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- 1' ....f""f-,""",...-T-'r--' 1 x ur- 4, 'P 56139 ' -cf Q - 1.00.11- 0 QL QQ 'Ep rw. ,. ilfa 5 " an Q KJ-7 xx' 'I Y W. -.Z b' 1 6523 H M563 ,rgsk 4 41 JSE-555 43 5 " fiir, pa 'L It QV rr I. Wagga. XV Qi q - 'Q 0 Q9 I? Q "' 4 . A r 9 if as l 651 f "' Su-13 A C.:-My Q 5 X Jn. M W .2-1 "'- ff 55. 1 ell. 'Zi .9 A . ' es. ,, 4, .N fa Q csllu QS, 9505 QW , A, EC . ,MEM fgijfflkggm X Wgfggyfyifi N QW QR? WW 4gf?f mf? Mgwigwk W 5 1 f ,ffff W ' s s 4 ww, Q 0. :.': .Isa :'o' fc o - 'I ' "J if tl: '. l .' :she '3' ' "-I3"3t1.f3: 'ffl s.l.0.' I " " .fm 'GUI 60.3.3 . cs. . . .0 A , Q :Q-tr, fa. Q Ot" U ' : 0 O ' " ' : O'a'.. . . O . ' JU: I J Q , - WIT HHH HE T HE WL HE SS Q IH? UE VOLUME X Pblisbedbg THE STUDENT BODY TRONA HIGH SCHOOL TRONA CALIFORNIA is fy tr 2 f My N6 X339 X 5 X91 , M! ng t f fl We' ye sy Bib A tl W ff Mm 5 ff 'J of f Q blffibs gf qi Q jg! es iii ey IHFOIIIMEXW IIIRHD . W, i N Q5 P For many years the ancients have studied the movements QB of the heavenly bodies with Wonder'and astonishment. With Wonder and .astonishment we hope that you will peruse this 0 book and noee the cleverness, imagination, and genius eapoed a 3 iQ making enelhoavonly bodies eo earthly. i S X Peehao n eoo will notice a resemblance between one Q ug il and the North Star that has guided so many. l x pe hap ' etween gravity that keeps the planets and stars og 1 or it and the faculty that keeps us in ours. s Q s A Q, step into the observatory, ladies and gentlemen, and a Xie ggough the Telescope. We'll W aaaa nt enaeyon'11 aeoog- i Qnizo a g ,eae an pans of nn solar system. i ,refill W YHWV to W 'Q Qe wig Le Migwegpanyg, SX at Xsx. A 2,-2 fe SRA i 5- 'S 3 Q6 ro rT m 'E' 9 Ei SJ? fs as Q 3 3 'gk Q if r r Q.. N 5: S. Q 6 na S L- 47' E 5' Z- ' f - 'va ,, i E if Cx :rf.Z2..Gf , QB- 4 -vhvtgllttivv . ""4'V:d!, 'bd a 3 SL"-I--f :.....4ua.1'l WW The rooters who line the streets and make our band .IFJ parades a success . . . the parents and friends who follow our teams and cheer them on to victory . . . the many organiza- ' , tions who rally behind any and all school projects . . . the merchants Whose financial support we can always rely upon ! and collective growing pains . . . A of Sf To these we offer our thanks. May this yearbook in J some small way repay them all. X. XQIY Mm iv' ri lv' . . the parents who have suffered through our individual Q ffl i 'E af' op ., fic? f5 fr'P qw' df,i""W k Q 9 bfi? "i557W' if 3233 W gfjna E 265, Q 3 , C - -E Q X 2gxa wm msum as fix, X 2 . . Q ,., 12 .,, .,Q. C32 SEN siiiiiiiliiigiiiiiiiiiii b5',R3 E5Xy . .' ..... Spact MM EHS? QE 3 Ciiifjgfg 55 da, 'Egg Q + Mig5g5w3wES 'N gi-SQZSQQ 5,0 l itll? to 0 M3 S IIIE MIA IRM I ff' . Every year the Telescope includes a picture of the school, showing the new additions. This year shower rooms were added to the gymnasium. Since this picture was taken a new baseball diamond was completed, and and crafts which will be ready for use next year. construction has begun on two classrooms and a Special room for arts xg X sf Q sifligfll AS51TllR lNl lhMlllElIIQQS BOARD OF TRUSTEES The board of trustees pose for an informal group shot. Left to right they are: Mr. Odell Bakery Mr. john Marshall, presidentg Mrs. Ruth Leete, clerkg Mr. Cliff Jonesg and Mr. William McNabola. 6 I3 , ' lNl lllwllhlll STAR S , 1 if .. .9 'A , 4rijr..,,,,v:'2j ""' 1 as '--MMM we. - .... .. ' STUDENT COUNCIL Top stars, lefr lo right: Joe Pasfrone, president, Jerry Wilson, vice-president. Middle group shol, back row, left ro right: Steve Walsh, Kathy Hurlocker, Raul Quezada, Dorothy Rhodes, Lynn Bell, Barbara Kraul, Mr. Clair Franklin, principal, and Frances Jones. Front row, Iefr to righr: Margie Dill, treasurer, Doris Rich, secreiary, Johnnie Paslrone, Chuckie Beilp Joe Pasrrcne, presidonl, Sally Hurlocker, Holon Garcia, Phyllis Oswald, and Mary Jo Recror. lolrem stars, left ro riglw: Margie Dill, treasurer, and Doris Rich, secretary. 7 ss it Q CLAIR G. MONTGOMERY DR, SHERMAN H. FREEMAN Arfing Superif1fr'na'c'nl Szzllwrinlcrzdmf To the Students of Trona High School: It gives me pleasure to congratulate you upon the completion of another successful year. You not only have maintained the fine standards established by your predecessors, but have set higher goals to challenge those to follow you. Levels of scholarship and achievement continue to rise in Trona High School. An in- creased eagerness to learn and higher standards of conduct are characteristic traits of this present student body. It is thought by everyone who knows you that the sportsmanship and quality of school spirit exhibited this year has been unsurpassed. These accomplish- ments do not come easily. They are the products of correct attitudes, hard Work and de- termination. I trust that students of future years will not permit a lessening of this steady march of progress. As you know, Dr. Freeman has not been able to be with you because of his continued illness. I am certain he participates in spirit in the extending to you of greetings. CLAIR G. MONTGOMERY Acting District Superintendent 8 HIL ll W llc NE IND llll ll? ll? HE HR W3 ll G ID ll ll? ll? WE UR CLAIR E. FRANKLIN Principal To the Students of Trona High School: XVe are striving to make our school, through the efforts of the board of trustees, the administration, the faculty, and you the students, as great in magnitude and stability as the subject of your Telescope theme-"The Solar System." Your accomplishments in this year's Telescope far exceed the fruitful results of past years, but we must keep in mind that you were working with experience gained by Tele- scope builders of the past. All people remotely connected with the 1953 edition of Trona High School's Memoirs are to be congratulated. Use your Telescope in retrospection. It will bring many pleasant memories of the years you spent in Trona High School. CLAIR E. FRANKLIN Principal 9 st X NNY K NWT! M M W Gift ' 4 A ' X xg WW wp W f , WV wNnJyvVm9j5w G? 10 if QM G HR AW NN T Y RQBEYJY 5,-.f bmi-W6 yay fW M ww M ffcmmwmenvwwwwwy Pomona College B CAUA. A ' dll f , -S. V ficgmw fu f' 1' B..mg5QL.A A x"Nw...M'A" Kash ' 'mdfiolf' X138 - ANDERSON Lxm crmy of Mmncmm BAA U4C-Iv-A- Girls' Physgcd Edumlgon High S.lmol Sc-,rxuryt B.,4 U N 3 -c.,L. F Mm., A' BA. MA. U.9.C. X Social Snudses U C.L-5' gGvmwi1G"M You feel too confined to regular routines. Display your finer traits: savoir-faire, perseverance, and sympathetic nature. Wf D991 f STARS JAMES PARKS JERRY BELL Class President l, 4 S.B. Publicity Chairman 3, 4 Varsity Club, l, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer l V,C, Vice-President 3 Class Secretary 4 V.C. President 4 Slate 3 Slate 3, 4 Telescope l, 3, 4 Telescope Section Editor 4 C.S.F. 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Exchange Assembly l Football Captain 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3 Track, l, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 C.S.F, I, 2, 3, 4 C,S.F. President 4 C,S.F. Sealbearer Band l, 2, 3, 4 Dance Band 2, 3, 4 Higher-ups might put a damper on youthtul plans and desires. Q7 "f Q We , x cellent y for clinchingf ndi money cle s. I MARGIE DILL MALVERN STEVENS !?V ,v S.B. Treasurer 4 - I n Homecoming Queen 4 M 5 Song Leader 4 ff flxllaiorette 3, 4 71 Class President 2 Class Vice-President 4 Class Secretary l, 3 1,041 GAA, 2, 3, 4 lPresident 33 3 I aw U Kornmerce Klub 3, 4 C.S.F. 3, 4 lSecretary 3l Slate 4 fL,7,4ff"l'J Q Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l Track l, 2, 3, 4 13 tx 1 t .J I te a J Ft Jill Ji of X' .Y Y 34 A GJ l A Se- X w FQ ,F V ,s JOE PASTRONE PAT HESS smite 'J . J S.B. President 4 Class Representative l, 2 Xtfxl if osr. 1, 2, 3, 4 H Stars favor thosv who remain Calm in trying circumstances, The radiance ol the stars is in your smile. 14 Q C.S.F. President 2, 3 C.S,F, Sealbearer F.B.L.A. l, 2 llaresident Qi Class Vice-President l G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. Secretary 3 C.S.F. l, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. Vice-President 4 C.S.F. Sealbearer Kamrnerce Klub 3,4 lpresidcnt 33 Band, 3, 4 Slate Production Manager 2 Telescope Treasurer l Telescope Business Staff 2, 3, 4 Telescope Business Manager 'Z Football Manager 2 School Play l, 2 Telescope Salesman 3 School Play 2 CONNIE SCI-IMITT CHUCK I-IARDISON G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. Publicity Chairman 3 Girls' League I, 2, 3 G.l.. Vice-President 3 C.S.F. l, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F, Secretary-Treasurer A C.S.F. Sealbearer Slate l, 2 Telescope Editor 4 School Play l, 2 Loyd Wright Contest Winner 4 Entered 3 Kammerce Klub President 4 Glee Club 3 Chorus 4 Band 4 Slate Feature Editor 3 Football 3, 4 Tennis, 3, 4 The Wheel of fortune turns your way. Take stock ol your reserves and assets now. You can accomplish wonders if you avoicl tackling problems in 0 hit-or-miss fashion. Many fish in sea: this is right time to put out oil your nets. Q9 SSTAWRS l W Class President 3 Jr. Rep. State Cabinet CASC 3 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 2nd Vice-President CASC 4 Slate 3, 4 Jr. High Social Chairman l Slate Sports Editor 4 Class Vice-President 2, 3 Telescope Section Editor 4 C.S.F. l, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. Sealbearer Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Slate 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Slate Editor 4 Track l, 2, 4 Telescope l, 2, 3, 4 Telescope Editor 3 DAR Award 4 SYLVIA CI-IAVARRIA STEVE WALSH Maicrette 2, 3, 4 Song Leader 4 Class Representative 4 Geology Club President 4 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4 G.L. Representative l Chess Club 2 G.L. Secretary 2 Band I G.L. President 3 Slate 4 G,A,A. 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 J.G.J. l Basketball l Kommercc Klub Secretary 3, 4 School Play l C.S.F. 4 Slate 4 Your literary ability approaches a period of unusual creativcness Keep an eye open for alleged experts whose chief claim to knowledge is their own talk. IS M P. M. fine f r expressing all ction, c rm I gig, N , - Ca , Ich make yo ppy. 16 STARS? JIM HAMMOND CAROL MQCUI LOUGH Varsity Cub l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Dance Band l, 2, 3 G.L. Reoresenfafivf- 3 Slate, l, 3 G.L, Publicity Chairman 3 Telescope 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3 C 5.F, l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 C,S.F. Sealbearer Baseball l, 2 Glee Club 3 Track l, 2 Slofe 3, 4 Exchange Assembly I Telefccpe 2, 3, 4 Telescope Section Editor 4 Exchange Assembly l DORIS RICH JERRY WILSON S. B. Secretary 4 S.B. ViceePresident 4 Cass Treasurer 3 Drum MC1lOV 4 G.A.A, 2, 3, 4 Slate I G.A.A. Treasurer 3 Track l J-Gul, I Tennis 4 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 G.L. Treasurer 3 Chorus 4 C.S.F. 2, 3, 4 School Play l F,B-LUA, 1, 2 Exchange Assembly l Slate 2, 4 School Play 2 The wcrld seeks creative lalent like yours. Even if you're right, refrain from antagonizing peopie. You can rely upon your friends for financial benefits. Try io say the right things at the right time. STARS LEO BRADSHAW JOE ANN ALLEN in Varsiiy Club 2, 4 S.B. Treasurer 3 f Chess Club l, 2 G.A.A. 2, 3 6 V Band 1, 2, 4 csr. 1, 2, 3, 4 ' fy Dance Band 2, 4 C.S,F. Sealbearcr Bmkeiboii, 1, 2, 4 F.B,L.A. 1, 2 f s ' Baseball l, 2 Band 3, 4 Track l, 2 Dance Band l, 2 Exchange Assembly l Telescope Section Ed School Play 2 - Exchange Assemb'y l 2 UL 5 PATRICIA STEVENS JOHN TANSLEY Girls' League l, 2, 3 G.L. Trcidiiions Chairman G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 C.S.F, I, 2, 3, 4 C.S.F, Sealbearer Glue Club Pianist 3 Chorus Accompanisi 4 Slate l, '2, 3 Telescope Section Ediior l, Telescope Business Manag Exchange Assembly l 2,3 2,4 er3 Vcirsiiy Club 2, 3, 4 C.S.F. 4 Band l, 2 Football 2, 3, 4 Baskeiball I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Exchange Assembly l People ore criiiral, face the music bravely. Slow-but-sure at times is best motto. s.! XA Make collections complete sales, and seek credit. SWAIRS JUNE RUSSELL Class Secretary 2 Cheerleader 3, 4 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Girls' League l, 2, 3 3 4 J.G.J. l Kommerce Klub 3, 4 Slate 3, 4 Slate News Editor 4 Exchange Assembly l ine Tele c pe Sectiorl Edito ange Assembly PHIL MURRIN Entered 3 Varsity Club 3, 4 Chess Club 4 Football 3, 4 Track, 3, 4 r4 It small in stature, be large in heart, Your best ideas come after mid-day: avoid clashes, Your Iwml mul, ln- rn cr wlmrl lm' lmvp your n-y on u xlfulgwlwl vvucl Bw- you' ph: Ioxuplwmul vm-'Ig smile vluvmuglwm STAIRS BILI. BALDXVIN GWEN KNOWLES Plwologlnplwy Club fi CTVIA' If-rnqw I, 7, fl Ch.-A-ICIUI1 2, 3 ll A A 2,13 Bfulwtlmll I, 2 lG.J. I Bch:-lwc1II I Slave 3, 4 lxglwcmgp- A-.srmluly I Slczfe If-Cwlmw lclmwv 4 Telescope Sr-:tion Frlmw 1 Fxrlwuuqe- Ax-Irrmlwly I 7 Q M ,WWUQA3 R PRLNCH 11114, Ro1s1NsoN 'Z V,' W' W omxcou ng Qum-vw 3 I Vurwuvy Club 2, 3, 4 OJ! UVV S Lvcldvr 4 Sfrrgn-ovwlroi-Avrnw 3, 11 M rg-Itv I, 2, 3, Chmn Club I I ff X jvlifr vcr--fury cmd Tr mam 4 Gvoloqy Club 4 J K Slat Ioollmll Q QA! Q3 .2, 3, 4 V fl, Srhmwl Plfly I, Qu , f .I GJ, I l Iulwunqv A l-1. vmblyf I i xchon - Ass YQ I I f fl I ' ' x Lf f Xi! . I ffl! WWI I if y l W Aw' ff I V' I 7 ' 4, ,J fl I AAA Your lu-y lo ulcer'-iv: rumen-nvloll and brvvity. Icxkz: cm rr-1.9 lor your frayed nc-rw lb if s A Gemini fellow rarely hears what yau are saying because he is thinking of what he is going to say next. l 1 l l it ,lf W,!l'L X t A ' J ll l gl FAQ tml ,I I t it ll r Qc qi, P FEA g r ,YY Ml J Clk!! ., f V I r r tt lx .icgcjtlfougl-it ' M' ,.51t,if,',Yf, in l l ll lh ull it l Y, .J 20 I v 64125 A 40,4 ni, sllwlllsi fwfxlif ROBERT GASKA tENEQi ,ef rilrxsela 1 fs 53 '.Al'2l 3 544 gf fr-iii Football 4 , Girls' guc l, 2, 3 l Basketball 4 'C' - f Sifatefi f Telesl-Z' S P tlxggfawzi . b Telescope Business Manager 4 Resist the urge to gamble, be conservative. ' Remember 1 in day. 1 GLORIA LOPEZ JIMMY EWING Girls' League l, 2, 3 Chess Club 3, 4 X G,A.A, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 3 Photography Club 4 Tennis, I, 2, 3 Kommerce Klub 4 Exchange Assembly l F.B.L.A, Q Slate 2 Exchange Assembly l Rome wasn't built P fl' ' L4 V' ' , ' 4 E ,Mess f'fffM,e, -f'fZ5?1- SlllAlllQS We ,1.f,4Zv 2 M ff DALE ROBERTS MARIE ILLON ALL' fzgfg ' Entered 2 E l d 4 W f f n ere a'ore e Football 4 M I H 4 Track 4 C.S.F. 4 ' Z f- 7 G.A.A. Presidem 4 jfzlf-ftft 4? Slate 4 4 f-", 3 l i Your Don'f be future look overconfidenv rosy' or foolish. Be seuenve R p You are more pemoncl pl charming than to yourself. usual today. CAROLE AKAM CHARLES VAN HAREN G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 Enlered 3 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Class Representative 3 J.G..l. l Slate l, 2 Telescope Section Editor 4 J X Exchange Assembly I i X 1,, 21 Affairs might be held up by elders or old, established institutions. Trim your sails and softepedal your enthusiasm, Duties and personal desires are in conflict, 22 WILLIAM WEIMER STAHRSB CARMEN CRUZ G.A,A. 2, 3, 4 J.G.J. l Girls' League I, 2, 3 Kommerce Klub 3 Exchange Assembly l 'Yi-w PAT MEYER DORIS FRENCH GROVER PAINE Entered 2 Girls' League 2, 3 Glee Club 3 Maiorette 2, 3, 4 G.A,A. 2, 3, 4 Girls' League l, 2, 3 Kommerce Klub 4 Exchange Assembly l The acceni's on social, romantic, and domestic affiliations. This is a line day to bring out your hidden charms. Qsisters ,smma bust S. . Now that we Stars have lent our shrillianee to this solar system, we shall go on to greater heights--to dazzle and awe others with our radiance. But before we streak into the heavens, we feel it is only right that we sprinkle a little of our magic star dust on those left behind. With fear and trepidation fneatly concealed by an air of cocky self-assurancej the Shooting Stars and Comets and other heavenly bodies anticipate replacing with their small twinlzles the brilliance of the Stars. So it is to them that we bequeath these fparkling attributes. V I ,, I, Doris Rich, leave my ability to find the short- est route to Ford Ord to Janet Terral. I, Bill Baldwin, leave my classic hair style fstraight and simplej to Wes Plambeck. To Eddie Walsh I, Connie Schmitt, will my ability to talk anyone into and out of anything. I, Bob Gaska, leave my cowboy hat to Gordon Farrah. I, james Ewing, leave my athletic training diet to Barbara Knight. To Bev Compton I, Betty Dilbeck, leave my cheer-leading ability frah-rahj. I, Lee Robinson, will my winning ways with Mrs. Bell to Kenny Cassel. I, Doris French, leave my pony tail to Ronnie Baxter so he won't have to wear his duck tail. To John Vess I, Grover Paine, leave my faith- ful attendance record. I, Terry Meyer, leave my nickname to Pat Clampitt ftoo many Pats already in TI-ISQ. I, Pat Hess, leave my position as swimming in- structor to Wanda Sayre. To the Trona Fire Department I, Larry Knowles, leave my red proboscis. I, Carol Akam, leave the boys at the base to Dorothy Rhodes to take care of them. I, Leo Bradshaw, leave my record of regular athletic competition to Allen Hartley. To Lou Ann Ford I, John Tansley, leave my long legs. . I, Marie Dillon, leave my majorette uniform to Jim Dillon. I, June Russell, leave my love of animals to Dolores Portillo. I, Chuck Van Haren, leave Mr. Georgeou to whoever wants him. To Roy Hayes I, Joe Pastrone, will my C.S.F. pin. I, joe Ann Allen, leave my appreciation for music to H o Earl Kobisch I, Jim Parks, leave the Bell Murrin, will my mile medals to Nixon Beall. I, Patricia Stevens, will my freckles to Orrene Slafter. To Jerrell Glenn I, Jack Myers, leave my ability to support the school. I, Gloria Lopez, leave the Ridgecrest Dust Devils to Ruth Lopez. I, Kathy Hurlocker, leave my free afternoons and evenings as Slate editor to any junior who wants the job. My driving experience I, Bill Weimer, leave to the drivers' education class. To Shari McKean I, Barbara French, will my place at the head of the majorettes. I, Steve Walsh, will my good looks, way with women, and ability to speak to Don Brooks. To Francis jones I, Margie Dill, leave my ability for sticking my foot in my mouth at critical mo- ments. fYou'll have to use your own foot.j My car, I, Dale Roberts, will to Jinx so his wreck can be junked. I, Carmen Cruz, leave my ability in advanced Spanish to B. Lee Hevener. To Gary Casey, I, Malvern Stevens, will my ability to qualify as a B when a senior. I, Sylvia Chavarria, leave my pitching arm to Ruly Quezada. To Pat Gooding I, Jerry Bell, will my phleg- matic ways. I, Darlene Kudlac, leave my little red stool at the Trona Restaurant to Shirley Barbee. My curly hair I, Chuck I-Iardison, will to Al Adams. I, Gwen Knowles, leave Ronnie to the junior boys. Take care of him, huh? I, jim Hammond, leave my ability to woo the ladies to Eddie Bueltmann. I, Jerry Wilson, leave my brass baton to Ada Rae Wellbaum. ' To Eric Chandler I, Carol McCullough, leave the job of selling tickets at the theater. Knowing these gifts will insure another success- ful year to Trona High, we bid you all adieu. 23 Q sauieufn niaiwig m ga ,..Q- QQ ' t i ilQ.?QQQQ. we " U L wi rf.. ff' , - Q ..-- H. Q ' QQ -H I zlu Q .Q zzz . L . .. r it o r cf' f , Q, .'.',:,. L , llnuq Q Q ,.'1':' 3 fi ' ...., . . L - it ooo no L L r . it L e. -. ' i Q f We-Q Qt! if ,, A 5 ::' . e-LM' 2, v-' .' K 'u J Q Q Q ,..a Q Q QQ QQ .-A-l - 5- i ,Q . Q , ' f I, QQ? ' 3 .JF k -v'-'- vw? ,NQF Q , ,QQQQQ ,:4. Q - Q2.Q ' Q ' V W' QQ QQ: gg ' Qs gm, A-A- IIPI: :'-Q 1 W, e A il . Q -A L a so n Qy'g, y lk X AX . ' ,SQQAQ VQII, Q 'qi ,' "' ..,. Q Q W .--- ,,... QQ :. Q lip.. X -.. Q.. "4 .':- :zz ,,:..:.v- Q - -z eg. 5 Q , Q , ' . ...Q QQQZQQE: :,.,,, Qi -J Q QQQQ, ' Z Q ,,,,:.:.:,,,.. .,:: Q Q Q ' Q url!! ,. ri 2 . f Q .i .. N, Q ..,. , 5. x ,A . . i X I ll L 3. Eff! 3 ,, .Q Q , Q v,,, ., .::.! me 1 Q Q .W Q Suv Q Qi 1' L xr- ff 1 .,. ff- L L 5 QQ QQ Qi' J V Q':.1Q.:..:jg ..:- Nl 2 .. i Q ij' Q :.,.:.,.,,. .,.,, Q Q ai , M QAq,,,,.V Q iii ' ,Q -- Q ..,, . " ' Q .Q QQ. .Q D5 were QQQ , 3 'Q Q' Q QQ 'Q ,,,,.,, if .QQQQQ : Q W Qi .1 fl , :,, ' a . PQ Q ., Q I QQQ Q Q .,... QQQQ Q if QQ L ' L Q , Q ' Qx Q.,: Q t e Q Q Q A QQ ,.,. was gy .. QQQ QQQQ .., . Q QQ -,,,,, QQQ . , QQQQQ QQ Q QQQQ QQ Q QQQ QQ QQ QQQ ' - 1" - ' 3 E kr 2, 5 K i 1 f. L . .. EQ Q QQ:-,,.: A QQQQ Q Q Q Q - ., QQQQQQQ .b . ' -f:sa:5sQQQQEQ ' QQ ff , '- QQ --. ' e ,'-.':" ' ,... 3 Q, 43' my JUNIORS Left to right: Dorothy Rhodes, Donald Brooks, Pat Finnelly, Eddie Bueltmann, Bargara Kraut, .lerrell Glenn, Sy Chuck Hudson, Helen Dolman, Donald Roadruck, Pat Gooding, Nixon Beall, Barbara Knight, Peter Reeves. Janet Terral, Roy Hayes, Wanda Sayre, Jim Dillon, Ruth Lopez, Kenneth Cassel, Lou Ann Ford. Allen Hartley, Ada Wellbaum, Wesley Plambeck, Beverly Compton, Ronnie Baxter, Darlene Bell, Eric Chandler. Dorene Parker, Gary Casey, Frances Jones, Earl Kobisch, Pat Clampilt, Zane Little, Lonnie Hammond. Tommy Barrick, Orrene Slafrer, Ann Davenport, Shirley Barbee, Shari McKean, Barbara Hevener, Ted Cartan. Net pictured: Alfred Adams, Corel Lee, Ieverly McGee, Manuel Picon, John Ven. dney Smith. llll-IIII MROSQO Since the aft of reading stars is such an exact science, only experienced astronomers could come up with the following predictions. QEven then the stars came in a little faintly in some places, so they had to be shined up a bit.j So with careful study and much pondering, here is our version of things to come. First of all, we see joe as president of the L.A. Nuthouse. He picked up the necessary experience when he was president of the Trona Student Body. Pat Meyer is also putting to use her work at Trona High. Only now instead of collecting roll sheets, she is a copy girl for a newspaper and picks up all the dirt. Barbara became such a good majorette in Trona High School that she is turning out some marvelous majorettes from "French's Fancy Prancing Schoolf' Jerry Wilson, still waving his hands around, is director of the Philharmonic Orchestra. Also in the music department is Joe Ann Allen, who teaches the new "l2 finger method" of piano playing for those people blessed with extra digits. Mal Stevens, still tootling away on his clarinet, owns his own dance band with Patty Stevens working for him. But instead of playing the piano, she sits on it, singing torch songs. june and Chuck have crashed the entertainment business and are one of the greatest dance teams on record-another Fred and Adele Astaire. Connie is working on radio and T.V. as the Friday noon guest speaker in "Relax for Lunch." Special news bulletin from the stars! Margie Dill has just been elected Queen of the Peanut Crop. In the sports field john Tansley has received an- other gold medal for World's Champion Racer. Larry Knowles is running a sporting goods storeg he finally became a pro. Guess who's in the hospital resting his leg for the big race. Yes, none other than-Jim Parks. Since he had plenty of practice in his younger days, Bill Weimer is a hot rod driver. And Chuck Hardison has just won the national championship for motor scooter racing. He is known to be the fastest man on a scooter. Oh, one more in the athletic fieldg jerry Bell is head scorekeeper for the Los Angeles Rams. She picked up her knowledge on the Trona football field. Quite a few of the class of "SS" have put their best assets to work. One, Carol Akam, is a seamstress for a dress- making company. The "Akam Speciality" is em- broidered daisies. Darlene Kudlac, being the outdoor type, has fin- ally worked up to head strawberry picker. Gwenny has put her great athletic ability to work and can be seen in the Baxter Brothers Circus as an acrobat. Bill Baldwin has his own barber shop and is spec- ializing in the famous "Baldwin's Beauty" haircut. After 10 years of toil, Leo received his optom- etrist's license. He feels he is well qualified for this job as he knows how it feels to be blind. We find Carmen a contented housewife with six kids and Spanish lessons in her spare time. Through our telescope we view Gloria modeling in Macy's Department Store. It's a little hazy, so we can't tell what she's showing. Satisfying a life-long ambition, Carol McCullough is now nursing in an all-men's hospital. Sylvia is also using her greatest asset. She is work- ing in the zoo as a laughing hyena instructor. . Quite a few of the seniors have been using one of their Ynore noticeable ta.ents, talking. Steve Walsh, rather Senator Walsh, has fulfilled his wish and is talking inlfilibusters all day long. He gained his experience in the Trona Student Council. jim Hammond has talked himself into the job of president of the Mine, Mill, and Smeller's Union. And last but not least of the great talkers, Phil Murrin is a famous soap box orator. The black sheep of the crowd is Jack Myers who is in jail for bigamy. He finally satisfied his desire for a harem. ln the Brine Line of the Argonaut we see a few announcements on the staff of APGICC. New head clerk in the Trona Food Market is none other than Jim Ewing, in charge particularly of dog food. Dale Roberts has received a promotion into the health department for his formula of "Rosie's Re- ducing T2blCCS.,, He is a good advertisement for them since he is now as skinny as a rail. Then there's Lee Robinson who was promoted to head pin boy at the Trona Recreation Center. Here's where a couple of the brains landed. Pat Hess, with her vast knowledge of mathematics, is counting bottle tops for the Coca Cola Company. Because she always had a yen to run for things Kathy is now up for election as dog catcher. A few miscellaneous details we saw in the stars. Betty Dilbeck, Hollywood playgirl, is now sport- ing a different convertible for every outfit. Off in the hills away from the noisy world we find a quiet hermit, Grover Paine. Out in ole New York Bob Gaska is trying to grow oranges like those he was always eating in California. Doris French is even further away in Africa look- ing for her ancestor, the extinct Do-Do bird. Marie and Doris Rich are still waiting for their men. One has risen to an admiral and the other to a general in the army. Poor girls. Some of these stars are dim and some are bright, but we're sure the Class of "SS" will be able to meas- ure up to the twinklings mentioned here. 25 K Y 5 . my-aw I X l C 'isiunv' , ,fx Q xv' X I lil 6 Dr .: . M .R , --:. , Q ' . 'U lx Q, , We ky F :.,: Q .:'.::2 3 ir W- A. QW fx .JN hx 1- ::: ' W 1-W-EQ,-:I ' ,f if X .--" X' A I -K ., 5 .:..-- fn. if i by Yzlhzyfa ,..., ' V. M .: -1 . -i W .::,, IZ. A ' S .S 1 , N W f --::. If ,:.:,: b +1 R ,VZ , 17 WR' 'dw liz, , g wmv 4 ' . F z V ,E , , ,A 3 . - 1'-S, x Q SOPHOMORES Left to righh Buddy Rich, Ann Eyre, Ted Murrin, Darolhy Marshall, Larry Burke, Gale Slalnalxer. Lois McGill, Alfonso Gonzalez, Barbara Garcia, Gordon Farrah, Marian Reece, Lyman Gilliland. Donald Peterson, Nancy Read, Bob Soules, Gladys Beall, Gordon May, Virginia Hall. Helen Fair, Eddie Walsh, Barbara Pease, Bill Rich, Ross Roberson, Dolores Porfillo. 3 X ,QM : IN, , S if 'U' is ,eff r XX rx .gn Ill, "l: i 4 ---: 1 -, WT? 4 My r. . '13 QQWMNETS ,.. D - XX E if v 3 3 N30 ., 'al A it ,V S A 5 X ll egg 3f.,,i,ZQ E 4 Q - dv -w. ix, .. :N- Z . , . by -,. grim Y I i. In ,V s f C wh 'K A SOPHOMORES Left to right: Susan Meredith, Deril Schmitt, Mary Williams, Darrel Weimer, Ellen Wallace, Richard Orr. Donald Samuels, Lois Pratt, Chris Petersen, Arlene Bell, Billy Gray, Barbara Brummetr. Riva Skidmore, Raul Quezada, Mary Knowles, Ray Tansley, Alicia Hagar, Jerry Meehan. Harold Pierce, Diane Herbort, Jim Farrah, Diane Cassel. Kathy Baxter, Gene Myers, Nancy Smith, Lynn Bell. Not pictured: Cqglynnjell,-'Bruce lernhardi, Peggy Fuller, Frank Halstead, James King, ola Murad, Bob Roscoe, Howard Vasfariv' 'i' , u L2 U? M, , 6 Q ,fl M MlllETlE?IRlllJTI1ES y . yy M v xl Uv 1 . M .-2 X if ' J J ,r r J n has V . . -,,, f . . ...,. . ' ' ::-:-- - . :, J irgg - If A J. Q' " ' H :,:, 4,1 ' ,A ,B J v k M ., ,. My x N A WV , x K .. :il :V :::.. I k .:.x QA: X . 2? ., ., X zzl 0 W, . b b V' yi lqlq ---liiesasa :.. ..... - 'Q ll J ffs J .,..:.,. .55 :.,:. Z 1.552 :,,,:,, W ' ig - 53151. ,.V,, H x , 'C , zif f if 1 ',1, 1 ' I ' 31 U1 A :iw if J ,, -1-' 1 511 A' ' .il 1 ::-: , K' ar. Q , 'wx ' - A1-- A 'ff' -J ' :,. if : is 1 , . : .,:, ., Q . :ib - t K C ,:.., -pw ' ly' f S ll' K A ? I ........ A. 1 """':' V S' naan J J fam, 'V' if J 'J f J ,, J ,,, M eerrr ., , Q-X, ,..- QIVIAIQVV . - ----- .4 ...:- I T V -- R W O A, -:" W , 113.3 ,fx ,,, X K is n ' J , 'll K II' ""' N-f- X X - :: Q ., ' Q- 'A a , '4"S' J A ' gf A ' -' V. A-:,.,.,. X f II y . M .- ..,': -,E A 3 ,ww V , way ,. ' .-:: 3? if bbizinnx A ::.. ':'::' M' f -N ' ..., .4 . 5 ' W4 H an-an J . .. A D, b . I .,.., ..,:,::: E .z,.,., gf, ,,,:' . Q ,1 :' Y P "' ' A , A X 1 :iz my 59 25 :QQ ,, A - Q Y ...A ,. x k ff?-W Q, : - Q 22+ , 5' J 5 . y , : 2 + ii i rrrryerr is , J J an lf: ::':1 E 1:..,.:. ,.,.: .,,.: :"E mi. K f .S Vx x V V . . Q.. W , fl? '. X' . J I ,. . ,,., ,.4 'QQ Si ' .555 f 2. 451. ' 5 f Ml F71 g Q I e fs .,i::., X 'F 4 'L 'N K N- -Ev.. - .- SX if V X 1 ' r FRESHMEN 5 L E 1012 3 4Y4"'f left-to righh Mildred Still, Keith Prafl, Judy Klein, Raymond Miller, 'H'!HEU!'1MTlH'oll. Fred Mund, Jolene Swearingen, Jon Schultz, Ann Abraham, Bill Ingram. Eileen Wieberf, Terry Cannady, Mary Peterson, Vernon Lewis, Edna Hudson. Roy Hackman, Judy Buelfrnan, Harbor! Pappl, Pal Riley, Dickie John. David Pllleff, Josie Carrasce. A 28 M HE T IIE UR ill T WE S ans ""' une N. Q - l ,... E-iv . zzzi .,.. Q Qi ' sm' Q L Fl ' I H Q 4, K an at sb.,-ds, y -. W, .www 'r .. 4. R 91 Q y,,,,--f-"'D'9H'sw....,, 'inf -64 ,441 25 ff. af? -'::::' 5 ' N 1 is. , SL FRESHMEN Left to right: Bobby Jones, Phyllis Oswald, G Sh av eorge erman, Kathy Goodman, Joel Stevens. Clova Compton, Stan Filler, Pat Hagar, Paul Hurlocker, Evelyn Cunningham. Darrel Wllborn, Helen Cruz, Donald Dansby, Jo Ann Goodart, Joe Lee Gilliland. Perry Robinson, Sandra Parmelee, Gilbert Not pictured: Jack Halstead, Richard Halstead, Donald Pearce. Gonzalez, Barbara Rhodes, Ernesto Dominguez, Roger Terry. A S T NE UR ill! HD S5 Q e - , ,. S ,:. S10 , K V, A 6 A ,f' -Q ,, 4 -.:.g,:::' ..,, ,3 -I ,mf X me '--Aw , 1 .lf - .. E 2 ..: ir Y : ,.. W :",,2.i t YU, SN :Qs 2 5 - : 5 ' fiiftv' I " Q s ' A .Q E ,-5. 2 3 in A K .um ' - i. , 3 " -' sa: X I -el, Alla gi., I W .ig 1 , I H . Q , I i S n x - xi .. Al- ::'v :E:E::-E? JZ.: . ,A , 2- V.. A N I Q? .,. . wgfpwf ,X A , .. 2 f i , J I i Mx A I E .Eh x - F S JE ' I l .: , ol J , x 4 - 5 ,.... , H R' , 3 b ll .-F Q' H X , ,.,., , A - .. , C ., - ' :ig-ri' i '--' ,... .. X ,V Q . x , ' .QF ,, Q. . W M Q I Y. O K M. i ws. f it-'fx S "f'a'.0" C , , 1 5 ,..,: , 3, :Mig in ,M K A , ., We y it M Q, M . 96. M 5- A 15. Y K Mg A .L x.: DN K fu E was xf. , . 2.42 ,1 l zlg,,...f ,V 'Tiff' . ,i EIGHTH GRADERS r fx 0 9 Left to right: Carole Farrah, Frank Picon, Lelu McGee, LeRoy Reece, Amelia Ledesma, Gerald Butler, Sue Gilmore. Jimmy Compton, Charlotte Rogers, Tommy Wilson, Marilyn Gardner, Alex Chavarrio, Pamela Fitzpatrick, Ronnie Saclzett. Martha Lopez, James Cross, Jerry Valeen, Ernie Kraut, Monica Wheeler, Michael Rhoden, Mickey Dolman. Jacob Weibert, Barbara Corrion, Glenn Stevens, Carolyn Weirner, Betty Soules, Joyce Brunn. 30 new iw .- U ,I QQ ' x 4 . ASTlllEllRQll1IlDSl t , . . ,-,,. . . ,, .. .. . 5, X J 'N KV . J-,. N X Q- 1 x JK'-P I . 'M J "' Xi' A QQ .5 m x , :.. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q tn W .QQ V t. XQ. X X , --:--, Q. Q Q . , ,f Qi if .N-or 2 f Q of ET " - 3' J if 'A' , ix . I s .....:--- X ,..-:1:1 R A .-',:. ' ffif 'E S ,,,A,,,, Q ,....: z :I :..:,,: ., QQAIV Q Q iQ 13 .,,QQ , , - :"-- I 1.'- X +-+-Mwrwmwclw X.XxxxQxx Wd i s .I M Q Q . Q Q Q QQ Q .,., . --... Q , Q Q ,wg QQ 4 ,MQ QQ QQ lhb, :::- . . ,,., - lblnb Q QM QQ Q A1 3 . Q , , Q,. 5 Q X- . . , " , . .,.:, ' ,gif ..:.,.' , H ,S , i f f , Q . '- ' ' . - . .1 S :S " if ' - ' 5 s 2 " - Q :.- if gk s ' ..:: QQ .., ,J 35 Q, EQ jr' ..,. , -. 5 5 I 'f ,.-- qqqb' i .J "-. -," ' Q' .,-- ,,.: Q . 1 X ' mi- ' ":": 'znrzv J '-' i f ' 'W' ' ' i J R ' zll Ii -::f, 'b Q ,, .. , . R ,. ., '111'Q , " t , ' YQ Q Q , X ,.,: .3 Q Q , , ,,, Q 4 ,iii Q -in x, fi-. 1' Q- ,'x ' ' -'-: M i " A f Q fu- LQ Q Qs on QQ J QQQQ X A Q . ,. QQ Q V J Q Q i Q Q 'mv ,Q .Q ,, ' tttt X f if Q S ,,.. R ,,,,Q Q . 4 . .....,.-. . Q Q AXQQQ , C I 5 e X, A wt PIZ: g fr cw NVQ! N, e, QQQQ PN -TQ Q ,Q , . P , X--X - P"'f ,,,,,, . i is ., t :,, 0 , a w . S than Q0 f :" all , - 1'-.11 283 , ' I , if-lk ,X . ' x , 1, 5 , ,F R sr: ti R +- , Q . Q - ,Q QQQX Q 0 ., J J EIGHTH GRADERS Left to right: Vivian Rollins, Charles Reynolds, Charlene Beil, Richard Jordan, Charlotte Davis, Douglas Stewart, Jaydeen Burke. larry Brooks, Annette Bonzoumst, Bill Pratt, Helen Garcia, Charles Pappe, Judy Meredith, Harvey Crandall. Dorothy Goodman, David Roadruck, Patsy Still, Larry Martin, Pat Cunningham, Burt Mund, Beatrice Delgadillo. Harold lanning, Butch Ewing, Judy McKean, Jack Russell, Sandra Baxter, Sandra Mosman. Not pictured: Frank Akam, Tommy Lodge, lee Miller, Max Muse, 'lleeta Reeder? John Sayre. X. 31 STAlllQlILlETS Q Q , .:A . QQ" Alql .Q QQ ...V M '-W-,fi . 'ii'-Sie: YN lim Ri 5 xt ,,,.: ,gh s N fr www . ,www emgjfi izg' iiif :222 .""f" :'i '21-QA' .:,c zfi ,.:.,:: 5 ifiwiw Qigikf 1 . ,s, ' , Q Q Q Q .,...,, Q .. .... ,. QQQQQQQ . Q QQQQQ Q z if ., :E Q, , ,i 55:1 w I ' it --'Msg :': 5. :. 55:52 . ii ,- Wmilagi we ai"i+ 'LL' ""::' :., -2-A1 ."' i,-?Q,w'fJ Q L QQ Q. ::. :.,, Q .,, ..:., Q .... ., QQ Q. Q ...,. ,.:.:.:. ..:.. Q Q zzl Q 1 R ""' A' W 1 W f ,. ds i " ff -V III E we s Q -:::- q::g:a:sa :::2: ":" ' 41, ' 'A :-:' ' A, II: , ,wwefcwwgwii tee Ween '. Sf ':" +wmfs.n W. ii- ii . . Q "-- .. . ,,,, 4: Q Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q Qt,-X, - s, ,HQ QQQQ QQQQQ Q i' Q. QQQ QQ Q . ., , :" l . f "":':1- 4 ,. A . ',," N :QIQQ i , :I Z -. ' ....-,:: 5 -ft ' E if I X 1 NK S 'if ,gp ' . .',": iw i SEVENTH GRADERS Left to right: Ann Brightwell, Leroy Cannody, Helen Storm, Herbert Little, Sharon Talley, Terry Bell, Nancy Westfield, Ike D Albert Alvarez, Gail Henderson, Richard Gonzolex, Borboro Baxter, Brent White, Roberto Wilson, Pete Teel, Judy Lane. Nancy Dunn, James Pappe, Elena Portillo, Joe Roger Tankersley, Claire Snyder, Bobby Butler, Pat Dalim, Jimmy Williams. Penny Chandler, Rodney Trotter, Shirley Reeder, Nick Bailey, Betty Anderson, Ernie Condley, Elsie Jackson, Jim Gordon. Gene Barrel, Barbara Gray, Durwood Sigrest, Rayna Knight, Alan Shaver, Sally Klein, Paul Mock, Mary Jo Rector. Diane Roadruck, Billy Tansley, Myrna Raleigh, Sally Hurlocker, Judy Rogers. 32 elgaclillo. S5 TAIR lL IHET S sv S ' X x s F Q . , 5 W .2,. 5, V . I X y B , , C f ,. Q ...... C 2 C ..... in Q " .... ' J .,,, 1 K ,Af .,,, , wx ' X W I . r Q , is E . Q 1, -r l 5 ? -H 2225 , ,Q 1 ,gf ,Nt t Q -:E k Q, .- H, - . . so W", Q' B S .- Q. ' if 2252: hw- x N k f -9 , . limi ,. gf 45' V .5-gag L U A L X on Y e , QQ , Q .1 :I ,, -qu, .-:, 4. ww , . , , L B ' L -J J dy- A J J M ig W X L Q xg YQ I 5. ' " Q ' L MQ-N 1 f. L' I- W- L , .......,...W.W W . .m.,,...,..,.,..........,..,.. L in " ii. .ft , TSB ' Z I 2' 5' 1 L Q ' 1335 s ,- M Ss ' .'., , . " H a, ' t , 1 ' P ' L. . ' ' fttfs' W- " -4'j'wfv?.1" ' .owfkjz 3 X . . ' ' B N L as-1. A Q ,bk- , s, , X: .. . , t ,- , N N xx EX ji? . MS X' , J 9 5 f "in- Q N ' . An M :S L Q W 0 i Q i f . ESS M 'R W 1 5 e . Y x , I 1 :Q L W v jx, vs .K E x 5 : K . , 3 Q- Q- .3 Q- . ' 5 1 we ' J 5-3 A W, 5 .V , . Vw iw 5 , f agar f ' 1 , V 4 , L X L M ,fee X ,f L W J gig, LQ ' R 1 'Qs 'i , . Mn" Q , v- M ' ,. .-.- b Q H 3 . 4 A i 1 J VA .... J V x . . . . ' ' SEVENTH GRADERS L'-ft to right: Renee Garton, John Pastrone, Linda Sayre, Garth English, Pat Bermani, Lee Bernhardi, Barbara Weimer, Tommy Myers. Billy Schuette, Barbara Martin, Clifford Hara, Suzanne Walker, Donnie Knight, Linda DeYoung, Ned Stovall, Lois Crandall. Bobs Mund, Gary Olinger, Kathleen Harinek, Gary Hess, Carol Fugere, Bitch Maclean, Roberto Otto, Albert Snyder, Freddy Reeves, Nancy Bock, Carl Hall, Donna Clark, Wayne Conley, Ma 'guerite Camus, Richard Martinez, Janice Cross. Ellinor Crossley, Bruce Jones, Betty Keeling, Melvin Quinton, Carmen Partillo, Richard Harral, Lynnette Blackmun, Freddie Carrasco. Pot Baldwin, Gayle Payne, Jo Lynn Barter, Linda Marks, Donna Hevener. Not pictured: Jolene Pearce, Jo Ann Sayre, Sue Vess. 33 ig l ,J illl lil mi A wmv 2 JS ,wifi Swsx Top: The concerl band's all spruced up for the dress rehearsal of then' very successful Spring Concert. Middle: Having iusv compleled u circuit of lhe field av the Bishop game, the Trona Band looks a bi? fired. The Broncos are planing slralegy in the background. Boflom: Led by our drum maior, Jerry Wilson, and lhe high-slapping maiorelles, the band parades down Main Sfreel al Homecoming. 35 Adding a lot of class to the band were the seven maiarettes- Doris French, Sylvia Chavarria, Margie Dill fseen in the top right picture, left to rightl, Ada Wellbaum, Shari McKean, Marie Dillon lbottorn left, left to rightl, and head maiorette, Barbara French lcenter picturel. Barbara, who has served for four years, and Margie, Sylvia, Doris, and Marie will be leaving this year, but Ada and Shari will be here to carry on the tradition. 36 HR lhl An innovation this year was song leaders who were elected during basketball season. These four girls lliarbara French and Dorothy Rhodes in the top left picture, and Sylvia Chavarria and Margie Dill in the bottom right picturel accompanied the 'band and whipped up enthusiasm. Their halftime and quarter routines did a lat to add sparkle to the basketball games. lTheir pom-porn: added little scraps of crepe paper to the floor, too, on several occasions games were delayed while the harried officials doubled as ianitors.J 'l it: 2? is ck l Q xx Three of the hardest working cheerleaders in the history of Trona High School are Betty Dilbeck, June Russell, and Bev Compton lleft lc right in the top picturej, who served the senior high this year. Betty and June will graduate this year, but Beverly will be here next year to coach the incoming girls, These girls have sparked interest and provided color for the athletic events. WEMMS TM For the second consecutive year Trona Junior High has had its own cheerleaders. Jolene Swecringen, Chucky Beil, and Phyllis Oswald Iseen in top right picture, left to rightl, spent o lot of time and effort on cheers in order to lend at the iunior high and C basketball games. Both the iunior and senior highs appreciate these girls' poppy cheers. 37 JU NR ,J-'If Editor and sponsor of the hardworking Tvlmwpf- staff were Connie Schmitt and Mr. Herkenhoff. Top: The Telescope staff-standing, left to right: Larry Knowles, jim Parks, Gwen Knowles, Betty Dilbeck, Carol Akam, Bob Gaska, and the sponsor, Mr. Her- kenhoffg sitting: Kathy Hurlocker, Connie Schmitt, Pat Finnelly, jerry Bell, Carol McCullough, and Patricia Stevens-spent many fifth periods and after- noons laying out, cropping, cutting, and pasting. Most of the members were in charge of one particu- lar section, but when the deadline drew near, every- one was running around with the scissors, glue, and pictures. At the bottom left is the Photography Club- 38 J TELESCOPE standing, left to right: sponsog Mr. Paging David Roadruck, Roger Terry, Zane Little, Roy Hayes, Richard Gonzalezg sitting: Barbara Garcia, Dolores Portillo, Carolyn Bell, Diane Cassel, Diane Herbort, and Helen Fair. They took nearly all the pictures which appear in the Tz'lz'smpz', then had to develop and print them. Bottom right: The crew that traveled hither and yon convincing people that they should buy an ad- vertisement in the annual are left to right, standing: Mr. Hunter, sponsor, Darlene Kudlac, Mr. Davis, sponsor, sitting: joe Pastrone, Carol Akam, and Jerrell Glenn. M li HR C ll HR N fs SLATE Making sure that a Slafa' came out every week was the job of the editor, Kathy Hurloeker, shown in the top left picture. Her able sub-editors were Larry Knowles. sports, shown below Kathyg june Russell, news, in the top right corner, and Gwen Knowles, features, below June. First step in preparing an issue is to gather all the information, to write it up, and to get it in by the deadline. Proofreading, galleying, and page make-up follow. The people who do these little jobs are, left to right, back row: sponsor, Mr. Herken- hoHg jim Parks, Kathy Hurlocker, Gwen Knowles, june Russell, Darlene Kudlac, Betty Dilbeek, Pat lfinnelly, and Larry Knowles. liront row: Doris Rich, Marie Dillon, Sylvia Chavarria, Margie Dill, Orrene Slafter, and Carol McCullough. After make-up the stencils are typed Qsee bottom left pieturej, heads are cut on the mimtoscope fwhat Pat's doing at bottom rightj, and the pages are duplicated on the mimeograph Qlloris' job at bottom rightj. After stapling, another Slate is ready for distri- bution: then the rat race starts all over. 39 MAlllQS s in X V H Top leff: Discussing 'heir boys al the second annual Dad's Day are the Messrs. Whig rfh lEddie and Sieve Walshl, Picon LManuelb, Quezado Cflulxq Ta ley Uohnl, Hardison fChuckl, and Myers Uackl. . xy lop righl: Two Cuvies, Lyman and Erneslo, are, as usual in a V.C. initiation, polishing shoes for two privileged members. Middle Iefv: Eddie doesn'v like being left out very much, but vhs poor "worms" probably don'9 like the whole business. 40 Middle righl: Who! some people won'1 do to attract avvenvionl Here Lynn and Lyman are scrambling like eggs. Left fo righi: Officers of the cruel V.C.vPresidenI Jim Parks, Vice- Presideni Eddie Walsh, Secretary-Treasurer Gary Casey, and Ser- geant-af-Arms Lee Robinson, Bofiom leffz Here's lhe smiling Lfincillylj V.C. Boviom right: Jinx is making sure lhav Don Samuels gives him a good shine or elsal 0 VN if tf"yL-, it f L IIEAHRT llhll . . f Z 1. rf? Top left: Dishing up a wicked serve, Pat Clampitt and partner, Pat Finnelly, indulge in after school G.A.A, recreation. Top middle: Pat Hagar's confused. "Should I eat it or catch it?" Top right: It's a duel for second base between Arleen and Helen, and it looks like Arleen lost. Middle left: Barbara Rhodes, umpiring, doesn't look like she thinks this was the one to hit. Judy walloped it though, and it's a good thing because Evelyn wosn't low enough to catch it. . , . fm-mn Middle left: Due to o very nasty expression on her face we had to cut off Dolores Portillo's head. Makes a nice looking picture now. Left to right: The G.A.A. officers-President Marie Dillon, Treasurer Frances Jones, and Vice-President Bev Compton. Bottom left: Gee, is Helen proud. She caught it! Arloen doesn't think it's so greatg Helen was bound to catch one sometime. Bottom right: Members of the energetic G.A.A. pon prottily. 41 nA..rL! ll? HL MJ T mis' Els ll? Officers of the C. S. F. are, left to right, President Malvern Stevens, Vice-President Pat Hess, and Secretary'Treasurer Connie Schmitt. The rest of the gang: At the top, left to right, are Darlene Bell, Lou Ann Ford, Joe Pastrone, Donald Dansby, George Sherman, Malvern Stevens, John Tansley, and sponsor, Mr. Robins. Second row, left to right: Diane Herbort, Josephine Carrasco, Shari McKean, Phyllis Oswald, Evelyn Cunningham, Judy Klein, Sydney Smith, Pat Stevens, and Pat Finnelly. Third row, left to right: Nancy Reed, Sandra Parmelee, Marie Dillon, Carol McCullough, Dorothy Marshall, Mary Alice Knowles, Pat Clampitt, and Barbie Kraut. Fourth row, left to right: Pat Hess, Doris Rich, Sylvia Chavarria, Margie Dill, Kathy Hurlacker, Joe Ann Allen, Virginia Hall, and Connie Schmitt. Biggest C. S. F. deal this year was the excursion to Los Angeles in April, Mr. Robins and Mrs. Noel took 21 enthusiasts on a tour of U.C.L.A., a television studio, and Griffith Park Planetarium, they also saw a 3-D movie and visited Knott's Berry Farm. lNllElIl9TM llNllE xy '- s ff? Q z mi,- MQ7 , l fic Ne' E A. V3 s ,:., Y. sf ii -is ce- Q, N ' S K ixiwsssxu Officers of the K, K. are, left to right, Secretary Sylvia Chavarria, Treasurer Barbara Garcia, Vice-President Mary Williams, and President Nancy Read. K. K.'ers in the top row, left to right, are Dolores Portillo, Helen Fair, Barbara Pease, Mary Williams, Nancy Read, and Lois Pratt. Second row, left to right: Ellen Wallace, Nancy Smithg sponsor, Mr. Gillcinson, Frances Jones, and Josephine Carrasco. Third row, loft to righrz Sylvia Chavarria, Doris Rich, Margie Dill Juno Russell, and Hvlon Cruz. ,vw YP' K Ili Kommerce Klubbers, besides serving the school by selling tickets to games and sponsoring an entertaining assembly about the uses of typing and shorthand, sponsored the Spring Dance in April. The dance featured novel decorations that limited the sitting room to a point where everyone kept dancing, on tap at chow time was a gingerale-ice cream punch that was cool and tasty, best of all a previously untapped source of records was uncovered, providing the party with the best recorded music of the year, 43 lm lg Tl IIE NW S lflashes of light aeross a darkened sky, leaving trails of stardust shimmering in the night. Yes, these are our meteors, our stars of football, baseball, basketball, and traekg hlaxing their way across the held of sports. 44 See their brilliance and note their seemingly endless spark and glow, for these are the highlights of our athletic season. These are the greats of 'Hg coming generations will have their trails to guide them. gifs i mm ,asf 159-1 SEASON RECORD Antelope Valley j. V... lille Tehachapi . 6 Mojave B's .... 33 Victor Valley . . 40 Barstow 0 Lone Pine .. , . 43 Bishop . . ,,., 12 'l'Burr0ugl1s . 7 Needles M 18 'Homecoming XVon -- S Lost - 3 T +14HR"'.o-q " ,Q ' P ' 1 i I i Q f X ll? fx Q 1 oppomnu 31 0 13 59 0 12 12 13 led' li Top: Largest grid squad in Tornado history warms up on Griffith Field prior to season opener against Antelope Valley J,V. Middle: Tornado varsity had its best year of the last three seasons-won 5, lost 3. Kneeling, left to right: Bruce Bernhardi, Edward Walsh Ernesto Dominguez, Deril Schmitt, Chris Peterson, Chuck Hardison, Captain Jim Parks, Raul Quezada, Lyman Gilliland, Jack Myers, Zane Little, Al Gonzalez, Allen Hartley, Jim Dillon. Standing, left to right: Coach Joe Hunter, Coach Bob Hall, Don Brooks, Steve Walsh, Bob Gasku, Jinx Roadruck, Larry Knowles, Phil Murrin, Dale Roberts, Manuel Picon, Wes Plambeck, Larry Burke, Ronnie Baxter, John Tansley Bottom: Elated Tornadoes celebrate their crushing victory in the season opener, the coaches are just pulling themselves out of the showers HF Q5 QT4llMXNI!1L Top lefi: Parks cuis back over tackle againsl Bishop buf was slopped before he hi! poydirv. Top righiz Knowles follows Hnr1ley's blocking as the Tornadoes 'hump Moiave, 310. Middle: This Dime Quezado is sfopped short of the goal line. Boffom left: Quezada rips off one of his long gains ogainsi Bishop. Borfom right: Parks isee arrow! breaks Ihrough man-made wall into Antelope Valley's end zone lll? Tlll3KAXllLlllL 004' Q - ,W W .ft "0" np- ' gr .X .eh-AVG' ' Top row, left: An unidentified Tornado scores one of seven touchdowns aqoinst Lone Pine. Top row, right: Knowles scoots into the end zone on on bootleg around left end as the Tornadoes bent Mojave, 310, Second row, left: "Takes two to tango," but it takes three to stop Quezada. Second row, right: Quezada is nailed after a short gain against Bishop, Third row, left: Quezada bulldogs a Burro as Murrin and Dominguez look on. Third row, right: Quezada is really clobbered on this ploy. Fourth row, left: Stevens gets himself a Lone Pine Eagle as Tronu beats their foe, 43f0. Fourth row, right: Tornadoes make a goal-line stanrl They held the Burros this time but couldn't the next. '?" 47 HF T HNBMQIL Top Ief Top rig Middle Middle Bovforn Bohom 1: Football Captain Jim Parks leads the Tornadoes ou! for lhe Homecoming game, hl: Quezadc oufdislanced the Bishop defender but couldn'O quite handle lhe pass. left: Quezodo finds fhe end zone after o brillicmf 65 yard run. right: Parks sfaris on a long gallop: he didn'1 score, but he set one up. left: Quezado and Hordison bring down Jim Lofko of Burroughs before he reaches the line of scrimmage right: This is one pass Baxier couldn'9 keep his hands on. X S5 NE MNH H0 UIQ UI? NL AW! HE HR S3 .liwk xm'Rs PHII NIURRIN l.111rlnu'kvr ,HM PA RKS Iialffvzck f jg 1 xmx v1-R N s'r1,v1N5 ' ffu'fjf'fn'l' xv' . 0 9,16 'xxxlox QBNA Q 1 1,1f,f1f..f-k Jf fl IN vxxxsl LY f E N q.:, E Ej:": f - Nfwgfw. 'Q+: ' 15U.3N I. XX .-HBH fxwzir r Em! Bt H5 fy :XSKA I'1zlle'1a4 fc IARRY KNOXVIJS Qlmm'rlwn'k NBASS HK WET HBAIDL UL , IV' Top: Tornado vorsity takes o rebound, John Tonsley, Jerrell Glenn, Jim Forks, Ed Wolsh, ond Bob Gasko ore up in the oir Middle: Trono A squad. Kneeling, left to right: Monuel Picon, Jim Porks, Ed Walsh, Bob Gosko, John Tonsley. Stonding, left to right: Eric Chondler, Jerrell Glenn, Jerry Meehan, Don Brooks, Bob Roscoe, Coach Dick Wilkinson, Bottom: Trona B squad kneeling, left to right: Gory Casey, Gordon Farrah, Mol Stevens, Raul Quezodo, Al Adams. Standing, left to right: Coach Joe Hunter, Don Samuels, lorry Burke, Ross Roberson, Vernon Lewis, Lynn Bell. Top: Yrona C sauazl. Kneeling, left to right: Dickie John, Deril Schmitt, Howard Vastar, Jae Lee Gilliland, Buddy Rich, Jim Farrah. Standing: Ray Tcmsley, Harold Pierce, Herbert Pappe, Fred Mund, Don Dansby, Derral Wilborn, Stan Filler, Gilbert Gonzalez, Manager Roger Terry. Middle: Trona heavyweights. Kneeling, left to right: Al Alvarez, Tommy Wilson, Leroy Reece, Charles Pappe. Standing: Coach Warren Vogt, Frank Picon, Harvey Crandall, Coach Bob Barnes. Lightweights won the runnerfuo trophy fat leftl at the Moiove Tournament. Heavyweights wan the consolation prize fat rightl by beating Ridgecrest in the Moiave Tournament. Bottom: Trona Iighfweights. Kneeling, left to right: Freddie Carrasco, Joe Tankerslev, Bruce Jones, Jack Russell, John Pastrone, Pete Teel. Standing: Coach Warren Vogt, Richard Harral, Carl Hall, Mike Rhoclen, Glenn Stevens, Lee Bernhardi, Coach Bob Barnes. Top left: Baxler pushes up c lump shot against Burroughs Top middle: Tansley passes off under the baskef. Top righf: Chandler and Tansley race after the rebound. Middle right: Brooks tips The ball against Burroughs, Bolfom left: Knowles lays one in after a fast break. Bnllom middle: Brooks goes way up against Lone Pine. Bohom right: Bradshaw sinks his sho? against Barslow. I, K W3 A QS? IK NET UB AHL HL HV .... H . f x. l N1 K1 Jlrfaf , cpfllv Xt X U 5 ll. W Top Ief1: Bell goes up for the lip off againsi Owens Valley. bv Alf-f 'L jk RWM L Top middle: Lewis is fouled in an cmempl fo gel off c shol. Llfl fll' QV U D, f K RUN , Top right: Adams fires his deadly iump shol. 1 . I , , ' 'L Boilom left: Slevens hooks I1 sho? info ll-xe buckel off the double posf. I . l Bohom middle: Adams drives in for o lay-in ogcinsl Viciorville. 'lffl I L -' l Bofvom right: Quezuda, Roberson, and Stevens go for the rebound against Owens Valley V 1. f , L 1 'l 1 l AL? Vlflx 6Nxllk'l M lkW:llQ lvl L J K lvl L V fy X KJV Ll' ll Ll N l lyk LA LL fl l l 'lvl 1 ff lJXQ4 tl I, we DEV NB A S5 NK NE T MMX HL lg Yop left: As usual Mund gets the tip, this time against Randsburg. Top center: Pierce rebounds against Burroughs. Top right: Filler demonstrates his much vaunted lump shot. Bottom left: An unidentified Trona player can't budge Burroughs' defense. Bottom center: Farrah swishes in a left handed lay-in as Filler plays for rebound Bottom right: Filler snaros rebound from Burroughs as Pierce watches for tip. T W ACM ' AD Nl Top left: Deril Schmitt and Mal Stevens clear the barriers in record time. Top right: Mal Stevens tunes up for the high hurdles. Bottom: Track squad, left to right, sitting: Manager Joe Lee Gilliland, Devil Schmitt, Harold Pierce, Gil Gonzales, Donnie Dansby, Stan Filler, George Sherman, Derral Wilborn, Buddy Rich. Kneeling, left to right: Mal Stevens, Ross Roberson, Raul Quezoda, Gary Casey, Vernon Lewis, Herb Poppe, Richard Orr, Gordon May. ' ' ' k M John Tansloy, and Manager Roger Terry. Standing, left to right: Coach Bob Hall, Jam Parks, Larry Knowles, Phil Murrln, Jac yers, 58 T HR AC HK sz, Q ' ' NWQXXQ5. we ' t ENS: Q 5 Y X X Q Top left: Parks and Casey get off to c fast start In a blistering 100 yard dash Top rightg Around the back turn and heading Middle left: Quezuda soars up and over the Middle right: Roberson leaps to victory in the Bottom right: Murrin grinds through the mile. Bottom middle: Roberts worm up for the shot Bottom right: Casey, Parks, and Filler pour it 19' Wes me Mnamlamsg ' Q D ' l f'2'?"" ' W - fl .xxx X X .Xi mu. 4 eo, .3 ff Xl, ii '-4.-var" fr'-.favs P' ,i Top left: Jerry Meehan stretches for a wide throw in infield practice. Top right: Tornadoes' first intra-squad gameg Larry Knowles slides safely back into base as Raul Quezado waits for the throw. Bottom left: Chris Peterson goes for pop up. Middle: Raul Quezada beams: why not? He chucked first no-hitter in T.H.S. history. Bottom right: Larry Knowles makes a long throw to first. 60 .Q Neff.- ,bx C' RW V F ,-A 1 g. 'fe , A, H ' wmv.. X - Q vw 134: 1' , ,, 'P' i?'w?3fLAf+ Lff I I li lv I 4f,0:f f- -'Qs' vb GY -- X 19 - , , i ,Qi 'f Us., Q, ML YK' v . 'lgizkfl , f .Q 'fi-5'QQlf4 1, , ,Q P M fi M, f'g",3"'k'w 5,:Wii1:fiipQ',,F?f??' .3 35 1 mf- WY, f wirni fa 11a494f-awawf Tap lefl: Manuel Picon puls the tag an a sliding Larry Knowles. Baflom lefl: Gordon Farrah beals ou? an infield roller lnole balll. Top right: .lerrell Glenn cuts the run off at fhe plate. Balvom right: Eric Chandler pulls fly ball down in warmups. Middle: Ron Baxler pokes a single against the Burros. 61 N3 AS HE ll3AlL NL fig :Q e ww: lx 1 X Kwsgimw ,wg wp-sl sswwwwmqomw 5, Q NV lup- was Q L fm-1 eww, Tornado baseball squad. Top, kneeling, left to right: Manager Gil Gonzalez, Roy Tonsley, Dickie John, Ernesto Dominguez, Don Dansby, Bobby Jones, Ed Walsh, Zane Little, Gordie Farrah, Jerry Meehan. Standing, left to right: Manager Tommy Barrick, Chris Peterson, Vernon Lewis, Eric Chandler, Manuel Picon, Larry Knowles, Lyman Gilliland, Jerrell Glenn, Raul Quezoda, Ron Baxter, and Coach Joe Hunter. Bottom left: Quezada fields the ball, backed up by second baseman Farrah. Bottom right: Farrah goes high in the air on the toss to first, 62 Burroughs ,.....,. 116 MW Jam. if SEASCN HRMECQMRIDSWWJQZ BASKETBALL if 07 ge f MMV A B OPP T so 3 1 Tehachapi ......... ..,.... S 4 34 V' tor Valley ...... ..,.... 2 7 29 Lone Pine .............,. ..., 9 46 'Antelope Valley .......,.... 45 29 Lone Pine ...................... 60 44 Big Pine ....... Bishop ....... Barstow .,..... 41 46 42 39 78 34 Burroughs ..B., ....... 7 3 42 Barstow .... ..,.... S 6 3 4 Lone Pine ..... ..,.... 4 2 2 6 Victor Va -. ....... 43 5 3 Bishop ...,,...,.. ...,.,. s 7 37 Big Pine .,...., .....,. 5 2 S 3 Lone Pine ,.... ,,...., 7 7 3 2 McFarland ,..... ......, 7 8 3 0 Burroughs ......,......,......,, 5 S 4 3 Victor Valley ................ 60 46 Won 4, Lost 15 Burroughs ..,... Opp T .,.,-- 3 6 37 Tehachapi .......... ....., 2 1 2 2 Victor Valle ..., urroug s ..,.,..... ....,. 4 6 43 Randsburg ........... ..,... 4 0 47 Antelope Valley ............ 6 S 37 Bishop .,.......,...,.,.., ...... 3 2 7 8 Owens Valley ......B ...,., 3 S 5 9 Mojave ...........,.. ...... 3 8 6 S Bishop ,......,,.,.. ...,. 3 2 S 6 Barstow .....,,.. ..... 6 0 37 Burroughs ....... ,.... 3 6 3 7 Barstow ...., ..... 5 0 2 5 Lone Pine ...... ...,.. 4 3 5 1 Victor Valle .... ..... 4 9 4 S 1 ......,..,.., .,... 4 7 5 3 Mojave ....,7........ ..,.. 3 6 44 Owens Valley ....... ..... 5 2 60 Lone Pine .,........ ...... S 4 9 6 McFarland ,,.. r...., 2 7 S 3 Randsburg .... ,,,.,v 2 4 S 6 Burroughs .....,.,..,..,,.....,. 4 8 3 9 Victor Valley ..,....,.....,.. S7 47 few! pi faagflf-'A'j,! I 31305 Burroughs ......... V ..... 29 0 ' 62 Tehachapi .... .............,. 21 Randsburg .....,...........a.. 57 5 2 5 Randsburg .,... .,,.,.., 2 9 33 Big Pine ...,.. ,... 1 3 3 6 Mojave r.....,, ..,..,.. 2 4 20 Burroughs .... ,....... 2 3 3 5 Barstow ,..,.. ,.,. 3 8 18 Burroughs ..,, ..... 25 21 Barstow ,..,., ....... 3 0 28 Lone Pine ,.....,...e ........ 2 5 32 Victor V alley ..,......,,..... 42 0 ...,...,.. ....... z s iT Big Pine , .,........ ........ 2 5 26 Owens Valley ....,Ya.,....r., 48 44 Lone Pine .......,,ss ....s... 3 6 34 McFarland ,.,,.. ........ 2 6 13 Randsburg .,,., .,,. 2 6 29 Burroughs .....,.......,........ 37 27 Xictor Valley ,..,....,.v...,,. 29 Won 7, Lost 13 ,cff7l5 Won 15, Lost'8 TRACK PRACTICE MEETS DESERT-INYO LEAGUE TRACK MEET N A B C J, Barstow - Trona -' - Victor Valley - Trona - - DESERT-INYO LEAGUE Barstow - Trona - Burroughs Burroughs ...... Burroughs ...... 'Lone Pine ...... "'Mojave .......,. 9 Trona 0 Trona 5 Trona 0 Trona Burroughs Lone Pine RELAYS' - Randsburg Barstow ,..... Bishop ........ Burroughs ..... Lone Pine .,.,. Trona ...,..... ...,.. Victor Valley BASEBALL ---.-,-- 14 '3Burroughs ., :"Lone Pine '1Burroughs ..,. "Mojave ..... 5 1 5 3 4 ,-a 519, 09 gym ll ,jc 73 31 M 1816 3 23 24 3' League Games DESERT-INYO LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FOURTH STRAIGHT YEAR Trona ....,. Trona ...,.. Trona ....,. ' Trona .... 47M 2916 1 7511 35 34 V 1 4 16 25 37M 4 v '.- 3 ,,.... 21 S 63 13 2916 i' S3lllllQlNlQSS3 ll? Tlhlllllllli Z lllDlllkXQ Occasionally the stars in the sky are seen through the T4'l1'x1'ojn' to leave their regular positions and orhits, take on Ll new lustre, and really make the heavens shine and dance. ilihcse occasions occur roughly twelve times each yenr. To record and keep truck of 64 these events, we have given each social high- light ii sign and n symbol to correspond with the time of oceurrnnce. These symbols, the Signs of the Zodiac, are thus the social enl- entlnr for the year. ll HR G ww. A-f J' ICEBREAKER Top leflz Everyone's frying lo gel in the picture. Look uf Joe smile for fhe birdie. Top right: Dick Goddy iusl abou? has that big, delicious moufhful. -fn., 1 Middle left Whofs 'he maher, Larry, sleepy? Doris and Jimmy look like 1hey're enioying this dance. Bolfom lefi: Roadruck wants lo see if anyone else has cz piece as big as his. Bolfom right: Lee musl be having trouble bearing the musicg he seems to be sfrcining himself. -.,...W,,,.-,M 65 HL Nl W3 HR A Z J ,F T-PAINTING Top leff: Everyone is Ieovingg looks like, nd Billy ore going fo be left behind. Top righl: Bev and Frankie clown il up while everyone else is fecxsling on wczlermelon. Middle: They finally reach The lop. Everyone is huddled togelher and working so hard. Bolfom lefi: Take a close look! Everybody seems beef except our man Hunter ond bon ole THS spiril. Bottom right: Here they care feosiing on lhe wolermelon. Mr. Gilkinson is passing ouf. 66 lx on him lo get tha! "T" poinled with plenfy of ihul S C Q IR ll? lll HALLOWEEN Top left: Looks like Jerry is in n trance. Susan and Gary look very pleased with the whole affair Top right: Baxter, the pirate, dancing with Myrna, the fairy. Barbara, the blackie, dancing with Pat Dollm Elena dressed as a gypsy dancing with Center Center Bottom Bottom Lee. left: Gail looks frightened as she dances with Rodney. right: Carmen and Ray are enioying themselves. left: Ahh! The refreshment line! right: Pat Dolim and Carl Hall. SAG Ill T TMR ll U S33 ' X l lg, 01 "" DQ-QQ, lvl! rw will an ww' lx uf' llfl 'Qs ffl. xflizslyl x lrl ,gli -h rl- - Sw 'xl l NL S Nikos, 17 X .Y Q HOMECOMING lop righlz Wl'1al's lhe matter, sevenlh grade, having trouble wilh your mule? Top lefh Bonfire looks good in the piclure. Middle: Mr. Hunfer introduces Ihe linemen on 'he squad. They sure seem guy, hull? In lhe Phyllis, Marion, Ada, Margie, Jerry, Darlene, Diane, Jolene, Robi. Bollornz All are happy, or shall we say conlenl, al lhe homecoming dance. 68 ,451 QT. . z n , lla!! ffl qs E. 162 in ,ff 1 e ten lovelies: Churlohe W ll TTAVR ll Ll! S s IQ? aff! ME MARGIE DILL Homecoming Quven of 1953 Seventh in the line of Trona Homecoming Queens, Margie was chosen by the traditional vote of the football squad: the nine other candidates, headed by Jerry Bell and Ada Wellbaum, the princesses, graced her court. Last year Margie was a princess in the court of the '52 Homecoming Queen, Barbara French. Maioring in business she served this year as student body treasurer and senior class vicvprui- dent and also was one of our sparkling rnajorottu. GD , Q A ll? W ll C HR Nl CHRISTMAS BALL Top left: Pat and Lyman cast goo-goo eyes ot each other as Jerry Meehan watches the floor Top right: Just especially for you. Bottom: Evaryena listlns to Jim expound. What's Lois saying? Jim looks startled. .X Nc X3 ww 'sqm X is Q Q A ill? WR WI C HR MNH ,J CHRISTMAS BALL Top: Gladys and Nick, and Ace and Helen make for c pretty pid 9 the Christmas Bull Boiiom left: Wonder what WesIey's thinking? Bonom righv: Look: like ovoryona is snioying himself of tho Ball. AQ ul Amt ll ul S 51? OES? xfx wi e y A ",,., es 4' ' anal" ,L . -e lr,'.' ' e , 0 NQQ' l ' tw , '1g.'i 'vt 'e 'Q r,., eg' fl,!."'Q S Q llfxr t 'Q 'lx x,,e . n 'ef U si 'P' 5 , ell SOK HOP Top: Here are some fanciful samples of Sol: Hop footwearg looks like a three-legged monster's at the right. Middle: Nope, this shot explains the mystery: everyone should know there ore no monsters in the iunior high. Bottom: Yhe inevitable refreshment Handy who's trying to shoulder John Tcmsley away? He's still hungry. 72 .h U I- . Q Xl QC QV ' 'XJ lx' xx XL' ,Vi 1. E A I I fl llx i B xii K v lx y N 'L . iv 3 E N L R l llglll SSBQHEQS ' 5 M , VALENTINE DANCE Top left: Oops! Wrong guy! JERRY and Diane. Top righf: Leroy Reece and Robbie Wilson ure crowned King and Queen of Hearts by G.A.A. prexy, Marie Dillon Bovlom leff: Marie doles out the chow Oo Carole Farrah. Bom-nm riglw: Bev cans c coy glance to thu photographer os Ruly beams. A HR ll NE QS N Top left: Joe Ann, Margie, and Barbara take five and relax on the La Jolla. Top center: Margie lounges languidly on the wharf at San Diego Top right: Three little black birds sitting in the park: June, Sylvia, Doris. Bottom right: Mr. Herkenhoff, Miss Anderson, and Kathy return from an excursion trip on the deep blue sea, Bottom center: Bette is still posing, but this time on the cliffs of La Jolla. Bottom right: After a two hour walk in the zoo the girls are a little on the weary side: Joe Ann, Darlene, Terry, Bette, Gloria, Barbara SENIOR DITCH DAY The seniors left for San Diego at 4 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11. They were accompanied by their sponsors-Mr. Herkenhoff, Miss Anderson, and Mr. Davis, who drove the bus. The first stop was the Summit where the class ate breakfast. Upon arriving in San Diego, they checked into the San Diego Hotel and then scattered for lunch and a little sightsee- ing. At 2 p.m. they toured the San Diego Zoo and afterwards went out to dinner and spent the evening either bowling, skating, or seeing a movie. 74 A NR Ill IIE S Top: Larry and Gloria play peeka-cboo on lhe beach al La Jolla: Terry frolics al the zoo wilh an old-time friendg Gwennie sirolls along the beach ai La Jollag Sylvia waits for her ship fo come ing Darlene goes wading cr lhe beach. Boflom: Bevve sfrilxes a pose af Balboa Parllg Doris was iusf going Vo look av fhe monkeysg why? Barb and Joe Ann gorge lhemselves on pop- corng Gwen returning from a walk on ihe beach: Barb tries fo giva Bene compeiivion on posing. SAN DIEGO, FEBRUARY II and I2 The next morning some of the seniors went on a harbor excursion while others did some shopping. At 12:30 they left for La Jolla where they waded on the beach and visited Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Next they toured the beautiful and famous San juan Capistrano Mission. They ate dinner in San Bernardino and arrived home about 10 p.m., tired but pleased over the success of the senior ditch day, 1953. Jw r Wlfijif' ltsl 5 el HR ll HE 9 l is ' 6 A all ff W i wi? ' 76 Top let Top rig Middle: Bottom Bottom Bottom JUNIOR ASSEMBLY tz Barbie Kruut shoots the faithless Janet Terral to the tune of "Good-bye, Baby," ht: Lou Ann Ford climbs a chair to serenade Syd Smith: Kenny Cassel watches approvingly The whole class put on the showg they're shown with M.C. Ronnie Baxter at the mike, left: Barbara Lee Hevener plays "TiIl I Waltz Again With Young Kenny thinks it's great. center: Helen Dolman gives her version of "Heavenly Father." right: Syd and Carol Leo team up in "Harbor Lights." x muwslaumwesefrl X 1 3' I 'S MI fh 15. N SENIOR HOBO-HAT DAY Top left: The seniors all brought their lunch so they could show off their fancy headgear. Mal Stevens seems to object to Joe Ann Allens chapeoufot least he's trying to knock it off, Top rig ht: Here come Mal, Kathy, and Joe. Middle: The whole class assembles for their picture. Bottom Middle Bottom left: All the chitchut iust serves to block the halls. panel: Kathy and her umbrella, Joe and his feed-bog, and Carol, Betty, and Barbara with their noses. right: Those noses do SOMETHING for Betty and Carol. wxv yumwtl-1' 4 hczvv Zh NEBM E ,m Lqpiubf OIC- 0 J umm mg H13 M NL A wg N ? 1 N A R EE Q N' Q ,B Q T E E D i UST LUQKU'-IG ENAQGY QA, , we M5410 WffMQ?WWi MZZXMQM 5 zffffwd M fwfw WM' My J 0 M JW, FL iw ffm WLWJ NNMilElbl3LlJ1NM IH Q 2 4-WSI. MRO 'Q Nmzm::a2:O 2.0 BL ACN i13fQmQQ N V, .4 A 5 Roov-Es' I O , IQ .,A.' 9- gf 5 f' K LX A' 'gif' " if f oR1S--- H 5 1 0 no PARTNSRP , k deff' ' J ' '77, ,ax aff: - , M ' A f' N ,M 4"4f " ' W 'cfffifff ' f f' 7 J, ,- , J fx. " 'lx ,. .., 7 .9 1 . . Z , X L A NNN HE H73 Ui NL A UE X4 ff. W5 cams el NNN WE W3 Lil UL A HE GN9' fwfr uneuv TASTE' HRUIU 'sm .W- ? x f A wp GMO W W65kg?QSfQ5f A C X JC N ffkwf' JW Nwfiwmw Q W M MW 83 bww N 34945 My ENEAX N Y W K We , SQA A ix . ,n.,fi,.,U,.4 .HEI 51,1 . ,-5.-13141, .. z .,-1:1 i-.5 lg. Hung. ve!-zz ,f AUTQGRAPHE? E? Spnggpigi fAM IAZSQXQQ QEE Mg 511 1 gifs GTYWWW 5 QQ 'Q' abt . sv J s W sgfgyfp gg? sy W ': WQMMKW Q ' 3 , s Md if Q -gf, ,, fl GOLDEN STATE DAIRY COMPANY wishes Good 'Health 'Good Luck Prosperity to The Class of '5 3 Congratulations, Gail S1'ocld'0Il's Sporfin Q5 S Class of 1953 Athletic Eq ci e N DESERT 1-v sALEs 478 HD-i-.' ,Q I M' , Mi? 4-0182 . . f , 9 f f. u RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA B l , I: OQNIA V 1 J. J. ENGINEERING SERVICE VF ,1 ,,, -, . v luoklls RE D P. O. Box 1283 - Trona, California X ,f I ,' ' , 3 , V0 DRAFTING I I " 'flaw ,WW ESTIMATING Y, , , 3 ,. ox, Props. PURCHASING fu ' , 10" M- -27 6 Buildings - Mechanical - Electrical ' l - I 'ffl , C IFORNIA 1 1 - Best of Luck to the Graduating Class SMALL FRY RIDGECREST Home-School Association of 1953 Opp. County Bldg. CI-IILD,REN'S WEAR, TOYS, AND GAMES BABY SHOWER GIFTS FREE GIFT WRAPPING .. A 1 'V FF 52 I fi ,ii E esemcm's Argus Micyrkej' A f G L' ST I 1 P I lquor ore ' M f J E JZMYHLQJ J 50 i g BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 15953 l1,VKlVL,"'yg 053 Spb 86 aaggaaga .sa if a+"Nfa1f'f'f Efbizf af W5 fi' W mf? wow ,Jo 1095 WQMW EIarI's Meat Company ie , 42 an A Re olesale Meats SD ,MAE-L! L Catering t lgtjw WMU Ulf f lfff M L, py M il pl , 6' ' r l 1' 7' 0 J Kp? ilfgtloiolf' ' g if 1 f V71 I B" gs, eontractor 2122 Berkel y Avenue LOS ANGELES 26 CALIFORNIA 1FLORA'S TEEN-AGE SHOP Everything for Babies, Boys, Girls, and Ladies 131 RIDGECREST BLVD. "WATERS" Men's Wear - Women's Wear 129 Ridgecrest Blvd. RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA Congratulations, Class of 1 9 5 3 Argus Appliance ARGUS, CALIFORNIA 'Q .11 f V 'Z'-.f - V1 911 fy.: I :fly VI NG zo Gffgjlcfllllflbl rh M13 annua ma' e 1 0 afannawwnn will . ' 1' 31 Gylliityilatiorzs, Class of '53 f ' 5 'D fl SEARLES LAKE POST No. 1950 Ve+erans of Foreign Wars of lime Unil'ecl S+al'es Best Wishes, Seniors.' SEARLES LAKE AUXILIARY No. 1950 Veferans of Foreign Wars of flue Unired Sfaies CAIN'S MOBIL SERVICE At N.O.T.S. Gate RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA THE TIMES-HERALD "Written for and Read By" Desert People PHONE 84711 RIDGECREST Congratulations, Seniors! from RUTH'S QUICK LUNCH M Mile West of N.O.T.S. Gate RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA READ'S DEPARTMENT STORE 1535 China Lake Blvd. RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA Everything for the Home COME DANCE AT INYOKERN ROAD ANDERSON'S STRICTLY WESTERN To Be Sure. . . Insure With DESERT INSURANCE AGENCY 313 No. China Lake Blvd. RIDGECREST,' CALIFORNIA Box-416 Phone 84641 I Searles Lake Service ld If anon of sunior baby pictures on page 100. I. Dale R b I , 2. June Russell: 3. Gwen Knowles: 4. John Tanslayg 5. Berry Dilbeclu 6. Doris French: 7. Doris Rich: 8. Carol McCulloughg 9. Margie Dlllg 10. Sylvia Chavarriap II. Connie Schmff 12, Larry Knowles: 13. Darlene Kudlacg 14. Marie Dill 15 P I Stevens: 16. .lorry Bellg 17. Barbara Frenchp I8 P I H 19. Phil Murrin. Congratulations to the Class of 195 3 N' Q simsoo cLun 312 Q PETE sExToN and HERB SMITH BEE . . 2?l SEL LANG, PROPS. Box 269 Ridgecrest, California , 2 A 92. Xgisigxlg- 6 Wnaa avg ai? W ggi gl agp a AWG C- . pk I xy in ' -1 TO THE GRADUATING CLASS: Trona Railway Company M Y cowenmu You AND by Q Exremos wus:-:Es X Fon YO ccess by W W . G Q Jw af? M' ' Og! 5 50' Q by ab' ov Qy i Dm Al a 89 Y lo 'O N. 5' xi. I. I W I x J , N Q , I Il 0 SPROLES Hardware and Rock Gas Houxeloolrls and Gifts YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR STORE BEST WISHES LLOYD . . . SPROLES . . . IONE Congratulations to tloe Graduates LAKEVIEW TRAILER COURT Argus, California The West's Most Complete Audio-Visual Headquarters COAST VISUAL EDUCATION CO. 5620 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood 28, California KING'S DRY CLEANERS Personalized Cleaning Service ALL WORK DONE IN OUR OWN PLANT FINE FOODS COCKTAILS THE HIDEAWAY 313 N. China Lake Blvd. Bud and Louise Miller, Proprietors A Complete Line of Disirifeetants and janitorial Supplies Southern California Disinfecfing Co. Harry Toplitxky -1912-1953 Founder 236 S. Los Angeles Street Los Angeles 12, California DUDLEY'S SHOE STORE Shoes "For the Entire Familyv - Hose QUALITY - SERVICE - ECONOMY 1543 China Lake Blvd. Phone 84051 I f, E kN..f E!Q:T .fel ,A BUTANE-PRAIPI-INE DELIVERY SERVICE for home and commercial use TANKS RENTED, LEASED, SULII COMPLETE INSTALLATIONS Exclusive suppliers of "METERGAS." If you desire the METERGAS SYSTEM, you pay monthly only for fuel used according to the meter. No running out of fuel. No tanks or equipment to buy. APPLIANCES Wedgewood Ranges Payne Furnaces 2'Ji3iI'I.52iZZfi'i.?3?" 2275252.i'?,ii.'ii'J2Ii..,r. SERVICE "' SUBURBAN GAS SERVICE Phvne 2121 OF RIDGECREST 105 Florence St. Phone Ridgecrest 83961 I ,Q . JJ, JALLL V , fw.4u0 W0 TO TE' 1953 GRADUATING CLASS ow M- Dear Senior Class: just a note to convey our congratulations upon the occasion of your graduation and a word about your future endeavors. Our congratulations are given with considerable pride, since we know most of you either because your parents work in our plant or be- cause you have held a job with us sometime during your high school years. Regarding your future careers, especially those of you who plan to continue your educational preparation, we should like to direct your attention to the extensive opportunities available to you in the chemical industry, an industry whose products are basic to our national wealth. Already established as one of the most rapidly expanding indus- tries in the nation today, the chemical industry has need of a wide variety of skills. The demand for chemists, chemical engineers, and physicists is, of course, constant, but the rapid growth of the industry has also created places for trained specialists in personnel work, labor relations, admin- istration, safety, sales, and many other categories. Regardless of whether or not you have already chosen a vocation, we invite your investigation of the chemical industry as a field of sig- nificant promise for the development of a rewarding career. ANIEHIEA PIITASH 81 CHEMICAL EIIHPUBATIU TRONA, CALIFORNIA Many Congratulations to the Senior Class and Undergraduates Of Trona High School PAUL'S MARKET Argus, California Best Wishes to Students, Faculty and Parents of the Trona Unified School District JOHN EASTON Ridgecrest? Only Exclusive Store for Men CLARA WILLIAMS' RIDGECREST NURSERY Next to Desert Wholesale Ridgecrest, California K ' Q su IU m'm. nl lilllllllllllli sl Ilan SUS Free Parking at Rear of Store Congratulations to Seniors of 1953 and all of the best in the future years to the Student Body of Trona High School les Lake Gem 81 Mineral Society Sear CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduating Class of 1953 and to the Staff of the Trona Telescope May every success he yours. yquddatdptrnda PHONE 83301 RIDGECREST QQ' Ubffwrpf x w 0 0 i . If Next Door to F A ' ents A Desert Food Center I Q J P n Ml the "S RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA Ph e8-2841 up odlesr END cl-IEMICAL COMPANY ART Ano HsL:N's cus J -fjfvf INYOKERN ,J 'f' L- -4 'A Congratulations YJ W 1 AJ yt' if to the " . - V' ldv I Class of1953 'fl A ' - 2 J A - H de Pastries I e C jf so so s 5 fgbx ' jf A aesr wlsl-les TO THE C- l i Q 5 ,fi J lx . , . Wy , Q, PuPlLs OF fps -' K .' 46 A if 3'-f J ' :sf TRONA UNIFIED scHooL olsrmcr " " 'J A L Searles Lake Federal Credit Union SAVINGS LOANS INSURANCE afguxfy Ki lbw bl'W . K - A A K Q - BOB BUBAR Compliments and Congratulations to the Seniors '5 3 sw Mfg if HARMA C, ' R Bvd. Ridgecrest by L MICKEY GILLEN INC. DR' 'FRED G. SMITH Q. Dodge - Plymoufh ARGUS, CALIFORNIA RIDGECREST Best Wishes for a CONGRATULATIONS Successful Future To the Class ofrl 53 WM MU w. A. noun HARDWARE co. ,D E T P AY S ug NVE MAKE' KEYS . ' X tl , 1 A 6 I4 o 667 K X Rxdgecrest xv 15 .uw A l ,JK Y 1' . JW , 1 .1 jf Nl My A xl ,. dv : 'Best Wishes SIG 0 THE of 1953 FL G R t RS l lb M from A+ 3 E eef J l ' NEWHALL REFINING CO. BAKER B OS. Argus, California REFINERS AND MARKETERS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 94 TORNOUIST MACHINERY CO. 1426 Santa Fe Avenue Los Angeles 21, California Phone TRinity 4846 Representing: A complete line of metal and woodworking machine tools: also WALKER- TURNER Home Workshop tools. BERT'S ARGUS BARBER SHOP Needs Your Head To Do Business Best Wishes to Seniors 1953 DON LEE STYLE SHOP Miracle Mile, Ridgecrest Phone 8426 PIONEERS IN SANITATION wifh Proven Pioneer Proclucfs SANITARY SUPPLIES CLEANING SUPPLIES for Hospitals Office Hotels Buildings Homes Schools Institutions Theatres Industries janitorial Supplies NuClean, Briter 'N Ever, Steri-Clean PIONEER CHEMICAL CO. 328 E. Third Street Los Angeles 13, California Michigan 2869 Compliments of MEANY'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP ARGUS, CALIFORNIA Best Wishes for fbe Class of I 95 3 CITY BARBER SHOP ARGUS, CALIFORNIA ANNOUNCEMENTS TROPHIES CLASS PINS CLASS RINGS AWARDS ENGRAVERS CORPORATION 214 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles 15, California To the Seniors, Good Luckg To the Undergrads, Your Turn Is Nextg We Will Back You Every Way We Can M 81 S PETROLEUM PRODUCTS AKGUS, CALIFORNIA Willis J- Congratulations lyk ilytle y lfllslllseffffl K A M N Cla to the Seniors x. R' f XTHE EASTERN STAR CLUB E. Q K' ei y 3, V3 V CONGRATULATIONS to the Seniors Aj and to the sueeess of the Teleseope ' RAL X . . . N ' E X L Amerlcon Assoclaflon of by NF BUHAD C RA QR UlliV6l'Sify wbrllell 1 Q-In . X X W is ff? WJ xl V . . J! SQ, Congratulations, Seniors, X N and 13ZS 55,23 Fernando Road Good Lnelz to Those Who Follow You 'W an Fernando, California, Desert Wholesale Food Center fin Telephone: Empire 1-41 13-5 E RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA Of Course your Graduation Is a happy time for you- It's a time that's especially joyous For your friends and family, too As your life's paths resolve That the years ahead will hring you The things you're dreaming of. rona :apartment Store 96 K 1 , , 'J , - g 1.2 ' TI Xvlx New 5" .1 we J . Ri? I .X 4 nov LQ ' I AsoNs Conllmimvnfs C, ' ' 'Xl X of ' Islgln sii' xuh thgpfer No. I47 Q5 'Q 1 A Q, ,J 1 I ' Z g',fg,!Q.-v Trona Restaurant morons Ridgecrest, California and Buick Genuine General Motors Parts and Accessories Sales and Servire Com plete Body and Pain! Shop M C See Our Used Car Lot in Argus, CaIifor OUR SINCERE WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE SPRING CLASS OF I953 Pumice - Rock - Sand Asphalt - Concrete Transit Mix Cement TRIANGLE CERTIFIED CONCRETE. INC. BAKER. MITCHELL. THWING CO. INYOKERN. CALI-FORNIA Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1953 Gill Lumber Company Every+hing for the Builder Box 511 Phone 8-2391 i RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA Much Future Success to the Class of '53 MADALENE'S GI-FTS GABE'S ARGUS MOTEL Searles Valleys Finest Telephone 2051 Best Wishes to All of You MARY SUE'S SHOP Ridgecrest, California Ladies' and Children's Apparel K4 Mile South of Navy Base Gate 1 Congratulations to Class of '5 3 BARRlCK'S FLOWER SHOP ARGUS, CALIFORNIA 481 6th Street Phone 2651 Contact Lenses Visual Training DR. L. W. STEVENS OPTOMETRIST Professional Building Phone 82871 129 E. Ridgecrest Blvd. Ridgecrest, Calif. Insurance for Everything Insurahle LAURA A. LePELLEY Phone 8-2901 - P. O. Bin No. 564 RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA Best and Iuiricst Burgers on the Desert BABE - GEORGE'S Entrance N.O.T.S. Gate RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA Best Wishes ' from MACK'S CAFE ARGUS, CALIFORNIA Congratulations to the Seniors of 1953 mcl-I REPAIR SHOP 381 6th Street ARGUS, CALI-FORNIA LEATHER CRAFT METAL TOOLING TEXTILE PAINTING SHELL CRAFT BEAD CRAFT KIT KRAFT 737 3 Melrose Avenue LOS ANGELES 46, CALIFORNIA Congratulations to the Seniors of '53 , CUNNINGHAM'S GARAGE ARGUS, CALIFORNIA Congratulations to the Graduates CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY TRONA , CALIFORNIA Meetings in the Recreation Center Lounge Church Services at 11 arm. Sunday Testimonial Meetings at 8 p.m. Wednesday Sunday School for pupils to the age of 20 Compliments Of Miracle City More Coffee Shop RIDGE EST, ALIFORNIA 8-2 81 Max Braswell, Prop. ,f rf est islses to the ONEER POINT MOTEL Q ass of 1953 Best Wfisloes to the Graduates of 1953 LEE'S TRANSFER ARCUS, CALIFORNIA MAYFAIR FLOWER SHOP INYOKERN, CALIFORNIA Good Luck and Success, Senior Class of 1953 Best Wishes WM. GLENN BALCH and LOUIS L. BRYAN 2933 Rowena Ave. Los Angeles 26, California ARCHITECTS Our Wfislaes for Sneeess and Happiness to the Senior Class of 1953 and to the undergraduates of Trona High Sehool from TRONA LIONS CLUB WONDERFUL SOFT WATER Our soft water service to the residents of Searles Valley affords you the luxury and healthful use of' all the soft water you can use for only one dollar tplus a small installation fee.5 For Free Demonstration Phone Jim's Auto Wash in Argus Trona 3131 SERVISOFT OF TRONA A ii S SHEMNM NH NR WI ZQXIBYK W? HH UM NQHEQS3 'Q er ai-3 . lag? an v ,, 69 ,.,:.,, ,,,,,,, X E 1 VL I ,, ' q'Ab11 ' , if A,A1"' 1 A':' D "" 1'i X ,1f ., Q ' : 11e :EEEE , is ..,, ,S I A.,.,, A:.,A,. . The key to these p" ill b f I ne of the ad pages jwflffyjfnfiyzfjw . 4 I ' . ' . I ' ' X , ' A -.,- Mosgq JF,-,. ,4 b I ' AQ , 3 4CSAgN: I, . . X. V x -'vw U fx lx U 91.295 9 V if R 3 is Hu R X231 afif if Wwf s? 'ff2f M2f7fQ w X-333 W ' nffffw' ,W W f fi """E?"""--' 1 140.21- S111--1 --f""'-'...:f- Q ff? QQ, .,' ,ofqw 9 A . 4 cs- ij' key-2 Y WPG 'Q-jg -.51 59' 5 BR -iz, L. , 653, arm Mew ME M Qfkfiq 'g' '32-225 'B -'av 3 o3'Yf fd 552 5- ' fp M my X rx V W", P9 fix Q X0 .v0oLVJ'v. . 525 gil "' -SY 05 ' n as OQGS. V Lf G 9" Ea- ...-x Q jf ,cr 4 4' Q ' 6231 f S 1- 2 f 35" " X Jn. Q X ' wx M MQW " ah Z1 8 ian 2? Rh. b ext. Q65-32 Cb ,G 'ef Y! 'a my HQ! gp-'gg -9 U f o Q, nf Q Q EC" ra. "5':':-:sc Qt. P ' .ra VRYKSQ

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1953, pg 77

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