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 - Class of 1945

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-ni-r . I... .- v . -. --.1 -fn.:-.--.-...'.x. ,:-.".-Q-. - --r -- . :- '. -.. -s:--. .- - I I.. -. -J' -A -'. -1 .- --'wwf -' . '. '. -,I , .' 3. - ,. I -.1 5'.-'.+- ,. .-,.:. -+.,II-:w -.1-I ,..:1,3.. -1- II--- -I - -' I ,v - I5 . I I- I ,, --- I I . I. . .I,n ,.,--U .- .IJ .II .-I -. I-,I . . ,',. 1 ,.--' . ,.' ,I --,- .-1I - . - -.-.. -'.'-1 .LI-,Q-'-.'.,..:-: '. ,4...- .. ' - - I , , . -.III II ,I I, IIIIII inf-.I4II,I,,II.,. ,..I,.I III,.II.I. I. II III... ., I ...I . I I I - , -' -- . 'f- - . - - -..' 'H -:'v". -..v4.1'- -. -". --" 'H . 1 .- .-. . ' ' - - .Ig ,,I-- - ,I, .'. .- :x -,-, ,, ,-I--. -.-' I-f . .-5. , '. .. I, - I' ' ' -- -.II ,-II I. er I-IIg 5 M , ,I -.I---f..'.f, ,I,'. -':5gIIII - IIIII ,I I.5- .- II I . -I -. I . I I, - - . , I., II I-I .' I-, I ,,,'.. -,I,. I-- .- I-. - I I . ..:..?, I II ,- -I I: - I I I- Ig. III:-,..-,-II III' II.I-II7., IIgvI, ,z -4-,JIIII :If IIII- , Q II. ,I. . " , -. .411-L .. ' 1 '- 'g' -I. ' ',2'4.j-t",'..-31 " 'I I ', I . . -I, .I I.II I. I. I I . ., .II.I -. .III I ,II I I.II .,.:I -III II I .I.y, ,I. I II-. I- f.-. -. . --II . I I .. I- 'aft 1--- :I rg A I I . 94 .TI-1I,..'.I I-- ,Ag-f5..f,Q-L. 1:-1.2,-.I I I.- 'N ' '1'.. .. '- ..:. I v f K" ' ' '.. . ', - .4 Q , f,"f',,'--1 ' -.-,,-"'.L -,'..1"' jg' ".' l ' . - .- I ,H p - ., - ...- -, . -,..... .. , ,-I. . . , . .- . - .., . -. ,.gw---,,- .-,--- ,.I--:.- .','.-' -- J-.-. -- I-. -.. . . I I ' j .- I. 5-I .I I- L., .IIII.IIII- -I -3- .5 .- Ii - 3I.I.--, I,IqI,III,I'- YEA -.II.II.,:-.f I. g:vI.-. II I -:IQIAIL ., I III II .II .II II . I I- .I .- .I-I I -. -' , 1. -.- '..-- . A , H- .-I---pf, I I .I I ' I. 1: I ,. .III .-- . I.. I- 4 I I- "' ' - 3. .-' :'.'- - :,.1' -.' 3 1:,- I-. 715'-fa-I' ,.'v1,,g4ag.-I-'g '.-.Iggy .gfg-,x L--,-J1-K2 3'-'1v"-"fI1.'-.v ::.-- ,f.- :J -1. 11-I-jj '-, 1-,PI-,:.',',.....I '.- ..- I . II .,-..,f I-., yIII. I . .I I I, ..!- ..I.I:II. - III-FII .I ,I.5:II:::I:I.u-I AIA JA ,IUIIIIIII-IALII IPL, .I,-II,-,.... ..-... 4.,..,.. .I. . .. .. w .-.-' '-.:.. --' ,,.,..-,,-ww-I.. --... C, ' .",' ,-1 - . ., .. ".'L"1'59l'A 'f' ' --:'f -' - .au . . -. 1. . J '.Q-.'i.'1::-:-..f1'. 0. .A I-'gI.' .Ig -- .I.,I ..I Q - '.. .- .-- ' .,.' --.- -3, .--I , w--'pf M.. --"1--4 .I..4.. .. .. . --':-.' - .. .--..-.-':- .. - . . . . .-.f. ' v'-. .5 .. -m. rinizfy Universify an effy Qresenf -.4 -'.- . 4-4.--: -, .".' , ig- ff 5'-H 3.'C"'.-:.'I5'f".--Vi I A -' . .1--'4 '-'-fr '.". L-'-:' II. I.Iy1:III If . II-I ,I In .',,-IH. . 'i . '-' -','f1 - -,I,-'-.-!f-: ff- ,.Y",-.,g , ' Ii- - ',',-.4'- .I. :'T'5' .', 1 U'- .. . '. .- , ..- 4- -'.-. - --- I - - -1 .-f -,.:.II. -'I. -1 -- '.Z. ,, - If III I g.II-,I.II.I,I -QI-I .I I.III-II.-I. .' fl. - - 'D "' , .' "' iz' . -,.-I. ' -...'. ,.'. :. ' -, -:Q-'-I' -I '.21.?."'-I-I' I,-III, III -- :.- II I- ,. -,-.-2-v, -ag.--41. . ,.I,-'ag n'-. .4 . -f ,--I,'r ..,,',,I:,- ..,.,,.. w 5- 11 i-3: vI.,.fr':'5 . -.-1 -3 :L-,.,---. -- -. ,x .,IuI-I-I, -1. . .. .- . - . " '-.- .. - 'n'.S ' k ' I-4-3. -gn.,-.,-' 4 : -.'I...1- . ,-- 1- .-..4- -. -- -,,,..', - -. .4.,... v x - 1 ' fd . 'kr Q-a5'f .'z:.s.'I'-- . If I.. -'.' .:-I - ff- 1 1 .4 . . 12-3-5.3. : 'z-, 7-1 , III.: A c .- -- -F.:-3+ I I... .55-'Ari' ' .-' C'?f'1".. --3 . I, .-,....-g.', I . . f.-- ,QI-I . I I. ...M-v... I. .-u..f,I,II,I-.:. ,- II, , my :-1.--Na. rn, -- --nz ecficalion For the year 1945, The fwirage is decli- catecj to those Trinitonians who are in the service ot' their country. ln paying tribute, however, only a small portion of Trinity's respect can be shown -the rest is carried -in the hearts of us who are left behind. in Me ' The gold stars on our.service flag are golden memories. Qver all the World the sacrifices behind those stars soon will have their truest meaning, and in our halls their golden light will lead us past such further stars to everlasting peace. God grant that theirs he peace today. Many world events have turned our college days aside from those of normal years. Perhaps in Trinity's history this will be lcnown as the transition period, for our seniors hold memories of .freshmen days spent in Waxahachie or in San. Antonio, and we all carry visions in our minds of the build- ings which shall some day grace our new land site as the "new Trinity." We lcnow that the present days are perilous, but besides un- certainty, we see a golden flickering in the future. We have chosen a liberal arts college as a refuge for today and a foundation for tomorrow -f that we may assist in the building of a new and peaceful world. cz minis fmfion 'f,'1ffg'Z'rL'5'W"W-"f'5-'--.'uL'..n."2I5" I-"5"'f.'i'.':L!'1"-:p,..V3f:'l"lZ-A.'h --'F-.YL iif2ggA:5:,,.-...-., . , -M ,, A A , ,, Tbe President DR. MONROE G. EVERETT, B.s., n.A., D.D. President of the University Dr. Everett is more tban tile president oi Trinity University. He is a friend, ratl1er tlian a superior. wbose office door is always open to student views and problems. His responsibility is not only that oi erecting a new plant but tliat of lwlding time guide reins, in order tbat internal growtli oi body, mind. and spirit will lceep pace witl1 external growtll, tllat Trinity may remain a scbool witll a beart. ,k . MRS. MoNRoE G. EVERETT Mrs. Everett, our first lady, is smiling bostess PAGE 6 lor l'1er Trinity family. Her graciously offered llome is a constant liaven for llarried club presidents, and lor social gatllerings oi faculty and townspeople. Slwe is indeed an able partner lor tbe scl1ool's leader and a warm friend ol' tbe Trinity student body. ilu' l,rvsiclvnl's llomn Aclminstrative Council . VVILI, W. JACKSON, ILA., M.A., I,l'l"l'. n. Vice President of tile University - -i . il A ,' - ' A lv, ' ' . 'ii -v ' UL J. SCHXVAIS, is.A., lun.. Plum. NIAUIJIZ B. IJAVIS, n.A., M.A. Cfl,Ilfl'0Rll li. Pi-:lu x ILA.. M x Dean of lin' Uvlivvrsiiy Dean of Xvomon'-Dirvcior of Rvgislrur ,- Svvrviury of Professor of Bible Counseling lim Fuvuiiv Professor of Psyvinoiogy Profvssor of Professor of Eclucaliou Forvign Lunguugvs PAGE 7 PAGE 8 Vff. -w-1 wr -, ".,i"?' pill? . , ,D - thi, .-.1 . t. JA D 131: ., NliL1.l2 A. RomNsoN, n.A.. M.A. Director of Admissions Associate Professor of journalism Associate Professor of Foreign Languages FELIX ULLRICII, ILS., M.A., PH.D. Director of Adult Education Professor of Education ',.1i..'t.,' V- i 1 v' r ALE N. NIORRISCJN, ls.A., Max. Acting Dean of Men Professor of Plnysicat Education professor of History WILLIABI F. KING Business Manager Faculty TRUNIAN J. BARBER, u.n.A., M.u.,x. Associaie Professor of Business Aclminislrulion and Economics. HfXROLD BAUER Visiting Lecturer of Piano al' NOT PICTURED: ARTA T. ALLEN. n.s.. M.s. lnslruclor in. English GLADYS C. Buooxs Associate Professor of Piano 3- Qu ILA., M.A. FRANCIS X. l5U1ilslaNn0Rl-' Assislani Professor of Band and SARAH R. CALVERT. ILS.. NA- JUAN R. BUliUliNDORF, n.M., M.s. O I I lnslmdor in Em lm, I W Y . ' J. rc neslru nslrumenls, J Isl llbfl'ULt0l in I num public School Mllsic PAGE 9 LAURA IVIAY CANAFAX, ILM. Teuclning Follow in Piano VICTOR M. CANO, u.,x., M.A. Instructor in Foreign Languages X ELWYN CARTIQR, n.,x.. M.,x. Professor of Voicv PAGE 10 ELISABETH B. Cox, B.F.A., BLA Professor of Ari lnsirucior in Voice and Public School Music POMPEO COPPINI, D.lf.A. PAUL R. CULWELL. B.A-, M.A. instructor in Chemistry LUCILLE DUFFE1., B.s., M.A. Instructor in Pilysicai Education 5' 4, f , , ,, ,. -,. FRANCES K. HENDRICKS MARY ASHLEY GUTHRIE JAMES C. GIQANBERX' B.S., M.A., PH.D. B.S., M.A., l5.D., M.A., PH.D., un. Associate Professor of History Assistant Professor of Guest Professor of Applied Art Foreign Languages PAGE 11 VIRGINIA J PAGE I2 Associuiu Profvssor of i'or0ign i.rIIIgIIfIgvs OINER, ILA., M.A.. PILD. Al.BERT HIQRI-'F-BIazIi Inslrucior of Niusic H FREDERICK B. lsIiI.Y, Is.s., M Professor of Biology EUNICE KITCIIELI-, ILA.. M.Is.A. Assislanl Professor of Business Aciminislraiion isiory anci Appreciaiion .5. SARAII TITUS KRING. B.M insfrucior in Violin mb E. CLAYTON MCCARTY, u.A., M.A. Associate professor of Speech and Drama .7 WILLIAM C. MCGAVOCK, B.A., BLA., PH.o. Professor of Chemisiry wx INA BETH SESSIONS MCGAVOCK l.ouIsE NIANEVAI., Iz..A.. M.A. JEAN IVIORAN. ILA.. ILM., M BA" B-M-' MA' Assistant Professor of Biology lnslruclor in Music Associate Professor of English PAGE 13 P' 'C' 'S Av Gnoncls A. NENVTON n.A., M.A.. 1.1..o. Professor of Malfienlaiics RUTI'l S. PIKE n.A.. M.A. Assisiani Professor of Sociology STEXVART H. Ross B.S-. M.S. Associate Professor of Physics and Malllcmaiacs Gsonou A. Sci-IRADER B.A.. n.n.. PH.D. lnsirucior in Bible Plwilosopll y Ullfl ,ox . .av- Tmznusfx R. Simms, n.A., n.v. A. J. STArFoRn, n.A., M.A. WALDINE TAUCH, D.F.A. lnsiruclor in Library Science Associaie Professor of English Assistant professor of Ari PAGE 14 Assistants to tile Administration i .2- 'np Raw: U4-orgiu XY. Bricigvrs. R1-siilvui Din-rlur ui. Maury Cullum-rinv vga, urgiivrili- B. limi:-rms. Hush-ss ul' Maury fjiliIH'fiIll' Hull: Grain' Nlrixflllrrvy. Si'i'r4'iury In lin- iJri'si1ii'l1i. Wliilciii' Row: Dnfionn lxlilljllfll, Pino., Gimlys lf. ixiuociy. Svvri-lury: Tiny Rugsiiuiv, Dim-lilinn: Bollmu Row: M. U. Raigsiiuio, Iiurvimsing Ag:-ni: Annu Exim- Slfwi-r, Sq-4-ri-Iury in lin- Dirvrlor ul Puimiii' Rr-Iuliuns: ixlurjurii' Vain Tuyi, 'iXl'K'lIiiYl' S1-rrvlury ui' iiu' Trinity fluir. Xssislunls lo lin- i'xIlllliIliSiI'iliillll wlmsi- piriuri-s rin nni illllN'ill'Z c:l'll1'Vil'Vl' Browlw. Svrri-lury lo lin' Dvnn: Nlilry I"uni, 54-rn-lnry in lin- Businvss ixizniugc-r: Frank N. llnggurrl, M,D.. Univi-rsily Plmysivinnz Biliii- ii. NVRHU. Supa-rvisor ni! Carlin-v Shop: XV. R. Siniiil, Supr-rinlc-mivnl ni' lin- Buiiriings unci Gmunris: i.iilinn 'i'rnwirk, R. N. linivvrsiiy Nursv. PAGE 15 Z0 . 4 1 'h ... N55 -.--qv -'qv 1 V.,- TY 'X bi wp lu-gg nu -e i I 'Sf -'Sir .. P ' J? 4- -J . rg' , Nl- H ,N , . .. Qi , "Q r-' V wx I l. ull salys lwn' in srnull prinlf' 2. nljlu- ilu- spnrruw llurnuglu llu- willcllmxu 7, "DL Hvvrvll is nu! nf luwn.U ll. "Now llml lNl0kkl'l'piIlg llYllI!h'Ill-H 1. Un pnginn l'llilH'Illil.H lv. 'lpluyirlg mluHs.H T. HNUW llw IU'1llIIlliIl'fiI'S luwvr lllilllllilill'-'H H. Ufwlr. Nlnrrisnn jus! In-ing lil1'i'liHllS. 0. "AIP nm' H1-il:-IZ. IO. UBIII ilu- Fink' Dm-pzurllllvlll rvquirvs-I' ll. "Now nlmul llmsl- pnslsf' IZ. mls lllis my jlfilfIf'?H l'5. Hlrur lllill nlilmriiy prolmlvnls rlnss- I-I. Uxvlxrn dill lu' grncl1lnlv?" Vi. Arr- yuu sun: you lmvv lin- vorrvcil illlIIIl1f?n Student Council J. MILLER .... ....... P resident J. VAN HORN ....... Vice President ak The Student Council this year has loeen char- acterized by a spirit ot unity and cooperation. Our Problems, projects. and discussions have had a Pf0gressive note, as is fitting in our rapidly expand- tflg Alma Mater. As always we have had the Storms and accompanying thunders which are char- acteristic ot a school with "growing pains," hut these have loeen handled with a certain dignity and an eye toward the future. ln short, this year we have attempted to "accentuate the positiveu in Preparation tor closer alignment ot administrative with student minds. 'k '-- My W.-., ut. ..- -ary l'V"' 'H PAGE 17 Launclming oul on a new venlure in eclucalionw, Trinily lmelcl ils pioneer summer sclmool session al San Luis Polosi. lVlexico in I044. Aller monllls ol prcparalion lmy ll1e aclminislralive lmoarrl, llle group movecl inlo ils palacial "new lmome lor a monlll ol learning lo clo lwy doing." Xvillm llleir olmieclive of allaining a nalural maslery ol' an lwrelolore. lexllvoolc language, ll1ey plungecl inlo llwe linguislic lalmralory lurnislmecl lay lVlexico's marlxel places. lieslas. ancl social gallmerings in con! junclion willm llmeir regular class worlc. Tlmey lell llme warmlll ol l.alin lms- pilalily in ll1e corclial welcome llwy rcceivecl lrom slreel lmeggar ancl govern- menl ollicial alilce. Relurning tanned ancl relreslmecl. llmey accomplislmcl a grealer fluency ancl unclerslancling ol tlme language ancl its people llwan is ever cxlraciecl from llle prinlecl page. C0 n Nlexico ,L s.-..,,........ , , .. 744 . .Ll t. 8 .fer GMM WN' em E PAGE 0 Ei CRlS'S PLACE .M s1sAns um CHICKEN u... 5i OFFICERS B. IHORNBEAK ......... President M. VVYATT ...... Vice-President l. BAKER ............. Secretary M. A. RICHARIJSON .... Treasurer N. MCMAI-IAN ......... Reporter lf. llurnlwnli, .l. llnlu-r, N. lx1FlX1ilIlillI, lxl. A. Rirlmrrlson, M. Xvynlt Four years ago when a group of students enrolled as freshmen in Trinity University in Wax- ahachie, little did they dream that they would be graduating with a similar group who were matriculating in San Antonio at the same time. We are the last class to have memories of days in Waxahachie and of the University of San Antonio. Our college career has been an unusual one. War was declared in our freshmen year, and we have seen the men of our class leave us to fight on battle fronts all over the world. ln our sophomore year our Alma Maters joined to form the present Trinity. In spite of the necessary adjustments these changes have entailed, we lmow that the past four years have been good ones. It is not easy for us to leave the memories of school activities, the periodic return of exams, bull sessions far into the night, and special class events, such as the Valentine Dance, the Junior- Senior Banquet, Commencement, and the rest, to move into the unknown. But fortified by the social and academic experiences we have had here - and challenged by the problem before us, We proudly join the ranks of Trinity Alumni. erzior Glass E NIFS. Anderson, HBCHSCH illld '.BHliE', enjoy u cup Ol' colllee before llleir eiglll o'clOclc. PAGE 22 l l BA MRS. MARGARET ANDERSON. . . .San Antonio Education JOYCE BAKER. . . . . .Stockdale B.A. Hislory Nlnry Cullum-rinc llnll: lscllowslnip Pros. -I: Spurs 2, 5. Pri-s, -I: SLTVQ' Ol Senior Class: Ixlllllil Clli. 3. Corresponding S1-crclury 4: Xvlufs Nvlnu 4: lnlvrnuliunul R1-lulinns Clulb: Clloir I. 4: Duvlwss nl .luniur Class: Svivluw' Clulm, vlqn-nsun-r I: Queen ul' 'l'lgl'I'lilIlLl -I: Flaws! Rvprvsr-lllnlivo -I: SIIA. -I: C.S.l'4. -I: Spunisll Clulx 2. '5. JACQUELINE BARNES. . . . .San Antonio BAA. Hislory Spurs 2. '5. -I: lfn-url: Clulm: I.R.C. 7. -I: Svriplcrullc-rs 3. 'l'n-usuror -I: lnwn Clulx, EAR1.1NE BENSON. . . . . .Port Arthur B.A. Sociology N I F,-.ak VM, v Nlnry Cullum-rinu lY:l'll0YVSllilJ 2, 3, Hull Council -I: Drum: Hull Fvlluwsllip I: Srriplcrullcrs I. 2. 5, Vim: Prcsiclcnl -I: Spunisll Clulr 2, 3: Spurs 2. 3. -1: lnlcrnzllionul Rclalions 3: S.C.A. l. 2, 3, 4: Vlvrinilnninn Slnll 3, Cir. Blgr. 4. ORS as ' ', ' 1, . I iinw MARY EVELYN DOWNUM. . . . .San Antonio B.A. Englisil Nlnry cTIlllll'l'ilN' I-lull its-llowsluip 4: Alpina Cixi 4: C.S.i". 4: Symposium -1. EDWARD ESLER. . . . .San Antonio B.A. Sociology lxficirurlin Hull ifcllowsllip Fr Council ll: Sficllu- Clulm I: Cllristiun Lilo Scrvicm- Group lc S.C.A. 2, "L -I: C.S.l:. 4, Vice Pres. 2. 3: lnlrmnurul Council 2. '5. Cin. 4: Sluclcnl Council 2. 3: 'liriniloniun Slull' 2. 3: Sporls Eel. -I: 'I'.U,'I'. 'Sz Clnoir 2. 3. 4: Foolimuil 5: Bnslu-Iimll 3. 4: IBM-In-II 3. 4: Assorintion '5. 4: Religious Lilo Council 3: Sluzlont Bnzly Viva' Pros. 'Sz lxiirugr- Spurls EJ. 4: Yvlufs Xvlm 3. 4: llvvlis 4, Pres. 5. CALVIN FROEHNER . . . . .Flatonia RMA. History C.S.l'. s, .L BETTY HALL ........... Albuquerque, N.M. BA. Education 'liusuulum College: Niirugv Exiilor ll: Niury Culllcrinc Hull ircllow- slnip 2. 3. Via- Pres. 4: Scriptcrnlih-rs 2, 4. Vice Pres. 3: S.C.A. 2. Cubincl 3. lrens. 4: Spurs 2. 5. ilircns. -1: Czunlcrlmury Cluiv, Rep. 4: Siuclunt Council 3: C.S.i". 2. "S, 4: Tin- Symposium -1: XKXIIIOIS Xfvlno -I: Spnnisln Clulx 2. Class oi'45 Downum, Nlurgcry. and Eci clemonslrzxle clillerenl melilocls ol' sluclying. PAGE 23 Frances. Doris. Belly, Berl, nncI Virginia seem lo enjoy TunncII's lwo Iinger rendi- tion oI "Under lI1e DouIJIe EugIc." PAGE 24 BETTY HORNBEAK .... . .. .... San Antonio BLA. Hislory Spurs 2. 4, Pros. 3: Town CIuIx fl, Pros. '5: AIpI1n CIII 3. Pros. 4: Pres. Sr. Class 4: Pi Kappa Dc-Ilu, Pros. 4: XVIIUIS XVIIU 4: Dirimiv 2, 4, Cnpl. 3: I:roIicf uI I'IvnrIs 4: CInss Isuvorih- 3. 4: Curunuliun "A: Iviirngc. Soriuly Efl. 4: Inh-rnuIionnI R1-Iniinns 2, 3, -I: Ioln Dc-Iln Simian I: S.C.A.: SlumIc-nl CounriI 4: Cimir I: fxIll0I'IlTklIl I.:-gion AwnrcI 4. MRS. IVIARGERY LANGSTON ...... San Antonio PLS. ELIuCaIi0n ROBERTA LINN . . . . .... . . .Amarillo B.A. Art Drum- HIIII If:-IIowsI1ip I. 2: IN'Inry CnIIu-rinv llull Ira-IInwsIrip 1. +I, Y.X'V.ff.A. I: I-iI'v X'VorIi Rvrruils.: Ari CIUIJ 2. NEWTON IVICIVIAHAN HA. E.ngIisI1 SI. IVIury's Univ. Ixfizmnging I'fcI. mI'Iw RnIlIvr": IVIississippi CuIIcgz- Art Ed. "PcIorus": Ri-porlcr Sr. Cinss 4: Canterbury CIuIJ Pros. 4: Inlvrnaliunui Rvinlions Rep. 4: I'IceIs 4: Ari GuiIcI Tr:-ns. 4: TII. PIuy0rs 4: Ari Assl. 4: Iwiimgr' Ari EcI. 4: Coronulion 4. NIORS Pi' BONNIE MEYERS. . . . .San Antonio BA. Mathematics . S.C.A. 2. 5, Smfy 4: Symposium fl: Spurs 2. '5, Hisl. 4: Gurnmn Clulx 3: 'liuwn Clulm 3, 4: Alplm Clli "Q, Ra-cf. Svr"y 'iz lnirnnnlrul Council '5: Br-llc l. JOHN LAWRENCE MILLER . . . .Amarillo BA, History Pres. Sluulcnl Bnuly 4: Pri-s. .lr. Cluss 71: King nl Vlvigurlnml 5: C04 Cnpi. Laxllwrs 2: cjllllll' 2. '5. 4: C'.S.l:. I, 2. 3. 4: S.C.A. 2, 3. 4: 'lvrinih-ors -4: lnlvrnulionul R0l6lll0llS 2. 3. ll: Hi-1-Is 3: lN'lr'l:nrlin I-lull lfclluwsllip. MARIA LulsA NAVA. . . . . .Falfurrias B.A. Sociology ' ANNE NEWBERRY ............ Weatherforcl BNA. Business Administration 'l'.S.C.W. I: Merry Cuilncrinv Ilull l"4-lluwsluip 2. 'Sz Hnusv Council 4: 'l'.U.'l'. 2, 5: Alpllkl Psi Onu-gn 2, 3. 4: Lv Cvrrli: l"rnm'uis 2. '51 Sylnposiuln 4: Cinnlcrlnury Clul: -I: Vlqnwn Cluln -1: Wlirugx-Ari Efl. 4. Classof'45 ' .,-. ,lgff . M-13 717' 1" "A 14 i 17... L, I 5. ' -5, , ' - v' 1 , I f - 1 J i . fgsiiyw I' Ls Si Naval. Bonnie. Newlon, nncl Jolln enjoy llie loelween class llospilulily ol' llxe coffee slmop. PAGE 25 Nlury Alice. Newlmerry, Nliclcey. uncl Jenn indulge in illat Hcleacl-weelcn paslime. bridge. PAGE 26 MRS. JEAN POST ......... . . .San Antonio BA. Elementary Education Our Lmly nl ilu- Lulu-: Town Clulm 3: Spurs '5. 4: .lr. Clnss Trans. '5: lllll'I'lIilli0l1ilI Relations 2. MARY ALICE RICI-IAIwsoN. . . . . .Rocksprings BA. Business Aclministralion Buylor Universily I: Nl, C. Hull l"IsllIIwslIip 2, 3. 4. SI-c"y 5: Spurs 2. 5. 4: ,l'.U.'l'.'s -I: Spunisll Clulm 2. 3: Clmir 2. -I: Belle: 2: lxlusl B1'iHllll,lll 3. ll: Senior Tri-us. 4: Assislunl fl. MILDRED RUTH SIMS. . . . . .waxahachie HS. Biology lnwn Llulr I. 2: Nlnry c,illlll'I'illl' Hull l'I'llIIwslIip 3. Ll: l-uIIcI'rI'lies l: Sopln. Sponsor 2: S.C,A, l. 3. -I: Culxinvl 2: Buml I. Tri-us. 2: Bios Clulm 2: Scivlico Clula 3: lnlrIInIIIrIIl Council -I: cjllflbliillilill -I. MRS. XXIRGINIA TARBUTTON ..... San Antonio BA. Art' Town tvlllll I. 2. -I: I:N'IlL'll Club 2. 4: lrim- Arts Frulernilyl 'l'.U,'l'. l. 2. -I. NIORS r 1 Z.. l' 1: im- DAWSON TUNNELL . . . . . .... . . .Dallas B.A. Sociology Lancers I: Bios CIuIm I: Bnnnl I: Clnrislinn Survicc I"uIIOwsIlip I. 2. 3. 4: Sludcnt Council 3, 4. Ilireusurvr 3: Iunngungu CIuI1 3: Scriplcmllcrs, Vice Prosiclr-nl 2: Heels 3, 4: IVIncI7urIin l:f.,u.:.l..i:0.. 4: VVIIOIS VVIIO 3, 4: Y.NI.C.A. 3: Trinilonimx SIOII CircuInIion Mgr. 2: Clloir 3: Dulce in Coronuiion 3: King OI Iigcrlund 4. JEAN VAN HORN .... .. .FL Worth B.A. Sociology Dmnu I'IuII I:cIIowsIlip I: NInry Cuilurrino Hull I"cIIowsIlip 2, 3, 4: Clmir I, 2: Le CcrcIc Fruncnis I, 2: 'l'.U.T. 3: Spurs 3, 4: Bios CIUIJ I: Vice-Pres. Student Bmly 4: Sluclnnl Council 3, 4: CII. Inlrunlurnl Council 3: Mirage .Ir. ELI. 3: Trinitoninn Skill' 4: S.C.A. I: I..iIc Xvorlc Rucruils I: Tlle Symposium 4: Ili Kuppu Della 4. MARGIE WYATT. . . . . . . . .San Antonio B.A. Speech Orcllcslru I: GirI's Glcc CIuIJ I: Ioln IJQIIA Sigma I: IVIixecI Clioir 2, 3, 4: Vice-Pres. Sr. Class 4: Spurs 2. 3. 4: 'I'.U.'l'. 2. 3: Sluclonl' Council I: Spunisll CIuI1 3: I7roIic OI I'IonrIs 3: S.C.A. 4. DORIS ZIRKEL ........... . . .San Antonio B.A. Religious Education S.C.A. Pres. 3, 4: C.S.I". 3. 4: Religious I..iI'm: C0lllIIlIIII?C?. Classol 45 A good time was had IJy all al II1e Senior Sweetheart Ball. PAGE 27 OFFICERS M. BARNETT .......... President H. BADGETT ...... Vice President B. WALLING. . . ..... Treasurer S. NICODEMUS. . . .... Reporter V. CRUZ-AEDO .... . . . .intra-mural Council V V. Cruz-Ai-fin, S. Nirtmir-mus, B. Xvuiiing. H. Bndgc-lt, hi. Burn:-tl Vve. who wiil graduate in 1946, are the first reai "war ciassgu we are the first ciass to have had four years in Trinity in San Antonio. Perhaps, as we are sometimes toid, we have been cheated out of a normai coiiege iiie. it so, we have also been priviieged to he in coiiege during dramatic and vivid years. We read history in the newspapers, rather than in musty reference ioooics. Normaiity may have been iost, hut we have iittie to regret about our coiiege years. We have learned to appreciate much in our contemporaries that we might never otherwise have icnown. We can see even more cieariy than others the true purpose in higher education. Lnzior Gian Class 0 ELSA AI-IRI5Ns BARBARA ANDERSON San Anlonio San Antonio LENVIS BARTLETT CTERALD BLACRIIURN San Antonio Amarillo f'4 H I1I.IaN BAIJGETT ClI,ilclI'ess PATRICIA BLAIR Nocona MAuRIc:Iz BARNETT Valley Mills IQIT CTANAFAX Kerrville PAGE 29 JANIeT CI'IRIsTI.Iav CAIzoI.-l.IaIz Cox VICTOR CRUZ-Anno VIRGINIA DEUTZ San Anlonio San Anlonio Mexico Cily San Antonio BEVERLY DUFNEII JEAN EVERIIEART NABI.Ii FRETZ BETTY CTRISHAM Halleilslfille Clarksville San Anlonio San Antonio JUNIORS f'4 .lnwri FIERZOG San Anlonio NIARY IXIATTIIHXVS Sun Anlonio inf'- -C7 6 RUTH IVIETZ JACQUIELINE NICCARTY LAVERGNE IVIOREND AURELIA Monnow San Anlonio For! uforlll Tampico, Mexicro Vvorllnam Al,hIA NIESTIZR IJOTSIE NENVBIAN SARAH NICOIJEBIUS HELEN PONVELL Hondo Dillcy Lubbock San Antonio JUNIORS Class of,46 IVIARTEIEN IQONK MANIJEI. SEGOVIA VIRGINIA SzAI.IQowsIiI San Antonio San Luis pofosi. Nlux. Anmrillo GAYLIE SPANN EMMA 'l'AIfoI.I,A KATIIRYN LJNDERNVOOIJ Al.I5l2Ii1' XVALLING Amarillo San Anlonio Sun Antonio San Anlonio sas, o-di -1' 1 YI'-X PAGE 33 rcs' D. .lolmnsnn. XV. Olliit. B. Ellis. P. Hay. J. Silhcr OFFICERS J. SILBER .... ............. ....... P r esiclent W. Ol-l.lIfF. .. ..... Vice President . P. HAY .... . . .Secretary-Treasurer B. ELLIS ..... ..................... R eporter D. JOHANSON .... . . .Student Council Representative The sophomore class has been an important organism in campus lite, united under strong leadership. Eager participants in all school activities, they were responsible for one ol the most memorable dances of the entire year, with John Silber in the saddle and plenty of ment After dutifully wearing garments absurdly backwards and ahjectly praising the freshman class flag, the sophomores shifted their load of interclass in- struction to their younger partners, and settled down to their college careers of fellowship, scholarship, and service. Sophomore Q55 Class of,117 MARY FAYE ALIJIIIIJGIS JOHNNIIZ AMENU Mnlllis Sun, Anlonio MARGARET BARRETT I3ARBARA BEAN Hereford Sun Anlonip FRANCES BONE JOAN BRYAN Iaclesonuiuo San Antonio TESSY F1 ARNCJLIJ San Antonio .IEANETTIE BICKHAM San. Antonio MARY H. CARI-IART Sun Anlonio Bon BAER San Antonio CATI1 IQRINIZ BOAND San Anlorlio NIARY ELIAS Floresuilln PAGE 35 BARBARA ELLIS Houslon EIMMA CZARZA San Anlonio JANE Hlivn San Anfonio JACQUHLTNI5 FERTNER BETTY FINDLEY Sun Antonio For! Worlll, NIARY F. c:AUNTT PAULETTE HAY IQUIG Sllflall Bonnwz SUE JACKSON IDORTHY JOHANSON San Antonio Brady SOPHOMOR PAGE 36 IDESYREE FLORENCE San Anfonio PHYLLIS HAYDEN San Anlonio NIARGARET JONES San Anlonio E S 'THOMAS KING San Antonio CHARLES NIOORE San Antonio WARREN OLLIFF Taft Class 017,47 IDORIS LEARY Sun Antonio NIARILYN NIORRIS San Antonio MARGARET OLSON Hereford BOIIIIY NIAGENS Suu Anlonio JO RUTII INIORRISSE NOFdlll!illI DORIS OVERTON Fort WorllI BETTY NIARTIN George Vxfesl IVIARIAN NOBLE San Antonio 'DORIS PARKER Tulia -1' si ,pru- , 4-' 3 PAGE 37 .f"' . ,JP 1 CJEORGE PASCI-IAL HELEN PIKE San Antonio JACR RANG San Antonio JOHN SILBER Sun Anlonio SOPH PAGE 38 San Antonio INIARY RATLIEE San Antonio NIARY ANN SULLIVAN XIUTIIOII GM JO ANN PINKSTON San Anlonio ANN REID San Antonio JOHN M. VFAYLOR Sun AIIIOIIIO ,,., ,.,. . - ,W .,. Lv, .,.,, ,..,,,,.- I ,,,,,,...,.,.. a ., , , W., .. . . ,..fYf, LE... .- II....,.,.. .,. .- .-...,,..-. ,Mn -.I.Q+,,...,..........-:..1 .............u...,....J:-... NRM HL. EITII EL RABELAIS San Antonio ERN ESTINE ROGERS San Antonio LAURA 'IJHORNE 'Jasc OREL RUTII 'TYRA Utopia 1 DAVID Wl'lEAT San Antonio Class of,47 IIAZEL VERBl.E San Antonio PATRICIA VVHELESS Port Arthur PAUL YOUNG Houston BETTY WALTI'lER CLAIRE WIEIR Slareueport, La. Sulninal JUNE WIYIITTENBEIIG RIVARDE WRIGI-IT San Antonio San Antonio FRANCISCO ZAMBRANO Monterrey, Mexico Special Student .nl .ani 3 i. I N PAGE 39 R. Rhinclmrt, S. Hay. G. Barth, P. .lolmson OFFICERS R. RHINEHART ................... ...... P resident G. BARTH ...... . . .Vice-President P. JOHNSON . . . .... Treasurer S. HAY ...... . . . . . ..... ........ R eporter The 1948 freshmen F-1 a frightened, bewildered group of separate individuals met at 9 o'cloclc, September 12, to dive headlong into one of the most amazing, exciting periods of their college lives. lt was the beginning of lnterclass Activities, lcnown heyond the dean's office door as "freshman hazing." To the "fish" it meant five weeks of stringy-haired, plain-faced girls topped day and night with the beloved and loattered "fish cap" and cropheaded boys rolling pencils with their noses. "Fry lilce an egg," 'Buttonlu "You don't WHAT freshman?" meant fish school, scowling upperclassmen, and lits of hysterical laughter fwith a mouthful of craclcersl. All this led up to the most exciting nights in the year - "Fish" Parade and Bonfire and glorious Flag Night. T he "fish" were victorious. The freshmen, now a real unit and a nucleus of the Trinity spirit, tool: a haclcward loolc and were amazed. The lun, the warmth of now precious memories, the excitement, tear, and anger in those live weelcs had shaped them into a solid group with Trinity in their hearts. gras men ass RUTH ADLOE Three Rivers JANE ANDERSON Carrizo Springs GEIIALDINE BARTH San Antonio 9 Class of 48 CTLARICIZ Al.BRlGI1T Salzasliun ANN ARNOT San Antonio IJELA B. BARTLETT San Antonio I'll-ILEN AIJIXANDER IJULUII uslea, cglilfl. BETH BAKER San Antonio MAIQY BETH BAXTER San Antonio CYARM EN Al.COCER Sun Antonio JEAN BALDWIN San Antonio ANNA RUTH BONI' I acksonville IU' .--' 'S' rn 'G I vw. 3' PAGE 41 .0 ff IR IEDXVIN BOOTH San Antonio Sun BRUNILR Cryslal Cily Rosli BUSII Sem Anlonio PAGE -12 I,-gg, pn IB PATRICIA BRADLEY Upper Morllcflair. New Iersey l"iliLEN JO BUCHANAN San Antonio l'lliLEN M. BYRN Sun Allf0lli0 FRESH 1 NANCY BRINT NIARY D. BRONVN Amarillo Rocfesprings I.1XNl2LLE BURKETT ROBERT BURTON San Antonio San Antonio ENRIQUI3 COLLADO PATRICIA C4KRPliNTER Vivloriu. Nlexico Sun Antonio MEN JEAN CI1Al1'FE San Anlonio BETTY CLOUD San Antonio NIADELINE COMPTON San Antonio ClElSSO I'lARRY CIPIARLRS San Antonio BERNICE COGDILL PEGGY CHILDS Iuclesonuille 1 N CJHARLOTTE C,0LLll2R Pleasanlon Fort Worlll. NIARGARET COPEL1XND FAYE COQUAT A San Anlonio Three Rivers f'48 IXXIIIIIAIVI CTHURCHYARD Douglas, Arizona EVLLYN COLLINS Falfurrias IDELOIS CRADDQCK San Antonio 'V 5.-5 -0' lr 'J PAGE 43 G . l1Llz,xu1zTH CRO!-'OOT A uslin BOBBY IDRAGO Houston INIARY El.l.l'IN ELLIS Housfon PAGE 44 ELEANOR IDANN San Anlonio EMORY EATON Chirago. ALLAN EMI-:RSON 'Tylvr AUIHREY DE1.EM,xTER IDOROTHY DILLAHUNTX San Anlonio Bon ECKERT San Antonio TOMMY Fireman Quannaln RELHME Sun Anlonio ATRICIA QHLO P E. San Anlonio CHERRY FISHER jasper. fncl. EDNVIN FLAK E San Antonio JEAN FRANCIS San Antonio SULEMA CARZA San Anlonio Class 0 48 ESTIIER FLORES San Anfonio JULIA FRANKLIN Uvalcle HORACINE GIBSON Amarillo EIINA FORD CJAROLYN Fox San Anlonio Slzrovcporf. La. SYLVESTISR CIALLARIJU NIARY CANIJERT San Anlonio AllDllffll,0flfll0. NJW ERNVIN GRAI-A NAUl!ENli CIRAIIAM San Anfonio Nlcrlina PAGE 45 l, -1 1 EARL HALL San Anlonio SHERRILL HAY Sudan Jumf Honolss San Antonio PAGE 46 BARBARA HARRISON NIARTHA HASSELL San Antonio San Anlonio VICTOIIIA HERNANDEZ DAVIIJ HERSEY Del Rio Sun Antonio JOHN loo BETTY INGRAM San Antonio San Antonio FRESHME A 1:7 413' .gg CATHERINE HATl'lANVAY San Anfonio OLGA HINCJJOSA San Antonio IRISDENE JOHANSON Goose Crllek Bora JOHNSON San Antonio CANIILLE KEITT Hubbard LUCILLE LEAL San Anlonio Classo 8 HlRAb'l JOHNSON San Antonio LOUISE Km ER San Antonio Pl-IYLLIS IJSTER Kenecly VIOLET SGW. ROBERT San .IOVITA LOPLZ Flovn I UNDSCIH San Anlomo San Anlomo -haf 4 4 T17 L CLARA l.YNcH San Anlonio ANN IWARTIN Yorklown GERALDINE NIENCIO San Antonio PAGE 48 J'-1. . CATHERINE MANI-IART KATI-IERINE IVIANSEIELIJ BETTY IVIARQUESS Greencastle. Ind. BEATRICE NIARTINEZ Houslon JACQUELINE NIETZ San Antonio San Antonio Carlsbad. N .M. BERNICE IVIASCARENAS ROSEMARY MELANCON Cllimayo, N. M. San Antonio HARRY' NIEYERS ROXVENA MITCHELL San Anlonio Rocksprings RESHMEN Q Class of 48 Lvnm Molanmsn DORIS NCCAUGI-lm' San Anlonio Nlasquilv PAULINI1 lVlcKrsNzna Pm.l.v NYE Houston Dilluy ADCINAISA P,xnu,l.A LA Vl2RNli l'Amsu Truclms. N, M. Sm: Anlonio INIARJORIIE MCBRIUE San Anfonio PAUmz'r'rlz CJLLH Sm: Anlonio Cll1XIlI.IiS Pmzluilz Sm: Anlonio ALICE Mclvnk San Anlonio Jo:-zu I2 Pfxco Laoav, Plnilippinos Rovlil.l.A Pmuuiu Sm: Anlonio PAGE 49 CATALINA RAMOS ARNOLD RATPIKE San Bornarflino. Cal. SUN. Antonio CEENE RolslNsoN G. SASSMANSI-IRUSEN Dallas San Antonio PAULINE SENVARD NIADELEINE SHEEKS San Antonio Corpus Christi FRESH PAGE'5O JANICE REED San Antonio DORRACE SCHRAEDEL Dallas XVALDON Sl-IELTON San Antonio ME EKNNETTE ROBERTS Pearsall SHIRLEY SCHWEITZER San Antonio 'DOROTHY SHERRILL Pecos MARGARET SIMMONS Frem- XXIRGINIA STAN EIELIJ San Anlonio SALLY SWEIGER San Anlonio Class of 48 ENIIJ SIIINNER .San Antonio BLAKE STEVENS San Antonio JEAN TR EAS San Anlonio PHILIP SNYIJER San Antonio NIARTHA STOKER San Anlonio LEE UPSI-IAw faclzson. Miss. ELIZABETH SPANGLER Uualde OPAL STOKES Medirla ALBERT VAN CLEAVE Cllrisline PAGE 51 CARh1EN VIVENZA San Antonio Lols WEIBIER San Antonio NIARY JO XVILLIANS Palacios PAGE 52 -PAUL WALTHALL San Anlonio NIAUDE XVEYDliLL Carrizo Springs DOROTPIY VVILSON Sebaslian FRESH 'T -0' 2 JOYCE XKVANNIEII DORIS WARIJ pampa San Anlonio CYLORIA XVHITTON COLLEEN XVILLIABIS San Antonio San Antonio FREDDIE XVOOIJHOUSH PATSY YEAGER VVeall1erforfl Houston MEN Y K Umfmcfank ,Mall Numa ancf Secancf Semafm. Sfafewlfi Working in tile Library ,V j 'V , ,QP Cadet Nurses i Since iast September U. S. Cadet Nurses iluve ivecome Trinilonians. Tiieir rigid sciwciuie inciucies four ilours on liie campus in uciciition lo limeir iiospilai ciuties. VVili1 sluciy unci transportation time iigureci in. E1 stiff program resuils. . Socioiogy, psyciloiogy, chemistry, Engiisiw, micro-ivioiofly. nutrition. and pilysicai education form their Course oi stuciy. White uniforms among time coiiee siiop gang, or ciotting tile Science Haii iawn ilave become an integrai part oi Trinity. We are prouci of ti1em and of ti1eir sincere effort to aici their country. HSOVYIG social DYOIJIGIYIS UTC. . . ' PAGE 54 Down ttm Ctiaput steps BERNICE L. BLACK, u.s., R.N. Anatomy anct pttysiotogy MARGARET L. BREVVIER, n.s. Nutrition UDELIA BROWN. n.s., R.N. Anatomy anct Ptmysiotogy ,, ,,,. ,,. 1 1 , 4 t 2 1 5'5" N. ,Tn Ztektp' 1.42. ,fin i1j,Qvw M--R '-1 'I 4,1 15 F An u -I ,. Special L 'raft LAWRENCE HAMILTQN, M.n. Anatomy anft Ptlysiotogy QtliRALDINli IVI. t't0Tl'lSTlilN. n.s. Nutrition tVlARY A. tvt0Ul.TON. n.A.. R.N. Nursing JULIA U. KING. n.s. Nutrition IVLXYMIE M. tVtO0Rl5. n.A.. is.s.,'M.A.. R.N. Nursing CTl'lARLOTTti Y. ROBINSON. ls.s.. R.N. Anatomy anct Ptlysiotogy . Hl2llliIiIiT J. SCIIATTENISIQRG. M.n.. M.s. Anatomy anft ptlysiotogy l.n.l.1AN B. 'l'AUlxl2RT. R.N. Nursing Lois B. Wll:INll'1li, u.s.. R.N. Anatomy anft Ptlysiotogy t'tARRlliT M. XNIILLIFORIJ, n.s Nutrition ttow to fovrt ttw putivnts PAGE 55 S... Fronl Row: S. Cannon, J. Mzmgum, XV. Smith. D. Fletcher. B. Barrow. Second Row: J. Valdez C. Pressley, WI. Wales, G. Jay, NI. Crozier, G. Childs. Third Row: A. Van Cleve, J. Deering B. Hutvliinson. J. Hayes. Back Row: VV. Bullock. A. Campbell, J. Boggs. Students Wl1.o Entered the Second Semester 66LfLU'85 Irfan,--My A , - I V ,, .. , -,.4.,..f,,q,,,,....,......,..,.. ....,.,.s..,.,,qarA...L-.4..s,.v,.f-4, ' 'WTVIT i x N, 5 Km? lemma of ffm ,JM of mmm KW af wwlmcf 5 Qwm fm of Me Jam af gm Queen of wwzmcf PQMCMMMWCQ ZAQJMMCQWWZZ Semcwz Qcwyaliy pamce Weowfon af Me Jffame af XWGMQAWL mwwwwmmf Seam lake fcfwafzcf of Zhe Jawa af gdffwz Coronation Chair .Majmfim - file jfinq am? ffm Queen cglllfljll nloyfl' Or HIC IYIOUSK' of lsilliffl' ,Qing lJilXVS0l1 Or IIN' IYIOUSC 0fVI'lll1I1l'H Duvlur-ss Wlilclrccl of llw House of Sims Duke Eclwnrcl of 'IIC House of Esler Duchess Helen of the House of Pmclggffll Dulw Vvurrcn of lhc' House of Olliff IDllChCSS Nlklfy All!! of HIC I'l0LlSC Or SLlHiVilI1 IFDIIIKC PHUI Or 'IIC I"0lISfT Or Y'0l1l1H Princess Margie of lllc Housv of Vvynll Prinvc Newton of lllc House of Nlriwlnlmnxm Princess Elsa of llur House of AIIFCIIS Prince Jolm of lllc House ofTz1yIor Princess Desyrec of lime House of Flor:-mc Prinvc John of llme House of Sillwr J J 'Juke I FIU' Or H16 FIOUSK' Or JOIIHSOH PAGE 62 IDLICIICSS Puulinv of ilu- House of Ivll'li0I1Zif' Prinrcss Puulcllv ol' Ilm Hous 1 I rinte Roldcrl or IIN! House of Fc erl ." C? Y , M get 'V' Q' QQ : at 'lfgx N at Jyx w A 4 .2 it Wi . t E f EX it 1 is . it Belle Shawl! Jfazf 7he QYZCWQC af JWLQ 'J 1. ff f' wg- Q, - . B4 s 89014 Ghmlu Mama . vi..-is flu! .F r , ' x A ,, n C A A f' " . X ' f r A -X jf x rf t K rn 1 fi H3 1 . W Most Representative Freshman '- Eleanor Dann Most 'Representative Upperctassman -1 Joyce Batter Cutest Girl -1 Dortlwy Johanson Most Beautiful -- Mary Alice Richardson Most Intelligent -1 Betty Horntmeatc Best Personality r- Paulette H'1y PAGE 63 Rally Jwwwb fcehn mam jwm Www HMM! Www pmfeiie JW Saphamaw fm ,sum Qafacvfwfw Www QM Qaacvfwizw Ummm lam 'fi Raimi' Zahn! x H Qfumfalfe Qcefffm Zcwffpq fahandan Hmm WAQZM4 Ummm Mm f25c-MJM7 fakamm fmwzw Macaw, N A ik ik ik Urqcmizafions v UI! Q .'. rw Ipha Chi W Y i " ,- Qui? 'W K xv,-ffm A national honor society, the Alpha Chi, is . 'tw X W Ii. lionNisic,xlQ. Prvsirlunt EIR ' H' ' A au- p , i 1, 3 1 'e ' fb ...LH . 1.14 ., ' 'TTT f ,f ',1 .., sf' D .4 .QI made up of those Juniors and Seniors who are in the upper tenth of their classes schoiastically. it is the purpose ot' this club to encourage scholar- ship among undergraduates and to honor upper- ctassmen with high scholastic ratings. The chief social function ot' the organization is the annual honor roll party in January. 'A' Row: XV. Jurksnil. B. llurnhr-uk. .l. Hamlet-r. M. lf. Downum. Boflnrn Row: lf. Grisham. D. firka-I. B. Mi-yi-rs. J. ffhrislh-y. PAGE 70 criptcrafters One of the otdest and most active organizations on the campus is ttme Scriptcratters, wtnose purpose is to promote student interest in Creative writing of all kinds. Some highlights ot the yearvs program have been the Christmas meeting at Ntrs. McGavock's home, and time time Dr. Anthony App spotce when Mrs. Robinson was tiostess at Dr. Everetfs. Each year the club sponsors The Southwestern Intercollegiate Poetry Meet wtmictm has become one of the outstanding events on the campus. f eff 1 v--' ,,n ,,,. K- . -1 if w-N A., , X fs. W. V P . N,...,. ,V h .,, x, K tv-'H '-sin wr,-..K 'N- as ui Q' U 'ffl V S Nicommus lrosutcnt SDOHSOYSI Mus. W. C. MCGAVOCK MRS. A. J. ROBINSON bb ,..-at Top Rum: Nt. Burnett. Prnt. A. J. Stnflvorrt. tt. Bndgult. I-I. Pu 'z-tt, K. i I. -1' KN N 'illstn-td. ixtrs. Inu Belt: B'Il'c12lX'l7l'li, J. lgn. Svrolut Rum: .l. Herzog K. UllKIf'rztV0lllI, IPIHH, IEUIISOII, J. BEIFHUS, Ni1'CDlIl'lllllS, Iiltlfkllllfll. PAGE 71 The Symposium KATHRYN Uivonnwooo President Born of a genuine desire for voluntary prohings into the depths of philosophic thought, The Symposium Cluh was nurtured hy Dr. Schradefs philosophy classes hut soon extended to alt interested students on the campus. Meeting at homes of the memhers, the students have pre- pared original papers on the various prohlems ol philosophy which were invariahly followed hy a mild roar of discussion. We, as charter members ol this new cluh, feel that we have con- trihuted something very definite to Trinity in the fostering ol? philosophic thought. plunging VVIN :I Ak vi: iw 'fi . g W4 1 suv- 1 t I ' , .2 , ' ' 4 OFFICERS K. UNDERWOOD ....... President R. HOLEKAMP ........ Secretary B. GRISHAM .......... 'Treasurer 1. Cl'lRISTLEY .... Vice-President DR. G. A. SCHRADER, . .Sponsor Dr. G. A. Sclirauli-r. R. llolvlmmp, K. Underwood, B. Grisham. .l, Christlcy PAGE 72 The Symposium Ml if .....-s ' Q.: D. 1lIIlIll'H illlll il. l1VK'fIll'lll'l l'0lllt'f XVIIII Dr. Cl. SClll'll1.l1'l'. headlong into time fresh green pastures ot! ideas has given us a broader oulloola. A spiril' oi? volun- tary participation has characterized the organization this year and promises lo bring full fruit in years to come. papers prepared by l'I'll'3 memlmers iiave been lmouncl ancl are on tile in time Library. Q -Nauru-..-...--.. ,p.....-..,, i 5 i . 1-"I Nc 3 i.. Top Row: L. Parrish, D. 'liuiuu-H. lf. lfslvr, Dr. U. A. Svlnrucim-r. Svvomf Row: K. Umlvrwmul, M. lf. Downunu, R. lluli-kmnp. B. Grislxunl, B. Hull. Third Row: lfl. Pmvvll. B. Wluy:-rs, .l. Van Horn. J. fxllrislivy, .l. liVK'fIll'ilI'l. PAGE 73 ca H, all iff? . 7 .L fig 5 ,g-LW. A ,gil l :Kia ' P U . 'gwfzifr vi ' Q-igS5',y:i 1414? gn , .. . ' Q f f ' Ji UIQ! ll' 1 I' lllllll'l'NV1lllfl, lll'lll'y, Villl lllrfll, llc r o mmalx .l. Sillmi-r. 'DC' Delzmate Squad Under llme capalmle direclion ol Dr. George Sclmrader llme Trinily Delmale Squad lmas compleled anollmer suc- cesslul year. Time season opened in Decemlmer willm Trinily acling as lmosls lo lwenly Ieams from live colleges al an inler-college lorensic lournamenl. Trinily leams won lirsl place in delmale in lmollm llme .lunior and Senior divisions, and placed second in exlempore spealc- ing. ln January Ilme squad allended a praclice lourna- menl al San lvlarcos Slale Teaclmer's College. Time squad journeyed in lVlarclm lo llme Savage Forensic rlqournanmenl in Duranl, Olclalmoma. winning second place in poelry reading, exlempore spealcing, and liilmle Reading. rlqlme season was climaxed lmy llme Provincial hliournamenl lmeld al Soullmweslern Louisiana lnslilule al' l.alayel'le. l.a., wlmere llme junior learn was viclorious. lmeing llme only undelealed learn in llme lournamenl. Plqrinily also won llmird place in poelry reading. ln addilion lo compelilive spealcing. memluers ol llme Trinily delmale squad spolce on several occasions lmelore various civic organizations in San Anlonio. Tlmose sluclenls wlmo successfully represenl llmeir college in delmale. oralory or exlempore spealcing are eligilmle lor menmlmerslmip in Plmi Kappa Della, nalional lorensic lralernily, Uul ol llme eleven memlmers ol llme squad seven lmave aclmieved llmis lmonor. n 0 fm I A. cilH'lll'y, ls. ll0l'IllH'ilk, K. lll1lll'l'VV00ll. il. Sillwr, ll. l,llVVl5lI. l,J'. clf'0l'gI' Sffllfillll'l'. International Relations Clulo t Under tlie inspiring and active sponsorsliip ol Dr. Frances l Hendriclcs and Mr. Dale Nlorrison, tlle lnternational Relations Club lias met in regular montlily sessions to discuss current prola- ems. Topics sucli as Frances postwar pattern, Latin America. Russiays position, Dumbarton Oalcs. etc. liave lormed a lmasis for clear tllinlcing thru tlie muddled current events ol' today. Gayle Spann, as president lias engineered tliese inlormal con- ferences in various lmomes and places on tlie campus. Tlie l. R. C. lias been a cluln ol' open memluerslmip, wlwicli lnas proved to Je one ol tlie most purposelul ol 'l1'rinity's activities. C' SMNN' I, '.f, mlm, L!" 1 L Uncle Row: Cruz-Amlo, ll, Xxltlllllljl. A, lluir. B. llurnlu-uli, lvl. Rnnli. .l. lla-rmg. Mirlrlli' Row: .l. llnrm-s, K. llmlm-rwuml, ll. lluilg il. lvlillvr, U. Spnnn. Bottom Row: ll. Powc-ll. S. Niroclvlnus. .l. llulivr. N. Nlflxlillltlll. PAGE 75 Le Cercle Francais Captainecl by Pat Wbeless, Madame Robin- son and Dr. Joiner, the Frenclm Club, Le Cercle Francais bas been live, enthusiastic, ancl active all year with the Gingerbread Fair, annual ban- quet, costume parties, impersonations and plays. all belcl in tbe loreign tongue. VVitl1 tbe purpose of studying Frencb culture and bringing students togetber to practice "party rousing" the club bas been unique in tllat it bas accomplisbed just that to say notlling of baving a very enjoyable year togetber. P. Vvniiusss, President ,L 1 'up Row: B. Vvulling, Nlrs. Amli-rsrm, M. Minllir-ws. lf. Collins, R. Mitrrliiell, P. Brmllcy, H. Alcrxumlier, A. Hnir, D. Wirral. Mrs. Vvuyclull, Dr. Juimrr, Mrs. Tnrlxlntlon. Mrs. Rnlu-luis, ll. Bunn. P. Hnytlun. 'lvllifll Row: V. Cruz-Amrclo, A. Roberts, G. lVl4-nuio, M. A. Sullivun. S. Huy. J. C. c.:llill.l'4', .l. Burn:-s, U. lngrum, ll. Grislmm. P. Vvluelr-ss. Bottom Row: D, Overton, C. Alcorn-r, ll. Yung:-r, P. lVlcKt-nzic l lleycl. B. Klvilolli, C. llonlnil, lf. Garza. M. Si-goviu. E. Txilollu, lvl. J. Lum-, B. S. .lnf'lcsun. M. 'l'urncr. PAGE 76 Los COIHDCHKJOFCS The Spanish Club, Los Compeadores. is organized with the purpose ol using the Spanish language in conversation, and learning the cus- toms ol our Latin-American neighbors. The meetings and activities are conducted as much as possible in the language and its members have an opportunity to use this social lunction as a labora- tory tor their class studies. Climaxed this year by a typical Mexican celebration ol' Seis de Enerofb or mlihe Day ol the VVise Men" at Margie VV'yatt's home. The Spanish Club has had a large open membership lor all scholars Hde Espanol." V. Diauw, Prosi dent, 'N 117' ,Lf- lvop Row: B. Kleillolll, M. VVyaIi, .l. Baldwin, Mrs. VV4'ydoll, l.. lmul, P. Huy. ll. Amt:-rson. Mirlrllu' Row: lt. Sli-v1-ns. l.. Bur Nava, E. Garza, M. Segovia, E. Tnlolla, A. Paclilln. Bolton: Row: C. l"ox. M. E. Ellis, .l. Buclmnun, B. Xvulling, V. Deniz, V C rul A 1 1 PAGE 77 1 7242 Zzacwlig Gini Mm 89514 Jail mcfkwdafff 0fzf,gf9ff5 7heSZMZmZBcwZy af Triniteers Time Triniteers llormecl in Wlarclm, and in tlicir lew remain- ing weelcs ol tlwe scliool year, lirmly established tliemselvcs on our campus. Entlwusiasm ol tlwe men lor llwe group macle tlieir lirsl pulnlic appearance in llwe musical comedy, 'Swinging Doors," a never-to-lue-lorgollen success. Since llien many social ancl sclwolastic events have assislecl in welding llie men inlo a closer Q.. 5 - g ' in 5? i 'W , A . 1, Q , 1- . . . ff and unlorealcable lralernily. 'lr J. Sll.nlf:R, Prosirlvnl Cum Oiflflclcns ' 9 Y . l .,,.ffgQ-'few , - ..,K9LL7li43ZF2fF,- J f ' , e fares um .. iw' ' pw: , ' ,Ayn ! I . U t f X sp., f3f5'?57?, WL nf we f 4 K E-. Top Rmug .l, Boggs, N. lvlclvlulmn, C. Nlnurv, Tllirrl Rum: ll. lfvlu-rl, B. Drngo. D. l'l4-rs:-y, A. f'mnplu-ll, ll. Young. Svrmnl Rum: V. cjflll-fxvflfl, P. Jnlinslon. li. Stevens. llv. King, ll. B, Snyrlvr, T. lfic-lclvr, J. lxlillvr, .l. Nl. llinylor, l". l.nmls1'lu-n, l"irsl Row: R. Rliilw- lmrf, VV. ilaclcsnn, .l. Sillwr, Alln-rl l'lr'rl'l'-Bvzv, B. I'lIIll'llll1SOI1, VV. Ollilln, l.. llurisll. PAGE 'FEI up llol 9 OFFICERS Town Club Time Town Club is an organization of all time girls in Trinity who live in San Antonio. tts purpose is to promote tlie best interests of tbe University, to support campus activities, and to sponsor social aiiairs for members and friends. Time iirst semester was bigli-liglsited by a barn dance at tlae Woodlawn gymnasium. The out- standing event ol tbe year was tbe traditional Coronation ol tbe King and Queen oi Tigerland, -Q--n--.- 6 O4 R 1 Row: Nl. Baird, R. M1-iz. B. Harrison. lj. Bradley, B. Hornlu-ali. Fourth Rum: G. Easley, Nl. Jones, lvl. lvlorris, K. Underwood, R. lcanup, G. Gilt-S. Tlxirzl Row: H. .lac1lison,.l. Hvyfl, E. Alirr-ns, .l. Barnes. Sf-court Row: C. Prnsslcy. B. .l. Murpliy. B. Bean, B. Grisl iam, L. Russell. First! Row: l... Yveimcr, A. Hair, M. Stoker, VV. Henry. M. Carlmrt, C. Bound, A. Padilla. PAGE 80 Town Club llelfl in llic lfllff spring. At lliis lime llie lxing nncl queen logfellier willi 21 prince nncl princess nncl clulce and clucliess lrom enclm class are iormnlly presented as llwe Court ol llligerlnncl. Also in- Clucled are represenlnlives lirom the lincully. alumni, and local l1igl1 scliools nncl colleges. Plllic rllown Club continues to lunction ll1rou,Ql1onl limo summer montlws, sponsoring olnnces nncl picnics wlwicli. add greatly lo campus lilo. Nl. XNIYATT. Prvsiflv nl 'W?l5Vg'w 1' x I Wx Top Row: lvl. lvlK'IV1'F, lf. Rogvrs, C. 'lille-is, ilolillsvss. D. Yvurcl, .l. llimzlclmm. l:0lll'lll Row: lN'l. Xvynll. .l, Kirsh-n. l', llnrpui lvlolunmn, .l. l'l1-rzog. Nl. Ronli. Nl. Crozier, R. Vvliiliun. Tliinl Row: Nl, Xxlullu-r, ll. lxlyvrs, P. llnrpvnlor, ll Iylllilllllllly, R ilu in SUCUYIII leflllll V1'rl7ll', I., lXlI04'I'IH'f, XNllHiillllS. .l. l:l'llllK'l5, Mill1Srll'lKl. l,. lliiyllvll, l:l'Ulli IQOIIYZ IAWIFY, li. c,lll', l,0NVl'll I ljilll il. Igllfllilllilll, FOTKI, l:lUN'lN'l'. PAGE S1 w Hellf- illlll l3l'illl AQWN The Spurs The Spurs, upperclass women's social cluh, have uniteol town ancl dormitory in their memhership to lorm an organization ol' vivacious life in all activities. The memorahle Spur Show, the dinner elance initiation at the Aurora, and school clances on the campus have heen most successful. Under Balcels leadership all the uncler- nu lln- variety show ...Amit Top Row: lj. XKXIIIPIOSS, M. lfuinl. lVl. Vvyutt, ll, llornlu-ali, Nl, Nolrlz-, B. llall. lf, Benson. Miflfllf- Row: ll. A. lfllis, D. Overton. D. Jollunson, VV. l'lr'nry, A. Wlorrow, .l. llnrvvson, .l. Bulivr, .l. Burn:-s. 'lotions Row: lvl. A. Rirlmrrlsoli, J. Bouml, D. l"lorvnCC, Parker, M. A. Sullivan, P. llay, il. Cllristlr-y. PAGE 82 The Spurs current ot ctissension, ever a part ot engineering stwows and activities has tmeen smoottwect to a murmur. Far trom tmeing a tigtwt tittte group ttdese girls have tmeen interestect and cooperative in every part ot campus tite -1 from cottee shop to classes. ir 5 1' 'il .. - -we-'avi 'Mp- ,Xxx-5 f 5, BAKER, President 7- W-efYsfi?r't'f""4J ' 'FOP IQUUYZ Ig. DUYDCT, IAIUICIUIIIID, il. IDOSI, il, Klltlllr, MCylYfS, IQOQUYS, il. PifltiSt0ll, AIOHCS. Mtftfllf' IQUIUI l,. IYIRIYKIPII, E. Atlrcns, B, Gristmln, B. Bonn, D. Leary, Nt. F. Atctrictgv. Bottom Row: tt. Vnrtwtv, A. Ncslcr, J. Herzog, tw. Sims, R. lyrl NCWIIIHH. PAGE 83 E. HALL, P. Joi-1Ns'roN, Co-Captains Lancers Limited to Freshmen boys, the Lancers are ctlosen by the Sophomore ex-Lancers at the enci of time interciass activity period. It is the purpose of tixis group to foster tile school spirit iIl'thCil' class and to serve the scilooi in any way possible. v 'op Row: P. B. Snyficr, B. Kiciliolil. B. Stevens. Mirtclio Row: E. Eaton, A. Vim Cleve, B. Eckert, L, Parish. Bottom Row: J. M. rnyior, B. Drago, E. Hnii, P. Joiinston. PAGE 84 Lancerettes A sister organization to time Lancers, time Lancerettes are a representative group of ifresti- men giris chosen to support sctiooi activities and promote that Hold Tiger spirit." 'A' S. t'iAY. ii. IJANN, Co-Captains Top Row: C, Kcitt, B. Bone, Aivxalluivr, P. Huy, Sponsor: I.. L1-ni. iwiricilv Row: fy. Collier. Al. P. Bli'KK'IlZil' P fini E. Dunn. R. Busta. P. Cliilris. D. Diiluilunty, J. R4-4-ct. Bolton: Row: PAGE 85 Students who have heen selected to appear in the 1944-45 Edition of Winds Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges from Trinity University are GERALD NOBLES BLACKBURN, whose numerous activities are varied. He's the tycoon of the looolc store, dramatic star of "Look at the Smiths," and can-can girl of the Triniteer show as well as an honor roll student and ardent supporter ot all the schools activities. JOYCE BAKER, a capable president ot Mary Catherine Hall and the Spurs, dignified history student, star hasehall player, everyhody's good friend, and the girl who holds undisputed claim to the title ot Gus Tunnells favorite senior. JACQUELINE COl..l..lER, who has long since heen hetter lcnown as McCarty. All ot Trinity has enjoyed her singing in the sch.ool,s Trio and choir. EDWARD ESLER, Trinity's dynamic personality and lashionsetter extraordinary. Ed's enthu- siastic work in our theater, sports arenas, and cluhs will neverf he outdone. MARY-ELISABETH HALL, who never, despite her many accomplishments, achieved her lite- long amhition of singing in the choir, and who still answers when the girl's dorm is called hy name. BETFY HORNBEAK, our schoolys true cluhwoman, whose achievements could never even he listed. lt's still safe to het that she will carry out her plans of going to law school. VVe'll all miss the familiar campus sight of her and Nlclxflahan. VVll..l.. JACKSON, who is to he praised for his accomplishments in sports, chemistry, school worlc, and lor the loudest hoogie-Woogie that ever emerged trom our halls of learning. JOHN NHLLER, who divides his time hetween student council meetings and the lihrary.-1 where he helps Jean Everheart with her lessons. His plans for the near future include entry into' seminary. HELEN POWELL, the school's favorite wit and Queen i-1 of talce-offs, at least. H. P. is most closely connected with revolutions, the Trinitonian, and Hildegard, which, incidentally, we hope to have moved to the new campus as a permanent fixture. DAWSON TUNNELL, who has spent so much time waiting for Balce, he's commonly re- garded as a piece of furniture in the dorm's reception room. His future address is Nlccormiclc Seminary. DORIS ZIRKEL, the pride of Alpha Chi, enthusiastic worlcer in the Methodist Church, and 'l1rinity's most amhitious sociology student. PAGE 86 Qecf Salfd in Zfze Smwel' palzkcaifiond H. Powif:i.i-. '. . i. l.clitor-in-f.liwf The Trinitonian . Under tlle capable editorsllip ol Helen Powell tile Trinitonian bas completed its forty- tbird consecutive year of publication. This yearls stalil bas not only maintained the traditional high standard ol Journalism, but bas increased the circulation to 1200 subscriptions. Tbrougb time sincere efforts of tlie editor witll tlie cooperation ol tlme Journalism classes and tbe llaculty sponsor, Mrs. Nelle Robinson, tbe stall bas been successful in lerreting out tlwe lmeart ol Trinity and publishing it bi-weelcly. TVVKNN , I Olaf to ilu' printers D - . 1 IX I I 'ILI ljowi-ll, LAI.: l, Aflliliil, I TUHI l.'.fl,: 5. N lIlNI1'lllll9 Mgr lqll ' I1 IBPIIWOII, c il' Mgf ' lxflfi N1-llc lillllillillll' I: l:WI1'f S ill KN IIISI - , fr -.'x i.- .- 1 I r., . .ins ii f,..l1l'l ary. PAGE B8 The Mirage tn ecliting this IQ45 Mirage our purpose has been to compile a representative account ot the year with the expansion ol Trinity as our theme. Much ot the crectit tor this year's annual goes to Newton lVlclVlahan, whose picture does not appear, tor his pen ctrawings and general art wortc. The editor wishes to express her appre- ciation to Mrs. Pilce, Mrs. Robinson. and the rest ot the publications committee tor their guictance, to the stall lor their worlc ancl ability. anct to the student hocty and taculty lor their cooperation ancl interest. ,IQUII PllllI'lZ B. 'HALL ...... ................... E clitor- A. WAt.LlNG .... ...Co-Editor. l'irst Sarnostcer Center Panel: D. OVERTON. . . .... Business tVtcuuzgor P. Yufxoliiz Wt. ti. rilbllfltl' IJIIHVIZ ti. lf:St.liR, ........ ............. S ports Eflitor 5 . in --U Mrs. Ruth Pilar. Sponsor: Mr. xfvtllttllll Cl:-gg, printf-r: B, lVturqu0ss, Typist: B. llnll, Eclitur: lt. tlornlwnli, Swim-tv till.: A. Nvwlwrrv A 1 K. Ulltlltfwttllll, ClllSS ECI. PAGE 89 -- An - ., T . qt." h . . , fi' , vs '+P is , A -ff: .fm f 7 A 4 W Ml, .M , , , ,H . w Tile Mirage Clwuclc Vvagon Supper-featuring a liilce lo Top Town. llle ranclwmanvs clream leed by Messrs. Hall and Sllerman. the most riotous melodrama ol all limes, and time lellowsllip ol real wlqrinily spirit." PAGE 90 1-. K . 5 ! Q , .sf f.m, Q . fx , .'v A. 1 V1-,v "Q, -vl I JL. H . K' L - . , v X, .X . 1 I! W ci . , I Ghapd Religiaufi .Baja Y ,, A -..nd The Religious Life Committee 1 1 1 4 I 5 i m IOP IQOIUI -I. Miilef, G. BNHCIKITUTH, P. Yllllllg. Sl!C0lll1 RUIIPI C. liflanll, i'. l'IHfVf'S0n, Zirkffl. Planning the Wednesday chapel services and putting out the chapel programs are time chief responsibilities of the Religious Life Committee. Time faculty members whose pictures do not appear are: Dean Paul J. Schwab and Dr. G. A. Schrader. PAGE 92 Stuclent Christian. Association Organizecl to combine ttme Y.VV.C.A. ancl groups on the campus, tlwe Student Christian Association outlines its intent and purpose in a plirasez "To develop true fellowship, to enlarge and broaden the functions of the student mirul, and to grow in the Christian spirit of love for God and man," Un tlwe calenclar were tl1e World Student Service Fund, tlwe Vvesley House gilts, and a clwapel service during tlwe year. Upper Riglll: Cj0MMITTlil'1 CilAluMlcN OFFICERS Lower lmfl: G. Bi.AcKiu1nN ....... Presirlenl B. Miavialzs ........... Secretary J. SILBIHR ....... Vive-Presirlent B. HALL. ............ 7'roasu.rur Xvlmsv pirlurv clues nn! uppeur. l.mvi-r Riqlll: W N b.C,.A. Hume ' ' ' ' " W. ,K Q.. 1 Top Row: B. Hornlwnli, lf. lfslvr, C. lvloori-, Nl. Burnt-lt, B. lim-r. ll.l5ly4-r, C lx I inn: 1 Yengcr, J. Milli-r, P. Young. B. l':i'lu'rt. Tllircl Row: N. lxllflxltlllllll, Nl, Xvynll N, mn Nunn M. Simmons. M. Clnurcliynrzl, M. Olson. S4-mnzl Row: M. Nnlmlc, I". Nvn r ry 1 V , I Blnclcluurn. J. Cliristley, M. l..4ilIIl', .l. Ev:-rlwnrl, K. Umlvrwimfl, J. Hnrvc-son. lir ton sn on ni I im I J Horn. S. Huy, B. Meyers. L. lurisli. G. Spunn, B. XN'nlling. M. Olson. I.. 'Hmruxm NI. Cfmrcllyurml. D, .lulmnson, mul .l, Nlnrrmv Irina llu- In-v for ilu- cTIlI'iS'llHlS Pu Christian .lulun Mill:-r lr-mls lln: morning worship service in the Upper Room. PAGE 04 Service Fellowship The most active religious organization on the campus, the Christian Service Fellowship, is responsible tor the Upper Room services al 7:40 which are led each morning lay a clitterent memloer. Furnishing the new Upper Room has liept the members lousy most ot the year with painting, installing indirect lighting, and making draperies. As a speciat service the club has Hactopteclu a chilct at the Protestant Orphans Home. Some annual affairs ot the club are the Communion Service, the Christ- mas party, anct the sunrise larealctasl in the spring. J. HARVESON, . President lv. Burm-tl, Upper Room Chnirnmn: .lolm Sillwr. Tr:-nsuror: P. Young Project Clmirnmn: G. Blnclilvurn. Vivo-Prosiflolll: B. A. Ellis, Secretary E 1 Tow Row: C. Froohnor G. Spann, J. Miller. Second Row: A. Vvalling. D. Tunncll. M. Burnett. P. Young, Ester. Tlrirrl Row: Biclilmm, M. Cllurcliynrcl, lVt.Sl1eelcs, M. E. Downum. Fourth Row: Blnclcluurn, .l. Bnlcor, D. Jolmnson, A. Ellis, .l. Evcrhenrt, I lhlfll' ,QOH PAGE 95 :mfr WH! Canterbury Club One ot the newest organizations on the cam- pus is the Trinity Chapter ot the Canterbury Cluhs. whose memhership is made-up ol? Episco- palian students and faculty on the campus. Em- phasizing a program ot' mental, social. ancl spiritual activities the clulu has lor its motto "For Christ through the Churchf' Some memorable occasions this year have heen hearing Bishop Everett M. Jones, a discus- sion mceting with a returned Army Chaplain, ancl the initiation ol' members at St. lvlarlcs Church. or ou 0 tor 5 lay or illll N M IV llli n M irris l'. King. B. Xfvilllillg. Bottom Row: C, Gilylms, D. l.c-ary. Miss Lucille 4m Am flwqn Qanjm fauna Mae Gam W fn Qcmcwi QZQCZW eww gum 8 I F, X , '4' 5 . . wi ' 'f '3 K . , n I 'Wi' 5 fn 5 QQ A. XVOMENS CI IOIR Bono, Nl. L1-onnrcl, Nl. E. Ellis. Tflirrl Row: A. .l. Morrow, Wir. Cnrlvr, J. Amir-rson. B. MIXED CHORUS 7. 9 53' ,, .1 .. Firs! Row: B. Wlnrlin, H. Ellis, C. Cnllir-r, H. Gibson, D. .lnlmnsun, J. CllFiSl,K'!', Nl. .l. l,:mz-. Somnrf Row: PI. Olson, J, Birklmm, A. R First Row: I.. Caumlxnx, C, Ifnx, K. Munslvic-lcl, C. Cunir-r, H, Gibson, J. Clnrisllvy. D. Jnlmnson. 51. J. IAZIHO. D. D 1-In-nmlvr, V. Slunfif-lf' B. Nlurlillvz. Svfforul Row: IW. NUIJI1-, P. Yung:-r, Bmw. J. Isifklliilll, Nl. 1.1-onurll, C, Pilw, P, N14-K,-,,,i1., IX14 Ellis. Slmckh J. Anil:-rson, Nlr. Cznrlvr. Tllircl Row: A. R. Bonv, Nl. ftllllrvlrynrml, Nlnrlin. Nl. fjlson, B. .L Nlorrow, Cruz-Avllo, Bnrmvli, Hslr-r. IJUIIFNI Row: J. Nlillvr. Xvlwul. C. lyloorv, Booth, R, KI4-ilyolll PAGE 99 ,,,.,L.b Trinity University Players Under the inspirational leadership of its new sponsor, E. Clayton McCarty, the Trinity Uni- versityplayers have expanded to loecome one of the most energetic and successful groups on the campus. Vvith a record production list of a wide variety of plays this year, they have shown them- selves to he versatile in all types of drama. A cooperative system of volunteer student stage crews in conjunction with a generally professional management has made the theatre group an "assembly line" unit for the turnout of successful Trinity entertainments. High spots of the year have been Trinity's own Hfirst nights" in which plays have been given their premiere showings and the production at San Pedro Playhouse of the Broadway hits, Trinity University Players .4ATS6DiC and IAEICCH Hfld UBC-3l'li6l6y SqLlElI'C,H VV.OLuFu Presiclenl have brought Trinity's theatre to San Antonio's notice. In all, this organization has cooperated, ex- perimented and united to give Trinity a year of real entertainment and a promise for the future. CDFHCERS . I rUl1 Row: NV. Ollilvll, B. Stevens, il. Julinston, G. Blzufklmrll. B. Klcifulll. Wir. if. C, lVlc1Curly, If, Btmlll, N, Nll1lN'IuI,m,A Miflllll Rm, Nl. Yvyutl, E. LTZIIIEIYHX, P. Huy. J. Pinkslon. D. Nvurrl. B. Ingram, A. Nc-wlwrry. Bottom Row: Nl. Sullivan, Nl, finunll D lull. drill Y ' ' I Nll'ItllI17IlIl. S. Huy, C. Gilmlms, L. Cin-nvy, H. Bn fx . PAGE 101 Coppini Art Fraternity What is hoped to be someday a national organization came into being last fail at Trinity.-1 the Coppini Art Fraternity. Under the respected guidance ot the famed Pompeo Coppini and Waidine Tauch, the club has spent its time learning more of fine art: its meanings and its methods of public presentation. Members of the groups will scatter into various parts of the nation, yet their continued association with the fraternity livens the hope of club growth. Dr. Coppini will not he with us in person next year, hut the example he has set instilts in us the will to carry on for art and his leadership. DR. WALDINE TAUCH PAGE 102 Nl. H. CARFIART president Wf, 'W ow-ol fcvruw vlqwvfqm, dv-nv-ff .:.....4.44 2. X , K LQ., I sh ' y a :tm l fy' I A my ' 'l ' l .', nkfha t -,fpiwvigi ' ' A m,". i?fr21y!M- ,iw a ' H N4'?f" 'iigfx , V P ww-5 - i- .5 iif g f 1 4 the 5 5 , rf e 'g 'Mil ,QM U' Wi V , , 5? .31-v . 'wig -'f 1 - Q m ' 1 . ' mh- Lw v, 'B 1.. H 4 X Y, M -.FI V A , P A--lair 1 , .,. ., . rv vlrhri 'W il .2 ' l I wg. 'few' - - ' . ' , . ,' . I V I A fp' J ' ' . wi-o , W ' Nl:-inln-rs: lVloorf-, .lnc'lcson. Nlorrison tsponsurl, King. lfslc-r. :incl Cruz-Amlo tnot pifrlurmll. The Mlm Association is composecl ol Trinity men who have letterecl in one or more major sports. The purpose ol the organization is to llosler interest in athletics ancl serve the school whenever possible. H Association PAGE 104 passing in practice another poinl on the line! tllose flghizng TIGERS just resting PAGE 105 I Squad members: Morrison rC0ilCll,, Nioorc, Olliff, Hall, Ester, Lundsclnen, Jackson. Johnson, Coilado. Not pictured: Cruz-Aedo, Hutchin- son, Eckert. Fluke. Drago. Since time Texas conference was discontinued for the duration, Trinity's attxietic teams have been playing as independents in iocai leagues. The basketball team played in tiie Y.M.C.A. League this year. ' V Aittiougim the showing made ioy the team was not the ioest, it served to keep attxietics in tile minds and hearts of time students. Basketioaii Team PAGE 106 Wk., Iowurfls lfze Imslwl cfown, llze uourl pass llzal 'mu all sei cmolluer free one PAGE 107 PAGE 108 1.45 .V . Afv ,nm ,Lima Tvfuf - I N. xgtgyaf, if , ' 41' fn 4 ,M ,. . Mm, - M I touch your toes monkey sec monkey do tennis time roll call PAGE 109 I' Vp. f ,lr r ,- rf' ff d ,V -lil FTOIII IQUHVZ MilTfllIl'SS, SilllS, cjfllZ'Al'fl0. Millfllf' IQUIIVI Yflllllfl, lqllllli fI'llilil'IllFIIlJ, fXlll'f'HS, IAIHYKIPII. lgfllflf ,e0llVI lrlilll, IESIPT. The lntramural Council is in clwarge ol all athletic contests loetween organizations on the campus. It serves to promote interclass rivalry ancl interest in all types of sports. Intramural Council PAGE 110 W3-Q-if MW ewffmm Own Maaq eaiffaefulne 4 ' 1 N- bf' jg! Q' .. :m,,?'y44,'-fr!KflQ -+.- , 'V ' 4 i..fMw',L A 5- , 22 -. 'H .L XVII A . ll Pdf . r 'I lb. 1 .5-4 'A ' r r: .-4 . If , i l Alix.. I QQ" ' A ii r . , . Y ld - X 5: F ,' lm 5 ' 55'-'Y I. Fivf- lninulus 'lil pllilosoplly. 2. 'Hur skin you love' lo louvlr. 3. Town. clinnur. sllow. 4. UNI. C. Hall." 3. Our Vvcclnosdny prayer group. 0. "Swing il, VVuHing." 7. Tlml miclniglml snuck. 8. Please limil your call lo five minulcs. 0. Slucly lrour. IO. I0 Cenls in page. Il. Vvaslmclfny blues. IQ. Come over and soc- us sometime." I5. ll's n lic! I4. '33, once. 15. Hourcling. PAGE 112 X Fifi ' r .lllllll Mary Catherine Hall Fellowship Dormitory lile is an American in- 5 stitution. 'llhere is nothing belore or alter in a girl's lille that comes up to it. The things we shall always lceep to remem- 'l"YC'i BAM"- Presirlenl her- that time we slammed the doors in - unison at mighnighl, Miss Davis, tea, the pajama parties, the Halloween trunlc murder,-have combined to lorm priceless memories. But it is more than a con- tinuous slumljmer party to live in Mary Catherine Hall. We learn our lirsl real lessons in living together. we learn con- sideration lor, and appreciation ol' others. We discover each otherys graces and laults, lilies and dislilces, ahilities, talents. and secrets. Here we lorm the lriend- ships that are to he lile-long. I rl' A s . 51 "HM H! First Row: P. Lister, .l. Anderson, C. Alhriglil, .l. Van Horn, lvl. .l. Lum-, C, lfox. A, N1-wlwrrv' S' NiUml,.,,,,,s. -ll IN1m,gum' Nl. Sim N Sullivan, B. I-lull. Svvmul Row: G. Rohinson, D. Julmnson, .l. VVilson, .l, ljinlislon, li. Taivlor. l.. cTllPI1!'V. l., liurlivtt. ll. Bac 1 Cannon, D. Purlicr, lf. Nlnrtin, Nl. lf. Gnunlt. Fourth Row: P. Nyc, A. Rolwrts, Nl. lf. Aldridge, .l. Nlnrrissr- I5 lxlarqiu-ws Nl Nohlr . J . V ... R. lxflitclwll, R. Linn, .l. Balwr, FI. Benson, D. Brown, D. Dulnvr. S. Sherrill, S, Huy, l . llny, Pl Y,.um.r' C' Kipli- PAGE ll3 J- ..: 1 Q 3 , x, I. . ivwsv Ii "3 I ,I IT I I 'il I. nCorne II0S0lJI'lIl10." 2. "VVe Three." 3. uI,mencI Down, SislerI" fl. HRm'Icin' CImir's Col WIe." 5. 'Sweel uncI I.oveIy." 0. "Goin, My Vvnyf' 7. "IIDremn0I'Ym1." 8. "Deep River?" 0. "IJ0n'l Fence IVIe In." IO. HSLIIISIWIYIC. You are my Sunshine." II. "You Gul IVIe This Way." I2. HIVIy I5ucIcIy." I3. UIJisloII3aeIcin'IVIommz1." I4. 'Sippin' Cider?" I5. uFriencIsI1ip." IO. HROII on." I7. "Wrong, VVouIcI il Iac Sn-rongf' PAGE 114 XWGZZMZM JM!! Ma4wZm Ala!! We ' wail.. ""Lf'u.7 ML . TIF 4, V luv. irvwv ' P'-'5fQ'f,, '-'mr g k' L rn . UM Vim F . I 2 nun iii-Hi... as-a'sf-.1 ,QW --. '-uw. ii-71 tri M my mp. I I , up A 1 3 X f' 'E M Y . I 4:5 A, if L , . ..-, uv - -K 1 V V , 'rw ' " -- 'W . . w , A ,. ' KJ -.-0... f .. .. ...."' ' f "2 .,g, ,,,, L .fini L..-1 . M Wm. .L . s . . . V M. .,, , . . .gif x A uw -.... 1,...3'K., Q .W . ., W.. 'Qi .uwyz-:rg:aun,u.nuTw9.--4. -- . ,...,,. . Q- 1: ,. J f--fi gl V :L I 1, , .K V. ... , lj .r H., .N -'ma ..,,.f...,...,.,. 4 I 4. - K .A v mm , "1 ' W-. ' -Y '52 " 'TSW ,..f:"1 'J ,j wi' ,.-1 ..-ww. .U 4 . l V " x ,551 X " u Q 0, . ylij,-arg, yiygalw. -v M. ,gm r ' a - 4 ,,, -KI, s 3.3 -J as .'-,lv 'S aw.. ' . 'ex u fa? 4 . f.. 1' ' v Ala" L lu: wlc lm s llouml llucir names in llu: columns. 2. Mule nnimuls on purumle. I. Yunln, llmsv ll y y Rmncovs lriplc lllrcnl. 4. Paul nncl, Gayle lonlin. 5. Cl00Cl-lllfjlll, swccl prinvc. O. Well. Well lVlnnuol." 7. D. T. removes slwocs lwlorc reliring- llow oclcl. 8. Hey--1 ll1is is llmc lmoys dorm '-1 you clopcs. 0. Pillar Millar slumped again. IO. Gur lmesl goocl. neigl1lJors. ll. Pemflm of lmc laenrlm. lVtcFarlin Hall Fellowship The hunch ot wilcl tigers cageot in Nlctjarlin Hall are a unit ot tun, fellowship, anct service. It is in this group that legenots lilce Geralctts micl- night seance with the etean, Dragots chemical per- tume, and Youngys anonymous letters are horn. Any time this group gets startect we may he assurect that the result will he entertaining at least. Tops in helieve it or nots tor the year, how- ever, is the immaculate appearance ol the hoys' rooms, which rival any homematcerts tor neat- ness and ingenuous ctecorationl 6 1 4 5 t P. YOUNG. Presictent Grificizus ...Lani Top' Row: P. il0llIlStUlI, B. Drago, A. Van Clcnvcy Miclrllze Row: E. Eaton, J. tvlitlor. Nl. Burnett. G, Smnn. ttf. Coll: I Bottom Row: B. Vvulling. P. Young. G. Bluclilmurn. YV. Ollitl. E. Esta-r. .l. Paco, M. S4-gnvin, FACE 117 4 I uto, l U II ll PAGE . , i ICA R' 05, Lf' I I, I ,,, ., .N M. 'Nm- if rbi? 'W 'NP ' 3,40 '.f?':4 ml i' -J' ZWFN L X 3 W 3-t7'Vv 'W Y-f'1?3..' 5 A tgp- t kd 1 "1 ,Ev-f' 8' F" . -4.- t ur-wffwg, ' M' e . , ,..1.g, . aww' .5 ' .Mil . K -zz 'ti f.. 'Q' ' I iAf', 1 ' xxx 'te' v . hiv f 'i r, Y- A .V f s vb LIN' xy Q: . '," f "f X! ' I , 4 t ,Il '-ww! --ng A Si'-f lr. x'. .sv I , 4 -... A ,!.. fr, tt YW? Q. s ,-. The process ol educating the freshmen is our most heloved and heleagured tradition which malces the lreshman year the most memorable ol the four. Processing includes: complete loss ol dignity lfor the hoys loss ol hairl, lessons in courtesy fpraising sopho- mores on oneys lcnees is politel, acquisition ol the fish cap which has to he practically pried ollf oneys head alter the long month ol? hidden eyebrows, egg-shampoo, pajama party and vaseline sandwiches, at Fish lgonlire, quaint garhs and costumes on Houston Street, and a thousand errands which add up to a unit ol? never-to-he forgotten fellow- ship. PAGE 119 4 . 5.1 ,Q Refi S , Q, w. V. , Ng, -.WQBSV Lgvrlmh .. I. Come in. 2. Vvhcre are the women? 3. Oh -there llley are. +I. Test .l I? T TI I up. 6. Just playiff. 7. Hmm-? 8. Sillin' in llle sun. 9. Horsirfuroul of Commerce. ll. Coffee Shop Kids. IQ. rlillillkill' lmurcl. I5. Happy Cow pokes minus Cows. I6. low wllisllej. I7. 'VVIml. no door? new DLFIOC J mum pg Ml. IO. Sudurfs Clunnber four. I4. The fence. l5. PAGE l21 'X f' If I rf! V. 'O-1 N ' 4 i -. . - 4 xx 1 p' ' X F X -. if x N5 Q' f A 0 I fi I' K ' C3 ., X7 ,,-f." Q A? :W I -.ol W nl 4. 1. ,. 9 ' ax--"""' J -ff-' ' 40.1 1. Pfi- 4 ' C"'12T'Tz':fLQ - 5 lac U? X 03 X Q f I I f 1 9 2:1 . E 5-It., , 'L ' 1 -11 1111111110102 , , ah 'NN' ff, ig I f A 1 J 5 , ff" Z L N N I 5 ysJ N-N, 167- if gi This year we have the unique privilege ol conclucling the I945 MIRAGE with a hegin- ning-the-plans lor Trinityys luture. ln conference with thrilling hlueprints ol our million clollar huilclings on the beautiful Trinity hill overloolcing the city, architects Harvey P. Smith ancl Bartlett Coclce, Mr. T. S. Nlorgan ancl Dr. Everett huilcl from a clream an actuality. PAGE 124 Dear Advertisers and Friends: We Wish to thank you for your generous contributions which have helped materially to make the 1945 Mirage a reality. We know that the students of Trinity University Will show their appreciation for your aid by giving you their patronage and by remaining loyal to you through the years. Sincerely yours, Doms OVERTON, Business M cmager PAGE 125 Since 1886 "Let's go to Sears" Have been Buy Words of the Va1uefWise SEARS, HHEHUEH 81 EUNIPANY RQMANA PLAZA SAN ANTONIO Everything for the family . . . the home the car . . . the farm and ranch TRINITY STUDENTS ' ALWAYS WELCOME Alamo Blue Prmt I , Sr Supply Company Cris s Place I Hamburgers , Soft Drinks and Candy SC11001 Almtlsts afld Corner Bandera Road and Engineering Supphes Cincinnati Ave. 13-20026 506 North Presa Street Congratulations Pioneer White Wings Flour to Class of '45 V ,f,,. .41 Most if 'ff-- 1. waz oruzrn S 6S1W"'f Pla , mwma Dependable GEBHARDP I 3 for Every p TEXAS CHILI POWDER CU. :mths Baking Purpose N2 S' FR10 PIONEER FLOUR MILLS nik XG! W9 ,ig WW DRINK XC F. C OLD 19,4 pg SANANTQNQCOCA-CQLA BOTIUNG C0- PAGE 1 7 We believe . . -. The future of our Country lies in the hands of the students now in our Schools and Colleges. t Best Wishes to Trinity University THE ALAMO NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. l C O .D a 1 at t in O U S ..',:. I ,j .-:,f 55- ,,:If..g-3.1 . Graduates 4.r- Z r of '45 ,eri OF TEXAS "":"f5':":' By the Alamo - San Ant THE LARGEST STORE IN THE LARGEST STATE PAGE 128 5 Virginia Dugger Tarbutton congratulates the class of 1945 and wishes Trinity University success in her expan- sion program. Known as "Tarby" on the campus, Virginia Tarbutton has been very active in many university organizations some of which are: The Fine Arts Fraternity, Town Club, Student Christian Association, Le Cercle Francais, and The Trinity University Players. She is the president of the San Antonio Federation of Music Clubs and is active in other civic activities in San Antonio. One of Mrs. Tarbutton's life long ambitions - which she will realize May 28 - has been to receive a B. A. Degree with a major in Art and a minor in music. PAGE 129 BRS? ME A UNE WMMMWQQQW -f 135- if swf 1 . ,HH Lbkj. ikbbn I Vi iq gaqtqin Pow Qmamz ?e'S5'f"-' .'S"7c"f10 , as Jo N5oN W3 JJ! dill, fu-H6v,fq,,,.-f Q H Q,,2j7,,,,, ,czfv f, I0 n An DJFFZTZ A', ex. -- - V' fd ' W J ,Sa qt F 4, P T ALM 'htqu' '75 J- yr! f- J-3 597 ck-R X wTSiC,::L-bi:-:',.., im gamut gig iZ'cvr,,41 f3"vf,fh,C5u uv. ww 1' Q.j"f "q Q- yadm. PMJWW D ' - of, 5x.0JaMm QTSQW 4'i',f:fk:z'z'TLfH""'f' MQW 5 M MJ Befian F71-r7far1fa ,g7Exas xe0r04,Qlp'9' X - I, 6 My lo WD of' 1 Alfa 'fprlaff mf M 1 2f.,...., 'X ,M v ww ' 6 Clue' MM 5 U' X5 ?' , ,, Qbmm .,Kbf"fgf-WS' f -,JM gig c? . - Mnmwlwkff- My Awww gif Www' ' f"",,Q1-Q 2- Ev '33vf"'f?'0,,gi,3,,fY'nf..2..qzz,..L ' 33 MWM W M 2 'gym 'iff' if """4' Q., jf ww ' ' . If -'Zia x QI C5303 55555355 6 ,-A iw pdf ifm-if A 0 . Z0 Vijfd, . 5. YxANffio'nxa,T1X. ' Wy! - Q ffpqf . Vfwgv' bye 64297 S5 xoo6igf,k+?,, vw' X: 3,2'qH -.9dJw-1 . ' 650 I 50,,,,..,4M,.,.4,4,, 4,4,L,.,4,,,,,Mu iii-X xx, 710936 Www X V i wi UZLLKLAJJ cb' JW! 1 Q- W I ,WMJ N74,Ld,WK6',ee,,,.,6",ZLX?i If wb I gfyaf jf lblfgrw, J . iqgdjmgfgxoxkoiixg 447413025769 ff .WT Ak 9:'56k. F3155 1 W N , . gig i ',W." HA'-QM f ' Z X3XQgW mV K Svgwhx Aw!-1 oTnfW- , QSL,y,V'N HQMQK ,fjfwf Vg? JV F 0Mf5 ??fL75L5gjo"?QQm 4. ..?WM Wgxiygi W! 9,3QaA'jQ:?'zf,,tg'e2q?1p WN Wgffffw 4'+1f'WW . win X 25, ff: -ew '-4'-1-sf-., MMWAEAIZE -Q. -f QU QM f Vwzwg, WM Q ff QAM yy? ,U , H Jgff fs - J .-?f:fg,:.,,i'2f"" W My SM' T33-g'Q I xx I , '5'??'i6T5v'E'f.'T"'p,Q'2'l,g,. Sm'm"M'W ff? C21...!15.f1 WM' ' JBL., LN,.,.,c., mfffm. i Pri,-,elfon .Seminary 4432! Pff"fefO'1, New JZ,-:ey in Q ,J ,W-4-.fM, W N M f 'cvabiwbgj W Q,fMM,5f+M Q5,1'?fWM wif ,J K-62,65 . W, W9 'b Uzfyzzffo 4,46 1 922W JW, 6'V7f914-bZf7,Q1Kl,d-- 27? e2u.2r'oUA,vu2- 54144. U-n22'n43-fl! Z I N T G R A F F Greetings to the Class of '45 Photographic and Display Advertising Service 677 '23 724 N. St. Mary's Fannin 7071 8 NI PRASSEI-'S DRUG' STORE San Antoniois "Friendly" Store C. H. Redkey, Owner Since YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED 1901 Cincinnati Ave. P. 1231 AM - f--- 4 C473 Compliments of BROWN EXPRESS CO. 526 S- Medina 210 W. Houston St. Fannin 4281 PITMAN SL C0 INC 0 , 0 ' ALAMO NATIONAL BUILDING SAN ANTONIO 5, TEXAS Retailers and Underwriters of TEXAS SOUTHWESTERN N W Q5 LATIN AMERICAN S629 We carry positions in many of the above and are frequently interested in large blocks of both listed and unlisted southwestern securities. PAGE 132 Frost Bros. The 'Institution of Fashion SAN ANTUNIU MUSIC EHNIPANY ISAAC BLEDSOE, Pres. Your Exclusive Representative of Fin M ' 1 M h d' f 53 y 316 West Comme G 1331 Buy War Bonds! FASHIONS FOR CO-EDS Uinown SDnaM .Shop 1807 N. MAIN Compliments of SUL FRANK EU. Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. of San Antonio Fine QUALITY FOOTWEAR for MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN . . . the ucvmanfce THE STYLE SHOP OF THE SOI IH SOUTHERN MUSIC CO. COMPLETE MUSICAL MERCHANDISE AND SHEET MUSIC DEPTS. 830 E. Houston F. 6353 9 S :ft fb QS' S QQ Q Through three generations Frost National Bank we has gathered experience, in prosperous times and in Q times of depression, and now offers its patrons this , wealth of banking knowledge. Applied to YOUR difficulties, do you not feel that Frost National counsel and suggestions could be of definite value? We, at Frost National, would appreciate the op- portunity of serving you. - FROST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PACE 134 Best Wishes- to the E Class of '45 BUY fs fs w W Ati 5 , 0 ,, ti t Thoughtfulness And Personal Attention of Every Detail Makes The ROY AKERS SERVICE W A R "Faithwo1-thy" B O N D S ' 441 Main Avenue F-7201 --:.f..?:L"""' -1-H I , 14 fewefevui Y I K ' -f +. , r , 3 L Nga' . . , ,il I - X -, r F. 7' F Sf? BelI's reputation has been attained " ' ti'1rougi193 years of doing our best 5' if to please everyone who enters our ' 'J -- ' doors . . . of keeping ever before ! , X j if us the knowledge that customer X . . J E X it confidence is our greatest asset. Xi K I Home of Good Luck Wedding Rings . " ,g,e : N 'S' fu- P Z lst . . . in Quality 1st . . . in Value! lst . . . in Service! s I6 E. HOUSTON STREET 93rd TEAR Congratulations to The Classof '45 on its graduation Best Wishes to Trinity University Q in its expansion program THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH , Albuquerque, New Mexico union cvvlilm 215 EAST HOUSTON STREET OPPOSITE MAJESTIC THEATRE SAN ANTONIO 5, TEXAS it's smart it's young it's meant for you- T955 T A- XP l T 'X Sl m"'7 . To N, ' ' 'lx X 7 fjf Dig lx T ff Z ' 9' JUNIOR MISS the only exclusive shop for juniors in San Antonio sizes 9 to 17 PAGE 136 PIGGLY WIGGLY Make Economy Your "BUY"-word , Serve Yourself and Scwe AT PIGGLY WIGOLY Z8 STORES TO SERVE YOU Z2 Equipped with Complete Meat Markets PIGGLY WIGGLY SAN ANTONIO COMPANY Owned and Operated by E. A. BASSE PAGE 138 PAGE 189 PAGE 140 BLUEBQNNETS IN THE SUNl.lGl'lT by julian Qnclcrdonlc WE ARE glad to lwave lwad an important part in tlwe 'k p,w5L666f7l'4 production of tlwis successful annual. We are equally as 06 proud ol tlwe lnoolc as you are and appreciate your line spirit 7 ol cooperation Wliiclw lwas made tliis publication possible. +1 My Qwwmq SAN ANTONIO 'k STATIONERY if LITHOGRAPHING 'lr ENGRAVING if MIMEQGRAPHING if OFFICE YLIFZNITURIQ

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