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.,.-4-...W ,,. Q-po.. 27 N EL if GY- S.. ' I ,f if " if 4. 'M .Q 9 A J W T!! :- I Fi 3123713 .Wa - ,,,afJ , ,, Mx, ,VI ......f., ,,.,..., ,V ,, Wag fmw " 'hahah-.vii ,Y :x.,,,..,-A M. ,W , nw, 2 tif. W QX 5 EX-Mpjffq ' 5 1 ,..--.-w...-........ ., ,, 4944, .ww . ,W ,..., . . iff , XR ,,v-"""'-mix if hw Wg - m ,J , I .,....-,...v...-. A.. ,. .. E s LW Q53 E ' I",-""x " f-fag DA TE 16 OCT 92 23 OCT 92 24 OCT 92 29 OCT 92 05 NOV 92 06 NOV 92 08 NOV 92 12 NOV 92 16 NOV 92 23 NOV 92 03 DEC 92 03 FEB 93 08 FEB 93 09 FEB 93 27 FEB 93 28 FEB 93 OPERATION RESTORE HOPE WESTPAC I '92-'93 EVENT 1-DEPLOYED IN SUPPORT OF OPER- ATIONS DESERT STORM-SOUTH- ERN WATCHIRESTORE HOPE. 2-PORT VISIT PEARL HARBOR, HA- WAII. 3-UNDERWAY ENROUTE BUCKNER BAY, OKINAWA CFOR EXERCISE: VALIANT USHER 93-25. 4-TYPHOON EVASION FROM "TY- PHOON DAN" Q27-26N 175-39E 230 CRS 15 KTSJ. 5-ARRIVED AT OKINAWA OPAREA. 6-TYPHOON EVASION FROM "SU- PER TYPHOON ELSIE" C26-26N 128- 11E 202 CRS 15KTSJ ENROUTE SUBIC BAY PHILIPPINES OPAREA. 7-ARRIVED AT SUBIC BAY OPAREA. 8-DEPARTED SUBIC BAY OPAREA ENROUTE SINGAPORE, SN. 9-PORT VISIT SINGAPORE, SN. 10-UNDERWAY ENROUTE TO MOG- ADISHU, SOMALIA. TRANSIT SIN- GAPORE STRAITS AND STRAITS OF MALACCA. 11-ARRIVED OFF MOGADISHU, SO- MALIA FOR OPERATION RESTORE HOPE. 12-ENROUTE JABEL ALI, UAE. 13-TRANSIT GULF OF OMAN AND STRAITS OF HORMUZ. -PORT VISIT J ABEL ALI, UAE. -UNDERWAY ENROUTE BAHRAIN BELL ANCHORAGE. -ANCHORED AT BAHRAIN BELL AN- CHORAGE. 03 MAR 93 -UNDERWAY ENROUTE FOR KU- WAIT COASTAL OPERATIONS. 05 MAR 93 -ENTERED KUWAIT SWEPT CHAN- 06 MAR 93 07 MAR 93 08 MAR 93 09 MAR 93 19 MAR 93 23 MAR 93 24 MAR 93 08 APR 93 09 APR 93 16 APR 93 77 f.1' , L 'X . NEL Q-ROUTE 301 AT 0724. -ENTERED ABU J EZZA SWEPT AREA AT 0848 FOR COASTAL OPS. -RECEIVED DISTRESS SIGNAL FROM SMALL BOAT AT 1702. STAR- BOARD MOTOR WHALE BOAT LAUNCHED TO TOW SMALL BOAT TO OUR STARBOARD SIDE LADDER. TWO KUWAIT FISHERMAN TAKEN ABOARD, THE MEN STATED THAT THEY HAD BEEN ADRIFT FOR OVER 24 HOURS AFTER THEIR ENGINE WAS SWAMPED BY LARGE WAVES. KUWAIT HARBOR CONTROL WAS CONTACTED AND ARRANGEMENTS WERE MADE WITH THEIR COAST GUARD TO PICK THEM UP IN THE MORNING. -ENROUTE BAHRAIN BELL AN- CHORAGE. -EXITED KUWAIT SWEPT CHAN- NEL Q-ROUTE 301. -ANCHORED AT BAHRAIN BELL AN- CHORAGE. -UNDERWAY ENROUTE PHUKET, THAILAND. 14-TRANSIT STRAITS OF HORMUZ AND GULF OF OMAN. 15-ANCHORED AT POTONG BAY PHUKET, THAILAND. 16-UNDERWAY ENROUTE PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII. 17-TRANSIT STRAITS OF MALACCA AND SINGAPORE STRAITS. 18-PORT VISIT PEARL HARBOR, HA- WAII. I9-UNDERWAY ENROUTE SAN DI- EGO, CA. 20-RETURNED TO HOMEPORT AF- TER DEPLOYMENT IN SUPPORT OF OPERATIONS DESERT STORM- SOUTHERN WATCH! RESTORE HOPE. 2 USS TRIPOLI LPH-101 The USS TRIPOLI CLPH-101 is named after the famous fleet-shore operation that inspired the words of the Marine Hymn-"to the shores of TRIPOLI." This land assault was the decisive action in the Tripolitan War C1801-18055, a war that humbled piratical TRIPOLI, one of the Barbary States. The first United States Navy ship to bear the name TRIPOLI was a notable World War II Es- cort Aircraft Carrier. The ship was decomissioned in 1958. . USS TRIPOLI CLPH-101 is the second ship named after the historic Battlecof TRIPOLI ln 1804. TRIPOLI was built at the Ingalls Shipbuilding Yard in Pascagoula, Mississippi, with her keel being laid on June 15, 1964. She was launched July 31, 1965, and was subsequently commis- sioned at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on August 6, 1966. . Following outfitting in Philadelphia, TRIPOLI was moved to the West Coast via the Panama Canal and began operating out of her homeport of San Diego, California. After extensive training off the California coast, TRIPOLI departed the United States on May 1, 1967, for her first de- ployment to the Southeast Asian theater during the Vietnam conflict. As a member of the Sev- enth Fleet Ready Group, TRIPOLI launched eight full-scale amphibious assaults against the in- surgent communist guerrilla forces and the North Vietnamese Regular Army CRVNJ. In addition to her role as support ship for surface forces, TRIPOLI also served as a medical base for the im- mediate evacuation and treatment of wounded personnel. For her actions during this deploy- ment, TRIPOLI was presented with the Navy Commendation and Meritorious Unit Commenda- tion by the Secretary of the Navy in May 1968. The later years of Vietnam, as well as the years following the conflict, had USS TRIPOLI involved in numerous key evolutions, exercises and op- erations. Again and again, TRIPOLI has proven herself to be a most versatile platform from which she has launched helicopters and the AV-8 Harrier Vertical Short Lift and TakeoffCVS- TOLD fixed wing aircraft. In 1974, TRIPOLI became the first amphibious ship to carry a full squadron of Harrier jets. As a result of her performance during 1976, TRIPOLI received the coveted Arleigh Burke Fleet Trophy for achieving the greatest improvement in battle efficiency in the Pacific Fleet, and was runner-up for the Admiral Flatley Award for Aviation Safety. In 1983, TRIPOLI won the COM- PHIBRON ONE Professional Olympics for the third consecutive year. In 1985 TRIPOLI was awarded nine of a possible 11 departmental excellence awards. In 1988, TRIPOLI was awarded the CNO Safety Award and again won nine of 11 departmental excellence awards - the most awarded any amphibious ship - and was runner-up for the Battle "E," In 1989, TRIPOLI was sec- ond to none and won the coveted Battle HE." In 1990, the momentum continued as TRIPOLI was named the winner of the Secretary of the Navy's New Award for Food Service Excellence. USS TRIPOLI deployed as its 15th Western Pacific deployment on December 1, 1990 in sup- port of Operation Desert ShieldfStorm and returned to San Diego on August 8, 1991. The ship was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon for actions on February 18, 1991 following an Iraqi mine strike. According to the U.S. Navy Historical Center, the TRIPOLI was the first U.S. Navy vessel to sustain major mine damage and continue operating since the Civil War. On October 16, 1992, the "Famous Fighting Ship" Set out once again to put it's name into the history books in Operation Restore Hope. On December 6, TRIPOLI Arrived on station off the coast of Somalia. The TRIPOLI was the flatship of the Amphibious Task Unit that spearheaded Operation Restore Hope. The task force conducted the initial amphibious landing that secured the International Airport and Seaport in Mogadishu, Somalia on December 9th. After the initial landing the ATU continued operations in support of Operation Restore Hope Until February 3, 1993 when it headed up to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Southern Watch. Over the last 17 years, TRIPOLI has shown to all she can meet required operational exercises and evolutions, while at the same time serve as an example for both the military and civilian com- munity. Service to the community support to the fleet and a willingness to support the Navy's mis- sion are but a few of the phrases which epitomize USS TRIPOLI. The Famous Fighting ship TRI- POLI is the United States Navy at its best. -.,--L..,.....,, , -1 Y , ' --f:s-1----..-,,....,-N....N.......f,......, -....,..,..-.., mgq1w---vv.g.u.-q.-.- ,.,..............-aJQ!m. , , f f ,M W' , A , ,,,.,U, ,,. Famous Fighting Ship" off the coast of Somalia. Photo by PH3 Rogers 3 .,,..,,, --ii., ...-.. -,...,. , DEPARTURE I -klKf7 2 xrxir r-N. uf., ....,.,..,..,--.....-..,- ... -..W ....,Q ,,., 7..- fn X. CEICW ,I .1 fi f "-:z.:yx:f V :X an ,.-v-,, 5, ,,, K ' 54 I , ff JY ff' 3 Ju.- 'f-5 :59 i l7?Lfrf.v4 , mmf , I 'fa K, ...- U 21 ' 1 ,fffff .,4..-..1.,..,.--.4 4.-1-.,--...v,...., .,.,,..L...f-. CAPTAIN J. R. HUTCHISON UNITED STATES NAVY Captain J. R. Hutchison was born on April 23, 1946 in Huntington Park, California. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in June 1969, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and received his wings of gold on May 21, 1971, in Beeville, Texas. Cap- tain Hutchison's first squadron tour was with VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, embarked in USS CORAL SEA CCV 435. He participated in the evacuation of Saigon, and the recovery of the S.S. MAYAQUEZ. In April 1976, he left the fleet for instructor duty with VT-7 and later CTW-1 in Meridian, Mississippi. From June 1977 until July 1979 he served as Flag Lieutenant for COM- LATWINGPAC in Lemoore, California. Captain Hutchison's next fleet tour was with VA-97 Warhawks, again embarked in USS CORAL SEA QCV 435. While there, he served as Safety Officer, Maintenance Officer, and Op- erations Officer. He joined VA-122 Flying Eagles in July 1982 as Weapons Officer, and was named Executive Officer for the squadron in January 1983. In July 1984, he left Lemoore for Yokosuka, Japan and joined the Champs of VA-56 as Executive Officer embarked in USS MIDWAY CCV 415. He assumed command in January 1986. He returned to Lemoore with VA-56 ,in April 1986 when their homeport was shifted from Japan to CONUS. Pending VA- 56's decommission, Captain Hutchison received orders to join the Argonauts of VA-147. He commanded his squadron on an around-the-world cruise in USS KITTY HAWK CCV 635 from July 1986 to September 1987. From September 1987 to January 1989, Captain Hutchison served as the Head Aviation Junior Officer Detailer CN4325 in Washington D.C., where he wrote assignment orders for 17,000 naval aviators. After completing Washington duty, he returned to the fleet as Deputy Air Wing Com- mander for Carrier Air Wing FOURTEEN embarked in USS INDEPENDENCE CCV 625 from October 1989 until February 1991. As DCAG he participated in Operation Desert Shield and was instrumental in formulating the Air Strike Campaign for Desert' Storm. Captain Hutch- ison assumed command of USS TRIPOLI CLPH 105 on 20 September 1991. During this tour, TRIPOLI validated the new Navy strategy . . . From the Sea as the lead ship for Operation RESTORE HOPE in Somalia and hosted then President George Bush for a historic two-night visit onboard. During his career, Captain Hutchison has accumulated 4000 flight hours, and logged more than 900 carrier landings. His awards include three Meritorious Service Medals, two Navy Unit Commendations, two Meritorious Unit Commendations, two Armed Forces Expedition- ary Medals, three Navy Expeditionary Medals, the Humanitarian Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, and Sea Service Awards. Captain Hutchison resides in San Diego, California with his wife, the former Susanne Sabin of Memphis, Tennessee, and their two daughters, Carey and Heather. I -- T:-QW, v.....-....,...-..-L N , V Q 4 Y Yvwl .A-Y Y q AY YV -, --YA in T, Y, tw .17 Y v i .0 V vw, A-.ti V -- f - ,-. E, A. I I I I I I I I 1 I I 1 1 I I . I . I I I I I : 3 I 1 , I I II I I I I If I How many times do you get to meet the president? pwmnunosvunnuquncnu Capt. Hutchison talking to Adm. Kelso in his inport cabin. V it What a View W Unreps, you know I love 'em '52 Meeting of the minds pd' 5' 'Lf , +L, , , ,, V ' f M J 'W , v ,I -iw "'4'f"fF,,nV I .Af 5' XO, President George Bush and CO. i Y T--Y-Y i , 1 gtgfw ' The Captain and his parrot Our fearless leader points the way .,....-,.,...m.......Ns-.,--...-A..--..,,L.......- .v-v,-....,..s,,...- ,....-...-..-, . -U., ' "ff---"-' - " -'- -"K - ' " ' W CAPTAIN M. A. LUTKENHOUSE UNITED STATES NAVY Captain Lutkenhouse, a native of Staten Island, New York, received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in His- tory from the University of Washington in August of 1971. Upon graduation, Captain Lutkenhouse was commissioned through the NROTC program and reported for flight training in Pensacola, Florida. Designated as a Naval Aviator in October 1972, Captain Lutkenhouse reported to HC-3 where he made WESTPAC deployments aboard the USS SAN JOSE CAFS-75 and USS SACRAMENTO CAOE-D. Cap- tain Lutkenhouse then reported to NAS Alameda and subsequently was transferred to HC-11 where he deployed as Officer-in-Charge of Detachment THREE embarked on the USS KILAUEA CAE-265. Following this tour Captain Lutkenhouse attended the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Subsequently he reported to the Joint Chiefs of Staff QJCSJ as a member of the J 3 Operations Team as- signed to the alternate national Military Command Center CANMCCJ, Fort Ritchie, Maryland. Following this tour, Captain Lutkenhouse returned to HC-3 as the Executive Officer, and ultimately was selected and served as Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of HC-11. Captain Lutkenhouse's most recent tour was with USCINCPAC, Hawaii where he served in J4 as the Japan, Korea and Australia Desk Of- ficer for security assistance and defense cooperation. Captain Lutkenhouse is presently Executive Officer on USS TRIPOLI QLPH 101. Captain Lutkenhouse wears the following service medals: Defense Meritori- ous Service Medal 121, Meritorious Service Medal, Naval Commendation Medal, Meritorious Unit Com- mendation CBJ, and Battle Efficiency Ribbon 155. Captain Lutkenhouse is married to the former Sarah Ellen Canfield of Jacksonville, Florida. The Lut- kenhouse's and their two children Matthew and Sean, reisde in Coronado, California. A 'Y 5N----.....,..---.......-.-.-.............,,....-sf..,.,Y, V- Aw, 4,1 -V ,..--Y Y H, - A -,-- - - - gi- --A--- -,- 1 -- -- J?-,L Y ' f- '1 ' 4t-.-+:- -V 1: , W A -g - M- Y.-- - rf- ,,- , ,lg , .-......-..-....,...,-.-J.--....-AY1...,:,AW,,,,,-V Y Y Y ,,, , , - W Y Y A 4 . -Y. W -.1.,.:.: ,Y ,ig ,,A, , - - N 7, ' Y ,A 4: W M I 1 1 I 5 1 i 1 4 i 5 4 I 1 i ,, 1 w W 1, I l, 1 I E Q1 i I Capt. Lutkenhouse on the bridge Out on the town in Singapore XO enjoying his food. Four!? DCCM S. McLemore Command Master Chief COMMAND MA TER CHIEF Master Chief Steven W. McLemore was born 23 Septem- ber 1954 in Harlingen, Texas. He enlisted in the Navy on 26 April 1972 under the school guarantee program and at- tended basic training at RTC, San Diego, CA. After comple- tion of basic training he attended Damage Control "A" school at NTTC, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA. and Hull Maintenance Technician "A" school at NTC, San Di- ego, CA. He has served at the following commands: The USS Simon Lake AS-33, USS Canopus AS-34, recruiter at NRD Houston, Texas, NRS Port Arthur, USS Schenectady LST- 1185, USS Elliott DD-967, senior instructor at Fleet Train- ing Center, Damage Control School, San Diego, CA., USS Nimitz CVN-68, and reported to the Tripoli in July 1992 as Command Master Chief. Before reporting to the Nimitz, Master Chief McLemore graduated from the Senior Enlisted Academy at Newport, Rhode Island. Master Chief McLemore has completed four western Pa- cific deployments. He qualified as an Enlisted Surface War- fare Specialist in 1984 aboard the USS Elliott. Master Chief McLemore is married to the former Ann McBride of Winnie, Texas and resides in Santee, CA. with their three daughters Suzann, Vickey, Lisa and son Steven Jr. 2 M IDI 's 'S .M CMC, XO and LTJG Meyers laughing at Captain's Call, take 7. 9 I Now that's an unusual act. CMC judging talent contest. 13 ,E-,TH , ,, ,.,.,..,...r... W... -...----A -A - --- CAPTAIN JOHN W. PETERSON UNITED STATES NAVY Born in Lynn Massachusetts, Captain Peterson earned his degree in Economics from Dartmouth Col- lege and was commissioned an Ensign in June 1967 through the Aviation Officer Candidate Program. Fol- lowing flight training, he was designated a Naval Aviator in September 1968 and reported to VA-44 at NAS Cecil Field to commence training as a Light Attack Pilot in the A-4B. His long association with the Light Attack Community' began with sea tours with VA-106 on USS IN- DEPENDENCE CCV-62J, VA--36 on USS FORRESTAL QCV-591 and transition to the A-7E with VA-66 again on USS INDEPENDENCE. Subsequent tours included time as a Flight Instructor with VA-45 and VA-174, three years as Catapult Officer on USS ROOSEVELT CCV-421 and a Department Head tour with VA-37 on USS SARATOGA CCV-605. In August of 1981, Captain Peterson reported to VA-46 where he served as Executive Officer and Com- manding Officer on USS AMERICA KCV-665 until June 1984. After his initial command tour, he attended the Naval War College where he graduated with distinction in June 1985. Following the War College, Captain Peterson took command on VFA-106, the East Coast FIA-18 FRS, in December 1985. In Febru- ary 1987, he assumed command of Light Attack Wing ONE at Cecil Field. In April of 1988, Captain Peterson reported to USS SARATOGA QCV-601 as Executive Officer where he served until September 1989. In May of 1990 he took command of USS ST LOUIS QLKA-1165 where he remained until December 1991. Captain Peterson assumed duties as Commander, Amphibious Squadron 3 on 27 February 1992. Captain Peterson has accumulated over 4000 hours in three generations of carrier based Light Attack Aircraft. He has earned the Legion of Merit, three Meritorious Service Medals, and various other ribbons and awards. Captain Peterson is married to the former Kristen Gaye Stott of Jacksonville, Florida and has three sons: Eric 21, an NROTC Senior at Vanderbilt University, Jeffery 16, Alex 7, and a daughter Meredith, age 6. Nmap?-5 I 1 I 2 1 i A 1 1 I F a I 5 i 1 I 1 s I i 1 3 1 3 I N fl L I. F 1, i J CAPTAIN JOSEPH B. WILKINSON JR. CHIEF STAFF OFFICER AMPHIBIOUS SQUADRON THREE A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Captain Joseph B. Wilkinson, Jr. graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1972. His first tour was aboard the USS BAGLEY QFF-10691 where he served as Gunnery Officer, First Lieutenant and Navigator. From there he went to Department Head School in Newport, Rhode Island and then assumed duties as the Weapons Officer in the commissioning crew of the USS DAVID R. RAY CDD-9715. Upon completion of that tour, he reported to the USS THOMASTON CLSD-281 as Operations Officer. Reporting to his first shore tour in 1981, he served as the Head, Ship Manpower Require- ments Section in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D.C. In 1983, he returned to the west coast as the Combat Systems Officer on the USS BELLEAU WOOD CLHA-31. From there he was assigned as the Executive Officer of the USS DENVER CLPD-95, continuing his service in the Pacific Fleet. Upon completion of that tour, he was transferred to joint duty with U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida. He assumed command of the USS BARBOUR COUNTY CLST-11955 in February 1991. Under his command, she completed a historic deployment in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM in the Arabian Gulf, and Operation SEA ANGEL in Bangladesh. Upon her decommissioning, he reported to Commander, Amphibious Squadron Three as Chief Staff Officer. After a brief pe- riod there, he was reassigned as Commanding Officer of the USS SCHENECTADY CLST- 11851, seeing her through the initial months of a deployment. Upon relief he returned to his position as Chief Staff Officer for COMPHIBRON Three, where he currently serves. Captain Wilkinson's awards include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star, the Navy Achievement Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal with three bronze stars, the Liberation of Kuwait Medal, and various campaign awards. "-"Ml '---+-W ---iam ai 11-ff f,,- - Qgiffi ,nr 4-- -if i ,Z ,Y- mx. ,,v, Y W Y Hs' f --' 'V' 'qt' ' " 4" T: "' 'Wt' " Vvfi-'f I'------'L fri-2:7 ani, , f-13-f I, Capt Peterson back in the pilot's seat Reading just one more award Capt Peterson presenting an award to LT Swanson Capt Wilkinson working hard Capt Wilkinson 8a Capt Peterson presenting awards Capt Wilkinson relaxing after a busy day Amphibious Squadron 3 was originally commissioned as Amphibious Squadron 7 and consisted of some twenty- one ships. Initially homeported in Long Beach, the Squadron moved to San Diego in 1973, and returned to Long Beach in 1984. With the reorganization of the Pacific Fleet Amphibious Force, Amphibious Squadron 7 was redesig- nated Amphibious Squadron 3 and moved once again to San Diego on 01 August 1986. The mission of Amphibious Squadron 3 is to prepare plans, embark amphibious forces, conduct rehearsals, move- ments and perform assaults upon hostile shores in support of national policy during low intensity conflicts and as 3 component of an integrated battle force during major conflicts. This Squadron has the capability to land troops and equipment by air and sea simultaneously, and to support troops in the field with fixed and rotary wing transport and attack aircraft. When assigned to the Western Pacific, Phibron 3 carries a 2500 member Marine Expeditionary Unit CMEUJ plus the equipment and supplies to keep it fighting for up to two weeks. The staff has 18 officers and 36 enlisted men assigned, and is headed by Captain J. W. Peterson, USN, who holds the traditional title of Commodore. I l CDR J- R- Warner CDR L. L. Mingle CDR J. L. Danner LCDR R. A. Lambrecht LCDR J , D, Kirven LDR R. W. Jones LT P. J. Roedl LT T, R, Thief, C APT D' R. Ten, 01 LT J W Gay l Y' 7, 1 l l l T T. . . L M Kraft LT S- D- C1111 ENS F. J. Vina cwo4 s. L. Hoover LT fpriska l l H1ggQgffWfAW9 J- D- Mivlosqswp A. F. Peters MsGT T. R. Moser --.--..,.-...f--Q..-..-...-.f-.. -...--.-......---.e......-.........-.,,......-x... ..... ,.. ,-e-..,.e.,-...-...-'.,,..,-- .,,.-n-- -...-. ....4- --- e, -.W-er Nuff- afar- . 1- e---,., , --e...- -1 AMPHI BIOUS X N WSW Y , ' 'O . !if'A1 ,fa e. '29 W wa fees C5331 D lg, S e X 4xv -iLk1' 4-Y RMCKSWD T. B. Snyder YN1 CSWXAWJ R. A. OS1 T. D. Collie Schilke Staff Personnel Not Pictured: LCDR Namocatcat LCDR Barrington LT Swanson OSCSCSWJ Welch MSGT Christian MS1 Gabriel RP1 Bielawski MSSN Hernandez YNSR Shivers OSIQSWXAWJ G. K. Smith Chaplain Danner doing his shiek impression osuswy F. C. Ehlers RMICSWP D. K. Wilburn QMIQSWJ A. F. Jones YNZQSWJ R. J. Lavern RMZQSWJ D. E. OSZKSWJ G. C. McFadden Thompson Q ...- ...,.,--.. ......... - .-........... - ....,,..,,......L,-..-- ...,,.....,.,-...,.,.-. ..............-.....,... .. 1 4' CAPT Tervol i FM Left to Right: RM3 McCarthy, OSZKSWJ McFadden, YNQKSWJ Lavern, RMZCSWJ Thompson, Sz President Bush fchillin' with the presidentl -,.,.a-"7 fwfr' Top: IS3 Hull SL HMCMQSWXAWD Gilbert sharing a laugh Right: MSGT Moser one big Marine LFT. YNSR Shivers safety down Right: CAPT Peterson present- ing an award to LT Swanson LFT: OSI Collier Upper Right: OSICSWXAWJ Smith Relaxing Lower Right: RMICSWJ Wilburn giving training 41 AIMD 'Qi fi f si , C' 22 5 W9 -if if A ff'-'ff'. C. D. 0l ., l 'S-'wg :Qi , - W-- W -f ' , ,A Jr.. F, ,f W, ,QW ,T 'Wu ,- - V N, , ' ' """" W" ' "N""' " - -E"--'lm f .Y Y . 2 was-!u,g Y uni, :nj qv.. Lf- T V.,.v- -Tw' 5 K V -axle, ,Nw X. K .. X 'XR viss-whiimlfszxis M. ,,,.Nf-' - ., . X. .,,- -M-.-mi ,A., Q T U , 'murals ' dv If W A wfule gym, - haf fm ,54 ,, U If 5 Wfgifilf MQ 1-S: A mvmt V vw 1 V, ,iff 'imp , 9 ' AFCM ,le J I X U W. W ,l 5 fi if .M ,Q Wi-I '11 an vm 'In' .- ,Emu . A -.1 Q WO4 J. W.-'comer gf- ' ur- 2 ml - AZC fi, I A as V, 9. ,wp .0 1 V. 3,4 ., my f mg .. 54,43 : ww M F! Q, -fwygfx-,,, V ' 5453! X My W, 'X 6 1-fx , 41 f xg, A 45M ff I I x M 3 . I: 4, MEF JBL iw Sn-1 X, 3 mn Y "1" .. ,W ,, AIMD AIMD is organized into five specialized divisions. The staff Division consisting of Produc- tion!Material control, Quality Assurance and Maintenance Ad- ministration, ensures safe effi- cient maintenance efforts through administrative actions. The General Maintenance Divi- sion consisting of the Power- plant, Airframes, Hydraulic and Aviator's Equipment shops, are responsible for repairing and manufacturing mechanical parts for aircraft and aviation life sup- port equipment. The Communi- cationSfNavigation, Electrical! Instrument, Ordnance and cali- bration shops make up the Avi- onics Division. They repair ra- dios, navigation, electrical and weapons systems. The Support Division maintains the two trac- tors, hydraulic test stands, elec- trical power carts and forklifts. During WESTPAC 92-93 the AIMD troops processed 9500 end items. They maintained a 9576 repair rate and a GSE -readiness level of 97W while documenting over 26,000 maintenance man hours. Addressing AIMD, VADM Katz, USNAVCENT, stated, "Tripoli AIMD is the epitome of the NAVY-MARINE Corps team. You have solidified the "From the Sea" concept. Your actions set a precedence which is now the standard for others." AO1 R M G e AT1 B C H de AMS1 C G Yo g AD1 J. C. Kuban PR1 D. L. Blake W.. .,.,...........-..--q,9...-...,.,.,--...............--........-...........-..vv,..,.,,,.,......v,...-,,,--. .,..-...,..,. ..,.,.w..M. .,.,-Y, 4...-Y,-f...-, ,..,,. x...a..,1f ..-W-,u w -' wr. AD1 D. D. Torres SSGT S. A. Themea AE1 G. C. Brown SSGT C. G. Elmstrom AS1 R. O. Victa AS1 T. L. Azure AS1 F. R. Titera I AMH1 A. T. Alegre Final inspection on flight control AK1 R. L. Litan A31 0- Salltf-VS l V A AEI T. E. Martin AMS1 R. B. Kerr AT1 E. R. Spruill AZ1 K. E. Wilson AD1 R. L. Ghahate .. . .... .... ,..-.,.-S.-...i,--L-..-...--.4--...... .... ,, ,..,,,,,...--...x.,..-......,,.....-................,......-. .. - W.-. .. -....- .,...--......N, ,....i,.......-.-.,-,.,...... PR1 Blake, AS1 Titera, ADAN Rugga Ass Borja AZ2 L. R. Phillips AS2 R. A. Brown AS2 W. R. Bartlett AT2 W. R. Mcwaters LCDR C. D. Pennington AS2 J. K. Mccarville AD2 A, O, Nievera AT1 Spruill, and CWO4 Comer ADAN Lao AS2 Alcantara, and AS3 Tamula AS2 E. S. Alcantara AD2 S. D. Melanson AT2 D. A. Weinberg AS2 C. W. Debusk AD1 Torres, LCDR Pennington, and ADAN O AK1 Litan . vq 4, -J, ,, Y , 4, ,.-, . ,.. ..........,.....-,, ,.i.i...-.,...-N ,.....K....,.- +-,,,,...-1...-.- AT2 P. B. R011 AMS3 M. F. Olsen ..., . . Y ........ .s. ..,.. ..h....,.....,.... ,,,....,,,.,-..,i. ,-.. . .- ,..i..,--. .... A- ,. AS1 Brown A 1 1 V. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I . ADAN O, and CPL Capshaw I I . 4 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 . AD1 Torres 32 AMS3 C. Stanley AT3 W. E. Sueck AD3 M. D. Buczynski ADAN N. Lao 'W ASAN T. Q. Tamula AT3 E. J. Allen AMS3 R. L. Sanderson ET3 J , A, K1-idner -- - u-q---...-.u-n....-.-...r--..,....,,,,.----...,,,,,,-,.,, , . y-YfD.,, .. ..., ,,. .,..f, y--.-,.,,.-......--....,.-.. ,. .NSN 4 ,. . ., , 1-n .- -.-.-f-W.-,-...t-Q x.....Q.-...-.-.,-Nu.-rx,-4 f- n-111' SGT Miller AS2 B.D. Brown AS3 M. Olivares AS3 S. Borja KFIRE' 2 AEAN C.D. Smith ADAN H.Y. O AMH1 Alegre Repainting AIMD Logo AZAN KR. White ASAN D.L. Aswegan ADAN H. Rugga h,-,..-.--...i,.......,.-...-g............,... AMS3 Sanderson and SGT Miller turn two LCPL Fifer and LCPL Babrerl ,,,.....,.....a........,.,..,.-..i.......- ,Y -,..-...-.,A. , .1.,.m-.- ,av --Y V AD1 Torres and CPL Capshaw SGT E.H. Shirreffs SGT T.R. Bennett SGT R.S. Chapman SGT J .E. Miller SGT J .C. Sartiarias SGT Keltner and AMS2 Stanley SGT J .E. White AZ2 R.E. Edwards ASAN M.S. Wideman ..x..-.,....,+,.....-....h..,...-.........- , . Y - . LN. ,..... ... ,. -n fx ,-.. . V Y CPL M.A. Horton CW lac 1 xl .. CPL C.D. Stevenson -15,11 LCPL Rizzuto T58 Engine build up CPL E. Castillo CPL B.S. Thompson CPL S.L. Wiseman CPL DJ- Stfayef CPL s.R. Castillo Rinaldi AMS1 Kerr WE DON'T RENT TOOLS! CPL T.W. Jones CPL K. Kinsey V wx CPL J .L. Robbins CPL M.S. Richey CPL M-R Keif -nn A W , ,,,,,,---,,., ,A , , ,.,, .. .., . ... -......... Aw' ---A--w - Xe- -f- W- - '---I--' Ms- - LCPL Babberl and AMH1 Alegre LCPL Hurst and LCPL Creason SGT R.M. Kelter CPL S.M. O'Byrne LCPL J. Sivecz LCPL D.L. Fifer LCPL D. Capone LCPL G.G. Babberl R ' W LCPL D.W. Brown LCPL K. Slayton LCPL C.M. Hurst AZ2 Edwards LCPL A- Ayala CPL R.L. Hicks LCPL P.. Campos ,...,.... -.-.,.... ..-,..-....,..,.,.....,Q.. -,.. 4..-.....-.,.- --..... ....-.-l.. .. ---'f4-4--fN---f- --. Q- ve Y- --- f-f--V - A---Q Q H"--" 'H "0" A a , 1 f ,, E-fi , W, . ,A x ' is Y .55 xi LCPL S.C. Doyel LCPL C. Rizzuto LCPL M.C. Upchurch LCPL R. Martinez 'll Obn- Adam.- LCPL M.D. Capshaw LCPL C.W. Guy pug. .,,, L I E n 5zEiI:BXll212' l?f LCPL Glynn, LCPL Jones, and LCPL Stevenson n LCPL D.W. Hinrichs LCPL MB- Creason LCPL J.B. Iha CPL E.P. Maciel CPL R.D. Aguilar LCPL R-GH Glynn .,.. ....,,.. - ....,,---..- ,, -....., ---V --- -ff--f" 'W' """' ""' MN" ' W' " Electrical shop AIMD SGT Sheriff haircut to LCPL Glynn AT2 Weinberg on his bedroom -'iff G AMH1 Alegre Busy as always u LCPL Henrion, SGT Sartiarias, CPL Capshaw, and CPL O'Byrne ...,.,-...........x,..-.......,..ll , A -- -- - ----..--p--.--Q-,....-.., -p ,,,g.,Q.-Vk,,-6,--NA,.g-,,wV Y MF-.L A 1,--A,--,N ,,....,-wh.,-4, , , - " " """"" ' "N " " "f'f-4-'+-'-G'vw-10-f-'----'--w--------'----f,.vN--',....f.....---..--.M -..F-fv....-,... -fm -. -..-..,.....,..-... ....-f- 4-...J-..a...-..-NK AS1 Titera, AE1 Martin, and AZC Fryar GSE Shop BEER DAY! I ,Q 2' . I Q V V A ru' E AO Shop fBoy's in the Hood? AMH1 Alegre and AE1 Brown Powerplant Shop "Kick Back Time" AK1 Liilall fAI10th91' Happy Day, UMAIL CALL"! ,,--... .. ,,...,.,.. - .., ,.i-Q ,-..,-...?.....,. E ..,.........4---. c I I I I , I I I I Vice Admiral Katz AIMD's Khaki Mafia CATCS Cutright, AFCM Egrie, ATCS Fer nando and LCDR Pennington I I I I I I I I I I I I AIMD'S Mobs "This is our house"! 40 , ..-.-.... ,.. - -..-. -x..,, . A A-A Y -U A A ws ,V .. .v,... -. Y The big boss President Bush General Mundy re-ups Sgt Sherreiff ,,,i....,.......-.---- ,A ..,-,,---.Q.,-....,.,,.....-,,,,,i.., DMI I TRATIO 4 LT. Meyers ' Administration Officer y Z LT Van Zwienen i I LT Martin Safety Officer i Safety Officer Y. ,-p.....v : ff! X X H W ff W, l, ,Zn mf W' ,U 7 W W! f, , if 2 , If ? , ff' ' 5 W Hg, ,fi , 'Zz A Q X . .v f 4 fr f -V.- ..- -. ... ... -.....,.......-U.-.....v....,, ,QD .....,,.............-...- .. V-.-iw.. -,r-- - .,- ,. ..,.,,., fffff ff fffw f V ' ' , f N Z Vit. ,5 ff I ,X f ff ff M127 qw ' ff ,ff , X 'if MMT! ,M W f X X 2? ff ,W X FW ,f ,f X 1 7 , , C V ww I 1 My , fw X, W w 2 -. .. 4., V -..Y.....,., .Y - - ,- M...-..i,..... .......i......,?.., ,,....,..,..-- ., E.,-N. GMCM Gleason 3-M Coordinator NCC Aouiia Command Career Counselor .5 ,f f y fr.. A , 'Wait ,M C of ,z 4 ' ww J' C Z LAW ENFORCEME TDI I IO USS TRIPOLI Master-at-Arms is Law Enforcement at its finest! Our mission is the protectio of life, property, enforcement of laws and regulations, and the preservation of good order and din cipline. Through the accomplishment of this mission the Master-at-Arms is able to maintains- safe environment for command personnel allowing the command to perform its assigned mis? ' sions. Around the clock patrols maintaining police visibility and presence to deter crime, responding to calls for assistance, enforcing laws, regulations and directives, apprehending suspects, provid i ing escorts, information and assistance to personnel in need are just a few of the many function- of the Master-at-Arms. There is not any existing situation the Master-at-Arms is not able to pers form, including having the opportunity to Work with the United States Secret Service providin- protection and escort services to the President of the United States during his recent stay of board the "Famous Fighting Ship" during "Operation Restore Hope." r ifrf' 11 11 Ia X ! l l i Tripoli's Master at Arms pose with President Bush on the flight deck. i l n i u 1 4 i I MACS R. Carpenter MA1 B. Benton MA1 S Dunn MA1 Emerson ' l T mi l MR1 J. H 1 d . . ov an MA2 J. CzuhaJewsk1 SK2 R. Devin BM3 T. Bailey -E..-,...,.,... , lgw-Y-M--.""A-'T 4"-'-tq - ,.,,,- , - --A.,--A-i..x,,,,,A, ,VVY ww,-Mm-A. F 'D f -Aw.-vm 1 C PTAIN' OFFICE The nerve center of Admin Department is Tripo1i's Captain's Office. The Captain's Office does all official correspondence, "Plan of the Day", processes all awards, maintains officer records and files of naval instructions and publications earning them the name "Paper Tigers". Admin's "Paper Tigers at work. l I YN 1 D. Hubert YN3 J. Domenget YN3 W. Conley YN 3 J. Bell YNSN C- Smith . . , h YNSN B. Sutliff YNSR T. Hillary YNSR H. Klnchm YNSN R Nas ,,...--rr..,, ,,..--....., -A-W --A--V PRI T HOP The print shop has the task of providing lithogra- phy for the crew and embarked units. The ship'S LI S spend numerous hours printing Tr1pol1's instruc- tions, engineering logs, and Plans of the Day. P DM1 W. Robinson LI1 T. Barron LISN T. Birdsall ITE-TV The purpose of the ship's television sta- tion is to inform, train and entertain the crew. "K-triple-E" TV did just that by producing several training shows, Cap- tain's Call, KEEE-News, Compressed Video football games all in addition to the normal programming. KEEE also acts as a public affairs cen- ter. During Operation Restore Hope it was the job of Tripoli's J O's to keep the "Fa- mous Fighting Ship" famous. Stop the press! Print shop kicks back on some down time. IC2 Servantes the man behind the scenes. LN1 Scisco Showing the movies- 46 LNILR- SciSC0 J O1 H. Thompson ICQ T. Servantes J.O3 J . Well? P0 Crulsebook Edltof .....,,.-Hi,.,,,,.h,,i,, A,-,,,,-k,x.4-1 , , ,Q , .vrJ"f""f"6 0 B r,.,w ,, .., . .,.,- -w . Y 'CQ99' Auawm-w-vgqv-mm- , 1 REM BER PE RB Photos by J O3 Wells The submarine museum an 1 i E Haaay anyone for a luau "'f"' .af f Wm ef Just hangin out in Hawaii 49 uf w We'11 take one of everything. I n 7 7, 7 X My V 'Z ' Q W W 0W W 7 4 ,Zi W W 1 W 'ff 4 Q f 4 72, ff f 0 W --MH '.-. -,1 ,f.- 1 2.-,-Y --- . -.-,:1-.f,":v,..--,. . x N-f -"r-,fl fN.,.,..,-,,-t.,,-..,.mfg--1'ggf..--,.A f .-,-.-,., 'Y A ,.. .,.. -. .yr , - Jxzrg-e!gqggl.'-Y1'.,,.,4?'??f.f V, --T - 'T 2-75 """:f" " X ' D , CDR Gdllo iAir Boss! -I 1 'Q W AIR DEP QA R. XS xx X . Y . X Ny 5 Tx K YQ'Q3:yRg.Nh9?4XkoY?NXXXlY3-EiixA xwxwvwxwimswxsx Q15 X X4 SV K NX NXX R EL- . QL s. r 5 x I S Q S U A Kr? is 5 y Pyzvf QB! " N 0 . "f', Y, - Yr-A .1 -, -., , , - .. ,,.. V- .- , E.. 4 .J 'L K ' A flu.,-Y W fi -,.-Y -fd-r...??X-fil.-.V-Fil?--W' V ' 1' ' ' . rw? as 3 'mi ' f all Umayam fAidr Not Pictured: Lt. White fMlI'll Bossl Lt.Dennison CAIC Handler on comingj - fifzgif LT- Roots IAXC Handler off WMU' goingj I - -, I d W d Q f d , H Q T95 fiddf d d d Sf M 'Q' . , V ,fm , , , 4, , A : E .,,.gqv,, .- . Y . V ,,,,.,.,..,......,,..,.,.-..-.---..u-....fv,,--. .-,.K..m1u.-am ..-N4---.r-1-.0-1-eg,-.-.,---.4-1 ,...., . A - W ., , r,,,,,, ,M S. ,,., ,, . -1 In a blur of color and myriad of sights and sound, Aviation Boat- swain's mates CHandlersJ ply their traid. The yellow shirt's fLand- ing Signalman Enlistedl job consist of using a unique set of hand sig- nals to land and direct the various aircraft that come across Tripoli's flight deck. Blue shirts CChock and Chainmenj race around the deck driving tractors, riding skids, and chaining aircraft to the deck. Red Shirts CCrash and Salvageb are the flight deck fire department, standing by in "hot suits and manning TAU's CTwin Agent Unitsl in the event something doesn't go exactly right. Working together V-1's performance is a unique display of grace and power. ABHCQAWJ McGhehey ABI-IC Qstrander ABH1 Carr ABH2 Pettway ABH2 Dunlap ABH2 Garcia ABI-12 Muna,- ABH3 Brown A ABH3 Dawson ABH3 Johnson ABH3 Kauffman ABH3 Smith P. AN Douglas ABHAN Garcia ABHAN Hubbard ABHAN Smith A ABHAN S0f1tCl'll ABHAN Valle ABI-IAN Arbggast AA Bactad AA Arevalo AN Brill R :I Q AR Clark AR Coleman Q , ISS Jil EQWQ-4 me IU' AR Compton AN Dominguez ,ol ,. ,, ... -- -,.,---l..,. W--,....-V...Y,- -..-,.... vLwvw -'----- '1 A-1--H---'- ' - - ' --"' AR Doroski AA Dutton AR Gibson AR Forman AA Heald AR Griffin AA Guerra ABHAA Guitereau AR Holycross AA Huber ,.,.,...,...... ..,.......x........,...,.......-- .-.,.. ,..,......, ,-r..T,,....l ... -..,,--s.,,.-.......,.-.-,-,,..-..-..x .. h.,,..-..... ...Y-M. ,, , -,- . ...,. , .,- .- w..i.,.-..,..., -----V--7.7-7- .4 AA Karpa AA Lenzi ABHAN Mann AA Martinez AR Melanson AA Mitchell AN Montes AA Morente ABH2 Munar AR Neuscheler AA Nguyen AA Perkins AA Perez ABHAA Puente my 1 A.-J,,...,, rd-, ,i . -, , ... ,.,.,, .., - - ----Q-M -V --f- - --- '---'-'-'--- -----'-5' f- - ,,,,,.,.-w--...-....,...--..-.-.,-....x,....-...f 7..- , ,,,.,....,,....,..3 JJ:-4.-fwm.-,.-..-...Q :nw ..v..A--w...m-Q .,,... ,.. ,,,. , AN Reynolds AR Romero AA Runez AN Sanchez ABNAN Slaughter AA Tahamont AA Thomas AN White AA Witkowski AR Zuniga ABHAN Richlngs Not pictured ABH3 Hadley AA Arciaga AR Barile AA Berry AA Campbell AA Ferguson AR Guiterrez AA Hanshaw AR Hernande AA Kins AA Kohler AR Liskey AN Richards AA Taylor The V-3 division is comprised of 27 dedicated airdales, responsible for the safe and routine operation of the ship's hangar bay. Virtually every department and embarked unit uses the hangar bay through- out a deployment, working Within a 175,000 square foot confined space. V-3 personnel are charged with the movement and securing of ABHCQAW5 Otten ABH1 Q AW, Longoria all aircraft, equipment and supplies. ABH2 Castillo ABH2 Custodio ABH3fAWJ Carroll ABH3 Woods ABHAN Valdez V ,.-., - , --, ,,. Y .-- ,.-..... ,...- -W .., .r.,,,v-.,+,r ,---, ,. .,.,-...-3, A, ,..1.....V . - ....m.,...- ,.....i.,...,..,. -.,.....,,.....-- ,....,....,.......-. .....-.A..,V..v--Lvw--1-,-n,-,A...,,..,...... - F V F V W- ,,,,,. V ufvf,Vi.m.-k,-... .f:.,..,.1 -:--. .-1-1-.,v-L-fm .--.4 +-.--v--vu-1-!Q-v-n---'-f4v- o 1 ? 4 A 1 o AR Brown AA Caongca A I I Y AR Carbungco AA Chagueza W I P AA.Collins ABH2 Castillo AA Goodwin ABHAA Huffman AA Keegan 1 x I 1 ,.- QL. ............- ,,i. ..5,-. ,.,.....-,,--... .l....A.., ---f - -?,4--+V .- -.,...-.--....-1-V...-W V ...- ...... V -7- ,- ----V-----W ' """ -f' ' 'Q --w-- . .,......,.. ....,-....:,., ABHAA Ledford AA Machii ABH3 Valdez AN Mayfield AN Norris AA Pontrella AA Regero ABHAN Rivera AR Simpson AN Wusterhausen Not pictured: AR Lacy , , ...,.. ..,...,.. ,...,,f---..s.,. -......,Y-...1....-- A...--.-M A--Y---N --if-V--J-------Y - ---- - V- I---'-f -- A- ...... ,,.:,.,.,.,. Y ' +'f'i1 . , .wr-.-Q.-.r-.-v The'V-4 Division, also known as the "Grapes", are responsible for the receipt and delivery of JP-5 fuel to all embarked and transient aircraft. During "Operation Restore Hope" they upheld their al- ready "Golden" reputation by issuing over 750,000 gallons of fuel to over 2600 aircraft. No others dare compare to the "Fleets Finest Fu- ABFCKAWJ Hackney e1erS"- ABF1 Caoagas ABFZCAWJ Bergado ABF2 Hargis ABFZCAWJ Sanchez Glllll61'II1O Islas Lgng McKinzie w-v-x,,....,.,1-,...... 1.4,-i. , v ABF1fAWl Wolfe ABF3 Barber ABF3 Randolph -Lv ,W , .,,, , M.. ., ......,..-X., ..,.,-Y....-..,.-Y..- .. ...W--,v..f.....,. ......-q.1, ,.... ., t AA Alabado ABFAR Barnett AA Bobbsemple ABFAR Bryant AA Davis AR Delosreyes ABFAN Durham , , gp AR Earles v AR Engle f Vffiiff ' "J-.5 rgf -if Qs ABFAN Gannon ABFAA Garner --ah-.-S. ,,.,,,,-+a-, , ,. .a...:.........Y........,......A- - :f..-9...v,mv1,x,g1Mf,.-., ,.,. . - ABFAA Gibbins AR Gill Not pictured AN Hurtado AR Hatch AR Manzanet AA Mendoza ABFAN Mewborn AN Moore - - f e---.......S.....s...,-...A-.......--.-.-.-,......-,.....f -3. .,,.,. ...,...,,..,....-,.. .. ...-Y,-, N, ,..... N.......-..,....,rTn ,.- -- AR Muyuela ABFAN Perez AA Porfirio AR Tucker AN Vezey AR Washington AR Wilson AR Zapata R - U y.,-,,.g.,, . ,,,.,,,.... ... ........, , ... , .. . --.....4... -,.-.,,-...,--..--,,-...... N. ,..L....f-.,,,.., Gysgt Bolden AMS1 Morton COMB T CARGC Without question one of the hardest Working organizations on the ship is Air Department's Combat Cargo Platoon. Primarily responsible for the loading and unloading of troops, cargo and ammunition, the platoon also serves as stretcher bearers and escorts for sick, injured and Wounded per- sonnel medevaced to the ship. Combat Cargo Platoon provides side boys for visiting dignitaries, coordinates the berthing and messing of embarked troops. There was over 11,000 passengers, 290,000 pounds of mail and 1,400 pallets of ammunition, cargo and humanitarian supplies handled by our combat cargo division. .nr--.-N...-.V--.,-.-pq.,-w,V....., 1-,... .. .-... Y . V CWO2 Rose I , S 2 - 4 MM2 Waite -m.,l,........ -i.....,...-....,,..,-.... - - ,,,.-.h,,,-1 ..l.....,.-,..-.....m ,-, ,.A,,,,..,,x-K ,Kun Y, V AY V ,,.,,...-..........-....-,,.........,--..--..,.-..-.,..,,-.-...,.,.-,... V. ,.....,A-.-. mf.,--1 -1 .-.....r.-....,..-.-,-.Qi-- f ., .V V CHAPL I LCDR REED The Chaplain's office provides religious services and counseling for the crew. In addition, the Chaplain's office acts as a processing center for American Red Cross, Dependents Assistance Board and Navy Relief messages. While deployed the Chaplain's office, in conjunction with the wel- fare and recreation officer, coordinate tours in liberty ports as well as pre-deployment briefs and Tiger cruises. While inport the Chap- lain's office acts as a clearing house and referral center for the myr- iad of problems that a Tripoli crewmember or family member might encounter. In the most somber of occasions the Chaplain's office conducts burials at sea and memorial services. RP2 Willard Foster ...,. - ,f-....,-,..,. . - 1f LT J .P. DOHERTY COMMUN CATION S OFFICER 16 GCT-31 JAN 92 COMMU IC TIO CW04 J ,L. West , Radio Officer RMCMSW, SM' Perry Dept LCPO e LT H.R. MCMILLAN COMMUNICATIGNS OFFICER 1 JAN-16 APR 93 RMCKSWJ G.JA. Schanzmeyer f J Radio CPO 1 - - 1- ag. ..,,..,,.v- ..-.......- asum- -,..,--.m,,..""""..---.,----4.- CR DI I I0 Westpac 92-93 and Operation Restore Hope proved that modern technology is the Wave of the future. With the spe- cially installed SHF Quicksat Commu- nications capabilities, Tripoli's Comm Department can reach out to all cor- ners of the globe. Standing guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a Week, Tripoli RM's stood by for any tasking. From parts requisitions to personal tele- grams, from press release to weather forecasts, the Radiomen handled each message with their usual enthusiasm, professionalism, and pride. Remember: "You can talk about us, but you can't talk without us." Warrant Officer West reading his morning news. RM1 H. Alvarado RM1 D. Bogart RM1 A. Gates RMZKSWJ J. Graham RM2 W. Jones R 68 M ,, ,.,4 ..-...x . --,...,..,-..-N..-......i..... , ,D I at r M2 V- Osbuf 11 RM2 W. Redden RM2 L. Robinson RM2 Jones reenlists with a little help from RM1 Bogard, RM3 Ermisch, RM2 Redden, RMI Alva- rado and RMZECSWJ Co- ley. ---,...... ,..Y--V-,,,,,.,,,.4 ,,,,,w,,,,.,,. RM3CSWJ L. Coley RM3 J. Cummings RM3 E. Ermisch RM3 J. Eskew The SHF Van stands behind RMSA Webster, RM3 Phil- lips, RMSR Mojarro, RM3iSWJ Coley, RM1 Bog- art, and fkneelingj RM3 Perez and RM3 Lewis RM3 T. Lewis RM3 K. Nickson RM3 W. Palmer -...- A-4,,-......-4 v..,....-.,..,,..,u-flmif. 2 vs-xv,-J-r,.g.--gy-,-K RM3 R. Perez RM3 J. Phillips RM3 C. Sadberry RM3 R. Saulter l RM3 M. Taylor RM3 G. Tunstall The starboard section on watch The port section MANS Radio Central RM3 Taylor processing an outgoing message RM3 Phillips "pulling" the broadcast RM2 Robinson and RM3 Lewis hold mail call. RM3 Tunstall, RMSA Webster, RM3 Nickson, RM3 Taylor and RM3 Phillips taking a rare breather. RM3 Tunstall and RMSA Webster processing in- coming message traffic Manning the rails returning to San Diego RMSA Buffington and RM3 Cummings doing antenna maintenance. 5 I ,f , i fn "' rs '4 RMSA Buffington RMSA Gulley RMSR Mojarro l RMSN Quarles RMSA Webster RMSA Wise ---' - - 5. -ar DIVI IC oday's Navy is a high-tech organization ready to respond to a crisis anywhere in the world. As the Navy continues to ad- vance in areas of technology, Signalman keep alive the traditional skills of the seafarer of yesteryear. They communicate visually with the time tested method of Signal Flags, Flashinglight and Semaphore to send Naval messages to other ships. In other areas of high technology, Signalman use night vision scopes and Chemi- cal Warfare Directional Devices to meet today's warfare requirements. "Sigs" also assist in the safe navigation of Tripoli, by serving as expert lookouts when transiting treacherous waters. When inport, and occasionally when out at sea, Signalman handle all Honors and Ceremonies. - - 1.1-ff' l l 4 - clockwise from top: SMSN Woodhouse and SMSN Hodgson hangin' on the bridge. Big Daddy James, Word! SM3 Johnson says you too can be happy happy. SM3 Soto is quicker than lightning at morse code. Photos by: 'lf SMSN Hodgson. top photo by SMBCAWJ Varosky u. s s i it tv . r , r t, .r. . . ... ., V if ' , Q W M My In 335 ,V,,. ff,, , ,,gg Q. gf ,s ' g. be . . ANZ, , f .V vt t gm' Ai, X N 'Stagg K. izgayygilwwi on . f 3? f' ' -irQ' f is A Xies si 'Q,, f wwf.. t A vt' , Q- L Q 3, .,,, -f... I . f b i Y. -ll, It V u 'lf' , ' ,f.,,4,'Qj,,, -'ugfgf : I 'J ff , "Lb n ,L-51,11-' ' -Ilyxml W? Q40 If Y 99 SM1 C- A1'3I1j0 SM1fSWfAWl C Martin SM3fDVJ P. Johnson SMBQAWJ S. Varosky SM3 J, Soto ------up-f'-A W -Y - ' . . Y 7: YV,, ' :'-- - -. . T- , -- -Y fi- -. W . -- - -f - H ,M .. .- ,- 1- C .av - , ,f- .3 5 Y. 'fi-225: Above: SM1 Aranjo and SMCCSWIAWJ Stephenson talk Above: SMBCAWJ Varosky holds the presidential tactics during G.Q. Photo by SMSN Hodgson. flag. Photo by SMC Stephenson 7 fl -if 1" 1"A 1??',:-14 1377" ' " E , In lL 'f.Fi3,1,,!'-4,, ,gg-Fr n ,. f wifi 1 ,- . W Qfyulyj v ig gm 1 ' gm: . ag .lm . X Qpxfi, " 3 , 'J fi l a 1 .1,1f'1.i2"f'5f 1'L"?v. . - ' . V. ' 'I fvilffillfu-5 V- "f62AMf.iW"f?!f:?.:2 Li- ' f J '+L FJ l M ' . .f ,fm vi, ff, "' f','Q,,.7"vf 'ff f1l'55,.? , , ' Vw.. hdmef-fs' ,..f?.lwff.raf',1:7'?' 1 K W l- w,ev4'y2-ewd? Ami.,m,'.g,f,.:' . . ' N , . 1,g,,,sM W,,..,.v,. T, ,n4:.,,AW,.. V.:-f, -- , X I wr it H Lg, 1 4 W 4 y if M iw -Je, ff 'lf 5 if .J '1'y,+'r'5i? ' p :fpvfl M f A . f Z1 13' J wf::7", V - ir,Ifqf:'f,5L',32f3"WfQg?sf-53? ,f.!.jQ"f', Y V ff-J,,,,,gf9g,f5Ig+Li3jg75Q51?gif'f,1.4,ix., ' J m . 1' 1. 21 , J '-ffqyv-tg 2' wg ff , 5343 4,9151 ' ' ' . ' Iii' - . ig, N... Z SM3 M. Palmer SM3 R. James SMSN C. Hodgson f . V dh'-' Left: ABS Chris Hunt visits from the HMAS Tobruk. Photo by SMBCAWJ Varosky ' Above: DESIG LIFER. Photo by SMBQAWJ Varosky 'Po-' " A , 35' 1 . ' ' F ,, s. wk, ,Libr .l ff' f?l,2igEs1 4Q2gggg:f, L- 4' ' 2.f53 "' 513 J I ,:f""-.JMR , Q A ' 'S' SMSN E. Hadnot SMSN S. Woodhouse 73 A H v SINGAPORE Y- v Q fv 3 -- f-,,, :lin-1 rl- ,-fy.--4:51-I-W -5-v fx?-' M gk . ,"' iv M 4 4 y -. W"-,Ez gi' L ,mV. V ,Y Z "1 ' 4 9.4 1 f Y i . f W . an , . ff' N . gy 236 , V ' --:W A .., 7 f ,W . .L fm ix I 5l,,,.gwim-.N-wwf,--fm,.,w f A2 ff' .ilafrgh wa. ., ,fx ,mhz-gg3ggvM,.:?:Y f.. ...X l, , ...M A ,fdfkj 'QW' , 7 V- ,. Jxa, ' 4 ,V Q, .-'. ' 1- w n 5 1 f ' 1 'I' "gif ig!-' lla A L 27 11 , 1.5. ,. .' 7 . , , ', QP. Q , . . 7' X A- ' A ,,'. ' ,.,rA4"' Y ir .nv 0, Q f'?.:i I L ,' , ' y 7 .V ,Y ff, M3 J. I , ,-fe' A "jf, "J gm ly X. 2, ,, v , ' Q 0 ' mi f y ' - ' a Q A if v- 3 ,' K . 1 f . X , , A if 5: ?'Y2 ff-192-wq,n:f.7f.1:y-:f':'f., ,,Y- 1 ,.,:f -:,. 1 ,,,,, WJ. mnnsupua- nv- . ---..-iq!!-H.. , , 5 . QL 5' , S .fs-" ,if .- L . Ns g .YK Q 15 is 5, ., -. X . ,, it , fg. fi 1 351.1 ' its .-wins 14' ,. ,, 1wm Pfww 'ms 513311 -u Q 1 s Sr Q 4 w I I 9- -LT' I dawg ,Ax . L I ' 5 ' WW , wg' 4., .f-,-V fn-Q: ,....,, ,Z -fy L, i, r ,', U al" ', d .-q,, in 'Q f Q x x - ,. - 1 g ' K ? :,.,b,fQ . ' . , , . . . . 'f' xc g - .. wg -.Q :L fi' ' X 1" --1 --Q ' W' . 5 v Am Qjxfk, Q . :xxx Mix 1, X X ',,. 3 x kv an X' J f rf" .V, ,, , Y Y 447 AA YY 4 V ,.-.......A-.. f:.L Y-k I s I 4, MW v rw. "' Q' ff J. - .0 X .i vi Af xg' ,f' .- If 1 x , Z. :fiQii2Iiv:a. . aw.-yn , aw, :- .W . .fm ' ' 25'-.H ., wpjfary , A' J 1 'W-s.f Q M12 Y , ,, Qfmiw ' 'a'i"'-mf ' 'rwiw ' J?N' V .Wu ,V W in +R 4,, ,fn vs X I. 3-1 'M 'Hr V-ZA if Kink' PUU ..,m-..,....'--....,......Q......v-Ar, -1- .,..w . ....,- ,,,.,,.'- -...,...-.---,....---.-q-.---n.f-.-,.-....,-.,,,.,..,-.. ,.g.1.........., . 5.4, -. .., ...--.V-XT,m-mwvx-Q.,,,,..b,wQm- . FIRST DIVISION THE BOS'N PIPE, FANCY WORK ON THE QUARTERDECK, AND A SQUARED AWAY FOC'SLE ARE ALL SYMBOLS LONG ASSOCIATED WITH THE SEAFARERS. BOATSWAIN'S MATES ARE EXPERT SEAMEN WHO MAINTAIN AND PRE- SERVE THE SHIP. FIRST DIVISION PERSONNEL ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING THE FOC'SLE OR FORECASTLE, A SPACE EQUIPPED FOR CONTROLLING THE SHIP'S ANCHORS, THE PAINT LOCKER, TOOL ISSUE ROOMS AND THE PRESERVA- TION OF THE ENTIRE STARBOARD SIDE OF THE SHIP. THEY ALSO PROVIDE COXSWAINS AND BOAT CREWS FOR THE SHIP'S BOATS THAT THEY MAINTAIN, OPERATE AND REPAIR. BOAT DAVITS, CARGO BOOMS AND REPLENISH- MENT AT SEA DETAILS, PAINTING, MARLINSPIKING AND GROUND TACKLES, ARE ALL JUST PART OF THE DAILY ROUTINE OF THE WORLD'S TRUE SAILORS, THE MEN OF FIRST DIVISION. BMCS Perry BM1 Jocson BMI Delangel BM3 Willm BM3 Terherst BM3 Pruitt I BM2 McDonald SN Davis I BM3 Echelberry SN Bussell -Q ..., , ... ms. -,......-...-....-.........,.,......,-11-.,..,.....,.................---s...'.-,,,,..- .,..,.....,..1. ,,, , ,...Y,.-M, -s...,,.-,,,.......,. ,.-4...,. ,........,: -Q Y- fav 'mir- BMSN Powers SN Hamlett SN Bivill SN Canales SN Cardenas SN Koppenhaver, K. SN Martinez SN Robertson Sn Warner, K. SN Degennaro SN Theilan SR Dorgan BM3 Tl11ia0 SN T01be1't, J- I 80 SECOND DIVISION FROM BOW TO STERN, FROM PORT TO STARBOARD, WHEN IT COMES TO EXPERIENCE, THE SAILORS, BOAT- SWAIN'S MATES AND SEAMEN OF SECOND DIVISION ARE SECOND TO NONE. THESE DEDICATED INDIVIDU- ALS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF THE FANTAIL AND PRESERVATION OF "THE FA- MOUS FIGHTING SHIPY' THEY ARE ALSO ENTRUSTED WITH THE UP- KEEP AND SAFE USAGE OF THE AF- TER VEHICLE STOWAGE AREAg WHICH MEANS MAINTAIN ING, OPER- ATING AND REPAIRS ON THE SHIP'S HEAVY RIGGING EQUIPMENT, CRANES, AND WINCHES. UNREPS, SEAMANSHIP AND THE DAILY DU- TIES CARRIED OUT BY DECK'S SEC- OND DIVISION ARE WHAT KEEP THE TRIPOLI AT HER FIGHTING BEST. "It's an adventure" ,iz SN Shofner, M. SN Llttl6tOI1 J SN Korte C SN Neilson J S i d R. SN Simmons T. SR Browning Y. SN Stewart S,L SN Lester, F.E. SN Nesselro t, , , , , i V i W, 7 LW BM3 Spencer, T. SN Muller, M. SN Wilbur, W.S. SN Wilkinson, C.M. SN Mathiag, K,W ,1-..-..-,.,,d,,,,v , ,vnu ,...,...,.,.,,..,. .. ,......d-...x,4-v-f-N-......-...vm 4---vi-1-f-vv"""'-"""""'-"" - v...-,..,....,..........-,..,....,,..---..-n-Q---f.,4-f- - FOX DI I IO When it comes to the responsibility for the defense of the air space around the USS Tripoli, the men of Fox Division are the top LPH Fire Controlmen in the Pacific Fleet. The FCs maintain and operate the Close-In Weapons System CCIWSJ and the Basic Point Defense Surface Missile System CBPDSMSJ. During the ship's last competitive cycle, the Fire Controlmen of Fox Division received the Battle Effi- ciency Excellence Award. In addition to maintaining all their high tech equipment, the men of Fox Division find time for other activities not so technical. Field days, unreps, sea details, zone inspections and long watches are all apart of the everyday routine. Trusty Shellbacks one and all, Tripoli's Fire Controlmen place ordnance on target! FCC Obryant, S. FC1 Iwamoto, M. FC2 Campbell, W. FC2 Nergaard C FC3 Wadson, D. FC3 Wilkinson, J. FC3 Cox, J. 82 FC3 Davis, G. FC3 FOX, M FC3 Bowen, D- FC3 Stemm, T. FC1 Jackson, J. FC3 Morales, G. FC3 Ali, A. l FC3 VanDerBur, E. FC3 Farrell, J. l FC3 Richman, J. FC3 Couch, R. FC3 Hollingsworth, T ,,...q .i:.......1-fm. iq-. .mm ......w----Q.--f--n--w - AOC Bauman AO1fAWfSWD RHIHSQY A01 Coldiron AOICAW5 Green A02 Overby A02 Harris A03 Virgin A03 Sanchez AO3 Otero AO3 Lagerquist AOAN Vance AOAN Finnegan A0 AN Guse AOAN Hedge JWIATI NOT PICTURED: AOAN Burtin, AOAA Wilson GMG3 Green, AOAN Hedge, 8: AO3 Otero on forward 25mm gun mount. Dec Mogadishu. -A V 4 V gvarl,-,,-Q,-1--,-,-,..,,,-Ph . Q-q,N,,,,,, G , , x...--V.-.-,...r. .N....s...,-....-....-nn., -- , V -- Aviation Ordnance 2.75 in rockets and tow missiles. AO1 ColdironfF1ight Deck MATH-Si Gunners Mates GMC Werley, AOAN Guse, AOAN Price, A03 Lagerquist, A03 Sanchez, MG Alb- AOAN Hedge, AO1 Coldiron and AOAA Wilson Ctaped upl. GMCASWJ Werley G 1 m i i 4 A GMG2 Goodloe GMG2 Brodo GMG3 Green GMGSN Bramlett GMGSN Carl' PRESIDENT BUSH VISITS TRIPOLI X DEC 31, 1992 N I 1 1 ...J 'llofji President dines in Flag Mess Above Left: TRIPOLI sailors welcome President. Above Right: OPS greets Commander in Chief Bottom Right: President holds true on his Christmas promise when he stops by CCTV to meet IC2 Servantes 88 xx'-ff KAW e Q N' L' 1' 21 9 1 Ld' ,X x 'x,,,,,, ' " 'M W' """""'fM:' l -fwfr Y- fi"-'HG --H-Afw 3-W-.rf , .-, .an-:env fmf,.,.,....1n.-:.- .Aw . 4- pv- ,,f'iKq4?5?5iv- f ,M W! . 'af f ag i '1 i ' f lf X ff ' W f as f W 5, sry! Z ii MZZZXG' f ag f' Q b V' kr -x ,Y f X X f XX ' Liu: J . M ' X 'ii ' 'Sv- M44 ,, , f' ,,4,,lX ?fef4'K, , WM - 4, . Q . wt '-4W,,M f N , X" ff: , 'K ff m 1 -Aix U fo, mf ff., , Qi-. 'mmm if . ,Q Q iffil f V54 4, 1' 1 F ' Q5- ,-.M ,tM sf-f 4' .11 . f'3 QLEL, G , .,-. ,f ,af f-N420 ' Qrlzlffr fl'4ig'?' 4 4 , I ,i, ,V : J, I Y V w' f' 5 -f ill! ,V -f ,Q J js. I "'-inns ' in-A4 J ,agqgyjx J 1' fi? 'ifE""5f , . . I. if W, ' .f 1 i 1 j ,al . fail. W 3, Aw -gj,4,, J ' - 1, , xg 1 xx if 1' -A ,. ,, , 4 I Lif".4:7gji4g -ff lj! -ff? 1 1 71 4 6 7' .Fir P J' 1 Jqff - J-'I Y .liihildf .a ' -' V V - .f I 1, I I I I ' , 1 I L1'1' f I - ' s Lf?-2' 1 "' in " Y, fx , , 1,f 2 4 , .1 2? -sfff ' ' 4.1, 1' f 35' - ' 'L 1 fly IA I I 1 iff 5 Z 1 IT! . , inf 1 1 I , .iii ,T-., ,vs Q- Y,-4-rvv-,Ja-1""'? V N? 5 E 'K "xii Yin: ...Y X 4-. gi K +..,.......- K - V- Sf- 4-frgQ,,.:f,,a. 'WSH-sn.-r-.,.,,,. K '- xg..-V 1r:.ifn-355114331 S ,5 r x - Vi. .1-f, -+.wpwwr'g ,S skglxh-I-5 , A X X 1-2 1 ' "xx "'4'. ,,,,,,v1L -,f,,-Sfg-5:44, ' 7 Q 5 ,qv ?.5r is me-anne-aah .N Q gmc , N K q i kjjafl 'H' ,..,,,..- .ix X ' ky xx I t we .noir A in 'X 'N-cxbn : X KA rf' MEF Q - A ff "V" xy 1 ,ek H ia x. R , -A f Jimi 9 , Vx ,K -Q ""-Q-N 4 .... .,., , -Q A X X ' K -in Xazbx - " U -. f 5, Y WWA- ,, ,if if Q ,. ,AS W A Y.,i1LS!,, I 1 1' "" """' '-" '- W' 'W ' - V -J-f' W Wfi- -1 ' 1 gg, rn if.. 1 'E-' kiii5?' 'ff 'Y fl ,,.,......--x19-a-- if QE: J A,,, , wan' Nm X f him, l:," -f z, ,,,,A J- Machin , A, , . 1 ery -un- 525-if I, J ? S. Dawes 5 2 ?sa,. W iv 'ig 2 , ' if 2 Z4 Administrative 1-MW mmwmvwf f-sa . M . , , W... .,. . -, .-.. . .s.-.-..,-,.......,.,m........,-,..,...-,v-wf-q--'--'-4'-f'---,f-,.my .,........, Y 'f-fg..- -. .,.....,.. A ,.., .ug....,v.--.-.r ,,,,.,,, .,. ., ,, ,,,, . AUXILIARIE g DIVISIO Auxiliary division, A-Gang, is comprised of four work centers that maintain major equipment that enhances shipboard life. Work center EA01 maintains and operates all the ships hydrau- lic equipment. Work center EAO4 maintains and operates all hotel services throughout the ship. l The Diesel shop, EA07, ensures emergency power is available if i the ship's SSTG fails, by maintaining and operating emergency i dlesel generators' MMC R. Bartolome MMICSWJ W. Jennings r X il re I l l V l 1 v 3 l l t . E i l l l l w l l MM1 E. Mondala EN1 J. Myers l ry l l 1 E i i MM2 E. Calvo MR2 F. Delacruz MM2 N. Edge MM2 J. Schemm MM2 T, Stillwagon' m I l , I . i my to e- n 1 M i MM2 H. Thompson MM2 R. Torres MM2 J. Wyatt EN3 A Basnett MM3 D F 1 b e - . o nes e ri 1 ag f Q. 5 i ll I Q g : ' ! l E ' 5 L 5 92 1 E l . f 5 ---- ----3...-'-.-....,..,,..,---......,,...,.,.....-.......-..q.-.-,.,..--...-.......4,..-,....-. N..........--.,.,--qr.v.-Q -- . 2 v'-fv-S211 I i . L MRFN E. Dallner MMFN S. Kelley MM3 E, Puro FN R. Montgomery MMFN H. Soriano FA M. 3 Bolger MM2 Wyatt demonstrating the use of a wire brush FA R. Derricott 3 . f FA M. Hernandez X, FA Hernandez taking a break from needlegunning FA R. Iverson EN FA J. Skinner ,..,......,-a....i.-.....,..--.L,-....- , .,,.......-..-..-. ......--J -..,.,.,.-L.,.Q........,......a..,...... , -.....- -. .............. v...,... . M, Q-- ,...-.+.,.....v .....l..-,....,,................... 1- -.,,W-u-qh,..,1--..m-wwr-M-.,.n,,Qy-,,+A.,,,...mmm...v.4r--.-..rqf-...p-Q-...-.,-.....1.-. . . 4 ,, ,.,-, ,, BOILER DI I IC B-Division: Unsung Heroes On a zone inspection day, if you hear grumbling from an in- spector over the zone they have been assigned, most likely that zone is the Fireroom. In the oppressive heat and dripping sweat of this feared "Un- derworld," the men of B-division toil to produce the source of the ship's energy - 655 PSI steam. This steam generates elec- tricity and drives the mighty Tripoli through its missions, to and from ports, and finally, safely home. Throughout "Operation Restore Hope," B-Division, or Boil- ers Division, kept the boilers steaming with remarkably few ca- sualties. Three workcenters combined to produce this shining effort - EBO1, EB13, and EB14. EBO1 workcenter main- tained and operated two 600 PSI Combustion Engineering boil- ers and their associated auxiliary equipment. EBl3 maintained the ship's gauge calibration equipment and essential mainte- nance and testing of the Automatic Boiler Control System. EB14 received, tested, and transferred over three million gal- lons of fuel. All of this 'performance came from a group that seldom shares the spotlight. So remember, when that movie and hot shower help pull you through yet another day in an arduous and seemingly endless WestPac, pass a B.T., for any engineer, for that matterl your respect. They have earned it! The motto of the Tripoli fireroom BTCKSWJ D-Coomey BTCKSWJ A. Guarin BT1 L. Alba BTI J. Hardy BT1 D, Ward BT2 L' Beard BT2 E- Fraijo BT2 T. Schwengler BT3 P. Connelly BT3 G Dent "' ' N " ' -"- '- - '-' --1--.f--4l,..-4--.f 1 i.-,.,.,x,.--xg-,. v, -A-,,,-M-H -Y, A W- NW.-,W ,,,.,-,,,w,,-- - --f 'f' ---- - -1- -1Q- .,.,.........Q, ,W xxx 'X 5+ 9 FN Burt expressing his true feelings about the fireroom BT3 J. Dixon V i BT3 C. Ekstedt BT3 D. Fernandez BTFN R. Parker BTFA V. Cavedoni FA F. Cuevas IFF i i i V BTI R. Navarro BT3 M. Klunk BT3 L, Clantgn FA R. Compton FR T. Jones A-Q,,......, , .. .,,L -42-ii.-,.i M-,--.i+k --v-'-........-f.,....,,,g...,...-,....,--,,,-...--. FA B. Hunt FA S. Sowards .g,4.,........-.... -..,,,.-.-....fw4...,..1z- rw. ....v..-,---.-..p-n-1-v--.-.,--..--....,,,,.,,..,,?....-.. ,.. ,H .-..,,..- 1 'EE I ' 1523412- : 1: 6+ me F L K C354 BT1 Hardy trying to add some fun to his watch in the fireroom BT3 Dent aligning a main feed pump FR J. Burt FR C. Dupree FR P. Fritz FR K. Smith .A-.....,...-Q...-...A-....Y- ,.,..-.......,,..--. ..-...N-V -- ELECTRICAL DI I I0 E DIVISION CRUISEBOOK NOTE The Electrical Division combines the services of the tele- phone and electric companies, the electrical contractor who does your household repairs, and the Maytag repairman all in one. From controlling the ship's turbine-driven and diesel gen- erators to distributing the electricity, installing and repair- ing all telephones to operating the ship's gyrocompasses, in- stalling new lighting to repairing casualties, maintaining vent motors to ensuring all alarms operate properly, E Divi- sion personnel can be found in almost any space. E Division owns equipment from the top of the mast to the bottom of the bilges, working on all of the ship's electrical and interior communications of systems. So for all of your electrical repair needs, contact E Divi- sion, everyone else has. Power shop personnel hard at work EMCfSWj D, Encinas iccqswp R. Murphy EMICSWJ B. Delarosa EM1 R. Epps ICIKSWJ D- J0hHS0H EMIQSWJ R. San Miguel ICICSWJ F. Thario EM2 J. Sevilla IC3 S. Beggio IC3 D, Bowens fmN,1.mmi-va-m,.gqff...'gq14mmpv4.-w-vm . iq.. --V-f '- ""' ' ' I EM3 S. Cambronero EM3 P. Gallardo IC3 S. Nichols EM3 G- Ottmefs EM3 R- Paiz ...Q- W e,,.mhNxs- ,xg EM2 B. Ferrer E-Division able to smile even after a hard days work ! e EM3 B. Pool EM3 G. Tuazon FN J- Fagan EMFN M. Hester EMFN L. Mowers ....-,.,.....--g..-...,..,,- ..-H-..........-., ,.,.,, . ., ... , V -,,-...,,..,. ,,--...-. V -V-Ar Y EMFN C. Dennis SN R. Llwanag 5 4 G 3 4- :Amr ,,...d.f----., V I .1-1' ..,..- EMFN K. Mills "How can I get this done if you want my picture?" G , 1 IC3 E, Travassos EMFN G. Wheeler FA S. Gonzales EMFA O. Gutierrez FR M. pl-ieto MACHI ERY DIVISIO MMC R. Sanders MM1 A. Rios MM3 R. Ivey M DIVISION The men of M Division are responsible for operating and main- taining the engine room. This incl-udes equipment like the main en- gine that help put Tripoli where it was needed during WestPac 92-93 and Operation Restore Hope. Two 2500 kilowatt generators that supplied electricity to the whole ship. Two 100,000 gallons per day evaporators that supplied water throughout LP air compressors pro- vided air to vital and non-vital areas of the ship, ensuring the crew could have showers after a long work day. The men of M-Division worked around the clock to provide Tripoli with the necessities it needed, both for business and for pleasure. MM1 S. Martinez MM1 F- Rodrigo MMQQSWJ S. Cavitt MM2 R. Jenkins MM2 D. Mitchell MM3 O. Jimenez MM3 R. Johnson MM3 M, On. MM3 J. Payne "" "' ' ' --S-. ...-,...,.-..,.' ,,...-,.,.u-- -YY--M.-. ,,.. .., . V .-.... z:,.1: -Y 4,-. :..fQ.-21 -,...-- NX? ff' x, X. lf MM3 D. Verhoef MM3 M. Wolff MMZCSWJQAWJ K. Bates MM3 Wolff showing he enjoys standing evap watch FN J. Brown FN M. Frantz MM3 Compton FN D. Krys FN E. Sorenson MM3 G. Rickett MMFN S. Woodman MMFA D. Ott MMFA G. schowe MMFR H. Huggins FR L. Post FR D- Romero MMFR J- McComb 101 . . , - . , ,. .. ...,.g,,..-. M, ...,,.,,-...-, .,....... W.. ,........-g,...... ,..i...-Y. .- -- - as -wvm.Mg..MM-.q, ,,.... .if4.....v-3...-...s-.0 am.-N .....---v-,.-.-..-ve REPAIR DI I IO R DIVISION R Division is made up of Damage Con- trollmen and Hull Technicians. Damage Controllmen are responsible for main- taining damage control equipment throughout the ship. Providing training to the rest of the crew, the Damage Controll- men ensure the Tripoli is "READY" for casualties ranging from fires, to flooding, and to CBR attacks. The Hull Techni- cians are responsible for doing the essen- tial Welding jobs onboard. From minor brazing to major overhauls these Hull Technicians are ready for any job brought their way. DCCKSWJ J. Carter DC1 T. Marable HTIKSWJ H- Sl30DheUS HT2 Agnes HT2 DC2 J. DOl1gl3S HTZCSWJ R. Hudachek FR G. Archer 102 1 HTFR R- BTOSGY FR S. Childers FR R. Gibson FR P- Martin FR J. Thomas DCFR M. Weekes v. ..,-..-..,.........-..........,...,-,.4 .-...,, .-..-.-...-......,-..,. ..... , W- V ee D I HT2 J. Magee DC3 D. Covington DC3 C. Haiman DC3 D. Hanning DC3 C, Hardin ri V The CO officially opens the new DC shop while the XO and DCA look on. HT3 A, Voshell FN A, Bedard FA R. Deacon DCFA M. Poire HTFA T. Volk . - -Y ...a..,., -.,..- -,--...- X...-WH...-,,...,-. .. - V -.5 -- .-rgfw-..-a- 42 uf' ' gr 0 z , OPERATIO U 4 I H .N .whzu 1 V ,rs . X ,- V 'Nw' Ag 4 Q: V., N :Aram ' -1:5 B! I fl RE TORE HOPE ii A ff I ,x.,.M, .. pyavi N x 4 1 S Q 5 . ...-.,-aww, ft-Q,-'17 MW f TQ 1 :A ' : . ,K 5 .f- ,A LMA., .rf ' A, Kyfifidfwii -1 xx 1 Jd'i2:w-6 M 4. "3 'MW--,,, I"I--no .4 Q, 4, .,4., , ,F4-1 ,O fu 4 4 4 qi 6 4 , 'M 4 49 Q9 Q V-'N .Qs 4 4 6' o',o , av 4' 4' 'C Q' 9- ,1 41 ,.'14i.,s4.,-..V I Q1 . ,m.,v.,ot,9..q,--N ' " 4 9 1 4' ' tt 41 0 'Q Q9 9. w+:q1",o"',+' 1, 'Q-194 " Q , 4 4' 4-.4 in ':"'Q-uf! 'tv W 4 an 4 af' '4 fs-',u,,, 9 N I v- ar ' 'X' 191' Q -5,-, -my wk W ... 9, 'Y 'Uv qv . 1- -ay .W H wfvayw, Q- 6- -t"4,n.4. 1- ......... ,...,k,, ,ff "f Q. fu- R .A .., .K -n-r - H i v v -at-4-.,.Qf .:Dmh,..f,-. e.1.......ff-1-. ...-.,----.....-.-..,..,.-Q-..---.--.-.--qv- , MEDICAL AND DE TAL LT A.J. Musielewicz, Medical Officer, Dept. Head LT J. Castle HMCCSWXAWJ Plunkett Dental Officer, Div. Off. Division Officer 1 108 ' 'WT fi Q... ....,. -.........D.,....,.............-.. ,-..., .,.. ,,.. .,....,.s..-,- ..,. , ,...., , ..-ic. sv." www' 541' X-v. HMBKSSJ F. Flores Flight Deck 5 DT3 E. Aguilus DN A. Suarzez HN G. Stroup Dent., LPO DT X-Ray HM1 J. Aquino HMZCAWJ C. Proctor Lab, LPO IDC HM2 R. Francis HM2 M. Hartman PMT Pharmacy! Supply HM3 A. Gener HM3 E. Willis ICU!Ward Biomed HN P. Husband HN B- Baker O.R. Records - A ...-r- t.,..a-.1 -...--.-Q: -.S -- ff:-, f--.f-.-gr LCDR J.A. Acosta Qwmsjffm Capt C.K. Holmes ,M , LCDR D.A. Beatty LT L. McDougle LT E.L. Kownslar LT M.R. Malebranche LT EIMA Galan D. 1 'F Z HM1 J .L. Swanson HM1 T.A. Strobel HM2 C.C. Lovelace HM3 R.A. Varner HM3 K.D. Kettle HN F.A. Sheehan HM3 L.M. Kennedy HM3 P.A. Jonsson HN SL- Roberson HN M'G' Pearson 2 1 1 1 1 6 f 1 ,w , ii Q. 1: ef fa iQ 1 ii fx 2 F Q 1 1 Q 4 S 2 1 jx 9 E Z 9 ? Q PS s 1 i 5 1 l 1 ,.'l 2 0 fl' fb 4 f 0 f , f' If 4 N, E r F fi Wy, X .W ,VX A xiio 'fli 1' I fausvm New X 'H,, ,L x 'Y 'f I 1 Q ,Q A X, N, ,X N X I X Part One Of Navigation Dept. IRAN V VIG TIG PAK1STif-NN t QQ 2 4' ,. '-Cf ' ee P I QA I fn U os h91',tkf7,f4f--we-,cw-.,,7w ,,pftMr,..,..i,""'f"-"H" H an 7 I 7 ' ""' ' 7 liter 7w'iiz:iri7 7 7 7 'jljlavlgation Department 1S responsible forf.tlie1,"safe ranidlefficient navigation of the shipf"To fu1f7 Iftggis dutyf. N uiarftermasters maintain and updates ft'9 a gnautjp 'tgmirts and publications andthe shipifs deck, p y' on frnagneticxcompass logs. They skillfully? use vi al hearings, radar ranges, satellite information, and cele 7 tial fixes tofsafelygguide the ship through bgth Op an 'Lmhbcean restriotedwwater. In additidn to their hnaifig tional57igj,igti'esQY5itiliey are also the only men onhoaid-the best at steering the ship, trlisted to steergtfhefship through hazardous waters and alongside hotherfiships duringyunderway replenishment. l i 'l M in sa 2 i S . is .fjrifli J, .7771 7 M K ing 14 - i 1. I 1, Z b-,yhilfg 77 ,M ,nw X is H, sawn 2 -figs: .afof is 5 L ' Mm' A ff ff" - x i.,.,, , 741 9717 X ' W, lwf 5 .giflx Hx!! H ,- I I il, , Ghutzgaf Oamf ,,,, 7 If Kgs? -'F V,N, Rx gf' 5 ff ' 7978 .593 1, fl A' I ,' ff 2333 --ff f ff'42QJ w 7g A 5 Fig? fwidk ' ,ip fgbw i ls TN? 'Qi lf' 25 N J H N 7 fb 5 it , giei g if itiiiit i 1330 ,i Wglfff f If M7123 VX 'N V2 M7777-4,,,,, flgpm 17, .,,,, ' 7 "5 N, ,gl r.,, I -q 1 IHKA A 7 ,X " lu! 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V 1 i, , N N f " F ' ,?,27f!fi'l'i i ff WW 's i fWff" h if ffm fffsfw f 1' 9106 43,,f',5ff'?Y i it'i f' if , if A-'M ' mf: 'I 42 V X fw'Zfli7E5435i 'Mmi i " fi S34 fazfzcflgfaf !,irfjfGfIH.ArJ!7! ix 177519 i 4, 1 f f ' ' 5 M27 K H, 1 J M W' I git , ' fy' X 7 , Q H vi' " r f, V, X , 5 ', f ,ff 72 6' 'X V A J 'F f V i 5 3 1,r 7 2 .1 f ff 24 f any ilai , f ,a f mmf i ' ' s V J' 7- 7x W J 5 If 7, J Aw J 47 , 77 f - t 2 7? 4,7 r - . 4534 ff i efmf' 1 i"s ' aim' e mm , N ' s f - ' f va 3 K X 4 . - JJ f 777 7 77 W ., 7, 7-,-,,-.,....,......-....i .-..,......,.,,,,..... -..,...g--,....,..,-.i...,......A.... .. -nfs- ...f-....-.---.-'xg--.. Y-.---4...-.. Y --- - ---------M M" " "M"-'-P' " ' I , f sm Sv x I Y Mangro' ' QNDEX TO NEXT LARGER SCALE CHARTS if la N ovml U W5 INT 508 :Nr 7061 M f QMCCSWJ R.DE Qidndlci QVITBW Conway Q DIVOILCPO 5 H E :Nr 750 1 INS 'w .........................-.-.-----v x 1 - I v 'Y Q 4 Q gang Palrsnhnfk . A ... , ,,..,,.,,,., aa A .,,4 W ,,v, ,YM,a,,,,,,, ,,V, ,, ,, ,,,, ,T-,WmW,,,.,,aa,,,,,,,, .,,,A,. ,, ,-,a,,a,,m.,,,,.,,N,a,,.,.....,,,,.,rH ........ -. 1 5 ' a E fxxxkk 3 1 1 soma? 2 a 1 3,2 V Ka.a,,,, Q A 2 a M at W a a Q a f , V ' 2 3 3 2 I . r 'U 1 1 'M' ' O ---M o a a a .. , J 5 7, ., . A,,, -X E . xx 2 x ' 5 3 4 K . '- i f H ' if :xx 9 ' 1 "' -va. + j jx.. - 5 a f ' , f '-a ' , 41' 703 f 3 ,N ' a a 1' oo V Qi 'H '54 -,f . a . , , a ' if 1 1, i 2 1 . Lg ' T, Hhhw.'rK,1Qm x, ia... sander lf' 'ff' I ,J 4' E Q Vw am' ' Q Head QM1 J W Wh tl "W" 5? 1 QM1 KR Johnson Q N D 1 A - 1 HW 2 z 2540 f"""N. f" NN r 1: x 1 XX 2273 'x X A Q' 2549 ' f ff QM3 Kern QMSN s.J. Catania XX FV- Delesslo f nz ,fp Mff Xe run a o -X' AUT ' 4 ,.a, K 2,af'fVM 294 ' " ' 'wax .Via 5 f,f"'Nz576J! , 5 '--,wg Mafmagao f f aa! yx 3038 'NNW 3074 QXJQQ9 5 a a a a Q XXX , ,om nav N ' Cya '- sms 3'99X Sesoslnx Bfmifgfff A r ,Qt 3283 'Nw Cherbam,gmRf Es O F 379, 3438 fi Bvramqore R! U! KSHAOVVEEP E In ii iff' NF Mmm' ' o ' ' ' 3274 N30 a Alam- 1 , 3462 351, 0 ' Km.'d!AHJ3 PM-M-N-.a.-a.afL4J?!?.'3,Eslmf arzggg - V V V ZW Y or ' X ww Nme Degree Channel 3527 V J 5 3566 'X if E?lfE1gX5:LRxEit'f K 5 A Yklg11C'O Vi Km fi-A o ,W a a XM K v 3709 Ifzght Degrefe Channel z, 7097 V 3 556- 2' I8 62 George Bwhalgln NDHSHHPH 3304 1 9 T7 7 ..,' ' C399 A ff I E, . 4L 1670 No-Q ' mio 3 2999 lhawamhfium Atoll QS a ,, X M ,Kg X I COLOMBO 3904 1 o 4060 'X 2526 X 3350 1 3815 , " MfI.4dorvww.3z2uio MOH F' W Ao A' M V 1 1 I i I 1 1 1 4 E I i i i Part Two Of Navigation Dept. I'm too sexy for my phones Raise your hand if you know where we are! 116 All I want for Christmas is to sit in the CO's chair to ,... ,a-..,-V.m,,,.i.-,a--, -.a. MMM-- Awww- M- - - - Wake me up when we get there ....,,...,,-,-.,,,,,,- , W- V For surrrre that is not the Way home! "The real Hans 8a Frans" I N fmfff 'WV 5' ' H . . . Q.. 1 A yan 11,41 4 ?: S'Wf'X"w:1s'.g'r' .4-Yfff 'lf J' ' .h'qJ'4'5 "e9h1'Z-X K X, XM-fire F - ' . X ,mi . U,-gg , I' sf, QQ , X , . K X - A 2-ffl,EX"':'vH'fi,1.iT1:fZXff1Zffffr-:. X 3 W - X 2'.i"f2:2.z?a'i'-wi.,-:X4.:X - Y '. .ni gg,5g.,gg.--,11.X'xX. vu 15.K.'fQgQ3,x5X'f -Xi' , 'K MX K5 A jr . fl, , Q X 'f.-'fvvi-w ' wiv, , e , X.: Q X, -J., --.z.k,. f - UFFICER Q.. - S Q N F' ,WX .. . --:J -L X f f f X X 'V ww .. v x ., , X ,N:v,X,:, ' ' ,A ,E 'S ,0 , , .A M . gf , ,Mx v 'fr ,, 1 .X ,fy L ,, , . !V,V,,n ,f , 4., ,Q 'OV 53,44 .- 1 W ,.., ,rfiflf , 4.34. 0, f , r" M f f I 4, ' f7y,,k ,f .. , ff,.,g--,, ,Qmh ,f U SR I ,qi XX., X v X . ,5 -fL'.:X . .Y . .. 'Xu X iz K I W5?-Ms . X W NM' y -L Q fr :I :X .X-fist, X... X.X, A .. 4 X .- . 'Li-Qi ' - 3 . .Xp ...Y - --X . 5 x .X y:i4..pg1.... -P TX- ik. .--YKTX-1 ix ilklf .X X XX.. ag . ry' 1-515: 7+-1 . Pgkw . .374 . ,,. XXX X X , , .1 -f . 'fi -X mf. .vs -,fgg 'ffr f A fix: N X.. .. . . sQQ -YJ Y Y ,. i , ,fr XX -fi .- : .. L.X.w.,...:X...X. . 5.1111 ,NY ar Q fa r 'ft L 1 4 , 'JT Us N 'fic 1? , ,,,, M - ' W - - ,M-.T 1, ,,.. , , - ixvgk at V, Y Y., 1 ,i,,, Y .Yi Y Y Y I . 553'- 'SH i egg -kii?! Qt: CDR C fhfi ii.. ' m.:e.u . K.. .qv "- - :'-- --- -r .1 " 'V .:,-, ,, ..: lt' 5 i '15 -fa-1 LTD. Breedlorfe t Akiva V Iilifffttu Ka ab- .. . 'S li:-QI'-'Z 'rv Electronics Material Officer A Nw., kiilgezlggnwin- .32 , K tzr.:.:T!mQui:TL new p...,. F , 0 Q LTD.B ersfi s' ' r ' - - . . P. . - e y M X fm? e Dav' Intelligence LT R. Gress - Alr Operations r . Herman ' 'ce' Officer br 1 . i r - flenfprnratlon , Q i ','A 1,ff ' ' ' "" "fr ,5'-, g rr.e f 17' .gl X Jr J -- X 2 if ere' -, J fe - , 51' I!! 1 -zf.5,'.-5., 11 , Yfi' .ie:a1fi-fi? r' I "NF QQ AEQU ff f a Q ffl V if ' 5415 .fi . 'li ' .r.. . ' K J., .. .Q -X ' fge X Aff i ff.??f? ' -3 X I .u.... 9 Q .157 -- ' ' A. , ' F A l :.k . , . K, ,Q .. .. . LTJG E- Ray j ,M ' ENS,-P. PeurnelQg3Asst. Warfare Gffxcer . e Electr09l!3S.M?lE1'i8l Offiiler .5 r.'V ., 1' ff' M 3 ,' . r r , ' ' e 'r e g e 'rm rf X A H ' fu' ,L " 1. 1 x '-in-71:37 ,,,q'x:V, , XA V I 1 -- 1 rirygg- ifffi.-W1 "ee e f r ' ' ' r 'e..e. H . . A 4 - ' ' r e A ef 1 f p r e ere. ' - g I r,.ee ' 'L . 4 V ' ..i .. L. . , r gm V , ' f L, , A q e .- " r i QQ ML . 5 e . e g,is.. . MN ' ' -W.--..-. -.....-- f A'-. Q' W .V .h 1 - Q5,, e . .A 7 ,,,,,.. N 9 -Q vnu- ,..,,,- 1 r I I 1 5 fr 11 2, 11 if I ia i 1 4 J w OA DIVISIO Aerography has come a long way since "Red sky at night, Sailor's delight." Today, Aerogra- pher's Mates CAG'sJ are responsible for a broad spectrum of environmental support including meteorological, oceanographic, acoustic, and electromagnetic refractive effects predictions. Using an assortment of complex computer software, communications equipment, and ob- servation and analysis techniques, OA Division prepares surface and subsurface observations, as well as custom tailored briefs, tidal data, as- tronomical tables, surf forecasts, and anoma- lous propagation conditions forecasts. AGC D. Gimder AG1 E. Woodgates AG2 T. Marshall ,, This information is used for a variety of pur- poses, including flight safety, mine counter- measures operations, amphibious operations and tropical cyclone evasion. 7 AG2 T. 0'Rourke AGAA E. Castro AGAA M, P artyka ya WH -+ ....,. -.. ...-. ....-.-..,.-N-w...--,.............,- -......, ........-.-.-..........-... ..... - --- ,,. OC DIVISIO The primary mission of the OC Division is to provide safe, orderly, and expeditious movement of aircraft within TRIPOLI's airspace. The Divi- sion is manned by Air Traffic Controllers fAC'sJ who work in the ship's Helicopter Direction Center. All AC's are graduates of the Navy's Air Traffic Control School, a three month course that teaches Federal Avia- tion Administration rules, aviation weather, and provides controllers with practical experience in radar and tower control positions. The AC's are responsible for pre-flight planning briefs, radar arrival and departure control, amphibious assault control, search and rescue co- ordination, MEDEVAC support, and precision radar control. During OPERATION RESTORE HOPE the TRIPOLI AC's sequenced as many as 23 helicopters at a time to and from Helicopter Landing Zones in Mogadishu. These included helicopters from France, Canada, India, and Australia. During the early stages of the operation they were called upon to direct aircraft arriving and departing Mogadishu International Airport. Additionally, they were called upon to coordinate the arrival of over 50 MEDEVACS to TRIPOLI. Left: Lt. Gress talks to the CO. Right: We have a bingo. .11 -X y Above: Maj Hendrickson looking over the airplan AC1 R. Minix AC1 S. Byrne AC2 D. Barrett ACAN S. Para ,M ---....,-.-.. ......,- -....4...g...,-.rzvww -- s-znW"'-fv--fvI-"""-- ETCS M. Lyon OE DIVISIO The OE Division Team is comprised of highly trained and professional technicians. These men perform preventive and corrective maintenance on a variety of Command and Control systems, including communications, radars, electronic navigation systems, meteoro- logical equipment and electronic identification systems. The men of OE DIVISION have earned themselves a well-deserved reputation as tech- nical experts, and have been called on to pro- vide service throughout the fleet. In fact, dur- ing the initial phases of OPERATION RE- STORE HOPE in Somalia, OE DIVISION'S reputation was confirmed for the Multi-Na- tional Forces ashore as they provided desper- ately needed assistance to the US EMBASSY in Somalia. They are 24 HERTZ the U24 HOUR EMERGENCY RESCUE TEAM ZE- BRA"! ETC Knight ET1 M. Grant ET1 S. Mosczynski N ' ! ET2 A- Hale ET2 D- Harris ET2 J. Holland ET2 M. Killion ET2 W. Kirkland ... .. -,-....,...,...-..-L.....,-...i..v,.,-..,..A......, Nh, -----la ' " ' "' M ' .N..i,,--.,..-...,-..,.-.....,...i.-..,.........f-,.....,,... ET2 M. Ramirez ET2 M. Smith ET3 B. Hild ET3 J auffeux ET3 F. Jensen W , nk ki ,V..E ,ik k,hV. i kk,k.h fkr. V.k,.XV kr .E i XKAA Q Xf2f7f mmmml, . 'xiii mKV,mLVA',k i A' ET3 M J h ET3 J Morgan ET3 K' Neely ET3 Rider ET3 S' Vargas . O IISOH - ...,., ,,,,......,..,,,.,....w.......,..,.....-,.,....,..,..,H.,..--.-,.--......-....-,..,..., -........-.........,r:,-vw -, 5-vw--,v-N. I I OSCS P. Soto OS1 J. Benander OS1 A. Esquibel I I I OS1 J. Morse OS2 R. Allen OS2 D. Lees OI DIVISIO The primary mission of OI Division is to gather, process, display, evaluate, and disseminate all tactical information pertinent to the ship and embarked staff. To that end, OI Division Operational Spe- cialists fOS'sJ man the Combat Information Center CCICJ twenty- four hours a day, seven days a week. Working with OW, OE, and OZ Divisions, CIC maintains a 360-degree horizon-to-horizon surface and air picture, detecting, tracking, and identifying all radar con- l OS2 K. Lochte OS2 T. Raymond OS2 R. Rogers OS3 M. Berenson tacts. To meet the TRIPOLI's Command, Control and Communications fC3J requirements, OI Division maintains a precise navigational plot, and provides evaluations of all surface and air contacts. This information is vital to the bridge, the Tactical Action Officer and the embarked staff. , . - - OS3 Davis OS3 J. Fisher QS3 G. Grogan OS3 T. Hicks OS3 R. McDaniel OS3 K. Schroeder OS3 R. Stockridge OS3 E. Vargas OSSN H. Bruner OSSN J. Fisher OSSN F. Jones OSSN T. Kildale OSSN R. Kitchens OSSN R. Kyle OSSN W. Lusk OSSN S. Balch OSSN T. Marshall ,llrfig M lgliyll R I OSSN G. Mal'Ch811t OSSN L. McCracken OSSN E. McMillian OSSN R. Smith --w..-,......,...,....,...,.....,...,.-.... ...n.,...-.-.........,.........s-......,....,....,m:v----, ,..,,W....,...:.-,-.....--,,... DIIIO Operations Warfare Division is manned by Elec- tronic Warfare Technicians CEW'sJ and Photogra- pher's Mates CPH'sJ. EW's intercept and process radio and radar sig- nals, using the ANXSLQ-32CVJ3. They use these sig- nals to determine the type, function, and identity of the radiating platform. If the platform is determined a threat to TRIPOLI, they can take appropriate ac- tions to counter the threat. The PH's primary mission is Photo Intelligence. They photograph actual and simulated battle opera- tions, and make records of historic and news-Worthy events for the Navy. They expose and process light- sensitive negatives and positives, maintain cameras, photo-related equipment, photographic files and records. As a secondary mission, they also photo- graph ceremonies and award presentations held on- board. Many of the pictures in this cruise book have been processed by TRIPOLI's PH's. 3 T. R EWSN J stuart EWSN L TonJeS PH1 B- Gray PH Ogers IS1 G. Kuykendall a OZ DIVISIO OZ Division is located in the Joint Intelligence Center QJICJ. It is made up of ship's company Intelligence personnel, embarked staff Intelligence personnel, and embarked Marine Intelligence person- nel. OZ Division is also home to the Navy and Marine Cryptologic Support Detachment. This highly trained cadre gather and analyze all-source intelligence as well as interpret HSNOOPY TEAM" intel- ligence photography in support of TRIPOLI, and National intelli- gence collection goals. ""'-2 fWf'f-Ti' 'f T' ' - I - r -' - - 'ff---wi f ,-1,1 .qlnnrrv -2--F ,,, f-Y -f:,--:"-'- i Va iimtw Viv QQFV 9' as 'f Q4 ' IFN m dial-R ' Sl , ,fa N ',y4' MA, ik , Qlwivx f V' , 1 sf xx-gi' I 1,771 LPWID Me! bfi il ..1..l cw' lf firm l -""' ---'F 63 E h ,.-f' 'W' Y ,vw .xxx X ll Y.Sf.L..2f K-wg,Qp-.- 'QQJ g ,-K. ,. I II III '1 'll III ' 1 I I 1 I I I 1 1 1 I I I ,E III II 'I I I I I I QI I1 II II II 'I I 'II II I I I I I I III III 1. III III II 1 I .1 I 1 ,I I I I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 I I I I I I I 1 I 1 I 1 I I I I I I I I III I1 I ,IV MORALE, WELFARE Sz RECREATION I .,ff1"""' M H- wm v- X i 4 'L Nm. '-s. 444, 5 -1 ,, 4' fx',,Qvt !'.' , 1 f :N m M , E5 f ,n mwml-und my I - if f 0-mvvvvm 4 A J EBEL- LI v. f 'of-1 fgbf ' "'ff"l' ' Q Qirxf " AW---' ' fl- ' x f f . i .V , Fr, AMW Ak Vi" A ., A I1-.nik-f??! Vt V. .fag-. K l . x 3 iv X' ""l1- 't:v- L., ., T , ,. if V- ' ., X -, "M-, 'A if'-' , . gf ' f ' 71 A 1 ,Us ai - 5-4, . 1.,...1pL.f:1 peg", -75 wi, I , .767 1, ,mga :T if-qi 22112:-"Z':f-it """1'f .'l-,--1-5'-f Ll.5'5"Nf4"l-we-.L2Q.,.,..x:-1:- 'Q 3 ' , f . A. . .f..h1rL. 1 --.fig -,L.K.- .'N' .x 91,5 Q X -If 1 , -N e x .r ' .. ,xx ' . .s., Wk -- V ...fn-.......N qu ,.,-f Av-rn: us. 1 11 11 11 21 v1 ' 1 1' 1 1 1 11 1 111 1 11 1 E 1 ,1 1 111 i " 1 1, 1 '1 1 11 1 111 E 1 1 1 1 1 !1 1 11 1 11 1 11 ' ,11 1 11? , 1 1 1 1 W 1 11 1 . 1 1 - 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 m 1 11 1 - 1 H1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1411 Y 11 1 11 ' 1 i1' 1 ,1, " 111 1 111 11 11 11! l 1!14, 1 1! 1 11 N 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 i 1. I 1 H 1 1 11 1 ' in 'ff 'f"- W .Q-V.-...,.,,, W., . . , .... 1 1. ' , 1' 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 111 1 :Ii I 4 11 11 11 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 134 p ., ' TVX.: w W ,W m F E I L 135 - UPPLY DEPARTME T COMMANDER DELORENZO SUPPLY GFFICER -,..,...,...,.m.,M......--.... ?"" LT Sciaretta CASOJ LT. Escriva CS-lj CW02 Mejia 434,23 ENS. Graulich fS-3j LTJ G Peifley CS-41 LT. Marszalek QS-51 L Y T CWO2 Mendoza iS-61 LT. Iucalano CDETJ -ana-ve,-,v. i--.Q mm-.w-f-i,n.n eq4-an ..--.-....f- -...... -. .. fy... SK2 Triana SK2 Miguel SK3 Adamos S-1 DIVISIO STOCK CONTROL CS-11: The men of S-1 have performed miracles at the controls of the SUADPS terminals. They have produced numbers and jus- tifications that have resulted in multi- ple increases in COMNAVSURFPAC OPTAR allocations. For Operation Re- store Hope, additional ship operational costs exceeded S369,000.00 with the ex- ception of fuel and aviation mainte- nance. An extended transportation pipeline coupled with 30 vice 15 days AFS hits compounded planning efforts. In addition, Stock Control's satellite communication links lured reporters during "OPERATION RESTORE HOPE" to dispatch daily news to the major Radio!Television stations all over the world. SKCS Medina feeling at home SK3 Adamos posing How's this for squared away? bn....,,, -""'x' ' -'-'N-'W 2-v-------- ---- ----------...--.-.-V ,,,.-,.. , -,,,-.--.,,-, . T.....,i...,-.,,.........,..,,.-,-...,...-i..-,....- , -,..-.,,,,,,.,., ,Y,V , xkp ,.,,-4,-A,,,,,......-, ,,,,-,, - ..-- . W... -... . . Af.-.7....-T. .-..-u-. 'u-F-vw - -:vw-'---r--4.x.r--Q.--Y s-4 Divisio S-4 Division: Disbursing The S-4 Division provides one of the top morale boosters to the crew, money. The disbursing clerks were kept busy with piles of paperwork nec- essary to allow all crew members to re- ceive extra money for family separation allowance, imminent danger pay, and tax-free pay. They also cashed over a million dollars in checks to support various liberty habits. DK1 Sales led the way, processing hundreds of travel claims. He also supervised DK2 Dodds and DK3 Cone while they knocked out never-ending piles of forms and cured problem accounts associated with being away from home. They also trained the next generation, DKSR Westbrooks. DK1 sported his large booty of gold from Singapore and the Gulf, and DK2 spent hours awaiting the next letter from home. DK3 Cone eagerly pre- pared for his next visit from Captain Holmes! LTJG Peifley oversaw the op- eration, a job made easy by a very tal- ented group. DK1 Sales DK2 Dodds DK3 Cone DKSA Westbrooks Can we fly back home? -2 DIVI ION FOOD SERVICE CS-25: Whether catering to the needs of the crew and embarked marines or serving host to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, the Food Service Division proved to be one of the best aboard TRIPOLI. Providing hot meals four times daily for up to 1800 sailors and marines, Food Service personnel prepared and served 453,000 eggs, brewed 14,400 gallons of coffee, and baked 23,400 loaves of bread. As if that's not enough, Food Service pre- pared special meals on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, steel beach picnics, nacho nights, etc. Food Service went beyond Tripoli's mess decks by providing extended provisions sup- port to marines from all three ARG ships and var- ious beach detachments in Mogadishu, including the U.S. Embassy in Somalia. As a result, the "FAMOUS FIGHTING SHIP" maintains her reputation of owning one of the finest floating restaurants in the fleet. MSC Acovera MSC Balolong MSI Curry LCPO LPO MSI Naidas MSI Peji MS1 Lafldingin MSI Angeles 140 MS2 Orallo MS2 Baldadd M33 Vieth .,.... ,,.,L-,,,f- .YW--,, ..,,-,-.. ..--, . ,-,..,,.... ,,,. -.......Y 1.,-w..,. ,...- . - wmfmv -- ,-f:v-f--fq--n.:.w4.w.- -,..,......4,a..,....-.........m1--.,,.,..,,.........-v,-.-..v -..,..L,.,..,...-, .,.L.,,4,,,-,W PW. ...,-1 - Y- X,.,...,...,.4-Q-n... hiv-- um, S-3 DIVI ION SALES AND SERVICE CS-35: During Oper- ation Restore Hope the division provided laun- dry, barber, and ship's store services to the Presidential Staff, ACB-1, NMBC-40, MALS-16, and many others, along with servic- ing the crew and her embarked marines. In ad- dition S-3 opened expeditionary services to the joint task force Somalia, services included an overnight laundry service and mobile ship's store as well as barber services thanks to SH3 Overton fbarber to the starsb. Now that the cruise is over, here are some of the statistics we have mounted. The laundry washed over 616,000 lbs. of clothes and linen, the barbers gave over 10,000 haircuts, ship's store sales were over S870,000, and there were over 450,000 soda's sold. S-3 was very proud to have served the crew of the "FAMOUS FIGHTING SHIP", THE 15TH MEU, AND JTF SOMA- LIA. CUSTOMER SRVICE IS OUR BUSINESS!! SHCS Encabo SH1 Palma SH1 Slusher LCO SH1 Biermeier SH2 Nathan SH2 Allen I SHCIlYICg,agagan SH3 Grosso v.-,...-,....,... ....-.-,,.r,..,. ,,. ,. SH3 Overton SH3 Anderson SH2 Schneider SHSN Harmis SHSN Solomon SHSN Murphy SHSN Draper SHSN Holiday --- .-.-f.,....,.,...., ,.,-......1--..... ..,.,.-.-..n,.-. ,.., ..i..-,r' , ., . V.. , . , A. .,- , vw . -.,,,,,-, , ,es .rw .lr .f..-.f ,.-.-HL., - r. f .,., S-7 DI I IO ADP DIVISION CS-75 The Data Processing Technicians have been actively operating the SNAP-1 system and its peripherals Cprinters, monitors, etc.J. DP's are primarily responsible for running the jobs and providing quality out- puts Cprinted reports, magnetic tapes, floppy diskettesl to a large variety of users. In addi- tion, the newly installed local area network flanl has kept the entire division on its toes. The Data Systems Technicians are responsible for all SNAP-Lmaintenance and repair. Not only do they maintain and repair the SNAP-1 they are highly visible in our microcomputer monitors, and world, repairing computers, printers alike. The DS's have received exten- sive training on hardware and software and it definitely shows. To top it all off, the entire di- vision Was heavily involved in "OPERATION RESTORE HOPE", volunteering our services as supply department beach detachment in MOGADISHU, SOMALIA. Our motto is: "GET IT DONE!!." DPCQSWXAWJ Miller, DC DP2 Eymann, HL "Wasn't this Thailand jungle tour a good IDEA?" "A few of ADP s finest S-8 DIVISION QUALITY ASSURANCE DIVISION CS-81: Pri- marily tasked with ensuring scheduled inventories are accomplished, also handles the completion of lo- cation audit programs flapsl throughout supply's 27 storerooms, and validation of the many thousands of receipts and issues made on board TRIPOLI. Invenf tory and BMFIBRF accuracy is our largest goal. Along with monitoring ship store stock and food ser- vice inventories, S-8 was also tasked with the new "AVCAL DOWNSIZING INITIATIVE." This in- volved a continual off load program throughout the cruise of excess aviation material valued at over S500,000. TRIPOLI was the first ship to augment this program. ABOVE AND BEYOND. We also pro- vided personnel for "operation restore hope" Soma- lia and Kenya beach detachments. Sleeping in sand and living under the stars in the desert heat is no picnic. If you think San Diego is hot, Try Africa sometime! AK3 Gateas Mogadishu SK3 O'Rourke - SK2 Manning AK3 Gateas SK3 O'Rourke .,.................-.....S,.m.,f ,.r..,.,,n -.. r ...L .,... W.-- W..- we f .,, . f - - -Q-'mf A qW.m,aM,,,ynpr',Q,,h.s.,h.f--Q-M,-af--- -6 DI I IO S-6 division: Made up of only 13 sailors and 10 marines, they are responsible for re- ceiving, stowing, and issuing of aviation and general supplies. They manage 81,918 line items of cosalfavcal materials in a total of 15 different storerooms. Charged'with logistic support of the TRIPOLI ATU, they were re- sponsible for transporting cargo and supplies to the USS TRIPOLI, USS JUNEAU, and USS RUSHMORE. S-6 is in charge of all supply response action. They are the single point of contact for all supply requirements. During the deployment they processed over 3,000 NMCSIPMCS and over 7,000 work stoppage and shop support requirements. Also responsible for tracking CASREPS and other high priority items. SKC Nicglag SKI F1'lll6S AK1 Gueco AK1 Mendoza AK2 Clarkson SK2 Ferido AK2 Datiles SK2 Cadosio AK3 Aguilus AK3 Flores AK3 Small . AKAN Schrom SKS A P6901- 2nd LT Leibra LCPL San LCPL Civeilo LCPL Olvera LCPL Brown bb Not Pictured: LCPL Coria CPL Van Orman LCPL Robbins Gunney Sogrov LCPL Chambers S-5 DI I IO S-5 DIVISION- Known best as the wardroom, became "HOTEL TRIPOLI WEST" during deployment, providing messing and berthing for 180 officers ag well as visiting military and civilian guests. Mess Specialists and Food Ser. vice Attendants were always ready to answer the call. Special meals and events were ,at a premium, hosting President Bush's party, many flag and general officers, and members of the news media. S-5 earned a reputation for fine cuisine and unsurpassed hotel services. Its motto: "You can check in any time you like, for we may never leave." MSC Nepomuceno MS1 Velasquez MS2 Tan l I ' I - AIZXA.. - za MS3 Cacho MS3 Harper MSSN Hernandez MSSN Gastelurn MS3 Williams ,. HC-11 HC-11 Detachment 11 came aboard the USS Tripoli to provide an integral SAR asset. Dur- ing WESTPAC deployment, Det 11 provided not only SAR, but the major logistic support for the entire ATU. Off the coast of Somalia, in support of Operation Restore Hope, Det 11 moved 2824 passengers, 301 tons of cargo, and carried 31900 pounds of mail. During the month of January, Det 11 set a record by flying 206 hours on a single aircraft. OIC LCDR F.T.B. Jones LT W. Deaton A LT S. Guinn Mr Hefs, again? 150 CWO2 B. Bondoc 1 LT K. Harrower LT C. Henderson AMHC G. Contreras NC -.XA -,-..-.,... ,---n..f-,...f- V ,.,-.Kp-yy -- w:-:wr-.-.-xr-mug. ,-1. , -,.,..,....- .,,-1,...,..1..,...-.f .F.....,q-s...,,., ,,.... TACRON ELEVEN DET ONE ' 04 May 93 During this 92'-93' deployment, Tacron Eleven Det One played an important role as the heart of the air picture. This squadron of 21 personnel, lead by Com- mander W.M. Lipsmeyer, implemented the Amphibious Objective areas used during deployment. Working along with the HDC, these group of men coordinated between ships and themselves to keep the schedule of the air tasking order as smooth as pos- sible. During Operation Restore Hope, Tacron Air Controllers were responsible for the safe execution of 2,117 helicopter sorties, 9,624 passengers flown, 708 tons of cargo lifted, 6,294 takeoffsflandings from ATU ships, 262,000 lbs of mail de- livered within the amphibious objective area, and 71 patients being medevac'd. The Tacron also designed the air control patterns for landings and takeoffs in Somalia during the initial phase of Operation Restore Hope. In addition to everything else, we have 12 new shellbacks. Thank you Tripoli for having us! CDR W.M. Lipsmeyer V LCDR C.A. Chinberg LCDR G.A. Hines LCDR C D Lybarger MAJ B L Rhoden Accoxwy E. Edwards Aoi H.1. Luft OS1fAWJ c. Thomas A02 D R Arcado ACQQAWJ c s Blevins 152 -,....:- f...................m - U -yn f--Q--15.-4.,- , AC3 M.E. Hanson MS3 K.E. Dones OS2 T.G. Evans AC3 K.L. Amos AC3 G.E. Carter OS3 R.E. Bristol RM3 T.R. Biscoe ACAN M. Mackey SN R.T. Arnold SN L.D. Booth SA M.A. Aspen .-.,.....- ...,.......,,...... -i...-,,.-p----.....---a---.f--r-....-,...-,..N... .....-.....a.....,- :XXV + l N1 0 if X ,f 1 I, , jf f 1 I . X rf X. 5 lx! j ENS Kirk T. Morford HT1 William "Mo" Dietz EM2 Jeff J. Hreha VD 3 ..-I f 9 Q '55 - i I ,Xl . Xa,-1-vw F,- iu 1 Ol ZX A ,ii If if HTCQSWJ Robert T. O'Sul1ivan system, hair-trigger mechahisms, cn' aonrsiwifb ids? A02 Brian S. Economy IGH him Idsf night, S0 you know his mi d'S not into This." HT3 Tom H. Martindale EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL MOBILE UNIT THREE DETACHMENT SEVEN Operation Restore Hope In Mogadishu, Somalia, EOD responded to 84 calls and recovered 32,570 pieces of ordnance. They destroyed 103,626 lbs of explosives in 71 demolition shots and performed 3 small arms burns, disposing of 400,000 rounds of ammunition. They also conducted salvage diving operations which accumulated 19 dives, totaling 36 hours of bottom time. In addition they provided Secret Service support for President Bush 1130 man hoursb. EOD was involved in demilitarizing 4 tanks, 3 APC's and 692 au- tomatic rifles confiscated from Somalians. . WV 4 " '...-ffsflqgftflf,,-y.4 ff if , 1,2 'I 1 5 'ff f za, : , :fi .g zffiggg,-? 'Q f . 554.23ig-wfgsf,-fg,,gi9,epa Ag ' - , 5: ,E ,..,,,r. , , .V ., 4 M H ' aww'-sir - .z:.:1: , " W 0, ' m7'ff"f?' 'Ji fi',J":??9f't1 ' ' 'Ji ' : M ff?" .43 1,01-FX? U - zz, , -, M., --,f N ,,. pgsw,-1 ,,-an ,1 . .Ep.wfm: I ?fifQ5ff3'ii3is?Q' ,f f f1'?fff Z gg Apr,-.--5 'ff mg? V, ,, , ..,, fu 'f Q. 1 7" Z. QI' I 1, ff f 1 CROSSI THE LI Photos by PH3 Rogers o phlsticated firing d Bob's,wife iust od's not into this." HT3 Tom H. Martindale ,,1-W,-y--4..:.--Q...,,,Y.,,,. ..,..',-f- 1-1'-f ' Y 1 R N , 11, V fr , ' s v x , 3 5 gf ' V , , --f K! , W w I ,f 1 1- V I l N A Q 157 -4" 'Nl ' 1 "-"N ' -- ' - ' W Y-""--A "fn-"' L'?'f--' " W' " 'W A 4' -" 'Ui' ' - -ff "'- 1 Aff r v- Zi' ef: j' F3 ,ff ,Q ' , , g'mk V1 wif, ,, ' 7 Q ' ' ,L , ,, 4 i Q I , r V w w Y X, N 11 H N, W A ii N I l N w 1: , vi 3" . W, If ,, ,, 4 W fo' ,, f g , wt! ff X X f M X - ' 'ff fl ,, ,,' f ' ,4 W ff ,ff 7 f U f, My My ff f f f W w ,ff f' ,, ff f M ,M ' f 1 1 l ' n I X 1' mi ,W f M 13 ff! 4 l ' 1 'Q 4 f' f " , L, in , ,, 1 , 158 , 1 A..- ,. .......... ....ik,.............,-1........,,.i.. .... V V -- V .V , Y- - - Y, W -Y-V H V F- .....,L-.,.-n....g,.1...1.,.......,..........-.-.,.......-....- --- THAILAND ! -H- 7 I 5 5 . . ..,-. .-, .-- ..-Q..-,--1 I l Qv ag . , ,I Wu Vf if 1 ,I 'w '1 'I If la I Y! W. TIGER CRUI E M514 ,mf Special thanks to PHC QRETJ Rlchard Wells for his photo submissions :4n.4vuq9-1a.smmumw- HQMECUMI G 16 APRIL 1993 --,...,...,-.-..--.........-s.........,....l,-.,-.4...,., 4.1. gh n V971 xg., Y V 'IW -, V Q QD!,f.,,,, .,'g :1,, iw, T , V ,.Vv . I' Aw ax ' I -' 1 ,' . X . 1 1 '11 an 1 ..,f- .1 1 V75 -w 1 w x 4 N fqffiff.. 4 . x .ff ,- .. v' , I . A 1 fl, ,,. x .'1 ' f 41' , , waz K fi mjfazfu ' S ' ., 2. 2' 55? - 5 ,F M, . :V . x.. WV n k xg K. X Q 'mb S: ff l l f-HQ AQ fi ' sf. xkixi l,'if5,x..1.Q , gr? A M y. .. '53, ,Q fx Q -uf, off ' - wgwmzfj ihw f ' wmv: '-Awwf' r- in ' -R ff' , 'i , K . 5?-4-W, 5 1 V :ff Q53 ' " 2 Q fl! igf ,fk?55F 42W W mfymww aww ,' -. A , 11 x L- '71 f - K ,V - LI fr 4' H: 5,0 ,Q "2 7 -sl' r N 4 X' 'xywriiiggggf m E, I .uk n L -f-""""-tw ., ,....i. ' --,-.1 - -f, ,,,-, i Lov1NG A sA1LoR Loving a Sailor is not always gay, Loving him truly is a high price to pay, It's being alone with nothing to hold, it's being young, but feeling so old, lt's having him whisper his love for you, it's whispering back, you love him too. There's always a kiss and a promise for more, As his ship slowly glides away from shore, Reluctantly, painfully, letting him go, while you're dying inside from wanting him so, Watching him leave with eyes full of tears, standing alone with your hopes, dreams, and fears, lt's sending a letter with a stamp upside down, to a far away love in a far away town, It's going to church, to kneel and to pray, and really meaning the things that you say, Days go by - no mail for a spell, you wait for some word to hear that he's well, Then a letter arrives and you've given in, to open this letter and read with a grin, Yes, he is well and misses you so, and filled with the love you wanted to know, Weeks are like months and months are like years, you wait for the day you'll have no more fears, Days go by slowly - How many have passed? Then suddenly you realize it's here at last! Yes, loving a sailor isn't much fun, but it worth the price when the battle is won, And remember he's thinking of you everyday, He's sad, He's lonely, while so far away, So love him and miss him and hold your.head high, be strong and have faith - wipe that tear from your eye, Your man's a Seafarer like that of an ancient trader, As you already know, that's the high price you pay for loving a sailor . . . 165 V , , ...W , ,Q :A afar om 1.4 sxg, 4 3 . . If pf , y. . , 'ff ""'Q"'fP:"W' - ,ia 'sk , .J .1 :px ,R 365 Amwou vw, fm -g Qggfw . M iw. M, , .ou or mln, - . in -- -.... X, -3 ,Q-mf xzfuknmgf , xgv 1--H u,.f.,'- v I penn- .41-an' K sn, X xx NNMXN' up 11 k 5 af- X 9 ff Lf' ,f ,x If '9"',V3:7.QpMn ...Z mxn: ,foam 1.411-2 pf" ' naman POLYNESIA X. N". ,ff ' R ,X ff' -'Rf ,gf w rn-ang 'f s..n.u-of-4.4a'Z2w 1 -4PM if nun ,.fo-If A ' X .,,...-, ,M M, ,.,,,,, 'TX I 143, w .1 , x- "1f.,:,h' 4 ,V-.X ang ,thaw M , -.AVWHWMMMMH-YW f j ,5.,,.....,.- ,NL ,,.,-,jFi7, I ff"W ,f 'X ,ff ,ff y 'FIN' 3 "N iv 0 r 'W V, '?""! ,N-W 1 , k N 7 'X , I 1 K " ' x .5 ,, I I K fx X,,,,,,VY k ' K 3 W'N,..,,,, ,,,,, fl !P'Cx'f I 1 XIV lf" ,f 4, ff

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