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l1il1 'l i 3l1!l1 l ',1lll llm ii13 THE PANTHER TRIPOLI COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Tripoli, Iowa TO THOSE WHO ARE CONCERNED WITH THIS SCHOOL: This is the story of Tripoli Community High School in 1961-1962. In this story the Seventh Q-aders have entered the first of six chapters that they will write while a part of this high school. The Seniors completed their sixth chapter, their last, this year. We hope that through this story you, the friends, fac- ulty, and the students will be able to relive the past school year with as much enjoyment as we have had in preparing it for YOU- Sincerely, Naomi Thalacker Editor, 1961 - 1962 liiillliliii TABLE OF CONTENTS Junior High ... Administration ... Senior High ... Supplement .... na--:vars-rm-r 'lhePANTHERStaff ADVISOR: Mrs. C. Cox EDITOR: Naomi Thalacker ASSISTANT EDITOR: Kenneth Nusa ART EDITOR: Larry Bunger ASSISTANT ART EDITOR: Sharon Nscke HISINESS MANAGER: Dixon Bunger ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER: Dan Schumacher HISINESS STAFF: Sandra Aubrey Ron Hackbarth Mary Block Fred Lehmann Bill Garner Linda Sohwarze HEAD' TIPIST: Lois Ladage ANNUAL TYPISTS: Rosalee Buchholz Yvonne Kalkhrenner Barbara Rathe PHOTOGRAPHERS: Virgil Block Doug Boeckmnn Keith Heffernan ACTIVITIB: Carol Boersohel Sharon Nacke Judy 0' Connell Karen Watts GLASSES: Karla Basse Dennis Moblamee ... 2 - 15 ... 16 - 26 ... 27 - 7? ... 78 - 37 FACULTY: Diane lrape Elinor Stumme JUNIOR HIGH: Bonnie Aloock Paulette Erase SENIORS: Linda Barry Carol Bock SPORTS: Sue Tonne Lois Wagner H5 Row lz N. Hoppenworth, A. Mager, C. Hahn, S. Sands, L. Peters, B. Biermann, K. Kuecker, C. Kingery, M. Bergmann Row 2: P. Engert, B. Hyde, R. Dietz, R. Buchholz, M. Boeckmann, J. Gaede, R. Leuenberger, T. Jordan Row 3: S. Schwemn, M. Barkhoff, R. Volker, W. Dettmer, S. Holm, S. Peterson, L.Arp, D. Pleggenkuhle, L. Weidler Confusion Accompanies Our New Step Forward Row l: A. Platte, J. Peters, C. Lageschulte, E. Meyer, D. Moeller, D. Nacke, J. Feuchtwanger, K. Chapin, L. Heine Row 2: A. Heinemann, V. Matthias, P. Drape, V. Jahnke, D. Peters, D. Dravis, S. Peters, L. Judisch, A. Schumacher Row 3: R. Buhrow, L. Boerschel, J. Krumm, S. Wente, K. Berger, S. Carroll, T. Wilharm, G. Zander, S. Tegtmeier Then We Progress Class Officers: Through Work And Co-oper ation Kehe, President G ve Treasurer T0 9 Carroll, Vice President Heine, Secretary Class Sponsors: Hr. Schildroth Mrs. Rieckenberg Mr. Silverstrand Bowl: Row2: S. Brase, R. Leuenberger, D. Watts, S. Peterson, M. Rathbone, M. Menke, S. Bierman, J. Krueger, L. Shonka L. Hahn, J. Haynes, E. Eick, L. Bergmann, G, Ladage, T. Grove, R. Buenger, R. Fowlkes, . Kehe, R. Bergmann, W. Quigley, D. Buchholz, S D. Bearman, J. Wolf This page sponsored by FREDERIKA MILL FBEDEBIKA HARDWARE Q LQf Moments Cool, man, cool! What's under there? Find a partner! A job well done! This page sponsored by KRAMER-CBITTENDEN PRODUCE CO Science Club The Science Club is a new organization in the Junior High this year. Mr. Schild- roth, Junior High Science teacher, is its sponsor. During the year the club has had visit- ing, speakers for its meetings, projects of the members choice, and numerous field trips to keep the club members active and busy. The chief function oi' this club is to arouse the interest of the students in science. :Ji-m, Teresa, and Helen eeneee, . This club may well become a permanent ting a scientific formula which future ee TJHS' ends in the creation of a rn on- ster.' Row 1: C. Hurmence--Pre identg L. Jensen, V. Janke, T. Wilharm, L. Brooks, K. Harmening, S. Carroll, R. Leuen- berger, S. Holm ROW 22 G. Lehmkuhl, J. Bxrrow--Historian: D. Buchholz, B. Hunger, L. Heine-- Seoretary-Treasurer: H. Kreis, E. Meyer, D. Nacke, K. Chapin, J. Krunnn--Vice-President, D. Irape, M. Nuss, D. Magnall, Mr. Schildroth- Sponsor 'HBO-as the monster, Susan Carroll, goes on the rampage after Mike, Loralee, and Kathy in a skit Presented at the science Club party en Deeember 8- ' This page sponsored by MUELLER MOBILE MILL PANZEB PRODUCE RWM Qmrwt R. Kelsey, G. Slack, R. Tonne, L. Bergmann Girls' Sextet N. Youngblood, P. Tiedt, J. Fink, L. Jensen, K. Harm ning, M. Shonka Mrs. Mastin so Boys' Quartet J. Kuhrt, B. Kappmeyer, R. Tonne, D. Schlichting Double Quartet L. Boerschel, V. Matthias, E. Meyer A. Platte, D. Nacke, K. Chapin, R. Buhrow, L. Judisch IIYUIC and Rhywbm Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: H. Hclfllvenrxy, L. Deterding, M. Menke, N. Hoppenworth, M. Ingram, L. Bergmann B. Eick, H. Lehmann, J. Davison, F. Hager, K. Berger, K. Chapin, J. Feuchtwanger, T. Grove, R. Dietz, N. Youngblood, D. Lindner D. Buchholz, S. Schwemn, C. Kingery, E. Meyer, V. Jahnke, R. Hagnall, A. Heinemann, M. Nusa, G. Zander, R. Fowlkes, T. Wilharm, L. Judisch, K. Heffernan Instructorx Mr. Shouts Junior High Acwmpinists Row 1: L. Jensen, K. Busse Row 2: B. Biez-mann, K. Hurmence, A. Platte, D. Nacke, J. Dooly This page sponsored by FARMERS SAVINGS BANK, Frederika P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S . . . . . FIGHT IH Kathy Harmening Diane Nacke Linda Jensen Cathy Hurmenee This page sponsored by AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK Combine Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row in A, Schumacher, T. Grove, D. Haverkamp, R. Magnell, L. Bergnann, D. Waterman, G. Zander, Mr. Cox, Coach G. Ladage, S. Kehe, H. Boeckmann, L. Bergann, L. Hahn, S. Brass, L. Judisch B. Bunger, J. Kuhrt, J. Krumm, J. Brase, L. Boerschel J. Burrow, A. Mueller R. Fowlkes, B. Tonne, S. Tegimeier, D. Pleggenkuhle, D. Gienau Work Wi t h Play Top: We relax during-our final briefing. Botton: Then....we put our plan in action. 3 5 1 .- I 1? 2 ,Br 3, W - I gf imtEW,A-m5m :Qs .gm inf . ' 3 A .' :ras 5, Q . .. P ' .. 1 .4 43 i., n f, " .',o. V L N " ' The huddl-93 ESM-W' -- if -- .......,. ' ' T , 'M MM . .. . : . ,, W- A,,. V3-5 fQwwL'MWJm ummlwwww :W 3 3i5fQ1?fZgQ5SsFQE M' wYfMQQgs n'kWMm MW eesaeeemnime Imaam. M, we .mum ,, - -- I - : -- N W This page sponsored by BAY'S CLOTHIERS 8a CLEANERS HASBROUCK-VOETMANN LUMBER COMPANY SOMMERS 8: BOCKHAUS BARBER SHOP TONNE'S PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE STATION 9 What is Today Row 1: R. Magnall, L. Judisch, G. Slack, S. Kehe, R. McLavey, A. Schumacher Row 2: M. Nusa, R. Fowlkes, R. Tonne, J. Kru m, J. Kuhrt, B. Bunker, J. Burrow, D. Waterman Row 3g Coach: L. Cox, L. Buchholz, R. Kuecker, J. Gardner, D. Peterson, D. Gienau, L. Luhring, G. Lehmkuhl, D. Miller, R. Tonne Junior High BOYS' BASKETBALL SCORES h'iP01i 39 Plainfield Tripoli 28 Denver Tripoli l+5 Readlyn 'lripoli 26 Plainfield 'lripoli 19 Janesville Tripoli 22 Denver Tripoli 31 Oran Tripoli 26 Janesville Will o o 0 Junior High GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES 'n-ipeli 21+ Plainfield 26 Tripoli 21 Denver 13 Tripoli 14 Readlyn 12 Tripoli 11 Plainfield 19 Tripoli 25 Janesville 18 Tripoli 16 Denver 12 '11-ipeli 38 or-en 19 Tripoli 32 Janesville 11 Be Tomorrow Row 1: Row 2: S. Biermann, C. Everding, C. Shonka, M. Shonka, L. Haase, J. Fink, P. Teidt K. Ormston, L. B ooks, L. Block, D. Schwarze, Coach: L. Cox, J. Schweer, D. Moeller, M. Ingram, S. Schuldt, K. Colburn Row 1: Row 2: Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: L. Brooks, P. Buchholz, M. Shonka, J. Davison, N. Youngblood, D. Bergmann, L. Jensen, K. Harmening, Jo G. Lahmann, D. Schlichting, B. Tonne, D. Boldt, Milius, B. Kappmeyer, J. Khurt, D. Petersen, Gardner, D. Miller, J. Erase, J. Boecnmann R. T U0 Continuing .Experiences ill Search of Knowledge M. McE1venny, M. Lahmann, P. Schnurstein, B. Oltrogge, Everding, J. Dooly, L. Block, C. Blasberg, L. Hasse C. R. Magnell, L. Buchholz, D. Waterman, R. Eick, D. Drape, D. Buchholz, J. Burrow, M. Nuss, D. Haverkamp, D. Linder J. M. Krum , K. Heffernan, L. Bergmann, J. Scheer, Ingram, F. Mager, C. Hurmence, H. Kries, B. Bunger Our Stud ies And Activities Help Prepare Us For The Future Class Officers: J. Krumm, Secretary-Treasurer, H. Shonka, President, D. Magnall, Vice President Class Sponsors: Hr. Cox, Hrs. Pipho, Mr. Holliday I Peters, K. Ornston, G. Henninga, S. Sclmldt . Bzehholz Row 2: . Kelsey, R. Hurray, G. Slack, R. Tonno, 8 C Rav 1: K Colburn, R. Whitney, D. Sehwarze, C. Shonka., D K R L. Bergmann, A. Mueller, D. Gienau, G. Llhnkuhl L R . Luhring, D. Hiller, R. Kueoleor, L. Boeckmann . MeLavey This Page sponsored by BUHR CHEVROLET co. Highlights of our Year Homecoming. . . Our 1961 float, Waiting impatiently for lunch. Practicing up! Noontime fun! This page sponsored by 'IRIPOLI SALES COMPANY 'IRIPOLI CAFE ER. V. G. GOEBEL fone-half page, Through Each Day , , , Preparing for the day Hard at work Noon break main work One Over: u 0 0 back again tommorrow l VERNE SCHILBROTH Science 7 Math 8 ARVELLA PIPHO Math 7 Math 8 Our unior LARRY D. COX Science 7 Science 8 Q High Faculty WILLIAM SILVERSTRAND English 7 English 8 JAMES W. HOLLIDAY Social Studies 7 Social Studies 8 LAURA RIECKEN ERG English 7 Social Studies 8 ' 'Z- Q, R434 W 4 I' Y , 'Q 'Q 1 v X ,.,-if Board of Education f wm N WM Xl N lx XX MU ' I 'fii iff ,, ,, . . ,.., Q., ,,,,,,,,i W- wmx - f, Q .-,,,. ,:.f7f.5Z A ' A'k' f fi . V5 A '55i,,,-fwgl ' i -b ff - ' - , ' -'.,,.g,,.,,. fi! ,, m I I 2 A an ,-,,.? N .. "1,,g,,.. ,,3,, '--' 'g-" "h-I 5 i ZJ'5?,i,.Q,H., 5 CLARENCE BUCHHOLZ fl--' H mm vmsm 4 f..-J f- 'v' mm ucocx "Eu K '-2.212 . Sz as , :W sg ,gr df ESEEQE1 gi ,Q K5 MQW. J ' , wp my . jsfvkff : ROBHIT KUHRT QM Sim? me 3w1Z'N ffm: , l X 4 W ,M, , il , LESTER BUEYIIER ,,-I-f Y " flxv.,- ,fi- f.-f , ,,.....i.,1 J " ' Ev X . L H . 1 N ' A , N W 4 x . 1 u ' K N K r w ' 1 'X K , , 1 ., , X K X X - , X x ' ' 1 1 Q ' 1 .2 , .M ?T 5 1 ' ,, N 2 M5 f I W ' ' A ' X I N113 W 1 ' 1 ' N 's xx xx xx by x ,8 N xxx N M X I. x RX XXQX M W This familiar face is the superintendent of THS, Howard Pigg. This is his third year at Tripoli, but his first year as superintendent. Mr. Pigg spends busy days in his office working to better our school. Mrs. Sherlie Doepke, our school secretary, serves as 'Girl Friday' for both the superintendent and principal. Her duties include typing and fi1ing,acting as receptionist, and many other diversified tasks. In his first year at THS, our new principal, Robert Campbell, has many responsibilities. He supervises all school functions, is senior class sponsor and he serves as an adviser to student council. The man who is responsible for the good appearance of our school grounds is Eddie Biermann. In summer he mows the lawns and in winter he keeps our sidewalks and roads clear. Our custodians for this year are Leone Biermann,Luella Kelsey, and Les Kelsey. 'Dxey work hard to keep everything in our school clean and in good condition. BUS IRIVERS: C. W. Davison, Walter Keding, Howard Burman, Clarence Meier, Lloyd Moeller, Paul Block, Vernon Kirchoff, Eddie Biermann, Les Lohmann, Bob Schmidt, Clarence Westendorf Here is a familiar sight! These students represent only a few ef those who are in the "line-up" each day for lunch. The cooks who prepare and serve us our meis are Anita Jahnke, Leona hrmann, and Mildred Klemp. At Christmas time, the students found that the cooks had added a decorative touch to the lunch room by making Christmas trees for the tables and by decorating the windows as seen in the pictures above. J 7' -r' F l iii As our vocal music teacher, Mrs. Q Mastin has H Very busy Schedule- In addition to instructing high school, 5513423522-IlC?i?'f1e 'fswiyfwix . l' an a ooooooo Junior high, and elementary students, , Lorraine Mastin plans and directs the 1 e-sre ffilfif, concerts, swing show and other musical t -T' activities. r . . ,l w ,L ly! Our band director is Eugene Shouts He not only directs the band each day, tle but spends a lot of time giving mu- , ,ncc Q5 , Ii 1 vidual 16SS0I1S- He. too. can take - escc :-, credit for the success of the concerts ,,,, ,,2,c, ' , and swing show and other events. 1 'X :,, i 4 ':S-' jill -, 1' gg, . , 1 I 2 L COACHES: Mr. Holliday, Assistant Football Coach Mr. Opheim, Girls' Basketball Coach Mr. Hahn, Football and Track Coach Mr. Donn, Boys' Basketball and Baseball Coach +8 Phyllis Nagel is in charge of instructing the 'homemakers of to orrow.n She teaches freshmen home economics, but the spring style charge of 1 football and Miss Nagel is a MW sponsor. only junior plans and has at our games. class Pictured above are two stu- dents from Wartburg College who were student teachers at our school for eight weeks. Miss Froelick and Miss Sieverson, under the supervision of Mrs. Kulow and Mrs. Miller, taught English and also did library work. Betty 'ller teaches fresh- l man, sopho lish. Mr charge of and supervi She is 1n any new added to o re and senior Eng- . Miller is also in the school library ses the llbrarians charge of ordering oks that are to be lib ary ,aw- +"""hnfw A great deal of credit for the success of our class plays belongs to Dora Kulow. M s. Kulow teaches English and speech and is also a freshman class sponsor On Monday evenlngs she spends her time WOTk1ng wlth the debate team 5--4 "1E ,ls is ,ks 5 3 -N ww Ui o ' ' I X 1 bil, I . M h ' W ' , ' x H'f mm '1", ,,.." ' -,.' w- ' 23 4 Q' M if K' ' r ,i cvgg l s , e x 5+ one .Us - ease my me 1 . 5 .,,la,.gg,,l MM . e, we " --.- 1 :1-:rtfgzf-::1i'?1 ---' Q- ' f - .m.,, ' Y ,. ,, , A 1eq-,i3Zff1zE5"1ff'??'7' ""f"" "" ""' ' ' " """ "i"'f-'f-1 "'--.-,1.g,Z"TT' Q., Q wiiiffi This is Robert Hahn's first year at THS. He teaches algebra, advanced math, biology and physi- cal education M . Hahn is busy after school, also, as he coaches football and track. He is also a -1 ASQ, freshman sponsojfwdjt Www ' ' u N , 7 Ft !1 C,,QiBZ1PlyJCpVv it A .A M ,. ,www Vmmitf ' All the b siness courses are taught by Barbara Cox and Richard Opheim. Mrs. Cox teaches short- hand, bookkeeping, and office practiceg and M . Opheim has the classes of general business, typing, and business law. In ad- dition to her teaching duties, Mrs. Cox serves as sponsor for the newspaper and annual staff. Mr. Opheim is the girls' basket- ball coach and also is a senior class sponsor. Another of our nnew' teach- ers is Eugene Johnson, whose interests lie in the field of mathematics. Subjects taught by Mr. Johnson are algebra, general mathematics, and geom- etry. Mr. Johnson is also a freshman class sponsor. we are all proud of our science teacher, Ted Olmstead, as he was chosen among other science teach- ers to attend the University of New Mexico last summer. Upon his completion of the course, he was given a geiger counter, which is shown in t e picture. He teaches chemistry and general science and is a sophomore class sponsor. began, Larry C it necessary to serve in the 79 ohael found leave THB and d forces. He Shortly utters:-school ar mn. had been the vo culture teacher. tional api- Harold Smith became our new 'W'-'53-01131 Bvieulimre teadaer in November. Just before be- oonfmg a teacher in our school system, he was engaged in ferm- ingz but he had previously taught in a. number of schools. This is David Newman's first year of teaching. In addition to teaching world history and heriean history, he is esoph- omore class sponsor. This page sponsored by DB. C. R. BARRY Subjects taught by Gerald Inglebret th1s year are gov ernment and industrial arts He is also a or class sponsor ,Y Ronald Donn has a. very "active" schedule since he teaches physical education and is the drivers' training teacher. Mr. Donn is also the boys' basketball coach, base- ball coach, and a. junior class sponsor. A A i f.w:,-'kid ,f W --S: x , r-5E:?QQff'?::! 'k" N -: all : - ' 5, , 5 gigfihggftsiisglii 'fi fi ,,gg?,g?,5s22gsg,gsii5,5 ,.,,.., , , gf. Q 5 5,g?2,4zii?e:ii4:,w1ff:fff.zz- 3 . Mr-i1YMQ45sf,L2v:f5i .s,ff-f17i'.l.ffLf1'I3-I 511' f7-'Wfttl' 7 Vi- T -If K , V- , wasf.f15,2?e1s2sii,:jge 1251 ., ,A : jf V, gang, .g m-Q' fl , , ' , V, , -ig M I it Q A -erm " :: Us t.-'wif' L ss :-i D , , . " . P , it ,,,. N. ,ii,1.,,. ,. . - , 1 ieggzge,-,,1e f.. .. A- . - ' :Z -i " Il - Qi' 5 T 1 4, 1 - , :ev A t " 1 V l.., .' . . i"E:::: 9iis,.:--ml? ' - 'J . A L-T W f " '-- .,.. j 1 ,,,.. . -, -- 5-,, -we .:. V. ,... , .. -- -- All together HOW. . 0 ' One , two , three! ! ! . ..... M -W .. , :Z ...g,..m,r:iEvb 5EgW ww M A good workout. ., The treadmill!!! Here is a glimpse into one of the teachers' informal "coffees." At these regularly scheduled meetings, they discuss various problems and ways of bettering our school. Row Row The Student Co l: B. Alcock, Treasurer, L. Hurmence, Vice President, D. Bunger, Presidentg B. Moeller, Secretary, Mr. Campbell, Sponsor 2: V. Block, S. Miller, C. Schmidt, Y Kalkbrenner, K. Heffernan, D. Hinrichs, D Drape, C Bock, J. Axon cil serves as a vital part or our school govern:Ent. Its function is to be a 'bridge' between the faculty and the students. The Council planned the Homecoming parade and dance, as well as several other school parties throughout the year. This is only a few of their many accomplishments. This year the with their student many ideas were cl council members. As a result, n taken back to the Student asses held group discussions the Council body where they were discussed. In this way, the students re basically responsible for we the success of the Student Council. This page sponsored by INTERSTATE POWER COMPANY KUHRT INSURANCE AGENCY Student C0unC1l On August 28, 1961, the Freshman Class undertook their first day as full-fledged high - schoolers. As usual, there were Eve!-yom many scared facesg but by the end of we enjoyed weeks, these had completely vanished. time for relaxation after each dance or One of the highlights for these fresh- game. men was a welcoming party given in their honor by the Senior Class. Games were played at the party and then everyone en- joyed dancing to records after they had some refreshments. Sec.-Madeleine Krumm V.-Pres.-David Kuetne Pres . -Allan Alcock Treas . ...Cynthia Kingery Row 1: J. Kuecker, L. Deterding, K. Biermann, D. Hartman, J. Blls, D. Feuchtwanger, J. Bock, V. Burrow, R. Garner, T. Fink Row 2: S. Braatz, G. Inpam, M. Haverkamp, K. Dirksen, V. Abbas, G. Hlasberg, L. Bergmann, S. Bergmann, B. Hennings, D. Brandt, S. Jordan Row 3: C. Kallenbach, S. Dettmer, K. Biermann, R. Buchholz, L. Brass, A. Alcoek, R. Brewer, C. Dooley, D. Drape, C. Kallenbaeh Absent: D. Lehmann This page sponsored by FBEDEBIKA PRODUCE COMPANY ELMEB BOCKHAUS, Crushed Rock Lime and Sand Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: B. Fink, J. S. Miller, B D. Mowatt, D. R. Quigley, A De Juel, Dc . Hinrichs, J. Biermann D Absent: A. Weidler, L. SChWG6r C. Schmidt, S. O'Conne11, V. Zander, Rieck, L. Watts, L. Heinemann Boevers, A. Brase, D. Krueger, R. Buchholz, L. Ormston Marticoff, D. Ambrose, C. Brooks, You Can Tell A Freshman B His Eager Look.... Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: S. Lohmann, K. Eick, J. Lindner, M. Westendorf, M. Leuenberger, V. Meyer, C. Kingery, J. Sievers B. D. Heim, L. Taylor, C. Goebel, M. Krumm, B. Eick, L. Schweer, H. Hyde, J. Neuendorf D. Kerr, A. Kuecker, L. Lageschulte, L. Kammeyer, Hanson, M. Wagner, D. Rathe R. Absent: J. Wikner, J. Wilson Schwem D. Kuethe, Presenting The 19 6 1 - 6 2 Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: TUIIDB, Ko Bockhaus, Ke Klelnpe Ca Axon, C. Hixdorf, H. Westendorf, J. Wilson, H. Beam, H. Kreis, L. Lageschulte, Kerr, T. Wilson, L. Boevers Mcllamee, D. Nacke, D. Brandt, B. Moeller, M. Krumm, C. Dietz, J. Burrow, Dietz, B. hmger Flute Trio C 1 a r i net uartet B. Brandt, S. Aubrey, N. Thalacker Concert Band Row 1: S. 0'Connel1 J. Bock, N. Thalacker, B. Brandt, S. Aubrey Row 2: A. Weidler, . Bunger, L. Barry, J. Rieck, G. Blasberg, M. Fink, M. Buchholz, L. Taylor, H Block, E. Klenzman Row 3: C. Dooly, D. Feuchtwanger, L. Ladage, L. Humence, S. Hacks, T. Fink, C. Hurmence, D. Drape, J. Kappmeyer, L. Judisch Instructor: Hr. Sax uartet E. Klenman, L. Ladage, J. Rieck, L. Barry Marching Band n Majorettes K. Bockhaus K. Klenp Head L. Ladage Majorettez C. Kehe L. Barny S. Tonne This page sponsored by TRIPOLI MEBCANTILE COMPANY , TBUS'I'Y'S FOOD LOCKER Swing Band Row 1: L. Taylor, L. Barry, E. Klenzman, K. Bockhaus, M. Block, L. Ladage Row 2: Mr. Shouts, D. Bunger, B. Bunger, C. Hurmence, L. Judisch, S. Tonne Band Officers Chorus Officers J. Axon, D. McNamee, E.iK1enzman, T. Wilson i N B. Alcock, K. Nuss, C. Keho, M. Bahlmann This page sponsored by POTTER SIDING C0-OP CBEAMEBY CO. , I 33 Girls' Glee Club Instructor: Mrs. Mhstin Row 1: C. Kehe, K. Klemp, M. Bahlmann, S. Miller, S. Bergmann, C. Mixdorf, V. Burrow, S. Tonne, L. Barry, J. Rieck, S. Nacke, M. Kelsey, M. Brandt, M. Beam, M. Block Row 2: M. Westendorf, S. Ellison, B. Farr, J. Bremer, J. Davison, K. Bockhaus, J. Axon, B. Hennings, J. Lindner, J. Stumme Row 3: S. Lohmann, B. Brandt, B. Primus, K. Biermann, K. Whitney, D. Hartmann, K. Aubrey, L. Ratliff, Y. Kalkbrenner, K. Dirksen, J. Kappmeyer, L. Bergmann, D. Drape, S. Aubrey, N. Thalacker, E. Stu me, S. B aatz Row hz C. Zwanziger, R. Garner, B. Leuenberger, L. Deterding, K. Zander, B. Kallenbach, M. Buchholz, C. Heinemann, L. Wagner, P. Schweer, J. Kuecker, J. Bock, D. Benz, B. Alcock, C. Schmidt, D. Feutchwanger, K. Boeckmann, K. Busse Mixed Quartet: Accompanists: K. Nuss, K. Klemp, S. Tonne, B. Garner K. Bockhaus, S. Tonne, J. Davison, C. Kane This Page sponsored by ALEDA'S FASHION'ERE BEAUTY SHOPPE A. A. BELKNAP 34 BIERMANN'S SERVICE STATION BIESTERFELT BROTHERS Trio: A Triple Trio: J. Rieck, T. Fink, S. Ellison K. Klemp, E. Klenzmann, C. Kehe, S. M111er, T Fink, A M. Bahlmann, D. Drape, J. Rieck, S. Nacke N A N N Mixed Chorus Instructor: Row 1: sp D. D. Jr Row 2: S. 31 U? Row 3: M. Lf Sb J? Row lx: B. Kb K? Mrs. Mastin Lehmann, S. Miller, K. Klemp, J. Wikner, A. Alcock, Deterding, R. Hildebrandt, F. Lahmann, K. Nuss, Weidler, L. Boevers, M. Axon, T. Fink, S. Nacke, B emer Tomie, B. Farr, S. Ellison, E. Klenzmann, L. Lageschul Hinrichs, B. Garner, L. Rathe, D. McNamee, R. Zander Block, J. Davison, K. Bockhaus, D. Drape, J. Rieck, Brandt Westendorf, M. Bahlmann, B. Leuenberger, B. Primus , Barry, V. Burrow, Y. Kalkbrenner, L. Ratliff, Aubrey, J. Kappmeyer, D. Benz, D. Feuchtwanger, Axon, N. Thalacker, L. Bergmann Brandt, S. Bergmann, C. Kehe, L. Ladage, V. Zander, Aubrey, C. Mixdorf, K. Dirksen, E. Stumme, M. Beam, Busse, K. Boeckmann, M. Kelsey, B. Alcock, M. Block te Sexter S. Miller, M. Bahlmann, K. Klemp, C. Kehe, D. Drape, J. Rieck The Fall Concert On Tuesday evening, November lb, 1961, the Vocal Department presented its Fall Concert,directed by Mrs. Lorraine Mastin. The Mixed Chorus opened the concert by singing nThe Happy Wanderer,' WOnce to Every Man and Nation,n selections from UThe Music Man.' They ended their part of the program with nLet There Be Music.n Just prior to intermission, Caroline Kehe sang the selection, NA Brown Bird Singing.n In their first experience in group singing, the Junior High Ensemble pre- sented nAn American Is A Lucky Man.n The audience found their songs to be very enjoyable. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MIXED CHORUS The Girls' Sextet presented two selec- tions: nChristopher Robin Is Saying His Prayersn and nThe Syncopated Clock.n These catchy songs pleased the audience greatly. To close the hour program, the Girls' Glee Club sang the following songs: 'Rain and the River,n NThe Lonesome Dove,u NColors,n WSeptember Song,W and the gay piece, nDo - Re - Me.' Accompanists for the groups during the program were Suzanne Tonne, and Caroline Kehe. This page sponsored by BOSAL TBUCKING 36 TRIPOLI BOWL INN TRIPOLI IMPLEMENT TRIPOLI LEADER Debate Club AFFIRMATIVE TEAM L. Hurmenee, C. Lahmann, L. Schwarze, Mrs. Kuhlow, Director RESOLVED: That the Federal Government should equalize educational opportunity by means of 9-ants to the states for public elementary and secondary education. NEGATIVE TEAM t D. Hahn, H. s, K. Heffernan, D. Boeckmann, V. Block 37 Row lx Row 2: Row 3: M. Stumme, M. Thies, L. Hurmence, E. Sievers, W. Haynes, M. Buchholz, K. Whitney, K. Miller, J. Brase R. Ager, E. Klenzman, N. Mueller, S. Ellison, M. Niemeyer, M. Schuldt, J. Buls, C. Dietz, R. Sievers M. Bula, G. Schnurstein, M. Wilharm, G. Buhrow, D. Deterding, M. Fink, D. Hahn You Can Tell A Sophomore Cause He Carries One Less Book.. Of the four years at THS, we, the sophomores, seem to have the most time to enjoy our school year, both through classes and extra-curricular activities. Our main responsibility arose early in the fall. We en- couraged Homecoming activities when we began selling Homecom- ing pins two weeks prior to the actual festivities. Daring this same time we began working diligently on our float entry for the parade on Friday afternoon, October 6. Our careful planning and hard work paid off for the second year in a row. "Third place---sophomore float." How pleased we were with this announcement! As freshmen, our float had taken second place. Next year----Who knows?? aa , Row 12 Row 2: Row 3: B. J K. D. J. fi .,,-. M. .. mb - A f Brandt, K. A 0 Dettvmef, Ea . Block, L. Ro Zander, J. M Hagedorn, B. Triplett, K. brey, S. Magnall, B. Farr, M. Kelsey, ahn, M. Beam, I. Mowatt ol, R. Klein, C. Heinemann, J. Buchholz, ier, M. Axon Kehe, D. Boeckmann, R. Drewis, D. Rewoldt, Hefferman Pres.-Doug Boeckmann V.-Pres.-Sandy Ellison Treas.-Gary Schnurstein Sec.--Jolene Dettmer 39 OFF THE T RACK J JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST The story of a train wreck, just about in the middle of nowhere, proves to result in a hilarious, once-in-twenty years' situation. On November 6 and 7, the Junior Class presented "Off the Track." The cast included: Mr. Morgan ------- Dennis McNamee Silas - -------- Clinton Burrow Flickie - ------- Caroline Kehe Betty --------- Paulette Brass Joan ---------- Diane Brase B111 ---------- Alan Schwem Mrs. Guarino ------- Mary Brewer Mrs. Vanderventer ---- Lois Ladage Antonia --------- Jenny Colburn Evalina Bumpass - - Yvonne Kalkbrenner Willie --------- Keith Holm Miss Pidgie McDougal - - Darlene Wooley Mr. Pozenby ----- Loren Sommerfelt Keith Holm, as understudy, replaced Dan Schumacher in the play presentation and is not pictured with the cast above. Student Director: Sharon Nacke Faculty Director: Mrs. Kulow Prompters and Stage Crew: Row 1: K. Watts, B. Rathe Lahmann C. Row 2: K. Holm, M. Schlichting, This page sponsored by BETTIG FURNITURE TEGTMEIEB OIL CO. Block, J. Kappmeyer nelg Lo Neue Schw Bierm Kamm Buls Drap O hma Bloc Presenting the Under the able leadership of Coach Robert Hahn and Assistant Coach James Holliday, the Tripoli Panthers led the Con- ference this year. Though I 9 6 1 ' 6 2 offwoing xiylgogiihartlte ggggerence Championship. TRIPOLI TRIPOLI TRIPOLI TRIPOLI TRIPOLI TRIPOLI TRIPOLI TRIPOLI 42 FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD 9 Q ll E Q 2144+ 334' Q3 1961--1962 Sumner Denver Turkey Valley Janesville Dunkerton Wapsie Valley Plainfield Fredericksburg 4 Conference "CONFERENCE CHAMPS SZ 2, Q S gi N 52 5 6 Fi 5 is 3 ii 5 r 3 EE 5? E. Ez 1 S is 5 6 5 15 3 fl fi 1? fa 3 E :S gs gi Ea 32 fi if Qi q ii fs 2? Z If Ei si 3 ii, 5, 4 Q 4 Row 1: Row 2: Bergmann, H. Drerwis, L. Bunger, D. Boeclanann, B. Zander, Garner, D. Bunger, G. Klenzmann Judisch, A. Kuecker, D. Schumacher, R. Drewis, C. Burrow, Moeller, D. Blasberg, D. Hagedorn And Here Student Managers: D. Weidler, T. Wilson, M. Axon Row 1: D. Ambrose, L. Huck, D. Hinrichs , J. Lohmann, M. Fink, J. Wikner, M. Wilharm, D. Kuethe Row 2: D. Schumacher, B. Hildebrandt, C. Mueller, A. Brase, G. Schnurstein, L. Brase, D. Juel, C. Brooks Absent: J. Rausch, A. Alcock, R. Hackbarth They Arc- Coaches Hahn and Holliday with Co-Captains B. Garner and D. Bunger Coach: Mr. Opheim 1961 - 1962 GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES Tripoli 62 Fredericksburg Tripoli 59 Denver Tripoli 52 Turkey Valley Tripoli 58 Janesville Tripoli h6 Dunkertou Tripoli 37 Wapsie Valley Cedar-Wapsie Tourney Conference Tripoli hS Janesville Tripoli h6 West Central Tripoli M2 Plainfield Tripoli hh Fredericksburg Tripoli 29 Denver Tripoli h? Turkey Valley Tripoli 37 Janesville Tripoli 59 Dunkerton Tripoli 3? Wapsie Valley Tripoli 149 Plainfield Sectional Tripoli 38 West Central Tripoli h5 Arlington 46 5 r..,r. L,.W-ff,WW1M,.Lm,,W5-WV W we ,men,,m.Q..,,V.,m 1e.e-.fe-.rf .ttfr :M-W r-ff- megenem Se: KK 322555-.1 y vu fu 'sw-:ff-Iwvr''exif-myff-we ,HBE X wok W I Q 5 eyyr ,W Xu, . ., ir, K r'Lfi'5'lef 65245353 M Wwwewv W D,r,D ilyefe We,,W,K.U,K1.,Ly1?W,vK,,,,i,pr,1,.W.W,,K.,Kf5ZKTM, my ,p.,,p,,Q,p,,: Ef??g9igQHi semi is ,. , - 111.21 if eelerlfe eeeeg ne w 31' U? fbefiiegrgwtiiliifiiiiif Qeiiimkkl K??WiE3EE?Ei5 or -. y : '- :E,::2- 1 -1., e e-'i: on si fake. fiQ3'kQg QE ef 413' W 5 NE' W eerie L91 W A -55 E Mem-u4Ego,:S, 1 :: V-'5f1:-:ire ' 4 'V Wiki' lfnwffiagw, MWEW3 if - - 'igww ,1 eseaseggw -," 'K ' 152 . , n ' - , - ..,,. . " A K. 13' ,K . K Kimsi1552-fzilezilziifiifvk,wif-1ww-'I ' I - - -:- A N - -'K--f.ff,,sgg:.5..,..f:1,,,Kgege-Kg.1-3K-5 .-1,533 ' , xaisiifllk li -'Fl-fif1Tg5g55js:f1fi'1F555-K,-K-K " ' -1,1 f. 'fini 1-J-klfiiigiggfggig-zfmil-i?i,f, - -f x .. 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M 'SE XY' 2 5 e is 96 1 x 1 fl H i g ' We in 5 wg MWA fame wggwme- Q fm .S lm X ' be in M ie. 22 mfr an :E1:'..'.. .... I:..H"--mr: :,' :i': "':. 'I.::'f. nf H52 'Ii A. 13: Lssissxa H'f:"": 3 ,Lf Q65 M 1 5 Etna? ie -2593 95 wigs: xx ea, , ,ew f- Ma- gl ,gage it ex W we fm E. Jie S 1 U- Age V M U w f x- v 'Y fe Q L4 .,p,,,eEf- --H m mf. ..e94-awe ,- we se ww. f ,K W, N .L 191 , ,M H 1 re ,,, giix-amif..-:':ss,aaa+:g.rgg 9455-sg s.'fwf4a W ,.-, M' em Y K 1,53 'QE e ,K 9,51 'Ne were --M ef eh we eps X e gsm , Q53 me el e 55,25 51 E M el 321 E '29 Wai 5 ,Q Q' mi 5 we E J 329' Q25 ifff, M. ,. ... mfmfmmk s me Sf SSS sm' Y 018 if A wales S EW 5' W SH -"" 1 as O u lf p y f UCCIIS of the Court z S W 'N , E i ' i . . 5 3 Row 1: D. Lampe, J. O'Conne11, C. Kehe, G. Lampe, C. Bock, E. Stumme Row 2: Managerg Y. Kalkbrenner, P. Gaede, S. Magnall, V. Bockhaus, Goachg Mr. Opheim, B. Alcook, B. Moeller, Managerg L. Ladage fypy p OUR TEAM--SECTIONAL CONSOLATION WINNER, 1962 We are very proud of this trophy and the girls who helped win it. They have worked hard all year and by receiving this trophy, they have successfully ended the season. 47 ,L ,T Mae .. .. QM 553 E , .. ,Q ,X .,.. WW 5 31 A 4- K , gsm as P32481 uierfgmne,1,e,n.n-:W. eiissixmss-essfesfrgzzssf M 'sserggegeggrgegesgf 2 ,mwmefl-fe-. L. A.f- W A en re,m, me we - -ff--fm-fm--me-ew K '15psp5g2g5X,,Lg,,1 A ,L ,. .. ,A S M. f.f- ,L-, N-if Z-if K gpm ,XQ5E,A5,feL.mMmg,2pszS s1sss4ef3rQf1HKfE5fL5WS?''3'W?f-fm:-iss 151531 pggggggfmzferaszssxgeieefsf E egifswwf V V 2 1 eixakfwnefe-f22 335 ff 2 zzs:mx::ss:x5x5fexg?55-555rs5k:55 'S S 'G 'E S Qwgwwalffsaifiigssfssszs X if 5 2 L. New 2 2 gg21efe1e?1Pwa-es sesezgfaz. - , . neweerie-Sy'-?,fL-, f was-exQNeggpfggegeesfssgzs-is-nfs-'we . - - 1- 4 fax leisiiiiafliiiiitiY-K l ' l . -- M ,exe-mg! 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W,Q.W,A1W, - A ,::, ,Z.:, ,QM ,ALAWi.F, We ls,l ,,.1 Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli Tripoli 1961 - 1962 BOYS' BASKETBALL SCORES Fredricksburg Denver Turkey Valley Janesville Dunkerton Wapsie Valley Plainfield Fredricksburg Denver Turkey Valley Sumner Janesville 35 hh Dunkerton Wapsie Valley Plainfield Conference Tourney 343 Turkey Valley 53 39 Ml 35 39 ho ho ho S2 25 33 ho 33 52 16 69 73 37 62 53 112 51 68 65 36 27 Orange Tp. 142 62 65 62 51 The 1961- 62 ' w2W5WE6s1W5M'3f ' . , 5w1w,wixw'ifslwiimQ'ii '. ' ffisfgpggfy-1.' 1 , , V mkwwma mwmw gwwmwmm' , :ea ' '-2211:- w w . Q' R 'A ' , n 'w.fsz,1 fl 7 - V M. V :?iEi5S:-giii - 1 --Mu: 'A' 1 wx mfw-: iwfifssz. ?2E.1gai,.,gg11 - -, E M, - , ,.,, .,,A A,.,.m2.., W... ...S c ,, . " Z kr A S H I W.. . ww 7 : 711' ,.., Wwflsaewff B Ami?-Qaz il , 5 Q 1fzzsa?i.vas1 v K. -' 4 , em . . Mg. 2 -f .1 ,. ' , A fr t SV., V .M Qqwl El ww. . A. K, les . .H - ' 5 HM I. 17151. gf : " ' ' 'za .m,,H Mygwmgx :g'jgwR.y,f .Qf,- .,,.,jg, ' -g - IF. 4221 gwwww 1--QWWw?w5Q:1 Mini A VVQE fiwzfww:-.1-1 - ,V I ,Q ' - M .2 .. fw , . . ,, , if A. V,-'--1w,:Q:.mwzisxwwg-Lf!:fgfzsam '2 M, g , . ,,,: D .,.hQ. ...I ,,. :,, -" -' , f www, ,.:, . .M,.W. , ., . , . . Coach: Mr. Donn Row 1: D. Bergmann, A. Alcock, D. Bunger, D. Boeckmann, J. Bausch, D. Schumacher Row 2: Managerg D. Weilder, G. Klenzmann, G. Schmidt, M. Fink, Mr. Donn, Coachg D. Kuethe, L. Moeller, H. Everding, Managerg M. Drewis Row 1: D. Bell, R. Meyer, Kehe, P. Homan Row 2: G. Klenzmann, G. Schmidt, J. Klein, L. Moeller, R. Everding, L. Bonorden, D. Schumacher, Mr. Donn, Coach 1961 Spring Sports Row 1: M. Snyder, D. Guhlow, R. Reed, R. Buchholz, M. Schwarze, F. Hildebrandt, T. A. Shriver Row 2: D. Boeckmann, D. Bunger, R. Hackbarth, J. Fuchs, R. Drewis, L. Judisch, J. Rausch Row 3: Mr. Ruebel, Coach: D. Schumacher, D. Weidler, M. Drewis, M. Wilharm, R. Funk, M. Fink, Mr. Opheim, Assistant Coach MARILYN BAHIMANN i C I-IEERLEADERS Pres.--Dennis MbName9 V. Pres.--Hazel Haynee Sec.--Lois Ladage Treas.--Sylvia Zekoff You Can Tell A Junior By His Dashing Air And Such. mv 1 or My Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: D. Gaede, P. Gaede, B. Moeller, T. Schwarze, J. Kappmeyer, M. Brewer, J. Bremer, S. Zekoff, D. Lampe, M. Dancer S. Biermann, R. Kuker, K. Nusa, B. Rathe, V. Bockhaus, L. Ratliff, C. Lahmann, G. Klenzman, T. Manson D. Buchholz, R. Bonorden, L. Eick, S. Buls, R. Rieck, T. Taylor, L. Drape, L. Huck, R. Everding, J. Rausch Absent: Ann Lahmann, Joyce Marticoff This page sponsored by DB. L. J. MAGNALL O'BBIEN SUNDRIES THE HUB HURMENCE ELECTRIC 52 w Row 1: M. Stumme, M. Block, K. Watts, B. Alcock, Y. Kalkbrenner, D. Brase, J. Boldt, H. Haynes, J. Colburn, D. Wooley Row 2: A. Schwemn, C. Snelling, S. Nacke, C. Kehe, P. Brase, L. Ladage, C. Boerschel, T. Wilson, K. Holm Row 3: L. Sommerfelt, M. Schlichting, D. Weidler, R. Hildebrandt D. Brase, E. Funk, L. Rathe, C. Burrow, D. McNamee, D. Schumacher Absent: Carl Eick The Junior Class is granted their share of problems as they step into the theatrical world with their production of "Off The Track" which was presented to the Public November 7, Another highlight of the year was when they received their class rings. Finally came one of the most organized projects of the en.- tire year. The Junior-Senior Prom seemed like it would neva' turn out right, but finally it ended with the usual success. This page sponsored by ALFRED BULS TILING COLBURN FEED MILL THE DARI-ETTE CLUB THE FARMER'S STORE Newspaper Staff Row 1: C. Blasberg, H. Kreis, D. Nacke, K. Chapin Row 2: D. Bunger, C. Kehe, Assistant Editorg J. O'Conne11, Editorg J. Lobeck, J. Axon, E. Stumme Row 3: L. Wagn r, K. Nuss, J. Davison, K. Bloem, L. Bonorden L. Ladage, S. Nacke, B. Rathe, D. McNamee, D. Brase, C. Mixdorf, H. Haynes, C. Zwanziger Absent: S. Struck, D. Boeckmann, L. Hurmence, K. Watts W. Schwarze, B. Kallenbach This year the newspaper staff started their own school newspaper. Under the guidance and direction of M s. Co , the staff worked very hard trying to make their paper a success. The staff was enlarged to cover all types of news in both the junior highand high school. The co-editors for the year were Judy 0'Conne11 and Caroline Kehe. The chief typist was Jackie Lobeck. Typists: C. Zwanziger, H. Haynes, K. Bloem, J. Lobeck, C. Mixdorf This page sponsored by BLOCK'S AUTO SERVICE BOCKHAUS GRAVEL Q EXCAVATING CO. BUTLER'BREMER TELEPHONE COMPANY CARROLL MILL 6 LUMBEB COMPANY llli Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: D. Schumacher, K. Watts, R. Buchholz, S. Tonne, L. Barry, F. Lahmann L. Bangor, Mrs. Cox, Sponsor: D. Bunger, K. Nuss, Assistant Editor: N. Thalacker, Editor: L. Ladage, . O'Conne11, Y. Kalkbrenner J L. Schwartz, M. Block, L. Wagner, B. Garner, P. Brase, C Boerschel, S Nacke, R Hackbarth, D Drape, K Q I O O O ms D. Mcliamee, B. Alcock, E. Stumme, C. Bock, B. Rathe se, Photographers z D. Boeckmann, K. Hefferman, V. Block HOMCOMING QUEE I ELINOR STUMME JUNIOR ueen 'S Court N FRESHMAN DARLYS LAMPE SOPHOMORE 1 JOANN BUCHHOLZ ROSEMARY GARNER JUNIOR ATTENDANTS LINDA DETTMER TONY MIGNLLL WDreams Of Victoryn First Place Float: Junior Class WJar J'Vi11eW NSqueezing Out A Victory' Second Place Float: Junior High Third Place Float: Sophomore Class Flag Bearer: M. Rathbone Homecoming Dance Freshman Escort: Duane Schumacher Sophomore Escort' Dixon Bun er - 8 Junior Escort: Dennis Bergmann Q1-1een's Escort: Bill Garner ENJOYING OURSELVES THE LONG WALK Experimenting T ? Measuring up ? T T gpikos Axon Band Basketball Class Officer Girls' Glee Homecoming Royalty Merit Pin--Bronze Mixed Chorus Music Officer Newspaper Staff Small Groups--Band Student Council lm A-Ss, 4.u4.u1uvH.,.f , 4 .,,, RONQQLD HACKBARTH '!1l3on" Annual Staff BA Baseball LLL Class Officer U Football :Qg2g3gLI- Newspaper Staff M lee 7-L 'ljrack 2,3 SANDRA AUBREY Annual Staff Band Basketball Class Officer Class Play FTA Girls' Glee Merit Pin--Bronze Gold Mixed Chorus Newspaper Staff Pep Club LJLJVJ llainxxd- Pep Band ewwmwwmwwi VWMW Small Groups--Band ww , nJoyCen 1l2!39u 1,2,3 LLL 1s293su 1 2 1x2s3su 3,lL 2,3,LL 1'!2S3,LL it DUANE SCHUMACHER "Shura " Baseball 142,311-L Basketball l,2,3J-If Class Officer H Football 3 ,LI- 'N55 . , . 5 V.l.UI1i-rrinolumlu. 7' vv Sandy" QW J . 21+ Ny W9 fp me 1,3 Wigimg V Y! d 2 , 3 , ' qi oooo ? 2,3 q J :masse ,gsm 2239? , 1D2l3!u Cgkbvgul QL 61 MARILYN BAHLMANN nMuScleSn Cheerleader 3,M Class Officer 2 Glass Play 3 Girls' Glee l,2,3,h Homecoming Royalty 2 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus Officer M Small Groups--Vocal l,2,3,h Solo--Vocal l,2,3,h DONALD BLASBERG HDOHH Baseball 3,14 Boys Basketball 1 Boys Chorus l,2,3 Class Play 3 FFA 1,2.3.h Football M Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 LINDA BARRY Annual Staff W DENNIS BERGMANN nPeten Baseball 2,h Basketball 2,3,h Football 2,3, Track nLin ' x ffl af? Fixx! W Band l,2,3,h Basketball Class Play Drum Majorette l,2,3, ' FTA l,2X Girls' Glee l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus l,h Merit Pin--Bronze 1,3 Silver 2 Pep Band l,2,h Pep Club 2 Small Groups--Band l,2,3,h Solo--Band 3,h Swing Band 2,3,h Usherette 3 KARIN BLOEM nKar1nn Cheerleader M Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 3,M ROGER BLOCK nRogn Boys' Chorus 3 Mixed Chorus 3,h CHARLES BLOCK Boys' Chorus Class Play Football Pep Club Student Council Student Manager : Q D' S 0 N' 3 I-' P I-'NIIUM-Pho DIANA BENZ "mane" Girls' Glee l,2,3,H Mixed chorus 1 ,2,3,l+ Pep Club 2 63 KAREN BOCKHAUS nKarenn Q Acoompanist l,3,M Band l,2,3,h Band Officer 1,2 Class Play 3 FTA 1,2 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,M Merit Pin--Bronze 2 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h Pep Band l,2,3,M Pep Club 2 Small Groups--Band l,2,3,h Solo--Band 3 Swing Band Twirler l,2,3,b W L GENE eoavvas nG0H0n FFA 1,2,3,h 1 If I 'f' fZ7MJ 1f5Qf?2 Qr ROL BOCK ketball ss Play Sweetheart vls' Glee vit Pin--Silver aspaper Staff J 1 nual Staff s 1 X Club dent Council 53 2 WW LEHOY BONORDEN nLeRoyH Announcer 3nU Baseball 1,2,3,U Basketball 1,2,3 Class Officer 2 Newspaper Staff M 5 E i nCarolU 3.h 2,3,M 3 M 1,2 2,3 2,3 2 M KAREN BOECKMAN nKarenn Basketball l,2,3 Class Play 3 Girls' Glee l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus M Pep Club 2 KENNETH BUHROW "Kenny" FFA 1,2,3,u RUTH BOECKMANN Girls' Gleo LARRY BUNGER nHermann Annual Staff 3,h Band 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Boys Chorus 1,2 Football l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 1,2 Track 1,2 WRuthn 1 65 DIXON BUNGER nDickn Annual Staff 3,M Band 112139,-If Baseball M Basketball M Boys Chorus 1 Class Play 3 Football l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus l Newspaper Staff 3,h Student Council l,2,3,h Student Council Officer 2,3,h Student Manager l,2,3 Swing Band 2,3,h MARY ELLEN BRANDT nM8Py Ellenn Girls' Glee 1,3,h Librarian Q Mixed Chorus 3,3 .IUDITH BOLDT "Judy" JAMES DETTMER "Jim" l all FFA lc MARTIN DREWIS 'shorty' Class Play 3 FFA 1,2 Football 1,2,3,Lp Student Manager A Track 2,3,L ROSALEE BUCHHOLZ nR0sa1een Annual Staff Girls' Glee Usherette KARLA BUSSE NKBYH Annual Staff N Girls Glee 2,3,h Mixed Chorus M Pep Club LORRAINE DRAVIS nLorra1nen F9FoA1q 132,-3,LI, 67 DIANE DEEPE HD. D.n Annual Staff 3,h Class Officer 3 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,U Merit Pin--Bronze 1,2 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,U Small Groups--Vocal 3,M Council 5 ROBERT FUNK HB0bby GEORGE EMKES Heeorgen Football Track Fredericksburg 1,2 1 Cldss Officer ELNA JEAN DAVISON Accompanist Class Play Debate Club Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus Newspaper Staff Pep Club Small Groups--Vocal HJeannien 3,M 3 3 1,2,3,U 1-2,3,M M 2 3 WILLIAM GARNER Annual Staff Band Boys' Chorus Class Officer Football Merit Pin--Bronze Silver Mixed Chorus Newspaper Staff Small Groups--Vocal 2,3,h 3 Student Council Student Council Officer Track vvpaulvv 1 2.3 132.3 1.2.3 BEVERLY DREWIS nB6b'8n 69 DONNA FOWLKES Plainfield Basketball Class Play Librarian Newspaper Staff JOEL KLEIN nJoe1n Altamont, Ill. 1 Baseball 1,2,3,u Basketball 2 Class Officer 3 Class Play 3 Class Play Girls' Glee BARBARA KALLENBACH nDonna' 1,2 1n2n3 3 1,3 2 LARRY JUDISCH WLarryn Band 1-92!3!!-If FFA 1,2 Football 3,h Pep Band 2,3 Track 3 nBarbn 3 3.b Newspaper Staff h KATHRYN KLEMP 'Ka thu. Bend 1,2,3,M Band Officer 3 Class Play 3 Girls' ' 1,2,3,u. Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,h Pep Band 1,2,3,h Small Groups-- Band, Vocal 1,2,3,h Solo--Vocal 3,h TOErn20n 3 Tw ler 2:31a FREDERICK LAH ANN Annual Staff Fredn M BwsCmmm 12 4, " Mixed chorus 'LL ',,,- Track 1,2 RONALD LEUENBERGER "Ron" FFA 1.2,3,h GERALDINE LAMPE "Geri" Basketball 1,3,M Girls' Glee 1 71 CAROLYN MI XDORF "Carolyn" Band 1,2,3,h Girls' Glee l,2,3,M Mixed Chorus 2,3,h LARRY MOELLER nLarryn Baseball 2,3,h Basketball 1,3,I4 Boys Chorus l,2,3 FFA 1,2,3.h Football 14 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3 72 JACKLYN LOBECK Class Play Girls' Glee Librarian Mixed Chorus Newspaper Staff Pep Club Merit Pin-- Silver 4 E JIM LOHMANN nNeich FFA 1,2,3,k Football 2,h Student Manager 2,3 Track 2 nJaok1eN 3 1,2 1,2 1 3,74 2 3 CHARLES MUELLER nChuckn Baseball H FFA 1,2,3,h Football M FRANCES OLEJNECZAK nFrann Basketball l Librarian M Usherette 3 GREGORY SCHMIDT nGr6gn Baseball l,2,3nU Basketball 1,2,3,U 'Ss'f"grs2' JUDY O'CONNELL nJudyn Annual Staff M Basketball l,2,3,h Class Officer 2,3 Class Play 3 Debate Club 3 Librarian 3 Merit Pin--Bronze 2 Newspaper Staff 2,3,h Pep Club 2 This page sponsored by BERGMANN HATCHERY BLOCK a KLEMP PLUMBING AND HEATING 73 Girls' Glee SANDRA STRUCK nSandyH Class Play 3 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus lyk Newspaper Staff 2 Pep Club SUZANNE TONNE Accompanist-- Band, Vocal All-State Band Annual Staff Band Band Officer Cheerleader Class Officer Class Play FTA Girls' Glee Merit Pin--Bronze Silver Mixed Chorus Pep Club Small Groups-- Band, Vocal Solo--Band, Vocal Swing Band Twirler WHYLA SCHWARZE nwhylan l ll Sue H 1,2,3,h 2,3,h 3,h 1,2,3,h 1,2 L+ l 3 1,2 l,2,3,h 1,3 2 l,2,3,M 2 l,2,3,h 1,2,3,h 2-3,U l,2,3,h This page sponsored by AMBROSE AUTO COMPANY BOCK'S PLUMBING Q HEATING LINDA SCHWARZE nLindan Annual Staff Class Play Debate Club Librarian ROBERT ZANDER Baseball Basketball Boys Chorus Class Play FFA Football Mixed Chorus Vocal Solo NAOMI THKLACKER Des Moines Annual Staff Band Girls' Glee GRA Girls' Tennis Team Small Groups-- Lv-lI'Lav-F Vocal llomill 1,2 3.h 1,3.H 1:39a 1,2 2 Class Play 3 Latin Club 2 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus Officer 3 Newspaper 1,3 Orchestra l Small Groups-- Band, Vocal l,3,h Student Council 1 Student Council Officer l Usherette 3 'Bob' M 1 1,2,3 3 1,2,3 1!2!3lh- 1,293l,+ 2,3,h 2,3 This page sponsored by WAYSIDE INN JUDY WHITNEY nJupn ,A-Q,': Hlmwwwy ,A,, :,., IAMV Q ,,A,- vi ,1.::fA.:,:,-,1:.- ZA- ,liar ,-,. ,,A-:: WEVHF5 Basketball 1 Glass Play 3 Girls' Glee l,2,3 Mixed Chorus 1 CAROL ZWANZIGER nCar01n Girls' Glee 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 1 Newspaper Staff L W I LOIS WAGNER WLQW Annual Staff 3,h Girls' Glee M Newspaper Staff Q ELINOR STUM E nE1li6n Annual Staff M Basketball 1,2,3,H Class Play 3 Girls' Glee 1,2,3,U Homecoming Royalty M Librarian U Mixed chorus 1,h Newspaper Staff 3,U CLASS FLOWER: GOLD CHRYSANTHEMUM SPONSORS: MR. OPHEIM MR. CAMPBELL M I Q, - , 7 N! 0 . I ' 4 ' N W, 'O ,1 A I 1 'f I 35151 1' 5-' CLASS COLORS: BLACK AND GOLD CLASS MOTTO: SUCCESS IS OUR ULTIM.A'I'E ESTINATION, AND HARD W. H. WARNER, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Cone-fourth page sponsor? WORK IS THE ROAD WE'LL TAKE. 77 i w r ' gy INTER-COLLEGIAT E PRESS Kansas City - Winnipeg Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements USA 93199, M,Mz'f4UbJM7 of W- gn ffwliijtjp UU ijfvzfvf, qwwfymj My I W 3 . N H 1 i

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