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.L-...Q-.-4-L. - - ----fy-.vw 1' ae L ? fA K lA " -A X. UHURRUH .1 I M ww o ....,M.,- ,.-M f Q o Qi ,4 3 , . xy, ,,., P We Q i I . .g:,,,,, I L-5'sg.J:, ,L Af , 7 i -1 , V' gag is 5" Aff' ' . , ,V , fgnqfw , 5 A V I 2 ,, ,smfgggyg qgggwkgggggggIzzfsigxgigizfffgaiiig' qjisevf-A., . ,ng if ff ' Z I-:s5.W,zm.f fy my ,. ii- wwi- , wmfazstf-iz Lf ,QW ips. A I , 'us,s,,,2 1, xxx vfsmff. -- I ' .jgglfglfgif Q- , 5:9 I A A 3 Ty , 4 f .. X . .. Q- Q. J I 5 sr-- 3 Q 5 2 5 f in-M, THEE H0 WITH THE PASSING OF TIME, THE ECHOES OF OUR SCHOOL LIFE WILL GROW FAINTER AND FAINTER, AND THEN DIE AWAY. GONE FOREVER WILL BE THE ROUTINE OF SCHOOL LIFE, THE FUN WE HAD, AND THE FRIENDS WE MADE. IT IS THE HOPE OF THE 1961 ECHO STAFF THAT, AS YOU GLANCE THROUGH THIS BOOK IN YEARS TO COME, YOU WILL RECAPTURE THOSE MOMENTS ---- AND THE ECHOES WILL BEGIN AGAIN. Published by Senior Class Tripoli High School I I Tripoli, Wisconsin BQARD OF EDUCATIO John Hirvela, Carl Pokela, Norene Miller, Ronald Raleigh, Arthur Palmquist, William Sanderson, Ray westergren, Arthur Wakkinen. Message From Board of Education It is notable that our country possesses spectacular scenery, nu- merous libraries, and churches of all creeds. But it is far more noteworthy that an American can choose freely among these opportunities, for the joy of freedom inspires a beauty in the soul that far surpasses that of any writing or scene. --Selected-- Mrs. Allie Johnson, Secretary Mrs. Marvene Bruner Stout State Junior Advisor Home Economics Citizenship FACULTY John Hirvela Superior State Eau Claire State Supervising Principal Social Problems Message From Principal rogress depends on the wisdom of the entire opulation No dictatorship, regardless of ts brilliance, can equal the combined mental esources of a well educated population in a ree society It is therefore lmportant that ducation include everyone Just as the best edicine of fifty years ago is no longer ade- uate, so educational procedure of fifty, or ven twenty years ago, is inadequate today. Ehe world is changing rapidly, and education must change with it. In the light of this, re need continually to re-evaluate and im- prove our educational program. We can never go back to the days of ngood old-fashionedu education. In a democracy such as ours, social J 5 0 I . . ' I 3 Q 1 L a 1 Gerald Kohn La Crosse State College U. S. History Physical Education Coach Richard Jokela Stevens Point State College Music Monroe Johnson Mrs. Isabelle Watson Superior State Oshkosh State University of Minnesota Forensics Senior Advisor English Com ercial Library World History Annual Advisor Donald Erpenbach River Falls State Freshman Advisor Agriculture Shop General Mathematics Drivers Education Harold Kerttula Superior State Sophomore Advisor Physics Chemistry Science Mathematics Wilbert Wasti University of Wisconsin Art SENIORS John Knight A man he is of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. Annual Staff ------------ -- A Baseball ------------------ E Basketball ---------- l, 2, Chorus --------- ----------- Class Play ------------- 3, Class President--1, 2, 3, Forensics -------- 1, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross ------ ---- 1 Prom King ----------------- M M 3 3 Volleyball ------------- 2, Valedictorian ------------- M Kathleen Crowell A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. Annual Staff ---------- ---- h Class Play ------------ -3, M Prom Attendant ---------- --3 22 M Donna Leino It is always the adventurers who accomplish great things. Art-- ---- -------------- -- M Cheerleader -------------- M Chorus """"' 'lg 2, 3, Ll. Class Play ------------ 3, M Forensics ---------- 1, 2, 3 Newspaper Staff ---------- E Prom Queen --------------- 3 Valentine Queen ---------- 2 Honor Student---- ------ --M Bonnie Westergren Annual Staff ----------- -- Art- ------------ --- l, 2, Betty Crocker Award ----- Cheerleader ----- 1, 2, 3 class officer --------- 1: Class Play ------------ 3, 3: Forensics ------- 1, 2, Richard Marheine It is difficult to kee I-"I-I m 23 ,':!'m SUT! d'0 0 Over cn d-H: MSU -:FI o F ca go' C d' 0 SS' 05'-1 900' cfd' H- 0 23 Ln-P'4T-F'-F47-F?-lgku-F' txitxilb 97095 223 CDCTSD cf!!!-' O'l-J WI-'UJ l-'ld' I-'ill'-V Ill-5 Ill-0, Ill Ill Ill Ill Ill lil :Nl lvl I I lbul l"l Z m 23 SU m o 5 u u c 1 1 H520 325' Emo 'U :x-:DO cr"dl-' C1-0522 CD'1U' :sl Q-URI gt-rl m1 rl-Hal I'-bl :lr lun lx: :ln lan lun ull ul: all ull P quiet if you have nothing to do. Annual Staff ---------- Baseball ----------- 2, 2, Basketball ------ 1, Chorus --------- ------- Class Officer --------- Class Play ------------ Forens1cs---- ---- -1, Junior Red Cross------ Newspaper Staff ------- Salutatorian ---------- Volleyball --------- 2, 3, 2, 3, -F'-r'-T'-F'l-'UD-ITN-F'-IT'-IT'-F' Michael Wasti I enjoy life, I'm never ngonnan grow up. Basketball Chorus ----- ----- - ---'- 2, Class Play ------ ----- 3, Forensics ----- ---'-"" Prom Attendant ------- -- Newspaper Staff ------ -- Volleyball ------- -- -- Clifton Schumann If study were the cause of death, I'd live forever. Basketba11--- ------ -1, 2, 3 3 Class Play ---- --------- 3 Prom Attendant- ------ ----- Sharon Grover Class-Play ------------- 3, Glee Club ----------------- Newspaper Staff ----------- Prom Attendant --------- 2, Tumbling ------------------ 3 m U o 2 0 5 d I4 H- 4 m +4 S CQ I U! H- D CQ ww-FMF la' 0 Susan Heikkinen I am a great believer in luck, and I find the hard I work the more I have of it. Annual Staff ------------- """"""'-' 1, 2, Cheerleader -------- 1, 3, Chorus ------ ---- 1, 2, 3, Class Officer---1, 2, 3, Class Play ------------ 3, DAR- ---- --------- - ----- - - 3, -Forensics ------- 1, Newspaper Staff ---------- Prom Attendant ----------- Tumbling -------- --------- Valentine Queen ------- 2, Volleyball --------- ------ 3: Honor Student ------ ------ S Ffbvif FT F?F? -FWAUJKADJ-F'-F'-F' Violet Weisinger Women are wiser than men be cause they know less, under stand'more. Annual Staff ------------- H Class Play --------------- 3 Junior Red Cross --------- 2 Prom Attendant ----------- 3 Tony Marheine If you can't make a man think as you do, make him do as you think. Baseball ---------- 2, 3, M Basketball -------- 2, 3, M Class Play ----------- 3, L Prom Attendant ---------- 3 Volleyball -------- 2, M 3, i Dennis Johnson Love to live, live to love. Annual Staff ------------- M Baseball -------- 1, 2, 3, M Basketball ------ 1, 2, 3, A Chorus ---------------- 2, M Class Play ------------ 3, M Forensics ------------- 2, 3 Newspaper Staff ---------- A Prom Attendant ---------- E Volleyball ----------- -2, Richard Wanie Every dog has its day, but the nights are reserved for the cats. '1J0QU1UdSb Ol'-'IJWSSIDE PSSUOMU mrA".1::'D.-5 SWCCDISD rn me-rl!-' I-""dlU'l OI-'ISDICD WWII-'ld' l'4ll-'ISD llIllHa llllll'b llllll Illlll llllll llllll llll-'I-ll lllbvl Ill I Ill-'NNI ggbuug NMJNKAUJI buses' I .l!r'L.a.l?'L,,p.g:'.5:-.j:'.p'4:- Newspaper Staff ---------- Prom Attendant ----------- Volleyball ------- ---3, David Jahn I believe in work, but I'm not in favor of it. Class Play ------------ 3, M Bonnie Swenson Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry KPKPSD '1 I4 as 0 IS' 33 I9-'J 0 :H' IU-T ld' ISU lHJ :ze :: ll ll :: I-'I ': Nl ': -II'-F'-ITD-'bl-F' Cheerleader ------------- - Class Play ---------- --3, Forensics ------- 1, 2, 3, Newspaper Staff --------- - l Melvin Hauta what he wants to get out of school most is himself. Art """"""' 1: 2: 31 ll- Glass Play ------------ 3, A Thomas Scheu A little rebellious now and then. C las s Play- -------- ----- - ll. Prom Attendant ------- ---- H Arthur Koskela The largest room in the world is the room for improvempnt. Art ------------------ 1, 2, 3 Band ----------------------- 1 Class Play ----------------- 3 Prom Attendant ------------- 3 i Darlene Ison Maureen Elliott Noble in thought and all her' I'11 1613 the WOP3-d 830 by deeds. Chorus ----- -------- 1, 2, 3 Transferred from Portage, PPOTY1 Attendant """ "" Wisconsin. Class Motto: Hwith The Light Of Today, we'l1 Explore The Path Of Tomorrown Class Flower: White Rose Class Colors: Lavender and Silver CLASS HISTCRY August, 1957--the beginning of the beginning! A group of nervous young boys and girls cautiously approached Tripoli High. All were so eager to join this higher class of society and yet were so apprehensive. would they like us? There was no need to worry, they welcomed us with smiles and were glad we were with them, although doubts did cross our minds during initiation. After the initiation we gave a return dance, and then settled downih study. August, 1958--we were sophomores. The only event to break the long year for us was the beating of the freshmen with poles and whips. 1959--1960--a wonderful year. We began by treating the public to our acting ability, though Wtreatlngn may not be the word. At least we tried hard, and it was a lot of fun. Oh--you want to know the names of the plays? They were: nSubmerged,n nHouse of Greed,n and nRuffles and Roller Skates.N Then came our prom--the biggest event of our junior year. After much thought we decided the theme would be about the sea. We called it nLa Mer,u the sea. We decorated the walls with mermaids and starfish. THB stage, being the center of attraction, held the biggest mermaid. She was sitting in a ten-foot shell. The most wonderful thing about the prom was the response from the people. We had a foot of snow on the ground, a blizzard going strong, but--they came, they came till the gym was packed. We knew then that we had the nicest com unity in the world backing us. The post prom followed the next week: there was another big turnout and a hgppy junior class. Yes, now we knew for sure that every- one liked us. August, 1960--the beginning of the end! Our senior year! We were toprbrass now. We felt it our duty to entertain, so we gave a play, nThe Curly Tale.n It was about a western family visiting New York. Producing'was a lot of fun, and thanks to Mrs. Watson, a success. We are planning a trip to Washington D.C. in May. The money for it was earned through candy sales, plays, dances, and a number of other extra-curricular activities. Now we are waiting, waiting with the same feelings we had four years ago--waiting with an eagerness to see the world, to work, to go on to school. On May 19, we will no longer wait--we will do--for this is graduation night--the end of four happy years and the beginning of many more' CLASS WILL We, the class of 1961, being of sound mind and memory, realize that we are about to depart from this school life, and do hereby wish to declare this to be our last will and testament. I, Kathleen Crowell, will the fun I've had in high school to my brother Pat and my respect to Mrs. Watson for putting up with the senior boys. I, Maureen Elliott, will my ntermn at Tripoli to anyone who can stand a fifth year and my little old desk to Sharon Shore. I, Sharon Grover, will my four years at Tripoli to anyone interested in school, my social problems book to David Ernst, and my affection to some- one special I, Melvin Hauta, will my Ford to Mike Mesun, my seat to future seniors, and my gas charge account to Greg Powers. I, Susan Heikkinen, will the fun I've had in high school to Jackie Niskanen, my love for music to the non-appreciators, any my ability to study to my brother Gary. I, Darlene Ison, will my books to my sister Diane and I would will Greg Powers some money to buy a heater if I had some. I, David Jahn, will my 1951 Olds to Melvin Hauta, my sideburns to Mr. Erpenbach, and my English pad to Mrs. Watson. I, Dennis 301'1f1S0f1, will my interests in athletics to my brother Deane, mY fun in T. H. S. to all future students, and my senior picture to M. G. M. I, John Knight, will my happiness at T. H. S. to everyone, my three Corvettes to the drivers education class, and good luck to my friends in the future. I, Arthur Koskela, will my ability to stay out of detention to Paul Kangas, my trapping skill to Gary Calhoun, and my nickname nMouseH to the senior boys. I, Donna Leino, will my success as Prom Queen to all future queens, my fun in T. H. S. to my sister and brothers, my love of horses and dogs and someone to that someone, and the best of luck to everyone. I, Anton Marheine, will my desk to my brother Phil, my overshoes to anyone who makes the daily trip to the woods, and I'll keep my chain saw. I, Richard Marheine, will my four years On the basketball team to Terry Wasti, my desk to some student who will need it next year, and my skinny six to Chops. I, Thomas Scheu, will my driving ability to all hot Ford owners, my bills to David Ernst, and my experience at Heikkinens to everyone who uses Co-op welders. I, Clifton Schumann, will all my days in detention to anyone who likes to eat cold food and my seat by the main room desk to Paul Kangas. I, Bonnie Swenson, will my books back to Mr. Hirvela, my attendance to Dean Johnson, my l958,Christmas vacation to Mr. M. Johnson, and the fun I've had during my four years to my sister, Sherri. I, Dick Wanie, will my trig book tony brother Don, my adventures to Dean Johnson, and my nbugn to Darryl Pokela. I, Micheal Wasti, to Moose, my good I, Violet Weisinge who wants it, and will my set of wheels to my brother Terry, my trig book times to Dennis Laaksonen, and my tennis shoes to Naama. r, will my uncomfortable seat in the first row to anyone I, Bonnie Kaye Westergren, will my experience in the restaurant to the Ison girls, my fun in school to all future students, and my school spirit to those who are lacking it. President --------- -John Knight Vice Pres --Susan Heikkinen Secretary ---------- Donna Leino Treasurer---- Bonnie westergren JU IDRS Row 1 Row 2 Row 3: Dolores Hebert, Judy Korpela, Mary Hoffman, Joan Swenson, Miriam Kaihlanen. Milton Gustafson, Jeanette Thorell, Mrs. Bruner CAdvisorJ, Gary Calhoun, Philip Marheine. William Hoffman, David Ernst, Michael Mesun, Darroll Danek, David Palmquist, President ----- Billy Hoffman Vice Pres.-Jeanette Thorell Secretary ------ Judy Korpela Treasurer--Miriam Kaihlanen SOPHOMORES 4 1 Row 1: Row 2 Row 3 Carol Zerbe, Shirley Thorbus, Patricia weisinger, Dierdra Fisher, Ronald Laine, Michaelene Martin. Kathleen Raleigh, Donald Wanie, Anita Mesun, Mr. Kerttula' lAdvisorD, Kathleen Marheine, Marion Lind. Lillian Maki, Billy Gustafson, Darryl Pokela, Jere Marheine, William Heikkinen, Gregory Powers, Lawrence Knight, Jerry Wakkinen. President ---- Dierdra Fisher Vice Pres.--Billy Gustafson Secretary ------ Donald Wanie Treasurer-Michaelene Martin FRESHME Row 1: Gail Wanie, Laurie Benefiel, Terry Wasti, George Petaja, Mr. Erpenbach iAdvisorD, Jean Hoffman, Dennis Lggksonen, Jackie Niskanen, Dennis Thorell. Row 2: Richard Maki, Anthony Slowikowski, Tommy Loehmer, Paul Kangas, Penny Hinsa, Andy Anderson, Douglas Marheine, Carol Severson, Rose Scheu. Row 3: Thomas Worden, Sharon Shore, Kenneth Johnson, Deane Johnson, Ilmi Ranta, Clyde Richert, Rosemary Ahlborn, Virginia Nord, Walter Pfalzgraff. Absent: Leah Fish, Kathy Davidson, Mike Savola. President -------- Ilmi Ranta Vice Pres. --'-- Jean Hoffman Secretary---Jackie Niskanen Treasurer ----- George Petaja NNUAL STAFF Back Row: Mr. Johnson QAdvisorJ, Kathleen Crowell, Richard Wanie, Dennis Johnson, Donna Leino. Row One: Bonnie Westergren, John Knight, Violet Weisinger, Row Two: Susan Heikkinen, Michael Wasti, Richard Marheine. Editor ---------- Assistant Editor Sports ---------- Music ------- ---- Business Manager Advertising ----- Activities ------ Class will ------ Class History--- Typist ---------- ----------------------------Bonnie westergren ------------------------------Susan Heikkinen ----------------Richard Wanie, Dennis Johnson --------------------------------Richard Wanie -----------------------------Richard Marheine -----------------------------Michael Wasti -----------Kathleen Crowell, Violet weisinger ----------------------------------Donna Leino ----------------------------------John Knight -------------------------------Bonnie Swenson fl naq:Y EWSPAPER STAFF Back Row: Mary Hoffman, Virginia Nord, Kathleen Marheine, Richard Wanie, Dennis Johnson, Michael Wasti. Front Row: Donna Leino, Richard Marheine, Susan Heikkinen, Bonnie Westergren, Mr. Johnson KAdvisor7. Editor ------------ Assistant Editor-- Senior Reporter--- Junior Reporter--- Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter- Sports ------------ Personalities ----- Fashions ---------- Gossip- ----------- Art ------------ --- ,J ----------------------------Susan Heikkinen -----------Dennis Johnson ---Bonnie Swenson -Richard Marheine -----Mary Hoffman Kathleen Marheine ----Virginia Nord and Michael Wasti ------------------Susan Heikkinen ------------------------------Sh8.I'Ol1 GPOVSI' Bonnie Westergren and Bonnie Swenson --------------------------------Donna Leino X l - O 1x Y S Q f Clpa I J 6 .L 5, A C:::, -:IZ CRENSICS Row 1: Terry wasti, Dolores Hebert, Michaelene Martin, Jackie Niskanen, Mrs. Watson CAdvisorJ, Bonnie Westergren, Carol Zerbe, Jean Hoffman, Gail Wanie. Row 2: Judy Korpela, Joan Swenson, Kathleen Raleigh, Dierdra Fisher, Susan Heikkinen, Shirley Thorbus, Mary Hoffman, Miriam Kaihlanen ROW 32 Lillian Maki,Billy Gustafson, Darryl Pokela, Jeanette Thorell, David Palmquist, Deane Johnson, Anita Mesun, Donald wanie. Row M: Richard Marheine, Richard wanie, Billy Heikkinen, John Knight, Ilmi Ranta, Michael Wasti, Kathleen Marheine, Marion Lind. Twenty-five of the above students competed in the forensic contest to represent our school. Of those the following were chosen in the Flambeau League Contest: Memorized Declamations--Marion Lind and Anita Mesun, Interpretive Reading--Bonnie Swenson and Jeanette Thorellg Non- Original Orations--Donald Wanie and Deane Johnsong Original Oration-- David Palmquistg Four-Minute Speeches--Michalene Martin and Kathleen Raleighg Public Address--Mary Margaret Hoffman, Extemporaneous Speak- ing--John Knightg Play Reading--Richard Wanie, Richard Marheine, Michael wasti, Dennis Johnson, and Terry Wasti. These people competed in the Flambeau League Contest held on March 10. Marion Lind, Mary Margaret Hoffman and Kathleen Raleigh received Ale so they were eligible to speak at Hurley. Our school earned thirty-six points in the League Contest and put us in third place. JU IOR PROM Queen--Donna Leino King--John Knight Theme--"La-Mer" Theme Song--Beyond the Sea Orchestra--Jim Steiber May 7, 1960 SE IOR CLASS PLAY THE CURLEY TALE The Curleys from Oklahoma won a trip to the Big City from the Cattle Growers Association for being the "Outstanding Ranch Family of the year.n Their happy, care free spirits kept Amy Wilder, their press agent in a ditherg but everyone else, from M. Gaston, the hotel chef, to Grant Morgan, the press photographer, was completely captivated. Even little Millie Carpenter, an old neighbor who had gone to the city to become an actress succumbed and promised to come home to marry Linc, the older son of the Curleys. Lex, the younger son, won SlO0,000.00 when he got into the wrong TV studio. Rose usually could be found in the kitchen of M. Gaston while Dan rode in parades or got into Scraps with robbers. In fact, everyone had a good time in the Big City. WHey, Amy! The partyfs just getting good! nThere it is, Rose, the big cityln Where are you going? JU ICR CLASS PLAY Standing: Dolores Hebert, Joan Swenson, William Hoffman, Milton Gustafson, David Palmquist, Jeanette Thorell, Darrell Danek, Miriam Kaihlanen. Sitting: Mike Mesun, Tommy Wilson ------------ Judy Korpela, Mary Hoffman, Gary Calhoun. IT'S A GREAT LIFE - -- -------- David Palmqpist Ted Stokes ----------------- --- ------------- ---- Milton Gustafson Mr. Charles Wilson ----- Mrsa Elouise wilson ---- Miss Gertrude Harris ---- Mary Wilson ----------- ------------------- Marie George ----------- --------------------- ---- Wilbert Wiggins ------ Miss Alstead Billings Theresa Gant --------- Muscles O'Rourke ----- Stage Manager -------- Directed by-- ------ -- -- - --------- Mike Mesun Jeanette Thorell --Dolores Hebert ----Mary Hoffman Miriam Kaihlanen ---Darrell Danek ----Joan Swenson ----Judy Korpela ----Gary Calhoun -William Hoffman --Mrs. I. Watson MUSIC GLEE CLUB BAND THLETICS 'QQ 99 M Left to Right: Dick Wanie, Deane Johnson, Richard Marheine, Dennis Johnson, Darrell Danek, Mr, Kohn CCoachJ, John Knight, Billy Heikkinen, Tony Marheine, Darryl Pokela, David Palmquist, Clyde Richert lManagerD. QQEBQ7 'I'EE nvq Left to Right: Terry Wasti, Milton Gustafson, Deane Johnson, Jere Marheine, Mr. Kohn CCoachD, Jerry wakkinen, Lawrence Knight, Donald Wanie, Douglas Marheine, Philip Marheine CManager'7. BASKETBALL SEASON Dwte Played At Tripoli Scorep Qpponent Opponent Score Nov. 18 Fifield 60 Fifidld Nov. 29 Tripoli HS westboro Dec. 2 Tripoli S2 Winter Dec. 6 Tripoli HO Prentice Dec. 9 Glidden S5 Glidden Dec. 16 Tripoli 52 Butternut Jan. 6 Tripoli 63 Holcombe Jan. 10 Hawkins 63 Hawkins Jan. 13 Tripoli S9 Fifield Jan. 17 Tripoli S9 Rib Lake Jan. 20 winter 63 Winter Jan. 2h Prentice H3 Prentice Jan. 27 Tripoli 51 Glidden Jan. 31 Rib Lake 60 Rib Lake Feb. 3 Butternut 55 Butternut Feb. 7 Westboro 56 Westboro Feb. 10 Holcombe 67 Holcombe Feb. 17 Tripoli 56 Hawkins TOURNAMENT Feb. 2h Prentice 68 Hawkins Feb. 25 Prentice H6 Prentice SCORING SEASON TOURNAMENT .1 er Ea m 2 22. E .12 F Dick Marheine 58 51 H5 167 8 2 Tony Marheine 11 7 9 29 O O Deane Johnson 6 O 2' 12 3 L William Heikkinen eo 38 2M 158 13 8 Darroll Danek 57 eo 50 17M 3 5 John Knight 8 2 lip 18 o o Dick Wanie 1 O M 2: O 0 Dennis Johnson 122 55 55 299 16 9 Darryl Pokela H2 28 21 112 O O David Palmquist ln 2 ln 30 0 O Jere Marheine 2 1 3 5 O O CHEERLE DERS TEAM: Donna Leino, Miriam Kaihlanen, Bonnie Westergren. "A" TEAM: Jeanette Thorell, Kathleen Marheine, Dierdra Fisher, Susan Heikkinen. BASEBALL TEAM Row 1: Terry Wasti, Donald wanie, Mr. Kohn CCoachJ, Milton Gustafson, DQUSIHS Mafheine' B.9U..3.: Jere Marheine, Dennis Johnson, Da.:-roll Dansk, Billy Heikkineh, David Palmquist. GR DE . FIRST GRADE QQEQQLLH Heidi Niskanen, Barry Frawley, Cindy Lind, James Shore. Row 2: Roxanne Koch, Carl Felser, Brent Albrent, Bobby Maki, Charles Kan2EET" ROW 3? Debra Kurth, Johnny Kangas, Cheryl Swenson, George Grubbg, Chester Kangas, Patty Raleigh, Jeffrey Hoffman. Standin : 33533 xiihgi2e,RDErlene Birch, Barbara Maki, Mrs. Hirvela Teacher , 0 , u h Jahn, Daryl Swenson, SECOND GRADE . Bow lx Bruce Plachetka, Billy Severson, Daniel Kivela, Tommy Winters, Alan Swenson, Judy Altman. Row 2: Buddy Elliot, Michael Maki, Cynthia Kangas, David Koch, James Heikkinen, Leigh Ann Knight. Row 3: Joan Zink, Roy Pajala, Beverly Marheine, Thomas Welke, Russell Wakkinen. Standing: Sandra Ngehrle, Dennis Mattson, Mrs. Jokela CTeacherJ, Sherry Sarkkinen, Abbey Ninneman, Walter Raleigh' THIRD GRADE 1331-lg Kenneth Laaksonen, Shirley Altman, Victoria Allar, Row 2: Billy Maki, Judith Wasti, Bruce Heikkinen, Sally Birch, Cheryl Frawley, Dennis Marheine. Row 1: Johnny Weisinger, Richard Maki, Benjamin Albrent, Alfred Wilcott. Standin r Richard Shore, Beverly Baker, Deane Kerttula, Mrs. Swenson CTeacher5, Russell Sarkkinen, Gregory Fisher, Douglas Plachetka. Absent: Philip Wanie. FOURTH GRADE Row 1: David Hinsa, Constance Marheine, Roger Shore. Row 21 Michael Koch, Lon Ruder, Richard Korpela, David Birch. Row 3: Shirley Wasti Barbara Hill, Deborah Kangas, Keith Gustafson, Suzetfe Felser. Row H: Karla Braski, Caroline Woehrle, Wally Tewes, Catherine Marheine, Kinda Lammi. Standing: Randy Sarkkinen, Miss Perkio CTeacherD, Michael Auman w W 4 FIFTH GRADE Row l: James Hill, Delores Weisinger, Linette Baker, Janice Hardy, Lillie Schmitter, Linda Heikkinen, Tony Palmquist. Row 2: Norman Winters, Lucinda Shore, Peter Hinsa, Julie Birch, Wendy Pokela, Judith Marheine. Row Q: Paula Maki, Richard Brietzko, RObi1'1 WS?-ke, Michael Knight, James Kivela. Standing: Peggy Leino, Mrs. Richert CTeacherD, Mona Gale Albrent. SIXTH GRADE Row l: Dawn Marheine, Michael Braski, Jo Marie Plachetka, Alan HefEEinen, Paige Fisher. Row 2: Gene Lind, Ashley Manninen, Tommy Frawley, Linda Marheine, Jarene Miller, Peter Collett. Standing: Richard Hebert, Kenneth Koch, Mrs. Rosenlof CTeacherJ, Michael Baker, Billy Shore. Absent: Sandra Nord. SEVENTH GRADE Row l: Jerry Swenson, James Maki, Barbara Lind, Crystal Manninen, Karen Winters. Row 2: Leon Gustafson, Dennis Brietzke, Daniel Jarvi, David Kivela, JOHH Metsala, Barry Scheu. Row 3: Timmy Knight, Wayne Plachetka, Tedi Palmquist, Janey Wakkinen, Lenorekiskanen. Row Q: Charles Stone, Duane Kerttula, Willard Kangas, David weisinger, Robert Auman. Standin : David Leino, Peter Raleigh, Kathleen Keskinen, Mrs. Palmquist KTeacher5, Alice Birch, Johnny Joe Hoffman, Mickey Welke. EIGHTH GRADE Row 1: Patrica Swenson, Maureen Frawley, Betty Jahn, Linda Baker, Jean Niemi. Row 2: Kathleen Ninneman, Johnny Shore, Judy Harding, Ervin Brietzke, Sally Severson, Steve Hinsa. Row 3: Frank Sindelar, Joan Marheine, Peter Heikkinen, Dick Carpenter, Donna Kivela, Robert Koch. Row Q: Judy Loehmer, Robert Beaumont, Sharon McDonnell, James Laine, Karen Heikkinen. Standin 3 Linda Maki, Helen Woehrle, Gary Heikkinen, Mr. Gustafson CTeacEer5, Eugene Auman, Dale Jarvi, Wallace Raleigh. BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Emil Manty, Edwin Maki, Oliver Lind, Ben Marheine, Clarence Marheine, Oliver Korpela. CAFETERI WORKERS R Brentwood Andy Anderson, Janitor Mrs. Arvid Hauta Mrs. Charles Powers AN ANITORS Mrs Mrs Mrs Not pictured Tripoli Ed Maki Phoebe Sherwood Leo Laine Mr. and Mrs. Fred Loehmer SNAPSHOTS nLogs Aw yn A coffee break. . ,,., , 7 N , .,A.,,, ,, . , f... ,,,Wg7,W . - -f":2if'rsY x 5' K e WY'-523 Y: In law a n lv iii 5.2 " " X 9 454 fn , F T xx WP 'Q my 42 , K M ms ,E , 5,2 W7 K . gl as Af , 'H 2 S s 1 BM 'if DQS' bs -I ,- .. s'3Jf:efg,+- ,EMI .' - qv 1.:,,.f-xilf, wp nz'--:,.'m"'5-fr i-,kffyiifzswyya1, Q fxsmgg wm1+-W ,Q - , E . --'- : --fgff f, f ,N55 f gg : " 'E .wf,..S. .. A - MQ-eg.f,ggf: fi g1',--M2154-:f: ':.. A wh , 1' .Q:,., f,,-,v,n,-ff L, 111- ,W ,M-,,m, . Shirley T' Susan H. 4, sy I Q 3? 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