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2 1? Q ,1 ii 4 Y r , N lv ,,,, ---r iff? 1. K W. SGW? r - Tawau I9 60 H1911 scnoom 9 I WE THE GLASS OF 1960 HAVE TRIED TO GIVE A FICTORIAL ACCOUNT OF SCHOOL DAYS BEGINNING THROUGH THESE OPEN DOORS. THE SENIORS ARE DREAMING OF THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE BEYOND THESE DOORS. THIS ALONE CHALLENGES US TO SET OUR GOALS HIGH, GRASP OPPORTUNITY, GIVE SERVICE, AND FACE LIFE WITH HEARTS FILLED WITH COURAGE AND - HOPE. BOARD OF EDUCATION John Hirvela, Carl Pokela, Norene Miller, Ronald Raleigh, Arthur Palmquist, William Sanderson, Ray Westergren, Arthur Wakkinen. Mrs. Allie Johnson, Secretary FACULTY John Hirvela Eau Claire State Supervising Principal Social Problems Monroe Johnson University of Minn. Superior State Junior Advisor Com ercial World History World Geography Annual Advisor School Paper Advisor Mrs. Isabelle Watson Oshkosh State Forensics English Library Advanced Mathematics Mrs. Marvene Bruner Stout State Sophomore Advisor Domestic Science Citizenship Arthur Beijer Royal Academy of Music Stockholm, Sweden Instrumental Music Vocal Music Richard Bugni Superior State U.S. History Physical Education Harold Kerttula Superior State Donald Erpenbach River Falls State Freshman Advisor Senior Class Advisor Physics Agriculture Chemistry Driver Education Science Mathematics Mathematics Biology Mrs. Ruth Stolle , Lincoln County Normal Junior Prom Art 1-12 SENIOR CLASS v t t SHARON BELCHER GEORGE GLEMENTS whaws the fun of fighting Oh Yes' SCh001"I do fi-'POP in ' if you can't make up. occasionally' JAM S CALHOUN RONALD HEIKKINEN All wisdom does not come from Self-sacrifice enables us to books: why study and spoil your sacrifice other people with- looks? out blushing. CATHERINE HOFFMAN KENNETH HOFFMAN always happy' alwaya Say' aalaam I never think of the futur 9 has a dull day' It comes soon enough. , FLORENCE JAHN ARTHUR JOHNSON Florence is rather a quiet little D0 UIWO 015h6!'S b6f0I'9 they do lassg we hardly know she's in unto YOU- our class. 2 ERVIN KAESER KAREN JOHNSON If you have a taste for luxury, Shevs no Star in sports, but eat a mink coat. she sure shines at night. H 4 DOROTHY KOSKI FRANCIS LIND I must be cruel onl to b , y e There are two times in a man's kind. life when he should not speculateg when he ' can t afford it, and when he can. MARION METSALA I feel wonderful every morning until I wake up. JAMES PALMQUIST The world knows little of its greatest men. ELAINE MACKI Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul. JAMES METSALA A leader of men, a follower of women. RICHARD ROSENLOF BONNIE RANDERSGN A good deed is better than a A little nonsense now and then, ' precious ointment. Why can't is relished by the wisest men. I find some? PATRICIA SAVOLA LILLIAN sLow1KowsKI D i il h B th fi d d?f??cgii ig zaiengg aging xhat gg Sgi22cZbg3getgg1:ZgEsI'd is impossible for' talent is ' genius. DARLENE SWENSON PATRICK TALBOT Ask me no questions, and I'll Never speak se h tell you no fibs. will serve thenggrgogg ggnsglii AUDREY THORBUS JIM THORELL You're young only once but if DanS9P0US after midnight- you live right, once is enough. SHARON BELCHER Annual Staff ------------- Glee Club ------------ 1, 2, Band --------------------- Newspaper Staff ---------- Forensics ------------ 1, 2, Class Pla y -------------- - Prom Attendant ------ - ---- Class Officer ------------ Cheerleader -------------- Basketball --------------- JAMES CALHOUN Basketball ---- - ---------- Baseball ---------------- 2, Class Play --------------- Prom Attendant ----------- GEORGE CLEMENTS Baseball Mana er - g -- ---q -- Class Play --------------- RONALD HEIKKINEN Baseball ---------------- 1, Basketball ----------- 1, 2, Volleyball -------------- 2, Class Play --------------- Annual Staff ------------- Prom Attendant ----------- Class Officer ------------ Track -------------------- CATHERINE HOFFMAN Band ----------------- 1, 2, Glee Club ------------ 1, 2, Forensics ------------ 1, 2, Tumbling ----------------- Basketball --------------- Newspaper Staff ---------- Annual Staff ------------- Class Play --------------- Prom Attendant ----------- KENNETH HOFFMAN Class Play --------------- Prom Attendant ----------- FLORENCE JAHN Class Play --------------- Prom Attendant ----------- ARTHUR JOHNSON Newspaper Staff -------- -- Baseball ----------------- Volleyball --------------- Forensics ---------------- Class Play --------------- Annual Staff ------------- Prom Attendant ----------- Honor Student ------------ PJPJPNHITITITFUITFT hub!-I7'-F' KJJDJ I-' IUUJ-lZ'K.u-F'-I-Tkv uMuI7F1P17F7F17 hub! KDKA F17F7F47 I I I I I A 41' KARE Class Play ----- Tumbling ------- N JOHNSON ------------3, ------------1, l4I757 Cheerleader -------------- ----- Forensics ------ Glee Club ------ Annual Staff--- Newspaper Staff Prom Attendant- """ls 2: ------1, 2. ------------2, ERVIN KAESER Baseball ------- Forensics ------------------ 3, Class Play ----------------- Annual Staff -------- Newspaper Staff DOROTHY KOSKI Newspaper Staff --------- Band ----------------- 1, Glee Club ------------ 1, Forensics ------------ l, Cheerleading ------------ Volleyball -------------- 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, Annual Staff --------------- Class Officer---- ---- --- Red Cross- ----------------- Prom Attendant ------------- Honor Student ---------- ---- Class Play --------------- -- FRANCIS LIND Class Play ----------------- Newspaper Staff- Annual staff---- --------- -- Prom Attendant ------------- ELAINE MACKI Band ----- - -------- --------- Glee Club ------------ Forensics ------------ Volleyball ----- 1, 2, ln 2: 3: ------------2, Newspaper Staff ------------ Annual Staff --------------- Class Officer ------- - ---- -- Prom Attendant ------------- 3, Class Play ----------------- Honor Student -------------- D, A. R. Award ------------- Betty Crocker Award -------- Basketball ----------------- JAMES METSALA Newspaper Staff --------- Basketball ----------- --- Baseball ------------ -1, 2, 2, Volleyball -------------- 2, Track ------------- ------ Forensics ------------ 1, 2, Band """"""' '-" 1 5 2, Class Officer ----------- 2, Chorus---- ------ -- ----- - uLP1?47F7 4747475757 47F1nuJHi7UH7F7F47F' X947 F7F174747Lu574747Lu47F7F7 Y04747F7F447474747 Annual Staff ---- Prom King ------- Honor Student--- Class Play ------ MARION Glee Club ------- Cheer1eader----- Class Play ------ Prom Attendant-- Newspaper Staff- METSALA ""'1: 2: if If 4f5FFf uunn Dbuacochns Forensics------- Band ------------ Tumbling -------- Volleyball ------ Basketball ------ """1s 2: :naman-pcnsu can-:annual an-csuunnun pun-nnqununnu JAMES PALMQUIST Valedictorian--- Band ------------ Chorus ---------- Forensics ------- Annual Staff ---- Glass Play ------ King of Hearts-- Prom Attendant-- uvcunnl, 2, BONNIE RANDERSDN Annual Staff ---- Newspaper Staff- Class Play ------ Forensics ----- --------- Glee Club ------ - -------- 2, Tumb11ng--- ---- - Basketbal1------ RICHARD Basketball Manag Glass Play ------ Chorus ---------- Annual Staff ---- Volleyball ------ Forensics ------- Basketball ------ Baseball -------- Baseball Manager Track-- ---- - ---- Prom Attendant ROSENLOF era:-annum: -nnhnquoz, A ----- 1, 2, --------1, 3' 1, 3, Tumbling Team ------------- - Band ----------------------- IA PATRIC Glee Club ---- --- Class Officer--- Class Play ------ Forensics ------- Art ------------- Annual Staff ------ - ----- Newspaper Staff- Prom Attendant-- Salutatorian---- SAVOLA -----1, 2, -----1, 2, --------1, 31 3: K0M0F5P1:1T1HFf JTMQFTNHYFT E1F1FH?19i?F7 KvLB47F4l04fU0I?5TFTE?Ffh3 4:XuQ?1T4TFfE?F4Ff LILLIAN SLOWIKOWSKI Newspaper Staff- Forensics ---- --- Class Play ------ Glee Club ------- are ---- ---- ----- Annual Staff ---- Prom Attendant-- DARLENE Forensics ------- Class Play ------ Annual Staff---- Newspaper Staff- Glee Club ------- Prom Attendant-- Basketball ------ nnnntouql, 3: 2, SWENSON 3 nnucn 332, causal, 2, 3, 3, PATRICK TALBOT ---1+ 3 "li it 3 M 1 he M Class Play ----- --- ---- -----3, M Prom Attendant--- ---------- -- 3 RUDREY THORBUS Glee Club ---- --------1, 2, 3, M Cheerleader---- ------ 1, 2, 3, A Class Play ---- ----- ------ --3, M Prom Queen ------- - ---------- - 3 Newspaper Staff------ ------- --M Annual Staff----------------- M Forensics ---- - ---- ---l, 2, 3, M Band ----------- ------1, 2, 3, H Class Officer- ------ ----2, 3, h Honor Student ------- - ----- --- Queen of Hearts ------ - ------- 3 nnununnu nsnncnunnh M McCal1's Candidate ---- - ------ M JIM THORELL Class Play -------- ---------3, M 65 6 " 1 . 'st ff Q"-6 ,Niq ' iq .rg 'I ' A ' 'A x - 9 R gl I I LX H O ' t . 6 "' f.pf3:iE? ' 1? , yf A , CLASS HISTORY Once upon a long time ago, August 27, 1956 to be more specific, as twenty-eight lowly peasants, we made our way into the palace known as Tri-County High School. Later our nu ber grew to twenty-nine. we had heard that the king was a tyrant. Of course we weren't afraid. at least not too much. Timidly, for the first week, we trod lightly through the halls of ivy. Then a decree was issued. 'Hear ye! Hear ye! Let it be known through- out the kingdom that all new members of my court must be initiated. I hereby decree that the courtiers of second degree will officiate at this event.m Now this had us going around in circles. What tortures would they conjure up? Wbuld we be able to stand it? When the day of reckoning came, we were the laughing stock of the kingdom but did survive. And as should be, we gave a party in thanks for the kindness of our upper- classmen. Thus our first year as courtiers came to a happy climax. we were still alive! we were somewhat more relaxed as our second year came around. During this year we lost six members of our party. They were Carol Belke, Tom Selover, Carol Newby, Sandra Stanley, Darold Hess, and Carl Hedman. Gur two social events were a chance to initiate the lowlyfpeasantswbo were following in our footsteps and to enjoy the party they gave in deep appreciation of the kindness shown them. We were in a quite dormant stage of education during this year. Great things were in store for the next year though. Yes, great things were in store for our junior year in court. We became court jestere. we tried our hand at play-act1ng to amuse the royal court and the peasants. we were magnificent! Our little group decided on three plays: nhigh Wlndow,m a spine-tingling mystery: WHO Time for Skirts,N story of a tomboy turned girl: and mShock of His Life,"story of Pa Maxwell in his last days and how the rest of the family helped him believe this farce, were our masterpieces. Ah, yes! Life was so wonderful in days of yore. Springtime came and filled our hearts with thoughts of the gaiety of nights in old Vienna. To bring the granduer of Vienna life to the palace, we held a grand ball. The knights and their ladies came dressed in their finest array. Lovely! Every small effort was rewarded by the cultural addition to our life. we couldn't stop with just one ball. The social season was at its height. 'The very next Saturday we had another. This time was more or less for continued absorption of culture. It worked. Our third year came to a climax. we weren't sad for we had been well rewarded for our efforts. During the summer we kept the social circle in a slow swing. we had two balls. One was to celebrate the anniversary of our nation's independence and the other to welcome everyone back to the palace. Now for the rude awakening. The last inevitable year was upon us. Soon we would be too old for life in its gayer form. We would have to leave our beloved palace. we had to have some tangible means to show we were growing up. A trip to Wausau remedied this situation. We had our pictures taken. Amazing how lovely and handsome everyone can seem in pictures. Next came our command performance of Down to Earth a light- hearted comedy. Nb enjbyed this task immensely. Two and a half angels came to earth to gather souls. Their mission was accomplished, but with many misadventures on the part of the half-angel and his beloved Diana. we had to come to a decision because we needed capital to finance our class trip. we were permitted to go into the royal forest and harvest part of its crop. Our lords and ladies did a splendid job of working--we can go. In the month of February, leap year of 1960, we gave a ball to celebrate St. Valentine's Day. To add dignity to this function we crowned four queens and their consorts. Each class brought forth a queen and she selected her consort. Since we have a history, we must also have a future. The future holds for us a Journey to a far-off land and graduation. On May 1 we shall depart in our caravan for our destination. During the course of a week we shall visit our nation's capital. On May 7 we shall return. May 18 is the date for our baccalaureate service. It is to be held in the Log Church. The big step will be taken on the 20th day of May. We shall graduate and enter the world. That night we shall bid a fond fare- well to our beloved palace of memories. CLASS WILL We, the Glass of 1960, being of sound mind and body do declare this to be our last will and testament. I, m t Johnson, will all my ping-pong ability to Shirley Thorbus, my high grades to Darryl Pokela, and my '56 Chev to anyone who needs improvement in his grades. I, Ervin Kaeser, will my non-conformity to those who like deten- tion, my wasted time to those who want to go to college, and my skis to anyone who wants a broken neck. I, Audrey Thorbus, will all my good luck to my sister Shirley, my four years of cheerleading to anyone with a lot of pep and spare time, and my position as Prom Queen to all future Prom Queens. I, Dorothy Koski, will my French horn to the future horn players, my enjoyment for dancing to the boys of Tripoli High School, and my height to all short basketball players. I, Elaine Macki, will the honor of being chosen DAR Candidate of my class to future senior girls, my position as Senior Class Secretary to anyone that likes to write letters, and my French horn to M . Beijer I, Sharon Belcher, will all my night life to anyone who can take gt, my desk in the assembly to m brother George, an my time to Allen ,llmbli D S S , I, Karen Johnson, will my night life to John Knight, my fun in my last year of high school to Violet Weisinger, and my social problems book to Patrick Ahlborn. I, Darlene Swenson, will my desk in the assembly to my sister Bonnie my ability to get along with teachers to anyone who canft, and my 1956 Christmas vacation to Mr. Monroe Johnson. I, Marion Metsala, will my musical ability to Tom Soheu, my good behavior to Tom Harding, my two flat feet to m dearest neighbor, Susan Heikkinen, my love to students who hate school, and my time to Jim Fisher. I, Catherine Hoffman, will my sense of humor to my sister Mary, my ability to stay out of detention to my sister Jean, my dancing abil- ity to some of the boys attending Tripoli High School, and all the fun I've had in school to the future students. I, Kenneth Hoffman, will my books to any of next year's seniors who will take them, my desk by the window to anyone who wants to watch the cars go by, my mechanical drawing equipment to any person who likes to spend time drawing lines, and the rest is censored. 1. Pat Talbot, will my desk by the window to anyone who is cold- blooded, my books to anyone who feels the need of knowledge, and my night life to Delores Hebert. 1, Richard Rosenlof, will my ability to find out information to anyone who needs it, my trapping fever to Melvin Hauta, my night life to Mr. Monroe Johnson, and also my hot-rod model A coupe just in case his car I. does not start. Lillian Slowikowski, will my seat by the window to anyone who likes to keep cool in the winter, my muscles to Dierdra Fisher, and my size to I. Mike Mesun. Ronald Heikkinen, will my place around the training table to Dennis Johnson, my Ford to General Motors and m muscles to Charles Atlas. I. Jim Metsala, will my basketball uniform to Bill Heikkinen, my height to my cousin John, and my banking experience to the future bankers I. of America. James Palmquist, will my horse to Eddie Mason, my head skis to Darryl Pokela, and my Plymouth to Dick wanie. I. Florence Jahn, will my sewing skill to Delores Hebert and my attendance to all who miss a lot of school. I. seniors my days Bonnie Randerson, will all my fun that I have had to the future of Tripoli, my geography book to persons who like to study, in detention to those who have never had the honor of being there, and my sense of humor to Mr. Monroe Johnson. I. Clifton my love I. them to I. life to I. beat-up Patricia Savola, will my ability to stay out of detention to Schumann, my success in high school to my brother Mike, and to my dog Sam. George Clements, will my books back to the teachers who gave me, and my days in detention to somebody who wants to eat late. Francis Lind, will my hot-rod Chev to Gregory Powers, my night Billy Hoffman, and my school-life to anybody who wants it. Jim Thorell, will my happy times to Mr. Donald Erpenbach, my So Chev to Violet Weisinger, and my extra year in school to everyone who needs credits. CLASS PROP!-IECY Once upon-a time in the year of 1960, Cathy Hoffman went to interview the wicked queen. She was amazed at the future she foresaw for her sub- jects. Upon the wall hung a magic mirror through which the visions came. The queen fell into a tranceg with a low weird voice she began to tell of the visions she could see. Ronald Heikkinen is the principle of Tripoli High School. He is teach ing a well-mannered group--an English class. Art Johnson is a mad scientist experimenting with his diabolical com- pound. One of the monkeys is pulling on Art's ear. Ervin Kaeser is a famous philanthropist, whose statue stands in front of Tripoli High School to commemorate his being the benefactor of this institution of learning. He made his millions by being the first man to land on the moon. Lillian Slowikowski is the wife of the president of U. S. Steel. Today she is entertaining the royalty from Europe at a tea. Maureen Elliott is a lion tamsr who will provide the entertainment for the tea. She is the star attraction of the Big Top Circus. Jim Metsala is the head of He is the leader of the crew of Jim Palmeulst is I'1l kill it. ' He is chlorifinoxide. Bonnie Randerson is known as the House Florence Jahn is is more famous than the Department of Subterranean Sanitation. men that cleans out the sewers. inspector. His motto is, "If it crawls, of Art Johnson's new discoveries, hexa- a termite using one is the president of a large Paris fashion house. It of Randerson. the most sought after model of fashion houses. She vie stars. mo Kenneth Hoffman is a ballet dancer. His version of Swan Lake is known all over the world. Francis Lind is the singing idol of the nation. He has just recently been called to give a Cathy Hoffman is exclusive boys' school. She teaches many society. They take these courses so they command performance before the crowned heads of Europe. the agriculture and manual training teacher in an boys from the upper crust of can manage the country estate for 'Dear Old Dadsie and Momsie."' 'Marion Metsala is a contractor. She has many men working for her building bridges. She recently contracted to build the first city on the 1110011 9 Patty Snvola is a taxi driver in New York City. She doesnft have a driver's license but she doesn't care. She drives just as crazy as the rest of them. Dorothy Koski is one of the nat1on's top police women. She has cracked more cases and heads wide open than any other officer on the beat. Elaine Macki is a guard at Fort Knox. She is entrusted with the keys and combinations where the gold is kept. George Clements is the head of our space program. He wants to send more rockets to Mars, but they are already sending them back until they have a parking place for them. Karen Johnson is the d1shwasher's assistant at the Waldorf Astorea. Her philosophy is, 'ht least I'm washing high-class dishes." Darlene Swenson is the announcer for Goody Goo Dog Biscuits on T. V. She has to eat them to show her dog audience that they're good. Sharon Belcher is the nation's top astronomer. The English translation is 'star gazer."' She has discovered several new constellations. Andrey Thorbus is a beachcomber. She reams the shores of our oceans, looking for likely specimens of shells and things to sell. Richard Rosenlof is a television performer. He has his own show spon- sored by Goody Goo Dog Biscuits. Jim Thorell and Pat Talbot are Fuller Brush salesmen. The right foot of each is generally in a cast because they follow the company's rule of putting their foot in the door to gain attention. SENIOR CLASS Class Flower Talisman Rose President. . . . . 381098 1461989-10 Color Vice President . James Palmquist Royal Blue and Silver 3 t , , , , . .Elaine Macki acre ary Glass Motto Treasurer. O . . .Audrey Qhorbug nmoday we Follow, Tomorrow We Leadm Row 12 Catherine Hoffman, Karen Johnson, Audrey Thorbus, Mr. Erpenbach Cidvisorl, Florence Jahn, Sharon Belcher, Lillian Slowikowski, Row 2: Marion Metsala, Elaine Macki, Dorothy Koski, Kenneth Hoffman, Arthur Johnson, Darlene Swenson, Bonnie Randerson. Row 3: Ervin Kaeser, James Palmquist, Richard Rosenlof, George Clements, Francis Lind,,Rona1d Heikkinen, James Metsala, Patrick Talbot. Absent: Patricia Savola, James Calhoun. JUNIOR PROM 5 1 5 4 '55 5. co Q Gps Q GJ 2 X gi I Q or Q or mi Y TT Q cl 'ou 5 'ua 5 'ca 5 'ca 5 'ca 'QU 9 ,CD 7 'QD 7 fa ,Qu 7 ,fm ? NDYHQWQQQQQSSEXSQNSSQKQR QUEEN Audrey Thorbus THEME 'WL Night in Old Viennan' SONG "Blue Danube "' FLOWER Red Rose May 2. 1959 ORCHESTRA The Newman Cardinals KING A James Metsala SE For the last time will you let go of my scraf you ve gotten rid of that animal Come down Wilfred, yo in a most uncelestial place. Well, I I really haven't NIOR CLASS PLAY DOWN TO EARTH Mr, Hanley are you trying to give me your cold? any objection to kissing All I want is Herman There is more sniveling going on around here latalyo Directed by Mrs. Watson WPS The cast. JUNIOR CLASS President. . . Vice President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . . John Knight Susan Heikkinen . . Donna Leino .Carol Sindelar Row 1 Bbw 2: Row 3 Bonnie Westergren, Kathy Crowell, Sharon Grover, Mr. Johnson CAdvieorJ, Susan Heikkinen, Carol Sindelar, Bonnie Swenson. Violet Weisinger, Arthur Koskela, John Whitmarsh, Dennis Johnson, Michael Wasti, Dick Wanie, Clifton Schumann, Donna Leino. Richard Marheine, Thomas Scheu, Thomas Harding, David Jahn, John Knight, Patrick Ahlborn, Melvin Hauta, Anton.Marheines :union cuxss PLAYS SUBMERGED I Y 1 n HOUSE OF GREED w N 4 RUFFLES AND ROLLER SKATES SOPHOMORE CLASS President ..... David Palmquist Vice President. . .Milton Gustafson Secretary . . . .Judy Korpela Treasurer . . . Billy Hoffman Row 1: Joan Swenson, Judy Korpela, Mrs. Bruner Uldvisorl, Miriam Kaihlanen, Marilyn Kaihlanen. Row 2: Diane Wolter, Philip Marheine, Jeanette Thorell, William Hoffman, David Palmquist, Mary Margaret Hoffman. Row 3: Milton Gustafson, David Ernst, Darroll Danek, Michael Mesun, Larry Fish, Gary Calhoun. FRESHMAN CLASS President. . . . .William Gustafson Vice President . . .whllim Heikkinen Secretary. . . . .Kathleen Marheine Treasurer. . . . Deirdre Fisher 5 Row 1: William Gustafson, Elaine Weisinger, Kathleen Raleigh, Patricia Weisinger, Carol Zerbe, Ronald Laine. ROW 22 Lillian Maki, Anita Mesun, Marion Lind, Kathleen Marheine, Deirdra Fisher Row 3: Gerald Whkkinen, Lawrence Knight, Gregory Powers, William Heikkinen, Edward Mason, Darryl Pokela, Jere Marheine. ANNUAL STAFF Standing: James Metsala, Richard Rosenlof, Karen Johnson, Mr. Johnson KAdvisorl, James Palmquist. Row 1: Dorothy Koski, Sharon Belcher, Audrey Thorbus, Lillian Slowikowski, Darlene Swenson, Elaine Macki, Ronald Heikkinen, Arthur Johnson. Row 2: Bonnie Randerson, Marion Metsala, Catherine Hoffman, Ervin Kaeser. NEWSPAPER STAFF Left to right: Judy Korpela, Bonnie Randerson, Ilmi Ranta, Dierdra Fisher, Gntherine Hoffman, Ervin Kaeser, Arthur Johnson, Marion Metsala, Sharon Belcher, Dorothy Koski, Elaine Macki, Jim Metsala, Audrey Thorbus, Lillian Slowikowski, M . Johnson KAdvisorl, Karen Johnson, Darlene Swenson. FORENSICS Row l: Bonnie Swenson, Carol Zerbe, Carol Sindelar, Sharon Belcher, Mrs. Watson CCoachJ, Bonnie Westergren, Judy Korpela, Cathy Hoffman, Kathy Crowell. Row 2: Karen Johnson, Mary Margaret Hoffman, Marion Metsala, Kathleen Raleigh, Susan Heikkinen, Elaine Macki, Donna Leino, Bonnie Randerson, Sharon Grover, Audrey Thorbus. Row 3: William Gustafson, Richard Marheine, Ervin Kaeser, James Palmquist, John Knight, James Metsala, William Heikkinen, Richard Rosenlof, Dennis Johnson. Row hz Darryl Pokela, Arthur Johnson, Richard Wanie, Marion Lind, Dorothy Koski, Michael Wasti, Jere Marheine, Darlene Swenson, Lillian Maki, David Palmquist. The students who represented the school at the Winter and Hurley meets were: Dorothy Koski and Sharon Belcher--memorized declamations, Richard Rosenlof and Ervin Kaeser--original eration, David Palmquist and Mary M. Hoffman--non-original oration, Jere Marheine and Deirdra Fisher--h-minute speech, Elaine Macki and Karen Johnson--interpretative reading, Patty Savola--extemporaneous reading, John Knight and William Gustafson--extemporaneons speaking, and James Palmquist, James Metsala, and Arthur Johnson--play reading. Dorothy, Ervin, Richard, Elaine, Patty, Mary Margaret, and the play readers reached the finals at Winter. Ervin received an A and the rest B's. Dorothy, Ervin, Richard, and John reached the finals at Hurley. John earned an A so he participated in the state contest at Madison on April 9. GLEE CLUB Row 1: Judy Korpela, Kathleen Raleigh, Karen Johnson, Mr. Beijer Clnstructorl, Sharon Belcher, Cathy Hoffman, Diane Wolter. Row 23 Audrey Thorbus, Lillian Slowikowski, Bonnie Randerson, Donna Leino, Susan Heikkinen, Marion Metsala, Mary Margaret Hoffman. Row 3: Anita Mesun, Kathleen Marheine, Darlene Swenson, Dorothy Koski, Marion Lind, Lillian Maki, Elaine Macki. On October 16 and 22, the senior class play was presented. The chorus sang four songs. They were: mTrue Love,m 'You Always Hurt The One You Love,"uMargie,W and nHave I Told You Lately That I Love You.m The chorus and adults from the community sang at the exercises conducted for the dedication ceremonial of our gymnasium. It was dedi- cated to our late Superintendent of Schools, Victor Johnson. This group sang the song, nTh1s Day we Honor,m accompanied by the band under Mr. Beijer's direction. C November 12, the girls' glee club, accompanied by Marion Metsala, sang for the junior class play production, The songs were: 'You, You, You,n'nThe Little White Cloud That Cried,m mOh My Pa Pa,m and mLet's Take-an Cld Fashion Wh1k,m ' On December 17, the Christmas program of the grades and high school was given. The Christmas story was presented in music, song, reading, and tableau. The band played and the chorus sang Christmas carols. Marion Metsala and Susan Heikkinen sang the duet, nStar of the East.m Judy Korpela accompanied them. Diane Holter sang a solo part in one of the Cafclso This program was the result of much work by Mr. Beijer. The Spring Concert was presented on April ll. The band played several selections and the girls' glee club sang. The girls wore their tormals which added to the presentation. SENIOR BAND JUNIOR BAND BASKETBALL TEAM "A" TEAM Clifton Schumann, Dennis Johnson, William Heikkinen, Larry Fish, James Metsala, Mr. Bugni CCoachl, Darroll Danek, Ronald Heikkinen, Anton Marheine, Richard Marheine, Darryl Pokela, Richard Rosenlof CManagerD. nBu TEAM Standing: Clifton Schu ann, Milton Gustafson, William Heikkinen, Mr. Bugni CCoachJ, Lawrence Knight, Gary Calhoun, Richard Wanie. Kneeling: David Palmquist, Jere Marheine, Darryl Pokela. BASKETBALL SEASON Date Pla ed At Tri oli Score 0 onent 0 onent Score Nov. 20 w1ntgrF P 73 ldwfgger 'BP Dec. 1 Prentice uh Prentice 2 DSG. ln Tripoli 60 Glidden 611 Dec. 8 Rib Lake 79 Rib Lake 67 Dec. 11 Butternut 75 Butternut h9 Dec. 18 Hawkins 66 Hawkins 52 Jan. 5 Tripoli 63 Ingram-Glen Flora 57 Jan. 8 Tripoli 56 Fifield 58 Jan. 13 Tripoli 78 Rib Lake 61 Jan. 16 Tripoli 88 Winter 59 Jan. 19 Tripoli 69 Prentice 62 Jan. 22 Glidden 82 Glidden 93 Jan. 29 Tripoli 56 Butternut Q9 Feb. 2 Tripoli 92 westboro 9 Feb. 5 Tripoli 71 Hawkins 55 Feb. 12 Ingram-Glen Flora So Ingram-Glen Flora 59 Feb. 16 Westboro 65 Westboro 55 Feb. 22 Fifield k5 Fifield 51 TOURNMENT Feb.26 Prentice 61 Ingr m-Glen Flora 63 Feb. 27 Prentice 69 Hawkins 39 Consolation Champions P18 er FG PTA FTM PF TP AV FG FT PF TP Hon Heikkinen 125 51' 23' 55 293 17T2 IU IU 5' 35 Dennis Johnson 113 88 2 56 288 16.0 16 7 3 39 Larry Fish 106 87 58 k2 280 15 5 6 ll k 23 Jim Metsala 67 63 29 A8 163 9 6 6 12 9 2k Dick Marheine 36 59 30 M2 102 6 2 1 5 5 7 Darroll Dansk 25 MO 19 33 67 3 9 1 O 1 2 Tony Marheine 6 8 2 7 lk 1.h 1 O O 2 William Heikkinen 2 M 2 5 8 1 3 0 1 O Clifton Schumann 0 7 1 6 1.2 O O 3 Dick Wanie 0 1 0 O O O O O 1 O BASEBALL SEASON Date Pla ed At Tri oli Score 0 onent 0 onent Score Sept. 10 Trlpgff B 3 Ingram-Gfen Flora 2 Sept. lk Glidden 0 Glidden 3 Sept. 17 Tripoli 12 Prentice M Sept. 2h Tripoli ll Winter 2 BATTING AVERAGES AB R H RBI B.A. Lawrence wasti I' 2 I '2' lTU5U Ron Heikkinen 9 2 3 0 .333 David Palmquist 3 O 1 0 333 Jim Metsala ll 3 3 A .273 Tony Marheine ll M 3 2 .273 Daryll Pokela 12 2 2 5 .267 Gary Calhoun 8 2 2 3 .250 Dennis Johnson 8 2 2 3 .250 Jim Calhoun 6 2 l 0 .167 Richard Marheine 7 3 1 3 .1k3 Richard Wanie 8 2 1 0 .125 William Heikkinen 2 1 0 0 .000 Larry Fish 9 1 0 1 .000 CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Miriam Kaihlanen, Mary Margaret Hoffman, Susan Heikkinen, Dorothy Koski, Bonnie Westergren, Audrey Thorbus, Marion Metsala. TU MBLING TEAM Miriam Kaihianen Cathy Hoffman Lillian Maki Mary Margaret Hoffman Karen Johnson Audrey Thorbus Bonnie Randerson Marion Metsala y Richard Rosenlof Susan Heikkinen Anton Marheine Guard Richard Marheine Forward TRIPOLI William Heikkinen Center LBITY Fi Sh Ronald He ikkinen Forward Guard Clifton Guard TORNADOES James Metsala Center Darrell Danek Guard Darryl Pokela Forward Forward GIRLS' BASKETBALL Standing Susan Heikkinen, Sharon Belcher, Bonnie Randerson, Darlene Swenson, Cathy Hoffman, Mary Margaret Hoffman, Lillian Slowikowski, Marion Metsala. Sittlng Kathleen Marheine, Marion Lind, Anita Mesun, Kathleen Raleigh, Miriam Kaihlanen, Dierdra Fisher, Lillian Maki. UCATION Row l Marion Metsala, Susan Heikkinen, Bonnie Randerson, Kathleen Raleigh, Diane welter, Donna Leino, Mary Margaret Hoffman. Row 2 Lillian Slowikowski, Jeanette Thorell, Violet Wbisinger, Marion Lind, Darlene Swenson, Lillian Maki, Kathleen Marheine. Row 3 Florence Jahn, Karen Johnson, Audrey Thorbus, Dierdra Fisher, Anita Mesun, Sharon Belcher, Bonnie Swenson. Row Lg. Kathy Crowell, Carol Zerbe, Carol Sindelar, Mr. Bugni KCbachJ, Bonnie Westergren, Cathy Hoffman, Miriam Kaihlanen. or VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Darryl Pokela, Arthur Johnson, Mr. Bugni fCoachJ, Jerry Marheine, Richard Wanie. Row 2: Gary Calhoun, Richard Marheine, Anton Marheine, Dennis Johnson, Michael Wasti, Lawrence Knight. Row 3: Larry Fish, Ronald Heikkinen, James Metsala, John Knight, Richard Rosenlof, Darrell Danek, william Heikkinen. BAszsALL Standing: Lawrence Knight, Richard Marheine, Michael Wasti, William Heikkinen, Mr. Bugni lCoachD, Richard Rosenlof, James Metsala, Anton Marheine, Arthur Johnson, Gary Calhoun. Kneeling: Jerry Marheine, Richard Wanie, Ervin Kaeser CManagerJ, Darryl Pokela, David Palmquist. 4, .Q e rmsr GRADE N Standing: Mrs. Bachman CTeacherD Row 1: James Heikkinen, Beverly Marheine, David Koch, Russell Wakkinen, Leigh Knight. Row 2: Sherry Sarkkinen, Thomas Winters, Deborah Marks, Cynthia Kangas, Alan Swenson. Row 3: Michael Macki, Abbey Ninneman, Walter Raleigh, Judy Allmann, Thomas Welke. Row hz Bruce Plachetka, Elaine Kane, Daniel Kivela, Dennis Mattson, Ray Pajala. Absent: William Severson, Sandra Woehrle, Joan Zink. SECOND GRADE Standing: Richard Shore, John Keith, Mrs. Florence Jokela CTeacherJ, Danny Kane, Dean Kerttula, Gregory Fisher. Row 1: John Weisinger, Richard Maki, William Maki, Dennis Marheine, Cheryl Frawley. Row 2: Kenneth Laaksonen, Judith Wasti, Benjamin Albrent, Da118S Mark, Sally Birch. Row 3: Shirley Altman, Bruce Heikkinen, Russell Sarkkinen, Philip Wanie, Douglas Plachetka. Absent! Ruth Apple, Alfred Wilcott. 9 THIRD GRAM: Standing: Randolph Sarkkinen, Mrs. Ruth Swenson ffteacherj, Michael Au an. Row lf Deborah Kangas, Richard.Korpe1a, Keith Gustafson, caroline Wbehrle, Barbara Hill. Row 2: Karla Braski, Catherine Marheine, Roger Share, Suzette Felser. Row 3: Constance Marheine, David Hinsa, David Birch, Michael Koch, Linda Harding. Absent: Lon Ruder, Linda Lam i. FOURTH GRADE Standing: Mrs. Jean Hirvela, CTeacher7 Row 1: Michael Knight, Peter Hinsa, Peggy Leino, James Kivela, Norman Winters, Wendy Pokela. Row 2: Richard Brietzke, James Hill, Julie Birch, Lillie Schmitter, Judith Marheine, Mark Whitmarsh. Row 3: Robin Welke, Mona Gale Albrent, Linda Heikkinen, Lucinda Shore, Delores Weisinger, Tony Palmquist. Absent: Paula Maki. FIFTH GRADE Standing: Row l: Row 2: Absent: Kenneth Koch, Gene Lind, Mrs. Richert CTeacherJ, Jarene Miller, Sandra Nord. Jo Marie Platchetka, Paige Fisher, Linda Marheine, Ashley Manninen, Michael Braski. Dawn Marheine, Tommy Frawley, Peter Collette, Billy Shore, Alan Heikkinen. Richard Hebert SIXTH GRADE Standing: Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Absent: Johnny Joe Hoffman, Peter Ralei h, Mickey Welke, Janie Wakkinen, Mrs. Rosenlof, ?TeacherD, Barbara Lind, Berry Scheu, Dan Jarvi, David Leino. Leon Gustafson, Duane Kerttula, Charles Stone, Wayne Plachetka, Kathleen Keskinen. Lenore Niskanen, Dennis David Weisenger, Sandra Timmy Knight, John Alan Tedi Palmquist, Crystal David Kivela Brietzke, Robert Auman, Pajala, Alice Birch. Metsala, Willard Kangas, Manninen, Karen Winters. SEVENTH GRADE Standing: Johnny Shore, Gary Heikkinen, Eugene Auman, Sally Severson, Betty Jahn, Wallace Raleigh, Patricia Swenson, Kathleen Ninneman, Mrs. Palmquist lTeacher5 Row l: Linda Maki, Helen Woehrle, Karen Heikkinen, Robert Beaumont. Row 2: James Maki, Judy Loehmer, Eugene Calhoun, Judith Harding, Peter Heikkinen. Row 3: Gerald Swenson, Joan Marheine, Frank Sindelar, Steve Hinsa, Jean Niemi, Dale Jarvi. Row M: Maureen Frawley, Sharen McDonnell, James Laine, Donna Kivela, Robert Koch, Ervin Brietzke. Absent: Dick Carpenter, Sandra House. mourn GRADE y Standing: Dennis Laaksonen, Paul Kangas, Mr. Slovak QTeacher3 Rose Scheu, Leah Fish. Row 1: Clyde Richert Jr., Tommy Loehmer, Jean Hoffman, Lauris Benefiel, Ilmi Ranta. Row 2: Richard Maki, Thomas warden, Kathleen Davidson, Jackie Niskanen, Carol Severson. Row 3: George Petaja, Penny Hinsa, Roger whitmarshy Deane Johnson, Douglas Marheine, Gail Wanie. Row hz Terry Wasti, Norman Pockat, Rosemary Ahlborn, Virginia Nord. Absent: Andy Anderson, Patricia Carpenter, Mike Savola, Sharon Shore. CAFETERIA WORKERS AND IANITOR Tripoli B t Mrs. Leo Laine ran wood Mrs. Ed Scheu Andy Anderson MPS- Ed M9-ki Mrs. Arvid Hauta BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Oliver Korpela, Emil Manty, Edwin Maki, Ben Marheine, Oliver Lind, Leonard Kangas. SNAPSHOTS Q35 YV! T- Pretty catty, huh? ' o'r""' 39 Wow legs! Lil Dot Where you 301118 S119-S? Smi pr tty 9 1 d Three Musketeers Marion MjHeLH M Egg? me we V: eei Our third grade class . WAN E Y .., y A Q ,fa qw 6 'K if giimwagf Vrblffe- -- . Slew wi 1352! 5 gl j F . l Audrey and Shirley What happened girls, H flat tire?? Dorothy and Karen Lazy OO-la-lalll Eight d duation gra. e gra fgir-ls! Eight grade graduation, Cboysl g1f5g',efg:f-,f.f1,ff'eg.. , Z.-M,.1.f'a1afzQg:z. . swf .44 wewwwwy fwwew , we aaa mfwmnak vmamf anemia is 1 2 " , ,X 1 ' VW'-45,!'i'5fz'. Q- ' fs1'aWy5?,"1? A' . 1-waz' 1 wmmmfff f'f1'vf:rg:fef f-:SAF .W fm A a.n..e.- -. - . , . . m f4'xwwfQff :..:...f-of-2 -mf.. -,,4:v eA :::,: Sims- , "" i e ..5ll:1lF':j : : 14.5.7 " """" 7 .1: :f':'5'a!1i. " z ,!.f7J,,f'5i' 1 1- am-2,-2" 255.51 iEs1?fL?'f1T'fff'?F ":7E:is." Vis: E25-f V51 X51 QWWZi5?Ww6?5HMwlxkRa waaeaaeri-V iiiiaaaeeiwearga aa wanna ilkhgfiifkgi ' ' 1:el!iffiQ'wT-X',:"L' 2" :ii R'E'f:5i:,.. "H 'W WT' dl: " 1.12 1.7. PW'f+51' 'L - .,.. ...,,.. ' ?Ziiji?3imsiai12a2zsaZsk E if .. .B f. rn' -'Mx f.g-rzifi 15215:-:viii-si' 1a42:':"ff-.ay-1? .-, Qlifgggiiifgfil-1. "H4'zz1.. KT-52'-Kfitiwffsigigd is es-fssszguiS:gg2sgg25522gg94Wf ,. Rgesgtgg s 1 sw S ,,.1,,1i1sf2.4'f'+s f 12 Y fig. 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Patsy Weisinger .112 'g li .fifpwaw 5i3sia?Mime rereemgwm 3313 , H ' Kathy Crowell Karen Johnson mg. .,, .,Z. ,,..g,. w,.. V aaeafff ln. mwwaMwa.' D gaeuwwwya Yfwgiggwa 5 'fir - - 5 .tif-Viliwlv . ' , sQiieKa'Ss' 6 J 'i 56 :Hain 8 pug Zhwwqxf eiaawmwwaea ?iaW?nF?THwH lllo A , gf,-wnspi Q Florencey Q Jahn 5 X K H is wifi-Wy ga K Q , W S J, my U , 4 eg X N ,R . F I Vs X X - K.. K Q ,N 3' " " ff? f J Q . PM H 2 5' " .. :ggi gg' - .. fgwg Cathy Hoffman 4 Qigf Y ' s h' . ,- 1. , - Elaine Weisinger , .. . ,, me I K if fwzffi 5 'Q Jkzwfeg, . gg W 1., .1 ' 1? Jim Palmquist . 5.1. ,,.s,g1a,1g,,.sL.AUZ f.,zz1.. - H-r:,f.gfgL5g.gjg7sW J qzzfo af- fin-N.. 4.4 . 1. ' .iw . . 5.3. AJ z flyiqji 22223, gg' V' flsM'f 'i' . Zigi? Q W ' H- s Q K, Y mu K' ffl, I Biff! 5 , ff 'gf at nw, ,X , Q 1 Q 'W Q K X. , J z A i 4, .QPF , K. Q 0 4 SI "K kefgliifi ,.. xv. , 'WMWMQWQ is N sg 1 z Audrey K Thorbus R X K X M K , q? 5 1 K 3 QQ f-'- sharon Belcher . , ...Mu Q., '...,a-a-- - J" , Wasp. . . Bonnie 6 Swenso 3 a ,agen QQ J 1, .a -W1 ,I V ' 4 sy et l Q Q . A V Q X 464 4 J sharon Grover Audrey Thorbus J Ronnie XS V - riff- A 3- -:y K AipMQiU 0 1 .x Darlene Swenson P51 -Si 5 W' . . ,, P ., g i:frf411,,-S ' ' Q3 -f-. itz- A F .. nf' f Marion Metsala ' ? , -55 ' G J f' . w-ifse V g Killian ..y, W Q2 Jim Marion Metsala . eg ei. Hw gzew yg m ih i Af? S. - - W-gewfwffx-fa gigmgkam ' n eg : S5aS!ii?2E25g9gg!S- i, 'Sg r' Wifeafiw, S M aaa mawifwdma awaaaaaaa.QaVm Qgsgaf . Sffgyegs gsfgmsissi, Eg-ca vita, L. iwilgigqgisi, 5 QSM QQ? erwwwwwt Qmamwwwiwfwwh ,m wfsfgefzg- . s.fLf' 'gwiigwfigagifx i 555 5235553 .wwwawmwwmmmi wQ.M2ama Xgams eiaWA www-w an av. -fi sa. S mm-5-.2 wwfa,.x1f2mffQ2,f 1 W. ., .1 .. - L: W-5 ,...,, .1 M, ,. . , ws ...J .1 ., ..,, .,..s.. .L ,ggi ' "MH" at Z QQ, gsfaiggfsfiggfiefviie 5if55ss.s1EIgE' + gm .W .vi fr - 1: as msn-was,xssf. 5.1 ' wig. -fy, 2 far. 5 if ' -' Carol Shirley garlene Zerbe W haron Thorbus . . 7'f'.,.,. 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Audrey Thorbus Assistant Editor . . ......... Darlene Swenson Sports . . .James Metsala and Ronald Heikkinen Music ...... .......... Marion Metsala Business Manager ..... . Richard Rosenlof Assistant Business Manager . . . . Lillian Slowikowski Advertising ................. James Palmquist Activities . . . . Karen Johnson and Catherine Hoffman Class Whll . . .......... Arthur Johnson Class Prophecy . . .......... Catherine Hoffman Forensics. . . . . Bonnie Randerson and Sharon Belcher Class History. . .......... Patricia Savola Typists. . ......... Dorothy Koski and Elaine Macki There were times we thought we wou1dn'tl There were times we thought we couldn't1 Our minds are wrecked, Our backs are stooped, The NECHOH is here and we are POOPEDSI THE ECHO STAFF DARS CITIES SERVICE Darwin D. Hilgendorf Prop. Wheel Alignment Balancing Brake Work Motor Tune Up Lubrication Washing Polishing Batteries Tires Accessories Courteous Service Phone A29 Fourth a Wisconsin Tomahawk, Wisconsin TESSMER SALES R SERVICE Homelite 5 Lombard Chain Saws Small Engines Repair Service Ashley Automatic Wood Stoves Lawn Mowers R Garden Tillers Small Circular E Hand Saw S arpening Service 5h9 South Tomahawk Avenue Phone 89 Box 2h2 Tomahawk, Wisconsin JIM'S LOGGING CAMP Jim R Mildred Smith BRANTWOOD CO-OP SUPPLY CO. General Merchandise Steaks,,Chicken Plumbing Fixtures seafood--Barb BQ Ribs and Private Parties or Banquets Supplies Located Five Miles North of Appliance Tomahawk, Junction Hwy 8 a 51 Hardware Feeds Phone 557 Grinding E Mixing Tomahawk, Wisconsin Gas--O11--Tires Brantuood, Wisconsin TOMAHAWK SALVAGE CO. Dealers in Scrap and Auto Wrecking Usable Steel For Sale Car R Truck Parts Phone h7h Tomahawk, Wisconsin PRICO CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. nQualitI and Service Firstm Concrete Block R Ready Mix Cement R Mortar Mix Biilaing Specialties Phone 5555 Phillips, Wisconsin Best wishes OWENS-ILLINOIS GLASS COMPANY Mill Division Tomahawk, Wisconsin TOMAHAWK SAND R GRAVEL COMPANY, INC Ready Mixed Concrete Washed Sand R Gravel Crushed Road Materials Dirt Filling Bulldozing Shovel and Dragline Work Road Work Asphalt Paving Phone 516 Tomahawk, Wisconsin TOMAHAWK REAL ESTATE AGENCY Phone S66 A. W, Tudesco, Broker 2012 Wisconsin Avenue Tomahawk, Wisconsin The Y RAYMOND LUMBER COMPANY Cabinet Shop Lumber Building Material Coal ard 5 Store of Building Service Phone 7 Tomahawk, Wisconsin BRADLEY BANK A Safe and Sound Banking Institution Our Greatest Asset-- Your Good Will Phone L5 Tomahawk, Wisconsin More for Your Money NELSON'S SUPERMARKET Quality Friendliness Services Tomahawk, Wisconsin MERCHANTS STATE BANK Welcomes the Opportunity to Serve You with a Complete Banking Service Rhinelander, Wisconsin E. R. LARSON General Store Cheese Factory Phone Prentice h6F30 or Phone Ogema l1Rl8 Brentwood, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST NATIONAL BANK Everybodys' Bank Since 1887 Complete Banking Service Phone FO 2-3h23 Rhinelander, Wisconsin RUBEN'S SALES k SERVICE Ford Cars R Trucks Complete Overhaul Jobs Buy Scrap Metal Hides and Furs Old Cars 8 Tractors Prentice, Wisconsin CLEARY'S MILK R ICE CREAM CO. Vacationland's Largest Processors of Wisconsin Grade A Dairy Products 107 Sutliff Avenue Rhinelander, Wisconsin Toburen Studio and Residence DisHncHve Photographs 408 Iackson St. WAUSAU, WIS. Phone 4766 Seniors, thank you for the privilege of being your class photographers. THE BEE Printing and Advertising School Supplies Phillips, Wisconsin PRENTICE CO-OP General Merchandise Feed and Fertilizer Prentice, Wisconsin STATE BANK OF PHILLIPS Stations at Catawba and Prentice Member Federal Deposit Insurance Company Phillips, Wisconsin RISBERG CHEVROLET SALES H SERVICE Phone 32W Prentice, Wisconsin GRAFF'S DEPARTMENT STORE nClothes for the Entire Familyn Phillips, Wisconsin PRICE COUNTY CO-OP OIL Prentice Co-op Station Gas--Oil--Tires--Batteries Good Service Prentice, Wisconsin PHILLIPS LUMBER 3 SUPPLY GO. Builders Supplies Phone 23h5 Phillips, Wisconsin PRENTICE HYDRAULICS, INC. Manufacturer of Prentice Hydraulic Loaders Phone 7 or 8 Prentice, Wisconsin REED LUMBER COMPANY L. P. Gas--Fuel Building Material Phone 16-W Yi Phillips, Wisconsin You Are Always Welcome LARRY'S BOWLING ALLEY Larry and Elaine Erdman Prentice, Wisconsin VINCENT R VINCENT Ford Sales E Service Phone 36h5 Phillips, Wisconsin PRENTICE HARDWARE STORE Plumbing M Heating Prentice, Wisconsin 1 GAMBLES The Friendly Store Phillips, Wisconsin LIBERTY SERVICE STATION Lawrence Lundberg-eProp. Prentice, Wisconsin Courtesy of LAKE SUPERIOR DISTRICT POWER CO Phone 3755 Phillips, Wisconsin LIBERTY CAFE Soft Drinks--Lunches Regular Meals Mr. R Mrs. L. McFarlin Props. Prentice, Wisconsin HARRY C. THEILER AGENCY Hotel Tomahawk Bldg. Real Estate--Insurance Phone M70 Box 212 Tomahawk, Wisconsin OSNESS MOTORS Ford E Mercury Sales E Service Tomahawk, Wisconsin TOMAHAWK BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY Everything to Build Anything Railroad Street THE SPOT MOTEL Beer--Soft Drink--Lunches Motel 33.50 Up--Special Weekly Rates Two Miles North of Tomahawk ' Hwy U. S. 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MERCHANDISE SENATE HOTEL AND CAFE WILLY'S CLOTHING STORE STROM OM'S FARM EQUIPMENT MATTSON MOTORS 'RHoDY's GAMBLES STORE MILT'S BAR ROBERT ERNST TOMAHAWK PAINT COMPANY GEORGE NIEMI A k W STAND UPTOWN RESTAURANT GIFT BOX DAYVS RADIO R T. V. SCHLAIS CLOTHING HOTEL BEAUTY SHOP DON'S N66m SERVICE RAY SCHELLER, JEWELER TOMAHAWK BAKERY BENNETT'S DRUG BRADFISH ELECTRIC E HARDWARE DU BOIS BARBER SHOP MISTLETOE nm Emmvs D. X. nuns SPORTMAN'S'INN A. DURAND SERVICE JOHN LOTSPEECH Tomahawk, Wisconsin LAKE ICE COMPANY ARNE'S GRILL DAVIS' GROCERY DAIGLE'S HARDWARE ROUMANVS RESTAURANT KRUGER'S SHOE STORE KOTH GAS E APPLIANCE BENNETT'S SPORTING GOODS ALAMO PLAZA BILL'S SHELL SERMICE THEILER'S TAVERN HANKES FOOD MARKET MILADY'S BEAUTY SHOP MASTERZELECTRIC KAY'S TRUCK STOP EDDIE'S TAP PATERSON RESORT JOHN E. SMITH CENTRAL DRUG STORE TOMAHAWK BOWLING NEL k RUSTY WEBURS RESORT SOUTH END SERVICE SKYLINE CLUB CORMACK DRUG STORE BEN FRANKLIN STORE LIZAKS SHOE STORE SCHEEL INSURANCE Phillips, Wisconsin SKYLINE MOTEL SCHLOSKEY'SfMACHINERY HILL THE HI-WAY BAR BARBER'S FURNITURE STORE WOODIE'S BARBER SHOP GIBBY'S BAR BEAUTY NOOK BOSTROM JEWLER CARL E. BJORK PHILLIP'S FARM AND EQUIPMENT CO PHILLIP'S LOCKER PLANT WARGO BROS. GARAGE INC. WOODWORK a AUTO GLASS CO. WALTVS GROCERY Prentice, Wisconsin CLUB EIGHT PRENTICE SALES AND SERVICE BLACK'S TAVERN WILUND'S STORE PRENTICE BARBER SHOP RIVERSIDE INN JOHN NELSON, MOBIL MAN -:L 2. , f ,S Q LZ INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Manufacturers Yearbooks - Yearbook Covers Diplomas - Graduation Announcements Factory - Home Office Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A. , ..., ..-,,--.-V,,,.. Y . v .,L:.,A .Ju : b i A ,V i 5 1- ,9 N A A Q X k TODAY we MF LLUW U,

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