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Trott Vocational High School - Trottarian Yearbook (Niagara Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Cover

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-' " 1 4.1 R " ,, , V , 'L ' ' LFQ Q egfvnf , W , L!Q,- ffyl' I A A .a P Wt 'L ,- fix! TH li R If FL H C T0 R I 9 Q 4 l'l'lil,l.S'llln'l7 IH' Tllla' .S'1'l'lIlc'.YY'.S' UI" TRUTT I '0CflTl0Nf1L SCHOOL ,Y1,1G,AIR,1 1f,11,l,Ls', ,Ylz'll" mlm' Y' ll ln' If ln' I" I, ln' L' T 0 If I II II II II II II II II I FRIENDSHIP Totluy has lrrought us closer, lirienml, To heaven ancl the journey's enilg Look lmuek with nie, I pray, Anal view our work us here we stnncl, The work we've tinishetl hzuul in hzinil Toilziy :incl yesterclay, For it is well to think ol, this, - The toils for others, anal the Imliss It lmrought us, while we muy. I know not when the wheels ol' lile Xvill eense within you, nncl the strife Ut' Cill'tll'S turmoil clepzirt, But il' the veil ol' cleath shoulnl iktll Upon you while I'm gone, may all The peace Goal eoulcl impart Be with you, for you've given nie A new joy, :incl niuy that joy he lnilmetlcleil in your heart. lfafpll YlUlIIl7lx'l.lI.I'. ff I hlny this volume of "The Relleetoru inztke at permanent part ofyour lives the lirienclships that have eonie into lreing in this yezir ot' 193-I. I - I THE REFLECTOR I-i'Il"'U""'ll"' Il ll 1 ' ll Il ll I DEDICATION To Mr. Harmon L. Gregory, the principal of our school, whose powerful leadership, efficiency, sin- cerity, ceaseless work, and ambition have piloted our school for over a period of six years, "The 195-1- Reflectorn is dedicated with the appreciation ofthe students of Trott in the hope that we may express in some slight manner our affection for him. 5 T II lc' R lc' 1" L li' C T 0 R THE REF Beulah Bennett Yvalter Becker ixlarion Slingerlancl Rolmert Nassoiy Anthony Beroclc Xvalter Bircl Blanche llelehant , Arnolcl Littlcwo 'tl w Charles Peck Alice Shafer Ruth Conilmes lack Re-vnolcls Doris lfurry fllarie Voellier Carman Conti loc Travis Ruth Fields Uimma Dal Porto Violet johns Alfrecl Yaucle fllartv Chervinslai Kathleen Carlow Sam Carlo Rolancl Behm Xviltirecl Hallitla-V Bliss lil. l,. 'l'allman 'llhe stall' wishes to express here i ll Il H LECTORPSTAFF A 1 fi? rv r -C . . llffilllll fl. 1'.-' ncfalu l','a'1'lvl Tlwa.-'11l'1'1 Lll.l'L'llfI1fl'0ll lillillllt'-P'.l' .Ual1ag1'1'.v C711-I'-1' filrlllllnl Sn4'1'f'Qu l2'd1'lnl Spar! liiifllfdf. I , z'lvra11u l2llil.f0l'. ,1 rl l'fd1'l0l'.u Joke lfdflm 1'l1f1lug1'a,11f11'4' Fdflnf Illflflllhf 11ds'1'.1'0l ts sincere thanks for the complete coopel ation it has receivecl from every memher of Trott Vocational School, anal espcu illx from the stuclent council representatives x from lxlr. George C. Hanneman who vho ainlecl in the sale of the year hooks mal maple possible the photography. 4 T ll lc' R If 1" I, la' C T 0 R CON TE N TS 'I' Administration Classes Calendar Athletics Qrganizations Literature Iolces Tllli RICFLECTUR I ll ll ll It ll Il ll Il I i THE FACULTY OF TROTT VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Charles A. Alsworth Arleigh Z. Bacon Leon E. Banks Iessie C. B 1':u ualow Leslie YV. Clarlc Clyde H. Emert Emma Coleman Frost Iohn R. Fritts George C. Ha nxmlm eman XVm. F z'z1 nklin lack Robert Kaiser Estelle Kamm Francis Lang Frank I. McAuliffe Louise E. llarnarml Iessie E. Boyer Ethel Nlorrow Brenncn William H. C 1'mm wie Virginia Dc xiimi hue HARMON L. GREGORY, Principal VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT English Chemistry Drafting Physical Education ixlillwrighting Alusic llomemalcing Commercial Drafting Commercial lllachine Shop Commercial Social Science Alathematics Be i'l1zi ral F. Alanlirecl Lynnl C. Alarlette Xvilliam S. lllorton Ha x'i' 5 ' A. Panton Thelma l. Phelps Norman G. Ray Iohn Richelsun, lr. Helen A. Rohr George L. S rxizi Il hlari cvli E. Smith Shirley T l'ai ver XValter C. Tresselt Peter Vanllaaren Iames A. YValz Lillian Frances Xvright, Lilmrarian CONTINUATION DEPAR'rMr:N'r llomemalcing Charles L. Chapman Ieanette E. Sullxey, Commercial H IGH SCHOOL DEPA RTM ENT Commercial Social Science Commercial Commercial Ethel L. Ferguson Nlay A. Gentry Ruth Nl. lameson Eclwarml V. Staffortl Alarion L. Tallman, English CLERKS Pliysical Eilucation Alillwrighting Science .xlillwrighting English ixl1ltll0ll1illlCS Chemistry English Science Commercial Commercial Electric Shop Alito Shop Drafting Continuation English Commercial Commercial Comma rcial Elizabeth Strachan Doris G. Young Q M CLASSES T ll ln' Ii' ln' I" L lc' L' T 0 R Il H Il II CL ASS OF 1 9 34 -1- ARLENE ALAIIVIO 1,l't'.l'l.lil'Ilf IQTH YL BRUXYN I'4l'c-l'1'f 'lu' flfclll IOIIN PORRECO .YL'l'l'L'l1ll:lf STAN LEY C H ERV I NSK I YIl't'tIJ'lll't'l' TO LEARN SOMETHING MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY .llnllu RED AND SILVER LIUIIYIUI' AIVIERICAN BEAUTY l'f0u'I'l' 8 T Il If R16 FL lc' C T 0 R TTU ll ll' ll ll ll ll ll l CLASS HISTORY OF 1034 HE graduating class is at last about to attain the hard earned sheepskin that will mean so much to their future. Yvhen first entering 'lirott Vocational School some labored at typewriters and calculators, others filled the lower corridors with ghastly odors in attempt to explore the secrets of unknown gases and liquids. Still others tinkered with machinery trying to discover the malady of a Nlodel T Ford. As freshmen the shop boys stood in awe at the glorified seniors of '33 who knew all the secrets of machines, formulas, carburetors, and accelerators that they themselves were trying so hard to master. These once mere youngsters are now going forth as adult efficiency experts each soon to procure a job that will lead him to the way of happiness in success. After the first year which always proves to be the most difficult, we entered our senior year under the student council guidance of Marvin Beck, president, Wlalter Thomas, vice-president, loe Iamarco, secretary, and Mike Portick, treasurer. Under the capable leadership of these fine officers a year of pleasant activities as well as scholastic success was completed. At the opening of the basketball season, an athletic association composed of 150 members was formed. Mike Ercliak was elected president, Edward Clark, vice-president, and Anne NVinger, secretary. On lanuary 18, the "Land O'Cotton" Nlinstrel Show was given in the Audi- torium ofrlirott Vocational School. The seniors, Ioe lamarco and Iohn Tomazeweslxi, took two leading rolls assisted by a chorus composed of many of their fellowclassmen. The Varsity Basketball Team gloried in a successful season as members to the R. P. l. League for the first time. 'lihe efforts of the following seniors, Russell Gregory, lohn Porreco, Charles Hollwwicli, and Urvin Alaybe, combined with that of Trott High Students were largely responsible for Trott's success. ln Nlarch a startling announcement from the office stated that those who con- sidered themselves seniors were to inform their respective teachers. It was surprising that the time spent at 'lirott was nearly over. Xve had entered with one thought in mind, to reach the same port, and perhaps combine pleasure with worlc. Now we had nearly reached our pinnacle happily, if not a bit reluctantly. At the first senior meeting Mr. Small was chosen class advisor. At the second meeting a precedent was established in the election of Arlene Alaimo as president of the Senior Class, the first girl to be chosen for this high position in the six years ofTrott's existence. Ethyl Brown was elected vice-president, lohn Porreco, secretary, and Stanley Chervinslci, treasurer. lNe have now reached our goal, one which seemed so distant when we entered rlirott Vocational School. After graduation, we will scatter to find a place in the world and then settle down to a routine. NVe may never see each other again in school, but long may we remember our grand days at 'l'. V. S.l Class Historian 195-l Dimmu Ual Porto 9 T ll If R lc' I" L lc' C T 0 R I Il ll Il ll ll ll Il ll 1 .l, -- ARLENE Al.AlAlO Touts "Aw Nuts" Cmnulnvrivul fax Fortuna, Gee, Halkovich, Halliday, Heaton, Hannnnls Cusinluno, Dal Porto, Celt, Fronaszek, Gentile, Gcrxnele Carlo, Carnsella, Cupizzi, Centifonti, Chervinslti, Conti Alailno, Allen, Beck, Bowlnan, Brown, Brown, Brunner r:l,r:ANc nz Al,I,liN lf.-my "llurlcy" Culnxnurcinl Simca-r '33, '34 Vullcylmll '33 Bmlmintun '33 Atlllctir Nlnnngor '33, '34 MARVlN BECK lin-clay "Aw Nuts" Auln Shop Prusixlcnt ni'Stml1-nl Conn CLARA HOXVIWAN Nikk- "ls tlmt su?" Colllxnrsrrial Vnllcylmll '33 l'i'l'llYl, HRONVN Rt-il "Yun lnusm-" Cmiixuurriul Vullvylmll '33 VERA HROXVN "ls tlmt su?" Couuncrciul llmllnintnn Tmlrnmlwlit SANl CARLO Ast-mlscu l Trufting NL-wspnpvsr '32, '33, '34 Vict--plwsimlt-lit Stunlcnl Cm 'l'rnl'lic Squml '32, '33 lfVl'fl.YN CAROSICLLA Cf,nIn1l'rl'ifll rl lnrll 3:1 I34 SENIORS jOSl"fl'llINE CAPIZZI- Sweets "Come again" Cllllll1ll'rl'lnl Bust-lmll MARY CENTIFANTI 'Gcrty "Skip it" Culnliwrvial limi-lmll MARY CIIERVINSKI COIII lllerflal CARIVlAN CONTI Butch "Hey, Butch" Ilrnfting Ycarlmok '32, '33, '34 Ncwspapt-r '32, '33, '34 lntv.-rsclmlnsliv Basketball '32, '33, '34 Bust-lmll '33, '34 CAROLINE CUSIMANO Kelly "Oli 'l'C8ll" Cummcrvinl Surccr, Vnllvylmll, Haclmintnn IJIMMA OAI. PORTO Duc Hllnly Cats" Cmnmcrcinl 'Fruit llumld nml Reflector '32, '33, '34, Atlilt-tic Association '34 Nlusic League '33, '34 Cllurus '32, '34, Glue Clull '34 Luml O'Cnttun '34 llnmw- Committee, Merit Awnril ICIRXVARD FORTUNA- Furl utn 10 STELLA FRONASZEK It-nn "D0n't aut funny" Cummcrriul CLAR I-INC!-1 G I-IE Auto FLORENCE GENTl'il.lf 'Flo "lli, Swv.-etncss" Commcrciul NVooslstnclc Awnral MARGARET G ERMELE Maggie Germelv: "l rcscnt that remark" Cmiivxwrcml CHARLES IIALKOWICII -fllnlky "That mlun't cut nu ice" Clxemistry Intcrclass lmscliall Basketball '32, '33 Vollcylmll Varsity Basketball WVILFRED IIALLIOAY "Oh Yeah, Scz XVlm" Auto Arclu-ry St-Imul Paper '33, '34 FRANK llANNUMS llcrliy "Yull1:y" Drafting Class Basketball Vollcylmll ROBERT lll'fATONf Cowboy "Now wlicn I was in Olxlahonmn Auto l ll ll ll ll ll T ll la' R16 FL If C T Q? .qw X. ,5 K- 'l Q .Wmi A V ew' X, Qi' . .sb- if W " Ni' 1 il E ' 8 . F""' Q 5 'ff' f . , I L, J: if N, - , . . X "L 1 v ' I K , bg . my-I ' ff I aLl 5 PAULIN li HANSON Pauly Conlon-rrlnl Vullcyllull '55 Soccer '54 Bmlmlnlon '54 llnsv.-lmll VIOLET JOHNS 'Violcls "Mun arc ull Mike" Comxucrclul Soccer '55, '54 Nh-rll Awnrsl '54 Allllvtlc Manugm-1' '54 Buslmlnlon '55, '54 Clwcr Lcmlcr '55 Volleylmll '55, '54 Troll Herald '54 liuscluull '55, '54 Yvumlsloclc Awnrml '54 Rellcclor '54 llonor Roll '53 Tcnnls '54 School Slorc Bl'Z'l"l'Y KANE Sugar "Is Zal So" Commercial Captain Ball '54 Vollcylmll '55 Buselmll '55 Badminton '54 Sucvur '55 Tcnnls '55 ROSE LOMBARDO Ru "Darn you" Commercial Yvuollsiovli Awarul Tomaszewski, Tracinski, Vanllrncklin, Weaver. Wicszyk Scheer, Scoil, Scozzafuvu, Scrufuri, Snxilh, Spillar Mosluul, Ncycrlin, O'Brien, Olciarz, Price, Pysz. Saud Hanson, johns, Kane, Lonxbardo, lVlc-renin, Nlokhibcr SENIORS SANTINA IVHCRANTO f Santa "Uh Gmc" Commercial Xvoodsiocla Awnrxl llonor Roll Vullcylmall NAYLA NIOKHIBER Nui Commercial STELLA IVXOSKEL Tc-To "Aw Nuts" Commcrrlal Mr:l.VlN NEYERLIN Alulvlc "Nuts to you" Chemistry Traffic Volleyball ll'1R0lVlE CYBRIEN Icrry "Ya Hey" Drafting Class Bnslccllmll Vollcylmll Sllclvcr Nl+Il,l,IE OLEIARZ f Ncll-o Cummvrclal llnsclmll '55 Vollcylmll '55 Socvcr '55, '54 MARY PYSZ-Allunlsly "Yes, you 1llml" Commercial IOIIN SAAD --Sand "llcrc, Rogers" Auto Foreman of Shop '55, '54 11 HAROLD SCllEliR llul "Ur Smucllmlngu 4 Commcrrlnl, llnml '55, '54 FRHDA SCOTT lirlnlgil Comlncrclnl l'lf'l'lCR SCRUFARI "Yes" Nllllwlrglli l'mslu-llmall '54, Volluylmall ANNA SCUZZAFAVA Column-rclnl HAROLD SMl'l'll Sulllly "l7on'l :lo thu!" Anlo IJOROTIIY Sl'll,l.liR ljul "Is that so" Commurflal I0llN TOIWASZICXVSKI I, F. T. "Nuls" Clwmislry, l,nn:l O'Collon Volloylanll, Trullic Squml Class Ropxw-sv.-lmlnllvc IOIIN TRACINSKI lolnmy "Put your huml in n lmrrcl Clwmlslry, Vollcylmll 'l'llOlVlAS VAN BRUCKLIN llulcll "lVlomllkcs" llmfilng IOSICPII NVEAVER Frank "Tlmnlc Yun" Auto ll MAR'l'lN XVIESCZYK "Fish on you" Nllllwrlghllng T ll la' R IC I" I. If C T 0 R I ll ll II II ll II ll ll I A 1954 CITY DIRECTORY N a rainy afternoon in the Niagara Falls Lilirary I ehaneed to glance through the I95-I City Directory and lound there the name of many an old lrlend. So that you Could enjoy a little of my delight and surprise, I copied a few lor you. Alderman, Yvaltergpatrolman on the Niagara Falls Police Force. Alaimo, Arleneflxloclcl at the Paris Fashions Dress Shop. Allen, Eleanor-NVaitress at the Trahuceo Hotel. Beck, Nlarvin-City Clerk of Niagara Falls. Bowman, Clara-Proprietor of the Carosella Hat Shop. Brown, Ethylilletress at the Rolmert Lee Studios. Brown, Veraghlanieurist at Alokliilmer Beauty Shop Carlo, Sam-Artist at the Nliller Studios. Capizzi, losephine-Blues Singer at Station YV. G. R. Centofanti, lVIary-Secretary to the Board of Education. Chervinslii, lVIaryfTyping Instructor at the Trott Vocational High School. Chervinslci, Stanley--Foreman at the Yvelhelm Chemical Company. D Clark, Edwardf-Commissioner ot' I arlcs. FRANK IIALON llflillwright CHESTER HANAS llonnm "W'hoopcc" Elcrtris' Baslwtlmall Baseball Vollcylmll LESLIE BEAVER Electric VIVIAN COROSEILA Conmicrcial STANLEY CIIERVINSKI Stun "Hey Blackie" Industrial Basketball Volleyball EINVARU CLARK Commn'rvinl CHESTER COLLINS Millwright IDKIMINIC COSENTINU Manhinc YVALTER CZAPEA YVnlly Nlnvhinc Volleylvall Hnslxetluall NIATTIIEN IIIIMINSKI "Ili there Kill" Mnn'hine Shop Hnslwtlrall Vollcylmll ANNA DONATI-II,I.A Commerrinl PETER FAVURI'l'I'1 "Ili Boys" Nlarhinc Shop EDWARD GALI, "Howdy boys, Ilowdy' MaL'hine Shop Class President lCol1tinuctloll Page ISP MORE SENIORS! YVILLIAIVI GARDINICER Elrrtrit KATHERINE GRAY Commercial RUSSELL GREGORY Electric Bziskn-Illall RAI,l'll JOYCE ' Tweet "Howl" Elevtric ANNE LA CIVITA "Gee XVliiz" Commercial EINVARD LOSKUXVSIII Lash Millwright Baskutlmll '35, '34 Softball Vollcylmll '33, '34 I-IUNICIC MI-IRICLIQ Commercial IIICNRY IVIENENIIEZ Chico "Tom Mix and lack lionesi' Comniercial Ilnslu-tlmll Volleylmll EUGENE NALEPA Millwriglit STANLEY U'I3ARA- 0'IIic "Nuts to yon" Millwriglit Ilaslu-tlmll '33, '3-I Volleylrall '33, '34 Softball, Bust-Imll IUIIN OXVENSKI "Nuts" Industrial llnslu.-tlmll Vollcylmll DAVID PAONICSSA llcppy "Let it ride" Millwriglit Ilaslcctlmll '33, '34 Vollcyhall '55, '3-I Softball 12 IOSEPII PARIXI I. I'. hlorgun "Is that so, Olsen, Yuss, Yu-ss, YL-ss, mul Yes. Electric I'flectrician for school play Shop Foreman XVILLIAM PIERCE -Bill Nlillwriglit XVALTICR PIICTKIICNICZ Wally "Forgut it" Nlillwright lluilnling stage for Alinstrel Show IOIIN PURRICCA ljvrlty "Tlmt's what I figured" Yorutionul llonor Roll Newspaper Stull' '53 lntcrrlnss sports Varsity llnskt-tlxall AIICIIAEI. IIURTCK Mivky "0-lace-llo-km-c Pop" Commercial Ilaslu-tlmll STANLEY SUIIOLESKI Elurlrir LEO SYIILUXYSKI Alillwriglit XVAl.Tl'1R TIIUAIAS YYamlmly "I mlon't l'elncmlu'r" Elcrtriv llaslwtlmll Ihwt-Imll Vollcylmll LE ROY WII.lII'Il.M Wt-c Willie. Yvillwl In "Thank yon" Eleftric Volleylmll Basulmll llaslcctlmll THE Rl5l"LI1'CTOR IT' II ll II ll Il Il ll Il I CITY DIRECTORY Conti, Carmen-President of the Conti Taxi Company. Cusimano, Carolineflfindergarten teacher at Cleveland Avenue School. Czapla, Xvalterf-Optometrist at Heaton Iewelry Store. Dal Porto, Dimma-eI,iterary Editor of the Niagara Falls Gazette. Fortuna, Edward--Fruit Importer. Franaszelc, Stella-Housewife. Gall, Edward-Repairman. Gee, Clarence-Commissioner of Streets. Gentele, Florence'--Teller at Balon and Banas Bank. Giesler, Carlfproprietor of Giesler's Radio Store. Gimmelli, Anthony-Professor at the Notre Dame University. Gregory, Russell-Mayor of Niagara Falls. Halkowich, CharlesfRadio Announcer for T. V. S. Hannums, Frank-Organist for Yvurlitzer. Hanson, PaulineAInstructor at Ioyce Athletic School. lamarco, Iosephf--Radio Announcer over Station XV. lf. A. lf. Kane, Betty-Proprietor of Halliday Beauty Shop. I.aCivita, Anna fStenograpl1er at Mzxylmee Building. La Sota, IosephfLa Sota and Saad Undertalcing Parlor. Lombardo, Rose-Nurse at Gardineer Hospital. Alanenty, Viola-I-Iousewife. hlarzec, lfdwardiChief of Police. hlenendez, Henry-hlanager at Kennedy Motor Sales Corporation. hleranto, Santinaf-Leader of NVomen's Politics. hloslxal, StellaeSaleslady at Niagara Clothing Company. O'Brien, IeromewNledieal Doctor. Ulejarz, Nellie-Designer of VVomen's Clothes. Porreca, Iohn-Criminal Lawyer. Portik, hlichael-Football Coach. Pysz, AlaryfNurse at Nlemorial Hospital. Seazzafava, Annawopera Singer. Scheer, Harold---President of Power Trust Company. Scott, FredaiSociety Leader. Smith, Harold-Aviator. Spiller, DorothyfAviatrix. Thomas, Xvalter-President of Niagara Hudson. Tomazewski, IohnfForeman at 10th Street Firehall. Yvalezak, Felixf-Senator. How large a part in the eity's lmusiness atllairs do my fellow graduates of 1954 playl Most Certainly we who were the pupils of yesterday are the rulers of today. 15 T ll li R li I" L Ia' C T 0 R I ll Il ll ll H ll Il I1 I CLASS WILL E, the graduating class ol, 195-1 ot' the Trott Vocational, in ortler to form a more perlect school clo ortlain ancl estalmhsh this class will to lmecome etlective the tlrst clay ot the tall semester: Yve lmestow the amazing ahility ot' Dorothy Spiller to see the HB. lf." during school hours to Nellie lnsalaco. XVQ give to George Hooker the straightliorwarclness ot' Ioe Iamarco. Yve lmestow upon 1N1ac1e1ine Palmer the sportmanship ot' Violet lohns. NVith our hest regartls we present to lfclwarcl Ulejarz the tromlmone ol' lftlwarcl A1arzec. To Sophie Popielarski we leave the powcler pulls ol' Anne 1,aCivita. To Anthony Spinclio we leave A'1ike Porticks' permanent UD wave. XVe leave to Bertha Ives the winning ways of Ethyl Brown. Xve lmestow upon Arnolcl Littlewoocl the attractive smile of Charles Halkowich. To Alargaret A1urphy we leave the cute lmlushing ways ot' Clara Bowman. The leaclership ot' A1arvin Beck to Casimer Tomaszewski. Xve leave to Xvalter Becker the voluminous vocalmulary ot' llimma Dal Porto. To Yvalter Uonovan we leave the witty icleas ot' Iohn Tomaszewski. To lV1arie Trepasso we leave the curling pins ol' Vivian Carosella. To loc Travis we leave the piano keys tincluiling the rhythmj of Frank Hannums. The rare hloncle lmeauty ol' Vera Brown we lmestow upon Alarguerite Dietrich. The gracious gowns of Nellie Ulejarz we give to Iulia Scarupa. To iN1ary Barry we leave the school-girl figure ot' Arlene Alaimo. Betty Kane's ever-reacly giggle we lmestow upon Patricia Thomas. The timid hahits Csez youb of Iohn Uinenski we give to Ziggie Tarnowski. Xve leave to Virginia Brown the meloclious sountls of Iosephine Capizzi. To Ioe Trahucco we give the roller skates Calso the graceful tumlmlesj of Stanley U'Bara. The sex appeal of lfrecla Scott we give to 1.i11ian Sawma. From Harolcl Scheer we award his intelligence to Harry Schrantz. Yve, the Class of 195-1, leave to the faculty ol' Trott Vocational School our tional at1'ections anal amlxitions. YVe, the girls ot' the 193-1 Graduating Class, lxestow upon the oncoming tireshie girls our amazing almility to turn out goocl typewritten material antl chew gum vigorously at the same time. YVe, the lmoys ot' the 193-1 Gracluating Class, leave open the shops, in which we practice our quaint mannerisnis, to oncoming tirst year lioys to do likewise. Given uncler my hancl anal otlicial seal this twenty-second c1ay of June, A. ll., 1954. iW1ARY CHICRVINSKI, Class Testator Trott Vocational School 14 T II lc' R lt' 1" L lf C 7' 0 If I ll Il Il Il tl Il Il II I -p...--- TROTT VOCATIONAL SHOP GROUP The rlirott Vocational Shop Group consists oi' almout 250 students. This course otllers instruction in chemistry, drafting, auto mechanics, machinery, electricity, and millwrighting. Students taking this course are taught every phase ol' their individual work and when they are graduated they are alile to continue it as their life's work. The largest shop division is the millwright shop which numhers thirty-two students. Each course otlered is complete in itself. The vocational group as well as the com- mercial department is operated on the Dalton Plan. XVhen a student completes sixteen units of work, he is graduated from the trade he is taking and is eligihle for employment. Because of this system sixty students of the vocational group have heen placed with employers. The vocational department does not consider its jolm complete until students are properly placed where their knowledge will aid them in their work. Follow up visits are made hy the instructors to ascertain it' any further help is needed hy the graduate. 15 T11 ls' R Is' 1"L If C T 0 R I ll ll It II ll Il H ll I TROTT COMMERCIAL AND CONTINUATION DEPARTMENTS Trott's Commercial Section is composed of about three hundred students who receive worthwhile and complete instruction in typewriting, filing, office practice, lmookkeeping, and operation of office appliances. Since rapid and accurate work are two of' the outstanding requirements of persons engaged in office work, this phase is particularly stressed until every graduate is a skilled worker in his or her field. The course has proved itself' to lie one of the most popular in the school owing to the tact that it too is operated on the Dalton Plan. Ut' all the departments in Trott, the Continuation Department is the most interesting and the least known. It is chiefly a social service unit created for the purpose of' aiding children who are unalile to attend full time school. It is here that the working lioy or girl is acquainted with the latest ideas in the profession which he or she is following. Here as well as in the vocation and commercial departments, the school helps to secure employment for the pupils. 16 7' ll lc' If lc' I" I, ln' L' Y' 0 R I ll ll Il ll Il ll ll Il I HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT The High School Uepzirlmenl of Troll Vocalionzil School, which was crcalecl in lhe yczir of H752 lo relieve thc over-crowclecl comlilion in lhe Senior High School, is coniposeml ol' seconcl year sluclenls. These pupils arc slulionecl ul Troll for one your when lhcy will pass inlo Niagziru Falls High School as juniors. This, however, lloes nol nialse them less imporlanl members of Troll as they have parlicipalecl in all school functions :incl uclivilies, which include the sluclenl council, newspaper, music league, lwuml, orcheslrzi, lrulilic squzial, :incl zissemlmly programs. Highly names on lhe high school honor roll zillesls lo lhe lwucl lhzil scholuslic as well as exlra- curriculur ziclivilies were emphusizeal cluring lhis mill-high year. ln short, lhese sluclenls, murlcell li-v lhe inaluslry, their inilizilive, anal lhcir unclivillell school spiril, have conlrilmulecl XVllUlC-l1C!1l'l.CLlly lo lhe :lclivilies of the school :xml lmvc alone their slizire in mulling Troll one ol, the liesl schools ol'Niagaru llzills. 17 ' 15,5 -'Az Xe. 2 " 5 ' Il l 'X ' 4 .fo Q Y I .l. 4, Q .E Q 1 - S if ' .QQ A 0, iq. N ' X y? K 'J RED ll Ill P SEPTEMBER Trott swings wicle its mioors to welcome gill. Assenilriy to :iequnint new eomers with seliool liuliits. Thirty-tive North luniorites enjoy visit liere. Stiicleot from Siam visits Trott. Special :isseinlml-v In-lil iii lionor ot' t'Ul'I1lL'I' N, I. Stui ti s who wnrt uwziiwieml L'L'l'titik'iltk'S. OCTOBER Stuileiit Couneii ottieers intromiueeil in :issciiilriuxz i'xI'Cll0I"V Cluli orgqinizcti umler leaiclersliip ot- .Wiz Lliiieli pcriosls sliorteneil. Doggone it! Trzittic Corps orgaiiiizeci. lsillllik .Wiz Amlrcws impersonaites XVill Rogers. Keep Smilin Sluitilig party :intl wllait zu time! YYowf "Get !xCllllSlil1tCllH nlailieu spoiisoretl try Stiuielit Count First "Hewitt" pulilishctl. NOVEMBER Air. IIJIIIIIJIIHSIII ClltCI't.1lillS with tilaicli niaigie. .fxI'l1IiStiL'C Univ Atiitress ti-v Dr. To-vlor. 'I1llilIli4SgtYiHg Asscnilriy. SCIIUOI Cllll lllpi0llSllip. DECEMBER Trott .li-it-4.15 Deveziux fingers. Xmas ilailire. Trott loses to Kenmore. Rah! Christmas issue ot' "Hewitt" appears Cliristmzis Asseinlily. Trott clcticzits Bzitaiviai. lIlII'I'dlll! IANUARY Trott tulacs Tomiwzimlai to the time ot' SH-Ii. NYJ: lose to North Tolmwaimlai. Better liivli next Xwioopiel iwinstrcl show is in howling siren-ss? lmeliziwziiiiiu gets Close win over Trott, Crum week imcl Exam week. I8 Intex'-Class Baislictlmli season uloses, with N. R. A. winnin time 'AYS 01" I 934 FEBRUARY I. liL'l'Sllk'.Y .Wuxics shown in anssclnlrly. Cnlullx' sales :un llllilllltillg. SUl1IL'1lUll'Y'S INHIINI tl! gklill. H ,, ,. .. . . l.:xxulULu1lun rxnsl rclclrlwxlcs with l72ll't.X'. lh. 'l'1'nlt plugs 1xIIUlllk'l'xvik'1Ul'.Y! ,N , . . slzxli. DIARCH 7. l.4lsl iNNllk' UIQ Ul'k'l'JllKlH is ulll. W. Dcfhnlml I.m'hlm1'1. Ulu' irqun an hig hmmm IU. lliglx Svhmvl hwcs io'I'1'4vll xlfvlcl' lm-.l lmillc. fl. Slmlculs fI'l5lllk'IlL'4l :xi n.'x.pluslx'v IS?-1L'llllIlj' QIYUII Ill an Shli hy L'llQll1iSll'.X 5tllkIL'l1iS. 1111. l'npul.u' Jllllllllli gqumw, Troli lusvs ...I . 5llIll!'IllN k'l1TU.N Ll.lllL'l' JIllk'l' SUIIUUI, NI1llllSUl'k'Kl IPIX IICXYSIIJIIDUI' 1i.i. ,. NT XI. sw, ffmf' WM lfffx APRIL IW rj ll. .'x1lllL'tiL'.xSSUk'i.Iti0ll nlcciing. IS. Lwlillllllllllilf Clwsl L'.lIlllHli5.1Il lK'5.LiIlN 12 IH. Yunrhouli anssumhlv. I Qi . . A . lv 2' IV. 5liiltlllg Purilv mul QIRIIICC nl Ucxlcr s. X' 1 4 27. Spring Pronl. l11fu1'l11:nl. l,u.ulsni't'm1. MAY rfnfrx 4 D J. Mr. Small spmlas :nl xlssulmmhly. f ll. Hhs. Cznrrio Bliss uf' l"UlII'tll Sirvvi t'0I1fI'illlIil'll :I lll'1llltil'lll M , lvusi ul' BL'L'illUXCll lu mu' mush' nh'p.u1'imcu1. Xvm' wish in lhamla hcl' mnsl llc:n'iil.x'. 99 lb. .-Xssclllhlxx' for pl'cx'cxliim1 cwl'c1'llcll-x' in nuillluls. Canmhmlqxtcs for tlw WSG Sluslcni Clillllfil inirmlurcnl. 119. l,k'k'Ul'iltiUI1 lull-Y zxssclxlhly. SU. c,HL' Ling' vawanliulm. Try to uuuni the piullirsf JUNE S. .xhlslc l4L'JIglll.' had picxmlc :xl "YH unnlp. I-1. Cillv L'XllI11SllCgiIl, IH. Ruucnls hcuhl. .wary .vnu pass wiih llliillillg lvss tlmu llil'lL't-X"HYC. 'L Urquhmliun. Dr. Hamhng of thc R. :xml H. Cllclniml Cmmllmnlx gum- 111.-.HIQII-css. Su vmls this .Yk'.ll', W3-1, that has hccn :1 cmnhinniion of wurla illlll IYICQlSlll'L', lillllII'C1lINlSllL't'CSS, lllSill3l50llltll1ClllS :xml I'L'illlZJltlUIl. hh-v you hawc only pl.-umnt l1lL'l1l0l'iCS ul' these uw-nts. 19 - Dlpxbmi T ll ln' R ln' I-' L ln' L' T 0 R I Il 11 II II ll I1 I1 ll 1 THE 1934 HONOR ROLL ACH year "The Ret1ector" puhlishes with a great deal of pride the names of those pupils who have succeeded in reaching honor grades in their subjects. To these students Trott owes its reputation as an institution of learning. Vt'e congratulate them on a splendid achievement. Augerot, Dtalile 88, 89 Barsocchi, Iohn 88 Behm, Roland 88 Bond, Evelyn 90, 90 Cagle, Dorothy 88 Centafante, Felix 89. Chiodo, Antoinette 95, 91, 89 Ciurylo, Anthony 88, 88, 91 Clapsattle, Constance 89, 90 Corliett, Gertrude 89, 90 Cunningham, Margaret 91, 89, 91 Davidson, Evelyn 88 Delehant, Blanche 90, 90, 89 De Ruscio, Alice 89, 90, 95 Del Signore, Philip 89 Eclcel, Gertrude 88, 89 Furry, Doris 94, 95, 95 Ciullo, Rose 88, 88 Groliengeiser, Harold 88, 88 Grinaldi, Marguerite 95, 95, 93 Guzik, lane 89, 91 Gutoski, Niary 95, 95, 95 Haselev, Lydia 90, 92, 91 Hess, Eva 89, 90 Korpolinska, Henry 90 Hyla, Henry 88, 95 Ianik, Casimer 90 Hanas, Chester 91 Balon, Franlc 89, 90 Bennett, Iames 92 Hone, Evelyn 91 Bridgeman, Lloyd 92 Brown, Virginia 88 Buckner, Lester 92 Capizzi, Iosephine 91, 94 Cecula, Edward 88 Chervinslci, Mzary 91, 95, 95 Chervinski, Stanley 89 Davis, LaVerne 88 Dietrich, M. Marguerite 88, 95, 91 DiPadre, Theresa 89 Dominslci, Mzitthewv 90 Donatella, Anna 92 Feldman, Ioseph 90, 90 lfigura, Teddy 88 Fiori, Frank 89, 95, 91 Gaiani, Carlo 91 Gall, Edward 89, 94 Goetzman, 1V1i1dred 91 Gozdowslcy, Matthew 95, 95, 95 Gray, Charles 91 Gray, Oscar 90 H1GH SCHOOL Kelley, Blanche 88 Klimeclco, Helen 95, 95 Kluga, Aurelia 91, 90, 90 Komorowslai, Stanley 90, 90 Leo, Vincent 88 Lysialc, Anna 90, 89 lwaday, lflorence 92, 92, 95 Nlajchrzalc, Henry 89 Aiartinez, 1V1ichael95, 94, 93 Aiastomatteo, Patsy 95, 91 lVlateer, Agnes 95, 91, 94 Alarra. Anna 88 Nlclver, El1ie 88 Aliller, Evelyn 89, 88, 88 Aiuoio, Louise 88 Nichols, Ronald 91, 95, 95 Nudo, Louis 88 D'Leary, Rosa 90, 94, 95 Patt, Gerald 90 Phillips, Howard 89, 91, 95 Pietkiewicz, Sophie 89 Placliarslci, Chester 90 Principe, Rose 88 Popp, llertine 90, 88 Roliida, Norma 90, 90, 91 Rodata. Stephania 90 VOCATIONAL SCHOOL Creiner, Richard 89, 91, 91 Gritlin, Helen 90 Hager, Ellen 88 1ves, B. Bertha 88, 90 Insalaco, Nella 88, 90, 92 Knaclc, Helen 92 Knapp, Iane 95 Kodzis, Frances 88 Kollotil, Herbert 95, 92, 95 Komorowski, Stanley 90 Korpolinski, Henry 88 Laslcowslxi, Edward 89, 91 Lederhouse, Raymond 95 Lewindowslci, Yvanda 91 1V1acKendric1i, David 88 Afiartinez, Iaclc 89, 90, 91 Mzisser, Andene 93 Nlccumher, Earl 94, 90, 93 McVie, Ralph 90 Meraiiito, Santina 92, 95, 95 1V1eyers, Mariaiii 91 1V1i11er, Mary' 88 Mosolt, Henry 92, 92, 92 O'Shea, Edward 90, 90 Pardo, Ioseph 90, 90, 95 20 Shutte, Edith 88 Shafer, Alice 89, 90, 93 Seivert, Doris 89 Slingerland, Marion 95, 95, 91 Slazyk, Sophie 89, 90, 89 Slazylc, Yvalter 88. 88, 89 Smith, 1rene 89, 90 Snyder, Enza 89, 90 Soprano. Angeline 88 Strasstiurg, Ruth 91, 95 Struzikiewicz, Ieanette 89, 88 Tisdale, lack 88 Tompkins, Ralph 90, 89 Turczynski. Lottie 91 Voellcer, Mzirie 88 YValas, Yvalter 95 Xvallma, Loretta 88 XVard, Dorothy 88 Yveglicki, Irene 94, 90, 92 XVe1ler, Iuletta 88, 89 XVojick, Stella 89 Yvoitowicz, Stella 95, 94, 94 Wlojtowicz, Yvanda 95, 95 Zaidel, Louise 89, 88, 91 Zygmont, Genevieve 88 Zajac, Lottie 89 Pietlsiewicz, NVa1ter 88 Porreea, Iohn 88, 92 Rahy, Florence 90 Riggi, Margaret 95 Riggi, Peter 90, 90 Ringleli, Marioll 92 Schrantz, Harry 90, 95 Scrufari, Peter 89, 90 Segar, Elmer 90 Sermak, Wlalter 88 Scheer, Harold 91, 90 Solioleski, Stanley 90, 94 Spiller, Dorothy 91, 92 Sydlowski, Leo 88, 88 Tarnowski, Zig ie 90, 90, 90 Tomaszewski, Easimer 92 Thomas, Yvalter 88 Traliucco, Ioseph 90 VanBroe1din, Thomas 90 Yvilcox, Eleanor 89 Xvoitowicz, Yvancla 89 Yvright, Donald 90, 90, 90 Zanezkowski, Stanley 88, 89 Zenkievich, Steven 88, 88 Q M f W! if ! W W All I ICS ..,,,,v .if 1' pgg: , ,,4+ M, 2 I ? T ll li R lc' I" L la' C 7' 0 If I II II II , I II II II Il I 3 ful I Nlanfred, Guata, MeAuliITe DiFrazio, Dandrea, Wilsoil, Ginllnelli Fabiano, La Sola, Gregory VA RSITY BASKETBALL Trott's ileliut in the R. P. I. League was successful inasmuch as we nearly reacheil the tinals at Kenmore. The high spot of the year was Trott's cletleat otitheir arch-rivals, the High School, tor the first time since the two teams met in athletic competition. The High School team, all stars in their own right, were clefeateil hy a Trott team that never gave up fighting until the final whistle when they tlorgecl ahead to make the final score I7-I5 in Trott's favor. In june a lmanquet was held at which the memhers of the winning team, Falaiano, Uanclrea, Losin, DeFazio, Gregory, anal La Sota, letter anil certificate as rewarcls for their playing. TROTT'S RECORD Opponent I. I.uSaIIe 2. Ileveainx 5. Kenmore 4. Ilzitavia J. TITKIIIHYVIIIIKIII tm. N. Tonawancla 7. Lacluiwannin S. Loclcport Place There II. S. There There Here Ilere There There Lost 8 Opponents scorecl on Trott 588 Score they we I8 40 8 51 .15 QI 20 37 S3 .18 I8 15 27 I6 27 26 Opponent 0. Iligh School III. Kenmore . llzitavia ... Tonnwamln Il lu IS. N. Tonawaniln I4. I,:icIc:iwanna I5. Loclcport Iti. High School were presented with a Place Score they we There -tl I8 I Iere Qt: 25 I lere 26 28 There 29 20 There 27 22 Here I4 53 Ilere 2-I 20 There I 5 I T Ivon 8 Trott Scorecl on Opponents -I5-I T II li R ln' I" I, If C T 0 R 5 . . ., 3 rl, me A Nlanfred, Klinlec, Cccula Bunus, lillllilffll, Wilhelln Porreca, llurnllaln, llalkowich, Nluybee, Mairtilisx TIIE SECOND TEAM AND INTRA-MURAL SPORTS During the past year the fame of the second team has equalled if not surpassed that of the varsity. Ut' the opponents met in the games preceding the varsity, two-thirds were vanquished lay this group of peppy players. The intra-mural program, participated in hy nearly 500 hoys, included tennis, lraslaetlmall, volleylmall, golf, and soft and hard hall under the direction of Coach Bernard ixlanfred. ln Septemlmer and Uctolmer a successful tennis tournament, comprised ot sixteen teams under the direction of Illr. Stafford, was run otf and won lmy Bellonte and Lavery: while in a consolation tournament Farley and Ginunelli on a default of Nowaclci and Kula were pronounced victors. An inter-class lmaslcetlwall league was formed in Novemlmer with twenty-four well-organized teams competing for the school championship and played with the main purpose of giving hlr. hlanfred an idea concerning who should he picked for the "Varsity" The season closed on Novemlmer 28 with N. R. A. of the 'frott High section winning the championship hy defeating hlillwright IA, 40-8. ln spring, attention turned to golf and soft and hard hall which completed the year's athletic activities. 25 T Il If R If I" L If L' T 0 R I Il ll Il ll ll Il ll Il I Malziasz, Hughey, Delehanl, Lysiak, Walba, Haungs Milurski, Kuriskn, Dorochak, Popielarski, Wojtowicz, Fittunte, Brenda Benfanli, Sluzyk, Slruzikiewicz, Murtixxo, Kasprzak. Popowich VOLLEYBALL AND BADMINTON The girls ot' Trott Vocational High School have shown a marvelously tine spirit in regard to sports. Everyone has proven her loyalty hy participating in its activities. A Volleyhall proved a leading sport where the girls showed true sportmanship throughout the entire season. Unhounded success marked this game. ln February, the final games were played and the following girls were winners: S. Poplarskilk, captain, H. Brindaak, A. Xvojatszak, E. Popowichgk, l. BCl1l'iil1l.i,k, Al. Uorochak":, and H. Kurisko"'. The runners-up were: R. Fields, captain, L. First, L. Haungs, B. Uelehante, I. Fittante, M. Hughey, H. Klimedio, A. Lysiak, L. Alaziasz, L. YValha. Stars denote those who will receive a Trott letter HT." An extensive tournament of one hundred and ten games in hadminton was played after which forty-eight teams were scheduled in the elimination hetiore the champs were announced. Sixteen leagues which consisted ot' ninety-six girls, were formed and the schedule was posted in the gym. The winners were K. Kasprazylc and T. Alartinog the runners-up were Struzilciewicz and S. Slazylc. Alany girls served as score keepers and referees. Birds and rackets were furnished hy the school. All the runners-up will receive fifty points toward a letter similar to that received hy the winners. 24 T Il lc' R Ic'1"L If C TOR I ill-TEH ll Il ll ll ll ll I 1 J 'Ty' Firth, Kelberer, Kane, Brown, Hanson, Allen, Cusirnann johns, Nlullen. Michaels, Nlartino, Herowska, Furry, Narlsiewicz Snyder, Prinmlle, Augerot, Kelly, Burton, Czapluk, Suwu SOCCER AND OTHER SPORTS Starting the second semester, the girls clevotetl their attention to soccer. ln this sport which is a new once for girls at 'l'rott, a great numher of teams were entered in a tournament, which later provetl to he a snappy atl'air with the winners coming through hy a narrow margin. The tournament which was also ol' the "Round Robin" type was conclutlecl in Nlarch with 'Blanche Kelly, Nl. Augerot, G. Burton, ,kl'l. hlullen, NV. Sawa, l,. Nlichael, li. Hasely, "'l7. Czaplali, WIC. Snytler, :"l7. Stevens, ot' the high school section, comprising the memhership ol' the championship team. The seconcl place winners were V. Iohns, as captain, lf. Firth, H. Kelherer, E. Narliiewicz, E. Brown, IW. Bonjavani, lf. Cusimano, and P. l'lanson. Nine teams were entered in the haselmall tournament. Six games have been played in the Round Rollin which will encl in Iune when the champs will he cleciclecl hy a separate elimination tournament. The teams with the highest average of games won will he admitted to the finals. A tennis tournament which was tinishecl in Iune completed the sports activities for the girls of T. V. S. in 1954. 25 Q 01fGffN1zA 1 'IUAATS F T ll If R ln' 1" L If C T 0 It I ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll I Tompkins, Lederhouse, Dandrea, Tarnowslsi, Bunas llyla, Littlewood, Shurnway, Moiltalluri, Hooker, Longo Fetzer, 'l'on1uszewslci, Evert, Scrufznri, Zucearia, Finocclli Gall, Tisdale, Sclmug, Tolnuszewski, Beck Nichols, Reynolds, Tllonlzls, Portik, Carlo Grillin, Miller, Cunningliinn, jackson, Brown, Nladay THE STUDENT COUNCIL Ulf' IQS4 The Student Council ol' Trott Vocational High School, organized to foster a school spirit and secure a more uniform representation in school activities, chose as its leader for the year l95-l, fllarvin Beck who presided at the meetings. The Council, composed of vice-president, lvalter Thomas, secretary, loseph lamarco, and treasurer, Nlichael Porticlx, and a representative from each ot' the roll call rooms, with the help of the principal of the school, Harmon L. Gregory, and the faculty advisor, llliss Rohr, put forth its hest elliorts to keep up the traditions ot' former years. The Council, lmesides sponsoring the collection and distribution of food and clothing for the needy families at Christmas time and promoting the sales of the yearlmoolc, earned due praise for conducting successfully the Community Chest Cam ai VII in 'l'rott. Amon 1' the other alliairs snonsored luv this orfanization the P 5, U 5 ' i . is ' "Get logether dance held in Uctolier and the Student Council Assembly in Slay stood out. lllay succeeding Student Councils carry out as wisely and conscientiously all activities and prolilems that come within their range. 28 T ll lc' R lc' 1" L lc' L' T U R I ll ll ll ll ll ll ll It I Walzyk, Kopaiz, Rot:-lla, Galley, Zaecaria Littlewuoml. Nlarzee, Tompkins, Brasser, luele, Philips Tolnaisik, Scheer, Priiulle, Finot-chi, Putt Juanes, Yauxle, Orynawka, Ruggiero, lima-rt THE T. V. S. BAND Une of Trott Vocational School's organizations of which we are proud is the hancl. ln the lrright crimson anal white of the Alma .Nlater anal with their tlashing instruments they make a striking picture. Under the capalmle nlirection ot' hlr. Emert, our music instructor, they have pleasecl various audiences, hoth in school ancl in pulmlic. As proof ot' their excellent playing they were invitecl to present programs at North anal South lunior High Schools anal playecl at the Frontier .Nlusie Festival at the Senior High School. ln the Niagara Falls Peace Council program they were applaucletl for their rendering of "VVashington Post March," "XVelcome", anal Hluniper Polka" in which Iohn luele played the trumpet solo. Uuring the haslcet- hall season, the lwancl playecl at all of Trott's home games anal accompanied the varsity to North Tonawancla. Four memhers ot' the lmancl, Iohn luele, Charles Swain, l.eo Urynawlea, anal Ralph 'l'ompl4ins, comprised the lmrass quartet which has lween extremely active this year. They playecl at the fllusic Festival, in assemlmlies, at the La Salle Business Il'len's Banquet, at a minstrel show at LaSalle, At 'l'rott's Minstrel Show, at the First Preshyterian Church, at Howarcl Hall for the Federation ot' ixlothers' Cluhs, at the Senior High, South, anal North Junior High Schools. 29 Tlllz' RICFLICCTUR I ll ll ll It II II H ll I Travis, Cowan, Tolnpkins, Benjella, Hollenstein, Enmerl Littlm-wood, Orynawka, Sloniu., Bird, jalnes Saph, Shumway, Zacearia, Shumwuy, Sehug BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club, although eomposecl of only twenty members, is to be congratulatecl on its excellent performances this year at Trott. The harmony proclucecl by these boys is ot' the best ancl bids for highest honors in the city. The club worlaecl cliligently ancl proclueecl results worthy of the efforts. They sang several selections in the Minstrel Show which clelightecl the audience. So popular was one of these numbers, "Aly Gallant Crew," from the Gilbert anal Sullivan Opera, "Pinafore," that the boys sang it, with several other compositions, in an assembly program when loc Travis sang the solo part, This was again repeatecl at the hlusie Festival, where the boys also gave "The Three Chatiersf' They again sang at the Y. XV. C. A. Howaral Hall for the Federation of Mothers' Club. Although like the inixecl chorus it meets only once a week, the results have been most encouraging anal consiclerably greater than last year's etlorts along the same line, 30 TII14 REIVLICCTOR I It Il ll ll ll Il H Il I Urynawlta, Zaccaria. Travis, Benin-lla, Saph, Myers, Sllunmway, Sliuntway, Sclnlg, Littlewnod, Bird, Eniert Blouse, llasely, llibbard, Shaunnessy, 0'Leary, Robizla, Shafer, Clapsattlc, Stevenson Dal Porto, Principe, Snyder, Keys, Slingerlantl, Taylor, Karwasinslca, lVla-isiziak Trapasso, Cook, jordan, Page, Galley, Schmidt, Furry, liekel, Voelker lnsalaco, Corbett, Ca-psalla, Barber, Price, Nlurphy, Halstead, Hodge MIXED CHORUS Because the mixetl chorus of 'l'rott Vocational High School have participatecl so enthusiastically anal whole hearteclly in the atllairs otl the city, they are cleserving of much appreciation. ln an attempt to show the taxpayers that music, lwesicles enjoyment, is an essential factor in the stuclies ot' the pupil, much has lmeen clone hy the chorus with this aim in view. .Meeting lxut once a week tlor an hour only, the chorus hail accomplisheal surprisingly much. As eviclence ot' this, the Girls' Glee Clulm anal a section ot' the Wlixecl Chorus have presentecl several selections in assemlmly. ln lanuary, several memlmers composecl the chorus anal soloists of the hlinstrel Show which was presented to the pulmlic. Although they glial not sing a special selection in the Frontier ixlusic hleet helcl at Niagara Falls High School in May, the chorus attended and joinecl in the massed chorus contluctetl hy Dr. Breach. Un the clay ol' the Civil Peace ixleet, the 'l'rott Vocational Chorus sang two numlmers at the City Hall, as a part of the program sponsored hy the Niagara Peace Council. The musical program will he concluclecl at the commencement exercises on lime 51 T ll lv' R li I" L If C T 0 R I II ll ll ll ll II ll ll I ------w- - Nichols, Yzuule, Baker, Olearczyk, Zuecuria, Neyerlin Reppenllagen, Becker, Beroek, Price, Reid, BHIIJIR, Fhirzee Tistlaile, Owsinski, Spenzlio, Bird, Nlatrtinez, Evert, Travis, Little.-wood Swerk. Stevenson, Colnbes, Corbett, Fields, Slingerland, Tonulszewski THE TRAFFIC SQUAD 'lihe history ol this school, law-enforcing hotly hegan several years ago when the iunior high pupils were using the third floor ot' the Trott huilcling. Since that time this squanl has presentecl the solution to the prohlem ol' relieving the clisorcler in the halls hetween class periods. This year the squad eonsistecl of thirteen memlmers on regular traffic tluty stzitionetl in the halls aml nine others on noon lunch tratlie. Each floor hail its captain, anal the mlireetion of the organization was uncler our principal, nlr. Gregory. The squzul has had more to clo this year than in previous years, clue to the laws passetl hy the school lmoarcl prohihiting the students from leaving the huilcling tluring lunch periotls. ln atltlition to the regular traffic cluty lmetween the periocls, attenclants were plaeetl at eaeh cloor to allow only those with permits to leave or enter the lmuilcling. Contluet in the halls tluring 193-1 has then heen improvecl lay each memher ot' this group aicletl hy the line cooperation of every stutlent ot Trott. 52 T ll If R ln' 1" L li C T 0 R I Il Il ll Il ll tl ll II I Travis, Littlewond, Ba-rock, Becker, Halliday, Conti, Peck Nassoiy, Shafer, Slingerland, Fields, Counties, Reynolds Dal Portn, Voellcer, johns, Bennett. Cliervinski, Uelehant, Furrv N EWSPAPER-YEA R BOOK CLUB The Newspaper Club was organized at the beginning ot' our tiall semester with twenty-seven members, all anxious to make this project a success. Since that time there have been three issues ot' the "'l'rott Herald" and the yearbook, "The Reflector," published. Xvorking both during and atiter school hours, the statl' did its utmost to make a success of the paper. "The Trott Herald" belonged to the XVestern New York lnter-Scholastic Press Association. WVitl1 suggestions gleaned from these meetings, new methods were introduced and carried out in our publications. All: Fritts worked faithfully and diligently, ably assisted by Editor Beulah Bennett and Assistant Editor NValter Becker. The organization also belonged to the Niagara Falls lnter-Scholastic Press Association which each year awards a trophy to the school which has made the best success of its school newspaper. It is Trott's hope each year that it will be able to obtain and hold this trophy. ln April the yearbook was started by the original statl' oth "The Herald," working under the advisorship ot' bliss 'l'allman. A two-week campaign was held, at the duration ot' which about 450 copies had been sold. Unly with conscientious work, excellent leadership, and student cooperation was "The Retlectorn made possible. 55 Tlllf RIGFLECTOR I Il Il Il II ll ll llTll I THE 1954 PRIZE STORY IN TROTT THE GREATER LOVE NIC warm summer night a group of campers were engaged in a spirited controversy as to whether or not civilization had weakened or increased the power of love, and one after another defended his views. David Saunders, a noted explorer of the tropical islands, hroke the silence. "There is no douht in my mind," he said, "as to which side has the right ofit," and he poured forth this story: "The sun came out in all its glory and it was hard to helieve that a few hours hefore a fierce tropical storm had lashed the sky and sea to a fury and that the ship had gone down. lack Hays opened his eyes and found himself on a small native island, the sole survivor of his exploration ship, 'The Christinaf He saw a graceful figure approaching and as she came nearer perceived she was heautiful heyond words. Her long hlack hair floated ahout her slender form, from her lips came a startled cry. She seemed to draw away, hut he called out and finally through his knowledge of many native dialects he made her understand that he was in need of food and shelter. She looked stealthily ahout her and then led him to a strange, crude, temple-like structure carved in the likeness of the head of a great crocodile. "Days passed swiftly hy for lack as he lay under the tender care of the lovely Laneen. Une evening as they watched the moonlight that played with the shadows cast hy the rocks, he hegged her to flee with him to another island where they could live the rest of their days safely and happily in a pagan paradise. She, at last, consented and through the long darkness they traveled silently and swiftly in an out-rigger canoe heneath the tropical stars. At dawn they landed upon an un- inhahitcd island. "The long, lovely tropical days passed lazily, softly hy: hut this new-found happiness was not to last, for suddenly lack was stricken with the dreaded fever of the tropics and for days lay in a semi-coma. He wasted rapidly despite Laneen's efforts until at last she knew that death was close. Now she understood: she had offended the temple god and in his anger he was taking her heloved away from her. There was only one thing to do. After a tremendous struggle she got lack into the canoe and returned to Crocodile Island. Hiding the hoat and its precious cargo she sped to the temple and offered herself as a sacrifice for the ceremonial dance which was to take place at the rising of the moon of flowers. As a holy creature set aside for sacrifice she would have access to the golden seal hearing the image of the crocodile god whose hrand would protect from all evil any who hore it. It gave the wearer tremendous power hut few availed themselves of it, for it could he ohtained only through a willing, living sacrifice to the hideous god. "XVhen she had procured the seal, she hound lack securely and hlinded with tears hranded him deeply on the chest with the heated seal, then heavy-hearted hut resolute returned to the temple to he sacrificed. "She was arranged reverently in the sacrihcial garments of great heauty. lleafening through the tropical night came the slow, rhythmic pounding of the tom toms. The ceremony had hegun. Xvith light step and eyes aglow she stepped into the center of the circle and swaying in time to the instruments hegan the dance ofdeath. At the close of day as the golden sun kissed the shadows of twilight Laneen hid adieu to all earthly things and was given to the crocodile: hut even as the slavering jaws of the scaly monster approached, she cried out the place where her lover was hidden and claimed the natives' help and protection hy the seal of the god he wore. fcontinued on Page 35j 54 T ll la' R ln' I" I, If L' T 0 R I ll ll ll Il ll Il ll Il I LAUGII AND THE WORLD LAUGIIS WITH YOU lfddie: l have sad news. Aly dog died last night. Vllaltera XVhat happened? llid it swallow a tape-line and die lmy inches, or run down the alley and die lay the yard? Eddie: Naw, it crawled under the hed and died hy the foot. 'llhe strong man, gleaming knife in hand, gazed at tl1e smooth white lmody in the water. "l cannot do it," he groaned. "lt's not a man's work." Tears streamed down his cheeks. 'llhe woman, with a look of utter scorn, seized the knileffand tlnished peeling the onion. "Pa," do you say, "lt is mei' or "lt is l?" Always rememlver the rhyme: "lt is l," said the spider to the fly. l sec V hut couldn't you say, "lt is me," said the spider to the llea? Teacher: An anonymous person is one who does not wish to he known. XVho's that lau flnn " in the class? , e e . Voice: An anonymous person, teacher. lfirst Student: l see vou're fettin f . I 5 1 e lmetter marks lately. How s that? Second Student: Aly dad's on a trip so l do all my work mysell. 'lleacherz Tom, can you tell me what a hypocrite is? l.eon: Yes, ma'am. ltls a lmoy that comes to school with a smile on his face. Ideal Students Complexion' -Lloyd Young -Ruth Strasslmurg Eyelashes Anthony Berock V-Ella Shaughnessy Planners -- A l lie rt lfe tze r A g nes Mateer Smiles' '-Charles lfsterly flloris Furry Hair -XVm. QF re n c hyj M y e rs- llorothy Hughes Athletics' fllussell G regory- -Rosa U'l,eary Speech-floe lamarco-Beulah Ben- nett llimples - H an-old lxlCl1Clll.ZA' - Alice Shafer l Dress -Wlhitney lohnson - -Alarion SLllllVilll Speaking of Songs: Have You Heard the: 'l'elephone Song -Somewhere a voice is calling. Borrowing Songsvfllhen you'll re- memlver me. Detective Song kAl'1, sweet mystery ot' lille. 'Q V, x Union Song -XV should l cry over you. XVeather Bureau ng -Un a dew, dew, dewy day. XX vu xx Tl lli UR ICA'l'l'1R LOVE "Because of the lirand, lack received the aid ol' all in the village and when he was sulliciently recovered he was taken to an island in the path ol' passing ships where he was eventually picked up. He returned to civilization carrying with him the memory ol' the love ol' a native maiden so deep that she had gladly given her hle lor the one she loved." "Greater love," murmured Saunders, "hath no man than this," as he knocked the ashes from his pipe and rose to leave the group. His action lrroke a lwutton from his polo shirt and for a lleeting second, hefore his hand could hide it, his audience glimpsed a vivid red scar upon his chest, the lmrand of a crocodile. Eval n Aliller. I' 61 ff-JM7 H 7' 495990 S G 1533135 I II Il II , y:7,,,,A'UTc?c?RA HS w ' i XVon't you sign your name so that I can remember you part of my happy time at T. V. X- DZMMJ e N my f 'AL-fx41vvri,0 I y if f Q hllw e 5. SQ 1,1 x awk Q jill-, 'f i"".' 1 X .Q ' K If FQUU Biff! Q we Muff ci,-Ml XXL' '-, I X . J 7"4""'c'2 '- f w e X N fk,W,,,7rg4,-l.fU0"-""- 08 I X XX' 'x I. 3. X ,!-- 1 X , 1' '-u, .1 I ,, ,' xr ' N 1 1 . ,z WJ fry tr, J, VN A J ,XWOZ Y D V 647 ,f f 'WWW , L s - if . 'X 'x X 'ef K 1" 'Q .Ax k' X x e X gl ,. ., N K f ff. I ,,, ?K Hn gif ig CC 1 Y, N I' , J ' , ,ff: ,f' +1 431. Q A,,L, W i x 3 2 ,yawn-m, Y A -,pyrf-' , ,A 1 - .--'J . '- , V" K .N ' M Yf3yNXTK X ff 4eV:' ,-w .S Rhsuuh ,,f .lx ,,f - ' ,.Z -n' 'I' - ,. f Q . - f r - , -,... ., , xt -.-.......-.... X? . v M., ..., ...., ...-. - V , .- , v ,,.f 7 Y- -- H -2----ff ' f jvlbh, I --A-...,...-.. Q- - ----......,, L+. 1, --Q., Y 1-L.?. N HT , r TX : .1 1 Q I-'-' " ' ' ' ', . A-'il'--1 -- w ' -' ' -'iv-2 v

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