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Q IU' ' ' 1Y Qgfgvxxzgfgy QM gif gi WWW! W0 W W f Wm W ,M 25 MZUWQQW lm W W W ggggwiiifm wmv" Aki J V ,af 3 is Kg? W Qi 3 Wbf?5jawW Q2 S V , i ii ,f 'W H 1 W I 'Z f5Qfffi3ff if kffjfly 'flfiwg . 1, aj A swlfizgxk A IC' C' f-2 dy , WQAH ?wv 226m JVQKWWSE 52 l i1 f N W W lf Wm x Rwijswfmxzkgw n 55 f3gU'P.,.d.,q,,K H ,gWNKS3gZW-RM' 6, gs' Q QQ N IQ VH h . awixfgi W' smug NE? Wye Q, ,, W f 'S 5xQ4f ?1S QW Hp? !wn4K04, j ,03E,Y,jif-fp wma f v 'ff V- , V wg SHOW Q50 CFLLLX KMA, ,DMCWWOAWKL05 vw' jp Of kyxa gs M A L M if SQ A C'y,,aL. Nt' May 63 O," - 'V , lb J 0 A-DE, -if J QM! WMJQU ' , W If 6' C'726ww.f1 ' , - ' . ' f 1 3 fi gl 2. Q ulwp, v . 76,83 31 ,. ,h ,, M , V04 qw N QOQXX 5, w-2' k ix? xlfbxb N09 cps? had YQ Q . B , V , , xa 4 ks BEN di X ' 5 C96 5 EJ' B I . 6 o '5 'U . ' H L. - - W 9 f? ws? l , fw- me 3 4 ' 4 1 4 1 .Aww-an 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 CLASSES - - 'J 4 N J ?Ni,f-'Nm QE xg ' C,Q,0.:4,Ax QJULCEMALJ ifyswv OJLQ., 210 q ,ANJQQJL-,Q 0L+C9-wk, pun idfwoavsdwvh, Cwffl Qfwneb XMWW . N1- 2 PE RSONA LIT IES ORGANIZATIONS 1 WV fp, X ' 1' mx: X4 Q, "fi 1 E HA: fi ,Emi mm J IQQQ VV Jw In X V fmt f mx YQ ,X ' ,ug NT-,J Xu y X 1 fn 'f , ,. , Qu , af fl x f f ffxfi i -'14 N31 N 'x 5' 1 1 'XFX Q0 ,fi 'f m '- ' ffl 1 x ff X. ' N w ' . .R kb 1 HJ A QQ' mvxt M," K 'rf V in M EWU K "" mpg X' I Qxj'-UA. 4 LQ! W ,b ci MX Y K, A FA V1 3, N X. , I - . . I -H , lf, , X E, ' ix if 51 5, K '78 L: ', ' A JJ L' TC' Q1- ,Ls 29' ' ,Q A iw W, ix af '-' 3 ,K fi f, M,.f, E ' Gi M M .Q 1 f I 1 H , . JJ Q . - -1. X lr if , rf Q' 'V :J cf-.S af J .Sag , Q.,g,!,,:3 , Y 3 x r- ' r V -' .9 f, A. Z3 .J i -cf 1 ,V ut u K fe ,J ,J b if Q, ,V 1 N' f s Y J U V . , rplf' 2 , ,r ' 5 ft cf QLEV,-r' 2 f f ' K f lf r M x x WU Lf - Jig . gy! t , , , -' 1 fi ' rx J-,1 r ,file ,LBJ m M My 1 . X ,J V' t, SJ 1, '- JN js! ,X ',gx,f',, X V 15, 'u ' LX N QV ' rt P if st ty , , WJ XD, 'gf' ,LJ NAI Eff! , 4 K QQ! Q, lt' .X E? QE' LANE unify U Sm ' J V X275 4, 53 .3 if 551455 'HJ lg J fc af J T f, sk, rj 'ff yu he ,Us t is 'L pic XJ v The 1970 Trojan Annual is dedicated to Mrs. Beverly Brown. Mrs. Brown is the lead teacher of the Speech and Drama Department at T.H.S. Because of her devotion and desire to help, Mrs. Brown directed both the Junior Play Q"You Can't Take It With You"j and the Senior Play C'Pillow Talk"j, Mrs. Beverly Brown has plans to direct the U.I,L. Play in the Spring, Not only does Mrs. Brown direct plays and head the Speech and Drama Department, she is the faculty sponsor of the Troubadors and Thespians. Because of her devotion to the Trinity High School, we, the Trojan Staff, dedicate this annual to her. Cad 5 Watch Out Changing World . . . Time progresses and the ever-changing world continues through space to a destiny unknown to mankind, As the times are chang- ing so are the ideas and the ways of living, Trinity High School is ready to meet the needs of this ever-changing world, Our school will be a leader among all schools and will strive for new er and better goals, T, H.S, students take pride and accept the responsibility of a new and changing world, The Trojan Staff has a better way in summing up the above by saying "Watch out changing world , , , accept your challenge, " " 1' A 1 . X V . 'fi l-.. 1 ' , V, -,K X, ,M 4-., me .T " ,' -nn"-if if 1' AF ,,, .- ,.. .f , 1 Q cz: , . J 1... r T l " r..,Ufff"4 .V mr, .Nev uv., fu. fav! nw A 5 ' Mk' 2' - , SM- A it-I 24.4 Q ' V , f ,r V M,prf.'-. ft. 6, V r,A, I , , J 'dirty 5: my 'Hifi -w farfrg' 2245 a . 6 Eur ,.'f' X a 'W fix pvwa., 7 I Giffip iii? wi? Let Us Begin it if 'To be a leader among schools we must begin Today, Trinity High School shows that r sponsibility, pride and determination does make Trinity different, It is this difference t t puts us on top, f W We are living in a decade wh the people of the world are experiencing a beginning in many fields of life, Just as r astronauts brought a new light to exploration with "one small step, " let we at Trinity igh match this step toward our goals, and begin, Rl U:r w 8 Q13 56 lfiwrws L I Hear Us At many schools there is a "communications gap" between stu- dents and faculty. Trinity High School is unique in that both students and faculty respect the rights and opinions of each other, As a result, teaching and learning are easily accomplished, At a time when students, rioters, middle generation do-gooders and campus kooks have to scream, yell, and stamp their feet for ad- ministration and establishment to hear, we are thankful that our administration can not only Hear Us, but see the black, white, and grey of an issue, Was! A -Q, Q Agygl -4 1 . Q .K 5 N . .ar t 'UR' ,.. 4 .fl I0 W .nh :RQ ' me . if W ,. 'H' CPE .an wa... 93.6 9 X.. ii? A Vr , 1 R G ,Ji r, 'P - Yi, ' f ?fg efggg ' , ix EYE? W Ivk. , f K . Iliff W lgQili T L I' 1 la . 5 3 3' - 4 15 Y f 2 ip - , SL. -A Hr 'Q I.3f?i .582 Q . W5 is M-we x so-.. r Let Us Continue . . . In today's society a change becomes necessary, This need for change has been recognized by the stu dents and faculty of THS, New ideas are in the pro cess of being developed during the schoo1's second year. The first graduating class of Trinity High School will be movin' on, The remaining students must accept the responsibilities and traditions handed down to them, Ours is an ever-changing world and the hope for the future is our challenge, t if A., 'f Vppy f f . p 2 , gb , gg' xi if f 4 " ' 53 .rt- f 32 ' to-q w , ,f,1 3 I, 'w '!'5'I5g,fQ.f J' Jfffgmg, - :V :EM 24" , ..,,., ' --" " A H11 f fb 32 I4 STUDENT LIFE , A The right reactlon IS lmportant 11'1 tlmes of trouble 'W will f w if ' 4 v4w+,,, f hQ?" if my ,,-5: 352 Q jg if Q? W vw Q 'Q ww lm 'M 55i7"?i'y.,'L F, 'gsm 5 if ,fx-Z X 'Z My W aw, Actlon sends Trojans on the way to success Motion . . . Emotion . . Action . . . Reaction . . . Trinity High School . . . 1970 Q,' 1 im ,QAM 'ic y'4A .X . .VI 'll' f ixf 'V .7,,, V' c t v of Q 5 Q. H iz " W - 2 'ii , 1 ' Z 7" 'f-wi ff 'J I '1. ' 1 t V X x , Q' W fig Yafk iv! G V Q Q 1 -2 ,AJNV t rg 49. ch 1 f ' is is 9 f 3 , - Somefhing's Happening Here Ain't Exactly Clear The range of student involvement moves from individual student ef- fort to group projects. CFor example, an industrious group of seniors pictured on the far right, participate in an unscheduled social ac- tivity.D Lynn Dunn takes individual initiative in selling spirit rib- bons, while students on the mall demonstrate, "two heads are better than one." The campus has become a mini-world, sometimes too self-sufficient and too independent, but ultimately a proving ground for tomorrow. fi l I 1 , Patti Pottoff and Mary Meserole: on your tongue in the middle of Tom Kopenhafer and Richie Johnson make a last minute effort to pass the next American Civilization exam. - 3 rigszi' , ,. if I 9 - w :ia t 1 .K 4 .l.S5 'ifqiv tl s":2 X lm..', ritz" Q 1 E .row .v 71 2 Coe 2 Q. 0.0.0 . non r N I 8 i , N . . 5? A S K , tm , we , Q xA'L il I ,f i S to if '-S+ ff any , 5 fi, gg N Ax J . ff. 'P'-:Q RXEHJXEN :ss R X S gg rr What It Is "Happiness is catching snowflakes September. " p -R 44, ,,. -1 -A KH e e N '., . Lynn Dunn and Gaylon McNeil: "Buy a ping get your ribbon free. " W, ., J is filg , w e ,, "Ulm, The industrious seniors leave no trace of trash , 'KIM gf ., 4435 W x j aliw S I I v, Q if hmmm f Ns "To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge." Confucious WQNQN, 5, K Simi .4 I i i- 4 6 i 1 1 V M 3 V' I I 4, 1 ax W 7 fs - .N MT W'-Vx 'f- , M , , W , -1-. ' .5 ri., 31 w4,,Lgy.v, , -I mv !1f1g:xSi,:x: 1691-kwin :Aw , w . w- ' 2191: . , ,A .,,, My -5.-V N .,J-. ,.. H . , .M .. ,, 1. 2 Qsiig' A414422 Ffvigk ':fL,'v N, I F'--f' I5 :fsX:Yi1".DE-wmv." f,a:f,,::: ,ff 55,3 ,yin www ,ng . '1a,'5fi?g5e,g P-f'Q?Q:311,gw1hg?hg,fwi-1Qf'l?'7'-Q5law,.,jHg"w ?f'Q2MW1'2-fgizwf' ,zfighezrigiw -fwqf Jw-f Lrxrfmw'+-!W.!,w.fmse,XMJ' iw .ff.ff1,?1- mfs fewvwk www I1 -'fvwcf-ww X 2:55 .ffi giifiir fm2'Zw9i11' ,,'3'?'y.g,,+,'-M472 QU,Jmxwzvlgmiw fwg,,' nr'ig"'Y13'? ge?Yg'2'fff2.1v:5Tm,' 'iw -wal-ff'v'fiW1. ' nf W' we av: '?wEiirf3'N 1 NL 'V ' ' ,ffl 553' 1213? Lip we?-ag ,1fu:':,,-ig.,',Jw , Q,-:f ' 1 u 1 ,, 52 ,,afff'ffAf,- Etfmxf-wo, www 112 S ' . 1 1: Y L--' ,QTY 'lifbiii' E 111335591 - ' 1' 'Em in-V gwmm?-Q0 im 9' I-MQW I V ,fifff3?1i1:?f2'I: l3:s1,,bLL5:+J- yg:k5fi2.s,,2,,,1, f, - V , ffl-Q:2i?X 1--lifwfj--1:1121 , ,, ,QI - gsziwfsxw,-g,f: SEMA Umbmo v - If 1 51, of Affhfafe? Q-if -1,5 55" K12?F ffm F1'!P?,12Wgl,LwfgY',g3F ?0K1Zv'J EW VC 'D ' 1 ' ,,,.,, ,, , -1: WN fx ,W,,,s,J, M 1, 5251-ig if iff? girggzggiw 1., J V-3 ,Q W- 1 , . 1 W ., .W . , , Knowledge . . . stepping stone for thefuture . . . awareness . . . sparks the imagination into . . appreciation . . . for wisdom which comes only through . . experience. c F' L 2 I "Our Hero. Outstanding students spend many extra hours working on proj- ects undertaken throughout the year. These individuals help stimulate others into motion and aid in the enrichment of activities. L. f.... . wh? 2 ' W Clifton Sorrell moderates a Senior 1 Class meetings give purpose and direction to the student body. Student Leadership Promotes Progress Class meeting. Amy Griggs: "Colgate 100, mouthwash for lovers." it Mi? A . 'Pr f Mr. B. J. Murray and Paul Pence speak out in a student assembly X v n 1-I n's f ,Eff Q For everything ' Turn Turn Turn There is a season Turn Turn Turn And a time for everv purpose D underheaven: A time to be born, and a time to die, A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted: A time to keep silence, and a time to speak, A time to love, and a time to hate: A time for war, and a time for peace Turn Turn Turn. lg-BH: f-.., :bfrm MZ The Wide, Wide World of Sports Lee Brown takes the final plunge! f ' 11 . 1'-:ig '. G, , , V , ,, K " f -' W- f kkh' Merle, 1 ' ,z "W i r '-7hr'f5'-.Eli - '. -ff-"M'Q-e,..ff11-1-3-1.,xmA4,,1H ,, Lg - wi-WWzffwzwfla-f,ZifM,,1f, Q ., , X A- ,, , ,, .- .. ef+f,,m,i-e'ffif1r,.M-, were W fx. 'wr 4'-' f A.. ., " W in , ' B A, K ,, 'uwfffff-'e X ' ,-'rmf-'fav I . L' We ,.W:9m9, -, s,'+,. . K, it - - K W, i 0 A g f 'Q ' eifm-Q, iff, ,, 4 V. We - - A 5 4, -5',s.e . ,r ', H., iw, H 4934- 55.,r,,.1,L-B, . 4 P2 f-fp. v in 2f'ii ' V ' Pi" NH-1: 97 will A W-W f,,'z:'A yi, 1, lp few :M 4. ' 1- J e -5- ', "9 f JA 1 3fi-gff,3iW.q..f.fif,,i1w,,,,:Q - , viz' ,. i,..V,3f1f,2g4Am fffjxqifwf 3- -'f Y, if-Qf",-,fifa-,:f1i1iS,If4'1fE" ,W , H5351 We , . org, T,ii?5kf2nf5m-'f'g v'??:'2" 55553, " koi',,gff,,5gyiQf'iff,'S3f?f-'-SQ'-"' 1' 'f G:t'wW'Z2:f-'-,1,'--1 if, ,af mzmsef 514. Gvafgnfg f - 4J.g-vm, 'S el Li 19: ' f '-f:wv32fE:4L"'?z,fw" gf" if3lgfw3li+egf:i.,f: fa-.mffgkl W "" uvfYgr4i'521L.if1?-- B Q! M-W ,iiifuff i 'V ' , 'M A w?51S'i71'f -f 'Y' la ,,"'1gQ,4pQ?5:,,f -1' f' 'f5,Jf51'.'f'iQf ,f'4"i,'ff'x ,, 'Gif fy ,.v'fmMw" , .. '.i:'f'f" f-V 6 ""P 5 . 49" - - ."' , V-'I-Q. J"",'f,v e , 'T ' N , f'?' ' '5-i:"'3e?f?'I'vfm3"f ' 11 ' I , H wg'y5L94"" 5 f ' wail, 'rf M , ff --Nw., ,V iii ., fwieiifz 'f.1+.:',o ,. ' U V. . u Bill Bledsoe: His game may not be parg His poems don't go too far. And if his scores don't tallyg He's always got the rally. " Ricky Buckalew: "Like to see Cheeta I 1 K Mark Warren hits another home- run. beat this. "Clifton, to the ShOW8I'S! That's your last grease ball for the season! "Did you say Scotch 'n water?" 1 A Purpose for Pride 5 it Q-:fffim digg Fall us ln the alr so are footballs cracked rubs, broken noses fallure and success' Gather round, puck a play frown hlke pass hui, pam, hopes fears wm and lose Thlrd down ten seconds to go the quar terback fades back nts the long bomb Touchdownl' Vg' ff 3 key 2- .0-...W ' 1 6 Y ft A so . -r - -V U ff ff 1 v '-f--vs' fwfw "f A .,.,3"e.'em: aff 1'zemIw2EwZ2fZ3iA5:? F- ?'?'?'f:Y1V 3: -f, ,4 ,. K 1 A, .2 H .lf L' - , A f gv ,.-'ta' , , '-iffy. . gf22,Q.-ef:-"af, , I wk ,L s f T Egfr ess: if fs -Q. ,M , -Tm G J A is 2' ,--:ew 5 5'--LEA' Drum-major, Steve Yerby, leads out. The band and the Drill Team combine efforts in promoting kgf!-..45 L ffirr-ix E Ei Y? Nye? in QD rg Nw U X, , 'n YQXT Th 30 is Trinity spirit. , Qi, i- Trojan marching band survives a grueling practice session. S .,. of l X J t 1 , , t. ..-5 ..5.v.,. V651 --.dregs H 4-YC gsm Q 4.46.22 . 4 , 'Z The Trinity band and drill team provide half-time entertainment for Trojan fans. Sounding brass and tinkling cymbal The Trojan Band is another facet of student involvement that includes the participation of many. They express their pride and spirit through their background music and perform- ances. Through these means they help create the mood that has made Trinity number one, " Attention! " "Almost everybody in the world gets married. You know what I mean? In our town there aren't hardly any excep- tions. Most everybody in the world climbs into their graves married." v - W w , n Nw X' W 1 . - N. - . Y v 3 V N r A" ' RT? ie fn F 351 vs Q.. 1 Our Town by Thornton Wilder ' .k-f ' K ' u T is -, .ig TJ x Now wait for the honeymoon! But I haven't pronounced you man and wife! SHOW BILL 1969-1970 FALL PERFORMANCES AND CREDITS "Our Town" - Troubadors "You Can't Take It With You" - Junior Class Christmas Program - Troubadors SPRING PERFORMANCES AND CREDITS "Pillow Talk" - Senior Class "Peter Pan" - Drama Class U. I. L. One Act Play - All school cast Spring Program - Troubadors T.H.S. Brings in the Holiday, 5, Viva! JL Ailrjky Ik-f 1 A T Trinity initiates the Christmas season by staging a Christmas t ball in the west side of the cafeteria . . . tinsel . . . formals I I 34 1 Season With Good Cheer . . . soft lights . . . Somerset Beacon . . . Happy Holidays . . . peace . . . New Year . . . new decade. ilitgi 33? Y Q7 'll'-HQ-1 1 Y Bring on the chow!" A11 join hands and dosie-do. Today the high school . . . tomorrow the Olympics. Fa Student involvement through clubs and organizations Spring bike hikers advance to two wheelers and lose their training wheels. As 1 3 i Q32 Q ks Xix 52' 3 x 'M' The Trojan coat of arms as illustrated by the Senior class of '73 5' J ' :TNT7i?5?E5i????f55'i1f5?iii?Fs5ff'l5jigjjQfE1ff' T::flli7f'i!'7:25fX - wis5sf::fifse:aX52i.f:'ef11:15.3.-1- 3 M.: 'ii ffx1"'-gmt,'gmQsqsisssazszesfesfsswf-at-.xssf:ff 'K we . LL., f , L. F Q. f i W Xi' I , iff' ' 'til J 3. -- 'Tx' '5 ' K "hk T- " fait? S , if : -' o f 44 - - ' 4" Believe It . . . "Oh, the pleasant feeling! " Norma Kleiber Divers Lee Brown, Doug Pitts, and Steve Wyatt display their famous "Banana Splits." Randy, dandy, handy man. Z ai :Q Z el 1, s frm MW 'H-wr .Z Q, , , Zi t or forget it! This locker rated X. Mild mannered supporter fof THSy fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way. 2 Q W, , .X N t wi-52, S52 I X . V2 Mist y 0 Q 5 -.. Q-1 f" :..:L,z::?ff , was' 'L' r gl g 5 Q ts 3 1 . V53 I I S P 40 ACADEMIC Trinity's administrative staff is headed by Mr. B, J, Murray, This 1969-1970 school year will mark Mr, Mur- ray's second year as principal of Trinityg however, it is only a part of his 16 year career with public schools, Students and faculty acknowledge this man's tireless ef- forts, we wwrwuwwww Nw MQW. rr, M,-.M vmwwb . is ,aW+mi,l, ,M . by .s,.., W. . K K K ,,,,, .W ..4,,N..,. W, mama-,c,,W WW- .,, .W M, Wrmuyfmayf - .fini M 9 .r.,lrrr,r,,M,,,,,,l,,,r.,,j" 5, ggi 42 ' ssis hf 'Q' 1 Principal, Mr. B. J. Murray Sets Goals . . . Provides Leadership 43 2.5 Q . ,Q yw' H -Rx Double Agent Mr. V. Sheorburn: Dean of Men and Assistant Principal it i Mr. V. V. Shearburn is the assistant principal and Dean of Men at Trinity High School, As assistant principal, Mr, Shear- burn usually assists in making the policies of Trinity, presides over assemblies, and be- comes chief administrator in Mr, Murray 's absence, His duties as Dean of Men include enforcing school policies and student discip- line, School Board Increases Educational Opportunity for Students Superintendent of Schools - CHARLES W. WAGES President - Vice- President - Secretary - JOHN F. EDEN MRS. T. L. TATAREVICH CHARLES V, DRISKILL CARL I. HUETTER GEORGE EBBERHART JAMES R. MICHAELS MRS. W. S. WELTON At the beginning of the 1969- 1970 school year Superintendent of H. E. B. schools, Mr. Charles Wages took command for his sec- ond year. With the coming of a new year there is a dawning of new ideas. The school board works to increase educational opportunities for all students and raise the status of every form of teaching. The board also aids in handling the complex work that has to do with the financial and administrative supervision of the schools. As a result of Mr. Wages and the school boards efforts, our school system has grown to contain the many facili- ties it has today, 47 Registrar - Dean Trinity's registrar must receive a medal of honor for the out- standing accomplishments she has made throughout the year, It is Mrs, Juana I-Iill's job to see that approximately 1600 students have a schedule to meet each individual's requirements, She must also co-ordinate the schedules ofthe teachers and adminis- trators at Trinity, Along with student aid, Mrs, J, Hill has ac- complished another successful year, The dean of women at T, H, S, is actually portraying a triple role this year, Mrs, Betty Rucker not only assists in setting the standard at school but she also is co-sponsor of the Young Chris- tian Women and aids the annual in keeping their picture schedules I Mrs, Rucker said that Mrs, Hill said that Mr, Chandler said 48 f I ,x -' 1 ,, 1 f A N X MRS, BETTY RUCKER, Dean of Women MRS. JUANA HILL, Registrar Counselor: Sfudenf's Friend JUNIOR-SOPHOMORE COUNSELOR: Mr. lack Ingle The counselors are responsible for guidance in the scheduling of classes, This includes long range plan- ning as well as yearly planning, They are engaged in extensive testing with all grades. Freshmen are tested over their achievement abilities, Juniors and seniors are given pre-college and vocational tests, FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE COUNSELOR: Mr, Bill Chandler 50 it J" SENIOR-SOPHOMORE COUNSELOR Mrs. Madeline Taylor The counse1or's secretary is in charge of setting up appointments as well as working on individual files. She is in charge of filing test scores along with other clerical duties. PBX operator, Mrs, Katie Lindstead, keeps Trin ity wired for sound as she operates the switchboard. Mrs, Claudine Corbin serves as Mr, Murray's "Girl Friday. " POS? xx E PRINCIPAL 'S SECRETARY: 1 . . Be B COUNSELORS SECRETARY. Mrs tty oyce Mrs. Claudine Corbin PBX OPERATOR: MIS. Katie Lindstead Bookkeeper - Attendance Clerks Keep Trinity's Records Straight Mrs, Katherine Ingram and Mrs, Minta Sewell are in charge of keeping records of school absentees, They have such jobs as calling parents and writing numerous admittance slips, The official bookkeeper in charge of handling money is Mrs. Mary Heartsfield. She is in charge of ticket sales and handling the money of school organizations. A rj if M .. 3 ifrl Bookkeeper, ,,dN.qq,, Mrs, Mary Heartsfield uses her green thumb. Mrs. Mmta Sewell, attendance clerk, regains her composure. Mrs. Katherine Ingram is perpetual motion Maintenance Staff The maintenance staff of Trinity is respon- sible for the care and upkeep of the school plant and grounds, These men are also on call to assist in repairing equipment that breaks down during the day, ,H Jiifw - Q J The upkeep of the grounds is also a demanding job. Student organizations assist in maintaining the plantersg however, the general landscape is under the care of this staff, , -.4 fy N . ' jr , 5 a5 u E if 1 i'it l ,I ' JW. sux 2 .A wr r satin, Q, - ' . , ' so , r.,,z,w::WzJsf?ns'f-391151-.. fa. Perf ' r. Q a ', " A,,:1rA'f2Q9iff',"' - : --L. Q' " 21.5 W ED , H L a. N"- ,,., I - A 'W' -V -Mr- 2 ' 4 ix lf' x X if "J 1 ns N 1 I . Q- W 6 A M3 I . 93 Y 9 L fd up 1 , 1 H- wtf? , ,z E , V 5 ..,k- 1 A , Ni L,bV 55. ' . 'flaw 1.. - 1 rrr H s. ' ' V' sig 4, 5 if W !n W r 's... f A , If 95 ,K 1 ix-'fx Y , 1 .a K W. ,M A 4'-A, sv? V1 My B s if WW M, 1 an A 41 Mr, Thomas Upchurch serves a staff, aa a 2 :I ws f W 'E Era! if , 2,1 ia as fa ,r Y ,gr kg, V sew? M +. A 'ga r ..., t no , 7 'ki' 7 V"' 2 ' in r N fi 133 'EEK " if 12? '. "Q: 7 Q T i A if fl' Sl? , fg E '. , X ,K .f!'sffSfiQQQ:.,fL2' ' W r,,sggiQ?gg Ti'S , E ' E' 1. E f 4:5 Wm' s head of Trinity's maintenance MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL: Clyde Blevins B. W, Larnmons R, Elmo Evans, 54 C. Fielder, Thomas Upchurch, vi 'W' va y 3.11 3352 ,mfftgw ff' The cafeteria personnel is responsble for the preparation and serving of meals' during the noon hour at Trinity, With four lines C a in operation simultaneously during three lunch periods and 1600 students to feed, the employees have their hands full, The lunch program includes hot plate 1U1'1ChCS and 21 121 Carte selections, The snack bar is also open to serve students before school and between classes. i 'Mr bww. W. FIRST ROW: Marlow, Anderson, Sansom, Stolz, Morris, Hendrex, Jurst, Bowmer, Reeves, SECOND ROW: Bryson, Wheless, Candor, Watkins, Ponds, Pickle, Stone, Rolens, Chester, Lammons, Brad shaw, Davis, Day, NOT PICTURED: Dillenger. u i 55 Mafh: The Common Denominafor s ' -' ' a -f-v-- wwf: :ear . , ' XX . NX, ' " .igkwx H Q s s W . F r NES - ws. 'Y 4. 5 ,ha ,, Q 3 Mrs. Pat Brown - Trinity's Southern Belle K f I fs mfg kxkk . 5 i sf ',.: W' ff- ' Aw M. .. --"' . f Q R 2 vu A 3. is Q P 'isis N .H 5 ,sw Qf' X ,, 5 , ZX-ww , ' 5- . 1i9f, - 5' 3? Ak f g,,- ,i. f f A K A t my f N sv- fs I it Mr. Wess Mitchel - "A Profile in Courag 56 en Mr, Dale Boaz illustrates his point, .4 Le Mr, Dane Phillips escapes the confusion of the classroom through med- itation, Students taking a math course at Trinity High School are intro- duced to new mathematical skills, and prepared for the future with courses that are simulated for the college bound student, Opportuni- ties are available in six classes: related math, first and second year algebra, geometry one and two, trigonometry, analysis, and a spe- cial course, analytical geometry. Through visual aids and modern textbooks, our students will be cap- able of receiving the best in mathe matical studies, Mrs, Janet Dalbow checks her secret files, Moth and J Science Departments Cpen New Doors to Learning r In Mr, Joel Conway examines his "1itt1e black book, " Mr, John Pogue makes a striking figure. KN , N144-A Mrs, Sandra Singleton cackles to her- self at the discovery of another error, s ir I f swf' T ' ., .111 sw Mr, James Murphy: "Deal me another ace. " Mr, James Schutts explains for the fourth time the theory of genetics, Mrs, Mary LaCrosse: Trinity's Madame Curie With the advancement of modern technology and man's successful journey to the moon, sci- ence is becoming more emphasized, Modern course offerings enable students to pursue interests in subjects ranging from physical sci- ence and chemistry, to biology, geology, and astro -science, , ri ,Q 'S ff ff' 35, 4 QQ V' get AW? nf' pr 39171,-af A 'L rv x X . M 9 M i Q 1 9 W M WY ax Vw K Mr. Don Laid alias Rembrandt. 'f Q WJ' if-v'9'i0n,,t,wX wb W9 ' W 1 w F' , ,,...,---1 ,t ,WW .t ' i ff' ,Q ,.,.. s ,,..,,,., K , , , A , , f2' .Sg,. ffm ,Ma D aff? .-,f v , A A 'ff .,,. 'LZ 11:5 ' . '-zuwgxgew, fg5Hn1,Q, , Mr. Glenn Cummins: The little man with the giant slide rule, .. M, A , ,, . I . m,,,,M-W Mr, Richard McClure explains the many aspects of the cell, 60 i J'-K Science Dept. Encourages Development In keeping with the technical advancements of the day, the newest of equipments and chem icals are being used in the ultra -modern sci- ence labs at Trinity. These innovations include such equipment as: bacteriological incubators, the microtome, an earthquake watch kit, a planetarium, oil immersion microscope lens, ultraviolet lamps, and stroke lights. bl Todoy's Trainee . . . Tomorrow's Employee Homemaking, home furnishings, home and family living, distributive education, and vocational office education provide a variety of technical, business, and home skills for the vocational department, These vocational courses give the students a varied curriculum that prepares them with special trades as well as with home and family liv- ing skills. The vocational department is under the direction of: Mrs. Henry - home and family livingg Mrs, Sales - home furnishingsg Mrs, Kirkpatrick - homemaking ffoodjg Mrs, Rucker - homemaking qclothingjg Mrs, Mil- ler - distributive educationg and Mrs, Nash - vocational office education. 0 P- , ... 'nf N Mrs, Gwinn Kirkpatrick, "Please don't eat the daisies' Mrs, Roberta Henry makes herself perfectly clear, Mrs, June Sales emits another death defying conunent, 62 A Mrs. Pat Rucker casts an evil eye, Mr. Robert Garner makes p on his grading, lans to ca rch up Mrs, Pat Miller, "Two tardies and it's detention hall for you, " 63 Fine Arts Promotes Creativity The Fine Arts Department is subdivided into: drama, speech, art, chorus, and band, Drama is an elective designed for recreation and also to allow the student to express himself emotion- ally and effectively. Class mem- bers learn to work together under pressure and to understand different types of people in all walks of life, To accomplish these goals the de- partment utilizes the auditorium, makeup, and costumes, Speech is an every day necessity, The teacher instructs her students in communication, as well as lis- tening. The course begins with the conversational level, attempt- ing to get people to speak with each other, Mrs, June Van Cleef - or is it Van Gogh? Mrs. Karen Gustavus heaves a sigh of relief following re- hearsal, 64 Mrs. Beverly Brown pauses between classes S Mrs. Martha Gordon, art instructor, gives technical advice on craypas over crayons. Mr. Will Reavis plans the half time drill for a Friday night game. 7' 9535 if rfy lfrrriri i ix Mrs. Beverly Brown, speech and drama instructor, pre- pares for the production of "Our Town. " Our art department uses the facilities available to them to promote creative skills. Art con sists of two programs: crafts, de- signed to make functional items: and art, to develop drawing and painting. We have both Acapella and mixed choruses at Trinity. This musical program is further en- riched by concert and marching bands. English Communication Collage X.- wk 1 , M vm iz 322 Y 1 ,W iw aww .fs H 'i 'Q' ,wg A X , ' , rf, Q, 4' ,fkifwg 1 in - Mrs. Ian Haddock, "double agent, " has a dual role in the English and Social Studies De- parrmem. f 3 veil 'xg to her contacts I N . Y K - S fd ssW0X MfQ+At 2 fi Xp! Q'm!'wY ' I 7: a Lfllff., fs ""bun-4-M ,M,-..mnun-o-n-- Mrs. Pam Martin transcendentaiizes with a moment of silent meditgticm of tears. " ,rf Mrs. Earle Ann Hill enjoys the "calm before the storm." .ini 1 . uk K Y w 1 f I " 4, K J , tffrltr-s - w 1, ' a' l r"f' 'V' -' l-'VUL it-mL1J.C f i ,, ,, .V l Q. J, I My fi Ltwx' Mr. Modie Wells provides a masculine image Mrs. Eileen Monroe utilizes oral reading as a means of for the English Department. emphasis. Mrs. Idis Chandler establishes composition form. ' . With a maniacal laugh, Mrs. Pat Mengwasser marks another tardy. xv, M. BELOW: Mrs. Glenda Johnson opens English class with "Let me entertain you. " l l I 5 if -pri, , 5. l 4 .tm 'EK im .. Mrs, Patsy Daunis reflects the look of love. English teachers, under the guidance of the lead teacher, Mrs. Mengwasser, attempts to develop composition skills and literary interest in their students. With the aid of opaque pro- jectors, film strips, a video tape machine, and Literature Units, including such topics as Law, Survival, and Personal Codes, their goals are being accomplished. Four new English teachers have. been added to the staff this year, and along with them, new techniques. One technique in the English Department is S. O. E. CSpeech Oriented Englishj which is a new concept as ope posed to written work. It teaches informative speaking skills which will be valuable to stu- dents i.n opening employment opportunities in areas such as secretarial, salesmen, etc. In addition to Joumalism I, which was a part of last year's curriculum, Journalism II, IH, IV are now being taught. The publication of the first Trmity newspaper is anticipated in the spring. History Reconslrucfs the Past Mrs. Julia Monks strikes again, "Swallow that spitwad!" i 1 tl M M sl M Mr. Ronnie Banner uses the trusty chalkboard to outline U a v'ta1 area of American histo . MIS' Mary mane Foremar 1 ry teachings of her local -,,,s.-4, an...,,. Mrs. Jan Haddock leads a class in a discussion of current world problems. 3 sy af ' fx pauses to contemplate the Guru. ' Q f , ei 2 'Elf , 'J V Y 111, ' 512 - P 535 fi Mg J f X? 2 , Q i ivy ? 55, a 1 4' . E v w 5 Y' ' 4: M Qfggwkv ,Y5 32 L A ' bf. W Z Y , 445 3 M - 1: ' Q 1 -A , ., ,.kA 55 71 ,fsgfgff-2 "ff Ji -, Q im, Coach Paul "smiley" Wiley Mxs. Margret Hamilton, "hunt, peck, hunt, peck, hunt, peck .. Social Studies: Present Meets Post In our ever changing world learning and teaching are be- ing developed daily. A staff of nine instructors at Trinity High School are using new tec niques in teaching students the social sciences. Visual aids, as well as rec- ords and historical tapes, make the social studies at Trinity more stimulating. Team teaching, an experi- mental class, is a new program which combines the required Junior courses, American His- tory and American Literature under the title of American Civilization. Seventy-five junior students are attending this two hour college-prepara- tory class under the instruction of Mr. Ronnie Banner, history, and Mrs. Pam Marting litera- ture. The class is an aca- demically new concept in teaching and is forecasted to be successful. Miss Beverly Ward: "l've got the proof I need." Courses in history, geography and civics keep stu- dents accurately informed on the past, present, and fu- ture world scene. Coordinated Vocational Academics Education QC. V. A. E. J is another new program at Trinity which enables students to participate in the social sciences and simultaneously allows for an off-campus work pro- gram. Thus, the student develops practical as well as academic skills. fs. Coach Billy Bookout with pre-game thoughts. Mrs. Clarita Dennis makes another point of historic significance. Bonjour, Buenos Dios, Gufen Tagl, Hello. Mrs. Bobbie Seaman directs another Spanish dialogue. Mrs. Wanda Montgomery outlines her favorite recipe for sourcrout. 5?- fi The curriculum of the foreign language department includes French, Spanish, and German. Both introductory and advanced courses are offered in all three areas. The main purpose of this department is to enable students to communicate with other nation- Q alities, thus solving some of the j ll I1 I wor1d's problems of today. Com- Q. y munication leads to understanding. Q.. IDE w'Cl2NNf9' 1 Mrs. Joan Truman attempts to overcome the pronunciation barrier of French. 73 P.E.: The Road to Physical Fitness Mrs, Mary Beth Forman and Mrs. Loretta Day tryout the basketball greens. if if fy f 2 f ,Z M, Mr, Jerry Milan and Mr. Tyrone Morris confer on the length of shorts this year. Qs wake jk. ,,,. sw. . Mr. Joe Higginbotham: "But coach! You said if we beat Eastern Hills you'd kiss my foot!" I ,, i da., Q D M qu-.., c , , x an, 55, X I i xNxx l,,l :Zm f f,.. . x fl ,- f,.L' ,VZQ 7 : N Q, 3 g 1 Q ' 1' 40 ,xiii cf? f aslu' UUXE , ? an 5 A 1 "'A 'A Mr e t a y . ? Mr. Don Foglesong and Miss Kay Holleman emphasize the of split second timing. is Zfjh ff VV 74 Coaches Allen Harville and Charles Pank Boys Physical Education, is com- posed of a system in which freshmen and sophomores rotate skills every 12 weeks and juniors and seniors may ro- tate or stay in one sport or activity with the instructors approval. The boys rotate through tumbling and gym- nastics, swimming and diving, racket sports of tennis, handball, paddle ball and badminton. Team sports include basketball, speedball, soccer, track, and football. ln the girls P. E. classes rotations are also required, but all grades rotate not just lower classes. Girls develope skills in gymnastics, swimming and diving, water ballet, boating, golf, badminton, softball, basketball, speed ball, modern dance and square dance, and team activities. The ultimate aim of Physical Edu- cation is to create in the minds of young adults a positive attitude toward physical activity and healthful living habits that will be practiced daily throughout their lives. ratz ask Mark Ray if Cupid's arrow really goes as deep as they say. MIS- Kal-'CH Brown: "OHS f0I YOU, two for Mrs. Louise Horton adds her daily grocery list during her spare time you, and one for you!" , , ,iw , if ,.-V L ,,.. , Coach Bill Engle opens his filst class with his world- renowned sunshine smile. SKF V 'v iii' hm Mrs. Sallie Duchesne: "Who has a short hand?" Coach Allen Harville's evil eye bears down on the test papers. ,I Dwayne Medcalf and Mr Bob Henley Now Just hold st111, Mr. Philip Thompson Tr1n1ty s Dwayne This manlcure w111 be over 1n a mmute Joe Namath. Business and Industrial Arts Combine Skill and Creativity Mr. Chancey Dunn offe structive criticism. i Z 1 2 i 5 1 I i 4 X I J V 1 X i 1 5 . 1 l i i v PERSONALITIES Class Officers Promote Spirit, Enthusiasm, Creativity, SENIOR - President - Clifton Sorrell Vice- President - Delton Thrasher Secretary - Lynda Baldwin SOPHOMORE - President - Byron Threat Vice- President - Phyllis Coffman Secretary - Vickie Maynard . . . and Provide Leadership FRESHMAN - President - Melissa Wimp Vice- President - John Humphrey Secretary - Pat Munir JUNIOR - President - Mark Ray Vice- President - Tommy Koen Secretary - Caren Carter ,ff M, Robert Moore and Miss N 4 - Lew i M . . M 34:5 g wig? N ' f -V f' "S"-gku - 'JW N. J 1' ' VM :'3'f K W'-f 2 . m .a F, -if A ff:-7 K Q Q .. 4 5 1 xx V ' ':Ab h h ,. :IK .X,.b - : B 83 .wwf YS ,A-1 Lyndd Baldwin Senior Favorites Kathy Murphy - Nicki Stevens STEVE HARRIS and LYNDA BALDWIN PAT PARKER and BRUCE WATSON Close relationship shows in outcome. MARY MESSEROLE and GAYLAND MCNEIL Nicki Stevens and Kathy Murphy were presented with the elected honors of being chosen Senior Fa- vorites at the Valentine Dance. Kathy and Nicki were among six other nominees which included: Steve Harris, Gayland McNeil, Bruce Watson, Pat Parker, Mary Messerole, and Lynda Baldwin. "Stick" lT1eefS nsturnpu di' Finish line The eight nominees for Junior class favorite were Warren Wilson, Mike Rutledge, Mark Ray, Jeff Grimm, Drenda Lindsey, Lynn Dunn, Caren Carter, and Amy Griggs. Warren Wilson and Drenda Lindsey were elected Junior Favorites for 1969- 197 0. "S MARK RAY and CAREN CARTER LYNN DUNN and JEFF GRIMM MIKE RUTLEDGE and AMY GRIGGS Junior Favorites Warren Wilson - Drendo Lindsey Sophomore Favorites Pam Kerns - Harvey Norman STACY NEIL and ROCKY NEIL Voting marked by close finish Nominees for Sophomore class favorite were Harvey Norman, Mike McKnight, Rocky Neel, Byron Threat, Pam Kerns, Phyllis Coffman, Stacy Neel, and Jacki Grunwald. The favorites an- nounced at the Valentine Dance were Harvey Nor- man and Pam Kerns. '--s..N 'MW Y PHYLLIS COFFMAN and MIKE MCKNIGHT wiffii? fl WU GRUNWOLD and BYRON THREAT "Love" and "Lace-y" adorn winners lub 'aff-'auf Wu? 'ascii DEBBIE MICHAUD and RAY MINIX Kelly Love, Ray Minix, Tommy Porter, Rob Smith, Terri Lacy, Vicki Mayfield, Debbie Mi- chaud and Lynn Ericson were chosen as the Fresh- man Class Nominees for favorite. Of these eight nominees Kelly Love and Terri Lacy were elected favorites for 196 9-1970. VICKI MAYFIELD and ROB SMITH LYNN ERICSON and TOMMY PORTER Freshman Favorites Terri Lacy - Kelly Love Football Sweetheart The 1969-70 football team of Trinity High School nominated four girls to represent them as their sweetheart. They were Mary Meserole Jody Christopherson, Lynn Dunn, and Jackie Grunwald. Lynn Dunn was chosen. A dozen red carnations, a plaque, and a pearl necklace were presented to her in memory of this occa- sion. Christmas Ball Queen: Amy Griggs wwf!! Mrs, Loretta Day awards a plaque to Amy while escort Mark Rodgers looks on. CHRISTMAS BALL QUEEN: Amy Griggs -4"'Q' SENIORXNOMINEE: Lynda Baldwin escorted by SQPHOMORE NOMINEE: Jackie Grunwaid escorted by John Conner. Allan Anderson. FRESHMAN NOMINEE: Lynn Erickson escorted by Richard Metheny, Trinity 's Christmas Ball was held December 19th in the cafeteria, The Somerset Beacon provided a variety of "light" and "heavy" music for the formal occasion, This annual event is sponsored by the Troy -anns, Nominees for Christmas Queen were selected through hornerooms, Following run-offs, one nominee from the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior class was se- lected, Interclass competition was the basis for the final selection of the queen, Individual students made contri- butions to rival class funds. The class with the lowest donation received the honor of having their nominee named Christmas Ball Queen for 1969-70. J l 95 M' Nominees for Basketball Sweetheart, Clemens. The Varsity Basketball team has cho- sen Mary Meserole for the 1969-1970 basketball sweetheart. Mary is a Senior and is active in gymnastics and Tri- Hi-Y. Other nominees include Kathy Mur- phy, seniorg Jody Christopherson, jun- iorg and Pam Clemens, sophomore. BASKETBALL S WEETHEART Mary Messerole 'RHF-SE' Q:?2:iT'?YS1 -:Nm KQSQMYEQS Kathy Murphy, Mary Messerole, Jody Christopherson, Pam 2 B -man Basketball Sweetheart r 'Y .N-s.,,,N, 2 1 6"'s, W" . . ,N 41' in Chorus Sweetheart and Beau NO MINEES: Sweetheart and Beau from the Chorus are Doret- ta Riggs and Steven Wash- ington, respectively. The two show a continuous devotion to the Chorus by the contribution of their time, talent, and person- alities. 98 Dale Harris NOMINEES: Ragain Finch Lynda Baldwin Christy Maxwell CHORUS BEAU AND SWEETHEART: Steve Washington Doretta Riggs Band Sweetheart Members of the Trojan Band se- lected Lynda Smith of the Senior Class as their 1969-1970 Band Sweetheart. The selection was made at the conclusion of the last school term when other nominees were Debbie Rasor and Susan Brown mg. BAND SWEETHEART 1970 Lynda Smith Band Sweetheart nominees for "71: Teresa Hambright, Shirley Smith, Susan Browning Wh-L 1 Syg- maui! Glenda Braddy was chosen by the Future Home- makers of America to represent them as FHA Sweet- heart, 1970. Glenda is a sophomore and an active member of FHA. N aint, Sweetheart The Future Teachers of America, under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Glenda Johnson voted Jody Christopherson as their FTA Sweetheart. A Junior and Varsity Cheerleader, Jody devotes much of her time to a responsible member- ship in FTA. und Beaux TROY-ANNE BEAU Varsity Basketball player, Richard Goodrich was voted by the large membership of the Troy- anne Spirit Club to the position of Troy- anne Beau. Richard is a fine Sportsman and a worthy recipient of the honor. . I . . ,F iw at il KM yj - E 'W S2 Q X 'X . l , H 'rr-. if y J W X sf., . . , Q .s ffr yiff ' K, ' 'L jf? 'I fi-"fi 'iss FHA BEAU Hiroshi Takahashi has been worthily selected as the Future Homemakers of America's 1970 Beau Hiro is Trinity's foreign exchange student from Ja- pan, and the FHA members proudly honor him in this way, fo r Who's Who D.E. - Eddie Hinojoza V.O.E. - Dorothy McCommons 5 lf mr. . - Q C.V.A.E. - Glenn Barnhill WW ENGLISH ' Beth De Fau SPANISH - Linda Wall v Q FRENCH ' Amy G1'iggS GERMAN - Connie Mitchell DRAMA - Kathy Murphey IOURNALISM - Trudy Thompson 3 SPEECH - Tommy Koen ART - Bruce Fields X xxx 83" K, BAND - Gary Caughy ,Ll ,..- of-a..,K W " X ifs?'!L I: ,, . ggffim ' z ff, o LLLL ,L M1 BUSINESS - Phillis Stites HGMEMAKING - Janice Heuszel MATH - Robert Moore PHYSICS - David Brisbon sa? E. , E CHEMISTRY - Walter Mills BIOLOGY - Richard Karanian '21- DRAFTING - Dennis Hilborn HISTORY - Robert Roach 'MK SHOP - John Mitchell -V4 fi! 1 xl. . J 'ffnfn 3 2 f 5" ,eff-1-f-14'-2 IQTLKW eeee f Q ' e eee e 57' ' 4 f' 5 f ' f , 25 ff' 0,47 ffl , 'z'-75V i! ff rw ' f Q ee f , Q ,Q 'figwiwf My . ffjezffz 5 5 C1 -' jf 'f 4 , BOY'S P.E. - Steve Hanley f XXX 4 xfI.L , ,I FOOTBALL - Mike Rutledge GLRL'S P.E. - Judy Jackson IO9 . GYMNASTICS - Preston Hazzard TENNIS - Debbie Searcy Debbie Foster Bob Tillinghast SWIMMING - Norma Kleiber Jack Courtney Int 1 W LA'h 'Q ALAL FG' is 2w"',:sM A," Siegel-owl i GOLF - Bill Bledsoe ' TRACK - Tommy Hightower - Q ' N was ,,. sf Q ' f 5- 9 52 BASKETBALL - Ragean Finch 1 I H2 ORGANIZATICNS National Honor ' Baldwin Lynda Clonch Joanne Covington, Amy Dennie, Peggy Hanna, David Jeffryes, Stephen Lucas, James Montgomery, Gloria Moore, Julie Murphy, Kathy Neal, Elizabeth Nelson, Beth Reiley, Cheryl Smith, Linda Stevens, Jerry Strahan, Ramona Sumptor, James Takahashi, Hiroshi Watson, Bruce Webb, Diana Wheeler, Linda Whigharn, Sharon PRESIDENT: Robert Moore SECRETARY: Linda Wall TREASURER: Evan Clemens REPORTER: Leslie Jones NOT PICTURED: VICE -PRESIDEN T Kim Zieschang HONOR SOCIETY CHARTER MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Moore, R, , Moore, J., Nelson, Reilly, Smith, Stevens, Strahan, Wall, Zieschang. SECOND ROW: Baldwin, Brisbon, Clemens, Clonch, Dixon, Dooley, Hanna, Jeff- ryes, Jones, Lucas. 4 5 Honor Society officers from Bell High School induct members of the Trinity Chapter, The highest scholastic honor attainable at Trinity is to become a member of the National Honor Society. Members of the organization are chosen as Seniors on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service to the school. The sponsors of the National Honor Society here at Trinity are Mr, Lade and Mrs. Taylor, Additional Honor Society members not pictured include Bill Bledsoe, David Bris- bon, Gary Caughey, Vickie Dooley, Cathy Dunham, Richard Goodrich, Dale Harris, and Sherry Larson, II5 F .s e or es.c,.g" tx 1 'N . v S If- so , ' X 5 - f ,jne'fI 9 it J '5L .N,3 , , A- si. 'ATN was Govern ment 1, J W Encourages Student Te 'Wa Development G, Meserole - "What ifl fall" The Student Council of T, H.S, is the action organization of the school. It is the governing body of the school that promotes better relations between the students and administration, A new executive council, which co-ordin ates activities of the club, was added this year, The goal, set by last year's council, has become a reality this year, For the first time, Trinity has an American Field Service student. Hiroshi Takahashi. He comes from Japan and is the pride of the student body. II6 iw Q 'fag , M my .aff fa M rf I SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES ffl? JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES -M... rxfn L' ' N " Eerag. OVXLE' L.- Ewa... -.A- :Sv -v.. ,f,rSv'f-'-:1 ww' T 'I SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES R w- FRESHMAN HOME ROOM REPRESEN TATIVES T.H.S. extends cz Texas welcome Executive Council T.H.S. brings good will to South Hurst Elementary, Randall Davis assumes his duties as Student Council President. N OFFICERS: Randall Davis, Pam Kerns, and Su- san Browning. 1 v l 1 N454 .f , F4 fn ff W, Af-4-f - CZ' .'S 'A , " N x, l Hiroshi and his American brother Evan Clemens AH-SO! Our first exchange stu- dent at Trinity High, Hi- roshi Takahashi, comes from Japan. He is a sen- ior at Trinity and will graduate along with all other seniors this spring, but when he returns to Ia- pan he will have to attend school another year to re- ceive his official Japanese diploma. Since living in Texas, Hiroshi has learned to speak English quite well. It is interesting to note that he has taken English for six years. Having Hiroshi attend T.H.S. has been a very educational and interesting experience for the students The students learn about the Japanese from Hiro and he in turn learns about our way of life. xii L y , F Q Troubadours Present rr QL YV' tx Of " 'i'f'Zf: , 'Q '4 I20 The Trinity Troubadours, for people interested in speech and drama, proved their sup- port for the school by helping with the presentation of the Christmas program, "Our Town, " and the Junior and Senior class plays, The Troubadours, under the super- vision of Mrs, Beverly Brown, presented the stage production of "Peter Pan" and the spring program, TRINITY TROUBADOURS Y-?"rw sssgsrg is OFFICERS: Amy Griggs, Debbie Fuller, Mike Rutledge, Barbara Greer, and Julia Owen, "Our Town" i, ni I1 -.. H 7 "Til death do us part" "Seal it with a kiss" 5 it : . .U E L 1 Z '. 5 t I g r ,1 1. g y 3 A. l gf? 5 2 ? . , 5 f 1 F 52,3 f"Hs,i 5255 .. f, , , 4 uf' Coffee, tea, or milk? Cast of "Our Town" I J The first production of a school play became a reality when the cast qshown abovej presented the three act play by Thornton Wilder, Our Town. The play was reviewed by many as a very entertaining play as well as extremely emotional, Our Town demonstrated that life is over before it starts, so value it, and don't misuse your chance, I2I "You Ccm't Take It With You" The Junior Class presented "You Can't Take It With You," a play in three acts by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. The play, directed by Mrs. Beverly Brown, with student directors Kay Hall and Mike Rutledge, was presented to the public on Decem- ber ll and 12. If you had only tried Ban, Ronnie! Mark Rogers - Big time operator at work? l22 I Xe-, n-,. . J--- "Pillow Talk" Now, if we only had some music . . . I bet you tell that to all the girls. . .4 4 TQ ,V ll l l X -Qs -,Q-,.. xx m -'si K ' , , ,E if YY V lffggn 4 1 up Y . P1 53? M 1, ks 3 , Pa X625 is ii xiii Q .4 , Q . 1- is 1 ll Y - . Ng -:gp iylf ' gg -V Y- W , l - K , ,.-k :sara . -s 4 FSS- S ff , .,1g f"1C" .. 1 :Q Q-1 ,Quart ,V XPV3, ' , . M ,. gd A u M a uv ..1'g. as "Pillow Talk", a three act comedy by Christopher Sergel, was presented by the Senior Class, February 20 and 21. Student directors were Frank Shelton and Linda Wall. The leading actors were Kathy Murphy as Ian and Richard Karanian as ,Br ers were ' ykxweli-5 arry Sherrill, lang and Preston Hazzard, Pierot. LEFT: Say, baby, come up and see me sometime! I23 National Thespian Society The National Thespian So- ciety is an honorary organiza- tion cornposed of students who share an interest in the speech and drama fields, Member- ship is obtained through actual f stage performance and by invi- i tation, r Q .3 N AJ Membership in the N. T. S, is quite an honor, ., Q -i , ,T Q T vf X we s , x 5 ' -at , J f' "' 7 . .jg i I ,i tyyk fkpr , I ,,.VV.V g I Rm f a,,. H ,.,, ' J' ,VA ' W ns. W an ' 2 ,. ,.. ..,.,,., . , J lx 5 K My i jf, Y N, Mrs. Beverly Brown is sponsor of the National Thespians, The officers are Debby Fuller, Cindy Royal, and along with the Troubadours and the Debate Club. Betsy Middlemll. 24 -L,was,,ffq, f.-: f f y QQ 44 gfsrqfswf.: ' tt,, , Es. Debate "' Squad The Debate Club gives the interested student the opportunity to learn the techniques of debating and public speaking, Mrs, Beverly Brown is the debate squad's sponsor, Chess Club The Chess Club offers students a chance to compete with each other in chess games and tournaments. Sponsor for the group is Mr, Ronnie Banner, I25 Young Christian Women 4 J 4 I N I 1 l The Y, C, W, strives to promote Christianity throughout their lives and also the lives of others, 5 y' Etta 5 A K a I dare you to jump, Miss Hollemanl I26 OFFICERS: Debbie Sparks, Janet Hyde, Bobalea Walker, Drenda Lind- sey, and Julie Moore, Young Christian Women is a new club which was organized during the fall of this year, The Y, C, W, devotes much of its time to ser- vice projects, Sponsors are Miss Kay Holleman fgirls swimming and diving coachj and Mrs, Betty Rucker fdean of womeny, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Officers of the F, C.A,: B, I, Anderson, Bob Tillinghast, Mike Rutledge, and Riki Sowell. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes in its second year as a club at Trinity is designed to re- late athletics with Christ- ian lives. The goal of this organization is to promote Christianity in the world of sports. Trin- ity High's Athletic coaches help in directing the club by teaching the athletes ffootball, basketball, baseball, tennis, track, golf, swimming, and gymnasticsj competitive spirit with an honest and determined attitude to win, The 69-'70 officers are: M. Rutledge, B, Tillinghast, B, J. Ander- son, R. Sowell, I Octagon Club sponsors The Octagon Club has the opportun- ity of working with the community and the school. This service organization, 4' 'W under the direction of Mr. Dale Boaz, is a junior chapter of the Optimist Club of America. ,Lv fiylllff The Club has sponsored a dance, painted house numbers on curbs, and pf g the "Rally, " The "Rally, " a car race 3 T 47 held in the fall, will be held again in tw the spring. a XY 'QE QNX? Q -X OFFICERS: Bill Blackerby, Richard Goodrich, and David Hanna. BF' T1ZiT1i", Say, maybe Allen really does have a green thumb! l28 A -he --Rally" Eeny, meeny, minney, mo. My mother told me to choose fl--7 :,.--W. ,,,,. f fv"',,i ,f Well, what of it? A fhxfki., , 3.1, ' Push harder, boys. The wall is heavy . RN Senior Tri-Hi-Y r a The Tri-Hi-Y, com- posed of Senior girls, is a service organization sponsored by the YMCA, r s -Ab ff' Q. " Mrs, Corbin and Mrs, l Boyce are directors here at school, Charity work, social activities, and f . money raising projects are l 7, if activities of the group, 3 r I , Q. 4- Q X at 1 vm 5 , 'Y r , Q I ,Qu ' We " X kit. XC x' ' Ni .XX -T X r iita S Tri -Hi -Y Members . wi, ,. T?-1, Tri-Hi-Y officers are: Debbi Baker, Deretta Riggs, Judy Jackson, Rebecca Boyce, and Pam Brannen, l30 f ! Mrs. Betty Boyce, along with Mrs. Claud ine Corbin, co-sponsors the Tri-Hi-Y, L '-v',v',- ':...V,,sAgr,,g0.a Intramural Council The Intramural Council is a student governing body of all Intramural functions, The council is an independent branch from intramural activ- ities in the respect that mem- bers are eligible for letters and other awards given on the basis of work contributed to- wards the Intramural program, OFFICERS: Mary Meserole, Pat Parker, Mike Waldrep, and Jagifietlvlillg ..,, 0 ,, - A, rx , U iff'-Ad, , 'g,a:,.o::.. f .m.- 'V .xv sp. 'b f , , ' ,. .1s,f,. , 2' ' 71 -5-?'Piff:i.1'-ali has JJ! , The homeroom representatives for the Intramural Council, The Future Homemakers of America, a service organization of Trinity was opened to boys this year. Projects this year included making stockings for Christmas and delivering them to a chi1dren's home, a tasting bee, and a fashion show. Members of the organiza- tion attended an area convention in Denton and a state FHA Conven- tion in Austin. Mrs. Pat Rucker is sponsor, with Mrs. Gwen Kirkpat- rick acting as co- sponsor. V Future Homemaker! OFFICERS: qfronty Glenda Braddy, Pam Foster, Nancy Mitchell. qbackj Terri Clowers, Trudy Jackson, Jan Baldwin, and Marsha Lively. Future Homem akers of America of i I T S CLASS C arter, Daniel, 'msd , America REPRESENTATIVES: Hinojoza, Woffard, Mitchell, Heuszel, Tyler, Davis, Shane, Fuller, Eubanks, Lumbley, Stephens, Epperson, Taylor, Munir, Fairchild, Sewell, an d Huddleston. Holly Gordon, Fashion Consultant from Neiman Marcus. SPONSORS: Mrs. Gwen Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Pat Rucker I33 F Future Teachers Exams ...asm a Diversfied Teaching Fields Officers for F. T. A. : Kathy Murphey, Jeanette Frank, Denise Valentino, Jody Christopherson, Jesse Landreth, and Vickie Kinsey, L 1969-'70 Future We want the of America si Z , , 74 , , 91" v, Virginia Reel! !" . lf! , . f-v--an-fy , - -WA Jack Ingle takes a hand -out. The Future Teachers of America strive to make its members aware of the teaching profession and its awards, This year, they sponsored "Flower Power, " the Square Dance and Box Supper Night, and also the week long "Twirp Week, " Sponsors for the group are Mrs, Glenda Johnson, Mrs, Juana Hill, and Mr, Jack Ingle, l35 ? Distribufive Education The Distributive Education Club of America is one of the more active clubs at T. H,S. It strives to develop future leaders in marketing and dis- tribution, Leadership develop- ment, vocational understanding social intelligence, and civic consciousness are goals set forth by the club. D, E. C. A. provided T. H. S. with a much needed school supply store, Mrs. Pat Miller is sponsor for the club, ifrifi Mrs, Pat Miller and Mr, V. V, Shearburn enjoy D.E. C, A, breakfast at Morgan Host, l36 . ray, .lx K R ' I K fairs url-1 . 1-'iifiii V21 OFFICERS: fE'rontj Phillip Allen, Shirley Dodson, Donna Maynard, Eddie Hinojoza. qBackJ Mrs, Pat Miller, Claudia Adair, Sandra Williams, and Jerri Mayfield, -1-nn.-...., V O E - Earn as They Learn V, O, E, members 'Qs OFFICERS: Linda Lynch, Renee Quaid, Dorothy McCommons, Prissy Freeman, and Sherry Larson, Vocational Office Education is a club at Trinity for the students enrolled in the O,E, A, class, The Office Education Association is designed to interest students who desire a career in office occupations The club attends area contests that consist of office skills. The win- ners go to state and national contests, The projects of V, O,E, include selling stuffed animals, a rum- mage sale, and a car wash. I37 Rodeo Club The Rodeo Club has competed in numerous rodeos this year. These include: Mansfield, Haltom, Azle, Cleburne, Kaufman, L. D. Bell, Grapevine, ArlingtonHeighr.s Decatur, and North Richland Hills. Under the direction of Mr. Jim Schutts, the club hosted a playday at the Texas Westerneers Club. Members also rode in the Fat Stock Show parade in Fort Worth. Boy, the school bus was never like this! Steve Melton, Randy Nolen, and Steve Riley display the Trojan Flag, Camara Clifton proudly shows the Team Relay Tro phy that was won on "P1ayday. " C ,XX Rodeo Club The old woodshed Where's my posse? OFFICERS: Camara Clifton, Paul Renfro, Hank Beaver, Jerre Mayfield, and Steve Melton. The Spanish Club is composed of students who share an interest in the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture. Films on Spanish-speaking coun- tries, parties, complete with Mexican food, pinatas and miriachis have com- posed the year's activities. Moneyniaking projects have been selling paper flowers, bake sales and the selling of mistletoe. Mrs. Bobbie Seamen is the sponsor of the Spanish Club. Spanish Club Spanish Club Linda Wall, president, sells mis- tletoe to a student. OFFICERS: Kathyleen Wyatt, Debbie Richter, Liz Neal, Mrs. Seaman and Linda Wall. Der Deutscher Verein .N .... ,, ,,... Der Deutscher Verein was selected by the members of the German Club to become the name of the German Club. The purpose of the club is to learn more about the life and customs of the German- speak- ing people. Activities of the club in- cluded candy sales, picnics, parties, and the annual trip to the Edelweiss for dinner. 8' 0 Y 'V nu1l Qi. lil Members of the German Club OFFICERS: Richard Goodrich, Debra Zieschang, and Connie Mitchell. Not shown is Julie Moore, RIGHT: Mrs. Wanda Montgomery is club sponsor. IVR: wifi. M,-.. M Q35 I lil tgsi nga ,t f Cercle Fra ncais U Members of the French Club. N ,st as hail. 3 iris Mrs, Ioan Truman is the club sponsor, OFFICERS: Jeff Grimm, John Jernigan, Amy Griggs, Betsy Middl ton, Susan Browning, and Curtis Corley, The French Club is a new addition to Trinity's long list of club opportunities this year. lt is sponsored by Mrs, Truman and consists mainly of studenm that have taken French, During the year, the club observes films, studies new customs and traditions, 1 in addition to learning about the French way of life, y T 1 142 l N , , N r Y Junior Historians The History Club stim- ulates an interest in the history of the world, Field trips, moneymak- ing projects, and lectures are among a few of the many activities of the club, Mrs. Jan Haddock is the sponsor of the "History Around the World" club, cf Oijlff my 1 an , If Science Club The Science Club promotes an interest in the ad- vanced study of science. Mem- bers of the club gain extensive knowledge through lectures, field trips, and films. Mrs, Mary LaCross is the sponsor of Trinity's new sci- ence Club, t Qsgtflk J 'ww A- I! X L .ftp g B F WJ ,ff""l f' -gills il N, f N , l I43 I Watch out changing world Striving to publish an annual which is pleasing to students as well as meeting pub- lication standards is the goal of the annual staff. In producing an annual, certain ba- sic elements of publication are followed. These include layouts, copy, captions, cover design, and cropping of pictures. TROIAN STAFF of 1970 EDITOR - Virginia Shull ASSOCIATE EDITOR - Dorris Soule ADVISOR - Mrs. Pam Martin STUDENT LIFE and ACADEMICS - Dorris Soule, ed.: Randall Davis, and Charlyn Onstott. PERSONALITIES - Janet Shelton, ed. and Norma Kleiber. ORGANIZATIONS - Gloria Montgomery, ed. and Linda Jones. SPORTS - Jack Courmey, ed. and Bobalea Walker. CLASSES - Jeff Grimm, ed. and Virginia shun. I COPY - Randall Davis, co-ed. and Norma I Kleiber, co- ed. Y BUSINESS MANAGER - Alicia Chalmers. Randall Davis tells Gloria Montgomery for the last and final time, TYPIST - Carol Walden. "No, you can't work in the dark room with me." ft? Virginia Shull qeditorj places emphasis on instructing Jeff Grimm Mrs. Martin, annual sponsor - mild-mannered with his section. reporter for a GREAT Trojan Annual. I44 he Troian Staff Hlrecord you ,gg-'ffl W s was ,A i s1 lziblv iisaiiv Q33 gl Biiugl iluigl I I I ll' Janet Shelton expresses to Norma Kleiber that she would like her Charlyn Onstott and Linda Jones have a to stop staring at her typing and get busy with her own. "pressing" day on the staff. Bobalea Walker expresses her disgust as Iack Court- ney gleams with approval over new idea about a fold-out page. s sh :SS fy 4' f Carol Walden and Dorris Soule review final section before sending it to the publisher. l45 Junior Achievement Trinity High, with its ninety mem- bers, has more students participating in Junior Achievement than any other school. ln this organization, students learn about all the phases of business. These include: learning the procedures involved in forming a company, sell- ing stocks, producing and selling a product, and liquidating. J. A. has activities such as dances and trips to Regional and National Con- ferences. J. A. also offers scholarships. Palanfir Sf ff iff K b 5 t rcrf s s 36 i , awzw, 5 Q Y K 47 63 f x N X ,ft f "-X V X - PM The PALANTIR is organized and produced by the students of Journalism 3 and 4. It is published every other wee informing the students of school events and dates. Miss Cheta Henderson is advisor of the PALANTIR and Leslie Jones, editor. Rau. I gl si? s DOUG PHILLIPS - Head Photographer ' . QIQ ..,..,,... .. , .Z I NN. Photography Staff The photographers have the challenge of working with the PALANTIR, annual staff, and local newspapers. Next year, a photography course will be offered to a limited number of students. Photographers are Doug nington, and Joe Rhodes. Mr. John Pogue is sponsor. Uh, Jerry?? I47 Phillips, Jerry Sorrell, Rod Pen- Attendance Workers Attendance Office assistants collect attendance cards for each class period, They also help attendance clerks in their daily struggle to account for all absences, -rf-,w,5,7:,,,,,.:,s,5.,,-is ..... , K. Switchboard Help PBX assistants keep Trin- ity's wires from getting crossed. These girls learn the art of switchboard operation, , ,,MWfW4, 51, fsf,w,1,,f iflfiiif EEHiifiififfiifffrifiil 5, .. 2' .ami f ,A ta 5 d irsrr Office Workers Office workers relay incoming messages from the administration building to all points on campus, The personnel is also available to assist visitors and parents, N vas. 3 - A Q, . 'f.' 1 CounseIor's 'Help Assistants in the counseling office ease the counselors' work load by calling students from class when neces- sary for counseling purposes. Further help is provided in the area of clerical effi- ciency, 'vk.'x, -s is Library Workers ff-17 6' Library assistants assist Mrs. Myers by shelving books and handling the process of book circula- tion. Organization and maintenance of the library is a full time job, shui. Nurse's Aid Nurse's aids are avail- able to assist students who become ill while at school and to administer minor first aid, I49 C.V.A.E. OFFICERS: Jimmy Coleman, Glen Barnhill, Bob Byrd, and Tommy Boat- right, Coordinated Vocational Academic Education is new at T. H. S, this year, It strives to assist students interested in jobs of the busy business world, Mr, Garner is the C, V, A,E, club sponsor, MR, ROBERT GARNER, Sponsor. The members of the C. V.A.E. take time out from their class to pose for a picture, ISO I I Y I E I I I I IIII IIII I IIIIQQAIIII I Mixed Choir The Mixed Choir is composed of students who wish to take choir just for the fun. Mrs, Karen Gustavus is director of the group, The Mixed Choir for the 1969-70 school year, is if K "S , It is ' A , fx 3 V I I MRS, KAREN GUSTAVUS, Choir Director- Officers for the Mixed Choir are Prissy Freeman and Tommy Braddy. I5l A Cappella Choir M V 'R' l ALL- REGION CHOIR: qbackj Romaine Mauldi: Dale Harris, Steve Washington, Alana Nicholl ffrontp Darlene Maloney, Denise Valentino, Q- enee an X na .fn ,J X O OFFICERS: Lanny Hill, vice-presidentg Derett Riggs, secretaryg Darlene Maloney, librariang l 1 I f 4 The Trinity A Cappella Choir had a busy 1969-70 season partici- pating in the Patriotic Assembly at THS, Thanksgiving Concert at EJHS, and the Christmas Concert at THS. In March, the A Cappella Choir performed with L. D. Bell I A Cappella Choir in a combined concert that was held at Trinity. The choir also competed for U. l.L. honors in April, with sev- eral ofthe members winning indi- vidual awards in solos and ensem- bles. The season was climaxed in May when the annual spring con- cert was presented, under the di- rection of Mrs. Karen Gustavus. Richter, and Christi ell. 'MRF wr 3 f' -flfld D216 H-3fFiS. President- The 36 members of the Trinity High A Cappella Choir l53 l Trojan Bond Promoters of "Red Power" Drum Major and Majorettes: CStandingJ Yerby, Fink, Dunham, and Whigham, flineelingj Mullins, Wiegal, McCann, and Browning, L... ff' l54 TRINITY TROJAN MARCHING BAND ,vox OFFICERS: David Hall, Richie Johnston, Steve Yerby, Carol Caldwell, David Brisbon, 2nd ROW: John Reid, Robert Taylor, Buddy Lockhart, and Jack Ledbetter, "Last Mile Walk" Miniature Trojans create gigantic sound waves, This year, under the direction of Will Reavis and drum major Steve Yerby, the Marching Band received an ex- cellent rating at the U, I, L, Marching Contest that was held at T, C, U, The Marching band, consisting of mem- bers ftom the first and second band, performed at pep rallies and presented perfected half time shows for the football fans, The season was climaxed by the presen- tation of a pops concert for the entire student body of Trinity High, l55 vrm- wr ny Q ALL- REGION HIGH SCHOOL: Qstanclingj If Sherry Wheeless, tjoni Mullins, Norman Fields, :Gary Caughey, l'Gerald Houy, Mark Jarrett, Gloria Montgomery, and Nancy Dykes. "'- AREA CANDIDATES. Nann Wallace, Linda Smith, and Teresa Harnbright. ALL' S TA TE: Musicians honored at , The Trojan Band was selected to partlclpat fi. ,. A I ' f 1 . 1 V Ii 5, in P I ' ' , aw k 1155: af sr S if 5 . S, H ,X ::- , . g - ,lm or ,,'. ',,. - . I - f g fi ' 2 i ' 'k, 1 +A . I. . A A 5 A a . -' .. -' , f 2: Y' i 5 , ,,, . 'E X - f Sze-,fin f' .v WS 5 55 inf A kr - V fiv e, ' ,,ff - f -f S g I 'ii A Arer A . , rrrr I S , I . 1 .., r Ag gk rg I J h I In I . . Q A 4 Vp 3,575 E .5 "jg . if E ! 3 A P ' I M: if-ill :gif ...' ii 35 5 -- A I I . .Z r - sy H- I ' I W I ' I 2, If at i A 17 A . A , I I Ap' of 5' VN ' 'Qi :V fe if M, ' ar X I ' ' Q .I -' , r f, . ,ff , A Q qi if ' ' ' 5 I I L' . 75. ij, I 5' I 'ff ' A 75 V'..,f W wa - - - ' '1 ' 4' ' 'W I 4fiFQQ.' "K" ' ' . ' ' "-- K' X , ' ' . -, J ' ' ' 4 Q., 5 5 i .,,,LL- Af S" , L A f 44 H1 A r. I I 3 , 'Q Q M 'f -1 ,,, fl s xl, - 1 ' f' I W, PF? I or A , 1, lg ' H ,i -L 1 3: il? A Q, fa. If I I , - 4 YQ 1. , gt ,Q f fa - . f1-r -I ' -My fl- - 9.1-mga. .fr - , 1- an jpg , , li. - YSL, '1 X - I ' I' , , JA' 1 , L. ' ' " ' .-r. rig: N-'A ' vw' ' N auf eler Jl, - 'r'1 " Q 'ivffi-3,432 . , Second Band Offrcers and Neil Oxhandler I56 emphis Cotton Carnival x O O Trolcm Symphonic Band n the annual Cotton Carnival, that is held in Memphis, Tenn. each May. Will Reavis is director of the group. 2 Jack Ledbetter, Tommy Pope, IR. HIGH ALL REGION: qstandingy Glen Farris, David Caldwell, Robert Hess Band manager is David Hale. Mike Hayes, David Fielden, and Doug Hall. fseatedj Barry Tatum, Paula Crawford, Ruth McCann, Becky Qualls, and Holly Harris. I57 Troy-Anns Boost Troian Power Behind the cornerstone of school spirit, comes an enor- mous cloud of girls dressed in red and black, The Troy -Anns provide us with pom -pom rou- tines, pep rally skits, and spirit posters to help boost Trojan power, They are under the direction of Mrs, Loretta Day and Miss Beverly Ward. OFFICERS: Trudy Thompson, Nancy Mitchell, Vicki Maynard, Pam Foster Phyllis Coffman, and Drenda Lindsey, ssflroy-An ns X Xxx x 3-B ATIVES fL toR, from J Deretta Riggs, Dee Buck, Garrison Jan Baldwin Jackie Trudie Jackson, Sandy Jones, .Ki , X X, Go, Go, Go, TEAM, rf NvkN Fuller, Pam King, Virginia and Geni Hinojoza, OPERATION SPIRIT! I - N ,ma -dig f ' A R ,Vu X V If ril f Xlfifi , M i X ,I Wy., . ' x:""'5 Mg' w- "" ,f, mush .Q rK,, i M Miss Beverly Ward co-sponsors the Troy- Anns along with Mrs, Loretta Day, i 159 Q Drill Team 1969-70 Trinity High's Troy -Ann Drill Team m Mrs, Loretta Day bats a birdie, The first year for the Drill Team proved to be a great one, It began last February when tryouts were held and ran through the long hot summer months. It was a period when all that was known were sore muscles and continuous words of kick encouragement - "Higher! Higher!" It all paid off in the fall with precision per- formances and invitations to the Alan Bean Parade and finally to the annual Mardi Gras held in New Orleans, I x MANAGERS: Donna Richter, Mararet Thompson, Pam Kerns, and Denise Gleaton, Drill Officers X 4' rvwwo ,:x. 3 N M px K tw 3 w . S. AMY GRIGGS - Captain NORMA GARZA - Lieutenant I m""'i"-N-N-.. BETSY MIDDLETON -'lferxtenant DEBBIE FULLER - Lieutenant x f, 'UI A I , ., lrxi ink! ' , 'lf r ' DEBBIE KINLER - Lieutenant ' l The drill officers proudly pre- sent the trophies that were won at S. M. U. to the school, l lbl I , , f f ii -J U7 'iii 151. K L. 'X Seniors of '70 Sef the Pace LYNDA BALDWIN DARLENE BARRON REBECCA BOYCE JOANNE CLONCH PEGGY DENNIE VICKI DOOLEY 1970 SCHIOI Members , I Q ,,.. Hands up - Heads turned! NORMA GARZA JANE HODGES Lieutenant I62 IUDY JACKSON DEBBIE KINLER Lieutenant CAROL LACY SHERRI LEDBETTER PATTY POTTOFF RAMONA STRAHAN BETH NELSON 1 RENEE PERRY -, M. .,S""f5 ,"" ' "ff 'T ff. zaiillfl5i7fzff2ff9f"Cfxiii E.. ' aff ff fre -5 :mfr-Q C,CC Ulf 'U K ,A A L9 Nz- Me, ,,- .W,.,,,,,,,i,4.E,TE.,,33,,,5,1',m,..C,,,,,,,,-,f,EW3 W',, :V ' 5 , n ,,,'9zu f , ' -'4- 2.,fwvlffffiaiizsb-5. vvfgrivf? nu If N ,cy If nc- .41 K A5 K 2 .1 ,fn A N LL,h .,, .,,,2.b1-'G-2" V W M' " X"v f - Q G, Qfb, E 'tm WAV? Tf,g'T?Q"? 'Tvs 'E 1' -1 -r fx 775 . K -, 5- . The result of many hours of practice, I63 CAREN CARTER LINDA COMBS GAIL DENARI MARSHA DOUGHIERTY DIANE FLOWERS IEANETTE FRANK DEBBIE FULLER Lieutenant AMY GRIGGS Captain Poised and ready to go, Junior Drill i 1 1 JANET HYDE DELORES IARRET GENEVA LAWSON MARSHA LIVELY IEANETTE MANN JOAN MCCORMICK BET SY MIDDLETOIY Lieutenant MARTHA MURR Team Members JULIA OWEN TERRY PRICE CINDY ROYAL DEBBIE STEWART DENISE VALENTINO CLAUDIA WEBB Perfect Performance - 'N-.J-4 ' g' e is killing me! ' 1 Jeanette Mann sets Trojan fashions for the '70s. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders r PAT MUNIR VICKI MAYFIELD ALANA NICHOLS Freshman Freshman Sophomore . . X . i S 1 1 I 3-If-3'C3ke, P3113 -Cake . . . FRANCES PANNELL - Head ei J!-9' 1.o I Sophomore DUH? , , , That's right folks, 1 I ,,,. Vim The exuberant voices of the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders was heard by Trojans throughout the year at both B-Team and Freshman sporting events, Long hours of practice were spent during the summer to win three first place ribbons and one third place award at the S, M, U, Cheerleading School, Frances Pannell was elected head cheerleader by the group, who are under the supervision of Mrs. Mary Forman, J, V, CHEERLEADERS, FIRST ROW: Pam Clemens, Vicki Mayfield, and Lynn l Ericson, SECOND ROW: Pat Munir, Frances Pannell, and Alana Nichols. Vigor, and Vitality ! .Faq GO TROJANS! LYNN ERICSON PAM CLEMENS Freshman Sophomore The Team Behind Symbolic of spirit to Trinity High are six ener- getic girls who spend their time boosting spirit during athletic events, They decorated goal posts, sold spirit ribbons, and let Trojan power be known during pep rallies, The untiring efforts and devo- tion of the Varsity Cheer- leaders have proved a valuable asset to both the team and the school, VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: kneeling Jody Christopherson, Lynn Dunn, and Becky Durbin, standing Debbie Baker, Pam Brannen, and Kathy Murphey DEBBI BAKER - Senior KATHY MURPHEY - Senior "- ,, 'f:"r: ,, f fame . " 2 E yi , A if x l -4 r A-za ' y A rf a ? an - ,A ,k,h. K c Total enthusiasm 'E . A .fi f t y ' T ' - , f L"'f' g ' if "we want ARKANSAS! 1" " 4, 1 1 ,, - , .QQ A The Team LYNN DUNN Junior irri l5:'k11fE:?'i ' fi if r irro 55' ' ' 2' K L ' ,spy jg V1 , 'e X?,s,g f-ss P A r - , QM o dg,i f X S 1 E A f A A 5 ,L 1 .A V r BECKY DURBIN Junior ..5,,- --ri., ,K,b--L A -W A K K ' L' ' 7 .fx .r, ...K ,,,.. ,. ,A W rms 7.3 ., . i.-rr-11 . ss - fs mga fm- fs A , , . ..,,xf, -, V rx ,-f, ,- -W ,,.- ,iw 3 f ,--. . .L,, .i , , ,. 1 -, or I K r Q - Z -. --gf .I : "" 1 15 5 :SL Rafi," E. I , -- -:,, ,,.: ..-, Q 1 fz, , Q 1:72 f- K -:. , 1,1 - r. ii , as 1 5-Weir N X 1 2 eh Q Q E ZX fa W -3 I 6 'N 'Z J Q M X gkrw rig twin at l E LJ- Q ,.11.,- , kk,, wig 4 Bs , A , , 'Q K3 Y , 3 'a 5 W 5 . R , ,i I xii Sk . rg Tr MR L Vx O I 5 N as X f Q5 sf vs, E X H.: X Wow 1 X fx F sr' ., 5 JE R 5 tw N vqk A 1 1 W S Ne A xx? eg ' 5 if J J fig k so f li Q' E if 4 5 Q 2 p f :gg v if Q Q C , Ear' v.,.. ,fi Y 3 3' E 1' A L .zz is N 9 :ill X k EW wise iiiii K X W 3 if vi i l PAM BRANNEN Senior Happiness is winning five first place ribbons at S, M, U, ! JODY CI-IRISTOPI-IERSON Junior Cheerleaders voice disgust, "Pleasure and work make the hours seem shorter" T - William Shakespeare Mr. and Miss T.H.S. nominees: Delton Thrasher, Peggy Dennie, Richard Goodrich, Deretta Riggs, Debra Kinler, Richard Karanian and Kathy Murphy. lf-, Editor Leslie Jones, Doug Phillips, Miss Henderson, Ron Hen- ry, and Trudy Thompson, co- editors work diligently trying to prepare the PALANTIR. l70 N.H.S. officers: Evan Clemens, Kim Zieschang, and Robert Moore, sitting high and handsome. vw - k f S wg X , W 4 ,uf , :Q-692 as if ?i -,H -, ery? 5 5 i I ' l72 SPCJRTS Head Coach BILL BOOKOUT Line Coach CHARLES PANKRATZ Line Coach LEON TEDD LIE FRONT ROW: 34, Hightower, 24, Bayless, 65, Alkireg 14, J, Sowe11g68 Smithg 10, Threattg 67, Hunt, 80, Norman, 11, Ray. SECOND ROW: 20, R, Sowellg 52, Rodgers, 63, George, 61, Copherg 62 Wren, 33, A, Anderson, 50, Rutledgeg 51, Wintersg 19, Qualls, I74 I Q-gm-H , - - . THIRD ROW: 77, Neelg 72, Goekeg '76, Reynoldsg 44, R. Andersong 85, Woodsg 43, Gloverg '74, Meisnerg 86, Ten Napelg 17, Risinger, Offensive Backfield Coach BILL CURTIS News V f 4'i:ff Q H HQAHNMRESYWK-M f L 'gb Q 3' 9 X XE Q- B, rs s 1 em Q Q 1 Defensive Back Coach ALLAN HARVILLE n l f Z yl, 4 ' L f LL ?k 2 fc, LLe ' -f ' f , .ga LLeLL L A , ,-,W. L V' L -W Q L 1 af 7' My 1 51,-gr? hifi k vlf' V . . - A f k 3 .'F'1sZ1Q.z' '?..:X1?7 ,12!-wc " , U V " ' I K, , fn ,A 'wif' MR, Assistant Head Coach BILL EN GLE Offensive Line Holds Defensive Rush RANDALL ALKIRE - 65 Guard JERRY COPHER - 61 JAY SMITH - 68 Guard Guard I . Q wth , RANDY REYNOLDS - '76 GEORGE GEORGE - 63 Tackle Tackle RONNIE WREN - 62 Guard LOUIS GOEKE - '72 Tackle KIM HUNT - 67 Guard Q 4 -1' ., . QQ in . H., ,bv f- 'f' . ik. ,A-f Q z K "1" -UZ Let me at him! ROCKY NEEL - '77 LONNIE MEISNER GARTH TEN NAPLE - 86 Tackle Tackle Tackle Tough Trojan goal line stance. MARK RODGERS " 52 STEVE WINTERS - 51 Center Center Trojans End Season on a losing Note For the first time in the season, Trinity High entered a game rated above cross town rival, L. D. Bell, according to the Harris ratings. The last game of the season was highlighted by the crowning of the football sweetheart, Miss Lynn Dunn. The Trojans, hoping to end the season on a winning note, were disap- pointed when they were upset by the State AAAA last place team of North Dallas, by a score of 13 to 7. Though the Trojans ended the season on a losing note, they will be considered tough competition in 6-AAAA next year. MIKE RUTLEDGE - 50 Center KIM woons - 85 Split End B. J. ANDERSON - 44 Tight End ., , , . , ML. ' if RW gmt, . HARVEY NORMAN - 80 TOMMY HIGHTOWER - 34 Tight end SPHI end Coordination strikes every three seconds - 1, 2, Oooops! Way to go Mark Ray. MARK RAY - 11 JOE SOWELL - 14 Wingback BILL BAYLESS - 24 Wingback Troians Defeat the Undefeafed Gimme that ball! You "070S4+Q1D ?f ! " ' Q1. MIKE GLOVER - 43 Fullback .ff ' is Tackle the man with the shoe! PJK1 SOWELL ' 20 Fullback fe Trojans Grow UP All area newspapers forecast an easy victory for the undefeated Highlanders of Eastern Hills QGAAAAJ over the Trojans of Trin- ity. The non-district game was played under perfect conditions at Handley Field. The young foot- ball team of Trinity was well pre- pared for an upset over the High- landers after a week of workouts in which practices were geared against the strong running hacks of E. H. The offensive struggle be- tween the two teams resulted in the 'first major Trojan victory, and the first E. H. defeat. Happiness is Defeating the Un- defeated . . . The T, H, S. Trojans stunned the Cougars of Western Hills with their first and only loss of the regular season. Going into the hard fought defensive battle, the Cougars had a perfect record of 7 and O, while the Trojans were 4-4 for the season. This major victory over the Cougars, proved to the area odds-makers that you can't underestimate the ability of the young Euless team. l8I Win Cver Bell Highlights N N 1 3 .. CORK X ,- L K Q. Y. ,ne ew rx, 1, N 5 5 fr -J, X 4 Y 4.,, FRONT ROW: 80, Pickensg 24, Seatong '17, Myerg 55, Bristerg 42, Belcher, 22, D, Crow, SECOND ROW: 50, Davendortg 48, Eastwood, 71, Brown, '73, Childers, 40, J. Crow, 10, Bundreng 82, Woodfin 85, Gunzales. SCORES We They 14 Dunbar O 20 Diamond Hill 8 24 Grand Prairie 6 8 South West 35 O - Arlington Heights - 0 14 North Side O O Nimitez 23 48 Bell 6 0 Western Hills 6 J, V. stops L, D, Bell for no gain, , . ? V N H i U J. V. Season ROW: 32, Rhodesg 75, Hensong 31, 84, Georgeg 44, Leeg 83, Schweitzer Penceg 60, Lane, 4' l C Freshmen Begin High School -2:6573 '5 ' .1 zu fs N X ff fr: , -fm -fs., 4... C !!lf'.a..l4. vm an dl ,fx H- V, .- 4 X .:.ap'f".-'Pu' 3, S, 4, Figs was 5 nfl' 'C i ki 319' K, .I-K FRONT ROW: Tow, Foster, Mays, Rogers, Minix, funidentifiedy, Evans, Schillings, Pennington, Brown, Waldrip, Norris, SECOND ROW: Pace, Patterson, Bagget, Renver, Anderson, Small, Paramore, Clifton, Lawson, Fuller, Brown Carroll, Noland, 'D 5 gl its wiv IQ gifs Career no ' .... . ,A THIRD ROW:-Ferrell, Bass, Bruton, Freeman, Preston, Shull, Miller, Lein, Stanford, Calvert, Goldsbery, Steele, FOURTH ROW: M. Brown, Weaver, Bailey, Smith, McCullar, Green, Love, Porter, B, Steele, Lamb, Pick Waller, Bunch, M ,, g 5 J, EY me FRONT ROW: Ray, Qualls, Sorrell, Stevens, SECOND ROW: Dixon, Metheny, Goodrich, Wilson, Mahoney, Finch, Goeke, Woods, King, Stanford COACH PAUL WILEY - Varsity N 3 Larry Dixon shoots for two, Varsity Meets Challenge of District Competition The first athletic contest with Trinity participat- ing in District 4A-6 proved to be a successful Ven- ture for the Trojans, The Trojan basketball team qpre -season choice for the cellarp once again showed the experts that the young new school should not be underestimated, The first district win for the Tro- jans was their victory over the Irving Tigers. The victory came as a blow to the local cross -town rival Bell, as well as to most of the local people who had considered the Trojan team to be out of the race for the district crown, The Trojans followed up the victory with another stunning defeat against the Arlington Colts, With this victory the Trinity team was well on its way to the first half crown of 4A-6, Defeat hit the Trojans very hard as cross -town rival, L, D, Bell up -ended the Trojans before a capacity plus crowd of 2500 at the Bell gymnasium, lt was the first defeat of district play that the Tro- jans had encountered, The spirit of T, H. S, never gave up as the Raiders lanced Trinity 62 to 54. I87 f 2 Of 4' 3' ','.fQfg'Qe Q1 'Q ' tiviffvxf Q A ,,,,,,,w.Mw-fp 'J-".2'K I NfCKI s Y XX --dl GOODRICH WAQASWQUZHS gr , : 1b?ODSgG QA we' 'fi I - 'ii Q WW Q.,-nwfwviw aw, .I A A . ,, ,Q 'M' X KI 'wx . 'L f W F- J,-'-' Q f ff . ,W BERT MAHO 45 5' 54 Hz ar "' 4. mg 64 yn UW fm 4 s , F CLIFTON SORRELL I89 sink ir, Richard! MARK RAY Hey, Reagan get that jump ball! VARSITY BASKETBALL DISTRICT SCORES lst half 2nd half Trinity - 62 Trinity - 70 Irving- 48 Irving - 59 Trinity - 58 Trinity - 71 Arlington - 54 Arlington - 82 Trinity - 54 Trinity - 44 L. D. Bell- 62 L. D. Bell- 81 Trinity - 59 Trinity - 59 Grand Prairie - 60 Grand Prairie - 72 Trinity - 67 Trinity - 67 Irving MacArthur - 54 MacArthur - 57 Trinity - 77 Trinity - 68 Arlington Sam Houston - 81 Sam Houston - 72 DISTRICT RECORD WON 5 LOST 7 SEASON RECORD WON 18 LOST 14 i FRONT ROW: Davis, Koether, Thompson, Bullard, Riggs. BACK ROW: King, Henderson, Barnell, Metheny, Baggett, Risinger Coach Paul Wiley and Coach Leon Teddlie compare whistles. Trinity THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS FRESHMAN SEASON RECORD Competitor Nichols Watuga North Richland Denton Strickland Hurst C entral C entral H altom Kirkpatrick C entral Irma Marsh North Oaks Richland Hurst C entral H altorn Irma Marsh North Oaks Richland Hurst Patterson, Pace, Baggett, Clifton, Norris, Porter, Moore, Green, Love, Stanford, Lawson, Fuller, Anderson Lancaster. Ns X-, r r rr . f l 'S f L -- f w r MGM? ' .:F1M'1V r es Q Lvwiwee---bw 'ew gm . . W NWT? 14-s:-f,rzies:i'MU'x Q. r slr .,1.:E:, , M . r 4.-s Vmwww . Copher, Hoglan, Anika, Wren, Hightower, Davis, Meserole, Stanford, Bayless, Risirrger, Cleveland, Glover. Joe Cleveland and Larry Anika vie for tl laurel. '2f1WWa ifpsw W1 fl, Copher puts it off into the wild, blue yonder. 4 Track and Field Competition The Trojan track and field team is coach- ed by Mr. Allan Harville. The squad's sec- ond year at Trinity was highlighted by a trip to Houston 's Astrodome made by ten members of the team. The track season, which ex- tends from February to April, schedules a meet for almost every week. The workouts are divided into distance and sprints, and each boy works on his specialty under the supervision of Coach Harville. sf lx x dcflgsx. Davis has the slow moves. ,,, WW 'v Q FIRST ROW: Stroder, Patterson, Rogers, Humphrey, Minix, Brown, Lane. SECOND ROW: Preston, Breiton, Bass, Renner, Lawson, Fuller, Anderson. THIRD ROW: Douglass, Ledbetter, Pickens, Steele, Love, Steele, Miller, Johnson, Stanford -..4i.., Freshman track team runs for IfS Ilfe ww 'V 1: wah ., gig mg f .W .W . , K 'rw -w A vs my '9fl'22?fv 'Q ' T31 , , 'P+ 'Lf 5' if 42' at 4, I. .. .4 f Wi 54 LL ,y kk 'sw 4,4 Us Pi ri ,' is 7 , 'A w c ,, g YU. 5' ,. '- fi C , U , M 4 V . Mg, f ,. f1' lf' CENTER: Wyatt, Pitts, Brown, Freeman, Middleton, Gilby, Grizzelle, Hart, Gorman, Gamon, Kalina, Carter, Courtney, Kopenhafer, Walker, Rosemann, Loutrel. FRONT ROW: Barnett, Hammel, Kalina, Hobbs, Hamilton, Gerald, Burke, Mills, Carpenter, BACK ROW: Grimm, McLendon, Leiler, McRay, Corley, Shedden, Briggs, Harris, Berg, Alston. Nl SEASON RECORD Trinity Competitor ,.,r,,, ,,,,,,, THS qsoysy 436 southwest 163 A ag THS fBoysj 89 Eastern Hills 27 THS fBoysj 84 Southwest 412 " THS qBoysj 41 St. Marks 29 THS qlioysj 77 Southwest 29 THS qGirlsp 227 Eastern Hills 134 A THS qGirlsj 65 Eastern Hills 27 THS qGirlsp 65 Southwest 29 W THS qGirls7 68 Western Hills 20 ,W .W THS qGirlsj 74 Eastern Hills 31 " xg . 4,...,,,,,,.m, n The Trinity Boys' Team also took a 6th at the S.M.U. Relays and a 17th at the High School Invitational Swim Meet at Austin against the best teams in the state. Swimming team captains are Jack Courtney, Walter Mills, Bobolea Walker, and Norma Kleiber. The Diving team captains are Lee Brown and Charlyn Onstott. l98 .-......, f ,, .. Q .,..m.. 2 W' "xii A ' ,f35MKiiul4?EQl1fv'?f2J9!E'f47Q:Flhl -4 WKXi:Yf.iSiiff wir? i"Zl1fZ':v"'f?2W',Z,'i"U1"5-'2'.1i.!'5'ii1S'e'Ii?fS?21ii l!?il272'95,.',, fl.-r.j lst ROW: Marty Stevens qmgrg, Janet Hyde, Viki Clowers, Pam Saleh. 2nd ROW: Drenda Lindsey, Beckie Moses, Chris Schwiezer, Barbara Courtney, Debbie Sparks, Julie Moore. TOP ROW: Marsha Dougherty qcapt.J, Sandy Jo Donna Smith, Bobalea Walker, Pam Nichols, Terri Clowers Norma Klieber qcapt.j, diving team: Mr fig 1 , Charlyn Onstott qcapt.J, Doris Soule. gi 5 iffy ,L in of UQ T 953 Q60 L" The Trinity i Sc soo ' 'ngqand Diving ' ' 1 Teams, under i Coa on Fogle- S S0 Qldjiaayggn e t ishing time, un- T ' ed a st 21 onal eight different Xmeets. if-Sheq?t m iq swam against '7 ,,,, area Qms. boy. eamdieated its clo es , etitsji- Q girkw 49 1 4. W. Q, 1 J, QJ X7 oo! wb V! JP T h TOP TO BOTTOM: Ginger Mar rftinez, Charlyn Onstott, and Dorris Soule. A ' ' 555 ills Coach, KAY HOLLEMAN Girls undefeated for season! Ace, Beokie Mose s takes a flying leap! Wim ,.., mi. JY of SCHWIEZER: " There's a snake on the bottom of the pool! I !" I H I I M Qi , ,,, sw ..A.k M A1 f -w , ., 'il-1: o ose x I M M041 L l,0,,J X Senior, Julie Moore "works it out. 1 KZ, CHARLYN ONSTOTT: "T minus 10 feet and falling!" 20I Gymnastics Team A Clockwise from point of"T": Ball, Pottoff, Bomar, Linstead, Dunn, Grunwald, King, Durbin, Wilson, Maloney, Askew, Messerole, Foster, McMinn, Jackson, Walraven, Northcutt, Clonch, McMorrow, Clifton. NOT SHOWN: Clemens, Hogan. Q , . Q 5 What goes up, usually comes down. 3X4 of the Swastika? I I think I'm stuck. Z? Dove for dishes did it for me Sometimes things look better from a different angle Who left the bubble gum on the gym floor? W I T.H.S. Tennis The varsity tennis team, under the direction of Coach Tyrone Morris, will be competing in district competition for the second year. The team will compete for district honors in April. Other tournaments include: Wichita Falls Invitational, Irving Invitational, E.T.S.U. Invitational, Garland Invita- I i tional, L. D. Bell Invitational, and Weatherford Invitational. 1 , if . I thougxht you said a pinball machine! , QUX f fy . I A BACK ROW: Mark Warren, Jimmy Parker, Doug Courageous, Mike Bien, Randall Davis, Coach Morris FRONT ROW: Bob Tillinghast, Max Brown. BACK ROW: Coach Morris, Linda Nail, Dee Dee Darrow, Debbie Searcy, Vickie Fink, Deborah Zieschang Donna Forister. , Xi k FRONT ROW: V1Ckl6 Krnsey, Kathyleen Wyatt, Comme Mrtchel. h O M , XX EQEN X' , fr gj is-J .X Y "Strike one," the umpire cried! I i iiri iir gy x A B . J Q51 W B 'MMG ,g. t. L ' -W ,ASEE FIRST ROW: Finch, Clonch, Bledsoe. SECOND ROW: Wimp, Thomas, Maddox, Mr. Jack Ingle. if 1... is .. w tf ra' 'ido 75 1 YY ,, f 4,,.,1:-,-, ,-W nf-ff L , W.. f Golf Team 1 I at in is .1 Q i 3 .wr 'iw any ,qs ,, .N I N-.www . ,V .,., , t:'fG"9: - "5 The Trinity High Golf Team under the direc- tion of Mr. lack Ingle has competed in three dual team matches. They have been beaten by Arlington twice and Bell once, but have been close in all contests. The Golf Team captain is senior Bill Bledsoe. ' ' .',, fa b ,, 2 ,E .wr .wg 'fm my mg We W ,T A We 'ff' W JL Parhng fm 1? wwf Mm-mg , M 5 Ae F Q2I0 cLAssEs Freshmen Wm Spirit Telegram Hey, watch that ponytail. Barber, Donna Barker, Doris Barnard, Gary Bamhill, Kathy Barringer, Debbie Barton, Chris Barton, Laura Bass, Darrell Bayless, Roger Beckerle, Laurie Adair, Blondie Alkire, Gary Alverson, Clyde Anderson, Mike Armond, Timmy Arnold, Mark Askins, Steve Atkins, lecretia Backsdale, April Baggett, Bobby Bailey, James Banell, Louise X M ff 1' ,, if it x Q 2 as my " x R ga' I E 3 ha 'J ...fbi . K , A B fi A r N ,, ..., r . 5 x km . f A X 'P A4 1 Ai Q ,fi if ,J .if-1:.1,E-1Q-ff-- 1 r 2:55121 f 1-'Q J ff, , ' K 1,5-vi, i O t .3 ' 39' T' f' lk r f' , hm -'Q' 4 wx J M s. B V 'W f"NX.., x.ii.,q xl. F, JW 'Ei f' L -far - ' M ' 'f . Q 'C E QS? I 2525 ..: if i "fi xi 5:4 S B . or J N1 LIQ1, 1 J 1 Belcher, Kay Bennett, Donna Bennett, Jerry Benton, Ricky Bethea, Nikki Binder, Barbara Black, Sally Blanton, Randol Bledsoe, Stephanie Bloodsworth, Johnny Boler, Cindy Bolte, John Bomar, Weldon Bowman, Johnny Boyd, Chester Boyle, Mike Boyle, Sue Brackeen, Mark Bradford, Mike Bradford, Pat Brazill, Marty Brazil, Robert Brewer, Sharon Brewster, Jerry Bright, Laura Brister, Brown, Brown, Brown , Brown, Wayne Debbo rah John Jolene Mark Brown, Mike Brown, Ricky Browning, David Bruton, Mark Bryan, Cathy Bryson, Charles Buck, Dee Buckelew, Robert Bunch, Clarence Burnett, Karey Burns, Ronny Butler, Rose Mary Butler, Russell Byars, Connie Byers, Kala Caldwell, David Callendar, James Calvert, Barney Cantrell, Debbie Capps, Cindy Carroll, Du aine Carter, Debbie Cav anaugh, Connie Carpenter, Ron Carpenter, Trina Carr, Charlotte Carter, Bill Chakerian, Cheryl Challenner, Richard Chambers, Jim 4, ,., 'is ' 's t s, .syt stis Q by . ir, Y ,,, if? gf i n 'H pilp ilii Y fp ,fx s .,,,. yp, A W if? X -av R .54 X 'fa 0 X X , , N XB s 'hw f 5' 5 ,wx- 3-iiif. ls ' 5 Q r Q S s . ... , ,,si a 'x ,f y rs!! A vt ,ltrr ,R X K an , kwa af ,I-it r A, X tis! 'C J QV '27 BJ if 'Ep I P . Y r C II it 4 S, gg 2 2 4 f TU 0 1 1 me-Q Q ' K Q ,ve XX. as 'E . 15 t -K, Y 51' if? vii: ' 'ff F if f Corley, Robert Courtney, Barbara Cowart, Ray Cox, Dennis Cox, Gary Crabtree, Glen Crawford, Paula Cross, Glenda Crouch, Cindy l Chancey, Tim Cisewski, Debra Clifton, Brent Clowers, Vicki Cochran, Cheryll Cohoon, Donald Coker, Gary Condra, LaTonclra Copeland, Don Copher, Tina Stanley told me 6 . , , ,, J' yi rf' Hyrnes: The doctor it was Pyorrbea. Daniels, Randy Davidson, Beverly Davies, Clayton Davis, Greg Davis, Kim Freshmen Strive to Survive Their First Year Dean, Laurie Dean, Tim Dean, Vicki Dellinger, Mark Denman, Ginger 5' Day, Lerry Dean, J. K, Dennis, Jackie Dennis, Margie Dent, Walter "Kiaw- J, . sf --D or Y If V A y A-if D ,fi I D D ,,,,.i uv f qv gpsy X y Q If i f I 9 , ff ar ' .. , D ,, D . i fri . - y Dickerson, Sue by nl ' W V P Didway, Linda .A I i via M-.rr ,iiieif 5 y Dixon, Darrell y f D 1" 1 fi , Xp ,s , Qs V ' s 2' 1 Donaldson, Ivan , ,H up , DN gin Dooley, Tim -A .ls Douglass, Stephen Chris Whatley: Some people Dx! fig , will do anything for an "A. " n r Doyie, Ricky r ,, p " ' Draper, Donna 'Q c Early, Cecil ' gr ,kV:.VVV , ga ,...,, .. , , rj, , ' r,, ' l 1 New N D in Eccles, Connie 'lrss Zpi 5 ,,, in L is r-, ,A e 2 3 EIHSI, Kath s D 1 D s eiii D ' . P Y 2 f ' X V D 'Q asm : ij Q5 f fi D' ID . D r ' s ,f 2:5 15's f as Q D ' ID I ati, D' 3 1 fn, .5 DD ,- I6 ' r Qs 'IL .ff 'f I an 'M .ia 3 ,gas X Q ' Sf 9 K , X X X 4 A E y, , S ,.,,,, V, Wkfvf' A. 2,, is Wee , X 'N' , ,rf -fi, x gs i A r 'c J' u -an x ,SP Y., rs sy' X Y-is ga.. ' if ,gi 2? es' 1,4 WP. -. e C55 08 pg I Q fl J mf Bidi to sf' 15 'J r i 1 , I X li 'X :ip N' ., W W, ,t . V ... , of .M W 41- felis! ' ! V: Eddings, Cheryl Edwards, Bill Epperson, Patti Erikson, Lynn Ernst, Tony Estes , Walt Eubanks, lvena Evans, De Ann Evans, Julian Everitt, Linda Fairchild, June Fairchild, Susan Famb, Michael Farmer, Ronnie Farris, Glen Farrow, Calvin Farrow, Larry Scott Faulkner, Terry Fennell, Tommy Fielden, David f . r-J, " - " lb- Nis ,vro f' , ,M I - mfg.: 'indie kk" xl 'r , E to F r '-r ., a E lx' ,Q X .Iiir " 8 Gs. ,V Q f QQ Q F g r. 1 If 9' X 5 , 1 ,..4-al' Fisher, David Flanagan, Paul Flowers, Allen Foley, Terry Footlander, William Forrest, Richard Greene, Ray Grippe, Stephen Francis Steve Frank, Danny Foster, Foster, Steve Daryll Freeman, Roger Freeman, Steve Fryar, Frankie Fuller, James Fuller, James Fuller, James Fuller, Jannice Gayhart, Tommy Gerard, Leslie Gibbard, Terry Gibson, David X K 11 '11 X 2 1 X g u , 'Y 1 55 w r s , .L ',1g3gg3L,5,---ww,.s- w i. rg . , t 51 A, 1 s , X, sr Q H pr Gibson, Vance Gibson, Vicky Gilbert, Diane Gilder, Lisa Giles, Tim Gillespie, Melody Gleghorn, Sandra Godbey, Beverly Godbey, Brenda Goff, Bill Golclsberry, James Golightly, Brenda Gorman, Lori Gorman, Tim Gothard, Aleta Gunter, Grey Guntry, Dick 552 ' ,,., '13,-'Riff' J ? :"v, ax'-r NL " "Sf - s L ' ,113 . .Q if Q93 1 4 rs K l is s ,. 1' v " 0 pa dh ss' I 5 S X X J ' sc' t iv. 3r rf .ar-1,4 1 X 'tsl 5' ,. . -r fi sofg , 5:1535 1 X avr-' Q wa. ff- Q ZI8 J K.. L Q 'T ik: 'f' I my Q a f . TT! tp at 5 Q 5 N y 9 X I 'I J Hall, Doug Hall, Robert Hamilton, Becky Hamilton, Mark Hamilton, Mary Hammel, Terri itil.. rife- K 5 Hll - izmlfp f ,if f V K ,. e g, ef ' Handlem, Christina . ..,rf QE? I T Han-ns, Steve J, 1 gif" Harris, Holly ...,,.-,,., f. ,Ra 1, r ' ' ,J J K .fl Hart, Gary r i f 3 ' E Hassmann, Terry ' -M L " '1.: '11, ' I 9' a B' 47, xYxT Hatfield, Ronnie fe? ff l ' ,f far, A 0 S r' 4' If you hit me I'll cry. V Hatfield , Tom Hauger, Jackie .1- , it , Hawkins, Mark NU iw ,J gg 'QW Q r J ' Hayes, Jimmy J Qa . Hayes, Mike J J 3' 2 X xv V-Q Helm, Debbie gi Hemphill, Steve M' Henderson , Karen Hewitt, Gayenell Hill, Janine K 2I9 Himes, Stanley Hinojoza, Joanne Hitt, Donna Hobbs, Shane Hodo, Margie Hogan, Mary Hogan, Robert Holifield, Tom Hollingsworth, Cathy Holomek, Rosemary Hopkins, Howell, Howell, Hudson, Hudson, Clay Randy Sherry David Kathy Huie, Patricia Hunnicutt, Lynne Humphrey, John Hutt, Cynthia Hutt, Mike Ingram, Shirley Irwin, Retha Jackson, Cathy Jackson, Ricky Jackson, Trudie Jeffryes, Ethel Johnson, Joan Johnson, Linda Johnson, Ray Jones, Joni . ,-- Q .,.. ,., fg f :Hifi 1 A L' L 41 P w., ,h.1f,,'u',,!'i: 4 'QL tfi g. t 'J' ,,,, , ' J V V W va . ,. ttal fri ' 4 ,,, X 'ss "If J I :J X-I X V N .r 33 1 3, .R f' 1 ff. C f si . 3, Q? 4' -fgyf W , S' Q ' '7-: 5 4 , J . .' 'Q Q Q5 J 721 fb, J, it il' A' ,C x if T39 f . f L.. ,gii f ,Q il 17- ,Wg 1 V 50-.f' ' ' ' l'i!, , f i J ::-A . 4 -g iii? -1' t ' ze -1 - 'lv'-' ' ' ti Q.. 1. f.: ,,1ff,.vff-gf 5,1-. .fa ,f .My :gg 'xi 6 9 , ...., V V r X ab E'- -, W 1 .a J , gg' . 1 X fwJPi ' 9 Q' , ti' i'wsg,,.'ss'4 X. CY tk Ji is 'i' if qt is 'W 1 f -X .. - X":9 it iinodel for Playboy. ., 5 , : ' '5f5?' ' .I I . 32 . E, ff K! W . 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Mahanay, Sherri Mahon, Zane Malone, Janice Maloney, Randy Marco, Dan Markwood, Debbie Marsh, Carol Martin, Rita Martinez, Dolores Martinez, Gerard Marzili, Helen Massey, Ieanalou Mayfield, Vicki Maynard, Deborah Maynard, Rickey Mays, Terry Meason, Tonya Meine, Don Menix, Rick Meyer, Carol Michaud , Debbie Miller, Butch Miller, Clint Miller Mike Miller Pameal Miller, Randy Miller, Steve Miller, TCIIYC Mills, Debby Mills, Kathy Milner, Vickie Minix, Ray Mitchell, Ricky Mitchell, Shirlee Mitchell, Steve Moncrief, Karen Mooney, LaDawn Moore, Connie Moore, Gary Morris, Barry Morris, Valerie Moses, Rae Mowles, Terri Munden, Mindy Munir, Pat Murphy, Vickie Nash, Vernon Neal, Timothy Neill, Joe Nelson, Inez Nelson, Robert Newby, Floyd Newman, David Newman, Eddie Nichols, Pam X qv 1 r' M Y. J x, f Q I KAL , , . P jx .,,. th, M., fn.. 1' .fi 5. , L Q 1 5 , is is I i ff faiffff- , ,ft 3 'Ivy 5 , " v y X s ii . lf. . v if -it .Sl i -,Ugg AIP at 3 ' 1 e 3't . 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Here Come The Little People" Pruitt, Jimmie Pullen, Sandra Pulliam, Velma Quaid, Pete Qualls, Becky Rader, David Rampy, Iaurie Ramsey, James Randall, David Rasor, Linda Ray, Randy Reed, Shirley Reese, Danny Reid, Bobby Reiter, Jimmie Renner, Gene Reynolds, Roy Rice, James Roach, Conrad Roach, Mentie Jo Roberts, Frank Priest, Allen Pritchard, Stan 44" gtk' , V 1' Sfmt .13 ix J H fx 2 .,.:x,. . J x lg H. 3 aaa 5 E! in 'J' I V ' K a. , 1 . 5 J g r- -V . E . s --RE 'Z 5,1 I E,-Q R 1 'Q aka iiiee f J W 7k:x.i..x. ,I 'li if , at , ie Terry Mays: "look what I got in my Cracker Jacks! vl- S 5' :L,,i 'I Jia I ' 1 2, as . ,. ie A is - lyke ' x , Rx ! F ,I se 2 , ,ff , ' ---- ' wow. me N .. X X 5 S 5 N 'r 5 if 4 Q i fi W E X as J Q Q, Q, 'Nj R X-M9 "VNV , QQ 1 f, -ia.. 1 ,X f ., ,mr .J U, l Jw 1' . lk 9 ", 9 , if -5.1 ,, f' if Q M, g, if A gf 5' 4 E, in ff, Ji- ' gh f , W I is X.,, . .I . l -Q. Q Q 1 s V-J! fr-'11 ' . 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Thweatt, Eddie Tyler, Terry Vandargriff, Carolynn VanRy, Steve Vaughn, Cindy Vicars, Gail Waits, Gail Waldrep, Randy Wafford, Sheryl Walker, Ricky Wall, Greg Wall, Teri l 229 Wallace, Gary Wallace, Larry Waller, Stanley Ward, Cathy Ware, Regina Warner, David Washington, Patricia Weaver, Mike Webb, Charles Webb, Rick Webb, Ricky Welborn, Melody Wells, Mike Welton, Fannette West, Kathy Whatley, Christopher Wheatly, Tony Wheless, Gail Whitehorse, Jeff Wilbanks, Julie Wiley, Linda Willey, Dollie Williams, Brenda Williams, Jackie Williams, Kenny Williams, Ronny Wilson, Susan Wimp, Melissa Winters, Stephanie Wirth, Lisa ll' 'II f' ' kg',z. in . .: V' asm-, ,, 5 .w, 1 Qs- 2. ,ss we A ' ' fs Ls1T.!':'Lilf-..i3i.ii.: Ev '- S L R xx' . 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A I ' K ye' H Z I Bandy, Eddie A My Ju Barker, Sheila y -H 4, I K J u y M I-X ' 5.5 -Qif3T:' I-Z4 ,V-M WH nn,a,, r + 'fig A x 3? fi A ,f W A: ' 3 V P' ,, H' , - Q. -K L in 'X B X ll!- 9 The 6th period BLAHS, ai A i. Jimmy Parker recites his A, B, C's. +P X RK N 'ti 4+ f a g., F, 1 . af xl' 54 1 i fb 4,LLA ..-4199 'h L 11 5 Barnhill, Belinda Barnhill, Gary Barron , Johnny Barton, Teri Bean, La Donna Bear, Jeff Bear, Ricky Beaver, Pam Belcher, Ricky Belue, Sherry Belue, Terry Benson, Darrelyn Bestill, Joe Betts, Patty Bien, Mike Bird, Wanda Blackberry, Mike Blankenship, Freda Blancett, Linda Boardway, Carroll Boatright, Cynthia Boiles, Gene I 233 Bonham, Vickie Bosquez, Joe Bowland Janice - ,!i-,, Bowles , Sherry Bowmer, Daniel Bradfield, Scott Bradford, Charles Brake, David Brazzil, Charles Breeden, Milceal Breesawitz, Sheri Briggs, Mike Brister, Gary BIOOIQ Brown, Ci dy Brown, Darrel Brown, Glen Brown, Jim Brown, Melody 0 ,W W.,--- ze: Qi 3 fi' 5 AQ marry Q ffl ,x r 1 N X 'sf f fshffi- 532 356 do ,rj Judy Crynerg IfI find one more answer, l'll be through 'BQ 'TW ww You ve got to be putung us on' llc 'Q 'f if ' . ' yI!"iQ2 Brown, Tad Bright, Lloyd X we K'-ff, . ,' I Bryson, Val fr Bullard , Keith 4 N145 0 W " K . by I 'uf Bundren, Charles Bunce, Judy Burk, Vicki Burke, Ricky Butler, Debbie Carrol, Debbie Canterberry, Cynthia Carmichael, David Carter, Vicky Cathey, Sue Cavanaugh, Robert Caughey, Delaina Caviness, Mike Chakerian, Michael Childers, Larry Butler, Ricky Byers, Billy Bynum, Gwen Cain, Vicki Caldwell, Carol Happiness Is Being the Middle Class? Dalio, Toni Dalton, Mike Daniel, Karen Darrow, Dee Dee Davis, Billy Davis, Ricky Davenport, Gearry Dawson, Debbie Dilly, Pam Dean, Bill Dodson, Vicki Douglas, Joe Duckett, Dunauin, Dunham , Durham Karen Bobby Lynne Mark Eastwood, Mike Eden, Terry Ellington, James Epperson, Teresa its f r ' :"": Aa f 1 ss f JN 1 'A , , 1' gf "' -13.5 5' A iii. " . -. Y , U, x i f os ss ,, . . k ' X i 1 V I wonder if this is what the author had in mind. " -.v ,-,, ve-vs, k , . W AT-3, Qkx F52 A. 'A-W: ., s, - ,, .,, , Hgh i :sl f 'is I Q mi Q' f S , 1 fi ' ,ggi if 1 J ,,v Q -,,. 7 s'- Q f , ix C Y, E fs 2'f 3 I ' ' Si is vi .I iiex rr ri as 1 1 N L Q X 1 -'Mfr X ,fziiig f x , avi' W, 'Y S x 'Q Q r L y . if fir? K I . a .4 .s iii ' ,K X ,Ng 'slid F lofi X ,PWR J ff, Let's see if you have good reflexes. Christensen, Vickie Clark, Terri Clemens, Pam Cochran, Jarvis Coffman, Phyllis Cohoon, Dianna Collins, Karen Collins, Tim Combs, Ronny Conaway, Mike Connell, Alan Conner, Jana Cook, Susie Copher, Harold Coston, Rod Cottle, Dudley Cottle, Johnny Cottrell, Jan Courreges, Doug Courson, Pam Criner, Judy Crow , David Crow , Jim Dailey, Debbie x my x J 237 Falls, Beth Ferree, Marsha Feild , Brad Finchum , Kenneth Findley, Sheri Fink, Vicki Fitch, .Tudy Foley, Gary Footlander, Michael Ford, Doris Fordyce, Mike Foretich, Susan Forister, Donna Foster, Fredia Franks, Suzanne Wu Freeman, Linda Gammons, Brenda Gammon, Flip Garrison, Debi Garza, Alice Gayda, Sharon Gerard, Ricky Gibbard, Sandy Gilby, Gary F, "Five to ten on my next paycheck M3 am! ,za I ' rw .. , 1 J' ,. ,- ' - . F 4 V E 'fx , Y-64' 'V ' s gg ,ix ,,,.,, X r, - 'Y ,, iv ' ' 1, r, Gilliam, Cherry Gist, Glenn Golightly, Barbara Gomez, Juanita ff 4 i,i' f .A , za z, Laura an, Becky f, Pam , Vickie xi 'I-'hw Maybe if I close my eyes they'll go away. Green, Donna Greer, Wilhelm Gregory, Baxter Grizzelle, Tommy Grunwald, Jackie Guinn, Richard Halbret, Teresa Hale, David Haley, Shirley Hall, Dennis Hall, James Hamilton, Mike I-Iarpole, Gay Harris, Harris, H arris Harris, Harris, Brad Doris Kenneth Mike Wren Harrison, Deryl Harrison, Joe Harvey, Dawn Hatchcock, Karen Hayden, Mike Havenhill, Gary Hazzard, Steve Helm, Terry Henderson, David Henry, Mike Henderson, James Hernandez, Minerva Herring, Brenmon Higgenbotharn, Glenda Hightower, Charnell Hill, Kennye Hill, Lanny Hix, Randall Hogan, Connie ,. ,- b Joe Sowell protects the modesty of Tom Trojan. it -:yn ii... R J 4 Nu 3 J J 3 if T H ' 'SY I , f' V' Y Q' f' .f,!,f"l ff e -fd ,Rig , Q 5' 1 f?lfi,!'j'if', :VJ I ' gli 3 "?:i-Sf IJ N Q .gs f nm, ,Q-, ,Y 9 . so rrrrff-r was Q a 211 oz 5 J 4 . , rw L , I 9 Z -v 4 2:6 X' , 7 1, ., f K' ' ,yt favs- E fuk -, 1 fp- K, . J, oo ei oo i I Y: V , Q58 v 'sg Q fi , Q-sri +363 . , nA". J A Hoglan, Gary I-Ioladay, Jan Holomek, Lawsen Holt , Alan Hooper, Larry Hooten, Janie Houy, Gerald Huddleston, Brenda Huff, Pam Huffman, Monty Ice, Jean Jackson, Alan Jackson, Ricardo Jankey, Keil Jarrett, Mark Jenkins, Bonnie Jetton, Jacky Johns, Clayton Johnson, Janette Johnson, Jeanne Jones, Linda Jones, Sandy Kalina, Robbie Karbak, Milan Keck, Cecil Kempe, Gary Kennedy, Dee Kemodle, Judy Kerns, Pam Kilmer, Marla King, Cheryl King, Pam Kinler, Ched Kirkpatrick, Janet Krause, Lisa Kuhn, Debra Kuhn, Ricky Lackey, Steve Lancaster, Zoey Landreth, Pam , -620 ' -1- Avg, H 1 xx 1 Qi if K K yy t f r -at V'if , its -.1 , A ,rj lg T Q seye r , ,rf t y y 7 fi "-"' f l' X 1 in K 'Ur 4-as -of Q fb NV' A '94 1 ,..-,, l 1 ' ' 5 I if J -'U r , ,. I I f .J ' w J 7 x yi fi' Ti- va 1 ,y K A X . . Martha Stevens calmly surveys the industrious ness of her fellow classmates with distaste. X'-,..f""4 j MY...-iff Xxx M.,......,f- V I' : sv I sb ' -5 JZ r I nf gmt Hey Pam, is this a tryout for the centerfold? ,W Lane, David Lane, Doyle Langdon, Lorrie Lee, Jerry Lee, Mark Leigh, Barry Leist, Janet Lemons, Sheryl Lewis, Gae Lindsey, Sam Linscott, Matt Linsteadt, Leah Livingston, Joe Livingston, Steve Lloyd, Harold Lockhart, David Long, Robert Lowe, Steve Lucas, Linda Lundquist, Suzy Lynch, Pat Maddox, Bobby Martinez, Blanca Mathis, Micheal Sophomores . . . On the Way Up! M atocha, Joseph Mauldin, Romaine Maynard, Vickie McAda, Thomas McCarden, Don McCray, David McElroy, Terry McKinnon, Curtis McKnight, Mike McLane, Ronnie McLendon, Bill McMorrow, Cindy McNarnee, Linda McNa1y, Debby McNeese, Paula McTee, David McWhorter, Carla 244 l , w f 11, K i YV ,X I nl, ,f"W'w.. Don't they believe in putting some English in these French books? 1' H Sv e f .,.4-N Q 'iff ,sy "Yd s , 'JE uf, jztf. Lal 9 u In : K .,-.-.-.l :llama K 7. kVV" 5 - Ja D, i f Q if . 'YS 2 4 if . yi E' Zh 5 f I fy 'F 5 Q.. 1' M., " .V 1 : 1 , W Y, . ,ax-, iv Q , J ,, i .x K. ' P 'f i ' - fi Y f' : sef t X S f 10" Si ., 5, 14.11 vi I , l 3 1551, af H" 1 , SX " S Mm v ,JS W ", W? , X Whip Re A' . f ' . r KKL, E- f, - . Q r., X, Ni? .. E. fi Yi w ' 3 1 may Sigh JJ A' . 2 sms I, , 'Hi fi .'E.:,,.: J! That s all right Dong We all understand. 1 ' g , A , as .,.. A "e gf- . l lll v , .. hzll - w deff A lll l Q A it ' 'D , I, Q ,ig ,f McWilliams, Dee Meek, Rick Meyers, Robert Middleton, Don Miller, Donna Mims, Beverly Mitchell, Connie Mitchell, Kay Mitchell, Melba Mitchell, Nancy Montgomery, Randy Moore, Beverly Morrison, Michelle Morse, Velma Moses, Beckie Mullins, Debbe Mullins, Joni Nail, Linda Nash, Steve Needham, Mary Neel, Rocky Neel, Stacy Newberry, Judy Nichols, Alana Nichols, Doug Nolan, James Norman, Harvey Norris, James Odom, Nancy Offield, Malcolm Onstott, Charlyn Orlowski, Debbie Orr, Arther Osborne, Nick Osborne, Peter Pannell, Frances Parker, Jimmy Parker, Lynn Perez, Pauline Perry, Phyliss Peterson, Glenda Phillips, Karen Phipps, James Piper, Mike Podbreger, Gary Poole, Dwayne Poston, David Price, Dennis fa, A5 lfml ,xilvl ,- , X fix .L-K QQQ Biff, I 5 s Q .Jr .. ,. ,l r W r. X ,K ffm 'ffl l' ,"'4r.. M M , awk KU' ., , .W Q I! rfb rryy i x J! 7' , Happiness is just being a sophomore J I I xH gg ff-gy -of N., 4 : EMDR ,pr fl ...ff 1 X is 'L I 3 1 I wma, s X Come on Eric, it's on the tip of your tongue. Prince, Tommy Proctor, Bobby Puckett, Bob Quaid, Denise Quiroga, Connie Ragain, Debbie Ragain, Dianna Reed, Jerril Reeves, Wayne Reiley, Tom Resnick, Greg Rhodes, Tim Rice, Connie Richards, Denise Richardson, Billy Richburg, Marla Richter, Clyde Richter, Pam Rickman, Dee Ann Maturity Comes With Age? Riggs, Jerry Risenhoover, Margaret Risenhoover, Philip Risinger, Steve Robberson, Garry Rodgers, Donna Rojas, Cindy Rojas, Sylvia Rodger, Ronnie Rose, Darlene Rucker, Charles Ryan, Kathryn Schickedanz, Davie Schmoll, Ravonne Schwarz, Ed Scott, Jacqueline Scott, Mike Scott, Ray Scroggins, Lynn , ,. ir . ,I K sax . G - ss DREADED DISEASE 1,130 1 5, s g a far . G A y y F f , i i. K If r I X Q W 5 R A Vg '53 erik .J Y 5 ' S e- ' rs QW W r Wh- , lfgi it X, jff if jk 'j 2 A 2 "QV "" , 1: ff f, A K5 ' El X Sorry, Mrs. Johnson, the enough to hide all of you. 1 Seaton, Ann Searcy, Elmo Seevers, Terry it Sewell, Kathy S fq X l, S' f ,J ,, 4, Q, l ya,o Seymour, John o f M A ' ' A Shearon, Ricky 1 , 3 S shedden, Mike Q' Shillings, Allison S. S Shirley, Tommy ,y o, e A , -x S Simmons, Sharon j 14513 Q.. n 1 f foo -'fe Smith Smith Smith Smith ...sf E Slaton, Teri Diane .Tay Ricki Sherrill Smith, Vicki Soliday, Michael Sondgroth, Carol Sorrell, Jerry Soule, Kent Sowell, Joe Springfield, Barbara spunock, Christi . Steele, Bob E Q Z Stephan, Mike ' Stephens, Linda A trse ' A Stetson, Mark SF S' ' R 2 ,J ' tt X ' f 171 5' i M , N -' .WV Stewart, Mike f - Stone, Dallas 4 ' Stone, Randall Stone, Susan ' lar 0'3- J 5 ' ' t 5' Storm, Lynn Y - I Stover, Patty 'idh fm' in-if W" Strahan, Mary ' S -H+ A vi h Sturdivant, Jackie Q 't:Ah y P 1' Sweet, Dennis b N V fdff . 1 I Swyhart, Robert 'g t, i. so Swyhart, Rod ' 5 tt S 1 - i rackert, John S 3, My eeeaf Q Taylor, David ., . '-,ii S ik. S .VSS i Teel, Pam sf 'iii i if 1' S f ' mf 21114 25 r Ten Napel, Garth - S, YL Thompson, Walter lifsg I YZ It, Q s ' X Wi U H Q 5 IK Thrash , Sheryl JY 891 ii- r, QQL- f -. f - rf, wi if 5391 1- A, A: .5,af'5f',-".'f7':'34:."'-,..3f ., .,, ery. 515- wyg-.21 ,eg ,V -..'-v .A . , ng' . awp 5 V-, - '-. ff--.-1- 1. i :4-3-'sz 13 V- fxff- 'df I don't take kindly to threats sir . . . K Q, An irate Charlyn On it KXx stott pushes the pencil. ,W I 4 if K' s T, ,ii I., . 6,1 r i 2 I xmqy Thrash, Tanya Threat, Byron Tibbets, Gayla Tidw ell, Norma Townsend, Linda Tyler, Cheryl Vandagriff, Marilyn Vandiver, Anniece Van Wyckhouse, Scott Vaughn, Linda Vermillion, Debbie Waldrip, Charles Waldroup, Nita Walker, Bobalea Wallace, Kitty Waller, Craig Walraven, Tracy Walser, Dan Walton, Gary Walton, Vic Weiland, Mike Welborn, Janice Wells, Perrin West, Floyd West, Ricky Wheless, Philip Whisenant, Douglas White, Joe White, Martha in 94, , ,iff A ' '38 A f A .fling White, Randy f "L: White, Ricky 1 7 Whitfield, Steve Whitley, Vicky I Whittington, Jimmy " Si' Q y- Qt f Wiegel, Donna 4 J 'k ,fa , if Wieneke, Yvonne gl "W y V,, 1 -v ,Q R .ay .,, s 231 Flip Gammon finds more taste in his finger than Sometimes I wonder if it's all really worth it . . . the reading material. if I 1- fj' N S it . pug- 1 ' , S :': Q, 'Q' ,Q 'N 41 . ' ,sw 3' 3 at I f ,S . . 1 f fir! '-,rn .a , 'Ei e,,, i , 1- s ,.,, My ' - XA ,V V . Ah ' K 1 , K if 'Q Jimmy Parker: Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod! vx ' it of fi ' 2'- K rf Wilburn, Neil Wilkey, Sandy Williams, Homer Wilson, Debby Wilson, Donna Wimp, Jeff Winters, Steve Wolfe, Susan Woodfin, Bobby Wren, Ronnie Wright, James Wright, Laura Wyatt, Steve Wynn, Oscar Yarbrough, Dan Young, Clyde Young, Robin Zachary, Danny Zachry, Frankie Zalesky, Tom Zieschang, Debra Zurcher, Otto Juniors Present 6 'V 121 f , , , 1 f 1 X I 1 f' L ufjl-f lffri 'Ji You Can f a e ,A t J , , 4 rw. ' JT wkffa 45 Aeer 1 f , ef , 'H A 1 .E 0 ,K ,Y 1, . x ww ' Lt, f- ' , L '- " .V " I -- K - , If Wlfh You Va ' , 'F 2 r Alkifey Randy Y f w .. 1. 3',,,,,1lX ' '7 - ,LQ A, V ' ' -A 'I Tj 'QQ' Hia A QI' QL Alston, Allen we , -f f T ., ' , if .F .ffl N 'f f V " f 'irilfqg ' iff ' Allen, Jennifer , ' i l'l' ? 'lA-' 5 -.f -1. as-, Ari f, " Anderson, Allen ' ,, . ,gk L gf , l if Q 13 V gig? 5 l-. is f is t Anderson, B. I. Anika, Larry Armond , Linda Arth, Mike Who needs marijuana when you can make L. S. D. in chem. class. af"'M , 9 Bacon, Rhonda , ,,, Baker, Bobbie - ,N ,X ff S114 Baker, Mike ' ee,,, a ff "lh? i Banell, Robert 'Wx Z j "'. 5 i' Barbee, Jerry Q, L Q ,h , R , A A.-f'e k, i A r ,, ary .ffi 'ff V! , Barnett, Mike Barry, Ken Beaver, Hank Benharn, Lann Bennett, John 254 F 14' if if r L ' i S 3 I' f iz' ix 33,59 x fs f 14 ES' M' Q -Bly! I 1 r K ,1,,-, it 4' ,i I a-Q Y 5 Berg, Jimmy Bible, Luanne 5.35 Blaker, Dave Boatright, Tommy Boucher, Mike Braddy, Glenda Brake, Gary Brandon, Hubert Brazil, Rita Breaker, Carol Brooks, Randy Brown, Lee Butts, Dan Byrd, A1 Byrd, Bob -.-,,,,,,,..-..,,,-,A.- "When you have someone to take rests for you, who needs a cheat Alicia Chalmers, lf you thought we sheet?" say Mark Ray and Jody Chrisropherson. were high at Christmas, you should have seen us New Years. in W' ' QQ , Britt, Tommy C ,Q ' , Bush, Bobby 'C 5 .A ax Brister, Karen TM 1 1 Browning, Susan xi ' is-9 ' 5 N- 4? ff 1, ! iff! f 1 .5 X X X Ax 2 ,X , ,jf A 1 :Fi Charlie Brown and the proverbial tree? Chrisrnan, Lonnie Christopherson, Jody Clevenger, Vickie Clifton, Camara Clonch, Allen Carlson, Carl Carter, Caren Carter, Randy Chalmers, Alicia Chambers, Pat Chancey, Susan Charles, Chris Chezem, Paul lui .- ix. 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" ,EV Dahlrnan, Pam Daniel, Carolyn Davidson, Wilma Davis, Randall Day, Larry Denari, Gail Donnelly, Don Dougherty, Marsha Dunn, Lynn Durbin, Becky Durham, David Dykes, Nancy Farmer, Phyllis Finch, Regan Finch, Richard Fielder, Richard Fields, Norman Eddings, Steve Elam, Scott Elliot, Steve Eudaly, Brenda K 4 , if -. W, K 7 2 Q pie . ak gf 5? wg? , iw 5 fl j ,, i. 2 ,. , ' r f-Q 5, 'A ,,:ffm:fU,w:sf,f..m,, ,M ,.:m,.,,.,.f, , ,,, asa Mya., 'V , ,,,,, ,,.,.,.. F Ox andler, Marti Ieffryes 'R -lid iw "I ot mine at T. S. O. , how about you? 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Q 'I c 'Spf' if J 1 A A K Kim Hunt turns green at another one of Martha Murr's jokes. H HW-K, -xx l N l Fw, .nf L' W fm " ,Es - I 4 -Mfrs' xiii? 3' "'1i-I 1, . C. -3- it? gp, X,E,x , . 3 ff X K? 'S-K ig'-gl Q 5 s all C, Rf , , or l ,.,,, , .S - ., . an in i i. ,. f. .. iz-.V - 1, , , , - 1 f g Q y R Y K , J "5 Q., ,,,, J K F, H ..-ff "Yiis-55-f1i1sfma5" f- ! VK K , KM 1 ,+ , 3 1 qv '.V-g , , V Z ' Q i fjwg Y -" ' A w 'A, i tw:-I s f 'f a V 'ww '.,: ' 4 . Q 4- ff , 'Y' 5j'l'atQ l . 2 . A 'C N, WMA -, X, Dale Sweeney, you can't escape our Candid Camera! Hallmark, Mickie Hallowell, Darrial Hambrlght, Teresa Hamilton, Theresa Hassman, Russell Henry, David Henson, Diana I I' f,AffZ.2.J Hewitt, Lynn Hightower, Valerie Hill, Steve Hinojoza, Geni Hodges, Carol Hodges, Karen Hogan, Connie Hogan, Willie Holtzclaw, Cindy Holtzclaw, Diana Juniors Order Senior Rings Hooper, Gary Hooper, Mark Howell, Rene Hubbard, Brenda f,. 44, .,, ,, it J -l X It I, R .F 2 4 ' .f Ahha, we caught yo Johnson, Donna Johnston, Ritchie Jones, Linda Jones, Rhonda Kaiser, Kent 3. WN., u this time Norman Fields! fi Hughes , Je an Hunt , Kim Hyde, Janet Ice, Deborah Jarrett, Delores Jeffryes , Marti Jenkins, Sharon Jernigan, John XS' 3 .7 , -N v'--Q s y , , ,K ef..-. 4 jf ,J-mg .Q ,ig ff , 25 5 1 .v . '- an I " 5 5 I F ,N E 9 .pf 1 1 , I ig! 1 ve. ,. :LZ Q v- .,! . Q -Q, 1 ra a sn if 13, ' 415' ar 5 A 3,5 'Iv 5 vs 1532 9 5 K is 1' if J . ,Q 3 ff. ' is , P Q X. X Q J , 3, x , cc. l ,J s UQ? s J f AN, Y f' ng . 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N ,V n Mew' Dan Garner and Bobble Baker worrying about the " L I LAW? M4510 Shiv . Mike Rutledge thumbs through his little black book? Loutrel, Bill Ludwig, Holly Lytle, Vic Mahoney, Robert Maloney, Darlene Manord, Donna Mann , Jeanette Marco, Debbie Martinez , Ginger Massey, Roseanna Mauldin , Linda Mayfield , Jerre Mathis, Janet Mathis, Ruth McCar1ey, Pam McCormick, Joan McElroy, Patrick McKenna, Linda McKinnon, Doug Q McMinn, Tena McNa1'y, Priscilla C3-3' "1' 4 f Meador, Debbie Medcalf, Dwayne Meeks, Rex Melton, Sharon Melton, Steve Metheny, Richard Meyers, Bill Meyers, Robert A 'ii fl e w Middleton, Betsy Mins, Bud J N D Mills, Walter L M , M 5? look at Tilly. Doug Phillips "Makes time" with Joan McCormick, I 1 ef ,N .. - , ri, 5: at , if is We new .,, ef o , X s Q . 'Q' ya r , . I ' 7? F - "' ries? vi 'MMD Mrk . . dgj' ,f-,.mQ,1jj-ji--A 4 'i lI'l"-:if L' Mirns , Greg Minix, Debbie Mitchell, Debbie Mitchell, John Moore, Dicky Moore, Jamie K fzz,:.?V'5 NFB. V fu.. ,., V ,V F .5 K ' , '- K ,rii rj f 'N , . Scott Elamg The cut-up. Moore, Peggy Morrison, Gary Mullins, Jan Murr, Martha Murray, David - M Nations, Tricia Neal, Michael Nichols, Keith 13' Nieswiadomy, Ernie Noble, Barry qi ffl Noland, Paula Nolen, Randy Norris, Lynn Odle, Pam Owen, Debbie Owen, Julia Oxhandler, Neil Parker, Estella Parker, LaVe1'ne Parker, Nancy Patrick, Dan Payne , Rhonda Pearce, Carol Pennell, Sandra Perez , Ernie Perez , George Perry , Robert Perry , Yvonne Peters, Robert Phillips, Doug Phipps, Rex '- , Tk. fr.. I G " if 52 Us f 5,5 t af 5, G, F Q. Q LA.- 'iff' 17 I 'P df -1 ,wwf ,ff""", nf' A ,A , .vw 4 and ,nip at ' ,, -, ...saw x-ii, Q, 'Xu' iw I E 1 Xa f ' ga 3 . is f f V, :W 1 1 , km R '11 'S fn,-2 ,rf . x K QQ Q ' T 3 4 7 X ? ' 1 S aq- fx Whistle while you work, says Vicki c . Spurlo k R I x . A lv if A f ms? 5, f R, , V 01 ,.f1 iw l l , iii 5 A ' ' T' a P - R i R f ir R' fi? s2'i? 37 f - ' R - 5 'S .V , S - . R il r R - , in 1: 3 X ,-f' J Q f 5 4 12:30, and nap time for David Gorman, f-+1 . Pitts, Doug Polk, Shedera Pope, Tommy Price, Terry Prince, Buckie Qualls, Van Raney, Cynthia Rasor, Debbie Ray , Mark Reiley, Wesley Reynolds, Randy Rice , Deborah Rich, Jeff Richburg, Carla Riley, Steve Rios, Paul Roach, Robert Robberson, Mike Rodgers, Mark Rogers, Cindy Rogers, Debbie Rogers, Sharon Rose, Donna Rosernan, Rick Ross, Dale Royal, Cindy Rutledge, Mike Ryder, Jeannie Saleh, Pam Sanderlin, Mike Saunders, Christy Saunders, Cindy . 1r,,.,, X . i ,.X,m-aw' 4""r gi., f , R g 'Q Tir, 'U ,Fi . ..,, A i -ff yy af.. it 9 i i C? , an R aa. or Y . M s,.sg Bunny Crawford keeps Mr. Banner Barbara Tyler and Randall Davis, say "Our World and Welcome to it!" hopping. " ...- .. F3 -N- Wzr - ne... - Schoonover, George Schweizer, Mark Scott , Bill Scribner, Sherry Seaton, James Seider, Shirley 'WF S' 'f f , 4. rx .1 , , ' ' . . ra x, N, a , :fam . "Come on, Come on, Now touch me babe, can t you see that Tom Kopenhofer's not afraid. " A ifbilii. ' 1 X , ww., 'W .ar 13? QV' J ter X, haraa rr7a, Elh y X Shelton, Janet Shelton, Karen Shull, Virginia Shirley, Brenda Smith, Donna Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith , I am es Jerry Ricky 'Ronnie Shirley Smithey, Danny Soule, Dorris Sowel, Riki Sparks, Debbie Sparks, Kaye P Sr.A.T. Prepares Juniors For Entrance Exams Riki Sowell and Ronnie Ward, "The Odd Couple?" Tidwell, Aundria Tilford, Tony Tillinghast, Bob Tipton, Ronnie Umstattd, Pam Urbanek, Robbie Valentino, Denise Van Ry, Richard Van Wyckhouse, Lee Vaughn , Daniel Sperry, Mary Sportsman, Gayla Spruill, Laquita Spurlock, Vicki Stanford, Paul Taylor, Robert Thompson, Trudy Thrasher, Sandra ., 2- ,V M - .- . ,Q .XL XX f I rs , 4 3 if Q s Q f 'QE Q is 13 ui I., .Y Yi 'TY Ni , . .r i . if WWI , f if N A 1 L at J 'li' Stevens Stevens Stewart Stewart, Stewart , Deborah K athy Barb ara Chris Debra Strand, Sharon Stroder, Karen Stryker, Margaret Sutton, Harvey Sweeney, Dale Wade, Randy Waggener, Tawnya Waite, Bruce Waldrep, Gary Wallace, Nann 1 ,,,' r ',., WT.. ..,. mt I ,152 3 y ?2 f Z A 445 .van .JK xv Q 3. X ? 5 X 'ff Mm i 2 ,M ef: ,pw 5' rf The class that plays together stays together. Tom Gorman, Jack "Iet's not make any hasty decisions Courtney, Barry Lefler, Alicia Chalmers. Randy Nolan. Juniors w d, B bb . Lead Wir, Ware, Harold r , A yy Warren, Mark " ii Sports Q' fi W b fi , o 0 0 X ' kgkglbiwi ACfIVI'l'IeS r T 5 a r 2 arss Theresa Wright and Trudy Thompson test the latest innovation in Ouija boards. Washington, Lewis .E .J AE, Webb, Claudia West, Randy Whatler, David Wheeless, Sherry Whisenhunt , David White, Jimmy White, Kathy Whitfield, Bruce , az V y is Wicks' 'Roger rrrn r r , Q W ,, Williams, Beverly l'i ' A ' 'rx -ji v,, an Wilson, Rodney liiz "".' 11. 274 , -:rpg . WE Z .5 fi 41' .Y x X . K X .J ,wa , shiwrh 5 S Ii! rtr,,, , ,,E,iA,,,:, , ,,, or K. .. rf , fx ', 5. 1 Qt 5 u , 3 X449 F' 3, W e r- x A433516 1 3' 0 -' 'W r' 2' ,X 1 , 'I 4 Wright, Donna Wright, Gary Wright, Janice Wright, Mary Wright, Steve Wright, Teresa "'3Z9' Wilson, Sherry Wilson, Virgil Wilson, Warren Woodward, Chris Woods, Kim W5 Yarbrough, Robert Yarbrough, Roy John Cooper is off the crutches and back to the drawing board. -. 4:'f7'1' Xa S 5+-. Yerby, Steve Young, Pain Zartrnan, Bill Hudson, Mark Seniors: First Graduating Class Trmrty s answer to "Room 222. " Ballas, Kirby Bane, Tommy Barnett, Frank Bamhill, Glenn Barron, Darlene Bayless, Bill Bean, Kayleen Blackburn, Sharon Adair, Claudia Alexander, Sharon Allen, Phillip Baker, Debby Baldwin, Lynda Ball, Kathy Y' N had Blackerby, Bill Bledsoe, Bill Bomar, Barbara ,- Bowland, Mike Bowmer, Michael Boyce, Rebecca All the seniors look at Jerry Hudson Wlfh de stain. 'li' f-Q., And Boyd, Barbara Brocldy, Tommy Bradfield, James Brannon, Pam Brisbon, David Britt, Wayne Brown, Max Buckelew, Rick Carnes, Karen Caughly, Gary YI!-:r Clark, John Clemens, Evan Cleveland, leslie Clonch, Joanne Coble, Janie Coker, James Seniors rejoice as spaceship lands. Qin, Wm- Cook, Don Copher, Jerry Courson, Peggy Covington, Amy Davis, Randy DeFaw, Beth W9--'vf' DQ ......-.I 'Wav- 5'- Leather sleeves make seniors what they are Durham, Cathy Elledge, Richard Farison, Bill Farrington, Joyce Fields, Bruce Foetz, Clifford Forrest, Ray Freman, Frank Seniors Prepare For Prom Freeman , Prissy Freeman, Robert If I hurry and fix it they'11 never know-irm Gammons, Judy Gann, Phillip Garza, Norma Greer, Darrel 3' broke. Robert Freeman. Gilmore, Cindy Giddens, Edith Gibson, Jack Goodrich, Richard N' Gorman, David Gorman, Debbie Grady, Alma Green, Ronald 280 ily 'fwyyf Hanna, David Harris, Dale Harris David Hams, Sharon Harms, Steve Hazzard , Preston Green, Michael Grippe, Fredrick Guinn, David Hale, Douglas Hale, Steve Hammel, Mark Handy, Debbie Hanley, Stephen John Clark on his conference break, Hendrickson, Bobby Henry, Ronnie Heuszel, Janice Hightower, Tommy ii W-ma... Hilborn, Dennis Hinojoza, Eddie Hix, Charlotte Hodges, Jane Randy Murphy displays the four-finger discourt. Holder, Gary Hooten Teresa Howell Keith Hudson, Jerry Ingram, Mary Ann Jackson Judy in Jarrett, Jenette Jeffryes, Stephen Jenkins, Keith Jones, Leslie Jones, Jimmy Johnston, Robert Jernigan, Wendy Kalina, Arlan' Karanian Richard Keck, Ray Kemp, Diane King, Lana Kinler, Debra Kirkpatrick, Dan Kim Zieschang and Jack Courtney " T1'inity's Master Chemists. " Seniors Prepare For College and Vocations Lacy, Carol Lammons, Terry Landreth , Jesse , O 0-Q6 Lasseter, Bram 'SUV Terry Lammons finds himself up against a brick wall. Larson , Sherry Langford , Betty Langdon, 'Darlene Lucus, James Lovelace, Francine Lemons, Marta Ledbetter, Sherri Lynch, Linda Massey, Tim Maxwell, Brenda 284 r U va- Maxwell, Christy McCann, Carol McC1asky, Donna McKay, Renee McDonald, Cindy EN McCoy, Pat owe.. McCommas, Dorothy McKinnon, Pam ,W Meserole, George Meserole, Mary M1ms, M1ke Montgomery, Gloria Moody, Don 3 Moore Darrell Pam McKinnon finds a good reason to give Randy Reeves a Christmas present. 285 Moore, Julie Moore, Robert Mullins, Lee Murphy, Kathy Murphy, Randy Meyers, Joyce Neal, Liz Nelson, Beth Hack Walker 1S a constant threat to those be- Odum , Jackie Osborn, Rusty Parker, Pat Parker, Robert Pence, Paul Perez , Gloria Perry, Renee Plumlee, Jim Potthoff, Patty ..,..'d' Pulliam, Jerry N? YI? Pulliam, Shirley Randall, Steven Seniors, Vernon Shubring, David Gorman Jimmy Jones, and Gayland McNeil find them selves ! Reeves, Randy Reid, John Jr. Reiley, Cheryl Renfro, Paul Rhodes, Joe Richter, Debbie Richter, Donna Riggs, Deretta Seniors Present Pillow Tolk wmv' ,nv Wg Becky Boyce awaits the return of Mom in the office rush hour. Roberts, Judy Robinson, James Rolen, Tim Rudolph, Anita Searcy, Deborah Shelton , Frank Shepard, Judy Sherrill, Barry Shiflet, Terry Shuystrine, Kathy Sipes, Pam Smith, Chandler Smith, Donna Smith, Gus 288 Y""17 ? Nui Smith, Linda Smith , Nancy 'N-A Sorrell, Clifton Stahn, Sherrie Starks, Johnny Stearns, Larry .W-gf, .7231 Uh, I don't suppose you might want to re peat that again'?! :J Stephen, Judy Stevens, Jerry Stevens, Linda Stevens, Nicky Stites, Phillis Stone, Steve Strahan, Romona Sumpter, James Takahoshi , Hiroshi Taylor, Carol Thompson, Margret Thrasher, Delton Tyler, Barbara VanKirk, Rhonda Vaughn, Williams Vecars, Jackie Only two weeks 'til Christmas, but Frank Bar- nett Just can t take it. Waldrip, Mike Waldraup, Mike Walker, Hack Walker, Sharon Wall, Linda Walton, Freddy L -mu, NW Q av Excedrm headache no 753 Whigham, Sharon White, Laura Wicks, Gary Wilhanks, Robert Wilkey, Ptissy Williams, Sandra Wright, Ora Nell Wright, Ronnie Wyatt, Claudia Wyatt, Kathleen Yarbrough, Delores Zaremba, Dee Zieschang, Kim Lammons, Garry Homesick Hiroshi? 292 Whooo - Delores iq i Q ff, Q' CC, To I2 ff' U 59 . , f s 9 5 rsfiififfb ff s i K U' -1 L f l ll . mI::V i f rf CEE' If is All hall ihee our Trlnlly serif 24, V A,A, I il f i, V -xx To lheewe're proud and true gazeinlo the years to Fromfhe of our hillside view Through allowed halls our voices ring f i to J r . ii With memories old and new All hall lolheeour Trlnlfys ,,hd : l bevy Xi 7 r ,Q C r,.,,,f V fb gl X 2 f rz, 1 kyyyhgy f1wiC"xxrk " Our Alma Mater true, N of l ,d V 4 es.s so , 6, F ii l i who .lli f lv? N Ci x '13, , L K ih' lj,JQ',c I Ni EVV V x my Lk .,VV , ,,.s1. 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' l EACSWEX BANNER, RONNIEQ NTSU, B.S. of Ed.: American History, Advanced Social Science Problems, Civicsg Chess Club. BOAZ, DALEQ TCU, B.A., Rutgers, M.A.g Related Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Elementary Analy- sis, Analytic Geometryg Octagon Club. BOOKOUT, BILL: Midwestern University, B.S. , NTSU, M,Ed.g Civicsg Head Coach, Letterman Club. BROWN, BEVERLY: TWU, B. S. 3 Dramajipeechg Troubadors, Debate Squad, Thespiansrgi' BROWN, KARENg NTSU, B.B.A.:,Gxgneral Business, N S P Swimming: Swimming and Diving Team Sponsor. FOREMAN, MARY C .g University of Mississippi, X B.S., M.Ed.g World History, American Historyg X Iluiior Sponsor. N P.E.g Cheerleader Sponsor. my GARNER, ROBERTg NTSU, B. B.Ag CVAEg CVAE K Club. ' QXGORDON, MARTHAQ Tulsa University, B.A., TCU, X1 M.R.A.g Art, Art-Craftsg Freshman Sponsor. N, GUSTAVUS, KAREN. Q RHADDOCK, IAN: UTA: English 1-2, 5-6, American Business Law, Bookkeeping. K History: Iunior Historians Sponsor. BROWN, PAT: Louisiana Tedh.sE.S.: qeo erry. HAMILTON, MARGARETg TCU, B.A.g Civics, Related Math,l,UlCSM. 0 X K' World Geographyg Student Council Sponsor. CARRTGAN, Doiggisf NTSU,RB4A.,gkEnglis -2, 351 YU HARVILLE, ALLAN: NTSU, B.S.: P.E., General CHANDLERQBSELJ NTSll.f B-S-, A " .5 fy' f X' Business, Healthg Senior Sponsor. lor, g f ., v is HENDERSON, CH1TAr ETSU, B.A.g English '1-8, CHANDLRX lJDI?Ri1iverQtyoQli'o,l S.: Y A Journalism: Newspaper. NTsU..ffvI.B.E.:1Englismlf-2. Jil' ,W N HENLEY, ROBERT: NTSU, B.S., General Metal. CONWAY, JOELKUTA, BAT- Main, Re- ,Q fix HENRY, ROBERTAQ Texas Tech, B.S.: Homemaking Q Jr ' 13 ii , 5 . . . lated Math, Georrfettyi -.1 f -X I v Home and Family Living. CUMMINS, GLEN: E'I'SSL?Q.S., Xl .Ed.g Chemistry. X we HIGGINBOTHAM, JOEg Harding College, B.A.g CURTIS, Bllflif TCU, B.S., NTSU, M.A.i Coach, 'A A Health. F.C.A. Q HLLL, EARLE ANNQ Baylor University, B.A., English DAUNIS, PATSYQ TWC, B.S.g English 1-2, 7-8: Q 3 3-4, 5-6. Sophomore Sponsor. X 'HILL, IUANAg Howard Payne, B.S. , Texas Tech, DAY, LORETTAg Hardin- Simmons University, B.S. , M.Ed.: P.E., Drill Team, Spirit Club. gebra, Geometry, Related Mathg Senior Sponsor. DUCHESNE, SALLIEQ Louisiana Tech, B.S. of Ed.: Y i ,. DOLBO W, JANETQ University of Illinois, B.S.g Al- ,K . English 3-4, Typing, Adv. Typing. . M.Ed.: Registrar, F.T.A. HOLLEMAN, KAYQ NTSU, B.S.: Swimmingg Girls' Swim Team Coach, YCW, Intramurals. v TQ HORTON, ANlTAp Hardin Simmons University, IN B.B.A., M.Ed.: Typing, Shorthand, Clerical Prac- tice. DUNN. C- E.. NTSU, B-5-. M-S-9 Gef1CT31WO0d, "iNGLE, JACKg Southwestern State, B.S., NTSU, Machine Wood. ENGLE, WILLIAM: ETSU, B. B.A., M.ECl.: Record- keeping, E nomics, General Ig-'ness. 1 M.E.g Counselor, FTA. JOHNSON, GLENDA: NTSU, B.A., M.Ed.g English 3-4, 7- 8: Sophomore Sponsor, FFA. FOGLESON DO ALD9 NT U. -A-. M-A-2 P-E-. -JOHNSON, KELLERg Hardin-Simmons University, 3 3 fx: T ' 3 x HQ' . ' fl, h in A bfi rl.. 'V , mf, A AX' A X , , .1 r rx All so A E 3 if T Fl if ., p ? ,AC A N, XV. . ' F ls Nix ' ' ' ffl, ' Li -' - -i., F ' A liiiilii as ,Ord .,, X x . 295 FORMAN, MARY, Texas Tech, B.S., NTSU, M.Ed. Maya, OsMM 5QM CZ! C .QQ cfzwgi, QQ AVO 1 B. .g English 3-49 Junior Sponsor. ILLIPS, DANEQ Southeastern State, B. ., M.T.g Mathg Freshman Sponsor. KIRKPATRICK, GWEN: Baylor University, B.S.g Homemakingg FHA. LACROSSE, MARYQ Sul Ross State, B.S.g Physical Scienceg Science Club. LADE, DON: S.F.A., B.S.g Biology, Advanced Biologyg National Honor Society. MARTIN, PAMg Baylor University, B.A.g English 5- 65 Annual Sponsor. MCADAMS, LINDAg UTA, B.A.g Geometry, Related Math, Algebra. McCLURE, RICHARDQ NTSU,-B.A.g Biology, Geol- ogy. MENG WASSER, PATg Northeast Missouri State Col- lege, B.S.g English 5-6, 7-8. MILAN, JERRYg University of Texas, B.S., NTSU, M.Ed.g P.E., Gymnastics. "MILLER, PAT: NTSU, B.S.g Distributive Education: DECA. -MITCHELL, WESg Southwestern State College, B.A.g Related Math, Algebra, Speech. MONKS, IULIAQ Purdue University, B.S., NTSU, M. Ed. 5 American History, Sociology, World History. MONROE, EILEENg Baylor University, B. A, 5 English 1-2g Student Council Sponsor. MONTGOMERY, WANDAg UTA. B.S.g German, English 1-2, CVAE English, German Club. -MORRIS, TYRONEg Midwestern University, B.S.g P. E, , Tennis Coach. MURPHY, JAMESg UTA, Texas Wesleyan College, B.S.g Physical Science, Intramurals. MYERS, VERNg ETSU, B.A.g Librarian, Freshman Sponsor. NASH, OLETA: TWC, B.B.A., NTSU, M.B.E.: Vocational Office Educationg OEA. PANKRATZ, CHARLES, Southwestern State, B.S.g World History, Coach. fl gf! . W 0110! Qc , POGUE, IOHNQ ETBC, B.S., NTSU, M.Ed.g Astro, Science, Physics, Algebra, Geometryg Photo Staff Sponsor. ' REAVIS, WlLLg University of Houston, B.M.E. , Howard Payne College, M.M.g Band. -REYNOLDS, DOYLEQ Texas Tech, B.S., McMurry College, M.Ed.g World History, Health, Coach. RUCKER, BETTYEg Howard Payne College, B.S., W.S.C., M.A.g Dean of Womeng National Honor Society, YCW. , RUCKER, PATSY3 NTSU, B.S.9 Homemakingg FHA. SALES, JUNEQ Texas Tech, B.S., M.E.g Homemak- ing, Home Furnishings. SCHUTTS, 1. L.g Sam Houston, B.S.g Biologyg Ro- deo Club. SEAMAN, BOBBlEp Midwestern University, B.A.g Spanish, English 5- 6, Spanish Club. SHEARBURN, V. V.: Arkansas State, B.S.E., Kan- sas State University, M.S.g Assistant Principal. SINGLETON, SANDRAg Texas Tech, B.S.g UICSM Geometry, Related Math. -FFAYLOR, MADELINEg McMurry College, B.S.,g Sul Ross State, M.Ed.g Counselor, National Honor Society. TEDDLIE, LEONg NTSU, B.S. , M. Ed. 5 Physical Sci- ence, Coach. THOMPSON, PHlLlPg NTSU, Drafting. TRUMAN, JOANg TCU, University of Texas, French French Club. VAN CLEEF, JUNE: SMU, B.A.g Art, Art-Crafts. WARD, BEVERLY: University of Texas, B.S.g World Historyg Troy- Anns. WELLS, MODIEQ NTSU, B.S.g English 3-4, 5-6. WILEY, PAULg Southeastern State, B.S., NTSU, M.Ed.g World Geographyg Coach. . A - , Q1 ' if 'fi '7 9 beam CQMGJ, Mdywwgg V fflaxa fadta J lfflfi junta- 0 " loam ci, flea? !QQ,J.0,0o1GlJ9g 'QAM V naw-'aft 'Mi-swf fl, UUAZQ Lwsos4lQP,QQQ5taf:'o24Qf MTM- XYWQ Uwtwvwc Ma a ea... aaa... Mfffwa ae- frerat f I 4 Q26 Zi ' jfcsr-Ugg 77"Q,L9aa,.,a2L SENIOR CLASS Adair, Claudia, DECA 425, Treas. 425, 136, 276. Alexander, Sharon, VOE 415, 276. Allen, Phillip, DECA 425, Vice Pres. , Student Council 415: Outstanding DE Student 68- 69, Honolable Mention 4DECA Area ntest5, 136,276. Baker Debi oy Anns 425 ri Hi , ': ' , " " C , FS . . ' gmt l ou lu 425, Vice ., Gy nastics 425, Cheer ader 425, 130, Student Counci 2 ra 168, 276. Baldwin, Lynda, So h. Council 415, T y-Ann , Pres., Drill ea , a onor S t ' r '- Hi-Y, Senio ss e 4 Troub s 5, Acappella Choir 415, Miss T.H.S. Chr as Ball Queen 19 8, 80, 95, 114,115, 162, 276. Ball, Kathlee - 415, y ' Ballas, Kirby 425, I tra ura Council, Band 435, Troubadors,'27 Bane Tom -276 gl A Dodson, Shirley, Tro5?Anns 425, FHA 4251, Pres.: FTA 415, DECA 415, Sec., CW 415, Jr. Tri-H1-Y 415, Trouba- dors 415, Student Cotuicil 415, 136, 279. Dooley, Vicki, Drill Team 415, Troy- Anns 425, Vice- Pres., Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 15, FTA 415, Troubadors 425, Acap- p lla Ch ' , Seniortlo cil 415, Miss THS, 1968-69, or 'ety 41 162, 279. o 1 , is, 279. Dunham, Cathy, FTA 425, Tri-Hi-Y 415, Troy-Anns 425, Acappe C ir 425, FHA 415, 279. Elledge 'c rd, E 7 . arison, Ba 4 , mnastics, 279. Farrington, Jo , V 415, 279. Fields, Bruce, Art Club 415, Pres., Chess Club 415, Art ch r hi 19 7, h in History 1968-69, 105, Foltz, ' ord, nd 415, DECA 415, 279. Forrest, y, Band, Chess Club, 279. Freeman Frank- DECA- 279. Barnett, Fra im Q32 27 y ' Freeman: Prissy, Troy-Ann 15, FTA 415: VOE, Treas., Barnhill, Glenn, CVAE, Vice-Pres., 2,276. Barron, Darlene, Tro Te 415, Bayless, Bill, Let , - n Club 174, 276. Bean, Kayleen, Band 435, VOE 415, 76. Blackburn, Sharon, FHA 415, 276. Bledsoe, Bill, 26,111,277. Boatright, Richard, C E. Bomar, Barbara, Tri i- 4 , Spee h rama ' Gymnastics 425, FT HDSQKT e plans 4259 277. Bowmerr, Mike, 277. Boyce, Rebecca, Troy-Anns 415, Drill Team 415, Tri- Hi-Y 415, Vice- Pres., 130, 162, 277, 288. Boyd, Barbara, VOE415, FHA 415, Class Pres., Tr - i 415, Troubadors 415, 277. Braddy, Tommy, Mixed Choir 415, Pres., 151, 277. Bradfield, James, Jr., DECA, 277. Brandon, Herb. Brannen, Pam, Troy-Anns 425, Inter-Club Council, Stu- dent Council 425, Tri-Hi-Y 415, Pres. , Gymnastics 435, Cheerleader 415, 130, 168,169,277. Brisbon, David, Band 435, Historian 425, Troubadors 425, Science Club 415, Treas. , Chess Club 415, Vice- Pres. , Nat. Honor Society 425, Student Council Alternate 415, Nat. Science Foundation Alternate, Nat. Merit Scholar- ship Semi- finalist, 107, 115, 155, 277. Britt, Wayne, 277. Brown, Lee, 277. Brown, Max, Rodeo Club, FHA Beau, 277. Buckelew, Ricky, Gymnastics Team 425, Who's Who in Gymnastics, 26, 277. Carnes, Karen, Rodeo Club 425, Fl-IA 425, Intramural Council 415, 278. Clark, Alan. Clark, John, Optimist Club 425, Student Council 415, Sen- ior Cotuicil, 278,281. Clements, Evan, Nat. Honor Society 415, Treas., AFS, Gymnastics Manager 425, Football, Who's Who in Draft- ing, 114, 115, 278. Cleveland, Leslie, Track Team 425, 278. Clonch, Joanne, Intramurals 415, Troy-Anns 415, Drill Team 415, German Club 415, Gymnastics Team 435, Stu- dent Council 415, Nat. Honor Society 425, 114, 115,162, 278. Cochran, Charles, VOE 415, Science Club 425, Choir 415, Athletics 435. Coker, James, Track Team 415, Optimist Club 425, Rodeo Club 415, 278. Cook, Don, 278. Copher, Jerry, Letterman Club 415, 174, 176, 278. Covington, Amy, Band 435, Troy-Anns 415, Anniial Staff 415, Spanish Club 415, Nat. Honor Society, 114,278. Crocker, Mark. Davis, Randy, Octagon Club 415, 278. DeFau, Beth, Latin Club, Intramural Council, Troy- Anns, 103, 278. Dennie, Peggy, 114,162. Dixon, Larry, Basketball 425, Nat. Honor Society, Opti- mist Club, Mr. THS 1968- 69, 115,186,187,279. Acappella Choir, Sec., 137 151,280. Freeman, Robert, German C b 415, Science Club 415, ammons, Judy, Troy-Anns'425, Tri-Hi-Y 415, Rodeo Club 425, Student Council 415, Intramural Council 415, 280. Gann Phil, DECA 425, Vice- Pres., 280. a Nor , tr ur 1Council 415, Troy- Anns 415, e ta 515, Lieutenant, 161,162, 280 eer, Darrel Chess Club4 5, Band 435, 280. Giddens, Edi , VOE 415, DECA 415, 280. Gilmore, Cindy, Troy-fb ns 415, VOE 415, German Club 415: 280. oodric Richard, up ist Clu fm Pres. 415, German N i . 1 Lo ety, Varsity Bas- 5, f fa. n - tudent Council, Outstanding Student 1969, Who's Who in Chemistry and Basketball, Minnie Piper Steven's Scholarship Nominee, 186, 280. Gorman, David, 280. Grady, Alma, FHA 425, Acappella Choir 415, Mixed Choir 425, 280. Green, Ronald, DECA 425, Parliamentarian, 280. Grippe, Fred, 281. Guinn, David, 281. Hale, Doug, German Club, Chess Club, Marching Band, 281. Hammel, Mark, Swimming Team 425, 281. Handley, Debbie, Troy- Anns 425, 281. Hanna, David, Octagon Club, Vice- Pres. National Hon- or Society, Commended Student National Merit Scholar- ship Test, 114, 115, 281. Harris, Dale, Acappella Choir, Pres. , National Honor Society, All-State Choir 1969, 281. Harris, Sharron, FHA 415, VOE 415, 281. Harris, Steve, Optimists 425, Sec. and Treas., Gymnas- tics 415, Student Council 415, Who's Who in PE, 281. Hazzard, Preston, Key Club 415, Optimist 425, Gymnas- tics 425, Troubadors 425, Student Council 415, Debate Squad 415, Intramural Council, National Thespians, 110, 281. Hendrickson, Bobby, Swimming Team, Student Council, Alternate, 282. Henry, Ronnie, Optimist Club 425, Gymnastics 4 25, Stu- dent Council 415, 282. Heuszel, Janice, Science Club 425, FHA 425, Troubadors, FTA, German Club 425, Troy-Anns 415, 106, 282. Hightower, Tommy, Key Club 415, FCA, Letterman Club 425, 111, 174, 282. Hilborn, Dennis, Chess Club 415, Spanish Club 415, Who's Who in Drafting, 282. Hill, J., 131. Hinojoza, Eddie, DECA 425, Reporter-Pres., Student Council 425, Interclub Council 415, 102, 136, 282. Hodges, Jane, Troy-Anns 415, Drill Team 415, Trouba- dors 425, 162, 282. Hooten, Teresa, FHA 425, OEA 415, Troy-Anns, 282. Howell Keith, Gymnastics 415, 282. H ud so n Ingram, Jerry, Optimist Club 415, DECA 415, 277, 282. Mary Ann, FHA 115, 282. 297 Jackson, Alton. Jackson, Judy, Drill Team 415, Troy- Anns 425, FTA 415, Tri-Hi-Y 425, Chaplain, Troubadors 425, Choir 415, Whois Who in PE: 1,09,130, 163, 282. Jarrett, Jeanette, 283. J effryes, Stephen, National Honor Society, German Club, CommendedfNational Merit Scholarship, 114, 115, 283. Jenkins, Keith, DECA, 283. Johnston, Mike. Jones, Jimmy, Science Club 425, Chess Club, Pres. Gym- nastics Team 425, 283, 287. Jones, Leslie, 114, 115. Kalina, Arlan, Swimming 425, Football 415, 283. Karanian, Richard, Gymnastics, Student Council, 104, 107, 283. Keck, Ray, Band 435, Assist. Drum Major, DECA 41 1125, Parliamentarian, Senior Council 415, 283. Kemp, Diane, FHA 415, Troy-Anns 425, 283. Kinler Debra Intramurals 1 Tro Anns 1 Re 1 5 C ,S yi- g J: P'i Drill Team 415, Lieutenant, Student Council 415, Trouba- dors 415, 161, 163, 283. Lacy, Carol, 163. Lammons, Garry, 292. Langdon, Darlene, DECA 415, FHA 415, 284. Larson, Sherry, Student Council 425, OEA Sec., Troy- Anns, Acappella Choir, Troubadors, National Honor So- ciety, National Thespians, Who's Who in Spanish, 137, 284. Lasseter, Bram, Spanish Club 415, mural Club 415, 284. Ledbetter, James, 155. Ledbetter, Sherri, Troy-Anns 415, Hi-Y 415, Intramural Council 415, Lemons, Marta, Student Council, Class Sec.-Treas., Troubadors, 284. Lucas, James, National Honor Society 425, Gymnastics 415, 114, 115, 284. Lynch, Linda, DECA, Historian, Student Council 415, Troy- Anns 425, Troubadors 415, National Thespians, Who' Who in Art 1969, 137, 284. McCann, Carol, Band 425, Sec. FTA 415, FHA 435, VOE, Key Club 415, Inna- Drill Team 415, Tri- 163, 284. , Senior Council, FHA, 285. McCommons, Dorothy, Troy-Anns 415, Spanish Club 415, oEA 415, Pres., 102,137,285 McDonald, Cindy, DECA 425, 285. McKinnon, Pam, FHA 415, Troubadors 415, 285. McNeely, Tom, Troubadors. McNeill, Gayland, Optlmists 415, 19, 287. liflafsey, Tim, Spanish Club 415, FTA 415, Football 415, 8 . Maxwell, Christi, Troy- Anns 425, Troubadors 425, Choir 435, All-Region Choir, 105, 285. Meserole, George, Track, 116, 285. Meserole, Mary, Student Council 425,If1U'3TT1Ufa1. PICS- r FHA 425, Tri-Hi-Y 415 , Gymnastics 435,Drama Club 625: Vice Pres. of Jr. Class, Athletic Award, Cheerleader 425, Jr. Class Favorite, Basketball Sweetheart 1970, 18, 131, 285. Montgomery, Gloria, FTA, Parliamentarian, FHA 425, National Honor Society, Band 435, Troy- Anns, Sr. Tri- Hi-Y, Troubadors, Intramural, All-Region Band 435, Col Exchange Student, 114, 28 5. Moore, Chuck, Rodeo Club, Moore, Darrell, DECA, 285. Moore, Julie, German Club 425, Sec.-Treas. 425, Tri- Hi-Y 425, Troy-Anns 425, Latin Club 415, YCW 415, Sec.- S Treas., Swimming Team, National Honor Society, Who's Who in German, 114, 115, 126, 285. Moore, Robert, National Honor Society 415, Pres., Sci- ence Club 425, Spanish Club 415, Student Council 415, AFS Chairman, Mr. THS, Tennis 425, Captain, 106, 114, 115, 28 5. Murphey, Kathy, FTA 425, Pres. 425, National Honor So- ciety 415, Troy-Anns 425, Chorus 415, Drama Club 435, Cheerleader 435, National Thespians 435, Mardi Gras Queen, Lions Club Basketball Queen, Most Friendly Sen- ior, 104, 114, 168, 286. Murphy, Randy, Gymnastics 425, 282, 286. Mullins, Wayne. Neal, Liz, Spanish Club 415, Sec.-Treas., Chess C1ub 415, National Honor Society 415, FHA 425, 140, 286. Nelson, Beth, National Honor Society 415, Intramural Council 415, Drama Club 415, Troy-Anns 415, Drill Team 415, Who's Who in Business, Olivetti Underwood Business Award, 114, 115, 163, 286. Odum, Jackie, 286. Osborne, Rusty, Tri-Hi-Y Beau, 286. Parker, Pat, Troubadors, Intramural, Choir, Daisy Mae, 131, 286. Parker, Robert, 286. Pence, Paul, 23, 183. Perry, Renee, Drill Team 415, FHA 435, Student Council, 163, 287. Peters, Robert, Student Council. Plumlee, Jim, Band 435, Student Council 415, 287. Potthoff, Patty, 18, 163. Randall, Steve, 287. Reid, John, Science Club 415, Band, Student Council 415, 115, 287. Reiley, Cheryl,.Student Council, Troy-Anns, FHA 425, Class Chairman, Nat. Honor Society, 114, 115, 287. Renfro, Paul, 287. Rhodes, Joe, Band 415, Student Council 415, 287. Richter, Debi, Drama Club 425, FHA 415, Spanish Club 415, Social Chairman, Choir 435, All-Region Choir, 140, 160, 287 . Richter, Donna Carol, Drill Team, Manager 415, Troy- Anns 415, Fl-lA 415. Riggs, Deretta, Senior Council 415, Student Council 425, Fl-I 415, FTA 415, Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 415, Sec. Troy-Anns 425, Troubadors 415, Acappella Choir 425, Sec., 130, 159, 287. , Riner, Pam. Robinson, James: 288. 2 QNX 4'4" it Rolen, Tim, Gymnastics 425, 288. M r-lit' Q ,fi Rollans, Ron, Student Council 415. QU' lf' ,, ,LL Searcy, Debbie, FHA 435, Tennis 435, Choir, Optimist gk 5 t" Club, 110, 288. 4 1 ,, - 4 5 is Shelton, Frank, French Club, 288. I4 U 44' .1-U' J N Sherrill, Barry, 288. jk L45 Cr out , 4 ij shrner, Jerry, 288. .r ,, 5 '- , RX shifler, Terry, 288. fit., ,tj 44 lf ,ff 4 Shuptrine, Cathy, OEA 415, Sec, 288.41186 VL Y 17,4 4 i .fr Sleeman, Robert. J., X' L XL ' ,Hoff 1, Smith, James, Gymnastics 425, 288. If gLV'xf5? I AA. 5' Smith, Linda, 114, 115. lf 'V' KL Smith, Tanis, DECA 415, Sec., FHA 425, OEA 415. r gil-'Ay Sorrell, Clifton, Student Council 435, President 415, Op- " timist Club 425, Sgt. at Arms 415, Latin Club 415, Sec. , Sr. Cabinet 415, Basketball 435, Sr. Class Pres., 22,27, 80, 186, 289. Spohn, Frank. Starks, Johnny, 289. Stearns, Larrcy, 289. Stephens, Ju y, Band 425, Chorus 415, VOE 415, 289. Stevens, Jerry, Spanish Club 415, National Honor Society 415, Acappella Choir 415, Science Club 415, Mixed Choir 415, 1l5,289. Stevens, Linda, OEA 415, Parliamentarian, 289. Stevens, Nicky, Basketba1l435, Jr. Class Favorite, 186, 289. Stites, Phillis, FHA 415, Student Council 415, 106, 289. Stone, Steve, Choir 4l!25, 289. Strahan, Ramona, FHA 435, Sec, , Class Rep. , Troy-Anns 425, Drill Team 415, National Honor Society 425, Senior Council 415, Who's Who in Homemaking, 115, 163, 289. Sumpter, James, 114. Takahashi, Hiroshi, Science Club, National Honor Soci- ety, AFS Student, 290, 292. Taylor, Carol, Troy-Anns 415, FHA 415, 290. Thompson, Margaret, Student Council 415, FTA 425, FHA 435, Class Pres. 425, Troy- Anns 415, Drill Team 415, Man- agler, Sr, Tri-Hi-Y 415, Troubadors 415, 160, 290. T asher, Delton, Student Council 425, Cabinet Member, Optimist Club, Sr. Class Vice- Pres., 80, 290. Ti ert, Jim, Athletics 415. I Tyqer, Barbara, Chorus 4 5, Student Council 425, Troy- Anns 415, FTA 415, FHA 415: 290. Vau hn, William, DECA, 290. Walsroup, Mike, 131,29O. Waldroup, Mike, 131, 290. Walker, Hack, Swimming 425, Rodeo Club 425, 286,290. Walker Sharon-OEA 1 FHA 1-290 , ' L 4255 291. Whitson, Sheila, Mixed Choir 425. Cordell, Vickie, 257 . . . C DS C J- - Wall, Linda, National Honor Society 415, Sec. , Spanish Club 415, Pres. , Science Club 415, Troy- Anns 415, Senior Council, 103, 114, 115, 140, 290. Ward, Butch, Football 4Soph.5. Waters, Ronnie, VOE, 291. Watson, Bruce, Octagon Club 425, Vice Pres. Swimming 415, Student Council 415, National Honor Society 415, 114, 291. Watson, Wade. Webb, Diane, 114. Wheeler, Linda, Band 435, Science Club 425, German Club 425, Troubadors 415, National Honor Society 415, National Thespians, 114, 290. Whigham, Sharon, Band 435, Majorette, Senior Council 415, Chess Club 425, Sec: Treas. 425, National Honor So- ciety, Troubadors 435, Science Club 415, Sec. 415, Col. Exchange Student, 114, 291. cV3hliclgs51Gary, Rodeo Club 415, Speech Club 415, Football Wilbanks, Rob, 291. Wilkey, Prissy, Intramural Council, Science Club, 291. Willialm. Sandra: DECA 425, Pres., Parliamentarian, 136, 291. wright, ora, FHA, 291. Wright, Ronnie, 291. Wyatt, Claudia, Intramural Council, OEA 415, Vice Pres ,Troy-Anns 415, 292, Tennis 425, 140, 292, Yarbrough, Dolores, Chess Club 415, FHA 415, 292. Zieschang, Kim, Student Council 425, Vice- Pres. , His- torian, Optimist Club 415, German Club 425, Sgt. at Arms, Science Club 415, Pres., Commended National Merit Student, Who's Who in English, National Merit Who's Who, 114, 115, 283, 291. White, Laura, Troy- Anns 425, Chess Club 425, Troubadors Wyatt, Kathleen, Spanish Club 415, Vice Pres. , FHA 425, JUNIOR CLASS Alkire, Randty, 174, 17 6, 254. Allen, Jenni er, 254. Alston, Allen, 254. Anderson, Allen, 95, 17 4, 181, 254. Anderson, B. J.: 127,175,178,254. Anika, Lary, 254. Armond, Linda, 254. Arth, Michael, 254. Bacon, Rhonda, 254. Baker, Bobbie, 254. Baker, Mike, 254. Banell, Robert, 254. Barbee, Jerr ,254. Barnett, Mikie, 254. Barry, Ken, 254. Beaver, Hank, 254. Benham, Lann, 254. Bennett, John, 254. Ber , Jimmy, 255. Bibi, Luanne, 255. Blaker, Dave, 255. Boatright, Tommy, 150,255. Boucher, Mike, 255. Braddy, Glenda, 255. Brake, Gary, 255. Brandon, Hubert, 255. Brazil, Rita, 255. Breaker, Carol, 255. Brister, Karen, 256. Britt, Tommy, 256. Brooks, Randy, 255. Brown, Lee, 55. Browning, Susan, 142, 154, 256. Bush, Bobby, 256. Butts, Dan, 255. Byrd, Al, 255. Byrd, Bob, 150,255. Carter, Caren, 81, 164,256. Carlson, Carl, 256. Carter, Randy, 256. Chambers, Alicia, 256. Chambers, Pat, 256. Chancey, Susan, 256. Charles, Chris, 256. Chezem, Paul, 256. Chrismon, Lonnie, 256. Christopherson, Jody, 134, 168, 169, 256. Clevenger, Vicki, 256. Clifton, Camara, 256. Clonch, Allen, 256. Clowers, Terri, 257. Coleman, Jimmy, 150,257. Collins, Robert, 257. Combs, Linda, 164,257. Conwill, Sandy, 257. Corley, Curtis, 257. Court ey, Jack, 257. Cowan, Suzanne, 257. Cox, Von, 257. Crawford, Bunny, 257. Crawford, Darryl, 257. Cross, Michael, 257. Dahlman, Pam, 257. Daniel, Carolyn, 257. Davidson, Wilma, 257. Davis, Randall, 257. Day, Larry, 258. Denari, Gail, 164,258. Donelly, Don, 258. Dougherty, Marsha, 164,258. Dunn, Lynn, 19, 168, 169, 258. Durbin, Becky, 86, 169, 258. Durham, David, 258. Dykes, Nancy, 258. Eddings, Steve, 258. Elarn, Scott, 258. Elliott, Steve, 258. Eudaly, Brenda, 258. Farmer, Phyllis, 258. Fielder, Richard, 258. Fields, Norman, 258. Finch, Reagan, 111, 186,258. Finch, Richard, 258. Flowers, Diane, 164,259. Finnegan, Sharon, 259. Forrest, Mike, 259. Foster, Debbie, 110,259. Foster, Pam, 158,259. Foster, Rhonda, 259. Fowler, Billy, 259. Frank, Jeanette, 34, 64, 259. Fuller, Debbie, 161, 259. Futch, Sherri, 259. Gardner, Kenny, 259. Garner, Dan, 259. Gazalski, Debbie, 259. George, George, 174, 176, 259. George, Larry, 183,259. Gera d, Jim, 259. Geron, David, 259. Giddens, Carole, 260. Giebel, Van, 260. Gilder, Michelle, 260. Gleaton, Denise, 160,26O. Glover, Michael, 17 5, 180, 260. Goeke, Louis, 175, 176, 186, 260. Gonzalez, Rudy, 182,26O. Gooch, Dennis, 260. Gorman, Tom, 260. Greer, Barbara, 120, 260. Griffin, Steve, 260. Griggs, Amy, 23, 95, 103, 120, 142, 161 1 4,26o. Grimm, Jeff, 142,26O. Hajas, Mike, 260. Hall, Barbara, 260. Hall, David, 155,260. Hall, Kay, 260. Hallmark, Mickie, 261. Hambright, Teresa, 261. Hamilton, Theresa, 261. Hassmann, Russell, 261. Henry, David, 261. Henson, Diana, 261. Hewitt, Royce, 261. Hightower, Valerie, 261. Hi , Steve, 261. Hinojoza, Geni, 159,261. Hodges, Karen, 261, Hogan, Connie, 261. Hogan, Willie, 261. Holtzclaw, Cindy, 261. Holtzclaw, Dhiana, 261. Hooper, Gary, 262. Hooper, Mark, 262. Howell, Rene, 262. Hubbard, Brenda, 262. Hudson, Mark. Hughes, Jean, 262, Hunt, Kim, 74, 177, 262. Hyde, Janet, 126, 164,262. Ice, Deborah, 262. Jarrett, Delores, 164,262. Jeffryes, Marti, 262. Jenkins, Sharon, 262. Jernigan, John, 142,262. Johnson, Donna, 262. Johnston, Richie, 18,155,262 Jones, Linda, 262. Jones, Rhonda, 262. Kaiser, Kent, 262. Karpenko, Mark, 263. Kelso, Dorothy, 263. Kenney, John, 263. Killion, Jimmy, 263. Kincaid, Connie, 263. King, Don, 263. King, Edward, 186,263. Kinsey, Vickie, 134,263. Kirksey, Kathy, 263. Kleiber, Norma, 110, 263. Klein, Jan, 263. Knight, Bert, 263. Koen, Tommy, 81, 104,263. Koether, Phil, 263. Kopenhafer, Tom, 18,263. Krueger, Bruce, 263. D iv Kummer, Rob, 263. Landers, Brenda, 264. Lawson, Geneva, 164,264. Leeman, Mike, 264. Lefler, Barry, 264. Lefler, Gary, 264. Lemmons, Perry, 264. Lewinn, Cathy, 264. Lewis, Gary, 264. Lindsey, Bill, 264. Lindsey, Don, 264. Lindsey, Drenda, 126,264. Linton, Pat, 264. Lightbody, Linn, 264. Livel , Mars , 164,264. Lloydyi Elbert, 264. Loafman, Phyllis, 264. Loutrel, Bill, 265. Ludwig, Holly, 265. Lytle, Vic, 265. Mahoney, Robert, 186,265. Maloney, Darlene, 265. Mann, Jeanette, l64,l65,265. Manord, Donna, 265. Marco, Debbie, 265. Martinez, Ginger, 265. Massey, Roseanna, 265. Mathis, Janet, 265. Mathis, Ruth, 265. Maldin, Linda, 265. Mayfield, Jerre, 136,265. McCarley, Pam, 265. McCormick, Joan, 164,265. McElroy, Patrick, 265. McKenna, Linda, 266. McKinnon, Doug, 266. McMinn, Tena, 266. McNary, Priscilla, 266. Meador, Debbie, 266. Metcalf, Dwayne, 77,266. Metheny, Richard, 95, 186, 266. Meeks, Rex, 266. Meisner, Lonnie, 177. Melton, Sharon, 266. Melton, Steve, 266. Me er, Robert, 266. Midldleton, Betsy, 161, 164,266. Mills, Bud, 266. Mills, Walter, 107, 266. Mims, Greg, 267. Minix, Debbie, 267. Mitchell, Debbie, 267. Mitchell, John, 267. Moore, Dicky, 267. Moore, Jamie, 267. Moore, Peggy, 267. Morrison, Garcy, 267. Murray, Davi ,267. Mullins, Jan, 267. Murr, Martha, 164,267. Myers, Bill. Nations, Tricia, 267. Neal, Michail, 267. Nichols, Keith, 267. Niewiadomy, Ernie, 267. Noble, Barry, 267. Noland, Paula, 267. Nolen, Randy, 267. Norris, Lynn, 267. Odle, Pam, 267. Owen, Debbie, 267. Owen, Julia, 120, 165, 268. Oxhandler, Neil, 268. Parker, Estella, 268. Parker, LaVerne, 268. Parker, Nancy, 268. Patrick, Dan, 268. Payne, Rhonda, 268. Pearce, Carol,,268. Pennell, Sandra, 268. 4 ' 5 Perez, Ernie, 268. Perez, George, 268. Perry, Leon, 268. Perry, Yvonne, 268. Peters, Robert, 268. Phillips, Doug, 268. Phipps, Rex, 68. Pitts, Dou ,269. Polk, Sheferag 269. Pope, Tommy, 269. Price, Terry, 165,269. Prince, Buckie, 269. Qualls, Van, 174, 181, 186, 269. Raney, Cynthia, 269. Rasor, Debbie, 269. Ray, Mark, 75, 81, 174, 186, 269. Reiley, Wesley, 269. Reynolds, Randy, 175, 176, 269. Rice, Deborah, 269. Rich, Jeff, 269. Richburg, Carla, 269. Riley, Steve, 269. Rios, Paul, 269. Roach, Robert, 108,269. Robberson, Mike, 270. Rogers, Cyndy, 270. Rogers, Debbie, 270. Rogers, Mark, 94, 174, 270. Rogers, Sharon, 270. Rose, Donna, 270. Rosemann, Rick, 270. Ross, Dale, 270. Ro al Cind 165 270 Y . YS . - Rutledge, Mike, 109, 120, 127, 174, 178 27 O. Ryder, Jeannie, 270. Saleh, Pam, 270. Sanderlin, Mike, 270. Saunders, Christy, 270. Saunders, Cindy, 270. Scott, Bill, 271. Schoonover, George, 271. Schweizer, Mark, 183,271. Scribner, Sherry, 271. Seaton, James, 182, 271. Seider, Shirley, 271. Shelton, Janet, 271. Shelton, Karen, 271. Shirley, Brenda, 271. Shull, Virginia, 159,271. Smith Donna, 271. Smith, James, 271. Smith, Jerr ,271. Smith, Rickly, 271. Smith, Ronnie, 271. Smith Shirley- 271. Smithey, Danny, 271. Soule, Dorris, 271. Sowell, Riki, 127, 174, 180, 271. Sparks, Debbie, 126, 271. Sparks, Sperry, Kaye, 271. Mary, 272, Sportsman, Gayla, 272 , Spruill, LaQuita, 272. Spurlock, Vicki, 272. Stanford, Paul, 272, Stevens, Deborah Jane, 273. Stevens, Kathy, 273. Q Stewart Strand, Stewart, Barbara, 273. Stewart, Chris, 273. Debra- 165,273. 'Sharon,, 27 3. Stroder, Karen, 273. Stryker, Margaret, 273. Sutton, Harvey, 273. Sweeney, Dale, 273. Taylor, Robert, 272. Thompson, Trudy, 104, 158,272 Thrasher, Sandra, 272, Tidwell, Aundrea, 272, O Q9 rt , . Tilford, Tony, 272. Tillinghast, Bob, 110, 127, 272. Tipton, Ronnie, 272. Tufte, Gary. Pa - 72 Urbanek, Rob ie, . Valentine, Denise, 134, 164, 272 Van Ry, Richard, 272. Van Wyckhouse, Lee, 272. Vaughn, Daniel, 272. Wade, Randy, 273. Waggoner, Tawnya, 273. Waite, Bruce, 273. Waldrep, Gary, 273. Wallace, Nann, 273. Ward, Bobby, 274. Ward, Ronnie, 274. Ware, Harold, 274. Warren, Mark, 26,274. Washington, Lewis, 274. Webb, Claudia, 165,274. West, Randy, 274. Whatley, David, 274. Wheeless, Sherry, 274. Whisenhunt, David, 274. White, Jimmy, 274. White, Kathy, 274. Whitfield, Bruce, 274. Wicks, Rogers, 274. Williams, Beverly, 274. 5 Williams, Janet, 274. Wilson, Rodney, 274. Wilson, Sherry, 275. Wilson, Virgil, 275. Wilson, Warren, 186, 275. Woods, Kim, 175, 178, 186, 275. Woodard, Chris, 275. Wright , Donna, 27 5. Wright, Gary, 275. Wright , Janice, 27 5. Wright, Mary, 275. Wri ht, Steve, 275. Y argro ugh, Robert, 275. Yerby, Steve, 30, 154, 155, 27 5. Young, Pam, 275. Zartman, Bill, 275. SO PHOMORE CLASS Adair, Jay, 232. Adams, Jimmy, 232. Adams, Karen, 232. Alldredge, Jimmy, 232. Allport, Pete, 232. Arnold, James, 232. Arth, Michele, 232. Askew, Ginger, 232. Askins, Mike, 232. Atkins, Tommy, 232. Babb, Kevin, 232. Baggett, Randall, 232. Baggett, Roger, 232. Bailey, Gladys, 232, Baker, Jeanna., 232. Baker, Tom, 232, Baldwin, Jan, 159,232. Bandy, Eddie, 232. Barker, Sheila, 232. Barnhill, Belinda, 233. Barnhill, Gary, l50,233. Barron, Johnny, 233. Barton, Teri, 233. Beam, LaDonna, 233. Bear, Jeff, 233. Bear, Ricky, 233. Beaver, Pam, 233. Belcher, Ricky, 182,233. Belue, Sherry, 233. Belue, Terry, 233. Benson, Darrelyn, 233. Betsill, Joe, 233. Betts, Patty, 233. Bien, Mike, 233. Bird, Wanda, 233. Blackerby, Mike, 233. Blancett, Linda, 233. Blankenship, Freda, 233. Boardway, Carroll, 233. Boatright, Cynthia, 233. Boiles, Gene, 233. Bonham, Vickie, 234. Bosquez, Joe, 234. Bowland, Janice, 234. Bowles, Sherry, 234. Bowmer, Daniel, 234. Bradford, Charles, 234. Bradfield, Scott, 234. Brake, David, 234. Brazzil, Charles, 234. Breeden, Mikeal, 234. Breesawitz, Sheri, 234. Briggs, Mike, 234. Brig t, Lloyd, 235. Brister, Gary, 182, 234. Brooks, Joe, 234. Brown, Cindy, 234. Brown, Darrell, 234. Brown, Glenn, 234. Brown, Jim, 182,234. Brown, Melody, 234. Brown, Tad, 235. Bryson, Val, 235. Bullard, Keith, 235. Bunce, Judy, 235. Bundren, Charles, 182,235. Burk, Vicki, 235. Burke, Richard, 235. Butler, Debbie, 235. Butler, Ricky, 235. Byers, Bill, 235. Bynum, Gwen, 235. Cain, Vicki, 235. Caldwell, Carol, 155,235. Canterberry, Cynthia, 23 Carmichael, David, 235. Carrol, Debbie, 235. Carter, Vicky, 235. 5. J Davis, Billy, 236. Davis, Ricky, 236. Dawson, Debbie, 236. Dean, Bill, 236. Dilley, Pam, 236. Dodson, Vicki, 236. Douglas, Joe, 236. Duc ett, Karen, 236. Dunavin, Bobby, 236. Dunham, Lynne, 154,236 Durham, Mark, 236. Eastwood, Mike, 182,236. Eden, Terry, 236. Ellington, James, 236. Epperson, Teresa, 236. Falls, Beth, 238. Feild, Brad, 238. Ferree, Marsha, 238. Fincher, Charles, 238. Finchrun, Kenneth, 238. Findley, Sheri, 238. Fink, Vicki, 154, 238. Fitch, Judy, 238. Foley, Gary, 238. Footlander, Michael, 238. Ford, Doris, 238. Fordyce, Mike, 238. Foretich, Susan, 238. Forister, Donna, 238. ff Foster, Fredia, 238. J! 879g Franks, Suzanne, 238 JL'- Freeman, Linda, 238. Gammon, Flip, 238. .Grayy Vieliieis 559. .24 Gammons, Brenna, 238. Garrison, Debi, 159,238. Garza, Alice, 238. Gayda, S aron, 238. Gerard, Rimky, 238. Gibbard, Sandy, 238. Gilby, Gar ,238. Gilliam, Q erry, 239. Gist, Glen 239. GolightTyFgBarbara, 239. Gomelz, Juadrtsag 239. Gonzalez Laura, 239. Gorman, , 239. Graff Pali, RZ eenl, Ddhna 239. 239. Gri Wil ehip 239. T: Nixfiiis .3 , ss, Azelle, ffommyg 239 X. Cathey, sue, 235. cevahey, Derma, 235. si Cavanaugh, Robert B., 235. Qs K Caviness, Mike, 235. Chakerian, Michael, 235. gr fx, Childers, Larry, 132235. 3? Q5 1- Christensen, Vicki, 237. Q5 Clark, Terri, 237. N xy Clemens, Pam, 167,237. 1 X, ' V' X. Cochran, Jarvis, 237. 73, ij, Coffman, Phyllis, 80,158,237g' X I' .rt Cohoon, Dianna, 237. QP, p ,XJ Q Collins, Karen, 237. X5 Q J' H3 Colligls, Tim, 237. -AX ' Com s, Ronn , 37. C ffl' AJ Conway, Mikye, 237. , by X Connell, Alan, 237. Conner, Jana L., 237. ,jf 3 Cook, Susie, 237. to if 13' Copher, Harold, 237. XJ W S Coston, Rod, 237. N X' Cottle, Dudle ,237. T4 N 42" centre, Johny?I237. Q, 15 jj if Cottrell, Jan, 237. ef '- . to X Courreges, Doug, 237:x F xx QKN, Courson, Pam, 237. X' J A ir' Crinet, Judy, 237. Crow, David, 182,237.' FT J X XJ K f Crow, Jim, 182,231 Dailey, Debbie, 237. Dalio, Toni, 236. Dalton, Mike, 236. Daniel, Karen, 236. Darrow, Dee Dee, 236. Davenport, Gearry, 182, 236. ' if QQ .X xi . X 1 XJ D xl . s, kj X. xg. W f x ofunweid, Jam, 95,159,.239. Guinn Richard- 239 bklalbert, Teresa, 239 . Hale, David, 239. Haley, Shirley, 239. Hall, Dennis, 239. Hall, James, 239. Hallowell, Danial, 239. Hamilton, Mike, 239. Harpole, Gay, 239. Harris, Brad, 240. Harris, Mike, 240. Harris, Wren, 240. Harrison, Deryl, 240. Harrison, Joe, 240. Harriss, Doris, 240. Harvey, Dawn, 240. Hathcock, Karen, 240. Havenhill, Gary, 240. Hayden, Mike, 240. Hazzard, Steve, 240. Helm, Terry, 240. Henderson, David, 240. Henry, Mike, 240. Henson, James, 183, 240. Hernandez, Minerva, 240. Herrin Brenmon- 240 Higginlubrham, Glenn, 240. 791 Hi htower, Charnell, 240. Hii, Kennye, 240. Hill, Lanny, 240. Hix, Randall, 240. Hodges, Carol. Hogan, Connie S., 240. Hoglan, Gary, 241. Holaday, Jan, 241. Holomek, Lawsen, 241. Holt, Alan, 241. Hooper, Larry, 241. Hooten, Janie, 241. Houy, Gerald, 241. Huddleston, Brenda, 241. Huff, Pam, 241. Huffman, Monty, 241. Ice, Jean, 241. Jackson, Alan, 241. Jackson, Ricardo, 241. Jankey, Keil, 241. Jarrett, Mark, 241. Jenkins, Bonnie, 241. Jetton, Jacky, 241. Johns, Clayton, 241. Johnson, Jannette, 241. Johnson, Leanne, 241. Jones, Linda, 242. Jones, Sandy, 159,242. Kalina, Robbie, 242. Karlicek, Milan, 242. Keck, Cecil, 242. Kempe, Gary, 242. Kenned , Richard, 242. Kernodlbe, Judy, 242. Kerns, Pam, 160, 242, Kilmer, Marla, 242. King, Pam, 159, 242. King, Cheryl, 242. Kin er, Ched, 242, Kirkpatrick, Janet, 242. Kuhn, Debra, 242. Kuhn, Rickey, 242. Krause, Lisa, 242. Lackey, Steve, 242. Lancaster, Zoey, 242, Landreth, Pam, 242. Lane, David, 183,243. Lane, Doyle, 243. Langdon, Lorrie, 243. Lee, Jerry, 183,243. Lee, Mark, 243. Leigh, Barry, 183, 243. Leist, Janet, 243. Lemons, Sheryl, 243. Lewis, Gae, 243. Lindsey, Sam, 243. Linscott, Matt, 243. Linsteadt. Leah, 243. Livingston, Joe, 243. Livingston, Steve, 243. Lloyd, Harold, 243. Lockhart, David, 155,243 Long, Robert, 243. Lowe, Steve, 243. Lucas, Linda, 243. Lundquist, Suzy, 243. Lynch, Pat, 243. Maddox, Bobby, 243. Martinez, Blanca, 243. Mathis, Michael, 243. Matocha, Joseph, 244. Mauldin, Romaine, 244. Maynard, Vickie, 80, 158,244 McAda, Thomas, 244. McCardell, Don, 244. McCray, David, 244. McElroy, Terry, 244. McKinnon, Curtis, 244. McKnight, Mike, 244. McLen on, Bill, 244. McLane, Ronnie: 244. McMorrow, Cindy: 244. McNamee, Linda: 244. McNary, Debby: 244. McNeese, Paula: 244. McTee, David: 244. McWhorter, Carla L.: 244. McWilliams, Dee: 245. Meek, Ricky: 245. Mecyers, Robert: 182, 245. Mi dleton, Don: 245. -.K Rodgers, Donna: 248. Rojas, Cindy: 248. Rojas, Sylvia: 248. Romine, Rodger: 248. 1 .J Rose, Darlene: 248. gl, I iRucker, Charles: 248. ,3 QQU Ryan, Kathryn: 248. xo: Schickedanz, David: 248. fkm., Schrnoll, Ravonne: 248. , :NV xjschwarz, Ed: 248. fb Scott, Jacqueline: 248. . J W .VJ " Miller, Donna: 245. 2-f 3,5 "'i'SQOtt, Mike: 248. Mims, Beverly: 245. KV 'NN .IsJScott, Roy: 248. Mitchell, Kay: 245. ,fg :AV Sctoggins, Lynn: 24 Mitchell, Connie: 245. ,gf 1 Searcy, Elmo: 249 2' Mneheu, Me1ba:245. Xp - .- Seaton, Ann: 249. Mitchell, Nancy: 158, 245. S Seevers, Terry: 249, Montgomery, Randy: 245. '14 Sewell, Cathy: 2' lf Moore, Beverly: 245. :R X? V Seymour, lchn: 2j . Morrison, Mic ele: 245. X3 Q: ,xr Sheron,RRick : 249. 4 Morse, Velma: 245. 52 , gs, ,3gledden,'-'s.M1iie:5249. Moses, Beekie: 245. ,J -E N 'nmgs "fliSsb61: 249. Mu1i1ns,Debbe:245. xy, fy, J 1m1ey,Y is my: 249. Mullins, Jeni: 154, 245. 5 yd, LX ,ki rmmgig, aror1:249. Nail, Linda: 245. 'Q is J .:' s ton Xreri, 49. Nash, Steve: 245. XS: , N Sm wDiane 49. Needham, Mary: 245. ' Smit ,:Jay:174,,177,249. Neel, Rocky: 177,175,245. 1,1 Neel, Stacy: 245. Newberry, Judy: 245. Nichols, Alana: 166, 167, 245. Nichols, Doug. Nolen, James: 246. Norman, HZYVCJQ 174,246. Norris, James: 46. Odom, Nancy: 246. Offield, Malcom: 246. Onstott, Charlyn: 246. Orlowski, Debie: 246. Orr, Auther: 246. Osborne, Nick: 246. Osborne, Peter: 246. Pannell, Frances: 166, 167, 246. Parker, Jimmy: 246. Parker, Lynn: 246. Perez, Pauline: 246. Perry, Phyllis: 246. Petersen, Glenda: 246. Phillips, Karen: 246. Phi ps, James: 246. Pickens, Jeff: 246. Piper, Mike: 246. Podbreger, Gary: 246. Poole, Duane: 246. Poston, David: 246. Price, Dennis: 247. Prince, Tommy: 247. Procter, Bobby E.: 247. Puckett, Bob: 247. Quaid, Denise: 247. Quiroga, Connie: 247. Ragain, Dianna: 247. Ragain, Debbie: 247. Reed, Jerril: 247. Reeves, Wayne: 247. Reiley, Tom: 247. Resnick, Greg: 247. Rhodes, Tim: 183, 247. Rice, Connie: 247. Richards, Denise: 247. Richardson, Billy: 247. Richburg, Marla: 247. Richter, Clyde: 247. Richter, Pam: 247. Rickman, Dee Ann: 247. Riggs, Jerry: 248. Risenhoover, Margaret: 248. Risenhoo ver, Philip: 248 . Risinger, Steve: 175, 181, 248. Robberson, Garry: 248. Smithi Sherrill: 249. Smith, Ricki: 249. 1 Smith, Vicki: 249. Soliday, Michael,C.: 249 Sond roth, Carol: 249. Sorreql, Jerry: 249. sJ . sv, .ix Ax 1 1 Welborn, Janice: 25 . "' Wells, Perrin: 251. West, Floyd: 251. R Q3 2 mo West, Ric y: 252. 3-5. X Wheless, P ilip: 252. -ix White, Joe: 252. f QW White, Martha: 252. White, Rand :252. X White, Rieiqilg 252. ig . whitfierd, Steve: 252. , iss Whitley, Vickie: 252. 1 Whittington, Jimmy: 252. V ' Wiegel, Donna: 154,252. Wieneke, Yvonne: 252. QNX M Wilburn, Neil: 253. X 'x ,x ,VX N .,-:, J :UK N . Wilkey, Sandy: 253. V Williams, Homer: 253 5 J - A Wilson, Debby: 253. is ' ' Qc, Wilson, Donnal: 253. Q, X . wimp, Jeff: 253. E - PX Winters, Steve: 174, 178,2K3i Aff 2 'xf Wolfe, Susan: 253. 2. X Vo Woodfin, Bobby: 182,253. ' Wren, Ronnie: 174,253. Wright, James: 253. Wright, Laura: 253. Wyatt, Steve: 253. Wynn, Oscar: 253. s W x 3 S J N ' N3 Yarbrough, Dan: 253. Xe x X .1 ' s Yarbrough, Roy. Young, Clyde: 253. 4 ,Q P X' Young, Ro in: 253. souie, Kent: 249. , i 1 Zachary, DMUQYF 253- Sowell, Joe: 174, 249. 2 A ' ZaChIY1 Ffanklei 253- Springfield, Bobbie: 249. V Zalesky. Tom. Spurlock, Christi: 249. Xl giescf1hang6tlDeb5Z:3253. steere, Bob R.:249. 5 X 2 1 ure er. 0: - Stephan, Mike: 250. XXX Q: Ada.r B1oIiE1EiHgg'2NCLASS S h ,L'd:250. JR 1' 15 ' Sigllghggg, 1,321-313: 250. .N p 5, Aleicander, Steven: 212. Stetson, Mark: 250. 95 f Alklfe. Gary: 212- Stewart, Mike: 250. Y Alverson, Clyde: 212. Stone, Dallas: 240. in 4 fRUdefS'3U'TM1ke? Stone, Randall: 250. QQ 'X fmon - 1mmY? - Stone, Susan: 250, Arnold, Mark: 212. St , L :250. A Adkins, Steve: 212. Stgfgr, pygglys 250. K Atkins, Lecretia: 212. Strahan, Mary: 250. LJ - Baggeff, Bobby: 212- Sturdivant, Jackie: 250. L Q 331165. glam-CSS Sweet, Dennis: 250. .X 1, 1 I alle . 011156: - S h t, R b r: 250. 'N X Barber. DOHH21: 212. Sxgyfhgit, Rgd?r250. :X Barker, Doris: 212. Tackett, John: 250. , X5 Barksdale, Aplrrl Lynn: 212. Taylor, David: 250. :ix Barflhllls Kat Y? 212- Teel, Pamela: 155,250. Ten Napel, Garth: 175, 177, 250. Thrash, Sheryl: 250. Thrash, Tanya: 251. Threatt, Byron: 174, 181,251 Thompson, Walter: 250. Tibbets, Gayla: 251. Tidwell, Norma: 251. Townsend, Linda: 251. Tyler, Cheryl: 251. Vandagriff, Marilyn: 251. Vandiver, Anniece: 251. Van Wyckhouse, Scott: 251. Vaughn, Linda: 251. Vermillion, Debbie: 251. Waldrip, Charl : 251. Waldroup, Nita, 251. Walker, Bobalea, 126,251.,. Wallace, Kitty: 251. N waner, craig: 251. X 'NP Walraven,Ku,l'racy:-2-51-,,R:Y Walser, Dan: 251. 3 Walton, Gary: 251. Walton, Vic: 251. Weiland, Mike: 251. j , Bass, Darrell: 212. ' LJ Barnard, Gary: 212. Barringer, Debbie: 212. Barton, Chris: 212. IN ix- Barton, Christine: 212. Bayless, Roger: 212. Beckerle, Laurie: 212. E-f Belcher, Kay: 213. "MJ Bennett, Donna: 213. .J Bennett, Jerry: 231. -,Y Benton, Ricky: 231. Y Bethea, Nikki: 213. pl Binder, Barbara: 213. 1 Black, Sally: 213. Blanton, Randol: 213. Bledsoe, Stephanie: 213. Bloodsworth, Johnny: 213. Boler, Cindy: 213. Bolte, John: 213. Bomar, Weldon: 213. Bowman, Johnn :213. Boyle, Mike: 2i,3. Boyle, Sue: 213. Boyd, Chester: 213. Brackeen, Mark: 213. Whisenant, Douglaski E is Faulkner, Terry, 217 . Brad ford, Mike, 216. Bradford, Pat, 213. Brazil, Robert, 213. Brazzi l, Marty, 213. Brewer, Sharon, 213. Brewster, Jerry, 213. Bright, Laura, 213. Brister Wayne, 213. Brown, Deborah Lynn, 213 Brown, John, 213. Brown, John, 213. Brown, Jolene, 213. Brown, Mark, 213. Brown, Mike, 214. Brown, Ricky, 214. Browning, David, 214. Bruce, Monica, 214. Bruton, Mark, 214. Bryan, Cathy, 214. Bryson, Charles, 214. Buckelew, Robert, 214. Byars, Connie, 214. Byers, Kala, 214. Buck, Dee, 159, 214. Bunch, Clarnece, 214. Burnett, Karey, 214. Burns, Ronny, 214. 4 ' i. Dixon, Darrell, 216. Donaldson, Ivan, 216. Dooley, Tim, 216. Douglass, Stephen, 216. Doy e, Ricky, 216. Draper, Donna, 216. Earley, Cecil, 216. Eccles, Connie, 216. Edwards, Bill, 217. Epperson, Patti, 217. Eddings, Cheryl, 217. Erikson, Lynn, 95, 167, 217. Ernst, Kat y, 216. Ernst, Tony, 217. Estes, Walt, 217. Eubanks, lvena, 217. Evans, DeAnn, 217. Evans, Julian, 217. Everitt, Linda, 217. Fairchild, June, 217. Fairchild, Susan, 217. Famb, Michael, 217. Farmer, Connie, 217. Farris, Glen, 217. Farrow, Calvin, 217. Farrow, Larry Scott, Jr., 217 Butler, Rosemary, 214. Butler, Russell, 214. Caldwell, David, 214. Callendar, James, 214. Calvert, Barney, 214. Cantrell, Debbie, 214. Capps, Cindy, 214. Carpenter, Ron, 214. Carpenter, Trina, 214. Carr, Charlotte, 214. Carroll, Duain, 214. Carter, Bill, 214. Carter, Debbie, 214. Cavanaugh, Connie, 214. Chakerian, Cheryl, 214. Challenner, Richard, 214. Chambers, Jim, 214. Chancey, Tim, 215. Cisewski, Debra, 215. Clifton, Brent, 215. Clowers, Vicki, 215. Cochran, Cheryll, 215. Cohoon, Donald, 215. Coker, Gary, 215. Condra, LaTonda, 215. Copher, Tina, 215. Cox, Dennis, 215. Cox, Gary, 215. Copeland, Don, 215. Corley, Robert, 215. Courtney, Barbara, 215. Cowart, Ray, 215. Crabtree, Glenn, 215. Crawford, Paula, 215. Cross, Glenda, 215. Crouch, Cind ,215. Daniels, Randy, 215. Davidson, Beverly, 215. Davies, Clayton, 215. Davis, Greg, 215. Davis, Kim, 215. Day, Terry, 216. Dean, J. K., 216. Dean, Laurie, 216. Dean, Tim, 216. Dean, Vicki, 216. Dellinger, Mark, 216. Denman, Ginger, 216. Dennis, Jackie, 216. Dennis, Margie, 216. Dent, Walter, 216. Dickerson, Sue, 216. Didway, Linda, 216. Fennell, Tomy, 217. Fielden, David, 217. Fisher, David, 217. Flowers, Allen, 217. Foley, Terry, 217. Footlander, William, Jr., 217. Forrest, Gerald Richard, 217. Foster, Daryll, 218. Foster, Steve, 218. Francis, Steve, 217. Frank, Danny, 217. Freeman, Roger, 218. Freeman, Steve, 218. Fryar, Frankie, 218. Fuller, James, 218. Fuller, James, 218. Fuller, Jannice, 159,218. Gayhart, Tommy, 218. Gerard, Leslie, 218. Gibbard, Terry, 218. Gibson, Davis, 218. Gibson, Vance, 218. Gibson, Vicky, 218. Gilbert, Barbrah Diane, 218. Gilder, Lisa, 218. Giles, Tim, 218. Gillespie, Melody, 218. Gleihorn, Sandra, 218. Go ey, Beverly, 218. Godbey, Brenda, 218. Goff, Bill, 218. Goldsberry, James, 218. Gorman, Lori, 218. Gorman, Tim, 218. Gothard, Alera, 218. Green, Ray, 218. Grippe, Stephen, 218. Gunter, Greg, 218. Guntry, Dic , 218. Hall, Dotig, 219. Hamilton, Becky, 219. Hamilton, Mark, 219. Hamilton, Mary, 219. Hammel, Terri, 219. Hanagan, Paul, 219. Hand ey, Christina, 219. Harms, Steve, 219. Harris, Holly, 219. Hart, Gary, 219. Hassmann, Terry, 219. Hatfield, Ronnie, 219. Haugcer, Jackie, 219. Haw ins, Mark, 219. Hayes, Jimmie, 21.9. Hayes, Mike, 219. He m, Debbie, 219. Henderson, Karen, 219. Hemphill, Steve, 219. Hese, Robert, 219. Hglillf-Gayerrggl, 219. ill, Janine, 21 imes, an ey, 215, 220. Hinojoza, Joanne, 220. Hitt, Donna, 220. Hobbs, Shane, 220. Hodo, Margie, 220. Hogan, Mary, 220. Ho an, Robert, 220. Hoifield, Tom, 220. Hollingsworth, Cathy, 220 Holomek, Rosemary, 220. Hopkins, Clajy, 220. Howell, Ran y, 220. Howell, Sherr ,220. Hudson, David, 220. Hudson, Kathy, 220. Huie, Patricia, 220. Humphrey, John, 81,22O. Hunnitcutt, Lynne, 220. Hutt, Cynthia, 220. Hutt, Mike, 220. Ingram, Shirley, 220. Irwin, Retha, 220. Jackson, Cathy, 220. Jackson, Rick ,220. Jackson, Trudbie, 220. Jeffryes, Ethel, 220. Johnson, Joan, 220. Johnson, Linda, 220. Johnson, Ray, 220. Jones, Joni, 220. Jutras, Mark, 221. Keck, George, 221. King, Cindy, 221. King, Gale, 221. King, Susan, 221. Klein, Frank, 221. Knight, Karen, 221. Koether, Debbie, 221. Koonce, Debra, 221. Krause, Meg, 221. Kraatz, Barry, 221. Lacy, Terri, 221. Ladd, Nick, 221. Lane, Kent, 221. Langford, Cheryl, 221. Lancaster, Cole, 221. Lankston, Shelleg, 221. Larter, Cindy, 2 1. Latham, Kathy, 221. Lawson, Mike, 221. Ledbetter, Jack, 221. Leeman, Mona, 222. Leggett, Debbie, 222, Lemmon, Mike, 222. Letot, Sarah, 222. Lindquist, David, 221. Loafman, Denise, 222. Long, Joe, 222. Lorance, Donna, 222, Lorance, Floyd, 222. Lorance, Ronald, 222. Love, Kelly, 222, Lumbly, Christine, 222. Lynn, Scott, 222. McCann, Ruth, 222. McCarthy, James, 222. McCavitt, Randy, 222. McCavitt, Vickie, 222. McCloskey, Jane, 222. McClaskey, Jim, 222. McClatchy, Jerry, 222. McCray, Greg, 22, 303 -. . McCullar, Clyde, 222. McFadden, Gary, 222. Mclver, Linda, 222. McKee, Billie, 222. McLeod, Gena, 223. McMorrow, Becky, 223. J McNeill, Tommy, 223. Q1 McWhorter, Kathy, 223. jx Mabry J D -223 Mahanay Sherrie 223 Malone Janice 223 Mahon iane Jr ' 2239! WP Maloney, Randy, 223. M M Marco, Dan, 223. Markwood, Debbie, 223. J Marsh, Carl, 223. Martin, Rita, 223. 5 r , Pate, Candy, 225. by ,' Patterson, Doug, 225. Patterson, Pat, 225. 67 P ington, Rodney, 225. rez, Michael, 225. UfiXPeters, Barbara, 225. 0 Peters, Donna, 225. Porter, Tommy, 225. Powers, Billy, 225, Preston, Marcus, 225. Priest, Allan, 226. Pritchard, Stanley, 226. ruitt, Jimmie, 226. Puhhen, Sandra, 226. Sydlllliam, Velma, 226. Quaid, Pete, 226. 0? Qualls, Bec15y,226. fr gm Storm, Sandy, 228. Strickel, David, 228. Stroder, Matt, 228. Sullivan, Chris, 228. Sulsh, Paul, 228. Sustaire, Teresa, 229. Sweeney, Joan, 229. Taggart, Claudette, 229. Tatum, Barry, 229. Taylor, Roland, 229. Taylor, Steve, 229. Taylor, Thena, 229. Taylor, Vicki, 229, Wayne, 229. Taylor, Thomas, Donna, 229. Thomas, Doug, 229. Thomas, Rodney, 229. Martinez, Dolores, 223. , J Rader. Davi I: 226- Thompson, Mike, 229. Martinez, Gerard, 223. v RHTHPY. L31-1I1C: 225- Thweatt, Eddie, 229. Marzili, Helen, 223. QD am-SCY. 121111635 226. 4 Tigert, Glen, 229. Massey, Jeanalou, 223. ' R21Ild211l.'D2WiCl9 225- A ,L T Tow, Gary, 229. Mayfield, Vicki, 166, 167, 2 . jo Ras0r.RL1gda:2gg6- I. ' ' Wa X Tfymgs. David: 229. i3aYna'2' Eeiofahiiii' ed Silrriey 226 pf j-W WWDSZES' Sally: 222' anar, ce, . , 5 . , L, ,J o ,un, . Magis, rerryr 2233. QQ? Reese, Danny: 226- ff . M gf, fer, C. tr 229. Meason, Tonya, 223. Reid. Rflbbyg 226. J QV? yn fi", Nl Ylef. Te1'rE229. Meine, Don, 223, ' , Reiter, Jimmi'e5526,A,,,y,Y Neg X7 I fXvalldagr?U!:?.yQ1yn1-13 229 Menix, Rick: 223. Of' ,9 enner. Gene. 6- ,U ,hy R t- an RY f?Y9:,?29. Meyers, Carol, 223. f ' Y,T101dS. Roy: 226. M ff f, ,XM Vau f , Cind - 229, Michaud, Debbie, 223. f '- 0, ce. James, 226. qv , .fu 'L' ' Hrs. Gai - E597 Miller, Butch, 223, , UL ,jj Roach, Conrad, 226. fzjff fl! ai ,', 126229. hits: if WR, . W 25,1 sir? it 333: Miller, pamela, 223, obertson, Joe, 227. . , pfff . L 1 lker 229. Miller, Randy, 224, Rogers, Greg, 227. , J bfi Wall rey, . Miller Steve, 224, Rogers, Janet, 227. -ff! 7 W , Te ' 9. Miller, Terrye, 224. r ROJQS. Margie: 227. ,W wif , H113 , I fy: 230- Mills, Debby, 224, SJ Rosemann, Janet, 2272.7 1 Wa ce, jfarryg 230. Mills, Kathy, 224, ,X Royal, Cath , 227, f er, Stanley, 230. Milner, Vickie, 224. 'X i:frEm.l1J,,"llElED- 227. J Ward, Cathy: 230. Minix, Ray, 224, 'X , ,f Russell Sharon Kay, 227, I , are, Regina, 230. lsincgkifegdili X if 5 n' ir?ri?::ei3Za 227 wiigngrgfvigargiiia 230 1 , lf 9 . , ' 7 r 5 - I ' r 5 - Mrrchen, Steve, 224, Q3 . xg. nover, Dean, 227. Weaver, Mike, 230. Moncrief, Karen, 224, J NR Qi? Deane, 227. Webb, Char1eS: 230. Mooney, LaDawn, 224. Qs, X3 N- ver, Judy, 227. Webb, Riflk: 230. moore, gonniez,2i24, X J Qghelton, Iiarryggsg. Vvgeplb, RicIX1jIy,12d30.230 oore, ary, , 6, . eton, ynn, . e orn, eo y, . ri sing, . ' W :z,Ms:,3.i2- orris a erieg . , , 5 . ,, , , 5 - Moses, Rae, 224, S Shone, Janet, 227. Q1 v Kathy, 230. Mowles, Terri, 224. Shoyes, Bill, 227. , wr ' ' Whatley, Christopher, 230 Munden, Mindy, 224, Shull, Danny, 227, Wheatly, Tony, 230. Munir, Pat, 81, 166, l67,224. Sinclair, Debbie, 227. Wheless, Gail, 230. 2ii,1ifif5r.l?sHmY, or iifiiisrririfiriior as , ernon, . , . v , 5 . Neal, Timothy, 224, Slaughter, Meira, 227. W Q 53 A y, Linda, 230. Neill, joe, 224, Smal, Curtis, 227, ha ey, Dollie, 230. Nelson, Inez: 224, Smith, Debbie, 227. iams, Brenda, 230. Nelson, Robert, 224, Smith, Don, 227. y X., 1 l ams, Jackie, 230. Newby, Floyd, 224, Smith, Howard, 227. . Williams, Kenny, 230. Newman, Edr1ie,,224. gmirlg. 1gegeZ:2?g27. 0, Xvvigiamsg R0Hnygg3O- Newman, David, 224. ml! , 0 3 - 1' i OH, USHHS . Nichols, Pam, 224, Smith, Sheldra, 228. Wimp, Melissa, 230. Nieswiadomy , Steve, 225. Nolen, Rhonda, 225. Norris, Gene, 225. Norris, Mike, 225. Northcott, Diane, 225. Oler, Julia Ann, 225. Orr, Alan, 225. Owen, Linda, 225. Ozebek, Sheryl, 225. Pace, Gary, 225. Palla, Stan, 225. - Pallett, Freddy, 225. Paramore, Terr , 225. Parker, Jean, 2275. 304 Smithe James Michael, 228. ' Solida 3, Patty, 228. Sowardi Terry, 228. Spurlock, Linda, 228. Stanford, Fred, 228. Steed, Kathy, 228. Steve, Bruce. Stephens, Connie, 228. Stephan Mark, 228. Stites, Chere, 228. Stockfelt, Karen, 228. Stone, Carolyn, 228. Stone, Jill, 228. Stone, Kelley, 228. H Winters, Stephanie, 230. Wirth, Lisa, 230. Wise, Debbra, 231. Wisener, Joanna, 231. Withers, Les, 231. Wright, Frankie, 231. Yar rough, Milton, 231. Yates, Kevin, 231. Yoder, Phillip, 231. Young, Bonnie, 231. Young, Delores, 231. Young, Sandra, 231. Q . A , 5 w f X"5f, u1f R 6 M WW OW 9 f VU N if Q W J! W ' 'f' f XJR X,-' ZXQ, -, , , fi I , ff CM? If 4 ,, M Q w W Q 'liY' ig jf5JfT ' Y -' N ,mi X Mg' iii, if fw X, A- f X nb ' ' 'XG X' Xxx - WJ Y qi ,IRQ ,qi W , .nj ,i-,,,' fmffjyf W 91153, 07 f5 ff ,i A EQ Otffpkoiflfl dsl MX4' JD Q M ajjglgi mi 09 X9 M7 TQ ' at 5 D Z Ml. we 1 w, N Cy gmac: ij o lu MJ S J' f K .4 fl if Sidi mg ffW2 21? XZ? Q 0? BWP X wpfqjdifxfwg 1 ,. Q , fN x li 'Ch I , N , JQA f Kif Qu 55 POY'V3f gi XIX? y 1,5 gag Q? Wa W jfpmlf ff , , B 52eMODXlgAQ2?J2.9u N' Q irq- X FM . if if ff' gr' K. I "7 'U . 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Suggestions in the Trinity High School - Trojan Yearbook (Euless, TX) collection:

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1970, pg 8

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