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X 1 1 X 1 X 1 1X1 11 1 1 1 111 ' 1 1 111 'i ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 11 1. 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HIS HoL1NEss POPE Pius XI On February 6, 1932, Pope Pius XI celebrated the tenth anniversary of his elevation to the pontificate. , ale-'J9+!f'06'1'B" Exg 2 7 Y Q X ,K yi xv il , "VSV 71 M?" fl " . ,"' f- 1 ,, , 1 1 :f,ffffpf,m! 1 4 Ki Q ' -x 45' 1 , ' , A f Z .og .V X W. I I WF 1-1, W X i xg. - 1 ms 043 XI fb ' "" """ nn. Tho TRINITAS 1932 147 4 b av YEARBOOK OF TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL BLOOMINGTON ILLINOIS VOLUME VII PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS .... TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL DIEDICATION To our Parents who have cherished us in infancy and guided us through childhood, whose prayers and sacri- fices have brought us through our happy schooldays and have prepared us to meet 1ife's battles strengthened by a deep abiding faith in God, we, the Class of 1932, humbly dedicate this issue of the Trinitas. 4 l932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL OUR QUEEN OUR IVIOTHER' 5 l932 I TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL FOREWORD "Alan om I grown, nz 772617211 work 77ZZl.ff I do. Follow the deer? Follow the Cbrifi, the King, Live pure, speak true, right wrorzg, follow the King- Elre, ruloerefore born?" This quotation from Tennyson's "Idyl1s of the King" presents the key to the theme of our 1932 annual. In the olden days the perfect knight represented the godlike man, the dream or hope, as it were, of what manhood might attain, should it ever reach its ideal. During our years at Trinity High School we have had held up before us the lofty ideals of true manhood, and we have learned not only to gird ourselves for the battles of this life, but also to conduct ourselves in such a way that we may be found worthy of a place in that ever glorious army of Christ, our everlasting King. E 6 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL THE RIGHT REVEREND JOSEPH H. SCHLARMAN, D.D 7 1932 14,1 ' TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL CONTENTS 11 Administration 2, Classes 3 Activities 4 Athletics 5 Advertising 8 I 9 32 1 I gg N 25 F XJ C Tib "' X X Id? sm ,ua you Q 4' Q ,A 9 0460 5 0 f:F1'o 'nog a Us be Co do fx if -J"H ra fr f -X J :J . I 'if t Xxx f , , A , Xu 1 A ,- I f! 1 X I 1 " if . Nay MIA f ir ' Z 1 T3 n ' J X4 wr A A , 1 - , , 7 I xr ., 1 .-5.633 FCE. , J , . 1 ... limbs! 1 ' 2 L M -.--. -.' -Q'4',.:.-f -,J . 2.516-2, L Sf. .' '31-:nf 'ff'?5I'fg1'-Q3if- v-352' -1:-'f':-fi 5.i..3T '-'gf o'P'."P .53 Z:1if.'k5-f"Lf-420-if-"'.fbff-25.6.1' "ZIV G' W E4:-- -95.31.-iv, .Sir 1,--in 5?-,..'.' 3-a.1,,g2g ws..Lga:..s5 .I-V .,- .- .1 ' , .1 :-iq. 2- if Y 3 -For :ft ' 29: 'f'gv.j"i3zZ1?A'?-1?:fa f--ri ' 14.4 'ia ' Cul uc' TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL FATHER MOORE -"Haan daft Hi: will, the 1lfIfzker'5." The students of Trinity High School are in a special way the beneficiaries of the thought and care with which Father Moore in his zeal for the extension of the kingdom of Christ, has provided so adequately for their welfare, To him, whose strength of mind, earnestness of purpose and ever-watchful solicitude has been a source of inspiration and help, we extend this token of our gratitude and appreciation. 10 i l93Z TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL THE REVEREND S, N. MOORE 11 1932 H TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL THE REVEREND J. VP. FARRELL 12 'Fi 1932 TRINIT'Yi HIGH SCHOOL THE REVEREND K. L. ROCHE 13 1932 l TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL i The Faculty THE REVEREND S. N. MOORE, Srhaol Di:-error THE REVEREND J. P. FARRELL, Afbleric Director THE REVEREIND K. L. ROCHE, Religion THE DOMINICAN SISTERS, SINSINAWA, WIscoNsIIv I 7Z.l'1i1'llCL'01'J' Mrss CECIL MCGRRW Mrss GWENDOLYN MORRIS Voml Home Ecofzorfziar The administration of Trinity High School is divided into four departments: Scholastic, Athletic, Music, and Art. Many extra-curricular activities are engaged in by the students. During the past year student-teachers from the Illinois State Normal University under the supervision of Miss jane Church, have assisted with the work in the Commer- cial Department. Student teachers from the same institution directed the gymnasium work for the year. Miss A. Marguerite Field supervised the girls' activities, while Mr. Clifford Horton had charge of the boys' classes. Very eHicient and helpful work was accomplished in both departments. , Trinity High School is accredited to the North Central Association of Secondary Schools, and to the University of Illinois. - 14 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ,Z 5 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 15 ,,13f1,f -f fl' .wi TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ex V"-lx" 1 R N, nu' ,yt , yy x,Wx'ii'!, ,Exam Y. ' '- "' , .- 1 -.-is -J I ,- ' v-by '3-W -'.1--my ,.... I 1 . in , J ..,v . Q -t s ,. gn, ,1.,h.,,, .- .1 Eieffiws ui- R 'ff '- af .- , , ,M f - 1' .r MJ . Xl "A ,f'.1"awi' W - I ,, i - ,429 -'4 intl.. - H,1'.w. H Q .uf Q' , ' ' ng'-:4 . - 1 , .-Jznx., ,ign- rr 1 FRONT ENTRANCE TO TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 16 932 TRINITYH HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM OF TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 17 1932 5 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL THE MAIN HALL 18 '1 Aww 'asf 11 9 I I I ff' QE 1932 TRINITY -HIGH SCHOOL Reading left to right: Kane Basketball Trophy, '31-'32, Thomas L. Warner Trophy, Second Prize, Downstate Catholic Tournament, '30, Msgr. B. Sheil Grand Prize, Downstate Catholic Tournament, '28, Doctor Wollrab Trophy, '32, St. Bede's ,Tourna- ment, Second Place, '32, St. Bede's Tournament, First Place, '31, Best Coached Team, Downstate Tournament, '27, Thomas Warner Trophy, Second Prize, Downstate Catholic Tournament, '31, Best Sportsmanship Trophy, Downstate Catholic Tournament, '31, Intercity Baseball Champions, '27, Rev. Enos Barnes Trophy, Second Place, Downstate Catholic Tournament, '52, Daily Bulletin Championship Trophy, Downstate Catholic Tournament, '27, Rev. T, E. Shea-Most Valuable Man, B. Conroy, '31, Central State Prep. Conference Trophy-Most Valuable Man, B. Conroy, '32, Intercity Baseball Cham- pionship Trophy, '29, Y. W. C. A. Junior Girls' Basketball Trophy, '31-'32, Intercity Baseball Trophy, '28, Intercity Baseball Trophy, '30. 19 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 5 J ygg3gE,-,:.'f- ' Lag ,fx fs , Q SQ F - ,L figgvss Fi ww ,H SHE? ' Se- 1 ' ' -f1L'g?W55RDHi,??1l?G?5 mfr - N uwm.,WWk w +4.44- i f an HOLY TRINITY CHURCH-1879 TO 1932 20 9 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL , ,,:Z.,.,:.,-.,Wt, ,, . -A 5 yi, , ,fzigjn-Q ,WA , A -- '1 ' rs 'Lf-,1i,:'l f ,EE --. 1 . . , 7 - 1, Y .T W ' 4 ., . - ,,2,, , ff I L- - f H I ,1 1 ,-.ZH A-1' --fart' "' - . HOLY TRINITY CHURCH-AFTER THE FIRE, MARCH 8, 1932 21 I932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL . . . . Then the King in low deep lanes, And .rimple 'lU01'd.f of great azflhoriiy, Bound them hy .ro mzzit wwx to hir own Jelf, That when they rofe, hhighled from leneelhzg, .rome W ere pale af at the fdifillg of 4 ghoft, Some fizuhfd and other! dazed, ef one who wakes Half-hlifzcled at the coming of zz light." 22. 1932 X ' J ,af L V r' j 5l5"X1vl L' ' .J 1? A .49 qW1 UlLl4lIII!lM nm Q "gif Kr, fig x, M Zfzzei-i':3: a-Ref 1g rllIlM D5 , U' QYQLWQ' ,Mmm W1 H H 1 fm illl f will P llllllll hm ' ...nmlllll PM '!" " .nnllw w nun .W TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 5 L 1,1 4. me., - sz: -. aa . .. . . ,Q . . My Senior' Class , 'lllll-lLS. .... I-.., ., , .. .1-.T- ,.. . u,,, -4, ,,:. ., .V-V x L52 Y: . .1111 1 'Q-.'.,'t, 1 ,Q - . . gi, . M ., .. Y 4 , Q-.4 A. vw fr-- .--" 1.2, ' . ' wry l , ws.. V . , .- -. ,,..... g. ,- .'-I- .. . r W Y -. A J- '15 rl, Lic- .. ,. T' ' Q.Iy.g,1 1 A, I 1'- 'X ,., : . 4. -. ,,-1' ,- . ,M . 1 Em 'T Q 5 - ...H g J.- W? , ,f . ,,,- . x . l S' 1 it .rr l e F E Wi u f n li -1 X , , .. NW .1..i, - , .. i V , H V ,.1 -I .. as .V 1' n' sz ,gn I rf.. VY , y 1 1 5 3 , U Y f W all H V 1 We ff in X351 W- .n., 115. f 5 Er Fil ' V t 1 ., A P. W C. N H 451' A -. -3 .- I 1 M 4 it .' A". ' -1 fe f 'if 'f gif-"if .Q W' X l ' 4 P i ri' 4 ' v A I V . -.11-5 C . A V 3.1! . is .,,.. 7- . ' . ' 15s-J' , , S, f K . ,157 el I fl! A gzlivg r T as ' . I ,H .- vii: ll Y 1 fvfg- V. " 'gk-., - ' 131- x 5 ' , md . A- xv L," .3 . Q. l gf i f ... if ' .' X l 5? f- g, Q s . ..i Yl.ll,fn: ' !'.,, .1 - -for-1 , . 1932i CATHERINE AUSTIN "Kate" "Her eyes were deeper lbrzn the depth: Of wnlery .Milled al even." St. Mary's School Chemistry Club, 3 Rosary Club, 1 T. Club, 2, 5, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 A. L. C., 4 EDMUND Buz "Chula" "He was zz man, take him all in all, I Jlaall no! 100.6 upon lair like again." St. Patrick's School Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Rosary Club, 1 Mathematics Club, 2 Football, 1, 2, 5, 4 MARY BENDEK ..MaX., - "Her gexlzwer, molionr, and ber .frniles Her wit, ber voice, our laearl: beguilef' Edwards School Choir, 1, 2, 5, 4 Rosary Club, 1 Glee Club, 3, 4 Basketball, 1 Trinitas Staff, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 T. Club, 5, 4 RALPH BEYER "Raff" "Ok zbix learning! ll7bnt a lhing it ir." Holy Trinity School Mathematics Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 MARY CALLAHAN "Minnie" "A .flnile of lverr was like an nel of grace." St. Patriclds School Glee Club, 5, 4 Rosary Club, 1 A. L. C., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Trinitas Staff, 4 MADELINE CLEINMARK "Cliny" "Her very frouuzr are fairer fm' Than .rnziler of ozber maiden: are." Holy Trinity School Chemistry Club, 3 Rosary Club, 1 Choir, 5 Class Secretary, 1 W. D. S., 5, 4 Basketball, 1, 2, 5, 4 Homecoming Comm., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Trinitas Staff, 4 Class Vice-President, 3 Glee Club, 4 T. Club, 3, 4 24 , l 932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL EDWARD CLOTHIIER ..HarP.. "Silence if tbe lrue friend H7190 never bet1'ay5." Holy Trinity School Baseball, 2, 3, 4 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 A. I.. C., 4 Basketball, 2, 3, 4 MARY FRANCES CONNORS "Coni" "Her auburn lock: .ro aptly zwined IVlJoIe every hair a foal doth bind." Holy Trinity School Mathematics Club, 2 Choir, 1, 2 Home Economics Club, Basketball, 2 EUGENE CONROY "Sheik" "He ba: come the way of jlglazing men And fought the rule: of llye game." H. G. Bent School Football, 2, 3, 4 Trans. B. H. S. Basketball, 2, 5, 4 Rosary Club, 1 Trinitas Staff, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 WILLIAM CONROY "CORN "Reason firm, the temperate will Ezzdwazzce, f07'E.I'fgbl, .rlv'engzl9, and skill." H. G. Bent School Mathematics Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 Baseball, 2, 3, 4 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 Trinitas Staff, 4 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 MARGARET CUNNINGHAM "Marg" "Her life had many a hope and aim." Merna Grade School Rosary Club, 1 Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 T. Club, 2, 5, 4 Glee Club, 2, 3, 4 Prom. Comm., 3 W. D. S., 3, 4 Homecoming Comm., 4 Trinitas Staff, 4 FLORENCE DALTON "Flo" "Her bearing quiei, Her mamzer mild." Phoenix School, Towanda Music, 2 Rosary Club, 1 Chemistry Club, 5 Mathematics Club, 2 Glee Club, 5, 4 25 T.H.s.I "il-I I r I I I In HE' wy i rf 51 4 W I ' vom If fd: L,g::.n- ll I Mg,- x" ' I I ... .. I I I I I i r.. I I gi'-fl L I ' I N . 1,41 , f . f ,, I II 'I' ' , FII I ...I . X.. .. ,h w-i,g,. , P . . I I If xfifwa, . 6...- X, J J 9 1 11 I I-I. . .wx . .. t 4311 . Lx X 'I- " 4'?b55:5:'?55f'A f .I IU X J 4 5 If, I' I I "V'..'i-T:'.:'-' ' I II I I I I . I 229 . . 4, i . V. QI A ,,.,,. , .. ., 1 . ix . K , wr-f I ' I I I I I ' I , n. . , I c . 'K- ' 1 . . 7 .aid V f .j -LAT 4 V . I --t. ' I uk ' v f 1 1 : , . ,X F' . Ms. I I L: 'uf'- I 9 Il932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL B.-- ,,., H ,,.,, ..., ...W fl 'll'.H.S. MARGARET DAVIDSON "Davy" "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free Nothing lbere ir that botlvefzv me." , 5 Holy Trinity School T. Club, 3 ,gf ' Rosary Club, 1 W. D. S., 5, 4 ' ' ' 'i' Basketball, 1, 2, 3 A. I.. C., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 E W CLEo DAUGIIERTY L. ei, "cle" I it kilt if 7' ,mv lyff A E Ali ni Holy Trinity School 'L ,f Rosary Club, 1 1, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 "Her air, ber smile, her manner Told of wommzly ronzplele1ze.r.r." Gridley Grade School Prom. Comm., 5 Rosary Club, 1 A. L. C., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Trinitas Staff, 4 Class President, 3 IVIARY HELEN DELMAR "Mae" "H er bearfr an ber lipr H er .roz1l'r in ber eyer." T. Club, 2, 3 Pres. W. D. S., 4 gy- 1: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 A. L. C., 4 Q Mathematics Club, 2 , V JOSEPH DENNIS iiwv- ' ucshandin "Born for .ruccerr he seemed limi., lVitb the grace to win and the bear! to bold Holy Trinity,School Football, 1, 2, 5, 4 l' ' ,.,. jg' ES, Rosary Club, 1 Mathematics Club, 2 ' fir ' 1 N L Band, 1, 2, 5 Basketball, 4 - ,"F yy ,E Class Pres., 1, 2, 4 Trinitas Staff, 4 ' " ' 44,6 VERNON DOYLE ' 5 3 Q "chuck" l , -:1-': iz... ,"lEltgf'li"' .4 HSfErldfH.l'l in lb0llgbl , 1-X I ' ' V Wfell-nzade, well-wrought." W Bentown Grade School Studio Club, 5, 4 . 11.5 1 ' - Rosary Club, 1 A. L. C., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Trinitas Staff, 4 Y ' L f V ROBERT FENTON -'Bobs .,,,. . . Logs., 1932 K.. . ffa. - E "Hit time ir forever, Evevjvwbere IJ bu place." Trans. B. H. S. Baseball Mgr., 2, 5, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Basketball Mgr., 2, 3, 4 1 - Football Mgr., 2, 3, 4 Trinitas Staff, 4 26 1932 Homecoming Comm., TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL MARY FREDERICH "Freddy" "Pure dignity, cornpomre, ease." St. Patrick's School Prom. Comm., 5 Rosary Club, 1 Glee Club, 3, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Trinitas Stalf, 4 T. Club, 5 THOMAS G1BBoNs "Gib" "The her! of men have ever loved 1'8p0J'E.H Trans. Minonk High Football, 3, 4 School Basketball, 5, 4 Chemistry Club, 3 Baseball, 3, 4 DARWIN G1LDNER Q "Darby" "Diligent, yet cheerfuly ,, Active, yet rerignedf' Holy Trinity School Mathematics Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 Trinitas Staff, 4 Art Club, 1, 5 STEPHEN GOULD "Steve" "Then on, then on where duty leads My course he onward still." Merna Grade School Chemistry Club, 5 Rosary Club, 1 W. D. S., 5, 4 Band, 1, 2, 3 Trinitas Staff, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 A. L. C., 4 Prom. Comm., 3 HELEN GRIMM ' "l-lonchie" "Knowledge ir the eye of de.ri1'e And mn hecorne the pilot of the soul." Trans. B. H. S. Glee Club, 2, 5, 4 Home Economics Club, 2 Basketball, 3 GERALDYNE HAAs "Jerry" "Alamy: happy, alwayr bright A smile at manning and one at night." Trans. El Paso H. S. Choir, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 A. I.. C., 4 Glee Club, 2, 3, 4 W. D. S., 4 F11 -in i WFE 'nerr Ui m :if -wa , , , W. ,fy my , ., ' V :' 3 l 2: , Y ,H 1 will tt, ff N, - f 'bi ,ge was 1' . it , lg ' lux' Af at l I U H , .H sa , . Q " .. , Y W- V it -iii nf ge -.U ,Egg ,531 I ,gf -4 i 'Ee r g an., l Le, wg., - ggfjlag lg 5 5, 1.2 ,Q V VJ., wajii QE: . ,232 . t- A . it ,. -A., '- ' 1..,g...,Ei' , 1' '- ,, let., sw - M ., -ll :Y .2 'f 1 ' Ve ,I ii. 'ng . 1 . .l A fi Si 4 W Z V, f .,.. Z 112.-SU 1 get he ..... 2 ' twffftk . . I , -ig Ql?:v'v . iw Ei X ix 1.1 V. Wil 3 "bi 'lg 'I T - tl , 1 . ,,, ... . '. 1" Y lr? XX, xii.--'gli We , - - ti "Tim ,H s?':.2E.'f'E fvvll f ' 1 alll' ' -ei -- 2 Q 1 -. a H it I - 4351 ' il ii eff? Mrs, 1. .... i.-.Q , YV E ,N U, 1f'?f::..-fit.: ' Qf ."'LQQm' , 'wgew:-"-2.123-,L:-lille' - 1. .urilll W g -Q . .V .Mi . ' .1 , , ' 2 Y. -1:2 '- b' , i '-1.1-iw . ,Ae H, Mi . g f- im pi, 5 ' ' "' .5 -F' if - it ' mam , 5 yi. 'ai " 2 . .til e at W .Ei wg 932 I 9 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL , 4 l YL iff: I , ,P ,. K. ,. l. ' ' . HHH p 'F 4 is 7' ., l .:. . flllll-ll.S. --T N . I ... 1 ' l . E X ,I I V EX, l 1 QF- .f 4 2-f:g.,?x 3 t.. ii . l if 4 ' H"1f h l .4 . wait, ' , I ' l C N ' XX fa. , it 'fix-fat ..., - ear i Ai' '1' -nl - 1 : L qt 3 TW 1,2-T l v 1 -e e 5 l l VHAH 4 l 1 Z1 Tx Q " I--l .,,,.a..- HHWH ,, , f l DONALD HEINTZMAN "Heinie" "He war a man of action, A captain ofindz1rt1'y." St. Mary's Grade, Metamora Rosary Club, 1 Band, 1, 2, 3 Mathematics Club, 2 Prom. Comm., 3 Homecoming Com m., Football Mgr., 4 MARY ANN HOUGHTALING "Hough" "A fight good ltzrrie tlarn and thru, Her nzeritr are many, and Iyer faultr are fei Trans. St. Agatha Acad- W. D. s., 3, 4 emy, Winchester, Ky. A. L. C., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Editor-in-Chief Choir, 2, 3, 4 Trinitas, 4 Music, 2, 3, 4 ANDREW JABSEN "Jabber" "To be strong ir St. Patrick's School Rosary Club, 1 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball, 3, 4 to be happy." Studio Club, 3, 4 Basketball, 4 Trinitas Staff, 4 FRANCIS jiacosy "Frankie" "Rare coznpound of oddity, frolic, and fun." Holy Trinity School Football, 2, 3, 4 Rosary Club, 1 Mathematics Club, 2 Baseball, 3, 4 ALVIN KELLER "Alvi" "I dare do all that heroine: a man, Who dnrex do more ir none." Trans. B. H. S. Mathematics Club, 2 Band, 3 Music, 4 Basketball, 4 A. L. C., Sec., 4 W. D. S., 4 IcNAT1Us Kroon "Nace" "I-le'll ind Holy Trinity School Rosary Club, Pres., 1 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Class Treas., 2 28 a way." Basketball, 2, 3 Chemistry Club, 3 Class Vice-Pres., 3 Prom. Comm., 3 Trinitas Staff, 4 all 4 932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL EVA KERBER V "Eve" "Quiet and rby, lm! colzteniedf' Fletcher Grade School Music, 1, 2, 3 Rosary Club, 1 Mathematics Club, 2 GERTRUDE KERBER "Gert" "Grew moderly often bidef great merit." Fletcher Grade School Mathematics Club Rosary Club, 1 Chemistry Club, 3 Music, 1, 5 Glee Club, 4 Rosrrvr KERBER "Bob" "To lhe iI1liIl,l'lfi0Il.f, all tbingr are envy." Fletcher Grade School Mathematics Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 Chemistry Club, 5 DOROTHY KINSELLA "Dot" " who knew ber bex! Praired ber maxi." Lexington Grade School Music, 2, 3 Rosary Club, 1 T. Club, 5 Mathematics Club, 2 Glee Club, 5, 4 HELEN KINSELLA "Beth" "Lozl'eline.u' fzeezix not the foreign aid of 0l'71fll1.76I7Z B111 ztr, when wmdorned, adm'n'd the mort." Trans. St. joseph's Acad- Music, 1, 2 emy, Kankakee, Il1.- Mathematics Club, Rosary Club, 1 A. L. C., 4 MARTIN LA FOLLETTE "Marty" "The pen ir migblier 1152112 the fword.' St. Patrick's School Mathematics Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 A. L. C., 4 i I 0 oo " l l 1 1 ,4 V f ll- .mv- ff , M N lui. gnu H 5,5 x 'Fi 1 uf ,, Q , va. Qty 324' M 531 K f H W 2 lu my ,Jill w i 3, , QT- 3 5, w . ,tx ' X r' 'Q A: ,Fun 1 ' el if' f L iii , ,1l ilvl m Il 'S I S mei ge ,. ,., V W ,.,.. .i:, H nm 1 e Q 'N-' ' X A 1 'V I l . 1 I , 4 f as y J, E 3 4 1 ' le Q 'Q' ,, l sein 44,- mn F :Q if lv x, 1'2" i ' .X X 1 I TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL T.ll-ll ,, ee -Y x X Lx H T , A .A , ,Ev ., xr ,, , q,,1i :i1gi L5 H ff 2- 5.7 ii Ei , Zu! T' " -'31 -. -HI: aerial if ' ' f5f"f r lf- N i..,, Y ali.. '2 - X " 'E if .a..,Q...g N 1 H 'ig 'rt f 1 .47 H- ' ,we , t ', sh' 'V Q- if 1 if Vi l I .5 ' S ' A ul r f , rx .1 y .04 , , w . ,,-,Lagy. ,,. , . a S. x F Z 1 , aw . I 4 Y M, :fi QQ' ...:.. , - M , .. X M sa Y Z W N thi ' "1 r uv T . jpgw I A "EE -. " 1.-.e e I, ag is -. T l Q H. N .Q A . "ali 3 -gy, , Wy! 5. . ffl EQ. th ' fifgil ' -:1,.,,:,4 Q .. I jlfgefwm -'Q.41,-ggis . I .gf . '. H. "3 rf fe: 1 El . im" 'ff Y 5' .. - L vw N Ilvfll 1 uw - tt: s ll 9 3 2. 4 --'V-Ql-4l-4.-ll LUCILE LARKIN "Lark" "'A fare with kindness ozferspread, Soft mziler by human kindner: bred." Phoenix Grade School Mathematics Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 Sec. W. D. S., 5, 4 Music, 1, 2 Trinitas Staff, 4 Glee Club, 1, 2, 5, 4 ELSTON LEARY UH.. "W'e gran! allbougb be had great wit, He war very rby of ming it." Holder Grade School Class Vice4Pres., Z Rosary Club, 1 Baseball, 2, 3, 4 Class Treas., 1, 3 ELIZABETH LUBY "Libby" "Good-nalureal, gevzerouf, jolly and clever." Holy Trinity School Choir, 2, 3, 4 Rosary Club, 1 T. Club, 3, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Glee Club, 5, 4 GLADYS MCGONNIGAL "Bud" "Smiley away sorrow, Carts away care." Holy Trinity School Trans. Villa des Fougeres Rosary Club, 1 Fribourg, Switzerland Basketball, 1 Choir, 2, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Glee Club, 2, 4 T. Club, 4 ALBERT MANTLE "Speedy" "Tbe deeds I contemplate are great, Bat ar yet I know not what." Holy Trinity School Bancl, 2, 3 Rosary Club, 1 Chemistry Club, 5 Men's Choir, 2 A. L. C., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 GEORGE MEYERS "Blackie" "One who never turned lair bark But mavcbezl breast forward." Trans. B. H. S. Football, 2, 5, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Baseball, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, 2, 3 30 932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL LUCILLE MULCAHY "Luke" "W'imzing i.r her way And pleamnt is her smile." Holy Trinity School Glee Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 T. Club, 3, 4 Choir, 1, 2 Prom. Comm., 3 Mathematics Club, 2 A. I.. C., 4 ELEANOR MURRAY UE1.. "A mild and modes! maiden :he Her farenzoxt charm, Jimplicityf' St. Patrick's School Mathematics Club, 2 Numen Lumen Club, 1 CHARLOTTE NORDINE "Ch ack" "She doeth little hindrzexiex lVhirh mon leave zmdone 01' de.rpi.fe." Trans. B. H. S. Music, 4 MARY THERESA O'B1uEN ..TeX.. "Dream after dream enJue.r." Trans. St. Anthony's High Prom. Comm., 3 School, Beaumont, Tex. T. Club, 5 Music, 2 A. L. C., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Trinitas Staff, 4 Choir, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club, 4 Class Sec.-Treas., 4 Doms MAE RYAN "D0rrie" "She i.1' just the quiet hind nature ne-ver 1fa1'ie.1'." Mathematics Club Glee'Club, 2, 5, 4 T. Club, 3 A. L. c., 4 Holy Trinity School Rosary Club, 1 Basketball, 1 Choir, 1, 2, 3 , 2 1 5 31 .f-- A-...Q T.ll-LS. . ,il , x. 'I , H725 ' X7 ,: E 1 :QMQ3 :sf , , jew ag, -..' 11 '11' 'ag " f flag-gi" .., , 531111 11 3Tg?,,?gg111g1f'W11 , .. 'i1,,,, A 13 l il 11 1 1- 1'- lu- l , 11 539: 11- - ' 115- ,-wi... ll .fr 1 .1 1 1111,111s.!11,. , '3:"'i ' : 1511-2 ll ':1.:,7f. 1111,-A 1' A ,4 11, i 11 f E - . TQ ..1- -1- f 1 333, 1111. ,.-W sir ei-:T -" F , C. EQ '5. .ew ' 1, l Aill' . J, Q " , li' if 'l ff 3 1" .V 1 'F N X lvl gy, Q A, Q5 1 3 f a. , ,QW 1111 Q' 1 11 A -' 4. 0 1 1 fl Q 11' 1 l 0 lf J C.,..f 3. V M 11 ' 111111 11- va 111 . ,Ze , , fic Z . , .1113u 3,2511 am 5 11l will Y "Wi All . -114 - ' ..-, .W had mare i11ii111l'lV ' Wi l IK 1 ' 1 1? ' . A 35: N 'x 11 1:23 ,R :' . H , 11 H 1 111' 11 - :111.Y 5.1 1 111 31,7 Y W, 111 l wlsp. 1,5 ,B 11.1 , gg ,W 1 W A ll 1 l .111 1,1 1 111111mf, .5 W: Al l 'l' 1111's-:le 1 111. ,1 -Q Mg.a"Ej,Q1-"ihs"111g 1 ', :1 'HEI1 H . r. :wa ' ' A 1' Dau 11. ,119 32 I 9 .5 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL it . ii. ' I' H S 58 0 9 9 f - fqp, -NN: "'!l.f Tl.. ." gi 5' N1 , ,- ayzwlfla 3 sig T my wl 5 .3 E .,E., , 1 f h X,-Zig! l is J.: ima.. '. . I W --. I ij . X I 5 l 5 -5-.Q a V: gl' , r , ,I 1 ,Yu ll' fl , 1 :" l . V157 'jf - , ,. I, 1 9 3 2 MARGARET SCHAD "Diz" "Ta live and be happy IVZMI more can we ark." Holy Trinity School Studio Club, 2, 5, 4 Rosary Club, 1 Trinitas Staff, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 JOHN SCI-IOBER "Jack" "DeedJ, not ufora'r." Holy Trinity School Studio Club, 2, 5, 4 Rosary Club, 1 Tririitas Staff, 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Baseball, 4 JAMES SHIPLEY ..Jim.. "Saber bu! 7101 .re1'io1z.f, Quiet bu! not idle." St. Patrick's School Mathematics Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 Football, 2, 3, 4 IRENE SLEEVAR "Sliv" "Ki1zd1ze.f.r ir llyixdomf' St. Patrick's School Basketball, 2, 3 Rosary Club, 1 A. L. C., 4 Mathematics Club, 2 Trinitas Staff, 4 THEODORE SPENCE "Ted" ' The world kzzawr 770lbflZg of its greater! men St. Patrick's School Mathematics Club, 2 Rosary Club, 1 Chemistry Club, 3 32 932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL frus, , CIAT1-IERINE SWEENEY - -LM ....., I , , lik "Kate" ,P by , "jun lo be gefzlle, kind and rweel tp Y- 6' Al-zmyr to 91f?7'j'0l79 I meet." '52 , QQ Holy Trinity School Mathematics Club, 2 t E: 1 Rosary Club, 1 Class Secretary, 2 Music, 1, 2 Prom. Comm., 5 ":' ' 'H' ' "': , Choir, 1, 2 Pres., A. L. C., 4 if. ,W Glee Club, 3, 4 T. Club, 3, fl l JULIA SXVEENEY "':' E :': ii 'i,A?'il'li" "Jule" ., "There if no one like ber ' jill 755 Tha' ibere are mmzy imimtiw1.r." ,J Holy Trinity School Glee Club, 1, 2, 5, 4 iw wil 1 Numen Lumen Club, 1 T. Club, 5, fl ' A 1 Choir, 1, 2, 5 Trinitas Staff, 4 ' fag if Basketball, 1, 2, 5 Vice-Pres., A. L. C., JOSEPH THOENNES i r' .-Joe" Gi gl N "My tongue within my lip: I rein f F-A I For -who Miki' maria 71111.11 mlb in 1l!li7Z.H 'gg ' J T' St. Mary's School Chemistry Club, 3 ' " Rosary Club, 1 W. D. s., 4 ra. I X 1, , ., llrlathenmtics Club, 2 A. L. C., 4 ' , 3157. , X' H 2 Q-A WILLARD Txmvxs "Tiller" . "A droil, dry wil avzd 1015 of fill? Bn! jizrl My 'Piyyricr' and fl'0llbI6,.l' begun." Holy Trinity School Football, 2 Numen Lumen Club, 1 Baseball, 2, 5 JOHN WELDON "Buzzy" "Size ix 170 me:z.rm'e of zuorlbf' Holy Trinity School Chemistry Club, 3 Rosary Club Trinitas Staff, 4 Ivlathematics Club, 2 A. L. C., 4 Band, 1, 2, 5 1 i l . ' ' Q. ' ii l E fr, 915- xv W, .' 'A s- - i Q , C Y' " .1 1- . mv A - fe' C - ' X 3 ' N 'Ji-f,5,.,m', 1 :LQ V CT' l I I lil fi ll .Q5iiQ,i.."l..j l " -..... 1 ii' 1 ......,.. - .,... I.. - I .. . - ,f 'E ffl, iasg l 9 32 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Fourth row: Bruce O'Malley, Charles Sweeney, John Meaney, Lawrence Knuth, Charles Lucas, Steve Evans, Dan Kearney, John Nice, joseph Kober. Third row: Russell Dorsey, james Yeagle, George Nelson, John Dohm, joseph Deane, Frank Straub, George Flynn, Frank Kaup. Second row: Earl Hayes, Edward Spahn, Fred Trenkle, Edmund Kane, William McGrath, Harry Condon, George Kerz, Alvin Ely. First row: john Fitzgerald, Ralph Lee, Thomas Woodin, Richard Fox, Francis Killian. The junior Class "All for the greater glory of God." CLASS OFFICERS President . . . ...,...... james Yeagle V ice-president . . . .... John Dohm Treasurer . . . .......... Fred Trenkle The class of "53" is indeed a worthy one to labor continuously for "the greater glory of God." For the past year, the members of the junior Class have been striving to set a pleasing example for their younger companions to follow. Among the boys have been noted many literary geniuses and budding journalists. Many have received awards from the Daily Pantagraph. Many members of the junior Class during the last year scintillated on the gridiron, the diamond, or basketball court. 34 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Third row: Lucile Nowatski, Margaret M. Mulcahey, Virginia Doyle, Dorothy Leininger, Anna Mae Neville, Mildred Wells, Isabelle Kelley, Leota Davis. Second row: Alice Arteman, Margaret Flynn, Irene Watson, Julia Theis, Rosemary Shaffer, Kathleen Enright, Marguerite Kauth. First row: Monica Dalton, Josephine Hardwick, Betty Hindenburg, Edna Murray, Florence O'Farrell, Mary Merrick, Rocile Spieker, Martha Kistner. The Junior Class C0l0l'J'--BL'ZlE and Gold Flower-Rare The girls upheld their share of Junior glory by many and repeated successes in their various classrooms. They were particularly worthy of merit because of their splendid achievements in commercial classes. Many certificates were awarded in honor of their splendid work. The future will see many brilliant stenographers and accountants, who can trace their business education to Trinity High School in good old "32." 35 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Fourth row: Francis Evers, Wendell Hansen, joseph Griffin, Daniel Delaney, Robert Riley, John Houghtal ing, Robert McGraw. Third row: Bernard McElvaney, Edmund McCambridge, William Koester, Andrew Hoeniges, Richard' Conroy, Joseph Kearney, George Bettisch. Second row: Raymond Knuth, Eugene Larkin, George Schultz, Lawrence Radka, Robert Wright, Louis Somers, james Cavallo, john Romans. Front row: Andrew Hauptman, Thomas Merrick, Leo Myers, Robert Salmon. The Sophomore Class "Ve1'itar" CLASS OFFICERS President . . . ....... Rosemary Prasch Vice-president: . . . ..... Francis Evers Secretary . . . . . ...... Mary Belz Treasurer . . . ......... Irene Sweeney The Sophomore class of 1932 entered school again in September determined to carry on the work of the second school year in a way that would give evidence of their readi- ness and ability to live up to Trinity's standards and tradition. 36 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Fourth row: Sara Shipley, Helen Maloney, jane Salmon, Irene Sweeney, Elizabeth Shields, Ann Lowry, Mary Ann Costello, Doris Ely, Catherine O'Brien. Third row: Mardelle Smith, Dorothy Watson, Mary Dunn, Eileen Brown, Eileen Myers, Jane McClurg, Rosemary Larkin, Madelyn Enright, Mildred Moews, Eileen Saul. Second row: Eileen Kinsella, Mary Connor, Eleanor Weber, Margaret Kline, Mary Frances Clooney, Rosemary Prasch, Marian Sprague, Madeline Kinsella. First row: f Margaret Mary Dalton, Gertrude Rice, Lucille Kinsella, Lillian McGraw, Helen Wirrick, Maureen O'Hare, Mary Grimm. The Sophomore Clss Colon-Black and While Flower--Efzrier Lily Several of its mentally alert members are the proud bearers of scholastic records of distinction. The girls are active in choral and athletic work and the greater number of them are members of the Trinity Choir and the Girls' Glee Club. Several are members of Trinity's undefeated girls' basketball team. The Sophomores worked and cooperated in a special manner, in the Christmas pageant, "Holy Night," given on December 17. Two more years of continued effort and zeal will find them a polished group of enthusiastic candidates for graduation in 1934. A 37 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Fourth row: Edward Daly, Nicholas Theis, john O'Connor, Leo Carr, Francis McGrath, David Condon, Harold Hardesty, Donald Maloney. Third row: Walter Selberg, Jesse Szabodos, john Travis, John Cushing, Tony Capodice, Charles Lake, Maurice O'Connor, Robert Fitzgerald. Second row: james Costello, john Maloney, Thomas Spencer, Edward Ulbrich, Wilbur Phillips, john Hopt, Donald Doyle, Raymond Morrissey. First row: James Thoennes, Francis Swibaker, Raymond Evers, Martin Deutsch, Paul Moratz, Louis Fillippone, Eugene Crawford: Freshman Boys CLASS OFFICERS, President . . . ......... James Costello Vice-president . . . .... Raymond Evers Secretary . . . ...... Nancy McDonnell Treasurer . . . ........ james Thoennes THE FRESHMAN BOYS Some short, some tall, Some broad, some small, But all a merry lot, A These Freshman Boys. Some good, some bad, Some happy, some sad, But a very fine crowd at that, These Freshman Boys. Some bright, some cleverg Some industrious, some never! You'd like them all in allg These Freshman Boys. fDavid Condon, '35j 38 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Third row: Irma Fischer, Anna Capodice, Kathleen Smith, Elizabeth Ringeisen, Sarah Roland, Eleanor Kelley, Nancy McDonnell, Evelyn Lehman, Veronica Coons. Second row: Mary Weinheimer, Mildred Leben, Bernice Berry, Dorothy Whalen, Veraine Heinz, Georgine Kern, Lucille Radka, Mary Lynch, Gertrude Callahan. First row: Madalon Falkingham, Rosemary Costigan, Mary Kelly, Dorothy Hoppe, Elizabeth Kerner, Corona Snyder, Bernacline Swibaker, Irene Wirrick, Josephine Brunner. Freshman Girls Color--Blue and silver. Flower-Iris. Motlav-Fidelis. Freshman Class On September 8, sixty-four shy Freshmen entered the portals of Trinity High School. Since that eventful day, their smiles have greeted us daily, as care-free and happy they go from class to class, content to let the wise worry and to permit trouble to seek its own. Though so timid and guileless, they are ever alert, imbibing high ideals and observing the good examples of their valiant confreres. In their moments of more serious reflection, they long in their turn to honorably protect, defend and unfurl the loved banner of Trinity. 39 l932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ,H 1, ,- ww m' N ,. f- I .., , My-.fgwiwl I , H, N Wgxsw xxx? .Jwy ,N .mx . JHOUSQIYD EELS Kaie 1 I-Y 1 ' 1 nw-J.r'1p IUnemp!oyecf i Jf.-f , ML 10 1. 1 ., 41 . 3 54? 7, if .IJ TQ ' ,s " J uf: rf- .- ,X , ' 1 . -z ?F.V"'j"1k161 1 'flg?W1ff QI 4 'E47-'ffxfi J 1 H4 -LQ -mmynu 2 A 1 HHN A GICIJHP '1"" Q. OUT Boarding' Hauge '79 WZ: 'HOW Y' 8, 40 m kg 'I ,T l 1 i. ml? I 1 U Hg: ' --vs gf-A, . ,. . -G.: - 'rv -gt: L V N7 me ,,. V 9:4 QW! LES-LEf. EdEE QQ' Ti "i3v2fwo1iQ'3-W mend H 4f-!'.A .'I I I 932 V v TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL v x I, 5 x , H SOXYBW Curiosilly 5 . s 1 ax A of A 1 Mg D X,-'f"T - , QSQ W3 h , x , ,R , if ,im f f 1 Pe. ig ,, 13,1 V V 3 TT. X Lf-3,15 52,1 ' pg , 6 2 5 fw xjg.. A B" HUHQQI if V' 'H H " " " . ' ' 'xii " -,lj .. . W- ?s.. . V 3 ' J . :-.P s 1. ..-v V, Alva I . 7 xg ' : ----1 f ,LL .71 .-'fx M., 'NVP -."N E - ' X , . .,.. ,'.,VINff-19 'W 'Sl1adouJ 7 Lays Go Ziff' I 1 . Q Y' Q, I 75 J 2 .,,, ',, 1 f LN' .YA , 4, x 'T, -' ' ': -., ' 'x is ' Ea? There! Fmskmen' N Pais. Aw DEVOIL ' 'Heavyweigkfaul Q"- 4, W, 'J A 'gin A ,,, .,,, Q..: 'l 2 - A J: .,,. A . Tfqfi' ' 12 , . -. -:SH , 1 H i H , A 123 ::H' N I . - V - WW. Y- 47+ - J '-w-sfew+-- p ,Twjff H 1Ki.54 g' , , Q AU'gT'5l We We? 41 Llqhehj! V Cagerj I 52 mm - w 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 42 E I 1932 j El uHIqllLKkXwm W ,H IJ all l 06qI EH IN f B31 5 'MQ 1' 'wi HLWN J '65 'N W-:Viv TVN 'QW 3' J Q 0 If 55 qgv Www 6 0 -5 ob- v ,, a bra. .QQGA ,-': .gpm-ou, .a aj 74 9..'od' -alia f-'mai' 2 fave 'L 0--9-.Q ,,' " ',, - Q-.21 ' IfHlilW' l" ...dx i,eQf:' "L 5fQ,f"' l 1 0 Qi ' fu x -Nu - E- an EE ' V "4 'f' ,f 4 ' Q. :rg-og fr 3, aw, .a 2 in p.w1..n1?. 'Pia-5, . '--gffs-5. - PP- P-"w'.,g.,,"ix amde- . - jqbgdk fi pf af' , 75,0 r"- .a . ahzqoou . np: In U. '-we 56-K ,fc.,gCc51- qg,y1'f,-LQ, URNN Evans . E TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL S r isggggggngr is I I I 1 1 5 ,9 - j is f YYY t sr e I 1 l 1 V ' f' '. if ',1' . H I IIII ' W -lime lo Go . I Homdcomingri g ' School Days. Sehool Calendar, September, October "The low .run maker the color-" A mad rush-we start school. New teachers-New classmates.-Do-re-me-the choir is organized. Football practice brings out a crowd of hopeful aspirants.-We win our first game!-Class officers elected.-Three cheers for I.W.U. Our Seniors receive passes to Wesleyan home games.-Ah!-We defeat B.H.S.!-Freshmen continue to wander forlornly about-,Elmo Kistner is found seeking information in the boiler room.- That's right, Elmo, always begin at the bottom.-Sniff! Snifl! Whew! What an odor! The Chemistry students produce a strange concoction.-Under Miss Field's supervision, gym classes are organized. Volleyball, soccer. Which do you choose? The price of midnight oil advances-Exams-after a look at our first report cards we begin our annual worry over credits-very few students on the street these nights.-Tra la la Ah aa aa etc.- Yes, Miss McGraw is organizing the Glee Club-"Resolved that"-Sr. Philip Neri sends out a call for prospective debaters and the Webster Debating Society begins another year.- 44 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL I- Q " ' f ' 2'..-3:31 ,V ','-.Quia-Al-I , - I- 55 in V' is A H i- lf" 'Ui 77755 - x ' lDlEflflIM lBlIlK5szgff., ' ,Q . - ' ' -cU.tX.lSiUJff5URl3' , ' on fri A' - - E2 fff Ji "2 'A . ljlfiifii . 25- I iiellirrl if Q .va 1.-..av.1' 1 ,. inf, ti .fu -. A -nf, 4.1. . I J 1,H- .- fgefltfi-5,17 ' -iii . ijftii. W'Ig2,e F152 f r .i., ,iwxl-if :K ,,,, Y V, I: Vlillr 3--LZ' . 'Y ...'-. 4. .dgaigu ga. ,-tL1.aa 4.!lpl1g.,. 1 ma' November, December, january -"Mal day -when the great light of hepzzfefz Bfzrzfd at his lower! in the rolling yeazrf' Familiar faces-Homecoming parade-game-dance-"Glad to know you,"-a "Get Acquaintedn party is held in the Church basement.--Hooray! We again defeat B.H.S.- 'Ladeez and gentlemen!" Witlw our joe Dennis as master of ceremonies, we celebrate "Trinity Night" at the Irvin and dream dreams of "East of Borneo."-The McGonnigals are with us again.-We're all for the Business Boosters.-Wfe get a free afternoon for the Christmas Parade.-Our team suffers its only defeat at the hands of the Fairbury eleven.-Ah! the Teachers' Convention gives us another free day.-Trinitas Staff elected. -We all expected to be chosen Editor-in-Chief, but somehow the greatest geniuses are born to "blush unseen, and waste their fragrance on the desert air, etc." The Girls' basket- ball team starts off with a bang!-The high school girls honor Our Lady by singing the Angels' Mass in honor of her Immaculate Conception.-Seniors pose for pictures.-We have a Christmas program and begin our longed-for vacation.-Back at school! Cram- ming for semester exams,-the fatal day arrives. "Did you pass?" Semester reports,- A panic on the credit-market-Prices soar,---Dubious outlook for those trading on margins.-Reports End their way into hundreds of homes in Bloomington.-Curtain! 45 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL . .Q Fever' it February, March Q "The bird: made Melody 072 brands, and melody in mid-air. The flnnzp lrzill-.flojier were q11ir,ee1z'd into green." A new semester begins with the law of, "the survival of iittest" as king. We crowd into the Assembly for an announcement-The Snapshot Drive is on.-Our prayers are answered and we have snow.-Frozen lakes call us when we should be preparing for Exams.-A group of enthusiastic Physics students visit Heyworth Pump Station- Class pictures taken. For a day we are reminded that "Unto dust we shall return," and Lent begins.-Why such long faces?-No wonder, U. High has defeated us, but we are cheered by winning the County Championship.-More pep meetings.-With intense ex- citement we play Community High in Wfesleyarfs Gym and win in overtime.-We are again "City Champs"!-Our girls keep up our reputation by carrying off the "Y" trophy. -What a team! After two overtimes Trinity and Spaulding decide to play off the tie next Sunday. Spaulding wins by one point.-They're off!-All eyes turn toward the National Catholic Tournament at Chicago.-Our boys win their first game only to be defeated in their second.--They are royally entertained at the Edgewater Beach Hotel.- From a tiny spark a flame burst toward the sky.-With breaking hearts we see beloved Holy Trinity Church become a smoldering mass of ruins.-Treasures that can never be replaced are destroyed. Father Moore receives kind assistance from all sides-Witlm the aid of willing members of the parish the gymnasium is converted into a chapel and Easter Mass is celebrated. 46 I932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL April, May, June "I faznm' Him in the rbining of line Jian, I mark'z! Him in the flnwerirzg of Hi: fieldrf' Class spirit is aroused by the Subscription. drive-All former records are broken- the Sophomores win!-Individual awards also go to Sophs-Bob McGraw and Eileen Myres are the proud winners of first prizes.-Ann jefferson and Steve Evans, Juniors, win second.-I.W.U. royally entertains the Senior girls on Women"s Day. Father Harbauer talks to the Juniors and Seniors-arouses interest in Viator.-Trinity receives accrediting from North Central Association.-The Botany class go on a field trip.-The Seniors entertain the Sophomores with a party for winning the Subscription Drive.- Class picnics become topics of interest.-The Trinitas creates the usual stir of interest.- "Won't you signin my book?"-The long lookedLfor Prom becomes at last a reality and fades into a happy memory.-The Class play draws a crowd-the best everl-Tests- Finals-Exams-Quizzes-Questionnaires-Oh well, let's go swimming!-Baccalaureate Sunday!-Tomorrow night!-Yes tomorrow night we graduate!-Four years cloesn't seem so long, looking back now.--Goodbye dear old Trinity.-After tomorrow we will be Alumni!-Don't forget us Trinity! We will always hold fond memories of you! Vale! 47 1932 BU . . , ,, rj , f .f ai' , ,H l 3, cm:Mu sTRY LiBoR ATo kY , vw, j oM Esfr lc fTCI'EN E9M"'fRC' 6'- R N ROOM- 48 V I 9 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL The ll-lloly Night , Friday afternoon, December the seventeenth, a group of students presented a religious pageant, "The Holy Night." The theme of the production was taken from "St. Luke," Chapter II. The High School Girls' Choir and Glee Club, attired as the angelic host rendered Christmas carols and hymns to the accompaniment of the school orchestra. Gladys McGonnigal, the reader, introduced each tableau with a scriptural reading. Tableau I, "Enroute to Bethlehem," revealed Charlotte Nordine as the Blessed Virgin, and Vernon Doyle as St. Joseph seeking shelter under the protection of the starry heavens, Mary Friedrich, attired as the appointed guardian angel, followed in the shadow of the sacred couple. The chorus and reader prepared the audience for Tableau II, "The Shepherds' Watch." A group of senior and sophomore boys played the roles of the shepherds. The angelic host announced the birth of the Blessed Babe. The Nativity Scene, Tableau III was very beautiful. The Holy Group, with the attending angels hovering -around the hallowed stable, occupied the center of the stage. Tableau IV "Adoration of the Wise Men," portrayed the Three Kings offering their gifts, while the Shepherds occupied the right of the stage, with the angelic host in the background. The chorus and orchestra brought the pageant to a fitting close with the inspiring hymn, "Adeste Fidelisf' 49 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 'II H0 S, pins. 1912 IVIARGARET CUNNINGHAIM ALVIN KELLER MARGARET DAVIDSON Director Hiram Draper, Ir ..... Elinor Beauchamp .... Lady Amy Ducksworth Hiram Draper, Sr ..... Mrs. Hiram Draper. . . Sir Percy Beauchamp .... Alfred I-Ioneycutt ..... Lady Beauchamp .... Thomas, a butler ..... '6So This is Londloni' BY ARTHUR GOODRICH Presented by SENIOR CI.Ass May 51, 1952 Miss MARGARET 0'MALLEY Alvin Keller . . . . .Margaret Cunningham . . . . . .Margaret Davidson . . . . . .Francis Jacoby . . . . .Lucille Mulcahy . . . . .Martin La Follette ....... ...Robert Kerber . . . . .Mary Theresa O'Brien ................IgnatiusKeogh Jennings, Lady DucksWorth's butler. . .................... Steve Gould Stage Manager Donald Heintzman 50 I 9 32 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Standing: Vernon Doyle, john Schober, Mary Helen Delmar, Irene Sleevar, Cleo Daugherty, Andrew jabsen, Mary Friedrich, Ignatius Keogh, Lucile Larkin, Steve Gould john Weldon. Seated: Mary Theresa O'Bricn, Margaret Cunningham, Mary Ann Houghtalinv Madeleine Cleinmark, Minnie Callahan, julia Sweeney, Mary Bender. The Triniras Statlf EDITOR-IN-CHIEF-Mary Anna Houghtaling ASSOCIATE EDITORS Steve Gould Ignatius Keogh Cleo Daugherty Margaret Cunningham Mary Friedrich CoPYIs'rs Julia Sweeney Lucile Larkin ART COMMITTEE Vernon Doyle john Schober Darwin Gildner BUSINESS COMMITTEE Mary Bender john Weldon Iviary T. O'Brien 51 Minnie Callahan Irene Sleevar ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Andrew Jabsen Mary Helen Delmar Madeleine Cleinmark 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ---"U7heref0re let thy mice Rite like a fountain for we night and elay, For what are fnen hetter than .rheep or goat! That nozzrirh a hlinrl life within the brain, If, knowing God, they lift not hand: of prayer Both for thenzfelvey and there zz-he fall thefn friend For Jo the whole retinal earth if every way Bonnet hy gold chain! ahozzt the feet of God." 52 1932 mr' :pw ti 39. ' 4 P7 11 " ii" J 5 I L mm? Wy 'W Lufitg 'HW N I 'fl ' ii H!Hf', N JN fbgfp L , ' 14? , I I :47ix,W.?5e?4LuL', , Y- -J - '-fz1g2'1.1f f e --.,- V k ',unQ1i?...-7 5'-A ft, v lm .' --' x L 'I 'M K Mi" A , Ent? . ' Wg' - -Q 151' IAM. H -hx an '32, W fi 7 V -sl 1' L ' .1 4 N EX 5-.XA 'F' an x gwi I, Hwy, has X rifwyrzgf 'fg'."Y rff V ,fm 'i f 4 J 1 1,11-I 1 ' x ' N' A 'J 1 I N, ,A x X 'xv My Q 'l'f-, fb " 1 f W 'T 5 Q I I H' . lxxf-U, t HH 'RN K 1' X71 L U . tx I num If Nivxm- Xxufx 'GT ' 521 lfliuhnzx. - ' 4 V x a3.4 ., gf'2i jg.. 9395 0 9693 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL FFKEJKI Vreamee -7,5-fe Y c, 1- L, T - 'A' " . V 1 7 Second row: A. Keller, W. McGrath, S. Gould, J. Thoennes, J. Weldon. First row: G. Haas, M. Houghtaling, M. Davidson, M. Cunningham, M. Cleinmark, I.. Larkin. Foreground: M. H, Delmar, G. Flynn. Webster Debating Society OFFICERS President . . . ......... M. H. Delmar Secretary-Treasurer . . . ..... I.. Larkin H1qI'g7l7?26l2fJ' with comrievzce vary judgmemf in revem! wayrf' The Webster Debating Society has completed its eighth year of activity. Membership is selective, and among the upper classmen talent has been developed. This club meets regularly every Monday evening. The liamentary discussions, extemporaneous talks and debates upon Those who are members of the Webster Debating Society tinue, for its gives an opportunity, not available elsewhere in tice in public speaking, systematic thinking, and free discussion a great deal of excellent programs consist of Par- live topics of the day. are anxious to see it con- the curriculum, for prac- on current questions. 54 ' 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Fourth Row: Anna Capodice, Dorothy Wlualen, Mary Lynch, Mardelle Smith, Anna Mae Neville, Margaret Davidson, jerry Haas, Ann jefferson, Eileen Brown. Third Row: Mary Dunn, Helen Maloney, Eileen Kinsella, Nancy McDonnell, Sarah Roland, Ann Lowry, Mary Ann Costello, Madeline Enright, Jane McClure, Rosemary Larkin. Second Row: Eileen Meyers, Eleanor Kelley, Margaret Cunningham, Rosemary Prasch, Jane Salmon, Elizabeth Ringeisen, Mary I-loughtaling, Doris Ely, Rosemary Schaffer, Irene Gildner. First Row: Mildred Wells, Madeline Falkingham, Mary Bender, Corona Snyder, Mary Belz, Mary Connors, Mary O'Brien, Helen Berry, Margaret Klein. Girls' Choir Every Friday morning at 10:45 the Girls' Choir holds its weekly meeting. Diligent and wholehearted practice has had excellent results. At the 9:00 o'clock Mass each Sunday morning hymns are sung by this group of about forty girls. They also sing at the special evening services during the year. The progress of the liturgical year is observed in an appropriate way. In October hymns in honor of the Holy Rosary were sung, at Christmas time our thoughts were elevated by their beautiful Nativity carols, the Resurrection of Our Lord was commemorated at Easter time by the singing of the "Regina Coeli." Special honor was paid to our Queen during the month of May. Thusrhave the members of the choir raised many hearts and minds in devout prayer, by the blending of their voices in praise of God. 55 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Fourth row: Mardell Smith, Helen Grimm, Mary Bender, Mildred Wells, Anna Mae Neville, Margaret Schad, Catherine Sweeney, Gladys McGonnigal, Sarah Roland, Doris Ely, Eileen Meyers, Mary Frances Lynch, Eleanor Kelly. Third row: Doris Ryan, Minnie Callahan, Elizabeth Luby, Irene Sleevar, Margaret Cunningham, Geraldyne Haas, Elizabeth Ringeisen, Mary Dunn, Eileen Kinsella, Helen Maloney, Mary Helen Delmar, Nancy McDonnell, Margaret Kline, Mary Ann Houghtaling. Second row: Marion Sprague, Eileen Brown, Elizabeth Shields, Mary Frances Clooney, jane Salmon, Rosemary Prasch, Lucile Mulcahey, Mary Friederich, julia Sweeney. First row: Lillian McGraw, Lucille Larkin, Mary jane Kelly, Carona Snyder, Anna Marie Capodice, Mary Frances Whalen, Madeline Falkingham, Mary Theresa O'Brien. Gllee Club During the years of its organization the Gleei'Club, of all extra curricular activities, has always been most enthusiastically acclaimed by newcomers, as well as by the older students. As a result of this general interest, our club is unusually large this year, and boasts of a variety of well trained voices. Under the capable direction of Miss Cecil McGraw we have held our weekly meet- ings in the Social room every Tuesday morning at 10:45, and have mastered several chorus numbers, besides rehearsing many old favorite songs. Our extensive plans for the customary St. Patriclds Day operetta had to be dis- continued as circumstances destined that our auditorium be used for more sacred pur- poses. The club gave evidence of its careful training and work by the pleasing numbers rendered on Class Night and at the Commencement Exercises in june. . 56 l93Z TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Back row: J, Weldon, C. Daugherty, I-I. Kinsella, S. Gould, M. H. Delmar, M. Cleinmark, C. Austin, A. Mantle, G. Haas, M. A. Houghtaling, V. Doyle, M. Cunning- ham, Thoennis, M. Schad, and L. Larkin. Front row: M. Davidson, M. T. O'Brien, A. Kellar, C. Sweeney, J. Sweeney, D. Ryan, M. Friedrich, M. Callahan, I. Sleevar. The Aquinas Literary Club OFFICERS President . . . ............ C. Sweeney Vice-President . . . ........ Sweeney Secretary-Treasurer . . . ..... A. Kellar The Aquinas Literary Club was reorganized for the year 1951-1932. It meets every two weeks at 9:15. This club was organized for the purpose of encouraging a wider reading and an intelligent appreciation of good literature. At each meeting, after the business of the day is disposed of, the time is spent in open discussion of books, authors, and current trends of literature. A special study of poetry and poetic form has been made. Membership in the Club is restricted to students of the Senior Class. Each member is entitled to enter the Short Story Contest. The winner's name is engraved on the loving cup presented for the encouragement of Short Story writing. At the same time the winner of the prize story is announced, those stories which received honorable mention are read. 57 - l'932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ssl! Back row: E. Murray, M. H. Delmar, J. Sweeney, M. M. Cunningham, M. Schad, G. Kerber, J. Theis, D. Kinsella, M. Dalton, E. Murray, E. Kerber, M. Clienmark. Fourth row: B. Hinclenberg, M. Bender, I. Kelly, F. Dalton, G. McGonnigal, C. Sweeney, D. Ryan, M. Callahan, L. Larkin, M. F. Connors, M. Flynn, I. Watson, C. Nordine. Third row: I. Sleevar, M. Davidson. Second row: 'G. Haas, E. Luby. First row: L. Mulcahy, M. Frederich, H. Kinsella. v The "T" Club The "T" Club or Girls' Athletic Association has met with real success since its organization in 1929. The purpose of the club is to further girls' interests in sports. Basketball is the most popular of the sport activities, however, volley ball, soccer, golf, tennis and hiking claim marked attention. The "T" Club boasts a larger enrollment than usual this year, a fact which vouches for its increasing popularity. 58 I932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL i Alumni GFFICERS DIRECTORS VlCe'PfeSldent Richard Conroy bay Mccleuand Catherine Brotherton Treasurer Mabel Driscoll Joseph Conley Owen Kane Secretary Esther Penn Mary Jung XWILLIAM LENAHAN, President Trinity Alumni Association had a very successful year under the leadership of William Lenahan, of the class of 1910, who was chosen to succeed john Boylan. For the students as well as the alumni, the big activity of the year is always the Homecoming, and this year we had a great festival. Special credit for its success is due to Kenneth Clothier, our able chairman. The hearts of Trinity graduates and former students are saddened by the burning of Holy Trinity Church. For most of us it was the place of our Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. In Memoriam The association wishes to extend its sympathy to the families of Thornton Murphy and Clarence Gildner. Their deaths were a loss to Alumni too, for they were both active members and exemplary young men. May their souls rest in peace! 59 1,932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 'I-With all obedienre Z0 the King, and zurozzgbi All kind of .-'ervire willy zz noble ease That grated the lowliexl act in doing ii." 60 1932 A nl n 'Qeiig-'- 'I -'Til fa' , Ae if in - , 1, Q- Qt mf MAI' WN?-in llllllll ug rg-22251 S A Xliifimsxn ' In S H ,JIIIIU ' 5'-2 A A . .HA !, 4 1 5 ."Xo EW 1 IIJ"f, A fm vw T i"z'AfynllIllll3i.. mumu' ' an . 'I mf an , 'Y -- ff - - , V . X? f Q aa: Q J ' b?i?f?3?'b - it 1' ""A :?g'5LfZQ ' f--.,,f- -,-.""-wfof., '.-..o.-V'Q.'7.":- -2.1j'1fiffS 5. ' 1 1aJ91'9'?9? g,4c,5f::,-4 ff X 5 , ,fy jfgfiiafli f ,1 :?Jf,'T..' 11:32 .QL -.-. -1 . y ,4 -.g5Q'6'5 5 Q-71::'.1: 14 1.9! 22413,- . -f'. L. - ' . '.--.- L -4' Umar- '1 -+4 1 v.5::-Wa'z,,- 2- .1-5-:L:1, f '- ..- -151 ww: 'Wf,9f:'Y 1. .Sw fdsaw .fl-'u su 1-41 . .- fs-fwri-:F :t 7315.-:idgb 5.-3-,iw f A ,fa-avr?-5:':'-2-,ww 2215- --f4':f-fziw z-ffihfw-' .1,.::5'm?:e:f1:.1f - -4 9 :f:'x.:i1-i.s5.e 1:4-.aa-g+w'.:ufa:?kea+' Q- i2-32rffS'- E ff :mfg P' 'H ."'::sf-ra bd: 3... U' t .t. X deli. . nl.. K. oo or . G 3 ff . , . G 1 --val -' 'Wa O I Elin!! TRINITY HIG H SCHOOL V many "Don" Karnes FOOTBALL COACH With the wisdom of a Solomon and the psychology of a Knute Rockne, our highly esteemed football coach, Don Karnes, 'has again piloted his team through another tough and trying season to a victorious close. His happy and genial personality is an asset much to be coveted, and with such a man at the helm it is safe to say that Trinity will always be Outstanding in high school football. Priests, Sisters, and Parents feel safe in trusting their young manhood to his care. 62 The Rev. ll. P.. Farrell ATHLETIC DIRECTOR ' Again we pay tribute to our Athletic D1 rector, the much loved Father Farrell, who in his five years at Holy Trinity has endeared him self, not only to those with whom he comes in contact, but also to all who come under dear Trinity's wing. The Older men of the parish, as well as the little children regard him as a true and sympa thetic priest, a loyal friend, and a genuine sportsman. Holy Trinity is fortunate in having a man of such high caliber in charge of its athletic activities, and recognizing his ability, and knowing his worth, we hope to keep him for years in our midst. I 9 32 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Third row: Father Farrell, Ed Belz, George Schultz, Charles Sweeney, Andrew Jabsen, Robert Fenton, john Meaney, Bill Conroy, George Meyers, Richard Fox, Hank Dalton QAss't Coachj, Don Karnes, Coach. Second row: Ed Kane, Tom Woodin, Fred Trenkle, joe Dennis, Harry Condon, john Dohm, james Shipley, Tom Gibbons, Ralph Lee, Bruce O'Mal1ey, Gene Conroy fFreshman Coachj. First row: Tom Lowry, Mgr., Donald Heintzman, Tony Capodice, Francis Jacoby, Gene Kilmartin, Louis Sommers, George Nelson, Lawrence Radka, Ignatius Keogh, Frank Straub, Dan Kearney, Robert McGraw, Mgr. Football When the first Fall breezes blew across the Trinity campus in September, Don Karnes sent out his call for the "Fighting Irish." A prompt response resulted in a squad com- posed largely of experienced men intermingled with many good rookies. With three lettermen in the backlield and six in the line Don's prospects were very bright. He soon molded a smooth working eleven that was something to be proud of. They deserved the name of the "Fighting Irish," even though they weren't all Irish. Don's creed was: "Drive low and tackle hard," and it was this slogan that carried Trinity through one of its most successful seasons. Much to our pride four Trinity men were picked from the Irish for positions on the inter-city team. Graduation is going to leave many vacancies in the ranks this year. Nine seniors have sung their Swan Song as far as football at Trinity is concerned. However, all the football players were not in the Senior class, and Don is a regular miracle man when it comes to filling an opening. e i 63 I93Z TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL The Games Trinity 33 Forrest 7 Trinity 27 St. Theresa O Trinity 6 Bloomington O Trinity 7 Farmer City O Trinity 7 Normal 7 Trinity 20 Bloomington 0 Trinity 34 U. High 6 Trinity 1 3 Fairbury 26 Trinity 53 Cathedral High 0 Total 200 Total 46 TRINITY 33 FORREST 7 The Trinity football team received its baptism of fire against the heavy Forrest artillery. In this game the Trinity men showed power. They pushed the ball over the Forrest goal five times for touchdowns and three times for extra points. Late in the last quarter Forrest returned a kick-off for their only touchdown. They also made the extra point. The final score Was, Trinity 33, Forrest 7. TRINITY 27 ST. THERESA 0 The St. Theresa warriors did not offer rnuch opposition to the strong Trinity eleven who invaded Decatur. The Trinity gridsters crossed the goal line four times during the game and added the extra point three times, to make the score 27 to 0. The Trinity reserves also showed strength in this game. They fought the Decatur team on even terms for one quarter. TRINITY 6 BLOOMINGTON 0 "Let's crack 'eml" was the war cry of the Trinity team as they charged upon the gridiron to meet the Bloomington High team. The fans had picked Bloomington to win because of their size, forgetting however, to consider the fight and drive hidden under the mole skins of the smaller Irish team. Every man went out on the field and gave all that he had. It wouldn't be fair to try to pick outstanding heroes because every player was a star. By persistent drives and a long pass the Irish carried the ,ball over for the only point in the game. 64 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL I ,. I ' ' ' Q .. . .Li21.r:i. . L 25'-1.QEl TRINITY 7 FARMER CITY O Trinity's victory over Bloomington almost proved its downfall. They went to Farmer City a little too confident and it took the whole first half to wake them up to the fact that the Moore Township boys were tough. A nice pass in the fourth quarter from Gibbons to Conroy and the extra point by jabsen gave Trinity a 7 to O decision. TRINITY 7 NORMAL 7 A touchdown and the extra point in the initial quarter by Normal put Trinity under a severe handicap. The Trinity men did not give up hope but stayed in and fought for three quarters. An irresistible drive in the fourth quarter gave them the hard-earned six points and Belz drove over for the extra point to make the score 7 to 7. "Don" said that it was the greatest comeback a Trinity team has ever made. The superb running of Conroy and Belz and the great line work of Woodin and Lee made this comeback possible. TRINITY 20 BLOOMINGTON O Some people said that Trinity won the uunofhciall' game with Bloomington on "breaks" but after the "oHicial" game there was no doubt in their minds that Trinity was the better team. The line out-charged the heavier Bloomington line, Dennis, Sweeney and Fenton being the main-stays. Nice blocking by Fox and Gibbons made holes for the back to aim at. Trinity won by an overwhelming margin of 20 to 0. TRINITY 34 U. HIGH 6 Trinity ran wild over the small U. High team. Trinity outclassed the suburbans, piling up a 34 point lead. U. High broke loose in the last quarter to make their only score. When the final gun was fired the score was Trinity 54, U. High 6. TRINITY 13 FAIRBURY 26 Trinity met its Waterloo at the hands of Fairbury. The speedy running of Hender- son and King was too much for the Trinity men. Trinity's six point lead was lost when Fairbury made a 20 point rally in the second quarter. Jabsen plowed through the line for many a yard and Meyers smashed through for a great number of clean, open tackles but all in vain. Trinity bowed to a 26 to 13 defeat. TRINITY 53 CATHEDRAL O A sea of mud did not prevent Trinity from running up a 53 to O victory over the small Cathedral High team of Springfield. Many of the fellows sang their "Swan songl' that day and it would have taken a strong team to stop them. 65 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Charles H. Bennett BASKETBALL COACH Few high schools can boast such an able basketball coach as Charles H. Bennett. Under the industrious and intelligent teaching of "Charlie," Trinity teams worlc with the smooth regularity of perfect machines. After meeting the best teams in this section, Trinity finished the season with the unforgettable record of nineteen victories and only four defeats. There was one tie game. With Bennett at the helm Trinity fans always expect to see a fighting, in- telligent team in action. "A Bennett coached team is a well coached team," has become a slogan at Trinity. DOWNSTATE TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE Trinity 21 Trinity 23 Trinity 1 5 Trinity 20 Visitation, Kewanee 12 St. Mary's, Moline 12 St. joseph, R. I. 11 Spaulding 20 ALI.-STAR SELECTION Conroy, Trinity . . . ............. Forward Miller, St. Joseph. Peters, Spaulding . Sweeney, Trinity . . Martin, Routt . . . . . . .... Forward . . . .... Center . .... Guard . . . .Guard 66 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Second row: Robert McGraw, Mgr., john Dohm, Tom Gibbons, john Meaney, Tom Woodin, Ed Kane, Robert Fenton, Mgr. First row: Frank Straub, Charles Sweeney, Bill Conroy fCapt.j, Richard Fox, Fred Trenkle. Basketball This was one of the most successful seasons in the history of basketball at Trinity, and we have every reason to be proud of the boys who wore our Blue and White. Our team overcame some of the strongest High School teams in the state: defeating Carlock, the McLean County Champions, dividing two games with U. High, the district cham- pions, two games with Mt. Pulaski, one of the toughest teams from their section of the state, and last, but not least, played the strong Spaulding Institute of Peoria to a dead- lock, after leading throughout, in the Downstate Catholic Tournament, only losing to the same strong team in the "play-off" for the championship. Because of the high caliber of the basketball displayed by our boys, a generous invitation was given them to play in the National Catholic Tournament, although they were not the winners in our own state. To show their mettle Trinity swamped Binghamton, New York, in their first game at the National tournament only to lose a heart-breaking game to the strong St. Patrick team of Chicago, who incidentally, were the winners of lirst place. ' 67 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Z lil' , ' "ii . Y 5 R3 Ri Second row: John Haughtaling, joseph Griffin, Francis Carroll, Tom Lowry fMgr.j First row: Elmo Kistner, Ed. McCambridge, Louis Sommers, Tony Capodice, Robert Fitzgerald. All-American Basketball Team While some might not consider their record an overwhelming success, the All- Americans have learned enough about the game to fill next year, the places of Conroy and Gibbons, the only Seniors on the squad, and to merit a place for themselves on the lirst team. Much is expected of this team next season and the boys themselves have high hopes of living up to these expectations. When the basketball season opens next fall, we hope to support one of the strongest basketball organizations that Trinity has ever produced. 68 l93Z TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL , l l TRINITY GYMNASIUM The Games TRINITY 24 ST. THERESA 15 A . Y - A , Again outplaying the St. Theresa team, the Blue and White warriors won 24-15. It was a good game for three quarters but in the fourth quarter Trinity began hitting from all angles to swamp St. Theresa. TRINITY 28 FAIRBURY 18 In a game between two crack teams, Trinity had the push in the second half to defeat Fairbury 28-18. It was a clearly earned victory with Straub and Conroy leading the Trinity attack. TRINITY 23 NORMAL 18 Coming from behind in the last minutes of play the righting Trinity team sent its supporters home with happy hearts by winning from Normal 23'-18. This was a very fast game that had the crowd in an uproar most of the time so victory was sweet for Trinity. TRINITY 34 BLOOMINGTON 12 A sterling defense that held Bloomington in check at every stage of the game gave the Trinity team victory over Bloomington High again by the score of 34-12. The Trinity boys were out for blood in this second game and never gave their opponents a chance to shoot, Bloomington scoring but two field baskets all evening. 169' 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL TRINITY 20 CLINTON 17 Trinity won its eleventh consecutive victory of the season by nosing out Clinton 20-17. This was a fast game throughout with Chuck Sweeney starring for Trinity along with Trenkle and Conroy. TRINITY 25 MT. PULASKI 11 Mt. Pulaski came here with an impressive record and reputation, but Trinity was prepared. There never was any doubt as to "who was who" after the game had started. With every man on Trinitys team playing a great game the final score left Trinity in the lead 25-11. TRINITY 17 BLOOMINGTON 14 Playing their first game of the season Trinity triumphed over Bloomington by a score of 17-14. In such an early game neither team could be expected to click perfectly, but Trinity had the punch and power to come through with baskets when they were needed most to gain the reward of victory. TRINITY 25 TREMONT 13 Trinity won its second game of the present campaign by defeating Tremont 25 to 13. The team clicked at times with power that showed great things in store for Trinity in the inter-city battle. TRINITY 35 ST. THERESA 12 A powerful Trinity team proved too much for the plucky St. Theresa quintet in this game and Trinity ended on top by the wide margin of 35-12. Coach Bennett sub- stituted often in this game in order to try out his new men. TRINITY 12 NILES, MICHIGAN, 8 Team work won for Trinity again in this tight game with the Niles quintet. Trinity traveled far to play this team and they fought hard to win in an overtime period 13-8. TRINITY 35 EL PASO 14 Trrnity won this game in easy fashion, trouncing El Paso 35-14. Bill Conroy would not be stopped and he contributed 20 points to Trinity's total. TRINITY 21 U. HIGH 10 Playing their second inter-city game, Trinity won from U. High to the tune of 21-10. Trinity led at all times in this rather slow game with Trenkle and Sweeney starring. MT. PULASKI 24 TRINITY 16 Playing without the services of Bill Conroy and Frank Straub Trinity lost its rirst game of the season to a fighting Mt. Pulaski team 24-16. Chuck Sweeney played a wonderful game for Trinity. 70 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL U. HIGH 20 TRINITY 17 Trinity could not find itself in the last half of this game and was outplayed by U. High, losing by a score of 20-17. Trinity led most of the way and would have won if it had not been for a spurt by jacquat of U. High in the last few minutes of play that netted his team six points. TRINITY 17 NORMAL 14 In their second game with Normal Trinity clinched the inter-city title by winning a great game 17-14. The regular playing period ended in a deadlock at 12 all but Trinity pulled ahead in the overtime period to win. Every man on Trinity's team starred. TRINITY 32 CARLOCK 10 Trinity defeated Carlock, the County Champions, easily in this game. The Trinity machine clicked perfectly, both on offense and defense to win by a score of 32-10. TRINITY 21 FAIRBURY 12 The second game with Fairbury proved an easy victory for Trinity. Once gaining the lead, Trinity held it easily to win. In fairness to Fairbury it must be said that their star center, Bedel, was out of action with injuries, but Trinity deserved to win as the game was played. TRINITY 15 EL PASO 11 With El Paso stalling on an early 6-3 lead the Trinity team found it hard to get the ball and score. A last minute rally sent Trinity ahead to win, with Tom Gibbons starring. lPosteSeason Basketball TRINITY 24 NORMAL 21 In a post-season game at the Wesleyan gym the Trinity team again took a lighting Normal team into camp after a hard battle. Again the game went into extra periods, the regular -playing time ended in a tie at 21 all. Dick Fox was outstanding in this game with Sweeney and Trenkel not far behind, although every man on the team played a great game. 71 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Down State Catholic Tournament Trinity Basket-ball team entered the Downstate Catholic Tournament held at St. Viator's College on March 4, 5, and 6. The Trinity Team had been picked as the prob- able winner because of its impressive record all season, having won 17 games and lost but 2 in the battle for the Inter-city championship title. Hence, it was regarded as one of the strongest teams in Central Illinois. Trinity cleared its nrst obstacle in the tournament by trouncing Visitation of Kewanee after a brilliant duel 21-12. Fred Trenkle was outstanding on offense, while Tom Gibbons and john Meany played stellar defensive roles. Pushing aside St. Mary's of Moline 23-12, Trinity marched to the semi-finals in the Catholic Tournament. Frank Straub and Fred Trenkle led Trinity's attack with 11 and 8 points each respectively. In this semi-final tilt Trinity breezed through in easy fashion to win from St. joseph of Rock Island 15-11. Trenkle and Fox led the attack while the Trinity defense functioned smoothly at all times. The old time tradition of a meeting in the finals of Trinity and Spaulding was again upheld this year. The game on the night of March 6 ended in a 20 to 20 tie after two overtime periods. This was a great game with every player fighting his best to win. Bill Conroy and Chuck Sweeney were put on the All-Star team. Conroy won the most valuable player trophy. The tie had to be played off in order that the trophies for first and second place could be awarded, so the two teams clashed again on the following Sunday. Spaulding won by a score of 17 to 16, a score just large enough to win by, but not large enough to show any superiority over the stubborn Irish. National Catholic Tournament By virtue of the tie game between Trinity and Spaulding at St. Viator on March 8, both teams received an invitation to the National Catholic Tournament at Loyola on March 16. The local team had proved such a powerful and fast organization all season that much was expected of it in the National Catholic Meet. Trinity galloped into the second round of the tournament by crushing the St. Patrick Academy of Binghamton, New York, to the tune of 31-6. Only two field goals were scored by the Pats, so tight was the Trinity defense. Conroy gave Trinity possession of the ball at every tipoli' and counted five field goals. It took a classy squad of sharp shooters from Bishop England of Charleston, S. C., to eliminate Trinity from the National Catholic Tournament 24-16. Trinity completely out-maneuvered and out-guessed the opposition on the Hoor but could not connect with the irons. Every Trinity man played a great game with Trenkle the standout. 72 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL GIBB UN5 ' , 5 wf5fvEv ' MfA'V5V FOX, -' " is DI-, f- : E U Af v , -if, .. 5 WZEQL j :fif I7 73,152 f-ff---,-w ----qi L- , XA, ,Q y-.MMA-S-, . V, . 'N 57-,QAUB TEKNKLE I 9 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Back row: Irene Sweeney, Jane Salmon, Mary H. Delmar, Eleanor Kelley, Margaret Cunningham. Front row: Mary Belz, Rosemary Prasch, Madeline Cleinmark fCapt.j, Mary A. Costello, Rosemary Larkin. Girls' Basketball This year, the Trinity girls undoubtedly had the most successful basketball team since the organization of girls' athletics. Without once meeting defeat the team piled up twelve consecutive wins, overcoming such teams as Cabery Girls' Team, the Kankakee Independents, and State Farm Mutual Girls' Team. The outstanding feature and the main reason for this row of victories, was the teamwork and general good spirit among the girls. Since it is customary for every winning basketball team to enter the general city tournament held at the Y. W. C. A., the Trinity organization was invited to participate. They found no difficulty in overcoming their competitors, and as a result, captured the first place trophy. , The girls wish to express their appreciation to Father Farrell for his willing and efficient help in sponsoring their activities. 74 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Second row: Mgr. Robert McGraw, John Travis, Ed Belz, Frank Straub, Andrew jabsen, Louis Sommers, Donald Heintzman, Elston Leary, Mgr. Lowry. First row: Bill Conroy, George Nelson, Tom Gibbons, John Schober, John Nice, Richard Fox, Edmund Kane. The Baseball 'Team 1 . With nine "vets" back from last year's team and plenty of new men to pick from Trinity ventures forth for fame on the diamond. Prospects are very bright at Trinity this year because among the veterans are some good pitchers, flelders, and hitters who will be in the pink after a week or so under the coaching of Father Farrell and Bill Connors. A team with a good coach usually gets somewhere, but when you get two sharks together you can be certain of results. Big things are expected of the following "vets": Conroy, who will work on the mound and behind the log, if necessary, ,Ed Belz, who will also take his turn on the rubberg Nice, Kane, Straub, and Gibbons are expected to stop all the infield balls, Leary and jabsen are the only nelders returning. john Schober has the makings of a good catcher, while Nelson, Sommers, and I-Ieintzman are sure to see action. This year's schedule includes games with Bloomington High School, U. High, Normal, Streator, Fairbury, and I-Ieyworth. 75 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Bn! 'Lllf'El'6f01'6 wozzlcl ye men .rhafzlcl zzfmzdcr at yon? Nay, rather for the .rake of me, iheir King, And the :leech mise my knigbthoorl do flue deed, Tbmz to be rioifezl of." 76 1932 "M f k"!1'!XY .M V W xx-X Q ' W. ny' "--N L11 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL D. HAYES Sz SON Prescription Druggisls MELVIN S. HAYES, PROP. Corner Main and Locust Streets Phone 242 CHAMBERS 8: GIBSON BARBER SI-IOP 605 North Main Three Chairs "Ii Pays fo Look Well', Senior-"Stop, or I'll blow your brains out." Freshy-'!Ha, ha, ha! Where are you going to find them?" Sr. F.-"What is 21 parasite?" R. Morrisey-"Me?" Sr. F.-"Yes, now name another." Bob Fenton fin Hayes Drug Storey -"Gimme 1 CILIRIICITS Worth of rat poison." Mr. Hayes-"Wanna take it with you?" Bob-"Naw, I'11 send the rats after it." A Store of Fashion Dresses Bloominglorfs Leading Outfiiicrs Millixmery Suits Of . Shoes Coats Smartly Dressed H1-Schoolers Accessories W. H. ROLAND A Siore of Fashion Quality of Quality of Foods F d N Service oo O C Shop L h C I CH A Rabin 624 North Main Street Phone 2489-L 78 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL BOYS! GIRLS! WHEN YOU GET MARRIED Buy Your ' FURNITURE, STOVES, and RUGS Of S T 3 Q NIS Buy of Stern-Pay as you earn 504-6 NORTH MAIN STREET Remember our slogan- "Buy of Stern-Pay as you earnv Sr. F.-"In dramatizing this story the hardest part is the ending. How would you end the play Alvin?" Alvin K.-"I'd drop the curtain." Sr. V.-"Give me the dehnition of a vacuum, Ralph." Ralph B.-"I just can't say it, but I've got it in my head." Sr. P. N.-"Dorothy, what is your report on?" Dorothy K.-"On Andrew jabsen, Sister-er-er I mean Andrew jackson." Tl1eiBrighiesf Spof in Town COATS SUITS DRESSES BLOUSES SI-IOES .I . IVIILLINERY CORSETS LINGERIE . :Z I' l Child1'en's and Infant's Wear X Draperies Dry Goods Gift Shop j g-'Tai I ' CLAY DOOLEY "The Tire Man,, Tires Tubes Vulcanizing Chains for every car 2l2-I4 W. FRONT STREET PHONE 835 79 I932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL I-lElVIBREIKER'S Flowers for All Occasions 505 N. lVlaiu St. 103 W. Front St. Phone 235 Phone 3009 WHITE OAK SERVICE STATION Texaco Gas and Oils Penzbesi anal Quaker Sfaie PHONE 2403 1532 W. LOCUST ST. J. J. FISHER, PROP. WANTED A letter "T" like the big fellows have.-Raymond Evers. A bright pupil for the Algebra class,-Sister -I. A fullback to take j:1bsen's place at line bruising. One Civics contract.-Senior Class. A pageless Physics.-Gene Conroy. A little excitement.-Ted Spence. A diploma tied in a blue ribbon.-All of us. Someone who can out-talk Bender. Several Physics Credits.-Seniors. JOHN HAUG Sc SON Fine Quality Shoes anal Repairing 525 North Main Street GYM AND TENNIS SHOES KIRKPATRICK HOUSE FURNISI-IING COMPANY F urnifure, Carpets, Rugs Large lines to select from Carpet department in charge of lVIr. Patrick Maher Phone I66-4 I E. Miller Street Co To IVIAPLEVVOOD GREENHOUSES for Flowers COX SHOE COMPANY East Side of Square Distinctive Footwear within Price reach of Everyone. 80 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Very M uch Appreciafed ' The many courtesies shown us by the officers, teach- ers, and pupils of the various departments of Trinity, as Well as all departments connected with the school system, are very much appreciated, and we are glad to have this opportunity to reciprocate even though in a small degree. 1 81 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL WHEN YOU CRAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT Ask your grocer for HAPPY HOUR FOODS A complete line of line foods gathered from the four corners of the world ...... picked and packed at the peak of perfection so that you may enjoy a delicate exquisite flavor. Distributed by CAMPBELL l-lOl..TON 61 CO. Bloomington Mary F.--"How can you stand lying in bed so late mornings?" Madeline C.-"I don't stand lying in bed. I'm no contortionistf' Margaret D.-Qdriving along the highway and spying the linemen at work repairing the telephone wires, "Well, they needn't run up a pole just because they see me cominglu The trouble with most graduates after commencement is that they don't commence. T. L. Kalahar Phone 679-R A. lVlunsell T I-I E V O C U E Four Chair Barber Shop and Shining Parlor Men , . Men Women 206 North East St., Bloomington, lllinois Womell Children Service with Courtesy Children D E l.. lVl A R ' S Home Cafe ' Phone 2667-X 109 S. Main St., Bloomington, lllinois CORN BELT BANK -Safe -Sound Bloomington, lllinois -C0l7SCTUClfiU6 L. E. WITT feweler and Optometrist 501 N. lVlain Street Phone 475-J 82 l l932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS CIF 1932 PUBLIC SCHOOL PUBLISHING COMPANY 509-I I-I3 North East Street BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS 83 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Manufactu1'e1's of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems For I-Iomes, Schools, Churches, Stores, Garages, Etc. AMERICAN FOUNDRY 8: FURNACE CO. Bloomington, Illinois UNITED MOTORS SERVICE Complete Automobile Repairing Starting, Lighting, Ignition and Radiator Service BLOOIVIINGTON BATTERY SERVICE INC. 302 E. Grove St. Phone 83 Fon SALE A slightly used brain. Inquire junior class room. Senior Assembly on june 8. Everybody welcome. Juniors cordially invited. Great sale! All kinds of school supplies. Books good as new. Never been used. Broken pencils, borrowed pens, detective magazines. All must go! Come early and get the best bargains. All Senior Books at 2091, discount-Elston Leary. My famous red sweater-joe Dennis. M. WALSH CS, SONS, Inc. Monumerzfs 600 Biock W. Olive Phone 536 BLoo1v11NcToN, ILLINOIS 84 l 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL GEORGE R. FLYNN Funeral Home Ambulance Service Phone 600 709-II North Main Street Bloomington, Illinois Sophomore-"Did you ever take chloroform?" Freshman-"No, who teaches it?" A Sr. P. N.-"Donald, what do we Want in our government?" D. Heintzman-"We want reforms, we Want government reform, we want labor reform, we want-" Class-"Ch1oroform.,' Sr. V.-"Who gave you the black eye?" joe D.-"Gave it to me! Say I had to fight good and hard for it." W. J. LENAI-IAN Soda-Magazines-Notions-Drugs SOI W. Washington St. Bloomington, Illinois BLOOIVIINGTON ICE CREAM COMPANY QUALITY LET us serve your parties with Punch and Fancy Ice Cream Phone 248 85 1932 y TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL QUICK SERVICE RESTAURANT 309 West Washington Street Home Cooked Meals Served Ed. Woith, Proprietor It was the first period in the afternoon in Sister Grace's Latin Class at Trinity High School. Bob Wright was enjoying the beautiful autumn scenery. Sister Grace asked him to answer her question. He said that he did not know the answer. "Do you know the question?" Sister asked. "Yes Sister," answered Bob. "Mary Grimm, what is the question?" Sister then asked. "There was nonef' said Mary. ROGER M. VOGEL Diamonds Waiche.s jewelry EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Between Front and Washington Streets l I l N. Center THE ORENDORFF MUSIC SHOP Mlzsic cmd' Musical Inslrunmnis Teaching material our Specialty 501 N. Main St. Phone 475-R 86 or "Wi I 1 9 3 2 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL RAIN falling on the watershed and running down the stream costs nothing, it has been said- just like "the berries on the brier, or the water in the well, or the fish in the sea, or the fox in the forest." This is true. But it has taken inventive genius, the spirit of pioneering, human ingenuity, heart-breaking effort and thousands of millions of dollars to convert that rain into power for the use of man. It is not true that the water powers de- veloped the electric light and power in- dustry. It was the electric light and power industry that made possible the present- day development of water powers. Had title to all lands and Water powers been retained by sovereigns and govern- ments, most of them would be right now in exactly the same condition as when God made them. ILLINOIS POWER AND LIGHT CORPORATION TY 87 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Central Booking 'Service Presents D A l.. E M l l.. L E R and his ARGENT CLUB ORCHESTRA Phone 1405-X 410 N. McLean St. RADFORD COAL COMPANY "Serves you right" 1201 W. Olive St. Phone 151 Potato Chips D0-Nurs MELO-CREAM DO-NUT CO. 1415 So. Main St. Normal, lllinois Wholesale Retail ' CURIOSITY Paul Moratz registered at school. "What is your name?" asked Sister. "I just gave it to you," returned Paul. "I know, but what it is?" "You see my signature, don't you?', "Yes, that's what aroused my curiosity." At Graduation Time it is especially pleasing to "Say it With Flowersu i Washburn flowers and Washburn service are at your command if you call A. WASHBURN 6: SONS C Phone 303 318 N. Main St Phone 3929 - hr Safeguard Your Earning Power - fgigg'-I It Will P Y you E F EE -Q t. s E I3 A 3011 3G40 For time lost on account of mmf' ACCIDENTAL INJURIES ' Durley Bldg. Compliments of HAVVKINS STUDIO 214 W. Washington St. "Everything in Photographs and Furnishing" SS TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL MURRAY AND CARMODY FUNERAL DIRECTORS 9I4 N. Main St. 'FET' No Charge fer beautiful funeral home "Business Builf on Service" Fred W. Murray Daniel Carmody Phone 662 S9 1932 - TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL UNION AUTO INDEMNITY ASS'N 303 E. Washington Street Bloomington, Illinois "A HOME COMPANY FOR HOME PEOPLE" Policies Guaranteed Non-Assessable by Over 57,000,000 assets Tony-"Is that Sister in the ofiice nearsighted?" Louis-"I don't know. Why?" Tony-"She asked me three times where my cap was, and it was on my head all the timef' Steve ftranslating Virgilj'--"and they fied to the woods because they were so dense" fGood thing there aren't any woods near Trinity., Sr. Agnella-"What is the next sentence?,' john Maloney-"Non scio." l..ElVlAN DAIRY "The Home of Belief Millf" Pasteurizecl Dairy Products Quality-Service Phone 229 826 East Jefferson St. Phone 334 A. I-IIUBERT 81 SON C1'oce1'ies--Meals CORAL CABLES Dine and Dance Dainty Luncheon Distinctive Service Fountain Service l02 East Monroe Street MCKNIGI-IT 8: MCKNIC-I-IT Pulnlisliers, Map MGlfCl'S, Liiliographers, School Supplies 109-Il VV. Market Street Bloomington, lllinois 90 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL AMERICAN STATE BANK BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS Capital Surplus Reserve -.S490,000.00 i THE DEPRESSION F. Jacoby is depressed because he found his Economics book. "Speedy" is depressed because someone called him "Albert.', Willard Travis is depressed because we don't have a Physics class on Saturday, julia Sweeney is depressed because Sister failed to call on her in English. Louis Fillipponi is depressed because a good Samaritan erased the answers in his Algebra before Louis bought it. E. Luby is depressed because she hasn't her Civics contract. Everything Homemade at llre SUTHERLAND DELICATESSEN 6l4 N. Main St. Phone I4I 7 D A N l E L S Fruits ancl Produce 610 N. Main Street Phone 3l23 GERI-IART SHOE CO. Specializing in Young People's Footwear I I6 N. Center Street Compliments of BlASl'S DRUG STORE 91 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL PHONE 83 PHONE 4592 Radiiron Tubes-Cunningham Tubes JAMES E. ALLEN Radio Service Since 1921 Atwater Kent and RCA Victor Factory Service Genuine Parts for Any Make Radio 302 E. GROVE STREET BLOOIVIINGTON, ILL. The next case was called. judge-"What is the charge against this man?" Harold Hardesty fFreshyji-"Stealing, He stole my Austin, the big pick-pocket!" Gene Conroy-"I asked if I could see her home." Ed Belz-"What did she say?" Gene-"She said she'd send me a picture of it.' P A R I S Cleaners ana' Launclerers 6000 Phone 1626 Bloomington and Normal, Illinois Member' of the Federal Reserve System TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Bloomington, Illinois A National Banff lviih a Savings Department Under United Sfales Government Supervision 92 ' 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL UAR INSURANCE YISQ ii Square Agents Square Policies Square Service Square Adjustments This is a great co-operative organization rendering service throughout the United States with 7,000 agents. "Co-operativen means that the profits of the company are divided among the policyholders. V W L smmgqa s 'ag A ,Q wise is Q H The 30 states in which farmers are now benefited. STATE FARM MUTUAL +,,,,.,.l, r vs as - INSURANCE COMPANY -. FEET ,.. i STATE FARM LIFE 'ovnruarolwv STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES BLOOMINGTON ILLINOIS 93 1932 W 0 9 AUTO INSURANCE CG. Af f, sv" un m'u"14g. TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL CORN BELT LUMBER CO. Lumber to Build Fuel to Heat PHONE 3500 T Y P E W R I T E R S 4? -Tr? All Makes SOLD-RENTED-REPAIRED MRQYAL- i "The Jinesi portable in the world"- Terms if desired H ,. Special rental rates to students PAXTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY Phone 2384 v 105 E. Front Street LATEST IN VENTION S john Fitzgerald has invented an electrical device by which the Sister in the Assembly may press a button and shock the noisy students into silence. fVery kind of you, Johnj David Condon has invented an invisible self-candy-feeder that dispenses candy to the mouth without anyones noticing it-Especially adapted for students' use during Study Hall periods. Ping Pong invented 1235 B. C. by someone. Books with nothing in them to study-Q Patented by Ed. McCambridge.j C omplimenis of P. W. COLEMAN FUNERAL PARLORS 503 N. Main Street, Bloomington lllinois HAYES-CUSTER STOVE 8: FURNACE COMPANY Manufacturers of Coal and Wood Ranges Circulating Heaters G35 Ra11ge5 BlOO1'I'1lI'lgllO1'l, Illinois 94 l 9 3 2 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL "Tile Model Wap" of Lazzndrping and Dry Cleaning has been the may since 1892 MODEL LAUNDRY CO. Phone 362 To Keep Physically Fil Eat ai R O O E R S C A F E. "For a better day" "Red" Welcomes you 609 N. Main St. Phone 1837 A noiseless chewing gum. fPatented by M. Davidsonj Buzzy Weldon has invented a potato with a zippered skin. No more peeling. Zip! Off it comes! Tom Lowry has invented an "Anti-putting powder." One dose taken before enter- ing the office late, will insure normal breathing and natural heart-beats. john Meany and Ralph Lee have invented a new excuse for being absent. fThe old one about washing the car wasn't so goodj , ' PRINCESS CONFECTIONERY South Side Square Bloomington, lllinois I-IONOLULU CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Diagrams Arrangement of Mizsic for Hawaiian Steel Guitar 809 Summit St. Phone I496 ALL LESSONS GUARANTEED P A T l-l A R K I N S Bowling Parlor IIS E. jefferson St. Znd Floor 8-A. B. C. Alleys--S BUEHLER BRos. INC. A The Best of M eats ai Lowes! Prices Phone 2987 416 N. Main St. 95 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL GREEN MILL CAFE Restaurant Confectionery WE NEVER CLOSE ALJO SWEET SHOP The Siuclenfs Store lce Cream Candy Toasted Sandwich es Joe lVleaney 623 N. Main Phone 2585 Father Roche to the Seniors: "When you get through with your semester examina- tions, I will go through the sacrament of Matrimony with you." QNO crowclinglj A Senior stood on the rail-road track, A train was coming fast, , The train got off the rail-road track, And let the Senior pass. Sr. G. fin French classy-"Frank, can you decline "To eat." F. S.-"Well, er-er--y-yes Sister, I can, but I donzt like to." THE ALYCE SHOP "Beautiful Shoes" Make it a Point to ' Newest Shoes First see our Shoes before Chiffon and newest you Buy-we can Save novelty HOSE. money for you. ' Popular Prices SCOTTY'S RESTAURANT Ftzmous for Chili anti Hof Tamales Wholesale or Retail 203 S. lVlain'Street 96 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL EMMETT-SCI-IARF ELECTRIC COMPANY Wiring, Fixfures, Supplies Repairing Mazda Lamps 317 North Center St. Telephone 314 Office 516 North East Phone 3597-R WARD 682, PROTHERO CO. Sidewalks and ciriues Concrete Consiruciion Yards Niulberry St. at C. 5: A. R. R. Tom Lowry flate againj--"I don't see why I'm late, the alarm clock went off this rnorniugf' Sr. B.-"And I suppose it didr1't come back!" john-"My fathefs retired." jim-"Mines out of a job, too.'A - ' Sr. V.-"Mary, if I rubbed this rod on your hair, what effect would your hair have upon the rod?" M. Bender-"The same effect as the cat's hair you just rubbed it with." Home of I Kuppenheimer Good Cloilies IVIOBERLY 8: KLENNER IIS North Main St. Complimenfs of AL HOBBIE and JAMES J. MEEHAN 97 l93Z TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL A. T. J A C K S o N Good Furnilure Low overhead makes our low prices possible 205 Broadway Normal Furriers CAVALLO FUR SHOP AND LADIES' TAILORING Fur made to order, remodeled, and repaired Luxurious Xlvraps and Smarl Fur Pieces 313 Durley Bldg. "SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY FURS' Phone 1205-J Mary Bender-"Sister, aren't we going to have rrariseriifrion work?" Sister Cyrilla-"Dor1't you have choral work on Tuesday?" Mary-"Oh no Sister! Glee Club!" Ralph-"Bill Conroy always calls his girl 'Spearminrf " Robert-"Why? Is she always Wrigley?" Ralph-UNO, always after meals." J. J. FITZGERALD COAL CO. Fitzgerald-J. V. Flavinj A Phones: Sole Agents for Celebrated Yard, 2236-J GILLESPIE THOROUGHBRED COAL RCS- l425'X EASTERN KENTUCKY BLOCK Yard: 302 N. Thomas SPRINGFIELD l..UlVlP C. l-l. PAYNE Groceries and Meals Phone 3180 ' 918 W. Market QUALITY AND PRICE W. I-I. GRONEMEIER BAKERY A complete line of Balfery goods lzalged fresh daily Special orders given special aiienlion WHOLESALE - RETAIL FRONT AT EAST BLOOIVIIQNGTON, 'ILLINOIS 98 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL AUTO SERVICE 8: SALES INC. Dodge and Plymouth ZI6 E. Grove St. Phone I47 Bloomington, Illinois Kelvina 'ors I c. H. READ st eRos. Kitchen Furnishings Hardware I Paint Furnaces ll0 Front Street JOI-IN E. GILWEE Groceries and Meats Phone 286i BLOOIVIINGTON, ILLINOIS 704 W. Market Sr. P. N .-"Albert, where is the Panama Canal?" , Albert-"I suppose in Panama." Sister J.-"Are you talking, Andrew?" Andy fBewi1deringlyj-No. Sr.-"Can you say, 'No, Sister? " Andy-"No, Sister." The Home of P I-I I L C O R A D I O 620 N. Main St. Phone 346 K2 block south of Trinity Bloomington Radio Service Co. B U R K L U N D ' S Inc. Decorative Accessories for the Home Jewelers Stylists I Q E S. S lVI I T I-I Successor to John P. Lowry Sanitary-I-leating and Welding Engineer 205 E. Front St. ' Lcalgs are Dangerous Phone 783 Smart Footwear For Every Member of the Family-For Every Occasion BUNNELL BROS. Expert Shoe Fitters South Side Square 99 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Spend for the l-lome in 1932 P A R K E. E N L 0 VV Building maierials, lumber, coal Your Safest and Best Investment I00l W.'Market St. Phone 2087 WM. DRYBREAD Groceries, M eais and Provisions Phone 414 Bloomington, llllinois 908 South Lee St. Sister Florette fto freshman Science classj-"Now, how many know what a. vacuum is?" Ever ' one held h' h d ' y up IS an except one. Another gurl turned to the one who didrft hold up her hand, and laughed. Slster F.-"Why Kathleen, that wasn't a bit nice. Now you stand up and tell us what a vacuum isf' Kathleen--"'Why, a-er-it's a cleaner." Harry Condon-' 'You got your hair cut, didn't you?" I. Yeagle-"No, I washed it, and it shrank." Best Wishes fo the Class Of 1932 TRINITY GRADE SCHUOL 100 1 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL S N O W 8: P A L lVl E R Meadow Gold Ice Cream 51.0-N 5' Palmer Always Scores a l'lit PRATT, I-IEFFERNAN tk RAIVISEYER Afiorneys ai Law Bloomington, Illinois Sr. V.-"What is magnetism?" T. Gibbons-No response. Sr. V.-"Then what is static electricity?" T. G.-No response. Sr. V.-"I'll give you one more chance. Tell me the difference between magnetism and static electricity." George N .-"Say, mister, do you haul garbage?" Knight of the truck-"Sure! Get in." 1 M 0 R A N lVl A R K E T Fresh anal Salt' Meats of All Kinds l09 S. Center St. F. G. l-laegele, lVlgr. Tl-IE NEWMARKET Mayen' Livingston 8: Co. "We supply your every need" Center-Front and Madison Sts. Bloomington, Illinois Two Prices Only No More-N0 Less 521.50 3528.50 l-lats lVl A T S Caps West Side Square 355,00 Bloomingionis Popular-Priced Clozfhiers 32.45 101 l 9 3 Z TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL LOUIS G. N IERSTI-IEIIVIER Drugs - Sodas l302 North lVlain Street For Economical Transporiaiion A six in the price range of a four TRACY GREEN INC. Sales and Service Phone 246 307-9 E. Vifashington St. Sr.-"Robert, what did the Baron do when he discovered that Madeline had doped?" Robert-"Called the Police." T. S.-"What is the charge on this battery?" Sr. V.-"One and a half volts." T. S.-"What is that in American money?" SPEEDWAY SERVICE STATION Center at Mulberry J. EARL SULLIVAN, PROP. Washing Greasing C . 81 A. Holel and Resfauranf VV est Chestnut St. Bloomington, Illinois OUR CLOTHES ADVERTISE US more than WE ADVERTISE TI-IEIVI 402 N. Main St. Chas. D. GUY Phone 40-J FRUIT STORE 625 N. Main S T E E I-A ' S Bloomington, Illinois Continue your training by buying only Quality Fruits and Groceries We handle only the best OPEN SUNDAY OPEN EVENING-S 102 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL REECE-KING PRINTING CO. Commercial and Social Printers Linotype composition Automatic press and folding equipment I08 E. Front Street Phone 664 Bloomington, Illinois Phone 305 MONTGOMERY' WARD 81 CO. 510-I2 North Main ' Bloomington, Illinois Bloomingtonis Most Complete Department Store YOUR NEIGHBOR SAVES AT VVARDS-VVHY DON'T YOU? Bill Conroy-"Look! There goes Belz, our quarterback. He'11 soon be our best man." Bil1's Girl-"Oh Bill, this is so sudden!" Francis J.-"This liniment makes my arm smart." Sister B.-'iWhy not rub some of it on your head?" Senior-"Boy, call me a taxi." Freshie-"All right! You're ft taxi!" B O Y L A N ' S . PNDIL: E ICE' f allr f' 1' 9653l'cEx1-V6 I OIPEPQ Copyright 1930, Boylan Bros. George and John 505 W. Market Street Irvin Theatre Bldg. 533 N. Main Street ULBRICI-I 8: KRAFT "Smart Styles for M en" Society Brand Clothes H4 North Center Street 103 - 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL H eat Your Home with UNION GAS Sc ELECTRIC COMPANY Richard C.-"Dad, you're a lucky man." Mr. C.-"How's that?" Richard-"You worft have to buy me any books this term." Mr. C.-"Why?" Richard-"I'm taking all last term's work over again." Mary fReadir1g the Cardj -"24, 33, 41, 65. What are these? Football signals?" Tom G.-"No. My last month's marks." J. G. FREESE Quality IM eat fllarkel Phone 137 702 W. Chestnut Street Bloomington, Illinois EDVVARD PITSCI-I Main at Miller Phone 921 Complete Food Service with The Freshest Vegetables in the City SCI-IEUTI-I GARAGE Complete Repairing! Service The Home of the Tire that IfVears Smooth TOWING WASHING BATTERY SERVICE 206 West Empire Street 104 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL CASH LEADER Shoe Rebuilder 627 North Main Street Bloomington, Illinois Tl-IE OUTSTANDING VALUE 215-217-219 N. MADISON ST. OF Tl-IE YEAR! RIPPLE STATIONERY Your name and address in raised letter in Blue, Black or Brown ink on 50 sheets in the popular Bifold size f6Mx IOM inches? with 50 smartly fashionable, wide envelopes to match. A heavy fine quality paper in White, Orchid or Ivory. 50 Sheets Including your and Name and Add' ss 50 Envelopes in Raised Letteij Martin-"Are ye fond of movin' pictures, Helen?" Helen hopefully-"Aye, Martin." Martin-"Then maybe, as, ye'll help me get half a dozen down out of the atticf' Grandma-"Aren't you going to give Bobby part of your apple Hortense?" I-Iortense-"No, Grandma, Eve shared hers and she's been criticised ever since. HUDSON BURR CE, CO. Farm Loans ' ' and Invesimenis 3l9 N. Center St. Joseph F. Smith 105 1932 i TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Phone 728-l.. l02 E. Market St. BLOOMINGTON BIRD STORE Everything for the canary, dog, gold fish Aquariums and supplies Exlusive garden pottery, Bird Baths Complete line of pet supplies Dog Remedies Dog Biscuits Compliments of TI-IOS. C. MORRISSEY T. V. WATSON J. J. BUTLER FAMOUS-THEME SONGS "Minnie the Moochern-Bill Conroy. ' "Good Night Sweetheart" fUnder direction of J. P. FQ--Ed Kane. "Keeping Out of Mischief Now"-Mary Bender. "Can't We Talk It Over?"-Seniors. "just a Blue-Eyed Blond"-Catherine Austin. "Six Foot Two, Eyes of Blue"-Ann jefferson. "It's Great To Be In Love"-M. Cunningham. "Lilac Time"-Ed Belz. "You Little Red Head"-Gerry Haas. An Insiituiion of Sweetness Tl-IE GREEN GOBLIN SWEET SHOP NORMAL Normafs Popular M eefing Place BEICI-1's 106 I 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ATLAS SPECIAL BREW Louis W ollrab, Agent 517 North Main Street Phone H75 FRANK'S Franlg Tamingcr, Prop. Shoes, Gents' Furnishings and Shoe Repairing Phone 2635-X l l I2 E. Oakland Avenue BLOOIVIINGTON, ILLINOIS Sr. V.-"Rosemary, what is the symbol for Oxygen?" Rosemary-"OL," Sr. V.-"No, O." Rosemary-"Oh!" Sister P. N.-"What's the matter with you?" Joe D.-"I have a cold or something in my hcadf' Sister-"A cold, undoubtedly." Sr.-"What is a synonym?" Louis F.-"It's a word you use when you can't spell the other one VVANNEMACHER GARAGE Day and Night Body Shop Electrical Painting and Upholstering Mechanical Service Official A. A. A. and I. A. A. Service Free fowing on wreck jobs 4l6-I8 North Center Phone 4599 ., 107 l932 l TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ROSARY COLLEGE River Forest, Illinois A Standard Catholic College For Women Under the direction of THE DOMINICAN SISTERS European Branch: Villa Des Fougeres, Frihourg, Switzerland ST. CLARA ACADEMY Sinsinawa, Wisconsin A Boarding School for Girls Department of Music, Fine Arts and Expression Address: The Secretary, Saint Clara Academy, Sinsinawa, Vvis 108 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL TRINITAS STAFF PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER UNITED PHOTO SHOP ELDO M. MOORE N. Main Phone 1918 Portraiis K od aks Films Commercial Phofographs 109 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL antagraph rinting Xc Stationery nmpanp ESTABLISHED 1 846 Elunmingtun, Zillinuis Ns... H , I 1: . L 'if - N 1 QE QE 2 f 513993 . .,n"T,vr'?f",," "-'LX W7 N if Auf lg: ' ' ' 1gf1gfff2,lr1,31L'l I 'lllilljliliw E H HEUIT wmmfH1kfav1'm5L11,,.fmfg!,fwqrlfdllzwiw ":'i " . E2 , 1- I 21- - I pi ?4',,,'2' 51 , 9 5: . - 'ji'--' 7 "'-- f-"-R 'U ,A " 'I 1 fm 11E'l ,. ' 'Y' 1- A ".' 1 A -I -:,-31,316 rv PRINTING 'I' 'BINDING 4' LITHOGRAPHING ENGRAVING 'I' OFFI Printers of THE TRINITAS and other school publications CE SUPPLIES Ilanfusmnh mlhng nnb f7JIlU'RBl'110IJ f f- - . , 31 A . - 3' X 2 NJ Uhmmm rm W THE MARK OF QUALlTY AND SERVICE 110 1932 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL 111 19321 TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ACKNCWLEDGMENT The Siaf of ihe 1932 TRINITAS Respectfully acknowledges the courteous service vf THE UNITED PHOTO SHOP THE KANE ENGRAVING COMPANY THE PANTAGRAPH PRINTING COMPANY 112 1932 Uilutographs Uiutographs ! 1 1 ' 1- 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 I 1 1 1 VV 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 111- 1 1411 1 1 12 '11 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 .11 1 11 1 1, 1 1 1 . 1 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 V1 1 11 .1 1 11 V1 V '1 F- 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 11 ' 11 1 1 1 ' 1V 1 1 F - 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 11V .1 3 1 1 1:1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 . - 11 1 ' ' 1,1 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 .1 1 11 , . - 11 11 5 1 1 V1 1 V 111 1 -1 1 A , 1 H1 1' 1,l ' .1 1 1 1 1 11 11 V 1 V V1 V 1 131 1 1, . A 1 1 1- 11 1 -. 12 1 1 111 1 1I1 1 2 11 V , 111 111 11 1 11 111 1 11 111 1 11 111 1 1 1 , V 11 1 11 1 1' 1 ,1 1 1 V' 1 1 . , 1, 11 1 ' 1 111 1 1 1 111 1 5 -1 1 .1 : V11 1 1 'E 111 .1 V V1 I1 1 , 11 1 1 111 1 1 11 1 . 1' ' 1 '11 - 1 1 1 11 1 17 . 1 V 1 11 1 1 13 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 I 1 V 1 - 1 V 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 V1 1 - 111 1 . 3,11 ' .1 , ' ' 1 11' 1 ' 11 V, 1 1 1 Q1 1, 1 1 1 -1 1 1 V 1 11 1 1 1 1 . V V VV 1 1 11V 1 ,1 L VV 11 11 Q1 1, 1 11 V 1 11 .': . 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 :1 1, V 1 1 11 11, 1 1 1 V1 1 1 1V 1 1 ' -1 S 1 11 1 11 11 1 1 11 1 'V 11 -1 11 1 V V, 1 1 1 1 , V 11 1 1 1 :1 .1 1 V 1 11 1 1, 1- 1 1 11 1' 1 1 1. 1 1 1 V 1V 1 11 , 11 1 1 .1 111 1 1 1 11 ,, .1 V 1 1 1 1 1 111 - - Q 4 111 1 1 1, 1 11 . 1 .1 , 1 1 1 2 11 V 1 1 1 '1 11 1' 1 U 1 1 1 .. I1 1 1 2 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 '1 1 . 1 1 11 11 V V11 1 If 1 . .3 .11 1 5 1 151 1 1 1 11 1 , 1 1 1 11 1 1 'Q 15 1 ' 1 1 1' 1 1 1 V. V V ,1 1 5 1 1 ' 1 1 1' 1 11 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 ' 1 1 1 V 1:1 VV 1 1 1V 1 V 1 N 1 V' 1 11 1 1 1

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