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f xn K w 4 4, 3 ff- '-,NIAJA Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics Seaof0kll0U xi?lVln2iVd3G bi? -.,,,-...QA -vi 'K . Xu-www Mongolian Republic x 'nn l ,Q China x 4' gf. N, u Saudi Arabia Philippine Sea f Arabian I num nl!!!59lPi9 , gr SEYCIIIELLBS 'lid cowxron """" cnnoqnr TROPIC OF CAPRICORIY + c Australia A : hhcc Edward o INDIAN OCEAN YN n IJUILBN 1 Us Alaska I x 1 9 1 ng 3 p I Bcri Se S ISK 45 , I fy 1 Canada i' 1 f 0 4 .4 Ry J xx ,T .' .,o X .3 x XX ' : NORTH PACIFIC I : United States I I U I I I 3,04 I 95' I 2- wo sl E: .Midway 5399 9 Q' ' , El - 5 SI MIK? A I QI - we Gy' + morlc orcfmccx + "R """" E I J 'bgonawan ' I-I c IA ISLANDS N I I PACIFIC OCEAN I MARSHALL Isumns : Ir ISLANDS '. , I f . '- " ' 1 Golden Shellback I ' . I ' Christraas Island GILBILKTISIANDS I . ' ' I 3: T mormx ISLANDS 'I' P ss I 'X :I vB. Sl . .wig ffqqs ... XX ., 1 bf. ELLICEISIAHIB x ' ' 4 X smon ISLANDS I Q- X Q,,. Cm' SC' aa rul NH SOCIETY ISLQIEDS '. 23, , I ranuf' ' wg. I new ummm -+- I Isl 35 S I '-5 Q I 5. 2 I V3 I 96005 I souru PACIFIC I I 6 I ,yo . S+ I af' fb I of ' Q t , J 1 I I I I If I I I I I I I I I I ' Semper Princeps AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT S SEMPER PRIIYCEPS USS TRIPOLI CLPH 105 as an amphlblous as sault shlp lS deslgned to transport hellcopters and U S Manne Corps troops to forelgn shores and launch an alrbome lnvaslon by landlng Ma nnes behlnd enemy llnes ut1l1z1ng the concept knovm as VCITICHI envelopment A versatlle shlp wlth the capablllty to project seapower over the sea and on to land the USS TRIPOLI stands as a powerful force for freedom WY - ,..,. A of USS TRIPOLI, with pride, takes her place as one of the LPH's which for almost two dec- ades formed the backbone of the Plavy's Am- phibious Forces. Through times of war and peace the USS TRIPGLI has responded to her call for sewice expeditiously and valiantly keeping true to her motto, i'Semper Prin- ceps", derived from the latin meaning "Al- ways First". 'iAlways First" to be called upon, to respond and uphold the highest traditions of the U.S. Navy. , ... ,.,,,.,,,.,,. .,, ., ,,,.,,.,,,.,.. . ,.,.,.,. . . f iff cf, f-rgsvfr Crucial to an amphibious assault are its many combat and supportive elements. WestPac 87 pro- vided the USS TRIPOLI, COMPHIBRON FIVE and the 15TH MAU many opportunities to fine tune their skills. - U.S. Marines l'fastrope" from a CH-46 - Ship's Medical Personnel and Embarked Surgical Teams are put to the test 3 l OPERAT I O LLY . . . SEMPEK PRIHCEPS dhu.,,,,,h USS TRIPOLI departed the United States on her first West em Pacific deployment on May 1 1967 She arrived on sta tion near the Demllitarized Zone CDMZJ of Vietnam and served as flagship of Commander Amphibious Ready Group Bravo TRIPOLI launched eight full scale amphibious assaults against the insurgent communists guernlla forces and the North Vietnamese Regular Amly CRVNJ ln addition to her role as support ship for surface forces TRIPOLI also served as a medical base for the immediate evacuation and treatment of wounded personnel RECORD OF DEDICATED SERVICE Navy Unit Commendation glgxorgoualEsgncommendauon Smce 1967 TRIPOLI has proven herself to be a most versatile platfomi from which Natlonal Defense Servlce Medal mth Sta, she has launched helicopters AV 8 Harriers and a few firsts ln Naval history Vietnam Service Medal with 1 Silver and 4 Bronze Stars Humanitarian Service Medal Sea Service Deployment with Star Phlhppme Presldentlal Umt Citation Au Border! 'TRIPOLI launched the largest Amphibious Assault since the Korean Con Ribbon Frame flict in 1950 dunng Operation BOLD MARINER in Vietnam Repubhc of Vletnam Mentorlous Unlt ' TRIPOLI launched the first helicopter squadron ln history to conduct mine Commendatlon qqanantry Cross Medal W! countermeasure operations dunng Operation END SWEEP in North Viet palmy nam s waterways from January 27 July 18 1975 RCPUDIIC of Vlefrlam MCYIIOYIOUS Umt ' TRIPOLI served as the testing platform for the XV 15 tilt wing rotor proto Commendation fClVlC Action 1st Class wj type palmi Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with Clasp ' TRIPOLI launched the first CH 55A Squadron to be deployed to Vietnam " TRIPOLI was the first amphibious ship to carry a full squadron of AV 8 flarners QVMA 5153 as she sailed to her destination off lwakuni Japan in 1974 OTHER DISTINGUISHED AWARDS " TRIPOLI completed her twelfth Western Pacific deployment first to Melgh Burke Fleet Trophy 1979 include operational deployment of the Landing Craft Air Cusion CLCACJ. Admiral Flately Award for Aviation Safety frunner up 19793 n Q- r . 0 . - , . . I I n ' , I A ...qi . . n ' ' 2 . ' . I . . , 5 Hgh, QFW1 -A C N s x A e f , M tyunqnwxiliiif' If X .C C f wmswfw ' - l l ' 9 XX Il. U, ' 5 . . . I - V e , . . . l U I . . . . .. ,, . . , . . . ,, ,, . . , - I ' . I I . 'O' Arriving off the coast of Vietnam in June 1967, TRIPOLI delivered the first full squad- ron ofjet-powered CH-55 Sea Stallions heli- copters to operate in the war. The Ch-55A, the largest transport helicopter in the free world, could carry 58 combat-laden troops. The Landing Craft Air Cushion CLCACJ is the latest accomplishment in Amphibious War- fare technology. During WestPac 1987 TRIP- OLI served as flagship, under Commander, Amphibious Squadron FIVE, with the first forward deployed LCAC unit. tr wi- WMTWA1.. The Bell XV-15 tilt-rotor research aircraft is the embrionic stage of the new V-22 Osprey. The first XV-15 made its free hovering flight on 5 May 1977. Five years later, in 1982, TRIPOLI served as the first U.S. Navy plat- form for the testing of XV-15 on the open waters. General Quarters, Manned and Ready Man Overboard Drill Oxygen Breathing Apparatus Training 6 KEADIIYESS . . . SEMPER PRINCEPS The mission of the United States Navy is manifold. ln the broadest and most classic sense, it is concerned with the protection and maintenance of the freedom of the seas. ln times of war, this is expanded to deny the use of the seas and the overlying air spaces to our enemies. During peacetime, the Navy maintains itself in a high state of readiness in order to respond to any degree of crisis or conflict. TRlPOLl's ongoing training and testing programs have proven their worth time and time again during sea trials, general quarters, material maintenance, and massive conflagration drills. ' y i , l vw fig gm UA f A 50 ff ww-aaa AIR POWER . . . SEMPER PRINCEPS TRlPOLI's ability to be able to insert combat ready Marines in a combat zone or designated area, provide air assets for ground support and medical evacuation, and deploy embarked assets rapidly can exert continuous pressure on an enemy. In addition, being free from land based restrictions of vulnerability, immobility, treaty agreements and political shifts, the TRIPOLI can provide this presence within mere miles of most of the trouble spots of the world. l fl Y 4 J 'l xc, , ,-V -V V ,f,. 4Vf-f. .f.MWf.,,. Mtn. ,. ,t,,.ff,.t . AW. . . W- M,.5,.,,,,Q,.,.,1V,.m1,..-2,-,,.-MVN,-Q,WM..fwv,.V,,..,...0..a,.-0..,lV,,-z4.,.wV!?"f- ,Ae-'K-ffe'4V- ef.. .- , . .6 A Vt , . , 2.mVV,,.,,V, M..-,.NV,.-4.-V,.-Z-Q.-ew MQ,-we -:2feV'zfwc.weVV fwV-4-ewf-M.4fAff44we:2V-ie wwf my-M f:wmwfw-ew-4-- ww--ff. V.. V. -l . V. . . . , .. -4 .- -, .V-. ., - -- V V - V V A X -: e ,wma .wwf w X f X ff X ff V - . .,.. ,WM -me-,-,hm-H 3 .tc 15591 W! " A Q! 5.3 W 1 5251 . .-.X ZX, ws, ljww, .yy-4 'mifrw sz zfwy Q taxis X ,t sf ,,l,,, . . :.. f sese be -V,-V -V -V---fV- W .V.. VV. V ..,.Z..Z,. .VIV , ,,,. astl low Sllhouette, llght Welght, Jet powered, all pup IS aircraft IS utlllzed to suppress enemy ground Ere Dose helicopter. TRlPol.l deploys with several nueys in and if Clear the Way for the Marines' it also Provides addltlon to Tlger lIl", the ships personal helicopter ei? protecuon for the larger YFHHSDON helicopters I w l e over enemy terraln. The Cobra Gunshlp can crulse 'i" """ f' ., ,..,, over and dive at x7'isysqy xstssn s'ts'D'2 fbqs cbq: i 'fr- X' l 8 A f 533 Q1 'f'5f11: 1 Wx f ,I ,1 f , , , f 5501141 1 ,, 0, ,.47,1,!,V,!y Ji., , , ,, ff , ,1,f, ,411 1,3 MX-1, , W'12CJ2 ,f3s?f5ZZ25Qf'f,1'.1,'1 V, 1 , fa f W ,im 7, Aff, 511 fa, yfjy 5: 5371521 Z1,f,gffi',QQ,-,Q , .,,., , , qw, !,g,l,W,,,!. l-1, f 7.1 'QW-7-X , . MMP 6175 510,95 yfff ,. f,,.-,yy-,-,. 1, ,Wy My f bmw .swwy - 2 X - ,LM ,eff X ,ij ' L ,I ,I V- L , ' W, ', 12, ff Q , fefv , 1 17 , ,, W, .L , ',f, , , 1 f.- iw s!?.'W ' ",1fff,, - 1 , , 11 ,1 A FS xLX, W4 I ' -1 1 , , if , ,1 X -M ..,, ,7 1 QW 1,151 1 Q. ,W W ', , .,,. Z1 .11 1,-f-wmfl--1 fi' f " ' " r 'if ,AA W 3, It M 'Wax 11111 91 GQ fx- , 1 ,,,,, ' W- Y.: . ts . J, fm , N115 fa 9 , .... 1 1 " 1, -raw-1-if , . ff ' ,,Wi,,:k .. ,f l Z .. . 5,13 4wg71144,W6,,w,f fi W, ,ff 2 , ki 11 17,,j,!, , If 1. ""- 1' , X X ,, ,.,, , ,......, . , -1 rf'c C'11ff M31 f1 1 1 :JLWQQ .. A ,1 - Kagan ,.4..A.,.4- 4 , 'Y W, ' ,i , , W 6. W, .,,, .-.... ,1...,, V-. 1.4 , N71 4 W, 1, ,4 k C, , 1 . - "" it W , ,ef 1 11 ' Aff ' ff. . W fe? 9 12, QW Q1 f 11 , ..V 1111 1111 , ,, . 'wflw ,,,,, 1 'A '11 ...W 1, W 1 .... ..., ,, . ,,,v , ,, ,flff , , ,, ,. , I f , f - -x.fWw.vw 23,2 gps-Y, ,fa MQ. . J, - X- -g1iQ'jf:,' -fH wf" 'x ,,,h -.x ,,1,j1.x3g , ff f 1 ' ' 11 1 'Khk 1:, 1, ,1, ef f f f , I 'W M 1 1' , f,ff , , ,. .N ,W X' M f yy, X lil W! ACN mm 1 11 -1 1 .,..,. 1 rf, , , , 1 1:1,.-,f-4-4 , , ,1 , ...u-...fu-"""" cf-- -q mai:-wg. , ,-f, wwf.. ' ' Q, , A LQ., X, .l , ,.,.f :Ms X.,. . , .5-Ziqgwzg M M 4. ., 7 55-55 . 3? - 1 - 1 f M -1 1 - f - , , , , ,- ,,, , f1f'f'1f -mp .rv 11 V-1, ,1 -,1,1,1: 1: f:'w1A-11-M. f,"f':f,4,2'1-twrv,-ffl? S212f:7f1,tQ,'?,-'1f-'af-2-110,fa'fp'4i2-1-'4f2f1f1-4" f1-ff?rf1if-'f1i223fi11'fi"-1312?5171fY7ifY711'17?2f,Q11,71112252,21f1.5'2f'2T2i:1-2':1-ri11-:uri1-Xws211.sf,.:,:.:r.2,'f.wf11-1-1-1,-,1as,1-1 .Q 1, . .. X, .. H , H , , , , ., ,X , A f s , f, f,f,.,.,., , ,, , ,1,,,1!,1, yy, f, u,f,1,.1,,.1,.1,., ,., ,, ,f,1,,1,f,1-1, ,,,,,.,1,,y,,,l,,,,,.1-,.,! L.1,f,'5L5,5, ,.,,,V,5,!, ,5,5,,5,,i-,lg U t H -, -V -1 H -V 1, .1 ,. 1, -1 Q., 9, if 1.1 ,,121.,.,,..,m,H 2 , ,, , , ,, ,. f X -f 111'1'f,f,1f2-X,!:,f,1, ' 471, 2 '1 'f ,"1 f 1 1,.:f,11-f,if-4f,f'4va1,'1,f ,f ,,,f,f,f,fp1,.1,if'1,1,1-1-f " ' f 7115, f , ZZWQ E6 if W ,ff ,ny ,1 f zofjf ff!! Lf ,1 ,W 1,1 1,41 ,1 5 ,, 4,1 My ,172 1' .95p4f,f442 Twin turbin Helicopter. Capable C545 SEA KNIGHT CH-55E SEA STALLIONS X of carrying 18 fully Largest and fastest transport, two turboshaft engines, capa- j 0 lbs of payload from ble of moving 58 fully equipped combat troops 100 nauti- equipped combat Marines or 5,00 cal miles at 200 mph. ship to shore or ship to ship. , ' 1 10, ,!g,j,V,,,jjf,f5P1f?Z425f4,9fy,96,5Q1,g:gg:ig,ij15gj,7f,,f,ffm, f,gf,1f,.,',i,g,1 iyf 1,21 '17 Vjfi YY' 11 1,1f f,f,f,f,f ff,,,3zf'1CW',',f,f Off C iI1,f,1C1Qf PT,-1111421 WZQ1ffQMf'f!QZ4P.7ff1' C f,f,f,ff,' ' Q' ?1',f4ff'f5'ff ,ff,,f,.f,fif'r,'z1,-1-1,411,1 1 14-11,1 f 0 9 1a vw, 24 -ww. TE5,?M'ZZ,!",59?,5!5 SSXXXX D T-T S 2 xx' 'Nf ww X39 'i fm u, - T., f 'XA' A Q 1 xxxkxxxig 9 .-' x A gif, SSN u, 1 if f Q' o I I-I f . f Z :A 3 E S xi 4 ip '- ""4 II fl' M! 'o lk I ff f . QXQ ffo f c ,QL , The men of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps have fought side by side since the days of John Paul Jones. Today the USS TRIPOLI epitomizes the spirit of teamwork founded in the days of the Re- voultionary War. Sailors and marines work hand in hand as they each prepare for a de- manding role in the orchestration of the Am- phibious Assault. nfs,-Nxmxxxxx A..-'YrsGlT Op 7, Xxx f Q5 .. l 7 fr , 14,1 ' - ' 5-1 A 'I 9 2, ,- fr pf I x 1.4 TES Mpjlvx .1 176 N .J 6 L .4 Q 7 "' 7' ZZ W ' C' 100 I f lk -Y ng' y ..:' xxX'NXx'x's"""W Q-'f"""' iii,y 5. l I I -f L Q ggi: Y - ,X -- fa, My. t , :- :S , ,. N' ' ., sf ff -, 9 1255? f WW X Joint efforts are demonstrated: in the galley during maintenance checks communications on the signal bridge 'N , : 7 . f Q Sf I ' Ntc. X -: ,ri 1 MMM V7 Z f 0 f f X f ,f,f,f' fWW f FAMOUS FIGHTING SHIP USS T RIPOLI ILFII-1 02 WEST FAC 198 7 Squadron Five ...... 14 Unit ................ 25 Command . . . . .5 7 OPERATIONS ,.,...,. 125 TACRON 12 -..-...... 152 SUPPLY .....,,....,.. 157 12 SPECIAL FEATURES SAYING GOODBYE . , PORTS OF CALL .... 55 SPECIAL EVENTS . .115 IN RETROSPECT , . .147 CAMERA BUG ....... 154 TIGER CRUISE ..,.. 157 HOMECOMIIYG ...,.. 161 ff X '40 ' 4, , QM 1 Xx ' R K , 3, X , it 'ix ' hi xx XS- , R s X X xx Q X Q xg - ,' his it X SA YI G GOODBYE On the morning ofJune 18, 1987, the TRIPOLI departed San Diego for what was to be her twelfth Western Pacific deployment. There were mixed emotions among the 1800-plus men onboard as the l'Famous Fighting Ship" pulled away further from Pier 4. There were feelings of an- ticipation as the new sailors and marines looked forward to the six month journey, while on the other hand, those who have survived WestPacs in the past knew of the importance of the mis- sion and the lonely feelings associated with it. The adven- ture that awaited pulled to one side and the tear stained faces on the pier pulled to the other. Saying goodbye was never harder. As TRIPOLI sailed west, leaving Point Loma behind, many hearts ached with loneliness as memories flooded in and that special someone remained behind the wake of the ship. ....,,,,.., .W ,Q f Nw . X f y,X:'iX,Z X f xmi 4, ""'xL K kk gf, , -:XX 1 , . X - ' .X :gy ,, 3-, X .- .2 XX X X X .- - X"'Li 1-xi - .:.:::xf. f',i:"fv xllffix 'K k :Q ' X -. - x x ' K E E k X k ' ffff fvfix-vi fi 'af ,X , , . , W Ig,ffg,f .f X- f fX 1 5 ,Q M 127 ' , X J 1 XXL, fl, X , . hgffn ,,, , f . S-:H - 5 1x -f Nr , X X , w yXX -r XX X-is V -X ,ii . L g 5 ' n 2 A gfi zf i f gli' ,Q P23352 f mea.. 1 'Auf " .' , -' T , X . , - 'T' 'Q Z' x V A A ' 35:5 ,STE '-X , -f .fy .. f ' " ' X' is if .. - A ff' f 2 15 X' - ' :rr , , -Q.- ' Z' P, 1 if ':?:'iiir Li' gf M ..,.IL ' 3 . .,,.... My 8. , , M,-, , . . f, .,., t, N ,, Q , ., V . X: V, 1 ..,. qw, X- .Lv K .. Q f' ,V f f ' Z5 SRA -1 " - ' .. .,-- - '-Q.qr "'l- "- ii. . , V-.,-,X-.,,::'1N-:H-:QSIITX S.- 'fx 'x -Lew . , i v1L,.,X'f"'fI?T'1 -. ,Z .,.., . 14-"rf"-. .1 f- f X XX K 3- '-' X N- XX l',rJx7. It wqg N x ' X Vxxx xx . X X , ,, .mf:,,:.4, , IM- 1-.'vp'ffp.':g-5'-z X, - xg A-V vgusnwawpfs' ,X-. .Nw-v rf'-NS:"W"'5'N' f .,,,,,. . ,.1 X ,.,, ,X ..... . ,NX , M X , X X X -.-:X- --.-if-, XXX X- H , X 1 H V f , . . .X , , , . . .3 XXX. .,,...g...g,, AMPHIBIUUS SQUADROIY FIVE ts-gSS5XSQsx s 5 5 S Q U4 Ns 0 .5sSSNyg s Q X bf ss? 90 S 0 Q f N f Wax-ix . 1 'ii'. 4K f r an Q 1 SJ' g f I 1 Q1 ffm wx l 4 I l I 5 6 55 Nss " 5 0 S ATE5 I xx - V' J " X3 5 Qt f xx 1.,,4,,. . 0 9 W x . v1 155 'imagif :CSS 459: . p I 33.1 Q I ,sawfwizrsaeffbf-' M . , I ijgbifliiilwj'-' -J J 1 ebarxvffi --4 f .QQ E . . .vigrx 6 ! is I I ', we f-wepwz qys-1-,Y -5 ,Jvj f'cf.4g-gg.:-353 l wi awf.vfv5 Q ' ig. mmf 1 ' Q sf 1 We I it '- 2 I 0 1 ' ... - f, I O ,Ai -552. " 6 iz? 0 A I Q I s , - xx - N Amphibious Squadron FIVE combines combat strength with mobility. Its mission: to deter aggression, conduct amphibious operations and render humanitarian assis- tance. By its nature, amphibious warfare is a complex undertaking requiring specialized equipment, carefully trained people, and meticulous attention to detail. The ships and men of Amphibious Squadron FIVE bring together the equipment and exper- ience to meet the challenge. Each ship contributes to the accomplish- ment of the amphibious mission by utiliza- tion of its particular characteristics. The Am- phibious Assault Ship USS TRlPOLl CLPH- 10l, the current Flagship, is a highly versa- Ng ' N Sxssss "Q tile platform. She can carry a mixture of heli- copters both to transport troops and materi- al and to provide close air support. TRIPOLI can also operate the U.S. Marine Corps Har- rier Jump Jets. The Amphibious Transport Dock, USS DULUTH QLPD-63, can operate both helicopters and landing craft. DU- LUTH's cargo capacity, hospital and com- munications make her an ideal platform for amphibious warfare or disaster relief. USS GERMANTOWN KLSD-425 contributes its car- go capacity, amphibious expertise and its ability to carry the Landing Craft Air Cushion CLCACJ. The Landing Ship Tank, USS FRED- ERICK CLST-1184J, is a fast, highly maneu- verable ship. lt can nose into a beach to unload over a special ramp its vehicles and cargo directly onto the beach or launch USMC AAV's out its stern at high speed. The Amphibious Cargo Ship USS DURHAM QLKA- 114D is designed to carry the necessary ma- terial and equipment to support a water- borne attack upon defended or undefended soil. Whether operating singularly or as part of a naval task group, the ships of Amphibi- ous Squadron FIVE are well suited for their tasks. Amphibious tasks can be as simple as providing a naval presence, or as complex as assaulting enemy held beaches and vary- ing from routine overseas diplomacy to res- cuing people in distress. A Captain Todd was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and was commissioned as an Ensign in June 1962. After temporary assignment in USS GUNS-TON HALL KLSD-59, he proceeded to flight school in Pensacola. He completed flight training and received his wings as a Naval Aviator on De- cember 6, 1965 at NAAS, New Iberia, LA. Captain Todd's first aviation assignment was in VS- 41 as a fleet replacement pilot from December 1965 to May 1964. This was followed by a three year assignment to VS-25, which included two de- ployments to the Western Pacific flying the S2E. ln June 1967, Captain Todd returned to the Na- val Academy, this time as a Company Officer. Dur- ing this tour he earned an MS degree from George Washington University. From June 1970 to Novem- ber 1970 he returned to VS-41 again as a fleet replacement pilot, followed by a tour in VS-29 from November 1970 to December 1972. He served as Assistant Maintenance Officer, Admin Officer and Operations Officer, and made another WESTPAC deployment. Following his VS-29 tour Captain Todd attended the Armed Forces Staff College from December 1972 to May 19735. In May he reported to the White House for a two-year tour as Naval Aide to the President. Captain Todd returned to VS-41 in January as a fleet replacement pilot and instructor pilot for a one-year tour. He detached in January 1977 and reported to VS-S55 as Executive Officer. ln May 1978 he assumed command of VS-55 and continued as Commanding Officer until August 1979. As Execu- tive Officer he made another WESTPAC deploy- mentg during his tour as CO the squadron de- ployed to the Mediterranean. Captain Todd returned to Washington D.C. in August 1979 as a student at the National War Col- lege until June 1980. This was followed by a tour T. S. TODD Captain, USN Commander, Amphibious Squadron FIVE as the Aviation Officer Community Manager in OP- NAV QOP 1325 from July 1980 to December 1981. In January 1982, Captain Todd reported to the Senior Officer Ship's Material Readiness Course at Idaho Falls, ldaho. He completed the course and associated training, reported to USS RANGER QCV- 61J and assumed duties as Executive Officer on 27 October 1982. Upon completion of that tour, he reported to Commander, Naval Air Force, Pacific Fleet as Force Personnel Officer. Detaching in March 1985, Captain Todd reported to USS TRIPOLI QLPH-105, where he sewed as Commanding Officer until April 1987. Captain Todd is married to the former Barbara Addkison of San Diego, and they currently reside there with their three daughters, Lisa, Laura and Jennifer. J. C. McKinley Captain, USN Chief Stab' Oiiicer Amphibious Squadron FIVE Captain McKinley graduated from Ohio Universi- ty in 1964 and Naval Officer Candidate School in 1965. Upon completing a tour aboard the USS PAUL REVERE CLPA-2483 as Boat Engineering Divi- sion Officer and Assistant Boat Group Command- er, he served as Oliicer in Charge of a PCF fPatrol Craft Fastl for one year in Viet Nam, where he was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V. In 1970, Captain McKinley retumed to active duty after three years of civilian life, graduating from the Naval Destroyer School in 1971. I'Ie served on the USS RUPERTUS CDD-8511 as Weap- ons Officer, where he was awarded a Gold Star in lieu of a second Navy Commendation Medal for duties performed in that assignment. ln 1975, Captain McKinley reported to the Fleet Combat Training Center where he directed Weap- on System and Combat System Training courses. Returning to shipboard duty in 1976, Captain Mc- Kinley was assigned to the USS TARAWA CLHA-15, where he served as the Combat Infomiation Cen- ter and Operations Officer. Upon completing this tour, he served as the Executive Officer on the USS FREDERICK KLST-11845. In 1981, Captain McKinley reported to the Com- mander, Naval Sea Systems Command, where he served in the Surface Ships Directorate as the Ex- ecutive Assistant to the Assistant Deputy for Logis- tics. He was awarded a Gold Star in lieu ofa third Navy Commendation Medal. After graduating from the Industrial College Of the Armed Forces in June 1984, Captain McKinIeY assumed duties as Commanding Officer of the USS FRESNO KLST-11825 from October 1984 through December 1986. During his command tour CHP' tain McKinley led FRESNO through two extended Western Pacific deployments and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. He assumed his pre' sent assignment as Chief Staff Officer to Com- mander Amphibious Squadron FIVE in Januafy 1987. Captain McKinley is married to the former Kath- leen Roberts of San Diego, California and they have two daughters, Kelly and Jennifer. CDR Gary W. Uhlenkou Operations Olllicer LCDR Thomas A. Zink Material Officer LCDR John G. Hemry Intelligence Officer Z 'ri'?i.,, X Sx f' 'V . Q s M. . W . 'Y i COMPHIBKOIY FIVE OFFICERS 2 gg ttf? VV , 444 I Q 4 'I H ! Z S H V LT Wayne A. Breer Medical Officer LTJG Robin T. Russler Communications Officer Ever Vigilant LCDR William L. Irwin Intelligence Officer LT Stephen M. Legere Combat Systems LT Mark D. Phillips Training Officer CAPT M Pontani Combat Cargo Officer Plot pictured: Lt John C. Fabian Staff Chaplain fgfyakw PHIBROIY CREW MMCS Max E. Lampson RMCS Jerzy Ci. Ennenga OSC KSWQ Randall L. JOHCS GYSGT Richard A. Smith 574, , fz, , -MQ W WWW, f ' 3, WX, , f ,I 7 A My f W Jf fi wwf 4 ww! ' ff ,0 V f -hi!-i 0 f ap-WW.: f f, Z 1,0 1 f ff. W sw W , 1 ft Wxirwiii 2 ,W-z.,7zx I3 f , f, z 4 WM fi , .wif wv W., XWWW zljwxz M f 11' WX. Xi, flip- Vi 'I 57 ,Z 'X "'illig,,.,v.4 ,W , f EQZZZZ '. A W W Wy ,f-nxfm , 4, Wg Xe f 'fa ,1 awww fXf fr ,Z cfg,,':af ' W ? 4 'W ff an 3 A J W fy., f, M :M 4 I ,I -34 inpvbm' xx , f z S QW! 4, If. .06 Q V 5 f I X , 1431! 1? - f ,.,,, , 1 ' X if X X X Marin? A , . .74 w W! W W , HV. AWWA, f, Q ' fe X 460 ' f wx fff MQW fr ww-ff W f My wr ' W RMSIY Miron P. Billingsley MSSIY John P. Wakeen OSSA Perry A. Sasnett YH1 Albert L. Bartz OS1 Michael D. Burton MS1 Roberto Dumlao RP1 Randy L. Jones lS1 David G. McElwee OS1 Charles W. Sheeler OS2 Jelfrey A. Berke RM2 Charles A. Bernal OS2 Clarence E. Livernois QM2 Anthony J. Wilkins QM5 Charles A. Stone MS5 Francis C. Williams Plot Pictured: HMCS James C. Wamer lS1 Randall T. Brown ISSN James P. Rizzo YNSIY Vinnie S. Spencer YIYSN Charles S. Yasik wi' f' fff L23 2' A4 Ki n ll fl X I.. ax, X Q f x N- X :Y X 'Hi f f h , 5 , , :Y QW x an ,A if-' x, ""' 1 , W My .""" KW Q A max J p,xNE AMP!-IIB X w ' U Egg s QT N 23-fl 'we iii X '95 iw, '7GHTlN9x M ,. 4, The Marine Amphibious Unit QMAUQ is the smallest Marine Airf Ground Task Force QMAGTFD and is used to meet routine peacetime requirements for forward deployed forces aboard amphibious ship- ping. When deployed, the MAU normally serves as the forward element of a larger MAGTF. Under exceptional circumstances a MAU may be a component of a larger MAGTF for a limited period. The MAU can provide an immediate reaction capability in crisis situations but, with- out external support, is only capable of combat operations of limited scope and duration. The MAU is usually supported from its seabase with the headquarters remaining afloat and integrating its command and control assets with those of the flagship. Maximum utilization of shipboard facilities for communications, warehousing, and mainten- ance is made, deploying ashore only those elements, supplies and equipment required by operational necessity. L. E. Reed Colonel, USMC Commanding Oliicer 15th Marine Amphibious nit Colonel Reed was commissioned a Second Lieu- tenant upon graduation from Providence College in 1962. He completed The Basic School and Offi- cer's Tracked Vehicle School in 1965. During his tour with the Third Marine Division, Okinawa, Ja- pan he served as a Platoon Commander and Ex- ecutive Officer of Co. B, Third Tank BN. Upon re- turning from WESTPAC, Colonel Reed attended Flight School and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1965. Colonel Reed's first squadron assignment was with HMH-462, flying UH-54's. He thenjoined HMH- 465 which was programmed to receive the CH-55 Sea Stallion. He attended the CH-55 factory school and participated in the CH-55 BIS Trials at Patux- ent River, MD. Colonel Reed deployed to Vietnam with HMH-465 at Marble Mountain, RVN. Upon re- turning from Vietnam, Colonel Reed joined HMT- 501 as an Instructor Pilot and its Aircraft Mainten- ance Officer until 1972. Colonel Reed attended California State Universi- ty at Fullerton under the Advanced Degree Pro- gram and received an MBA lFinancei in June 1975. He was next assigned to HMH-462 in WESTPAC as the Aircraft Maintenance Officer of the composite squadron afloat with the 51st MAU. Upon returning to CONUS, Colonel Reed was assigned to HQMC as Head, Budget Section, Aviation Plans and Pro- grams. ln 1977, Colonel Reed reported to the Third Ma- rine Aircraft Wing and was assigned to HMH-565 as the Operations Officer and subsequently as Execu- tive Officer. Colonel Reed completed a temporary assignment as Officer-ln-Charge of Aviation Com- bat Elements for Combined Arms Exercise 1-79 at Twenty-nine Palms, CA and then assumed com- mand of HMH-565 in November 1978. ln December 1979 Colonel Reed deployed HMH- 565 to Okinawa, JA., initiating the Unit Deploy- ment Program for the Squadron. While on Okina- wa Colonel Reed further deployed with detach- ments for MAGEX-80, and was Officer-ln-Charge of Marine Aircraft Group 56 Aviation Support Ele- ments for Team Spirit-80. Upon relinquishing com- mand of HMH-565, Colonel Reed was assigned to the Airffiround Exchange Program with the First Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, CA. where he served until assigned as the first Commanding Of- ficer of the West Coast's CH-55E Squadron, HMH- 465 on 1 December 1981. Colonel Reed was selected for promotion to his present grade during March 1985 and relinquished the command of HMH-465 during May of that year. He was assigned duties as Executive Officer MAG- 16 for the year prior to his reassignment to WEST- PAC as the Third Marine Division Air Officer. Dur- ing his WESTPAC tour he was assigned additional duties as the Director, Tactical Exercise Control Ciroup for Kemal Blitz 84 and Team Spirit 85. Upon return CONUS he was assigned as Assistant Chief of Staff, Services MCAS El Toro. During Sept 86 he was assigned to l MAF for duties with the MAU CSOCJ Nucleus Planning Staff. Colonel Reed and his wife Judy reside in Corona del Mar with their daughters Julie and Jennifer. D. G. Brown Sergeant Major, USMC 15th Marine Amphibious Unit v M L. Lendaro Lieutenant Colonel, USMC Executive Odicer 15th Marine Amphibious Unit L I A i I i I 4 w Y r S SECTIO CAPT N. R. Cosme CAPT R. S. Thompson GYSGT T. P. Fry GYSGT J. L. Trevino Adjutant Staff Judge Advocate Administrative Chief CMS Custodian SGT W, J, Webb, Jr, CPL E. E. Cierlitzki CPL M. A. Hodges CPL C. W. Larson CPL P. L. Reeder HEADQUARTERS COMMAN ANT SECTIO SGT J. E. Heins CPL J. T. Walker L. GYSGT L. M. Lopez Headquarters Commandant LCPL R. A. Twaits LCPL M. E. Weaver S SECTIO CAPT M. L. Robinson Intelligence Officer 1STLT J. G. Paniagua 15TLT R. V. Ebert Counter-Intelligence Asst Counter- Oflicer Intelligence Officer l 1 GYSGT R. C. Rupp SSGT R. C. McPherson SGT G. R. Mobley SGT M. W. Ridenhour SGT T. F. Woodard SGT K. D. Bass CPL J. A. Godin SSGT D. A. Ryan SSGT J. L. Vincent S2 RADIO BAT TALIO sdr J. D. capps GYSGT T. R. SSGT L. S. 1sTLT c. J. church CHHHV-211 Flemmer Radio Battalion Det. OIC CPL M. E. Churchill cPL D. Fendt 30 LTCOL J, C, Pharris ll MAJ D. C. COVCIT MAJ R. J. Smith Operations Offiqgr Asst Operations Officer Air Liaison Officer CAPT R. K. Aiken CAPT G. H. Custer 1STLT G. L. White Special Operations Officer Fire Support Coordination Air Defense Officer Officer md J CPL E. A. Sanchez CPL R. D. Taylor LCPL G. J. Torres GYSGT R. D. Fiscus SSGT Y- H- LOPCZ 'W . PT J. A. ri rdin CAPT J. H. SOYQ MAJ.L'.R' Cam Jr CAPT Olin AES Logistics 2Jfficer Maintenance Management Logistics Oflicer SUPP Y 'Ce Offiger Sil- SECTIO SGT J. R. Taylor CPL G. W. Kelly LCPL A. B. Lopez LCPL A. L. Staley LCPL A. R. Williams HM1 D. F. Kennedy SSGT M. T. Suapilimai SSGT B. L. Tarrant MSGT W. R. Boyles SSGT D. M. Brubeck SSGT A. C. Dietrich SSGT T. E. Jones MAJ W. G. Barthold Communications :Sr Offffef COMM UNI CA' I 'ICN S CPL J. L. Ammons CPL H. Bonilla CPL J. D. Broughton CPL J. S. Daugherty CPL K. L. Jackson CPL M. J. Venn CPL D. W. Wallis 1 CPL J. Williams CPL W. S. Wing LCPL S. P. Beaupre LCPL M. M. Brokop LCPL L. Bush LCPL M. G. Cappitella LCPL E. G. Contreras LCPL G. M. Davis LCPL D. A. Dewalt LCPL J. E. Fitzgerald LCPL A. L. Gonzalez LCPL C. H. Jackson LCPL S. M. Johnson LCPL R. D. Key LCPL C. C. Mills LCPL J. W. Stone LCPL M. J. Wrobel SECTIO rv L46 2 APQ 9-vvys. A RPSPI A. M. Suson DIY E. Marciniak .7 f i9 Q f f I .7 . I , A , x X .ik IX f , ff i f z '- X ' 5 ' l ,I .fa " ,ff .7 I, 74: , ' " 2 - ' H4 nf' ' ,Lf , ,G 4 f gs , an 9, - I .4 1 , aw M, . 1 I ' W LT w. M. Petruska LT 0- W- Stokes Dental Officer 15th MAU Chaplain CHAPLAIN SECTIG DENTAL SECTIO W ISMC i a POSTAL SECT IO SGT L. C. Johnson CAPT W. F. Goggins information Systems Postal PICO Management Officer DISBURSING SW R, D. SECT IO SGT ,P. D. Delvecchio 1STLT D. E. Lindquist SGT J. A. Hunt Disbursing Officer CPL L. A. Guthrie 3 XY. x t' 6 I 'w, ix X K KR. X XX? Q -X xx 5 f . ik T ,Q I x pg W S f THE FIGHTING 15TI'I A TIME TO RELAX AND RENEW "WSE ' I., f -ffwffw fmwn Www f 7+ , , aw k f L 1 Q 55 9: 1 f , m f ' 1' f ' N xg'-rf ' , , A M., ft k 4 N53 5., 91: P ff X ,G .51-. I K K X ,ji-14 'Xen j ,ia-, Q, I my ...gil algae., -Q 5 KLPXON A TIME TO ENJOY BEING TOGETHER X . f fy f W 74 M, X , '52 Z Q 1 ? W7 5' 9, M S , o I an 1 HW E y ,Y ffv W 4 1 C f W 4 kwa! Z , My X 4 f fi ,XX , , 4 f W W' f f X ff ' X , M, 7 L,.B.f, IM' M 1? Q , X f w X5 X X Xwix XX: XXX -V, X X QQ XXX ' , X , gp , Q X35 ww U, XXXXXX Z www WX W X NN 2 XX if 7 4 W . N 1 7 5 37 f f W , , X , X I I ffif Z 6 Y Z 9 mf Z X 1 f G. F. Love III Commanding OHicer USS T RIPOLI Captain Love is a native of Braintree, Mas- sachusetts. He enlisted in the Navy following graduation from Archbishop Williams High School and was selected to attend the U.S. Naval Academy following a year of prepara- tory school. His first duty following gradu- ation in 1965 was as DCA in USS WALKER QDD-5173 in Pearl Harbor. He detached from Walker to commence flight training in 1965 and commenced his flying career with VS-51 in Quonset Point, Rhode lsland, deploying to the North Atlantic and Mediterranean in USS WASP QCV-187. After this initial squad- ron tour he reported to VS-41 at North ls- land for duty as a flight instructor in the Fleet Replacement Squadron. He next stud- ied for a year at the Naval War College where he earned a Masters of Science degree in lntemational Affairs from George Washing- ton University. Returning to North Island in 1972, he joined the SSA Fleet Introduction Team for a year prior to transition to the SSA with VS-29. Captain Love served as Training Officer and Maintenance Officer with VS-29 and then transferred to the Naval Air Sys- tems Command where he was a member of the 55A program office staff. ln 1977 he re- turned to sea duty at NAS Cecil Field, Florida as Executive Officer of the VS-22 Check- mates. He succeeded as Commanding Offi- cer of the squadron in 1978 while deployed in USS SARATOGA QCV 605. A staff tour fol- lowed with CTF-60, forward deployed to the Mediterranean, for two years. He was sewing as Plans Officer on Battle Force Staff during the Gulf of Sidra Operations in August of 1981 in which the Libyan Air Force attacked the Battle Force. ln 1982 Captain Love joined the staff of COMVSWING ONE at Cecil Field for a short tour as Chief Staff Officer prior to reporting to USS INDEPENDENCE lcv 625 as Execu- tive Officer in October of 1985. During hlS tour the ship participated in the Granada Operation, conducted air strikes in Leban-on and operated in the Arctic and Indian Oceans. He completed his tour in 1985 after six months of the SLEP overhaul in ihe Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Since leavmQ INDEPENDENCE Captain Love has been H member of the Staff of DCNO fAir Warfare? serving as the Head of the Budget and LeQ'5' lative Branch. Upon completion of that tour. Captain Love reported in April 1987 as Com- manding omcer of uss Tmivou CLPHD 101 following enroute training. , Captain Love and his wife, the former Lin- da Lee Lovci of El Cajon, live in Rancho SH? Diego, CA with their children Julie and Geo - frey. ,ff x WS ' fx aw 1 ll 2,1 N , -Q 'Un R. M. Wikstrom Commander Executive Officer USS T RIPOL1 11 August 1986-04 October 1987 J. R. Debiigro Commander Executive Officer is USS TR1PoL1 r cw' , X.O. MOMENTS CDR DENIGRO PAUSES FOR PHO- TOGRAPH, "AN XO'S JOB IS NEV- ER DONE ZW ,... CDR WIKSTROM WATCHES UNREP FROM THESTARBOARD BRIDGEWING ON AN EAR- LY MORNING ENROUTE TO THE PHILIP- PINES J I 1--" "" Q ti -xi'v'JnfxiuIf ,TN b ' """ ' ' 'X' ' V' E' ' 7 I 1 - T ,il O L". l , 5 xx '- I N 0 "Q in FFQTV9 Q A BMCM fSWj R. E. Beahm f.- v1g'stu w ff U S N COMMAND Q Command MasterChief USS T RIPOLI I 3' . 1? -5 w ' -rs. 17" X ff--1 ji X .4 X 'Qt 7. 'ik V , I: I ffhbzsli' 4 -.H 5. . ',-1 - x '- 1 v, 'fA .5A :- W .Q - : -x ,1- ffz bfypgg-,, ,-of Q, 'ff 'f' Ll' ' , L, if l.,'.l: . M ' 4. ' 'fri' I.. gi 1 . 1 K 45.24 "'Q.,f-gf? 'K ' I FAQ 4-' fc-Fur L". x W3 113-4,-'Page-,.j' : , 1 R, 7, 4 X 1 1, M W, AID The Aircraft Intermedi- ate Maintenance Depart- ment provides a repair capability above that available to a squadron. By repairing aircraft and equipment which could not othenuise be fixed aboard ship AIIVID helps the ship to remain at sea for longer periods while still flying our Hair force". Additionally, AIMD is responsible for maintain- ing the ship's ovlm organ- ic aircraft, a UI'l1I'I HUEY, known as TIGER Ill. This aircraft is responsible for shuttling supplies, mail, and personnel to and from the ship. TIGER III is also assigned at times to do search and rescue. LCDR W. L. Cochran CW04 J- W. Erker CDR Rniivggthazer AIMDO Assist. AIMDO July 1985-August 1987 , - I S If A f J C A s ss r 1,i X I 7, X AVCM L. W. Ramsey AVCM C. A. Cook ASCS G. B. Valdez ADCS S. Vallelunga QA Officer Production Control Chief LCPOfGSE Officer Alrcrew Chief 1. W AZC L. Burress ASC J. H. Delap ASC D. Lf Neal ADC W. J. Trias My INV QNX -J ww Q7 Q , nw V Wan 9 A Y f ' 4 f . Y ,. T'- fl AO1 w. s. Bfgnom AD1 R. A. BlarlCaS ga Wi, 'Fi Q tl 19 AZ1 W. F. Carroll AMS1 M. S. Chatt AD1 S. G. Devera AE1 J. S. Euvrard AT1 A. W. Garrett PR1 M. F. Guevarra AT1 M. S. Harvey AE1 G. K. Lewis A51 J. A. Michaelson AT1 T. E. Shockley AMI11 F. M. Toledo AT1 R. L. Travis ASM2 R. R. Barrera ASE2 D. E. Brown .I md! A5152 C. E. Dixon AMS2 v. R. Filion AZ2 B. L. Fzyar, Jr. -1 Q34 AZ2 S. C. Kuhn AT2 J. F. Lainhart AMS2 R. J. Lakoske AS1 P. L. Roch Laporte ASM2 R. R. Neumann gl AK2 W. C. Pickerell AM112 L. M. Roberson V We AD2 C. A. Schwappach ASE2 G. L. Smith xl AMS1 M. P. Platividad, Jr lei' Sui P- A075502 AD25 I' Csakszf AMES A- finfegez AS AD5 A. S J. A115 Jr- rbo' pf J. SCih1umeS A25 D- S sfargtef T5 ZvM. D. Ta .m AEE5 T. AS rner B R- Tgalcg 5 Q F-. fo Aslan DBarHgZ,iaf SEAN 50- Roeete A DA . R' A C AN . k mee D. Mzfbzzz AN J'R' MC Muf y AN H111 J' W' Murgif Affp, R- Wbliph S 13- AM N D. PRA .1 Riff - C AN T L. Wiins Pl J' Per r0 MHA R. L' Sac o QMAR A.H1l1afrer A DAA M. A J. R AZA -ff I 1 4 a 4 MQW , 1 I 1 0 ...A 24 1 07 0 l W W f WZ , f f ' f , ' ff, 1Af1ff7fX , ,W gf I V V! ii f W 5 Q 0 ZW! , 1 WW gg ly W . WZQMWX , :V X x f x7Wf W Wx A. W . W W ,A A Wf Q 1 W0 'QW A ,, WW A ,, A AW X 7 ff 4 ' wk ' A Wix f WWA , , . ff? Q ff W ?0w A A W. -f vw A W x Uhf an-fl' , Ai-Mill: fx. yyff A- , A ' A472 4 A Wx ,- ' .1 02 2 V .. D. QQ! -fr 2 Swift Not pictured: CPL J. Beebe, LCPL P. Cyr, LCPL J. Sigafoos LCPL E. O. Olmo LCPL K. J. Pinion LCPL J. A. Pozen LCPL R. A. Trinka SSGT F. A. Thallas SGT A. SGT D. SGT R. SGT A. W. Curtis L. Mesteth S. Torres Valdez CPL L. A. Ardit0 CPL W. L. ChiIdS CPL C. A. Gerrish CPL G. R. Kaiser CPL M. R. Marquez CPL M. T. Meeks CPL M. L. Mercer CPL W. H. Morgan CPL S. l. Papasodaro CPL B. K. Patton CPL J. E. Robbins CPL D. W. Ruel CPL E. J. Sail CPL D. A. Schmoker CPL G. B. Shepherd CPL M. D. Snook CPL K. R. Williamson ll LCPL M. R. Alleman LCPL F. O. Baeza LCPL S. R. Bakke LCPL M. C. Bellamy LCPL H. E. Blanchard LCPL P. LCPL L. A. Borzekofski A. Coburn LCPL R. W. Danes LCPL K. Doerfler LCPL R. A. Graham LCPL M. R. Guerrero LCPL R. W. Kristy LCPL S. P. Moran LCPL G. L. Munoz PLAIYKOWHER 'S TRIBUTE CWO4 John W. Erker is currently serving his third tour onboard the TRIPOLI. Twenty-one years ago CWO4 Erker stood in the ranks and watched as CAPT. Henry Suerstedt became the first Commanding Officer of the TRIPOLI on 06 August 1966, the day of her commissioning. Today CWO4 Erker is the Assistant Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department Officer. He recalls vividly his days on the TRIPOLI during that first deployment to Vietnam. This small photographic tribute is dedicated to CWO4 Erker from the men of AIMD as a welcome home to the Famous Fighting Ship TRIPOLI. - Zjtw--Q.,W ,,., , , ,A-A X , ,Wm ' W , ,f mwwf 'f IR DEP RTME T ifm g. S: LCDR M. G. Heglana Asst Air Officer 3 Air Department The mission of the Air Department is to conduct launch and landing operations and to exercise local control of airborne aircraft in order that the embarked air squadrons and detachments can effectively conduct air operations. Comprised of three divisions, the Air Depart- ment is responsible for the movement of all aircraft within 5 miles of the ship as well as on the hangar and flight decks. They are also responsible for the fueling of these aircraft and the tanks and pumps required for this job. CDR F. R. Sauffer Air Officer QQ' .NX LCDR B. L. Vasquez Aircraft Handling Officer 'QM LT J. A. Dimiceli C WO4 J. F BilSki Flight Deck Officer xg A 1 K f, L: F F N ' ' C E. R. K' ABC5 W, pl Mumhy ABHC J. R. Odom ABFC A. F. PhllIlpS, Jr. ABF Ing fa 1114 lllllq ,lglllllh Il flllll fl 7Z7IIlIl IJ VIZZIIIIZ M MMIII!! My -.mlulz W ww'-' f-W f xv, ff f ff 6 5. 2 ff, I f Z I Z f ff V wwf? Q f T 9 fl' Z " N ACTION" ABH1 D. J. Berkowitz ABH1 11. F. Ramos ABH2 T. G. Gillenwater ABH2 D. W. Jordan ABH2 R. D. Monday ABH2 J. A. Stasiak ABI-15 J. A. Clark ABI-I5 D. E. Davis ABI15 G. Drew ABH5 G. R. Hartsook ABI15 IA T. Johnson ABI-15 H. A. Lopez ABI-I5 M. P. Lucero AB115 W. P. Ney ABH5 R. Olavarria ABI15 L. Pettway ABH5 S. Petty AIY D. W. Emma AN D. E. Ferguson API D. A. Hobday AN R. L. Johnson AN G. A. Pietranczyk API F. M. Ramirez AIY A. Witherspoon AN J. A. Arguello AN T. A. Bennefield AH P. A. Bodmer AH R. L. DeCastro API T. A. Hicks AH R. L. Johnson if .... , G, AW 'W 4 l u -11 The Q 1 5 E Q . :N 'S V 1 Dzwszon V 1 IS the fhght. deck dlVlSi0Il re sponsxble for the launching rece venng and handling of hehcopters and Harrlers a ard shxp Workmg rn around the clock Shlffs V1 X X H7 3?F7F??F?5 . ? , . ..... .,f?f?f3Y ., A .,lA deflk m'dm9ht1 1 Med EVM? fff iiffi ff 'GD' V 2 f 4 Z M Z AN J. R. Taboda AA A. L. Delvillar ABHAA R. G. Cooper ll ABHAA R. C. Gorst ABHAA C. D. Griffith AA K. A. Harris AA C. R. Hitch AA R. R. Ibanez AA W. W. Lam AA J. Learn AA B. Padilla AA A. T. Sharra AA M. P. Voitik AA M. A. Hobson AA E. A. Huskins AR L. D. Caleb AR W. Fleming AR J. J. Kerwin AR R. S. Lacson AR J. L. Turner AR S. E. Schultz ABH1 G. D. Thompson ABH2 P. E. Bartley ABH5 G. P. Bailey ABI15 B. B. Bruney, Sr. ABH5 L. L. Diles AN F. B. Knobloch API T. W. Ludwig AH J. P. Paz AA G. P. Bork AA M. R. Charette AA A. R. Corrales AA E. L. Henson AA A. M. Martinez AA M. G. Simpson AA J. S. Sissons AA W. S. Wilson AR S. A. Lonsdale V 5 Dlvlslon V 5 IS the fhght deck dlvrslon re sponslble for handlmg the vast array of alrcrafls aboard shrp OOO 1 . . u.. . . , . . 4 M ff 11, iz Ulf! UV-5 DI WHERE THE RAI BG EE DS" , 'z,s3,4vScHl' , HIHIH tllllff HH i 2 E l e A e Wk 51, 1 1 'I 'J' A ,,,,, ,r af' X V-4 DIV PUMPS if ff 6' W if lf A 3 sf Q Q. f, 5' N 1 0 .W vi. XM 'SSW M , Q 2 U N 00A,,,9 gg VW mfg 5 , LL Z ff Z i , fb, U f f 'g X x I E 3 W if 2 ? all ,f ,pf X ,fwwwl wx W NWO MAA n A+ 4 4 uw M.. PURPLE PASSIO y ' 'WW "4 ,, ',,, ' an -'fx iw. q w f , :3.a3w :x:v 1 ABF2 C. Hopkins ABF2 F. K. Runyan ABF2 D. J. Stroud ABF5 D. R. Franks ABF5 C. J. Froh ABF5 P. E Morehead ABF5 5. J. Ogle ABF5 A. L. Williams ABFAIY C. Gustafson API E. P. Agustin III AN G. s. Spees AA K. J. LaSanta AA C. D. Myers AA B. D. Price ABFAA W. J. Riley, Jn AA M. S. Flaherty AA A. M. Franz AA Z. Holden AA C. A. Hunnewell AA B. Marshall 60 -4 Division V-4 is the aviation fuels division and it is theirjob to supply the helicopters with fuel to keep them flying. Wearing their purple shirts, they are easily distin- guishable as they dash around the flight deck from one aircraft to another checking on which is low on fuel. Extreme care must be taken while they are refuel- ing because of the combustibility of the substance they work so closely with. Even the slightest error in safety precautions can cause a major accident. ABF2 C. Allison, Jr. ABF2 J. F. Bamaung ABF2 J. Benavides ,Mui W W,.WX ABF1 D. L. Saxton 7 f , w ..V.wfw ' ggigwgyfwf . X .'Z f Zfwff 3. Z . 12551 ,J .Zz x f FVQU' VA' diViSi0r1 says they're the best . , . bu it doesn t get any better than this. E bt x..Xx.. 'Nu-F ' X -NN XX i If s Q x,.X , .,LLx 7 .wi W I 322, f X X X X f X XXXXX. X X N X X X S Y QX , N xx 1 WXQXESNX. E X X ,XXX QXXXX ,fp XXXXQ, X HXXXXH, X,X,XXXs XX-NX XX mm, W mimi Lxsxhmh XXX MXN NWN NM SWAN 'N XX Sgw-1 2 x Nui vwmwxi awwk XXXw -QXXXXXXXXXW wiswc Wx msxww Jwfwmwu xv, :Sv xv S QTYJWESIE S31?'iG ffisixii lil ' 5 Silk X 5 Qi E NXXXw,Xe+" XX, ,.X. W ,NX Qi ii SSRN lik NNW XNYR XS EXECUTIVE DEP RTME Executive Department Any complex organization requires a staff of recordkeepers and admin- istrative personnel and TRIPOLI is no exception. The Executive Department, also referred to as the Admin Department, is composed of over 50 trained yeoman, personnelmen, journalists, postal clerks, draftsman, religious program specialists, Master-at-Arms force and lithographers. These men keep the necessary red tape flowing in order that the ship can carry out her mission. CWO2 G. O. Lepsey Administrative Assistant f 1 , g,l, ,,..k.5,,tg.-,gv,,.kk.k. .t.., . .,..,:4V, 1 K Vk.k :VN Qrk. k,.A5 i ..,,-f..',, 5 .,,:.',k,,.,5,,,k.,,.,..,,.tlk, 5 .,,:.,, 7 ,,..1X,,:.,,, 5 ,X ,:.,,L..,..l: ,,V.,,.,:X Xkiilx,,'...k-,lk,1A4,,,:A 4 mx, ,.-',.'i it .,,. Q,.,k, ,A,.,,.,, V .,,i', Z ,,..,.?,,.v 5 X, ,,L,,f .525 -f.,, 6 ,ct Z t.,,:. 359. ,,..,,i.,5l,,- ..,,,,.,.. .g,ff .--f:, .-',,,-',. , ,ffg X 1-'Qs 5, LCDR M. A. Mehling LT H. Delano LT E. Marrero, Jr. LTJG T. F. Denio CWO2 C. B. Gouge Safety Officer SMMO Chaplain Public Affairs Officer Legal Officer N77 fi llfm. MACS M. C. Medrano, Jr, Personnel Officer Chief Master-at-Arms MAC R. B. Carpenter LIC M. C. Rodriguez , Brig Supervisor Print Shop Supervisor : 5 5 -Y. PNC M. Ricanon Jr. NCC L. Z. Alexanden Jr. YIYC lf. D. Meyers Career Counselor Ship 'S Secretary wh R S V RMC J. P. Sauers, Jr. LHC R. Hill, Jr. 5-M Coordinator Assistant Legal Officer I SSSSS . .XX, mi? A MA1 B. E. Benton, Jn MA1 L. O. Chapman IC1 W. C. Eldred, Jr. RP1 J. R Flores SMI W- R- Gammad W ' - I ' , 4 I ,e n. Y: . n MA1 S. W. Gehling Pl'l1lSW1J. M. MA1 A. D. Lane JO1 E. L. Preston PC1 P. D. Sheldon Guimotao mnmfq PN1 E. O. Tampoc -2 ,,- fx . IS B15 P555 :saw 2 will ,pi mv A- :we A ff ff 'Nw mx' at sf Z l LISN Velez speaks softly to his printer ff, 4' ff 5 4 ? ? 2 Q ,.. JO2 J. L. Howard YN2 D. J. Kaelin MA2 K. H. Thompkins PC2 A. Tornatore MA2 M. S. Warren PN5 F. A. Lewis JO5 M. T. Trainor PNSN R. L. Balagtas SN 0. R. Bates YNSN F. A. Castillo PCSN J. L. Hagerty JOSN J. A. Kennedy PNSN E. V. Rader SN G. R. Soriano LISN S. A. Velez Ortiz SA B. E. Guest , if 4 s rf f- 1 4 c g . u Ri A x- , X yy, X -My 4, Xgx.. W , x X ,. e m E X ---A X Y 5 Q5 N :NX "" em1...Ax" Ag kg New N ' . . ggm. K W--A , 3 f K se - ........, A. 1. 5. N, W "The mysterious virtue of wax and parchment." -Edmund Burke DGDTS CALL kinawa The USS Tripoli and the ships of COM- PHIBRON FIVE pulled into White Beach, Okinawa on a wami, sunny July day after having transited the Pacific Ocean in three weeks time. Okinawa proved to be an interesting liberty port for all hands as sailors and marines were introduced to the Japanese culture, the yen and China Petes. "'-N., NN'-W. ,J ,fx N K L.-.,, iff- M ' .X"'ki-,'fcL '.4,.x . .., ,f',.i ,Wh x,Tc,. , , .4 .-sf, fd E, 2. gl, 1 f F' X 5' 'fr M fs f . ., M..,,,W E , ,, A -1- '91!r,, K A. ""'v',1,' ,- , . xl , V " L llf3E533V"" A ' K ' 1 Q- " ' 1- .... . ' " U qgfiazfa ' m .V '- ggi' , ' "-, . , Q-gt, ,m g - L4-f f -' 1-Afkzrf ..-1, x Q. . .xi Aww 1 .- ,S ..3.,:,. , G , 1 gf ,Wk ,-,W N. ..., -In , cl WW, ,V f, -.21 7 5 553525. -n r., 1. ,Q . if vH,':w9wf iffy: " " , x f Q52--2. nf 1 qg'.,35i:.,- :aww , ' 1 -1. - is X l 5, A J- ., , ,fx . f ' V -5 4, "m..,.Q,,,-:rift ,N-1 L . .,., 'af 1--15,7 . "-:Kgt-g . t 56 xxfvbfff' ,, gg 'j .'JLLiZf" ' -wi " --,sw 'yr' M V' -. q i g ily f- 1...-A . ng -. 1: . ff,-F M If '- A X ez: -f . fm w- .2-0 1' '-24 V-44, ffl.-,' 'if' .' ' i are Q ' - V O' ri' -Q., ff V, -sf." i ,. J A W! gs-105:27 - , --:ks . 1,1 K ng, Haw- V5 .. L 4.4. .A ff 5 x . ,-A, it 4 gm-f 1 . gffbas, -'lag--W w I, -w.-.M g ' , .af ,ef . ., ., 1" .is '- ,. ' X' J ds , . 5 , v , . A 1 f w . .. 2?l, pff A V ? f ': ' if Q MQ. 37311, 924 -' , 41 2 X .wr ak ,f v ,sv r at AP W, -ff , , "V ti' R3 f. --f--sw ' j gm Map? " "tfma.f2wgv.wg-fizlf In 471.6 - , wg 1,4 S2 r.St2'7-fy-14'-tiff' -b?513.g-'KTA' V1 miie' ,5,f w'6wi.'512:?5gKS'Xi7 4. sw.-vifff ' N " A 'X fx, '1"zf .F3v:. 'V' iiwgg Q w'XifS'XXZ1QVl' 'fmdvfli '-1 -wifT2lQ1?v2wi-fwffff-P: P N30 '2,'1Y'f.ef"'V "? Tf5!'4"' wif? f'Q"w-1" HMM, ' s-4. fizfirwf 1 Q .EZJQQQELQ- 4., ,.. Qi '22 ,4 . angel. gf' . .1, 1M- wi ggsri. 1 -Q - .. -.-fda 68 Getting about proved to be an experienqe Japanese patrol moored at White Bea ch, Navy pier WR W Words alone can not describe the Philippine "ex- perience". For the Philippine lslands provided the Amphibious Task Force with an array of activities for everyone and their particular interests. In the "P. l." isolated tropical beaches, cultural centers, shopping and entertainment were easily available. This oasis became our home away from home during WestPac 87. Subic Bay's beaches at dusk Cultural center in Manila, RP Olongapo City by day Nightlife on Magsaysay 69 1 . 0 1 fi! 2: 'gvz A ,6- f Mrs nf lf ,g.,vf,fo-an . "Al X5 H ' rr 3 4 W, 1,11 .f--at gg, I", ll Yu 'ft A d..'I. Q gm- VZ , 'll .i, t WT' f' 'gi-W1 iv ll ',x If-X I' 1 v 'ixl X I f .rf Subic's countryside, lush and green: Olongapo streets buzz with activity and color 1-i"7.4'f-YW? While in the South China Sea TRIPOLI made a goodwill visit to the resort city of Pattaya Beach, Thailand. Here and in the capital city, Bangkok, the sailors and marines thoroughly enjoyed the sights of this Buddhist nation in Southeast Asia. Lively fanciful temples, pavilions and palaces flanked by grotesque stone guardians, lively waterways and its joyful, ever-smiling citizens making you welcome. ?m2'aqa 'Z Ullitting the beach" liberty style TRlPOLl's liberty lllanding party" on Southeast Asia's tropical hideaway A BUDDHIST NATION SINGAPORE Off the southern tip of the Malaysian Penin- sula, TRIPOLI encountered the New Asia in the tiny island-state of Singapore. Here we basked in the rich linguistic, cultural and religious heritage, not to mention, the endless opportu- nities which provided for shopping. l Singapore's national pnde is well exhibited i s l A friendly smile in a local shop Singapore from an inbound liberty boat Chinatown, a cultural experience any- where nvfwnomwnnm AUQSTDALIA ff 125-?iii,5w7f?Zyfr5ywrff,:ww..wwrfy7w7,::g, ,,,,.y,,, 5f?i?,ZQ1lqw1wt,f',9fY 7f4M4rfQf,PmQ4fVfffjyf? .ll-2 f,,,- .. ,l ,MM-V, , M, mv. - Mmm '-.,,,f.l,,M,q,4,,. k, X, M., ,4f,4,,. ,. , VM, ww:-f i 1 . Coral Sea Australia 6 not Y 5 ' 90 me WCW, o Tasmania TRIPOLI pulled into Western Australia to the sounds of cheer- ing crowds, jazz bands and cheerleader choruses. Sailors rap- idly parted with their covers as Australian children yeamed for them in the way that prospectors do for gold. ln the cities of Fremantle and Perth sailors and marines were treated as long lost fnends by all the locals. Westem Australia embraced us with friendship, histoly, malls, wildlife, exciting tours, and al- lowed us to come away with many new friends. Y: I k1.f'fqj r 1 ' ' " V 5 mt ,A A F ,,,y,,+. Iv Q 1, V x ' ' 'L S , . ff, 'fa ff fj1?Ti?m,, Q, vii' Z"Q,3TwVf Vi' , ,rmf?5ff,,a29 'm A mixture of the old and new on the streets of Pusan .. f' - r Following a very successful joint exercise, Valiant Blitz, with the Republic of Korea we shared one of the most exciting liberty periods of WestPac 87. The bustling in- dustrial city of Pusan is one of South lioreas fastest grow- ing, second only to Seoul. lt was here amongst the many marketplaces where we fined tuned our uhaggling" skills in the pursuit of Reeboks, mink blankets, eel skin pro- ducts and brass. Such delicacies as Skim-chi" and llbul- gogi" were experienced. In Pusan all hands shopped, toured, and found the energy to visit two local orphanges where Project Handclasp materials were delivered. X it ,K 'gi Vi APT! If 7312 ,QV S ff 1Z?lri2l!?7R1T"-'X "X L Y? 3 . .Mfrs 9 .. , Q-4435241 X H' K 'k N 5, .f z S5 - 2 fu-ff f . X . as gasp -NX W 'N , Q wh, ti 'X ,M r G I' 5 'S ' X X if x Q QM 'fn f X X Q JI !',, ' X , 1 X ff X 3 K- in jj X XL X A S Ay". ESX A , g uf. i ' z..Q"L 5,y'3fj' s S g N N ff s I! 4 as FACES UF THE WORLD ln pursuit of our mission we have sailed to many places proudly parading our nations flag and our commitment to the maintenance of the freedom of the seas. From the Philippine ls- lands, Thailand, Singapore, Australia on to Ko- rea we met as strangers and departed as friends. Together we have shared a drink, some time and a smile as we enjoyed the fruits of our labors and our shared liberty. 81 A SET TIHG SUN The day is done, and the darkness Falls from the wings of Plight, As a feather is wafted doumward From an eagle in his flight -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow R W if tt ' , r W xxxxt 4 2 g., ' 2 W 1 ,W i s S uf f W X mf W W f" ,W f W! 1 ,f Vi My fff ff!! 'Www mv f mf , my W f JW ' H W ' f .y,,w, f w ,WM A ,W KW W" ,f fwfff x ' MWWW' ff Mwx , 'f X by . .gy V, I V Q ff 5 MAWW fy Mf' ff W0 J., V WM , ,mf W mf' JW f WM QW ff f lwff' Z ,ff , ff f , , WX, WWW ex ff W WW Wf My ww' , - W MMM, MM ,MW -bw gfwf fr X X K W Wm fwf W0 M f W W Wy fl Q... W W jwfwwix ,,,, f f f 1 I, 4 ' f 1 Wwwmff QQ ,,.mf,4 ,,,,, , , ,,,, ,, 7 U46 " ,,,,.,. -MQMY W h ' W , 7 NM Z "' WM-WW fa ny , j N.A,f W'M"""""f'ffffm,0,w-.,W,4 7 -- 1 ,I ----M ,,,, ,,,,,,., W WWMW' 0 W f 1 f YH mN"'wfW,,h 1 ff 'W , I 1 X f f' 1 fm ,V f Z, MMM Nun H Wm ,W M,,m m..RNN 'Z i W.. X X gr A 'hmm WAN 1, S. 'Z X 2 X 1 MW' fl' V I MQLKW' X W, 1 A W ff W f ,NN f ,xf f f+ , ffff N'- Y ,mf V " af fn W WW 1 UW" 4W'f' WWW f wi WW W , ff ,Www Deck Department i The 74 men of Deck Department, under the direction'of.the ship s First Lieutenant, incorporates four divisions: First Division, Second Division Fox Division, and the Gunnery Division. LT H. J. Hawthorne Asst First Lieutenant LT P. L. Hamner Ship 's Boatswain LTJG T. 11. Kelton Fox Division Officer ENS E. L. Austin G Division Officer ENS P. G. Byrne 1st Division OH'icer ENS T. A. Murray 2nd Division Officer FCCS N. A. Ocasion GMC B. A. Barton BMC T. Andrews BMC P. M. Montour AOC D. L. Behnke LCDR J. Newsome Not pictured: BM1 Cn. P. Hellwig SR P. R. Astwood 1st DIVISION BM1 R. BM2 J. BM2 J. BM2 S BM2 C. 4 Askins Bamaung Sheets Wallsinger Williams BM5 G. A. Basham BM5 F. L. Dark BM5 G. E. Ludwig BM5 T. J. Noonan SPI J. P. Airheart SPI W. E. Harris SPI J. L. Haynes SIY M. A. Little SN T. G. Syverson SPI T. S. SN E. B. SA W. J. SA K. O. SA M. L. Morrison Peck Jimeno Lawrence Martin SA S. B. Robinson SA J. J. Schmidt SA S. M. Paul . 2nd Division BM2 M. M. McCurry BM2 D. E. Smeback BM5 M. J. Grimes BM5 R. E. Jordan BM5 G. Martinez BM5 P. T. Kenourgios BM5 R. E. Yanders SN R. E. Auvray SN B. A. Dean SP1 R. J. Dunn SPI L. L. Linn SP1 W. E. Moore SIY E. G. Woods SN N. Alderman SN D. F. Baus SN G. R. Gary BM1 C. B. Doolittle BM2 B. R. Lanear SN J. W. McElroy SA D. E. Murray SR J. K. Granville A x ""'-N Ns Fox Division FC1 ML R. Carson FC1 lf. W Nitz FC2 N. D. Burch FC2 J. M. Collum FC5 VIL D. Gilham FC5 T. L. Gransbury FC5 T. L. Mitchell FC5 D. M. Peguese FC5 M. J. Swisher NV GMG1 D. J. Allen GMG1 H. A. Williams GMG2 R. E. Groshens GMG2 P. M. Mahoney GMG2 P. J. Sikorski AO2 G. L. Wright GMG5 D. J. Cornell GMG5 J. D. MacArthqr AO5 G. J. Vorous GMGSIY C. J. Cox 5 , x FCSIY P. J. Lyewski N'-Hu: FCSN R. G. Getz, JI2 G AOAN N. C. Holmes GMGSPI D. H. Smith fff S as X 2, 5 1 ff """" WW -sw f f H ZW? , 1, ,W . MW Q M Wm . ff M , ,M VF!! ,, ,M If um f f, Z , Q N 1 H W1 PMKLZYA rv Qgp ng, 1111671716 Cf? 22 rs 7, f Z U X Q Z QS' wail? N vw f f 42 fa ff, df Z W! ,ZZ my fi? ww. A. 1-vw, 'K Z MK ,fy 2 20 Z www M ff? I 0 , ,V W -,f G X W' WMM , vx- f fi , . W GI EERI G DEP RTME R 89 LDCR C. L. Johann Chief Engineer C WO2 F. D. Fosbenner Engineering Department h E ' ' De artment totalling about 170 personnel can be compared to a large utility T e ngmeermg p , l , , , company providing complete services to a city of up to 2500 residents. Engineering Iaroxiides nejces- sary items such as fresh water and 6,000,000 watts of electrical power, as we as ea mg an air conditioning throughout the ship. lt's main responsibility is to provide steam throughoututhe ship and propel TRIPOLI through the water. This is the main responsibility of the.'iB" and divisions. The UA" or auxillaries division has many tasks including the upkeep of the air conditioning plant, aircraft elevators, winches, and crane, to name just a few. , . ., Ax., .V , .,,f nw, '.,ft,c., 1:o.+,..f, f..-Y.,p.sw,:mvw-use LT T. A. Adams MPA ENS K. J. Conner Asst Repair Officer ENS R. Pl. Larsen Electrical Officer ENS K. J. Ortiz Asst MPA y ff ,, wwf C WO4 J. W. Zink DCA B Division Officer CWO2 E. S. Acuna A Division Officer W f EMCS M. L. Montemayor MMCS R. E. R. E. Simpson ENC E. J. Aledia BTC W. P. Allen 1 nrc s. M. Dunlap :cc T. o. Howell MMC F. W. Ortega BTC R. E. Pittman Hot pictured: LTJG E. C. Williams, Jr. ""'l'5-.,. 4 N-2! A ,1-' '11 96 W- ,,ff '71 NG" MM1 G. D. Berry MM1 J. If Madrigal MM2 G. R. Breaux MR2 R. A. Carino MM2 L. D. Cruz MM2 D. Miller MM2 C. Sheppard EPI2 J. D. Storey MR2 D. A. Wagner MM5 L. D. Benkofske MM5 T. A. Head EN5 L. R. Snyder MM5 M. E. Spencer EN5 T. K. Wise MMFIY J. E. Robertson FH B. J. Schlenker FN J. Bishop FA D. C. Clawson MMFA R. A. Reed FA W. K. Bloyed FA R. G. Garnett FA M. R. Heath FA K. M. White J, BT1 F. W. Bechtoldt BT1 M. G. Burger BT 1 R. W. Hubbard BT2 D. C. Bales BT2 J. A. Campbell BT2 D. D. Colson BT5 C. M. Hammes BT5 A. Jordan BT5 D. A. Miller BT5 L. Sample BT5 T. R. Schwan BTFIY M. D. Alejandro I IB I I O O I DIVISIOI1 FN D. J. Brown FN D. L. Keller FN S. D. Krupp FN S. V. Nguyen FH T. E. Peden FN G. S. Smith BT FA T. C. Engelberger B TFA R. S. Harina BT FA D. A. Stakeman B TFA B TFA FA S. B TFA C. L. Clausen W. Hathaway S. Webber D. M. snrigley ' S '-fi --14. C' ' " rx C 'WC A 1 ff? W E 1 . X 3 f -,ig I 9- 1 , af Y W ,g ',,,, nl- -M 5 f , -. ...,,, V . M 5 5 5 . ' , 22 M ' in vw i t 7 X ' Q! ... . , ww , ,.,,,7,g , - f 'fi M M M W A Q .Wa ,., 1 ,J gf f+,..,f 2 mi' A - 1. ,, f ,-- ' , N ',,yf5Y Q 'f .. if 7 - , ! fl X X W 40, WW , .V Q 4 . ,,,, ., 3. L -.z WX rf , rw Y , J.. " S J M p a, A f g . . ' Y 'F' We 'WW W . ANJW4 UT ,, 0-. . V - .. ' 7 -wf 'S fx' .ww X ,J f . ,sf f 17 QNW N , f f iw W W H Wm ,.'i?fMW2iSi' if ,,. , f' I 5 1-.1 . f Division Q . 1 C gil?" i ...R-, ."""1 - LQQHA Yi fi!! 4 an 4 fa. .f- 1 EM1 A. S. Angeles lC2 P. S. Fleck EM2 S. Hall lC2 S. A. Houser lC2 B. M. Pollack IC2 L. B. Robinson lC5 C. E. Bennett EM5 R. L. Dizon EM5 T. Duncan EM5 J. A. Eisman EM5 R. F. Etchison EM5 R. M Harrelson lC.5 R. S. Patton EM5 R. A. Schehl EM5 B. M. Stockert EM5 M. J. Yager ICFIY D. P. Huwe EMFIY G. M Plelf EMFIY J. E. Robison FH J. S. Walsh FA T. D. Averett FA B. F. McDonell ICFA R. L. Thompson FR L. Gonzalez FR C. A. Milliron FA B. Cruz, Jr. "M " Division MM2 R D Martinez FN G. S. Cook MMFN K. J. Dewey fs IJ. M. Kee MMFIY C. E. Livingston MMFH G. J. Mergenthaler FH W. G. Morris MMFIY F. S. Solatan FN M. A. Sweeney MMFIY P. O. O'Connor MMFIY M. A. Shaffer MMFA K. E. Collins HT2 J. HT2 F. .M o 'W'-f '56 A A HT5 J. HT5 F. .f 'M' ff NW . I WS! Plot pictured: FA R. W. Ivie " " Division HT1 D. HT2 A. HT2 R. HT5 E. HT 1 W. S. Komula, Sr. E. Whitsell S. Cralton J. Esquibel B. Stewart E. Sufficool Alvarez L. Flott Sierra HTFIY J. R. Buchanan FIY J. R. Doughty FN R. T. Reilf 4 f ' FN J. J. Finamore FH D. Smith FIY S. Anderson FA T. D. Callewaert FA D. J. Waverek FR J. G. Olson "fin 1 , WX, W 4 ' N ,'Wf ra Z W a D7 ff I had rather wear out than rust out" - George Whitefield if x . x LX X X tx xggv X A 154 g 2 VICIATIO DEP RTME 44 Y R , V' . 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N ff-0:92-ai!-www!W'2,A2"42-' ' 'QVC M X ,I fwziw :Z .- .1 R fi, . sa "He hath made the deep as diy, He hath smote for us a pathway To the ends of all the earth!" Rudyard Kipling ff' 'WWA ,115 I N' , Y P ,Kazakh 0 I A' If M K. uf , In If X ix 99 1 w X 1 4 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT r Medical Department The Medical Department consists of a Medical Officer and 15 Hospital Corpsmen. They are charged with providing treatment for the sick and injured, for the prevention of disease, and emergencies at all times, conducts two sick calls daily, and has full laboratory, x-ray and pharmaceuti- cal sewices to support the crew. O X cub HMC Il HMC R. 1 1 -I yn -an LT W. S. Sageman LT A. S. Melillo Medical Oliicer Medical Officer August 1986-August 1987 HMCS A. fl Cruz HMCS L. R. Rush P. J. Palen R. Docena TRIPCLI Corpsmen These men are the backbone of the Medical Department providing medical ' k' arations for in- emergency respond teams throughout the ship, ma ing prep bound casualties, maintaining accurate medical records for the ship's com- pany and all embarked units, inspecting the mess decks and food handlers for cleanliness and sanitary procedures in addition to holding daily sick calls. i l Hn T. M Tran FH M. D. Kilgore HM1 C. E. Leighliter HM2 R. B. Leithner HM2 G. M. Gumapas HM2 J. R. Magnuson HM5 R. E. Chatham HM5 T. O. Hendrickson HM5 J. L. Campbell HM5 R. L. DeArman HN D. M. Billings Medical Mobile Augmentation Readiness June-October 1987 LCDR T. S. Marshall LCDR S. M. Manus 'fs LT B. C. Meneley LT W Patton LT K. R. Stigen LTJG J. B. Deleon HMC B. HM1 G. HM1 G. WZ X HM2 C. HM2 L. -J ' mum fingv .. ig 455--.1 may .Q ,. , HPI C. Alexander HPI C. L. Calkins HN W. N. McGill 1 . 5 HMC M. A. R. D. D. A. K. Newton Encabo Jackson Bakke Weidner Kennedy HM5 C. Pesinger HM5 M. J. Tenace HM5 J. C. Goss HM5 T. E. Hawks HM5 J. C. Dudgeon HM5 M. D. Williams .HPI J. C. Jones HN B. L. Brewer TCHII1 ,i ,V Medical obile Augmentation Readiness Team October-December 1987 i CDR G. Cunningham LCDR A. Villaflor LCDR M. Ford E Z ii..,,, M f A f ,, 9 ii iihc """ 1 1 W . . iiA""ii i ,V We M" i A QQ- in X ,, i,,.i --W 5 f- 1 ' T 0 X 'K ,. , A fi X f H 4 -e.. W LT S. Arellano i r LTR. Eslmger . LTJG M. Baulcn s X LTJG S. Smith . g c i r r w I 'fum ' mi VN f . ?fl f M 1 1' , fwf , , E HMC A. Gay HMC R' Hodges 'nn'n i if HM1 I. Seenauth 4, 1 f fi' er y' ' ,ly ff! Q, ' fi f .ff G I L V ,,,,V,, M 'wi R' Reyes i ' gi i f, g e Q HM2 S. Gardner ' 3 7' - ffl K is , has L X 1 f HM5 D. Gilbert 5 , HM5 D. Halferty j ff HM5 T. .lurk as HM5 E. Kuhn .1 HM5 J. Ortega ' f HM5 A. Williams ii . ,,.:,, 1 .... ' '4',' I . Q V HN E. Garcia if .for HN T. Magee W HH E' ?""'6l'?1S I g HPI A. aus mo fl .ni i i s .il if Plot pictured: i' HM1 B. Young 1 HM2 W. Lewis HPI F. Rodriguez r 1 ifl ' i 104 si.. 3 1 ffm + A M .-i .-1 vugguiall F 4 y f 2 Ivana 'K ff 4 f Wh W 07 57 X ZXQQ, ffffff W W f 7 7' 'WW f ff f , 1 Z Z Z DENT L DEP RT 'f Q6 Dental Department The Dental staff onboard TRIPOLI IS responsible LT B J Thomas for the dental care of the shnp s company and em Dental Odticer barked umts lt IS kept busy wlth regular checkups flounde treatments and keeplng records up to date on all personnel Z .y ,f .2 Z 4 ffyf 3732 V 4 rw: f V 7 an Q! ,ff Q new 5 AJ f 9 7 Q Q Z 2 'B V " ' ,Q NW W X TRlPOLl's Dental Staff provided care to ship's company, embarked marines and villagers of Zambales, Republic of the Philippines. LT Stokes and DIY Marciniak of the 15th MAU were an important asset to our staff iilnilil .nw V WWW, Ww,a wff giggl- X 'X Q H uQnd!m 5 T fi Esta X", 'fin' Sf I N A XXXX X LN v,, Chaplam Q 5:1-:Qi-may 4 UI xk ll 4 The Navy s Chaplain Corps is as old as the Navy itself The Contintental Congress adopted the second article of the Navy Regulations which provided for divine services aboard ships of the 15 colonies That was 28 November 1775 and women This is accomplished by providing a vwde vanety of services while onboard ship such as divine services bible studies prayer services and counseling Chaplains are also found to be behind such programs as Project Handclasp Civic Action Projects orphanage visits and tours of pomts of interest while in foreign ports O Q 613 N O I F gt , . i . . I . E BH cf U Q . . o f 5' The mission of the chaplain is to satisfy the spiritual needs of American servicemen 1 . Q 8 f . . '. . I . . I . I . . LT E. Marrero, Jn Chaplain RP1 J. F1 Flores f , 9 '04 , ,Q l w fw Z ff' 'rm .A Ma. , 2 ,..,,z f 5 W' , A , ,,3iXeAf, . . 'lie XJ, W , ' ,fy I 2 W f 'I 2 CV" Zz' 4 f - r , ' Z. Tyfff' f' , 'X f K C MH' , fi WWVWKZZQWW 'Qfzr Wy? QQ QKQX fgrr , waerai M ,MQ I f f Wifi 4, Q, .1 , ' W V' 'iff' , f. --if W, W 1 WW 2 ? " W J f we 4 es.f'n ew6Q 5'i Av f f f A Q y?'rX Q-Z s.,,,xj N gif" M 1244 yu f q 3 ,, K r -4 af -P M , V WW MX W ,f H VM, ,W 2 , 1 "7 . 5 ? W Q NN N Sf Nx Q , Q . A X x is xx qgx x QX NX X 1 I dxf? . X xxx Mgbvfx x X k:,. -Q S X si XX Qsxx N XXX? X kxxy xKXX.X 4 xx xggxx 5 NX X X PN X dsx S .wx XXX X QNX XXX :XX Q HM , of gre things are WVOUQW by prayer than this world dreams Q Alfred, Lord Tenn yso f 1 . 1 N' ff, 'fix' ff f , f' ', ' Wfw ,f W W f 5 W fy U 4. KW ,Qt W 7 I fa VZ 4 ? Q f Z W 1 4 M M .yt W L Mfg ,I f 2 4 ,fini 'fwfr , f 4 I n f 'Cam 2 f , 'xx ,QQ MV dw ,4-uf' 113 FOUR TH OF JULY Seventeen days at sea, heading due west, on our WestPac 87 we take a break to commemorate our nation's 211th birthday. The festivities included a cake cutting ceremony, a "Steel beach", a hamburgers and hot dogs picnic lunch, an impromptu break dancing demonstra- tion and the famous kite flying contest featuring the human kite and Combat Cargo's l'killer" kite. 'aid' fin-"' st like being at La Jolla" Kite mania " Z? f Q ff V' It X rrr Z CIVIC ACTIO PROJECTS ln the midst of all the operations, duties, touring, shopping and recrea- tion TRIPOLI sailors in conjunction with COMPHIBRON FIVE, TACRON 12 AND 15th MAU personnel responded to the call for help. Volunteers to paint the Olongapo City General Hos- pital, Olongapo City High School and the ILWAS Elementary School were never scarce as we provided material and manpower as ambassadors of goodwill. S E' S Ai ZZ ii sl Marines take a break with school children. 15th MAU civic action volunteer force. ILWAS SCHOOL A force of volunteers manned totally by the men of the 15th Marine Amphibious Unit pro- vided some badly needed repair to the ILWAS Elementary School, Republic ofthe Philippines. is rf MED CAP DENTCAP A small village in the province Zambales, RP, surrounded by mountains and jungle, received a special visit by our Medical and Dental team. The TRlPOLl's Medical and Dental Officer, the Chaplain, 15th MAU's Chaplain and an MMART Corpsman were helo lifted into their village to provide medi- cal and dental care. Under the shade of the community tree physical and dental exams were conducted. The village of Mapurac had never been visited by health professionals before and were most grateful for TRlPOLl's helping hand. 7 , ,, f 403 Z XZ! t WZWW , t N., ,, Wg! ff X.-f M 7, ,MWZ X, ff -. 'ff f f ff ,g f :V f, 7 , Z 0 , f 1 . , , 4, , 4' 'L , A f if ', V LT Sageman and a Peace Corps volunteer tend the sick . . HM2 Weidner disperses some free medication LT Thomas provides immediate dental treatment 117 TRIPOLI entered the imperial do- main of King Neptune on August C51 1987. Thus the day to become a Gold- en Shellback. The experienced Shell- backs were ready to initiate the un- wary Pollywogs into the brotherhood of Shellbacks. King Neptunus Rex and his Royal Scribe, Davey Jones boarded the TRIPOLI to review the Pollywogs attempt to gain King Nep- tune's favor through entertainment and a beauty contest. I 118 V I Afi S 33 Y Q . X 3 4 i Ye Royal Band is led b MACS M d melodies. .V e rang, featuring CAPT Love with his "blOWh0ITl" and the POIIYWO-9 he Bogal ' eauties With the hope to be spared the wrath of Pollywogs initiation volun- teers put on their best in the Royal Beauty Contest for King Neptunus Rex. ye chosen beauties A ' 'J ' f , f S , , , 3 4 f K Q i v 'V f , 7?"' M Each morning sees some task begin, Each evening it close: Something attempted, something done, Has earned a night's repose." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow PROJECT HAND CLA SP Pusan, Korea TRIPOLI crossed the Pacific Ocean with four pallets of food, hygienic ' f 52 in 5 Q. materials and toys destined for orphanages in Pusan, Korea. The trea- QQ 'ng V61 lo sure that was given to us in return was the friendship of people, the broad Q. f ' 4 grin of an orphan child, and the teamwork which these things inspire. 5 X ' . 4 W W 9 C 0 'I A' ! O 1 M Q1 0 A I Q I K 4,1 I Q A gf V Xxxssf' X M P'5'f:": MFLW, K, Vw y 'hwy W WX, AG iw Lrg! SM os H PH Qoovv u n u unc la! If I li nun JLLLL , A g? -Hlgliv ww AC O F F I C E CDR E. L. Duckworth i LTCOL E. S. Riggins Air Operations Officer . K Operations Officer G J 1 LT B. A. MacDonald LT A. Brown III Asst Operations Officer Meteorologists LCDR R. R. annaway, r. CIC Officer CAPT P. Dinda Combat Cargo Officer fA fi is- ' , ' if 1' Q, 1' xg? i 51,6 . iv i ., 'gym .N - 'Q ,xggmuf 1 lbfi " ff me Q :gif x LT D. W. Duvall Intelligence Officer f Q new WM, LTJG N. D. Femandez LTJG J. E. Wright EHS D. J. Stremler - CWO2 R. E. Thomas OW Division Officer Signals Officer O1 Division Officer COMMfASST SEC MGR ff 41' lbgbam EWCM P. E. Marrs ETCS J. R. Anderson The mission of the Operations Depart- ment is to collect, analyze, and dissemi- nate combat and operational informa- tion required to complete the assigned tasks of the ship and its air squadron. The department is broken into seven di- visions. They are OA division which is comprised of the Aerographer's Mates who forecast the local weather situation for the Commanding Officer and at- tached staffsfembarked Marine Control units. OC division, which encompasses those personnel in the Air Traffic Control rating, working out of the Helicopter Di- rection Center QHDCJ, they assist the Air Department and embarked air units in controlling helicopter traffic around the ship. OE division is comprised of the Electronic Technicians who service all electronic gear onboard TRIPOLI. Ol divi- sion is made up of Operations Specialists who, working out of Combat information Center KCICJ, keep the bridge up to date on the local surface picture. OW division has several functions, primarily, this divi- sion is tasked with determining the Elec- tronic Warfare threat picture. Additional- ly, OW division has the Photographer's Mates who aid the Intelligence specialist and contribute to public affairs efforts. CS division is responsible for the signals between ships and uses binoculars, flashing light, flags and large 5 dimen- sional symbols called "day shapes" to accomplish their mission as well as semaphore signals, which most people are familiar with. GMAT ,ui RMCS J. R. Nowak MSGT F. M. Ortiz SMCS 11. R. Swindle Z-.aff , f 4 ,. X WX ,AIR 'nf' f 4 if mm ETC F. C. Lind RMC D. E. Miles RMC D. P. Stefan: AGC S. IM English ETC W. B. Ingalls i NS H8322 OSC J. H. Weidhunel of X J 4 , fZA, W 4 7,4 X f? F W N 1 34 ' W , . ' w n n Y, 1 in v x f 1 1 ' N V V I V 2 vi 12 X QI QI g n Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows. - John Milton 126 I , w V W r W ?.l IF? rd 9 Z1 2. .7 ,fff Z SZ 5-411 -Z ...... Y -if 'Z f M . Q a wi 47 M N! J CR DI VISI OPI RM1 L. E. Salter RM1 MA M. Faivret RM1 M. S. Carrigan RM2 J. L. Blecha RM2 A. A. Jaskiewicz RM2 D. C. Kane RM5 E. L. Dickens RM5 C. W. Donn RM5 E. E. Geary RM5 J. K. Hampton' RM5 L. D. Johnson RM5 B. K. Stevenson RM5 R. J. Oldcroft RM5 R. A Tibbs RM5 C. J. Tichenor RMSIY E. B. Evans RMSPI D. L. Fisch RMSN J. K. Hailey RMSIY L. D. Hamilton RMSIY B. P. Wirz RMSA D. L. Nonnan RMSA J. M. Valenzuela RMSA A. L. Bently SN C. J. Frye SPI R. L. Stuckey OE DI VISI OH ET2 R. V Coler ET2 J. A. Meyer ET2 D. D. Miller ET2 S. D. Skelton ET5 S. D. Brouwer ET5 K. C. Eddows ET5 E. Gonzalez ET5 R. T. Harter ET5 P. J. Horan ET5 L. O. ET5 D. C. ET5 G. F. ET5 D. J. ET5 T. L. ET5 T. P. Johnson Miller Moore Richardson Sparks Sumeer K ' " ..., CS DI VISI OH SM2 A. IA Chambers SM2 J. L. Luchs SM5 IA Bourgeois SMSIY B. A. Marlow I1 SMSPI R. Rivera SMSIY M. K. Wiltshire .. sMslv R. L. Kelly sMsA J. C. Miller sMsA J. C. Mullin sMsA A. Borrego, Jr. and A 'fi I ,xl S29 OI DI VISI OH OS1 R. W. Hollins OS1 R. M Peters OS2 B. D. Card OS2 A. L. Grant OS2 J. Kacmar 'Z W 1, W X X . Q I. A .....sX 4 J , jf Wwyjig . J. ff? X X A ,sf,s-5 M .. If J OSSA B. OSSA M. OSSA E. OSSA S. OSSR M. OS2 G. E. Lord OS2 J. J. Starry O55 R. A. Bordelon OS5 W. J. Defayette OS5 R. W. Hed OS5 C. F. Muse OS5 B. G. Onley OS5 R. J. Tomczak os5 K. Wilson OSSIY E. M. Colona OSSIY P. J. Drews OSSH J. R. Lovato OSSN D. L. Rogers OSSIY L. A. Rush OSSH W. J. Sides OSSPI R. J. Simmons OSSA K. E. Baron OSSA R. B. Bragg A. Johnson P. Stanton C. Wheeler P. Stiewe A. Olivarez N' mn E f 4 x B 1 S XM: xxx N 1 ,wiv-an H f 'EJ 'VW iam, Z ff W 7 ff 1, f f ff if W f f I 1 i i 1 4 xx ' VJ: 1 if r 'Let us have faith that right makes mighty and in that faith let us to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it." -Abraham Lincoln W -ns.. 'Y gg. 4 V COMBAT CARGO OW DIVISIO EW1 J. W. Stanton PH2 M. F. Alligood EW2 T. G. Ferringer EW2 C. W. Wofford EW5 S. O. Cook EW5 J. G. Sisneros EVWSN R. Jackson PHAA R. G. Julius . PHAA S. P. Pierce OC DIVISIO Z ,,, DI VISI O In 11 rg? AG1 E. O. Aquino AG1 S. T. Biffle AC2 L. R. Chappell AG1 S. A. Swisher ACAIY D. O. O'kane A05 B. E. Fleury AG5 P. A. Huddlestone A55 5, L, Wamer ACAN A. D. Sciortino AG5 S. Mastennan ACM 5- P- Craig AGAIY S. L. Foster 'ii""f1'v C ' XY ' X S N. BM1 D. J. Mamnez CPL W. T. Lear . A CPL M. O. Waldrop LCPL B. M. WaldroprLCPL B. " M. Beach F' . F LCPL J. P. Christiansen fg LCPL P. M. Dani . A '31 LCPL R. G. Everett LCPL C. R. Healy LCPL E. M. Henderson LCPL W. L. Jones LCPL C. H. Poole LCPL J. Rivera ' LCPL E. T. Sluder LCPL A. F. Veater LCPL D. K. Whitehead LCPL D. K. Whitehead LCPL G. P. Zdazenski PFC G. D. Mays fy fi X Q2 RZQXXFXXX. f 1 Q -Q SS ff k 5 ' X N XX K' X X: 'N . ff' -fi ff , 55 N Q X X X wg: X' Q f -X fu Xi is 1 XXX 1 X f X's?Q-fWfwX g- QS X 'NX 'Ji X, X , ' AX 359, +31 S55g,1Xfg5ff5SYX,SSf ,F 5, w X , ' Xv df X X f S5-fi :X -' .X ff W i ' XX ff VX X Xx X X X: X ,ff SN ,ff X X X, -' X Xffr:Xv1XsfXifXX4X 1XXXXXXf 'XWI Xw XX ' 1 H XXX Y XX XX X s.X,XwXX:XXfXX4XfXfQg,5g,NS3fiwX-dvs OXXo.fX,X'.Xf XXX! X Xw X X X XXX X-fav X fX - I X X XX f MY-XXfXwXXfX: X XXXXX X X-M-'XX X X Xifsxww' Qiis-flqfbwi XRS- 7 ' XX X1s 'r,X X F'xfX'iv XX Xigimtstvfie '?v"XS.QfSg X ,f Xf . XX, -X :X - . 5 X X K :XX X: V XX X ' X X' X' . 3: XX mg K 5 X3 . XX 1 - X X X X HX AR if X? " 3 X QX X X 3 'X X- Nix x K XX V XfXx'X or XXX i+y',X,5.fXLv NX XR I X X xr XL NJX MxQXX 'XX' :xgxf-X X X Q- Xk ,X X X X X X 'x X X ,Xm fx giiiliigg N , ' Y. '7X A5555 affix XWX . X XHXXX zF1X-XX XX -Xf-QQXXXXXX XX ff' E 5X ?XXQgbL X X LX A KX ASQ, x X X X X XX- . X -is XX XI fi 8 Qx X X x X- .X J XXX:t,XX-X XX' X' XXXXXXXXXYX an XX. -X .' 'R we -Q X fXXXgXge" fsvggw X X- X frm-XXXX XXx:X X NX X if ! , XX X XX :XXxfXX.,QsX me 'H XX X-RX X A X .1 ix: X fs X-XSQQX' XXXXNXXX ' , ,X X. X , X wig X XX XXX y X Xsi X- XX 'XX ,Sig X, - XX 5 -eX e 71 wX XL: if 1 xx 5 1.3, SS XXQXXQXXXXXXX age 3 XX b VX' f Y 1 H X XXQ - .X 5 ,X -X X ' 4 N I 1 1 , . P 1 s ' r X 3 X ACTICA IR C0 TROL SQU D110 TWELVE iw .J Vi 'I XX Mi Ml Il W1 L4 41 ,X V L H fix X! ,il 1 QQ W 132 lx '1 I 4 ,P 'i Tactical Air Con trol Squadron Twelve TACRON 12 provides air control and coordination of air operations EX6CUtiVe Officer within an Amphibious objective area. The squadron coordinates the overall conduct of anti-air warfare operations with all other Am hibious P Task Force warfare requirements. LCDR G. A. Adler MAJ S. W. Dockstader LCDR K. 11. Else CDR F. B. Melson Yu ilu LCDR J. P. O'Donohoe EP' ENS C. A. Paton ENS C. E. Schauppner ACCS J. K. Mchlelis AC1 A. RM1 R. A. Baker O. BowenrOS1 W T. Spath AC2 K. L. Baker OS2 W. R. Sloop OS2 R. B. Weathers AC5 W. G. Stott OS5 R. D. Yoder ACAP1 P. G. Bercik ACAIY S. Jefferson ACAN C. C. McCarter MSSIY R. A. McCarthy YIYSN S. D. O'Callaghan ACAIY C. S. Sulcer 'Q . Q31 .....,,, 4 ., ..,.... . .... ., . . , , . ..,. . ., .. , . ., . .. . .. . X.:-fsS+OQ5Ss f NRS 'YXTW NYSAN K , X eee. f if ..4'! -Q I A x, 4 yf . ,, , 1.1.0 M, f zur., we .asf 1: W QswW,,,QwW-f, wx - gsifwm -Agnew , Nw, Q 1 ,fy . f? N NJ! .munani Tacronites W JNNFQR s if W ,f avi CRW H 7 fx f Q f 'WW X -Q5 :X ,,.. .. Q pf' . ,ka- N LT S. J. Harris Asst Supply OH'icer LT G. B. West S-1 Ohicer LT L. E. Bumbaca Disbursing Officer ENS J. J. Harrington S-5 Officer CWO2 A. R. Ambrosio S-6 Officer C WO2 E. L. Profeta Food Senfice Officer OFFICERS Suppl Department CDR C. E. White Supply Oliicer The business organization of TRIPOLIp the Supply Department or- ders, receives and issues or stows the majority of the equipment, repair parts and supplies to operate the ship and equip its personnel. The Supply Department feeds you fFood Services Division S-2 and S- 5D, pays you lDisbursing Division S-45, does your laundry, cuts your hair and offers a selection of personal goods and snack items fShip's Store and Services Division S-55 and you can get virtually any part or supply you need to do your job and fix the ship CS-1 and S-6 Divi- sionsl. The Automated Data Processing Center QS-73, working primar- ily in conjunction with S-1 and S-6, is responsible for processing daily supply request via the Honeywell Computer. ln addition, S-7 helps the Disbursing Officer print pay checks and the data systems Technicians helps to upkeep the ship's word processors. "W-.. , ww wqwmwwwwgm .Wy fp ., V. ' U40 , - W' W f f W V ,qu , !,,,,,.,m f x ,, A5 W A ' -Zi ,, W 0 W .Www QW. , 1- BM.. 4 3 ' X MSCM E. R. YUSOH MSCM E. L. Ortega SKCS A. U. Ignacio AKC E. A. Dedesus SHC R. M. Lim MSC A. P. Sugapong MSC K. McGuire CHIEF PET T Y CFFICERS SKSA D. D. Fuller SKSA M R. Sison SKSA U. R. Williams, Jr. SK1 J. R. DeLarosa SK2 M. B. Foster 1 Division X . , " " 'sqm 9 fv' ........0l' . f . y 3 ,MVC .. I 'ml wx my X in 5 ,mi 2571 f W ' 4 ,mm f 4 f,,L 2 , , 5 . I ,--W, 5, W , x . X V f, yym C MSSIY T. M. Kellison MSSPI R. LnaS, Jr. MSSPI S. M. Sims Zim MSSPI K. Wilkens - nr MS1 L. M. LaCar MS2 G. E. Catalan MS2 J. Foster MS2 D. Torculas MS2 R. L. Trambulo MS5 K. C. Barker MS5 D. D. Callaway MS5 A. N. Concepcion MS5 D. C. David MS5 C. Holly MS5 M S. Izzo MS5 E. T. Retener MS5 J. S. Wilcox MSSIY IA A. Beny MSSIY D. Camel MSSH R. F. Cui MSSN R. M Felknor MSSPI M. R. Fourqurean MSSIY J. L. Davis MSSN J. L. Jones Divsion Division SH1 E. B. Benito S111 D. B. Magat SH2 R. Addenbrooke S112 D. R. Blake SH5 G. A. Beckum S115 S. D. DeBarros S115 J. Little S115 J. M. Teny SHSP1 M. A. Amaya SHSIY J. R. Cross J. gf ,,5f if.. y 4 Z J fx Mx . W. fbafflr. as 59022 f Q H2M,?N?,.,i , QE WWW. ,Q ' Qin? f. ff f Z9 2 V Z Q av f Af- fye ,W M aff f 'fZZZQt4 74 yas SHSIY M E. Jones SHSA 11. L. Dickerson 2' --QM . U W W Wx , DK5 D. J. Sullivan DKSIY C. E. Clay, Jr. SHSA R. J. Johnson S-4 D1 Vision DK1 E. D. Twano DK5 J. J. Bonsall DK5 R. G. Smith 'f Q0-Q fi D1 vision MS1 A. G. Ramos MS2 A. D. Flores MS5 J. M. Horn MS5 1. M. Pabon '-4. S-6 Division AK1 B. K. Guadarrama AK2 O. R. Cabrera SK5 D. J. Barnes SK5 J. R. Matherly AKAIY D. W. Meeker ARAN M. A. Papp AKAIY J. D. Ply AKAA T. W. White MSSPI C. Washington, Jr. MSSN M. D. Fields MSSN J. R. Javelosa R f 4802 ' ,f Z .Nm - D 'vision DP1 T. QL. Davis DS1 D. C. Winkle DS2 J. R. Arcega , Q .f .M DP5 T. D. Houston DPSA J. E. Brill ff J . . .1 . 'wwf K X W f A fw X f -W f , , f 0, V ff , .fm .X , . f . W. WWW AW J vu . , .. V. ' z .ff A 7 . W.. MW WWMLH Wx 'QQ-id -J 'Wav f SA J. Morales SA G. A. Thompson SUPPIY Marine Deatachment J... A vi X CPL C. Higareda CPL W. C. Shear CPL R. E. Davis LCPL B. E. Bryant LCPL S. E. Rice LCPL D. D. Simmons lst LT R. G. Herod, Jr. Detachment Officer 'WY' A yy, ,M fa "Then stooped the Lord, and He called the good sea up to Him, And established its borders unto all etemity, That such as have no pleasure For to praise the Lord by measure, They may enter into galleons and serve Him on SCE. Rudyard Kipling 145 A , Q X Q, . MQW, 7 M W Q Q QW ff S iw ww S 1? NX RRR M W-num W 44141 3111215029 Q 1 km wwmwwwwwwnww x me ffwwuawmmfw-f -w-ouwmwx ff mm Back f .,f"' My country 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee l sing: Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims' pride, From every mountain-side Let freedom ring Samuel Francis Smith N 5 1 11, 1 11 H 1, f, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 ' 1 Randi? . .. ., 11,-N 111 1111 me 11 , ,,. , t M .1.v.t.N.31" 11 11,1 ,t ,, , Q1 fl? ext Xxsw vt..Jf711X11 te S wx 1 H 111----1---f+1w+11x1vWf1r'v1'1', fry-wgg FTNM Xs1..txJ7 .111 1 Q WSX 1 1 - 1 MN 1. N W 1- 1 f A WW w W . t AM . 11 ,wi X .. 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ZK f , f 72 W ff!!! ,..,,,..........-W . ,Z , ,X ,H ,,,, W , - ,A jflvb Nz, 1 are fvz W Z, f f M, NX S A W, Yff Oi if f Aww- NE 1 , f WZW ,M i ff' ,, Y 1 , W W wif!! f, My f , HW my fff J! H... Green Bug and the Great Shadow Caper This is a sea story. I don't have any documentation to verify its authenticity, since the message traffic involved was not the type you take with you to your next duty station. However, the Green Bug - Great Shadow Caper happened and I think it's time to reveal it. But first, a little background music. USS TRIPOLI ILPH 10l arrived in the Wetnam Theatre of Operations in the late Spring of 1967 for her first combat cruise less than a year after commissioning. CAPT Henry Suerstedt QRADM, USN tRetJl was the commanding officer, and PHIBRON NINE was the embarked flag. We soon picked up our Special Landing Force, consisting of BLT 2!3, HMM 164 with their UH-46's, and the SLF surgical team consisting of 10 surgeons and 70 corpsmen. BLT 2X5 was still recovering from their bloody encounter with Hill 881, and brought their remaining wounded with them. We also picked up a Security Group Detachment. The ship's organic helo was a former Marine Corps UH-54D with the subtle call sign of TRIPLE E until early in the transit from CONUS. One day when we were exercising the HMH-465 CH-53A's which we were delivering to Danang, TRIPLE E joined the landing pattern. LCDR Vern Frank, Assistant Air Boss, cautioned the 55A drivers to watch out for the green bug in the pattern, and Green Bug it was from then on. This was a natural, since TRIPOLI's call sign was Camera Bug. -7, ,. Green Bug Falls in Love with Red Cross Worker Ann Collica at Charlie Med in Danang. As combat assault operations commenced, the ship remained at continuous "flight quarters" 24 hours a day for as long as it was in the combat zone-up to a maximum of 61 days. Each day brought new surprises on the flight deck in the form of VMO-2 or VMO-6 gunships, psy warfare teams, ReconTeam dogs, VC prisoners, 154 by Bill Stuyvesant wounded Wetnamese civilians - and their families, even David Douglas Duncan, the LIFE photographer for a few days, and always the medevacs. Our 1,000 man BLT 2X5 took 1151 casualties during the six months of operations, keeping our hospital with an average daily patient population of 250-250. Incidentally, we entertained our share of visiting fleet commanders coming down from Yankee Station to see how the Amphibs were doing. I don't think any were prepared for the hospital portion of the obligatory ship's tour, or for the ship's well stocked homemade morgue resulting from eight combat assaults in six months. If ever there was a love affair between a ship and its embarked marines, it existed between TRIPOLI and BLT 2f5. GREEN BUG was very much a part of all this, flying 800.4 hours of combat support, mostly in country, with only 4 ship's company pilots. Aside from the an Q 'iff 'X I w.. I H 2 V 'fm ' ff , ' , 1 TRIPOLI 0N Chieu Hoi Program. 3000 Piastres For Surrendering with an AK-47 to PSY War Team. Marine Recon Team Dog ff 0, ,H if 5 1 'V ' D MINUS I Code Charlie Hilton: Prepare Accommodadons forVC Prisoners. South Vietnamese Wounded and Family. I I David Douglas Duncan ton left on far side of netl assists in embarking Marines in Mike 8 boat for assault. casualties, the only sour note in all this was the Security Group Detachment. They monitored our frequencies! I don't know if the Navy still uses the old shackle codes from that era, but none of our helicopters were equipped with secure voice, and after a few tries on the shackle code, all the Marine Squadron pilots and Green Bug pilots reverted to clear language. This enraged the Security Group Detachment and every evening there were heated discussions in HDC about the day's and previous night's security violations. The Security Group couldn't grasp the difficulty inherent in fumbling with a Medevac on Deck! 2 Walking, 2 Litter! BLT 2X3 Awards and Memorial Ceremony on Tripoli Flight Deck Prior to Next Assault BLT 215 Purple Hearts from Last Assault. shackle code under red lights at night going into a hot zone with the bad guys shooting at you. Finally, as a compromise measure, LCDR Ken Bergstrom, Assistant Air Ops, resurrected the old I0 digit alpha- numeric code. This consisted of a 10 letter word with the numbers 0 to 9 assigned to each letter in succession. Our first word was COLDFINGER and was followed by PUSYGALORE. I've forgotten the succeeding words, but the pilots readily adapted to the new code and used it exclusively in lieu of plain language and the shackle code. The Security Group, however, became further enraged, pointing out irightfully sol that any 10 year old VC could break the code in about 2 minutes. And there matters stood until mid-summer. One day I was returning from the hospital ship. REPOSE in Danang Harbor to TRIPOLI, which was just off the DMZ, supporting operations near the mouth of the Cua Wet' River. I reported feet wet and immediately recognized the voice of the Air Controlmanwho responded. He was AC5 Cherniak, and the sharpest Air Controlman aboard. Since, as Operations Officer, I "owned" the ship's often inoperative radar. I made the following transmission: "Camera Bug, this is Green Bug, do you hold me on your gadget?" Petty Officer Cherniak responded, "Negative, Green Bug, I do not hold you on my gadget." This was standard, since our SPS-6 seemed to be in constant down status. But then, for whatever reason I'll never know, I departed from routine and said, "Camera Bug this is Green Bug. That's because my Shadow is on. Wait one, I'll turn it off. Camera Bug this is Green Bug, my Shadow is off." Petty Officer Cherniak never missed a beat. He came back immediately with, "Green Bug this is Camera Bug, I hold you at 225,65 miles." Well, we exercised the "Shadow" a couple more times on that flight, and, after I'd landed and gone down to HDC, we fell Continued on page 24 155 Green Bug and the Great Shadow Caper 4 Chairman's Corner Continued from page I6 rrre'rrr aar' i' e '1""' 1 +1-i1li:2'1 1'-f-V- 19, ""' - '- "'- 4 '-1v -M' Vv--' E512 f- - - aa understand fhedmgof fonghmfmd Selefflgns T ' 're', 2 -nlevv 4r,, . a,,,,n , ,ra,, ' ' li KVM ,,-'.,' za' t .- aff .,,..,,,. " ' have been ma e' lnce ere S no pu C List We only heard about some of the chosen few. but congratulations to all who A a'aQ 1- ','-"a- I a,'. ., '," 3 ,n,,' 311. ,'n. Z ,,e'. .Ifl.Q. .,n,V V,', .. 'Z I .,'. ""' - I , ,,,, ,.,.,,,,.,,.. ,,.,,,..,,., ,,,.,,4 f . . ,,.,, ,,.. . t .',,.rr i i ,.a,..,..a.,,..,, ,,.r.n,. . ,,.n, ...r. , ,.,1 V1.1. .1,Q. . ,.a. .V,,,2,. 'revv 1 eeerv i 'r've I if f "'1 Ir' , 'f A t"" 'i"- "'i"'1A" 1. " fV--- 5 X, 7 f , e.,., I fl1II11'6. "fi M .. i .4 ff W ., "'?sff:i:5E2'31"12E:2ff:2.i22,i'EE?'i2E1f211.152aliE57fff2-2vP5I'L1Eifff2if22E15E2135E?1ii5?f211,EE11:25EE'iYF?-2:225Ifi-2E.1iiiE'f212125:'?EE2?f .. " Z Z 2: ' 'r" --r' ' e-"e- f fi- 'r'A 4 if ,W .. "n'r 'A'n"A A A., ,nr, We 110110 YO have one more Rotor :.2a A'A"'A ""A' "AAA"' A" A ' ' A "' W. " LL. Reviewnafter this one in the mail before the . era. ,nvetae . . . . ""'t"' Att a 't'A I 5YmP0S1Ufn- In this Issue of In The next t'e' H tt"' I f C' . I , . - -V qivl AAAV VVIIV 1 A ,.r. llvq issue we d hke to start an Opinion page or ...,,,,,, . nv... -, f A.neQe .f I I. .. .A vnnv Aear "te .,a. ,,,r . ,Ve-,.. .,1, trr, ta,,....n.1, g I I ' if f '-t't' ' "A"' A 1.1 1 f . 'I 4 1" . a,.,. " earv . . . . f a,,. VV,-'r ae'-e- - e-'- -e" ' "'e -'r"" 'r"r . , . . 1 3 'nntn'e I I V. , ,. . I ff A 1 W Iv...,A..v!'AAv' WW.mmm?M.f?f2,,?x:Vl :..?:.,m:-:EV " V 5 .X 7, 1. .. ..-wg r.. .f .f flfff 1 "'i"'- fi 1 -aan ' Green BU9 09195 NUYSCS 011 U55 REPOSC 'lfgfff raer ea. . - I ' ' faveCifCQ,!1."1.!5UQi.and the Cllisnt .SDQCOIMEQQPQT Continued from page I9 not the funniest yoke he d cheardt I Vwasgfeaturedilainzthe .Rotor ReVieWg,LAoflAEeb:m- I ' I H ,. er' .,,,, ,,1.,: ':,. fa . ,,,, -1 :en 1 I all over each other laughing about what the Sure engught TEOULSAO 6 85:15 Ca tam ffLQFhQfqMfyfgpWf,vW Security Group was going to say that night. summons , O e 9 . P QU! lela ?l1'e.S,?Qsy ,., Much to our chagrin they said nothing- Suerstedt handed me 5 YQUOW message f'!5.C??4fC1lfOF,.fn1? p',p Vf21Y5T,HCl,lCODfCVs nss,OClQQQE1 1 - ' - ' form saying "Well. you smart SOB tthat Arista TRIFOI:l'planikowner. Mer. fStuyves'ant they hadnt been listening. Well, for the ' , . . -,t. fpie f. . A A - ould have stood for Smart O s Boss. you zservedf aboardeethee TRIPOLI as ?thefODCf' c P . . . ,. next month and a half, every time I was Q. , I . I I . I 1- - . . . know! what are you going to do about fat1onsfiOtI'icerin 1967..fHe hasgracioqusy flying and I recognized Petty Officer , H , H I . i,lp .rame.d,..,uS 3permiSSiOn,,tO,ft Vreprinutthesk - I - - this? This was a Secret Op-Immediate Q pg I it geve fuvy I I y by , Cherniak s voice on the radio we conducted f S r i t. G I O u . ,G.reenylBug 2,Vm.emOlrS3f0r your enjoyment. Shadow checks-it became routine, and yet In e S S A 9 e r 0 m , 6 C u V . P we Suu never got Caught Headquarters. Kamiseya to CINCPACFLT. . gvggx ggpi 5 OA., .gig info to ARG BRAVO CCOMPHIBRON e't" ' ' I I Q ' C' . , . . . 1 ,,"t fabehalfaofii-all who have+shared .the NINE7, with 3 Vefbaum mnsmnt .Of fafpheariy Chern1ak's and my Shadow routine. This gthankgvygyouuw Mr! Stuwesantr GREEN BUG WITH SHADOW ON Finally, however, the bait was taken and the hook set. One night I had no sooner entered HDC after landing when the OIC of the Security Group burst in and read us the riot act. It seems we had "disclosed the existence of a hitherto unknown secret radar blanking device" and the OIC had dutifully reported the violation to Security Group Headquarters in Kamiseya by Secret Op-Immediate message. He was positive we'd be court-martialed at the very least. and couldn't understand why we were rolling on the deck laughing our heads off. We finally pulled ourselves together long enough to inform him that he'd been had and Suggest that he so inform "Gestapo Headquarters." As the laughter died down, however, I began to have second thoughts and finally made my way to the bridge to tell Captain Suerstedt what a wonderful joke we had played on the Security Group Det. He smiled a somewhat cold smile, gave a feeble "heh, heh" and turned his attention back to steering the boat. I gathered that that was also noted that TRlPOLI's organic helicopter had disclosed the existence of a hitherto unknown secret radar blanking device. code named Shadow. and requested that CINCPACFLT take for action. In a somewhat quavering voice, I replied, "Well. Captain. I guess I'd better draft a message for the Commodore to release explaining the circumstances." He replied somewhat crisply, "I think you'd better, but let me see it first." That was probably the fastest and most brilliant Secret Op-Immediate message I ever drafted. I explained the healthy rivalry that had evolved between our outstanding Security Group and our security conscious ship's company, that there was no Shadow device on the organic helicopter, that the transmissions were made in a spirit of camaraderie that was good for morale and that I tthe Commodorel would see that all hands were briefed frequently on the need for maximum security posture. and finally that the good fellowship existing between the Security Group and ship's company would be maintained without involving reference to fictional equipment. Captain Suerstedt chopped the message, the Commodore released it, and no reply was ever received from Kamiseya or CINCPACFLT. And that was the end of the Great Green Bug - Shadow Caper. Or was it? This was I3 years before Sec Def Brown disclosed the existence of the Stealth project, and I've often wondered land worried? if some scientists in the bowels of the Pentagon are still concerned that, "We only built three Shadows. How the heck did TRIPOLI get hold of one back in '67?" ,,.:.-,A,..-. f-1,-an gs .k. , V. 1, Z shes done to get us in shape to accept paid ads. For those of you flying H- I 's and H-2's. next time you see your friendly Bell or Kaman rep, shake his hand, thank him and buy him a cup of coffee tor a beerl. Those of you operating equipment of corporate members other than the above. may wish to point out to their reps that we'd welcome hearing from them that "the check is in the mail". Had a call from Bob Lawson, editor of "The Hook", with an interesting proposal. He points out that the go-fasters like to sport Centurion patches with the names of ships on which they've had IOO traps. He thought we might want to have a similar patch for HS air crews for IOO or more carrier landings. Bob suggested calling them "Rotorians". I told him Iwasn't sure about the name, but would like to see helo pilots from all our communities have such a patch from any ship on which they've accumulated IOO landings. Any comment? Anyone want to design a patch? We could probably get them in time to sell at the Symposium. How about one of the squadrons with sea going dets take for action, or an LPH or LHA with an active organic helo volunteer? Are you ready for this. Rich laeger? Finally, this is really a last minute note. Today tl-26-877 we received a corporate membership application from McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Corporation. Thanks. Sandy, and welcome to the AH-64 Apache Gang. Uss '10 Tiger Group DELTA Tiger Group ALPHA 4 Tiger Group BRA VO Tiger Group CHARLIE TRIPOLI TIGER GROUPS Group ECHO Tiger Group HOTEL Tigers observe Fllght Ops Tiger Group INDIA 'N N... www Tigers and Crew join in during Christmas 5ff1SJ'A'L0ng V I QV x ff' !y?f?,7, ! ff, WW ff W W, W X f f A af' ' ,, WMV ' f fo, VW, W Wu . w f 5 'f wwf ' V M WWW V ,,, S 1, al S' xi si Y 9 ,Mb Z ,,,,,, 'But the waiting time, my brothers, is the hardest time of all. " - Sarah Doudney 4--r f 1, ,ga-1 'S fa? .1 V- .,.n .xv- 41 7. 4 "And see the Children sport upon the shore, and hear the mighty waters rolling evermore. " - William Wadsworth Q Wi, aff Nr.- wf ww is N X X X X Q N, , MS Q ss X x X , wg? . XMAQH fx fi s X S NW -My Q -vu M. 1, ,, ,twwx 91 ., I . 5 1 f -4-fn Wm ill., J 'WN Mmm' , , yr X ' xi xx M 1 -s .MXQS i Ny ,X X I wg , wx X ,x FX x N-X N I Q ,NSWQQ XNSXI. N N X' SX X N Q f Q X N N 165 ln the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon for essential freedoms. The first is freedom of speech and expression-everywhere in the world. The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way- everywhere in the world. The third is freedom from want . . . The fourth is lreedom from fean - Franklin Delano Roosevelt Cruisebook Staff Cruisebook Officer: LT E. Marrero, Jr. Editorial Staff LT B. J. Thomas LT J. D. Dickinson LT W. M. Petruska LTJG N. Femandez RP1 J. P. Flores Photographers LT W. M. Petruska LTJG J. J. Harrington ENS C. Paton HMC R. R. Docena ASC J. H. Delap ABFC E. R. King ASM2 R. R. Neuman AN H. R. Mcliibben LCPL M. G. Cappitella PHAN S. P. Pierce PHAN R. G. Julius ABFAA W. J. Riley Many thanks to the many more who contributed to the production of the cruisebook with their ideas, photographs and support. Cmisebook Staff Layout and Planning LT S. Legere AVCM C. A. Cook ASC D. L. Neal RP1 R. L. Jones SSGT B. L. Tarrant RM2 Ci. M. Blecha PH2 M. Alligood Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics Mongolian Republic 0 b A b Iran 00, China Saudi Arabia 99"9"Pl"a SIYCHELLIS Prhoc lmvaxd -O, xg EQUATOR Did 91 "'d0lIesia I Sea of Ok! Japan 40 Q. 4 ef ,' 'lalwan 0 Philippine Sea P South Q3 I mmm! China Sea 900 ' 9 , Q99 rnmppmes '7 9599 Gum: ' ' 2 CAKOHN o Q A 0 , . O 4 , o an ATROPIC OF CAPRICURH + Amman? I1 an l INDIAN OCEAN Q Yam yi ' luc' A a bw ' wwl l O Tasmania c ISUBILI1 Iuhoux XC X: 000 Bering Sea op A' ' 'Q NORTH PACIFIC 4 I I I I f I I 1 I I - I ' I I I I I EI QI E, Midway E, " ' SI 'CI 5 0 Q I S' 94929 + LE' ' o Q09 :III 'I' ., , 0 "Im 'shud El ', IX Hawaii I a IIIIIIII ISLANDS Nl I I I ' nnnsmu ISLANDS I Ioun: ISLANDS '. , I 5.0 . ' .. I " g ' ' Golden 5neIIb.a-ck I ' . an I Ds I clmsuim mana ml Q ' ' I + I - I nionmx ISLANDS 'I' J mm! .X ,1- ks . ' x .Q .zssh .0 X br . lg ELLICEISLMDS x ' ' 'Qt XX sAnoA ISLANDS I I 0, . 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