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Trott Vocational High School - Trottarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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9, 4 .mn EVEUUQUTT , w MHJUIZ7-WTB IUJIWZNL UUHUZHD SIBUHUDUUIL QUUQTFU Aa'mz'm5Imlzbn and On behalf of the faculty, I would like to offer to the graduating class our congratulations and sincere wishes for success in life. May you leave Trott secure in the belief that we have done all in our power to prepare you for the vocation you have cho - sen or the studies which you will continue to pursue, and we know that you will strive to live up to the greatest of our expectations . " E. P. sharp, Principal 2 Faculgf Trott had two new additions to its faculty this year, Mr. Bernard Check and Mr. William O'Connell. Mr. Check played varsity foot- ball for Niagara University while studying there, and Mr. O'Com1ell played varsity basketball for Canisius. Both were welcomed warmly by Trott's sport-minded student body . Mr. Check and Mr. O'Connell are pictured at the right. Other faculty members pictured below, from left to right are: Charles Alsworth, Eugene Bruce, Leslie Clark, Herbert Downs, James Finger, Kenneth Garrecht, Edward Hudspith, Alexander Korsh, Milton Krum, Fred Layo. Bottom row: Frank McAuliffe, Lynd Marlette, George Meyers, Newell Meyers, Stephen Polniak, Clarence Schuster, Harold Thielking, George Thorn, Patrick Toole, James Walz. Not pictured is Mr. Morton. 3 LET'S ALL CHEER FOR TROTT ........... and with the band pictured below as they gather around t their leader and instructor, Mr. Urynawka, we will have competent support. Without the band, our assemblies would have been dull indeed. And i XX with the vocal joining in by the students when l r the songs were sung, it's a wonder the roof didn't cave in. Band members, bottom to top are: George Mayer, August Siuta, Clifford and Herb Pfuhl, Ron Ferchen, Harold Schuman, Ken Retzlaff, and William Buerger. .sv-is 1 .x l I ,, v .ffl n , 1 4 4 N TROTT'S CHEERLEADERS, Doris Burnham, Judith Lynch, Conchita Martin, Joann Bir A mingham and Barbara Reed, sparked many a falling spirit on field or court, while station T R-O -T-T's Jimmie Carter belabored our ears during the noon lunch hour with his par- ticular, and we may add, peculiar, taste in music. But what would we do without it??'? Fooiball . ' i F 5 'gsalgku-f7""'.'J:. 4-::'s4:a x .f- as 1:14 btw' - " dime. yf lgsaam -,,:As1lfa'e'f .. Nr". 'f.:3e59!32Q'.!fft-L-13,45 A.. mm- . A. vgQ,f?!f6f nfa4,.-F 2sbST,.?A,lf:-.2-gang Ji' ifidw ' - ti nj-'g Q5 i.'F:g"ij' 55132 ?E1?:'E32e-. f55E" ' . '- .. -n '-'EL "ff-1 wwe- ' ' - .-1.--.3 ', .nw '.' .5-5.,"." "1s' 3 ' 'Z' 'q. COACH BRUCE gives us a recap of - , - I -, 15:24-:,F,g:y5:pFgf2:g-.sziz-'w'fA:4? ::!a?'Zr.sis ' 'F'.f'-4215-5:6 , .-. ' fr .N41'-2:415,-e.:v.6pvly-,91.wwg5.g-2if-'98,-rem? g5:gAgy, , g:gggr,v.j,, the season from the Horse s Mouth. 'Af , .A iugggigrefvzzmcsszfirenfirwser.-1-425233-2-Jhebzmatsw.-1w.'S'l2z'egF:s ' 'fQ','2l:"'i r'f ' 'uf Lockport 7 Trott 12 35'-73 qs,-gd . 1 if :Zi . :SZ 17 H3435 firm .53 1-.3.4.3i, , Egg Dunkirk 13 Trott 34 5 . . ,L2?A ., ' '- ,, --R' Lasau 1 f235'Ef1'.' '-'byewm-'g. The season began with jim Marillo, Andy gag- B91 Kenmfre 2 Z Hansen, and Russ Stenzel being elected -5.3.9, Tonawanda 27 Tron 6 . . . , . us, ,,,, A,-g.f5 .I ...L ' , A 1 -4 Captains. The opening game against N. F339 .gezgrriggfgj Lackawanna 19 Tron 0 Tonawanda was lost and the team showed N.Tonawanda 35 Tron 0 . . . " . .5 'yi'-'S g'3x1'.I ..- little promise, but the second game against u f. gfw ?3B:f'5i.,N:ffJ1I-.5:,,,.,, 2,6 ., , ,..T.!9If ..0,,-:yafiigeff 4312533 - . ,. '..,!v5- -. :ggi-iii:-,-'SQL:E'.i7:,v53M'1'q:'51'i5fgl5r.s1g-gf!pirqSr'1a:-"gcygrs- Lackawanna was hearterung. In it we out- .W - h .L gn, 4-Qxgftiiftcggr6315533-55-3-,fgg..fT3i'Q+li55i5!'5' . 'LM .- ,Nr-v' '..' ,x -"QW"-, 55' rushed Lackawanna but two intercepted i- ,W J Passes at the start of the game gave them ' ""f,5Q3f' 5 A . 1 ' ' . wa- I 651' . v'9 , too large a lead. Lockport was our first - Q ' ffv bai 2 victory of the season and Jim Marillo's playing was brilliant. Tonawanda, our next opponent, manhandled us offensively and defensively. Of that game, nothing more can be said. Our tie with Kenmore was the climax of the season. Though the game was scoreless, in the face of Kenmore's evident pre-game superiority, it was a team victory for us with every- one turning ina fine job. Our loss to La Salle was a heartbreaking blow to our inflated ego after the Kenmore game. As a result, we were so mad that our next opponent, Dunkirk, caught the full blast of our anger. We ran up, inthat game, the highest score Trott had ever piledup in the Niagara Frontier League. But then came our perennial enemy, NFHS, to defeat us in the last encounter of the season. "The 1953 football team was the best we have had in five years ." 6 HIGHLIGHT FROM THE TROTT-HIGH SCHOOL GAME: Russel Stenzel carrying the ball , with the aid of his blockers, Frank Booth, jim Marijlo, and Ron Corsaro. Take the bitter with the sweet, final tally - High School 26, Trott 0. Aff 1 Rs A 'L' Left to right bottom: R. Carsaro, B. Parkhill, M. DeFranco, B. Smith, Captains R. Stenzel, A. Hanse, I. Marillo, A. Panepinto, D. Pietras, R. Guerrucci, M. Hansen, F. Gabrielli, I. Ball. Second row: Coach Bruce, G. Carsaro, F. Tor- casio, C. Hazlett, R. Goupil, D. Johnson, W. Miller, M. DiPietro, R. Downie, E. Tovmsend, H. House, G. Bush, G. Adams, Assistant Manager L. Pacifico, Manager M. Stepanian. Third row: G. Sheperd, F. Polley, B. Crossley, F. Fabin R. Townsend, F. Cherello, J. Meitz, D. Casher, J. Metro, F. Fazzolari, J. Bush, R. Pullo, F. Markle, F. Booth, B. Game, G. Mayer, I. Hall, Coach Mazza, E, Fornoth, Coach Layo. 7 Bmkelball 1-T 4 4' x . 5 ! ,J K. ax X , 'lr su, ,. V ,--. . r' ' ". x.. .o 1 -r x! 3 q5.,8' f ? I- . Q: v,.-:iff 7' , .IQJQ v-W" 'uf 3. .FF u":"8,u 'Ai-T gs ,,".'-ru L- wvq ' if Sf-F -13' 5'?"w'iQl' .'.--,M .' L, . . . ,Aint ' pk ., b' r' - ."' ,."'!,- ' - -W 'Q'..'. .1 A. 'Y 0: 11:41 .Q'f'f'-' MJ, .bw Q. sz-,."-T352-v-2'g:9' ., 11. li--Far fzhfl. .1 3' 4- 1s-fdff., 185, K ' .433 'A ' qu' gg,-Q, L' ik' 'N 'vp 4g'," . 'QQ' . -':g- sh ' V'- -'- in 4, 1-fi... .gf-v.,L. -5. -. 1-,'.1, ., Ny: 'Q' '31-Q',,'.r-Lw-:,rk"'.A2,J.ffv , , - .'.. ' ,,-.sf -' . -" fw7,gF'.9 N.r.i"f'fi ,- ' lZ'+ . 1 ---,..f.-f-..,, +5 .-:i-!'r15-.- 5 nga- 1 ' 'v-a,a -, . .-.P 57' ag t.j.'Q.-.gggb - pf -R531-ffl 25 film' api! 7 X 313 " .1- I' " 4751. '1 .Qi W1 JT 3 .-fi: , . Q'-5. gif .--W: S ..f,4 ul- iff A fl , ,Q ifgfl I I BUT 554' 'hs-.. -. fix .ig nl 05 'L 5: Nix IV's Qleftj Ron Whatling, Lou Kazil, Harry McClin- tock, Frank Fabin, Don Hartwig. Second row: Al Daniels, Ken Buck, Eugene Cizek, Charles Davis, Garry O'Sullivan. Third row: Larry Maloney, Gene Palazzo, Constantinokosini, Otis Phelps, Jim Mon- aghan, Bill Gain. VARSITY fabovej Ralph Guerrucci, Bob Mauro, IerryBarksda1e, Jim Reed. frearj Manager Eugene Ellis, John Smith, Nate Smith, Russ Stenzel, Coach Milt Krum. Jump ball picture at left from Trott-High School game: John Smith, Jerry Barksdale, Bob Mauro fjumpingj, Jim Reed. 1-Q - - '- - v - - - 'z r ' ' ' Q. 1 v- . Tdfpi '.. .- ,qi-, Aww., 'hug '.fH,nA4r.. .1 Ee" 113 13fJ5t2'S.Ef.'ffl4.ifQG3'2':'195-gf" ' " 7 Q if f I an Ag f' 9 Gofaznd Tenmk 2 A M K3 . .- , S' :",,,lp 'Q 'lf' 51.1159 I5-92'-14' 635351 ' 4 r 'if' ' - v f -I-'grid' 4 , " -',.',', TENNIS Glenn Shepeid, Mr. Finger, Glenn Richardsonf Tom Craver, '-23 Harry Peckham, Francis Stecher, Harold Pegg. 'PAV . " Q GOLF Harry Pegg, Victor Kaczynski, Graham Munsel, John Siedlecki Standing: John Adams, Robert Narkiewicz, Richard Alviti, Raymond Pavlak, Harold Shuman, Richard Butler. 1 10 ,jr Howard St. john sets a new school record for the 220 - 23 sec- onds, in the meet against La Salle May 4th, The old record was 23 .5, Bill Smith's run. john Siedlecki placed third in this event. Final tally for the meet - Trott 63, La Salle 41. TRACK TEAM R. Townsend, E. Holstrom, F. Markle, H. Pfuhl, J. Cody, R. Corsaro, R. Smith, H. McClintock, B. Parkhill, R. Graziano, A. Panepinto, C. Hazlett, J. Siedlecki Second row: G. Mayer, F. Booth, N. Apigian. J. Ball, E. Trunzo, D. Pietro, M. Hansen J. McCoy, F. Gabrielli, T. LaSalle, R. Paolini, T. Guyatt, M. DeFranco. Third row: J. Pogano, B. Geedy, W. Miller, T. Humphrey, S. Gianin, K. Buck, R. Pullo, F. Polley L. Coriere, F. Cherello, D. Culver, A. Garabedian. Fourth row: W. Game, L. Valen- tino, J. Landeen, V. Crossley, D. Jensen, J. Bush, J. Neri. Fifth row: J. Siuta, R. Montanan, R. Alviti. ll ,QQMQANW Q--is-e-f ., .- 1- i Milt Krum ' s baseball team batted .384 for the season with 5 wins, 1 tie, 81osses. The team cli- maxed the season by winning the Section AA championship over Hamburg, 4 to O. Picturedbelow is Captain Robert Mauro present- ing the trophy to Mr. Sharp . Mr. Krum looks on. Final tallies for the season were as follows: Trott Trott Lack. N. F. Kenm. Trott Trott X .3 , Q- N.T. L,Sal. Trott Trott Trott Tona. Tona. 'N Lkpt. N. T. N. T. Trott Lkpt. Trott Trott Trott Trott Trott L. Sal Trott Lack. N. F. if 1 -4 2' Amo MA Pete Brownell Fred Burke Richard Conde Al Edwards Fred Foster Tom Hennegan Mark Daul George Mathews joe Mc Coy Glen Shepherd Dick Shimel John Smith 4 ,bi b 'UTS Ama ZOB Leon Adamzyck Jerry Barksdale Neil Barlow Ray Behrens Eugene Ciszek William Cook Charles Davis Arnold Harmett jim Petrie Otis Phelps Richard Zaker John Adams QAuto 1 D H' A wo If Richard Bilson Emanuel Fornoth Ray Fowle Robert Guerin Wady Haman William Hickey Tom Humphreys Bob Mauro Anthony Panepinto james Ray Paige Silvus jerry Stewardson Cmgoeniffy I0 Bill Aquina Ed Beutel Tony Celeste Roy Corieri Darryl Culver Fred Davis Murray Di Franco Melvin Force jerry Fountain Art Garabedian jim Landeen Bob Lane Cmibeniffy I0 Bob Lane Joe Mc Artney Roger Monfort Richard Montanari Harry Peckman Clifford Pfuhl Tony Salciccieli Lou Kazial R Cmiveniffy II Gene Adams John Agnello Robert Baxter William Buerger CHYQDEWZVQY II Frank Dojka jim Finitz William Galganski Charles Hazlett jerry Hildebrandt Gordon Knapp Robert La Doucuer Vincent Pallaci Albert Rick David Rivers Roger Rowland Nathaniel Smith C6l7'lD6WfVQl If Henry Zmudzinski Cbemzkiffy I0 Kenneth Buch Doris Burnham Ellen Butler Mike Di Pietro Marlene Fiscus William Godding jo seph Isom John Lenda Judith Lynch Sharon Marchlinger Carol McArdle Chemzkiffy I0 Gene Palazzo Donald Paolini John Pierce 4 Barbara Reed Marian Robbins Jerald West Cbemzklffy If George Arthis Pauline Barry Io Ann Birmingham James Clute Conchita Martin jo Ann Mc Queeny if ,, 20 E , . - 5 i .5 xg. J B N , ,S Nw . F AK: Wy sg X1 m:.,, Si is 5 fl a ., :..i Xl A fi' 5 F 6 S 21 D7f6lj9LZ'7flg I0 Robert Geedy Robert Hall Victor Kaczynski Robert MacKe11ar Lawrence Maloney Walter Miller Graham Munsel Tino Rosini Brian Seiler Allen Theis Eugene Trunzo Dmjwng II Robert Brooks Dwzjnncg If George Bush Charles Frawley Roy Graziano Lawrence jones Scot Mayer Herbert Pfuhl Robert Reed Daniel Reilly Daniel Rinker Howard St John joseph Wilgosz Elermt 10141 Richard Alviti wk! Eleamb 10A Roger Barber Frank De Pietro Kenneth Huff Howard Klino Albert Larocque Patsy Micale Bennett Parkhill john Suita jack Taylor Ernest Ubriaco Elecmb ZOB Dan Cantata Eleamb ZOB Stan Kulak Lawrence Langdon Tom LaSa.lle Ken Rigerman Henry Sayers George Schulrneister Ralph Shaghoian Harley Sheldrick Jim Waters T om Whitcher Ron Wilkens Elecmb II James Cody 22 N Elecmb ll Arthur Ellsworth joseph Granata Elmer Holstxom john Hrybinczak Alexander jekielek David Ishman Frank Markle George Mayer john Metro John Neri Robert Price August Siuta if C .. 1 Q s . ry e 5-is ff ive xg , ' I Elecmb II William Shaw William West Macbzhe I0 Hugh Bass Charles Carling George Casher Albert Daniels Ronald Ferchen Robert Gilroy Donald Hartwig Garry jourdain Teddy Kudela Richard Lambert fldfazcbme I0 Arthur Lauer Paul Manchester Robert Narkiewicz Richard Ogden Garrick O'Su11ivan james Piotrzkowslcl Thomas Pradelski Francis Stecher Anthony Troia Leonard Valentino fllazcbine II john Abramyties Ralph Gerrucci Macbzhe If William Church William Griffith Edward Hogan Richard Jarrett Sam Kephart- James Reed Edward Sherwood Millard Smith Raymond Winker Mflwrzgbi I0 Frederick Briggs Frank Chirello Ronald Corsaro x 3' Y X i Qgtrwe Q is S , Q X . :iii . E A for if--sr t f Q7 29 flbllwrzghi I0 Frank F Richard Gilbert Steve Gioamini Torn Guyatt Leslie Mueller Russel Peters Edgar Townsend Robert Townsend flbllwrzgbi II Merle Hansen Kenneth Millville Peter Previte Robert Pullo Mflwrrgbi II Rohert Smith Harold Wise Vwlcfing I0 joseph Caperchione Jerry Corsaro Thomas Craver Vincent Crosley David Jensen joseph Maselli James Nashwinter George Reed Grover Smith Frank Torcasio Weldz'nCg II Richard Di Pasquale Raymond Pawlak Harold Shuman ,xx 33- 1 Xxx 1,121 5 xg 5. h, It fb .u ,'.L . .,, :M v1'1"':7-5. -,:Gv1,5f1i gf I -OF THE MANY, MANY THINGS THAT TOOK PLACE IN TI-IE HALLS OF TROTT THIS YEAR. . . THE DANCES, BEYOND DOUBT, WERE EVENTS of the first magnitude, and most encouragincg. The saying went: "you can't have ances at Trott, no one will come ." A small group of Carpentgy seniors, Rizzo, Pastizzo, Schiro, owell, with an able assist by many others, spark-plugged the dances which repudiated the skeptics . The dances held, when one considers the almost insurmountable odds against them, were successful, as financial ventures and above all, in the student tum out. Serenaded by the sweetest music east of the Erie tracks and south of the Gas station, everyone, including the faculty chaperones, had a good time . With the precedent set, and the doubting Thomases making a quick shuffle to smiling cheshires, we hope we will see much more of the same . THE MOST PA RTICIPATED IN EVENT of the year was the Intramurals. Un- der the sincere encouragement and able guidance of Coach Bruce, the gym was illed to near capacity after school hours as the intramural teams battled it out, and while the clamorous student spec- tators vociferously debunked the e e- phantine grace of the faculty team, namely Messrs . Layo, Check, O'Con- nell, and Polniak. Everyone had a good time, whether victorious as in the case of the Machine shop team, or in losing. Pictured to the right are the In- tramural champs: standing are Garry O'Sullivan, Hubert Bass, Tony Troia, Jim Monaghan, George Cashier, and Don Hartwig. Kneeling are Garry jourdain, Chas. arlino, Ken Wendt, Art Downie and Albert Daniels . - aw... ONE OF THE MOST MOVING EVENTS OF THE YEAR was the retirement of our beloved custodian, Mr. Mor- rison. Mr. Morrison had been with the Trott Vocational High School since its opening day in 1928. He had served as custodian inother schools in the system prior to this time. His quiet dignity, flashes of humor, and Anglo -Celt-Scot erudition Qthat some of his poetry had been published was unknown to many of Trott's stu- dentsj will be missed. His example may very well serve as an inspiration to those who were fortunate enough to know him. He is pictured at the rightbeingpresented a war bond by Mr. Sharp on behalf of the faculty. BY FAR THE MOST EXCITING EVENT OF THE YEAR was the annual Student Council elections. The like of the campaigns hadnotbeen seen in Trott's halls before. Bush-Mayer-LaGatta and party did not have the secret weapon of the "Your Party, " namely, feminine appeal. With Conchita Martin pulchritudinously- gracing the bal- lot, the voting became a landslide for Panepinto and crowd. Pictured to the right are President-elect Pane- pinto, outgoing President Rizzo, and the defeated Presi- dential candidate, Bush. In the foreground are the Your Party supporters Stewardson and Silvus. 'I'he only thing missing in the campaign promises was a ten month va- cationg among others: three to four page weekly paper, bigger yearbooks, dancing more often as school spon- sored events, etc., all with less burdening of the fac- ulty. Question of the hour - will the Your Party forget its promises? THE MOST UNUSUALANDINTERESTING EVENT was the hypnotic exhibition by Ali Pasha, nee'joe La Monica Joe put on an exhibition of magic and hypnotism that left many of the students gasping and some of them who participated, bewildered. While in a hypnotic trance they could not remember what they had done which was so amusing. Pictured below on the way up to the stage seemingly against his will, is Arthur Ellsworth. Al- ready on the stage, and in a trance are David Ishman, extreme left, and Walter jasenski, extreme right. Others are not identified. P ,..., ... sm " 5 M Emir ...EEZZBK lm 33 X 5. 710. ' 5' 9 IN.. , Si.: X Y -Q xf y , AND THEN WE WERE GRADUATED ...... and came into our own!!! The dignified aplornb of the graduating seniors above is hardly compatible with the mixed feelings of exuberance below as they prepared for the graduating exercises. Pic 'E tured above left to right first row' Anderson Ricotta, Mi- travich Antonucci Smith Hathaway Bruno Marsh, Pyra, Waite Blakely Connally Tuttle Scibilia Nelson, and Richardson Second row' Goupil Amendt Ellis, Beutel, Desabrais Pending Ocejo Piotrzkowski Powell Schiro. Stepanian Vitagliano Pastizzo Panza Henneman, and Rizzo Third row Perri Soro Schroeder LaFren1er,Lucore, Siford Stenzel Dovmie R Crogan Mueller Taylor, Downie P Meritt Naus Siedlecki and Retzlaff 34 'E , t , t iss .rfenzbr Clam ALLEN AMENDT, Carpentry, Camera Club, Year Book. JAMES BLAKELY. Welding. Football, Bowling. SALVATORE BRUNO, Machine, Camera Club JAMES BEUTEL, Carpentry. JAMES CARTER, Electric, Newspaper, Noon Radio, Ring and Gift Committee . fembr Clam ROBERT CLEMENTS, Electric, Student Council, Secretary of the Senior Class, Newspaper. LEONARD CONNALLY, Welding. Student Council, Ring and Gift Committee . EDWARD CROGAN, Auto. Track, Civil Defense, Student Council, All-Star Basketball. RAYMOND DESABRAIS, Carpentry, Yearbook PETER DOWNIE, Electric, Newspaper. 37 fembr Clam RICHARD DowNrE, Auto, Basketball, T Tennis, Football, Civil Defense, Student Council, Track, Ring Committee. EUGENE ELLIS, Carpentry, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Manager Football Team, Base- T ball Coach, President of the Senior Class, Jossm FENDmG, Carpentry. L RICHARD GOUPIL. Welding. Basketball, Football, Tennis. 1 GERALD HATHAWAY, Drafting . T 38 fembr C 14155 RICHARD HENNEMAN, Carpentry, Base- ball, Ring Committee. RALPH LA FRENIER, Auto, Track, Civil Defense, Student Council, Ring Com- mittee. KENNETH LUCIER, Drafting. Tennis, Ring Committee, Senior Gift. ' 'THOMAS LUCORE, Auto, Student Cotmcil, Chair Committee . EARL MALONEY, Machine, Basketball, Foot ball, Track. J' 614157 Clam PAUL MUELLER, Welding . JOSEPH OCEJO, Carpentry, Manager JV Tennis. JOHN PASTIZZO, Carpentry, Sportsmanship Council, Student Council, Dance Com- mittee . FRANK PANZA, Carpentry, Tennis Manager JOSEPH PERRI, Auto, Civil Defense, Stu- dent Council, Chair Committee. fembr Clam JOSEPH PIOTRZKOWSKI, Carpentry, Chair Committee. HARRY POWELL, Carpentry, Dance Com- mittee, Senior Gift Committee, Vice President Senior Class . EDWARD PYRA, Machine, Bowling. KENNETH RETZLAFF, Electric, Band, Newspaper. ANTHONY RICOTTA, Drafting. Student Council, Track. 41 fembr Clam GLENN RICHARDSON, Machine, Tennis, Football Manager, Bowling, Senior Gift Committee. DOMONICK RIZZO, Carpentry, Sportsman- ship Council, Student Council President, Dance Committee Chairman, Yearbook. NEIL SCHIRO, Carpentry, Student Council, Dance Committee, Ring Committee . DAVID SCHROEDER, Carpentry. Basketball Secretary Student Council . EUGENE SCIBILIA. Drafting. Band, Student Council. 42 fenzbr Clary JOHN SIEDLECKI, Electric, Student Council Football, Track, Golf, Newspaper. RONALD SIFORD, Auto, Civil Defense, Chair Committee . RUSSELL STENZEL, Auto, Football, Bas- ketball, Track, Student Council, Civil Defense, 'Ring Committee, Chair Com- mittee.. . MICHAEL STEPANIAN, Carpentry, IV Foot- ball, Manager Football and Basketball Teams, Dance Committee. GEORGE TAYLOR, Millwright. Student Council, Ring Committee. 5, Football, Band, Student Council, Senior Ring .l 1 Committee, Yearbook. 'E sl- SKWZDV Clam GERALD VITAGLIANO, Carpentry, Basketball . RICHARD CODY, Drafting I DAVID WAITE, Machine, GALE HAIGH, Machine . SAMUEL SORO, Auto, Track, Senior Class Treasurer. The A L J 'n C 44 This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographic p 'nting. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No th printing firm in authorized to use the Velvatone method V is, , H . Ia-V ,' . 5 . 1 ,a , 'u Q ,5n. N QW, ' wh. -..,,, 4-sz. "' : . 'is' ' . 'fm -11 I nfl H- . V M. .31 aaisfg my S-if , --+1 . V, 1' z Qu gnu s 'L . v c ,. . .K xx, L5 , ev ', , v -T v ., , 'T' .L Y , , a . , 3,1 1 N ' .ig .nr ,V 4' ' ,Ml 1, . .L wg, ..,,"'9315 e. v f u Q r W ,Q a w,. " 1 ,I A I , '1- , W I 1 M . Q , ,cv ' ,K , w I I . . R 1 -1 - ,. . .- . M4 ' Z1 , ' , . I ft . , 4 3,nrw4.fi3.'3?A, 5 gags? . f s - .fvugffi-1. ' A gm Q, 1 iff: mai if 'Mx f,..'Mi'f1ffs- . V, A 13, H' an-uf' ,fx 1:,.4:' -,w3.w5,gg,4. v5 A lv ,af RTL sq Q 5 g'1.,' ,jgzgjtf-,':"-, ' rg , .ywgqf-.4 .zX:,'5J, '7'f'H'i'f i?k?ff'f4- . .,,. ,A -f-,. , nfs- : ' '-w,l'..f. - ' ',"5Q,.if , A . ggi Yrgikqt . 1 -116551 Q A Vifrlii 1 Q," QMYPFHQ wiff,'ffErx .. ' 1'.3?a:3 ' ga 'L 'M' LWZ177 15f "fi vi... 6 " H ' T 1'-fffw-4'-g,1 'T' if T-A 1 M ,f Url..l.f Y 7 5.. J - WT Q j?'fg3, f - 4 t 1 'Q fy ' 'l, K .fi 7 f f- ' I '1 .JY-1' . ' - :.- -T, - ,if lf -.Ai 4, ,J -. f-5 1 1' M 1, 'L 'fu - - f' ' - . ' i' 1 ' wd. . 1 , ' 1 'PM' ' ' . , Q . 1. , , 1 - ' ff 1' A g 1- 3 - fa, F. . "5 1- .' - . "f?w.l, ' . A 4 ' L1 ff.-:f T, ' v- 1. 4:4 1: 1. 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Suggestions in the Trott Vocational High School - Trottarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) collection:

Trott Vocational High School - Trottarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Trott Vocational High School - Trottarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Trott Vocational High School - Trottarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Trott Vocational High School - Trottarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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