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1 J l i 1 tmgzg ' . K- 'CI J CWA QW? WOM I - ww. up qlqfsz 40 QW? X WYNQQPL R WDW WOM 1: am goin 1 QJNQNL 4 YVIIS5 Qdoo i keep :YN A MQ bffmlfl , Q CWS il guqmmows jbfww ' ' ' f werf L5Q1,f fu all Mf WL ,H be ghd fo get WK ja: mv Jud A , I ' ?iC'KM5'I'xlf 91,4 56,AffQ seeyw ' , N . fr - v..,--J:.J ff' :Ls 4 8-,. ....'lI.4 A Vw-vx,-L Jvr x-- w--vwx.- '- ll 1 . , 5 f.Y '.i? 4. ,qAZZ10Zf?'i235Q ,q43 U 2 Y , or Jxlbrw 0.Qq5jgP!r fifgafge XXNfJ9xW S ggxiflwg uxJVa my rf. ME Pig.-jg' qvzwgqe mm' 3 Tm w ,gg 9 ol wx X K 6 R 0 C 8 ,Q Q . iw ' -Q 3 gb Q W QP ,C iffiiggi my ,ff M ' f ' -ua. 528' B' 'Jr -, if g,V f' 'ff Q '5f '1 f,Qfi I -1 I Ii-L ' ' - 8 N fi' ':"- , 1 . f N X Q' ' 3 ' S , , na' pr, I .45- , , b w., V F E 4 3 Ig I ' ' iq 1. 5 ' , 5 new . E d,..f,,6. Y , LLJ ? lx i , 'gd ' f' ff.: 4 '44 .fx fi?- Q 5 si me A QM?" V .V . w.,3,,.-il W 4,64 ,, f' X L ., . up ' .5 . , - ,. . N, VW, .. , ,M ,M .31 .N JN - 'fu . A I , ,w,MM.,i wp' K X , . glgtfiezgt w.,1.g5j':1'l 5-3751. -2 J., -X . K N it Q A WM, fag ff ff r A WL , 1 61 I -at E 5 !LRE2i,,gS5:g,4NJ , 1,455 fzfqif f i if 'E1.Xf5'7T ,.4, Ffh' gg U -f ' wr?-ey 3' 1. 5 3: .qr.N2. if ggi M i Q- N1-"'1W',,,,, y T 75 bx 'Q A -am' , A ,- Q- A , 3 . K A ' mpg W ' ' if ,Q 5 t " 14 Ah W ' ' 1' I E , . viii 1 f x, V ' . - H Q ,Y 1 A V '- W9 -A grew.-,, ., , A, . fx W wg v , , V, . ' ,' m y ' .-, .gms 'iv if? "- K 1 ,N ,ma wnc,.,,,, mf f H0 M E ST Y L E i H W' 2 f H ' fooamwa ,., .H,. . - . W , I q r Q K Im "1V' Q A 1 - f 4 ' f" A, 1 ' 4 , , 1 E' Q . ' Wi'-Q if if any 5 Q' :vw F 2 COO., 3 , W f x, if '7 , l I , . ,304 'x Q ' A f f . ., Q5 A A 7 , ' W 1 'fi 2 Table of Contents f' ...I III II :I QT fi' Y: A Q .xg N ',: 41. , 13' Q. k my A . K, , -- Q. Nl 1' My Gg:'iLX+'T'y,aHX Us rg f -- +L ' x - :ALM w- N f .N f,,-q5LiiRk:5,, .::T Q iqgiirqifigrr-.-Y 1 ,ixgkji ki Ra E xggfl' Q Hr, -x.w'.wfx?iQ3i'ii.YR,'AX gE5.L.yx '. Ufbi 1 7 352352 7331, 2"ff-'ggi' 'txfifgelwfif ff: li-A 'A if if Y ,, wi 4746, i fs? zf f if E 28 ha f? . in g ? K' ig f rw r' ? Q fa L , 23 if h 5, ,X 23, Q kk , 2 ,E ,K isa, .25 Y 4, Ziff 5 , , 12. ? AJ 'gl OPENIN x W. E .why A Q Vw , Ii' 'M r V i,gj- 1. I, - ' ., L ' ,' i 'P M H.. A v '.. A A Jeff, ,jx A I lo if I ' x 1 .. gg T xg Q' i , X4 ' 'xg as 1 'L-fir, M 22, .. T www' 3 " Y . ,... Q ' IW' Q gnu: isa u 4 1 1 . 5 . ywvnav nqfxh ,M 1- ,1 XMESQW-KN-'29 1 W W 'X X W , , Mgqgqn V 23:1 ' I , F X , , ...M "' Q 0 TRULY ORIGINAL ODGVWWQ 5 ,WWW 'N A f mf wk ,. ,W ,J . Q -M3 Q ,g'M ,,M ' . "w3,,xif' ,., , ,. I 7 V? , , ,V k ffm., ,M , L , , L- Ma, j ' , Qi',,g:,,Q,M'W',,: ww- V, ,QM if 4' ,kv ' :,, MW.-MWfM,f.mW,M.W Mm., Q ,,w.Wm-Wei,-m4,,um.+aMfM hw W,,v.., ,..wM.w-ww. W -A-t 1: wwamfwmfwwuwwmvw c - 4 ,W K' - , " ff , x"w " W-fix' " ' M , V ' ,- W rg, , -0, 4, , ,n. ,Q,,x,W, , -re:-'zz:1wf v Q . TAA 3 f . ,bww 'A , . s 'QQ 4:-1" , .Yf'?zf-'5'?!a?:.,.,n 4 fl 'f - A ,. , , .115 4 . H V ' ' ' 3 ,-A fff,11::q,mw.,Qm.1 gp ., , W ,, , I , , , " TE' ' ' "RA Q I' L, 11- - ,,.,,,, , ,,., - " , , f, Mf' .,: 121, A s Sf pq V V N'-T: N191 , , hum - ' 'X 'g f . . X V b -H . . , -wx ,A N' g. LM , Q -fftuw f , ' ,fp , ' X V, r , , 4 , , , , , .Q W ,AU ' -f if k V 1 ,, , A ,m,?,,,...f3,y,,,,, , " "QM, eww Q , , ' 44, wx' ' f - - 'A 1 'ei' V V UH w M, ,,,.,fv 3' ' 3- JA, f 4 1 8 ,, ' 'Q , ff ' N . -' 'Q , ' y- 'T f A 0 . nv X 1 ' .gf -f' KT: ,Tw 112,17 . N ,ah ' ,,,f.., xx , , A M W, ,, yy, :W ,,, , W ,, M, K, A ' ,fy J ,lQ'fffT:.-"-A. ,, ' ,, ,, ' L. '1-I' ky if' xi I . W 'J 4. 9 ' 'V K" .,, , ' , I sq!" "LZ-yy N 54 W " . , ':f,S"i"' 'I , . -v 2 ' , 1, A ' 1 .,, . - yn, ff ,,,,, A V 'M A , " w 1 3 X' 5 V 5 4' 1' :" " '6 56 ' , . V- Lfd,-,f5f?,,f: if - . xv ' , 4 f' ,, .5-,fff f " ref 4, 1 ff.'Aff:ea'? ,fe , , S ,-4-4 , f L. - , ' W- -'nsaffff K ,Q ,- , ' . ,, L 3 , ff 1 4, -AM ,,,,,,fg ,M +4.41-,ff -7 ff" ' ' , ,,,:f W ' gm 2 , ,Q W ,, .mg Q , . 4 V 3 . , 3 p T -nw., 'I ,l-,..-' ,...-V ' - 4 er- M, ,X .2 'F-' 1, - 1 , V+ 2 , ?q, .Q-11 " 2 .f -.,,,,. Q If I Q- ff i i ' ' aw I if A f v 5 Q' 5.43, f , ,. V, V-, ,-f-,.1.- L 1 4, ,F ' ,f f QQ. 4 .Qi,..,g.4 . L I W Wlnnug r'-rljggy-J.Qf ff -1? ig:-154. " if 'SDF-ik f J if" Cb 'fvb-4-gf 'iff' , , may ' .:' ' K , .., , - . , - t " C l',f4fAM ' A' '4 Mm 'v M ' - ,nd f, I. ik' . W 3. lgv ' ,, ., ---f if fN I. .M fs vm' J v kv! ,ff 7,Wf,..f .W wmv , twig, uf, .ff 51 ff ,V ,, P' Z y Y: .1 blk f WW 'if' NS! 15-3 ,gd J n::2f,:,f z.g, 15,1 at Q' 'Nm , o,, , , o ' ' 1 rf Q G, ,,.,, 1' -Q . fllvx A ' ' " 'IR sf- X 3 3 .1552 KS: 5 ' . 'f,,, 1 ww ? Jinff 1' f ' fi- 4 v., Z K ' fr, ' gr ,W 1 A,,w is K, fu., ,1 " uf-aa, PEW- -V , fn ,, L ' - M . f,, .z ag-'As- -.N fi r 1, 4 -4- .w ni. . . ,,k',C'f'1gv,35 A , N ,.-'-' ,. "N Q w Q.-av ,, M- .w,,,,4f'i, 'M QQ 7 J' 2- A 7' . ,F,,E,L W, ,IRQ ,A I ,Im ,, ,. ,, . 'Q -if -4 J.. EA H, fwsy v' A I v 32" ' ' . ' ' fs: Z 94" . x ,:""f"- F'--ff ,wzxab ,. "Jug .J : 2 1 'S gg ' , ' - infiivwm L .J .. el In qw d..f-ef' O b S-H . ' Q ' - "A, M X -my ,W J ,, A-,,, 3 W f-. ' -1 ' My " 9 5, f. 'M-"vf.""" P . ' - ' A F- We V Q, 7 ,ilffxggf .E, Q 1 K . -1--Q .NU - , Qjzzxggizxz fiigwgfwg ,O k'35 .. K 1x- r '. . , .Tn 4. ' p,w,,n 4: X . 0.4 ,A ,JL ' , 4 .., img. 4, 'A'--, 5.-5:7 , yi- wJ .,,-v .4 -if Q, 1-A, K ' - " -e , W.-M '- " , fr 1 Q f. ki." l . . ,V , . , fa, I . , Q B X . .' ,ls x , - ,' Q f ' . ' . ,j ...X-1 Ap ,ki v. . 5' 4,6 V, ,. Q, A f., .1 M , ,,. , , 'Q' - , 65'-.""tq:', J f, as f J 3' 3 'Nd wx of yi A Wwjd U V,n9""u 7 if ' V N- i gg' n 9 ni 0 0 2: nu '2'w:1 .' ee :kgg3 mrs.- 1 , at 1 P a Wi 5 a, m 1 ' WW.. -. 1.- fwigqrm vs- .iz 1 .. f fl' .X,,a',,gw.f ' . fl35?illW'7W93W! .,,ywgW ,gf 1 iaifiimii G Asf.,u,,., gx r ww, m n ."l,fy:f'H3'! N, 1zu:SC:' ,fix-. gi? .W wh f f 1 QW W we L0 K'IV:g?:l'f74Q.E,LAV " 'sf .2 'Z' 4 ' '-Ma' ' Q rim .i4'a?'i'.'4,,,' gr' W W ..',,f,,,,.hu . ' 'ni THE DIFFERENCE IS DAZZLING Shaker Knit Sweater - a sure sign of a Macy's shopper. Beads - con- nect head to the shoulders. Gucci Wallet- holder for the cash flow. Jeans - dress to im- press. Zippers - to let the stuffy calves breathe. Snacks - for Jreakfast on the 'un Book bag - to :onceal those ntoxicat i ng substances. ,Af . 'tllfww' ' Stylish Tools of the trade time. necessity. Sunglasses -- to keep the sun from warping the eyes. Gold Chain -forthe "' macho man look. Letter jacket - for Joe Jock. .W Cleats over shoulder -for performance on the field. Keys - always out as a proof of a driver's license. Reeboks -Uthe shoe" Soccer Ball A to take out your is-V f frustrations on. 'flip -3 Fashion 11 47-.1-Q The alarm goes off at 5:00 am. "Oh no! Only three hours until school starts." Another week begins for Freddie Freshman. He jumps out of bed, takes off his Scooby-Doo pajamas, and puts on his Superman shirt his mother set out for him the previous night. He runs downstairs and eats his usual bowl of Fruit Loops while watching the Flint- stones on television. He suddenly hears the fabulous honk of the school bus. Freddie jumps up, grabs his metal lunch box, and kisses his mother on the cheek as he dashes out the door. Once at THS, Freddie plays hide- n-seek until the homeroom bell rings. Today, he is especially proud. Freddie actually is the first to find Frankie, his best friend and the mas- ter of hide-n-seek at ATMS. After struggling restlessly through the first two periods, Freddie sprints out of the classroom. lt's another amazing accomplishment! Freddie makes it through the crowd of seniors in the arcade without being stomped, bumped or kicked. For once, Freddie wishes he hadn't packed his lunch. Not only are the cafeteria ladies serving french fries, but also fried okra, Freddie's favorites. Freddie forgets about lunch and soon begins think- ing about 5th and 6th periods. Fanny Fantastic is in these classes. Fanny doesn't even know Freddie exist. But, that isn't important. What is important is that Freddie gets to spend two whole hours in Fanny's presence. The final bell of the day rings and Freddie gets his first sign from heaven, or maybe from the secret He-man Decoder Fting he wears! Freddie actually has the pleasure of running into Fanny and knocking her down. She has to know he exists now! F Maybe he'll ask her to watch cartoons at his house on Saturday morning. Maybe he won't get his nerve up to even approach her. Why' don't you find Freddie and find out! Sometimes seniors forget what it felt like to be freshmen. While un- derclassmen worked diligently on their assignments, seniors often had a different view of their personal responsibilities. Many seniors felt mentally ex- hausted and were unable to con- centrate long enough to compleie their schoolwork. Others were afraid that it was all too much like a dream to really happen. As students at THS, we must real- ize that at one time we were all Freddie Freshman looking for some real meaning in our lives. Just as freshmen learned this year how to survive in a new environment, graduating seniors learned that en- trance into the real world meant more obligations and, yes, even more learning. We are all Freddie Freshman. - Scott Hartsoe FREDDIE FFIESHIVIAN -c W- .. 2-ffl O .1 l fl, . f ' 1 "5 . , iw . .,... , ,V . a - A I . W 'tj i' . . ,'..' HL. ii L f "' M awr. I i. . a " T' it 9 H561 -if il 12 1' I7h0f0grqphyj Jqff willy! III rg..-va-gpqy Outside the Theatre Building is a popular place for catching up on the latest gossip and socializing with friends. -inf! ,,s,,,,, .gpm rx ..,.Qt.,. l . it 9 The sidewalk in front of Mrs. Donna Thornburg's room is one of the last Shannon Wright and Myra Grainger celebrate as they realize areas changed because of construction. that going on a field trip is better than staying in class. ' 'student Life - Living On The Edge 13 1 ,Y M- gig 5 ,ff :A A , ' w gg, , .af as .2 ,, t ' 3 K W X' in ini Up .WN s Q X I . . V - ,5 fir. i 5 if ' 1 "f'f2g 'I 3546: . g,,,,,.M I V M ' " ' W- f if miami ii H 11 Q I , , ,f,, H I 5:20 :ya ,V 233, ffm? 53313 A 4 E BA . g, 'f nf' I , 1+ - I '91, 1 W1 , .ill . my Q Z i A s if 4 Ili. ' . , Q - 'L ,, ... , , .4 gi ., P it . ' mm ii 5 , UPS 8t DGWNS "Get off my case!" "I failed another test!" "Why is everyone picking on me?" "I think I'm in love." Moods are a controlling factor in the every- day life of THS students. They are with everyone everday through the year, whether they like it or not. They linger inside, waiting for a chance to come out. 7:00 a.m.: It's 7:00a.m. and that stupid alarm clock strikes again as it 'does five days a week. You're angry because you have been awakened from an exciting dream of a per- son of the opposite sex. 7:15 a.m.: You finally realize you have to get out of bed. You're in one of those "I've got to wake up" moods, but even a thirty minute shower is useless. 7:45 a.m.: You can't wait for breakfast, but mom forgot because she was in a hurry to get to work. Boy, you're in a hungry mood. 8:00 a.m.: There is nothing to wear in your closet and you're in one of those disgusted moods. You even missed your ride to school and this is a typical start to another school week. 8:45 a.m.: Il is 8:45 Monday morning and you missed homeroom and already late for your first period class. You wish you had missed the class because you discovered you got a big "F" on that test Friday. The week begins in a typical depressed mood. 10:30 a.m.: Second period was as boring as first. You even fell asleep, While discovering all the gossip at break, the person of your dreams winks at you. It's infatuation. 11:15 a.m.: During third period, you get a note from the office informing you to call home immediately. You discover your dog, Fido, has just been hit by a pizza-delivering truck. You are now crying and speechless. Your friends want to know what is wrong and they are very persistent. You are definitely in an awfully bad mood. 12:15 p.m.:Finally, it is lunch. This is the time you have been waiting for. You see the person of your dreams staring at you across the cafeteria. There is an approach. The big question is asked. You're so excited - you got a date with the best looking senior in school! 1:30 p.m.: Nothing much happens in fifth and sixth periods. You're too much in love to concentrate on school work and assign- ments. - 3:11 p.m.: It is 3:11 and school is out. You're excited but then you realize you have three hours of homework and only one-half hour worth of your favorite television show, The Cosby Show. Quickly, you change into a mood of exhaustion. But don't despair, your new date just called to say hello. Guess what mood you are in now? - Lesley Hendrix 16 Moods :Q ., rl' .G V ,xg f , if-awe . Mr' rf? F tg - ji: . 5 Los: lv are 3, f s I ,la , , if WY , i ,, V' .AQ ' I . ' , : :rt fiwirv-r'f 1' ffl' A ' WN l I, I H .1 v5.25 , 5 1,fifqixV.g,' iV:.u5M!5iy2: JV H ...Q .. , . ' ,- ,:.:.ggg,..,,f. -f.:7f.f,+fg?f1i- , fd" ' 1 s 'g ' i' I j..Z-fefftrwfi f ' N' 1 f ,rw :raffy'zf'j2'w.f"f ff 1:3-Qliiifff avkkwqkffyi? I f , V. ., . ,rf ,f VIN, L M, V ' ff 1' if J "' 1 F t' i ,V f V, , R M fl f V, A. 5' n ' s ' f -I F ga AL- '. ' . ,W..,.,,'.f,..-5 ' ,. if .. .I :fi 2 iff. ' ffff 'V . .i 4 fff: H , " fIxJC,f" ' 'gif' Q ' ' .V M ol" I A 4 f' ' . 'firrffllf - yt ' L "J2'?4,'fQ+ . I if "" ?'f'f"'Q2, , M Amwhwf' fL.'fli . Q "fwM "' S f 'r:,gi'..,,.:, ,iv A ,M yd ,r 321,25 . . A v x'.'vxr , KVQTV i ,.,,V, . A , If . . fp? I . r , Wye' , Z5 Q 7 H .40 , ' f ,vw y f - , 4w mafmA Junior Deanna Price shows her school pride during the homecoming pep rally at the foot- ball stadium. l'l1nfngrupliy.' .lajlf Williu in. its another Monday morning and like most THS students. senior Russ Childress idreads the thought of attending his first period class. 0 jnbmw 47" E i ' 'NH' 13 , 5, . 'im Being a freshman is extremely difficult. but having good friends helps. On their way to class. Patrick Breese. Mike Reece. and William Cosner discuss the upcoming week- end. Sllim I, '11 Ken Hill. one of the leaders of the varsity foot appointing season, a .. L 4 - , f a ball team. offers an explanation for the Bulldogs' dis- W: 'Fi A Er :V -ix EQ Z...l"".3?' mvfzwg, 3,.. Depending on the time and the place. THS students. in- cluding Keith Wright, Shirley Wikle, Kristina Harder. Keith Quick. Brent Norfleet, Steve Simpson. Cheryl Moods 17 Robertson, and Missy Thomas. show their moods. . . . A Q. inf. ,a3i?i41"Vf 'V H 9 s .C.'f'?'1 5 wav PM W' ' 'Wk' 525' QW' V f ws- m .,l. ,t -J . ,,x'g,,f-4:13 -- gv, -.n,,.uf, J .,4,,9,1'f- !I?,w:',.,:' :Q . , , ff ' ,- ' Avg, . "pw, , ..,"n',' 3 v W? f f f .- if . . 1 V -zggn F . 'E fgffsxfgv- ' K . Q W qv' ', y. mir-1" 9265.1 in . fifty? AM. ,- 6. MW' j. , 1 , A A -W 5 Ai t 'H R - - f 4 ,121 4 ' A 11 .. ' , Qlffz. NM! . 51 ,,..n,.l1t4,, I k . Fr' ?7P'Eg,7f A ww., , 1 .+P kv' X. , , 4 ,X ' 4 4 ., 1, "fm4w,l-V If 'N M .2 p f ',, at , ,La ,L ' , - , elif' ' fig? -' A - UM , 1 , m 1 Q 25 -V , 1 , ,vw - +1 .9 2 1 fv " .- ,Q--2, dMvf4+f+ 'Q ' I fn' , , ' M3 J' 2 ' .J k L ,Ji as 'E xii?" .p,,,"".f ,,, 5 . :, fy, V ' 1' A fm x - .0qvV21,'gt:,fA,' 'F 1 A A . ' A A A 'fffh f, , ff my My My , fit, A 'g,'f1y,,1 , a' A 'rf-?7Qg22"'2f54f LT , UT -. , Qi w hm, mini, ' ww . 'rTiw'QfL ' 'whim rf' ' f -VF F' " V 4 1 ., I , Q" ' ' K .L p ' Q 4 fs. . . ,Y . '. M . Q M. uf -'Q 'V' 'l TZ9'.,11",!-'r2f!'-ff?-'-?,!'J"' rn.. MQ.. . ! ""'f"4Ms-g -. A pfffzffff?-7f ,v ,i'fQ:f4s.b-ww: FF. Q2 gu- I 'S id? , W 'S-,Lis 94' Wu 4 5 7.4! 5 -Q-f-, , 1 5952. fl' - ' ' gd? ' 'IJQQQIV5-M ' -2 Y e ' f if ffc,7,-fQ":'.v" V' X : 12 rf w,:-Vg,-,A M1 -fwpxfw, -My 1 -. "MQW 43"-gmx. P ,,.,g,,. -1. p.,,M+ z 4 -4 ' few '-:'f1.r.'N A al' 'F ,j,,g",.. .: , .Q E ga. .f., ,. L fu.: STUDENT APTITUDE TEST ISAT Freshmen were bombarded with the California Achievement Test lCATl. Sophomores were overwhelmed with the N.C. Competency Test lNCCTl, and juniors dreaded the thought of the upcom- ing Scholastic Aptitude Test lSATl. Those thoughts however, are now in the past. But wait. You're not done yet. You still have the Trinhian's SAT to go. A failure on this test could result in summer school for you, studying sex education. Cl I bring my pillow and blanket for a relaxing class period. l3l HAVING A DRESS CODE MEANS: Al l'm forced to wear togas. Bl I have my mommy lay my clothes out for me. Cl I buy all my clothes at the Goodwill Store. l4l STUDENT CUT DAY IS: Al When summer vacation arrives a any letter A-D, you obviously have a Trinity Attitude and deserve 10 points. If you answered "E" you still get 3 points. This is a given answer for those of you who have trouble passing test. By the way, any "D" answer gives you 10 points and a trip to Siberia. 0-12 points: Face it! You're hating life and hanging around too many freshmen. Perhaps Answer the questions below and refer to the key at the end of the test for your class ranking. l1l MY HOMEROOM TEACHER WAS: Al Elvira. Bl Mr. Potato Head. Cl Pee Wee Herman. Dl Rock Hudson. El Homeroom? Whats that? l2l WHEN A SUBSTITUTE ARRIVES' little early. Bl On weekends. School days should not be cut. Cl Everyday! l5l WHEN I ARRIVE AT SCHOOL LATE I: Al Squeeze into a handicapped space. Bl Park on the side of the road. Cl Park on the track. l6l SECOND SEMESTER MEANS: Al Second semester? I didn't even know school had started. Bl Time to prepare for hard work. Cl Schools closed, I think. l7l DURING FOOTBALL GAMES I: Al Sit in the bleachers with my friends. Bl Sit beside mommy and daddy. Cl Arrive at halftime, leave early, and prepare for post-game activities. l8l AT THE HOMECOMING DANCE I: Al Put on my spike collar and begin slamdancing. Bl Can't remember the dance! Are you sure there was one? Cl Arrive late with my friends and then we thrashed in the center of the dance floor smashing into as many people as possible. you need to hang around some football jocks. 13-22 points: Good job! But not good en- ough. Just re-enroll as a freshman and be happy. 23-32 p0intS1 You must either studied or cheated. Either way congratulations. It paid off. Have fun this week- end. Al l aulomallcally assume an allgs KEY3GlV94Y0UVS9lf2D0llflfl0V9V?fY"AHS 33-up points:Go straight to the principal name 1 pOIl'lt for eV9l'y 3 , 3 DOIHTS TOT Monday mornlngl You every HC" There is one exception Bl I tell the teacher the class has been . ' . . ' need hem! 22 Student Aptitude Test On the first question, if you marked - Bart Prevost and Todd Moser sf- gun 3, 4 x 1 Mm. V. fx 9 . 1 A Y 1 I sv" ,f""" A-..... . 5 -,u FRll:NDS 8t LGVERS The most important part of a good relationship is love and being understanding. Michelle West tells Michael Queen how much she loves him. Another part of a good relationship is communi- important problem Dating at THS resembles dating at other schools around the nation in one important way - its almost impossible to define. Even though dating is hard to define, the following are the warning signs of an intense relationship or just puppy love. You Know lt's A Crush When . . . . . .you investigate the persons friends, personality, hangouts, and interests. . . . you deny you actually have a crush or even like the person. . . . you start caring about how you look. . . . you start going to parties you think the person will be at. . . . you accidentally run into the per- son. . . . your stomach is in a knot - con- stantly. . . . you have a dazed look on your face all of the time. . . . you daydream about the person in class and get in trouble everyday. You Know It s A Fling When . . . . . you know you ve been picked and you dont care. . . .you cant remember their names. . . . you re both going out with other people. . . .you're really like the person, and they could care less if you were dead. . . .it happens with a platonic friend. it happens and afterwards you become good friends. . . . you see the person after it's over, and you hide behind the bushes. . . . you make excuses why you have to leave. You Know lt's Serious When . . . you stop flirting. . .. you start hanging out with their friends. . .. you plan your day around their schedule. . . . you replace pictures ot your old flame with ones of your new love. . . . you go to church together. . . . you stan wearing their clothes tLet- ter jackets sweatshirts T-shirts etc.l . . . You go home to meet the family. . . .you hum Wouldntlt Be Nice' bythe Beach Boys. Does dating really exist at THS? lf you found yourself in some of these situ- ations during the year then the answer for you could be yes. - Pam Dennis W- . cation. Curtis Godwin and Pam Collins solve an f 7 4 ,. 1 fefg , ,.,J-fafiff 10,196 The best part of love is sharing. Mike Grissom and Christy Cornelison share a moment with each other, while Johnnie Spivey dreams of a better tomorrow. 24 . Phologruguliyr Kevin Keith, Jeff Williams, und Angie VVIS1' DotingfCouples 'fx ,nf , nf , y , A x ' f: 14 W 1, ,E Q 3 'E 5 1 ' .M . 4. an IMA ,V ,fy . 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' ' , 4- " , ,px-ui, Q Www, ' A 2 A' f' , IW, 'm Nl Aww V if 4, A 4 ,ya A ,f we N 5 V , I Q,',. : 4 ,,, f my A , ' Y i ai ,, 1 ,,, ,ff il 4 f , v . ,V my A K 'T nw Mywiw I ' In I 1 J, yy, 1 ' JW Q GMA' ,ee ,- wa W. . ,, , 4 , 'mx ww'lWff,fM FMA' h1 ,, ,ix A. , . M, N , VV,,nW,,wi M5 Q l W. rw . ,ww 4. x . w am., u., i . f , , . 'V wg?-. QF 'N ' tm x A W - W A 3 .:',.'.w V . ' ' V A V-4.15 f N J, -ijq 5 fwjy Q ' ' 'K ff , , ffzww. ' i , X tj, ,Aw , ,fy 'V 01-ix k ' f x . '. 'l ' 1. ,A I . uf'-Md' . -.1 1- 'NO 5, gag, i fillix 5 ,Ln .M ,. A .,,,,-AA,.M,,,1 ,,,,.A M, .A,4-4-,,g,,,QW,-g,,.-,,,4, ,-,,,,:,,,. V, ,,,', ,AAWAW ,,,,, ,Lk pm, .. -,-,., -.M -,,,. 44, ,4, WQEY, -H 4,4 A T RCLASS 4, if 2 iw w-my 2 i AVA, , V W 'Y' M- 1x Ai M ,W ,M , . wzm., f .,,, TRULY AL Z' W . , A W iw w""'P fi 2 'WS' ,J sow :Y Sfudenf Life 33 COM DY TO IGHT Stephanie Morris takes a moment to em- brace the 1986 Little Miss Trinity. Springtime brought the blooming ofjlowers, new fashions, and fresh, flamboyant colors. It also saw baseball, Easter break, and the Miss Trinity Pageant. The theme of the 1986 Miss Trinity Pageant was "Comedy Tonightv. However the Miss Trinity Pageant was no joke. The Parent-Teacher-Student Association presents this beauty pageant each year. Contestants raise sponsor-money, and in return, a lovely girl is chosen Miss Trinity. Thirty-eight girls competed for the title of Miss Trinity 1986. They took on the hard task oflearning a new song and dance rou- tine, walking correctly on stage, and preparing a briefstatement about themselves. All contestants made two walks which included one in casual wear and the other informal attire. After intermis- sion sixteen semi-finalist were chosen. They included Jennifer Tussey, Sabrina Ashe, Brittany Ward, Angie Hill, Angie Bowers, Darla Hill, Danielle Crouse, Stephanie Morris, Dawn Hobbs, Susan Williams, Tammy Ridge, Joy Kinley, Teresa Caulder, Sandy Parrish, Stacy Gahagan, and Tess Elliott. The reigning Miss Trinity, Paula Patterson, was then introduced and crowned the new Miss Trinity, Stephanie Morris. Angela Bowers was 2nd runner-up and Tess Elliott was lst runner-up. It was indeed a night to remember as unforgettable memories were anchored in the minds of all who attended the 1986 Miss Trinity Pageant. - Stephanie Morris 34 Miss Triniiy Sandy Parrish catches the atten- tion ofthe judges. Contestants demonstrate their lovely smiles during the 1986 Miss Trinity Pageant. A Miss Trinity 1986, Stephanie Morris Tess Elliott, Sabrina Ashe, Jennifer Tussey, and Darla Hill are just four of the sixteen semiifinalists. Photography: Ric Gibbons O EMORE NIGHT 0 X Scott Hartsoe and Sharon Snyder share a tender rnoment during a slow dance. There was no doubt that THS students enjoyed their orom. Robbie Brock and Donna Gordon celebrate the evening despite a CfI'01Ud6!,l-fl007'. Q .5 2' X. Mr. Paul Guthrie and his wife enjoy a slow dance at the 1986 prom. An evening ofenchantment, mystery and romance were just three words to describe the 1985-86 prom. All the glit- ter and upbeat sounds of Loverboy, combined with the mellow sounds ofBryan Adams, and the down to earth beach music culminated into one incredible evening for everyone. In a school where many traditions had been broken or changed,juniors and seniors welcomed the opportunity to don formal-wear and support the annual affair. In choosing a theme for the May 1986 dance, the prom committee headed by Mrs. Patricia Aldridge looked for a theme that would reflect the style and class ofTHS. Thus, the committee selected "This Could Be The Night." Billed as the pre-eminent social event of THS, the 1986 prom provided juniors and seniors with the opportunity to celebrate two or three completed years respectively at THS and to participate in one of Trinity's most glamorous traditions. - Regina Sechrest X, Prom 35 Heather Bowers and Jamie Bryant model their lovely dresses on a very .special evening. BREAKI N TRADI T10 Trinity High School's Choral Department consists of a cast of hard- working students dedicated to producing a good play despite the long and tedious after-school rehearsals. Under the direction ofMrs. Cheryl Burley, students successfully staged their 1986 spring production "Joseph And the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoatf' The play was based from Genesis in the Bible. However, it was not a reli- gious play. Instead the plot ofthe opera was that a person can succeed at any- thing ifhe has a dream. "Joseph And the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoatv was a totally different play than ever presented in the Trinity High School's theater. It was pre- sented from March 13th to the 15th with feature performancesjrorn Duane Church Uosephj, Jarrod Goto rth tPharaohj, Todd McMahan fPotipharj, and Dawn Hobbs tnarratorj. The frustration of memorizing scripts, perjecting scenes, and putting on the final touches proved rewarding in the long run. - Susan Ragan Greg Allen, Joe Childers, Jarrod Gotorth performs "Those Canaan Days." 4...----lr Todd McMahan and Dawn Hobbs create a charming atmosphere with the song "Potiphar." The cast of"Joseph And The Amaz- ing Technicolor Dreamcoatu bid a fine farewell. 36 Uoseph Amd The Amazing Technicolor Dreomcoot' fb K, E x'-by XC", Jarrod Goforth portrays the part ofoni ofJoseph's sons. g. gf if i, A 7? "-i T 2 V 21 4 i -iliii 9' ' ll, avr ls, 4 Duane Church performs a charming rendition to the attentive audience. MASS CON USIO The 1986-87 school year officially began on August 25, 1986. Excitement Filled the air as friends were once again reunited. August 25 was also a day ofconfusion. Studentsfaced schedule problems while teachers suffered through hot, over-crowded, classrooms. Freshmen were particularly lost on this day and many wished to return to the Arch- iale-Trinity Middle School. Despite these problems and hardships, the emotions of many students were rejuvenated. Anticipation of such activities as football games, oarties, dances, and homecoming created a goodfeeling in the hearts and minds ofmany THS students. Underclassmen hopedfor a very successful ind short year, while seniors rejoiced in their thoughts ofafinal school year and future adventures more commonly known as "Life in the Fast Lane." - Pam Dennis The first day of school is just another reunion for Jason Bates, Christian O'Briant, Amy Clodfelter, Bobby McCroskey, JejfHill, Becky Robertson, Greg Monroe, Steve Harris, and Lesley Hendrix. Becky Lookabill and Jack Shatto seem to be happy to be back at THS. Photography: Brian Hyde and Kevin Keith Vonda Sumner, Candi Creasman, and Kelly Johnson huddle together at break to talk about the first day of the 1986-87 school year. Sabrina Ashe, Mike Lewallen, Wendi Flowers and Kathy Calloway renew old friendships on August 25th. Melissa Crawford is in a state of confusion as she tries to find her first period classroom. First Doy of School 37 PS YC I t's the day of a home game and THS fans spend Friday building excitement and an aura that can only be explained as "Psych.v They achieved this in many different ways. Whether a formal pep rally is scheduled or not, is of no matter to these spirited young people. They will create their own method of psych. At pep rallies, students were driven into a state of frenzy as cheerleaders jumped and led numerous cheers. The Blue Crew provided up- beat music and the players and coaches assured the fans of an upcoming victory. Even the spe- cial looks and smiles characteristic of Fridays added to that special atmosphere of pre-game hype. - Jason Bates 3 l 5 38 Pep Rallies Bulldog pride is alive and kicking as students celebrate at a Trinity afternoon pep rally. Eric Newton, Sammy Jarrett, and Ronald Elkes lead the attack. Cheerleaders raise pre-game enthusiasm to ready football players for the upcoming events. Ladies admire thefootball players while men do the same to cheerleaders. Regina Sechrest and Amy Clodfelter come out strong to get the team rolling towards a Bulldog victory. Photography: Kevin Keith and Jeff Williams RHOUSE In high school and maybe in general, all to often we're quick to heap accolades on athletes or musicians whose talents and determination are inspirations to us all. At the same time, we virtually ignore the equally admirable accomplishments of some of our more vocationally-minded students. Though they devote as much, if not more, of their time pursuing their in- terests than building pianists or light- ning quick tailbacks, they rarely recieve the recognition they so deserve. During the 1984-1985 school year, the Q THS carpentry classes began building a house on Roby Drive. This year the house was completed and auctioned for sale. Throughout the construction all classes within the Vocational Department were involved. - Jeff Williams f milit- :Ar M 'grae ,SQ - Www The completed house stands ready to become a home for an Archdale , Chris Dennis puts thefinal touches on a closet door mold- ing. The completed fireplace is a welcome addition to a beautiful family room. Carpentry students receive instructions on the day's project. k t mn M it HANDLE WW CME House Tttot Students Built 39 JMHIQTSQQB62338351C fe , Tonya Davis, Douig fy B 11. az S , d es Tkomaseeeeeecongregafie Q33 college displaysg Senior Jcmesj wcges one ofthe many students thQlZt w6ii8 l oool6inj for semous answers. ,Qi rg f ' GTE ABOVE THE RE --Q., -,-7--.,. 6 ,, ,,,,,., , ,N 4 , ,,, , New-4 Y'-f' 'g'- v K , , L I My A Q We V ,J 'WK X , ' f',.,, if I ' rr r r ff 4 "" M W ' ,M , ' ,:., - ' , , ' ' ,pri M- 'iv o r A r 2 f, ' 9. 'Y ' V " ffm ' ng 'A . , r - W r r ' wh f or ' 2 ,L M 7? W,-,.1 , y g " '7 ,cfwefzag A' , VW ,M r I ,,'V VVA, WW ,z Y I ,yif .Z fm' L . L U r , -:ff-emi: W J' L' ' J , . ',VV 'V T 7 . 1 .Q Q o Q F N T ' " I Mzwgfgr, ,K of ' ' My A " ,, 1 f Q 1. e Y ' ' .o or . E'llSt9'i"'IL-'G'llX1flf0Td,S percussion members "strut their stuff" while , r their horuline tries to blow the competition away. K ---R. ' -f wr. is T1 - " , W , Q K .. . M . . A. . Y ,,,,v"'x ' QF kkbk ,.. g 0 Wx 1 is . , , if ,I . f -he ' ooz... d ' ,,,. 4. . . .ooo o he . -"., Q 5,1--:1Q,,,r Si. 'FWF 11,,,- .3 5 bi-W Q L'.' r N' W1 Q o oo M hig. . N4 Q his ' . W io A . . Pz. -rf ""' 1 "'-' The ,a lme from Bassett adds color and creatwzt to its band. oeee , ehhh ' . - -LIA ' - f ' 4 --,, .,,, S -N ,,,,, my Se. A . M, ,...:. -- 1-. B.,.... ,. X e a .o he .e o ooe 'ooo 'o eeoeeeee ,ee. .. wi h L 7 . h h + j ff eeeo . . .. . . . . r . . . . r 1 eeee r oeoeee " V wmwmy Q- 1, . ff f'ha1'1ET'f1 ohhh x '7 Q M Tiff Smndmg 4 .e,,.. . , ,mf ' eo eeeee m fi ' h o 'hhh Dean, and fb, . I N' . K . . . ' 2 x ' . Q. in F .z V I. . i K k.,. kg klrr Mig'-:5,.4, -. H , .V U . K W: W he N ,se 'eee Q ft f i 1 Y 4 ...,. a 5 "' ' walt wzth greatr arztQgg:?gpatrzon for the szgreal. o 3 ' , if Q, ffm ' " . B 0 the dram major, h..hh.hh . h e do o f , Y Q f .. -1..' - " A ' -' , A . ,W 532 Z o Q Puttmg a little .style and class mto zts act zs. the N J' . .1 . - .. h Southwest Randal hfs horn line. The dedication o - iv, ' - rf 5 X 1 . f rif.ifgw,.5gga,fQ TX. ,w . - - , Q- I 1' Q and hard work zt takes to be a to notch er orfmer . o T " is dis la d in these Z n men. r eraa H U i .e . r e r kkV I N m ., . , Photography: Kevm . K 4 h V H M. ndJQff'WWi'mS r - Bond Compefmon , r a h h h r . h h o h cnssnannnnunnnaqu ausmnunnnuxnauanuu nssaunnnn-nq.1qg.g.- 1 -unuunnarquu-unnni-u- aanniqnquwummgquu assunuuunn-nnuuuu-.4-1. annnnunnni-n---q annsunmn-u-um---p. annuununuuumv-n-.-.-I . 4 U O , i i f . . Ii W 'M-W ,,,, WW ' APLACEA unique and exhilarating school would be complete of people. A school with type would be no fun. ' eile fantastic school. We've different sizes, shapes, ties. nizations helped to make mas by donating clothes show, as usual, provided . . , multi-talented students. fabulous frenzy of Christ- made though, and it ful. Students had many stages ofthe school year, to making it the most school year. Athletic students gave fans an traordinary action and ' a enough, the TI-IS Drama "Pygmalion," But the fall was homecoming. and a new season, activi- to unprecedented levels. 42 STudemT Life February 10th as Mock at the halftime of the ketball game. Also on cheerleaders. We made new friends, new ideas, and were school spirit. Although pros of THS easily out traditions ofstudent life - Bart Prevost NStudentg life consists ofthe cele brationwof Thanksgiving, plays confusionlancl homecominglg 4ff""'!s ,1 W M,ya. , dw-Q., --uv- ., any ,A 'K WA ma i 1 vw: may WWW! T M. 'HQ Zi , ,ar-ff ,, 5,1- fe g A W 3 Scott Grant demonstrates his holiday spirit by W, V,,t being a super host. FORKOVER SOMs FLAVOR As they had inthe past, students escaped the high school grind dur- ing the Thanksgiving holidays. It was a time for giving thanks and for celebrating in numerous ways. One way ofcelebration for most students was by observing or par- ticipating in the High Point Christmas Parade. On the night before Thanksgiving, people gath- ered on each side of'Main Street to watch the processional of floats and marching bands. This no doubt set the mood for upcoming holidays. Several clubs worked together to create a feeling of' thankfulness. One such organization was Stu- dent Council. Under the direction of' president, Scott Grant and advisor Judy Sullivan, Student Council prepared afeastfor THS. The meal was deeply appreciated by the faculty. Giving thanks seemed to make school a better place for all teachers and students. - Stephanie Morris 44 Thanksgiving feast. Faculty members, especially Mr. Ed Hughes, Mr. Paul H I I I H K ' ., ,my I '55, .3 f ttt i- esii A l 5 T Z7 ,. , ,,,, gi 4 Q., No meal is complete without a lady's touch as displayed by Crater. -.. "" L On November 26, 1986, Student Council served the faculty a Guthrie, and Mrs. Ann Rhem, enjoy the treat. Photography: Kevin Keith and Jeff' Williams In astonishinent, Angie West and Tripp McKinney receive the information about the departure QfEliza Doolittle. Bobby Dabal looks in an- guish as Debbie Matlock tells hiin of her decision to leave hiin. FlowergirlDebbie Matlock tries to sell daisies to trav- elers at the station, includ- ing Ainy Clodjelter. An unexpected visit froin Eliza's-father, Ross Halevy, draws Tonia Tipton's, Tripp McKinney's and Bobby Dabal's undivided attention. ff! 3 if E 5 THE BRITISH There was nothing inore excit- ing than crowding into a packed theater with soine ofyourfriends to observe a good play. This was the situation on Deceinber 12th and 13th as the THS Draina Club perforined George B ernard's play, Pygmalion. Rehearsals for Pygmalion began in October. It took long, tedious hours of practice, but for Juanita Shew and her cast, it was well worth it. Pygmalion was very siinilar to the musical "My Fair Lady". Henry Higgins portrayed by Bobby Dabal changed Eliza Doolittle, Debbie Matlock,froin a coininon flower girl into a duchess. The set, with two levels, was the best yet for Trinity High School. All of the perforiners did a su- perb job which was proven by the encore production on Deceinber 1 7th for the students. All involved students in the production of the play experienced a sense ofsatis- faction and accoinplishinent. - Stephanie Morris Pygmalion 45 5 1 Yi Sig lx 1 X THROUGH THE YEAR X , Ad' , XP, .... Amy Thomas flashes a smile as she works to attach labels for "Operation Santa Clausf' 46 Christmas Q 1-fi' i gi 4 k Q V Vi Left: Dana Shannon Judy What else struck joy into the hearts of students but the Christmas vacation? It was obvious that Christmas was in the air long before the holidays began! Christmas ac- tivities began with the annual Christmas Talent Show. The tal- ent show was a tremendous suc- cess with more than thirty acts ranging from singing, dancing, and playing the piano to humor- ous skits. The faculty even joined in the fun with a comical skit! Students at THS also became involved in a community ser- vice effort more commonly' known as "Operation Santa H-Qin.. h 3 V-..""NR' puts toucheslglon a package withthe help ofM Claus!" This event was spon- sored by the Student Council under the leadership of Jud Sullivan. Each homeroorii raised money to buy Christmas gifts for needy families in our community who otherwise would not have had a Christ- mas. This fabulous effort was even covered by WGHP-TV 8! Over the holidays and after them too, many students had variety of interesting and sometimes unusual gifts to dis- play and vacations to discuss We enjoyed walking in a winteil wonderland until spring fever hit, that is. -- Wendy Rollins L-was r observes as Brent Norfleet, Christy Cornelison, and transport canned goods to be given to the less fortunate. Above: "Operation Santa Claus" was a great success in part because of teamwork and dedication. Raymond Pendry and Eddie Todd demonstrate their desire to make it a success. '33, I .Qi n . I of , iffiif: F ' Lrg, 'G' 1, A e f Q Upper left: Rosa Perez, Vonda S mnner, and Gina Poole inischiefvously sneak a peak! Upper right: J ainie Puckette steals the hearts of all at the Christmas Talent Show. Lower right: The harmony ofPau,la Patterson and Tess Elliott pleases the crowd with their duet. Lower left: Spectators ofthe Christmas Talent Show look on in atinazeinent as Beth Smith and Sherri Barnes flip Regina Sechrest into the air. Left: Revealing his talents, Russ Allred sings and plays his guitar in order to bring the audience to its feet. 4. . lM""f f 'X V I Q , 4 S f J .L K, Q is. J lpb Q- f . ! . QI ,pw V 1 . V ' X 2 , A, l Q it tl, 3. "-,TA Christmcxs Photography: Kevirz Keith and Jeff Williams LOV GAMES Love is defined as the feeling ex- perienced when one is strongly attached or deeply devoted to another. February was definitely the month that enhanced this mood. This affection was spread all over campus as students enjoyed ex- travagant gifts they received. Two major events took place on the THS campus during the month of February. Student Council sold suckers with messages attachedfor one dollar. They were delivered on Friday, February 13th. The first annual Backwards Homecoming was held on Tuesday evening, February 10th and was sponsored by the BOSS Club. The homecoming court winners were l 48 February Photography: Kevin Keith, JQf7"WI.llfIl7lY.S, and Ric Gibbons Junior Sammy Jarrett congratu- lated by escort Deanna Price during halftime Qf'Backwards Homecoming. THS students add a touch ofclass to the varsity boys' basketball game. The office at THS looks more like a florist on Friday, February 13th. Mike Lewallen, Darrin Loflin, Brian Lowe, and Kelly McDonough reflect on their induction into the VEHS. freshman Trent Walker, escorted by Sabrina Kennedy, sophomore Brent Miller, escorted by Kristina H arderg junior Sammy Jarrett, es- corted by Deanna Price,' and senior Eddie Todd, escorted by Joy Kinley. Locke Monroe was chosen the 1987 Backwards Homecoming Queen. His escort was Tess Elliott. There were also two other activi- ties which dominated the month of February. They were the induction of new members to the Vocational Education Honor Society and the closing of school because of snow. Still, there was no doubt that the shortest but sweetest month of the year ended on an interesting note. - Robin Simmons Amy Clark enjoys the warm surrounc ings offlowers and balloons. J ' UPPER CLASS -ww wfwwgj " P M Us A Q ,, .iw RV 4 , 'I ' fifsiiyw 'f Q 'I V , WS' I f lg " all , R fmn 1 A , yin my f sa, E i r I I i TR ULY ORIGINAL 49 CLASS UF ,87 RULES ew SMD40 Www aj ,Qbnw . 1?mfH14'9' IW my 54 jaw Dgwdrnl 50 Seniors MW Q2-bmi Qffwwfw X , 6ld'ff,W1fl1i'fl?l'0fbf0adZAf?ffA0kllhyj',ty'Me 6341150 V f11f41111f 9311 ,,'Q11f112L' . PM-Q, iw I 1 j V K . ' f A Y Jtgllg' 3861116601796 Mu.. 1 1 'TQ cz,-My , 11,11 . . ..w.u'.' 1 '. 'ln , A0119 ..- V Mina' Qgmmfliy f 170,611 . -MN M0191 1-M1271 Pffjmzfzfy EEFIIIIF fgfdlklb ffgafv-111.9 Zhu Qgcvvty 530119011 x"0, 533. fan Q8l'0ll!lZ' Qgl'0il!fZ Seniors 51 QF!!! ,1 x N lx' X NX A I Q X A XX , XX xy' Xu XS X WY L i x A"' 1 Q' fda.. 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Interested in a career with ani- ials after graduation. lhristy Allen 1th Grade: Basketball, Softball 12th Grade: Bus Priver. Interested in a career as a Travel Agent. Doug Allred th Grade: Track, Cross Country 10th Grade: rack, Cross Country, Monogram 11th Grade: rack, Cross Country 12th Grade: Track, Cross 'ountry, DECA. Plans to attend Appalachian tate University. ohn Anders th Grade: NFL 10th Grade: NFL, Golf 11th frade: Chess 12th Grade: Chess. Plans to attend 'CCC and major in Computer Programming. illl Austln h Grade: FBLA 10th Grade: FBLA, Wrestling, occer 11th Grade: Track, Wrestling, Soccer 12th frade: Wrestling, Soccer, Cross Country, BOSS, lonogram, Spanish. Plans to open his own gym. athy Autry h Grade: FBLA 10th Grade: FBLA 12th Grade: PECA. Plans to enter Accounting or Merchandis- ig after high school. rlando Barrlos h Grade: Baseball 10th Grade: Baseball 11th frade: Baseball 12th Grade: Baseball, Basket- all, Spanish, Leo. Plans to become a Computer .nalyst after graduation. Dania Beane 'lanslto major in Child Care at GTCC after high hoo . odney Beane 'th Grade: FFA 10th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: ICA 12th Grade: VICA. Plans to join the mili- lry or attend GTCC after high school. Jancy Beauchamp gth Grade: FBLA, Spanish. Plans to major in .usiness at UNCG after high school. ellssa Bennett th Grade: Band, Bus Driver, BOSS, FBLA, eyette 11th Grade: Prom Committee, BOSS, OSA 12th Grade: BOSS, FBLA, HOSA. Plans major in Radiology at Forsyth Tech. usty Benson 0th Grade: Library Asst., Library 11th Grade: ribrary Asst., Library 11th Grade: Bus Driver, ribrary 12th Grade: Bus Driver, Library. Plans join the Air Force after graduation. ina Berry 1th Grade: HOSA 12th Grade: FBLA, FHA. Yopes to open her own day care one day. ,isa Bowman 2th Grade: HOSA. Plans to study Nursing at a llege or university. eLana Brewer 0th Grade: BOSS 11th Grade: DECA 12th 'rade: DECA, FHA, Hero. Plans to be a iropractor after studying at GTCC. eff Brown th Grade: FFA 10th Grade: Football Trainer, restling Trainer, FCA 11th Grade: Football rainer, Bus Driver, HOSA, Monogram 12th rade: Football Trainer, Bus Driver, BOSS, onogram. Plans to major in Emergency Medical cience at GTCC. arry Brown th Grade: FCA 10th Grade: Baseball 11th Grade: panish 12th Grade: VI CA. Plans to have a career Aviation. Lisa Brown 10th Grade: Keyettes 11th Grade: French 12th Grade: DECA. Plans to attend Randolph'Tech and to major in Interior Design. Bryan Browning 10th Grade: Art 11th Grade: Golf 12th Grade: DECA. Plans to attend Davidson and major in Accounting. Bobby Buck 10th Grade, Store Worker, French 12th Grade: Store Worker, BOSS, DECA. Plans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill to major in Pharmacy. Joe Bundy 9th Grade: NFL, Math 10th Grade: NFL, Math, Beta, French 11th Grade: Beta, FBLA, French, NFL, Math - Treas, Marshal 12th Grade: Beta, Drama, FBLA, French, NFL, Math - VP. Plans to attend Appalachian State to study Biology. Steven Burckhalter 10th Grade: Track, Soccer, FCA 11th Grade: Track, Wrestling, Boys State, Soccer, Cross Country, FBLA, Spanish, Monogram 12th Grade: Football, Soccer, FBLA, Spanish, Monogram. Plans to attend ASU as a business student. Stan Byrd 1 0th Grade: Baseball 1 1 th Grade: Baseball. Plans to go into Real Estate after high school. Scott Cam 11th Grade: Bus Driver, FFA 12th Grade: Bus Driver, FFA. Interested in being a Welding Machinist after graduation. Chip Calson 9th Grade: Football, Wrestling, FBLA 10th Grade: Football, Wrestling, FCA, Spanish 11th Grade: Football, Wrestling, Boys State, FCA 12th Grade: Football, FBLA, FCA, Spanish, Com- puter. Plans to attend a four year college or university. Mlchael Campbell 9th Grade: Baseball, Football, Wrestling 10th Grade: Baseball, Football, Wrestling, 11th Grade: Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Art 12th Grade: Baseball, Football, Goljf Wrestling. Plans to at- tend Appalachian State University. Wayne Campbell 9th Grade: Baseball, Office Asst., FFA 11th Grade: Bus Driver, Office Asst., BOSS, FFA, VICA 12th Grade: BOSS, FFA. Plans to study Automotive Repair at a two year technical college. Marlena Canter 9th Grade: Guidance Asst., FHA 10th Grade: Beta, FHA 11th Grade: Bus Driver, Beta, FBLA 12th Grade: Bus Driver, Beta, FBLA, HOSA. Plans to study Radiology at Forsyth Tech. Jeff Caughron 9th Grade: Wrestling 10th Grade: Wrestling 11th Grade: Wrestling 12 Grade: Wrestling. Interested in Carpentry work after high school. Lisa Caulder 11th Grade: VICA. Plans to enter the working field after graduation. Angl Chaffin 9th Grade.' Chorus 10th Grade: Chorus, BOSS 11th Grade: Bus Driver, Chorus, BOSS 12th Grade: Grapplerettes, Chorus, BOSS, HOSA. Sherry Chambers 9th Grade: Art 10th Grade: Art, BOSS 11th Grade: BOSS, VICA 12th Grade: BOSS, HOSA, VI CA. Plans to go into the working field after graduation. Angie Chaney 11th Grade: HOSA 12th Grade: HOSA. Plans on joining the Army after high school. Rlcky Chatterton 9th Grade: Football 10th Grade: Football, Bus Driver 11th Grade: FBLA 12th Grade: Bus Driver. Plans to attend Davidson to major in Police Science. Matthew Chavls 9th Grade: NFL 10th Grade: NFL 11th Grade: NFL, HOSA 12th Grade: NFL, Spanish, HOSA, Science. Plans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill to study Denistry. Michael Cheek 10th Grade: FBLA, French. Plans to attend Randolph Tech and to major in I nterior Designs. Russ Childress 9th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Band 11th Grade: Band, Beta, Spanish, Boys State 12th Grade: Band, Beta, FBLA, Spanish, Math. Plans to study Pre-Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill. Hope Christian Amy Clark 9th Grade: Flagline, Juniorettes 10th Grade: Flagline 11th Grade: Flagline, HOSA, Prom Committee 12th Grade: Flagline, Office Asst., H OSA, Plans to study Nursing at Randolph Tech. Amy Clodfelter 9th Grade: Glee Club, Juniorettes, Science 10th Grade: Glee Club, Play Cast 11th Grade: Cheerleader, Glee Club, Play Cast, Spanish 12th Grade: Cheerleader, Glee Club, Play Cast, BOSS, Drama, Spanish. Plans to go into the working field after graduation. Sherri Cole 9th Grade: French 10th Grade: Office Asst., BOSS, French 11th Grade: Chorus, BOSS 12th Grade: Chorus, BOSS, FHA, Hero, Computer. Plans to study Child Care at Davidson. Senior Directory 85 , - Anlssa Cook 9th Grade: Guidance Asst. 10th Grade.' Spanish 11th Grade: Library - Sec. 12th Grade: DECA, FHA, Library. Plans to attend Forsyth Tech in X-ray Technology. Libby Crater 9th Grade: FBLA 10th Grade: Class Officer - Treas., FBLA 11th Grade: Class Officer - VP, Student Council, FBLA 12th Grade: Class Offi- cer- VP, Student Council, FBLA. Plans to study Business at DCCC. Mark Creasman 10th Grade: FBLA 11th Grade: FBLA-Treas., Spanish - Treas.12th Grade: FBLA, Spanish, VEHS - Pres., Computer. Plans to study Busi- ness at GTCC. Teresa Crotts 9th Grade: BOSS, FHA 10th Grade: Beta, BOSS, FHA 11th Grade: Marshal, Office Asst., Beta, VEHS - Treas.12th Grade: Beta, DECA, VEHS. Plans to major in Cosmotology at GTCC. Bobby Dabal 9th Grade: Paper Staff Band, Homeroom Officer 10th Grade: Play Cast, Beta, Drama, French, NFL, SADD 11th Grade: Marshal, Play Cast, Beta -AVP, Drama, FBLA, French fPres., NFL - Treas., SADD, Math 12th Grade: Cross Country, Student Council, Play Cast, Beta - Pres., Drama, French, NFL - Pres., Science, SADD, Math. Plans to study Pre-Medicine at a four year college or university. Stephanie Darr 11th Grade: Art 12th Grade: DECA. Plans to study Commercial Art at UNCG. Calvin Davis 11th Grade: VICA 12th Grade: VICA. Plans on entering the working field after high school. Julle Davis 9th Grade: French 10th Grade: French 11th Grade: BOSS, HOSA, Library 12th Grade: DECA, HOSA, Science. Hopes to enter career in the Medical field after attending UNCG. Wendl Davis 10th Grade: Store Worker 11th Grade: Store Worker, DECA, French 12th Grade: DECA, FBLA. Plans to attend a two year community or technical college. Kevin Dean 11th Grade: Baseball 12th Grade: VICA. Plans to join the Marines after graduation. April DeHart 9th Grade: Art 10th Grade: Art 11th Grade: VICA 12th Grade: VICA 12th Grade: VICA. Plans to join the Air Force after graduation. Chris Dennis 9th Grade: Football, Wrestling 10th Grade: Foot- ball, Wrestling 11th Grade: Football, Wrestling 12th Grade: Football, Wrestling. Interested in Automotive Body Repair after high school. Pam Dennis 10th Grade: Beta, FBLA, Spanish 11th Grade: Marshal, Prom Committee, Beta, FBLA, Span- ish, BOSS 12th Grade: Store Worker, Beta, BOSS, DECA. Plans to attend High Point College and to major in Home Furnishing Marketing. Traci Dilldine 9th Grade: BOSS, FHA 10th Grade: BOSS 11th Grade: Glee Club 12th Grade: BOSS, FHA, Hero. Sandra Dlx 10th Grade: Office Asst. 11th Grade: Office Asst. HOSA 12th Grade: FHA, FTA. Plans to study Education at UN C-Wilmington. Todd Eanes 9th Grade: Band, Science, Math 10th Grade: Band 11th Grade: Band, Spanish 12th Grade: Band, FBLA. Plans to attend afour year college or university after graduation. Angie Edwards 9th Grade: Glee Club 10th Grade: Glee Club, FBLA, FHA 11th Grade: Glee Club, Prom 86 Senior Dire-cTory n Committee 12th Grade: BOSS, FBLA, FHA, Hero. Plans to major in Business at GTCC. Tess Elliott 9th Grade: Drama, NFL 10th Grade: Grap- plerettes, Paper Staff Student Council, French, Keyettes, NFL 11th Grade: Paper Staff Student Council, Prom Committee, HP Youth Council, BOSS, French, Keyettes, Science 12 Grade: Track, Class Officer - Pres., Student Council, Play Cast, HP Youth Council, BOSS, FBLA, Key- ettes, Science. Plans to major in Psychology at a four year college or university. Rhonda Fields 10th Grade: BOSS 11th Grade: BOSS 12th Grade: BOSS, VI CA. Plans to study Accounting at GTCC. Rodney Fields 12th Grade: DECA. Plans to major in Computer Technology at Davidson. Rodney Foley ' 9th Grade: NFL 10th Grade: Track, FBLA 11th Grade: Track, BOSS 12th Grade: Track, Bus Driver, BOSS. Plans to attend Appalachian State University. Jeff Foster 9th Grade: Wrestling, Band, FBLA - Hist. 10th Grade: Band, Spanish 11th Grade: Band, BOSS, Spanish 12th Grade: Band, BOSS, FBLA, Computer. Plans to attend a college or university after graduation. Charles Frazier 9th Grade: Art 12th Grade: Computer, Spanish. Plans to major in Engineering at UN C-Charloti or DCCC. Paul Game 9th Grade: Wrestling, Class Officer - Treas Student Council 10th Grade: Wrestling 11t Grade: Student Council 12th Grade: Class OH cer, Student Council, BOSS, FBLA. Plans to as tend Western Carolina University. Craig Gammons zoth Grade: FBLA, Computer 11 th Grade: Pror Committee, FBLA 12th Grade: FBLA, Computea Plans to attend Appalachian State Universit and to study Business. Deanna Gardner 9th Grade.' Office Asst., Juniorettes 11th Grade BOSS, French, Computer 12th Grade: BOSE French, VEHS - Reporter. Plans to major in avg ation at GTCC. Ronnie Gardner 9th Grade: Art 10th Grade: Art 11 th Grade: A1 12th Grade: Art, FFA. Plans to study Weldin Electronics at GTCC or DCCC. Adriana Garrido 12th Grade: DECA. Plans to major in Biology a UN C-Wilmington. Christy Gearren 10th Grade: Art, French, Juniorettes 11 th Grade FBLA, French 12th Grade: BOSS, FBLA French, Computer. Plans to study Business a UNCG. Melinda Gibson Plans to study Interior Designs at Randolp Technical College. Lisa Gillespie 11th Grade: BOSS, FBLA, HOSA 12th Grad BOSS, H OSA. Plans to study Nursing at GTCC Lalny Gobble 9th Grade: Glee Club, FHA 10th Grade: Glee Clul- Play Cast, Beta 11th Grade: Girls State, Marsha Glee Club, Play Cast, Beta, Spanish 12th Grad Glee Club, Beta, BOSS, Spanish. Plans to maj in a math field at a four year college or universit Curtls Godwin . 9th Grade: Football, Student Council, FCA 10 N Grade: Football, Track, Wrestling, FCA, Scien 11th Grade: Football, Track, Wrestling, FC Spanish 12th Grade: Football, Track, Wrestlin DAR Good Citizen, BOSS, FCA, Monogra Plans to study Wildlife Biology at NC Sta University. J ay Goodnlght 10th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: BOSS 12th Grad Basketball, Football, BOSS. Plans to attend UN at Greensboro. Scott Grant 9th Grade: Football, Class Officer - Pre Student Council- Treas., FCA 10th Grade: Foo ball, Class Officer - Pres., Student Council Sec. 11th Grade: Class Officer - Pres., Stude Council, Prom Committee 12 Grade: Stude Council- Pres., Art, BOSS, FBLA, FCA. Pla to attend a four year college or university. Lola Green 1 0th Grade: Office Asst. 1 1th Grade: BOSS, FH Hero, Library 12th Grade: FBLA. Plans to maj in Business at GTCC. Lori Gregg 9th Grade: Play Cast, Jr. Civitans 10th Grad Spanish 11th Grade: Beta, Spanish 12th Grad Lab Asst., Beta, BOSS, Science, Spanish. Pla to study science at a four year college or unive sity. Jody Griffin 9th Grade: Football, FFA 10th Grade: Footba Wrestling, FFA 11th Grade: FFA 12th Grad Football, FFA, FHA. Plans to enter the worki field after high school. Rhon Griffin 12th Grade: VICA. Plans to enter the worki field after high school. Sonny Grooms Plans to join the Air Force after high school. Joann Grubbs 9th Grade: FBLA 12th Grade: BOSS, FBLA. Plans to attend King's College in Charlotte. Julla Gunter 9th Grade: Band, Play Cast, Jr. Civitans 10th Grade: Band, Library Asst., BOSS, Library 11th Grade: Band, BOSS, FTA, Spanish 12th Grade: Band, Anchor, BOSS, Science, FTA, Spanish. Plans to major in a science field at a four year college or university. David Hall 9th Grade: Wrestling, FBLA 10th Grade: Wrest- ling, Soccer, FCA 11th Grade: Wrestling, Soccer, Monogram 12th Grade: Football, Wrestling, Soc- cer, Spanish, Monogram. Plans to major in Busi- ness at Appalachian State or Elon College. Kelly Hall 9th Grade: Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Class Officer - Treas., Student Council 10th Grade: Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Office Asst. 11th Grade: Softball, HOSA 12th Grade: Softball, H OSA. Interested in a career as a Cosmotologist after graduation. Barry Hamby 9th Grade: Football, FBLA 10th Grade: FBLA, FCA, Spanish 11th Grade: BOSS, FBLA, FCA, 1Spanish 12th Grade: BOSS, FBLA, Science. lPlans to study Business at UNC-Charlotte. Ronnie Harrison 10th Grade: BOSS 1 1th Grade: VICA 12th Grade: VI CA. Plans to enter a trade or business school after graduation. Scott Hartsoe 9th Grade: Band, Math 10th Grade: Annual Staff Sports Ed., Band, Key, Math - Treas. 11th Grade: Annual Staff Band, Beta, Spanish - VP, Key, Math - VP 12th Grade: Annual Staff-Edi- tor, Band, Beta, Spanish, Key - Pres., Math. Plans to major in Pre-Medicine and Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. Klm Hayes 10th Grade: BOSS, FHA 11th Grade: BOSS 12th Grade: Anchor, BOSS. Plans to study Cosmetol- ogy at a beauty school after high school. Angelea Hedgecock 9th Grade: FHA. Interested in a career as a Bank Teller after graduation. Paul Hedrick 9th Grade: FFA 10th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: FFA 12th Grade: FFA. Plans on entering the working field after high school. Michael Henderson Plans to major in Business Management at a four year college or university. Jason Hlll 9th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Band, French 11th Grade: Wrestling, Annual Staff Band, Boys State, Science, Math 12th Grade: Tennis, Wrest- ling, Annual Staff- Business Ed., Band, Sci- ence, Math. Plans to major in Aerospace En- gineering at NC State Ken Hill 9th Grade: Football, Track, Wrestling, Student Council, FCA, Monogram 10th Grade: Football, Track, Wrestling, FCA, French, Monogram 11 th Grade: Football, Track, Wrestling, FCA, Monogram 12th Grade: Football, Track, Wrest- ling, FCA, Monogram. Plans to attend a four year college or university. Madonna Hill 9th Grade: Art 10th Grade: Juniorettes 11th Grade: Juniorettes 12th Grade: VICA. Plans to study Business at a four year college or univer- sity. Rhonda Hill 9th Grade: Band, Math 10th Grade: Band, Beta, BOSS, Math 11th Grade: Band, Marshal, Beta, French, Math 12th Grade: Band, Beta, Science, Math, Computer. Plans to study Field Biology at Appalachian State or East Carolina University. Tammy Hlll 9th Grade: Students for Christ 11th Grade: Students for Christ - Sec.!Treas. 12th Grade: FBLA, Students for Christ. Plans to major in Business!Computers at RTC or GTCC. Teresa Hobbs 9th Grade: Basketball, Track, PE Worker 10th Grade: Basketball, PE Worker, Spanish, Monogram 11th Grade: Basketball, Track, PE Worker, BOSS, Spanish. Plans to become a Medi- cal!Office Assistant at Central Piedmont Community College. J ulle Hodge 9th Grade: Band, FHA 10th Grade: DECA 11th Grade: DECA, Keyettes 12th Grade: DECA. In- terested in a career as a Cosmotologist. Karin Hodges 9th Grade: Grapplerettes, Homeroom Officer, French, Science 10th Grade: Grapplerettes, Prom Hostess, French 11th Grade: Grapplerettes, Store Worker, French, Keyettes 12th Grade: Store Worker, DECA, French, Keyettes, Science. Plans to attend UNC-Wilmington. Susan Hogue 9th Grade: FHA 10th Grade: FBLA, Studentsfor Christ, Computer 12th Grade: FHA. Plans to study Interior Designs or Photography at Randolph Technical College. Brett Holloman 9th Grade: Student Council 10th Grade: Library Asst. 12th Grade: Bus Driver, BOSS, Spanish. Plans to major in Meteorology at UNC- Wilmington or Appalachian State University. Michelle Hoover 9th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Band, FBLA, French 11th Grade: FBLA, Computer 12th Grade: FBLA, Computer. Plans to attend Brook- stone Business College. Melissa Hopkins 9th Grade: FBLA - Hist. 10th Grade: Annual Staff Homeroom Officer, Beta, FBLA - Hist. 11th Grade: Annual Staff- Sports Ed., Beta, FBLA, Math, Computer 12th Grade: Annual Staff - Asst. Editor, DECA, FBLA - Photo., Math - Reporter, Computer. Hopes to have her own busi- ness one day. Mark Horn 9th Grade: Wrestling, H omeroom Officer-Pres., French 10th Grade: Wrestling, Student Council, French, Monogram 1 1 th Grade: Wrestling, H ome- room Officer, Student Council, Monogram 12th Grade: Wrestling, Student Council, Bus Driver, BOSS, French, Monogram, Students for Christ. gligis to major in Pre-Medicine at UNC-Chapel i . Angel Hubbard 9th Grade: Play Cast, FHA 10th Grade: Play Cast, Spanish 11th Grade: Play Cast, Beta, BOSS, Spanish, Students for Christ, SADD 12th Grade: Play Cast, Beta, BOSS, Spanish, Science, Students for Christ. Plans to major in Pre-Law in Fayetteville. Jody Hunt 10th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: FFA 12th Grade: FFA, VI CA. Interested in a career in Landscap- ing. Keith Hunt Linda Hunt 9th Grade: FHA 10th Grade: Beta, FBLA 11th Grade: Guidance Asst., Beta, FBLA, VEHS 12th Grade: Beta, FBLA, VEHS. Plans to work in the Secretarial field after high school. Chrls Hutchinson 9th Grade: Band, NFL 10th Grade: FBLA, French, NFL 11th Grade: FBLA, French, NFL 12th Grade: FBLA, French, NFL, Science, Computer, Math. Plans to major in Microprocess- ing at Appalachian State University. Mindy Hynes 10th Grade: BOSS, French. Plans to study Cosrnotology at DCCC or GTCC. Angela Inman 9th Grade: Students for Christ 10th Grade: Glee Club, Play Cast, Play Committee, Library Asst., Studentsfor Christ --Sec. 11th Grade: Glee Club, Play Cast, Prom Committee, Library Asst., FCA, Library, Students for Christ- Pres. 12th Grade: Glee Club, Play Cast, Library Asst., BOSS, Library, Students for Christ - Pres. Plans to study Early Childhood Education at UNCG. Sonja J arrell 9th Grade: Band, Homeroom Officer - Treas. 10th Grade: Band, Beta, Science, Math, Spanish 11th Grade: Band, Marshal, Beta, Spanish - Sec., Math, Girls State 12th Grade: Cross Country, Beta, Drama, Spanish, Science, Math - greas. Plans to major in Engineering at NC tate. Joel Jarrett 10th Grade: Bus Driver 11th Grade: Bus Driver. Interested in a career in Carpentry after gradu- ation. Rodney Jarrett 9th Grade: Tennis, FCA 10th Grade: Baseball, FCA 11th Grade: FCA 12th Grade: Baseball, Football, Bus Driver, FBLA. Plans to study Psy- chology at Elon College or Appalachian State University. Toni Jett Ben Johnson 9th Grade: FFA 10th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: FFA 12th Grade: FFA, VICA. Plans to major in Machinery at Randolph Technical College. Brian Johnson Plans to attend Appalachian State University after graduation. Jason Johnson 9th Grade: HP Youth Council, Spanish 10th Grade: FFA, Spanish 11th Grade.' Bus Driver, HP Youth Council, FFA 12th Grade: BOSS, FFA, Spanish, Computer. Plans to attend ECU and to major in Law or Business. Michael Johnson 9th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: Library Asst. 12th Grade: Library Asst., VICA. Senior Directory 87 Kelly Johnston 9th Grade: Band, Store Worker, German 10th Grade: Band, German 11th Grade: Band 12th Grade: Cheerleader, Paper Staff BOSS, Span- ish. Plans to major in Teaching at Appalachian State University. Amy Jones 11th Grade: HOSA 12th Grade: HOSA. Plans to major in Nursing at afour year college or univer- sity. Ki Kang Kevin Keith 9th Grade: Wrestling 10th Grade: Wrestling, Paper Staff, Soccer 11th Grade: Wrestling, Annual Staff Paper Staff Soccer, French 12th Grade: Wrestlling, Annual Staff- Photo., Paper Staff Plans to major in Journalism at afour year college or university. Patsy Kelllson 9th Grade: Band, Guidance Asst. 10th Grade: BOSS, 12th Grade: Hero. Plans to entera trade or business school or join the Army. Scott Kennedy 10th Grade: Beta. Plans to major in Animal Sci- ence at NC State University. Sarah Kennedy 9th Grade: Band, French 10th Grade: Band, French 11th Grade: Band, BOSS 12th Grade: Bus Driver, Anchor, BOSS, FBLA, FHA, FTA, Hero. Plans to study Elementary Education at East Carolina University. Lea King 9th Grade: Basketball- Manager, Flagline 10th Grade: Basketball, Flagline 11th Grade: Basket- ball, Flagline 12th Grade: Guidance Asst., FBLA. Plans to major in Business at a two year technical college. Ryan King 9th Grade: Golf 10th Grade: Golf, FFA 11th Grade: GOM FFA 12th Grade: Golf FFA. Plans to study Wood Technology at NC State Univer- sity. Kim Kinley 9th Grade: Volleyball 11th Grade: Spanish, HOSA 12 Grade: BOSS, HOSA. Soren Kristensen 12th Grade: Soccer, Science. Plans to attend a trade or business school in Denmark. I , 88 Senior Directory Thomas Lackey 9th Grade: FFA 10th Grade: FFA 11th Grade.' FFA, VICA 12th Grade: FFA, VICA. Mltch Langston Plans to major in Architecture at Randolph Tech then transfer to UNC-Charlotte. Wendi Lawrlmore 9th Grade: Volleyball, Student Council, FBLA 10th Grade: Art 11th Grade: Spanish 12th Grade: Math, Teacher Asst., BOSS, Spanish, Science, Computer. Plans to attend a four year college or university. Jeff Lewis Plans to attend a four year college or university after high school graduation. Yvonne Lineback Plans to major in Accounting at Randolph Tech- nical College after graduation. Cindy Llngerfelt 9th Grade: Glee Club 10th Grade: Glee Club 11th Grade: Glee Club 12th Grade: Glee Club, DECA. Plans to attend Randolph Technical College after graduation. Wendy Lockhart 9th Grade.' Cheerleader, Student Council, FHA 10th Grade: Cheerleader - Capt. 11th Grade: Cheerleader, Prom Committee, BOSS, HOSA, Monogram 12th Grade: Cheerleader, BOSS, H OSA, Monogram. Darrin Loflln 9th Grade: NFL, SADD 10th Grade: Spanish, Library - Treas. 11th Grade.' Spanish, HOSA, Library - Treas. 12th Grade: Spanish, HOSA - Hist., Library - Treas., Science. Roger Loflln 9th Grade: Chorus 10th Grade: Chorus 11th Grade: Chorus, Play Cast 12th Grade: Chorus, BOSS, FFA. Plans to join the Air Force after graduation. Ronnie Lowder 9th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: FFA, VICA 12th Grade: VICA. Plans to attend GTCC after high schoo . Brian Lowe 10th Grade: FBLA 11th Grade: Beta, FBLA, French, Leo, Computer 12th Grade: Drama, FBLA, French, Science. Plans to study Business Administration at afour year college or univer- sity. Kristi Mabe 9th Grade: Basketball, Softball 11th Grade: Bus Driver. Plans to major in Fashion at RTC or DCCC. Lorle Mabe .9th Grade: Cheerleader, Chorus, Play Cast, Office Asst., BOSS, Juniorettes 10th Grade: Cheer- leader, Annual Staff, Chorus, BOSS, FBLA, Juniorettes, Monogram, Baseball - Stat. 11th Grade: Cheerleader, Annual Staff Paper Staff Chorus, Play Cast, Prom Committee, BOSS, Juniorettes - VP, Monogram, Baseball - Stat. 12th Grade: Cheerleader- Capt., Annual Stag'- Sec., Chorus, Play Cast, BOSS, Drama, Juniorettes, Monogram, NFL. Plans to study Journalism at afour year college or university. Angle Martin 9th Grade: Band, Office Asst. 10th Grade: Office Asst., Beta, Spanish 11th Grade: Marshal, Beta, Spanish 12th Grade: Beta, BOSS, Spanish, Math, Science, Computer. Plans to major in computers or Law at afour year college or university. Lance McCall 11th Grade: Bus Driver, Key, Leo. Plans to study Construction at a trade or business school. Kelly McDonough 10th Grade: Cheerleader, FBLA 11th Grade: Cheerleader, Prom Committee, BOSS, Mono- gram 12th Grade: Bus Driver, BOSS. Plans to major in Accounting at East Carolina Univer- sity. Devon McGaha .9th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Band, Office Asst., FHA 11th Grade.' Band 12th Grade.' Band, Office Asst., FHA. Plans to enter the workingfield or to study Child Care. Carla Miller 11th Grade: Math, FBLA, Spanish, Science 12th Grade: Math, FBLA, Spanish, Science - Sec. Plans to attend St. Andrews College or NC State University. Lisa Miller mn Grade- HOSA 12 Grade: DECA, HosA. Mike Miller Greg Monroe 11th Grade: Class Officer - Sec., Student Coun- cil, Prom Committee, French, Leo, Science 12th Grade: Student Council, BOSS, FBLA, French- Pres., HOSA, Leo. Plans to study Denistry at a four year college. Locke Monroe 10th Grade: Football, Play Cast, FBLA, French, Leo 11th Grade: Play Cast, FBLA, French, Leo, Computer - Treas. 12th Grade: Football, Boys State, Student Council, Play Cast, Drama, FBLA, French, Leo, Monogram, Science. Plans to major in Business Administration at ECU. Cheryl Morgan Paula Nance 10th Grade: French, Math - Sec. 11th Grade: Beta, HOSA, Math - Pres. 12th Grade: Beta, French, Math - Pres., Computer. Plans to major in Business Administration at ASU. Bennett Napier 10th Grade: Spanish 11th Grade: Track, Boys State, Homeroom Officer, Leo, Monogram, Span- ish 12th Grade: Track, Wrestling, BOSS, Leo, Monogram, Science, Spanish. Plans to major in Business Administration at Western Carolina. Jerry Neal 9th Grade: Band, Library Asst. 10th Grade: Band 11th Grade: Band, Bus Driver 12th Grade: Band Bus Driver. Plans to major in Plumbing at a tech- nical college. Stephanie Newsome 11th Grade.' HOSA 12th Grade: HOSA. Plans to major in Nursing at DCCC. I r i Eric Newton th Grade: Track-Manager, Leo 10th Grade: 'ootball, Track, Leo 11th Grade: Football, Track, 'CA 12th Grade: Football, Track, French. Plans :join the Air Force after high school. Brent Norfleet th Grade: Basketball, Football, FBLA, FCA, Leo 0th Grade: Basketball, Football, Track, FCA, 'rench, Leo - Treas. 11th Grade: Basketball, 'ootball, Track, Boys State, Class Officer - 'reas., Student Council, Prom Committee, Bus iriver, FCA, Leo - VP, Monogram 12th Grade: fasketball, Football, Track, Class Officer - 'reas., Student Council, Bus Driver, FCA, Leo - 'res., Monogram. Plans to major in Administrat- ue Justice at ECU Jancy Norris llenn O'Neal th Grade: FFA 10th Grade: FFA 12th Grade: 'FA. Interested in studying Carpentry after high chool. Jale Owens 2th Grade: FFA. Interested in a career in the alephone industry. 'hillip Passmore th Grade: FFA 10th Grade: FFA 12th Grade: 'HA,v1cA. 'aula Patterson th Grade: Cheerleader, Class Officer, Student 'ouncil, Glee Club, Play Cast 10th Grade: 'heerleader, Glee Club 11 th Grade: Cheerleader, tudent Council, Glee Club, Play Cast 12th frade: Glee Club, Play Cast, Drama. Interested 'L singing professionally after graduation. Brian Patty Oth Grade: NFL 11th Grade: NFL 12th Grade: 'rack, NFL. Plans to study Music at the NC chool of the Arts. Raymond Pendry 'lans to major in Drafting at GuiUord Technical 'ollege. :hl'lS Peronto th Grade: NFL 10th Grade: Soccer, French, VFL 11th Grade: Homeroom Officer, Play Yommittee, Soccer, Beta, French, NFL, Math Qth Grade: Play Committee, Soccer, Beta, 'rench, NFL, Science, Math. Plans to major in 'uclear Science or Aerodynamics at Annapolis r Duke University. 'oseph Peterson th Grade: FFA 12th Grade: Computer. Kelly Peterson th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Band 11th Grade: and, FTA 12th Grade: Band. Plans to major in 'omputer Business at RTC. Iarl Phillips th Grade: Track, FFA 10th Grade: Track, Bus 'river 11th Grade: Track, Bus Driver 12th lrade: Track, Bus Driver, FFA. Plans to join the ir Force after graduation. 'eff Phillips Tvonne Poole th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Band, Keyettes, panish 1 1th Grade: VEHS, Spanish 12th Grade: EHS, Anchor. Plans to Major in Travel at afour ear college. David Pope ith Grade: French, Math 12th Grade: French, ath, Computer. Darlene Porter th Grade: Glee Club, Play Committee, Beta, 'OSS 11th Grade: Glee Club, Play Committee, 'uidance Asst., Beta, BOSS, Spanish 12th 'rade: Glee Club, Play Committee, BOSS - VP, IECA, Store Worker. Plans to attend UNC- 'reensboro after graduation. evin Portis th Grade: Beta 11th Grade: Beta, FBLA, af,-L ' 5, J French 12th Grade: Bus Driver, Beta, BOSS, FBLA, French VEHS. Plans to join the Armyfor two years after graduation. Kim Price 9th Grade: Band 10th Grade.' Band, Student Council, Prom Hostess, BOSS 11 th Grade, Paper Staff Prom Committee, Office Asst., BOSS - Sec. 12th Grade: Paper Staff BOSS - Pres. Michelle Price 9th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Band, Spanish, Math 11th Grade: Band, Girls State, Prom Committee, Beta, BOSS, Spanish, Math 12th Grade: Beta, Boss, FBLA, Spanish - Sec., HOSA, Science, Math - Sec. Plans to major in Psychology at ECU. Tabatha Prlce 9th Grade: Office Asst. 10th Grade: Guidance Asst., BOSS 11th Grade.' FBLA 12th Grade: FBLA. Plans to study Computers at GTCC. Phyllis Prince 9th Grade: Office Asst. 10th Grade: VICA 11th Grade: VICA 12th Grade: FHA, VICA. Plans to join the Air Force after graduation. Ricky Pritchard 12th Grade: Carpentry. Plans to enter the work- ing field after high school. Sherry Proctor 9th Grade: Glee Club, Students for Christ 10th Grade: Glee Club, Guidance Asst., Students for Christ 11th Grade: Glee Club, Prom Committee, Studentsfor Christ- VP 12th Grade: Glee Club, BOSS, Students for Christ. Plans to major in Christian Education at Wesley College. Michael Queen 9th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: Football, DECA, FFA 12th Grade: VICA. Roger Queen 9th Grade: FFA 10th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: FFA, VICA 12th Grade: VICA. Keith Quick 9th Grade: Football, Track, FBLA, FCA 10th Grade: Basketball, Football, FCA, Leo, Monogram 11th Grade: Football, Track, FCA, Leo, Monogram 12th Grade: Basketball, Football, Track, DECA, FBLA, FCA, Leo, Monogram. Plans to study Fashion at a four year college or university. Kevln Rabon 9th Grade: Baseball, Football, Wrestling, FCA, FFA, Monogram 10th Grade: Baseball, Football, Bus Driver, FCA, FFA, Monogram 11th Grade: Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Bus Driver, Monogram - Treas. 12th Grade: Baseball, Bus Driver, FFA, Monogram. Plans to study a career in Precast Construction after graduation. Susan Ragan 10th Grade: Juniorettes 11th Grade: Spanish, Juniorettes 12th Grade: Annual Staff FBLA, Juniorettes. Plans to major in Business at ASU. Jeffery Rash 10th Grade: FBLA. Plans to major in Computer Programming at GTCC. Bryan Reece 9th Grade: Football, Wrestling, FCA 10th Grade: Wrestling, Soccer, Monogram 11th Grade: Track, Wrestling, Soccer, Cross Country, FBLA, Monogram 12th Grade: Wrestling, Soccer, FBLA, Key Monogram. Plans to major in Computer Programming at UNC or Appalachian State University. Stephanie Reid 9th Grade: FHA 10th Grade: BOSS, DECA 11th Grade: DECA 12th Grade: Art, DECA - Treas., Computer. Plans to major in Cosmotology at a beauty school. Kevin Renn 9th Grade.' Gam Band 10th Grade: Gam Band, Monogram 11 th Grade: Gow Band, Monogram 12th Grade: Gom VI CA. Plans to attend a four year college or university. J amle Rice 9th Grade: Grapplerettes, Science 10th Grade: Grapplerettes, French, Science 11th Grade: Grapplerettes, FCA, French, Science 12th Grade: Grapplerettes, Art, Science. Plans to study En- gineering at NC State after graduation. J amle Richardson 10th Grade: NFL 11th Grade: Boys State, Play Cast, Bus Driver, French, NFL 12th Grade: Bus Driver, Drama, FBLA, French, NFL. Plans to major in Accounting at UNC-Greensboro. Eric Riddick 11th Grade: Track 12th Grade: Track, FFA. Plans to major in Oceanography at a four year college or university. LaMonica Rorie 11 th Grade: Flagline. Plans to major in Psychol- ogy at East Carolina. Chris Rosenbaum 10th Grade: Key, Basketball 11th Grade: Key, Basketball, 12th Grade: Basketball. Plans to attend college after graduation. Tina Ross 9th Grade: Grapplerettes 10th Grade: Grap- plerettes, Store Worker 11th Grade: Bus Driver, Store Worker, DECA 12 Grade: Bus Driver, Store Worker, DE CA 12th Grade: Store Worker, DE CA. Plans to attend a beauty academy. Angela Russell 9th Grade: Band, French, Keyettes 10th Grade: Grapplerettes, Band, French 11 th Grade: Grap- plerettes, Student Council, Anchor, HOSA 12th Grade: Grapplerettes, Student Council, Anchor - Sec., HOSA - Pres. Plans to major in Nursing at UNC-Greensboro. Senior Directory 89 Mark Scism 9th Grade.' FFA 10th Grade: FFA 11th Grade: FFA. Plans to study Mechanics after graduation. Robbie Sechrest Darrell Sechrlst 9th Grade: Play Committee 10th Grade: Play Cast, Play Committee, Library - Pres. 12th Grade: Play Cast, Play Committee, Library Asst., BOSS. Plans to study Truck Driving after high sc oo . Marshall Self Plans to enter the working field after high school graduation. Melissa Shuskey 9th Grade: Basketball - Manager, Softball - Manager, French 10th Grade: Basketball - Manager, Softball- Manager, Art, Beta, French 11th Grade: Office Asst., Beta 12th Grade: FBLA. Plans to major in Business at UNC-Greensboro. Steve Slmpson 9th Grade: Baseball 10th Grade: Baseball 11th Grade: Bus Driver 12th Grade: Baseball, Foot- ball. Plans to join the Marines after graduation. Greg Sink Tony Skeen 10th Grade: Library Asst. 11th Grade: Library Asst., BOSS, FBLA, Students for Christ 12th Grade: Library Asst., BOSS, FFA. Plans to major in Electronic Repairs after high school graduation. Angela Smith 9th Grade: Band, HP Youth Council, FHA, Students for Christ 10th Grade: Volleyball, HP Youth Council, FHA, Spanish 11th Grade: Bus Driver, Store Worker, DECA, Spanish 12th Grade: Store Worker, BOSS, DECA - Pres., FBLA, Spanish. Plans to major in Merchandis- ing at UNC-Greensboro. Lynn Smlth 9th Grade: Grapplerettes, Band, Juniorettes 10th Grade: Grapplerettes, Band, Juniorettes - Sec. 11th Grade: HOSA, Spanish, VEHS 12th Grade: BOSS, DECA, VEHS. Plans to major in Dental Hygiene at GTCC. Dede Smith 9th Grade: Chorus, Play Committee 10th Grade: Chorus, Play Committee, FBLA, French, SADD 11th Grade: Office Asst., BOSS, SADD 12th Grade: Chorus, Play Committee, Office Asst., BOSS, HOSA, Science, SADD - Pres. Plans to major in Pharmacy at UNC-Chapel Hill. Michelle Smith 10th Grade: Spanish 1 1 th Grade: Spanish. Plans 90 Senior Directow to study Business at GTCC after high school graduation. Kenneth Snider 9th Grade: Baseball, Football, FCA 10th Grade: Baseball, Football, FCA 11th Grade: Baseball, Football, FCA, Monogram 12th Grade: Baseball, Football, Bus Driver, FCA, Monogram. Matthew Snow 9th Grades Office Asst., FBLA 10th Grade: Office Asst. 11th Grade.' VEHS 12th Grade: Office Asst., VEHS. Plans to major in Pre-Law at UNC- Chapel Hill. Kevin Stafford 9th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Beta 11th Grade: Football: Beta, FCA, Monogram, Spanish 12th Grade: Beta, BOSS, Science, Spanish. Plans to study Business or Mechanics at DCCC. Chris Strickland 9th Grade: Band, FHA 10th Grade: Play Cast, FHA 11th Grade: Store Worker, DECA, FHA - Pres., Math 12th Grade: Band, Store Worker, Office Asst., DECA - Sec., FHA. Plans to major in Home Economics!Marketing at University of South Carolina. Angle Stroud 9th Grade: Juniorettes 10th Grade: FBLA, French, Juniorettes 11th Grade: Office Asst., HOSA 12th Grade: BOSS, FBLA, HOSA - Sec., SADD. Plans to become a Chiropractor after graduation. Melissa Styles 9th Grade: NFL 10th Grade: Store Worker, DECA, NFL, Spanish 11th Grade: Store Worker, DE CA, NFL 12th Grade: Store Worker, DE CA - VP, NFL. Plans to major in Business at East Carolina University. Deana Sullivan Angela Summey 10th Grade: FBLA, Students for Christ, Com- puter 12th Grade.' FBLA. Plans to enter the work- ing jield after graduation. Don Taylor 9th Grade: Gom Jr. Civitans, FFA 10th Grade: Golf FFA - Reporter 11th Grade: GoM FFA, Monogram 12th Grade: Golf FFA, Monogram. Plans to join the Air Force after graduation. Gary Taylor 10th Grade: Baseball, Soccer, Monogram. Plans to attend a four year college or university. Amy Thomas Lynda Thompson 11th Grade: FBLA 12th Grade: BOSS, FHA, Hero. Plans to major in Interior Design at RTC. Amber Thornton Interested in a career in modeling after high school. Marilyn Tickle 11th Grade: DECA 12th Grade: FHA, VICA. In- terested in modeling after high school. Michelle Tickle 10th Grade: DECA 12th Grade: BOSS, FHA. Plans to major in Interior Design or Fashion at UNC-Greensboro. Eddie Todd James Tompkins 9th Grade: FFA 12th Grade: FFA Hugh Turbyfill 10th Grade: Student Council 12th Grade: Art. Plans to enter a technical college after gradu- ation. Jenny Varner 9th Grade: Band, FHA, Math 10th Grade: Band, Math 11th Grade: Band, Spanish 12th Grade: FHA, Hero, Spanish. Plans to major in Teaching at a four year college or university. Scott Vickers 9th Grade: Office Asst. 10th Grade: Office Assz Computer 11th Grade: Guidance Asst., BOS! French 12th Grade: Art, BOSS, FFA. Wendy Wagoner 10th Grade: French 11th Grade: FBLA 121 Grade: FBLA. Plans Dale Wall 10th Grade: Cross to study Business at DCC1 Country, FCA 11th Grad Cross Country, Wrestling, DECA, FCA 121 Grade: DECA, FFA. Plans to major in M echanii at RTC. Dexter Wallace 9th Grade: Track 10t h Grade: Track, Bus Drive VICA 11th Grade: Bus Driver, Leo, VICA 12. Grade: Bus Driver , D as an Accountant. Kyle Ward 9th Grade: Glee Club ECA. Interested in a carei 10th Grade: Glee Club, Plc Cast 11th Grade: Spanish 12th Grade: FBL1 Spanish, Computer. Justice at DCCC. Tina Webb Plans to major in Crimin Donnie Welborn 9th Grade: GoU10th Grade: Bus Driver, FBI., 11th Grade: Bus Driver, Store Worker, DEC o . 12th Grade. Store rker, DE CA Interested in ' W career as a Stock Broker. Heath Welch John White . A 9th Grade' Art, FF 10th Grade: Football, A1 FFA 11th Grade: Art, FFA 12th Grade: BOS, DECA: FFA - Pres. Plans to study Floricultu after graduation. Mike White 9th Grade: Basketb all 10th Grade: Basketba 11th Grade Basketball 12th Grade: Basketball. Renee White 9th Grade: French 11th Grade: Beta 12th Gradl Anchor, Students for Christ. Michele Williamson 9th Grade: Band 10th Grade: Band, French 111 Grade: Band, Prom Committee, French - V Beta 12th Grade: Band, Beta, French-Report Plans to study Pre-Law at a four year college university. Crystal Wilson Plans to study Business at GTCC. 10th Grade: Store Worker, DECA 12th Plans to study Mark Steve Wishon gorker 11th Grade: Sto- rade: Store Worker, DEC. eting at a technical colleg THEM A D US 1 ff ,llfi JJ 1 af ' LQ L', K gg " 'm....,.hw ify M-1aQ'.,, X ' 1 ' fi ,. , n , 6 fii i.' , naw R W Y . l1 f " y ,,,. ff- Q ' Q TRULY ORIGINAL ' r KE' A. kd' W A4 f-f, , 9, 1" 'v -799 3 5 ' ,c , ' nf, vs " Y' I , Finn, J ' I I I Faculty 91 Dr. Darrell Saunders - Principal EDD - Alabama, MED - UNC Chapel Hill 5 years at THS Tenn! FOStel' - Vice Principal MA E ucation Administration - NC Adi:T Ist year at THS Dirk Gurlez - Vice Principal BS Biology! .E. - H.P College 6 years at THS Mike Steed - Vice Principal MS in Education Administration - NC AQQT 9 years at THS Andrea Wojciechowski - Secretary Kent State University Elaine Davis - Secretary enjoys arts and crafts Hilda Brady - Treasurer loves cooking, 26 years at THS North State Business College Cathy COlll'3I1e - Secretary enjoys arts and crafts 92 Adminisiroiion -vit' 4 of X -'W-,X .., ff at , .ag 51777 X Rachel Heili ' . g 1 S eeret - ' ingthep , . ar'y,EnyoySp1 - if-qars atlglrtltg reading, listening to musigyg lnda K A BSHE!Mqul?1EIyr+EGWdlWC6 Counselor Ely, walking. 29 ygdrq7Zi7t0yvs1ge14:irz,g, read. mily Cars -' . MED - Guidance COMWSEZOT years at TI-lgys gardening, Cross- Uwccfliinlyflidgnce Counselor MED - THS a Wig, musing 16 years at Jane . 7 UNCG?ggJr3l5'TZ4531a Specialist MLS mg! 3 years at THS ' ga' demng, read- Nancb' Robe I'fS - ' cross-stitch, reading 4035531 gtlefgsenjoys 5y3IR?fgineUlxeeman - Media gp . - . - . eei- painting dec0ySy.ZG!jeE7fg7f?gsTrgglt making, Kim S - X, Counselisfgs - llggsgvgonal 'Resourcef ,Q basketball, Swimming: 3 ygggjgtygwggafts, Mrs. Jane Chandra gladly assists Dustin Hunt in the library. C 'iff res1lll eded 'l'YLfO'I'- Whenever mation for one of dreaded book reports for English, the first place ' ter. they turned was the media cen The student body greatly appreciated the work of three fine librarians, Mrs. l 'ne Jane Chandra, Mrs. Evange i EAR C was a very ' i iinization provided a Guidance Department. This orga s i service, but even more importantly, support for the senior class. Upperclassmen were aided by Mrs. Emily ' i Linda Kennerly, and Carswell, Mrs. Rachel H eilig, Mrs. Mrs. Pat Mills as they tried of universities C s freshmen s solved admission to a Juniors, sopho- to the Bobby Freeman, and Mrs. N aney Roberts. For this talentedftrio, no assignment was too great Whether it was finding i,y.t .video-taping, television the three so , L The leaders were always helpfu students of Trinity High School were always top priority for this group. -- Bobby McCroslcey at Ub'UfYfGuidc1nce 93 GREAT EXPE C TATI ONS mf 1, ,,,, 94 Teachers 3- . .I .y , 3 1 ,X i vm- Patricia Aldridge, English BA - Mars Hill ollege, M.Ed UNCG Advisor of Key Club, enjoys reading, traveling 13 years at THS Roy B. Allen, Business BS - High Point College Advisor of FBLA, enjoys traveling, sports 26 years at THS Julli Barnes, Business BS - High Point College Advisor of FBLAq enjoys sewing, rifle competition 3 months at THS Jane Beeson, Health Occupations Nursing - NC Baptist School ofNursing Advisor of HOSA,' enjoys 'needlework 11 years at THS Karen BlaCkbUI'n, Business BS - UNCG, MS - UNCG Advisor of FBLA, Computer Club, enjoys reading, music A years at THS Chefgl Bllfley, CulturalAr'ts Bache or of Music - ASU Head of chorus, enjoys reading, eating 7 years at THS Jo Burroughs, Home Economics BS - UNC , Masters - UNCG Advisor of FHAg enjoys gardening, cooking 11 years at THS Snella Butt, Business BS - UNCG Enjoys reading, piano playing, traveling Ist year at THS Dlanna Cecll, Science BA Biology - UNCG Member ofMedia Committee,' enjoys cross-stitch Ist year at THS Qs 'S' -' L l, E VQQLL S 2 Franklin CBCH, Physical Education BS Health!PE - ASU Advisor of Monogram Club, Athleticsg enjoys gobf lst year at THS Dedie Chapman, Science BS - W. Carolina University Advisor of Science Club, enjoys aerobics, reading 10 years at THS Cathy Claris, Physical Education AB Education - UNC Chapel Hill Coach of Volleyball,' enjoys aerobics, sports, photography 2 years at THS ' , -5. QL 1" ig' ..... f sf: ,-.. ,M ,gi , f K L ix .X Pf- 4: J it 1 ' ,Q i .-.g. ' v .1 'r 1933" X Y Q. s 4 E, I ,E , r wx H 'Q s' s ii? 55 . e B F f eitlej .f H 51 Q ' ,. .- , .r,' I W 1 it , X , ::..-1-L Alma Cockrell, Vocational AB English - Guilford College Advisor of VICAQ enjoys sewing, painting, piano playing 1st year at THS El3iI'le Cog, Home Economics BS - UNC ,Masters - UNCG Advisor of F'HAg enjoys swimming, shopping 4 years at THS Charles Cronham, Music BA - UNC Chapel Hillg MA - ECU Advisor ofMarching Bandg enjoys sports, woodworking 8 years at THS B6Vel'!y CI'0ftS, Social Studies AB - igh Point College, M Ed. - UNCG Advisor of Beta Club, enjoys traveling, walking 24 years at THS Mike Davis, Math BS - Elon College Advisor of BOSS and Chess Clubs, Enjoys chess, golf tennis 1, years at THS Rhonda Davis, English BA - Mars Hill College Advisor of Beta Club,' enjoys bowling, water sports 9 years at THS Carl Floyd, Spanish BA - Wofford College Advisor of Spanish Club, BoyslGirls Tennis,' enjoys photography tennis 2 years at THS Ch8l'l6S Genffy, Vocational BS - ASU, Masters - ASU 3 years at THS Phefbg Gfaham, Marketing BS - NCG, MBA - UNCG Advisor of DECA, enjoys dancing, traveling, genealogy A years at THS Pall' GUfhI'i6, Vocational BS - NC State, M. Ed - NC Ad'kT Advisor of FFA 20 years at THS Vanessa Hamblin, English BA - John Wesley, Ashley College 5 years at THS NSFICZY Harvey, Vocational BS - . Carolina University Enjoys her time as a mother 5 years at THS Renee Hayes, English AB English - UNC Chapel Hill Coach of Girls Basketball, leave ofabsence from teaching 2 years at THS T. EdW8l'd Hayes, Social Studies BA - UNC Chapel Hill, MA - UNCG Advisor of Beta Club, Yearbook, enjoys jogging, traveling 7 years at THS Susan Herrin, Maui BS - Appalachian State Enjoys reading, swimming, music 4 years at THS Teachers 95 V. MW' ,, HW., f 1 f' ff ' " ,,,,.,.----"' - f 'L ' X. 6 T 13 sick 73 64 ,L book, My mast three excuses img Foy Le0I'l3I'd HOIITIGS, Vocational BS - NC Ad2'T Advisor of FFA and Leo Clubs 13 years at THS Ed HIFYISS, Science BS 7 igh Point College Advisor of Leo Clabg enjoys golf huntingjisliing 20 years at THS TII11 Hunt, Extended Day BA HistorylEconornics Z years at THS Bellnda JBITIGS, Resource BS Special Ed - WSSU Enjoys storytelling, basketball, sewing Isl year at THS Sh3I'Ol'l JOIDES, Vocational Resource BA - High Point and Greensboro Colleges Enjoys piano playing, singing 8 years at THS Sabrina Keady, English BS English - ASU Advisor QfSADDg enjoys reading, music 5 years at THS y ygyyl y yyiyl S selyi mea! -il aiu 1' ,Vki, ii' -lV, A V .,l, Q ,:i,Z if fwfr tgachers had to h?l5IS, atiiilwal dayiio ' iiiib O P llii ' il . a,0llf9"" Qaizimzzii wg: Gigzgfrfxefizii - S The fwst thozfgjih Seatsylwmm me 8ub?tlrrLind were"J00vSwq' - lass-V But' their S talk dfu,'r"L'YbQ 6 GTG te subslaafiiosc students PM the these dedwa a wondefful 90,30 them, fn, th 6 THS 9 1 without , Lesley Hwdmx substitute teaeheys - of the ho need WW' BATUWW is one the teachws W gp ullii ffl-C' it hell? S T ss A xiii. W ..,,,::. , .k,,,L:., des girgg, 96 Teachers A ' , , ,H I B aff, Xxx 12.127 Jerri Klemme, Math BA - Appalachian State University lst year at THS KStudent Teacher! Sally LahdiS, Resource BA - High Point College Advisor ofKey Club 10 years at THS Betty Lirleberry, Business BS - UNC Greensboro Advisor of FBLA, enjoys hiking, fishing, gardening 9 years at THS Terry Llr1thICLlm, Physical Education BS - UNCG, BA - UNCG Advisor of FCAg enjoys golf softball 3 years at THS Edward Lloyd, ALC BS - Radfor University Coach ofJV Football, Basketball, enjoys gow running, sports 1st year at THS Shlrley Ludemann, Mum BS Math - UNCG Advisor of Math Clubg enjoys reading, television 10 years at THS Barbara MeyfOl1, Home Economics Masters - U CG Advisor ofFHA, Grapplerettesg enjoys sewing, needlework, read- ing 8 years at THS RObel't M?,y'lOI'l, Social Studies AA-DCC ,BA-ASU Coach of Football, Wrestling, Track, enjoys reading 3 years at THS Linda McCall, Math BS-NC A4QT,MS-NC Ad'aT U Advisor of Math Club, enjoys ceramics, tennis Karen McCarthy, Spanish BS - Appalachian State University Advisor of Spanish Club, enjoys reading, game shows 6 years at THS Ramona Michael, English AB - High Point College Advisor ofAnchor Clubg enjoys reading 15 years at THS Larry Morgan, Social Studies BA - High oint College, M Ed. - UNCG Enjoys hunting,fishing, golf 6 years at THS David MUrChII'1S0rl, Vocational PVA - NC State, NC Ad'tT, ASU Advisor of Carpentry Program 3 years at THS Linda Payne, Resource BS -- Appalachian State University Enjoys cross-stitching, gem stone collecting 5 years at THS Teresa Pegram, Vocational BS - Appa achian State University Part time staff member, enjoys swimming, hiking, camping Ist year at THS Teachers 97 l 55 also campus of y' t chem l h rg goined t 6 teac e d to be empty Each gem' new l f sh THS Along 'mt 0g,'n'1,6 new ea' what use the first . . ,fl Gafsya bemg new wasn fident and teachers the everyday M sfu y challenges Dianna Cecil not .fadmmistratwe SW 10376 Con challenges L teaching W ,mr B. - d 'S 'ust one of the "The most .M any 'mffftil Hate High Campus' - n .8 cO'fn,'fn'Ufn11UG,' , . t them whzg the subject 50 the l -ky whwh they bmugll gitair students' growth' admits he does not ei tributed the 'mos 0 -- Jason Bates A , . - ' as 1, aohers Passed Au new 6 ' the wealth . A tiation test. Maybe itgbfgeinent of 0, new 105 GOGPG nance or the 6117 f 98 Teachers Bfenda P9teI'S0l1, Resource BA - Warren Wilson College Enjoys antiques, plants, reading 14 years at THS Bob Phillips, French BA - ASU, MA -ASU Advisor of French Clubg enjoys traveling to Europe 18 years at THS Ann Rhem, English BA - Elon College Advisor ofSchool Paperg enjoys reading, cooking 10 years at THS Sandra Richardson, Mm BS - ASU, Masters - ASU Advisor QfAn1:hor Club, Varsify Cheerleaders I0 years at THS Wylene Routh, Agriculture B. - NC Stale, Masters - Clemson Advisor ofFFA,' enjoys neeflleworlf,floral design Ist year at THS Iris SCh0Olfield, Hearing Impaired Enjoys cross-sz'iz'c'hing, eooking Isl year at THS 3, Q "U Ze I ra T 5. :sf 31 may ..., 1, K, ,V y . Q,x. Schuck s turned on temng a chemistry lab observing the t te magnesium without a trons of concen ra Bunson burner. Sounds crazy? Actually ' ' fthe many classes at 'tt's gust two examples o which us ' ' ' the class- dd S was one ofthe best at ed msual atds tn K , ::.,,. gizg, g 1 ,,y, teachers 1, yyyy y ' ' d dhad to resortto theflr potnt across orally an other measures. This meant the use of 'visual aids, such as overhead projectors, enlarged maps, and even the old 'various chalkboard. r t THS were truly original The teachers y ' o ol some form of , jf- ' wn way- They use M ' 0 z fftffz :,, :sf :.: o' because ts' 'sual atd an teas 1, g b eetjfmat- students to' to the su ' Th's method also ter than gusta lecture. fl ' nt for the students promded fun and eocczterne tnvolfved Bart Prefvost rs Schuch as just one ofthe many teachers who use chalkboards , projectors etc to supplement her mth msual ards D. Bga,'1aAScI3uck, Math Enjoys ppfl achzan State Upm, . needlework, reading pflfglyigfy ' 1719 piano 4 years af THS Juanita Sh 3 - QW E 1-K. A UNCaa,'e.s2'2 Advisoroflj U ebat T e 6l1,7N,IJ'l'll'Wll1Clllb,-enigygrgading gimp , " Vpmgyfravel J years at THS L n B! 3 Egnan' BUSirz,ess Advisor 02.12255 UNCG y g'rlJ0yS bicyclirtg, gardening 18 years at THS Ka e BSL ff fffgrglifijggffs Advisor 0 'C 4 years agTI?gLIJlll'e,- Club, FBLA' En- , Joys tennis, boating 4-an 1 f Iprng Rebecca Spivey, AH BA Lf? MA Adv. -Jones Jr. CON H I I - zsor ofAr't Clubg g1lLj,,yS5QiJZZi Elizabeth City Sfmt, Umverq t ,. , , , I 1 y lsf year at THS Barbar a Stuart, Teachers' Aide AA - Jones . Jr. C . readtng and GU Spggisge, Unwwsitll QfS0uther'r1 Missi ' . ,- ,S87,pp1:y. enjoys' 2 years at THS G I 5 M ' 'ldr , . t otttsso ' t r 4 ,gi V..Vr ,, , ,K K . Teachers 99 in school. In students and Karen Styron, English BA - Queens College Enjoys studying different cultures Ist year at THS Judy Sullivan, English BA - UNC Greensboro Advisor of'Student Councilg enjoys reading painting travelzr 16 years at THS Kalflfla SUlllVaI'l, Social Studies BS - Appalachian State University Advisor of French Clubg enjoys reading aerobics travel 17 years at THS Donna Thornburg, Mnih BA - UNC Charlotte Advisor of'SADD,' enjoys sewing, crafts 3 years at THS Henry Valli, Sciene BA - Northern Michigan, MA - NME Advisor of'Science Clubg enjoys hunting fishing reading 4 years at THS Lorrie Varner, Sciene BS - Appalachian State University Advisor ofJV Cheerleadersg enjoys raising rabbits reading 2 years at THS Bill Wilder, English AB - Guilford College Coach of Cross Countryg enjoys travelznq sazlzng h ll ntzng lst year at THS Jerry Wilson, English BA - Campbell University Enjoys tennis, racquetball, swilnnzing Ist year at THS Jerry Winnett, Physical Education BA - Elon College, MS - NC ArfcT Coach of' Wrestling, Advisor Qf'M07Z,lJgTG77l and Iron Man Clull Il, years at THS Wm, are be the key to the interaction indealing with academics as well as extracurricular actwi JA VFIIQ fl-fwulfn nfwinfifnltl Ns 3, 4, YN 3 Yi w WGN is l X ay Q 1' 5 . I if Q' . S f -A M 5 lin r I Mlgfzf, ffm, Aretta Reddick Goldie Hatfield Clara Floyd Peggy Simmons Ruth Edwards Mary Summit Virginia Craven Not Pictured: Shirley Dix Manager - Ruby Welborrf. Hope Tillotson, -L- Cofelerio 101 22427 it 71 3 I .if ? f ?h ' ii ' Marine Brown Jessie Barbour Connie Matthews Not Pictured: Donald Ellis, Floyd Herndon, Minnie Ingrain, and Roland Ingrain. 1 - 1 U Sun, rain, sleet, or snow, the jan- itors at THS were always in the vicinity. No task was ever too large for these eliminators of rubble. ' Food on the floor, an accident in the bathroom, or just an ordinary 'mill cleaning icult to studentisfalso had that test-taking nausea or paper- throwing fever. Still no matter what ailed THS students, custo- dians were there to do their duty. The cleaning crew at THS possessed radiant smiles and warm greeting which they so happi- ly carried with them each day, yipsy Q i yi s,is "' ff'-'Q lf! IS poywm janitor S JZ Barbour vneetsfthe challenge y ing classrooms after 80lL00l 52 was 'z 3 2' 'x W ff in my fl k ,Qk QW 35, 5 .wr me I iw H My V X, y,, Y? 2 Q ,,, , , , 5 g ig ' 7 V ni, I E' wig I YI E .,7:5.!, f -hfsi' Uv r V I, ?5A A hi ' ' 'WW' 1 Q s Z 4 v ' J mu-nl? 1 w TR U AL underclcssmen 103 MORE STEP Juniors began the 1986-87 school year with hard work, determination, and one step from the top ofthe ladder. However, the situations they faced during the school term did not satisfy many of them. Many juniors were upset about the construction on campus because it forced them to park in the lower lot for another year. They even parked illegally until the administration made the decision to get tough. One realization ofthe Junior Class was the chance to attend the prom for the first time. It was an oppor- tunity well worth the wait. Juniors also dominated the sports scene, especial- ly in volleyball, basketball, and softball. This guaranteed future successes in upcoming ventures for THS athletics. Leading the way for the juniors were four talented officers. They were president Cathy Kim, vice president Doug Tuggle, secretary Regina Sechrest, and treasurer Sammy Jarrett. The Junior Class did an excellent job and showed that they have what it takes to be seniors. - Bobby McCroskey Shannon Adkins Amy Aiken avid Albertson Russ Allred Jim Apple James Bailey Carla Baker Tim Bame Sherri Barnes Jason Bates Steve Beeson Glen Belo Jeff Berry Donna Biles Gina Blackburn Barbara Blake Kim Blake Carla Bond Doug Bonds Jan Boone if I 7--..... 41 +- f Ak 1 ., , Q., , , f W I we 'vi .br t. ho N Y i XM V sy s- .. . N, 4 '1 'H-SN 6 '- 2 At THS, Junior Class officers, Cathy Kim, Doug Tuggle Regina Sechrest and Sammy Jarrett, are always second in command ,Nmg 1,-W 104 Juniors Juniors '88 Juniors Cissi Bores Debbie B ower Heather Bow . 1 Kevin Bradle Deana Brown Jeff Bryant Melissa Burnette Chad Butler John Byerly David Campbell Renee Canter Angie Carlson Michelle Cavin Joe Childers Mi Ye Chong Pain Collins Brian Cook Jody Cox Kevin Cox Marsha Cox Melissa Cox Lyn Craven Renee Craver Matt Crawford Shanda Crorner Betsy Crone Matt Crotts Shanda Crotts Danielle Crouse Kim Culbreth Tonya Davis Kenda Dawkins Brian Dobbins Angie Eads 88 Juniors 88 Andy Brown Juniors '88 Juniors '88 David Eaton .1 ,,'o Tim Edwards Donald Elkes 1 Azf' f Ronald Elkes I ilbert English Scott Faircloth Trisha Farlow Donna Fields Keith Fields Chris Fivecoat Billy Ford Craig Fraley Donald Freeman Sharon French Holly Fulcher Stacie Gahagan Gary Gann Cindy Gardner Kevin Gillespie Amber Goforth Renee Green Mike Grissom Paul Gunter Paul Guthrie Ernie Hall Laura H ance Anthony Hancock Lydia Hancock Kristina Harder Forrest Harrell Steve Harris David Hatfield Teresa Hayden David Helms Jeff Hill ' f 106 Juniors Juniors '88 Juniors Juniors '88 Junior-s '88 - ' CAT-AND-MOUSE Juniors at THS like to play a cat- Lnd-mouse game with teachers when it came to homework. Juniors con- stantly tried to find ways of not hav- ing to do the homework themselves iut still managing to complete the iomework to receive a good grade. Juniors were always finding more Important things to do, like basket- iall games, dates, and parties, than their homework. Unfortunately, the iomework still had to be completed. In times of crisis, juniors often turned to trusted friends who would iet them copy their homework, or in Ln extremely desperate situation, could actually do the homework themselves in study hall. If homework was not completed by Tuniors enjoy pep rallies. it is the best excuse for not studying. l Maggy, the time it was due, it was time for the juniors to think of a clever excuse. Although excuses never fooled the teachers, students kept coming up with new ones. Some of the favorite excuses were, "The dog ate it," "My locker's stuck," and "It blew out the bus window." I f teachers didn't buy the excuses it was time for the punishment. Teachers loved to give juniors a zero or maybe even a detention hall for punishment. Juniors continued to play this cat- and-mouse game with their teachers. But they remembered that, like the mouse, when they were caught they depended on the mercy ofthe teacher. - Jason Bates Lori Hill Thomas Hill Tina Hill , Dawn Holder M -'-"'f f - Mandy H orto Chris Howard Wendy Hudson Jeff Hughes Dustin Hunt Jimmy Hunt 1 Kelly Hunt Renee Hyde Sherri Hyder Teressa Jackson Keana Jarrell Kimberly Jarrett Lee Jernigan Greg Johnson Heather Johnson Angie Jones I Juniors '88 Juniors '88 w Q H il ,g V Juniors '88 Juniors Steve Kearns . I BrianKelley heryll Kennedy f'Janet Kennedy ggsg eAnn Kennedy Wendy Kennedy Jonathan Key Cathy Kim Kim King Joy Kinley Jamie Knight Amy Lambeth Marty Lambeth Tatia Landreth John Leach Tonya Ledbetter Doyle Letterman Mike Lewallen Randy Lewis Mark Ligon For mostjuniors, it was a year ofcomplaints and construction. Complaints flowed from the mouths of various juniors during the 1986-87 school year. No mat ter what it seemed that the administration was only trying to limit their privileges doubtedly the confusion and mess caused by construction. On rainy days large, muddy puddles were present all over campus creating discomfort, not to men tion wet shoes. Even the thought of newer and better classrooms for their senior year didn't solve juniors' complaints this year. Another tension point between administration and students was the rather harsh tardy policy. Students were given twenty minute detentions for unexcused tardies to school, especially argued what difference did it really make if they were late for homeroom? They felt that as long as they made it to first period, then one had not really missed much being delegated to park in the lower lot which had been the sophomore parking lot the previous year The long lines in the afternoon aggravated many with unlimited frustration. A solution suggested was perhaps constructing a second exit to the parking lot making one en- trancelexit for seniors and one entrancefexit for juniors. Even if all present problems are solved nothing will stop these classroom critics from offering even more suggestions. The biggest complaint was un- Juniors also felt slighted by homeroom. However, students - Bobby McCroskey Juniors '88 Juniors '88 Q '88 Juniors '88 I, 0+ ,A -T' U? wav Mary Lilly Melissa Loftin Stephanie Long Delana M aness Wendy Linthic i Stanley Mann M iehael Marsh Janine Martinez Ray M ashbnrn Kristi M aiildin Jerry McClure Marcus McCoy Bobby McCroskey Shawn McDowell Chris McGee Kelly McKee Tripp M cK enney Todd McLean Alvin M cM anus Carey McNeill Carol Melton Angela Miller Chris Miller Eric Miller Ben M illilcan Stephanie Morris Lori Morrow Dean Murphy Joey Myers Bobby Nance Charlotte Nester Tim Ney Lynn Nicholson Christian O'Briant Elliott Orr Juniors '88 Juniors Juniors 109 i I Juniors '88 Juniors '88 Stacy Owens Sonya Ozinent pf FZA , Mike Parks evin Parrish ovia Parrish Lane Passinore Jeff Patton Ainy Payne Melvin Phillips Jennifer Pierce Mike Pokerino Gina Poole Michelle Prevette Bart Prevost Deanna Price Marti Price Venetta Pugh Angie Pulaski Gail Pylant David Reynolds Mike Reynolds Leigh Rice Antonio Ricks Roscoe Roach Cheryl Robertson Mark Robinson Doug Ross Adrienne Rush Dean Ruth Shane Sample Jonathan S carboro LaDonna Scott Regina Sechrest John Shelton Denise Sikes 110 Juniors Juniors '88 Juniors ' Juniors '88 Juniors '88 CALL What's the best way to say "I love you?" By the telephone! That's what Stevie Wonder said in his song, "I Just Called to Say I Love You." There was no junior who didn't use the phone at least once a day and there were others who used the phone almost all day. But time that was spent on the phone was time well spent according to most juniors. The phone was also a good way of getting up-to-the-minute informa- tion about school including which couples said good-bye, which couples were hot, and friends' plans for the weekend. Overuse ofthe phone, though, led Robbie Sikes Monica Simps - Marika Skaggs Tammy Skid Devid Sink Mark Small Beth Smith Matt Smith Patty Smith WAI TI G to many headaches for parents. Too much time spent talking to friends resulted in high phone bills and low grades, neither of which parents enjoyed. Parents' reaction to overuse of the phone was swift and brutal, often resulting in juniors not being able to use the phone for a week or more. There were no solutions for the proper use of the telephone. How- ever, most juniors agreed that as long as they are allowed to talk on the phone for a reasonable length of time, they would not complain. - Jason Bates For now, the telephone has most of Bryan Brinkley's attention. Caroline Spiers Pam Spivey Lisa Steffey Robert Stewart Michelle Stilley Mike' Taylor Paula Teal Melissa Thomas I 'aa Juniors 'as 4 Ronda S outhards Dee Dee Stevenson Samantha Stratton Juniors '88 Juniors '88 Paige Towery enea Triyette Dana Trytten Randy Tucker Doug Tuggle Brian Turner Kevin Turner Lisa Varner Steve Vernon Mary Walker Kim Wall Desi Wallace Brittany Ward Michelle Warner Teresa Watson Lenny Webb Sharon Welch Gail White Kellee White Randy Whitt Shirl Wikle Ernest Williams Jeff Williams Michelle Williams Stephanie Williard Phil Wilson Keith Wright Heather Young Greg Younger Stephanie Younger Juniors '88 Juniors 112 Juniors V A STEP AHEAD At 7:17 a.m., Studly Sammy Sophomore got pushed out of bed by mom. He managed to grab a Twinkie as he ran out of the door and onto the bus. He arrived at school at 8:35 and managed to sneak into first period without the teacher marking him tardy, an art he learned from last year's sophomores. Going through a year as a freshman was demanding. Thus, this year's Sophomore Class eagerly anticipated the 1986-87 school year. Many im- portant responsibilities were set for sophomores to accom- plish. Strong emphasis were placed upon academic stan- dards. Much maturing took place and many thoughts were directed towards college. Others just wanted to finish their remaining two years and begin their adult lives. Sophomores had a rare tal- ent for blending in and being mistaken for juniors and seniors. They had enough confidence to ask Stupid Steffie Sophomore to the game, and enough sense not to take her to the dance. They mastered the art of math, driving a car, and hand signals. - Tonya Wall .. ...J Leading the Sophomore Class are treasurer Ty Clodfelter, vice president Stephanie Frye, and secretary Travis Harper. fNot pictured: president Greg Allen.j Tina Abnet Renee Adcock ' Mark Akins , Jennifer Albright - Greg Allen ' Sandy Allred ...-1--I Tiffany Alston , Renee Anders I Sabrina Ashe. Billy Bailey I Stephen Baker Kathe Ball T Lori. Barnes Daisy B arrios Dana Beane 'Tony Benson Tabetha Bivins Karla Blair ' Wayne Blakely Wendy Bodenhamer Rayella Boileau Sandy Boles I Travis Bowman Michael Branson Bryan Brinkley I Sherri Bullard Andrea Bumgardner Jana Bumgardner Alan Bundy I Sheila Bundy Sophomores 113 I- ? ll K0fthynCallow11f C Gina camilff ,F Melvin Campbell Shelli Campbell Toni Cannon 'Tummy Carpenter Kevin Carter Rhett Carter Brenda Cartrette Angela Camln Angela Clodfelter L Ty Clodfelter 1llie Jo Coleman m Beth Collins Sharon Collins Andrea Combs Garry Cook Kim Cooper Angelia Cox Angie Cox I"....' 1 114 Sophomores iT. .T 8 l pl is 9 10 DOWN 1. You could wear this on your fin- ger or on a chain. 4. Afive letter word that describes an event in which sophomores at- tend regularly. 5. A large mechanical device de- sired by many. 6. A long, mind-racking exam taken between the first and second semester. 7. A required subject that involves the dissection and mutilation of innocent creatures. 8. An intricate and difficult affair that fills a sophomore's Saturday. 10. A place where sophomores are stuck when they can't "bum a ride." ACROSS 2. A small plastic card indicating a special privilege. 3. A team classification in which a sophomore is usually team captain. 9. A name given to you when you reach the midpoint of your high school career. - Robin Simmons Answers to puzzle on page 307. sv-ss" 'Wa' Donlt Leave Home ithout t "Stop" yelled afriend as a nervous sophomore screeched two inches before a 1987 Mercedes. "I didn't see itlv cried the sophomore. For most sophomores at THS, getting a license and a brand new sports car was the ultimate goal. It was funny how a little, square piece of plastic brought so much joy to a teenagerls life! Reasons rang- ing from freeing yourself from relying on your parents for a ride, to being able to see your friends at any time, motivated sophomores to en- dure the pain of learning to drive. Sophomores discovered that after they got their licenses they had more freedoms, more respon- sibilities, and more friends than they could ever imagine. But for most teenagers, tak- ing all theirfriends out on the weekends was the best part of having a license. - Wendy Rollins On a dreary day, Sherri Hamilton rushes to escape the rain. "1 -11 Ai! , 1, ,.,,,,,, , rw, ,, ty 7 i f , , f -v""" Mfr' Scott Register loves the advantages ofhaving his license and a brand new white Camaro. 4' -1 ' , V 1 A 5 g 4: f f' Q 3 1 Q Cheryl Hebert Marc Hedgecock Lesley Hendrix Lori Hepler Elden Hert Brad Hickman Ricky H ilburn S teve Hill Van Hill Terra Hinshaw Amy Hodge Anjanette Hoglen- Tammy Holder Tamara Horton Brent Howard Jennifer Hughes Dana Hunsucker Belinda Hunt Carl Hunt Ro bin Hunt Tonya Hunt Karen Ingram Sharon Ingram David Irby M ardy Jacobs Tonya Jacobs Ashiey Johnson Bu dy Johnson David Johnson Dwight Jones Sophomores 117 TRY The Four Letter Word M21 TH One of the hardest subjects to comprehend for most students is math. William Lamb of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro ex- pressed the most common pet peeves of his students through his essay entitled "Murphy's Laws for Mathe- matics Students." Murphy's Law: I f anything can go wrong it will, at the worst possible time, caus- ing the most damage. 1. I f you copy the problem wrong it is hard to get the right answer. 2. Every problem is harder than it looks and takes longer than you expected. 3. The more you study, the farther behind you get and the less you understand. 4. Information needed to solve a problem will be taught in the next chapter. 5. Math teachers are like numbers - some rational, some irrational. 6. Teachers with the most education are hardest to un- derstand. 7. There is always somebody in the class dumber than you. 8. If you are absent from only one class, you'll be lost for the next two weeks. 9. The best TV shows are on the night before your big math test. 10. You can "bull" on an En- glish test but not on a math test. 11. The problems you know how to work are never on the exam, and the ones you are certain won't be on the exam will be. 12. Carelessness causes more errors than ignor- ance. - Stephanie Frye W 1- 5 fa Q ' L is - gg K Sw Y N L' Q i ' Xi TU 'f is 'W' Sie 7 -'Z' T Daron Scarboro sleeps his way through math class realizing ifls an impossible case. X 2, B 4 fx X X C? ,im Ky 7 ,QQ Mrs. Dianna Shack helps sophomore Rhett Carter with a problem in Algebra II. y I 1 1 ,Q v.. fi' A eee "Y life ,ff V I I X is "4 Ut N. QU' xx Phil M esser Todd Michael Brent Miller Jamie Miller Sean Miller Paula Molnar Todd Moser Melissa M oss Brian M ounce Butch Mullis Chris M urwly Terry Murphy Brian Nealey Billy O'Neal David Owenby Lynn Oacendine Jennifer Parrish Lori Patterson Avery Payne Brian Pendry Steve Peterson Chris Philemon David Phillips Wendy Phillips Gary Pinnix Jeremy Pless Dwight Pope Amy Prevatte Lynne Prevette Melissa Price Sophomores 119 91 W1 FI GER TALKING I f you're not a THS student be prepared to "like, catch some really cool talk." Whether it be a wave or a nod, gestures are a part of everyone's conversation. Many sophomores used hand signals to portray their thoughts instead of saying them aloud. The signals varied from saying "I Love You" to afavorite boy or girl to communicating answers in class without teachers' knowl- edge. Hand signals were used to suggest many thoughts. Signals ranged from signal- ingfor the answers to a test to making lovey-dovey eyes to a girl at a dance. Sometimes the signs were not very friendlyg however, the younger gener- ation finally developed a way to "cuss out" an enemy right behind the teacher without getting in trouble. In today's society it is sometimes hard to tell what's slang and what's not. Without hand signals, classes would have really been boring for many students. These ges- tures gave sophomores a truly original way to communicate with their classmates. - Tonya Wall . lf I 'iv ! - -11 Michelle Richardson shows what she really thinks about the construction on the THS campus. x Q , if if . . Q Q, .A , is l f f' I 1 x , qw ,, 4 ,,,f iq ,,y t 33,3 1 'V' X aj rf Sandy Allred and Kristen Ferguson agree that the plans for the upcoming weekend are alright with them. 'K' i f WMV ,L mb is 2 W' "' Q . ll i t R, X I ' H A . V, sl ?e , " Xi, ,i 2" 9' 'X N ,E Ah Q. 9 mx th if ravis Smith David Snow Sharon Snyder Michael Spencer Johnnie Spivey Amy Staley Mark Stanley Barbara Staton Terry Steed Chris Stephenson Sharon Stevens Angel Stevenson Chris Stone Christie Stone Vonda Sumner Mike Taylor James Terry Gena Thomas Larry Treadaway Melissa Tucker Turner 'aughn Melinda Vickers Earl Walker Tonya Wall Lonnie Wallace Stephen Ward Angie West David West Michelle West Traci Whitaker Cathy White Dawn White Talbert Williams Susan Williamson Renay Wilson Marlene Wood Tobi Wood Darren Worrell Sophomores 1 1 . ,I ? , f Mf g 6 , Af 2 W Q 2 f J W f x ,N 5 ? fgya 2 5. ,.: , , 1-'Ze' 1 Z ,, ,, 'U 2 4 TQ W ,Ov J , +2 X f Wff' 4 l 1iufvffsfmfwffzstm W 4 f X Qi 1 V+! X 4 554 f ,, f v -A , 62" Q' 45. 2' YV V , J ,ur ,V ',,,,"' 1 A wif. in it ' it 4. 2 uw 1 fl . W. y - r p' 4 " if 1 0 """" ,L ln, 11, , , 62 -' H of fzhig 15" l 5 5 iff, .. .. L gt f WL H. . 4,-'.f',.u""-""':' Trent Walker vice president I ALS 55? H rr I XJ ,,,, ' K 1 With the new year came a new group of freshmen. Some of these students looked forward to a new school while others were too nervous to enjoy the wonders of THS. Thefreshman year entailed new teachers, a new school, "too tall" seniors, and a general feeling of helplessness. The Freshman Class brought new ideas. Students were active in student council and other clubs making their opinions heard in a world of seniors and juniors. Officers for the Class of1990 were elected early in the fall and in- cluded president Shan- non Wright, vice presi- dent Trent Walker, sec- retary LeAnne Monroe, and treasurer Junior Fisher. - Jeff Williams 1 Q , l 1 . CT 1' f A N810 ' 5 52 ff .p i Scott Brown Wendy Brubaker Sherri Bryant Jeff Buffkin Chris Byerly Heath Byerly David Caison Kelly Cannon Lynn Cansler Christy Canter Misty Causey Dee Dee Cecil Linda Chapman Leslie Chong Clinton Clem Billy Coggins Stephanie Cole Daniel Coltrane Ginger Cook Jason Cook Christy Cornelison Freddie Corum William Cosner Wendi Cranford Gary Craven Melissa Crawford Robert Crews Holly Davis James A. Davis James'B. Davis Jeremy Davis Scott Davis A.K. Dawson Christy Dawson Freshmen 123 4, 'f , ig 199' Q4 . ,1 'L an ' H I 1 : : ' f ,, 1 I ,,, in , " -' Y. 5 4 A ' ,3 . W M 424 5 'f GN . AMA . Jim 3 mg-f 'F ,qt f f 2 if ,,, ff, f A -Q E ff' 2 I s ,, .. .Q 'ffm 'HW J? -fv' 2511 , u nf, gp-f 'I' ff' 7-'Zi f 2, 1 Q W Q, .- A 'kv A Y f f P , ,jf f af .... , n W. ,,, f S f ff w. " s 'dh N , Xb , X 'Lv , ' fv W P! . gif X ,vi y btw' W 'i 3.2! W Q 14' wwe. v- : V f -f -r WHT mm . A., ff X xff 124 Freshmen 5 2 -k.,ggg:ff,.-wx wsfv..::i. ff-: --'f, g::,,gga- H--wie, :'r':ff 'f-kf f ..k-f issfm :,,...,.:f-, 11. .1f,.m .I-,Mi---fi ,---fff- : -'ff- f- - f- - f f-,-, - ff -f , ., .. . , ... , r Q .5 3 Tick-tick-tick. Three minutes to get to class. The nervous freshman ran to his locker in a panic and quickly began dialing the combination. Tick-tick-tick. He jerked up on the handle. It wouldnlt open! His pulse rate quickened as he tried again unsuccessfully. Lockers were a big problem for freshmen. They were a big part of in the Vocational building. This presen- ted a problem because freshmen were unable to get to classes on time. As the year pro- gressed, freshmen be- came more practical and were able to get to classes on time and to escape detention hall. Tick-tick-tick ... the clock struck noon. He opened the door. He made it to class. a freshman's life. -JeffWilliams Lockers were located aj .neg ,Q-iii tg 4 x V A iic ciiiciil iitliil t itlt j i , l -ff ssri. ,i t t as xx I VVV I I lrllsil .,,4n at K ff' I f 5 Zfz Freshmen 125 , 2 fx Q 642 if ff' f , :,:g::y1,- 1 , V I' " ' T - ' 4 Q 12 My f W 41 is f 'vu 'D f Aw- bf My :QQ fl, YW I M52 'mm-ru Aga? A AE 126 Freshmen YW. ' w"xf""' If fx fy ' v.H3f..?,f .,'f'-4'2" vu V95 ! n...w.. fl ' ly ,,,f 2 -, : 3 ,,k. -V 'M' J: -'wg- pf ' W.: Li v ' W, H "k ' H ' ' --,- , H ,mfw2wf,i:fI2 fm , aw- ' 1 . ' , f ,,,, sf' .aaa y., 'K' 27 leg I Rf H it X ,ye Q t f A ' I "' 4 f b ,1,V rr 1 n Q M , I -f 1 few- 5, . .Ig .1-Q 4-62. W , ,f-..'.,g ,s - iii 4'-'SPH ' t ..2" "3 Q -' - H9 M at ' M , ,lv y ,3 lv.. 12' K A 44' , .. X V, V 41 J fi in . KO? A line stretched around the corner as students in pursuit ofa ticket to one of the popular movies pa- tiently waitedjbr a chance to see Rob Lowe, Michael J. Fox, Eddie Murphy, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson and Justine Bateman. Since the first movies were made in the late 1800's the motion picture in- dustry has boomed with some of the biggest hits of the 1980's being "Back to the Future," "The Break- fast Club," and "Beverly Hills Cop." Kelly Hartsoe, a typical freshman, says "Beverly Hills Cop and "Top Gun" were two of the greatest movies of the year. The strong smell of popcorn filled the air and caught the attention of the Bulldog movie fans as the doors opened . . . - Todd Moser 4, R .- i f ' 'ni , fi ,fi ii 2 ,,tt t . as 1 0 ff .N Debbie Mclntyre Johnna McKinnon Heather McNair EV 'f Z ,-W A J . 5, " " 4 , 4 x Q Ll X 2 UQ Y 0771 -k".' Brian Miller Chris Miller Christy Miller VS 'uw I ,F J' David Miller Stephanie Miller Jeff M illikari Freshmen 127 V 'Steve Mitchell Laura Monnoe LeAnne Monroe Kristi Morgan Scott Muntz Chris Nelson Michael Nelson Shan Nelson t 'Sherri Nelson Dwayne Newby Art Newman Todd Newsome Tina Nichols Jenna Niedbalski Paula Nooe Cyenthia Nunn N Corey 090 Richard O'Neal Rusty Parham Gregory Parker Drancy Parrish Tammy Parrish Amanda Peace ' Scott Peele Adam Pegrarn Rex Penley Valeria Penry Rosa Perez Aaron Peronto Tim Peterson Renee Petraska ' Becky Pierce Christina Pierce Daryl Poole Kristi Poole fl Xt V J XMI, j , fi 1.1 K WW in f at A s 41 lc W Q x, 'V' an W in f of Zvi M, fry r f W 4' mf if X1 K' uh all X X I f 1 :ll 'A' - 5 V l g! "' - 5 i A ' V ,cc, Q 'f "' 1 , J . 1 t , Z I 9 'eff " if -' 2 A i A? c,,r t if 1- , ' X ,, 131 M "'.' i 5 Missy Price JJ- Pridyen Lisa Proctor Jamie Packette Wayne Queen Dwight Quick Anita Rabon John Range Jennifer Rash Scott Raynor Mark Reddick Mike Reece Larry Reynolds Tammy Reynolds Kristian Rhein Alicia Riehs Dana Rule David Riley Anthony Rimmer Mark Robbins Missy Robbins if I ., ,yt . ? as i if' I . ,, my W rr., it , 4? W 1 Q lv .av 'Z 1 7, 7 -Qi is ,Mei 7 Ah we , ge., , ,X t, . , .,,,.. 4 . v A AQ? lr Wg: :A 7 4:'fj,'z,m-.Q Wil' 'dvr' if swewtil U' , as I 44, fl AX X 1' I ' UT f- nv ' 'E V '1 sf ,t xt 'hy 273W2fal' offs MHQEWYU "NEA 9 :r KN Y g, 128 Freshmen 5, wr ffl 424gE5f kiZgff1'lff,g6j: ,-5 ' .." ee lo n re ,J fa 1, e ? U7 Q X 1 g, , .M , 5 ll . lf? -r ,I BL bf: I 1- , 1 ..,, f T t 59 .. gii wg, Qi 'iz far 1 The freshman year for a THS student entailed many things, a new school, new teachers, but most importantly, ia,- seniors and juniors destined to get freshmen. But any way one looked at it, teenagers who graduated from eighth Q I ., ,fs ,.,,.,,. . . ,., ,-.,, ,. David Helms scores two easy points as he slams T Todd Armstrong into a garbage can. This was just one i 'atatttii aspect ofFreshman Orientation. grade, began new lives with new people and new responsibilities at THS as freshmen. Every year, freshmen were pushed, pulled, and tossed in trash cans. These acts were not out of dislike though. They were out ofa tradition. It was this tradition that gave freshmen so much heartache. It didn't take very long before freshmen became very paranoid. Behind every corner was a potential prankster waiting to ruin their day. Thus, freshmen chose to travel in groups. It was safer, and it gave them a feeling of confi- dence. Many freshmen found that after the first month of hazing, high school wasnlt too hard to bear. - Jeff Williams 'un as YJ , , ee, uf' f X fi A 4 V ziz' c c vs of 4. - ' 4 , 'ii , Q., . Ai, , ,N . -fs' w,,,.f gm! WX wk 'rg f 1. Freshmen 129 5 IV' 1 ,Taylor Smith i "A f Trey Smith Brian Southards J ay Spivey Michaele Stafford Susan Stanley Nicole S teed Rodney Steed M me, e , Linda Stejfey ' 'ffAngie Stevens Angie Stevenson Grady Stone Jennifer Stone Jerry Stone Chuck Stunda Rhonda S turdivant Meredith Sumner ' ' Amy Sykes Mary Tate Brian Taylor Kim Taylor Billie Thompson Daryl Thompson '-:re iTonia Tipton Bridget Treadaway Todd Trent Darren Triplett Tonia Trotter Bobby Troxler Amy Tucker Jeff Tucker Keith Tucker Tabby Tucker Sandra Tyler Leslie Tysinger Todd Upchurch Melissa Varner off ,Jeff Wagoner Gabriel Walden Michelle Walker Trent Walker James Walton Cheryl Watts Chad Welch Angie Wentz V L :Jeff Whitlook Tonya Willard Angie Williams Misty Williams Melanie Winfrey Billy Womack Shannon Wright Tara Young V- Todd Zachary Colby Ziglar 130 Freshmen ,,,, I' 1 ,. a 13 ' R f 4 I C 'Y 'Y Keg X ff, Yjev K M 2' ,-1., We-Y W. 7 Q VA ' if' , 3 , 3 ,, sy , , " , y o' ttete or 3 H W ,S 1' -f 'I 2 I yyy, T 1 to t r,,W X5 V 55 f x fl 2 no , My FQ X1 Na f xg ggi 11,15 I , ., i. ' 1 A x I ,x ,, um vs ' 1- .L S ., '--' hifi' we . il . iz ,., . Y ei 1' tv A42 3 V .1 9 'N . Ha N. x- ' f . naw " EMI? RS ONLY E 4 J. '33 K W vliuggkx 'lf ' ' ax, , X , K N , Jr. I , 1 xg i, S , A w Z5 . i f 5 F. H, I 5 ' m"" h TR ULY ORIGINAL I ',,, ' lv, I ,,. 5 'wh ik . f' r 7 ff 'W Q i '1 Emi Clubs 131 ,. Mi. A CULTURE If the saying a picture paints a thousand words is true, then the picture painted by the THS cultural arts students will be talked about for years to come. The picture was composed of drama, debate, art, and mixed, low, and treble choruses. It stretched from plays to concerts and from tournaments to ex- hibitions, with each part being a vital element of the entire picture. The Drama Club began its year by presenting the play "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw. Auditions for the play were held in mid-October. After the play was cast, the after- school rehearsals began, sometimes lasting late into the evening. The produc- tion was held on two nights, December 12th and 13th, and each performance received rave reviews. It was an action-packed year for the members ofthe debate and speech team. They travelled to such well- known places as Harvard and Emory universities. During the month of May, some of the members parti- cipated in the Readers Theatre performance. But the big event ofthe year was the debate tournament hosted at Trinity on March 6th and 7th. Schools from all across the state congre- gated at Trinity for strong competition. The tourna- ment was a huge success thanks to the efforts of the debate and speech team and its coach, Juanita CLI RS Shew. Making the hallways of THS look brighter was the task of the Art Club. Fund raisers for the club included selling pompons at home- coming and candles at Christmas. The money raised was used to pay for a trip to Greenville, South Carolina. Artists from THS got a glimpse of the works of Andrew Wyeth, a famous painter known for his painting "Christina's World." The adjectives spectacu- lar, marvelous, breath- taking, and sensational de- scribed the Choral Depart- ment. Singing with style were the mixed, low, and treble choruses. The mixed or advanced chorus en- joyed showing its talents at many public appearances including the Randolph Choral Workshop, Allen Jay Middle School, and Camp Caraway. Treble and low voice choruses performed at the Randolph Mall, PTA, and various nursing homes. The play "How to Succeed In Busi- ness Without Really Try- ing" was the 1987 Choral Department's production. Students used their song, dance, and drama abilities which made the play a huge success. THS may not have stood literally for Talented High School, but many of the cultural clubs thought it did and they succeeded in living up to the name. - Angie West Part of a debate involves the cross-e.1:amination of an opponent. Paula Molnar demonstrates this process by asking Betsy Crone intimidating ques- tions. Bobby Dabal argues with Debbie Matlock over her decision to leave Wirnpole Street in the play Pygma- lion. Displaying her artistic ability and individaality in painting the Statue of Liberty is Jainie Rice. Being attentive to the directions of Mrs. Cheryl Burley is as important as singing. k mm itlii i iiit im, lamb ' iii Kea lti view xmas may Dee Degrassi C0z,5Ske11'g,Dawson,JuIie DeHart, Trdeie A vvW,, 'Amber An9ie'EdumQrda, alerio Elliott, Dawn Fisher, Awami? em Lmmr-if 1' om nm Q emma Sh 'Ham ,, .i,,. ,L 1 . v . iiiti Hiaaiiif ..'i ', .. H 'i., we --ff--ff'i:W ie f ' 'kill 1 'iilff '--" frr ,'f', a r',i1,, titt itit new llll ffm it itiijl. itii frwew B fimmun ist VR a ri Tania Tonya,V Teresa Watson -,..: ,Gf I ,,,- r ,.k,y itit iie B Lu 'T - "" i" ':., , Y f .if,. .ixi ff K vi 11" 'U r ,V K 7 M in .1 csldmf itiiis cz ies irri eiit riltil iil itei it i j fi s' 1 if if 4 .. 'f:5'iEY,fs1wff IYOODWINDS, from raezizmm rmw , Smith H fiffen 34 er, We1zd5yfLamierg Taylorg Ha1frQ3QfiTirn Peteriong Cynthuz Sayers, Lon Patterson, .lamze Sqfemght, Michele Wzllwmson. ' LSADERS, Joy Kivgley, Rhom14.ySguthards, Clark, H 'T'haF'rl luZ'Gt Lon Rhndlfl nd ?J"TW 11 : '1 0Wf11Li,i.L'.4w 0 . , -N00 Sgott Hartme, Mzchete Wmllzamson. 1, , --'f,, A DRUM MAJORS: Kelly Peterson and,Amy Payne. A . Q -x 134 Miiiibning if oeee HAIL TO Classic. halflime. One part ofthe Trinity M arching B andis' pefrjorrnance includes cz drum solo as file Blue Crew e.1'er'ufes a series of amusing motions. ,NN-pl Q bs ANA-I 'Y' ,. Benny Millikan play a trumpet solo dm znf the Trinity Banc The horn lin. T pefjforms a dizfficul maneuver d'll,7"l7Zt THE VICTORS The Trinity High Echool Marching Band fompleted another excit- ng year, traveling ex- ensively and winning nany awards. The band began prac- ice on August 1 st put- ing in forty to fifty uours of extra-curricu- ar time. During the week of August 7th, members attended a rand camp where they vere taught basic skills or competition. The fall was a busy ime for band members. During halftime of all tome football games, the larching Bulldogs, led ry drum majors Kelly Deterson and Amy Dayne, entertained anxious fans. On Pctober 4th the band nembers attended their 'irst competition at tlorthwest Guilford. hey received an excel- ent rating and a first alace trophy. They also won the award for best drum line, best music, and best marching- maneuvering. At the North Carolina Central Band Festival, the Marching Band received an excellent rating and second place drum line. At the Garner Band Fes- tival, they received an excellent rating, third place overall, second place drum line, and first place flagline. The band closed the march- ing season by perform- ing in the High Point and Archdale Christmas parades. The Marching Bull- dogs truly had an amaz- ing year, proving that they were the best. Pam Dennis vw 'W .1 U' , 1 ,1- " ' ,M L J ,, L 4 . . Ileaaseff .,af.a,., i- Mew 'fi ... ' ., 4. sg f iw s- 5 f e " '- ': f r- ', ,rr f fssg ,:" - . ,,. W , .,,. . - A.-4 . fs . was . . , V--2-fy. -1 W W .cs4.Lffa'1'fif2fQ: I ' ,...,, ,.., l v ,..,. ..,, .,. . ...,.. ...ifsfi ss . . .. .... 1 S 1 , WVV. ,,,,,..,,,,.,,,, . ...H ,..,,,,..,, .. X . ,,... . ,,.. ,,.,,,. . . 'm' " A'5 ' k' 'liz . -1.h . IFS '1' A "' mm"" ki:l, QL .. ': ., , sq... - fs. 252 :.n wsgsnx- .,i.,... , -QQQ. :f',ff?'ff' 136 Marching BoncI!HondbeIIs w,,, .W,, ,LLL . ig,-6 M -V at IW, Z, -iffsifiu Qii R THE SOU ,P 'i"1F"""f'xf""' f i N, M, ' . rf' sr . e , al By playing their music, members ofthe handbell choir demon- strate a typical classroom scene. Members include Lori Gregg, Lainy Gobble, Darrell Sechrist, Susie Goble, Jerry Neal, DeAnna Leviner, Kim Jarrett, and Sherry Proctor. Kevin Cox plays th. melody "Love the Worl Away" at the Trinit Band Classic. Scott Hartsoe, Chri. Howard, and Benny Millikan entertain th home crowd during n football game. Drum major Amy Payne leads another successful performance of the Blue Crew. , ,. , ,,.. J , -...,.... "'l'W:. i K' ' OF MU IC The essence ofjine arts was back in full force with booming participation in in- strumental music classes. The handbell choir is a musically oriented group sponsored by Mrs. Cheryl Burley. Students met each school day during sixth period to prac- tice and to learn the art of "ringing bellsf' They were ready to play at a moment no- tice for any audience and for all teachers and staff members on their birthdays. At Christmas, they per- formed for the Arch- dale Libraryls Tour of Homes. Mrs. Burley and her students were very ac- tive with assemblies and hard work. Her class required exten- sive personal effort from everyone in- volved and it all paid off for them. Their participation demon- strated the extent of involvement of many truly original stu- dents. The oldest instru- mental groups which added pride to the THS music family were the wind, percus- sion and symphonic orchestras. These groups were directed by Mr. Chuck Cron- ham. These groups performed at various functions during the year, including a number of small con- certs. The purpose of these concerts was to get young students in- terested in music and to show the talents of high school students. Each member of these three groups showed their truly original Bulldog spirit by reaching and achieving style and excellence in playing their musical instru- ments. - Pam Dennis ss!ieassyffffaslsffviaaffezfi-i--fm-. , : .1.-f,si1-ff1..,.--mfs:ifzesfsaiwf -1: :ww "ff f - -ffw,:,,.:w1:ws::::f-'f---vw f- . - : f f:f1mfH-- w- -M - ,..k, .,,.i. f,, -.,... '-.- ,...,.. i . rs fs 531 1 1. f . pi: Q. si-gf: 1 " 'Q 5 W ,, . ,,,. , . f , ' . -- - .L,.yp.,,,.,,g M.. ,M ,. .,a1-fh55,,Qf:..,,,.,.,.,, t.1,,m .1 '2,'Qy.,,,.,,vf,,,, gi-rf,-...,,1,.-s ..fgN,,.n-....... ,,,.. A L ,, , . .,,,....,,.., W-.m,m -.,f .H , --: 1f-iw--f,..i:f.,g.wi5.g3f5,, -,i . nm.. ..,, , . ,V .,-,f11.,,..M.2.e,,2:fwf- ,,,. N ,,., . EVE tt bf-w..,f,.,..mfg.fmM.. f -.-,....w,.-V .,,f.m... lzwasxswxms- -1:'11wL:- . -V g- I f--ff- 11''11r:,frf'vimfa-ffmw2wgfs1:e1z1.- rw -Hr V -ff,ff:tH-vuw'ffrggwfszfiffwfr--qfgff:-Q,'gfgn T? , ffm.1,,,.1,map,sw:-1as5,:s:'152-.iuf 1: :.,f-'sv 1- .f,,-sfeff:4ezez1Q'f v:23i"f?3"1- riiffiiafsif- ' " ' ' i'f'Vf L B Q Eiffi 52. -11 - '7 ff, Q ' QQ g 9 ,, . M. ,-jj,f- , -e an W-My I , , l :E sag? sh .m.., ",' , 11, lli W' mm ,. , , l ' fnmfffi ,',,, , ,,,,.1 ,m,. V. tltl wmv S : ff l B ltss rssl l 2 1 ! Q ' oll llrl, R , i Bltt '1 B olal , L ' , ft fi K--L -I .171 g if, ., . , .. fwfwasfzs 'WH 13464-l ygaihduif if-W wg -1 an ifzleb giemw .L 1 E I 5 Hg, r-f -- ' 3 B s . f- ,, A .- - Mr: W- A Many people thznk that weight ltftzng tn wolves only the arms, chest, and legs How ever, Damd Albertson nows that tt takes a lot of determination J.V Cheerleaders Melzssa Beeson, An gel Roberts, Lynne Prevette Stephanze Frye Sherrz Ham zlton, and Tonya Wall support the BOSS Club 'tn order to zn crease school spzrzt The BOSS Club recewes much sup port from seniors Chrzs Rosenbaum, Paul Game, Scott Grant, Bryan Reece, Tzm Ledbetter, and JeffF'oster i fa-1 REACHI G FOR CT RE C' Whether it was in the class- room or on the playing field, THS was represented by the finest students and athletes. Various clubs and organiza- tions including the Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes, Students for Christ, Iron- man, Monogram, and BOSS believe in expressing their beliefs and pushing their bodies to the limit in the pres- ence of their peers and God. They all reached for one goal . . . Respect! For athletes to share a bond oflovefor Jesus Christ and to praise and magnify God by focusing on His nature and on His actions, was the motto of the FCA, directed by Mr. Terry Linthicum. The FCA gave athletes a chance to enjoy and to be proud of their beliefs at pizza parties and national conventions. The Students for Christ were sponsored by Dianna S chuck, Larry Morgan, Jerry Wilson, and Bill Wilder. They directed their time to express- ing their beliefs in God. They held weekly devotions and sponsored a Grace Burton scholarship for a deserving senior who planned a career in a Christian community service. They also won the ii' first place homecoming dis- play entitled "Turn to the Rock That Doesn't Roll!" The Ironman Club gave students the chance to put their athletic abilities and strength to the test by lifting a combined weight of five hun- dred pounds through the bench, dead, and squat lifts. They were also required to run one mile in less than six minutes. The Monogram Club was prestigious in nature. It was open only to students who had lettered through the athletic or band programs. The BOSS Club supported all programs at THS. Club participants demonstrated their loyalty by cheering for all athletic teams, performing "Hotel California" by the Eagles in the December 19th talent show, sponsoring a needy child at Christmas and a mock homecoming court during basketball season. With growing enthusiasm and pride toward THS, the FCA, Students for Christ, Ironman, Monogram and BOSS members had a successful year with hopes of continuing that success well into the future. - Dawn White Kevin Gillespie - demonstrates his 1 power in this lift. nl -Q 3" ,-. ...Q .., li. .5 .1 '55 su,- . .- eg, hwy , ,.,. , .. we 'F 1 . ,,. 3. .J C, . f i- 1 - 1 1 i 1 if k'I' f ' 53. .2 . f W 'S 2 U-113'-ff'K2E 25,1 -' if 'f?T,f,4.f5. iffrjif' 1.1-" ':f.?.iLf.'-zffdf-35'2422!-13 if .f..'f - .. Rf - f L " " , .. ...,...., uf. 1 ..,., .5 , ,...,,....,,-1.......,.. ,.... , mug .,... ,. .,..,,. .. , . 1-5. . .... ' " ws- Zi' ff:-:V 1. I e.a.,:f1:ifIf Jim-Qi?-'-3 -f'S1i'M5if. E.-if-'.:i,4.Z'e:fE5-Ez. .. w --'F'.,.lg:ZZ',.:'f .. , F55-if 74.,:G5f-.w,ZQH'h if img' aggggg15f!g3zfg.Lfs'.1,g P., 5532, .1 '- , " " -- g g . . ,... t . , .,.. , . , t me . t 5 V - : si' ..r:- ,S 2 .. '- 54 1 Egg Q 2 .Sz Misi- :fet- A' , 5 R Q 5 E. li ,gi . si 'i ... new-Ei: N .. 1. :liz 2.3-1, E4 gf Artie :-arq,s,,. -f se af .iffy 2"i1fVL W" XE K F5422 Yi' '98 .vi ii H5555 55? ag, ,,..,. Q it ,W if E: 1.25 111, ,jg If-135 1. Q fist 5' 1' as mf 1 M' se .wr fl K - ' '!'fp-,wffermffV-weiq..--new-Q.--if f---.w,1.m--me maui-:m--1ffm:f1--wr--me -,--- , ff:s'f:m-.f -Q-ww A-f,e':f-'wing'-we ,f-L-f..ff-vsff' Ms"-fafJfmf-m, ..- , . f gt .ftffillfrr "1g"'fYfis A 'r f- 2 xi f ' f , .f-5, ' f ', 1 4 Q Q 5 , '- i - I ' E Eyyegsflffifshkf fx 1, H' J M V:-1 wi' Q A 1- Pfwjnaqwiiiwgbw ifiiwfeitiqw- xiii, gf 125--'i1l"3?5v'7 s'-Wlfzi hifii C' ff:-LJ , -1:1 -,' ' 2 1- if 3 22 ,., 3? 5 as E 1 g et .,. ,,S... ..,m.z,w, Z if T. N Q 5 is? ,ig 322 5 .. ..,iaaz:asas:u Q .Q . 51? - 1 re. A 5551355 .V1 -mx: sl a:.. :E H 22521222 I is 1 . i . 5 1 1 a -' -, V. ' :TEV 'L-fffl Jie 155-:"f'7 kfiwll 175, ff" Tj'f"?,- is 5 9 'XS : 5 af. '.:P 3 's? ": ati ' .,' ,-.ElE:'.' 1EF'f?F"'f'T2T" i'1?'-"VF 'Y"'f!F2'-F-"':',7:'fZ :H "" "Yg'i"': - ': -f Z!-in ?' 2:5 :UF H712 5 25, i 4: 5""':'5i'.""-J? "f3'?Ei5i'f 5T?fi'eE.5 A.5'."1 5.fl':a:'HZa" 23' f 'I' '. . '1"f 1'-'sie'-f:. sf .' I H : .1 '.f "fU:'11:1:. E? -"-- ' E .. .... , , . 3, . Y A"' 'Q 3-' L ' mill' 997? W'l Wm ---' W The newest addition to the THS club scene was the Voca- tional Occupation Clubs of America. The idea for the Club began last year and by the fall Sharon Joines turned that idea into reality as it be- came recognized as an offi- cial club on the THS campus. At Christmas the club sponsored a needy child through operation Santa Claus. It also directed a drug survey, and honored an em- ployer and parent of the year. During American Education and Vocational Week, mem- bers ofthe club provided snacks for teachers, and in the spring a scholarship was given to a senior who was planning to continue his studies in some area of Voca- tional Education. The club reached new horizons in school spirit because of its popularity and diversity. Many programs are offered for THS students who wish to have a head start at beginning their future in the work world. The DECA chapter of THS was one of the programs pro- vided for students to achieve their goals. On September 19th, members attends a Gem and Mineral Show in Winston- Salem, and on October 8th they attended aDistrict Lead- ership Conference at Grims- ley High School and the Uni- versity of North Carolina at Greensboro. Angela Smith was elected district vice- president. Also in October DECA members went to the State Fair in Raleigh and on October 23rd they held their Parent Orientation and Offi- cer Installation Banquet at Western Steer. The Southern Regional Conference was held in Wash- ington, D.C., from November 6-9. Ms. Pherby Graham, sponsor, and various DECA members enjoyed learning new ideas. Their Christmas Banquet was held on December 18th, and the District Competitive Events Conference was held at the Top of the Mart on Jan- uary 8th. During National Educa- tion and Vocational Week, members set up displays in banks around the area. The North Carolina DECA Ca- reer Development Conference was held March 12-14 in Winston-Salem and the Na- tional Career Development Conference was held in New Orleans April 29-M ay 3. Involvement with a career oriented program such o DECA, helped students prl pare for their futures as the received, gave, and expande upon their knowledge of r. sponsibility and job skills c all levels. The THS Beta Club wa very active during the 1986-8 school year. The club was fu of students striving to mee the stricter school require ments. To be inducted into th Beta Club as a sophomorel student had to achieve a overall average of 95, while junior or senior had to ear an overall average of 9 throughout his high school cc reer. On November 5th, the Bet Club, tapped nineteen ne' members into its organizz tion making the total men bership fifty-five. On Decen ber 3rd members attended th Central Carolina Distri Conference at Camp Carb way where they elected new Q ficers for the 1986-87 yeaf The state convention was hell March 6th and 7th at the Hol day Inn in Greensboro. In th spring the club also gave scholarship in the amount a 8200 to one of its members. The THS chapter of the V cational and Industri Clubs of America is a n tional and state organizatio whose major emphasis w leadership for young peop entering the work forc Learning a trade takes ti and commitment. Many st dents planning a career in vocational field got their fir taste of training in their hi school shop classes. In every class, Industri Education continued to pro per because it consisted classes designed to increa student's knowledge of t practical arts necessary for future in an industrial c reer. With specific goals f their futures, career-mind students joined VICA an participated in competitio to help them enhance the knowledge of the industri arts. The Vocational Educatio Honor Society is a new cl honoring students with a or above average in Vocati courses such as Home Ec nomics, Marketing, Housi and Interior Design, an Typing. These students are "cut above the rest" in all e forts. They are responsible f the new sign in front of Bra ton Craven. - Pam Denn THE WHIZ KIDS .ig 1 ,, 1 v iw EW BETA MEMBERS:R11ss AH1'e'1I,T11l1ffH111Iff1'i11x,If1'fl1f'nlli1rx,K1'111 i'11r1pff1',Horl111'1fII111'iS, 1111111111 'ieIdS, Keifh Fields, Amy G1'11!1'y, K1'1'i11 Iiillvxpiv,Sl1v1'1'i1i11111iIf1111,.-111131llurlgv,A11j11111'frv Ilnglcflz, earl Millfr, Todd Mosvr, 11111111111 I'14ir'4',,l11111i4'S1111'1A1'yl1f, Iff'11f'u T1'i1'4'Ifv, 11111111 Tugglv. gfi6m0W' M , , - - Q B w-ms as by LMWJ 1211161 Jamie Eiga, tapped Q430' E 1 1 ' --pw-. , ,,,,,1,f.14.. '-fgw . A , an, 1 1 E1 pm, E11 f g k1pblZfDabal, v. pus., E Lawn Rice and aaa when, uc. amy bmi Qu-ng ax ,111 fken, Sherri Bames,Jago'n Bates, H6dCh8TBl?100'V8, Mwrkna Qu-nam . ,,","' ' ' - ' , - f 1'-- Russ 6 1-eau, Teresa C1-otts, Pam Denmc, Holly Fulchsf, Lamg Gobble, LonWGnr:gg ShoitEHd5-two Jaxim Hill Rhonda Hili Mandy Horton Sonia Jarrell, Janet Km 4 E111 1 1 1 , . 1. gglfrt BMWMGC ,Pula'N ,A P ,Ch P toK 1 fm 513,51 D f""5fL gl aS"f'f15K""!,s2'4"i?f1,.1,f1".iZ1.,1i'1"J'fu1:.miH ,,,1 Lzcw, 1,1-we, mm 1 a, a mm , em Rf Beverly Crotta, Rhonda Davis, and BlazeHuyss.- y 1 1111 lvsmw 10mm ' E 714 v, pm. Am? Thani hue. mlm eww, mu. uw T - If . Grunt, hid. Yvomw Poo a. np. Dae Dee Gardner: Marlena Cantdfr, Geuwen, Teresa Hobbs, Susan Howe, Limiu Hunt, Kevin Pofsig, A f Linda Kennerly. - ' 1 Li , . m. ' "' e l c zz 'if Hi 1 A E: Mmm "" ig i "'A N.. M'-.ww 'mes Q if , "W Fm WI . ei r -,-.1 , f ,g E gm , Q--W -H . VW W' mm.. il., , iw i , Q 2 Z 1 l' , Q B g , 5 L, is ' f 4 Mn i . . M li f f , .. ... . .. S t tttt it if 'if .... . ..... W r Q ' -l:, :ion 2 Q z is 5 H :Q --ui .fu s. 'Q i : ,E , Hi z . b i f ..... , If . if c c I c c c. LZEZ, Iggggbing le i e :5 A,h: " ' 5'?5 it .ay Z ..,.s. -5531 5 ., ,,., I ..'..1s... 1..:ss:smfsi-:isis sw:!.!m.f .WE . i,e251- ' . , .. 1.9, :sqm aft: ' ..., LB it 'fl 2 it M f::i 4. , M W F was 2 ' -an iss .1-2-' 32.1. .gas 3 5 9211-Ifgj'-xii: ' : 2 1 2 X If J-3 E si 4 1'i'22. i fee" . ,wir 'Ui : 'i ' L f Q 5 gg i 1 N 325 TH CATCH CF TH DAY A smorgasbord of clubs, organizations, and special classes could be found on the campus of THS. Numerous opportunities catered to the needs of each individual no matter what speciality he possessed or reward he wished to gain. Each week was afiesta of events with participants from every walk of life. Clubs, organizations, and classes which contributed to this challenging and rewarding atmosphere were the Math, Science, and Chess clubs, bus drivers, drivers education, and the hearing impaired classes. One of the biggest clubs on campus was the Math Club with a whopping fifty- nine members. The Math Club was for anyone who was taking a math course or had a special interest in mathematics. The club planned many exciting activities, including a trip to New York in April and "baggy" goodies to the teachers in May. The Science Club also had a huge following and was one of the most active clubs. At Christmas, members sold ornaments to pay for an exciting four day trip to Epcot Center and Disneyworld. Common sense helps but it takes good expertise to be in the THS Chess Club. Keeping their playing skills sharp were the members of this young or- ganization. The purpose of the club was to give young men and women a chance to sharpen their skills and to play a game they loved. Getting kids to school every morning and home every afternoon was no easy task. Sometimes get- ting up at 6:00 am and get- ting home at 5:00 pm was no fun either. Despite their many struggles, they surfaced to the top. The bus drivers of THS came through every time and were known as some of the most reliable people on campus. Special classes such as drivers education and the hearing impaired were a necessary part ofTHS. The goal of drivers education classes was to teach students to operate a ve- hicle safely. Teaching students who have hearing disabilities by use of sign language and lip reading was the emphasis placed on the hearing impaired classes. The class was taught by Henrietta In- gram. She was very proud of her students because they were also active in sports and club functions. No matter what these clubs, organizations, and special classes did or said, it was all up to the students, and likewise if any good came from all the work, the credit went to the students. If these programs helped one person, then all the time spent on the program was definitely not wasted. - Angie West fmiles galore occupy the aces of Mr. Henry Valli and Icience Club members Amy lentry, Stephen Freeman, lmy Hodge, Kim Cooper, and Iharon Snyder. Wesident Paula Nance and Drivers education requires a great deal ofafter school study for Lynn Oxendine, Michelle Warner, Amber Dobbins, and Avery Payne. Mr. Davis demonstrates the .. A t B ,,'..f, Q, A J h In S ,-,' g . ws aw ciifmli 5? H G eff1rf"'t""r:-2f,"iif,'ffi,""G.,523'i1,'.?Z' A aqaam' nr ofrffiffgsnamu Hail, Fumes arrellgffrent Hozumwn, new fiom, Sarnia HlT7:6u,fJ06l J arrett, Rodney Jarrett, Lee Jermyan,-Steve Kearns, Walter Levam, Jqgibewis Milne Marsh Marcus McCoy Kelly McDonough A ela Miller Scotthlrlller Sulfliean, firvamer, kind Don1rie'Welborn:5afi'1' A , VW I K . V Neal takes a break before delivering students i Irs. McCall discuss future hath events. 'rinity High School's buses 'et a rest after fl long day. -I un get i -if 'U 'lf "Y 2 W W fm ,L ,L . , , . fi f 4 3.4 definition of the word "cool" while figuring out strategic chess moves. K M.- """'. ' Giving aid with a tough chemistry problem to Wendy Bodenhamer and Karren Joyce is Ms. Ingram, the hearing im- paired teacher. D if ii K as' Driver Educohon, Heormg Impaired The newspa- per has always been a chal- lenge for me. Last year, I was feature ed- itor and that really influ- enced my inter- est in the news- paper. Soon, my experience on The Growler led me to writ- ing for The High Point En- terprise and the -7 state newspa- per, Underage. I really love working on The Growler and I have to thank Mrs. Ann Rhemforall ofhersupport. There would not be ' ' ' w s t " rs. Rhem. I enjoy the a newspaper if is a no jorM ll71d UL6 lt.- Barbara Blake My interest in the newspa per was because I love to write and always en yoyed writing ever since I was alittle girl One ofthe reasons I turned in an application to t h e G r o w I e r staff w a s to h e lp pu b l i s h the newspaper a n d to lc e e p s tu d e n t s i n formed of the events on the THS campus It is one ofmyfondest memories ofmy sophomore year When I write I can get my head clear to understand my E N. 'Tir' A . I . . X -1.,, .... X f fi Q: X. ll I .f Renea Trivette completes the copy for one of the articles of The Growler. As the pressure of a close Christmas deadline increases, Mrs. Ann Rhem demonstrates to Renee Anders, Kevin Keith, and Lynne Prevette the efficient way to proofread a layout for mistakes. . .... . if 4 erm!- ofg? Q, UTTING BACK M OVI G ORWARD itor many respon- sibilities, but the previous two years on the staff pre- pared me well. When I found out about the V 5, ave o prin if the paper, it disappointedme. But the main p o i nt is th e quality of jour- nalism and not the type of paper. The most enjoyable part ofthe class is the people on the staff Every year the people change, but I've be- come close with each staff member, especially the ad- visor, Mrs. Rehm. I hope after I leave, the members on the newspaper staff have much success because they de- serve it - Kevin Keith Providing students with information concerning activities and events, the THS newspaper THE GROWLER, was a sounding board for getting together on important school issues. It was an important part of life. Not only did it include stories and articles con- cerning campus events but also local and national issues, which were concern to many THS students. Despite being unable to print a paper for the first nine-weeks because of financial debts, dedicated and caring students made THE GROWLER a truly original newspaper. Kevin Keith stated, "Whether a school newspaper is xeroxed or printed profes- sionally, I feel it has a responsibility to seek out and report on what the needs to know. They should always write with the dedi- cation and qualities of a good journalist." Since the staff was small, much work was required from each person. Leaders ofTHE GROWLER were edi- tor-in-chief and head photographer Kevin Keith, assistant editor Barbara Blake, news editor Cissy Bores, feature editor Kim Price, sports editor Kelly Johnston, business mana- ger Tripp McKenney, and sponsor Mrs. Ann Rhem. The Growler depended on fund raisers and adver- tisements to help pay the printing cost. Despite a "second rate" printing method, this year's staff ex- emplified skill and profes- sionalism traits which all journalism students should possess. two years, have enjoyed my "little fam- ily." I am sure after gradua- tion I will miss everyone terri- bly because I student body wants and -Dawn White Kelly Johnston and Gina Blackburn put the final touches on i another issue of The Growler. T. i. i-mg J- - already miss the members of l a s t y e a r ' s class. I look forward to each day and to see- ing my friends and wondering what interest- ing topics will pop up next. I love them all! They are special in their own unique ways. I am so pleased with The Growler staff that I am scared the memories will depress me after graduation Kim Price THE FUTURE OURS As Matthew Arnold said, "Life is not a having and a get- ting, but a being and a becom- ing." Students, involvement in these clubs were not re- stricted. Students were en- couraged to participate in programs through projects and to compete in state and national competitions. At Trinity High School, clubs in- volving our future included FBLA, FHA, FFA, FTA, and Computer. The students in business- related classes found an ex- cellent club to join in the FBLA. Just two of the many activities of the club were visiting residents ofthe Triad Nursing Home and present- ing them with sunshine baskets and selling Tom Wat merchandise to support the club. Surely, knowing where to place your commas, being able to factor polynomials and learning about the War of 1812 are important items of knowledge, but is that all you really need to know to prepare for your future. An important factor in students' prepar tion for the "real world" wi participation in the Futu Homemakers of Amerir club. The club was a necessity f daily life and through the su port of its advisors, studen learned a skill they could n function without. To rai. money for its club, the FH: combined with HERO ar sold stuffed animals. The Computer, Futuf Farmers ofAmerica, and F ture Teachers of Amerie clubs worked toward helpii- people, not only in school, bf throughout the community + well. The Computer Club play.. Santa Claus and adopted child at Christmas, while t FFA was involved competitions during the ye FFA also attended the St Fair in Raleigh in Octobe The purpose of the Futu Teachers of America was encourage students to purs a career in education. - Regina Sechr speeches in the Theater Building and then they cast for their leaders. llrs' Pat Mills conducts a meeting of the Future Teachers of Xrnerica with the help ofArny Payne. WT it like Cates, Jeff Welbor n, Steve Pete rson, James Harrison, Todd liehael, Scott Cain Martin Sellers, Dale Wall, Mike Blackwell, ?en Johnson, Kelly Peterson, Ron Gardner, Wesley Peterson, David Joh nson, Greg Younger, Wayne Blakely, and Mark Scisrn elebrate after .Scott uon a lace for Trinity High School. Q I '41 f' S mi., T ...- Ken Snider refers to his notes on program guidelines before keying the data into the computer. X SL : ' T T i.l,ii,1 S T 5 llikte iet, MWQWH cmmmwswiiiwmiwawk ,ill iasa ,:., iii, iig lt, lti ltl, iwg V W- . , tt., T -TT ,,.,, T ll ,,., TTTKK T T A J time 5 'rt Grem,'JoamifGfwbbse'Kewn 'milifgem Staaey "W""" Hal "'?:Ap1-il ll'ai P ramiezfiu iriePH.u it , , T m yiif' essl 'rrs me RieidzirdsonjfiigelRobe3?ts,Jen1s'-erRobinAsEiiiz,Am Siiu1zders,5Bdf11chelleSieearce, Amy ' S' Siwmwd' ns A ':kJ"Wl Cla Sm'if3Z'Pamh " Spfew9,Am1g3 vey, 9 Deegtewrwwn AfmgfzeStrozeiIA'rageI41s mmeyf Vlblztl S A T T , ,,,,,,, , ..1,,, t 2,515 ,,,W . T .fa -G' .',, fi. ' 'Z .,,. ' KQQEWard,a5igQ ,SIzeiIi:E2Butt, ly, Smallygaye Spevgeer, B and Barnes .V,, Eg- P hi treasurer Fmuk Gan-ide Pm! Gutime II Jon Alberbm, Kem? BMW, Mark Barnes, Scotfgigemn, Mike ' we2l9JQ0'BwJEt?fm,Alan.liwdu, Bwrmw,ChaaLButler,ChmTB erzmflwfh TT BT 'l', T ,.t, CW? Alll,, '09'93"3Q'FfT WBOWET, K e 055 Umar, .:,,,:. f- 00, TT3,,,T'1 3 ' Walter Doyleifkddie Ecriwf T gbmwzfd Ellcesf Etvixild EliieiiiPatrzclekllzngtongjames " GilfrefgtkEnglish, Chad Few, Junior Fisher, Craig Fraiey, Donald Free- Neztflfifeefk Shaw G'e21fff,Edd1eif3?f1ff'm' TT ,,,, TH ,'.,,..,,1 A Ii ,,.:',, ...I . B ,,.:, 1 ,,,f... ,,,,:-,,: Q ..,, i-M '- Hyd e r: Ir, gm Corey Johnseirganiel Jfohmmrrfgavid Johftsonlnyasbn JohnsonglRoger Johnson, Jorwsgalliaug Kergey, Joitizfthan Key, :Duma -Kidd, Kinley, Wayne ttli llst E he Wi? 11 T r YW ,T 'HW W. ,,., . Mi!fer,'Jam1dfiMilZer, 'Jejc5aM'illUed3i1f-Scott Mintz, Joetiiiiiyers, Newrmml Tim Glenn Rink T ni 0'Neal,, Qale Qivens, Greg Parker, Michael Parks, IZQQIQTCGQ1 3161111981 -ffzfm Phr4?ezffj5,?'Pf'elst??2'le'fwwTsfhffff "'- SafiZi5i5gf:Sha1rleTi.ST2i4ieple, Shdifitig Bamzeitf3Shoe ' ' ch4eTsiwsf,fffam Tonyasfem, xmlsmazz, :hawk smash, curiissmiihj B3?ai?.WiD2 Zi "1f.fkql?5?lZZ'e A655 :I ,,.... if ,T ..,,. 1 ,,,,.' ir C.. if ,,,, ,-,, T ..,,,. ,ui ',L' TS ,,.. fi :.- ,:', TTT V, .L :,, ,L , fggitf ttrr andggfolby Zifildr, Paui'Gicth1'ie,' Hljlmes, andfwylene Rimth. f alii ttii T TST - QTTT TFF 1 S-. s Mmm llTeT - TTTT STTTTTT "':f: "'1'll T' .S A gf AWA sw ..k: ix i ,vwz ,,,. - :ggi 2' g ' Ya vii H 5 - li" 'TTU Hema 1 :C1 PA'ms ""- Swmw 0' Q, , X. , f Q- . Wu It ns. Q. .1 1 ' fl . ,,.f f" f- 'f.-- Y ' 1 f - " hzstoa-mn Damn Lo wzfar u:me'ntarusmA y Brown repm'te1'Mafz'ievm Canief, Ariiclins, Amy ikemfgherri Barnes, Miilissa Bemwtt, Debbie Bowkrs, , l ' . l G'w gii 1 f f Amiiilambdfi, Melitiiiig Lqflinfiizni ne Martinez, 'Ziisa Miiler, Lori Morrow, Greg Mogfwoe, Steghanie Newsom, Michelle Price, Dade Smith, Gggroline Spiers, Migsy ,m1. ,1 ' L L"' gL'- L ' " L ' 5 ' ' V 'fm' SWH1 Cole, Arwla Hqfizzsvovk- M2lv921f Shfrf5a??vde' ,,,1.. U . ,,,. 50710 gi. J,, I ,,12Ef, ,:A1 ,EQ , . .. - 7 V SCALIN W j HEIGHTS HERO, HOSA, French, and Spanish clubs enjoyed hemselves immensely. They provided an outlet for students to xpand their knowledge of foreign languages and occupa- ional-related fields. The HERO K Home Economics Related Occupationsj club ook part in many activities. Various members attended a dis- rict rally on October 14th which was attended by many HERO lubs from the district. On November 14th, club members .ttended the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte. During 'he Christmas season, they delivered presents to the elderly at ne of the area's nursing homes. Later in the year, the tradi- ional installation of officers was held at Western Steer. The H OSAK H ealth Occupational Students of America j kept vretty busy during the year. They sponsored a bloodmobile lrive along with a health fair in the library. The purpose ofthe uealth fair was to inform students about different diseases. 'ieveral members were volunteers at the bowling, track and ield, and basketball special olympics. They aided organizers as well as participating children. Finally, a nursing home was visited in hopes of boosting the spirits of the area's senior citizens. Why not learn about the people ofFrance? The French Club Qrimarly centered around the culture ofthe land. the club held ' crepe party in the home economics room for its members and Ibiculty. The French play "Le Bourgeouis Gentilhommev was Ettended in December to better familiarize members with the rench language. At Christmas, they went Christmas carol- ing throughout the Archdale-Trinity community. In Vebraary, a Mardi Gras scavenger hunt was held, and the year vnded with a dinner at a French restaurant. This rounded out he exciting activities of the club. The Spanish Club is an academic club. Members included vtudents currently enrolled in Spanish I ,I I or I I I and students hat had taken Spanish at least two years previously. Spanish Club members enjoyed visiting different Mexican restaurants hroughout the year. They enjoyed carolling in Spanish at hristmas, and working on projects to enter at the Foreign anguage Festival at Davidson Community College. All in all, the HERO, HOSA, French, and Spanish clubs nade the 1986-87 school year a fun and successful one. Strong tudent and faculty leadership held their clubs together. The fficers and other club members made the most of everything, roviding the true originality so typical of all Bulldogs. - Lesley Hendrix enior Angela Russell leads the H OSA Club in a discussion bout visiting a local nursing home. r. Floyd and president Angie Martin direct a Spanish Club eeting. ocke Monroe and Mr. Phillips experiment with the guillotine hich was a major part of the French Club's homecoming oat. :A 'ELL .Ti we .fzigagg V V7 3. -J .1 ..- K. ,rs L. -.::,EE: .,,,. . ,..-., '- 1 . Z5f5:: 'f .fx :--H, . f 53955 3 Q f 121 f L rss, ' .. f . w 'fi6":5'..,"1:Q?f1'g3' 'Q' vs NSW: , 'Wie '.53'd'7':fQ'3:,,g,,:S:-iii '- ..f,.e 2, an 5: r. uiifg ,. .f-Q 52924. g 'Q -235 . l . . 'ze A :Ulf A in f. fffeM.f?ff:2es:2': M g4z:1'c.,. .pi .fa-ff' 1 .. a. 1, af . ..,,. .,,. - 5 ' ' '- 1 f 'T ,..,, f-., , r Mfg, gc!" 3 . .me fs : i f s ix. .5 , ..,.r E Q . 5 ,sm il H z -4 5 -. yy -., ,r .Ab .fax if H f Ei" Y' ' di 5 , QE 1- H:--iff-.ggfg-5 vi' W. -fsvf is 'ig 1'-' 1 uae. A 1 - .I ...Hi ng Jia., ., .W 2 ss wi 'S ami' pf ff . EE! ,if 1 .i 5? 9' L -Q t'n. sr- Q LSL. . i E 5 fi i 1 A -". A 'L ii 55. 1 ii i - 1 if! X2 f M fi ef , x.., .. ii si E . ax' am? lg 553 X .1-. -:'S.,5a.'.:.-5 133- it -, -e -'I,,,"f-'W .g, P- '. gg 'f' -1 ,- . A :" 1 K - ffl .3 - 13 my T .A 1' J-sl 'sf SEQ' - . fi wa, 4: Y, aah R, -'E-f-E Q 'K gran 1- Q-if ., 9 -af an x is , 1. fi-MSE? Zeal 1352-5 ee?- ii 1 .. 'fe , yi H555 4 ji its as-5 Wwe.-. ,gear if , . , , 1 . . 5 . , . if-xiii? if H X ' I E 5 i1 Sgii ikyil vistf if - ' f ' Q, - 51. . 3 z f , f 135 3. ..s.:,, S.. it J1-if ' fini , ...f 14 .. in j I V , ' is- ,gg X , Q' , J In if 1 ifwiixi E . V 3 g-f':sv - 554 42. 13.5. 22.125 fi -. :WE 5551225 f-W i. Ei f f' L r T 2 E 21. 4 .+ 5 li , W' A fe? .I 1 ' F 'f ,' grj' in gif 5 I E " 1. if w r z w gl 6 L fifldvi s' 4 .1 -2 L' 55 AW fgpggg-W .a , -f f " Q' ,, 5 H 5' lv 5 -gf nigga' ' F i t - ' 5 A-1 J - - '21 .f if if gm is If fi 5 1 . '--ss:--3- 1 , 1 - . so mf f' Lugz gag gn .,5f. , af " A1 ' 5 , W, , . 5, I X, ,, R , ,Ml 5 gl 5: Q, 2:-my . gi! . E. ,. E5 2 iz ' gi i TAKIN CO TROL Remember that fantastic dance you went to? Do you re- member thatfootball game or that great assembly program, or even all of those exciting homecoming activities? If it weren't for the work of the dedicated Student Council, these events would not have been possible. Student Council sponsored many activities during the 1986-87 school year. Their main goal was to supervise school activities in a smooth and even manner. Each event worked towards making THS a better school. In August, Student Council conducted orientation. The purpose was to familiarize each new student with the TH S campus so he would feel more at home of his first day of high school. Homecoming week was the busiest time of the year for council members. Each day a different activity was planned for the student body. Friday evening following the homecoming game, the Student Council sponsored a dance which featured enter- tainment from Trinity's own Flite Streak. In November, a Thanksgiv- ing dinner was prepared for the faculty and staff. The dinner was organized by president Scott Grant, vie president Cathy Kim secretary Greg Allen, an. treasurer Laura Monroe Various members attended 1 leadership seminar held a Southern Guilford Hig. School. Scott Grant, Pau Game, Brent Norjieet, Tes Elliott, Heather Johnson Regina Sechrest, Ryaa McCall, Brad Sikes, T5 Clodfelter, Robin Simmons Lesley Hendrix, Tonya Wall Angie West, Christy Corneli son, and Shannon Wrigh returned with many nei ideas to improve school spirit: At Christmas, Studen Council sponsored Operatic Santa Claus. Each homeroo was assigned a needy chil for which to buy gifts. Mini ture Christmas trees with a students names on them wer also posted in the cafeteri Finally, on December 19t an exciting talent show wa. hosted by Scott Grant. Student Council encour- aged all students to become ir volved at THS. The group dia more than just pass regu tions and schedule even they also improved teach student relations and general set good examplesv younger and more impr sionable students. - Lesley Heno STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: president Scott Grant, vice president Cathy Kim, secretary Greg A2 treasurer Laura Monroe. top left: Eating is only halfthefznz ofa Thazzlfsgivingfeast. Shannon Wright gives a behind the scenes loolf at what hap- pens after all the teachers have gone. top right: Erncee Greg Monroe e nlightens fllUSflld6'I?,tC0?l17f1,- cil Talent Show with his 1111'tty sense of h Il mor and charm. middle: THSjac:11lty enjoys the tu rlcey din ner prepared and served to them at Tl'tU,7I1lfSgli'lIlH1g by Student Council 1ne'rnl1ers. STUDENT C0UNCIL,firstrow:S1-off11r1111t,67111111K1111,!lrv11Al1m1,l.11111-1111111111-111'.second rOw:flr1'11 ,'lIo111'1u', .1I11rk H111-11,Sl11f1'r1'lf11r111's,Heg1'1111S111Al11-vsl,ll1'11rl11'1-.Joh11so11,l,1'iyl1 R11'11,A11g1'lr1K11ss1'll, Libby l'1'11l1'r, l'l1 risfy f'111'114'l1so11, I,1'A11 1111 .1Io111'o1'. A11111 N11l.'v1s. Ihifd YOWI I'1111l H11 11113 Tess lfllzoff, G111'l While, Shu 11111111 Wriglvf. 12111111 I11111s111'l.'1'1', A11y111' West, Imslwjf Il1'111lr1.r, Rolzirz S1'1111111111s, Tonya Wall, Jlvlissfl lfwsorf, A 11g1'l Hol11'r!s. f0UI1h r0wt Ifrenl X111jfl111'l, l,m-lie .Wo11ro1', Hrs. .l. S11ll1'1'1111,sponsor,Bol1l1gU11hul,K1'1'fhF1'1'l1ls,K1'111l11ll1111'l.'1'11s,Hy1111.'ll1'f'11ll,7'1'111'1s H11rp1'r, 11111111 T11ggle. i raall 'sovnonone l1iEii14eseu'rA'r1vss, nam ww: Angie WestQ'Lesley Hendrix, Ream Simmons, Tonga Wall. second row: Dam: Hunsucker, Ryan McCall, Travis Harper Greg Allen. IJILQFRESHMAN REEBESENTATIVES, Melissa Beeson Shanno1s.W1-ight, Christy Comelz Laura Mq11151w1Ange1 eobensgsfafmzlssykes, Not pioturegi amd arlsttl s Student Council gk '15-iii? , rm, I sd ,X ,J I u 1 --4-' h 4.1 , li M "P' M ,,,, fb 'W'i" WMM, Vmvzg Zi i K ,gin Taking a breather from the strain 1 checking out books is Cherie Laing an Michelle Warner. A computer is not a playful toy. Unde t iole the careful supervision of Tony Skeei af, l students learn how to operate th computer properly. - 174 The library is not always a place to crack down on the books as demonstrated by Tonya Ricks. LaMonica Rorie flashes a beautiful smile for the camera while observers stay glued to the tube. LE DI GA HELPI GHA Who does one turn to when you have ten books to be checked out and all the librarians are very busy? Who does one go to when you are twenty minutes late because Rover, your ten foot dobewnan, would not let you out of the house? Who can one call upon besides Superman to aid you in any situation? There are no others, ex- cept for a good group of dedicated volunteers at THS. Some people who very seldom received recogni- tion were the fire marshalls. These young men and women knew what the word safety meant when it came to school fire regulations. Every time the warning bells echoed through the halls of THS, these people made sure each classroom was properly secured. Various media organi- zations at THS included the Library Club, computer assistants, and library assistants. All three of these groups were affiliated with the media center and with helping others. Computer assistants and library assistants had a period each day to work in the media center and to per- form such activities as teaching fellow students how to use computers or helping friends check out books. Most of these assistants were mem- bers ofthe Library Club. This club was composed of thirty-five members. One of their major activ- ities ofthe year included the sale of jewelry dur- ing the Christmas sea- son. Two organizations which were secretaries' and counselors' dreams were the office and guid- ance helpers. They did everything from record- ing tardies and running errands to answering phones and organizing files. They kept the school running smoothly. These students provided a sense of accomplish- ment and were reward- ing tasks to all those who participated in them. - Angie West Jan Boone and Michael Branson work hard to make sure that library books stay in top condition. P- s 'v 1 i ff A mm,, S, ,mm,,,.. ,Z ' fw 1 . was 2' .:::rEPf31? Wim-li? - 5975311 Q 559137135355 ,ze ,-'1. Qi 1, ii. :,,f:: :QW Mwhaelifl sisoi llll lnegms ldsel ' S ii ., lsss ddic id cc lli ' Lohman .sfwm Bavmsflif-wiQmfSechfes:, Mama rw 1 ' J 1 ?Z'z'Z" 2,eg,.f1zx33:f112z4's5i253isd9!'3f an -ogy, upaipurxfw A- we ..w, W,,,A? Wwfszgs if 15 , ffl if we 1-1 if-i if 'ISae,3',Fwzpx,f:2-wiiiia N Am A fe' 15, 4.51:-9' fQ?ff9.- - . Af LJ ' ' .JSE .W ,f f uf ' -- l 6 Q5 Qpgi.. j,-,. 1 . in .lfrgseuzeffveis i f KE -efffxlizsa vw efdfsfv-my ' ii fl ,--A 'ii ff . in x2f,1:f-lgfmd-asf sfgmm--asfffrfmffshfsf 1 - Q V . ., .W , 1 1 :if "'A M' ' 15, :,fwmf,,Q . -J w fa, ' iz:,iz?fw:5Qsa'5fgegfLg ,K ,-U. ,W my ,rwgi,,,,,g3.,Sf,sg,fgggggysesigsrfzassfssswefa,se-:few .wesnis ,gym ,L ,. f iq sms: a w 1 'PL f Q if ,M , , i 'I A W I 'LQ My ' N S3 Key Club President A Scott Hartsoe receives the club magazine from sponsor Sally Landis. Durin activit eriod 7 juniorettes discuss new issues. Juniorette Club spon- sor Einily Carswell en- courages Susan Ragan to sell the new fund raising doll. al 1 O WARD A U PWARD Ofall the clubs offered by THS, the Key, Anchor, Leo, SADD nd Juniorette clubs are probably the four most community riented clubs. These organizations strive toward helping eople, not only in school, but throughout the community as ell. The Key Club is sponsored by the High Point Kiwanis Club. he club stayed busy throughout the year because it promoted Jod will within the community. Important projects included iving holiday parties for special students at Braxton Craven, laying the THS Santa Claus, helping the needy children of andolph County, and sponsoring the Rainbow mile of pennies rr J erry's Kids K muscular dystrophy Q. Led by president Cathy Kim, vice president Leigh Rice, zcretary-treasurer Angela Russell and sponsors Sandra ichardson and Ramona Michael, the Anchor Club supported ae community by visiting the Thomasville Hospital to cheer up ieir kids during Halloween. At Christmas, all eighteen uembers sold candy canes with messages as their money mak- uig project. In the spring the LEO Club sponsored an intense and exciting ludentlfaculty basketball game. Members also held a car wash w raise money for their club. SADD, Students Against Driving Drunk, is an organization :sponsible for letting students know the importance of not riving after drinking. All activities focused on alcohol wareness. SADD hoped that increased student awareness ,ade them remember that "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive rank". When you hear the name Juniorette, what first come to mind? 1 it a supergirl with outstanding capabilities? I f so, you're on ue right track. Juniorettes may not be supergirls, but as a part 'the Archdale-Trinity Woman's Club they possess ambitions ad special qualities which make them a fine group. These girls elped their community by visiting nursing homes and raising ,oney for charities. With a lot of drive and determination, these five clubs will nntinue to fuUill their basic goals of helping people throughout ,e community. - Stephanie Morris ' nchor Club members listen intensely to president Cathy im during a club meeting. swam E.. A ,,,, .,.,, - ,, LL IAV A I remember walking I into Mr. Hayes' roam on I . " " 15, the first day of school of f' my sophomore year. I gr .. was an untested rookie I trying to fit in with a ' A ': ':" class of yearbook profes- A h"' " ' sionals. I knew almost no one from the previous year's staff For the first time, I had a class that Bobby McCroskey scared me. I really didn't know why I was even there. I n the spring of my freshman year, I had heard of the tryouts for the yearbook, but I hadn't really given it much thought. I honestly didn't intend to try for a position until a conversation with Mr. Hayes, the advisor, changed my mind. He persuaded me to give it a shot, and I com- pleted the necessary assignments for the tryouts. Anxiety filled my days and nights as I waited for the results. I now had that desire to be one ofthe elite few of the Trinhian staff Throughout my sophomore year, I learned the system, grew with my classmates, and matured throughout the trials and tribulations that the class brought with it. I guess the main reason I decided to take this course and still continue to enjoy it is because I feel it is my main creative outlet. What other class allows you to write about the things you know best and then have them published for your peers to read? Throughout the course of the school year, you see the people and the places around you change, but the way things once were, is forever imprinted on the pages of the yearbook. I enjoy playing a part in constructing the picture of how students will remember their high school days. Probably my main concern of the annual staff is the toll that the work takes on Mr. Hayes. Ifear that the exhaustion it causes will eventually wear him down. I f this happens and he is not able to be the advisor when I 'm on the staff I know there is no way that I can continue to be a member of the Trinhian staff Despite all our problems, I picture our annual staff as a unique and large family that gains valu- able members each year. Even those who gradu- ated in the past are still regarded as a part of the family. During the tough times, we all band together to help carry the load. fresh A the and of the man year I Zijlual Staff 07' tsf hy Wliiul movq tit would just be S A M Step he TN Ed,'w0f tl Being on tebecaMSeMT T 'less ly affwtsy mass WW y d without lgznilsldlso a bestfmeu teflche 'Y' U1 uffed not? C tp c0'WI'S6t a U t an 'W e oiwd or I f Frye behave muan Staff is ra di erenlciiallenye Ofwzmor our best my favonti persona akes us strigf ms efmitely rn mt e bust ayeS W' k std 01,41 Ow miS' he ygxsifwe T6 122122, ,fW,iz5, - r C ass In an ofmy otheour grade. but mia messwme ta e itkoizn the yearbooy gwde. ea,-book staff ta 0 ou . h y e TYWS all as well as I g'l'l,j0 ee Ofus hflhfffsrw awmibiothev' 'feasonallso cl0Se' fgln ePresSed arnib e ns . ecause we M how Sad. an lways sew 'n ,Sb matter Mod a be ,wiht Q all 0- NO- ml! 5t pq lass would- t a someone HL day. But this C re than Jus- bmghtefyi my es. He is 'filo to the entire great Class. ij TRINHIAN STAFF, Editor-in-ChiefScott Hartsoe, Assistant Edi tor Melissa Hopkins, Business Editor Jason Hill Secretary Lorie Mabe, Sports Editor Bobby McCroskey Student Life Edi tor Regina S echrest, Wendy Rollins, Robin S immons, Stephanie Frye, Scott Hartsoe, Lesley Hendrix, Bobby McCroskey Angie West, Stephanie Morris, Bart Prevost, Jason Hill Tonya Wall Todd Moser, Heather Bowers, Sherri Barnes, Jeff Williams, Regina Sechrest, Dawn White, Kevin Keith Lorie Mabe, Rodney Davis, Melissa Hopkins, Susan Ragan, Jason Bates, Knot pic tured Pam Dennis and sponsor T. Edward Hayes 1 , f " the ff I if "" -if ltst 5' ' if Q i krhh ' -s,..,..,, In order to meet a deadline on January 9th Dawn White asks for Mr. T. Edward H ayes' advice on her layout before the Christmas break. Members ofthe annual staff devote many afternoons working on the production ofthe 1.987 Trinhian. Stephanie Frye and Melissa Hopkins prepare copy for the yearbook DUT TA DI STAFF Since sixteen of the 1986 nnual staff members gradu- ted, it meant a rebuilding ear for M r. T. Edward Hayes nd the Trinhian. In 'ebruary, the 1986-87 staff as selected by Mr. Hayes nd the 1986 editors. There ere only three, three-year eterans and seven, two-year tembers returning. Four- aen new members were iosen to join this team and ogether, they produced nother award-winning year- ook. During the summer, the rinhian staff sold adver- lsements to businesses. zson Hill, Business Editor, et a goal of .S12,000. Pam 'ennis, Scott Hartsoe, lelissa Hopkins, Bart revost, and Regina S echrest bld over .8900 each. The goal as reached through team ork, a necessity to be on the -rinhian staff Editor-in-Chief Scott Iartsoe, Assistant Editor 'elissa Hopkins, Business tditor Jason Hill, and Iecretary Lorie Mabe met at r. Hayes' house in June. ey discussed and planned e yearbook and the theme, ULY ORIGINAL. It was a allenging assignment to ake every layout "truly iginal" and to choose a eme for a school suddenly owing very rapidly, yet eeped in tradition. Thirty- October, obby Mc- skey,Jejf illiams, d Jason ates con- sstoawrap ssion at r. Hayes' e. two pages and eight color sports pages were added to record the year's events. An index and an "Anti- Yearbook" section were also included. Six deadlines were set. Hard work, dedication, and endless days and nights came with each deadline. Four photographers including Kevin Keith, head photog- rapher, recorded THS history on film and fit more than 1,000 pictures to layouts. Bobby McCroskey, Sports Editor, collected articles and provided scores, background, and facts about each sport at THS. Regina Sechrest, Student Life Editor, sent letters to club sponsors con- cerning yearly activities and also collected articles on all areas of student life. This crew of conscientious workers supervised seventeen enthusiastic students. A dedicated person who checked and rechecked each and every layout was Mr. Hayes. Without him, the Trinhian would be just another annual. He used each dead- line as a teaching tool and required each staff member to learn from his mistakes and efforts. We hope you enjoy the 1987 Trinhian as much as we en- joyed making a TRULY ORIGINAL yearbook for 1987. - Melissa Hopkins After being a part of the Trinhian family for two years, I can honestly say I love it more and more each day. It is not just fun and games, but it is a lot of hard work and dedica- tion. You also form a bond with your fellow students that cannot be broken. At first I wanted to be a part of this special family just to be with my friends. I thought it was an easy class and I could do well in it. As the year progressed, I found out you really have to work. More importantly, I learned to work with others because we were not individuals but a team. At times I have felt very frustrated. But when the annual presentation day arrives and you see the final results, all you can do is smile with satisfaction. It is also at this time you remember the headaches, good times, and even sad times ofa long and rewarding year. The events I remember the most are the friendships which are made. Anyone that has ever been on the staff has shared a special relationship. I think the dearest relationship to me is my friendship with Mr. Hayes, our sponsor. Without him our yearbook would be absolutely nothing. So many times he is not given the credit he deserves. He has always been there as a teacher, but also a friend. To me, that means more than anything in the world. He always takes up everyone's slack and makes sure everything is perfect. Being a part ofthe yearbook staff has given me a charwe to really be a part ofTHS. In thefuture, the 1986, '87, and '88 Trinhian will be special to me because I helped to create them. .1 nf. ., 'BW Regina Sechrest ted lways wan 1 guejf Ihlzfljxnual stzifwbigj be 0 . a w . to ny didn i kaowe Spa-iris rea e a member. heayd an becom junior WM' I 6 by Mr. Il WL of yhbouncement to com for an aprt E. Hayes' yofst I wid it ' licatiofb- At ft gniabvut wide. but them! ihiiiis had wld as fun my fn? i ured P ,ml Dennis au the had Besid0S,l2ge1,m1S- ll ' 'U me they . ofthe 11 . me a better uiitdfsxanlirlylllalteye- ce of my , ld give . ld e P pea-ien d s is an G lot o ' The annua r.MW' Hayes MSS was - wh6'fl high siJIio?L?3,:,ZZ-nd. Althougjyglhiijnes, espesziigibility, er er re lllilgit were Pliziy ghesclass taggitilbqgid will last f 07' 'I gre hg,'U6 1 Outs W . s that had :gd the fwendsmp - the best teaclleyl hzfibiiiihclosef Iflffe time. H ess he is hflffnsl have he MT. ay known E en thou Asniolnan veal! harijrl have Weld Wine ima, he has 'I Int' nany ww. wus all Of Mess, to mm tha nd picked 0 wept slac Om. . .1 around 'I does not 'I -u enhfmcw joke .ous Smde. He class that wi www will Mr. vez? jiri are looking fzlyhtis is the clqslsiigfa more P9750 ' nsanaolu0'1'S't 6 yway you wil 1- have my in an ' a we ' l you . IL 'W' yo Hgiljlsalfdpeducationfluy t a n I 1,, oooooo M A ooAA K 1, kV,kk . , K , W, S, bigf, . b"' ' o oooo L l oooo STYLE ALL WAY S ,ik , . XR X X A x - , -X Locke Monroe: Boys State. Regina S6ChI'eSi1 O1 Cheerleader, Academic A American. Gail White: All C0'71.fl'I'C7ZCf', Co-MVP fVo11cybf1lU,R01r1rySf11rl0nt of the Month. During the school year, many students received honors. They ranged from sports achievements to academic honors. No matter the rea- son, Trinity stu- dents stood out and excelled in all areas of life. They were al- ways in style during the 1986-87 school year. eAnn Kennedy: All Conference fVolleyballj, 'ri-Player ofthe Year fVolleyballj, "Magnum" .ward KVolleyballj, "Top 25" Female Players ft Basketball by Greensboro News di: Record. af af W' f llll X Lorie Mabe: Outstanding Cheerleader, All County Chorus, All State Chorus. Ken Hill: MVP IFootballj, Best Offensive Back fFootballj. Rhonda Hill: Morehead Nominee, Student of the Month fAugustj. 5 Sw mf 1 5793 .fM'M A N f N I XY ' an -snnM...vY I ,,, L g, ' A , .M ww 'll , .X , , G THE FIELD QI. : q 4. 5 -, N W fg ui.. ji' I I , II ggi i l I , 'Q 1 2 ' V ,syf 4 Bl I A Q, ,Q I 5 W, , TR ULY ORIGINAL Sm 161 i 1 1'-1 'ai' 'A DESPITE THE ODDS fLeftl Chris Dennis and Eric Newton run lead blocks to spring Ken Hill for a long gain against Central David- son. lAbovel Brent Norfleet buries an Eastern Randolph receiver as Jerry Dills and Elden Hert join the fun. Elgfggkf , Keith Quick stops an Eastern Randolph runner for no gain as Chad Rheuark and Doug Tuggle rush to assist in the tackle. lRightJ Brent Norfleet bursts around the corner in search of big yardage against Southern Guilford. was fsggmf.. r 4'M " , ., fl 1 fy - ' f N 4,277 ,',' , I'lmfugrupl1lf,' lx'w'in lfvfflf VGVSHY POOH-DOH f lla I' I . V,:.. O THS 32 LEDFORD THS 6 RANDLEMAN THS 16 SOUTHERN GUILFORD I THS 7 EASTERN RANDOLPH THS 0 GLENN ' THS 14 HIGH POINT CENTRAL THS 0 CENTRAL DAVIDSON THS 6 RAGSDALE THS 0 ASHEBORO THS 6 HIGH POINT ANDREWS I AAGG G LLA IIII I - . , - ,g K x g my 5, Following a great offensive surge, Brent Norfleet breaks to the outside for a long gain against the defensive secondary of Southern Guilford. 6 1 3 30 37 38 35 54 68 45 l 40 ll3 Q I Curtis Godwin and Eiden Hert apply a crunching hit to force a fumble at the expense of the Southern Guilford J runner. 164 Varsity Foolboll I'l1r1fr1gr11phy.' Kwviri Kffifll and Jej1fT'Willi The end of July and the first day of August officially began football prac- tice in the state of North Carolina. A special gleam ap- peared in the eyes of all players at THS as the outlook for a second straight successful season was bright. Adjusting to something new was the task of the varsity football team. With the arrival of Franklin Cecil, the new head coach, the Bulldogs had to adjust to a new style of coach- ing. Cecil brought with him some high- ly impressive cre- dentials. He also brought an ancient and almost extinct offense, the single wing, better known as the Notre Dame Box. The offense was made success- ful in the 1920's by Knute Rockne, the legendary coach of Notre Dame. It in- volved much decep- tion and included a snap from the center to a runningback in- stead ofthe quarter- back. Unfortunately by the end of the season, the Notre Dame Box was abandoned and Coach Cecil had resigned. The pre-season did nothing but en- hance everyone's optimism for the up- coming season. S c r i m m a g e s against Henderson- Vance and East Davidson proved e n o r m o u s I y successful. The Bulldogs played with a great deal of enthusiasm and made many big plays in each game. These scrimmages strengthened the Bulldogs' determi- nation to win. The season began as everyone had ex- pected. The Trinity offensive line led by Curtis Godwin and Chris Dennis, opened massive holes in the Ledford defensive line and quarterback Kevin Gillespie audibilized at the line of scrimmage to counteract Led- ford's multiple defensive sets. This enabled THS run- ning backs to ramble for big yard- age all evening. Brent Norfleet led this ground attack with 170 yards rush- ing. Keith Quick added 88 yards and Ken Hill gained 73 yards. The defense led by Jerry Dills, Sammy Jarrett, Ken Snider, and Doug Tuggle played with devastating effi- ciency as Ledford crossed midfield only once. The final was 32-6. The second game against Randleman marked the last competitive game THS played. Both defenses played with determination and vigor. Neither offense moved the ball with any con- sistency but a long Randleman touch- down run gave the Tigers a 7-0 halftime lead. In the fourth quarter, Trinity fought back with determination. Following a fumble, Brent Norfleet raced across from three yards out. The two point conversion failed and Randle- man held a shaky one point lead. Trinity never threatened again and a tremendous effort came up short. A late Randle- man touchdown made the final 13-6. The rest of the season was not as everyone had ex- pected or wanted. Both the offense and defense were changed in an effort to bring out the best play. Unfortunately, all efforts failed. The season ended with Coach Cecil an- nouncing his resignation before the final game against Andrews. CeciI's tenure at THS was a short one. Though it wasn't a successful record, he taught his players a great deal and he is wished success in his fu- ture endeavors. Congratulations should also be given to the team for remaining together and perservering through a losing campaign. Seniors still on the team at the end of the sea- son should be given special thanks for remaining and en- couraging the youn- ger players to im- prove and develop a winning attitude. THS football will miss their skillful ex- ploits on the field. - Bart Prevost Upper left: Keith Quick makes the Southern Guilford ball carrier think twice about bringing the ball to his side of the field. Left: Elden Hert tries to cut against the grain in search of an opening in the defensive line of the Central Davidson Spartans. Above: Quarterback Kevin Gillespie runs a quarterback draw and gains valuable yard- age against the secondary of High Point Central. Varsity Football 165 "ROCK-N-ROLL" With all-around talent. dedica- tion and outstanding ability, the girl's volleyball team clinched the Tri-County championship with near perfect scores on all games. The team's overall record was twenty-three wins and four losses. The Lady Bulldogs began their season during the summer by attending various camps to im- prove their skills and abilities. Therefore, there was no need for a review of their abilities and according to Coach Cathy Claris. "we jumped right in." The team proved that the old saying "practice makes perfect" was true. Team members ex- pressed an attitude that they felt the long, hard practices were worth all their time and effort, helping many of them improve their skills tremendously. "The hard practices helped us to be the best we could" stated Deana Brown. In addition to their dedication. outstanding play and hard work, the team couldn't go wrong with a coach like Cathy Claris. Sum- ming up one of the most outstanding volleyball seasons in THS history, Claris stated. "a lot couIdn't be as lucky as I am: I've been blessed with three Half of Trinity's "Twin Towers," 5'-11" Lori Hill. regains her form after missing half of the season due to a stress frac- ture. Against the Bisons, she puts another one away. During the course ot the season all of the players improved in all areas, but Renee Canter was voted most improved by her teammates. Gail White and Denise Sikes shared the honor of most valuable players and LeAnn Kennedy named "L.K. Magnum" by the Thomasville Times, took the Magnum for the second year in a row. The Lady Bulldogs went farther in state competition than any other Trinity women's volleyball team. Despite a loss in the 3-A Eastern Regional finals to D.H. Conley, they had a nineteen match win streak. Major victories during this streak came against Ragsdale, High Point Central, and Chapel Hill high schools. It may have been one year too soon for the junior dominated squad. They have the skills to be a state championship team next year if they can continue to work as a unit. If Lydia Hancock. Lachovia Parrish, Gail White, Denise Sikes. Lori Hill, Renee Canter, Holly Fulcher, Deana Brown, and "L.K. Magnum" can become more aggressive and mentally tough, then next year could be the time to "Rock-N-Roll all the way to Chapel Hill!" - Dawn White years to coach a winning team." Q T M .. Flenee Canter sets in straight in the Tri-County A 4 Conference Tournament against Ragsdali , , -G j" with five serving points,twenty-three assists ...,Q 5 f 'V 4 I and eight saves. T 'LTL - if E' 4' T in we if A K it riflkki l 5 it . lx A A A H illllli i'f1Qg,,1 ' i A ea' Vp , l. fi fe .33 X, sh K A .M I. Y I rt .., -"- w g "'l- T . ,gi 2, ,.,L: A it A. M J T will l L fi :ii A 1' 15 M .. l - if f. Y W ....., ,. ,, A . N 1 . B M - --M .s - H -.-. - . . . 5. ly lSittingl Lachovia Parrish, Lydia Hancock, Denise Sikes, Renee Canter, Deana Brown, lStandingl LeAnn Kennedy, Holly Fulcher, Gail White, Lori Hill. 166 Varsity Volleyball 1'11u1mg1.nl1'1fi' 1,',,,,. 1,'.,f1, 4 : f -Y f .. Qs? 4iK"" . , . - A fi ' 'fi ' 'S s 1' ' '. O STATS THS 15-9, 15-13 THS 15-11, 15-13, 15-9 EAST DAVIDSON S.W. RANDOLPH THS 15-7, 15-5. 16-14 CENTRAL DAVIDSON THS 15-12, 3-15. 9-15 THS 10-15, 12-15 THS 15-12, 15-7. 15-5 THS 15-7, 15-10 THS 15-7, 15-13, 14-16 THS 15-2, 7-15 THS 15-8. 15-10 THS 15-5, 15-5 THS 15-9, 15-2, 15-12 LEDFORD LEDFORD ASHEBOR0 S. ALAMANCE RAGSDALE H.P. CENTRAL H.P. CENTRAL EAST DAVIDSON H.P. ANDREWS THS 15-10, 15-8. 15-9 CENTRAL DAVIDSON THS 16-14, 15-5. 15-6 THS15-11,7-15, 15-10 THS 15-6. 15-10 ASHEBORO CHAPEL HILL GRIMSLEY THS 9-15, 15-5, 15-2, 15-6 RAGSDALE THS 15-5, 15-2, 15-7 THS 15-6. 15-11, 15-6 THS 15-5. 15-7. 17-15 THS 15-13,15-2, 15-4 H.P. CENTRAL FORBUSH H.P. ANDREWS RAGSDALE THS 15-12, 15-9, 15-1 BURLINGTON WILLIAMS THS 13-15. 2-15, 10-15 'N N- T1 , In D.I-I-. coNLEv .H V. is Z ,,f,.4.4.,..?,,,,,, ,W -1,0 it Q ffl' 1. .0 , -f' --sem., '-,.r,- ,- X ,Q if I PQ, 5,130 , ff L2 ff-5' , 9 E rep! gl ll' f' I! ., . 'gg liffli " ,mi L,-5, f,,, ' 1 utii- . , , l I Ti' " , , if '-:M 'X 5, 7 Q ,l Ex' eg Mg 3 ,CJ - if . as 34 cl 5'l.?:,e . ' ' f , ,i,.:fg1,'s' - 'W 'lx' ' A ,, , I Y , M, , ., , ..,. , I , , I I , . ' E , Hgirin - 5 BQV g A , J I 4 , l Vorslty Volleyboll 167 f ,iw 5-ik. 41, va -., . l V 0, 5 -55 I Q I .-ah A' ,Q 1 -- -rx ' f, 751' s 1,35 Power plays by Gail White and Holly Fulcher rallied THS past Ragsdale by scores of 9-15, 15-5. 15-2, 15-6. After the loss to D. H. Conley, coach of the year Cathy Claris stated, "The girls were really good. Their caliber of play was superb. They put a Trinity on Trinity. I'm very proud of our girls. There were only four teams that reached where we did." LeAnn Kennedy, voted player of the year, had ten putaways, three blocks and two saves in the Tri- County Conference Volleyball Tournament against Ragsdale.. Sacriticing their bodies for the betterment of THS against 4-A undefeated Chapel Hill High School, Gail White and Lori Hill gave an outstanding perfor- mance in the 15-11, 7-15, 15-10 victory. 5 STATS THS 4 SOUTH STOKES 3 THS 5 THOMASVILLE 0 THS 1 WESTERN GUILFORD 3 THS 2 FAITH CHRISTIAN 1 THS 4 SW GUILFORD 1 THS 0 HP CENTRAL 6 THS 1 RAGSDALE 3 THS 0 HP ANDREWS 9 THS 6 THOMASVILLE 1 . THS 4 WESTERN ALAMANCE 0 THS 1 LEDFORD 2 THS 0 SW GUILFORD 2 THS 1 HP CENTRAL 3 THS 0 RAGSDALE 2 THS 0 HP ANDREWS 7 THS 7 THOMASVILLE 4 THS 0 LEDFORD 5 Paramedics, parents, and players carry Steve Burckhalter from field after he suffered a broken leg against Ragsdale. The were unable to overcome the shock and fell to the Tigers, 3-1. l 5 'U ,,2i.f.g, Q , 5? if is 'x I 5 v 1 . . 1 ea-. L. sol 'MEM t g "' 4 1 v 1 S N g Qs Q Q xg, -1 I Yi 1 , If V3 j Qu ,p I O ' 3 ' l in G . 1 F Q -It '5 . - 2 : 'i -Q , kg E - ., xx dv! in V5 Q K, f Ak! kgs. ' Hxbfgx , y 'C , we- a W Y 1 srs -lsis q p ' l S I s-s - v ' A Soccer Photography: Kevin Keith and Jeff Williams K LJ I , , I ,3 S., ,. 'iviifxl I w c, K . Lg If Q K W, 25 1- Q 5, k N Lk K SM I P ' 'Q . Devid Sink and Kevin Halligan lead Trinity's attae Front Row, Kneeling: Kelly McDonough Lockhart, Susie Hall, Angie Pulaski, Pam Gina Poole, Stephanie Morris. Middle Flow: Hancock, Frank Garrido, Avery Payne, Scott Scott Brown, Kenny Livengood, Chris David Hall, J.J. McDowell, Bobby McCroskey Carter, Bryan Reece, Johnnie Spivey. Back Coach Mike Sink, Bill Austin, Eric Mason, Kristensen, Ty Clodfelter, Devid Sink David Helms, Kevin Halligan, Steve Gary Taylor, Jeff Hill, Coach Gary Brown. E E EEEBEB For Trinity's 1986-87 varsity soccer team, it was a season of injuries. During the course of their schedule, as many as six players were out of the Bulldogs regular lineup. Notable injuries were Steve Burckhalter, in- jured twice with a severly pulled hamstring and a season-ending fracture of his lower leg, David Hall, out with a dislocated kneecap and an injury to an eye, Ty Clodfelter, down with torn muscles in his foot, and Gary Taylor, injured with minor bruises and abrasions from a freak accident. The Bulldogs pulled together and managed to make the most of a bad situation. The reserves filled their respective positions nicely and put fourth a brilliant effort, enabling Trinity to equal the previous year's record of seven wins and ten losses. Leading the way offen- sively was Chris Peronto, Gary Taylor, and David Hall. Defensively, the Bulldogs were led by Tommy Hancock, Greg Allen, Gary Taylor, and Jeff Hill. Chris Peronto was selected as best offensive player while Gary Taylor was awarded most valuable player for his fine, all-around performance. Tommy Hancock was singled out for his reliability in being named best defensive player, and Bill Austin was named as the most improved player. Being named to the Tri-County 3A All- Conference Select Team were Tommy Hancock and Gary Taylor. The soc- cer team was indeed sorry to see its seniors leave, but will rely on its youth in the future to overcome the bad breaks of the 1986-87 season. Plaqued by injuries and inexperience, the THS Varsity Soccer team got off to a slow start, but managed to come together and finish with a respectable record. - Bobby McCroskey M f .f ,ff 7 Z my I , K -11 5 fa . 3 A- - . ...M-.j We , - ' 1 David Hall hurriedly looks upfield for an open man against Thomasville as Kevin Halligan rushes to provide support. Bobby McCroskey, Kenny Livengood, and David Helms play for the Bulldogs with passion and power. , , , 5 1 , I I , ' J t , , V W-4Q w fp ' 1 , 'YW A '12 1 ,w ,U "r"7'. s-W ' EE' . ff W yr a A I ,M K I 4 gffly I' fn qi ,ix Z rf V' ' r 22 "X f 1 947 ,QV ffl? If I I VA.. - . .15TAf . A sf QQZZ5 QQ' AB kr I' w ff g d av f wg nf' ww ., I I A-4: ,. ,EIN f.,, g as' ' f 2""Zf1xf:', ' ,V ,gf 394: 3 5 rw W, A Wy, , ,gh 'sw SS Pl"3'9i8-1 'I ek. 3 4 L . Q NX E552 Nw M QL W fr x I 'tl , ' a 'Z x , ,' 2Tx'?..,i, V 3fl'fl2iMS5fiQ 11af,fW ia -4- 4-1 4? wwf' ,Z m-n4 f I 4, fllfiriji I ml' H Aff 'X ly' x L f" "?'f,Q ,-5' W - . v ff ,f fyfgq M42 ,..- aw. ' ' f , 1 fl fter a long, hard four days at Champion heerleading Camp, the 1986-87 varsity heerleading squad comes home with smil- lg faces because of a second place trophy. lembers include Regina Sechrest, Heather ohnson, Wendy Lockhart. Beth Smith, :lvisor Sandra Richardson, captain Lorie labe, Amy Clodfelter, and Kelly Johnston. Long hours of practice, great dedication, and true Bulldog spirit were just some of the characteris- tics which described the varsity squad. The squad, consisting of eight girls, began its season early by try- ing out in May of the previous school year, and then attended a spirit camp at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The camp which gathered cheerleaders from all parts of North Carolina, was designed to sharpen the girls' cheering techniques and help them learn new routines for the coming season. It was a successful trip as the girls won six ribbons. best show night. best pom routine, a spirit stick, and a second place overall rat- ing. The squad had many changes this year due to new state safety regula- tions. No pyramids could be higher than two people. The girls were not allowed to use mini-tramps or per- form flips in which one's weight was totally supported by another. The captain of the squad was Lorie Mabe. Other squad members included seniors Amy Clodfelter, Wendy Lockhart, Kelly Johnston, and iuniors Sherri Barnes, Heather Johnson, Regina Sechrest, and Beth Smith. Despite minor problems, the girls devoted themselves to promoting school spirit and Bulldog Pride. Because of the support of advisor Sandra Richardson, the girls agreed that the year had been enjoyable and worth all the hours of practicing spent preparing new routines for each game and pep rally. - Lorie Mabe Kelly Johnston and the entire squad show their school Vorsily Cheerleading 171 pride. My AMI' ',,, L'L- V V, e ir H ',l" Eivf ' 5 ,2,..' 1' H ,lhg , ,,,i::,,, .45 ' VVW' "'2 Daron Scarboro paces himself to an eighth place finish against High Point Central. Most valuable player Gary Gann dominated this year's cross country team with an average of five minutes and twenty seconds a mile. Against the Bisons, he takes second place with a time of twelve minutes and twenty- three seconds. Front line runners Robbie Sechrest, Doug Allred and Gary Gann sprint ahead to take sixth, fourth and second respectively against High Point Central. X 172 Cross Country : "" fl ..,, H ' ' '--,. , ' ' "-- .L " ettgi L i ii iii i Kneeling- Bobby Dabal Adam Pegram Gary Gann Robbie Sechrest Daron Scarboro Jason Berry Standing- Bill Wilder Michael Nelson O Dawn while, Doug Allred, John Shelton, Eric Riddick, and David Reynolds. 'Q Gy. DEDICATION AND ETERMINATION Despite the many difficulties, hardships, and responsibilities that running cross country presents, the season went well for both the team and for several individuals. There were fourteen participants who were willing to give first year coach Bill Wilder their complete abilities. Together they proved to be very successful with a conference record of 3-1. Although many of the partici- pants had never run before, they did not let this handicap them. Voted most valuable by his teammates, Gary Gann led Trinity with his great speed and endur- ance, and most improved went to Michael Nelson. Individual talent and team unity by Doug Allred, Robbie Sechrest, Daron Scar- boro, David Reynolds. Eric Rid- dick, Bobby Dabal, Mike Taylor, Bryan Kennedy, Dawn White, Jason Berry, and Adam Pegram made the season an outstanding one. The physical strains actually began at the start of the summer and ended with the conference meet at Central Davidson on October 29th, and the state regional at McLeansviIIe on November 7th. Trinity finished third out of six teams at the con- ference meet and twelth out of eighteen teams at the state regionals. Gary Gann, Doug All- red, Robbie Sechrest, David Reynolds, Daron Scarboro, Jason Berry and John Shelton represented Trinity at the very cold and wet state regionals. THS was represented by the finest who gave all they had. Memories of the strains and pains of competition equaled the memories of team cooperation. As Gary Gann recalled the successful season, he stated, "I was real pleased with the season and thought everyone excelled greatly. l am looking forward to next year." The '86-'87 cross country team was truly full of "Dedication and Determination." - Dawn White THS 46-17 THS 21-41 THS 27-28 THS 27-30 THS 3RD THS 12TH ASHEBORO RAGSDALE ANDREWS H.P. CENTRAL CONFERENCE MEET STATE REGIONALS " Low score Wins Dawn White, the only female runner on the cross country team, heads home for a grand finish. -Ah If M.. .1 l'hotography: Kevin Keith and .IQ0'WiIIiams CVOSS COUUTVY 173 JOURNEY CF CHAMPIONS VARSITY WRESTLING: Front Row: Robbie Dennis. Jeff Caughron. Mark Horn, Kevin Keith, David Hall, Kenny Livengood. Back Row: Curtis Godwin, Wally Campbell, Ken Hill, Chris Dennis. Bryan Reece. Avery Payne. ill? Kenny Livengood struggles to regain control in his 98 lb. match against Chapel Hill High School. 174 Vorsily Wrestling - .L if 'hi r-r. . ,,"' . , " it "' -. . 4 X YAQKA 12 ol' f N.. ' . F . 3. . eau Wally Campbell expresses elation after defeating his opponent in the Northwest Cabarrus match. l'lmIn5p'rrpllgl.' K: rin Ihfllf :1ml.laIl llvlllilnfs .ml . . 5 2-ff 'E .. A R t Q f il , 51 .5 ' l , I I K . . f W I , uk all-rj-T.-Ci 1 gi , X , it it 7' L 'v W3 4 1 , ULF-ri." f .f'Z'fw3w QW . . 1 . Coach Jerry Winnett and Bryan Rees congratulate Mark Horn on his victory the Asheboro match. N . WWF' David Hall looks at the score after his success in the CHHS match. b.. 551: J, 4 R o b b i e De n n i s stretches his competi- tor as he attempts to pin him. t W Trinity's wrestlers concentrate on the action during their triumph over Asheboro. Jeff Caughron shows his determination as he controls his opponent during the CHHS match. 1, Vorsity Wrestling 175 Kevin Keith executes a forward trip during the Northwest Cabarrus match. David Hall picks his opponent up off the mat before taking him down for a pin. Bryan Reece covers his Chapel Hill opponent in the final moments before pinning him. 176 Vorsiiy Wrestling Curtis Godwin receives last minute instructions before confronting his Asheboro opponent. The Bulldog team huddles around Coach Jerry Winnett for final strategy against Northwest Cabarrus. . Photography: Kevin Keith cmd JeffWill 0 be a good wrestler, one has to spend a lot of time practicing. Bryan leece and Robbie Dennis demonstrate their willingness to be winners. Tradition was not broken on the wrestling mat this season, as once again, the varsity wrestling team proved itself to be at the top of its class. The wrestlers en- tered the first prac- tice with a mixture of excitement and hesitation. The ex- citement was gener- ated because nine starters returned from a squad that finished 9th in the state last year, in- cluding David Hall, who finished 4th at 112 pounds. The hesitation came from the know- ledge that H.P. Andrews had an extremely strong squad, which would challenge Trinity's domi- nance of the Tri- County Conference. They opened the season with a vic- tory over Chapel Hill High School. The Bulldogs then garnered a 2nd place finish at the GrimsleyWrestling Tournament, a 1st place finish in the R o c k i n g h a m pl t1es: Angela Russell, Captaing Jamie Rice, Co-Captain, Leigh Rice, Tina Hill, Wendy ary Ellen Matthews, Charlotte Nester, DeAnna Leviner, Angel Hubbard, Tammy hL H S'HII County Tourna- ment, and a 2nd place in the Eden Morehead Tourna- ment. After win- ning the Trinity ln- vitational, the Bull- dogs were ranked second inthe state. The Bulldogs came in third in the conference. They beat Asheboro, Central Davidson, and Ragsdale, but dropped decisions to H.P. Central and H.P. Andrews. The Bulldogs finished second in the regionals and third in the state. STATS THS 57 CHAPEL HILL GRIMSLEY TOURNAMENT THS 50 NW CABARRUS ROCKINGHAM COUNTY TOURNAMENT MOREHEAD TOURNAMENT THS THS THS THS THS THS THS LEDFORD PAGE EASTERN RANDOLPH CHARLOTTE CATHOLIC T C ROBERSON WEST CAULDWELL SOUTH ROWAN 18 2ND 18 ST 2ND TRINITY INVITATIONAL S THS THS THS THS THS THS CENTRAL DAVIDSON ASHEBORO ALBEMARLE RAGSDALE H P CENTRAL H P ANDREWS REGIONALS 2ND STATE 3RD 1 50 24 55 18 50 23 63 6 34 . . 20 59 14 33 25 THS 37 EAST FORSYTH 29 1 t 59 18 56 12 63 12 49 17 30 . . 38 16 . . 48 Grapplerettes Angel Hubbard and Tammy Parrish help to make the wrest ling program a success. Susie Hall supports and cheers on the wrestlers to another victory. Vorsily Wrestling 177 1-" "'1'1 " ::u, W it 'v lm :M JE? WYE: W , it , X his ' N wi ,, ser: fs- H 2- wma? lyitw'-lrgswt.,-wfffeg'''-f'2igg,-wzfnz:-EffN ' -We - 'Q!':Qwf121,1-'fl'-'M gggtii,,gflg,,,,i,,,. ., .. ,,5,M,,,,i.m . .. Www , ,,,,l9,, ,.. 5.5, ,,.. l -,,m,,..lg,,,.,,lg,wgq,. M3g,,W5,gLg3mq13,A,g,.z,, Big. A cami-we-'Jai . iwfsffgf'1-It-51Pesf2iflvwrmtalkative?sit.-wasfsw-lift .L.5fmfmff yew ,Q ftlfiawww bi uw I- -if ine' ,gmguggV'tsl,,,,,,.L,5g5,.5pg,,,gfgg,Qi,.,yq,-,L,i:,,Wim,l,,Qqgastgm , ',.,,.li,iaSi2' evisassfgiggsgi ,,-gt, 'Y iiiii Us Wil., X g -- ' .. W -. - f i? if Q Y. 11 ' 'gi A " 1' --SiffifgfisiiglgWaff5f'922l"l4ffwf?Wf1 flfllfiiiii' 1-ffflifffffh .weieirexzuwitl l:1i35-fee. fmww':fti:- .wtszfks iw Sz. .asian M2531mmf-Ewa5few'H:fmPM'wifiiffsilzaw'Emgfil-2,276"4w2i2.,wm-mai' las l . - ' '54 H,354""',,zinfer4if...qv5.Qasnz1w,.f1i-s122z.A2'iiws1gez.fgs-'xgggi22111:milf'giiiiiiifiiitwif-.gzgj-1,fgzgfasmgf,g.:g-me-zzzfiggwglfiiifffzfwe-.,3,:i,:,s,wifi'iffmx-f-px-gg::rg1ii'g"we,vw,r:g,g1g2Q551Asiszagsaggzggsni,-ii?wy?ssgz2 if gggmtf' ' m9'fiJ'L'i2""3'5- W Img., 5 I If ---, .. - 'N " A ,gg may-'B' if fa. 4, 1 "" W ' "" "'k'- 'w,gg3'SiZf,,H?Z4 ' .-.f'T":c5 , 'H A' M LL,,,, ' .W ,-4" its Front center - Coach Carl Floyd. Back row - Johanna Jurado, Dana , L, Hunsucker, Karren Joyce, Terra Hinshaw, Stephanie Pugh, Angie West, Kenda Dawkins, Cathy Kim, and Leigh Rice. Wil. ffm . eaiiii f A good serve is a crucial part of the outcome of any L match. Karren Joyce possesses this ability and skill- A ...... ...,.. i H-.'Y...q.f5.P.'?Y?. .FF.!f'F3C'1 and eVe'Y match- 2 if KLL,r Vff,. 1 2, ,KKL,. .QQ ,VL-. -A ., . . gl- i 1'aQf1iisf,:fE1 .,,.w-gig' Love as defined by Webster's Collegiate Dictionary is a strong, usually passionate, af- fection for a person of the opposite sex. But when the score is love- 40 in the third set of the sixth game, love takes on a whole new mean- ing. The THS girls' ten- nis team had many love experiences this sea- son. Through the stormy weather though, the girls' determination, skill for the game, and ability to hustle made them true winners. They began the sea- son on September 22nd with a match against long-time rival Ragsdale. New players gained the knowledge of what it takes to be a good tennis player from that one match. The girls built on this defeat and gained their first taste of victory when they traveled to Central Davidson. They defeated the Spartans 7-2. Winning their single matches were Karren Joyce, Cathy Kim, Stephanie Pugh, Leigh Rice and Angie West. Teaming up to win double matches were Step- hanie Pugh and Leigh Rice and Johanna Jurado and Karren Joyce. The girls ended their season with a record of 1-9. Special honors this year went to our Chris Evert Lloyd, Cathy Kim. Her talent and skill took her all the way to the state play- offs at Chapel Hill. She was also selected for the All Conference tennis team and was chosen as Trinity High School's most valu- able player. First-year coach Carl Floyd helped not only to improve the girls' skills, but gave them many humorous mo- ments to cherish for- ever. - Angie West fl? 3 'K M Q H , v.1:4,i1k,f ....x 1 4 X. 'Hu Q I i 5 3 2 IW Q. .K Q' W un Brent Norfleet scores two points against High Point Andrews. Dee Brown attacks the zone defense of the Red Raiders. He was a great asset to the team during the first half of the season. p u . T4 VARSITY BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM: Kneeling - Jay Goodnight, Brent Norfleet, Mike White, Chris Rosenbaum, Standing - Lonnie Wallace, David Helms, Lenny Webb, Ricky Hilburn, Greg Allen. 180 Vorsily Boys' Basketball Plmfogra NEVER SAY DIE The first day of prac- tice began in November with high expectations and plenty of enthu- siasm. First year coach Eddie Lloyd promised to bring a new look to an old system. After final cuts, twelve members began serious practice, but due to injuries and discouragement, only ten hardy souls re- mained at the end of the season. The Bulldogs opened the season at the East Davidson Tip-Off Tour- nament. They dropped a hard fault decision to Southwest Randolph in the opening round but rebounded with a thrill- ing victory over Central Davidson in the consola- tion round. As the season pro- gressed, the outlook dimmed. Many games that looked promising at the half slipped through their fingers in the sec- ond half. Important wins were against East David- son and Central David- son. This year's team con- sisted of four sopho- mores Greg Allen, Travis Harper, Ricky Hilburn, and captain Lonnie Wal- lace, two juniors, David Helms, and Lenny Webb, and four seniors, Jay Goodnight, captain Brent Norfleet, captain Chris Rosenbaum, and Mike White. Senior lead- ership provided by Goodnight, Norfleet, and Rosenbaum helped the phy: Kevin Keith and JQffvVlHlllIII8 team through many dis- appointments. Despite the final record of 2-19, fans' support for the team did not fade. Fan attributed their suppo to the Bulldogs' spiri and the team's "never- say-die" attitude. The reality of the sea son fell woefully short o the goals set by first yea coach, Eddie Lloyd. But: with many veterans re- turning next year, the outlook for improve- ment in the win column is great. - Pam Dennis 'W 'iw' ,.,,MamM.m M,.W,,,W, ., f,,, i Vi fm., 1 T E 9 V ' T7 V- I ff S ff , ,f 5' In 4 ',g,y" L 1 I ,M fx .JK 1 ,.....,.-A" """"'--M.-n-"' W1 31' MAKING IT BIG S' Young and experienced are tw words that usually do not g together. This was not true, hovl ever, for the Lady Bulldogs. A though the team consisted of a juniors except for two sophomores they still had a year of varsity exper ence. lt was obvious that the absence 3 seniors did not effect the ability this group. Their accurate outsid shots and remarkable rebound were two factors that determine the height of their success. Th leading ladies on this team wer Gail White, Denise Sikes, Lori Hil LeAnn Kennedy, and Deana Browr Leading scorers and top rebouno ers were LeAnn Kennedy and Ga White. In her second year, Renee Haye guided this team to yet anotha outstanding season. Relying o their quickness to pull ther through, the girls played a man t man defense that concentrated o steals and other turnovers t prevent their opponents from scol mg. With a conference record of 7- and an overall record of 14-4, th Bulldogs got better and better as th year progressed. They finishe third in the conference during th regular season and finished secon in the Tri-County Conferenc Tournament. - Rodney Davi U . l Top: Gail White, who scores with ease in the lane, gives the Lady Bulldogs an importa victory over the Red Raiders. Left: Stretching for her shot, Deana Brown reaches just beyond the groping arms of th H.P. Andrews player. The Bulldogs pulled this one out of their hats with a score of 46-4 182 Vorsify Girls' Bgskefboll Bottom: The Bulldogs defend their state ranking with strong inside play by LeAnn Ke nedy, Gail White, Lori Hill, and Denise Sikes. I' Charging down court, guard Holly Fulche concentrates on where she is carrying the ball st Ragsdale. Trinity won the game by a again score of 46-43. I986-87 VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM MEMBERS: Kneeling - Holly Fulcher, enee Hyde, Lydia Hancock, Deana Brown, Stand- -g -- Coach -Renee Hayes, Michelle Stilley, Denise lkes, Lori Hill, LeAnn Kennedy, Gail White. O ST Dom 15. RD T HPS 7,9 56 59 oF0 E XNES so . 2 i. wi 19 Sicfgruvlwv Nce 5 65 EDFORD N Al-WA QL 5 55 Louwifl 1 QAND T 70 5 QTNXNES SON 1 S ,B 5051 Dmno LWAN0 12,5 56 2P6U1HEQND':,vioS0 1x-KS EIR, CESUEQDBE 5 vi. GS0Ai.ED,,yio5o T A6 ru 58 cf: Anim sv O TH as 15 RPG QR Trl 2.3, ASHEEQQHO P-P-L E1oUP' R 1 3 HP' NT 1 na PH lg H E 51 5 N A53 1 A W A3 -rx-iS N A5 N5 A6 HP- RN, 52 5 T p,QN'-5 in 5 S 62 Q, 5 I 5 155 - 'wi ll 55 C Rr: COUNTY '59 .... ' ' X 'Y Y ' I! Yu ll W Y U , 1.5 A l lll T . ..... T , .. A M "N ugwill 1 L 5' ' - Z 'T if VV lll T T 55 .. .,,, ,T A ..... A lllll 1 .ggggg ll T . N A .lll i t l l Photography: Kevin Keith 111 ld JQffLViNlflIlIS Vo rsily Girls' Bos keTDC1ll 183 5 Travis Harper dazzles the Asheboro defend- ers as his quarterback sneak gains first down yardage. X OVERWHELMING ENTHUSIASM August 1st was just an ordi- nary day for most THS students, but for football players, it meant hitting the practice field. With a new junior varsity coach, Eddie Lloyd, many questions and con- cerns dominated practices. Many questions were an- swered in the early part of the season when Trinity shut out a strong Flandleman team 14-0. With their backs against the wall, the fighting Bulldogs also defeated Central Davidson 14-6. was led by freshmen Rodnei Steed and Dwight Quick. The defensive unit had a successful year and was led by Donald Davis and freshmar Brian Taylor. The team's 3-7 record brough some feelings of grief, but man! freshmen and sophomore: received desperately needeo playing time for future battles or the gridiron. The '86 j.v. football team con sisted of hard work and motiva A final victory for the Bulldogs-tion produced an outstandin came against Asheboro as they-level of play on the football fiel - defeated the Comets 24-14.-The team's numbers were sma These were great victories for a-but these players had "Ove young but strong team. whelming Enthusiasm" whic A strong passing offense was led them to their victories. directed by sophomore Travis -T0dd MOS Harper, and the running attack .f-..zQ. ... XA 'X . . pgg p ta fn rr A , . . XX, Aqi! 1, 4 i: Q1 Q I at 'T W iii'liii T FI. 1f:. A M E' 3 -iif 1 ififgggg 1, KEVKKK K A , N K ,,,. 1 'i c., 5 V ..., A A .. ....,,. X.-Xi if 1 , gggg I P s ' ...W , 2 'ev v - -r ilz ii zz iig -wfmyfpx . ' L. s-FAC-M.'ij,M ---t-' Q-'Mx '..-.- tsss Q --M -- - 1: :.f.-v ---:.w:: 1: :f'f1f1 11 mffs'-zzvmumssmmws.. ---W ,,. .,,. ,,,1g.:4...1,... ,..,,.. , ...,,,..., Byerly Grady Stone Brian Hand Brad Sikes Corey Johnson Greg Simmons Mar THE 1986 J.V. FOOTBAQL TEAM: Bottom to Top - Travis Harper, Mark Key, Heat 5 7 7 ' 7 - ' 1 I l S Hall, Eric McCall, Trent Walker, Toby Smith, Talbert Williams, Ricky Hllburn, Larr Treadaway, Chris Philemon, Dale Kinley, Billy O'NeaI, Scott Gray, Faron Skeen, Cha Faw, Donald Davis, Ryan McCall, David Kidd, Tony Benson, Alan Dean, David Barne 1 and Coach Eddie Lloyd. 184 J.V. Football Mark Key leads the Bulldogs to another earned victory. sf ' . f 1. ' . 1 is -'H ,, , or tttltt . rtttt 1 Eric McCall breaks through the defensive lin'e of Randleman. Greg Simmons runs aggressively and gives the Bulldogs a first down. THS LEDFORD THS RANDLEMAN THS SOUTHERN GUILFORD THS GLENN THS HIGH POINT CENTRAL THS CENTRAL DAVIDSON THS RAGSDALE THS ASHEBORO THS HIGH POINT ANDREWS 0 14 14 0 12 28 THS 0 EASTERN RANDOLPH 28 0 35 0 40 14 6 14 21 24 18 0 55 M , ,ig ft- , , " fzfjigffif g Trent Walker catches a glimpse of daylight as the double reverse opens the field for him. l0fII!1I phy.'Ke1'inKeifl1 J.V. Fooilooll 185 Sv .1.,"fr f J Q l " 1 w f fg afw it , L l, -3112? 1 ., ,uw ,, IL!!-nal" , , , I ....., gt . W M 1 'i 9- 4. A A, W: A v ' WM M, l. ,M ,. W, t 1 V24 ,vi .,..,.. . ,T 'Jil M ff K' My we pw, ,,,. W M, N, ,z-wb, ,W-,,., A , 'Z' boro. 5 Staying off the net is the least of if Myra Grainger's worries as she i goes for the dink. 186 J.V. Voile boil Dinking the ball over for another point advantage, Christy Corneli- son proves that they do not always have to be put-aways. Robin Joyce proves she is the best server on the team as she scores a point for the Bulldogs against Ashe- Under extreme pressure, Jennifer Hughes concentrates and makes a beautiful pass. y Photography: Kevin Keith and Jeff William QL3f3. iq 5 .Ii E . H, , "' ' ' af L me F if if W' . - 5 If' -iwz, k"',fv?' , f-292 ' Wg' Hmlif. W ffidf H A ""' ' T H 5 W 5 if A Tw 5 3 , , MM , , Y 4 , ' W 5 a ' fp 'fi Q. ' K 7 'A ,Q.wffff , K Q L r S H The beginning of a n some meant reuniting For thefigv cheerleaders, new year meant learning new cheers and working togetherifas a teamli Eight girls began their by out In April of the previous year and then attending spiritidiimp on at West Forsyth j.v. cheerleaders also attended a four day summerlcamp from June 23-26 at Wake Forest University They earned several awards including six supreme e ribbons, one superior ribbo and a spirit T Throughout August, the girls all worked t hard tosffyet ready for 1881l133fiiii3grv cheerleaders Tonya Wall and Angel Roberts lead the cheers during the THS-Randleman football game. fTop Leftl The j.v. cheer- leaders take a rest from heavy practices while at- tending a camp at Wake Forest University. ...J N4-I ac, lBottom Leftl Robin Simmons, Melissa Beeson, Lesley Hendrix, Tonya Wall, and Angel Roberts leads their Bulldogs to another victory. J.V. Cheerleaders 189 BUILDING THE FUTURE continued success of their varsity counterparts with another fine season. Led by the wrestling of Billy Braxton and Mark The foes Q40-161 andsftxsheboro 154-12jf Wrestling is considered the toughest of all sports because it requiresfstrength, endur- ance, and determination. the success of r -- Jason Bates 'Maw Mark Key celebrates another victory by doing it his Throughout the season, he demonstrated a strong to win. J.V. WRESTLING TEAM: Front Row - Coach Bob Mayton, Ryan McCall, Bill Austin, Patrick Breese, Todd Upchurch, Back Row - Brian Nealey, Mark Key, Mark Barnes, Braxton White. ff' Using his muscles, Brian Nealey works desperately to maneuver his opponent to - the mat. Trying to end the struggle, Mark Ban Photography: Kevin Keith, 41 struggles to pin down his challenger. gncentrating on trying to get his opponent's shoulder to the t, Mark Key strains for the victory. 'axton White maneuvers his opponent from Forbush into nning position. O S I A I ,S THS 34 LEDFORD 39 THS 33 CHAPEL HILL 12 ,THS 60 FORSYTH COUNTRY DAY 12 THS 25 LEDFORD 54 THS 66 EASTERN RANDOLPH 12 THS 2nd NEWTON-CONOVER TounNEv THS 44 CHARLOTTE LATIN 22 THS 54 Fcn 18 THS em n.J. REYNOLDS TOURNEY THS 54 ASHEBORO 12 ' THS 40 RAGSDALE 16 l Ryan McCall prevents his opponent from reversing his position This is Ryan's first season with the Bulldogs. Mark Barnes see a victory in the future, despite tangling with a partl cularly menacing opponent. Ryan McCall gives it his all in an attempt to win the match for him self and for the Bulldogs. J.V. Wrestling 191 THS THS THS THS THS THS THS 43 THS 52 THS 57 THS 36 THS 51 THS 47 THS 41 THS 56 THS 62 THS 44 THS THS LEDFORD LEDFORD RAGSDALE RAGSDALE ASHEBORO ASHEBORO H.P. CENTRAL H.P. CENTRAL SOUTHERN ALAMANCE SOUTHWEST RANDOLPH EAST DAVIDSON SOUTHERN ALAMANCE SOUTH STOKES EAST DAVIDSON CENTRAL DAVIDSON H.P. ANDREWS CENTRAL DAVIDSON H.P. ANDREWS 71 42 41 73 67 57 53 76 85 64 Photography: Kevin Keith and Jeff Williams 73 81 52 57 42 64 52 51 51 61 39 65 J.V. BOYS' BASKETBALL: Kneeling - Brian Gammons, Scott Dalton, Ty Clodfelter, Standing - Coach Robert Wilson, David Kidd, Daryl Poole, Daron Scarboro, Coach Randy Justice. 'ml H171 M x 1181735 3 1? E2 fm H1771 N L M! Taking dead aim, Daron Scarboro concentrates hard as he drills a jump shot while a H.P. Andrews player tries to stop im. 192 J.V. Boys' Boskelboll GETTING THERE THE HARD WAY The junior varsity boys basketball team faced a year of rebuilding as a number of its members graduated to the var- sity level. Other problems con- fronting the squad was the fact that many players were moved up during the course of the season to fill the varsity roster. Despite these and other dis- advantages, the team was able to pull it together and salvage a fairly respectable season by making the best of a bad situ- ation. The eight-member squad relied on the leadership provided by its sophomores. These included Greg Allen, lights of the season includ wins against Central Davi son, East Davidson, al Southwestern Randolph. Strong overall play was co tributed by Ty Clodfelter ai Scott Dalton, whose abiliti on the court were helpful achieving some success d ing the year. One of the bl things about the team was outstanding passing. Th were very unselfish with t ball, and they hustled well. Through the dedication volunteer coaches Robert Vl- son and Randy Justice, t team members, and the I Travis Harper, Ricky Hilburn lbefore they were moved up to varsityj, Daron Scarboro, and Brian Gammons. These young men showed considerable poise through even the tough- est times on the court. High- agers, the junior varsity I basketball team was able see only the bright side of somewhat disappointing 1 87 season. - Bobby 4 H, W 5 W if 126 ii f f ,,,A 5 ,,,3,, . . .fu I J , 2 , yy 5 , A ai ' 1 4 X jx N' 'ai QNX ff W' x lm, Ss. Q, 5,4 WINNING MORE THAN EXPECTED ' -1 I Spirit and teamwork brought new success to the Bulldogs as the THS junior varsity girls' basketball team had a much better start this year than last. Due to the return of four players, Robin Joyce, Stephanie Pugh, Tobi Wood, and Dawn White, the team won early victories against SW Randolph, East Davidson, Central Davidson, H.P. Andrews, and Ragsdale. Attitude was a major strong point in the team's success. Other strong points were the size of the team, good defense, and overall offensive balance. The successful combination of Stephanie Pugh at center and Angie Stevenson at power-forward gave the offensive power the Bull- dogs needed to score victo- ries. New players to the junior varsity squad were Paula Hill, Mindy Hussey, Heather McNair, Laura Monroe, Drancy Parrish, Angie Stevenson, and Amy Tucker. Terry Linthicum had a very successful coaching year. Potential can be defined as capable of being or becoming, and this team was definitely capable. With a final record of 14-1, it was a season of "Winning More Than Expected." - Stephanie Morris Reaching for the basket, Laura Monroe and Dawn White tries. force the ball away from the Red Raiders and into the goal. Tobi Wood demonstrates grace under pressure against H.P. Andrews. s I at WI ? .3 i I A I Having a ball, Angie Stevenson, looks inside for an opt teammate. , Q4 1986-87 JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM: Kneeling - Dawn Whi - I Mindy Hussey, Laura Monroe, Drancy Parrish, Heather McNair, Robin Jo ,St d' -- C 194 'W' GMS BOSKGIIJOII Terry Linthicum, Paula Hill, Amy Tucker, Angie Stevenson, Stephanie Igiiegh, gfroblinlgvoodfaa gn I O ' -'f 'll AQ' f N-ag 1,' , an 4,51 5? , . . .3 , , fi wfzanf: -,,'- . .,,, 4 THE NEW GENERATIDN The sports program at THS helps to bring together students from different cliques around the school. Friendship and dedication serve as a core for a challenging sports program. There were changes in the THS Athletic Department, including the resigna- tion of athletic director Franklin Cecil. But these changes did not lessen the quality of both new and old athletes at THS. One of the most unrecognizable sports teams at Trinity was a group of swimmers representing the high school at the Thomasville YMCA. Throughout the year, they partici- pated in various meets and always came out on the winning side. For their efforts each was awarded an athletic letter. Tradition continued to play a part in the girls' varsity basketball program. The Lady Bulldogs marched through the regular sea- son, and they advanced to the play-offs by winning the confer- ence tournament. Play-off wins in- cluded emotional victories over Asheboro, Southern Durham, S.W. Edgecombe, H.P. Central, H.P. Andrews, and Graham. Once again, the THS wrestlers finished among the top teams in the state. Five grapplers placed in the top four in their respective weight divisions with Curtis Godwin becoming Trinity's first state champion in a number of years. A varsity girls' soccer team followed quickly on the heels of the success created by their male counterparts. Lacking depth and experience among other things, these special young ladies per- severed throughout the season and continued to mature as the games progressed. These sports proved that although winning is important to them, teamwork and cooperation are tools one can use throughout high school and life. Congrat- ulations were in order for the teams and participants that made sports at THS "The New Gener- ation." - Bobby McCroskey Paul Game races for the finish to gain a victory for Trinity's newest sport. f LQ- f 196 Roundup STATE WRESTLING FINALISTS: Mark Horn lf3rdIl, Dav Hall l2ndl, Ken Hill f3rd1, Bryan Reece l3rdIl, Coa Winnett, Curtis Godwin Q1 stl. ch Jer nf I nk ' L -Vw Pm Ugg is .Q VU, ,. K, .k Hi-Q1 Wx I , 5 g X ,-hx .1 1 1, g - , H 13:36 7 ' sf if Hp-fx 'QE N' 'l N QW ' Nw in I Q . H iw 1-Q , 5 3 ,,,,.,f , 42" M . MMU-I 'in . yMw..eQgasX K s fai. Q -so Orlando Barrios takes a quick look while he slides into second base. Kurt Gurley holds a Randle- man player on base. Trinity won the game. As junior Bobby Nance spots the ball, he uses his strength to wack it to deep center field. Gary Taylor concentrates on I I fort to steal second base. if il f Photography: Kevin Keith and Steve Harris THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS STATS RANDLEMAN RANDLEMAN LEDFORD E DAVIDSON S ALAMANCE E DAVIDSON S ALAMANCE LEDFORD C DAVIDSON RAGSDALE ASHEBORO H P CENTRAL H P ANDREWS RAGSDALE ASHEBORO C DAVIDSON H P CENTRAL H P ANDREWS Vorsily Baseball 199 the Randleman pitcher in an ef- NOT FULLY LOADED With this year's THS varsity girls basketball team dominat- ing its conference and winning in the state play-offs in late March, it caused many prob- lems for coaches Cathy Claris and Teresa Shaw. In fact they were forced to coach the first part of the season with a mix- ture of varsity and junior varsity players. The varsity softball team suf- fered more than the junior var- sity because seven important returning players, Gail White, Lori Hill, Denise Sikes, Deana Brown, LeAnn Kennedy, Renee Hyde, and Lydia Hancock, were involved in an intense basket- ball season. However, at the beginning of the season Coach Claris stated that she was "hoping for another winning season once the squad was complete with all of its missing players." First year rookie, Coach Teresa Shaw commented, "I am expecting a successful softball season because of all the talent displayed in the previous seasons." There was no doubt that she understood the purpose of the junior varsity squad and that was to build a team for the varsity. Both coaches and players were counting on both a win- ning season and a champion- ship season. The combination of experienced, strong sopho- more and freshman recruits, and conscientious coaches made THS softball teams the squads to beat in the Tri- County Conference. - Dawn White '1 D X 1 f 1 ,L fffg I a ,',, f '- ' 'f"' .Z ., 5' ' w f, 1 1-2 ' if r r-1 1 ' ff' Z 'ar . .ei A Pi ,rf T , fs TTT. .Q ,ffi in M Ntflfr T 1 f H31 T? 'iw "-2-' 1 A 8 -l ,,., .. Q-L., f"r'-- j L. J I 91 ww VW, f" it I .i hw. hw , f ., f 'try - a I 3 ' 15' 2 X V , f"'i ' ' , T' 3 X, ,jf f 1 f I it rarri T z. "f T it . ' 5 , ., 'p . V ,,- if . ,. , ,. . , ,,,, fre' " 'r f f ,,,, 433 W F' iff? " , Q, ""' " ,,,, , , ,, - . , ' V " '5WJ7f'W'Z1W 715 7, :.n'Lw,,,,-i, 45, ,,,. S-,',,?',5 M f V fy fc 5 I 'i :QQ I ' .M , A ,,,, ,V ,f-,,, I ,f.,,,, . -,-ffm. - -, fe -H f W- ,W , f , ,. ff - M, Vryk Vyy, , . j In ,V . M, ,Q-,,,V, V, 1 , ,. , , ff aff, VARSITY SOFTBALL: Front row - Kenda Dawkins, Karren Joyce, Jennifer Hughes, Kelly Hall, Lydia Hancock, Renee Canter, Daisy Barrios, Back row - Coach Cathy Claris, Lachovia Parrish, Renee Hyde, Gail White, LeAnn Kennedy, Lori Hill, Denise Sikes, Deana Brown. 200 J.V.!Vorsify Softball In one motion, Kenda Dawkins fields a solid hit ball and takes it to first for an easy out against Southeast Guilford. Stephanie Pugh shows 4 great anticipation for a I strike, despite the stare I from a very dismayed 1 Western Guilford player. f Dawn White does more than eye the ball as she slams it through the infield during a junior varsity game against Western Guilford. Photography: Kevin Keith THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS """' THS I THS f '45 7 . ,,, T , ey f- -ws THS THS , N. THS Q' THS THS THS f'r'fJ--f STATS GRIMSLEY LEDFORD SE GUILFORD W GUILFORD FORBUSH S ALAMANCE S. STOKES SMITH LEDFORD SW RANDOLPH C. DAVIDSON ASHEBORO RAGSDALE S. GUILFORD H.P. CENTRAL ANDREWS RAGSDALE LSTT. THS ASHEBORO 1 M Q r ,L ' W' THS C. DAVIDSON - A f ff A A . , THS FORBUSH 'I 'I ' THS H.P. CENTRAL Staying warm was no problem for Lachovia Parrish as she pitched one of her hottest H'P' games against Western Guilford. O J.V. Softball THS GRIMSLEY THS S. GUILFORD THS SE GUILFORD THS W. GUILFORD THS FORBUSH THS SMITH THS E. DAVIDSON THS W. FORSYTH THS E. DAVIDSON THS E. DAVIDSON THS S. GUILFORD THS PARKLAND THS PARKLAND , THS E, DAVIDSQN JUNIOR VARSITY SOFTBALL: Front row - Krystal Lee, Michelle Scearce, THS N, DAVIDSON Heather McNair, Robin Joyce, Drancy Parrish, Christy Cornelison, Marti Ball, THS FORBUSH Wendi Lawrimore, Angie Martin, Coach Teresa Shaw, Laura Monroe, Angie Stevenson, Paula Hill, Amy Tucker, Shannon Wright, Stephanie Pugh, Dawn White, and Tobi Wood. J.V.!VOrsiTy Soflbcll 201 Stretching to the limit, Dana Trytten clears the hurdles in an exciting foot race. Eyeing his destination, Eric Newton gets a good view of the long and circular track ahead. Front Ber Row: Eric Newton, Braxton White, Tanya Safriet, Michael Nelson, Jason ry, Mi Ye Chong, Jennifer Medlin. Second Row: Steve Smith, Dana Trytten, Doug Allred, Robbie Sechrest, Devid Sink, Soren Kristensen, Kevin Halligan, Greg Allen, Daron Scarboro, Carl Hunt, Kelly Hartsoe. Back Row: Gary Gann, John Shelton, Mike Campbell. 202 Trock Photography: Jeff William S Mi Ye Chong, Jennifer Medlin, and Tany. Safriet set the pace for an exciting finish. Carrying on the tradition of Tanya Safriet reaches for the finish line. QUICK STRETCH THS HIGH POINT CENTRAL THS HIGH POINT ANDREWS THS CENTRAL DAVIDSON THS RAGSDALE RANDOLPH COUNTY MEET TH VS ASHEBORO TRI COUNTY CONFERENCE MEET SECTIONALS REGIONAL TRACK MEET STATE TRACK MEET 'he last lap is always the hardest. Devid iink uses determination and skill to pull iff another win. There are very few people that are able to master the technique of throwing the shot put. Braxton White gives it his all. Trock 203 lNHATAl A RACQUET X The boys' tennis season began as the remnants of a cold, dreary winter de- scended andthe unmistakable reminders of spring emerged once more. Many deemed this year to be a rebuilding year because of the vast number of underclassmen on the team. Yet, with a solid foundation featuring junior Andy Brown and freshmen Kevin Harris and Todd Upchurch, a successful season was possible. The tennis team was dedicated and dur- ing the season each member made every ef- fort to put the team on top. Team members included freshmen Kevin Harris and Todd Upchurch, sophomores Rodney Davis, Frank Garrido, Tommy Hancock, Van Hill, and Sean Miller, juniors Jim Apple, Andy Brown, and Greg Johnson, and senior Jason Hill. With their dedication and great effort, the team showed tremendous potential and maintained a decent record against Ashe- boro, Central Davidson, High Point Andrews, High Point Central, and Ragsdale. Tennis at Trinity in '87 was certainly the right racquet. - Bart Prevost Front row: Andy Brown, Rodney Davis, Tommy Hancock Van Hill Kevin Harris Second row Sean Miller, Jim Apple, Greg Johnson, Todd Upchurch Jason Hill Coach Carl Floyd lNot plc tured: Frank Garridol 204 Boys' Tennis 'xx 4 2 Wa 495 1 KVVV ww, Q , 'Wi M 41 1' 2 3, , 441- ' ei -43" Q, ,,k' 'I , Q fa Buudhqg Successful Season After constantly being ham- pered by bad weather, the 1987 boys junior varsity baseball team put forth hard work and dedication in an attempt to dominate its opponents in the opening games of the spring season. ln hopes for a successful sea- son, Terry Linthicum strived for hard work and effort. As of writing, the boys jayvee team have defeated such teams as Randleman Q10-5, and East Davidson Q14-Ol. Team members such as Ricky Hilburn, Greg Allen, and Mitchell Haunn provided much needed support in a successful season. Because of its dedication and hard work, the 1987 boys junior varsity baseball team succeeded in "Building a Successful Sea- son." - Scott Hartsoe 206 J.V. Boys Boseboll Left: Brad Sikes takes a big lead against Randle- man's second base- man. Right: Mitchell Haunn of Trinity scores another run against East David- son. Below: Greg Allen keeps his eye on the ball and swings in hopes of a homerun against East David- son. THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS sTATs 1 VS RANDLEMAN VS LEDFORD VS EAST DAVIDSON VS RANDLEMAN VS EAST DAVIDSON VS SOUTHERN ALAMANCE VS LEDFORD VS CENTRAL DAVIDSON VS ASHEBORO VS RAGSDALE VS HIGH POINT ANDREWS VS RAGSDALE VS ASHEBORO VS CENTRAL DAVIDSON VS HIGH POINT ANDREWS Top Left: As the baseball approaches, Talbert Williams stretches to make contact. Top Right: Ricky Hilburn of Trinity throws another strike against Randleman. Left: Travis Harper and Phillip Goodyear watch the play of the infield as Trinity wraps up another win against Randle- man. Below: Jefi McQuaigue chats with the second base runner in a game against Randleman. kXN5r Front row: Wayne Lambert, Mitchell Haunn, Corey Ogg, Bryan Hay- worth, Coach Terry Linthicum. Second row: Brad Sikes, Brian Gammons, Roscoe Roach, Ricky Hilburn, Travis Harper. Third row Phillip Goodyear, Walter Doyle, Jeff McQuaigue. J,V, Boys Baseball 207 1986 VARSITY BASEBALL an TUEWY Trinity ' r Trinity ,, A C A f AJAA , T is A . T - AAAAAAA rryrr Q V T f 4 4 gQ,,, , , 'x7iii7'ifiif. 'ialfg' ffl fl' :ii-Vivid, Q , 'li ' " fr JL, A A A 1986 VARSITY SOFTBALL Trinity Trinity Trinity 4 Trinity Trinity 4 Trinity 4 Trinity liW'i Trinity 41 Trinity 4 Trinity 41 Trinity 4 W1 W1 Wir Wi Wi Trinity llwfl Trinity 4 Trinity l 4 4 Trinity 4 Trinity 4 1 Trinity 4 Trinity r .WYP Trinity 4 C L A r T .Wi 'l .W. IWIl .VW sae VARSITY TRACK 'W'l A A v Trinity 4lMl Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity 4wi WW Trinity Trinity iWi f'v,,.a, ,,,, f 1,,sis9:'JszfQ::,1 ff at Ledford East Davidson Ledford Forbush Forbush Southern Guilford Southern Alamance Ragsdale A Lrr,r 1986 J-V- BASEBALL Trinity 1 1 Trinity GM Trinity Trinity 4Wi Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity iWi Southwest Randolph . ttry 4Wi Asheboro Central Davidson High Point Central Ragsdale Asheboro Eastern Randolph Davidson Central 1'i1" i - Andrews High Point Andrews Thomasviiig AShebOI'0 Central Daxidson Poiiigiiiiiindrews .HiQhrPoirit1.CentraI Ra9Sda'e Asheboro Central D j idson High P iftndrews High Point Central Ragsdale y J Eastern Randolph Randleman vs. 4 vsr.Southwest Randolph 208 Scoreboard TriniiY7 vs ,ii Trinity 4ill4l44'4i ' R Trinity Trinity ,',, Tri T f film' 'fi . East Davidson y Ledford . East Davidson A d if lk .Eastern Randolph Ftandieman ft :Eastern Randolph . Randieman yt . ,Ragsdale 4 Asheboro 'I Central Davidson :High Point . High Point Andrew! Ragsdale T if f T in rtrrt , rrri 1 rrlr il A lrar 4 VTYWTY - Pentfaf DGVWSOU iilli vs. Pon vsr' as av son irryr QQ gf ' at v3Q Ledford rglf' QE? 1ll rfr, 'rrr VS- Randleman 1i'l vs, Southwest VAHSQY TENNIS vs. Eastern A iid iii WWI vs. Eastiipavidson vs. Ragsdale y 4WD . East vidson vs. Ashebotdiw' it 4 1l441a4l 4Wi . Ledf g vs. Central Davidson vs. High Point Andrews prr Trinity 4Wi vs. Ragsgiale str, AV Trinity vs. Asheboro 4 g vs. Central Davidson iilil Trlnitytlwi vs. EasternRandolph 44 yliyfz ayiry Trinity T ynyy vs. High Vgyyy faint Andrews at 11' 1f2l , , A AVL 1986 VARSITY GOLF sssiiii A , is Trinity iWi Trinity Trinity 4Wi Trinity QW, Trinity Trinity Trinity Trinity 4Wi vsgt-llgh.yay?oint.,yCentrqi5y vsfiiiiagstlale 1 A Asheboro Central Davidson vs. High Point Andrews Highm Point Centra! vsg Ragsdale 1 vs. Central Davidson Trinity ,Point Andrews mv- SOFTBALL Tfinlfv Trinity R vs. East Davidson 1 Vs. vs. East Davidson E Forbush iieastein naiiaoipiii' Randolph W ,C it ...,yy. K . Sout te rn Guilford . Guilford . High Andrews High Central f nagsaaie :Asheboro . Central Davidson . High Point Central . High Point Andrews . Asheboro. . 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Open 9 To 9 'Zigi ':,bm1ENNN ET- DAVID B WALL 882-6220 ' ' ' ' Free Park and Shop- Free Gift Wrap A Recognized in the publication Portrait of Excellence: as one of the finest colleges in America by the Council of Independent colleges. 4. 5 H Thirty-three academic majors including: Computer Information Systems, Interna- tional Business, and English: Media Communications. A Excellent opportunities for internship in businesses and non-profit organiza- tions. H Strong intercollegiate and intramural athletic program. Across the years th J. S 6 CENTRAL STATE BANK 'IOO N. MAIN 84 FAIRFIELD PLAZA HIGH POINT, NL SERVICING THE HIGH POINT COMMUNITY SINCE 1926 - CELEBRATING 60 YEARS OF BANKING - MEMBER FDIC College has produced 49 All-American - athletes. 'Tl I - - 'T'5s.u. 111'-H-f-gfDX e, ,a 1' H, 1:1 ff ig. , -1-1-ifsfeaiazva-.."" J: .. gi g ' Z' r- ' lg: My-T T 1:22255-90 Cone Joh Us For is 0942, -5 E fifflllllli if I conf f - - - , . m,--e, ,af Y B, s,,,,,,,. aa- p -- Hiou - Po1NT- cotuaoia X Ca ch . a WE I Family Seafood Thmd.y.,,,omm I sf. I ,I ag HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA 27262 Th nd f 1- gf u ly I Slturdly-Shnmp ., 'A . r . I WDd.IIThurI.11:30-8:30.Fd.Sl1.11:30-9 X ' 1 I"":.1:.'.2':.".It'.f.m:.."' PH. 1 -434-2244 51' z ' C552 721:15 is ' as ' 220 Ads cont mg adult e a on 'small classes with other adults 'eight-week sessions 'classses meet three nights weekly 'easy application and registration 'six majors: business administration 8. eco- nomics, computer information systems, media communications, industrialforganizational psychol- ogy, psychology, sociology 'six opportunities a year to enter the program 'financial aid available Fon Mons mFonMA'noN, cAu. 841-9020 or 841-9000 or write Office of Continuing Education High Point College P.0. Box HP-2 High Point, North Carolina 27261-1949 E - E 4 iii ' E if Ads 221 El QD Ui E W1 Z CC UD X TUSEMENTS I T2-E M ADV Country Style Breakfast Lunch LARR rf: aakafcue 19193 885-5625 Mon - Fri 5:30 AM - 3 PM Larry Causey Sat 5:30 AM - 1 1 AM Owner I.. .I A CLEANER WORLD ?A7 South Main St. Steve Everhart High Point, N.C. 27260 Kathy Evcrhart C9191 882-8621 222 Ads ' Complrlr q ' I f Q XYI H X -Q IA!! Ollfqxgfif vw A-If ,-v -I rv . 7 kv ii -L .Ii A xxx, I. I A Bfacfgfi 9u1nifu15 Company, an. 2500 WESTCHESTER DRIVE HIGH POINT N C 27260 LAVONA BLACK. P HAROLD MOOSE, V P PHONE S86-5011 SIMSIENGIIW7 WI 2Eg"2f99g29?fj5Q75 Conner Carving and qurning Co.. .,IInc. TOWER ROAD - P, O. BOX 942 ' Z Qlflifof dIfISJf1f4f UM- THoMAsvlLLE, N,.C. 27360 CI TROPHIES r PLAOUES - SALES AWARDS - ENGRAVING CQ PHONES: WORTH J. YORK P o soxsev 476-4955 4753422 VICE- PRESIDENT 108 CHESTNUT DF? VE 8-GENERAL MANAGER HIGH POINT N C 2726 IEEI -fl f -I 3 LII' I I I I OIII IIYII I A M E RI CANI w,sf,f I O F H IG H INC. ',I. .-FI-f'-i'4'I " ' -' '-Fifi II I 4 ,, V .,,,,, -- ,I-A,-f of 75- I Iyyf, ggi ,,. PHONE "' ' I P.o.aoxvzosfrI 5I GljI PQlxNT.N.c. 272e4 XXXXhW',!!Ay! , I I Ads 223 M M il! E M Q -,W N, , - Q 'M v f G , H f , i, if 'M N pf , , ,, J.. ' S'A'l PAIN EG: Bus.: 1919i 472-5457 Home i919J 472-5457 ' ,I ""' A f . - ' S My ,f , A A V , , . , Llr I , ,f -A i W' ,my .4521 Hymn Q ,,.,. W W., in . ,M f.,,jXAil ,Wm H W ,. ' , 2,531-1 1" MMM . M 5 QM My , ,,w,' .M , .iw ' , f-1. ,, f' f 'ww 1' " ,wwf My ,wwf +92 , " i f f H 301 National Highway Thomasville, NC 27361 224 Ads ll ll I die- an THE COMPLETE CHILD CARE CENTER For The Total Development Of The Toddler, Pre-School, Kindergarten And School Age Child Ages 2 Yrs. - 13 Yrs. School busing for 1 1 local schools for before and after school care. Educational Learning Program Recreational Activities For Fun 8. Fitness 0 Reading Readiness Skills - 0 Swimming Lessons ln Our 0 Pre-School 81 Kindergarten olyn-,pic pool 0 Library Trips - Weekly . Skating . Aerobics ,W 0 Piano Lessons . Video Games . ol .3 0 Dance Lessons if -J . Baton Training O TV In All Rooms I 5 0 Arts And Crafts ' P00' Table 0 Educational Field Trips O Fun Field Trips Girl Scout Troop 0 Boy Scout Troop ' With Certified Scout Leaders In Charge N EXPERIENCED, QUALlFlED AND CERTIFIED STAFF. "Agnes Todd - Dlrector" 8 8 2 ' 1 0 0 4 N.C. State Licensed Old Thomasville Rd. Off Hwy 29-70 l0Id I-851 Between Thomasville 8 High Point Ads 225 CHD U2 Z Q X SWEATER Arrr 11 1 U J E r r M DALE 5 pLACE f T Layaways available 1f with 1 Q 2-00' rl l f, i 7 Come. igi see us for LF ,,gQ 1,, T Q P'ace 7 A 475-7734 FRIENDLY THOMASVILLE N C A NATIONWIDE AUTO BROKER S AGENT Let Us Be Your Cor Headquarters 525 TURNER ST. DLR NO 1926 472-7731 226 Ads -1, E 919 476-3111 LARRY KENT CECIL SALES REPRESENTATIVE Hugh Polnt Furnlture Sales. Inc. WHOLESALE 0 RETAIL 0 CONTRACT Ou1s1oEN.C. TOLL FREE BOO-334-1875 2 Locations to Serve You... BUSINESS LOOP I-85 JAMESTOWN CENTER ROUTE T, BOX 37-A 707 W MAIN ST, THOMASVILLE. N.C. 27360 JAMESTOWN. N.C, 27282 I AT S f Q xl 5..- 'EEE TIMTIES 512 Turner Street P.0. Box 549 Thomasville, N.C. 27360-0549 TF I ' uuunfmv p THOMASVILLLNL. LOW PRICES! Monte Carlo SS Sport Coupe N , ' -xx in Corvette V I X '.LL 1 If I N rp N ,Vx " '- Cavalier Z-24 2-dr, Coupe Showroom and Office Complex Thomasville, North Carolina fr! Q, C K K X S A Q 'R as I A N N 3,1 'Fi ,Q -A ,,.,.,...----,,,,,.,.....--w--" Thomasville offers employment to High School and College Graduates in Thomasville, Lenoir, West Jefferson and Winston-Salem, NC., Appornattox and Brookneal, Va., and Fayette, Miss. E QI Q Iflflfll EQ xii! G52 WI Iliff. Z fill GJ? I I Ads 227 iii Z T355 HG H NQLJ, Lk ,F-A. U W H 1 4'-1+ F115 uri 1! Q X ,, f QMRQ, LLQLLYW emi, Qew.,f5m,.+Q.s+g V5.4 me Q LLL Lf MQJUJLUU im OL we ExCQL.kkQL, . Q, fm my M, nemesis we Cm QL Q LL same Pfsli N6 l ff . .z.J.u.:..,-, , ,l V 7 Qfgcllxfg, ULUQ , dwg Gam L5 fmm Qual 3KQwfx,gR,Q M1535 gealuleing gfgnredlfen anzl I-omayiviue e QLLCQQQCL f Cove x,QXYXQC5CL1.uQ,L., Mi if-N GUS. U-Q OL GVVQ lll Sedgehill Drive-Thomasville N C 27360 ' TQLLQV7 CWKC U35 9192472-6117-ugs.Warsl-s6o-a's4'.7398 t me JX'VDL4Lg,i,,Qf QB My Lu uma IYKG-Q ci OJAKFWVME CONGRATULATIONS cLAss OF 1 sam: lizbv 'Wkqqlf QW Lemme? b , , at fmfyeflia S N if ll would like the tilassl 987 foriall the love and memoriesgwei have shared over the pastfour years. This year has been so special for me, not only because l will be graduating in a few weeks, but because of all the unityl have seen in our class this year. Each and every one of us have growntso close ingso manyewaysjand we have experienced soqniuch. l hope in years to come We will keep inuvery close contact with each other. Also, el would like to say thank-you for allithclelove that was expressed ovefmy fatheris fin October, 19855 s t g iiii Tomy .closest friends Thank-you for always being therefor me. Each one havehelped me in more ways than you could ever know.f l would like to thank everyone of you for all thememories we have shared all through high school. To the Graduating Class of 1987, l wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in the future. l hope all of your dreams are fulfilled., ff t g if Ii g With All My? Love, t b gr e Pam 228 Ads G SINK C. S. SINK l W qg H90 gg 'i:a."v " 4 H25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE" 528 UNITY ST ' THOMASVILLE, N.C. 27360 ,ig, Nml , xvx,X E My ,,., 2 NM Q ,N Eh, g Q, EEL - - - Til, NW e 1 wh o :I if A KNNVA A " w QF? ff K- X ffl W we Wall M 3 J I :L 0: 54-, 'R ,NX 221 . x. r 'u 'swim W ,ff ,F X -gslxx 'C lk N-91' .. I W A. lm Z l we .X K 1 i I am, 'V H V Hn x 3 l V 3 -l ,,,f, Fumiture, Inc. 'Sf 5 u 157 H Home of Home Cooked Meals We Appreciate Your Business Owned 81 Operated by: DEWEY 81 LINDA LOFLlN Thomasville, N.C. I Ads 229 i ' F XADVEHTHSEMENTS l THOMAS MA N UF ACTURI NG CUMPA NY, I NC. 1024 Randolph St. Thomasville, NC 27360 A Ads 231 E E33 Q W I3 C53 Fl! U2 UW 2 UW Z CU UD X ELLlNGTON'S l . 5. Y I' I YV FLORIST a. Xa ' 25' 7 Lili? X: X Elf? I GQ GREEN:-muses 1 Hi -, Z Q0 A JC ' 5 5 ! Q W QV f X' Ev ff ' 2 2500 s. Main, High Paint, N.c. ' ' K 889-4033 - M .. Riva Scooter CWD ' - CZ . N 919-885-5577 919-885-5796 M M IDWAYWAMAHA 5 I NW - Y f,6,,4g'j0 ' UNL- v.4273 A Q ' :f 7 e 5 Hofef our Service ge your .sveruicen sa'isAz::':'ce "Serving High Poinfand Area Sinai 1924" We Make The Difference W W B., W 1 - - , an nl, W - W- . -- . . - L, ,,.. - N A ,N V , V , in-My ... 232 Ads ANGEL'S BOUTIQUE Archdale Manor Q 1,3 SN P QI Q U-H 35 if G02 rm 304 Trindale Rd. I I E W Z C-fi UD X I Home Phone 431-3914 Business Phone 431-7171 OIL COMPANY BILL ALDRIDGE President CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 Ads 233 QQ t""1 QQ -I K- LU 5 Q Q X G03 F Z V , 2 FW FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK Corner of South Main Street and Petty Street ARCHDALE, NORTH CAROLINA 27263 BARBARA M. CANOY MANAGER - ARCHDALE BRANCH 234 Ads Bicycle Toy 81 Hobby Sales zooo N. Man si, scnwm w High Poin1,N.Ci.r2726O Phone: 887-1933 o 889-BIKE !The big bicycle on the roofi SERVING HIGH POINT ,OVER 65 YEARS T 81 H RESTAURANT 3400 SOUTH MAIN STREET, HIGH POINT Phone: 431-1813 ssnvmc BREAKFASTILUNCH SIR PIZZA 841 -6434 2833 South Main 841 -6455 NOW DELIVERING S YI 1-A Q14 An 0 MHA 51,17 A 'i v ' .Q Y' ., - Z i ffffil f' TRINITY 'u us an Q5 '12 2'- n :S wi! 00 m U37 R2 -I I-:I BQ' 2 Ego :N 'hifi'- 'fi 'wi' as F-eu - 5,223- EMQ7, Qfhw Nl 552 N385 gs: .ugpglwwa 1 502 3' Q ' rn-i 2 1: E 3 0 2: ' SLNEWESULHEA BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKED X MPLVETE LIN WATCH. C C Fl EJ WELRV JEWELRYR cgrniffg gswsfzu 1826 ENGLISH ROAD HIGH POINT, NC, 27260 B es 19191882-1018 Ronald A Hoover Diamond glainfing, For All Your Printing Needs 223 Trindale Rd. Archdaie, N.C. 27263 19193 431-6919 Ads 235 XADVELRRTUSEMENTS AROHDALE HARDWARE COMPANY 3520 SOUTH MAIN STREET ARCHDALE, NORTH CAROLINA 27263 19191434-181 1 LAWN AND GARDEN SUPPLIES PIPE AND FITTINGS PAINT HOUSEHOLD GOODS 236 Ad Cguntryv , - I PROGRESSIVE P O 5 Furmture BUILDERS I Q I - UTI fm the look W low RESIDE NTIAL- NEW CONSTRUCTION EQ CUSTOM REMOLDINC :LIL 3402 S. MAIN ST. C: ARCHDALE NC . UD DONNIE CLODEELTER Cm 607 Idol Drive'P.O. Box 5907'High Point, NC 27262 431-6654 IIITI HOME Z 454-2458 :K 800-334-2743 Toll-free Q19-S69-2121 NC "1f'fI:-VI um,,:wi, . :!451"f'2s' ' ,, A,,5.,,af, ,, . MQW' :N I T Eafiwfiwei ,-,f,,v ' H,3t,:55f:gi, ,lr fm ff-Ifflzzm .3 I 1 -sw . 'ML ' 911 ' " Emmgjwfwfi Q If 'M' W , - , I . -1- I I WE mwgy W 'M a?7'f"" T ,-Mg , Q J , . .: , ' . I " , 'F ' , W1 wa ,-, W. f "Q 4 I ' I ,Q a'?'55+f'1.5I,g? ' '. I ' 1 55,5 if , - -. LM, Q E 4, 'wwf Ii M Joyce kmley Real Estate Auction I - - Z I - I - - - - ' V QIVKI A171 Ill .QUKYIONIKAH ' !!f'5.'T ' Aus mu I QF ,' I AUCWOAXEIIQQ 324 GREENOAK DRIVE ARCHDALE. N. C. 27283 JOYCE KINLEY BUS-19 91430-4143 REALTORIAUCTIONEER RES. I9 UP 43!-945 I Ads 237 XADVEHTUSEMENTS ,wwf Briii Co. EB REALTORS A Division of Chambers 8r Price Realtors h Ma P. O. Box 4435 - Hlgh Pomt, North Ca ma 27 T0 EXCELLENCE" "A COMMITMENT 238 ACI WE DE LIVE THE BEST R 5 Wm S llluenlzlhllurzIULIHIIUI. values Inter . natgonal Mark Bo l!5'!gWf3IVu.1tIHL.llI1L t919J 454-2682 Cha I. r ie Haftsoe 20 5 Beec h Circ le Ei Wi 55 Ii E Wi Wi Z2 Ei QQ fzllhizlr, sele ctio ll. President Trinity, Nic 2 . 7570 JIEEIQIIHIIHII! qualitgname Tvll- araegjg haue Inlnlediate Th ' flf gg il EUDICKD i ck stat ' 'mat ' lon Satisfaction Anutime uou bug an Arriwau distributed product gou have the right to use itjor a reasonable time' to determine r it is satisfaetoru and that gou want to keep it. lf ' ' not satisfaetoru. return it or the unused istributor from whorn you pur- ier gou the choice of re- it toward the a re, whethe "ide it is Pirrtwag d ' r will QU ull cred oduct. or uou dit ' o the 'stributo e. or rf " 'buted pr " have ortion t The di it Clicifq di'-.tri whith p chased it. plaeeinent uiithoi hose of another Ainwuu . ill purchase priee, not applu to products i nisused. ts the Hredsoua' 'lCf0ILLt'E. def pure e fiutd ot' theft , ' quarantee does ' allu datndaed or i , "tributed produe e. nuing produet li , fr uou have 'ue the This k been intention ' ' tain Ainwau dis dinthe aeeompa x ' T IRNESS: lf. dftt " dit does not gi distributor or ake 'For it r is SKCIIC F ot lA uou tin et uour 'fort to ni ble time" J . AMWAY PLEDG , A eided to keep the product. W h we uou expected. please eonta h ration, We will extend eueru et, ' 1 N WARRANTHES: ln addi- ' i Amway distrib- uiritteri seri i ' Ariiwau Corpo ahfair ad-iustrrient. EXPRESS LIMITED WRITUZ tion to the 5C1llQfClCllOl1Qllflfl1IllCC. eertait uted products are eovered bu express limited warranties which aeeoiupciuu the products. AMWAY CORPORAUON ADA. MlClllGAN 49355 Ads 239 -...vw .. . GQ QQJXJU 'E ,L'-7 I1 L. Tgj 4 'rs -'fr ,1,..e.M.,f,. bvwmqvy Q my nf Q 4 ,Wa.g..,M,, ,. .. ,...M...... , 9: 5 ' my 'fa M, A 80 54i 3 qywffggi 4 if 5.1 1 1-in 'Mf- ,an Wu, fs., Q1 O 5 Xu-J L. A ,,,, -. 1- 240 Ads Decorative Upholstery and Drapery Fabrics North Carolina Textile Sales of High Point Located At New I 85 And 311 South 19191 431-3238 Post Office Box 7103 High Point, N.C. 27264 X,Jv-1 TELEPHONE 884 4000 HARRIS 81 LINTHICUNI, D.D.S., P.A. C. JAY HARRIS, D.D.S. VVAYLAND H. LINTHICUIVI, III, D.D.S. HIGH POINT MEDICAL CENTER 624 QUAKER LANE HIGH POINT N.C. SUITE110-A CZCDDC EBFQCJSL lClNlEi1'1' EJFQIXIEE h4CD'TCDF2 CZCD. C5151 74131 I mwsuv MIIIIIW SPECIALIZING IN USED AUTO PARTS Owned 8. Operated By Ray 81 Frank Cox 300 JUNIOR STREET HIGH POINT, N. C. 27260 Telephone: 454-2381 - 454-4211 JOHN S. SULLIVAN Agent 2501 c s Ma n Off.: I919J 889-3767 High Point NC 27263 Res.: I919J 475-6506 - Q l TRINITY FRAME COMPANY TRINITY ROAD SOUTH OWNER: RONALD SMITH CONGRATULATIONS ANGELA! LOVE, MOM AND DAD E E Q ni I E my WI E Iii Z :I UD Ads 241 I - 1 I n 1 ' 1 I ' I 1 s DVEFSTUSEMENTS XA 242 COMPLIMENTS OF HENDRIX BATTING CO - C 1 1 Q l Q l kin Ads l i llk COMPAN I' 'I' CORNER 0 N A - MENDE L o Box 'rm Irv, N.c. 431-643 ENTS SEM! TU T X ADVIQEFB MFG. OF SOUTHERN PINE 81 OAK GRADE MARK LUMBER FRAMING - SHEATING - CRATING HILLSVILLE LUMBER, INC ROUTE 5, BOX 200 TRINITY, NORTH CAROLINA 27370 TELEPHONE 19191 431-151 1 244 Ads nAvls 82888 ? FURNITURE ,822 di E GENERAL INSURANCE AGENTS 2 6L5cEnE,liSh2E3gd :IL ' H gh P U' NC 27261 53 602 W. I.II'lCIeI1 Ave. OFFICE - 889-8282 WT P.o. Box 2065 3 High POIIII, NC SE VICE BEYOND THE CONTRACT 2 27261 -2065 if JB Gb CI kGbSon W 91 9-889-2009 P d ' D VK P d I MURROW'S TRANSFER INCORPORATED POST OFFICE BOX 4095 HIGH POINT, N.C. 27263 1 1 - 24 FRTHSEMENTS --X- - '.L. A 1 .Aj-iiggi, -. - A ' . . f . 3. - A I - - I . , - ,, N lv , i S . ,VN: . k Q, :L . 3 AE gr .sfkifsf Ik Fyfsbw .,,.QL,9f4, Av , V , W.- L A .R 9 . SP . h .x " 5 ff.- Q V A xv. 'F 1 -5 F- 'N '-395552. .Q M' 'Q 1 'D , .Q f , ' -- 'Ifx' ' j,jff,+ . K V H . Q ,FM K fs-f-sq. . P . , , .J " if : ' f'Y K - L- K 4 " ' , ' '." '-'Q?,..'if4 fs 'S , .. M 1513 A ,S , M- ' ' - I my . , 'VN' -- .- wi- nav' 1 . 4,6 AAA A A W A A A J :law W. . .W it D. 4 Q,-W N , ' , . , ,-- f -- - , f N . - A-Nfpqxg ,ye H ..-... L..-.. . N. 4-3.1 1- .,- . , f ,QQ O4'V'PfYO1iL-QWOOOOEOI , H 11 W 5 ' MENDENH-Irnlildf ION co. HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA 27264 PHONE 1919, 887-1165 N. C. LIC. 1211 "THE SOUND THA T SELLS" Q S' 246 Ads SHORES Dry Cleaners High Point's Quality Cleaners Available: 'Silver Service f Professional Hand Finished Garmentsl 'Alterations 'Free Storage 886-4009 501 English Road High Point is ii was rm E rm 2 fa my X ,....... 1 . wif' l ' E HAUSER a. RovALs'E REX-ROSEN LEW P.O. Box 1148 1308 Blair Street Thomasville, N.C. 27360 Telephone: H9191 476-3131 TLX 578441 FEED 84 SEED STORE 515 S. Hamilton St. HIGH POINT, NC 27260 Phone 887-2244 DOWN 208N TEL. 882-2797 I TOLL FREE DENNY WHITAKEFI, O ner SAVINGS BIG , N C. 27260 1l800l 334-6796 Ads 247 E E Q W TUSEMENTVS C0mm1f51i1e11t to Excel lance lj M I ADV fouu nou LENDER First Southern's beautiful new Archdale office is now open! Walk through these doors to a new era of full service banking. You will find a state-of-the-art automatic teller machine, tailor-made loans, free checking and various investment plans. Plus the friendly, personal service we have built our reputation. No other financial institution can offer you more. Come by today and see for yourself. We want to serve you. OUR PEOPLE CARE. IT'S OUR PROMISE! ' fi I sAvmcs Ano mom Assocmnou 3301 SOUTH MAIN STREET ARCHDALE, N. C. y FSu'i1IQ 919-431-9178 I ..-........i....i.. 248 Ads 1 1 I 1 l n KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, WE DD CHICKEN RIGHT. MKTU 3 2 3 5' 2 3 E 8 S3 3' " eo S 9 uu 'S " A g 5" oo m .T no 'u 5? is , u N w 3 ro 9,0 o o Q- N g N : Q Q 6' Q 1 Q A -E m o u :- o 7 3 za 9 8 9 Q? 5? CVEQN mf' i -, 5 1.1 Ry Q0 -.ix H H ,D gl?-if Sgr 'N 'V " C -P?VfQ'g 3- Vt. -V XA i AX H ti. 'L' W' 5 5 215 iii 4 . 3 l, '-fb? ,QU gm: . ,E A 1 :: N cu : - Q : - oo G' If 0 5' 8 E, E3 0 :r Q QI :- R, :r A lp 1: 0, on 1: F N 'u m N ex 3 e..-5 ag 3 iiw ii Raw :' 3 :r S I 5 9- Taste what great fried chicken is all about. Compliments of DR. L.P. MEGGINSON, JR. Dentist 401 Lindsay Street High Point, N.C. Telephone: 27260 19191 882-2022 surs Auro suPPl.v I coMPANv, mc. 312 E. Kivett Drive P.O. Box 508 I High Point, NC 27261 19191885-5047 - 19191 885-5048 1 1 I 1 I 1 H.P. - 919-887-2731 - C'boro - 379-0948 - W-S - 723-0572 - Burl. - 229-0555 Randy's OUTDOORSMEN SHOP WHERE SHARP SHOOTERS SHOP. HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10-6 ' Sat. 10-3 1218 N. MAIN ST. HIGH POINT, N.C. 27262 LlNDA'S BEAUTY 81 TANNING 3308 Archdale Road Archdale, NC 27263 Phone: 431-6445 Complete Beauty Care With Eight Lovely Girls To Serve You! Open Monday Thru Saturday Ads 249 ,f' ADVEHTUSEMENTS I LOVE YOU n CHILDERS CONCRETE CO., INC. P.O. BOX 777 High Point, NC 27261 .""- Phone: 841 -31 1 1 Fo 'I 1.5" rn 0 -4 I 311-D TRINDALE ROAD R 11 SOUTHWIN PLAZA ARCHDALE, N. C. 27263 W N SALEM, N. C. 27107 Te EPHONE 19191434-403 T EPHONE 4919I764'2449 oPToME'rmc EYECAREPROFESSIONALS C RICK GILLIAM OD. C. DAVID S SSER OD I of Compliments DR. AND MRS. E. MAX SINK 2513 South Main Street High Point, NC 27263 P EI Q TLT 51 " "' 3 ' -' Iii HIGH PERFORMANCE WORK SUPER CHEVY SERVICE PRECISION ENGINE BUILDING CUSTOM WELDING ET LARRY'S AUTOMOTIVE nours 4. sox soo Tnmmr, N.c. 21370 U2 I unnv wmcsn mow: 191 sy 431 9061 Compliments I of KEITH MACDONALD, I DI DI Sl Family Dentistry 231 Baker Road Phone: l919j 434-3186 Arohdale, NC 27263 Home: f919l 294-1549 I Office Hours By Appointment I MIDWAY SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Groceries Route 2, Sophia North Carolina 27350 Phone: l919l 498-2025 ... .. .. I Ads 251 I ! if z1'U f f Y' Z 4 M f f if x Afyfff ,M A ? f W sf , f C223 .1 A 4 X W ff ww f W flsiwny f 9 14 Mm! Af M ff Wfwfwf 535422 f i I X , , V 2' aff W ff 1 f0 'A' 1 Q W K+ av 4 3 ,, f r V 1 f' s i f I i f X 1, sd W 1 3 I4 'Z f vi, ' 51 QV A M1 5159497 M 150 M 0522255 Wy UQ! W X525 Zim WWW WW 9 W 2? 7 r M12 A ,JV X iff? AW? 7 1 i k 42 ' f if f QQ 4.6 'if Ly? 3 4,6 ff? 1 M1 W X www Wivyi I if fmfffffgfff 2- ff ? 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If 7f1ffM HIGHWAY 311 SOUTH HIGH POINT N C 27263 PHONE 434 4131 xx NTS H8 2: Us as Q2 UE 2: 1: 0:1 'Hu Es mb 33 m EHWSEME 5 Q Q 26155 mM Sf 1 Hghp tNC27263 M 9 Phone: 841-3213 J ffld 1 d K Id 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1987 254 Ad COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR FRIENDS AT E WACHOVIA BANK AND Q Q TRUST W ' EQ . Ci ARCHDALE-TRINITY Q75 BRANCH OFFICE mi 3 W Z ff-af . X 4 ,Q', , , YNN A A A A ' N Ads 255 DOMINO'S PIZZA DELIVERSN FREE ADVERTUSEMENTS DOMINO'S PIZZA Open 11 A.M. to 12 P.M. Sunday-Thursday 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. Friday and Saturday 2310 S. Main 889-7424 D0lllN0'S PIZZA I o'Ml marc: iganp' 'Q-N Rdt AC8-H T Flp 5 R 1 Ill GY ? ' ' Wnfli N AUMAN RADIATOR COMPANY Melvin Auman 710 E. Fairfield Rd. Phone 919-434-3376 High Point, N. C. 27263 SOUTHEASTERN FOAM RUBBER CO. Home Office 81 Factory 1409 Progress Ave. P.0. Box 7183 High Point, N.C. 27370 Pnnne l919l 883-1087 19191 sez-6881 P C1751 " 9 P. O. Box 7045 1941 Baker Road High Point, N, C. 27264 Phonef919J 841-4177 256 Ads J.C. GREEN and SONS Funeral Home 122 West Main Street Thomasville, N.C. 27560 ARCHDALE PHARMACY 3220 South Main St. Archdale, N.C. 27263 434-1413 E KC? Q WT ill 4 Ads 257 Q72 mi 3 W Z Sa' U23 X QW wb EFI 'MEN l 'US it f ' -fx... f -5 M., A - .1 ' a. , .. , 1 ,. A , ., , 1 1- '-A ,L .QF A w sz-mfg,-L, f . 3 , 2 - K- ' -f 1. Q , f, L. 4 . .. 2 1 2- , , , A To V R AD X to A A 3 A,Q A .,K 3.3 J Q 'E V V -BA-, -.-g,,s,. - . -3-3:13. . f - -1,3 f , -' A . - Y ' -- WILLIAMS HARDWARE LAWN AND GARDEN Route 3, Box 632F High Point, NC 272631 A 431-1413 A Located 31 1 South 5 Miles South of High Poi t 4... ,, CONGRATULATIONS LORIE - - --'L 1 :-i , kkhl K"-NX fi , 3 fb M :W X N . K 1 ' . Westchester Gulf 2400 Westchester Drive High Point, N.C. 27260 Bobby Mabe 0wners Clyde Myers E CQ' Q W E Z UD HTL E W Z ZX W X Ads 59 EHTUSEMENTS DV XA wEs1'EnN 5 STEER FAMILY STEAKHOUSE I 206 W. Fairfield Road High Point, N.C. 27263 , 434-2776 coMPuMEN1's OF I .9 lb ' f WILLIQ?glE4iSEgZ,gWERS DR. T. B. x Piinenozlgsi,-4161. R E 2 AND STAFF rr , , ' ' ' 1 FIRST F GF THE CAROLlNAS.r DIANNE FORE Assr wgg Pagans LD C. HARTIG, DD S ENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN I Twooo AVENUE I , I rl-4' ' W' INA 27360 I Vim, YY, 260 Ads I Selling and Buying New and Used Vehicles 2 t tt 1' "' , vt 2201 s. lain r.o. nu 1881 mgn nun. mc. 87281 Phone 886-5103 I Our lost Important Customer Is? "You" FS gg rw EV' 'll l ., 2 F 5 D -.. 2: 5 E 2 9 S 15 5 2 55 - 3 'z Q. 3 -N I Om ' Wt-4 nnnw UELEEAQV rg .ll xkxx w I S N WWI I Our lost Important Customer Is? "You" 5 K.. Q- 'rmmsroararxos Nzcrwoax h lm Bill Cannon 2207 s. nun mgh Poms. N.c. 27261 f P.0. Box 1861 Phone 886-5103 Nw- xi .q xx Q: 3 1 NN-. UQ?-ff 01 Ads 261 ENTS SEM I-2 if 5 , I' I 262 1 l 1 1 l 1 1 1 l Emoh 5 DUIN' IT DOG STYLE For many of us this day began in August 1975, as we walked down the long hall to our first grade class. Now we only have a few more steps until our twelve year journey comes to an end, and a longer more complex journey begins . . . The next few steps, when we accept our diplomas will be the end of our childhood and the beginning of our adulthood, a time when we begin to learn from our own mistakes and we put our twelve years of training to use. As our family and friends watch, one by one we accept our diplomas and stand together as Graduates of Trinity High School, our heads held high with a smile upon our face and tears of joy forming in our eyes. Together we stand, over two hundred in number. Friends and enemies, side by side realizing that soon we will be off to college, to the military, or to work, but all will go their separate ways in life until friendship calls them together again. Now it is time to say goodbye, to friends, enemies, and teachers. Yes, l can say even with the problems we faced, Life's been good to THE CLASS OF 1987 E C3 Q W .T :C ' as UTI E HTL Z -:I UD Ads 263 ENTS RWSEM ADVE X -li 1-Q-1.1 Harris House Furniture Industries, Inc. 104 Seminole Dr. Archdale Industrial Park 264 Ads The Y ur Besf Lo 71h o nge--h h hhh Q, fd Ejkg DEAN L. , 3705 S. MAIN OFF 4318411 Hillcrest 7 High Point Owner Phyllis Eads Road nm mm hhfi h GEORGE C ,fh L E M E N T S I M O 5AREQLElOmLs Hill! L31-1131 ...... ..-2 7028 AC. 27264 434-21 91 ,WONf Milly 11" E acha i S stems Inc. 59 any y I X135 '1ll'3l'?l'!ilAD1lY G 'O , 02734703 LHQAUW H SLNEWES Ads 2 65 ifuou gl KW BRADY g Cm 51553 lil :FT I Z Afgpqgajfjw ,Q fq,q14M,D7 U rm a e oa 5 A'c"da'ef Nc 27263 31 13 south Main sf. M Office: 434-4864 ""9" POW' N-C- w 322 in M 5 Q Q k Q -L ,ssxMff.,1 , V ex jg '- NN-xx ,.:.:. ,K I ,4 Asr G 266 Ad -..., M ff A ,14:i2'-ew ' , ff 'Ti f ' ,,' View , , tx W4 ., J f f , - W,,, ' A .af if M2 U: 2 my E um SQ nf: M IM 5 Q Q X 26 Ads COMPLETE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL E GRIFFITH 2 HEATING 81 AIR n W CUNDITIDNING EXTERMINATDRS-lc. ij SERVING PIEDMONT NORTH CAROLINA Ill Thomasville, Owner: Fon oven 25 YEARS QQ N.C. 27360 Dwane Griffith mi ' COMMERCIAL Business Phone ""ES"'E""AL 3 - INDUSTRIAL W " Instant Financing " Radio Dispatched Vehicles 4 75 8 7 1 5 ' Moisture Control " Automatic Vent Systems Z - 4 FREE ESTIMATES W E aaz-6866 Q X l 1000 S MAIN HIGH POINT, N.C. - K g , ,kgkrk A igi It :Y,k: . ' . K Ann' S -A A Aw' I ttttt I G fs 0 Q , Q, K . 0 A osssot .soto ASS, I I S ots. I osssss ossii so A ' S , , i n , N tttst I .ttt A sii' 'lfrl' itr I E soil . .- ss t , o oe -Kw a i-ms fw' aa as 1 sost A I 0 as RAL ji g . ' if w QF'fWi .o A Y iiilli .fmvwii 11W'r 'ri ' I V'ii f -4 H ' 1 --1 'A' - ' ii M" f' CLADWELL INSLRANCE Ads 269 IDDVELRQTHSEMIENTS XA 27 A 8 G GROCERY 81 GRILL TRINITY ROAD SUUTH 434-1316 Featuring: Best Hot Dogs Around made with Homemade Chili 8. loaded Hamburgers Fountain Drinks Breakfast Sandwiches Sundries Magazines K-1 Kerosene MONDAY-FRIDAY: 6-7 SATURDAY: 8-7 SUNDAY: Closed ,,.,,, ,.,, 0 Ads . N . Mxfwkj Jaafa- l fi mibllwgx UD XM 'gf WWW my QW WXN5lJ W vm ff' 0 ,Wi LW? W Wfigff Small Luxuries FINE JEWELRY 2 2 14 kt. Gold Diamonds l 234 North Elm St. High Point, N.C. 27260 19191 885-4556 POSTON JIM KELLY MA ov- Lfffflflh L...I MN WT MN? 3311.6 W Fx KU U X 271 Z Z my UD U vm 5 I Q L. Q X COMPLIME NTSI IIII OF I THE HIGH POI NT RUDY HINNANT INSURANCE Aafucv, mc. gga uupsmf smear, P.o. Box R 2105 man Palm, Noam cnnoumn 19191 I R889-3033 I I ?wyffZMW Ivlrarzrfjarfuggjrs cnjfznef fjggnriCwguftecfmugrkolstvnfd, Furnzfu III I SWXNGLE A A A Preswfent I PO. B0 :gh Poml, N. 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PAINT8 BODY SHOP UNITIZED BODY SPECIALIST WHOLESALE GLASS SALES 8 INSTALLATION KANSAS JACK FRAME EOUIPMENT 4405 SOUTH MAIN STFIEET AFTCHDALE, N.C. 27263 TELEPHONE 19191 434-1 715 0 I919I 431-7393 JIMMY HODGE STEVE HODGE 274 Ads COMPLETE VENDING TRINITY, N.C. PHONE: l919l 431-2171 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! 2424 English Road High Point, North Carolina 27260 Phone 887-1990 rn Eg W 2? Q 2,' I lsg z E Ci 51 R ga w D Et , 5,4 2 5' ? 2 P if C Nlxx 3 I I Q I E4 Q. I--+ O 'Q Z GX 19 E E i 5 5 522 H 0 f fi- SILEEJEAQW JLN XS Olds-Cadallac 11: viex PAINT AND 00- 1 120122 Ave, Highiand Motors', 5i 1nc. , iy, , Vi1,,, Hugh Pomt, 27261 II' I 'V ' 6 Telephone 869711 1 High Ohhh PM 5: 2229 2 Greensboro 2506 N. Main sf. Q' . I 9 725-4671 Winston-Salem High Point. NL. ' 1 In N X - l . Q .P L xx K - N A . A. ' x " X '1'W' ' ' W " ' ' 9 ' 0 M - 2 ag-iaf ?13 o kg: f I Q e 4 J 3 'Q 6 "'- 'T' '43'gA , 'fx O x g 6 M PHAHMAQY M RQ 2, Y . 0 x - "A sooo DRUG STORE" '1- 2 ' ' f Aw j 1 T -U A fx m. I 5' I Arqjci le, ' c fgijgb 12-Z8 South Main sum Phone 886-5079 .' IV IT - - w , , - - r . , - J OP Gig T P eecrlptxon C onvalescent Axds and Fountam . A Free Delivery Hugh Myers, Pharmacist V a wma , 4 B 8 i ew o e ' OX - I 'sxgffbk VIP XL N'c' 27370 Free Blood Pressure Check Ads 275 MENTS BERNARDS, Inc. ADVEHWSE X Importers of Furniture and Accessories I P.O. Box 1489 High Point, N.C. 27261 PH.i9 19? 579-9090 GREE NSBORO, N.C. 100 OLD WI NSTON RD. HIGH POI NT, N.C. PH. 19199869-2181 PH. 18005 672-4599 N.C. TOLL FREE 276 Ads GHUHFSIHHNELRY' PO BOX 4087 ARCHDALE, NC 27263 431-2313 swag the SampPiug, Painting wld Pkwawvlw wld Hb: FABRIC DISTRIBUTORS FURNITURE IVIANUFACTURERS S. TEXTILE IVIANUFACTURERS awwao the United Staten and Canada rmv sample hunks. inf. 2410 SCHIRRA PLACE4 HIGH POINT, N.C. 27263 "' CONGRATULATIONS ' susAN Z52?Si?2'3'LZ5'LQ"D FOR THE MEDICAL ee PROFESSION. BATCH PROCESSING 504 Lindsay St. HIGH POINT, NC 27261 91 9!882-461 5 JERRY RODEN AUCTION 81 REALTY CO. Archuale, N.c. ,EQ m 434 5061 lgfggl iff EALTOR' 59 We Love You! Mom, David, Grandmother, John, Donna, Roland, Lisa CONGRATULATIONS LORIE MABE WE'RE PROUD OF YOUI LOVE, MOM, DAD, NANNIE, SUSIE, EDDIE, IUVDPBILLY' Ads 277 E Ei Q iii 55 :K ll U9 Ui E frm Z :ei U23 w f EN M E ELQTIS 5 A I l....... ... . .. ..... . ... - 1i nl li T . SALUTES THE CLASS OF I 1 98 7 I P0 BOX 2686: 2020 Logan Street High Point, N.C. 27261 91 9!889-5 1 61 I Q---6011 awoa0do5 mmf- - - --- 278 Ads Steven L. D.D.S., P.A. 315 N. Elm Street Point, N.C. 27260 168t t t?ittE e t 5'1- emmm lmmwmf mmm 27263 T C9195 889 B866 tm E UWT Z fi UD X ,, ,,,, M T ,ip 7x1 Ads 279 E C Q iii jg if Us G UQ Z iw J Q Q X '1I"lf'j HEMIAQE BURR L Savings 8 Loan Association 3312 South Main Street Locations in: Archdale N.c. 27263 High Point, Greensboro, and 434-4 1 3 7 Winston-Salem 280 Ads ESMHEAQW SLNEW X Ads 281 Jumons WE LOVE TO PARTY, THAT'S OUR FATE, CAUSE WE'RE THE CLASS OF '88! EAQW 3SMEl SLNEW X Ads 283 NTS VERTUS AD X SOUTHERN SALES 8: IMPORTS ,,,,,,,, Archdale's only Wholesale locally owned 1 Distributor - l!'JS I l e e 1 oel ifo eoffeee T lilll ' lS ll I Box 4497 A ' llll' V AI'ChdaIe, el 5,A 7 ,, ll, I I fffrle 27263 : 7 I I I . lllll oe I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 IESPECIALLY C.T.R.l QUALITY PACKAGING CORP. P.O. Box 41 16 High Point, N.C. Poly Bags Shrink Film Corner Pads Stretch Wrap Poly Sheeting Polyethylene Foam P F 't B aper urn: ure ags Corrugated Angle Pads Single Face fRolls 8- Sheetsl Manufacturers of Packaging Products 19191434-3145 President: Jerry Hill 284 Ads I E I ll I x ,rx 'v-I. - A ,. ,M Vu ,W , 'N , ' ' 'I I N "' 7,57 f"z'.?' Z-fl" ITN" , m ' -If 4' I ,IJ , ,,- , . 1 Q I.K-,IA . QQ.-' -,A f,A, 3 W, Q If. m.k.' ' I. 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A N D N u R s E R v I9?9?E34Zg3O Ig U if G02 Im coMPuMEN1's Q F 0 Z U23 N URLI N G :I srumos f Congratulations 1 98 71 CIRCLE J MUBILE I H -s:I,,zazzIs0-z2:0 BIKE" M"M 901 Cloniger Drive Q Thomasville NC 27360 I 9 Q. Ron Smith,- Owner I '75' WM Spot-bill? Ig,,L.,, E Ads 289 DVERTHSEMENTS UQ M, f " MM: 2" , , ':'f 'flli gl' V :f':' ' ,,, 5 kW"LW A aw f f wb 9? A FLITE STREAK ROCKS WITH THE CLASS OF 87! 290 Ads A f , QV 4 3 T , f . Q if a. Zsn ,f ' ,' . , ' .f'Fhmlly Center wpqflibfi? a, abit!! :www V . E 292 Ads COMPLIMENTS OF ELECTRIC i SUPPLY, INC. HIGH POINT, N.C. ARCHDALE , SODA SHOP 3313 S. MAIN STREET ARCHDALE, N.C. 27263 .1 :fi ,, 431 -281 3 I "GO HEELS" Izi 352 5 3 3 521 AMER 1 IR A'A 8 TA L INC 5 3 2 5 QLD? ' N iiiii 'H 360 1 muns "" - ',,,f vrll - ' fiat -,,VV VV 'ww ,, ,, -I I l l JEB SYSTEMS ' E Q SOFTWARE U 5 Q INC. Q if 2114 S. Main Street i GE P.o. Box 272 High Point, N.c. 27261-0272 ig TBI. l919l 884-41 1 1 I W CONGRATULATIONS TO THE E CLASS OF 1987! UQ WE LOVE YOU STEVEN! I X coMPuMEN'rs or BOYLE S PAINT CONTRACTORS, INC. I L1 i i I I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE cl.Ass OF1987! ll Compliments of HUEY'S FAMILY SEAFOOD Highway 31 1, South - High Point, N.C. Ads 293 FQ: 22 gf 235'5' EZ ME EI Q-VI qi- XIE Q Ill I -I 5- I Ill I I0 I0 Ill Z 0 5 LISA TONYA WALL LESLEY HENDRIX 'W ROCKIN' WITH 891 ANGIE WEST WENDY ROLLINS STEPHANIE FRYE 80 WWIS NI 0 SN HH 33N V HUN .LSU HSNIH VH I MV 294 Ads mg gg Ag K I919I 431-6019 11619. Instruments 81 Accessones Doug Bates 3403 S. Main Ronnie Westmoreland Archdale, N. C. 27263 3513-B S. MAIN, VILLAGE SQ. ARCHDALE, NC 27263 Packaging-Supplies-Tapes-Staple Machines-Siaples Work Gloves-Stitching Wire-Silicone Chrome 81 Glass Cleaner-Aprons-Protective Clothing 8. Related Items JOYCE'S INDUSTRIAL STAPLING CO., INC. Jim BOUTIQUE INC ' , I HIGH PorNTIj'N0oRBTOHXo1figoLINA 27263 Trinity Road South 434-6761 Bill Spencer M.M. Zachary Office 19191431-6811 non-:A I HANNER ng' ' FonMAl. a. A ' TUX-WEAR K 6 20 W. 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A tg M '2:g,- I no H MW I X ' QM' QN RICK masons PHOTOGRAPHY, mc. c MMUFIEQJ 3114 S. Main ' High Point, NC27263 C9195 431-5892 302 Ads ISSUE I VOLUME 1 1 987 BU LLDOGS BEWARE: HERE COMES WRESTLING M ANIA VOYE U R WQWQ A T Y rbook 303 TABLE OF CONTENTS 303 Cover 304 Table of Contents, Staff, Warning, Diet and Fit- NESS 305 Perfect Beast, Freshman- Senior Changes, Trivia 306 Freshmen-Group and ln- dividual 307 Optical Delusions, Answers, Dead Or Alive 308 Dwight Greenberg, IQ Test 309 Gallery, When It Hap- pened 310 Menu, Student Slop Party, Burger Queen 311 Classified Ads EXERCISING AND EXCESS Tired of that excessive flab? Do you have more chins than a Chinese tele- phone directory or more rolls than a baker? Sick of hearing remarks when you lie in the sun, such as "Beached whale?" Well, worry no more. With the guidance of the helpful hints and pictures below, even you will be slim and slender in just a matter of years. -'MBV ,. 4' WARNING: Anyone who gets offended easi- ly should stop reading now. Any similarities which are shown in the following pages to any per- son, living or otherwise, is purely intentional and should be recognized immediately. , 1 J A few weeks of lxon dlscipllne and you will Ht A little relaxing after exercising ls an Important pan of n workout. 04 Anti-Yearbook , , . . ,, .... ,Q -X, M- V. - ff' .-.ew--,-W. ...i.,,,..:-,,. f-1-F. .1 sy,-wig., 3,2-was.:.,f,,e..p,,-.. y. . 1,,g..w3eh::1-f I A-we wed , :,fz,- w.. ,W ,,,,. ,W .. ,.- H, le, . , - Y, L: ... '- , Era, , 1? gk' -5 .W e n W ,.'g.,, Q M F 55? 9' He , 1... iq.. . ,g f. M, , . lp In ,, 2 .. X 7+ ,A I rf.. .W Ma l.,-I 2 Ti ' , ni FE. , 1 ' Al l , 5 45456 -f- -1 L,, 'A2z' fsaaeugaez. -4 Z 1' ' .E m....:,'.f'.4'n-wr ,, -f n? da., . W. ,,.j,,'fl,L .,,.. , . 45fS, , fQ5'Sl1 1f -A-fm "'. 'E .' --2 L. aes 121'- -f 'Wfgqha - - 1 V. 1, ' , . W vm t-- M '-L5 , 2- ,. .egg'Q4E5!!.rs+v.Ei34gif,' Q5 , . .E . , , efqrfw... . ..-...Hfx---Emi-wif.Wg:-H-W .1 , y , y i, A, P5 "4' e,i Nl 5 wg' " . ' -if f fr -523:11 f P9 . iff- ,l+1 .,. ' 1 . ,,-. WM " E . -i f l A41 1 ' . A ' 'f 5? fri ,I-, I-,, ,W,glIef- Q , 4? via li' ' ff fiigvf l,r1. x., "'i"Af-' . 924 as g E J HE ..g ,, :ii ffl, .. eg W 55 m y Tai! EL.:n...! a ss , ,.,. l V. ,. , , , film pw . ' - 1 . , ., ,a .--'wa ' A-r. --P.-S .i an-iff. 9 - -if J-1 .. ' Q -1-'-V'-+,ew .xiii .... , 1 ' Q I -.. ,gy'5..'x ..,, 1 21 ,:u"'fZ-rffdih -'fw.-2H:L-.v- ' , 2- f, 1 .,f...,:- e- 'wv ' J- -' g'. 'Q ":, 1f'?' V " f ' . bf? Fi H 4- 1'i"alP4.' 5 'Ts lk 3' gfifbggx 9 . if 1 f 'rw 1. - .3 gg, if 1 , ' V - , ' . Ki ' l- ,A V f : wk ml? Q Pi me we i1f?2r...,..5?' i,.,.,,fLi T ' .4 ......+ , ,. ML -1.4, .. - N..-- p ..,., .f-H3 1 , Z ill' ..?..x","H .f:+i..: " i1':.':' fllllfi wt -1, . "' ,.' 1: -V Q 11 4 .T ff Q - S--:e 54, ., 'W -.--1-h y , .M k S 4 :fr x, B. 7 H 551 -'S :Z 'fig . v .K 1 -F 7' ive 3 Q 1 J f Tf' i.L.'.:"l' If . .ff 1 if CM ' -'- f ., :Iii 4: gg., 1153. qw QF ,-x-:iq--.,,-ff.. --1 z." L sc L Y X 'EIL iglgqualeii .lm ing, 5 iv 1 fig f V- -W.W- .1 ,wi-shQe.ef.., .E . ' 1 1, f --Q-w w ., -1, . - . Vx - . V -, -I 1 iii? , H- : is S .' A l.i: i.' a 'Q ' ..: .a.'g.z ,lf J. H. ----f . -- ., .. ,. . - Q, -'-'?'Fw'v11,'.':w-Q-f ,- f 139'- .. :. ... -5. -.2 .. - gfglg ,Y ' 5, ma af fi fewhggfmggi ' , ., :. - W.-n f -- A 2 + W e -W ' ,a.,,f.A f is ,-QJI. 1 , -:ffm . --1 . . , . - " if gigwkf -,-- -.., ,L . . .. ., .. .. ' ' . zhf, I ' I. f'1' W 9 . ' sr if ' 2 F'-M - if 'ii "N A L:?9!" " f is. 1 ' . . -3 ' if PNB. ' 512' . . . A 5432121124-.1' w F .Q .- ,. ,,,., .f wxyfw. . 1, ., f V, .e +11 ,L gy f V ,f Hy, ...F 5 W... , . F .. i f 1 '-Wiee-,,4-,f ,,fa,gf,..--we-swiss 3. 3 ,gif fy? S ,. Z.: -. ii, mg... :zzz P wi ., .,, , . ,.. .. .. s ..31..,.v..,,. , ., , fr gg 3553, .5 I - , . M if rwefwig ffff .. i'eg..3 .. A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER Freshman Kevin Keith Senior Kevin Keith - i " .QQQQAIESQ -' Freshman Amy Clodfelter Senior Amy Clodfelter BUILDING TH E PERFECT BEAST Apply air to left ear. Slip on jersey with l.Q. printed on it. lody else is wearing. in what every- Feed junk food. Spray on aged perspiration. Surround with mirrors. WHIP loosely in WON' Dab on Crisco. Include batteries. flannel. Add cleats. Add smile. Add memory. Jock Socialite XM Anti-Yearbook 305 6 I aj . 'WK .1 5 in " WHEN WILL THEY GET IT RIGHT "When Will They Get it Right?" was a common asked question about the Fresh- man Class. Freshmen never could decide in which year they would graduate and were always complaining that they were not in the yearbook enough. So the annual staff decided Voyeur was just the cure for the "CIass of I990". - Pe King Tom 306 Anti-Yearbook DPTICAL DELU loNs What seems to be pictured behind each pattern: . Al the number 'I BD organic flesh Cl nothing at all 4 l 1 .A-3 ll Ill 5 I ll ::: :l-hl::ll- I ll .I ' : :-:l- ll:l :I at 1:-E-:E:.E'-i .'E:': EEE . . ll -l wlll :lla ll:ll .. :.: .5 -: ' ::: -: if---, 3. if By Noah Body W' 2. Al the letter T BJ Iunchroom food Cl Mrs. K's mouth I E.. U.. J' .." 1' ' I l-l.l-lllll'llll:.l.l-l-I- l"l". In ll'.l:l"l:l ' I l I ll I I . -:-llll::l'Ll'll l li I.. I -lil --: M-i I 'I y -. "'-:-'-'-.-.-. - - ... ' I. . -l:l-:I I AI The number 5 4- Al l,386,235,07'l Bl a pink elephant BJ the entire transcript of Cl all of the above War ond Peace Cl Doc's head T ANSWERS TO PAGE 115: Down - Across - Preferqbly Deqd - l. class rings 2. license 4. party 3. Junior MATI LDA D. H U N 5. car varsity Crimes Include: lmpersonatlng a 6, midterm 9, 5ophomo,.e human, abuse of make-up and 7. Biology mascara, and vandalism of the 8- PSAT mind. 10. home Alias: Miss Arcltdole, Mary ANSWERS T0 pAGE 307 Poppins Look-a-Like lAbovel: Rewards Include: 51.95 0 week for a month of free lunch lSponsored by the Trinity High Cafeterial May be large, l.A 2.A 3.8 4.E armed, and dangerous!! Ami-Yearbook 307 THIS IS ONLY A KES? Can you pass this test? This is the en- trance exam given to the yearbook staff, football team, and cheerleading squad, before they can be classified as members of such organizations. For the first time at THS, all freshmen students will be required to pass a test similar to this before they can be classified as sophomores. If you can pass this test, you are one of the few, the proud, the Bulldogs. lf you failed this test, then do not feel sad because you are are in the majority not the minority at THS, Good Luck! lf you have problems, then the answers can be found on page 669. - Aliene Capone wnl .I- Guisiiouf T0 mm? U The anis: has 11 ls A 1 outak ' - deyefll' leff caneylme in tins pggture. you mmplete lt? i, , ,ff1J,..n- ,I 12 , aff - M 1 , V r ,' AF, gm, ,, ' 1 X 'S l fi l v f f 5 1 ll GALLERY Expnssslorns by AI NAKED 'roluar by AI Bottoms up by Al When lt Happened, WHY IS IT 'ou do your homework on time or once . . . only to find the next day you did the wrong rage. .K:., - I if a, oeooe W s or Y , A,.: i "W F Eg ' .:N. - .1 . iff Q T W , . M Q u Y :a ss M . -- -QE"'1 - , .- -gs , 'L f': 1, 1 K Q :.. x . m A F gf I x, ' ' , . If-N' sl , 15 LQ. You and your best friend finally have a class together . . . but your last name begins with an A and his with a Z and the teachers seats you alphabetically. The Yearbook Was There! l Anti-Yearbook 309 Q. B THE LAST COURSE . . . ALKA SELTZER Choose l: GClSOlll'le ibeveragel Choose 2: U'l'el1SllS Reguldl' lcokel Cigarette butts ftoothpicksl Unleaded i7-Upl Maggots istrawsl Diesel iiced teal Sunglasses iknivesl Choose l: Dlhhel' Choose 2: Vegetables Furballs with acid rain iraviolil Rusty nails ifrench friesl A mop with a bucket of cleanser Mold icornl ispaghettil Slugs ibeansl Jason Bates inhales his favorite part of the meal, Beans a la mode. Bobby McCroskey enjoys the cafeteria food so much that he takes it wherever he goes. ,M ,ir , "" l!P 'WL, .., BURGER New ADDITION QUEEN TO CAMPUS Trinity High School is one of the most wealthy schools in Randolph county. As a result of it's wealth, the administration has been able to establish it's own fast food restaurant on campus. The restaurant, "Burger Queen," is a first on any high school campus, but it is not expected to be the last. According to the head manager of "Burger Queen," Soy Burger, "Business is great! We find that students are attending school, instead of skipping classes to go to eat somewhere else." "l think it is a good idea," said freshman lrund Fast, "l have been getting up an hour earlier every day since "Burger Queen" opened, just so l can get the first croissant of the day." Since business is so good and attendance is higher than in previous years, Burger says that fast food restaurants on campus will increase in the future. - Ms. Bea Haven These are just some of the many fine foods that is served at the ne "Burger Queen." 310 Anti-Yearbook "I'll have diesel and I'd like cigarette butts and sunglasses. For dinner, I'd like some slugs. And l'll have a flat tire for dessert," ordered senior Harry Gross. The Student Slop Party was held at Blaze Hayes' house in April. The hostesses were the 86-87 annual staff members. Their invitations were made out of scraps of leftover wood. If you were to attend, you had to have four things: U gloves, 21 a hat, 3l a tire, and 4l something blue. The table was covered with newspaper for the messy eaters. For plates, they used carry-out boxes that they had gotten from a restaurant. For cups, jam jars were used and a roll of toilet paper provided a substitute for napkins. All in all, the party was a huge success. lt was greatly enjoyed by the students and the teachers who attended. It proved to be an event that would not be forgotten! - Ms. Bea Haven AFTER 9 wo' fgwe I doubt it! And you don't want blackheads spoiling things. Make sure they don't with SANDBLASTING, the easy-to-use beauty aid that gently "lifts" out blackheads. Ten day return if not delighted. Rush 53.95 LONGER, STRONGER 81 - in just one week. "Hairlong" protein lotion is sucked up by each individual hair to strengthen and thicken your hair up to 360k more. You'll watch as day by day your hair gets thicker, stronger, longer with a healthy looking shine that will be admired by your friends. Try "HairIong." You'll find it everything we promise or your money back. No odor! Hairlong, Dept. 147, 135 Grease Ave., NY, NY 11011. Send today! BEFORE DRAW FESTUS! You may win one of five 51.95 Art Scholar- ships or any of 50, 504 cash prizes. Draw Festus any size except by tracing. Scholar- ship winners receive fundamentals of art taught by MTA Truck Driving School, one of America's leading home study schools. Our obiective is to find prospective students who appear to be properly moti- vated and have a lacking for art. Entries are judged in the month received. Prizes awarded for best drawings of various subiects from qualified entrants age 4 and over. One 2592 cash award for the best draw- ing from entrants age 98 to 100. No drawings can be returned. Our students and professional artists are eligible. Contest winners will be notified. Mail your drawing today with S2 postage + handling, your name, address, age, and phone number to: Studio 6.1-2095, MTA Truck Driving School, 500 S. 4th St., Dubb, MN 00000. AND TRAIN TO BE A MODEL con . . . Jus'r LOOK LIKE oNEy Send for Bertha's 32-page book which can start you on your way to stardom! 1212i 371-4300 The Bertha School of Modeling 3 E. Lust Ave. Heart, CT 58321 Name: 1-41.-.- Age: -- Phonezf --D Address: iii..- Weight: ... Height: .-. Be the first one on your block to experience an entire new outlook on life! Dazzle your friends! Tr TRANSI- R caplets and MR. MU NCHO Fat people !For guys with waist measurements 65-85i. Win: Free Grocery Shopping Spree All U Can Eat Coupon from Dunkin' Donuts Chance to Represent State for a Year. you'll be the talk of the town. If not satisfied, return unused portion. Unfortunately, the ef- fects are permanent. Call today !800l 417- 1423! Before After Anfi-Yearbook 311 f. f' 1" . , ., ,, AT, Tina Abnetz 113, 140 Pauia Adams: 122, 133 Renee Adcocki 113, 139 Elaine Adkins: 51, 68, 69, 76, 132, 139 Shannon Adkins: 41, 104, 139, 148 Daniel Agen: 1225, Amy Aiken: 104, ,141, 142, 148, 155' I Mark Akins: 113 f David Albertson: 104, 138. 143 Jon Alberisonz 122, 147 Jennifer Albright: 113, 149 Lori Alexander: 133 Chris? Allen: 51,,68, 69, 143 1 . - Grqg lien: 29,3122-236, 113, 133,:1,39, 142, 150, 153154. 168, 180, 181, 202, 206, 273 ' ' Greg Allen: 20, 122 Doug Allred: 51, 68, 69, 72, 75, 76, 77, 81, 90, 139, 140, 172, 173, 202, 213, 228, 262 Russ Allred: 47, 104, 141 Sandy AIlred:113,114,121,142 V Tif1B!'lY Alston: 12,5-113, 136, 142,'1,49, 152, 155 Anders:51gf5a,69,14o . Renee Anders: 5, 14, 33, 36, 49, 91, 103, 113, 130, 131, 132, 139, 142, 144, 145, 147, 154, 161, 209, 242, 294 Mike Anderson: 122 Travis Andrews: 122, 139. 147 ' Jam Apple: 104, 134, 135, 136, 142, 149. 204, 205 Toqd Armstrong: 22, 122, 129, 306. ,Q Keiiy Asblllz 14, 1-22,,133, 187 f Sabrina Ashe: 3'l,,34, 37, 113 ' 1 Cheryle Aikinsonz 122, 139 Bal! Austin: 31, 51, 68, 72, 76, 77, 138, 149, 168, 190, 228, 26 Kathy Autry: 51, 140 - v ,-. . ,. snug, 12,37 " ' " 147, 152, 155 47, 48, 49, 91, 103, 161,170,171, 209, 155,195,199 157 zss, :no 69,140 147,149 , 1 133, '1a5STi41, 151, 188f?1i89, 196, 104, 140, 319 143. 147, 41, 155 144,149,159 147- 149, 198 1os,1a2,14s 2 4, 35, 105, 141, 142, 147, 149, 155, 156, 254, Patrick Breese. 17, 20, 122, 137, 190, 309 . DeLana'Bl2ewer: 51, 68,'69,"140, 146, 148 .i,.' . Bryan Brinkley: 111, 113, 140 ' Jess Bfookbank: 132, 146 Andy Brown: 48, 105, 138, 148, 149, 204 Candy Brown: 122, 132, 149 Charieen Brown: 122 Charles Brown gs ,q Dealix, Brgwn: 14, 105, :132, 138, 166, 182,183 200, 3155318. Doe Brown: 10, 180, 181 Jeff Brmtln: 51, 77, 138, 142, 143 Larry Brown: 2, 23, 51, 68, 69, 81, 139, 155 Lisa Brown: 51, 68, 69, 228, 262 scan Brown: 12, za, 123, ws, sos , Bryan Bmivvningr 8. 52, 150 Wendy Briibaker: 123, 134336, 139, Jeff Bryant: 38, 105, 162 A Sherri Bryant: 123 A Bobby Buck: 52, 68, 69, 72, 76, 139, 140, 228 Jafi Buffkinz 123, 147, 306 Sherri Bullard: 113 Andrea Bumgsrdner: 113,,,142, 212 V , , Jana Bum' ardner: 113411115 149 yy: ,5 - Alan Bunlg: 113, 142, 147' 1: Joe Bundy: 5, 33, 43, 49, 52, 68, 69, 70, 74, 76, 77, 81, 86, 91, 103, 131, 132,141,142, 149,160, 161, 209, 275 Sheila Bundgr 113, 139, 146, 153 Shawn Bun: etie: 5, 33, 49, 91,103,114,131,13-1, 135, 136, 140, 151, 209 . Steve Buzgkhalter: 19, 52954, 68, 69, 70472, 76, 77, 81,.1Q118, 132142, 147, 149, 155368, 213 ' Melissa Burnettez 105, 287 Niki Burns: 114 Stephen Burrow: 114, 146, 147, 152 Chad Butler: 105, 140, 147 Jerlmie Butler: 1, 5, 9, 33, 49, 91. 103, 114, 131, 136, 137, 149. 161, 197, 209 , 1, Chris B i,',, 2 123, 147 , - . - Heath ' y: 1, 123, 147, 184, 306 John Byeriyz 38, 105, 138, 143, 162 Marie Byors:114, 146 Stan Byrd: 7, 21, 52, 68, 69, 140, 198, 228 x es, 147 sz, 77, 149, 155, 164, 271 1 14, 139, 153 140, 147 162, 202, 271 11, 316 A 114, 119,149,168, 273 98 ,, 174, 1751 ' 1392358 1 132, 142, 148, 149, 155 72, rs, 81,: 5234, 136, 137, 151, 132, 149 149. 155, 202 81.134, 135, 136,148 a1,i3i5,lws5, 49, sa, 685589, 161,-170, 171, 209, 213, , 114, 149 W 49, 91, 103,113,114,131, 147, 149,161, 133, 139, ,1gg,..14a 141, 149 149. 168, 196 139,149 Cook Cook Cook Cook 141 142 143 147 151 186 187 20 47 134 135 136 149 306 8 2 7 146 147 149 37 123 ' 7 " 37 115 81 140 141 Bobby Dabal: 29, 31, 43, 45, 54, 66, 68, 69, 70, 78, 81, 141,142,149, 150,151,173 Scan Dalton: 23, 115, 149, 168, 192,493 Stephanie Darr: 62, 68, 69, 140 Calvin Davis: 54, 140 Derrick Davis:115, 142, 149 Donald Davis: 115, 137, 139, 142, 184 Holly Davis: 123, 134, 136, 139, 146 James A. Davis: 123 A James B. Davis: 123 Jeremg Davis: 42, 123 Julie avis: 54, 68. 69, 81. 140. 148, 297 Rodn? Davis: 4, 115, 141, 156, 204, 295, 316 Scott avlsz 123, 147 Susan Davis: 115 A Tonya Davis: 40,'105, 149, 154 Wendi Davis: 54, 68, 69, 140 1 53 68 69 74 76 81 141 150, 147.153 154 6 73 91 103 131,141, 133 1386515111 142,149,: Kenda Dawkins: 22, 25, 30, 32, 105, 133, 150, 151, 178, 200 A.K. Dawson: 123, 132 Christy Dawson: 28, 123 Sherrgellawsonr 114, 115, 133, 139 Alan an: 115, 184 UB'-lbie Dean: 415124, 134, 135, 1.36, 139. 147 Kevin Dean: 68,59 April Del-Iart: 1, 54, 68, 69, 81, 140 Julie DeHart: 124, 133, 139 Melissa Delp: 124, 146 Angie Dennis: 29, 31, 32, 115, 132 Chris Dennis: 12, 38, 39, 54, 78, 81, 162, 163, 164, 174 Pam Dennis: 4, 43, 54, 68, 69, 72,,81, 140, 141, 157, 22 7,1-15295, 300 if 5 ff" Babble Dennis:115, 174, 175, 177 - Angie Devore: 146 Traci Dilldine: 54, 68, 69, 72, 81. 89. 133, 139, 146, 148 Jerry Dills: 115, 138, 139, 162, 163, 198 Theresa Dills: 124, 147 Sandra Dlx: 54, 81, 141,146 - D0bbinS:g,g1'!.5, 133, 139, fLQ12,,143, 147 1.-1,212 Bfidf! Dobbins: 105, 146 5" K Marc Doxtad: 1247 Walter Doyle: 124, 147, 207 Karen Duncan: 115, 136 133, 155 49, 54, 68, 69, 73, 75, 76, 78, 91, 78, 133, 146, 148 162, 319 147, 162, 319 34, 47, 50, 54. 68, 69. 70, 72. 155, 228, 262, 299, 316 8, 103, 81, 139, 89, 139340, 152, 132, 133, ,,..:k ,,kkk,, kL,k K , , l Gi-, l ...1 l T. . . .1 11..111. 1. l l "' - :,. :'- . K..-' -"- :-- K.'.- '-:'L- 1 1 re ..111 11.. 1 A, .:.. .. 1 V,kk: 1 1 ' ..,,' 11 ..., ' .. . ..., ..-M 11i11f11.! ' 1:1 . 1 A-1'11L. ',-1 ,-" ,,'. 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K',,, 314 Index ,Dana Rlfe: 126, 128, 134, 135, 136, 306 Sherry Proctor: 63, BO, 84, 133, 136, 139 Jamie Puckette: 13, 47, 128 Stephanie Pugh: 22, 120, 132, 138, 139, 147, 178, 194, 200. 201 Vanetta Pugh: 110. 147 Angle Pulaski: 8, 110, 143, 152, 154, 168 Dale Pulliam: 120, 147 Gall Pylant: 110, 140 'Q if Michael Queen: 24. 63, 68, 69,1140 Roger Queen: 63 Shannon Queen: 120 Wayne Queen: 128 Dw ht Quick 128 -Keltg Quick: 1, 2, 17, 23, 38, 63, 80, 87, 138, 140, 162, 163, 165, V 271 iiwayne Quick: .306 ' 1 5 i V 1 'Anita Rabon: 128, 146, 306 :Kevin Rabon: 64, 68, 69, 80, 90. 143, 163, 198 , "Susan Rzganz 4, 5, 22, 33, 49, 64, 68, 69, 72. 84, 91. 103, 131, 147, 1 4, 156, 161, 209, 228, 262, 276. 277, 295, 299, 300 John Range: 128, 139, 142 Jett Rash: 64, 68, 69, 152 Jennifer Rash: 128, 146 Scott Raynor: 128 ,Mark Roddick: 128, 147 :Bryan Reece: 5, 26, 33, 41, 49,-64, 68, 69. 75, 76, 80, 84, 91, . - gg,132,138,141161,168,174,176,177,196,209,273, Mike Reece: 17, 28, 41, 128, 134, 135, 136, 142, 306 Scott Register: 25, 98, 117, 120 Stephanie Raid: 64, 68, 69, 132, 140, 146 Kevin Renn: 64, 68, 69, 80, 140, 197, 279 :David Reynolds: 110, 140, 172, 173 Eddie Reynolds: 147 ' Larry Reynolds: 128, 147 Mike Reyinoldaz 110 Tammy eynolds: 128, 133 Kristian Ftheln: 128 Chad Rheuark: 120, 147, 163, 316 Jamie Rloe: 5, 8, 18, 33, 49. 61, 64. 68, 69, 72, 76, 80, 91. 103, 131, 132, 133, 142, 161, 171, 209, 217, 228,.262, 299 Leigh Rice:43,110,138,141,149,150,151,1S5,177,178 Billy Rich: 140 Brad Rich: 120, 147 Lourendla Rich: 147 Jamie Richardson: 64, 74, 143, 147 Mlchelle Richardson: 114, 120, 121 ,Wendy Richardson: 120 Anton o Flicks: 110 JoJo Ricks: 120 Tonya Ricks: 120, 140. 142, 149, 152, 155 Alicia Rlehs: 128 Adrea Riddick: 14, 120, 132 Eric Riddick: 64, 147, 160, 172, 173, 196 'David Riley: 128, 139, 153 Anthony Rimmer: 128, 147 Dean Roach: 120 Donnie Roach: 147 Roscoe Roach: 110, 207 Mark Robbins: 128, 147 Missy Robbins: 128 Angggllobortsc 129, 133, 138, 147, 151, 154, 188, 189, 196, 212, Michelle Roberts: 129, 147 Becky Robertson: 37, 114, 120, 132 Cheryl Robertson: 17, 110, 132,149, 154 Mark Robinson: 110, 142, 149 Jenny Robinson: 129, 133, 147, 213 Sharon Robinson: 129, 140, 306 , :Wllaon R rs: 129, 306 i ' Wagga' Rga3lS! 4, 14, 120, 132. 139, 142, 154, 156, 294, 295, 316 Jonathan Rorie: 129 LaMonlca Rorie: 2, 30, 64, 68. 69, 149, 152, 155, 316 Jennifer Rose: 139 Chris Rosenbaum: 29, 30, 46, 64, 66, 69. 84, 90, 138, 139, 180, 1 181, 262, 299, 300 2 ' DougiRoss:110, 133 Tim oss: 129. 139, 149 Tina Ross: 68, 69, 140 Amanda Rowe: 13, 120 Wendyqlitovvez 146 Scott oyals: 120, 152 Adrlenne Rush: 110, 140, 142, 149, 152, 153, 155 , Angela Russell: 64, 74, 148, 149, 150, 151, 154, 155, 177, 307, 311 Deon Ruth: 110, 142, 149, 316 Sli Jamie Saleright: 120, 134, 136, 137, 141 Charlie Safrietz 129, 147 Tammle Salrietz 129 Tanya Safrlet: 18, 20, 42, 120, 146, 202 Shane Sample: 110, 147 John Sampson: 129, 132, 160 Derek Sanders: 120, 149, 316 Amy Saunders: 14, 120. 140, 146. 147 Daron Scarboro: 119. 120, 138, 172, 173, 192, 193, 202 Jonathan Scarboro: 110, 140 Jonathan Scarbrough: 120 Michelle Scearce: 120, 147, 149, 201 Mark Sclsm: 65, 147 Diana Scogginsz 129, 134, 136, 137, 306 l.aDonna ooh: 110, 147 Reglna Sechrest: 4, 5, 15, 17, 20, 29. 30, 33. 35, 38. 47, 48. 49, 91,103,104,110, 131.139, 149,150,151, 154,158,161, 170, 171, 209, 283, 285, 287, 295. 300, 318 Robbie Sechrest: 65, 68, 73, 139. 140, 172, 173, 202, 307. 311 Darrell Sechrlst: 36, 46, 65, 68, 69, 133, 136, 139, 152 Cynthia Segers: 5, 33. 49. 91. 103, 120, 131, 134, 136, 137, 142. 156,157,161, 209 Marshall Self: 68, 69 Billy Sellers: 129 Marvin Sellers: 147 Jett Shackelford: 120 Jack Shattoz 37, 120, 147 Todd Shean: 120, 146 John Shelton: 110, 173, 202 Banner Shoe: 120, 139, 147 Marsha Shuler: 129, 149 Melissa Shuskey: 65, 68, 69, 84 Brad Silxes: 22, 31, 129, 184, 206, 207- V- Denlse Slkes: 7, 8, 14,-43, 110, 138, 139, 141, 159, 166, 167, 182, 183, 196, 200, 314, 315. 318, 320 Robbie Slkes: 111 Amy Simmons: 12,14, 114. 120,132, 142, 147,187,196 Greg Simmons: 1, 129, 146, 184, 185, 306 Robin Simmons: 4, 120, 139, 142, 147, 151, 154, 156,188, 189, 196, 212, 242, 294,.295. 300, 316 Monlea'Slmpson: 111,'-154. 283, 285, 287 Steve Stimpson: 17, 23, 38, 65. 75, 88, 271, 275 Devid Sink: 111, 168, 202. 203, 309 Cure? Sink: 65, 66, 72, 84, 142, 146, 147, 250, 252, 300 Mar ka Skaggs: 13, 111, 132 Tara Skaggs: 129 Faron Skeen: 21, 120, 147, 184, 197 Tony Skeen: 65, 68, 69, 133, 139, 140,,V147, 152 Tammy Skidmore: 111, 153 Angle Slack: 129 Ken Small: 120, 140, 147 Mark Small: 111, 140 Angela Smith: 65, 140, 147 Angle Smith: 140 Bet Smlth:5, 15, 20,.33, 38, 47, 49, 91. 103. 111, 131, 142, 154, 161, 170, 1711,f209, 271, 285, 267 -if' Chuck Smith: 129, 147 - Curtis Smith: 21, 120, 147 Danny Smith: 129, 149, 306 Dede Smith: 65, 68, 69, 76, 84, 133, 139, 142, 148, 155, 160, 219 Jerry Smllh: 129, 147 Johnny Smith: 129 Larissa Smlth: 134 i Llsa Smith: 129 ldrnn Smith: 1, B, 65. 68, 69, 84, 139, 140, 141 att Smith: 111, 138,141, 198,319 Michelle Smith: 20, 30, 65. 68. 69, 133 , Michelle Smith: 129 MlkeVSmI1h: 120 VV 'V Mike Smith: 129, 149, 152 Pam Smith: 129, 149 Patty Smith: 13, 111 Shannon Smith: 101, 129 Steve Smith: 6, 129, 132, 162, 202 Taylor Smith: 130, 139, 306 Toby Smith: 104 VV Travisismithz 121 -1 Trey Smith: 130 Melissa Smlthers: 142 Chad Snider: 147 Kenneth Snider: 65, 68, 69, 80, 94, 138, 143, 147, 162, 198 David Snow: 121, 147 Matthew Snow: 66, 68, 69, 141, 153 Sharon Snylder: 35, 121, 134, 136, 142, 143, 154, 300 Brian Sout ards: 130, 139 i 1 Ronda Southards: 111, 134, 135. 136, 149, 237 Michael Sgrencer: 121 caroline piers: 111, 148 Johnnie Spivey: 5, 33, 49, 91,103,114,121, 131, 161, 168, 209 228 Pam Spivey: 111, 139, 140, 147 Jay Spivey: 130, 133- 1 p Kevin Sta ord: 43, 66, 68, 69, 84, 139, 141, 142, 149 Mlchaele Stattord: 130, 146. 306 Amy Staley: 14, 121, 139, 142, 146, 147, 149 Mark Stan ey: 121 Susan Stanley: 130 Susan Stanley: 146 Barbara Staton: 121 , Nichole Steed: 2, 130, 149, 152, 155 Rodn? Steed: 130, 162, 306 Terry teedz 2, 31, 121,136,142.149, 152,155 Linda Stehey: 130, 146, 306 Lisa Steftegz 34, 111, 139, 140 Chrls Step enson: 121, 132, 149, 196 Angle Stevens: 130, V149 ,V Shawn Stevens: 1214 1, 1- 1 Angel Stevenson: 121, 146 ' Angle Stevenson: 130, 146, 194, 195, 201 Dee Dee Stevenson: 13, 111, 147 Robert Stewart: 111 Michelle Stllley: 111, 135, 136, 139, 155, 183, 320 Chris Stone: 13, 21, 121 Chrishe Stone: 12115. :V V, V Grady Stone: 1, 130, 184 Jenmter Stone: 10. 130, 132, 319 Jerry Stone: 130, 139 Samantha Stratton: 7, 111 Chris Strickland: 66, 140, 146, 153 Angie Stroud: 66, 68, 69, 04, 139, 147, 148, 218 Chuck Stunda: 130 V V Rhonda Sturdlvant:1130, 139 I 5' Mellssa Styles: 66, 68, 69, 80. 84, 132, 140 Deana Sul ivan: 66, 143 Angela Summey: 66, 68, 69, 84, 147 Meredith Sumner: 130, 146 Vonda Sumner: 37, 47, 121. 132, 147 Amy Sykes: 130, 141, 151 Danny Sykes: 147 ,, 1 Michelle Tacket: 140 Mary Tate: 13, 130 Brlan Taylor: 130, 147 Don Tay or: 66, 68, 89, 80, 147, 197 Gary Taylor: 57, 66, 140, 168, 198, 199 Kim Taylor: 126, 130, 134, 136, 139, 306 Mike Taylor: 111, 147 Mike Taylor: 121 Paula Teal: 111 James Terry: 121 V' , Amy Thomas: 46, 66, 68, 69, 84, 141, 142, 147, 196' Gena Thomas: 14. 121, 149, 154 Missy Thomas: 17, 40, 111, 148 James Thompkins: 39 Billie Thompson: 130 Daryl Thompson: 130 Lynda Thompson: 7, 66, 68, 69, 72, 84, 146 Amber Thornton: 66, 68, 69, 133, 1:40, 146 Marilyn Tickle: 1, 67, 68, 69, 140 Michelle Tickle: 67, 68, 69, 199 Tonia Tipton: 45, 130, 132, 139 Eddie Todd: 8. 46, 63, 67, 68, 69, 132, 133, 139. 228, 262, 290. 299, 307 James Tompkins: 21. 67, 68, 69 Paige Towery: 112 Bri get Treadaway: 130, 149, 196 Larry Treadaway: 121, 184 Todd Trent: 130, 147 Darren Tripletl: 130, 306 1 lle1'4rE4:TgLgitle: 5, 33, 49, 91, 103, 112, 131, 139. 141, 144, 147, Tonia Trotter: 130, 133, 306 Bobby Troxler: 130, 306 Dana Trytten: 38, 112, 137, 138, 142, 149, 155, 202, 203, 316 Ang? Tuclcer:V1, 14, 126, 130, 133, 187, 194, 201, 292. 306 .le Tucker:-130 1: 11, . Keith Tucker: 130, 139 ' ' Melissa Tucker: 13. 121, 134, 135. 136, 137, 149 Randy Tucker: 112 Tabby Tucker: 130, 139 Doug Tuggle:23,104,112,138,141,150,151, 162,163,198 Hugh Turbyfill: 5, 10, 21, 33, 49, 67. 84, 91, 103, 131, 132. 161, 209, 309, ,V V Brian Turner: 112, 139, 149 ' 1 ' Charlotte Turner: 1, 121, 136, 146 Kevin Turner: 112, 140 Jennifer Tussey: 34, 146 Sandra Tyler: 130 Stephanie Tyree: 132 Leslle Tysingerz 130. 133, 139 il , su, 2, Todd Upchurch: 5, 20, 33, 49, 91, 103, 130, 131, 134, 135, 136, 142, 161, 190, 204, 205, 209, 306 Jenmvarnerc 7, 28, 56, 67, 68, 69, 72, 84, 146, 148, 149, 257, Lisa Varner: 112, 143 ' Melissa Varner: 130, 137, 139, 306 hynette Vann: 107 lchelle Vaughn: 121 Steve Vernon: 112, 146, 147 Melinda Vickers: 14, 121, 187 Scott Vickers: 68, 69, 139, 1.47, 149. 153 - , John Wager: 20 Jett Wagoner: 130 Wendy Wagoner: 67, 64, 147 Gabriel W den: 130, 133, 147 Earl Walker: 19, 121, 155 Ginny Walker: 147 Mary Walker: 112, 135, 136, 152, 153, 155 Michelle Walker: 25, 130 Trent Walker: 1, 23, 123, 130, 184, 165 Dale Wall: 7, 67, 68, 69, 140, 147 Kim Wall:2,'112,154, 288 Tony Wall: 4, 121, 138,139, 151,154,156,188, 189, 212, 242, 294, 295, 300, 304, 316 Desi Wallace: 112, 140, 155 Dexter Wallace: 67, 68, 69, 140, 155 Lonnie Wallace: 121, 155, 180 James Walton: 130 Brlttawf Ward: 112, 133, 140 Kyle ard: 67, 68, 69, 84, 146, 147, 149 Stephen Ward: 121, 147 Michelle Warner: 112, 143, 152 Teresa Watson: 112, 133, 147 Cheryl Watts: 130, 133, 139 Lonnyvwebbz 7, 21, 112, 147, 180, 181, 228, 300 Tlna ebb: 1, 67, 140 V Donnie Weiborn: 67, 140, 143, 279 Chad Welch: 130 Heath Watch: 21, 67, 68, 69, 84, 140 Sharon Welch: 112, 139, 140, 309 Angle Wentz: 130, 306 Angle West: 4, 5, 14, 33, 44, 45, 49, 91, 103, 121, 131, 132, 133, 142, 151, 154. 156, 161,178, 179, 209, 294, 295. 300 David West:r121, 147 V' V, Michelle West: 24, 121, 133 ' 1 Jett Whitaker: 68, 69 Traci Whitaker: 114, 121, 139, 146, 154, 309 Braxton While: 28, 42, 138, 162, 190, 191. 202, 203 Cathy White: 121 Davgsswglige: 4, 121, 132, 143, 144, 145, 156, 173, 194, 200, 201 1 1' ,.., 1 . 5 f f. ., Gall Whlto:"8, 14, 43, 112, 1:38, 139, 141, 149. 150, 151, 158, 168, 167, 182, 183, 200, 315, 319, 320 John Whi1e:67, 68. 69, 139, 140, 147, 228, 262 Kellee White: 5, 33, 49, 91, 103, 112, 131, 148, 161, 209 Mlke White: 67, 68, 69, 180, 198 Renee White: 67. 68, 69, 139, 154, 155. 160 .left Whitloek: 130. 147 ,, Randyvwhittz 112, 141 1 is Shlrl lkiez 17, 112, 146, 149, 160 ' Tonya Willard: 130, 133, 139 Ang e Williams: 130 Ernest Williams: 112 Jett Williams: 4, 112, 149, 156, 157, 295 Michelle Willlams: 112, 148 Misty Williams: 130 , V Talbert Williams: 121, 134, 207 ' Michele Williamson: 68, 69, 71, 80, 84, 134, 136, 141, 217 Susan Williamson: 22, 121, 300 Stephanie Wllliard: 112, 141, 147, 149, 155 Crlssie Wilson: 148 Phil Wilson: 112, 140, 147 Renay Wilson: 121, 139 Melanie Winfrey: 130 Steve Wishon: 68, 140 Billy Womack: 130, 134, 135, 136, 149. 306 Marlene Wood: 121 Tobl Wood: 22, 121, 139, 194, 201 Darren Worrell: 121 Keith Wriwt: 17, 36, 112,133, 160,316 Shannon rglt: 2, 8, 13, 14, 29, 31, 46, 122, 130, 139, 151, 153, 187, 1 ' 6 Heather Young: 112, 148, 152 Tara Young: 130, 139 Greg Younger: 112. 140, 147 Shanda Younger: 5, 33, 49, 91, 103. 131, 161, 209 Stephanie Younger: 112 Todd Zachary: 101, 130, 147, 197 Colby Eglar: 130, 147 I Index 315 gf 316 EdiTors' Page 3, Nftfj ai gx'15' These are just a few of the people that have contri- buted in the produc- tion of the '87 Trinhian: Hunter Publishing Co., Tom Adams, Dr. Darrell Saunders, T.E. Hayes, Ric Gibbons, t Kevin Keith, Sherri Barnes, I Jason Bates, i Heather Bowers, Rodney Davis, Pam Dennis, Stephanie Frye, Lesley H endrix, Jeff Maney, Bobby McCroskey, Stephanie Morris, Todd Moser, Bart Prevost, Susan Ragan, Wendy Rollins, Regina Sechrest, Robin Simmons, Tonya Wall, Angie West, Dawn White, Jeff Williams, THS faculty, and parents ofstaff members. 1wi'v.' 1'4" I recall many fond memories. Most of which were shared with close .friends on the annual staff This past year alone, I made many closefriends that will last long after the tassels are turned at graduation. I hope as you turn the pages ofthis yearbook, you too will remember the many friends you made at THS. Without the help of our yearbook advisor Blaze Hayes, this annual would not have been possible. His hard work and dedication is always greatly appre- ciated by the entire class. Editor-in-Chief Scott Hartsoe and Business Editor Jason Hill were very helpful in creating the theme ofthe annual. Assistant Editor Melissa Hopkins was not only a great help with the yearbook, but a lifesaver andfriend as well. We hope that this yearbook will help you to re- Q As I reminisce about my pastfour years at THS, Q member some of your greatest memories. Also, we 6 hope you remember the truly specialfriendships you made during a "Truly Original" year. - Lorie Mabe As my senior year comes to an end and I look back on the pastfour years, I realize that some ofthe best times ofmy life occurred during the production of three editions of the Trinhian. Of course, a lot of work ,goes into the making of the Trinhian. I appreciate the hard work and effort put ,forth by the other editors, Melissa Hopkins, Jason Hill, and Lorie Mabe. I also would like to thank the remaining members ofthe annual staff Not only are these peoplefellow students but are members ofthelfamily. In addition, the presence of T.E Hayes not only adds work, but adds to the overall effect of ourfamily. We, the Trinhian staff wanted to create something completely dif- ferent from the past editions ofthe Trinhian. The theme "Truly Original," hopefully reflects this difference. - Scott Hartsoe The students of Trinity High School will certainly remember the 1986-87 school year as the year of change. Some ofthese changes and so-called improvements included a longer school day, con- struction Qfadditional classrooms, and tl1e introduction ofsixteen new faculty members. The most outstanding and meaningful change though, occurred with the Trinhian. The 1987 Trinhian was improvedfrom cover to cover with more color pages and a new sec- tion, Anti-Yearbook. Ifeel honored andfortunate to have served two years on the year- book staff Even after all this ti me, I still cannot express my appre- ciation and respect for the tremendous dedication and perfection by Mr. T.E. Hayes. The success ofthe Trinhian would not be pos- sible without him. I would also like to thank my fellow editors Scott Hartsoe, Melissa Hopkins, and Lorie Mabe. We've tried to make the '87 Trinhian special and meaningfulfor the Senior Class as well as the rest ofthe students of THS. The hard work and creativity ofall the students on the yearbook staffis clearly demonstrated on each page ofthe Trinhian. A great deal of people, such as those listed in the acknowledge ments, have worked hard to make the Trinhian a "Truly Original" yearbook. - Jason Hill Through my high school years, there have been many changes. I have always wanted to make a diff ference by putting my two cents worth ofknowledge to use. Being on the annual stafflzelped. I will never-forget the -first day of my sophomore year. I was ,frightened because I could not tell what was going to happen next. I learned and made mis- takes, but Ifeel I grew from each error. Blaze Hayes, who does not have a shy bone in him, broke the ice by telling ajoke. I was surprised tojind such a goodfriend and a remarkably great teacher. I made new-friends, which remained with me until my junior year. As Sports Editor, I received more responsibilities and a harder challenge in producing a better Trinhian. My senior year, I became Assistant Editor. Editor- in-chiefScott Hartsoe, Business Editor Jason Hill, Secretary Lorie Mabe, and I felt that we needed to create something new and "Truly Originaluthis year. You see, we lost the heart ofour stafflast year due to graduation. We did not replace them, wejust created our own identity. This was the biggest challenge I had to face in my high school career. It was a rebuilding yearjor the Trinhian staff, but with the teamwork ofeach member, the Trinhian was a success. Each member-join ed tomforfm thefamily. We have grown together through many trials and tribu- lations. I hope each student will treasure this annual as much as I do. It is very rewarding to see thefinished product after a year of hard work. - Melissa Hopkins Editors' Page 317 SAVING THE BEST The Trinity girls' basketball team won a state 3A championship on Saturday evening, March 21st, defeating North lredell 65-64 in a thrilling title con- test decided in overtime. The Bulldogs were successful because Gail White picked up a loose ball and hauled a follow shot of LeAnn Kennedy with two seconds left in overtime. "Everybody has said for the past three years that the Trinity girls should win a state championship before they graduate," according to Renee Hayes. "Well, now they have done it. The monkey is off their back." It was an exciting game amidst a loud Carmichael Auditorium crowd. Both teams played on an intense level throughout the game. The intensity increased when Denise Sikes connected on a lane jumper with four seconds to play in regulation to send the game into overtime. Gail White, selected the game's Most Valuable Player, finished the game with twenty points, grabbed eight rebounds and kept the Bulldogs in the thick of things in the first half with seven-for- nine field goal shooting. Kennedy, the most valu- able player in the Bulldogs' sectional and regional championships, added ten rebounds and twenty two points. But the important thing to remember about the members on this squad is that they played as a team. That is why they are state champions. - Scott Hartsoe B18 Stote 3A Y rrraeg 5 - yy W Left: Deana Brown out maneuvers a North lredell opponen and sets up a pass for an easy two points. Above: Denise Sikes remains under control despite heav pressure from three Raiderettes. She saved the Bulldogs wit a jumper with four seconds left in regulation to tie the game a 54 all. Below: Sherri Barnes, Regina Sechrest, Kelly Johnston, an Wendy Lockhart show the pressure of the closing moments 01 the title game. Right: Gail White concentrates intently on sinking the end of a one-and-one free throw. This point gave the Bulldogs the important lead in the third quarter. FOR LAST bove: THS followers enjoy the thrill of victory. Many Bulldog ins travelled to Chapel Hill and Carmichael Auditorium to Jpport the Lady Bulldogs and to bring home a state champi- nship. ight: Lori Hill wins the battle on the board against a stiff North edell defense. "' ...,A.......f w 9 ,gg ' K , V ' 4 ,..,., LeAnn Kennedy squares off and launches a desperation shot against a short but quick opponent. Stole 3A Champions 319 sa if ,lf -we . if H Afy' my 1' 4 1987 STATE 3A CHAMPIONS Left: LeAnn Kennedy drives through th lane for another two points. She score 22 points in the championship game. Below: The Lady Bulldogs huddle for final strategy meeting during the ove time victory against North lredell. ,Ziff ,ff- ,eu- STATS NORTH PIEDMONT CONF. TOURNEY THS 70 ASHEBORO 54 THS 69 H.P. CENTRAL 57 THS 66 H.P. ANDREWS 53 SECTIONALS THS 72 GRAHAM 51 THS 71 S. DURHAM 48 THS 64 H.P. CENTRAL 63 EASTERN REGIONALS THS 69 SW EDGECOMBE 68 THS 69 H.P. ANDREWS 68 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP THS 65 NORTH IREDELL 64 OT 320 Stole 3A Champions ' slfi slr iaea Qreli esi soenisg Bailey Johnson rggglg iigagt I igiae , 471i f"'iFf fn MDCYN Xue Ji 30 UJYXL 'xii Xaxwi V y' Q X X3 Dxlxxxglxr D X3 I J L .J X XI,-nLOxJJ X Nwfwcoww , Gmc, ok Qi1,hlNxDV xy-'HSS we Dun Y . Je QKLXLE3 ,559 -Mfrver, 4 KDCQQY, "7o11"x xv gwf' gggdygwiogwz 450 Guxmgj I ul WQYQSQ K WNY? Oggqkciml, QLD ASUL, gpm A5111 40 1VDf1,QL,J cum VQWQAXLK OJQLLJJL YYNXLJ Mm Opmm Mum QGGMII Wlomcl 50 ff Q9 4 4 . , J If clfwb Cm QV X1 f M4 I WM . A ml fb.:-fvvg 0,12 fw-2, C 'J QQKWQ MU . X Q E-'DMWQ W S I HUNTER PUBLIISHING COMPANY N rth C I T Ad G b NrthC I V , . . . -r UNLK UQKM:-kJuwU'c.LXmI,0xs1 7M BWV 'WWW PMUPMOMJJPVSWJ Kxbliyx VGA cm ,' 6,,.,,,,Q ZTXZMJ QJOJKNWJA VXA. QJf1Js4,3L-ML fttmk gqxfilrxi- Hqkbk GV Dix jf. QfsXSfgWN,,5:5v:-sA,imQQ,Q Q-,avg-K wdmi M' WWW gfeaiwvx xLBx. o1S:3:.3NXxm,?i5a:xV0W5-L'SZ5Ax-15x , Ng X Nmxmi Mi KN KNAQXXXQJMM 0' BQ- I SEV ' W5 J' f 25 ' 5- QPNVFD V '79 sh 565036 -Af" SEQ ,Neff qw? cy1f9XgP,XQ5 we? C 5533? ff we 0' 56 0555 fart' N60 X01 'QP Ny Z oy 3 .NWBQ JOOHA ' ,f wiv 06' Q 564326 Xoir' K0 0 u L,w.'5X xv' 0 00' V-D-Se, A UL , . 'EO P' ' If 'QL W:-f-0":f bewebf My 49' s BJ., Q9 - VOM 'T CQOYH knew w:-...J N Sv of f 343 rf-'V 'M .r t 'atm' K'XCv-1-IQ. v,,1Q,,gQQ Sw wwyw + C9 Q9 s W 1 , 0 Lwdg HN +,Ls,S mr Nm If ,VW :ffkrxoug may QUU spwt X I ,AL 5 7 rv-5 W M' You C09 1,0111 .becgyvuy Q- MMQMKM M 5'ACC'SSf Am asf-M www w3,rM,f'mi S"Lm'Nlf- . WW' LWUW Wu!-Q00-Q, www Wo, . x y 'foam Xt A Usljafggbf 555' 'WN I X 513 This ffxx QL W OM L' NVXMXXAWS bun if gg QV QM 'QNAL S+xfaMTd"VJ'35J 95' 0 WM Qfkqv V of! W m+v:X M xW"'5W5 Xl X00 XXU fs ,. ck' mv? mf 1 WAN! gf! V163 Ones . CMM 5 ? 4441050 Yiiivf 'J OM? QD' L5YwUSiXf:+ '1w IL 0 U X if X XSMW' Bc 09 0 W' M 73 QU' QJQ QW 0' 5 996' ' Mo' ffm QP f N

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