Trotwood Madison High School - Rambler Yearbook (Trotwood, OH)

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Trotwood Madison High School - Rambler Yearbook (Trotwood, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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U x, -4 Rambler WW 'mon"00o M591 sod-,TEN w Trotwooof-Madison Senior School Tfotwoodg Ohio 1971 Rambler Staff EDITOR- IN-CHIEF - Michele Ross I ASSISTANT EDITOR- Nancy Cramer PHOTOGRAPHY co- ORDINATOR - Bonnie Wiser Ruth Calico - 4 I I SALES C O- ORDINAT OR - Debbie Haddix - ADVERTISING - Wilson Sue Mosser FACULTY EDITORS - Dan Lyons I ,ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS - Renee Carras A Debbie Wells I Mike Keaton CLASS -EDITORS - Kenny Engel ACTIVITIES EDITORS - Dave C1-nm Dee Dee Wills f V . Cindy Becknell SPORTS EDITORS - Sherry Richardson f T' y Fred Fry - Mrs. Lniian Keith - ADVISOR V K h K .. K-xxx I , lr V ,. Table 0 C0nten,t5 INTRODUCTION - - '- - 4 IUNIORCIj.ASSf-J- FACiJLTY!AND AADry1Qixf1sTRAT1o1Q1-K- A4 - -197 gRYORTS - - ORGANfZxATIONSi , - m - 45 25? ff SENWRCLASS - - SOPHOMORECLASS-M ---- - f 4 SENiORDIR1ECfI'ORY AC1I'IVITliESA - H - 59 FGRADiIA'f'IgJN' - - , f ' - f ADVERTISEMENTS b - 85 93 ---115 145 . x 157 1 AM HUM,4N.- 1 AM CONFUSED, BE WILDERED WITH LIFE. I AM PART OF MANY , , T HINGS, A WHOLE OF 'NOTHING ,f IAM FREE, SUHHOUNDED BY L0 VE. IHUNGER FOR LE,4HN1NGg BUT WHEN THE FOOD IS THERE 1 PUSH IT A WA K ' E X I CAN DREAM BE T TER THAN! CAN ANAL YZEg MYIDEALS S URPASS MY INSI GH T. A T MYAMBITIONS FLAMEMIGHTK EA CH UNE BRIGHTER THAN THE LAST. ' , ' ' ' . 1 f 1 LOOK AT MOST PEOPLE, AND 1 FEAR T0 GROW' UP5 1 LOOK A T A FEW PEOPLE, AND ' YEARN T0 CAPTURE ONE D INFECTIO US SPARK OF THEIR WISDOM L I FEEL LIFE AS A KEEN BLADE A T MY HEAR T. L EMOTION IS- MY PERSECUTION AND JOY. L I AM ALIVE wg MOSTALIVETELIENI CANLA UGH UNTIL THE L TEARS COME, OR CRY UNTIL THEY COMENO MORE. THE E COMPA SSION THA TMEL TS ME ONAQ SONG ,S UNRES TRAINED FEELING, .E . THE YARE S0 NEARL YAS ONE. I AM PURE, BUTSPURE WHA T? I AM SIMPLE, BUT SIMPLE WIIA T? IAM IMPA TIENT BECA USE LIFE IS STATIC AND STUBBORNQ I I I I EXULT IN CHANGE. I AM S0 REBELLIO US BECA USE I ALM S0 CONFINED, I EV P IN L0 VE. I I E K- ,. ,W fww IAM COCKYQ BUT INSIDEI AM HUMBLE. f I w x IDEALS HOLD 1 LLS ME TO A REALM OF EXPERIENCE CA A A ' LIMITA TION EM BACK: f THEWORLD I KNOW YET HAS NOT BOUNDS, BUT FOR MY DREAMS WHICH LEAPUBEYOND THE HORIZON AND THE SKY. A T T 1 CANNOT CRASP, E E I ONLY EEA CH A T LIFE 25 EL USIVE THREADS. A ' A , A GARY FACULTY Z. nv'- WW Www- Administration Principal JOSEPH P. LEAHEY Athenaeum of Ohio - AB Ball State University - MA Miami University Doctoral Candidaue .Wa WW' W If Vice Principal MRS. TINA COMBS Centre College - AB Miami University - M Vice Principal MR. CLYDE E. HARTMAN David Lipscomb - BS Miami Post - MA MR. LARRY ABBOTT Math Wright State University - BS MR. GARY AIKEN American Government Ohio University - BSE Assistant Football Coach MR. KEITH ARNOLD Biology I, II, Chemistry E, Kentucky State University BS, MA Department Head - Science MR. ROBERT ARNOLD Mech, Drawing, Ind, Arts I, II III, Wood Working I University of Cincinnati - BS MR. DEAN AUKERMAN Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Prep, Math Otterbein College - BS Noon Supervisor A If 19 MRS. IUDITH BASSETT -Psychology , Advanced Psychology Manchester College - BS Faculty Council Member MRS. AVA BENN Senior IOE, Shorthand I Ohio State University - BS, Ed, Miami University - MA Campus Life U Advisory Council IOE 21 ,I Q 22 MR. KENT BOBO Junior Guidance Counselor Wilmington College - BS Xavier University - MA Varsity Basketball Coach Advisor - Christian Athletes MR. MILTON BODIKER Art Syracuse University - BA MR. JOHN BUTLER Biology I, Ecology Ohio University - BS, BS,Ed,., M,Ed, Assistant Football Coach MRS. MARIAN CAMPBELL Business English Miami University - BS OTP Coordinator MR. GENE CHATFIELD Instrumental Music Ohio University - BFA MRS. JEAN CLAFLIN MRS. EDITH CLARK English 11, IV Lanin 1, 11, 111, Iv, Ohio University - AB English 493 T-MCTA Executive Council Cedarville College - BA Faculty Council Ohio State - MA Dept, Head - Foreign Languages Advisor - Latin Club MRS. MADELINE CLARK Language, History Wilmington College - AB MR. RAY CHILDS Co-op MR. ROBERT CORLESS Distributive Education University of Akron - BS Xavier University - MBA Advisor - DECA MR. DANIEL CROY General Business Bookkeeping Purdue University - BS MR. CHARLES DAUGHERTY OWE University of Cincinnati - M,Ed, John Carroll University - BS, BA Wright State University - Counselor Certificate MRS. CHRISTINE DAUGNEAUX English II, III ' Salem College - AB MR. JAMES DuBRO World History, Western Civilization Student Government Kent State - BS Assistant Football Coach Head Wrestling Coach Student Government Advisor Department Head - Social Studies MR. DON EBY Drivers Education Health Physical Education Wilmington College - BS Ohio State - MA Head Football Coach MRS. BETTE GUMP HEJT Manchester College - BA Miami University - Vocational Ed, University of Cincinnati - BS Department Head - Co-op MISS KATHERYN HENN English III Ohio University - BSI MR. JOHN HEPNER MR. WAYNE HOLDERMAN Bi01Qgy I, Microbiology American History Ohio University - BS, Ed. MR. DALLAS HORVATH Speech, Hearing Therapy Bowling Green State - BS Pep Club Advisor MR. LARRY HEUBNER Basic Education Math, Job Training Ohio State University - BS MRS. MARY ANN HUBER Boys Foods, Home Economics ll Home Economics Special Education Miami University - BS MR. ALLAN HUGGINS American History, Government Ohio University - BS Hi-Y Advisor Chemistry, Physics, Audio Visual Manchester College - BS MR. EDWARD LANDER Graphic Arts Elizabethtown College - AB Bethany Theological Seminary - BD MR. THOMAS LILES Biology American Government Driver's Training University of Dayton - BA University of Cincinnati - JD MR. HAROLD LIMING Ind. Arts - Metal Shop Auto Mechanics Miami University - BS, MA MR. HARVEY LIVINGSTON Athletic Director O . W. E. Concord College - BS, MA Xavier University - MA, 'Ed is sfs gsg is .,l.T,g.,,,..a 2 I x E 3 S iss MRS . CHARLYNE MARTIN German I, II Wittenburg University - AB Advisor - Alpha, Tri-Hi-Y MRS. SHARON MATHIAS Physical Education Ohio University - BS,Ed, Advisor - Rockettes English III MR. CHARLES MURDOCK Advanced Placement English III Isf sl , Journalism I, II Director of All School Play Ohio University - BS Advisor - Hi-Lines MR. GEORGE O'KRESlK Wood Working I Industrial Education Miami University - BS Bridgeport University - MS MISS PATRICIA PATTON Home Ec, II, IV Marriage and Family Living University of Dayton - BS MRS. JUDITH PHILLIPS Home Ec, II Boys Foods Ohio State - BS Department Head - Home Ec MR. DWIGHT PRATHER Biology Life Science Indiana University - AB Columbia University - MA Advisor - Hi-Y MRS, PATSY PUTERBAUGH American History World History Berea College - BA MR. GERALD REED Trigonometry Matrix Algebra Modern Algebra Calculus Algebra II Miami University - BS, Ed, Senior Advisor Department Head - Marla MR. LOU RENFROW Librarian Library Science Kent State University - BA S,S,E, Co-Advisor MRS. IERRI RICE Typing I Personal Typing Defiance College - BS MR. LARRY RICE English II Communication Arts Xavier University - M. Ed. MR. GERALD RICHARDS Guidance Counselor Manchester College - BS Miami University - M.Ed. Golf Coach MRS. SHIRLEY RICHARDS Personal Typing intensified Office Education Anderson College - BS MR. WILFRED SCHNIER American History Capital University - Bs Cross-Country Coach Assistant Track Coach MRS. CAROLOU SKEANS Cooperative Office Education Shorthand I Georgetown College - BA University of Cincinnati - M.Ed. MRS. EMILY SMITH Junior Guidance Counselor Ohio State University - BS Miami University - M.Ed. MR. BRUCE STEELE Sociology Human Relations Wright State University - BA, BS MR. R. IAN THOMPSON Diversified Cooperative Training Manchester College - BS Miami University - M,Ed, MR. THAD TRAUTWEIN Business Law Record Keeping Ashland College - BS MRS. ELEANOR UNGER English III Speech I Drama I, II Bob Jones University - BA, MA Speech Activities Drama Club Advisor MISS MARIE VACCARIELLO Home Economics Tailoring Advanced Foods Miami University - BS Tri-Hi-Y Advisor MR. WILLIAM VAUGHN English II Bowling Green University - BS MR. LARRY WEST American Government American History University of Dayton - BA National Honor Society Advisor Advisor - S.S.E, MRS. JOYCE WILDASIN French 1, 11,- III, iv English II Otterbein College - BA Advisor - French Club MR. WARD ZERKLE Instrumental Music University of Cincinnati - BS Ohio State University - MA Music Department Head MR. NEIL ZIMMERMAN High School Vocal Music Varsity Choir Sophomore Choir Freshman Choir Girls Chorus Miami University - BM Board of Education Administration MR. JAMES WOOLRIDGE Superintendent MR. CARL NOFFSINGER Asst. Superintendent Curriculum Director MR. GEORGE MOUROUZIS Asst. Superintendent Business Director Q-nyhm l rf" WW 5' m mm l .-! OR GANIZA TI ONS Rambler Staff qw ,Q ,Q fm , . M ' 4, ' 5. . ' 'N' 'HMM 'V ., 'wfzmw -- . H Mmm, , ,. . HMA M, ,,: V , . , M, 7 ' U - , W"WMM' W' " " A .l W ' W 1+ The Yearbook Staff will always show Signs of fun in sun and snow, And work each day in all sorts of weather To put this fantastic book together. ww .W O Editor-in-Chief - BECKY HALL Advisor - MR. CHARLES MURDOCK III Due to financial difficulties, the HI-LITES was distrib- uted in mimeographed form, Despite this handicap, the staff members produced a newspaper that kept the students well in- formed on T -M activities such as Student Council and sports events. Drama Club President - RELNEE CARRAS Secretary - MARY PAPP Advisor - ELEANOR UNGER Vice-President MISSI DUNCAN Treasurer - JOYCE KELLY E' Versatility marked this year's Drama Club, The organization was instxumental in the production of TEN LITTLE INDIANS and THE EDU- CATION OF HYMAN KAPLAN as well as participating in the Christmas Assembly, Fellowship of Christian Athletes The purpose of this organization is to promote the understanding of Christianity among coaches and athletes Varsity M All athletes who have earned a letter in varsity competition are eligible for this organization, HEJT President - ROSEMARY HEATH Secretary - BRENDA HASKINS Advisor - MRS, GUMP Vice-President - SUE MOORE Treasurer - DEBBIE KING DE CA :Q W w President - DAVE YANEY Secretary - DEBBIE MORRIS Advisor - MR. CORLESS Vice-President - ELLEN BOWER Treasurer - GLORIA STEWART I UE With the intention of producing an office environment for future secretaries, the I,O,E, class made its debut this year COE SHERRY THURMAN - President BRENDA COON - Tmasurer GREG LENTZ ' ViC6"PI?SSid6l'lt LINDA MCCULLOUGH ' PLlb1iCiTIy Chairman BECKY LEWIS - Secretary MRS. SKEANS - Adviggr Boys, Physical Education Assistants I' 'I'he physical education assistants ofiiciaue games and aid in leading class activities. Girls, Physical Education Assistants Lab Assistants Phyllis Glatnerman Dennis Wright Lynn Peters ,wc YMN N N X as 4"- 1: N D P 3 Q' 3 . . , Library Assistants Donna Goad Debbie Siegle Mary Bunn Lionel McDowell Mike Williams David Williams Paul Harmon Loretta McCauley Home EC Assistants Valerie Crispen Brenda Martindale Par York The Youth in Govemment program, Heart Fund collections, and dances were all R part of the Y-C lubs schedule of events. Their activities also included a swimming party, a campout, and the philanthropic donation to the Robert Miller Scholarship Fund. Y- Clubs Y- Council President - NANCY OSWALD Corresponding Secretary - SHELLY McGRAW Recording Secretary DEBBIE TURNER Advisor - MR. PRATHER Hi-Y President - MIKE LANDIS Secretary-Treasurer - JIM HEIT Advisor " MR- ALAN HUGGTNS Vice-President - GARY PEFFLY Chaplain - DAVE CRUM Senior Tri-HL Y President PEGGY KEARNEY Vice-President SHARON PATTON Secretary PAM HELTERBRAN Treasurer DEBBIE TRISSELL Advisor MISS MARIE VACCARIELLO funior Tri-HL Y JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y President - ROBIN EARL President - SHELLY MCGRAW Vice-President - DEBBIE PATTON Vice-President - SUE NEUMAIER Treasurer - ALEE BUCK Secretary - BEV BAUGHMAN Secretary - HOPE PRICE Treasurer - JOYCE TRISSEL Sophomore Tri-HL Y 0 iee Assistants f First Semester Aiding the office secretaries by running errands and delivering messages is the main purpose of the office assistants. Second Semester French Club President - CHRISTINE SPATZ. Vice-President - LINDA KERLEY Secretary-Treasurer - RICK HAAS Advisor - MRS. WILDASIN Latin, Club Consuls MELANIE WEBB and LIONEL McDOWELL Vice-Presidents CARREN HOLLEY and NANCY HUGGINS Secretaries BRENDA HERTLEIN and IRENE NOBLE Treasurers CINDY BECKNELL and ELLEN PALMER Project Managers CONNIE WALLACE and CHERYL STANTON Project Leader ADRIENNE TISINGER Reporter SALLY WALLACE Historian CAROLYN BECK Advisor MRS. CLARK SST The Students to Save Our Earth worked extensively on Anti-SST petitions and on establishing an information source for this area. The organization also made a sin- cere effort to help stop strip mining operations in southwestern Ohio. . ,1- g Rn in .rf .sf an Wiser Ducks The Wiser Ducks made their biggest impression on the student body during the homecoming parade Following quacker tradition, the ducks boarded a pick up truck and serenaded the procession throughout Trotwood. To top off the evening, they blessed the bonfire with a cere- monial outhouse, symbolizing our football foe. Pep Club President - LINDA ROBERTS Secretary - DEBBIE BLANCHARD Advisors - MR, STEELE MR. HORVATH Vice-President - DEBBIE CRESS Treasurer - SALLY WALLACE Campus Li e ! A division of Youth for Christ, Campus Life is an organization that enriches spiritual life among T-M students, 'a i 3 I Q 1 ? gr Student Union President SHERYL MURRAY Vice-President BIT BUTLER Secretary KATHY ENGEL Treasurer N, ,. W. DEBBIE KILPATRICK Advisor MR. JAMES M. DUBRO Rockettes Fall Captains - REGINA BAROK, BRENDA RUPARD Lieunenants - JANET HEIT, DARLA SPITZER Winter Captain - GAYLE MILLER Director - MRS. SHARON MATHIAS Band OFFICERS FRED ALBRIGHT - President JEFF SAGER - Vice-President SUE HEISEY - Treasurer TOM NEWLON - Secretary Varsity Choir OFF IC ERS President - SUE HEISEY Vice- President - C HANDRA SAUVAGE Secretary - PEGGY KEARNEY Chaplain - SUE SARTORIUS This was a year of outstanding achievement for the Varsity Choir. Under the direction of Neil W. Zimmerman, they received a superior rating in district contest. Producing a record was another s of the many exemplary feats characteristic of the T. M. Varsity Choir. Orchestra " 'B .xx,,k OFFICERS President - SUE HEISEY Vice- President - CHRIS WINEMILER Secretary - NANCY CRAMER Treasurer - SHERYL MURRAY The National Honor Society held its yearly in- duction on May 19, 1971. The criteria for eligi- bility was changed and scholarship was weighed more heavily than in previous years. T L National Honor Society Senio r Members MR. WEST, Advisor. Junior Members Z. WW 'WW S OPH OM ORE CLASS 'E if s 5 5' Wei ss, is Ami P W' ' f- X 'Vt x 5555? 'X K il FS: Q.-is :Y iv ,hw 99131 'fn f si W any r. , ,ally rr ,, i ms X Sw r 4 ,. .- S rj Q s H R mf ssssffzaz ,.-fi, vsssuf, f s F Sf' X Qs Tx if X X 'L. ' A K rffif 5 2 ' 'Ha R irr ' 1 1 in 6,2 K BF A , V: K. F - l ima - . . . '- a ,. ., ' ' f- 'H-.ft-1,.' Pamela Abshire Carletta Adams Randell Adams Wanda Adams Rhonda Alcorn Cathy Allen Michael Allen Patricia Allen Rebecca Allen Wanda Allen Danny Andrews loan Apfel David Bagi Bruce Bainter Deborah Baker Debra Baker Patricia Baker John Ballein Mae Barnard Harold Barnhill Denix Barr Karen Barson Howard Bassel Beverly Baughman Kathy Bear Carolyn Beck Rose Beck Beverly Beeler Ricky Bellamy Jeff Berger Donald Berry Odell Berry Agnes Bertram Marg' Bickel Gor on Bills Cathy Bingamon Lorene Bitner Deborah Blanchard Charles Blevins Martha Bodine Lois Boudreau April Boughan Linda Bowman Tana Bowman Ron Braden David Bradrick Debra Branson Stephen Braverman Kenn Brodess Bonnie Brooks Susan Brossart Betneena Brown Larry Bryant Donna Burian Kevin Butler Terry Byrd Daniel Campbell Gag Campbell Ka leen Cam bell Patricia Campgell Michael Carr Diane Carter Timothy Case Nora Cassady William Chemey Sherie Chipman Joan Clark Billie Cole Ronald Collins Teresa Collinsworth Paul Collinsworth Carlon Combs Peggy Combs Steve Conger James Conyers Deborah Cook Karen Cottongim Debra Cress Mark Dani James Davis Timothy Davis William Davis Pam Dau he Donald Diwsfty Cathy Day Diane Denlinger Jo Denlinger Stephen Derringer Helen Dewitt Catherine Dixon Linda Dixon Randall Dixon Eugene Doles Joni Domsitz Katherine Doss Kelly Doss Melissa Duncan Marilyn Dunn Sondraethe Dynes Allen Eakes Debra Eberg Dale Ellis Craig Englehardt Evelyn Engeman Gary Erbaugh Reita Ewing Jeanette Feneion Hoyt Fields David Fisher Kerry Fisher Christopher Fletcher Steve Fletcher Belinda Florence Vicki Foland Nancy Forsythe Ruth Fox Carl Frazier Debbie Fredrick Susan Furay Rickey Furlong Harriet Gaffin Drew Galloway Brenda Gamble John Garrett John Gaston David Gauer Lisa Geralds Rebecca Gilbert John Gilleland Vickie Gillum Lois Goerterniller Michael Goines Ricky Goldberg Barbara Gossett Paul Gray William Green Danny Greer Debbie Gregory Harold Grif in Christine Grigsby Q X2 a sf 2 ff WW 5 LA s f' Shi Douglas Gump Mic ael Haas Timothy Haas Angela Haddix Teresa Hale Sherry Hamiel Sidney Harrison Pamela Hart Mike Hartshorn Myra Heath Barton Heisey Bonnie Henderson Davis Henderson Julie Henderson Donald Hersman Brenda Hertlein Charles Hi nite Debra Hitcicock George Hicks Rona d Hobbs Donald Hocker Jeri Hoffman Julie Hoffman Kay Hoffman Kurt Hoffman Debbie Hogsten Ronald Hohnhorst John Holcomb Carren Holley Susan Hollo Teresa Hoover Steve Hopkins Susan Hosbrook Michael Hoskins Marsha Howland Linda Huber Jill Huddleston Cheryl Hudson Mark Huffman Dana Hull Rhonda Hull David Hunter Jerry Hurd Patricia Huskey Valerie Ingram Carol Isaacs Robin lsner Scott Jackson Jennifer James Larry Jessie Leslyn Johnson Diane Jones Dorothy Jones Iris Jones Rochelle Kaplan Marshall Keefer Rebecca Keeney Michael Kent Robert Kepler Greg Kerns J amie Keske Debra Kilburn Priscilla Killen Cecelia Kleismit Terry Kloth Evelyn Knoop Robert Kohn Timothy Konicki Pamela Kopf Karen Kramer W, J, Kramer Dwight Kuns Janice Ladd Terry Lamb Kenneth Landis Charles Large David Lavery Kenneth Lee Jane Leibold Jill Lewis Linda Lewis Rick Lightner Jeffrey Lockwood Christina Longo Vanessa Lott Charles Lovell Billy Lunsford Susan Lunsford David Mabelitini William Maddox David Maish Dennis Marlow Linda Marlow Michelle Maroney Gregory Martin Kenneth Martin Vanessa Mathews Steve Mauch Joyce Maxwell Sharon May Keith Maynard Gary McGaffic Connie McGowan Shelley McGraw Gregory McKiban Debbi McNay Radford Meade Duane Melvin David Menke William Messer Judy Meyer Duane Miller Gregory Miller Larry Miller Robert Miller Sharon Miller Susan Miller Danny Miniard Kent Mitchell Dawn Mohler Diane Moore Helen Moore Kathleen Moore Nancy Moore Daniel Morales Charles Mosley Jim Mulmer Michael Mumpower David Murray Karen Murray Theodore Myers Donald Neaves Susan Neumaier Russell Nietert Michael Niswonger Irene Noble John Noe Donna Olglletrvee Debra O aughlin James Orban "i'R"" s-0 N . aw . . W sae" VAN A-pdtbisfl' N s .,- ,. Q x:1,,,g-- ' "' af :X is fs Qs X L 'QV' . was sts 1. -a s S zzxfas '12 its I sm K A PW QQ sk if sf Q3 N' kkk. if . U , E: f,-- 56 Q 1 N 1- , Q rx my Eg M girssi g , if Xxx Q A Ellen Palmer Vivian Patrick Stanley Patton Janet Paul Jane Paxon Rodney Perkins Valerie Perry Paula Penders Steven Peters Janice Petitt Christine Phillips Nancy Phillips Anthony Pinion Teresa Pollard Larry Poston John Pounds J ack Powell David Powers Tony Pressel Delbert Puckett Karen Pultz Raymond Putnam Vickie Quast Jerrty Ramsey Ka leen Reynolds Ronald Reynolds Barbara Rhodifer Susan Rigler Susan Rike William Rike Dolores Ritchie Anita Roberts Linda Roberts Paula Robinette Jackie Robinson Lloyd Robinson Steven Roe Dwight Rose Lee Rosenbaum Steven Rosen arten Rebecca Roni Carolyn Rowe Gerald Rowe Kathie Rupard Daniel Ryan Richard Salmons Douglas Saul Sall Sayger Bec Schenck Dorothy Schindler Michael Schindler Daniel Schlee Cheryl Schmidt John Schmidt Jacqueline Schwartz Barbara Schwarz Jack Schwarz Marie Scott Neda Seals Barbara Sears Jack Sells Robert Sering Joyce Sharrett Mark Shingledecker Dennis Shope Kaye Shroyer Brenda Shumaker Deborah Siegle Patrick Sier Anthony Sims Mark Singer Kevin Slezak Rose Sliger Gerald Slocum Bonnie Smith Charles Smith John Smith William Smith Nedra Smolka Julie Sonneborn George Sparks Michael Spatz Trudy Spears William Speary Bruce Spencer Darla Spitzer Carla Stacy Rick Stafford Cheryl Stanton Mark Stanton Sharon Stants Vicki Stanze David Steffy Elmer Steiner David Stephans William Stifiler Debra Stump James Swisher Teresa Szucs Richard Taylor Venita Thacker Larry Thompson Helen Thurman Roger Tipton Farley Tolpen Joyce Trissel Earl Troxel Vicki Truesdell Michael Trusty Melanie Ullery Scott Unger Mary Vagedes Linda Vaniman Scott Vincent Geraldine Wa ner Catherine Wasker Barbara Ward Sally Weber Ernest Webster Kathleen Webster Katherine Weingart April Wesco Mary West Debora Whitaker Greg White Gretchen White Larry White Lew White Lois White Michael White Sandra White Marijke Wiersema Georgia Williams Michael Williams Michael Willis David Wilson Grace Wilson Kathy Wilson Kathy Wilson Fannie Wilt 77' 5? i K Ei K N A Q Hixx.. ..,,. X, Tri rx I 1 , . gs. . X YQ...-Q X if 1 , , XX 1' we , . ' in XX . We i s ,f,,, , ',:- ,Q - 1' wif' age Q L il L O .. H 'if :Zi st 7' ' if -- J .,., Sz' r --- s W 46 X , Msg M f . ff 1 Wg, My James Wright Suzanne Wyant Marshall Yeary Jonathan Zipperstein ' 'M' rw 2 Q ff J rf ff Sdld W Susan Wisenor Stephen Wiser Fredrick Wolf Nancy Wolf Cathie Wood Brian Woodrow Kenneth Woolley f P'- Mm A C TI VI TIES EL A Homecoming 1970 Attend ants are: SENIORS Girls Boys Becky Lewis Keith Scurlock Sheryl Murray Mike Landis Van Cottongim Mike Horvath Dee Dee Wills Tom Shroyer Peggy Kearney Mike Fletcher IUNIORS Gay Erbaugh Alan Garber SOPHOMORES Denise Barr Jack Powell Wig Ten, Little Indians by Agatha Christie CAST Betsy Rausch Mike Keaton Janice Wynn Mike Landis Dave Sonnenborn Jim Edge Chandra Sauvage Tim Davis- Charles Mobley Ron Hogg Charles Barnett Director - MR. CHUCK MURDUCK Student Director - JAY MAYBRUCK Technical Director - KEN KEITH A suspense thriller by Agatha Christie involves the lives of ten people. The victims are invined to a party on an island by an anon- ymous Mr, U, N. Owen, where threats on their lives are made from a hidden record. The people are murdered one at a time until only a few remain. This leads to a climactic ending full of thrills and ex citement. Ten little Indian boys going out to dine: one choked himself and then there were nine. Nine little indian boys sat up very late. One overslept himself and then there were eight. Eight little Indian boys traveling in Devon: one got left behind and then there were seven. Seven little Indian boys hunting for sticks: one chopped himself in half and then there were six. Six little Indian boys played with a hive: a bumble bee stung one and then there were five. Five little Indian boys going in for lawg one got in Chancery and then there were four. Four little Indian boys going out to seag a red herring swallowed one and then there were three. Three little Indian boys walking in the zoog a big bear hugged one and then there were two. Two little Indian boys alone with a gung one shot the other and then there was one. One little Indian boy left all aloneg he went and hanged himself and then there was none. "Christmas Assemblyg' What did you celebrate during December? Hannukkah? Christmas? No matter what you celebrate or how you like to do it, the fact remains that HOC everyone enjoys the holidays the same way. That is why, this year, the Christmas assembly consisted of two prevalent and different ideas of the holidays. For a musical voyage into the depths of the season, we en- joyed the lovely sounds of the T. M. Varsity Choir under the talented direction of Mr. Zimmerman. From the drama department, under the wise and discerning eye of Mrs. Unger, emerged a bit of creative genius entitled "A Sesame Street Christmas." This was both "brilliantly adapted and directed" by David Crum. Skits included in the program were, "The Cookie Monster Visits Santa," "Christmas Morning with Bert and Ernie, " "Big Bird Finds Happiness," and "The Sesame Street Christmas Song. " .f 5 P' f V Wmwmz. H 35 3,1 31 c I V,,, ,11,z zaw-i9Nl9R?V?29IZ2Zl'3fffff4 if 1 .,,,, I ' srewfem w . ,f . , --mm-m.m'gj, W- K7 K K H A ,,,,,,,,,.. E fi - g T ' 2?-iz' wig- " ' LLL ' mf- mdk? yur .. ...,.g,m.,-eg, 9 Y.. . i f -fl "" K I ' ' iflfzi f r Madison Minstrels 1 971 The- 115th performance of the Madison Minstrel, under the direction of Mr. Ward Zerkle, marked its 27th year with selections from CAN CAN, THE MUSIC MAN, MATCHMAKER, and BEN HUR. THIS YEAR'S END MEN: MI. Interlocutor - - - -MIKE UPDIKE A Little Bit o' Crum ---- - - DAVID CRUM Boswell T. Thudpucker, III ----- MIKE LANDIS Clarence P. Clutchrider ---- JACK HEMELGARN Hector Rectomy - - - - WARD BROOKS ,Hwy . 9 , 31 Li F if E, 5 if 5 il rf ,LSE E5,2 1 gif: . 43 15 . E , . , I - .E ef .LW ,, yi ,f P , A , Af,,, V 1 f 1 if 1 EW 5 + 5 5 72- E K 4 Al E. ge YF I , 4 4 vb Q6 I ,, W xx x if -X li F1 J Qi, iff?- c 5? v f S 535 5 i WM M aratf Sade "Fantastic . . . best thing ever done here. " - L. Rice For today we live in far different times We have no oppressois, no violent crimes And although we're at war, anyone can see It can only end in victory. "Excellent . . . it was amazing that high school students could put on such a production by themselves. " - C. Murdock Q "If most have a little and few have a lot You can see how much nearer our goal we have got We can say what we like without favor or fear And what we can't sa we can scream in our ear." Y Y "lf our performance causes aggravation Please swallow down your indignation, And please remember that we show only those things which happened long ago Men of that timeg now demised were primitive We are more civilized. Lf "Exceptional . . . best student non- professional producnon I've ever seen. I fotuid it very drain- ing physically and mentally as an audience. " - I. DuBro Marat, can't you see this patriotism is Itmacy Long ago I left the heroics to the heroes And I care no more for this counuy than for any other country. "I was moved . . . a unique, emotional experience in theater . . . each character deeply motivated in his role . . . EXCELLENT, " - E. Unger CAST MARAT - David Crum DeSADE - Larry West CORDAY - Lori Brown DUPPERRET - Dave Sonnebom COULMIER- Jim Edge WIFE - Debbie Tumer DAUGHTER - Karen Zimmerman SIMONE - Brenda Spencer HERALD - Bit Butler CHORUS: CUCURUCU - Tammy Broyles POLPOCH - Sue Sartorious ROSSINGOL - Janice Wynn KOHKOL - Sam Williamson BAND: Chris Winemiller Sue Heisy Mike Patrick Fred Kramer Chuck Harlan Ken Lipps - Music Director PATIENTS: Leslie Adams Bob Kohn Karen Phinick Delores Hargraves Connie McGowan Carren Holley Missy Duncan Gail Skolnik Scott Unger Janet Cramer Charles Mobley MALE NURSES: Mike Kent Barry Nelson Mike Updike Nike Landis TECHNICAL DIREC TOR- Ken Keith Assr. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR- Ron Hogg MAKE UP - Ron Hogg DIREC TOR- Jay Maybruck P ASSISTANT DIREC TOR- Joyce Kelly Fight on land and on sea All men want to be free If they don't never mind WE'LL ABOLISH ALL MANKIND "Very professional for a high school production . . . unbeliev- able. " - M. Vaccariello "Total involvement was apparent with allof the characters . . . it was a great play. " - K. Bobo "To mount a play of this scope demands depth of talent and sustained acting far beyond the capabilities of the usual high school performers. The hours upon hours of student effort and the positive determination of the young director pro- duced startling theater. ln spite of the deletion of an important character and the rephrasing of a few choice passages, the impact of the first student-only production fone exception in casting notedj deserves superlatives. " - L. Keith 73 T , K5 r f y X 5 25,22 , 1 ul ' ' ' 5 f. 1 ,S ,aio 1. Q . X an .NM Q l 255 'wx 3 ggi? rr. ., 3? is 3 . X .N z g,, ,. .i. X 2 'ifixifi 5'-yi a r r- A ' asv s -4 Q I v 1 1 55,5 152,55 a V.. ,. 5, mm... 4-,P-...Mm The Student-Teacher day opened with a break- fast in the cafeteria on the morning of March 30, 1971. It was sponsored by the Student- Union, and the teachers gave up a day in every class to one of their students who prepared the lessons. 'Wt ,M--,W ' D.,-",,,.4ff ' fs' as at fi Fashion, Show The 1971 Trotwood-Madison fashion show was sponsored this year by the Home-Economics de partment, with Mrs. Patton in charge of the show. The outfits in the show were made and mod- eled by the girls in home ec. classes as illustrated in the pictures above. I xp, or i fi 5 as V Qs M A 1 A1 2 Q Q W Q M rr f Y if r si? ix' 5 ri was ' mx X X s N QNX xii M 5' " af Q' pg W n- xg? A Q Mya? Q 5, is , khr , ADVISOR - MIS. Clark Latina Epulae EH! 3 Irene Noble and Chuck Large were voted as best dressed Romans at the' Latin banquet which was held April 22 at the Trotwood Church of the Brethren. There were approximately one hundred guests at the EPULAE. "TMS Was Vaudevillen gf 1 ag :VH M 1, K gf: f - : 'QA 1 2:2 my fa' gf' V ,Q 1, ,f'Z,,f:'? 12. :- W, . . , f gif' an ' A 'TY ,,.W 77 M, A , 2 M 1 ff 1' ?'2 gg Q gh. . ,- ff ,: DIREC TORS: Mrs. Eleanor Unger Mike Mathews - Asst. David Crum - Student M4 I' n - gil . Q fi i Q 3 M12 ,, I' igggm , - V ,Q A all 'Q The spring play this year, "This was Vaude- ville, " consisted of two acts from old time theater. The first act was a Vaudeville set containing acts and skits very similar to those of that time. The second act was a musical melodrama called, "No, No, A Million Times No. " The hosts of the first act were Jim Edge and David Crum. Guest appearances ranged from Curly McDimple to a Barber Shop Quartet. The Melodrama was a story of a simple farm girl who went away to the city for education but came back quite afraid of everyone because of her hideous encounter with the villain in the play, Stafford Badman. The climax of the play was when the hero Noble Hart won the heart of Nellie forever. Character portrayal by everyone in the play was well-sustained and Vaudeville was enthu- siasticaly revived for two nights. i T 'ifllik - rrsteeu , Q 5 1 Q la H, qui ,, VZ Wh hhVhV mmm,.., A grgfgqg iii? ,, 22,1 :Nav " K fv W- K 5 1212 .V W if . 3. .fw 1 f 1 tg: f ,,,, - I w , msiewizg ,ff J V ' , , 1 2' 5 6 ' L A' ix V' 1? , e V e was - A if ' ' V -,, Q5 . ' g ,--H1-V' " ,,-W W, , ,., , f , 1, fv14-vvffw 3 mm,,Ah l ,,hh L ,, h ,,.. 1, a n '-', f W 4 'Ly . ,',- aw if ,,.. . " THIS WAS VAUDEVILLE" CAST CIN ORDER OF APPEARANCEJ Act 1 Newsboys - Joan Clark Judy Gonnella Carren Holley Della Slemker Hosts - Dave Crum Jim Edge Sailor - Chuck Large Soloist - Chandra Sauvage Monologist - Bob Kohn Curly McDimple - Janice Wynn Tappy Toes - Bonnie Spitzer Barbershop Quartet - Jim Edge Ken Keith Kevin Miller Chuck Zell Silent Flick: "The Perils of Pappy on the Prairie" - Joe Bell Craig Domsitz Dave Sonneborn Karen Zimmerman ik :gr ge :je xr xr :ir :1 :ge ag: :ir :ze 31: ae :ze ig: :Le :lv :gr iz: :gr :ie :lr 21: :gr 5: rl: ai: Pianist - Lori Brown Drums - Dave Sonneborn "THlS WAS VAUDEVILLEH Act 1 "No No A Million Times No" CAST OF CHARACTERS Amos Quackenbush - Joe Bell Noble Hart - Jim Edge Nellie Quackenbush - Lori Brown Birdie Seed - Tammy Broyles Emmeline - Karen Zimmerman iffy Cann - Kevin Miller Stafford Badman - David Crtun Gwendolyn Finefeathers - Della - Ella - Kate - Duplicate - Milkmaids Farm Boys -nn S Pamela Kazee Brenda Spencer Wendy Weber Chandra Sauvage Renee Carras Connie Leonard Judy Grey Gail Skolnik Craig Domsitz Chuck Zell 1971 Junior-Senior Prom "Kaleidoscope 9' W T 1 i W J k JUNIOR CLASS l as ss .', ,,,.-: , B .. r. it .sz rr: , V 31 a sl M J Q A -ef 'S , A ""' 77 1. 14 ' --'Li B 1l 1 ,pr is gm! Donna Adkins Cheryl Alderman Gail Aldrich Glenna Allen Donald Amos Ronald Amos Scott Amos Ronald Anders Sandra Armstrong Pe y Baile Daggd Bank? Pamela Barker Charles Barnett John Barok Jane Bates Patricia Beams Patricia Bearfield Mark Beaver Raymond Beck Lucinda Becknell Jeannie Begley Joe Bell Maurice Benoit Keith Bennington Anita Bggham Rita Bir song Paul Blair John Blankenship Edward Blaylock Nancly Bloom Rhon a Bollinger Cindy Booher Douglas Booher Bhronda Boone Rhonda Boutwell Linda Bow Mark Bower Eddie Bowling Brent Bowman Lee Brewer Glenda Bri ht Terry Brooks Catherine Brown Lori Brown Winn Brown Sharlott Bryant Alee Buck Kenneth Burnside Curtis Caden Robert Caldwell John Campbell Cheryl Carter William Caripides Rick Clark Thomas Clark Barbara Coats Lee Cohen Brenda Cook Ricky Collette Jack Collins Lori Conklin William Cook Rick Copeland Bonnie Cotterman Michael Cox Janet Cramer Dennis Crawshaw Annetta Craycraft Gregory Crispen Steve Croley John Czeiszperger Cindy Daisley Dave Daugherty Dennis Davis J ack Davis lim Davis Mary Day Barry Dean Marilyn Deime Gordon Denlinger lean Denney Joan Denney Dwaine Denny Jeff Derringer Sam Dewey Sandy Dils Frances Diltz Robert Ditrner Lee Dixon Craig Domsitz Ruby Dooley Dale Daugherty Craig Dunaway Robin Earl Duane Eaton Bob Eblin Jim Edge Gay Er augh Janice Erbaugh Kent Eshleman Lewis Etter Cheryl Evans Donna Evans Kathy Everette Bob Everette Beverly Ferguson Barbara Fletcher John Foland Patty Fortune Deb ie Fosnaugh Gary Fosnaugh Tim Frasier Tony Fromholt Lori Fryman Barry Gapen Allen Garber Cheri Gatzulis Donald Gau Larry Gayman I im Gibson Tim Gillis Nancy Gimperling Phyllis Glatterman Debbie Glaub Donna Goad Youlonda Godette Judy Gonnella Dan Good Rosemary Goubeaux Kathy Gray L, C. Greer Patty Grubb Jim Gunter Carl Hall Vickie Halsey Willis Hamblin Steve Hammer Gregory Hanbuch Philip Handler Michael Hanger J 'N x WHS 'ss i gil.. I , -5-.-ifjlii ,is K-gn if L. 1 A gr T S X Q ix J' ia, 'ivy' ' ' Q Dolores Hargraves Paul Harmon Jeffrey Harris Laura Harris Alandus Harrison David Hart Juanita Hart Robert Haskins Jackie Hayes Franklin Hazzard Karen Hedges Richard Hedke Janet Heit Edward Helton Dale Henry Deborah Hensler Debra Hicks Scott Hime Kip Hitz Roger Hock Kim Hoffman Paul Hoke Phillip Holler Donna Howard Bruce Huddleston Nancy Huggins Joy Hundley Larry Hurd Melody Hurt Margo Jacobson Dwaiyne James Cin y Jenkins Christopher Jones Melinda Jones Robert Jones Thomas Jones Debra Kamin Pamela Kazee Michael Keaton Jerry Keebler Lorene Keener Kenneth Keith Todd Kelchner Sharon Keller Debbie Kilpatrick Faye Knipp Elizabeth Knox Lynn Kramer Barbara Kuns Sally Kuns Cheryl Lamb Mark Landis Tom Lavery Charlene Lavine Patricia Lensch Connie Leonard Michael Lewis Donna Lightcap Woodie Lrngle Michael Longo Dan Lyons Mark Maish Sharon Mantle Charles Marino Jerr Marlow Jefgey Martin William Martin Cathy Martindale Bobbie McAlexander Mike McCullough Tim McCoy Debbie McGuire Sharon McGuire Nancy McLaughlin Steve Midqett Chuck Mil er Jim Miller J an Miller Janet Miller Kevin Miller Mike Miller Russell Miller Sharon Miller Charles Mobley Modena Mobley Kerry Monbeck Garry Moore James Murdock Marianne Murray Lon Music JoAnn Napier Fulton Nellis Laura Newberry Torn Newlon Kathy Newsome Donetta Ogden Kenneth Oren Steve Osborne Nancy Oswald Jim Painuer Mary Papp Norma Parker Kevin Parrish Mike Patrick Debbie Patton Gwen Payton Joy Peace Gary Peffly Brenda Pelfrey Edward Peters Frank Perry Linda Phillips Milton Philligs Karen Phinic Bruce Pillion Eva Poffenberger Steve Poland Beverly Polston Rick Poock Carol Poston Kim Poston Karen Powell Ron Powell Debi Pressel Hope Price Steve Priser Debbie Purvis Tonya Ramsey Lee Randall Gary Rash Johnny Reedy Gail Reinhard Frank Reynolds Ricky Rinehart Cathy Robinson Rick Robinson Steve Robison Mike Rosen Helaine Ross Randy Ross J X X or N F Wx it agree i H 4 R r Qs X QQ' ss P .LI K I' f Mike Roush Vickie Rowe Glenda Roy Sandy Roy David Ruff Debbie Runaldue Forest Runnels Steve Sadow Sylvia Salminin Arthur Sartorius Cathi Saylor John Schommer Dan Schriml Linda Schuler Mike Schweigert Donald Scott Johnny Scott Jim Sell Dave Shackleford Monica Shaffer Linda Sharp Randy Shell Gary Shepard Bill Shepherd Paula Shingledecker Debbie Shope Robin Shope Marc Sier Rebecca Simpson Ralph Sims Gail Skolnik Della Slemker Rhonda Smith Susan Smith Mark Sopinnik Debbie Smith Maurice Speaks Jerry Spears Eddie Stamm Gregory Stamper Larry Sandifer Carl Steele Lee Ann Stephens Phil Studebaker Pam Sullivan Dennis Swart Edwina Sweet Mike Swigart Rebecca Szucs Gary Terry Margaret Thomas Russ Thomas Adrienne Tisinger Mary Tolson Terry Trapp William Tmesdell Ted Tuckerman Debbie Tumer Sandra Urszuy Linda Van Auken Mike Van Zant Sheryl Wafford Debbie Walker Connie Wallace Sally Wallace Pam Watkins Linda Watson Melanie Webb Neysa Weist Pam Welton Veryl White Rodney Whited Susan Wichael Margarethe Wiersema Darrell Williams David Williams Mike Williams Robert Williams Cindy Williamson Sue Williamson Charles Wilson Rocky Wilson Mike Wolf Stephen Wood Dennis Wright Janice Wynn Geri YoakLu'n Patricia York Charles Zell Lynn Zerkle Debi Zipperstein M ff f i,yi f Q! Q1 aff A , . X X A a T! 2 sgE"35 3 Faq WE ,Q -4 i SPUR TS f Cross Country 1970 RESULTS THEY T-M Brookville 27 29 Milton-Union 50 47 Tipp-City 57 Northridge 65 Jefferson 21 40 West Carrolton 18 76 Brookville 58 Northridge 76 Northmont 19 44 Vandalia 53 22 Oakwood 64 INVITATIONALS Fairview 14th Fairmont East 10th Brookville 5th Worthington 21st S . W. B.L . 5th Springfield District 7th F. i z 2 Larry Craycraft broke Tom Ne1son's school record with a time of 10:15, First Row, left to right: Head Coach Don Eby, Coach Gary Aiken, Stamm, Todd Kelchner, lee Brewer, Allen Garber, Steve Sadow. C d' T Dennis Parkhill, Al en Bayes, Ton1yBozarth, Fred Fry, Lance Cyr, Fifth Row, left to right: Jack Sells, Terry Kloth, Ted Meyers, Ken Coach Jim DuBro, Coach John But er. Second Row: Richard Taylor, Oren, Doug Booher, Jim Murdock, Jeff Derringer, Mike Schweigert, 2 Managerg Steve Derringer, Manaagerg Chuck Bo-ehme, Jeff Rohrer, Garg Fosnaugh, Winn Brown, Ray Beck, Sam Dewey. Sixth Row: Randy Truesdale, Mike Owens, rilg Jensen, Kevin Philips: Dave Ric Goldberg, John Gilllzland, Paul Gray, Ernie Webster, Tim - Gauer and Brent Bowman, Managers. Third Row: Jim Rufener, Bob Case, Russ Nietert, Bill Stiffler, Farley Tolpen, Scott Jackson, Dan Windmiller, Jonathan McKinney, Mike Gayman, Ken Brown, Dave Schlee, Jim Fulmer, Ron Collins. Seventh Row: George Sparks, f i Morgan, Bob White, Jim Matusoff, Alandus Harrison, Brian Bowman Chris Fer uson, John Smith, Terr Byrd, Jeff Berger, Greg Mcliiban, M21uriCe Speaks. Fourth Row:- IOhf1 BlaHkSI1ShiP, I01'1T1 Barok, Joe Ken Lancgs, Mike Niswonger, Jack Powell, Jerry Hurd, Scott Unger, Bell, Craig Domsitz, Tom Clark, Lary Gayman, Mike Roush, Ed Larry White. ,frr 4 ,N Football 970 The 1970 Rams are seen kicking off during an exciting year. The Rams took on the state's number one team, the Massillon Tigers, Our opening game at Massillon was an unfortunate '71-0 loss, The Rams beat the Brookville Blue Devils in the exciting last few seconds of the game 25-22, The Rams, high after their exciting game against Brookville, set their eyes on Oakwood and a 2-O league record, but a bad break in the last minute of play saw the Rams drop a fierce battle 33-14, The Ram Gridders, with revenge in their eyes, went out to beat a highly rated Tipp City squad and destroyed them 33-18, 95 1 T T f WIAL r ' to Allen Garber leaps through the victory hoop before the Oakwood Game. Five Ram Gridders are discussing future action. The Rams continued to pound S,W,B,L, foes with a 33-16 crushing of Northridge, The Rams then ventured to Vandalia to do battle with the Aviators but came home heartbroken with a 18-12 loss, The Rams then prepared to do battle with the Eaton Eagles in the homecoming clash and bounced back with a homecoming victory over Eaton 36-8, In their traditional game with rival Northmont, the Ram Gridders went out to up- set the league leading Thunderbolts but were stunned by a 28- 0 loss. After the loss to Northrnont, the Rams wanted to do some scoring so they annihilated West Carrolton 40-O. The last game was with Milton-Union when the Rams were soundly beaten 54-26, l Joe Bell returns an interception against Northridge, U-M Fred Fry advances the ball against Eaton, Senior Tony Bozarth getting taped during action this year , , ,V L Wd-1 E 5 5 Senior co-captain Erik Jensen against Eaton. 444 E 5 9 E as Th e 1970-'71 Basketball Team, Eric Jensen dribbles the ball up court. Stebbins Centerville Brookville Dixie Oakwood Valley View Tipp City Kiser Northridge Vandalia Eaton Meadowdale Northrnont West Carrollton West Milton Jefferson Colonel White T -M THEY 54 6'7 83 '71 '72 '74 '74 '70 49 62 '7'7 59 65 '72 '7 '7 61 51 4'7 5'7 '78 '70 66 6'7 '74 91 '71 61 '71 69 65 '75 7 '7 '76 69 My la si: 1 ff: as I 1, . fe. '21, 2:5 ri. E. Wh' L-,,..,,i k,kA, za . ,- 1, ..,:,I i z,m f '-fiwzf, 'Q gs, v..:1lM VMI: 0 Carl Hall prepares to shoot. Coach Bobo gives the team advice. John McKinney drives in for a lay-up Carl Hall was selected to the all league ueam and the second team of All- Greater Dayton. Beating Northmont is so much fun! 101 167 lbs, Allen Bayes The 1970-'71 Wrestling Team Individual Tournament Finishes 98 lbs, Art Sartorius Mike Fletcher earning points for riding time. 132 lbs, Fred Fry 2nd Troy 105 lbs. Rick Goldberg 2nd Troy 2nd West Milton 2nd Fairmont West 2nd Northmont 4th S.W.B.L. 1191bs. Tony Bozarth lst Troy 3rd West Milton 4th Fairmont West 126 lbs, Ralph DeHart 1st Troy 4th West Milton 3rd Northmont 3rd S , W, B, L, 2nd Troy Sectional 2nd Troy 2nd West Milton 2nd Fairmont West lst Northmont 2nd S.W.B.L. 3rd Troy Sectional 138 lbs, Larry Gayman 4th Troy 3rd West Milton 2nd Northmont 2nd S, W, B. L , 145 lbs. Mike Fletcher 2nd Fairmont West 3rd Northmont lst S , W, B, L , 3rd Troy Sectional 155 lbs, Allen Garber 2nd Troy 3rd West Milton 3rd Fairmont West 2nd Northmont 2nd S . W.B. L. 3rd Troy Sectional 3rd Southwest District lst Troy 3rd West Milton 2nd Fairmont West 2nd Northmont 4th S . W, B, L . 4th Troy Sectional 175 lbs, Dennis Parkhill lst Troy 2nd West Milton 8rd Fairmont West 2nd Northmont 3rd S.W.B.L. 2nd Troy Sectional 185 lbs, Terry Byrd 3rd Troy 3rd Northmont 4th Fairmont West 3rd S.W.B.L. HWT, I im Painter 4th West Milton 3rd Northmont .WHL Champs The towel is thrown in as Mike Flethcer wins the Coach Dubro shouts insuuctions to a Ram Wrestler. Fred Fry is wrestling Tipp City's Ian Kindrick, F i i I VARSITY TEAM RESULTS T M 30 Northmont T M 14 Princeton T M 32 Oakwood TM 33 Tipp City T M 43 Dunbar TM 22 Wayne TM 21 Milton- Union Season Record 4-2-1 Coach Elkins is being carried off after the Northmont Tourna- ment. '-M-Q, 1 ' 5255? I Terry Byrd is wrestling in the S,W.B.L. 20 37 15 17 8 22 22 Allen Bayes is attempt- ing a take- down in the S.W.B.L. Cheerleaders U The 1970-'71 Varsity Cheer- leaders are: Crop rowj Dianne Barr, Ruth Calico, Bonnie Spitzer, qrniddle rowp Alee Buck, Janie Erbaugh, fbottom rowp Debi Kamin, Joy Hund- ley, Lee Dixon, Cindy Beck- nell, and Marianne Murray. l 6 Senior Cheerleader Ruth C alico. Senior C he erleader Bonnie Spitzer. The 1970 71 Reserve Cheerleaders are qtop rowp Cheryl Stanton Denise Barr, Debbie McNay fcenter rowj Teri Collinsworth, Apr11Baughn ffrontj Karen Pultz. Absent from prcture IS Dlane Carter. The 1970- 71 Sophomore Cheerleaders are fleft to righty Lisa Geralds, Susan Neumaier, Joni Domsitz. Absent from the picture is Vanessa Lott. ng meet. Tennis A Wirgwwiiy Hz" im 2,Ai7Y?5i!i?f"f?e42f422':EfQ,,53::4n'ig-www: :.,g-:my-,V ,. f . ' 1 A W' Af-ww W fa 4 1,4 .er Q .ww :fum w,wh..-,, A C ! W Gregg Martin returning the ball. 'N The 1971 Tennis Team. The fundamentals of Tennis. ,"".aw1' n rgg:-V 1,',1.,v.', , g M ..., ' Y Q rr M :sf - iv f :im A, r 2 M J 6, . 'Lf if .2 35 u' K F fly ,M 5 f .F ' 1 whim, IZ Q 'Q' A GUM -se Greg LaPointe finished behind The 1971 Golf Team Caldwell in final average. This year's final team record was 15-'I as they finished 3rd in the S.W. B. L. with a score of 337. They finished 3rd in the sectionals with a 319 and finished 11th in the district with a 340. Bob Caldwell finished best this year with an average of 39.3. Greg LaPointe had a 39. 5 average, while Doug Dearth had a 44. 5 and Mike Sch- weigert ended up with a 47.2 average. The final team average was 166.1. 'i!i:::11i!i.SQ15?iT1f .5 5 K Bob Caldwell had this year's lowest average. This year's Reserve Team. 1 0 " 3.-I.- ,, . K . -if .. Q -Q if, xg: W 4 , 'M 'M - W A , 1 :Y Baseball f 1971 Baseball Team. S ' Mik ' ' . enlor e Owens hltnng the ball. Semor pitcher Jeff Rohrer in action. "" , ,,.. . ...... .,,, . -f-f , ,.A, . ,. ,. ..., A,. ,X . 1Q . 1..,, , H .1,, .. ..,1, m . ,, , . , m A,iakEQ, , N Q WWE N ,.,... '1hL . ,.,. ,. ,.,, .,:W,Lki, is kkzr ii. i U 'P . ..., ,.... fm: ., ..., ,,.,,.,.: .mlz , . ' ,, LLWL LLL L., .LL.,L , ,,LL ,L LLW.L, X ,,x.1- WW,,L,L,L ,M LLL,LW, .LL, 5 W, L,mLL ,N , ,L,, W, The offensive part of a baseball game. Senior I eff Fitch at bat. SC ORES TM Meadowdale 'I Jefferson 3 Miamisburg 4 Brookville 5 Oakwood 11 Tipp City 1 Northridge 0 Dixie 2 Eaton '7 Vandalia Butler 1 Northmont 2 West Milton 9 Meadowdale 4 West Carrolton 1 Mike Roush seen scoring. Th SHI 4 1 1 0 4 22 2 '7 O 10 11 8 5 3 'III Track THE 1971 TRACK TEAM This year's track team compiled a 3-3 dual meet record. They finished 6th in the Madison Re1ay's and 6th in the League. They also finished 12th at Greenville, 14th at Troy, 6th at Wayne. The 880 yd. team finished lst in the League. This team consisted of Allen Bayes, Randy Truesdale, Carl Hall, and Bob Ditmer. Lance Cyr, this year's pole vaulter, finished second in the district and 8th in the state competition. Seniors Scott Montgomery and Allen Bayes show their form in running the hurdles. 5 lance Cyr competed this year in the state competition in Columbus. I I I 1 E E L Some track members taking a rest. This Year's Coaching Staff This year's fine coaching staff consisted of: FOOTBALL: Head Coach Don Eby Assistant Coach John Butler Assistant Coach Jim DuBro Assistant Coach Gary Aiken CROSS-C OUNTRY: Bill Schnier BASKETBALL: Head Coach Kent Bobo Assistant Coach Dale Sterner WRESTLING: Head Coach Jim DuBro Assistant Coach Charles Elkins GOLF: Jerry Richards TENNIS: John Hagen BASEBALL: Head Coach-Charles Elkins Assistant Coach Martin Hill TRAC K: Head Coach Bill Schnier Assistant Coach Harold Brandenberg Assistant Coach Bill Hartlege This year's Cheerleader advisor was Clarice Ebersold G.A.A. ADVISORS: Miss Keidel Miss Massie G.A.A. I -man HNMMMN , mwgcwwmniiimwww S I 1 i .1 , i 'a 4 Q I ,- lik Flo Bayne swinging at a pitch. Janet Bearfie ! A Sims 1d catching during warm- upi E u Sally Kuns serving the ball. Action during a volleyball game. Flo Bayne is preparing to return the ball. SENIOR CLASS l lv- WW XZ: 'E in LES LIE ADAMS FREDERIC K ALBRIGHT DONALD ANDERSON DAVID AUSTIN PATRICIA ADAMS PAUL ALLEN DENNIS ANDRADE S E TERESA BANFILL NAOM1 BARGER REGINA BAROK x 1 DIANE BARR RONALD BAUMGARDNER MITC HELL BAYES Q ,f E . , PH1LLIP BERRY p 'A ROY BLANTON CHARLES BOEHIVIE KELLY BOOTH FLOREINCE BAYNE DEBORAH BLAIR 252 CHARLES BORDENKIRC HER 7 NANCY BGW ELLEN Bowl-:R MARVENE BOWLING BRIAN BOWMAN In I . PATRICIA BOWMAN AN THONY BOZARTH E s DIANE BRANSON JAMES BROOKS FRANCIS BREWER HENRY BROOKS TAMARA BROYLES GLQR1 A B UC HER GW ENDOLYN BURNS ELIZ ABETH B UT LER RUTH CALICO EARNIE C AMPBELL RENEE C ARRAS DANIEL CAVENDER T RANDALL CARSON CYNTHIA CLARK 9 SHERRY C LARK ROSS COLLINS II i 1 RICHARD C OLLETTE CAROL C OMBS PHILIP C OON WILLIAM C OPENHAVER HAROLD C ONNER BRENDA C OON 5 Q 5 2 V ,. , , K ,,.Lf , V . - I ,.,,fff rrvrl M ip -f-'W .' CAROLYN COPLEY 20 LOUISE C OPPKIK VANESSA COTTONGIM NANC Y C RAMER TIMOTHY CRAWSHAW VALERIE CRISPEN IUDY CUTLIPS MARY C OX WILLIAM CRAWFORD LARRY C RAYC RAFT DA VID CRUM E LANCE CYR F I LES LIE DERS HEM C AROL DSW ITT . 5? is E X S ww BARRY DORFMAN REBECCA DORN MICHAEL DYNES JUDY EAKES DANA EARL PATRICIA ELLER K ,,,, DEBORAH ELLIOTT KATHLEEN ENGEL MARVIN ERBAUGH IAMES EVANS WILLIAM FILLERS .TEFFERY FITCH MICHAEL D. FLETCHER MICHAEL FOHL I ILL FOREMAN I UNE FREEMAN MIC I-LAEL M. FLETCHER SUSAN FOLAND DONNA FRANKLIN FREDERIC K FRY JAMES FRY IR. IOANNE G APEN BARBARA GARRETT MICHAEL GAYMAN JOHN GENTRY EDWARD GOODEN RALPH GILLIS IUDITH GRAY ERNEST GRIFFIN DEBORAH HADDIX 'I2 26 RIC HARD HAHN' REBECCA HALL W ff! :yQ:'.f:':y:,fs.,4f v fm f4w.':1.f..f::'f'f-.fs' A JERRY HAMB LIN DENNIS HART SAMUEL HAUPT STEVEN HANSON CHARLES HARLAN JUDY HAMBLIN BRENDA HASKINS ROSEMARY HEATH SUSAN HEISEY I OANNE HEID JAMES HEIT TANYA HERCUTT DIANNA HEYDUCK JACK I-IEMELGARN GEORGE HENSON . Vixkxgrr :f EY 553 PAMELA HELTERBRAN C ATHY HERN DEBBY HIGHERS I2 7 DEBORAH HOGG RONALD HOGG SHIRLEY HOHNHORST FREDERIC K HORINE DENNIS HORSTMAN MARY HOSACK MICHAEL HORVATH SUSAN HUDSON DOUGLAS HULL BEVERLY HUMAN if LINDA KERLEY BRENDA KING BECKY KNOPP FAY KOMMER CHARLES KRAMER gy 5 1 S A Q 1 2 L:- i Q STEVEN LANDFS GREGORY LaPOINTE FREDERICK KRAMER MICHAEL JOHN LANDIS CAROLYN LAYNE KAREN LEFFEW GREGORY LENTZ DAVID LEONARD BRENDA LEWIS GARY LEWIS KENNETH LIPPS PATTY LOWE REBECCA LEWIS PATRICIA LITTLE LOUIS LUNSFORD PATRICIA MAHANEY JOHANNA MANNING THOMAS MARTIN W JAMES MATUSOFF IAY MAYBRUCK LINDA MCCULLOUGH JOHN MCFALL BRENDA MARTINDALE KATHY MCDANIEL LINDA MCGILL 3 Y! Q is -i I '-G, VICKI MCINTOSH IOHN MCKINNEY SARAH MITCHELL DAVID MORGAN , AAA -'f'-f -"' A A' AAAAA RMRR . N"" ff A E WW iw 2 .S - -"- sid 55,v.eMw.,,, ,, -' gyw' . WEEE- HARRIETTE MCKINNEY JONATHAN MCKINNEY 5 fx f SUE MOORE DEBRA S . MORRIS ' " if? 2 1 4 :si " Ji W X SZ g E X Mll,RR ,.Z:, l3R,?Rb A ,..- -- ' ff RZMR Q X 2 3' , X k Ei A Q M ' A X? .. Q. . ,, R ' x -'rig-sem wi ff 'IX Qi YK' iw Q2 A A Q 5 kg,, SUSAN MOSSER PJTCHLE MUMPOWER 'Owl , fl: WM. Mmm, DAVID MURKA X , A ,, 'SJ' Q N... , J' M E 775' f5'i7 .. 2 li: 5 - fig ilfff fi., ,V Fw' ' - -' MARJLYNN MYERS SHEILA NEPPAR MIKE OAKES , "ff K M -f f V f 5 '. -V. - f 5 g -Nw: :. - it I Y . , M fiswfii-' X a s . Q ,p-vw 4 KJ 55,m SHERYL MURRAY NANCY NAEGELI DALE OGLETREE DENNIS OPPIE EDITH OQUINN ROGER OREN . LINDA ORNDORF MICHAEL OWENS DAVID PALMER DENNIS PARKHILL BETH PATTON DONALD PARKER SHARON PATTON WILLIAM PETERS KEVIN PHILLIPS CLARA PUTERBAUGH MELINDA RADER ELIZABETH R-AUSCH SHERRY RICHARDSON SANDRA RIEGE DONALD ROGERS JEFFREY ROHRER MICHELE ROSS JAMES RUFENER BRENDA RU PARD SUSAN SARTORIUS DAVID SCHMIDT DEBRA SCHULER KATHLEEN SCHULTZ KEITH SCURLOCK WILLIAM SAGER CHANDRA SAUVAGE FREDERICK SCHOMMER .TU DY SEARLS l37 BRIAN SHANK DANE SHANK KIMBERLY SHAW LUANNE SIMPSON LARRY SMITH 38 CRAIG SHOUP THOMAS SHROYER KAREN SHO PE GARY SMITH PH ILL IP S MITH DAVID SONNEBORN BONITA SPITZER if-W zi. ' w,,..--"' , SHEILA SPOONMORE CHRISTINE SPATZ. ESTHER S PRADLIN 1 1' if f i. E lf- , -- " ' 1' fi' I TERESA STACY DONALD STANLEY DANIEL SPOONMORE DELBERTA STAMPS DOUGLAS STANTON 9 40 MARGARET STEELE SANDRA STEELMAN ERIC STEPHENS GLORIA STEWART MARK STEPHENS SHIRLEY STEWART DELINA SWEET REGINA SWEET CRAIG TANNER JAMES TEAGUE N,uiNNI'N.,,, K AREN TESTERMAN MARTHA THAXTON DONALD THIELE SI-IERRY THURMAN .H JUDY TIPTON RANDALL TRUESDALE MICHAEL UPDIKE STEVEN VANCE :Lt --1,, 3 Q X 3 x L.,,,X' I IQ Q i Eh' 'Q N Bw Fm F QHNFWRWW DEBRA TRISSEL LEESA VANE LL., IQ ' isgfg, I .. ,L .M .Mk W. K ....,. . . .. . ai .,,,.. m...W,..... ,.,,, . ALLL. 2 'QW 1 'ifaM11:52gggzgfmxaiiig gg- Q E , ' i ,s?Zlg.,, " .A.L' E15 -if 1 -'ilflzitiizi " 'ST QQ-' ,LA,, if 1 ' ' ' I 'rrh' f- f swim.. , 5 CONNIE VEATCH ROBERT WHITE GARY WILLIAMS KATHLEEN WILLIAMS 42 DAVID WARNOCK DEBRA WELLS GARY WHITE '15 , ,plpw I ' MARY WHITED LINDA WILLIAMS PATTY WILLIAMSON 'DEANNA WILLS N ROBERT WINDMILLER DORETTA WILSON GARY WH-ISQN BONNIE WISER ROBERT WOODS KATHLEEN WILSON X-CHRISTOPHER WINEMILLER DEBORAH WOLCOTT THOMAS WRIGHT 'I43 DAVID YANEY VICKI YOAKUM HAROLD YORK PATRICIA YORK 44 MICHAEL BAKOS JAMES BLAYLOCK NANCY BOLENDER THEDA BRITTAIN KENNETH BROWN MARY BUNN LOREN BUTTERBAUGH HAROLD CLAUGH KATHY COMPTON MARK DEMETER DONALD DRIVER GARY EVANS JACKIE GARRETT WILLIAM GERLACH RANDY GOLDBERG EVERETT GRIFFIN JR. GARY HAMIEL HARRY HARRIS JUANITA HART ROBERT HART II KAREN ZIMMERMAN . ,,,,,. "E" ,1,, E gr '55 VV VV AA TTL'TL'T KHIAAAAHA ,',.' ,f,5- fa, IEII , 5 ,IT"-, ETKE ' 1,, I Seniors N015 Pictured: MARK HEINDL EUGENE HENDERSON JERRY HICKS WALTER HOLLON JOSEPH HUEY VALERIE HUMPHREY DAHL IRVIN DEBBIE KING ROBERT KING RONALD LEE VICKI LEE DON MARSHALL WILLIAM MAXWELL LIONEL MCDOWELL DAVID MCGARVEY THOMAS MELSON JOHN METZGER CLIFFORD MICHAELIS MARKIS MILLER SCOTT MONTGOMERY MARY MOORE JOE MORRISON JOHN NEWBERRY JANETTE NICHOLS GARY PENDERGRASS JACK PHILLIPS TERRY POWERS CLAUDIA REIGELS PERGER TERRY ROBERTS MARSHA ROGERS TIMOTHY ROSE SANDRA ROY SUSAN SCHRIML RONNIE SEARS LANNY SIMPSON DEWELL SIMS WILLIAM SLACK WESLEY SMITH WILMOND SMITH RICHARD STEELE LINDA STODDARD MIKE WARD WENDY WEBER VICKI WHITEHEAD LENWOOD WILLIAMS JR. SUSAN WILLIAMS OWN L ...4 SENIOR DIRECTOR Y LES LIE YVONNE ADAMS - Drama Club 35 Book Club 35 Art Club 35 Student to Save Our Earth 45 "Marat!Sade" - Patient 45 Future - work. PATRICIA LEE ADAMS - Sewing Club 35 Student Teacher Day 35 Future - Marriage. FREDERICK ALLEN ALBRIGHT - Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Y-Council 45 Latin Club 25 Wiser Ducks 2,3,4 qAdjutant Quackerjg Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Office Assistant 35 Concert Band 2, 3,4 fLettery5 Marching Bandy 2,3,4 fPresidentj5 Pep Band 2,3,45 Minstrel 2,3,45 Intramurals 2,35 Tennis 2, 3. PAUL C. ALLEN - Modern Music 35 Graphic Arts Assistant 45 D.C.T, 45 Future - Work. DONALD LEE ANDERSON - Modern Music 35 D.E.C.A. 45 Future - Military Service. DENNIS I. ANDRADE - Hi-Lites Staff 3,45 Art Club 35 Stu- dent Teacher Day 2,35 Future - College. WILLIAM DAVID AUSTIN - Auto Club 35 Modern Music 35 D.C.T, 45 Future - Work. NAOMI MAY BARGER - Modem Music 35 H.E..T.T. 45 Future - Marriage. REGINA IRENE BAROK - Tri-Hi-Y 2 CPresidentj5 Y-Council 25 Latin Club 2 fPresidentj5 Girls' Chorus 35 Rockettes 2,3,4 qCo-Captainy5 Minstrel 2,35 "Twelve Angry .Turors" 35 D.E.C.A. 45 Future - Work. DIANE ARLENE BARR - Tri-Hi-Y 35 Pep Club 2,35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 45 Office Assitant 3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Future - Business Training. RONALD LEE BAUMGARDNER - Book Club 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Track 3,45 Future - Technical School. MITCHELL ALLEN BAYES - literary Magazine 35 Varsity "M" Club 2,3,45 Student Council 45 French Club 25 Campus Life 2,3,45 F.C.A. 2,3,45 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Teacher Assistant 35 Football 2,3,45 Wrestling 2, 3,4 qCo-Captainy5 Track 2,3,4 qCo-Captainj5 Intramurals 45 Student Teacher Day 2,3, 45 Future - College. FLORENCE JEAN BAYNE- Phys. Ed. Assistant 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4 qTreasurer - Lettery5 Softball 2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Field Hockey 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Future - Business Training. PHILIP EUGENE BERRY - F.C.A. 25 Football 2,35 Wrestling 2,35 Future - Work. DEBORAH LOU BLAIR- Tri-Hi-Y 25 Drama Club 2,35 Varsity Choir 3,4 qLetterj5 Minstrel 3,45 Sophomore Choir 25 Office Assistant 45 "Rebel Without a Cause"- Mrs. Brown 25 "Spoon River Antho1ogy" 35 Student Teacher Day 25 National Honor Society 45 Future - College. ROY BLANTON - O.W.E, 45 Future - Work. JAMES LARRY BLAYLOCK - Student Teacher Day 25 O.W.E. 3,4. CHARLES ELLIS BOEHME - Varsity "M" Club 2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 F.C.A. 25 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Football 2,3,4 fLetterj5 Wrestling 25 Track 25 Intramurals 2,3,45 Student Teacher Day 45 Future - College. NANCY I. BOLENDER - Future - Marriage. KELLY WRIGHT BOOTH - Sound and Light Crew 25 Auto Club 35 Teacher Assistant 25 Gymnastics 2, 35 Student Teacher Day 45 D.C.T, 45 Future - College. CHARLES ERWIN BORDENKIRCHER - Wrestling 25 Cross Country 25 Track 25 Student Teacher Day 45 D.E.C.A. 45 O.W.E. 35 Future - College. NANCY MARIE BOW - Drama Club 2, 35 Modern Music 35 Art Assistant 35 H,E.J.T, 45 Future - Work. MERLE ELLEN BOWER - Library Assistant 2, 3,45 Student Teacher Day 25 D.E.C.A, 45 Future - College. PATRICIA ANN BOWMAN - Sewing Club 35 Future - Marriage. MARK ANTHONY BOZARTH - Football 45 Wrestling 2, 3,45 O.W,E, 4. SHIRLEY DIANE BRANSON - Tri- Hi-Y 3,45 National Honor Society 45 Knitting Club 35 Varsity Choir 3,4 qLetterj5 Minstrel 3,45 Student Teacher Day 45 I.O.E, 45 Future - Business Training. FRANCIS CLYDE BREWER - Ariesman 45 German Club 2,35 Film Club 35 Lab Assistant 45 Teacher Assistant 2,45 'Varsity Choir 3,4 qLetterj5 Office Assistant 35 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Minstrel 3,45 Sophomore Choir 25 Future - Military Service. THEDA SUE BRITTAIN - Sewing Club 35 Student Teacher Day 25 H.E.I.T, 45 Future - Work. JAMES LYNN BROOKS - Intramurals 45 Future - Work. HENRY WARD BROOKS III - Modem Music 35 Varsity Choir 3,4 qLettery5 Minstrel 3,4 fEndmanj5 Future - College. KENNETH LEROY BROWN III - Pep Club 35 Football 45 Track 2,35 Student Teacher Day 2, 3, 4. TAMARA LOUISE BROYLESA- Drama Club 45 French Club 25 Art Club 35 Students to Save Our Earth 45 I.S.M.C. 35 Office Assistant 45 Varsity Choir 3,4 fLetterj5 Girls' Chorus 2, 3,45 Minstrel 45 "Marat,'Sade" - Kokol 45 Student Teacher Day 3,45 Thespian Society 4. GLORIA JEAN BUCHER - Sewing Club 25 Knitting Club 25 Student Teacher Day 25 C.C.E. 45 Future - Work. MARY ANIS BUNN - German Club 2,35 I.S.M.C. 2,35 Future - College. GWENDOLYN FRANCES BURNS - Pep Club 35 Modern Music 35 Student Teacher Day 45 I.O,E. 45 Future - Work. ELIZABETH ANN BUTLER - I.C.C. QPresidentJ5 Tri- Hi-Y 25 Y-Council 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 2,3 Q Vice- Presidentj, 4 fVice- Presidentjg Teacher Assistant 35 Concert Band 2,3 fTreasurerJ5 Marching Band 2,35 Minstrel 2,35 "Marat!Sade" - Herlad 45 Arts Festival Play 35 Student Teacher Day 2, 3,45 National Merit Scholarship Finalist 45 Future - College. LOREN KEITH BUTTERBAUGH RUTH ANN CALICO - l.C.C. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Rambler Staff 45 Pep Club 2,35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Office Assistant 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Cheerleading 2, 3,45 Wrestling Cheerleading Captain 45 Future - College. EARNIE LEE CAMPBELL - Auto Club 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Intramurals 2,35 Teacher Assistant 35 Gymnastics 2,35 D.C.T. 45 Future - College.. RENEE ELAINE CARRAS - Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Rambler Staff 45 Drama Club 3,4 fPresidentj5 Pep Club 25 Student Council 25 French Club 25 Library Assistant 45 "No No A Million Times No" - Duplicate 45 Arts Festival Play 35 Prom Committee Chairman 35 Senior Prophecy Committee 45 Thespian Society 45 Future - College. RANDALL ALAN CARSON - Hi- Lites Staff 4 fManaging Editorj5 Chess Club 2 qSecretaryj5 Intramurals 45 Future - College. DANIEL EARNEST CAVENDER - Pep Club 35 Student Teacher Day 45 D.C. T. 45 Future - College. CYNTHIA ANN CLARK - Tri-Hi-Y 25 Pep Club 2,35 Student Council 45 Knitting Club 35 Student Teacher Day 2,3,45 Prom Committeeman 35 Future - Marriage. ROSS WARREN COLLINS II - Baseball 35 Student Teacher Day 35 Future - College. CAROL LINN COMBS - Pep Club 35 Art Club 35 O.W.E. 45 Future - Work. HAROLD ORLEY CONNER - Library Assistant 2, 3, 45 Teacher Assistant 45 Future - Marriage. BRENDA LEE COON - Tri-Hi-Y 25 Drama Club 35 Rep Club 25 German Club 25 Girls' Chorus 25 Class Secretary 25 C. O.E. 4. LOUISE MARIA COPPOCK - H. EJ. T, 4. VANESSA COTTONGIM - Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Y-Council 45 Modern Music 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 25 Office Assistant 45 Minstrel 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 45 Prom Queen 45 Future - College. NANCY ANN CRAMER - Tri- Hi-Y 35 Rambler Staff 4 QAssistant Editorp5 Pep Club 2, 35 National Honor Society 3,4 qSecretaryy5 Student Council 45 German Club 2 qSecretary- Treasurerp, 3 qSecretary- Treasurerj5 Office Assistant 45 Teacher Assistant 45 Student Teacher Day 2,45 Prom Committ- eeman 35 Homecoming Committee 45 Girls' State Represen- tative 35 Future - College. WILLIAM OMAR CRAWFORD - Phys. Ed. Assistant 3,45 In- tramurals 2, 3,45 Student Teacher Day 45 Future - Training School. TIMOTHY WARREN CRAWSHAW - Wiser Ducks 2,3,4 fFledg- ling Duckling Educy5 Science Club 35 Concert Band 2,3,4 4Letterj5 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,35 Minstrel 2,3,45 Intramurals 2,3,45 Future - College. LARRY RAY CRAYCRAFT - Varsity "M" Club 2,3,45 F.C.A. ,2,3,45 Lab Assistant 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 2,3,45 Teacher Assistant 3,45 Varsity Choir 25 Cross Country 3,4 qLetterp5 Track 2,3,4 fLetterj5 Intramurals 3,45 Student Teacher Day 45 Future - College. VALERIE ANN CRISPEN - Pep Club 2,35 Rockettes 2, 3 CLetterj5 Minstrel 2,35 Track 25 Gymnastics 25 Home Ec. Assistant 3,45 Future - Marriage. DAVID JAMES CRUM - Hi-Y 2,3,45 Rambler Staff 45 Drama Club 2,3,45 Varsity Club 45 Pep Club 2,35 Student Coun- cil 35 French Club 25 Wiser Ducks 35 I.S.M.C. 25 Varsity Choir 2,35 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Minstrel 2,3,4 qEndman75 "Rebe1 Without A Cause" - Officer N. 1,25 "Twelve Angry Jurors"- Juror N. 8,35 'Spoon River Anthology"- Singer 35 "Marat!Sade' - Jean Paul Marat 45 Arts Festival Play 35 "This Was Vaudeville" - Freddie 45 "No No A Million Times No"- Director and Stan- ford Blackman 45 Class President 25 Intramurals 2,3,45 Tennis 2, 3 fLettery,45 Most Outstanding Player 45 Student Teacher Day 2,45 Future - College. LANCE BRADLEY CYR - Varsity "M"Club 3,4: French Club 25 F.C.A. 2,3,45 Phys. Ed. Assistant 3,45 Varsity Choir 2,35 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Minstrel 2,35 Football 2, 3 qLetterj,4 qLetterj5 Track 2 fLettery,3 qLetterp,4 fLetterj5 Student Teacher Day 2,3,45 Gymnastics 2, 35 Future - College. 'I47 GAIL M. DANI - I.C.E. 45 Future - Work. SEARL P. DAUGHERTY - Basketball 2,3,4 fLetterj5 Student Teacher Day 45 National Honor Society 45 Future - College. HORACE G. DAVIS JR. - Auto Club 35 Modern Music 35 D.E.C.A, 45 Future - Work. WILLIAM CLARK DAVIS - National Honor Society 45 Student Council 45 French Club 2, 3 qSecretaryp,45 Varsity Choir 3,4 CLetterj5 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Sophomore Choir 25 Student Teach- er Day 45 Future - College. DOUGLAS A. DEARTH- Varsity "M" Club 3,45 F.C,A, 2,3,45 Phys. Ed. Assistant 45 Intramurals 2,3,45 Golf 2 fLetterj , 3 fLetterj , 4 Q Letterj. RALPH WILLIAM DEHART - Science Club 2,35 Lab Assistant 35 Teacher Assistant 35 Wrestling 2,3,4 fLetterj5 Future - College. LESLIE ALAN DERSHEM - Sound and Light Crew 45 Science Club 35 National Honor Society 45 Audio Visual Assistant 2,35 Concert Band 2,35 Marching Band 2,35 Pep Band 35 Minstrel 2,35 Dayton Bar Association 1970 Citizenship Award 35 Future - College. CAROL ANN DEWITT - Pep Club 35 Girls' Chorus 35 H. E.J.T. 45 Future - Marriage. MELVIN MILES DILLON - Auto Club 35 Modern Music 35 Future - College. BARRY H. DORFMAN - I.C.C. 25 Student Council 25 National Honor Society 3,45 German Club 25 Auto Club 2,35 Lab Assis- tant 2, 3,45 Office Assistant 3,45 Track 35 Student Teacher Day 3,45 Clarkson Alumni Award Scholarship 45 Future - College. REBECCA LYNN DORN - Sewing Club 3 qVice- Presidenty5 Knitting Club 35 Home Ec. Assistant 3,45 Office Assistant 45 Student Teacher Day 3,45 Future - College. MICHAEL J. DYNES - Modern Music 35 D.C.T. 45 Future - Work. JUDY DIANN EAKES - D. E.C,A, 45 Future - Business Training. DANA LAWRENCE EARL - Hi-Y 3,45 Student Council Curri- culum Committee 45 Latin Club 25 Modern Music 35 Varsity Choir 35 Boys' Chorus 35 Minstrel 35 Intramurals 2,35 Student Teacher Day 3,45 Youth In Government 45 Future - College. PATRICIA JOANNE ELLER - Campus Life 35 Office Assistant 45 Teacher Assistant 45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,35 Minstrel 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,4. DEBORAH L. ELLIOTT - Campus Life 3,45 Varsity Choir 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Minstrel 45 Future - Marriage. KATHLEEN ENGEL - Politicos 2,3 fMagistratej5 Tri- Hi-Y 2 CRecording Secretaryp,3 fPresidentj,45 Y-Council 35 Rambler Staff 45 Pep Club 2,35 Student Council 3,4 qSecretaryj5 Campus Life 45 Office Assistant 35 Teacher Assistant 45 'Rebel Without A Cause" - Millie 25 "Marat!Sade"- Patient 45 Cheerleader 3 qLetterp5 Student Teacher Day 3,45 Homecoming Committee 3,45 Prom C ommitteeman 35 Senior Prophecy Committee Chair- man 45 Youth In Government 3,45 Minstrel 3,45 Future - College MARVIN LEE ERBAUGH - Film Club 35 F.C.A. 3,45 Graphic Arts Assistant 45 Wrestling 2,3,4 fLetterj5 Track 3,45 Future - Work. JAMES EVANS - Hi-Y 2,3,45 Campus Life 45 Wiser Ducks 3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Minstrel 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Cross Country 3 fLetterj,45 Intramurals 2,3,45 Future - College. WILLIAM GEORGE FILLERS - D.C.T. 45 Future - Business Training. IEFFERY LYN FITCH - Modern Music 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Teacher Assistant 45 Baseball 2,45 Intramurals 25 Student Teacher Day 35 D.C. T. 45 Future - Military Service. MICHAEL DOUGLAS FLETCHER- Hi-Y 2,3,45 Varsity "M" Club 45 German Club 25 National Honor Society 45 Campus Life 2,45 Wiser Ducks 2,3,45 F.C,A. 3,45 Concert Band 2,35 Marching Band 2,45 Pep Band 2,35 Minstrel 2,35 Class President 35 Wrestling 2,3 fLettery,4 qLetter - Co-Captainy Track 25 Student Teacher Day 2, 3,45 Prom Committee Chairman 35 Boys' State Representative 35 Future - College. MICHAEL M. FLETCHER - Auto Club 35 Teacher Assistant 45 I.S.M.C. 35 Future - College. JILL MARIE FOREMAN - Drama Club 2,45 Pep Club 2, 35 French Club 2,35 National Honor Society' 45 Office Assistant 45 Teacher Assistant 45 Varsity Choir 2,3,4 qLetterj5 Girls' Chorus 3,45 Minstrel 3,45 Future - College. DONNA FAYE FRANKLIN - C.O.E. 45 Student Teacher Day 2. JUNE ETTA FREEMAN - Library Assistant 35 Office Assistant 25 D. E. C.A, 45 Future - Marriage. FREDERICK C . FRY - Rambler Staff 45 Varsity "M" Club 3,45 Modern Music 35 F.C.A. 2,3,45 Phys. Ed. Assistant 3,45 Foot- ball 2,3 CLetterj,4 Letter - Honorable Mention All SWBLj5 Wrestling 2, 3 fLetter3,4 qLerterj5 Baseball 2,3 qLetterp,4 fLettery5 Intramurals 45 T-M Athletic Ass. Booster Scholarship 45 Most Outstanding Athlete '70-715 Student Teacher Day 35 Prom King 45 Future - College. JAMES R. FRY - Auto Club 35 C.O. E. 45 Future - Work. JO ANNE GAPEN - Tri-Hi-Y 25 Pep Club 2,35 French Club 25 Art Club 35 Office Assistant 3,45 Future - Business Training. BARBARA GAIL GARRETT - Modern Music 35 Phys. Ed. Assis- tant 25 Library Assistant 2,35 C.O.E. 45 Future - Marriage. IAC KIE CLABE GARRETT - Chess Club 3. MICHAEL D. GAYMAN - Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Football 2,3 fLetterj,4 fLetterp5 Wrestling 35 Baseball 25 Homecoming King 45 Future - Work. .TOHN ROBERT GENTRY, JR. - Auto Club 35 Phys. Ed. Assis- tant 35 D,C.T. 45 Future - Work. WILLIAM J. GERLACH - O.W.E. 3,45 Future - Work. RALPH CLARK GILLIS - Future - Lincoln Technical Institute. RANDY LEE GOLDBERG - Wiser Ducks 35 Concert Band 2,35 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2, 35 Minstrel 2,35 Wrestling 3. JUDITH LYNN GRAY - Arr Club 35 "This was Vaudeville" 45 Future - College. ERNEST JAMES GRIFFIN - Art Club 35 Pep Band 2,3,45 Intra- murals 3,45 Future - Work. DEBORAH CAROL HADDIX - Rambler Staff 45 Pep Club 35 Latin Club 25 Young Democrats 35 National Honor Society 45 Office Assistant 45 Teacher Assistant 45 Prom Committee- man 35 Future - College. RICHARD CARL HAHN - Pep Club 35 German Club 2, 3 fPresi- dentpg Teacher Assistant 45 Varsity Choir 3,45 Boys' Chorus 2, 35 Minstrel 3,45 Prom Committee Chairman 35 National Honor Society 45 Future - College. REBECCA SUE HALL - Tri-Hi-Y 2 fAttendance Secretaryj,3,45 Y-Council 35 Hi-Lites Staff 4 fEditor- In-Chiefp5 Pep Club 25 Teacher Assistant 3,45 Varsity Choir 3,45 Girls' Chorus 25 Minstrel 3,45 Cheerleader 25 Winter Homecoming Attendant 25 National Honor Society 45 Future - College. JUDY HAMBLIN - Sewing Club 3 fSecretaryy5 Knitting Club 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 C.O.E. 45 Future - Work. STEVEN LYNN HANSON - Hi- Lites Staff 3,45 Rambler Staff 45 Wiser Ducks 2,3,45 Lab Assistant 3,45 Library Assistant 2, 35 Office Assistant 2,35 Concert Band 2 fLetterj, 3 fLetterp, 4 fLettery5 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Minstrel 2,3,45 Student Teacher Day 2,3,45 Youth In Government 3,45 Future - College. CHARLES EUGENE HARLAN - Pep Club 2, 3,45 German Club 2, 35 Wiser Ducks 2,3,45 Library Assistant 35 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2, 3,45 Pep Band 2, 3,45 Varsity Choir 45 Minstrel 2,3,45 "Marat!Sade" - Band 45 Tennis 45 Future - College. HARRY GILBERT HARRIS DENNIS ALAN HART - Modern Music 35 Concert Band 2, 35 Marching Band 2,35 Minstrel 2,35 D.C.T. 45 Future - Work. ROBERT ADAM HART - I.S.M.C. 35 D, E.C.A, 45 Future - Work. BRENDA KAY HASKINS - Pep Club 25 Modern Music 35- I.S.M.C. 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Student Teacher Day 3,45 H.E.J.T. 45 Future - Marriage. SAMUEL NORMAN HAUPT - Auto Club 35 D.E.C,A. 45 Future Lincoln Technical Institute. ROSEMARY LYNNE HEATH - Campus Life 2,35 H. E. I. T. 4 qPresidenty5 Future - Marriage. IOANNE MARIE HEID - Pep Club 35 Modern Music 35 C.O.E. 45 Future - Marriage. MARK DOUGLAS HEINDL - Auto Club 35 I.S.M.C. 35 Student Teacher Day 2, 3,4. SUSAN KATHLEEN HEISEY - Pep Club 25 National Honor Society 3,4 fPresidentj5 Modem Music 35 Office Assistant 45 Concert Band 2,3 fSecretaryj,4 qTreasurerj5 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2, 35 Varsity Choir 3,4 qPresidentj5 Minstrel 2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 3,45 "Marat!Sade" - Band 45 Student Teacher Day 2, 35 Future - College5 f Music Scholarshipp. JAMES MICHAEL HEIT - Hi-Y 2,3,45 Y-Council 4 qTreasurerj5 Latin Club 2,35 Modem Music 35 Teacher Assistant 45 Varsity Choir 2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 2,3,45 Minstrel 2,3,45 Gymnastics 25 Future - College. PAMELA SUE HELTERBRAN - Tri- Hi-Y 3,4 f Secretaryj5 Pep Club 2,35 National Honor Society 45 French' Club 2, 35 Teacher Assistant 45 Varsity Choir 3,4 fLette1'j5 Minstrel 3,45 Sopho- more Choir 25 Future - College. JACK ANTHONY HEMELGARN - Hi-Y 3,45 Rambler Staff 45 Student Council 45 German Club 35 Wiser Ducks 45 Auto Club 35 Minstrel 4 flindmanjg Future - College. GEORGE D. HENSON - German Club 35 Auto Club 35 Modern Music 35 I.S.M.C. 35 C.O.E. 45 Future - College. TANYA ROBERTA HERCUTT - Office Assistant 35 G,A. A, 25 Student Teacher Day 25 H.E,I. T. 45 Future- Training School. DIANNA LYNN HEYDUCK - Sewing Club 35 C.O.E. 45 Future - 'I49 0 Marriage. DEBBY JILL HIGHERS - Pep Club 2,35 Student Council 25 Modern Music 35 Office Assistant 45 Student Teacher Day 35 Future - Work. RONALD L. HOGG - I.C.C. 35 Hi-Y 25 Y-Council 25 Hi- Lites Staff 3,45 Drama Club 2,3,45 Student Cotmcil 25 I.S.M.C. 35 Teacher Assistant 45 "Ten Little Indians" 45 "Marat,fSade" - Asst. Technical Director 45 Arts Festival Play 35 Track 25 Tennis 35 Gymnastics 25 Thespian Society 45 Future - College. SHIRLEY E. HOHNHORST - Campus Life 3,45 Sewing Club 35 Office Assistant 45 Varsity Choir 45 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Minstrel 45 Future - College. FREDERICK A. HORINE - Modern Music 35 I.S.M.C. 2,35 Teacher Assistant 35 Wrestling 2, 3 fLettery5 Future - College. DENNIS A. HORSTMAN - Auto Club 35 D.E.C.A. 45 Future - Work. MICHAEL STEVEN HORVATH - Modern Music 35 Cross Country 35 Homecoming Attendant 45 Future - College. MARY ELIZABETH HOSACK - Future - Marriage. SUSAN DIANE HUDSON - Pep Club 35 Cross Country 25 O.W. E. 3: D.E.C.A. 4. JOSEPH M. HUEY - Wrestling 25 Cross Country 25 O,W.E. 35 D.E.C.A. 4. DOUGLAS E. HULL - O.W.E. 3,45 Future - Work. VIOLET E. HUMAN - Pep Club 25 Latin Club 25 Campus Life 3,45 Bookstore 45 Varsity Choir 3,45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3,45 Minstrel 3,45 Future - College. ROLLIN ALVA HUMPHREY - Phys. Ed. Assistant 3,45 Baseball 25 Intramurals 3,45 Basketball 2. VALERIE LYNN HUMPHREY - Drama Club 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Students to Save Our Earth 45 I.S.M.C. 2 qSec- retaryj5 Varsity Choir 3,45 Minstrel 3,45 Student Teacher 25 Future - College. DAHL B. IRVIN - Teacher Assistant 45 Student Teacher Day 35 Jr. Prom Co- Ordinator 35 Future - College. ERIK H. JENSEN - Football 2 fLetterj,3 fLetterj, 4 CLetter - Honorable Mention SWBL - Co-Captainp5 Track 2 fLetterp,3 fLetterJ5 Basketball 2 fLetterj,3 Q Letter - Honorable Mention SWBLJ5 Future - College. DEBORAH JEAN JOHNSON - O.W. E. 45 Future - Work. DARLENE MARIE JONES - Book Club 35 Modern Music 35 C.O.E. 45 Future - Marriage. DIANA KAY JONES - German Club 25 Modern Music 35 Office Assistant 2,3,45 Teacher Assistant 45 Rockettes 2,3,45 Minstrel 2,3,45 Student Teacher Day 35 Future - Marriage. TERRY GLEN JONES - German Club 35 Teacher Assistant 45 Track 35 Tennis 45 Gymnastics 35 Future - Business Training. MARGARET JEAN KEARNEY - Tri- Hi-Y 2,3 fVice- Presidentj, 4 fPresidentj5 Hi- Lites Staff 45 Drama Club 2,35 Varsity Choir 3,45 Rockettes 2,3,45 Minstrel 2,3,45 "Rebel Without A Cause' Grandma 25 Class Secretary 3,45 Homecoming Attendant 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Prom Committeeman 35 J r. Prom Co- Ordinator 45 Youth in Government 45 Future - College. MELVIN KEEPER- O.W, E. 35 D,C.T, 45 Future - Work. JOYCE LOUISE KELLEY - Drama Club 2, 3,4 QTreasurerj5 Pep Club 25 French Club 25 Teacher Assistant 35 Varsity Choir 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Minstrel 2,35 "Twelve Angry Jurors" - Assis- tant Director 35 Arts Festival Play 35 "Spoon River Anthology" - Assistant Director 35 "Marat!Sade" - Assistant Director 45 Student Teacher Day 2, 35 Thespian Society 45 Future - College. LINDA RUTH KERLEY - French Club 2, 3,4 fVice- Presidentj5 National Honor Society 45 Library Assistant 35 Office Assis- tant 45 Future - College. BRENDA GAIL KING - Student Teacher Day 25 O.W,E. 3,45 Future - Marriage. DEBORAH JO KING - Tri-Hi-Y 25 Pep Club 25 Modern Music 35 I.S.M.C. 25 Girls' Chorus 25 H.E.J.T. 4 qTreasurerj5 Future - Marriage. FAY B. KOMMER- Phys. Ed. Assistant 25 Office Assistant 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Student Teacher Day 45 I. O. E. 45 Future - College. CHARLES LAWRENCE KRAMER - Student Council 3 fTreas- urery, 45 National Honor Society 45 Class President 45 Future - College. FREDERICK JOSEPH KRAMER- Wiser Ducks 2,35 Concert Band 2,3,45 Marching Band 2, 3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Minstrel 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 "Marat!Sade" - Band 45 Intramurals 2,35 Student Teacher Day 35 Future - College. STEVEN GLEN LANDES - Pep Club 2,35 Teacher Assistant 45 Cross Country 35 Intramurals 2, 3,45 Tennis 2, 35 Student Teacher Day 25 Future - Business Training. MICHAEL JOHN LANDIS - Hi-Y 2 fTreasurerj,3 fPresidentj,4 fPresidentj5 Y-Council 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Wiser Ducks 35 Film Club 35'Lab Assistant 25 Library Assistant 35 Teacher Assistant 45 "Twelve Angry J urors" - Policeman 35 "Ten Little Indians" - Rogers 45 "Marat!Sade" - Male Nurse 45 Golf 2, 35 Student Teacher Day 3,45 Homecoming Atten- dant 45 Future - College. GREGORY ALLAN LaPOINTE - I.C.C. 35 Pep Club 25 Phys. Ed. Assistant 45 Intramurals 45 Golf 2 qLetterj,3fLetterj,4 CLetterQ5 Future - Work. CAROLYN SUE LAYNE - Future - Marriage. RONALD EDWARD LEE - Lab Assistant 2,35 Phys. Ed. Assis- tant 3. VICKIE LYNN LEE - Campus Life 35 Sewing Club 35 Girls' Chorus 35 H.E.J.T, 4. KAREN ELEAINE LEFFEW - Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Pep Club 25 Latin Club 25 Modern Music 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 45 Teacher Assis- tant 45 Rockettes 45 Minstrel 45 Cheerleader 35 Future - College. GREGORY EUGENE LENTZ - C, O. E. 4 fVice-Presidentj5 Future - Business Training. DAVID KEITH LEONARD - Latin Club 2,45 Auto Club 35 Baseball 2,35 Intramurals 2,3,45 Future - College. GARY LYNN LEWIS - Auto Club 35 D. E.C.A, 45 Future - Work. REBECCA SUE LEWIS - Modern Music 35 I.S.M.C. 35 Office Assistant 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Homecoming Attendant 45 C. O.E. 4 CSecretaryj5 Future - Marriage. KENNETH LUTHER LIPPS - Hi-Y 2: Latin Club 3: National Honor Society 45 Wiser Ducks 2,3,45 Teacher Assistant 3,45 Orchestra 2, 3,4 fLetterp5 Concert Band 2, 3,45 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Minstrel 2,3,45 "Marar!sade" - Music Director 45 Intramurals 2,35 Student Teacher Day 2,3,45 Future - College. PATRICIA F. LITTLE - H,E.J. T, 45 Future - Marriage. PATTY SUE LOWE - Sewing Club 35 Modern Music 35 Future - Work. LOUIS THOMAS LUNSFORD - Teacher Assistant 45 Concert Band 2,35 Varsity Choir 2,3,4 qVice- Presidenty5 Boys' Chorus 35 Minstrel 45 Intramurals 25 Basketball 25 Future - College. PATRICIA ANN MAHANEY - Pep Club 2,35 Young Demo- crats 35 Latin Club 2 fSecretaryp,3,45 Book Club 35 Office Assistant 45 Teacher Assistant 45 Varsity Choir 3,45 Girls' Chorus 2,3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Minstrel 3,45 Future - Business Training. JO LOUISE MANNING - Sewing Club 35 Modern Music 35 Office Assistant 45 Teacher Assistant 45 I. O.E. 45 Future - Marriage. THOMAS EUGENE MARTIN - Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Intra- murals 2,3,45 Future - College. BRENDA LEE MARTINDALE - Tri- I-li-Y 2,35 Pep Club 2,35 Latin Club 25 Modern Music 35 Home Ec. Assistant 45 Rock- ettes 3,45 Minstre1,3,45 Cheerleader 25 Student Teacher Day 35 Future - Marriage. JAMES MATUSOFF - Football 2,3,45 Future - College. WILLIAM GENE MAXWELL- O.W,E, 3,4. JAY BRADLEY MAYBRUCK - I.S. M,C. 35 Teacher Assistant 2,3,45 National Honor Society 45 "Ten Little Indians" - Student Director 45 " Marat! Sade" - Director 45 Class Vice- President 25 Student Teacher Day 25 Dayton Daily News Youth Forum Member 45 Future - College. LINDA MCCULLOUGH - Pep Club 2,35 Modern Music 35 I.S.M.C. 35 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Student Teacher Day 25 C.O.E. 4 fPublicity Chairmany Future - Marriage. KATHY McDANIEL - Future - Marriage. JOHN ANDREW MCFALL - Varsity "M" Club 35 F.C.A. 2,35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Golf 2,3,45 Future - College. DAVID CHARLES MCGARVEY - Auto Club 35 D.C,T, 45 Future - Work. LINDA MARIE McGILL - Book Club 35 Modern Music 3. VIC KI ANN MCINTOSH - C.O. E. 45 Future - Work. HARRIETTE McKINNEY - Modern Music 35 Phys. Ed. Assis- tant 45 Varsity Choir 35 Girls' Chorus 25 G.A.A. 2, 3,4 1Vice- President - Letterp5 Softball 2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Track 35 Basketball 2,3,45 Student Teacher Day 25 I. O.E. 4. J. HUSTON MCKINNEY - Wiser Ducks 35 F.C.A. 45 Lab Assistant 3: Phys. Ed. Assistant 45 Office Assistant 35 Cross Country 25 Track 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Student Teacher Day 2,45 Future - College. JONATHAN LOUIS MCKINNEY - Campus Life 45 F.C.A. 45 Football 45 Track 3,45 Intramurals 45 Future - College. JACQUELINE LEE MERRICK - Pep Club 25 Campus Life 3,4: Library Assistant 3,45 Office Assistant 2,35 Minstrel 3,45 G.A.A. 2 fLetterj5 Student Teacher Day 2,4. JOHN JOSEPH METZGER - Gymnastics 25 O.W,E. 3,4. CLIFFORD ALLEN MICHAELIS - Campus Life 3. GAYLE LYNN MILLER- Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 Pep Club 23 Modern Music 33 Ofiice Assistant 3,43 Teacher Assistant 43 Rockettes 2 fLettetj,3,4 qCaptainp3 Minstrel 2,3,43 Future - College. SARAH IOANN MITCHELL - Book Club 33 Art Club 33 Girls' Chorus 43 Mnstrel 43 Future - College. SCOTT STEVEN MONTGOMERY - Cross Country 2 qLetterj, 3 fLetterj3 Track 2 fLetterj,3 fLetterj,4 fLetterp3 Future - College. SUSAN MOORE - Modern Music 33 I.S.M.C. 33 Phys. Ed. Assistant 23 Girls' Chorus 23 H.E.I.T. 43 Future - Marriage. MARY A. MOORE - Sewing Club 33 Modern Music 33 Student Teacher Day 43 I.O.E, 43 Future - Work. DAVID B. MORGAN - Football 2,3,43 Track 2,3,4. DEBRA S. MORRIS - Teacher Assistant 33 Softball 23 Volley- ball 23 D.E.C.A. 4 fSecretaryy3 Future - Business Training. JOE MORRISON - O.W.E. 4. SUSAN MOSSER- Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Rambler Staff 43 Pep Club 33 German Club 33 Modern Music 33 Teacher Assistant 3,4: Cheerleader 3 qLetterj3 Future - College. RITCHIE LEE MUMPOWER- Auto Club 33 Office Assistant 33 Football 23 Baseball 3,43 Intramurals 2,3,43 D.C.T. 43 Future - School. DAVID WILLIAM MURKA - Auto Club 33 Future - College. SHERY KAYE MURRAY - Politicos 23 Tri- Hi-Y 2 CChaplinL 3 fTreasurery3 Pep Club 23 National Honor Society 3,4 qTreas- IIISIJQ Student Council 2, 3 CSecretaryj,4 fPresidentj3 Concert Band 2, 33 Marching Band 2,33 Varsity Choir 3,43 Minstrel 2,3,43 Student Teacher Day 3,43 Homecoming Attendant 43 Prom Committeeman 33 Prom Committee Chairman 33 L Future - College. MARILYN ANNE MYERS - Pep Club 2g Varsity Choir 33 O.W.E. 43 Future - Marriage. NANCY ANN NAEGELI - Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Y-Council 33 Pep Club 33 Modern Music 33 Phys. Ed. Assistant 43 Rockettes 43 Minstrel 43 Cheerleader 33 Future - College. SHEILA LYNN NEPPER - Tri-Hi-Y 3,43 Pep Club 23 Knitting Club 33 Library Assistant 3,42 Varsity Choir 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Minstrel 43 Student Teacher Day 43 G.A.A. 43 Volleyball 43 Future - Work. JOHN MICHAEL OAKES - Modern Music 33 Football 23 Intra- murals 43 Future - College. DALE ERIC OGLETREE - F.C.A. 43 Phys. Ed. Assistant 43 Basketball 2, 3,4 fLetterj3 Student Teacher Day 23 Future - Work. DENNIS A. OPPIE - .O.W.E. 43 Future - Work. EDITH M. O'QUINN - Campus Life 33 Knitting Club 33 Library Assistant 3,43 Varsity Choir 4g Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Future - Marriage. ROGER OREN - Science Club 33 Math Club 3g Student Teacher Day 43 Future - College. LINDA LEE ORNDORF - Tri-Hi-Y 23 Pep Club 2,33 Modern Music 33 Teacher Assistant 43 Rockettes 2,33 Minstrel 2,33 Future - Work. MICHAEL THOMAS OWENS - Hi-Y 23 Varsity "M" Club 2, 3,43 Modern Music 33 P.c.A. 2,33 Physl Ed. Assistant 33 Football 2 fLetterj,3 fLetterj,4 qLetterj3 Baseball 3,4: Intramurals 3,43 Track 23 Basketball 23 Homecoming Atten- dant 33 Future - Military Service. DAVID RALPH PALMER - Latin Club 23 Campus Life 43 Concert Band 2, 3,4 fLetterj3 Marching Band 2, 3,43 Minstrel 2,3,4j Future - Work. DONALD C. PARKER- O.W.E. 3,45 Future - Work. DENNIS EUGENE PARKHILL - VarsitL"M" Club 3,741-5-PCD Club 2, 3,4: Student Council 23 French Club 23 Campus Life 3,43 F.C,A. 2,3,43 Teacher Assistant 3,43 Football 2,3,43 Wrestling 2,3,43 Baseball 23 Student Teacher Day 3,43 Future - College. BETH ANN PATTON - Tri-Hi-Y 23 Pep Club 3g Campus Life 43 Wiser Ducks 3,4? Office Assistant 43 Rockettes 2 fLetterj, 3,43 Minstrel 2,33 Future - Work. SHARON KAY PATTON - Tri-Hi-Y 2,3 qSecretaryj,4 fVice- Presidentjg Knitting Club 33 Varsity Choir 43 Girls' Chorus 2,43 Minstrel 43 Student Teacher Day 43 I, O.E. 4. WILLIAM LYNN PETERS - Latin Club 2,3Q Campus Life 3,43 Science Club 2, 3g Lab Assistant 43 Varsity Choir 33 Boys' Chorus 2, 33 Minstrel 33 Tennis 33 National Honor Society 43 Future - College qScholarshipJ. KEVIN PATRICK PHILLIPS - Varsity "M" Club 2, 3,43 Campus Life 2,3: F.C.A. 2,3,43 Phys. Ed. Assistant 3,4: Football 2,3 qLetterp,4 fl.6tI61lJg Wrestling 23 Intramurals 2,3,43 Future - Marriage. CLARA BETH PUTERBAUGH - Pep Club 23 Campus Life 43 Varsity Choir 33 Girls' Chorus 2,33 Minstrel 33 Future - College. MELINDA MARIE RADER - Varsity Choir 3,4 CLetterj3 Girls' Chorus 2, 3,43 Minstrel 3,43 Student Teacher Day 3, 4g National Honor Society 43 I. O.E. 43 Future - Work. ELIZABETH RAUSCH - Drama Club 3,43 Thespian Society 43 Pep Club 2,33 Student Council 43 French Club 2,33 Teacher Assistant 43 Varsity Choir 3,4 qLetterj3 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4Q Minstrel 3,42 National Honor Society 43 "Twelve Angry Jurors" - Makeup 33 "Spoon River Antho1ogy" - Student Director 33 "Ten Little Indians" - Student Director and Mrs. Rogers 43 Student Teacher Day 43 Prom Committeeman 33 Future - College. SHERRY LEE RICHARDSON - Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 qChaplainp,43 Rambler Staff 43 Campus Life 43 Knitting Club 33 Office Assistant 33 Concert Band 33 Minstrel 33 Student Teacher Day 2,33 Prom Committeeman 33 Future - College. SANDRA L. RIEGE - Tri-Hi-Y 2,32 Pep Club 23 German Club 33 Modern Music 33 Girls' Chorus 2,33 C,O.E. 43 Future - Business Training. DONALD EUGENE ROGERS - Future - College. JEFFREY ROBERT ROHRER - Varsity Club 2,3,43 F.C.A. 2, 33 Phys. Ed. Assistant 2,3,43 Football 2, 3 fLetterj,4 fLette1'j3 Baseball 2 qLettery, 3 fLetterp,4 fLetterp3 Intramurals 43 Basket- ball 2,33 Homecoming Attendant 23 Future - Work. MICHELE HILLARY ROSS - Rambler Staff 4 fEditor-in-ChiefJ3 Pep Club 33 National Honor Society 43 French Club 3 fPresi- dentp,43 Teacher Assistant 33 Prom Committeeman 3g Prom Committee Chairman 33 Homecoming Committee 4s Future - College. JAMES l-IERBERT RUFEMER - Varsity "M" Club 3,43 German Club 23 Campus Life 2,3,43 F.C.A. 2,3,43 Phys. Ed. Assis- tant 3,43 Football 2, 3 fLetter1,4 fLetterp3 Wrestling 3,4 fLetterj Track 23 Student Teacher Day 3,42 Future - College. BRENDA CAROL RUPARD - Student Council 23 Phys. Ed. Assis- tant 2, 3,43 Office Assistant 2, 3,4: Varsity Choir 2, 33 Rockettes 2 qLieutenantj, 3 qLieutenantj,4 fCo-Captainpg Minstrel 2, 33 Homecoming Attendant 2g Future - Work. WILLIAM JEFFREY SAGER - Hi-Y 43 Hi- Lites Staff 4 Q Sports Editorj3 Varsity "M" Club 43 Wiser Ducks 2,3 qAdjutant Quacker3,4 qGrand Puba DLlCkJQ Phys. Ed. Assistant 33 Teacher Assistant 43 Concert Band 2, 3 fLetterj,43 Marching Band 2,3, 4 I Vice- Presidentj3 Pep Band 2, 3,4 fVice- Presidentp3 Minstrel 2,3,4': Baseball 2,3,4 qLetterp3 Intramurals 2, 3,43 Student Teacher Day 2,31 Future - College. SUSAN GAIL SARTORIUS - Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Y-Council 2 fVice- President33 National Honor Society 3,43 Teacher Assistant 3, 43 Varsity Choir 3,4 qLettery3 Sophomore Choir 23 Minstrel 3,43 "Marat!Sade" - Polpoch 43 Class Vice- President 33 Future - College. CHANDRA LEE SAUVAGE - Drama Club 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Varsity Choir 3,4 fVice- President - Letteryg Minstrel 3,4: Sophomore Choir 23 "Ten Little Indians" - Emily Brent 43 "Spoon River Anthology" 33 Student Teacher Day 33 Thespian Society 43 Future - College. DAVID FRANK SCHMIUT - Film Club 33 F,C.A. 43 Basket- ball 3,4 fLetterj3 Student Teacher Day 43 Future - College. FREDERICK PAUL SCHOMMER - French Club 2,3,43 Teacher Assistant 3,43 Future - College. SUSAN MARIE SCHRIML - Pep Club 23 Student Council 23 Latin Club 23 Modern Music 3s Cheerleader 23 H.E.I.T. 4. DEBRA ANN SCHULER- Sewing Club 33 D.E.C.A. 43 Future - Work. KEITH ALAN SC URLOCK - Latin Club 2,33 Teacher Assistant 43 Intramurals 33 Student Teacher Day 43 Future- College. JUDY ANN SEARLS RONNIE LEWIS SEARS BRIAN EDWARD SHANK - Campus Life 33 Graphic Arts Assistant 3,4. DANE GORDON SHANK - National Honor Society 3,4: Latin Club 23 Office Assistant 33 Wrestling 2,32 National Merit Scholarship Test - Honorable Mention 43 Future - College. KIMBERLY R. SHAW - Hi- Lites Staff 3,43 Latin Club 2g Modern Music 33 Teacher Assistant 43 Intramurals 33 Student Teacher Day 3,4Q Youth In Government 43 Future - College. KAREN SUE SHOPE - Varsity Choir 3,4 QLetterj3 Minstrel 3,43 Sophomore Choir 23 Future - Modeling. CRAIG DOUGLAS SHOUP - Lab Assistant 2, 33 Student Teacher Day 2,3,43 O.W.E. 43 Future - College. THOMAS GARY SHROYER - Politicos 2 fPress Secretaryj,33 Hi- Lites Staff 3,43 French Club 23 Science Club 3,43 Teacher Assistant 3,43 Class Vice- President 43 Student Teacher Day 23 Homecoming Attendant 43 Prom Committee 33 Prom Committee Chairman 33 Youth In Government 43 Pride Patrol 23 Future - College. LUANNE SIMPSON - Modern Music 33 Phys. Ed. Assistant 33 Office Assistant 43 Student Teacher Day 2,3: C,O.E. 43 Future - Marriage. BRUCE SLIGER - Hi- Lites Staff 33 Future - College. GARY SMITH - O.W.E. 3. 4 LARRY SMITH - Hi- Lites Staff 4 qPage Editor 53 Literary Magazine 33 Office Assistant 33 Future - College. PHILLIP CARL SMITH - Teacher Assistant 43 Concert Band 2, 3,42 Marching Band 2, 3,43 Minstrel 2,3,43 Student Teacher Day 43 Future - College. DAVID M. SONNEBORN - Drama Club 23 "Ten Little Indians" - Phillip Lombard 43 "Marat!Sade" - Dupperret 43 Future - College. CHRISTINE MARIE SPATZ - Pep Club 23 National Honor Society 43 French Club 3,4 qPresidentj3 Teacher Assistant 3g Varsity Choir 43 Minstrel 43 Future - College. BONITA LEE SPITZER - Pep Club 2,32 Modern Music 33 Phys. Ed. Assistant 3,43 Varsity Choir 3,43 Girls' Chorus 3,43 Minstrel 3,43 Cheerleader 2, 3,4': Sophomore Choir 23 Future - College. ESTHER R. SPRADLIN - Knitting Club 33 Student Teacher Day 23 Future - Work. TERESA AILEEN STACY - Pep Club 2, 3,43 Book Club 33 Office Assistant 33 Teacher Assistant 33 Class Treasurer 43 Student Teacher Day 23 Prom Committeeman 33 I.O.E. 43 Future - College. DELBERTA I, STAMPS - Sewing Club 33 C.O.E. 43 Future - Marriage. DONALD L. STANLEY - Chess Club 33 O.W,E. 4. DOUGLAS JAMES STANTON - Hi-Y 2,3,43 Cross Cou.ntry 3 fLetterj,4 fLetterp3 Track 2,3,43 Future - College. MARGARET LOUISE STEELE - C.O.E. 43 Future - Work. RICHARD ALAN STEELE - Future - Work. SANDRA LEE STEELMAN - Knitting Club 33 D.E.C.A. 43 Future - Marriage. ERIC STEPHENS - I-li-Y 2,3,4: Hi-Lites Staff 43 Varsity "M" Club 3,43 German Club 23 Wiser Ducks 33 Track 23 Tennis 3 fLetterj,4 fLetterj3 Prom C ommitteeman 3. MARK STEPHENS - Auto Club 33 I.S.M.C. 3: Student Teacher Day 2. GLORIA JEAN STEWART - Pep Club 33 Modern Music 33 Girls' Chorus 33 D.E.C.A. 43 Future - Marriage. SHIRLEY ANN STEWART - German Club 23 Girls' Chorus 23 Student Teacher Day 23 C.O.E. 43 Future - Marriage. LINDA JEAN STODDARD - I. O. E. 4: Future - Marriage. DELINA SUE SWEET - Tri-H.i-Y 43 Modern Music 33 Office Assistant 43 Girls' Chorus 23 Future - College. REGINA LOU SWEET - Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Pep Club 2,82 Modem Music 33 Office Assistant 43 Prom Committeeman 33 Youth In Government 43 Future - College. CRAIG JAMES TANNER JAMES EUGENE TEAGUE - Wrestling 2. KAREN ANN TESTERMAN - Literary Magazine 33 Pep Club 2,32 Student Council 43 German Club 33 Campus Life 33 Wiser Ducks 33 Modern Music 33 Phys. Ed. Assistant 23 Varsity Choir 3,43 Girls' Chorus 3,4Q Minstrel 3,43 G.A,A. 23 Student Teacher Day 2,43 Future - College. MARTHA LYNN THAXTON - Phys. Ed. Assistant 33 Office Assistant 3g Varsity Choir 43 Girls' Chorus 3,43 Minstrel 43 G,A,A. 3 qLetterj3 Field Hockey 3,43 Track 3,43 Basketball 3,45 Future - Business Training. DONALD EARL THIELE - Chess Club 33 Phys. Ed. Assistant 2, 33 Student Teacher Day 2. SHERRY ANNE THURMAN - Student Council 33 German Club 23 I.S.M.C. 33 Modern Music 33 Girls' Chorus 23 Student Teacher Day 23 C.O.E, 43 Future - Marriage. JUDY LYNN TIPTON - Future - Work. DEBRA SUE TRISSEL - Tri- I-li-Y 2,3,4 fTreasurerj3 Pep Club 23 Latin Club 23 Modern Music 33 Phys. Ed. Assistant 33 Rockettes 43 Minstrel 3,45 Cheerleader 23 Student Teacher Day 23 I. O.E, 43 Youth In Government 3,4: Future - Work. RANDALL EUGENE TRUESDALE - Varsity Club 2,3,4: F.C.A. 2,3,4: Phys. Ed. Assistant 43 Football 2 fLetterj,3 fLetterj,4 qLetter - Honorable Mention All SWBLJ: Wrestling 23 Track 2,3,4 qLetterp3 Intramurals 43 Basketball 33 Student Teacher Day 33 Future - College. MICHAEL RICHARD UPDIKE - I.S.M.C. 2,31 Teacher Assistant 43 "Spoon River Anthology" 33 "Marat!Sade" 43 Arts Festival Play 33 Student Council 4. STEVEN BRUCE VANCE - Film Club 33 Intramurals 23 Future - Work. LEESA R. VANE - Pep Club 33 German Club 23 Modern Music 33 Girls' Chorus 33 G.A.A. 33 H.E.J.T. 43 Future - Work. CONNIE SUE VEATCH - Modern Music 33 Office Assistant 2,33 O,W.E. 4g Future - Marriage. DAVID G, WARNOCK - O.W.E. 3,43 Future - Work. WENDY ANN WEBER - Tri-Hi-Y 35 Literary Magazine 35 Student Council 25 "Return to Vaudeville" 45 Christmas Program 45 G.A.A. 35 Student Teacher Day 45 National Honor Society 45 Future - College. DEBRA JANE WELLS - Rambler Staff 45 Modern Music 35 Office Assistant 45 Student Teacher Day 35 Future- College. GARY LEE WHITE - Pep Club 35 Film Club 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Intramurals 3,45 Future - College. ROBERT EUGENE WHITE - Varsity Club 3,45 F.C.A. 2,3,45 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Football 2,3,4 qletterpg Track 2 fLetterj5 Student Teacher Day 45 Future - College. MARY ELLEN WHITED - Latin Club 25 Campus Life 2, 35 Teacher Assistant 45 Future - Work. GARY L. WILLIAMS - D.C.T, 45 Future - Work. LINDA SUSAN WILLIAMS - Pep Club 35 Modern Music 35 Library Assistant 35 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Future - Marriage. SUSAN ANN WILLIAMS - H.E.I.T. 4: Future - Marriage. PATRICIA ANNE WILLIAMSON - Drama Club 2, 3 qVice- Presidenty,45 Teacher Assistant 45 Varsity Choir 3,4 QLetterj5 Girls' Chorus 2, 3,45 Minstrel 3,45 Thespian Society 45 "Marat!Sade" - Cucurucu 45 "Spoon River Anthology" 35 Arts Festival Play 35 Student Teacher Day 35 National Honor Society 4. DEANNA EVELYN WILLS - Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Hi- Lites Staff 3,45 Rambler Staff 45 Pep Club 35 Student Council 45 Campus Life 3,45 Office Assistant 35 Minstrel 2,3,45 Class Treasurer 2,35 Cheerleader 35 Student Teacher Day 35 Homecoming Attendant 45 Prom Committeeman 35 Ir. Prom Co- Ordinator 45 Youth ln Government 45 Future - College. DORETTA ROSE WILSON - Modern Music 35 Library Assistant 2,35 H.E.I.T. 45 Future - Work. KATHLEEN MARIE WILSON - Rambler Staff 45 Teacher Assistant 35 Football 2,3 fLetterj,4 fLetterj5 Track 2,3 fLetterj5 Intramurals 3,45 Basketball 25 Future - Work. ROBERT RALPH WINDMILLER - Film Club 35 Phys. Ed. Assistant 35 Football 2, 3 fLetterj,4 fLetterj5 Track 2,3 fLettery Intramurals 3,45 Basketball 25 Future - Work. CHRISTOPHER LEE WINEMILLER- National Honor Society 3,41 Vice-Presidentjg Teacher Assistant 3,45 "Marat!Sade" - Band 45 Student Teacher Day 2,45 National Merit Scholar- ship Test - Honorable Mention 45 Future - College. BONNIE SUE WISER - Tri-Hi-Y 2 fTreasurerj, 35 Rambler Staff 45 Pep Club 2,35 Art Club 35 Home Ec. Assistant 35 Office Assistant 3,45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Student Teacher Day 35 Future - Work. DEBORAH ANNETTE WOLCOTT - Drama Club 25 Sewing Club 35 Modern Music 35 Girls' Chorus 35 "Twelve Angry Jurors" 35 Student Teacher Day 45 D,E,C.A. 45 Future - College. ROBERT ALAN WOODS - Basketball 2,45 Future - Work. THOMAS F. WRIGHT - Auto Club 35 D.C.T. 4 fPresidentp5 Future - College. DAVID ALLEN YANEY - I-li-Lites Staff 35 German Club 35 Intramurals 25 D.E.C.A. 4. HAROLD EDWARD YORK - Auto Club 35 Future - College. KAREN JUNE ZIMMERMAN - Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Drama Club 4 qBusiness Chairmanpg Thespian Society 45 Pep Club 2, 35 French Club 25 Modern Music 35 Office Assistant 45 Sopho- more Choir 25 "Marat!Sade" - Coulmier's Daughter 45 "Return to Vaudeville" - Emilene 45 Christmas Program 45 Cheerleader 35 Student Teacher Day 2,35 Prom Committee- man 35 Future - College. 5 6 GRADUA T I ON MBT : 94 Q'mon"00qMP-BISON S l , w Q if GRADUATING WITH DISTINC TION SUMMA CUM LAUDE Christopher Winemiller MAGNA CUM LAUDE Dane Shank Nancy Cramer CUM LAUDE Susan Sartorius Sheryl Murray Michael Landis Elizabeth Butler Barry Dorfman Susan Heisey CLASS COLORS - Scarlet and Ivory CLASS FLOWER - Carnation C LASS MOT TO N "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavensg a time to kill, and a time to healg a time to break down, and a time to build upg a time to get, and a time to loseg a time to keep, and a time to cast away a time to love, and a time to hateg a time of war, and a time of peace." - Ecclesiastics 3:1-8 lt W 3' M ff 5' ff' 73 f 1 , - ,if 1 v v 4 ' k 57 lfi Ji 2ii V K 'ff' ' ' ' l 4. 160 -fa Hx . 2 ,A I 2 ii IWW! R OD' MF in ! AD VER TISING THE PASSING OF A YOUNG MAN From the Class of 1 971 Heart and soul mourn the passing of a young man A T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes - Who studied with us and laughed with us Will you remember the face or the name - perhaps not A shy smile walking down the hall But no one will forget the passing of a smile or the A friendly wave plod of tennis shoes long absent Serious as president of the band Silerrze serves the place of a comet Humorous as a Wiser Duck The passing of a young man is noted Complained with the rest of us and worried over tests This is Fred Albright in our memories Dreams and thoughts never hinting of the pain forever. - Fred Kramer, Ken Lipps, Tim Crawshaw ROGERS 81 GILBERT HERBERT'S FURNITURE 3420 North Main St. Dayton, Ohio 278-9118 WISHING ALL 1971 TROTWOOD-MADISON GRADS GOOD LUCK Trotwood Brookville REID'S TROTWOOD PHARMACY CONGRATULATIONS 201 North Broadway T0 THE CLASS Prescriptions - Drug Needs OF 71 Free Delivery SIMPLE SIMON INC. 103 East Third St. 222-9462 Phone 837-6661 or 837-9681 I6 TROTWOOD LOCKER FOOD SERVICE USDA Choice Wholesale Meat by Side or Quarter Locker Rentals Ffiiiieiilliies PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 28 W. Main St. 837-4l56 6538 Wolf Creek Pike Trotwood, Ohio 45426 I 4 Hi, EK 8 3 7 - 6 5 8 9 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE C LASS O F 7 1 .-6'mM"h if 1' QQ 1 2 Q2 4 Q A, I. KEENER S FLORIST 3 5 is J! .,,. W in -, ,v - ss' 'UAA . w0' I 7015 Little Richmond Rd. A wg . - 1 Mile South of the High School it S - - . . , 51 - '.... Dayton, Ohio 4 54 2 7 n 5 - f 8 3 7 - 4 1 6 I -, ' 1 Q F1OWe T S fOr All OCCaS1OHS Q i 'E I N I . I I I Q,-4 z - ' '-" 4 'f at W e d d m g F lo W e r S C o r s a g e s to , I F A 5,54 1,5 Zccc Q t"1 -W f " ,.. -fllf .--1::1f 1fb Wffi- i'it 'N . , ' we 777cc 6 COMPLIMENTS OF GEM CITY METAL SPINNING BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 71 COMPLIMENTS OF TROTWOOD DAIRY QUEEN 7ea1!caaoaZ- Wladican f4l!4lel!c'c gaaaleea Hal GLEN CODORA PRESIDENT DON MARTINDALE VICE PRESIDENT DIANE SELLS SECRETARV AL EBERSOLD TREASURER Trotwood, Ohio 45426 A non-profit orgaowizatizm supporting mul cooperating with the Trotwood-Madison Athletic Department V I . ,ip .al 1 . x 1 100 Club Memberships Alu Foo Foo mni-Old Timers Game tball Concessions tball Programs Basketball Programs Cru Clu ise Party b Memberships Game Football Award Basket Shooting Concession Cot ton Candy Concession SPom'sMAN 's Conn School Year 1970-1971 T-M Rambler Staff, 1971 Trotwood, Ohio 45426 Congratulations, Staff, for adding the '71 Rambler to the tradition- ally long list of T'rotwood-Madison High School's fine, cherished everlasting annuals. We, The Trotwood-Madison Athletic Boosters Club, are indeed proud of the contribution that athletics has made toward our total school program. Through athletics, young men and women have been directly influenced to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. T-M athletics has progressed to the present worthwhile program under the capable leadership of the Athletic Director and dedicated coaches. These ladies and gentlemen blend individual and team skills, strategy and psychology to achieve a successful goal emitting lrom each coach's unique emotions of challenge, failure, work and eventual successes. Our coaches show a great interest in the matur- ing process of participants, the ability to demonstrate what is taught. a clear communication with students, knowledge of the total activity, what it teaches those who are involved and an unequivical belief in what our high school is and what it stands for today and on into the infinite future todays. Best Wishes, T-M ATHLETIC Boosrxms CLUB For wlzen The One Great Scorer eo-mes to write wgaivlst your mzme: H e writes 'not that you won afr lost, but how you played the game. - Grantland Rice 'I6 COMPLIMENTS OF S+? HE S 81 V OFFICE EQUIPMENT, INC 3934 Salem Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45406 SAM RANDOLPH, President Telephone 15131277-9397 COMPLIMENTS OF 'is' 1 ' as 45' 'I' I5 'A ft' -'I -- J, - Q 2 .I f Da 314.55m Top Quality Poultry and Eggs Phone 224-7677 400 Cincinnati St. Dayton, Ohio 45408 MILLARD SWANK NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Fire - Life - Auto Phone 837 -4174 Trotwood, Ohio IMPERIAL CLEANERS For the Finest in Cleaning 504 East Main Street Trotwoodv, Ohio Next to Krogers ARGUS-SENTINEL NEWSPAPERS All Area News Complete S. W. B. L. Sports News 837-4132 Congratulations to My Daughter PATTY HAROLD ELLER Salesman at C. C. VANIMAN, INC ll0 East Main St. Trotwood, Ohio 837-4141 BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1971 COMPLIME NTS OF TROTWOOD TRAILERS, INC. Trotwood, Ohio VA IVIMAIII 837-4141 USE 0 CARS Suburbnn Location mnns saving: to you so Why Pay for High Uverhead ? F030 since 1.91.7 DO-NUTS INCORPORATED 424 E. Main Aumomzsn LEASING SYSTEM Breakfast Served Anytlme 52 V . - D 1. . 2, E. MAIN. marwaan ar1ety e 1c1ous Donuts 167 6B The Year PATRON'S PAGE book Staff Wishes to Thank the Following for Their Generous Contribution: MR. and MRS. HERBERT L. AMOS MR. and MRS. MIKE BAROK MR. and MRS. CHARLES R. BECK MR. and MRS. HOWARD BEST MR. and MRS. JACK DAVIS MR. and MRS. JAMES M. DuBRO MR. and MRS. DAVID L. ENGEL MR. and MRS. WALTER FOREMAN MR. and MRS. FRED FRY MRS. JOANN M. HANSON MR. and MRS. PAUL HUMPHREY MR. and MRS. WALLACE J. KEITH MR. JOSEPH MICELI MR. and MRS. NORM MITCHELL MR. and MRS. JACK ROSS MR. and MRS. LANNES WILSON People BOYER DANCING CONGRAT ULATIONS TO TROTWOOD-MADISON GRADUATING CLASS OF 1971 C. QUINLAN 8. SON INC. SCHOOL B S O QNICE MASIFHS Q 105 E. Main St. gf mr msmcn ri Trotwood, Ohio H 'X .ra :I Qs rr- I O 837-1237 0 "f5m5W.,,gQ" 6 QP T564 General Contractors R. BAUER ROOFING 81 SIDING CO. 1400 E. Third Street Dayton, Ohio "ANYTHING FOR THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME" Siding fall typesj - Roofing - Awning - Storm Windows and Doors - Spouting Wrought Iron - Precast Stone Prompt Service Free Estimates - 20 Years Experience - A11 Work Guaranteed Serving Dayton and Trotwood 222-0631 837-3167 COMPLIMENTS OF MR. AND MRS. CARL NOFFSINGER 1 Strader Dr. Trotwood, Ohio Open 7 AM to 11 PM Every Day of the Year I69 70 7 OWATONNfjf-fMINNESOTA f-. Creators o ine cfass rfncqs,rwoararS, announcements, 'yeargoofesnznff cfipfomns Represented By: DAVE HERRING 2850 Fernside Ct. Dayton, Ohio 45414 Phone: 890-0841 Also Representing Velva-Sheen, Makers of Wor1d's Finest Imprinted Sports Wear - "Let Us Help With Your Fund Raising Campaigns. " KELLY'S FREE PIKE PHARMACY Pre s cription Delive ry Phone 837-1416 498 E. Main St. Trotwood, Ohio SENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 71 TROTWOOD AQUATIC CLUB INC. Swimming TennisfCourts - - Picnic Areas Basketball Courts North Broadway Trotwood, Ohio 837 -6462 GUILD 8: LA NDIS INSURANCE I 1920 1970 - Dependable Service for Half-Century THE VILLAGE BAKERY ,V Being Sweet to You Is Our Business CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK to the Class of 1971 From T!-IE FARMERS 8- CITIZEN 'Q BANK TRUIWOOD MCMAKEN IGA Complete Line Groceries and Choice Meats Dial 833-2118 State Rte. 311 Brookville, Ohio LUTZ MARTINIZING CLEANERS 908 E. Main gat olive Rd.y ' , CONGRATULATIONS! CZK AND A WONDERFUL FUTURE ffi lkgl FASWON BOU-UQUE TO A FINE CLASS O 7 A.M. TO 'IO P.M. - MON. T S 8 A.M. TO B P M. SUND PAUL'S SOHIO 4575 LITTLE RICHMOND RD 274-0592 PAUL. BRUNTY M DAYTON, OHIO Dresses - Sportswear - Coats 513 Salem Avenue Phone 274-7041 Daily ll - 8 Sat. 10 - 6 417 West Dayton Dr. Fairborn, Ohio 45324 All Charges Welcome 'I7 74 COMPLIMENTS OF DICK KELCHNER EXCAVATING, INC. WOLF CREEK GARDEN CENTER Phone 837-2697 6051 Wolf Creek Pike Trotwood, Ohio 45426 TROTWOOD LANES Good Food - Snack Bar Air Conditioning - Free Parking 4927 W. Union Rd. Featuring 28 Automatic Pinspotters Dayton, Ohio I 751 East Main st. Trotwood, Ohio N 'LQ I 837-2343 CONGRATULATIONS Bale lliemhiunz NORTHTOWN BOOK SHOP 4215 N. Main Dayton, Ohio BEEBER DRUGS - Hospital Supplies - School Supplies - Free Prescription Delivery - Cliffs Notes - 837-2641 706 E. Main St. "WHERE THE CUSTOMER IS SOMEONE SPECIAL" BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 71 See the Grooviest Collection for Graduates at DALE FASHIONS 4321 Salem Ave. June 10, 1971 6 a HIII H ell, "Hi" to everyone who is reading this page today! I YOUNG . anted to make everyone's yearbook one page longer this year, DAVID .' so I decided to purchase a page and write a whole many bunches of stuff on it along with drawings of my favorite characters. !However, since I've never pictured me purchasing a page in a picture book until r now, I don't know what I shall write on it. 1 I guess I could mention a - W words to some of the people who helped make my senior year 6 something meaningful to me. To start with, thanks for all of the 6 great for shall I say FANTASTIC or "Far Out"J times we have had young DAVID JAMES CRUM! I don't think I've shared as many laughs and cokes with anyone else as I have with you. I'd Q fe I The 51111 like to list all or even just some of the fun times we've sharedg but goes I only bought one page so there won't be enough room. If they have to meant just half as much to you as they have to me, hopefully you -' 1- O Rusty will remember them as I will. And DANA L. EARL, I hope your ! O Nietert memory is good enough to remember the times we were together lk too. Oh! By the way, before I forget, I'd like to dedicate this page Q X I X to JAMES MICHAEL "D. " I-IEIT because it is typed in the shape of the state of Florida. Florida - Orange you glad? I really had a LOT fpreferably a vacant lot in OHIO so we can fly kites on it! I A I . of fun times with you, Jimmy. And HENRY WARD BROOKS III, Special someday you will be able to open a from all of the trust you Hhi hu 5 have loaned out. I will treaSure your friendship for money years 1 g ,I X to come. DIANE A. BARR, I hope we will always be as close to Mr' ' f X friends as we are today. And wherever you are JEFF "Mickey Mouse" X PEACE, I want you to know you're the GREATEST, tips his hat to John most considerate person I know. MICHAEL D. . Blakenship! "RIBBET" FLETCHER - "beep, beep." Jay Maybruck, Bit But- Mr. DHBTO ler, Larry Kramer, Mike QFred! Updike, Dave Sonneborn, Mike !Barre1! Landis - zoo, Barry . Dorfman, Sue Sartorius, Sue Heisey, Sheryl ' Murray, and Becky Hall .. . each of you is A special to me. Jack "doodle" Collins and Becki Szucs - you're both pals of mine. See you at MIAMI Dee Dee Wills! fnot Miami, FLORIDA ,. ...!MiamiUin'72!! Hi Michele Ross! Hi Janice Wynn! I and Tucker! , R. jj 4 The Atlantic Ocean "R0bi1'1" Earl! N- J J IL! and a big bucket That is a snake, not a worm! f IIN W goes to "Ch " d th ' Debbie eers an e X T 1 best of luck to all! A' ' Brenda Spencer: X urner' Remember our ' 'f,'N trip to see 4 C3 CHICAGO Ifu in the state of OHIO! mfss If you ever get a chance,. you. drop in or drop a po KN S. 'X to: kathy engel """ 413 Rendale Place . . Trotwood, Ohio chris WINEm1l1er 45426 I Acknowledgements I OE FRIEDMAN 85 ASSOCIATES - official school photographer STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Steve Hanson Ken Keith Dan Lyons CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER: Dick Cross , N N 2 2 1 K This record of the 197 0-'ll school year has been accomplished after many hours of planning by the staff. As advisor, I am most grateful for the reliability of many on the staff, especially those who returned .. after graduation to complete the book. A. Michele Ross deserves special accolades for her constant demand for perfection, her insistance that deadlines be met, and her ability to evaluate all problems and to arrive at balanced judgments. Mi- chele has been an Editor-in-Chief nonpareil. Advisor - Lillian Keith 76 Z fb w, 'mf

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