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dw I , A 'N N . ' QCQQQ wvxdcdmldlkwwnwiig M QIiMg1QQ,MffQi1Jydwff9f1D.zn1J - QL LaQfLl QZJLZJ -' I J fn QL, 4211 QAMQ ruAJUfD fLi,1JfXL EK A ZILICR JQQ On 515 . W LQly7LQ'f7fyLAQ'Uv Q10 Q1 I ftwmp OL'1ff"wM0 D L2.6'L4:Q mnrld uf Shakespeare X4-JSA . Q- , fd 'alriniig giligly Schnul . QS Uriniig, 5.01. QS if N w f' t KM' Ed't : D bb'e Dan and Becky S th B ' Managers: Brad Hu 1 y d D d S th . O Ad ' rz A.Di11a1'd Him. Pubhsh d by th r In T ' h'an staff of Trinity High Sch 1 T ty North Carolina. N All the wo12lo's A stage and all the men and women players: They have their exits and their entrancesg and one man in his time plays many parts. Thus spoke Shakespeare in the l500's. In the 1969 Trinhian we have attempted to show the stu- dents of Trinity High School as players on the stage of life, playing many parts. In "The World of Shakespeare: At Trinity High School", we hope you can see your exits and your entrances as you play many parts. Contents The Tempest ............ 4 Much Ado About Nothing . . . 18 All's Well That Ends Well .... 34 Measure for Measure .... . . 72 As You Like lt ..... . . 92 The Comedy of Errors .... 118 The Merchant of Venice . . . 162 It is but to listen, then to learn, to take advice, to accept instructions, to be inspired, to study, and to think. For as we take but a moment to listen, we have hours to learn. Each of us plays the part of listeners. AS USICGDGRS we Leann oay By Cay Open are our minds as We listen intently to the lec- ture, the demonstration, and the instruction. As listen- ers we learn, and we grow. In our listening we learn, and in our learning we grow. Learners we are. We learn as we study what lies beneath microscopes, or what the answer to an algebra problem is. In our quest for knowledge, we seek the books of the library. They hold great promises for each of us. AS l6Al2l1Gl2S ww' RY' we Quow Ano snow . A Aff Qgwijris --is en-1 . - .., Q-as .,.. ,. r-fsyfsfi.. if r NNWM ' X. NK vs.. X ,. N-- .r 'K A :41tQ -5 p . n-Qrx 'T A - X r N k I A KW! . or In our leisure moments we learn. Instructed by our teachers we learn. And then we grow. As we grow we then become creators. A part We play on the stage of life is that of creator. As we create we mold our future lives. To create a masterpiece in art, in composition, in ceramics, or to create the perfect design: in cloth, in wood, or any phase of school life. AS CRGAIORS we moto oun IIUFURG lifes 42 3'2L.23" 9 We mold, we build, we design, we gain a sense of accomplish ment as we create. 2 w N l E E 2 10 DARUCIDATZCRS W6 DIAY In class and at ballgamcs, we participate in class discus- sion, and we are players of the team or wc cheer from the bleachers. In school we all perform in one of many areas. We act on the drama stage by being someone else and not ourselves. Some of us perform on the stage by providing entertainment at ballgames, school performances, and other school-related activities. Through music we perform. as penfonmens V Y Hfirfiiiif mdlfw we GIVE oun Best As we perform we realize some of our goals are being fulfilled, To be on key, to be in step, to have perfect rhythm, and to deliver our lines flawlessly are goals of us as per- formers. W6 ARG WINNERS AHC l.OS6l2S Oh, but too soon have we learned that with victory comes defeat. It is in the losing that we gain, and we come to know ourselves more fully. There is victory in sports, But often we play the role of losers. But there is victory in defeat. in it , 'We if ht kr 5552. 'N 14 'M ph. 5 ,VM nh X ff' Q- . X 'H 2 'Z While we are listeners, learners, creators, participators, performers, winners-losers, we become makers of friends, In this book you will find yourself playing many roles. WG ARG makens of fl2l6l1CS 16 ' f ' ' 5"" ,HW i.k,v vii. Lf. , . "0.2,i 'QP VV- ,-,., 5 ,Af Y? ,K s v .1 ',,.w3?" . ,H 3 r 5 . .4 ' Ay' 'H I iff ' , , V V , ' V J ev A ,J ' , f Qs V . R M. hp V .: -, QM -rg-. , Nik' Q 9' 69 + Q rw-ff V J. uh 4, -M. . 5 V,Jg,,,.: ,A L, , .. I "M 4 , gin: ly 1 Q , , , V, W A , -'ay ' . A A V L'idQL"fQ7 ffislgjlei' ., ' 4 M 42441 G ,' T J -3, iyxvy-ff!-X ,, H aw' . VVVVf , V V? 1- 'A Wflf if fe fpffg. A-'FV ' V,' V A iw L' Q, . V ,W MV., ff , X V . ,I ,,4,.,, df 1 X J A Q .. .ir , 3 V V ,: mf? g ,Ll 'Q Clif ' VA V"'i.V' ,3 ,L Zhfisgsin L1 I 3: 51' 1 J, g, 3, 2' 4 X V Q .HQ I it Q. , ? K+ 1 A 1 V ar . ' " . ' px f. fm' Qi . .V V , , -A ' -5 , -'L ,A .ayf 3,3 5 L- 1 . ,. k A 5 Qylgg.. ,, 1 I . u.x.'i.v' t '..fQ' 1 , V XY 7 1 9354 , " 1 , - JH 4 " , W 0' "7 gf 1 x'-hifi .5 ' , . + s ,' .' 1 ,gn -uvigf ,, v ff' -, 'Ht' 3,.?1g1.f K- ,, 4 XP 1, 1,, j ,4 -, ffahfg V.. ' -A1 ,G ,fQ.fQ!,V V , , V, L, -3 .ff V, .41 - V-- 1 .K - af. x '- - .15 !-- ,I 13: g44'.i .V ,. .1 , , ' V 'viii "xv .- a 5 'V' QA, f .' " . . sup .. A ,' z'. '1 1.1,-,r . -- . fp V Vx 3 ' w as , fly: it ' V ,Q A, ra 4 u ,V, V3-. . V.,x .43 may , ,tv Hg, ,,'A2gA vf5" ,if1fi,f,Y. X In l, g,5.VgA,i. .,.. i V, 1.3 L, K 4 ,H -ew ,ffl , W, -555 ? ' , 3 '.'f Qi? D, 'L , A 'uf' gTA if '- Q 'K V my J. H I U - ' x f ' ,ijff--4? ' V A ,7-jay? vvn i ,,. ' rin' 5 'M. , ,. 4 A f fi ,. ? 4. A ,n V . E., f QVQQHYZVQYT W fi wwf' me ,, ,. 4,aV.., A, if Q ' ,V,,l. if - ' V ,. " ' 1 fi. Q . sf 9.33, 4 V ps rf Y' , f V f?'fz.'+ " Ni ff- 7' 1 ' . - . , 'Q , , . . i . I. . th ' , vig' xx ',.:"C 4' 271 ,V ' . .fag A-5 , ,-M1 ,uh . - ,,i, av 7 31 1. V-2 mv -41+ Lei K '61 6 N v 4'M,,f 3 .1 jlllurh Qsrlu fshuui nthing Mr.J. R. Coggins . , . Mr. D. S. Underwood Mrs. Hilda Brady . . . Miss Anne Felton . , Mrs. Juanita Peace . . Miss Doris Lambeth . Mr. Joseph Gamble . Miss Beverly Crotts . Mr. John Kearns . . Mrs. Emma Moss . . . Mrs. Sara Faulkner . . Mrs. Margaret Whitlock Mrs. Shirley Johnson Mrs. Lula Bowman . . Mrs. Patricia McLean Mr. Roy Allen .... Mr. Larry Wall . . Mr. Leslie Lowe . , . Mr. Kenneth Nance . MI. Michael Allen . . Mrs. Lalin Ashmore . Mrs. Rose Rinehardt . Mr. Sam Wooten , . . Mrs. Mary Jane Brown Mr. Ed Hughes .... Miss Kay Johnson . . Miss Ida Mae Wyant . Mr. Larry Swiggett . . Mr. Tommy Anderson Mrs. Carol Gibson . . Mr. Gene Hiatt . . . Mr. John Doby . . . Mrs. Joyce Smith . . Mr. J. W. Davis .... Mr. A. Dillard Hiatt . Mrs. Linda Kennerly . Characters Cin order of appearaneej . . . as Principal of Trinity High School . . . . . . . .as Assistant to Principal . . as Secretary to Principal as Librarian to School as Teacher of English . . . as Counselor to Students . . . as Teacher of Fine Arts as Teacher of History as Teacher of History as Teacher of English . . as Teacher of Home Economics as Teacher of French as Teacher of English as Teacher of English as Teacher of Science as Teacher of Typing as Teacher of Science . . . . . . . .as Teacher of Bookkeeping . . . as Teacher of Distributive Education . . as Teacher of Introduction to Vocations . . . . . . . . . as Teacher of Mathematics . . . . . as Teacher of Home Economies . . . . as Teacher of Mathematics as Teacher of French as Teacher of Science as Teacher of English . . . as Teacher of Physical Education . . . . . . as Teacher of Mathematics . as Teacher of English . . . . . . . as Teacher of Shorthand . . . as Teacher of Physical Education . as Teacher of History . . . as Teacher of Special Education . . . .as Teacher of Agriculture . . . .as Teacher of the Humanities . . .as Teacher of Family Life "Happy are they that hear their detractions and can put them to mending." Much Ado About Nothing, Act l, sc. 3. 18 Q35 fx 4 k 4' , 'fit ' 4193 'ZW' wfg. ' Q-V wtfgfg Q Q M I ? , f 'fl , m m ,V , ,,.. V4 ,'n,W nf, , Q5 A if w ......... 1 5 'N 'rf 0 ,MJ t EET- ' ,. 7.-:L , ' 'Q . , guy, . ,f--gn , 4 ,Q f.. I .7M'1" 1 fi K3 ,, v,f Wf- 5' k W 4 - 'ffurgf jf. Q, p -5:1 :fin X 'A-"',"?1 QAM? 55 QP, aff , 3 , ,War 2 1 "3 3 Q is '4 wg 1 A A 5 8 Q y 1 f . V ! K 4 2 . kfvfm V ,V 0 Q-L KL ' V WW-9 4-rig, L ff , 4 1 ig ' ' ,WW H:,u 4 0 HF' Q jlixfw Q, , 'NI W uf f Q E , i , fm-W, ,M .mn I ' 1 ni ' Wifi Q ,Lg5gQ,l, ,L,,'fj.,,' git 133512 f Ky r 65557 ' M, ' ' ,'f'f9"f'4I , my 'dfgfzfif 6 I , fy 'J-lf?,,f mfff' , ,,,, ,,,,,, 0 V , W,Q'Z.f3f3' xi?G",:f V 7 W .,,34pnLgf f, mn. J. ua tone coooms Z , 9, f Those who have travelled the weary path to knowledge do not hesitate . . . but willingly show unto others the way. At their knowledge and patience, we marvel. With appreciation we accept their help and willingness to talk things over. We enjoy their antics and humor and joke about their idiosynerasies and coffee madness. We find in our teachers a sense of humor, a broad perspective, high standards, and firm guidance. These qualities are needed for our academic and social development and our faculty provides them. We see teachers first as that distant symbol, that older generation. We confer with them on everything from sports to needed extra points, as the year progresses. About a course of study, a career. a philosophy of life, we seek their advice. We discuss with our faculty an interesting book, a complicated lab experiment, a puzzling equation, an intriguing project. They support us at our ballgames. applaud our plays and concerts, and sponsor our organi- zations and clubs. Long before the close of a school year, the adults of another generation, these symbols, these movers of the mind, have become, to the amazement of many, our friends. They are special people, people who have chosen to share with us our dreams and frustruations. These people, our friends, will always be looked back upon with fond memories. mn. sloney unoenwooo When we seek assistance to help us find our way. there are alw:1yS some to hold out their hand. mms. hlloa Bnaoy I:npowihle though they scum, the many duties ofthosu xx ho serve uv. serve us xx ell. ,rv AMW V ,WW 4, 4 L' mlss anne felton Our self-inflicted thirst for knowledge can be easily quenched by books. mms. Juanita peace A need of self-expression is seldom easy to find except when we have those who care. Nature hath decreed a great- ness found in those who excel in art and music. mn. Joseph Qamsle miss ooms lamlseth Thanks be to those who offer us help, for guidance often soothes a troubled mind. S gt ---Q....! " QW ii ggpwvv SX l vi J , I n-:wif T0 dcvclop our minds wc must digrcss in time us wc truce thu development of our country. - VV ff U 4 x 1. 12 .,5,., ' 9 J, fn fy Q f ', 4 M W 4' W?l frV 7,,,, Q V, W,.-..m.,-mm WW ef v ff ,,:. , ,V V4 ,,,V riff H , V. ,T Wi, V ' W1 ,Q ' LX J' uw' .1 'kwa N ,. 4 , 4 QQ,,n:gg,f , im iw ,, if Y" IDRS. ITTARGARGIZ Whl1LlOCK To climb the tree of languages is a difficult task, but reward is found upon reachinglthe top. ITIRS. SARA fAL1lkl'lGI2 Women have the gift of making a home an honorable institution, TTIRS. ROSE RIHGHARCIZ The keeper of the house must be one of strong mind and body, for hers is a job of necessity. As thc breath of lifc is to thc body, so is journalism to thc mind. ,.,,WW,,,m Q., ,, ,M ,,, , ,,, ,,0,,, ,W,,A,,,, , , , ,, ,1 ,, fr X of HK. ,,. if t QW ,tt MWC shall do nothing but cat and make good cheer." Shakespeare. IDRS. lLllA BOWTUAIW Man's languagc is as a windmill, always turning and changing with time. ml2S. D611 ITICIGAYI This fortress built by Nature, herself. This blessed plot, this earth, is yours, if you will reach out and grasp it. mn. Roy B. allen A set of keys, the door to the opening of emotions. ,,,....s-v--W N!! How sharper than a serpent's tooth is he that ignites a flame of love for Nature in some- one's Weary heart. mn. lanny wall Tw. K FUN NW J 4 QM? Z f if I Tiig i, X Z5 INR. l6Sll6 IGWG To eonquer the road of sueeess one must first gain a knowledge of business. 4"U?f E1 TDR. mlChA6l AHGYI Some are born great. some achieve greatness: but you, and only you will nuke your life. ITH2. l46T1l'lG1Zl'I DANCE I hold the world. but as the world I must be on my own. FQ i' f ,L ' , gf. -11545, f , .t I p A , -rf if ,ff y fyfef, i. mI2. SAIT1 Wooten Like a maze, math is full of underlying mysteries. IDRS. iAlll'I ASHITIGQG Neither a borrower nor a lender beg for alone a mathematician can conquer the world. mms. many Bnown He who desires can master another tongue if he will only touch curiosity. lDR.GOhUQh6S A love ot' seienee bringsunto many knowledge found through exploration and experimentation, nl Pvllalnlilil-I-I-I-I-I-l.l..1 ,api 'TK W, .....-Q-num mll ,gunman .qqqnn-null mu naman , may -I -I-I I-I "Noxx'l have done a good day's work." Shakespeare. Our language is silent, for in it one can find the everlying mysteries of mankind. nnsskayjohnson mlSS ICA IUAG wyant A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind. Curiosity is the key to our language, for in it one can find anything he wishes. mR. UTOIUAS anoenson A,,.wnnuk ml2. lAl2I2y SWIGGGII Strength of mind is in possession of those who skillfully tin answers to algebraic equations. -win, '96-0 IDRS. CAl2Ol GIBSON Containing mysteries beyond nian's knowledge, shorthand is the beginning of u new world for he who is curious. . J , 1 Y. ' ,K Mg, me 5 ff i 61 f' - , 1:21 f,1'u, f",,'Sb'c ,K J.. A ...H N'-we mn. John oosy As Americans, our insignificant lives are intluenced by our past, one of divinity and age. mn. Gene hiatt To treasure one's life, one must first treasure his body and the keeping thereof. "The crickets sing, and man's o'crlabour'd sense repairs itself by rest." Shakespeare. xx' TF' ,Swv Qin mn. J.w. oavls A toiler ofthe fields will reap in abundance that wliieli he sows. js.. mms. Joyce smith Great are the rewards given to those who, with patience, assist those with special needs. mn. A. olllano hiatt Every inch of exploration will add u mile to thc soul. 111125. UYICA k6nl16l2ly When we go out into the world, we impress others by rctlcctions of our family life. 8 4311's mall hat mls 335211 Characters Cin order of appearancej Student Council . . .............. as student governing body Beta Club ..... . . .as those who excel scholastically Key Club ....,.... ......... a s boys' service group Keyette Club ........ .......... a s girls' service group Commercial Department . . . . .as teacher of future business leaders F.B.L.A. .......... .... a s business leaders of tomorrow D.E.C.A. . . . .......... as employees of the future French Club .........,... as an aid to further knowledge in French F.T.A .................... Home Economics Department . . . F.H.A ................ F.F.A ................ Physical Education Department Science Department ....... Monogram Club ........ Band ........ Humanities .... Art Department . . . English Department . . Trinhian Staff .... Bulldog Tales Staff . . Math Department . . History Department . . Library Workers ..,.. Office Workers ....... Guidance Office Workers , . Cafeteria Workers ,.... Custodians ..,. Firemen .... Store Workers . . Bus Drivers . . ....... . . . . as future teachers , . as teacher of homemakers . . . .as future homemakers . , . . . .as future farmers . . . .as molder of the body . . . . . as teacher of the sciences . . . as those who excel in athletics . . . . . . .as the music makers . . .as lovers ofthe fine arts ...........,asartists . . as teacher of our language . . . . . as makers of Trinhian . . . as makers of Bulldog ' . . . . . .as teacher of math . . as teacher of past events . . . . . . .as aids to our librarian . . . . . . . as aids to the secretary . . as aids to the guidance counselor . . . , . . . . as preparers of meals . . . as keepers of the house . . . . as the extinguishers . . . . .as keepers of the store . . . as transporters of students "My project may deceive me, But my intents are fix'd and will not leave me All's Well That Ends Well, Act 1, sc. 2.. 34 ff-Q A,,.w-" ,f-W""X www l Mann lm- LHW2 active senvice otzqanizatlon is the stuoent council Our Student Council is a foundation for the student-faculty re- lations that play such an important part in the learning atmosphere of u school. The Student Council, representative of all levels of students. works to bring school officials, faculty mem- bers, and students into closer contact for better understanding and co-operation. lt represents and speaks for everyone in all matters of concern to the entire school. President Stanley gives us the word The Student Council of T.H.S. is a very active service organi- zation. Under the direction of Mrs. Iimina Moss and Mr. John Kearns, the Student Council reached new heights as a rep- resentative governing body. Q ipare their latestmeutelies if E . 1 X it N 'imma' an The Student Council spon- Qored various School activities this year. Compiling the Stu- dent Handbook, selling parking stickera planning assemblies. organizing lloine- coming, maintaining a hall monitoring System, providing orientation to the new school, and sponsoring Sloppy Duy were highlights ot' their year. Their numerous proieets prove their time and efforts were Nueeesstiul in improving the Qpirit and unity ot' our Sehool. +k., i fig Q , Aj K p i . X K .I ' if ' ' i 14. 1 X in W- Ham, V . K g i 134 l .SQ ,m il 3 55 -A-.Qs --....,, rdf. i F I I -Ny., 4,8 One ot' the projects of the Beta Club this year was the paperback book drive. Hundreds ot' books were collected and sent to local hospitals. President, Karen Woodg Sec- retary, Jeanne Stewart: His- torian, Jo Ann Schinaus1 and Vice-President, Ruth Stone pack books collected. l -il BGTZA ClUB holes mock GIGCUOTI The purpose of the Beta Club is to stimulate effort, reward achievement, and to encourage its members to continue their edu- cation after high school, Qualifications for members are worthy character, good mentality, creditable achievement. and com- mendable attitude, Under thc guidance of Miss Beverly Crotts and Mr. Roy Allen, the club sponsors many school and community projects. The Trinity club plays an active role in the United Ran- dolph County Beta Club and the State Beta Club Convention. Service with a smile during Teacher Appreciation Week. Tabulating results from the Mock Election are Betas: Gary Von- Cannon, Joe White, Karen Hayworth, Becky Smith, and Darrell 'Ninn Gr! Hill. The Beta Club sponsored the Mock Election to promote in- terest and encourage patriotism among the students. f i 5 l key CIUB QGCOGDIZGS IDR. SWIGGGUC The Trinity Key Club, sponsored by the High Point Kiwanis Club, is advised by Mr. Leslie Lowe. The objects of the Key Club are to serve the school and community, to develop in its members in- Leaving to enjoy a luncheon given by the Kiwanis Club are the Key Club officers: Randy Underwood, Steve Welborn, Mike Haynes, and Gerald Davis. Inspecting some of the safety features of a new "set of wheels" are Key Club mem- bers: Doug Spencer, Gary VonCannon, Randy Howard, Joe Myers, Mike Haynes, David Taylor, Don Raines, Joe Wise, Ricky Allred, Don Rimmer, and Steve White. structive leadership and fellowship, and to provide them more experience in living and working together. Q? un wp 1 .0 Mn Aiwwa Uv at ., Recognizing his talent in making the tough problems simple, the Key Club selected Mr. Larry Swiggett as Teacher of the Year. Keyette officers Esther Martin, Pame Lawrence, Camille Davis, and Sharon Albertson helped move Miss Lambeth to the new school. Q C Keyettes await instruction to sell pep club tickets from Mrs. Gibson. keyetces sponson sloppy oa The Keyettcs is a service club organized by the Key Club. It assists Under the helpful guidance of Miss Doris Lambeth and Mrs. Carol them in various service projects to the school and community. Gibson, the Keyettes can boast ofa most successful year. Beginning before school started this year, the Keyettes aided in working out schedules for the hundreds of students enrolled. As a service to the community, they worked for the Muscular Distrophy Campaign. To help promote school spirit, the Keyettes sponsored Sloppy Day and also organized the Pep Club, making their second year one to be proud of, BUSINESS CGURSGS VAUIABIG K College-bound and coinnlercially-minded students both found - business courses valuable for future jobs. Students learn the funda- 6 mentals of office routine and procedure. Typing, shorthand, book- " keeping, and office practice are courses offered to the Trinity High Q School students. K - if ' is A t,th it t t .tX. up X stss 5 A familiar sight to beginning typists. - S, .ss, so ,gs i Are you ready? 42 Sheila Kinney, Brenda Hall, Marilyn Coggins, Ruth Stone, Kay Pugh, and Patrice Dalton are caught in the workroom. feta puellshes student Omectorzy The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization for students preparing themselves for careers in the field of business. Under the leadership of Mr. Roy Allen, their main project is pub- lishing the Student Directory. Members of F.B.L.A. Above: Janie Smith, Catherine Hauser, Charlene Parrish, Ruth Kennedy, Sandy Gordon, Brenda Hooper, Frances Hammond, Gene Angel, Karen Hayworth, Marilyn Crouse, Janet Frye, and Wanda Frazier. Left: Diane Ham- mond, Kathy Hobson, David Harvell, Dwight Davis, Drucilla Oakley, Terry Stanley, Terry McMillan, Ricky Spencer, Ronnie Nooe, Vickie Parrish, Towa Varner, Brenda Reynolds, Vicki Lewallen, and Eddie Royals. oeca surzveys oowntown pankino pnoalem For members ot' D.E.C.A., morning classes of marketing and mer- chandising lead to afternoon experience as they go to jobs to make practical use of learning.. The purpose of D.l2,C.A. is to help the student in his social and professional environment. I ' o Q S ? I 1 Nam D.lT.C.A. officers are Danny Kidd, Steve Self, Marsha Welborn, Pat Howard, Lynn Frye, and Steve McNair. Q3 J 'xx W4 Q I 'J' 'Tuffy' , ,, , I ye x, Lynn Frye, D.ll.C.A. Sweetheart, proudly displays her trophy won at the District convention. JM' Under the leadership of Mr. Kenneth Nance, the club conducted a survey at local shopping centers sponsored by the Merchants' Association. 44 Maybe it's a Verb . . . 'lil fnench stuoents leann liuench carzols The French Club of Trinity is working for better international relations by learning the language and customs of the French people. Under the supervision of Mrs. Margaret Whitlock, they learned many French Christmas carols and also tutored French I students, Tenez ce sourire! fHold that smilej Ita Investigates teaehlne eatzeen The F.T.A. members gain insight in the teaching profession. It prepares its members for a future in the field of education by providing an opportunity to investigate teaching as a career. Super- vised by Mrs. Lalin Ashmore, the club entertained the special education class, and also offered baby-sitting services during P.T.S.A. meetings. W2 all IlCCd d limb 1121? SOIHCIIIHC Once upon a time...and they lived happily ever after. memes Q 'UDV' ff, 2, if homemaketzs of the futune leann skills Home eeonomies eneourtiges skills and attitudes toward home- making. Cooking, knitting. sewing. antiquing. and eergimies are among the skills learned. Through the study and prnetiezil ex- perienees in homemtiking. students develop attitudes. judgment. and skills to help them establish happy homes with desirahle family relationships. VI 'X' f ww. , R I - ,.,,,,.,.4f"'1 Ccramies is u favorite project of home economies students. "Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven," and the home ee. lab says it best. tha eneeavons to stnenothen ehanacten Promoting better home relationships, developing creative leader- ship, and furthering interest in home economies- the Future Homemakers of America endeavors to strengthen the character of today's youth. Members are expected to work on degrees of achievement which are at three levels: Junior, Chapter, and State. Under the expert supervision of Mrs. Linda Kcnnerly and Mrs. Rosebud Rinehardt, the F.l-LA. is an active service club. The Trinity chapter also plays an active role in the county and district F.H.A. rallies. As a behind-the-scenes service group, the F.H.A. was busy with numerous projects. They sold doughnuts at the home football games, as a means of financing their other projects. Stuffed animals were made and given to local churches at Christmas. Also a Christmas party was given to both special education classes and a shower was given to the home ee. lab of the new school. The main social event was the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet held in the spring when the Miss F.H.A, of 1969 was crowned. President Becky Smith orders doughnuts to sell at home football games, wr X I'.1I luircloth and Cindy Dalton fi j W"""" ..lE"ff ' m,,pppml""' I My-nn-1-"""" ' , gnr I'.H.A Powell. McGee, Skccn, recreation loader: Pain Hill, vice-president: Becky Smith, president: Linda Dcuton, historian: Dcbbic . Officers. Vickie song loader: Sara treasurer: Sarah Darr, purliamcntariun: .lcuncttc Farlow. devotional chairman: and Sylvia Hill. sec- retary selling doughnuts. nishing up u fun ol' thc animals mimic by thc V.H.A. sun!!-, gpll' Mn,',5,pg ,,,qnin! , 43105 , onllllllli mnunlf 'nn'-,M ,nanny M? nur V lV,,,..-- N, X, ' fis W' The Agriculture Depart- ment emphasized farm management through forestry, livestock, and farm mechanics. Each pro- vides information con- cerning improvement of farm Life. Wood-working introduces the art of cre- ative wood constniction, while general horticulture and crop and soil tech- nology provide additional training in cultivation. Horticulture students, Glenda Marion and Gloria Hancock, help beautify our campus by trimming the shrubbery. leannlno to Oo Ano DOING to eann Outstanding abilities in caring for livestock, soil analysis, and tool identificationfthe Future Farmers of America applies practical agricultural knowledge through club activities. "Learning to do, doing to earn, earning to live, living to serve," the motto of the F.F.A. is exercised through contests and projects. Under the leadership of Mr. J. W. Davis, the F.F.A. planted grass around the old school and made cabinets for the new school. Many useful things learned here will carry over into adult life. F.F.A. members: J. Dills, G. Trogdon, R. Scarboro, L. Gray. li Cotton, S. White, D. Simmons, L. Rorie, D. Luther, G. Hill, D Moore, R. Whitlow, J. Pecle, G. Parks, D. Freeman, C. Mendenhall R. Crisscll, G. Sykes. sf J V as Row one: Mr. Davis, advisor, L. Rabon, R. Johnson, K. Barney- three: R. Peace, C. Davis, A. McCall, D. Culler, R. Forrester, J castle, R. Beasley, J. Comer. Row two: G. Hilliard, R. Melton, D. Sexton, B. Sherrill. Shaw, R. Gill, D. Johnson, C. Rush, J. Towery, D. Campbell. Row 51 Ji calisthenlcs Builos stnonoen Boones Physical education participation stimulates abilities and marks an important area of our curriculum. Various sports, including volley- ball, softball, basketball and football, provide each student with Freshman girls work out vigorously during their gym period. Under Miss Ida Wyant and Mr. Gene Hiatt, Freshmen are also familiarized with the anatomy of the body through a detailed health course. Taking my place, becoming a the opportunity to develop his individual interests. Physical edu- cation arouses stronger interest in participation of spectator sports, while calisthenies helps build stronger and healthier bodies. warg.. Boys physical education teacher, Mr. Gene lliatt. part. BiolOgy, ll required course for Sophomores. is most often charac- terized by the disecting of a frog. 'N me X wma I H R W Um ' fs r ,Ml g'Not exactly my favorite pct." UDCEQSKADOIDG OLlI2SElVGS Ihl2OLlGh SCIENCE Science includes precise observations, experimental control, and expert measurements, A comprehension of inorganic objects is provided for freshmen in physical science. Sophomores acquire knowledge through biology, a study of the origin, structure, and development of living organisms. A more complex study of science is gained through chemistry and iw physics. Chemistry includes a study ofthe structure, composition. and properties of elements. Laboratory sessions acquaint students with the various essential equipment ot' science, Science plays an integral role in the students understanding ot' himselfand the uni- verse. Jim Hudson and Wayne Johnson do an experiment rslgr W t PERIODIC CHARM M H m W, producing hydrogen as they learn the basics of chemistry. 63 22 N 4.44 sm , l 45 v ft,y A fx it Pd 'V 106.4 1 t 3 t ' I W I U '11 2 , V A , i ' ff I ' , f . , , V ,ii M A 53 ITIODGGRAIT1 ClLlB GDCOURAGES The Monogram Club is interested in furthering the athletic oppor- the effort put forth by club members. There is a sense of achieve- tunities for the students of Trinity High School. Membership is ment and pride held by the members of this club that creates and limited to students who have earned a letter by playing one year in encourages school spirit. a varsity sport. The Monogram letter was only a small reward for Left to right. First row: B Collins, D. Culler, P Lawrence, G. VonCannon, P Stewart. Second row: D. Win slow, E. Bouldin, D. Wood, M Lester, R. Howard, G. Davis C. Bristow. Third row: D. Hill, J. Robertson, J. Towery, J Myers, G. Hill, M. Parrish, R Cashett. Fourth row: W Reddeck, R. Foster, J. White J. Bristow, D. Smith, B Walden. Fifth row: D. Taylor G, Flowers, S. Davis, J Chapman, M. Stanley, K Welborn, B. Hayworth. A .. .. 1. Left to right. First row: E. Martin, R. Johnson, J. White, S. Albert' S. Lambeth, D. Hohn. Fourth row: K. Skeen, G. Pennington, G. son, S. Welborn, S. Kinney. Second row: L. Williams, C. Teal, S. King, E. Warren, S. Skeen. Fifth row: B. Cruthis, D. Roberts, M. Coward, P. Dalton, B. Boles, M. Staton, S. Lollin, C. Davis. Third Lohr, G. York, J. Gillis, C. Davis, J. Hudson, R. Underwood, R. row: D. Williams, R. Stepp, S. Buchanan, S. Buchanan, S. Skcen, Melton. 54 school spmlt among stuoehts Practicing, pep rallics, practicing, ballgames, practicing, marching, and practicing, helped to improve the Trinity High School Band. Even though our band is small, it added much to the spirit of T.H.S. students. Grin and bear it!! Giving the beat to the band was the job of the percussion mem- bers. These members are Larry Thompson, Mike Allen, Dale Warren, and Bobby Collins. Q? gd HI VOICES RING I' f'Tn-uf"-N 'mlm E u E s 3 s 'iljrra Voices from sopranos to basses blcndcd to form a Glcc Club sented programs in assembly, P.T.S.A. meetings, and ut other Trinity was proud of. Throughout thc your our Glcc Club prc- schools and churches. Majorcttcs are Sarah l Skccn, Debra Hohn, Char- lotte Tuul, Cathy White, Mary Ann Staton, Sylvia Loflin. Camille Davis, and Pat Faircloth. 56 in the spllzmo follies Ready - Set - March!! Mr. Joseph Gamble: is responsible for thc quality and success ol our glcc club. HQ is also crcditcd with forming and conducting our band. Through his diligent work, thc band and glee club arc striving for improvcmcnf. i - . ig. S . if .Q-fn? i . V is s . 1 . A .Y s 1 l f 1 ff . l and 2 and 3 and... Mr. Gumhlc pnsscsjudgmcnt on thc band. 57 STZUOEDITS S1110 The students of Mr. lliatt's elass of the humanities developed an appreciation of the universality of human eoneerns and at the same time aided in the search for a personal sense of self, place, and values. Several plays, movies, and exhibits were attended by the students. The Raleigh Museum of Art, Q Stoops Qifonquer, Old Salem Tour, Camelot, Man Q La Mancha, The Passion Play,- Antigone, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, lfalstaff, The Choral Conference and the trip to Williamsburg will long be remembered. 'aid' hUlTlAl1 VAlLl6S lfreshmen and Sophomores ofthe humanities sr" , Mvssqgg The students of the humanities enjoyed the freedom offered by the eourse. The Juniors and Seniors are caught relaxing in a rare position "that cleans the mind in the open air." 58 s lx vu. ,-,f Art on display. ant stuoents oevelop talent Art is a relatively new course at Trinity. Interest has greatly de- veloped in recent years for a department which- gives freedom to a student to complete or fulfill his talent. The improvement of the Art Department now inspires the ,. student to master his talent. A talent which could lead to a career in the art field. ln the picture above, students admire the Work of a classmate. At left, an Art I class completes drawings to finish a require- ment. Several paintings were presented to Mr. Coggins to be placed in the new school buildings. IUASKGRI FIG CUI2 language Although speaking English was a natural function out of class, it be game a skill requiring extensive study. All of us study English every year, for language is basic. We learn to express ourselves and to communicate, as we study grammar and composition. Words are the rare materials. English class, the workshop, life, in school and beyond, the proving ground for our expression and under- standing of ideas, experiences, and emotions-life itself. Through literature's reflection of life we learn about ourselves and others. We think, read, write, speak, and make personal discoveries about our world in linglish class. A' if .i SS we 13'- Exhausting study? oeaolme met: femzuan 14 Through long hours of a sacri- ficed leisure time. the Trinhian -f staff strived to capture and record the school year. Finally after the book was completed, we anticipated the finished product. ,xxx- klf' -A . QQ' '- qx0N"5 W - .Aff 4:-f ,A-4 Ju- N25 ,,,.--04" Section Editors: David Smith, Business Manager: Becky Smith, Co-editor: Mike Swaim, Sports, Brad Hurley, Business Manager: Sarah Cecil, Class: Karen llayworth, lfaeultyg Paine Lawrence, School Life: Debbie Darr, Co-editor. Advisor, Mr. A. D. lliatt. 61 houns of nano Larson Each section worked diligently to meet an early deadline. Sorting and identifying p ietures, information gathering, and wording copy were exhaustingjobs. Qs S s E School Life staff members are ii Karen Wood, Vickie Galli- more, and Betsy Sumner. Teresa Trivette, Sarah Cecil, and Lynn Davis, Class staff. ,Hwy Sports staff: Sharon Albertson, Karen Royster, Darrell Hill, Janice Carroll. pnoouce the tmnhlan Each section worked diligently to meet an early deadline. Com- posing and revising written copy, typing and editing drafts, assembling and identifying pictures-members of the Trinhian staff strived for an A-rated yearbook. Work on the Trinhian began during the summer when students solicited advertisements and ended the following spring with the distribution of yearbooks. Suspense of ballgamcs, changing of schools, anxieties concerning tests, excitement of pageants, fascination of stage productions, and recollections of a social whirl-all unfold in the pages of this year's Trinhian. Advertising staff members. Seated: Brad llurley. David Smith. Standing: Blaire Coffield, Joyee Bulla, and Pam Mason. X Joyce White, Marilyn Crouse, Karen Hayworth, Wanda Alley, and Randy Howardvmembers of the faculty staff. 63 to mfoum . .. Faeh member of the Journalism class prepares an article for publication in the Bulldov Tales. The members work diligently, striving to improve the paper. A member of the journalism class, Gail Yarbrough, works on her article. of nn? me 8, we if 'M"Xe all T10 GDUGRIAIH . . . EO COIUIUGDIZ Nlrs, Johnson advises eoeditors Marilyn Crouse and John Vurner. The layout is proofread before going on thc press. The journalism class goes into all phases :ind types of newspaper writing. It takes the task of eolleeting news, und publishing the newspaper. The publishing of the newspaper involves interviews, ereutive writing, and typing zirtieles, 7 .. The tinished produet. 3 l l rfb 'NNN l ,ww Vw,-uv E S. pythaooizean theonem: A2 +5213 The courses offered in math ranged from those that would some- day teach students the mechanics of everyday computation to those that would prepare for u future major in math. No matter what phase an individual was involved with, he found that math was u practical. although sometimes difficult subject. .L ss E, S .,., Tools ofthe trade. Doug remains after class committed to solving his problem 1 , . , Concentration solves the problem. 66 From the teaeher's point of view the past ano the pnzesentano us Ilistory helps the student to explore new ideas and recapture people and events distant in time and place. Awareness of the past gives new scope to the future, and understanding toward being an American. Chief marshal, Randy Underwood, reads history. lnsuany expanos to meet The purpose of the Trinity lligh School library is to provide lit- hidden among the books. An atmosphere of quietude is main- eraturc and research material for the students. To keep up with tained at all times for study, research, and concentration. The the growing demands our library is rapidly expanding. It has much library is open before and after school for industrious students. to offer to those students willing to search out the knowledge nqig: lllllll GHG Miss Anne H. Felton is always to be found in the library ready to help students who come in during the day. The excellent condition of our library comes from her care and supervision. 1 i'ig 'Orff The library assistants gave invaluable service while gaining valuable dents are Janice Cranford, Celeste Gibson, Janet Harrell, Lynn knowledge about the operations of library facilities. These stu- Childress, Sharon Searboro, Joyce Cook, and Judy Neal. 68 .nav Q so o E :s cw of cn 5 9 3 0 CD 5252134 :EQOOO V1 ttwmzan Goggxu SE-.iQ'H t,,,op,-tr: . ,., O v-e'4w.':!x-4 w., Q.,-CN 059' '-1 f-emOw5L4 Eawia f5E.Ef"Q,'c? 5nE.'A55'f: L--. Jfogvec QP' -o Ogio Q cm :TE QE. 59,850 HW :rg i--V104 Evgirgfg 2 ga: VQEP. :io gown? 234:23 .903 5- :S ?QFfa 3'Uv-1 Q.3,.,,, meager,- E'5"4'2f' O.-. 39.02.30 520015 wocofi N .. 5:95012 GEM- QVUCEQ .,c:.-.J o,,-."s O"'Or.1g -sgazc QV i F. Beamon, S. Skeen, Mrs. Brady, K. Wood, D. Harvell, Martin D. Harris, W. Frazier, S. Byrd, C. Teal. S amwiw W if i as-:sn ..... L, W, ..... SZQM' c 41 A Sarah Cecil, Elaine Bowman, and Pam Royals are invaluable assets to Miss Lambeth. Working in the guidance office these girls keep the accumulative folders in order, introduce new students and give them a tour of the school, run errands, and type records. hot lLlDChES Cafeteria workers provide hot lunches for tired students. Deleetable meals and u clean, orderly cafeteria compose the jobs of our competent Iunehroom personnel. Through extensive hours of dedicated labor, our eus- todians, Floyd Herndon and Samuel Brown, serve the W' school in various ways. The conditions of the grounds and general maintenance of the campus constitutes their duties, 70 Kon fave hunorzeo stuoents The dependable bus drivers, dedicated store workers, and reliable firemen render much service to the school. Despite foul Weather and screaming children, these dedicated students eontribute their time to serve us through their daily ehores. 'T Key Club members served as firemen this year. Store workers volunteered their time to sell ice-cream and school supplies. Bus drivers: W. Green, M. Robbins, A. Burge, K. Brower, R. Kennedy, J. Miller, D. Luther, R. Gill, T. Aultman, D. Smith, C. Smith, R. Cranford, J. Hedgeeoek, G. Hilliard, J. Bowman, M. Sides, J. Towery, R. Beasley, B. Sherrill, R. Forrester. ezxsure 7 ur ensure 1-'ootball Team . . . Varsity Clieerleaders . . . J. V. Cheerleunlers ..... lfreshman lfootball Team Charaeters Cin ortler of appearaneel Boys Varsity Basketball Team . . . J. V. Boys Basketball Team . . . Girls Varsity Basketball Team J, V. Girls Basketball Team . Baseball Team . . . Golf Team . . . as Kings ofthe Gridiron as Promptors of Action as Cheerers of the Team . .as Squires in Training . . an Kings ofthe Court . .as Squires in Training ,as Queens ofthe Court . . . as Ladies in Waiting . . . .as Knights ofthe Diamond . . as Green Knights O. it is excellent To have a giant's strength: but it is tyrannous To use it like a giant. Measure tg Measure Act 2, se, 2. 72 ve S1 as S Qs .MH .sf 19 f 3 X X H Kgs 4 if . T G1 j 3 Q AEA tl ,, 1 . ., ,Q A ll 1 wk -A , X i . , Q' ' 1 2ii' " .xA Q' ff' 45' 1 W 1 6 J v X' T , ' O- QM, A ' Q A W X A f ' 1 7 I s 8 . 4 ,law , 1 -' A yah , ' K J 18 Xilinx LS: f ff , 7 e Q is 3 'X A 'i '15 X Ti? ,Vg t ' JN XJ 1 W ' :Q Q W s V 'L S, X S Mfr Y .1 'i F ai . s is 4 555,53 V -5 2 . x VL 'xt 1. Mk xg is iq 'F sa V g A 4 iv S 6,1 'E R ,H is -, 3 if K ga Q 5 . is ff' K K 'Mu ff K if 3 H gf K js li ' 3 1 5 ig 'if it s . A' ' I W 2 x G K f if f if 5 ' 3 x Y l s l,g 1MP SY w Q W , X 5 gg ' '.EQ ,,.1' ? ' , ' H Lf, S, H X W ,Rm Lt-QW 1 W W ifg g 4Wl' is Fi- . 3 , A . 1 4 G f J 2 I M z -' .2 ,s M ,4 , Y . . if " is , Qilx' xx ' 'R L' , X335 i K Yf Q5 , - 2 A . f ,i'flf5 A will mai 2 fm 'K W , 3 ,, as 4 f Q .iw .L ' +V. ,, P .. :fe Q K L 49 V ww an .2 W- 50 4 ' X .. dy. F A . Q Q' , 5 ,ash , N Sv ,ss Q. ggi 5: 'V Nwmkgf A ki --1, .W gk ., Q nf? .QQ . .vga , E ,. , . .. 'W Y, K is A 5 +A- A www V ' wx ' ff' , rf S' ,Q 1. A 4, w W ' J yf ' 'RQ 3 if Q 17,5 Hi, K' sf 5 up , af Q55 nw Q? 0? as 3 2 Qwf vb Sr N Bulldogs show great pursuit after Lcdford halfhack. Lcdford puntur barcly cvadcs charging Bulldogs. steve mckenzle wms ooloen helmet awano .- Q' f N : 4' 4, ,, K '- W ' f - . , Q FW w I-' 'X 'Lf f A X l ' ' ' , I' Ik, , ,Eat , Q31 4 fb " v.g4f .., , 7,3 5 iw g lrnz fig may 74 'Bl SW i ,, U Left to right: Jeff Gillis, Jimmy Chapman, Stcvc McKenzie, Bill Hayworth, Mike Lohr, Charles Kivctt Gary King, Brad Hurley, Brad Walden, Mackie Parrish, and Steve Gray. 75 w IQ WW f ff 1 li 3 M I X N if fm? W Q f 44 N ., Q fm 5 it f ' 49 1 S f t :lf .M J W ln T3 Z lx? K is K if "" :fp is 'if' , bf ff ff. V W., f , , Q,,, .W VV ., f ar , Af N , 4' N 4 J V ' ' ,- ff, 5 i' 1' V , .. U, , ff X, ' 'v - Q , , , ,., . , M J .Mg !Xf' 1, Jimi V " ' i 1 'ff fe w' KV' 4 Q . . -. J- - , , ' , .ww .1 f , , , pi. , 1 11, ,, , ' 4 'X , V 4 V , .ban ,, ' ,1 .1 1 1 4. , U . .'..a,, ..,,,. ,M - A 4 , f 4 ' , f , "rf M M- 'V V fo. 8 Y fi 1 Y Q 'ft , , . ,V if 3 gg av ' fl W , ' Q' "Q, 1 ,- ,lf , 27 ,, ve, n , Q, Q K 'ifi' E ' at fx Left to right: Scott Davis,Jiin Hudson, Kent Skccn, Paul Stewart, Gray, Carson Davis, Johnny Stevens, Philip Browcr, and Eddie Ronnie Nooc, Wayne Johnson, Joe Bristow, Mack Stanley, Larry Bouldin. 35 ,2 L3-J' is .5 . iw , A .. , X , A X " s Left to right: Gary VonCannon, Tony Carter, Jerry Boles, Robert Thomas, Chip Bristow, David Wood, Gary Hill, Carvin Rush, Mark Lester, James Bowman, David Winslow, and David Smith. 76 Steve McKenzie goes for a sure tackle against Randleman. Co-captain Charles Kivctt gets a deserved break. SGASGH RGCDRO: 3 - 7 Q 3 is :s.fa S K ff? ' wus- Q . . 'N J 'Salim s Coaches inspect Charles Kivett for injuries 77 Best offensive BACK IS Left to right: Joyce White. Rhonda Johnson, Phyllis Bcamon, Cathy Hobson, Fsthcr Martin, Susan Buchanan. Pamc Lawrence. Sandi Buchanan. Patrice Dalton. and Bobbie Bolcs. Cheerleaders load the football team onto thc field. Varsity cheerleaders load spirited cheers at football game. steve mckenzle Junior varsity cheerleaders witnessed a winning season for the junior varsity boys, football team. Junior varsity eo-chiefs Faye Love and Janet White. Junior varsity cheerleaders are Brenda Rogers, Susan Forrester Ronda Steadley, Connie Whitaker, Melia Priee, Jaekie Summit and Gail Seotten. Junior varsity cheerleaders supplied many cheers for their football team. 79 Best oefenslve lineman IS Left to right: Ricky Foster, Jerry Brown, Stewart Roberts, Jody Welborn, Jimmy Brown, Rocky McFlliannon, Arnold Stcclc, and Jimmy Albertson. Coach Wall talks to J.V. team during halftime. 80 Bnao waloen L , WSL J Coach Wall plans game strategy with Jack Coltrane and Jimmy Brown. Wa Back row: Bobby Helig, Jack Coltrane, Philip Jones, Richard Thomas, and Leonard Gray. Front row: Billy Davis, Frcd Flowers, and Walter Stanley. 5 Back row: Larry Council, Billy gn...- 'Jf Keller, Carson Ewings, and ,Q Terry Lohr. Front row: Wayne ,Sf Leach, Tommy Bolcs, Donald Floyd, and Excl Thomas. I - XX Tri-captains McKenzie. 5 sunzpmse: westeuzn arc Jackie 'J Robertson, Ronald Ifostcr, and Stove Oh, thc fall is worth it all as Gary York tosses the ball into the buskct. qullliono oefeateo The 1968-69 basketball season ended with fourteen wins and four losses for the girls. giving them third plaee in the hnal standings. A hard-fought year was exhibited and Miss Wyant ean look to next year's experienced Sophomores and Juniors. With ten wins and eight losses. the boys ended the basketball season in fifth plaee in the final'standings. Coach Hiatt's boys displayed basketball knowledge throughout the season. but because of laek of depth and hustle were handicapped. With several returning lettermen. three of them starters. the Bulldogs expect a more sueeessful l969-70 season. mf Gary King awaits Mimi S Qweff the rebound. Back row: Brad Hurley, Jackie Robertson, Ronald Foster, Joe White, Gary King. Front row: Gary York, Greg Pennington, Steve McKenzie, Steve Gray, Mike Swaim, Mike Lohr. """""""WNwm S A 1 w .vf S .. x - .W s I If 1' Q Q X S GARY YORK leaos In SCGRIHG The junior varsity boys of 1968-69, undcr the able leadership of their games. The boys will be a helpful addition to the varsity next new coach Larry Wall, have displayed great competitive desire in year. in i 'Wav Coach Larry Wall and a winning season. l gg..- Members of the junior varsity are, back row: Eddie Bouldin, David Winslow, Terry Smith, Gene Hutchins, Bill Hayworth, Mark Lester, and Jody Welborn. Front row: Jack Coltrane, John Boggs, Jack Coltrane goes in for a lay-up. S ' f . - "Qs- Q-'JP XX ff it ji l i F 5.4- Mark Lohr, David Wood, Jimmy Albertson, Jimmy Brown, and Ricky Hovis. 85 TSODS In SCQRIUG IS SANDRA wetsonn 3 2? ai Row one: Jackie Boylcn, Sheila Kinney, Sandra Wclborn, Susan Lambeth, Linda Williams, Kathy lfarloxv, Diane Williams. Row Tri-captains are Sharon Albertson, Sandra Welborn, and Sheila Kinney. fw Coach Wyant, in her first year as girls' basket- ball coach, cheeks the charts. two: Brenda Hall, Sylvia Lotlin, Sharon Albertson, Mary Ann Staton, Deborah llohn, Glenda Marion, Carolyn Mickey. Rebound, anyone? Movgmentg gf ballgth Sandra Wclborn goes around txxo Guilford players for two points 87 S d W Ib n from the foul hne. next SGASCH looks BRIGHUGI2 Kd 'ou Girls await Sandrakf 1 I 88 Pamc Lawrence epitomizes the season: one of frustration but school-spirited. 89 Jv's look to next yeah The junior varsity girls have displayed much enthusiasm and sportsmanship this season. Although their record docs not show it, the girls have worked hard in preparing for future seasons. Coach Kaye Johnson talks with her players, Myra Doby and Cindy Co-captains Vickie Parrish and Put Callahan. Aldridge. Back row: Sandy Rice, Sandra Ashburn, Vickie Parrish, Bobbie Front row: Marsha Lohr, Cindy Lowe, Cindy Aldridge, Myra Jean Lawrence, Pat Faireloth, Pat Callahan, and Wanda Alley. Doby,and Sheila Bullard. 90 BASGBAUSQS AHC GOlI:6l2S IITIDROVE 'XS-N. 'Tl' l 5-v Returning members of the Trinity baseball team are. back row: Ricky Cashatt. Carson Davis. and David Wood. Front row: Brad Hurley, Gary York. Randy Underwood, and Eddie Bouldin. Members of the golf team are Randy Howard, Gary King, Greg Pennington, David Taylor, and Gary Flowers. 91 s nu ike gli Cast of Characters fin order of appearaneel Homecoming Attendants .................... as members of the Court Debbie Darr ...,,...... . . . .as Queen of Homecoming Jeanne Stewart .....,................ ........ a s Miss Trinhian Joyce White, Debbie Darr, Sharon Albertson, Becky Smith, and Karen Hayworth ...... . . . as Ladies ofthe Court Sharon Albertson and Steve McKenzie Janie Smith and Gary King .....,... Myra Doby and Woody Hicks ....... . . . ..... as Mr. and Miss Trinity . . . . . . .as Junior Class Favorites . . . .as Sophomore Class Favorites Cindy Aldridge and Stewart Roberts . . .... as Freshman Class Favorites Top Thirteen Seniors .......,... Most Talented ...... Esther Martin .... Karen Hayworth . . . . . . .as leaders of their class . . . as outstanding Seniors . . . . . as Good Citizen . . . , as beauty on campus "lt is to be all made of faith and service... It is to be made of fantasy..." Asghkeg, Act5, se. 2. 92 ...qw Y K I 4 65' is 15411 IG E BEHAVING AR sa.-1: ' 'N S um PLUM ar- N HXUX37 oh, 'tis the Beaut in the smile Cindy Lowe, Freshman attendant. was escorted by Danny Kidd. Representing the Sophomore class was Myra Doby, escorted by Tim Morris. Highlighting the football season was Homecoming, a week of ex- citement and festivity. lt was filled with anxious moments of prep- aration by the girls and diligent work on the floats by the classes and elubs. Climaxing the week's events was the football game and the crowning of Homecoming Queen, Miss Debbie Darr. Junior attendant, Janie Smith, was escorted by Mike Swaim. "sf will H 'Kim-,mr Sharon Albertson, Maid of Honor, represented thc Senior class She was escorted by John Meredith. Homecoming Court of 1969. oenme oamz, queen of homecoming Tigers are conquered. TigCIS' LHSI PIOWI- The parade was the beginning ..... and what a beginning! Colorful floats added to the mounting tension before the game. 96 ,W 5 1 ' . I f'wWf,f,fw w ,V ,W V ,, jr Af ,M fy Wg g ,www f' 5 U K fffffff W lily ken BERRY selects miss tmnhlan Kcn Berry, star of Mayberry R.F.D., selected Jeanne Stewart as our second Miss Trinhian. RICHARD O . LINKE AIR MAIL November 8, 1968 Mr. A. Dillard Hiatt Trinity High School Trinity , North Carolina pea: Mr. Hiatt: Per your letra: of November 4, 1968, Ken Berry has selected, from the photographs you enclosed with your letter, Miss Jeanne Stewart as Miss Txinhian, 196-84969. Iam herewith returning all oi' the pictuxes. Also, enclosed is a photo of Ken. Ken asleecl me to thank you and the other students of the Senior Class of Trinity High School for asking him tojudge the portraits. i Sincerely, RICHARD O. LINKE ASSOCIATES, INC. W Barbara Diemicke Bllfme X Enclosures CD X 4 Jeanne Stewart. The words of a star tell us who will reign for a year as Miss Trinhian. 98 JGAUHG STSGWARTZ IS YDISS UQIDHIAD Joyce White, active in many school activities, was selected as one of the six girls who would be seeking the coveted award ofbeing named Miss Trinhian. - ,. f W -Y' my 1- ,V K if .ef vw M W ,',i I, G1 fx ' l M947 ze l V Q Ez, .' ,V A ', .A u uw. wg Winner of several honors, Debbie Darr also competed for the title of Miss Trinhian. V it asm 46 x ' w e A 5 It Has V ,w..,jt ,H One of the starting six on the basketball court, Sharon Albertson, was also one ofthe six seeking the Miss Trinhian honor. With her smile, Karen Hayworth was given the honor of being named one of the girls seeking the title of Miss Trinhian. Becky Smith was also selected by the yearbook staff to compete for the honor of being selected Miss Trinhian. VIE SHARON AHC STEVE-ITIIQ. ADO ITIISS UZIDII Q1 ,, va V, I 4 x iff. , . Sclcctcd by the student body, Sharon Albertson and Steve McKenzie, Seniors, are Mr. and Miss Trinity. , NS -RQ. 2, ' 4 f'. ' X., R an ' ' ,- 114 thx e Q 'I' V K lv K Nafwv 4 X5fEx'1'N-3, 'id fi I mx'w ,E ' : Q3 i M-"fm Q ,Qian -WLM Y, :A Q, In-,f.., fu -.vt r-J" "".fw., 4' " ' ' wa ' . 5'-' , , Q rx, x 9 x,.. gxfvr U! K -' Q: ' A ' -a, '.,e Nw ' 'ff' H .S-in -Lg. n 14 '. if Q-" , 4. ', Q ' if is-saga M 1, H f. v, s, fr Q .V ' ms' V J 'gs Zggg'-11,1 'L ,W, Q 4 , Q of.. 1, V, X ,, gy Fe-'ff N, 1 in 'A-xp, 5"""""""'fkT.j't""L'X'f if: ii eww in 2: M1- , inf M , Q' A ,' 4 ' is N .W .NV Qv.L'Li'a'A4 V43 4 64 I - in if Q- ,. ... 1'-A-in .,, 1 ,M , rnv: W 6 ,iff v.T',f.'?Af,,? r.'- oh?l,4,f?Q,v:I,if f. W 1' og 'rg -Q W L ,'w,"y,, fm f ,, Q ,n f .i",j2'l -.S-is-iff, S fi yi, 4' .' 4 1, UKQMJ A10 4,o2-qi. it' Q N ,,,!.,.. rr' 3 s 1 V " 'Bi' min' , as f 6 M HJ, uf? .r.f.,, ,,,i.N,zn A, ,V 4 Q, Ji 141 ", mime, , A . ' 1 'A ' 1 . " iw 1- Mining- 4' SA " I4 4 V QA .wk 'iff 1 'iiNz-yf-?if'..?if',g3i'1 'rf-f wen.-va Z iff Qt 5 ,Z 'H' -'iw 1 0 'f al, V f w ,1 ' 1 , I , ,4-1 1,,gg,..,-'i.g.-. gin .iaguyygh ,X f -1 4 Qt vngl, 'raid 1mT'L.,vmf" MZ" BK" M i ,7 Ki q Z f J f W. A ff ' . fl Y rr ,X fr ,Q ug Z we roi? rainy wig? eval? il, ,.r W un H W A Q f , ' 7,1 'f' ga!" r 1 - Y . . V Wvguw .MEM ,WEN Wi, L 1 W A KV 'if' 'gpg nlfw V im, .f Y ,V xg, , W f 4 if ff y ' Q, ' miv, qimww, Wm- Y' Wim, 42 W' 14 W f Q ,r kk 5 ,sf 'L U, ' 'V , 2,- -WJ.-. f , '34 f , 5, I ff' is l is K , 2 5 xl! Wx film - 4 class favomtes Chosen by their elassmates. Janie Smith and Gary King are Junior Class Favorites. .4 I-5 Cindy Aldridge and Stewart Roberts are Freshman Class Favorites. Sophomore Class Favorites are Myra Doby and Woody llicks. 'F aeaeemle Qeeonos rzeveal top thmteen Awarded for their achievement. these thirteen Seniors have the Sharon Albertson, Hilda Belo, Stanley Skeen. Jo Ann Sehmaus. distinetion of being tapped as the IQQ Thirteen in their class: Joe Becky Smith, Mary Kay Campbell, Gary VonCannon. and Pame White, Sheila Kinney, Lynn Childress, Jeanne Stewart, Judy Neal, Lawrence. -A-M 'W -fast" ' 3 'Nw rf- KZ? O 5 ,ig Scholars are made, not born. 104 INARSJWAIS' QGIGD COIUGS UO AFI 600 Marshals of 68-69: Gerald Davis, Paine Lawrence, Becky Smith. Judy Neal. Lynn Childress. Stanley Skeen, Joe White, Jeanne Stewart, Mary Campbell, and Jo Ann Schmaus. Jeanne Stewart serves as chief marshal. Marshals for 69-70 are Randy Underwood, chief, Ruth Stone, Darrell Hill, Nancy Welborn, Elaine Bowman, Mackie Parrish, Sarah Cecil, Wilda Chappell, Celeste Gibson, and Renee Gurley. Chief cheerleader, Esther Martin is secretary of the Senior elass, QA-K Good Citizen, and u member of the Humanities eluss. VW H, Fa top twelve senlons Ame Camille Davis known for her artistic abilities, l1 is a majorette and secretary ofthe Keyettes. 1 2 ,rib 1 106 President of the Senior class, Q White is a member of the Beta Club and Ll More- head Scholarship nominee. ima 46" nf MW, selecteo B IZACUHT Co-editor of the Trinhianz Becky Smith is also President of the F.l-LA., and a mem- ber of the Keyettes, the Beta Club. and the Humanities elass. lf . . , ...,,X,f, 6 President of the Student Couneil, Stanley Skeen is also a member of the Beta Club, llumanities elass and a Morehead Scholarship nominee. He attended Governor's School this past summer. 107 Sharon Albertson, a member of our basketball team, is Viee-President ot the Keyettes and a member ofthe Beta Club. f yi W'--W... ,,,.s,i ,.,, mw,,,....,, Reigning as our Queen of Home- eoming, Debbie Darr is eo-editor of the Trinhian a member of the Key- ettes and the lf.Il.A. elubs. She is also a student in the Humanities elass. 4? SGDIORS SGIGCIGO IIOI2 UWGIR A ehief member of our baseball team, Jeanne Stewart is the top Senior scholas- ly VonCannon is President of the tieally. She is President ofthe Glee Club, French Club, a member ot' the Beta Club, secretary of the Beta Club, reporter for Humanities elass, and also a Morehead the Fnterprise and is also in the Human- Seholarship nominee. ities class. 108 leaoenshlp Ano Oeolcatlon As President of the Key Club, Gerald Chipper Bristow added much laughter to our Davis spends many hours on sehool aetiv- junior and senior plays. He Contributed much ities. He was u Statistician for football and as u member of our football and baseball in the senior play this year. teams. Q .:., ..,.'f,fs x 5 , in-1 g"x'Th 109 i A -E X A whiz in math. Lynn Childress is President of the l".T.A. und Ll mem- ber of the Keyettes. Also she is one of the top thirteen students neu- demieally and 11 student in the Humanities class. V fm """" , .L fiiixfs wh We faculty Selects semorzs ton David Sykes, talent in music won for him the title of Most Talented in Music. 1 t is E, ff fl: it len EQ. gi l ,uv 'eq Outstanding in creative writing is Jeanne Stewart. Two winners were named for their artistic abilities. Sandy Buchannan and Camille Davis are members of the Art II class. 110 O LIUSTSANCI HQ ACHIGVGITTEHTZS Chipper Bristow, heeuuse of his acting abilities, wus awarded the Most Talented Actor. Mastering the Ifnglish language is Annette Boggs, Senior Who is Outstanding in Fnglish. Lite W 7 .ff s 5 ,sm rf i,' 0' ' Q , , j rt, a student of The Senior Wh0 Fxeels in the Seienees was awarded to Jeanne Stewa physics. 111 4 SGHIORS excel ID SUBJGCTSS Typing, bookkeeping, and shorthand are subjects of interest for Joyce White, Senior who lixeels in Commercial Subjects. Q ' THE ,V ' Because of her knowledge of math, Lynn Childress was selected as the Senior who Excels in Math. Interested in the past is Q Ann Sehmaus who was awarded the title of Senior Excelling in History. 112 'E nazi ROMAN W9 Ano they .me talenteo Joanne Stewart was sclccted as thc Senior Who Exccls in thc Languages. Pari For hor leadership on the hardwood and hcr ability for playing basketball, Sandra Wclborn was named Most Athletic. 113 Most Athletic is Steve McKenzie who can be found on the gridiron, hardwood, and the diamond. esthexz ITIARUH IS OAR qooo CIUZGH N.: AW was -kkx -I wi, .m,i. ,Ui ,M-MW-mv ,Q--...J Because of her leadership in the community, Esther Martin was sclcctcd by the faculty as the DAR Good Citizen. 114 i E 1 the pxzom IS a wonlo of fantasies And lest we take no notice the year does slip by and the prom is here. And we livc in a world of fantasy. Wc'l1 remember the dance, thc band, the mcrrimcnt . . . or was it 21 fantasy? X, .- ,. H X NX' RYXXK X 6 N N ,W .,-" GNN The dancemthe band...the prom X 4,f::,ryz"Z7 'yyagrgwp , 114 X 1 ooloen helmet awano won By steve mckenzle For his determination, desire, and drive, Steve McKenzie was the recipient of the Golden Helmet award at the ending of the football season. Coach John Doby awards Steve the Golden Helmet. he Qlumedg, uf rrnrs Cast of Characters 'fin order of their appearaneej Joe White, President Danny Roberts, Vice President Esther Martin, Secretary Annette Boggs Karen Hayworth Becky Smith ........,.... as Senior homecoming attendants Seniors .......,........... ................. a s Themselves Randy Underwood, President Steve Welborn, Vice President Carolyn Mickey, Secretary Ruth Ann Stone, Treasurer . . . Lynn Frye Rhonda Johnson Carolyn Mickey Emily Nelson ......... Juniors ...........,.... Eddie Bouldin, President Woody Hicks, Vice President . . . as Junior class officers as Junior homecoming attendants i . . , ............ as Themselves Mary Ann Staton, SecretaryWTreasurer . . , . as Sophomore class officers Joni Carter Janet Frye Debra Hohn Mary Ann Staton ..... . . . as Sophomore homecoming attendants Sophomores .......... ..................... a s Themselves Jack Haynes. President Stewart Roberts, Vice President Cindy Aldridge, SeeretaryfTreasurer . . . . .as Freshman class officers Cindy Aldridge Marsha Lohr Debbie Macaluso Brooks Spencer . . . . . .as Freshman homecoming attendants Freshmen ...,.. ...............,. . . .as Themselves Hold, sir, for God's sake! Now your jest is earnest. 'lComedy Q' Errors, Act 2, se. 2. 118 ga Q 2 A .L,,.- .ws 3...,.f. jg, N 1, "ff-1 'b " .,.- """"' w g, ,X,5gd,l um K X , 1 5 T is y S, . Q , x " X ' 'Q Q 1 NNN X v " Q X L, .. pgs K nb 1ffQ25Ts'EfisfS2?'1:' .fa re f ,gm x fp? Q. dw kr . X W.-.M V class of '69 TSO GRACUAIG Senior class oftieers are Joe White, President: Danny Roberts, Vice-President: Esther Martin, Secretaryg Annette Boggs, Treasurer. 120 4 X , , - ' N ' .,z:5i: Q. If -' s N' . , ,., M , ,wgm fe, ,. U., , ' Enom new tnlnlt hloh school SHARON GAIL ALBERTSON Sharon was selected BQ Looking in the Senior class. She has been a star member of our basketball team and plans to attend Appalachian. ANNE STEVENS ALLEN Anne's hobbies are wxried. She enjoys sports ears, cooking, and hairstyling, She plans to become a beautieian. LARRY FRANKLIN ALLEN Larry enjoys collecting and listening to records of all types. He also enjoys reading. r CARL FORD BAKER Carl has been a dependable bus driver for the past two years. His hobbies include swimming and hunting. DEBORAH JEAN BAKER Debbie was an active member of F.H.A. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, skating, and bowling. 121 W f.,,u.4vf SIDNEY RAY BARKER During the past four years Sidney has been an active member of the F.F.A. He enjoys playing the guitar and working on cars. JAMES COLTRANE stanley skeen ano oany von cannon CAROLYN MAY BELO In her spare time Carolyn likes to read, sew, and correspond with pen pals. She has been on the Bulldog staff. r l',' BRISTOW, JR. Chosen Wittiest by the Senior class, Chip enjoys hunting, raising quail, and playing foot- ball. He stole the show in both the junior and senior plays. 1 HILDA MARCELLA BELO Hilda has been a member of the Beta Club and the Bulldog TQ5-,E staff. She enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and taking walks. VICKI KINDLEY BENNETT Vicki's hobbies include typing and sewing. She was active in our D.E.C.A. program and plans a career in business. CLARA ANNETTE BOGGS Collecting records and going to ballgames are among Annette's hobbies. She plans to attend Pfeiffer this fall majoring in sociology or Christian Fducation. CHARLES WAYNE BROWER Being a car enthusiast, Wayne enjoys working on cars, going to auto races, and reading automotive magazines. He plans to attend Davidson Com- munity College. 122 ANTHONY RAY BRYANT Tony was chosen IQ Talented by the Senior class. In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar and com- posing music. SANDRA WILSON BUCHANAN Sandy was chosen -mg Talented because of her artistic abilities. Including painting, her hobbies are wave surfing, water skiing, and cheerleading. ARG moizeheao UOITTIIWGGS SUSAN SAMUEL BUCHANAN Possessing pep und vitality, one of Susan's hobbies is cheering. She also enjoys wave surfing, water skiing, and snowball tights. SHARON LEIGH BYRD VICKI SHARON CALLAHAN Sharon spends her spare time Vicki enjoys swimming, knitting and horseback riding. reading, and writing poetry, In After graduation she plans to the fall she plans to attend attend Baptist Hospital School Virginia Computer College. of Nursing. ' MARY KAY CAMPBELL Mary Kay has been a member of the Beta Club. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, playing the piano, reading, and horseback riding. dw f-an 'hw 6 PAULA LYNN CHILDRESS ERMA JANE CLARK Swimming, reading, and horse' Erma enjoys swimming and back riding are among Lynn's horseback riding in her leisure hobbies, Chosen Likely time. She plans to attend a to Succeed she plans to business college after grad- lild. attend Appalachian in the fall. uation. A. GILEORD COLEMAN, JR. Gilford was a member of F.F.A. for several years. Among his interests are hunting, fishing, and swimming. 123 JOYCE LEIGH COOK Among Joyce's hobbies arc horseback riding, swimming and sewing. Joyce was a ll brarian and also a member of Keyettes. 7 2" , ,Lh,, n,,, . ,W f X W, f X GUY ROGER COUZENS Guy has been an active mem- ber of lf'.E.A. He enjoys hunting and doing mechanical work in his spureltime. if ff, f 4' 6, H W ,Zz PENNY GAIL CRANFORD Penny enjoys spending her spare time sewing and working on crafts, Her future plans in- clude working. ChAl2ll6 KIVEUC DAITIEO IUOSK f,,, 1 A f f ff ' 'nlvfff f wiww.w.f' 1 wwf wi. , ffswafgrvf ,. V .. Vu . 9 1. f 1' .L V. iff fe-,mmm . H fe V milf af CHERYL DEAN COX Cheryl's main hobby is bowling. After graduation she plans to attend a business college. ' ' .- ff JAMES CALVIN COX member of James was a key our baseball team. One of his favorite pastimes is a chal- lenging chess game. JANICE LEE CRANFORD Janice has served the school by being a store worker for four years. She plans to start work after graduation. MARILYN CAROL CROUSE Marilyn was co-editor of the Bulldog Tales this year. Among her hobbies are swimming and horseback riding. 124 W ,. : , A, BENNY CARLTON CRUTIIIS Being an outdoorsman, Benny enjoys hunting and horseback riding. In his spare time, Benny enjoys working on ears. fs.. POLLY SUSAN DALTON Polly has been an active member of the F.H.A. for the past four years. Her hobbies include sewing and crafts. valuasle in foottsall DEBORAH LEIGH DARR As our Homecoming Queen, Debbie enjoys sewing and reading. She plans to attend East Carolina University. CAMILLE PAIGII DAVIS Possessing artistie talents, Camille enjoys painting. She performed as a majorette during her senior year. is Q wu s. fl r',' .-',1.i wwe KM f - f so - t .Q sw eggs RN it sftsg Q e 4 'A I .X S S' it s if S ffl? gg: ,t i,e1K 9- - Q. t we t W X 5. CONNIE JEAN DAVIS Connie was chosen Wittiest by the Senior class. Her hobbies include bowling and cooking. GERALD REID DAVIS Radio announcing and sports are among Gerald's interests. Chosen lit Dependable by the Seniors, Gerald plans to attend N,C. State. JSXX sissy' etggg ANNETTR BOGGS Senior Homecoming Attendant by A f ,, 7' 9 5 A f RONALD DALE DOBBINS In his leisure time, Ronald en- joys fishing. In the fall. he plans to attend N.C. State. RONALD WAYNE ECHERD After graduation, Ronald plans to enter the military service. His hobbies include hunting and fishing. ,, f4l 6' GILBERT BLAKE FARLOW Blake's varied hobbies include fishing, golf, bowling, pool, and collecting coins. He plans to work after graduation. S R QQ E SGFIIORS SCORE DIGD ON U16 ,. u,:f::f f 4 I M x JO ANNA EDWARDS ln her spare time, Jo Anna en joys playing the piano, sewing, and knitting. After graduation she plans to become a sec- rctary. JUDITH CAROL ELLIOTT Judy has been a member of the Distributive Education program this year. In her leisure time she enjoys sewing and water skiing. CAROL JEANETTE FARLOW SUSAN LEE FORRESTER During the past four years Susan's main interests are Jeanettehasbeenamemberof writing and singing. After F.H.A. She enjoys cooking, graduation she hopes to attend collecting records, and ping anursing school. pong. RONALD THOMAS FOSTER Ronald was chosen School Spirited by the senior class. He proved an essential member of our basketball team. ! x ehatlenomo sat f 4 , Y f ff f BARRY EUGENE ITRAZIER Among Barry's hobbies are golf and swimming. His future plans are to work and attend college. V f f f 1 KEITH BLAKE FREEMAN Keith has been a member of the Future Farmers of America for four years. In his spare time, he enjoys working on cars. gy VICKI LYNN GALLIMORIC Among Vieki's hobbies are listening to records, cooking, and sewing. She plans to become a beautieian after graduation. v gf 12' f u,. .,,,, WANDA JOY GREEN Wanda likes to play the piano in her spare time. She has been a dependable bus driver for two years. Mm V, ff wa W,,: W , SHARON REBECCA GREENWAY Being a Red Cross volunteer and writing soldiers in Viet Nam occupy much of Sharon's time. She plans to further her education after graduation. L SUSAN DIANE HAMMOND Swimming is Diane's favorite pastime. After graduation she plans to enter the Air Iforee. GLORIA JEANETTE HANCOCK In her spare time, Gloria enjoys horseback riding, golf, and oil-painting. She plans to attend Artistic Beauty College after graduation. 127 JANET FAY HARRELL Janet served as a library assis- tant this year. In her leisure time Janet enjoys sewing and cooking. ' 5 'itf ff Q X STEVEN LEE HARRELL Steve is an active member ot the l".F.A. and Distributive Edueation program. He plans to work after graduation. stanley skeen attenoeo DAVID EUGENE HARRIS David has been a responsible office worker this year. After graduation he plans a career in business. , ' "Wg ,-ff 'Mi .ffm STEVEN BYRON HAWKINS Bowling and fishing are among Stcve's hobbies. He plans to attend Appalachian State Uni- versity in the fall. MICHAEL LLOYD IIAYNES Mike has been an active mem- ber of the Key Club. llc en- joys sports and reading and plans to attend Appalachian. 128 MELINDA MOORE IIAUSER Melinda was chosen Ncatest by the senior class. She enjoys cooking and plans to become a secretary. DIANA MARIE IIAWKINS Diana has been a reliable store worker this year. llcr favorite pastimes include playing ree- ords and horseback riding. ' . , .7 KAREN LFIGII HAYWORTH Karen represented Trinity as a C .C .C. Contestant. She showed her acting ability by participating in the junior and senior plays. JENA LOUISE IIEDGECOCK As a bus driver, Jena was very dependable. She added much laughter to the junior play and plans to attend college. ooveI2nol2's school ounmq summen DENNIS ROBY HILL, JR. Toby was a member of the F.F.A. for three years. He spends his spare time working on ears. Ihr our-mm YVONNE DIANE HILL Diane's ambition is to become a nurse. In her leisure time she enjoy s dancing, swimming, and horseback riding. 71" ESSIE MAE HOSKINS JAMES PATRICK HOWARD KAREN HAYWORTH In her leisure time Essie enjoys Having an interest in sports, Senior Homecoming Attendant writing short stories and Pat excels in golf. He plans to poems. She plans to attend a become a printer in the future. commercial college after grad- uation. , ,W,awfwwmy f KATHI SUI-1 IKNICR In Kathi's spare time she en- joys swimming. She plans to attend Ashmore Business College after graduation. ' :iz f r I 16 RICHARD DANIICL KIDD As President of our Deea Club, Danny enjoys playing golf. After graduation he plans to attend Davidson Community College. Joe white is moneheao ya' ,aw RAYMOND GARY JONIIS Gary has won many awards for his livestock. He plans to attend N.C. State University in the fall. ,xg .17 SHARON LFI KEY Sharon spends her spare time reading and cooking. After graduation she plans to attend a business eollege. ,,,, SIIIZILA ANN KINNIQY Besides being an outstanding basketball player, Sheila also enjoys reading and listening to reeords. In the future she plans to attend eollege. 130 CHARLICS LIQON KIVETT Being a sports enthusiast, Charlie participated in foot- ball, baseball, basketball, and track. Deservingly, he was chosen l Athletic by the Seniors, JOHNNY ALLICN KIDD Johnny has been a member of the lf.I".A. for four years. Ile enjoys spending his leisure time hunting and fishing. MARTHA JANE KIVICTT Swimming, skiing, horseback riding, tennis, and painting are Martha's hobbies. She was a member of the Glee Club for four years. a. , i f , SChOlAI2ShlD HQIUIDGG .. VY' X JO LYNN LANIBLTH Jo Lynn's favorite pastime is swimming. She also enjoys singing and has been in the Glce Club for four years. Shc plans to attend college after graduation. Q TROY DAVID LINVILLF Davie likes to work on cars and ride motorcycles. During the past three years he has been a member ofthe Future Farmers of America. I . . .V ' V tit' i .J , l f i t Af, M ,- PAN1I'LA Slfli I.AWRENC'Ii RL'DY VAN LILDBI-QTTICR DAVID RAY Ll-'XX IS Panic was President of the In her leisure time. Rudy cn- David enjoys fishing and Keycttcs. llcr future plans in- joys playing the piano. She hunting in his leisure time. clude attending Appalachian plans to further her education After graduation he plans to State University to become a inthe business field. work. teacher. HR ALMA SUSAN LOHR With draxxing as a hobby. Susan plans to attend G.T.I. and continue her artistic in- terests. Shc also enjoys music and collecting coins. NORMA JEAN MABF Reading and sewing occupy Norma in her spare time. After graduation she plans to con- tinue her education in the business field. 131 ' w Ma, .- J l. '20 H BILNNY RAY MAINOR Benny has been a niembcr of the Future lfarincrs oth America and D.Ii.C'.A. llc en- joys working on cars in his spare time. v W 1' .4 liSTlllR I.OUISli MARTIN Being chief cheerleader, Fsther was chosen Most School Spirited. She was also selected as the D.A.R. Good Citizen. THIQRIZSA ANN MeCLUNl?Y In Theresa's leisure time, she enjoys reading and listening to music. After graduation she hopes to become a secretary. as -X-P':'E5' . L : iifiisifi S lg ,:,,, .- 2 s X QL BRENDA GAIL MIIRLDITII Brenda includes collecting records and stuffed animals among her hobbies. She plans to work after graduation. STIQVLN ROYALS MCKFNZIF Steve was selected as Looking by the Senior class. Being the athletic type he re- ceived awards in football and was a member of the basket- ball team. 132 senions aize feteo at JUDITH GAYLE MILLIZR Judy has served the school by being a reliable bus driver. After graduation she plans to attend Appalachian State University. W, " fi ,L 4. STEVEN PRESTON MCNAIR Steve is known around the school for his artistic abilities. He participated in our Dis- tributive Education Program. f 4.2 W. f GERALD STEWART MOORF Gerald was a member of the Future Farmers of America. He hopes to attend college after graduation. Q7-ww-v JUDY CAROL NEAL Judy's main interests lie in horses and music. She plans to enter Appalachian State Uni- versity in the fall. ,K ff Jumon-senlonz przom Elms: IIORACE GREG DELLA MAF RABON PENNINGTON Della has been u faithful store- Greg was chosen Nezrtest by worker for the past three the Seniors. He was ai key years. She spends her sparc member of our golf teznn and time Cooking. sewing. and hopes to attend Ifusl Carolina horseback riding, University. 7 ,,., DOUGLAS SPENCER SHIRLEY LFE RIQDDIICK BIZCKY SMITH RILDDECK Shirley plans to attend Iiust Senior Homecoming Attendant Doug plans to attend 21 busi- Carolina University in the full. ness college after graduation. She enjoys cooking, sewing, He enjoys building model ears and art. in his spare time. 133 J X W Z EDITH LORRAINE REDDICK Being a sports enthusiast. Edith enjoys playing football and baseball. She also likes to paint. LINDA IRENE ROYALS Due to Linda's interest in art, she enjoys painting and drawing. She plans to become a medical secretary after attending G.T.I. ' ' A .f - ' RANDY DALE RIDGE Serving the school, Randy has been a dependable bus driver for two years. His favorite hobby is cars. SGDIORS SFUO U16 WOQIO DANNY WATSON ROBERTS Danny was chosen Best ,Q Around by the Senior class. In his spare time he enjoys working on ears and playing the drums. PAMELA LOU ROYALS PAMELA KAY RUSSELL Pam was a member of our Dis- Swimming, singing, and horse- tributive Education program. back riding are among Pam's She also participated in the favorite pastimes. After grad- F.H.A, uation she plans to attend a business college. A JACKIE EDWARD ROBERTSON Jackie was the backbone of our basketball team. Besides basketball he likes to dance and work on ears. SHARON JANE SCARBORO Due to her interest in music, Sharon was a member of the Glee Club. She plans to attend a business college after gradu- ation. of william shakespeane kv BARRY LYNN SEARCE Being an outstanding member of our football team, Lynn made the C.C.C. Allfonference team. Ile also enjoys working on cars. EDWARD MICHAEL SIDES A dependable bus driver, Mike was also a member of the Glee Club. Ile hopes to become a law enforcement officer. f JO ANN MARION SCIIMAUS Jo Ann has been a member and officer of the Beta Club during her junior and senior years. After graduation she plans to attend a technical school in Anchorage, Alaska. A-mr , .f DOROTHY ANN SFCRFAST In Ann's spare time she enjoys horseback riding. swimming. and walking. She has been a reliable store worker for two years. f PRISCILLA ANN SILER Among Priscilla's interests are dancing, singing. and styling hair. She plans to continue her education after graduation. RODNEY KENT SKEEN Kent spends his spare time whittling and playing football. In the fall he plans to attend Appalachian State University. 135 STEVEN RAY SELF Steve enjoys outdoor sports. especially hunting and fishing. Ile participated in the DECA. program and hopes to manage a retail store. - .l .,W' R nf ,V Ji ' 2 . ' . .,, STANLITY VAN SKEEN A whiz in the classroom, Stan- ley was chosen by the Seniors as IQ Intelligent. I-Ie was our Student Council President and a Morehead Scholarship Nom- inee. ' f CARL RAY SMITH Carl's hobbies include showing steers, collecting coins, and wood working. Being a de- pendable bus driver, he was President of the Bus Drivers Club. DOUGLAS RAY SMITH Doug was an active member of the li'.F.A. He plans to attend Appalachian State University after graduation. SDE SUGODS UO COHQUGI2 , I REBECCA JANE SMITH Becky is coeditor of the Trinhian and President of If.H.A. She plans to attend East Carolina this full. LARRY DOUGLAS SPENCER Doug enjoys reading in his spare time. He plans to attend U.N.C. at Chapel Hill and ina- jor in psychology. f K 4 M FORREST RONALD JOHNNY WAYNE STEPHENS RONNIII EDWARD STEPP SPILLMAN Johnny enjoys playing the Ronnie's hobbies include read- ln his lCiSllrC UIUC Forrest CU' guitar. He hopes to work with ing, working, and having fun. IOYS 55115118 and flying Ulf' electronics after graduation. He also enjoys listening to planes, His future plans music. include running a dairy farm. 136 JEANNE ELIZABETH STEWART Being a top student, Jeanne was chosen Intelligent, She now reigns as Qs- Trinhian and is our school re- porter for the Enterprise. VIEWED By SGDICRS PATRICIA LEE SUMMEY Pat's favorite pastimes include swimming and horseback rid- ing. Shc plans to study nursing at G.T.I. in the fall. DANNY MONELL SYKES With sports among Danny's main interests, he excels in golf. College is included in his plans for thc future. DAVID AARON SYKES Possessing musical talents, David enjoys playing and com- posing music. He plans to study music in college and be- come a professional musician. V GEORGE MICHAEL THALASSINOS Among Mike's hobbies are hunting, working on cars, and going to stock car races. After graduation he plans to work and later enter the service. Mascots forthe class of '69 are Karen Sides and Greg Forrester SGDIORS VIEW school WILLAM RAY M. LARRY THOMPSON JOHN WILLIAM VARNER GARY WALTER THOMAS,JR. La.rry's main interest lies in John has been a member of VONCANNON Music, sports, and stock car music. His participation in the the Key Club and Monogram Gary is a nominee for the racing are among Bill's inter- school band has added much Club. He was co-editor ofthe Morehead Scholarship and ests. He also participated in to the school spirit. Bulldogfllthis year. plans to attend N.C. State. our D.E.C.A. program. Along with sports, he also cn- joys fishing. BRAD LEE WALDEN Being an outstanding member of our football team, Brad re- ceived the Most Outstanding Defensive Lineman Award. EDDIE WRAY WARREN MARSHA JEAN WELBORN Being interested in sports, Camping and water sports are Eddie enjoyed playing football among Marsha's hobbies. She and running track during his plans to Work for a year and last two years of high school. then go to college. 138 ,prank SANDRA IRENE WELBORN Possessing athletic abilities, Sandra has been the star mem- ber of our basketball team. As a result, she was chosen My Athletic by the Senior class. terests, she enjoys reading. ton last time ' ' "TU , 'A ' ,"f,fi,izibe r " ':IHW:i1'f'f1'6?5', ' ' "T 57" 'V'V2ir,:H:t:5:2E':4 iff' 'Z f . . . d wg? ,.,! X ff ,. ... , , f t. www. IQ I ' in M5 it JOE NEIL WHITE As President of the senior class, Joe was chosen Likely Q Succeed. He was also a Morehead Nominee and a member of the basketball team. fig ' :di . 'zz 'W' JOYCE ELIZABETH WHITE Joyce was selected Best Q Around by the senior class. Ilaving a wide variety of in- cheerleading and listening to records. 1 . ff .,,. , AMY ELIZABETH WI-IITT Amy has been a member of the Glee Club for the past three years. Skiing and playing basketball are among her hobbies. PATRICIA DIANE WILLIAMS KAREN VALEE WOOD Bfllhg 3 d6fCI'lSIV6 asset to OUT KafClI was Chggcn 2 basketball team, Diane has pendable by the Seniors. She made the All-Conference. All- was President of the Beta Tournament. and All' Club. I-ler future plans include Opponent teams. becoming a secretary. VICKIE LYNN WOOD Among Viekie's interests are swimming and basketball. She was a member of the Bulldog Tales staff and hopes to become a beautician. 139 JAMES WIIITT James is a member of our Dis tributive Education program Hc plans to work after grad uation. GAIL ARDREY YARBROUGH Among Gail's hobbies are pen- pals, reading, and studying philosophy. She plans to attend college and major in political science. 'fi' e CGlESlC6 GIBSON IS GOVGRDOIYS school HOIUIHGG Ricky Allred Miehuel Andrews Gene Angel Terry Aultman Catherine Baker Phyllis Beumon Ronald Beasley Philip Biggs Susan Biles Bobbie Boles Jerry Boles Elaine Bowman Michelle Bowman Mike Boyles Cathy Brower Leaders ol' the class of '70 are Randy Underwood, President: Steve Welborn, Viec-President:Carolyn Miekey, Secretary: and Ruth Stone. Treasurer. 'ii . 140 Philip Brower Debbic Brown Danny Campbell Tony Carter Ricky Cashclt Sarah C ccil Wilda Chappell Sylvia Clark Gail Coltrane Larry Coltrane Joc Comer Larry Cook Sheila Con uni liarl Cox Vickie Cox Junior chccrleudcrs in action. JADIG Smlth IS mlSS sweetheant Randall Cranford Dwayne Cullcr Bill Cundiff Marsha Daniel Carson Davis Dwight Davis Lynnc Davis Linda Dcaton Phyllis Dunlap Sandra livans Kathy lfarloxx' Rohcrt lforrcstcr Velma Vox Conniu lfrccman Lynn Ifryc Cclcstc Gibson Phyllis Gill Ronnie Gill Tony Gillis Mary Gilmcr lim wi' 4? ww, iw 1 ff ig,,x A 'x Lynn Ifryc, Junior Homecoming Attendant. F-remix Junlons scope hloh on psat Rhonda Johnson, Junior Home- coming Attendant. 143 Sandy Gordon Gloria Graves Renee Gurley Randy Hackaday Brenda Hall Catherine Hauser Eddie Hert Darrell Hill Eddie Hill Pam Hill Glenn Hilliard Kathy Hobson Gloria Holmes Brenda Hooper Randy Howard Brad Hurley Barbara Ingram Dennis Jernigan Lynn Johnson Rhonda Johnson Roger Johnson Wayne Johnson Donna Jones Ruth Kennedy Gary King Susan Lackey Susan Lambeth Vicki Lewallen Mike Lohr Glenda Marion Ricky Melton Carolyn Mickey Janice Morton Andy McCall Sara McGee Emily Nelson Mike Nichols Drueilla Oakley Peggy Owens Charlene Parrish Jumon play A success Mackie Parrish Roger Peace Emiy Nelson, Junior Homecoming Attendant ggi' Junior Pcclc Carol Philips Dale Pierce Vicki Pierce Vickie Powell Kay Pugh Larry Rabon Don Raines William Reddiek Brenda Reynolds Judith Rhyne Karen Ridge Eddie Royals Doreen Rush Maxine Rush 1.14 Time, effort. and a lot of hard work went into the burldmg, of the Junior float Gary York, pitcher and short- stop for the baseball team. Rebecca Scotton Danny Shaw Cathy Simmons Vicki Simpson Mike Skccn Patrice Skcen Sara Skccn Brenda Smith David Smith Janie Smith Rhonda Spaugh Debbie Spencer Ruth Anne Stone Mike Swaim David Taylor be .. Jin X S W N N by tn' ,. ak W E -sq X Q ii A 3' 'EAA X L sf' W X X I S X . 495 lookmo towarzo them senuon year: Carolyn Mickey, Junior Homecoming Attendant. Patricia Teague Charlotte Teal Robert Thomas Jerry Towery Teresa Trivette 2,5- Richard Trotter Randy Underwood June Varner Sue Vaughn James Waters 9. 1 Nancy Wclborn Stephen Welborn Linda Williams Keith Whitc Timmy White Linda Whitchart Joe Wise Kay Woodcll Toni Worrell Gary York 147 SODhOm0l26Sll1 DEW EIWVIQOIJITIGDTS Wanda Alley Betty Andrews Carlton Barker Kirk Barnett Kenny Barneycastle Johnny Beamon John Boggs Eddie Bouldin Kathy Bouldin James Bowman Trovol.ia Bowman Jackie Boylen Diane Bradshaw Bill Briles Debra Brisson .loc Bristow Sharon Brooks J oyee Bulla Representing the Sophomore class are David Wood, Seeretaryg Eddie Bonldin, Vice-President: and Jimmy Chapman, President. 148 I + Doris Bullins Pat Callahan Lawanda Campbell Roger Carmichael Janice Carroll Cathy Carter Joni Carter Jimmy Chapman Gerald Charles Blair Coffield D. W. Coggins Marilyn Coggins Danny Cook Iiarl Cotton Roland Council Hoyt Cranford, Jr. Richard Cressell Gary Crotts Denise Cummings Gary Cundiff Cindy Dalton Joey Davis Ray Davis Scott Davis Nancy Deaton Terry Dixon - Myra Doby Leo Douglas, Jr. Pat Faircloth Debbie Fields Gary Flowers Muriel Floyd Mary Ann Forrester Dale Freeman Wanda Frazier Janet Frye Debbie Gallimore Phyllis Gallimore Ricky Garner Judy George Elaine Gibbs Pat Gilmer sophomones wm float awarzo Joni Carter, Sophomore Homecoming Attendant. ,, Larry Gray Faye Griffin Mike Gross Judy Hackaday Francis Hammond Scott Hanes C. F. Hardin Muriel Hardin Reid Harris Teresa Hawks Bill Hayworth Lonnie Hazelwood Dorothy Hedgecock Carolyn Hedrick Dianne Hedrick Yvonne Helmstetler Woody Hicks Ann Hill Gail Hill Gary Hill N 150 George Hill Judy Hill Kathy Hill Mike Hill Ricky Hill Sandra Hill Sylvia Hill Debra Hohn Cecilia Hoskins Jim Hudson Gary Jernigan Gerald Jones Patsy Kelly J anis Key Vicki Key Barbara Kinlcy Raymond Kiziah Ken Lambeth Gary Lane Sheila Langston Diane Ledbetter Mark Lester Sylvia Loflin Nancy Lohr Janet Frye, Sophomore Homecoming Attendant. John Lowe David Luther JoAnn Luther Christine Marsh Patricia Martin Diane Mashburn Pam Mason Craig Mendenhall Marlene Miller David Moore Darlene Morris J oc Myers Charles McCall Tommy McGee Terry McMillan Ronnie Nooe Donna Oakley Ruth Padgett Vickie Parrish David Perry Tony Peterson Brad Proctor Randy Raines Tony Reece Debra Hohn, Sophomore Homecoming Attendant wanoa AHGY IS GOVERNOR S school FIOININGG Don Rhew Lynn Ridge Karen Riehs Don Rimmer Kathy Robbins Christine Rogers Jennie Rorie Levertis Roric Lucy Rorie Mike Royals Karen Royster Robert Scarborough Jerry Sexton David Sheets Deborah Sheffield Doris Simpson Becky Sink David Smith David Snider Bob Spencer Mary Ann Staton Sophomore Homeeomlng Attendant Sophomores raise hands in response to Mrs McLean s question. BGB SPENCER IS GGVERUOI2 S school DOIUIUGG Ricky Spencer Barbara Spivey Max Stanley Sherri Stanley Terry Stanley Mary Ann Staton Paul Stewart Betsy Sumner Becky Swift Gary Sykes Joe Sykes Julia Taylor Cynthia Thomas Patsy Thomas Barbara Thompson Judi Todd Ronald Triplette Gary Trogdon Peggy Turner Towa Varner 154 7 f 9 ,lv Sophomores study math. Dewey VonCannon David Ward Sandra Ware Ellen Warren Jennie Warren Ronnie Waters Ken Welborn Cathy White Don White Mike White Steve White Patty Whitt Gilbert Williams Ann Wilson David Winslow Mary Kay Whitty David Wood Teresa Wood Terra Wood Toby Worrell Roger Whitlock James Younger Thomas Younger Sandy Younts JUUIORS they will B6 next YGAI2 IIRESNITIGI1 AWAII DSW GHVIIIGDITJEDI H IW' Curt Albertson Jimmy Albertson Cindy Aldridge Mike Allen Mike Armentrout Marquita Ashburn Sandra Ashburn Alan Aumun Philip Baker Cynthia Ball Doug Bame Sandy Barnett Danny Barneyeastle Angela Baron Jeanette Beasley Eunice Beck Tommy Boles Max Bouldin Lindy Brooks Jerry Brown Jimmy Brown Marilyn Brown Pam Brown Terri Bryant Sheila Bullard Donna Bunn Debbie Burton Keith Burton 'NM - lfreshmun class officers: Juek lluynes. President: Stexiurt Roberts. Viee-President: Cindy Aldridge, Secretary-Treasurer. 156 Roger Harris Jack Haynes Bobby Hielig Ike Hicks Belenda Byrd Jerry Byrd Ricky Callahan Dianne Campbell Paul Casstevens Wendy Childress Vickie Clements Barry Collins Dianne Coltrane .lack Coltrane Neal Coltrane Tommy Coltrane .lan Cook Mary Cox Larry Council Thomas Craven Frankie Crotts Dale Crouse Michael Dailey Larry Darr Billy Davis Mark Davis Debbie Dickerson Carol Dildinc Harold Dixon Dwight Dobbins Nancy Edmonds Robert Elliott Virginia Enslow Jimmy Everett Carson Ewings Gary Farlow Fred Flowers Bobby Folley Connie Forrester Ricky Foster Freddy Frank Jerri Freeman Debbie Fruitt Janet Gahagan Charles Gibson Tasma Giles Johnsie Gilmer Ann Grant Frank Grant Steve Gray Audrey Green Diane Grubb Kay Hall Rebecca Hightower Danny Hill Debbie Hill Don Hill Sharon Hill Ricky Hines Carlton Holmes Jane Holloway Mike Honeycutt Kay Hoover Allen Howard Kenneth Hoyle Doris Hunt Wanda Hunt Wanda Ikner Billy Ingram Judy Jernigan Benny Johnson Debbie Johnson Connie Jones Christy Kearns Danny Keck Bill Keller Kathy Kinley Mike Kivett David Lackey Kay Lackey Faye Lackey Rose Mary Lankford Bobbi Lawrence Duane Leach Diane Leonard Pam Lester Cindy Lewallen Gary Lewallen Debbie Linthicum Mark Lohr Marsha Lohr Terry Lohr Donna Love fy ,M iifly if bis' In Mi!! K LM 5 jfs , 1 Cindy Aldridge, Freshman Homecoming Attendant. ' if aww ,, yi WWW 158 coach wall's frzeshmen have WINDING SGASGH Cindy Lowe Mike Luther Debbie Macaluso Dale Marsh Pat Martin Tony Maynord Wayne Messer Linda Miles Terri Miller Phillip Miller Terry Mitchell Donna McDowell Rocky McElhannon Max Nance Debbie Nicholson John Numey ' ' Beverly O'Neil 'N' Donna Owens Patsy Painter Cathy Parrish Joy Parrish Sue Parrish Troy Parrish 0' J AA, S Vickie Paul B f ' - , Debbie Peele ' Derich Peele Tony Pierce Diane Portis 's gf ' Marsha Lohr, Freshman Homecoming Attendant ii E 159 sophomones of '69- 70 ,ff f Suzanne Proctor 5 Ronnie Patton Hershel Reddick Penn Reddick Steve Reddick Beverly Reece Sandy Rice Suzanne Richardson Tony Ridge Judy Riggs Gwendolyn Rivers Stewart Roberts Drema Ross Monzel Royal Angelea Rush Odell Rush Brenda Sarvis Janice Shaw Janice Sheets Jimmy Shore Debbie Short Billy Siler Cathy Smith Cheryl Smith Terry Smith Larry Smoot Brooks Spencer Debbie Spencer Debbie Macaluso, Freshman Homecoming Attendant. Qwwwy 7 rv-ff"""'k Brooks Spencer, Ifreshman Homecoming Attendant. wi Sandra Spencer Synthia Spencer Dale Stack Butch Stanley Walter Stanley Arnold Steel Betty Stone Billy Talley Ronnie Taylor Tim Taylor Tommy Taylor Jaekie Thomas Richard Thomas Cynthia Tillitson Jessie Transeau Brenda Triplette Cindy Trivette Billy Trotter Robert Underwood James Van Lewvan Loiw Varner Greg Wade Debbie Walker Joey Walker Richard Ward Austin Warren Dale Warren Jody Welborn Wanda Welborn Pam Whitaker Tommy Whitaker Cathy White Marshall White Harold Whitt Lynn Williams Terry Wilkerson Gene Youngblood r-new-"' .- .- .- sf,-.ww . ,,, The Ctmnrhani nf Benin Exterminators Contractors Furniture Salesmen Car Salesmen Manufacturers Oil Dealers Builders Cleaners Insurance Salesmen Grocers Bankers Druggists .24 Mortieians Barbers ITT? ' Clothiegjs Friends . . . Cast of Characters fin order of their appearance! . . . as Advertisers He is well paid that is well satisfied. TQ Merchant cg'.Venice, Act 4, sc. 1. 162 Q3 53.1132 ,R Vg S A vf I f., 5525" v ff 1 1 4 I 4 3 f if gy 4 Q ff I ? 2, If 7 f, 'F iw y 4 jgff Q W? W mm-H""""" ,CFI Compliments of GGFORTH EXTERMINATORS Creators of Quality Termite and Pest Control High Point, North Carolina 164 HENRY H. DARR J. I.. DARK AND SOI GENERAL.. CONTRACTOR Commencial? - CQe9identiaQ - k9ndustntaQ P. O. BOX 1905 HIGH POINT. N. C. TELEPHONE 431-4760 165 PPORTUNITV . BURUNGTON orfflzs Pzeurv or IT Careers with Burlington are unlimited. lienefits are numerous, and advancement comes rapidly . The Company puts the accent on youth to meet its growing needs. Trinity High School students planning for the- future can look to Burlington for an exciting and secure career. with endless opportunities. ielligh Point Fabrics liGl0be Furniture Company 'X'Burlington Yarn Company, llillcrest Plant UNITS OF Burlington Industries, Inc. EXECUTIVE OFFICES: GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA An Equal Opportunity Employer 166 Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc provides opportunities for young people- both nigh school and college graduates. W ' 167 Conlplimvnts of STYLETTE FURNITURE COMPANY ENGLISH MOTOR COMPANY, INC 'iYour Fri 1xr11 Ily FORD Ilcalerm Total Transportation I orner of North Nluin and Old Winston Road High Point North Carolina Phono: 883-0181 168 LAUGHLIN HCSIERY MILLS INC Manufacturers of Ladies Sealnlcrss Hosierv Randlcnlan, North Carolina ARCHDALE OIL COMPANY Gas Fuel Oil Kcroscne Archdalc, North Carolina SiWe give Green Stampsa' Phone: 431-1111 169 C pl lenhs 1 and M BUILDERS shop atm.- GOOD FOOD MARKET 2020 Bethel Drive Ph ne88-36411 170 ' ,, Compliments of MYRTLE DESK COMPANY SINK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Trinity, North Carolina Phone 476-6928 Grading work of all types Clarence Sink W. G. Sink 431-1239 -175-5468 171 f:','fZ3 O O erwln-lambeth, unc. EXECUTIVE OFFICE I BOX 1129 I THOMASVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 27360 I TELEPHONE 47647751 ,V 'YK f" f 172 7' 'M' V, ' ' V '- M-Y fw1,,.WM,,V,,fWM i. , . , ,, ' , H ' ' U ul "I H " - V JV" .,,, 5 , , ,, f ' ,e -ff WV M X UMW ' ,wMym,WAWWM.wQe,,,W,, M ,, ,V , , f :-feQ,,-,ep f, ' 1 , vii A EAJMA 1 1 p I " It r ' . I , Last rites yield tender and abiding memories when aurected I Blgulflfb with experienced good taste. And a final tribute arranged E-Q Q , igergnnal by Sechrest is complete in all details, yet within every family's NAA means. I ,I- gffblffx Sechrest Funeral Service 5 ey y Since 1897 telephones: i 882-2555 1301 E. LexingtonAve. M b B I it F ' i i em er y nv a lon 8 8 5 O51 4 5 Hlgh P0mt, N- C' National Selected Morticiens 173 Master Kleen 4'America,s Finest Dry Cleaning Service" Dollar Days: Tues. Wed. Thurs. ' One Hour Cleaners Raynors Paint and Aluminum Compliments of The Men's Den George Clements Realty 8. Insurance 3101 South Main Specializing in custom home building. George Clements: 431-4991 Bill Farlow: 431-2495 174 Trinity Self-Service Food Store uScotchman's Paradiscw Trinity, North Carolina Burger Chef "Across from Blair Parkw Arnold Crcwen Hour Gloss Cleaners Clofhier and Furnisher nCraftsmen In The Art Sheraton Hotel Building of Fine Cleaning" 175 Compliments of Atlas Block Co. Terry's Automotive Wholesale Inc. 717 South Main Street lligh Point, North Carolina White's Texaco Service Complete ear service Wax Jobs with Mirror Glaze Finish Operated by Lester White Corner of Highway 311 51 62 AIChdHl6, North Carolina Phone: 431-3415 Compliments of High Point Bank and Trust Company Lowe's Pharmacy Prcsmzriptiorl Druggist 3220 South Nlain Nrchdale, N. C. Phone: 431-4413 C. Dewitt Holton Furniture Company 'Quality Furniture and clarpetsi' 817 South Main Street High Point, N. ci. Davis Brothers Feed and Supplies Purina Chews Phone: 431-2311 l Statewide Insurance Service Cumby Mortuary Wood's Grocery Funeral Directors 4715 South Mai" Struct Broad St. at Chestnut Ur. . High Point, North Carolina High Point, North Carolina Phono: 885-5045 Welborn Motors, Inc Monaco Poiara Coco-Colo Bottling Company Dm 1801 South Main Street Dodge Trucks High Point, North Carolina 6 National Highway Thoniasvillv, North Carolina Phono: 476-7548 178 Compliments of Sir Pizza Southgate Shopping Center Tar Heel Sport Parachute Center, Inc Learn to fly Learn to jump Airplane Crop Spraying Spillman's Flying Servi 1:c' Route 2 Trinity, N. C. Phone:4131 2521 Spencer Oil Company, Inc g'Your Local Esso Distributorm Route 2 Trinity . North Carolina lJhoi1c'21l-31-2171 Trindale Barber Shop Compliments of Irene Dunn, Inn Keeper at the Holiday Inn High Point, N. C. Town 8. Country Men's Shop l0'Zn Discount to all Students 391-iD 60 AU ON CO. Guil-Rand Compliments of Trinity Grill Compliments of The Lill Com any Smith and Shore Oil Company y P Complete Fuel Oil Service lligll Point, North Carolina 3041 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina Phone: 4-31-2811 Compliments of Karen, Inc. n , Buckaroo Steak Ranch COIIlpliIIlCIltS of Cgynpliynentg Of A 8' A Anvil Brand, Inc. Toyota xi - xx .2 :Rn QS' F zzz: Q. T Conlplimenls Of l. HeI'ifCIge "A good company 'ro insured with-A A good company To work for." HOME OFFICE GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA 182 DAVIDSON FARNI EQUIPMENT CO. i'Complete Ford Farmingm THOIXIPSON AUTO CO. Tll0IIlLlSVIllCiS Oldest Auto Agency Thomasville, N. C. BOYLES INSURANCE AGENCY, INC 1715 North min sn .efg t High Point, N. cz. 27262 Phones: 882-4723 882-2417 What company provides residential electric service C0"1I"i'n'f"tS of at 1796 less than LYLES CHEVROLET the national Duke power average cost per kilowatt hour? to " Compliments of FRIENDS SCOTT GARTEN BUICK-RAMBLER 243I N. lVlain Street High Point, N. C. SPENCER'S RED DOT SUPER MARKET Low, Low Pri iff- S 302 Trindalo Road High Point, N. cz. Kentucky Fried Chicken ill TOM'S CHICKEN VILLA No. li 1924 English Road No. 22 130 Lexington Ave. Compliments of ROSE FURNITURE COMPANY Complimonts of BOWER'S GARBAGE COLLECTION SERVICE Serving Archdale and Trinity CAlVIPBELL'S Thomasville, N.C. Gifts and Wigs SOUTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER ROY AL-0-APPAREL A Division of Consolidated Apparel corporation High Point, N. C. Compliments of Hendrix Cotton Batting High Point, North Carolina NEILL PONTIAC, INC. 902 North Main Street High Point, North Carolina HILTON 'S GULF SERVICE 1402 English Hood High Point, North Carolina Gavo S Sc H stamps N. cz. Inspection Station Phono: 882-8811 This above all: To thine own self he true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Hamlet a.l sc.3 HURLEY'S GROCERY Groceries Meats Gas Oil 4401 South Main St. High Point, N. C. Compliments of H Sc D BAR 81 GRILL Phone: 431-1105 WILLIAMS FLOWERS AND GIFTS 4018 South Hain WAGNER 11igh Point, N. C. Phone: 431-2121 WOODCRAFT, INC 4627 South Main High Point, N. C. PAR GAS, INC. 1703 13611161 Av t,ii ue High Point, N. C. Phone: 883-1722 Shopping,s Fun At ROSES Southgate Shopping Center Free Parking for 500 Cars Compliments of JARRETT STATIONERY CO. Compliments of HESTER 84 BROWN CROCERY MANN'S DEPENDABLE DRUG No. 6 Fairfield Plaza High Point, N. C. Complimvnts of FLETCIIER INSURANCE CO. ROYALS INSURANCE AGENCY ll. Clay Royals Auto - Fire - Life CRAY ,S JEWELRY Diamonds-Watches-Rings C uarunlccd Watch Repair Complimonts of GLICNOIA BEAUTY SIIOI' Compliments of COLLIER ELLIS S CO. Complimm-nts of CLYDE PEARSON, INC. Compliments ol' TOBIAS C. A. RIDGE FLOORSANDINC AND FINISIIING Phone: 431-4911 Complimvnts of I,OFl.lN SHOE REPAIR Compliments of SPENCER - PARLIER BROTHERS Compliments of PICKETTS THREAD SIIED Compliments of RODDEN FURNITURE CO. Compliments of T Sz H BARBEQUE Compliments of PHILLIPS-FOSCUE CORPORATION Compliments of WRIGHTIS CLOTHING STORE Make it a Rule to Call CECILTS OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Compliments of VAN HOLT MACHINE SHOP PALL SMITII STUDIO Portrait and Commercial Photography 1242 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina TAYLOR'S SERVICE, INC. 24 Hour Wrecker Service High Point, N. C. Phones: 888-6961 and 882-9105 Compliments of CHAIRTOWN FINANCE Compliments of SOUTHERN MOTORS, INC. CLOVERLEAF SUPER MARKET 2020 South Main Street Compliments of SAMUEL HYMAN JEWELERS GRIFFITII OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Roy al Typewriters High Point, North Carolina Phone: 883-1721 ARCHDALE HARDWARE CO. 3520 South Main Street High Point, North Carolina PhoncZ1L31-4811 Compliments of AMSCO DECORATIVE FABRICS Compliments of COLLEGE VILLAGE BARBER SHOP CAMEL PAWN SHOP HHome of Low Prieesl' Compliments of FURNITURE CITY GULF Compliments of HILLIARD MOTOR CO. Compliments of BRILEY FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of HARRIS MUSIC CO. Compliments of MICHELLE BOWMAN DUFFY,S SHELL SERVICE 509 National Highway Thomasville, N. C. DOBBIN'S ELECTRIC CO. 512 West Green St. High Point, N. C. Compliments of ARCHDALE SODA SHOP Compliments of BOYLES AUTO PARTS ARCHDALE MATTRESS COMPANY Archdale, N. C. Compliments of LEACH 81 WAGONER ECONOMY DRUG CO. Drugs at Reasonable Prices Randleman, N. C. LIGGETT DRUG STORES Southgate Shopping Center Pharmacists: O,Neil Beason, Douglas Haroey Compliments of ARCHDALE BARBER SHOP Compliments of ELLINGTON,S FLORIST Compliments of BEBE,S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of HENLEYIS STUDIO BRIDAL SHOP Compliments of WAYNE BROWER Compliments of BAKER'S GULF SERVICE Compliments of RADIO STATION W. M. F. R. ENGLISH ST. GULF SERVICE 5460 English Road For Road Service Call: 882-2223 T'VILLE TELEVISION CENTER 7I7 East Guilford Street Thomasville, N. C. Compliments of WILSON'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of F C X Compliments of SUNNYDALE BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of ENGLISH TIRE CO. THE JEWEL BOX 139 S. Main St. Robert Reed, Mgr. Phone: 883-0827 WARD 81 BLAIR STORE Gas - Oil - Groceries Trinity, N. C. Phone: 431-3044 Compliments of TONY BRYANT Compliments of CARROLL 'S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of BILLY VARNER FULTONIS GROCERY Gas - Oil - Hardware Trinity, N. C. Compliments of PATTIE SMITH Compliments of SWAIM SUPPLY CO. QUALITY BEAUTY SHOP 121 W. Washington St. REMEMBER: HNash Saves You Cashli R. L. FARLOW DAIRY FARM Guilford Dairy Producer 414 Aldridge Road High Point, N. C. Compliments of FRIENDLY USED CARS Compliments of PILOT VIEW WOODWORKS Compliments of FARLOW'S ESSO SERVICE Compliments of ARCHDALE ETNA PRINCESS BEAUTY SHOP Phone: 4314279 STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. Home Ofices: Bloomington, Ill. Agent: Ed Monroe Phones: 431-5428 476-4913 Compliments of ANNUAL STAFF Compliments of W. ROLAND ALBERTSON, Dist. Mgr. C. L. U. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. PIEDMONT ELECTRICAL REPAIR Professional Insurance Planning Bus. 8824556-High Point, N. C.-Res. 431-1604 Compliments of SEARS Compliments of KRESS Sharon Albertson Carl Baker Debbie Baker Sidney Barker Vicky Bennett Annette Boggs Chip Bristow Wayne Brower Sandy Buchanan Andrea Burge Rebecca Byerly Sharon Byrd Vicki Callahan Mary Kay Campbell Lynn Childress Joyce Cook Cheryl Cox James Cox Janice Cranford Marilyn Crouse Debbie Darr Camille Davis Connie Davis Gerald Davis Ronald Dobbins Jo Ann Edwards Judy Elliott Susan Forrester Ronald Foster Barry Frazier Keith Freeman Vicki Gallimore Wanda Greene Sharon Greenway Diane Hammond Janet Harrell Steve Harrell David Harris Melinda Hauser Diane Hawkins Steve Hawkins Mike Haynes Karen Hayworth Jena Hedgecock Diane Hill Toby Hill Pat Howard Gary Jones COMPLIMENTS OF THE CLASS OF '69 192 Danny Kidd Johnny Kidd Sheila Kinney Jo Lynn Lambeth Pame Lawrence David Linville Susan Lohr Norma Mabe Benny Mainor Esther Martin Judy Miller Gerald Moore Steve McKenzie Judy Neal Della Rabon Douglas Reddeck Shirley Reddeck Danny Roberts Jackie Robertson Linda Royals Pam Royals Pam Russell Sharon Scarboro Jo Ann Schumas Ann Sechrest Mike Sides Priscilla Siler Kent Skeen Stanley Skeen Becky Smith Doug Smith Doug Spencer Ronnie Stepp Jeanne Stewart David Sykes Mike Thalasinos Bill Thomas Billy Varner Gary VonCannon Brad Walden Marsha Welborn Sandra Welborn Joe White Joyce White Amy Whitt Karen Wood Vicki Wood Sharon .IQC11QfSll1dClll Council 13234, Secretary 23 Beta Club 3,43 County Vice President 43 French Club 33 F.H.A. 1,23 Devotional Chairman 23 Key- ettes 3343 Vice President 3,43 Monogram Club 233343 Homeroom Ofiicer 1,2,3g Float Committee 43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 13 Marshal 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Annual Staff 3,43 Homecoming Planning Committee 43 Homecoming Representative 1,3343 Bas- ketball 1,233343 Class Favorite 3343 Queen of Hearts Attendant 2. Anne Allen'-D.E.C.A. 33 Float Commit- tee 33 Fall Festival 1, Larry Allenflntramural Sports 1. Carl Baker--Bus Driver 3343 F.F.A. 33In- tramural Sports 3. Debbie Baker--F.H.A. 233,43 4-H 13 Glee Club 13 Float Committee 43 Talent Show 1. Sidney Ray Barker F.F.A. l,233,43 In- tramural Sports 13233. Rhonda Beck-'F.H.A. 23 Junior Play Committee 33 Miss Trinity Pageant 3. Carolyn Belo-Bulldogs Tales Staff 4. Hilda Belo-Beta Club 3343 Float Com- mittee 43 Bulldog Tales Staff 4. X Bennett-French Club 33 F.H.A. 132333 4-H 1,33 F.B.L.A. 33 Glee Club 23 D.E.C.A. 43 Float Committee 1,2333 Jr.'Sr. Prom Committee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 13 Senior Play Com- mittee 43 Homecoming Planning Com- mittee 23 Fall Festival 1,2. Annette Boggs-French Club 3,43 F.H.A. 13 Keyettes 43 Glec Club 23 Class Officer 43 Homeroom Officer 132333 Float Com- mittee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 13 Junior Play Cast 33 Jr.aSr. Prom Com- mittee 33 Homecoming Representative 233343 Fall Festival 13 J.V. Cheerleader 13 Queen of Hearts Attendant 2. Chipper Bristow-Monogram Club 233,43 Class Officer 13 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 23 Junior Play Cast 33 Junior Play Com- mittee 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Intramural Sports 132,33 Football 2,3343J.V. Football 233. SENIOR OIRGCICOI2 Wayne Brower-F.F.A. 132,33 D.l3.C.A. 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Intramural Sports 13233. QM Bryant-Student Council 33 French Club 33 Key Club 3,43 Monogram Club 23 Homeroom Officer 2,43 Float Com- mittee 43 Talent Show 1,33 Intramural Sports 13233343 Football 23 J.V. Football 23 Fresh. Football 13Track 234. Sandy Buchanan-Keyettes 43 F.B.L.A. 33 Treasurerg Monogram Club 2,3343 Homeroom Officer 1,43 Float Com- mittee 3343 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 13 Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Cheerleader 2,43 J.V. Cheerleader 1. Susan BuchananfF.H.A. 132333F.B.L.A. 33 Reporter3 Monogram Club 233,43 Float Committee 3,43 Jr.'Sr. Prom Com- mittee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 13 Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play 193 Cast 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Miss Trinity Pageant 43 Cheerleader 233,43Co- Chief4: J.V. Cheerleader 1. Andrea Byurgg- Beta Club 43 French Club 3,43 Keyettes 3,43 Bus Driver 4. Sharon Byrd- Student Council 23 French Club 43 Keyettes 3,43 F.T.A. 3343 Vice President 3. Vicki Callahan-French Club 33 F.H.A. 1,23 Glce Club 1,2,3,4L FloatCommittee 43 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee lg Senior Play Committee 43 Miss Trinity Pageant 4. Many Q31 Campbell- Beta Club 3343 French Club 3343 Homeroom Officer 3,43 Float Committee 43 Marshal 33 Junior Play Cast 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Senior Play Comm- ittee 43 Bulldog I-Q Staff 43 Quill SL Scroll 43 Miss Trinity Pageant 33 Spring Festival 3. LQ ChildressfBeta Club 2,3,4, Sec- retary 3, County Secretary 3, French Club 4, Keyettes 4, F.T.A. 3,4, President 4, Librarian 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3,Marshal 3,Annual Staff 3. Joyce Cook-Keyettes 3,4, Librarian 4, Homeroom Officer 2, J.V. Basketball 1. Guy Couzens-F.F.A. l,3,4, Bus Driver 2, Intramural Sports 1. Cheryl Cox-D.E.C.A. 4. James CQ-Student Council 1, Beta Club 2, Monogram Club 1,2,3, D.E.C.A, 4, Intramural Sports 1,2,3,J.V. Football 2, Fresh. Football 1,Basebal1 l,2,3. Janice Cranford-Librarian 4, Store Worker 1,2,3,4. Marilyn Crouse-French Club 3, F.H.A. 1, Keyettes 4, F.B.L.A. 3,4, Homeroom Officer 2,3, Float Committee 3, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3, Junior Play'Cast 3, Junior Play Committee 3, Senior Play Cast 4, Bulldog Tgg Staff 4: Co-editor, Annual Staff 4,Homecoming Represent- ative 2, Fall Festival 1. Benny Cruthis- F.F.A. 1,3, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Firemen 3, Class Officer 31 Float Committee 3: Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm- ittee 3, Football 31 J.V. Football 2, Track 2,3, Class Favorite 3. by Dalton-F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 3: Float Committee 4, Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 1, Miss Trinity Pageant 4, Fall Festival 2, Store Worker 4. Debbie -Ihr-L-French Club 3, F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Parliamentarian 4, Keyettes 3,4, Class Officer 2, Homeroom Officer 1,2,3: Float Committee 3,4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3, Fresh.-Soph. Prom Com- mittee 1, Junior Play Committee 3, Annual Staff 3,41 Coeditor 4, Miss Trinity Pageant 2, Homecoming Repre- sentative 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Fall Festival 2, Spring Festival 3, J.V. Cheer- leader 1,2, Sweetheart Representative 4. Camille Davis--Student Council 2, French Club 3, F.H.A. 1, Keyettes 3,42 Treasurer 3,4, Float Committee 3,4, Monogram Club 4, Glee Club 2, Home- room Officer l,4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 3, Freshman-Sophomore Prom Committee 1, Jr. Play Committee 3, Senior Play Cast 4, Senior Play Com- mittee 4, Annual Staff 3, Miss Trinity Pageant 4, J,V. Cheerleader 1,2, Ma- jorette 4. Connie Davis-F.H.A. 1,2,3,4:F.B.L.A. 3, Parliamentarian 3, Float Committee 3,4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 1,2. Gerald -Student Council 1,3,4, Beta Club 2,3, French Club 3, Key Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4, Mono- gram Club l,2,3,4, Fireman 3, Float Committee 2,3,4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 3, Marshal 3, Junior Play Com- mittee, Junior Play Cast 3, Senior Play Cast 4, Football Statistician 3,4, Basket- ball Statistician 1,2,3,4, Debating Team 1, Homecoming Planning Committee 4, Intramural Sports l,2, Baseball Statis- tician 1,2,3. Ronald Eeherd--F.F.A. 1,2,3,4,Track 2. Q Anna Edwards-F.B.L.A. 3, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Homeroom Officer 1,4, Senior Play Committee 4. Judy Elliott-French Club 3, F.B.L.A. 3, Glee Club l,2, D.F.C.A. 4, Miss Trinity Pageant 2. Blake Farlow- F.F.A. 2,41 Senior Play Committee 4, Intramural Sports 1,3,4. Jeanette Farlow--F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, De- votional Chairman 4, F.B.L.A. 3, Senior Play Committee 4. Susan Forrester--French Club 3, F.T.A. 4, Historian, Glee Club l,2, Float Com- mittee 4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Bulldog Tales Staff 4, Quill lit Scroll 4. Ronald Foster--Monogram Club 3,4, Homeroom Officer 1,2,3,4, Intramural Sports l,2, Basketball 3,4, J.V. Basket- ball 1,2. Barry Frazier- Senior Play Committee 4, Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4, Freshman Football 1, Track 2,3, Baseball 4. ' Keith Freeman-F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. Vicki Gallimore-French Club 3, F.H.A. l,2,3,4, Glee Club 2,3,4, Float Com- mittee 3,4, Fresh.-Soph. Prom Com- mittee 1, Senior Play Committee 4, Annual Staff 3,4. Wanda Green-F.H.A. 1, D.E.C.A. 3, Bus Driver 3,4. Sharon Greenway-French Club 4, F.T.A. 1,2,3, Senior Play Committee 4, Bulldog Tales Staff' 4, Quill 8L Scroll 4. Janet .Harrell--Librarian 4, Senior Play Committee 4. David HarrisfF.F.A. 1,2,3, Office Worker 4, Senior Play Committee 4. Melinda Hauser-F.H.A. 1, F.B.L.A. 3, President 3, Homeroom Officer l,2, Float Committee 3, Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 1, Homecoming Represen- 1 194 tative 2. Diana Hawkins--F.B.L.A. 3, Store Worker4. Mike Haynes-Student Council 2, Key Club 3,4, Senior Play Committee 4, In- tramural Sports 2. Karen Hayworth --Student Council 2, Beta Club 4, French Club 3,4, Secretary 4, F.H.A. l,2, Treasurer 1, Historian 2, Keyettes 3,4, F.B.L.A. 4, Secretary 4, Class Officer 1,3, Secretary 1, Vice- President 3, Homeroom Officer 1,3,4, Float Committee 3,4, Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 3, Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee I, Junior Play Cast 3, Junior Play Com- mittee 3, Senior Play Cast 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Annual Staff 1,3,4, Home- coming Represcntativc 1,4,J,V. Basket- ball 1, Sweetheart Representative 4, Central Carolina Conference Represen- tative 4. Diane Q-F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, F.T.A. 2,3, Glee Club 1, I-'loat Committee 4, Senior Play Committee 4, J.V. Cheerleader 1,2. Toby Hill F.F.A. l,3,4, Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. Essic Hoskin F.H.A. 1,2,Glee Club 3, Float Committee 4, Junior Play Cast 3, Senior Play Committee 4, Bulldog Tales Staff 4. E Howard-F.F.A. 2, Monogram Club 2,3,4, D.F,C.A. 4, Reporter 4, Intra- mural Sports 1,2,3,4, Golf3,4. Gary Jones -F.F.A. 1, Junior Play Cast 3, Senior Play Cast 4. Sharon gy-Beta Club 43 French Club 33 Kcyettes 3,43 Senior Play Committee 43 Homeroom Officer 4. Danny Kidd-F.F.A. 13 D.E.C.A. 3,42 President 4g Float Committee 4. Johnny Kidd-F.F.A. 1,2,3,4Q Senior Play Committee 4. Sheila Kinney-Beta Club 43 French Club 3,43 F.H.A. 13 F.B.L.A. 2,43 Monogram Club l,2,3,43 Glee Club'1,2,43 Secretary 43 Class Officer 23 Homeroom Officer 13 Float Committee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 13 Senior Play Committee 43 Homecoming Representative 1,23 Spring Festival 3 3 Basketball 1,2,3,4. Charles Kivett-Monogram Club 1,2,3,4L Class Officer 13 President 13 Homeroom Officer 1,23 Float Committee 43 Fresh.- Soph. Prom Committee 13 Senior Play Committee 43 Intramural Sports 1,2,3,43 J.V. Basketball 1,23 Football 1,2,3,43 Track 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Basketball 4. Martha Kivett-Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Q Lynn Lambeth-Student Council 13 French Club 3,43 I-'.H.A. 13 Kcyettes 43 F.T.A. 3,43 Vice President 33 Glee Club 1,2,3,4Q Senior Play Committee 43 Spring Festival 3. Panic Lawrence-Beta Club 3,43 Trea- surer 43 French Club 3,43 Kcyettes 3,43 President 3,42 F.T.A. 23 Monogram Club 3,43 Office Worker 33 Homeroom Officer 1,23 Float Committee 2,43 Marshal 33 Girl's Chorus 13 Senior Play Committee 43 Annual Staff 2,43 Miss Trinity Pageant 43 J.V. Basketball 13 Cheerleader 2,43 Latin Club 1,23 Reporter 2. Davie Linville-F .F .A. 1,2 ,3. Susan Lohr-Student Council 43 French Club 33 F.H.A. 13 Monogram Club 23 Glee Club 233,43 Float Committee 3,43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Miss Trinity Pageant 13 Homecoming Representative 13 Basketball 23 J .V. Basketball 13 Queen of Hearts Attendant 1. Norma Mabe-F.H.A. 1. Benny Mainor-F.F.A. l,2,3Q D.E.C.A. 4. I Martin-Student Council 33 French Club 33 Kcyettes 3,43 D.E.C.A. 3,43 Monogram Club 3,43 Glee Club 43 Office Worker 3,43 Class Officer 3,4, Secretary 3,43 Homeroom Officer 13 Float Com- mittee 3,43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Cast 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Homecoming Planning Committee 33 Cheerleader 2,3,4, Chief 43 J.V. Cheer- leader 13 D.A.R. Good Citizen 43 Most School Spirited 4. Gerald Moore-F.F.A. 1,43 Senior Play Committee 43 Fresh. Football 1. Steve McKenzie-Student Council 13 Homeroom Officer 23 Football Statis- tician 23 Intramural Sports 1,23 Basket- ball 3,43 J.V. Basketball 1,23 Football 195 3,43 J.V. Football 1,23 Golden Helmet Awardg Track 3,43 Class Favorite 43 Best Looking. Judy Neal-Beta Club 3,43 French Club 43 F.T.A. 3,43 Librarian 43 Marshal 3. Della Rabon--D.E.C.A. 43 Float Com- mittee 43 Store Worker 2,3,4. Edith Reddeek--F.H.A. 23 Float Com- mittee 1. Danny Roberts--Monogram Club 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 2,4, President 2, Vice President 43 Football 2,33 All- Conference 33 J.V. Football 13 Golden Helmet Award 3 3 Best All Around 4. Jackie Robertson-Intramural Sports 1,23 Basketball 3,43 J.V. Basketball 1,23 Football 23 J.V. Football 23 Fresh. Foot- ball 1. Linda gy-F.B.L.A. 33 Historian 33 Float Committee 33 Miss Trinity Pageant 23 Fall Festival 2. Pam Royals--F.H.A. 1,2,3,43 Float Com- mittee 4. Sharon Searboro--F.B.L.A. 33 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. Qirlrl Schmaus Beta Club 3,43 His- torian 3,43 F.T.A. l,2,33 Treasurer 23 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 13 Marshal 33J.V. Cheerleader 1,2. Ann Secreast-F.H.A. 1,2,3,43 F.T.A. 2,33 Reporter 3: Glee Club 23 D.E.C.A. 43 Float Committee 43 Fall Festival 23 Store Worker 3.4. Steve Self'--F.F.A. 1,23 D.E.C.A. 43 Trea- surer 43 Bus Driver 3. fGlee Club 2,3,43 Fireman 43 Bus Driver 3,43 Homeroom Officer 13 Senior Play Committee 43 Intramural Sports 1,2,3. Kent Skeen--French Club 33 Monogram Club 43 Homeroom Officer 1,2,33 Intra- mural Sports 1,2,3,43 Football 4. Stanley Skeen--Student Council 2,43 President 43 Beta Club 2,3343 Treasurer 33 French Club 43 Monogram Club l,2,3,43 Homeroom Officer 1,33 Float Committee 2,43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Marshal 33 Football Statistician 1,2,3,43 Basketball Statistician 1,2,3,43 Homecoming Planning Committee 43 In- tramural Sports 1,2,3,43 J.V. Basketball 13 Morehead Nominee 43 Most In- tellectual 4 3 Governor's School 3. Becky Smith-Student Council 3: Beta Club 3,43 French Club 3: F.H.A. 1,2,3,4: Secretary 2: Vice-President 33 President 4: Miss F.ll.A.-19683 Keyettes 3,43 Glee Club 23 Office Worker 33 Homeroom Of- ficer l,2: Float Committee 3,43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 1: Marshal 33 Junior Play Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Annual Staff 3,43 Co-editor 43 Miss Trinity Pageant 1,2,3,43 Homecoming Representative 2,3,43 Spring Festival 33 J.V. Basketball 1,2, Carl Smith F.F.A. l,2,3,43 President 4: Bus Driver 3,4 3 President 4: Track 2. Doug Spencer- Beta Club 3: Key Club 43 Homeroom Officer 1,4. Forrest Spillman-F.F.A. 3 ,4. Johnny Stephens -Talent Show 1: Intra- mural Sports l,2,33 Football 43 Fresh. Football 1. Ronnie Stepp--F.F.A. 23 Monogram Club 3: Glee Club 23 Fireman 3: llome- room Ofticer 13 Football 2,33J.V. Foot- ball l : Store Worker 2. Jeanne Stewart Student Council l,2,3,4: Treasurer 13 Beta Club 2,3,43 Secretary 4: Keyettes 3.4: Glee Club l,2,3.4: President 4: Float Committee 3: Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee 3: Marshal 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Senior Play Committee 4: Homecoming Planning Committee 3,43 Most Intellectual 4. PQ Summey--F.ll.A. lg Glee Club 43 J.V. Basketball 1, Danny Sykes -l-lomeroom Officer 43 In- tramural Sports 1,2,3. David Sykes-French Club 43 F.F.A. 1: Key Club 43 Glee Club 3,43 Bus Driver 3,43 Annual Staff 33 Talent Show 3,43 Intramural Sports 2,33 Football 2,31J.V, Football 2. Mike Thal asinos-Homeroom Officer 1,2,3. Thomas--F.B.L.A. 33 Monogram Club 3: D.F.C.A. 43 Bus Driver 33 Float Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Talent Show 132,33 Band 1,2,3. BQLY Varner -French Club 33 F.F.A. 13 Key Club 3,43 Monogram Club 43 Class Ofticer 13 Homeroom Officer 13 Float Committee 4: Co-editor Bulldog 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Football 43 Store Worker 3. Gary NE Czmnon'--Student Council 23 Beta Club 3343 French Club 3,43 Pres. 43 Monogram Club 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 3, Treas.3 Homeroom Officer 2,43 Float Committee 3,4: Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Junior Play Cast 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Fall Festival 1,23 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4Q J.V. Basketball 13 Football 2,3,43 Baseball l,2,3,43 Morehead Nom. 4. Brad Walden -F.F.A. 1,33 Monogram Club 2,3343 Football 3,43 J.V. Football 23 Freshman Football 1. Eddie Warren --F.F.A. 132,33 F.B.L.A. 33 Monogram Club 3,43 Intramural Sports 1,2,3,43 Football 334: Track 334. Marsha Welborn-ffF.ll.A. l,2,33 F.B.L.A. 2,33 Glee Club 23 43 Vice- President: Float Committee 1,2,3,43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 1. Sandra WelbornffF.H.A. lg Monogram Club 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Most Athletic 4. Q White--Student Council 13 Beta Club 2,3,43 French Club 33 Monogram Club 43 Class Officer 43 President 43 Homeroom Officer 23 Float Committee 3,43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3: Marshal 33 Junior Play Cast 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Senior Play Cast 43 Senior Play Com- mittee 43 Boys State 3: Intramural Sports l,2,3,43 Basketball 3,43 J.V. Bas- ketball l,23 Morehead Nominee 43 Most Likely to Succeed 4. Joyce VmtefBeta Club 43 French Club 33 Keyettes 3,43 F.B.L,A. 33 Sccretaiy 33 Monogram Club 3,43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Vice-President 43 Homeroom Officer 3,43 Float Committee 3343 Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee 33 Fresh.-Soph. Prom Committee 13 Junior Play Cast 33 Junior Play Com- mittee 33 Senior Play Cast 43 Senior Play Committee 43 Annual Staff 43 Miss Trinity Pageant 334: Homecoming Rep- resentative 3: Talent Show 3: Fall Festival 23 Spring Festival 33 J.V. Bas- ketball l,23 Cheerleader 43 Majorettes 233: Sweetheart Representative 43 Best All Around 4. Amy Whitt-Glee Club 2,3343 Fall Fes- tival 1: J.V. Basketball 1,2. Diane Williams--F.H.A. l: Monogram Club l,2,33 Librarian li Junior Play Committee 33 Bulldog Tales Staff 43 Quill 84 Scroll 43 Basketball l,2,3,4. Karen Niall-Beta Club 3,41 President 43 F.II.A. 1,2,3,43 F.B.L.A. 3: Office Worker 2,3,43 Float Committee 3,43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 2,33 Fresh.- Soph. Prom Committee 1: Junior Play Cast 3: Junior Play Committee 3: Annual Staff43 Most Dependable 4. Vickie Wood' F.ll.A. 3:l3ulldoa Tales Staff43 Float Committee 4. Gail Yarbrough --French Club 43 F.II.A. l: Bulldog Tales Slf2lfl.43 Quill 8t Scroll 43 Band 2. i 196 this us the tnue Beqmnmq of oun emo. iidsummcr Night's Dream Act 5, sc. 1 197 the Beqmnmo ..... Gone forever-another year in the brief span of youth. We had our beginning, oh, but a short time ago. Now, another year has ended. For many of us these walls, these rooms, these walkways are but a memory to us. Others will see them next year. And then their year will end. Many roles we have played- the listener, the learner, the creator, the partieipator, the performer, the winner, the loser, and the maker of friends. We leave part of ourselves. But we take with us memories! not to be forgotten, for it isjust the ending of our beginning. Iy.-N" k .if fi W N. ,ww -eng, .3 xx- . -. . . X , eg-ff A I :Kc ' su N 1 .uw , , f f ., 0 1 -Y ff ,,iw,,wif .M , ' ' K l A "' U16 G00 ..... 198 The 1969 Trinhian is a result of the co-operation of many. We appreciate the work of the annual staff for their many hours of hard work. Appreciation goes also to the parents, the students. Principal J. R. Coggins and the faculty for their co-operation and understanding of our interrupting classes-we thank you. Appreciation goes to Mr. C. F. Boswell for his excellent photography. To Mr. Harris Hudson for his pictures of the Miss Trinhian contestants goes our appreciation. Mrs. Jo Walker, Mr. Ed Goldston, and Hunter Publishing Company, thanks. Thanks to Wanda Alley and Karen Hayworth for their quotes in the faculty section. To Delmar Studios and our advertisers go our thanks. Appreciation also belongs to Mr. A. Dillard Hiatt for his advice and assistance. Becky and Debbie 199 OUIT, OLUZ, BR IGI: canola: ..-V-..,v,w1 gmv- ' "" . .X gm wmfmxmxwyfjwfjwm wfwfwyyfbfwb p'w?'07MLYQ,jfWQ GL 1 'Y if ,MW M 1 "2 J l 1 i Q ' ' . , V K V ' A , . ' 1 V. ' ,V , K . r .4 M W P a f - ' Wiffvsflfilf My lQQOOfr'ddJ5Wfe,,g 09,6 My v dk GMC? 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Suggestions in the Trinity High School - Trinhian Yearbook (Trinity, NC) collection:

Trinity High School - Trinhian Yearbook (Trinity, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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