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TRINITY- 1944 ww: af :ww ga-f, Q , fvw:.f,111af'tfmf,'m1f Q gr ' ---z 51 r f V M 4, , -f ni' ' 1 -Av . iff' wh' . . . . , 1 . ' Y , mv" I' L , . . .- ' N V , X -A, ,:w,x,! M Twggw, + vi 'K ,.5.,,'m b ww . n . . Q f re, - w Mig., if .A X ,1 fm, . , 4.. ' J. 1 , 1 by I 1 ' TFRI ITT? IIMRBOU 1944 lualzmr-zn-Chwf , .IJONALIJ Roms MERRIMAN ,4S50f'IIlIl' laclnor . . . .. , ,. ..XVAL'l'I'.R Vs . B. NX ILSON llusuwss Mfuwgvr .. ROI!!-ARI Lumow bLllLI',Ub5NlzR, Jn. Plmmgrnphy Editor , . . . ARISIMJLS SlAvR01.Am-.:- l'RlNl'I'X SCHOOL f---A 139 NX ost 9lst Street Nvw Nork City Y1c'l'oR Nl. BONSALI DEDICATION O Vivlor M, Bonsall, alumnus anrl for forty- lwo years a master of Trinity School, who through thc years has encouraged so many hoys in the appreciation of the worthwhile things in life and the love of all thathis goofl, we respectfully rletlicatc this hook. HEADMASTER MATTHEW EDWARD DANN UR headmaster, Matthew Edward Dann, has heen at Trinity School for seventeen years, seven of them as head of the school. Mr. Dann received his A.B. from Columhia University in 1926 and his M.A. from Columhia in 1927. ln 1927 he came to Trinity, after resigning a position as an cconomist with the Chase National Bank. He switched from French to mathematics and taught that suhject for eight years. After two years as Assistant Headmaster he became Headmaster of the school in 1937. In 1940 he was made head of St. Agatha school for girls, continuing in that post until the school was dis- continued, In 194-3 he was elected to the Board of Trustees of Trinity School. hecoming the first active headmaster in the history of Trinity to he a trustee. Since Mr. Dann took over, Trinity has hecome a different school in many ways. The physical plant of the school has more than douhled in size and there have heen numerous improvements in the huildings themselves. The enroll- ment has heen increased to capacity, and Trinity's scholastic standing with the major colleges has heen advanced. Among the innovations he has introduced have been the role of music in the curriculum of the school, and the activity programs in which every hoy has some part. Under Mr. Dann's leadership, Trinity School has comhined the hest of its traditions of more than two hundred years, standing with the more valuahlc features of modern education. Wie trust that he will continue for many years his excellent work in administering the school. 6 FACU LTY Vlfrron NI. BoNsAl,l.. NI.A. Columbia Latin Iivumll .I. AB. Ilarvzu-:I From-lr 1Il,.u:l-Lvzlc Ihrlwkl:-Sx1l'l'll. AB. Columbia English IIA'I"I'III-.W IC. Il-INN, NI.A. .Columbia , . ., fIlatlwmatir's I.I'I5'I'I'IR I.. Nikon.:-2. IIS., NI.A. East SIl'0lllISIllIl'Q.I 'I'1-ucliers, Columbia, Clwmistry, Biology IIIIIC lim IQIIHNIID Lriomll. IC. IX . AII'I'fZlII'2l.I.. A.I5.. S.'I'.Ii. Trinity. Bvrkvlvy Divinity SCIIOOI, Chaplain IIII'IIIl.I-15 IC. Iinlsnv. A.B.. NI.A. Ohio Stutv, University of Chicago, History, E'r'onomi1's II,-mln' II. Cook. BS. . ,DilFIIllOlIIII, lIf'lIflll'lllllfil'S, Physics, Aeronautics IOIIN II . I.IIiI!Y. A.B. Yale ,.., Raflio, llflusir' Dvpartnwnt Iiowun I,IlINII4I. A.B, IIurvar1I . . English III-1ICN1II!ID Y IH-ZN'l'lNI. I'Il.II. lIllIY1'l'SIIy of Iiomv. IIIIIW-l'sIIy of H4-rlin . , Cvrnmn. Spanish I. Ilow-um I olrw. .-LIE. Allliovll Matlzmmnivs Ill-Luluzl-2 IX. Duns. A.II.. II.A. Ifiasl SII'0lIlISIlIll'Q.I 'II1'lll'Il0l'S. N.Y.II., Physiral Dirac-tor Ilurmsow Sf:o'r'r. A.Ii. , Columbia Plzysiz-al Erlm-ation UPPER SCHOOL FACULTY lfollom rim-1 Mr. I oung. Mr. I'irni4-. IVIr. Dunn. Mr. deflolivr. Mr. Ilruner-Smith. Sevonrl row: Mr. Ilomull. Mr. I.ilnIry. Mr. Hook. The Re-v. Mr. Nlilvlu-II. Mr. Davis. Top row: Mr. Yale-nlini. Mr. Ifliflry. Mr. Small. Mr. Nm-gli-. 7 Bottom row: Mr. Libby. Mr. Riu-hie. Mr. Whitbeck, Mr. Dann. Mr. Langford. Mr. Arling. Mr. Bullentine. Top row: Mr. Davis. Miss Johndroe. Mrs. Oexle. Mrs. Merritt. Mrs. ig2ll'lI'2lIll. Mrs. Scott. Mr. Seott. Absent: Mr. Slztyton. LOWER SCHOOL FACULTY JOHN E. LANGFORD, BS. , ..,, Columbia, Oneonta No x'111 al School, Prineipnl, English JEAN-JACQLZES ARLING, B.S. . . , NYU, . ,. . . Crude Five JUS!-Zl'IlIYI-1 XX . BARTRANI liMt'S.j , A Broekport State Nornml Sehool, Crude Three LOUISE ,IOlmn1:Ot-1 Hlissi ,. .. , Welleslt-y. XX In 114- lock Crmlv Um' IIAl:Rlr1'l' D. Bi!-fRRl'l"I' Hirsji , AB., FMLM. Smith. HOSIOII . , Crude Une FLO B. UEXLE LMrs.1 . B.S ..,..,... ..,.,........ I iolumlmiu ,..,. ..., . .t .Grazia Four SVSAN B. ScO'r'r UYlrs.5 ,. . ..... .. . ,.... . ,.... N.Y.U., Columbia. .. i ., Crude Tim H-morn P. BAl.l,r:N'l'INE, I'l1.B., M.A.. ,.... Mulnlenlnn-gr. N.Y.U. . i Grade Six .IOHN XY. LIBRY, A.B. ....... Yale . i O Music WVILLIANI E. Rl'rt:1m: .,.. ..,.... N l.l.'l'. . .,., ,... , . .... ...,,.,, I lrmlf- Seven HONALO Sl.n"rON ,.... Pratt, University Of Vermont, Colutnlria .. . . Iii'IfIl1IllllAl'fS Lotus ll. XX'l1l'lm1f:t4. A.B. ...,. .. .. .Rochester .. , , , .. . . , Crfulv Eight GEORGE NX . Unis. AB., MA. i East Stroudslnirg Tc-uehers, NYU., Physienl Direetor H -u:mSON SCOTT, AB. i . ,,.ColmnIiin ., , Plzysieul Erlueation 8 1944 FORM SIX ALLYN MINER BENCTSON Entered l943 Undecided. Allyn is full of surprises, At first acquaintance you notice his mint julcp accent and his ehullient good spirits. You would never suspect him of hcing a jitterhug of no mean proportions, or of maintaining a chemistry lahoratory at home. But he is, and he does. Ap- pearances can he deceiving. FERRlS SCOTT BILLYOU, JR. Entered I9-11 Armed Forces - Glee Cluh '43, 944. Wlalking through lVlr. Clishy's room the first period any morning, you may notice a little hall of hlue serge curled up in the corner, stirring slightly. Don't disturh it. lt's Billyou, and it is not asleep. Itis only storing up energy to deal with the children it has to tend at lunch. RUSSELL BROWN, JH. Entered 1932 Armed Forces -- Tau Delta Sigma. Secretary '43, '44, Trinity Times '43, ,441 J. V, Basketball '42, '43, Varsity '44-1 Tennis '42, '43, Capt. 744: Volleyhall '43, '44. Wllile Russ has hecn active in many fields, it is on the tennis court that he really shines. 10 IIUWARD REID CRAIG. JR. lfnlvrvfl i933 llarvarfl - 'l'au Dc-lla Signing Trinity 'l'ilnf's '43, 714: Dramatic' Sovivty. Ass't Bus. Nlgr. 713: Varsity Football. Ass't Nlanagvr. '43, Working his way up through stnnmt-r school, R1-ifl junipctl from the Junior to tht- S1-nior class. His snub nose ami vurly hair are to bc soon almost cvvry aftvrnoon in llr. Clisby's room, stutly- ing H1-o. JUAN mi ONIS I',ilIfl'I'l'll i938 lhult-4-ith-tl Gamma l'hi, St-1'r4-tary 'lfl: Ya-arbook 'Ll-l: 'l'rinity ilillllt'S '4-1: Ulm- Club '43, '-H: Varsity Football 'fl-3. Capt. bill: Varsity lfaslivtball ,Ll-3, '-H2 Varsity Base-ball 713: Vollvyball '43, Juan, with his happy latin tempora- nn-nt is ont- of tht- bright lights of T. Sfs soela fountain sovivty as wvll as onv of our all arountl athlvtvs. ltllllili EVANS I':llll'l'l'!I l938 Ululc-vitlvcl --- Cantina Phi. Sc-1'r4'tal'y '43, Vim--l'r4-s. 71-1: Dramatir- Sovic-ty i133 l.llt't'l'lt'kltlt'l' Al-3, Al-lf. wht-n ha- isn't doing his tluty as a part time- tirv lightvr, Miko van gmlvr- ally bv fountl at his vanmra club or lvarl- ing vlwt-rs at Varsity ganms. His spon- tanr-ous ancl 1-vt-1'-pw-st-lit humor vontin- ually vnliw-n tht- tlays at Trinity. ll DAVID SHRADY FINCH Entered 1932 Armefl Forees. Having come up through the grafles. Dave is one of the few twelve year men. New Jersey has a large plaee in his heart, anll he inlenlls to make it the eapital of the U. S, when he heeomes President. Almost every week-enfl he journeys to the Carden State for reasons unrevealecl. JOSEPH PHILLIPS BROOKS FRANKLIN Entered 1941 Armed Forces W- Cleo Club '44: .1. V. Baseball '43. Sporting his V-5 pin on the lapel of his brown corduroy coat, Phil takes just pride in having measured up to the tough requirements for the Naval Air Corps training program. 11'15iN11V JOHN CUCKE11, JR. Entered 1938 Armefl Forces - Tau Delta Sigma, Presitlent '44, Glee Club '41, 942, '43, '44, Varsity Football '44g .1. V. Basket- ball '41, '42, Varsity '43, '44, Varsity Baseball '41, ,42, '43, '44g Volleyball '43. .lack is a versatile youth. Volefl the 4'Best Athlete" he is also soloist for the Glee Club, and, when the spirit moves him, excels in studies, both of books anrl of women, UISBHUXV IIADLEY lflzlvrwl 1932 Al'lll1'4l F0l'l'l'5 Xvurlmolx 'Al-lg fw-- vw- -. Q 1 w so Ifllllly lIIlll'S -H, -H: Ulm- Lhlh -L., -.-. V n. Ll., -H: .l. X . Busvllull 13. lliz. in his I1-ss rihalcl monu-nts. is as lim' humnrisl. li0llll'ilDlll0l' to Chalk Dust mul thu ch-l'um'l fi1'I'Illilll Illll!lli'illi0ll. hv tulu-s an lol of rihhing frmn his follow Hllllll'lllH. ,IUIIN lxlilllllfl llAS'l'lNllS lfnlvrwl l9Al2 AI'lll4'll l'i0I'1'l'5. lu-lim-, whvn he- is not husy aulnling gray hairs lo Mr. Brum-r-Smith's rupiul- ly ill'l'llllllll2lilll:j 1-rop, is prolmhly nurs- ing his HlIlll'l'ilIlllllill01l Furcl along.: thu strvvts. llvsiggnillgr illl'lll2ill1'S is zumllu-r of his cullings. uml nm- whic-h 0f'l'lIlli4'S mm-h of his linux in 1-lzlssa-s mul clsv- wlu-rv. l'llJWlN AlVl'll0NY lllffxlill lfnlvrwl N38 Armml Form-s Vulm-1livtui'ial1: Cum Lauulvg Stluh-nl Council 'lik Tau Dc-lla Slglllil, 'lil'l'ilSlll'l'l' Wig Yvurliuok 1143 Trinity 'film-s '43, l'i1litor 44: Drzunulic Soc-ivty 'Mig 'l's-nnis 713: Vullvylmll '4-lf. 'l'ony ilm-s yl'0lll2llI s4'rvic-v in luring- ing oreh-r out of thc- vlmns of the Trinity 'l'imcs stall, hut still lllilllilgl'S to lulu' par! in many olhvr ox!rau-urriculur uvliviiics. SHERWU1 DD UHR llEA'I'Il Entered 194l Armed Forces - Student Council '42, '43, President '44g Varsity Football 7443 Varsity Basketball ,4-2, '43, Capt. i44g Varsity Baseball '42, '43g Volleyball '43g Ping-pong 943, The handsome President of the Stu- dent Council, Sherry is God's gift to basketball coaches and women, by both of whom he is deeply appreciated. CEURCF. EDMUND HOLLAND Enlcrcfl 'l9tl'1l Armed Forces -- Student Council, Secretary '44g Glee Club '42, '43, '44: J. V, Football ,42g Varsity '43, '44g J. V. Basketball '44-3 J. V. Baseball '42g Varsity '433 Volleyball '44g Ping-pong '44, George first suggested the new con- stitution and has held the Sccretary's post in the Student Council for the past year, and he has done a fine job. NORMAN EVEHE'l"l' INWHIGHT Entered l943 Armed Forces - Glee Club 3143 ,I. V. Basketball., Manager '44. The bane of Mr, Naegle and the Resi- dence, Norman and his reedy voice have become synonymous. ln his one year here, he has also gained repute for his Varied and colorful sports coats. Tlll'IOD0lilC KOCH Entered l943 Cornell -v Trinity Times '44. 'l'e4l's reserve anal quietness have won him two places on "Who's Who". Globe trotting from the Philippines to the East lnalies to Seattle, ancl last Fall, to Trinity, Teil centers his attention on lfnglish and the hall' mile. DONALD CIIARIES MAHSDEN Eulcrccl 1942 Armerl Forces - Glce Club '43, '44g Varsity Football '43, '44-g J. V. Basket- ball '4-33 Varsity '44-3 Track '4-3. In spite ol' shameful mishanclling by the referees, Don has managed to make a name for himself on the basketball eourt as high-scorer for the year. His agility on the eourt is a result of same on the ilanee floor. DAVID CHARLES MCELROY Entered l939 Armed Forees --- Tau Delta Sigmag Dramatie Society '43g Glec Club '42, '43, 'fl-45 J. V. Football '42g Varsity '43, '44: .l, V. Basketball '435 .l. V. Baseball '41, '42, '43g Volleyball '43, Mat-'s aetive soeial life 1loesn't seem to hamper his athletic achievements. Another of those strong, silent Atloniscs for whom 'l'rinity is rcnowncrl. DONALD ROBB MEHRIMAN Entered 1943 M.l.T. -M Cum Laude, Student Coun- cil, Vice-Pres. '44, Gamma Phi, Rec. Secretary '44, Yearbook, Editor ,44g Trinity Times '44, Don had a tremendous task before him in launching the infant yearbook on its way. The stupendous effort, how- ever, did not deter him, much to Mr. B-S,s envy, from the constant use of his movie passes. WILLIAM AUBREY MILES, JR, Entered 1936 Armed Forces - Dramatic Society ,43g J. V. Football '42, Volleyball ,43, '44, Swimming 944. Billis cornstalk figure and flamboy- ant red shirts have become a landmark in the school. Less well known but no less deserving of fame are his literary achievements in the short story and scientific fiction fields. STANLEY LYONS NAPIER Entered 1938 Armed Forces - Glee Club '41, '42, J. V. Football '42, Wrestling '44. Stan, the unofficial taxi driver for Trinity students, is also one of our wrestling champions. He took up this sport as a substitute for that of eraser throwing, at which he excels. The envy of one and all is Stan's little red book of female names. Wonder what for? .'KI,l'IXANDl'Ili S'l'UA1l'l' PARKER lfnl 1'r'4'1 I 1912 X l'llla-1 I I" 1yl-4-4- s. 'I'In- sa-I nqnmn Vs Niall Sri m-n1 list, Frcncby is continually lilling tht- Client Lab witll noxious gases to wbivb be seems quite 1lllIlllllll', II4- is also an artist, protlueing many wrestling posters and cartoons for llu- '1'rinity '1'inu-s. Alex' Math Class vontortions are 1110 114-light of tlle back HHN' . l'l'i'1'1'ili llU1"1+'MAN RIGNEY lfllll'l'l'll 1940 .Mun-11 l"orc1-s -- - Cleo Club '-Mg Var- sity lfootball 71-lg .1. V. Baseball 5123 '11l'ill'1x 713. l'a-tv's nu-tbotls for getting customers for svllool projevts are apprcviated by their sponsors, anyway. His alertness ansl animation in vlasscs are only cx- 4-1-4-414-at by the blackness of bis bair. tildtltltltfl A1l'1'llUli IHVEHS lgllH'l'1!ll 1937 Arnu-11 1"or1'cs - - Trinity 111111108 '4-13 G14-e Club '41, 'LM-:, Band '41, ls1'l'l'1'1'1i1I'l1 George bas loft aml re- turn4-11 out-e wbile be was in tlle Upper S1-bool. 114-fore be loft for Florida and points south, be played in the hand, the sole surviving lIlClll1N!l' of it in tbis yu-ar's Senior Class. IttlBER'l' EMMHI' HUDHS, JR. Entered 1941 Armed Forces -- Cum Laude: Year- book '44, Trinity Times '42, '43, '44, Chess '43, Manager '44. Bob is an amateur writer of some ability, having written Chalk Dust and poetry in his varied moods. He eolleets languages for a hobby, eontinually ex- pounding his theories in some remote tongue, much to his liste11er's tif anyj mystification, ROBERT CLINTON SCHLEUSSNER, JR. Entered 1938 Il1'lllCCl0ll - Gamma Phi, President '44, Yearbook Bus. Manager '44, Trin- ity Times '43, Bus. Manager '44, Dra- matic Society, Ass't Bus. Mgr. '43, Glcc Club '43, '44, Perennial Business M3ll3gCl' of school activities, Bob specializes in neatly pressed trousers, and a general air of joie de vivre. Put down that waste basket, Sehleussner! CONSTANTINE STURB SEBEDIN Entered 1935 Armed Forces - Gilllllllu Phi, Treas- urer '44, Trinity Times '42, '43, '44, Glee Club '42, '43, '44, J. V. Football '42, '43, Varsity '44, J. V. Basketball 71-3, Varsity '44, Tennis '43, Varsity Fencing '42, Volleyball '43, Ping-pong '43, 44. Besides taking part in many sports, Connie speaks,Freneh with an English avcenl and Russian with a French av- cent. XX'Al,'l'EH Hitt Sll.Bl'lliSMlk lfnlvrvrl l9Al3 Arnie-ll l"ur1-1-s --- fikillllllil Phi: Ping- pong '44, Walt hronght two things of purtivnlar intvrcst with him this Antnmn: his alrility as at spa-ll:-r whivh annazml class- mutvs anel tc-avln-rs ulilu-. annl his little- hruthvr, who tlrops in on Mr. Coulfs Minh vlzlss to sm- how Walt is making ont. l'l'iRllY SMITH lfulvrvfl I944 Armccl Forces Wrmtstlillg 114. The mighty mitc of the S1-nior Class 1-anne hero from Ura-gon after Christmas Vuvation, and has since taken up wres- tling, Une of the mainstays of the team, hc has won all his lllillI'lICS. CllAlil.l'lS FRANCIS SMITH, JR. Entvrwl i940 Arnnwl Forvvs f-if Glu' Cluh '41, '42. '43, 'Al-4: .l. V. Foothall '-12: Varsity '43, '-H: wrt-stling, Ass't liozwll, 'Al-l. Smitty was tln- lirst pt-rson in tht- histnry ul' thu' svhool tu grallnatc lrcforv ,lnnv. llc I4-ft in xlill'l'll for the V-12, lint things havv not yvt rotnrnctl to normal. 'l'I- - - fl" 1 V' ll IIN lllklly 0 llh KXIP Ollh dll! Htl- tivisms lingq-rs nn. JOHN WINTON SNYDER .Entered l942 Armed Forces - J. V. Football '42g .l. V. Baseball '43. Trinity School's gift to the war effort, Cookie departs every afternoon, leav- ing the work program in the lurch. His curly hair and resonant voice are char- acteristics which single him out in a crowd. ROBERT TANSILL Entered 1935 Armed Forces - Gamma Phig Varsity Football ,43, ,445 J. V. Basketball '42, '43, Varsity '44, Picture six feet three inches of legs, an open mouth, and a part in the middle of a head of curly hair, Add a body, some arms, and a gray corduroy coat and you have Bob Tansill. DONALD CAMERON WARREN Entered l943 U. S. Naval Academy -- Gamma Phi. This former Senate page is the only boy who intends to enter the United States Naval or Military Academy this year. This was Don's first year, and his thorough knowledge of Math and the Sciences was as astonishing as his spell- ing. .IOIIN XX'lIl'l'El,Y. Jll. ,':Hll'FI'lI l94ll llllll1'1'Illl'1l. .lohn':+ aulvc-nlilious rvlmu'ks :mel ovor- .ull ggoosl humor ln'ight0n many 1-lussvs, mil his sc-hoolgirl vomplvxion unll hlonil hair lluvv an v4-rtzlin ilvvomiivo Yllllll'. Ill- vvry ram-ly rm-vouls his zlhility lo play tho piano, hui hr- van rmllly play with zu linv lourh. Illllltb NIAIQTIN NX IKSTRUNI l'Jlll1'l'l'll l 9412 rw w w - w n. Nl.I. l. hh-v Lluh -1--lg 'l rawli fl-3. 'l'iliun lmirc-al llugo isn't us naive as ha- looks. as you woulml re-alizc if you voulsl sm- him oulsiclc- of school, wvar- ing his l'ZllSlHlI hal, knovking ,cm 4lown in an howling alll-y. WALTER BARHON WILTON WILSON IQIIIPFPII l9Al0 llan'vur4l Salululoriun: Cum Luualv: 'l'uu lla-llu Sigma: Yvurlroolx 'Al-lg 'llrinity 'll-nnis, As!! lllilIlll"'l'I' 713. 'w2lll2l"'1'l' 'AHA 1' I' Vursily lf:-m-ing '-12. Colnnnllc-r, lIlYl'll'l'ill0 lmnstvr, mul youngest nu-nlhm' of tha- vluss. il looke- us though l'4-In-r will gy-I lo 1-ollf-go nc-xl ye-an r. llnu-s -LZ. 43. Alfl-llrl1'I'lllllll 13, AM' w Chu-ss '43, 'Al-1: lluskvllrzill Nlzlllugvl' .4111 GEORGE ALBERT ZABRISKIE, JR. Entered 1932 Armed Forces - Student Council, Treasurer '44-3 Tau Delta Sigmag Trinity Times V143 J. V. Football ,42, '43g Var- sity '44g J. V. Basketball '43, Invariably good-natured, and well- rounded between studies and athletics, Zelro is one of the most popular boys in the class. A farm boy at heart, he sum- mers in Connecticut, Most Respected ............... Done Most For School A ,..., Most Popular ,,..,.,.,.,.... Most Brilliant ....,., Best Athlete ...... Favorite Master .... Favorite Study ...4... Best Humored ,...... Most Humorous ...... Thinks He is ...,4..A....... Talks Most, Says Least .,..... Best Dressed .....,..,...,...... Gets Away With Most .,,. . Noisiest ...4............,........ H andsomest .,.. . Thinks He is ..............,..,, Most M odestg Quietest ...... Most Serious .....................,.. Most Pull With Faculty ..... In Worst With Faculty ......., Laziest ...,...............,.......,..,... Baby Of Class ..,.... Parlor Athlete .,........ Most Unconscious .,..,.. Biggest Woman Hater ....... Class Lothario ,.,..,....... Class Glutton ........ Best Dancer ................. ...,... Worst Grind .....,.,...,.....,.,..4... Most In Love With Himself Gets Around Most .............,.. Thinks He Does ...,............. Favorite Movie Actress ......... Favorite Movie Actor ....,... Favorite Radio Show ........ WHO'S WHO 23 MERRIMAN ......,.MERR1MAN .,..4..,I'IEATH .....,...RODES . GUCKER BRUNER-SMITH WHITELRY, HOLLAND ..s...EvANs 4. .,,. RIGNEY ...PARKER SCHLEUSSNER .. C. SMITH MC. SMITH ,....4,..,.HEA'fII .s...,,.,,McEl.ROY ..KOCII .4..............,K0ClI SCHLEUSSNER ..,.4,,,,.....RIGNEY ., ,.., HASTINGS sss,,. PARKER RIGNEY ..........HASTINGS HADLEY ,NAPIER T. ..,.. GUCKER ........MARsmaN s.s,....W0RK PROGRAM McE1,R0Y ,.,s..,NAvu-:R ...,.....,.,....SEREDlN A .,..... BETTY GRABLE ......,,CARY GRANT .......,BoR Home 00V 994 U A 509 E5 Y QR as 3 'Y FORM FIVE H5 L0 FORM FIVE Bottom row: Lindsay. Robinson, Knrnam. Mi' Cuen, Craig, Train, Karsten, Crutvhlcy. Fosh-r Kovh. Seconrl row: Delfin. Slavrolnkes. Foun lain, Nixon, 0,MHl'3, Holsten, Wcrixcl. Cannp Dennen. Top row: Cnffrey. Harris. Edwards McDonald, Slwrnmn, Andvs. 24 Fl Hi Nl F1 ll ' li lfullum row: Sie'gfl'i4'1l. lla' Hams. Moullvll. Dunn. S1-Ilalfq-l'. l'mu-rf. ll0ll'HllllN'.. INvnm-r. S4-1-nml rurr: Ptlplllllll. kan-mpf. Gill:-lla-. Sluvru- Ink:-5. S1-ML Ballllal. Sn-nlfmx. Rvvll. Aldridgv. lllurifly. 'l'l1ir1l row: llalrl. Nidclriv. llilllflvll, Ima-. Ilmun. HIIHIIIIPH. SIIURI. lluim-s. IRQ-Il. Top rmr: xR!llHx1'I'. Wullm-1-. Williauns, Robinson. SI:-xr-morn. Smith. Craig. Sullnn. l,I'1llll'I'. Vlwlllblllllh. I91 DR NI 'I'lI li EIC liollnm rnw: liorllxsull. IQIIIJIII. Mm'w. Kvnny. llurion. Walvk. llunlxwll. Hrmsll. l':llXYilI'llN s4'l'0IIll row: IMI.-. n1ll'lx1'l'. S+-II5. l'llllll'y WI:-IU-a-. da-I Hin. lluirfl. l1llullll'olll'. S1-lim-me-r Norris. 'l'l1ir4l row: l"a-lle-r. Olmlq-Inky. Qziillllvll. Milvllvll. Sl'll1llll'I'. do Kay. Rk'llll0lIZiS., llzlrrvll lxalllvn. 'l'np row: Yvalmllv. Sllilllll.. Amln-rson f Sl:-plu-lla. NXi1-Inmnm. mill'I'ffIl, Bliss, llopfvn- lwvk. Snlilll. 25 FORM FOUR FORM THREE FORM TWO FORM ONE FORM TVX O Bottom row: Reymond. Burwell, Schoeffler Krause. Brantley. D. Lee. C. Lee. Travis, Hart Williams. Second row: Butler. Norc-ross, Parke-r Dorman, Greene. Reeh, Wfessel, Megargel, Hur goyne. Aldridge. Top row: Underwood lioemker, Ashland, Smith. Sherman. Lawson Judd, Corvoran, Sf'll1Il'lill0. Absenl: Hourk. FORM ONE Bottom row: Hsia. Parker, Train, Lynham, Schlank, Fenn. Lee. Hinckley. Howard, Robin- son. Second row: Rulison. Salmond, Clough. Taylor, Parsons. Miller. Johnson. Black. Top row: Hutton, Moro, Frishie. Seredin, Cox, Palmer, Schneider. 26 GRADE SIX llvlloln ru14': HIu'IIio-I1I. Millif. ISI:-Anfon. Iloycl. Coyln-. xxlII4II'4lll. I'rmuIIil. lllnrk. Sl'l'0l111 rmr: Wluru. Womla. Ilurm-5. IIIHIII. Xmill. INIc'Avoy. SIIIQIIIV. Top l'lII4'I Smith. Ihls-1-II. IXPIIIIIWIQ. Ilrim-. Ixzuwl. II:-II, I.illI1-Ii:-III. Ilrwulz II:-vln-. Iilix-. CII-XIJIC FIX Ii lfnllnm rmr: XXilIi. I.m-In. I'Iv:n'lf. IIul1l. till-n Sollllnzll, SPVIIHII l'4IIl'Z Ilrimwll. Suvvl. JXNFII III.u'Ix. SIIIIIII. Top rmr: Sn-gnIuf. II.-II:-r. WIIDIII- I'I'IlI. Wllilr. I4-ku-. .ilrsvnlz Xin. IIIilt'Ixt'l1ZI1'. .IllLLgl'l'. 27 GRADE SIX GRADE FIVE GRADE FOUR GRADE THREE GRADE FOUR lfoiloln row: Fisher, du Bois, Holbrook, Wrilt' son, Newman, Vilas, YVells. Mclfaglle. Scwond row: Jephson, Andrews, Kruemer, Holliday, Parks. Slulwnnu. Anllmler. Top row: Cross, Burrivrvs. Yivurio, Weridvll, Rogers. Absvnt: llamnn, Segallas, Soper. GRADE THREE llollom row: Jeffrey. Hope, llvnnvnmn, Frivr- son, Eyhye-. Shu-Ii, Bvolw. l+'inl:1y. Sfwoml row: lVIzu'kf-nzio. Klvin, Ronssolot, Rollin-lc, l'rou1lfil. Rm-fl. Top row: Millvr. lVl1'l"aulen, Rowalll, lmnzner, Daniels. Absent: Crowlhcr, Rose. 28 GILKDIC TWO nllom row: lloyd. xlllIlIl'l', Hujvk. Hnynlvr. 'Hinni-. Jualcl. Ria'-. Top rout N1vwl'u'. Mmm-. Xml:-r-on. llnnxoll. tiullnn. SiHll'I'r1l1'lx. x'llSl'lllZ limi:-. Nlorrimn. Fuullmll. xxillrtlll. Xxrn-nn. GRMJIC UNE lfvlloln row: Hmm-n, llunfnrxl. Holliday. Nic-M-, ll:-nm-num. fllviliilll. Xkvallvrhllry. SUFUIIII row: ,le-plmm. lfislu-r, lla-vlxl. Shulv. lmnznvr. Minnis. Top row: Rose-. lhwk. Ynlvlv, l"inn. lg0Z1'lllllll .fllsvnlz I,1lVih0ll, llllllim-s. I.u1'c, ,lllllllhdlll Hclmul, llalgcr. 29 GRADE TWO GRADE ONE T REM E, R f V .gimp V K . if . ' gwsmwg V . 5fg.:'1fS1 2 M.-rf:-:iw Q wi, f b W3 U ffgjfzlz 5 322-f I ' l , T3 Q, X. Q' I M iF S as 5 M , E 1 K 1 Q 3 X " 1 S 3 Q -I , if l Q , - '. - . 5 -45: 1 Wi' E ?Q fs? 1- , W! K- 1 , 5' gf Wikis M - In F1-' 1 f il' X MQ 5 + "' fn. :k.1..5nE1'i . . , 'wiv A. fig W 'SK . , . NN M WW, W , W g,,Sex +.4..1..vM....,.m.,...f..........x....,,.....M. . . if ,N , ,, N, ., M ' Q .i,g g' 1-ZW mmggvf 352 3 . ' L e if .a,--:st:::?:!':-, :- . V K -' E 1- ::1:- .,.. , ,. 5 - :. , 5 -Q. f E Y Q : ACTIVITIES Us EH! Seated: Edwards, Heard, Merriman. Heath fPresirlentJ, Holland, Zahriskie. Standing: Stavro- lakes, 0'Mara, Hopfcnbeck, Bama, Thomas. THE STUDENT COUNCIL HE fall of 194-3 found Trinity School the proud posscssor of a new systeln of Student Government, a 11cw Constitution, and an enlarged, more power- ful Student Council. The new system was the hrainchild of George Holland who saw the need of a more powerful, active student hody which could voice its opinions and act through the medimn of student-elected representatives. The idea of fostering closer co-operation hetween the faculty and the student hody was also paramount. The plans were materialized in meetings of memhers of hoth the faculty and the student hody, and shortly after the start of school the completed plans were suhmitted to the entire student assemblage, wherein they were unanimously ratified. The new Student Council was composed of eleven nlcn, live Sixth Formers, three Fifth Formers, two Fourth Formers and one representative of the Third Form. The Sixcs elected were Heath, Merriman, Heard, Holland and Zahriskic. 0'Mara, Edwards, and Stavrolakes were chosen hy the Fifth Form. The repre- sentatives of Form Four were Thomas and Banta, while Hopfenbeck won the Third T'l0l'lll seat. Sherry Heath was elected President of tl1e student hody, while within the Council the other three officers selected were: Merrilllan, Vice- Prcsidcnt, Holland, Secretary, and Zahriskie, Treasurer. An amhitious year was planned hy the Council, and it got off to a flying start with the legislation for a Ycarhook, the success of which is apparent. The issuance of 0.P.A. Ration Book No. 4 was also taken under the Council,s wing, and carried to successful completion. The two rather successful dances given during the course of the year were formulated and brought to realiza- tion through the efforts, both mental and physical, of the Council members. Also, any other matters considered pertinent were given the consideration of the Council, and the ends of greatest benefit were sought. Witll its first, decisive year behind, the Student Council looks forward to an era of increased power, ambition and respect. 32 THE TRINITY TIMES UNII'I.I'i'I'INIQ ils hu-IIIII FVZII' ul' plllrlivulioll. Illl' "'I'riNiIy VIIIIIIUSN is HON un 4-sIuInIisIN-II IraNIiIiuN in IIN- si-INNII. II 1-un I'IilIIll supporl l.l'0lll INNII IIN- lilllbvl' llllil I,uw4-1' Sm-INNuIs. IIN- youngstc-rs Ihllms iI uvilllj in IIN- IIUIN' IINII IIll'Il' IIIII-sl IIIl'l'ilI'f l'l'1'ilII1lIl will IIIPINWII' willlin ils Iulllmw-II Img:-s. 'VIH' nI1IsI4-rs Il'il1I IIN- IIIWNS IIIHI. ilN-i4I4-NIuIIy. :LIlIlll'4'1'ilSll2lIIf all 4-we-ry NS0l'lI.1'l'l'I1IIll IINII IIN-ir Iula-sl 4-xplull Nl IIN- IN-Ial ol slmrl will IN- Iullx 1I1'Sl'l'lIN'll iIlI4I III-pu-I4-II. VIYIII' llUsN'ss1's sl-H-rul lllliillll' I.C'ilIlll'1'S in aNI1IiIioN Io IIN- l':lI'I IINII II ga-Is IIl1'I'4' "I'NsI1-sI xsiIIl IIN- IIIUSIPSIM IIIWYS. Ii1'1'1'llIIy an IN-w Vllllllllll IILIS IN-I-N .NIIII-al. POIIIRIIIIIIIQL ll1'Nb ul' 'I'riNiIy alumni in IIN- .'xI'lllI'lI I"m'1-4-s. us ra-port:-II in I4-IN-rs In IIN- 51-INNII from IIN' girudimla-s ur IIN-ir ra-Iuliu-s. 'XHUIIIPI' we-II-Ixnmvn QUIIIIIIII gm-s lIll1I1'I' IIN- llilllll' ul' "IfINnIIx Dust". XX l'III1'll Ivy IIN' Ihlllltlll :NNI I'xIIlius ol' IIN- IUIIYIIRIIISIII' xsurlel. Holm-rl l'illIllll'I IQUIIPH ZIIIII Ilislurms' IIAIIIIPQ. 1I.Il, Ilus I-xpusn-4I IIUI onli IIN- Iurlurq-s NI' IIN- Ulm- liluln illlll IIN- xliN'IlIilYl'IIIilll IIIIIVIIIIIQIIIUIIS ul' our S1'Il'lH'1' lH'1IU:I0gllIl'. INII Ilus also 1Iis1-on-I1-II VIIIIIIIIPSS lllilIlllh1'I'illI5 llIl4I4'I' IIN- I-1-IIIN' ul' our YI'll1'I'ilIDI1' I-fIiIiI-I-. xsllii-Il r1-IuI1- 4-V1-Nls IN-:NH IIIQL an NNN'Iu-II l'l'H4'IllIPIlllN'l' In llI'1'S1'llI Ililf 1llI.1lIl'S. 'I'Ilis IUIII' IIN- 'I'Illll'a Ims IIN- Ialrgx-sl sIuII' in iIs IIIHIOIW IN1'llIy-SIX Imys. XX iIIl IIN- imullmlnlm- a1ssisIzNN-4- nl' IIN- Xl'l'f IIIINIPSI IIIIPIIIIF zNIx isnr. Ylr. Ii. lzl'lllll'l'- 5lllIIIl. IIN' I'isIiIm' Illl4I Iliralswislilllls IlLlYl'Slll'1'l'1'llI'1I in IPIIIIIISIIIIIQL l'Il'X!'ll ra-gulau' IUIII'-liilgll' issue-s in aNI4IiIiuN In ll Ilililnry IIIIII il Iillfisllllili isslN-. l'1l1'Il ul' six 'Nigga-s. IX iIIl prmnisingg jllllrllilllilh un iIs XIQIIIIIQLIIIIL llllll N4-ws Iimlrfls IIN- HVIYIIIIVFN IN Illlllxlllgl I-IlI'N2lI'II In IN-II4-r illlll In-III-r sIuII's in IIN- l'lIIlll't' illlil. NNN1- iNNlN-1Ii- .III-ly. In lll'XI ya-ur NIN-N. wiIIi an IN-is I-1IiIm' in I'IIill':L1'. IIN- 'I'.N will 1-NII-r iIs IIlll'I4'l'llIIl xl-ur NIIII Illglll IHPIYVF AIIIII guml lulwuspq-I-Is, 4-4114-41: IIANIII-5, 5l'l'1'IliIl. !'34'IlI4-ussm-r. III-:N'4I. IIUIIQ'-. Wilson, iII1'I'l'IlllilIl, Slllllllillyi 'l'INnlN:1s. 1-ulsnn. N1'Ill5I'I', IAIIIIII. Ilnlm-umlu-. I'lIlllII1llll, Ilunn. IIUIIIII. Ilroun, Rtllllllslill. IIN:-rs. Lraug. ,ilIPl'IPlxil'. I,ilNIsny. Ixm-Il. mln- Unis. Flanrolallu-s. H1-oII. XII Seated: Brown. Wilson, lVIerriman. S4-hleussner, Standing: Evans, Napier, Stavrolakes, Seredin, Heard, Hadley, Mr. Bruner-Smith, Arleisor. THE YEARBOOK HE l9-H Trinity Yearbook is the result, of the ambition of the present Sixth Form, the perseverence of its members, and the whole hearted sup- port of the entire student body. It was conceived carlyilast fall when a group of Sixth Formers decided that it was a shame for the graduating class to have no annual in which to preserve the recollections of their chums and the years at Trinity. Quickly taken up by the renovated Student Council, the idea materialized, plans were formulated, and subscription drives launched among the students. The response was encouraging, to say the least, and so production was immediately begun. Inasmuch as the 1944 Yearbook is thc lirst to come from the portals of Trinity School in eight long years, the difficulties and handicaps which were encountered from the time of its inception were of the first magnitude. ln the first place no one on the staff had ever done this sort of work, consequently inexpericnce brought about lnany mistakes which otherwise would have never occurred. Secondly, a decided lack of advertising, for at the present time most companies have eliminated scholastic advertising from their budget, caused no end of grey hairs among the Business men. As a third point, procrastination reared its ugly headg and, as any staff member can tell you, only havoc in the end is the result of its presence. These obstacles were no match for the tenacity of the Editor and his Stall, however, and finally, after months of heart-rending labor, this masterpiece which you are presently perusing went to press, to emerge triumphantly for your inspection and lfwe hopej your pleasure. Now, to fulfill our duty to the letter, we, the staff, must imbue our successors with the inspiration to produce bigger and better Trinity Yearbooks in the future. 34 t IIESS 'l'l'IAM Slllflll Scott. Wilsehll. liodes. Ianflmg. Thomas. Coach DlIt'l'. Koch. Nemser. CHESS CLUB Nllltlll the kindly guidance of M. de Colier. the Chess Cluh has heen thriv- ing as usual. The players of the ancient sport are overflowing the nineteen- placc ladder, l'i0l'Ill Four has taken the lead this year, filling fourteen of the nineteen positions. and offering serious competition to the two veteran Seniors at the top. Next year. they should form a formidahle team that will do great things for Trinity chess. Under a system of challenge matches for places on the ladder, a spirit of friendly rivalry is encouraged. Almost every afternoon numhers of students can he seen playing each other, or trying their luck on one ol' the coachis simultaneous exhihitions. Trinity is a memher ol' the Chess Association of Private Schools, and com- petes for its trophy, the Moore-de Golier cup. Trinity retired the lirst one after winning it six years in succession. The second is now hotly contested hetween our school and Horace Mann. So far this year, we are running our rivals a close second, hut there is every chance of our pulling ahead hcfore the end of the season. At the end of the school year, four medals are awarded. The school gives two, one gold and one silver to the hest two players in the school, determined hy a round-rohin tournament among the top six men on the ladder. The C.A.l'.S. gives two other medals to the winners of a city-wide tournament in which two delegates from each school take part. Since the city contest was started in l929. 'l'rinity has won it four times - more than any other participat- ing school. Among the ex-'l'rinity chess players who have gained later prominence in the chess world are Vincent Eaton '30, for many years an editor of the Chess Review, and a memher of Washington's leading eluh, and several important college players. fVl. de Colier, the, coach, who also teaches French, is a veteran of many years of chess. For a long time he was a memher of the lylarshall Chess Cluh, and played for them in a numher of matches. 35 GLEE CLUB NDER the guiding hand of Mr. Libby, rehearsals of the Cleo Club got under way early in Uetober. With praetiee periods on Tuesdays to four o'eloek. and on Thursdays until three-fifteen, the singers were soon whipped into shape. The 'l'enors and Basses were well balanced, the total number ol' voiees amount- ing to about thirty-tive. From the beginning, it looked as if the Glec Club would have a highly sueeessfnl and enjoyable year, lt did. 1 The Glee Club made its first publie appearanee just before the 'l'hanks- giving Holidays when it sang "Forever Free" in Chapel. Pulling that off in good style, the singers knuekled down to master a repertoire of Christmas songs which they presented on Deeember l7 in the large Chapel. Although the ranks of the Clee Club were sadly depleted by the grippe and flu, its presentation was a tremendous sueeess. Following the Christmas Vacation, Mr. Libby started preparations for the next concert and gave the boys a few popular songs for a ehange. On lwlklffll l7 the Glee Club sang with the girl Cleo Club of Lenox Sehool in their auditoriunl. The boy's part in the singing eonsisted of three mixed elioruses, two done singly and a tenor solo by ,lack Cueker. lnterludes were filled in by piano solos, played by Harry Powers, the Clee Club's new aeeonrpanist. 'llhe eoneert was admirably executed and a most enjoyable time was had by all at the danee following the singing. The next eoneert --- the last, of the year nf was given at the Hunter College All1lll0l'llIlll on April 21 in eollaboration with several other sehools. Likewise, this appearanee was lnost sueeessful. Aside from appearances in Chapel and at the Father and Son's Dinner, nothing else was seheduled for the Clee Club this year, and the season finished a very great sneeess. lfollom row: S1-udtler, Wilson, Slavrolalxus, lnwright, Marsden, Gut-ker. Second rote: Lindsay. Train, Crutehley, Hadley, Billyou, Franklin, Xvikstrom, de0nis, Obolensky, Pophann. Third row: Christy, U'Mara, Delfin, Holsten, Camp, Rivers, Rigney, Srhleussner. llircelor Libby. Top row: Robinson, llarris, Caffrey, Edwards, Sherman, Seredin. Holland, Warren, McElroy. 36 SPUR TS lfotlom row: Marsden. Curker. Zahriskie. Edwards. Haines, O'lVlara. Tansill. Harris. Seeoml row: Coaeh Davis. Mgr. Holsten. Uelfin. Willizlms. de0nis. Craig. Holland. McElroy. Hart. Ass? Managers. Train. Schafer. Top row: Siegfried. Wallave. Rigney. Stavrolakes. Smith Stevenson. Catnip. Fountain. Ile Haas. VARSITY FOOTBALL ARD playing and hard luck were the keynotes of Trinity's 194-3 foothall season, The Blue and Gold's reeord of no wins and four defeats, if meas- ured only hy the yardstiek of games won and lost, would appear dismally dis- appointing. But if games were won on spirit alone, Trinity's reeord would eertainly have contained several wins. Opening the season, after ten short days of praetiee, Trinity's gridmen were soundly defeated hy a strong Pingry team, l9-0. Although exhihiting a weak offense, defensively Trinity looked exeellentg Pingry was ahle to seore only onee on the ground. Two Saturdays later, in a hitterly eontested fray, Trinity lost a heart hreaker to Fieldston, 7-6. After a scoreless first half, Trinity forged ahead 6-0, as Captain detlnis scored on a pass. Then, with the Blue and Gold on the mareh again, a Fieldston guard intercepted a pass and ran for a touehdown. Fieldston eonverted and that was the game. Haekley was the site of the next game, and a spirited group of Haekley players overcame an injury-riddled Trinity team, I3-6. George Zahriskie seored our only touchdown on an intercepted pass. The traditional Eleetion Day game resulted in a l3-6 win for Riverdale. Though statistically far superior, Trinity had all the hrealxs against them, After lwVill'Stl0Il had plunged aeross for a touehdown in the first half, two scoring plays in the seeond half were nullified hy penalties. George Holland and Sherry Heath shared ground-gaining laurels. Gardner's seventy yard touehdown run in the fourth quarter turned out to he Riverdale's margin of vietory. 38 VARSITY BASKETBALL ASlxl'i'l'lifXl.l. stumlurmls un- st-l vi-rv hi-fh at 'lrinitv rrinvi rally' thronv . 1- . v l l . 1- tht- re-4'or1ls tnrnt-cl in hy our two quintvts of l94l-l943 which lost only two grznm-s in two ye-urs. Conlpnrvtl with sm-h high valihcr Il0l'l.0l'lllklIN'0S, this you showing ol' 0 won nntl 6 lost uppours rzttlwr nlctliocrc, hut tht- Blnv :mtl Colcl pr:-sa-ntt-sl un np :intl flown tvaun this svuson. lllllllv ol tht 'l'ha- lirst thrt-0 QLRIIIIDH ol' thi' st-uson showvtl gluringly tht- instz ' ' .' ' 1 1 7 1 tvann. M14-r winning in tht- opvning gannv with loly I rvp, 26-2.5. tht- Blnv unl tlolal nn-I St. lDillll.S in an rough lnssol untl lost. 26-23. lluving Iwo tight an hurml loutfht "Ailllll'S nntlvr tht-ir In-Its. it wus IIIOSI um-Xu-1-toll wht-n tho 'l'rinits I' I' I lin- vollupsc-ul 1-olnplt-tc-ly against l'I0l'ill't' Munn znnl was rontt-tl. ll-l7. lfollowing tht- llorauw- Nlunn tlt-llurlt-. lrinily won tllrt-v xtruilglll. hniltli np lor tht- Sll'1llltlHl!lll'QQ trip. llzu'lxlvy. Pinggry. untl llill'lt'l't'l wt-rv 0Vt'l'l'0llltx f . , vusy fashion St l'0lItlHlllII':I St romlshnrg lie-tnrninv' to honu- c-olnpt-tition. thc- I'0lIl'lIlIt'll won four annl los l'h4-n tht- lilm- untl boltl squzul truvvlml into lt-nnsylvunia to lll0l'i uml Rust Stroutlshurgi lligh Schools. Both glillllvi protluct-tl tlvlivu winning All-2-1. :mtl East Stroutlshurg 1-tlging Trinity 29-26, F against Poly. lrvingg. Pingry. llorristown. liiv4'l'1latlv amtl ltiivltlston. with l'olx zmtl llingry hansling ns flvfvats. l"inully tht- Blair gtllllt' wus l'vau'ln'1l. lt was on this Qlllllllx that the wh stu-va-ss ol' tht- sa-uson tlt-pt-ntlt-tl. untl tht' 1-onrtnivn cauno through in grannl stxlt 30-26. Slll'l'l'y llt-mln sturrvtl, scoring IT points. As un anti-vlinlax to Blain 1.. 'l I'IllllW tlropln-el tht- linul gunn' ol' tht- wilson to lrving. 33-30. lfuurlz Dania. Nlrtlllvll. tlvtlniw. Marnie-n. AIHIPS. Sn-rvtlin. Filwairtls. Tnnsill. llrown. Znhrislxn lilIt'lKt'l'. lla-nth. Wilson. lllunugvr. lleliin. flxsislunl Murmgor. 39 I N ntl r w s o o n, I two olt Bottom row: French, Martin. Lorenze, Moorehead. Grieder. Second row: Popltam. Asst. Mgr.. Bell. Cucker. Hafeneeker. Early. Dorion. Mgr. Top row: Heath. de0nis. Salford. Andes. Holland. l943 VARSITY BASEBALL RlNl'l'Y'S l943 Baseball team aehieved a triumph during the past season such as has not heen enjoyed hy a Blue and Gold nine in many a long year. Beating Horaee Mann, 6-4 was the crowning success of an otherwise mediocre season of three wins, live losses and one tie. The opening game of the season at Poly Prep ended in a 4-4 deadlock at the end of five innings. At this point, the game was called, for a hitter gale was lrlowing in from Long island Sound. ln the Haekley game Mike Hafeneeker pitched a no-hit. no-run game with two out in the final inningg Haekley, however, managed to put together a pair of scratchy hits and scored their lone run. Trinity was victorious. 7-l. The third game of the year was with Horace Wiann, and in this, the first of a two game series, the Hilltoppers crushed Trinity l2-l, Dave Supple pitched a one-hitter, a lone hingle hy de0nis driving in Heath, The next three games resulted in defeats for the Blue and Cold. Pingry. Manhattan Prep and lrving won hy scores of ,l-0, l2-9, and 7-5, respectively ln the hest-played game of the year Trinity overcame Horace Mann 6-4. opposed hy the same pitcher who had stopped them hefore. With Hafeneeker pitching and hitting splendiflly, the infield air-tight, and the outfield gilt-edged. the Maroon and White was overwhelmed. Trinity was far helow its Horace Wiann showing against Riverdale and the Blue and Gold was trouneed 6-3. A 16-0 win over Barnard wound up the season. liorenze and Hafeneeker. the teanfs leading hatters, each hit safely twice. 40 VARSITY TENNIS, l943-I944 ENNIS practicc startcrl right aftcr Spring Vacation this year. Thcrc was a largc turnout. and a crop of promising Fifth Formcrs loolcctl likc stiff com- pctition for thc four rcturning lcttcr-nlcn. Russ Brown was appointcfl Captain. anal tryouts for thc tcarn got untlcr way almost innncrliatcly. 'l'hcy only hall two we-cks to gct any practicc. as tho hrst match with anothcr school was schctlulcal for ilu- last wcck ol' April. Coachcfl hy Mr. clc Golicr anal Mr, Nacglc. thc tcaln was soon pill in working ortlcr. 'l'hc kinks in thcir systcnls from a wintcr's itllcncss wcrc worlxctl out at thc cxpcnsc of many a sorc arm. Brcaking out thc fcw tlozcn tcnnis halls which Nlr. Dann hail carcfully hoartlccl away. thcy nuulc goocl usc of tht- Monrlay. xYl'lll'lt"Sll1ly. anrl Fritlay practiccs at thc llillllillllll Courts. lluss Brown. Browarfl Craig. Connic Scrctlin, anal 'llony llcartl wcrc thc only Illl'Illlll'l'S of last ycar's tcanl to rcturn. As only thc first two hall playctl in any lll2llClll'S, our I9-14 'llcnnis 'llt'2llll was rclativcly grrccn. Last ycar it clroppctl all ol' its lnatchcs and tlicln't placc in tho Athlctic Association of Private Schools lncct at Forcst Hills. Harrington, Bill Brown, and Luhrs grzuluatcal, anal Saylcr lcft in Junc, leaving only four hoys for this ycar. 'llhc 1943 Hl'ilIllllilSil'l'.S Cup went to Roy Harrington. who hc-at Bill Brown for thc honor. This ycar's season is ahout a wcck longcr than it was last year, and two more tcams wcrc aclclcfl to the SCll0fllllt'. 'llhc cnfl of thc scason camo the wccli hcforc tho final cxams. aml thc prospccts for ncxt ycar wcrc vcry hright, Wilson 4Asx'l Mgr.l. Harrington lffapm. Sayler. Heard. W. Broun. Sormliu. l,uhrs. R. llrouu. Craig. Mr. do Golier llfouchl. H943 'l'l'lAMQl 41 ffalfrey. Craig. Sutton. Haines. Wfilliams. Holslen. Wlallaee. lindsay. Hart. Banta. Kermm. ll'NSl'lglll. Manager. Mr. Dann. lftmell. JAY VEE BASKETBALL lllil .lunior Varsity, alrly coached hy lVlr. Dann, took on its large schedule with a determination which, coupled with real almility, won for them eight of the twelve games on their list. The first game of the season, against Poly Prep, saw a rather disorganized, nervous quintet how to this 'Gset-shooting" Brooklyn team, l7-l4. More determined after suffering this defeat, the ,l.V. squad, whittled to its nucleous of eleven men, won their next game from the fast, well eoaehetl St. Paul's team. Losing the next encounter to Horace Mann. Mr, Dann introduced a new system of zone defense, and, after a week of prac- tice on the new system, the squad hegan to take the upper hand in its engage- ments. ' The team seemed to function hest, as is expected, on the home eourt. winning five of tl1e six home games. The one defeat at l1ome was suffered at the hands of Horace Mann, one of our greatest rivals, in an overtime period after a hard fougliitgi tie gwne. The ,l.V, split the two games apiece with Poly and Lincoln, easily takingihoth these teams at home, hut howing to them away. The liineoln game on the victor's court was all Trinity for the first half, hut in the final period our opponents came from hehind to take the game hy a slight margin. Un the second encounter, however, the Blue and Cold left Lincoln on the short end of an l3-l5 seore. Two victories were scored against the Irving five, one on eaeh court. The Tarrytown team was defeated 20-9 on the 9lst street floor in a preliminary to a Varsity tilt, and again at the end of the season they howed to the then seasoned ,l.V., 27-l5. The other three games of this year were walkaways for the Blue and Cold: a defeat of the Trinity freshmen, a 51-17 triumph over Kew Forest and an easy 4-2-24 victory over Bireh Xvathen. Everything considered, the ,lay Vee team had a very successful season, due mainly to good coaehing and a fine team spirit. 112 WRESTLING TEAM NQUES'l'lUNABl,Y, the I944- Wrestling 'lleam eannot lie said to have had an extremely sueeessful season. ln view ol' the faet. however, that this was 'l'rinity's very first year in interseholastie competition. and that her opponents were of the highest ealilier, the reeord is not one of whieh to he ashamed, Under the alsle guidanee of Nlr. Harrison lBreak his arm if you ean't reaeh his neekl Seott, the raw material of the team was molded into a line eondition, within a few weeks after the lneginning of the season. Stan Napier was eleeted Captain. and the remaining memliers of the squad were arranged as follows. aeeording Io their weight elasses: 95 Llp. Class Sehafer l35 Ll: Class Baird IOS Lli. Class P. Smith L10 Lh Class Napier IIS Llr. Class del Rio H-5 Lin Class Seudde lf.'5 l,li. Class Meliee 155 Lil Class Bell I30 l.Ii. Class de Haas H15 Lli. Class Harris The three meets which Trinity partieipated in with Ueeanside, Lynlbrook and Nlalverne, respeetively, all resulted in losses for the Blue and Cold. All of our matmcn gave their very hest. hut the marked superiority of their opponents was the deciding factor against them. With the experience gained this season, and a large numlier of the squad returning next year., the prospects for the i945 Wrestling Team are very hright. and we sineerely wish them the hest of luek in their new enterprise. Seated: Oliolensky. Napier. Hell. Harris. Stevenson. Holeomlie. C. Smith. Ass'I Couch. Slumling: lfoueh S4-olt. Sehafer. l'. Smith. del Rio. Seudder. Mt-Kee. de Haas. Baird. Wluruiger. Popham. I3 PROPHECY OF THE CLASS OF I944 The war was over, twenty years had passed, I had returned to Trinity at last. The picture of the class of '44 Brought back some pleasant memories of yore. I .sought the denizen of Room 19, And asked him of the ones l lllllllff seen. Along the alphabet from A to Z ' He went through all of them, including me. Bengtson went into banks, the poor, poor soul, .lust eking out his bread from what he stole. Billyou, with his same schoolboy dash and fire, Preached sermons every week, and taught a choir. Russ Brown played tennis still, "In factf, said he "Ted Schroeder or Don Badge had naught on mef' Craig became a Park Avenue M. D. Great was his fame, exorbitant his fee. Juan deOnis, a hist'ry prof of note ' Reeled of important happenings by rote. And Evans, high in the Fire Department Weltt with the little F lowlr where'er he went. Finch took a junior executive,s seat While planes and rockets were Phil FTftlllCllll,S meat Soldier of fortune and globe-trotter too, Clicker was now a general in Peru. Hadley, a stalwart G.O.P. and firm ' Was still campaigning, shouting "No ninth termlw Mechanic, Hastings had just what it takes, Though unsuccessful, he got all the brakes. Heard, on the Daily News as city editor Out-edited each and every competitor. Heath went into finance, a genteel trade And worked his upward way till he was made. Holland, a veteran coming from the war. Took charge of a prep school - he asked for more. It seems that Inwrighfs voice did finally change He'd sing while riding back home on the range. An engineer at work for Henry Kaiser, Koch was much wealthier but not much wiser. Marsden became a Chem. engineer But changed for advertising, so I hear. 44 And Mae, the Humphrey Bogart of his time Played heroes, or men steeped in heinous crime. His name resounding through the business whirl, Merriman was a billionaire in erl. Miles sold insurance, with briefcase and all That was his payoff, ,cause he was so tall. Poor Stanley ended as a soda jerk. He lost his pile and had to go to work. And Parker went to F rance, sent by lend-lease The U. S. once again returned to peace. On twenty-third street stands a "Pete,s Cafev Wliicli Rigney owns and manages today. On poor old Rivers let us have some pity. He's still behind a desk at National City. Rodes disappeared among the South Sea Isles On him was little data in our files. A research doctor, Schleussuer was superia Till he was caught by one of his bacteria Seredin was U. S. ambassador, And Russian women thronged his open door. Walter Roy Silbersack had made a name A bigwig in the advertising game. Consulted by all in every railroad matter, Smitty was less impulsive, but much fatter. Some people call him Reverend or Father But we call Perry Perry, without bother. The only rhyme that we could find for Cookie -- A ppropriate, perhaps - he was a bookie. Tansill had made a fortune of his height Sans stilts, he changes gleaming marquee lights. Annapolis grad and high-up navy man Warren eommandered our fleet in Japan. Whiteley invented some goo-stuf for the hair, Although his once-blond head was shiny bare. As a hog-caller, Wikstrom made a sound That brought the piggies in from miles around. Wilson, dear little fellow made a pile, As Bob Hope's stooge, he rolled them in the aisle Designer of great airplanes was Zabriskie His ships were fine, but flying them was risky. And so I found about all my classmates And learned of what had been their sundry fates And when all these things had been told to me I sadly took my leave of Trinity. 45 TRINITY ALUMNI IN MILITARY SERVICE Died in the Service of Their Country CHARLES H. ESSIG '37 ' HALSTED L. HOPPING Ex '19 Herbert S. Brown Richard J. Cole Robert B. Cutler William A. Ainley '38 Martin H. Albert '38 Theodore Allegretti '43 Guy Anderson '33 Robert McL. Anstett '35 Russell C. Archibald '39 Daniel Ayres '31 Morgan W. Ayres '37 Barnes Barker '40 lV1ichael Barlow '39 Scott Barlow '28 Robert G. Barnes '33 William J. Barney '19 Wilfred G. Bather. '35 Reese Baxter '35 Allan V. Becker '37 Charles R. Beitner '43 Edward L. Benedict. Jr. '42 Charles R. Blodgett. Jr. '39 James E. Boatrite, 3rd '41 Jay E. Bottomley. Jr. '42 Edwin WV. Bright '37 William A. Brooks. Jr. '18 Clinton D. Brown '04 Clinton B. D. Brown '31 James C. D. Brown '37 William Brown '43 W. D. Brunig '11 Bern Budd '04 Ogden D. Budd, Jr. '11 Thomas Budd '17 - Walter L. Budko '42 George E. Burns Jr. '41 Ralph O. Calacetto '38 Thomas C. Campbell '37 Thomas B. Carnahan, Jr. '22 James E. Clark '38 Melvin A. Conant, Jr. '42 J. Spencer Conn '41 Douglas C. Cormack '30 Desmond L. Crawford '32 Dana R. Crocker '34 Jac A. Cushman '38 Robert H. Cushman '40 Vernon K. Cushman '31 David A. Dalziel '40 Irving G. Davis, Jr. '41 Henry Darlington, Jr. '43 M. S. Davison '35 Men in the JACK WATSON '29 Army, Navy, Murine Corps, or FACULTY Henry W. Jarvinen Benjamin P. Leavitt Appleton A. Mason Dudley Maxim '32 STUDENTS Ralph Dawson '38 Horace A. Demarest '31 Phillip C. Dennen '43 Bryce F. Denno '32 Douglas P. Dickie, Jr. '43 H. Travis Dike '40 Robert H. Dinegar '39 J. Bland Donley '30 Charles E. Dorkey, Jr. '39 Kenneth C. Dorland '30 J. Platt Downer '39 Edward 0. D. Downes Ex '39 Vincent L. Eaton '30 Henry E. Eccles '16 Jolm W. Eckman '36 William D. Edouarde '30 John H. Ehrichs '38 R. Kortright Enderly '26 George W. Englehardt '43 Joshua L. Evans, Jr. '28 William D. Evans '33 E. Stuart Fergusson '32 Arthur E. Ferris '43 Alexander J. Finch '41 Roswell L. Findlay '35 Andrew M. Finlay '39 Robert Finley '42 Horace A. Foulks '25 Scott A. Frampton '42 Jack P. Fraser '41 William A. French, Jr. '43 Stephen 0. Fuqua, Jr. '28 Andrew Furey '40 Graham A. Gardner '21 Richard Garten '39 Donald C. Gates '21 George B. Georgopulo '41 Panos B. Georgopulo '38 Ernest H. Geyer '10 Donald R. Gibbons '41 Noel Gibbons '36 Allan R. Gillam '40 Charles Gilmore '33 Raymond S. Goodnough '41 Curtis Green '36 Edward W. Green '40 James R. Green '41 Paul Groebli, Jr. '41 46 Coast Guard Harold B. Putney Hugh Riddleberger '34 Herbert R. Senftleben Alfred A. Hadinger '39 Albert E. Hadlock. Jr. '20 Canfield Hadlock '21 Edward S. Halfman '34 Charles S. Hall '31 Frank Handlen '43 John M.'Handlen '33 Hans J. Haac '39 John Harmon '37 Roy V. Harrington '43 Arthur Hartvig '39 Douglas M. Hartvig '39 W. G. B. Hatch '07 Lawrence S. Heath '41 Randall Heath '40 John B. Heinicke '26 Harry W. Henderson '43 Robert J. Hewitt '15 William J. Hinson, Jr. '38 William R. Hobbs '31 Robert H. Hoshino '39 H. W. Howell, Jr. '20 Donald J. Hoyt '42 William Hughes '42 Henry R. Humphries '35 Ellery C. Huntington, 3rd '42 Frederick lrwin Ex '33 Charles P. Jackson '34 Louis Jallade '29 Richard N. Jenkins '28 John D. Johnson '41 Richard A. M. C. Johnson ' Theodore D. Johnson '38 Donald D. M. Jones '42 Frank T. Jones '31 Ulrich Kaiser '42 Robert E. Keegan '40 John H. Keeler '40 Quentin Keith '36 Joseph A. Kelly '43 Harold D. Kennedy, Jr. Ex Edward L. Kent, Jr. '32 William H. Keogh '39 Eldred A. Kerry '37 Richard K. Kichline '43 Arthur B. King, Jr. '37 Otto Kinsel, Jr. '23 Robert E. Krause '41 Frank Kroutil '40 Charles R. Landis '43 Robert W. Lane '26 Herman W. Lange '33 Fletcher Lansing '16 Leicester Lau '32 Robert W. Lau '31 Hollis F. Lavery '21 Raymond Lawrence Ex '32 Thomas G. Leek. Jr. 'll Edward LeMairc '42 .lolm M. Leon '34 Kenneth Lewis '41 Conrad Lindeman '41 Kenneth A. Linn '26 Herman Livingston ll '41 Edward J. Lorenze H1 '40 Georgc D. Lorenze '43 Robert H. R. Loughborough, Clarence M. Maclean '34 Ralph M. Macmillan '30 David D. Makel '41 Daniel H. Mallan '13 Seabury Marsh '27 Robert C. Martin '43 William Martin '36 .lolm R. McGann '38 Frank V. McKinless '18 Robert K. McPherson '35 .l. Otto Meerbott '41 Robert R. Menapace. Jr. '43 Joseph A. Moller '18 llcnry E. Montgomery '40 Robert T. Moorebead '43 Frank G. Morris '34 Frank A. Mountlord '31 John Muller. .lr. '35 Peter Paul Muller '36 Edward J. Nelson '37 Gordon W. Nelson '00 William Nclnser "10 Louis J. Nicholaus 'll William R. Nicholson. Jr. '39 John D. Noble '37 R. P. Norton '25 Charles A. Olsen. Jr. '38 Wallace Oman '28 William Oman '30 Warner D. Orvis '02 Jr. '43 Frank A. Pearce '35 Graeme A. Pearce '29 Robert B. Peck '38 Frank R. Phelps '36 Vincent I. Pignatelli '40 David R. Pinrkney '37 Richard S. Pond '40 William S. Popham '10 Henry A. V. Post '33 Proviso Prewilt '41 lra Price '36 George J. Quinn '32 F. C. F. Randolph '03 Paul Reinhold '40 Woodrow Reitmeier '38 Edwin T. Ricketts '29 Alvin D. Robbins '29 Walter Robinson '34 William R. Rodgers '40 Jack Roemer '41 John W. Ryan '39 Allen Sehepper '42 Herbert G. Schoonmaker '39 Walter L. Scott '41 Charles WV. Scully '38 Maurire Searle '35 Arthur F. Seekamp '41 Robert W. Selton '40 Mark Senigo '36 Lewis B. Sheen '37 Richard Sheen '43 Lee Sbuford '42 Howard A. Simpson. Jr. '42 Thomas Sisbower '31 Gus Skalski '40 James N. Slee '11 Charles W. Small '41 Charles F. Smith, Jr. '44- T. Ross Southworth '37 Albert W. Sparrow '20 Gordon A. Spenser '36 Edwin F. Stetson, 2nd '36 Rufus E. Stetson, Jr. '38 William W. Stetson '36 - Fred M. Stewart '37 Thomas B. Stewart '35 John Stilwell '32 47 Max A. Stolper '-12 Charles J. Storie '11 Howard Storms '31 Jonathan D. Stoddart '40 David A. Stone '41 Christopher Street '41 Frederick deR. Strong '31 James Summitt '35 John T. Suydam, lll '35 John H. Tandy "1-1 William N. Taylor '25 lra B. Terry. Jr. '33 John S. Thorne '43 James H. Thorp '30 John Tindale '31 James G. Titus '29 Rirhard T. Townsend '36 James J. Treuchtlinger '43 William H. Turner '34 Gus H. Uhlig '30 Andrew .l. Valentine '42 George E. Vandergrift '30 Earl E. Van Derwerker. Jr Charles D. Walker, '36 Eric H. Waters '30 Pat Watson '40 Robert Welborn '39 William H. West, Jr. '24 Chester H. Whitney '23 Cyril K. Wildman '15 H. V. Wildman '06 Walter B. Wildman '41 George R. Williams '41 Phillip H. Willkie '36 George Willi, 3rd '42 David Wilson '42 Don Wilson '34 W. Woolsey Wittmeyer '38 Gordon W. Wood '38 George R. Woolf '42 Thomas W. L. Yerzley '31 William l. Zabriskie '17 13? 5 Afxmw 4 1 ,r xt? . 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' 4 1. ,, P cg, ,f-,sa ' '- fix! ,Ls si ' N, ., 1 Y' . , 'Q ...ra I-,'l ' 'A fx- 'Vw' 312, . Z' .VA L - ' f. , , .1 ' . fi" Kiwi. 1- .l x '- . - '14-2 fr 'A l ' lfflif .ii 8' f f .iff 1 , . 1, f ix 'r ' 1 If . X x 1 1 If-f f A -' N- ' H . .E K 4 , F . 1.-,fl , rt' ig I of tqrx-1"-ft , 19- Lvdqggql, xg:-f ,, '-'.." ,N Hs- ll-A tw- sawwwmmn Now IN THE Sm:oNn QUARTER or OUR SECOND CENTURY 1818-1944 AS MAKERS or MILITARY sr NAVAL UNIFoRMs B E L Z Opticians Uislimvlive Glasses -1- Wloflerately Prieeri 2 EAST 44TH STREET NI-:w Yomc CITY o Mlmm Il ii.i. 6-2815 Dependable Service to the Physieian and the Patient M. B. Picker Corporation DRUGS O AMPOULES CHEMICALS 0 BIOLOGICALS Apparatus ' Instruments ' First Aid Supplies Surgical Dressings il 407 LEXINGTON AVENUE Cor. 92nd Street New York 28, N. Y. Telephone: ATwnter 9-8455 - 6 - 7 'l'e-lephone: TRa1l'ulgur fl-7389 James Egilll,S Music Shop 630 COLUMBUS AVENUE liet. 90th :mtl 91st Streets FULI. LINE UF SCHOOL SUPPl.lES llamdy - Cigars - Cigarettes - Stationery - Toys - Novelties - Religious Goods - Cree-ting Curtis - Sheet Music' I i-::::S::g- ' Y e 'xg S. T : o f , few ' : A ,f l 'lsr X if S J V1 I' ' f l Cillllllllcan he cured q Learn the danger signals! Get early diagnosis and prompt treatment. Delay is dangerous! JEL New Yonx cirv CANCER communes , KMTETTICAN socinv ron me cournot or cnucsn 130 EAST 66th STREET, NEW YORK 21. N. Y. GABOR EDER and IRENE DREW ASSOCIATES Ufficial Photographer for The Year Book Wishing Further Success to the CLASS of 744 - Anonymous 52 , Get your clothes in a man 's store - Rogers Peet! The modern Rogers Peet rates tops at many of the country's leading schools. Rogers Peet's fine all-Wool Q , Quallty remains unchanged! C11 f E never use Style as a sugar coat . W . for poor quality. Anybody can - s n- f N an 4 1-A M R , A S3 lj' ..:, IJ? wiki 4 fl sell a man once. But it takes quality to keep him coming-all through school-and for the rest of his life! M5229 E , , -. ,wo Qffaldffrderyfft Mimwm 'Y L1 In Nm' Ynrl And in Boston Fifth Ave-nut 13111 Sirvct Warren St t Tremont St al 4lst St t at Brnnriwny at Br i 5 nf Bro fi ld St GFRIENDLY SERVICE' NUW MEANS MORE MILES FROM TIRES, GASOLINE, CARS! Smwvvtnuun MOBILGAS and OBILOIL SOCONY-VACUUM OIL COMPANY, Inc M0lJllga5 53 BOARS HEAD ENGLISH CHOP HOUSE 490 LEXINGTON AVENUE At 47TH Street NENKT YoRK SATURDAY MORNING GYM CLASS Conducted by HARRISON SCOTT Athletic Director. 7th Regiment YOUR SON He is going to play and grow. His play should and will consist of competitive athletic activities in one form or another. His proper physical growth and development will in a large measure depend on how those athletics are supervised. His ability in sports will largely control his self-confidence. It is not essential that a boy stand out in one or more sports. but his character will definitely be stronger and freer from complexes if he knows he can hold his own with boys his own size and age. This course teaches a boy to defend himself, thus overcoming a fear that lurks in every boy's heart, doubt of his courage and physical ability. Besides gaining a useful knowledge of self-defense he uill acquire a spirit of good sportsmanship. Your son is at an age when his ability to learn' the proper form and technique in sports is most responsive. Give your son an opportunity to take this course which will consist of 2 hour lessons on Saturday mornings. in the 7th Regiment Gymnasium, 683 Park Avenue. Mr. Harrison Scott is the Athletic Director of the 7th Regiment as well as being on the StaH of Trinity School and for eight years has conducted this same course. Mr. Scott is a grandson of Admiral W. T. Sampson, a cousin of Mrs. Sportswood Bowers, a former member of the Knickerbocker Creys and a Columbia University Graduate. He has a ten-year old boy of his own and for fifteen years has taught wrestling and boxing to boys in various Schools and Clubs. Mr. Scott is on duty every evening in the gymnasium and will bc glad to go into more detail concerning your son's enrollment in this class. Call Blitterfield 8-0200. 54 AUTOGRAPHS , Www 4 Laws-u.u.r.n.1. . Exqaunolq. 'M 4 s .,r nr i ,S 3955" , 1 OP if i w 4. ff xx W iw g S2 U 453. wg , Mg H2554- 'E xiii ii 5 'vw mi 2 fm? ' X MWF 9 W X wiggg ge if x 9' W .N I.:-at 114554 N W :IfE3,: Q! eb U 3iig?5' fi . 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Suggestions in the Trinity School - Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

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1944, pg 48

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