w 34114 in " .4 . . V Ln' Km. L.1nli.ii1i. .IUYCC 'limmy Leim. Sharon Martin. Mary Gene Melton. Billy Mitchell. Frances Mullican. Frances McDaniel. Louise McDougal. Harold Mclntosh, Roy McMichael. Nelan Neel. Bobby Partin, Aubrey Price. Samuel Rains. jimmy Rankin. javenda Reagan, Dannv Sampson, Gordon Shaw. XVeldon Sherman, XV. T. Shuttlesworth, J. L. Soloman, Paulette Stovall, Sherry Strickland, Ruby Thompson, Phyllis Tomlin. Patricia Toole. Donovan XY'arcl. Glenda Whitesides, Don XY ilbanks. Glenda XY'ines. Donnie XY omack, Linda 444 'T . 'I f tw X if Q. in' wx 9, 'lf ,lggy 'Q , . kg, 1 ii . 9 EAP' Q ww -R3 J 40' f f 'W 5 With Grade yn. K HJ! L G kv 'Q sg in 9 'Q If Top :ou Glen Allen Emory Alston Joyce Beck Gus Blclxcrdllkc Qamms Brewer Donme Drner Snwzd mu Robert Euns Lrry luigatc. Anthom Gunn Dmcc Hm llttwn Amt lxcc Cmcn Kccl fbnd mu jerry Kmg, 'led Lexxcllcn Duns McDougal jerry Nltwn Chester Nlartm jot Nlartxn Fourfh mu ROUDIE Nic-lton Qxdnex Mxllcr Dale Nfoler Fllen Nltmrn Sue Nnclx R1t.1 Olur I' 11 mu Domthy Pcrslngcr je ry D n Rtch Ihomas Qhtlntt C ml Smth Suri Norrdl Iaxltvr S1-.Il r u Charlottn Thumpbon Plulbcrt ltmle Dtrlnm XX t rl m 3 ' ii' . 3 .' W - 4-. e . 1, ., , f if 4 A? 'Q ' 'lxvf' if X , , A T lf 7,5 J h'Qmflvl' , ..- 'A Q -5,1 1 PV- E ll u degli Z? ". -7 102 'I' 3' Q' 8 3' , ' 7 " , , 5, , A . ' l ., X. - x ' - ,I , , X 4 , e 'F -Q - 4 't- Q, ff! J - ' 4 ". r ' 0 i . 'A . :' - . In f i . A f ' . 611155 Qawrifcs ,K 1 1TH 1 OTH Judy Elhs Kathy Kmg Gene Paul Rltch Donme Shuttlesworth 9TH 8TH Helen Callender Dorthy Persmger jlmmy Ballevs Robert Ex ans Q' eniar Personalities CL'TEST COUPLE Martha Shuttlesworth Charles Garrett BEST DRESSED Patsy jackson Freddie Keel BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE Jane Edwards Robert Smith BEST PERSONALITY Sue W' i ggins Tommy Durham MOST ATHLETIC Howard Adams Barbara Henson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kay Callender james David Meyers MOST STIQDIOLTS Celeste Bright johnny McGregor 'W 'A , ' "' .U ' S'51 . ' 'I' '9"4..,i' wairxg fi L ff 33f'7x'f 1 X,,i'i1+? A4r4.. ' a-,sf .':,- - qglg , H , L . aff N 4.-li EY! 2 ,isqv E 14 , -Af , 4 fb K ., . ' 5 ' 3:1 x . fini!-I' . A x A ' -1 , A ' A Say' K, . ' A . .fa -. N 4 Q 'F PW- FW 11" 4 V54 Q gf:1ff?r4 K iffy -, f b ysi -ff' ., yfff, . - 7 V13 f' 'F 'sfsr ' 5'-I ' Siu T JW '1 2' A iq' sl fx .- ' 'Q' f 'Q 4 s .. V- 1- ' I' A: " W , - -' I .',.N r J 2q5f'i'i'i - 'F , N. r, WA' , x fli . - , f -.1 4 . , gif' ' f ' -' + F- -' ' Q fr- ' " w it " .45 A x ' H-ii, J ir i U: v" ' 5 n 5 I .J ,,L . ,-.Q ,i ,P , - 5 .U I 5 ' 5 5 , .J , J 'af' .1 " ,MQW-gf?'Viff" ' ' gqW: 1 ,wg ,. a l N 1 Qufurcf flvmemakers MOTTO "Tozmm' Nerf Horizwzf Prffiderzf Vin PM wdt llf Sckf!'eI.l7'j 'l'n,1fu1'u' ""'Q Puklff Rel.1tim1r W Y 97 F.lI.n1. B 4' Q5 O QQ t my 3? 2 I 5' r:.1't1Jm F E! 9 A O Q YO NEWYXO Spmz-or MRS, XYHITE JANELLE RITCHIE Il1f1fn,'.ff1 ROBERTA GOODRICH CELESTE BRIGHT Sc?',Qr,17Jf-.II-Al'l7I,Y FRANCES MITCHELL JACKIE HENDERSON Surf Lhadn jL'DY RITCHIE GLENDA XYILBANKS P1.n11f! DONNA TAYLOR ,, , POLLY DICKEY :JH "" HOXYARD ADAMS JANE IZDXYARDS KV1nnnr uf HlJI1ULAIX1.lkCf of TuH'wr'1'rvxx Cunttst Sweellaearz SUSAN SHARP ,v-. ,.., FARM 5 Or MR, R. E. SOAPE + 4 f-,E y Pep Squad E--+ PEP SQUAD OFFICERS JUDY ELLIS SU"'rf-IV'-I CELESTE BRIGHT RIfTI-IIE STONE Tfmfurfr GENEVA JONES n ryym, Sue Wfggzns J nl I W1 Hux:C:pu.1L.1.iur . fy", Mary Doug Denton f ef N My X C 5 S QS R y I i! .wk b 'vit . Peggy Allen - E716 Lfhecrleader flzylz Sclzwl y0l7fblIff CAPTAIN 9. 'pus if -V , ' lf ,'1Cv ' A N- A X? C r jr Robert Smith 5' " s 3 ' A A COACHES 'gi H d C ark johnO ens Aff 11111 J m Van Ha erbc-ke CO CAPTAIN S .nl 16- 3 Charles Garrett Gene Paul Rltch dh E ' N ' .T',fA ' ' I!! -' Q X I A M '1 ffE.,. , A . ,XZ lfli X C L Fl'-"' h fl W1 560001 Hrfofluzll 1 C1 lblc itcxx .lft Hubert jordan B0ffIl77l101l Ballevx Brasuell Layne Mc1Nexx Lanev Srmth Bmwell Partxn Adams Middle mu Xkhxttnn Clem Aihbx Rutch Kxrk Lmrrctt Bug, Lambeth T ff nu Cmch Owens Smzth Shan Durham Cole Mxers Took Shcrmm Coach Huerbeke .1 A TF' X. I " W 4 Y Ax af 4, 'fr PM 2 fi mg f 1 S ,pa .5 "iw Y L aw? F. I 135 Y! l + 42: .. 'S' M' x r 1 -9 O 1' fl ' S ' 'F 'M 5 ou- A P ? U i junzor ffzgh Sfvofball 3- 1 G-0 if B ily Clem Terry Don D c ey Weldon Sh COACH JIITI Van Hax erbeke fflgfl WV'WeXIkQ'0!A JW 211299 an g u rl if , Schzfrfl lgaskeiball I I IJ ,4 Zfcam DISTRICT 17-A WINNERS 1 JW Q I I 'YA 5 '75"' Calm O lllfll ik J , 1 'li 3 f fvv :.,.,4,,,,,,,,,-g 1 K . ,fbi LM. '51 I 44 'f af . vi ' 1 . J . .6 J- ' 4 . T Edilor KAY CA LLENDER THE TIGER RAG STAFF 5 Q, I H!! q-55' Ura' 696 THE TIGER RAG REPORTERS BAND OHTICQIZRS SL' SAN SHAR P L.u14:Lf1.1f Senior Class of 1958 PATSY KING Dunn' ,iffffr KAY fiAI.I,IfNUIfR C...'-f'.'.J,'f' ,TANFI,I.I7 RI'I'CiHII2 I..z,u,'u. P lyf- 44 7 IV x K C Jw ' X '41 ELEMENTARY ff' 4 vu 1, J, -'s-7' 'Q l Q f-we W ws- 3 , 'v 3 s- 1 J wh O O Q: Q 5 0 I qu. :bc 0 K is ts Lf if i "Q lynn, ? All T b 'Q y f . ' "x No Photo AVAILABLE Szlffh Grade Sheryl Brown Bobby joe Busby Lou Ella Cheatham Tommy Deason Louis Dickey Paula Dickey Kay Evans Murel Hamilton Douglas Hill Gene Hill Dorothy Holman Ralph Dale Howarcl Linda Keel Patsy McDougal Nancy McMillen Nancy Mitchell Carla Pipes Glen Sampson Melba Steele Florence Thompson janell Thompson john Robert Toole Shirley Ward Sifzfh Grade -df' 1"9 CTP' ww T s 'P 193: a a Nancy Ann Allen jimmy Bates Dianne Beck Raymond Biclccrclilxc Gary Clem Linda Sue Cohagan Carolyn Ellis jan Hightower jucly Jordan Charles McDaniel joe Paul McElroy Dixie McNew Clarence Martin Lynda Martin Fredda Moore Faye Scates XR! ffm: ' 1 , y R -. . ff, o r- ' S , 4 5- o , . fi , I -Q I -' , .,. 1 ,.. ., r, ff ,452 .,,f1ixf.'yi. 9 "r:,f'Qx4j"f 'f",r,': Y,',,,i,J,'i'r'. q lj f 'r'f l 1 H x -.f, Charlotte Allen jerry Aln-und Mary Almond Nano. Alston Sghll limi Linix lizrdxx p,,,. I Aww.. . .Ll. K. . A 'I'f':t1:1'y Cjnmic XX'.1ll.uL Hmm Chg-ryl K.1j,' Hgmzlt X.wn,l Hcndcmln Andy jllrxls Nurnm jean Kncl Larry 5ICGill Judy Mclntosh jacqucllnc Melmn Cheryl Park Dnud Ruins Rclu Rulwcrson Bllrlmlrn Kay Sadler A-A 5 x1 -in Q UO' Cv' 1 ff lv I . 05,1 - ,,. I 'i ki -Q ' . 'lk-msn Spmn lfl.1.1lWcth gI.lll'lbJCl'i B , S- Dcnnzs Sutrnn ? ,Q 9 d 'I'1 l r ' ..1n ra .pn ' -I.r.lmy Iflmlm '-. . 5 Tlfiumy XY :lcy - .' nrm XY':llm.1n 27211 Grade' Mrs. Hlark 'gn WI 45- Q2 A I ls' 7 4 Q I . A I 'l fn 4 ' . ,' ' X 'J ' J Q 17 ir: Q M I I W I 6- D' 93 19 Fmt row: William Bain, Jerry Ballew, Robert Barrett. Nancy Boshears, james Caldwell. Serorzd row: Sammy Clark, Ora G, Daily, Carolyn Driver, Mary Ann Duty, Carol A. Evans. Third faux' Deborah Foster, Gerald W. Garrett, Linda F. Hamilton, Gary L. Hamilton, Gerald W. Hill. Fourlb rouu' Allen Howard, Tommy Littlepage, Regina Moler, Tom Moran, Liricls S, Neal, Tommy Neely, Travis Potts. Frfzb row: Sharon Shaw, Marla Thibodeaux, Bobbie XY'liitc. Peggy XVomack. f IQ MRS. MOORE ' YU-4 -L t ,.: -- fi 4-- 5 vi N 10s 4. Q, I ,I X4 ff Almond, Alvie Bickerdike, Sanyia Busby, Linda Byers, Patsy Cheatham. Nelda Cooper, Gerald Davis, Judy Driver, Janie Fussell. jerry Goolsbv, Grace Hamilton. Raymond Hemby, Carolyn Hoing, Randall Holdren, Judy Ann Hugghins. Diane R my I S X ' W 9011 th Grade cu.. Q , ... Laney, james Ray Leim, Katherine Mason, Donald McDaniel, Kenneth McKenney, Claudia McNew, Jamie Lou Musslewhite, Sharon Obar. Russell Potts, Ernest Shuttlesworth, Gloria Sipes, Aleta jo Smith, Rodney Soape, Charlie Spittler, Larry Tackett, James Townsend, Robert Vascocu, Tommy Wfalker, Clifford Womack, james Xvright, john shi.. Uzird Grade l A7 5 5' 1 Mary Bloomfield Larry Cheatham joe Gracie jan Harris Kathy Kersh Betty Mason Richard Neal Larry Nesbitt Dennis Sadler Rhodie Shaw jack XX'arcl Glen XVilbanks MRS. FAYE XVIGGINS Reta Daily Wilbur Forester june Beth Kee Claudene Keel Vennie Miller jerry Musslewhite Ellen Park Alice Ann Rooks Leonard Spann Kenneth Toothman john Willman Barbara Winkley Q 'Q 4, VG' .. Q rl ga ' 'sf ,tv fl! v ,fi , tif , 5 'N . w -. Q, ff .A '-J' bv- james Farmer Ruthie Hickman jane Huldren Ronald Knight David McDaniel Nancy Allen Mary Alston Hugh Barrett Carolyn Bonner james Byers Gerald Davis Deborah Deniith Ronnie Dixon 0- , s ,ei fn -4-1 'Lfxe .' ,V R . ay 3 4 XXX A ,. I . D4. vi K . l' X- Ufird Grade H Ry iii, i Linda Sue Miller Randy Mullican Patty jo Neely Larry Obar Steve Sadler Dana Stainback Glenda Stephenson Patricia Thibodeaux lx' t:.U Edna Ann Traxler Sherry Vascocu jerry Don Ward Charles W'ebb Jerry W'omack w"4' L vlig. I , . IJ .im A .113 IDX 1: .,,. 1 In i HQ-:H ..: f I, 711 IV Q Ilnri X Cf! X Smwd hum Munn Crux' Hcgir I'z.1I1Ix Hcmfatx vm RLIIHKII I'iH1ZI'..1D HH Q Hy mx ,HJ Grade jun Jarvis Kcrsll Mulmcl Maru Dalc Martzn Edwzm M.1r5h.1ll x FY' 4' it O f Y V o wr 4 3 Mllrgan Muller 'I Runmc Neel Chunk Osborn v 4 Tmmny Potts DunC.m Ruhcrson Vo D.1x,J N.xItn1'xxIutc KI.m Alan Sharp D.1r1n'.' SI1.1LklrtAwr R1t.1 -IU Ninth XY.1Eur'I.ukcrt Xfuz I '. T111 Hn " PIX .. Q' 'za' Lv.a:z::,, ' lx -1--' +L K? my xx- VV. X A .... -.. A N :1 5. . . V G-, 'P' .r ' , - g '. X 9 -. I . 3 .lf " g rg. . u n I. . x W'alter Ray Allen Reba Karen Almand Alan H. Bates Johnnie NW. Bonner James D, Breedlove David E. Brunelle Sherman D. Clem Keith Cohagen Ann Dickey Tilda Jane Dickey James David Garrett La Dinah Kay Hamilton Peggy Ann Harris Joe L. Hoing Mary C. Hunt David Knight Paul W. Leim Hal M. Maris Rodney McDaniel Michael O. McMichael Kerry McNew Phyllis Myers Betty L. Nesbitt Renee Park Harlan VU. Ray Brad Reagan VU. M. Soloman Beverly, Shuttlesworth Danny Suire Deborah S. Terry Eugenia J. Toole Janice Toothman Paul Webb Janice Womack Zz' I Grade MRS. MINNIE DICKSON x " x Q- 'H ,- "" a 1 ' Q yy , U V A 5 M 1 Y A iwxf' N N i ' in A sy :- lyqq V- , 'ii C -1 'f EET s g. ' 512' E 2 1 Z 'Mil 5""'No more f4n I Oh u si- 1 5 sr- - . f x. ' S , - if 4' , Q7 1 V "- ,, -ff g . l f 5 Dr'n1f'?P,i!Nq4-xi iw MOST BEAUTIFUL SUSAN SHARP MOST HAINDSONE GENE PAUL RITCH Mvumsegml, 'Mensa '5"q,-mn.-an MOST POPULAR GIRL ..,. MARTHA SHUTTLESXWORTH HOST POPULAR BOY ,,,,LL,A.,,,....L ,,,LLLALLL,LL. G LEN EVANS 'lila- W. , rsy , Mt "H'dfaaaz. M, ff' 1.,,,1, , JIMMY BALLEW CELESTE BRIGHT JANE EDWARDS PATSY KING Y sf' I ,ffl GENE P. RITCH Wim is Wim The faculty members of Troup High School announce at this time the winners of the 1958 XY'ho's XVho honors. These eleven students have been selected in secret session of the fac- ulty on the basis of leadership, scholarship, cooperation, de- pendability, citizenship, courtesy, honesty, loyalty, sportsman- ship, and punctuality. This society has been adopted by the faculty as a yearly selection and shall be kept in secret each year until the TIGER is received from its publishers. PATSY JACKSON JOE ALLEN LAYNE JOAN OBAR SUSAN SHARP JOE SHAW ROBERT A. SMITH The Senxor Annual Staff Spomorf MR R I RODDY MRS MARY FAYE REAGAN The junior Annual Staff P'I A Pygfldtflf ll rf 1 N S 1 15.,.1n Nm L Hwlmu rs uma r 'Xfr jmm NIR9 ID HOLXIF9 BL 5 DRIVFRQ I' I' I' I' I' I' c Cs Dm 9,1ttLruh1te R J Ru dx T NI Ixmg Leu Ntum Xom m Hcnderxon , ,fx .,.ff'w'm . 13-f, V V- , f5??a ifj3f' f ff gi A , . . fy f v V -if-ng ww. 5-1 '! ,fy fn Mlfhe Kickoff WQu,I'5 The Gang All Bird Wfzfclwers S 1 Chear le,a.der-S 72 2229 Thi! ezhozfe all - to thine own self he true And it nznff follow, as the nigh! the day, Thou mn!! not then he falye to any nzan. SHAKESPEARE THESE THINGS Q COME FROM RSX SAVINGII x 'I if : , THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK TROUP TEXAS ISInce I902 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION -,'.fi.l:s,: h y l ..,:'..,:: -:..w. f' -xi sl . - n V X--, N-'RQSK5 ' ,X-' A -:gk-a . ' ' ., '. u ' I 'I I I . 'SHPE .X .csc . . .X .-. NNN . 'x -l 0 0 , -. x I II ,9 - I I 0 l . 4 I , .I - .N , V TJ Ot ' . - " ',KK7d XE T ' - .' ' m I ,- tm! 3 I il H Af N " vw -f , Y Il - - Q ' . I- E I -i:- XT 1 4i'?-'L - ' 'T' "Z Elo-Q '- . I 'Q 4 Q E EE Z I T E ff rf 1 SEE YOUR NEW FORD A+ Your QQ Dealer's NOW! TERRY WRIGHT MOTOR COMPANY Troup Texas Gas Company EFFICIENT QUALIFIED EXPERIENCED CompIeI'eIy Two Way Radio Equipped +o All Servace Trucks and Cars for BeH'er Service 164' 'Zuni ' - 1-0 5 I PPI BUTANE PROPANE APPLIANCES tj, L ' D W i X - - MAGNCLIA CONSIGNEE James C. Hines TROUP HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENTS COMPANY Phone 84 FRIGIDAIRE MAYTAG R.C.A. TV Soles and Service FURNITURE APPLIANCES C pl + 'F LTON SHBY Troup, Texas JOHNSON-TUCKER PHARMACY f x Compliments of C. B. REAGAN 1 iv.. .. Q.,fQ1 ,Y E ' 'TEXAC . BOYD MlLLER'S SERVICE ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY ELECTRICAL POWER AND LIGHTS JARVIS PONTIAC TROUP TRACTOR AND TRUCK CO Compliments of SOUTHWESTERN Troup, Texas B AND W PLUMBING ROB BALLEW qffiazce MEATS X MARKETS GOTHARD WHOLESALE MARKET rs C0 H. A. HUGGHINS AND SON Your Texaco Disfribufor . Qualify Groceries a+ SHAW'S U fil- , fs? f "', fwfclfx rffbf CHOICE ef Plumbing and Hearing -f-f Y H Town Plumber" Complimenfs M , -l 'A of U D f- A '1 0 6 WILLIAM S CLEANERS TROUP FEED 81 FARM SUPPLY FEED SEED FERTILIZER YSPPI CAN Ll 09 8 .9 AMLICO f 'X I COMPP- Arviuco SERVICE DENTON S STATION CONGRATULATIONS I 8 YOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER GERALD SADLERS MAGNOLIA STATION Remembe' BARRON g C I 936 W I T p T THINK OF US AS THE STORE THAT THINKS OF YOU WEST SIDE SERVICE f TE ACD I I' W T HUGGHINS LEROY HUGGHINS Complim nfs of I Vaccines Ve+erinar u ies Tel. I67 P. O. Box 845 A 'Io The Seniors o '5 J ik T,I, I 4 A 9 I I S. , The Bi oun ry Sfore XE phone , h Rome 3 Texaco ,Ou I exas Service S a ion SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT GUNNS SERVICE STATION V BARRETT BROS C pIeI B dy Wo FORESTER AND SHARP FUNERAL DIRECTORS d S p BASS BARBER SHOP FOR YOUR FEED SEED AND FERTILIZER NEEDS Shop aI' THE SHAW AND DODSON FEED STORE LILLIAN O SALLEE RepresenI'a+ive Franklin Life Insurance Company OLD LINE LEGAL RESERVE Phone 82 Box 386 TROUP fi, , ' S ' 'SOPR x fs? I I C , Your -' P'3+f0na9e om e o rks Appreciafed WRECKER SERVICE Phone I30 Complimenfs of CompIimenI's of Fores+er an har 4 in ' fa llyftglfj! F L+ + jryf, a es CLARKfS fe'-Q FLOWER SHOP LH, Q Flowers for All Ocasions FLOWERS BY WIRE T Phone 62 Ladies' Ready-'ro-Wear and Accessories MRS JIM GLASPIE MRS EARL BELL THE FLOWER COTTAGE EVANS VARIETY STORE N g + TROUP TEXAS e k P A SI oo IMOGENE CARTLIDGE R 599610, v My 745 f f nf HARRIS EA ER MooREs CL N S FOOD STORE Day or i I1 Phone 95 BUH ric aH'erns Flowers for II Ocasions 55 IOC ' Q .1 'Ej.l,m U x in V N Q , E . ER ,g , -E r L C m lmenfs 1 ,ti f--Q is 'wx W 1, In K ,gift ' O , V -Q-H:-VI,-E. , I TROUP NURSERY COMPANY Specializing in Ornamen+al Nursery S+oclc, Including Azaleas, Camellias, and Roses: Also Hardy Shrubs, Shade Trees, Frui+ Trees. When in Need of a Plan+ing, See Us. Our Prices Are Reasonable. f-W0 we 343 49? qi- l is Mas. I. E. TACKETT 7 Fusrou TACKETT W w. L. TACKETT Wm: mwm oncicev ' To . Xa x. '-Q XX. X. S.. I-Q X-Z Plus Quali+y Groceries a+ Lower Prices a+ ? .,. Q gg , Mins Wg ' fm I V U 4M i r i Jg e-V GARRETTS FOOD STORE Every+l1ing +o Build Anyfhing TROUP LUMBER COMPANY PHONE '66 TROUP. TEXAS K A ead GZ-5 L4 -4 can 3 275 You're Mo P 5 ' 'Q-..- .,, i. , '1 X f AN X ,iff X f x WITH A GREAT SOUTHERN SAVINGS PLAN See Your Grea+ SouI'I1erner FOUNT BRIGHT So Much So New 1958 CHEVROLET CH 11 MAX JARVIS CHEVROLET CO. TRouP, TEXAS A Good Movie Is Educa+ionaI and Enferfaining Visi+ Your Beau+i'FuI New TROU P TH EATER Showing AII +I1e Good Pic+ures PHONE 45 " ' l l 1 -1 - . . A- NNW Cl fl' EX4, VANCE AUTO SUPPLY - i535fX, Q ,ff , x A gig, 'p 4 AUT Q, REPAIRS All fin , , X ,V 7 " ef S r Humble Produci' Au+o Paris and Service PHONE 373 TROUP, TEXAS Oils Malone Corine Pebsworlh MALONE'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 4l9 JOHNSON MOTOR CO Used Cars Troup's Oldesl' Used Car Dealer IF l'l"S GOOD FOOD VCU WAIT wif N GOODMAN'S CAFE Phone 4I 2 TROU P, TEXAS lOl'1' YIOIIRY gf v -f ..c:1' 74:55-D 'q QQ, r Q I 3' A I I -, 4 3 '- ro' 1 X 5 ' -'T 'fin HEI! GIFT GOOD FOOD 5 1116 , " 4 -1 552111:-11111: u.x.1,..g1--11,- '1211aL11g12:132:., ..52:1,E1:g3E:33Hg522x1m..-- 111132:3a1:u1i:322:ga3::,m222Ea25:1gaq3alg1- '12112E112E1:gguzan,3i:113ga1:222!g331gv' .1.1ka1aamziaaizx121Ea.m:Q1111.4-'- CORNER DRUG STORE Phone 362 "" If i+'s good food you wan+ visii' us for FRESH MEATS ANUVEGETABLES. One S+op Service We Give S 81 H Green Sfamps WALLER'S GROCERY MARKET, AND STATION Phone 259 Serving +he Troup Trade Area Since 1894 Always sfriving 'io provide informafion and en- 'ierfainmenf for eyery member of your family, this newspaper is dedica+ed as a symbol of our precious freedom. Sixfy-four years of service for which we are proud and humbly graieful for +he opporiunify 'io serve. THE TROUP BANNER ' CY 6 Q , JUST GOOD FOOD! CompIimen1's e BARNER'S DRIVE INN "SERVICE" Is Our MoH'o LET Us EL X CHILDRES Z , I O V DRY Goons STORE 2 - J 1 Q S f X I Z 'a'4 I . - 7 .293 f-:e1'f'1 , t :Jil y .- C' X ax A ' - 1 Comple+e Lubrica+ion Wa hin nd Poli hin R ' HEMBY SERVICE STATION 24-Hour Road Service Phone 66 Nighi' Phone TROUP, TEXAS TROUP 3ll N X 6,, JOHNSON VARIETY FU f 5:9044 Sekdwo Ol PPV 1 Kg SUPPLIES an Gel' X Q TOOLE S GROCERY SHACKELFORD BARBER SHOP C T SHACKELFORD FORNEY MOORE 6 1 Hangoul' ll Cemeiery Need Bridge Tlle Well Tale-Sephc Tank Grease Taps Foundahon Blocks l TROUP MO ue DOUGLAS WY Congralulalions S . 1 X E- emors f X X Y X J I ff 'v ' +0 fl-11 2 l X ffm-X LONNIE NESBITT'S GROCERY V rg, I l TROUP BEAUTY AND GIFT SHOP , I On Tyler Highway Beaufy Culfure of All Klnds MRS MODELL TORBETT, Owner PHONE 229 TROU P, TEXAS Q,-,M,N ill f,.,,,,,,,, YW, g l xl Complimenfs of T qx, f I ' .9 XX X h If x, P . E die A 'f-'-' ' ff " T if I -Tag 1559. l -' Z I: l . . 1' ' X ' . ll Th . 4. j ond , f- A 5 X E Box T82 ll , lla 2 T ,S 'E X TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO ll N - 4 Q E' Q fl ,r ,Pg IU 5 4 K al 33

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