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Trott Vocational High School - Trottarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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V cationzd Trout 0 High Schod I UBC 1957 On behalf of the faculty and ourselves, we would like to offer our congratulations and sincere wishes for success to the graduating class of 1957. We hope your studies at Trott have been profitable and that you leave with the belief that we have done all in our power to prepare you for the vocation you have cho- sen. We know that you will try to live up to our great expectations. May God speed you on your way and richly reward your efforts. E. P. Sharp, Principal G. L. Small, Director of Vocational Education Another year, another semester, another senior classy sophomores became juniors, juniors became seniors, and the seniorsg well, they have gone out into the world to make their mark, while leaving many pleasant memories. These are some of the memories we, the class of '57, will hold. In September, Trott got off to a flying start. The football season began, cheerleaders were having try-outs and senior class nominations were made. Our football season was not too successful, though the team showed great spirit. We lost all our games but Dave Booth, our halfback, made the all city foot- ball team. Moans and groans would often be heard coming from the gym after school. If it was not indoor practice for the football team, the cheerleaders were having try-outs. Barbara Garrecht and Selma Rizzio some- how survived and joined the squad of co-captains Joyce Mong and Lorelei Ehrhard, cheerleaders Nancy Metzler, Judy Simpson, Nina Fratello, Carol Kramarz, and Mary Yelder. Mrs. Ebert, the girls' new gym teacher, was their adviser. Nominations for senior class officers and adviser were also made in September. Those elected were Michael Balassone, president, Robert Sherry, vice president, Curtis Harris, treasurer, and Joyce Mong, secretary. Elected adviser was Mr. Bernard Check. The school paper, Trott Topics, and the Camera Club were both re-organized under the supervision of Mr. Toole. Co-editors of the Trott Topics were Sylvia Curtis and Louise Higgs: sports editor was William Trump. Mem- bers of the staff included Richard Guzdek, Leonard Rinallo, Lorelei Ehrhard, Joyce Perman, Nina Fratello, William Storr, Judy Conte, Michael Balassone and David Booth. Trott Topics Pictorial appeared during the second semes- ter under the supervision of Beverly Washington, Nina Fratello, Shelia Hennegan and Carol Kramarz. It supple- mented and then replaced the defunct Trott Topics. The Camera Club was a bigger success than ever, thanks to equipment donations from the Niagara Falls Gazette and the industry of the carpentry and millwright shops. The dark room was remodeled, more fully equipped, and many more students took advantage of its facilities. Curtis Harris, Treasurer Jo ce Mon S t Y g, ecre ary 3 ls, - ' ' is Tl Agri p p is, Q ,A i f ' -i.,,. '55, J 1 iettr s 'i if .J evect if otsh g1fe,L X . ,',. K "'l t, .kf .ikk ' L ' 1, ., ,, "': i-l Mr. Bernard Check, Class Advisor c ctli J Fi fi I N ' .4 , , ik' "5 i i ,Q fx as Michael Balassone, President I l'di. s .ttc - J i 3 A 2 Robert Sherry, Vice President Ruth Barnard Nutrition Eugene Bruce Physical Education Joseph Celenzo Driver Education Mary Duke Nutrition J ame s Finger Science Kenneth Garrecht Chemistry Margaret George Nursing Phillip Grittiths Electric Shop John I-Iadden Music Edward Hudspith Social Studies Frederick Knapp Mathematics John Kovach English Fred Layo Social Studie s Joseph Lozina Chemistry Lynd Marlette Mathematic s M fy A J M K i'zgf'2 ' K f' 'vm' if , N, I B Hua, c M . W, J 0 4, 1,1 1 "if . U Z :-.gr2f9f1"'-" 1: ,, 1.1.3, . ff? il M Qz4eQi,31f' Q A ig wgwm Q A ii V, 'R . at Li ff. , ,,"-,x 'K Q 1. - 'fi W v 9 .bf ai W wh pw K ,Q kc fe '10 ix 5 X W v 4 .Q A x ss- K 3 W' i X QL is f 'Ss s J K1 if x 5' 1 1 4 wi- L Q 5 L my x V 1 T Ei gm ,si 5 Q f A 4 1, ,Y 7? M 2 6 v My . 2 'ft' , -sg V "af: y ,?y7, . J g Mk. T21 ,,:. K 1 522. F ' , -ii, K f 9351 ' ".,iflf'gg, . L . fiiff' is 1. Frank Mc Auliffe Mathematics Bertram Meek Drafting George Meyer Electric Shop Newell Meyer Auto Shop William Morton Science William O'Conne11 Mathematics James Reid English John Rolder Machine Shop Clarence Schuster Auto Shop William Serbacki Health Harold Thielking Blue Print Reading Doris Tisdale Nursing Patrick Toole English Harry Tyrrell Machine James Walz Drafting N? aa 'Wai ,ef vm V '6 7 n c S ,an snne Q A ' ' n r tt ' cnlnetet 5 Josephine Abdullah, Nursing if , ,,'L',1 fi 1 .:" 5.1, , ff Phillip Banker, Millwright The first big event of the year to be given at Trott was the Halloween dance given by the senior class. Chairmen of the dance were the class officers. The gym was all "decked out" in tombstones, goblins, cornstalks, and pumpkins that really set the mood. This very successful dance was followed by a variety show and jam-session given by the yearbook staff for the yearbook. This show was open to the public and Trott proved to the outsiders that it had no lack of talent. In November, as Coach Matt Mazza was picking a- new bas- ketball team for Trott, the cheerleaders decided to have new uniforms to go along with the team. They had one problem---where to get the money. Since both the senior class and the student council also needed funds, the three organizations decided to sell refreshments at the home games and split the receipts three ways. The idea clicked: the student council and senior class had a few more dollars in their respective treasuries and the cheerleaders got the uniforms they had hoped for, white skirts, red sweaters, and white collars, Trott's colors. David Booth, Auto 3 Thomas Bzinak, Auto Dennis Campese, Millwright 6 Many a night after school in December, a voice, far from being soft, could be heard yelling "Mother, Mother." This was not a poor helpless boy yelling for help, but the voice of Mike Balassone re-hearsing for the Christmas play "Too Much Mistletoe." This play, under the supervision of Mr. John Kovach, was presented to the student body during the Christmas assembly. The cast included Mike Balassone, Robert Sherry, Sylvia Curtis, Nina Fratello, Nancy Metzler, Hannelore Froescher, Ronald Goulah, Tom Jackowski, and Sue Santersero. At the end of the play the cast presented Mr.Kovach with a gift which was a five foot-long striped tie. Preceeding the play Mr. Toole read from Dickens and the chorus sang many favorite Christmas carols. Following the assembly the usual Christmas parties were given in the shops and classrooms. In February the annual Valentine dance was held. As hearts and cupids bobbed along the gym, Karen Zankowski was chosen the "Queen of Hearts." Co-chairmen of this dance, which was sponsored by the student council, were Joyce Perman and Ricky Calandrelli. Sylvia Curtis, Chemistry Judy Conte, Chemistry LV I i ,gp ,VIL . ' - If J , I A .,,' I e Fred Chambers, Electric William Clark, Electric John Confer, Millwright 7 if n 1 5 Robert D'Aloise, Carpentry Loreto De Luca, Electric V 1: ' M I V sl Louis Destino, Machine Ralph Dinino, Machine f William Dekdebrun, Welding J c 5 kill' George Do rato, Auto S0 f Q q ,rt I John Filer, Electric Richard Guzdek, Chemistry William Hamilton, Machine 8 iffy Vigo Hans en, Machine Florence Hillman, Nursing Once again Trott was well represented on the air in news, sports, and talent on WJJL. Representing Trott on Pepsi- Teen Time were Sylvia Curtis, Joyce Perman, Dean Hon- adle, and Nancy Metzler. This year the Pepsi-Cola Com- pany decided to have a contest in which all schools and organizations of Niagara County would participate. The school or organization to acquire the largest number of Pepsi-Cola bottle caps by April Z6 would receive a free television set. On April lst Trott was leading with 35,000 bottle caps, probable total at the end of the contest: in ex- cess of 50,000 bottle caps. The Student Council with President Dave Booth, Vice- President John Williams, Secretary Judy Simpson, Treas- urer Jimmy Jones, and Advisor Mr. Hudspith decided to buy trophies for the winners of intramural sporting events and pins for the students who have perfect attendance. The trophies and pins will be given to the winning students dur- ing the honor assembly in June. To raise money for this project the Student Council sponsored a well-attended movie in January for the student body. The Council also co-sponsored the Valentine Day dance with the senior class as another fund raising project. Louise Higgs, Chemistry 15 fs .J 4, Norman Jagow, Machine Kenneth Huff, Welding 10 In the realm of sports, the picture was not too brightg we lost all our football games but we were never shut out. The backfield shone but the line was weak. Dave Booth, our ca- pable captain, was the outstanding player on the team. Willie Jones and Pat Johnson displayed great running ability. Our offensive team displayed its strength in tallying up the high- est scores made during the past six or seven years, while our defensive team revealed its weakness in accounting for the greatest number of points scored against us in the same period. The 1957 team should be the best in the history of the school with the number of experienced men returning to the squad. Though the record left by last year's sectional award win- ning basketball team proved to be too high a goal to reach this year, the squad won five of their fourteen games. For a team which lacked both experience and height this record was commendable: the important denominator - an old pro, Matt Mazza, who became basketball coach after Mr. Krum transferred to LaSalle. After a slow start during the first half of the games Trott bounced back to win when the students returned from the Christmas vacation. , V ,,,, ifws ifflt " ifffvtf'-igntssfw9w1e1','f1fQi1iieig . i M w 32332 , . W 'x,5".f ' 93, iiifvg 'L fiiliil , ' we ' n ' wi, 3 i'1'ff"iS,'f ,lag ' 3 ,, ,, ,, U ,. , . ,5,pp, , f sf? gif ff' r it it P . Ligswz 'fswil-rms, it . 5 t, t . si f a X 1' Franklin -T0hI1S0f1. Machine James Jones, Millwright 1 1 Janice Karbowski, Nursing Robe rt Joy, Machine Richard Jones, Drafting in 'Maw John Kruzel, Carpentry John Loomis, Drafting David Masterman, Millwright .Q 432 ffm? fa: K fugispwsfzg, . y 'Q fsiwdr l SP3 Thomas McArd1e, M111w1-xght Vernon McGee, Auto Raymond Mc Govern, Auto 12 wan . was !,,.,,4 Nancy Metzler, Chemistry E Joseph Nalbone, Machine Ronald Noakes, Carpentry March saw plans being made for Trott's first senior class day in many years. The day will start with a breakfast for the seniors in the cafeteria followed by an assembly given by the seniors for the student body. During the day many of the seniors will play the role of teachers as they lead their classes through their paces. In the evening a senior class banquet will be held followed by a dance for seniors and their dates only. Chairmen of the various committees for the Senior Class Day are: Robert D'Aloise, Electionsg John Filer, Gifts, James Pino, Decorations, Leonard Rin- allo, History, Prophecy, Will and Testament: William Clark, Senior Playg William Trump, Financeg Richard Jones, Breakfast: Judy Conte, Senior Teachers, and Mi- chael Balassone, Banquet. In a questionnaire circulated to the members of the senior' class in March, nominees for the Prom Queen, Most Pop- ular Girl and Boy, Most Likely to Succeed, etc. were made As a result Judy Simpson will reign as Queen of the Prom, Nancy Metzler was selected as the Most Popular Girl, David Booth, the Most Popular Boy, Curtis Harris, the Most Athletic Senior: Mike Balassone, the Senior Most Likely to Succeedg David Masterman, the Most Handsome Boyg pink and black and the rose were chosen as the class colors and flower respectively. Robert Normile, Carpentry Gary Olsen, Chemistry 14 Do you remember ..... ? Ronnie Shuman always sleeping during English class? Skip Oursler's "Hi Senior" in the halls ? A white Cadillac and Louis Leo? The teachers and their magic slips? Jim Pino and his mystery book? Dick LaVassaur and Sylvia Wozniak? The Chemistry girls going beserk in their bermudas . . ? Mr. O'Connell's and Mr. Kovach's golfing instructions ? The sparkles in Joe Abdu1lah's eyes and on her finger? The case of the stolen weights ? Mr. Morton's "cucumber and almond cream beauty soap?" Albert Potter, Machine The nurses giving cookies to hungry carpenters? The house "that Jack built?" Mr. Toole's gray hairs for the lack of minute-men and m.inute-maids on the yearbook staff? Coach Mazza's censored words ? The biggest baby who cried when getting his polio shot? Bill Dekdebrun's fthe great hunterj interest in two-legged "dear ?" Organic Chemistry mishaps ? The loss of Mr. Reeder? and the finding of Mr. Marlette? i The mad collection of Pepsi-Cola bottle caps ? The uneven formation of baseball exercises ? i'i J 2 William Porter, Machine Raymond Owens, Electric J01-gn Paganq, Chgnqjstry James Pino' Drafting 15 5 Y' James Rickard, Machine Stanley Rzucidlo, Millwright Judith Simpson, Chemistry ,.,,. Q . . Zwin. j u K " 'if as 5 i K 1 J 5 j . ,t 5 Leonard Rinallo, Chemistry Fred Roussie, Auto ' 'Q , : t e 4 5 c f f S 1 , ' S A 1 'A:. ' 5 Q E 4 .fi ' George Sflhultz, E1eCt1'iC Robert Snider, Electric 'KRW 5 3? YTCWTV , ' 1 ' i ,ff , Albert Smith, Millwright Ronald Schuman, Welding 16 :ff ff 2 1 NYM R. Do you remember . . . ? The results of Joyce Mong's father's new lawn mower? L Vg .7,,,, What Herbie said in reference to above ? Y 1 S The crazy sayings of Beverly Washington, Carol yre K Kramarz, Shelia Hennegan, and Nina Fratello on the ' ' Weiy , kl,1 'E 'L f f'E Trott Topics Pictorial board? di 3 Mr. Morton's "don't get fresh with me?" 5 The seniors who are going to get black convertibles 5 if for graduation? f Louis Leo's long walk to school? 1 : , Michael Ba1assone's and David Booth's receding Robert Steinjan, Machine abdominal protuberances ? The transformation of the little Italian ball of dynamite, Selma Rizzio, into a Swiss maid via cheese ? The picnics the Chemistry 12 group took during a February storm ? Sylvia Curtis and Judy Conte trying to peek over Mr. Too1e's shoulder for the results of the Prom Queen questionnaire ? Judy Simpson's slurping spaghetti at the senior class dinner? Messy, wasn't it? The noisie st, chatterboxing class in the school? 3 William Storr, Aut o L -,L, :gf K John StePhen5n Millwright william Trump, Drafting Ronald Wasmund, Drafting 18 Do you remember . . . ? Mr. Garrecht's ulcers and the short lunch period? Baby Einstein and "number one hammer-head?" Dave Masterman's night fishing? Mr. Layo's supposed dislike for girls? Lynn Schuk's, Gerry Chamber's and Barbara Garrecht's ante -meridian pe rambulations ? Joyce Perman and John Wiechec ? Job hunting and the departing seniors ? Mr. O'Connell's cane? The desperation of yearbook staffers Sylvia Curtis, Jody Conte, Gerry Chambers, Lynn Schuk, Bill Wells, John Praydich, Bill Trump, Jim Pino, Barbara Garrecht, Tony Genova, the Pietkiewicz twins, Lorelei Ehrhard, and Joyce Perman as the deadline approached? The financial wizardry of Cathy Potter as she collected yearbook money and her bookkeeping system of slips of paper everywhichway? Mr. Check's trust, help, and belief in the senior class? Mr. McAuliffe's harmonica playing? The Yuletide parties? The wonderful feeling the first days of spring brought for the seniors...and then the numb realization that a -mile- stone would be passed forever in June ? . .. 5 5 1 f Ronald Young, Millwright Sylvia Wozniak, Chemistry James Weigel, Electric John Williams, Drafting 19 James Wilson, Auto Throughout the year many well attended dances were held in the gym under the supervision of Mr. Check, who, with his wife above, plays peek-a-boo with Halloween co-chairman Joyce Mong. Mary Yelder does a tricky shuffle at the same dance while Mr. and Mrs. Layo pose at the Valentine dance for the cameraman. Kathy Potter, Bob D'Aloise, Larry Langden and Pat Lockmiller sit one out below, as Queen Karen Zankow ski holds court on her Valentine throne. Co-chairmen Joyce Perman and Richard Calendrelli crowned Karen after a committee ofstudents selected her from the girls who were attending the dance. :AY W Z0 Along Mr. 0,Connc-:ll's Beat-and in the Shops Hausie is for the intellect! 250 Calories! No spots on this tie! P1'0fi1C! Genius at work! Fi1tTat1On! Frustration I Where tin cans come from! Men at work! by 'AL Harmonica boogie. Deft fingers! For he's a jolly good fellow! a Iaq 1920! Z1 Patience! Surprise! A melody in wood! Big men-big Ties! With Or without 0ni0nS ? Concentration! Budding Edisons! John "Pasteur" Pagano! A study in wishful Let there be light! Steel-surgeon! A study in C0ntent1'rlCI1t! thinking! 22. 'Q 8 Back stage tension! The p1ay's the thing! But - there are rewards! is ,a 'Q Z E .a , X r 4' E! Hai? 1 f Q I TTV OUT PUHC11? Ipana smiles The more the merrier U95 'W Twenty quarts of gingerale Eat, drink, and be merry! A wee bit 0' Scotland! His Own job! C'ent1Yr gentle One! Merry-go-round! No! - studying? ? ? 23 Peter Abrarnaitys Machine 10 Paul Allen Auto 10 Carl Anderson Machine 10 Frank Arnone Welding 10 Edward Baker Electric 10 John Barber Millwright 10 Alexander Barclay Machine 10 James Benecki Allen Benton Drafting 10 Harry Berard Machine 10 Anthony Beswick Electric 10 Lorraine Bielec Nursing 10 William Bierly Carpentry 10 Thomas Bietz Carpentry 10 Esker Bilger Machine 10 Fred Blackwell Machine 10 Paul Bleecher Drafting 10 Larnall Briggs Machine 10 Robert Britton Machine 10 Neil Brown Electric 10 Gary Buckhout Auto 10 Bruce Burns Machine 10 Richard Calandrelli Drafting 10 William Casale Auto 10 Wa.: , I 'Nw if 1 W FHM EX M ,S M 2 rx, N, 555453 xzgfipga I 5' ' 53 ,S W . ms ,S , mr R25 W nm 1 M 'QUE St, 2: 1 K mf, sl as ,. M, uieszwz at Q is fm vwflea xetzse H -:-:: b ' '- , fx 5 "" gz . 3' A .,1w 1 .1 , :f 'WQSSSWEZ ' g Hilti -"fr-rfifr W M01 E ' .. ' .f ' ,I Bruce Cashen Carpentry 10 Geraldine Chambers Chemistry 10 Dennis Chmaj Machine 10 Carl Cinuski Millwright 10 Boyd Clark Machine 10 Morley Clause Machine 10 William Clayton Welding 10 Joseph Colucci Drafting 10 Karl Cuimbui Millwright 10 Theodore Danelon Electric 10 William Davis Electric 10 David James Deane Electric 10 Frank Dominico Millwright 10 Murray DeMartino Carpentry 10 John DiRamio Chemistry 10 Larry DiRuscio James Drabczyk Carpentry 10 Robert Driscoll Carpentry 10 George DuFour Electric 10 Harold Emsweller Carpentry 10 Janice Engel Nursing 10 Raymond Ferchen Machine 10 Michael Filer Electric 10 John Fisher Welding 10 Richard Fornadel Machine 10 James Forster Electric 10 James Fraser Auto 10 Hannelore Froescher Nursing 10 Robert Galganski Carpentry 10 Stephen Gall Machine 10 Barbara Garrecht Chemistry 10 Michael Gibbons Carpentry 10 William Graham Machine 10 Michael Granata Auto 10 Charles Gruendler Machine 10 Richard Hathaway Drafting 10 Loretta Hightower Nursing 10 William lsom Auto 10 Thomas Jackowski Drafting 10 Stanley Kasprzak Machine 10 Irvin Keener Electric 10 Jerry Kelley Electric 10 Joel Kew Carpentry 10 Stanley Kinaszpwicz. Machine 10 Thomas Koban Carpentry 10 John Kowalski Drafting 10 Michael Kramarz Carpentry 10 John Kuriscak Carpentry 10 '-fa ...wt : . :.-i f wa . -. ..,. is, M: 97181 2,11 5 ,sig - :fx .H-gm: ms mfg wx: aiu., fm-2'1ri,i . - - it C wait' A 5 Q"'f9lS'? 13513: 1- f' 2 . 35,5 4 ii 55? 1 S W? in at 4 ill? X? . 2 E '1 wtf 5 X ff? f K 5 gl f1:-:s:::2fff -- . . W 1? if. ' lays, K 1 1 i Q 2 fc . W, K - Haw 5 .v t' lf' Y Ni, X rf 3 ., rv' 3' 1, PM RU? ,N Xa. , ' "Q 'Q . 2 3555 will f msmgff K 5 , Fm if? 'fwgffsx f .Y -:Z ,ri I .VK i 1 ' Q , 551, . V 2vi5iN1f'zS W x f55f925'9fi,?2Vx."7 ggfgiigezkgigligp V93 759516251 ' :I 122 vs, V 5, N K 454 M HX -1 , M G 5 1' w ,S WE Q X pgs: M 5' ps, 3 26 ' iiiflai 10 'L .5:i5'f1l- 4753757 I:.'::aif"1 SiH..?ff2iS!5.ff7'L7QV? 551 ' "MY 5' V'ffsf'ikfi?5gs fiiffgs .5 we V - as K W ' is-sesswwfflfr.-f :-2. if .,. m5w?'N,sw- Liu., :. - g,,Eaf:,,, g., L i.i,1gwmf1fQ1 If'-: 2' YY , me twin 2 ig? , A aRilP,J, . 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Darrell Blank Carpentry ll Gloria Bonnani Nursing 11 Earl Britton Drafting ll Lauren Brougham Electric ll James Chambers Machine 11 Jean Congi Nursing ll Thomas Conibear Machine ll Edward Danilewicz Machine 11 Louis DeSantis Millwright ll Flora Dotter Chemistry 11 Leon Dupree Machine 11 George Durkin Welding ll A Lorelei Ehrhard Chemistry ll Bill Fera Drafting ll George Fetterhoff Carpentry ll Glenard Francis Carpentry 11 Vernon French Auto 11 Francis Galla Machine ll Anthony Genova Drafting ll John Giammarco Electric ll Jerome Gill Carpentry l 1 Michael Gladish Drafting 11 Ronald Goulah Auto 11 David Griffin Chemistry ll Sanford Harris Machine 1 1 William Hojnacki Drafting 1 1 Dean Honadle Electric ll James Huggins Millwright Gary Husted Millwright 11 Elsie Hutchinson Chemistry 11 Patricia Jackson Nursing 1 1 Albert Jacob Drafting 11 Gerald Jakubczyk Machine 11 Alan Jayne Machine 11 Robert Jenczewski Machine 11 Eric Jessiman Machine 1 1 Willy Jones Machine 11 Charles Keeler Machine ll James Korman Drafting 11 Carol Kramarz Nursing 11 John Krasinski Machine 11 Richard Krawczyk Drafting ll Stepen Kuriscak Electric ll Russel Laughlin Millwright 11 Wayne Lehman Carpentry 1 l John Loss Machine 11 Anthony Magliazzo Auto 1 1 Robert Milczarski Auto 1 1 E. s '1 I sl farm ,ir 3 f , .... . wi . wg :gif fx K S wir 3 Q 5 gi m .1 L ,, V .V5. g .. - fr lW,A1w , ,AQ1 - V- 45 'li 5 fi' Eff 3 X W K' Z 33 Pa , A J m me W1 '5 X 8 2,32 ,iwiis -3, 2 3 K f Ji Q, at aa s 1, S este 2555? 5' f ,zfsifiiigiiilg 3, z,fs1ffuQf1a., Q 2 wg 0 A tg 5 32 gif? 1 Y Q faliiwia. 4 3 rgggwgs 35555 age M We A' 'm il 5 ,: 9? 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QB' A W 33 Edward Markarian Auto 11 Paul Masters Machine 11 Judy Mauk Chemistry ll Ronald McNerney Millwright 11 Thomas Migliazzo Auto 11 Edward Mitravich Auto 11 Robert Moore Carpentry 11 Paul Nicoletti Machine 11 Franklin Oldfield Electric ll Marshal Oursler Drafting 11 Steve Panepinto Millwright 11 Joyce Perman Chemistry 11 Nancy Piegnet Chemistry 11 Joseph Pullano Auto 11 Robert Ragan Auto 1 1 Donald Reilly Machine 1 1 James Renford Auto 11 Raymond Reynolds Machine 1 1 Larry Risio Auto 1 1 Thomas Rotella Millwright ll James Rowles Electric 11 William Rybarczyk Welding 11 Edward Saunders Electric 11 Robert Seefelt Electric 11 Charles Schott Machine 11 Louis Sc rivano Carpentry ll Fred Shenk Machine 11 James Shipp Auto 11 Robert Siuta Machine ll John Skrzypek Chemistry 11 Bryan Smith Drafting ll Princilla Smith Nursing 11 Joseph Sperduti Machine 11 Robert Stuller Welding 1 1 Raymond Swann Millwright 1 1 Victory Tonzella Drafting ll James Terreberry Carpentry l l Edward Undercoffer Auto 11 Jack Undercoffer Electric 1 1 Austin Vardenburg Millwright ll James Warrant Drafting 11 Lillian West Nursing 1 1 John Wiechec Chemistry 1 1 William Wobel Millwright 11 Mary Yelder Nursing 11 Simon Zambotti Carpentry ll Steven Zambotti Electric ll , Q 1 f- A ' lzifilexe-fsixzi "M-555:a5'5f1Q-Q' -2 ' 'L ,:fi,!si,i-fllifdf . i-., t -MW V r,li., A . ' ,B as Ht V , my fsgiawiqii EF , 91 ,.., . is wi! ssl gt This ,S 'Wag :im-2: :.- -1., 'Q wi it We gf , -in-. sf if 1? gas. Football ff K as PM x , ydpf ,if It 4. W. ix ,f B, -IFB' X ,- Pictured above with Coach Layo are Trott JV's: bottom, Calandrelli 13, Nicoletti 3, Bestwick 2, Harknit 8, Frazer 7, Bradbury 18, Laughlin 24, Clause 28, Gall 15, Jackson 4, Stevens 11, Masters 17, Bones 34, Romero 31, Smith 333 Top, Panepinto 23, Skrzypek 30, Huggins 29, Lester , An- derson l0, Taylor , Jacobs 14, Velky 5, Ketch 54, Bleecher 41, Kowalski 32, Jackowski 44, Co- lucci 51, Gladish 57, Huckabuck Bilger 42, Reynolds 24, Lacey 38, Porter 21. Pictured below, front row,1eft to right are G.Smith 33, Johnson 31, Scrivano 14, Andrews 30, J.Jones 27, Shuman 38, Masterman 39, Roussie 49, Beningo 68, Harris 41, Burns 39, Panepinto 23, Booth 35 Palazzo 60. Top row, Coach Mazza, Porter 21, W.Jones 48, Stenzil28, Ca1andre1li13, Conibar 44, Oursler 10, G.Lacey 25, Jackson, Kennedy 45, Williams 67, Horne 32, Baptiste 64, Weigel 61, A. Smith 11, Bird, Penque 64, Panetoni, Madison 26, Reynolds 24, Kudela 15, and Coach Bruce. K.,- IS M 36 A 0 wi 2--V-pg QE? frilly iii: ...nal By far the most photogenic football team of the year was that of Judy Simpson, Joyce Perman, Nina Fratello, Lorelei Ehrhard, Judy Conte, Carol Kramarz, Joyce Mong, Mary Yelder and Nancy Metz- ler pictured above. The girls portrayed the NFHS eleven during a pep assembly. Other participants pictured below were Steve Panepinto, Ralph Palazzo, Joe Benningo, John Andrews, Marshall Oursler, Pat Johnson, Frank Penque, Bill Clarkg Dave Masterman, Ronald Shuman, Dave Booth, Dean Honadle Jim Saunders, Al Jacobs, Richard Calandrelli, Frank Oldfieldg Mr. Kovach, Jim Weigel, Bob Horne, Fred Roussie, Jack Filer and Don Armbrust. .: cg, IQ! Bmkeibozll T rott Trott T rott T rott T rott Trott Trott T rott Trott Trott T rott T rott Trott T rott VARSITY JUNIOR VARSIT Y Lac kaw anna 4 8 T r ott 40 Lac kaw anna Niagara Falls 57 Trott 37 Niagara Falls Tonawanda 60 Trott 35 Tonawanda LaSalle 54 Trott Z2 LaSalle North Tonawanda 53 Trott 47 North Tonawanda Kenmore 68 Trott 32. Kenmore Lockport 60 Trott 51 Lockport Lac kaw anna 51 T r ott 41 Lac kaw anna Niagara Falls 60 Trott 39 Niagara Falls T onawanda 5 0 T r ott 34 T onaw anda LaSalle 62 Trott 41 LaSalle North Tonawanda 57 Trott 48 North T0I1aWaI1d-3 Kenmore 59 Trott 53 Kenmore Lockport 49 Trott 53 Lockport Front: Ulysses Stephens, Don Reilly, Curtiss Harris, John Loss. Rear: Coach Mazza, Edward Danilewicz, Lenny Briggs, Tom Conibear, Jimmy Jones. Front: Real! Herb Charles John Andrews George Smith Hubert Reppenhagen Frank Winters Paul Bleecher Richard Stenzel Carl Rew Paul Lozinsky Simon Shakarjian Eddy Porter Pictured below, left to right, top to bottom: Conibear 1681 leaps for a jump-shot while Harris 1651 reaches for a reboundg Stephens tangles with Palumbo 1331 of LaSa11e3 Harris steals re- bound frorn unidentified Explorer 14113 Conibear 1681 and Harris 1651 try to get into ring of Ex plorers on rebound, and Conibear 1681 and Kocaj 1391 try to outreach each other for jump-ball. 39 The Trott Topic staffers Louise Higgs, Sylvia Curtis, William Trump, Nina Fratello, Joyce Perman, Robert Phil- brick, and Lorelei Ehrhard are shown at a dinner given by them at the Boots and Saddle Club Carol Kramarz., Shelia Hennegan, and Beverly Washington of the Trott Topics Pictorial exam- ine their bulletin board in the main hall. Nina Fratello was absent when the picture was taken. Pat Lockmiller looks as though she is about to start crying as friend Lynn Strott received her polio vaccine. This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of ln graphic printing Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo N t A I-lrm is authorized to use the Velvatone met A Y 4 N a

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