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5 er if ff 35 jf EE a if Q w n 'Sf W w 2 2 5 an H ii n X 1 1 r 5 5 E L THE Elon CLASS oi EEIEEEI PDEETS QD DDDDQTA DEDICATED TD D D FADE T We, the graduating class of 1957, dedicate this annual to our parents, who have worked unceasingly to give us our education. Through our parents we have learned to look beyond today and therefore prepare for what is yet to come. Y We will try to do our best in life to prove that you have not failed us as Mothers and Fathers. ' This is one of our ways of saying ' Thank - You W for the educational ogportunities that you have given us. 1 111111 11111 11111111 111 1 1111 Standing: Wesley Bockhaus, Robert Kuhrt, Robert Ambrose Seated: Lawrence Snelling, Jack Snyder, Walter Lohmann, Victor Nacke Board of Education Eldon R. Shriver Superintendent Fred Smith Grade School Principal i John J. Casey i Princinal K fu lr. semler History Economics Miss Garrison Music 7 Mr. Olmstead ' Physics Biology Science Baseball Boys Basketball Band Vocal c c r. Kullen Mr. Hinton G9Om9tTY Agriculture Algebra Football Track Girls Basketball , A 1 1 ' 1 t in 1 ,w:,k. , , D.: ,. . 14,2 ' 3' . , -gf, L 51- - -. m., 1. ,. Wx f. ,,-A?wl..,.,f:.1- tv 1 X. he , . :r -Lv? 1 " Q.-' 1 fv.x, X - 4, -...QA In x . p , y 'gr x.. -Q w... .E :7 '- Aw,- 'rf J . .LLL - I x Q' .' ' .Hi J. A A Ex. . ',gf,,.' .'.- .X ,, My . af- -,f ., :,. fl -. -l ifffafl.-, fm - D :-ann.: .-f.. , .QM i .y.:v" I .Wh "' ,F .. 4, f fm.. A , 1, M "ax . 1 1 '-A32 U1 ,iii . - k - ., V w A , HA -35. ,lv N 4 - ,. 1 '1 - "ff-', Af", ,f if - WX- f. Z.-.QJF 'X N ?',g.+w.' ,, X if,"--3 JL,-g if , . , .3 ,vyfff-L . , , wg, w . 1-'F-"Le . .1-xiqagiir r.3"f"-Fwgff ' ,. :La 3",Q!f'1i!Q , , .zj SPA-..,:f. 41' , 4' 'W 'Uf'if' r W g-"H ' x 1 X , 'A af ff- 1 Q .' : A H, v -" -, : ,x .,., , x A. V1. I W5QC,l?L.2,,,y,.'ag,!., K ,. .,'.L 'In .Moa 1 ','-i,"g.1-Q.. ff, 7. , ':g2s.,, up. ,fy ,mf .I , gn. ,E ,fp 5 -gk S' - 1 - 1.-Y 'Q -V 17924 . 5 M' ,:',,Q'1z-1 .'1 z. 3 . Q Q., . v, '-Aja. .- F I 7-LW i,f:.m1QL. 1 . rgfqzeim S35 Y X L 3 N5 w :b 1' n ,Q .V A .V .A Ji N, Af 5. 3" ff, 'Xi .,. A w, qv. if E .15 w 'A af fi .Q Z N.- .-, Q, 51 ,fi Sl mf V1 W ia ,. ,I if fig, Yi? lx. .fx mm YI .fn 1 ,- E. l Miss McIntee English Library Mr. Gardner Safety Education Commercial Home Economics Social Studies Miss Schoof English Dramatics STANDING: Kaye Holm, Joyce Boderman, Marv Gatch, Danny Drewis, Richard Tonne, Ruthanne Joens, Warren Snyder SITTING: Barbara Bockhaus, Terry Dreyer, Mr. Casey , N fi Q-EL 'ffivg dv T15 we . K if , fl' 'V W .' '. -. 4123'- Q. '-L1 ' i sa x- Eg' - ' 1 .f , Ji- . r.-. V, ,Q .yi LM, ig, 4, J: ? , , W . i , .. 3 , ,, ., ,, . Xi . yf M 1 U X Q I 5 I X ' f' 1 1.21 Ag., QF ja, 5 L . ' gli fi!! ' nf, A 4 1535 1 , , y Q. +.. igluiviggfl , ' .f,ffg:,1 Aff. Y ef, , , V ,i. 'iii' -ff 1 3 1 xv f Q Aa- , vw X 1, , .gf ' "-A" f gy , 1. - 'r 'ff W 5' 5 . v va 1 l ...QE R , ,V "--1 ' L'w,g',u . A, 'i'p1"G"' ,' .- V 'Y' A A f"M15'm"1r- ' V Q . - . ' 'A fu J, 'K' V - r 'fy ',,'f?H,'?Ifj, , V' ' , "2f'?, 135 , , If I 545 2 1, 9- Vw an .f KN xg 4wL37ZilQ,ikifi?X,gvM ii - ., .i . . , f.1r.-nw f 1alnqmnfSf.f.Ai1 P M N.-1 if an Q5 L 11111111 11111111111111111 11 1111111111111 11111111 1 11 111 1111111 11 1 1 11 1111111 1 1111 1111111 1 11 1 11 1 111111111111111111 - -i- l....l .T,g,. Senior 6 kia President Trudy Nerge K Vocal... .......... 1-2- Band ......... . . .l-2- Class P1ay..... ...... Annual Staff .... .... Class O?Eicer ......... Basketball ........ 1-2- Newspaper Staff ..... 2- Homecoming Attendent.. 3 3 Class bk Gfficers Dennis Olejniczak nglyrv Class Play...., Annual S:aff.... .. Class Officer......... Student Council....... .3 Basketball..... Football.... .... Baseball.... .... N.J U4 2+ l-2-3-3 l-2-3-4 l-2-3-A I I M2-F-F' WW. Q 1 In . kv?-PPP' Jlx. WV f .1 '-I iff!! lp fxf 4' '22, l , 4UUUTTif':::y. 3533? mrsmzzo LDEJCVIZL-' O 'UIQ 25522 3 QWFII -3 m Q- -- rim ?II'I 212 --. . fn ".IZ :FF 1517? 3 .IITHFD Ilfkfkf' rx-wrxf Vice-President Sec.-Trees. xXx I f ff IQEMVQ 745 :gn -l l' 3223 ,. I 4? 2 Marian Blasberg N!!! Vocal. . . .......... 1-2-3-1, X fum Annual Staff ........... .L+ ,. Cheerleader .... ......l+ ' ' 0 s Carol Blume Voca1.............l-2- Annual Staf'f.......... Basketball . . . . . . . .1-2-3 Newspaper Staff. . . . . . . 3-A . .L -L 1-lr John Axon "Johnni e" Traer High Schoo1...... Class P1ay............. 3 Foot.ba1l............2-3-1+ 'I'rack..... ....2-1+ Jean Biermann "Jeanie" Vocal ............. 1-2-3-L Band ......... .... 1 -2-3-1+ ' Class P1ay.... ..... ...3 k f Annual Staff .... ....... 1+ g.....Q W Class Officer ........... l ml Basketball ........ l-2-3-1+ X Newspaper Staff ......... l - f 5 5 Courtesy of BOCZUS L?.2,.l'ING if-ID PLU3"?ING and TRIPOLQL IQZRCANTI.,-v LIU K 4 fa' 2 xEg?iE5 X ' 'I s 1. Barbara Bockhaus W Vocal.............l-2-3-L Band................2-3-A X Annual Staff............b A a Student Counci1.........h ' Darlys Jean Buls H WJeanie Vocal. ....... ... Class Play.... Basketball.... '?. fx' ?S,0 :Sian Nnygf- woznv !! ......l-L ........3 ....Z-3-b Larry Busse Baseball.... A 1 :J 17X n B b rv df' ar mei a Agj G' Ralph Bolte Football.... ...l W"-114-1 D90 O U1'1-10 Wfib CDJPI-' do s cf.- Ds 0 5-J.. l-lu a 4 . n 0 o 0 Q Q Q np 0 na 0 sea. Aloha I.. . buxuu Y-" Ilvl If-JP!-'MJ O 0 C '1 ff G3 U3 '4 O HJ KRAMER PRODUCE and BIESTdRFELT BROTHERS LIVESTOCK Vocal............... F.F.A..... .. Baseba1l.... ... Track..... ... 1-2- 2-3- 2-3- 3 1 ....l L b was-rv' XX 1 V I, 2, iw , ' X' ' , ., 1 q,.. 1 ' X' 1 , ' 4 M - 1 . .V 'K ,K . - 1 . ,, V, r f U lx f 54: . ,g55.5,?1l?r,f,,3EsfAy,5gv,:. ygngv, vw' V5 Ek: ,M QLw'ff'w--Z ,h A h 'wr 4 5 1 ,- iffwa.-Qavg-sf ., .nn fsfff. ' - ,Mx , ,..., 4. E, . ,fg4,'., ' ,751 Rf, -Mis' 1' gf,-:A . .1 . -yu. , , V .4 H. N ' Nb 'I ' X Q . x Q x 1 T ..,. , 1 4 1 f , N 1 i v A, 1. -K iw- .1 vi- 'V 1 1' 'z v x 1 Q ' I I , ' 1 me .xg-4,,.p-L --VM 534' ,v my . Z, ff' V.: ' "5 y,,, - ' ' , P -. GI' V' ., " -H " " .'5 ' Q'?Hi k 'k V 3" '- k"Jr,5"'- fu f ..,E.1..Am1:..,-.,,maLs.n:a2m14 .JMXNMQME M 11 'h 5 .M-:. 4 fix X 4745 t Q Terre Y! Stanley Dancer Roger Drape nRogn Voca1.............l-2 Class Play..... ..... Annual Staff.... ... FIFIAIOOOOOIOOIIOOOO Class Officer........ Student Council...... Track................ Newspaper Staff...... nce Dreyer Terry' Band. ............. ...2 Class Play ...... ..... 3 Annual Staff ........... A Class Officer.........l-2 Student Council ....... 3-A Basketball... ..... 1-2-3-A Football .......... l-2-3-A Track. ............ l-2-3-A Newspaper Staff ....... 3-A Homecoming Royalty ...... L Ejlq gig? ,MZ Joy Eichmann i5GfQQ" ,gi Vocal ........... ..l-2-3-h Q, ' ' Band ....... .......l-2-3-A J", ,Luv ," Class Play.uoaosoaaoonno3 ,gijll Student Council.......l-2 T?IK' Basketball ...... ..l-2-3-L -'44 Homecoming Royalty . . . . 1-1+ Courtesy of WAYSIDE INN CCAFEI and TRIPOLI HARDWARE WStann Vocal...................3 1 F.F.A...... .... ...l-2-3 Foonba11.... 3 -ij Trackoc nos s oool"2'L - -',g,.7-J'-N61 ' l 2 ful an A1 l yu . fl' f , ff WAI '77 f Duane Judisch N ll Vocal... F.F.A... Football T ... ...l-3-A Marvin Gatch CDbCJUJ4Q L-1:3 P-'nn OSD SD DCD D0 I3 UJ CU! Q-SD UISDUTI0 P-'CD P1 - - H O 'U' ' KD HJUJI-" ' 4 P-QCYSD' - CD ,.4.'gi-4. . Z I Q n 1 . m'w' - - H- 3 5. . . .QQ SD . . . . . gr v-1 o . n . s 4 . . . . m : . . . Q . . . 3' . . . . 0 . . . . . 0 . . . Aym+4 . . Q l I. . . . ww. . . . I I- val-'ku-P'-PW-' XAMIPF' L" O "S "S 99 Q-In I3 CD L4 O D' Z3 U1 O I5 Student Council......... Track...............2-3- g Newspaper Staff.......2- Football... Duey ... .....l 2 Yale Kramer 'AugieW I I -PXAXUXD-P Voca1......... ...3 2 Band.......... ...l- Class Play.... ..... ... . Class officer ....... 1-2- fi H 4 4 fix' . 5 'yif Basketball..... .....3 Baseball...... ...2-3- P Courtesy of R. AMBROSE OIL CO. and HASBROUCK LUMBER CO. T Vocal......... .... .... P 1 A ...l- ..l 2-3 3-A rf I David Kalkbrenner Basketba11..... .... Footba11lOOUllUlClOOlO 3- 3- Mgr.'.........' Baseballooounoooool 2'3 P' NF' 4 -r P' O d o H 35 l-9' 5 a m D-' P-' 'Vic Readlyn High School. ..l- C1338 Playosooonoooo AHDUH1 Staffoooooueooooo Footba11...... ...3- o 0 Q s 0 o Q 0 u1'2'3'lQ Baseball 1 2 :ooo sooo "3'L Wrestling... .........1 James Lee Kingsbury llJimll Lloyd Kuker qgltwt' 'Keke' I 'g N J.. af? F-oFoAusooaoooooooo1'2'3 X Basketba11.... .......3 1 U 0 ooo .1-2-3 Basebal1.... ....1-2-3 Courtesy of FHPF'F' nmrl' -fV" ' fa W TRIPOLI SALES CO. and KUHRT INSURANCE AGENCY avenues: teal' '3'h nf Class Play... ........3 QE! I Oscar Kreis P P-3110 '1' I-' WWW O 0 U PTP!!! u o n n o -gg Q o p-as o 0 me 1 0 Q o U O I o so o o o Q o 0 o s Q Q pa o Q o Q I-'O ' N I' 0 I KDFJO N9 I Il I PNWP' VDca1oosoooooooooulel'2' Band. Shirley Laube vocalouoooooooouoouu Basketba11.... . Joyce Peters 'Pete' vocaloononosonoo coool'2 class Playuoaoeo 0000003 Cheer Leader.... ....3-A Annual Staff.... .....h oaooz .-3-1+ I, 'S' XXQY, 'im xx 'Y QQQ Kenneth Rettig 'Kenny' vocalaoconoelooooa1'2'3'h Band 2 Courtesy of TEGTMEIER OIL CO. and CRITTENDEN PRODUCE R HATCHER! N r f Q , 2 f Sherlie Sauerbrei Voca1............. 1-2-3- Band..............1-2-3- Basketbal1........1-2-3- Usherette.... noone' kAF'FWP 4 0 O W H Myrna Schwem oosoaooosooosoo1'2 Usherette.... Shirley Sievers WSeivy' Vocalanooosuuouoon Class Play..... Annual Staff ...... Basketball... ......... .. Basketball Std. Mgr...2- Newspaper Staff.....2-3- ..2-3- o Ewa:- I'k95' Jerry Snelling nljern Class Play...... ..... Annual Staff........... F.F.A...............l-2- Class Officer........... Student Council......... Basketballnuooso0al'2'3' Football............... 3aseball.... ...l-2-3 Courtesy of ....3 l'L'4fhJNukuI'kJ ..A,a IL P SV UI I 'll' 3 E... X-4 , .., . pr ' ., ,LQQEQER BLOCK AND KLEMP-HEATING a PLUMBING and TRIPQLI CAFE 1 wu- , .. Q x w 'il Yffli ,G . ips , FLE5s 4 Ron Sommerfelt Vocal.... ....1-2-3-A ff Track.... .........1 xx Wieltien X Q Larry Struck Frederika High School FIFIAUOIIOUOIIOIUCCOI Basketball........... Track....... ... Leonard Stumme F.F.A.............. 2 Basketball... ......3 Football... ......3 4 Track..... ...wl-2-3-A Jolane Tegtmeier U "' "Jo" Y 1 Vocal........ ...... Band..............1-2-3-M Class Play..............3 X Homecoming loyalty. . . . . .2 X I I Courtesy of RCCKHAUS R SCMVEUS BARBER SHOP and TRIPOLI LOCHKR -I A1 fl...-1 E ,riur . K: A vi - ff. ff. A ihqg-:Liv mm in , p . ' . - - ., -af .5 1, ' La- 1- V- ', W . 1 M ' 3 -" " W-4'1 -.w ,z I 4 ' ' I, . . . 5 Wg: y,..,',,,,' ,',.' 4 lv J ,Q 3' pp .V ' Qxw y -" 1 ,I 3 L 1,1 Y , Q V ' I ,f' " XQQ' Ffa 5Wf?'f1Y5fwg.fy .le l "L SH ' t ' " . Vw 33, ' h'M ' 33. K 4, f 1 1 ' ' - 1 ' ,aj Y e 'O-fr Elaine Haverkamp Vocal...............l-2-A T . Glass Play...... .......3 Annual 3ta?f.... .....A Marvin Jestendorf F.F.A...................l Basketball... ....2-3-A Football.... ......l, Track..... ....2-3-L senior Class Hi tory In the fall of l953, Tripoli High School welcomed L6 friahtened and bewildered freshman to its crowded halls. The seniors lost no time getting us accuainted by giving an initiation party and dance. During our four years of hiqh school we held several roller skating and hayride parties. One of the'outstandinq events of our junior year was the first all-school Christmas party which we sponsored. The program included skits, games, and dancing. Everyone had a chance to go formal at our Junior-Senior Prom. The gym was beautifully decorated according to the theme 'Garden of Friendshipn. After the dance we changed to less formal clothes to enjoy our all-night party. Original floats have resulted in a prize each year at homecoming time for our class, despite the fact that our freshman float was damaged and had to be rebuilt. The memories of Tripoli High are too numerous to mention, but the friendships gained will remain forever. Courtesy of INTERSTATE POWER CO. and COLBURN FEED MILL B n 3 4 SE l0ll CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of 1957, being of sound mind and bodv do hereby will and bequeath our various accomplishments to the following persons in hopes it will improve their efficiency and abilities. John Axon wills his ability to visit Mr. Casey's office without an appointment and his ability to pull up stop signs and not get caught--- until a month later, to any little angel. Barbara Bany wills her ability to drive into closed garage doors to Sandra Bany. Jean Biermann wills her ability to make good root-beers to Gene Colburn and Jay Ranard. Marian Blasberg wills her cheerleading outfit and her ability to be- come excited at games to Marian Sassman. Carol Blume wills her height and basketball suit to Sandra Wagner. Barbara Bockhaus wills her ability to be cheerful and always have a smile for everyone and everything to Janice Bergmann. Ralph Bolte wills his curly hair to Bill Kuker. Darlys Buls wills her ability to sit down in study hall without be- ing told to Larry Bock. Larry Busse wills his ability to keep all training rules and to stay out of trouble to Richard Tonne. Stanley Dancer wills his blond flattop to Gerald WE1vis' Funk. Roger Drape wills his crewcut and old spurs to Kenny Miller. Terry Dreyer wills his ability to keep out of accidents in basketball so far to Daroll Heineman. JoyEichmannwills her ability to find out the 'details' to Janice Koch Marvin Gatch wills his ability to get stuck on dirt roads to Robert Osborn. Elaine Haverkamp wills her 'famous' giggle and ability to stay out of trouble to Warren Snyder. Lorraine Johnson wills the better half of his driving ability to Harlan Reuscher. Duane Judisch wills his ability to talk in study hall without getting caught to Vern Bolte. David Kalkbrenner wills the ability of his bones to stay in joint to Jim Klemp. Vic Kimball wills his ability to get along with all teachers to David Bolte. Jim Kingsbury wills his ability to know the football plays to Jim Keeran. Yale Kramer wills his ability to get into trouble with Miss Mclntee and his ability to write 2,000 word themes to Kay Holm. Oscar Kreis wills his ability to throw snowballs at parked cars to Larry Buchholz. Lloyd Kuker wills his careful driving to Loren Ratliff. Courtesy of FRED'S BOD! SHOP and BER MANN HATCHER! V ,gps QL Shirley Laube wills her glasses to Margaret Schwem because she needs them. Trudy Nerge wills her first pair of booties knitted in Home Ec. class to Susie Neimeyer. May she cherish these booties of different lengths the rest of her life. Denny Olejniczak wills his ability to have a messy locker to Jim Lahmann. Joyce Peters wills her ability to stand on her feet and not trip over her skirt while cheerleading to Karlyn Klenzman. Kenneth Rettig wills his ability to receive two traffic tickets for park ing on the wrong side of the street to Bernette Hay. Sherlie Saurbrei and Jolane Tegtmeier will to Ann Etta Bockhaus and Carol Buchholz our ability to 'gab' without permission and to get caught. Myrna Schwem wills her blond hair to John Diaz. Shirley Sievers wills her ability to write only one theme during her high school days to Jim Schwartz. Jerry Snelling wills his citizenship grades to Grace Lohmann. Ron Sommerfelt wills his past 17 years of beloved bachelorhoodto Howard Joens. Larry Struck wills the ability of being tied to his seat to Larry 'Pete' Duecker. Leonard Stumme wills to Leonard Block the fullback position on the football team. Marvin Westendorf wills his height and ability to throw the Shot Put L5 feet to Dale Rieck. To the Juniors we will our many good athletes and musicians. To the Sophomores we will our many intelligent students. To the Freshmen we will our maturity and sensibleness. CLASS MOTTO We'll find a path or make one! CLASS COLORS CLASS FLQWER Silver and Black white Carnation Class Song To the tune of True Love The time has come to say adieu, dear old high school We'1l miss the fun and the friends we knew, when far from home. We'll have some memories that linger still, In future years to comeg of teachers, parties and studies too, now these days are gone. We know not what the future holds for tomorrow. Our dreams we'll mold to make a path, the path, we'll trod. The time of parting is now here and we with hope will say, 'May all our paths fulfill our dreams, when we are away.' Courtesy of AMBROSE AUTO CO. and BULS STANDARD SERVICE www fn-pf x' A ,sw uugw. wr-wmy, 'nw , 11 4 s 1 ,. N K A rr 4 9+ , 4- x wr B F' v Q f 4 x n 54" i S: . , 1:1 iff' 4- 1 1 ' ' as 4 1 mf. vm pr gag Q Y- . f Em 19 A 'fly 1 I 1 far T 2 E l0R CLASS PRUPHECY In the year 1977, we see Dennis Olejniczak returning to Tripoli on his way home from the Rose Bowl where he coached the Iowa team to a brilliant victory. He stopped at Terry Dreyer's gas station and was met by Jim Kings- W, bury, the mayor, who invited him to attend a reunion banquet of the gradu- ,fiq ating class of l957. All 37 seniors were able to attend the banquet except Ronald Sommer- felt and Roger Drape. Roger, who had the ambition to become a great singer, ended un in Sing Sing, and Ronald is the renowned president of the United States. His private secretary, Trudy Nerge, however, brought a personal message from the president. A delicious dinner was served by the woman's organization of Reverend Larry Busse's church. Shirley Laube, president of the organization, was head of the food committee. During the meal, Joy Eichmann's famous all-girl orchestra and chorus provided music and enter- tainment for those present. Carol Blume, editor of the fashion magazine WEighteenn, wore a latest Paris creation. The honored speaker of the evening was Miss Jean Biermann who is the representative of the United States in the nBig Fourn conference. Among the interested listeners was Kenneth ,gg Rettig, president of the Srebreg Baby Food Company. At the conclusion of the " speech, Barbara'Bany, who has won national fame as a singer on WUncle Lien's Hillbilly Hayriden TV show, entertained with a few songs. A humorous reading, WHow I Became a Millionairen was given by Oscar Kreis. A trio called the WTwo Sharps and a Flatn, composed of Marvin Westendorf, Larry Struck, and get Lloyd Kuker gave imitations and sang songs. . ,..,. f gifs- During the banquet everyone was wondering who the gray-haired gentle- is 515 man sitting at the head table was. They found out later, to their great Wgffg surprise, that it was Mr. Casey, their senior class sponsor. 'Y Elaine Haverkamp, a society leader, gave a coffee and informal recep- , tion after the banquet to give the people a chance to become reaquainted. Among those present was John Axon, a famous inventor, who developed a new T method that makes stop signs impossible to pull up. At last we can shut Duane Judisch off, as he has taken over radio station Y A K. Lorraine John- son is head meat cutter of Tripoli Memorial Hospital. Ralph Bolte, a well-known novelist, used his many themes written in high school as a basis for his latest book. Barbara Bockhaus, after many years of struggle trying to get through college, has become the house mother of SLOB fraternity of Yale University. A prominent lawyer, Yale Kramer, has been busy defending himself in court for evading income tax laws the past five years. Marvin Gatch is still going to college, taking advantage of the many scholarships he earned during his senior year. s' After the reception, Jerry Snelling's taxicab service furnished free transportation for those wishing to go home that evening. Leonard Stumme, TV entertainer, and Joyce Peters, Jolane Tegtmeier, and Sherlie Sauerbrei, ir dancers on his show, returned to New York for rehearsals. Marian Blasberg, Q wife of the towns most fabulous millionaire, invited Shirley Sievers, the spinster librarian, and Myrna Schwem, a ballet teacher, to stay with her its ah A... that evening. The ladies became hysterical when Vic Kimball, king of the as ,:f hoboes, broke into the mansion in an attempt to steal some food. Darlys rag Buls, Marian's maid, has a hard time calming the ladies. -i rss- 'Mk SR' S si kai The reunion is over. Everyone has left for their respective homes except Stanley Dancer and David Kalkbrenner, janitors, who are left behind to clean up the banquet hall. .e III . f , gp! bk vvdifh C .. ' . 21:32 Courtesy of FARM R'S PRODUCE CO. and TRIPOLI CANNING CO., INC. 4' x ri' 'ic Vw X ., . 5 :L 4 G W 1 v an , A 3 I . , e v w , . .1 4- QQQQ 2 .fit .1 ,am , gurl.: Q 752' . AF I . 1 1 , .,. 1,343.1 3 f 5 1 111111 111111 1 11 1 1111111111111 11111111111 11 1111111111111 111111111 11 11 11111111 11 1 11111111111 11111 111111 1 111 11 FIRST ROW: Mr. Mullen, Colleen Weidler, Janet Chapin, Maxine Gaede, Janice Koch, Marian Sassmann, Carol Buchholz, Ruby Menke, Miss Brunner SECOND ROW: David Block, Duane Buchholz, Jim Lahmann, Mary Berlin, Karla Lobeck, Dorothy Plum, Karen Lobeck, Karlyn Klenzmann, Barbara Schwarze, Darla Bremer, Robert Mohling, Robert Boeckmann THIRD ROW: Darrel Brandt, Loren Ratliff, Betty Thies, Karen Ladage, Kaye Holm, Carole Klemp, Mardell Niemeyer, Marlene Drewis, Jeanette Pavelec, Shirley Buchholz, Susie Niemeyer, Sharon Schwartz, Merle Hoppenworth, Robert Osborn FOURTH ROW: Gerald Buls, Bernette Hay, Jackie Nerge, Sandra Bany, Elaine Pipho, Vernon Everding, Duane Boevers, Jim Block, Jay Ranard, Darroll Henning, John Diaz, Ronald Lehmann, Veryl Kelsey FIFTH ROW: Jim Klemp, Ron Henninger, Clifford Joens,Everett Ragsdale, Bill Dravis, Gary Hoppenworth, John Lenius, Richard Tonne, Gary Stromer, Gerald Wagner Vinter Wonderland Courtesy of RETTIG FURNITURE Class Officers ,H 1 1, ,X 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 5 7 I 1 1 I I I First Row: Mr. Semler, Bill Kuker, Howard Joens, David Bolte, Jim Schwartz, Jeanette Haydon, Sandra Wagner, Margaret Schwem, Miss Schoof Second Row: Eloise Ratliff, Rosalie Klemp, Annette Bockhaus, Shirley Hansen, Elaine Eick, Jean Chapin, Kathryn Rieck, Karen Pinch, Verdine Boevers, Grace Lohmann Third Row: Mary Sommers, Joyce Boderman, Harlan Reuscher, Jerry Seelhammer, Veril Buchholz, Gene Colburn, Mark Block, Frederick Heine, Jim eeran, Karen Zander, Shirley Mohling Fourth Row: Melvin Buls, Warren Snyder. Darol Heinemann LaVerne Lobeck, Larry Keeran, Eldon Heideman, Allen Bgckhaug, Larry Buchholz, Lavern Busse, Gerald Mohling SE? , aa, QEHC.'f g. ,. x, t ,,g,i ..+.,. D "" f fm f, 'gefpg ,JFEEW N All We Do Is Study Y :e gg i Ewiii-F 1e5sr2,1rgW ..., Ai, .. :': S'.,l.,5- Courtesy of THE HUB, CLIFF ZAMZOW, PROPIETOR NA Good Place to Meet Your Friendsn iii, ' iiEiif'fE ' la QQ X x X f W e S K Nfiaa Class Officers I 11 11111111111 11111111111 1111111u 1111111 111111111 11 11 11111111 11 1 1111111111 1 1111 1 111111 1 11 1 11 1 1111111111111111111 Morris Ratliff, Kenny Miller, Phyllis Gaede, Nadean Schnurstein Miss Mclntee SECOND ROW: James Wolf, Doris Hildebrandt, Audrey Kapnmeyer, Ruth Drewis, Doris Heinemann, Janet Bock, Jean Ambrose, Kay Barry, Betty Buchholz, LaJean Slack, Ruthanne Joens THIRD ROW: Michael Wilson, Lawrence Worrell, Judy Garner, Julie Soles, Janice Bergmann, Varina Bettenqa, Nancy Wiblishouser, Marianne Wikner, Jeanne Martin, Betty Pipho, Rosemary Eolte, David Price FOURTH ROW: Pawl McNamee, James Martin, Marvin Dancer, David Mohling, Larry Sievers, Karen Mahlstedt, Maybeth Hoppenworth, Darlyce Buhrow, Mary Bremer, Glenyce Waschkat, Mark Wikner, Marvin Drewis, Jim Cole, Leonard Block FIFTH ROW: Percy Christoffer, Vern Bolte, Verlen Kimball, Danny Drewis, Gerald Funk, Richard Spier, David Bennett, Danny Klemp, Dick Niemeyer, Larry BOCK, Louise Hoppenworth Beverly Mohlinq s S Class Officers Our First High School Party Courtesy of EUHR CHEVEROLET COMPANY 3 5 Mr. Lee Goodenbour Mrs. Delores Rush School Custodian School Secretary GR IIE First Row: Joanne Boevers, Elizabeth Braatz, Mary Goetz, Mary Worrell, Douglas Kuker, Clair Duecker, Ronnie Hills, Mr. Smith Second Row: Ettamae Ragsdale, Jane Sievers, Duane Bremer, Mark Schwarze, Mac Snyder, Richard Meyer, Frederick Hildebrandt, Earnest Plum, Jeannine Cole, Judith McClain Third Row: MarilYU Buchholz, Judy Sievers, Karen Erase, Billy Kehe, David Guhlow, Loren Buls, Douglas Bell, T. A. Shriver, Mary Martin, Geraldine Kelsey Courtesy of THE AM RICAN SAVINGS BANK FIRST ROW Lois Wagner Jacklyn Lobeck Dennis Bergmann, Duane Schumacher, Charles Block, Richard Holm, Mrs. Pibho SECOND ROW Linda Schwarze, Lorraine Dravis, Gene Boevers, Whyla Schwarze, Linda Barry, Suzanne Tonne, Roger Block, Frederick Lahmann, Gregory Schmidt THIRD ROW Jerry Schroeder, Frances Olejniczak, Sandra Aubrey, Joyce Axon, Dixon Bunger, Leroy Bonorden, Paul Schultz, Larry Bunger, Karen Bockhaus, Kathy Klemp, Larry Judisch FIRST ROW Jennifer Colburn, Alvin Worrell, Caroline Kehe, Patricia Gaede, Laura Ragsdale, Julie Bremer, Miss O'Connell SECOND ROW Ronald Rieck, Dennis HcNamee, Gary Klenzmann, Dennis Weidler, Roger Bonorden, Daniel Schmacher, Larry Drape, Verla Heineman, Robert Kuker, Tim Wilson THIRD ROW Yvonne Kalkbrenner, Tamara Schwarze, Eileen Young, Ann Lahmann, Lois Ladage, Darlys Rettig, Sherwin Buls, Virgil Henning, Danny Braae, Mary Block Courtesy of THE TRIPOLI LEADER and PANZER PRODUCE-POULTRY k EGGS First Row: Sheryl Magnall, Laura Hurmence, Nancy Holm, Mike Buckley, Mickey Axon, Dennis Wiblishouser, Virgil Bloc , Mrs. Weidler Second Row: Benny Kehe, Judy Meier, Duane Hahn, Lenne Schroeder, Michael Fink, Roy Drewis, Connie Heinemann, Marshall Wilharm, Kathy Aubrey, Diane Schroeder, Joyce Buls, Marlys Kelsey, Mary Thies First Row: Sharon Braatz, LeRoy Boevers, Larry Ormston, Michael Wagner, Luanne Crittenden, Joel Wikner, Dennis Juel, Mrs. Goodenbour Second Row: Barry Fink, Ronald Quigley, David Bremer, Alan Wiedler, Daniel Drape, Jane Rieck, Karen Biermann, Robert Buchholz, Raymsnd Buchhol Dennis Bock, TommyAmbrose Third Row: Danny Ambrose, David Kuethe, Cindy U0eDel, Mary Young, Judy Wilson, Connie Schmidt, Judy Buls, Betty Schultz, Terryne Fink, David Lahmann, L.B. Shriver Courtesy of TOVKE SERVICE STATION and JARHHR'S Z Fir t low: Richard Murray, Dick Magnall, Ronald Kelsey, Jimmy Boeckmann, Junior Boeckmann, Dennis Miller, Donald Young, K ren Buchholz, Kristen Colburn, Miss Servoss Second Row: fer ld Lehmann, Glen Slack, Kay Ormston, Ann Buckley, Dianne Schwarze, Linda Hasse, Catherine Hurmence, Jerlyn Fink, Linda Block Third Row: Phyllis Schnurstein, Phyllis Bucholz, James Kuhrt, Ricky Tonne, Bruce Bunger, Richard Milius, Billy Hinton, Marjean Guhlow First Row: Connie Young, Teresea Wilharm, Lorin Weidler, Kathy Chapin, Diane Moeller, Steven Tegtmeier, Dale Schultz, Mary Ambrose, Sammy Kehe, Glen Ladaqe Second Row: Miss Burrack, Pamela Drape, Loren Larsen, Lionel Bergmann, Vanada Jahnke, Danny Johnson, David Buchholz, Ronnie Hunemuller, Bill O ivlef Peng Morrow, Allen Schumacher .U N 5, .JY Courtesy of KUHRT BROTHERS CLDTHIERS AND CLEAFERS and ?ARMER'S STOR First Row: David Buckley, Marsha Ambrose, Kristi Ryan, Jerry Ragsdale, Sandra Milius, Dickie Hoppenworth, David Schwarze, Miss Puffer Second Row: Carma Fink, Richard Juel, Timothy Redies, Dianne Lahmann, Susan Biermann, Holly Allen, Margo Bock, David Fink First Row: Randell Miller, Ricky Buckley, Roger Quigley, Keith Stalhut, Clark Wikner, Janice Bergmann, Charles Johnson, Kim Wagner, Roger Hahn, Mrs. Helen Bunger Second Row: Larris Larsen, Mary Kuker, Maureen Frahm, David Schumacher, Steven Drape, Gary Rieck, Rodger Heidemann, Craig Duecker, Michael Kirchhoff, Roger Buchholz, Barbara Schmidt Third Row: Tamara Kelsey, Lois Block, Carol Bremer, Katherine Blasberg, Tom Green, Lorie Bunger, Ronnie Morrow, Max Ambrose, Daniel Biesterfelt, Alan Schultz Courtesy of DR. BARRY and DREYER DRUG 11 1111 1 11 1 Football Team Tripoli FIRST ROW: Ron Henningerf, Duane Judischr, Lorraine Johnsoni, Stanley Dancer, Eldon Heidemann, John Lenius, Victor Kimball, Terry Dreyeri, Lloyd Kukerr, Leonard Stummex. SECOND ROW: John Axonr, Bob Boeckmannv, Jerry Snellinq, Jim Kinpshuryi, Denny Olejniczakk, David Kalkbrennerl, Richard Tonne, Jim Blockx, Warren Snyder, Ralph Boltei, Jim Keeran. THIRD ROW: David Block, Ronald Lohmann, Duane Boevers, Jerry Seel Larry Keeran, Loren Ratliff, hammer, John Diaz, Larry Buchholz, Mark Block. N Asterisk denotes lettermen SENIORS 13- 6 West Union H 's llvll 13-27 Greene I 2-25 Sumner I 'W 13- 6 Janesville 19- O Plainfield 19- 0 Strawberry Point 20- 6 Arlington 31-lu Calmar 7- 0 Nashua Won 7 Lost 2 FIRST ROW: Victor Kimball, Lorraine Johnson, John Axon Jim Kingsbury, Jerry Snelling, Duane Judisch. SLCOND ROW: Coach-John Mullen, Stanley Dancer, Leonard Stumme, Denny Olejniczak, Ralph Bolte, Terry Dreyer, David Kalkbrenner, Lloyd Kuker. ov'-W' -wws D SCORING ' ID PAT' TY FP 1 Xlejniczak 9 O 3? 1 1 Q xon 1 O O 2 Dreyer 14, O O 211 ,I sf Henninger 3 O O 18 3 stumme 2 o o 12 ' ' in bur' O 12 K g J 2 O 1 111 x 1 O O L O O 1 2 5 'M SQOASQQKXX 5 mem 1 te 59351 EM 09 mam W5 XWAQB 1 2, 3 ,,1,1 WQXASC MSN' wxmwfm xlaswff B aw uk if ax':.5'R-M Oi' Dozen Letterman On Hand For Panthers P O I Trlpoll He s Are Q h A , Brig fest In Years T Opp s 1 137 Q14 i 'b D DS 811 YO Yds R hing 1,366 1,067 Yds. P ing' 361 3111 Passes Attp. L16 60 Passes Lo p 22 23 'umbles 12 10 P I t 7 2 i t 13 1 P T3 A 35 P 1t ZYO 166 N FRONT ROLL: Trudy Nerge, Sherlie Saurbrei Darlys Buls, Joy Eichmann, Carol Blume, Shirley Laube, Std. Mgr. Sandra Wagner SECOTD ROLL: Coach John Mullen, Shirley Sievers, Jean Biermann, Louise Hoppenworth, Jean Ambrose, Jackie Nerge, Susie Niemeyer, Chaprone, Kiss Nclntee Cheerle l James Lehmann Jean Chapin Marian Blasberg Joyce Peters Karlyn Klenzman Girls Basketball Team ' ,,,,,,,, 0 fi W' . STORES Tripoli 28 Fredericksburg Tripoli 65 Greene Tripoli 36 Readlyn Tripoli 57 Plainfield Tripoli 32 Janesville Tripoli Ll Denver Tripoli 33 Fredericksburg Tripoli 33 Fredericka Tripoli 39 Fayette Tripoli AO Readlyn Tripoli 29 Denver Tripoli 55 Plainfield Tripoli AO Janesville Tripoli 37 Fredericka BREWER CO. TOURNAMENT Tripoli 38 Fredericka SECTIONALS Tripoli 52 Janesville 67 4 ll' IE a L. lf ll X A5 Ll 60 A8 52 60 57 57 32 57 LO b5 7b 72 ::g BOY ' BA KETBALL TEAM First Row: David Kalkbrenneri, Terry Dreyeri, Larry Busser, Marvin Westendorfr, Dennis. Olejniczakr, Ron Henningerr, Jerry Snelllngx Second Row: Yale Kramer, Vernon Everding, Gary Stromer, Lloyd Kuker, Darroll Heineman, Warren Snyder, Larry Struck, Coach Ted Olmstead 1 Denotes lettermen ?fW,,,,, grl C f j I SEASUN SCORE Tripoli 31 Fredericksburg Tripoli 62 Greene Tripoli 76 Sumner Tripoli 52 Readlyn Tripoli 71 Plainfield Tripoli 6A Denver Tripoli 66 Janesville Tripoli 6b Frederika Tripoli 57 Fredericksburg Tripoli 68 Shell Rock Tripoli AL Fayette Tripoli 71 Readlyn Tripoli 61 Plainfield Tripoli 55 Denver Tripoli 36 Janesville Tripoli 50 Denver Tripoli 6h Frederika Tripoli 73 Sumner Tripoli 5h Oelwein SEGTIONAL TOURNAMENT Tripoli 65 New Hampton Tripoli 51 Charles City Tripoli 56 Charles City KICJ 35 ,-, BASK-QTBALL P X r w GK TRACK TEAM 1 1 ,L 4' , 1 .SJR , 47 L xx F' FIRST ROW: Gerald Wagneri, Marvin Gatchv, Leonard Stummei, Terry Dreyer4, Ron Henningerv, Coach-John Mullen. SECOND ROW: Roger Drapei, Ralph Boltev, Oscar Kreisf, Marvin Westendorfi, Robert Boeckmannv, Jay Ranardk, Larry Strucki, Larry Buchholzv. BASEBALL TEAM 'W 1, u, xx f Ax "4U'n. FIRST ROW: Yale Krameri, Jim Kingsburyv, Jerry Snellingv, Robert Molhing, Coach-Ted Olmstead. SECOND ROW: Lavern Busse, Warren Snyderk, Richard Tonner, Lloyd Kukerv, Denny Olejniczakv, David Kalkbrenneri. V Asterisk denotes returning letterman. L 111111111111111 1111111111111111111111 11 111 1111111 11 1 1 I 1111111 1111 1 11 11 Joyce Peters Trudy Nerge Elaine Haverkamp Rgger Drape Dennis Olejniczak Sales Sales A Sales Advertising Advertising NNUAL ,e i 3- L - ' s ifr . Marvin Gatch Editor Mr. Casey 1 Sponser NC 2 fZ N. X x X 4 ak? W s S 5 VJ y Barbara Bany Terry Dreyer Business Manager ssl It 3 QQEHHEQJ fel Jean Biermann Assistant Ed. U , ., lg 4 J ,view ' If iii:C?f ,l?J. kj STAFF Carol Blume Society Ed. K Barbara Bockhaus Society Ed. Shirley Sievers Victor Kimball Marian Blasberg Activity Ed- SP0PtS Ed- class Editor Arn Editor Art Editor JU ICR - SENIOR PRQM A .. , 535. " T li H' h' f' t annual all-night Junior-Senior Prom WaS hgigoApriig2O? 1522. Following a delicious banquet we danced to Jimmy Smith's orchestra in the gym which WHS d9C0I'af'9d following the theme WGarden of Friendshipn' Next we went to Sumner where we saw a movie WBilly the Kidn. By this time everyone was getting tired but the V. F. W. Hall session with disc jockey, Dale Woods, soon revived them. E. J. Zeller, a magician, entertained us with his tricks at the town Hall. A hayride and square dancing refreshed us after a long, but exciting night. Everyone enjoyed a breakfast which concluded our all-night Prom. V A ., K., ..,, 4 +' ".-'mf Af. . if ' . A f gnnxgba 4 Www ft Ba nd FIRST ROW: Kaye Holm, Susie Niemeyer, Barbara Bany, Jean Ambrose, Jackie Nerge. SECOND ROW: Nadean Scbnurstein, Kay Barry, Joy Eichmann, Kathy Klemp, Doris Hildebrandt, Linda Barry, Barbara Bockhaus, Trudy Nerge, Dixon Bunger, Glenyce Waschkat, Mac Snyder, Grace Lohmann, Marvin Gatch, Jolane Teztmeier THIRD ROW: Karen Bockhaus, Suzanne Tonne, Jeanne Martin, Eloise Ratliff, LaJean Slack, Dick Niemeyer, Colleen Weidler, Karlyn Klenzmann, Robert Mohling, Kenneth Hettig, Miss Garrison, Gerald wagner, Jim Klemp, Douglas Bell, Mary Sommers Oscar Kreis, David Block, Warren Snyder TWIRLERS: Sherlie Sauerbrei, Janet Chapin, Janice Kock, Sandra Bany, Darla Bremer, Karon Ladage, Jean Biermann Band President- Trudy Ner e Vice Pres.-Jolene Tegtmeier Secretary- Barbara Bocknaus W Miss Garrison Q' ! fPi9pf Q V., ca! x wnyx- woznv !.' I l'I'l 'l'l0 After waiting for four years we finally got our chance to initiate the freshmen. The boys wore midriffs and a skirt upside down with the zipper closed. The girls wore a sweat shirt and their fathers overalls inside out and backwards. Boys and girls alike wore an excess of make-up. By this time the freshmen thought they could find their way around, but they soon were lost when led blindfolded around the schoolyard and into the gym. After performing stunts and doing exercises they were paired off for the first dance. They had the privileie of dancing with an orange between their necks. A lunch concluded an enjoyable evening. ' X, W 9 xg ,i FIRST ROW: Susie Niemeyer, Kaye Holm, Karla Lobeck, Colleen Weidler, Marian Blasberg, Elaine Haverkamp, Barbara Bany, Karen Lobeck, Mary Kay Sommers, Jeanie Biermann, Shirley Sievers, Miss Garrison SECOND ROW: James Klemp, Trudy Nerge, Bernette Hay, Jackie Nerge, Barbara Bockhaus, Sandra Bany, Ruth Ann Joens, Joy Eichmann, Sherlie Sauerbrei, Carol Blume, Joyce Boderman, Darlys Buls, Kenneth Rettig THIRD ROW: Yale Kramer, Dick Niemeyer, Clifford Joens, Janet Bock, Glenyce Waschkat, Audrey Kappmeyer, Ruth Drewis, Doris Hildebrandt, Betty Lou Pipho, Oscar Kreis, James Lahmann Ml ED CHORUS FIRST ROV: Shirley Mohling, Verdine Boevers, Janet Chapin, Janice Koch, Marian Sassmann, Dorothy Plum, Karlyn Klenzmann, Barbara Schwarze, Karon Ladage, Karen Pinch SECOND ROW: Douglas Bell, Joanne Boevers, Elizabeth Braatz, Mary Goetz, Mary Martin, Marilyn Buchholz, Darla Bremer, Jolane Tegtmeier, Eloise Ratliff, Jeanne Martin, Jeanne Chapin, Rosemnyy Bolte, Howard Joens THIRD ROW: Marvin Gatch, Ronald Sommerfelt, Warren Snyder, Beverly Mohling, Judy Garner, Grace Lohmann, Karen Zander, Janice Berfmann, Dgpig Heinemann, Roger Drape, Gary Stromer H0 E00 Joy Eichmann Reigns As Royalty Queen The Tripoli Panthers played Strawberry Point at the annual Homecoming game on October 19th. The Panthers defeated the Pointers with a score of 19-O. The queen, Joy Eichmann was crowned at the half-time by the king and captain of the football team, Terry Dreyer. The Queens attendants were Janet Chapin,Juniorg Grace Lohmann, Sophomoreg and Ruthanne Joens, Freshman. Ruthanne was unable to attend. Therefore her alternate, LaJean Slack faithfully took her place in the royalty ceremony. After the game a dance followed in the gym which was attended by many of the students, alumni, faculty members, and their wives. "' 'N 5- 5 QD "W J-"".:'::' . , E , ll kitmdlbiffi' SEATED: Mr. Gardner, Carol Blume STANDING: Robert Osborn, Janet Chapin, Susie Niemeyer, Sandra Bany, Kaye Holm, Darrol Heinemann, Trudy Nerge, Shirley Sievers Robert Mohling FUTURE FARMER of AMERICA FIRST ROW: Mr. Hinton, Vernon Everding, Lloyd Kuker, Gary Stromer, Loren Ratliff, Gerald Mohling, Harlan Rauscher, SECOND ROW: Morriss Ratliff, Kenneth Miller, Marvin Drewis, Lawrence Worrell, Paul McNamee, Veryl Buchholz, James Wolf, David Mohling THIRD ROW: Jim Keeran, Robert Osborn, David Price, Ronald Lohmann, John Lenius, Larry Ke ran, Duane Buchholz, Marvin Dancer QEQEE' 7' '4' "f A X -. 7 ,T A .. 1' N : Q D 4 1' 0 X ' ""'q"1: e ' 4' A. A , a Gvg 'N 0 .un 5 4225! Valenti ne Nwanna buy a vote for your best girl?W UOn1y le costs a penny.W nSpecial today! Five for a nick ! These were the cries heard through the halls of THS the week before Feb. 15. Student Council members sold thousands of votes which were cast in the WSweethe1rt Ballot Boxn at the end of the hall. Why? On Feb. 15, the first annual Valentine Sweet- heart Ball, under the sponsorship of the Student Council, was to be held in the Tripoli High School Gymnasium, and at that time Kiss Valentine Sweet- heart of 1957, picked by the students at a penny a vote, was to be announced. Feb. l5 rolled around and the gym, beautifully decorated with red and white hearts, becwme alive with guys and sweethearts ready for a night of fun. At 7:30 the dance floor started to fill as the couples began dancing to recorded music, until 8:30 when the nTen Teens,W a band composed of THS student under the direction of Marv Gatch played their'theme song nSunset Soliloquy.V Finally the big moment arrived. Marv Gatch, representing the Student Coun- cil, announced that the Valentine Sweetheart was Miss Suzanne Niemeyer. Susie, a l6 years old junior noted for her light blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, was escorted by Richard Tonne, Student Council member, to her chair of honor while the music of UMy Little Angeln was played. After being crowned as reigning Sweetheart of the Ball and presented with a gift, she and Richard danced the first dance to the song NA Teenage Prayer.N It was announced that a special edition of the Tee Pee would be dedicated, and in part devoted, to hiss Niemeyer. After this everyone started dancing as the HTen Teensn played everything from rock n 'roll, the bunny hop and the hokey pokey to music on the smooth and dreamy side. At intermissior refresh- ments were served. The nTen Teensn started things moving again after intermission and played a number of popular sonas before they ended with their theme. More dancing was provided by recorded music and this brouaht an end to the successful first annual Valentine Sweetheart mall. Sweetheart Ba it S ! Q Photos courtesy of Kenneth iettig 1 ,,pW fiat ,fm " -f . rg 'LFE ' 7 M44 mm, ,:1z, AR'5Ui i: K M QKWF 4 y f' esy . ourt of IMPLEMENT and BLOCK'S AUTO I Q O3 W X J f jygwrjn 3 Q55 gl INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publrshers V Cover Manufacturers Book Brnders FACTORY ' HOME OFFICE Kansas City K f .mg gf Tk '5h'13'1'w P' ,.f A 0' Fri wh ' nrxurna-1m1:u1i,.,,E mv m my. -.-,V., I N 4 r G i fe

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