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it in w. ,N i N F lg, I .,'yf' f , 1u,,llf'4,,,,,j 1 -E ,Fl K ,V-, -'.m..Ck,.-u...... f , B-B A 'f Cl cz cn n I D U Dvfrwb EDU139 CICHJUD D U I1 nanulf' Q Un,P,t"f Dun , Urlunugg nun, UYJCIUUUD DDBJ uClnl1ClrJunUunu1qu UUDQ UDUUUUDUUD UU. Ungar' va, QUUCIU DDDBUUUHHDYDWD-gy-G f unubmmununuqu no DDUDUD cyxwr-Gnu nn QVIYQ, U UHUQK D-DDU ,X D UCIIJU gmcpmul nur-munfcw Dunxgflu W E'1"N q n u Cl DU yo' 'J p .. Q 51' ,Y . :J D pyo' 0 an F1 U D u Vw? U nuunmvnnnnfunnuuun U U U 1,1 G , 5321 I 1 I I Q. KUD Unmuu 4 bv F 1:3 If 4- A gb we 3,0-' - 1515?-,.w iii, Mme Lnizfl CI Robwxsgyg ' ' 15 A-'fy ' ' 1, "" 3255 ,Q . 5.4 ,Z wt' if , 'If ffrg- E? '. 32,37 , KL- , VV "?'1"u-in 5'5'9.QS6 'Lp 1 M g, I i ' fgjtff 'ill nfs, f H , " B I in 91 Yi 'gkinis-ffffifif M5vBW'f'11f- f-4-1b.gQ t ?? x h ,H -aih g, I. 'jg 47 7395-77:11, h. , 1. ,, 1 V. ,. rgdqgtg, .1 -3, J? ?3-ni-g1:s3Ei?1v,.S'.Kqz ,W :im g .- A 'J g' -V r w. '-"rf . . '!b4?,Q.. ,.phr53:1g1-3,-:,,,.E,5,,...,,,.:sui.i5,xmmN Cbdwwn ,IE QU 7340 Q! 5 . h WV? 490' o-1 AL CQ 'Dion 9 n n O . 4-'QB :aff H3-""" f-v Q'6cLg 826.90 Bu 0 undo' ' 5 C G Go' no 6 I wo uw 3 f-:ww 5 Q Tn' one u QP oop E815 49' Q- 'f cefi qouuocooa 9' wh 90 Qbqgmu QWQQ 9609 Q' """u'm Q 0 no o ,.,.v"" on Gonna-gag 9 cd 0 ' gm U Cx Q an Dor+hXoo0ig , uq 'E 1k- 9 uS ,. 5 B J 'Y 9 6 5 o Q 0 A.:mG:: -- B '87 U BU C! UQ Q Lemma EQIIGQ an cz gpm, g p p 5255 'f"s::1 Hd! AQWUB. ,.. .4.4. g .5 O a 6 13 4' I nc, ,g 1. ' -is. 35? -fl-f ' A A . V ,QL . , ,fm-55 -,l.,-sw . U.- .fwfa E , fi If h.,, ' I ' 'f-f- ,.-emit" Q . Q21 . , 3 , . 3 2 ,fp ,, ,- ' ' LW' ,f vllfii ' Am. . -l,, if ' 'I "H . Q "UN .? ,- 'H ff . ' , . ,V X i, . . F. we , . .1257 4.1 . ,,,. W, N., 1 . , v x , 4 1, ,gh .. .,. u .,-, 71 ' , ' 'Wx 23' - ' , 5 1 Q f 1' W f . 5- , v A . 1: Q., " 7 v -L . xy, Q' 1' w A x . ,,,.1. f ' o 5, i 'V " :Mi i L ., .. , 1 f ex. x -X 1 - -.5 V L In , 'Y . wi iw I ., -4 1 'Q , Q. 1' gk. z ,V :uw x x -', , . ,Mg 3 .s , Q 37'-if ' b fs . Y 1 . 5,3 T. ' 'T - . gi' ' 1 2 A QM Ep.. g . , V I A, , w A -V . f 3 ' , '54 in ' , . 5 , W . , m ' -s fi X 's ' - 1 5 - -s, Bw Y! as Q ,X , The Telescope l 9 5 0 VOLUME VII Pzzblisbvd by THE STUDENT BODY TRONA HIGH SCHOOL TRONA, CALIFORNIA oreword We, flae Telescope sfajf, are proud fo present floe review of the pasf year for all fo hold in freasured memory. As you thumb fhrough floe pages may you recapture the days gone by. Page Two dication To AI7Il'l'jt'dIl Pofaxb and CZJUIII- iral C'0VfJ0l'6lI4j0l1, 1L'fJo.w mllxfullf lL'clfc'f7 and iIIfl'l'l'Xf nzmfv ffm school possiblr, zu' 111'f'sc'111' 1'fJis isszu' zuifb grmf pric1'ff. M. ff , , I ,vu Pagz' Tlmw' Departmental List Production . . . . . . Personnel ...... . . . 16 Recreation-Social . . . . . , 34 Community Functions . . . . . 40 Recreation-Athletics . . . . . . 52 Long Change . . . . . . 62 Sales ..... . . 66 any E l 5 .JMX nl , ! M bg'L444dJ if Qi? , yfg? S ff SDJ fffw is 9 If .A ,,, pf X fggyva K ,W X N if LW fgfb Mbagm M MQ W 'M Y ff '30- wf 0 Mxfazgiigyi K Sify 'gf 4 Mijn q?? :gsm SF U ,af 55,53 xi? Prod uetion ww? Num ,J W kg 2, .499 F ,pf I f f Ahh MU, W2 0, Z Haj A M W if "MH W M! lb-J ,QW fg 7 N' gi VV? XZ , 8 :jfs vi mfg wg M fb faq fi -fx MW- XI '31 fbi: 'N W,,,,, A 'f M ffl? wmimifflvf ww' MW my WM' H , 0fw'Mf7y1MJf agp HMI- , '76wHf5I4wf?5 1 oard of irectors Standing from left to right are: Mrs. Earl Knowles, Mrs. Ada Wellbaum, Mrs. W. Bock, Mrs. Margaret Bernhardi, and Mr. C. E. Haley, the Advisory Committee. Seated we find from left to right: Mr. John Marshall, Dr. Leo W. Briggs, Mrs. Ruth Leete, Mr. Irvin A. Shimmin, Mr. C. C. Jones, and Mr. Myron K. Naef, Board of Trustees. SCH00 The year of 1949-50 has been a golden year. Many of our dreams for our school have been realized. With added faculty, more working space, and better equipment we have been able to more adequately meet the needs of our girls and boys. More school buildings are necessary. We believe in our Trona youth and we desire to give them a program of joy and one of Page Eight L BOARD effectiveness, so that when they go from this school they will not only cherish fond mem- ories, but will be well equipped to succeed. Congratulations and best wishes go with the members of the graduating class. This community has given them much. We trust they will pay their debt to Trona by being useful, upright citizens in the communities of their choice. BOARD OF TRUSTEES e President ! ' if I Mr. Irvin A. Shimmin To the Telescope Staff : You, the Editor, the members of the Annual Staff, and the Faculty Advisor have challenged yourselves with a great under- taking. We compliment and congratulate you on co-ordinating the various activities of our Trona High School, depicting class and outside-of-class functions, recording and portraying events Which exemplify the spirit and loyalty of our student body, and co-operating with and mustering the sup- port of our devoted citizens and patrons. Only by planning with a high purpose and by respecting our human and natural re- sources can We enlist the support of all. It is with appreciation for the honest efforts of our students that we wish you and the graduating seniors every success. The skill developed by working together will make our next steps more confident ones. Sincerely yours, IRVIN A. SHIMMIN, District Superintezzdent Page N im' lant ianager i l - ,-. fi X f, .' f' ,f I ff ' 'V Luxe. Cf' 77.1-e,lAffff2f"'x M.-df ., L4 L Clair E. Franklin Principal B. S. Ohio University M. A. Oloio Stale University Teacloes: Biology abor elations Page Ten Helen C. Noel Vice Principal B. A. Universify of Wfasloingfon M. A. Oregon. State College Teaeloes: Home Economies Sponsors: Girls' League, Senior Class Student Council Advisor APPRENTICE BOARD Nellie Dillon Adams A. B. Ohio University Teaches: Seventh Grade English, Social Studies and Reading Sponsors: Seventh Grade A. P. 81 C. C. LIBRARIAN Marion D. Barnes A. B. Syracuse University If 0 ' Teaches: English Composition and 7 . . . . V,' OL' Public Speaking, Librarian 1 - Sponsors: Slate, School Publicity I pl ' I MA fx H, W Qrf-Af'-'6""' KENEALY SCHOOL OF DANCING Anna Briganli B. S. UCLA Teaches: Girls Physical Education Sponsors: Sophomores, G.A.A., J.G.J. Page lila'1'r'n FOREIGN SALES Donald A. Davis B. A. UCLA Teaches: Languages Sponsors: Tenth Grade MAINTENANCE Wilbur J. Farr B. A. Industrial Arts, Washington Teaches: Shop, Drivers Education Sponsors: Seventh Grade lll lllll SYSTEMS AND METHODS Louis A. Herkenhoff A. B. UCLA Teaches: English Sponsors: Ninth Grade, Telescope State College APPRENTICE BOARD Blanche Hosea B. A. University of Redlands Teaches: Seventh and Eighth Grade Math, Eighth Grade Reading Sponsors: Eighth Grade ! SEARLES LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY Arlhur J. Langdon B. A. Pomona College Teaches: U. S. History and Civics, World History, Ninth Grade World of Industry, Eighth Grade Social Studies Sponsors: Junior Class MERCANTILE Homer E. Livermore B. S. University of Nebraska Teaches: General Business, Typewriting, Gregg Shorthand, Salesmanship, Business Law, Office Practice Sponsors: F.B.L.A., Student Finance Page Thirteen Page Fourteen ff VILLAGE SERVICE PAINTING DIVISION U Patricia Maher B. A. Santa Barbara Teaches: Art Sponsors: Ninth Grade, Dramatics RECREATION James F. McConnaughy B. S. UCLA Teaches: Boys' Physical Education Sponsors: Senior Class, Varsity Club PROSPECTOR George E. Pilcher B. S. Northern State- Teachers College Teaches: Music Sponsors: Band RESEARCH Fred P. Robins Z0 B. S. California Institute Technology Teaches: Physical Sciences, Math Sponsors: Eighth Grade, CSF J pprentice oard STUDENT COUNCIL From left to right We find Marlene Casey, Senior Representative, looking for Joe With Eileen Robinson, Junior Representative, peering over her shoulder. There's Ronnie Holliman, among the girls as usual, in front of secretary Dorothy DeYoung. Old Eagle Eye Clair Franklin is hovering over the group and President Al Holliman in the rear. Treas- urer Val Pipkin is smiling around Vice-President Don Freeman. Bill Sisco is showing off his tooth-paste smile in front of Pat Finnelly. Bill Johnson, Sophomore Representative, and Joe Pastrone, Ninth Grade Representative, are out buying Lois Pratt, Seventh Grade Repre- sentative, a coke and were unable to appear in the picture. Page Fifteen Personnel FW 3 7'E'ACHEx?s O X4-4 x, O f ED 0 .ll 0, eneral oremen "Ami iIIlI0l'l'IIC'C' is closing ,, . . , ,, "Nymph, in flag' orisions be Brcfwfy IS the soul of wlf 1111 his eyes." all my sins rc'rnc'11lzberc'd. HUGH ANDERSON RAY BELL Science Club, 4 Trillili, 1-2-3 Tennis, 4 Basketball, 1 - 1 Pagr IliXI7fl'l'll Science C.ub, 4 Stage Hand, 1-2-3-4 S MARLENE CASEY Entered in Senior Year Cheer Leader, 4 Telescope, 4 tuclcnt Body Representative G.A.A., 4 Girls, League, 4 Treasurer of F.B.L.A.. 4 .X X 3 N X5 sl x , ' .X K X' XJ A V wt Q3 .li Rx Kg? X Us ' 'WX V1 X XM XM' 3 NN xg fi J it 3' lf, 1 RX. ,x' General oremen Peace' in ber lnvfzrf ana' "Oh fl30ll arf fairer Haan "Wl7af flnou llt',f'l' lvff a smile 011 ber lips." fhe C'l!C'lIfl1g air." Irllsairff' JOYCE CLARK DOROTHY DeYOUNG CECILIA DUVALL F.B.L.A., 4 Girls' League, 2-3-4 CPresident, 33 Exchange Assembly, 3 Girls' League. 2-3-4 G.A.A., 2-3-4 Glee Club, 3 G.A.A., 3-4 Student Council Secretary, 4 Girls' League, 3-4 Telescope, 3 Slate Staff, 3-4 CTreasurer, 3: Representative, 43 Class Secretary, 4 Band, 4 Class Treasurer, 3 Homecoming Queen, 4 G.A.A., 2-3-4 fTreasurer, 4j Exchange Assembly, 4 F.B.L.A., 4 Science Club, 3 Page Nim'ln'n General oremen "Shall I ronzjmrc' ibm' fo a "Thou Comes! in szzvfa a "His mivu disfilzguishvd any sn m Il11'1',S u'a-y?', CjIIC'Sff0Il6lbIC' sfaapcff' c'rowa'." MARYBELLE EGGE JOE ELLIS Entered in junior year Football, 2-3-4 G.A.A., 1-2-3-4 Science Club, 3 Girls' League, 1-2-3-4 Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Band, 3-4 fVicc-President, 3-4j Exchange Assembly, 4 F.B.L.A.. 4 F7 f' If I I ' V3 , , I A, 1014 glfcc' J ij. z if :Q 3 1 .J l ' In ifffiii J YA V 4 Z zfrff E Q Y , ,fi , 4 X149 f777l"'fA M f 14 f - ff ,zffflf 4, ,Paw-Qwwy !Lf!,.,,f if . JERRY EYRE Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Football, 2-3-4 Track, 2 General Feremen "H is Ubin is firm and bis "Her smile izzvifes, ber eyes "How miglofy was fhy moufla is gl'tlUC'.,, do call." fl'l'l"0Ill' wbirfa could win." DON FREEMAN ARLENE HARRISON Class Treasurer, 3 Entered in junior year Student Council Vice-President. 4 Majorctte, 4 President C.A.S.C., 4 C.S.F., 4 Slate Staff, 4 G.A.A., 4 Scie ee Clwub, 374 Girls' League, 3-4 . 'fl If-',, Exchange Assembly, 4 . c' Q f 3 . 0 C , L 1 1 ' do i X r AL HOLLIMAN Football, 1-2-3-4 CCaptain, 4 Basketball, 1-4 Track, 2-3 -4 Baseball, 3-4 Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Student Council President, 4 Class President, 3 Page T1L'l'lIfA1'-Illll eneral oremen "Her ruvm frcsses and ber "Of men most bashful, ye! "They also serve who 01113 quief ways." quite bold." stand and wait" ALOHA HUNTER ART LEWIS G.A.A., 3-4 Class Treasurer, 1-4 Girls' League, 3-4 Football, 2-3-4 Chorus, 2 Track, 1-2-3 Slate Staff, 1 Varsity Club, 3-4 Page Tzwuly-fwo EVELYN LONG Entered in junior year Exchange Assembly, 3 Glee Club, 3 Girls' League, 3-4 Telescope, 3-4 Vice-President of Class, 4 Vice'-President of F.B.L.A., Slate Staff 4 General Foremen ff I , A woman of ber gentle sm' "O, msc' of Mayan "If fakes lzfe fo low l1fe." Q . ,, - a 5l'l'l7Illlg paragon. BARBARA MAY ROSEMARY MacGAVlN JOAN MCGREGOR Photographer of Telescope, 3-4 Band, 4 Exchange Assembly, 4 Slate, 3-4 Girls' League, 3-4 Glee Club, 3 G.A.A., 2-3-4 QVice-President, 4j Glee Club, 4 Girls' League, 2-3-4 QPresident 4j Science Club, 3-4 fPresident, 41 Secretary F.B.L.A., 4 G.A.A., 2-3-4 Girls' Leggue, 3-4 Exchange Assembly, 4 Telescope, 3 C.S.F., 4 Telescope, 3-4 Class President, 2 F.B.L.A., 4 Slate Staff, 2-3 Science Club, 3 Lions Club Speaking Award School Play, 3 Winner, 4 Page Twvnly-fbrvi' General oremen "Wflmf small safauir' surf of "To sfffiw, fo xcfclzl, fo find, kink was in his l1w1if1?,' and nm' fo 'ivlclf' 3 1 ' 1 I 3 l , I . i, 1' l' , s ' 1 -e ii, C ll, , v fx ' N ' LV M X , V - fill r' 1 , il SK, K., , X Tb 3. x. xx.- L N Q , r J 1 vl "Haul fo ffavr, lrlifbr' spiriff' HUGH McPHAIL Entered in junior year Football, 1-2-3-4 Baseball, 3-4 Varsity Club, 3-4 IH.B.L.A., 4 Glce Club, 1-2-3 Exchange Assembly, 3-4 Page Tu'rnfy-fozn' BOB PARKS Entered in junior year Basketball, 2-3 Football, 4 Track, 4 School Play, 3-4 Class President, 4 Exchange Assembly, 3-4 Varsity Club, 4 Band, 3-4 VALERIA PIPKIN Treasurer of Student Council, 4 Class President, l G.A.A., 3-4 Girls' League, 3-4 F.B.L.A., 4 Treasurer of Science Club, 3 Glee Club, 3 Exchange Assembly, 3-4 ,, General Foremen I,n1'gr' was his flflllllf-1' mul "Thou faux! r'yr'x fo Svc, buf "She vuswf mow' fbau S190 fm 5011! 5jl1f'U1'f',,, .wvsf Hof." frzurlc' K'0lIIf7lt12I1.,l CLARENCE PITT MICHAEL ROBINSON JANICE WALLACE Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Science Club, 3 G.A.A., 2-3-4 QPresiclent, 41 Track, 2-3 Presidznt, Secretary, Treasurer Girls' League, 3-4 School Play, 4 of junior Varsity, 1 QVice-Presidcnt. 31 Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Claresident, 41 Slate Staff, 3-4 Slate, 3-4 Cliditor, 41 Track, 1 Football, 1-2-3-4 Basketball, 2-4 School Play, 3 Telescope, 3 Page Tzuenfy-fi Ve General oremen "He vanze, be saw, be Thou arf gwzfeel and mm NWN! ,, rej91zea', obliging, indusfriozzs I ' and kind." JERRY WALLACE ROSEMARIE WHEELER Football, 1-2-3-4 Basketball, l-2-3-4 Track, 2-3 Baseball, 3-4 Class President, 1 Varsity Club, 2-3-4 Page Tzwrziy-six Editor of Telescope, 3-4 Slate Staff, 3-4 Class Secretary, 3 G.A.A., 3-4 Science Club, 3-4 Girls' League, 3-4 Life Member of C.S.F. C etlrement lan The "General Foremen,', farniliarly known as "Seniors," have com posed a will leaving their assorted treasures, talents, and nuisances to the threadbare pack of nndeserving "Fore- men." Theetestators generously came forth with the following will, casting Mr. Franklin off with the customary dollar: I, Joe Ellis, leave to Bill Sisco my strong will, character, and nights with the boys. He needs them. I, Art "Deacon" Lewis, leave my good name and my insatiable thirst to Marie Diehl. I, "Cookie" Wallace, leave my football brawn and ability to Eugene Bradburn. To "Tiger" Thompson, I, Hughie Anderson, leave my super dynamic personality and unending energy. I, Louie Lopez, will my siesta time to Marian Steger who doesn't find enough time to sleep at night. I, Aloha Hunter. leave my studious, quiet, and intelligent manner to Nancy Briggs. Since "variety is the spice of life," I, Joan Mc- Gregor, leave my love for the males to deserving Beverly Simpson. I, Dorothy De Young, leave my hair rinse to Glenna Garrison who seems to have run out lately. I, Cecilia Duvall, will to True Seaborn my wasp waist which I inherited from Dick Best. I, Al Holliman, leave my sledge hammer and the whole Student Body to Chad Smith. I, Hugh McPhail, leave my operatic voice and style to Don Grau. To Holly Hurlocker, I, Barbara May, leave the darkroom-for developing pictures of course. I, Rhody Wheeler, leave to Philip Lopez my desire for the "higher things in life." To my dear sister, Eileen, I, Mike Robinson, leave my eagle eyes and dainty feet. I, Marybelle Egge, will to Ronnie Holliman my clarinet so it will be easier for him to blow his own horn. I To Ira Russell, I, Janice Wallace, leave my ath- letic physique and romantic charms. I, Val Pipkin, leave my quiet ladylike manners and hate for all men in any shape or form to Irma Nicto. I Clarence Pitt, leave m Casanova charms and . Y way with the women to Gene Mauldin. I, Bob Parks, will to Bob Stevens my genuine Sears Roebuck guitar so that he can junk that off-beat trombone. To hard-working Bill Fuller, I, jerry Eyre, be- queath my position at the Trona Grocery Store. Requiescat in pace. My cultured and honey-toned voice I, Marlene Casey, leave to Wilma Dansby. I, Don Freeman, leave my spectacles and critical eye to Barry Farrah. To Barbara Hall, I, Arlene' Harrison, leave my enlightened and widespread interest in men, males, and small boys. I, Ray Bell. will to Jack Hackman my technique for setting pins slowly and methodically. I, Evelyn Long, give to Bert Nieto my great and good friend, John Lineback. Please guard him from the predatory advances of others in your class. I, Rosemary MacGavin, leave to Bill Roberson my Toni Kit. To Virginia Samuels, I, Joyce Clark, bequeath my violent emotions, grouchy disposition, and ex- treme patience. Against our will, we, the Seniors of 1950, leave. Page Twenty-seven 0l'0llII3ll avid: f fi Hcfrcf wc' find H90 Izuzior Class resfing affrr fbrir vigorous vforfs svfliug in' vrmm fo jqlldllff' floeir Iuuior Prom. Pagv Twvniy-z'igl1f 0 0 romotlon otlees It is the philosophy of our company to reward work well done. For the outstanding services rendered during the preceding twelve years, the following employees are to he com- mended and promotions shall he presented accordingly. M. Charles Robinson is to be promoted from Chief English Literature ham to the writer, producer, director, and star of Shakespeare's Hamlet, renamed Ham-let. Rosemarie Wheeler, having completed her appren- ticeship in "Patty's Petite Paintshop," will assume her duties as head house painter for all of Searles Valley. As "Hughie" Hugh McPhail was recently elected the Valley's top Singing Pinboy, it is only fitting that he be promoted to foreman of the Union of Singing Waiters. It is well that Alvin Holliman has had practice in leadership for his future position shall be one of great importance: control of all ditch, trench, and reservoir digging. In order that the Trona paper might be of more value to our personnel, we have assigned Cecilia Du- vall to gather and arrange all unnecessary news. It is with gre-at pleasure that we announce that a successful business transaction has been completed by Ray Bell. He has sold his bike, this feat has earned him a high position on our sales staff. Because of his great bulk and lack of pecuniary comprehension, joseph Henry Ellis shall take over as sergeant-at-arms at the newly built Trona Theater. It is with due regard to the graying of Dorothy DeYoung's golden locks fbecause of her never-ending behind-the-counter worriesj, that we have promoted her to Recreational Secretary. It is with great regret that we demote Mr. George Pilcher to "first clarinet" and it is with equal rejoic- ing that we promote Miss Marybelle Egge to Band Director. Barbara May shall be promoted to thirty-third vice-president in charge of Public Relations in view of the fact that she has proved herself in the field of oratory. Bob Parks was unanimously voted "model of the year." He looked so sweet in "That little shirt that Mother made for me." During the course of years Donald Freeman has ably proved himself in the fields of butchering, re- tailing, and leadership in interscholastic organizations. Consequently he is to receive the title and job of "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer." Miss Joyce Clark having ably conducted herself in all plant tours shall now take over and be given an assistant, Art Lewis. Her tour shall be called the Lewis and Clark expedition. Jerry Wallace has been transferred to the Stude- baker Corporation of America as chief breaker-in of new automobiles. A special position has been created for Aloha Hunter. Miss Hunter will spend her time knitting argyles to be worn by the Trona Tigers. One of our most efficient secretaries has been moved up to assistant Recreation Director. Janice Wallace Will be in charge of an athletic association for girls. Joan McGregor has been given a year's leave of ab- sence to return to THS to be Girls' League president. Evelyn Long has been appointed Chairman of the Food Committee for the annual reunion of the 36,532 employees of APBZCC. Clarence Pitt because of his outstanding mechan- ical ability has been placed in charge of repairing the bicycles, tricycles and Taylor Tots on Verbena Street. Rosie MacGavin and her Saxy Seven have been hired to replace the Prospectors for all Club Dances. After apprenticing for the last 12 years, the Man- agement has unanimously promoted Hugh Anderson to "Diesel Repairer." ' The future job of Marlene Casey shall be complete Coffee Shop Manager. The management hopes she will refrain from serving tea and toast as the main menu too frequently. Because of his undying faithfulness and patience Louis Lopez shall receive his diploma and hearty con- gratulations from the faculty of Trona High School. Miss Arlene Harrison shall be promoted from extra curricular pupil to kindergarten teacher-in charge of the boys, of course. While on an expedition, Deacon Lewis went down in the cellar to pray. Since he has yet to return, we find it impossible to promote him at this time. Page Twenty-nine This is floc' Sopfoonzora' class affw' ffovir sfrwzzzons vjfforfs in puf 011 a very fine Clorisfmas Ball. Page Thirty N Q S ,NNN Hvrr' is fix' poppy Frvsbman vlass in om' of fbfir VHF? l7I017'lf'lIfS of i11ac'fi1fify. Pagr' Tbirly-onr Tlu' viglafb graclf' is looking forzuarrl fn rzcxrf yvar wlacvi flwy will lu' lop clogs in flu' iIlIIl0l' lniglv. Pagv Tl7ll'f'Y-fll'lI WNNQ::Q1 'i i i i Hvrz' zu' jqlllll ffar' Sl'l'l'l1flJ graa'c' all cfllffazzwd owr geffing in flu' junior bigb. Pagf' Tlrirlly-flrrm CQQTQB3 we fn ut BRN Sensow -I-Pmwrwg mmwaw DW L 4, X Q-! ,x,e M9 CHO NOYJMEBER F'-1-w....W-ij 9 C K. f 4, 0 3 - XTX I ' v ' E cnrthllf 5 o ' L K Hovafowiwg 'I be L - 'Ni' 21? N X, - X5 X3 f-- . X XM X ft I N S1 0 0 o , X X E K NJ x1 53 lg l , 3 '- vu, EPIEWSER TI-45 'X YN X. Au MA X gc' Tbirfy-four DLCUYI B571 saws Ban JUWURKY Bnsxar mm 5znso 'QC gr-1 4Q FFBIIBRV Ymtw 'kwa Dwwcr. Scwool. Pmy Y, C,DH71C.E. Cb MARCH SI. 7311 's DBNCL L 0147, Jidfsx 19 M Q9 wavy BR mmm SSHSON3 ' qw :Mx sw-on ' bmi. 'l'-PAINTI G Pfgixig eww hx 'xf"'N Pugr' Tl1ir'ly-filw' -"""'s A' I rr' B rz'akr'r H all 01L'f'r'11 H 01716111 ming CTl7l'jNflII6l5 Bull Pulqf' ,l'f1irlAy-xix fy f 1 'w V ' fl V4.1 nn 1 2 n ng my j f 72263 X fs' ,La U , A , 1714 QL A 1 tw mv 716677 . ,X 1 041 , mfg, M Q Ty - 4 QV if yiqc qfinff ff - gg 'X 'fb Ni. W P4 fc u QQ fwLcCf' N 'Y fi , ' 2 g n d X Q Fw X9 M6 5 wb YY 201. Q LW Community Functions EENTEQ s 4 P 1 M A ' W, Er 1,2 ' 'Q yi' I I I I-JE1l,1-QUX,llLllXl ff 77, M- Q 2 A we V' 7 rospecto SU Mr. Pilz'lJf'1' ana' ffyr' Trwza High Safco! Band - all 44 of flnvnz. J Our f7l'dlIl'ilIg 111aj0rc'fff'x-Barf2ara,A1f1c'11c', Iauirrf, Roland, Bvffy Io, Nixrm, CJl'l'f'lIl', Rosir' and Marian. K Rm, ami Walfffzf having a big ffllll' af flu -5 Wm, r'l11f1 rfalzw for flu' l11'11vf:1f of lbw band. O X. k Pugv lfurfy -fuvz Vi Girls' eague President joan McGregor, Vice-President Holly Hurlocker, Secre- tary Bev Shamel, and Treasurer Virginia Samuels headed a big and suc- cessful Girls' Leaguesg in fact, it was so big We had to take the junior and senior high school separately. .. 'N Page Forty-fhrve JUNIOR BOWLING LEAGUE Ojffwrv and c'loc'c'r lvacfvrv of . ' .' Tl f f' lx ' ' ' f I. CJ. I. surrozmzl Pl'l'SlL1ll'IIf miffigrs mgugul In d film Margy Dill. x W 'F i an -2:1' s xi 3 , NE TRQHA VISITGRS Thr' wbolr' gang. Pugv lforl 1'-ffllll' X Janice Wallace P!'c'Xlzft'lIf Cecilia Duvall Trn1x1m'r Barbara May Miss A. Briganfi Nancy Briggs Vin'-Pl'i'.vi:ft'11f Sf70llXOl' Sl'l'l'l'ft1l'j' Left above-.Ioyce lets one roll while Wfilmtz Right above-Eileen does two things at onec- waits for her ball. bowls and catches flies. Left below-The G.A.A. on parade. Right below-initiates practice their Conga. Page l"m'fy-jiri' ions Club Abovc--Thu happy smiling faces of the V.C. leaders: Don Grau, secretary-treasurcrg Mike Robinson, Pres idcntg Aloe lfllis, vice-president, and Conch Mdlonnnughy. Below-Tlic unhappy, glum puxscs of thc downtroddcn V.C. members. Pugu l"1u'l3-xix Argonaut ' ..........--""'3""""'..-'::......""' MCAHERNSHY UHTOR ":-:---"-- "--'I-"""--------"""""' OARES CALLOUSES 5 .........."""""'.'I'."'.."""..... --------'-- TYPISTS AT WORK .STAFF RELAXES SNIFFY GATHER' ALMOST COLLAPSES ING THE NEWS iii4Pf" 11-1-1110 1 - V . n-1--1--Q--..-1. 1 'liilluuilq--3.3-, . i1 l-i t- SPONSORS """""""""""' l-,, 'illumin-In-u--. 1-lilllii-nn-sig-p ....,..---....c--u-un--u-o-u-u-n-n-n---"""9'-'mu-na inn- 'v' EDITOR . . . . Rosemarie Wfbeeler PIIOTOGRAPIIIER . . . . Barbara May ASSISTANT PHOTQGRAPIIIQR . Holly Hurloelzer BUSINIQSS MANAGER . . . Naney Briggs TRr:ASuRIaR . ..... Pal Hess SALIQSMIQN . . Chan' Smifb, Mike Robinson INTRODUCTION . . . Virginia Samuels ASSISTANT . . Evelyn Long CLASSIQS ....... Barbara Hall nnual ASSISTANT SocIAI. . ASSISTANT CLUBS . ATHLETICS SNAPS . Aus . ASSISTANT ARTISTS port . Darlene Kufllac' . Iiileen Robinson . Bei' Sbamel . . . . . Kafhy Hurloeker Pafriria Slerens, Rosemary Maz'GaL'in . . . . . Marlene Carey . Wfilma Danxby . . . . . Marion Sfeger Mari! Diehl, Roxie Gareia, jerry Bell Upper Left-We see Mr. Herkenhoff, Telescope Sponsor, surrounded by a bevy of cuties-the section :ditorsq behind him and to the right, is Rosemarie Wheeler, editor. Lower Left-Telescope photographers-what'S So funny girls? Upper Right-Telescope business Staff-don't look so blue, Mr. Franklin, take the bright outlook on life like Mike. Lower Right-The whole kit and kaboodlc of 'em-minus about six people. Page Forly-nine esert layers Connie Schmitt, joe Pzistronc, and Could these be the cause of Rosie's Bob Parks in Ll tense scene from the Tragedy strikes!!! Can't screams? Beiicve it or not, thcy'ie play. you hear Rosie screaming? F.B.I. men, not crooks. Tloc' whole ras! of You Cdlff Take If With You. Pagr' Fifi-3' Searles Valley Credit nion BUSINESS CLUB Tr'asur'r Marlena Vice-President Eval n and , L L ' Y ' The famed snack bar m utwn President Holly. Nw Thv Fleabas wiih Mr. Liifrrmorcn Pagl' lfiffly-mic' My af"'x:?r? MM Hmfw Lff ' 607' fm +"lvw.1..,,,.,AA 3,,,wp,aw-M43x W J viii? y QW WWW new ,ff Lvl fnull, ' 45,,.Mf.Q61,wJG-M42 Recreation - Athletics 56,5 fel 2 111 I l , 1 W , ' if 1 mx K 8 E-z QE ,,-. if-....-152.2-:S-N: ' -:mn f,V, Lf ii ,, ,iv ,W ' ""'u. ,f 43 9 5 . i r 4 Donald Dill Cvnfrr Joe Ellis Riglvf Taflzlz' Bill Sisco Riglzl Guard Pagx' Fifly-four H Don ald G ra u Qzzarlvrlmrk Hugh McPhail Lrff Ttlfkll' Bill Fuller Lrff Guard Mike Robinson Fnllburfz Bob Thompson Right End Ari' Lewis Right End .R 1 I3 ei ZA x Bob Parks Rigkf Half John Marshall Lvff Ifmf Bill Roberson Lrfl End ,WWE Jerry Wallace Alvin Holliman Ronnie Holliman Chad Smifh Iflzlllfurk um1Qnarf4'rl1m'fc I"111Unu'lz l171tIQIldYfl'Y1Jt1l'k Lvff Half Righf Half Jerry Eyre John Alvarez Manuel Quezada Barry Farrah Riglrl Half Lvff Half Lvff Half Lrff Tavklz' lra Russell Bing Harris Jim Hammond Bill Johnson Riglnf Guard Cvnfvr QlllIVfl'I'17l1l'1C. Riglzl Guard Page Fifty-fi vc eil 'Wm 15 Y " i Bruce Robinson S+eve Walsh Dale Kn ghi' Right Tacklc' Left Tackle Le I Guard Jim McConnaughy True Seaborne, Sr. Roland Walfon, Jr. Buford Tunnell Jr Coavh Manager Manager Managcr Pug 1' Fif ty-six Trona 19 Trona 6 Trona 6 Trona 14 Troma 7 Trona 14 Anaheim 0 . Bishop 0 Big Bear 6 Anaheim 6 Tehachapi 34 Big Bear 6 Lx - A 43 its Qmwmmmmmw, X...-.Q ,gpm-ul Pug 1' Fifly-nim asehall ,xgrl Wk falling lf!- 'ix if. 'Dol La. 'fy Goo His Louie Lopez X ,z 0 if 5? x.. ' : .. L Q ' -. Q X N V' " ., , .. S an 'Babs Mm, ewbeil 3' 'Del H Num I Eli!!! l"l ll 2 E E giggll .ah by L.+l.,f,efQzs.n -ff ..- nj? rr ,OM MuM Ofdemwfs 'DWA LL 56rN'c7Q CPEIJ 796 'P Ll fb-'Fmmp Hnqseeds 1 SW ,BGYHM 'B 66 och 6.5 weeeee 1 GE! , 3 'Buddies OHHHNHQ luHaf:5 is 7 Awww' OH! BtwH4eQ.Q 'Num 'Pajama qinzts q".5H:e9 Congratulations to the Graduating Class and to the Undergraduates of Trona High School TRONA COFFEE SHOP It v .....,v v - , - JJIJJIJIIJJJJJJJIJ In Congratulations Class of 1950 ARGUS APPLIANCE ARGUS, CALIFORNIA Best Wishes for a Big Future WATERS STORE FOR MEN l29 Ridgecrest Blvd. Ridgecrest, California Arrow Shirts Palmdayl Sport Shirts -- Suits Full Line Work Clothes Wo1nen's Sport Wear Best Wishes To the Class of1950 from DR. E. J. SEMANSKY Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society TESHEEIETVIaTfSTd?E:SEEE5 Ladies' and ChiIdren's Dresses and Shoes My Mile South of Navy Gate on China Lake Rd RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA loriginall AUTOMATIC-WASH OR BUY Buy a ticket for automatic Help Yourself Service--use it to help pay for any washer at Fullers. Finest in Appliances and Furniture SALES AND SERVICE "H e who serves best profits most" ':X'if?Eli Acc.,,A.,. c-c3!'?9E9,'iE5T Xliiioiliiii 'iiiriliiiic 'BEKEERS HARPEIE-Sfiiiorl Fllliimc Ridgecrest, California Box 291 "On the Miracle Mile" Congratulations Seniors THE TELESCOPE STAFF Page Sixty-fi ln" 1 x' 11 1 11 1 11 1, 1' I 0 1 1 3 , , mee I9 7 1, ,I 1 ,i S E R V I C E It has been our pleasure and honor to ' '1 serve the Trona Uniiied School and the , 1 communities of Searles Valley with their EE E N G R A V I N G printing requirements. If . . . May we extend our appreciation 1: M P A N Y '1 and congratulations to the 1950 Tele- 11 1: scope Staff for their Work on this year's 11 I annual. 1, 1 ' . . . We are looking forward to many ' more years of happy association. 1 1 'I 1 11 1 1 HUBBARD PRINTING 1 1, II 224 Easf Elevenfh S+ree+ if 11 1, Quality Printing for lbe Great Mojave Desert 11 LOS ANGELES l5, CALIFORNIA 1: 1: 1, Phone 526l Randsburg 1 51 1 11 -- 1, -' 11 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 emember OUI' SIOQCIH 11 11 11 1 1 1: We have it ff We can get it 1 :E Or they a'0n't make it EE 1: We guaran+ee cusfomer saiisfacfion on all the 1: merchandise we sell. Come in and ge'r acquainfed. 71 '1 1 11 1 1 The HOUSE of MEANS 11 11 I 1' TRQNA KARGUSD RIDGECREST TI '1 '1 '1 1,::::::::::: Page Sixly-six CONGRATULATIONS 1950 GRADUATING CLASS AND TO THE UNDERGRADUATES OF TRONA UNIHED SCHOOL AMERIEANPUTASH61 EHEMIEAL Enuvnnmwuw 555:54-5:f5fff::f:: -----A 44444--44-A -'-, V - - --.-v v--.. Y - - Y - Y :::.-::::::::.A:: Page Sixty-se Come Visit Our Patio I0 M a nd A R L E NE QQ Mercantile Offers ARGUS. CALIFORNIA " I I GABTS ARGUS MOTEL Best Wishes Searles Valley's Finest o::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Best Wishes to the Class of 1950 II To the PToNTTR POINT MOTEL Many Congratulations to the Senior Class 'I and to the Undergraduates of Trona School 'T , 1: T h I PAULS MARKET EE Classesof rona Sc oo ARG-US, CALIFORNIA IZ FREDEBICIQS 8: CU Pl-I Y 8560 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, California Phone: BRadsI'Taw 2-506I Southern Californids Largest Team and School Outfitters We extend our sincere appreciation to Trona High School and Students TEAM UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT ' SENIOR swEATERs LETTERMEN swEATERs 1 AWARD LETTERS Pagf Si ty eight CONGRATULATIONS BYR AMS Congratulations E ELERS +0 , J YRGUS 0 the Class of 50 iiiiiiiisi5nT6iEKriEnEii G gniifaliagdlitj' Personalized Cleaning Service G IM h d aw aifTTfff?iEiEQwE+ ri """ ""'V"'::::::::::::: ig b Comp :ments of , , SEARLES LAKE CHAPTER No. 547 SIITIDSUH S Market Order of the Eastern Star SERVICE WITH A SMILE HESEMANS ARGUS MARKET AND LIQUUR STORE Brsr wrsnfs ro THE CLASS or 1950 Pg S T COMPLIMENTS OF uriaw ear A THGNA HPKTLWZIY CU. WiEon'oEl'I'UiL'l'IWIons ALKALINE SALT WORKERS UNION LOCAL 414 lnlernalional Union of Mine. Mill and Smeller Workers 'I 'I 'I In 1 A jjil iatea' with CONGRESS OF INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATIONS II Congratulations to the Class of 1950 The future is in your hands Mold it carefully lvIADALENE'S GIFTS l TRONA CALIFORNIA VAN DYCK morons See'SproIes for Building Maierral + Lumber, Hardware and Parnls Your Friendly Neighbor Everywhere I IE Form sAr.Es Ann ssrzvrce EE In 9 ...... -- Trona, California See "SPROLES" Page Seventy , C Compliments of THE SEA BREEZE ARGUS, CALIFORNIA II I , .I nv :E , 5 f01'C',f 'ja f I, ' 4, 'fl fv 454, JV I, 1 1' I Compliment lc, !,.. Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1950 . . . . OF THE Christian Science Society 55 K Best of Luck to the Graduating Class of 1950 'I 'I 'I 'I Home-School Association vvvvv--,v,,--,,,,-,-.,4----.Q-J-- I s D I wfst EN CHEMICAL COMPANY 'I 'I SEARLES LAKE SERVICE Thea. F. 3. urge: Lang, Props. II If Our 'I Complimenis of II Dr. Fred G. Smith, Dentist Argus, California 'I 'I II II II Sincere Congratulations if DESERT oAsls CAFE Argus. California C s I I I MAYEAIR FLOWER SHOP -- INYOKERN GOOD LUCK AND SUCCESS. SENIOR CLASS OF I950 Page Se Good Luck to Your Future Success Trona High School Alumni Association The place to stop for Soclas, Soft Compliments of Hanksite Chapter No. T47 ROYAL ARCH MASONS We maintain that there is no service B . to equal Baker rothers service at any service station on the Mojave Desert. BAKER BROTHERS MOBIL SERVICE Argus. California Coca Colas Taste Better Drinks of "a?dlaiiEds," Cola' Beer al' Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1950 GILL LUMBER CO. RIDGECREST, CALIFNORNIA You Strike It Rich In men -Q Golden State lc: enum W' GOLDEN STATE Milk and lce Cream 42 S tyt - , . ..,:..,.. -, '-1 F . ..U- ,f-- x -. , . A X4 ,.f- g , 2 ' ax " " '- . " '::!n.x . '-1 N, x' 1 l , 4 A s fi 1, .V ' X 11 A. 1 , v. ww- . ,. A n 1-,Q , Q yr. I'- Q v , mf .1 . 1 . I . 5. - . 'H Q. f 1 1 o ,5 A m 7 Q ' I 'L , 5 - ,Mgr I l L2 Rv., f -. If , 'PE . 1 , 9 .yi if .- 4' ' , N? I ,, , V 2,51 il an n :?5:'p . n u ts Up g Wg, cr uP n -U Df U'w961 . F' W ' nd an n. un .m, nQn-fwffprnka 'W n QUUEPMU u4 U'q314UAlg n2u UAUCICE unnuiu u u 11 Ufnnjn n U n cr nu U .cl D 0,9 nun UD.: D E D U Q- B- EKU, f . G -"""'fi-in D U' W'5'm5gg5q UJIQQD En D QPF 'Sw-ffd,"4F DE' dugg I P9':,6"'u annum u DKFWD nnfffw Dnnxg Ewwwq n n HOU y,e-fa," n uv ar'Suu.unU uv? U nnuunn QED! li B num-U Y-lnkg,-s'F""j"'i 'Q' if we , QU - v El' va " 'Y - ,. ' 45 .1 ' ,131 f 2 ' 1f"f,i ..,1 1 fx . ' ff S., gg 1 , 1 ' af 1' i if no , ,ov nano., manga: DDD ..... -ro' 0 O' Ts si" '71 Q- 1 Y q -" -A '23 if I. E- YV . , : J ,r F Q Vi Y Vkfkjnfl " .. 3 ., A- if f - - - 1. . 1-.1 - ., -5 , ' " "M Y f ... Af. uf ,--A - - . , -x 'H-' . bimivhimiixf 515-iii .HJQWTII1 444 sn 'faxfffff ' 1 M' cm 9 Q .5 Qoeauu Qwv-'-"' no Onsite, ,S 'Q-'10 Ganga W2 02910 Q U 9 - 0' D 9 L if 9:30 Q Bog anode 53 on oKS'fu?".,, osxv Q9 Q9 0 9' V 9,9 gif' Q 9 0 G 6 of ps Q9-gno nootlvapflov E Qoviipv T0 0 9' ov 0 ood? oo' oo QV Ceehq uf 3 of 0 9, Q Qu Gbamamw 2, :P 0 0 D n Gu QC O 0 0 0 Q Q - 6 V G Q1 - gi? Q A 9 Jbgyngwp an no-4? on 9 2390 B 0:M'g,i"'1 F40-HI bale nngx,-f' uunucl Q Avbgnu " EN: bvxarn no Cl UCI 0 L""'5 S xFE.5',j"EZ'1 ,

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