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Trotwood Madison High School - Rambler Yearbook (Trotwood, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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RMMJ 1.9 AAI44 ixbfo CUR SCHOCJL I953 'Psp -L A ' l Ni f5-x 5 ,x if Q,: ADMINISTRA TION SCHOOL BCARD l952 - 3 Daniel Derringer Richard Gump I. B. Flora, President Darrell Heck Roscoe Filbrun, Vice President fnot shownj Mr. Mark A. Shellhaas came to Madison in 1937 as principal. Mr Shellhaas graduated from Milton-Union High, received his B, S, at Wittenberg, and his M.A. at Ohio State University. His duties are many, but he always takes time to confer with stu- dents, teachers, parents, and visitors. He keeps in touch with the classroom by teaching a class in biology. MR, SHELLHAAS Superintendent 1944-1953 Mr. Carl Noffsinger, the elementary principal at Madison for six years, re- ceived his B, S, degree from Manchester College and his M.A, from Miami Uni- versity. In his busy life he finds time to counsel and guide children in their pro- blems. He spends part of the day teach- ing in the fourth grade. Mr. Darrell A. Vernon, the principal of Madison since 1944, obtained his B. S. and M, A. degrees from Ohio University As principal he has charge of the attend- ance and permanent records. He follows the scholastic progress of each pupil and is athletics manager He teaches class- es in industrial arts. if Mr. Hunn, a graduate of Madison and Miami Jocobs, has served as Bd. ofEd. clerk since 1942. He is also in charge of the book store, and voluntarily hand- les the money of all organizations in school. Miriam Van Zant Hall 1525 does all sec- retarial work for Mr. Shellhaas, and a portion of the same for Mr. Noffsinger. She also assists Mr. Hunn in the book- store. Standing, left to right: Mrs. Hof- mann, Social Science, English, Mr Warren, Social Science, English, Mrs. Burkett, Library, English, Mrs Hoi-ning, English, Social Science, and Math. Seated left to right: Mr. Miller, History, Social Science, Miss Trout, English, Mrs. Clark, English, Latin, and Speech. MEET OUR Standing, left to right: Mr. Scra- field, Biology, Science, Mr. Rhoades, Math, Mr. Horn, Science, Junior High Coach. Seated, left to right: Mr. Reed, Math, Physics, Mr. Dover, Marh, Chemistry, Mr. Shellhass, Biology. Standing, left to right: Mr. Stewart, Vocal Music, Mr. Zerkle, Instru- mental Music. Seated, left to right: Mr. Ostermann, Physical Education, Basketball and Track Coach, Mrs. Wiseman, Physical Education, Mrs. Hampton, Art. TEACHER Standing, left to right: Mr. Vernon Industrial Arts, Mr. Chapman, In- dustrial Arts, Driving Education. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Driver, Home Economics, Mrs. Benn, Commercial. i BUS THEY BRING US TO SCHOOL. THEY FEED US. THEY KEEP US WARM. SE NIORS DOYLE BAUGHMAN '53 Chevy--footba1l- -intramural--good helper on class projects--pet peeve: girls that don't use Hazel Bishop--"Oh. " BARBARA BUTLER "Babs"--likes basketball- -pet peeve: girls who talk loud and don't act their age--"Magnificent RONALD COLLINS "Ronnie"--temper--football captain--picks on Al--hasn't bought tablets since seventh grade-- "What do you think about that?" MARION COOPER "Sonny"--football--neat set shot in basketball --baseball--pet peeve: People who always crab --"1t's in the book." BILL ANDERSON "C1ippie"--football, track, intramural--known for curly hair--pet peeve: noisy eaters--"Oh, not again. " MARGARET ARCHAMBEAULT "Maggie"--Tri-Hi-Y--Junior class play--music --A.Y. --likes to argue--pet peeve: men driv- ers--"Say, " JERRY BASHOR "Shorty"--'49 Ford, black, when clean--foot- ball, basketball, baseball--Hi-Y--A . Y. --pet peeve: teachers in general--"Jackie. " NANCY BASHOR Tri -Hi-Y--FHA --band--chorus--Art Club-- fancy roller skater of the Senior class--pet peeve: school. MA RIET TA CROWE "Mouse" --quiet- - basketball- -missionary work- - pet peeve: people trying to be the center of at- traction- -"Impossible. " DONA LD CURRY "Don" --'46 Dodge--track--intramurab -likes to hunt- -pet peeve: hates women--"l guess. " DUA NE DEAL "Louie" - - '37 smokin' Chevy- -intra mural- -likes to hunt and fish--pet peeve: giving talks in Speech class--"I don't have it done." FRANCES DENNIE "Franny" --basketball--likes U. D. 6'9" center- - pet peeve: people who wise crack in class-- "Fiddle Sticks." DONALD DENULL "Don" --'52 Chevy--intramural--carpenter by trade--pet peeve: mothers-in-law--"All right scrooge. " DAVID DIXON "Dave"--Junior class play--intramural--libra- rian--pet peeve: girls that get mad easily-- "Hey buddy." VIRGINIA DRIVER "Ginner"--drives mold-grey beetle--intramural --FHA--not afraid to say anything--likes to eat --"Your kidding, of course. " HAROLD EA KES "Poochy"--neat '49 Ford-member of Dragons-- football, intramural- -pet peeve: People that brown-off in class. J :A ,V V MERLE GIBSON '40 Chevy- -student council--annual staff- -piano jazz--pet peeve: Government text books--"Good enough. " WILLIAM GUNTER "Brownie Bill"--neat '40 Ford convertih1e--Presi- dent of Dayton and Madison A,Y. --chairman of Prom decorations--annual staff--artists, SHIRLEY HALL Secretary to coach--works at E1der's--Madison News staff--pet peeve: people who read private diaries without permission--"Oh, forevermore. " SUE HERTLEIN "Susie"--Madison News staff--works in office-- bookwagon monitor--Junior class play--pet peeve: braggers. A WILMA EDWARDS "Winkie"--FHA --A. Y. --chorus--good sport when when teased--intramural--"Gee whiz. " DALE FILBRUN "Puny"--President of Student Council--annual staff--Hi-Y--music--sports--cutie--likes dead businessumortician--"Birds, " NORMA N FOUT S "Norm" - - '40 F ord convertible - -Hi -Y Secretary- - basketball--interested in motorcycles. HENRY GARBER "Henny"--blue-green polkadotted '35 Kittiecar-- basketball--pet peeve: people who look so inno- cent' when caught doing wrong--"It's in the book.' MARILYN HOBLIT "Hobby"--Engaged to Dick--pet-peeve: people who think they are better than anyone else-- ..Hey. .. MARILYN HUFFMAN "Huffy"--President of Tri-Hi-Y--music--pet peeve: people who won't work on class projects --"Oh Go11y." CHARLES KESLING "Hank"--drives black Ford convertible--baskeb ball team manager--likes brunette--pet peeve: school--very quiet, track--intramural. KENNETH LANDIS "Kenny" - -'49 Chevy--Hi-Y--music- -chorus- - track--football--Junior class play--"Natura1. " LARRY LARUE X "Lash"--'47 Chevy convertible--likes red heads --pet peeve: math--"Drop dead. " JACQUELINE LEAR "Jackie" --President of FHA --Madison News staff--chorus--pet peeve: students who lose their temper easily--"Oh quit it. " FRANKLIN LEFERVE "Humphrey"--music solos and ensemb1es--Hi- Chaplain--Juniorclass p1ay-- pet peeve: go government class--"Thats the way it goes. " CAROL LIBECAP Engaged to Don--FHA 4 years--when you see Carol you see Don--pet peeve: jealous boys-- nNow. n THOMAS MENDENHALL "Tommy"--active in sports--minstrel end man--likes to teach his parakeet "words" -- bleach blonde--"Oh my cow," JOAN MILBURN "Jo"--FHA Treasurer--Senior Homecoming Attendant--Rockette--intramurab-Tri-Hi-Y --cute--"How about that, " FLOYD MILLIKIN "Milkcan"--works in office--intramural--pet peeve: smoking at school--"Don't be that way, " ALBERT MONTGOMERY "A1"--'48 grey Chevy--active in sports--Se- nior Homecoming Attendant--easy going-- pet peeve: not allowed out in car at noon-- NIO... DELORES MANN "Dee"--class officer in Sophomore and Junior year--Tri-Hi-Y--music--Rockettes--A . Y. -- Student Council--"We11 for Heavens' sake." DENZIL MANN "Denny"--snazzy '49 Ford- -Hi-Y--A.Y. -- pet peeve: Senior class parasites--"Let's get busy Senior class. " RAYMOND MATSON "Ray"--Senior class Vice President--Prom chairman--brain--ambition--doctor--pet peeve: people who call on phone when he is listening to music. MARY MCDANIEL "Lizzie"--likes '49 Chevy, specially Richie's --June bride --likes to be mean in basketball --"You better believe it, " JUNIOR NISWONGER "JR"--annual staff- -football, baseball, track-- intramural- -pet peeve: girls that are hard to un- derstand--"Yeah he did," PAUL MOWRY "Bozo" --hot '41 Ford--President of Senior class --Hi-Y Treasurer--football, baseball, basketball, track--"Now lets get quiet." JERRY OWENS "Owens"--'39 Chevy--A, Y, --likes to fly model airplanes--pet peeve: spending money on his car --"For cryin' out loud." BARBARA PETERS From Elgin, Illinois--Tri-Hi-Y--music--pet peeve: people who aren't neat in appearance-- "Manchester. " DONALD QUAST "Don"--drives "The Green Hornet Plymouth-- active in sports--bow-legged--pet peeve: wo- men drivers-- "Awright youse guys." MARLENE REYNOLDS "Mimi"--class Treasurer--Tri-Hi-Y--intramural --Madison News staff--pet peeve: Know-it-alls --"Umm! boy," CHESTINE RICE "Dumpy"--Tri-Hi-Y Secretary--Student Council --Junior class play--pet peeve: having so many small pet peeves--"Gee whiz." PATRICIA RISNER "Red" --Tri-Hi-Y--music--Rockettes--A. Y. -- Junior class play---Latin Club--News reporters --"Darling, " '?' ra.- vv' do GLA DYS STONER Works in office - -FHA - -chorus - -libra ry- -hobby : seamstress--pet peeve: people who think they know everything--"Oh gee"! NANCY STONER "Nan"---Tri-Hi-Y--music--Madison News staff--'Junior class play--bookwagon monitor-- pet peeve: sneaky people--"Oh gee! " ROY SWADNER '51 pea-green Chevy--Treasurer of Senior Class --end man in minstrel--"Oh, my ackin' backl " BRUCK ULLERY "Scrap" --football--trackubeautiful brown eyes--never tardyn--pet peeve: people who are not sociable--"Play it cool." NORMA ROBINETTE "Norma" - -'49 Chevy--FHA Secretary- -chorus- - pet peeve: people who complain--"My 1ands." HAROLD ROSS "I-Ioddy"--drives black panther Ford--football-- Junior year Homecoming Attendant--intramural --pet peeve: Women who wear lipstick too thick --"Kill that thing. " JEAN SHANKS "Jeanie"--likes '50 black Ford--engaged to Bob--has temper in basketball--pet peeve: boys going to sleep on a date--"Check that, " IEAN SKINNER "Jeanie"--'50 Chevy--likes the name of "Eddie --good basketball player--pet peeve: calling people by their last name. PATRICIA WALLWORK "Patsy"--Tri-Hi-Y--FHA --Secretary to library --Junior class play--intramural--pet peeve: gossipers, complainers, show-offs--"Oh Heck." FRED WARNER "Freddie"--'39 Chevy--known for tight levis and long side-burns--pet peeve: government class. MARCIA WEBB "Marty"--annual editor--Junior year Homecoming Attendant--FHA--pet peeve: people who crack their knuckles--"Yeah I will. " HOLLIS WEBER "Holly"--Hi-Y--Junior class play--Madison News staff--chorus--minstrel end man-- "A1l right!" What da hey here mam?" s is n.fg 2 l IUDITH WILSON "Judy"--engaged to Ronnie--Secretary of Senior C1385--Homecoming Queen--annual staff- -pet peeve: Ronnie's '41 Pontiac--"Hey girl." KATHRYN WILSON "Kathy"--inspired by a Jefferson lad--has neat hair--pet peeve: homework--"My lands." JACK YORK "Choke-um"--football--track--slow as a snail-- pet peeve: '40 Ford convertible "Kiss a duck, " MOONYENE FREEMAN Tri-Hi-Y--Minstrel honorary member of Inter Nos --likes to sing and play the piano--pet peeve: people who shove and push on buses. "My stars and my garters. " In Memory of , STEVEN HORVATH - Class of 1953 3 4 T Activities . -Y Freshman Class President , ' Football 1, 2, 3 S Track 1, 2 Baseball 1, 2 , " Outstanding letterman If WW- J r' OUR FRIEND 1, SENIOR CLA SS HISTORY The class of 1953 is the largest class to graduate from Madison, numbering just one more than the class of '52. We are sixty four in number, thirty one of the present students have taken all their education at Madison. We have worked very hard on many projects this year to make it possible to get to Washington. Among the first of these was a paper drive. The next few projects were the concession stands at ball games. Also we have collected sales tax stamps and held a baked goods sale. One of our biggest sophomore year projects was a magazine sale. We were really glad for the opportunity to make some money this early in high school. We will never forget our junior year. The Prom was, of course, our greatest venture. But we didn't regret spending our money, for we wanted the Prom to be a big success. We remember too, the hard work we put in on our class play, "Come Over to Our House." We knew our senior year had really begun when in October we journeyed to Dayton to pose for our pictures at the studio. We waited a long time for our pictures, but they were worth the wait. The friendship pictures came even later, and didn't last long. Mrs. Clark and Mr. Shellhaas have been our advisors this year. We sincerely thank 'them for all they have done in helping us during our last year of our high school education. .IUNIORS it Although Ray was with us but one year his death resulting from a traffic accident on July 11, 1952, was felt deeply by our class. We are dedicating this page to him, and will remember him as a friend always, 'ggi' 13' 1 A g , , Hwang? y F will 5 i MEMCJRIAM ANNE ABEL BA RBA RA A NDREWS NORMA ANDERSON LUC ILLE BAKER BEVERLY BANTZ. WA LTER BEC KNELL SON DRA BOYER DON BROWN MYRNA CAMPBELL JOHN CAVERLEE DANNY CAVIN IERRJE CHITTUM JOYCE CLARK ROSEMA RY COOPER CORAMAE COMER DONALD COPP A RTHUR C URRY GLORIA DENLINGER LINDA DENLINGER MARIORIE DEWEY Q Q M Wg 1 X .. 4 'x If U Q, Jw f . , Y 544b,QZfi'T,fQ5g 'Q ,Q 'S 4 f 4 x -A fa ,sp .ai 5515-1 :Q " ww Q W, 17 gig " ,uv ,L f 1 61931 Ziff 1, , s 4 gf-14 ,V Q vff "0 f f 51 -3 1. Wg, , ' , ig, 0 5,518 ,fc-'A 'W 5 fag? 1" WX GAYLE MORRIS IA NET OLWINE MA RY POLLOCK JERRY RIC HA RDS RUTH RIFE BETH ROYER SHIRLEY SABO CARRIE SC HOLL BEVERLY SCHRIML BILL SEXTON GORDON SHELLHAAS RONALD SMITH KENNY SPA TZ. CHA RLENE SUCHER WILMA URMEY GLENN VAN ZANT VIRGINIA WEAVER LUCY WEBB CARL WEITHE WALTER WELCH DANIEL WELZ OFFICERS CLAIR MILLER President GLENN VAN ZANT Vice president Not in Picture LAEL WOODYARD JIM GATES LA RRY WRIGHT JIM SZ ILAGYI The Junior class, sixty five strong, have been very busy this year. Along with concession stands, paper drives, magazine sales, and our class play, our largest project was the Junior-Senior Prom. BOB ZIZERT BEVERLY BANTZ Secretary YVONNE GA RBER CARRIE SCHOLL Treasurer This year has been a successful and profitable year, and we are looking for- ward to our Senior trip, Q SOPHOMORES 'Q 06 ef?- l , - M , 'auf ,".f ' 5 , 'AX 5, S Af! ggi J eff ay , 1-,A li v l' ya f S 5? A! L' x A 1 -Q, . 'WMM wall? 'Ze f-Jil -il 5 01 61553 -n .R 'Qi 1.-1 il ,1 N 1. Sr Ali T5 5,4 "0" 'FUD' as i fr , If s Barbara Anderson, Dorothy Bassett, Beverly Beegly, Phyllis Berry, Dallas Boyd, David Brodis, Amaryllis Brown, Linda Childress, Norma Click, Ruth Ann Coning, Gary Cooper, Daniel Croy, Tom Curry, Rita Denlinger, Don Derringer, Frances Dower, Helen Eakes, Sherry Eby, Katherine Edwards, Mark Erisman, Nancy Farmer, 130,131 Filbruny Fred Flofy, Robert Ford, Carol Frazier, Loretta Gibson, Larin Gibson, Dale Gilliam, Nancy Good, Bob Gunter. fi? sl 4 S ' 1' 'Q' , J 5 1? ff B k , : ,,,, K - .i K. K K - - "'.k fm gg. K 'X -5-k pn., ' was 'fl' W. 'T-2:29 A 'ar . Q. 6'5" 1 Q In Q Q ' :-:h H f--as r . if ff we t t ls K 'Y B Q r f r , - s I -, W - g 'i sir . , as B' s f if , H , , Q - it ia V A 1 A, Q.,-ugrgy 1. N: r H+. .5 A " ,. Don Haller, Joan Happensack, David Heck, Delores Heeter, Carol Hohnhorst, Bill Honious, Diane Hoover, Roy Bowling, Barbara Horvath, James Howard, Marvin Hughes, Sara Hughes, Anita Hull, Billy Johnson, Carol Johnson, Gale Judy, Elaine Kester, Paul Landis, Marilyn Lenk, Pat Libecap, Lula Liles, Eleanor Matson, Bill McWain, Connie Milburn, Ronold Neaves, Eddy Owline, Mary Oren, Judy Parent, Frances Patterson, Frances Patton. 51 vi" fi 4 if l. ga A jfs' M y -3 'ii F was .. f F lm, , n P ,I A 5 3: gf' is 'Q is f'x 1 V W aft 'U VVS -4- 'Pi 2 I l. Y lf -:sr 8 -sv Q, , Janet Phillips, Kenneth Poling, Joyce Presley, Chester Rice, Carol Rose, Phyllis Sears, Viola Sexton, Barbara Shanks, Jerry Sharp, Phi1She11haaS, Sherwood Smith, Robert Smith, Floyd Speraw, Robert Stafford, Joan Steck, Anna Steiner, Don Swadner, Geraldine Tatem, Todd Trautwein, Barbara Tackerman, Wayne Turpin, Gwen Ullery, Joanne Welch, Ron- ald Wenger, Gale Wells, Clayton Wolf, OFFICERS Don Filbrun President Nancy Farmer Vice President Barbara Horvath Secretary Fred Flory Treasurer 21 1 X iqb C Q 5 F RESHME N isa 5 in , CJ' 5 " 'QW : . 'sr' Q-f be J r Q'3.fl.: . r +55 r X, Q ro? Q l N A y X f- ":5" J 3 Q0 Q . r gel ,f . , 973.31 C f 2 if if rf Q3 Q 'ir r W2 'UQ i .-.-0 P+ si? My ian,-ff? A pa M r S r -'Q' N , X 5 x X rx at X Q 1 ,sux S Xt K X . W . X to W i s r Q A S NSS if 9 E1 S w ! Q il wtf x X 5' Elaine Arrington, Robert Bantz, Eugene Bashor, Verna Mae Behnken, John Boedeker, Myrna Bowser,, Roger Bowser, Rita Brown, Joan Brooks, Everet Brubaker, Paul Butler, Mary Cathers, Jerry Caverlee, Wanda Caverlee, Pat Collins, Denneth Cooper, Georgie Conover, Ronald Cox, Harold Coy, Janet Coyle, Lidhe lfautremont, Richard Davis, Harry Dean, Buddy Denlinger, Donna Denlinger, Beulah Dennie, Judith Descutner, Janice Driver, Dale Owen, Bill Edwards, Howard Ellis, Linda Ford, Sharon Fouts, Judith Frazier, ,Barbara Gilleland Betty Gisewite. Wg fi' dEg?P fag? figs g Jig? Ziiip b is s 4: ig wa X ' 1 .' Y' f fzsx , 5 has ,,, Q if it 'Q fi' JM. ,, are X ty sf, L . L A , R 1 ,, V fr K? , 5 l v 2 Claytus Goffe, Phyllis Goffe, Roberta Gudgeon, Rosalie Hicks, Connie Hoffman, Carilyn Huffman, Don Inman, Carolyn Johnson, Jim Kitchen, Barbara Krull, Tanya LaVerne, Tari LaVerne, Rose Mary Lear, Bill Lee, Linda Long, Marcia Long, Larry Meyers, Betty Mapp, Harry Milby, Carolyn Miller, Billy Mills, Wallace Mohler, Robert Mox, Charmaine Newland, June O'Neil, Rebecca Pollock, Ray- mond Potts, Wilma Potts, Janet Reynolds, Jerry Rice, Izella Rife, Myrna Rosell, Richard Royer, Ber- nice Salley, John Sanger, Nancy Schumacher. L N 42 1' 1' i fd '39 S . ii wir -an-shui ff-.1 X wfvf .. . ,V l vos. N, V 4 ik - Vo- Q 25 "' idk f--'fb Nr' 1,53 .5 , Y ik. :Y -- A Alice Sexton, Emerson Shank, Bob Shannon, Beverly Shell, Dick Shepherd, Peggy Staggs, Leah Stauffer, Joe Steiger, Roger Strader, Judy Swihart, Sharon Taylor, Alice Temple, Helen Trimble, Lois Trimble, Spencer Turner, Charlie Ullery, Paul Ullery, Wanda Urmey, Oramae Van Winkle, Paula Vaught, Wal- ter Vernon, Billy Wampler, Willard Walton, Glen Webb, Shirley Wills, Barbara Woolery, Michael Wright, JUNIOR HIGH 5. 5 ,L V-V : - - k V Q3 x J :sm-E' w as it B s s We ,X M , '13 A . xv J 'aah - N. f-ar, 1 " N if -A J N ,wS55I,:- 'B il x ld' a ' f :rs 5-""' I assume? as W in ' A 1 1 A--. ' 4' zz 'J . .J , f -la.. 1 -u----11 , r M ff" -. J his ,m AIA PQ 501 QD tin tn, Loretta Alexander, Judy Amos, Roberta Baker, Joanne Bantz, Geraldine Behnken, Tom Bench, Billie Joe Bennett, Bob Bixler, Joyce BlaCk, Doris Blessing, Paul Bowen, Paul Brenner, Carl Brown, John Butler, Charles Cathers, Richard Cavin, Barbara Click, Dorothy Cole, Milbert Collins, Linda Cooper, Harold Cox, Odell Davenport, Beverly Dawson, Rodger Deeter, Beverly Denlinger, Marcia Denlinger, Sharon Denlinger, Patty Denny, Nancy Descutner, Diane Devers, Tommy Edwards, Ann Ellis, Arnold Ellis, Geraldine Fields, Norita Flad, John Flint, i A -if Q , A xv if 10 Q if we J' ki Q D , M 1' K ' QP ,E fd , t X. A, H Q.. x Q ,R e iki J -if , - me . 5331 mu 25:5 WI 'A ffm? . ss, C?" R ma nf: fx ki k ykh . v k f . f X . kg 1 Mx . ...ea K ' K ' V . ..,..umsr 'Jul 1 R J as ,gh QS , .I Q X. . 5. f st Z, -gy-'Yu N13 X 4 a ,dv if 3 Q 'S' '4' .,., In as Qf' li - - .ar .ia -if -oil? , 4 , sl ,lung 4-vc' Reis Flora, Deanna Franks, Eddie Harris, William Harrell, Judith Herr, Michael Hodson, Juanita Hoffer, Rodney Hoover, Romaine I-loschouer, Marvin Hughes, James Hypes, Marcia Johnson, Thomas Jordon, Matilda Kraft, Judy Krull, Mary Lamb, Harold Long, Darla Munn, David Norvell, Raymond Palatas, Rosemary Palatas, Virginia Platt. Clark Pleasant, Iva Presley, Betty Reffitt, Tom Reid, David Reynolds, Rita Richards, Bobby Riley Marilyn Robinette. Judy Gentry, Carol Goffe, Helen Good, Mark Grim, Gwen Gump, Billy Hall, 19 ,mini as-Q K , li, 'ae 1 J we , . ., an gr if 1 1 K K S .., nf 1 I 1 A i -gf. 'fan J .:. .2 ESS t Y Kg x Q' X - Xz: ffff 'J A David Royer, Alene Ruppe, Laverda Schommer, Tommy Sears, Bill Seiple, Shirley Shannon, Nancy Sigmon, Joan Smart, Louise Smith, Shirley Smith, Rita Speraw, Charles Sprague, Jack Steck, David Stoner, Shirley Sucher, Bob Swadner, David Tuckerman, Evelyn Turpin, James Ullery, Ralph Vencill, William Walls, Nancy Wampler, Joanna Warner, Sara Warren, Tom Weihe, Thomas Welch, Dale Wen- ger, Delores Wetzel, Howard Wetzel, Joanne Winfield, Jane Wogaman, Carol Yoder, Elmer Derringer. J' A 'Q Ni i ii B ..... ,K Q. 1 Jw. 'H E. F U - K 'YQ - -K Q., - 13.1. wa- f L W' Q:-. -Q A 1 J. I . . X . . M, Aw c..1.:y . . ' .V ' X'-1a..y......x-f' wise W W' Kwai .. k . 7 Si.. sei. R .. 'E "'E"?fEf? -. . Q J?,5Q5i:m , , f f viii? ' 1 q I . . 1.51, gy .ri 1 Q' '-.k . . A A K U' l -I lg ru nu :annum J I I I, nan! 1-an d - ! il M 2:5155 ff 2 H .1 l 1 it 1 21 I :EN Ig I 5: gn, - Q I' lu 136 ,W ks K , . M ,J V t v A-Q J ' I ,'-ON , , Q ir"7 of , wr A I, ix' . .A 3.- -,V .4 I 5 Q f 0 H' sd .. .l..L ,-at , , L it , AA l. , , if with ,?, J ...if g Q, 1 r I ,aims " I '17 , x ,A , 1 'mmf' fai 1 -if " "3"' they .aff X If r :,u-v. K an .df L2K'1 - :-, - ,.... fi J it 1 it r . Phyllis Richards, Betty Rife, Lawrence Rosell, Rema Ruppe, Bobby Salley, Treva Sanger, David Sauter, Jerry Shadoan, Charlotte Shank, Elwood Shank, John Shank, Raymond Shannon, Claire Sharp, Paul Shock, Patty Skinner, Frank Smith, Jimmy Lou Smith, Jimmy Smith, Larry Smith, Karen Soike, Charles Steiner, Charlene Stupp, Homer Taylor, Darlene Temple, Richard Truesdale, Terry Truesdale, Judy Ullery, Marilyn Ullery, John Van Winkle, Howard Veneable, David Waters, Nancy Webb, Gale Weber, Patty Wells, Deanne Wenger, Richard Winfield, Lum K 5 PM i X Eu u sw rin- 4,-wzffEi1'f-.iii's. T , K , ini 2 . Eugene Wogoman Jamce York Elyfilwf YOUUS qv- I' ' ' ,s lix. R 'pr ln- 0, 2 VT! I 'SN I , 4, 'R -an .Q 'Hn K is . f 5 lf ! ix l u -wwe-.1 Q' Yi ,..,. i ii ix x 's f 'sri X 'r xg, S' ix ilu.. S .Y I A . ai 'Sn in S Q A 6 K ,A A if Ss 6 .wx X A S' Awe- , Q- mx A L vw .Y Q1 My ., X H13 x I '95 gf YQ. 5 4 1 x x Q -'K v 5 S E Wa I is-5 . , .V 5 C .......i SIXTH GRADE Teacher MRS. DISHMAN First row: Gustav Schmidt, Karl Denlinger, Edward Crago, Frank Rose, Bobby Thau, Brian Mohler, Rich- ard Keck. Second row: Linda Kay Otto, Brenda Rowe, Marilyn Bantz, April Bordewisch, Joy Schommer, Mildred Weber, Karen Bashor, Betsy Hoover, Karen Foley, Patty Deal. Third row: Ray Fowler, James Frederick, Wayne Cox, Donna Eby, Mary Catherine Denlinger, Norma Pierce, John Van Hook, Tom Den- uull, Willie Norvell. Fourth row: Kenneth Turner, Gary McWain, Mary Ann Hufziger, Patty Campbell, Sharron Dower, Bobbie Plantz, Woodrow Denlinger, Mrs. Dishman. F , I Ia . 5 SIXTH GRADE Teacher MR. C. MILLER First row: Ronald Mize, Dalmer Hoskins, Albert Smith, Martin Weaver, Billy Riley, Gene I-Iartline, Charles Frazee, Roscoe Filbrun. Second row: Arlene Calico, Midgie Hypes, Beverly Deeter, Larry Boyer, Dale Trimble, Carl Pierce, Sharon Jones, Jackie Klein, Pat Bankard, Helena Lamb. Third row: Larry Keener, Sharon Brooks, Patty Black, Ruth Ann Steiger, Kathleen Hicks, Margaret Price, Jack Horstman, Gary Ullery, Fourth row: Glenn Ross, Jimmy Wilson, Thomas Mac Donald, Lois Pennington, Barbara Parker, Robert Hall, Ronald Hodson, Lee Boyd, Charles Miller. l SIXTH GRADE Teacher MRS. GILBERT First row: Donald Gisewite, Eddie Coriell, Buddy Coyle, Dean Smith, Gayle Liles. Second row: Mary Ann Roush, Shirley Ann Stover, Hilda Hale, Janice Holp, Deanna Sillery, Sharon Dale, Judy Trent, Diane Cwiok. Third row: Larry Frantz, Dick Potts, Sonny Bradley, Bonnie Johnson, Janet Holp, Larry Robinson, John Reid, Jesse Venable. Fourth row: Mrs. Gilbert, David Lamb, Bob Dean, Roger Cantrill, Fred Shannon, Brad Valentine, Michael Nagel. Not in picture: James Henley. SIXTH GRADE Teacher MRS. OLT First row: Gene Brock, Billie Clark, Stephen Wagner, Paul Bench, Roger Hull. Second row: Beth Noff- singer, Naomi Anderson, Lois Stoltz, Sandra Haworth, Margie Derringer, Sadie Smith, Iva l-lolsinger, Barbara Thayer. Third row: Richard Milby, David Flad, Jeremy Wells, David Cox, Russell Maiden, Rol lin Bothkins, Stanley Edwards, Skippy Munn. Fourth row: David Munton, Verna Boone, Nancy Turner, Carol Brooks, Stella Bowen, Wayne Meyers, Fifth row: Mrs, Olt, David Huffman, Bill Gates, Harney Weaver, Ronald Gunter, Geoffrey Arthur. FIFTH GRADE Teacher MISS BROADBENT pr- wwf- - v First row: Richard DeVeny, Bruce Crowe, Birchy Eversole, Donnie Bantz, Wayne Blessing, Roger Jones, Larry Bruce, Second row: Linda Baker, Jackie Rice, Jo Ann Driver, Judy Happensack, Patricia Gudgeon, Linda Hoke, Phyllis Smith, Vivian Sheldon, Phyllis Riley, Judy Good. Third row: Mike Best, Jim O'l-lair, Joan Wright, Ronda Nisbet, Cindy Zellers, Pat Phillips, Jim Click, Bill Leonard. Fourth row: Tommy Bates, Barbara Vorhees, Catherine La Fever, Margie Jones, Betty Steinbarger, David Thomas. Fifth row: Richard Webb, Gary Patton, Jum Brenner, Larry Hohenbrink, Not in picture: Barbara Blanchard FIFTH GRADE Teacher MRS, WARREN First row: Ronnie Baker, Oren Davis, Jan Long, Timothy Dieterich, Gary Keck, Paul Novell. Second row: Sue Ann Rife, Sharon Sharp, Loretta Ann Brodess, Jean Behnken, Linda Click, Helen Orban, Alice Ullery, Emma Ruppe, Diane Keener, Linda Phillips. Third row: Timothy Titus, Dickie Gaver, Carole Sue Landes, Joyce Wogoman, Joyce Mullins, Charlotte Bowling, Jimmie Bennett, Walter Harris, Fourth row: Lawrence Woolery, Norman Weaver, Barbara Kaufman, Joan Yoder, Armata Mayer, Dixie Wolfe, John Hoffman, Robert Powell, Fifth row: James Hoffman, Jerry Clark, Ronald Musselman, Jerry Judy, Bobby Angel, Gary Kooken, Not in picture: Sharon Robinson, Tommy Dissinger, Juanita Long, Lynn Roark. FIFTH GRADE Teacher MR, HOWARD 1 1 1 553 -,QSM First row: Jim Mathews, Raymond Pace, Don Miller, Gary Brooks, David Rinehart, Eddie Neff, Jeffery McCrabb, Douglas Shellhaas. Second row: Florence Dilts, Beverly Haller, Judy Bradley, Marita Tomlin- son, Rhea Cowman, Ruth Nowell, Darlene Dower, Nellie Goodpasture, Betty Denlingler, Judy Penning- ton, Third row: Helen Smith, Linda Keener, Shirley Burgess, Dee Ward, Gloria Croy, Mickey Dean, Shirley Wenger, Fourth row: David Wray, Toney Collins, Emery Hughes, Tom Durbin, Tody Goines, David Shank, Paul List, Danny Brown, Fifth row: Ray Hartline, Doug Buight, Jerry Artz, Jim Morris, Charles Ullery, Clarence Wetzel, Russel Corron. J w P FIFTH GRADE Teacher MISS SHULTZ. I I S First row: Philip Warner, Jerry Morris, Ronnie Ullery, Harold Webb, James Mobley, Alan Stastny, Charles Frederick, Rodnal O'Hair. Second row: Shirley Broyles, Judy Bankard, Nancy Reid, Marilyn Black, Janet Bartocci, Patricia Capps, Susan Hoover, Claudia Bickel, Barbara McCann, Geraldine Lamb. Third row: Barbara Shultz, Katherine Smith, Linda Rowe, Barbara Hamer, Kathy Horvath, Shirley Edwards, Sondra Stiver, Pauline Olinger. Fourth row: Larry Goffe, Randy Hicks, Linda Brugler, Judy Ward, Freddie Weaver, Marc Bowman, Ricnard Lentz. Fifth row: Billy Kidd, Curtis Flora, Johnny Seybold, Carolyn Lentz, La Donna' Myers, Zandra Zerkle, Minnie Banks, Tom Settle, James Copeland, Not in picture: Phillip Foster FOURTH GRADE Teachers MRS, HAMPTON and MRS. HUNN First row: Earl Thompson, Delano Treadway, Robert Calico, James Ullmer, Jack Orth, Timothy Gilbert, Clyde Pressley, Second row: Judy Klein, Wanda Ruppe, Judy Frantz, Linda Blackburn, Janet Beeghly, Verity McConnel, Roberta Crutchfield, Betty Skinner, Judy Florkey, Carol Welsch, Third row: Roscoe Gates, Nancy Ullery, Judy Van Hook. Cheryl Beetem, , Dorothy Sears, Audrey Scholl, Jo Ann Dowler. Dan Schaefer, Fourth row: Jimmie Crage, Richard Gump, David Foster, Gary Shannon, Carl Dillon, Ron- nie Brown, Jimmy Seybold, Roger Rupert, Joe Cwiok, 'f J FOURTH GRADE Teacher 1 Mas. HUFFMAN , - - W-Q First row: Carl Eaton, Ronnie Carron, Ronnie Brooks, Bobbie Coyner, David Van Winkle, Dexter Morris, Donald Coon, Steve Baker. Second row: Arlinda Hughes, Judy Culberston, Rita York, Jeanie Benson, Sharon Wiser, Barbara Flora, Judy Kier, Diana Smith, Wanda Adkins, Sandra Pleasant, Third row: Ger- ald Hoffer, Jerelyn Schafer, Donna Boone, Andrea Demeter, Nancy Thaw, Mary Jane Mullins, Rosemary Furrey, Lueta Suart, Sallie Kelley, James Fowler, Fourth row: Marvin Balsbaugh, Danny Quast, Will Madison, Roger Turpin, Kenneth Shank, Teddy Hicks, Robert Jordan, Jimmie Caverlee, John White. Fifth row: Sandra Sue Preston, Not in picture: Norma Smith. FOURTH GRADE Teacher MISS BEYERLEIN First row: Roger Soike, Douglas Sexton, David Click, Jeylon Van Zant, Garry Stover, Wallace Sanger, Ronnie Hoblit, Johnny Ward, Second row: Mary Ellen Matson, Judy Gump, Joanna Wogoman, Judy Lamb, Wanda Riley, Sharon Frazier, Susanne Tyler, Joy Ann Bear. Third row: George Hisel, Ronnie Forrest, Sharon Urmey, Judy Sillery, Kay Welsh, Dorothy Wetzel, Vernon Vencill, Bobby Richards, Fourth row: Ronald Fletcher, Larry Brunner, Dwight McDaniel, James Madison, Paul Dutcher, John Nemick, Ronnie Pullins, FOURTH GRADE Teacher MRS, BOOMERSHINE First row: Jerry Seiple, Gordon Rettich, Frank Little, James Tell, Danny Keener, Robert Harris, Roger Angel, Second row: Judith Stricklin, Sandra Cooper, Gladys Walton, Gail Milby, Darlene Bowen, Vir- ginia Regan, Mona Upp, Linda Gaver. Third row: Michael Venable, Carol Cowman, Francine Mitchell, Paula Donohoo, Muriel McKibben, Sandra Settle, Junior Bantz. Fourth row: Leslie Massingale, Allen Jones, Bruce Waters, Eddie Shope, Thad Trautwein, Kenneth Burke, lack Finck. James Bordewisch. Fifth row: David Shell, David Butler, James Nielson. THIRD GRADE Teacher MRS. BINKLEY - - 'rv ' 'i First row: Glen Fiburn, Larry Foley, Kurt Kaupisch, Timmy Clark, Bobby Puterbaugh, Dennis Gump, Clark Burnside, Second row: Sharon Wray, Norma Swadner, Linda Denlinger, Sue Ann McNeal, Jean Brown, Beverly Painter, Ruth Boone, Donna Flad, Evelyn Ullery, Patty Arthur. Third row: Bonita Flora, Joy Furnas, Dianna Wolfe, Marianne Gallinger, Barbara Kinsel, Helen Edwards, Cindy Butler, Virginia Gudgeon, Mollie Patterson, Mary Jo Britton. Fourth row: Jerry Woods, Kenny Baker, Larry Davis, Billy Steiner, Dickie Plantz, Ann Royer is not shown in picture. THIRD GRADE Teacher MISS FINLEY First row: Jimmy York, Norman Filbrun, Billy Blackburn, Donald Smith, Gary Stiver, William Rich, Johnny Fecke, Charles Nicely, Second row: Nancy Cotterill, Jean Hundley, Gail Munton, Bonnie Kidd, Lena Denlinger, Cheryl Mills, Dorothy Derringer, Beverly Smart, Angeline Schaadt, Karen Sue Kirves. Third row: Jerry Cramer, Patrick Hale, Florence Blosser, Janice Niswonger, Beverly Ann Butts, Alice Lee, Diana Elmore, Carolyn Bowser, Steven DeVeny. Fourth row: Richard Wells, Robert Walls, Tommy Wright, Jimmie Stafford, Bobby Truesdale, Bobby Enoch. Karen Behnken is not in picture. THIRD GRADE Teacher MRS. DAUGHERTY First row: Kenneth Wells, Ronnie Gabbard, Gary Phelps, Joe Waters, Rickey Johnson, Homer Roseberry. Second row: Vivian Mohler, Carolyn Wells, Inis Pennington, Joan Madison, Jenny Puterbaugh, Linda Berry, Julia Smith, Linda Jean Kahl. Third row: Mickey Gschwender, Phyllis Holsinger, Kaye Smith, Marilee Powell, Beverly Kooken, Carmen Turner, Edna Jo Copeland, David Lefiler. Fourth row: Dick Amos, Richard Sauermen, Leonard Ashley, David Quast, Dick Atkinson, 'Tracy Webb, Glen Stover, Magnolia Daugherty. Not in picture: Dennis Treadway, Donald Royer. THIRD GRADE Teacher MRS. MCNEAL First row: Jimmy Myers, Eddie Evans, Philip Jones, Jerry Satterthwaite, Jesse Banks, Marlin Goodpasture Larry Mullins, Bill Roof, Second row: Betty Van Winkle, Kitty Forrest, Linda Shannon, Emma Harris, Wanda Zellers, Peggy Mullins, Ann Polston, Carole Gibson, Cheryl Gibson, Shelia Simeral. Third row: Kathleen Stoltz, Ellen Brown, Patty Beck, Sharon Stiles, Judy Nill, Myrtle Isaacs, Patty Miller, Shirley Stafford, Fourth row: Donald Hartline, Ritchie Plantz, Michael Frisby, Mary Davenport, Charles Banks, Dale Wilson, Jimmy Strobel, Mrs, Betty McNeal. Not in picture: Donna Moyer, SECOND GRADE Teacher MRS, GOODRICH J I First row: Dickie Metzger, Ronald Pressley, Bruce Sheldon, Dacid Smith, Morton Lewis, Ronnie Keener, Lloyd Denlinger, Dennis Truesdale, Donnie Groff. Second row: Pamela Pleasant, Patricia Fredrick, Ann Sigman, Sandra Orth, Anita Parks, Judith Calhoon, Nancy Bankard, Wanda Isaacs, Sandra Dilts, Sandra Crago, Third row: Dick Foley, Larry Moore, Jummy Stanley, Norma Ullery, Joyce Brugler, Charla Weeks, Nan Schmucker, Cheryl Conover, George Hafer, Donald Filbrun, Jimmy Brown, Fourth row: Don nie Lowe, David Mixon, Sammy Cox, Samuel Gabbard, James Brunner, Jimmy Tomlinson, Elwood Butts Not in picture: Phyllis Gordon, Marika Dietz. SECOND GRADE Teacher MRS. YOUNG First row: Harold Allen, Phillip Morris, Garry Robbins, Jimmie Shock, Bobby Morris, Jackie Marquis, Danny Bordewisch. Second row: Sharon Rife, Sandra Rife, Nancy Rowe, Christine Sauerman, Meredeth Shellhaas, Sarah Staadt, Doris Thayer, Sharon Long, Linda Brooks, Mary Ann Durham. Third row: Jerry Van Zant, Sue Anderson, Patty Nemick, Richene Ullery, Patty Comer, Patty Keller, Carolyn Cooper, Leda Woodyard, John Noble, Fourth row: Bobby Lamb, Ronnie Gump, Bob Fife, Dickie Derringer, Roger Snell, Allen Denlinger, Tim Risner, Dee Stauffer. Fifth row: Ronnie Eitel, Curt Zerkle, David Fullmer. SECOND GRADE Teacher MRS. MOBLEY First row: Charles Rich, Raymond Whitaker, Maurice Click, Larry Shepherd, John Goodemote, Joe Pierce, Kenneth Stricklin, Chester Brown, Michael Grill. Second row: Nancy Weaver, Virginia Smith, Ginger Blessing, Joellen Corron, Marcia Eaton, Renda Shell, Terry Stoltz, Kathy Goodpasture, Barbara Peters, Judy Plantz, Third row: Danny Harris, Douglas Sanger, Larry McKinley, Susan Flora, Darlene Shaffer, Judy Ashley, Sandra Baird, Bill Mize, Tom Myers, Glenn King, Fourth row: Bill Steinbarger, Dickie Harris, Tim Hicks, Ronald Waller, Not in picture: Sulvia Blanchard, Rocky Soike, Michael Ab- bott, Bruce Gregory, Douglas Robinson, Jill Foster, SECOND GRADE Teacher MRS. VERNON ...W ,-.QA First row: Haskell Calahon, Jr, Ronnie Bush, Roger Haney, Gerald Wysong, David Rettich, James Mc- Kinley, Donnie Bush, Russell Truesdale, Thomas Hartley. Second row: Wilma Rosell, Loretta Hoffer, Carolyn Stringer, Sandra Williams, Dorthy Sexton, Cathy Sharp, Kathy Schommer, Dianne Shank, Janet Lentz, Barbara Seiple. Third row: Ronnie Taylor, Philip Wright, Karen Windsor, Linda Davis, Diane Austen, Maxine Freeze, Bobby Smith, Charles Hobbs, Fourth row: Robert Hamer, Garrett Mont- gomery, Buddy Mullins, Larry Strausburg, Danny Hall, Robert Gump, Ridley Copeland, Not in picture Jerry Lamb, Yvonne Robinson. FIRST GRADE Teacher MRS, OWENS First row: Jerry Brainare, Frank Woman, Gale Kooken, Michael Roth, Steven Massingale, Roger Harris, Allen Plyman, Dick Good, Willie Cowman, Second row: Jo Ann Nagy, Doris Long, Carole Turpin, Janet Milby, Elaine Bickle, Jayne Brown, Verla Reid, Joyce Milby, Donna Cole, Betty Morris. Third row: Carol Noffsinger, Elsie Buelher, Jeanne Winfield, Sue Ann Moorman, Jona Plantz, Carolyn Hum- phreys, Karen Sue Curry, Jean Soike, Patricia Ruppe, Bonnie Smart. Fourth row: John Jones, Jimmy DeWeese, Edith Mullins, Jane Dawson, Shirley Handley, Susanne Flora, Carolyn Capps, Bruce Fisher, Albin Isaacs. Fifth row: Thurman Kercher, Rusty Sewell, Carl Atkinson, Billy Sillery, Philip .Goins. Not in picture: Sharon White. FIRST GRADE Teacher MRS. SMITH First row: Benny McNeal, Eddie Baker, Billy Kedler, Ronnie Roseberry, Richard Newbauer, Timmy Seals, Billy Wills, Howard Kerschner, Gene Rowe, Second row: Carolyn Karn, Nettie Boone, Linda Landis, Judy Mullins, Gail Barbeau, Emma Van Winkle, Elaine Hoss, Sandy Bates, Blodwyn Leiter, Cheryl Black. Third row: Charlene Furnas, Diane Alexander, Carolyn Sue Van Zant, Evelyn Pace, Pamela Smith, Des- sie Brown, Judy Kesling, Luann Sprague, Carol Rowe. Fourth row: Donnie Eyler, Phillip Shope, Timmy Myers, Douglas l-lorstman, Douglas Roof, McKinley Polslon, Michael Correll, Norman Johnson, Wayne Spencer, Billy Kedler, Fifth row: Pat Fullmer, Bobby Beeghly, Michael Steiger. Not in picture: Renda Stafford. FIRST GRADE Teacher MRS. HOSCHOUR First row: John Sauer, Elwood Banks, Tommy Pressley, Ira Travis, Clarence Gatts, Bob McKinley, Jim- my Salley, Terry Frasier, Bruce Rice, Mickey Welcome. Second row: Donna Jean l-lafer, Connie Schaadt, Mary Lou Sharp, Sandra Swank, Linda Lou Swank, Dorothy Moore, Gaye Gump, Willa Lee Spencer, Par- ticia Sanger, Robyn Lee Konkler. Third row: Fred Egleston, Clarence Mullins, Cinda Landis, Martha J, Denlinger, Pauline Blair, Roberta Comer, Carland Olinger, Sandra Vaught, Michael Stastny, Donald Ekes, Fourth row: Rickey Pence, Stephen Foster, Boyd Eby, Jimmy Newton, Kenneth Wills. Not in picture Marilyn Roark, Sammy Crawford, Carolyn Copeland, Jimmy Smith, Darlene Stephens, Kenneth Rice, Bobby Hill. i r w FIRST GRADE Teacher MRS. WEST First row: Douglas McWain, Jimmy Church, William Milyard, Franklin Hicks, David Stricklin, Frank Wright, Terry Borchers, Larry Baker. Second row: Sandra Stover, Luann Blessing, Saundra Copenhaver, Linda Gentry, Carolyn Sue Evans, Joan Earnhart, Ruth Anne Stanley, Anna Coon, Sharon Calhoon, Beverly Bennington. Third row: Billy Joe Baker, Larry Mize, Timonthy Blake, Betty Jane Madison, Rita Winterbotham, Melinda Harold, Kenny Hoke, Billy Brown, Jimmy Mullins. Fourth row: Larry Ullery, Bobby Sibila, Bernard I-Lisel, Richard Bruce, Joe Crutchfield, Kenny Baker, Eric Hyre, Paul Meece. Fifth row: Travis Ashley, John Kaupisch. Not in picture: Ann Sharon Shadoan, Susie Devers, Harold Shepherd, Raymond Smith, Peggy O'Hair, Carol Darney. E ART CLASSES L E M ARBOR DAY I5 -415, N T A R Y I A C T I V I T I E L S IuNcH TIME I: 14. 'ac' W Li . v CLASS ROOM C ORGA NIZA TIONS M lylnpnlu IHI: SIAH- DALE FILBRUN, Sports, JERRY BASHOR, Circulation, MARCIA WEBB, Editor, JUDY WILSON, Class Reporter, MERLE GIBSON,Treasurer, JUNIOR NISWONGER, Advertising, Standing: MRS, BURKETT Advisor, BILL GUNTER, Art, In the years of the future when school memories begin to dim, may this RAM- BLER become reminiscent of the many enjoyable hours spent here at M, H,S. THE STUDENT COUNCIL "To encourage student participation in creating and maintaining standards of good citizenship. " The Council members are elected from each of the six high school classes. During the year this organization has sponsored and all-high school magazine sale, homecoming ac- tivities, and have sold county basketball schedules. With their advisors, Mrs. Clark and Mr. Vernon, they have worked diligently this year to purchase a motion picture projector for the school. Dale Filbrun, Presidentg Glenn Van Z.ant, Vice Presidentg Eleanor Matson, Secretaryg Betty Mapp, Treasurer. -FH-Y I952-3 TTU-PH- Y "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. " This organization is affiliated with the Dayton Town and Country Branch of the Y, M, C,A, , as well as the State and National Y, M.C,A. The Tri-Hi-Y is very active in sponsoring social events as well as other more serious activities. The Tri-Hi-Y girls and their advisor, Mrs. Shellhaas, sponsor the formal dance during the Christmas holidays each year. This year it was called, "Kandy Kane Kapers. " Youth in government is a new venture in "Y" work. This club is studying it now. The Madison Tri-Hi-Y was the first one of its kind in Ohio. The organization has been in existence eight years. Marilyn Huffman, Presidentg Jenet Olwine, Vice Presidentg Linda Denlinger, Treasurerg Beth Royer, Chaplaing Chestine Rice, Secretary. HI-Y I952-3 HI-Y "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian Character." The Hi-Y club at Madison is affiliated with the Dayton Town and Country Branch of the Y. M.C,A, , as well as the State and National Y,M.C.A. Under the direction of their advisor, Mr. Miller, the boys sponsor a basketball game every year. In this game, the Hi-Y boys are pitted against the able-bodied teachers. AThe teams provide much amusement for all spectators. The teachers are proud of the fact that for ten years they have remained unbeaten. The club meetings are varied in subject matter. Each organization discusses boy-girl relationships, vocations, and community problems. Both clubs present chapel services for the student body during the weeks preceding Christ mas and Easter. Ray Matson, President, Roy Swadner, Vice President, Paul Mowry, Treasurer, Frank Le- Fevre, Chaplang Clair Miller and Norman Fouts, Secretaries. F.H.A CD02 GGY Q2Qvj c:: "TOWARD NEW HORIZONS" "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." These girls really believe this. Although they do not cook in their club meetings, the girls do know their way around in a kitchen. The girls also learn new methods of cooking, home decorating, and how to have a happier home life Their main goal is to learn to live better today in order to have bet- I952- 3 ter lives tomorrow. The members of this club are truly the Future Homemakers of Amer- . SWICH BOARD OPERATORS During at least one of the six periods of the school day, one of these students is busy at either the inter-communication system or the switchboard. I TER Active members of the Latin club of Madison are made up of students enrolled in Latin I and II. Students having taken at least one year of Latin are considered honorary members until their graduation from school. The Latin club meets once a month. In these meetings they plan such events as a trip to the Art Institute, the Roman Banquet and special recognition of Latin week in the the school. Inter Nos means "among us. " The two sections of the Club move forward under the direction of Sherry Eby and Bill NOS BENNETT MCN EAL SAFETY AWARD First place, Phil Shellhaasg second place, Beth Royerg third place, Amy Brown. X, N Sb ALLIED YOUTH "To seek the truth concerning beverage alcohol, and the best Way in life in relation to this problem. " Allied Youth was founded here at Madison in January of 1952. The post has been very active considering its age. The postconsists of some fifty members. Much educa- tion has been given to the students, on alcohol, through the work of Allied Youth. Allied Youth officers consist of: Bill Gunter ---- ---- P resident Glenn Van Zant - - - -Vice President Lucy Webb - - - - - - Secretary Jerry Richards - - - - - - Treasurer Phil Shellhass - - - - Chaplain f95o, FIRST S EM EST ER SECOND SEMESTER MADISON SCHOCJL EWS STAFF For a number of years the Commercial department had published six copies annually of a mimeopraphed paper "Hi-Lites". with the constant growth of our school popula- tion the number of copies that were needed increased until it was almost impossible to meet the demand. And because the paper was published only every six weeks, it lost its effectiveness as a newspaper. Therefore, arrangements were made with the BROOKVILLE STAR to print a full page of Madison School and community news each week. Its composition has been done in the English IV class. Those in charge feel this is a definite improvement in school growth and look for- ward to its further improvement and enlargement. LIBRARY STAFF "To serve the students and teachers in all ways possible." The student librarians are from the high school classes. There are several eighth grade cadet librarians who are in training and practice until next year. The duties of the librarians are many. The processing of new books, keeping of daily records. repairing of books, helping students with references are only a few. The librarians are trained in the fall by the librarian, Mrs. Burkett. ACTIVITIES MADISON 'Y' , x ,f.,M as f N3 N . Anus-5,- ?7,Q4eQ QW' few-e Q- Wah -QED 6 r 199 MINSTR ELS OF l953 2 I. A it f lg 7 ?V",:1lL Q A Af 4 D 5431: 1 1 ij' sf f I 1? ' ,fl ' 5 X 5 I s 1 1 -f - X ga f ' 4. ' ff I I i ff? ' ' 'Q I ia! 4' Q 'fm L 1 ' -4 X. if Q 3, Sw A ,X ' Q' V . A 2 - - - ' L?, f? ' X V? Ga ? yuh e,,, l i 1 N 1 Y -M . If' ,QPR P a , 5 I I x ' 5 'Wk I Lf' ,-aslllliir' 1 I it 4, 1 7 'ig 'PT wg' 5 Rig ll ,JN , f, . X J I F' xy E ' V ,, It W W xx xv, 5 X ' X ' Q"i""""'iIii an . vs V Jgkwk 45' N 4-31, . thibw-1-. , s A K V if, Q., 3 Is 3 , . " , Q I ' :N 1 Y WI K M 'lj WHO MAKE IT?? I H EAR MUSIC The Madison music department, under the leadership of Mr. Zerkle and Mr. Stewart, has enjoyed another busy year of which it can be proud. The marching band and the rockettes launched the year by performing at every home game and several games away. When the football season ended, work began on the minstrel. As always the show, presented in January, was pronounced a huge success. During February the band and orchestra, as well as individuals and ensembles, re- hearsed diligently to perfect their numbers for District Contest. One member played in the All-State Orchestra, and nine students participated in the Folk Music Festival held annually on the Wilmington College campus. The department presented its usual spring concert of both vocal and instrumental selections. The various groups number as follows: senior orchestra 50g junior orchestra 35g sen- ior band'75g junior band 60g high school chorus 120. Mr, Stewart, new to the Madison faculty, has made excellent progress with the chorus and other vocal ensembles. During the years to come, Madison hopes to be as well known for its band and orchestra. JuNloR PLAY CLASS or 54' Lovf IS IN THE AIR GN STAGE SENIOR PLAY CLASS OF 522. CLEMENTINE cv' 0-1. 4 fl .1-4. .E 2 l ind Q -0 ,,..z A ..',' k K X, fr ,, gi I -K' vw-i ,STKE 'f?vx . ' S'EQ,i K 321 if X ig? 2,4 I. l...'gl... 42. 4 Y' i ,ff 'ee-,., I ' ,Aim E 'i Y, 4, Q . Fha ,il cv .8 4 if 1: WM' SQ x 52 'M Na 'Q'-C - f 2 ,Sl 'E 345 5 ,i N1 THEY LE D U CH EER LEADERS In the fall of 1952, Nancy Farmer, Joan Happensack, Carolyn Johnson, and Ruth Con ing tried out for cheerleading. Against real competition this quartet won and then set their hearts on arousing school and community interest in Madison athletic events, The girls cheered the varsity football and basketball teams on to league victories. Nancy, Joan, Carolyn, and Ruth are to be highly complimented on the achievements of their first year as Cheerleaders. f Ju, FA VOR! TES Most Courteous SHIRLEY HALL JERRY BASHOR ww, iw ul R 2 2 ffm .- ' mg? 4 ' ' n, i ,ww f sm , 2' 3 ' . ,,,,Q.,Ly,y, .f,N,3 ng?i: - , ,, M L ,XX QQ mf , in y X lf -wuz ' swf X.--wg mm ,mfswk . -- , K ,.xy,, ,. Wmfd-q K J , V, A K . V f . ,wsmw ,X E757 . . , .K 11- - 3 5? . , Ze ' 5 , . :"' A -V , I .1- Q . .ff 1: 'if 1, ff wma-+ ,vim F 'Wm WS X Qin as - XwX 'Q ,Qu K gs 4 Q 0 M Nw? ' 4, . .. ,Sw V , lx FH' f'.n1 A THLETICS -lg J - PAUL MOWRY JERRY BASHOR JUNIOR NISWONGER Senior Senior Senior Back Back Back RONNIE COLLINS Senior Captain Back A 11 League DALE FILBRUN BILL SEXTON WALTER BECKNELL 5eHi0l' Junior Junior Center End Guard All League X TOM MENDENHALL DON QUAST Senior Senior Back Back A11 League FOOTBALL SCORES 1952 WE O Osso 37 Butler 13 Randolph 19 Tipp City 25 West Carrollton 21 Brookville 0 West Milton 25 Eaton JACK YORK DAVID KNEISLEY Senior Junior Guard Tackle THEY 12 12 20 6 6 18 7 13 ROY SWADNER Senior End A 11 League DON COPP Junior Tackle Q' Q' NORMAN FOUTS Forward TOM MENDENHA LL Forward ROY SWA DNER Forward SONNY COOPER Guard RONNIE COLLINS Guard DA NNY CAV IN Forward ART CURRY Forward CA RL WEIHE Guard JOHN CAVERLEE PAUL Guard HENRY GA RBER Forward MOWRY DISTRICT TOURNA MENT Madison 58 New Paris 60 F orwa rd JERRY BA SHOR Guard BASKETB LL SCORES I952 53 Shawen Acres Germantown Jefferson Centerville Phillipsburg Farmersville Randolph West Carrollton West Milton Tipp City Lewisburg Eaton Butler Brookville Dixie COUNTY TOURNAMENT DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Madison 44 Butler 39 Madlgon Madison 46 Wayne 30 New pans Madison 34 Randolph Finals MOST VALUABLE OUR Mr, Scrafield presents Ronnie Collins the most valuable football player trophy. Left to right: Mr. Scrafield, football, Mr. Ostermann, basketball, Mr, Horne, Iunior High football and basketball. This is the second successive year for Madison to win the football Championship. This is Madison's first basketball championship won since 1940. For the first time in the recent history of the school the school has won both championships in same year. PLAYER COACHES HOMECOMING oxfogs 0 YS QNX WO FLOAT N91 ADVERTISERS Beautiful Portraits at Popular Prices awwicgg 137 S. Main Fulton 8642 Dayton, Ohio I. CONGRATULATIONS SE NIORS of '53 7295400065 NI A I2 I4 ET OCMEI2 SERVICE Wolf Creek Pike Trotwood 7-4624 GOODYS GARAGE Body and Fender Repair Painting General Motor Repairing Starter - Generator Repair vfzyfif fax-xu2zgE3:gMaEa-Ion: Hours: Trotwood 7-6597 8:00 A. M, - 7:00 P. M. Z3 W. Main Street Saturdays: 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P. M. 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