Trinity Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing - Trinitarian Yearbook (Kansas City, MO)

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Trinity Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing - Trinitarian Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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,.Vj N551 b" Donated by MARCE IRELAND September 1992 f' ' N""" "'5"ZE.,'C' LEHRARY 1 ,m , IMD-Cu1?u'5's.'.::G5 VUL .-, North Viranclfa 'REQ !J'.s3y?1f1v-rx: ff? Q. 'ffm w'Q?":'r nw 3 0Q.uwuC1j.L.'-ra.. v.:g.u Lum Nw K 1 4 rssgx'-3 Kg' r"- ww TRI ITY CALE DAR FUR 1966-67 September October November Freshmen Halloween Party Open House December January February School Starts For Incoming Get Acquainted Dance Thanksgiving Holiday Christmas Banquet New Year Holiday Bending Christmas Vacation First Semester Ends Sweetheart Dance March April May Meuflf VeI'H0I1 Aff1112t10I1 Open House Junior Senior Banquet Spring Break SNA Installation June July August Senior Seminar Fourth of July Holidays Graduation Summer V2.C2.tiO1'l Summer Session COI1S6CI'atlOl'l Counselor Editors . o 0 0 0 Business Manager Layout Staff . . Art Editors Cover Design Division Pages Photography Editor Copy Editor . Typist . ANNUAL S T AF , Mrs, Karen Conley , Sharon Prater Sylvia McKinley , , Pat Monk , Lynn Basham Gail Sampson Paula Gatz Karen Vohs Diane Curry Carol Gibson Joan Gensler Jan Johnson O l O I . Y , Lynn Basham , Sylvia McKinley , Mary Selders . Sylvia McKinley . Janice Johnson What? Half the yearbook done by April? We'll never make it! Attention: Emergency Meeting- 3 o'clock after school. Start collecting these candid shots, finish the class layouts and copy - learn to spell! We're how much in the hole? . . . but it hasn't even been sent to the publishers! Deadlines to meet, funds to raise, a cover to choose, and layouts to be drawn were some of the duties of this team, Smudged fingers, broken nails, Worry, headaches, long hours, hard work and a sigh of relief were the results. Along with themg the best edition yet. We proudly present "The 1967 Trinitarian". FW' yi e T BL OFCONTNS ' MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY JIHIlllllllljllllllllllllllljwlllllllllllljlllll Axis of Time I Dedication 4 Administration Sz Faculty 8 Board of Directors 12 Alumni Sz Auxillary 13 Hospital Departments 14 Housemothers 17 Time Begins - Enrollment Freshman Class 22 Activities r.a:n-ccisfziarifsirxiv Lenmar Christmas , N V 30 Open House hlerth Eizancli 34 Recreation I-aaghway ' in 36 , Chapel ,gl Chorus F2111 37 . Half-way - Banding Junior Class 40 Activities Sweetheart Ball 46 Carnival Sz Talent Show 48 SNA Organizations 50 . Almost There - Graduation Senior Class 56 Class Will 61 Junior-Senior Banquet 63 Summary Miss Trinity 65 Consecration 66 Behind the Scenes 2'7,44,68 f . X . i 1 f K X . . ' 7 A ,,,,,.,,,,v,, ,,-.7g'Ii!g ' V ' M W .- 'Y ' 177-3515, , Y-ggi., t T'7f-'-- L51 .- ,, W .W .ff -ff ------ f- -- ..,....,. ' Q ggeig, ... :zf11xif...... -MM.. -Tw--"1"!"H z.- , 3 1-15 --1-: :- V ' - 'f- ' , , , . -......Wf.-.-xf-fu-.--.Mwe-1-5---K--ff,-f-W--sreuf:11:--smf:M1-f1we'-f'ff"ff417m1'ff?rE'f?'fff'?'f1'fP"f"f1'5fTTfff?-1F1?3'.i"'---'--2"-:"'f.:-1-fffi'33' Ff2"'::Ti2.i1ZT' -L-1.'-27-fffliiv?-1'f11-'Q4:'fff-Zfiffwfi?-4:41-. 2-frqg, :gg-ff-'ff4,ffar:,y-1, A S- -' A .. - - f --'-' ,M ,A --1 V - - f - ifzrf' -fi? U fe- 4... -Q -, -.f-1.7:--'fl , W -Q-8 - . . , w -- A , . H -. -A '-A .- f-:-f --ff:-1 . ' . -- r 1 -. ., --cf - .--M H- , . V U, - , 1 1 . ff . I , V A.-,, , , B-.L JH.,-J,..p.i -I - 5- L - jg.. -N-3 , . ,sv 2 'g A " "FE . Lf f 1.1391 I ' - . K - - ..- A -. - ,. -- , ,f -. 1- ' -- .41 --ij, ,- X , . - -1 .- , f 11"-J, .- '. ' ' X- - - ' .fp ,' ':': Iv f. Q ' .4 -- ,'.5 1---,l ,-... .ff V, J ,-' " ,.1. V , M :'- -,,.'f- ., ,. ,. r f- . "L . , - ,- . , -5 H-,gg-N.. '- I - ,, - A, ,371 ,Q f - ' - . 1 ,jg gif-' f T f A -' Y 1. ' ' -- ' 'fit ' . K -.yr-, ., . , ,,'.,1, , ' 5.1 ": ' ' , A T v . , . Y EK avi S ew S W f , , L? .,,,... S ., ,x,,. . . 1 N , .. -L, V--, ' f . .. A . ,.V. '. ' , , . ,V. ...,-.f. .11-. , I ',.- 1 .I V ,e n..- A.. , , .,,f.,,, .- .- . - -. . -L,,,f1 , , , ., m , ,. -- ,,. f- p, . 1. -- I -- -. -, ,, J.,.- I ,2,, ,d,... ,,., . -. A I . --.,, , K N . ... ..,-1" S A .. - ..- ,L , f ,-'.6-7- X ' .' r :Z T .- x v . . . . . . 'r' --4. . ff., A , i ,. f.-- VLA-HJ-L.. ..,-TL' " -- "-' .1 - . A. f,..- " .- , .- - X . -- ,, .. ,.. 6 .. .- -.,- - -.',. .-.1- .,. . : - , ..-'. ' ,r -4,- ,, , .,,4 ., ..,.-, . - ,.,, ,. . ,, ,. ,M ,.n.,.-mf..-. .. v ',' x f . .. .k,. .,-.,. N .-, , . 'V -1-4--'ff-wg-.-..,,.t......-f-,--w-1-f-f-g.T--.......,v.,...,.,,-.+.-...-,-r,-., 2.-..-...1 1- V, - , M ,- ...,.......-.,..-...-.,....-..1..,.....u....4-4...-.'...a,a.s.1.umf,:......,f,f4isa.-.laQg:4if' ' , " ----Jr: f- - -Y .. ' R ""'-. -'Y A 1--' .'r:1-1:a:- - . .- ... ,TL 1.5, 4. Ja, ,.. .-X J L.. .- ,.v,. .5 f ,X W , fem ZX. S S XM Q.. X .. N .. . .R ,, ,, 5 Q 1, ,-...4,.-ff x,,:..N,. .- ' 1 .YN f ..x .wi 2' f ,.. .,. .. - .. X - -, - .. ,, ,. .. .1--2 - N-,,.-,,. 1,91-1..---, , . -- 3- 1. Y, 1.- .,-. , 141 M 1-1-' A "NJ, 2- , W-if-g - 4 1- I . ' .Y , - -- f - Vg.,-. xg. 2,-,v--,If -f -g lg z.. - . 'f- f,---.--3-.. 3. N-, -. ,. , , - .r , fl, -1, M . .. Q -- QS 7 g 'IL-51'-F" 5'.:1::1'-' fi-I ' -i - XJ ' if il ,...2w..--H - 1 Z 2-, l I I li V 1 mv.-r 'ADMINI THAT 0 R. W. Westergren Hospital Administrator ,, fkkg X wwf , ,ad T D. H. Stordahl Assistant Administrator A tremendous challenge in terms of growth and personal satisfaction brought Mr. Westergren to Trinity in 1962. The goals of his administration are to make Trinity the 'most outstanding hospital in the community providing the complete spectrum of medical T services, and to continue the development of our educational program. "l want to see our school continue its high standards and continue to pro- duce the high quality of nurses that it is well known r for." Mary Lou Taylor R,N., B,S,, M,A, Director of Nursing Education V Patricia Lord, R,N, Director of Nursing Service FACULTY Mrs. Beverly Willis R.N., B.S,N. Assistant Director Nursing Education Coordinator, Med-Surg Nursing 1 'K wk Y S . Miss Bette Croes, R.N., B.A, Instructor, Med-Surg Nursing Instructing a student nurse in the things she needs to know is not always done with the wonder of books. It requires a special kind of teacher, like the ones at Trinity. Mrs. Mary Ann Smith Y R.N., B.S. Instructor Maternity Nursing 2 Q v , f , fS ' snzion ff' fkfwlv M 2 37505 ..... ,W L at W 4 M' 5, 5 f V, .Z f A 1, 1 2 ? ff th 1 if X Eff Q- Q4 5 Z 5 AWN! ll-----..., A I X , K5 f' n Comuiefel - Q ""f""'Wvnlnug,,,r,, 0....,,.-.ww W-m.....,..,, - ,,,, .M-4 f V ' Yin ,img L , f S! K 24 Jaw? X df VU' 1 , 43 ,I "til, 44 M f M' External Rotation qneszmmonp f, , ft, , i tiff Z , Externai Rotation fsnoumm 1' ' f .C 5' ,M WA" Mrs. Karen Conley R.N., B.S.N. Instructor Med-Surg Nursing ,W V, f f We Zgfjv ' if J! , f , , Z X y S as X' ,,,fff f ' A f f f ,Q I , z 'WX U ,I sffsi WWW sf QWS wiki AWN sws M - f Mrs. Carmen Norrls, R.N. , X as I t X! , f 441 . Instructor Med- Surg Nursmg "It's a twenty-four hour job to teach her to learn to lose and to enjoy winnin teach Q her to have faith in her own teach her how to laugh when she is teach her there is no shame in tears .... Mrs. Dana Kenoyer R.N., B.S.N. Instructor Med Surg Nursmg Mrs. Norma Geivett, R.N,, B.S.N. Instructor Med-Surg Nursing 9 I Rev. A. B. Carlson A.B., B.D,, STM, PhD. t Q Hospital Chaplain W Instructor in X A Religion ""'-W-LM Miss Florene Chancey, B.S., ADA Teaching Dietician "To teach her there can be glory in failure and despair in success. To teach her always to have sublime faith in herself. Because then she will always have sublime faith in mankindy Dan Valentine S7 X ,f 45' Wf ' 2, ii 7. U - MN' f W 1 fnw Q aff' gi Lili 75 5 3 i X 5 i Q t 5' Mrs. Harriett H. Mowry Secretary, Nursing Education Yogi f -MN, Mrs. Sylvia Blanding Librarian BOARD 0 D RECTORS Mr. George Gee in addition to serving as president of the Interstate Securities Company, serves as president of Trinity's Board of Trustees. He acts as liason between the board and the hospital ad- ministrator in the overall planning and progressive development of Trinity Lutheran Hospital. MEDICAL A D DE TAL STAFF Dr. James Russell, president electg Dr, Fred Hartwig, presidentg and Dr, William Geiger, secretary-treasurer socialize at the annual Christmas banquet hosted by the hospital. Throughout the year the executive committee is busy coordinating the activities and general policies of the various departments, acting for the staff as a whole and reviewing all committee reports, serving as liason between the staff and hospital administrator, and serving as Board of Directors of the Educational and Research Fund of the Medical Staff. HOSPITALD P R MENT HE DS N . VL S S gi N x .Q ' X. 4 s X T X, V f X X . W W X J, Q ,W if N K , S V X is if S 'Q S if f xo 5 a, , is W 1 ,, X- X f M cc be - X , ' S SW X, if X ' 4 . ' , is 43 swf- X,ssf M. X2 T Na+ ju- X Eli A 1 mf ,,,, 'WW N 4 x s -...M f' 4 ,Nl 'f- . , N , 'X 'f Kun WS 4 , SW M w SNR , ff N ,, i V ,ww X 53 it Mrs. Doris Gansert Chief Medical Technologist Mr. Ron Butler Chief Inhalation Therapist Miss Catherine Hansen Mrs. Thelma DeMarea Chief X-ray Technologist Emergency Room W 5 Mrs. Lillian McField Head Nurse, Recovery Room 'fl , 4 Miss Elizabeth Carlos Chief Dietician Mrs. Peggy Williams Surgery Supervisor ? Q , Miss LaVerne McNabb Chief Physical Therapist fgmali ,A ,V , ,if a X 4 2, , 1 UPER VIS UR 2 I f Left to Right: Mrs. June . , , 1 , Mrs. Maxine Clave, Mrs Maurine Large and Mrs M rtl . , , y e Carmichael. Not pictured: Evelyn Holler and Zua Karle, Night Supervisors. Eaton, Mrs Geraldine McBride Mrs Doris H'1l HEAD URSES Seated: Mrs. Helen Manion, 5 North, Left to Right: Miss Beverly Schrader, 3 Southg Mrs. Marguerite Helmich, 4 Southg Mrs. Phyllis Borgstadt, Obstetrics 5 Miss Phyllis Banks, Intensive Care Unitg Mrs Minnie B t . en z, 3 East. Not pictured: Mrs. Eunice Lynn, 4 North. Q H0 OTHER I Mrs. Lena Leaf Mrs. Connie Cravens Making a home for a dorm full of girls is the demanding job of being a friend, a mother, a hostess, a housekeeper, a receptionist, a mail clerk, and a security guard. While we scurry back and forth with our demands for the kitchen keys, light bulbs, or more heat, our housemothers remain patient and understanding. They are the sympathetic listeners with a word of encouragement, a flattering compliment and a page system that reminds us: "There will be a meeting on fourth floor at 8 o'clock...Attention, there will be a man on third floor ....Girls on second floor, you are making entirely too much noise!" l l Mrs. Juanita Crump Miss Monica Johnson , , 1 I INCOMING F RESHME S RT EW LIFE Unpacking just a FEW Carloads of luggageg Bidding good-byes to relatives of homesickness, i As she hides a few pangs Loneliness and uncertaintyg Greeting friendly faces of her classrnatesg ces trial i ne ent rself 1 e l ollege. 3 Ced ,N i M p graphs is T Di ii qi 5? H 4 ii I A-t sgwKXiXXX K, XXQXX X XXXQAXXX XX X 1 7 ' i 4 I X 9 , X 1 1' X w Z 4 ' 7 7 7 I g CX It -.XX A QX E Za 1 X 3 QX ' J Z U 5 41 wr 4 ' ' - XX , X f XX X XX X ,, 5 , , X Z 3, 'Q X: 1 X' X , Xa., H ii A X 2 T: R f ' ' i- , " ,S i X 6 , " ' as ' 'X' ' ,, X , X , XWQXXXJ 4 f , ' fXXff'XfY , - X XX WX f,X ess ff X -as X f , is . X'Es 'QW' XyNNf?QSfr, , , X XXff ,X 'Xen' if ,, ,fsXXw 3 sf x X 0 , ,X 2, .X 49 ,X ' X , I X 45 jf X-4 Wg LX Q? ' ,V 1, .f X , f ffx X W Xi eff mfs gs X455 'XA XW X, -'XX f- X . X X X X XX V X ,X XX X EZ ,, ' -X XX f,-X X ' , ggi XM WXG, Q XX S X 5, X- M-M " 1 f- X -AX ' ' - , :X X Y sf Xp S mf X XX " XX 'XM I ffl X X X X X I 'W' f 'fi XX X , 'X X , X XX XX X X XX 'X ivmsivw My www 1' 5365 XY f XX f X X X f st' X 'ff " ' XV' ' EX' W N ff X 4 XX X f- XXXCZ5 X 'Xwx '05 Y V W 5s U03 l f awfwff' , meagre f TX ' X X' " ff ' X Xu XX Pas' Xa ,X -E. X 1 fum' Y ff W" STX W 'X N XX fX W i X 49110 f N- GLY XM ,Xs 1 by NQXVN XM X ' ii- Ww, XX X f X X ' f- X X Q J' 'UN XJQQX i f X , f X y , XWX XX QXMX XX ff,X XM Ms fxgj Xjwn Q4 XXff',,f fX.,7AX XXV Xffgff,gQX -I ,X f XWXWB, NXXN XXv'f f X- if' jaws XXWQSJS Us X 75,8 'QV We, , X15 f:':E1ji' X 7 , fi f XPS M AYXXV wysxn XW,sffXX,,s , ,X X' XX W X X ss Xa XX XMXX Xw,sXfXm Xf-,sXXwkNfXX 1 ,- - f I X K F X , T if X XX XL X2 QX XX fm X ,, wvws - Xi X X Q - X ,X xx XX Z XX XX -XX XwewhsXtXs'Z'f1 - X41 ,X3NvQ,,X,is, X X fx X ,I ,, iz XM f XA, XX X A X ,X XX XXXX XX ., :rw N82 fY:XX fzffX,5sQf,,FSlXX4QEAS4Qsx75,f -ffrsX.aisik SEESKSN. X S 2 ' X me . XM ,Xs 1 X,,fX':as.?s ' W'fWfW'4WVWVW ,vlifwvwifwwfWXW:1vsf'f"'fW,'WXW6a'1X7ff'ffs5 -M-ff:ffXvXfsfiivrs,wXfczfXaXmX-assfXv szfvf ,Xmw www V XfXfX,:X Xe X XNXXX X XX X XX X XX XX X,-XXX XX , X X, ,, , XX, X XX XXX X X XXX X, X X X . X, .v.XX,, X 1 If 2 J Xfdffyif' Xy ZZXfff7W'fV7W7XfXfyfJiZXQW 4if'X!X7X5'WWI5lKi4VQ iff!7i'S'ZQ6N'f77aWX'Z7X4 'sys 'RNVSNf5fWffyVNf'NLZMP9 QwWf'XWf5VXWXWUUs7'1'9SHs'f -KWXMXW XVXJ' X'K'X'fXQ YL S S SQ? is QNX Sims XCfXf"X'fXf f XXX? 'SXU 'AUV' X'7Xf'W Wifi' "1 - 4X , ff ' - - f fXf!xf-f V f M ff-Xfsfvfff ZJJX fi VVFAXWX0XfXmAXfXw1,fv w!,gfXXfX X if N' 'ZMXKWK vw - f Aww wX'ffX4XvXf X7XfX4s NX Q XA w,S,,5R'Y,,sp9,:vENX,!XNf,pE,',wX BX ,Q-,MJXXQX 0 Xf f fy X 'r MX wXff.E-ff , if f MXN- f 'F S 'F SWAN X XXNSNYXNS X xXX X -f Xf i" Q' f' XX. , , XX 18 .,.. x W'-f-...- A ,A ' .4 4 J 2 , . A f K N-ij ' Q i TN .. 1 xx' Sis, v- M... , ,VMI I X ,M ,I , , fl I - ,, X, , , , , J, , ,,,. , ,af ff If ff pf 5, ,f WA- ,Q f 4 ,L ,fa - F- l WE'RE 0 LY RE HME N11 gl 1 1 X.. V Q I f W 'Q 1 1 I 1 1 X 11, f ' f X ' 1 'H ,119 ' ' 1 , 3 ' A il l 1 s Q Q 1 1 as , 1 I 1 ' If 5 1 ' 1 ' XLS X fu? 1 1 N VW 1 1 1 11 31 11 1 11 41 1 'I 11 11 31 11 ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 , :A i Q , P il, QW 1 1 ,X f f 'Wg Qyw NQQ W 1 f J' gs! , x 4 f. f1"T.'v"1 1 ff 1 5 1"'w'5-"Y 1 ,1 f 21' f 'awww 1 1 1 P725 iff ' W 1 , 1m",Q ,"4'w1 'fifse 1 ' fs: aa fm 1 1 'fijffgf if-,f, 11 '11 f f f - 'fy f' A 1Z24'!1" ' 2' Ji in-xii-:,'111 ai 'arm 11 ff, 1' -.f -wav . w 1 fppffw ' f " 41, w"ZwX N Y 14,g.?5:, v 41 fzwvag 9 " 1 'ov M, V W ff. 111' ' l 'S "W, 1 mid ' V A ,fs I ff , ' 'fY'fxw 'X of W, 1 - ,on 414' - if 14 ko! 22277113 1 1, m.'Y'1' ,,2,,'f, ,' ,fi-'1,,5. 1 'fj'yfZ2!,,1 'a3v'2Mi 12 1 1 1, 21 ww, 1 419,145 11 , 1 1 .f 11, 4411, no , 1 . 49'f,u' ff 9 iv 3 1 1 1 1,,w,. ,f"1w'. - ,.41f'1f',, W 11 1,1 4 1.,y1.,g3nn:4, :g1,uf'Z111X,. 1 1 1:7 1 "fQ""u.,-" .'5,. ' " ,Ir vin 1 1 5 1 I don't know ..... I just really don't know! 20 Z 1 Z , 1 4,14 VKWW, fx ZW K, W WNW Do you really think Mrs. Cooper can make THEM charmers? we nc o,,, Mother's Helpers or Junior's Slaves They still look the same - helpless, 0 C --THANK GOUD SS! f f Q Aff fix f f s as f J 5 1 P g M fn.. Z, Q 19.3 iz .K 55' ,ies Q A I, M752 W ,sq maze We ffw 2 if 4-Swsws-Q V f g- s., f:,,-' it fs sv, f lb Do you think these are white enough for Mrs. T.'? Potty Patr01I'?!! Of all the Weeks in her student Career, Probie Week must seem the longest of any. Washing dishes and clothes, shining shoes, cleaning rooms, Wearing a probie uniform, Walking up the steps and staying off the rug In addition there was being afraid to move the Wrong Way at the Wrong moment be- cause Boo-Boos were awarded freely and kangaroo Court was feared to be very rough Poor Lowly Probies.! What'za matter kid, ya want a 'medal or what?! Mrs. Dana Kenoyer Freshman Sponsor Freshmen officers: Nancy Goudy, Secretaryg Lynn Basham, Vice-Presidentg Cheryl Dierking, Treasurerg Vicki Larson, President FRE HME FI D TRI ITY E EW EXPERIENCE Diana Adams Lynn Basham Joyce Bennett 22 Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Kansas Aurora, Missouri A f 1 on Joyce Cook Betty Deal Cheryl Dierking Moberly, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Emma, MiSSouri Lana Gilbert Nancy GOUCIY Lola Haack Marshall, Missouri RHWOWH, MiSS0l11'i Smithville, Missouri :1,g."- 2:22 Valerie Hallam Sharon Havis Peggy Herrold Eldorado Springs, Missouri Shawnee Mission, Kansas Widlifa, KHDSQS f ,, X f Cheryl Kreisler Sandra Lacy Vicki Larson - Cole Camp, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Columbia, Missouri WLM Aleen Lefholz Linda Lowry Deena McCallum Lexington, Missouri P211'kVi119, Missouri Rogers, Arkansas aww BOHIUG M-HHH Pat Monk Linda Mowell Shawnee, KHHSHS Westboro, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri WWA Diana Mutrux Gail Nance Linda Pahlow Coliunbia, Missouri Excelsior Springs, Missouri Seda1ia5 Missouri 'gg , f ww' Sharon Schneiter Kansas City North, Missouri Sharon Sudduth Gladstone, Missouri i KK? 3 wflmf I Mary Selders Diane Scherer Raytown, Missouri Wichita, Kansas A5233 mf AM? ff za Z W Zia? I ' f f ,, ,, f , V 53 fffyf ,, I , iw 2 'ff J , f f, - -ff Kazaa f M ' , Linda Taraba Joetta Thompson Kansas City North, Missouri L9XiDE?f0H, MiSS0l11'i Susan Trott Peggy Walsh Kansas City, Missouri Cheryl West Gladstone, Missouri BEHI D THE CENES Marie Weyer The act1ve toe strikes again! Baileyville, Kansas Crudeness, rudeness and vulgarity! Ellen Wuertz Are you sure I look this way? Shawnee Mission, Kansas What's for dessert? Miss Snowwhite Aleen, what a big mouth you have! Grace Ann and her crutches Which one is she talking to this time? :Q X 4, 444415 ' We wa ft., my Student turns patient. Picky freshmen. Modesty is her Hail! Hail! The gang is all here. virtue. o Stop! Stop! I'm ticklish. F rustration. Mrs. Kenoyer at Christmas party. Talking to member of the opposite sex Bashful member of the nudist reminds us there are other activities colony. than homework. All I want for Christmas is my own personal dentures. Queen candidate for the 1966 Fall Dance at K, C, Junior College. Tensions are released by teepeeing fellow student's TOOITL ,fy 56 N I came, I saw, I conquered No Linda, the showerroom is in the other direction Joetta and Sharon show off thei r handiwork for Halloween Bonnie, Lynn, and Joyce do their semi annual room cleaning Freshmen study hard for anatomy test. Modest Deena tries to hide knobby knees. Class sponsor models her new sweater for freshman class Cheryl does some serious think ing up on fourth floor lounge W 4 f Susan and Val eat lunch in Penn Valley Park 'Twas the night before finals, and all through the dormg not a student was read- ing, not ere a bookworm. For it seems Ma Shamie had gathered all her girls from Mary Lou to Carmen for a big holiday surprise. Wiggling and giggling, they hardly sat still for these innocent children were about to reveal each faculty members' personality appeal. The holiday spirit jingled out loud, as laughing hearts joined to "make her point clear" - that a Trinity Christmas is ringing all year. CHRI TMA BA QUET 5, in 'L It's the excitement of giving, it's the pride and oonoern, it's the warm smiles of friendship and it's hearts of Content- ment that fill the crisp air. It's "Frosty the Snowman" or "Winter Wonderland" merrily sung on a full stomaoh. MOR GASBORD It's the harmony of redisoovering Christ's love for all. It's the delight of our traditional festivities glistening from 'ear to ear. It's all this and more that makes Christmas today full of love and laugh- ter and gay greetings. PIRI T UF g Winters special offering is in the depth of whiteness. The snowman that takes hours to assemble and never melts. The treasure of being a child again and dreaming of Santas' visit. The delight of hanging ornaments and seeing in them the joys of other Christmases. The time spent to decorate ' ' H ' ' H each door with Christmas beauty. Silent Night so softly carried from heart to heart that one may even hear the angels sing "Sleep in Heavenly Peace." ! -u ,f CHRI T A This is the sec- ond year prizes were given for door decorations. The biggest prize .... was the spirit the decorations gave to the school. Candle glow, Christmas Bells, holly and mistle toe, carols, and fragrance of evergreens, tis- sue paper and bows, The nativity scene, bright red poinsettias, Christmas plans and visions of Mom's turkey dinner, Christmas cards and quiet stars twinkling above the city's bustle has reflected the gift of love, Where there is peace and joy to spare. X. f 6 0 .sg Open House activities demonstrate a surge of uplifting power as Joan, Mary, and Diane transport Cheryl between beds. ACTIVITIE PORTRAY TRI ITY Meeting the public is a prominent theme throughout Trinity. Open House, held every fall and spring, greeted nearly 200 visitors. Committees were busy sending invitations, LACE setting up displays, organizing demonstrations, reception, and refreshments. But just as busy were the committees for money making projects. Student Association sold "sweet temptations" in addition to the class bake sales. Hungry juniors were among the other taste testers at the seniors' chili supper, While the sex symbols of the junior class rummaged off all but their feminine style, the name Trinity was made known Q throughout the community. LIACL A55 ff A , M, 'M' 'ff 1 ,ff LQ I Jo Ann, Linda, E and Deana, wel- come visitors to sign the guest book, while Sharon and Karen introduce each visitor to Trinity, I I V i as ',-iff" ff f ' T mn, Q, far' t 1d dde 1 row before your very eyes? science Now what could be more exciting than watching every nasty germ in he wor su n y g Fiction? Bah-humbugl V W H , . . .,, V ,v.. , , . ,. . , . .... .. ,,. ., ,.,. .. nw -1- Lv,-,.,1,....-,..,.. ..., ,.,,...,,,:.5--1--1,-1wi.. ...Y-,w.-115-' 'V 1,.,m., .- ,. , , f.-in ..,f -f--A-vm:-V-5,Q-1--,f----MV---y.....,..-g--4-2-v,j,f.f:.L..g5,5E-f--: 53-133 ,yi 1' ,Y U A L' 2 W ,,, , . .,. ..,,.,...., ., .Y 1.........z...,,,,. NJ ......... V.,-.. ...c.,.....-,-.,..m...L,1......4z,...,.................Q... . .......,.-......,...-..,..a......,.,.g........,..-...-.,...,1L.L... ......-.h. ,, ,....- L-, L., J, .V ,....,.. W... ,.,,,. ..,. ,....,L., L .,,., .nf . . mu., f f Nl f? rx! , xg 1 22 ff' Q5 day 116 in 1 ,f A , . 74' ' V at fvf , S2 is W 'l it 9 : 25' 2 fly V si ff! M b A i W f 4 . ,jf .5v S-- , , 2,3 9 5 S - X it ' A - 5, ,. ff - Q ff . J x ,X . ,X X ,,,s . X K M s Q 3 if . l MVN? WW 44 fx 2 fi , K 4 F1 5 X' sf ,Q K K L., 5 i , is I 5 x "if: :S X ' ,: - ' f rw w iv., L 4, . 4 04, ,cw Wm? S+' " ,z 4 49 ' ,Q - 4 ' r A 2: .. .ig ,Q xv ' f ' Lf 42 tt ' J l as-5' QQ? f X 3 i X- Q A 5 Syl -' W6 S ? V: Peggy Walsh, Linda Lowry, Diane Curry, Linda Bricker, Jean Hockett, Vicky Larson. 2nd Row: Diane Scherer, Sharon Sudduth, Linda Taraba, Patricia Monk, Diana Mutrux, Lana Gilbert, Sharon Chester, Gail Sampson. 3rd Row: Mary Ann Cox, Vallerie Hallum, Bonnie Mann, J oetta Thompson, Joyce Bennett, Carol Gibson, Deena McCallum, Ellen Wuertz. f V: Nancy Goudy, Sandra Lacy, Paula Gatz, Linda Day, Karen Vohs, Sharon Sclmeiter, Cheryl Kreisler, Diane Adams. 5th Row: Kathy Peters, Betty Deal, Aleen Leiholz, Cheryl West, Sharon Havis, Irma Kohler, Gail Nance, Mary Bennett, Marie Weyer. 6th Row: Mary Selders, Doris Portwood, Joyce Cook, Susan Trott, Peggy Herrold, Vicky Mingos, Lola Haack, Joan Gensler, Donna Bender, Linda Pahlow. CH OR Trinity's choral group, directed byBen Shanklin, is composed of freshmen and juniors. Once a week the activity room was the gathering site of this group after coming from the school and hospital, changing into their comfortable "grubbies" and grabbing a coke. With the direction of a red-headed nod, the Wave of hands and sometimes the stomp of "Hush-Puppies" the harmony of combined voices produced tones like, "Kindness", "I'll Walk With God", "Scarlet Ribbons" and "Give Your Tired, Your Poor". From "grubbies" to fresh pink and white the chorus transformed from practicing to performing. This year they sang at such places as Grand Avenue Temple, and Ward Parkway Shopping Center. Tapes of the group were also used to bring music to the hospital at Easter. P BA DING MARKS HALF WA Y POIN From passing trays to assistant team leadership requires: nutrition, pharmacology, social hygiene, personal development, religion, and medical- surgical classes, meetings, chorus and chapel, Objective papers,principle papers, surger , ,yafggfw wif? QX XXX., . 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K7 , Q W .A by f, 4 ff A-X A J 1 ' X - , X '45 f sl 4, SMS? 47 ,SKK NN: f, If 751 f dig, pf X X Sail' x I 1 X lx f a 5 Z 'X ' X Q ,- ,f , 7 Q , ,A v X W SZ X , f Z 1 1 7,1 Ly, 'X fl X ' ,W z I f 2 W 2 , Q ,X f , 4 2 A , 7 ,, X - , , .. Q, Z ' ' 1 V x 1 Q S f aw , , f 1 , 11 I 45 f of X or V A ,, Q A ,, ,4 , :HS Y M ,, I AZ ,A 4, , f A Ah ZS! ii' X Ma W4 79 Q ff f X S f V f 2 A Q f f xx R ww N X xf X Z X7sf3X LNVX SKQV f fb S W f 7 xf 5 X X , I ,,,. !l,,' ff I, 'ff', L q , ,, 1 ff'1.,. ,,,' ,,,, Q i. ,,i7,,A .Ag..,,,f' ,,,, f ff ff .,,, I A -.W ., ff ., ,A ,,,, ,, , W ff , v Paula Gatz, president and Linda Day, sec- retary enjoy the J unior-Senior Banquet they worked on so hard. Not shown are Doris Portwood, vice-president, and Donna Bender, treasurer. Class activities this year were making and selling student nurse dolls, sell- ing sweatshirts, a rummage sale, bake sales and a car wash. In addition to releasing ten- sion at Mt. Vernon, they held surprise show- ers for lucky girls in love. Juniors were the first to have candle light ceremonies in honor of a pinning and engagement. Mrs. Beverly Willis Junior Sponsor THE FRUSTRATIO OF MED-SURG S THE PRIDE OF A BLACK BA D L7 1 K v l iw W i WSW I, W' fjfi x Donna Bender Mary Bennett Linda Bricker Sallfla, Kansas Leavenworth, Kansas Kansas City North, Migsguri Wop W gf if 'I L Mb 1 5 ff iff: V X Q Q Q Ayn ri 0 . X Sharon Chester Mary Ann Cox Diana Curry Kansas City, Missouri Overland Park, Kansas Kansas City North, Missouri Paula Gatz Joan Gensler L' d D m a ay Garden City, Missouri Kansas CNY, MiSS0U1'i Kansas City North, Missouri f X f Miz f' X477 141 Q VMV xg? 4 .1 Shar-on H111 Jean Hockett Kansas City North, Missouri Garnett, K3-F1535 Kansas City' Missouri Carol Gibson X X Irma Kohler Vicky Mingos Judy Moorman Jamaica, New York Lawrence, Kansas RaYf0WH, Missouri Kathy Peters Doris Portwood Concordia, Missouri Kansas City, MiSSOl1I'i .Wx A., X Gail Sampson Karen Vohs Kansas City North, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Sharon Prater Raytown, Missouri ,QQ c , M , s-,qs Q Q ' s 2 t , N X f ff X V W, if N' 'fr sf 3 fa fv ' f fx-6'-f"'X 'Y' 1,5545 f 'W MJ, k N f WX3, iw, as , , iir X if-1' fit' 'K ii? Gail and Vicky make rounds with Dr. Geiger. Mrs. Norris instructs Irma in patient care. CLI I CAL LEARNING Students practice patient care before going on floors. 1 2 K 5 f 2 I Y ! f, fi eff- ,W Q u :iCx A'ff' f-'fgf -'ff wf-..... i.. f Q.. , ' ,N Q::.....wq::', i'-1.1 1"""vfnv-mMlilf.r.,.W .... ...- . . .f Students and Mrs. Geivett discuss nursing techniques. Linda gives post-Operative Care under the Supervision Of Mrs. McFie1d. if BEHIND THE CE E 1 Did you say no class tomorrow? Come on back you guys- I'll use Scope. One more time- all together now- ? ,lv Hello, Mr. Westergren! I have 24 hours to do what? Did you ever feel like a nobody? Really, it's the best cooking we've ever eaten! 44 ' Inch by inch, pound by polmdl D01 have to go to fire drill? ww' fw r pmf ge, W r ,,, . M 4 .w 752 f 'ff Q12 I ,ffl Y W by 4, M ,ff M f, ,ff , I 7 , ,ff Peak- a-boo, Mrs. Crump. It's been a hard day's night. One of the cafeteria's satisfied customers! f TALE T HOW V Sfn-Wf MM! ff ,f M f' ff K W W4 mf- A: 4 A, ywtywff ,M , f f, fp ,X Q gg- -V ff f , ff' ff V' x ff f fy ' , , I9 3 , rf X, .,X,,g ,si ga 1 , .Q , f H 7 Vf W7 7 , 5 . ,MZ if ff , ,W , ff! ,ZX Z! K' . f, f ' Nix., n y , y Z ff f' W V f , 'AW' ' ' ','ffWWf, s , ' i , , f lf ! T f' ' ' tw, g QM G Z J lag, .4 W i. 2 ' wifi- 2 Q5 we f N Al 0 wi N w x V Q, ,S . . f, 'hsg f O if ZAQGOX- , t QMS: Sify- '4 1 .V . f f - 41' L 1 FEW! W , f, S ff? .Z Q? it 4 e in Talent--it's riding on our chrom- osomes! Trinity's SNA once again pre- sented our ability to the public. Take 'nstance "There is Nothing Like a for 1 , Man" by those med-surg sick juniors. "Barber Shop Sextet" with its choreography X' x f .. X S ff Q x my ya? xf X - if 1 fs? 1 N X X 1 XV X f wif i X si W fv lx , fe Qx sv X X f X gge X X A 3,9 x X fs, iw' X 7 X 99 ff fs Yvefwcsf M vs we www 2 mn f , X f xf V g 4 Aw V S SQA ww gf Q R fv A f N V X i f we 'S W - QT f .gfswfifvf , T S' -Ipfezgzgss 0, 3 is w. one foot up. . .one back. The "Hokey-Pokey" never brought such tears of laughter than when the eggheads entertained. "Womb-Mates," Mary and Valerie were there, too, anxiously awaiting the world. "The Nurches", Karen, Ann, and Ingrid sang of protest and of "Puttin on the Style" with a few original verses for Trinity. The song "I Can't Help But Wonder Where i'n'1 Bound" with nar- ration by Judy, M,C,, was the climax, typical of "The New Generation." ,J X, 1.- pre- raphy r ghter tes," here, sn , ang on ginal song ide I' iar- .s CAR I AL SNA's money making activity was a double feature this year with the addition of the carnival. Booths were set up to sell cotton candy, and popcorn, to throw syringes at balloons, to sell "white elephants", to run a flash on the junior Hot Line Press, to draw personal caricatures, and to have "Marryin' Sam" hitch up r even the most unwilling. Mr, Z and Mrs. Taylor were reluctantly wed while the student body urged the couple to "spend more money", 'W21 WZ SNA INS T ALLA T I 0 Cheryl Dierking Csecond from rightj, newly installed SNA President, has that glow of confidence and aspiration for a good coming year. Mrs. Willis, Sponsorg Vicky Mingos, out-going Presidentg and Mrs. Smith, Sponsor, share the pride in passing the gavel. Without the constant support from our sponsors, Mrs. Smith and Miss Croes, SNA would certainly be lacking. Vicky Mingos acknowledges the hard work of these two flacculty members and expresses the Association's grat- 1 u e. The last traditional Student Association Meeting of the year is installation of new officers. This meeting is a pleasure for everyone concerned--the new officers, old officers, and the students themselves. Every one puts on their "Sunday-Best" and enjoys the installation. Installation terminates a year of hard-work, great activity, and many rewards for the out-going officersg but it begins a great challenge and competitive spirit for the in-coming officers, The year's SNA activities terminated at this meeting. Reflections of the past year's activities make every student proud of her out-going SNA Executive Board and anxious for the in- coming Executive Board to begin work. S A' ' " 2 0 . 1 .ml s I '- ' Twg. ,Ex 'f 1 7 ' f , V , - f L W f , Www as fs- 2 fr 'N 'a ss M WW X Q ' X ' " sv X, Y ia-.A t . WMA I , ,S t my V, , X X if Q sg- gs, V A l f . 1 ' A f N6 is , wt " Q f K' af 1,- 'fvqxif ,sf 1 ,, " 'X' -1 QW l A ' 1 X X s ' f Q img-v W ,J feat! 1 .- A Y f XM s WWA , Mgyfsw . . t ' 52 2 4 'W si ff gg i ' X , S Always a treat after installation of officers--Refresh- ments!!! EDIAT 0 BOARD Trinity is constructed on the philosophy of self-responsi- bility and government. Mediation Board illustrates this phil- osophy. Mediation Board is the student's own governing body a.nd judgment board. It is officiated by the student's own peers. Mediation Board composes the House Rules and pre- sided over any infraction of these rules by a student. Mediation Board was instrumental in initiating the Honor System of giving demerits--again putting responsibility on the students themselves. f Way I , Wslwgms, wr Sgef , 4 Oh my--Let's see now--what can we do to this girls. You know she ig. a minute late!!! A regular group meeting of Mediation Board. Each class is entitled to a regular andalternate delegate to Mediation Board. These delegates have the responsibility of convey- ing the class's problems to the Board. STUDE TCOU CIL Student Council's members are the Executive Board of Stu- dent Association and a delegate from each class. These are just a few members of Student Council. Student Council is the official Executive Board of Student Association. The Student Council makes recommendations to SNA and often is prominent in initiating money-making projects and various activities for SNA, Student Council in action. TRI IT Y PAR ICIPATES State Convention this year took Trinity students to the "Gateway to the West"--St. Louis, Missouri. The grandeur of the Arch and the skyline of St. Louis set a perfect at- mosphere for a most enjoyable convention. MOSSNA District 42, made up of all the area schools of nursing in Kansas City, Warrensburg, and Independence, provided many pleasures for the Trinity students. Tuesday evening, once a month, Trinity students would board a bus, or catch a cab and go to neighboring hospitals for interesting and educating meetings. District's President, Jan Johnson, Corresponding Secretary, Gail Sampson, and Nominating Chairman, Joan Gensler, were all Trinity students. State Conventions, State Workshops held at Mai Tai, and monthly meetings, and a mixer were among the District it2 activities in which Trinity students participated actively. L ,n nl. .-, L State Student Nurse candidates competed in St. Louis for Missouri State Student Nurse. Each speech given by each candidate was of great interest to the delegates from Trinity. Trinity at the District 42 Play Boy Club in St. Louis--and We didn't have to show our ID's either!! my d LII Les nd we DISTRICT if Trinity students are hostess one Tuesday evening for a monthly District 42 meeting Attention was focused on the business meeting and yearning for refreshments after the meeting. Hootenanies, pantomimes, skits, and dances are among the few activities that Trinity students found at State Conventions and workshops this year. if District 42 takes three of Trinity students to the Sheraton- Jefferson Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. in GRADUATI W - AL OST THER The dull brown eyes of a sick child, searching for your comfort, your understanding, your loveg The well-dressed, reserved woman who doesn't appear ill, asking you to protect her, to stop her from suicide, to help her live in societyg The anxious mother-to-be, listening intently as you explain what is happening to her during laborg depending on your encouragement "Breathe, deep and the Joy of the . X11 "'fXX TY v 4'X f 1- 1' X Y, ff XXV' 'X1g vw 'XX Wg' , 'NW' f--f X , Qff6 i ' 1 ,,w, X f 1 X g g f X XZX 1 f e f 'XX ' Xi 7 W5 ',4 X X X WXSP1 X ' ,XX , X 1 ,AXX 1, XQXX ,XXV XXNVX1 ,X Z FX14 ,XWXXXJXX fb!! Z . , Q X YYY 2 11 Clarifying and X11 XXX 1Xv ' X ' - fwl XXX1ff1'2kg doctor s orders providing ,good patient ,1 NQZXVX ,1 Z , ! O51 tn . f h f u o ings in ourt - loor lounge until you think never again enjoy the peacQ of preparing aw? WWQ X . , peanut butter and Je y sugpaperg sun- Z' f WX Xf y , .Xff yon the roof until you are X ed lobster Q-VV f, ?4 ' X 'XT 19' 1 g ac or more, anew ,e as s we 'f' b k f P HXKQX E32 13 d , 1 e ' ue to lack of food of X1 :XX .QXN My XXX 1!XX,X ,XX , ,, 1 X ZX X A ,, X, V 1 1 X15 1 X'gX s a growing increasing f vw X X . , X, X, ,f X" , f 1 KX HXA XIX. 'XX 'Q 4? 1 1 1X , X-1' 1 1 1 1, f Z X as , 3, W 1 e X :S Q15 6. I 1 X ? 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R -w 4 5 -A i A 'Q 5 7 1 I 5, I 5 tt 4 i 1 1 i Ann Bopp Kansas City, Missouri Sylvia Aschbrenner Carson Emporia, Kansas Ann Edwards Garfield, Kansas Linda Edwardson North Kansas City, Missouri Deborah Ethetton Fort Worth, Texas Sharon Franz Nevada, Missouri f VA f v f 1 1 f f jywwkwvvngu, f,, Z1-""'vp-- Q W y X aw r W 42? Diane Krause Kansas City, Missouri , ,yr V, f 4 Karen Gregg Olatha, Kansas Treasurer , ss, 'N NKJV 507 , sfeskvf.. fxsg, KA vW4 if NYSE: 1 , ' of Ax 'Q X M ' !N.wfNw!,W fx-NA Q? WWW Vw si, W X ww as-iwsv Z amen fQ gffswiwli W, fT.4'w '25 'ff 7 1 f sfwsifw ikiwf' A s v ' xx 5 g ' X fy W 4 Q ips" , 5' K N N , Sgnkga Q , S 41, -r1.2 fwjsf' S if , S - X x M ,f pf L Q 7 f M f of A I X ff ,sf N ,I W r . , Q :,, " W W 1 .pr 1- bw 2 V ' W7 ,, V' fi 1 use X5 4 qrrsfx " ,gf V- 5? X , ,f f . f M ,, X J M , A W , u i ,, y , W . sys, M X X .'1:..,1v W fx, ,, J ,. , . , ,dp I M, ,W 1 x Mary Herndon Shawnee Mission, Kansas Janice Love Johnson North Kansas City, Missouri J a.nice Maddock Mission, Kansas Sylvia Mc Kinley Belton, Missouri Tanya Martin Kansas City, Missouri Marjorie Morehead Kansas City, Missouri Ingrid Peterson Marquette, Kansas f A , pawn Av, .X ,ww ' ,, gn f f W HMJZM , of M, T ' 1-x m ,, Q W , vw 'Q f, W 6: K I , ff , f,4,,,v f' 1 4' JK 1: .-u , X X .,, 1- .I f . 2. ' MQ ,. ' W? ' 5 My 5 Q 'rg 'ff fi , , ' 2 ,za ff ' l fr- wi 'Z 'V , M A "QW, - if . wi' f .fmg..4e'f5 . ,yyn MA., f Lf k Ay ,, , 0, ,hx My A 1 Sandra Holtzen Cole Camp, Missouri Class President M G 7 , QV K M Mrs. Norma Geivett Class Sponsor Marjorie Westgate Independence, Missouri First Vice-President CLASS WILL We, the class of '67, being of poor nourishment, chronic fatigue, dark baggy eyes, and Mercy diarrhea, and being obsessive-compulsive neurotic, due to our poor adjustment to extra-uterine lifeg project in our noted extroverted social manner the following testimony: I, Janice Johnson, will my ability to insult Dr. Fischer without really trying to Mrs. Norris, my monitarily inspired love of the children at Mercy to Gail Sampson who will need it desperately, and my natural ability to lose friends and insult people to Sharon Prater who has enough natural tact to counteract its tragic results. I, Jo Ann Werneke, will to my little sis, Kathy Peters, the ability to be called naive by Mrs. Willis, light up like a blond beet, and yet have her add that it's very becoming. I, Janice Maddock, will my ability to procrastinate to Joan Gensler. I also will my ability to transport 10 volleyball girls in one car, make a turn, miss the road, drive onto an island, stop 6 inches in front of a telephone post but still not let it affect our game consistency. We, Margie Westgate, Mary Herndon and Tanya Martin, will our big mouths, offensive and obnoxious personalities, and ability to laugh at inappropriate times to Vicki Mingos, Gail Sampson and Sharon Chester. I, Karen Swenson, will all my medication errors to anybody who wants them, and my ability to attract men to Shamie. I, Ann Bopp, do hereby will to the most agile junior scrub nurse, my ability to pass instru- ments the "right Way" to "left-handed surgeons" and upside down to the others, and to Sharon Prater, the ability to fall, gracefully, from a horse at Mount Vernon and keep it a secret. I, Marjorie Morehead, will my gifted ability of being tongue tied and my ability to make utter nonsense of intelligent thoughts, confusing everyone to Karen Vohsg and my ability to confuse the kidney and the liver to Mrs. Willis. I, Sylvia McKinley, will my passive aggression to Irma Kohler, my asocial personality to Sharon Prater, my ability to wake up half the freshman class looking for 1X4 cup of onion to Lana Gilbert, my grades to any idiot who wants to go to college, my ability to crash diet and gain 30 pounds to Jean Hockett, my fear of men and other necessary creatures to Gail Simpson my foot-shaped wordy mouth to Judy Moorman, my ability to have almost every symptom and, therefore, self-diagnose everything from senility to virgin pregnancy to Mary Bennett, and my cure-alltreatment--"Graduation" to the classes of '68 and '69. I, Ingrid Peterson, will my folk singing ability to Donna Bender, my cheerful smile to Irma Kohler. I would also like to will my special quality of promptness to no one because nobody could be as prompt as me. I, Sharon Franz, will to Doris Portwood, my ability to refrain from spasticityin a room- ful of screaming kids and still maintain my nursing dignity. I, Linda Edwardson, will my ability to give a bed bath and be interrupted by eight doctors to Linda Day. We, Ann Edwards and Karen Gregg, will the soap bubbles in the fountain at Mt. Vernon to Mrs. Taylor to use in any way she chooses--Q she can get them past the security guard, our mattress pads to anyone who wishes to sleep on the roof, our ability to get our pictures taken in our ants and bra and on the john to Joan Gensler, and our three guitars, two radios, twenty- P six records and one small T.V. set to anyone who wants to go on probation. I, Sandra Holtzen, will my ability to stay up all night studying for a test and still get five hours of sleep by sleeping 'til half the test is over to Shamie and my 2-week con- stipation to Mrs. Geivett. , I, Diane Krause, will my ability to go to sleep in class and get it on my red and blue record to Linda Bricker. I also will my ability to have boyfriends all over the world and still have trouble keeping them separate to Mary Ann Cox. I, Debbie Ethetton, will my extraordinary talents with a paint brush which will come in handy on murals, cars, ceilings and various other odds and ends a student nurse performs to Donna Bender. I, Sylvia Carson, will the ability to be an old maid and raise cats and clover to Linda Bricker. I, Sonja Potter, will my ability to be pregnant during OB to Kathy Peters. I, Janet Stella, will to every new freshman entering Trinity for years to come my motto throughout training--"Bite off more than you can chew - then chew itg plan more than you can do - then do it!" I, Judy Stark, will my ability to cut, massacre, or rearrange hair to Sharon Prater. She's got about as many "guts" asIdo. I also will by bust building exercises to Paula Gatz. I don't need them anymore - I was already "builded" when I inherited them last year! We, the seniors leave to Chaplain Carlsong with his renewal of "Playboy" a key to the Bunny Club, ' To Mr. Shanklin, we leave the song, "I Hear Music and There's No One There", or retitled, "My Delusion, Student Nurses Can Sing", by Frank Denial. To Mrs. Leaf, Mrs. Cravens, Miss Johnson, and Mrs. Crump, we leave the sincere desire that someone will take the hint to replace the lace table cloth -- 'cause we can't afford itg To Mrs. Blanding, we will our hope that she will never hear our oft spoken excuse, "But I didn't know it was on reserve!" and six months delay on all unpaid fines, 4 To our class sponsor, Mrs. Geivett, we will a gold pill box equipped with dramamine and monogramed barf bags for the next trip to Great Lakes Naval Hospital. To Mrs. Smith, we leave our post-PRC hostility and aggressiveness, and our ability to psychoanalyze post-partum blues in the mothers and autism in all the babies, To Mrs. Norris, we leave a box of laundry soap for the after effects of our first enemasg To Mrs. Willis, we will a set of medical textbooks for the Med-Surg Classroom so she won't have to go so far to "look it up", To Miss Croes, we leave our envy of her trip to Europe - may the bird of paradise contaminate your Mayo. To Mrs. Conley we leave the inability of yearbook headaches to upset her calm efficient manner, but you have to admit ---- we were really trying!?!? To Mrs. Kenoyer, we leave a wall to wall calendar to keep tract of student health dates and a string around her finger to reinforce her memory, To Miss Chancey, we leave the suggestion for a Vendo Machine to write patient diets. To Dr. Gunn, we will a New Wonder Antibiotic to cure "Trinity-itis"---as soon as we find it To the class of '69 we leave our ability to have 3 sponsors in 3 yearsg To our Mother Mary Lou, we leave our feelings of maternal deprivation and our stunted growth and development due to 3 years of all work and no play, and our knowledge of Ruth Freeman and Florence what's-her-face, Q To Mrs. Mowry, we give all the thanks of District 42, the thanks for all the notes from Mrs. Taylor, all the bills, grades and other bits of propaganda sent home to our parents, and pre-thanks for letters you will be sending to inform our parents that graduation has been cancelled due to our eloquent ability to compose this class will. i UZVIOR - SE 1012 BA Q ET AQ May was barely here the night a large group gathered in the lobby. Amidst all the studies had emerged faculty, juniors and seniorsg dressed as cool as spring and as black as midnight. Curiosity hummed among faculty and seniors. Only the juniors knew the destination. The traditional secrecy was at last broken. Many were puzzled as they split up and rode to the "Buttonwood Tree". lt was a new place for most and held unexpected adventures for all. We dined in warm luxuryg chatted and laughed in the atmosphere of an English pub. Linda Day revealed the Senior Class prophecy and Sylvia McKinley made confessions from the Class Will. Mrs. Geivett furthur disclosed the senior's personality by her resume of such experiences as cancelled pancake days, on one or two days notice, due to lack of food. Y A gentle evening breeze carried each guest home again with a heart full of memories. . F ,, iffy, 2 Q Wa A -""' ziizf ' iv WHAT S RINITY ST DE T. The stormy years that swiftly pass between an idealistic girl and a perceptive woman are the cherished hours of being a Trinity Student. Trinity students are found everywhere, underneath, on top of , running around, jumping over, or slithering past patient's beds. Doctors overlook them, mothers worry about them nd a 1 n lov th m. 4 . A Trinity student is a ngry interns, and works like , if gl vxffx xf f 2 ? a whole nursing staff put She has the speed of a gazg le, the strength of an ox, the , V45 . A - quickness of a cat, the en of a flagpole sitter. To the W ead nurse she has the stabil- z ' "S A 2 SZ ity of mush, the fleetness ofggfr ail, the mentality of a muleggyx d is held together by starch, 'fy Q X Y 6 S N adhesive tape, and stra1ned 5gk. To the alumnae, she work as long hours or x x , v X 12 ,V N - Q X Q2 , if A' fo 1' N 1 " x f as many weekends as her p . . . , X . 4 Q6 A if : X S' - A Trinity student likes ds of ow i g e new dorm, certain doctors y s wf 42 Affwf ,XM Af ! ,U Q A - . r Z ,f AQ x ,fi Q ff ,, 'X . , 2 L ,Q . pizza and mom and dad. alarm clocks, care studies, and meetings everyi A Trinity student is a e her but you cannot make . . 1 -, 5 Q .Q ff .ftw , fs, , Q, A, ply, ,. ,awk her quit. You might as well doctor, alumnae, or T S X' A ?'Nf5fk N464 sf. Q 1 WS W., W ww -s tm x 1 a . . 1 . . . f'-N. Qt X iz' O ,'v " " N ',1xy.:w," patient she is our ersona - Q X' . .T X X M livin s mbol of faith and 7 ly p x 4?-g.fW'x W fx sw NWS 5 S Xyg ist Aywys ' sm X X 5 X ,. r A WQIQ, 4 X! X X ,W,.,!l .,g,Q5,,3f,s X '- X -f Q' fs' as fx S wtf Q' T NVQ . -fi, 2 Sf if +2 wwe Q af ve - ,Kay Q35 wwf fffvfiv-QA Avflvfaga- K .Q 'Sw Xt 'fyo ef X. A-4 Qwy A, N av Q My W fy , cf X, -5 S.WfN WS Q0 QM? Mfr, we -QQVSAAS 4 X 4f Xfwffof S 6' We S ymp athet 10 C ar e ' f f' Vs Alfwsr sm S as She is judged not by her race, religfglffffofffocifal standards. She is measured by a professional yardstick that evaluates her ability to make a bed, anticipate needs, or sacri- fice her time to ease the pain of a patient, simply for the satisfaction of a job well done. She is hard working, a determined young girl doing her best for her school and hospital. Whenever she becomes discouraged or the lamp gets too heavy, she should remember that there is reward waiting for her because surely some of God's angels wear white caps in- stead of halos and carry medicine trays instead of harps. .an lg 11 like the nil- oh, or :tors , e nd ri- lat f o o 5 Miss Sylvia McKinley Chosen for her oral interpretation 'limitless Journey' SECRATIO - ACCEPT CE OF THE CHALLENGE "I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly. . ." Not just before man, before those who have watched me grow and mature, those who have faith in me, those who see me with a halo, and even those who consider me less than a ladyg but also before my loving Father who dwells in my soul awaiting the opportunity to be free and visible to others through me. "To pass my life in purity. . ." I thankyou, God, for the vision to see my weaknesses, the knowledge to understand each and the wisdom to correct or improve the changeable with the patience to accept the un- changeable. 9 I 'r U I I ' 'To practice my profession if " XQWJAN K i'V?!Sfff?!3fif3flK77 at - ,V xfs gsfggf Vfyy i s , MQ!!-6fff! yvfs fymq, - - - - yy The 1962 ANA conventiomgg f fmkwbsibilities thus: . . . lj su ervision o e a ien care I o serva ion o ,Q lg., ,Ui ,. , Mmblgcy, symptoms and reactions Yneiffaflzf gf , mg an reporting o Q M - r Q' 1 sf ,Q .1 J 2 S i ' 1 facts including evaluation of ,, g ang of other personnel, 51 t e carrying Out of nursing Of health and preventlon Of llness 7 the dministr f f 1 f as rescribed b a licensed 1 , a ak W sf fwxfbfffys Kfsfi Q fs T41 f ' 5 N Q gs X Q iff' XQQA X X QXTXXVX I If physician or dentist What fi I e goals of nursing. I aspire to be a professional nurse Florence, did you Q 1. t . 1 . f J k f t d fp Q rea ize a sim carin o be a ac -o -a - ra es. is wi o stain rom w . . a is w a ever is f X v ffv f ,xxx ,, , ff, ff i f X 7 harmful r 'n'uri us nd O 1 0 a YI Q ff W fy f- ff X g ,A N sfwfmfyifwv ty., A W X X, 5 Aaw ya lg , X , ,WQWAAAAA fr ,1 X X Y. u ,f w o .-X 5 5 Q X ff f :fg Q Qfizfwvsfs N n er n I see nl ff if f M X 1+ X 1 er life committed to m O O g 03 O yd X Ms if tif Y Y 'ax , VA www 1f:fgmAAj Mwgwff zvi - - Cafe and I 11111513 be and 111 P211'11C111211'- I H111 l d b wffhe if W em t n l r h sic l on y one Lor ut I am omega El.. o io a o p y a . Aix ,xx , XX,,,3 .y.fM,f,,,,ff 0, Q x,.,,',,. health of another, then I recg ider 13219 otlfeaggx, how little or how great it - - I Q ,yt Ms, fmt! . ae mf X www 0 affects me. If my skill in to teach a to care for himself then I am indirectly harmful, If I mother hcgw to from disease yet 1 .fwffwfvfy Q ,SAA Qisigykdxaw . u Q u Wy fi fail to protect myself, then aniyoying. "I will not take or knowingigyg minister any aiarmful ff ww 6 ww My Not to know is to be when I pretend to know I do not know then I am an Wwwdskfg 1 injurious fool. If I do not cause and effect of a mediiiliation and why it is ordered, then that drug is potentially my hands. W "I will do all in my power and elevate the standard of my profession. . ." a vocation requiring special Nursing requires of medicine and of peofgle--a knowledge that says know ' yourself before you serve a special knowledge obsolete before new re- fsfxfwyf fskydwxf-ff , ,JQQZQWWXWS f ' . . - . Q Seam? 15 00111191919 - I , X To ollow t e ootsteps o ,- MINS SQ QWTWSN SXSQWWWZVM SSQ XKWWWV 555 S QKQWZWQSJSQ 'VWYW Florence Nightengale would the times. I must walk ahead of her and ahead of today. "and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping, and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my profession .... " Where do I practice my profession? Can I lay aside my special knowledge like an article of clothing? Do I work only in a building or in a given territory? Do I dedicate only a certain part of my life for only a given number of hours? Am I a nurse punching a time clock or am' I an individual shaped by a profession? "With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care." I work with a team--it is the only way my knowledge can be used wisely. I have so much to learn--how can I dare afford to waste what I know. The ideals grow higher, the responsibilities, more demanding. I must be strong. I must know where to find strength when I weaken, Father, I don't know what an ideal nurse is. 1 Perhaps she is never to be found. However, the nurse does exist who gives excellent mental, physical, and emotional care in the prevention and treatment of illness. Help me to start just where I am and not from some ideal I can't find, Help me first to accept my strengths and weaknesses, yet, never give up my own ideals--for I must always be ready to accept the challenge. E n 1 . .X .,,.,,. ,.,.. K. x X. 'Y ' ' , ' - 4" , ' . , , ' . -. BEHI DTHE CE E We d1dn't always walk to J.,C. and babies at Trinity... We had a million projects... W N9 f mc 2 4 f, and finished at least five and Ann sang at our banquet. We had panel discussions at PRC... 0 0 o Got lots of rest at Mercy... s and always studied for tests and cornpla1ned... We cleaned the kitchen... and dreamed... I ...and had three great sponsors. ...and went on diets f ...and matured? played practical jokes Me' ...and had blrthdays . .,., . .. . ..... ...,..,.--- ,..... , .,,..-.. .--.....x,...,.,-.-.:1,,,.,A,:-..--f...4............,.,4.. M.-,N...,.,.,.......,,-,,.4V4...E..,.,...,..,....n,,... .-.hh . L- .,,.,..,, ,KW , .. ...... , ,. .,.. .. . , X V -fi V K 4- - . - - F BEING OURSEL ES! Fricasseed freshman! Caught! Turn thy other cheek! 1Wm1v.., Seniors have problems, too! I didn't know I was nominated. , A Senlor tr1es lt the hard way! War and peace Innocence in rollers! INTERS TA TE SEC UR ITIES COMPANY SUPERIOR LINEN SUPPLY COMPANY S. R. BR UNN CUNS TR UC TION CUMPANY 4 . 1 , POST SCRIPT ' lf wiwl W W7 ,I is ' ' ff f Hold it! jug More to come lat ' 1 I I 1 1 I Don't laugh - This is no joke M' ' x l Mercy's dorm Jan at Psych - No stupid, on affiliation. looks . harmless at on the 2 ft outside but look 5 here on f the in- side. . as J M, w TN 1 A v w F 1 L u ll ' 1 1 35' ,if Don't worry Karen, We'll get your fingers out! L I 'H r' ,, sl I A P ,fl it gal, ly 1 A V. X . it , E , 1 , E, 4 hiv Li all is Fi' at I 35 i-X 5 , 1 5 ,Z I Charlie the Tuna is in this one? Pedi2fI'1CS? "As one big wig to another, Ann. . ." i 74 Z TEEN , 4. "Mary, you still use that greasy kid stuff?" "Now look Joe, I want an orchid!" 'Wim H Cou1dn't you make it look like Gina Lol1abrigida?" X K Z X . 1 S0 "Patience Ralph, I "What! No mini-skirts have to practice OB for graduation?" Study Hours? on someone." Have you tried Polident? , hw? Ik ,Z E e Then the fee-rocious ' I f 4 puma went... DA VID PRA TER CLEANERS pmmp Station, PRINCESS S UNIFURM C UMPAN Y WHOLESALE RETAIL E ANGELICA MICHENFELDER UNIFQRM POULTRY AND EGGS COMPANY COMPANY VI 2-4968 - . . W W W W W W W W W W W W W W l W il W -l . 1 W W W W W W W W W W W W . W W W W W W W W W W W 1 W W W W W W W W , , W 5 W z W W W W W W W , W W - W W 1 W ' W W W W i W W W W Q3 M ,il 1 N lg il A M l W M H U M 4 l yr k H M M ll N 1 N 1 V My . ' - ' ,v ' v 1 ' , 1 lb 1 A Q

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1967, pg 64

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